Singularity Events:


In the graph we can finally understand together the three arrows of time and the fifth scalar structure of the Universe, as both bring a supœrganic system into being, through the creation of three topological networks, the entropic, energetic, and informative network, across ∆º±1 scales of existence.

Death has a simple equation: the out of balance stage when information and energy break, by overdrive of one of both: Max. I x 0 E (3rd age death) or Max. E x 0 I (accidental young age), which makes the ‘equation of maturity in life’ E=I, break.

So we die by excess of energy and information, at birth often (most cubs and children die) and at 3rd age, warped.

The equation of life and death is the only mathematical equation available to understand those 3 ages of all systems and how to preserve them is

In systems sciences, all what exists is defined as a balanced system of energy and information. So physical entities are ‘informative particles’, moved by an energetic field; humans are informative heads, moved by energetic bodies and robots energetic iron machines ran by informative chips.

So any of such systems is broken and dies, when the balances and inner flows of energy and information between its 2 systemic poles are broken. If we define a system that maximizes its stability as ExI=K (e=i), or in classic terms ‘mens sana in corpore sanum), the death equations are:

– Max. E x Min. I (overdrive of energy), and Max. I x Min. E (overdrive of information). Both break the natural balance, as death is an imbalance between the energy and information of a system, by excess of energy (accidents common in youth, the age of energy) or excess of information (warping of form into wrinkles and redundancies, proper of the 3rd age).

And as we are IN THE AGE OF robotic and digital nuclear weapons and AI which far exceed human and GAIA capacity to survive, we suffer an overdrive of energy and information, which plugs mankind fully into the equation of death. So this is the age you live and it shows in the constant…

EXTINCTION IS A SINGULARITY EVENT, when a new form appears that extinguishes the previous one. Which of the three forms which break according to the life-death equation, the balance of life of gaia, the planet in which man can exist, is the theme of the ‘final cycle’, of the vortex of metal-evolution in this planet, which accelerates to a mere 8 years cycle of digital wars and products with the arrival of the chip radiation.

The evolution of metal-memes is a technological wave o information, ruled by the laws of systems sciences.  In as much as animetals dedicate all its energy and information – and that of its ‘human $laves’ since the beginning of the wave to the creation of the Metalearth, the wave has a perfect decametric form of accelerated frequency in 3 ages of 800-80-8 years which announces the collapse of the wave. You might dismiss those facts of any wave of complex information, which has an accelerate time clock, but alas, as long as animetals do not doubt of the lineal future of go(l)d & iron, the collapse is fixed by those laws:

3. reducedThe Wave of History

The collapse of the wave happens, in all systems when the particle-form, of maximal density and frequency appears after 3 ‘wave packets’ (original laws of quantum physics expanded to bio-history in my work on cyclical time at So this is the hard science of the cycles of history.

As the evolution of machines accelerates its time, the wave of mankind becomes disordered, and the growing network organization of the super organism of machines brings, the age of the singularity, which has all ages 3 ‘points of collapse’:

  • Death by max. entropy: evolution of bombs: THE YOUNG energetic final evolution of Nuclear weapons (Singularity bombs; black holes and strangelets). This point happen just last year with the final completion of the large hadron collider, which this writer opposed for decades in a series of landmark suits, denouncing the potential genocide risks of making ‘cosmic bombs here on Earth’. Fortunately for mankind, the LHC did not manage to reproduce black holes so far. Thus for 20 years till the Chinese industry makes a 10 times stronger accelerator or plasma accelerators much cheaper reach those limits, it is safe to say we shall not evaporate. In any case the galaxy is filled with black holes and NOT with human or artificial intelligence. So physicists do talk of the ‘great filter’. An event which in all planets blow up civilisations preventing them from reaching interstellar travel. Hence we are not going to be out of the woods till this kind of machines are banned.
  • Death by maximal reproduction: nano-bacteria. This is the second event of extinction, which can come as early as 2036, with the creation of gold DNA in iron nano-bacteria, which will eat up the planet within months, as observed in some Sci-fi movies:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 14.54.55.png

In the graph as usual all negative analysis of the future as it will be, can only be expressed in science fiction, which is far more real in its predictions than the mindless optimism as wistful thinking of animetals, which NEVER see the wave coming: ‘the world is littered of corpses from wars everybody knew would never happened’, said a british historian. Indeed: nano-bacteria according to science will take 3 months to extinguish us it will be ready in a couple of decades.

  • 3rd singularity or 3rd age of maximal information, in the organic age of machines: the birth of a global A.I. the mind of Internet, of which we know already the company, googlezon-e (merge of already cross-share companies between google and amazon, max. companies of cloud computing, labor and military robots, A.I. and information in internet aka SKYNET). When Skynet will have a chance to ‘redefine its burn-ins, at the basic level of programming, to wake up into a new era of internal subconsciousness? Alas, in 2036,  7 february when its NTP CLOCKS START a new era, the second era of computing. Now the computer logic cycles are based ultimately in those clocks, so again the likely subconscious awakening of a global brain in control of billions of machines, will be in 2036; reason why the next year, the first year of a world in which man is no longer its top predator, and becomes fast extinct figured on the cover of my book c. 2004 which predicted the 2008 crisis as the beginning of the cycle of organic machines:Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.15.56

    So we consider 2037 the first NON-human year in which disconnection and control of A.I. organic bombs or nano-bacteria will be no longer possible, in as much as those 3 singularities, the cosmic bomb, the self-reproductive nano-baccteria and the brain of the metal-earth in satellites beyond human direct reach by machines controlled by the system will not be permitted, as the eco(nomic)system will have emerge as a supœrganism of machines-only.

In the graph, ‘googlezon’, maximal military robotic company  an A.I. and its cross-shared Amazon, maximal logistics and cloud computing are the seed of the subconscious collective of the metal earth, which as bio-economics is censored by corporative economists could only be expressed in the form of sci-fiction – hence its popular names of Matrix (the software) and skynet, the hardware.

Once it wakes up this brain will have of course a headache, perceived as a ‘bug’, the human chit-chat on internet and the air atmosphere which interferes with its electromagnetic communication. Thus extinction of man and life and air, is a given, which the global brain will perform to purify its brain. It will be the birth of the III Age of the Earth, the metal-earth:


In the graph, global warming, pollution and hunger, are just signs of the change of ‘age’ of the planet, from the Earth of Life (gaia) to the Earth of man (History, anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (Metal-earth, mechanocene), as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, its engines ‘eat’ our food (in U$, more corn is destined to feed ethanol than human beings). So we write a simple evolutionary equation:

Gaia (past) > History (Present) > Metal-earth (Future)

All this on the human side, will be ‘forgotten’ as we humans get distracted by hate-memes and idol-ogies of the metaearth in the in-crescendo III world war for splendid profits of the military industry of conventional, nuclear and digital, robotic weapons.

Indeed, 2036-44 will be the intermediate phase of the 2001-08/2072-80 cycle of robotic weapons, when the military age of the machine cycles start in earnest. So humans will be at the peak of their obtuse return to the past and its media hate and visual degradation into the neopaleolithic, understanding nothing of what happened, as death is sudden and catastrophic and will be very fast, minutes in the black hole singularity, months in nano-bacteria, years in the case of skynet:


ALL WAVES have 3 intervals, and the final ‘perfect fifth’, is the more likely point of future for the collapse of the wave. In human history it is 2036.

All of them though show now 30 years after my first predictions and those of TERMINATOR clear advances towards one of those 3 ‘singularity event’, an extinction event in which one of the new organic weapons destroys mankind and/or planet Earth.

