In a healthy super organism of history there are only 2 social classes: political, ethics, verbal, legal neuronal people, selected and elected to control the languages of power of society – the law above money, as organisms do with its nervous and blood systems, dedicated to serve the welfare humans biologically need (left graph), as it happens with the brains that tender for the cells of any super organism, all of which have enough energy and information to survive, in the human case all citizens would have access to welfare thanks to a universal salary of blood money to kick out the orders of production and consumption of welfare goods.

So in such healthy super organisms there are only 2 symbiotic social classes:

ST (RE=PRODUCTIVE middle class of workers)> Tiƒ (Informative social class guiding the society with money and laws).

In this super organism the reproductive body and neuronal head, both work together for the common good and order an external, objectual territory where they obtain their vital energy, in a human historic superorganism, the national territory and modes of production. Such organism then will deliver to each human cell enough energy and information to survive.

It would be then a balanced superorganism over a life planet.

Social classes exist in all super-organisms, as there is always neuronal informative and a re=productive body class, which preys on a territory of ‘object energy’. THIS SAID, the question poised in the economic ecosystem is one of predation not of organic evolution, so life beings are NOT considered part of the superorganism of company-mothers of machines.

They become then the ‘3rd extinct class of energy’ ab=used by the organism in which only machines and humans with roles as workers and consumers exist. In the past, predation was even stronger, on mankind ‘which became a 3rd aberrant ‘enemy-objectual’ class for the warrior aristocrats and go(l)d enslaver cultures of the age of gold and iron.  The machine meant humans were upgraded temporarily to the status of consumers=vitalizers of the mechanism as ‘body’ directed by the human kind, and re=producers, catalysers of its evolution. Alas, a pyramid in which humans as consumers and workers had a role appeared:


In the past, an animetal, Hierarchical society had on top, as the ‘icon of the culture’, (S)words and go(l)d, whose sacred laws backed the privileges of a caste of warriors with exclusive rights to produce and use weapons; and a caste  of bankers, with exclusive rights to mint and lend money. The mass of humans were controlled with go(l)d and Swords by the stick and carrot system. At the bottom Nature and non-technological cultures were farmed ‘cattle’, killed in wars or enslaved.

With the arrival of the machine, a larger human group became more than ‘corpses to be consumed by weapons’ and tax-farmed as debt slaves by go(l)d usury, but also workers on those machines. This 3rd class then worked at least and had a subsistence ‘iron salary’. What the XXI century robotic r=evolution implies is the loss of the role of consumers and workers to robots that will manufacture other machines and to be ‘made’ will need the heads/bodies and components we made in the previous XIX and XX c. industrial revolutions. That is robots will become consumers of machines too and so HUMANS WILL BE OBSOLETE in their consumption/work jobs for machines, and that means they might be ‘expendable’, again in wars.


Social classes exist in all social organisms of the Universe, as they are natural to its structure.

Indeed, all ‘complementary systems’ of energy and information have:

– an informative ‘particle/head/upper class in control of the languages of power of the system’ (physical/biological/sociological jargons).

– a re=productive  field/body/working class that decouples/re=produces particles/cells/memes for the whole system under the direction of the informative class, and finally

– an external  ‘vital space’ which it disorders to obtain the energ of the system.

Without that ternary structure the system is inefficient and collapses. It ceases to exist. So all informative particles are associated to a field of energy (Complementary principle of quantum physics). All organisms have a head that a body moves (biological principle of complementarity). And all human social organisms are ruled by an informative, ‘neuronal’ upper class that controls the informative, legal and financial languages of society and/or its energetic weapons. And all organisms have working cells and a vital space in which they feed.

So the problem of human societies is NOT the existence of social classes, but its design according to the laws of nature to create an efficient, surviving organism in which ALL body cells receive enough energy and information to ‘work’; in which all neuronal castes ‘care’ for the health of the body and do not ab=use its power. Since a head without body doesn’t survive and a crazy head that ab=uses and kills or starves its body cells will collapse. This is the main problem of our ill-designed social organisms in which an elite of bankers, military men and politicians ab=use their privilege and absorb all the resources of the economy, destroying their organisms in cyclical wars in which the body mass dies and holocausts in which the elites collapse. Part of this web is dedicated to the theoretical design of a perfect social organism. In this post we shall give an overview of the laws of social classes and the particular case of human societies.

The myth of equality. Social Castes.

In biology we say that a given ecosystem is controlled by the species which better understands the information provided by the language of the ecosystem. Thus:

—  An animal Ecosystem is ruled by eye-light information that all species share. And those species that do not see are at a disadvantage and become extinct.

—  A cellular ecosystem is ruled by genetic information, shared by all species. And those species with more genetic information (DNA, RNA) are top predators of life.

