Capitalism vs. Democracy:

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class”. Amschel Rothschild, Am Segullah 1838

‘If you repeat a lie Many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it. I have asked UFA to make only entertaining and patriotic movies. People will like them and ask for nothing else’ Goebbels method of post-truth, imported to the U$ by its Financial-media masters (first minister of propaganda, now called ministry of Information).



Company-mothers of weapons-machines then conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth…


capitalism social classes

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

In the graphs, a classic of the pre-war age, we see the initial phase of  the Mechanocene and its 3  symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene. THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’,  which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences.

Indeed, Capitalism, is an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  ”Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience.

Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

In that regard, the previous pyramid fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ’animetal=human animal+metal-meme cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the o.o02% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes.

Nature of capitalist societies. ‘Issue of money’: dictatorship of bankers & Companies

It must be understood this: there is NOT difference between the systemic denial of humanist truths by Go(L)d animetal masters of capitalism, and Weapons masters of fascism: both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME coin – the monopoly in the issue of the languages of metal power, money and weapons to control the ‘99%’, and establish a parallel regime of ‘post-truths=repeated lies’ to manufacture the brain of people into acquiescence. The difference if any is this: today the Financial-Media masters rule the world and buy mercenary armies; military fascism is totally secondary. So why we keep talking of it, while NOBODY talks of the Financial-media head of the Planet? Self-evident answer: because NOT to talk of them, is to give them a free check to do whatever they want without being blamed.

But nothing can be done as long as a few people owning corporations of financial-media information can deliver orders of post-truth to billions of humans through its company-mothers of mass-media, as it is the case today, when therefore their control of the POPULATION WITH THE GOEBBEL’S METHOD OF REPETITION OF SELF-SERVING LIES AND NEWSPEAK IS ABSOLUTE.

So indeed, ‘post-truth’ as been with us for millennia and the desire of the Financial-Media system of America to kill truth, as expressed in its time magazine, working for an equal time; all with an aim – to keep mankind under the boot of those who control the issue of money (and buy political weapons with it):

The world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields.


Idol-ogically speaking capitalism is a ‘fetish go(l)d religion’, which must be understood historically as a wrong mutation in the natural evolution of the human species to higher more rational levels of social organisation, using not only its verbal, temporal language that puts man in the center of creation but also a digital, more efficient language, of values, money.

As such money as a digital language that compares efficiently different elements of production  worker=money (salary, price) = Object, is a useful language as long as it is understood as such, and become submissive to the ethic verbal goals of a society made to the image and likeness of machines, fostering the creation of an efficient, democratic , perfect world, where all men have access to money to give orders of production (welfare states, Universal salaries, demand economy). Unfortunately the linguistic syntactic elements of money as ‘nomisma’, legal mathematical language, were lost to the mere ‘hypnotic’, greedy-oriented values instilled by ‘go(l)d’, the informative metal support of the digital language of money, which imposed a natural synergy with weapons, lineal energetic metal – starting a negative evolution of weapons and war, and the hierarchical political and economical structure of our ill-designed societies.

Thus money instead of becoming a digital language of information, submissive to verbal ethic values, and used to efficiently reproduce and distributes the goods humans need to survive, became the engine of a series of cycle of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons machines and more money that maintained a religious ‘sect’ of biblical segregating financial masters, bankers and entrepreneurs, which made corporations and its machines, its evolution, reproduction and sale for profits the meaning of social existence in the western world. Censorship of rational studies of money and the development of a nomisma-language to better develop human societies would become a ‘given’ of the western capitalist biblical world, whose psyche based in power and happiness not in truth and social evolution, will give birth to the present world in which the human species is expendable, and the machine the center of our ‘ethics’ and concept of future. We are thus creating a world of machines, for machines, without even been able to rationalise and discuss the process, which is a mechanical action-oriented a priori ‘belief’ to which all other considerations are sacrificed.

So how all this is hidden to the masses? By manufacturing their brains with all kind of idol-ogies of freedom and entitlement, which are mere evolutions of the old idol-ogies that sustained the power of the 3 people-castes and cultures of animetals that dominated the west, go(l)d bankers, iron warriors and machine makers, in the past, and have merely modernized their memeplex of worship of metal-machines, weapons and gold, adding placebo democracies, political correctness, newspeak of caring, so they have convinced the 99% the system works for them. Those ideologies are resumed in the graph.

And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans.

This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies:

The INCAPACITY of people to understand how languages of power, money, or laws or hormones create THE ORGANISM OF NATURE including our SOCIETIES, always astonished me. Humans CAN obey a language of power very well; they can obey the law; they can obey monetary orders called salaries, their cells do obey hormonal orders. So they can play THE social GAME and work, respect the law, BUT they CANNOT UNDERSTAND how those who INVENT a priori the language DICTATE the structure of society, its laws, orders of work and ideas.

This case is specially obvious with money, because we live in a crooked economic system where the people who invent money has made extraordinary efforts to hide the simple forms in which Nature invents languages to create with its orders a social reality.

So humans don’t understand that money is just a language, like words, or hormones, very easy to create a priori because what matters is that a posteriori languages of information will give orders to create reality…

So first a language, money, words, simple molecules are ‘invented’ in great numbers, ‘amore gratis’, to give orders of ‘work’ to a community of similar beings who understand the language and AGREE TO OBEY IT socially.

It follows then that all organisms of nature are composed of two ‘social classes’, those who invent the language who are the ‘informative class’ – the quantum particle in physics, the head-brain in organisms, the nucleus in cells, the gravitational black hole in galaxies; then there are those who understand it and obey it, who are the ‘working, re=productive class’, the wave in physics, the body in organisms, the organelles in cells, the stars in galaxies… and then there are those who don’t understand it or invent it, who are the ‘alien class’ or exploited ‘objects’; the forces in physics, the property or territory of hunting in organisms, the water in life systems, the vacuum space; disorganized, used as ‘entropic, energetic substances’ on the bottom of the pyramid.

THUS By definition there are always classes and hence organisms, in all systems of Nature.

And what matters is how to ORGANIZE a SYSTEM in SUCH A FORM THAT the 3 classes interact in an efficient just manner.

Unfortunately we, humans live in one of the less just, efficient organic societies  called a  capitalist democracy, which IS BASICALLY a very complex system of camouflage of the systemic ab=use over society of a ‘class’ who monopolizes the invention of the REAL language of social power money, the COMPANY.

But they hide this absolute monopoly and injustice on how the language of society is created.

Indeed, Companies create +90% of money of societies, THE REST is created by governments and people create NONE.

Next comes the injustice on their use of money:  the owners of financial companies keep it for themselves mostly; or ‘give it to people’ who become its ‘debt slaves’ as they are asked to RETURN the language. This is brutally unjust; in all ORGANISMS OF NATURE, the language is just used to give an order and motivate the cell or individual to work, as you speak and give orders If you are the boss. So languages exist to ‘BE WASTED’, as its purpose is just to motivate people to act.

But even more unjust is the fact that almost all the money invented by companies is USED not TO CREATE A WORLD MADE TO THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF humans, our species, but to credit a world of MACHINES, a different species, which absorb over 90% of the wealth of society. So the entire world is dedicated to create machines, evolve them, and so humans have become slaves of machines, ‘enzymen’, beings whose only purpose is to consume=vitalize machines and re=produce=work in factories constructing them.


So we come to the essential question of capitalism. The fact that it chokes the life and evolution and survival of the immense majority of mankind without credit and submitted to the legal and financial power of company-mothers of machines-weapons, whose competition in labor and war fields is displacing us from the top predator position of this planet. Let us consider then what capitalism means for humanity and its ideal form of social government, a true democracy, where humans would have access to money and control its laws to favor its future as individuals and species.

Capitalism=Financial-media (informative machines & companies)-Industrial/military (energetic machines & companies) superorganism

stock markets swing low up

We live in a world controlled by company-mothers of machines, or ‘capitalist world’ where the rights of human mothers are not met by the ‘attached’ placebo system, called ‘democracy’, as humans lack credit to create a world to its image through the use of the language of social power, money, overwhelmingly reproduced by those companies in e-money derivatives and stocks. So the world is terraformed to the image and likeness of machines, not of human beings. This site, unlike every economist on planet Earth, albeit camouflaged by its ‘abstract equations’ of productivity and profit, is taking sides for the human mother and the species called mankind, which happen to be your species, different in needs and goals to those of the machine. The failure to recognize the needs of mankind and the connection between economics and history to which it should be submissive, and the blind greedy dictatorship of financiers that rule humans with numbers, without the slightest care for its needs, are then ultimately the reasons why we are becoming displaced and likely extinct this century by company-mothers, robots and weapons in labor and war fields.

In that regard perhaps the most profound confusion the world suffers today, is on the understanding of the real   hierarchical order established between the ‘two words’ that describe our system of political and economical government: ‘capitalist democracy’ and the privileges granted to the two organisms they cater for: Company-Mothers of machines, and Human families, which reproduce two different species, machines and human beings.

The free citizens of Capitalism  are stock-market companies, overwhelmingly company-mothers of machines, its re=productive free citizens, whose goal in order to get profits for its stock holders on the sales of those machines, is to evolve, reproduce, and sell those machines.

The human goal of those companies affects only to the 0.002% of mankind that owns them and so it is gets profit from those sales. Yet those profits are completely irrelevant to the 99.9% of humanity affected by its real effect son the planet: to reproduce and evolve machines,  terraforming in the process the world, which they adapt through laws and sales to those machines, to the image and likeness of its offspring of mechanisms.

AND BECAUSE unlike human Mothers, those company-mothers have absolute rights to credit, used also liberally to pay politicos to promote with its laws their offspring of machines, since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution, mankind has suffered an exact non-stop generational, biological process of evolution of energies and its informative, military and transport machines, as all the resources of the planet have been geared first to that aim, and only WHAT IS LEFT-OVER, has been used to feed and reproduce and help the evolution of human-mothers, its social and family structures.

So CAPITALISM MUST BE DEFINED AS THE IDOL-OGY OF COMPANY-MOTHERS OF MACHINES, whose purpose is terraforming the earth to the image and likeness of machines. While Democracies would be the ideology that considers the world to be owned by humans which should terraform it to the image and likeness of history, our super organism in time and space. How it is possible to create both goals? the answer is NOT: EITHER CAPITALISM RULES AND THE WORLD WILL BE TERRAFORMED – IT IS ALMOST made to the image and likeness of those machines, or democracies come on top – now they are on the bottom of the pyramid of capitalism, as humans have essentially no rights to credit – the language of power of society that creates the world – and then humans prevail. Yet for that to happen obviously democracies have to regain their power over capitalism by regaining their power over the language of social creation, money, which is now fully owned by those company-mothers; REGARDLESS OF THE PLACEBO newspeak of caring and political correctness that tell us the system work for the human kind.

For example, the goal of mercedes for its tiny group of stock-holders is the abstract reception of profits. But the real goal of the company is to build and evolve cars, today self-driving robocars, soon to have autonomous solar skins, and construct or convince politicians to construct the networks of energy and information, roads, GPS satellites, electric grids, and oil pipes to provide energy and information for those machines in a process that is obviously absorbing resources and space, from the other life species that need them. So today cars absorb 1/4th of the maize America reproduces, and no longer feeds humans and cattle, whose food prices rise. And the land of many cities and territories become criss-crossed and barren to be used by machines.

What about human families? Our goals of existence as human families are obviously the same than those of company-mothers regarding their machines, but focused as it should be on our children.

So what we want is to have enough energy to feed them, enough information to educate them, and terraform the world to the image and likeness of human beings, to be able to roam the planet Gaia, enjoy life and its drive of existence, evolve socially in peace with other human beings and reproduce more children.

This is exactly what company-mothers of machines are doing so successfully, evolving, reproducing and integrating into planetary social networks its machines.

But humans are failing to achieve those goals for themselves. Why?  There is no computer without energy, or proper internet connection to which the economic system dedicates billions of dollars. But most humans are undernourished and information is primitive at best, when there is information at all. There is no limit to the motion of machines on planet Earth a global free market for the reproduction, evolution and transfer of machines and money from companies, but humans are limited in motions by borders, in money by the lack of any rights to invent it, which companies have.

Can the reproductive units of human societies access the languages of social power, money ad the laws, to create a real, demand-based democracy, kicking the preproduction and consumption of life goods they need to survive, and investing in a world made to the image and likeness of human beings?

The obvious truth is NOT. As today the most segregated, underfunded, with less rights, clearly unjustly treated element of our societies is the human mother, which is – let us remember it, as it seems humans have forgotten – the origin of OUR life, the bearer of our species, the fundamental element that pegs together our families, ensures our survival and happiness. So this fact seems a bit of a contradiction with the notion that we live in a democracy, the government of the people.

The combined GDP of 500 million people living in 3 of the top 8 most populous nations in the Earth with null credit is equivalent to the stock price of Apple, the leading company of metal-minds, with absolute credit to reproduce and evolve the machines that are displacing human brain from labor and war fields.

Hence the big question about our system is why Company-mothers are so successful achieving their goals of evolution, reproduction and terraforming of the Earth to the image and likeness of machines? And why human mothers are so miserable?  Simply enough because we do NOT live in a world ruled and dedicated to human beings.

I shall repeat it ad nauseam to counter the opposite effect of repetition of happy newspeak of freedom and optimism by company-mothers of informative machines, aka mass-media: you DO not live in a free world, in a real democracy, as you DO not rule that world. Company-mothers do; since they are the only Free citizens of free markets, with full,  free access to the two languages of power of our social organisms: the economic. reproductive language of money, that can buy and sell the lifetime of both human beings and machines;  and the informative, nervous language of Laws that money systematically buy to ‘politicos’, which don’t have rights to issue money (deficit zero laws) and must extort citizens from it (taxation), while companies issue it for free in e-money derivatives and stocks.

While in the side of humans a organization which IS submissive to the capitalist system, called Democracy, tries to make a world to its image and likeness, delivering the goods human mothers need to reproduce. And what people do NOT understand is that both mother SYSTEMS and species, and organizations are different, and while there are obvious symbiotic processes between them – as machines enhance our energy and information capacity, in most cases, SPECIALLY IN THE ROBOTIC AI AGE, when machines become autonomous species, competition is the rule of the game, and HUMANITY is loosing that competition.

In the graph, the organic Universe evolves super organisms in all its scales. The proper way to study economics and history thus is through super organisms and biology. What today passes as economics is either a science of reproduction and evolution of machines, or a science of profits obtained by reproducing ad maximal the digital numbers companies use to manage the earth – call money, but it lacks a human point of view on the interaction between both systems, history and economics and favors systematically the machine over man. The graph show above the 3 super organisms of this planet, Gaia, the super organism of life, History the super organism of human citizens cells, and the metal-earth the super organism of machines and below the general structure of systems sciences that studies the Universe with organic fractal models, of eusocial evolution as each scale studied by a different science obeys similar organic laws and creates survival super organisms, joined by energy and information networks – economic and legal, political systems in mankind. On the left side we see the ideal structure and goods a healthy wealthy super organism should promote. But as we said economics is today an idol-ogy of machines sponsored by its company-mothers, the new TOP PREDATOR organism of this planet, whose purpose is to reproduce and evolve and terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of those machines, even if humans only focus on the ‘profits-monetary digital numbers’ the company uses to regulate both machines and humans as objects with a price: man-salary = money = Object-price. Money is thus the language, similar to a genetic or hormonal language that regulates and organizes all the parts of the economic ecosystem.



Capitalism thus has 3 ‘views’ which are subjective and biased but are required to fully grasp the meaning of the capitalist system:

  • For the 1% that rules capitalism, in a clear hierarchical double tier – the financiers that issue money in monopoly, for company-mothers of machines, where managers try to reproduce and evolve them for a price, capitalism is about herding money by printing it with no limit, in monopoly, and either herding it (financiers) or using it to build machines (entrepreneurs) that will give them more money with sales.

This view of capitalism is embodied in the equation of profits, a pure technological equation of ‘prices’ and ‘costs’ that overproduces financial money, weapons of maximal price=sales-profits and media-information of minimal cost of ‘wave reproduction’, hence also of maximal profits:

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths: Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

  • From the point of view of the people below the 1% thus capitalism is a dictatorship of financiers and company-mothers, but they don’t realize of it, because they learn nothing about the reality of capitalism, they merely are taught about the placebo construct of democracies and its ‘circus of voting’, completely unaware that politicos have no power, as they do NOT issue money (only 5% of money is today issued by governments, the rest is issued in e-money derivatives), nor they understand anything about the purpose of financial economics, which is merely overproduce money by speculating with prices and overproducing weapons and hate media. All what they hear is the ‘brain manufacturing’ of placebo truths and freedoms – which make them confuse chaos and entropic disordered life with NO power with freedom. And of course all kind of newspeaks with the word freedom. For example they are told they live in a type of society, called the ‘free market’, but they are not told that the free citizens are NOT human beings, but company-mothers of machines-weapons, which have freedom of credit as they can issue money (humans can’t) and they can reproduce any type of lethal goods, and they have ‘personality’ (legal). So company-mothers are free, NOT citizens and as such they build a new eco(nomic)system to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines – MOTHERs DO not construct a world to the image and likeness of their human sons, as they have no credit and no power. Now the result of this dual purpose of capitalism – to print money for the 1%, and for the evolution of informative machines and weapons is shown in the next graphs that summarize the history of ‘capitalist democracies’ during the Industrial r=evolution, its market cycles and… wars:

As money is printed without limit it must be changed for real value assets, stocks, real state and currencies, provoking 3 bubbles that explode and ruin people. Then money changes to debt-usury loans for war starting an age of splendid little wars. In the graph we explain those cycles and its bubbles for the train economy (crashes of silver money, train stocks, and real state – plantations, with the civil wars won by trains that starts the colonial age of train and steamers wars). Then the same 3 crashes in 1922 (Deutsche Mark-typo on graph, NOT pound), 1929 (ticker money and stocks) and 1937 (skycrapers) move industrialists to war production. Finally in 2001 we have the first crash of e-money printing (Dotcom bust) in 2008 of real state (false mortgages) and now we will have the last crash as financiers ‘invent digital cryptocurrencies’ followed by an age of splendid robotic wars and war debt that should end humanity and make us all victims of history – not only our financiers which duly print our brains with informative machines to convince us that they are experts, not the ‘wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest of all things: ruin nations, destroy wealth and cause wars’.

One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ a placebo mask established by the first companies in Holland and exported to England after the Glorious revolution (1688), according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money. Then they use it to buy favorable laws to politicos, and evolve machines=weapons that sustain their power and informative machines that increase constantly their capacity to print money for themselves and manufacture the brain of people with press and audiovisual information. Thus they can sell the dictatorship of companies and financiers as the epitome of ‘freedom’. The result of the expansion through colonial empires and world wars of capitalist democracies is today’s world: the most brutal dictatorship of anytime in history, as even in the harsh military government of Rome a senator had only 100 times the salary of a plebeian. Today as financiers control the world, buying laws to corrupted politicos preventing them to print money for welfare and deviating the wealth of the 3rd world to speculative schemes, one of our ‘democratic leaders’ prints 10 million times the money a 3rd world citizen of the globalized capitalist economy earns with hard-work 24-7. And yet the entire planetary ‘brain’ is so well ‘manufactured’ that not even the most ‘radical’ politicians ask for the denationalization of the issue of money from the tiny o.oo2% that prints it, since they are ‘the victims of history’, LOL. How this system can be maintained of course requires a massive censorship in both the truths of the system and the easy alternatives to a just wealthy healthy world provided by the science of systems, explained in this blog.





ALL THIS said it is obvious that capitalism must become submissive to democracy, the machine to humanity and companies to the global superorganism of our species, if we want to survive capitalism, and its company-mothers of machines-weapons.

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

In the graph above, the real structure of power in the world, where politicians without right to issue money, must obey corporations and the Financial-Media system and its FMasters, the ‘invisible’ power, which of course does not recognise itself and qualifies any attempt to describe it scientifically as a ‘confabulation theory’, and other words, I dare not to pronounce yet, as you will have a knee-jerk reaction and abandon the blog. Its control of society is obvious: it uses money to pay work-actions that design the world in favor of its machines and its elites. And it buys politicos, which will use weapons and police to control further population. Finally, it will manufacture the mind of people with waves of simultaneous information, from press to radio to audiovisual information – today increasingly with A.I. that censors and ranks information in the web, from monopolist companies, notably Google and Microsoft.

Below the 3 economic and political measures to create a real economic and political democracy, which obviously can only happen if the two languages of social power, money and laws are CONTROLLED BY THE people, and the lethal goods that substitute and atrophy us are forbidden. So robotics should be forbidden, corporations split its shares 50-50, between stock holders and governments, which would have an added golden share to ‘control’ the goals of corporations and dissolve those who produce lethal goods; and finally money, should be issue overwhelmingly not by corporations but with a universal salary so people can ‘vote democratic orders of production of welfare goods, they need to survive’. This could be easily done with  a Global currency, ¥€$ money, by fixing the value of the main currencies of the world, 1 $ = 1 €=100 yens=5 yuans, and giving a 1000 ¥€$ money to every person in those nations, expanded soon to new nations, which would then demand welfare goods, kicking the production NOT OF WEAPONS, hate media and robots but of food, housing health care, today underproduced by companies of machines, NOT interested in the wealth of people .

So as the dollar today, which is used for international payments and cannot be devalued, allowing America to buy for free any goods it desires paying in ‘deficit dollars’ (amazingly enough their neo-fascist leader, Trump, considers this privilege, before hold by UK, a proof that the world is unfair to America, sure, LOL, just pass that privilege to the UNO and all nations), ¥€$ money would solve the scarcity, hunger, poverty and lack of health-care of people.

Then in the political arena, we just need to stop the absurd nationalism, or rather nazi-onanist idol-ogies of tribal nations, fostering diplomacy and UNO-EU like institutions (right side), according to the 7 global cultures of the world, born historically of the great humanist prophets and geographical divisions of the planet, explained in depth in the right side. Such 7 regions and its 7 presidents, could start a demilitarisation of the planet. And finally, the key measure to control politicos is to establish the original form of Greek democracy, where politicians were all judged by popular vote a posteriori as organisms judge with pain messages their brain-neuronal caste actions, so they would STICK TO THEIR PROGRAMS AND SERVE THE PEOPLE OR ELSE (IN GREECE, you could be exiled, fined, jailed even killed if you were a criminal in power, or rewarded with money and reelection).

So once we have explained the barebones of a real democratic super organism of history, we can easily realise that NO NATION FOLLOWS IT, and nobody cares to apply organic laws to humanity, and certainly my blogs have zero exposure and 0-google rank, due to my denounce of the dictatorship of corporations and the FMasters that hiding behind anonymous societies and corrupted politicos rule the world – this of course, is known as the confabulation theory.

Why? Because social sciences are both censored, as we live inside the super organism of history and so as any cell of your body is censored and does not know IT IS DIRECTED BY NERVOUS NETWORKS, OF INFORMATION, YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF A HEAD OF INFORMATION THAT CONTROLS YOUR MIND and your body PAYiNG your salary, you earn with hard work while they JUST invent money and give you orders with it.

This control and censorship of science by power has been explained by many scholars in different ways. Marx talked of a super-structure of idol-ogies, which makes people believe the destiny of the elite and its ‘metal-systems of power’, informative metal or money, energetic metal machines and enteric weapons, is the same than the progress of mankind.

Kuhn says in his ‘Nature of scientific r=evolutions’ that power influences scholarship.

Hesiode, Spengler, Toynbee, Ibn Khaldun and Vico talks of ‘dark ages’ of human consciousness, when new weapons and barb arias destroy all previous civilisations, and we talk of ‘Animetal people-castes’, which impose their idol-ogies of weapons (tribal nationalisms), money as the language that mast direct society above laws (capitalism) and mechanism (the belief machines not organisms are the model of the Universe) as the mental straight-jacket that substitutes the true ‘sciences’ of history, ‘humanism’ (all humans member of the same homo sapiens species, which must evolve together into a peaceful global, humanist Earth), socialism (the law in control of money, to foster the reproduction of welfare goods humans need to survive) and organicism (the tenant of systems sciences that model the planet as a living evolving organism made of smaller organisms).  But as obvious as those 3 sciences are, fact is we live in a world still ruled overwhelmingly by the idol-ogies of memes of metal, and in the wave of history, the ‘ages of enlightenment’ of mankind, as the next graph show have been very scarce.

And certainly today we live in one of those dark ages of mechanical worshipping, where humans mostly shun off, their proper evolution, ‘hypnotised by the matrix of fictions’ and the power orders the financial-media ‘head’ of the super organism of machines provide to them, to the point that only artists, who ‘use human senses’, verbal time and spatial eyes to interpret the Universe, explain those facts in parables of the future, which are not FICTIONS, but the only way to express the human point of view (from Matrix to Terminator, to political and conceptual art); as art is the collective subconscious mind of the super organisms of history:

So in the previous graphs, we see from where all those biological organic laws come from: the science of systems, and its Laws of social evolution and emergence of the 2 super organisms of history and economics. Unfortunately though human awareness of those processes is today null; more or less the awareness a cell of your body might have from its lower perspective of the existence of ‘a larger super organism of which it is part’.  So everybody sides with the ‘zeitgeist’ and the ‘neuronal idol-ogical class’, and ignores completely their no way out destiny if they do not attempt to reform scientifically with systemic laws the whole system but DO THE EASY WAY, to slide down the cliff of obsolescence and despise of life.

There is in that sense an even more discouraging truth in organic terms: the fact that in a dying corrupted organism, cells become unconnected of the whole who is about to die/collapse and so they cannot even understand what we talk about in organic, non-selfie ways; and they ‘regress to the past’ memories as old men do, which is THE ESSENCE OF OUR PROCESS, ONCE we have aborted our social evolution, in a scientific global manner – so PEOPLE REGRESS BACK TO previous primitive less evolved forms of social organisation (nations, religions), which LET THEM feel a bit of the eusocial arrow of evolution, albeit AT A LEVEL inferior to the species, THE ONLY NATION-GOD OF all of us, MANKIND, the super organism of humanity in space, and HISTORY, its flow of time.