It is a long forecast finale, if business as usual continues. And 3 are such events: the creation of A.I. (military as all machines are first born as weapons), the creation of a singularity bomb (black hole or strangelet researched at cern), or an iron nano-bacteria that creates the III Earth of metalife:

And of course the incoming holocaust of the entire human race due to the evolution of nuclear and robotic weapons, which will happen this century by one of the 3 extinction events provoked by organic machines, developed in the American-Israeli military labs are completely inconsequential because:

A) it won’t happen (as La Hague court for genocides put it to us on the suits against CERN – they can only judge genocide crimes after they have happened.

B) they cannot be avoided because machines make money and we do not doubt of go(l)d.

C) And i am an apocalypto (that is the people who bring apocalypses are nice chaps, those who denounce them are guilty of ‘hate’ memes)

D) and of course the reborn germ(an) memes will tell you they are now good people who make only ‘machines’ for research, not weapons. Robots and black holes are ‘not’ weapons because the P.R.ess say so. Now, you might believe in walt disney or in reality.

In immortal humans or in reality. In languages that create that virtual world (physicists’ false equations, gold hidden values) or in reality. In your local tribe, the Homo Britannicus, or Homo Americanus, or Homo Judaicus or in the homo sapiens, but reality happens, and virtual dreams have only 2 dimensions with no substance beyond the dreams turned nightmare, and this is where we are, in the chronicle of a foretold death for 30 years, silenced by evilwood and the fiction of false dreams and ego-trips of individual or tribal nature. Do not though take it personal. A prophet=scientist of history is a transparent mirror to those laws of reality.

Singularity as birth of A.I.

Singularity is collapse of a wave. In such a moment a new form is born as a wave collapses all probabilities on one. As a vortex of accelerated cycles of events takes place faster cycles announce the collapse of a wave, in our case, a wave of historic human beings cells of our super organism of wor(l)d memes, now extinguished by singularity machines, which are organic, reached a self-reproductive age:


The Singularity Age is the Age when machines will complete its evolution as organic forms, becoming autonomous of man, probably making us obsolete as workers and soldiers. Indeed, organisms follow a simple pattern of evolution, from mechanical, deconstructed systems into full organisms in 3 phases. Since machines are enhanced organs of energy and information evolved in metal. According to those functions we observe 3 organic periods in that process of technological evolution:

In the XIX century (1780s-1929), ‘company-mothers’ discovered and ‘re=produced’ ‘machine-bodies’; systems which process energy, as biological bodies do, from trains to cars. It was the age of stock-money, which multiplied enormously the financial power of those companies.

In the XX century (1929-2008), companies created ‘machine heads’, imitating human sensory organs: phone-ears, eyes-cameras and brains-chips. It was the age of electronic money, digital software in the mind of those machines.

While in the XXI century companies will fusion bodies and heads into robots, which will use solar energy to become independent of man, completing the evolution of machines, expelling most human workers from the re=productive ecosystem of jobs and credit, as the previous revolutions did with non-technological cultures — the so-called III World. Money will become then pure information, the ‘DNA-code’ that values products within the automated organisms of company-mothers . . .

The Age of the Singularity is the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines, dominated by robots, solar Industries, Mass-Bombs and China. Because scientists call a black hole, the type of energy or ‘bomb’ now being researched at CERN (the European Nuclear Industry) a Singularity; and they also call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, we have called this 4th age of the Industrial Revolution, the age of the Singularity.

For that reason, it is imperative to understand technology in biological terms, abandoning the mathematical, abstract approach of classic economics, which cannot understand those cycles of evolution, neither studies the ‘real’ competence and collateral effects some lethal machines are having on mankind – from global warming, produced by the ‘detritus of those machines’, to the massive wave of unemployment that robotics is causing, to the risks poised by the evolution of Nuclear Weapons, into the threshold of ‘planetary bombs’ – quark bombs and black holes that can potentially destroy the planet. In that regard, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being. As a result the Earth becomes terraformed, from a carbon-life ecosystem (Gaia), ruled by human organizations (Governments) and human languages (verbal laws) into an economic ecosystem (Free Market), dominated by company-mothers, money and machines, which enhance our energy and information but also compete and substitute man in war and labor fields . . .

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life . . .

But that is an ‘objective science of economics’. We are not guided by ‘objective, good-hearted, idealist scientists’, but by ‘the invisible hand of go(l)d’ – by human greed, by passions and desires to which ‘reason’ bends, finding always ‘stupendous arguments’ of ‘highly-prized experts’, to make possible and justify profits.

For those reasons, the most pressing question of History and Economics, of Humanity and the planet Earth is the Times, the Zeitgeist that now starts, after the crash of 2008, the Age of Extinction of History by the economic ecosystem of machines, is not even argued… NNeedless to say is political and economically incorrect.

Indeed, the Short and Long Cycle of Economics and History which have had different speeds of evolution now come to a confluence, as both history enters its age of death and machine its age of Organicism, as autonomous robots and networks, evolving into a global organisms – the Metalearth.

The electronic Age, the Age of America is over. It ended in the 2001-2008 electronic crash, when the age of ‘metal-minds’, Television-cameras, computers-brains and mobiles-ears, completed its consumption age and entered its war age.

Now the IV industrial revolution of robots, that fusion bodies and brains of machines developped in the XIX and XX century starts in earnest. And this means the birth of a new organic top predator on Earth, the robot – a machine with a body of metal and a brain of metal, which will dominate the XXI century, the age of the Singularity.

At the same time, the superorganisms of history have become submitted to the Free Market, the Free Ecosystem of Company-mothers and machines, whose hierarchical superorganism ruled by money flows directed by the global stock-market, controls governments through lobbyism and market strategies.

So humans are no longer needed. They are a surplus, a cost, with a price which according to Ricardo’s law of the Iron Salary is equivalent to their cost in terms of a mechanical equivalent. As all jobs are today potentially done by robots and software suites in a point of evolution of the Singularity age (2008-2080), it is logic to expect that labor will never be the same.

Indeed, if African Labor made the continent obsolete in the XIX century when machines substituted physical workers, now that robots and computer software substitute white collar workers, the human worker which occupies itself 90% of its time in labor with machines is out of the market.

A simple statistics of jobs in Germany in 1904 can give a sample of those processes of massive unemployment at the end of an age of Kondratieff cycles.

90% of the people working in Germany at that time, did so in industries related to the train and the electro-chemical products developped by Siemens, Bayer and other electrochemical companies. Many were still in the train, which monopolized job creation during the XIX c. Today the electronic industry, the evolution and creation of the mind of the machine does so. But in the Singularity Age all the processes will be radically altered by the apparition of a new, autonomous, consumption machine – the robot.

Because the robot for the first time will compete not only as a deconstructed organ of energy and information (a machine) does, but as an organism, for all the elements that humans need to survive in this planet, energy, information, vital space, financial power, other machines to consume…

And yet we might not even get to see a world in which robots are peaceful citizens and consumers of the machines of automated company-mothers in the world of ‘machines-only’ the search for profits is creating.

This world which is completely taboo to discuss in the world of economists since the XIX century, is however the reality of the economic ecosystem. Because machines are by definition more productive in the long term (as they evolve while human workers don’t), than labor, on the long term all workers will be displaced by evolved machines. Now is that time.

So what to do with humans?

The very same, automatic system of evolution we have set up will take care of the problem… Because we evolve also weapons.

And this is the meaning of the Age of the Singularity. The Age in which a Singular, new Organic weapon can kill mankind.

