‘Complexity (GST) will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking, 

‘To be or not to be, that is the question’  Shakespeare.

‘A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.’ Einstein

Abstract. Understanding man, the machine and its super organisms, cultures and industrial nations and company mothers in the context of GAIA, the larger world in which they inhabit require a much higher, deeper knowledge of the laws of the whole and its organic, fractal mathematical structure, as numbers are nothing but social groups.

It is the new paradigm of XXI century science which I lead and pioneered at the turn of the century, till I decided the system was completely corrupted, became an activist against the 2 most destructive pseudo-sciences, the military industry and the financial industry, and suffered a massive ad hominem, global campaign, (specifically for my campaigns against nuclear weapons) and abandoned the scholar world. Those are irrelevant selfie stories, which I bring about so you understand i had authority but now I have only reasons.

In any case, what the fractal, organic Universe shows is that parts becomes wholes, through the power of eusocial love, evolving is fractal scales from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, crystals, superoganisms, solar systems and galaxies and Univereses.

And they do so precisely through eusocial love (mystical language), that is creating common networks through which they share energy and information, of which 2 are paramount:

  • Reproductive/economic/blood/electromagnetic networks (biological, social, physical systems) and…
  • Informative/nervous/legal/gravitational networks that dominate all systems.

So we can extract laws fort he fractal paradigm to create a perfect world instead of the parasitic cancerous world ruled by bankers that choke without oxygen-blood-money the human species; know nothing about systems, as they come from biblical dogmas of go(l)d fetish worship of money, just a language of information’ and the same goes for military people and politicians, who ab=use instead of serving mankind, as there are no efficient messages of pain to judge them, AS IN all systems of Nature.

Yet in social sciences, truth imposes through power, (anti-quantum paradox: the observer is so small in relationship with the observable social system and it is inside of it, so the system bias the scientist, in opposite fashion to quantum uncertainty where the observer changes the tiny observable).

So even if it might be an impossible task to do the reverse, impose a new humanist power through truth, we DO need this post from my professional blog on systems sciences, to set straight the laws of the organic universe and how to improve with them those of the social systems of mankind, sorely in need of a deep reform.

L.S. anti-system scientist (:



‘The Universe is simple and not malicious’; ‘I seem to be the only physicist who thinks tme clocks run at different speeds in different parts of the Universe’ ‘time curves space into mass’ Einstein on the simple principles of the universe, based in the different speeds of time cycles that curve, entropic lineal space into energy-mass.

Cyclical time clocks, and the information they carry.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43 In the left graph, all time clocks and cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure motion in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure. As physics  became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter and other historians and economists, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations. Time, which means change=motion in philosophy, however cannot be reduced to a simple formula, v=s/t that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure elongated into an infinite duration. Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not understood by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, it has become more encroached.

Let us then define those cyclical time clocks with more scientific rigor.

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the time equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which  need to be translated into cyclical time, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute space-time physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

Time is cyclical. The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in time, due to a certain causality. If time were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilisations before Galileo invented lineal time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots defines also the reasons there are cycles of history based in the causality, which we shall reveal in those texts. In the graph we see some cyclical proceses in the Universe.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure time in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical time, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency time’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into lineal time. For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along time period, you use lineal time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and further on equalised all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Thus once of the first things I did when discovering time cycles some decades ago is to painstakingly translate all THE MAIN formula of physics by changing T for 1/ƒ and think about what was telling me the equation, no longer in terms of spatial locomotions, the theme of physicists, but in terms of temporal information, the theme of this blog, whose author was for many years the Chair of the Science of Duality at the world congress of systems Sciences (ISSS), Trinity didn’t exist (: develops in full the model of a fractal, organic Universe constructed with both arrows, using those laws to show how the Universe constructs its infinite species all of them made of ‘fields/limbs of spatial entropy’ and ‘particle, heads of temporal information’ , which combine in body-waves of energy, creating in this manner the infinite ternary beings of reality.

This brings about another fundamental law of the Universe, the holographic Principle.

Since if time has the dimension of height to complete a circle, we must re-define the classic 4 dimensions of time-space, as 2 dominant in TIME-space, height and length, which creates a bidimensional circle (to which ad the frequency of the cycle, or pure dimension of time), and those dominante in SPACE-time, which has now 2 dimensions, length and width.

And so because only beings with the same number of dimensions can transform into each other, we just have discovered an important conundrum of modern physics – how the Universe is built through the…

Holographic principle: bidimensional time (information with motion) and entropy (space with motion) exi|s≈t

‘I don’t have time or energy to do this.’ “Naked” Leigh

On the 2 substances of which we are all made, temporal information and spatial energy

‘Coincidentia opositorum’ Cusa, on the fundamental dialectic dualist logic of the Universe, which constantly brings the opposite properties of ‘Lineal entropy’ and ‘closed information’ into Complementary Spacetime energy beings.

‘From 1 (the yang-line of entropy) comes 2 (the yin sphere of form), from 2 comes 3 (the ying-yang being), from 3 come the ∞ beings’ Cheng Tzu

We made a huge first statement – that entropy is space and information is time, just ‘seen’ with different ‘quantity of motion’. Let us then explain this first principle of the complex dualist Universe.

When we say ‘I don’t have time and energy to do this’, we really mean it. Since we do not exist in a space-time background frame of reference. We are made, as Leibniz explained, of a vital space, which our bodies occupy, and has energy as vacuum space does, and last a finite time, our world cycle of life and death.

We are time space beings as everything else in the Universe, and this is the first isomorphism that make us like every thing else.

The perfect form of spatial entropy is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, opposed, inverse forms shape the spatial, linear, energetic bodies and cyclical, informative, memorial minds that become the complementary forms of all organic systems made of atoms of temporal energy.

Entropy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems. In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe,lineal  entropy and cyclical form, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

We summarize the formal and functional differences between energy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=body Vs  Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

But if information is smaller and faster in scales of lesser space, and information is carried in the form and cycles of clocks of time, then we must not only add a dimension of height to time, but a dimension of ‘scale’, and this my friends set us for an even bigger r=evolution of thought, that of the metric equations of the fifth dimension of space-time.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension.

metrics 5th dimension

-Tiƒ: Smaller space-scales have faster time cycles that encode the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles.

-Spe:Bigger wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

All beings of reality are indeed made of lineal entropic limbs/fields, the geometry that moves faster, and spherical particles/heads of information, the ‘volume that stores more form in lesser space’, joined by body-waves of hyperbolic energy, which combine and iterate both.

And this happens, because the universe of scales of space-time has an astoundingly simple but profound metric equation: S x T = K, MEANING that from larger wholes to smaller parts it moves synchronically, and from smaller parts to larger wholes, it codes information. And together in symbiosis the information of smaller faster systems and the motion of larger, stronger wholes, create a present being, a body-wave of energy.

So the most important dynamic element of the fifth dimension is the ‘inverse’arrows of entropy and information of the lower graph. And the fact that smaller beings are better with information, more intelligent and larger beings, stronger with more capacity to move larger wholes:

Smaller systems run faster metabolic and informative cycles and so accumulate more information in the frequency and form of its cycles. And they code larger systems: particles code molecules, genes organisms and memes societies, because their smaller carriers are faster.


And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more  energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

And we resume this with a simple equation, which is in science call the ‘metric equation’ of a dimension of space-time, in this case the 5th dimension of scalar, organic systems, which is the arrow of future of the Universe:

5D metric: Spe (spatial size) x Tiƒ (temporal clocks of information= ∆-constant

That is, the product of the speed of information and entropy of the system remains constant, so smaller and larger beings can co-exist together in present.

And we call this ‘constant of present’ Energy.

For example, a fly thinks 10 times faster (the scale is decametric), and so you cannot catch it with your slower larger being and it can co-exist.

THIS LAW AND METRIC EQUATION defines the co-existence of all systems of the Universe, and explains why they form together super organisms.

The most beautiful part of this blog is in that sense, the enormous simplicity of the fundamental equations of the fifth dimension and its immediate connection with the simple elements o reality, which by iteration of its dual and ternary principles we and future researchers shall raise through the 4 lines of this blog to encompass all what exist.

In such a simple, iterative Universe, where there are only 2 ‘fundamental events’:

  • A motion in the 5th dimension between scales.
  • And a transformation of lineal entropy into cyclical information and vice versa.

How we translate those motions quantitatively? As Einstein wanted the ultimate principles of reality are Universal ratios/constants, which transform space into time or rise through the scales of the 5th dimension, a reproductive sum of parts into a whole. So we shall find 3 absolute constant ratios in all systems:

  • π: 3|s>Ot: Pi, transforms back and forth lineal entropy into temporal information, through cycles or sinusoidal hyperbolic waves.
  • ∆±i: e is the constant of growth and diminution that rises a group through the scales of the 5th dimension: e= (1+1/n)ˆn.
  • Spe<ST>Tiƒ: φ, the golden ratio that defines the internal relationships of size in space within any organism, between larger, more entropic parts and smaller more informative parts of almost all beings of the Universe.

They are the essential 3 constants of reality, and again we will find many new whys to its equations and properties. But the fifth dimension as the universe at large has not only mathematical properties. And here is where one-dimensional ‘math-only’ scientists, miss the point.

Since it does have topological properties due to its organic forms, mathematical ones, because NUMBERS ARE SOCIETIES OF IDENTICAL POINT-BEINGS. AND HENCE it has social, organic properties, which are shown in the co-existence of those scales and organs with inverse complementary functions. ‘All is organic, and so it is the fifth dimension, and the ‘absolute arrow of time-future’, which unlike the world cycle of pi, constantly grows through ternary e-scales, emerging into new ‘wholes’

Since the future belongs to eusocial evolution, as super organisms are MORE efficient than individuals, which lack this co-operative dual arrow of information (upwards) and simultaneous motion and energy delivered by the whole.

So, and this will mean a huge connection between physical and socio-biological sciences, we could talk in mystical terms of the 5th dimension as the dimension of love among ‘equal beings’, which come together into wholes.




“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different programme may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

We have added for good measure to the quote of Steane, the philosophical thought of Einstein, author of the previous paradigm of 4D space-time, which corresponds to the limit of this model in a single space-time continuum described with a single arrow of time, ENTROPY

Why we need the second arrow of information to complete our models of the Universe? If we are doing so ‘well’ with the details provided by our mechanical instruments of perception and measure, and the logic models of computers where we feed them?

