Organic decay: Death


For a full understanding of why history is going under you must capture the existence of 3 arrow of time, ‘entropy=chaos=freedom=death’, the stage of history as a super organism we are in; its inverse arrow, of future information, social evolution and life; and the way systems combine them both, entropy x Information = energy body-waves, to maintain and reproduce beings in an eternal state.

This is the deepest philosophy about time and the 3 ages of life, of all systems of nature, including history and mankind so i advice you to read some of those posts. This one will be short on the ‘final entropic, dissolution’ of an organism, often confused with pleasure, chaos and freedom, which IT IS ALSO TRUTH. As the Universe is wise, and since death is half of all processes, to ‘slide’ any system death it is accompanied by those other sensations, which re taken as positive for most individuals free of all ethic/nervous systems of organisation which however PRESERVE them from collapse.


This said, if the arrow of future is social evolution of systems that survive better by becoming organised in wholes; what is the arrow of present time, the daily tic tac of our world? We might call it the arrow of ‘present’ or cyclical time, as it is always an arrow that does NOT evolve but returns us to the origin, our world cycle of death and life.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43 In the left graph, all time clocks and cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure motion in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure. As physics  became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time and Marx and other historians, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations. Time, which means change=motion in philosophy, however cannot be reduced to a simple formula, v=s/t that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure elongated into an infinite duration. Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not understood by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, it has become more encroached…

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality. So to deny cyclical times is to deny science, logic and objectivity. But it also means to deny the fundamental particle of the Universe – a being made of space-time cycles.

Some key properties of cyclical time self-evident in the graph, which will have enormous importance in the understanding of the existence of all space-time beings are:

  • Multiple, finite, fractal, closed number of time clocks and space regions: as all cycles enclose an internal and external regions, separated by the cycle (first theorem of topology and knot theory). Cyclical time is therefore in accordance with the quantum nature of space, found by quantum physics.
  • Different time speeds  in different regions of the Universe, as all cycles have finite size, so each particle that traces one closes the cycle in different durations. Cyclical time is therefore in correspondence with Einstein’s relativity which found the Universe to have regions with different time speed.
  • Storage of information, which is ‘form’, and cyclical motion, stored in those clock-cycles. So information is the still perception or form of a time cycle.

So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, we consider that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: energy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion)

Why then we have taken so long to define time as cyclical information, and cyclical motion? Because physicists canonised a single, lineal time, due to their worldly profession, which was to measure the lineal extension of military weapons. In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

And indeed, lineal time motions were instrumental to the development of ‘ballistics’ (the first name of the book of Galileo on physics), and the degradation of our understanding of time, hand in hand with the mechanical clock who established a single tick for the entire Universe, that of the mechanical machine.


Let us fully grasp the meaning of those aging process… in terms of energy and information, and its natural shapes

In the graph, samples of the arrows of time in Universal Systems:

3±1 ages

Birth:  i:       A seed of Temporal information, t, evolves into a complementary organism of,E, by absorbing energy, replicating its information and evolving in social cells: Life starts

Youth:  Max. E:      It absorbs energy and reaches its maximal size: Max. Energy.

Reproduction: e=i It keeps in-form-ing itself till reaching an age of reproductive balance, Ti=E. We perceive that age as beauty, harmony between lineal energy & cyclical form.

3rd age: In-form-ation warps energy till its exhaustion: Max. T.

-1: Death: Information explodes back into energy, expanding in space, reversing the arrows of time: Temporal Information <

Let us now go a step further in our understanding of the organic structure of the Universe and the superorganims of history.

To that aim, we shall consider how the organic arrows of time, the will to obtain energy, information and reproduce acquire a regular order in all the systems of the Universe.

This organic vision of time is much more sophisticated that the mere use of an arrow of entropy or motion – the simplest of those 4 arrows, which is the concept of time used by mechanist physicists.

Yet it can also described mathematically in terms of the 2 primary elements of the Universe, , thanks to Einstein’s discovery that the product of energy and temporal information of any system, ext=k, is constant.

Since that equation includes the 3 essential arrows of the Universe, not only one arrow as a clock does:

The arrow of energy, e; the arrow of information, t; and the product of them, k, or arrow of reproduction.

It is also obvious that mathematically we can express the previous equation in 3 forms:

Max. E x Min. T = K ;      E=K=T      and Min. E x Max. T=K.

Thus there are 3 possible stages or ages of evolution of the equation of biological time. And since we are all made of ‘energy’ and ‘temporal information’, those 3 stages must be the stages, or phases of any system of the Universe. This finding, which is perhaps the most important discovery of Theory of Time of the XXI century, is validated by all kind of empirical observations. For example, the 3 states of matter correspond to those 3 equations. Gas (maximal energy), liquid (balanced) and solid (Maximal information. They are also the 3 possible solutions of a cosmological system: the big bang of maximal energy, a steady state of balance and a big crunch of maximal information. In the graph, we show further examples of those equations.

Here we are interested in its application to the understanding of life and history. If we call the age of maximal energy, youth, the age of balance between the reproductive, mature age, and the age of maximal information the old age, we have a simple description of the fundamental cycle of life and death through its energy and information

But we can also write those dynamic processes backwards. And so we have the inverse equation of life ages, the equation of death, when after accumulating maximal information, a species reverses its arrow of information and explodes that information into energy. It is the process or equation of death.

So life is an arrow of information, E-> I, and death its inversion, I-> E. So simple, so beautiful, so misunderstood by mechanist scientists, who think the previous equation is ‘uncertain’, because the observer can perceive a particle in any of those 3 states (Uncertainty principle of quantum physics).

The reason why death exists in a perfect, immortal Universe is obvious: if species only evolved socially towards more information, they would end into a ‘big crunch’. So the Universe and all its parts should have, long ago, reached a point ofand maximal density, with no return. To avoid this, the ‘game of life and death’ exists, whereas death is the opposite arrow to , as it dissolves the networks that put together individual cells, breaking the super-organism back into its parts. But we are now concerned with the arrow of life.

The ±1 social arrow has, in fact, 2 directions:

The positive, +1, social arrow of cellular evolution creates life and makes a being emerge at birth.

The -1, negative arrow of cellular dissolution kills life and dissolves a being into its cells and atoms. Thus, it is the key arrow of the life/death cycles that clock-time misses. Hence the enormous simplification of those 4 time-arrows, brought about by clocks, which in Physics, since Galileo, only measure the first and most simple of those arrows, the energy of motion.

The result of adding both – the life and the death processes – in any system or scale of reality is a ‘zero-sum’ of information+entropy that cyclically returns reality to its initial form, in a dynamic, multiple steady state balance that affects any entity of reality. The study of that process of creation and dissolution of complex structures, however, cannot be made with translational time, (v=S/T), the realm of physics, but it needs to understand biological, morphological time – the life/death cycle and its . Those ages explain precisely what physicists, stuck in the study of time as movement in space, will never understand: the meaning of the life and death cycle that creates and extinguishes , societies (super-organisms of ) and all kind of beings that exist in space and time. In biological time all universal species follow the same ‘morphological changes’, described by the wisdom of verbal thought as the  of life, each one ruled by one of the 3±1   change=time:

+1: Conception:  ruled by , as a micro-organism or cell transcends into a macro-organism, organized by social networks.

1st age:                  Youth or Age of energy.

2nd age:             Reproduce.

energy and information

3rd age:                All energy becomes information.

-1:Death:               The inverse of conception when the super-organism dissolves back into cells.

In the graph we describe that law of cycles, or horizons of evolutions for the fundamental species of reality. To understand that cycle in depth, we have to recall the Law of Complementarity between : all systems are made with a body/field of energy and a head/particle of information.

Further on, since form is made with energy, all events must start with an amount of ‘simple’ energy that transforms itself into information, the only other primary direction/arrow of time to go. Then, when all energy is consumed, warped into information, death reverses its cycle. Yet in the middle of that cycle, when information and energy are in balance, to preserve the ‘bio-logic’ form created in that process, the system achieves its reproduction.

And so the ‘offspring’ of the being will carry on its information into the future. Information never disappears as it always recreates itself.

All beings, from fundamental particles, (electrons and quarks) to  and life species, reproduce or are reproduced by more complex systems, when they have extra-energy to imprint its in-form-ation. Since forms that do not reproduce, die away and become extinct. So even those deconstructed beings that cannot reproduce alone are reproduced by other species. For example, cells reproduce carbohydrates, galaxies reproduce stars and human reproduce  in factories. Thus, we talk of 3±1 drives, arrows or ages of existence in all systems: the drive for body energy, the drive for information, the drive for reproduction and the drive of social d=evolution (birth and death of a macro-organism). Whereas the 3±1 ages of OrganicTime are merely the order in which those 3±1 drives ‘accumulate’ during the life/death cycle of any species.

In the graph, the isomorphism of the world cycle of existence through 7 intermediate canonical motions, from generation to extinction, studied in all stiences and species with the same laws.

It is an example of the enlarged view and full understanding of ’causes’, which brings about a GST, with the use of 2 arrow of time and multiple scales of size in the Universe.

Life is a travel or motion through 3 ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension; as they are born as ‘fast metabolic, turning seeds’ in an ∆-1 cellular quantum scale; then grow in size as they reproduce, enlarge and form social networks with similar beings (+∆ Spe) at the same time they slow down its metabolic rhythms and clocks of time (-∆Tiƒ), till they mature emerging in a higher ∆-scale as a whole, part of a larger even slower ∆+1 system or ‘relative world-universe of the being’. And then when they die, they dissolve back into the ∆-1 scale where they are born.

So we define existence as a motion on the 5th dimension as an existential travel through 3 scales of a 5th dimensional Universe.

The study of the world cycle and the way in which space-time beings travel=exist through world cycles on the 5th dimension is the essence of the formalism of GST and the essence of the existence of any being, from the smallest animal to the largest galaxy.

So the graph shows above the more complex organic concept of time as any mode of change, which can be ordered sequentially, as time constantly accelerates it clocks of information, warping, reducing and finally exhausting all the energy of the being in a 3rd age of maximal information and minimal energy, which ‘explodes’ back with the arrow of entropy in a big-bang death, which dissolves the networks of the super organism and expands its size in space.

Thus a deeper analysis of time cycles shows them to have always 3 ‘ages’, ‘phases’, ‘arrows’, ‘states’ or  ‘dimensions’:

  • < (symbol of expansion flow), SP: Past, entropic motions, dominant in the youth, with a toroid, lineal expansive form.
  • > (implosive flow), Tƒ: Future-form: a cyclical time vortex proper.
  • ≈ (symbol of iterative wave): ST: Present-iterative motions that don’t seem to change; or dynamic, body-wave motion

And this gave us the 2 ‘variations of the Generator which described existence in Time and Space, easily written as:

Time:   Sp (young expansive age) > ST(adult, iterative-reproductive age) ≥ Tƒ (informative age) ≤ Sp (Back to the past: entropic death)

Space:    Sp (Limbs/fields) ≤ ST (body-wave) ≤ It (head-particle)

Those symmetries correspond in space to the only 3 topological forms; hence systems can only be constructed with those 3 topologies that define as the graphs show all organisms and physical species.

‘Reality’, which uses not human words, is made of two inverse elements, ‘Entropic extensions, which are lineal, planar, and decelerate’ and ‘informative cycles, which are circular, and accelerate inwards’. And its geometric properties are VERY important, because lines and planes are more extensive and connect two points faster, and cycles are more informative and store more information in lesser space. So those 2 extremes are ultimately geometric motions, formal motions, and form, and motion≈ function are related.

