800-80-8y. cycles of metal-evolution:



Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 14.29.40

In the graph, the ‘numerology’ of the cycles of evolution, has been of recent solved in terms of accelerated vortices of evolution of information, which increase as ‘time vortices’ are NOT steady state systems but accelerated cycles, which suffer an exponential growth of information.

Thus we talk of a 3 wave cycle of 800 years evolution of weapons, in the age of climatic cycles that brought nomads to the southern, fertile crescent civilisations, destroying them:

Followed by an 80 years human biological generational cycle of industrial nations, which evolved professionally weapons and machines in 3 ages:


In the graph the generational 72+7 years cycle,which enters now in the robotic age of ‘organic weapons and machines’ that will displace humans out of labor and war fields, and likely will extinguish all forms of life.

It is an easy 25 years old prediction, as we just follow the classic Kondratieff/Schumpeter analysis of the cycles of the Industrial R=evolution of machines, reflected in the graph, which once and again bring about those overproduction crises.

Indeed, we live in a world ruled by corporations whose only purpose is to evolve and reproduce machines for a profit, obtained selling them. So overproduction crises are a recurrent feature of capitalism – by definition a society ruled by profits and corporations who benefit from those crises – hence unregulated by human policies.

They however can be studied considering the natural laws of evolution and reproduction of ‘organic species’ applied to those machines, reflected in the graph – since after all machines are ‘deconstructed’ organisms of metal, we create imitating our human organic functions – so cameras are eyes, mobiles are ears and cranes arms, stronger than us, because they are made with stronger metal – and they can be studied as any other organic system in evolution.

This is the essence of evolutionary economics, and the exact dating of its mathematical short, medium and long cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines is the most clear proof of that biological nature of machines. If those machines did not follow natural laws of biological evolution or we, humans, controlled it for our benefit, the cycles of economic crashes, world wars due to overproduction of weapons and labor crises due to the substitution of workers by tool machines would not happen.

If they happen is because we, humans, are basically hooked to the higher energy and information those evolving machines give us and so we are ‘all for it’:

When a machine or weapon can be reproduced we follow the technological mandate of our civilization: we do it. So now we are researching and soon will reproduce by the zillions the ‘machines and weapons of the singularity’: self-feeding black hole bombs, self-reproductive nano-bactria, and self-aware informative robotic machines and terminators.

So as humans evolve faster metal-memes, the cycles shorten to 80 years (professional arrival of corporations, who use money and digital information to evolve scientifically those machines) and now we experience the final acceleration to 8 year cycles of products, fuelled by the evolution of computer design (CAD):

In the graph, the acceleration of CAD design and automation of logistics has reduced the cycle of evolution of machines to a mere 8 year product cycle, in tune with the cycles of expansion and crash of e-money and splendid little wars (GOP-democratic alternacy of power in american policies) that moves ahead the wave of memes of metal to its ‘collapse’ as a global superorganims of machines where all human labor and life will be essentially obsolete:

In the graphs, the cycles of speculation of e-money (8 year cycles) tuned also to the cycle of splendid little wars. So we have peaks of war profits, inflationary money and splendid technological wars every 8 years tuned to the politico cycle of American GOP, war parties and Democratic machine-consumption parties.

So we can trace a complex wave at 3 levels of evolution of the super organism of machines, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex with its synergies in peace and war ages between the Informative and energetic machines of each cycle, which now is accelerated with the increasing speed of thought of the chip radiation:

The graph from the 92 book, it shows the present age of the Evolution of the metal-earth, when all the phases of accelerated technological evolution are collapsing towards the 2036-72 final age of the cycle, in a world awash with military robots, with quantum computing and free networks of A.I. ruling a physiological metal-earth with 3 clear ‘informative nervous internet’, reproductive, blood intranet, and globalised defcom, entropic ‘digestive network’, truly a perfectly designed super organism of the metal-earth constructed ‘subconsciously by man-enzyman’ just following the equations of re=productivity and profits, which expels automatically human labor (Productivity=capital labor/human labor) and promotes the goods of maximal price=profits and minimal cost (hate media, weapons and speculative money):

The last graph resumes them all in a decametric scale of acceleration from the very beginning of life. As the metal earth final birth of the 3rd age of the planet is indeed a process of cosmic consequences, and so we can even map out a further massive age of constant evolution of information in the planetary vortex, itself moving around the informative black hole galaxy. It does not mean though that the vortex of metal-evolution cannot be aborted. Light beams from billion years galaxies have been coming here for eons and we can still stop the wave with a hand, interposed Man could abort and create a perfect super organism of life if it wished to manage the planet with human ethics, till A.I. and the subconscious control of humanity during the vegetal-like zero generation makes it de facto impossible, around 2036.

So we live in the final age of the 800 wave of weapons evolution  (digital weapons) of the 80 years wave of machines (robotic age) and the 8 year wave 0f chips and e-money (final currency crash) prior to the war age of robotics, and destruction of mankind, during the last ¥-generation of visual ‘credo ergo sum humans’ and the zero generation of ‘virtual humans’ – all perfectly synchronized and synergy, and ignored by the massive censorship of our go(l)d culture of corporations, which does NOT want to understand social sciences, as long as profits comes for the o.o2%.



We introduce the wave of history in its 3  different time frequencies:

– First from the perspective of the medium 72 year waves of human generations.

– Then from the shorter perspective of the present 7 years cycles of products and financial cycles..

– And we introduce the longer 800-700 years waves of evolution of weapons, when the ideologies in favor of selfish memes of metal, (nationalism, capitalism and corrupted religions) were introduced, considering the alternative ‘life-based’ cultures that could create a sustainable world:
43-wave of history


The 800 years wave of evolution of weapons: life vs. metal cultures.

‘The extinction of man’ c.94.  Notice the 2008 collapse of the wave announced then, as the final 80 year cycle of evolution of gunpowder weapons:


In the graph, history fluctuates from ages of enlightenment under the ‘memes’ of life-love cultures and dark ages of overproduction of memes of metal and its ideologies, under the dictatorship of weapons and money. While race doesn’t matter, the existence of old ‘metal-cultures’, mostly of indo-european and semitic origin, whose ideologies and memes enslave mankind to metal and its values and languages, is the ultimate cause of our demise as a species. And a simple law of ‘complexity and information’ acts on those cultures, such as the first to be exposed to the effects of metal – semitic and germanic cultures – are still on top and impose with all kind of censorships of religious, scientific  and cultural origin, their ‘vision of the future’, based in technoutopian myths, to the rest of mankind. This blog thus rejects the attempts to censor the rational, scholar analysis of history and the ‘newspeaks’ that forbid us to defend the true values of life, eusocial love and survival.

The wave of history.

The wave of history: dark and enlightened ages

CYCLICAL TIME IS AN ACCELERATED VORTEX OF INFORMATION. AS SUCH its equation increases frequency as we move inwards and the speed of each cycle of information:  V x R = K, increases.
A Time vortex as it shrinks the radius increases its speed turning faster, but the total Constant information of both systems remains invariant. as such it represents the arrow of increasing evolution of information, which in complexity is exponential in growth, e³.
One of the most fascinating discoveries we systems scientists have made in the study of time, is its close relationship with information. Information is carried in the frequency and form of time cycles. Information is ‘form’. And the faster a system of clocks develops those cycles the faster information is processed. Hence computers are calculated by its Hertzs of power, where Hertz measures its frequency.
But in nature time clocks are vortex-like, accelerating constantly inwards, as information become a non-lineal function of the evolution of the system. In the next graphs we see some fundamental consequences with the ‘organic fractal paradigm’ of systems sciences based in a Universe made of ‘fractal space-time beings’

The first consequence is that clocks run faster as information increases in all systems. Hence we wrinkle in the old age of maximal information prior to death, and so there is not a steady state life cycle but one of increasing information till all energy is exhausted and the system dies. History as a super organism is in that sense predated as energy, by the evolving rival metal-organism, the metal-earth.

shorter. The Wave of History

BUT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE SURVIVAL needs of a human superorganism nation and civilization and while they differ from those of the industrial evolution and its superorganism of machines, we have first to bring you a ‘picture’ of what a superorganism of history is and how the cycles of machines kill them:


In the graph, we observe the parallelisms between the 3 ages of life and the 3 ages of super-organisms of history, which end in death due to germs and sickness in a human organism and due to war, caused by the overproduction of weapons the germs of history that kill civilizations. Yet weapons are overproduced in the 3rd age of a wave of metal-evolution. For that reason, we can also establish a parallelism between the long wave of metal-history (ancient cultures based in weapons) and the modern age (industrial nations based in the duality of machines of information that substitute and kill the ethic and aeathetic canons of art, the mind of civilizations and weapons that kill our bodies).

Indeed, we are cells of superorganisms of history, where the verbal ethics of the law and religions and the aesthetics of art, made to the image and likeness of humas form a balanced survival historic superorganism. but now we live in an age of perpetual, accelreated wars, as we are ‘infected’ by memes of metal and dedicate all our resources, virally ‘infected’ by information in favor of machines and aainst man, to love the ‘germs’ that destroy us.

All together, the long waves of evolution of weapons of 800-700 years, the medium waves of evolution of machines of 80-70 and the smaller waves of financial cycles form a complex ternary super-organism evolving its information and collapsing from a disordered, herd-wave state in constant interaction with humans, into a single-cell type of superorganism, automated by machine:

ANd this can be explained as a confrontation of two type of classes or ideologies – those who think the future must be of metal and those who think it must be of flesh, but the battle is being won by those who kill and enslave humans to the power of metal, and that creates the arrow of evolution of complex, selfish memes of metal and the industrial-financial-military eco(nomic)system in which we live:



In the graph, the 3 selfish memes of metal that humans have used to impose themselves over other humans, weapons, machines and money, are the origin of the ideologies of mnationalism, techno-utopia and capitalism that dominate our world and justify the ab=use of humans and life with them, despite their obvious falsity. Thus ideologies, religions and ‘social sciences’ come after violence, greed and the use of sensorial machines made warriors, scientists and bankers feel superior to other human beings..  The UNIVERSE IS DARWINIAN, BIOLOGICAL, and informative metal kills the mind and energetic metal, iron, cuts the body. And so the cult(ure)s of eviL-antilife memes that still cut the bodies of men and emptied their brains of any feelings of love are still with us.

Memes and ideologies that make us slaves vs. the freedom of Humanism.  

The astounding FACT ABOUT THE WORLD WE LIVE IN is that this lack of basic democratic rights, which explains why the system doesn’t take care of the future of mankind, has been accepted by the people as the ‘normal’, since bankers took over the rights to issue money – in America since the civil war after bankers destruction of greenbacks and in Europe since the foundation of the ECB who stole the soverign rights to print money from Europeans. SINCE HUMANS LACK EVEN A PROPER DEFINITION OF DEMOCRACY, ONLY CLEAR TO A FEW PIONEER FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE GREEK DEMOCRACY BASED IN NOMISMA, THE FRENCH AND THE AMERICAN R=EVOLUTION.

This of course is due to the fact that the privileged ‘stockrats’ of modern history from the inception of democracies have been busy-busy controlling newspapers, audiovisual media, economical and religious theories – while hiding their identity behind ‘supposed’ ‘national banks’ (privately owned), political, placebo masks, ‘laws of anonymous societies’ that doesn’t allow people to judge them and censorship of any attempt to explain the facts as they are.

