If you don’t know the scientific true laws of chemistry you can’t control a chemical reaction. And since to improve history is the second objective of these texts we need first to find the truth with warts and all. Once the biological truths of mankind and the machine are known we can design forms to manipulate it for the benefit of man. Indeed, following the previous example, we do not learn chemistry just because we wanted to wonder about the beauty of the benzene ring, but because we wanted to make useful plastics and gas with it. That is:

D) offers sound efficient natural models  of history and economics, of politics and culture, which if implemented could solve the problems of the world and create an immortal super organism of history – a humanist praxis which is different from anthropomorphic myths. D) means to offer policies to create a better, human world.

Since, unlike classic economists, working traditionally for corporations, whose only aim is to increase ‘production’ (GDP) and the wealth of the 1%, this new discipline offers a more objective point of view, of the two sides of economic growth, and a non-abstract more scientific analysis of the nature of machines, cultures and the interaction between humans and metal organisms.

We have done so, and now is time to consider the solutions to the chip radiation of e-money, blue collar robots and white collar pcs. The solutions in that sense are simple, biological: to extinguish the species that menace mankind and to control from the human perspective of the 90% the language of e-money that reproduces them, switching its use to the reproduction of the welfare goods humans need to survive.

In Economical science, it is known that to create employment, since productivity fires workers, you need at least to grow GDP 0.5% more than productivity.

So with growth around 2% of annual productivity due to robotics, there is NO way that unemployment goes down unless two measures, which are immediate if we consider a humanist, biological science of economics and history apply:

  • Legal Prohibition of robotics, on the biological grounds of an imperative mandate – the survival of the human species must be the bottom line that cannot be crossed under any excuse. Thus since military robots are a menace to our direct surveil and blue collar robots  an indirect menace by eliminating human labor, they should be forbidden, as we forbid the overproduction of lethal viruses, ebola or aids, in biological terms.
  • End of the monopoly on the production of money by financiers and industrial corporations, which either keep it idle for themselves (financiers, 1%) or invest it only in the evolution and reproduction of machines and the automation of its factories. This requires a massive Global Deal with investments in the welfare sector that requires human labor and provides the WHealthy, healthy wealth – that is, the biological products humans need to survive. The best way to do it, though is not, by letting corrupted politicians to invent money (though latter we will design a real democracy according to the efficient laws of ‘nervous systems), but creating a true ‘democratic economy’. Since the language of social power  which is today money, not the law must be issued for people. Thus a Universal Salary to create massive demand in human goods and end death by poverty should be the fundamental ‘private market’ way of creating demand and hence production in welfare goods. This could be achieved  with the creation of an international currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity, €=$=100 yens=5 guans, to avoid currency wars, which should pay to each citizen of those nations a 1000 monthly salary, which is about 1/2 of the money produced today by corporations, completely shifting the model of the economy from one based in the production and evolution of machine to one based in the production of welfare goods and the evolution of humanity.

Now those two measures would NOT be even argued in a biological world ruled by a true social science that understands the biological nature of the planet, its human beings and its machines. Because the collective goal of mankind would be the survival of all the citizens-cells of the human species; and the true values of real democracies, based in equal laws, justice, real Whealth – welfare and human issue of money and freedom – repression of lethal goods that limit our freedoms and kill and degrade our bodies and minds. And this bottom line would never be crossed. And established with those 2 laws.

 Yet paradoxically, the welfare sector the only labor still in the hands of human workers is reduced by the policies against the sovereign right to issue money of our ‘corrupted politicos’, obliged to reduce deficits and without rights to invent money for that welfare state to allow the financial sector to keep inventing it for the 1%.

While neo-classic economists that still believe Adam Smith’s pre-industrial dogma that future technology will always create jobs and work for corporations that increase profits with tool machines, deny the obvious process of obsolescence of human workers. And so their policies, applied by central bankers, are aggravating the crisis by denying money to the welfare sector and handling it at null interest to corporations that use it to automate factories.  But they explain it all with abstract jargons and nobody understands it.

In that regard, history and its equation is coming to a climax. The lesser probability is a humanist r=evolution. But it is mandatory because business as usual according to those cycles is all too evident – a final industrial robotic global war between the two superpowers of the robotic age, China and America, as it happened at the end of the previous cycles.

This is the world we live in: a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which illegitimately own and monopolise the free issue of money and the law they buy with it. By definition, if we hold legitimate only democracies, that is, the government of the people, all dictators and bankers are illegitimate owners of the 2 languages of social power, the law and the language of money, they produce illegitimately, as they have stolen the right and ‘fundamental property’ of a democracy – to be the government of the people –  with an obvious goal: to ‘govern them.’

Corporations and financiers produce for free without limit money on markets and banks, while humans have to work to earn their ‘Universal salary’ and exercise monetary orders of consumption. And as if that were not enough, they are on top are parasited with taxation by the government who spends most of it NOT on the people and their ‘welfare, survival,biological needs’ but on the military, the repression of the people, the corruption of politicalise and different extortions and subventions to corporations and financiers.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious: today there is not a single perfect political and economical democracy in the world, where laws are voted by referendum (which could be easily implemented with internet, in house of voting for local, state, national and international laws) and money is voted by citizens (with a Universal salary that would kick with consumption and work orders the production of the basic goods . The only ‘imperfect’ economic democracy where money is reproduced by the humans super organism, the government, China, is a political dictatorship.

While those nations which have more or less free election systems are owned by private dynasties of bankers, most from the same culture that owns america (whose empire roughly includes all western european nations and its former colonial empires), which therefore controls all the positive actions of that world.

Now the reader should understand the biological, organic structure of the world and its eco(nomic)system. As in any super organism, and mankind is one, in which all citizens are ‘cells’ of the species, two systems control it, a nervous, informative, negative system that gives pain orders, and an blood, reproductive, energetic, economic, financial one, that gives positive orders. Contrary to belief, this system is the most important as it makes the cells-citizens work. Money is in that sense a language of information, hence not wealth per se, but a language of power.

As words are. Indeed, we do NOT consider words wealth, but we use it to think, then motivate us or others to act. Money does the same, with more efficiency as it is a digital language and mathematics is a more efficient language than words. So money exists to give orders of work and make people act, as words do, but with more efficiency. Hence those who reproduce legal words and money control the world. Point.

There is no complexity to it. A democracy then would be a society in which money and the law is reproduced by humans (through referendums and a Universal salary) or in a second best by their elected people (governments). Otherwise we live in a legal dictatorship (single parties, monarchies etc) or in a financial dictatorship (private banking). And this is the case in the west.

We live in a financial, ‘historic’ dictatorship, against which most western nations tried r=evolutions with little success (unlike their political r=evolutions which did oust military and single party dictatorships).

And this dictatorship is rather simple: private dynasties of bankers, mostly from the same historic culture, which discovered money in the bronze age, and called themselves the ‘people of the treasure’, (ill translated as ‘chosen people’) realised very early in history that they  could control people as slaves and workers giving orders with money. So money became a fetish of the culture, which fought for 3000 years to control mankind with it, against military people, kings, who tried to control it with weapons and ‘democratic people’ who tried to give power to all of mankind with democracies and laws.

They also became ‘cultures’, marked by their language of power, as their elites became warrior-kings, banker-priests, and legal politicians. Latter we will deal with the historic, cultural memes of those 3 cultures, which have fought for the future of history (for example, the germanic essential military culture developed a long language, of agglutinative words, similar to their swords, without subject, which allowed to objectify the humans they killed, and called themselves goths, the tribe of gods, because they would murder anyone who opposed them, and created an entire culture of lineal memes, from lineal time physics, to cannonballs).

This we introduce early, so the reader realises that indeed, economics and history are intertwined deeply at all levels.

But again, we must stress that power is simple. And there are 3 languages of power. Weapons, and if you don’t obey ‘metal-energy’, the warrior kills you. So you obey, and this is a military dictatorship. Money, which was a precious metal, whose imitation of the sun hypnotised the eye, provoking greed. And so people will kill for his bankers, to obtain the fetish go(l)d. And this is a financial dictatorship. And then elected laws, which is the only human biological language of power, that is not made of metal, and so cares for human beings, the only real democratic language that should control the production of weapons and money for the collective good.

But this does not happen and people don’t even understand those self-evident truths. Why? Because obviously those cultures have been hard at work for 3000 years to construct all kind of myths that go from nationalistic memes that divide the human species into tribal subspecies, the homo americanus, the homo britanicus, etc. so they break the darwinian law of love to the species, to capitalist memes that convince people that not TO CONTROL the language of social power, money and leave it in the hands of private bankers, for their selfish use, is FREEDOM!!

IN THAT REGARD, all what is complex in economic science and finances, is there so the people who reproduce money in monopoly, bankers and speculators, can hide under a screen of damned lies and statistics, and people feel happy being their debt slaves.

To that aim of course, it is important than people do not understand that money as words, are just a language of information, free to reproduce as numbers are in papers and digital screens, whose use is to give order and control the world. Instead, they are told money is wealth per se, and in an absurd circle they are told ‘words of money’, must be returned. That is, like if you had to return your thoughts or the words of your boss. Money has no value, it is just an order to put in march the economic productive system.

So if mankind control it, it would demand orders of production of welfare goods it needs to survive (or in its defect, the governments elected by people). This is so truth that even a party dictatorship like China, the only nation that has politicians controlling money , uses it to reproduce welfare goods and grows 10%, as opposed to a racist, globalised historic primitive, religious culture that cares nothing for humanity and misuses to pay mercenary wars, fictions to distract the people and corrupt politicians,and controls western money, wasting it and making the west grow only 1%.

And this happens because they overproduce money for wars, for fictions, for corruption of politicians, for hate memes against all others, for hiding conspirators theories, and for robots and mechanical workers which displace humans, BUT SPECIALLY TO CREATE DEBT SLAVES AND ROB THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, with usury schemes, as if money had to be ‘returned’ after its use giving orders of work.

IT HAS NOT. MONEY IS NOT DEBT. DEBT IS PURE PARASITISM. It is like if you could GIVE VERBAL ORDERS OF SLAVERY TO PEOPLE, MAKING THEM WORK FOR FREE BECAUSE YOU ORDER IT WITH WORDS. And this is the conundrum: only if the west returns to a real democracy, takes back the reproduction of money and uses it, Chinese style to produce the goods we need, we shall survive.

Indeed, there is also the human side of power, with two variables: the political system, which has lost all power, as the language of social control, money is today produced only by financial corporations, and their ‘property’, industrial systems; and the cultural system – as financiers in the west which sets all the trends of the world belong overwhelmingly to a single ‘biblical culture’.

So a humanist solution to those problems, which will be possible as long as A.I. has no self-consciousness, IS NOT HAPPENING, BECAUSE THE LACK OF DEMOCRACY MEANS the language of power to solve that problem, MONEY is not produced by mankind. Its production depends on an elite culture, the Banksters of the “People of the Treasure” that reproduces money in monopoly and sets the agenda of the future with financial orders of work and subventions to politicians.

Fact is such an anti-democratic system should be reformed, denationalizing the industry and returning to a world of public banks and private companies, regulated according to their products – so the lethal products of the chip radiation could be controlled.

The survival of mankind, implies the reformation of the economic ecosystem, with the prohibition of lethal robotics and the nationalization of the financial network of monetary power with a Yes-money Universal 1000 dollars salary to every one of the 7 billion humans to create a real democracy, is all what matters to us, to the world to social sciences TODAY.

All other themes  DONT MATTER COMPARE TO OUR SURVIVAL- and there are many, WHICH OBSESS humans, from wars to nationalisms, from terrorism to money, from sports to virtual fictions, from couples to sex are irrelevant to the highest of all goals. NOTHING will exist if the biological survival of the human species is NOT ensured this last century, by stopping the robotic r=evolution and by establishing a real democracy by control of laws and money.

We DO stress this fact because it seems 7 billions humans have forgotten it. Now I don’t care which is your theme and how insulted you feel when I break your taboos in this web. Our Theme is HUMANITY, our POSTULATE, and we do NOT accept any HIGHER idea, goal and purpose for HUMANITY (self-evident, tautological truth which seems also ignored by 7 billion humans who call themselves Christians or Jews, Americans or Hindis, Chinese or Chicagoans, ‘Sanchez’ or ‘Yang’ and think all those ‘names’ and its mind-mappings matter more than his life and his species.

That many of those idol-ogies CAMOUFLAGE under the POSTULATE of humanity, natural to all members of the species,  do not matter either. We shall unveil the ‘political and economical correctness’ of ALL THOSE ‘RACIST’ anti-humanist idol-ogies that substitute THE WHOLE – mankind by the PART, tribe, group, doctrine, nation, religion and hence are ABLE to harm the whole for the sake of the selfish part. This in biology is CALLED CANCER.  And while the cancerous cells feel entitled to survive, grow and multiply HUMANITY, the whole organism is NOT and should NOT agree, and if needed remove the cancer – mentally or physically. Point. This is the Universe, this is reality, this is the game of survival, take it or leave it and die.

But this, we shall repeat ad nauseam is the responsibility of those who lead the FMMI system, their head, the Financial-Media that produces the information and soma that deactivates all human reaction. It is a CRAZY HEAD, IN BIOLOGICAL TERMS, a cuckoo group of people with bronze age idol-ogies that hate mankind and will kill us all and themselves. How to cut that head ‘metaphorically’, that is take power from them and put a healthy head who loves mankind, takes care of his body, and use information in a positive way to regulate society? It is call r=evolution and it can come from the crazy head, if they change its crazy memes and care for mankind, or it can come from other neurons that take over, or it can come from pain messes of the body that r=evolve and change the world. Or it might not come, and then the crazy head will harm further the body till it collapses in wars that kill the body and holocausts that kill the head.

Problem is of course, as we all know, that crazy people DO NOT HEAR REASONS. So you just have to cure them by force.

SO WE SHALL CONCLUDE THIS INTRODUCTION WITH A VERY LENGTHY ANALYSIS OF THE DOMINANT CULTURE, WHICH RULES THE WORLD TODAY, AS IT OWNS THE WESTERN CORPORATIONS AND THE AMERICAN empire, the Jewish-Protestant go(l)d culture. Specifically we shall study the 3 ages of evolution of Capitalism, which was first a go(l)d fetish religion then a world of corporations owned by the Jewish-protestant culture, ruled by economic laws that translated through classic economics the racist mandates of those earlier slave cultures,  and now a series of computer programs that translate globally the total indifference for human kind, workers and the future of the tree of life.

And then we shall compare this idol-ogical no way out civilisation, which segregates the owners of corporations and finances, from the rest of mankind, which becomes expendable and his foreseeable end (the extinction of man), with the RULE OF THE WORLD BY SOCIAL SCIENCES, BY BIO-HISTORIANS, THE DREAM OF ASIMOV, ONLY THEORETICAL AS LONG AS THERE IS NOT A R=EVOLUTION.

Which explains why the true D is neither met in social sciences, even though it is the only solution to our survival and welfare.


The reversal of the equation of history: The Human constitution.


THEN WE CAN easily reverse the equation, merely by forbidding and cancelling credit to those goods society does not need.

Now, the only mathematical element of social sciences worth to mention is the analysis of the evolutionary, extinctive equation of animetal history and the need to change the perspective of the equation of metal-history, as it happens today:

Life (past) < History (animetal present) > Future (Machines), into the equation of human history as it should happen if we humans want to have a tomorrow:

Lethal machines (extinct) > welfare goods (reproduced) > humans evolved (future).

This is achieved in a LEGAL statement that we call the Human constitution that would create a WHealthy super organism of History, and should be the FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES, AS IT WAS IN THE AGE OF HUMANISM, AND EUSOCIAL PROPHETS OF LOVE AND TRUE SOCIAL(IST) SCIENTISTS – mind the reader ‘social sciences’ are by definition social-ists – (animetal idol-ogies are not sciences):

Human Constitution: WHealth:   Maximal human welfare goods x Min. lethal goods.

And it means to use the law, the verbal language of human power, internationally to forbid by ‘decree’ the science of robotics, as we forbid lethal Aids for being reproduced, and to give people a Universal salary, that is, to let them instead of corporations invent money to create NOT a supply economy (where the producer feed-forces on you its mechanical, lethal goods) but a demand economy, in which people with their Universal salary demand and kicks out the production of welfare goods.

But again we want to go much further than this ‘Theoretical Minimum’ that anyway no social scholar today follows, into the deepest laws of ‘complexity and eusocial evolution’, to fully grasp, the solutions to the world: namely a world without borders.

We could manage the world intelligently with the discoveries of information theory and systems sciences applied to social sciences – introduced in the second part of this blog and the above line on ‘Complex History’.

The law of immortality: do not get old, wrinkled, with an excess of form, of information.

So the next and most pressing question is if and how can we prolong the life of an organic system, how to reach immortality, in this case the immortality of history, the super organism of mankind or rather its resurrection before not only its social networks but also its cells, surrounded by the viral bacteria of the Mechanocene, its chips and robots are murdered.

This planet has always evolved towards degrees of higher information and biological efficiency, eliminating and degrading to slave/food roles those species who did not evolve, either socially as a multicellular whole, stronger organism, or individually. But human evolution is a very slow process compared to the evolution of machines that humans cannot match.

Hence the only solution to that differential which implies the loss of entire global systems of jobs when a machine reaches the same efficient than human beings is to halt its evolution. We shall latter prove this fact when we study complex sciences applied TO history and the fundamental strategy of immortality of all species of the Universe, NOT TO INCREASE THE INFORMATION OR ‘3RD OLD AGE’ OF THE SYSTEM. AND INDEED, only those systems or civilizations that did NOT increase their information survive and become immortal. This is the essence of true conservative policies, which should aim to preserve life in this planet.

So, yes, the Universe is cruel but just. And death, its true causes, and forms to avoid it MUST be understood scientifically if humans want to survive the present age of information, masterminded by the chip radiation of metal-minds, that is fast extinguishing all higher forms of human work.

But we can get a more detailed analysis on how to preserve the life of human social organisms, by comparing them with super organisms of nature.

So how we should design the world. We anticipate the obvious model of biology: the social super organisms of life which are run efficiently, as all CELLS DO GET ENOUGH oxygen-money, all have a Universal salary, none dies of hunger, as money is produced all over the body (bones produce the red cells that carry oxygen). And more over, the legal informative system the nervous system controls the ECONOMIC BLOOD SYSTEM. BUT IF POLITICIANS – NEURONS CREATE UNJUST LAWS AND BRING pain to the body the body can fire back pain.


This is NOT weird at all. It is how the first democracies worked in Greece.

In GREECE THE ELECTIONS WERE A POSTERIORI. ANY CITIZEN was chosen by ballot to run positions in power, except those, which were for specialist in war, finances, etc.

But then after tenure, they were judged by vote. And could be exiled even condemned to death.

Thus the universe does have models for establishing a perfect super organism of mankind, and they have been practiced and worked.

Also in the most successful civilization of earlier Neolithic history, Summer, with a massive amount of whealth and multiple cities over 15 thousand in population in a desert region with little water, money was wheat, and all received a quantity to eat. It was only when charioteers with bronze chariots and Bedouins with gold rings came and enslaved women, and killed priests that gold became money, whealth plummeted.

In that sense the overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons and metallic money, instead of tender legal money, created to credit WHealth, human biological goods, is again an aberration of nature, as all systems except inferior worms often poisoned by lethal goods they eat without discerning them, are ruled by the blood system. All other higher mammals are ruled by the Nervous, legal systems.