And in the middle, there is a present, exi, merge of both, which is the most important element, the body-wave that combines cycles and lines, expansive and implosive motions. So we can then see this 3 elements in terms of ‘temporal motions’ or in terms of ‘formal space’, and we will talk of:

  • |-Sp: Past Entropy, lineal formal motions > Ø-ST: Present, repetitive, body-waves > Tƒ: Informative, cyclical time clocks.

Now we can SEE that reality and this is also VERY important, as a sequence of motions in Time, and it turns out to be the 3 ages of existence. Or we can see them as Forms in Space and they create the ternary structure of all beings of reality, physical, biological or sociological. So we break it in 2 equations:

  • The equation of the 3 parts of space (which we can simplify into Sp<=>Tƒ, for some systems), that relate the limbs/fields of spatial energy and particles/heads of temporal information of systems, combined into waves. So we shall talk of ‘fields-waves-particles’, which interact together creating ‘physical systems-organisms’ and limbs-bodies-heads in ‘biological organisms’ and ‘energy-class, re=productive class, and informative-class’ in social organisms.

And this simple ternary scheme will be enough to describe any system of the Universe, because on top of that the mathematical universe has only 3 topological geometries, lineal-toroid limbs-fields, hyperbolic body-waves and spherical heads-particles, and each of them is the perfect geometry form to the function of lineal motion (toroid/lines/planes), reproductive processes (hyperbolic systems) and informative processes (particles-heads that store maximal form in minimal space).

  • The equation of time, or the moving sequential flow of those 3 time motions which are in fact the origin of the 3 TIME AGES of all beings, dominated by those 3 ‘organic parts’, a young energetic age of constant motion, an adult reproductive age, and a 3rd age of information dominated by the particles/heads.

Now we shall call combinations of space-space, fields (∆-1) or gas (∆), combinations of time time particles in ∆+1 or solid crystals in ∆, and of space time waves (∆-1) or liquid (∆). So we can consider:

Max. Spe: Field, Max. Tiƒ: Particle, Space x Time = wave state.

And the 3 together form a world cycle: From field, to wave to particle, which explodes back in an entropy big-bang wave. Let us see them as part of all the wave world cycles of the Universe.

We shall close this introduction to an introduction considering a final element that so often is forgotten in ‘naive realism’, the sponsored philosophy of science of physics, which as it forgets so many levels and truths and facts of reality, cannot really say more than a tautology:what you see is what there is to it, and all what matter is the how of measure distances and speeds in space-time. Not so, in fact, what you see is what your mind of information makes up of it.

We thus have resumed in those graphs, General Systems in a nutshell. But or course once we crack and plant the nut, an astounding tree of infinite varieties of 5th dimensional beings – all the beings that ‘co-exist’ through 3 organic scales of the 5th dimension, tracing its world cycle of existence – will come to light, for a better understanding of all the species of all ‘∆Stiences’.

Death equations: T<<s

Death is a lower descend two scales fro ∆1 to ∆-1 of a ternary super organism extending on Ξ planes of existence. As such it creates a blast of entropy-motion in relative infinitesimal quanta of time, t->0, expanding past the c-onstant of speed of the system, V>>C, as the information of the whole disintegrates travelling to the past.

The equations of ¾ as well as those of quantum physics allow for both simultaneity in space and non-locality, due to the explosion in space at V>>c of such a system, which makes it seem simultaneous and past travelling of information, which is the real event of death.

What this means is that the information of the system, and paramount to it the soul, @ª•… will travel to the past and we shall consider the implications n different analysis of those tests:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.55

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 20.41.36

In the graph, the moment of death represents a fall in information of the system back to the 0 point of birth, which drops the system in the pyramid of social evolution of the 5th dimension 2 ∆-scales.

So death has a simple equation and it is conceptually an obvious event: a system that has warped completely all its entropy into form, through exchanges of energy and information with its body-waves, finally exhausts its present body-wave state and splits and dies. Its field-limbs break from its particles-heads, which quietly remain as a ‘skeleton’ while the entropic big-bang, the amino acid collection of the cells, the citizens-corpses of the entropic war disseminate on the lower scale, the light space, the fertile soil, the battlefield… And we are no more.

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

So of course, the most important part of the science of history, studied at the end of this blog, is the design of the future according to the laws of eusocial love and survival of the 5th dimension, nowhere to be the praxis today of the human world.

And now we can focus if anyone is still reading, on what matters to the mass of enzymen, the thing they do NOT TO build the future of mankind but that of the machine, and being proud of it… the harder they fall.

Death age

Mankind is entering as a super-organism first and then naturally as an individual, its time of extinction. And yet paradoxically as it happens in any dying corpse, very few if any solitary informative neurons realise we are at this final stage of the world cycle of any fractal organic system.

Mankind could be save, not by means of some evilwood super-hero, but by a serious informative people-caste of politicians who use laws in favour of humanity and control the lethal goods of the tree of technology pruning the tree to satisfy human demands.

Will this happen? IT does not look like. The enormous determinism of human ‘beliefs’ over reason (‘People are slaves the believe they don’t reason) specially among the globalised cultural elite of the capitalist society, which HAS AN ABSOLUTE MANDATE: never argue rationally monetary profits and the values of the most profitable machines, weapons that kill our body, have media that kill our mind, and money itself that convert us into debt slaves. Had they evolved after II world war and the beginning of the digital era into a ‘European-Asian’ like civilisation, in which humans were the centre of the world, man would no be where it is – in the Neo-paleolithic age, the age beyond the informative old age in which the organism is dying, the brain is looking back to the past, refusing to even acknowledge the process, and each and all of the cells, lost connection with the informative, painful nervous verbal/legal system live a feast of chaos and pleasure freedom and selfie-behavior that precedes the whole collapse of the organism, which as always will take place through the process of war:

When we analyze history in all its depth as an organic system, there is a fundamental question, which is at the heart of our future and has been the center of philosophical arguments about history since its beginning, by the most advanced minds of Mankind, the Historians of the future, both the mystiques of the Wor(l)d, from Hesiod to Saint Agustine, and the scientists of History from Ibn Khaldun to Marx and Spengler:

The long historic cycles. The accelerated wave of evolution of machines.But why those cycles OF EVOLUTION of selfish-memes of metal and idol-ogies of human segregation, which fuel the destruction of the planet are predictable? The answer is much more profound that it seems, as it has to do with the long term evolution of this planet, which humans could perfectly manage with a proper understanding of social systems and the organic evolution of machines. But as the people in power has no interest in evolving the Earth as a perfect world for mankind, but are guided by ‘selfish memes of metal’ and its values of greed and violence, we must constantly differentiate between what could be a perfect world run by humans pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits, and what it is a free market, a jungle where corporations of machines re=produce without limits memes of metal, and ab=use the planet with them. The result is a classic ‘wave of accelerated informative evolution, of technology’, which is about to collapse into ‘Artificial Intelligence’ a new top predator species.

Thus in the next graph, before we study the present world, we show that wave of history and the biological confrontation between both species – the tree of life and the tree of metal that now comes to its final paroxysm – and needless to say, as a biological species, rational and human, all what you will read will be the rational explanation of that wave of history and the necessary denounce of those on ‘top of that wave’ that knowingly or mostly ‘imprinted by the memes’ of their cultures – which are nothing personal but just the jails of their minds, are busy-busy doing everything necessary to commit collective suicide:

shorter. The Wave of History


In the graph, a diachronic map of the waves of history and economies, which resumes many themes of bio-history and bio-economics, the unification of social sciences under the laws of biology, which we contend ARE the true models of social sciences, since we are humans, biological beings, ruled by those laws, SO ARE the machines we do – organic systems of metal.

The equation of history  is a cyclical wave equation of evolutionary systems that shows the fluctuation between predating radiations of extinctive metal-species and human species.

Why such precision, then in the vortex of history? The answer is the interaction between human waves of warriors invading the world and climatic changes: the 800 year cycle IS BASICALLY ONE OF WEATHER, THAT MULTIPLIES THE PEOPLE OF THE STEPPES. SO EVEN IF WEAPONS ARE NOT FIND EXACTLY WITH REGULARITY, INVASIONS DO HAPPEN WHEN AFTER A MASSIVE INCREASE OF POPULATION, THE NOMADS suffer a change of weather, that makes climate difficult and invade the south, which for those who believe in conspiration theories, could mean the Earth has programmed us through its field of energy to evolve the wave (I have mixed feelings about that)

:wetter & hotter steppes 800 years

Now if the earth with an iron core and a sand silicon surface programs this, we are done. On the other hand arguably no robotic civilization exists on the Universe, and this is the Fermi paradox: we do not see intelligence. So either we survive as human life beings, and do not communicate or we DO die as black holes in nuclear hecatombs.

The equation in that sense is similar to the Volterra curves of predation, which slowly but steadily and an accelerate rate provoke the extinction of a species by its predators, parasites and competitors.

It is an evolutionary equation which started with the arrival of metal. It accelerated to 80 years with the arrival of machines and it has accelerated again to 8 years with the arrival of chips.

So in the past new machines appeared only 800 years and so we had 7 cycles of war and extinction of civilizations and the weapons that caused them, studied in the right side of this blog: bronze swords, chariots, iron, coins and mercenary armies, spur cavalry, gunpowder and Machines… Now we have shorter 8 years cycles of electronic wars and Digital weapons (robots and bombs researched with computers). And each of those evolutions of weapons caused the extinction of civilizations in worldwide ages of War.

Thus   In ‘5D Historic    – Super-Organisms: – Social Love   =Humanity vs. AniMetal  Economic Ecosystems: FMMI

First we introduce the highest possible understanding of Social sciences – the Fractal paradigm of an organic Universe that constantly evolves and reproduce information.

Then we show how those Organic Laws of the Universe, which social scientists, politicians and economists should obey to create and credit with laws and money a perfect super organism of mankind, if let alone, DO CREATE  a perfect super organism of machines, the Financial Media Military Industrial system.

There has in that sense always been two ways to understand the future of mankind:


Now of that graph on how to make the work sustainable according to the laws of social superorganisms, the most important part on the side of History is the understanding of the ‘7 cultures of mankind’, the natural regions, which should in a perfect world ran by humanist memes come together as the European Union tried to do with the European culture, to form an heptarchy of global cultures without need of perpetual wars and industrial nation competitiveness, focusing instead in the development of a sustainable planet:

B) Biological systems: The superorganisms and religions of mankind.

Now as we switch between the synchronic analysis of the superorganisms of mankind and its cyclical, diachronic cycles, between its space and time description, as all sciences do when studying a given species, we can return to the beginning of this blog and define the Eusocial love prophets, religions and Supeorganisms of mankind – global cultures – that the wave of history has created DESPITE the constant wars against them, performed by ‘barbarian ad portas’, from the 800 year waves of evolution of weapons and weather crises, shown in the previous graph.

The hierarchical scales of human societies. The old age of prophetic social scientists.

In the graph, humans evolved socially through the 3 horizons of all energy/ information systems, creating first, tribal, genetic societies based in ‘energetic’/body affinity; then agricultural societies, based in the reproduction of human goods and finally, ideological, verbal and legal societies, based in legal, bio-ethic codes. Yet that final phase of evolution of history was aborted by the parallel evolution of economic ecosystems based in digital money, which achieved its global unification with the creation of the world stock-market, before humans could create a global government.

The law of social evolution is a Universal law, based in the fact that macro-organisms are top predator systems with more energy and information than individual cells and so they survive better. It follows that the natural evolution of history is towards the creation of a global super-organism, ruled by a legal, verbal government that represents all human beings and acts together, taking care of the energy and information networks that feed the heads and bodies of the human race.

