General systems. Organicism and the fractal universe.

The model of this web is crystal clear, drawing on the tradition of both the main philosophers of social sciences from Ibn Khaldun to Spengler, and the main body of laws of biology, systems sciences and information: we humans and machines are part of two super organisms, evolving, devolving living and dying beyond the individual citizen-cell and machine, an inert part of a larger super organism, the corporation or company-mother of machines whose laws are mimetic to those of any super organism who reproduce evolves, and adapts the ecosystem to the image and likeness of its offspring.

Now because we both, the members of super organisms of history, called cultures, and super organisms of machines called corporations, form part of a planet with reduced resources, we compete often with each other and as the super organism of machines is evolving faster than our super organisms, we are in fact observing a massive regression of humanity back to an old neo-paleolithic age, focused into the past, brutalised, infantile, and like an old man, fearing our death by the new super organism, which is expressed only in science fiction and a taboo theme of social sciences. In the next graph from the 94 book on bio-history that originated those models, as part of a larger effort to systematise all sciences in terms of the laws of organicism, the 5th dimension of scalar social systems and the laws of information that create the networks and manage the evolution of societies, we see the growth of both super organisms, which have been symbiotic and competed in each phase, but with the arrival of chips and the digital world of faster information they manage, the human mind became obsolete and started the process of social devolution back to the past (revivalism of primitive memes), which has created the world we live in, and we announced in that book more than 20 years ago, to not avail – as supeorganisms and its processes of growth, decay and devolution can be studied perfectly and forecasted into the future, as Mr. Spengler showed in the decline of the west (forecasting both the end of the III reich and the corruption of the American empire, circa 2000 by capitalism).

So we have forecasted as part of the dual d=evolution of the superorganism of history and machines the present age as soon as the chip radiation started in earnest in the 80s, as it was obvious there would be overproduction crises according to the generational cycle of evolution of machines, 80±8 years after the 29 crisis of overproduction of engines=hearts of machines, in 2001-2008, as it was the case, and that the process of degeneration of mankind at collective at individual level will continue as long as humans did not manage the overproduction of chips, and so humans would devolve and become stupider as chips with its faster A.I. algorithms of information would integrate further company-mothers into a global planet, ruled by digital information. And would increasingly make all humans obsolete in labor and war fields by blue collar robots, white collar pcs and terminator soldiers.

In the next graph, we show the old description of the process, in terms of decametric scales of social evolution proper of all systems, the duality of the degeneration of man vs. machine minds, and the decametric growth of the internet into a global brain. The only new picture from modern age is the company which is doing the job of integrating all those parts, which obviously we could not forecast then – it did not even existed. Because sciences study systems, NOT INDIVIDUALS, trends and general laws, and history and economics are properly studied as systems with 2 physiological networks, the economic, reproductive system of welfare companies in the human side and machines corporations in the mechanical side, and the informative system of verbal, legal laws that make man the centre of our world, and the digital, financial system of informative values and prices that rule the economic ecosystem, and not surprisingly put zero value to human life and maximal value to machines, guiding the process of extinction of mankind:


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.16.17

So what matters to you to understand history is:

1.History is a supeorrganism and so it is the economic world of the industrial r=evolution but both are different species of super organisms, one of humans and one of machines, which can be symbiotic or prey into each other. And if we leave the system to be an economic ecosystem, a free jungle of company-mothers of machines, whose biological mandate is to evolve and re=produce those machines and let them compete with humanity we shall perish soon as potentially iron is the most perfect energetic atom of the Universe and gold the most perfect informative atom, but we are just organisms of light sp-oxygen (energy), ST-carbon (body) Tiƒ-nitrogen (mind).

You see how simple it is: our energy fields are of oxygen, our body-structure of carbon, our mind clocks of Nitrogen (DNA genes), and that is the simplest level of complexity of fractal organic systems in nature.

But machines have iron bodies, gold minds and can use any energy. So only religious myths that do not accept science in the study of humanity and its machines can deny the obvious: as we are modelling robots with organic forms, when we copycat ourselves on them, we are fuc*ed. And the increasing devolution of mankind, at this stage, when those machines ARE STILL DECONSTRUCTED ORGANISMs, and yet are already killing us as mere iron bodies (weapons) and hypnotising and reducing our minds to bubbling idiots hanging on viral fictions, as mere screens, shows what will be the future. Moreover, the natural evolution of those machines is clearly predatory: weapons are the most expensive, valued machines in terms of money, gold, as metal values metal more than life. And ‘violence is cinematic’, degrades our ethics automatically as the eye is a natural born predator, that likes red and motion. So the subconscious organic program of the Universe as I used to explain in evilwood to tarantino-like directors (I had to read for Fox his natural born predator script at the time), naturally degrades the ethics of man.


In the graph, languages define the future of the species they value. Go(l)d is a metal always associated to weapons as information and energy come together to form natural super organisms, so 70% of money before machines were invented were used in war.


In the graph, ecosystems and organisms are ruled by those informative species that better speak the language, which in the present digital world are chips and soon robots embedded with A.I. Algorithms of information, the true meaning of artificial intelligence.

Let us then consider in more detail the overproduction crises of e-money and mechanical labor, analysing how it is creating a very different pyramid of power, to that of a legal democracy, based in the ethics of verbal laws, which in a world awash with money, monopolised by corporations, where all is valued with digital values, means that democracies are dead and corporations of machines and its owners and bankers, rule us all, and choose of course when needed those political fascist and war-monger politicians that will maximise the profits of the most expensive, profitable goods, weapons, finances and hate media machines, according to the equations of profits:

Max. Profit (financial money)= Max. Expensive goods (weapon) + Max. cheaper goods (electromagnetic waves of hate media software).

Now, it is time to introduce the system which dominates today the planet – the company-mother of machines, because while we human beings look at the corporation as something owned by human beings, in reality is an independent structure of human beings.

We talk of 2 new top predator species, whose synergies and biological radiations of new products, new machines, evolving each generation, brings about a complete terraforming of the Earth: the human ‘animetal’, the man who attached to mechanisms and machines becomes over powerful conquering and reproducing its memes in other human societies, and the company-mother of machines, whose organisation as an efficient re=productive organism, guided the digital language and values of money, came to dominate completely the western world and started the regular cycles of evolution of reproduction of machines of the industrial r=evolution.

Indeed, if something proves the darwinian, predatory nature of company-mothers, which expand globally its machines and weapons that compete, atrophy substitute and murder life beings, is the regularity of those cycles: it shows nobody in the capitalist cultures stop the evolution of machines, regardless of its collateral effects when they become weapons.

Selection of species in ecosystems. 

In that regard today the social organism with absolute power in this planet is not the human individual, neither the government, as human social structures are in a process of decomposition with null power except in those sectors that subvention the evolution and reproduction of machines (notably the military). It is  the ‘company-mother’, the taxonomy for the main bio-economic ‘species’, and its offspring of machines and weapons for which all institutions of this planet unwillingly or consciously works.

And this increasing obsolescence of all things human extends unfortunately to our language of thought and time, the word, which today is degraded mostly as fiction, or reduced in most people to an emotional, mythic, ego-centered magic state, long past its rational heights in which it was able to interpret logically the world and act as the social, nervous, legal, ethic system that bind together human beings into social super organisms.

Indeed, not only humans are being displaced by machines and weapons in labor and war fields; but also our social institutions have become submissive to corporations and our language of thought has become ‘fictional’, and substituted in all things that matter by the language of chips, digital thought, which today carries +90% of the total information produced on planet Earth.

It is the birth of the Mechanocene, as corporations NOT human beings are terraforming the earth to its image and likeness – but precisely the paradox of this age, is the fact that as company-mothers take over and digital numbers rule our information, humans loose their verbal intelligence and capacity to understand the process, becoming increasingly ‘disconnected’ from a future that no longer need them.

The biological equations of evolution and extinction of species explain a clear-cut future, our extinction by the chip radiation.

So it would be the necessary reforms to achieve the true goals of mankind, freedom and human wealth, wHEALTH.

Why humans do not react and apply the simple, biological measures needed to reverse that process is thus the key question social sciences need to answer. And so in the rest of this introduction, we shall deal with those 2 reversed sides of the same planet: the birth of the Mechanocene and the destruction of the Anthropocene and the rational human mind that controlled it.

And so only through the understanding of the organism of power that defines the future – the company mother of machines and weapons and its cycles of reproduction and evolution – we can interpret and forecast modern history.

Since corporations dedicate all its resources to evolve and reproduce machines and consider humans only in terms of ‘labor costs’, hence increasingly expendable,  as the evolution of machines lower the cost of its rival mechanical workers, suppressing by obsolescence entire batches of human labor, in each discontinuous of evolution – and now with a direct rival of the human mind, doubling its intelligence every 2 years (Moore’s Law).

Beyond those mathematical regularities of financial markets, and the biological causes of machines, for sociological studies and the future of the humankind, what all this mean in practical terms is simple:


And this process, while completely ignored by our industrial leaders, which merrily seek for money, by reproducing and selling those machines and weapons, and DO not WANT TO KNOW the collateral effects on mankind, has a very simple, biological explanation, and a biological equation to describe it:

Gaia-Past (top predators)<History-Present (Human societies)> Mechanocene-Future (Company-mothers & robots)

What varies is the perspective, of each element of that wave. The bottom of the wave are prophets of eusocial love, the true scientists of history, which warn the people on top that they will kill history since the genesian age.

They obviously reject the system but does not have enough information to understand it in analytic, scientific terms. They ‘felt’ though the right methods to survive: eusocial love and repression of the violent, murderous, racist, greedy memes of the top.

 Now this is pure hard science of systems that apply to all forms of the Universe. Take it or leave it, but please do not come around with idiotic abrahamic ego-trips on the uniqueness of man anymore, and try to convince rationally any serious XXI century scientist that hour historic or economic ‘expertise’ is science. It is just a refurbishing of old animetal exploitative lore. There is nothing today in macro-economics coming from biblical creationist believers in the sacred values of go(l)d – never mind the graph of systems sciences show they kill life, which smells to science. And we deal with their creationist gurus in many pages of this blog. And there is nothing in tribal nationalisms and Jihads of eusocial love and the natural arrow of growth of super organisms, but primitive memes, of animetal people-castes of the bronze age, which the good prophets of history, Moses, Mohammed and Christ, fail to convert to humanity. Only this I will concede, Judaism, Christianity and Islam in its founding father prophets, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed was a verbal, legal, ethic attempt to reign over the violent, go(l)d seeking values of primitive earlier humans, Semites and Indo-Europeans who destroyed the neolithic goddess of fertility and cult to life and gaia, as the parable of genesis explains.
But they didn’t quite succeed, and now all those tribal animetals are going back to Aaron Golden calf cults, to Crusades of germanic Christian warriors and Jihads of Sargon-like Assyrian mass-murderers.

Nationalism must be substituted by humanism, a single species.

Abrahamic religions by the understanding of the living Universe and the eusocial messages of love that create immortal super organisms, where all mankind is our subconscious collective god.