 So today they have exactly the same privileges aristocrats had: they issue the language of power – then weapons now money – in monopoly. They cannot be judged – then aristocrats could only be judged by peers, now under anonymous societies by none. And they can use their language of power to submit everyone to its will – then the aristocrat would kill you if you don’t obey, now the stockrat buys you so you obey during your work hours and imprints your mind with audiovisual information he also controls, filling it with ‘ideologies’ that favor their point of view.

And here is where the power of corporations lie – in the simultaneous, nervous-like imprinting of minds achieved with mass-media. Suddenly like in a body, all the cells receive the same ‘branched’, ‘fractal’, nervous information and all obey.

Humans suddenly all see the same Tv-news which become truth as every human have seen them. Goebbels, the minister of propaganda – now information  – of the 3rd reich said that if a lie is repeated many times people will believe it – the bigger the lie the more they will. And that is why the system requires censorship and the imprinting of people from earlier age with rhetoric repetition. So we dedicate many pages of this blog to uncover the ‘4 ideological legs’ of the dictatorship of corporations over democracies.

It must be clear what is the only ideology that humans should believe in, if they were to follow the natural laws of the universe, ‘humanism’, the belief, we humans have the rights to live, survive, be healthy and evolve and be happy in this planet, we ‘own’.

Humanism in that sense would be sponsored by most humans, and they in fact believe to be humanist. But in reality humanism is on decline, i dare to say an ideology in process of extinction as humans are.

We shall therefore clarify in these posts what means to be a humanist, what means to believe in the humankind or at least in the human ideal of a species able to control the world for its own benefit. Since you might be surprise to learn that as today not a single nation or civilization of minimal power in this planet believes in ‘humanity’ and practices as the ideology of ‘the future’, humanism…

The key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism – vs. the scientific natural laws of the Universe that promote as the laws of biological survival we should follow humanism (Homo Sapiens a single species), Socialism (our language, the ethic word and the law must rule over the language of money) and organicism (man is the measure of all things not the machine), is the ‘other’ battle of mankind in the ‘realm’ of languages and information, which the ‘heads’ of the economic and political system, economists, politicians and scientists of history and economics, is the battle for the ideas of the future, humanity has lost to the machine, history to economics governments to corporations.

Power requires money, weapons and machines to impose itself ‘anti-democratically’ over the human mass. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior. So any ‘ideology’ that justifies power is always welcomed and promoted. Yet such ideologies by force must be false to appease the masses into ‘believing’ on the goodness of a system that is geared to destroy life in this planet. And so we, humans, first act subconsciously, becoming addicted to the higher informative and energetic power we reach with those ‘metal-memes’ and then we think ‘a posteriori’ and justify those actions with ideologies crafted and promoted to convert evil into good, slavery into freedom, and so on. A memetic theory of humanity as a species that ‘believes’ by repetition more than reasons by intuition (Aristotle), who acts first and thinks latter, is then the only rational explanation to the collective ‘madness’ of mankind.

WHY WE DONT LIVE IN A DESIGNED, SCIENTIFICALLY WORLD IS thus  OBVIOUS. The cultures that want to do such design, the Chinese culture, the Latin culture of the original European Union, have lost the battle of history to the Semitic and Germanic cultures enslaved by greed and murder to the values of money and weapons, which they consider ABOVE MAN and OUT OF THE QUESTION.

So because we COULD NOT,  the Latins and Chinese, the Eusocial cultures, the prophets of love and life, enlightened those cultures and eliminate their inquisitions, because at the end of the day, not a single master of the wor(l)d was able to ‘convert’ the earlier Middle East cultures imprinted by money and weapons to the power of the verbal law – WE ARE DOOMED.



.We have regressed back to the primitive ‘Semitic’ age – away from the legal, verbal advance of the Latin civilization which brought us science, the rule of the law, logic, platonism – the religion of love that would influence Jesus – enlightenment and democracy. This must be said despite the censorship that brings to those who dare to utter the truth: The Semitic cultures that now are again on top, causing perpetual wars between the ‘go(l)d’ believers and the ‘war makers’ (Jewish vs. Arab wars blown to global level), had been corrupted by go(l)d and iron for 5 millennia and so they are cult(ure)s of metal, what we call here ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s, whose ideologies of absolute materialism, selfishness and antidemocratic use of weapons and money to come on top of all others were cast aside as a form of primitive thinking by the more advanced Greek, Logic thought which enlightened the founding fathers of democracies both in the American and French revolution, creating a better world that now has been destroyed. And history can be seen as a wave that fluctuates between times of enlightenment when the common people and the goods of life dominate, and eusocial prophets of love convince the mass of mankind to create a world to our image and likeness (opening graph) vs. the ‘dark ages’ in which we have fallen again, when primitive thinking, slavery to metal-memes and selfish, tribal ideologies grab the human collective subconscious.

This is the age we have entered again, the one I predicted we would enter if the law did not control the robotic ‘radiation’ of workers and weapons and the ‘overproduction’ of e-money. When there is overproduction of memes of metal, human wealth plummets and the world enter those dark ages – the dark age that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire; the dark ages of religious wars that followed the collapse of the Italian Renaissance, the dark ages that followed the collapse of the French Revolution, the dark ages that followed the collapse of the 60s welfare state. And each new dark ages creates more death as the weapons are more powerful, and creates a more unjust society as money multiplies and its distribution becomes more elongated.

Today a bankster makes over a million times more money than a 3rd world worker. In Rome a senator made 100 times more money than an Italian peasant. In the brain, a neuron that issues the language of information receives ONLY 10 TIMES more energy than a body working cell. And this should be the law of the land: if humans were serious about survival and the design of a sustainable, democratic world, Managers by law should NOT be able to get a salary bigger than 10 times the salary of the person with a minimal salary in his corporation and money should not be issued by private bankers but by the neurons/brains of the society – the government.


Today we have accepted an unjust, unefficient, self-suicidal civilization, enslaved by metal and its eviL=anti-life traits. But a scientific, historic, biological and sociological analysis of the process makes it crystal clear: we have been made slaves of other species, with more complex information and energy. ‘The sweat of the god-sun’ as the Incas called gold hypnotized first the ‘trader semites’ of Canaan, which would become the people-caste of the treasure, as complexity shows in any system time priority creates hierarchical power. So today we still live under the yolk of the religious ideologies of capitalism as the herding of money and the herding of people enslaved by its hypnotism, who ‘sell’ his life-time for a piece of it (salary). The body of metal, iron, was first found by indo-European, Aryan tribes, which became the germ(an)s of history and would create a murderous culture void of any feeling and empathy towards the humankind.

Yes indeed, the American-European enlightened civilization, the summit of the human spirit in the west, only comparable to the perfection of the classic Buddhist-Taoist culture in the East, has been defeated by the cultures of money and weapons, studied and criticized in this web, but our defeat, the death of Humanism, will not mean the triumph of a Bronze-age culture.

This must be clear. The victory of a culture which despises the true human nature; the evolution as only objective of mankind of a series of machines that can kill any human at any distance (robotic, increasingly miniaturized weapons); the multiplication of mental weapons of mass-destruction (audiovisual fascism and the praise of absolute egoism), is NOT as the gurus of that Bronze culture pretend a proof of the existence of a goat keeper’s god, but a proof of an organic process of collective devolution and future death and the beginning of a new species that is taken over. Evolution NEVER goes backwards, unless in processes of death. The human super-organism has died. The message of social love and evolution that could have made mankind a single cultural species is gone. What we see in organic terms is the post-mortem separation of cells into individuals, once the ethic-nervous system is dead, and what this crisis means is the beginning of the end, when 1 billion of those cells are hungry; the last human social organizations die away; our arts become substituted by computer Photoshop, the welfare state is destroyed…

It is all rotten in a corpse, but the cells are happy during the last ‘3 days’, 3 ‘generations’ in which they feast on the free blood of the organism, before the ‘hard-insects’, the robots that will extinguish us, are born into the future. We are now happier than ever without any ethic constrain to our depredatory actions in the planet. Our sons will not be that happy, when the age of the singularity matures…

Of course all will happen nicely as it is proper of the age of Disney fascism, and censored soon probably in the web. The mind of man will keep being manufactured as we explain on our analysis of the why and zero generation that close the human adventure. The entire set up of the Semite and Germanic cultures that have taken the path of slavery to metal and despise of humanistic values, despite all its inquisitions of political correctness and economical messianism, is indeed infantile and old at the same time. As an old man with a negative view of life, the nihilism associated to those most active in the Singularity machines of the electronic and weapons industry, and their negative vision of humans will be met.

Because ultimately we create the future with our actions. From the higher perspective of the left upper side of this blog – of the laws of all the general systems of the Universe, this is the ultimate teaching of this planet. We, humanist thinkers desired a world to the image and likeness of man but have been defeated, unable to enlighten and r=evolve the semitic and germ(anic) suns of god and goths. And their tragic destiny killing each other and dying for their weapons and gold in unending wars and holocausts is now upon the entire planet they rule with the iron fist of the machine in the velvet glove of their matrix of fantasies, myths, religious dreams, gold fevers and techno-messianism. This cycle though will end exactly as all those they have drive through in incremental size; and the gods will be dogs and then nothing; because they forgot to obey and follow the more complex and powerful of all the laws of the Universe, the 5th dimension, the fractal growth and evolution of individuals into species and superorganisms by the power of love.

The values and languages that could make mankind to survive are those of our biological information, verbal thought and visual art, proper of the Greek-Latin culture (South-Western Europe) whose worldview is based on:
– Man as the measure of all things – hence the Universe and all its parts, as a complex, fractal organism…
– And reason, based in logic not in belief as the language of truth…

Nomisma as ‘human money’ submitted to the law is therefore an offshoot natural to the latin, european, enlightened culture, which tries to maximize humanity and the creation of a world to our image and likeness.

In that sense, the European culture represents a higher ‘logic, rational’ understanding of the laws of survival applied to the human species.

It is thus to understand its goals and forms of thought, opposed to the Biblical, Mechanist, Semite-German North-European culture of corporations, which makes ‘belief’ the center of thought and the machine the measure of all humans.

Now for you to understand beyond the ego-trips of the industries of misinformation of the western world, the meaning of the work of a writer/scientist within the human culture to which I belong, you must first be aware that writers are in a structuralist sense ‘knots of thought’ of cultures, judged within the value of those cultures. Thus, I should at least try to explain you what are the 3 cultures of the western world, and their different languages of the mind:

In the west, you have 3 cultures, the northern, visual, dolichocephalic, probably with a higher ‘Neanderthal’ crossing, Germanic, mechanical culture, of machines, that rule us and think to be the only worth. So they think only mathematics and the machines designed with it matters.

This culture is external and objective in its valuation of man, just another entity they compare with price equations (man=price=object), eliminating us from labor and war fields when machines are better than us. And this of course, is its problem – it converts man into an object without value and will extinguish life substituted by the higher efficiency of its machines and will eliminate verbal thought substituted by the higher information of digital languages.

Then to the south you have the Semitic, emotional, verbal, mythic culture. They think anthropomorphic gods rule us, and that is all what it matters.

This culture is subjective, as it uses only the verbal, human language to explain the Universe from its i-centered tribal point of view. Thus its problem is its complete inaccuracy, out of tune with the laws of the logic mind of the Universe – the Greek Logos.