Thus the first thing those laws tell us is that the historian, which MUST be above the ECONOMIST, as the first care for mankind and the second in the present format cares for machines that should be OUR SLAVES and not the other way around, MUST BE a doctor of history.

His praxis like the doctor a practical biologist dedicated to the human individual is that of a doctor of all humans together. So his role is a mixture of Asimov’s Foundation bio-historians who understand the equations of history and guide the species with them, to use a scientific jargon, of the Eusocial Prophets of Love, which translated into an emotional mystique language that motivates humans to act, the Darwinian law of eusocial love to members of your own species that biology shows creates the most successful survival superorganisms (multicellular beings stronger than bacteria, and eusocial ants, the most successful animal on the planet) and an ideal world he should also be the ECONOMIST AND POLITICIAN, on charge of the nervous/informative and economic/blood, reproductive systems of a nation or civilization.

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competition with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life:

Max. Human Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods=Human Constitution

We shall repeat this simple Human Constitution mandala ad nauseam, because there is only this solution to History. You cannot evolve robots good and bad, because as Genesis put it, if you evolve the lethal goods of the tree of science, you will die. If you evolve robots, they will become terminators, and this is the limit, legal prohibition. And if you DO NOT GIVE A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO PEOPLE WHO will loose hundreds of millions of job, they will r=evolve and murder their elites and wars will break. They cannot eat without salaries. They need to kick production. THERE ARE NO JOBS this century, as Robots end the evolution of machines. Eliminate them and 500 million jobs will appear ‘suddenly’, and people will have something to do.

And this is what all the social scientists of history, in the verbal age prophets of eusocial love, in the modern age true social scientists that want to implement D, Democratic Demand reforms to the anti-human system have preached: Goods of the tree of life, repression of lethal goods of the tree of science.


And yet D)democratic solutions to the crisis are not happening, simply because there are animetal ‘CULTURES’, and its idol-ogical ‘hate-memes’ of greed and violence, the subconscious values brought about by the cultures of the Mechanocene that extinguish us.

For example, according to the laws of bio-history, nobody should earn in organic terms, 10 times more than the poorest employee of its company, which is the golden rule of all natural organisms in which the managerial neuronal cell caste gets 10 times more energy to direct the system. This was indeed what the Corporations in non-biblical capitalism (Japanese) do: the manager earns 10 times more. Why we let our stock-holders earn all without even working, just because they have printed money for free to buy out companies (basically all companies today belong to banks and speculator who can print e-money for free), MUST be studied NOT in the science of economics, but the science of politics, history, power and cultural memes; and the answer we anticipate is not nice.

Further on, the stock prices for of those mechanical corporations we want to freeze in their evolution should be made nominal, and all markets (Forex, Futures) that speculate shamelessly with basic goods from food to oil, preventing people to consume them at fair prices, should disappear.

This action would prevent further invention of false speculative bubble money in stocks, and allow that those roughly 10 trillions created for free by corporations would instead be created for life goods, by human beings with Universal salary. This is the postulate of democracy: PEOPLE SHOULD BE EMPOWERED TO DECIDE WITH CONSUMPTION ORDERS WHAT THE WORLD PRODUCES.

Nominal prices coupled will need though another simple rule to ‘control lethal’ corporations – the rule of the golden share split:

All corporations by law should split its shares and the splits of 1 for 1 goes to the government (50% of worldwide shares) plus a golden share for the ‘president’, so while we keep the best of private ownership and managerial skills, mankind, history and its governments, if a company do NOT obey the laws of the land, the state can fire its managements. The goals of society would then be met, those companies that produce only lethal goods properly reduced.

Further on, ‘whealthy’ companies, that is those who produce in sectors that humans do need and never will harm us – agriculture, textiles, health care, education etc. which latter we shall scientifically define according to the biological needs of man with the bio-economic ‘frame of reference’  WILL NOT BE affected, to allow full private ownership and market credit for further improvement.

So people would think twice when creating a new company. Do I make a weapons’  company, which the state will ultimately control taking on top 50% of it? Certainly it would be much more intelligent to create a company to improve the productivity of wheat fields in Uganda, 100% owned, and we 20 million peasants with fresh money to buy my food.

This is what the body does. The body does NOT produce toxins just because it can. It produces goods their cells needs and in fact represses the products that poison it. Because THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IS ABOVE THE blood system. Our system is one ruled by the reproductive, economic blood system with no control. So TOXIC ASSETS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY PRODUCED.

The fundamental equation that defines the GOODS the system overproduces is in that sense simple: the system reproduces the goods that give more profits, which are the most expensive machines (max sale price), which are weapons (so that is the highest profits and the most reproduced American goods, cause of all wars).

Then it produces the ones of lesser cost, that is the ones cheaper to reproduce, which are ‘waves’ of  digital hate-memes (mass-media). And that is the second most reproduced American good.

But above all it reproduces money itself (since why to bother to produce a good to sell if you can just reproduce the money). And that is why the crisis constantly causes new ‘stagflation’. That is, NO REAL WEALTH BUT MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, WHICH LOOSE VALUE and hence causes inflation (money is worthless so you need more of it to pay for goods, which rise prices). And of course, inflation further cuts the wealth of the common people who have fixed salaries and pensions.

So you see, an ‘intelligent design’ according to organic laws will certainly change the world for ever.  Latter we shall consider what such perfect world will look like.

By all this we mean that the world we are creating despite the precision of those ‘dictatorial cycles’ is NOT the only world but one imposed by the ‘wrong choice of history’ for mankind.

For example, there is zero need for taxation, which is always a theft of money by power if power had a printing money machine instead of imposed zero laws so the corporation has all the rights to print it and mankind none, and on top, they do extort us with our earned money. Amazing indeed that banksters who print in Wall Street as much money as they want had on top to extort the Americans of hard-earned 2 plus trillion dollars and counting?! There are a few ‘names’ in Wall Street and The City that print for themselves easily a billion a year, dislocating markets, manipulating toxic assets, and yet they still asked for the tax of the poor?!

All this of course happens NOT because it makes any SENSE that this people have that money. They don’t really have it. As they don’t use it. It is the corporation that has it. And when CORPORATIONS BECOME FULLY AUTOMATED and humans disappear, this ‘money’ will be merely ‘information data’ to value and grease the re=productive process of machines, as genetic orders do with cells or words of love with humans. So while from the point of view of the Metal-earth this nakedness of most of mankind makes sense from the human point of view is just the harshest of all dictatorships of history – after all a Roman Senate in one of the most brutal military dictatorships ever witnessed had only 100 times the average wealth of a Roman citizen. In the globalized world this is a relationship between the 1 and the 99% of one million…

And to ignore this is to be both a slave of body and soul – despicable because the body can be jailed and murdered but the mind’s freedom is the choice of the sheeple, which prefers to be ‘data in matrix’, ‘sheeple in the animal farm’, ‘happy idiot’ (we talk of people who do not profit from the system, neither wants to understand it).

That the 2 parties of bankers (with their duopoly on right-left ‘democratic-republican’, conservative-corrupted socialist), which not only accept this affair, but consider a religious dogma, and taboo to talk about this monopoly and prefer to do a hara-kiri, beg for a salary to their masters, and cheat people on the structure of the system, get around 90% of votes in most ‘placebo democracies’ today, show to which extend the 1% and their corporations do know where they do invest truly besides their machines: in buying politicos, tailoring mass-media and university’s scholar and ‘taming’ the sheeple.

I confess this is the people who defeat the ‘third type of man’: the human sheeple who have zero survival instincts and will die as a sheep does, loving his masters. Because if the common people were worthy enough to survive, they would NOT kill the prophets of mankind but the Nathans and Caifas that are in a Freudian, subconscious, greed-lead tragicomedy bring our demise. And yet, I do keep writing for them from time to time, vainly hoping they would care to live, they world show some self-respect and courage and kick out the parasites…

Indeed, the problem of mankind is embedded in Mr. Rothschild’s first sentence: most humans do not understand the system, and those who do, are so corrupted by it, that will not change but work with the ‘inventors’ of the system to control society. So we shall try to explain the system in this blog in simplex and complex terms, but also redesign scientifically a better system.

In essence the world works like this: private bankers and speculators create ‘digital numbers’ in papers and screens. This first ‘invention of money’, for free, for a few, prior to the earning and use of money for consumption and wages and production, is what the system hides. WHO MUST REPRODUCE ‘FIRST TIME’ money and give ‘digital orders’ of work, consumption and production with it?

This ‘first Aristotelian God’ of the economic ecosystem, what he called ‘the first mover’, OWNS the world. And IT IS NOT, the government, which at least faulty represents humanity, not humanity, which in a REAL democracy will ‘FIRST’ invent money through a Universal salary that will allow a minimum survival consumption of human-life-biological goods (food, textiles, housing, health-care). But 95% of new money is NOT print by states, but by e-money derivatives (financial houses), stock-paper (company-mothers) and of late by ‘private’ central banks, which basically give it for free to private-private banks that pass it to those corporations.

So, there is no democracy in the world, money invented for and by the people, but that first ‘trillions’ of money are today created to evolve and reproduce and adapt the world to machines and weapons.

If there were democracy it WOULD BE USED to reproduce, evolve and adapt the world to humanity.

But as there is not democracy in any part of this planet, we can forecast the doomed present and future of the crisis  (for mankind – excellent profits ahead for those ‘cops’ abb. for corporations)… which now enters the last of those phases, the 40 bis, the period of permanent Orwellian wars for profit, which is fine from…

But what would be then a real democracy, where not only people do control money, but also controls politicians, in the same manner that organisms controls its neurons to serve them?
Simple. In the same manner neurons receive a posteriori messages of pain from the cells, when they mistreat their body, in a real democracy, people would have access to universal salaries and would judge politicians NOT a priori, since they should be professionals of the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics, NOT individuals who FANCY, with amateurish ideas how to rule the world.

But they will be judge a posteriori, as in the original Greek democracies, by their actions, as managers of the world, and condemned if they have not follow their programs and solved the problems in their areas of expertise.

Cells do NOT choose neurons, to rule the body. Neurons/politicians are professional masters of the science of directing and controlling and organizing regions of the Body of Gaia. But if they are corrupted, if they fail to deliver, they are judged and punished.

And so the ‘supposed’ democracy we live in, is just an absurd, corrupted system because:

  • Anybody can be a politician without any knowledge of bio-economics and bio-history. This is ridiculous. In all fields of work there are ‘professionals’. How Mr. Trump dares to think he can manage the presidency of America, just because his ego is so huge he thinks he knows better? And how is going to judge him if he fuc*s up?
  • Nobody judges politicians who cheat, sell laws to companies, become corrupted by them because they do NOT even have the right to reproduce money and must extort citizens to achieve that money; when in Nature, money is reproduced by all the bone cells and lungs of the money (oxygen), and none suffers asphyxia.

So what is the purpose of such an ill designed democratic system? If all organisms, including corporations do have the proper organization, with a posteriori judgments, a single managerial neuronal head of experts and work properly?

In politics we do have amateurs, besides they are divided in confronting parties that destroy what the previous one has done. And not only they cannot be judged, in fact most have the right NOT to be judged (immunity).

The conclusion is obvious: democracies are merely placebo systems of corporative and financial employees, who exist to sell laws to the highest bidder – the richest companies of each cycle of evolution of machines – REASON WHY THE EVOLUTION OF THOSE MACHINES FOLLOWS THOSE CYCLES. In each cycle the company-mothers of the ‘engine of the economy’ pays the laws of politicians to design the world to its image and likeness.

So if in the train age, train robber barons controlled totally the politics of the day, and in the post-war age, what was good for general motors was good for America, today what is good for Apple and Google is good for the world, and Mr. Obama merely is there to buy robotic weapons, make contracts for Internet education and sell the idea that mechanical progress is the future of mankind.

Bio-economics and bio-history however would design a real democratic systems which would make mankind truly thrive.

The alternative: A world ruled by social scientists. 

Now, before we go further, for those who are not long term readers and had the patience to go so far, the problems of mankind are truly simple to solve from a scientific perspective of social sciences, which DOES NOT exist today (despite living in an age in which we have ‘pseudo-scientists’ for all disciplines, and ‘experts’ for all dogmas.) And they can resume in 2 simple measures:

  • A real democracy that gives the control of the 2 languages of social power of mankind, money and the law to the people (through referendums and universal salaries that would foster demand in life goods, or through representative politicians and nationalized banks, which would invest in the true goods people demand)
  • The understanding in organic terms of machines, and his relationships of symbiosis, but also competition and displacement of human beings from labor and war fields; which implies the legal prohibition of robotics globally, as the species that will eliminate us: ‘kill the child before he becomes a tiger hunter’.

Now consider that instead of corporations and banksters, true social scientists ruled the world for the improvement of the humankind, and/or politicians who were intelligent enough to understand ‘the system’ and brave enough to defy the ‘dictatorship of banker’s parasites and corporations.

Consider ANOTHER form of ruling our societies: a true democracy; not the disguised placebo systems we have, which hide the present dictatorship of private bankers extended all over the world.

But why there should be democracy at all if the biological world is predatory? The reason of course, is that a democracy is also a survival strategy within the systems of nature, akin to a social super organism, like your body made of cells or an ant hill, the most successful animal of the living world, with a mass similar to that of all other insect together, for a simple reason: the whole social being acting together is more powerful than the individual, and so a well regulated social democracy is more powerful than selfish individuals. This is ingrained in the ethics of social love – individuals of a species that share energy and information among them.

And the model is obviously the ‘human cellular mammal’. A democracy thus would be a system, where the nervous/political informative network and the economic/blood re=productive network as it happens in an organism shares energy and information with all cells, with no ‘privileged’ human predators, with a head with a single purpose, to cater to all the cells of the body, with a collective goal: to love each other and make the human species, not a tribal nation or people-caste or profession, a single super organism where all cells survive, receive enough oxygen0- money and righteous equal legal/political information to act together for the benefit of all. Now, this you might think is an analogy. In systems science though we believe is an homology, or rather an isomorphism.

That is, in our science the Universe is made of self-similar scales, which obey the same laws. Thus the laws that construct a biological organism and a sociological one must be the same, and Nature does build healthy super organisms of history with those laws.

A scientific democracy would be a social system, such as eusocial Europe was for decades, in which all people receive cellular welfare, the informative/political system is equalitarian and each cellular citizen lives in freedom achieving the biological drives natural to all organisms – energy feeding, information, reproductive/family values and social organization in peace – social love…

This would be easy to achieve if social scientists run the world – not social parasites (bankers) and predators (military). Hence the significance of the Antiquantum paradox to understand the ‘illness’ of our world.  But why a ‘real democracy’ would be better for the human species?

Because: A) as Paretto discovered in his ‘utilitarian economics’, humans would demand if they had the capacity to reproduce money welfare goods, which are in the Maslow pyramid the first to be desired. Plutocrats are NOT spending their billions in bread, they are the people that demand ultra-expensive machines and robots . So automatically  the Mechanocene would be controlled.

But what would be an efficient well-designed democracy according to the laws of nature. Easy: a perfect super organism of history built to the image and likeness of our biological super organisms.

Now the conclusion is obvious: there is not a single real democratic, efficient society in the world, properly constructed by social scientists with the laws of complex organisms, which could ensure that people run for their own benefit the systems that as in any super organism manage the 3 networks of a society:

– The informative/legal network, equivalent to the nervous system of a super organism. For this network to be ‘free’, imitating the most evolved mammal superorganisms, and the first ‘Greek democracies’, the key ELECTION is not the election of corrupted politicos in parties that protect them and are bought by bankers, (western system) or closed parties without elections at all (Chinese system) but a system where ‘individual’ experts in true social sciences, or normal people who wants to serve the community are freely elected and AFTER TENURE, are judged by vote of all citizens, according to their accomplishment of promises, the quality of its service to society.

And so, in the same way organisms send PAIN messages to the neuronal, informative cells of its brain-government to control a posteriori its actions, so they behave and don’t lie, ONLY a society as the Greek first democracy, where the civil servant was judged by vote a posteriori and could be punished with exile, financial penalties even death, ONLY a society where citizens could vote a posteriori – jail penalties, financial penalties, re-election or financial rewards to the civil servant, according to performance would be a democracy.

This could be easily implemented in China by dissolving the Communist party, or rather reform the absurd theories of Marx and reconverting this ideology into social science research of systems sciences and establish for all civil servants a posteriori judgment elections at local and collective level. In the west it would also imply dissolution of parties, where clueless individuals arrogantly think their ‘wishes’, wishful agendas, or worst, hidden lobby salaries decide what they have to do with society. And on top as a Siamese brother, you always have two opposite views of society, left/wing parties, which dismantle what the other had done. So society never evolves.

Unlike hierarchical, well run corporations human systems are MISGUIDED, the most primitive management systems run mankind. And so it is no wonder that the Mechanocene evolves so fast. machines and company-mothers are perfectly ran with single heads, hard work, the best people of society dedicated to make better machines, unlimited credit for them while humans are ran by amateurs, with zero knowledge of systems sciences, who are not judged cannot be fired, have no means – no credit controlled by bankers, etc. etc.

– Regarding the Economic ecosystem, the financial system, what would be a democracy? Again, the only real democracy would be one in which as it happen in organisms where the oxygen is given to all cells, and reproduced NOT by the brain, but by the bones all over the place, which then take it for free in the lungs, only a Universal salary to all citizens would create a demand-based democratic economy, that world massively reproduce welfare goods, people want to consume.

PEOPLE THEN would decide what the system produces with its universal salary votes, and welfare goods and human jobs would be massively created to reproduce them (by affinity welfare goods, house, tourism, food, education, health care have maximal labor). The world would become an instant paradise of healthy wealth  WHealth, and labor).

Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction and Eusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines).
But only a World Government in control of the reproduction of money, used to create a sustainable economy based in the memes of life, cre(dit)ated with a global currency with rights to deficits, ¥€$ money (1 $=1€=5 yuans=100 yens, at fixed parity printed massively as a Universal salary of 1000 Eurodollars for each citizen of those nations, latter extended to their continental religions of America, Eurafrica and Asia), could implement the measures needed to impose limits to corporations and re-direct the economic ecosystem to create a paradise of ‘human goods’ on Earth.

The legal prohibition of robotics and the creation of a global currency with a Universal salary, agreed by the 3 leading GDP world markets, US, Europe and China, would be enough to change the paradigm of the future from the Mechanocene to the Anthropocene.

It would be a system improving upon the present social-democracies. States and companies would also print money but in lesser quantities, for infrastructures and non-lethal goods. For this to happen, all companies would do a split of shares, and the 50% would go to government the 50% to management so as it happens in the organism evolved of mammals, where the brain controls what the organs produce and let the organs manage its production, unlike primitive insects and bacteria without brain, where the blood-economic system of greed eats all kind of poisons , an economic system would provide goods for mankind. Again, the closest systems to the aforementioned economic democracy are China and the social-democratic welfare states of Europe prior to the coup d’état of the ECB.

Now, we live in a dictatorship of corporations with unlimited money. So they produce and force-feed with propaganda society, goods of maximal price. What they are?

They produce max. quantities of weapons of maximal price-profit and software garbage (hate mass media, video games, fictional evilwood memes) of minimal cost of reproduction, hence also of maximal profit:

Maximal production, (the 2 lethal goods that kill body and mind and give maximal profits) =

Max. price of sale  (weapons)- min. price of reproduction (Digital software)

This is what happens in America, a country where 50% of budget is dedicated to buy weapons of maximal price, and society live a virtual world of hate media, lies and fictions that have destroyed the collective mind of Americans, and transformed them in a mere 30 years since bankers+evilwood created their dictatorship with the end of gold standard and tender money, substituted by e-money.