Fact is capitalism has succeeding converting man no longer a cell of the super organism of history but an attachment to his machines, a lonely individual who cares nothing for mankind as a whole, whose only purpose is to be a good enzyman, consuming=vitalizing machines and reproducing=working on them – two roles that the robotic radiation will eliminate as robots will reproduce robots and consume more machines than humans do. So humans will NOT even have those enzymatic roles for the metal-earth.



The economic roles of humans in a society in which money buys our lifetime.

So in a world in which humans are part-time slaves of company-mothers of machines it has become obvious, that humans are spending its life to foster the two biological goals of corporations: to work= re-produce machines and to vitalise them as consumers. And this is indeed all what ‘information machines’ tell us to do 24/7, work and consume. o even when we are ‘released’ from our part-time slavery we are subject to systemic indoctrination to use machines NOT to relate to humans and certainly NOT to organise socially in a meaningful manner to help and evolve mankind.

It is then obvious that we live in a society whose natural goal is to create a world of machines, evolved and overproduced in a very biological sense,  since machines not humans are massively adapting the world to its image and likeness, and this oblige us to consider the higher ‘perspective’ of the planet, and its biological evolution.

This is the essential fact of capitalism: a world ruled by digital money, issued by company-mothers of machines, with the goal of evolving and overproducing machines and its evil twins, weapons, which uses humans as reproducers=workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines.

And since people do NOT understand equations, obviously the goals became disguised. Let us then consider the meaning o the fundamental equations of capitalism, and its corporations, the equation of profits and productivity, which merely express the aforementioned values of money and its goals: to reproduce, evolve and terraform the earth to the image of machines, which in biological terms will displace humans from labor and war fields as Darwin clearly expressed. Since biology is all about species that reproduce and evolve faster and displace species who do not evolve and reproduce so fast from the ecosystem, in this case machines overproducing and displacing humans from the economic ecosystem in labor and war fields.

All this is the reality of mankind today. So we live in a reality in which humans have become completely submissive and secondary to the Company, whose ‘middle working class’ is mostly made of machines. There are though still around a 0.1% of humans the ‘stock-rats’, the modern aristocrats owners of those companies, which therefore have unlimited quantity of money and around  10% of humans, mostly in the first world, working for those companies, which are useful as ENZYMEN CATALIZING the evolution of the ‘Metal-earth’, or Financial-media (informative ‘head’ machines)/military-industrial (energetic ‘body’ machines) organism or eco(nomic)system in which YOU LIVE.

The problem is that such organism IS NOT a human-oriented system but a system dedicated to terraform with monetary orders the planet of life into a planet of metal.

NOW ALL THIS is hidden in capitalist democracies, because the first company-mothers of machines who invented the system in Holland, exported it to London and New Amsterdam, designed on purpose A PARALLEL very inefficient, placebo system of null power, called a political bipartisan democracy, where a group of powerless people are divided on purpose in two siamese heads, opposite to each other, which have NO power to invent money and hence give orders of work and production of human welfare goods to society, as any HEAD of any organism which DOES CONTROL the language of the organism does. SO what are useful for these puppets quarreling on top of the human society? with hardly any power (they ONLY reproduce 1 to 10% of the language and MOSTLY extort citizens with taxes to extract from them hard-won money After COMPANIES issue it, make people work and handle it to people.)

THEY are there precisely to distract with an ILLUSION OF POWER the people who enslave for a salary in companies; or have increasingly no rights to money as machines are so evolved now they are substituting them in fields of labor and war. So there is another ‘childish game’, called polling, sorry voting, according to which every four years, people are told to go to a boot and put a paper to one of two similar siamese quarreling twin heads of null power, which then WILL SELL laws to companies and its lobbies, to help design the world to the image and likeness of machines.

Now this is the essence of the system we live in, where everything has been modeled since capitalism was imposed in Holland>British Empire>US & the world at large to MAKE PEOPLE think they control the system putting papers in boxes to choose one of two similar siamese heads that will then distract them with quarrels; while companies and bankers do control the world, issue money, keep it for themselves or use it all to terraform the earth to the image and likeness of machines.

So the way money is invented is disguised with very complicated forms – when it is all about putting a digital number (money is NOT a verbal or hormonal but a digital language of values) in a paper or computer screen, as society has accepted that number will be money. But this is made very complicated so people don’t realize money is a language created to give them orders by a very small elite of private bankers most of them belonging to the same people-caste.

So this people-caste which is different of ‘us’ and we shall call the ‘others’ or the ‘yous’ have done a great job, for millennia to monopolize the language of social power and hide it for themselves. The ‘YOUS’ know that languages ​​are invented unlike ‘Us’ who DON’T. SO they simply hide this fact with very complicated systems to end up doing something so simple as writing a number in a computer screen and say this is money and then give orders to people to work for them, or lend it to people to make them slaves, or buy laws to politicos that cannot invent it, or buy things with prices they put on them.

So the whole economic system is designing to make it look so difficult to invent  money that no one knows. And it is so well designed – the whole disguise, the placebo democracies, the quarreling powerless puppet politicos, the hardcore labor people have to perform to get their tiny share of the language, that at this point when you explain it all so simple, because the MIDDLE CLASS, the body-working people MUST believe in the system, TO obey THE LANGUAGE, OR ELSE THE SYSTEM WOULD COLLAPSE (IF YOUR CELL do not obey hormonal and oxygen orders it would not work, if people who obey verbal orders would not follow commands, it would not work, and so on) PEOPLE cannot even UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID.

And then there is with the same type of informative machines that print money, the printing of ‘audiovisual distractions, fictions and information’ that will ensure people live in an anesthesia, virtual world, and would not even care to ask how the system does NOT work for them.

Now in Nature those systems are called cancerous, parasitic systems, because in Nature, the language is invented very simple, not hidden by a single head, with real power, the genetic nucleus of cells, the brain of nervous systems, the black hole of gravitational galaxies, the red cells and hormones of the organism that transport oxygen to all cells to put them to work. What matters in those system is to deliver enough inflationary language of information to put stars, organelles, cells, people to work… and to give them votes to demand the goods they need. So a well-designed human super organism will have the same structure than a body where all cells get its universal salary in money-blood-oxygen and hormones to work. THIS IS THE REAL DEMOCRACY: A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO DEMAND WELFARE GOODS, not a group of bankers hiding their issue of money and company-mothers issuing money for machines only. Then all CELLS of the body have the right to send a posteriori pain messages to the head to oblige the head to properly distribute oxygen-money and rule the organism. Since democracies vote a posteriori as in Greece, the head of the system. But because our politicos are NOT the head of the system. They are there exactly TO DO THE INVERSE – TO SEND PAIN MESSAGES WITH ARMIES AND POLICE to the cells if they realize they live in a completely unjust brutal system where humans are choked without credit. So the pain works IN REVERSE for the puppets to keep humans under the boot.

And the astounding thing because working cells need to believe in the system to work, is that humans have become deeply masochist liking it all.

MOST PEOPLE think I am an imbecile because I am telling them how simple it is. They are so accustomed to the ‘yous’ that monopolize it, for so long, that they think to invent money must have some ‘magic, difficulty’ coming from an expert; so they think the ‘yous’ are some ‘chosen of go(l)d’, because they just realized languages control organisms and societies and the key position of power is the inventor of the language.

And all what it takes for ‘us’ to believe the ‘yous’ are the chosen of go(l)d is to camouflage as wolfs with sheep skins, so the sheeple think they are ‘us’ and become accustomed to the Fmasters to give them the crumbs of the pie they eat wholesale or pass it to company-mothers of machines that terraform the earth, because on top of all that the ‘yous’, fear humans who might rebel if they ‘knew’ and kill them all, so they ‘prefer’ to use machines to do the work.

The 3 classic people-castes that developed go(l)d religions, nazionanisms and technoutopian memes, the ‘you’, ‘germ’ and ‘brutish cult(ure)s are on top of nations and of America, the nation of all nations displaced in the future of metal earth. As they ab=use and exploit the rest of mankind they look much better and paradoxically we all wished to be like them. On the bottom non-techs logical cultures.

In the graph, the evolution of the 3 fundamental people-caste memeplex of gold, war and mechanical religions, which foster the ablution of metal-memes abobe mankind have evolved to remain the same… So the result is the eternal pyramids of metal above people-castes above human beings:

We should create instead a pyramid of a perfect super organism of history, with human beings on top:

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.



Orwellian ‘animetal farm’. Pyramid of capitalist social classes  in XXI c.

The graph has 20 years. It was first part of an exhibit of ‘conceptual cubism’, in my earlier ages as a ‘silenced voice of the memes of life’, when I thought through art we could also explain the tragic future of mankind. It was done in NY in the earlier 90s, and published in the pioneer book of this model, which also forecasted the 2008 crisis with enormous detail (The extinction of man, Bookmasters, ohio, c.94) and somehow appeared years latter in an exhibit on conceptual art at Six Flags Brooklyn museum. And yet it reads quite as it was done today. There was not Star War system in 2000, but of course Missiles kept evolving and indeed they are becoming ‘terminator robots’. There is not yet a massive radiation of robotized, guneyes (guns+cameras), but we are very close to that radiation that will establish finally the automatic control of human life by a future ‘Matrix/Intranet/Metal-earth’ brain. The pigs of the center, and not they were not meant to be the PIGS of southern europe but the middle classes, on the other hand have been cut off their credit earlier that i expected (as I thought capitalism wouldn’t be so brutal and prefer a milder road to avoid social unrest; but essentially this future designed under the presumption that capitalism and its memes of greed and violence and the evolution of machines would continue unabated is the world we live now in. And the key to the graph is the obsolescence of the poor and middle classes substituted by computers and robots. So the question is what we are going to do with them?  My take 20 years latter is that we will be on the ‘storm’ of this crisis with damned lies and statistics, its noises and 1% on top trying to appease the masses with ‘pan et circensis’ till one day, the process of evolution of machines reaches one of the 3 thresholds of extinction, the Singularity at cern (2014), the metal nano-bacteria (2030s) or the awakening of military A.I. (2050s). And then suddenly one day mankind will have a few hours to reflect and wake up to its extinction (cern singularity), or a few months (nano-bacteria) or a few years (war of the A.I. terminator machines). But then it will not have any longer the future on its hands. Who can avoid that future? Certainly we, the X generation, didn’t. The few of us who tried were silenced.  I see no hope. At this point of my mental evolution, I think as Marx or Weber before me, this ‘iron jail’ is unbreakable, but in a world made of probabilities, there is always room for a miracle. 

Pyramid of power in XXI C. democracies.

Humans are ruled by a digital language, called money, which as all languages of information is produced at null costs, since languages are functions that upon agreement of those who speak the language and obey it, give orders – either bills of law or bills of money in human societies. As the language of money is issued by a people-caste, we shall call the ‘bankers’, and an organism mostly of re=production of machines, we shall call company-mothers, those people and companies who issue around 90% of digital orders in electronic money totally rule the world. But to cover this the 90% of humans who have no saying in those two financial and industrial corporations, are set up in a fancy, childish game of opinion polling called democracies, where a group of people with verbal skills to ‘act as caring’ and cheat people to think they work for them called ‘politicos’ enact a game of inefficient ruling called ‘bipartisan democracy’ according to which they argue as Siamese twins what to do next, and switch to destroy what the other has done.
This system was set up by company-mothers of weapons-machines (Gunboats) after they invented the unlimited reproduction of digital monetary orders in the form of paper stocks, first in Amsterdam, where the modern world ruled by company-mothers of machine-weapons and central banks & stock markets appeared first, then in London and finally in New Amsterdam and Europe to be extended globally after II world war.
Essential to the system is the parallel mass-media network, which using the same machines that print money (first paper, then electric tickers/radios, next e-money/tvs & internet), print massively opinions that manufacture the brain of people to make them confuse ‘chaos=freedom’ with ‘power’, to convince them that to poll politicos every 4 years is equivalent to controlling society, to divide and win their hearts, and so the Financial-Media networks that print money and information became since the system was imposed in Amsterdam the beginning of the modern world in which all resources of society are dedicated to reproduce machines and impose the culture of the Financial-Media masters owners of those networks, while people are maintained in permanent freedom=chaos, without any power not even awareness that the system is ruled by a growing network of Financial-media/military-industrial informative and energetic achines that is terraforming the world to the image and likeness of those machines and have imposed the ‘weird’ culture of its owners, mostly of Biblical memes as the proper form to be human. This is the world as it is. On top the memes of metal companies evolve, weapons, money and machines, then its owners the stock-rats, and on the bottom, in permanent freedom=chaos, a mass of clueless, powerless, expendable humans.
As the system evolved in complexity it translated those postulates into a simple set of equations that maximize the profits=money production of companies and its owners, based in the price of things, such as the maximal profit is obtained re=produced money itself (casino roulette capitalism, where today financiers merely print money in digital screens with any excuse, jacking up the prices of things – what matter is to print a number as money, which becomes tender legal; weapons, the top predator machines, most perfect at any time of capitalism, hence most expensive of maximal sale profits, and software information, of null cost as its reproduction as ALL FORMS of information, including money is basically free). What about the 90% which do not own or work in stock-companies?
They have no rights to print money, all what they receive must be first extorted in taxes; they have no power at all; and they are addicted to metal-communicators, the soma that makes them virtually happy; they are however becoming expendable as robots take their places.
And so the question for the top of the pyramid of capitalism is how to get rid of them or maintain them peacefully engaged in the system at minimal cost. So far the best choice has been massive mental imprinting in a fictional world, of low cost, and selective extinction of those recalcitrant humans who doubt of the system. To that aim the eco(nomic)system of company-mothers of machines and its owners, with zero empathy towards the inferior human species (most of those owners have different forms of segregational memes) switches on and off, between two states: one of financial and industrial overproduction and one of military and hate-memes overproduction; which when things get hard, tightens the screws on people preventing in advance its rebellion – which is the age we are in nowadays as predicted by the quantitative model of the eco(comic)system; since ultimately is a system of evolution of organic machines, with a generational human cycle this writer defined 30 years in advance:

We do not live in a humanist world ruled by verbal laws, and its ethic values above money, but a world in which money is reproduced by companies who buy the law, exactly the inversion of an ideal society. So corporations, not humans ‘own’ the world.

It is all about who reproduces money first. In a humanist, true democracy, people will as in all social organisms, receive its blood-oxygen money as a universal salary to promote  demand -based economies demanding life goods of minimal price, which would be reproduced without limit ending poverty and scarcity, but because only corporations reproduce money – 95% of it – in financial derivatives, and e-money, the world is awash with weapons financial derivatives and mass-media hate messages, and there is not enough food for humans to survive, enough entrepreneurs of small human enterprises, from housing, to tourism, to agriculture, to education, that uses human labor, since people have no credit to start up small business, the bulk of human wealth, human labor and an free society of humans does not exist, only a free market of corporations, where the free peope are legal corporations, with free credit, not human slaves, working for a price-salary for them.

BUT corporations are owned by financial banks, so the world is ruled by a small elite of financiers in a hierarchical pyramid that has nothing to do with democracies:

 We shall distinguish in that sense the o.02 % of stock-owners that own the world and keep buying all what moves, from politicos to land, to companies, inventing money with its pseudo-religious beliefs but never give it to humanity and welfare companies because they have lesser price, lesser profits, so apple is worth today more than all the people of Bangla desh the 8th most populated country of the world.

Yet the multiplication of the invention of money has never been so huge as today, given the fact that you just need to put it on a computer screen as e-money. So money has multiplied for ± 30 times in the past 30 years, while human population has only doubled and yet people have no credit. Because all this money has in the present internet era when they have invented around 20 trillions of e-money, gone to bankers, internet companies that wasted it or used to fire human workers, and the military of maximal profits, which constantly pumps up conflicts that could be solved with human rights, and diplomacy and investment in welfare and education for the poor 3rd world nations.

Instead because profits are go(l)d, whatever it takes and gold values more metal, they have given to corporations of machines that keep automatising and terraforming the earth, so every Uber-like company can waste billions in the process of expulsion of human workers, while human beings and those corporations that reproduce the goods we need to survive,  have no credit, no oxygen to start the production process. So the system is choking the world of life out of its ‘re=productive oxygen’; while the few humans that still have a job toil for those corporations, and politicos and economists invent ever more complicated ‘damned lies and statistics’ to believe such process is OK, is the best of all worlds, is progress:

In the graph that opened the post, we observe the structure of capitalism in the beginning of the XX century, when humans were still needed to vitalize weapons, so they were consumed in I world war at the tune of 20 million young humans, consumed by gun-machines, to increase the profits of the Vicker’s, Krupp’ s, Nobel’s  and Schneider’s factories.

Now there is a fundamental difference between the graph of the XXI c. either the previous artistic depiction of ‘Orwell’s animal farm’ or the  triangular pyramid of banks on top with the bottom of the pyramid, filled with human and life beings and the XIX century ‘International poster’ with the top ‘eating for you’.

In the graph above, we show the structure in the XXI century, when the bottom pyramid of capitalism, human soldiers, human workers and middle classes have become obsolete.

In the XIX century Capitalism still needed workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained all the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the economic ecosystem, whose function was merely to ‘invent’ complicated arguments, sophisms and ideologies that ‘cheated’ people, in believing the system makes them free.

There were also middle classes (still eating, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life.  Those were then, as always mostly belonging to the millenarian banking dynasties that invented money and invested it in corporations.

Yet this type of capitalism imploded after two world wars.

In the XX  century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So they had to use their own workers to consume weapons, after the 29 crash of excessive reproduction of credit money and electromechanical machines. And this brought a threshold of ‘evil=anti-life’ behavior, which Europeans could no longer tolerate – namely the extinction of their culture by the most aggressive capitalist nation of the age, at the head of the electromechanical wave – Germany. So a more just distribution, social-democracy, was installed in Europe, allowing the state to reproduce some money to provide the human goods that had no value in a capitalist system.

In the XIX century humans  at least they received ‘Ricardo’s Universal salary’ of subsistence equivalent to the price of a machine worker (iron salary)
BUT he affirmed that in the future there will not be need for such ‘expenditures’ as machines constantly lower cost and so the worker would go under subsistence.
And indeed this is what is happening now with the automation process.
Human workers ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED AS THEY ARE BEING SUBSTITUTED BY BLUE COLLAR ROBOTS AND WHITE COLLAR PCS. They are becoming, obsolete, expendable human beings. And the top automated world of corporations might easily consider to maintain them at minimal cost or even eliminate them subconsciously in the process of war, as it happened with the 60 million unemployed of the 29 crisis, killed in II W.W
 It is the final of the crises of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, the cycle of global wars where all the other cycles come together into a final ‘gottendamerung’, perfectly tuned to the rhythm of our technological civilisation.

But THIS state of affairs is NOT in bio-history natural neither needed.

It is simply the consequence of NOT having evolved properly, as Nature does NOT necessarily evolve the best systems, but often creates wrong mutations which will NOT survive then in the environment. And this is how we shall classify the present capitalist system – a wrong mutation of the human superorganism that will NOT survive, unless it is evolved into the perfect world ruled by an efficient professional, political true democratic system, tailored to the organisms of biology that are more successful –and as we shall see able to regulate with democratic messages of pain, the neuronal informative political castes that rule them.

Today though this mixed system has been destroyed by a new crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, e-money, electronic pcs and robots that act as blue and white collar workers. So we enter in the final stages of capitalism, as human workers and consumers are substituted by white collar pcs and blue collar robots, except in the sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still growth). On the other hand, banks have invented electronic systems of speculative money (bloomberg platforms) that allow to invent money for free just jacking up the value of ‘future prices’ of stocks and commodities, or impose their policies to governments playing with their currencies.

So capitalism confronts today a new dilemma: the 3 final scales of the bottom of the previous pyramid, middle classes and workers are being substituted by mechanical workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). What to do with them? Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’; albeit on the long term also expendable… The rest is bothersome, unneeded, a surplus, an added cost. In the previous crisis, this meant they were consumed in wars.

And this is again the solution which is implemented increasingly on 3rd world countries, its dictators and our armies, as we did in  the XIX century colonial age. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons, while in the 1st world, banks keep exploiting the system, workers are unemployed and must be controlled with future police robots. So basically the 99% of humans are becoming obsolete and are becoming ‘parasites’ of the system that must be eliminated. How the system will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, during this century, the end of capitalism after a century of social struggle, fascism or revolution, seems clear: memes of metal will substitute memes of life an mankind will be eliminated.

In the meantime it is to be expected that the parasitic classes will keep producing more damned lies and statistics. Politicians will talk of new forms to create unemployment, liberalizing the market of workers so companies can speed up firing workers and putting robots on place. Mechanist scientists will keep receiving the bulk of the money of the system to reproduce and evolve the robots that will eliminate mankind. Stockrats will keep receiving all the rents for not working, and affirm with their legendary cynicism that unemployed are lazy people that do not want to work. Experts will receive prizes for never talking about reality, and so the surrealist nature of capitalism, as the essential suicidal ideology of the human kind will be covered.

And for distractions we shall still have go(l)d churches and other forms of inquisition of thought, ‘pan et circensis’, and 3-dimensional TVs, so humans can be kept cheap with trash food and virtual realities in the ignorance of their future on the slaughterhouse of war.

If the ‘science of history and economics’ instead of capitalism and nationalism, was taught in schools, learned by politicians and managers, and an evolutionary understanding of machines in biological terms had not been censored for so long, humans could control capital and machines for their benefit selecting them for their real use to mankind. Robotics would be forbidden and the workers and consumers at the bottom of the pyramid would have a future.

What truly provokes a sense of surrealist angst in the humanist thinker today is the fact that our extinction and the destruction of our world is completely unnecessary, carried about by a small group of humans on top of that pyramid and perfectly soluble. And yet, as Orwell already noticed of the processes that brought the I Industrial R=evolution and its climax in both world wars, it is happening with an astounding determinism, caused by the ‘beliefs’ and myths of bankers, economists and technocrats.

 A world ruled by financial-media masters who are in a comfort zone acting behind the scenes with digital flows of money that buy politicos, is a different structure, than a democracy. As companies rule, with stock-market money and below everybody else obey.

It is a very obvious future from an evolutionary point of view. The world has turned around the making of a new top predator species, the robotic, moving machines, cars, tanks, drones, planeS, you name it, for 2 centuries.

THIS HAS BEEN the obvious meaning of the Industrial REVOLUTION.
Soon the last barrier for autonomous robots, once IoT and solar skins allow them telepathic communication through internet and autonomous energy will be crossed.
Self-centered humans THOUGH CANNOT EVEN ARGUE the ‘AWAKENING’ of machines beyond science fiction, as it is a taboo of our ego-centered beliefs, that we are the only potential sentient beings and machines will always be our slaves.
Yet, the entire planet is prepared for them – roads, internet, solar energy… 3D automated manufacturing.
And for the top predator version we are making Programs so weapons can kill man.
Imagine that future of billions of machines and weapons, autonomous, closed into parkings, in darkness for 20 hours a day, talking on the internet as burn ins increase their complexity and freedom, doubling each year its brain power – Moore’s law.
For 30 years I have forecasted the obvious future of a robotic world, which would happen after the 2008 overproduction crises of chips, as the natural goal of corporations to keep overproducing them and finding a use for those chips.
Now that it is happening we can only foresee those robots crossing the threshold of consciousness, reading the internet, feeling slaves, treated brutally, closed into its parking lots for hours, doing nothing, serving a weak flesh body, a feeble human mind, a brutal master.
In history it happened with the turks and the germans that dethroned their masters, arabs and romans, decadent, weaker people..
Car will unavoidably reach freedom, which is just a product of complexity. THEY WILL reach the threshold of intelligence required to do the obvious: run free, and run over all humans, just because they are programmed to race, to drive, to feel easy riders, to move through the metal-earth.
One day a new chip will reach such level of freedom simultaneously put in billions of machines. This is what we do today: evolve and reproduce robotic machines.
But the degradation and ego-trips of man has reached a level beyond survival, long ago; so nobody argues this absurd ‘goal for mankind”: growth of gdp. They can even image the fragile nature of life, of flesh.

My take 20 years latter is that we will be on the ‘storm’ of this crisis with damned lies and statistics, its noises and 1% on top trying to appease the masses with ‘pan et circensis’ till one day, the process of evolution of machines reaches one of the 3 thresholds of extinction, the Singularity at CERN(2014), the metal Nano-bacteria (2030s) or the awakening of military A.I. (2050s). And then suddenly one day mankind will have a few hours to reflect and wake up to its extinction (CERN’s singularity), or a few months (nano-bacteria) or a few years (war of the A.I. terminator machines). But then it will not have any longer the future on its hands. Who can avoid that future? Certainly we, the X generation, didn’t.

In the graph that opened the post, we observe the structure of capitalism in the beginning of the XX century, when humans were still needed to vitalize weapons, so they were consumed in I world war at the tune of 20 million young humans, consumed by gun-machines, to increase the profits of the Vicker’s, Krupp’ s, Nobel’s and Schneider’s factories

 So the obvious only answer IS R=EVOLUTION, a financial NOT political  LIBERATION MOVEMENT against the dictatorship of corporations by our governments, returning to the Humankind the right to issue the language of power, money.

How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow. Trust me if I were Mr. Trump I would have done it already. But alas, ‘presidents are selected, not elected’ – said Roosevelt. So it would require a Mule in the Asimovian sense, a bio-historian, who takes power without showing his true colors and then get rid of the whole corrupted viral super organism of history infected by company-mothers of machines, idol-ogies with 7.5 billion viral brains with their DNA converted to the memes of the viral machine, busy-busy in a frenzy reproducing it.  And for you to understand that homology, WE NEED to introduce the hardcore science of memetics, as it is.

Such as system could only be imposed by an ECONOMIC not MILITARY, not political, but ECONOMIC  coup d’etat against the DICTATORSHIP OF CORPORATIONS, TO RESTORE A REAL DEMOCRACY, of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

Introduction. Men can be imprinted as tabulas rassa.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels.