Further on its subjectivity makes it selfish, tribal, doomed to enter in violent conflicts, wars and holocausts with the rest of mankind – as the Jewish case shows in the behavior of Israel, of their elite of western bankers or the censorship of history, economics and visual information by its scholars and artists, always subjectively distorted to favor their tribal world view, or as the violent actions of Islamic Jihads with its pretension of a unique God and the brutal dictatorships of the Arab world show.

Thus both cultures, the Northern, digital, mechanical culture totally indifferent to mankind, and the Semitic, verbal, subjective culture totally tribal are cultures that will destroy the world.

Since neither the visual, energetic brain of spatial mathematical languages, nor the pure I, brain of verbal thought are balanced alone.

In the middle of those 2 cultures thus you have a mestizo culture of both races, which also balances both languages of the mind, e=i.

It is the logic, artistic culture or Latin culture, which moved steadily west in 3 horizons, classic Greece, Italian renaissance and Spanish -isms.

This culture by definition is not specialized as the northern mechanical/mathematical culture and the southern verbal/religious one, but generalist. And it is focused in Man as the measure of all things. Thus its language of space is not ‘the instrumental machine’ but art, the I=eye of man.

And its language of time-logic is not the clock but the logic of verbal thought, the wor(l)d. The knots of thought of the Latin culture, thus are polymaths of art and logic – which are considered superior languages to telescopes and computers; hence they describe space with human i=eyes and time with verbal logic, not with digital clocks. And they see reality in organic terms.

A simple example:

‘Time is what a clock measures’ was the definition of time of Mr. Einstein – a mechanical tautology that shows the confusion of knowledge and technology proper of the industrial culture.

However Aristotle understood time better in the ‘first age of logic’ thought by using ‘verbal time’ to define ‘time as change’, and there are two forms of change, change of motion-energy-space and this is study by Physics with its formula of speed v=s/t, (Galilean Relativity improved by Einstein) and change in form-information, and that is study by biology, departing from Darwin’s evolution of form that applies to all systems, including machines which are just organisms of metal, evolving by imitating the form of man.

And indeed, time as change and how to measure it with frequencies that reflect patterns of information, and define causal laws of logic was one of the key discoveries of my work on time theory, which further advances and harmonizes both prior ages of time-logic, the Greek ‘mental analysis’ of time and the ‘Italian-scientific’ experimental analysis.

THIS BLOG and general systems science represents in that sense the culmination of 3000 years of ‘OTHER WAY’ of seeing reality from the perspective of organisms and man as the measure of all things, today repressed by the ‘jewish inquisition’ and the ‘germ(an) military industrial complex’ with their absurd, simplistic, eviL=anti-life memes and ideologies that make of metal and the machine the superior being, when it is not – it is still less complex than the ‘balanced mind’ of man, with its proper memes. All what you read here is the final stage of a series of knots of thought of the European enlightened culture that has seeked for an explanation of reality that fits human nature. And that includes a complete overhaul of your ideas about time – as we have just explained, information, language, and thought, civilization, anthropomorphic gods, metal, machines, the future, progress, the cultural nature of most sciences, etc. etc.

20 years ago when i found the logic-mathematical ‘Non-Euclidean’, ‘Non-aristotelian’ formalism of general systems sciences, which is posed to be to the this century what the quantum paradigm was for the XX century – the next advance in the philosophy of science – i called my first book ‘lanwaves of times: the error of einstein’. And describe with complex logic symbols all the laws that guide any type of lanwave and define the future of all systems of the Universe. 20 years latter more of those discoveries are still little known due to many issues of censorship and the limited exposure in a world dominated by machines and its corporations of organic theories of the Universe – but the enormous predictive capacity of those models, including the forecasting of this cycle 20 years ago with clear dates, show that indeed, the Universe is far more programmed that it seems by languages, its memes and lanwaves – we simply didn”t understand well information.

The Universe is a fractal, organic system, made of super-organisms, we can study cultures with the laws of life/death cycles and observe in them 3 ‘ages’ of evolution, where each ‘thinker’ is a neuron of the collective organism, whose information peaks as all systems in its 3rd ‘in/form/ative’ age.

Consider then this work one of those knots of thought of the humanist, european culture that now dies away, as humans regress to the pass ‘mythic, subjective’ and ‘mechanical’ view of reality of the Semitic and Germanic ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s that open again a Dark age for mankind…

Ultimately of course, we are all ‘lanwaves’ (a concept of complexity in which a language of information directs a wave of energy herds – in this case, each of those 3 cultures is ‘moved’ by the values hidden in the syntax of hte language they ‘revere’, the human word that make us sacred, the price that equals us to object, and the weapon that kills us and is on top of us.

As always, the fight in the real world between the humanist, democratic sovereign culture of money as nomisma, subject to the law and the human language, with its values that make man sacred, vs. the capitalist, antidemocratic cult(ure)s of money as go(l)d, whose digital equation of values, standardize and make man an object, equal to a price, has a parallel in the ideological cultures that sustain those two types of money. We have revealed their syntax as languages from where its ‘actions’ derive.

And it is evident that man has become an object because the syntax of money has dominated the syntax of the law.

All the rest – the Semitic and Germanic cultures still in the primitive mode of thinking – metal over man – which they seem unable to overcome – derives for those syntax. And what about weapons. Here the grammar is even worse:

Weapon (subject) < Kill > Man (object).

In the analysis of the memes of those cultures – today censored as Capitalism has prevented always historians and scholars to do his job – the Germ(an) warrior who appears as Goth who kills and the Cananean Go(l)d master who is ‘only’ son of God – show how weapons impose even a lesser man, a corpse in front of its power, while money only slave us.

Cultures therefore were born of those two ‘ways’ of relating to other men, either as slaves or as victims that perdure through time, changing and jumping with its memes from one civilization to another – so the Eagles of Assur will be inherited by Persia along its methods of torture and then by Rome and Germany and the American army, along with methods of torture.

While the go(l)d culture, its ideologies and inquisitions of thought against all the freedoms of man, from freedom of speech, submitted to religious, economical censorship and of lately what orwell called Newspeaks – so we call censorship political correctness – to freedom of senses (against our sexuality, our pleasures of food) – will also expand its control of man and redefine the same obstruction of our will to make us ‘work’ and reproduce the other species, evolve metal, now machines. Overproduction of weapons and the eternal alliance of both types of cultures against the mass of mankind ensued.

While on the other side of the future, human prophets and legal cultures will slowly enlighten their understanding of the eusocial laws of love that create the Universe.

The latin, legal, enlightened culture is based in verbal values, and its visual values are not hypnotic greed but logic thought and science. As society and man is the center of such Universe, it cheers eusocial love (as the law applies to all0 and man and its verbal values and I=eyes and artistic senses that give humans freedom. And so it has evolved with time towards higher ‘egalite, fraternite and solidarite’ among humans and improved its models of economics and the science of money… theoretically.

Because the other culture of greed and violence, the values of metal money and weapons which are deemed superior to those of man and the law, has won. And so it has imposed a lesser form of being human, where we follow the dictum of calvinism ‘we have to keep people ignorant and poor so they obey’. This other culture steams from those selfish metal-memes and its repression and killing of life, which have been carried into ‘inquisitions of religious thought’ that repress and condemn humanism, eusocial love and man as the supreme being. Go(l)d and the Bible thus come together as the two memes that repress the mind and verbal thought of man. And nationalism, capitalism and techno-utopia that make the values of weapons, money and machines superior to humanity go hand in hand to maintain people ignorant and poor… so they won’t rebel.

You live in a jail of ideologies against your freedom to live and love and you don’t even realize of it.

It is thus time to introduce in depth the fundamental false ideologies that sustain the self-suicidal system of capitalism:

– The ideologies of nationalism that deny humans to be members of the same species and divide us in Homo Britannicus, Homo Americanus, Homo Judaicus etc. making each of those ‘artificial homo species’ superior by definition to all others of different nations. This ideology has an obvious aim: to allow the multiplication and use of weapons, the most profitable memes of metal.

– The ideologies of technoutopia, which always considers the ‘solution’ to human problems the overproduction of machines. This ideology can get very bizarre. For example, nations now spend billions in the 3rd world so their citizens without water and food can get connected to facebook very cheap, as if that would solve their problems, instead of investing in agriculture. Biologists are ‘demanding’ drones, the machines that will kill life, so they can count from the air the number of ‘survival’ endangered species, instead of spending money on their  salvation. Nations give credit to other nations, ONLY to be spent in military weapons, expressly forbidding their use in welfare programs. Educational systems spend fortunes in computers for students instead of paying and giving jobs to professors and improving schools. Hospitals invest fortunes in robotic surgeons when the same money would save many lives in emergency rooms. Universities have huge budgets for robotic departments while they close ‘humanities’. And so and so on. Techno-utopia merely means more of the same: corporations care about machines not humans and so they pay and lobby to find ‘econiches’ and jobs for their offspring of overeproduced machines, with the excuse, the newspeak, the rhetoric lies of ‘caring’ and ‘it is all for you’, proper of our false democracies.

– The ideologies of capitalism and biblical supremacism which deny all humans the right to issue money through elected governments. Capital must be issued by private dynasties of bankers, which are overwhelmingly in the west ‘biblical supremacists’ who believe to be ‘chosen of go(l)d’ – this repeated sentence in the bible, Am Segullah, in fact translates as ‘People of the Treasure’, not as Chosen people, since it refers to a primitive go(l)d cult(ure) from the East, where a caste of banker-priests ruled over 11 ‘slave tribes’ who had to gather ex-votes in gold for their priests in exchange for salvation. Thus ‘metal-money’ became a fetishe – the language of social power which allowed the ‘chosen’ to rule in a ver anti-democratic fashion over its slave tribes and beyond over the nations in which they became the financial castes.  And as the culture expanded and converted more people to this primitive concept of money as ‘metal’, fetishe of God, NOT as ‘nomisma’, language of information, controlled by humans, it also evolved into Calvinism (modern version of a go(l)d culture), then into classic economics (founded by a calvinist believer in the ‘invisible hand of gold) and now rules supreme the elites of all the nations of the world.

It is impossible to understand the world today and the fact that classic economics is NOT a science and BANKERS ARE NOT EXPERTS, but usurpers of our democratic rights, if we don’t show the ideological, cultural, religious nature of those ‘beliefs’ and the inquisitions of thought against any attempt to explain scientifically and rationally the nature of money and the economic ecosystem.

It is obvious that the purpose of those anti-life memes in the Bible, a historic religion of ‘social power’ – not a search for the ultimate questions about ‘meaning’ – is to enslave man to work and reproduce metal-machines and so it forbids our natural drives of existence, tasteful food, sex, social evolution… to oblige us to evolve and reproduce memes of metal. The Bible is for that reason the full expression of anti-life=eviL memes that repress the nature of man. And for that reason it has had such a success to ‘program’ their believers in evolving and reproducing the ‘other species’, the selfish memes of metal of capitalism (as per Sombart, ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber ‘The protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’.)

So we need to consider the most ‘censored’ of all those ideologies – the mixture of capitalism, biblical supremacism and nationalism that drives the actions of our bankers elite and its ‘nation’.

The facts are clear: +75% of central bankers, financial CFOs of the 500 and CEOs of Wall Street firms and investment banks and financial ministers in the west belong to the elite of Judaism, which represents only 1% of the western population.