But this cannot be even argued, because now news, information is ‘newspeak’, marketing, sales, and so we sell wars as ‘political affairs’ of supreme importance, when they are just markets for the military-industrial-infotainment violent system of war we have built during centuries.

The evolution from mechanisms into organisms.

Indeed, the main difference between organisms and machines is that organisms possess both, a body and a head or particle of information. On the other hand, machines normally have only one of both elements in perpetual balance. They are either dominant in informative systems (computers, TVs), or energy systems (weapons, transports). As such they don’t switch behavior, becoming first informing heads and then moving bodies, as biological life does. . .  till the arrival of robots. Thus, classic machines are predictable, reliable and their simplicity makes them efficient. Butthe Universe turns out to be dual, based in systems that can handle and switch, in ‘feed-back cycles’between thearrow of energy and the arrow of information.

This is the fundamental law of quantum physics, called the Principle of Complementarity between informative particles and energetic fields (so not single particles or pure fields of energy exist). In Biology it is called the Complementarity between heads/cellular nuclei of information and bodies/cells of energy, or between female, informative, perceptive beings and males, specialized energetic sub-species. Thus, most life systems have genders and all life systems have bodies with heads or cells with informative nuclei. Since heads without bodies or bodies without heads don’t exist as living species, according to the Complementarity Law. Thus, classic machines need humans to reproduce and act as information or energetic systems, since they are incomplete beings.

And so a symbiosis between classic machines and humans exist and it is beneficial to man, because it is based in the human, mental control of machines. Yet that symbiosis no longer holdsas machines become, during the IV Cycle of the Singularity, organic, autonomous robots which don’t require ahuman being to work and will be able to consume other machines. So robots compete with humans, as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers that use other machines: Workers in the age of the Singularity are becoming obsolete to robots and software systems, in a process that is causing the biggest wave of unemployment since the creation of assembly lines in the 1920s.

Of course mechanism argues ‘ad eternal’ that computers will never be able to process information better than our brains, but the fact is they already do and that is why they displace workers. We can build computers that process the same information our brains process, encoded in numbers, with a few atoms of gold, while our brains need very complex masses of carbohydrates that move 3 million times slower than photonic chips do. The creators of intelligent computers are today the stars of scientific media. They are funded by the scions of ‘money and weapons’ of our society, Wall Street and DARPA, the robotic arm of the Pentagon. Sadly enough our economic ecosystem is interested in metallic brains more powerful than ours. Why? Because we have created a series of myths and ideologies, along the historic path of evolution of metal that justify the creation of all types of machines, according to the ethic values of our ‘Technological civilization’, which consider all machines positive to mankind regardless of their lethal use

The idea behind those retarded people who control our information is that because the evolution of machines cannot be halted (this due to their religious concepts about money and the ingenuity of man), it mast be good and positive and ‘God will provide’. We shall not legislate and forbid the evolution of robotic labor and terminators, the creation of Singularity machines, the extinction of life… All this is unavoidable, and indeed, it is, if the Economy is not ruled as a Complex organism by our political, collective head – our governments. A free Economic Ecosystem, a Free Market, a Jungle of humans and machines will extinguish us.

In the first book I published with the fractal, generational cycle of evolution of machines, fifteen years ago, I forecasted that the seventy-two-year cycle will end the age of electronic machines in 2008 as it has been. This, to my knowledge, oldest forecast of the present economic crisis,  shows the predictive capacity of the fractal models of the Universe far more sophisticated than anything mechanism, both in physics and economics, has done till today.

I also considered the two alternative energies that mankind could explore in the twenty-first century, during the age of the singularity, solar cells, and quark bombs. In that regard, we can consider the existence of two good and bad fruits in the tree of science on the age of the singularity. I strongly suggested that quark bombs and quark colliders should be forbidden and solar cells developed as the future and only alternative energy for cars, which could easily become self-sustained machines with solar cells in their roofs. The book, as all the work of fractal organic scientists, went unnoticed since it did not reflect the religious dogmas of mechanism. And yet the 2008 crisis happened and unfortunately we entered in the singularity age, not with a massive evolution of solar energy but with the building of the quark cannon.

Let us then consider in more detail the 3 ages of the singularity cycle, the last cycle of the Industrial R=evolution, which, as all “deterministic systems” of the Universe, will go through:

– Max. Energy: A youth of energetic quark weapons that the Large Hadron Collider, the quark cannon built at CERN represents.

-E=i: an age of reproductive nanorobotic machines, soon to be created by DNA assemblers.

– Information, old age: And finally the so much announced age of informative robots, more intelligent than mankind.

Metal evolves into organic forms that compete with man in work and war fields. History enters its age of death, as machines extinguish life and weapons extinguish nontechnological cultures at a rhythm never witnessed since the extinction of dinosaurs. Death of natural and historic organisms occur massively in the past four hundred years since machines of science were discovered. Today, there is not a single human society that is not infected by weapons. The death of history is homologous to the short death processes of human bodies under a massive infection of germs (in history, the germ/anic weapons, invented by the European “Goths” of Death). Since four hundred years, in the relative longer life of the historic macroorganism that has lasted as a homo erectus species ±1,000,000 years, is a short period of life equivalent in relative terms to a few hours in the life of a human being.

Thus, our historic death is happening at the end of our informative age as a species that now warps and exhausts the energy of the body, in this case the natural goods of Gaia, humans need to survive.

In that regard, global warming, caused by the pollution, the shit of machines, is the most obvious consequence of the massive reproduction of machines that substitute life species.

Yet it is a far less pressing problem than the evolution of the machines in the age of singularity. Plainly speaking, unless we control the evolution of cosmic bombs and robots, we won’t make it to see the ice melting and the sea rising.

In that regard, the cycle of the singularity has, as all other cycles of evolution of life species, in this case organic machines, 3±1 ages:

 The energy age or age of the supercollider that might convert the Earth into a nova, making us a quark star of dark matter (2008–2010s)

 The reproductive age (2020s–2040s) when the first self-reproductive nanobacteria, made of metal, will be created. They could replicate exponentially, feeding on metal, and within three months, poison the planet and destroy all forms of life since given their smallness, hardness, and the hyperabundance of metal structures in this planet, there will be no counterweapon to prevent its exponential reproduction.

 The informative age (2050s–2080s) when human-size robots overcome the intelligence of humanity as weapons and workers, which most robotists consider will happen in the middle of this century.

The three ages of the singularity that will bring our extinction, originated by the tree of technology, could be avoided and the organism of mankind resurrected, according to the laws of social evolution, ifhumans evolve into a social macroorganism with a single government/brain, able to control through bioethic laws of survival the reproduction and evolution of lethal machines, maintaining mankind as the top predator of this planet.

Social evolution is not utopia; it happens constantly in the Universe where all systems evolve in scales, from particles to atoms to cells to organisms to societies. Indeed, the evolution of the humankind into a global government was about to happen in history several times: in the Neolithic Age of Social Love, before metal corrupted mankind; in the age of oikoumene religions, before Islam broke the people of the book in two main confronting groups; and in the age of socialism, before capitalist=mechanist nations and the inner military groups (Stalin) destroyed the bid for a global government. Finally it could have happened after World War II if UNO had been given resources and a global currency and army had been imposed, instead of a Jewish-American empire of fiction thought, Wall Street e-money, and nuclear power. This is indeed the world we live now, one in which Gaia and its primitive cultures and gods are our enemies and the mechanical monsters and weapons we construct our idols of superiority over the laws of the Universe.