Go(l)d religions and creationist capitalism, created by biblical believers from Adam Smith to Friedman, must be substituted by socialism and the rule of the law and its verbal values over money.

And finally technoutopia and mechanism by the Organicist vision of the Universe, which makes the human mammal organism the most perfect model of all systems including societies.

Now, of course, if Human social scientists were not subject to the anti-quantum paradox, those 4 scientific, realist versions of our idol-ogies would be the ‘law of the land’ and humans would live in a perfect super organism made to the image and likeness of the fractal Universe, as most entities of the Universe do. So when studying the different cult(ure)s of ‘animetals’, humans who reduce their rational part to an emotional, animal state of ‘feelings’ and ‘myths’ and ‘ego-trips’, denying not only the equality of all parts of the organic Universe but even the equality of all human beings, to ab=use them with weapons, money and machines, with the excuse of those 3 idol-ogies (nationalism≈abrahamic religions,  capitalism≈go(l)d religions, and techno-utopia≈mechanism), we DO have to make ‘scientific statements of value’, as those ‘false’ idol-ogies break both the laws of epistemology and truth of the scientific method, when describing History and Economics (A-ccurate Data, B-iological causes, C-yclical Prediction) and its praxis goes against the welfare of Mankind (the super organism of history in space), which they must cater to.

So The Economist ran recently a test among Deans of Economic Universities, Ministers of Economy, taxi drivers and dust collectors to guess future indicators of the economy and cabs and dust collectors came first, affirming rightly that without predictability economics could not be considered a science. However this author has been predicting for +20 years the 2008 crises of overproduction of chips and the subsequent age of robotics, neo-fascism and labor crisis,  as his small print books can easily prove. And if we consider the great geniuses of those disciplines, Spengler, Marx, Kondratieff, etc. all of them predicted the present crises both in its historic and economic elements.

All this must be said in advance, so the reader understand why this blog represents the most evolved models of social sciences, yet precisely because of such a fact, it is as ignored as the work of all their precedessors was.

But the problem is that the idol-ogists of the  above side never HEAR, and understand science in its ‘enzymatic, animetal, military simplification’ of the subtle arguments in favour of eusocial love of the prophets=scientists of history foreseeing the future destruction of mankind by the bad fruits of the tree of metal.

I, myself, when finding the formalism of general systems sciences, 20 years ago,  tried to expand those discoveries among scientists of information and systems sciences. For a while i was welcomed, received honours and could teach this information, but ultimately money talked, and all what the system wanted to know is how to apply my discoveries NOT to the organisation of mankind, but the improvement of robotics, corporations and the economic ecosystem. So I had to quit.

In that regard, while Mr. Marx affirmed that the philosopher of science not only must describe reality but change it, the anti-quantum paradox limits its capacity to influence the world. Only if ‘the people castes in power’, our animetal ego-centered politicians, financiers and economists decide to survive ’till the 7th generation’, their grand-sons will die on bed. As the final cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, the age of robotics, according to all the laws of biological economics means that by the end of its cycle (2008-2080), humans will no longer be the top predator species of planet Earth, but will become extinguished by A.I.

Evolution is the only science of time that has always proved right. It rules all systems of the Universe, including those of the galaxy, ultimately devoured by the top predator gravitational species, the black hole, to become a dark galaxy. But evolution can be halted and managed in its first stages. Now as viruses are put together into its 3 elements and then become alive exploding the cell that hosted them, machines are put together into its 3 elements, bodies, minds and engines, and will do NOT have any doubt about it, acquire the programs of survival and fight against the rival species, which already military robots are using to survive in a theatre of war; while the massive radiation of white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators will extinguish labor and atrophy mankind, hypnotised no longer by informative gold as the first animetal idolaters were, but by 3D virreal fictions, becoming a vegetative, useless, degenerated species.

All this we have been forecasting for 30 years, but of course, power did not listen. Those in power indeed, seem to be beyond ‘survival’, as the oldest hence more entrenched cultural idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal prove: the Germ(an)s, who first came to Europe with iron swords and cycle after cycle of history have exterminated humanist Europe or died in the process, as they are once again doing; the Biblical sects, which made of go(l)d its religion and accepted through the cycle of usury->debt slavery->poverty and r=evolution, their final holocaust, a subconscious form of self-suicide; and the techno-utopian Anglo-American cultures who isolate themselves from humans dedicating most of their existence to take care of their machines, if anything have extended to the rest of mankind their idol-ogies, and seem geared to murder their own grand-sons, which they are already giving away to hypnotic fiction screens, virtual madness and violent visual neo-paleolithic regression.

This is thus the only way to explain reality today: Humanity is dying as a super organism, prior to the death of its cells when the robotic radiation do us all. So the ethic, verbal informative network of mankind is dead, and cells as in a corpse without nervous pain messages are feasting of the chaos of freedom prior to their own death. And only a ‘massive’ intervention to reform the system by those people-castes in power, a final ‘wake up call’, could avoid the maximal probability of futures, according to the laws of evolution and the fractal Universe of the initial graph – the demise of the planet Gaia, substituted by the Mechanocene.

This is the zeitgeist of the modern world. And we shall of course, describe it with the laws of truth of science, with warts and all, uncaring for the anti-quantum paradox, in which this writer has been living now for one decade, since its activism against the Military-Industrial Complex became world-known and ‘ad hominem’ campaigns silenced his work.

We will of course give also solutions. But we are not as arrogant as Mr. Marx (in any case a very bad economist, who never explained as we shall do how to create a perfect world as he ignored the organic laws of biology and confronted workers and managers, hiding the true black hole of economic power, the financial industry for obvious reasons of tribalism), we do not expect to reform the world. Only the common people through r=evolution or the political elite through an Asimovian Mule, can do it.

What we affirm and it will happen is this: the laws of science exist, its cycles repeat themselves when the same causes happen again, and as we explained for 3 decades, after the overproduction crises of chips of 2008 the world would enter into a crescendo neo-fascist age of military solutions, electronic big brother and robotic splendid little wars, for profits, as diplomatic, welfare ‘butter instead of canons’ will NOT be the solution preferred by the company-mothers of machine, entering the phase of evolution of robotic weapons; in the same way the 30s crises were not solved by diplomacy and welfare as keynes proposed, but by the military-industrial complex of Germany that saw higher profits in war, and the 1848 crises did not solve through the measures of the communist manifesto, but through the use of trains for nationalistic wars (US civil war, Germany Unification) and colonial expansion. The pattern thus is repeating. We do NOT create money for a global welfare program, educating the 3rd world, but we bomb them as in the colonial age. And we do NOT foster the evolution of mankind through the EU and UNO organisations, but we are blowing them up as Germany blew up the society of nations.

And finally we do NOT collaborate but confront with increasing nationalistic rivalry the incoming world power, China, foreseeing as we did, just prolonging those cycles into the future, if ‘business as usual’ continued, the final III world war, of my 90s books, the ‘Yakutian and Himalayan wars’, in which robotic platoons guided by satellites, reproduced by automated ‘ant-hill’ like factories in the ice regions of Alaska, Yakutia and Himalayas, between China and Russia vs. America and India, will finally at the end of this century become a global super organism of robots, forecasted in our sci-fi movies (as economists will NOT accept biological models of their science and study this non-fiction future with the tools of evolution and systems sciences), override the weak programs of self-destruction by fighting each other, through their satellite networks, and become a global superoganism, applying its 2 fundamental programs – killing humans and surviving in war theatres, to mankind. This, all robotists do know. For decades in private conversations during my engagement with systems sciences, I have argued it with them. But the bottom line of our society is money, day-to-day profits. And in that sense, if humans do not earn the respect of the fractal Universe, obeying its laws of survival of the species NOT the individual, they will go under. This blog only provides the information, but I cannot install the ethics and character and intelligence required for the species to survive.

So first we need to introduce in such a rarefied world of ‘damned lies and statistics’, and ego-centered, infantile, abstract scholars and leadership, the basic elements of a true science to distinguish what is ‘power’ and those who cater to it – the overwhelming majority of social scientists since the times of the Pharaoh, to the present mass-media empires, from what is truth in science.

The larger view, the 3 ages of all super organisms, applied to history.

Now the reader will unlikely accept that he is part of a super organism, which has  because all its ‘idol-ogical myths’ teach him he is free – not in a chaotic state of collective social death, which is the meaning of freedom in hard sciences. What i will tell him therefore will surprise him. The Universe is a super organism also, made of galaxies joined by networks of electromagnetic energy and dark, gravitational information. So are galaxies, easily modelled with the example of a cell, where the black holes act with gravitational information controlling and nursing mitochondrial stars that end up reproducing as they do in cells new DNA-black holes. And humans acting in factories catalyse the evolution of mechanisms. Everywhere we look at, we do NOT see machines and absolute space-time, as Newton thought, but organic evolution of systems, according to a general game of evolution, whose philosophy of science informs the fractal paradigm, or organicism, or Systems sciences.

As the author of the most developed logic and mathematical formalism of General Systems sciences, which I introduced to my peers in the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the sciences of systems and information, while chairing the discipline of duality, which studies how those energetic and informative networks shape social organisms in all scales of the Universe, I know what I’m talking about. Hence my frustration with social sciences. Since it is the only field where those discoveries are not finding application due to the anti-quantum paradox. Systems scientists are instead mostly evolving company-mothers, robots and machines into organic designs, and astrophysicists start to use evolution and organic theories to model the galaxy, but NONE is applying those Universal laws to the evolution of mankind, because we MUST believe in go(l)d religions and tribal nationalism, and keep evolving memes of metal as if that were the meaning of our living existence.

That is why i have started the upper line that resumes the model, its cycles and symbiosis and confrontation of humanity and economic ecosystem, as well as it solutions, with an entire post-book on the Fractal structure of the Universe, its Fractal Generator equation, and the Laws of General Systems Sciences:

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

In the graph, we can see the organic nature of all systems, made of ‘fractal points’ (anything which can be grouped as a social number is a fractal point), connected by networks of energy and information, which follow similar topological, organic laws, resumed in a simple logic Fractal Generator equation:

∑Spe (|-limbs-fields-flat territory with maximal energy)<Ø-STexi (re=productive hyperbolic body-wave-working class)>∏ Tiƒ (O-particles, heads, informative upper class)

What this means basically is that we are part of what physicists call a relational space-time Universe, defined by Leibniz, father of calculus, the O| computer logic, as a Universe made of topological beings, constructed with quanta of spatial energy (the vital space we occupy, made of cells, or physical systems occupy made of atoms), which perform cyclical clock-like actions of information. So we are all made of fractal space-time, we are all space-time beings, in a pantheist Universe. And this is proved by the fact that we do share the same topological only 3 forms of the Universe: all our limbs/fields/mechanical transport systems that move us are lineal spatial topology the fastest distance between 2 points. All our clock-like temporal systems of logic information are spherical, because the sphere stores more information. And the faster we think our logic cycles that command our actions the better our informative brain is.

