Ethonomic Reforms

Yes money

Yes money is the currency of the World Union, the perfect world. In the ideal model it doesn’t matter how the planet reached the point of understanding of bio-history, to realize of the need of the ‘yes’ money + money, which adds in its creation to the collective ‘happiness’ of the human super organism (Max. ExI function of existence, E=I).

Let us consider that in this planet yes money is created by the fixed parity creation of 1 euro = 1 dollar =100 genes = 20 yyans, and the issue with it of a Universal Salary to all the members of the world union.

Starting with China, Japan, the Euro zone and the States, Yes money would obviously become with more than 2/3rds of gap and 1/2 of human population the global currency soon expanded to the entire human population.

With a Universal salary of 10.000 yes per head , 70 trillion yes are issued every year at planetary level, and that is the only form of creating money-oxygen in the world union; next in the ‘second layer’ of creation of money 7 trillion are awarded to governments to create infrastructures, and only 700 billion to the next layer of personal credits, and 70 billion to the scale of corporations… whose shares become fixed prices, non-anonymuous, and its ownership split 50-50 between private shareholders and the state (2 to 1 split, with the shares going to the government).

Departing from such hierarchical scalar distribution, the Economy of the Perfect World is human, based in the massive demand of poor people for basic stuff, food, housing, health-care and transport

Next governments ill keep infrastructures, humans will get credit for peronsal projects, and finally corporations will get credit, so they must self-finance and halt the growth of the mechanocene.

Since the purpose of mankind is to abort the ‘mechanocene’ age.


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