It depends on what are your goals in knowledge and science. If you require mere praxis, truth can be perfectly approximated by computer modelling & statistical and probabilistic models without knowledge of the inner workings of causality caused by the ‘constant interference’ and mixing of the 2 arrows of time, entropy and information and its ternary combinations into energy ‘body-wave’ systems. All this IS knowledge of the ‘thoughts’ of God not its details and praxis of science does NOT need it. An example will suffice. Copernicus revolution put the sun in its center and simplified the equations of Ptolemy but it was rejected for long for 3 reasons:

  • In a relative Universe, Complexity can always replicate the simpler ‘Ockham truth’ of proper causality, with more ‘complicated’ ad ons and approximations. In Ptolemy case, epicycles and extants made in fact the model far more precise than the Copernican circular orbits, and it was not till Newton’s simple formula that it became established BOTH as simpler and more accurate. Today the ‘added’ complexity of ad hoc Ptolemy’s epicycles is even easier to implements with computer modelling which alway looks so ‘real’ and can use all kind of Algorithms of information (Ab.A.I.) to approximate truth and obtain practical results. Yet those who seek the simplicity of truth did love Copernican simplicity putting the sun in the right place and will love the simplicity achieved by adding the proper arrows of time to the mix.
  • Humans are an astounding ego-centered species who tends systematically to deny the objectivity of science that puts us outside the center of the Universe in the case of Copernicus, and further aways from its relative scalar center in the case of duality.  The ego also works in favor of complexity as scholars like to feel ‘they are high popes’ talking in Latin and you need to very very learned to peer those secrets.
  • The very cyclical inertia of knowledge make theories stand for very long even if we know they are wrong. As the burden of undoing and redoing memorial experiences is seldom met. So we still follow religious and cultural routines we know are meaningless, and we still put the negative sign on electrons, regardless of their positive motion; and so on. Thus huge scientific revolutions that completely touch all sciences, as those regarding the nature of space and time, which those texts upgrade, are met with the maximal resistance.

In that regard, Einstein had the right attitude in search of the thoughts of God but without a second arrow of cyclical time, he could not complete the task. It is important though to remember in the XXI century of ‘digital thought’ and ‘computer models of reality’, with an astounding degree of data in the details of the Universe, that besides the trees there is behind a huge ‘wholeness’, the forest; that behind the details and its exhaustive analysis there is larger, simpler order, as ‘god is simple and not malicious’ A.Einstein.
I am though aware of the enormous ‘resistance’ to a change of paradigm of this caliber, and so I am not trying anymore to ‘convince’ an audience, as when I took that charge on me, I did not enjoy much of it; repeating ad nauseam the same simple concepts without time to relax and think on the eternal thoughts of the Universe. But I believe also I have a responsibility with mankind to offer for free the information I found; so i want to apologise for the lack of ‘charm’ and repetitions and not-so-well-behave parts of the blog. I am in my own time race to pour on this web as much information on the 5th dimension and the ternary arrows of time in the Universe (entropy, information and energy) as I can, in the limited time of my world cycle. Of course encouraging comments would help to put me to the task.

Though I am fully aware that today most scientists will not even give a chance to a blog like this one, focused on the ‘Program of creation’ of the Universe with both arrows of time, and its synoptic, unifying properties.

I adscribe this fact to the astounding growth of computer models and mechanical instruments of measure, which cannot do such task and rather prevent people to care anymore for the ‘whys’ and causal processes of existence. As long as a machine can give ‘big data’, and put it on numbers, better if they are just statistical models that ‘foresee’ the future without the need to ‘think’ in causality – which some scientists even deny today, as it is simpler to think all is chaos, and there is not a fractal order in reality – the researchers feel happy and fulfilled. Man in that sense has also a pleasure on belief more than in reason  and the magic of computer thought and mathematics seems to fill him.

We will though do here the opposite on those posts on mathematics, ‘understand its whys’ connecting them as a language of empirical reflection of the Universe, which many hidden meanings, those ‘understandings’ of mathematical things that Von Neumann rightly noticed lacking.

In fact many scholars would not consider such search as ‘science’, as the reductionism of big-data continues increasing the pride on the details and the ignorance of the ‘whys (which is) the only thing a physicists does not ask’ Feynman. We have come thus to the extreme of what the earlier founders of science, the greeks thought as Einstein, was truly important: to find ‘the simplicity of all things, that is the true genius’ Leonardo. They would even deny such simplicity exists. And yet it does. It is just a question to put the arrows of time in their place, as simplicity arouse in orbital theory when we put the Sun and the Earth in their place.

In that regard, the first and 3rd line, with theory and praxis, focus in the great ‘thoughts of the Universe’ and its main ‘existential creations’. The more detailed, professional part which other researchers will end, will connect those principles to all the details of reality in the 2nd and 4th line.

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and time clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite time cycles and occupy vital spaces.  So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal energy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with energy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of space-time organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and qbits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal space (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of time that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.@), which has a very hard time to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations  of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.




‘There is no time uncertainty I look at my watch and i know what time is.’

Landau, mocking the use of a human-time clocks for all time speeds of the Universe.

‘Simplicity is the mark of true genius’ ‘Saper vedere’,  Leonardo on the topological nature of life and its simple harmonic forms.

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GRASP: Science is based in causal, local, finite time cycles. So it is your life – a finite time cycle. So what science achieved obsessed by measure and speed, in simplicity of calculus it lost in information about those cycles, which we have regained since I established in a series of landmark papers, back in the 90s the laws of cyclical times for all the systems of the Universe. It is an ongoing research, but it will as computers make easy calculations of discontinuous functions, become the standard for future time research, as an enormous array of new discoveries happen when we ‘do not loose’ the information of those cycles. This is specially truth of physical systems, deprived of the organic, cyclical causal properties of ∏ime and fractal §paces.

Trinity. Spe x Tiƒ = ∆-energy

“From Tao=time, comes 2, yin-formation and yang-entropy, from 2 comes 3, energy, from 3 energy the 10.000, 10ª herds≈scales of beings’ Cheng-tzu (italic, translation to GST)

Now, after praising so much duality, we shall deny it, affirming that Trinity is the game. As entropy and information combine its limbs/fields and heads/particles in iterative body-waves:


In the graph, Biological and Physical systems are made of:

‘Spatial Lengthy limbs/fields’ (Ab.Spe) which perform entropic  motions (as the line is the shortest distance between two points), spherical ‘temporal tall’ heads/particles,  (Ab. Tiƒ) , which gauge information and perceive (as the sphere is the geometry with stores more information in lesser space); combined into hyperbolic energetic ‘wide bodies/waves’  (ab. ST) that iterate the system.  So we can write a fractal generator equation according to the ‘functions’ of the system:

Γ:  Spe (limbs/fields) < ST (body/waves) > Tiƒ (particle-heads)

The proofs of the existence of such ternary topological reality is overwhelming, as all physical, biological and industrial systems follow that organic structure, limited in its shapes by the fact that there exists ONLY those 3 topological geometries in the mathematical Universe. So we can write the simplest ‘fractal generator of the Universe’ according to the topological properties of the 3 systems: Γ: | x O = Ø

What matters then on trinity is the symmetric relationship between the simultaneous organs in space of beings, defined by its 3 only topological forms and the 3 ages of time/dimensions of time cycles, which are in direct correspondence, and whose interaction defines the most beautiful dualities of reality between past-entropy, present-energy steady repetitive states and future informative collapsing, accelerated time cycles.

The 3 dimensions of Time.


  • A length dimension shared with space, which has the function of expansive motion, we shall call entropy.
  • A high dimension, needed to complete the cycle; which is the dimension of information (as it creates an advantage top point of view for the ‘projective geometry’ of the mind.
  • And a frequency dimension, ƒ, of iterative repetition or present dimension, which therefore is the dimension, T=i/ƒ, we associate with duration, as it is the inverse dimension of the present Dimension of v=∂s/∂t.

And so those 3 time/ages/dimensions, in sequential cycles, are related closely to the 3 dimensions/organs of space: the length dimension of time locomotion is closely related to limbs/fields of entropic motion, the height dimension to the growth and future evolution of perception and information, and the frequency dimension to the repetitive present iterative cycles of body-waves.

It is indeed the tug of war between expansive, entropic, destructive arrows of time, which in biology cause the death of a system, and implosive, informative arrows of time, which cause its life, what causes the existence of  all beings of reality. What we call time cycles leave behind a ‘memory of information’, or ‘static forms’; and what we call entropy or expansive space, leave behind a ‘tail’ of distances and flat, fixed spaces. So time is information with motion and entropy space with motion.

Thus we  define a new science: topological evolution, which studies how all systems of nature, are composed of those 3 elements, which guide the selection of species, according to efficiency, restrict possible mutations, making efficient choices (so wings are flat to improve motion and eyes are rounded and so the old question on how evolution proceeds so efficiently is resolved).

Moreover we shall see that the life-death cycle structures in time according to those restrictions maximising the entropy of the system in its young, childish age of maximal motion, which then converts into information, reaching the maturity of the system in balance between both, when reproductive systems dominate and the system iterates, and finally the growth of information exhausts the energy of the system in its 3rd informative age, when the system finally explodes, erasing back to its relative local past the information of the system in a big-bang of entropy. So the life-death cycle has also a simple equation:

Γ:  Spe (entropy, young age)> Spe≈Tiƒ-reproductive balanced age>Tiƒ (3rd age of information) << Big-bang death (erasing of information)

The variations on the same theme happen to adapt the space-time being to the external world from where the system obtains its quanta of spatial entropy for its lineal motions and the bits of cyclical form or information. So for example plants and animals have inverse structure as plants are chemical beings, which take its frequency of information from thermodynamic molecules and entropic motion from light rays, but men use the smaller information of those light waves to map out more intricate informative mind-mappings so the roots-heads of plants become the head-eyes of animals.

The science that studies how both elements, which construct the universe, spatial entropy and temporal information interact together is called Duality, with a tradition that hauls down to the earlier Eastern cultures and its philosophies of the Universe: Taoism, which described the Tao=Time cycles of reality as composed of yin-formation and yang-entropy, which combined to reproduce the infinite beings of energy of the Universe; and Hinduism, which in a more mythic, anthropomorphic manner talked of Shiva, God of war and entropy and Vishnu God of information, the ‘lineal male, destructive’ and cyclical ‘female’ creative principles of reality.


L.S. System scientist, former chair of duality at the International Systems Science Society.


II. ∆



We say that there are 2 arrows of time, information missed in Physical Models. So if, for the sake of simplicity and the principle of correspondence between old and new theories, we consider ‘entropy, the arrow of past-time, we shall call Information the dominant arrow of life and future, the ‘fifth dimension’ of time and study in depth what it means, and how it applies to reality.

fractal universe

5D best

In the graph, the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of spatial entropy (ab. S, $pe), studied exhaustively by physicists and temporal information, Tiƒ (grossly underated and misunderstood, as the view of a Universe with a single entropy arrow dominates physics). The interaction of those 2 arrows, in fact, create the complexity of the Universe, which CANNOT be explained only with the lineal entropic motions of simplex physical models of the universe, only apt to describe the simplest scales of space and matter.