—  A historic ecosystem is ruled by verbal information shared by human species. And those who master words became top predators in History. Thus, religious prophets and lawyers have been traditional top predators of power, because they mastered verbal laws that guided the behavior of all humans.

—  An economic ecosystem is ruled by monetary information that ‘values’ humans with Wages and objects with Prices: Man=Salary=money=Price=Object. So those species that do not have a price or wage are at a disadvantage and become extinct and those which have a higher price, weapons, carried by animetal warriors, become the top predators of the economic ecosystem.

Thus, to survive in an economic ecosystem all species, including humans, have to be valued by money, which provides economic information, in the same manner light provides information in an animal ecosystem; and so only ‘visual species’ survive in Nature. Finally, legal words provide value in a historic ecosystem. Thus, in those historic ecosystems only words could assign value to humans. So life was precious. Yet with the expansion of monetary information, humans were priced as an object, which is the definition of a slave, no longer a top predator species. Yet if money imposes a new set of values to mankind, in a Darwinian, competitive universe, it means it replaces our previous set of values, those of bio-ethic words, whose goal was social survival. This explains why religion always opposed money and science, which uses a different language and set of values – those of numbers – which degrade man as an object. Those 2 languages and ecosystems (History and the values of words, vs. economics and the values of money and numbers) compete for the right to ‘be the language of truth’ that creates the future of the Earth.

Today we are ruled far more hours as workers, by digital values than as human beings by words. And so the future is created by money and its values. Yet since Words evolve and reproduce humanity and numbers evolve and reproduce ‘expensive’ metal, machines and weapons, legal words should rule digital prices and control those machines money reproduce, but are lethal to us in human values. It doesn’t matter if mathematics is a more detailed language than words, because what matters to us is to survive. So in the same way we won’t offer our life to a lion, because he is ‘stronger’ and deserves to eat us alive and multiply his genetic languages, we should not value human reality only with monetary numbers, the language that values machines more thanhuman beings, as Classic economists do. Today hardly anyone is conscious of the values of verbal thought as the essence of human nature, precisely because we have become ‘slaves’ of money all the hours we work, which are most of the hours of our life.

So we have interiorized that slavery. We are today ‘informative slaves of money and machines’, of digital numbers, the only language we believe. So we accept the values of money as natural and create a world based in greed and violence, murder and the destruction of cheap life, without realizing why we do it.

The biggest myth about money, fostered by those who monopolize its creation, is that money costs a lot to earn. Money is invented for free, as all languages of information are. By definition a language of information needs very little energy. So money can be easily created by the informative castes/cells that monopolize it. Your brain invents for free the nervous orders that organize your body and your mind creates for free the words that motivate your actions and money is invented also with minimal energy either in paper-money or computer software. What matters is to monopolize its creation, to be able to control those who ‘earn’ it, with it. So what a language of information does is to establish social classes, described in the previous graph:

–               The ‘high’ informative class: Those who invent the language and control the organic society with it (neurons in the body, which emit the nervous orders; priests or politicians in a society rule by wor(l))ds; warriors in a military society and bankers or stock-dealers, in a monetary society).

–               The ‘Middle’, Reproductive class of believers: Those who receive the language or earn it on exchange for their work, obeying the informative class and producing the substances the upper classes desire (body cells in an organism; believers or citizens in a verbal society, soldiers in a military one or workers in  a monetary society).

–               The Lower ‘energy’ class: And those who are destroyed by orders given with the language of information, which they lack (preys in life ecosystems; heretics or delinquents in a verbal society; the enemy in a military society and the poor in economic ecosystems ruled by money).

It is not by chance that all systems and organisms have the same structure; since the Universe is a dualist system, made with bites of ‘spatial energy’ and ‘bits’ of temporal information. So physical systems are made of particles of information and fields of energy which prey over an environment.

And organisms are made of heads of information and bodies that process energy and reproduce the system, which prey over the environment.

This fundamental law of physics, biology and social systems is the “Law of complementarity” between body and head, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, the quantum principle of complementarity that affirms all particles have a body/field. And it implies in a real working organism a harmony between both systems expressed in the fundamental Law of complexity:

Energy systems = Information systems, or written in physics as  Exi=K (Heisenberg principle) or in biology as Body (blood system) < vital constants > nervous system

In other words, working balanced organisms do NOT abuse the body cells, even though the functions of brains and bodies are different. A NON-balanced organism as the social organisms created by ‘animetal castes’ do ab=use systematically the energy and working cells of the organisms, collapsing the social organism that enters a state of decay and poverty, which ends up in revolutions, wars and Holocausts of the upper-castes of warriors and go(l)d bankers, of which there is a huge historic record.

