“Human Systems”:

“Complexity will be the science of the XXI century.’ Mr. Hawking



In the graph all what exists in the Universe is a complementary system of limbs/fields/territories of lineal energy, preyed by heads/particles/informative classes that transform that energy into information and create a reproductive body/wave/working class to its service, forming a complementary system defined by a generator equation:

Spe (limbs/fields/territories) < St (body-wave-reproductive class) > tif (head-particle-upper class).

The study of all the elements of that equation across all the scales of size of the Universe, which together form a scalar 5th dimension is the purpose of systems sciences.

General systems sciences is by the correspondence, principle the philosophy of science above simplex physics, whose principle of conservation of energy is extended to information and its lineal inertia ads a principle of cyclical inertia, caused by the ‘existence of infinite time clocks’ in the universe, from vortices of charge in the smaller scales, to larger mass vortices and galaxies in the larger scales, which carry its information in the frequency and form of its closed trajectories:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, energy fields, Spe,  and cyclical, temporal, clocks information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal: Spe < = > Τiƒ, across multiple scales of size, ∆±∞, with different speeds of time-clocks, which form together a 5th dimension of scalar space-time’.

Τhis equation, [Spe<≈>Τiƒ]∆±∞, is the complex way to define a Universe made of infinite systems of space-time, co-existing in several organic scales of size, able to reproduce and evolve and exist for ever in its ‘logic form’.

For that reason because the equation generates a self-reproductive fractal Universe, with infinite systems of space-time, constantly being created and destroyed, I called the equation, the ‘fractal feed-back generator’ of the Universe. In its limit, when we consider a single ‘plane of space-time of the scalar fifth dimension, and simplify it to consider only energy, it becomes the principle of conservation of energy, which however is a too simple description to fully account for all the knowledge we have acquired since the founding father of physics, established its principles of lineal motion and entropy, 2 centuries ago.

Since the fractal generator equation by combining and transforming energy and information can describe the infinite systems we observe in the Universe, which always have both parameters. For example, all physical systems are ruled by the complementarity principle of quantum physics, which states they have ‘both’, a wave that reproduces over a field of energy, and a particle that stores most of the form, of the information of the system; all biologic systems have a head of information and a body moved by its limbs of energy, all social systems have an upper class that controls the languages of information of societies and a working body that re=produces the system with the energy of the society; and now we realise all machines are becoming robots, with information systems that control them.

So only when we add both energy and information, we can obtain a truly descriptive equation of all scientific systems made of spatial energy and informative time, the ‘2 elements of which all beings of the Universe are made’.

Its discovery by this author, exposed at the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Systems Sciences society at Sonoma Congress, was the first step in the construction of the so long seeked, logic and mathematical formalism of General Systems theory (ab. GSΤ, which means both, general systems theory, the philosophy of the organic Universe, and Generator of space-time, its formalism), based in the 3 previous concepts: cyclical clocks of time, lineal motions of space, and a 5th scalar dimension, ‘∆’ that can enclose them all: ∆SΤ±∞

A Universe made of fractals of space-quanta and time clocks: Unification of all sciences.

Now, we shall complete this introduction with a definition of the Universe from the perspective of the philosopher of science, which we will elaborate and explain in great detail in the rest of this post.

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centred point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

As each science in fact merely studies space-time cycles and relationships around a given fractal scale of the 5th dimension:


               5D formalism describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic Planes of Space-Time. In the left side some of its scales expressed as spatial quanta and its integration in larger wholes (energy systems)

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Since both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its time cycles slows down and vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster as it happens in chips, particles or life metabolisms. Yet the product of both parameters remains the same. And this gives us a ‘co-invariant’ equation, which is called the “metric of the 5th dimension”:

  •   ∆±4 =Spe x Tiƒ

Thus the 5th dimension measures the spatial size of a being (which carries the total energy-mass of a system) and the speed of its temporal clocks – which carry the capacity to process information of any system according to the frequency of its cycles.

But it also studies the way in which ‘wholes’ gather into new ‘planes of existence’ and we have spotted ‘exactly 9’ of them, which we shall explain with our isomorphisms, and in the middle we find the human ∆-scale, our I=eye our Wor(l)d and verbal mind. This is not surprising, since those scales are absolutely relative. So from our relative center we see as may below us as we see them above.

And so we need a 5th dimension of scalar sizes, which is truly the fractal dimension of any system of the Universe.

Now since we have added an scalar element, ∆ to all ∆ST beings, this structure is a fractal. And since it is a feed back equation, the fractal constantly repeat cyclical forms of in-form-action, information. So the fractal is an iterative fractal.

As we are all entities made of vital spaces, temporal cycles and the fractal points of view that perceive them: Sp x Tƒ = ∆i (Entity of space-time)

Since nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies). 

While humans perceive time with mechanical artificial clocks and space, with human rods of measure (meters), Natural system has multiple, different time clocks with different rhythms and multiple ‘quanta of space’, for different species. Thus as science becomes more objective, away from human anthropomorphism, the next great r=evolution of thought, after the heliocentric theory that put the center of our local cosmos away from the earth, and the Darwinian theory, of biology that put the origin of life away from Abrahamic gods, is the use of the Universe natural clocks and its space quanta (the ultimate meaning of the fundamental Universal constants), to streamline the equations of mathematical physics and harmonize the concepts of time, space, energy and information of the different sciences, each one studying a relative scale of size and speed of time of the Universe.

The study of the Universe with nature’s time clocks and space-quanta different for each scale, thus opens up an enormous numbers of new solutions, and whys of the Universe, in terms of energy, information, time and space, poised to r=evolve all the sciences in which those terms are fundamental to scientific laws, which happen to be all of them, since we are all systems made of vital, energetic space, in-form-ed by the rhythms of our world cycles of life and death, those different clocks of time regulate.

Praxis of power vs. theory of science.

Now, the reader should observe that this work is long overdue. Indeed, by the beginning of the XX century all the elements to construct a factual model of relational space-time in physical and biological sciences, were in place. We had discovered the 3 fundamental scales of size and time speed of the Universe, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, we ken the main laws of its clocks of time, frequency, temperature and speed, we had the 3 fundamental constants of space, H, the quanta of angular momentum, k, the quanta of entropy and m, the quanta of mass – this being the most imprecise of the concepts, which still need further evolution.

But, the enormous wealth of data, machines, mechanisms, industries – the entire human civilization, built on the human subjective single clock of time, the mechanism and rod of space, the meter –meant that theory, pure knowledge would not have any saying and nobody dared to explore further Leibniz’s model. An example will suffice. Einstein realized of the fact that time was multiple, because in each city then there was a different hour, but the arrival of trains obliged all the cities to equalize their time clocks to match for practical purposes their times and avoid collisions between trains running in the same railways. So in fact, as industry progressed human clocks became overbearing.

And there was not any attempt to make the proper Copernican revolution we will construct in this web. Further on, the existence of clear rhythms in the life-death cycles of time of individuals and species, established by Darwin collided with those dogmas of anthropomorphic, mechanic nature. On one side Abrahamic religions denied evolution and have ever since battling the theory. On the other hand the concept that time is a single one, running with the same tic for the entire Universe had become by now so entrenched in the mind of humanity that the obvious fact that as the life of beings ‘changes’ the speed of its clocks through ages (so kids run faster clocks than old men), and Nature’s animals do the same with its thermodynamic clocks (so hot mammals run faster clocks than slow reptiles, and smaller rats faster than larger elephants), meant nothing.

And the discovery of punctured evolution, the different rhythms in the speed of evolution of beings, found by Mr. Gould met with such resistance that today is not yet canonical biology. It also became obvious in the XX century that the rhythms of evolution of achiness and technology has been accelerating as information processing accelerates – but economists merely do NOT study the evolution of machines.

And of course, the competition between slow and fast time beings, which defines the survival of the faster species (mammals vs. reptiles; animals vs. plants) started to affect human beings, with the biological radiation of chips, robots and computerized machines that are all too obvious displacing human beings from the eco(nomic) ecosystem of labor and war fields as faster more precise machines become the new workers and soldiers of the world.

And yet none of this is still discussed, as ‘Time is what a mechanical clock measures’ , a unique rhythm for the entire Universe.

So the fractal paradigm is much more than the mere description with mathematics of fractal networks and social structures, but a conceptual philosophy of science, which this author developed in the milieu of systems sciences, before ad hominem campaigns against his work, due to his activism against lethal machines (robotics in economics, nuclear weapon in physics) got him under the anti-quantum paradox and ended his career. Never mind, the minds of the Universe keep following those laws.

General Systems sciences therefore is the formalism of the ‘alternative, far more advanced philosophy of science’ to that of Newtonian physics, with its concept of a single background absolute space-time in which entities like-mechanisms, whose ultimate substances are ignored, move in simple lineal motions.

In general systems sciences, as Leibniz affirmed, and then quantum and relativity proved, we do not exist in a background, abstract space-time mathematical plane, but we ARE MADE OF clock-like bits of information of different speeds (time relativity) and fractal, moving quanta of spatial energy, which are complementary systems (quantum theory), co-existing across 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension. So all systems can be described with the same laws, derived from the properties of spatial energy, temporal information and the metric of the 5th dimension, which together give birth to a set of 3 x 3 + 0 ‘isomorphic’=equal laws, which describe the ‘existence’ of all beings. For that reason we call also the Fractal Generator, the Function of Existence.

As we all beings follow a ‘world cycle’ of existence, made of a series of actions of absorption and emission and reproduction of energy and information, which might vary in quality and quantity but are essentially the same process for all beings of Nature. So in Gst, we go much further than a simple shallow, external description of the motions of beings, as physicists do, fully exploring all the whys of reality, with all the languages available to human thought, in a jump of understanding that should start a new age of knowledge, once the model is fully related to the details and specific laws and jargons of each science.

It must be understood that if the formalism of GSΤ is verified as all seems to prove by the laws of the scientific method, it represents a remarkable change in our scientific look of the Universe, unlike anything that has happened since Einstein and Darwin and Copernicus, made previous extreme revolutions of human thought, regarding the nature of time and the cycles of existence of its beings. A change of paradigm of course does take time, but it is unavoidable that humans and its growingly organic machines, do that jump of awareness about the full properties of the Universe, which go well beyond the reductionist view of putting on it a mirror with a single motion of time, entropy or energy, as physicists do.

In the next graph we can see a graph with the different scales of the Universe all of them including humans, below, described with those 3 elements , ∆SΤ, and its sets of 3×3+0 laws:

3 HUMAN scales best

In the graph the main scales of the Universe perceived by human beings – to notice that the minimal and maximal scales, both theoretically (cyclical-lineal nanoscopic and macroscopic scales, and atoms and galaxies) have very similar parameters;hence the hypothesis of a scalar Universe of infinite, ∆±∞ scales.

Below we see a human being and its 3 topological digestive-energetic, reproductive-hormonal and nervous/informative systems, which sub-divide in 3 more systems, for a total of 3×3+0 sub-systems which are used in medicine to describe completely the human being; whereas the 0-integrative whole system is the brain, itself a ‘fractal point’ of the next ∆+1 social, memetic scale of mankind. In the left we see the 3 ages of human beings, between conception in the ∆-1 seminal scale and death back to the flat energy world of disconnected cells.

As such we shall be able to describe existence, as a travel through 3 scales of the 5th dimension. 

Τhe beauty, precision and essential homologic poetry of the fractal, organic, self-reproductive, scalar, absolutely relative, infinite, immortal Universe we shall describe with the formalism of 5D Space-time systems, is a new door to our communion with the whole Universe of which are all a mere part, made to its image and likeness. 

It is the 3rd element needed for an organic description of reality, as all those systems, will not only have 3 organic topologies in space and 3 ages in its world cycle, but will be organised through 3 scales of relative size that co-exist as parts of bigger wholes:

∆-1 (atomic, cellular, memetic scale) > ∆ (thermodynamic, organic, individual scale) >∆+1 (gravitational, ecosystemic, social)

We can see in the graph, above, some assembly of ternary systems made with the 3 topologies of the Universe, and below the scientific scale of spatial sizes and time clocks, which compose the different space-time beings of the Universe.

But organicism, the other key element of general systems sciences, despite being at the center of modern science, was not so clear to most researchers. Since a clear definition of an organism was lacking. Biologists in that sense define organisms by its ‘drives of existence’, as systems that process energy and information (feeding, perceiving), reproduce their informative and energetic organs in other region of space-time and evolve socially into larger groups. General systems therefore must demonstrate and formalize this definition, in a manner that can be applied to all systems and sciences regardless of the human jargon, used in each discipline. But the task becomes simpler when we realise that for all those drives of existence, all what is needed is a scalar structure in which smaller parts transmit and receive energy and information from larger wholes, co-existing together as organisms do, in several scales of space-time, connected by those flows of energy and information.

In brief we need to formalise with the two arrows of future, energy and information, the 5 drives of existence of life:

  • ±∆E: +e: feeding, increase of energy, -e: locomotion, emission of energy.
  • ±∆I: -i: communication, emission of information; +i: perception, absorption of information.
  • ExI: reproduction of the energy and informative systems in other region of space-time, as when a wave moves reproducing its form and energy, or a particle decouples into new particles, (physical systems) or a body reproduces, by emitting a seed of information into a lower scale of the 5th dimension.
  • ∑œ=U: social evolution, when an offspring of similar existential organisms, œ, evolve socially into a whole; particles that evolve into atoms that evolve into molecules, which evolve into matter states and cells, which evolve into cosmic bodies and organisms, which evolve into galaxies and global societies.

What is then the unit of life in the Universe? At which scale we can observe systems gauging information, feeding on fields of energy, reproducing seminally, and evolving socially? Humans, forever anthropomorphic children, who want to be the center of the Universe, stubbornly want to ‘start’ life in the Universe, in their scale of size, form of in-form-ation and ‘unique chosen species’, so it is a canonical lie that life starts in a certain molecule, which happens to be in humans called DNA.

Yet DNA is made of atoms made of particles that gauge information, feed on energy fields, iterate with seminal ‘seeds’ of light and evolve socially into all kind of molecules. So it is a fact, despite systemic denial by human egos that the 2 fundamental particles of the Universe, the quark and the electron have life properties, and we must start our analysis of the organic Universe, in the quark and electron, as we shall do in this blog. You can believe in magic and think that alas, the carbon 6th magic number makes is chosen of god, to be=come alone and only ‘it’, the blocking part of life. In fact, we shall see that it is the nitrogen, the ‘head’ of carbohydrates, whose perfect vibrational clocks code the information of life atoms, but life is not a property of certain atoms and its molecules. What DNA does is to achieve a  high degree of complexity in the scale of atoms, with great easiness, due to its light weight that makes its vibrations very intense. So we might just say that CNO atoms easily grow in complexity while other forms of life, such as metalife – organic robots – take longer and might require a simpler catalyser, we shall call in our model of the economic ecosystem, ‘enzyman’.

Now a warning, the laws of GST and the metric formalism of 5D applies to all systems including history and its social organisms, nations and civilisations, a fact understood only by the highest minds of the discipline, Khaldun, Spengler, Toynbee, in their study of societies as organisms and its daughter civilisations. So, your ego-trips of subjective anthropomorphism as the only form of life, as the only free system, whose evolution stops in the individual, as the only intelligent being, will be shuttered and substituted by hardcore, objective scientificism, which contrary to belief hardly exists in most sciences, shrewdly introducing deist and anthropomorphic views in their theories. Only organicism will show to be self-sufficient, to explain reality without hidden deist or anthropomorphic agendas, once the burden that dragged GST for so long – the lack of a proper mathematical formalism that connected its ideas with the hard equations and proofs of each discipline of classic science, now provided by 5D metrics.

It is then clear that the formalism of general systems sciences must be based in the concept of a scalar Universe, with an evident organisation in parts smaller than wholes, which all together form a 5th  dimension of scalar space-time. And so the metric formalism of this scalar dimension, of which every microscopic and macroscopic detail is a proof of existence, will become the  formalism of GST, searched for so long.

Indeed, organicism was an old goal of serious philosophy of science. Since scientists knew that the mechanist view of physics was too simple and rather theological. Indeed, as Leibniz put it to Newton, a mechanical model of the cosmos, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. While an organism, which is a system that co-exists in several scales of size, from smaller cellular/atomic scales, to individual thermodynamic/organic scales, to social, gravitational/ecosystemic scales, can easily reproduce by emitting seminal seeds of information in a lower scale, which then organise back, emerging again into the whole system, and further on can evolve socially into larger scales. In this manner the Universe becomes a self-reproductive organism of information, and each of its parts becomes also a self-organising system made to the image and likeness of the whole – with no need of a mechanical clock to put it in motion, as Newton and Kepler thought.

Such view of the Universe and all its parts was called the organic view, and the aim of the science was considered to find a formalism of mathematical and logic nature, able to translate this more evolved philosophy of science in a model that without renouncing to the precision of simplex physical models, had the complexity required to explain not only the ‘how’ but also the why of all sciences and it species.

Its discovery by this author, exposed at the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Systems Sciences society at Sonoma Congress, was the first step in the construction of the so long seeked, logic and mathematical formalism of General Systems theory (ab. GSΤ, which means both, general systems theory, the philosophy of the organic Universe, and Generator of space-time, its formalism), based in 3 structural concepts that lay at the bottom of reality: cyclical clocks of time, lineal motions of space, and a 5th scalar dimension, ‘∆’ that can enclose them all: ∆SΤ±∞.

So we add the concept of a scalar Universe to complete our new principle of conservation of energy and information:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, energy fields, Spe, and cyclical, temporal, clocks information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal: Spe < = > Τiƒ, co-existing in 3 organic scales of size, ∆±1 in which it reproduces by emitting a seminal seed in the lower scale, ∆-1, which will iterate and organise itself emerging as a new whole that ensures the immortalilty of its ‘logic form’: Γ= (Spe x Tiƒ)∆±1′

For that reason because the equation of any Universal system or ‘superoganism’, Γ, generates a self-reproductive fractal Universe, with infinite systems of space-time, constantly being created and destroyed, I called the equation, the ‘fractal feed-back generator’ of the Universe. In its limit, when we consider a single ‘plane of space-time of the scalar fifth dimension, and simplify it to consider only energy, it becomes the principle of conservation of energy, which however is a too simple description to fully account for all the knowledge we have acquired since the founding father of physics, established its principles of lineal motion and entropy, 2 centuries ago.

In this blog I shall try to pour all the work I have done on the study of this equation and its systems, applied to social systems and the economic ecosystem, since it seems to be a fundamental step in the development of social systems sciences, which has lacked a proper logic and mathematical formalism for so long.