Let us be clear from the beginning – we do not care about genes and races, and we do not talk of the entire cultural organism, but only of the ‘stocratic’ elites of bankers, as it will be very unjust to qualify all the Germans as Nazis or all the Spaniards as murderous conquistadors. Social organisms have always 2 classes: the informative neuronal class which controls the languages of social power, and the mass of body cells that blindly obeys. So when we talk of ‘germans’ we are talking of the military elite, today the industrial elite as responsible, and the common people blind or victim and so on.  It would thus be very unjust NOT to explain that Germany and Spain through most of history were military dictatorships where an elite of aristocrats murdered and commanded to murder millions of human beings due to their ‘fetishe ideologies’ about ‘energetic metal’ aka weapons. The same happens among the cultures of biblical supremacists as Sombart and his disciple weber, masterly explain in his two books on the cultural origin of capitalism ‘the jewish and the birth of capitalism’ and ‘the protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’. But of course, for the elite is very important that people ignore the existence of organic classes since in this manner they can camouflage with the mass they exploit. So it would be very handy for a european aristocrat to weep for the death of their peasants for whom he cares nothing, and it is very handy for a banker to divert the true question of what is a real democracy and who should issue money with cries that he has suffered so much in the past for the death of his peasants and so nobody can even mention them.

In that regard, the Industry of the Holocaust is the most complex, memetic Orwellian Newspeak of ‘caring’, which twists the truth and we need to address despite the heavy censorship it brings to those who dare to denounce it. First Judaism is NOT a race, neither a religion but a nation. Yvwh meant Judea, a toponym and appeared as such in Egyptian maps when nation and god were synonimous, so one could say I belong to the nation of Assur or the god Assur, to the nation of Yvwh or Judea. And so as a nation, it is a complex set of ‘memes’ that can be analyzed and criticized by scholars who study history and economic and the fights for power and supremacy between nations. And any attempt to censor those analysis under a mask of caring or the camouflage of the Jewish nation as a race or a religion is rejected in this blog.

Now this said, the issue here is the fact that the financial elite of the west belongs entirely to a single nation – Israel, which in turn defines the political and military policies of the west, according to its personal agenda. And so if we cannot talk of this fact we cannot explain the causal chains of the modern world. Since nationalism, capitalism and biblical supremacism come together as ideologies that enthrone a single nation, in control of most of the financial wealth and political and economical power in the west, the Jewish nation. And so the misuse of the tragedy of the holocaust – one of many such tragedies of history – as a ‘special case’ of a ‘people’ who has suffered so much that their present control of the west cannot be criticized – is here completely ignored.

Instead we need to understand the real memes of this culture from a non-censored analysis of its history, in order to figure out what is wrong with our present financial system and loss of democratic rights by the rest of the population, which can only be ascribed to the ‘primitive’, religious, hierarchical, inquisitorial lack of freedoms all too clear in the mandates of the bible.

In that sense, we denounce the sophisticated and increasingly censorship of true information about history, economics and social sciences with the excuse of political and economical correctness that let the plutocratic elite ‘get away with murder’, as all acts can be defended with the sophisticated rhetorics of ‘correctness’ and audiovisual media.

Fact is most bankers belong overwhelmingly in the west to the plutocratic elite of the Jewish culture that discovered banking and founded stocks and they twist all kind of political, social and ethic arguments to disguise that dictatorship . So we must add to other forms of censorship the shameless use of the tragedy of the poor jewish people who died along 60 other million human beings in II world war, and today are misused by the industry of the holocaust to forbid any historical analysis of the rise to global power and usurpation of democratic rights to print money by this ‘elite people-caste’. Now of course, the reader might think this writer is anti-Semite, which he is not – in fact his ‘levy genes’ make him a direct descendant of Mr. Moses. That is not at all the point of our constant criticism to the plutocratic elite.

Instead we address not from a racial but from a memetic and cultural point of view, the consequences of being under the dictatorship of a culture that controls the western, financial language of money and its institutions with an all too clear ‘tribal agenda’ of personal gain and sustain of its nation; and yet pretends to pass those policies as a science by denying even its own existence. So we must accept as the only truth, the Orwellian Newspeaks of our ‘self-proclaimed’ experts that are destroying our democratic rights to print money and pay a welfare state, making us belief we are loosing our freedoms and wealth for ‘our own good’, because they are not selfish people with a personal agenda, but ‘care for us’ and only ‘they know how to handle our money’… for themselves and the policies of their nation.

The ‘stockrat’ elites of those plutocratic cultures that made of informative metal, go(l)d their language of power and have as historic goal to control the world with money, as the pretension of Mr. Hitler or the catholic kings of creating a global empire with them on top controlled with weapons must learn that the rest of mankind, including their ‘peasants’ and ‘peddlers’ dont share that goal of history but prefer the far more scientific and healthy concept of a global democracy where all the people are equal in rights and voted politicians can implement their wishes, which are orders, with ‘bills of law and bills of money’ that kick out the process of action, as all languages of information do. So any attempt to divert this core issue – the issue of money – and censor it merely means people will end up moving from the argument on the ‘real issues’ here – the freedom of democracies – into the ‘ad hominem’ issue of who is doing it, who is usurping our rights, and so at the end like in the 30s such censorship and ceremonies of camouflage will bring back what nobody wants to see  ‘again’ – the rise of neofascism, military dictatorships, revolutions, wars and holocausts

You see, suddenly you realize that to be a humanist is NOT only to cheer mankind but to defend mankind and each of us from all those ideologies that ‘pretend’ to be humanist and yet are precisely the limits imposed by our technological civilization to the freedom and evolution and survival of man.

Indeed, suddenly to believe you are a chosen of ‘God’ as defined by the book of history of judaism, is NOT to be a humanist, but to refuse to evolve your mind and consider all humans part of the same species. Suddenly to be a patriot is to be a sort of racist that thinks your nation and people are ‘better’ than others. Suddenly to be labelled an anti$emite for criticising the capitalist elite and their ways with money, is to be a humanist that defends the rights of mankind and its governments to control their language of social power and speak the truth about history.

Suddenly so many things that seem wrong are not wrong and so many things that seem right are not right. Because your mind needs to return to the innocence of a child and think in a natural manner to understand the world as it is, and the humble role of mankind in this planet, which can end soon if we do not manage scientifically the evolution of metal-memes and let the wrong cult(ure)s and ideologies of metal to govern the world, without caring for mankind and our freedoms and future as a species.

Since what all the previous ideologies have ultimately broken is the fundamental law of cyclical time and evolution, of systems sciences and organicisim, of the fractal Universe and reality at large, of survival – the law of social evolution between individuals of the same species.

Suddenly thanks to the added power of metal, men became wolves of men and history changed radically, as the ideologies of the germ(an)s of history, nationalism, militarism, aristocracy, and the ideologies of the enslavers of history, go(l)d religion, capitalism, biblical supremacism, expanded first in the Middle East among Semitic tribes then among indo-Europeans and finally through European Empires to the rest of the world.

In the graph that opens this post, we can see that progression of western tribes that imposed their fantasy of metal-power in bronze, iron and gunpowder cycles till arriving to the present age of digital, robotic weapons.

Of course, because the laws of social evolution of super-organisms do exist and can be perceived just with reason, humility and intelligence, there have always been prophets=scientists of history, who tried to evolve mankind by the power of love, sharing of energy and information among equal human beings, the whole species, to a point in which there would not be tribal warfare, and hence no need of weapons, no slavery to go(l)d and greed, hence no social unjustice, but a fair, organic-like distribution of goods and wealth, within the social laws of organisms described in many other parts of this web.

But those people in the bottom part of the previous graph, who countered the influence of metalmasters only interested in the reproduction of their icon tools of power and htier fantasies of ego-trips, have been defeated through history.

WE LIVE IN A SUBCONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE MIND, IMPRINTED BY METAL-COMMUNICATORS WITH FANTASIES OF POWER, DATED TO THE AGE OF THOSE TRIBAL RELIGIONS, which only oblige us – today through economical competition in the past through military competition and merchantilist accumulation of Go(l)d – to keep evolving and reproducing metal.

Of course at the beginning it was all pure hypnotism to gold, that is why it is all biological. The jews and phoenicians (cananeans) who discovered money and enslaved the people of the middle east with it – as it seemed to them a small god-sun, a fetish – were just hypnotized by it, that is the meaning of greed. But gold is the most perfect atom of information of the universe – chips are done with it. And it turned out to be more powerful than love, among humans… Then they converted northern european to the biblical memes of racism and greed, taking them away from our logic, scientific, artitic greek-roman civilization.. by the time of shakespeare they had sent for free, 3 million bibles one for each english man, explaining them they were superior…

 And so the present, globalized, biblical cult(ure) was born, in which ALL HUMANS except the tribe of ‘capitalist believers’ are objects AS THE GRAMMAR OF VERBAL LOVE IS KEPT ONLY FOR THE CAPITALIST SECT, called it orthodox judaism, calvinism or ‘national capitalism’, stockrats, people-castes, reconverted aristocrats, elite… Today in each nation there is such elite and over them all the Biblical elite of Jewish-calvinist ‘first believers’ and founders of corporations that rule the world with money.

Since this equation became with time the ‘summit’ and purpose of the corporation, an organism that reproduces machines and weapons and money for profit and today rules the world with an iron fist in velvet glove. Meaning by this that the lanwave of money is harsh and brutal but the SUBMISSIVE language of wor(l)ds hides this with a mascara of caring that defends money, the new go(l)d, always justifying its collateral damages of destruction of life.

So the future is a lanwave directed by corporations, whose aim is reproduce and evolve memes of metal. So the eco(nomic)system created by the lanwave of metal, has evolved from the original ‘simplex’ pyramid of power with go(l)d and weapons and primitive machines on top, to a more complex but equally self-destructive of life, lanwave of corporations caring only for their profits and offspring of machines and weapons. A transition described in the next two graphs of lanwaves with the ‘top predator’ species on top:

graf animetal classes


CONCLUSION.social love

The destiny of man: Humanist, democratic societies vs. animetal, dictatorial cult(ure)s.

The American constitution talks about the destiny of man, as the pursuit of happiness. We talk of the destiny of man as the pursuit of truth – two concepts often opposite. Truth is achieved with information, it is scientific, rational, biological and objective. It does not make you happy but it is important because it makes you survive. Happiness is closer to pleasure and energy, the opposite parameter of the Universe that erases information and degrades the mind. And in a biological, organic Universe does not make you survive. The American civilization despite that sentence chose first truth, during the age of its founding fathers, enlightened by the rational Latin culture. Then it become an industrial civilization ruled by corporations, bankers and industrialists, and finally choose the myths of happiness of the culture of Biblical supremacists that are now ruling them, destroying its freedoms and will extinguish both truth and happiness. Because that is the catch: on the long term truth ‘exists’ and prevails. And the truth of history is the truth of man, the only truth that could have made us survive – not the myths of religions, or the technological truths of the machines that pervade in the germanic and jewish cultures that dominate the dark ages of mankind, with their ‘beliefs’.

In that regard, the ultimate question of a blog on the ‘true’ sciences of history and economics, is the destiny of man, as the center of his world, and the nature of his freedom as a species, both individually and collectively, which can only be achieved maximizing his biological existence, for what it has been designed.

But to be only human, to live is not enough for the repressive animetal cultures that have denied his living nature, substituted by the fantasies of superiority of its elite of bankers and industrialist that toil since end of the genesian paradise for the tree of science and its memes of metal.