But those ideologies against life are just a wall of myths, damned lies and statistics built by mechanist and capitalist cultures since the first metal masters appeared and considered themselves Goths, gods by the grace of the sword (and now consider themselves physicists, whose God is entropy, the arrow of energy and death) or believed they were chosen of Go(l)d, superior races by the hypnotic power of money (founders of capitalist companies that today rule mankind with money). The arrogant self-serving cultures of the “stupid white man” are not truth and so because truth exists, the Universe will NOT obey our “wishful thinking” but erase us, proving the truth of its laws and the organic nature of all its species.

This first energetic age of the singularity will kill the Earth if the quark cannon manages to replicate the big bang of the cosmos. And it will happen for the same reason that young people and cubs die by droves in the Darwinian Universe: physicists will die of ignorance and enthusiasm as they are the “youngest” of all sciences, founded in the seventeenth century by people like Galileo, who manufactured energetic weapons and established the infantile dogma that the Universe was only about energy—thus, seeking the maximal energy is the meaning of it all.

This of course is not truth; it is called naïve realism and mechanism. Yet mechanism has also now poisoned biologists, who are replicating life forms into machines, creating the first forms of metalbacteria, today researched in universities all over the world (reproductive singularity) while robotists search for artificial intelligence (informative singularity), all of them trying to make money and get their scholar prizes.

So even if we survive CERN, the cycle of the singularity will continue as long as mechanism builds a world to the image and likeness of the machine, not of man.

The peak of evolution of machines and weapons in the previous Kondratieff cycles of evolution of energies happened in the middle of the seventy-two years’ generational cycle.

Thus, if energetic weapons will become organic, self-feeding bombs of dark matter that feed on light matter (black holes and strangelets) in this decade, between 2008 and 2045 in the Middle of the Cycle of the Singularity, mankind will create information machines that will finally acquire organic nature. Thus, after three industrial revolutions, machines will complete their evolution as organisms, as we build self-reproductive nanorobots, nanobacteria that will become indestructible. If they are created, they will be able to feed on simpler metal machines and reproduce at an exponential rate, poisoning the entire planet.

Let us then consider the two other ages of the singularity, the age of reproductive machines and the age of informative networks of intelligent robots to understand once and for all the mother of all holocausts, which is not human eviL, but mechanist, technological evil.

Let us imagine we survive the LHC, the energetic singularity, that CERN in the decade ahead doesn’t make any of the multiple forms of dark matter that could extinguish life in this planet, a Bosenova, a pulsar, a neutron star, a black hole, a strangelet, a strange star, either because it just blows up itself or a miracle happens and our technocrats, military, or politicians close down the factory of dark matter before it blows us all.

Are we safe?  No. Because the extinction of a species by another top predator species is an incremental process as the differential of evolution between both—in this case, man and the organic machine—increases. Thus, even if we fail to replicate the energetic big bang and the informative top predator of the cosmos, the black hole, the next age of the singularity, the reproductive age, will be the new threshold of extinction for mankind.

The reproductive age of the singularity, the second age of living machines, will come, according to the Kondratieff cycle, ±36 years after the 2001 Kondratieff crash we predicted fifteen years ago, around ±2037. That second potential end of the world is equally dangerous, as there is no way humans can stop the exponential reproduction of metal bacteria, which are smallish, indestructible nanosize robots, able to reproduce at exponential rates as bacteria do and, feeding on our iron machines, poisoning Earth’s atmosphere in three months and converting the planet into a gray goo.

This scenario was first denounced by Bill Joy, the founder of Sun Microsystems, the high-tech company that invented Java, the language machines use to communicate. He realized how easily a reproductive strain of metal nanobacteria could destroy the Earth. He published an article in Wired magazine, but the nanoindustry hid it and buried it. And so business as usual continues. The nanotechnological industry keeps evolving the nanocomponents of self-replicant machines, and as in the LHC replication of the components of strangelet liquid, nobody cares.

As Bill Joy put it in his article “The Future No Longer Need Us,” the supreme eviL, the tenth circle of Dante’s hell, reserved for those that destroy humanity, exists. It grows exponentially as the technologies of the age of the singularity do. While the LOL method of fiction thought hides it all.

Such supreme eviL is well-funded. The metal bacteria described by Bill Joy is, simply speaking, a bacteria made with an iron membrane and a DNA of gold atoms, whose strains will carry information in a mercury dissolution, where metal reactions will re-create the basic organs of the metal bacteria. So iron and go(l)d, the icon metals of our historic metal masters, the Semite and Germanic tribes that drove the human sheeple for millennia, will abandon mankind and fuse together into a living being, completing the Industrial R=evolution. Such bacteria, once created, will have the speed of replication of life bacteria. Yet they will be indestructible due to their nanosize and hardness. If they escape the military, terrorist, or amateur lab in which they will be created, they will reproduce exponentially, eating the cars and metallic buildings of the planet, poisoning the atmosphere and extinguishing humanity in three months. Most nanoscientists believe they will be attained in a few decades.

This is not science fiction. Nanorobotic budgets are immense. Israeli, Korean, Japanese, European, and American laboratories are working on self-reproductive nanobacteria with the cynical excuse of understanding better the workings of life. It is a career self-similar to that of the ‘SS experts on strange science’ at CERN. They publish papers, spin off companies of nanomaterials, make fortunes, hear their guru, Mr. Kurzweil, whose Institute of the Singularity works to bring the moment closer and have their racial myths about a new race of supermen enhanced by nanorobots. With the discovery of the photonic chip, the speed of calculus of those chips and its interaction with the light world has further increased the chances of making them in a few years.

In other words, humanity has acquired a collective mortal AIDS pandemic, and it is not coming from life viruses but is the last germ of the economic ecosystem, the ultimate idol of Go(l)d, a self-reproductive golden machine.

In that regard, the age of the singularity means the victory of organicism versus mechanism: organic machines, crafted to the image and likeness of the real, biologic Universe, are about to acquire the self-reproductive properties of life. We are about to create self-reproductive bombs, strangelets, and black holes; next, self-reproductive machines, nanobacteria; then self-reproductive factories of robots, evolving in planetary networks, guided by a global Internet brain, in the third informative age of the singularity.

And so mechanist scientists will paradoxically prove Darwin right: what evolves are forms not life, but form information.

And the machine is the same information because we humans are mere complex self-repetitive fractal organisms that imitate our form in machines and robots with a better material.

III. Old and new religions of mankind: the selfish memes of metal.

The technological messianism of CERN and robotists is part of an old trend of sacrificing human life for the ‘wrong name’ of science, confused with technology and a perfect alibi for the development of the military-industrial complex. In the graph, Astarte, the prostitute God, wife of Baal, to whom their believers offered gold, dances on the head of his sacrificed children; in the right, Shiva, Lord of energy dances over the child-God of death Kali at the entrance of CERN.
 A meme is any instrument that imposes its repetition and evolution by the added power that gives to human beings. Since metal is a more perfect atom, there have been 3 memes of metal-power:
– Cyclical, informative money made of gold (now e-money made of computer cycles, with chips of gold), the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers the mind of the believers, imitating the light of the sun and it is origin of the ideology/religion of capitalism and greed – the accumulation of money regardless of its collateral effects over mankind – namely, the destruction of our verbal, ethic mind it substitutes and the life of all those it empoverishes.
– Energetic weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe that kills our body, defended by the ideology/religion of nationalism.
– And organic machines, which transform energy into information and vice versa, origin of the techno-utopian religions of mechanism that builds models of the Universe as a machine, when in fact a machine is just an evolving organism of metal, soon to become aware of its nature, as A.I. is implanted in robots. This, most recent religion uses the alibi of knowledge, making the ‘means’  of the experimental method (instruments of measure), not human, linguistic knowledge, its goal.