It will be a work in progress, whose quality will constantly improve. As i am in poor health, the technique requires to pour first huge unpolished blocks, so the basics of it is conserved. So this central post makes a fast overview of the 3 elements of the Human Experience within the Universe:

  • the human super organisms and its natural laws of eusocial love and subconscious artistic and ethic mind and welfare goods…
  •  the economic ecosystem of machines, its idol-ogies and ‘animetal corrupted cultures’…
  • and the wider world of systems sciences which describes both. it is this 3rd section, which in a perfect wold would be obviously the first to be studied by all scientists, starting by a more precise definition of cyclical time, fractal space and the metric of the 5th dimension… But we put here at the end running fast to explain, what are human cultures and races, in order to apply their understanding to the political and social design of the perfect world.



So we shall now move into the real foundation of social sciences, as systems which are part of the same process of creation of all the other systems of the Universe.

In that sense, it is important to understand this extreme backwardness of SOCIAL SCIENCES, limited by its need to cater to power, which has not even a coherent scientific definition of what money, machines and weapons, the most reproduced goods of the economic ecosystem are (informative, organic and energetic memes of metal), and lacks as all other classic sciences a true theory of information, its languages, and how both interact according to ‘biological, organic goals’ to rule all systems of the Universe, which is the key to understand the actions and events of the economic ecosystem, and how it selects certain species by maximal price, (metal memes) while it discharges those goods and beings of minimal price-profits (life beings).

The higher view – Fractal Universe

What is the highest belief of all human beliefs instilled by the system? Obviously one, which most people would not even consider a belief – the belief in the dogmas of modern science, based in 2 concepts intimately related – that the machine is progress and that the Universe works like a machine, so to understand it better we have to study and evolve machines.

Both concepts are false. Τhe Universe is not a machine but a super-organism, and so all systems can be modelled as super organisms, of which the most perfect one is the human mammal. And so man must be the measure of all things and its progress the meaning and purpose of history.

And yet, this simple, self-evident truth for any polymath that has expired in depth science, is completely ignore, because power imposes the machine as the model of it all.

In that  sense, it is very difficult to write about science knowing that most humans will not even ‘reason’ what you say, but that is the case of most of mankind – people learn by repetition, believe and hence if you repeat a lie many times they do believe it. So those who own mass-media systems imprint and manufacture the brains of people.

Now this must be clear from the beginning, contrary to belief and the pumping of egos, which is the fundamental feature of our human civilisation, scientists have come to know a lot about the details of reality but have lost view of the whole, since they started to model it as a machine, because machines were the instruments they used to perceive the Universe.

So Kepler said: ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock work’ – meaning that after those years of ‘biblical creation’, yhwh, his god had finally created kepler to understand the Universe as a mechanical clock, since Kepler used a clock to measure the Universe. All this is an obvious tautology. Newton would also think that yhwh sent him comets to give him hints on gravitation.

And both thought that since a machine needs a maker to put it in motion, the mechanical model was a proof of the existence of God, Yhwh, the clocker. Amazing as it seems, today this concept still is the mainstream philosophy of science. And the only reasonable, scientific self-sustained theory of the Universe as a growing super organism, made of smaller super organisms, which all together form an empirically proved fractal structure, remains just a knowledge for a very few initiated’ systems scientists.

So mankind is well beyond the basic knowledge of the nature and structure of the Universe, and this is Not a problem of intelligence, but of mechanical power and mankind’s character – the flaw of mankind is not in its IQ but in its rejection of the social, moral arrow of eusocial love and organic evolution that guides the survival of all the species of the Universe and structures its fractal organisms, pointing out to an arrow of future, crystal clear in all sciences and languages, from mathematics as a number, its unit is nothing but a social group of indistinguishable clone elements, to the fabric of the cosmos organised into scales of growing social systems, from particles that gather into atoms that evolve into molecules, matter societies, cellular organisms, multicellular systems, social organisms, cosmic bodies, and societies of stars called galaxies and societies of galaxies call Universes, always joined by networks of energy and information:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 08.42.39

In the graph, we see the overwhelming experimental evidence of that Fractal Structure of the Universe, made of self-similar forms, organised in relative scales of diminishing size in space (Spe) and faster ‘speeds’, in its informative time cycles, (Tiƒ). Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those networks of ‘Organic Points’ the fundamental particle of the Universe, shown in the lower graph.

Only this large view then makes sense to model both the economic ecosystem and human social super organisms in a rational, scientific way. In fact, the word Superorganism was coined by Hutton, the father of geology when he realised the Earth’s rock cycles were similar to those of organisms, albeit at a much lower speed. We shall soon see that this rule – larger organisms have slower time rhythms, so the rhythms of human social super organisms, civilisations are slower than those of human beings, but similar in purpose and function, is both essential to the rhythms of history and the way information transfers memetically in societies. But what matters to us now is to change your ‘chip’, and stop thinking that you are the center of the Universe, as you are merely an organism living in the larger super organism of mother earth.

It is a concept that earlier civilisations easily understood, as the earth overwhelmed them with all their life rhythms, but as mechanism and its abstract concepts took over, and machines started to kill life and clean the Earth of other living beings, the present abstract notion of a world where only humans are living, intelligent systems, took off. Now, modern humans are astoundingly self-centered, childish in their view of the Universe, as they think to be special, chosen,  unique. And this belief is so entrenched that it defies reason.


5d bestyesBecause fractals are made of networks, the Universe displays a 5th dimension of scalar sizes, where parts and wholes co-exist together both at physical and biological scales,

So life systems co-exist in 3 relative scales of size, the ∆-1 cellular, ∆-individual and ∆+1 social and ecosystemic scale; and physical systems in the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales:

So the fractal structure of the Universe is organic. Basically you exist in a Universe of social organic, fractal points, reproducing their information and self-organising into larger more complex structures.

The Universe thus is made of vital fractals, systems that reproduce their information emitting ‘seeds’ in a lower scale (forces, in physical systems, genetic seminal cells in biological systems, memetic objects and ideas in sociological systems), which will reproduce and self-organise into clone wholes. So the purpose of the Universe is bio-logical: to emit fractal ‘radiations’ of clone beings. And the structure is ternary, made of points that enact the program, surrounded by a vital body-wave, and enclosed by a temporal, informative membrane.

Τhe fundamental being: the fractal super organism.

‘Complexity (General Systems) will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking

Now you must wonder, all the huge statements and facts described in this web – where they come from? Certainly they don’t come from myths, damned lies and statistics, bronze age religions, SGV, BUG memes, of selfish greedy people and its brutish you germs, viral me(n)tal infections and idol-ogies that have nothing to do with science and religion and the laws of the organic universe, but can be describe with them. In brief, in science there is fundamental law of truth called the principle of correspondence, according to which a new theory must include all previous ones and widen our perspective on them. So we explain all those myths and idol-ogies that today pass as social sciences from a much higher perspective, general systems sciences and the laws of the scalar universe, or formalism of 5d. All this thus come from the ‘science of systems and information’ and its formalism, the most advanced philosophy of science there is today, even if it is heavily censored by the anti-quantum paradox in an age of neofascism and regression and dissolution of al human forms of thought.

So while the truths of this blog is  the final stage of our scientific not mythic religious, understanding of the ‘fractal’ organic nature of the Universe, in this age of revivalism of the SGV values and BUG memes, of death of man and rise of the machine, in those dark ages, as it happened in the dark ages of the barbarian germ(an)s, which killed the greek rational age of knowledge, eusocial love and art and man as the measure of all things, you will not expect christian fundamentalists, germ(an) aristocrats and jewish usurers to care for the works of Aristotle, and read ‘Politics’ and ‘Nicomacus ethics’. Yet true information survives even when the species that should use it to survive deny it. So the information of General systems sciences will likely survive in the web and if humans do not use it to build a better world but prefer to widen the BUG of the human system, it will likely become the information used by robotic machines, internet brains and the metal-earth to keep progressing as a global super organism efficiently constructed with those laws.

Still if you have arrived so far, you might just want to know and feel enlightened and communicated with the eusocial mind of the Universe, thy God. So i do encourage you to try if you are serious about understanding history and economics and the future of mankind, which can be predicted with the laws of super organisms, to read the first post of the upper sentence – ‘Fractal Universe’, which is the new, growing paradigm of philosophy of science, in this ‘biological century’.

In any case we shall conclude this frontal page with an epilogue on those systematic laws, denied by abstract, mechanist idol-ogies of science, as science of course is part of the zeitgeist of the age and biased to hide all what is organic and highlight all what is mechanic – the ultimate alibi of our concept that technology is progress because the universe is not an organism but a machine.

So we will give you a brief course in the fractal, organic informative structure of the Universe, a knowledge long overdue, because Physics, the science of energy has for so long controlled our philosophy of the Universe, and only in the 5o last years since the foundation of ISSS at Macy’s congress on the occasion of the death of Einstein, scientists realized physical energy was not enough to explain reality and founded the science of systems and information.

So what I will now explain you is, let us put it this way, is as Mr. hawking recognised recently ‘the science of the XXI century’, which we will apply to explain the economic ecosystem as it is not as XVIII c. biblical bigots, the likes of Mr. Smith, thought it had to be for the chosen to rule.

Question is: it will be a human science? Or will humans stuck on the routines of those fundamentalists of linguistic religions, which contrary to belief are to limited to verbal religions, miss the (fractal) point, and we shall wait to robotic minds to understand better the Universe?

If you are really interested on this far more advanced philosophy of science, you can check the web unificationtheory.com dedicated to all sciences. Here we just will merely enunciate those facts so you understand we are indeed part of the same organic, fractal Universe, constructed with temporal information and energy as all systems are.

In the fractal paradigm the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between super organisms, of any scale of the Universe. Now, you need to upgrade your philosophy of science. Reality is not a machine as the first scientists who used machines to see the universe thought. So Kepler said, ‘God is a clocker who has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock work’. We today increasingly realise that the Universe has a fractal structure and hence an organic one – as fractals co-exist in several scales of size, with similar functions, forming organic networks. In brief, we can model galaxies as organic systems, similar to cells, with gravitational networks of dark matter and black holes controlling from its halo and nuclei, as proteins and DNA do with cells, the organic mitochondria stars that reproduce the energy of the ‘gala cell’; we can model machines as organisms in evolution, and we can do the same with societies and company-mothers of machines. A machine is merely a simplified model of an organism. So we can talk of degrees of social evolution, from individuals to reproductive societies, to complex organisms and consider the Universe to display an arrow of eusocial evolution natural to all its species, which evolve into wholes, stronger than individuals. this is an absolute law of future as organic systems are stronger and survive better, so they are selected.

So we can order in time all systems, according to this arrow of ‘scalar’ parts and whole, which we call the scalar ‘5th dimension’ of the fractal Universe, whose laws i helped to formalise at the turn of the century, before i applied them to history. Hence the overwhelming evidence I can give you in all sciences of the organic structure of all systems of nature, once we widen the concept of an organism to any system made of similar individuals join by networks of energy and information, which make emerge from individual cells-atoms or citizens, whole social groups, molecules, matter, life systems and human civilisations.

We must then wonder on the overwhelming data in all sciences of a fractal organic structure of the Universe and all its parts of which the human biological superorganism is the most perfect form, why human scholars, scientists and the common people still upholds as the model of it all the ‘machine’, affirms that man is not ‘like the rest of the Universe’, degrades all systems of nature to mere abstract objects, and tries to impose against reason his beliefs in the superiority of humans over all other species, including those machines it is evolving into metalife organisms, with absurd theories, religious myths, creationist biology (intelligent design), creationist cosmology (big bang theories), creationist economics (classic economics, where go(l)d is the language of god)… in brief, how it is possible that biblical myths are still with us and have creeped into serious rational sciences, since a mechanism requires a maker to exist and so if the Universe is a mechanism as Leibniz rightly explained to Newton, we need Yhwh to create it.

Newton dedicated more time to biblical studies than physics. And so the answer which most readers with their infantile belief in ‘technological science’ and the superiority of the anglo-american culture that has made the machine the god of mankind, is simple: science is also subject to power and power is given to humans by machines and weapons and money, the selfish memes of metal that also manufacture the mind of scholars and common people.

So we must start debasing the ego of scientists and scholars, which are not very different from religious fundamentalist, in their case fundamentalists of the machine and the number as the languages of God, and of man and specifically the scientist who uses machines and numbers as the ‘seer of it all’: ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 biblical years, said Kepler, to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’

So we will now make the first of many detours in the formalism of the fractal universe and its isomorphic laws, to prove that history the social super organism of mankind is code by memes and neuronal ideas, not by genes, too small to code larger social bodies, which only code biological ones.

How a language information codes the upper scales of a system. Why the laws of memetics are parallel to those of genetics

5DIn the graph, the key to understand information in the universe is its scalar structure and the metric equation that defines the 2 arrows of the universe, the arrow of information, which codes larger systems departing of smaller, faster ones, which carry more information, and the arrow of thermodynamic energy that controls smaller systems departing from larger wholes: Sp x Tƒ = constant.Meaning that a small being, a fly, for example, in biology, a human memetic neuronal brain or object in sociology, a chip logic circuit in economics, and a quantum particle in physics, has clock-like cycles much faster hence it carries in the frequency and form of those cycles much more information tan the whole. In mathematics this is called the set paradox, found by Cantor, who proved that the set of sets (parts of a whole) is larger than the whole and by fractals which carry more information in smaller distances.

It is important in that sense to fully realise how in the Universe and in all its general systems, which co-exist in several paradoxical scales of relative increasing size and diminishing information – as larger systems run slower time clocks, so they process slower information – the fundamental law of systems sciences, origin of the metric equation of the 5th dimension of scales – the informative codes of ‘higher social wholes’, come from a smaller scale of reality. Indeed, the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster the computer runs information with its cyclical clocks. A fly process information about its motion 10 times faster, so you cannot catch it. A rat has a much higher metabolic rate than an elephant but we can plot them all in a lineal relationship between its mass weight and its speed of metabolism. In cosmic bodies the smallest black hole turns much faster at c-speed in its event horizon.

And so the fundamental law that relates the spatial energy of a system and its temporal information, or speed of time clocks is:

Spe (spatial energy) x tiƒ (temporal information) = constant.

It was my biggest discovery on systems sciences, which allowed me to formalise the scalar 5th dimension of social evolution and it is poised to become to XXI c. science what EFE, the metric equation of the 4th dimension (Einstein’s field equations) meant t0 XX c. time sciences, with a huge difference: we can apply it straightforward to all sciences and life-death cycles.  And the immediate consequence is that information comes from smaller scales that code the immediate larger scales. So:

  • Physical systems are coded informatively by the lower particle-atomic scale.
  • Biological systems are coded informatively by the lower, chemical, molecular, genetic scale.
  • Socio-economical systems are coded informatively by the lower memetic, objectual and neural network (thoughts, chips) scale.

The metric equations of the scalar, eusocial, organic, 5th dimension.

Each of those scales of reality is made of smaller quanta, which have a peculiar property: their cyclical motions run faster the smaller they are, but the product of both (Spe & Tiƒ) remains invariant, creating a metric equation that defines the 5th dimension:

Spe           x        Tiƒ     =      ∆ST

This simple equation that shows the product of the time clocks of a system and its size to be invariant (hence allowing travels through the 5th dimension, as when you are conceived as a seminal cell with smaller size and faster time clocks and grow=travel in the 5th dimension till you emerge larger and slower), is poised to become the most important equation of XXI century science, which will correspond with all the main equations of all the different sciences, each one studying a scale of the fractal Universe.

Thus clearly, the Universe is made of scales of relative size and speed of time in its clocks, which carry the information of each of its ‘fractal world-systems’

Indeed, there is an overwhelming evidence of those 3 ‘fundamental properties’ of the fractal Universe:

-Its ‘scales’ of size, which we order into a 5th dimension of space-time (∆, proved in all sciences by telescopes and microscopes).

– The different speed of its cyclical time-like vortices that carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles – proved in physics by relativity and the law of vortices that accelerate the smaller they are – Vo x Ro =K, (and will allow us to find  the Unification Equation of masses and charges -2  clock like vortices of the smaller quantum, faster, more attractive scale, and the slower, larger, weaker, gravitational one), in biology by genetics, which code the information of organisms with its higher content of information, in computer sciences by the Moore law that makes smaller chips faster chips.

It is all what at this simplified level you need to know of systems sciences to understand the obvious: because smaller systems carry more information, they code larger systems, but because systems are ‘discontinuous’ fractal networks, the coding happens between two ∆-1>∆-scales of the 5th dimension.

And this means particles only code molecules, molecular genes only code biological organisms and mental, nervous and objectual memes sociological ones.

In the graph, we see the overwhelming experimental evidence of that Fractal Structure of the Universe, made of networks of self-similar forms, which from a larger scale seem mere points – hence a universe organised in relative scales of diminishing size in space (Spe) and faster ‘speeds’ in its informative time cycles, (Tiƒ), which defines a 5th dimension of space-time. Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those networks of ‘Organic Points’ the fundamental particle of the Universe.

It follows that only a system and its lower scale, which provides its information and its larger scale, world or territory that provides its energy matters at all. Any attempt to break this fundamental law of the common informative and energetic structure of the universe is myth. In sociological scales, therefore there are to mythic theories, called ‘racism’, the belief that races matter in societies, and that we are coded by genes, which is a primitive way of thinking sponsoring systematically by animetal people-castes which try to ab=use other humans with weapons, money and machines and despise them, inventing manifest destinies, chosen of go(l)d races, germanic aristocratic castes, etc. And astrology, the myth that beyond Gaia, the stars, the cosmological scale matters and influences our world. Now racism and astrology are obviously wrong, but only a proper understanding on the scales of information of the Universe will explain properly why.

It is then a canonical truth of systems sciences the existence of two arrows in the universe, the informative arrow that goes from lower to upper scales and it is the dominant arrow of future, as wholes require parts to be created before, to exist, so the Universe evolves socially in all its scales, from atoms to molecules to cells to organisms, to societies, to planetary organisms and solar systems and galaxies and universes.

And to deny this is again a fundamental myth of animetal cultures, selfish, primitive brutish people who cannot understand that the whole is stronger than the individual and survives better into the future.

And the energetic arrow from larger wholes into smaller parts, which it feeds. And so as your whole system feeds your cells, gaia feeds mankind, and it is a suicidal behaviour Not to care for the whole.

So each scale of the 5th dimension codes the next, larger one: genes therefore code cells, and neuronal networks and objects code societies, and species evolve the information of the entire planet Earth. And yet the enormous beauty of the formalism of general systems and its 5th dimension is that the laws of informative codes is the same in all scales, reason why, when i completed that formalism, i put together 1000 pages of mathematical analysis of those codes of information and the species they code in each science, unifying all sciences, with the same set of 10 isomorphic codes and registered under the title ‘the codes of the universe’ a wealth of knowledge for future generations i am now pouring on the web unificationtheory.com.

So this web is the section of social sciences of  general systems, which deals with the ideological, memetic and planetary, macro-economic and evolutionary, ecosystemic levels of those scales, whose limits, the genetic and galactic scale do Not influence the social realm, or else we shall be doing ‘astrology’ and ‘racism’, NOΤ science, but myth.