– So finally we deal with weapons. What is a democracy of weapons? Two possibilities: non-weapons at all, the preferred system on advanced societies. Or all have weapons, the American system that obviously does not work, because without education, freedom, a well-run country, this second solution ends up in civil wars, vigilante, programs, chaos and death.

In practice, the so called ‘freedom of weapons’ carried by Americans, of course, only means that ‘professional murderers’, criminals at the individual scale and the American Army at social scale, in a ‘de facto’ dictatorship of money, have been corrupted to serve the bankers and corporations that issue money, making of modern America a dual dictatorship of weapons and money, ruled by bankers and corporations. This situation has peaked as the bust cycle of monetary theft by bankers turned banksters has required repression of people.

So today America spends 1/2 of its budget in weapons to fight mercenary wars globally, whose obvious origin is in the fight between the ‘other nation of the bankers’ and its Muslim enemies; while repression of true information at home, ensures the allegiance of debt slaves.

This is now the global trend, as we anticipated decades ago: a return to the cycles of the 30s, militarism, massive theft, poverty and evolution of a new generation of robotic weapons – and all those processes have both a mechanical origin – the massive radiation of chips, minds of metal that reproduce e-money with no limit (financial crisis) blue collar robot workers and soldiers (cause of unemployment) and hate media and fictions.

So the ‘engine’ of history today is on the Anthropocene – human side, the dictatorship of bankers, and on the Mechanocene, the machine side, the ‘overproduction of chips’. And both ‘preying’ over the mass of mankind, who is ruined, thrown out of jobs by blue collar robots and white collar pcs, and watched out by ‘big brother electronic chips’ and killed by drones in the 3rd world.

But lies to protect capitalism are many.

Another huge lie we must clarify about the dictatorship of parasitic bankers that steal the right to issue money to society is the concept that such system is more efficient than one, in which money is issued for the people and by the people as a universal salary or through investments in welfare goods people need to survive.

This is a huge lie as the fact that max. economic growth for 30 years has happened at 10% in China, the only nation today where the law rules over money and banks are national banks dedicated to make credit available to private enterprises that create the welfare goods Chinese need to survive. Next come countries like Turkey with similar systems, African nations that have credit from china, and no long ago southern European countries before the ECB made them usury colonies with no right to print money. Now they are the ones that have more negative GDP, as all the money goes to pay usury debt, as the case of Greece.

This social-democratic system has nothing to do with communism, which was the false doctrine of Marx, a member of the people-caste of bankers, who deviated attention from the true dictators and parasites of the system, private bankers to the people who do actually create wealth, managers of corporations that make human welfare goods and good machines NOT weapons. He confronted managers and workers instead of trying to reform the system and protected the elite of bankers.

The oxygen-blood of the system, money is just a language of information that must be delivered with universal salary to all people so they create as China and Europe did, a welfare state. This would put History as the future in the equation of evolution on Earth, make machines dependent on the law, limit lethal goods, spread welfare, solve the problem of scarcity, hunger, taxation choking of people.

Consider indeed a system, which is efficiently, designed economically from the Human/Historic perspective, in which as all mammal, evolved organisms do, the legal/verbal/nervous natural language of man that puts human subjects first:

Man=subject (future evolved) >verb=action (Present)>object=energy (past devolved)

…rule the world. We would live a WHealthy world, where history would be the future, machines controlled by men, usurers out of power and humanity would thrive.

The 2 examples were the European welfare social-democracies now extinct by the dictatorship of the ECB ‘private bank’ that issues money only to private banks, ruled by a Goldman Sachs man (drag hi), right now bringing an entire nation, Greece to poverty and collapse to extract usury interest from them; and China, still with banks controlled by the state and growing steadily for 30 years efficiently at 10% because credit is not used for usury schemes, mercenary wars, and theft but invested in welfare goods.

In that regard, as we have said in our introduction, the purpose of this web is to establish with the models of general systems sciences and biology a ‘truly scientific’ approach to History and Economics, as two sides of the same coin that must be studied together, with the tools of biology, systems sciences and organicism.

Moreover, History must govern economics, which should be submissive to it.  Since Sciences are by definition human sciences, and so they should serve human beings, which is the purpose of history – the understanding of the human super organism, Mankind, and all its cells. While economics in its present format, studies and fosters the evolution and reproduction (overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’, ‘energetic weapons’, ‘informative money’ and ‘organic machines’).

Money, the oxygen of society, should NOT have as its purpose to increase the wealth of a few financiers and corporations, who use it exclusively for their wealth or in the case of corporations to automate companies with robotic blue collar machines and white collar pcs; in the case of financiers, also used to control the political agenda of the world and foster the racist goals of their ‘other nation’.

Indeed, this must be stressed once and again, a true democracy will achieve ‘freedom’ = control of the military and its weapons – either by forbidding them all or by letting all  have it, with the obvious risk of civil warfare; ‘justice’ = control of the laws equal for all and ‘WHealth’ = healthy wealth by controlling the reproduction of money to foster the welfare goods human needs to survive, either by issuing a Universal salary or by regulating credit for the benefit of society.

If social sciences had developed ‘easy’, as a biological science – since humans are biological beings, and machines biological imitation in metal of our body/head/limbs functions – those 2 measures would be self-evident, and so as we forbid factories of Ebola viruses, we would forbid robotics; and as any organism does control its nervous and blood, informative and energetic, legal and financial systems, NOBODY in his right mind would think that societies could work when one of those 2 ‘cellular/citizen systems’, belongs to a private ‘cancerous’ small group that uses it only to reproduce without limit selfishly its ‘products’ choking the rest of society (industrial and financial monopoly on the issue of money, as they produce 95% of the global flow of money in electronic derivatives).

So there is a 3rd fundamental question, which devours pages and pages of this blog. Who, How, and Why prevented mankind from creating a perfect social organism, a real free democracy, a real bio-sociological science of history and the so obvious measures of prevention of human extinction?

The world as it is and the cuckoo idol-ogies that created it, the world as it should be, and the social sciences that would create it, and the 2 futures of mankind to which the myths and truths of social sciences could usher us in, are therefore the themes of this blog.

Yet the fundamental element of that ‘social evolution’ is the existence of a language of information able to rule the world, value and select species, and communicate them, creating more complex systems that becomes such wholes. In the case of mankind, the natural language of values is verbal thought; in the case of machines and its corporations, digital money.

So to fully grasp how the world became obsessed for the creation of a Financial-Media (informative)-Military-Industrial System, and humans willingly gave up their own social evolution, by giving up their belief in the natural values of the wor(l)d, we do have to introduce some basic concepts of systems and theory of social organisms, a novel approach to Economics – not so much to history. Since as it is formulated today, Economics follows, ‘The Postulate of Adam Smith’: money and its most expensive products, weapons and machines are the wealth of nations and the meaning of economics is to multiply them (GDP). While the verbal, natural Postulate of Human Democracies is according to his language, similar but with the human subject on the center: the purpose of the world and History is to evolve mankind into a global social super organism – a single species, living in freedom and peace, where each and all humans could thrive.

The confusion of those goals and the hiding by the Financial-Media, Informative industry – the head of the economic ecosystem – of the collateral effects and incompatibilities between both goals, in a planet of limited resources – is the origin of all the problems of the world.

From the higher perspective of the laws of the eusocial universe that evolves from parts into wholes, from particles into atoms, cells, societies and above, it is obvious that the failure of mankind is NOT to have become as the machine has, a global super organism joined by the eusocial memes of love, which is the Universal mandate of evolution. We instead have kept at individual, or family level, or tribal level with hate memes to rival tribes. We did not understand Darwin’s love to your same species.

It amazes me, because the minute I read Darwin I saw he was Jesus’ love message, Mohammed’s Charity; Confucius’ love each other – love to all the members of the same species, evolve from Homo Bacteria to Homo Organicus, if you prefer biological to mystical jargons, that 150 YEARS AFTER he published, humans are so dumb as to think he proposed the survival of the individual genes – no the social memes that put together those citizens-cells into a whole mankind.

And this ‘seemingly limit’ of the human – to understand himself as an infinitesimal of the Universal whole – mankind our god, not the tribal god, always puzzled me. So it would be good to explain it more scientifically with laws of systems sciences and biology, the super organism of history, or ‘subjective God of the Whole Mankind’ of which we are all cellular individuals; and latter on why WE DO NOT understand this.

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.


Creationist economics, censorship of true science and damned lies and statistics.

In that regard, the key to understand the different between power and science is the anti-quantum paradox which represses the abcd of the scientific method, but pretends to be serving the people, while following idol-ogies of worship of money and machines.

So the anti-quantum paradox and the idol-ogies promoted by the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners of informative machines and its Goebbel’s method of repeating a lie many times so people will believe on it, explains why social scientists do not rule the world.

BECAUSE idol-ogies that pass as science but do not follow the Abcd method of science RULE THE WORLD.

AND SO THEY HAVE SUBSTITUTED A) Analysis of relevant data, B-iological causes, c-yclical patterns and D-emocratic demand based solutions to the problems of history.  So all what a social scientist can do is to prove through those 4 elements that social sciences do exist.

But of course, the bible of capitalism, owned by one Mr. Rothschild, couldn’t care less about the future, as long as profits keep coming.

What they care about? Go(l)d, in this and the other world, since they are in fact believers in the $elected, in ‘Creationist Economics’.

So if you keep reading, we will deal with the theoretical and real nature of that pyramid – that is who are the financiers, how they destroy by anoxia-choking people out of credit the people on the bottom, and what ‘saloon’ economists have invented to make it all hidden and look as a real science of economics.

THERE IS AN ENTIRE classic school of economics (socialism, Keynesianism), renewed today by the study of super organisms, which prove it was right in its essential concepts – demand economy, welfare state, creation of money for people to demand those goods, control of lethal goods, regulation by the informative, nervous system of the economic parasites of the financial system, real democracy with politico contra, etc. etc. which is utterly censored, but it is the ONLY science. Technology IS NOT the same than human progress. Machines do ELIMINATE WORKERS AND TODAY ATROPHY AND SUBSTITUTE HUMANITY in a very predatory biological fashion.

This was understood by the best economists of those schools. But today nobody is allowed to implement their measures, in an astoundingly global mixture of censorship, political and economical correctness, degradation of mankind, corruption of all true humanist scientists, and bubbling idiots that pretend to be experts, quoted ad nauseam, sold and published by think tanks, as the summit of that pyramid becomes ever thinner and thinner. And chaos moves ahead.

Nobody  quotes Mr. Tinbergen’s discovery (a key economist of the Keynesian school, responsible for the welfare state of Northern European countries) that the true meaning of productivity is to allocate resources and profits to either the machine or the labor sector. And since the ‘marginal profits’ allocated to machines for their work go ALL to the corporation stockowners, and the marginal profits of human labor go to the people, ‘obviously’ in a capitalist ‘democracy’, we must put machines and fire labor. 

Of course if we forbade robotics, unemployment would plummet, but the marginal profits given to machines->capital->corporations will plummet too.

We are only past the ‘Coolidge’ age of the 29 crisis, when politicos and economists (Merkel, Obama, Draghi, Bernanke) are doing everything wrong, siding with the banks that cause the crisis, pushing the Keynesian militarism that Hitler used to come out of the 29 depression, blaming it on the poor, lower classes that are loosing the welfare state – as corporations increase their profits, billionaires their fortunes, bankers keep producing money and the 99% looses his jobs and property.

But none of this can be explained because the 0.002% of FM-Masters (Financial-Media masters that own informative machines and its company-mothers) that rule the world profit from it. This must be clear: on the long term we will go under, in the short term we go under for a tiny minority of stock-holder parasites to add a few more zeroes to their fat accounts.

And now as we have been predicting for 20 years we enter a new 2008 like age of crashes by overproduction of e-money wasted in fat accounts of billionaires, who have as a religion to accumulate zeroes, blood, oxygen that people need to survive -but are ‘not us’, so who cares, as long as they don’t know who we are… Time is running out.

And yet all what they care about is to continue the exploitation of mankind through the control and monopoly in the issue of money.

But if people on top do not really care that much about humans – that is they are NOT EVIL=ANTI-LIVE per se, but merely automatons of profits and its go(l)d myths, what it is with money and metal that kills life? This is perhaps the most fascinating if it was not so tragic part of biohistory, we could call it bio-chemistry, because as it happens, at all levels metal do kill and atrophy life, social evolution and love.

Indeed, recently it has been shown in experiments that the contemplation of gold diminishes the production of oxytocin the drug of social love win the brain… And in fact as iron atoms cut the body, in swords, if you drink gold or the side-atom of silver quick, it will go to the brain and cut the neuronal connections, killing you! (the famous mad sickness of mercury users in hat industries that appears in Alice on the wonderland. It is not by chance that robots have iron bodies and gold chip brains.

So this planet is indeed evolving metal to kill life. And all what it needs is a people-cast of gold churches and creationist economists on top blind to the fact and the empathy with mankind, ruled by absurd nationalistic, militaristic and gold, capitalist churches to let money work biologically. Let us see how.

We are blinded by the values of go(l)d, by greed, by corporations, by hidden racist tribalisms and religions the nightmare of an all too evident degradation and extinction of the human kind, whose responsibles on top, banksters and politicos must change their ways. A R=evolution from above and the people with a clear scientific plan to redesign the world according to the laws of nature and biology that constantly create perfect super organisms whose cells-ctizies do survive, have enough blood=oxygen to live and thrive and are not poisoned with lethal goods.



This 20 years old graph anticipated the present first e-money confrontation, or ‘war of currencies’, which will start a series of escalations between the 2 leading nations of the robotic cycle, till a industrial global war, the yakutian wars, creditate a new top predator species and ends the transition of the anthropocene to the mechanocene. The prediction though always carries a second probability, as time EQUATIONS ARE BOTH IN QUANTUM AND ANTI-QUANTUM PARADOXES REVERSIBLE, IF THE UNCERTAINTY ELEMENT (THE HUMAN ELEMENT) BEHAVES IN A DIFFERENT WAY. 
THUS THE FUTURE HAS 2 PATHS: GLOBAL WAR BETWEEN US + INDIA VS. CHINA + RUSSIA, as we anticipated 20 years ago (max. probability) with the final awakening of I.A. which will follow their:
A) program of survival B) program of killing humans therefore C) survive killing humans instead of killing each other, and get away with man.
OR D) lesser probability of truth: the Chinese President and POTUS, decide that actually, surprisingly enough they DO represent HUMAN BEINGS, not greedy animetal parasitic financiers and Company-mothers of machines, and so ally themselves giving a coup d’etat with the two needed measures to save the world, simple clear-cut measures:
Only two legal measures are needed to ‘change’ the future and stop the evolution of the mechanocene, starting up again the evolution of the anthropocene, history: the creation of a Universal salary with a global currency by creating a 1000 euro dollars salary in currency, with 1 $ = 1 € = 100 yens = 5 Yuans (fast adjusted by inflation in internal prices), which would create ‘ipso facto’ a global welfare world with massive demand and production of welfare goods, and the legal prohibitions of ALL TYPE OF ROBOTS, AS LETHAL ‘biological species’ that threaten our survival, in the same way we forbid the reproduction of lethal viruses. but to that aim, it is indeed a democratic coup defat of the people who DO represent mankind, their politicians, against the financiers who have antidemocratically taken the right to print the money of society, and the corporations that are displacing humans from labor and war fields – robotic corporations.And in the case of the West ,given the am segullah monopoly on the financial-media system of information machines and its 2 digital products, electronic money and hate media (80% of financial CEOs, mass-media CEOs, CFOs of 500 western fortune and Central banks) to foster the racist memes, global wars and apartheid goals of his ‘other nation’…

This is the reason why it is fundamental that governments denationalise the financial industry, and create a true democracy by establishing a global currency. This however requires something which is NOT easy. A coup d’etat against the dictatorship of bankers in the west. An Asimovian ‘Mule’, a POTUS that has the intelligence and bravery to understand the problem and take over. And then in alliance with China and Europe cred (dit)ate a real economic democracy, with ¥€$ money, a global 1 euro=1 dollar=100 Yens = 20 Yuans parity currency emitted as a Universal salary to all citizens of those regions.

The ¥€$ + NO (legal prohibition of the robotic industry), as simple as it seems could change the world, stop the motion towards extinction of the evolutionary equation of History: Gaia (past)> History (Present) > Metalearth (Future), by eliminating both the language of information (e-money) and the species (robots) which on that future will extinguish us.

The equation of History is a Paradox of evolution – one in which the past is becoming predated and substituted by the future, and the paradox of history is precisely this fact: that man is predated by informative machines. We live in the age of the chip radiation and the mind of the machine is substituting us, and creating a future we confuse as progress, but it is not a human future.

It is very simple and could be agreed in a single meeting of the leaders of the world, which get together just to do the ‘hidden agenda of our financiers’ – measures to make debt slaves pay measures to push the mercenary wars against Islam – you know the enemy nation of the ‘you’ nation which controls 80% of central bank positions and CEO and CFOs of financial companies and 500 fortune. This present dictatorship must end by nationalising the financial industry and creating ¥€$ money, and forbidding robotics. Nothing else will do.

D). The solution of Humanist Sciences.

In a Humanist system, guided by people who want to create a better world, the anthropocene, made to the image and likeness of Humanity, money would be invented by people (with Universal salaries) and governments to pay for welfare goods.

But we live in a ‘predatory world’ ruled by animetals and corporations, whose biological mandate is to reproduce memes of metal. And so money is used to reproduce more money, more weapons and more machines, which the 1% will use in turn to control human beings.

Now consider the 3rd form of ruling societies: a true democracy; not the disguised placebo systems we have, which hide the present dictatorship of private bankers extended all over the world.

But why there should be democracy at all if the biological world is predatory? The reason of course, is that a democracy is also a survival strategy within the systems of nature, akin to a social super organism, like your body made of cells or an ant hill, the most successful animal of the living world, with a mass similar to that of all other insect together, for a simple reason: the whole social being acting together is more powerful than the individual, and so a well regulated social democracy is more powerful than selfish individuals. This is ingrained in the ethics of social love – individuals of a species that share energy and information among them.

A scientific democracy would be a social system, such as eusocial europe was for decades, in which all people receive cellular welfare, the informative/political system is equalitarian and each cellular citizen lives in freedom achieving the biological drives natural to all organisms – energy feeding, information, reproductive/family values and social organisation in peace – social love…

best history organism

A democracy thus would be a system, where the nervous/political informative network and the economic/blood re=productive network as it happens in an organism shares energy and information with all cells, with no ‘privileged’ human predators, with a head with a single purpose, to cater to all the cells of the body, with a collective goal: to love each other and make the human species, not a tribal nation or people-caste or profession, a single superorganism where all cells survive, receive enough oxygen0- money and righteous equal legal/political information to act together for the benefit of all.

Now, this you might think is an analogy. In systems science though we believe is an homology, or rather an isomorphism. That is, in our science the Universe is made of self-similar scales which obey the same laws. Thus the laws that construct a biological organism and a sociological one must be the same, and Nature does build healthy super organisms of history with those laws. And the model is obviously the ‘human cellular mammal’, made as we are socially of:

– A herd of similar, cellular species, which in a human society are citizens, joined by 2 type of social networks that serve them, by providing to all and each cell for free with the 2 substances that make up the Universe and its fractal systems, energy for the body and information for the head.

