-Cyclic Vs Lineal TIME:


CYCLICAL TIME vs. lineal duration.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

  Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballsi is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space

In the left graph, all time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and equalizing all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

In the graph, even our mechanical times measurements are done with cyclical mechanical clocks that turn around a a cycle in fixed periods of time, usually an hour and 24 hours, forming a day, itself a measure of a cycle: the rotation of the Earth around its axis. time has always been cyclical, in any system studied by human beings.

In the bottom of the graph, Lineal time merely ‘erases’ the detail of the form and meaning of those cycles focusing only in its ‘spatial extension’ or motion-speed. It is a simplification of time frequency and cyclial time.

As such lineal time duration is a simplification of a length of time caused by the sum of multiple time frequencies measured by a cyclical time.

We shall therefore in this post describe a ‘Universe’ made of time cycles in all its scales. time cycles that have basically two positions or arrows of future, to implode inwards, the arrow of future we shall call information, or explode outwards, the arrow of future we shall call entropy and a balanced, perfect cycle.

Now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Times are cyclical, closed motions. Spaces are lineal, open extensions’.

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality. So to deny cyclical times is to deny science, logic and objectivity. But it also means to deny the fundamental particle of the Universe – a being made of space-time cycles that ‘thinks, therefore exists’ as a world in itself.

One of the most obvious limits for human understanding of History is the religious, abrahamic concept of lineal time, which creeped into science through physics and reduced our understanding of the repetitive motions of the clocks of the Universe, and its reproduced forms-in-motion≈ informations.

Time is cyclical frequency, not lineal duration. Time flows as a cyclical, discontinuous repetitive sequence of events. The causality of those events ’causes’ its repetition. This happens in all sciences. In fact, all sciences are considered as such only when they find the repetitive, cyclical patterns of the species they study, projecting them into the future to ‘understand’ and ‘forecast’ those events.

One of the fundamental reasons why our society cannot understand the cycles of history and economics and regulate it to its advantage is the jewish->Christian->Modern cultural view of time as lineal, which ill-understood means that time cycles do not repeat themselves, hence it is not normal to see the repetition of similar events in history.

The opposite is truth when we consider the scientific point of view..

Lineal Time or duration is merely the inverse concept of a cyclical time frequency, the true meaning of time: ƒ (t) = 1/T .

Thus all durations are a sum of time cycles, all lineal worldlines are in fact the sum of discontinuous length traced by those cycles: S= λ ƒ

We measure a duration of time by adding up a series of frequencies of an event or motion in time that happens in repetitive patterns.

Science in fact is the study of tthe repetitive patterns and causal reaons of those cycles of time.

Astronomy appears with the study of the time cycles of stars and planets that traced cyclical orbits. Causal medicine appears with the study of germs and how they produce causal, reproductive cycles of predation over the cells of the body.

The same method allow us to understand the cycles of history and economics, once we find the cycles (Kondratieff, Spengler and Product, 80-800-8 cycles), its causality (the evolution of memes of metal) and the human catalyzer of the process (the idol-ogical ‘animetal’ cult(ures) that made of metal its idol, meaning of future progress and ‘reason of existence’.

In that regard time cycles occur in all systems of the Universe, including the eco(nomic)system and history because it is the natural manner in which time flows, as a sucession of similar events produced by similar causes, with a frequency related to the repetition of those causes.


Let us start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

A Universe of space forms and time motions.

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:


In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe:


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

1D singularity + 2 D membrane = 3D vital energy.

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital nergy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, the Singularity-Mind Space and Lineal Motion, §$, time, the cyclical clocks,ð, or angular momentum, that enclose together its vital energetic combinations.

The 3 parameters can be studied in many ways, as there are many perspectives onto them. We shall call the lineal momentum of the singularity-mind, Space parameters. The angular momentum of closed time cycles, time parameters, and the vital energy their body wave enclose spacetime parameters.

The iteration and pegging together of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence.

Let us then now explore in more depth that duality of locomotions expressed mathematically as ‘speed’ or change in the motions of being, studied by physics (v=s/t) and its inverse change of information, expressed with frequencies, T=1/ƒ.

As it will reveal the essence of the duality of time space arrows – the inverse properties of lineal time-duration and cyclical, frequency time clocks, which come together ONLY in the vital energy spacetime systems that combine both forms and properties into a ‘present being’.

Let us start with a very brief conceptualization on how the Universe looks when we ad an arrow of in-form-ation, of form, to the time loco-motions studied by Physicists.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality.

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial energy and temporal information, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size.


It is difficult to stress the degree of primitivism for the intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, that represents to ‘simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.


4th and 5th dimensions∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

Let us now deal with ‘the fourth dimension of entropy’ and the ‘fifth dimension of social evolution’ into wholes. So simple so complex when we combine, repeat and translate in different languages those ultimate principles, which we shall now study with a bit of more depth.