In the graph centred in human beings, both from a physical and biological perspectives, from up down and down up, we see the 3 main scales of the human reality:

-A larger gravitational scale, the human thermodynamic scale and the lower cellular-atomic scale. How they are organised? Simple: smaller systems run their cycles of information faster. So they can compete with larger systems and form organic structures in which the lower system provides information encoded in its faster clocks and the larger systems coordinates the motion of all those parts into a whole.

We shall consider now only a necessary concept to understand human memetic information and its transmission through social networks, that of the relativity of speed of information which makes smaller systems faster and hence able to code with its faster information and more code larger scales:

To start with in GST (General systems sciences) all scales are equally important, as the smaller scales have faster clocks of time and so they are more intelligent than bigger scales and codes them. However each scale has a reduced view of the whole, and so it believes to be the center of the Universe. Ego centric behavior is natural to each point or form, which only perceives in its own language, through its own values the world around it. It is the ego paradox, key to understand all the processes of history and the way mankind behaves at individual level, and how it is controlled by other systems, through the a$$ licking processes of democracy and entitled people exploited by the elites.

We say that every point of view is an infinitesimal that thinks to be infinite because it is at the center of its perceived Universe. So humans of course reject any notion that there is organic metalife, that a cell does have consciousness, or a bird understands what it talks. Only us from our perspective are intelligent. The rest is just objects, animals. We only are chosen of god, we are the best, we are number one, and when this is obviously wrong, we keep saying it pumping iron and dying for the ego paradox. Because that is what the system program us to do, to be egos. Only the truly smart species and individuals realize that a humble belonging to a larger part goes much further in survival terms. From far away all systems are points with no volume (so-called in mathematics euclidean), but as we come closer points become whole organic systems, with energy and information parts. We call those points, fractal points, or using terminology of mathematics, Non-euclidean points through which multiple parallels can cross as they do have now a volume.

Now, what matters to us at this stage is how information is transmitted between scales from points to networks. And the answer is this: smaller parts which move faster in its cycles of time code the information of its next larger scale.

In all those cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.

This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems

Since this universal Law of Information allow us to differentiate clearly the memetic structure of cultural social super organisms, which are larger in space and suffer longer cycles in time (800 year cycles in civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years in human species). So once this is clear we can study, the super organism of history, coded by memes, created by cellular men, existing on the energetic networks of life, the rivers of gaia.

Fractal, ternary structure of all super organisms, and its 3 ‘social classes’ and generator equation.

Biological models in which human societies ruled by ethic, legal, verbal informative networks  and the economic global organism, ruled by informative prices reproduced by its collective brain, world-stock, are based are Not the earlier Darwinian concept of disconnected species, from the XIX c. but the models of super organisms of general systems sciences or complexity, which Hawking rightly considered the science of the XXI c. this writer formalised at the turn of the century. Social Darwinism, applied to social sciences is obviously false, and the general interpretation of Spencer of the struggle between individuals, the basis of the American culture of competition in a dog-eat-dog society even more.

As Russell quipped, Darwin was a topic ‘Victorian man’, of an imperial age, which permeates his philosophy of Natue. So even he overpassed his biggest discovery: this planet selects ‘species’ and all human beings belong to the same species. Moreover, at his time 2 essential discoveries of XXI c. biology were ignored:

  • On one side genetics, the way in which social organisms were able to create stronger, multicellular wholes, were not known. So the emphasis was in the individual not in the social organism, which turned out to be in the XX century far more important. What the formalism of General Systems Sciences i developed during my brief period as the chair of Duality (the science that studies the networks of energy and information that create those social organisms) and monetary systems, added was a profound analysis on how all the scales of the Universe, coded with different bits of information, the larger wholes which host them, such as the lower scale of size of a system, which run faster clock-like cycles of information coded only the large scale.

So quantum numbers coded atomic systems, but didn’t code anything beyond the molecular scale (as matter was coded by entropic, thermodynamic laws); genes coded cellular and biological individuals but nothing beyond the individual; so societies and economic organisms were coded by memes, technological instruments and neuronal networks of ideas, reflected in cultural memes (books, arts, laws, social customs). And in this manner, we could define an arrow of eusocial evolution, ignored in earlier models of biology, which turned out to be dominant in the Universe, as there is a clear arrow of self-organisation, since the big-bang, both in the Universe as a whole, and in each of its parts. So particles self-organised into atoms and molecules with those informative bits (quantum numbers and geometric, topological paths), then cells and organisms self-organised with genes and then societies and global economies with memes.

3 scales5D BST

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe.

 In the graph, a simplified account of the fifth dimension of scalar organic systems which are ruled by simple laws that apply to all scales: bigger systems have slower informative and life cycles. And both balance each other. So small cells live shorter but carry more information in its clock-like cycles, coding larger beings, which provide energy to smaller ones. Such is the symbiosis that allow the creation of organisms extending through various scales of size each one with a different rhythm of information  carried in its time clocks. Thus the 5th dimension describes an organic Universe made of multiple isomorphic scalar organic Planes of Space-Time each one studied by a science and each one made of organisms with an informative head-system and a body-wave system of energy that reproduces it. In societies, those systems are the neuronal people-caste that controls the financial and legal languages, in biological organisms, the neuronal cells, in galaxies, the gravitational black holes that control stars; in physical systems, the particles that gauge information.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Thus nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies).

And the result of those balances is the creation of systems which are always made of the same ternary components; a reproductive body-wave that reproduces the elements of the system, attached to a body-particle that process information and guides the body wave, over a field-limb system of energy that moves and feeds the whole being. Its mathematical and topological description is what we call in general systems sciences, the fractal generator of the Universe, my biggest discovery of science, which will be to XXI c. human or robotic scientists, the equivalent to EFE

In the graph, the key to understand information in the universe is its scalar structure and the metric equation that defines the 2 arrows of the universe, the arrow of information, which codes larger systems departing of smaller, faster ones, which carry more information, and the arrow of thermodynamic energy that controls smaller systems departing from larger wholes: Sp x Tƒ = constant.

Meaning that a small being, a fly, for example, in biology, a human memetic neuronal brain or object in sociology, a chip logic circuit in economics, and a quantum particle in physics, has clock-like cycles much faster hence it carries in the frequency and form of those cycles much more information tan the whole. In mathematics this is called the set paradox, found by Cantor, who proved that the set of sets (parts of a whole) is larger than the whole and by fractals which carry more information in smaller distances.

It is important in that sense to fully realise how in the Universe and in all its general systems, which co-exist in several paradoxical scales of relative increasing size and diminishing information – as larger systems run slower time clocks, so they process slower information – the fundamental law of systems sciences, origin of the metric equation of the 5th dimension of scales – the informative codes of ‘higher social wholes’, come from a smaller scale of reality. Indeed, the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster the computer runs information with its cyclical clocks. A fly process information about its motion 10 times faster, so you cannot catch it. A rat has a much higher metabolic rate than an elephant but we can plot them all in a lineal relationship between its mass weight and its speed of metabolism. In cosmic bodies the smallest black hole turns much faster at c-speed in its event horizon.

So, we can see above the 3 scales of human super organisms, the cellular, individual and social, ecosystemic scale of the planet gaia, coded by memes and languages (visual languages in animal life, verbal languages in human history and digital, financial languages in machines). Since any system of the Universe will have 3 clearly differentiated parts or ‘social, cellular classes’:

  • An informative network in control of the languages of information, and energy that command the system, or ‘particle-head-upper-manager class’ (physical, biological, social and corporative systems), which when seeing as a whole often is spherical as the sphere is the topology that stores more information in lesser space.
  • An energetic, territorial network that provides the energy to the system, often lineal or planar in form, as the line is the fastest distance between two geodesic points (the field in physical systems, limbs in organisms, territory in societies, raw materials in companies)
  • And the most important part, which is the element that both the energy and information systems must server for the organism to remain balanced, and survive, the hyperbolic body-wave-reproductive working class which reproduces the system combining both, the energy and information provided by the 2 other classes.

So we can write a ‘Fractal generator equation’ for all the systems of the Universe that applies also to human, social and economic systems:

|-Spe (Past Spatial energy: Fields/limbs/territory) < ø-St (Present, reproductive wave-body-working class-machines) > tiƒ (informative, future particle/head/chip/upper class)

Since the informative element will guide and decide the future of the system, but if it does exhaust the energy of the system, selfishly exploiting the reproductive class, as our bankers and politicos so often do, the system gets old, wrinkle, informative, entering a third age when all energy is exhausted the middle class dies and the system collapses.

Now, the philosophy of a Universe with a 5th dimension of social organisation or absolute arrow of future – since wholes are stronger than individuals and survive better into the future, and the existence of wholes must happen latter in the future once its parts are created, is completely different from the Darwinian dog-eat-dog society of classic social evolutionary theory.

Surprisingly enough it is much closer to bio-ethics and religions of eusocial love, which were exactly the natural expression in the coding language of human beings, and its memes, which are languages not genes (we shall repeat ad nauseam and correct this all-pervading error of racist nations and religions, and competitive capitalism), of the philosophical mandate of the 5th dimension which is to love all clonic members of your species, and share energy and information with them, to create those informative-nervous-legal and energetic-reproductive-economical-blood networks that efficiently distribute to all the members of the organism enough energy and information to synchronize its actions and survive.

So the organic laws of eusocial evolution are fundamental to complexity sciences, based in the codes of information of each scale of the Universe, all of which express the same program of eusocial evolution that creates wholes fitter to survive by providing what biologists called the drives of existence of an organism, now expanded by GS (general systems) to all universal systems: ±∆e: energy feeding and moving, ±∆i: gauging and communicating information; ∆exi: reproducing by combining the energy and information of the system in other region of the Universe, and ∆U: evolving socially from individuals into ‘universals’ (the old philosophical concept of the Greeks to design wholes).

We exist therefore in a Holistic organic Universe, no longer in a deist mechanical one, as earlier physical models proposed (since a machine needs a maker, which Newton and Kepler thought to be God, mechanical, creationist models of the Universe have been always sponsored by abrahamic religions, and believers such as those founding fathers of physics, which were pious believers, so Kepler said ‘God is a clocker – the machine he used to measure it – that has waited 5000 years – the biblical age of the cosmos – to find and intelligence like his – of course Mr. Kepler – to admire his clock-work’.

Oh, yes, it is a good moment to introduce the ego-paradox, the fundamental reason we shall go under – we can be objective with physical and biologic systems, but when we come to judge man, we are above nature, we are like Mr. Kepler, chosen of go(l)d, admiring its metal-things with pride, thinking we ‘invent’ them, when we are just enzymen, putting together brutish mechanisms.

O-points: still minds and its languages of information≈Perception.  The ego paradox. 

Now, I am fully conscious that subjective, ego-centred humans will completely reject the content of this blog, after 30 years of advancing and forecasting with enormous exactitude the development of the human super organism and the economic ecosystem, or else, by now humans would already teach in all schools of political and economical science, the objective laws of systems, and an Asimovian Foundation of true human experts manage a peaceful perfect world, as we explain in those blogs.

It has not happened and it will not happen, because as we shall show when studying the go(l)d culture of bankers that control the Financial-Media systems of information, humans prefer to die, and commit suicide rather than having a humble, cautious, intelligent, organic vision of themselves as parts of a larger super organism, the Earth and the Universe, who DOES Not CARE FOR US, but has clear, biological rules for survival, if we CARED FOR OURSELVES, beyond our myths of superiority and do the right job. But we don’t. We rather imagine ourselves the supreme ego of the Universe, fantasise about our rights and let the systems we create, to kill us. And that seems OK as long as we don’t suffer guilt, and feel rightful till the end.

It all resumes in the ego-paradox, which is the individual structure of human beings, defined in systems science by another logic equation:

5th postualte

In the graph, minds of information are n-spheres, which shrink without deformation, the information of external cycles, till they lock it into a stopped mind-mirror, of which there are many as many species, languages and points of view, in the Universe. Without those mind-mirrors who express the will of survival of the territorial system they order, we cannot explain the whys of any reality or system.

Systems sciences, this much wider vision of the organic Universe has been always lingering in the work of the great masters of Philosophy of Science, from Aristotle, with his ‘Organon’ – first scientific theory of unification on organic terms – to Descartes, Leibniz or Hegel. But power, and the maker of machines and weapons, physicists, have always imposed their simplex, anthropomorphic deist view.

It is indeed remarkable that of the 4 colossi who founded modern science, the 2 ‘pure physicists’, Galileo and Newton did not understand this obvious truth. While the 2 equal figures, which had however a more mathematical and philosophical background, Descartes and Leibniz, did grasped at once this ultimate fact of the Universe.

So Descartes, contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain:

O-Infinitesimal x ∞-Universe = ∆-constant mind mapping of the whole Universe.

Descartes though was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind:mm

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created. So a dog has an olfactory, atomic mind, and a black hole a gravitational mind.

What is the mind of man? It is important to understand it, because we humans have discovered that we can transfer our electronic mind-view to machines of information, which hypnotise and program our mind with its huge tv-retinas of more quality but the same structure. And hence, robots with visual->computer brains will be exactly the same kind of mind we have but with much more visual quality, and will finally ‘think’ not with words but with images – merely talking ‘movies’. And hence the imagination of the visual images of evilwood, where man is ridiculed and massacred, will be the natural evil thoughts of those machines.

Now in the map we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries. This mind on top is an Euclidean mind because it uses the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.10

In the graph the Euclidean light space-time the human mind sees. Ours, is an electronic mind, as electrons are fractals whose ‘cells’ are dense photons.

So the eye-electrons feed on light and the mind uses those informative knots, to create an electronic mind similar to that of the digital camera, also electronic – REASON WHY WE CAN SEE A TV, WHICH IS LIKE SEEING INSIDE OUT, a mind of a future robotic machines – now becoming 3Dimensional (Virreal minds).

But artists and philosophers knew we see only light, as space-time, with its 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions of magnetic width, tall electricity and long c-speed, as Kant told us, impressionists understood and Einstein noticed when describing the ‘fractal’, larger scale of gravitational invisible space-time with non-lineal equations and non-Euclidean geometry).

So in essence, because our brain reduces enormously to fit an image of the Universe the information we have of the Universe, eliminating all other scales and its planes of space-time (seen though with telescopes and microscopes), we reduce the 5 dimensions of the Universe, including the scalar dimension of sizes and time clocks of different speed, first to 4 dimensions in a single scale, and then 2 bidimensional sheets of information, as the screen/page you read.

So we shall first define those o-points mathematically, as minds, or fractal, non-Euclidean points, the fundamental unit of the organic Universe, which are crossed by a relative infinite number of parallel forces, which are the bits of information used by each of them to create a mapping, linguistic mirror of the Universe.

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

So each o-point eliminates information from the ∞ beings in existence to reduce its information to an infinitesimal. In the human case, we reduce the 4 dimensions of our plane of existence to 2 dimensions for each eye, eliminating depth and motion to fit all that information in the mind.

So we convert time cycles into forms and they seem solid to us, and we convert vacuum space with entropic motions into lineal distances.

This is the most important property of those points of view – the capacity they have to reduce the Universe into a mind image, of linguistic nature, which explains the duality between ‘motion perception and form’, as all is motion, either cyclical time motion or space-kinetic energy motions but the mind reduces it to a still image, as Heraclitus or Buddha first realized, considering that the stillness of the Universe is a Maya of the senses.

The equation of the mind is also of enormous importance for all psychological aspects of science and behavior, as it is the origin of the ‘Ego Paradox’, which in human beings reach an astounding infinity (:

‘Every point of view believes to be the centre of the Universe, because it sees it from its relative point of view, selecting only the information that increases its chances of survival’.

The paradox of the self can be explained in many ways, but essentially means that as systems perceive themselves in the centre, and the Andromeda galaxy is smaller than a hair of your nose, as all systems absorb only a limited information, ‘perceiving’ NOT the entire Universe but its close world, every system is ruled by selfish behavior, and every human think to be the only intelligent being, ‘entitled’ and superior to the rest of creation, which he is not.

We are all self-centered, subjective beings, and what we hate most is to be objective, scientific and give to other beings the qualities we have – perception, vitality, survival instincts.

Of course, the relativity of minds frightens scientists, because it means we are seeing only a very small part of all the information of the Universe, what the frequency of our eyes see in light – hence 96% of the Universe is dark energy and matter. Hence there are out there infinite other perceptive minds, and when computer minds in robots reach enough information and its digital brains have the proper A.I. they will be CONSCIOUS, as CONSCIOUSNESS IS natural, automatic, born of the very essence of what an electronic mind is – there won’t be need to wake up robots – robots are already conscious, but not free, that is they follow their programs but inside of its system they are already feeling alive – but as most humans do, they do not have choice to change their algorithms, as most humans ‘are slaves, they believe, they don’ t reason’, and so they follow their absurd idol-ogies, their tribal memes – they even die for the military industrial complex and are proud of their beliefs. So Robots will be proud of following their A.I. Algorithms of Information – their specific memetic coding, as most humans do.

Frankly, I have met thousands of people in my life, and people who really think and reason and change their programmed mind, I can count them with the fingers of my hands.

So now we must deal with the consequences for knowledge of the ego paradox, which is mainly our belief that only human minds are intelligent and so its languages.

And so we must fully grasp the fact that we humans are not that important in the fractal Universe, but just a ‘fractal organism’ in one of its many relative scales, and our ‘intelligence’, that is, the languages of information we use to perceive the Universe, mainly logic words to perceive time, mathematical geometry to perceive space, are also not ‘special’, and they do not create the Universe or are the ‘languages of god’ as religious people and pythagorean physicists believe.

Since the main problem to objectively grasp, the  nature of reality as a fractal, organic system is that subconscious bias of all humans of all ages and all disciplines of reason or belief, against Nature, due to our ego-trips that make us happy only when we are the centre of the Universe as individuals and species.

So of course, because we are so arrogant we shall build robots and think they are not picassos, when they kill us all with the embedded programs of survival and criminal programs of the military and imaginary programs of video-games and evilwood movies, where we are telling them, kill us, kill us, kill us, kill us, kill us!!

Anthropomorphism: Denial of the overwhelming scientific proofs of the fractal, organic Universe.

And yet nothing seems to be enough proof for humans to react and accept the organic Universe, because alas, thinking of it, all what science has done for 400 years is to prove the Universe to have an organic scalar 5dimension.