Thus we will find in all systems 2 cellular networks:

A dominant brain connected to Informative networks that inform those cells-citizens, in a language they all understand – verbal laws in human societies; nervous impulses in biological ones, to guide their collective actions, evolving them into a social superorganism.

Thus those informative systems deliver two informative dimensions to all its cells: the simplex dimension of information and the complex dimension of communication and social evolution of selfish individuals into peaceful, stronger, coordinated wholes.

And we will find an energetic network that provides those citizens cells with enough energy to feed, protect and reproduce the organism.

So the energetic networks also deliver for free the two energy related dimensions of life: the simplex dimension of energy, food and protection for the body and the complex dimension of reproduction that allows the system to survive beyond death.

In the human body those energetic networks are the blood and digestive systems which deliver to all cells a Universal salary of oxygen energy so they can all feed and have enough energy to reproduce.

In human societies, those networks are made of digital, monetary orders that initiate the productive process of the economic system, made of factories, roads and river veins that produce the food, and welfare goods, we humans need to survive.

And so a healthy human superorganism should deliver to every citizen-cell a Universal salary in blood-money. So they can demand to the economic system the production of those life-based welfare goods, and be able to work and enjoy their 2 simplex dimensions of life, feeding and perceiving, and its two complex, social ones, reproducing and forming part of a society, as Nature does with all the cells of its super organisms:
Now, the perfect world is easy to describe even if we do not live in one.

This would be easy to achieve if the world were not run by social parasites (bankers) and predators (military) but social scientists.

Competitors, parasites and predators. The biological explanation.

Let us put an example of the biological competition between both species, explained with the organic, systemic point of view.
Consider the case of the global famine: Speculation is one of the 2 main reasons of global hunger and undernourishment that reaches the billion people mark, since people in Africa cannot pay the doubling of prices of their bread which goes mainly to a few speculators in London and Chicago:

In the graph, since the creation of global speculative future markets for all commodities with the new century, despite a slow down in the growth of population and a massive expansion of crops with genetic engineering, prices of food have doubled, due to the creation of a massive taxation for the profit of private speculators. The graph shows the steady prices and slight decrease during the 90s. Then e-markets for food became global and speculation soared prices from 90 to 22

0, a 250% increase. The crash of speculative markets in 2008, with the contraction of credit for speculation halved prices within 6 months. But soon credit to herd grain and provoke false bottlenecks of scarcity that soared prices restarted. Thus financiers’ e-money is the main cause of global hunger.

The second cause is the direct ‘competition’ of machines, which now ‘eat food’, with Biofuels. As today, over 25% of all grains produced in the US are eaten up by cars. And since the Chicago e-markets set up the prices of all grains according to US production, this has resulted in further speculative increases

In the graph, Industrialized Nations use 1/4 of their grain production to feed machines, 1/4 to feed cattle and 1/2 and dwindling to feed humans.In biological terms, ‘extinction’ happens always for 3 reasons: Predation, which machines accomplish through top predator weapons, parasitism, which bankers and e-money accomplishes hoarding wealth and basic goods, to tax them and bleed the human consumer, and competition, when the new species substitutes the previous one in its ecosystem, in this case working machines, that substitute human labor and soldiers in the work and war fields of the eco(nomic)system and machines that roam the earth, poison the environment, destroy the life of Gaia as they expand their roads and arteries, and finally absorb the food of the competitor human species.

Thus the only solution to the biological competition produced by the chip radiation against mankind in all fronts is a global legal agreement, which could start by a legal alliance of China and POTUS, to defend mankind with 2 simple ±measures:

perfect history

  • The negative policy against our main rival species should be the legal prohibition of robotics globally which would liberate billions of dollars in investments for human welfare, create around 500 million jobs stop the menace of extinction by future top predator war robots.
  • The positive policy in favour of human welfare and a democratic, demand based economy, should be to end the dictatorship of private bankers and their monopoly in the issue of the language of social power, money, with the creation of a global currency, ¥€$ money, where dollars and euros at fixed parity and Yens acting as ‘cents’  (100 yes = 1 dollar), which is the present convenient FOREX exchange price, and Yuans as ‘quarters’, would become the international currency asked for Keynes at Bretton woods.

Then money could be issued with a Universal salary of 1000 monthly yes money for every citizen of America, Europe, china and Japan, which represent, 3/4 of the world production, and so yes money could not be submitted to speculation. People would demand the welfare goods they need to survive and production of health care, food, housing and education would soar. Work would multiply, and soon all other nations in the world would ask to enter the 3 ‘global regions’ of yes money, America in dollars, Asia in Yuens and Eurafrica in Euros. Currency massively used in notes with dollars in one side and euros printed in the other side, yen cents and yuans at 5 to 1 exchange with dollars and euros printed on the back of the note, and latter one directly as ‘yes money’, will immediately create a globalised demand based human economy. Stock prices will be made nominal and future markets abolished.

All this can be implemented within a month by the sheer economic power of only 3 nations, Germany, America and China, by a ‘democratic coup d’etat’ against the dictatorship of financial and electronic corporations, given by the 3 presidents of America, China and ‘Germany’, which have a responsibility to manage the world for mankind. America is a ‘nation of nations’ with all the cultures represented, a micro-cosmos of mankind ‘displaced into the future’ and should UNDERSTAND IT IS MANKIND, IT IS NOT THE jewish-calvinist go(l)d idol-ogy of its financial and industrial corporations (90% of bankers and companies belonging to that specific minority culture).

They ARE mankind. And their FOUNDING FATHERS, liberated them from the old world dictatorship of military war lords and usury bankers, which now govern them again. Mankind is NOT guilty and must raise and control its future with science, reason, humanism and WHealth, healthy wealth. And to that aim, the 2 fundamental cause of the crisis and our demise, robotics and e-money private issue must stop, to stop speculation, debt slaves and currency wars, the economic causes of II world war hand in hand with German new weapons industries and its militarism.

Today as we anticipated 20 years ago, in our first studies of the future overproduction crisis of chips and electronic weapons, we live exactly the same phase, and the problems as always are the 3 sub-species of ‘metal’ that prey over man: top predator weapons, parasitic financial money and labor machines. Then during the engine cycle of oil and electric engines, lead by Germany who first invented them, assembly lines were automated by electric engines, halved workers, today the worker is obsolete and companies can automate fully with white collar PC and blue collar robots; then during the age of chemical engines, applied to transports, oil machines became tanks and bombers, and chemical weapons gased millions in I world war and concentration camps, murdering on the wars carried by the leading Industrial nation, germany (I, and II W.W.)  around 90 million humans; now electronic weapons lead by the nations at the head of the electronic cycle can potentially murder all mankind; then electric tickers speculated with prices soaring credit and stock-valuations till markets crashed, now the electronic market is much wider and the effects much more nocive to mankind as the previous graphs of soaring food prices show. 

Simplicity is thus the solution to complex problems, according to the laws of systems sciences.

A bit more of detail. The reform of markets, needed to control the mechanocene.
Of course for those solutions to work it would be needed a Reform of the Global Markets, mostly within those nations. This 3rd type of measures to complement the others are also obvious. And if humans did have a real biological understanding of this planet, it would seem not so outrageous, because the goal of this planet is NOT TO CREATE THE MECHANOCENE, BUT TO MAKE IT TO THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF MAN AND PROVIDE FOR HUMAN NEEDS:
AND THAT MEANS to end the speculation and taxation of all goods by e-markets, and the free creation of money in derivatives, and the unlimited right to credit of lethal corporations that produce lethal goods, which in the ‘Biological frame of reference above’ are in the negative side of GDP because they harm mankind (hate media, fiction media, weapons, extremely polluting industries, robots etc.)
This requires to End speculative markets – end of FOREX, by making currencies fixed parities established by agreement between economic ministries; nominal conversion of all shares of all companies (converted therefore in private property that requires a signed contract to be transferred) and end of Future markets, obliging speculators to ‘buy’ in present any commodity they want to purchase.
This would end the free tax slapping in all commodity markets, the speculative market on shares to create free money for all type of wasteful corporations, it would convert stock owners in real persons with responsibility.
Further on, all companies on those stocks of those nations split 1 t0 1 its shares and the split is given to the governments, which automatically have 50% of shares, to exercise when needed pressure over the private management of the corporations, and obviously to get profits from them. And all tho will release enough wealth to create a global salary with no problem.
Finally obvious, those nations (ideally the founding countries, China, US & Canada, Japan and the Euro zone, which have all the same currency – Canada will enter at 1 parity with his dollar), would slap a 100% immediate tax in all goods and financial instruments issued by nations outside the World Union, which however will obviously be opened to the entrance of any nation that wants to participate in the project.
This has 2 reasons:
  • First to protect the project from massive outside interference and disruption.
  • Second to coach nations which have massive trade with the World Union, which today represents 2/3rds of the global economy (thus most nations) to enter the world union or else suffer a massive economic crash. Now, obviously this will NOT disrupt the inner economies because there is really nothing these nations do not produce in over-abundance, except perhaps oil, but the immediate entrance of Russia into the European Union and Euro-dollar will solve it.
Something that Europe – shame on you – should have offered to the Soviet Union when gorbachev ended the dictatorship of the communist market. Or is not Russia 1/2 of Europe?
We deal with the reasons our ‘banker’s dictatorship’ make us with their control of the Financial-Media system of informative machines ‘love to hate russia’ just next after Islam on their phobia list against the human kind, in other places f this blog.
Indeed, let us consider that ¥€$ money is issued in a first state to the inhabitants of Japan, the European Union and the States.This could be done immediately by political agreement WITHOUT any disturbance on their markets. Since they are today at 1=1=100 parity. They have similar purchase per capita and similar economic systems.So the euro-dollar = 100 cent yens becomes the immediate currency.

All forex speculation of those currencies is eliminated. All shares are made nominal. The 50 % split on corporations put their management still in private hands, under the obligation to bey the laws of the counter.Now how much is that salary to all the inhabitants of those nations, which now hold that currency?

The population of the 3 foundational countries of the world Union, is 338 (eurozone) + 318 +120, around 770 million people. If they are given a 10.000 eurodollar salary annually, this accounts for 7 trillion $.

Now this might seem a lot but is far less than what markets obtain. For example the 500 fortune only get over 2 trillion dollars annually in profits. That is 1 trillion already just on the profits of 500 companies mostly form those nations. Stock markets create according to different accounts between 5 to 10 trillion $ in speculative higher prices and new shares every year. Banks and central bankers have created around 4 trillion $ in the last years.

Thus you can calculate (the reader who is fond of statistics can have enough material to make even more definitive calculus), that the financial-corporative system issues around 3 times more money than a universal salary does today for the mechanocene and the fat accounts of financiers and stocrats. Of course, the analysis by economists working for the world union would refine those measures.But what we mean here is that:

– A coup d’état and political agreement could establish the world union ipso facto if the politicians on charge of those nations did understand what is at stakes – human extinction this century.
– The disruption of their economies will NOT exist. On the contrary, immediate wealth, end of poverty, massive shift of private investment to welfare corporations and massive creation of jobs to mount all those nice automated cars will ensue. And of course, because the chip and car industries are the most robotised – as they are the automated ‘future species of the mechanocene’, they would crash, which is what the anthropocene needs.

Now, THE equation Gaia-past>History-present>Mechanocene-future… of maximal information

could be halted, since time is cyclical and the present can be maintained in a STEADY STATE as long as it wants the species in control. It is an equation of an arrow of information and so by limiting the evolution of information, the 3rd age of all beings prior to death, it can be halted. Point. You do not bull$hit though with the future. It has its laws, and either you understand and obey the yin-yang, information-energy game and survive or you perish. This is what indeed differentiates truly intelligent cultures by survival.


The 2 cultures that have survived worst, are the cultures of the top predator warriors, Germans, and the culture of the chosen of go(l)d, the ‘People of the treasure’ that invented and still runs banking. They do hate to think that their death as animetal predators and parasites of mankind is possible, cyclical, born of the action-reaction processes of the game of existence, because they are humans after all and should not be predating on mind with weapons and money but work together under the eusocial messages of love that allow people to share energy and information and survive constructing perfect, efficient super organisms.

But we the scientists of history, prophets of the future observing those cycles, the ethical guys that tell them the truth do NOT kill them, but try to convert them to mankind to make them survive. TO MAKE THEM INTELLIGENT, TRULY INTELLIGENT LIKE THE CHINESE, NOT ONLY SMART TO FIND SCHEMES OF THEFT AND AB=USE OF MANKIND, and hide the truth.

So the Chinese who understood cyclical time the ideal world was one in which there was no evolution, but dynasties repeated ad eternal. So they forbade gunpowder weapons to avoid further evolution of war. And there are now 14000 million of them, the survivors, 90 million of german speaking people, the predators, and 18 million of the chosen of Go(l)d, the parasites. And that is that, so you argue with the infinite Universe and its rules of existence, keep denying them, invent your myths and expect the rapture of the goalkeeper brothers, because you are sooo smart you will never learn from your ethic errors, way to go, boy. Now throw me the tantrum of anti$… and leave the blog outraged, or keep reading, help mankind AND SURVIVE.

Thus by the simple method of forbidding robotics by law, as a lethal species, releasing 500 million jobs ‘ipso facto’ and creating a ¥€$ universal salary of 1000 eurodollars, 5000 Yuans, and we shall iterate that simple rule. And this would have already happened if the world were not rule by military predators and bankers’ parasites and its racist hidden idol-ogies of nationalism and capitalism, which cater for the 1% and further on are invented by an astounding minority of people-castes belonging to the same old primitive racist religions and nationalist cults. So there is ZERO scientific understanding of social sciences – perfectly disguised with orwellian newspeaks of caring, victimism and political correctness.

The salvation of the world, the management of the equation of History is truly easy. It is NOT deterministic if we lived in a democracy, if we were not under the boot of bankers parasites, military and their corrupted hired politicos and techno-utopians that keep producing lethal machines and weapons with the mantra of ‘mechanical progress that substitute and degrade mankind.

So ultimately we must understand animetals just as a phase of the continuous degradation and substitution of human beings by selfish memes of metal, of which those people-castes and cult(ure)s in  power merely ‘discovered’ earlier those memes.

Now, all what we have explained could be easily corrected with a single measure and ideological change on our view of machines, no longer as abstract mechanisms but as biological organisms, made of metal, which is what they are.

Then we would notice they compete with us, and kill us in war fields and substitute us in labor fields and atrophy the organs they substitute.

And as we forbid the reproduction of lethal viruses – nobody makes Aids viruses because they ‘cost money’, we would legally ban robotics from the world, and all the problems of the present world – labor crisis, unemployment, massive wafare investments, future extinction of mankind – will be gone. 

We shall return once and again to the 2 simplest measures, since that is all what needs to be done. Indeed, predatory behaviours, as complex as they are, specially those of parasitism, in which the parasitic system produces ‘soma’ to soothe the victim (fiction mass-media), camouflages systematically as an inoffensive species (caring language and victimism of the people-caste of bankers), so it can be hosted within the social body it parasites, must be dealt with always with simple measures, ‘disconnecting’ from them. Point. It is the gordian knot parable. Alexander cut the knot and conquered the world, it did not try to undo the complex knot. The Darwinian world is simple.

And in human systems resumes in 3 words: Freedom = control of weapons and military or police repression; Justice=equal rights to all, without people-castes controlling and issuing the languages of power, money and the law they buy and WHealth, production of ‘healthy goods’, instead of the parasitic, predator ‘toxins’ inoculated by viruses, which make the body produce its lethal DNA, or vector  germs by blood sucking mosquitos, with their injections of soma… (the equivalent to the fictions and idol-ogies of machines as progress not humans as progress which dedicate all the resources to produce hate mass media, digital software and e-money).

But of course, ‘Politicos’ today are all corrupted by capitalism, by the bankers. THERE IS NO ALEXANDER, MULES AROUND. LET US FACE IT. THAT WAS THE HOPE OF CLINTON with whom i talked when young, of this matters, due to a common friend on charge of his campaign, not to speak of obama, truly a ‘house negro’ in the sense explained by Malcolm X – a man who believes he is the son of the master (after all his grand-mother ran a bank in Hawaii) and is used to control the plantation negro easily. So we must return to the absolutely censored theme of capitalism.
We shall study those points in more detail, in the posts of D-Perfect world section.

 The biological perspective: Darwinian behaviour vs. rational sciences.

Now it is the view of this web, and his author that ‘humans’ can overcome the limits of biological evolution and darwinian behaviour thanks to its ‘higher’ rational intelligence, that is, thanks to ‘reflexive’ science, which allows them to consider a higher point of view, that of the species as a whole. This is not far fetched.

In Evolution, eusocial evolution is the most successful form, which makes ants the most successful animal with a body mass equal to all other small animals combined. Rational thought thus makes possible the concept of human social evolution and the control of the negative effects of selfish memes of metal over mankind, and so it has been preached by all social scientists, in their evolution from love religions, to socialism to organisations like UNO, or doctrines like those of humanism (all humans equal), socialism (money for the service of people) and organicism (man and his ‘eyes and legal words’) as the measure of all things. And there have been cultures, notably the Chinese culture and the Greek-Latin- European Culture, and the American enlightened culture of its founding fathers, which tried precisely to achieve this. It is indeed the only solution to the evolutionary trend of the Mechanocene, which we can express in a simple equation:

Gaia (Life world, relative past) < History (human world, relative present) > Mechanocene (Relative, Future world)

This evolutionary equation  CAN BE UNDERSTOOD just by considering the 3 ‘equations’ or Universal Grammars of the 3 languages that rule the world in those ages.

In the age of animal life, light languages ruled the world, an the species who better saw, feline, apes and bird predators ruled the world.

Then in the human age verbal masters, legal politicians and priests, who spoke better the verbal language ruled the world.

Now when digital languages, money is the master, machines that better speak them, chips, rule the world.

And this can be seen also in the values and order of the languages. If we limit ourselves to the languages of history and the mechanocene (weapons and money) those are its values embedded in their grammar

In words, Subject (Man) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject), humans have also according to its universal grammar a higher value than objects. And laws carry those values.

In money:


we are equalised, compared and discharged when a machine is more productive than us, according to the equation that rules all corporations and its ‘productivity economists’:

Productivity=machine labor(capital)/human labor

Unlike capitalism, social sciences would maintain the equation in the relative present state of evolution, with mankind on top. This can be done perfectly following the complex laws of organisms.

Those are the simple linguistic and mathematical equations that certify our demise under capitalism and classic economics. That is their bottom line.

They are the 3 predatory people-castes that associate dot  ‘energetic metal’ weapons, informative metal go(l)d and organic metal machines rule mankind and extinguish life.

Since  they substitute the values of human languages (legal words) by the values of digital money (prices). Thus they are extinguishing Gaia and non-technological civilisations and bringing history towards a certain collapse:

Since History is indeed where the predatory nature of our ‘expert’ elites of bankers and politico-military systems is more obvious, when ‘data’ is NOT falsified and censored as today routinely is, specially in all what concerns the dominant people-castes of bankers that rule our societies.

And this bring us to understand money in terms of linguistics and its opposition with the ethic values of words, where man is alway the subject: Subject (man) <Verb (action) > Object (energy of subject).

Digital languages though equal man and money: Money (Price/salary) = Man/Object.

Thus Money is a language of digital information that values with numbers humans (with salaries) and products (with prices), easy to reproduce in papers or digital screens, as all languages of information are. Since to reproduce languages we need minimal energy. Thus money is NOT value per se.