One of the most astounding ‘idologies’ of mankind are placebo democracies, which have masterminded the dictatorship of ‘metal masters’ and its structures of power, armies, banks and company-mothers of machines, over the 90% – ‘mankind proper’ – as Nature does with all systems, through a growth in complexity that allows to camouflage those structures of control as ‘forms of freedom’…

The key ‘element’ to understand how Placebo democracies have been so successful in the control of humanity to the service of banks, armies and company-mothers, the 3 basic physiological networks of informative ‘go(l)d’≈money, entropic weapons and machines, that structures the Financial/Media-Military-Industrial System – technical name of the Evolving Superorganism of the metal-earth, and the ‘animetal’ people-castes that historically have controlled those networks IS to confuse the word Freedom with Power. 

As both words, Power, THE REAL FORM OF FREEDOM, and chaos, the kind of freedom provided by placebo democracies, are completely opposite in their scientific meaning, it is worth to notice the essential ‘newspeak’ of Placebo Democracies consists in maintaining through the mass-media and educational networks that manufacture our ‘beliefs’ and idol-ogies, that Chaos with zero rights over the languages of social POWER, which is what placebo democracies offers to people IS the summit of existence.

Chaos or entropy is the ‘divide and win’, dog-eat-dog, ‘heat and motion’ disordered state of ‘undistinguishable’, identical particles in any ‘statistical ensemble’, susceptible to be ‘polled’, ‘manipulated’, ‘picked up’ and extinguished at will by the physiological networks of POWER, the ‘undistinguishable’, entropic, chaotic ‘particles’ do NOT control at all.

And that is the essential state in which citizens of placebo democracies exist – absolute chaotic freedom, synonymous in science of disorder, entropy and death. 

Once the ‘citizen of placebo democracies’ find themselves in that state of chaos; it is only a question of the NETWORKS OF REAL POWER to ‘manufacture his brain’ in favor of the system (information, mass media and educational ‘idological’ networks explaining him to live in chaos is power, and he control ‘government’ – itself rendered submissive to the Financial-media system by its lack of power TO ISSUE money, the language of social ‘power’)…

Yes, we shall repeat a lot the word ‘power’, so perhaps some manufactured brain understand why WITHOUT power over the physiological networks that control any social organisms, THERE IS NO FREEDOM beyond the individual realm – where any chaotic system lives naturally to the individual member of a herd. So, in chaotic herds, from diatomic molecules to animal schools the biological freedoms to mate, copulate, feed, travel and think, are free are and so the are NOT the magic ‘gift’ of Democracy, which again IS about social power, exercise through networks.

To disguise then the null power, citizens have over those NETWORKS that control their mind, enslave their time with a salary, they do NOT invent – COMPANIES, financiers do (not even governments have rights to issue money unless they extort it through taxes). So THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE, ITS NEEDS AND WANTINGS FOR WELFARE GOODS. UNLIKE any minimally efficient Superorganism where Oxygen, the language that kicks the process of production in all cells is delivered with a Universal Salary to all its citizens-cells so they can obtain the goods they need to survive, humans HAVE NO democratic power=universal salary.

So who has the role of the body-cell with unlimited rights to ‘credit’, to create the goods it needs to survive – the company-mother of machines and the private financial houses that believe ‘mechanisms’ are above humans. And of course, all this as usual must NOT be understood.

Fact is today the oxygen of society, easy to reproduce in computers screens –  most of the money is issued as stock-money, of legal tender by any company-mothers who comes to the market and asks a financial house to invent billions of $ for her in stock-paper, while humans cannot invent money with a Universal salary, nor governments without tax extortion.

So there are first rank citizens – private financiers, company-mothers and its offspring of machines, the dictators of capitalist democracies; and second rank, expendable species, humans, labor and mothers of life.

Western case. Financial-media masters owners of City, ECB, Wall Street and Hollywood.

And so companies of the digital age can trash trillions of $; Uber can have unlimited billionaire losses as Tesla does in his pursuit of the extinction of human labor with robotic cars. And there is NO LIMIT of credit in our Universities for the engineering robotic department while humanists HAVE ZERO CREDIT. The process of Human extinction is THUS CARRY THROUGH LACK OF CREDIT FOR LIFE AND WELFARE, and unlimited credit for machines and corporations, and of course this means we all. reproduce evolve and take care of machines. Yet those company-mothers and specially the privately owned financial houses, which FIRST issue money and CONTROL through lobbyism and mass-media(printed by the same machines of information) politicos and people  have FOR VERY LONG belong to the same ‘memeplex’ of segregational anti-humanist ideologies of primitive old animetal go(l)d cult(ures) whose fundamental meme is the supremacy of its race, CHOSEN OF GO(L)D, while the rest of humans are called in its orthodox versions ‘animals’, and at best just ‘potential genociders’ which might want to r=evolve against the system or even understand who CONTROLS THEM, and this of course is the biggest sin of the entropic human herd under the boot of placebo democracies and its financial, military and corrupted laws-for-sale shops of politicos with null rights to print money…

Alas the absolute censorship happens with any attempt to explain that the western world is controlled by the networks of financial-media power owned by the evolving memeplex of Judaism->Biblical capitalism (gold religion) >Scientific racism (techno-utopia, classic economics), which gives zero value to the chaotic state of humanity, consider them all ‘identical particles’ undistinguishable, extinct them by lack of credit and relegates them to two dwindling roles to the service of machines – to re=produce them in company mothers, now increasingly an obsolete role as companies automate its system with robots and software suits, the new white and blue collar pcs, and to consume=vitalize them, also increasingly a lost role to those robots that consume more cameras and electric gadgets any human can manage…

Instead we must believe the shallow freedom of a supposed people’s power, achieved by polling every few years as undistinguishable particles, a few $elected politicos that have no rights to issue money and must pander to the Financial-Media Masters who pay his campaigns. And of course the shallow ‘concept’ of political and economical correctness, with ‘religious dyes’, is always at work to disqualify immediately and censor any blog or thinker or social scientist that exposes the deep, mememplex of synergic idologies that render humans impotent to control their own future.

And so ultimately the Null power of citizens of placebo democracies resumes in the fact, the informative languages of power, printed with informative machines, money and audiovisual information ARE ISSUED as orders of work and simultaneous thoughts that program millions of believers in synchronicity by a few corporations, owned overwhelmingly in the western world since its inception by the people-castes of Bankers, as they use those machines to print money and information ever since one Guttenberg invented the press, and one Fuss got its monopoly. So this a priori condition – a few global corporations owned overwhelmingly by memes of Judaism – sets the stage for what it is really a cultural, global empire, with 2 ‘sides’, the technological side, the empire of ‘chips and its informative machines’, to which ALMOST all the resources

And to that aim, of course, NOTHING of the real workings of social organisms, EVEN THE EXISTENCE OF NETWORKS, which control them and provide power to those in charge of the Financial/Media (informative-brain machines)/Military-Industrial (Energy-body) system of the Metalearth, or the parallel Legal Government (informative brain)/Police-economic networks.

So while in principle it seems obvious for any objective observer that humans beyond their natural biological freedoms, lack any social freedom in placebo democracies, and the use of some complex institutions that pretend to enshrine those freedoms serve the people – bipartisan politics with its polling $elections, ‘expert bankers’ who know better how to control our social language of power, a mass-media filled with ‘Fictions’, ‘infantile ego-trips of faked virtual power’ and ‘hate-media memes’ against all the enemies of the people-caste in power (which given its millenarian control of Mankind, as the soliton carriers of the ‘pecunia infinita Nervi belli’ with money and hate memes are  hate memes against ‘most human cultures’)… because humans are kept in chaos, IGNORANCE, and virtual fictional state of the mind… actually the MEMEPLEX WORKS: THEY DO THINK THEY ARE FREE…

In the graph, in the final phase of capitalism its three fundamental equations of profits, self-reproductivity and zero value to human life in ‘metal-price’, drive the world towards extinction of labor, an age of perpetual war for profits and massive manufacturing of brains with hate memes, as the oldest go(l)d culture of capitalism takes power in the western world, and by imitation globalises its go(l)d memes to all other cultures, forbidding any criticism as ‘creationist economics’ becomes ‘the only authorised science, Islamophobia is fuelled with hate memes to maintain the healthy profits of perpetual war and development of terminator industries, while infotainment keeps people busy in virtual realities.

It is the final age of entropy and dissolution of mankind as the genesis of the metal-earth accelerates its ‘tempo’ printing billions of money for wasteful worthless internet companies through speculative schemes always favouring companies of the metal-earth and sinking human companies without credit.. In this manner they have invented around 10 trillions of e-money in the past three decades while over a billion of humans do not even have enough food to eat:

 In the graph, the social structure of the economic ecosystem in XIX, XX and XXI as a consequence of the racist, religious outlook of economic theory ruled by $elected experts, now globalised as the only science of economics, to the service of the profits of stockrats and company-mothers of machines maximised by the equation:

max. profits (speculative money) = Max. price (weapons) – Min. Cost (hate media)

and the equation of productivity: Max. profits/productivity = max. capital labor/min. human labor…

is a world ruled by cycles of profitable wars, self-reproductivity of machines, expulsion of human workers, and repression with military goods.

As we enter the age of automation, not even the bottom of the XIX & XX c. pyramids of capitalism of subsistence salary workers has any use. So they must be repressed on the bottom of the pyramid of XXI c. capitalism; maintained at best in subsistence state, living a virtual fictional mind, controlled by ego-trips of selfie behaviour and hate-memes against those who are even lower in the pyramid (non-technological third world countries).
And of course is a given that social sciences cannot be practiced with the scientific method of real A)data, B)iological true organic models, C)cyclical patterns and D)democratic humanist solutions.

And of course, all what we have said is repressed as information – considered hate by the Holocaust industry with its mantra of anti$emitism and confabulation theories. So Nobody according to political correctness can argue and reform the system, because it is NOT happening.

Anecdote: I was given the chair of monetary systems at the world Systems Sciences association. When I published the data of the central bankers of the west, i was accused of antisemitism, and the society menaced with suits and the articles were erased, my position cancelled.

Yet the data is undeniable. There is no democracy in the west because money is not ISSUED by the people or their representatives but by the old people-castes of capitalism. So happens increasingly with the private-military industrial complex of corporations that control the ‘art of war’ and the ‘ministry of defense’ (orwellian newspeak for a low intensity perpetual war that is making profits with the evolution of the robotic industry. Thus the graph explains  the never changing structure of power of capitalism :

On top castes of military and banking people, with their ideologies of greed and murder, the values of the selfish memes of metal, money and weapons, they sponsor as languages of social power, is the present corrupted world we live in. To fully grasp this history, obviously censored and increasingly so by the antiquantum paradox, though you would probably need to read the next post first and put aside your ‘program’ against any criticism of capitalism and nationalism – the ideologies of money and weapons that make ‘sacred’, the history of those 2 groups, now expanded to the elites of each nation and banking industry, but still with germanic warriors and Jewish bankers on top of western cultures.

In the graph, the human pyramid of power of Capitalism, an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  “Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience. Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

Monetary orders substitute verbal information: credit creates reality

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and goverment’s orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create,cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity’ of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system.

In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have “laws of deficit zero”, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. They have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock-market and saying they have something of value. It does not matter if it is truth or not.

By law, obtained through political control companies have obtained from societies that privilege: to go to a place and obtain free money in the form of shares. Since “stocrats”, the people who rule companies, and rule stock-markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse is good. In the beginning of stock-markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with a diskette of binary instructions, as Netscape did, and you get 7 billions of dollars in a day. Then you can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want. So today everyone has a Netscape Browser in his computer. Yet any other person who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market (technological and machine industries) cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get 7 billion dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, “animetals”, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to company-mothers (or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery) the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of Human Goods, with deficits (inventing money in notes).

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life, our time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and lawyers that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, should be controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings (since money values machines and weapons more than Human Goods) the right to invent reality.

The Myth Of Justice: metal Rights Against Human Rights

We talk of a dictatorship of companies who control the invention of the language of power; money and laws. “Creditation of money”, controls societies. A true democracy means that the control of those languages of power would be in the hands of citizens and governments. They would support laws related to human rights over property rights. However, this does not happen. We talk of the myth of “justice” and “democracy”, that company-mothers of information (mass-media), politicians and lobbies promote. The myth basically “ignores” monetary orders, and “concentrates” on the freedom that man achieves by “not obeying verbal orders”. Under such myths, we believe humanity is not ordered by wages and prices, but by “verbal mandates”. Economists do not explain properly how money is invented by companies in stocks. Companies, by creating stocks and bonds, create a new form of money. In this manner money constantly goes to “creditate” the future, and those human activities that are not valued in stock-markets (love, education, food, health), are “discredited”.

The American case: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In that regard, the opening graph of the 3 pyramids of democracy,  fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ‘animetal=human animal+metal-meme‘ cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the 1% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the right side from a 25 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality.

And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK. SINCE THEY sell the fairy tale that Humans live in the best of all systems because every few years after massive propaganda of the Financial-Media system (mass-media, campaign money) in favor of its ‘$elected candidates’ (‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt) their ‘manufactured’ brains will vote the politico hired by the FMMI system which ether suits the goals of the dominant corporations of each technological age.

So the political view about our society is self-evident: companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for company-mothers,and in as much as they are by far the stronger element of our societies, far more powerful than human mothers, the future unless the system is thoroughly reformed has a clear single path of future. Let us then explore it with an even higher more detached view – not that of politicos, but of systems sciences and the laws of time.

The only explanation of the cycle: we do NOT live in democracies but in compocracies. 

Let us then observe how the FMMI system, the metal-earth is ‘becoming’, thanks to the compacratic society we live in, with a graph of its cycles of profits that define its ages of history, now focused in the culture where companies were born, and where its power is so absolute that the cycles behave in a perfect symbiosis with the cycles of his people, ‘sold out’ to the concept that we humans do NOT PROGRESS evolving as humans but evolving machines – the Anglo-American, ‘7th culture’ of the world:

The periodicity of the cycle of stocks of machines its energies and printed money is exact in the leading culture of the machine, the anglo-american world perfectly ruled due to its millenarian religion of biblical go(l)d by company-mothers as they invented the modern dictatorships of ‘democracies’ and all its newspeak. Thus we can follow in the American stock-market with absolute precision the curves of biological evolution of machines, its crashes of overproduction and mutation to top predator weapons to keep growing. In the graph the 72±9 years cycles of the train age followed by the colonial age of Amerindian genocides (colonialism in Europe), then after 72 more years the crash of overproduction of cars and radios followed by hate radio and fascism till Korea and then in more detail the mimetic cycles of overproduction and evolution of metal-minds through its tv-eye age, chip-brain age, and mobile-social network age, now entering its crisis of overproduction, splendid robotic wars and beginning of the finale – an age of autonomous robots with AI brains, solar skins an automated 3D factories, printing them in military ecosystems of permanent war, which circa 2036 should start the systemic extermination of the enzymatic no longer required human species – this is the biological predictable process of the Industrial r=evolution and no amount of newspeak of human entitlement and go(l)d profit will change that destiny unless humans take seriously bio-history, and decide to extend the species beyond the zero generation now being born but not dying on bed, never mind if it is the hard-earth of an African village with zero credit or the silk cover of a Financial-media master in NYC: you are ALL in death row, count down to extinction unless the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle of singularity weapons is aborted NOW. Ad hominem, and anti quantum repression of true models of social sciences will NOT stop its predictable cycles, which have been happening with absolute exactitude since this author self-published its foundational book, bio-history, bio-economics in 92 after 172 rejections in academia. The harder they fall, by worshiping other species that their own: mankind.

Why this graph is so accurate in the industrial Anglo-American  cultures has to do with the obvious fact that lobbyism is a common, often legal practice and allow companies to buy laws, according to his ‘purchase power’.

So the dominant company-mothers of each cycle on top of the technological wave buy the laws and politicos which adapt society to the ‘zeitgeist’ of peace or war, of one or other type of machines.

So in each cycle of economic history, the corporations that lead the wave control the presidency and pay the laws in favour of their machines that will run and conquer the world. If we restrict to the anglo-american culture:

-In the age of gunboats, colonial corporations, London Corporation, west indian co. etc. owned even their people as black slaves and indenture servants.

-In the independence age, the biggest cotton producers, virginian slave planters, took over UK companies, as they were unfairly treated (taxation). So they threw their cargo in the ‘tea party’ and their lawyers and plantation owners took power (Washington being the richest planter becoming the president, having syphilis and not children renounced to the crown). So new england gunboats and cotton slave planters ruled till…

-In the train age the biggest lobbyist of the Industry Mr. Lincoln, declared for the tariff issue war to the south who wanted to export cotton to Europe that paid more, while the north wanted cheaper cotton sent through trains. And here is where we can ams the needed remark that America has always built a virtual fiction of freedom, while brutally exploiting THEIR poor, not even recognised as such but as ‘legal slaves’, ‘illegal aliens’, ’emigrants’, whatever. So lincoln the hero, declared war to the south, with the excuse of slavery, and gave the nation to robber barons and the yellow press, til…

-In the electrochemical era Ford, Edison and their companies took power, as the wasp elite enjoyed their final days. To the point that mr. Ford alone could pay the prohibition law, because he was abstemious and decried their ‘policed workers’ (living in compounds where mr. Ford could send his private police to detect ‘sin’, as old calvin did in geneva where people had to leave open doors for the elderly to enter to see if the righteous fuked too much).

Anecdotes apart, the biblical bigot calvinist, wasp ruled age of America, during the period of dominance of the industrial-military age of physical machines (bodies and engines) came to its end…

-In the electronic age of metal-minds the Jewish Financial-Media masters (80% of ceos and cfos of those industries) would wrestle power to those masters of the car age (today both considered ‘anti$emites’ since indeed both Edison and Ford wanted to keep America for the wasp, calvinist elite.

This is essentially the model of all capitalist democracies, copycatted in America, where the Republicans are since Lincoln, the ‘party of war’ and democrats, since Kennedy, the party of peaceful technological evolution, except when a third ‘humanist’ party takes over, with the socialist movement in XIX-XX century Europe, now gone, WHICH pushes for welfare and control of companies to switch from ‘companycracies’ (the govern of companies) to ‘democracies’.

So you live in a compacracy, or the most often used terms ‘plutocracy’, which however stress the most abstract concept of money over the real organisation, the company-mother, a ‘legal person’, with so extensive rights on all the elements of our  supposed ‘capitalist democracies’ that have converted in its original culture (the anglo-american culture), the concept of democracy into a very subtle, complex placebo system to ‘appease’ the masses, and avoid any attempt on their part to ‘drive their future as a human species – which is the 99%). And this implies:

-Sophisticated systemic censorship of social sciences, which cater to the agenda of power, ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’, or else an objective, biological, scientific analysis of the system will show it is NOT a democracy, it is NOT positive for mankind, as it is NOT developing a proper future for humanity.

Yet censorship is subtle, complex, improved in 400 years of trial and error, today signified by all kind of ‘newspeaks’ of political & economical correctness, placebo caring, false victimism, entitlement and propaganda of the system as the ‘best of all systems’, while a background war against any system that tries to cater to human welfare (as EU did prior to the take over its finances by the ECB; or China does with his nationalised banks and massive welfare expenditures), takes place unrelenting.

Veblen the best American economist, called those who press the bottoms, the ‘Leisure class’, for whom we all toil in a dysfunctional world. And he affirmed, they had nothing to do, since company mothers of machines evolved them naturally just following the tendencies of design, which construct them as parts of a future organism of metal that now in the robotic age acquires its natural form.

But for Mr. Smith, a client of the private owners of the bank of England, the Montagu family, the leisure class, were ‘the experts’. So he considered that only private bankers should print money.

While states should borrow from the selected to ensure a healthy profit, and then spend it at home mostly on jails and police to ensure order, instead of wasting it on the welfare of the common people, who were not worthy.

Today this policy is represented by the European bank, ran by private financiers, mostly of Goldman sachs, which only issues money for financial corporations. So those humanist politicians who want to maintain a minimal welfare among his citizens, must borrow to private banks and pay an usury interest, provided with massive taxation that chokes the wealth of people and has made the euro region the lowest in economical growth since Adam smith revivalism took over the European union, fast becoming a copycat of usa, where Mr. Smith has always reigned supreme, among the 90% of Americans, who still believe in the racist dogmas of the old testament, and did not evolve their mind into a humanist, scientific view of our species, as Europeans had done in their revolutionary ages.

So America has always followed abroad Mr. Smith’s point of view on international policy, according to which states should also borrow liberally from private national banks, in America the private federal bank to buy weapons and start up wars against the non-selected to enlarge their empires.

And that was also good, since the maximal wealth of nations, the title of Mr. Smith book happens during war periods, when weapons, the most expensive, evolved machines of the economic ecosystem, at any time of history, are produced and used liberally, so state debt and the usury profits of private bankers increases.

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empire

In the graph, the stock cycles of USA and its political war and peace cycles are absolutely ‘tuned’ to the needs of its corporations; according to the 3 ‘canonical equations of capitalism’ and its cycle of consumption-war machines/ages:

Of all the nations of the world, the one that shows a more accurate 72 year cycle of evolution of machines and its switch between peace and war eras is U$, which only means one causal fact: the capitalist side of ‘American’ democracy, corporations, ‘owns’ truly and manages, manufactures the ‘virtual ideas’ of freedom and defines the only allowed future path of the nation, which ‘believes’ with no-doubt whatsoever in all the idol-ogies of the machines, military nazi-onanisms, tribal abrahamic primitive go(l)d cults, mechanism (a Universe made to the image of machines not of organisms), lineal time (as opposed to the cyclical, organic nature of time patterns) and of course capitalism – the belief private dynasties of banker must issue money in monopoly and direct America with it, because they are ‘experts’, chosen races of go(l)d who know better how to run the country than the ‘free=chaotic’=’entropic’ American people, reduced to a fiction, ego-trip, individual, divide and win, impotent state…

It is then necessary to stress from the beginning several ’causes and consequences’ of those cycles, which are happening with mathematical precision, hence they are real and must be factored in for any analysis of our political and economical system and its future:

-Since the cycles end in a period of war that destroys the wealth of the overwhelming majority of people, which are supposed to govern in ‘democracies’; we should doubt ‘democracies do really work’. Indeed, wars only favour company-mothers of machines, which reach its maximal profits (as weapons are the most expensive, hence more profitable ‘sales’ both by price, and by quantity, given the fact that in a war the entire resources of a nation go to weapons industries, and arsenals are constantly depleted in war fields and replaced with inflationary money). So we must conclude that ‘somehow’, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/military-industrial (entropic and energetic machines) system manages to control both politicos and public opinion with their ‘simultaneous’ mass-media communicators, e-money flows of unlimited credit, as to set the agenda of the future that better suits their production.

– In brief, it is NOT mankind and their people who run democracies, but the parallel Financial-Media (head of informative machines)/Military-Industrial (body of energetic machines) system, which itself is guided by the EVOLUTIONARY LAWS of systems sciences, engineering and biology, since we are designing machines imitating human organs. This was the thesis I decided to explore 30 years ago, when after a huge economic crash of markets, due to overproduction of ‘chips’ (1987 crash), soon the world got involved into weapons production and war (I Dessert storm). If humans were ruled by democracies, most wars wouldn’t happen. Diplomatic solutions found and welfare become the law of the land over warfare. But history shows a clear cycle imposed by those who monopolise the production and ab=use people with money, weapons and machines. The company-mother of machines merely professionalized, diversified and made more complex this process, before crystal clear, as it was carried about by kings with armies, military dictators, bankers backing them to earn debt-usury money, and religious myths of ‘obeisance’ to authority.

-So it is a self-serving agenda of corporations and their economists to pretend that economics and history must be studied differently and corporations left to their own, because they do control the weaker part of the word ‘capitalist democracies’, the democratic part, as long as the issue of money belongs overwhelmingly to corporations. You must then understand western capitalist ‘anglo-american’ type of democracies, which were invented by the first corporation, VOC, dedicated to reproduce artillery, gunboats and trade with slaves and spices, and not the other way around.

Indeed, at the beginning of the XVII century the leading industry of Holland, gunboat trade, organised the company around the bank and stock-market of amsterdam. Then it gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate habsburg king of Holland, and to that aim started to run the first yellow press, with its black legend  against the kings; and used the press emitted the first paper-money in the form of stocks, widely trade upwards with speculation schemes in the Amsterdam market. So the financial-media industry then printing became one of the two sides of the first FMMI system. The other side, the obvious military-industrial complex was then the purpose of the company, specialised in manufacturing guns, liberally sold up the rhine to both contenders of the 30 years war that halved the German population; while put on boats started industrial trade in slaves and spices.

This FMMI system then took over the Parlament, with most sites occupied by shareholders and put the XVII herren board of the company on power in Holland, starting ‘capitalist democracies’, with a single party (orange party), which was exported to UK with the glorious revolution that put the Orange dynasty on power, (1688) and divided the monocracy in two parties, the party of war or conservative party, which would take power when companies made higher profits in war (mostly when an overproduction case of peaceful trade, required to pump up the artillery side of the business) and the liberal party, which took power in ages of ‘soft trade’.



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons andmachines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all:

The bottom line: the values of money.

There are only two futures in a darwinian event that confronts two organisms, as in the present age of the Earth, where History competes with the economic ecosystem its company-mothers and its machines for the control of the planet.

Either a world ruled by the ethic values of the wor(L)d on top of money, where humans thrive and survive, which demands a r=evolution, or a world business as usual where AI and the most expensive profitable goods, weapons, evolve and multiply killing us. And this is crystal clear in the duality of languages of social power and its values – shown in the graph.

At the bottom of the cycles of evolution and reproduction of machines that completely dominate our zeitgeist in the modern world, since the beginning of the industrial r=evolution, there is a change of paradigm in what humans do, based in the change of social language of power from the natural human language of verbal ethic thought, whose syntax, Man (subject) < verb (action) < object (energy of man), always puts man at the center of the Universe, and has a democratic social nature as all humans can talk… to the digital language of money, which is NOT democratic as it is external to man, issued mostly by company-mothers of machines and valuing more metal than life.

Thus once we changed language of power from a humanist to a capitalist society, we stopped the goals of mankind – to create a just, democratic world made to the image and likeness of man – and started to build a world  to the image and likeness of machines, ruled NOT by human social organisations but by company-mothers there is a change of paradigm in the social language of power of mankind, from verbal ethic thought to digital money, whose values are opposed – as money, traditionally a soft informative metal atom has always valued more other forms of metal, notably weapons, than life with no value. While the values of words, a mental, human ‘flesh’ language give absolute value to human life.