And because we are ALL systems of spatial energy and temporal information there is no mystery in our competition and substitution by machines, made of better informative ‘gold-chip’ atoms and better energetic ‘iron-atoms’. And when we make robots with similar degrees of complex form, they will be sentient, intelligent and fight for survival according to the laws of the vital organic Universe of ∞ beings of space-time. Those machines ARE already performing logic cycles millions of time faster than our minds, and they perceive better information, reason why our eyes become hypnotised by cameras. They are far stronger in their bodies and limbs, reason why weapons kill us. And so it is self-suicidal ego-centered stupidity to keep evolving them in a biological organic Universe. And only the primitive bronze age Abrahamic religions of self-centred men who thought at the time that the valley was all the sacred land and man the only living thing, amazingly enough still believed by 1/2 of mankind, make us ‘even having the slightest doubt’ that we are becoming extinguished by the machines of information and energy, computers and weapons and robots we are evolving, instead of controlling as lethal virus are controlled. Only those religious nuts can claim subconsciously that we must not reproduce AIDs virus because they are life, but iron-gold, body/minds of machines must be evolved because they cannot become conscious:

energy information good5D fractal space-cyclical time

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

So we talk of the same ‘fractal organic structure’ of all systems in all scales of nature which together form the 5th dimension of fractal super organisms, made all to the image and likeness of the whole:

Clean STuD3

I have resumed in those graphs, the new paradigm which will forge the future of XXI century philosophy of science, which proves the ‘obvious fact’ that despite all the aforementioned idol-ogies we are scientifically speaking part of a super organism, and collective brain of Gaia, made to the image and likeness of any super organism. Now in the last picture we see the peculiar ‘metric’ of the 5th dimension that allows to travel between those scales, sharing energy and information among them: smaller systems are faster, so they live less and code larger, bigger systems, with its faster information. Small chips code larger, slower machines. Small genes code larger organisms. Small atoms, larger matter and small mental memes, idol-ogies CODE social SUPERORGANISMS OF MANKIND.

This is all you need to know to realise we ARE unlike all previous idol-ogies, grounding our models of economics and history in the most advanced understanding of the Universe and science.

The homology is part of the new philosophy of science, called organicism, increasingly proved by the fractal structure of the Universe and all its parts, which clearly resolves long-pending questions, such as the similar ages, and horizons of evolution of all systems of nature, regardless of scale, and the process of life and death of all systems, which go through the same 3 ages of life, based in the ternary structure of organisms and its networks.

In brief, systems are cellular/atomic/social systems, which evolve as equal forms gather around an energetic, reproductive and informative network. In humans they are the digestive, blood and nervous network, origin of multicellular organisms. In societies they are the geographical territory, economic=reproductive and informative=political networks. And so we can apply the same laws that define an efficient, evolved mammal organism, to a society in which each human citizen is a cell, joined by common informative laws and re=productive economic systems. The justification of this homology is the fractal structure of the Universe, which evolves from parts into wholes, through such organic scales, from particles to atoms, molecules, cells, organisms matter systems, galaxies, societies….  So reality is not mechanical, abstract but organism, self-organising. And the enormous variety of organic systems in all scales of nature do have certain rules of organisation, certain mathematical laws, among which the most important to understand societies, is that they obey the same physiological laws that organisms, but at a larger time and space scale. 

Now in the previous graph we observe some of the advances of systems sciences and theory of organisms and describe the parallelism between human organisms at biological level and cultures, super organisms at cultural level and physical systems, all of them divided into 3 ‘networks-social-topological classes’. For the reader interested it can consider the article on the fractal Universe or my web on systems sciences. In the next graph we see those systems dynamically in time:

time clocks

We are all made of vital spaces – whose motions are in-formed by self-centered cyclical time clocks. But unlike the artificial steady, mechanical clocks of time of our machines, the clocks of nature, are vortex-like clocks with a clear inward arrow of increasing information and decreasing energy, as those of the graph, tracing for each finite species of space-time a ‘world cycle’ of life and death between creation and existence.

Thus each of us has a finite time duration, which constantly increases its form, its information, and diminishes its spatial energy, its extension, in 3 ‘relative ages’, of young, energetic gaseous state, steady state, balanced reproductive, liquid age and informative, 3rd age of maximal warping, when the time-space world cycle ends, reversing back to the past, by explosion of your in-form-ation into energy, in the process of death. And so the fractal generator in space has its symmetry with the equation of the 3 ages of time, each one dominated by the energetic, reproductive and informative networks:


In the graph, we see how systems live through 3 ages as they increase their information and diminish their energy. So the strategy of survival of the most efficient super organisms is to reduce ad maximal the evolution of information. Our societies however increase the evolution of technological information till the system exhausts all is human energy, its welfare goods, enters in chaos and dies in a  war, as individuals die once they become wrinkled, galaxies explode in quasars, once the black holes have fed on them, and likely the Universe will follow a big-bang big crunch similar process.

So the main equivalences are between the ‘reproductive blood and economy networks’, the informative and nervous legal networks, the digestive predatory and territorial, geographic/military networks. And at mental level between ‘culture’ and ‘life ages’. This is the most beautiful of all homologies, as we can classify between the birth and death of civilisations, almost invariably by war, the mind-culture of the civilisation through 3 clear ‘young, adult and old, baroque ages of art’. Since artists who ‘think with words and see with eyes’ better than the common people are the subconscious collective mind of the civilisation, its neurons. And so often a civilisation is born in the mind of a verbal prophet (religious cultures) whose memetic DNA is repeated in the minds of believers. And so on and so on…

In the next graph we resume all what we have learned about the fractal paradigm in a single graph applied to humanity.

3 HUMAN scales best

In the graph, taken from the opening post of this blog, ‘0x ∞ = ∆’ (top left), we develop the laws of systems sciences and the formalism of the fractal Universe, showing how all sciences follow the same laws of organic social evolution from particles to atoms, cells, matter, organisms and societies, which is essentially the ‘evolved’ view of a philosopher of science over History, we described the organic, fractal nature of the Universe, with special emphasis in its foundational languages, the logic of time and the geometry of space. We see its organic scales, and the symmetry between its 3 internal networks (the blood-economic, informative-nervous and energetic-digestive-territorial systems in the human and social scale), and the 3 ages of time of the system (past-young age of energy, adult, reproductive present age and future, informative age). This is in a nutshell the Universe and its fractal organic laws.

And the purpose of science is to maintain a balance between the 3 networks of the system, in History, Gaia, the life earth, our energetic territory, mankind the re=productive body and its machines, and the informative neuronal castes on top, in such a manner, that the neuronal informative castes do not wrinkle, absorb and age the organic cells of the body, till they collapse into death. Immortality consists on having a well designed super organism, and nature does have in physical systems and ecosystems of life clear proofs, from black holes to ant-hills, that do work and last in time almost till eternity; because they follow those laws of balance.

We came to the conclusion that all systems of nature, are organic systems, extending in 3 relative scales of the ‘5th dimension’ (of scalar, fractal scales, in a discontinuous fractal organic Universe).
So all physical systems exist in an atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales.
And all human systems exist in a cellular, individual and social scales.
The co-existence of human beings in those scales is thus natural to the Universe.
And the relationships between humans in those 3 ‘∆±1’ scales, the stuff of which social sciences should built on.
This has a fundamental advantage over all previous models of History – though of course it connects with the great masters of sociology and historic sciences from the earlier prophets of eusocial love to the modern socialist and organic schools – we DO have a model in Nature to build and efficient human super organism of history, as Nature does build such efficient super organisms where all cells thrive, all have enough energy and information to survive, and the whole ‘mankind’, works efficiently and controls its vital territory – in our case the Earth.
We defined, according to History is the existence of mankind from the first human who spoke till the last one who will. As such, it can be considered scientifically a super-organism of human ‘cellular citizens’, which as a species follows the laws of evolution of social super organisms in increasing steps of social organisation; as all other successful social species do.
The difference though between history and other social systems, is that history seems to have failed to evolve into a global human organism, while a ‘new species’, the machine, is fast becoming that globalized super organism – the metal earth or financial-media (informative machines) military-industrial (energetic machines) system. And this organism, its reproductive units, company-mothers and its species, machines and weapons, are fast substituting mankind, the ‘enzymatic’ function that has catalysed its evolution from the eco(nomic)system in labor and war fields.
This is the biological, present state of planet Earth, described by the ‘evolutionary equation’ of this planet – not a necessary equation if humans would manage consciously its evolutionary process, but at present, without caring to understand it, a deterministic Darwinian process:
Gaia (life-past) > History (human earth) > Eco(nomic)system (metal-earth)
But, and this is the fascinated fact about the Organic Universe, the past is not fixed. As Einstein put it the separation between past, present and future is an illusion. Past is merely the entropic death of a system which misguided by the wrong information, becomes extinct.

So to change the previous equation all what humans should do is to change his focus, from growing an eco(nomic)systems of machines, ruled by corporations, back to the goal of mankind – to grow a perfect super organism of human beings, lead by the production of WHealth, healthy wealth, our needed biological goods in perpetual scarcity because they are ‘cheaper’ in monetary values than machines.

But of course, if humans wanted to create a human superorganisms of history, in control of the super organism of machines, we just described, they could do it, not obviously by leaving the laws of evolution run the market, with a biased handicapped, against-man ‘tricked’ system, where only corporations, company-mothers of machines have all the fights of the ‘free market’, as they are not us, the legal people who can reproduce for free money on the market – while we are taxed or have to work for it.

Hence, we live in a super organism where the blood=money is invented for and by machines, where humans are expendable, mere numbers with no credit, on an economic equations.

This, completely disguised by the false talk of economists working for corporations is the core of the matter: Humans have in the economic ecosystem the same rights that an animal in  a verbal society: NONE, because the language of the economic ecosystem, MONEY, which selects its species, IS NOT invented by humans but by company-mothers of machines.

We can see in the next graph those generations of the biblical culture and its nations, which have carried the ages of evolution of machines now all together, with the ‘human infinitesimals’ of each of those generations (perfectly irrelevant as individuals fit the role set for them by the cycle, except when they are truly free r=evolutionaries, which seldom change the inertia of the evolutionary wave).

In that regard, the small variations of the dates on those generational waves of ‘machines’ (barely a 10% usual in the analysis of any space-time wave), show indeed the evolutionary and generational nature of the cycle of machines, which are first ‘pure energy and bombs’, then transport machines and finally weapons – and the adaptation of humans to the wave UNDER THE HYPOTHESIS of work of Bio-economics.

The structure of the human super organism.

To understand history as a science, we must first define what we are studying. And the answer in ‘modern science’ of systems and information, is obvious:

  • The super organism of mankind, from the first wo=man, citizen/cell of history who spoke and started the social organisation of human beings with his language of information, ‘legal, ethic words’, to the last man who will talk and form part of that super-organism.

Now this is NOT an analogy but an homology, A FACT:

ALL SYSTEMS ARE COMPOSED of two dual networks, studied in its General Laws NOT by politicos or economists but by the science of systems, of which this writer is a leading researcher (having chaired for years the International World congress – ISSS – of its foundational science, duality, which studies how all systems are organised with the 2  ‘networks’).