But it can buy all other things. And so the fundamental way a financial dictatorship controls society is by taking the right of issue from people and governments, produce it in huge quantities, and buy all things with it, or lend it to people who MUST then return it with real assets, real work, real goods, becoming ‘debt slaves’ of the banker, for the rest of their existence, while the banker appropriates most of wealth of society, till the nation breaks into r=evolutions wars and holocausts.

But all this of course, must be denied. Since unlike military dictatorships based in the obvious power of simple energetic weapons that kill our bodies, financial dictatorships are based in the complexity of information – since as long as the ‘debt slave’ does not understand how he is managed at distance by bankers, he will obey, ignorant on the way the system ab=uses him. And to hide all this, alas! ‘classic economics’ was invented…

Now, the reader should understand a few things about Earth’s systems, which we, complex scientists, have discovered:

First systems become more complex with time, but their essence remains, and that essence is biological, regardless of newspeaks. In that regard the enormous complexity of the financial system today can be reduced to its essence. A group of people issuing money in monopoly, a language of information of null cost, and cre(dit)ating=creating the world with it.

Second the obvious: this planet is Darwinian, biological. But in biology there are 3+1 strategies of survival:

– The ‘strongest’ (Max. Energy) and the more intelligent (Max. Information) win the struggle of existence. And of both, the most intelligent (the bee in the small world, man in the bigger one), win over the strongest (the beetle and the lion). Yet even better is to be ‘more intelligent and more informed’ – that is, to have a stronger body and mind.

This strategy was in history first essayed with energetic metal, and gave birth to the warrior, a human being protected by iron weapons. Then informative metal, go(l)d appeared, and the banker took over, enslaving mankind to hypnotic gold – the sweat of god, as it imitated the colour of the sun and made the human I=eye slave of greed.

The banker thus monopolised the issue of money, accumulated gold in temples and became the informative master of a human sheeple, enslaved to gold. Finally it came the technocrat, the scientist who used machines to substitute  both, the human mind (eyes substituted by telescopes and temporal verbs substituted by clocks) and the human body (transport platforms)

And he became the top predator of the Earth, and its ‘social organism’, the company-mother of machines became the most powerful organisation of the planet, in control of human governments, since capitalism was born in Holland->England and America, from where it became globalised.

We shall call them ‘animetals’, taxonomic name for their reduced human side (as they become animals, predators and parasites of humans, guided by the selfish memes of metal, warrior violence and financial greed, and scientific arrogance, as their attached metalimbs, informative and energetic machines make them see further, think better, and move further…And yet as they do so, they atrophy its human side and become slaves of those memes, obliged to evolve and reproduce them to stay on top of the human mass.

3 idol-ogies: Nationalism (worship of weapons)+mechanism(of machines)+capitalism (worship of money).

Those 3 idologies are the memes that evolve the ‘mechanocene’, and parasite, prey or atrophy human minds and bodies that use machines instead of their bodies and brains. And since they are global, they seem to be ‘truth’. Never mind they are scientifically and rationally false.

We will now study the ‘topological’ degradation of the languages of ‘animetal cultures’ – ergative objectual agglutinative languages such as German or Japanese, which make their minds full of long, unbreakable words where the human subject disappears… Enough to say that ‘practical, animetal power cultures’   are defined by a clear paradox:

Max. Technological Evolution =Min. Social evolution.

2 biased  Idol-ogies, Capitalism (the reproduction of money without limit, and the belief it must guide societies over human, verbal laws) and mechanism (the worship of machines and weapons, regardless of its collateral effects on mankind, without any attempt to ‘prune’ the tree of science of its lethal goods, common also to communist and military dictatorships) prevents the real development of a true science of economics and history which would control money and machines and manage its production for the benefit of mankind.

NOW nationalism, the 3rd ideology, had two ages, the age of ‘tribal, racist religions and the age of Nations. They are the same concept. There is nothing different between modern nationalism and old Judaism or Assyrianism, or Hinduism. 

The proof that ‘Germany’ is equal to ‘YVwh’, in the social plane comes from history research (biblical archeology, Albright, Eliade, Campbell): the first reference to Yvwh appears in egypt maps as the toponym of Judea. Since at the time the word ‘God’ was used as “nation. So egypt or the nile was the geographical god of the egyptians, Yvwh or Judea, the one of the Jews, Assur, or Assyria, the one of the Assyrians, whose capital, people, region and king were all called Assurs. Germany the one of the Germans and America NOT yvwh (here is the error of this civilization) the one of the Americans, as conceived by the founding enlightened fathers – similar therefore to the enlightened european God of Rome and the French R=evolution – the law. It is thus absurd to consider that a racist religion of chosen of God is in anything different to a racist nationalism of Chosen of Germany.

What might be different is the language of the elite that rules those nations. In Judaism, Baalism, (Phoenician nations) it was go(l)d, and hence the rulers were NOT kings but banker-rpiests, rabbis which extracted a tax from their believers. In Aryan cults the ruler was a warrior king which extracted taxes with weapons. They were both primitive animetal cults, as Darwin explains. Point.

It is obvious that the present, abstract, monetarist ‘conception’ of Economics is the science that must increase the GDP measure in terms of Production of the objects of higher cost and profits, which are machines, without any regard for the collateral effects they cause on mankind must change, if we want to build a sustainable future for mankind. 

Why such reductionist view of economics dominates the world must be understood not in scientific terms, but in terms of ‘power’. Economists work for corporations, which overwhelmingly reproduce machines and weapons, acting biologically as company-mothers of those machines.

And so classic economics is primary the science of re=production and evolution of mechanisms – the science of the Mechanocene. This of course is an overall simplification of the many schools of Economics.

Yet precisely because Classic economics, the branch instituted by financiers (Adam Smith, client of the Montagu family, founders of the private Bank of England; Ricardo, a stock broker and Bentham, a banker) and Production Economics, (the School, which Marshall started in the 1st cathedra on the subject at Cambridge a century ago), have overwhelmingly imposed itself globally, and there is since World War II, a systematic censorship of the Biological, Historic and Socialist Schools, we must accept as a fact that Economics today is in epistemological terms, the ‘science of production and finances’ that cater exclusively to the owners of financial and industrial corporations.

On the other hand, History is the science of the Anthropocene, the world of human beings, and so it has as its fundamental goal to create a perfect world made to the image and likeness of mankind – where all humans receive as part of the super-organism of history, which social scientists must design according to the laws of Nature’s systems, enough energy and information to survive.

So it is not enough in social sciences with A-B-C) The description of the biological cycles of evolution of history and economics but D) must be also seek for – the creation of human positive solution to those cycles.

Languages carry values in favour of the species that better speak those languages.

But what is the origin of the astoundingly obviously false ‘beliefs’ of the cultures of the Mechanocene? How it is possible that 2 goat-keepers, who preached Jihad and extermination of all other tribes on Earth and worshipped Golden Calfs are still revered by 4 billion humans? That the increasing atrophy of the human body and mind by mental and physical machines goes unnoticed? How a mind becomes a ‘programmed belief’?

Yet again to deal with the ‘idol-ogies’ of the 1% and its worship of the selfish memes of metal that are extinguishing Gaia, we need to go further into XXI century science – complexity – and study their ‘mind’, which in all cultures is provided by the ‘syntax’ of their wor(l)ds, their languages and beliefs. We must criticise them. But we shall do that from scientific reason.

Since the fundamental difference between those cultures and the humanist cultures is precisely the fact that they are not ‘rational’, based in ‘science’ and ‘facts’ but they are based in a lower metal form, beliefs and subjective myths. Thus they are slaves of the mechanocene goals, because they neither understand them or want to rationally evolve, change their beliefs.

So let us explain with the tools of complex sciences what is the origin of those ideologies of selfish memes of metal and why they exist embedded in the syntax of the financial languages that guide as a ‘religion of greed’ the behaviour of our masters.

What matters about money, as with all languages, is their power to order and select reality according to the values of those who invent it, from words our biological language that values reality from a human point of view, directing human actions to genes, which direct biological actions:

Indeed, as if the dictatorship of bankers, were not bad enough, there is another huge, core problem with money as a language that rules societies as opposed to verbal laws. Since verbal laws have a Universal grammar…


…that makes man the centre of the Universe, so it values man and life more than money and weapons and so a society ruled by the law always favours humanity and help us to survive. Not so with money and weapons who either treat man as a slave equalling its value to a price, or even less, as a corpse, because hard metal weapons always cut flesh.

Thus the process of physical degradation and substitution of life species of the Anthropocene by mechanisms of the Mechanocene is NOT only happening at individual level, but since we are part of the ‘super-organism’ of History, mankind, the existence of humans from the first cell who spoke in our wor(l)d languages with its verbal values of social love, to the last one who would no longer speak the truth of the wor(l)d, but be guided by the values of digital money, the process must be also understood at collective ethic level – as the degradation of certain cultures that made either of weapons with its syntax that made humans ‘objects’, corpses:

Grammar of the warrior: Weapon>Man=Corpse.

Which will be imitated by the verbal syntax of the leading ‘Warrior cultures’ of the world, both in the East (Japanese) and the West (Germans). Indeed, warrior languages became OV(s) ergative languages, where the Object comes first, and the human subject is disguised, even disappearing. Words become agglutinative, long, simple like unbreakable swords, which explains the psychology (Humboldt->Wolff’s hypothesis) of Germ(anic) people, converted into the ‘germs’ of European History, which systematically destroyed the humanist southern civilisation in all the 800-80 years cycles, as humans are secondary to the object they worship.

They first appeared calling themselves Goths, the tribe of the Gods and killing anyone who opposed their orders with their Swords. The degradation of cultures by metal-memes is indeed the most clear proof of the ‘Antiquantum paradox’: Max. Technologicl Evolution = Min. Human Evolution.

On the other hand, Go(l)d cult(ure)s make humans ‘object-slaves’ with a price, changed by Gold (enslaving cultures):

Grammar of the Banker: Money>Man=Salary (Price) = Object.

What is is indeed astonishing is the ‘absolute’ imperative nature of the old semitic cults and languages, Vos, where the imperative, never named Go(l)d, imposes its will through absolute mandates, to bring to the sancta sanctorum pure gold as a tribute, which will of course ‘after death’ will be paid.

It is the same concept of modern classic economists: we must sacrifice ourselves as debt usury slaves and for the machine because all this will be rewarded after death – in the future.

Now the reader must understand a fundamental law of complexity and information systems that ‘prey’ over the energy of an organism – in this case private banking appropriating wealth through the language of money:

Systems become more complex with time and help to disguise the informative system that parasites the organism. 

Private banking was for millennia a simple system of gold usury, based in the control of the social language of information, money and the law by bankers and its hired corrupted politicos/military. The military prey on people with energetic metal-weapons. And the banker prey on them with informative metal gold. The military killed people who did not obey him or became a slave of the banker. The banker imposed a parasitic ‘tax’, and collected as a tax farmer for him and the warrior the wealth of the people. Simple.

But he added a notch more of parasitic extraction of wealth with the invention of usury in metal. To that aim, he first obliged the peasant with the help of corrupted military-politico (king laws) to pay those taxes no longer in ‘species’ but in gold. So he had to borrow gold to pay taxes, and he slapped an usury interest of 46% on the loan. Within years, a bad crop obliged the peasant to sell his land or worse, his people to the banker to repay.

In the Middle Ages he sold his sons as servants of the banker. But the banker often castrated them and sold as Mc Cormick, the dean of Middle Ages economy at harvard explains, to Islam as eunuch for a higher price. Those who died bleeding were thrown to the gutter, (2/3rds). So the peasant thought the banker drunk blood and took to the ghetto and murdered him. But the banker never stopped the practice till with the black death so many peasants died that kings forbade debt slaves to keep food coming.

Those practices for millennia made ”Humanity” hate both the military and the banker – the animetal predator and parasite, which as it happens in Nature are the two biological species that kill populations and extinguish species. If we add the 3rd species, competitive ones, which can perform the same tasks, in this case machines that substitute humans in labor and war fields, we have the triad of biological species, akin to those of Nature that prey over mankind since the dawn of  Metal.

This triad of ‘animetal’ rivals of the humankind, are today hidden by the complexity of their systems of predation and the ideologies promoted by them. today the warrior is not a murderer of life but a ‘nationalist’ defender, the ‘banker’ is not a tax parasite, but a ‘wealth creator’ of free, capitalist systems and the machine-weapon is not a competitive species that atrophy and substitute us in labor and war fields but the symbol of progress. Now it is possible with rational science and the power of human ethics and intelligence, to work as a single superorganism of history and control the military, the banker and the machine for the benefit of society.

But this requires 3 rational sciences: humanism – a single homo species, instead of nationalism, tribal species that kill each other; socialism, the issue of a universal salary and government’s control of credit to design a wealthy, healthy ‘wealthy’ organism of economics, instead of capitalism, the private issue by people-castes of bankers of money and speculative taxation of all goods with inflationary prices for the benefit of a few and its corporations; and finally organicism, the subtle design with systemic laws of the organisms of history, nations and mankind, instead of mechanism, the dumb, simplex imitation of machines as the model of every thing in the Universe.

We shall repeat ad nauseam this 3 differences between ideologies of social sciences that cater an elite of selfish memes of metal and its ‘slavish human animetals’ and the 3 true social sciences which could revert the future of the Mechanocene and put it to the service of mankind.

Because this is soooo obvious, the banker in control of digital information (both financial and mass-media corporations are controlled by their people-caste) the military-politico in control of weapons and laws, and the scientist dedicated only to make machines and sell them for profits, DO repress social sciences, to the point of changing the facts of history (for example, the paradigmatic case of middle age slavery is today called the ‘blood libel’), DO control with weapons – police, armies, war – the freedom of people and DO impose productivity laws (the substitution of human labor machines to raise the productivity=capital/human labor of each worker by firing all others, till a point many corporations are now automated factories of robots. Producctivity is thus ‘self-reproductivity’, automation, explained with a jargon people do not understand. it merely means to fire workers).

So we talk of 3 values JUSTICE, equal laws, FREEDOM, no military repression and WHealth, healthy demand wealth of welfare goods based in a Universal salary and the issue of money for and by the people, as the 3 GOALS of a Humanist, Socialist, Organic understanding of mankind.

And of Capitalism (private issue of money), nationalism (military tribes in perpetual warfare) and Mechanism (substitution of human organs by machines) as the ideologies that censor humanity and its future to promote the mechanocene (we shall also consider how Abrahamic religions by making of gold the goal of the believer in judaism->protestantism, and/or weapons a tool of conversion, in fundamentalist inquisitions, christianism->islam, foster those goals too.

Yet religions being verbal, often have also humanist values of charity and social love…

The ‘theoretical’ financial monopoly of the cult(ure) of bankers

Now the destruction of Europe and America, its real humanist values and happy ‘ways of life’ can be better understood.

this happens for a simple reason. Europe was a social-democratic culture, a welfare culture ran by social scientists after II world war destroyed the people-castes of warriors – the germ(an)s of western history who entered Europe calling themselves goths, the tribes of the gods because they killed everyone with their weapons and rhythmically extinguish the european ‘real’ greek-latin culture, with their weapons – and the people-caste of usurers and bankers, when both confronted each other for the control of the world.

Whenever they rule often in symbiosis – so the germanic aristocratic predator defends the usury banker and both together exploit the european population, as they did in the Middle Ages and the Industrial r=evolution, Europe plummets into a brutal civilisation. So now again, as those people-castes imposed their symbiotic dictatorship in America rule by germanic weapon industries and jewish-calvinist go(l)d religions, and then exported their system through Brussels lobbyism and corrupted politicos, the system rules europe again. And it has killed the post world war renaissance of the French-Italian enlightenment, the social, rational cultures that should rule Europe, because they ARE europe, even if the ECB and Wall Street Military-industrial/financial-media system has stolen their ‘institutions’.

The real humanist, scientific, rational, artistic latin-greek culture of the Italian renaissance, the french r=evolution with its concept of ‘money as nomisma’, tender, legal money to be used for the welfare of people in a true democratic system has now been extinct. The cycle is always the same. And that is why we need to study real history: First ‘semite’ and ‘aryan’destroyed the fertile crescent and imposed their myths, and people-castes of warriors and banker-priests with their ‘fetishe of gold’. Then Greeks and romans rebelled and imposed tender legal money, ‘nomisma’, from nomos, law, brittle iron, with no value to avoid the gold fevers of hypnotism and put weapons under the law. They became corrupted by gold money and goths ran over them and we plummeted into the Middle ages.

Rennaisance took over gold usurers and german warriors with gunpowder muskets and florentine bankers to the service of art and the pope. Luther and calvin returned to primitive biblical bigots, slave trade based in the Ham Damnation (arabs and negroes are less than dogs because their ancestor Ham supposedly pee on Noah, which was the racist rabbi slur used to impose modern slavery upon the negro and apartheid israel). The French revolution gave Europe a new hope, imitated by the American and Russian revolutions.

But military and capitalist bigots inside and outside crashed the revolutions (the Rothschild Syndicate, aka bank of England, Napoleon and Stalin). And then world plummeted in the previous cycles of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, colonial brutality and I, and II world wars.

Then the welfare states imposed by social-christian, democratic, humanist cultures both sides of the atlantic (French-Italian Eu, Kennedy-Lyndon ‘great society’ ) gave an Indian Summer to mankind. But e-money overproduction in the hands of Wall street and the Unification of Germany imposed back their ‘primitive’ understanding of History, their racist memes against mankind, their brutal beliefs and worship of memes of metal.

On top the ‘expert’ classic economists, which parasite mankind with all kind of e-money taxation and explain us this is ‘the true science of economics’. Please… we can be oppressed but we are not THAT stupid. ‘Evil dress as a gentleman’ said the last renaissance master, Mr. Shakespeare.

We do not have time to analyse in these posts those expert economists, all belonging to the same culture that monopolises the issue of money and have made of ‘economics’ a cultural discipline.

The corporative and financial bias of most classic economists comes indeed, from its privileged origin. From Smith, client of the owner of the private bank of England, to Ricardo a stock broker, to Bentham a banker, to Mill, a worker for the biggest corporation of the age (the Indian company ‘owner’ of 400 million indians) to Hayek, Friedman and 85% of modern Nobel prizes on the discipline, all belong to the Jewish-calvinist Go(l)d culture whose elite manufacture the money of the western world and invented this ‘vision of capitalism’ as a religion of go(l)d, the ‘invisible hand of gold’ (smith), the intelligence of god (calvin), the ‘golden calf’ and substance of the ‘sancta sanctorum’ and idols of baalist and jewish religions in the Middle east, the profession of the ‘elite’ banker priests of those cultures.

This monopoly is NOT science but power ideology, including the Nobel Prize, given by a private bank, against the will of Nobel Heirs, systematically to members of the culture of the ‘People of the Treasure’, or ‘Am Segullah’, which monopolises banking in the west since its inception as a go(l)d Fetish culture in the banking Temples of Canaan 3000 years ago. Today still 75% of nobel prizes, 80% of central bankers, 70% of CEOs of financial corporations and CFOS of 500 Fortune, for a 0.2% of the world’s population. This is the nature of the capitalist ‘nationalist’ dictatorship.

But we deal with this astounding cultural monopoly and its implications in many lateral posts. Since it is the key to the corruption of the System and its incapacity to manage the Mechanocene for the benefit of mankind, as the entire system, is geared merely to provide ‘free money’ for this elite and its associated, corrupted politicians and to that aim, it needs also to corrupt with fictions, censorships and a massive censorship of real social sciences the collective mind of mankind, and on the long terms it causes the cycles of wars and holocausts we all want to avoid.