First the obvious fact that information it is the future can be proved by several concepts. In brief: it is the future because particles and heads guide locally bodies and waves, so they anticipate the future of the System. It is also the future because informative species win the struggle for existence so less informative ones become extinct. Thus both in the physical world and the biological world, more informative species dominate the future. The galaxy is dominated by the ‘only informative’ pure force, gravitation that in-forms, attracts and forms bigger wholes, and so black holes dominate galaxies and end up eating it them into dark matter. While humans dominate life, and have developed the ‘arrow’ of information more. Which leads to the concept of parts that become social wholes through a common language of information creating super organisms. So black holes form with gravitation, galaxies, super organisms of stars; humans form societies, super organisms joined by legal, informative networks in the human verbal language; company-mothers of machines form with digital money super organisms of re=production of ‘mechanisms’, and finally the most informative insects, ants and bees form super organisms sharing a language of pheromonal or magnetic visual information. And they survive into the future better as superorgansms are stronger and more intelligent.

It finally follows that the arrow of information which defines a fifth dimension of scales in the Universe is the future, because a whole needs its parts to appear ‘first’, to build over them. So larger organic wholes are the future arrow of the Universe.

All systems of the Universe can be studied with that simple, fractal generator, but to do so, we must be aware that those beings, made of ‘atomic or cellular’ fields/limbs<body-waves>particles-heads have also a ‘scalar, network, social structure’, as those 3 topological parts, which are the ONLY 3 forms that exist in geometry (proving further we are all beings made of the 3)  are in fact what mathematicians call topological networks, shaped by the ‘atoms’ or ‘cells’ or ‘citizens’ of the physical, biological or social systems integrated into hole organic beings:


So we talk of a scalar, organic, fractal Universe in which parts become wholes through networks of entropy, information and energy. For example, your nervous, digestive and blood network, or the vacuum entropy, energetic electromagnetic field and gravitational≈informative force of the Universe… Thus we can build the Universe as a series of scales of growing network size, which all together form a new dimension of scalar space-time.


The organic description: Biological properties.

5D fractal space-cyclical time

5D structures are based in social scales, not only on the lower scales of the graph (physical systems) but also on the middle and higher scales, as ‘social systems’, which can be described mathematically (as numbers are just social groups of indistinguishable clon beings), but also organically, as networks of parts that become wholes, because the scales also apply to biological systems and HISTORIC and ECONOMIC super organisms (civilisations, nations, company-mother of machines). This organic description is far easier to understand: ‘fractal points’ (any being) become social numbers joined by networks that deliver motion≈entropy and in/form/ation, to all the systems and in this manner systems grow from parts into social organisms.

And this can be expressed with mathematical numbers, or algebra, with topological networks or geometry and with ‘finitesimals’ integrated into wholes (analysis), which are for that reason the 3 sub disciplines of mathematics.

But also with organic, physiological networks, which deliver motion (limbs, digestive systems, raw materials), information (nervous, legal systems) and combine them to reproduce with energy the whole system (financial, economic, and blood, hormonal networks) which are for that reason the 3 networks of all socio-biological systems.

So in history the most efficient nations are super organisms properly designed to take advantage of those laws.

So we shall unify with so simple truths all the scales of the Universe, each one explained by a science, by fusioning the biological and mathematical properties of the Universe, which are two jargons, one quantitative the other qualitative to describe the same laws; as the ‘languages of God are ∞’ (Upanishads), but all have the same ternary structure to describe the same game of creation of parts into wholes – and needless to say we can also ad the mystical language of eusocial love of religions, which express in our verbal language the Universal mandate  for all beings: grow=evolve into wholes and multiply your finitesmal parts.

So the organic description parallel to the topological one, talks of similar beings connected through PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS, that ideally deliver energy to all cells (blood, money, digestive systems) and co-ordinate them with faster nervous/electric/legal information which synchronise the motions of all those parts.

Never mind humans are so bad at designing their super organisms of history that we are the only system that does not deliver free oxygen/money to all its cells, but lets them die of anoxia, and do not emit just, synchronous laws to all citizens to work as a whole, but divides people into castes; and so such ill-designed human super organisms live short and die in entropic explosions of war.

The physical description:  Energy scales

But how we are so sure, the scalar structure of the Universe define a new dimension of space-time? Easy. Let us just check the most authoritative definition of a dimension, from XIX c. mathematician Klein:

‘A dimension of space-time exists, when we can move through it, while leaving its parameters of space and time co-invariant’  Klein, on the expansion of Non-euclidean geometries and its new dimensions.

What this means for example is that when you move up and down, your parameters of size in space and inner time clocks remain invariant. So ‘up and down’ form the height dimension.

SO HAPPENS when something move through the 5th dimension: when it grows in size it diminishes the frequency of its time clocks, from the simplest entity, a ray of light that literally grows, diminishing the frequency of its wave-length to humans that emerge from a fast seminal, evolving fetus into the slower rhythms of life, which can be formalised as a journey traveling between scales of size of the 5th dimension, from seminal birth, to emergence as an individual part of a larger, slower social world, or supœrganism (œ, ab. super organism), its nation and civilisation, returning back to the cellular aggregation that we are, in the moment of death.

Present Energy. The equations of physics.

Each of those scales of reality is made of smaller quanta, which have a peculiar property: their cyclical motions run faster the smaller they are, but the product of both (Spe & Tiƒ) remains invariant, creating a metric equation that defines the 5th dimension:

Γ.             Past-entropy:     Spe           x      Future: Information   Tiƒ     =      ∆ST = Present body-waves of energy

This simple equation that shows the product of the time clocks of a system and its size to be invariant (hence allowing travels through the 5th dimension, as when you are conceived as a seminal cell with smaller size and faster time clocks and grow=travel in the 5th dimension till you emerge larger and slower), is poised to become the most important equation of XXI century science, which will correspond with all the main equations of all the different sciences, each one studying a scale of the fractal Universe.


In the graph we see 3 physical parameters of those 3 arrows: entropy, as the minimal space-quanta of thermal scales, light speed, as the iterative present arrow of quantum space, and angular momentum, as the O-arrow of the same scale, which transcends into the gravitational concept, for gravitational orbits. What matters thus to localise a parameter of entropy/present space time/ or cyclical motions, is its topology that transcends scales.

Why then energy=present can be equalled in the 3 scales of the organic Universe? This is the strongest prove that the Universe is connected through the metric of the 5th dimension; as it shows the 3 ∆±1 scales equal in value of ‘energy’ and co-existing with different Tiƒ parameters (T, M, V) and 3 different Space quanta (k, h, c). So ENERGY is ultimately the ∆-constant of the immortal Universe

Let us then in more detail the 3 components of each system of the Universe, starting with the more important,  cyclical time of which lineal time is a mere simplification, to allow ‘frequency derivatives’, t=1/ƒ.

Now it is obvious that body-waves transport more of the energy of a physical or biological system, and the working re=productive middle class of society provides most of the work≈energy of the system. So again we must realise always the ‘symbiotic parallel levels of the organic Universe’ and how its properties reinforce.

III. S<≈>T


”Nothing is new under the sun’ Spanish Proverb, on the repetition of all time beings & its cycles of in/form/ation.

‘To be or not to be that is the question’ Shakespear, on the world cycle of existence.

So they call the bidimensional nature of time cycles (which they apply to information unaware of its connection with time) and its equivalent bidimensional planes of space, the…

Trinity: entropy-motion x dimensional form=Energy

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.46.26

 Above the ternary structure of all systems of nature, made of time clocks that store the in/form/ation of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles, and guide a ‘body-wave’ that absorbs spatial entropy and moves the system.

A subject to be study in more detail in that sense, is the symbiosis and parallelism between the dimensions of time and space: information and the dimension of height, energy and the dimension of width that stores it and brings in parallel motion similar beings, and length the dimension of pure motion or entropy.

It is the fundamental dimensional relationship. so humans are tall, and your screen is tall information; fat men enlarge laterally its energy storage; and fast light is lineal in its speed…

A way to explain this in a formal manner is this:

Unlike lineal time which reduces time to an instantaneous, ∂s/∂t measure of present, simultaneous slices of time cycles, cyclical time gives 3 dimensions to time, the classic past of ‘entropy’ and motion, present and the future of more information. This is self-evident as any cycle requires a second dimension of ‘height’, information. And further on, as time-cycles are finite, closed forms, we require a 3rd dimension of repetitive frequency, to make possible the 3 dimensions of time, precisely that repetitive present, which seems not to change as it is a repetition copycat of the origin. So for example, in the cycles of ‘life ages and evolution’, the first age is ALWAYS the one of maximal entropy-motion (youth, weapon machines), the 3rd age one of maximal form, information (old age, informative present age of history) and in the middle we have an iterative, reproductive age of maximal reproduction (of a product in an industry, of life in biological beings, of a radiation=massive reproduction of species).

Topological Actions.

In fact the most useful part of mathematics for GST will be the direct first approach to it, topology, as we have shown. Since it shows directly the quality properties of the system; being algebra mostly a human synoptic language of the direct ‘form’.
Look around yourself with the naive eyes of a child to understand the simplicity of the Universe. All what you see is a myriad of discontinuous beings and all of them are made of two elements ‘form’ or in/form/ation and motion (which people call often ‘energy’, but scientists, call ‘entropy’).  We shall call them ‘temporal form’ and ‘spatial entropy’, and affirm that all what exists is made of ‘temporal form and spatial entropy’, of ‘time and space’, as when you say, i ‘don’t have enough time and energy’ to do this. All systems occupy and hence are made of a ‘fractal piece’ of vital space, which will last a ‘quantity of time’ between its cycle of birth, life and extinction.

On the other hand, Planck did also found that space was not a single continuum measured with the abstract rod of absolute newtonian space and a cartesian line. Instead he found that space was a vital space, with ‘motion’ (energy or entropy, technical terms slightly different, so we shall use for the ‘time being’ the more intuitive concept of motion). And this ‘formal motions’, pieces of vital space, ‘ticking’ with different time clocks ‘evolved’ and formed ‘spontaneously’ particles, increasing its form, its information, departing from ¥-rays.

So he said that the unit of reality was not absolute space-time but a combination of spatial energy, and temporal information, he called an ACTION: h= e x t.

It MUST be noticed that this ACTION is the CORE duality of  PHYSICAL Systems, which OFTEN HAVE THE ENTROPIC PART THEY WILL DESTROY NOT DIRECTLY CONNECTED (FIELDS OF FORCES in physical systems); as it happens in the simpler organisms (so lizards can loose their tail in case of entropic danger). Hence the equation of Energy x Time, which does not include entropy.

It must also be noticed from here on that as the body mixes entropy and form

Indeed, we are made of space and time. We are NOT placed in an ‘abstract’ mathematical artefact called the ‘Cartesian graph of absolute space-time’, as Newton wanted, but we are beings made of ‘relational space-time’ (in words of Leibniz, the first proponent of this realist model of the Universe), and only when we put together simultaneously all those pieces of space, the mind can peg the puzzle of vital spaces into absolute, ∞ space; and only when we put consecutively and causally all the events of time, the mind can ‘imagine’ an immortal Universe whose extension and duration is longer than that of all its space-time beings: ∑s=S, ∑t=T.