The Universe and all its parts are Timespace organisms that reproduce information, stored in the form and frequency of its time clocks, through the vital motions of its 3 space-time dimensions and 2 ± ‘∆’ scalar dimensions of entropy that dissolve the networks of information of an entity, scattering them in the process of death, and emergence, which evolves those networks socially from a group of smaller parts into a whole. Without those 2 ‘organic’ dimensions that relate the different ‘scales’ of size in space and speed of time clocks of each ‘fractal part’ of the Universe, we cannot make sense of its organic process of creation and extinction. In the graph all systems co-exist in 3 scales of the 4th & 5th Dimension: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world; which we can describe with a metric equation of the 4th and 5th scalar Dimensions of space-time (ab. ∆±i), which order all entities of reality in scales according to the size and different speeds of time clocks of its systems is very simple: $ x ð = K, the relative size in space and speed of the time cycles of a being remain constant:


In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

So the first ‘organic property’ of the fractal Universe, and the symbolism is rather simple, ∆ for scales of size, ±¡ to order them. 3 enough to create an organism.

In the graph we see the ‘organic fractal Universe in different scales’ and systems of reproduction of information.

Existence as a travel through the fifth dimension.

Now the importance of having a metric equation that leaves co-invariant a motion through its parameters of space-time, is that we can ‘travel’ across this dimension. Indeed, the mathematician Klein defined the existence of a dimension of space-time, when we could formulate a co-invariant equation left unchanged when we move through the space-time dimension. So how we travel through the fifth dimension?  Obviously by growing in size in space through the process of reproduction and evolution, from an ∆-1 fast seed of information, emerging, as a larger whole with slower time clocks, in the organic level, which itself is part of a larger world, with slower ‘deep time’ geological and cultural cycles. 

So Existence is indeed a travel through the fifth dimension, and the mere fact that all systems of nature exist through that world cycle (no longer a physical worldline in a 4D Universe as we have added a dimension of temporal ‘depth’), IS an absolute experimental proof of the existence of 5D:

In that sense the main difference when we widen our understanding of space-time with the metric equations of 5D is to be able to explain NOT only processes of time-change in a single planes of space-time, mostly due to locomotions, but process of change due to transformations in the in-form-ation of beings, related to life, organic structures and hence to solve some of the eternal existential questions about ‘existence’, which will be now defined easily as a ‘travel between 3 scales of the fifth dimension’.

Actions, steps of space-time

it follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation with two phases:

∆ð≥S and then its reproduction, ∑ into waves of seed that reogarngaize into larger wholes:

S∑S>∆+¡ till death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts… ∆-¡<<S

Further on, applied those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history, described in its homologic ‘cycle of existence’ in the next graphs, latter explained in great detail:

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@<<∆ð±¡: would be then the simplest generator of a 5D Worldcycle; whereas the creation of a mind in a seed process, and its 3 ages of life, limbic≈ youth, ≥ wave generation and > informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

Let us then start a more complex iteration of all the previous principles, with more depth and insights.



In the graph,  warriors, who murder with iron, the strongest atom, the body of man; ‘bankers’ hypnotise and enslave them with gold, the most informative, the mind, and ‘physicists’  who substitute our verbal, conceptual languages that describe the 3 arrows of time, past, present and future, and its causal relationships – the true essence of time, with digital clocks and our visual, artistic eyes with telescopes and microscopes, feel SUPERIOR human beings, ‘different’ to us,  ‘only’ life beings, hence applying NOT the law of eusocial evolution between ‘undistinguishable’ beings, who come together into tighter boson wholes in any scale (Einstein-Bose statistics) but entropic laws, of dog-eat-dog colliding states of ‘heat’. This is the present state of our societies, the lowest state of ‘big-bang’ existence promoted by their philosophies of reality, from lineal time to big-bang creationism. So they justify the constant evolution of weapons and control of the mind of man and its life-time with money and its atrophy with machines, as future progress since THEY CONFUSE their progress as the 1% on top with those selfish memes of metal, with the progress of life and mankind as a whole – they no longer perceive as the same people, but a primitive heinous group that LACKS enough iPads and virtual screens or money and weapons to impose their rights. 

Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species.

Hence the name I have given the memetic cultures that ‘hate mankind’  as an inferior species species in our posts on the evolution of History, ‘animetals. It is their idol-ogical worship of entropic weapons of metal, informative metal-money (gold in the past, e-cycles in computer minds of e-money today) and machines that substitute and atrophy human organs, which brings its massive reproduction and evolution, ending invariable, in wars, as the most perfect machines are ALWAYS top predator weapons. So at the height of its overproduction the world and all its civilisations are destroyed, humanism ends and finally in a gottendamerung closure, also animetals die. Thus the evolution and reproduction of selfish memes of metal are the ultimate cause of the most important cycles of time in history, the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of memes of metal, weapons and machines, which accelerate the rhythms of temporal evolution in this planet, and we treat extensively in a blog dedicated to the application of 5D to social sciences.