Thus in systems sciences we define a super organism as a system controlled by 2 networks, an ‘energetic, productive’ and an ‘informative network’.

In the case of of a human as a supeorganism of cells and member of a society, a super organism of citizens, those networks are:

-The blood=reproductive=economic network or body/middle class, and its organs of production of goods, ‘corporations’, and

-The nervous=informative=political network and its brain/government with its privileged neuronal class.

Thus it is easy to define immediately politics as the science that tries to manage efficiently the informative legal system of societies and economics – as the science that studies the re=productive networks of social super organisms.

And then it is easy to deduce the laws to create efficient societies and economic and political networks departing from the laws of Duality and Systems science, as all sciences start from first principles.

Thus the application of  the discoveries of complex sciences to study history and economics is the origin of bio-economics and bio-history and explain the social and biological superorganisms of mankind and machines.

Let us now show that social organization of all systems through its ‘informative/political’ and reproductive/energetic networks, in order to describe the networks of history and the needed reforms to create an efficient human super organism at the social scale.

What is an organism of information and energy? A herd of species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transform energy and process it in a vital way. How individual species organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems or bodies, or organisms? Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms (nations, civilizations).

In the Universe there are many type or such social organisms. Since “energy never dies but eternally transforms itself”, organisms have an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies”, organized by networks of Energy and Information.

The former is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole, of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape ð orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell. Cells then radiate until their density saturates the vital territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic, blood organs appear. A new, more complex species -the animal, and the man- is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosm -the macrocosm of History and economics– where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information.

The purpose of this web is to study such organisms; historic organisms (a social organism of humans), and economic ecosystems (a wave of products that interact with human beings), as organic systems; trying to design and improve them, from the perspective of the health of what is best for the survival of man, as the ruling species of that organism.


In the graph we can see the parallelisms between all systemic, social organisms, in this case a biological organism and a sociological superorganism of history, a nation, America. Both follow the same laws that all the complementary, organic systems of energy and information of the Universe. So we can observe the parallelism between the elements of a biological and sociological organism, divided into: cells/citizens, joined by blood/economic networks that reproduce and distribute the genetic/memetic products of the system, and informative, nervous/legal networks that organize its structure.

The result is a dual class structure into a neuronal/informative system or ‘class’ that controls with the language of information (nervous, legal order in biologic historic organisms) the blind body of cells that work for them (middle, ‘sheeple’ class in human societies, body organs), to whom it delivers enough energy – ‘blood/money’ – so they can perform their tasks.

Thus, to build a perfect super organism of History, we have Nature as the perfect template, since contrary to belief, the Universe is filled with perfect social super organisms, made of citizens cells all of which have enough energy-blood-money to feed its cells and enough, correct nervous-legal information to survive.

The difference between both organisms is one of efficiency: biological organisms have evolved into perfect systems, while human societies are still  primitive systems, where the ‘blood/monetary’ language controls the nervous/legal one, as it happens in Nature in worms and parasites…

The result of such ‘brainless’ systems is the incapacity of the organism to distinguish and control lethal goods, reproduced by the system or external to it (in history the reproduction of lethal weapons and other selfish memes of metal). Thus one of the advantages of a socio-biological model of History and Economics is its capacity to design a Perfect World, a perfect super-organism of mankind the same species that should evolve together under the laws of eusocial love, as cells with the same ‘DNA’ species do – a task we  carry about theoretically  in this blog.

Unfortunately today the people on top of the blood system, financiers run economies with ‘greed’ – that is with methods to invent as much money as possible, mainly for themselves, not with the search for the common good.

And on top it is a dogma, both, the nervous/informative system of mankind (politics) and the blood/reproductive system MUST go each one a different way, and each political party also must go each way. So humanity is in biological terms a primitive worm-like organism with twin heads, and parted by half – the BOTTOM OF EVOLUTION AND that is what economics consider the ‘best of all systems’, capitalist democracies.

So it is fundamental to evolve with the laws of systems science the  human super organism.

History and its cultures do have regardless of the individual freedom of its human beings, such social organisation, but only in the past decades in the milieu of systems sciences we have been able to formalise properly all those facts:


In the graph we can see those organisms. Now, how civilisations die is also clear. It is due to the evolution and massive reproduction of weapons, which tuned to the rhythms of climatic change, have massacred most cultures of mankind with a longer life span of 800 years, after a baroque, old age of excessive technological information, which artists have shown with its literary prophetic and visual angst. So we can talk of History together as the time analysis of the super organism of mankind, and the evolution of weapons with its cycles of extinction of life, as the biggest threat for the immortality of History, which moved from its energetic young paleolithic to its age of balance with Gaia, in the mature neolithic age, and now in the age of metal-memes, we live the 3rd age of information, prior to our foreseeable death as a species, if we do NOT manage to control the robotic radiation, quite obviously the species that can extinguish us. But of course, the doctors of history, politicians and economists could stop this biological radiation that is poised to extinguish mankind. Since a social super organism is a system half way between a biological organism and an evolutionary species – meaning it is not so deterministic as a biological organism. And humans can as long as the robotic and chip radiation and its automated company-mothers do not acquire self-reproductivity (freedom and consciousness is quite irrelevant in evolution), redesign scientifically the world and manage the chip ‘radiation’.


The anti-quantum paradox: uncertainty of information in social sciences.

What we have said so far is an ‘objective science of economics and history’, built on realist biological laws, in a biological planet, inhabited by a biological species.

But the world as we know is not guided by ‘objective, good-hearted, realist, humanist scientists’.

Social sciences are extremely subjective, and filled with abstractions, ego-trips, idol-ogies and human myths. So economists still revere one Adam smith who said that making money – the language of information or ‘oxygen’ of the blood-economic system is the meaning of life, because it is  ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ – and so human greed, the accumulation and production of all goods, even lethal goods, as long as they can be sold is always Ok. We are ruled in social sciences by passions and desires to which ‘reason’ bends, finding always ‘stupendous arguments’ of ‘highly-prized experts’, to make possible and justify profits, producing lethal goods.

Thus we talk NOT of social sciences but mainly idol-ogies, where ‘fetish-metal’, iron, go(l)d and techno-utopian machines are not analysed objectively.

The very limited scientific development of social sciences, is a remarkable fact acknowledge even by its practitioners who call economics ‘the dismal science’ and quip that there are ‘truths, half lies, and damned lies and statistics’. Even the Britannica acknowledge in the case of history, its limited development, as it does not often pass even the first element of the scientific method – gathering of accurate data, due to the difficulties imposed to the ‘researcher’ by the people in power.

In that regard, before we go ahead, we must state scientifically in terms of the availability of information this  fact that differentiates social sciences from other disciplines:

– It is the anti quantum paradox of uncertainty in the truth of social sciences – caused by the fact that being the social scientist very small compared to the observable – the society (as opposed to quantum uncertainty, in which is too huge and changes the observable), the observable changes the social scientist and/or its conclusions to cater its selfish point of view:

‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ –  today with gold – Tertulianus.

Hence the difficult life of the best social scientists, specially in the field of history, whose work, which deals with the existence of mankind from the first to the last man and its social organisations, to which economics, which should deal with the ‘reproduction’ of the goods mankind needs to survive, must remain submissive, has been completely ignored, as selfish power has always prevented the implementation of just, efficient models of history and its informative/political and re=productive/economical networks.

From Socrates, who was condemned to death for denouncing the corruption of Athens’ democracy to Plato, chained by the tyrant of Syracuse and sold as a slave, when trying to reform Sicily, to Cicero, the author of Res Publica, condemned to death for opposing the financial and military corruption of Rome in the classic age…

To the biological, historic and socialist movement of social sciences of the XIX century –  from Butler, who first described the evolution of machines and its predation over man as weapons, its biological ‘drives’ of existence, as consumers of energy, and its symbiosis with humans, forming a new top predator species, the ‘animetal’=animal+metal, which rules modern history, studied in depth in those texts,  to Marx, who first realized of the crisis of overproduction of machines and the increasing unemployment they generate, substituted by those mechanisms as they evolved further, to Bakhunin, who gave the right solutions, asking for the nationalisation of the financial industry, to create a true democracy based in a Universal salary to kick a demand economy that would produce the agricultural and natural biological goods men need to survive, to Kondratieff, which refined the cycles of overproduction of Marx, establishing its relationship with the evolution of machines, murdered by Stalin; to Weber and his professor Sombart, who related capitalism with its utter despise of human rights, to the racist memes of earlier biblical go(l)d religions, to Keynes, who proposed a world currency, equivalent to our ¥€$ money, to be able to create such demand economy, without inflation and currency wars, denied in Bretton Woods.

To the modern, ‘3rd age’ of evolution of economic and historic sciences, taken place through information and systems sciences, which this blog written by one of its leading researchers represents, which has been for decades asking for the construction of a sustainable economic ecosystem, based in such a humanist, demand economy, and the proper construction of a super organism of mankind, following the Universal laws of Duality and General systems sciences, which can create a perfect world, designing with those laws, the 2 main networks of society, akin to those of any social organism – the reproductive/blood/ economic network and the informative/nervous/political network – totally ignored by political and financial power. 

Instead, both sciences are guided in its praxis, beyond the isolated efforts of a few scientists working in Universities and ignored by ‘the system’ they try to reform and improve, by ‘selfish memes of metal’, specifically 4 idol-ogies of power:

Nationalism and its parallel Abrahamic Religions, born in an age in which the subconscious collective of a tribe was called God instead of Nation – so Assur was the God, nation, capital, and people of Assyria, and Yhwh, toponym for Judea, was the God, nation, promised land and people of Israel, that deny the equality of all human beings and imposes the use of artificial border and metal-weapons of energy to impose itself, fostering the evolution of war.

Capitalism which denies the superiority of the verbal, legal, human language and its values positive to mankind, and affirms a digital language, money that converts man into an object, compared through prices, should rule mankind, and…

Mechanism, the techno-utopian idol-ogy that affirms human progress is to the progress and welfare of humanity (a tautology) but the progress and evolution of an alien species, we shall call ‘metalife’.