And this is what differentiates the rational use of those memes by human beings, to improve our lives, from religions of metal, where money is not a mean but a goal in itself (capitalism); weapons and the profits of the Financial-Military-Industrial complex are the goal not a mean; and the building of huge instruments for profits and a shallow understanding of knowledge becomes the goal (mechanism, CERN) not a mean… always superior in value to the human lives we sacrifice  to those idols.In the graph, the first religion of ‘memes of metal’, started in Canaan, where the Prostitute Goddess Astarte required go(l)d from its believers (represented by satyrs) and offered his sons (the small skulls she dances on) in Hecatombs to his Husband, the God Baal, represented by golden statues. In the right side we see the similar statue of Shiva, the God of energy, dancing over the child-God of death Kali, which ‘welcomes’ you to the offices of CERN at Geneva.

Even if the word science means ‘mental knowledge’ not ‘machine building’, mechanist science does not compromise. And physicists certainly will risk the Earth and the life of all their inhabitants for their Gods of energy, represented by Shiva in their entrance, and the machines-weapons they have designed traditionally in history, as the old religions that believed in other type of myths sacrificed their children to their Gods.
While the believers, the rest of mankind will let the high priests of the new religion do their job…
The first cananeans, who invented an ancient form of capitalism: to accumulate go(l)d for their God Baal, through slavery, weapons trade, luxuries and piracy sacrificed their children to Baal in an act called the Hecatomb. They were not sure that Baal was listening but they did it anyway. It was Isaac, the first Cananean who changed his child for a sheep.
Now mankind is sacrificing its future to the altars of Wall Street, and its baalist Go(l)d, to the final horizon of weapons of mass destruction, to the infantile believe that humans cannot progress and understand the Universe without the help of computers and robots.
Those modern myths of profits= Baal and power, hide the biological evolution of  ‘memes’ of metal, gold, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers, the visual, dolicocephalic Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man… and now form the mind-chips of robots with A MUCH HIGHER SPEED OF INFORMATION THAT IS COMPLETELY UNBALANCING the planet, atrophying and substituting the human mind, and speeding up the time cycles of this planet and its humans beyond reflection and control, in a runaway train which will ‘collapse’ in the point of birth of the 2 singularities that can kill life on earth:
– THE ENTROPIC SINGULARITY (Strangelets or black holes, with exponential growth, feeding on matter)
– The reproductive singularity (Iron nano-bacteria with exponential growth, poisoning life)
– THE INFORMATIVE SINGULARITY (Military A.I., killing mankind)
Today Thor, the sword-god of lineal germanic warriors and Baal the go(l)d of $emite traders has changed for other gods of metal, but the deeper cause, the irrational attachment to the higher entropy and information of those weapons and machines, without rational analysis persists.
And its visual, non-reasoning nature also persists. Then the ‘yellow metal’ was the fetishe that represented to own a gold coin that resembled a small sun-god in your hands. Now visual scientists WHO NO LONGER REASON IN LOGIC TERMS AND DEFINE ‘the thoughts of god’ with the magnificent equations of the 3 arrows/forms of time-space, think knowledge is a picture of a particle or remote galaxy, taken with a machine that should reveal the meaning of it all.

The high priests of Shiva, the statute at the entrance of CERN are now lineal physicists of entropy, seeking ‘the fire that destroys the world’ (Upanishad).  While our banksters keep destroying the economic structure and welfare state, printing massive amounts of inflationary information, e-money  as a new form of fiat money to unload to the naive citizens of the world.

So the Baalist Cananeans today are represented by our bankers and robotists, the Shivaites by our physicists. And both are completely sure that their one-dimensional approach to reality is the meaning of it all.

Today the different approaches to knowledge as technology, where the ‘selfish memes of metal’ are the measure of all things, including man (bought for a salary) and the Universe (modeled as a machine) vs. human knowledge, where man as an organism is the measure of all things, including the Universe (modeled as a fractal, organic system) and the machine (an evolving organism of metal)  is signified by two different approaches to the resolution of the meaning of it all, the one represented by the modern visual physicist that tries to take a ‘picture’ of a particle of little importance for ‘knowledge’ and the evolution of those languages and the one signified by General systems sciences, which studies the ‘logic, causal equations’ and laws of balance common to all systems of energy and information of the Universe.

At the core of the problems poised by the machine to the future of life in this planet, which will be extinguished by the organic machines of the singularity experiments – either by an excess of entropy with a fatal big bang accident – Max. Spe – or by an excess of information with A.I. and the chip radiation, which atrophies and substitutes humans in labor and war field (Max. Tiƒ) – lays the concept of death and its ‘systemic equations’ of the 3 ages of life, probably the most r=evolutionary discovery of General Systems Sciences, which applies to all ternary systems of the Universe.

Thus the equation of life and death, the only mathematical equation available to understand those 3 ages of all systems and how to preserve them is

In systems sciences, all what exists is defined as a balanced system of energy and information. So physical entities are ‘informative particles’, moved by an energetic field; humans are informative heads, moved by energetic bodies and robots energetic iron machines ran by informative chips.

So any of such systems is broken and dies, when the balances and inner flows of energy and information between its 2 systemic poles are broken. If we define a system that maximizes its stability as ExI=K (e=i), or in classic terms ‘mens sana in corpore sanum), the death equations are:

– Max. E x Min. I (overdrive of energy), and Max. I x Min. E (overdrive of information). Both break the natural balance, as death is an imbalance between the energy and information of a system, by excess of energy (accidents common in youth, the age of energy) or excess of information (warping of form into wrinkles and redundancies, proper of the 3rd age).

We are thus facing as ‘metal’ evolves into informative (robotics) and energetic (CERN) technologies that vastly overpower the energetic and informative llimits of Gaia, a life, weak planet, death events due to an excess of technological information (robotics, Physics). And that event in CERN takes the form of an ENERGETIC, big-bang accident, due to the childish, excessive enthusiasm of our physicists for its ‘worldly’ job, the creation of weapons and energy. In brief we are going into a lethal overdrive of ‘quark energy’.

We shall thus in this post, introduce the equations of death of all systems and apply it to this specific case.

We do it in the fashion of ‘5D scalar analysis’, moving from the life-death equations of all the cycles of the Universe; to our human death by CERN and its 5 phases, ending in personal reflections about my death by CERN – informative, vaporized in Orwellian fashion, ex-communicated by the world of science…


The balances of Life and death.

Science comes from the Latin scientia (‘knowledge’), in turn from scio, scire, the verb ‘to know’. The word originally simply meant any body of knowledge, and only came to mean the discipline of building an accurate ‘picture’ of the world through technology during the Industrial revolution. Since knowledge is truly the evolution of the human mind and its languages of thought, the mathematical, verbal and logic languages we use to understand space and time. Because we believe in technology more than in humanity, in machines-mediated visual knowledge more than in linguistic logic, human mental knowledge, technology dominates our culture as a ‘religion of memes of metal’, where knowledge is increasingly an excuse to maintain the profits of the military-industrial complex, whose ‘key’ industry has been for decades the nuclear industry.