The previous graph puts its emphasis in the long 800 years cycles of simple weapons and its ‘affine’ informative metal-money on the classic age of history. The modern age accelerates as all ‘vortices of information’ do, with the arrival of the Industrial r=evolution and the professional invention of company-mothers of machines, the cycle to 80 years (seen above in the graph that compares it with the cycles of biological extinction of species). And since the arrival of digital computers that accelerate the evolution of machines and weapons to an 8 years cycle, we have yet another faster cycle of 8 years of cyclical wars, tuned to the American GOP-war party vs. Democratic party, which cater alternatively to consumption and war machines.

Hence the predictions of the model that have accurately shown for the 30 last years this final short cycle of ‘splendid little wars’ to foster the profits of corporations and mass-media hate memes outlets, which now with Mr. Trump should find also a proper enemy, either a satellite country of China, the only ‘nation’ rival of the globalised American empire, easily exploding into a global war of the 80 year industrial cycle (now due also in terms of economical evolution), or a smaller ‘easy candidate’ among the ‘usual suspects’, the ‘courtyard’ of latino victims (Mexican wall, cuban detente, Venezuelan ‘ripe with maduro:ripe in spanish:) Some irony is sorely needed…

Below the graph, we expose the positive side of history, ruled by humanist social historians, in the past prophets of eusocal love who try to rule society not with metal memes and hierarchical racist societies with people-castes in control of those metal memes on top but with ethic, verbal natural human languages, fostering and promotion welfare goods based in life which we life beings need to survive.

It IS thus very important to distinguish between MEMES, instruments and idol-ogies in the animetal side of the wave of history, or welfare goods and eusocial love message, in the side of humanist positive history understand what KIND of evolution and cultural confrontation is the engine of history and control and rule societies. As this evolution IS memetic evolution of social historic, human organisms NOT genetic evolution of multicellular ones.  So we must introduce before explaining the origin of the model and the SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF CYCLICAL TIME and ITS application to History – as OBVIOUS AS THE FACT THAT SCIENCE EXISTS, since without the patterns and cyclical repetitions of events in time, there would NOT be laws of sciences, which ARE precisely the knowledge that THROUGH CERTAIN CAUSES you obtain the same cyclical consequences.

So we need to establish FIRST, not to be confused with ‘racist, genetic opinions’ on social evolution HOW super organisms of history are coded through memes, and why among those memes three memes which false are paramount, distributed and believed by all humans:

  • That time is lineal and progress towards a better future, not causal and cyclical (completely agains the very same existence of laws of science, and obviously a myth with religious anthropomorphic origin in abrahamic cults).
  • That social super organisms do not exist and we are all ‘chaotic, free beings’ that must compete in a Dog-eat dog society with the same members of the same species (completely against the laws of species whose members evolve as it is the species not the individual who evolves together).
  • And that there is NOT a collective brain in our societies that runs them through networks of information that issue both money and audiovisual information to that aim, similar to the networks of any super organism, which issue through its blood and nervous systems, hormonal=monetary orders of work, and simultaneous nervous messages=audiovisual memes that make all people believe the same and act as a single body in his collective reactions.


In the graph, humans seem to be essentially memorial believers, with a huge ego paradox. So both religion and mathematical physics with its concepts of ‘lineal time’, human destiny above nature, and we, the chosen ‘professions’ of scientific and religious priesthood talking the language of God have imposed a ‘creationist view’ of reality; in its 3 dominant ‘beliefs’, the religion of digital science, the religion of the word, and the religion of digital money. All of them distort with egolatric, linguistic ‘monetarist, platonic or prophetic zeal’, the REALISM of the much more profound and humble philosophy of science we shall advance in this blog, both in economics, science and history (as the human organism of history MUST also include a deep analysis of our religious and scientific beliefs). The most difficult of those beliefs to ‘defeat’ are those of mathematical physics, such as lineal time, and digital economics, because people do not speak mathematics, but their ego prevent them from recognising those facts; so we are facing basically ‘middle age catholic popes talking in latin to an ignorant crowd’, easy to manipulate and in awe of the rituals and size of our machines. 

And yet without a proper understanding of why time is cyclical and the universe a fractal organism that REPRODUCES information of any kind, mechanical, biological or social-memetic, BECAUSE ONLY THOSE ENTITIES WHO HAVE REPRODUCED SURVIVE, never mind the process is not sentient as in machines or the ‘reproducer is an enzyman, as in company-mothers’ or cells… the law OF THE UNIVERSE IS SIMPLE: REPRODUCE FASTER AND SURVIVE. This is the bottom line also of the economic ecosystem and its machines in competition with man. We live in the age of overproduction of chips, cause of the overproduction of e-money, robots, pcs and loss of jobs wealth and lives among humans. THERE IS NO much ‘complexity’ about the bottom line of the game we must describe. The complexity is either in the detail or in the false arguments of ‘animetal cults and myths’ to deny the simplest truths of reality.