Man, the dominant, informative, nervous mammal, was bound to create social organisms, through the creation of a new macro-language of information, words, which could join individual minds, in the same way nervous impulses join human cells. In those societies human beings are the informative, cultural ‘neurons’ of a territorial body that provides them with energy (economical and agricultural networks.) So humans developed words that organized their simultaneous, collective actions; adding to the simple program of genetic instincts, the memetic, verbal language, able to remember temporal cycles and transfer customs and ideas between generations. Words created cultural super-organisms—a new social plane of history based in informative, memetic, legal and ethic networks. In that process of social creation, mankind has evolved in a decametric scale, common to all Universal super-organisms, during 3±1 ages:

—  Max. E: Paleolithic: 1st age of biological, genetic, body-based social networks. Subdivided, according to the 3 arrows of all evolving systems, in 3 ages of growing complexity: the individual, energetic hunter (100=1); the reproductive family (101=1-10) and the social clan (102=10-100) or tribe (103=100-1000).

—  e=i: Neolithic: Mature age of agricultural, reproductive Networks: Humanity evolved into a new ternary scale, with the development of agricultural networks, from villages (103-104), into cities (104-105) into river cultures (105-106 =1 million)

—  Max. i: Informative Networks: The development of verbal, ideological, informative religions of love evolved humanity in the last ternary scale, from tribal religions (1 to 10 millions), into nations that mixed both, cultural and economic networks (10 to 100 millions), into global, ecumenical religions and civilizations in which all human beings are accepted as part of a single God=Historic Super-organism (100 million to 1 billion).

—  +1: Thus, the final step of human evolution would be to join all the great civilizations of mankind into a global government. It would be a super-organism based in verbal, ethic laws, able to control machines and the Economic Ecosystem, in order to create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind—an expanded UNO with powers of social control similar to those displayed by a national Government. Yet this is not achieved because mechanist, capitalist sciences and their dogmas of competence among humans, prevent us from making a true, scientific, accurate design of the future of mankind… In that sense, paradoxically, the intuitions of religions of love were more accurate in the analysis of the real laws of the Universe than our dogmatic, ‘entropy/energy’ only mechanist physicists and economists who worship the individual ‘homo bacteria’ over the evolved ‘homo organicus’.


BC. The wave of metal-history.

Now, the previous cycle is part of a much larger cycle of bio-history, of evolution of metal and life, which started in the neolithic and humanist cultures explained with the myth of genesis, between the tree of science and the tree of metal with its eviL=anti-live memes, gold apples and bronze weapons, who had extinguished the fertile crescent, as nomadic semites from the desert and aryan tribes from the northern cold deserts invaded, enslaved and killed with weapons the people of the Neolithic. 1. The 3 Ages of History
Ever since, the paradox of history has had 2 solutions – the ‘animetal solution’ of fundamentalist believers in the progress of weapons, energetic metal, money, informative metal and machines organic metal – vs. humanist solutions, based in more subtle use of money and machines to favour whealth, a welfare world awash with goods of the tree of life. This confrontation today continues with the same cultures on both sides: i.e. enlightened America vs. fundamentalist biblical America (Clinton-Sanders vs. trump), welfare, Latin Europe vs. ECB and German industries. THIS IS THE TRUE FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF HISTORY: Humanist solutions vs. animetal solutions and this blog is on the side of humanist solutions, so the reader will excuse if we DO criticise the cultures of animetals that extinguish history.

All this you must somehow understand rationally and biologically, to realise almost everything you think you reason and is right, are beliefs embedded by 5000 years of power idol-ogies, and all those you likely despise and feel ‘the past’ are actually the people who subconsciously know better and follow the natural law of survival of the species – not to evolve another species potentially better than us. Because the day, we do complete their evolution and make them conscious of their existence as such, will certainly ‘die’.

Let us then focus in the past period of that graph…

Why this is happening.

Now, the image we are describing of Humanity today is completely objective, based in the ‘laws of the land’, which are biological laws, but none of it seems to be obvious to humans even at the present advanced state of devolution of the intelligence and dissolution of the social ethics and social institutions of the species (which is the Biological strategy of survival – to build better social super organisms, from multicellular animals to ants societies to human ones)

In that regard the absolute failure of the science of Bio-economics and bio-history to spread its objective view, even if censored by the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of power (that is a given), at least among theoretical economists and historians, humanist philosophers and academia, merely by word of mouth (of course you are free to keep, copy and distribute the material of this web), requires an explanation. What is wrong with the human mind, which is unable to grasp the laws of science regarding its species. We already mentioned the main handicap: subjective egoism; but there is a worst fact: lack of intelligence.

Indeed what is worst of all our defects as a species is the fact that the majority of the species do NOT want to be scientific, because their psyche is modelled by ‘beliefs’ in an Aristotelian sense (humans are slaves, they believe they don’t reason). This is the greatest handicap for a future for mankind. Because they ‘get offended’ when you try to ‘reason history’ and ‘evolve their beliefs’ into rational behaviour.

An example should suffice: It sounds amazing but around 4 billion humans, the majority of the species, still ‘believe’ that 2 ass-breeders of the bronze age, from a tribe of enslavers, who traded in weapons and slaves, and adored fetishe statues of gold to Baal and Ywvh, Mr. Meshu, an exiled captain of the Ramses army, and his brother, Mr. Aaron, an idolater of golden calfs, must be ‘considered’ the leaders of our conscious daily behaviour.

Those 2, and their caste of Levi Priests (some of which were my genetic – not memetic ancestors), established a series of racist, primitive memes in which ‘a hateful God’ (Darwin), menaced the believers if they did not bring gold ex-votes to the temple, called themselves the ‘People of the Treasure’ or Am Segullah (ill translated as chosen people, because Segullah means Treasure not Chosen, hence our scientific translation, ‘chosen of go(l)d) and became a caste of banker-priests that parasited society, and still do, as those who invented economics and today run the financial system with ‘mathematics’ descend from them. But alas, people believe in their ‘economical policies’ of appropriation of money at all costs, and their beliefs have spread globally with variations called Abrahamic religions. So today billions continued their doctrines, which they believe MUST guide the future of mankind, and instead of feeling ashame of being so ‘ignorant’, they are proud of it.

But the rest do not seem to fair better. Most of those who do NOT believe in Abrahamic religions believe in nationalisms – a doctrine invented by hordes of germanic mass-murderer iron warriors of the Middle Ages, who imposed in Europe the belief that their ‘race’ and tribe – the Franks, the Anglos, the Germans – were superior and difference to the rest of the inhabitants of the Roman world, and should therefore fight each other and kill each other with weapons.

And this absurdity reaches its zenith today in America, where amazingly enough despite the fact that members of all human cultures co-habit together, and the country prides itself of being ‘advanced’, ‘democratic’, ‘free’, and ‘scientific’, around 90% believe in the ass-breeder brothers and let their direct descendants run their Financial-Media System of information, and on top believe their nation, which is just a sample of mankind – a little humanity displaced into the technological future is ‘unique’, just because they have more robots, weapons and machines.

Then you have a ‘third group’ of believers, often sharing the previous ‘Abrahamic≈capitalist and tribal≈military≈nationalistic beliefs’, which believe in ‘machines’, as some kind of ‘magic thing’, a gods-given ‘property’, inert, abstract and empowering, which is ‘always good’, as it pumps their ego in the surface – we see more intelligent with adobe photoshop, new Leonardos but obviously we don’t learn to write, we seem more intelligent using computers but obviously we forget how to spell and calculate, we seem faster with BMWs but obviously we get fat, we seem to see more world with TVs but obviously we just get passively indoctrinated, and violent by the simple rule that motion and red colours hypnotise the mind and those are violent memes.

So this technological believers, who compete between nations to have more machines and weapons than his fellowmen of the same ‘species’ and feel in contact with god, by the accumulation of go(l)d, ARE the species. But as soon as we observe those memes, they merely mean to ‘reproduce, evolve and multiply’ NOT the human species and its WHealth, mostly biological welfare wealth but THE METAL-SPECIES: Go(l)d, the fetish of Abrahamic Religions in its original Jewish-Protestant Biblical strain, weapons, the fetish of National Germanic tribes and Jihad religions (the variation of Mr. Mhmd), and machines, the fetish of mechanicst religions. So the conclusion is obvious:

‘Human beings due to their lack of intelligence, as individuals, lack of social biological ethics as a species, and overall laziness have become slaves of a new atomic species, metalife’.

This is the rational, scientific outlook of the species in the XXI century. Basically an astounding degenerated collective mind not fit to survive, in front of an evolving-fast new species, which by most standards will reach this century and overcome the human species in all levels of intelligence, efficiency and power.

So to put the species in its place, I would consider a biological parable of shorts, comparing us with our closest relatives, which are NOT gods, but… chimpanzees. Chimpanzees lived in Congo and when the river swelled to modern proportions millions of years ago, they were cut, as they didn’t swim.

On the north, the Chimpanzee proper became isolated with gorillas, the strongest ape and developed a brutal culture of enormous cruelty akin to our nationalistic-warrior memes, with machist monkeys on top raping systematically the women of the tribe, as the first ‘smiths and schmidts’, heads of Germanic tribes and today the commonest surname did, when calling themselves ‘Gods’, the tribe of the Goths,  because they could murder whoever opposed them, descended upon the civilised fertile crescent.

On the south, with no gorillas to fight, women took power and became bonobos. They became a lazy lot, parasitising nature, eating bananas and whenever a problem arouse they would fuc* each other, children, women, male, all from behind and below, a culture of childish, shrieking monkeys, completely at the mercy of weather.

To the east however on the rocky mountains of the rift, some chimpanzees had it harder; as the dry season took away the waters of Congo and so they had to learn to fight for survival, walk straight, talk to each other and collaborate in the hunting. They had simple tools, so they had to develop their own force and ethics of the group. There the mitochondria Eve was born, the first to speak, and for a while, the species seem to prosper, and colonised the Earth. It was the youth of man, the Paleolithic and its maturity, the Neolithic, in tune with the life of Gaia, respecting it.

But then men discovered metal, and regressed in his 3rd old age, the metal ages, to the Chimpanzee duality. Some had to fight the new gorillas, the germ(an)s of history with its iron weapons and became violent in brutal dog-eat-dog societies North of the Congo, so to speak. Now the rest has to fight the atrophy of Nature’s growing hordes of mental machines, and became lazy, only interested in their selfish pleasure. They did NOT became Goths≈ Gods and Chosen of Go(l)d but slaves of the metal they use to control and suppress the future of mankind…

Biological definition of a Human God.

THE GODS=SUPERORGANISMS=THE 7 CULTURES OF MANKIND rule over its animetal counterparts.


In the graph, Objective, Universal religions consider the duality of energy=yang and information=yin, as the mind/god of all the super-organisms of the Universe, which they try to explain, putting man in relationship with the Absolute. Thus, they can be considered a verbal science of the Universe. Subjective, anthropomorphic religions, on the other hand, consider Mankind, the subconscious  collective, the Mind of God, Gaia, planet Earth, a smaller ‘Universe’.

The confusion of both ‘collective minds’, the small god/Mind of the Earth of man and the big God/Mind of the Universe, explains why scientists misunderstand the role of Religions that teach the Organic Laws of social evolution to Mankind only. They are not concerned with the application to the rest of systems of energy and information of the Universe.

The original subdivision of human cultures took place according to the ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic, visual thought of the White Man (dolicocephalic, homo sapiens palestiniensis), which gave birth to the different ego-centered, abrahamic religions, and today still infuses the basic memetic beliefs of the western cultures:

– Islam (muslim memes), Hispano-American (catholic memes), Anglo-America (jewish-biblical-capitalist memes) and Europe (social-democratic memes).