This, we know for a century since the revolution of modern physics dethroned the abstract artefacts of Newton, Galileo and Descartes – a single absolute space, a single mechanical clock to measure time and a single continuum piece of abstract paper with two abstract lines tracing on it – the Cartesian plane, where all space-time ‘finite beings’ are suppose to rest.

Look again around. Do you see the lines of your cartesian time? All what you see are different clock-rhyhms, different ‘beats of existential time’, within yourself in your circadian clocks, in the solar system with the cyclical rotation of the earth – a day, or around the sun – a year; or the beat of you thoughts, heart and eye-lashes, a second, YOUR minimal unit of time, the beat of your body synchronised to the informative visual and mental thought.

This Einstein realized when he assaulted the Newtonian paradigm of a single Universal mechanical clock, set by ‘God’ to monitor the beats of all beings. So he said ‘I seem to be the only physicist in this world who thinks time clocks beat at different rhythms in different places’. Scientists did not like it, as their routine of measuring time cycles, by equalising all those infinite rhythms (some of which we see in the lower graph) with a single machine-clock. So even when he got his nobel prize 20 years latter, relativity theory was not mentioned, and it still ill-understood, reason why we have not gone beyond in its concept of ∞ time clocks, merely play with his equations.

To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which structure the ‘social growth of scales’ of the 5th dimension, creating all the systems of the Universe, which always will be made of, relative cells/points, joined by networks of entropy and information, put together in energy body-wave systems.

Diffeomorphic ‘relativity’.

Einstein said that space-time was always local, diffeomorphic, ‘measured’ in simultaneity from a point of view (that of the head-particle of information that directs it all). And this Broglie best understood when postulating a synchronous inner clock in the particle, beating with the rhythm of the body-wave beats. Ok, your eye-thoughts beat with the rhythm of your body-heart, and have the rhythm of the legs-steps (one per second all). So in more detailed analysis, we shall see Broglie-Bohm theory right in its interoperation of quantum physics.

As a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only in carbon-life organisms, but in machines and in physical systems made of energy (fields, limbs, food) and information (brains, eyes, cameras, particles).

Thus also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’ are Se or Tƒ systems:ternary spacetime topologies

The combination of one of such dimensions of space and time, create a ‘bidimensional geometry in motion’ called a ‘topology’, and as it happens, there are only 3 ‘type’ of bidimensional topologies, the toroid, energetic one that expands and creates motion, the hyperbolic, cyclic one that allows cyclical exchanges of energy and information, and the spherical one, which allows shrinking without tear and deformation of any wide image of the universe into a ‘zero-point’ or inner mind, which reflects that Universe.

And as it happens, according to the holographic principle, the Universe is truly bidimensional, made of membranes that become layers, to form 3 D which move to form 4D. For example, you are reading a bidimensional, tall screen of information. Your eyes see bidimensional and put together a 3D vision. So all systems are made of those 3 ‘bidimensional, specialized parts’.

Now let us try to put all this into a very simple ‘first generator equation’ of space-time beings, with the 3 symbols we have used, | for motion or spatial entropy, O for information or temporal form and Ø for its ‘present body-waves’ that iterate those forms as they move along a path, transforming the entropy of puree space with no form in the first particles that will evolve through eons to give birth to the human kind. So we affirm;

“All systems of reality are complementary systems with an informative spheric O-head-particle (as the sphere stores max. information), which uses the pure entropic motions of a lineal |-field-limb (as the line is the shortest distance between 2 points) to move and control a hyperbolic Ø-body-wave of energy that iterates the system, combining the other 2 forms. Since those 3 ‘forms’ are the only topological varieties that exist, no other possible structure happens. So we write a simple ‘Fractal Generator’ for all beings made of limbs/fields of ‘spatial entropy’, cyclical particle-heads of ‘temporal information’, stored in the frequency and form of its closed logic clocks, and iterative body-waves:

|-Se: Spatial, entropic limbs/fields x O-Ti: Informative, temporal particle/heads = Ø-energetic space-time body/waves”

It is what you can see in the first graph, above: from cells, to atoms, from planets to galaxies, we shall see all systems are enclosed by a thin Spe-membrane that breaks its vital space, and will have a central mind-brain-system of memorial clock-cycles and in between the Ø-body wave that stores the energy of the system. So we do have our 3 fundamental principles of reality, to play with: pure spatial entropy, pure temporal form and its combinations of ‘energy/in-form-ation’ which are entropic motions with a bit of temporal form (energy) and temporal forms with a bit of motion, forms-in-action, informations. So we can also widen the principle of conservation of energy to enclose the 3 concepts ‘Entropy and form, space and time never die, but combine constantly into ‘present’ systems of energy and information’.

And so there are ‘3 bidimensional’ finite ‘parts’ of Space-time in all systems:

  • Sp (entropic, toroid, lineal limbs and fields)
  • ST (the iterative, reproductive, energetic body, wave)
  • Tƒ (the informative, spherical head)

And all systems of the Universe have them.

BUT we stated that SPACE AND TIME ARE RULED BY A HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE OF EQUAL DIMENSIONS, and both are finite, and both are part of a whole. So what are the equivalent 3 Dimensions of Time in a finite ‘sequential form’, equivalent to the 3 organs of space that create the fractal Universe? Easy, we all know them, or rather knew them till Galileo invented lineal time; they are the 3 ages of time, youth, maturity and old age, which correspond to the dominance of one of those 3 ‘organic elements’, as youth is the age of entropy and motion, the 3rd age is the old age of information of excessive form, and in between there is the reproductive age of balance between both. And all together form…



‘To be or not to be, that is the question’  Shakespeare

“For you are Dust. And to ∆ûst you shall return.” Genesis

The world cycle of existence.

Thus we have now enough knowledge of the whole range of motions in timespace, according to the 4 elements of reality to figure out HOW THE UNIVERSE INTEGRATES THEM ALL IN A CAUSAL SEQUENCE, the world cycle of existence, of life and death of all systems of the Universe.

Indeed, what is the most important fact explained by all this expansion of the dimensions of the Universe?

We might wonder  what is the fundamental ‘use the Universe has for a 5th dimension of scalar space-time. Why indeed we need a fifth dimension? Simple. Because without it we cannot explain THE FUNDAMENTAL FACT OF OUR EXISTENCE, the world cycle of life and death. Since life is a journey through the fifth dimension of scalar space-time:

3 ages best corrected

In the graph, we can see the essence of the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of entropy (studied exhaustively by physicists) and information (grossly underated and misunderstood): to be the ‘scaffolding’ for the worldcycle of existence of all ‘supœrganisms’, systems made of networks of atomic/cellular or individual elements that self-organise, emerge as wholes and ‘live’ through 3 ages of increasing information (life arrow), ended in an entropic explosion of death that erases the information of the system.

So all Nature’s systems live as they emerge from a lower seminal ‘seed’ of the ∆-1 cellular/atomic/prophetic plane of the fifth dimension (physical, biological, social systems), reproduce and evolve socially into a larger whole, in which all parts carry the same information of the original, seminal, individual ‘cell’ (crystal structures that replicate in solids the original unit, organisms that replicate the same DNA, civilisations coded by a memetic prophet).

THEN THE individual ∆-system becomes part of a larger ∆+1 world, in which it performs its living cycles, till it returns at the end of its world cycle back to its atomic/cellular state in the moment of death.

We can write a logic, formal equation of the life-death cycle and we shall see it applies to all beings, which live travelling in the fifth dimension as the graph shows. All of them are born in a smaller scale of the fifth dimension (ab. ∆-1), then evolve very fast in time and emerge as full-grown beings in the ∆-slower scale:

st-1 (SEED) <st (emergent new individual)

Whereas we use the symbols <, > (easier to type than ‹ ›, which would be more proper NOT to confuse them with those of math equations), to express BOTH concepts, a being ‘growing in size’ and diminishing in time speed, t<S, or a being shrinking in size and growing in time speed, such as S>T).

This happens in all scales of reality even if we can use different parameters to study that change of speed and growth in size.

For example, when a black hole is born, it has an enormous temperature, which is a parameter of its ‘metabolic activity’ and according to the laws of thermodynamics, as a hot coffee becomes colder, it becomes colder, slowing down its metabolic activity while IT GROWS IN SIZE, EATING US, the slow beings, till it reaches its MAXIMAL SIZE as a galactic black hole, which is very inactive and very cold, almost at 0 K.

But we can express the same concept in terms of ‘nervous speed’. I.e. We all know though political correctness oblige us not to talk of it, that ‘mongoloids’, those small Japs, have a bit more of ‘nervous energy’, and keep working working so fast; while big swedes are a bit slow, or as Schopenhauer put it ‘it is good that German words are so long, because germans think so slow, they do have time to reflect on them’ (:

But then, we live in a larger ∆+1 scale or world, and that world is slower in its cycles. We call that world the sociological super organism, nation or civilisation, which is slower than we are, in its rhythms of creation and destruction in a big-bang of entropy called WAR.

Since DEATH is the final explosion back into entropy of a system that keeps growing in information, accumulating its memorial form in wrinkles and warps.

Indeed, as we keep accumulating information the system starts to mal function, and so at the end since INFORMATION dominates entropy the system finally reverses its arrows and explodes back and dies in a ‘single time cycle’…

And so it expands and decelerates and becomes a nebulae of cold gas if it is a star, a collection of disjoined atoms and molecules if it is a life being.

So death does have also a simple equation: ∆ Ti<< ∆-2 Se  (information explodes and lowers 2 scales of the fifth dimension, so you die, become a group of unconnected cells, insects eat you up and you become a collection of amino acids, which insects now will use to ‘recreate a new form’ in a new WORLDCYCLE of existence, of an ETERNAL UNIVERSE, where entropy is constantly balanced by information).

Thus we can now fully understand the last element of the Fractal Generator, the 3 scales of the fifth dimension. Since the entropic elements are disorganised, and hence belong to ∆-1: Spe, the individual as a whole, is the intermediate element, or ∆º, and finally the individual is part of a social larger whole, ∆+1, which is controlled by the informative classes of society (those who control its digital languages of information, digital money or bankers and legal wor(l)ds or politicians). So entropy tends to form disorganised chaotic, ∆-1 herds, individuals are aware of its ∆0 existence as a super organism,  and finally the informative neurons form a tighter structure, joined by axons between all its elements, which become the whole unit of a larger ∆+1 scale:

∆-1: $pe (Planar, Lineal, Past entropy limbs/fields/territories)<∆º-ST: Hyperbolic, Present re=productive Working-citizens-body-waves of Energy>Tiƒ:Informative Future cyclical heads-particles-informative classes: ∆+1

This is the Equation of the Organic, Fractal Universe of space-time beings in a nutshell.