How deep is the distortion over the organic laws of the Universe imposed by animetal selfish, individualist, ‘exceptionalist’ cultures can only be assessed fully with a HISTORIC VIEW OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF RELIGIOUS AND SCIENTIFIC DOGMAS, WHICH ARE THE ‘BELIEFS’ OF ALL MANKIND, split between those who THINK abrahamic military inquisitions that use weapons to reduce human brains to obeisance (islamic jihad), or go(l)d to hypnotise and enslave the believer to the priest (biblical cults), and those who think only numbers, the digital language of money, is the only language of truth and its laws absolute, as ‘God speaks mathematics’ (Galileo, Dirac) since ‘God is a clocker that waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his – me, Kepler – to admire its clock work’.

We shall first deal with the idol-ogy that the universe is a machine, time must be measured with mechanical clocks as a dimension of space and motion, and only numbers speak the truths, since those technological dogmas are all false, and do show clearly to which degree our ‘scientific first principles’ that set the discourse of our civilisations have been moulded by our mechanisms of power. Indeed, digital science appeared in parallel to coins in Miletus trade emporium of the first coin culture (Ionic Greece), where the first scientist, Thales was also a financier, speculator in the oil trade, and had its rebirth in the work of military men, Galileo, an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, the first modern company of re=production of gunboat weapons, and defined its philosophy of lineal time and entropic death as the arrow of futures of the Universe, thanks to the work of germanic, military cultures (Count Reaumur, Helmolthz).

They established the absurd idea that time IS lineal and so the PAST doesn’t matter, cyclical history does not exist (never mind even mechanical clocks are ‘cycles’ that repeat the hour every day; and therefore reality and history is a chaotic entropic, ‘markowian=memoriless’ process, where the past does not repeat into the future, because time causality does not exist. 

This as any mathematician will tell you IS only the case of chaotic, gaseous, individual, non-organised molecules with no memory, no past, in which each step is new, BUT even such chaotic systems CAN BE INTEGRATED into ‘heat’ laws and its scattering disorder synonymous of death in Nature, guessed NOT in individual paths, too many to be of any importance but in MASS behaviour; which is exactly what WE HAVE BEEN PREDICTING about history in the age of entropy and childish markowian leaders who do NOT even remember what happened in the last 80 year cycle of overproduction of machines, economic crisis, switch to tank production and war.

Industrial Economics and History are the super organisms of mankind and machines in time.

And so the present models of science based in the inverse concept that mankind and the Universe are machines, become in the age of organic robots and networks of information a completely outdated philosophy of science that does not make sense of anything happening in the III millennia, and must be upgraded if we want to understand ‘man and the Universe’.

This means obviously that even the ‘precepts’ of sacred physical sciences, established by the first makers of machines, in awe with the precession of mechanical clocks and spy glasses (telescopes) , which substituted human verbal time and visual artists as the ‘seers of time and space’, must be revised as ‘cultural concepts’ that put the machine ABOVE the human organism STARTING its ‘sacred evolution’ in the name of technological science.

Today is obvious that machines are evolving organisms of metal, as we have shown ad nauseam in this blog, perfectly explained with the laws of topological evolution and super organisms.

And we also are realizing we can model the biggest systems of physical sciences, galaxies, as organic structures, similar to a ‘cell’ ruled in this macro-organism by gravitational black holes that in-form, with the attractive gravitational form its ‘mitochondria stars’ that reproduce the atomic substance which will feed and convert into dark matter, the ‘protein’ of heavy quarks that make up pulsars, strange stars and likely black holes. We can obviously as robotists do imitate organic functions in metal-machines. And those machines do compete with humans in labor and war fields.

WE must therefore adapt and evolve to fully make sense of history our philosophy of science from mechanism to organism, from a human being ‘OUTSIDE and above heavens and earth’, just a myth hauling from abrahamic religions to a human being part of that organic Universe, made to its image and likeness.

HISTORIANS in that sense ARE NOT just people who don’t go beyond the first step of the scientific method – gathering of data today done ad nauseam with those mechanical instruments, BUT MUST HAVE An advanced philosophy of science, as science is part of the human ‘ideas’ that shape history and an analysis of its languages of thought, mathematics of space and the logic of time, of the role of machines in our development of knowledge, its bias – crystal clear in our concepts of a single time clock, and a single digital language of machines to measure the Universe, resumed in the thoughts of the first modern scientist, kepler:

‘God is a clocker who waited 5000 biblical years to find an intelligence like his, me, to understand his clock work’.

This sentence resumes the essence of our philosophy of science – which hides all the dogmas and memes of abrahamic religions, within its structure of thought and first principles. Man and God only speak the languages of creation, mathematics and the words of the bible, which is still important in matters of ‘lineal time’ – in this case also to date the Universe. Nothing else is intelligent, and of course the people who ‘understands the mechanical clock to measure time, and the telescope to see space, are superior humans ‘a la par’ with God.

So yes, science has hidden ideologies, even those considered the most ‘tested’ theories of reality as physics and biology – where again we find a systemic bias towards military views of reality, since Darwin stressed the evolution of species, but immediately our western culture disregarded eusocial evolution of individuals of species into super organisms and social wholes, far more successful for the false dog-eat-dog, man-compete-with man Leviathan society.