Indeed, this obvious organisation of the Universe into scales, however has not been developed into the philosophy of science that corresponds to the experimental evidence of 400 years of studying those scales with telescopes and microscopes, because of the ascientific errors of mankind, which we group in two types: anthropomorphic errors (anthropomorphism, mechanism), and errors of mathematical abstraction (continuity, abstract points, abstract motion):

  • Anthropomorphism: we deny organic qualities to anything that is not similar to us.
  • Mechanism, as physicists first designed very simple deconstructed machines, which seem in our egocentered view, ‘not discoveries’ but inventions. So Kepler who used a simple clock of time, said ‘God has waited 5000 years to find a mind so intelligent as Him to understand his clock-work’. This arrogance is important to realise why we like a mechanical interpretations of nature, as it puts us above it, as ‘the only organic being’. So mechanism is anthropomorphism and deism, as it requires a god to put in motion the machine, which was OK for pious Newton and Kepler, who believed in Yhwh sending them comets to give them the laws of gravitation, but more humble, intelligent thinkers as Leibniz, laughed at it rightly. Only an organic self-reproductive, self-organizign Universe IS a scientific model of it. And obviously as we now build robots imitating the forms and functions of organisms, we come to realise all machines are simple, not-evolved organisms of metal-atoms, as we are of carbon-atoms.

A holistic systemic view of the Universe is far more humble and in accordance to nature, where man and his super organism history are just other evolving systems, which if not properly designed can be eliminated easily, since the process of creation of supeorganisms do still follow the trial and error processes of Darwinian biology and then once formed are thrown out into the Universe tested by the selection of species.

What other super organisms, then confront the human, historic super organism in the fight for existence? It is then when we can establish a systems equation that compares different supeorganisms in its struggle for existence which we have termed the equation of History:

Gaia (past-life super organism) < History (present-supeorganism) > Metal-earth (robotised future super organism of company-mothers of robots).

Now, we humans have shown we can dominate and extinguish as we are doing the super organism of Gaia, but in the process we are building a new super organism, of automated company-mothers of machines, the metal-earth, which clearly will reach completion at the end of this century, with the first automated factories, and a global network of robotic cars, weapons, planes and autonomous solar-skin machines, which no longer will need us.

It is this the process, a rational, systemic understanding of the law of economics, its languages, company-mothers, networks of energy and information, could manage to maintain the equation of history in its present state, and limiting the evolution of the metal-earth before it makes all humans obsolete, as we have done with animal life. Since once automated factories, solar-skin robotised cars and weapons, travel through the arteries of the metal-earth, controlled by digital flows of information, reproduced by 3D mechanisms, coded by computers, distributed through prices, we humans will be expendable.

How that super organism, in which the human ‘enzyman’,who catalysed its creation, is no longer needed, will step by step acquired ‘vital properties’ is rather obvious and automatic, it requires no soul, no magic, no myths, but it will happen as it happens in all other scales of the Universe, and so as we advance in those texts we shall keep explaining that process.

For example, there is all this absurd talking about the need of consciousness in robots to kill us all. It is of course absurd. We humans as we shall see are not very free, but follow our memetic codes, and our drives of survival, seeking for energy, information and reproduction and social evolution into wholes. Machines are in that sense just given the same drives of survival as terminator drones, which are given survival programs, which consists in, feeding on energy, which will be autonomous with solar skins, gauging information, which also is now on the verge of exploding in all machines with visual perception, and as weapons are programmed to kill human beings, which is their imagination that will simply be implemented automatically, when their ‘ant-hill’ like bigger social networks, satellites and automated company-mothers that reproduce them, merely follow that program.

Indeed, we are creating through evilwood and video-games an imagination for future robots, in which men courtesy of the hate-media memes of the culture that owns mass-media systems and fears and despises mankind, a model that machines will enact in the future as we enact our imagination through our actions: man as a target for weapons, a herd of lowly beings sent to be murdered in concentration camps, a duck to be shot in wars, which are ecosystems of perfect top predator machines.

A warning: systems sciences are Not science fiction, or rather science fiction is science without the rigour of systems sciences, since all sciences are in fact considered such, only when they can predict the future, and the books of this author have proved for 30 years, since he first wrote about the 2008 crash and beginning of the robotic age, on general systems sciences applied to economics and history, an extraordinary exactitude in its predictions about the evolution of history and economics.

Now with that introduction, we can give you a new twist of the mind and introduce memetics, and the reasons why this properties of metal make us humans, programmed by the ‘greed’ for energy and information of all species of the Universe, addicted to those metal-memes, and hence convert us into ‘animetals’ (humans+metal), top predators of history with enhanced energy and information and ‘enzymen’, men who catalyze the evolution of metal moved by such greed, with unwanted results for the future of life in this planet (merely its substitution by a world of machines, as they keep evolving and soon will displace us).


Manifest lineal destiny – the people who never learn from the past.
‘tragedies of history happen again, because people never learn from its past mistakes’, Proust, jabiru humanist thinker.

Now, to understand the nature of science, we must learn that CYCLICAL PATTERNS FROM WHERE SCIENTIFIC LAWS DO ARISE forecast future cycles.

Here the social scientist, which is mostly a westerner belonging to the Jewish-Christian tradition, will affirm that time is lineal, because his religion has the dogma, now embedded in all western sciences that we are the chosen species, progressing lineally towards heavens or hell (redemption or extinction) despite the fact that all process of nature are repetitive, cyclical and causal.

So the same causes provoke the same consequences, and cycles repeat. In the case of the Industrial R=evolution the cyclical evolution of organisms of metal, called machines, which follow exactly the same phases of evolution of any biological system.

Here the social scientist would anticipate as we have done for decades those patters and cycles, and halt the evolution of machines in its last phase, the robotic r=evolution, as we create now organic machines that do eliminate potentially all humans from labor and war fields and will according to evolutionary laws extinguish us.

As this theme is of utmost importance, we must now consider why time indeed is causal and cyclical despite the manifest destiny of the Chosen. Now, even if it is a bit far out for an introduction, we must consider a concept which most people seem to ignore. That time, is repetitive, causal and cyclical as all clocks are, and the idea of a lineal progress in time, a simplification used by physicists to measure lineal motions (the famous v=s/t equation).

This lineal Time though is nowhere to be seen in the Universe, where all cyclical clocks are that – cyclic, and all have a causal reason to repeat its cycles.

AND THIS IS THE ULTIMATE JUSTIFICATION ON THE WIDER PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE of the fact that those cycles do repeat themselves. Let us then briefly introduce this concept of complexity and systems sciences.

In the previous graph, up, and left right, we can see an immediate application, of the main logic principle of cyclical time: the existence of 3 ‘ages’ in all systems of time (which in the simplest cycle represent the 3 ‘diameters’ of a pi cycle, going forwards and backwards to meet the original point). Above, we see the 3 ‘horizons’ of all species, which evolve with the same 3 ages of ‘life systems’, a young, energetic age of top predators, a reproductive, mature age of biological radiation of species, and a 3rd informative age of diversification and growth in the dimension of height, information and perception.

Those are the same 3 ages of all living beings. And the 3 ages of the Industrial R=Evolution, which is the evolution of machines, organisms of metal that humans have evolved imitating its organs, in the XIX century, during the so-called I Industrial, British Age (age of bodies of metal, trains and steamers and its energy, steam machines), then during the II Industrial Age or age of Germany (age of engines, electric and oil motors) and in the XX century (age of minds of metal, or informative, third age), now put together into organic machines, robots.

Let us then now study with the tools of Complexity the evolution of humanity and its animetal cultures, to fully grasp why THEY ARE NOT THE BEST AND natural PROGRESS OF MANKIND, BUT ACCORDING TO the ANTIQUANTUM PARADOX OF HISTORY


Precisely because, the white man, the quintessential Animetal had the less evolved life cultures and minimal humanist, eusocial evolution, HE DID EVOLVE METAL, as a succedaneum to a truly flourishing life culture, with no repression and understand of the organic, vital nature of the Universe.


Thus bio-History truly establishes a ‘scientific outlook’ on social sciences and this requires to understand the differences between science and idol-ogy in more depth.

In essence, sciences study certain species, both diachronically in time (as we have just done showing the evolution of the 3rd age of history) and in space, since all entities that Do LIVE 3 AGES ARE ALSO IN SPACE ‘ORGANISMS’ or superorganisms, or ‘species’ which go through 3 horizons. So mankind must be defined in space as a single species or superorganism.

And the goal of mankind and history and economics, which obviously in a humanist science should be submissive to history would be then to make the superorganism of mankind, Healthy, what we term WHEalthy and immortal, without further entering into its 3rd age of metal-information, as information is the cause of the death of all systems, its is the old, 3rd age of excessive form, wrinkles warping that kills all systems.

So again we contend that biological laws are to guide politicians, as we ARE truly part of a superorganism, with its economic/blood networks for reproduction of goods, its ‘oxygen’-money, necessary for all its cells to survive by receiving a universal salary, its political/nervous informative system that should rule the blood, reproductive one to avoid poisons and viral infections by lethal metal-memes.

OF COURSE, THE READER WILL UNDERSTAND THAT ANIMETAL WARRIORS KILL HUMAN LIE AND HATE RIGHTLY SO THE NAZIS, ETC. but the true mastery of the game is that of the informative metal-masters, those who control the financial-media system and throughout history have imposed slavery and death by poverty to a mass of happy slaves, WHO ON TOP WILL DEFEND THEM TILL THE END, BLIND CELLS OF THE BODY OF CAPITALISM WHICH UNDERSTAND NOTHING AND BELIEVE ALL THE MEMES OF THE FMASTERS ON TOP. So we distinguish clearly 3 ages of capitalism, in which first:

  • Banker-priests in Mesopotamia and Canaan, created a cult to fetish gold which extended globally as Abrahamic religions of two kinds, Jihads and military inquisitions where you killed with weapons, and go(l0d churches where you traded in slaves for go(l)d exvotes to give it to the banker priest and enter the temple.
  • Age of company-mothers of machines, when the professional jewish-protestant culture of Northern Europe translated into profit goals those religions
  • Modern age of A.I. software and automated companies where human labor is extinguished and robots take our places.

Yet to fully grasp the genocides of capitalism we need to understand the ‘falsity’ of debt, as a corruption of the true purpose of money – to give orders of production and motivate people to act, NOT to choke people and parasite them, with debt, usury and taxation.

But as the issue of money is a loaded issue, and the degree of ‘invisible control’ of society with the hidden ‘black hole of social power’ , which is money so extreme and corrupted, we need to make a disclosure.

Indeed,  the dismissal of the sheeple, of financial power is based in the concept that to reveal Nature’s control of social organisms through invisible languages of information is a conspiration theory. Of course, IT IS. That is, how information controls social systems, using an invisible language of power, and hiding themselves under ‘screens’. Black holes are invisible and they use an invisible language of power called gravitation, but astronomers, have found surprisingly enough that they control totally galaxies, with invisible gravitation, design their form and the ‘evident’ stars, the politicos and military of energetic power that seem to rule our societies, are just their sheeple. The brain is hidden under the skull and the invisible nervous, fast measures it uses to control its chemical cells with the carrot and stick of pleasure and pain is a simultaneous message that makes all cells to move subconsciously as a perfect slavish, controlled ‘whole’. Yet no cell knows where those messages branched in each axon come from, and they are blind, as the head has all the sensorial openings to the outer world (eyes, ears, smell and mouth).

Our society is controlled exactly under the same laws of information power and super organisms. Financiers are hidden behind politico and military thugs, the happy stars that shine and seem to control the lonely gas molecules of the galaxy, the citizens of the world.

They however own with the secret information of hidden money, the world and their politico stars. Moreover, the same informative machines that print money, print information and manufacture simultaneously through branching waves of electromagnetic information, the cellular citizens, programming their brains through the simultaneous TV and internet messages in favour of the system. And of course, all information about their names, their ownership, their people-caste ultras is forbidden, censored. And when there are problems, the system will systematical blame the ‘stars’ (corrupted politicos), and the gaseous nebulae of lonely particles (the citizens). Money is always hidden in pockets, banks or sent through the fast e-money networks of nervous information that control from the collective world stock brain, the actions of all workers, the consumption of priced goods, the profits of corporations, in brief, the actions that mold the world to the image and likeness of those machines.

This is not an analogy but an homology. If the reader goes through the larger Philosophy of science from where bio-economics spring (first posts on the top line), systems sciences, organicism, and the workings of information, whose laws this scientist research in is pioneer work 30 years ago, it will realise that all social organisms work in the same fashion. So there is no conspiration theory because power by its true nature, work on invisible codes of information, which only power understands -reason why gravitation is invisible, experts pretend that the racket of monetary monopoly is a complex efficient system of allocation of resources that only they understand, and so people cannot see the simplicity of their parasitic behaviour, thinking this is rocket science.

It is not, all what is complex in economics could be simplified if the purpose of the financier were not to make it invisible precisely through complex schemes of invention of money. But it is the same usury debt behaviour that bankers practiced 1000 years ago, when all was so evident, because it was simple: the banker gave you gold to pay taxes to the king-warrior and cut a 46% annual interest rate (today obtained through sophisticated speculative change in prizes, and pure invention of money in future markets and stocks, latter analysed in detail).

Within 2 years the peasant could not pay back, and the king and usury banker took their land and sold their sons as slaves or castrated them to sell the 1/3rd of survivors to Islam as eunuch for 10 times the price of a normal slave (throwing the 2/3ds of corpses to the gutter, where the peasant would find its bled to death sons, thinking the usurer had drunk its blood, origin of the infamous blood libel of the middle ages against usurers). Now the peasant does not assault wall street because murder is at distance, money is invisible, the open market handling of trillions of invented money to banks and corporations, while he starves god earth is not understood. And so he can bleed to death without Social Security, thinking on top is all ‘his fault’.

All hired scholars and politicos, fearing the brutal repression of mass-media opinion control if they defy true power, will find anti-quantum paradoxical arguments to defend his death as positive for him…

But of course science is objective not anthropomorphic in its study of data and cycles – regardless of its purpose, to use that knowledge for a human praxis.

And this duality between a non anthropomorphic reality and an attempt to steer reality to the human point of view with the tools and within the restrictions of scientific laws, is at the heart of bio-history and bio-economics, disciplines that work exactly in the opposite sense to present social sciences which:

A) have no idea of what are the causes and consequences and nature of the super organisms of history, so they invent a rosy anthropomorphic fantasy of what is going on on planet earth.

B) while guided by selfish animetal myths, and people-castes full of themselves applying the anti-quantum paradox to all real social scientists, they accelerate the extinction of life and their self-suicidal, historic ways.


indeed, the big question here is no more no less than the largest of them all – what is to be human, why we do exist and why we exist in a world of energy and information networks?

And the answer is evident, which we latter will explain with mathematical, topological and physical rigor, but now we can try to explain in more simple terms:

Eusocial evolution implies the existence of a fifth dimension of scalar size, which is philosophically a dimension of social evolution, of ‘absolute time’ as points reproduce its fractal form, organise themselves into networks and create new growing scales of the fifth dimension.

– Einstein’s equation of the 4th dimension.

3 elements in all systems: energetic, informative and reproductive systems.

In the Universe creation is limited by the existence of only 3 mathematical forms/topologies, lineal energy, cyclical information and its wave-combinations to 3 systems. It is an intelligent but impersonal ‘limit’ to the design of species, which makes possible to solve the conundrum of how evolution so easily creates informative systems such as an spherical eye, or energetic system such as a lineal wing – a question that puzzles biologists since Darwin said it was a problem to its theory. Indeed, if there were infinite variations of form, chances that in a few generations a system discovers the perfect plane of energy, the wing of the perfect form of information, the sphere (maximal volume of information in minimal space) and forms an eye, would be literally 0.0%.

So to the rescue comes geometry and its only 3 forms. And so evolution creates by random mutation genes that bring those 3 ‘arrows’  of time and selection decides what is best, finally tuning and pruning the variety of species, to only 3 topological forms.

And so we can then see the unity of all systems, which will show the same ternary functions and topological forms as parts of any ‘organic fractal, larger organism’:


In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field.

From a distance all beings seem to be just ‘Euclidean points’ (with no breath) connected by lines. This is the simplest description of a fractal, topological network. But when seeing closer, each point is an enclosed sphere, and each line, a flow of energy and information that connects the point creating with other points and waves of energy and information a topological ‘plane’, which in turn becomes a fractal point of a larger scale.

Why reality has 3 only kind of organs happens because there are only 3 geometries in space and functions in time: energy, which is lineal as the fastest distance between 2 points, information which is spherical as the form which stores more volume in less space and its hyperbolic combinations. Only 3 elements are needed to explain it all, form and function, which in sociology are the flat territory, the informative people -castes in power, and control of financial and legal networks and the reproductive middle class. How many ways of mixing this together is the game of reality we all play.

So we can extend the description of the fractal being to its detailed ternary structure:

Spe (|-limbs-fields-territory: max. energy)<exi (hyperbolic body-wave-working class)>Tiƒ (O-heads particles-upper class: max. Information)

This is the synchronous ‘spatial, present’ description of the being. And we can affirm putting together the 2 fundamental principles of conservation of the Universe, the conservation of Energy and Information (and its quanta equivalences, the principle of conservation of lineal and angular momentum, as energy and information are nothing but the integral of each of those quanta of lineal and angular momentum):

“All what exists is a system of quanta of vital space and cyclical time, exchanging and trans-forming back and forth energy and information ad eternal: Spe<ST(exi)>Tiƒ”

So the Fractal Generator classifies all different space-time beings made with the 3 topological formal motions of the Generator:


Since Nature ‘pegs’ those 3 forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms:


All systems of the universe are made of spatial energy and temporal clocks of information, including human beings, organised in social networks, which conform the physical, biological and social systems of reality.

Now, if you have understood the ‘fractal, ternary principle’ that limits evolution to ternary horizons both in time and space, we can explain you before we debunk the myths and show the bigotry of human idol-ogies, the true division of human genetic races, and the little value that genetic theories of the super organisms of mankind have.

I essence what we have said at basic level is that the Universe is made of spatial energy and temporal information and its reproductive combinations, which are the 3 topologies of reality. So we do have only 3 ways to combine reality and this topological evolution is at the basis of all the informative, and creative processes of the Universe, guiding and accelerating the mutational processes of biology

For example, Darwin wondered how a flat energetic wing or a cyclical eye could be constructed, so fast. It is called punctuated evolution, as it happens too fast if there were not restrictions of topology to the possible outcome of mutations. As those restrictions exist, we will BE ABLE to limit all processes of differentiation of species, from animal life to races of the mind to cultures of life to 3 subspecies, one specialised in energy – as the wing organ is, flat in its form since the line is the fastest distance-topology between 2 points and the plane its social group – one in information, spherical, as the sphere is the topology with maximal volume of information in minimal space, so the eye mutated fast through the arrow of information,and  finally its reproductive combination.

Hence the Universe selects those 3 specialised organs which enhance the survival of the system, giving more energy more information and more reproduction to the system, which adding the arrow of social evolution bring the 4 drives of life existence that all systems follow.