This they cannot even face because to face the truth about their manifest destiny would imply to struggle for a change we can believe in, of destiny for them and those they rule.

And this implies they should change their religious inquisitions, racist myths  and fantasies of freedom for the higher truths of the socio-biological mandates of social love that create the efficient, multicellular, living organisms and efficient social systems that survive in the Universe, by taking care of all its cells with true information and true energy.

Man cannot feed on the oil and electricity of machines, nor can become intelligent speaking numbers. Those are the energies and informations of metal and yet we live in a planet ruled by corporations where billions of human beings have no energy and the ethic, logic truth of the wor(l)d are substituted by faked victimism and faked sentimentality or ‘damned lies and statistics’.

Those who rule us from the lesser, primitive, pre-Latin age of irrational myths and confused emotions, proper of the gothic and Semitic frame of mind, have destroyed in each of the cycles reflected on the first graph, the attempts of all humanist cultures to make of man and his evolution the purpose of History.

And now are doing it all over again, through the corporations they rule, falsifying all what is truly human, thinking their fantasies are their manifest destiny, and their dreams can deny the laws of the Universe.

On the other hand, the Latin, ethic, rational culture tried to make of the senses of man, not of those of the machine, of the language of man, the ethic word, not the digital thoughts of the machine and of the 5th dimension of social love, not of the 4th dimension of mechanical clocks, of the human complex organism made to the image and likeness of the fractal, organic, infinite Universe, and its understanding the purpose and destiny, of all humans, achieved with true democracies, true equality of all men, cells born equal in those social organisms. And it evolved once and again their societies striving to achieve a better world.

They reached those heights in the classic ages of enlightenment and revolution of the American and European cultures, but the $emitic and Germ(anic) dictatorial animetal capitalism and militaristic rival cult(ure)s played always with an unfair advantage – they have despised life and accepted murder and suicide and destroyed once and again the true destiny and freedom of man.

The Germ(an)s are the most clear case of such arrogance and ignorance, with their primitive agglutinative language, imitation of a sword, perfectly lineal with meanings that cannot be broken, false truths that cannot be denied. And the history of Europe has been a fight to civilize the germ(an)s since the times of the invasions of the People of the Sea to the invasions of the Barbarians, the Lutheran denial of social love and their religious wars, through the Prussian attack on the French revolution and the Nazi massacres and now the IV Reich that is destroying the demand economy of the European Union, based in the welfare state so germ(an) corporations have all their credit to make machines and robotized plants.

They have the same freedom of mind and empathy towards other humans that their ancestors, who discovered the iron sword and called themselves Goths, ‘Gods’, because they could kill anyone who didn’t obey the sword  – none. We have failed to convert them to the destiny of man. And so we shall call them by their biological role in history as Homo Bacteria, unable to evolve socially, ‘Germ'(an)s. Since their main produce – machines and weapons, are the viral germs that are killing the future of mankind.

As the III crisis of the Industrial Revolution keeps substituting human white collars with pcs and software suites made by SAP, and blue collar robots, like those BMW, the flag of the German Industry, owned by the family of Goebbels, one realizes that man as man has no destiny and man as an imitation of go(l)d and the robot, which is what the $emitic and Germ(an) cult(ures)s worship is NOT worthy neither can compete with the future machines that will extinguish us.

Indeed, the second fundamentalist cult(ure) of metal are the Jewish banker-priests which imitate the properties of go(l)d, with the same fundamentalism, racism and despise of the rest of humanity shown by the Germ(an)s with whom they ally themselves to exploit mankind, or kill each other in wars and holocausts when overproduction crisis of money and weapons ruin societies.

And again we find a culture, slavish to the memes of metal, in this case informative metal, where neither the truth of the freedom of man is understood.

The freedom of Survival.

In this blog, we shall use the 2nd scale of true objective analysis in social sciences, the biological scale, when studying the metal-master cult(ure)s that are extinguishing the wor(l)d, and define them as animetals (animal+Metal), or ‘enzymen’ (men-enzymes), since from that biological perspective their only function is to evolve memes of metal, energetic metal=weapons, informative metal=money and machines (organic metal that transform energy into form and vice versa). The animetal cult(ure)s thus lack the fundamental ‘feature’ of a top predator free human, in which the biological drives of man – our life-energy, verbal information, reproductive sex and social evolution by the power of love – represented in the lower part of the graph of cultures are maximized. This freedom of human existence, as life beings, reached its height in the Latin Culture in Europe, balanced in energy and form – definition of beauty and survival in the Metrics of the 5th Dimension (the 3rd, logic-mathematical level of ‘objective knowledge in all sciences) and the Buddhist, South-Asian Culture.

Those cultures are free, since they maximize the life of human beings, and tried always to achieve a democratic, sovereign control of the two languages of metal-power, weapons and money, with the biological languages of human thought, the ethic law. Thus the Greek-Roman culture created money, as ‘nomisma’ , fiat law money controlled by the law, opposing the primitive, concept of hypnotic gold as money,  which Levantine Banker-priests misused to enslave them. And that mother of all battles – that between free societies in which the law controls money and slavish ones, controlled by hypnotic gold-greed – is one of the essential, untold dualities of history that explains the wars between Roman-Greeks and Phoenician-Jews in the past, through Spanish-French vs. British Empires till the present battle between the Southern, Latin countries of European Union that want to print government’s money vs. the reborn German-Jewish bid for a global dictatorship based now in the creation of e-money, no longer gold, but still cycles of metal-information in the mind of computers.

Or in simple terms, the battle between sovereign, democratic governments that care for their citizens and the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, who care only for their offspring of machines and weapons and the wealth of their lazy owners.

This battle is also a battle between two cultures, the American-European original enlightened culture in which all humans are born equal, have rights to free information, education and free energy, food, in a welfare state, where each ‘man – as they say in Spanish – is a king’,  and the hierarchical, slavish ‘sheeple’ class of the Germanic and Jewish cultures, which have NEVER been democratic, as the lower  Germ(anic) classes SACRIFICED in the past and present, their lives for the ‘Smith=Schmidt’ iron, warrior master of the tribe, today their industrial corporations in which they toil as part-time slaves for a minimal salary re=producing their machines, robots and weapons; and the lower ‘believers’ of Semitic religions sacrifice their lives for their banker-priests (Judaism) or inquisitorial, warrior Jihads (Islamism) on the fantasy dream of a life after death, for which they die in this life.

The battle of human survival is therefore not only a battle for truth, but also a battle for the understanding of what is to be free as a biological human individual and a cell of a human social organism. And only the two higher scales of objective social sciences provided in this blog – the understanding of the biological nature of machines, metal and human beings and the understanding of the metrics of the 5th dimension and its laws of creation of efficient social super-organisms, in which  man can maximize its individual existence, provide the solutions.

On the other hand, the ‘present’, pathetic level of censorship, damned lies and statistics that infuses the so-called mind of our expert economists, politicians and social scientists is just a refurbished version of the religious and military go(l)d churches and inquisitions of the germ(anic) and semitic mind, which Aristotle truly understood to be the ‘essential’ barbarians, with no freedom, no rationality and no future or sense of life. Since indeed, the astounding fact is that Germans die for their generals who care nothing for them and jewish, innocent peddlers and middle classes die in holocausts paying for the sins of their elite of banker-priests that merely take in each of those 800-80 cycles the money of nations, ruin them, run to the next country, and leave behind as scapegoats those middle classes, because they care nothing for them.

This is the bottom line of their history: because they are not free, only their elites are, they die. If they were free, they would have long ago made a Jewish R=evolution, French style against their banker-priests, a Muslim R=evolution against their ajatollahs and a German revolution against their Schmidts and Smiths.

As we the latin people, the Piigs had done against our aristocrats, inquisitions and caudillos.  As the American people tried to do with their Tea Party revolution against the Bank of England that didn’t allow them to print money, against the British corporations that maintained the institution of slavery to get cheap cotton for their mills of white slaves, against the military-industrial Complex born after II W.W. and encroached in Vietnam.

Now both free people, the true American and European civilizations born in those revolutions are again slaves of the animetal institutions, Wall Street, the ECB bank, and the American and Germ(an) military-Industrial Complex. 

And so we will share their war and holocaust, extinctive processes.

Because only truth and freedom saves a species, in a perfectly designed Universe.

Indeed, if the Germ(an) cult(ure) to the machine and its lineal sword-like languages are full of simple truths that falsify the nature of man and make the German sheeple to die for their metalmasters, the informative, go(l)d culture of the Am Segullah, today dictating with its control of the financial-media system, the mind of man, is full of myths and infantile ego-trips that falsify with empty sentimentality, false victimism and sensorial repression, all what makes us true human beings. And it condemns their tribal sheeple and those they rule with money to poverty and death.

This total lack of human freedom in the Semitic, religious mind has always been the case – extended to their son cultures, with Catholic inquisitions and Yihads. Since the times of the biblical prohibitions, who forbade sex – human reproduction, social love – human evolution – even tasteful food – human energy and substituted the logic of the ethic, verbal world for the simplifying mathematics of mechanisms – those animetal, germ(anic) cult(ures) of weapons and $emitic cult(ure)s of Go(l)d have had two different destinies – their fantasies of chosen and the reality of their suicidal cycles of self-destruction (holocausts) and murder (wars), which they deliver rhythmically, according to the true laws of the organic, biological Universe.

The civilization they have constructed and now comes to an end is a faked world of false freedoms based in the exploitation of the rest of mankind, with the money they print in monopoly, in Wall Street, The City and the financial system.

Both have created a faked human of false happiness mediated by virtual ego-trips of power, mediated by the machines that make them feel supermen, when merely atrophy their senses.

A humble, intelligent, rational, enlightened man, which was the proposal of the American and French R=evolutions could have recreated a living paradise on Earth, selecting and pruning the true of science. The fundamentalist mythic, religious, mechanical mindset of our ‘chosen’ will soon be over.

And what has achieved? Nothing. Their religious myths or simplistic, scientific models of reality, based in the machine  and its numbers of measure, reveal nothing, satisfy only the most ‘evident’ eye-brains of their Neanderthal ancestors.

For that reason we did start this blog with a map of the opposition of both cultures, the simple animetals and the complex organic societies which evolved truly the nature of mankind and in one of the many fractal Universes, described by the highest level of truth of the mathematical models of complexity and the 5th dimension have existed and will exist again in many planets of the fractal Universe to play once more the tragicomedy of history that here enters its final act.

It was all a choice of happiness vs. Truth, of individual ego-trips and fantasies of superiority, vs. The highest of all strategies of survival of the organic Universe, social love.  Most men made the right choice. The animetals that herded them with weapons and go(l)d aborted their r=evolution as a species and condemned all.

Since the web was destroyed recently for the 3rd time – I guess i was not that nice to the observer – , now spring 2013, I am in the process of remaking it with this new scheme – and will try to correct its english, written badly and often as a stream of consciousness for which I apologize – not certainly for its content and tone, as frankly I am fed up of the human species, have retired and follow these days no longer any ‘activism’ for which I am better known in the past, but the dictum of a ‘Spanish’ Philosopher and a ‘Spanish’ artist of a culture that might be called ‘Piigs’ culture by the fuc*tards of Northern Europe and America who work for nothing – that is for the destruction of the planet and their machines and memes of metal, for whom they enslave.