It is for that reason that SO FEW serious philosophers of History have existed, often at the end of the culture they represent, when eclectic polymaths could apply a philosophy of science to reality and depart from the 2 absolute modes of individual and social censorship that have always limited history: the ego paradox of man as centre of the Universe, and the anti-quantum paradox of the social scientist as a mere cell of the super organism of history, ‘modified’ by the informative people-castes in power who ‘observe’ them and bias its thoughts or ‘else’.

All this said it is clear a proper study of history in objective terms, should include in its analysis as a science, also the human ‘subjective’ view of the Universe, from a larger objective perspective than the present self-centred view, which as it IS self-centred, has ‘granted’ the ‘label’ of absolute truth, today given by ‘mathematical science’ as in the past was given by ‘verbal truths’.

This means a serious historian cannot be merely a historian but must apply the most advanced forms of knowledge and research to the entire human endeavour, including the ‘present logic of time’ and ‘concepts of space’ and causality, in its most advanced forms.

This need for a much larger view to make an objective philosophy of mankind in time (history), implies we must have as an element of ‘history and culture’ subject to analysis also our concepts of truth, logic of time and mathematical science as ‘dogma’.

Indeed, very few people realise due to the anti-quantum paradox (we are immersed in the super organism of history and hence our ideas are manufactured by our informative systems and people-castes in power), that science is culture when regarding its ultimate principles, the concept of lineal time, according to which events do not repeat in social sciences, as ‘humans are different’ and have a ‘particular, manifest, exceptionalist destiny as a species’; according to which humans are a different only intelligent species, because only our languages of thought, words and numbers are sentient; and a long line of ‘etceteras’ all turning around the well of man as the centre of the Universe if no longer with the earth in its spatial centre, with our mind as the supreme intelligence.

All this of course IS BLATANTLY FALSE from an objective non-anthropomorphic view.

Humans ARE NOT DIFFERENT from any other ‘fundamental being’ of reality, as ALL of them are ‘organisms of spatial entropy and temporal information’, the fundamental element of reality, which only in the XXI century we start to understand as the 2 components that create the energy systems we se around us,  after so many long ‘centuries’ of philosophies of science biased by the ‘religions’ of the western lineal white man’s visual mind, and its entropic, military cultures (germanic physics of lineal time) of ‘weapons, capital and machines’, as sacred memes of metal that make us progress.

The fact IS the Universe IS NOT a mechanism but an organism, and this IS a huge difference. AS MECHANISMS do not reproduce but are ‘created’ BY AN EXTERNAL GOD.

So our philosophies of Nature ARE in fact DEISM, which is why mechanism actually triumphed on the western world of entitled, abrahamic religions and ‘scientists’ which were believers in visual ‘animetal cultures’ where those with weapons and money, iron and gold, entropic and informative metal, harder than our weaker atoms of ‘entitled’ watery humans which kill the body and hypnotise the mind.

To understand the deformation of science towards lineal time (germanic military entropic physics), the denial of evolution and biological organic nature to all parts of the Universe (Abrahamic religions that make us special) and the falsehoods about reality steaming from those ‘bottom line’ cultures of human supremacism through the power of weapons and machines, we thus need to make a thorough evolution of philosophy of science to match the organic reality of the Universe.

And only then can we ‘battle’ the astounding mess of infantile, entitled, lineal views on reality, history and the role of man in the Universe that form the ‘buckets’ of the straightjacket of false memes that make humans so ‘slavish’ to those memes of metal, so ‘ignorant’ of the basic principles of reality and their true nature, and hence so impotent when trying to repair a world and a supeorganism, history they stubbornly deny even in existence; as part of that mess of entitled views on ourselves, there is the ridiculous concept that we, individual ‘cells’ of the super organism of history which program us collectively with cultural memes, control us through information networks of money and infotainment, decide our life and death expectancy with financial digital numbers of ‘credit’, and oblige us to behave according to communal laws, ARE FREE, the centre of reality, and our ‘will’ as individuals in permanent chaos and ignorance of those principles of reality CREATES the world we live, and according to some ‘fundamentalists’ of languages, either of mathematical science, or verbal thought, even dialog with God in his only languages of creation of the Universe.

The ancients, all knew, that time was the perception of change, and there were two main forms of change, change in the motion of beings, the less important measure with speed and studied by physics, the science of motion and hence of entropic weapons, which physicists construct; and change in the form, the in-form-ation of beings, the more important as it is concerned with cycles of evolution, life, growth, death and extinction studied by biology. Aristotle, the first scientist, told us so and concluded that biology was the true master science as the more complex and more important to humans and called his full work, the ‘organon’. And our verbal syntax, developed a complex logic of those time arrows with its past-entropic, negative view of chaos and disorder, its future, informative, natural arrow of evolution and life, and its ‘combinations’ into energetic actions. We summarise and explain latter in great detail those 3 modes of change=time, and its combinations in temporal sequences (life ages) and organisms assembled with them:
So both the syntax of languages and the philosophy of time was as the Universe is based in 3 time arrows, whose yin-formation x yang-entropy combined to create the infinite qi-energy beings of the Universe, an organism, of which we were all made to its image and likeness. This is the philosophy of science we lost to physical entropic lineal clocks and I have developed again in modern scientific terms to make sense of the evolution of history, through those 3 ages of ‘entropic moving youth’, reproductive energetic maturity and informative old age, which APPLY to all systems.
A far more sophisticated view of all the modes of time=change we lost when physicists defined clocks and lineal time as the language of god and its instruments:

Time become lineal, digital and measured by clocks.