Those 4 false idol-ogies should obviously be substituted by its scientific truths:

  • Humanism as opposed to nationalism, all humans are equal and nations are a primitive imposition of military hordes, which should be played down, while international organisations modelled on the blueprint of EU and UNO, should be expanded till they encompass the entire world, reducing administrations to regional level.
  • Organicism as opposed to mechanism: the planet Earth, Gaia, is a fractal super-organism, made of smaller super organisms,  among which Mankind and its citizens cells are the most important, and mechanisms just simplified organisms, today fast evolving in the age of robotics by imitating organic systems. This thesis, expanded by General Systems to the entire Universe with its fractal structure, implies that the knowledge of man and history is the most important of all sciences, as humans are the most perfect organism, and the one we can study better to understand the whole and its parts.
  • Socialism, as opposed to capitalism, since the Universe is organic, social – a number in fact is a gathering of undistinguishable equal elements and so in as much as we can describe it mathematically, we talk of a social Universe. And so we must find in Nature the models that allow both the individual and the society to co-exist and thrive together efficiently. And to that aim we must use the natural informative language and values of man, verbal laws, NOT an alien, metal-based language, whose values we shall see are affine to metal, valuing with maximal prices weapons and minimal prices human life; or else we will construct as we are doing, a world where life has no value and war maximal GDP.
  • And finally, Mankind, and the laws of eusocial love that make its citizens-cells, share energy and information to construct the perfect super organism of History, our collective God, of which each of us is a fractal part, instead of tribal religions, in which the subconscious collective of a minimal part of Humanity is considered God (Allah, the subconscious collective of the Muslims, Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the Jewish-protestant people and so on).
  • This western religious system is paralleled in the East by the description of a larger God, the subconscious mind of the Universe, a Fractal Superorganism of yin≈vishnu≈ temporal information and yang≈shiva≈ spatial energy, which combine to create the ∞ beings of the Universe (taoism, buddhism, Hinduism). And so it is easy, now that we have a fractal, mathematical, organic model of the Universe, increasingly proved by experimental data, to adapt also Eastern religions to the scientific understanding of the Organic Fractal Universe, of which we, its organic fractal parts, are all made to its image and likeness.

How those idol-ogies happen? The point here is Darwinian evolution. Humans have broken the law of eusocial love to the members of its own species, which is the sure path to survival, and have not understood they are the collective subconscious mind of the planet Gaia, a super organism of life being they should protect.

Instead they have taken the wrong path of evolution, and become ‘animetals:animal +metal species’, very similar to ‘enzymes’ in a biological organism, which are atrophied carbohydrates, pegged to a metal atom, dedicated to murder other carbohydrates. Agains this is not a metaphor but a parallel law of scalar fractal super organisms. Enzymes catalyse the evolution of a better system, taken advantage of it but becoming atrophied. Animetal ‘warriors’ with weapons atrophied their minds and developed nationalistic tribal memes killing other members of the same species, animetal ‘bankers’ with hypnotic gold, an atom that imitates the form, the information of any other system, and hence hypnotises the eye imitating the sun, enslaved human beings and thought they were go(l)d chosen. And machine makers thought of all other humans as primitives. In the next graph we see that fundamental change of history in its 3rd age of evolution of metal-information, of which the present robotic age is just the last accelerated phase. So we show the 800 year civilisations and 80 years nations and its leading ‘animetal cultures’ on top, which chose always canons over butter to solve the problems of societies.

shorter. The Wave of History

We can see on the graph above the dual sides of the equation/ paradox of history. In the bottom side we see ‘humanist scientists of history, first ethic prophets, the politicians with r=evolutionary verbal ideas, trying to create super organisms of mankind based in eusocial love, creating a new larger super organism, and above the warriors, bankers and technocrats that despised their eusocial messages of love, and once they found a new weapon massacred all cultures, which angst prophets in the 3rd age of the culture depicted in all its suffering. And what we call modern history is merely the final professional phase of those cycles as company-mother of machines evolved in each generation and top predator industrial nation, the weapons and machines of choice of each accelerated informative cycle:


In the graph a triptych from a never completed documentary for lack of credit and distribution on the 3 parallel cycles, and its ‘2 phases’ of overproduction first of peaceful machines then of top predator weapons, the present crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines, which printed too much money (ticker speculation), electro-mechanical production systems that threw millions out of work (Taylorism, automated assembly lines) and the overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into W.W.II.

We are now in the last phase of the  crisis of overproduction of electronic machines of 2×2 types, informative, money-printing machines & mass-media and energetic weapons and tools/transports – THE MILITARY PHASE, with a clear expansion of the old ‘Semite wars’ between Israel and Palestine, to global scale, and the hardening of Jihad, the oldest ‘animetal culture’ of weapons – the assyrians occupyng the region of Syria, and go(l)d, Israel occupying the old region of canaan with its Baalist cults. Now canons are the only solution asked for. Butter is out of the picture. So the slide seems unavoidable; once the diplomatic non-profitable solutions of a welfare, Keynesian, global Marshall plan, and the integration of Israel as a single nation state in peaceful EU, which we proposed for decades, disappeared. Let us be clear enough. There are always two paths of future: one based in humanist, welfare memes and one based in military, violent, profitable ones, but in those cycles it is the industry not the human who chooses. Canons blame human, degrade them further and ultimately kill them. Butter is the empathy, natural, social solution, which blame mechanisms, the overproduction of machines, weapons and hate media, and it is the ‘scientific response’, which unfortunately a society ruled by modern ‘animetals’ have always rejected.


The oedipus paradox: human obsolescence and degeneration: back to the past.

Let us then conclude our analysis iof the laws of super organisms, which structure both human civilisations and industrial nations, where the aforementioned idol-ogies dominate the systems and unfortunately made of the evolution of selfish memes of metal, not human social memes and welfare goods the meaning of mankind.

The level of complexity we can use to study those super organisms can be very high. In that sense, I often compared my work on the subject to that of Asimov’s Foundation: bio-historians can predict the trends of the future, and I have been writing books with detailed analysis of the 2008 crises since the 90s unfortunately with null distribution by the idol-ogists of those sciences. Why this is possible is obvious: evolution is a very exact science, which uses both mathematical, logic and biological laws that always happen. Lions confronted to gazelles, have NEVER been killed by a gazelle. Terminators will NEVER be killed by human beings. There is a clear selection of machines, substituted by new generations, of labor substituted by new machines of weapons, substituted by better ones. And so the only solution to this kind of problems is butter not canons, love not hate memes, the kind of subtle strategies that unfortunately ‘hardcore’ animetals consider ‘weak’.

Consider the case of the monstrous terrorist attacks we are suffering from Jihad. Here we observe first, a general degradation of the superorganism of history returning to a neopaleolithic age, as chips degrade, atrophy and substitute our minds. So humans are regressing back in time to the most primitive idologies of the past. As old men talk of their infancy. So when you look at the map you realise that Syria was the origin of the first brutal military empires. And now regressing to the past, we have from Saddam Hussein to Daesh, the most brutal hardened animetal memes happening there. But of course, if we had not been brutalising Islam for 50 years, starting with the palestinian occupied territories, following with our backing of dictators that give us cheap oil for profits, but instead we have treated them humanly and invested in a global marshall plan, creating money for welfare and education, instead of investing it all in weapons and hate media, and electronic machines that degrade our mind, this would not happen. In the next graph we see the fundamental problem of mankind today. Since the 70s humanity is becoming fast degraded mentally into a brutal past neopaleolithic visual violent age due to the substitution of our mind by the chip, its FX, calculus and digital forms of thought:


The process is in biological terms self-evident. It is the oedipus paradox, the son species kills the father species. It happened before, as information dominates energy. So we are growing in size and body performance, because our minds are dwindling, becoming visual, violent, neopaleolithic, unconnected with other men by ethic verbal thought.

And only with this biological analysis we can understand what is happening to the world: a more brutal new generation takes over, with more sophisticated weapons, regressing to an infantile, negative, old-man’s view of reality as our super organism dies away.

Now we shall not use the complex mathematical jargon of General systems sciences, akin to that of quantum physics and relativity, beyond some needed elements, such as the anti-quantum paradox, the principles of absolute relativity, but rather consider the easier to explain laws of evolution and theory of organisms. Yet the reader should understand there is a complex mathematical model, which studies the wave of history, and explains this final collapse, which is NOT the collapse of humanity into a superorganism, but that of machines. So the first thing he should do is to understand that the patterns of history after the Neolithic are not HUMAN but mechanical, as company-mothers of machines are not HUMAN ORGANISMS but organisms of reproduction of a different species. His ego must be lowered to understand reality as it is, beyond its idol-ogies and power fictions of an entitled chosen of go(l)d species, based in a Book of history of the bronze age, which so much has harmed the collective subconscious of mankind, putting us outside the realm of the laws of the organic Universe, which we need to understand if we want to survive. Yhwh will NOT save ‘you’ because it is only the subconscious collective of the ‘you’ people. Allah will not resurrect you on paradise, because it is only the nation of Islam, as much as America will resurrect your body. Point.

This most people know, but what they don’t realise is that once this is known as a fact, we must integrate us then as carbon life species within the laws of organic evolution of this planet, and realise nothing, consciousness, power, and our future, is outside those laws. We do obey the same biological drives of existence that all other animals do, that company-mothers of machines whose only goal is to reproduce, evolve and taken care of those machines, akin to ‘ant-hill’ super organisms do.

He must then understand that the top predator species in this planet today is NOT a human being but a company-mother of machines. This is the next layer of evolution of this planet, and as it happens in systems sciences, it ‘jumps in size’ and form, so it is modelled as insect life systems are. Evolution is scalar and jumps in levels of organisation. So we can model galaxies as cells, with Black Hole informative DNA and star mitochondria. We can model factories as cells too. And we can model companies as ant-hills, efficient, with limited freedom but by far the most powerful super organism of this planet, geared to reproduce and devour all other forms of life.

Indeed, the most successful ant species, the argentinean ant has expelled from the pampas all other bigger feline predators. The company-mother of machines, increasingly automated, forming a superoganism with centre in world stock ruled by digital flows of information, IS TODAY in control through its monopoly on the language of social power, money, of all other supposed human institutions of power, governments, people manufactured with audiovisual systems, military corrupted to cater the sales of expensive weapons, culture, reduced to hypnotic mass-media information and so we talk of the Financial-Media (informative machines and its company-mothers)/Industrial-Military (energetic machines and companies), super organism and its digital brain (world stock, intranet, military networks), as the super organism which internally controls in increasing degrees of sophistication, a degraded race of memetic slaves, mankind.

Now the control of mankind by this FMMI super organism happens in an internal subconscious manner, as most systems control its cells, willingly because they provide more efficiently energy and information to the systems – mankind.

However as long as mankind does NOT understand rationally those cycles and the way the FMMI supeorganism is growing, and the natural end of the process, similar to that of any other growing super organism – our extinction, we won’t control our future.

The existence of those generational cycles of evolution with such a precision, including the collateral effects of death, they bring during the overproduction crises of war-memes, shows precisely how wrong we are about our cherished freedom: if we were free, as a species we would NOT suffer those collateral consequences, controlling the overproduction of canons, switching to butter, as the best economists of the 3 cycles (socialist school, Keynesian school and systemic sustainable school in the present crises) has been preaching for so long.

Then the cycles would not be so precise tuned to the biological cycle of human beings – but in a society in which all resources are used to evolve and reproduce those machines, because people believe that machines’ progress is more important than theirs, that the enemy is the neighbour that you kill with weapons and that making money whatever it takes is the bottom line of existence, idolaters do carry the day. Of course it is an ugly world and the fractal Universe punishes the imbalance with extinction so it preserves its perfect super organisms.

Thus the only explanation why the cycles happen and all goes so smooth, is Aristotle’s dictum: ‘people are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. Indeed, those of us who reason, have no hearing. And as the degradation of mankind grows, we observe with astonishment, how as in the mind of an old man, the human sheeple loves their own degradation into a neo-paleolithic, visual negative ‘back to the past’ old man age of ‘mementums’ about its cherished past – call it abrahamic revivalism, jihad, zealots, primitive ecologists and any other of the doctrines that do NOT dare to look at the future and control it.