‘Every point is a monad, a world in itself.’ Leibniz

‘The language of the Universe is topological, made of cycles, lines and triangles.’ Galileo

‘Numbers are social forms.’ Plato

We have considered so far 3∆ elements, Sp, Ti, St,∆, but forgot there is always an observer the mind that knows, and so without defining the mind (which can be considered the ‘software’ that runs the Tiƒ, head-particle-government of a biological, physical or social system, we are NOT complete, just describing as present science does, the how, but not the why.

So even if this part is less easy to accept, it is necessary to postulate as all deep philosophers of science have done the existence of a PERFECT PROGRAM OF SURVIVAL AND EXISTENCE OR MIND OF EACH BEING EXPRESSED IN A SERIES OF LINGUISTIC SYNTAX, OF LANGUAGES THAT MIRROR AND MIMICK WITH LESS OR MORE ACCURACY THE ∆ST STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE.

SINCE of those 3 elements the most important by far is Tiƒ, the guiding system of information, ‘particle, head or GOVERNMENT’, and even more important than the hardware the software, the algorithm of survival and building of super organisms and its world cycles in time – THE MIND OF THE UNIVERSE OR ‘GOD’ AND MIND OF EACH HUMAN SOCIETY, OR human God, and of each system, made to the image and likeness of the whole.

We shall call the mind, the point of Max.Information of the system, its zero point (ab. •) or  ∆º scale of the being, as it is in mathematics the o-point or center of the ‘Cartesian frame of reference’; in the galaxy it zero-point or black hole; in a mass its center of gravity; in the cell its DNA nucleus which encodes the information with the program of evolution and survival of the organism; in the nation the capital and president, and generally speaking, the point of maximal density, Max I≈∆º, which from an advantageous point of view perceives itself as the whole, as it coordinates with its maximal information and communication with all the elements of the systems (its inner world which it invaginated with its nervous/informative, gravitational forces; its outer world, which it perceives with its senses). And further on, maps it all with an still mapping, mirror of the Universe, it will latter use to project its imagination in the external world and create a territory of order around it.

And to understand all this we have to return to the beginning of physics – the discovery of the principle of relativity between motion and form.

Galilean Paradox. E pur si muove no muove: minds cannot perceive together motion and form.

Now there is Galilean relativity far more important than Einstein’s one, as it found an amazing truth: MOTION AND DISTANCE ARE 2 SIDES  the same coin, or else, we would see the Earth moving when it does not (and vice versa: e pur si muove e our no muove).

But how can we differentiate forms and motions. What are a form and a motion?

The answer is that all has form and motion at the same time. Motion is the objective reality, Form is the still perception created by a mind. So the Universe is about motions, the worlds of the mind about forms. Reality is about motion, knowledge about form. Reality is made of time cycles and lineal motions, mind about forms created with time cycles and dimensional distances, created with minds.

This is what Galileo discovered but never understood, as he was just an artillery master. It is the Principle of Relativity, which is at the core of all physical, scientific laws, but we shall call the Galilean paradox, because Physicists, from Galileo to Einstein, were aware of it, founded their science on it, but have never fully grasped it.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics. The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study.


The universe is made of actions of energy and time, two formal motions, which the mind maps out as still form, to fit a view of the cyclical, fractal moving universe, inside the small brain. It is the galilean paradox, which introduces the bias of the mind in any form of language-knowledge. Information is still perception, of form, motions thus become linguistic reductions, in mathematical and verbal temporal languages, which reduces the syntax of all of them to the 3 elements of reality: lineal, cyclical and wave-like forms and motions. In the graph, from far away Saturn’s rings seem solid, continuous, single space-times, but in detail are cyclical, in motion and structured in fractal scales of relative size.

Still minds perceive by locking information about wholes in linguistic mappings of moving external cycles with motion and form, is the only rational explanation of the duality of Galileo: all moves and yet minds perceive it still.

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple actions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together.

The number of truths revealed by this duality is truly enormous. Consider a simple case of physics.

Einstein discovered that the vortices of accelerated forces he called ‘gravitational masses’ were caused by the curvature of space-time. Why? Obviously because curvature is the ‘static’ view of ‘acceleration.

Both are identical concepts, the faster a vortex accelerates, the more curvature we see on it.

Those dualities, which are at the heart of the parallel mathematical techniques of science (so we can always use a topological, spatial, static solution parallel to an algebraic, temporal one) are at the heart of modern science….

Even if scientists do not offer any explanation of its whys as we do here – such is the essence of the modern scientific method today, a praxis of computer data and mechanical how-measure, which in a visual world of ‘believers’, so ‘grounded’ in image-reality, might make all what we say here – I am conscious of it – ‘vaporous, spiritual’ and easy to reject (:

So we shall as time goes by, add ‘our little mathematical boxes’. I.e. consider what we just said that ‘curvature and acceleration’ are similar concepts. So happens in mathematics, which will reveal once and again far more ‘profound, homologic facts’ and similarities between scales, as it is the science of space-time par excellence. 

So in calculus, the second derivative measures how the rate of change of a quantity is itself changing; for example, the second derivative of the position of a being with respect to time is the instantaneous acceleration of the being.

Yet on an abstract cartesian graph of analytic geometry, of a function, the second derivative corresponds to the curvature or concavity of the graph.

The graph of a function with a positive second derivative bows downward (it, is concave when viewed from above), while the graph of a function with a negative second derivative curves in the opposite way (it is convex) and with 0 it is a stationary maximal, or minimal point with no acceleration; thus describing the 3 curvatures-motions of the Universe, informative motions of growing concavity inwards (ab.-π), or entropic motions with an expansive motion (ab. + π) or a steady state (π-proper). Yet going even deeper, π does not exist as a fixed number, so systems in fact beat, Spe+π, Tiƒ, – π, but never lock into a dead perfect cycle of present existence, hence the dynamism of the Universe.

So far so good, if you have arrived here, we have concluded that the best explanation to Einstein’s multiple clocks is the simplest one: there are infinite cyclical, finite, closed ‘world cycles’ and ‘clock-cycles’ for all kind of beings.

And distance-dimension in lineal space and motion is the same. So it doesn’t matter if we say that ‘galaxies’ are moving at an accelerated path, or we say space between them (distance) is growing.

Why then so much fuss about modern physics if those findings have always been with us? Well, one of the problems of physicists is their ‘imbalance between the enormous mathematical development’ of the science and its minimal conceptual understanding, expressed in Feynman’s infamous quip: ‘the (verbal) why is the only thing a physicist does not ask’. This always astonished me in scientific conferences.

Indeed, physicists were the least interested on those discoveries, as there is a lot of conceptual mind-work to get to the equations. And most are practical people: machine making->experiment to measure data and put it in equation. And that’s all folks. As it is a pseudo-religious dogma of physicists that ‘mathematics is the language of god’ (Galileo again).

Well there is more, much more to it, when you ask also the why and care to conceptually understand it with the ‘language of time’ in the human mind, which is logic, verbal thought…

Since ‘the languages of God (to represent time and space) are infinite’ Upanishads.

So it is unavoidable as all knowledge is biased by a mental still linguistic mapping to define in those terms the…


‘The languages of god are infinite.’ Upanishads, on the capacity of all ‘sentient species’ of the Universe to understand its rules, except perhaps man…

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.  Schopenhauer

‘New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.’

 Planck, On the mind of the scientist, a monad-world mirror of the entire universe in a finitesimal point

•-Minds: Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception. Eyes of time.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

º-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believers to be it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

We are al timespace beings.10-cyclic-times-1024x499

The Universe is made NOT with a single arrow of time-futures, called entropy≈expansive space≈disorder≈death as Physicists’ simple models pretend, but with 2 arrows, entropy and what physics call ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy, but system scientists give its proper name:  information=implosive order=life, its inverse arrow of futures. So at each point of reality, the future has a bifurcation, from where concepts such as probability, freedom and the complex beings of reality always made with limbs=fields of spatial entropy and heads-particles of temporal information (physical, biological systems), which construct together the energetic body-waves that iterate the system. This simplifying error, born initially in physics, in which to explain reality only with entropic motions make sense relatively (as physical systems are the simplest ones in terms of information/form, and physicists traditionally have made weapons and transport machines that move and deliver entropy=destruction), today expanded to all sciences have slowed down the understanding of mankind and the Universe for 400 centuries, and made unneeded ‘complicated’ epicycles in all of them, handicapped by the use of a single arrow of time to explain the future. The proper use of both arrows will restore a Universe which ‘is simple and not malicious’, since  as in the case of the last huge simplifying revolution of science (Copernican revolution that put the sun in its due place), when we understand ‘cyclical time’ clocks with its ‘2 dimensions’ needed to complete its cycles, entropy and information, all becomes simple and we can unify all the ‘world cycles’ of life and death, all world cycles of charges and masses (unification equation of forces) and in the broadest sense, all systems of nature, its rhythms of time, and forms of space.

In the graph, some natural cycles of time perceived as forms of space for slow ‘time beings’ as humans are (atomic cycles), as languages of the mind (music beats), as biological cycles (life feeding, menstruation) or as physical systems (rotational matter planets, moon cycles).

But it also means to deny the fundamental ‘particle’s the Universe – a being made of a VITAL space with motion, which LASTS a finite number of time cycles.

Since we are ALL space-time beings. So to understand man, yourself, you need to understand cyclical time, so you know why your actions are cyclical (you eat every day), discontinuous (you do your vital space-time cycles switching on between its ‘varieties’), and finite (you are not immortal, well you ARE, but not in the way your ego wishes, a theme for 3rd line sub posts)…

So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory of reality we consider that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: energy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion)

In the Principles, Descartes had argued that  the world is a plenum & all motion in a plenum must be circular, and such circular motion presupposes the “infinite, or indefinite, division of the various particles of matter” as they adjust and shift to accommodate a continuous flow around bends and through narrows. Concerning these propositions, Leibniz approvingly remarks, “What Descartes says here is most beautiful and worthy of his genius, namely, that every motion in filled space involves circulation and that matter must somewhere be actually divided into parts smaller than any given quantity”

Alas, there you have by the 2 founders of modern science and mathematics as astoundingly compressed definition of the cyclicality of time, the fractal nature of space, the ultimate substance of reality, formal motions, the proper definition of infinity and quanta.

All the features of cyclical time, one stands immediately: a cycle has two dimensions, so we ad height to the beats of time rhythms measured by frequency, or in terms of ‘space-dimensions’, time has the length and height dimension of ‘information’ and space, then is left with the length (they share) and width dimension of ‘simultaneity’ and ‘parallel reproduction’.

A few Scientists though found that information is indeed bidimensional as the page/screen you read, with the height dimension and the ‘fixed’ forms of your information (which were at one point cyclical knots of time).