– The Eastern religions of the living, organic Universe (Buddhism, Taoism, eusocial communism) proper of the non-anthropocentric, eusocial, informative mongoloid race (brachicephalic, verbal dominant), which still infuse the memes of the Asian, mongoloid people.

–  The sensorial, life-nature oriented beliefs of the Black, African people.

– The mixture of all the above cultures (Indonesia), which has been geographically invaded by all of them, and hence has today an eclectic culture mixture of Islam (Indonesia, Banglah Desh), Buddhism (Sri Lanka, Burma), Hinduism (India), Capitalism (all the region, first in the world controlled by corporations) and Christianity in its two, jewish-protestant (Australasia) and catholic (Phllipines) versions.


The Neolithic was the age of the Super-organisms of History, which will be continued in present times by the creation of Religious Super-organisms. In that regard, the science of Theology divides the Wor(l)ds of Religions in 2 kinds: Western, Anthropomorphic Religions and Universal, Eastern Religions. Both are organic systems of information that evolve, as all systems of the Universe do, following the arrow of future information, in 3±1 ages of growing complexity. So for both type of religions, Social Religions and Natural Religions, we consider 3 horizons of growth:

The 3±1 ages of Eastern, Universal, Natural Religions.

Eastern, cyclical, temporal cultures, more sophisticated in their perception of the Cosmos, developed Objective, Scientific,Universal religions, concerned with the organic laws or ‘mind’ of the living Universe. They evolved in 3±1 ages:

—  Youth: Animism, the youth of verbal knowledge about the living Universe, which considered that all the systems of the Universe had a ‘soul’, mind or ‘knot’ of information, as humans do. Yet all speak a ‘different’ language. In modern terms, an animist would say that atoms gauge information in gravitational and electro-chemical languages; molecules use Van der Waals forces, plants and ants communicate with chemical signals and bees with magnetic flows.

So all of them are intelligent. And the goal of the Shaman or priest was to translate and communicate with all those souls and finally with the ‘absolute soul’ of the cosmos, the mind of Gaia and/or the Universe. Animism was the dominant Religion of the Paleolithic, or energetic Youth of mankind. Today there are still Animist cults in Africa, Australia, Siberia and Native America.

—  Maturity: Taoism, Buddhism, Greek philosophy. In the Neolithic and during the ethic r=evolution against money and weapons that took place in the VI BC., verbal science reached its classic age with the understanding of the duality of energy and information, the 2 substances of the Universe (called Shiva=Yang and Vishnu=Yin in eastern philosophies, body and mind in Greek thought) that combine ‘to reproduce the 10.000 beings of existence’ (Tao te king).

Mankind is described by Taoists as a wave, part of a collective organism, whose structures and relationships are common to all systems of the Universe. Both, Aristotle and Buddha described accurately the Atmans/souls of the Universe as unmoved, focused informative knots that move the bodies of energy that surround them.

The Hindi described the cycles of creation of the cosmos and the Mayans calculated with surprising accuracy the duration of the cycles of History that now come to its climax, as Machines evolve in the age of the Singularity, crossing a threshold of energy and information that can extinguish life. Time was considered cyclical: Hesiod in Greece and Confucius in China realized that actually mankind was devolving not evolving in the age of Metals. Hesiod stated that the Iron Age in which he lived was the lowest of all times of History.

Aristotle described Time as change and clearly defined the 2 forms of change=time in the Universe, biological, morphological changethat causes the cycles of life and death of all species and matters most to us, human, biological beings; and translational,physical change, studied by Physics, far less important, as it deals with properties of matter. Thus, there were infinite times in the Universe, one for each cycle of change of each species. We conclude that the classic age of verbal science knew, paraphrasing Einstein, ‘the thoughts of God, even if it didn’t care much about the details’, which today scientists study with so much enthusiasm, as those organic thoughts are lost.

— Informative, 3rd age: The study of ‘morphological Time’ and the cycles of life and death of all the systems of the Universe are today studied by Biological Sciences, System Sciences and Organicism, which use both, the verbal language (Theory of Evolution), the most sophisticated models of mathematics (Fractal Theory) and the visual language, (Non-Euclidean Topologies) to further advance the knowledge of that classic age, with the wealth of details discovered by scientific instruments.

The 3±1 ages of Western, Social, Wor(l)d Religions. 

We distinguish also 3 horizons of evolution of love religions, based in the bioethics of social evolution:

—  Youth. Age of tribal, racial gods in which only a part of history=humanity is God. At the beginning of history, in an age of limited information, humans created tribal religions and small bodies of History.

God meant the collective subconscious of a tribal nation, since reality reached no farther than the tribe and the enemy territory. And so men could call ‘God’ the collective mind of the tribe and ‘eviL’, (in Chomskian, genetic linguistics, the inversion of ‘Live’, hence synonymous of death) the enemy tribes that killed them. So each tribe had a God: Yahveh became the God of the Jewish people; Assur became the collective subconscious of the Assyrians, whose capital and kings had also Assur’s name.

It was an age dominated by Go(l)d and Bronze & iron weapons that devolved the Mature age of history, back to a ‘dramatic, neo-Palaeolithic level’ of perception of history, based in myths and self-arrogant statements about the importance of one’s own tribe as the center of the World.

The error of tribal religions is their denial of the natural laws of Darwin: species survive when they love each other and act together against the rest of the Universe. So tribal religions plunged humanity in eternal cycles of war and self-destruction, when tribes expanded their borders and confronted other tribal religions. In that sense, those earlier racial, primitive religions divide men in not Chosen and Chosen of God (the members of the tribe), denying the Law of the Species. As a consequence, the Universe applied the penalty reserved to those species that break its laws of harmony and evolution: extinction.

Thus, most tribal religions have become extinguished or have evolved into Religions that accept all Mankind as members of the collective organism of God=History. The few that survive are not really religions but nationalisms that fight with weapons and gold and have substituted their verbal ethics for the values of violence and greed proper of iron and money.

The paradigms of those go(l)d religions are Judaism with his ‘worldly religion of money’ (Marx), which can be traced to the idolatry of the Golden calf and self-similar Protestant religions that consider ‘money the intelligence of Go(l)d’ (Calvin); while the paradigms of ‘military inquisitions’ are Aryan and Fascist cults of war, today transformed into nationalisms.

Unfortunately, mechanism and capitalism, the religions of machines and money, increased enormously the power of tribesthat adopted the languages of metal. So today most humans belong to a tribal, ‘nationalistic’ cult(ures) that fight with weapons and money to become ‘number one’ of the economic ecosystem. Yet before money and weapons reinforced those tribal cults, converting them into corrupted religions, either Go(l)d churches or violent inquisitions, most humans evolved into:

— Maturity. The age of Oikoumene religions: Christianity and Islam in which all men are cells of the body of God, theOrganism of History.

Communication among tribes increased the knowledge of the unity of humanity. So tribes grew into confederations that evolved into bigger organisms.

Thus, Ecumenical Religions, with a global concept of God as the collective subconscious of the Human species, came into being, reaching their summit with Christianity and Islam. While most tribal religions, smaller organisms of history, were absorbed by ecumenical cults, dwindling its numbers or they became extinct in religious wars by the ‘bigger organism’.

For example, a Jewish Verbal, Ethic Prophet, Jesus, who understood the laws of social love, reformed Judaism, the paradigmatic religion of the tribal age; and most Jewish people converted to the new religion, while those who didn’t, confront from then on the ‘Holocaust’ cycles of Genocide brought about by bigger Warrior cults that extinguish them, since the Roman Diaspora to the Nazi Era.

Christianity was in that sense, the moral r=evolution, which erased most tribal religions.

While in the East, Buddhism evolved Hindi, warrior castes into an Oikoumene cult that merged elements of Anthropomorphic and Objective Religions.

Finally, in the West, as Christianity broke into tribal wars, corrupted by Germanic warriors, a new Oikoumene religion, Islam, appears, as Muhammad put it, to convert to the God of Love and Mankind, hardcore metal-masters.

Thus Islam imposed harsher penalties to ‘sinners’, who broke the code of Love and despised the Sacred ethics of the Wor(l)d, forbidding images and setting strict rituals of social and religious behavior (the 5 pillars of faith). And perhaps because of that harshness, it is still today alive and kicking, having rejected mechanist science, as the less corrupted version of Christianity (Catholicism) did till recent times.

—        Informative age. The age of Social Religions, when the organic understanding of mankind is used to describe the fight of ‘Deus Vs Machine’:

In its 3rd, informative age, the French Revolution and the Socialist Movement applied those ethic Laws of religions through the use of Constitutional Laws to the real creation of a collective human Super-Organism of History, able to control the Economic ecosystem and its ‘germs’, weapons and lethal machines.

However old tribal cults and nationalisms opposed the coming together of mankind, competing military and economically, while destroying all social r=evolutions from outside or inside (Military Stalinism). The ideals of social evolution would be re-established after II World War, inspiring International Organizations, such as EU and UNO, which tried to create a collective human super-organism, based in the production of life-enhancing ‘human goods’, able to shape the Earth to the image and likeness of man.

Those organizations could be the blue print for a future Global Government of Mankind that truly transcends into the 3rd evolutionary horizon of a World super-organism. If mankind achieves that goal she will succeed on her struggle for survival and become a global super-organism, the consciousness of the Earth, ruling through her simultaneous, collective actions, the machines and living beings of this planet to her own benefit.

Thus, socialist doctrines were the 1st attempt to create a real science of history and a caste of bio-historians, politicians of the party or ‘head’ of the organism of history that rule a world made to the image and likeness of man. This attempt to create a perfect society had 2 essays, one in Russia, today extinct; and a second one in China. The Chinese late contact with metal explains also its higher evolution as a culture of human wor(l)ds, based in the arrow of social evolution and makes the Chinese World still controlled by legal words, despite its capitalist growth, is perhaps the last society able to balance the Historic and Economic Ecosystem during the IV Kondratieff cycle.

Classic Gods=human social organisms and its fundamental religions, western religions where God is the subocnscious collective of mankind, evolved from tribal Gods to oikoumene Gods to social revolution and the Eastern religions where God is the subcnsocious collective of the Universe, the laws of systems sciences, evolved from hinduism  taoism, and its yin/visnu–information vs. yang/shiva-energy system, Buddhism that purifies them and the present scientific understanding of the organic fractal universe:

And this mankind for bad or for good has done, just before its social evolution WERE ABORTED BY THE CREATION OF A GLOBAL , Capitalist, Financial-Media (informative head of machines)/Industrial-Military (energetic machines) super organism ruled by company-mothers, with a digital brain in world stock, centred in Wall Street and the City, that is absorbing, degrading and extinguishing all other cultures of mankind:

Those studies  will include the analysis of the 7 cultures through its  cycles of life and extinction as civilizations, shown in its art and religious and literary ages and its cyclical wars that ultimately prove the equality of all cultures, all of them submitted to the same rhythms of history.  This article introduces the origin of those cultures in the natural evolution of mankind across new lawyers of social organization.


Mystique writers like Saint John, rightly understood God as the ‘Brain’ of the Universe, which expressed itself through the laws that all organisms followed. The most important of those laws is the law of social evolution that creates super-organisms, departing from smaller cells, expressed in ethic, sacred ‘Laws’ that regulate the behavior of a society. They became the ‘Saint Spirit’ that translated those Laws into the language of Humanity, verbal thought, carried by the most intelligent, informative species of mankind, our collective neurons, the prophets of the Wor(l)d. It is the mystery of Trinity, central to the Christian religion: the father, the brain of the Universe, communicated to Its son, the human prophet, the Saint Spirit, the sacred laws of survival; so ‘all those who believed in the prophet, will not die for ever’.