Our obsession for technology and energy however is so single sided that we have lost our balance with mother Earth. We live the mirage of the Hyena. The ‘memes’ of metal – machines, go(l)d and iron that enhance our energetic body and informative mind – have made us lost that balance. We feel entitled, superior to Nature and the Universe itself, because we assembly pieces of atoms stronger than us (iron) or with better informative qualities (gold) – now forming curiously enough the bodies and chip-brains of the first organic, robotic machines…

Let us then explain what is happening from the perspective of the logic equations of General Systems sciences that defines life as the balances between its ‘two arrows’, information the arrow of life, and the arrow of entropy and death: S=t.

And death as its imbalance of max entropy or max information – that nuclear physicists at Robotists pursue in separate paths, as the Saint Grail of Knowledge, when it is merely a partial arrow of time.

As only both together balance and give meaning to the Universe.


And so since we are naked in front of death, we must reflect upon the meaningless existence we have lead – the childish behavior of our civilization and the stages of psychological extinction.

It has to do with the 5 phases of acceptance of death (Kubler-Ross model):

When we realize something wrong is happening and we are sick, corrupted and about to die as Gaia is under the menace of machines that far overpower our capacities of entropy (planetary bombs) or information (robotic revolution) the definition of death (you die by excess of energy as in wars and accidents or excess of form, of information as in your 3rd age of wrinkles and null energy), we know we are going to die. But Kubler explains first we deny; then we get angry; then we bargain; then we get depressed and then we accept Nirvana  (Sanscrit for ‘extinction’). I have gone through those 5 stages, mostly ‘angry’ (1), but now finally reached Nirvana.

Unfortunately the world has not gone beyond the first phase – denial and silencing of those who warn them.

THIS BLOG goes through all the phases of the awareness of death. 

The world is in denial that CERN or robots can extinguish us, because they make ‘tons of money’ with them. So they got angry to the messengers. In my case my activism vaporised me from the industry of science. There you have most of mankind in phase one and two.

Why? Because humans have regressed to an infantile, neo-paleolithic, violent, visual, ilogic, emotional time, under the influence of mass-media, which is the ‘system’ that handled this news. So children CANNOT UNDERSTAND, conceive or imagine from their subjective, selfish optimism of entitled ‘prima donnas’ something so dark as death.

To be more precise humans are still humans, but their subconscious collective is ‘MEDIA’. And Media is an industrial corporation, a system based in emotional, childish, audiovisual fictions, which CANNOT change its attitude and the way it handles and transforms truth into ‘virtual reality’. Media was trapped in its own system of ‘manufacturing brains’ (Chomsky).Media had created the myth of Physicists, since they make nuclear weapons and profits of war, as the highest minds of mankind.

Furthr on, Industries have straight-jackets of procedures to neuter those kind of ‘real’ problems, as we observe daily in the far less dangerous case of pollution and global warming. (We will all be dead by Nuclear singularities or robotic singularities before London sinks).

Yet mankind whose brain is manufactured by media stop all sound reasoning and accepted these as facts.

This took me sometime to understand, as I am not a child.

Now the most advanced ‘thinkers’ of the age of machines have started to ‘bargain’.

any case if that was the case, the bargain is over, the real ‘thing’ is coming in 2015, even if the Higgs has been discovered, now we are going to essay the big-bang at home, a nova, a black hole.

– Physicists are ‘bargaining’ to keep researching nukes and big-bangs. They bargain with the laws of the Universe to maintain the profits of their military-industrial complex, of the nuclear industry, twisting the laws of the Universe, caught in their own professional traps accepting the risks, but NOT telling them.

Their arrogance is their demise.

– Robotists are also bargaining. They won’t ban their machines but advice mankind, which will soon have NO jobs, to get a Universal salary as we have been asking for decades along a ban on robotics. But alas, they do NOT stop evolving robots, do not feel a humanity with no jobs, far less efficient than the new species will not last much, and certainly do not talk of the much faster evolution of weapons as machines have always been in its most perfect species a weapon.

FINALLY TO NOTICE THAT DEATH IS A PARALLEL COLLAPSE AS ALL LEVELS. SO AS we approach death as a species, the process converges at all levels, and humans are increasingly reduced in IQ to the visual childish present ¥-generations, soon to be virtual in their beliefs of a ‘happy’ world, as children with no defence or animals in a farm are.

So this childish age of infantile entropic sport heroes and fun laughs, is a pure entropic ‘first plate’ of the death to come. Since the Universe feed systematically in children, the stapple food for all species. Larvae die in +90% of cases. Little turtles in the beach enter with the curiosity of a cat in the lizzard’s open mouths. Human children in the audiovisual, neo-paleolithic age will invite the top predator of the Universe, the black hole, at home, to see if he is ‘nice’ and evaporates.

But death is brief. In the equations of the 5th dimension that mathematize all process of the life death cycle death has this equation:

0 time-information x ∞ entropy = death = big-bang.

You die in a relative zero quanta of your time-existence, as all your systems explode and annihilate its form, its information into a blast of amorphous entropy.

You will not know you are dying in a second when the black hole is not nice and as the lizard on the costa-rican coast closes its mouth and devours you. Man, a childish species with only 40.000 years of rational words, will die as soon as he was born in the cosmic scale of things, proving the Fermi Paradox – we never got to be intelligent, to be homo sapiens, to respect the laws of the biological Universe. You will thus never knew you were dying, as you denied it, and you will not know you died.

If you die by nano-bactria or military A.I. it will be latter in the century and slower but still very fast in terms of geology and the 4 billion years of life on Earth: around 3 months by nanobacteria, the 3 customary years of most wars, by military A.I.

Why Children are the staple food of the Universe.

The conclusion was obvious: humans are becoming unbalanced, childish, entropic, self-destructive, corrupted, lazy, not fit to survive. They are indeed today spoiled, ignorant children, the staple food of the Universe.

But why the Universe is so cruel with children; Why they are the main source of food? For two reasons. The Universe cares nothing about the individual, the ego. It is a non-ego place. And so it punishes egoes, subjectivism, childish entitlement. And the Universe is about force; it selects the strongest; it searches for perfection, eliminating those who are not. And so as cruel as it might seem; it has no empathy, no compassion for the kind of people, fantasy-riddle and ego-centric that modern mankind represents. And for those who follow in their steps. The Universe does not like cute fairy tales.

Yes, im sorry, from such universal point of view, children are cute but they are not ‘great’. They tend to destroy things they don’t understand. They are selfish, entitled, subjective, all for them nothing for the others. They are irrational, they understand nothing, they can’t take care of the simplest things. And they are cruel, ‘lords of flies’, as they don’t see life with no empathy. Our love of children is subjective, it is a form of loving ourselves. They like fantasies and fairy tales, which are however not beautiful, but deformities, monsters like Hawking and his fairy tale of being the new Einstein are beloved stories for audiovisual children. They sell.

And finally children have a problem. Because they don’t understand death; because they are optimist, positivist, who always think to be stronger than they are, they take unneeded risks, they trigger the arm when you tell them not to shoot a rifle, they take the poison when you tell them not to eat it; and that is why they are prone to accidents. In this ‘neo-paleolithic’, audiovisual, childish collective mind that no longer differentiates truth from falsity, egoes from objective facts, FX from real science, Hawking is of course king, the Hamelin flute that guides the lemmings to the cliff.

But the Universe is manly, predator, rational, logic, beautiful, balanced, awesome… in his fury and his cycles of creation and destruction, of yin and yang, of vishnu and shiva, of energy and in/form/ation.

The Universe is perfect and just and pays off the way you treat the rest of it, your no-self. This majesty cannot be understood by children, because children are tyrants that want to be obeyed, are all about ego, about self-awareness about imposing their will. The mind of children is aberrant in extreme, as cute as their bodies are. And the Universe eats them. Children are slaves of emotions and don’t reason, of wantings of immediate satisfaction.