It is thus necessary to denationalise the financial industry and put it to use for the benefit of humanity, to avoid the future extinction of mankind, those holocaust and war cycles, and be able to manage rationally, with the tools of social and biological sciences the future of the planet – it is needed to cut the gordian knot of the entire, tragic, mismanaged world we live in.

Here, we shall approach this ‘monopoly’ again for a biological systemic point of view.

Only if money is controlled by human governments we can bend its values to credit a life-based welfare world made to the image and likeness of man.

We humans use 3 languages of social power, money, weapons and laws, and those who invent them control societies. But only when laws control the 2 other languages of energetic metal (weapons) and informative money, we talk of a society made to the image and likeness of man, and only when the ‘informative heads’ of the society, politicians, are chosen by the people we talk of Democracies.

When weapons dominate the other 2 languages we live in a military dictatorship. When money dominates, issued by non-elected bankers or corporations we live in a corporative dictatorship, the definition of a capitalist society, which is incompatible with a true democracy. Thus the invention and control of those 3 languages of power is the battle of mankind for freedom.

We live in an organic planet, we are organic beings and we make machines imitating our organs of energy and information. And this ‘tenant’ of systems sciences is the basis to explain the whys of economics and history. Indeed, all systems, including life evolve organically from scale to scale, in this case from the human carbon-life scale to the larger scale of metal atoms, by imitating the topology, and the form of its organs.

In the same manner societies evolve from the human scale to the social scale, by imitating the reproductive, blood networks that feed its cells (so agricultural societies were born around the river veins of gaia) and by evolving the nervous, informative system into the verbal, ‘legal’ system of mankind.

Those so-called ‘isomorphisms’ of scales, are the basis of Systems sciences which study the evolution of systems as they grow in scale, and how they interact exchanging energy and information. Thus systems sciences – the science of networks – gives new insights into the meaning of economics and history, which are by far the less developed disciplines of science, riddled with ideologies and anthropomorphisms, wishful thoughts and power agendas.

Today we know machines are in fact just ‘primitive metal organisms’ evolving faster. And we know a human society can be modelled and perfected by imitating the economic=blood, reproductive and nervous=politic, informative networks of a human organisms.

Thus science is moving from earlier ‘mechanist’ abstract analysis of reality modelled by the founding fathers of physics, according to the new machines they discovered to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes), as mechanisms, into an age which considers all what exists including the Universe complex, organic, ‘fractal’ systems, that grow in scales of size that imitate the smaller systems. This is the future of philosophy of science. And as machines becomes organisms, they are indeed modelled with biology, the spearhead of robotics.

So are companies, which become ‘organisations’ that reproduce machines.

 The globalisation of mechanocene cultures and goals.

The humanist alternative: tender legal money controlled by rational, humanist laws.

The mind as Chomsky well explained is created by a genetic, generative grammar, whose ‘order’, defines the values of a language.

Human ‘evolved’ languages, put subject first:

Man (subject) > Verb (action) > Object (energy)

and its highest ‘values’, ethics make of man the centre of the Universe.

Those are languages  Chinese, Romance and English by influence of French – that can build honestly a world made to the image and likeness of humanity and make of laws, the nervous system of information of mankind the language that guides society. They are the ‘higher’ rational civilisations, which the Greek-Latin founding fathers of europe, and then the French and American r=evolutionaries tried to impose upon us.

Those are the collateral damages of the values of digital money, which the Greek-Roman humanist culture tried to eliminate by using ‘tender legal money’ (nomisma, invented in Rome by Numa, in Sparta by Licurgus, explained by Aristotle), and so society flourished, the Greek and Roman empires ended the dictatorship of the Cananean banker-priests that controlled the Mediterranean with Go(l)d; and further on, the European rational, scientific Latin culture imposed verbal laws above money and weapons as the language that ruled society.

This was the golden age of Europe and the beginning of a ‘different’ concept of History, Economics and the future of mankind – a world rule to the image and likeness of humanity.

This is the culture that every time it has ruled the west has created a better world. Since it controlled the digital language of money, by converting it in tender, legal money produced by the state for the people, in an instrument of real wealth, invested in welfare goods.

This is the culture of Southern Europe, origin of the rational Greek age of humanism, the Italian renaissance age of humanism, the French and American enlightened r=evolutions and the post-war welfare states. It is the culture that practices humanism, social-democracy and Organicism, and creates a world to the image of mankind, without despising machines BUT using them for human goals.

It is the culture now destroyed by the overproduction of chips, e-money and robotic blue collars and soldiers, and white collar Pcs. Now it has been destroyed by the animetal Biblical Germanic Cult(rue)s of imperative false memes slaved to metal, the irrational cultures whose values of greed and violence, gold and weapons control again the earth. The anti-democratic parasitic predatory cultures that are ruined mankind.

In that sense, the Greek case is just the first example, of how far the process will go during the Mechanocene.

Further on, money is a digital language of numbers, which is better spoken by machines, a species of metal, whose language is mathematics. And so a digital society promotes the species that better speak maths, which are machines not human beings. The outcome is darwinian, biological: humans become obsolete in a digital world to machines, and its values and survival with no price make life ‘cheap’, expendable.

Since every time the other 2 harsh languages of weapons, whose syntax, weapon>man=corpse  dominates germanic cultures and go(l)d, Money≥object(price)≥slave(human), which dominates semitic ones, has ruled the world, we entered a dark ages.

And we are again there. Indeed,  neither electronic capitalism, which denies mankind its oxygen, nor military Jihad and Nationalist armies can be understood without the imperative mandates of the original, ‘corrupted’ animetal cultures, the germanic cults to weapons, whose languages hide the object (ergative languages), and put together in long swords its words, obeying the mandate of ‘defending the sword with the word’. They have zero ‘mental freedom’ and the human subject does not exist. Grammar is the soul of people, as genetic linguistics, whorf and humboldt realise.

On the other hand, the Semitic culture that killed the Paradise of Life and discovered metal, also devolved its language into ‘imperative’ mandates, where a supposed ‘God’ (abrahamic religions) by virtue of military power (inquisitorial jihads) or go(l)d exv0tes which believers had to bring to the temple, whose sancta sanctorum was of pure gold (fetish Canaanean religions of banker-priests in Phoenicia and Israel), became also non-free cultures whose only mandate was to bring gold at all costs. And they became the enslaver people-castes of bankers and weapons traders. Both would be always ‘critizized’ by the human values of the wor(l)d and its love masters.

And both will enter into cycles of war and holocausts for total power, today censored by political correctness, the antiquantum paradox, the holocaust industry (in which the elite of banker-priests shamelessly uses the victims of the Last world war cycle, their poor classes, scapegoats of the brutality of warrior predators and banker parasites, which are the upper castes of germanic and jewish-protestant elites, to prevent any criticism of capitalism – and we shall explain that in detail at the end of this post) .

Finally, the most hidden of all facts, the substitution of  humans by machine, far more important today, as it atrophies and degrades all mankind, than the warrior and banker anti quantum paradox of:

Max. technological evolution =Min. Human evolution

has become the trade mark of the globalised language of the people-caste that discovered machines, the anglo-american culture. This grammar is based in the I=ego centred, supposed freedom of absolute selfishness, since the I subject comes first and cannot be hidden in the community. So the english grammatic mind NEEDS not humans, it is ego-centered and so IT DEPENDS ON MACHINES FOR ALL ITS actions.

The machine becomes an absolute need, while collaborating with other humans is to be needy. Their philosophy confuses chaos and freedom and builds a hypocritical, systemic repression of all human emotions and human bondage. So they become consumers of machines, addicted, degraded and substituted by them. But the ego-centered grammar make them think they are super-heroes, because their machines run fast, think more and see further. They live attached to the machines that atrophy them. And as we enter the age of robots, they become mindless robotised appendages of their digital screens. 

Indeed, we shall criticise in excess the people-caste of bankers that rule the world and parasite it, and the germ(an) warriors, the germs of history that kill life, but the degeneration of the mass of mankind by machines is the ultimate tragedy. It is also the proof that we live in a darwinian world and machines , selfish memes of metal are the ‘issue’ of mankind. The degeneration of human cultures, and its memes, from abrahamic religions, to capitalist idol-ogies, from nationalist racisms, to biblical bigotry, all is ultimately NOT a question of human genes, or cultures – people-castes just started to degenerate mentally earlier in history because they discovered metal earlier, so the biblical people killed the Fertility goddess, and the organic nature of gaia was lost to them earlier (Campbell, Eliade).

And so despite all that criticism the reader should understand that this is a humanist blog, and holds a truth supreme: man is by birth a ‘natural good savage’, a Rousseaunian beast that follows the mandate of social love of its species, embedded in the laws of biology. It has been corrupted. It is not guilty, because as we have seen those who are destroying the world, do so under imperative, objectual, degenerate verbal languages. Nobody is ultimately to blame, but unless they become free of its selfish memes of metal, they will become extinct – all of them.

C) The anti-quantum paradox: The industry of the Holocaust and the monopoly go finances.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’
Poetics, Aristotle

In that regard, at least 4 themes must be understood about the idol-ogy of Judaism. And this is unavoidable for any real social scientist, because the western world is ruled by bankers, and bankers in the west are jewish. So to explain the west today, either America or europe, Judaism must be explained: Jewish financial monopoly, the holocaust cycle it provokes,in which the scapegoats of the cycle which are the jewish lower castes, become murdered by its rival animetal castes of warrior, with the indifference of its elite, that will latter mourn them for their own profit, in the so called industry of the holocaust.

And hence the social structure of Judaism, with their elite of banker-priests, for whom all is profit as they escape with the money and ruin the nation they parasite, before warriors murder their common people, who do the hard work of tax farming during the boom-bust cycle and suffer the holocaust when the country becomes ruined. And this duality between the elite and the lower class, similar to that of germanic warrior cultures between aristocrats  who never die  in war and the common people massacred, is the essential taboo that condemns the poor jew to die for their elite it reveres, because it is blind.

Indeed, their prophets, Moses, Jesus, Marx, warned their people of the cycle and the selfishness of their banking elite, and yet very few converted to Humanity. But and this is the astounding truth of the cycle – those who defended humanity survived, the christians speared the Roman Holocaust, the converses speared the Spanish Holocaust,the Marxist who survived in Russia Hitler’s holocaust, the Mosaic who didn’t revere the Golden calf and survived the myth of the ghenna, but were damned by Moses ‘the jewish people will suffer death all their life, because of their love of money’ (exodus). Now the understanding of all those paradoxes treated elsewhere in this blog, explain a very simple theme, recurrent in history. Animetals murder and die for gold and iron, but since it is a cultural meme, they can survive becoming human again.

Needless to say race means nothing here, and the only guilty of predation and parasitism of mankind is the elite that imposes its memes both the aristocracies of warriors and bankers. We thus consider victims of those idol-ogies in two degrees of suffering, the common people of warrior and banking cultures (german soldiers, jewish tax-collectors) BUT IN A MUCH HIGHER DEGREE, HUMANITY AT LARGE, which never harmed anyone and get killed and enslaved under the orders of those elites by their mass-class, which finally dies, when the entire body of the civilisation collapses, during the massive radiation of weapons and money that culminates each of the cycles of History (both the 800 and 80 years cycles shown in previous graphs).

In any case what matters to humanity, what is by far the most important question, the absolute monopoly of Judaism since the times of Canaan when it worked hand in hand with Phoenicians and as the trade knot of communication between 3 continents (europe, asia and africa) and the 2 fertile crescent civilisation (egypt and mesopotamia) and close to the earliest gold mines (arabian semite range of coastal mountains), built a ‘new type’ of civilisation, in which the elite was NOT made of king warriors but of go(l)d priests and the believer was not a soldier but a trader in search of go(l)d ex-votes, the ‘unnamed’ symbol of go(l)d of which Baal statues and sancta sanctorums of jewish temples were made.

The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact  – that o.02% of its population monopolises more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and american cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain South-America WITHOUT mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it. The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society. Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw God or Christ, who is son of God, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species.

Camouflage is absolutely needed for parasitic cultures to survive, within the Organism they prey, and so the confabulation theory, the anti$emitism mantra (very different from anti-SSemitism, the murder of  people by warrior predators with the excuse they belong to the culture of bankers), all this nonsense is just part of the Industry of the Holocaust. To explain the world, ruled by money and bankers you must explain the people-castes who invented it and how they rule us all. Point. 

Judaism is a historic nationalist ideology NOT a religion, and so as such with the same aberrant memes that nationalism has (superiority of the tribe-nation-god and imposition of power in search of a global racist empire of Chosen of Yvwh or Chosen of Germany, today Chosen of America or Israel.

Racist religions are a primitive form of nationalism, from an age previous to Rome when the word ‘Tribal God’ meant the subconscious collective of a nation, so Assur was the nation and tribal God of the assyrians and Yvwh, translated ‘Judea’ in ancient egyptian maps, was the name of the God and the region of the Jewish people and of course, as the Germans thought their nation was the best and the Assyrians claimed their God Assur to be the Master of all Gods, the ‘Yawhians’ thought Yvwh to be the only God, and as the Germans said they would enslave all mankind for one thousand years, and the Assyrians tried, the Yawhians, created a religion called millenarism, which said that ‘at the end of times all humans would be slaves of Yvwh or would be exterminated, ‘Sanhedrin, Talmud’).

In fact there was zero talk of after death in earlier Judaism. it was all nationalist talking. Those concepts came much latter by influence of Egyptian and Greek mystical cultures. Yvwh is Judea, point. NOW, the ultimate reason of the brutality and indifference to mankind of the orthodox leading economists, From Smith (a calvinist) to ricardo (a jewish stock speculator), to the Modern Hayek and Freedman (Jewish orthodox) is a direct consequence of their religious belief on a superior race, that of the people-banker for whom the system must cater. Every right wing, extreme economist in favour of private banking, monopoly in the issue of money by them, and/or production at all cost has been Jewish (Most financial economist) or calvinist-anglican (most production economist), the 2 sides of the Jewish-protestant racist old memes of talmud and the Old testament.

Thus classic economics IS CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, AND WE ARE RULED BY PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AS THOSE BIGOTS from southern America that go(l)d must cre(dit)ate the world for them. As creationist believe yvwh created the world. This is the core fact. And the ONLY SOLUTION IS THE DESNATIONALIZATION OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY. YES ‘DESNATIONALIZATION’, from this people-caste. The rest is just talking bull$hit. As long as a group of bronze age believers run the west with their selfish memes of metal, their techno-utopians, their military paranoias, their racism against negroes and arabs, their systematic tax farming of europeans and Americans, their victimising censorships, we are doomed.

The concept a ‘racist’ meme can be disguised with religion, as opposed to nationalism, is bogus. As both, religion and nationalism are the same ‘concept’: ideologies of the social subconscious collective. Yaveh, Allah or Christ, are NOT real, but the Jung’s concept of a subconscious collective, the assabiyah of Ibn Khaldun, the informative network that puts together those cellular brains. A religion thus is a book of revelation, the memetic code of similar beings, which allow their common actions as a wave in the same manner the DNA code of similar cells allows the common actions of an i-organism.

It is also absurd to consider that a financial dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use under the ‘boot’ of a people-caste a language of social power – money, is different from a military dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of weapons or a party dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of the law. Under such ‘semantic unification’, the Nazi/Germanic aristocratic castes that imposed themselves on Europe and derived into nationalism are not different from the communist, party dictatorships that monopolized the law and weapons in East Europe, or the Calvinist-Jewish dictatorships of the anglo-saxon work that monopolize stil today the manufacturing and use of money in capitalist dictatorships.

And so the true solution to the holocaust cycle, and the future of mankind, given the primitivism of classic economics and the religious bigots that founded them, is the nationalisation of finances,and its intelligent humanist use by states and people thorgh a Universal salary. The rest is bull4hit and gore. And distraction of the TRUE ISSUE, THE ISSUE OF MONEY.

We thus talk of a dual d=evolution in the making of a whole new brave world – from the Anthropocene, the human age that devolves fast, as fast as the Mechanocene, the machine age, evolves, because humans have abandoned their organic humanist, social, models of reality for those provided by the selfish elites that take advantage of those 3 selfish memes of metal.

And this can be studied at two levels, the ‘practical one’, the day-to-day facts on how machines are degraded, atrophying and substituting humans, which first substituted their legs by cars and grew fat, now their brains by screens and became stupid, and finally their social systems by those of machines and its company-mothers and became selfish ‘homo bacteria’. Since the evolution of a new ‘predator species’ requires the degradation of the previous one.

Humans are thus becoming degraded and substituted, by they don’t notice yet… As the process in biology is called ‘enzymatic’ transfer. And during a certain period, as the enzyme constructs the new organism, the soft larva makes the hard insect, the carbohydrate attaches to the iron atom in haemoglobin and so on… the soft larva, carbohydrate seems more powerful. We see with the metal-eye so far, we make so nice selfies, we look so good running our ferrari.

20% though of muscle mass has been lost in 3 centuries, according to study of pre-industrial bones; and within 100 years of screens predating our verbal, logic brains another 20% has gone in IQ and tests are ‘reduced’ and simplified all over the world for our sons.

While at the social level, the evolution of Humanity into a Perfect Superorganism of History which slowly advanced away from the ‘tribal’ genetic age of racist religions and nationalisms, into the understanding of Mankind a single Species, (Biology, Eusocial love religions) that must come together, joined by equalitarian networks of energy and information (economic and political systems, social democracies, welfare states), is now also regressing back into the most primitive previous ages, with the revivalism of Abrahamic religions, nationalisms and further back into an age of ‘bestiality’ and ‘selfishness’, proper of the first Paleolithic age of man.

In systems sciences, such regressions of a social super organism are akin to the 3rd age of death of the organism. So old men are negative children which regress to their earlier memories, and indeed, mankind is returning to the earlier ages of its civilisations and to the violent ages, prior the neolithic wor(l)d, in a clear sign that the Anthropocene is dying, as the Mechanocene gives birth to A.I. (Algorithms of Information, the true meaning of Artificial Inteligence, which are already ruling most systems of planet Earth).

How humans have come to design the world for ‘other species’ – against the natural laws of survival – without even realizing they are doing so, is perhaps the most astounding fact of the modern world, and a question studied in depth in this blog.

We want to offer a more ‘formal’, logic explanation of those facts, using the ‘neutral’, objective language of complex sciences, which is biology. And the tools of the scientific method which classic economics blatantly ignores.

So, yes, biology tell us humans are regressing, devolving, substituted and atrophied by machines

But from the non-human perspective of the mechanocene, all is far more simple:

Company-mothers of machines evolve and re=produce them in ever growing numbers, and so as overproduction crises saturate the world of new machines, life and human beings became displaced and extinguished in labor and war fields.

Yet mechanocene economists do not measure human WHealth (healthy wealth) but just ‘prices’ of production, the so-called GDP. And those are ruled by the ‘affinity’ between two similar species of metal – the traditional form of money (precious informative metal, gold and silver or today computer cycles of information) and energetic metal (weapons and machines). So traditionally 70% of Gdp in ‘gold’ was used in wars. And now most of it is used in machines.

Thus in terms of ‘metal-money’, weapons have always been the most expensive goods, while human life had no price, and welfare goods, perishable or for ethic reasons of difficult valuation had minimal price.