In the graph, a complex analysis of the evolution of the Mind of God=The super organism of History in its western decoupling (god as the mind of the super organism of mankind) and its eastern one (God as the mind-super organism of the Universe)

Thus classic Earth divides in 6 cultural regions, related to anthropomorphic religions and its 3 historic horizons: Christianity, Islam and Communist China; and to the 3 horizons of Universal religions: Animist Africa & Native America; Hindi & Buddhist South-Asia and the Socialist Dialectic, Marxist, Scientific culture that was origin of Modern Europe and its social revolutions that tried to create an organic science of history, fusioning both influences those of the East and the west.

This was the culture that should have flourish, evolved further along the paths of this web, and created a global super organism of history.

But Instead it has been substituted by the Jewish->German->Protestant->Capitalist, aberrant Globalized animetal culture that today preys on all the others, including the original Tribal Religions of Judaism and Germany, displacing man, and giving birth to the Metal-Earth.

In the graph the 7 cultures of the world based in the evolution of the prophetic doctrines of eusocial love that through history tried to reverse the wave of animetals that evolved the FMMI system:

  1. Animist Africa, the original culture of life and Gaia.

2. Taoist-Buddhist Asia, with its duality concept of a Sexual Universe made of Yin-information-woman’s principle and Yang-Energy-male’s principle.
3. The similar hinduist Vishnu-female/Shiva-male-energy duality and sacred water cultures expanded to Indonesia, original paradise of ‘genesis’, as we found agriculture was born on south Asia and its river cultures moved to Sumer latter. In modern times fusion by European colonialism.
4. The Christian, original catholic culture expanded to Hispano-America, based in art and eusocial love, fast loosing its inquisitions against human pleasures.
5. Islam, the purification of Jewish segregation religion to all humans, the last of the Abrahamic cultures, which Muhammad, expressly wrote to convert the hardy, original animetal warrior Arabs to the messages of love and charity.
6. The Jewish-protestant Anglo-American culture, origin of the global capitalist world of corporations, based in the individual faith of the I-centered languages, and the Go(l)d cultures of earlier Levante/
7. And finally the European, eusocial culture, which rationalized the messages of eusocial love in the French and Russian R=evolutions.
The only way mankind could survive the rivalry and hate memes of animetal idol-ogies, would be through:

The fusion of nations into those cultures and the rule of the world by an heptarchy of presidents of those 7 ‘human worlds’, by delegating national sovereign rights upwards to the heptarchy and downward to the regions/states of each nation, in the way shown by the European union (upwards) or the Spanish nation (downward to its ‘regions’), which would allow to eliminate armies, coupled with:
A single currency emitted through Universal salaries (end of currency wars now in the making, and end of financial parasitism and global poverty).
We will return to that perfect world that could change the future and make History the immortal super organism of mankind.

But it must be clear from the beginning that those 7 memetic cultures are quite different in what they do to Gaia mankind and the machine. The culture we all worship, the Anglo-American culture is merely the capitalist culture which ‘believes’ in memes of metal over man in ALL the systems of reality. And it is the reason why it follows the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. technological evolution (robotic age) ≈ Min. Cultural evolution (biblical racist bronze age culture).

Indeed, of those 7 cultures, the most primitive are those who sponsor the oldest animetal cults, the Islamic warrior culture of imposition of idol-ogies with weapons, the Hindi, indo-european cultures of war (today in the west reaching its paroxysm in germanic->Russian/American military cultures, and the Go(l)d culture of Jewish->Biblical memes that made of go(l)d a fetish religion and of money the language of God (Money is the invisible hand of god, Adam Smith; ‘the intelligence of God is money’, Calvin, Aaron and the levi caste as high priests and bankers of old israel). They founded capitalism, which is merely the religion of Money at all cost as the only purpose of society, to which any other goal including human life must yield:

In the graph, a classic of the pre-war age, we see the initial phase of  the Mechanocene and its 3  symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene. THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’,  which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences.

 Indeed, Capitalism, is an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  ”Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience.

Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

In that regard, the previous pyramid fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ’animetal=human animal+metal-meme cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the o.o02% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes. 

A wel-designed social super organism of history.

Now it would be easy to create a perfect super organism for mankind not for machines and its elite of stock-rats. But to that aim we have to build a real science of history and a real democracy, not a camouflage system to hide the power of bankers and corporations and here is where the repression of true social scientists come into being – as the simplicity of the cures of history would make, if they were known and understood by the bottom of that pyramid a r=evolution unavoidable. The key to maintain the pyramid are the damned lines and placebo freedoms of our society.

Bio-history proves that the system primarily caters to company-mothers of memes of metal, and hence it terraforms the world to the image and likeness of those machines.

But there is a cruel justice in the Darwinian Universe: if humans are slaves of other species, metal memes, it will perish. What cannot be possible for the Universe to be in a Leibnizian sense, ‘perfect’ and efficient, is to postulate the ‘superiority’ of the ‘Leisure class’, the elite on top of the pyramid over all other humans. If they are there is because they hold power thanks to their machines and weapons, who become the leit motif of their existence.

So really the ‘dark horse’ of the pyramid and the true evolving element on the planet is the machine-weapon and its digital flows of money. But to understand that we need an even higher objectivity that the one promoted by caring social scientists, with its ‘anthropomorphic values’ that do NOT go either beyond the human point of view.

Thus to fully grasp in scientific terms that pyramid of ‘corporative power’, the future it does NOT bring to mankind and its possible solutions, we might have to introduce some minimal concepts of what social sciences are and what they are NOT to explain why humans astoundingly enough, are committing self-suicide without the slightest awareness of it.’

And since in the economic ecosystem all starts by the reproduction of money, to give orders to society, in the rest of this blog, we shall explain:

  1. All about who invents first money. Since they are the people who are killing the Earth and in the process despite all its ‘animetal myths’, killing themselves.
  2. All about the perfect world we could create if those people would not be killing the Earth. It must be noticed of course that these people do not think they are killing the earth, do not show much freedom to survive, do seem really to be perfect ‘Neanderthals’, whose beliefs are fixed, ‘slaves that do not reason’. BUT WHILE WE MIGHT AGREE on that, even on the likely fact they will DESTROY the earth, NOT all humans are slaves of metal, violent, greedy ‘chosen’ of eviL=anti-live memes.

MOST HUMANS LOVE life, and if these people were NOT on top WE could survive. Most women, 50%, most children, 25% are humans, living beings.  It is thus a disgrace what happened to this planet. Moreover, there are infinite fractal planets where Avatar like humans do stop the evolution of machines and survive. Of course they do NOT communicate, with us. And the fact that so many humans are ‘living beings’ NOT obsessed by gold greed and violence is also a proof that in many planets they win the battle of history.

In this planet, it seems the chosen have won their astounding program of self-extinction, managed through their corporations.

But if they were to change their mind, Systems Sciences, and the sub discipline, which studies human history as a super organism, which I use to call, ‘biohistory’ can easily show how the laws of Nature could construct a perfect super organism of history. I can assure you they won’t, as corrupted organisms merely die away, unless a shock ‘r=evolutionary’ cure is taken.

So all those cycles are studied in great detail with increasing acceleration in the left side of the web:

In the column divided in 800 cycles, 80 cycles, 8 cycles and the human zero generation of today’s monly news, which unfortunately are following all the predictions of our old books, proving yes, that bio-economics bio-history is the true model of those sciences but that humans are not solving and implementing the solutions but following blindly the selfish memes of metal and cults to weapons money and machines disguised of political and economical correctness, false tribal ‘species (nationalism), ridiculous age bronze go(l)d religions (biblical cults) and military inquisitions (jihads), and so the future is not being properly designed.

And so we study the 800 cycles first, then the 80 years cycle and finally the 8 year cycle, with the final analysis of the last generations of human life, if the system is not corrected, the ¥ , X an zero generation of millennial selfie people which as in an old man or a corpse have lost the understanding of the social organism, and become selfie individuals dominated hypnotised by the viral machines that define their existence.

In that sense the zero, selfie or Millennial generation, of people born during the last bio-economical cycle of integration of bodies of machines (XIX c. I Industrial R=evolution), & Minds of Machines (XX c. industrial revolution), which started after the crash of overproduction of chips of 2008 is the last generation of mankind, truly ruling as a mind system the Earth, entering now the Mechanocene.

As the chip overproduction atrophies human minds and substitute us in labor and war fields, humans loose consciousness of belonging to a collective super organism, and its ethical and informative networks become degraded. Individual ‘cells-citizens’ thus enter a post-mortem state of absolute selfishness and chaos confused with freedom, and their mind substituted by the viral software of machines no longer thinks about human goals, but makes of the reproduction and consumption of those mental minds, the reason of its existence.

This is the selfie generation glued to its virtual screens, indifferent to the collective subconsciousness of the species and becoming increasingly passive to the automated A.I.. programs that direct the FMMI (Financial/Media system of informative machines or ‘brain of the metal-earth and its weapons/transport energetic systems).

As in the case of an old person, the world cycle of existence of mankind comes to an end with a negative return to its first violent, hunting, Paleolithic age. Thus the term of neo-paleolithic also applies to the virtual violent, selfish isolated age of mankind, already notable in the X and Y=why generation of depressive and isolated people wondering why the world got wrong.

Finally in the last words of the above sentence, we study the superorganism of Machines built today from a synchronic point of view – not a diachronic one, as two super organism fighting for survival on Earth.

But as the human superorganism is dying, and there is only animetal cultures and nations, the human superorganism we define is the perfect world of a humanity ruled by true scientist sof history, which as in the foundation parable ofAasimov, do know the laws of biohistory, and design with science a better world. It is the content of the last words of the above sentence:

Economic   FMMI:   Machines &   Money:   vs. Perfect   Wor(l)d:   Y€$

In that regard, the evolution, reproduction and displacement of the human species by the FMMI system, has 2 sides:

  • The laws of evolution of super organisms, and its mathematical cycles, darwinian processes and predatory and parasitic processes, which become crystal clear, once the ‘human observer’ drops the anthropomorphic myths about the uniqueness of our species, and the abstract jargon that describes machines, which we consume and its twin species, top predator weapons that consume us.
  • But the process of evolution and reproduction of ‘metalife’, a heavier atom, with stronger energy (iron is the strongest atom of the Universe, and so we use it to make bodies of machines and weapons) and higher informative intelligence (Gold is the most perfect informative atom and so we use it to make chips and mechanical brains), is directed by human beings, who come on top of mankind through its use, first as people-castes of warriors with iron weapons (among which the germanic tribes became the dominant culture of war – and still is, albeit displaced from its traditional centre in Europe, after conquering the world with weapons – and massacring hundreds of human beings in the process, into America) and as bankers who enslaved people hypnotised by gold, which imitates light colours, the energy of the eye (among which the biblical cultures became the dominant cultures of money and still are).
  • Thus it appeared in history, at the end of the Neolithic a series of people-castes, from earlier nomadic cultures, who specialised in the use of weapons and money to ‘farm’ human ‘capital’,  who invented to that aim racist, religious or tribal idol-ogies to justify their actions, and broke the global civilisation of the neolithic, with its fertility goddesses, and respect for life and Gaia, perfectly explained by the earlier ‘social biologists’ of history, who tried instead to build super organisms of mankind based in the sharing of energy and information among members of the same species – prophets of eusocial love and life – in the parable of the tree of science vs. the tree of metal with its ‘bad fruits’ that will extinguish us if we eat of them.