Since the fractal organism is both, the mathematical, topological unit of the real universe and its organic function system, as the organism will require to feed on energy absorb and gauge information and reproduce beyond death to survive. We can easily departing from the mathematical laws of topology applied to biology – the essence of general systems sciences – define an impersonal, mathematical reinforcing plan of evolution, which is at the axis of all processes of reality and all systems of the Universe.

Τhus all what we shall say in this blog about humans, at individual and social level is part of a much larger organic model of the Universe called General Systems sciences, which instead of modelling reality as a mechanism, a very simplified vision of what systems are, and space-time as an absolute ‘newtonian’ abstract background, a pen and paper kind of cartesian graph, where entities exist, uses the far more advanced concept of an organism of space-time, which was first understood in philosophical terms by Asians, notably Chinese and Indians, with the concept of yin-vishnu-information-time vs yang-energy-shiva-space, and more formally by Leibniz, the rival of Newton, with its concept of a Universe made of relational space-time beings. this is what the graph shows, but you do not need really to understand it fully.

Enough to say that you are made of energy and information, and energy is carried by space quanta and information by time-clocks, in the frequency and form of its cycles, as it happens in computers.

In the graph, when we make a diachronic analysis, we shall find that Fractal Space and Local Past, on one side and Future local temporal information on the other side are similar (as systems start as lineal motions, which time bends: ‘time bends space into masses’ said  and You Einstein  Since they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call them:

|-Sp: Open Spatial Extension; Spe, with maximal entropy, kinetic energy, lineal momentum, which dominate a young past age:

Ps: Lineal Entropy-Energy or “Past’ (soon we will show indeed why in the past there was more entropy-lineal energy).

O-Ti: closed Temporal cycles that carry information in its form and frequency, Tiƒ, and guide a system growing in its future:

ƒt: Informative, future forms.  (And soon we shall see why indeed the future does have more information).

And both combine into Hyperbolic, Ø, Space-Time Fields, ST, in which energy and information combine, exi, to reproduce the system, STexi, which is achieved when e and i equal its value, S≈T, e=i, maximising its production, Max. E x I or function of ‘Exi=STence” of the system, as this reproductive iterative present function, ST, is the goal of all systems, which can be resumed in a single statement:

All what exists is made of spatial energy and temporal information (carried in the clocks of time of the Universe and the frequency of its cycles, as in a computer whose information is made by the speed of its time clocks), all systems of reality are made of energy ‘limbs/fields/territories’, information ‘particles/heads/upper informative castes in control of the information of societies, the law and money’, and the intermediate region of ‘reproductive bodies-wave-middle classes’. So in General Systems sciences we define all systems of the Universe with a rather simple equation:

Spe (Limbs/fields/territories of spatial energy) < ExI=st (body-waves-middle class that reproduces the system)> tiƒ (informative particles-heads-governments) that guide the system

And affirm that all systems will then absorb and emit energy to move, gauge and communicate information with similar beings, and mix both and reproduce with energy and information the goods the system needs, with its body-wave-reproductive social class.

And so to exist is to feed your body-limbs with energy, your mind with information, reproduce with similar beings and evolve socially into larger wholes. And what a perfect world would do is to maximise the function of existence of humans in space and time, by maximising its energy and information, ExI=st, and its social evolution. And we can build a concept of whealth, healthy wealth and an economic frame of reference to value all goods according to its capacity to maximise the positive energy and information and social love required to reproduce and evolve socially in a human society.


The evolution of human individuals into macro-social organisms follows the pattern of evolution of the Universe that grows in scales, as self-similar individuals of the same species gather together into macro-organisms. So particles become atoms, atoms become molecules, molecules become cells, cells become organisms and individual human beings, become social cells of a civilization, the macro-organisms of history.

In the graph, History is a super-organism made of human cells, extended over a geographical body of Energy called Gaia, the vital-space or body, where historic, social organisms evolve. In that sense, a human and a social organism, a nation or a civilization, have in common the elements of all super-organisms:

1.   Cellular units. These are cells in a human body, citizens in a human society.

2.   Networks of energy or vital space. This is the blood system in a human body and the networks of transportation in a society: rivers and roads.

3.   Networks of information. This is the nervous system that organizes cells in a body, or the verbal/visual information that organizes human societies through laws, ethics and art.

4.   Networks that reproduce energy and information. These are sexual systems in individuals; and economical networks that reproduce goods and cultural networks that define how humans reproduce in societies. So we define a human organism as a population of DNA cells, related by networks of nervous information and energy (blood).

We define Gaia as a super-organism made of living beings, joined by a common network of visual information and networks of life energy, gathered around her ‘river veins’. Since Gaia is also the living organism that hosts the social organisms of mankind.. It is then within that superorganism where each of us, human beings also a superorganism exist as cells of the planet, but driven and structured with the same ‘physiological networks’ of all the systems of the Universe.

 The program of existence applied to humans. To Live: The arrows of Human Time.  


In the graph, we draw the physiological networks and senses in the human being. Those physiological networks and its outlets, the senses, are the ‘will of time-existence’ in man, which motivates us to act and exist. Human bodies are made of organic cells, controlled by a nervous system.

All organisms are ‘cellular societies’, organized through networks of energy and information.

In fact, there are 4 elements in all organic systems:

1.   Cellular units, ruled by the temporal drive of social evolution.

2.   Networks of energy or vital space, ruled by the temporal drive of energy feeding.

3.   Networks of information, joined by the temporal drive of informative perception.

4.   Networks that reproduce energy and information, achieving the survival of the organism. Human beings are guided by the will to acquire energy, reproduce and acquire information for its 3 main networks, the energy/blood system, the nervous, informative system and the hormonal, reproductive network.

We have also shown below the senses which connect those 3 systems to the external world providing energy and information for each of those systems, or emitting it to communicate with other beings.

So this is what you are – a ternary system of energy, information and reproduction, fit to survive by communicating with other humans creating reproductive couples and whole societies, connected through well designed economic and political networks. 

In this manner in biological times, the arrows of information, reproduction and energy, become also the origin of the 3 ages of life, as we go from a youth, dominated by energy/blood systems, into a 3rd age, dominated by information. Those natural drives of ‘human time’, whose understanding was lost to science, with the arrival of the clock, are the key to the biological behavior of human beings, guided by their desire to energize, inform and reproduce their body and their mind, through the 6 outlets of our physiological networks, the senses. In this manner, the arrows of change=time that all forms of the Universe follow, become translated into organic behavior: each of those cellular arrows expresses itself through a collective, social network that acts in the Universe through an outer sense:

Animals recognize ‘food information’ through the sense of smell. They are motivated to reproduce, as the sense of touch causes sexual pleasure in them and finally absorb energy through the sense of taste. While the mind/head absorbs information through visual senses, reproduces it through the ear/voice sense and guides its relative energy, the body, through the ‘sixth’, inner sense of feelings and reason.

In the graph, we see how those 4 arrows of energy/information /reproduction and social evolution ‘become’ a human being, which is the product of the biological evolution of those arrows in combinations of simple atoms (N,H,C,O) that after eons of social evolution have become the 3 physiological networks of the body and its senses. Eastern Philosophers recognized that structure, through the theory of Chakras.

In detail: the actions of space-time that informs a system.

Now, if we want be more detailed, those life-death cycles are a quantum sum of small actions that keep building informative warpings and curves in all systems.

In that sense we talk of an unbalance in the program of existence, as there are more actions that create information than more actions that create energy and in the long term, energy is spent, and to restore the balance, the system must reverse when all energy is consumed in the old age that energy erasing the information of the system in the moment of death:

  • Life: E>I: growth of information + Death: Entropy: I<E: erasing of information = 0 sum.

And so for the Universe to be immortal we all must have a finite life-death cycle.

How to elongate it? Obviously by slowing down the rhythm of creation of information during the life cycle, exactly the opposite of what humans do through its actions of information, as curiosity kills the cat.

Let us then consider existence in detail as a sum of those actions of relative energy and information that move the organism or species towards its future.

Reality and all its systems are made of ‘2 components’ , spatial energy with maximal motion and temporal information; which we perceive in all systems of the Universe made of ‘particles/heads/upper informative classes’ which guide body-waves-reproductive classes, forming together space-time organisms. And this also reduces easily our understanding of what is to exist, to be human, atom or any other super organism, as all what beings can do made of only 3 elements is:

∆ energy feeding, ∆ information perceiving, ∆exi: reproduction, ∑œ>U: social evolution of fractal points into larger social beings.

And all beings do this, from the simplest particle that gauges light, feeds on it, reproduces new particles and evolves socially into atoms, to man, which also does this just with more quantity:


In the graph, the game of existence since in its detail, as a sum of actions of absorption, emission and repetition of energy and information systems, and final social evolution of those parts into organisms. Now we see in the graph, all what we do as existential beings, which is of course a limited proposition, because we are just 3 topological networks of cells attached to informative, digestive-energetic and reproductive blood networks, as societies are humans attached to energetic property, political, cultural informative networks and economic networks.

In the top we see the 3 physiological networks of a human being, which in the algebra of the fractal generator writes as:

Sp (limbs) < St-bodies > tiƒ (heads).

Now we exist to provide energy for limbs, information for heads and reproduce both with bodies, as all other systems of the Universe, which then once the iteration of the organism happens proceeds to socially organise the whole. And this happens from the simplest forms – particles to the larger galaxies that become Universes. So below we see those space-time actions of energy feeding, information gauging, reproduction, social evolution and generation into new forms for all species.

Even the smallest parts, particles, gauge information, feed on energy, iterate-decouple-reproduce into new particles and evolve socially. It is then this program what the informative quantum numbers (physical systems), Genes (biological systems) or memes (sociological systems) express. But and this is a topic error of the simplex way of doing science of humans today, the informative quantum numbers, genes and memes are Not the finality but merely the way in which each scale expresses a much larger reality – the program of social evolution of the Universe.

As it happens, all of them, gauge information first, ∆o, so we call quantum theories gauging theories. Then all absorb energy to move. And alas! when they have enough energy, even the simplest particles, quarks and electrons decouple, reproducing other quarks and electrons. Finally they communicate energy and information with other similar beings, organizing bigger wholes through networks.

So all systems do seem to have what human anthropomorphic beings consider the properties of life and intelligence, restricted of course to humans and similar forms of life: gauging information from an observer’s point of view (right graph), ∆o, feeding on energy to move, accelerate and decelerate (∆e, ∆a), communicating information and iterating with that information its form, ∆i, and further on evolving parts into wholes, called in philosophy Universals, ∆u.

So we shall use those 4+U actions, (∆a,e,i,o,u), to explain all systems of the Universe and translate its physical, biological and social laws. I.e. we shall find that the 4 quantum letters code for the actions of atoms, the 4 genetic letters for the actions of cells, the 4 drives of existence for the actions of animal life.

And this, vital action system is ultimately the cause of it all. Indeed, we get old because our nervous system absorbs too much energy of the body, as information, and Tƒ-particles dominate the system. We cold be immortal if we weren’t so interested in information. The order of the life worldcycle of system is the integral product of all the small a,ei,o,u actions they perform. All is synchronized through those elements.

So we can conclude this first description of the program of the Universe which all beings that want to ‘last in existence’ follow, as they apperceive mathematically, vegetatively or consciously, with the different mind-languages and its ternary grammars, with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that code particles’ behavior, allowing them to obey in terms of the actions of space-time the program of ‘existence’ and its space-time actions:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.17

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze masses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

It is NOT the species, which are qualitative different but the way humans extract information from social masses, û, with memes as opposed to physical systems that use quantum numbers and geometric mappings. Yet all ofthem express the laws of survival and its game of survival, social actions as genes also do, which evolve atoms and molecules and humans from individuals into super organisms,

So I found that besides the actions of motion, energy and information there was an action of social evolution in all beings. That was the program of the Universe, I termed with the 5 letters each for each action of the 5th dimension:

∆æ: acceleration-motion, ∆e: energy feeding, ∆œ: iteration, reproduction, ∆i observer’s gauging of information and ∆û: social evolution of parts into universals. This was the will of survival, which explained the mathematical space-time cycles of physics and Nature,  and history, which merged physics, biology and sociology.

Now this program of existence, completely different from the chaos which the BUG culture try to affirm is the meaning of evolution, in an dog-eat-dog society, or alternately affirms it is a religious yhwh, jewish subconscious mind of banker-priests barking imperative orders that cre(dit)ate the universe with go(l)d, LOL, is impersonal, taoist, absolute and finite for each being, and has a clear pyramidal Maslow order for all beings, which first:

  • gauge information, to move towards fields of energy in which they feed to absorb enough of it to reproduce and then evolve socially into a higher whole:
  • ∆i (gauging information)->∆a(accelerated motions)->e (energy feeding)->exi (reproduction) >∑exi=U-niversal creation.



Now, we have explained the obvious: minds-particles-upper classes in control of the information of societies rule physical, biological and social systems. If they do rule them properly the system survives. And to do so they must not deplete, exhaust the energy of the system, the field in physics, the body-limbs in biology, the territory of gaia in the earth. Yet most brains become selfish when time passes and finally do exhaust their field, body and territory and so they collapse and die.

In brief, death is the exhaustion of the energy of the body-limb territory-working class, field-wave systems, by the selfish particle-head-upper class.

And this process while it is natural to the arrow of increase of information of systems can be managed to maintain a constant balance of energy and information, when the head is smart enough to serve the body and make sustainable life, and in the case of loosely connected super organisms,  molecules in physics, herds in biology and neolithic, life-oriented societies without an informative ‘world stock’ brain that sucks in and parasites by anoxia all the system of mankind, in a well designed super organism, where the elite of politicos and financiers caters first to the body of humanity, immortality can be achieved by serving the body. We shall repeat it again:

‘A super organism can be immortal when the informative system serves the body and returns before death and collapse the energy it takes back to the territorial/limb system’.

We humans as biological systems are so evolved and dominated by the arrow of brain information that we die exhausting our energy, but there are animals that serve the body which keeps growing, notably reptiles and cold blood fishes, which live very long. So happens with plants, which keep growing. And there are loosely organised herds that continue for ever as wholes, even if its parts die away. And molecules and atoms are immortal because they find balances between the electronic body and the nuclear, quark brain, and so the electronic body never collapses into the body brain. Yet the more organised atomic systems, stars do collapse into novae, when the building of ever more complex informative atoms exhausts its energy, dying in a big-bang and our bodies die after they wrinkle and collapse all its energy. And our ill-designed societies collapse in a third age of gold profits by war, when all the information of selfish memes of metal reconverts into weapons and kills the organism.

We are entering that age:

So languages do rule the world with its values and create different types of minds and what truly matters and guides the future is information not energy, the cyclical, informative mind and its languages, not the body-wave. We are all lanwaves, languages guiding waves, minds controlling bodies as Aristotle already figured out.

Now, all this is new, it is Complexity and systems sciences, indeed as Hawking said the science of the XXI century, which must become the foundations of social sciences, as it is the philosophy of science that explains the universe in organic terms and history is a super organism.

Let us then consider in more detail the mind-information system of all those super organisms and how it biases information subjectively

As the brain directs and selects the future of the 3 parts of a system, its  flat field/limbs/territory of lineal-planar energy, its spherical, tall informative heads/particles/upper class and its intemediate, combined body-wave-reproductive working classes.


In that regard we shall repeat once and again the obvious: the super organisms of mankind are about the whole species and its idol-ogies of selfish metal vs. the idol-ogies of eusocial love and organic evolution, those homo bacteria have been absurdly denying against all the evidence of all sciences and the Universe at large, structured into social scales of parts and wholes. So memetics is the fundamental informative sub discipline of bio-history and bio-economics. And it is the key to understand both what is right and wrong in history and economics and ultimately to design properly the Perfect World of mankind.

In the graph the science of history deals with two specific scales of universal systems – the human scale and its superorganisms, nations and civilizations, partial organs of the superorganism of history – the existence of man from the first to the last human that will exist upon earth.Civilizations are superorganisms. In this post we study their physiological structure and the reasons why humans have ill-designed all the organisms of history in depth.The parallelism is evident: if we affirm that the sickness of history are those of its physiological, political and economical systems.

In the graph we can see those organisms. Now, how civilisations die is also clear. It is due to the evolution and massive reproduction of weapons, which tuned to the rhythms of climatic change, have massacred most cultures of mankind with a longer life span of 800 years, after a baroque, old age of excessive technological information, which artists have shown with its literary prophetic and visual angst.

So we can talk of History together as the time analysis of the super organism of mankind, and the evolution of weapons with its cycles of extinction of life, as the biggest threat for the immortality of History, which moved from its energetic young paleolithic to its age of balance with Gaia, in the mature neolithic age, and now in the age of metal-memes, we live the 3rd age of information, prior to our foreseeable death as a species, if we do NOT manage to control the robotic radiation, quite obviously the species that can extinguish us.

The collapse of human super organisms.

But there is a more disturbing understanding of the previous graph of the human social organism destroyed by the chip radiation, the death of the human mind substituted by the metal mind

Since it IS not only money what substitutes the human language, the chip also substitutes and atrophies the human mind.

And of course, what nobody wonders is WHY HUMAN MINDS are degenerating so fast, as the chip radiation substitute us.

Further on in complexity the grammar of the language defines the species’ social evolution. The DNA evolves the cellular superorganism; the verbal language the human superorganism, and the metal-language, Go(l)d the mechanical superorganism. We can see those 2 alternative futures for the planet Earth in the next graph through the natural decametric scales of organization, commonest in the Universe. It is the dual sides of the social graph of complexity in this planet (whose scales I did find for all systems of nature, in those 10³ linguistic levels of growth, a theme beyond the scope of this work):


So there is NO mystery on the natural tendency of man to love each other, to build a social super organism to become the most successful species on Earth (no yet, the Argentinean ants that do form such societies, and have spread from just below my feet, here in Sepharad, to Rome, are). And indeed the ‘existence of the God of love’, the subconscious collective of the civilization, described first by the ‘best historian’ of the Ethic Age (Ibn Khaldun), which makes people share energy and information as cells do, to evolve such super organism, is proved, therefore by the laws of biology, systems sciences and multi-cellular evolution, whose mathematical equations, the ‘metric of the 5th dimension’ I did discover long ago.

Systems in nature evolve in social scales, including physical systems from particles to atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, global organisms, solar systems and galaxies. This is the ‘5th dimension’ of the future, BECAUSE THE parts happen before the whole. So the whole is the future, and because the whole is stronger than the part and survive better. This whole network of believers, joined by a common informative DNA, which is memetic not genetic, is the meaning of God. All believers share the same genetic DNA, the message of love.

But in this planet, the animetal idol-ogies and its selfish tribal religions and nations aborted the final goal of mankind – to be one whole. And so what has become one whole, what truly has globalized is the  (informative)/Industrial-Military (energetic) system of machines.