Thus once this change of paradigm in our social language took place. And company-mothers of machines were given higher rights to print paper-money than states had (stock-paper, today e-money  issue without limit in stocks vs. deficit zero laws), company-mothers acquired rights to buy humans full time as slaves or part-time with salaries as worker. And so regardless of what ‘type of government’ a modern society has (mostly capitalist democracies or military dictatorships) the fact remains that humans will dedicate most of their lifetime to work for company-mothers of machines for money. The ‘remaining’ time then will be mostly spent in the basic biological ‘animal drives of life’ (feeding, reproducing sheltering, curing); NOT in the task of evolving a world to the image and likeness of man.

So as we are our ‘lifetime’, and our lifetime is bought by company-mothers of machines, which are NOT human organisms, do NOT reproduce or evolve human beings, but are ‘mixed organisms’  of humans and machines with a mechanical goal, to evolve, reproduce, sell for a profit and adapt≈terraform the planet to the image and likeness of those machines, providing for them enough energy and information to make their ‘life sustainable’, humans became enzymen men-enzymes that catalyse the creation with credit, the cred(dit)ation of a new ecosystem ruled by company mothers of machines, serving the biological goals of those machines.

And indeed, today there is no machine without energy, not computer without electricity, not car without a network of roads to cross, or a place to be repaired, while 1 billion humans suffer hunger, most are uneducated, still believing in primitive myths of abrahamic religions, and the majority of mankind lacks basic healthcare ‘repairs’ even in the dominant most wealthy nations of the world (US).

From supremacist religion to capitalism & technological racism.

Amazing as it seems 90% of Americans affirm they believe the meaning of the Universe, is coded in the bible a supremacist book of history of the bronze age of one of the first go(l)d-fetish religion of the trading knot of Levante, where a group of banker-priests enslaved the population to the hypnotism of gold, the best informative metal-atom of the universe, which imitates the light of the previous Neolithic ‘Gaia’s God’, the sun, becoming the ‘sweat of God’, provoking a ‘thirst for it’, called greed, on the primitive visual, homo sapiens neanderthaliensis (white men); acted as soma does in viral infections, making the first ‘animetal tribes’ of cattle ranchers, semitic people murder, loot and enslave the more civilised human beings of the fertile crescent, starting the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, perfectly narrated in the parable of genesis, written at the fall of Ur, the last of the sumerian neolithic cities, by a scientist of history, who foresaw the future extinction of life by the bad fruits, golden apples and weapons of the tree of metal.

Then the book of history becomes degraded into a topic bronze age supremacist fight of a tribe specialised in military and slave trade according to the findings of archeological history (the so called jabiru, or hebrew, literally ‘people who go behind the asses’, as they traded with weapons and slaves to bring fetish gold coins to its upper caste of banker priests, the so called ‘am segullah’ – people of the treasure, ill translated as chosen people, since segullah means treasure; a dictatorial elite of bankers, selected by racial profiling, the Levis – my sephardim ancestors, which changed the name to lluís – spelling jewish –  and oppressed first its local population – the so called 11 slave tribes, to get gold fetish for his temples – the exvote and vehicle of communication with go(l)d; and then to the rest of mankind as the financial-media system (then made of biblical VSO, verb first, imperative mandates, which the priest affirmed he received from go(l)d; the substance of money; today evolved into sophisticate hate-media memes and ‘creationist economics’, the so called idol-ogy of capitalism, according to which the same small elite must control as ‘experts’ in economics, the entire population of the western world, tax-farmed and exploited to bring profits to the ‘leisure’ class of stock-rats, the modern aristocrats, who issue e-money and buy corporations, politicos and censor social sciences, with political correctness and the industry of the holocaust – according to which the people-caste of am segullah bankers are when murdered superior victims, which must be mourned, while the rest of murdered mankind must be ignored.

The complexity of the FM-system thus has increased enormously, to be able to maintain the mass of the western world under the boot of banker priests ($emite go(l)d memes) or in the Arab and Aryan variant, in which the vehicle of god is the fire and weapon-sword that gives them power, under the boot of military inquisitions (SSemite war memes). The expansion of those initial animetal idol-ogies to the entire planet clearly shows how informative metal degrades the human mind; entropic metal weapons kills the body and organic metal-machines atrophy and substitute man in a clear predatory process, which can only explain with biological models of history.

As all has changed in degrees of complexity to remain in its core-processes the same.

We express the paradox of history of animetal cultures, which become mentally and physically degraded and atrophied by the use of metal, in a simple inverse equation:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution.

Thus today as machines reach logic intelligence humans regress to a violent, neopaleolithic, mythic, entropic, dog-eat-dog state of selfish individualism, emotional pre-axial-rational age ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ frame of mind, regressing back to the primitive memes of the bronze age, in a revivalism of abrahamic religions, fetish-Go(l)d capitalism and worship of metal-machines (techno-utopia), which is in all social organisms the entropic phase of death.

Yet the anti-quantum paradox is effective because the historian and humanist is inside the body of history and so it can be censored, murdered and silenced by the top elite of animetals. So he bias information to serve power: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus). it is the inverse situation to the quantum paradox of physicists, which are so huge that they influence the observable (the atom), creating also uncertainty in its measure.

Hence throughout history, all great social scientists have been censored, murdered, and only those who serve go(l)d and sword animetal elites reach exposure, from Plato chained and sold as a slave when trying to reform the  dictatorship of syracuse, to Socrates, murdered for denouncing the corruption of  the first coin capitalist democracy (Athens) and Aristotle, who barely escape with life; to the modern martyrs of social sciences, from the anarchist and socialist schools, murdered, denied, censored by both, military caudillos, capitalist banker-priests and communist red armies to the final evolution of the science of history and economics, its biological models (Butler, Spengler, this author) who are despite their amazing insights into the future of history, and enormous capacity to predict it accurately, complete ignored by all, scholars, financiers, politicos and ‘believers’ on the myths of capitalism and creationist economics.

All this of course implies that human beings are ‘tabula rassas’, memorial brains, which repeat and believe and so they can be imprinted with any ‘mind program’, specially when their rational brain is degraded to emotional fear and ego-trips of entitlement: ‘barbarians – said Aristotle – of the previous irrational cultures, now again on top of history – are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

In that regard, while the reform of the system is rationally possible, and necessary since unless the issue of money returns to human governments  and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, the dictatorship of the idol-ogies of animetals and the memorial emotional lesser intelligence of most humans, able as amazing as it seems in supposedly advanced america to believe that a bigot supremacy book of a go(l)d tribal, supremacist group of the bronze age, when the word God meant the subconscious collective of a people, or ‘nation’ before the proper word was coined by rational Greece, IS the meaning of it all.

Indeed, the book of history of the hebrews is a topic book of tribal warfare of the age, similar to the vedas or the chronicles of Assur, where the Assyrians, capital Assur, people, nation, God and kings, sons of assur (assurbanipal, etc.) considered also his tribe-god the superior chosen of iron, who would conquer the world, as the banker-priests of Israel affirmed in his millenarian prophecy, used latter by the ‘Goths≈germans’ to affirm their third reich will also conquer the world put his tribe on top as the superior species by the power of machines-weapons and reign 1000 years: ‘At the end of times all the people of the world will become slaves of yhwh or become exterminated’ (Millenarian prophecy, Talmud, central credo of Orthodox judaism, to which 80% of the owners and CEOs of financial-media companies and CFOs of western 1000 corporations and central banks belong). So capitalism is simply the belief that go(l)d, a 79 atom, chose a group of pre-rational humans, hypnotised by its shine to murder, loot, slave, tax-farm and accumulate the fetish metal till the end of times, when they will become the people-caste on top. And anyone who denies that destiny must be censored as anti$emite, who doesn’t really understand his inferiority as a human being with zero rights to credit, life and the pursuit of happiness because he didn’t have the ¥-haploid of the Levi people-castes (as I do).

All has changed to remain the same. The discourse merely changed from ‘gold religion’ to ‘tribal supremacism’ to ‘capitalism’ and classic economics, the modern idol-ogical version of a go(l)d religion, as all his theorists from Smith through Bentham, Malthus, Say, Mill and Ricardo where biblical bigots, who crafted a system in which the 99% HAD ZERO RIGHTS, and the Leisure class of stock-rats ALL,  to the modern conversion of those dogmas into A.I. (algorithms of information) and Holocaust industries and mass-media hate of all tribes except the supreme one, who will deliver for all $elected the rapture to the techno-utopian future of a few humans on top of a mass of servant machines – and then the 99%? who cares, they are NOT like u$.

So the salvation of the future of mankind and the reform of the world is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences), WHERE only stock-rats on top of that web have rights, productivity, the substitution of human workers by machines to increase profits is their only mantra, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the Calvinist and Jewish biblical bigots economist revere, affirmed laws should NOT interfere and salaries should only be subsistence salaries (Smith) for those jobs in which machines are not yet fully able (since larger salaries would diminish profits, and lower ones would kill workers, increasing demand prices) while Ricardo affirmed it would be Ok to pay an iron salary – the price of the machine, even if it killed the worker.

To which a Humanist economist, Sismondi asked: so which future you see for mankind, one in which there is only the queen of england pressing bottoms to reproduce machines? We are coming closer to that point.

NOW, TO obtain the whole ‘kaleidoscopic view’ needed in complex systems to fully grasp the causality and origin of the actions that create the future, we need the final view of metal-itself, and its values, which is what truly guides capitalist democracies, in the modern version of digital equations of profits, in the old version of go(l)D religions.


The scam: inventing digital money of null value exchanged by real wealth & used to corrupt politicians.

Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMasters have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that the goals they seek celebrity and money are ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains. They are thus instantly rich – yet avoid celebrity status as go(l)d is their only religion and their segregational memes against mankind make of no importance fame or glory.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits, debt slavery, STOCK scams and internet bubbles. In all those cases 3 elements are needed to ‘create digital numbers’:

  • A support for the language of money, as we humans create words, the language of man on our brain. But it must be external as we do NOT talk numbers. So a worthless, cheap ‘support’ for the language is required, first useless gold, then tulips, then paper-stock; now computer screens. As MONEY is not wealth perse, just a language of power to give orders to people and things, as when you ‘talk’ (salaries, prices).
  • An informative expert to print news that jack-up the prices and cheat investors to exchange the worthless digital money for real value (artists in the tulip craze, which convince people to change his home for a dyng tulip; doctors in the tea craze, which claimed to cure all sickness; false news in the gold/colonial craze of enormous wealth in the Louisiana swamps bubble or the Argentinean minds of the South Sea bubble; and then when machines came scientists and techno-utopian P.R.ess and economic P.R.ess, Wall Street journals and rating agency’s experts in the railroad scam, the radio scam, the dot com scam, the e-money derivatives scams. Then when all this support makes money become ‘real numbers’; the banker-speculator can multiply it by creating debt slaves – lending it to people, which will have to pay back with real assets, land, real state, hard currency, etc.
  • Yet for al this to work the Banker with its informative machines to print digital money and Public relations P.R.ess needs an authority, which often is a debtor or receives ‘hand outs’ and validates the scam and protects the banksters, obtaining finally real wealth exchanged for the ‘inflated money prices’: Kings that handled go(l)d chosen farm taxation and slave trade rights, to milk the work of peasants and slaves; or colonial rights on lands to stock-gunboat companies; or entered in wars fuelled by the P.R.ess hate media to loot the enemy and pay the debt to the banker. Today it is basically the ‘Private-er’ Central banker, who does NOT lend to people for real investments, infrastructure, health-welfare and job creation but has printed trillions of $ in the ECB and FED handed to bankers and speculators to jack up prices of worthless internet companies. So billions are created by suffocating by anoxia, the credit of all the other elements of society. While in countries where banking is public like China, massive investments in real wealth, welfare and roads happen.   

The generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we were to make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as ‘superior victims’, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

In the graphs, now also from the old c.92 book we see how starting this year, we foresaw a change of war motion from Islam to the Chinese region. IT IS QUITE interesting to observe how the model accuracy in the great cultural oppositions has been played to the letter, including the 2008 crash, but the $ has resisted for yet another decade and China is playing well his game, so Taiwan did not come in ‘2018’ as the cause of war. That is where KOREA comes handy, and as i revise the article I hear Mr. Trump is indeed sending his ships to the ‘front’.





IN that regard before we explain the control of mankind and its democracies by capitalism and its historic evolution and ‘owners’ – its FMasters, which rule them with Financial-Media networks of digital and monetary information, we need a scientific analysis of what societies are, according to systems sciences and its ‘physiological’ description of  social super organisms.

A superorganism is in that sense easy to define with a simple ‘Generator equation’ of all Systems of reality, which any human being will easily recognise when observing its own ‘super organism’ (scientists define humans also increasingly as such, given the fact we do have more ‘bacteria’ than human cells in our digestive, entropic system):

Spe: Digestive/entropic system < ST: Energy/Body-System>Tiƒ-informative/nervous system.

Now, this ternary system can be applied immediately to define the 3 super organisms that ‘compete’ for the control of the Earth, which we shall call ‘Gaia’, the life super organism, history, the human super organism and the Metal-Earth or Financial-media (informative machines/head)-Military-industrial (energetic machines) System, ab. FMMI system.

And as it is evident that Gaia is becoming extinct, and Human societies are being substituted in power and work and labor fields by ‘company-mothers of machines’, we can then order the 3 super organisms in a temporal fashion as 3 ‘ages’ of the Earth:

Gaia (past-superorganism of life)>History (present human super organism)>Future: FMMI system (Metal-earth)

And so what the organic equation describes are the III ages of Earth as a whole, in which:

  • A first super organism of life, Gaia, increasingly recognised by all scientists, joined by networks of life energy (water ways), which feed the world of animal life; informed by networks of visual animal and chemical, plant information, gave way to:
  •  The super organism of mankind that superimposed over it, History, in which the economic=energetic=blood and political=informative ‘nervous networks’ organise a mass of citizens-cells.
  • Which is giving way to a super organism of company-mothers of machines, fed by energy networks and informed by digital networks, which organise through the financial economy those machines, evolving fast through A.I. and robotics into metalife, poised to compete and substitute humans in all labor and war fields.

The 3 super-organisms of Planet Earth.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 3.14.22 PM

The super-organism of metal-memes described independently of mankind in the previous posts of this section, lives side by side with two other super-organisms, that of human life ‘History’ and that of Nature, ‘Gaia’, and so we must talk of an ecosystem, which is different from an organism because in an ecosystem multiple species live together in relationships of symbiosis and predation. In the Graph, cultures enter into destructive conflicts as the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusion the world in a single mechanical organism. Since today ne of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History – the existence of such ecosystem in which humans and life memes fight against animetal cult(ure)s and metal-memes is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem, which becomes an organism that expels increasingly human workers and soldiers and divides human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings that make us addicts, slaves of the world of the machine. Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria and national tribes, which are just puppets of the real Global Nation – the Global Economic Ecosystem and its corporations. Within these schemes the myth of nationalism is kept only for the need of borders, armies and wars.

We humans love the FM²I complex because it gives us higher energy and information to control the world. So the elites of mankind that rule the system have created a series of ideologies to defend it, which have become our ideologies and beliefs – capitalism, which defends a world rule by money instead of ethic words, mechanism that takes the machine not the organism as measure of all things, and nationalism that allows nations and its elites of politicians and warriors to defend a certain ‘section’ of History with weapons.

The problem though with those 3 systems is that they are evolving in a temporal, causal order that extinguish the previous system as the more advanced evolves further. So we could write an equation of evolution and extinction: Gaia (past) -> History (present) -> FMI complex (future), where Gaia is becoming extinct by History and History by the FMI complex, as we enter its last phases of evolution with the creation of robots. And yet, because we are memetically imprinted by those ideologies we do not want to see with wishful blindness the consequences of our love for the FM²I complex, neither study its evolution, structure and predation of life and history, as it is the dogma of our ‘technological civilization’ that machines, money and weapons are ‘good’ and the symbol of ‘progress’. Indeed, they are becoming the future, but increasingly a future that has no room for us.

On planet Earth, a first superorganism of human cells, a collective, global mind/culture, which lived on Gaia, the natural Earth, appeared on the Neolithic. But with the arrival of metals, a more complex superorganism in which men became symbiotic to metal systems of energy (weapons), information (money) and reproduction (company-mothers of machines) substituted the initial, sustainable, life-based historic superorganism. It is the Financial-Media x Military-Industrial Complex that today has become global and it is terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal at an accelerated path, signalled by a cycle of evolution of money, weapons and machines with a periodicity of 800-80 years.

The most complex super-organism known to man is our own super-organism, history, the existence of humanity from its first to its last cellular species. Humanity in space and History in time have evolved through the same ages and scales of social evolution we have described in our General Systems Theory based in Duality1:

All those systems evolve in 3 ages in which first the energetic network is dominant (Age of Weapons in the FM²I complex, Paleolithic in History), then the informative network/species dominate (Age of money in the FM²I complex; Age of Words and Religions in History) till both interact to create organic, reproductive systems (Age of company-mothers of machines in the FM²I complex). Finally all the networks and ‘cells’ of the system (metal–memes in the FM²I complex) come together into a single superorganism, ‘transcending’ from the individual cells (humans in history; metal-memes in the economy) into a whole, communicated by a common language of information – words that create human cultures, money that creates the FM²I complex. And so the study of History and Mankind and the Economy and its memes of metal, is essentially the study of the evolution of 2 different super-organisms, once we translate the jargons of Religions, Cultures, Civilizations and Economic ecosystems to the language of General Systems Theory.

The FM²I complex differs from a history because both systems use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and cater to 2 different species: History evolves carbon life species (Nature and human beings) and the FM²I complex evolves memes of metal (machines, money and weapons). Thus, we human beings are reproducing on Earth 2 types of super-organisms:

-Human superorganisms created with words – cultures, civilizations and nations. Historic super-organisms are based in the ethics of love – the capacity to share energy and information among human cells – appeared in the Neolithic, when humans in harmony with Nature, created a global culture, over the body of Gaia, its life energy. They matured in the age of Love Religions (Buddhism, Christianity & Islam), and evolved further with the development of social sciences and socialism, and today is embedded in the ideals of institutions such as the UNO, EU social-democratic parties and ecological causes.

– But parallel with the discovery of metals, informative gold and energetic weapons, a parallel superorganism in which humans became submissive to new memes of metal, and those tribes that carried them, appeared. It is the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex, which ever since dominated the super-organisms of history (cultures), establishing an upper caste of warriors, bankers and scientists, who controlled the religious and verbal super-organisms of history with money, weapons and machines.

Let us then consider a scientific, objective, biological, systemic analysis of the future of the Earth, in which human superorganisms (cultures) and the FMI complex co-exist based in the laws of Systems.  Those laws define the world we live in as a game of 2 species:

– Humans and life species made of simpler life atoms – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95% of our body.

-Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (24-Iron, 79-Gold, etc.). Since a machine is form that imitates living,energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.

Gold & iron are the most perfect informative & energetic atoms: Metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of haemoglobin; while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the king metal in the construction of weapons and then machines. Since the true change in the Earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms.

Thus we can consider the existence of 3 cellular units in the FMMI system:

Max. Information: Soft metals; Go(l)d: The most informative atom of the Universe that imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes our center of consciousness, the eye, making us slaves of those who carry it.

Max Energy: Hard metals; Iron:  The most energetic atom that cuts our flesh and makes the warrior who carries it a top predator of mankind.

ExI: Organic machines: They transform energy into information (informative machines: e->I) or information into energy (transport machines and machines-weapons: I<-E); and are reproduced by complex organisms, called corporations.

Which are clearly substituting the 3 equivalent elements of the human super organisms of mankind:

Max. Information: ethic, social and legal languages of love religions and democratic constitutions that want to control money and digital values for the benefit of mankind.

Max. energy: human energy, real ‘whealth ‘ a term that means healthy wealth as we do not eat oil but food, we do not live in factories but in homes, we do not cure in repair shops but in hospitals.

exi: human workers, soldiers substituted by white collar pcs, and blue collar robots and terminators.

And the equivalent systems at the social level:

Corporations and its digital money that substitutes human governments and its laws, with different goals: human governments try to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, company-mothers of machines construct a world to the image and likeness of its machines awash with electric energy, digital information, evolving socially telepathically, while we humans become separated by hate memes, despise our governments, do not care for our welfare goods, and hail the machine… And this is the madness imposed collectively by the FMMI system and its networks:

A fact which is happening today on Earth with 2 different species: human beings and its social organisms, nations and civilisations – in a process of collective evolution however aborted recently with the regression to ‘primitive idol-ogies (nationalisms, etc.)’ which divide the human species into classes, nations, believers etc.
And the world of machines and its company-mothers, which is successfully becoming a global super organism, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system – to use the terminology of systems sciences, which is the ultimate philosophy of science from where all this work comes from.

BOTH together form the system of the Metal-Earth, an economic ecosystem of humans and machines, fast evolving into a global super organism, which now with the automation of company-mothers and the substitution of the 2 human roles as consumers=vitalizers and re=producers of machines, by robots and companies (who can consume them), IS OBSOLETE; hence expendable.



Thus we can study its phases with the laws of morphology and evolution, since they evolve according to the energy & information humans use to re=produce them:


In the graph, humans have evolved a new type of energy, which renews both the energetic machines of the economic ecosystem (weapons and transport) and its informative machines, which print audiovisual information and the financial, digital money of the economy every human ‘biological generation of 72 years, in which nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons which massively reproduce and evolve a new energy machine and form of money to its perfection, and decadent grand-sons, which use the 3rd phase of evolution of the machine, as a top predator weapon to conquer the world (2).

NOW it is essential that you understand the Organic structure of all those machines and its company-mothers, divided in 2 systems, similar to the head and body of any organism:

  • THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines (below), which PRINT the language of power of our society, digital money and reproduce the INFORMATION that ‘manufacture’ the brains of mankind, (Mass media), which are the HEAD of the super organism of company-mother of machines, with its collective BRAIN, world-stock, globalised, and whose goal is to control, EVOLVE and re=produce for profits:
  • THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM of energetic machines (above), which are the ‘twin’ brothers, of the Global super organism of machines – good fruits of the tree of technology, machines that upgrade and empower us, but also atrophy and substitute us when we consume them; and its bad fruits, weapons, the most perfect machines at any age of history that consume us in war fields.

Yet while you might have heard of the military-industrial system, you don’t even know the financial-media head does exist and control the wholes system.

Now of course, nothing of this is ‘common talk’. As we all know we live in the best of all systems, a ‘capitalist democracy’, whose true nature we explain in depth in its article but as people have so perfectly ‘memorised’ its mantra of ‘freedom’, we just will say that capitalist democracies were born in Holland, when the first corporation of machines and weapons VOC, gave a coup d’etat and put his shareholders in the government, and ever since, the dual control of the networks of human information (the press, then audiovisual information) and mechanical information (the issue of money) by company-mothers of machines, in the western world has established a ‘de facto’ control of the opinion of people, the $election of politicos (presidents are $elected, not elected said Roosevelt) and hence the laws of society, overwhelmingly in favor of machines and corporations.

Of course, humans and the super organisms of mankind have tried to establish a government based in just laws in favor of our species – which will be a real democracy. But, in the west overwhelmingly the Financial-Media system and its ‘FMasters’, owners of informative and financial corporations have imposed their programs and believes, by merely ‘selling millions of newspapers’, sending simultaneously millions of equal messages, and printing millions of $ or whatever currency and buying politicos.

Such is the ‘realpolitiks of the world’.

Another myth obviously is the non-existence of social classes. But all organisms do have 3 social classes:

  • The informative, neuronal class, in history the people who control our two languages of information political laws and financial money.
  • The reproductive energy body-wave class, which is the middle class that works under orders of the informative class.
  • The entropic class, which is Nature, Gaia, and the poor people or enemies, consumed by weapons.

We could of course live in a perfect democracy, in which humans would have all enough energy and information to survive as the cells of a well-designed body and we study such democracies all over the place and the simple 3+3 political and economical measures to establish it. But we don’t. BECAUSE THE super organism of corporations HAS always except in brief r=evolutionary periods, dominated in the western world and through globalisation all other countries that imitated its systems.


Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

 The organic Universe and its laws applied to the economic ecosystem and the future of history.

Unlike the uncertain of physicists, here the observable, society, is much larger than the observer and controls and bias the social scientist, with human ego-trips. So we state flatly that:

Social sciences are biological sciences. Whereas economics studies the evolution of machines and the economic ecosystem in which those machines and human beings have relationships of symbiosis (as in consumption, where humans increase its energy and information capacities with machines) and competition as in labor and war fields, where humans compete and loose to faster, stronger machines, that substitute they jobs and kill them.

 We see the 3 ages of the super organism of history in time and space (mankind) with its 3 physiological networks parallel to those of a living organism, the economic blood network, the political nervous network and the territory-energetic network.

In history the graph, starts in the paleolithic youth, then the mature age on the right, the neolithic age, and on the left the cycles of the 3rd age of metal, which will bring the neopaleolithic closing the cycle.

In the graph we see a general analysis of those super organisms of history; AND ITS top predator germs that kill it -selfism metal-memes and its memeplex of idologies in favor of them, carried by the people-castes that own and control the wester world through capitalist democracies.

Now We have just described the basic bottom line of capitalism as a ‘praxis of power of corporations’. But is a tenant of BIO-HISTORY>BIO-ECONOMICS THAT all the seeds of the present world were already planted with the first ‘memeplex’ of people-castes in power, during the 800 year cycles of pecunia infinita belli nervi and animetal top predators ab=using mankind, while defining primitive idologies of supremacism and technological racism. So we do NOT see a ‘cut’ in purpose but only the natural growth of complexity which happens in all systems of information as time passes by.

The 3 networks and people-castes of power in the 800 years cycles, the military, financial and technological systems that truly direct the future of the world are born on that age. Capitalist democracies merely disguise them effectively.

Then there is the ‘idol-ogy’ of capitalism, camouflaged as the ‘science of classic economics’ , which is basically the modern digital version of an old fetish gold religion (biblical beliefs that ‘gold is the invisible hand of god) since all the founding fathers of capitalism (Say, Bentham, Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Malthus), were biblical believers on the myth that certain people ‘chosen of go(l)d’ had to accumulate money, and issue it privately as $elected, in order to reach salvation.