Metaphysics of being

Now, the physical mind ‘is’ within the being normally on top, Åcting in exchanges of energy and information for its ternary systems, but and this is the most beautiful fact of the Universe, the mind, as an ∆º, self-centEred, fractal point of view RUNS THE SAME PROGRAM OF EXISTENCE IN ALL BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE; made of 5 åctions which we call bending them a bit for a mnemonic rule:

  • å-cceleration (locomotions), e-nergy feeding, i-nforming, œ-ffspring reproduction and Universals creation (social evolution)

All beings of the Universe, move, feed, perceive, reproduce and evolve socially into larger wholes made of ‘social numbers’. And this IS THE MIND-GOD OF ARISTOTLE, WHEN HE SAID WE ARE ALL GODS, MINDS-MONADS, MOVING THE BODIES OF ENERGY AROUND US, THE ULTIMATE CAUSE OF ALL BEINGS. When I understood this, a quarter of a century ago, 1992; i felt like that biblical moment, when at the 7th day God had created all and he rested. Oh, Yes, I felt paraphrasing Einstein that ‘I had understood the thoughts of God, and the rest were just details’.

This infinite number of infinitesimals minds, who are all alike does have however another interesting feature, the ego paradox, as paradoxically each mind is subjective self-centred and think himself different from all other beings, something which is sooo evident among the human lot.

Why? Because the infinitesimal mind has a subject first, I-language-world inside. And so it FEELS TO BE SEEING NOT THE MIND BUT THE UNIVERSE. AND MOST PHYSICISTS STILL believe in this ‘realism’, which has grown even further as to consider that the mind-universe only ‘happens’ when the physicist ‘observes it’ (quantum copenhagen interpretation).

Before we deal with the other two great fields of mind-will inquire – its actions of survival, it is worth to comment on this physicists/mental problem. In essence the mind paradox is an ego paradox:

‘The infinitesimal mind-mapping confuses itself with the infinite Universe it distorts, and so feels itself to be the center of that mind-Universe, having a subjective ego-centered active view’.

This is by extension common to all systems of the Universe, which we shall see are always self-centred and trying to SURVIVE by absorbing selfishly energy and information from its outer world.

NOW, we have seen how languages commit errors because minds are self-centred, and see themselves as the only thing that matter. So men think only us are alive and organic and intelligent. This carries to the bias of scientific knowledge in all disciplines of human thought except perhaps biology, which being self-centred in us as living beings but not in our consciousness and memes can be neutral and use all languages.

AND THAT IS THE REASON, why General Systems tends to relate more to biological sciences, though in this blog we abandon this classic approach establishing a language for all of them. Or in terms of classic Greek Logic, if we were to be pedantic and establish a very abstract logic way to do GST, establishing the ‘Axioms of ∆ST that all systems and sciences obey’, which then can be particularised to a series of ‘postulates’ for each science.

We do not use though that method, which I find excessively abstract and pedantic, except to correct some errors of maths.


‘The languages of god are infinite’ Upanishads.

YOU ARE INDEED externally a series of physiological networks, but internally you sense them as part of a mind program of sensations related to your Spe <St>tiƒ organs and actions sensed as languages of sensations that reflect in a balance S=t a positive sense of well being, for the organ, and in the extremes the points of action and death of each system of pain and pleasure, of information and entropy… To describe the being externally thus is not enough to explain its complex why.

A Holographic organic Universe, a new paradigm of knowledge.

Thus,  we introduce in this blog the elements of the fractal, organic structure of the Universe.

Through history of knowledge 3 philosophies of reality have dominated human thought:

  • The first mythic age of subjective, anthropomorphic thought made man the center of the Universe made to the image and likeness of a personal, human-like god.
  • Objective, Greek science denied this selfie ego-trip of the human being and made of logic Nature, the ‘Mind’ of an organic, fractal cyclical universe,  of which we were all  imperfect ‘images’ (Plato).
  • This holistic vision of Nature has always permeated its perennial, scientific philosophy, but the excessive development of mechanisms to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes, microscopes) enthroned in the XVI century, as humans learned to measure more accurately the world with those mechanic senses,  a simple mechanist model with the machine as the measure of all things, the clock, the absolute measure of  time, which reduced all the processes of time=change to simple locomotions in space (physical time change: t=s/v). Machines now measured time with a single absolute clock (Newton) and space with a single telescope. So science ditched human verbal time and visual art, as forms of time-space knowledge, and dethroned the organism as the measure of all things. Mechanism was born.  Further on, as machines measured ‘lineal distances’ and ‘time was a single infinite clock’, the cyclical concept of time=change, with 2 dimensions yin and yang, ‘information’ and ‘entropy’, form and motion, mind and body, was lost. A cycle requires two dimensions to form, a single line clock only one dimension and one measure. Yet this age of mechanist simple science ran into growing difficulties in the XIX c.

Further on in the XX century quantum physics and relativity found that vacuum space was quantised and had energy and time clocks were many with different speeds. So the single clock single space single time hypothesis was broken. We were in a Universe of infinite cycles of time, with different speeds, each one breaking space into ‘quants’ surrounded by the time ‘membrane’, making reality a fractal complex organic Universe. How to explain it?

  • It is then when Evolution and a complete different concept – time as change of information not only of space motions proves the key ‘forgotten time dimension’ needed to close a cycle and explains the other range of changes found in nature. Since.  there were more forms of change=time besides locomotions  and to understand biology, economics and history (Darwin, Marx, Schumpeter) we had to study changes in the information of beings, not only in its entropy and energy. So a new paradigm of science opened, with the understanding of dimensions of form, of information, of a scalar structure of space, of multiple time cycles that carry that information, through fractal non-euclidean points and networks.

All this is being resolved mathematically in small details but we still lack the whole model and a philosophy of science and the Universe  fully upgraded, beyond the ‘deist’ and ‘mechanist’ age of science into a fully organic, fractal model of multiple quanta of space and time cycles, with both arrows of future time=change, entropy and information and its ‘energetic, present combinations’, CREATING ALL BEINGS OF THE WORLD:

In the graph some multiple scalar models of the 3 elements of the Universe, Spe-entropy, ST-energy and Tiƒ information.

This model of the complex Universe made of 2 arrows of time, past-entropy and future-information that create the present finite energy cycles and beings of reality, is what this blog provides with a new mathematical and logic formalism, which both simplifies the ultimate principles of reality and reveals many solutions and hidden laws of science, which come naturally when we properly understand the 2 arrows of time:

In the graph, scientific knowledge has evolved into degrees of objectivity that have displaced man from the center of the Universe in 3 ages. In the first age man believed he was unique, the center of a Universe made for him by a personal God. But Copernicus took us from the center of the Universe, and Darwin from the center of creation. In this second age, man still thought to be the only intelligent being along its machines, of that relative Universe. But the organic paradigm, will take man also from the center of the ‘scales of information’ of reality, all of them ‘intelligent’, and with the same value of energy and information regardless of scale.

Let us then consider an overview of the previous ‘paradigm of philosophy of science’, physics, with the wealth of discoveries we have reached so far, to show you how we can enlighten so much knowledge with the simple ‘Copernican method’ of putting time and space in its proper ‘place’, which simplifies and enlightens everything that has to do with both.




Minds are Mirrors that map the Universe within an infinitesimal point, to reflect then through actions the mind-mapping in a biased selfish way, expressing as imaginative creative actions, the natural distortion which the self-centred language provokes into the being.

Mental Stiences in each species might differ in language and mapping, but always imply a back and forth, reversal motion from Universe to mind to Universe, in which the mind will express according to the mirror, its program of survival and existence. And that is the self, which is the same for an atom, a human being, a lion or a black hole, as observed in the selfish acts of survival of all of them.

Artistic, proper human senses: verbal modes of time, literature and ethics (Tiƒ) and visual modes of space (Arts)
Mechanical senses: clocks that measure time digitally and telescopes and microscopes which see all the fractal §cales of reality.
Thus the absurd belief of enzymen who worship mechanisms and its digital senses as superior to those of man, makes no ‘sense’ at all, as humans DO have their own visual and verbal, aesthetic and ethic mind mirrors of the whole.

All this said conscious of where we live, I will not dwell so much in this intro on art and ethics, studied in depth in our web on ‘evolutionaryeconomics.wordpress’ dedicated to human sciences but on the purest, most extended languages of most species, maths and logic.

Yet the maths and logic of ‘God’, the mind of the Universe are of a ‘higher kind’ than those of man’ (Saint Augustine).

The immediate consequences of changing the outlook of the ultimate 2 elements of reality completely upgrade our vision of physical systems. The reader will notice if he keeps reading this blog that we will resolve for all sciences multiple unanswered questions and we will have to re-interpret many information, as we better focus the truths of the underlying concepts of space-time – and this is a task that starts in the bare bone human languages of those 2 substances, logic of time and mathematics of space, which now will be considered Non-euclidean and Non-Aristotelian. As all beings made of space-time are.


‘The universe is a supœrganism, the body of a mind called God≈Logos’ Plato…

‘…of a (non-AE) Logic higher than the Aristotelian (@) human mind’ Augustine

So how the mind of the scientist looks at the Universe with those languages?

Easy: extracting the topological (logic & mathematical SPACE-TIME symmetries), & organic, biological properties (due to the co-existence of ∆-scales in the same §upœrganisms) of the being, explaining it with BOTH human languages of space and time (geometric maths and verbal logic).

So of course, our analysis of the mind implies a complete upgrading of those 3 ‘foundational sciences’, ‘logic’, ‘mathematics’ & organicism-systems.

The generator of maths

We state that all what exists is a fractal being of ‘∆•st’, dust of space-time, with 3±o components, spatial entropy, temporal information (its energetic combinations), extended across several scales of relative size in space and speed of time clocks from forces to Universes (ab.∆), which is apperceived in a Leibnizian way by a mind, the linguistic software that codes the GST laws in a biological survival language for the system to ‘see’. We humans use words, but most of the biological world uses ‘light’ and its 4-fold grammar of red-entropy, blue-form, yellow energy and green information.

Or simpler languages of black-information, white-energy, or ternary games of red-entropy, green-energy and blue-form. But always at least 2 elements. So does math in its minimal o-| models of computer thought, through the 10-social scales of the decametric ‘tetraktys’ explained elsewhere.

So we need always to define 2, 3 or 4 elements of reality for any species, science, event and linguistic form. The result being the GST, GENERATOR of a system, which can get more complex, from 1, the name, to 2, the yin-yang, space-time, to 3, the entropy-energy-form, to 4, the Spe,St (energy proper) x Ts (Information proper) T (DIMENSIONAL FORM).