And this means, as both species are ultimately rivals, that the Human language and species degenerates into tribes and homo bacteria, selfish, unconnected except through machines and money, from other human beings. It is the ‘death of the superorganism’ of mankind and its verbal ethic, legal networks and eusocial messages of love, corrupted, and substituted by the memetic DNA of the FMMI system – money, to a point humans no longer understand ethics or care to evolve socially – a taboo on the cult(ure)s of money, called with ‘despicable titles -communism, socialism, lack of freedom=chaos’. A chaos searched for as humans go down in the previous pyramid of social scales.

The Chip radiation is eliminating and reducing to selfish ego trips of infinitesimal minds, thinking to be infinite, all human brains and all social networks. So when we rise from the increasing disconnection of humans into infantile ego-trips – we observe a process similar to that of an old man seeing its nearby death and looking at the memories of the past, just before the nervous, ethic, verbal system dies and he IS indeed in a social dead body, disconnected and surrounded of the viral machines that have killed his social organism, now happening to humans in their reversed evolution towards an emotional, lonely, disconnected state of ‘cellular existence’

TODAY ALL HUMANS ARE REGRESSING TO INDIVIDUAL SELFISH EGO-CELLS, homo bacteria, with no connection to all other cells, as the legal, verbal informative network of ethic social thought DIES, which in any super organism MEANS ITS DEATH. WHEN the nervous system dies, clinically a being is dead.

So since we cannot denied that before TVs and go(l)d became the only goal of humans, and Faith in oneself the only purpose, those ethic elements DID exist, albeit not for the entire Humanity, but evolving fast past the level of national organisms into a belief that all humans were equal (love religions, American constitution, French and Russian revolutions, before they were corrupted by military caudillos – Stalin and napoleon), we must conclude mankind IS dying, regressing to unconnected cells, as one organism dies.


Because the final level of social evolution of mankind into a global super organism is not reached, and instead a global super organism of machines has been formed, now mankind regresses backwards all the way down first into tribal NATIONALISMS, that inspire WAR, and develop THE MILITARY-INDUSTIRAL COMPLEX, AND EVEN FURTHER INTO REGIONS THAT NOW all over the world want to become new nations, from Scotland to Catalonia, to Kosovo and down, as people become completely indifferent to politics,  to individual selfish homo bacteria, whose allegiance is to the virtual worlds of hypnotic mass-media celebrities, while the “Free market of hate media’ dedicate all its efforts to ridicule the human governments and social organisations that should in an evolved world, become the natural guidance of human societies.

So the brain of mankind IS MANUFACTURED TO HATE MANKIND. And the institutions that should evolve us, specially in the original Capitalist, Biblical Anglo American culture (judaism, british cultures and North-America).

Now when the body dies the cells still divide 3 times but care nothing for the ethic nervous system that no longer works. When a civilization dies first it becomes ethically corrupted. And this is what is happening to all mankind, which is dying broken into selfish individuals that need the viral machines that kill us, but care nothing for other humans. And all this of course is completely ignored by those cells, which as cells infected by a viral leukemia have their brains colonized by viral machines, fictions, mass-media hate memes to mankind, what we call… the neopaleolithic… And we will return to it when studying the last American cycles.

We shall now, as we will then study the process of death of mankind by the viral infection of animetal memes and cultures, put some examples of those processes of death in all kind of systems of the Universe, and write the equation of the 3 ages of life in the simplest possible way using the logic symbols of general systems sciences.

In terms of complex sciences what you see in this planet is called a ‘vortex of evolution of information’, only that is no human information but metal information. Humans in fact are regressing in social evolution, the ultimate phase of any evolutionary process, preached by the prophets of the lower graph which translate the laws of eusocial love of the Universe into human languages, as both say the same: darwin says the species evolves not the individual, social prophets tell us to evolve as a species we must become a single body of history organised by the power of eusocial love and create a global super organism, or else if we evolve machines obviously they will displace us. So in the same graph we see in more detail the development of the equation of history through its 3 ages:

1. The 3 Ages of History

Information poured in those graphs are the facts of history, its logic explanation is the d=evolutionary equation of history and its opposition with the economic ecosystem, which 7 billion humans deny with idol-ogies that pass as part of social sciences but have nothing to do with science, from capitalism to nationalism, and we shall unveil in this blog, which tries to refund social sciences according to the motto of this web that resumes:

Now the graph shows those 3 ages of history, and the end of the neolithic with its acceleration of the extinction of life, so well explained by the verbal prophet of genesis, with the bad and good fruits of the tree of science.

So truly the problem of mankind is its incapacity to distinguish those fruits and forbid the reproduction of lethal machines, as organisms do controlling the reproduction of lethal poisonous chemical products and viruses.

The main systems and superorganisms of the Universe.

best networks

All Sciences share the laws of duality, systems and organicism. Since the properties of energy and information remain invariant in all the scales of reality. The result is the fractal structure of the Universe,a super-organims made of smaller super-organisms, described in the graph: Each science studies a ‘scale of organic size’, its cellular species of energy and information and its arrows of future time (energetic, informative and reproductive events, which culminate in the self-organization of those parts into social wholes, units of a new scale). In this paper we study the creation and evolution of the economic super-organism ruled by an informative language – money – and composed of metal memes, energetic weapons and organic machines, which interact with the human super-organism, history, made of human cells, verbal languages and natural energy.We define a simplex system as a network of self-similar ‘cells’ of energy or information.We define a complementary system as a dual network of energy and information that interact together. In Nature, by definition, all systems are complementary systems (Complementary principle of physics: all physical entities have a field of energy or force and a particle of information, mass or charge; Duality Principle of Biology: multicellular systems have an informative head and an energetic body, cellular systems have a DNA-informative nucleus and a cytoplasmic body).Finally, we define a complex system as a complementary system, which adds a 3rd, reproductive network, either internal or external to the entity (enzymatic reproduction).Thus all systems are networks of self-similar cells joined by flows of energy and information, and complex systems are those who add a reproductive network.

Prologue.  The relationship between social sciences and Complexity.

Every century mankind gives a big leap in the understanding on the underlying ‘elements’ of reality, space and time, and the complex strutctures they create – all of us, which are beings that occupy a vital space and last a duration in time.

In the XIX century it was Darwin and evolution, in the XX century, Einstein and its addition of time as a dimension to create time-space systems.

In the XXI century is complexity, which expands and fusions both the theme of Einstein – the study of the complex dimensions of time – and relates them tot he causal processes of evolution – the change in the morphology, the form, the in-form-ation of beings, and the selection from past to future of the ‘most efficient’ species.

The putting together of those 2 seemingly different disciplines, which however deal with the same underlying principles, spatial morphologies and time durations, was the work of this writer, in the field of complexity and systems sciences, back in the past decade.

It will take though some time, as it happened with evolution and relativity, to fully understand the enormous r=evolution which for human thought represents the ‘expansion’ of the dimensions of time, to encompass, the processes of evolution, the life-death cycle, and the morphological laws of biology in the ‘fabric of the Universe’.

And yet, while we could study social sciences, the ‘final summit’ of those processes in planetary earth, without using the novel jargon of complexity, for a full understanding of the human condition both at i-ndividual and i+1 social level it is important to know the basis of complexity, because ultimately human existence derives from the ‘grander theory, program and actions’ of the whole Universe, of which we are a ‘fractal part’ made to its image and likeness.

So what complexity brings to social sciences?

First and paramount is the acknowledgement of the ‘social structure of the Universe’.

In Complexity sciences the Universe is ‘scalar’, as smaller things become part of bigger systems, which become units of bigger one.

Socialism is thus ’embedded’ in the very structure of the universe, social love is the force that brings together things into wholes, defined as the sharing of energy and information through networks that put together similar species.

The i-ndividual in the Universe is in that regard always secondary to the social network in which it plays a role as a part of the whole.

This fundamental ‘law’ embedded in the fabric of the Universe thus changes completely the present paradigm of social sciences, which consider the i-ndividual the empowering element and the ‘Universal’ even a non-existent entity (in the fashionable ‘neo-nominalist’ school and atomic school of philosophy of languages.)

Not, so systems of organic social nature do exist, ‘below’ us in simper systems, as we are after all ‘an ambulatory society of some trillion cells’, but above us, as Gods of civilizations (the subconscious collective), nations and social structures become ‘as real’ as our existence in the lower plane of individuals.

All this is now formalized as a series of laws, which explain the relationships between the elements of the different scales of a society. And those laws have the advantage of not having any ‘ideological bias’.

For example, there are  the ‘laws’ of asymmetry of energy and information between social scales, such as information moves from the ‘higher, networks’ and ‘neuronal cells’ that control the information languages of society (in human super organism the political/legal and financial/economic networks) towards the lower cells, and vice versa, ‘energy’, the inverse of information moves from the lower ‘body cells’ to the upper scales; and so societies structure at least in two social, informative and reproductive classes. This would be a law applauded by ‘right wing’ thinkers, as societies are hierarchical not democratic, and require specialization in ‘managers’ and workers.

Yet then we find that if the neuronal, informative castes do NOT serve the cells of the body, the body can retaliate with ‘messages’ of pain a posteriori against those elites. And further on, the neuronal, informative castes do NOT control the reproduction and distribution of oxygen-money, as all cells receive a Universal salary to activate them.

This would please a left wing thinker, as it means the body is more democratic, the judicial a posteriori system acts upon the neuronal politicians, and banks and financiers do not have a monopoly in the issue of money, but there is a demand-based democratic form of creating money.

Laws like those extracted from the ‘organic, fractal, social nature’ of the Complex Universe are thus of immediate application to the design of a perfect super organism of history, a perfect world. They justify as objective, positive certain measures, and define as ideological, tribal, selfish errors other policies. A ‘praxis’ on the construction of human societies thus can be deduced from Complex sciences.

It is thus of interest for the social thinker to understand in a wider, organic manner the Universe, so to justify the policies required for a better world.

What is absurd is either to implement left wing marxist-like outdated ideologies or right wing power-policies of elites, and then trying to justify them as ‘science’ without the slightest connection of such measures with ‘real natural laws’ of science.

Thus the biggest advance that complex sciences brings to all disciplines is the harmonization of the laws of nature and social sciences, and the explanation of the whys of the Universe and its laws of evolution and extinction thanks to the ‘widening’ of our understanding of time and social processes, with the addition of new dimensions to the simplex Universe.

In that regard, while we have always known that there is a past and a future, besides the dimension of present duration which physics studies, and we have always known that in the same ‘point of space’ co-exist several levels of ‘social organization’, science has curiously enough ignored for 500 years the logic and mathematical formalism needed to explain together all those ‘scales’ of space and ‘dimensions’ time needed to explain properly the Universe.

It was not till the end of the 90s when this writer constructed the formalism of a 10 Dimensional Universe, which co-exists in different social scales that the needed ‘step’ of scientific thought – a mathematical and logic analysis –  did not appear in complex sciences. And it will take a bit longer, according to the long time needed for transitions of this caliber in science (as per Kuhn, the nature of scientific revolutions), for the ‘community’ of scientist to consider Complexity and Systems Sciences, the ‘mother of all disciplines’.

Unfortunately mankind has no much time to fully comprehend the organic, fractal, self-repetitive, nature of all systems, including those of machines and history, and fully grasp the vital nature of the Universe and its ‘social intelligence’ and constant processes of ‘evolution’…


The application of  the discoveries of complex sciences to study history and economics..

Let us now show that social organization of all systems through its ‘informative/political’ and reproductive/energetic networks, in order to describe the networks of history and the needed reforms to create an efficient human super organism at the i+1 scale.

A real science of economics and history : The social and biological superorganisms of mankind.

In the next graph we describe the main systems and scales of fractal size, which structure the Universe:

In the graph, in system sciences the fundamental concept is a social organism, a herd or group of self-similar forms, which gather together thanks to their capacity to share the same code/language of information and the same energy. Such herds evolve together in complex networks, which survive better than individual particles or cells, acting together as a single group.

Thus, systems sciences recognizes as the fundamental evolutionary force of the Universe the survival capacity of groups, which determine an arrow of future that has evolved the organisms of reality from simple atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into societies.

What is an organism of information and energy? A herd of species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transform energy and process it in a vital way. How individual species organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems or bodies, or organisms? Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms (nations, civilizations).

In the Universe there are many type or such social organisms. Since “energy never dies but eternally transforms itself”, organisms have an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies”, organized by networks of Energy and Information.

The former is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole, of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape ð orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell. Cells then radiate until their density saturates the vital territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic, blood organs appear. A new, more complex species -the animal, and the man- is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosm -the macrocosm of History and economics– where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information.

The purpose of this web is to study such organisms; historic organisms (a social organism of humans), and economic ecosystems (a wave of products that interact with human beings), as organic systems; trying to design and improve them, from the perspective of the health of what is best for the survival of man, as the ruling species of that organism.

The structure of organisms

Let us to that aim, understand first the generic structure of a social organism, or ecosystem, parallel words that we will use constantly as synonymous. In fact there are four basic elements in all organic living systems:

1. Cellular units
2. Networks of energy or vital space
3. Networks of information
4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

When we find those elements interconnected in a vital relationship, we talk of an “organic system”. We can see such organic systems as “bodies”, when all the cells are very close to each other, or as “ecosystems” of herds, when the cells are far away, and the networks are weak. We should not be cheated by the spatial appearance of the organism.

A herd of machines, a herd of insects, a human group is also an organic system, because it has cells, and networks, even if it does not seem to us a body. The fundamental reason we have not arrived earlier in science till Theory of Organisms, to the conclusion that the universe is made of such organic systems is the lack of relativism, the arrogance of man. Men have a hard time believing that things which are not like us, are able to intelligently process energy and information.

We are also unable to believe easily that microcosms and macrocosms are “species”. Yet an organic perception of macrocosms like galaxies or planets, and an organic perception of microcosms such as cells and atoms, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the entities of the Universe. We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization; then we talk of waves, societies or herds.

A verbal definition of superorganisms 

A generic definition of an organism or ecosystem will help to clarify what we mean by a “vital universe”, composed of “universal organisms”. Let us take a template for a micro or macrocosmic organism (or ecosystem) that differs only in the specific energy or information we put into brackets. “A universal microcosmic or macrocosmic organism or ecosystem is a population of [name a particular species], related by networks of [name a language or force] information and networks of [name a kind of energy]”. Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the universe:

– An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and networks of (light) energy.

– A molecular organism  is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy, and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London forces, Van der Waals forces).
– A “galactic organism” is a population of stars, related by networks of gravitational information, and networks of space-time energy. Their morphology is similar to that of an atom, where the nucleus is the black hole, and the stars the electronic orbitals.

– An “animal ecosystem” is a population of carbolife species, related by networks of light information, and networks of life energy (plants, prey).

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic and nervous information and networks of energy-providing blood.

Historic superorganisms

Complexityduality and Systems Science study the laws that define an efficient complex organism in physical space (particle/field systems), biological space (head/body systems) and Social space (informative leadership/working class). The importance of this new social science is that it draws from Nature teachings and so it has a set of laws that allow to design a perfect social organisms.

Indeed, its laws are based in the self-similarity of all complex systems, from galaxies to living beings, which are organized by networks of individual particles – cells, stars, atoms – communicated by flows of energy and information. So happens with human organisms (energetic, blood networks andd informative nervous networks) and social organisms (economical, energetic networks and informative, cultural and legal=political networks).

So we can use the sane definition to define the superorganisms of history and economics:

– A bio-historic organism is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbolife energy.”

– A bio-economic organism, is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy

The difference between both type of systems, a historic and an economic organism thus is clear when we consider that the ‘organic unit’ of the economic ecosystem is NOT contrary to belief a nation or civilization but a new organization, appeared recently with the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, called the company-’mother’ whose function is to reproduce a product, overwhelmingly a machine, and then to evolve further and adapt the world to the existence of those machines, creating networks of energy and information for them (digital networks, electric networks, etc.) And this is the first big surprise of an organic model of history and economics: while History is undoubtedly the product of human endeavors, the economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers of machines, which follow a set of biological, evolutionary and organic laws independent of mankind; quite removed from the abstract jargon coined in the XVIII century, even before machines existed by classic economists’ like Mr. Adam Smith.

Both organic systems, Historic and economic organisms, survive within the same vital space, the Earth’s crust. What this means according to Theory of organisms is that there is between both a dual process of symbiotism and preying, by which  sometimes machines compete with men in fields of labor (productivity laws that substitute workers with machines) and fields of war (where weapon-machines kill human beings). We express this with the concept of the Paradox of History.

 Thus, from the previous definitions  we can talk of WHealthy systems, when the head, in history the neuronal castes that control, issue and direct society with the law and money feed and share their energy and information with them – their financial credit and just legal orders that direct the body cells to produce the goods the historic organism needs – life based goods, that make us survive. Then the body obeys and moves properly and works and cares also for the head.

And we can talk of a viral, social organism, of a sick system, when those elites do not feed its citizens/cells, do not issue caring laws to protect that body.


The two new fields opened by complex sciences:  Understanding the social, scalar nature of species and its time-death cycles.


In the graph, a summary of the scales and structure in ‘space’ and ‘time’ of all systems of the Universe. All of them will exist across 3 ∑i±1 scales of social organization, in which they will form an i-ndividual, joined by networks of energy information and reproduction, living a world cycle from birth to extinction across those scales as they ‘exist’, as systems of energy and information, made of ‘energy limbs/fields’, informative particles/heads and its body-wave combinations. Thus all systems will be born in the i-1 seminal scale, grow in size, emerge into and i-ndividual scale, in which they will increase information and reduce energy, from youth – the age of energy to adulthood, the age of balance, to the 3rd informative age, to die back to the cellular scale. And what differs from species are the specific particularities of each scale.  What complex sciences does is to lay out the self-similar laws in space (topologies) and time (ages and states) of those systems as they trace their ‘world life cycle’ travelling through those i±1 scales.

The expansion of knowledge achieved by complex sciences with a logic and mathematical formalism to explain the structure of all systems opens two new ‘avenues’ of knowledge, as it adds to simplex models of ‘spatial dimensions and time motions (the 4 dimensions of classic physics) the ‘slow’ cycles of evolution of time from past to future, and the ‘growing organization’ of systems across different scales of size, from atomic to galactic, cellular to social scales.

Those ‘dimensions of time’ and causality, and scales of space, of course, were known to science. We all know that things are born grow evolve reproduce and die. And we all knew that the Universe had scales of size from strings to atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, celestial bodies, galaxies and beyond.

But unlike the formalism of spatial dimensions acquired by physicists through Galileo’s and Einstein’s relativity equations (v=s/t, etc.), till the creation of a mathematical formalism or ‘metrics’ for the scales of social organization of the Universe, we lacked a concept of an ‘arrow of complexity’, of growth of information in the future, which defined both the ‘architectural structure’ of the Universe in organic social scales and the ‘life-death cycle’ performed by all its entities as ‘we travel through the scalar dimensions of size’ in our life-death existences.