So social classes are ‘natural’ to the Universe. What is not natural is the selfish structure of animetal social organisms, in which our neurons, the warriors or bankers, control totally the language of information, money or weapons, and give almost nothing to the energy cells. Imagine a body in which the cells of your feet wouldn’t receive energy. It would collapse, as our societies are about to do. Thus, a healthy organism is managed by the information caste of the organism, but its information, once the neurons create it, is distributed to all cells, which receive enough energy and information to survive.

The characteristics of a healthy social organism are clearly defined in biological organisms and were only imitated by theocracies and socialist parties: the organism has a single head that is the party members or priests. The neurons of the organism receive ad maximal 10 times the energy of its energy cells. This was the 1/10th of taxes given to the church, which by canonical law had to spend half of it in the poor. Today our bankers receive thousands of times more energy than the poor, and certainly much more than the members of the socialist parties received in comparison to its citizens. Finally, the language of power must be natural to the organism. This means only verbal societies are natural human super-organisms, because military and monetary societies use metal, an alien language, which imposes its higher energy or information to kill and enslave the cells of the body. This is obviously forbidden in all healthy organisms, in which the head never hurts the body because his language is ‘harmless’. The same can be said of most Theocracies in which the capacity of the Pope to kill cells of the body were far inferior to that of a dictator or a banker that exploits his workers.

Further on, each language creates a different information caste and a different organism, made to the image and likeness of the language. Thus, when money substituted words as the language of creation of the future on the Earth’s ecosystems, money created a new world, in which metal and those who used it, dominated life. If words create a world to the image and likeness of man by motivating ethic humans to act in favor of the human ecosystem; money would ‘cre(dit)ate’ (‘credit creates’) a world of metal, weapons and machines. Remember that word, ‘cre(dit)ate’. It is the key to the systems of power that create today the Earth. How that process of cre(dit)ation happens? First you invent money, as you invent words in a Historic ecosystem.

This is easy. It costs nothing. You do so, either breathing energy (words) or printing paper (stock money). Then people obey your words or your money. Since you have established they have to obey them, with your trust or military authority. Such trust in the case of words is based in the ethic intelligence that people naturally have, embedded in the syntax of words that makes of man the center of the Universe. So people obey the natural law of social evolution and love each other and follow love religions. In the case of money however, since most of its orders deny the natural instincts of man, it is needed military power to impose paper-money, or the hypnotism of gold to reduce human reason, or an abstract ‘digital language’ as science is, to hide ethic values, or a salary to make people act against ethics, or religious ‘myths’ to justify their acts. Thus, the coming together of all those elements, money, weapons and science, in Holland and England during the XVII century, when companies started to give orders with money, to workers, consumers and governments, meant a definitive change in History, as the language and dominantspecies and ecosystem of the planet changed from ethic words to digital numbers, from man to machine, from history to economics. Ever since the future would be cre(dit)ated by companies, numbers and digital science. Yet man is a verbal species. So human ethic worlds soon died away.

It is within that wider context on the biological organization of ecosystems and languages how the facts of history make sense.

Now, the reader might think that social castes are a thing of the past, but he must understand that the fundamental difference between the past and the future according to the key law ofComplexity – time increases the information of any system – is not that we have become an equalitarian society, a true democracy, but that the systems by which the upper castes that invent money,weapons and machines, dominate the lower castes has evolved and become much more complex.

The class pyramid of an economic ecosystem.

In the graph, following the masterpiece parody of Orwell, the leading writer of the 3rd, angst/informative/baroque/old age of the British cultural subconscious collective mind or ‘Art’, on the ‘Anim(et)al Farm’ in which mankind has jailed herself, we compare the 3 social, organic, dysfunctional classes of capitalism=mechanism, with ‘coqs’ (the upper class of stockrats andspeculators that cre(dit)ate the future, pigs, the working class that still is fed as it is useful to the eco(nomic)system and rats, the energetic, displaced surplus of workers that under the ‘iron salary’ laws of capitalism (Ricardo), MUST not receive any help and are better used consumed by ‘war=weapons’. Unfortunately in the 4th wave/cycle of machines, the singularity age, the lower and middle class will be soon obsolete as robots and computer software displaces blue and white collar workers. And so the question is what we shall do with them? The previous graph exhibited 13 years ago in a conceptual/art Show forecast a XXI singularity age in which they will be treated as ‘loosers’, surplus cattle that will be in an Orwellian fashion eliminated in wars against the poor, or closed in their homes with 3-dimensional Tv-screens, cheap dope and trash-food. The present war ‘on Terror’, aka war on the 3rd world (Islam) and laws like the ’3 strikes you are out’ and the increasing ‘vigilante system’ of mankind shows those predictions on track. 