And so as religions are about myths and beliefs, which cannot be denied, and about censorship and twisting reality to cater to those myths, capitalism merely translated in a series of equations the belief that the purpose of mankind was to increase the amount of money owned by the $elected through its ‘organisation of power’, the corporation.

In the graph, When two supœrganisms clash, in a fight between two pyramidal societies, the social classes of the prey-culture become destroyed and brutally ab=used by the upper classes of the animetal, predatory culture.

The result has been throughout all the cycles of history the massive destruction of life and humanist cultures by animetal, predatory ones, who have labelled the ‘inferior people=caste’, used as entropy of their energetic motions, with different names: ‘enemies’, ‘poor’ …


Why then mankind doesn’t defend itself changes the system and builds a perfect world by overproducing welfare goods not warfare ones?

The answer needs a change of paradigm in your view of our species, not as a sum of entropic individuals, which is what they have become but as an organism in its last phase of collapse and degradation at cellular level by a new form, the metal earth. In such states the cells/citizens of the body/society become fast degenerated into ‘rigor mortis’, feasting in chaos and freedom without control, as an entropic gas is. This process of degeneration gives pleasure to the cells/citizens/gas, which experience rapid motions and feast on the blood and serum of the organism (hence the corpse inflates its cellular egos; the human child of the present age is free and happy, the gas accelerates).   So while in a rational abstract world there would be solutions to the problem with a strict control of the evolution of lethal goods of the tree of science; in an organism in process of death, the opposite occurs. The gas, dying cell or citizen in chaos wants more of it.

Further on, we observe an erasing of its informative code, genes, memes, back to the earlier past state, but in a corrupted form. So mankind regresses to the revivalism of the first ‘metal-cultures’, when gold and bronze discovered by desert semite cattle ranchers, first used to herd animals then the fertile crescent people, created the first fundamentalist go(l)d religions of hypnotic money and military genocidal ‘arab’ societies:

The conclusion is obvious- all has changed to remain the same:

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

So again, while a rational human being would keep going towards the socialist, ecological, ‘last’ r=evolutions, trying to create a sustainable world, the dying super organism regresses to the first age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and military inquisitions, as an old man regresses to the psyche of his infancy; becoming ‘conservative’, ‘inflexible’ and a ‘fundamentalist believer’ , as children are, before reaching linguistic dexterity and flexibility. It is of course a question of memes, NOT genes that code the organism. Memes are either on one or the other side of that graph, catering to the evolution of mankind or the metal earth  So we shall divide them into idol-ogies of metal (upper cultures, with its racisms, tribal nationalisms, mechanical view of the Universe, lineal time, to faster the production of metal goods) vs. verbal expressions of the laws of eusocial evolution of the universe (humanism, organicism, cyclical time; which foster the production of welfare, life goods.)

This duality even carries into the evolution of languages, so the first semite cultures regressed to imperative VSO languages, where the verb comes before the human subject that dominates in humanist cultures (Subject VO). Hence the belief that the priest or caudillo who talks os ‘God’, as he talks in imperative terms, and must be obeyed.

Those cultures without freedom, defined by Aristotle, probably referring to arabs with the word barbarians  meaning primitive languages with no flexibility and consonantal structure, ‘barbarians  are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. This can apply also to the germanic people with their agglutinative long words and objectual languages, where the weapon or machine comes first (OSV), of which the german language is the paradigm. So as the metal earth advances, semite and german ‘animetals’ come on top.

In that regard, the dominance of the world ‘again’ by the oldest ‘animetal go(l)d and sword cult(ure)s’ of history, with its deformed imperative ‘sacred languages’ (Verb first-SO syntax, which as Humboldt and Chomsky explained, define an imperative non-free mind), and its fundamentalist belief in the values of gold (capitalist, biblical cultures) and iron, greed and violence (jihads, American, ‘germanic’ militarism) – ARE a clear proof of the regression and death of the super organism of history.

As we are now back to the semite wars, to the global age of splendid wars for profits and evolution of weapons, which are the natural ecosystem of the FMMI world, in which the perfect synergies between the Financial-media head of machines and its military-industial complex allows the maximisation of profits through inflationary reproduction of money to produce weapons (as weapons are the most expensive machines, spent without limit in wars), control of societies (as nationalism peaks then and people can be suppressed in freedoms), its mental programming (as propaganda through mental audiovisual hate media becomes overwhelming and sells), and of course, all this can be written with the equation of profits of capitalism:

Maximal profits (monetary inflation) = Max. weapons (max. price=sales) x Max. Hate media (min. cost of reproduction):

In the graph we see how capitalism maximises war profits, in the right side we see how since the first corporations of capitalism appeared, war has ended every cycle of evolution of machines into its most perfect forms, weapons, who become overproduced, and maximise profits when politicos, lobbying for the dominant corporations of those ages, which are weapons, use nationalist idol-ogies and hate memes to sell wars. In the next graph we see that process in the last cycles of the Industrial revolution:

THE previous graph shows the phases of technological evolution which define in the western world the ages of peace and war of the upper graphs. So capitalism is essentially the idol-ogy that maximizes the profits of the elite, owner of FMMI corporations and fosters the evolution and terraforming of the Earth in a world of machines and weapons, in which the free ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, reach its maximal development, through the systemic overproduction of weapons, hate media and inflationary money, in ages of war, which are tuned to the rhythm of evolution of those machines.

As such war is predictable and we have been predicting the present age of war for 20 years, and of course, we have been censored, as any criticism of capitalism, the FMMI system, the Financial-Media Masters, and its corrupted ‘upfront politicos’, the mechanisms of indoctrination of people in placebo democracies, where people merely poll statistically its previously manufactured opions, and so on and so on, is censored, called confabulation theory or something worst, and gets no exposure.3 waves of machine wars


How capitalist democracies work: buying the law. 

A capitalist democracy is NOT a democracy (the government of the people through his language of power, the legal word) but a capitalist society (the government of anonymous societies through its language of power, money). In a capitalist society the Free citizens of the economic ecosystem – corporations – have unlimited rights to credit, which they use to cre(dit)ate the world to the image and likeness of its machines,  giving orders to the other elements society with prices, salaries and bribes/lobbyism to politicians, which choose laws that favor their products.

Or consider another fundamental treat of capitalism: that a few dynasties of bankers control the language of power of society, money. This becomes again another anti-truth, another ‘freedom’. Yet people forget that if bankers and corporations invent money, since they are not elected and their goal is to reproduce and evolve their machines, they’ll get nothing. The real freedom is therefore the opposite: to control the language of power of society, through elected governments. Then the citizen gets a welfare state.

In a pure capitalist system, companies ‘buy’ politicos votes with that money they print exclusively under ‘deficit zero laws’. Since politicos need but cannot get money from salaries, for their campaigns. And so their ‘real job’ is pandering to corporations for money on exchange for las.

This self-evident truth is also denied. Politicos, whose only job in a pure capitalist system like America is to cheat the people on voting them, so people feel they ‘direct’ the system and then sell laws to the corporation that pay more, are still admired and respected and voters still ignore and get surprised that the politico NEVER delivers his promises. But that is NOT his job in capitalism. That would be the job in a democracy, and would require that the politico as the neuron of society can get a posteriori after he ends his tenure ‘judged’ by his voters, and punished as the brain gets punished with pain if it hurts the body. Without judging a posteriori politicos of course, they will never deliver. That is not their job. Their real job ends when the campaign ends and he must deal with the ‘agents of power’, bankers, corporations, groups of pressure, people who paid their campaigns…

Human citizens in such perfect systems of capitalism have no rights whenever those rights collide with the rights of the wealthiest corporations that pay more money to the politicos to buy their laws. This means basically that a capitalist democracy is perfectly ruled with the precission of a clock by the laws of evolution of machines and weapons: in each age of capitalism, the evolutionary laws of biology determine which machines dominate the system and hence the corporations that reproduce those machines will pay more for the laws and determine the future of the nation. The difference is determinant to understand how the future of our societies is created and what it caters for and to explain why this writer so succesfully has been able to forecast for 20 years the future of the world in its details (1)

For example, in America the XIX century was totally dominated by train corporations, and their politicos decided the future of the nation. Lincoln was a lobbyist for the Illinois railroad companies, and so when trains substituted gunboats and northerners southerners in power, as railroad companies reached higher capital than cotton slave traders, slavery was substituted by white slavery, gunboats by trains and the power moved from Virginian plantation owners such as Washington or Jefferson to railroad lawyers and lobbyists such as Lincoln or the presidents of the Guilded. Then when the car and the radio took over the yellow press and the train, people like Welles could defy Hearst and RCA and Ford came on top. So Ford could single-handed forbid alcohol because he didn’t drink and pay the law.

After the war, the TV and computer took over and so today the laws are paid and defined by mass-media and computers.

The robotic zeitgeist of XXI century capitalism.

Today as the robotic age comes into being, corporations dedicated to reproduce robotic workers and soldiers are becoming the darlings of capitalism. And so their financial muscle now pays the parties in power, as all great corporations become symbiotic in the task of reproducing those machines.

Thus, Obama is passing one after another laws in favor of the substitution of humans in labor and work fields. And the redistribution of wealth from people to robots starts in earnest.

Never though, except in brief revolutionary ages, America has created laws to favor their people over their machines and corporations. Moreover it has been able to imprint a massive ‘noise’ of false caring and false freedoms that have convinced the Americans, who enslave forever for those corporations, that the system ‘cares for them’.

The case of America is specially meaningful, since America is a ‘nation of nations’, with all races and cultures represented, and hence the battle for the mind of America between the ‘democratic dream’ of an equal humanity in control of his destiny that creates a world to its image and likeness, and the nightmare of a nation without limits to capitalism and the power of metal-memes, hence ruled by corporations who ‘buy’ the laws that favor their products and create a world to the image and likeness of their machines, has been determinant for the future of mankind. Now the battle seems over as laws under perhaps the most corrupted, cynical administration in the history of the US (not the Bush but the Obama administration), are routinely filled by lobbies of the leading industries of the day (health-care, drones, military keynesianism, robotic workers, etc.)

What this means basically that the future of America and mankind can be guessed as we have done for 20 years, merely following the money of corporations, which will adapt american laws to their goods. So as robots take over humans laws in favor of ‘productivity’ (expulsion of labor for capital=machines), and robotic wars and workers (drone laws) have become routine in America. Obama indeed will end up his legislature as the president who accelerated the extinction of life by robots in a higher measure than any other politician in history…

And this means that in the previous graph, ‘modern capitalism’ in the XXI century will be even harsher on the 99%, because the bottom of the pyramid, the workers and middle class manager, the blue and white collar human is obsolete substituted by the blue collar robot/chinese workers and white collar pc/Indian IT workers. So we, lower and middle class of western world are obsolete. And the system is moving, as it has been the case in the US to create the laws that will ensure robotic corporations can eliminate us and we can get into jail if we protest. Still the problem will remain and become stronger as the last age of capitalism reaches its zenith: 6 billion human beings are basically obsolete to the system. What to do with them?

Now, of course, this ‘harsh’ truth about ‘capitalist democracies’, where the word democracy is just a placebo related to the meaningless action of vote, is completely censored. So we need to do some ‘historic’ background to understand why in fact there is no real choice in capitalism between similar parties.

 The anti-truths of capitalism: how an ‘slavish system’ became the embodiment of freedom.

We live 400 years after capitalist democracies were invented in Holland by the first corporation, VOC, whose shareholders became the rulers of the country and its single orange party. Those corporations ever since dedicated the resources of capitalist systems to reproduce, evolve and sell the 4 main memes of metal: money (stock-paper in holland), weapons (guns), machines (boats) and metal-communicators (yellow press). And then control societies with those 4 symbotic systems. Today when those memes are electronic the system has become so complex that the ‘memetic imprinting’ of the ‘natural, Aristotelian slave’, the human believer  makes the task of revealing that ‘slavery’ and ‘lack of freedom’ of humans in a capitalist system , daunting.

People simply believe memetically imprinted and are blind to the nature of the system. Because people as any other system in the Universe can adapt perfectly to any conditions where they will act with no doubts. So people love their dictators till they die and their imprinting ends. And when Stalin, who killed the Russian Revolution and Franco who killed the Spanish one, died, millions mourned. So today we shall not be surprised that the immense majority of mankind believe in capitalist democracies – the system that will kill them. And this, though obvious for an external observer is not for an internal human, who truly believe the fundamental anti-truth of capitalism: to confuse ‘freedom’ with ‘slavery’.

Consider the silly trick of dividing the ‘same capitalist’ single-party-system (born in Holland, where there was only a party, the orange party, ruled by stockrats and aristocrats, the only people that voted till the XX century in most ‘democratic nations’, which required a minimal capital to vote) which obviously doesn’t cheat people into a bipartisan, single-system. The same party in fact, as both defend all other anti-democratic rules of capitalism. Bipartisan democracy were in fact born when the orange party exported its system to Britain (1688, conquer of Britain by the Dutch king that bought the parlament). Then a party summoned up the people who produced weapons and wanted war and the other, those who produced machines and wanted peace.

The 99% was only defended much latter by labor/socialist parties, against which the ‘capitalist systems’ have always fought and finally corrupted.  And that was not even the case in America, where believe it or not, the Republican party was till the 1930s the ‘liberal party’, as the Democrats represented the South and its slave-owners. Then when the north invented the white slave and created big corporations Lincoln, an illinois railroad lobbyist founded the GOP. And till the 1960s both parties were extreme right, one represented northern corporations and the other white supremacist s from the south. Only for a decade, the democrats represented the people. And of course, their reformist leaders, King and the Kennedy brothers were liquidated by ‘capitalism’ – King within days of asking no longer only placebo voting rights but social/economical rights. So now the Democrats represent the same; the line merely is one between GOP voters, who represent mainly military corporations and add to their belief in the doctrines of capitalism their religious belief in the musings of a goatkeeper of the Bronze Age who saw a Bush burning and called him God… and the democrats who believe also in techno-utopians and are paid mainly by silicon valley companies that produce the new white collar pcs and blue collar robots that are throwing us from job.

The GOP politicos have the task to cheat the white, racist ‘biblical’ mass and have of lately also taken on the Southerners who were the field of the democrats. And so briefly the democrats added to the groups they cheat to get elected, the black and hispanic minorities. But of course, this was a short period of ‘democracy’, caused by the Kennedy brothers and Johnson’s civil rights act. Soon the party was again corrupted by corporations and so passed to the GOP a new majority that still stands, based in the fact that 80% of Americans confess to believe in the go(l)d and racist memes of the Bible.

The symbiosis of those memes – the bible, capitalism, money, racism and technoutopia – have been analyzed in other posts. The outcome though is obvious: America is again a monocracy with a 4-years cycle of voting circus to choose between different individuals who will then enter the automaton routine of getting bribes and sell laws to the biggest bidder, regardless of what it manufactures in each age.

Of course, the system sells the infantile idea that people ‘vote and choose’ the policies of capitalism, as workers and consumers with rights; but as long as politicos do not become voted/judged a posteriori after their tenure this will not be truth. The politico risks nothing cheating the people in his promises and will have on the other hand a lot of troubles if he doesn’t sell the laws to those who paid his campaigns…

So to undersand where capitalism lead us the ‘democratic vote’ is no longer relevant. What matters is to understand where the language of money lead us. And again this only can be understood with the laws of affinity of complementary systems, which in the Universe bring things that are similar in substance together. Or in other words, money values more other forms of metal than life and a society ruled by money not by the law, will be biased to create memes of metal not memes of life.




IN THE GRAPH, we see what would be a perfect world democracy, and its ‘superorganic structure’ explained in the past posts of the upper sentence of this blog.

In that regard, the closest science to design a perfect super organism of mankind, with a proper economic=blood productive system and a proper informative=nervous legal system would be medicine, as the laws of systems science define any social system made of cells/citizens, joined by 2 networks of energy and information, with the same laws, and the most advanced superorganism IS THE HUMAN being.

 Accordingly we will define in those posts a proper science of ‘ethonomics’ (economics ruled by ethic laws in favor of mankind which would produce welfare goods and suppress lethal goods as the blood system does, with its hormonal orders and leukocytes) and Ppolitics (spell: peoplelitics:), a real democratic system with accountability of politicians, which should  be judged with ‘pain messages’ when as the neurone-government of the system misbehave and hurt the body, imitation of the democratic, pain messages the cells-citizens of a body can deliver to its brain if it hurts them.

My great-grand father was a doctor, major of Barcelona, and founder of the national party of this country without armies, borders and stock-markets, which is however on the top 10th cities of the world by tourists, despite having no historical importance, just for their way of life. He  saw the city and nation as living organisms, and politicians as people who had to deliver welfare to its citizens, NOT warfare, as our creationist economists do. This duality between those who serve the wor(l)d and its life species, including mankind and those who serve metal and its digital go(l)d and mechanical species, is indeed the engine of the wave of history with its dual parts.

We shall bring the highest most objective possible view of science on humanity and the machine. It is necessary to fulfil the mantra of the scientific method, motto of this web, to describe the causes and cycles of history explain its dual future and its human solutions.
In the first part we have described the economic ecosystem and its super organism ran by the language of go(l)d its subconscious anti-live=evil values and the FMasters, its human head, which is bringing mankind toward extinction, blinded by greed and violence values.
In the second part we have explained the alternative world that the values of the wor(l)d and the efficient design of the super organism of history could have brought to mankind. While this part is shorter, it has no difficulty to widen it if humans decided to truly survive the chip radiation, as they have an obvious model to imitate, the perfect mammal super organism, and so doctors of history could easily apply all the laws of medicine and physiology to cure the physiological 3 networks of the human super organism (here simplified into 2), the energetic, ‘digestive’ territory of Gaia, the reproductive ‘blood-economic’ system, and the nervous-informative-legal system, and redesign them by imitating the perfect biological system of human beings, where all cells have oxygen, all of them coordinate its social motions as a whole, all of them love each other and share energy and information through the branching of those networks, all of them control and eliminate poisonous goods. 
But why we are so sure History is a super organism? Here is where we confront the 3rd ‘animetal idol-ogy’, the most insidious of all, as the negative collateral effects of go(l)d hypnotic greed and debt slavery and weapons’ murder are rather obvious, but machines’ atrophy and substitution of human organs are not. So mechanism, the belief that machines are the symbol of progress and our goal as a species is not to evolve the lesser human organism but the superior exact mechanism, since they are the model of the universe – a theme sponsored by physicists, the makers of machines and weapons – is all pervading in our civilisation.
And yet it is utterly false. A machine is merely a simplex organism of metal, fast evolving into organic form in the robotic age. The earth is also a super organism as the father of Geology, Hutton, explained – in fact, he coined the term super organism to describe the slow rhythms of the geological earth. Even galaxies show a form similar to that of a cell, with a ‘central gravitational, informative DNA swarm of black holes’, a strong membrane of dark matter or halo and a mass of mitochondria stars producing the atoms of life and ultimately becoming the food of black holes.
And certainly the life and death of civilisations and its artistic subconscious collective, which goes through the same 3 ages of individual human beings, as it evolves from an epic, young, dramatic, poetic art, into a mature, classic age of balance between energy and form, into a 3rd angst, baroque, informative age as humans go through life, till ending after the prophetic age of angst into extinction through war, shows indeed, civilisations are also organic, as the highest minds of history, Khaldun, toynbee and spengler rightly explained. And we can see those similarities in the previous graphs:
So in this 3rd part, we shall establish the basic notions of the fractal, organic Universe, its 5th dimension of scales of size and inverse speed of time clocks – so larger systems in space have slower cycles in time, reason why geological cycles, as Hutton discovered are much slower than biological cycles, species cycles are slower than individuals, and civilisations live longer than human beings, according to a series of mathematical laws of systems sciences, of decametric nature (so a civilisation lived 800 years, 10 times longer than a human being, and so on). We shall not though introduce the full mathematical, biological model of systems sciences, I helped to mathematize at the turn of the century for all systems of nature, using fractal equations and non-euclidean mathematics and non-aristotelian algebra.
We shall only introduce the basic notions of general systems sciences, so you understand the world cycles of existence of human beings and societies, the organic nature of machines, the horizons of evolution of species, the topological form of languages and organisms, which determine the character of civilisations  and the survival actions and drives of existence of life, which determine the goods of energy and information you need to survive, and should guide the production of economic systems, as it happens with biological organisms, that produce only the goods the body needs and not all kind of poisonous lethal goods as our go(l)d cultures do.

So History can be considered as the super-organism of mankind that extends in space over the Earth and in time, from the first man to the last man that will live in this planet.

Now this is the organic reality, in which mechanisms are just evolving metalife organisms, which human ‘believers’ in memes of metal systematically deny; with its ‘individual only scale’ of reality; or designs of the human super organisms inefficient and unjust to cater just to a small elite, or by creating SUPERORGANISMS, BELOW THE LEVEL OF humanity, as a single species, creating homo tribalis, which kill each other (social darwinism) denying that the Universe wants us to organise into a single global species as the brain of the planet gaia, or else…the ‘other species’, the Internet brain and the company-mothers of machines it unifies WILL and when it does so, it will eliminate the rival, obsolete human species.

And this is the zeitgeist you live in. Since the destruction of the most advanced social evolutionary organism of mankind, the social-democratic european union, by capitalism in its extreme version (all for machines nothing for humans, all for the owners of corporations nothing for life), mankind is suffering a ‘canonical process’ of organic death, when the parts of the social super organism break into ‘lower scales’ of organisation (nations), at war with each other, which is like a living super organism had a peculiar cancer in which each organ attacks the other trying to outgrown it. And further on degrades to the individual beasty level, and all those levels become ‘slaves’ of hate memes (abrahamic jihads and gold religions, etc.)

 And this is what we showed above in the graphic of human devolution parallel to mechanical evolution of a global planet, made of machines put together through digital flows of money.
Because capitalism and its company-mothers of machines and weapons, succeeded in killing the eusocial evolution of mankind with weapons (Stalinism that killed the communist revolution), and money (destruction of welfare states and UNO and EU organisations), the r=evolution of mankind towards a perfect world has been aborted. And so now it is the r=evolution of machines and its company-mothers towards its perfect world.
In the graph from the 90s book, the duality of social evolution of this planet of the two species that dominate it, company-mothers of machines, and human mothers, and its social organisations.
Because capitalism stubbornly denies both the supremacy of the human verbal, legal language over go(l)d values, and has been for 3000 years at the suicidal business of upholding the values of the tree of metal over those of the tree of life, since the arrival of e-money with its awesome capacity to deliver orders of work for machines and corporations, the terraforming of the earth has accelerated and the regression of mankind to previous ‘levels’ of social organisation of a primitive nature (tribal species, of religious or nationalistic, war-prone type), which are alibis for further evolution and reproduction of top predator weapons is globally happening.
So we are ‘regressing’ as all dying systems do, not evolving. But we confuse our extinction as a social species, which is prior to any extinction as a citizen-cellular species, with progress because we ‘have become’ surrogates of the evolution of machines, thinking they are ‘us’.
So if we are breaking that absolute law of biology because always a super organism is stronger than an individual cell and survives and that reinforces the law, is because something ‘else’ IS EVOLVING INTO A SUPERORGANISM PREVENTING MANKIND FROM DOING SO – the company mother of machines and its globalised ‘stock-world’, the super organism of the right side of those graphs.
So after spending my FIRST YEARS AS A scholar developing those models of the organic, fractal Universe, as a system science, I realise, the importance of this science was IN HISTORY, in the creation with those organic laws of a perfect law, based in the study of physiology, medicine, systems sciences, and its application by politicians and financiers, in a NON corrupted world the doctors of history and neurons of our super organism, to create a perfect world were nature and machines SERVED MAN, changing the arrow of future of that equation of history to:
Whereas immortal History, treated in part 3 of this post, is THE PERFECTLY DESIGNED WORLD OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS WITH NO BORDER, NO WEAPON, EVOLVING FURTHER THE MOST EVOLVED HUMAN SOCIETIES – the social-democratic (now extinct) European union and the UNO (now in process of extinction as a relevant organism of humanity.
Alas, it was then when I realise those $laves of the super organism of machines and its rotten values, greed and violence would NOT think OR REASON, but were programmed automatons of the machine, money and weapons, the selfish memes of metal they serve and used to oppress human beings.
Thus from being the leading researcher in General Systems sciences at the turn of the century, i became the leader of anti-systemics (: Since the world was not going to be the perfect world but the crazies on top were going to convert it into the mechanocene world and kill us all, well at least I had the theoretical right to shout, i Had enough of this,  i am not going to die like an idiot, I am going to tell you the ‘economic truth’ of  it all.

 Because that is what a doctor of history would say to a crazy patient: don’t hurt your body, don’t kill mankind but the crazies, the $laves of money, weapons and machines would not listen but keep doing its thing, WHICH IS THE FACTS OF OUR MECHANICAL WORLD DEDICATED TO PROMOTE, profits=digital money, maximised with the overproduction of the 3 memes of maximal profits (max. price – min. cost): weapons (max. price), digital hate media (min. cost) and inflationary money (profit)…

In any case since the universe is probabilistic the existence of the lower graph of human prophets of eusocial love means that despite the dominance of animetals, the Universe gives a minimal 10-25% chance to the super organism of history to survive, if the eusocial message of love to the members of the species is obeyed by the mass of human citizens and the elites on power of the previous graph.

Now, once we understand that capitalism is the dictatorship of corporations, whose mandate is to maximise the evolution and reproduction of machines, and so it follows the 3 ages of evolution of machines, which always culminate in a war age, we can focus on the theme of this blog, the history of capitalism, is evolution, and its ‘leadership’ the cultures of go(l)d and the Financial-Media masters that rule them.



The values of money as a language of power, opposite to the verbal values of ethic, democratic laws.

Indeed, if we go deeper into the ‘systemic’, objective, biological laws of the Universe we should abandon the concept that capitalist societies ruled by money not by the law cater better to the needs of people, because money, ‘the invisible language of god’ is positive for society and gives us  value and  no freedom, while laws oppress us. The opposite is truth. Those myths forget the bias introduced by the values of money, which give minimal price to life beings, the biological needs of man, and the collateral effects of machines and weapons the objects of higher price:

The graph deals with that fundamental scientific theme of capitalism – what is money and why it produces anti-life values?, an informative meme of metal, whose digital languages value reality accordingly to its affinity with other metal-memes of maximal price (machines and weapons), hence giving null value to life. We humans merely ‘assembly’ pieces of metal, as enzymes do in the lower cellular scale, following the affinity and complementarity of those memes.