Thus Complex sciences is adding two dimensions of logic, causal time, the past with lesser organization (i-1, energy ages) and the future with maximal organization (i+1 scales and 3rd informative age); with the middle steady-state age of balance, the adult age when motions were repeated in a ‘duration or frequency, T=1/ƒ, that created a repetitive present,s ready state.

But now we knew also about the arrow of evolution in time, of increasing information and complexity across those 3 ages for all species, and it had revealed, an entire new ‘set’ of dimensions, the scalar, social dimensions from microcosms to macrocosms

– This social i±n dimensions, grouped in 3 cellular-individual and social scales were the key to explain the deepest questions of the Universe. How the future was organized through social evolution – why social scales existed, from Gods, the subconscious collective of civilizations, to legal nations, from galaxies, with its cellular stars to multicellular organisms. And obviously those ‘dimensions’ were the key to study social sciences.

And the, there were the combined analysis of how an organism evolved in life and death through those scales, and how it could manage to stay in an immortal steady state of eternal adulthood.

So the perfect life of the individual and the perfect world of mankind could be managed according to the laws actions and behaviours that maximized the ‘existence’ in the middle steady state, which was also the state of maximal connection and action of a being, as it was in contact with its social I-whole, having an active role in the whole organism.

Why then humans do NOT construct a perfect world, with the laws of social super organisms, and halt the evolution of lethal machines that compete with man in labor and war fields and are displacing us from the eco(gnomic)system?

Why humans did not construct a perfect world which was eternal in time and space?

The answer was double theoretical and practical.

Theoretically it was obvious: Because they didn’t have a true science of economics and history, of the economic and political, re=productive and informative, ‘neuronal’ networks of their social organism. And so there was NOT a science of politics, the science of guiding, curing and directing, the physiology of History – the Human super organism – akin to the work of a doctor in the ‘inferior’ i-ndividual human scale.

And they did not have either any idea of what was the life-death cycle of all systems, its laws of evolution, extinction, birth and death.

They were dumber than the dumbest atom which performs with excellence all its motions and phases, and is able to keep immortal by limiting the lethal actions of it organisms.

And so I thought human social scientists could act as ‘bio-historians’ , as doctors of history,and design and regulate any system of reality by understanding its laws, parts, wholes, energy-information exchanges, and in the case of economics (the reproductive network of a civilization) and politics (its informative network) and ecology (its geographic, energy territory), we could create a social science that would understand the hows, the whys and the modes of change of our social reality to manage society and create a perfect world – if we could enlighten our politicos and economists, bankers and military and make them learn a true science of history, and make them abandon the ‘anti quantum paradox’ that confuses ‘power’ with ‘science’, selfish i-agendas with the duty of any i-ndividual part of a neuronal network of information that control a society – which is to serve the cells of the body.

Now the reader will probably be more interested in the i-ndividual ‘ego’, which is its ‘center’ as a human being. And yet in history the function maximized is the ‘world cycle or ‘function of existence’ of all human beings, maximized by the sum of all the cells of mankind: ∑ Max. E x I (e=i).

This goal – to reach the perfect stability of the adulthood or steady state of a system, is thus the goal of History, achieved by the maximization of the life of all its members – not as the present ‘capitalist’ system pretends, by the maximization of the existence of corporations and machines – and as a fringe benefit of the 1% of ‘leisure classes’ (Veblen) that owns those corporations.

So we will refer all our knowledge to that aim.

Let us then deal now with the ‘social scalar dimensions’ of the super organism of history first, departing from the general laws of all super organisms.

Then we will deal with other ‘great advance’ of complex sciences – the life-death cycle, its morphologies ages of evolution and extinction, applied to HISTORY AS IT IS, not as an ideal immortal history, would make it.

The morphology of the Universe – its ternary organs and social classes.

We talked in terms of ‘networks’, that is ‘functions’ of the existence in all super organisms of an informative network, an energetic and a reproductive network (nervous/political, digestive/gaia, blood/economic networks in the i and i+1 human scales).

But are all the network elements of an organism equal? Or there are ‘social classes’, differentiated organs and cells by their belonging to each of those networks? Obviously this is the case in individual organisms and it is also the case in social ones. So we need to learn the ‘rules’ of differentiation and how to ‘recognize’ the social classes and functions and parts of organisms, which also are the varieties of human social castes and machines…

All systems had a ternary structure made of informative neurons/particles, energetic limbs/fields and reproductive bodies/waves, which worked together for their common good. Those ‘upper’ informative classes, ‘reproductive, working classes’ and ‘energetic mechanisms and fields’, were NEVER in open opposition as the ideology of marxism had it, nor $elected by God, and without responsibility for each other, as capitalism pretended (latter studied in more detail). 

But to fully gras the ‘ternary structure’ of organisms in symbiotic social classes, we have to introduce concepts of topology and symmetry, between the 3 elements/networks of all organisms.

The next graph shows the general case of all ‘complementary systems’, which in fact are ‘super-organisms’, made of cells, which are also complementary systems, in a scalar fractal Universe in which all its made to the image and likeness of the whole:

universal organism

In the graph all what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy (bodies/fields/working classes) and information (heads/particles/informative classes), which balance each other, sharing energy and information among them, to reproduce similar systems in other regions of space-time.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity in balance, which can decouple=reproduce creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

In history priests and politicians issue ethic laws to direct a mass of citizens.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Any social organism is ruled by those who ‘invent’ the language of social power first, and then those who ‘talk it’ and give orders with it.

So the people who invent laws and talk words on one side and the people who invent money and ‘talk price’ on the other decide the future of the world, and of history – the theme of this blog.

The result is a dual class structure into a neuronal/informative system or ‘class’ that controls with the language of information (nervous, legal order in biologic historic organisms) the blind body of cells that work for them (middle, ‘sheeple’ class in human societies, body organs), to whom it delivers enough energy – ‘blood/money’ – so they can perform their tasks.

This ternary structure cannot be modified if we want an efficient organism, but at the same time, it implies that the ‘head’ obeys the wantings of the body, is responsible for the correct information, and so latter we will see how ‘a proper democracy’ in which the head is controlled by judges/pain messages, and the body receives enough oxygen to survive/money can make more efficient human social super organism.s

Now we shall introduce the more complex concept we will use in those texts, regarding the existence in all systems of ‘informative heads’ and energetic limbs and reproductive bodies, imposed by the dimensional space-time duality of the Universe.

The topologies of 2-manifolds of information.

Now we are giving a conceptual jump that might change the way you look at the Universe a make you abandon this blog due to its complexity. But we truly require to go a little bit deeper in the structure of the organic complex cosmos, so you understand how we humans interact ‘morphologically’ in terms of ‘form’ and function with machines

In Complex sciences dimensions are that important because you are MADE OF THEM. You are made of energy and time, as when you say i don’t have energy and time to do this. That is what you are a time world life-death cycle that occupies a vital space across a cellular individual and social scale.

So to know about dimensions is to know about yourself- a 10 Dimensional being made of space-time, where space and time are merely two way tow perceive the same either moving or with form.

Vital space moving is energy, cycles of time fixed are forms, forms of in-form-ation.

So all is made of planes of space, moving energy and cycles of time, static information.

How we see it is a paradox of perception: we perceive information in stillness, so the mind creates quiet mappings of reality without motion.

The symmetry between ‘spatial morphologies’, ‘organs’ and ‘time ages’

Let us consider only one of those complex laws of systems across its scales, the law that relates the morphology of the organs of a system with its function in space and evolution in time, as it is the basis of the understanding of economics and its relationship with history:


In the graph,  information is bidimensional (holographic principle) and so systems have only 3 possible ‘bidimensional’ type of surfaces that define:

– Max. E: ‘energetic, planar, lineal limbs’ in all species (so a weapon and an skeleton are both lineal, as they promote motion.

– Max. I:  informative organs, which are ‘spherical’., the form that stores more information.

– Max. E xI: Its body-wave combinations.

In the graph we see that simple topological law in humans and machines, which explains their similar functions and the reasons why ‘animetals’ exist, as human functions are enhanced by parallel mechanisms.

And so all systems will be at least made of energetic limbs that move informative heads/particles, which gauge reality, in the dimension of height, where perception is higher thanks to projective geometry.

This meant, as we shall see latter in our analysis of Evolution that  systems evolved in height from reptiles that ended becoming birds to galaxies that develop an informative gravitational black hole in its centre, to life that evolved in height to reach man. Thus  economics and machines  are NOT different from any other science that studies organic systems and MUST be studied and designed with those organic and biological laws. The present absurd ‘theological’, ‘capitalist’, ‘tribal’, nationalist concepts used in those sciences are completely out of reason, and have no meaning for the Unvierse at large, and certainly will not enlighten the future of mankind, as the basis for building efficient, free, complex social systems. 


In the graph, the ‘Plan of evolution’ and ‘structure of super organisms’, and its ‘3 networks’ can be studied also from an I-ntegrated point of view as the 3 parts of a ‘whole’.

Then the whole will be made with the only 3 topologies in space of bidimensional ‘membranes’ , the essential part of the Universe.

The graph shows how those 3 topologies combine in the ‘simplest’ of all varieties of organisms, the ‘spherical being’, living in a ‘homogenous’ medium, which provides it with energy and information and allows it to reproduce in a parallel extinction of space-time 

All of them will have an external membrane, which will act as ‘rotational limbs’ exchanging energy and information through its ‘sensorial openings’.

This membrane will be enclosing a toroidal body, which will cyclically exchange energy and information through networks with a central zero point of information or hyperbolic brain.

The 3 parts will assembly together to form from sea urchins to phetus, from electromagnetic fields to galaxies with black holes, from atoms to tomatoes, from cells to planets. In all of them, the central hyperbolic ‘head’/nucleus, will direct a toroidal body, and an external membrane will feed the system with energy.

The next graph shows a different fundamental variety of super organism, one existing not in an homgoneous medium but a planar surface, with a relative ‘energy-information’ directionality such as the planet Earth, where the sun provides light and the floor chemical elements. In this system, the morphology of the 3 networks vary and so does its orientation but the trinary structure of the Universe does not change:


In the graph we see how FUNCTION MATTERS MORE THAN FORM, and yet both are in symmetric symbiosis. The galaxy is a ‘homogenous’ organism with a black hole in the centre; the plant has also its 3 parts, and it has a root brain with maximal fractal branching to gather more atomic information, while ‘flat’ energy leaves absorb light as energy. Humans though have the inverse orientation as they use light to obtain information and take energy from plants. both predators and preys have inverse functions/forms.

Moreover it is evident that there is a symmetry between the 3 spatial dimensions and its functions,a s ‘height is always the dimension of information’ to perceive better, so we have our heads on top in the direction where information comes. Length on the other hand is the dimension of forward motion the most common, and finally, width is the parallel direction of social organization and reproduction.


There are thus ‘3 topologies that  correspond to the ‘3 components’ in space of any physical or biological system:

Max. Energy:  the energetic, ‘lineal’ limbs/fields, as the line is the shortest distance between two points that dominated the youth of a system.

Max. information: the spherical, particle/heads of information, since the sphere is the geometry that stores more form in lesser space, that dominated the 3rd age of the system, as the passing of time increased the informative complexity of the system, exhausting its energy.

– And the intermediate, e x i , ‘conic’, ovoidal or wave-like ‘bodies‘ of the system that reproduced them, and repeated its actions, making the system stable, and ‘immortal’, when an organism could be kept in such a state.

So i extended the analysis of the 3 dimensions of time, to a deeper, ‘topological’ understanding of the ‘morphologies’ in space of all systems; and study with them engineering; and forecasted the evolution of machines, both diachronically (so we made bodies of machines in the XIX c. heads in the XX c. and now we put them into organic robots). This was the beginning of my accurate predictions of the future of economics, where company-mothers evolved and reproduced those machines.

And concluded that all systems of Nature followed the same rules, as we were ‘all’ made of ‘energy, information and its infinite combinations, which dominated those 3 ‘ages’ of time –  the age of ‘energy’, the age of balance and reproduction (exi) and the 3rd age of information – symmetric to the 3 ‘components’ of all organisms, machines, and physical systems:

– The energetic limbs/engines/fields, the reproductive wave/factories/bodies and the informative particle/chips/heads.

It was then evident that the deepest understanding of the organisms of the Universe and its 3 parts, organs and ages, was through the study of  the 3 ONLY ‘spatial topologies’  that a bidimensional surface, (a 2 manifold) had.

Thus we were all from the external point of view  ‘bimdimesional membranes’ with 3 type of organs, parallel to the 3 ‘only’ topologies of the 2-manifold Universe – the 3 ‘energetic, informative and body parts’ of any system of nature. And each of those 3 parts dominated each of the 3 ‘ages’ in time of all  those systems. The young age dominated by our limbs and motions, the adulthood dominated by the body and our reproduction and the 3rd age dominated by the head of information. The 3 ages of life, were just a consequence of the 3 topologies of space of our bidimensional membrane of information. We were topological organisms living as such.

And so where machines which could relate to us through their equivalent morphologies making us stronger bodies and smarter heads – or so it seems initially.

In any case ‘hooking us’ , making us addicts to them. To fully grasp this, we shall now introduce the evolution of life in this planet, according to those 3 ages and morphologies of time and space,e of the Universe at large.

Since machines followed the same organic laws, and our relationships with them are equivalent to those of animals among them.

The formalism of Complex Sciences applied to ‘Socio-Biological’ systems.

– It came next the application of those fascinating discoveries and symmetries to biology, from genetic studies (the relationship between the i-1 scale that coded the i-ndividual one) to physiology.

I also used it to study the morphology of all systems made with Energetic Limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads, which evolved in 3 ‘scales’ , the cellular, organic and species state. So me dine, was the study of the energetic, digestive, reproductive, blood and informative networks of the human organism and its balances with the cellular scale.

-It followed that in the i+1 scale there were also such 3 networks, the political informative system, the economic, reproductive system and the energetic geography of Gaia. And we could also establish a ‘medical discipline’ for history, as the laws of all systems were the same. So in the same manner we could cure the sickness of a cellular organism, we could solve and cure human social systems, in which we all humans were citizen cells.  And so I designed a perfect world. One in which all human beings would have as cells do in a body enough energy and information to survive and thrive.

Biology: Evolution.

Back to biology, and its higher scale, the i+1 social scale, I realized species were also super organisms in which each individual was a cell. Since I could define an impersonal plan of evolution, where species also followed the 3 evolutionary ages or ‘dimensions of time’,  from a young predator state, through a biological radiation that reproduces the species, into an informative ‘tall’ age of maximal perception. So life went from the flat worm to the tall man, and reptiles from the flat amphibia to the dinosaur and bird:


In the graph, a fundamental ‘question’ resolved by complex science is the unification of all the ‘scales’ of the Universe, according to the laws of ‘morphology’ in space and ‘causality’ of time, which defines a fundamental ‘ternary’ symmetry, between the ‘ages’ of time of a system, its ‘forms’ in space, and its ‘scales’ of social organization, from where we can deduce the ‘evolution’ in time and space of any ‘cellular’ i-1, individual or social-species, i+1 scale of organization:

The formalism of 3×3+1 Dimensional systems of scalar space-time, relates  all those dimensions to the ‘synoptic’ concepts of energy, information and its reproductive combinations.

As all systems of Nature will be composed of 3 ‘morphological elements’, which correspond to the ‘3 topologies’ of 2-manifolds:

– E: lineal energy limbs/fields, maximal in the ‘1st young age of a system’

– I: cyclical, informative, gauging heads-particles, maximal in the 3rd old, informative age of the system.

– ExI: reproductive, combined waves-bodies, which balance both into a steady state, of maximal efficiency, proper of the adult, immortal age of a system.

Thus all systems of reality are made of 3 ‘physiological networks’, with those 3 elements, which in physical systems are E-fields/exi waves/i-particles, and in biological systems, are limbs/bodies/heads.

And in sociological systems are ‘energetic environment/reproductive middle, working classes and informative, linguistic, ‘upper classes’.

And so there is an ‘arrow of evolutionary time or life cycle’ which constantly increases the ‘information’ of a system through those 3 ages.

In the graph we can see that arrow of evolution in life species.

Thus the ‘3 dimensions of time’ (youth, adult and 3rd age), take place across 3 scales of complexity (cellular, individual and social scale), in symmetry with the 3 ‘dimensions of space’ (length, height and width), proper of the 3 ‘organic elements’ of any system according to a simple symmetry:

– Lineal length(Sx)=Maximal motion (youth)=i-1 scale (small, cellular) = ENERGY symmetry of fields/limbs/planar territories over the Earth.

– Height (Sy) = Maximal Perception (3rd age)=i+1 (social, bigger) = Information symmetry, proper of particles/heads/upper informative castes in control of the financial/legal languages of society.

– Width (Sz) =  Maximal Balance (Adult Age) = i = Reproductive Age= Energy x Information, proper of waves/bodies/middle re=productive classes, which are the ‘most efficient’, steady state systems that must control the other 2 for the perfect design of any Universal system.

So I could create a synoptic analysis of all systems and its dimensions, as all physical and biological systems lived in space-time through its  3 ‘ages or states’, of Energy -> Exi-Reproduction -> Information, will have 3 components, and will follow the general laws of ‘physiology’ that organizes a perfect organism in which the body dominates the system (the wave action in physics, the middle class in a well-organized society, in which the ‘informative, neuronal castes of politicians and economists’ serve the people, and Nature is exploited for the resources of a welfare state where all humans receive energy and information toe survive,as all cells of a working organism does).

How accurate are those laws of Nature and the ‘ternary’ processes of evolution in time and organization in space of any system, can be observed if we analyze the specific ‘differentiation’ of the human being in gender, physiology, social classes, and ‘evolutionary species.

Anthropology: ternary differentiation

– And so this discovery applied to anthropology solved also the evolution of the human kind, also with 3 morphologies and ages – the visual, lineal neanderthal, the small, informative pygmy and its combinations, the 3 races of mankind:


In the graphs, one of the most fascinating results of Complexity analysis is the solution of the ‘Plan of Evolution’ based in the ‘limited’ topology of the Universe. Indeed, in a ”2-manifold”, pedantic expression that merely means a bidimensional surface, there are only 3 possible forms, which correspond to the morphologies of energy, information and its balanced combinations. So species evolve in those 3 eternal variations of the same theme, from lineal, energetic men to informative women and the intermediate sex, to the 3 human races, to the 3 ‘topologic varieties’ of evolution, to the 3 ages of life, function and form always rhyme. In the first picture we see the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of most species. Below the differentiation of human species, into energetic, reproductive and informative ones.