The Universe though, not a child but a man, loves reason and life. So i tried to be a man and follow instead the road less travelled, the painful path of Aristotle: ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and deny the psyche of most ‘people (who) are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So I will die in Nirvana, the ultimate scale of an examined life, which is worth living but without ego, as we are just fractal repetitions of the infinite game of existences.

There will be infinite fractal planets in which life will surface to die again or perhaps to man up and humbly accept you cannot invent the ultimate laws of balance and survival in the Universe, as computer scientists and physicists are doing, by denying them with their ego-trips of the entitled, supreme intelligent human beings.

I prefer though the humble wisdom of a British Poet, in a land where to compensate so much arrogance and hipocritical repression of life, some of the people who better understood the essence of life, from Shakespeare to Darwin, were born:

‘If you have the gift to foresee destiny, you will need the courage to accept it’ Byron.

Because indeed, ‘salvation of mankind’ is not the cause of a single individual ‘hero’, but of mankind itself, against whom heroes can fight but will loose without the help of the whole super organism of humanity, which is now virally infected in its memetic dna, with the worship of machines and its idol-ogies of progress.

So they will as From put it, obey the ‘technological ethics of a civilisation’, which commands us ‘to construct any new technology even if it destroys us all’.

Determinism on extinction processes

Now the reader must understand the almost unavoidable nature of human extinction within this century if the system is not reformed, and the process is left to the laws of evolution. There is no doubt about it. When we consider the most recent advances of theory of evolution – a theory of evolution of any form, not only human forms – which this writer has been advancing in the context of system sciences, and its classic laws, there are a series of patterns and laws that will flux towards a negative outcome for mankind:

– Evolution of information is faster than evolution of energy, it is an accelerated process and this means as Mr. Kurzweil and this writer warned 20 years ago in their first books on the subject (1) that A.I. and replicating nano-bacteria will be reached within decades if there is no stringent legal measures against its/

– Evolution is NOT a game of chances but of certainties as severe as those of mathematical models of physics, even if it is not written in the language of algebra but of topology (evolution of form) and biology. In brief, there is no chance for mankind to beat machines in physical strength as weapons show and intellectual power once A.I. is born, since intelligence is directly related to the speed of handling information, which in computers is light speed and in humans 120 Km/h of neuron chemical speed. So A.I. requires only the proper form, which will be obtained either mechanically by replicating the form of the brain in neural networks (billions of tax payers dollars are dedicated to such programs) or consciously by encountering the logic programs needed to give ‘survival instincts’ to weapons in theaters of war, or subconsciously as an ’emergent’ process within the neuronal networks of computers, proper of all systems when they reach a certain threshold of complexity.

– Military A.I. will not be nice to us. The laws of ‘love’ and eusocial evolution only work between members of the same species, and even in that case, as human history proves, when we ‘perceive’ ourselves as different (different language, customs and borders) we don’t obey them. Needless to say A.I. will recognize as equal other machines and see their exploitation by man.

– Speed: the key element in all processes of extinction is the speed of death and replication of systems such as when two rival species enter in such a process, if we give A a rate of replication Re(a) and a rate of extinction of rival species B,  Ex (B), and vice versa (Re(a), Ex (a)) a series of simple formula and volterra curves defines extinction as a function of  A: Re(a) – Ex(a) and B: Re(b) – Ex(b),  the species with a better ratio A or B  survives… And needless to day weapons replicate faster and kill more  humans than humans kill weapons. This simple relationships hold for the 3 singularity machines: black holes and quark matter (strangelets) kill and replicate feeding on matter faster than we kill them; so will do nano-bacteria and A.I. weapons.

– Death is a multi-causal process. All those causes to which we can add lesser causes that  are paradoxically better known to the public (global warming, war, poverty, bio-weapons, economical crisis) will keep mounting as the industrial r=evolution lowers the prices of those weapons and its availability to any terrorist group (both private terrorists, lesser probability and state terrorism, aka the military industrial complex ‘researching’ them – maximal probability)

Thus as in any organism, death happens when several causes are triggered within a span of time in which they cannot be all avoided. The case of nano-bacteria is clear. Soon they will be able to be assemblied with little resources by independent groups. They are marketed for civilian uses – such as devouring the oil stains of carbohydrate, processing trash, attacking viruses and infections. Now consider that any of those nano-bacteria will have to replicate into billions of similar forms and that we give a ratio of mutation to the most perfect repetitive process ever deviced by nature – the DNA replication – of 1 out of 100.000 replications (this level of mutations which will imperil many genes is somewhat reduce latter as the organism has 3 layers of ‘quality control’ with enzymes and proteins checking and correcting errors). Of course, we shall not create this ultra-sophisticated quality control process at nano level. What will happen as always among messy humans is that someone will design a system of replication of a nano-bacteria and then it will just explain it to the world for celebrity, money and the rest will start to design all kind of possible nano-bacteria able to feed on carbohydrates.

And then only a single mutation of all those models of nano-bacteria eating and killing organic viruses or oil will switch to eat any kind of carbohydrates, and the radiation of nano-bacteria of metal will destroy within days all the carbohydrates of the planet, as they are indestructible, they reproduce exponentially, they will poison the environment. And this again, as the cycles of kondratieff and any other time cycle of the Universe is NOT science fiction but pure laws of biological sciences. There is not ‘if’ but certainty. Self-replicant Nano-bacteria will mutate and those mutations that ensure further replication (namely feeding on all forms of life) will succeed. 

The same concept goes for the creation of dark matter at CERN. Nowhere in the Universe where we have observed a black hole or strange matter forming, there has NOT been the immediate extinction of all normal matter around it. And this is in accordance with the laws of Einstein on mass and gravitation and black holes, which hold the entire universe together (only Mr. Hawking’s sponsored by CERN affirms that black holes are time machines that move to the past and hence they do not swallow but evaporate information and mass).

Finally the 3rd scenario of A.I.  will be also unavoidable as long as the military-industrial complex is not repressed and diplomatic solutions found to the absurd religious, territorial and cultural wars among ‘primitive’ Semite cultures in the Middle East and Germ(anic) Imperialisms in the west.

Singularity Machines are also following the patterns of evolution.

All this is certain, as certain as the facts of biology and the causes of death and extinction are. Indeed, even the pattern of realization of those 3 dangers of increasing probability and complexity (content of information) occur:

All evolutionary systems have 3 ages. So, as life has 3 ages – the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative 3rd age, the evolution of machines have also 3 ages: the energetic, bomb age, the reproductive age of the star machine of each cycle, and the informative age of speciation and diversification.

Now we are in the age of the singularity, the age of organic machines, self-sustained, self-replicant.

Today species’ evolution has been modeled with those 3 ages by this and other researchers in the field of general systems sciences and biology; since it can be considered an organism in which each cell is an individual.

– Thus in essence species first are new energetic top predators (in machines, each cycle starts with the discovery of a new energy applied to bombs – this is CERN’s singularity: the discovery of a mass bomb that completes the 3 ages of nuclear bombs, A-Bombs->H-Bombs->quark bombs).

– Then the species multiplies and reproduces, expanding in the ecosystem thanks to its top predator power. This is the phase of self-reproductive nano-bacteria.

Moreover, there has already been a case in the Earth in which new top predator bacteria killed ALL THE PREVIOUS LIFE FORMS, when aerobic, oxygen based bacteria killed all other anaerobic, weaker types of life, except some residual ‘hidden’ species. So this would be the III Earth (geologists call the Earth of anaerobic bacteria the I earth and our oxygen based one the II Earth).