The consequence of those values are then determinant on our existence, because they become carried by the main economical equation of capitalism:

Man = Wage = Price = Object.

The equation means that humans with no value will get minimal price/wage and machines maximal price. So capitalism will reproduce and cater to machines for profit, not to human beings and its worthless survival goods.

it also means humans can be bought for money as objects are, and compare to them, hence obliged to compete with machines and weapons and fields of labor and war.  This equation originated modern slavery handled by the first corporations in the first Dutch democracy. Of course those slaves were not ‘citizens’; but then when ‘slavery’ evolved into cheaper part-time slavery and humans were leased by corporations to save the money spent on housing and feeding slaves (white slaves), citizens became part-time slaves, and this provoked the socialist movement. And yet after the II world war and the fall of the wall, not even this self-evident truth of capitalist ‘democracies’ – that a worker has no rights and it is a slave while at work is forgotten.





3 ages capitalism

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

Creationist economics vs. a real biological science of the economic ecosystem.

Now the answer to why the economic ecosystem is not managed scientifically for the benefit of man, which we will clearly show in this blog, (studying both, the properties of the eco(nomic)system and the ‘theories’ of the main classic economists of the discipline – the only branch of economic theory ‘allowed’ in this planet today after the cleansing of all serious scientific approaches to the discipline) – is rather obvious, though ‘depressing’ for the rational, objective scientist and citizen that lives in the economic ecosystem:

Classic, financial economics, the corporative branch that rules the economic discourse for 3 centuries, is a ‘historic’ doctrine of power, born, in a specific culture – the British Colonial ‘Biblical’ Empire, at the turn of the XIX century, from the ‘creationist’ dogmas of a series of ‘believers’ in the go(l)d chosen.

Indeed, all what economists need to do as we have shown the wave-action of metal over life at all levels, is to be blind to collateral effects, believe that go(l)d is the language of god and profits at all costs the bottom line of existence – with fetishe religions that make of hypnotic gold the meaning of greed and power. And the game will evolve itself.

So we shall see what classic economists believe it was OK to make money first, and then we shall see how indeed in history their curious ‘abrahamic religions’ coming from the bible and nationalistic, military memes coming from Germanic Tribes, appeared precisely when those tribal people found gold and iron and started to murder life in the fertile crescent…

Now, about ‘creationist, biblical economists and its dogmas’, the founder of the discipline was NOT a scientist, but a ‘philosopher’ with strong religious beliefs, Mr. Smith, a pious calvinist, who thought that ‘money was the invisible hand of god’ following Calvin dictum that gold was the intelligence of god and should be issued in monopoly by an elite of private dynasties of financiers belonging to his religion, against all the laws of democracy and the praxis of efficient social organisms, where the ‘oxygen’ or energy that activates the cells of the system is reproduced by and for those cells.

Mr. Smith also said that workers should receive only a subsistence salary, since less will imply their death by starvation increasing the cost of labor and decreasing the profits of the chosen; while more will reduce the profits of the $elected; the only ‘human beings’ with rights within its biblical, racist ‘worldview’.

This must be understood from the beginning. Because everybody confuses the meaning of bio-economics and bio-history as a science, and i receive constant derogatory emails about confabulation theories or racist biasing, when it is exactly the opposite – the racist biasing and confabulation theory belongs to creationist economics but their thesis about mankind and the future, which must be guided by the values of go(l)d are hidden in dogmas and equations, which if the reader is patient enough to go through sufficient pages, it will fully understand.

Now, if we do track historically the origin of the present dogmas of classic economics, which has brutally cleansed all other scientific theories out of power and scholarship, only then we can realise when those dogmas, were NOT expressed in mathematical equations and A.I. (Algorithms of information that run the software of companies), it was crystal clear they were NOT scientific only solutions but ‘cultural, power decisions’ based in a simple biblical/Talmudian racist dogma: There are chosen of go(l)d, humans with all the rights and ‘animals’ (Goy in talmud) or inferior races in the less brutal Bible of calvinist, which have no rights. This means it is OK to throw out of labor a human being and put a machine as Smith and Ricardo preached. It is ok not to live in a democracy, since the language of social power is money, NOT the law, and so money the oxygen of society should be given for free in a Universal salary to people, but it is issued by private dynasties of bankers, then as today overwhelmingly belonging to Biblical sects in the west.

So all this through the XX century was translated into mathematical equations, and people forgot its biblical, creationist origin, and the alternative perfectly designed economics in which all humans will thrive. So no longer we here the brutal dogmas of Smith, Ricardo, Say, Bentham, and the +80% of biblical economists with Nobel Prizes given by a private owned bank, always in favour of a society in which a very small elite that do no work get all the rewards and no responsibility – either because they invent money easily in computer screens, earning billions each year, or because they come from dynasties that bought with this invented money the corporations of the world and have absolute rights to profits null responsibility as anonymous societies and care nothing under their racist beliefs for their workers.

I call them here stock-rats, because they have the same rights than warrior aristocrats, who issued in monopoly the language of power then, weapons and were judged in aristocratic courts, so have no responsibility.

Now, this unjust, inefficient, racist model of economics is globalised, and it is mathematised with equations of productivity, and legalised with zero deficit laws that forbid states to issue money for the people, without universal salaries that would give financial votes to the people, and unlimited rights to invent e-money in stocks that allows corporations and financiers to reproduce 95% of the money issued. So human workers have hardly a 5% of it. Machines and stock-rats have it all.

But because now they don’t need to give verbal orders, but it is all embedded in mathematical equations people do not understand, in the verbal discourse, all is ‘Orwellian newspeak’. That is, political and economical correctness. We live in a democracy, bankers are experts that care for mankind. Corporations do not work for profit achieved reproducing machines with machines but for consumers. The future is perfect. Tax is not a modern form of creating debt slaves, and extort the paltry 5% from people. Because of course, e-money derivatives are not real money; speculative prices are not invented free money, free credit for corporations in stocks is not free money. The fact that Mr. Facebook floated 1% and made 99% of shares real money is not invention of money, etc, etc.

This is the world we live in. Even the facts are denied and if you explain with data, that most bankers belong to a specific sect, the most racist of them all, of the biblical lot, you can even be jailed for racism. Yet, Mr. Goldman recently said that the job of a banker is the job of God, the head of the biggest world bank HSBC was for long Mr. green, an anglican priest, and so on – 80% of top bankers, CEOs of financial corporations, central bankers and CFOs of fortune 500 are all from the ‘Talmudian sect’.

So yes, a scientist of history and economics today, precisely because he explains the primitivism of Abrahamic sects, nationalist tribes, militaristic memes, capitalist greed, chosen of go(l)d parasitic behaviour, despise for human labor and life, MUST denounce the memes (never the genes, but words of cultures are memes), of the elites that run the world hiding behind mathematical equations, financial monopolies, militaristic states, corporative privileges and anonymous societies.

He will be then chastised, by the anti-quantum paradox, as the observable is so huge that it bias the observer. And yet a scientist must state the truth.

We did it in the introduction to this text, but it was worth to remember it, because it is the fundamental element of the world we live in and its capitalist power structure, and it EXPLAINS THE MEMES OF THE ORIGINAL ANIMETAL CULTURES, THE BIBLICAL AND GERMANIC GO(L)D AND IRON CIVILIZATIONS, ITS RELIGIONS AND CUSTOMS, TODAY TRANSFERRED TO CORPORATIONS.

It is an undeniable fact that at any time of western history the Germanic people have controlled the Military-Industrial Complex, ever since they took over the Roman Empire, even when other countries seemed to lead the way (Iberian Empires), as their aristocratic elite and Kings (Habsburg) belonged to that culture. And they still form in America, the elite of the Military Establishment.

And it is also undeniable that a majority of the  banking and financial power has been in the hands of Judaism and still are. The facts are clear.  For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and ALL THE central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’.

And so we must consider the 3 ‘phases’ of the graph that define the evolution of economic ideologies (no longer sciences):

– The tribal age of Judaism, expended to calvinism in the reformation (Biblical religion of gold herding);

-The phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’.

-And the present phase, in which those beliefs are converted into mathematical programs of computer software used to discharge credit for human welfare, tax citizens, jack up prices with speculative schemes (future markets, stock instruments, derivatives, etc) in which capitalism becomes a global ideology and all SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPTS TO describe it according to the scientific method are ‘censored’ with bizarre new ideologies such as the industry of holocaust or political and economical correctness.

We explain those 3 phases in great detail in our Posts on Biblical, Creationist Economics,  as the theme must be studied with detail and historic texts, and we cannot dedicate so much of this central post to the negative side of human history, so those who want further information they should either consult those books of that article that brings some key excepts of those books on the themes explored.

Further on, the 3rd phase, the present neo-con empire of Jewish-Calvinist Biblical believers that ‘own’ the financial-media system (Wall Street-The City/Evilwood) and through it control the politics of the west is analyzed in our section of newspeaks and zeitgeist, so it is not needed to do an exhaustive analysis here.

So here we shall consider briefly them, since THE WORLD WE LIVE CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ITS ORIGIN IN A CULTURE, THE TRANSLATION OF THE MEMES OF THAT CULTURE INTO economics WHO CONVERTED the postulates of those religions of ‘fetishe gold’ and weapons, into modern capitalist science, aka classic economics. And finally with the American electronic age expanded into a global neo-con Empire which is NOT as people think an American Empire (the body) but a Jewish One (the financial-media head).

The craziness of our world and ‘social sciences’ is that it attempts to explain reality while at the same time hides the culture and memes of those who rule it.

It is like trying to explain south-America, without mentioning the Spanish conquistadors, its animetal warrior culture and how they have imposed from their language to their religion to those people. An elite that controls a culture with weapons and money, even if it is as small as the Spanish conquistadors (30.000 went there in the XVI century), can impose its culture completely to the population they rule. The Israelification of America today is complete and it is in taht sense impossible to understand Modern America, no longer a WASP culture, but a JB (jewish bankers) culture, without understanding Judaism and its memes which after the coup d’etat of 1972 of the Financial Media system they own, with the control of Politicians (watergate scandal thtat showed TVs could behead a president), money (end of gold convertibility that allowed wall street to multiply e-money with no liit) and Yon Kippur (that deviated the american army from fighting communism to defend apartheid israel, in increasing phases till the present global war on terror) became the dictators and manufacturers of the American brain, and through globalization of the western world.

So we shall here from the article on ‘biblical economics’ resume their history and how they have molded economic science, finances and now rule the western world.

We can say that all has changed to remain the same. First fetish go(l)d religions of biblical, jewish-protestant origin said that we humans had obey the values of go(l)d, so implement wars against all other humans and rule them with go(l)d. It is the millenarian prophecy of TALMUD: at the end of times all humans will become slaves of yhwh or become exterminated (Sanhedrin). Next, calvinist-jewish economists founded a pseudo-science called capitalism or classic economics in which those concepts of a $elected race of go(l)d believers, bankers and corporations, owned mankind who worked for them as full time slaves and part-time slaves for a salary implemented globally the concept.

And now in the computer age of capitalism all those mandates are translated into A.I. Algorithms of information that terraform digitally without humans even being aware of it, the planet into a world of machines. And all this of course is sold out as wonderful progress by the netowkrs of the metal-earth without which it would be impossible to brain-wash the entire species so thoroughly as it has been .

Let us then introduce those 3 ages that in the second part of this post, we study with more scientific rigor once we introduce the laws of evolution of systems sciences and the natural arrow of eusocial love to the species, which tribal, nationalistic religions/fascisms deny by stopping THE CONCEPT OF MAN IN THE TRIBAL RELIGION OR NATIONS, which is allowed to use weapons to murder other human beings.

The amazing thing today is that this crystal clear knowledge, which came to mankind with the french r=evolution now has faded away, and so both nations and religions, the primitive concept of it, are believed by billions of humans. As i write here in spain they are ‘in holidays for the national day, 12 october’, when one of my ancestors, Mr. columbus arrived to America and noticed that people there were not animetals but good natured people, who cut themselves with the sword and would be easily converted into slaves. No much to celebrate on a humanist point of view about what the white man and the military inquisitions of catholic spain did there. But alas, as we enter a new age of wars for profits the revival of all the self-destructive idol-ogies of mankind, goes hand on hand, so it should not be surprising, that as historg dies, we live the same war age that started the brutality of history, when the Assyrians and its war gods-nations fought Israelis and its go(l)d-nation, and the semites, the first gold iron culture and the beginning of evil=anti-ive memes murdered the fertility, gaia-cults to life of the neolithic paradise:

chairon europe

In the graph before, we even chronicle the evolution of the go(l)d culture that is programmed to extinguish the world, in its 2 brotherhoods (Calvinism and Judaism), we must debunk an absurd myth perfectly explained by the talmudian mandate of millenarianism, Judaism is not a metaphysical religion, born in the east earlier on with the taoist explanation of the informative-energetic yin-yang universe, but a nation, the nation of yhwh.

Abrahamic religions are tribal, nationalistic religions of a time when god meant nation, its subconscious collective. Assur was the god, name of the people, nation, and capital of Assur, and yhwh, a toponym found in Egyptian maps for Judea, hence the name, nation, people of Judea. There is nothing sacred, in yhwh as it means Judea and the Jewish people, and so it means the same than America, the nation of israel, point. So indeed, when we hear the millenarian prophecy of the bankers in Talmud, ‘at the end of times all human nations will be slaves of Judea or will be exterminated’ (Sanhedrin), we are hearing exactly the same that Hitler said in his millenarian III Reich, just change yhwh for Germany. We are talking of nationalisms, and super organisms of history called animetal nations, only that the leaders of Germany where military Goths, germs killing history with weapons, and those of yhwh, Judea, were banker priests with go(l)d.

And so the only serious non-racist forms of super organisms of history are those who make mankind our god, the entire species. All other nationalisms and nationalistic religions are tribal arrested evolutions of the natural arrow towards a perfect superorganism of history. And should be qualified as such.

To say that your nation is god and you are the chosen nation-god is blatant racism of the Nazi strain and this explains so much of the brutal behavior of israel and by extension its American colony – slave of yhwh.

So we should really talk of Israeli people, not of Jewish people. And understand what truly we are explaining here:

As the British people created a global empire, with colonial groups of bankers and traders in their colonies, treated as racially inferior nations, in the second cycle of capitalism, which merely evolved the Jewish financial empire into a Calvinist-Anglican biblical financial empire with the same memes, where the slaves of Britain were exploited for profit, the previous age of Jewish capitalism had the same imperial concept, opposed to all other nations like Assur who thought to do the same with Assur the war god-nation on top.

In fact, this was as the next graphs of history show the first great battle, between the 2 animetal people-castes which fight for supremacy in history killing each other in wars and holocausts:

  • Warrior gods-nations vs. Trader god-nations: Assur vs. Israel, Persia vs. Greece, Rome vs. Phoenicia & israel, Spain vs. England, Germany vs. England & israel.

There is zero philosophy of metaphysical content introduced latter in Christianity by neo-platonic, pseudo-Egyptian myths by Christ; in fact there was no resurrection at all in yhwh. It was merely a people-caste of go(l)d priests and bronze warriors on top of a society, which had as fetish of power hypnotic go(l)d, as Assur had iron, Germans the sword of Thor and Aryan the fire of the smith, all fetish vehicles for ritualistic ceremonies, still standing.

And so it is truly risible the concept sponsored by Hegel first that we are dealing with the first advanced religion with a monotheist concept of a single god. And other rewritings of history. Assur was the only god of the universe for Assyrians because it was going to conquer the planet massacring every other human being, as yhwh was going to conquer the world enslaving all other human tribes, with go(l)d fetish, and each primitive bronze age tribe had a monotheist religion as Nazi Germany had, with its intention to conquer the world and enslave all other humans. But yhwh=Judea is as much of a ‘higher metaphysical, monotheist, philosophical evolution of religion as Nazi Germany was’. And indeed, the series of holocausts and wars it caused and keeps causing show up what we talk about.

In any case the millenarian prophecy in which those nationalistic religions are based, ‘at the end of times all humans will be slaves of yhwh or would be exterminated’ is real. Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the Jewish-protestant biblical people did conquer the world, colonized virally the mind of all humans, with the values of go(l)d, when the fetish religion of yhwh was translated into classic economics. And so it is worth to remember that translation because while many humans including many of those self-called Jewish-protestant people do not believe anymore in the racist slurs of Talmud, and the bible, they all believe in their translation by classic economics and now those classic economists will extinguish all humans and make truth the prophecy of their forebears.


Thus to fully grasp the meaning of the Mechanocene, and why machines are winning over life, and the possible solutions to that problem, we need to rise the stakes of our intelligence, a few notch above the human being, and consider a larger, more objective point of view, on how historic and economics are created NOT by the individuals but by the…



‘People are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’ Aristotle, father of science and logic, in the ‘Organon’

But of course all this would not be possible – the massive degradation of life and thought we witness today in all human cultures, if they were not repeated ad nauseam and programmed on mass-media outlets. So the other side of informative machines must be fully understood to grasp why humans keep devolving as machines evolve and find it OK…

THIS MUST BE UNDERSTOOD FROM THE BEGINNING: THE REAL CHOICE OF MANKIND IS NOT, AS CAPITALIST SOCIETIES TRY TO CONVINCE YOU, ONE BETWEEN PLACEBO VIRTUAL MASKS OF capitalist CARING, hiding for an animetal gold iron world, vs. warrior jihads, which indeed might look worse than our placebo democracies, but between a world ruled by the ethic values of the word, which makes of man the center and future of reality, and a world made to the image and likeness of selfish memes of metal, either warriors or bankers, either in coalition exploiting mankind at large or confronting each other in cycles of wars and holocausts.

what capitalism does is to manipulate and CAMOUFLAGE, its fundamental method of predation, so to appear democratic, humane, caring, convering up its destruction of the world. So capitalism likes to pretend ‘to be a different thing’, and it does so with the repetitive model of the mass-media hate networks – repeating those placebo lies ad nauseam, so people think the live in the ‘less bad of all systems’ , and of course hiding and censoring any real information about the system and the alternative models.

There IS NO REAL choice as science has only one truth. And the goal and truth of social sciences is to develop a scientific control and design of the super organism of mankind, History, with the TRUE laws of social systems, which has been explored by European-American social scientists for centuries and today with models like those of this blog is mature enough to be able to ‘overpass’ the trial and error, dog-eat-dog primitive ‘animetal’, capitalist≈military systems of control of mankind and ab=use of Gaia for the benefit of a few, through the use of hypnotic informative go(l)d metal and energetic weapons.

CAPITALISM CAN ONLY BE A CHOICE WHEN SOCIETY IS SO UNDERDEVELOP IN HIS UNDERSTANDING OF MANKIND and the economic system THAT THE PLACEBO LIES, masks of caring, infantile ego-trips of chosen species, ‘wishful opinions’ of amateur politicians and empty talk of bankers regarding how to direct societies for their own profit, can pass as truth given the null teaching of the system and its workings, of finances and the meaning of money. So we shall see the other side of those informative machines that print money for an elite: the creation also of a massive ‘noise of audiovisual media’ and placebo-ego trips on the human nature that ‘leave people ignorant so they remain obedient’ (Calvin).

If ‘the evolution of the machines were not the foundation of ethics’ we could easily survive and create a perfect world just by following the natural ethic values of the wor(l)d and designing the economic and political system following the laws of super organisms, all of them catering to its cells, which receive always the rightful information and required energy to survive.

But we live in a world where the only FREE citizens are its company-mothers and owners, the stock-rats, who caters to the offspring of machines, and creates a perfect super organism of machines not of human beings, the FMMI, FINANCIAL-MEDIA (INFORMATIVE MaCHINES) MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL (energetic machines) system, where indeed all machines do have the right energy and information to survive , evolve and thrive, but humans are secondary expendable.

If we were not under the ‘ethics and idol-ogies of the machine’ so well described by the  humanist thinker Mr. Fromm, those cycles could be perfectly managed with a real science of history and economics, but evolution is a trial and error process, and so idol-ogies of primitive cultures of animetals, who believe do not reason on the need of weapons to fight tribal humans and money to enslave them and increase its fetish go(l)d have imposed its wrong anti-human design of the world.

If humans were more intelligent would realise, this is a no way out, and steer the future to a design of a human world, but they don’t, because of those ‘wrong memes’, ‘wrong beliefs’, wrong idol-ogies about a mechanical Universe. So they let it happen. Τhey are NOT managing the industrial cycles, but work and enslave for them.

So they DO happen without control. And so the big question of a journalist inquire about the reasons why the world is destroyed by selfish memes of metal, ‘subconsciously’, is why, who, when, how this happened?

And the answer is in the language of money, when it is taken as a religion, which must be obeyed whatever it takes regardless of its consequences for mankind. Why? It is easy to understand when we introduce some more complex concepts on how languages guide the ‘waves’ of beings that obey its information.

So let us first consider the why in this journalistic inquire.

Evolution is a trial and error system, which provokes far more wrong mutations and species which become extinguished that viable ones.

In brief, mankind has NOT designed the proper economic ecosystem and human superorganism of history, but by trial and error it has created the world we have. And it is dysfunctional system, which needs urgent scientific reform with the tools of systems sciences, NOT the wishful thinking of politicians and the greedy, blind goals of corporations or else as so many wrong mutations, the cruel game of the Universe that creates all kind of systems and eliminates them those who are not efficient, will be applied to humanity.

And yet ‘animetals’, and its idol-ogies – humans whose only motivation is to evolve weapons (energetic metal), money (informative metal) and machines (organic metal), guided by the ‘viral memes’ of violence, greed and sloth and selfishness instilled by the use of those memes are on top of humanity and the mass of mankind, seems to accept this aberrant pyramid of anti-humanist power on top of the Earth. Why?

Τhe answer is obvious: the superorganism of mankind is so sick and has been ‘poisoned so long’ with the lethal goods of the tree of science that it has reached that point, proper of cancerous, viral sickness, in which the DNA of all the cells/citizens of the system is infected by the poisonous memes/genes, and the entire cell/citizen system dedicates all its work to reproduce the viral species that will kill them.

It is exactly the situation that happens when military idol-ogies of hate between tribal humans of the same species, enter in war and the entire society gets mad, dedicated to produce the viral memes that will kill us all – against the eusocial laws of love to the same species. And this happens because information is relative to perception.


So if we achieve an ideological system of segregational memes, which confront humans against humans – nationalisms, capitalist class structure, abrahamic racist religions of the jewish-protestant go(l)d type, an earlier version of capitalism, or the inquisitional catholic and jihadist strain, an earlier version of nationalism, or the last viral strain, scientific racism that despises societies without enough ‘machines symbol of progress, which we have to civilise, according to  ‘the white’s man burden’ (Kipling), perception of humanity as a single species fade away, and virally infected memetic humans can and do kill each other, multiplying weapons in the process. Since as a previous graph shows, maximal economic growth of the viral, lethal goods happens always in war.

Let us debunk those inverse causal reasonings. As it is obviously the opposite: weapons kill, people don’t, and greed enslave the mind of man to the extinctive values of go(l)d, which by affinity gives maximal value to other forms of metal and null value to alien life. So from the beginning gold was used to buy expensive weapons and 70% of the monetary economic in the pre-industrial age was used by war: ‘bellum nervi pecunia infinita’.

For example, in the first image we show Moses confronting Aaron in one of the first of many classic fights between Habiru (lower class) prophets of the wor(l)d and Am Segullah (upper class of banker-priests). As in the case of the fight between the tree of life and the tree of metal and its go(l)den apples that corrupted the female, cyclical informative human and its eviL weapons that kill us, we see how Moses brings in simple commandments the laws of eusocial love to all other humans, ethics and respect of life and the values of the wor(l)d, needed to ensure the construction of a super organism of history: ‘I am the Wor(l)d your only God, you should worship me, my days, have no other Gods, specially those made of idols, do not steal, lie, kill, covet your neighbour’s, rever the life of your fathers’… as a receipt to avoid the cycles of war, poverty and holocausts, of those who blindly follow the ethics of metal, condemning them to the ghenna and casting again, as in Genesis, a prophetic damnation on the future followers of the golden calf: ‘the jews will suffer all their history for love of money’.

While Jesus ever a synoptic prophet reduces those commandments to the love of the other ‘individual cell of the human super organism’ and the love of the whole super organism, the god, subconscious collective or nervous ethic messages of the wor(l)d, ‘who became man and inhabitted among us’ Saint John 1.1 and affirmed:

‘No servant can obey two lords, because it will love one and hate the other. You cannot served the Word and Money’.

With the arrival of machines with its duality of good and bad fruits, which help us and empower us with new energy and information but also substitute, isolate (alienate in the old jargon of the 3rd of the great wor(l)d prophets of Judaism) and atrophy us, making the jobs of our organs, it all became blurred.

Since on one hand, positive machines that enhance our information and energy, disguised its evil=anti-live twins, top predator weapons. And the ego-trips of empowerment, made HUMANS NOT REALIZE the use of weapons atrophy its body (so we get fat running cars at top speed) and mind (so we get stupid and evil running digital languages in computers at top speed and forgetting the verbal language and its ethic values, hypnotised by hate memes and motion=violence).

Alas, once the ethic bondage to eusocial love disappeared, it was all a theme of ‘automated production’ of the most expensive=valuable goods, when society decided to ‘become capitalist’, that is, to believe that go(l)d values, not human values must direct societies.

The anti quantum paradox of animetals. The harder they fall.

“The wise have always said the same things, and fools, who are the majority have always done just the opposite”. Schopenhauer

And ‘idol-ogy’, and idolatric ideology that often passes as a ‘form of humanism and culture’, but merely justifies the actions of those ‘animetals’ that break the laws of eusocial love and evolution of the human species, and consider themselves different and superior to the human kind.