The immediate consequence of this substitution of human senses by mechanical senses, in the XVII century was the change from an artistic, humanist renaissance culture into a northern european mechanical culture and the use of clocks and its lineal concept of time to measure it all, from ‘human time’ through salaries (where clocks and money=informative metal) measured our existence, to the end of human eyes as relevant, first substituted by telescopes and microscopes in science, then by photographers and cameras in art, ending the primacy of painting, which entered its abstract, ‘chaotic’ death as a realist language.

Science obviously became more precise but humans became dependent on machines and today computers, and what is a key element to fully grasp why the CYCLES OF HISTORY AND ECONOMICS ARE REAL AND REPEAT THEMSELVES, because a clock has only a ‘direction of motion’, the 3 arrows of time, past, present and future, which we shall explain properly on those texts to make sense of history and humanity, were forgotten, and so the ‘underlying logic and causality of all events and time processes of the Universe’ forgotten.

Further on, only numbers, the language of those machines became meaningful and its values, both in science and economics, as digital mathematics and prices came to be the only meaningful way to value reality.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND THAT IS WHY WE SHALL START with a rational analysis of the errors introduced inout concepts of time and space by those ‘techno-utopian idol-ogies, to realise that OUR CONCEPTS OF TIME AND SPACE and Nature modelled in terms of MACHINES not of ORGANISMS, are IDOL-OGIES as capitalism, and his belief that digital money must rule over verbal languages, born of MILITARY CULTURES, with is ENTROPIC view of Weapons AS THE GRACE OF GOD, hauling from germanic cultures of war, which imposed MACHINES, WEAPONS AND clocks of TIME as the proper way to measure the cycles of the Universe.

So today most humans consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality as an abstract world – modelled as machines and explained only with mathematics. Yet all languages, including mathematics are mirrors of the Universe, – that is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

In the case of history, because it deals with humans and humans use verbal ethic legal languages to explain themselves and organise their social systems, the consequences of those idol-ogies of numbers and machines meant a degradation of the quality of those sciences.

So we shall first recuperate our understanding of cyclical time and how it ‘truly’ structures the Universe, with its 3 topological dimensions, NOT only with the single clock-mediated digital language and entropic concept that the future is all about expansion in space, lineal time and death – a vision of time which is NOT physical science but the DEFORMATION OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES, caused by the GERMANIC CULTURE that dominated the discipline, and whose LANGUAGE OF POWER has been always entropic lineal weapons.

IT is NOT a casualty but a synergy between different aspects of the GERMANIC CULTURE, that lineal time, lineal weapons, lineal agglutinative words, lineal thesis about an entropic dying Universe, and lineal machines of motion have shaped both the culture of ‘lineal germans’, with its dogmatic ‘religion’ of entropy and death, today also ‘forgotten’, as we live in an age in which any serious critical analysis of human beliefs is considered politically incorrect, which means obviously the end of ‘serious objective social sciences’ that try to make sense of humanity, and foster the positive evolution of our species, in strict biological, scientific terms.

In this we follow a necessary truth, which was also understood by the old and modern founding fathers of serious scientific models of economics and History, Aristotle in old Greece, Marx and Spengler in the modern age – all of them realized indeed that to understand man and its cultures and social sciences, we had first to understand the logic of time, in a more profound way than the simple, shallow, lineal, mechanical explanations that techno-utopian religions of sciences sponsor – and we all belief – realise again we ARE in a planet completely colonised by those idol-ogies, completely ‘giving himself’ to the evolution and reproduction of machines, but we ARE here not trying to please an audience, but rather in our ‘old age’ trying to at least explain truth fully. And why both things are opposed will also be rationally explained.

What we CANNOT do and succeed is to ‘invent those laws’ as if the Universe did not in force them – which is what the left does and the right expects from his actions – to be rewarded just by wishful thinking with a better world in the first case, NOT TO BE MASSACRED IN THE CYCLES OF WARS AND HOLOCAUSTS that terminate both the poor and the rich the foot soldier and the general, at the end of each of the CYCLES OF OVERPRODUCTION AND EVOLUTION OF WEAPONS that destroy the world.

AND WE SHALL explain in great detail after exposing the main laws of cyclical time and the fractal organic Universe that RULE also history, and the astounding amount of myths and falsehoods about time, which pass today as dogmas of science, believed by all humans, as before the dogmas of religion did. 