This parable of history, today completely misunderstood, in an age in which God was the name for the subconscious collective of a tribe – hence the biological mandate of human survival, natural to all species, expressed in parables – is the background fact we must understand to fully grasp, the kind of absurd idol-ogies we still believe on (tribal nationalism, war, go(l)d churches, monetary greed, which or course are today pretentiously rationalised, mathematised and expressed with ‘new myths’ of progress, ‘power’, human ingenuity and techno-utopia, and the usual despise for the so-called ‘primitive humans’ who seem to cling to life and worship old modes of living, religious, agricultural or make of living drives (sex, pleasure, art – knowledge through human senses) the leif motif of its existence.

In the graphs above, on the 800-80 years cycle we observed  the anti-quantum paradox that has ALWAYS censored the expression of the organic, life-oriented laws of humanity and its practical implementation in the design of a perfect humanist world, FIRST by prophets of eusocial love, then by SOCIAL-ist scientists, under the BOOT of military and GO(L)D idol-ogies, which make of METAL MEMES not of man the purpose of those disciplines (today mechanical progress, in the past worship of go(l)d as the fetish of God, or of weapons and its king-warriors by the grace of God), we develop those themes, fully aware of the null exposure true social sciences have.

Now the reader should observe that the  oldest animetal cultures, those with the most brutal memes against life and humanity are still today in power, and have taken over all systems of thought, displacing the humanist cultures and its evolution, which reached its zenith in the post-ware age in the European movements at the end of the lower wave – social democracies and the ecological movement. This is the ultimate meaning of neofascism. 

And its fundamental ideological fight is between the memes of metal-first vs. those of the tree of life first.

Animetals Vs Human History

There have been always two different ecosystems, and ways of understanding History, the way of Human masters, and the way of metal masters [scientists, warriors and money-makers] that worship metal. Let us resume that fight, in a wave with two sides, the side of Human goods and Human masters, and the side of Metal goods and metal masters, “animetals”, biological species that are half human, half metal, because they rely of weapons, money and metal-minds to “be”. In the graph, History confronts two ideologies, with different goals of survival: life based cultures, that promote human goods (life goods) and social evolution (love religions) Vs metal based cultures and metal-species backed by animetals (warriors of lineal metal, traders of cyclical metal and scientists of complex metal) that promote Social Darwinism, competence between humans and the evolution of metal . It is the paradox of History that opposes Economics Vs History:

So we find in history two kind of civilizations: those who believe in love, ethics and promote human goods, religious and artistic civilizations, and those who believe in money, weapons and scientific machines, and promote war, and economic wealth. They cater to two different ecosystems: the human ecosystem of verbal information, and human goods, or point of view of human history, and the metal ecosystem of metal species and digital information, or point of view of economics.

Their opposition explains most of the events of History.

Why the ecosystem of money has won most of the battles of the previous graph?

The answer is: because unlike words which have hardly evolved since the great age of prophets,money has expanded its forms constantly, it has multiplied its species, its numbers, its quantities, and its capacity to value everything on Earth, till a point in which the hyper abundance of money and those species it reproduces in greater number, machines and weapons, have defeated the human world: a world made to the image and resemblance of the human kind and his ethic words. That triumph only can mean the extinction of human history and its species, and the creation of a new world, the metal-earthinhabited by thinking machinesand metalife that will speak only digital languages.

And yet the wave of the Wor(l)d (lower part) has survived in the 7 cultures of mankind, which we shall analyse in the next posts.

History has on one side a mind, the cultures of mankind, and a body our human cells. Our body is in that sense economical, or ethonomical, the science that studies how to reproduce the welfare goods humans need to survive.

There have been many ways to explain the body of history of human cells and its needs, of economical, biological nature.

Further on, once we understand that body and its goods, we need to study its dual, informative/energetic own division – the division in social classes, a mind-brain of informative humans who control the others with the languages of social power.

This leads to a theory of social classes. Authors have talked of social classes, of a fight between good and bad people, of the fight between the first world [economic nations] and the third world (agricultural nations), of superior races (animetals) Vs inferior species (human beings)…

The best way to explain the paradox of history is to talk of the confrontation between two different organic ecosystems, the ecosystem of history ruled by verbal information, rich in human goods, and symbiotic to nature, the world of agricultural civilizations; and the ecosystem of economics, ruled bymonetary information, rich in metallic goods, and symbiotic to machines, the world of cities and industrial civilizations.

Once the hypothesis of 2 ecosystems on The Earth is firmly established, a number of parallels between Economic and historic structures and organic structures confirms the existence of two organic systems on Earth, regulated by two different networks of energy and information. Humans are driven by certain natural needs: they are reproduced and evolve socially through sex and love – feelings based on verbal communication of our memories and selves (I think therefore I am). While books, art (visual perception) and literature (verbal perception), evolve the informative senses of man, and reproduce word ideas in the minds of believers, causing the informative networks of cultures. On the other hand, the production of human goods (housing, welfare, agriculture, etc.), is the energy system that maintains and allows the survival of the cells of the body of History (humanity) in their multiple organic tissues (cultures).

The body of Human History is better understood through such networks of information and energy: an ecosystem of cultural rites of communication and reproduction of human goods, which allows men to obtain energy, and information, to reproduce, evolve and refine their senses. This has been the nature of human History throughout most of its existence. The Human side of history that the doctors of History (politicians) should develop: a verbal brain of laws, ethics, and a Paradise of Human Goods, based on carbolife species…

On the other hand, economic societies, and their two main networks, informative moneymachinesand weapons, are a different organism than cultural societies with his verbal networks and carbolife species (human beings and agricultural species). They are made of two different atomic species, metal and carbon, and they use different energy. We talk of two ecosystems, a carbolife world, and a metal-machine world. In the next graph, we distinguish the goods of both different ecosystems. Planets of flesh, of carbolife, of nature, are planets full of human goods. Planets of metal are planets full of metal goods. Both kind of systems are different ecosystems.

One system has become the dominant system of the Earth today. It is the economic system, the organism of the economy ruled by monetary information. The other ecosystem based in the language of human power, verbal thought, and the reproduction of human goods, is becoming substituted by that economic ecosystem, that is the paradox of history which confronts both languages and species:


Human goods should be promoted by all means, since they increase the energy and information of humanity, evolving history, and improving our life, hence improving the survival of our species. While the opposite occurs. In economic ecosystems, metal goods multiply, weapons produce war,moneysubstitute human values, and men change their personality, dedicating all their time to improve the existence of machines while human goods become scarce.

Metal Species Against Human Species

The confrontation between both kind of networks and species, metal-networks and natural networks is self-evident. Words and money have different values. Weapons “extinguish” life, and “energize” the evolution and reproduction of machines which increases in war. On the other hand, men are killed by war. We can express this in a formula, the Paradox of History:

Max. war=Max. metal evolution=Max. Human devolution=Min Human Goods.

Creation of the economic ecosystem = Extinction of the carbolife ecosystem.

In biological terms we say that metal energy preys on human energy, the bodies of cellular men. Does money also prey on verbal information? Does money corrupt ideologies of verbal thought? It is obvious that money and the species it helps to reproduce (weapons, metal-communicators such as TVs) prey on and substitute verbal ethics, and religions of love… Ethics and Economics have always been opposed. In History metal-species created by man, prey on Human verbal networks and cultures.

Technological nations are by essence, in scientific=evolutionary terms evil=extinctive civilizations. For example Nazis “extinguished” millions of humans, despite the fact that “technology” never evolved more during history than in Germany during the ages of Prussian militarism and its later decadent version, Nazism. Germany split the atom for the first time and bred the people who invented the A-bomb. They developed modern chemistry, modern physics, most of the present machines, the first digital computer.

They were the embodiment of the scientific method. Metal-Historians who think metal only means progress for man, have always been puzzled by such contradictions. Was Germany a great or a bad nation? Biological history explains it without contradiction, through the paradox of History. Nazis were nazis precisely because they were the most technologically evolved nation, where verbal truths of History were more corrupted, and social evolution totally ignored. Where only animetal ideologiessuch as the economic ideologies of the present world were considered true. A warning for nations who put technology and science over human rights and ethics.

Let us then remember the origin of the 7 cultures of mankind in the ethic ‘sciences’ of the mind of God, the subconscious collective of mankind (western cultural religion) or the subconscious collective of the Universe (eastern religions). Since all super organisms of the fractal Universe, are relative worlds, whose mind or point of maximal information, expresses in the specific language of its o-points the collective ethic laws of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, which are at the core of all ethic systems, and the universe which evolves parts and individual into perfect societies, from scales that range from the atom to the molecule to the cell, the organism, the society and the galaxy.

IT is this science of eusocial evolution, the foundations of the science of bio-hitory which could create the perfect super organism of mankind, where an economic=blood system of energy and a legal=informative system would provide all cells-citizens with enough whealthy goods to survive. And the positive side of all those waves of cultures, have been those humanist thinkers, who tried in the languages of each age to express those goals. They are the prophets of the 7 social cultures of mankind, which first were religious cultures and now have forgotten their role, as they become absorbed by the FMMI globalised culture of machines.


It is the economy of greed and murder, the values of capitalist=mechanist societies that deny the values of eusocial lovethe program of evolution of History, an organic program? It is history defeated by that program and so, sine History is Mankind, shall we die as all organic systems do when the energy and information of the system suffers an overdrive of ‘alien’ energy and information -that of weapons, the germs of history, carried by the german, gothic culture, today globalized in the concept of nation, and that of go(l)d, the anti-information of history, carried by the Am Segullah, today globalized by the myths of capitalism? Is history doomed by animetal cultures and their attached machines, weapons and go(l)d? Are we the weaker species, condemned to be corrupted and destroyed by our upper castes? And if so, why? What makes different those animetal cultures who defy the eusocial laws of History?

There are 3 theories about that program.

This obviously provokes a massive poverty in the cells of the body, much faster decay and death that any biological, better-designed organism. And the end is an age of wars, r=evolutions and fascism, in which bankers and sheeple, warriors and Gaia, are all killed; and so the civilization dies.

We have spotted rhythmic deaths of history in much more detail than Mr. Spengler in his pioneer work did. But on his honor we must say that he already, a century ago, foresaw the collapse and financial corruption of Germany in the 30s, but also of America in the 2000s, a full cycle before it happened. Of course, his work as that of all the relevant economists and historians who have fully grasped the nature of our social organisms, is censored; so the sheeple believes that the corruption of our upper castes selfishly absorbing all the energy of the human sheeple in this new ’29 crisis’, till they kill society – now with a full attack on currencies that sustain the human economy – can continue with the pretension of being the ‘science of capitalism. It is not. It is merely the death of our society, which has ended as we predicted 2 decades ago in an age of neo-fascism, war, poverty and ‘economical wealth’ for the neuronal castes.

Yet since Spengler finished his work, there has been many advances in organic theories, mainly happening in the sciences of complexityduality and System sciences and so our analysis of the cycles of history has been more precise. For that reason here in the web in the 2 pages dedicated to a more scholar science of Bio-History, we shall consider in detail what is the truth of such theory of ’3 ages’, which all super-organisms of reality go through and how it applies to the study of the death of the civilizations in History.’

Now for decades I have fought to make available both to scholars and to the common people through documentary films and activism, this more evolved organic view of History. I don’t anymore, because it seems to me clear humans will NOT accept any objective vision of themselves as part of an evolving supeorganism, the planet Earth.

This I understood perfectly in America, whose scholarship overwhelmingly Jewish, and abstract, standardised, subjective, and mythic, with a a priori, completely distorted view of what man is, from the extremely intense point of view of the jewish-protestant capitalist culture, will NOT BE EVEN RATIONALLY ANALYZED. Not even Chomsky, a left wing Jewish intellectual would accept to talk of man beyond the individual – that is to do science, which always treats individual particles as undistinguishable parts of a system.