The old Castes of animetal cultures have evolved in the age of digital information, but are still based in the free creation of information (digital and verbal thought) by a reduced group of people, which uses it to cre(dit)ate the actions and beliefs of society:

—Stockrats and mass-media create digital information, manufacturing brains and giving salary orders to workers and politicians.

—The Mass works, obeys and has access to credit in minimal quantities.

—A 3rd World of non-technological cultures without jobs can’t survive.

In that regard, in any social organism, including a biological organism or a social organism of history or economics, we distinguish 3 social classes: the information class with access to thelanguage of power (nervous cells in a body, priests in a verbal theocracy, politicians in a democracy), the reproductive mass who obeys the language (body cells, workers, believers) and theenergy class, which is destroyed by the language (food, poor, heretics). In a modern economic ecosystem, the informative castes, which invent money, are the stockrats, rulers of companies of machines, the summit of the system; workers and consumers change their life-work for credit; and a 3rd World of life and poor people have zero access to credit and become degraded or extinguished. Thus stock-companies and their machines, not human beings are on top of society, as the main free ‘personalities’ of an economic ecosystem.

The ‘government’ of the ‘Free Market’ are the institutions that issue=invent money. Stock market companies design the world, ‘cre(dit)ating’ it. They give ‘credit’, salaries which are monetary ‘orders’ that all people obey. To cre(dit)ate is a new word that expresses the fact that in a Free Market, in an economic ecosystem, the dominant language of power is no longer the law, but money. Thus, those who invent money, those who have ‘credit’, create, ‘creditate’ reality with it. Despite the common belief that most people hold, men don’t create the future in Free Markets through a democratic, voting exercise, which chooses a party/government to direct society towards the goals expressed in its political program. Instead the flows of credit of the economic system decide the prices and jobs, which transform the world. . .  Money and prices rule people all the time they work and the time they acquire/consume an object sold by the market, which is at least 90% of their living times. . .

Hence money creates the world in that 90% of our existential times through orders giving by stock-market corporations, which create=credit most of the new paper-money invented in theeconomic ecosystem. For that reason events like a stock-market crash, which influences the money companies invent and hence the prices, salaries and flows of work and consume on planet Earth, are more important to understand the future than the choice of a president . . .

Because money is today the only language of power, those who invent money control societies. And today, financial and stock-companies invent most money under laws of deficit zero that oblige governments to tax citizens to obtain it. Thus, we affirm that we live in a Free Market in which the only free ‘individuals’ are companies and so the future is designed by the wanting of companies not the desires of human beings. But what a company wants? The answer is surprisingly simple: to reproduce and to evolve its product, normally a machine, its energy or its information (+80% of stock market companies). Thus, the re=production of machines and its sale to obtain benefits becomes the real objective of Market Democracies and by extension of all thehuman beings submitted to them.

Which means that the goals of humans, which try to improve their happiness, welfare and survival through the reproduction and possession of goods positive for their life, will not be met in a Free Market in all cases in which they conflict with the reproduction and sale of machines, given the scarcity of financial and material resources this planet has and the monopoly of those resources achieved by company-mothers in our societies. In fact, approximately 80% of stock-market investment goes to the production and evolution of machines not to the production of such positive Human Goods. Thus, the well-being of man, which should be the main goal of real democracies, such as those that appeared in Northern Europe after II W.W., becomes a utopia. While Welfare policies disappear, because companies have won the battle for credit to democratic governments.

Meanwhile most human beings are ‘workers-slaves’, the middle, mass-class, of the economic ecosystem, who spend in acts of consumption and work, related to machines, most of their lives. All those actions are controlled ultimately by money and prices invented by company-mothers. Since the power of money extends also over the power of verbal laws, most actions of politicians are also ruled by lobbies of companies: Companies, whose products give maximal profits-sales, have the strongest cash-flow. So they pay legislators, who bid for laws in favor of their machines. In this manner laws favor systematically the best machines, which give more money to their reproductive companies—becoming the top element of the power pyramid. For example, in the age of electronic money, financial companies ripped the biggest benefits. And they passed laws that gave them even more privileges.

Finally, when they crashed, in the present economical crisis, they received the bulk of the money taxed upon citizens, which are unemployed, lack basic Human Goods and lost their homes.

We could speak of the Free Market as a society of citizen-companies, where only the most powerful citizens, the richest stock-companies that make the most profitable goods, vote with money and obtain laws and financial credit in favour of their products, multiplying in this manner their offspring of machines.

It is for all those reasons that the political, military and social cycles of modern history are defined by the economical activities of those companies. And so, I was able to deduce the main events of the past, present and future of modern history, departing from the economical cycles and wishes of companies and machines, a decade ago, not from the needs of mankind, blocked by lack ofcredit and the corruption of the law in ‘Free Markets’

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