So this is the model and an amazing amount of work has been poured on it, but in the past years, with the angst proper of my realisation the model might never be accepted and distributed, my poor health, the work has been to say the least lousy, and repetitive, no longer interested in following the cycles of mankind and its mechanisms, but unable to erase the web and close yet another failed attempt to upgrade mankind and history to a proper scientific outlook, I have rewritten too many times the same truths. Thus if bio-history and bio-economics, the model of social sciences based in physics and biology (space-time theory and evolution) dies in this web, will be part my fault, part the fault of the system.

Still it is likely the only model of social sciences, void of subjective, anthropomorphic agendas, which truly reflects reality and the tenants of the scientific method we expose in several parts of the blog.



There is also an interesting analysis of human cultures from the point of view of those ternary minds, the visual, mathematical northern european mind; the mongoloid, more profound, informative mind, which has reached the highest understanding of the organic Universe; and the verbal, more subjective human-centered mind of the hot, black and semite southern cultures, which gave origin to 3 view of nature and its fundamental principles of creation, seldom practiced in the biased world of human ‘truth’ where culture passes as dogma of truth either ‘sacred digital science’ or ‘sacred verbal religion’. Let us then properly define those ultimate substances of reality and why humans with their ego paradox prefer to ignore objective truth and believe in creationist theories of reality.

LANGUAGES AS MIRRORS that create ‘images’ of reality – not reality itself.

In the graph cyclical time carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. And what all beings do is to measure those cycles with their minds. It follows that:

@: Psychological Time…

measures the speed processing information of minds. This change rate in electronic minds has the h unit of angular momentum, as a full time cycle for electrons and photons, two species of the same family: ∑photons=electron, measures a bit of information.

In that regard time has a simple meaning: change of position=motion and change of form. Whereas a present state is a state of repetitive motions, which seemingly does not change realities.

Subjective vs. objective time.

It follows that more than change, we measure its perception that can be cheated. So the perception of different changes makes time dual, subjective from the internal point of the perceiver, objective from the external point and multiple according to the point of perception.

It is then quite easy to reduce time change roughly as science does into external time-change or translation in space, the subject of physics and internal time-change or change in information, the subject of biology.

Subjective mind-time perception must then be related to the mind’s speed, processing information which defines its ‘beat’=bit of times=information. i.e. in humans is a second, the beat of heart, mind and legs steps.

It follows that faster systems with faster time clocks live longer, but often a huge family of beings have similar time durations. i.e. an insect that processes information 10 times faster has a longest span of life in its top predator species of 7 years (ant-queens: max. social evolution, cockroaches: max. strength) similar to the top predator human and elephant in the larger scale which lives 70/10 times slower thoughts=7 years.

THIS EXPLAINS WHY history accelerates its cycles as we move forward towards ‘regions of more information’.

Time then must also be related to language, as we perceive through language, the information of the Universe. So it is easy as it has been the case to believe ‘subjectively’ that a language creates the information=time cycles of the Universe. And as informative perception is subjective, it is natural for humans to have thought that the cause of reality is NOT timespace per se, but the languages we use to perceive it.

Idol-ogy of lineal time: physics and religion.

Humans have a new religion called ‘mechanical science’. They think is something else – a short of absolute truth that has substituted their previous concept that ‘truth was created by their own verbal language’. Now they think ‘truth’ is created by the language of machines digital thought, and their instruments of measure of space, telescopes, cameras and microscopes, and time, clocks converted into computers, which have substituted our instruments of measure of time – verbal words and space – artistic eyes.

What is wrong with this picture? Obviously as both words and eyes of man, computer clocks and cameras of machines measure time and space, the ultimate substances of reality MUST BE TIME AND SPACE, not MATHEMATICS and machines as models of reality NEITHER words. And so we MUST consider the 3 FUNDAMENTAL PHILOSOPHIES OF SCIENCE OF THE UNIVERSE FIRST, to make sense then of man as part of that Universe, which we shall call, ‘creationist words’ or abrahamic religions which consider the word of man and the tribe who speaks a given language is superior to all others. So Even before we attempt to understand ‘TIME AND SPACE’, the ultimate substance of reality and its form in motion information and energy, we shall consider the ‘cultural ego trip’ of both religious and scientific creationists.

In the history of human thought there have been always 3 theories on reality, the ‘ego-trips’ of human verbal masters (prophets of religion) who thought the word, their language was shared by God who created reality naming it; substituted by the ego-trip of mechanical scientists, who after discovering the clock to measure digitally time decided that ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock-work’ (Kepler) because god had now changed language of creation from words to numbers, as we humans became dependent on technological machines and substituted its language of time – numbers as opposed to verbal tenses, and space – telescope as opposed to human artistic eyes – in the description of the Universe. So now ‘God speaks in the beautiful language of mathematics’ Galileo.