So the Correspondence of Mathematics and reality is immediate, as mathematics STARTED, with 2 branches, its B&W (arithmetics of time-numbers and geometry of points). Then developed into 3 branches: Space≈Geometry, Time≈Algebra and 5D≈Analysis. An  finally developed the 4th element, the mind-languag of mathematics itself – set theory and the axiomatic method, which we consider superfluous, a 3rd age of excessive information that has taken maths away from empirical knowledge and intuitive understanding (of the 3 schools of philosophy of math, obviously we are closer to the intuitive and reject the axiomatic, dominant in the 3rd imploding age of all language that separates from reality and looks at itself).

The generator equation of mathematics is thus simple:

Γ (Time): Spe (Geometry>Analytic Geometry>Time Geometry > 5D Topology) x  Tiƒ (Arithmetic > Algebra) = 5D Planes (calculus>analysis)

Thus corresponding to the 3 parts of the Universe, there are 3 types of mathematical sub-disciplines:

∆nalysis, STopology and ¬Ælgebra. 

We shall just look now very briefly to the beginning and end of the evolution of geometry, which started with Pythagoras and ended with topology and Non-euclidean geometry that we shall further evolve.

You think you knew the Pythagoras theorem?

Where is the maths in all this? We insist the maths are well-known so we shall not dwell on them, though we shall enlighten maths also with the a priori ‘Axioms’ of GST (cyclical time, fractal space, holographic principle of bidimensional space and time which come together into ST-presents), from where we will deduce the 5 ‘postulates of non-Euclidean geometry’, basis of the next ‘LAYER’ of causal science: i-logic mathematics, the upgrading of mathematics, which will further ‘enlighten’ mathematical physics.

It must be understood in that sense, why we do have 4 lines in this blog to rebuild 400 years of human knowledge till i get tired of it and leave as ‘Descartes’ said things to do to further ‘disciples’ (:oh, well yes we genius are very lazy people (: the point is to start from the foundations (first line), will gives ‘slack’ to define the fundamental knowledge of sciences in the second line at a ‘relatively’ simple level (now in construction).

While the huge wealth of knowledge of the past century, will need a more ‘pro’ approach in the 2nd line of ‘isomorphisms’, to go with the 4th line studying with pure GST each science and all its laws.

So this first line on theory and the one with explicit name for sciences is the ‘theoretical minimum’ and it starts from very first principles, but alas, all can be enlightened again. Indeed, when I was young there were few people I truly admired. One of them was Einstein, though latter i would think he was overrated. Now being old I enjoy most, his quips and collateral work. So one thing stroke me when young – a new demonstration of the Pythagoras theorem, the first theorem of maths, which seemed so simple and without nothing deeper, based in the ‘scales’ and self-similarities of its ratios, pure ‘fractal paradigm’. Now can we get more of it with GST, as an example on how you must really look at all what you think you knew and see it with new eyes and cyclical corrections? Oh yes we do. As it will happen, the deepest revelations will come ALWAYS from the simplest theorems as they are at the base of all other knowledge, the pedantic scholar of the XXI century thinks is the ‘new physics’ as if the ‘old stuff’ was all dogma of truth. Not so. Thus before we make a fast on-slaughter on all those dogmas of physics, we give you the ‘Einstein tease’; another proof of Pythagoras.

We have told you that the universe is a bidimensional hologram of space & time like forms; or a ternary one, if we add the result of mixing space and time into an st PRESENT, or a fifth dimensional game of scales of ternary and bidimensional holographs.  So from those simple principles we shall in maths find many enlightening thoughts. Now, the Pythagoras theorem is obvious: the bidimensional sides of a triangle ad up to the bidimensional diagonal. Thus we write: A(ST) + B(TS) = C (S). But why A is a function of T (obviously it is the smaller), b of ST and c of S? Ultimately because the triangle is a fourier sum of waves, and c is  always the largest volume of bidimensional space; hence the entropic ∆-1 flat field that feeds both the body and the head of the system.

And so b and a will be the ST-body and Tiƒ-head of the system, expressed in terms of the entropy they consume; which in the most perfect systems, will in fact be similar in a balance body-head, wave-particle, ST≈tiƒ, which tends to be the rule.  So much then we can extract knowing GST of the relationships of the simplest forms of mathematics (and also of the complex ones).

But Alas, if x²+y²=z², according to the holographic principle, why not x³+y³=z³? Precisely because the Universe is in each scale a bidimensional holography of space & time. And this ‘proof in less than a margin’ of the most famous unproved Theorem by any human mind (a computer did it in thousands of pages), called the Fermat Grand THEOREM, is a clear proof of GST.

Two more examples will suffice on the original work of Pythagoras illuminated by GST:


Pythagoras as Plato latter said that numbers are forms, as they were in the earlier age of mathematical geometry, where a number was a group of points, whose form mattered. So HE REALIZED 10 was the perfect number, because of its perfect form.

And indeed the internal structure of any being reaches its perfect efficiency with a 3 x 3 +0-mind  symmetry of form and function; where each part-number performs one of the 3 physiological entropy, energy, information jobs of the system and the central mind-number in contact with them all coordinates its functions.
So  we also talk of 10 inner dimensions or ‘sub-systems’, represented by a tetraktys:
In the graph, each 3 corners are sub-systems of ‘Information, entropy/motion and Energy/reproduction’ put together by a central 10th dimension (the black ball/hole/point/knot that messes with all of them). Indeed the central point of the ideal tetraktys communicates with all the other parts and embodies the whole that ’emerges’ as a point in a higher ∆+1 world.
Thus we talk of  the ‘subsystems’ of a being.
For example, a human being is defined in medicine as a system of cells, attached by 10 sub-systems:
screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-17-39-41 screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-17-40-20

In the upper left graph the 3 ST-ructural sub-systems of the human body, which are its structural forms (membrane, sustain and motion).

In the bottom the 3 ‘chemical Tiƒ’ systems or hormonal brain (creative, distributive and reproductive)

In the middle the 10th system (nervous system)

And in the upper right 2 of the 3 ‘Spe’ Subsystems lymphatic, digestive (not portrayed the urinary/excretor system)

The 3 waves. Finally Pythagoras is remembered by a 3rd discovery, that of the harmony of music.

Schopenhauer, by far the best philosopher of the industrial age, said that music encodes the secret program of time in its rhythms.

So thought Pythagoras when he found the perfect harmony of the ‘fifth’, the musical chord obtained by plugging 1/3rd or 2/3rds of a string, attached to a point of future and past, the birth and death of the frequency of its world cycle.

As you can see in the next image, if we consider the vibration of the string, the simplest possible world cycle going from 0 to 1 and back to 0; the string will wave back and forth 3 times, increasing each time the ‘information’ it carries and diminishing its entropy≈energy≈amplitude. And the perfect form will be reached in the most harmonious sound produced at 1/3rd, in the change of age or state of the system. But what is more beautiful, time waves back and forth 3 durations and we can fusion them as Nature does in a single ‘social being’, integral of all those webs. This is called the Fourier transform, and in complex 5D metric is the essential equation of time cycles; since it keeps adding on ‘social scales’ of larger simpler wholes (the single wave) and smaller more informative parts. And finally ’emerges’ as a ‘single being’, a square wave:


screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-12-41-47The beauty of i-logic mathematics thus will the reside in its capacity to express (as music does in human arts, with its 3 elements, ∆±1 3 scales, T-beat, ST-melody and S-ynchornicity of instruments) the purest GST laws.

Now this was the beginning of geometry, and we have seen how much GST can extract from it.

Then there was of course pi, and the legend has it that when Pi-thagoras found it to be not exact, but a fluctuating dynamic open and closed number which always made the circle both a spiral inwards (-π:tiƒ) an outwards spiral (+π… Spe) and a steady state (St=pi closed cycle) fluctuation, as a ratio that transforms 3 Spe into one Tiƒ, he hang himself desperado that the world was not perfect and static. When I found it on the other hand, i started my journey.

If you are mathematically inclined the easiest revelations with a ‘little bit of thought’ are enormous if you can ‘switch’ from a continuous lineal description of time as duration, with the more ‘detailed’ and real description of cyclical, discontinuous time cycles that move in ‘steps’. Indeed, consider for example the car, as a whole that seems to move in lineal time, but in fact it is the sum of the cyclical steps of its wheels. Both are equivalent mathematically but the analysis of each wheel step gives us MORE information. And this will be the constant of this blog: you will find a lot of new information and laws of science that were hidden by the simplification of using the continuous sums of time cycles, ‘erasing’ in the process the form and frequency of those cyclical steps.

So we close this intro with the meaning of Universal constants.

Universal ratios/constants: Beings as Knots of Constant Cyclic Space-Time Actions

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-18-37 screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-06-38



In graph, the 2 fundamental mathematical and physical constants of Nature

We shall depart from their ‘unification’ to explain how the Universe creates reality departing from those ‘perfect rations of energy and information’. As such G and Q can be easily unified as two space time vortices of 2 scales of nature, the quantum and gravitational scale, showing the ratios between distance/speed/lineal space and time cycles/curvatures.

The 3 main constants of mathematics are directly related to the fundamental generator of space-time:

  1. pi, relates the transformation of spatial field of entropy into a vortex of temporal information: 3 x ( Spe)  > ∏ Tiƒ.
  2. e the constant of the only function, which is a derivative of itself, eª  represents the fundamental function of reproduction of any system, at the lower ‘cellular scale’, as the system increases by a derivative at each step.
  3. Phi, the golden ratio is essentially the ratio of a bidimensional ‘page of information, whereas  ST=φ and Tiƒ=1. Therefore it is connected to the proportion of energy needed to breed an ‘informative’ head. Yet both the particle and the body-wave arise from a field of entropy, and so if we consider the whole to be Spe, the field of entropy which feeds both: Spe= ST+Tiƒ, gives us the golden ratio and once more, ST gives rise to the particle head, in a series of inclusive parts. So Spe, the whole is to ST as ST is to Tiƒ.

To notice that both, π (+3.14) and e (2.81) are close to 3 by a minimal difference of +0.1, as ultimately the curvature of 3 lineal elements makes a larger cycle with aperture-wholes, while the reproduction of a system extracts energy from its ternary parts to reproduce an infinitesimal or transfer a quanta of energy to the larger whole, x².

Dynamically we can define any space-time being as a knot of cyclical space-time  actions, ruled by the simple metric of 5D which define the parameters, limits and gradients of its exchanges of energy and information, with the different planes of the ∆-universe.

It is the detailed analysis of bit and bite by bit and bite of the being, as its r=evolves in its world cycles, pushed by quantum motions and stops that consume and feed its energy, ±∆3, splitting the ratios of energy and information of a ‘smaller being’; or ratios between the information and energy of a system, that gives us its ‘exi=st-ential power, in actions that put together as universal constants. Or exchanges of information in processes of social evolution that happen often in decametric scales, and measured as a population in space or process of evolution in time will show also its numeral constants.