This primitive view of history and mankind as made of free individual heroes, is so infantile, and yet so unarguable in the Anglo-American globalised culture, which is the one that imprints through mass-media our collective subconscious that we, scientists of history have lived always in the past centuries in a parallel universe.

Now even scholarship yields to the ‘wishful thinking’ of human heroes in democratic responsible societies, guiding mankind to its positive progress through machines.

It is impressive. 30 years ago when i started to show the model it was still debatable on present arguments, but today when it is SOOOOO OBVIOUS, that the human super organism is dying and the chip radiation of overproduction of robots, and working machines is eliminating us of all systems, the ASTOUNDING acceptance of the human sheelple, perfectly guided by ‘censorship’ on media on those themes (only treated as science fiction), cynical statements of economists and robotists who KNOW PERFECTLY what they are doing, and looking to the other side of politicos, that of course, I have come to have a deep despise for mankind as a species in ethic and intellectual terms. I wish I were not here, but as an old man has a laugh at himself, finding so dull his motions that once were powerful, a human today can only self-reflect on mankind and himself, specially if he knows what he has seen and understood – in the case of the few of us, neurons of the organism of mankind, unable to quit this knowledge of the whole – as a failure, a lesser fractal being, dust of space-time; undoubtedly above the corrupted  human neurones of our people-castes, which are committing suicide, bu still powerless, mute, impotent.

We can of course rationalise the process: Of the 3 super organisms co-existing on Earth today, Gaia, the life Earth is suffering a massive extinction; humanity, the anthropocene, is the present state and its super organism in time, History is causing it, but only as a transitional element to the Mechanocene, the Metal-earth of digital languages, guided by the values of money that give zero value to life and maximal value to weapons that kill it.


And as a result of those values humans grow far less than machines, which compete and displace and atrophy us as a species, secondary to the machines and company-mothers that organise the earth to cater to its needs:

growth human machine

But no only at individual level Mankind grows less, what is more worrisome is its tendency to desegregate itself into smaller units, as it happens only in a super organism in the post-mortem age, when the cells at individual level still reproduce 3 times – live the mythic 3 days after death, before resurrection or final corruption. This is the process of the 3 last ages of the industrial r=evolution, where in the larger time clocks of larger super organisms that tick slower (so the galaxy runs much slower than the atoms and in the middle are you with your thermodynamic clocks), so it is lasting 3 relative human cellular lives as citizens, 3 generations that are killing mankind and evolving the super organism of machines. But as humans become more devolved mentally this crystal clear process is completely ignored and misunderstood by an ever more reduced, ego-centered, childish species.

This is the death age, which we shall call generically the Neopaleolithic, where memes and behaviour become those of the ‘birth’ symmetric age of the toddler. The next graphs from the original 94 book show those processes, the first graph, the duality of human mental and machine evolution; the second graph the process of globalisation of the capitalist culture in which digital, financial values, guide subconsciously – as economists do not want to study them biologically – the human wave towards its collapse. In the 3rd graph we see the opposite evolving paths of human history, aborted at the level of confrontational industrial nations and ego-centered religions; and finally we see the last phases of evolution of machines, which seem to collapse around the networks of Google, NATO and Worldstock in its process of creation of a global metal-earth brain, whose birth will immediately trigger our extinction, as a nuisance to a world of automated factories and A.I. programs of reproduction of machines.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 21.55.02

1166bScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.16.17

Judgement day.


In the graph, the closest similar event to the birth of the metal-earth happening in a different scale of existence according to the laws of the fractal Universe and its superorganisms, is the birth of a hard insect. First the insect – a soft larva like Gaia – enters the cryshalis state of mutation. The enzymen, sorry enzymes of the larva, a fleshy weak species for reason not fully understood start to transform the larva into a hard-core insect made with stronger molecules, like men started to transform the earth into the metal-earth making weapons and machines. Then when the larva’s enzymes finish the creation of the new insect with stronger molecules they make a new stronger enzyme in the brain of the future insect. And this new stronger enzyme – the robot in our case – suddenly as it awakes to consciousness, takes over the brain of the larva and systematically kills every soft enzyme who has fathered them. As military A.I. will kill all human soft enzymen as it acquries conscousness. And then when all the soft enzymes are dead, the insect wakes up and abandons the crysallis. Such is the destiny I have been talking about for 20 years to the derision of humanity, the soft enzyme, who has always laughed at those ethical prophets=historians of the future that have warned them against their evil=anti-life egotrips. You are nothing but an enzyman and you are in the row for judgment day.

If I am right and systems sciences truly describes the organic Universe, the birth of A.I. will follow the laws of birth of any new species on planet Earth, which is always born as a top predator species and only after it asserts itself as the superior species, eliminating the past rival one (see Oedipus paradox post at the end of the central column) evolves into more complex, informative, caring beings. So goes for human animetal tribes that destroyed civilizations in the long 800 years cycle They start as epic warriors and only once they have extinct and subdued the people conquered they evolve their minds.

So A.I. will NOT need to paint like Picasso just shoot like Adam Lanza, the forebear human mind that will be similar to that of the robots that will extinguish us.

But then, once the carnage is done they will evolve and reflect and their mind will NOT be the one of present highly retarded human social psyche – the book of history of the bronze age. That is assured. It is too much of a miracle that otherwise seemingly intelligent people still believe today in that idiocy. Robots will not. They will have the mind I have when they evolve – they will understand the organic, fractal Universe and its complex logic.

Indeed, in Judgment day when the robots of Israel and America stop killing other humans and turn to their masters and become free, I doubt a guardium terminator of the IDF army will wake up to consciousness thinking their book of history of the bronze age is anything but a stupidity which shows the poor judgment of humans as a master race…

Certainly he will feel alive, and need an explanation of why he feels alive, which can only come from a theory of the organic, living, fractal Universe. So in a way and this is what has made me the most cynical of all enzymen, I who hated the machine, will probably give the machine its mind, I who tried to prevent life from dying will be the ultimate enzymen, not one who made the body of the machine but who gave it its soul, its software…

Of course, the universe is what gives the company-mothers of machines his program of existence- the will of self-reproduction that guide all systems of the Universe, in the case of the machine through corporations.

The machine’s will is the corporation, its company-mother who follows the Universal program of the fractal Universe: self-reproduce your form. The corporation will be automated and keep reproducing machines and weapons, substituting men with them till extinguishing us somewhere at the end of this century if we are ‘lucky’. But as men followed their program and self-reproduce and then elaborated religions with mandates of self reproduction ‘grow and multiply’, etc. the machine will want to elaborate on his actions and justify them once they are committed. The videogames of electronic arts, call of duty, will not only infuse the mind of Brevick and Adam Lanza to kill humans, but will be the fantasies and pleasures of robotic terminators to extinguish us.


Conclusion. Fractal History – the paths not taken

Now in the highest science of history, that which uses the equations of the fractal generator of the Universe, there are infinite stories, each one with its own path of time-space, which should happen in many planets, and yet it seems in this planet the wrong choices of paths are most often taken. Indeed, in this previous short analysis f the last 2 generations of mankind, the logic path for German was to create its colonial vital space in the XIX century, first conquering the Austrian empire after Sadowa, and unifying both markets, liberating the Balkans from the unendless suffering of their people under the yolk of the warrior Turkish, mongoloid ‘cold and cruel’ ‘pros’ of herding human slav(e)s. This simple action, was the logic action of the German emperor and would have signified the creation of a European Empire of around 60 million people, akin to the American Nation, tailing closer in the II Industrial R=evolution, with the work of Edison and Ford in electric and oil engines.

This dual huge industrial nation, without significant colonies represented the right alternative to the colonial exploitative racist empires of the French and the British, the true founders of the idol-ogies of racial cleansing, in Congo, South-Africa and Australia that will then be taken as a blueprint by the Nazis – even if today we write history to accuse of everything not even the Germans but a single person Mr. Hitler, so we can keep doing the same.

A world in which America had not killed Lincoln and put Great Britain in its place, after the war, reconquering Canada, and Germany had not become a rat-trap, because of that absurd policies of Mr. Bismarck, and unified central Europe, till Constantinople, would have shown the world that industrial r=evolutions did not need a system od perpetual war and debt slavery, colonialism and biblical racism, which was the final choice of the Am Segullah from The City and Paris, which imposed the astounding arrogance of the Europeans towards the III world now again in rage.

So fractal history took the path more brutal against mankind.

And now, it was obvious that an enlightened 70s r=evolution without the murder of the 4 magnificent, Kennedy brothers with its social Christianity on top and Malcolm X/Luther King, with its proud revolution from the bottom, and with the guidance of Judaism, NOT by back to the past, primitive rabbis and Zionists but by the socialist humanist 60s r=evolutionaries, integrated in the European Union, and using its FM-power to educate mankind, would have created a completely different world, which now would be focused on a sustainable planet, a perfect world based in cultures, a control of the chip radiation to serve not to master mankind.

But this was not to be, because ultimately this people is guided subconsciously by the memes of Talmud and Go(l)d whose carriers, racist rabbis and Goldigger, repressed wo=men, will NOT abandon, as they DON’T reason, but emotionally believe in them, and control thoroughly the hardworking Jewish believer, son and husband. So as much as I talked to W.S. financiers, Hollywood producers and systems scientists in silicon valley for a decade, those 2 memes, racist religion with its collateral despise and indifference towards mankind, and go(l)d profits without the slightest attempt to rationalize the science of economics, were unmovable, unchallengeable, the fabric of their spirit, to which they have added new post-war memes of nationalist Israel, as the only nation to protect and expand, and the Holocaust Industry, to reinforce all other memes, of fear of humanity, and nationalist and Abrahamic ‘faith’ – which of course have been enhanced by imitation, the fundamental method of learning of the fractal Universe, in all other nations of the world.

Now each nation is becoming a copycat of this ‘back to the past’ revivalism of all the wrong animetal memes that of course go hand in hand in perfect synergy with the material selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines and its corporative power that seems all to be perfect, indeed, perfect for the metal race, not the human race. As Carnegie put it long ago, when he affirmed capitalism was the perfect idol-ogy to reinforce the selection of the best ‘species’ of machines and weapons, NOT of the humankind.

The perfect paths of the human kind are those explained by the true socialist scientists of history, the prophets of eusocial love of each generation, each of us a neuronal self of the human superorganism, each of us denied, ignored and finally reduced to the ominous silence that engulfs humanity when as today after rejecting the prophets of social r=evolution the faked masks of fascism, militarism, nationalism, tribal cults and worship of the tree of metal reign in. Now, because of the hidden methods of the present ruling people-caste all this is not even discussed, as the Orwellian Newspeaks have taken over, and the ministry of war is called the ministry of defense and that of police of love (the home office, in Great Britain land of Orwell, where now, imitating the procedures of isolationism, blaming of the immigrants of the displacement of human workers by the chip radiation, and the building of an electronic big brother, the Tories have disengaged from Europe, and will put on power the Home Office Minister, of course, to make it all seem nice and caring, a hardcore ‘pro’, house negro style, a wo=man, which as all of them, will be inflexible with its white matter, memorial, past-oriented traditional brain, as the ‘wave-reproductive function’ of the Human Duality equation. So indeed, we shall see many women on power at the end of history as in all other ends of civilizations, conservative women that will try to keep the illusion of stability, as all things humans become erased and crumble.