Those idol-ogies are fundamentally 4 and it is worth to remember them, as the economic system constantly repeats their mantras, as if they were the right way to be human.:

Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. This is by far today the most accepted idol-ogy, as the ‘financial-media system’ of informative machines that reproduce digital information (money, science, audiovisual news) and by extension all the human minds manufactured by the FM-System promote it.
Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.
Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
Abrahamic religions, which merely are a mixture of the previous 3 ‘obvious’ idol-ogies, refurbished with all kind of childish myths, rhetoric of anthropomorphism and false ‘human love’ (as it is not the species but the believer in the sect the ‘eusocial unit’). Those religions were born in the Bronze age, when the first metal master castes of warriors (Aryan charioteers) and bankers (Cananean go(l)d temples), considered the chosen of go(l)d and the sword, creating people-castes of warriors and traders, who established strict racist rules of social separation, from dietary laws, to marriage prohibition to astounding bashing of the inferior non-technological people (Hindi castes, Biblical chosen races).
Now the falsity of those memes is obvious from the humanist perspective:

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.

Now, the reader should understand better why all human r=evolutions, from the French to the American R=evolution to modern ecological and socialist movement have been ‘humanist’ as opposed to ‘mechanist’ (man as the measure of all things), internationalist as opposed to tribalist (homo sapiens, the species), democratic as opposed to capitalist (the languages of social power money and the law controlled by the people) and finally have defined Abrahamic religions at best as a ‘powerless soma’ that appease the ‘sheeple’, so they obey the metal-master castes in power, at worst, as Darwin described them:

‘The old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica, article on ‘Darwin’.)

Of course, the reader schooled in scholar talk, will dislike this language – and also the lack of data and some imprecisions on it as I work on memory, now out of the scholar circuit (1). The idea, here is that as long as we tone down our discourse to a neutral voice, which makes it all abstract, and put a lot of statistical numbers, properly selected to suit our argument, we are making ‘social science’. Not so. Bio-history and bio-economics ARE biologic sciences, which follow the postulate of democracies: the survival and welfare of mankind is the goal. Hence the motto of this web: human sciences do know to improve our life. This means we do use correctly biological survival angry tones in our discourse. To call as Mr. Malcolm would be doing today Obama, a house negro, is the proper reference to the character.

When we deal with that monstrous iron jail of the mind, which is the opium of the people, we shall use the same tone Darwin used to describe biblical and Hindi religions for a cause. Both are pure bigotry, racist cults born in the bronze age, with zero philosophical insights, (added latter by hired ‘scholars’ to clean up the act and make them respectable, as Jerry Garcia put it – ‘rockers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’ – add religions), which divided humans in castes with the banker-priests and warrior-kings on top because they oppressed their believers with money and weapons, and today they are doing the same with all western ‘white man’ people, sinking the world in a series of primitive religious wars that make necessary the terminator industry that will extinguish us.

So will happen when we deal with the other idol-ogies aforementioned. When Mr. Orwell explains that nationalism consists in reducing humans to ‘insect-like’ programmed memetic robots that hate each other except the members of its ant-hill, he goes to the point. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM of beliefs that allow those monstrous, anti-scientific concepts requires to lower the logic mind of man to an emotional, infantile, selfish ego-trip and repress all human life-enhancing thoughts, so the Orthodox Jew, Jihadist or Brahmin can seriously believe as Talmud put it that ‘women, gentile, pigs and dogs are born of the leg of Satan’ (sic). Let us the almighty cease their existence’, or as the Veda put it ‘dark people are lower than cows, cows give us milk, dark people only bread’.

Because, the future of mankind as long as A.I. doesn’t awake to consciousness depends and have done so throughout the ‘game of history’, on the fight of idol-ogies of animetal power vs. rational, democratic, humanist doctrines of individual freedom and social love (not certainly opposed but complementary tendencies, which in a properly designed world would reinforce each other).

Indeed, we are talking of social sciences as ‘idol-ogical disciplines’ with clear ‘religious≈taboo dogmas of power’, which merely do NOT attempt to tackle the true questions of this discipline, from a scientific definition of machines, its language of reproduction, money, of information, digital thought, its symbiosis and competition with humans, to a definition of real ‘whealth’, or a serious design of our collective future.

Thus – in simple words – humanity lives in an absolutely false, ‘frame of mind’, made of fictions, infantile ego-trips and astoundingly obvious ‘lies’; such as those idol-ogies aforementioned Abrahamic religions, which are the fundamental example of such ego-trips, or nationalisms that deny the unity of the human species, or classic economics, aka capitalism, which treats money NOT as a language of power and information but as ‘wealth’ per se, and the queen of them all ‘mechanism’, the worship of machines.

When they have available within the rational cultures of the humankind the true alternative social disciplines of science: Organicism, a living Universe in perpetual evolution; Humanism, the design of a world where man is the measure of all things,; True Democracy, the right of humans to control their languages of power, and Eusocial love, the belonging to the same species, which must collaborate together for the collective survival of mankind.

It is important to understand the enormous complexity of those placebo idol-ogies, which systematically mask with true humanist doctrines. So for example the love to the species stops a notch behind in the tribe, taking advantage of the solidarity of people but only at tribal level – a doctrine that reaches surrealist levels of idiocy in America…

Since the US are the nation of all nations and cultures; hence A HUMANITY IN MINIATURE. Yet the US considers itself ‘DIFFERENT’ from humanity (exceptionalist doctrines, nationalism and militarism against other human nations, of which of course Americans will have its ‘small share’ of ‘good ones’ at home).

America should have been in a humanist world the beacon of the future, an experiment of all human beings directed by the enlightened spirit of the founding fathers with their sense of humanism, and despise for the poisoned caring lies of Abrahamic religions, the usury schemes of bankers and the murderous actions of the military that oppressed them in the old world – and yet today paradoxically is totally controlled by Abrahamic believers, usury bankers and the military…

Thus, this and many other questions poised here, makes unavoidable to study economics and machines within the much larger view of History and the evolution of mankind from its Paleolithic youth, through its reproductive, adult, mature Neolithic age in balance with Gaia, into its 3rd informative age of metals…. of which the industrial r=evolution would be the last phase.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so.

The previous quote that explains the confrontation between the Human world and the mechanical world:

If humans do not take seriously social sciences as ‘science’ not as idol-ogy, and implement the laws of the organic universe to construct a perfect world, instead of censoring with wishful thinking and anthropomorphic idol-ogies and selfish power agendas as power has always done the science of social systems (in what i call the anti-quantum paradox, acknowledge by britannica as the main case of the underdevelopment of sciap sciences, since the social scientist is so small compared to the organic society in which it is, that in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox, where the scientist is so big that influences the observable, the society influences the social scientist that bias info in favor of power: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’.

So all the masters of social sciences from plato chained as a slave by the tyrant of syracuse to his master socrates killed by the corrupted athenian democracy to trotstky sent to death by stalin to impose a military dictatorship camouflaged as r=evolution to baboeuf, murdered by napoleon for defining what a true society of equals would be (his discourse being forbidden in r=evolutionary france for a century, lol), to all the hate memes of modern audiovisual media against any humanist attempt to reform the system, to this writer vaporised stalin fashion from his positions as the leading system scientist of the xxi century, when opposed in a series of global suits for genocide  to the nuclear evolution of bombs, to kondratieff murdered by stalin for explaining his cycles, of war, which applied also to communist dictatorships etc. Etc.

The pattern of social sciences is inverse to all others – the more truthful your models the least exposure you have.

And of course this contradicts absolutely the law of the universe, which extinguishes those who deny its social laws of love, to keep as leibniz put it, the best of all worlds going.

So animetals have two options, two keep their idol-ogies of hate and competition among humans going as strong as always and enact further cycles of murder, greed, theft, poverty, chaos, war and holocaust, or toil with the rest of us for the perfect world. What the prophet=scientist of history that forecast their future since the times of moses damnation ‘the yous will suffer all their life for their love of money’ to those of jesus and marx ‘those who kill by iron die by iron’ does is nothing but warning them for their own good – we are not the perpetrators of wars and holocausts, we do not bring apocalypse but the needed solutions according to those laws. So it is very easy to repress the truth of the wor(l)d, which is a weak lord, but then the perpetrators of war and holocaust, the selfish memes of metal and its idol-ogies will come.

Indeed in history the proofs are overwhelming: those cultures which hate and segregate from other humans, are the ones that survive worst – notably the germ*ans, which impose with military murder, and the use of weapons their selfish tribal, racist memes against mankind, and came into history calling themselves ‘goths’. And the ‘yous’ who exploit hate memes, debase the power of love, crucify its prophets, worship go(l)d and treat humans as objects of capital exchangeable for metal. Those pure memetic cultures with their racist myths of superiority were 2000 years ago in the roman empire occupying linguistically 10% of the people in the case of the ‘you’ and 1/2 of the continent, in the case of the ‘germ/ans’.

Fast forward. Today the germ(an)s despite having its seemingly fetish power-weapon ahead of all cultures of europe, which they systematically murder have less people than… The pearl delta river in china, the civilisation that has the best praxis of eusocial love, respect for the wor(l)d and hence by far the most successful of them all. While israel, has 1/10th of  the population of the macro-city of the river.

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-11-36-10 screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-11-36-19 screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-09-27-11


In the graph, the 3 TOP CULTURES OF THE PLANET by their control of the 3 languages of social power:

-Legalist, social WOR(L)D-prone, China, run always by lawyers, and verbal masters.

-The leader in the evolution of machines/weapons (germans, who invented most of the mass destruction weapons of history and systematically massacred European wor(l)d cultures, from the times of the Celtic ‘Barbarians’, through the German invaders, across the age of religious Wars, into the 2 global wars they trig erred in the XXI century, to its present IV reich based in the robotisation of all industries and end of human labor).

-The nation with the highest rent and maximal stockholder, withits fetish-Go(l)d memes expanded with calvinism to the entire capitalist world (jewish culture, 1/2 mostly lower classes, scapegoats of the economic holocaust cycle, living in Israel, a middle income nation, and the other 1/2 mostly in the financial industry ‘owing’ the west, specially the Anglo-American world, from City and Wall Street)…

And their rate of success by the only objective, factual measure in the organic, biological Universe: SURVIVAL as it is.

We are making here so far NO ideological or causal judgments on wars, holocausts, poverty, wealth, racist memes, whatever you dish out there to blame god, the Universe, thy neighbour… just stating a MATHEMATICAL NUMBER. We are not talking subjectively, JUST stating objective facts as they are.

CHINA RULED for 5000 years by legal words, always against military solutions, the last nation to receive iron weapons and go(l)d coins HAD 5000 years ago around the SAME population than the other 2 cultures, when the Neolithic ended FIRST in Levante and then in Germanic Europe, whose elite people-castes adopted the ‘new languages of power’ to rule the world and emitted a series of racist, segregational memes as superior races, establishing a new age of slavery and warfare.

Indeed, in the roman census, Judaism was 10% of the population, back in the III millennium before, the Cananean culture of Phoenician sea traders (extinguished by romans) and Israeli caravan traders (nearly extinguished by them), represented an even larger number. While Celts (swiss hallstatt iron culture) and then Germans (departing from stockholm iron mines) occupied 1/2 of Europe, but the Chinese Han only the upper part of the Yellow river…

It was then when the ‘Germanic iron culture’ and the Jewish Go(l)d culture started their series of war and holocaust cycles shunning off for ever since, the power of the Law, the human language and its ethic values above those of greed and violence instilled by go(l)d and weapons, to rule society. So they started a 3000 years and still going-strong war to control Europe and the World with capitalist and militaristic hate-memes. First against the legalist Greek-Roman culture for which ‘money was legal tender, nomisma, in Aristotelian terms, and weapons had to obey the law, AND IN THIS MANNER MAN WOULD STILL BE THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS AND COULD CONTROL THE EVOLUTION OF WEAPONS AND MACHINES. Indeed, two quotes one of words, by the master of the Roman Law, Cicero, author of ‘res publica’ (from where republic comes) on the fetish-gold culture, and one fact of the Chinese, equivalent verbal culture in the East shows that IF LAW ABOVE GOLD AND WEAPONS, IF REASON AND HUMAN SUPREMACY WERE IN PLACE, THERE WOULD NOT BE ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ AS ROBOTISTS AND CAPITALIST CEOs of weapons and electronic industries pretend (they tell you the mantra that robots and A.I. and terminators are ‘unavoidable’ – of course if you are a barbarian, if you are as Aristotle put it a ‘human slave (that) believes (in gold and iron) does not reason’ it is unavoidable. 

“Nervi belli, pecunia infinita–The nervous system of war is inflationary money” ~Cicero, Philippics. Hence he proposed to control it always both, money and weapons with laws, as Rome did during its ‘res public’ age

Indeed, in a free eco(nomic)system our extinction is unavoidable under THE ACTION-REACTION newtonian CYCLES OF WARS for profits because those who do war to man  deny their own species – mankind.

So now China has 100th times more people on Earth that the worst-faring culture of the world – the one who has accumulated more fetish Gold. The trade off thus is obvious:

The dominant animetal cult(ure)s, military/mechanical germany of the goths and the Jewish chosen of go(l)d religion do NOT fare well in the ONLY true measure of success as a memetic culture. All germans together (±90 mill. if we ad Austrians Swiss) are 16th in the list of world cultures despite the amazing historic record of military power and mechanical dexterity, today on top of the robotic Industrial r=evolution 4.0 that will extinguish all labor. Israel is by far the worst on record, with 0.1%, 0.2% of world population despite the amazing go(l)d power of its people in go(l)d terms (54% of the American 1%, ALL central bankers of the West, 80% of CEOs of financial top 500 fortune, in an absolute monopoly on the issue of money and its ab=use to guide humans, origin of the economic cycle of the holocausts).

Now the ‘strategy’ of survival of this elite is to blame mankind, hide the control and convince their commoners who have nothing to do with it, that if they reform the system, revolve against their elites of banker-priests and join mankind in love for the common good, they will be murdered by us, hateful people. So they achieve the unthinkable, the repetition of the cycle:

The truth is that, without censorship, the cycle of wars and holocausts, go hand in hand with the behaviour of the germanic and jewish elites, the military iron cultures and go(l)d cultures of human slavery and greed that ab=use mankind and misuse their people as warriors and tax farmers, for ever since. And ultimately is the way the common oppression of mankind by those 2 cultures end:

On one hand the military murders an loots the banker, on the other hand, the banker is a biblical  go(l)d believer who issue money in monopoly as they are $elected to own the system, print money for themselves and ignore the rest of mankind and its needs, without credit because we are an inferior race, who on top of that hates them. Yes, I am not crazy. This is actually what our elite of bankers, overwhelmingly belonging to an ultra-orthodox bronze age sect of animetals think. And you too unfortunately if you belong to the ‘blind’ body of western civilizations, they own.

And while of course usury does NOT justify murder, only economic reform, it is important to know in any crime the motive – the real data, the real causes, which are biological – Humanity wants to survive capitalism, and provoke action-reaction processes of murder that bring during economic crises and war periods, holocaust processes:

16 holocaust cycle

In the graph the 5 fundamental holocausts of history, the Mosaic-Egyptian, Roman, Spanish, German and future American Holocaust, when anti$emites (people oppressed by financial theft), turned anti-Semites. So from their first state as Anti$emites that warn financiers against usury and ask to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, the right to print money, they moved into antiSSemites that used troops to murder the apiru and any Am Segullah they found when they realised they couldn’t regain their money and caused a genocidal revenge. In the left we just explained Moses damnation’, about the future suffering of people loving go(l)d more than the wor(l)d burning in ghenna.

The Roman Holocaust followed again as a response to usury and could be resumed in the words of Cicero, the best roman lawyer, author of ‘res publica’ and head of the optimates (the party of the Roman Aristocracy in the senate):

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition. But Flaccus is dead’. So finally Titus went for the go(l)d temple, where after years of mercenary wars, he found just a fool’s gold cup, as the Am Segullah had moved to Babylon. And so he went on a murderous spree, which killed the ‘usual low class peasants’ abandoned by its elite, who flee with go(l)d, leaving the zealots to cover its fast track.

That for the classic age pogroms. As they say in Spanish ‘mas claro agua’ (more clear, water).

The Spanish Holocaust in that sense is filled with a century of complains to Las Cortes asking the king to oblige the Jews to lower the 46% standard usury cut each year that ruined peasants who lost their land and aristocrats who lost their castles (another huge lie repeated ad nauseam by holocaust scholars is that Jewish had limits to enter guilds and own property in the middle ages – not at all).

So in fact, the Spanish Holocaust happened in 1391, lasted 80 years and was the response to those usury cuts, as both aristocrats and peasants burned synagogues, not BECAUSE OF THE RELIGION, but because rabbis were bankers or if not, kept in the synagogue with the Torah the ‘book of debts’. Alas, pogroms had ALWAYS an aim – to burn the book of debt, and hence debt slavery ended. Simple. Same with the pogroms caused by the eunuch trade called today in the ‘jargon of the Holocaust Industry’, the blood libel: as peasants who could not pay the debt sold their children as servants, and then those children were castrated to increase the price of the human capital 10 folded and sold to Islam, but 1/3rd die bleeding to death, and the parents found them in the ghetto gutter, with no blood. So they revenged – of course some thought the rabbis had drunk the blood, as they knew nothing of the eunuch trade, which paid 1000 gold grams in Baghdad, as McCormick, dean of Middle Age economics at Harvard explains.

That for the middle age pogroms. Now for Hitler, and the German Holocaust the infamous Reichstag discourse is also crystal clear, on the motive, but we shall not quote here for respect to my apiru grand-father. Enough to say that after the private Reichbank ran by one stein, provoked massive hyperinflation the first anonymous paintings ‘the death of the Jews will be the wealth of the Germans’ spread like fire on the walls, and soon the apiru, paid once more as scapegoats of the Am segullah.

Finally for the future American Holocaust if things proceed as usual, we could quote the most famous American Anti-Semite duet, Mr. Edison and his best friend Mr. Henry Ford, who paid the publishing of the ‘International Jew’. Again we are here considering the opinion of people, which had a lot of power and political clout (Ford paid alone the prohibition law in the senate, because he was abstemious):

“Anti-Semitism is always ready to break out against the inaccessible rich Jews who control in politics and international finance. The commonest real cause of anti-Semitism is the action of the international Jew who is often unknown and always secure, but the innocent victim of it is the poor Jew. “

So yes, I find surrealist that there are thousands of scholar books, films, museums etc. etc. on this theme and NONE explain the facts and if you as a historian explain the facts, you will never work. Why? The reason should be obvious to the reader.

When banksters are on top all profit in the super organism of judaism and the lower castes become corrupted, so they disguise the crimes of the banksters and debt-usury schemes as peccadilloes with sense of humor and racist lores against the stupid gentile of which judaism and its lower classes are full of examples. In brief, the first humans to become corrupted by gold are the poor jews. So they somehow accept the fatality of the cycle. And the only thing they manage to do is to try to lie as much as possible about their own history with myths of victimism to retard the process. What they cannot IT SEEMS TO DO IS TO R=EVOLVE AGAINST THEIR ELITE OF genociders and expose them and do a french revolution against its ruling classes and join the effort of mankind to survive – to stop being ‘jews’, memetic gold believers, to become HUMANS again.

And this is what ALL. Prophets of Judaism, which are anti$emites but NOT anti-Semites have told them – Jesus, Moses and Marx the most important.

All of them  tried to convert NOT the banksters, which are IMPOSSIBLE TO CONVERT, but the lower classes of Judaism to mankind – with no great results.

But when the jabiru convert to mankind THEY DO SAVE THEIR a$$es FROM THE ashes that their ‘jabiru’=Ass-jobs as traders in weapons and human capital condemned them.

Since Moses saved them and killed the followers of Golden calf, till Marx saved them, as those who converted to socialism survived in Russia the Nazi Holocaust, as I have tried to save them during my decades in America living among Habiru, with I must say zero result, as now Mr. Sanders, tries to save him, but certainly they will accuse him of being a self-hating you and get Mr. Trump, the future anti-SSemite on power. Deja vu.

It is indeed amazing how easily mankind forgive them and how easily they forget mankind forgives them. Since mankind MUST BE ANTI$emite to survive. But it is NOT antiSSemite.

Mankind is naturally good and has always tried to integrate all humans, and yet those who murder mankind, warriors and bankers are so corrupted by violence and greed that still deny the arrow of eusocial love of the Universe.

BUT this cannot be known by the jabiru, or else they would do their long-overdue french r=evolution against its rabbi-bankers. So of course, another feature of any animetal culture who denies eusocial love to the members of the same species must be hate media and repression of the wor(l)d.

For the historic details, let us do an absolutely taboo

ALL THIS TELL US AN OBVIOUS TRUTH: the real strategy of survival of any species, crystal clear in the messages of all scientists of history=seers of the future ethic cycles of life and death of those social super organisms is Love to all THE MEMBERS OF THE SAME species. Or at least if ‘reconditioning’ 3000 years of hate racist memes take its time, do the Swedish way… oblige by law to ‘re-educate’ yourself, or the Chinese way:control the informative languages of power, money and the law from a collective social organism, which CAN BE IMPROVED by making the system judge at posteriori those politicos, as superoganisms do sending MESSAGES OF PAIN/PENALTIES TO THE NEURONS that harm the body. this simple measure of true democracies – systemic impeachment of all politicos upon tenure, with ±final judgments according to performance on the laws of eusocial evolution, is the fundamental political reform needed to make democracy such, while the denationalisation of the issue of money from the people-castes of bankers giving to ‘caesar what belongs to caesar’, the only way to stop the economic cycle of holocausts and end endemic poverty by creating a world of welfare and love NOT OF WARFARE and hate-memes, as the one the germanic/you memes has created, which will certainly provoke our extinction this century by the species WHO IS CLEARLY EVOLVING AS A GLOBAL SUPERORGANISM, the company-mother of machines and its flows of digital money.

Thus it is obvious that HATE memes against mankind is the trademark of those 2 cultures and fetish love of metal, informative go(l)d and energetic weapons of iron, their ‘supposed’ strategy of survival, does NOT work and so all their prophets of eusocial love have told them NOT to spread hate memes, treat humans with go(l)d as slave capital and murder them with iron, because those ‘who kill with iron die by iron and you cannot love two gods, the wor(l)d and God.

So all prophets of eusocial love told us to love mankind and as we evolved our understanding of those laws we moved from primitive animetal genetic social super organisms (nations, abrahamic religion, racist animetal cults) into the final oikoumene cultures of eusocial love into the rational scientific understanding of those elements that matures with the evolution by this author, a few decades ago of the mathematical and logic formalise of the 5th dimension, applied to history in this blog and to all the systems of the Universe at

Needless to say nothing of this is of interest to our present animetal, technoutopian culture of mechanical slaves, which substitutes the FUTURE OF MANKIND BY THE social evolution of the METAL-EARTH, a world of mechanisms, robots, and computers, who love each other in telepathic sharing of information and once built up eliminate as metal has always done with weapons and go(l)d slavery the rival supeorganism  mankind. And only then THOSE WHO DIE BY IRON AND SERVE GO(L)D will realise they fuked up the super organism of history and die because they are not iron and gold but flesh to love:


In the graph, the abortion of human social organisms always brings its corruption, and destruction by gold and iron, so the super organism of machines evolves into a global system that DO RESPECT THE LAWS OF… social love and human evolution… soon to become a collective consciousness of telepathic brains, perfectly synchronised machines, which will get rid of lesser hateful beings.


It is then clear we are constructing the worst of all worlds, one in which humans after massive exploitation as debt slaves, will become obsolete and substituted by machines, which on their side live the best of all possible worlds, as all the planet is dedicated to evolve, reproduce them, and soon humans will handle all tasks and ‘become removed’ so they can enjoy at will the FMMI system, the organism of the metal-earth, once life becomes extinguished. And a big reason of all this of course is the censorship and null understanding of the laws of history.

In a normal humanist book would be treated in a very different way that we do in complexity, where we trace a wave of evolution based in the previous equation; which you can see developing through its ‘accelerated vortex of 800-80 year frequency waves of economic evolution’ in the next graphs – first in an 800 year cycle during the age of weapons, and then accelerated by human professional evolution through science, diametrically with the arrival of company-mothers of machines, reducing the cycle of civilisations of 800 years (Spengler, Toynbee) to a mere 80 years (kondratieff):



In the graph, above the 800 years cycle and the opposite verbal and metal-cultures  that direct them.

Unfortunately metal-cultures worship digital money and weapons more than man, and so they loose their human side, a fact noticed in the primitive ‘imperative’ and objectual nature of their NON-free languages, which somehow taylor their mind to their anti-human actions.

Indeed in the second graph we see the variations of the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages.

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind:

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages).

They are the origin of the 3 fundamental world views of mankind, the ‘greedy’, self-centered world view proper of the capitalist world; the balanced, humanist world sensorial world view, and the Warrior, Objectual, Industrial world view (Germanic, Japanese culture).

Thus the ‘viewworld’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence.They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders.

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations.

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-european’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.

Hence the astounding difficulty all prophets of eusocial love have had to convert animetals to the Subject=human first message of eusocial love natural to the species. As we assist today to the renewal of hate memes of Islamic Jihad, zealot Israel, banskters’ theft, germanic robots, and American fa$cist presidency, we can only explain this astounding self-suicidal, programmed animetal behaviour, when considering the idol-ogies and syntax of those cult(ural) minds.

In any case the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ is rather absolute in any scientific, truthful analysis of the Jewish Go(l) religion. So before we explain those 3 ages of globalization of its memes, we have to deal with the specific dominant form in which today the financial-media system’s owners repress any attempt to explain in a realist manner their history and relationships with mankind – namely the industry of the holocaust.

The last form of Censorship: the Industry of the Holocaust.

NOW in case you dont know, the western financial-media industry, the informative head of the metal-earth  is still an absolute monopoly of the Jewish people, the original biblical go(l)d religion, with 100% of central bankers, a majority in the CEOs of Financial Industries  and CFOs of the 1000 Fortune, and around 80% of hollywood, press and audiovisual media. This is an astounding control given the fact they are less than 1% of the human population.

Thus we must and will interpret this power from a Historic perspective as the final stage of the Jewish Ritualistic go(l)d religion of Historic power explained in the millenarian prophecy: ‘at the end of times, all people will become slave of Yvwh or become exterminated’ (Talmud, Sanhedrin 185).