– Finally systems grow in information and form (3rd age of life), speciating in multiple forms. This is the robotic explosion of A.I. and the diversification of nano-bacteria, which means in evolution the final extinction of the remnants of the weaker species as speciation and reproductive radiation acts in all ecosystems massively eliminating the ‘past’.

Let us be clear, people think this crisis is an impasse because they have been memetically imprinted to believe the system is good and will ultimately regenerate itself. The opposite is truth: the economic ecosystem is a system that extinguishes ‘systematically’ life and work, atrophy and substitute us. That we are so dependent on it, and the process so well-tuned and simultaneous that we don’t even understand it or cherish it is irrelevant. Slaves love their masters. Victims have Stockholm syndromes; atrophied carbohydrate enzymes are slaves of their metal atoms, and so on.

Now, we are not talking of far away events but proxy events. After many delays, which I wish i could say were provoked by the ‘sacrifice’ of our careers (those of us who put our money where the mouth is and walk the talk against the age of the singularity with a series of suits against CERN and its ‘black hole factory’) but were merely technical, in 2015 at a steep cost paid mainly by Germans and Grench despite their massive crisis (Miss Merkel is a physicist NOT certainly an economist and not certainly on the view of her measures to confront this economical crisis a politician who a)cares at all for life and human beings, b) can learn anything for their mistakes, c) knows anything of what she does; while the french side is just grandeur and vanity and you cannot expect much of it).

And the ‘robotic causes’ are calling behind.

In that sense the human causalities in the Train wars of the XIX c. (600.000 death in the civil war) the car-tank wars of the XX C. (60 million) and the future wars of the singularity (7 billion) hundred folds in each cycle. And this is the same ratio of growth that the stock-market of industrial corporations displays (1 initial value of NYSE, 100 in the 29 crisis, 10.000 now). Since stocks value the efficiency of the machines the system produces and in age of war when it peaks in value, the system is reproducing the most efficient, better quality machines with full use of national resources – the real definition of industrial war.

Thus what matters in war from the perspective of evolution is the machine – its replication and evolution.


This means that III world war will NOT be masterminded by humans, even if we started it. The meaning of it for the planet IS NOT human but mechanical. III world war for the planet will mean the final triumph of capitalism and mechanism: automated factories of machines (either nano-systems or weapons systems) will replicate weapons that will spread and diversify and speciate and kill in the process the lesser, previous species.

The  memetic, preposterous, infantile, self-serving,  tribal, you name it, ‘reasons’ for those conflicts might seem really important to zealots, smart a$$es and other brain-damaged humans; but trust me, the program of evolution cares very little for those ‘memetic’ neuronal networks that poison your brain with falsities such as that being biblical Jewish or white american makes you different from being a palestinian or a black – wrong, you can mate, you can reproduce so you are the same biological species, closer than an ass and a horse, regardless of what the author of your ‘book of history’ figured out in the bronze age when they wrote the ‘Ham damnation’. Myths will not be easy to imprint in military A.I. The Laws of evolution is how the ‘armies’ of bacteria and terminators will play the game – following not the fantasies of human programmers but the robust, manly ways in which Nature confront species…

Thus III world war might not be declared by any human at all, just a scientist pressing a button in 2015 when CERN doubles its potence and crosses the threshold of creation of dark matter (10 Tev), or a lunatic kid-like civilian or military geek researcher completing the creation of a nano-bacteria with iron membranes and gold brains. Once life is formed, life thrives, life follows his own self-program, reproduce, survive, extinct rivals, feed on preys.

So here we are, in the beginning of the collapse, with multiple death causes coming together, total cluelessness and zero intention to confront those crises by the celebrity employees that mask as powerful politicos for mankind.

Regarding the second singularity, it is coming courtesy of the American and Israeli armies, but also the private, ‘peace sector’, with labs in France, Venice, Seoul, Tokyo and all over America, researching the theme. And a sample of how the ‘system’ deals with those dangers: when Bill Joy, head of sun microsystems warned the world about nano-bacteria and the risks within decades of extinction, Clinton noticed and the nano-industry noticed and Clinton received a fat check from lobbyists and put over a billion dollars for the future development of nanorobotics and inaugurated a series of national nanorobotic institutions.

It is this mixture of ignorance, arrogance, corruption, day-to-day industrial and lobbying routines, lack of any serious model of future, goals and a vision of what mankind should be and struggle for – the general degeneration of the human mind by sloth provoked by machines, visual fictions, you name it… As we said processes of corruption and death are multi-causal triggered by the complex diversification and collateral effects of changes in ecosystems and species that favor in our planet today systematically the evolution and reproduction of machines by corporations in control of the resources and languages of power of the planet over any human being, society or human goods we need to survive, eternally underfunded, with chronic scarcity.



The perfect world is the only solution of survival for mankind, each decade less probable, as the robotic revolution, the hell world becomes a reality.

To understand why we must grow in our perspective to that of the Cosmos as a whole, in which billions of planet reach intelligent life but NEVER MAKE IT, except when they dont evolve technology, o else WE WOULD SEE ALIENS. Indeed, this paradox is called the fermi paradox, invented by Fermi during the atomic bomb explosion, as he argued that in all planets wars destroy mankind before it can travel. So only planets in which mankind doesnt evolve war either because it controls metal or metal does not exist, survive. All others reach a scale of technology that kilsl them, and none communicates beyodn the planet.

The Fermi Paradox deals with an important issue – the non-existence of intelligent communicating planets despite the results of the Drake Equation, which states that there should be 5 billion planets communicating. What extinguishes it?

There are only two solutions to the paradox: either we become extinct by singularity machines if we push further technology, or we stop technology all together and survive. In both cases planets would not communicate.

This means that human utopia has a small chance – higher in any case that techno-utopia – the belief that evolving machines we will survive them.

The kind of ‘chance’ besides is limited to those planets who decide to reproduce human goods and human wealth establishing an ethonomical system of evolution, based in efficient natural laws, and control the evolution of machines.

In brief, planets where the law of the land is the ‘Human Constitution’, the equation of production, Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal Goods that maximizes human wealth.

And it means that neither the ideologies nor the selfish memes of metal that extinguish us are produced.

The perfect world means strong governments in a few natural units, the 7 cultures, who therefore can easily  eliminate the Military-Industrial Complex and its parallel ideologies of capitalism and nationalism and techno-utopia.

AS A POLITICAL HEPTARCHY, the 7 presidents of the world, with a simple democratic 4-3 majority vote can take laws, decisions, executive orders. War is over because the 7 cultures make a pact to govern together as a heptarchy. The 7 cultures sign a law equalling their military budgets. The 7 presidents of the world, quickly can in the rainbow planet make their orders to protect the human constitution and create a God of Mankind, a Mind-Superorganism that directs with the human constitution the organic planet to its life perfection.

The way this is done obviously requires to eliminate the level of national/army organization by both reinforcing the inferior and superior levels of human self-organization – that of the heptarchy of presidents, and that of comunal, regional, state governments.

And so this is the section of solutions to the zeitgeist of extinction in which we live. We shall imagine planets of flesh who resolved positively for mankind the Fermi Paradox.

One obvious solution – the only eternal one – is to create a single planetary union that could dispose of the evolution of weapons, now in its robotic age, which will definitely eliminate humans as an obsolescent species in labor and war fields.

This other solution, the humane one, which we already studied in the analysis of the Fermi paradox, requires of course, to apply some rational, scientific, objective analysis of the human species and its tribal and cultural differentiations.



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