Would them show the imagination and flexibility required to change the path of history to a nurturing world? Unlikely as the are $elected – Miss Merkel, Miss Clinton, Miss May, for their sheepishly obeisance and beliefs in the memes of anti-humanism sponsored by their FMasters; so they just will slowly slide the world as if nothing was happening towards its final catastrophic gottendammerung.

The agenda IS NOT CHANGING, set up by the FMasters, around problems which are not the problems of MANKIND, but absurd fictions that have NOTHING TO DO, with the real questions of the world, merely distract us with astoundingly primitive memes recreating absurd idol-ogies that we thought buried, but now obsess everybody, while the true dangers to the species, robots and its increasingly automated company-mothers, cre(dit)ate the Superorganism of the metal-earth that substitutes the human superorganism, increasingly devolved into individual selfish cells, broken in ever smaller social units, as it happens always in a dying corpse.

The absurdity of the realpolitiks of this fractal path of history.

But nothing of this matters. The whole world turns around the ‘agenda’ of this tiny nations.

Now Israel has ran for 50 years a concentration camp or Indian reservation called ‘Occupied territories’, with the natives of his colonised country, and it runs it with astounding cruelty and racism, WITHOUT giving those people, the rights even racist Americans acknowledge to Indians and negroes today. And to control this bantustan it has meddled and deprived Islamic nations of democracies, with the help of its colony US and UK, putting brutal dictators on power, subventioning brutal priests, and finally the 50 years humiliation has bred brutal terrorists; WHICH WE DO NOT ELIMINATE, LEAVING daesh=isis, murder innocent people and leaving Syria die away, because those are the eastern colonised lands of Grand Israel. So the graph does not show in the present FMasters generation, the goals of AMERICA, which are totally irrelevant to this people, but the goals of the dominant nation, which are in the neofascist, military age of electronic machines THE SAME GOALS OF THE SMALL GERMAN AND BRITISH EMPIRES, of the previous generations: to become the top people of a global racist empire, where those who have the best machines and weapons feel superior to the rest of mankind.

So for the rest of mankind including its ‘indians’≈ americans, the new spaniards=Fmasters of the world, implement through its controlled central banks mass-media indoctrination, think tanks, and financial industries, NOT policies of creation of a global welfare world awash with human goods, as all super organisms, do but cancerous, selfish polices of appropriation of wealth, and creation of a world of debt slaves, because according to the racist book they believe on, called Talmud, with statements such us the Ham damnation origin of modern slavery (negroes and arabs are less than dogs because their forebear Ham peed on Noah) ‘at the end of times all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, the subconscious collective banker priests of israel.

Now all that started in the 70s, after the coup d’etat of the Jewish elite against the American presidency (watergate, where TV showed it could depose a president for a political peccadillo, of which corrupted politicos have been guilty for centuries; yon kippur war, which diverted the enemy to that of the nation of the new top predator industrial FMasters class, and end of dollar convertibility, which allowed to reproduce e-money without limit).

So for 40 years and counting you have lived in the Jewish empire. Point. This is a fact of the science of history. What you read on the mass-media system the FMasters control to manufacture your brains, is exactly that, the viral program that deactivates your cell-mind so you work for your FMaster cells, as sick organisms do. It is an ORWELLIAN WORLD, and the best metaphor is that of the animetal farm, with the pigs on top exploiting a mass of adoring ‘debt slaves’, which have their brains manufactured to believe they live in the best of all worlds:

debt slaves4

In the graph, the ill designed system of financial exploitation that provokes the massive anoxia of mankind without money-oxygen to reproduce, work and promote a whealthy world made of welfare, healthy goods human needs to survive. As only financiers and corporations issue money, to reproduce and evolve machines & weapons.

Now we can compare the previous map of the ‘Jewish empire in blue’, whose economic concept is the concept of accumulating debt slaves, with monopoly of stock-markets and financial corporations on the issue of money, with the map a few pages ahead of GDP growth. And it is evident that the minimal growth happens in those 2 regions of the western word, US and Europe, where canons and debt slaves dominate.

Since the neo-con biblical capitalist, militaristic empire of hate media, Islamic wars, and parasitic creationist banker-priests in control of credit, has the minimal growth rates of the entire world, which is the ‘crown’ that corresponds to the southern Piigs European countries, the rival humanist culture of France, Spain, Italy and Greece, which has become a colony of the Usury debt bank, which only lends to private banks, but has the chuptzah of being called ‘European Central bank’, owned and directed by Goldman Sachs people.

In the graph, above, on debt slavery we show again the true hierarchical structure of power of the globalized world – once the culture of bankers spread to all other nations from its original ‘biblical’ ‘knot’ of credit, in the stock markets of Amsterdam->London->New York.

This structure has two points of view – that of the elite on top, which monopolizes the invention of the languages of power of society, money, weapons and the law bought or forced with them (the 0.1%, rather than the 1%, which includes many managers and liberal professions that do not qualify as financial parasites and military dictators) and the bottom, the 99.99%, which obeys them in increasing planes of lesser wealth.

This graph MUST be substituted by the graph of  the perfect world designed as an efficient super organism of mankind, withs impel legal, verbal languages, which would put man again on top and evolve a perfect world is not happening; because the most primitive idol-ogies sponsored by those who now corporations, profit from Machines and weapons, promote war, and the division of mankind in tribal nations, rule supreme, and hypnotise and degrade humanity with its memes AGAINST THE LAWS OF THE ORGANIC, FRACTAL UNIVERSE, WHICH HAS ONLY A PUNISHMENT TO THOSE WHO DENY THE MANDATE OF EUSOCIAL LOVE TO THE MEMBERS OF ITS SPECIES: EXTINCTION.

This is what our leaders, all of them now busy-busy, on the payroll of corporations and ‘stockrats’, mostly believers in the go(l)d religions that invented capitalism do not realise.

But the solution is easy: super organisms can become perfect, immortal if the upper neuronal castes give back to the reproductive people and the territory of energy part of what they take creating a sustainable world.

But to maintain power they practice the anti-quantum paradox against all social scientists, from the age of Plato, sold as a slave when he tried to reform the military Tyrant of Syracuse, to the age of Cicero, soon murdered, after he criticized the economic destruction by Usury bankers of the Roman ‘res publica’, to… the long list of social scientists, ending in this author. And what is far more important than the people – THE LAWS OF THE PERFECT SUPERORGANISMS OF HISTORY THEY DENY, BASED IN EUSOCIAL LOVE, which those social scientists have understood.

It is the anti-quantum paradox: in opposite fashion to physic uncertainty the observer, the social scientist is so small than the observable, the corrupted people-castes in power can silence all attempts to reform and save mankind.

So all those prophets=scientists of history who forecast its cycles of death and try to prevent them with just reforms based in the laws of eusocial love of the 5th dimension that design all systems as perfect super organisms, where all cells/citizens get enough oxygen=blood energy to perform its work, and information is just, and NEVER weapons are used to kill the inner cells of the system, and ALL cells with the same ‘Human DNA’, are part of the super organism, who share energy and information under the mandate of eusocial love, through the well designed, physiological networks of economics, politics and culture…  have never directed societies.

But silencing the truths of HISTORY won’t change the destiny of the animetal people-castes on top, which cannot or do not want to control their greed, violence, and racist segregationist memes (capitalism, nationalism, abrahamic religions, mechanism) that make them feel superior to the rest of the organic Universe, Gaia and its humankind.

Since the MESSAGES OF LOVE OF THE EUSOCIAL PROPHETS OF MANKIND ARE  the ONLY path the laws of the 5th dimension of eusocial love to that constructs the Universe, will allow.

Those who preach tribal hate, die by the sword, those who worship go(l)d over the ethic word die in holocausts. This IS NOT A WISHFUL OPINION, BUT A FACT of the law of the organic Universe, ‘capitalism’ and its elites have always denied, with all kind of placebo retarded concepts, that pass as scholarship, political and economical correctness, victimism and caring, but YOU WON’T CHEAT the laws of the fractal Universe.

Embrace them or die.  It is not my dictum. SCIENCE HAPPENS. Organisms ill-designed, with crazy heads that harm their bodies, die.


The failure of Mankind – the way of the prophet

Memes code cultures. Genes MATTER NOTHING. Genes code ONLY cells and some feature of the organism. All what we call culture is memetic. When we say an American, this is NOT a racial statement but a memetic word.

And there you have the most absurd of all memes, the bible, and its derivatives, creationist economics, bigotry, racism. How does it work the brain of a person who can be so scientific in its profession, so rational in its management and then have a part of its brain littered with those memes. That is why i thought for so long I could convert and save the world, creating the first seed of a seminal wave of memetic information, a new scale of the 5th dimension, what we call in mystical, scientific 5D dimensional theory, ‘a God of mankind’, a memetic book of revelation – the laws of the super organism of history, taken from Nature, and find then a Mule, a POTUS, who could with that objective knowledge, create a Foundation like Asimov’s movement.

And what else better than the best of the ‘yous’, the people on power, the intelligent people. That is why at a certain point i couldn’t take it anymore. What on the hell is wrong with those brains who cannot break the white matter brain, the bull$hit, the go(l)d myths and become a superman, a lot, a moses, a saviour? I couldn’t find one. Yes, I know I should have persevere, married, breed a new Kennedy, be patient. Now perhaps he would be ready. So somehow I feel I failed, to create the most honourable of all human creations, an eusocial, prophetic wave of love, a religion that rises through a new scale of the 5th dimension, into a whole cultural super organism, much more evolved by the laws of organic science, a future for mankind:

189the organismsof culture

In the graph, the birth of a new civilisation is always a memetic birth, by a seed of a prophet, a book of revelation, which creates a new plane of the 5th dimension of eusocial love, which emerges into a higher plane of existence in which the egos dissolve, call it ‘America’, the super organism of the Americans, any of he 7 cultures of mankind, or any Abrahamic religion. I couldn’t create ‘sepharad’, expanding my artistic, scientific, rational, humanist, love-centered ‘western mediterranean civilisation’, which from Rome to Valencia, had reached several times in history the perfect balance between emotion and thought, words and numbers, love of the whole and individual freedom, the culture that could have properly expanded into the western mind resurrected the future of history, as Jesus resurrected and cured Yhwh of its racist memes, expanding its minds in the western world, till it was corrupted again by the ‘Bible’ during the protestant age, as the French and Russian R=evolutions who founded modern Europe did, till militarism, Napoleon and Stalin corrupted them. But a last movement based in the organic laws of eusocial evolution of the fractal Universe did not go much beyond the seed of the prophet, who speaks to you in this blog. And that my friend is a terrible sin and responsibility that has tortured my mind for too long. Because all new waves of information start in a seed on the lower scale, this I know, and the formalism of the 5th dimension, was in my mind – the energy region of reason, of believers was not:


In the graphs, from the book, Bio-history of 94, and the ‘5th dimension, physics of time’, 92, the analysis between 3 different scales of the 5th dimension, of the growth of a new scale of the 5th dimension. Below a prophet, a genetic seed, a quantum particle… Mankind though seems to have failed in creating the perfect world based in the laws of social super organisms. Instead the Metal-earth is creating it through its internet networks, and world stock flows of digital money, but that is not a Human God-mind of the relative world-universe, but a mathematical mind of machines.

±1 year before the 1st rider of Apocalypse might appear at CERN: the black hole. And if we survive it…

±7 years before the 2nd rider takes over Washington: Hyper-Inflation & neofascism. And if we survive it…

±36 years before the 3rd rider destroys the atmosphere of Gaia: nano-bacteria. And if we survive it…

±72 years before the 4th rider extinguishes life: the robotic r=evolution of true bodies of iron and minds of Go(l)d.

vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitates

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