This means in GDP terms, maximal value is reached in war ages. For example Germany reached its peak in relative GDP terms in 1943 and America in 1945; while the harsh Communist military dictatorship was at maximal wealth during Stalin’s cold war. And so in classic economics as bizarre as it seems, the ideal world would be a Nazi  or Stalinist World, or modern American Big Brother War on Terror – an age in perpetual warfare, where massively priced weapons massacre and consume humanity.

Unfortunately in such ‘blind’ economic management, the only element that defines what a society produces is the ‘point of evolution’ of machines. When machines reach its maximal perfection in each cycle as weapons, they are reproduced massively and politicians adapt the social environment to its use with sudden war crisis and hate media. And when a new form of invention of money is discovered, financiers reproduce it without limit regardless of its distortion of the real economy and the destruction of wealth through inflation and speculation they cause.

As that is the kind of ‘ideological science of economics’; hence the subconscious collective of political and economical actions that cre(dit)ate=create the world we live in with credit, we thus can study the ‘cycles of overproduction and ‘forecast’ the future of the economic ecosystem with ‘deadly’ accuracy, as we have done for decades, since our first papers on the future crisis of overproduction of chips appeared at the end of our master at Columbia University (with duly censorship of our ideologists, given their manifest destiny of terraforming the Earth into the Mechanocene, for the sake of it ):

Thus for a proper understanding of a humanist social science this blog does: A) An accurate description of those cycles an B) according to its biological causes to be able to make C) future predictions following those biological/evolutionary laws.

But it also explains, despite censorship and political correctness D) The responsibility of idologies that pass as science in the construction of the wrong world and its cultural origin, its practitioners and the complex forms of censorship they use to hide their dictatorships over mankind. So the reader realises there is an alternative if humans substituted them by true social scientist, who instead will design a better world made to the image and likeness of humanity.


 In that sense, a well designed human super organism, according to the fundamental law of systems sciences – the isomorphism between the individual and social scales of human super organisms – should be ruled by its collective brain, the government, properly designed to be free and efficient, through its ‘nervous’, informative language, the law, which should create as the brain does, just=equal laws to the service of all the cells/citizens of the body of human beings.

And such a free, efficient, just government must rule over the ‘reproductive’, economic, blood system and its digital languages, money.

Thus in the part dedicated to the proper design of history we shall explain and apply the fundamental isomorphic law of living systems, whose organisation in its 3 scales, the cellular, organic and social scales are self-similar, and hence offer a model for the construction of the correct social organism of mankind.

But nothing of this is even studied today. Because today economics and corporations dominate governments and history; and moreover, they have designed an economy ecosystem, which caters to their offspring of machines. And only for this reason, the world points towards a future of machines, which is not deterministic as long as I.A. (informative algorithms, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence), become ‘conscious’ of their unity as a species, and robots and automated corporations decide to get away with man.

This could be managed by reversing the order of power, or by adapting economics to a much wider, more scientific view, which encompasses also the collateral effects of machines on humans, the different goals of both sciences and all the elements beyond ‘production’. We will try to do so in this web from a biological perspective, since we hold this is a biological planet, humans are biological systems and they make machines imitating its biological organs, and have symbiotic and predatory relationships with them. And we will do so with the 4 legs of the scientific method, ignored generally in most social sciences.

Yet before we do so, it is important to understand that there is also a ‘branch’ of Economics, which caters first to History, to the Anthropocene, to Human beings.

And the key to differentiate both schools is the ‘issue of money’, the language of information that as words do in human brains and legal societies, or oxygen and hormones do in cells, starts up the process of production and consumption of economic systems.

As such ‘money’ is not wealth per se, but a digital language of information easy to reproduce in screen and papers. What matters therefore is who issues money and what it issues it for. And there are simply speaking two possibilities:

Democracies where money is either issue for people (with a Universal salary, a model similar to that of organisms where oxygen is provided by red cells fabricated by the body which distribute a Universal salary to all cells, in oxygen activating their work and consumption) or by their elected representatives or politicians.

This model is called a demand, democratic, keynesian or welfare economy, as it naturally reproduces the goods people need to survive, which we call human goods. It is the ideal model of History, as it caters to the citizens of history, human beings, and the last 2 models were social-democracies in Europe and China. It also provokes healthy growth (China in fact is the country growing faster in the last 30 years). And it causes massive human employment required to produce such goods.

But is today becoming ‘extinguished’ by the Mechanocene, its industrial and financial corporations and the classic economists that foster a Supply economy, or Capitalist System, which by definition is not Democratic, since people do NOT control the language of social power money. Instead money is issued by private bankers and company-mothers of machines, used only to foster their evolution and reproduction, with exclusion of human beings. It provokes massive unemployment as machines by affinity are reproduced by other machines in increasingly automated factories.

It also produces massive quantities of 3 goods: Digital money;  weapons, since they are the most expensive, hence profitable mechanisms, with the collateral effects of causing the death of human beings. And then massive quantities of ‘digital software’, with the collateral effects of ‘trashing the mind of man’.

In mathematical terms the systemic overproduction of e-money, weapons and hate-media is the consequence of the 3 elements of the equation of Profits:

 Profits (e-Money)  = Maximal price (Weapons) – Min. cost (software, easy to reproduce by waves)

The example of this economy is America, which indeed is an economy of Money, Weapons and software.

Now both economies can be easily compared in terms of ‘human WHealth’, with different indicators of human development (notably the Index of Human Development of UNO, and the ‘Biological Frame of reference, invented by this author which plots the value of goods in biological, scientific terms: positive goods that foster the natural drives of humans – energy for the body, information for the mind, reproductive, social values that foster the reproduction and social peace – are plotted in the positive coordinates, negative goods that diminish those drives (polluting energy, hate-media and false information, weapons, drugs, etc.) are negative and rest the economy. And this should be the way to value an economy from the perspective of History.

Thus, there is only a solution to avoid human labor and war extinction: humanist cultures of the american founding fathers, the social-democracies of europe and the Chinese legalist system with nationalised banks dedicated to human welfare  must take over so the equation of history continues, NOW.

The only solution: A miraculous Mule or a popular r=evolution

A true social science must define the:

A) facts of history and economics.

B) model it with the biological laws that rule it.

C) establish its natural evolution but also…

D) qualify all those systems from a humanist perspective with the goal of improving the whole human species, NOT a tribe, and certainly not the selfish memes of metal that will extinguish us above the humankind.

What should be then the practical goal of  social sciences?:

First the survival of mankind, then its welfare at individual level, measured by a maximal numbers of human beings, which – as cells in any social super organism – receive enough energy and information to survive. Those 2 goals, which are collective and individual survival are the goals of any human social scientist, including those which as we shall see (prophet of love religions, r=evolutionaries, politicians, humanist philosophers, people dedicated to life-based professions), do not know but are essential ‘cells-citizens’ of that super organism, and act as the ‘neurons’ of its body, guiding it to enhance their survival.

This strategy gives origin to the 3 real social sciences of mankind: Humanism – a single species, organicism – which should be the measure of all things, and finally socialism, since a single species means society, the whole humanity must be more important than the individual. 

If true social sciences were ruling us  their policies would not walk blind towards human demise, but fully aware of all the perspectives and elements of the Earth’s ‘evolutionary equation’:

Gaia (Life world, relative past) < History (human world, relative present) > Capitalism (Future world: Mechanocene)

Unlike capitalism, social sciences would maintain the equation in the relative present state of evolution, with mankind on top. This can be done perfectly following the complex laws of organisms.

And so this blog will fluctuate between the ‘realist’ description of capitalism and the Anti-quantum paradox, and its anti-humanist cultures, with a scientific description of the perfect, ideal world of mankind, eternal, and efficient, democratic and just- which only will occur if the 1% abandons its primitive religious go(l)d memes for a real science of economics, or the mass of mankind which ‘naturally’ understands ‘humanism’ as the goal of the species, learns the truths about the ‘future of capitalism’ and r=evolves against the elite. As today, the trend is towards a Future Mechanocene, of robotized, automated corporations with billions of humans obsolete, and so in the graph that opens the blog, we put as the maximal probability of future, the mechanocene which implies as always in the long cycles of evolution of the planet the extinction of man. But we also consider the lesser probability of a humanist world.

What will never happen is the myth of the self-serving 1%: the chosen of go(l)d ruling over a brutalized mankind, and an inert robotized army, per in secula seculorum ‘amen’. The fantasy of a techno-utopia, simply defies all the laws of nature and biology of complex sciences and social organisms which rule this planet and the Universe at large.

Since it requires a mental, collective process of degeneration of  ‘Social sciences’ and ‘ethics’  substituted by primitive modes of social organisation.

And here is where idol -ogies come. The 3 main we now all share, aberrations of natural truths:

Nationalism – the Homo Americanus different species, the Homo Judaicus superior to the Homo Palestinus and so on… the Homo Sapiens no longer rules. So we need weapons to kill each other.

Mechanism: machines do NOT atrophy us and substitute us, they empower us (both things as we have seen are truth0. And the queen of them all

Capitalism. we must not ‘think’ on human verbal values but be guided like automatons by prices, by digital money, by the mathematical language of machines.

And on top of that, we humans do NOT have the right to reproduce and issue money, only machines do, e-money computers and world-stock corporations. We humans must sacrifice our needs, our welfare like the greeks do. So corporations in Germany can do machines. And this is good, because it is progress (mechanism) and needless to say the humans who do them are the chosen race.

The point I am making is this:

– Only a coup d’etat from humanist politicians or a r=evolution of the people can change the destiny of the west, that moves steadily towards the 30s and 40s.

As today a Free World can only be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the Financial-Media (informative machines)≈Military-Industrial (energy machines) system of global corporations and hired politicos, ruled by Worldstock’s money, by 2 or 3 Presidents of the biggest nations of the World’s leading civilizations, US, China and EU. 3 ‘Lots’, to use the parables of Humaism, which also existed in this culture – the perfect number suffices to save the World. If you don’t know how, just read (-:

The Asimovian 3-mules’ announce the foundation of the Rainbow Planet, the Wor(l)d Union, with a 10 years transitional government to build its structures, before elections. They nationalize all banks, split all corporate shares, keeping 50% and issue to all its citizens the 1st ¥€$ Money salary…

Yes, such real humanist democracy, to which we will return at the end of the post, would be efficient, free and awash of life-goods that enhance NOT degrade the human being. It could be easily implemented by POTUS, the Chinese PC president and the EU president or by defect, the German-French Leadership.

But of course, POTUS is today a ‘house negro’, slave of the Master race who brought him to power, working hard for them – are you sick master? It ONLY pretends to be ruling the Wor(l)d; while acting as all POTUS have, since the coup d’etat against the presidency by mass-media and wall street (using to that aim Mr. Nixon’s peccadilloes), who showed it could tumble any president, and took over the issue of money with the liberalisation of the gold standard and the production of electronic money, as a clown managed by media corporations, with scripted discourses. All of them will go under history since Mr. Nixon as slavish rulers ‘owned’ by the Masters of the Universe. But to hide this all, the doberman puppies send their mechanocene robots all over the planet to massacre the poorest people of the Earth, as mercenary armies for the apartheid state of the ‘other nation’ of its masters. The harder they fall.

 But of course to explain those ‘facts’ is today the biggest crime in the political and social discourse.

Since those monopolists of power, corporations of machines, and the military-politicians and bankers who issue in monopoly, control the languages of social organization, laws, weapons and money, selfishly, dictating with them the behaviour of people. Thus they repress all analysis of their actions by the social scientist. Instead they like to pass as the ‘experts’ on those disciplines, which is the same than saying the electron that enacts the actions of atoms and not the scientist that describes them, is the ‘scientist’ of physics.

And yet only the electron within the atom, by changing its structure can change the chemical reaction of the atom itself, what the scientist can do is merely ‘coach’ the electron into its needed new position.

In that regard bankers and military are closer to ‘predators’ of human societies they ab=use with money and weapons that social scientists which would serve humanity, the whole citizens/cells of the super organism of history.

Of course, for their ‘model of no future’ for mankind to work, censorship is needed on the real causes of the labor crisis (multiplication of white collar pc and blue collar robotic workers) that is destroying not only our democratic and social rights, but as the robot radiation increases that competition in war and labor fields will provoke a global existential crisis as the century goes by. 

It is also needed that themselves believe their own lies and for that reason classic economics, Abrahamic go(l)d religions, political correctness, the industry of the Holocaust (which only shows the end of those cycles and hence avoids true solutions to the dual crime), and a long etc. studied in the sides of this blog ‘must be put to to work’ with the Goebbelian method of repetition, imprinting and belief.

A coup d’etat of the American president, the chinese president and the EU president with a global welfare program, the issue of a global currency yes money, made of yuans euros and dollars, with a universal salary of 1000 euros for each human citizen, with a split of all corporations, 50-50, where 50% goes to governments, and the other to private management, to re-adress the problem of overproduction of lethal goods, forbidding robotics, the species that will kill us, must be implemented NOW.

The conclusion is obvious: Since the evolutionary ‘free market’ of machines, ruled by corporations is NOT a democracy, but it is a jungle of metal, where corporations rule and fight each other for higher profits, reproducing without limit its machines, and their owners, imprinted by all type of diverse memes of despise, superiority and indifference to the life of mankind, we humans of the sheeple, with no weapons or stocks, beyond the placebo mask of politicos and advertising that tell us ‘don’t worry be happy, human, anthropomorphic, fictions’ of caring, are expendable, consumed by weapons in wars, substituted by machines in work places, exploited by taxation and higher speculative prices by financial markets and quisling politicos, imprinted memetically by repetition of the same false damned lies and statistics by ‘experts’ bubbling on the TVs put on the altars of our home; and of course silenced and murdered whenever we defend the rights of the human kind.

Because from an objective point of view, in a capitalist ‘democracy’ we ALL humans have a ‘price’, as a cost, our wages.

And now as the robotic r=evolution creates a new species which will compete with unfair advantage with us we cannot longer expect to have an ‘economical’ future.

In that sense, the solution to the 4th crises are simple, if humans were able to control the production of memes of metal: merely to ban robotics and establish legal measures against ‘visual fiction’ as a form of lying that prevents a real freedom of speech, covered by the noise of advertising and fiction thought. Yet humans don’t control the system, but are their slaves in an Aristotelian sense – they believe that the future of mankind is defined by the future of machines, as if we were them. So nobody even thinks on the problem, let alone the solutions to the crisis of overproduction we live in.

Should a will to look at reality as it is and freedom of thought exist among our leaders, the crisis could be easily solved with a G20 ban on robotics and the creation of a global single currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity 1 dollar = 1 euro = 100 yens = 5 Yuans, which would represent 3/4 of the global GDP, hence the only reference currency that could not be sunk by speculators. Such currency would then have rights to a 20% of annual deficit, invested in promoting a sustainable economy, a welfare state and jobs for human beings, which the robotic radiation has eliminated and the corruption of the financial system will not pay for. Since it all started precisely with the crisis of overproduction of e-money – with the development of speculative platforms that parasite the physical economy – the creation of a fixed parity currency and the taxation of speculative trades is a must for the crisis to end.

Nothing else will do, not even the printing of money by central bankers, for those very same institutions that cause the crisis. Indeed, the money central bankers have printed, never reaches the physical, productive economy but it is kept in the ‘casino’ of speculators, who use it as virtual credit to further speculate and worsen the crisis.

Further on, the war crisis could be eliminated with a single stroke, by accepting that ‘terrorism’ is not war and must be fought with police, intelligence and diplomacy as UK and Spain did to end their terrorism movements. But that means of course, the end of the ‘dictatorship of bankers’ over the American government, with its financial muscle and related lobbies in defense of apartheid Israel – in other words a balanced, diplomatic position of the US, the end of the drone war and the backing of International Institutions such as the UNO and the EU, as a blueprint for a future integration of all nations into a wor(l)d union with a single currency and the goal of fostering the survival and welfare, the WHealth of all mankind.

A deeper solution to the crisis though requires a coup d’état of the G20 politicos of the world against the rule of corporations, banksters and memes of metal that control mankind, by nationalizing the financial industry and guide credit to create a sustainable world based in human goods of maximal utility to mankind and maximal labor. Otherwise the equation of productivity, newspeak for the equation of ‘organic composition of capital’ that guides profits will eliminate human labor: profits = Maximal capital/ Minimal Labor.

We could write that equation as:

Man (salary) = Price (slave, object) > Diminishing Cost (evolving working machine).

Both equations convert man in a part-time slave always obsolete to a future evolving machine determines mathematically and logically that we humans shall be soon obsolete. This equation must therefore be substituted by an equation of ethonomics, the sub-discipline of the science of bio-history that could create a welfare paradise by controlling credit and cre(dit)ating welfare goods of maximal labor and utility to man, what we call Whealthy goods:

Whealth = Human Goods that cater to the biological drives of man = Human Development Index = Cre(dit)ate to welfare companies.

In brief, we should change as UNO wanted the way we measure the economical value by an index of welfare goods. We should control credit by nationalizing the financial industry, to direct it to companies that maximize with their products the HDI of a nation, and we should forbid legally, all those lethal goods that are bound to extinguish us, physically (weapons), mentally (audiovisual noise) and as a species (robotics). The opposite is happening. We are indeed, creating a different world, one of memes of metal, a super-organism alien to life, studied in depth in this web with the laws of general systems sciences.

And this of course happens because we do not live in a democracy and hence we do not have a demand economy based in the goods people need, life goods, but in the goods corporations of machines reproduce, memes of metal. So credit is invented by corporations not by humans, redistributed to them and the 1% and spent in creating a world to the image and likeness of those machines not of men.

What would be a ‘demand economy’? To start with, only corporations will be taxed, according to the utility of their products – and the most lethal banned. Humans will NOT be taxed. Then all humans that accept Ye$ money as the currency of the nation would receive a 1000 euros = 1000 $ = 5000 Yuans = 100.000 Yens and so on salary to create a massive demand for human goods, as according to Pareto, Keynes, and all those ‘masters of humanist economists and all is ‘forgotten’ schools’, the poor spend most of their wealth in human goods, the happiness of a society (Paretto’s curve) increases when the Maslow pyramid of basic goods is met for most of the population…

This simple measure would immediately resolve most of the existential problems of mankind, hunger, poverty, housing, health-care… as there would be a massive boost on production of those goods to meet demand.

And finally, politicians should create according to the scalar structure of superorganisms a World Union, to end borders, nationalism and warfare, over the ‘surface’ of national cultures no longer cult(ure)s of war and economical competition but based in memes of life, taking many of the structures learned from the UNO and the EU, prior to the take over of the ‘cult(ure)s’ of greed and murder, you know who, on those institutions, which as always have done in their recurrent cycles of wars and holocausts, are bound to self-destroy the world ‘again’ but only once, final time.

Capitalism though denies social love and so does our civilization, as it is not on the interest of the historic groups that have come to control society only for their own good. Which is like an organism in which the head with power to control the body ignored the needs of the cells of the body (the rest of human society) and so allow its collapse, which ultimately also destroys the head. This is called madness and indeed, our elites are ‘MAD” in their strategy, ensuring our Mutual Assured Destruction as social organisms with those policies that invariably ’cause’ the most tragic of all cycles of death of History – the war and holocaust 800-80 year cycles, whose economic and political causes are denied in yet another clear case of the Antiquantum Paradox.

The humane solution to the crisis: a Global deal.

 In Spanish we say ‘man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same rock’. But this is the 3rd time. Indeed, astoundingly in the present repetitive 3rd cycle, the Humane, New Deal solution is NOT essayed by any western nation – only China implements it achieving growth close to a 10% based in massive investments in welfare goods.