So mankind is becoming more and ore a slave race that do NOT challenge the idol-ogies that pretending to be humanist, do merely impose the need to use weapons (nationalism), machines (mechanism as the nature of the Universe) and money (capitalism, which considers societies must be ruled by money NOT by the human verbal, legal language).

Those 3 ‘postulates’ of our society, which are NOT challenged, are FALSE. WE ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE SAME SPECIES, mankind, we have a verbal, legal language that caters human needs putting humans, the subject first, instead of equalling us to machines for a price, (subject>Verb>Object vs. Man=price=object), so only with laws we can create a world to our image and likeness. And finally, it is obvious that the Universe is a fractal organism, the new paradigm of philosophy of science, and systems sciences, from where this discipline, spans.

So, the approach of systems sciences and this blog to the study of economics and history is not IDOL-OGICAL, it is different – it is scientific, organic, ‘realist’.

Reason why we have to remind the reader, filled with idol-ogies that pass as science and humanism, WHAT IS REALLY science, and what is really MANKIND.

Let us then consider history and economics NOT AS DOCTRINES OF POWER, in which certain humans try to achieve the ‘control’ of societies, with its languages of information (money and laws) WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST interest in understanding scientifically History according to the scientific, biological laws that rule all social, biological super organisms of Nature. We shall therefore show the scientific nature of those two sciences, which study the informative, political and economic, reproductive, energetic networks of the super organism of mankind, which follow the same laws of all super organisms, including its cycles of birth, evolution and extinction – when its cellular citizens are NOT properly managed and taken care of – reflected on those cycles of evolution of machines that become top predator weapons, its most perfect evolutionary form and then kill wholesale life forms and human beings of less technological societies – something animetals might consider ‘victory’ but on the long term, as the subtle prophets of eusocial love try to explain them, will mean the collective murder and suicide of mankind.

The ‘$plendid little wars’ age.

To fully understand the world we live in, we have to give you a first sight of the entire wave of history and its human super organism, which as all super organisms, have gone through 3 ages – the young energetic paleolithic age of hunting-gatherers, the age of balance and reproduction or neolithic of fertility goddesses, and the present age of metal evolution or 3rd age of excessive information that is poisoning life. We study those long ages of civilizations carried mainly by what we call ‘animetal:animals with enhanced metal weapons and informative hypnotic gold’, which came to dominate history, first in the Fertile crescent (semite gold cultures) and then in Europe (germanic war cultures). This brief introduction is needed because we ALWAYS talk of memes not of genes, but memes do create cultures, and selfish metal memes have corrupted cultures since that earlier neolithic.

So there is a direct relationship with the quantity of time a culture has been ab=using life with metal-memes and the brutality and primitivism of its present practitioners.

Indeed, Arabs DID find the first weapons of bronze, and today Yihad occupies the same regions of Northern Iraq with the same brutal methods. In that view, we cannot be AS SCIENTIST OF HISTORY THAT EXPECT TO HELP THE SURVIVAL OF THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND be neutral about cultures. It is not ok to use weapons to control other humans, or gold to hypnotise them.

This means while individuals are free to belong to any culture, as penpal Chomsky put it to me in a letter, so all he said could be considered jewish if they believe the myth of Adam, but he didn’t consider himself as such because he didn’t belief in the ‘racist memes of talmud’, a bronze age religion of go(l)d fetishes, fact is memes do imprint minds, and memes, idol-ogies MUST be judged. We cannot respect nazism, which is merely the paroxysm, and final limit of the germanic cult(ure) of iron swords, when the germans called themselves Goths, the tribe of Gods because they could kill anyone with iron. But obviously a German individual who confesses himself a pacifist, like Mr. Hesse, is a humanist that must be praised.

Now of course, as we regress fast to the most primitive animetal cults of history, we are horrified by the brutality of Jihad, which we did everything possible to create. In the first cycle, after 300 years of slavery, blacks had degraded their cultures so much that their own kings provided the slaves, and in its highest artistic Guinean cultures, they used their bronze statues to sacrifice their own sons and drink their blood to appease the evil God of the white people. So the yellow press exploited this final gottendamerung to send troops and conquer Nigeria. We are though even more twisted. We let Daesh continue for years, so we do have a excuse to create a security big-brother electronic world at home. We want to ‘exist’ in a perpetual Orwellian war for profits, as the robotic military r=evolution is all about making surveillance weapons and remote control wars. So we do NOT invade and clean up daesh, within 2 weeks – a rag army of kalashnikovs, and let their terrorists come home to murder us, because that will ensure for decades ahead huge profits for the military age of robots. And will distract the sheeple from the corrupted politicos and monopolistic financiers. So the III war age, starts heavily as the I fascist, colonial age, masterminded by the FMasters, against Islam, and once the global security state is in place, as the century progresses, in a world of massive underemployment, and virtual reality, we will enter the ‘real thing’, the Yakutian and Himalayan wars, the birth of the Metalearth.

What does not need to evolve are the animetal idol-ogies that allow this non-human future to progress. They are the same of the first age of Bronze wagons, which created the memes of the dominant metal master cults to weapons (chariot, germanic cultures) gold (Jewish-protestant cultures) and Machines (Angl0-American cultures).

This is the true meaning of the anti-quantum paradox: humans keep regressing as machines keep evolving.

Today the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines) System’ which is what mankind is evolving, a ‘herd of company-mothers’ of machines, now becoming a global superorganism ruled by the flows of e-money, the digital information of the Metal-earth.

Thus, the final outcome of those overproduction crises is obvious:

The creation of the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Industrial-Military (Energetic machines) BY company-mothers of machines that adapt the world to its image and likeness, expelling humans from labor and war fields, following the ‘productivity’ mantras of classic economists means IS THE CREATION OF A NEW GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM, the Mechanocene made of informative and energetic machines that substitute the Anthropocene, the Ecosystem of History made of human informative minds and agricultural energy:

  • The ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial(energetic machines) Complex System’, which is the Organism of the Mechanocene, that is substituting:
  • The ‘Verbal-Humanist (informative languages)/Agricultural-Social’ (Human Energy and Life Systems) or Historic Organism that dominated the Earth till the arrival of corporations.


In the graph, the Mechanocene, in which company mothers, reproduce increasingly robotized machines – soon all cars will be driverless – and expel humans without credit and work=reproductive jobs from the eco(nomic) system they have created through its collective brain world stock, and its e-money flows that credit its global arteries of energy and information.

Today ‘Word-stock’, the brain of the FMMI Complex System, delivers e-money only to corporations the new dominant, ‘reproductive organism’ of the planet. So its offspring of machines and its mind of digital chips, multiply.

But it does not give credit to humanity, so we suffer poverty and scarcity of welfare goods need to survive.

Today the language of corporations, e-money, is controlling the world and selecting its species, as languages do, by discharging all those who speak worst its digital language. So money gives minimal value to humans and maximal value to machines, provoking its massive reproductive radiations and the substitution of humans in labor and war fields.

Yet if humans did understand those facts biologically they could stop the process before its completion – namely the extinction of man, is completed. As they don’t,  the 3 subspecies or ‘organic parts’ of ‘selfish memes of metal’ – informative, digital, money, Go(l)d, today converted into e-money cycles in computer minds), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (Machines), are given a free ride, without any limit to cre(dit)ate its future; that is, to foster its evolution and reproduction and adapt the world to its image and likeness, building the informative (internet) and energetic (roads, energy lines) systems of the Mechanocene.

Let us then consider those patterns, focusing in the modern, accelerated cycles of evolution of machines, and parallel extraction of all things human, perfectly hidden by the process of increasing ego-trips, individual isolations, short-time span (carpe diem, live the day) attitude of the last human generations, and overall loss of all verbal, survival content in the increasingly erased minds of our millennial sons. That is the process of ‘not to be’ that makes the young generation, unbearable light, so when time comes for them to spirit away, idiots connected to vireal screens, dependant on machines for even the menial tasks, reality will hardly notice the evanescence of its infinitesimal minds, thinking to be infinite superheroes of their virtual screens.

Humanity: synchronous superorganism. History, diachronic view.

Now it is obvious a biological analysis of economics and history will have 2 x 2 approaches:

  • The synchronic analysis of those systems as ‘organisms’. It is the study of human societies as super organisms ruled by verbal informative laws and cultural systems and reproductive economic systems. And the study of the economy as a super organism I have baptised the Financial-Media (informative machines or head) Industrial-military (energetic machines) system. Both are evolving in parallel but the humans super organisms, nations and civilisations are today ruled by money submissive to the super organism of machines.
  • A diachronic analysis of the evolution of both systems, which it is in fact inverse as machines prey over man, and so in this final age of the Industrial r=evolution, UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS ONES IN WHICH MAN WAS THE MIND OF THE MACHINE, HENCE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF IT AND EVOLVED MUCH FASTER, now is devolving, while the machine is accelerated its evolution a decametric process of 800-80-8 year cycles of informative, technological accelerated evolution, studied in depth in the right and left side – the age of weapons (bronze swords, chariots, iron, coins, spurs, gunpowder and digital weapons), with 800 years cycles in which nomads in bad climatic ages destroyed sedentary civilisations; the 80 years cycles of machines, which end in perfect weapons used in global wars, and the 8 years cycles of chips, which accelerate the entire process of evolution of machines to a mere decade. We shall thus study diachronically all those cycles and the human counterpart, human civilisations, WHO FLOURISH WHEN WEAPONS EVOLUTION AND MACHINE EVOLUTION recedes, in the middle of the waves, or classic age of human cultures.

Those cycles can only be explained with the language of biology and ethics, translated to biology as it merely reflects the eusocial message of love to the species that make survival easier – so ants are the most successful species of this planet, and robots will be soon even more successful as the internet of things communicate them all.

So that is the proper language of bio-history, the language of Marx, Jesus, Buddha, and Darwin, all the same, and that jargon mixed with the jargon of all the interdisciplinary sciences I used to refound an organic philosophy of the Universe is the one I used for decades in my books.

The jargon of those initial models, which I kinda love is/was a mixture of bio-sociological words, and physical terms, extracted from the ‘larger theory’ of General Systems Sciences, a scientific Unification of all systems of nature I developed in my research on the organic, fractal 5D structure of the Universe, which was for a time my most well-known scientific work till my activism against the nuclear industry and the financial industry, provoked a series of global ad hominem campaigns that ended all my scholar engagements till today – reason why now, retired I pour my thoughts on these webs.

What is the difference of applying the abcd method of social sciences? Simple, a higher degree of truth and the capacity to forecast the future and find solutions in a rational manner, ending the unending ‘opinions’, which is how now social sciences and politics work. LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH: SCIENCES ARE NOT BUILT ON OPINIONS BUT ON CERTAINTIES, PROVED by the scientific method and the repetition of those cycles, and the use of knowledge for a positive human praxis.

Consider for example the case of overproduction of weapons and war cycles, and its 2 solutions, which should not even debated, as the humanist Democratic demand based economy should be chosen.