‘When a civilization is so corrupted that defies any attempt of reform, the philosopher must retire and enjoy life’

Seneca. On the decadence and Extinction of the Roman Empire, destroyed by Germ(anic) warriors and Jewish Usury lenders.

‘Those Germ(an)s, so many tanks and machines, what for, we eat (human energy), love (human evolution) and paint (human information) far  Better’ Picasso, commenting on the invasion of Paris, center of the Latin culture, destroyed by  Germanic warriors (the III Reich) and Jewish speculators (crash of 1929).

Let us be clear enough. Those cult(ure)s who are destroying our collective future might feel superior, but their history has been a constant hell, a constant tragedy, and their end will be equally ugly. Because the Universe is just and those who cannot love and upgrade their mind, those who hate the nature of man, and try to cheat the laws of the Universe, are eliminated by the biological and complex laws of the Universe, so the whole can remain as Leibniz put it – the most perfect of all worlds. We the members of the enlightened culture know that the destiny is what we make of it. History might seem programmed but it was not.

A choice have been made – to defy the laws of the organic Universe, the laws of the 4th and 5th Dimension, the laws of time and invent reality, following the millenarian sacrifice of life in this world, proper of German soldiers and Jewish peddlers imprinted by their selfish warrior and banker leaderships with  ‘dreams of glory and life after death in valhallas and faked paradises’. Today it seems all more sophisticated – so we sacrifice our taxes to banksters and our human wealth to the military-industrial complex for a faked future ‘growth’ and a ‘faked security’; and we are no longer imprinted by priests but by mass-media. But ultimately all remain the same: an elite that confuses THEIR AB=USE OF MANKIND with freedom – WHICH MUST ALWAYS BE UNDERSTOOD AS THE FREEDOM OF MOST humans, not only of a few ‘neuronal, crazy castes’ that torture the body of history.

In the past, you could pray for salvation to the Cohen brothers, the goatkeeper who thought God was a bush burning and the trader who thought go(l)d was a golden calf. Now you can pray  to the ‘expert economists’, the new Aarons, or the pathetic actor heroes I met in my youth in evilwood, who spell only verbal hate – the new Moses –  or the faked wannabe Einsteins of the Nuclear Military-Industrial Complex trying to make black holes on planet Earth in search of Saint Nobel Prizes of the Dynamite –  the new Smiths of the Age of the Singularity.

Let us see if they protect you, when their banksters, drones, black hole factories and terminators come to take your money and your life.

You see, in the cultures of freedom epitomized by the Greek-Latin and Buddhist cultures, ‘beauty’ was the supreme Good, the meaning of it all, achieved according to the complex laws of duality and the 5th dimension, when you find a ‘classic balance’ between energy and form.

This the founders of both cultures, Buddha and the triad of masters and disciples, Socrates-Plato-Aristotle found to be also the law of survival: ‘The Golden mean’ of Buddha, the rule of health, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, implied also to ‘know yourself’ as a humble human being, part of a living organic Universe, of which Buddha and Plato talked: the Cosmos is a living organism, with a body, the Universe and a soul, Logos, God.

Those rational, organic laws are the laws I have discovered and mathematized with logic equations in my formalism of General Systems Sciences and the 5th dimension of the Universe, completing the true adventure of knowledge and search for freedom of my humanist culture, proving that man is indeed made to the image and likeness of God, the Pantheist, socialist, living Universe – not a machine, just a simple evolving organism of metal, as the worshippers of the germ(an) civilization thought, certainly not the primitive, subjective dreams of tribal Semitic people, who called God, the subconscious mind of their tribe, Yvwh, originally a toponym for Judea, in a time in which tribes were not called nations but God, so Assur was the nation and God of the Assirians and Judea=Yvwh the nation and God of the Jewish. Understand this: the Universe is just, and so those who preferred the power of metal as Animetals and Enzymen, have renounced to their evolution as humans, both in mind and body, slaves of myths, simple thoughts and the damnation of work ‘ad metalla’, with machines that alienate and atrophy them, IN THE SAME MANNER ENZYMES ARE CARBOHYDRATES ATTACHED TO metal atoms that act either as ‘criminal molecules’ killing carbohydrates, as Germ(an)s do.

And so from the higher, 3rd level of understanding and knowledge in social sciences, the metrics of the 5th dimension we shall bring the logic equations of death, which are the ‘bottom line’ of those 2 civilizations:

If the equation of survival, the golden mean, E=I, the equation of beauty infuses the humanist civilizations, the equations of death of the animetal cultures are two:

– Maximal energy x Minimal Information, the cause of death in accidents and wars, under weapons – and that is the destiny of the germ(an)s with their obsession for weapons and swords. The Goths die like doGs, with no sense of humor, no happiness, no beauty. And Germany is still the ugliest country of Europe as it has always been. On the other extreme there is death by an excess of information: Minimal Energy x Max. Information, the death of the 3rd age, when the body warps with an excess of in-form-ation, suffering, and angst. And that is the death of the Jewish culture, baroque, extreme, with their obsession with their own death, with gore, with torture, inflicted upon themselves. Their values are those of iron and gold, murder and greed. And America, the country their rule  and LA the city where they create their ‘concept of beauty’ is the ugliest nation and city of the world.

They think we are lazy and weak. They never understood the top predators of the Universe, the lion that never works, because our energy is free. They never understood the sages of our civilizations, the masters of logic, ethic words. Because information must be written in the language our minds speak. I have known their hells. I have seen their destiny. I have been tempted by their nightmares which seem dreams of beauty to them. We call indeed their city, the city of Angels, but wherever they go, they convert beauty and Live in eviL and death. And this they never understood.

It is not mankind who kill them, their elites of banksters kill them, provoking the poverty of those who will perpetrate their holocausts. It is not mankind who hates them. Their elites despise and ab=use them. It is not mankind who is eviL, their elites hate Live, they repress it, worshipping gold – an informative atom that poisons the brain. And indeed, we have SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS that prove the contemplation of gold to diminish the production of oxytocin, the drug of love.

Mankind has always tried to save them, to make them biological humans – and it succeeded briefly during the Christian and Socialist and hippie r=evolution.

Germ(an)s and Jewish banksters could have ruled the world of all of us, and created a life paradise, by NOT being slaves of greed and murder, by controlling those memes of metal they worship as we did in the European Union, as the American did during their r-evolutionary ages. They carry the Moses damnation wherever they go: ‘the jews will suffer all their life for their love of money’. Their elites are the anti$emites, and their germ(an)s in destiny, the perpetrators. Their elites now have created in America a brutalized, violent, armed, lower class, whose mind they have cre(dit)ated from evilwood with hate, to repeat those cycles of which they only care to understand the final moment of an absurd destiny, they cannot face with truth – because they cannot renounce to their memes of metal. And this is why, ‘the tragedies of history repeat because men don’t learn from their mistakes’, as one of their few ethic masters, who believed in words not in greed and murder, Mr. Proust, in true form, belonging to the Latin culture, told them.  Now it is probably too late to learn.

On the other hand, we, the so-called Piigs culture, the ‘free people’ of the original American and Latin r=evolutions will have enjoy quietly in the real America and the real Sepharad the pleasures of being ‘just’ humans. And when we die, we shall not cry and be surprised.

Because there is a time to live and fight for a better world and a place to die, now back home, writing from this city, Barcelona, a perfect place to live and die, known internationally by the 3 ‘Picassian’ best, food, art… and whorehouses, I can only agree with the masters of my cultures from the past, as  I narrate the extinction of the American and European enlightened civilization, destroyed by Jewish Speculators and Germ(anic) warriors, with their e-money ‘Bloomberg’ Platforms, Pcs, drones and robots. Your destiny, Nirvana, is written in the laws of the Universe you have never understood, in the future of the memes of metal, you worship more than life.



ALL what we have explained here is the truth of economics, or rather the economic ecosystem and its Darwinian laws that we have described. and yet it is and will be ignored always because the perspective of the writer is a humanist perspective against the matrix of ideologies that make humans love their own extinction, the selfish memes of metal and corporations and ideological cult(ure)s that kill them.

It is the quantum paradox or difference between the scientists of social sciences and those who exercise the power with metal-machines and money.

The first can and should explain the human point of view and how to reform the system. They should use the knowledge of the evolutionary phases of the economic ecosystem for human advantage.

but they don’t have power. The people who control the system are those who always let the system grow without any concern for human values.

This is ultimately the perspective of Marx which i subscribe: the cultures of mankind that dominate the world are not human cultures as much as the natural adaptation of the brain to absolute greed and violence that maximizes the power of bankers and warriors. The memes of Judaism and Germanic nationalisms, tribal memes, religious bigotry etc. are not born out of the intelligence of those people but because they allow murder and greed, and the use of human capital as objects, in a better manner. So they come after the actions of the Bronze Age warriors, as a justification to the memetic determinism of the equations of death by weapons and hypnotism by gold.

This is a question that deals directly with the existence or not of free will.
Are we humans determined by our greed and hence we are not able to change our memes? or can we reason and stand firm to the self destructive influence of memes of metal and control the industrial revolution for our advantage? History proves we are not free and evolutionary economics thus becomes an automaton of evolution of machines by means of usury as machines evolve faster than men and hence its economical growth and interest payments will be bigger.

Indeed, once we are set to grow at all costs, the sections that most grow are those who have further stretches of evolution – machines not humans.

The system as it is today, even if it were not so ideological charged, just by its inertia will destroy us.

And only a human revolution against it from the elite of politicians or the base of citizens can change it.

Of course evolutionary economics is an evolving science in itself. So I have done multiple new discoveries to the field – which very few economists research, knowing they will not obtain any help from the ‘authorized’ ideologies of the ‘dismal science’ – techno utopia, financial economics and nationalistic ‘GDP growth’, studied in other sections of this web as what they really are – ideologies that cater to the power of those corporations.

The key discovery I did in those earlier papers was to fine tune the cycle discovered in Kondratieff’s work on the train wave in Russia and latter explained by Schumpeter in its mechanical causes. Kondratieff had studied prices of raw materials mainly during the cycle of evolution, reproduction and overproduction of train industries in Russia considering the total cycle to last 50 years. So he had erred in the exact generational cycle of around 72 years; since he studied the train wave in an underdeveloped country where the wave arrived already discovered – Russia. So the Russian train wave was shorter, as today the electronic wave is shorter in Asia, where it arrived in the 60s, not in the 40s when the Americans discovered it. Schumpeter clarified the causes of the cycle but stuck to the initial calculus

But when I studied all those waves in the industrial west, where those machines are first discovered, i realized each wave was exactly equal in length to the human biological, generational cycle of 72 years – the life of the ‘industrialists’ and ‘engineers’ that discovered those machines and took in 3 generations of founding fathers of industries, expansive sons and military decadent grand-sons, the wave of machines-weapons and the leading nation that discovered the new energies and machines to global power.

And each of those ’24 year cycles’, each human generation – the ultimate cause of the total 72 year duration – the grand-father, father and son of the industry – represented one of Kondratieff 25 year cycles; whereas the last age of the machine – the military age, coincided with the birth and discovery of the new machine – overlapping each other forming a classic ternary wave of complex evolution, as those I had studied in systems sciences for the evolution of other species (where the first predatory age of a species represented the final 3rd age of extinction of a previous one).

So we had the age of steams and trains, or age of England, from 1784 – discovery of steam engines – till 1857 with the first overproduction crisis of trains that will be repeated every short 7 years cycle of the ‘economical product’, causing the gilded age of robber barons and colonial genocides. And when trains were using in the last phase of the XIX century for colonial war, the pioneers of the wave of electro-mechanical engines were discovering them in Germany.