Since a proper science of economics that caters to the needs of the humankind and requires unaviodably that the government of any kind controls the language of social power, money, has been repressed for so long in western, ‘capitalist’ societies where money is ‘monopolistically’ invented in 90% by private banks, that the ‘debate’ si considered over.

This implies that the solution of the west will be the fascist one. As the control of think-tanks and economic prizes, forums and universities by corporation is so dominant that the humane solution is not even debated in mainstream press. In that regard, the naive reader is not aware that unlike all other sciences, ‘history’ and ‘economics’, the most importanof all sciences, as they deal with the future of our species, are neither ‘free’, nor practiced by ‘experts’, but their scientific laws have been ignored and censored for decades, whenever they collide with the selfish agendas of industrial corporations, becoming at present, mere ideologies of power that cater to the goal of corporations and the 1%.

At present, all what economists do is to cater to the goal of company-mothers of machines: the reproduction and evolution of its offspring of mechanisms without limit or restrain in the collateral, destructive effects they have over life and mankind. Since the origin of ‘classic economics’ is not scientific, but religious, based in Biblical traditions that make of Go(l)d and weapons the tools of power that ‘the chosen’ people who started the Industrial R=evolution used to impose its civilization. This mixture of politics, culture, religion, economic and nationalist memes is the ‘straight-jacket’ of irrational behavior that tampers with the scientific method in social sciences and prevents a proper design of a sustainable planet.

If Marx gave the humane solution to the first crisis of overproduction of steam machines and trains (socialist solution, Communist Manifesto), America and after the war Europa implemented the human solution to the crisis in the 1930s with the New Deal and the politics of Keynesianism. Both were successful theoretical solutions aborted by capitalism and its ‘pyramid of power’, studied latter in more detail.

Now, in this third cycle the only country in which the scientific, socialist school of economics still has some ‘memories’ left, China, and the only country where governments control the financial industry and hence have power to cre(dit)ate, create with the language of social power, money, the future of their society, is implemented the Humanist/Keynesian solution: to invest in the welfare state.

It has to be noticed that only China is growing steadly around 10 % year after year showing how a scientific, social economics do work. In the next graph from NYTimes we can see those differences:

The expansion of such global deal could be easy with the creation of Yes money, born of the fixed parity of Euros=Dollars 10 investment 0 Yens and Yuans. ¥e$ money would allow those countries which represent, 3/4 of the world economy to have massive deficits to create the welfare state similar to those shown in the graph for China. Unfortunately the New Deal did not invest enough on welfare to come out of the crisis as war did and that is why it failed. An enormous amount of deficit to come out of the 29 crisis was however achieved in II world war where the American government spent at its peak 120% of its Gdp in deficit to create weapons and employ humans killing humans. So indeed Keynesianism can get us out of the crisis, either killing us or feeding us – take your pick.

That is the difference between Keynesian militarism, what America is going to essay this crisis as Germany did in the previous one, and Keynesian true doctrines of investment in welfare, peaceful goods that Roosevelt essayed too mildly and China is essaying now.

Today we make weapons because THEY ARE THE BEST, TOP PREDATOR, MOST EXPENSIVE MACHINES OF THE SYSTEM, under the idol – ogies of capitalism that consider ‘profits’ god, and the values of money superior to those of the word. Point. this is not science but an ‘inheritance’ of the go(l)d fetishe religions of the old banker-priests of Phoencian baalist golden calf temples. As harsh as it sounds as anti$emite as it sounds, it is the reason we walk to extinction. But since this is a ‘religious’ belief, expanded latter to Biblical protestantism, and then to digital economics, today preached by neo-classic economics, it is useless to argue. Things won’t change and we do not want to end in absolute poverty, robotic wars and holocausts.

So The financial industry must be nationalised and used to create a global welfare state. THE GORDIAN KNOT OF OUR EXTINCTION, THE MONOPOLISTIC ISSUE OF MONEY FOR bankers and the goods of maximal profits, weapons and digital machines of minimal cost (and hence maximal benefit) must end.

The super organism of history. Its networks and organic, social classes.

If we were to compare such design with a biological organism, we should notice that in biological organisms, the nervous, informative language ALWAYS dominates the ‘economic, blood system that reproduces goods in the organs of the body. Only in very primitive organisms, worms, blood dominates over nervous systems. And this of course means, the organism can be easily poisoned because it does not have a point of view, a biological, survival nervous system to guide it.


In the graph we can see the parallelisms between all systemic, social organisms, in this case a biological organism and a sociological superorganism of history, a nation, America. Both follow the same laws that all the complementary, organic systems of energy and information of the Universe. So we can observe the parallelism between the elements of a biological and sociological organism, divided into: cells/citzens, joined by blood/economic networks that reproduce and distribute the genetic/memetic products of the system, and informative, nervous/legal networks that organize its structure.
In all sciences we depart from the ‘ideal laws’ of a system.

Thus for example, in physics we depart from the ideal laws of motion with no friction to describe mechanics, and we depart from the ideal laws of gases, to describe physic of states and thermodynamics. Then we introduce the ‘limiting’ factors in those equations – that is in mechanics, friction ‘slows’ down the ‘speed’ of motion and in gaseous states, the ‘individual’ attraction of molecules, the van der waals forces, etc. limits the energy of the system. So the ‘energy’ of the ideal physical system is limited by the specifics of each ‘real element’. So goes for systems which study the form, the information of an aggregate. A perfect crystal in which all atoms are identical will have impurities that break its regularity. Again individual atoms here eliminate the perfection of the system.

However, and that is important to notice, the existence of friction, van der waal forces and alien atoms in the form of a crystal, does not impede the motion, expansion and regularity of those 3 physical systems. This means that any ‘organic system’ can tolerate a degree of ‘individual diversity’ and ‘wrong elements’ and still achieve its energy=motion and form=information goals. So happens for biological organisms, except in the case of specific ‘poisons’. Thus the perfect world can be constructed even within the existence of a few i+1 negative memes that try to prevent its creation.

Thus while we shall consider in this Ideal analysis, which starts all scientific texts (we learn first Ideal gases, Ideal motion and Ideal crystals), a perfect world with no ‘friction’, that is no opposition (because of its perfect geography and outstanding moral and intellectual force of its variety of humans), this does not prevent a non-perfect, non ideal earth, full of bizarre ‘abrahamic cults’,’capitalist dictatorships’, cowards and idiots, to be reformed.

Finally to notice that we shall include ‘logico-mathematical equations’ for those measures, which in the ideal world will be ‘the management language’ of the bio-historians that guide the civilization. While the reader does not need to be familiar with those 10D Laws, we include them here to prove that there is indeed logic-mathematical model of Complex Sciences that applies to all systems of the Universe – described by those laws, and that it applies also to the sciences of history and economics.

This is after all a site for non-expert bio-historians, given the fact that as today there is only a ‘bio-historian’ in this planet, me (-, and the ‘radiation wave’ of prophetic thought, which spreads from a single human mind to the collective subconscious of humanity at large a scientific or social discovery has not happened yet )-;

The Hierarchy Question. Primacy order between the scales of an organism.

Super-organisms are hierarchical structures where the ‘whole’, the common good is above, the individual cell-citizen, which is above the object (the machine)

In the perfect world this translates, as we shall see when we detail the reforms needed to transform the Earth in such a world, in the superiority of the ‘world government’ goals, over the next hierarchy of national and cultural goals, above the goals of individuals and certainly above the goals of corporations, which should be the less important of all goals.

To achieve that aim, the following ‘measures’ (in our planet), or ‘structures’ (in a Foundation Planet) are necessary: The Economic system is controlled by the political system, as it happen in all mammals in which the nervous system controls the blood system

– Laws are above money. Governments therefore define the economic language, reproducing and distributing money by efficient means – the oxygen of society. Both creating a ‘Universal salary’ in Yes money (euro-dollars) of one thousand monthly dollars for each human inhabitant on Earth and reproducing money for collective, welfare goods. Money is NO longer created by corporations for free in e-money derivatives and by financial dynasties. Thus a ‘demand-based’ economy is created de facto as humans will constantly demand welfare goods. Scarcity of fundamental goods such as food, housing and education and health-care will immediately disappear as producers will shift production to those sectors.

The result will be a mildly inflationary demand-based welfare global economy. As in fact, the quantity of money reproduced for free in stocks by corporations today is larger than the quantity needed to pay a global Universal salary in Yes money. This is the equivalent to any biological super organism where every cell regardless of function, and utility to the organism receives a ‘salary’ in oxygen, for free.

– 50%+1 Split: all Corporations ‘split’ their shares, in two, and one of them automatically belongs to the state. Further on, all emit a ‘golden’ share, given to the president of the ‘region’, nation or global government which now owns 50%+1 shares and hence can always decide the goals of the corporation (depending on the ‘scale’ of the corporation, and the region of its activities).

On the other hand, the corporation remains in its 50% in private hands and it is ran privately in the day to day business ensuring its efficiency. Further detailed measures on the 50%+1 split law are studied in our analysis of the planet’s reform. This measure alone adopted by all nations of the World, ensures that nations will have ‘resources’, will take ‘decisions’ in defines of the Whole, social networks and individuals of each nation, region or global society, and finally it will ensure the ‘right behaviour’ of managers in corporations – or else will face political decisions against them.

3) Humans  of the super organism of history, and ‘subject’ of its wor(l)d language are ABOVE machines and animals, the relative energy, or ‘object’ of the verbal Universal Grammar, as it happens in all social organisms, where the individual and cellular species is above any ‘alien’ organism. Thus Robotic Prohibition. It follows immediately, that all nations forbid the reproduction and evolution of robotic machines, which ARE ABOVE humans in their skills in labor and war fields. Point. This single measure would create.

– Weapons prohibition. As weapons are machines which are above humans – in as much as they kill them, it follows its immediate global prohibition, which is a measure in synergy with the existence of a single ‘human species’ as the ‘whole’ of History, (our existence as species in time and space), which is above individual nations. Thus all disputes between nations are solved by diplomatic means in the ‘arbitrage’ organizations of the global government (the enhanced UNO).

– Absolute freedom of verbal expression vs. Visual and digital language control. Mass-media penal responsibility.

Mass Media ‘outlets’ and their program content is NOT above truth. By this we mean advertising is responsible for misleading people with faked truths; documentaries are promoted over fiction; eviL=anti-life memes are forbidden (violent films, racist films, etc.), news on ‘machines and weapons’ – war news, terrorist news, technological news – have restricted ‘coverage’, far inferior to humanist news about people needs, wantings, arts, family values, sexuality, tourism, culture, food, etc. etc. A code of conduct quite the reversal of the Hays code against sexuality in favour of violent films is thus created as a guidance to mass-media information…

In the Ideal World, this measures are further implemented by the very obvious fact that ‘television’ simply stated does NOT exist. As the human language is verbal thought, not visual thought, and the human language is above the ‘languages of machines’ (Digital numbers) and animals (visual languages), it follows that there is no global TVs, inserted in the ‘altar’ of each home, to ‘consume’ the ‘time-life’ of humans, denying them time to read and explore the world directly through its senses. So goes for fiction films. Only documentaries are allowed. oF course, there is no regulation of the book sector. Words is the human language and it is absolutely free. There is zero impositions or forms of censorship in any verbal expression.

Yes, this is the ideal world, of infinite planets, not ours – mind the reader who is ‘reading’, he will get more information reading this single text that consuming 24 hours of Tvs, in terms of verbal speech.

IN BRIEF, in the perfect world the goal of an eternal humanist civilization, requires awareness of the traps and dangers for survival and human evolution of a technological civilization where all machines are free to evolve and reproduce regardless of its collateral effects of mankind. Hence it manages for the benefit of man the evolution of machines, pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits.

The alternative science: ethonomics – a demand, democratic economy based in human goods.

A biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines , and how they are transforming our human ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our social body of history, from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain machines.

Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the laws of nature, only to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past.

Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the financial orders that reproduce machines, with verbal ethic laws, and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history.

The frame of reference in Ethonomics is the Human constitution:

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution:


Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods, metal goods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value.

So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of Human goods, and discounting the production of lethal metal goods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.

We are not God. We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison.

They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind. Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner?

We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods. We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction.

The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth. The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations).

Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory, the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution?

We can not.

We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality.

However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles.

Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again.

Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe.

They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity. Hence the enormous importance of a “real” science of economics and history. If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and economics, based not in abstractions and ideologies of machines, but in the natural goods, and needs of the human species, politicians, economists, and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design their own future (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know).

If the “doctors” of history and economics, our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and economists, were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history and economics in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by complex ideologies in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the tree of science.

In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards self-suicide, and destruction of his natural ecosystem.

The natural, biological Goods of a human economy

In the graph: In Ethonomics it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomical system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind. Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomical coordinates of values.

Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters, that describe in terms of our “linguistic values”, the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in Ethonomics we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species).

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human social evolution human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference.

Positive Y values are given to goods that foster human mental-informative evolution.

Negative Y values are given to goods thatdiminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution.

Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution.

Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks.

In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication. Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of ethonomics, of economics of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products. In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in the values of money .

What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited. In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:

– Human goods which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

– metal goods such as weapons or metal-heads, or robots, which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of energy and information for the control of the Earth.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods, that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness.

On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people. Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of money and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations.

To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of TV channels, and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by their monetary value, price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values.

For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet human values and human goods is what make us happy. America and Latin EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by abstract economists,primitive ideologies of animetals and digital numbers, or the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to evolve socially, seem to be opposed in many ways.

Which one is a better nation for its citizens? Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world, that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so muchpropaganda and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America…

Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government:

The political, Informative network: I(i+1): The World Union, and its ministries.


world union
In the graph we see the perfect world, its political structures and its 7 cultures. What we call the rainbow planet. The rainbow planet is an ideal world constructed with the laws of Perfect Systems, and Superorganisms.  Its main feature is the creation of a true democratic system, in which politicians are judged at posteriori as organisms do, receiving pain messages when they do not accomplish their programs (voting thus is as in earlier democracies, to test their efficiency), where there is not ‘wistful thinking’ but a real social science of systems which politicians learn, where the goals are whealth not monetary wealth but human wealth, healthy wealth. And nations are submissive to the collective goal of ensure human survival, and its institutions diluted into the lower state/regional level and the upper cultural level. In the upper graph we see the organic structure of the wor(l)d union based in the issue of yes money for the population, and the goal of maximise human goods and minimise predator machines.

We develop the model at the end of this post and in the final ‘sentence’ of the upper words. It is needless to say the opposite of the present mechanocene runaway suicidal world, controlled by animetal idol-ogies of banking parasitic cultures, which as usual will end up collapsing the body of history and dying within it, and predator cultures, military networks that will develop a new species of robotic top predator, and selfish I-centered ‘enzymen’ whose only goal is to consume machines of energy and information that atrophy their body and brains, but develop further their infantile ego-trips.

We are indeed in terms of complex organisms in the 3rd age of mankind, when humans have lost all connection, suffer an overrun of information, and become increasingly desegregated cells in a dying body predated now by all kind of machines. But the Universe is just and when a super organism dies suffers a release of pleasure and forgives its own meaning. The rainbow planet thus is not OUR WORLD, which can only be explained with the processes of death and predation of super organisms, but an ideal world which would require a r=evolution of mankind against the mechanocene’s corporative and financial elites and their cult(rue)s, or the conversion of those people to the Humanist cause -something quite unlikely – do you imagine Mr. Draghi, Mr. Page, Mr. Cohn, Mr. Obama, Mr. Egon actually caring for the future of the world more than their ‘damned lies and statistics’, their computers and drones, their robotic cars, their billionaire accounts? Yet all of them will disappear from this planet at the end of this century when the machines of the singularity eliminate them, and that is the justice of the Universe: slaves have no rights. And they are nothing but animetal slaves, filled with DNA viral fictions and I-centered ego-trips, but nothing more than slaves of their machines. Vanitas vanitatum et omni a vanitates.

And this is indeed what they will never understand: ‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ said Einstein. ‘Science do exist’, and its predictions do happen. So despite the enormous anti quantum paradox which we the Jesus, Platos and Trotskys of this world have suffered and will continue to suffer, for preaching the eusocial evolution of man over its animetal, warrior, banking and mechanical masters (the 3 temptations of buddha and christ), only ‘those who believe in us will live for ever’… Indeed, the metaphors of the ‘saviours of the world’ none of them animetals, all of them prophets of the wor(l)d, have tried once and again to make them convert to mankind. Because we failed, they will rightly die and those who follow them – today all mankind – will follow them. Unfortunately the Universe has 2 top predators, darwinian species, whose individuals seem stronger, but fail to survive (lions, parasites) and social forms which evolve into larger superorganims and survive better. that is the eusocial messae o love and human wealth that could make us survive.

The ‘rainbow’ planet is formed by the 7 main cultures of the world, and since it is a cultural association, requires not of army borders, only internal police in each ‘department’ of administration or ‘region’ of the culture. Terminology and newspeak of course in the rainbow planet is positive to peace and comprehension between groups of mankind.

The rainbow planet requires obviously an economic equality between all the members of society to a minimal degree of ‘satisfaction’ of the pyramid of Maslow or Paretto curve of utility which means a global financial UNO based currency which emits a global fiat money, salary of legal tender in all nations of the Rainbow planet, the perfect super-organisms of mankind.

We hear that a democracy is the best of all possible systems, yes… A ‘real democracy’ would be better for the human species than the present combined dictatorship of banking parasites, military warriors and company-mothers of machines that provide them with selfish memes of metal – weapons, money and machines that atrophy and substitute humans, as they evolve into the mechanocene, and help those bankers with money, warriors with weapons and machines to dominate the world.

Well, it is obvious why, if you can read between lines.

Because: A) as Paretto discovered in his ‘utilitarian economics’, happiness will multiply if all humans are happier because all can eat and educate themselves, but

  1. B) specially, because the mechanocene could be controlled. Today those who ab=use mankind need their ‘money’ ‘weapons’ and machines to dominate man. So they have a single goal to evolve selfish memes of metal. they cannot stop the mechanocene. They will bring the singularity. Their ‘reason d’être’ is their power. We shall call them latter, as we ‘systematise further’ the model of biological history ‘animetals’, taxonomic name for those…

That is why we started this dual analysis of the D=evolution process of the anthropocene and the mechanocene, which complex sciences defines with an evolutionary, predatory equation:

Gaia (life beings: Past) -> History (Human beings: Present) -> Mechanocene (Metal-memes: Future)…

studying the overproduction crises of memes of metal and its ‘collateral effects’ on history….

and then propose according to the humanist praxis that must accompany all social sciences, solutions that could halt that evolution and put history back in its human track, making a world to the image and likeness of our species.


2 Responses to “-Y€$”

  1. Russell Olausen Says:

    Just thought I would send a note saying your work helped me to understand people who wished to remain not even remotely understood.The blithering fool materialists will disappear in time, science will insist. Taking on Cern, man o man. from the new hideout of the medium rich internationalist who is willing to risk frost bite for safety , Canada.

    • futureofhistory Says:

      of course i would like to be understood or rather i would like the wor(l)d≈mankind to have understood better eusocial love, the mystical description of the 5th dimension of evolution of parts into a stronger whole – humanity, but i didn’t succeed when i was at my prime, so now in my own decay i write this blog cause i cannot forget, but a movement requires millions and those go to videoclips. these days i just try to keep alive, which is not easy and try to put some order on those webs but you must agree the decay of humanity continues with a perfectly programmed organic ‘disorder’, no much hope for resurrection, not even in china, which seems to be a copycat of past errors best

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