Such constants tend to be constants of actions or ratios of feeding and perceiving energy and information or social evolution, and it will affect to ∆±∞ species of scales. Yet from the human ∆0 perspective, when they belong to huge super organisms (earth, galaxy, universe) they tend to be considered ‘universal’ and treated with the abstract reductionism of physics. They are though not different from the vital constants of local biological beings, and its functions are similar for the whole organism of the Universe. Consider for example, the Lamba cosmological constant that merely defines the 3 ages of an EFE space-time (gravitational). If it changes from 0 to ±0, it will define one of the 3 ‘topological ages’ of the Universe, the elliptic, hyperbolic or flat, old steady state, young age of the Universe.

Other constants represent flows between ∆±1 scales, when two species exchange energy and information ,as part of their social activity and creation of symbiotic space-time cycles.

Thus constants express form and function and ratios of energy and information, within the generator equation. It follows that each system of the Universe has its constants. And while we seem obsessed by physical constants of the larger Universe, those are a small part of them.

Indeed, the number of Universal constants of the larger super organisms of mankind – the galaxy-universe and its symmetries in the lower ∆-3 scale, the atom – is far inferior though to the enormous number of local constants, as the creative Universe form resonant frequencies, synchronicities and flows of energy and information between ∆st• beings constantly.

Finally to notice that those constants are dynamic motions and exchanges of energy and information. So while here we treat them mostly quantitatively in the next isomorphism, we develop them from a qualitative point of view.

Now the fact that mathematical constants are RATIOS NOT NUMBERS, AND HENCE IRRATIONAL NUMBERS ARE RATIOS TOO, and they are most of the numbers of the real line sets up the possibility of infinite mathematical games of existence encoded in the ratios of those irrational numbers. But ratios of what? Normally of topological motions which exchange energy and information, between parts or entities of the Universe. So they are ultimately the constants of time motions of the Universe,  which change state along its ternary elements of Γ=GST and dual or ternary ‘social structures and networks’.





Thus, we stress again that Pi and e, and φ, the ratios of basic Spe<st>Tiƒ transformations and events:

  • π: 3 |spe > O-Tiƒ;
  • e: ∇1 e->∆1+∆º
  • φ: œ=Tif+ST
  • 10: 10 §º  ≈ §¹

And so those are the fundamental constants of Nature.

Phi, the ‘minor’ universal constant: the golden ratio.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-16-36-43While phi is the golden ratio of proportions of the 3 topological parts of the being, expressly the commonest ratio of the function Tiƒ (height)/Spe (length), proper of a bidimensional form of in-form-ation.

Thus the answer to why those are the constants of nature and no others is obvious: ONCE THOSE RATIOS CAN BE understood as the perfect algebraic expression of the main motions/events of any species of ternary Spe<ST>Tiƒ elements in the Universe, CERTAINLY, those ratios/events are more efficient and SURVIVE BETTER AS THEY ARE MORE HARMONIC.

®-mathematics: The fractal point-knot of space-time as a mind.

But the end of modern mathematics Рcan we enlighten it further with the laws of ƥst of space-time?

Indeed, XX c. was about topology and we used extensively its 3 varieties to define organic space, but GST will go further with the completion of…


The formalism of ∆-planes: Non-Euclidean definitions.

5D isomorphisms show a Universe made of multiple scales of broken, intertwined ‘spacetime’ membranes. Thus, its formalism must combine geometric equations and causal, logic, sequential time laws.

So we need to upgrade our simplex space language (continuous single space defined by Euclidean geometry) and time causality (Aristotelian one-dimensional causality from past to future, A->B) to explain multiple spatial scales and 3 time dimensions, past-energy and future-information combined into complementary, present beings. I baptized this new mathematic-logic formalism, ‘i-logic geometry’ that completes the 5 Postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry.

What mathematicians did was rather a runaway path. Because once geometers realized that multiple lines can cross a point, they could not use any longer the Euclidean definitions.

Now points, lines, planes and equality could no longer hold under the definitions of Euclid (points, lines and planes with no breadth), they remained undefined, when Hilbert, the father of modern mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine lines, points, planes…’.

Instead the proper solution was to redefine them in terms of their ‘inner parts’ as fractal points that grew in size when we observed them with a more detailed ‘hyperbolic geometrical view’, as that unveiled by non-E mathematics. So we ‘create new postulates of geometry’ by defining its essential elements, points, lines, planes and the laws of congruence (similarity) between them, as well as re-interpreting the concept of a Non-Euclidean point crossed by infinite parallels (5th postulate) in terms of a mind that absorbs flows of energy and information: O-mind x ∞ time cycles = Spacetime mapping.

So T.œ redefines points, planes and line-waves and their relative laws of equality (also called congruence) and continuity (which no longer holds), to refound mathematics on the basis of a far more realist view of its laws as ‘experimental laws’ that reflect the geometry of the 5th dimension and the complex casualty of a world with multiple time motions. And consider that those points with volume form social ‘numbers’, whose laws are therefore related to the laws of the 5th dimension that brings parts into social wholes.

Einstein used the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean Geometry (Points through which multiple parallels can cross), to describe the structure of Gravitational space, using a single clock, the 4th present time dimension.

 Tƒ complete his analysis, we expand Non-Euclidean geometry, adapting the 3 Geometric, Euclidean definitions to multiple ∆-spaces and the 2 logic postulates (3rd& 5th) redefining identity and causality using the 3 dimensions of time.

– 1st Postulate: ‘A fractal point shows 3D volume as we come closer to it’Since only fractal points, which grow in volume as we come closer to their scale, can fit multiple parallels.

– 2nd postulate: ‘A line-wave is made of ∆-1 points with ‘breath’ that communicate energy and information among ∆-points’.

–  4th postulate: a plane is a discontinuous network of fractal points joined by waves of energy and information that leave interstitial dark spaces. (Particles in physical planes, cells in biological spaces and so on.)

– 3rd postulate: ‘2 entities are ‘equal’, when both, their external form (Euclidean definition) and internal 3D parts are identical.’

Yet since we cannot perceive the complete internal information of 2 points, still and isolated by its external membrane (Galilean Paradox) instead of equality we talk of degrees of ‘similarity’.

So Isomorphisms between entities of different scales are NOT equalities but ‘similarities’.

-5th Postulate: ‘0-Points gauge information & energy, transforming waves of external ∆-i points into inner body cells and mind’s pixels.’

And so the fifth postulate formalises the Galilean-Ego Paradox:

‘Every point of view=mind feels, subjectively, from his point to view, the center of the Universe, but it is only a zero-point, an infinitesimal mirror, which maps in stillness a minimal part of the ∞ information of the ∞ Universe’.

As Aristotle put it, ‘there are ∞ Gods, still minds that order and move the energy that surrounds them’.

Thus we define a sequential, causal behaviour in all systems, which start with the perception of the mind that absorbs entropy to create body åctions:

– ∆ï -> ∏∆+1(mind’s creation) ->  ∆Sp (entropy feeding) -> ∑Sp X Tƒ (cellular reproduction)

This ‘Existential algebra’ is the ultimate formalism of GST, which advanced researchers will use in the future to model all realities, but we shall try to keep ad minimal except in the 2nd  line of isomorphisms which will develop the language and fourth line, applied to high-level science.






It is then clear that we are expanding our notion of space from a single continuum to a scalar, fractal quantum-like structure of relative point-beings joined by networks which can be formalised with a new dimension of space-time, based in the scalar sizes that co-exist together, on one side. On the other side we are considering time cycles, which explains neatly this fractal structure, as cycles break systems in inner and outer regions, and become points when seeing from far away. Yet on close analysis they do have volume, membranes that break reality, and that is indeed the ‘detailed view of reality as it is..

Indeed, some key properties of cyclical time self-evident in the graph, which will have enormous importance in the understanding of the existence of all space-time beings are:

  • A time cycle is closed and so breaks reality into an outer ‘world’ and inner ‘world’, the being’s vital space. So the Universe is a puzzle of Multiple, finite, fractal, closed number of time clocks and space regions, as all cycles enclose an internal and external regions, separated by the cycle (first theorem of topology and knot theory). Cyclical time is therefore in accordance with the quantum broken nature of space, found by quantum physics.
  • Different time speeds  in different regions of the Universe, as all cycles have finite size, so each particle that traces one closes the cycle in different durations. Cyclical time is therefore in correspondence with Einstein’s relativity which found the Universe to have regions with different time speed.
  • And finally time is BIDIMENSIONAL AS A CYCLE HAS 2 DIMENSIONS, FREUQUENCY AND HEIGHT, as it has information, which is as the image you see a bidimensional sheet/screen. So INFORMATION IS THE STATIC VIEW OF THE ‘form’ OF A TIME CYCLE. IT IS THE cyclical FORMAL motion, stored in those clock-cycles. So information is the still perception or form of a time cycle.

Any physicist knows that those 3 principles, quantum space, different relative time speeds and the discovery after II w.w. of the bidimensional nature of information (Holographic principle) are the 3 fundamental principles of XX c. physics.

So XXI c. physics; (: this blog :) starts with those 3 principles ‘explained’ in its ‘whys’ not only its hows.

And then depart from those principles as an albatross of thought, to rise into the gliding spheres of the fifth dimension, looking with new perspectives to all what exists down there in present science.


The need for more than a language to describe the wholeness of physical systems.
screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-15-09-10Physics is wrong in its concepts and right in its equations. To understand this, wecould be to compare it with the duality of Chinese language. In the graph, it is possible to write in Chinese perfectly, as physicists write in equations, and make completely sense, without understanding a dot of it in verbal languages, the ‘natural conceptual language of people’. So a writer of mathematical physics will be right in its equations and fully use them for practical purposes, but it will ignore the conceptual, verbal meaning of those signs.

And this is essentially what happens due to the errors of cyclical time and fractal space. Cyclical time measured by frequencies is the inverse of time duration, so in equations, t=1/ƒ are both right. But conceptually we shall ad an entire new ‘world of subtle differences’, thanks to our advanced ‘verbal thought’. Moreover, while there are only a standard ‘traditional’ and modern way to write mathematical physics (due mainly to the evolution of the language of mathematics), the simplified language is quite good to convey most meanings, even if the more complex has much more depth of meaning and symbols. So we shall find that for example, the 4 constructions of gravitation, Newton’s T-vortices of time; Einstein’s, S-imultaneous pictures of the vortices in greater detail; Poison’s gradient in ∆-scales and the Hamiltonian-Lagrangian more elegant, •-mental description of the whole mechanics (preferred), are variations of the same theme; as often in chinese the subtle differences of pronunciation give us variations of meaning.

But if we do not know both languages, the wholeness and richness of Chinese and Physical systems would be lost to us, and we could on top make silly errors, as those foreigners do with the word ma in its 4 tones, unable to distinguish them, and so calling a mother a joint, or even worst, a horse. And physicists, we shall find do have many of those errors