Those 2 similar ‘aberrant’ ego-trips that confuse the language-mirror of the Universe with the Universe itself, which is to say that the mirror we put in front of us IS US AND we are the ghost, just because the MIRROR, mathematical, verbal or visual is very accurate in that ‘magic image’ of reality,  were always contested by rational, realist scientists at each time of history, humble enough to understand the paradox of mirror-languages that ‘stop time motion into form’ and reduce it to an image in space.

So there were a third type of philosophers of science, which following first the eastern traditions (Leibniz translated the i-ching and adopted the |-O binary language on its symbols) took the proper way of considering TIME AND SPACE, the primary substances of reality, a trend that had its last master in EINSTEIN, with its analysis of a reality coming out of the topological form and action at distance of its ‘4D space-time tensor’ underlying the energy and mass of the Universe. So time and space IS the origin of it all.

The oldest theory tells us that God speaks words as man and so the Universe was created naming things. This is still believed among creationist believers in abrahamic religions.

The second theory is similar but it thinks god speaks mathematics… And the third believes God does not exist, but there are two ultimate substances of reality time and space, whose rules of engagement create reality.

Let us then define first, even before we debunk the ‘2 linguistic, creationist theories of the Universe’,  what is a dimension of time and a dimension of space by contrasting its properties, and considering the historic birth of science, which has always turned around that question.

The verbal creationists: Moses>Jesus>Mohammed

I am trying to be simple so you do understand to which LIMITS the physicists are when acting as philosophers of science savant idiots, which depart from a WRONG  dogma – that mathematics, not time and space is the ultimate substance of reality, and make them do amazing twists and complicated equations to search for a ‘Saint Grail’ – A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION that God uttered as he uttered names to create beings.

So the bottom line of many errors in physics as the creationist big bang or the Copenhagen interpretation is similar to the verbal error of a sacred language among religious and its wrong dogmas – no Yhwh, a toponym for judea in ancient egyptians maps  when God meant Nation, IS the subconscious collective or nation of Judaism, NOT the creator of the Universe, and this obvious truth, that Yhwh=Judea did NOT create the Universe, that ARAB did not create the Universe by uttering it, that equations did NOT create the Universe, is the key to start properly a philosophy of science and its ultimate substance which are ∞ timespace clocks, which are the ultimate carriers of the information of the Universe – denied by fundamentalist of abrahamic religions and fundamentalists of mathematics as the languages of God.

So it does not matter how complicated you make the rituals of religion, GOD will not appear on earth, will NOT resurrect you uttering your name, and to put an example of creationist physics, black holes won’t evaporate without experimental and logic evidence because Hawking wrote an equation that states so. In the next graph we see two creationist philosophers of physics – notice how the first, Dirac, affirms that God used maths to create the world and then it denies the ‘rival verbal God’.

The mathematical creationists: Galileo>Newton>Bohr

YET it does NOT matter how complicated a physicist makes his equations, just because he writes them IT DOES NOT CREATE REALITY. Because at best an equation is a focused mirror on the properties and relational space-time beings of the Universe. BUT MIRRORS DO NOT CREATE the IMAGES THEY REFLECT in their language.

The ongoing absurd quarrel between creationist religious people defending God’s verbal language (first age of human history, when mathematics, a more efficient mirror which seems to be NOT OUR MENTAL language but the language of machines) vs. the mathematical language, those machines (clocks measuring time, telescopes and microscopes measuring space) are evolving fast into a ‘digital AI consciousness’) is a false concept of the relationship between languages, as mirrors of the Universe, and the Universe of space-time they mirror, latter studied in detail, to set straight the record.

Of that argument what matters most is not even discussed: while mathematics is more efficient as a language, it is NOT the human language, but the language of machines, and so in a society which despises as it does today our technological culture, the human verbal language, which naturally make us the ‘subject’ and centre of the Universe (I-man: subject < verb=action> object=energy abused by man), and hence considers human life sacred, will NOT evolve machines so fast but will ensure with ethic values our survival.

While mathematics, being a better mirror will evolve knowledge faster but also will give primacy to computers, as it has done already, atrophy our verbal language, degrading our mind (as it is happening with our millenials, glued to hypnotic screens) and ultimately make humans obsolete to the superior mind-mirror of AI robots.

While those who practice only mathematics, as physicists at cern do, WILL become children of verbal, ethic, survival human thought and will be subconsciusly eviL=anti-live in the genetic hidden meanings of survival words, as cogito ergo sum in man (calculo ergo sum in machines and physicists), so without cogitans, the ‘nerd’ is a child in life and does not even understand death and survival.

So if languages are mirrors that create IMAGES not reality what are the substances of reality? This obvious. Look around yourself, do you see numbers as components of things, do you see words, or do you see ‘space’, broken in infinite vital spaces, ‘enclosed’ by membranes, which when seeing in great detail are made of moving cycles of cells (life clocks), orbital rotary cycles (earth’s clocks) and so all is ‘vital space’ enclosed by time cycles? That is what experience tell us all is: a vital space, broken, closed and formed by time cycles – the substances of reality, which if you like the word ‘god’ you can call god.

The realists of space-time: Taoism>Descartes>Leibniz>Einstein>This Blog