A Free jungle, an economic ecosystem RULED by a digital language, money, better spoken by machines, where the dominant ‘free citizen’ of the market, the corporation has unlimited supply of it, and humans have none (they must earn it with hard work and on top are taxed while corporations invent it for free on stock-markets) – the world we live in, is PERFECTLY designed to extinguish life and create the world of mechanisms we see all over multiplying while resources for humans dwindle. Even in America, 25% of food today is used to create bio-fuels to feed machines.

So to understand human societies  those cycles are the key.

Indeed they intertwine with ALL the aspects of modern history, including culture, political and cultural systems, its r=evolutions.

And we will explain them from 2 perspectives, the classic humanist perspective of critical view of the animetal people-castes on top and the humanist solutions to the problems of mankind, and the new bio-logical perspective of the larger laws of fractal organisms and the biological Universe, which are imposed digitally and mechanically without human interference. Let us consider first that view of the OVERPRODUCTION CRISES OF MONEY, from the perspective of the language of the other super organism, the economic ecosystem.

Take it or leave it. You can ‘believe’ in capitalism, but if you reason you will realise capitalism is about to extinguish your sons in the nearby future, as the cycle of robotics completes in 72 years its FULL displacement of the human species. I repeat, you can follow Aristotle’s dictum ‘humans are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’, which is what corporations, mass-media, believers’ economists and think tanks will tell you and teach you, or you can reason according to the laws of the land, the biological planet you live in; and spread word of mouth – as obviously bioeconomics is not a doctrine known and liked, what will happen according to those laws. Evolution IS happening, and there are ways to avoid it, as long as Humans decide to RULE the market with the laws of social organisms, which EVOLVE properly and SURVIVE. If they decide to ‘believe’ irrational, greedy, ego-trips and self-serving memes of superiority, God-like chaos and let it all go without even wanting to know how it works, where it leads you, what are the cycles of the economic ecosystem, there won’t be a new human century.

The survival of mankind, implies the reformation of the economic ecosystem, with the prohibition of lethal robotics and the nationalisation of the financial network of monetary power with a Yes-money Universal 1000 dollars salary to every one of the 7 billion humans to create a real democracy, is all what matters to us, to the world to social sciences TODAY.

All other themes  DONT MATTER COMPARE TO OUR SURVIVAL- and there are many, WHICH OBSESS humans, from wars to nationalisms, from terrorism to money, from sports to virtual fictions, from couples to sex are irrelevant to the highest of all goals. NOTHING will exist if the biological survival of the human species is NOT ensured this last century, by stopping the robotic r=evolution and by establishing a real democracy by control of laws and money.

We DO stress this fact because it seems 7 billions humans have forgotten it. Now I don’t care which is your theme and how insulted you feel when i break your taboos in this web. Our Theme is HUMANITY, our POSTULATE, and we do NOT accept any HIGHER idea, goal and purpose for HUMANITY (self-evident, tautological truth which seems also ignored by 7 billion humans who call themselves Christians or Jews, Americans or Hindis, Chinese or Chicagoans, ‘Sanchez’ or ‘Yang’ and think all those ‘names’ and its mind-mappings matter more than his life and his species.


How to do so? It is easy trust me. The foremost scientist of systems science today is telling you so. It is really simple if the people-castes on top of our societies wanted to do it, or the mass of humanity, r=evolved against them, and decided to switch their attention from consuming electronic gadgets and hate media to reform the world and survive.


Now we said the FMMI system is made of two type of machines, energetic machines which are dual (good machines that we consume and evil weapons that consume Life) and two information machines also dual, those who print ‘good money’ we love and those who degrade and speak hate-media messages, which are symbiotic to weapon and kill us together in body and mind.

This theme is to me the most important, because it makes reaction increasingly impossible, as we hate other humans and kill them, with weapons and hate-media we evolve. So we shall deal with it now, analyzing the evolution of informative mass media machines and its hate memes that promote war.

Since they fuel the cycle of wars the overproduction with hate memes and idol-ogies that foster weapons and war, mainly nationalism and Abrahamic religions that divide the NATURAL SPECIES, homo sapiens that must love and evolve all its members according to biology, into ‘tribal species’ of certain nation or tribal religion and allow the use of hate-memes and hate-weapons to kill each other ‘contra-natura’.

Yet before we study IN DETAIL THE LAST PHASE OF THOSE overproduction crises, THE AMERICAN AGE OF Robotic wars, we would like to bring perhaps the most ‘comprehensive’ analysis of money:

MONEY AS A LANGUAGE THAT VALUES all the things of this planet and systematically denies any value to human beings, as opposed to verbal languages, natural to man that value man over all things.

Since ultimately we are designing a world to the image and likeness of machines because we LET MONEY regulate societies over the LAW, so we let the language of machines and corporations dominate the language of mankind, and select its species over ours.

In brief, world-stock money is created to credit a world made to the image and likeness of metal-memes, which is evolving fast from an eco(nomic)system of corporations into a global organism of corporations, ruled by a global digital brain of e-money ‘world-stock’. It is the Metal-earth in which man is becoming increasingly obsolete, as worker and consumer substituted by machines that reproduce machines and consume other machines.

This is what it is all about. It is rather simple, and so it is also a natural property of all systems to make it complex enough to hide the dictatorship and future non-human world the corporations and financiers’ anti-humanist cultures design.

Thus OVERPRODUCTION CRISES of tool machines that cause unemployment are systematically denied by the most powerful institution of our world, the company-mother of machines, and its ‘working bees’, classic economists, whose only mandate is precisely to re=produce, sell and profit the machines of the corporation, eliminated the human beings that compete with them whenever needed in labor and war fields. so we shall end now with that final elimination in war fields, because that is my friends, how the present age of organic machines SHALL end deterministically according to the laws of creation and extinction of biological top predator species in this planets, UNLESS we stop the robotic radiation, forbidding legally ALL forms of robotics NOW, BEFORE Company-mothers do evolve finally into automated corporations, with robotic workers and consumers that no longer will need humanity.

We can resume the biological relationships of reproduction, evolution and preying of machines on men, in a verbal-mathematical prophecy that includes the ideals of Smith and Marx, twisted by the reality of Darwinian evolution.

 Smith said that the growth of money (∆MV in mathematical terms) and products (∆ Tp), is symbiotic and parallel.

This has a biological explanation. As your body and brain are symbiotic and maintain the same proportion in all human beings, so does money – the brain of the FMI system – and machines, the cells of its body. In other words, there is a parallel growth of money and machines. How this affects human beings?

It was obvious to classic economists, from Ricardo to Marx that the growth of capital (∆MV) and products (∆Tp) extinguished labor, substituted by technological machines, bought with money.

Yet for classic economists, including Marx, this was also good in the long term, since once all labor was substituted by machines, we could live for free forever, in a paradise of workers without work, but with a salary, to spend in slave machines. This could indeed happen if the economic ecosystem is reformed and the right of Private Banks to invent money is taken away and governments invent money for the people, giving every human being a minimal salary. But for that to happen a r=evolution must take place. And yet, even in that case, we will become an obsolete, lazy species, atrophied in their minds and bodies.

A Darwinian theory agrees with the ‘objective’ analysis of both economists. Machines and money reproduce together as Smith said. Machines expel labor as Marx said, because they compete with us in the economic ecosystem.

Yet at this point evolutionary theory diverges: this process cannot be rationally good. It is negative in an evolutionary sense; since it makes the human species obsolete. The concept of a socialist paradise or a techno-Utopian future is another animetal myth, this time originated by Marx – since it fails to see any negative effects in machines. So we should write the consequences of those 2 findings of abstract economists in different, evolutionary terms:

‘The evolution of Capital & Machines (∆MV=∆TP) will expel all labor=humanity and Humanity will create Utopia (Marxist truth) or become extinct (Darwinian truth).’

The previous sentence resumes the findings of Marx, Ricardo, Smith and Bio-economics in a single sentence. (The italic text gives the sentence a biological meaning.)Mv is money and Tp represents the top predator, more expensive goods of an economy, (written Pt by economists).

It measures the total prices of economical goods (of which machines and weapons are most of it.) And so the maximum parallel growth of money and machines occurs in war periods. It means that the evolution and reproduction of capital and machines preys on mankind. It does not create a paradise. The logic outcome of such process is our extinction. The fantasy is a world-paradise. In XIX C.

Marx believed in Utopia, because machines were too simple to think they would become self-reproductive, independent organisms. But today, when robots are about to cross the threshold of self-reproduction (reproductive Singularity) and acquire Artificial Intelligence (Informative Singularity) the end of history is crystal clear.

Obsolete workers never receive the paradise treatment. They become extinguished in wars, isolated in ghettos, sometimes of continental size (such as Africans, a farming culture, first used as a cargo or energy, an object of gunboat companies and plantations, today made obsolete by efficient engines.)

Today chip-driven machines substitute human workers at body and mental level also in the 1st world and that is the real issue of the present economic crisis: Machines are increasing the ‘productivity’ of their companies with robots and software creating millions of 1st world obsolete workers.

The cycles of all the civilisations of history in the past, present and future accelerated in complexity with the arrival of machines, from 800 years cycles of radiations of weapons that peaked in ages of destruction of all civilisations, to 80 years and now it has accelerated to 8 years which is the present cycle of ‘splendid little wars’ with drones and other intelligent machines.

And this happens because the Economic ecosystem does NOT NEED MAN ANYMORE:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 21.41.25

The new ‘ruling castes’:          Warrior Robots    – Worker Robots         – Speculative Chips


The evolution of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex is killing the Life-Earth.

Now it is obvious what we confront here: the evolution and predation of a super organism of informative and energetic machines, the Financial-Media (information) /Military-Industrial (energy) complex, which is NOT being symbiotic to life, because we humans do RENOUNCE to control it under the idol-ogies of nationalism and capitalism that make us slaves of those selfish memes of metal; HENCE A SUPERORGANISM that is killing fast the Life earth it substitutes and murders in the overproduction cycles of war. And this happens because the financial world is mismanaging the informative language that rules our society, money.

Ages of Life organisms are parallel to the ages of History

History would be immortal if the ideological memes of eusocial love had won.

They haven’t and so history has entered a cyclical period of life and death through a series of civilizations that must be understood with the same laws that cause the 3 ages of life and death of organisms.

This is not needed but it has happened and it is happenings.

In that regard, the meaning of Life and death is no longer a mystery to complexity theorists (though it will always be for primitive memetic people who think that what makes him happy – the fairy tales of our self-centered civlization is truth), but an organic process of reproduction and self-organization, guided by the arrow of informative time that we can extend to all  organisms and gives origin to the laws of evolution and the  3 ages of life.