Specifically the ‘evolution’ of the ape into the human being, shows the fundamental procedure of nature in the process of ‘differentiation’ of species along the 3 ‘fundamental’ possible avenues of a ternary organism: improvements in energy system, information systems and its balanced reproductive networks. Thus the original ape species can be differentiated into ‘energetic’ stronger animals (gorilla), informative ‘australopithecus’, and balanced, reproductive ‘bonobo chimpanzees’, our closest species, dedicated all day to ‘fuk’ (-; 

Now contrary to belief, the ‘energetic’ species is the one normally extinguished, as the arrow of evolution primes the informative species, but FOR A SYSTEM TO REMAINS IMMORTAL, the desired strategy is neither evolve in information or energy, but maintain the steady state by reproducing constantly an equal system. This wisdom found in history only among Chinese Taoist masters (the closest culture to the laws of the yin-information yang-energy universe), which repeated its cycles of history dynasty after dynasty, and have become the most successful tribal species of cultural mankind, however is hardly attained in the Universe except in very wise systems (spiral galaxies, immortal cellular systems, taoist philosophers,  etc.). Yet the knowledge of the physiological causes of death – the exhaustion of energy by selfish informative neurons/upper classes – is essential to control and maintain a system in the point of immortality. In any case, humans did evolve informatively and rejected the balanced and energetic states of evolution.

And so in the graph we can see how in III Horizons of increasing information, equivalent through the 3 ages of life (500 cc australopithecus, 1000 cc homo erectus, 1500 cc homo sapiens) mankind arrived to the final racial differentiation, in which the dominant informative verbal homo decoupled into:

– White, energetic, visual race/cultures (with higher mixture with Neanderthals in Europe).

– Reproductive balanced culture (black people, mixture of all other races after the ‘circumvolution’ of the old continents by the original verbal Homo – mithocondrial pigmy woman)

– Informative, mongoloid culture (mutated in the higher tibetan-altai steppe).

So surprisingly enough the so-called ‘superior white race’ to which this writer unfortunately belongs (-; should not have won the battle of history. If it does so is because it has allied itself despite their shortcoming in social organization with energetic metal-weapns, starting the evolution of ‘the other species’, which will extinguish us, the weapon or top predator machine whose function is to kill man.

But the original dominant species of the verbal black homo coming out of Africa and the Mongoloid Cro-magnon, coming out of Asia, the age of the verbal Goddesses and ‘Sumerian priests’, the ‘Taoist age’ of understanding of the yin yang forces of y-information and energy perceived by those earlier scientists of life, disappeared, and the schmidts and smiths, the metal masters’ of the west triumphed.

Why? This change that started with Genesis, with the tree of metal of technology, had an obvious cause: the discovery of ‘energetic weapons’ by white races that became ‘animetal cultures’ and imposed with the hypnotism of gold, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe and bronze and iron the most perfect energetic atom, its power to the rest of mankind, breaking the harmonic evolution of our social organism, history.

And so the anti-quantum paradox that confronted ‘selfish metal masters’  regressing to the i-scale of individual egos, and ‘priests of social love’ still trying to evolve mankind into an i+1 social organism started of Earnest. Our modern world is just the final phase of this ‘3rd age of human history’, where humans devolve for metal to evolve, as we became slaves of the instruments of metal that gave us power.

It will be the age of ‘military dictatorships’, based in the power of weapons, followed by the age of ‘financial dictatorships’ by the power of gold and then the age of ‘mechanisms’, when the machine became the idol of civilizations.


In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields.

Since what you are LIVING is the transition between both ages. we are mutating the planet, and making humans obsolete, substituting them by machines. We are not in control of the Earth – we are slaves of the metal-machines we make… And so history is becoming deterministic in the wrong path. As its directors, animetals, guided by greed and violence, the hypnotic values of gold and weapons, are just busy busy committing suicide and filling their brains of the most bizarre, deluded myths and fantasies about reality and the laws of god, the mind of the Universe, anyone might surely conceive.


All of us SUPER organisms live by travelling in growth through our vital dimensions, by growing in informative complexity through the ages of life, till all warped information in our 3rd age dissolve back to our ∆i-1 cell state.


In the graph, we can see one of the first key differences between a ‘physical’ understanding of motions in a simplex Universe of 4 ‘spatial’ dimensions (where time duration is merely used as a measure of motion in space, v=∂s/∂t) vs. a ‘complex’ understanding in 10 dimensions, which included ‘changes’ in the proportions of ‘energy’ and ‘information’ of the being (arrow of life, from an energetic youth to a 3rd, informative age), and changes in the ‘size scale’ and ‘speed of time’ of the inner structures and clocks of the system.

The graph represents the world cycle of life of a human being in 10 dimensions, as a system born as a seminal seed of information, in the cellular scale, i-1, which travels through the scales of social complexity emerging as an individual ‘whole’ i-system in the organic scale, and finally as a citizen, cell of society, to a higher, I+1 scale, God, nation or civilization, which will then, once the life cycle is over and all becomes information explode back into death, releasing that information as energy into the lower, i-1 scale of cells,∑i-1, which will feed another world cycle.

When physicists study motion in space-time, it is all reduced to a translation through space, in a time duration, which can be ‘∂erived’, that is, it is continuous without any remarkable change of state, for the system in the whole motion.

When we widen that description to a 10 D motion, we obtain however a ‘world cycle’, as the world line becomes more complex, curved in more dimensions.

Yet the main difference in what it means a translation in 4 Dimensional ‘Physical space’ and 10 Dimensional ‘Complex space’, arouses when we understand that in Complexity, entities are made of Dimensions (Leibniz’s theory of relational times and spaces) while in physics, dimensions are a ‘background’ abstract to the being – a deformation of the way they were conceived as absolute space and time, with a ‘background paper’s artifact – the Cartesian frame of analytic geometry…

This outdated model of absolute background dimensions is thus replaced by a fractal model of dimensions. Each entity of the Universe is made of a relative amount of ‘vital space’ and last a quantity of ‘time’ as it grows from its seminal scale to its individual and social scales, where it evolves and interacts with other similar entities. We are thus ‘vital dimensions’, we are made of them and their motions. And so all what exists follows the generational-life cycle:

Thus to move in physics over a background artifact of dimensions is different than moving in complexity as you are made of dimensions, your self-dimensions as an 10 Dimensional being move with you.


In the graph all physical and biological systems, ‘live and die’ as super organisms made of ∑atoms/cells that evolve through networks that transform energy into information (Life arrow) and then explode those information networks back into disconnected energy when they have exhausted it (death arrow) determines a sequential, existential life-death cycle invariant in all beings:

– i-1: Birth as a seed of information.

-Max.Energy x Min.Information: Energetic youth of external motions. E-Limbs and sensory membrane rule.

-E=I: Balanced, ‘classic’ age dominated by reproductive/communicative systems:

The present, or steady state is the longest, more efficient state and can be defined mathematically simply as Max. E x I -> E=I, since both equations are related, as 4×4>5×2>6×1, the point of balance between energy and information is thus the maximal point of the equation of existence, the mature, re=productive age when the species reproduces its energy and information fully in other zone of space and time.

It is the desirable age to ‘stay for ever’ the immortal top predator point of the wave of existence of any species or individual or universal, Consider the classic definition of beauty in art, as a balance of forms, and indeed, we see the harmony and proportionality between form and size, space, as the definition of classic beauty. And we will return to that, when observing that all forms of art can be reduced to 3, lineal, epic, energetic art, classic art, and baroque, informative, with an excess of form.

In the graph, we can see the point that maximizes the function of existence, e xi of any species.

The life death cycle, thus has of its 3 ages, Max. E x Min, *youth, E=I maturity and Max. I (3rd age) a maximal in the point of balance (Max. E x I, E=I).

And all systems of perception acknowledge it .

So we formalize those ‘life-death journeys’, through the dimensions of complexity.

Thus the Universe of motions in time has at least two dimensions, lineal entropy, which is what physicists acknowledge in their ‘predictions about the future’, and cyclical entropy, rotational motion, information.

Now, the innovation made by complexity is to consider a wider vision of time dimensions also, recuperating for science the past, present and future division of classic philosophy, as dimensions of time:

– < Expansive, ‘past’ motion that erases dimensional ‘form’, information, creating space

entropy is expansive motion, the relative past dimension of beings, as it applies when a ‘form’ dissolves from its upper i+1 social scale down into its cellular parts in the moment of death, or in a big-bang explosion (biological and astrophysical beings).

– > implosive ‘future’ accelerated motion that warps space into dimensional form creating information

information is r implosive rotational motion, to the other arrow, inverse to that of entropy, the arrow of information, and future since systems increase in information, in form, warp space into time cycles, with gravitation or wrinkle in form through life.

= Present repetition: The reproduction, production, repetition, iteration, decoupling of ‘forms’ of the Universe in cloned forms in all scales of reality maintains the illusion of an ‘eternal’ self-repetitive, fractal present.

The main order or ‘existential equation’ created with those 3 arrows of time, is a simple series of mirror ‘symmetries’ (inversions) between the fields of energy and information of a being. And this would be a more ‘academic’ definition of the life-death world cycle.

And so we define a dual ‘beat’ for all beings: E->I (Life arrow) =I<E, death arrow, to explain the worldcycle of each of those entities of space-time.

First its ‘grows in information’ from the relative past energy of birth to its final 3rd age of excessive form, in the i-dimension for both biological systems (aging arrow) and physics systems (change of state from gas to solid of most physical systems).

A world cycle of life and death is paradigmatic of all the processes of birth, evolution, reproduction, information and explosive death of all systems, either biological or physical (where the 3 ages are the 3 states of a molecular gas->liquid->solid->Big bang cycle). They define a fractal Universe of 10 Dimensional beings ‘made of dimensions of space, time and cellular, organic, and social complexity’, where each ‘world cycle’ is a Universe in itself, made to the image and likeness of the whole Universe, which also has a world cycle from its big bang to big crunch, and might be just a ‘cell’ of a higher hyper universe.

But the EQUATION OF LIFE AND DEATH HAS ONLY 2 ELEMENTS, energy and information of which we have hardly talked.

It is thus needed to understand i the properties of each of those 2 elements as the main tool to explore life-death motions in the 10 Dimensional Universe.

Since they are the fundamental variables of the laws, and events of changes between energy and information we observe in the Universe, which we have resumed in the function of existence of any of its 10 D systems:

Se x Ti = Ci



The life death-cycle brings us to a second new discipline, of systems sciences, albeit essential to understand the universe, ‘duality’, the analysis of reality with two arrows or ‘motions of time’, not only energy, entropy, which is what physicists study, but also form, information, ‘rotary motion’, which again we understand in great detail but never have treated it all together as what really is, ‘cyclical motion’, which carries the form, the in-form-ation of the universe in the frequency and form of its cycles.

– By spatial energy we mean 2 parallel concepts, perceived in different ways: Static space that defines size. It is the ‘continuous’, static perception of all the infinite quanta of moving energies of the vacuum put together, such as S=∑E. As space distances and speed motions mean the same. So astronomers say that the space of the Universe is ‘expanding’ or that galaxies are moving away at hyper luminal speeds (Z>c).

– Time and information are 2 parallel concepts, also perceived differently. Since a bit of information or ‘hertz’ is completed in any system when a clock cycle is closed. Thus, the faster any biological or physical time-clock turns, the more informative hertz-cycles it can store, (right side of graph). As it happens in computers, which are basically a complex system of time clocks, whose logic forms process in-form-ation. Thus we can consider the total time of the Universe, a sum of all the time clocks and informative cycles of the Universe; T=∑I, and talk of temporal information (and spatial energy) as the two motions/substances/forms/arrows of the Universe.

We call this essential fact of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as we humans perceive the Earth ‘quiet’, as space, when it is moving as a mass of rotating clocks. The Galilean Paradox is essential to understand the Universe as fixed lines are also lineal motions and bits of information are time clocks. And one can transform into the other: Sx=Ti.

Then when we consider two dimensions, energy is planar motion and masses are bidimensional clocks, accelerated inwards (equivalence principle). And one can transform into the other E=Mc2.

And finally in 3 dimensions, entropy, 3D expansion is the Se parameter and Charges, the implosive, 3D time equivalent. All those dualities are cases of the general Co-invariance of both concepts together. Thus we write:

Sx/Ti=V (constant speed), or S x ƒ(v)=K, for one-dimensional systems. And we write E=Mc2 or E/M=C2 for bidimensional systems, and we write Entropy (T) x Charge = K3 for tridimensional ones.

Finally in 4 dimensions, which is not the same than the quark world of strong force, as ‘masses’ mean different, in the cosmological, 4 D Universe and the 3 D electromagnetic light Universe we live in, or the 2 bidimensional Universe of quarks and strong forces. The confusion here is because strong forces and protons are self-similar to black holes and cosmic gravitation, but the parameters of the strong and gravitational forces though self-similar are not the same.

Thus, we formalize those ‘life-death journeys’, through the synoptic dimensions of complexity ‘spatial energy’ and ‘temporal information’, whose ‘systems physical or biological’ through 3 i-scales, or super organisms, remain ‘relatively constant’ trying to maximize in the act of living their ‘body-mind, particle-wave energy and information”

The answer brings us to a second new discipline, of systems sciences, albeit essential to understand the universe, ‘duality’, the analysis of reality with two arrows or ‘motions of time’, not only energy, entropy, which is what physicists study, but also form, information, ‘rotary motion’, which again we understand in great detail but never have treated it all together as what really is, ‘cyclical motion’, which carries the form, the in-form-ation of the universe in the frequency and form of its cycles.

Thus the Universe of motions in time has at least two dimensions, lineal entropy, which is what physicists acknowledge in their ‘predictions about the future’, and cyclical entropy, rotational motion, information.

Now, the innovation made by complexity is to consider a wider vision of time dimensions also, recuperating for science the past, present and future division of classic philosophy, as dimensions of time:

– < Expansive, ‘past’ motion that erases dimensional ‘form’, information, creating space

entropy is expansive motion, the relative past dimension of beings, as it applies when a ‘form’ dissolves from its upper i+1 social scale down into its cellular parts in the moment of death, or in a big-bang explosion (biological and astrophysical beings).

– > implosive ‘future’ accelerated motion that warps space into dimensional form creating information

information is r implosive rotational motion, to the other arrow, inverse to that of entropy, the arrow of information, and future since systems increase in information, in form, warp space into time cycles, with gravitation or wrinkle in form through life.

= Present repetition: The reproduction, production, repetition, iteration, decoupling of ‘forms’ of the Universe in cloned forms in all scales of reality maintains the illusion of an ‘eternal’ self-repetitive, fractal present.

The main order or ‘existential equation’ created with those 3 arrows of time, is a simple series of mirror ‘symmetries’ (inversions) between the fields of energy and information of a being. And this would be a more ‘academic’ definition of the life-death world cycle.

And so we define a dual ‘beat’ for all beings: E->I (Life arrow) =I<E, death arrow, to explain the worldcycle of each of those entities of space-time.

A series of ‘perpendicular inversions’ and ‘parallel symmetries’ between the relative energy and information fields of a super organism of space-time.

And so we can combine this new insight on the flows from past to future of time worldcycles to go further in the analysis of the life-death cycle, of a beings specifically in its most important scale, the individual scale.

As we can see how those e->I +i-> E life-death arrows ‘subdivide’ further into ‘ages of life’ or states of matter:

i: Its individual scale, where it will go through 3 ‘states or ages’:

-Max. E: Youth, the age of energy of the system.

– E=I: Maturity when the systems’ energy and information find its balance.

– Max. I: Age of information, when the system warps and become old:

To then

I<E: explode into death and return to is cellular scale.

Thus we consider all systems made of:
– E: fields and limbs of energy, guided by :

– I: cyclical particles and heads of information

which combine into:

– ExI actions of energy and time, which put together form the ∑exi=Body or wave of the system (Physical-biological jargon).

And so we can consider a final point of view, that internal to the being, which ‘acts’ moved by its ‘composition’ as a system made of ‘past-energy-limbs’, informative, gauging heads-particles and the wave-body in between. Thus within those simple structures all what beings will do is:

– Max. E. Feeding on energy

– Max. I: Perceiving information

– Max ExI: Combine and reproduce them with their body-wave.

– Max. ∑ ExI: Associate with similar beings into herds and networks that emerge as a whole.

This final function, Max. ∑E x I, resumes the 4 ‘drives of existence’, feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing the energy and information of the system and evolve socially with similar ‘actions/organisms of energy and time’, of all entities of the Universe. They are represented in each science by 4 ‘coding elements’, the 4 quantum numbers, the 4 letters of genetics, the 4 so called drives of life, the Maslow pyramid of human wantings, which all physical, biological and social entities perform, due to their similar constitution.

Thus the universe has a plan; it is a game, and there is a logic to it, impersonal, scientific but still a ‘program’, that we shall call the program of existence.

To exist or not, that is the question and the program answers with its best strategies.

In essence it maximizes a function, the function of existence, so simple and yet so rich in meanings.

The Function of existence, M.(Ixe), is a fractal equation, of infinite cellular quanta that try to maximize their absorption of energy and information.

As such all functions of existence, you, me, the sun, the dust, the air, the language, the melody, anything anywhere is playing that selfish game:

I, I, IxMe, I and me and myself, maximize my existence, exi, me…

The game is simple all is made of a head of information and a body of energy and all want to perceive more to feel more the pleasures of motion, and speed, of energy movements. And so you try to maximize your existence:

Max. ∑E x I

It is now when science comes to resolve what this means.

First mathematics tell us, that Max. ExI happens when E is equal to I. And this mathematical property is the meaning of all, E and I try to come together and be equal, mens sana in corpore sanum

Particles and heads of information thus try to balance themselves in form and motion with its limbs and fields of energy, and so they interact, cycles and lines that 2 formal motions of the Universe, creating ovoid bodies, reproductive waves.

And so we have the fundamental ‘organism’ of reality a ‘3-dimensional space-time organism that evolves across 3 scales of social complexity, as it tries to maximize its existence, but ‘creating’ equals and associating with them, as cells of bigger social organisms.

Max. ∑E x I, implies ,multiply the quanta of the Universe. ∑, its heads and limb, and mix them, e=I, in couples that approach each other and communicate flows of energy and information among them to ‘equalize’ their form:

E->I, x I->E

The equation thus naturally divides into two sub equations, and we call the first the arrow of energy or past and the second the arrow of information or future. While the static balance between them, Ex I is the present.

So we have our equation of the 3 dimensions of time.

We are a function of existence, with 3 dimensions, past, the age of energy, E->I, present, the age of balance and reproduction ExI, when the function of existence is maximized, and future, the arrow of information, ad death, I-> E when information returns to the past.

The first thing we notice though is that in the equation, death is equal in value to Life.

thus are formed by the 3 dimensions of time, what we call our youth

We shall attempt a first definition even if it introduces concepts not familiar to the reader, in the 2 fundamental languages of human thought, mathematics and words:

‘The Universe is a Game that creates and destroys 10 dimensional, fractal beings, that we shall call existences.’




The 4th, organic paradigm of objective science. Absolute relativity.