Then we had the age of Germany, as Otto and Siemens discovered the engines/hearts of those machines, the oil and electric engine. And this would take Germany to the top of the world and after the 1929 crash of overproduction, again, German factories will switch to war machines, sell it to military lobbyists and issue the world into an age of overproduction of weapons, tanks and bombers that fought with those engines. And when we had the fascist age of engines – the tank wars and Mr. Hitler, in America, the pioneers of the electronic age were discovering their machines.

And so America would discover the computer and the chip and would take mankind for another 72 years ride till the 2001 crash of e-money and 2008 crash of derivatives in which we live.

Those were the exact dates of the generational 72+7 year cycle of my thesis and astoundingly enough all what I explained on those books and papers happened. And yet none of this is discussed in economical forums. It is basically censored. For 20 years even after the cycles happened I found little interest in power and publishing industries to discuss the issue. It is taboo. As it would be taboo in a dictatorship to argue about the expenditures in weapons of the military. So we live basically in a capitalist system ruled by corporations that overproduce machines for profit and it is taboo to discuss the collateral effects of industrial overproduction, even the fact that this is happening and it is the true cause of the crisis.

In fact, recently I found my pioneer papers during my tenure of the International SIG of Duality (the science that studies the universe with systemic models of energy and information), on the 72 years cycle had been erased from google scholar, as a ‘minority’ group protested my analysis of the financial crisis and its parallelism with the 1920s ticker speculative wave and the 1880s gold and train stock speculative waves that ruined both economic ecosystems, ushering the world in an age of perpetual wars for profits.

The reason is obvious: overproduction is the bread of corporations and corporations yield enormous power especially in the scholar world of economists. So those crises are the biggest taboo of the ‘dismal science’ as the ‘collateral effects’ of war are the biggest taboo of military sciences. And yet they are happening and without their understanding all talk on the present economic crisis becomes ‘thin air’ – a mule turning around a well without daring to look at it…

In this manner with ideological silence and total acquiescence of the human mass, machines terraform the world, through a series of ‘biological radiations of machines’ ,  if we were to use the biological jargon, first of trains, then of cars, now of chip and its mobile devices, metal minds and robots, in a way we hardly want to recognize; but real.

And this has two clear negative side effects origin of the economical crisis we live in:

On one side, crisis of overproduction of machines, its twin brothers weapons and information machines, and its main derivatives, digital information, money and audiovisual information…

On the other the competition with men of those machines and weapons, in labor and war fields in which we loose our jobs or die.

Further on, machines consume the most precious substance of which we are made – time.

We are bodies of energy that cruise through time, and the time we have and how we spend it is the substance of our existence. And as machines multiply all over the environment they suck in our time-life, in unending tasks driving them, reproducing them watching them, key-feeding them with information, pump feeding them with energy, etc.

We become therefore also ‘time slaves’ of machines through the two tasks that its organisms of reproduction and evolution, corporations, demand of us: to reproduce them at work and to consume them at home, ‘vitalizing’ their existence.

This functions are biologically akin to those of an enzyme in a cell and so for the factory and the company mother, there is no other way to define a human and its role within the company as an ‘enzyman’.

that is what you are, and this of course is so brutal that is censored. For 20 years, evolutionary economics in the model of these web has been largely ignored in the scholar world of economics but certainly is the most accurate description of what we do with our lives during that industrial revolution we hardly recognize:

we humans dedicate most of our time to those machines, either re=producing them in factories or taking care of their existence and adapting the economic system to them in political, managerial and sale departments, or testing their efficiency in order to demand evolutionary improvements as consumers.

Not only machines rule the time of the world – which in systems science is the substance of the universe – their re=productive organs rule also the complex social systems of the world – the political law through lobbyism, the economical world as free citizens of markets, our organizative system, and as a result of this, there is a smooth constant reproduction and evolution of machines.

This evolution has logically a biological pattern because evolution is a biological theory and because we evolve machines by imitating the organs of humanity and its functions, they enhance.

So we created a series of organic waves of machines, and this is the meaning of the Industrial Evolution:

A new organism, the company-mother, an organization in which humans catalyze the evolution and reproduction of machines as ‘enzymes’ do in cells, keeps creating re=productive ‘radiations’ of machines, released into the global ecosystem of history in which they interact with humans.

If you don’t like the jargon I am speaking in, the jargon of evolutionary economics, if it unsettles you, stop reading and enjoy the program of your mind – which is reared since youth to love those machines by another type of corporation and instrument – the informative machine, which prints money, digital and audiovisual information and loves itself first.

But if it intrigues keep reading because the universe is biological; machines are organic and this is the way you will understand them better and how they affect your world.


Thus, the general systems science r=evolution applied to economics and history is now only in this blog, though it is very likely the ‘next evolution’ of the real science of economics the aforementioned masters from Owens to Myrdal represent, and the only one which has predicted with accuracy for 20 censored years the phases of evolution of economic thought. While in the ‘practical arena’, today it seems only China remains in control of its sovereign rights to print nomisma money. We have not informed much about China because as all communist dictatorships – and unlike the social democracies of post-war Europe with similar economical policies – it has huge issues of democratic rights on the political side, even if it is more democratic in the financial side and more efficient as it grows 10% annually investing in people.

But the Chinese along with the Latin-romans were the first to introduce nomisma money – in their case paper money – and take advantages of their independence over goldsmiths and go(l)d churches to rationalize the empire. So this forgotten true science of money, which started in Rome and Sparta in the West and in Han China is somewhat censored. Yet in the XIII century, during the Yuan dynasty, and narrated by the two key travellers of the West, Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta, who tell us upon its arrival to Canton, that the Chinese had invented a better form of money, papers printed by the state, which were accepted for all taxes and trades and substituted gold and silver. So when any coin of gold and silver arrived to the kingdom, it was minted and kept in storage and only the paper currency of the sovereign was tender; and when it got spoiled it was exchanged in an office of the emperor for new clean bills.  Today China on the economical world stands as the only nation who is properly using Keynesian policies to get out of the crisis, even if the relentless provocations of the West and their own internal failures as a military dictatorship on the political arena, are pushing her to the very undesirable ‘American solution to the crisis’ – debt war, Keynesian militarism, neofascism and destruction of human wealth that ensues – not in vain the country which has received the biggest share of world investment in industrial production the last decade IS THE LAST COUNTRY of the old continent in human wealth, measure by the Index of Human development of the UNO, which in our work on ‘true economic science’ , ethonomics, we use to measure the real wealth/gdp of nations – as it measure the health of our body – housing, food, health care – of our mind – education and of our society – eusocial goods, infrastructures,… So this country with over 1 trillion invested in industrial wealth in the last decade… is the last one on education, healthcare, safety, food and housing… It is called Afghanistan. Quien quiera entender que entienda. Because the laws that allowed the west to massacre for industrial profits that country are now being passed and stored in our ‘democracies’ in case in the future as the crisis encroaches we protest.

In this blog thus our approach is clearly on the side of humanist thinkers. And in that sense it connects with the 3 schools of ‘economics’ that have not served as pawns to the financial power:

– The historic school of Sombart and Weber, who explained the historic origin as a religion of go(l)d of classic economics.

– The Socialist school of Marx, Kondratieff and Keynes that came out of age in the Swedish School of Wicksell and Myrdal and by creating the Scandinavian Social-democratic world of the post-war showed HOW important is to have a proper scientific approach to economics that never forgets its true goal – to create a better world.

– The biological school of Butler and Schumpeter, who introduced the always forgotten parallel world of machines and its evolution.

Let us be clear enough, this blog, based in my pioneer discoveries on social systems, superorganisms and the ‘fifth dimension’ of space-time – information and its complex systems, networks and processes of social evolution is to the XXI century, what Keynes and Spengler were to XX century social sciences and what Marx was to the XIX century – a scientific, objective step further in the comprehension of human social organisms and how to manage them for the betterment of all mankind; and yet the ‘establishment’ of social sciences, corrupted and to the service of power has/will deal with this wealth of new knowledge in the same manner, it dealt with the discoveries of its predecessors. And this is a tragedy. Because the same overproduction crises Marx described, the same collapse of social organisms Spengler explained (when its neuronal castes become corrupted), the same solutions Keynes put forward (global currency, demand economy) apply to this crisis. And yet none was/is considered – and so by denying the truth of social sciences we are destroying the world, when we could have re-created it as a human paradise long ago.

And yet, all what we have are still the same ‘usual suspects’ and people-castes that destroyed the world in those previous ‘colonial’ and ‘fascist’ ages, bringing the same policies of self-destruction:

Bankers who care nothing but to keep printing money for themselves and extorting people with taxes to pay them…

And the military-industrial complex that cares nothing but to keep making machines and weapons to sell them and make profits. And the same amorphous mass of human beings, the ‘sheeple’ letting themselves being guided to the slaughterhouse, and the same scientists of the future=prophets of doom, telling them not to do it and giving them the same solution of all previous cycles and being totally ignored.

Today all seems perhaps more complex than the previous crises, on both sides – in this side of humanism and science, we shall add to the work of those past colossus new discoveries that make it even more obvious what is the nature of history – a social organism and how to solve the crisis – redesigning the world according to the efficient laws of those superorganisms.

On the other side, the system of selfish memes of metal, of corporations and people-castes with privileges on the issue of our languages of power,  has become also more complex. So our ‘experts’ are working the crowd with renewed ‘damned lies and statistics’ and the sheeple is guided to the slaughterhouse singing ‘4 legs good, 2 legs better’ in true Orwellian fashion, with renewed passion.

But this blind appetite for self-destruction is the tragedy of mankind: our incapacity to ‘love each other’ and evolve together according to the laws of the 5th dimension, of eusocial evolution that all other species of the Universe manage, so atoms become cells and organisms, and planets and galaxies but men cannot become a single species and work together for a better world, because we are ‘believers’, we do not reason, and so while the future can be predicted and designed we do not want to do it.

Instead we love and toil for machines and people who ab=use us in a Darwinian fashion, while telling us fairy tales; and this ‘surrealist’ zeitgeist which in the Universe is only proper of mankind will set the tone of this blog: humans at face value in open defiance of the laws of the biological Universe, who will respond according to those laws to our pretension of ‘inventing’ them.

When we consider all those traditions, what they achieved in the few nations in which they became guidance of political thought – Scandinavian countries in the XX century and the European Union till the foundation of the ECB, we can go a step further adding the discoveries of systems sciences and design indeed a true democracy, based in the right of people and its representatives to issue both languages of power of social organisms – money and the law…

And yet as obvious as this is, there are indeed in America hundreds of millions of people who think is right, efficient and democratic that a group of private individuals who have always shown zero respect for the rights of the community, and have beliefs that date back to a book of history of the bronze age, control the issue of their language of social power, money, tax people to avoid them to issue their money and on top pretend this is a proof of ‘freedom’… As in the case of the equation of productivity that increases when more people are fired and YET according to the Goebbels method is repeated by economists and politicians as the mantra to create jobs!, the ideology of capitalism is telling us that to become slave of corporations and their owners is the epitome of freedom! and people believe it. 