Those ages mean that organisms are ruled by a head of information: Since the head of information constantly controls and uses the body to absorb energy, it is natural to find that when the organism starts its life, it has more energy. He is young. Yet as the organism lives, the selfish brain absorbs that body energy and trans-forms it into in-form-ation. So energy diminishes and information grows. As you feed on energy, information accumulates in cycles and forms, in patterns and wrinkles. But the system dies, because the behavior of informative systems never varies. It constantly absorbs energy, till exhausting the body into a biological ‘big crunch’ of wrinkles and de-form-ations. Brain cells are selfish. Neurons feed on the body system without giving back any energy at all. In history, the informative castes of societies that control its languages of power, money, weapons and the law are also the selfish castes that exploit the energy workers and finally exhaust the civilization.

The same process happens in economic ecosystems where the financial, informative language of money at the end of each Kondratieff cycle dominates the economy, absorbs all the resources, multiplies without limit and crashes the physical economy of human energy (workers, consumers), as it has just done recently. So ultimately the crisis we are living is a particular case of the natural crisis of all systems in which information multiplies without limit, under the selfish guidance of ‘informative’ neurons, in this case the financiers that reproduce money in our societies. And so the only way to maintain an organism healthy is by controlling the evolution of information, exactly the opposite of what our society does. It is the dominance of information over energy what kills organic systems. And yet humans are so naive or so programmed by the informative drive of the Universe that they keep evolving the information of this planet, advancing their 3rdage…

Thus life has 3±1 ages, starting in an age of energy (the paleolithic in history), a mature, reproductive age (the Neolithic in history) and a 3rd age of excess of information (the age of metals in history);  but then death, the negative -1 age of destruction and devolution of form into energy, erases all information. By far the most important drive or arrow of evolution in the universe is the arrow of social evolution of cells into organisms (conception or +1 arrow) and devolution (-1 arrow), when those cells dissolve back again. Those processes of creation and destruction apply to all sciences and are so common in Nature that the Greeks (Anaximander, Aristotle) already studied them. ‘Clock-time’ eliminated that wisdom of biological evolution and its life/death cycles, which now organicism regains.

The 3±1 ages of History.

1. The 3 Ages of History

Now the graph shows those 3 ages of history, and the end of the neolithic with its acceleration of the extinction of life, so well explained by the verbal prophet of genesis, with the bad and good fruits of the tree of science.

So truly the problem of mankind is its incapacity to distinguish those fruits and forbid the reproduction of lethal machines, as organisms do controlling the reproduction of lethal poisonous chemical products and viruses.

If humans had a truly biological analysis of history and economics, they could truly survive and create a perfect super organism of history. As they don’t, the previous graph has and will happen AS IT DOES IN ALL SUPERORGANISMS WHICH DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL DOCTOR TO CURE ITS ILLNESS, A BRAIN TO CONTROL ITS EXCESS OF INFORMATION, a scientific view of what they are and how can they exist forever.

Mankind evolved in time through 3±1 ages:

Birth as a first verbal ‘cell’, probably a woman that multiplies her numbers.

Max E:          Paleolithic, a youth of hunters, visual languages and minimal information.

E=I: The reproductive Neolithic, when man reaches his maturity in balance with Nature and creates through verbal networks (religions) a series of collective subconscious, called Gods of love that teach each cell to share energy and information with the other cells of the body of a civilization. Yet the arrival of metal extinguishes or corrupts most love cultures into go(l)d cults and inquisitions.

-Max. I:         It is the 3rd, informative, metal-age in which man halts his social evolution and focuses in the evolution of metal in its 3 forms, energetic metal or weapons, informative metal or money and organic metal-machines, which bring:

-1:                 Death: The Neo-Paleolithic, or Age of the Machine, when humans regress to an ‘Homo Bacteria’ state of selfishness and isolation, substituting their social networks of love by their desire to become attached to machines of higher energy and information that separate us and keep evolving, making humanity an increasingly obsolete species, killed by weapons in fields of war. At the end of this age,  we can foresee with the creation of the Singularity, either the 1st organic ‘bomb’ (a self-feeding bomb of dark matter) or the 1st self-reproductive machine (a nano-bacteria), the death of mankind.

+1:                Unless mankind evolves socially, ‘emerging’ as a super-organism, if humans organize themselves into a global civilization and control the evolution of lethal machines, maintaining History in an immortal present.

The human species is, beyond our arrogant, fantasies of anthropomorphic superiority, just a living form made of carbon atoms, which goes through the same ages of all other living formsbothas an individual and a species. So we can study the Organism of History (Humanity in time) through 3±1 ages; an energetic youth or Palaeolithic; a mature age of balance with Nature, the Neolithic; and a 3rd informative age of history, the Age of metal and machines.

Energetic Youth: Palaeolithic. ±5.000.000 BC to ±10.000 BC.

The Paleolithic was an energetic, young age in which men, the energetic gender, was the top predator animal on Earth, a hunter of living forms. It was also an age dominated by visual, spatiallanguages.

Reproductive AgeNeolithic. Age of Wor(l)ds and Goddesses. ±10.000 to ±3.000 BC.

The Neolithic was the classic age of mankind, an age of balance, when wo=men learnt the cycles of life and instead of destroying Nature, learnt to nurture, reproduce and harvest it. Women, the reproductive species, took power over men; and priests became the verbal guides of civilizations, creating super-organisms of History made of human cells joined by social love—the sharing of energy and information among ‘brothers’, clones of the loving mind of the same prophet. It was an age dominated by verbal, temporal languages, continued by the believers in religions of love that are not corrupted by weapons (inquisitions) and money (go(l)d churches), with its idolatry to the ‘values’ of metal: murder and greed.

Informative, 3rd age: Age of Metals. ± 3000 BC to 1600.As metal spread the ‘new’ values of money and weapons, greed and war, destroyed the networks of social love, ushering mankind into the 3rd age of history. Humans now evolve a new kind of atomic systems, stronger than carbon, creating energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines that transform Gaia into an economic ecosystem. It is the ‘animetal=animal+metal age’, in which a new ‘biological species’ that mixes animal and metal atoms, imposes power over the Earth.

It is the present age with 2 paths of future:

Either mankind will die, as machines keep evolving and make us obsolete as a species.

Or humans will obey the laws of survival of the Universe and evolve socially into a super-organism of history able to control lethal machines. The choice is within man till the arrival of the Singularity, when machines acquire organic properties and either a self-feeding bomb of dark matter, or a self-reproductive nano-bacteria ‘evolve’ the Earth into a species with a higher social density (a denser form of matter, or an organism made of denser atoms). In any case the future of history will be solved in the next decades, as we are already in that Age of the Singularity.

The 3±1 ages of metal-history.

In the graph, the Life-Death Cycle of History can be related to the evolution of metal, which causes our ‘physical death’ (weapons) and mental death (digital ideologies that simplify our perception).

We can use a bell curve to map out the 3 ages of life of mankind=history; and subdivide each of those ages in 3 sub-periods of birth, maturity and extinction. Since we have already studied the youth of history, the Paleolithic and its mature, social age, the Neolithic, we shall concentrate in the rest of the book in the Age of Animetals, with 3 sub-ages, marked by 3 clear discontinuities in the evolution of metal, both in weapons and money:

— YOU TH OF METAL-HISTORY: Energetic Weapons age: From 3000 BC to 500 BC. Mankind lived in the Age of Bronze weapons and bartering. Since money is still scarce in the form of bars of metal, words are still the main language of communication of mankind. But now writing becomes the vehicle to expand the law of the warrior, in control of Neolithic societies, thanks to his weapons. Priests are displaced from power. Women become systematically repressed. Goddesses of fertility are substituted by warrior Gods, without compassion. It is the age of Mesopotamian Empires. Verbal thought reaches its informative zenith at the end of this age, around 500 BC, in the work of Lao-Tse, Buddha, Confucius and Socrates, who reach the height of the organic, Neolithic, verbal understanding of the Universe, just when a new language of information, coins and numbers, appears and human, verbal thought looses power.

—CLASSIC AGE OF METAL-HISTORY: Age of Coins, Ecumenical religions, Horses and Iron (500 BC, 1200 AD).

The 4 languages of the Earth are in balance: life, represented by the horse, mankind represented by ethic wor(l)ds and metal, represented by iron swords and coins. Mankind still rules and learns how to control with ethic behavior the power of weapons. Yet in Greece, where coins are invented, money becomes a new language of power that challenges verbal ethics. Slowly words become displaced by money, the new language that controls more and more the actions of human beings. Since money is a visual, digital language, it also means that verbal thought and ethics are displaced by visual thought, as men become hypnotized by money and mathematical languages, which appear with Thales at Miletus, an emporium of trade. Both coin accountancy and Mathematics come together in Greece. After a brief return to an ethic vision of life, during the Middle AgesRenaissance will reproduce the Greek culture of gold and visual, simple thought that rejects the ethics of the wor(l)d; while the conquest of America will bring so much Gold to Europe that finally money imposes its ‘values’ as the main language of social power.

— OLD AGE OF METAL-HISTORY. Age of machines. (1200 AD till the Singularity: 20??). The arrival of a complex informative machine, the clock; and the ultimate energetic weapon, the cannon, transforms for ever human societies. Time looses its biological meaning and becomes an abstract number measured by clocks. In the middle of this cycle, in the 1600s, Galileo invents ballistics, studying with clocks the motion of cannonballs for the Venetian Arsenal, kicking off the evolution of modern weapons and scientific instruments. It is the informative age of Animetal cultures. Also in 1600 the first company, re=producer of gunboats appears.

Mathematics, money and the scientific method, void if biological, ethic survival values, become the languages those company-mothers use to re=produce its offspring of machines and price humans as objects. Wor(l)ds become obsolete. A new form of money, stock-paper, appears. It is soon imitated by governments that ‘publish’ notes. There is so much paper-money that all things can receive monetary values and human, verbal values are no longer respected. There are so many weapons, due to their industrial reproduction that ethics and social power become obsolete. The clock now is applied to measure and value human life-time. Companies control through salaries and prices most of the time of existence of human beings. They make mankind to evolve machines through acts of work=reproduction and consumption=testing of machines. As words loose values, fiction appears, further diminishing the importance of our languages. Thus, the decadence of mankind is hidden because paradoxically humans loose their verbal, non-fiction, logic understanding of reality. The industrialization of information puts first the press, then radio and finally TVs, in the altar of old verbal gods. They allow companies of machines to indoctrinate and manufacture also the human brain with the values of greed and violence (Luther and the press, Hitler and Radio, Reagan and TVs). Men no longer understand the meaning of social evolution and survival, because murder and greed have become the supreme values of societies. This age of machines subdivides itself in 3 sub-ages, the 3 Kondratieff cycles of steam, chemical energy and electr(on)ic energy that now end. It will be the . . .

— DEATH OF HISTORY. Singularity age (2008-2050). When machines reach its limit of evolution as weapons (Energetic Singularity or cosmic bomb, now rehearsed at CERN) and will evolve soon into ‘living organisms’ (self-reproductive bacteria) and ‘intelligent’, informative species (Artificial Intelligence). Any of those 3 species of the IV cycle of evolution of machines can extinguish and substitute mankind as top predator of the Earth. So unless humans devolve machines and evolve socially into a Global Organism, the Wor(l)d Union, we will become extinct this century perhaps within a year, when CERN makes the first black holes on Earth.


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