Religious ideologies are even more bizarre, as the ‘meme-word’ God, in true Kantian fashion is a ‘category’ of meme, which holds special power in the human mind – so once it is implanted in the brain, all trees of secondary thoughts to that ‘supreme word’ become ‘absolute truths’ that enslave the mind to the ‘master-priests’ of that religion. Consider for example that most African-Americans believe in the Book of history of the bronze age, in which a racist Rabbi told them that ‘Negros and Arabs’ are inferior to dogs – the so-called Ham damnation, reason why slavery became ‘sanctified’ by priests. And yet today the American president caters as a classic ‘good house negro’ to the real owners of the white house whose ideologies enslaved him in the past, present and future. I could consider hundreds of such bizarre ‘anti-truths’, reason why we do often explain them, have entire sections to the analysis of truth, and memetics, the science that today studies the ‘computer-like’ structure of human brains, who ‘believe don’t reason’ and so can be imprinted with the most bizarre anti-truths which they don’t even doubt.

Consider a last example. Darwin said that species fight for survival NOT individuals, and we have found in systems sciences that eusocial love is the best strategy of survival and the way in which cells become bigger superorganisms, in fact it is the DOMINANT ARROW OF EVOLUTION OF THE UNIVERSE, where particles socialize into atoms that evolve socially into molecules, cells, organisms and superoganisms, planetary systems, galaxies and universes… And yet when a racist British Bigot, Mr. Spencer, ‘affirmed’ that evolution is about the ‘survival of the fittest individual’, the entire capitalist world accepted the anti-truth of Darwin and soon the entire scientific world bought in. So today astoundingly enough even biologists deny Darwin and the laws of eusocial love.

And this is bizarre indeed: religious prophets of love, like Jesus or Buddha are closer to the science of true evolution that many evolutionists! So at the end of the day, we must conclude that ultimately  those who issue the language of social power, money, not only have corrupted political systems; they have created an endemic process of creation of wars for profits, national debts and tax extortion, but also have spread and chosen ONLY IDEOLOGIES that cater to their power, also in science- certainly in economics, and increasingly in other fields of science. 

The previous ideologies pervade all the discourses of our society and its ab=uses over the people. For example, techno utopia is the subconscious ideology that make us so callous to the suffering of Islamic innocent people killed by our robots. And it is similar to the callousness of the XIX century pamphletists of our technological civilization, where the key element to denigrate and justify the massacres of neo/colonialism is precisely our mechanical superiority over those ‘primitive Muslims/Negros’.

All this of course is NOT evident at all to anyone except a few scholars and people over 150 IQ with also a strong ethic background. Unfortunately the system of misinformation of mankind has created such a complex virtual fantasy of happiness and righteousness under the umbrella of those ideologies that it is nearly impossible USING those languages and SACRED values to do any kind of objective science. So this blog simply will NOT even enter in the game of using their ideological jargons.

It is NOT going to talk of ‘God’ as if Yvwh were anything else but a toponym of a Bronze Age civilization, in the site of Judea. It is NOT going to talk of the Jewish inquisition with any respect for its astounding complex forms of degrading the logic of humanity and its collective mind, of the Bible as a ‘SACRED BOOK’ – the very same concept of sacred is absurd to me, except perhaps for the subjective, human view of the sacredness of our species’ survival rights – but just explain what it is: a racist book of history of a supremacist tribe that used money to enslave other tribes in a very primitive age of thought in which everybody was deeply racist and your neighbor was always your enemy.

Let us be clear enough the Bible is just a ‘meme’ of the Jewish supremacist ‘financial elite’ and the monetary equivalent of the Aryan Vedas where germ(an)s thought to be supreme goths=gods by the grace of the sword, as the Levi banker-priests thought to be sons of go(l)d. Both created two systems of racist classes, the Hindi Castes, the ‘economical classes’ of capitalism that endure and are against all the facts of biological, human equality.

And that is the objective, scientific, historic view of it – just a meme to enslave first 11 Jewish tribes then the western mass to a parasite elite of usury bankers, ‘self-proclaimed’ superior by race, with an astounding arrogance, callousness and indifference to everybody’s rights. And all that produced clearly by the primitive ‘trait’ of greed to hypnotic gold. If there are on planet earth 4 plus billion bigots who really think those utter stupidities and become slaves of such beliefs, good luck to them. Basically you are mortgaging your life on planet Earth for a fantasy so bizarre that any non-programmed kid would dismiss it. And for that reason you need ideologies and repression and religious imprinting from earlier age.

Nobody in its right mind would if NOT memetically imprinted with all type of repressions of their human nature, take seriously the brutality and hate-speeches of that book more than the tirades of Mein Kampf or the Vedas against the ‘dark people’, or the ‘inequality of human races’ of Gobineau. And if we were living in a real democracy as it happened in the French and Russian and American r=evolutions that book would be treated in that way. For the same reason we are  not going to consider ‘experts’ those pamphletists of financiers that receive the rijsbank prize, which includes such luminaries as Mr. Lucas, who proved the ‘economical soundness’ of slave traffic. Neither we are going to call ‘free markets’ the dictatorship of corporations, the only ‘free citizens’ of markets. It is not going to call democracies, the placebo systems and ‘theatrics’ we live in.

Indeed, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between the Jewish financial inquisition and the Germ(an) or Spanish military inquisition is the ‘tone’ and ‘shrewdness’ of the implicit message of a ‘superior race’ by the power of metal. In the Jewish inquisition all this is covered with ‘newspeaks’ of ‘religion’, ‘caring’, ‘victimism’, ‘censorship’ of all the negative information about the deeds of bankers, while the military inquisitions are direct and honest with their brutality. So i find ‘nauseating’ both type of speeches, that of happy lies, and that of murderous truths.

But to be fair, as we explained in other articles when comparing Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush, at the end of the days, I liked more Mr. Bush – because he was a predator who always fought unjustly for their people. Mr. Obama adds to injury the treason of being voted by the human world and betray it. Mr. Bush, as he put it, had a ‘voting base’ of billionaires. And he didn’t betray them. By this I mean even worst than the elite of the banking industry, which just work for their perceived people-caste ARE THE POLITICOS OF THE WEST, which are destroying our welfare and societies to cater to those bankers, submissive to their menaces and damned lies and statistics, either because they are too dumb to understand a number or too eviL to have any self-respect for the people they represent and vote.

When they could SO EASILY TOPPLE the dictatorship of bankers, with a simple law agreed by the G20, or even by only a couple of presidents – that of China and America – the nationalization of the financial industry and the creation of a free nomisma money, Yes money, able to pay for the needs of mankind and recreate a paradise on Earth. Indeed, while in Europe the People of the Treasure are also taking political power to quench any future unrest (so Mr. Cameron, Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Merkel, and their rivals in the ‘other party’, Mr. Steinbrook, the Millibrand brothers, the Moscovici group,  belong all to the nation of ‘Israel’ and have already taken political power), neither the Chinese or American presidents belong to the go(l)d culture. And so our hope was for mankind to resurrect that the Weimar republic would truly make ‘a change we believe in’, before the dynamics of self-destruction of this crisis, parallel to the previous one, imposes r=evolution, neo-fascism war and holocaust of the innocent lower castes of this ‘elite’ that with no doubt is responsible for the longest, most lethal memetic strain of ideological and material exploitation and murder ‘at distance, with the invisible grammar of money of the human kind, hand in hand with the germ(an)s and their military-industrial complex.

And to be even more fair, what is more astounding about mankind is not the selfish ab=uses of the politicos, military and banking castes, but the herding mentality of the rest of the human mass, who will ignore warnings, never rebel and die in those cycles as if they had no freedom. To understand why indeed 200 million Americans worship ‘Judea’ or 400 million Europeans voted the right wing parties that annihilated their welfare one has to moved into a memetic theory of the human mind and reject the notion of human freedom. And this memetic theory of human imprinting is the rational basis that explain the success of beliefs over reason, of the Jewish (meaning Biblical, and including protestant sects) Inquisition over the American enlightened founding fathers. Today when audiovisual machines show an astounding hypnotic power those trends are even more pronounced and all clear in America, where anyone will jump within seconds of any criticism to its perceived, pre-programmed ethic values. The American believer in all the wrong memes that destroy them is now, as mass-media expands a global phenomena… which ‘medically’ renders the species ‘mad’ – living in a virtual reality of happiness and false statements that has nothing to do with the Darwinian reality of the planet.  And the distance between the ‘dream’ and the real nightmare is so great that, as in the parable of data, on the film matrix, people simply prefer to live in THE FALSE DREAM, EVEN KNOWING it that fighting back for their freedoms and construct with effort a better world.

Capitalist Democracies in its purest state, when bankers not states regulate the flows of the nervous system of money that gives social orders and hold all power, are NOT the best possible system of government but just a placebo mask for plutocracies. Because they are NOT the government of the people but have always masked – except in brief r=evolutionary periods (Jacksonian Democracy in America, Social-Democracies in Europe) – the government of plutocrats, which re=produce money in financial houses and stock-markets and control with it the laws of governments and the ideas of people, they ‘manufacture’ in favor of the system.

We shall thus see in the next posts, by studying the laws of biology applied to social science, the main error of our economical ideologies of ‘national competition’:  The denial of the fundamental law of systems sciences – the social evolution of all species, which in its more complex stages of information are able to organize themselves into more complex, efficient, ‘top predator’ superorganisms. So the Universe evolves from particles that gather into atoms that evolve socially into molecules, cells, organisms and social superorganisms, because that is the arrow of survival. So today the ant is still the most successful species on the planet weighting half of all the mass of insects and if man were to follow those laws of ‘egalite, solidarite and liberte’ we could still design a perfect world.


And now as chips substitute humans in the evolution of metal THE CYCLE finally accelerates to an 7-8 years ‘informative cycle’, with CAD design . but humans have not evolved at all and so there is a growing differential of evolution between metal and flesh which in other moments of biological evolution (punctuary evolution), signify the future extinction of the non-evolving species by the new top predator – in the case of history the weapon. 


In the graph, the 72-80 year cycle of evolution of machines (above) is, itself the last phase of the 800 years cycle of evolution of metal, which connects the ‘entire’ planetary structure of evolution of machines, proper of the modern era, with the simpler age of evolution of ‘pure’, energetic lineal metal (weapons of energy), and pure ‘informative metal’, cycles of money or coins – the primitive first body/energy and head/information systems of metal, which were made of the hardest energy metal, iron and the best informative metal, gold, today used ‘biologically’ to manufacture the ‘iron bodies’ and ‘golden chips’ of organic robots:

In the graphs,studied in the left down side of this web and at the end of this central bog, we can observe (click to enlarge) the general structure of accelerated evolution of information, of form, in memes of metal, through a series of faster decametric cycles of evolution of ‘weapons’ (copper age, bronze swords, chariots, iron swords, coins for mercenary armies, stirrups and gunpowder, when the cycle accelerates to an 80 years ‘national generation cycle’, latter studied in more detail, as Europeans conquer the world with gunboats and then machines. In all those cycles the same pattern latter repeated in the accelerated 72-80, human generational cycles take place, now with an origin in the ‘weather warm & wet vs. cold and arid’ cycles of the Earth. Every 800 years, when there is good weather in the northern steppes the Indo-Europeans who invented most of those weapons multiply its numbers and new weapons and invade the southern, agricultural civilizations of social love and create a new elite of bankers and aristocrats in control of the people with weapons and money.  Then the cycle becomes independent of the cycle of weather as company-mothers professionalize the evolution of machines and weapons:


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