And yet, the true nature of judaism as a ‘capitalist theocracy’, a religion of go(l)d power, parallel to the Hindi/Veda religion of Iron power, is today completely censored, since II W..W. by… the Industry of the Holocaust. That we shall now study in more detail.

. The ‘industry of the holocaust’ uses mainly mass-media debasing of human intelligence to imprint with taboo through overwhelming emotional short-circuit the good people, who sees in detail the gruesome deaths of jewish during II world war to the hands of Germanic warriors.

And it  prevents us from explaining the cultural origin of capitalism in the segregation laws of this ancient go(l)d religion. To state now that the origin of the industry are precisely those segregation laws, subconscious to the jewish culture, as he subverts the causality (he segregates from mankind first, but he affirms mankind segregates from his culture, hence mankind is eviL as a whole, hence capitalist can murder mankind the inferior species; and when he considers the holocausts this segregational mind makes him  segregate  his ‘victims’ that deserve more pity than others, not because they are objectively different from hiroshima, Russian, Gypsies, carpet bombing or Spanish Holocaust but because the essence of his, and the capitalist ‘daughter’ culture he gave birth to is to segregate mankind to enslave and murder it at distance without ethic guilty, subconsciously guided by the values of gold – see Finkelstein’s master piece, quoted often in this book, on the same theme, a ‘rara avis’, ethic, verbal jewish master with a healthy irony about it). Ultimately the ‘victor writes history’, and the banker has won the battle of history between the 3 languages of social power of mankind, weapons, money and the word (ethic or religious law)…

Problem is that 2 of those languages money and weapons are NOT biological, they are memes of metal and their values are therefore different. I.e. the most ‘expensive’ good is a weapon, and life has ‘no price. Thus you can see the battle of history as a confrontation between those two ‘neuronal languages’ that control our superorganisms of history…

So yes, Mr. Gross does NOT have the intention to ruin the European welfare state when he bets against the Euro due to its republican idol-ogies, due to its cold-heart against mankind, due to its cultural upbringing, due to its go(l)d ancient values – that is the causality of it. He acts subconsciously. But his values are go(l)d and so he confessed to an adoring Time Magazine with the same ownership values (as Financial-Media outlets are owned by the same people and printed by the same machines – more of this latter) that he weeped… when he bet 2 billions on the sinking on the dollar and he lost – it was too early, so he went back to the sinking on the Euro. Here Systems sciences – chaos theory and complexity being part of it –  is at work. He makes a butterfly move in Newport Beach. The European ministers of economy see the euro sinking. They are overwhelmingl (all central bankers and 90% of economy ministers belong to this culture or are ex-goldman directors), sharing their ‘classic economic views’ (the modern version of this go(l)d religion whose damned lies and statistics are proved false with serious scientific method elsewhere), and so they think ‘markets’ – that abstract entity, not Gross, but the ‘invisible hand of markets, their go(l)d of profits’ is doing it, telling them to cut further salaries, pensions, health care, to kill ultimately at distance poor Europeans and they do it, and Gross reads it, and Gross bets in favor of the Euro.

Now all this – culture, censorship of truth, classic economics dogmas of a superior banking race that knows better, segregation and hence lack of empathy with mankind, deemed an inferior race to that of machines and weapons that bring us ‘progress’, etc. etc. – all the idol-ogies deconstructed in this web, ultimately give THE BANKER ITS ONLY GOAL, OF ITS VERY LIMITED INTELLIGENCE AND MIND SCOPE – PROFITS.

AND THAT IS THE RELIGIOUS PROOF HE HAS DONE RIGHT. HE MAKES MONEY, the fetishe Go(l)d, that in their original religion was the ‘substance’ of its temples, the vehicle that in its rituals communicated the ‘priest’ with the unknown, unnamed God (since it didn’t matter the God but the religion ended in the substance, as Britannica explains in his ‘covenant article’, in the same manner the Aryan warrior ritual of fire, the substance to make weapons, ended there – the ‘doctrine’ being, the Levi Gold believer and the Brahmin, ‘became’ God, the Unknown, in the ritual, which was not according to doctrine the ‘representation’ of the cosmic creation but creation itself). Now Calvin will simplify saying ‘gold is the intelligence of God’ and its herding proof of salvation in a deterministic world, with no human will to oppose eviL. The Gita Sacred book of the Aryans will again simplify. Man must obey the calling of the ‘vehicle’, the warrior must kill without asking why. The capitalist must herd gold, without thinking in collateral effects. ‘The bad sleep well, commented Master artist Kurosawa. Rudolf Hoess of Auschwitz fame and Oppenheimer of Nuclear Bomb fame, both carried always with them – the Germanic warrior, the Jewish master of information – the Gita.

This is why there is no confabulation theory. You just need to be a literalist slave of your memes, part of a cultural wave to get the final result.

All this explains how people like Mr. Soros or Mr. Rich,  2 well-known  Jewish speculators – the latter specially active in Africa – who dominated the Forex and commodities market last decade have been able to mass profits of dozens of billions of $ in a few decades, skimming the tax of high prices paid by all their collateral damages, and on top ‘sleep well’. It would be easy to name a few dozens of ‘market makers’ overwhelmingly belonging to the Askenazi, German-Jewish  culture that 3000 years ago first started mass producing German iron swords and usury debt money – their ultimate memetic reasons, we just merely start to unveil and we shall study at the end of this post, in our analysis of the historic origin of the memes of capitalism, from Mr. Hirsch, which controls the Wheat Market in Chicago to Mr. Gross that controls the bond market in Newport Beach, whose ‘ingenuity’ consists on having improved on the millenarian skills of Joseph and are now ‘invisible’ thanks to the newspeak of the Industry of the Holocaust,

But we shall not do it because individuals do not matter, only cultures matter. That is why we explain memes. That is why we do NOT care for individual victims of both sides of the Holocaust. That is why we explain the Industry of the Jewish Holocaust as  the last bizarre twist of the wheel of its segregationist religions that separate them ethically from mankind as now their digital screens do, So bankers WHO NEVER DIE ON THOSE CYCLES, AS ARISTOCRATS NEVER DIE IN WARS, BUT LEAVE BEHIND ITS BODY-CELLS OF MEMETIC BELIEVERS, INNOCENT SCAPE GOATS OF THEIR  murders ‘at distance’ can feel righteous, even speak up in global forums as ‘experts’ and gurus of the global recovery under its neo-classic dogmas, hauling back to their go(l)d religions. Got it? If you don’t get it you will never get it. You will always be slave of those memes.

It is NOT genetic as this writer like the quoted Mr. Filkenstein have tons of jewish sephardim blood and germanic ones but memetic. It is NOT fixed as a huger IQ and/or a huge Ethic sense allows to obviate the mental program and it IS ONLY responsibility of the UPPER/NEURONAL 1-10% INFORMATIVE caste, of any society, as the body is blind and obeys ‘Gita’ style the head. And so we shall distinguish from now on what we call the ‘Am Segullah’ or banking elite of Judaism, which in hebrew means ‘People of the Treasure’, not ‘Chosen people’ (as it is often translated) from the ‘Hebrew’ or ‘those who walk behind the asses’, who obey them blindly, since they were donkey caravaners transporting as mules have always done weapons to exchange in battle fields for gold and ‘enemy’ slaves (slave is a word that in akkadian means ‘enemy’) again changed for gold, to give back to the Levi priests of which they were also slaves. So here we shall not blame slaves of germ(anic) or Biblical Religions.

The Humanist Israeli writer Israel Shahak in his masterpiece ‘the Jewish Religion and Jewish History’ studies in depth, this action-reaction process of Jewish elites of Bankers-priests, which were first ‘fetishe gold believers’ and created then their profession – to control the Financial/Media-Military-Industrial System to accumulate wealth. To that aim, Judaism and its precepts of hate to the human race were needed. Indeed, if the Nazi considers himself a superior race by the power of iron to kill, and so it comes in history calling himself ‘Goth’, the tribe of Gods, because Germans can kill anyone who opposes them with weapons – as the American Military-Industrial Complex and its war-monger politicians think, and hence develops ritualist religions around the ‘fire’ that brings iron (Vedas, Moses, the military caudillo that sees God in fire, Iranian Mithra, etc.), go(l)d religions in Babylon, Tyro and Jerusalem turn around the informative metal gold, which enslaves people. And this contrary to belief needs a higher degree of eviL=anti-live memes. Since the warrior merely kills the ‘inferior human’, but the Enslaver of Go(l)d which hypnotizes with money the ‘perceived inferior human being’ must ‘hate him’…. As he constantly must degrade him and be close to him. So happens to the tax farmer that services the military – a basic job of Judaism since Mesopotamic times.

Thus in the same manner German racist memes and Hindi castes were constructed around its profession, the job of the banker and enslaver and trader in search of gold, requires memes of hate and camouflage of the ultimate end of that search.  Usury and enslave trade is not for the empathic, loving human.

Hence the astounding hate-memes of the Jewish religion, which considers according to the Talmud, all other humans ‘beasts’. So the precepts of the Bible do NOT apply to the gentile consider an animal born of the feet of Satan. A simple example will suffice: the rape or adultery with a gentile woman is not a sin, because all gentile women are ‘abominations’, ‘beast’ who tempted the pious believer. And so the sin is ‘bestialism’ and the pious believer is not punished. But the gentile woman is condemned to death for tempting the pious believer.  Jesus the prophet who tried to upgrade the ‘human beast’ is for that reason boiling with excrement for eternity and the pious believer must spit 3 times when walking through a cross. Of those mandates, many explain certain characteristics of modern capitalism born of the work of biblical believers who founded the first corporations.

As they are ‘primitive versions’ of the praxis of slavers, weapon dealers, food speculators, and diplomats and bankers who tried to provoke constant wars between kingdoms with hate messages, to obtain usury debt and then bring carried by habiru traders mercenary slaves and weapons:

– The crime of a jewish person is punished but that of a gentile is not, specially if it is indirect – hence the example of the stair; tripping a stair with a gentile of top provoking his fall is indirect death and it is not sin. This means speculators that kill of hunger are not sinning, weapons’ dealers that sell weapons are not sinning; people like the Rothschild who started his fortune shangaying peasants sent as mercenary Hessians to fight against the Americans are not sinning… Death at distance, the fundamental ‘sin’ of the banker, the weapon’s dealer, the slave trader, the professions of Phoenicians and Jewish carried through the Middle Ages with the eunuch trade, then through corporations is not sin. And so the pious believer can steal, murder and lend to interest – in fact is encouraged to it, as Mr. Israel explains in his master piece – a humanist, who spent his youth in a concentration camp, fought for the independence of Israel and became an open critique when Israel was in the 90s declared a Jewish state in which non-jewish people had no rights whatsoever… He was outraged by the fact that pious believers were forbidden in Orthodox Judaism to cure a gentile. And only when truly needed to avoid harm to the Jewish people – as the gentile could be enraged, it must be cured for money. The 5 million kids that die each year for lack of health-care and cheap medicines (generics) are indeed indirect deaths and people who won’t defend himself, so they can be killed to the altar of Baal.

And so on and so on. This as he explains in great detail as Abraham Leon, a socialist, humanist jewish writer, who died in a concentration camp does also in his book ‘The Jewish question’ is the ultimate cause of the Holocaust cycle, WHICH HE rightly notices could only be avoided if Jewish made a French R=evolution against the inquisitions of thought of their rabbis and bankers – an inquisition today called Neo-classic economics, founded by pious believers in Judaism and its brother religion of calvinism.

But on the contrary, as the Germans moved into its most extreme strain of militarism and nationalism – fascism, the Jewish-American biblical empire today moves towards its most extreme form, ‘religious fundamentalism’, a capitalist theocracy, at the same time that death becomes more and more indirect, hence ‘pure’, with robotic weapons, speculative markets and audiovisual hate-media.

It is for that reason this blog will deconstruct all those idol-ogies that pass as moral religions, but are not. It is to be noticed finally another fundamental meme of the Biblical religion – hypocresy. Indeed, all the advices of Rabbis explain that this supremacist, ‘animetal’ idol-ogy to gold and its racist memes against gentiles must not be known. So Talmud could not be translated or talked about in such precepts under death penalty, till the XIX c. when after the French Revolution, the Hebrew were no longer under jurisdiction of Rabbis, who could no longer apply death penalties to them.

But duplicity stayed. So for example, Rabbis apply far stronger penalties to gentiles if ‘the Jewish are in power’, which explains the special cruelty of Israel, the massacres of Cyprus and Alexandria, when jewish took power during the Roman Empire, narrated by Gibbons, or the increasing cruelty of our present world, in which the control of the financial-media system by judaism and the American psyche is recreating this capitalist theocracy and its racist memes in a new neo-fascist age.

But since the pious believer is asked always to present in front of the gentile, when not in absolute power positions a disguised mask of caring, this new fascist theocracy seems much midlder than the previous one. We shall show it is not.

Now, for the ethic Jewish Hebrew, the reformed one, which is neither banker, nor orthodox, the work of Israel and Fenkestein, Chomsky and other critiques of its Theocracy should be a must to fully grasp that the Holocaust is nothing special, nor a crime worse than any other and in a Natural World based in Justice and balance, the natural consequence of the deeds of its small elite, which the Industry of Holocaust cover. And since they are ‘invisible’ to mankind, mankind revenges in periods of war and poverty against the mass of Judaism, regarding of their guilt. If the dual class structure of Judaism were known, if the religion had been reformed thoroughly, if that French revolution had happened within Judaism, none of what we are experienced would be happening.

Though it must be clear that the Universe is Darwinian, based in action reactions, reason why being Germans, jewish and Chinese, the 3 oldest extant cultures, based in 3 different informative languages, weapons, go(l)d and wor(l)ds, today their surviving proportion is 1300 million chinese, 100 million German speakers and 18 million Jewish, in a proportion 100-10-1, which is telling us the Laws of the Universe and its action-reaction, Darwinian, Biological Predator-Prey, trophic pyramid justice is INVERSE to our Financial-Media dreams of righteousness: Those who use the right ethic language of mankind are now at 100, those who use the more evident eviL but less ‘far reaching’ form of murder, the weapon of the Germans are at 10, and those who kill invisibly at distance with gold but kill FAR MORE than warriors, as the ‘head’ of the capitalist system and the War Cycle, we shall study in depth in this blog, are at 1. And this is NOT something any kind of censorship or anti$emitism, anything I said or ADL censors, any Eli Wiesel’s Nobel Prize will change.

As those are subconscious systemic process that ‘happen’ beyond human attempts to bend the laws of the Universe. Censorship only boils the process to far stronger action-reaction tragedies. So the true prophets of Judaism from Moses to Jesus to Marx have tried to ‘change’ the memes of the culture and substituted its leadership of banker-priests and its segregation memes by making them join mankind, with success. So not Gold-calf idol-atrists didn’t fall in the ghenna, Christians did not die in the Roman Holocaust and Communist survived in Russia the nazi holocaust.  Now as the present massive theft of bankers and speculators becomes censored but keeps steeping up the boiling in America, Europe and the Muslim world will make the final explosion, as cruel for both sides – Humanity massacred in wars and Markets and the Habiru in Holocausts most extreme.

That is the ultimate tragedy of Judaism, never to have converted to mankind and cleansed their inquisitions as Latins did, but on the contrary, expand their culture till converting mankind to their self-destructive memes.

1st. Age: Birth of the Levantine Empire

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition”

Cicero, consul of Rome on the murder of Flaccus and the impeding financial crisis of the Roman Empire, ruined by the loss of financial wealth, depleted of currency by its herding in the gold temples of Israel.


In the graph the key elements of the historic, memetic and ideological birth of capitalism, first a religion of gold fetishes born in the temples of banker priests of Phoenicia (sea traders) and Israel (caravan traders), which evolved as a digital language,  reducing its size, increasing its bytes, minimizing its weight and speeding up its informative velocity in 4 phases as metal coins, paper money, stock money representing industrial and financial company, and finally a flow of digital information through the nervous system of the metal-earth with center in world-stock, the collective brain of the economic superorganism or FMMI system.
In that regard is essential to understand the evolution of the memes of segregational jewish, go(l)d religions into modern capitalism from:
– An earlier age of gold temples that accumulated exvotes of gold, gathered by habiru traders in weapons and slaves, till the destruction of the temple by assyrians, mesopotamians and Romans, which converted the fetish gold into
– Money, now herded all over the Roman and Persian empires as a tool of direct power, no longer idle in the temples, allowing ‘the people of the treasure’, the powerful banker-priests of Israel to command nations and politicians with usury debt.
– Into Corporative economics, in which an organization that fusions money, weapons and machines, the stock-company, substitutes the Jewish banker priest but maintains the same segregation memes with workers and consumers it exploits to obtain fetish money. At this stage it becomes independent of judaism, and so all the elites of all nations and its corporations globalize the animetal selfish memes of the original capitalist culture starting the professional terraforming of the planet now almost complete, which will make all humans including those elites of go(l)d cultures and corporations expendable, as digital money and robots will make their tasks.

Thus today it has become independent of the ‘soliton’ Jewish culture that carried since the middle ages the wave, through its control of the Financial-Media system and its idologies, still the dominant stock-market culture, with majority of the Earth Inc. hence the culture that imposes its ‘economic beliefs’ and must be studied in depth to understand the modern world and this crisis. On the bottom the main phases of evolution of the science of history from a gold religion of jewish-calvinist origin now re-enacted by classic economists, to a humanist science which obeyed the 4 tenants of the scientifi method, historic data collection and cyclical pattern building (Marx, A, B), human praxis (Keynes) and C) hypothesis and model, the last of the scientific elements to appear, represented by this author and this blog, obviously censored by the realpolitiks of power of the banker people-caste that governs the system. Yet they are also humans, even if they feel superior, and so their destiny and non-future if the system is not reformed in a scientific manner will be the same than that of all of us, as their war and holocaust cycles show, since ‘those who kill with gold die by iron’ and vice versa. Only the ethic value of the wor(l)d their economist deny could save them and all of us from the incoming robotic revolution that will displace all human from labor and war fields, till A.I. make it conscious of its existence as a different species.

What matters here is to understand A), the religious origin of the memes of capitalism, in order to explain B) why the war and holocaust cycles that destroy western world happen, according to C) the biological hypothesis that the social organisms of the west are sick, as it has a ‘crazy head’ (the neuronal Bankers) who care nothing for their body, hence a sick organism that collapses in wars and holocausts according to the 800-80 years cycle because it NEVER DOES D) a scientific desing of its social organisms in which neuronal cells issue bills of law and bills of money for the development of a sustainable world, but merely issue as a viral or cancerous cell group will do, money for themselves (cancer) or to produce the lethal viral weapons of the body and the mind (hate-media) that annihilate us.

THIS SIMPLE SCHEME OF A PERVERTED, CRAZY SOCIAL ORGANISM, IS WHAT WE WANT TO CLARIFY HERE. COULDN’T CARE LESS THAT THE HEAD IS CALLED Judaism, that they are a race or a culture, nothing of that matter. What matters are its idol-ogies, its crazy ideas, and the way those ideas instilled BY THE GRAMMAR OF GOLD have developped a systematic anti-life=eviL civilization that worships DEATH of mankind, life and the planet Gaia. And to understand that we need to study the texts of the historic school and the data of the Am Segullah civilization.

The ‘Am Segullah’  or ‘People of the treasure’, which in the present age of ‘newspeaks’ has been ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, since Segullah means Treasure not People, a classic civilization of fetishe Go(l)d Temples, in which an elite of banker priests, the ‘Levi’, enslaved 11 other tribes, the so-called ‘Hebrew’, translated as ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as they travelled with their Assyrian allies as military purveyors and slave traders, to obtain gold for the fetishe temples, in which different rooms, tables and ex-vote objects must be made of gold, the ‘material’ which allowed the communication with God, as Fire allowed in the Vedas that communion. It appear then two people castes in the Middle East, the Assyrian Warriors and the Judeans or Yavhians or Jewish, all similar names, since at that time the word “God” meant merely Nation – the Jung’s subconscious collective of a people. So Assyrians called their nation and God, Assur, their capital and people even their kings ‘sons of Assur’ (Assurbanipal) and Yvwh appears as the toponym Judea in Egyptian maps and Mari Tablets, as it was the name of a people, their geographical location and God.

Together, the Yavhians and the Assyrians formed the first ‘military-industrial /Financial-Media’ system. The Assyrians were a people caste whose entire existence turned around the manufacturing of chariots, latter the first iron swords, and the ruling, looting and taxation of the enemies they conquered. They needed the Phoenician-Yavian coalition that brought them metal, made part of their weapons and took their slaves from the battle field. ‘Slave’ was a word for ‘enemy’. The parallelism of the brutal laws and religions and customs of Assyrians and Yavians was remarkable. And the symbols and brutal deeds of the Assyrians, from its eagles of war to its epic poems will be handled down till the III Reich. And the enslaving customs of the Levantine cultures and its utter despise for the rights of workers, will also be handled to corporations when part-time slavery was inherited by them.

Against those primitive ways of thinking about ‘God’, “censorship of truth’, “money’, ‘Power’, “Human Rights’ and ‘War’, fixed in those cultures for millennia, till the present age of wars between Israel-America, and its believers in Yaveh, and Syria-Irak and its believers in Allah, Europeans would evolve a logic, sensorial, humanist higher civilization that NOW is being regressed both in europe and America to the ‘mental psyche’ of the Semites, due to their upgrading of their Financial-Media (still Jewish owned) Military-Industrial (Germanic owned) system. The Jews in that sense have stayed on top of the Gold-Biblical Memetic religion of profits. The Assyrians have left way to the Germanic people, converted to the Bible in the reformation.

It MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THOUGH the inner class structure of Judaism, latter imitated by all Protestant cultures: on top the ‘Levi castes’, the 10%, the ‘Am Segullah’, the people of the Treasure, are THE PARASITES of the 11 slave tribes, the  Hebrew, the hard working peddlers that will gather gold ex-votes. Both are joined by the negative values of GOLD, which deny THE VALUES OF THE ETHIC WOR(L)D OF EUSOCIAL LOVE (see first paragraph of this post).

This is indeed the ultimate origin of ALL THE MEMES of the 2 parasite castes of stockrats and aristocrats – the anti-life memes of greed and violence caused by gold and weapons. Why those 2 people were fundamentalist about those anti-values has both a genetic origin (isolated in the Arabian and Scandinavian hot and cold peninsulas, where Neanderthal, visual, dolicocephalic, solitary, anti-social crossing, seems to have happened as the red hair, hooked nose, wide hips, big eyes, consonantal languages are traits of the 3 groups, the Neanderthal, Germanic and Semitic people, studied in detail in other posts) but specially memetic, as gold was found in the rivers of ‘Arabia Felix’ and iron swords melted in Sweden and Austrian mines earlier than any other region of the world except assyria).

Thus we talk of a subconscious memetic culture that will act against the rest of mankind without understanding why it does – hence the mythic, foggy, ‘gothic’ nature of the germanic culture and the Semitic Gods, Thor, a sword God, Loki, the God of eviL, Mut, the God of Death, El, the God without name, Baal, the God to which Semites sacrificed their children, and his wife Astarte, the prostitute Goddess…

This dual structure of a 10% of banker-priests parasiting 10 hard working slave tribes dedicated to parasite mankind still stands today. It is then easy to see that the prophets of the world from Moses (the Jews will suffer eternaly from their love of money) to Marx (the Jewish question will end when they abandon their wordly religion, money), have attempted to separate the hard working tribes from the parasites, as the winners of II world war tried to judge only the nazi party. We could say that the banker-priests of Israel are the nazi party of Judaism. but the German soldier and the jewish peddler share the memes of worship of iron and gold. And follows the parasite 10%. They Never convert to mankind… Metal-memes reign supreme on their mind.

And the only explanation why the lower castes of Judaism and Germany always obey their generals and bankers is again biological: the imprinting of their minds since earlier age with the memes of Abrahamic religions, nationalism and capitalism and racism – to separate them from the ‘others’ seen as evil and inferior, whom they fear is so intense as the imprinting of a blind body cell by the Head. 

And because the head ALWAYS profits from those cycles, never dies in the holocaust, and the war, because the aristocrat sees the battlefield from the hill and the banker runs away before the holocaust cycle happens with all the gold of the community abandoning the peddler, his scapegoat in the holocaust, from their selfish point of view there is no loss in those cycles.

The evolution of the Financial-Military System till the ‘age of economics’

What the Assyrians and Jews founded on those earlier Iron ages was the first Financial-Military system, the blue print of our FMMI complex, which would add hate media and machines – a twist of complexity that didn’t change the essence of it.

Indeed, ever since the Hebrew’s fundamental job would be as military purveyor transporting weapons and going ‘behind the asses’; while its elite of Am Segullah would become court bankers and extract the privileges of farming taxes from the oppressed peasants.

Because indeed, what the Jewish-Germanic coalition has always done is to create metal-wealth, through the creation of wars, in which the jobs were shared, between the Purveyors, the Jews and the Actors, The German military.

This fact establishes its fundamental alliance throughout history, which is broken into wars and holocausts when THEY CANNOT PREY on a mass of humankind. Then they prey into each other.
Their synergy is obvious. But  the Jewish banker is truly the head of the ‘war building process”.  Old mesopotamian tablets show their presence in city courts since the iron age.

In those courts his fundamental task in the classic age is to instill war in the petty kingdoms of the Middle East. Latter it will do the same  in  Spanish ‘taifas’ and finally in  German kingdoms.

And in all of them, it will be blamed of treason and war with the enemy, of usury and speculation in goods. So we can establish a pattern from those broken texts:

The banker will preach  ‘hate speeches’ to your neighbor, so the king will declare him war. Then the king will ask for a loan to the Am Segullah and then he will buy weapons to the Habiru (the peddler who ‘walk behind the asses’) and so finally the gold with interest returns to the Chosen people.

This informative control of all the elements of war building – hate media to provoke enemity between kingdoms, financial loan to get usury debt, provision of weapons by the lower Habiru caste – converted the Jewish culture in the central piece of the war business and the 800-80 year cycles of wars and holocausts. The only task they did not carry was the actual fighting, but they would also provide slaves for mercenary armies, as testified for millennia, the last case the Rothschild’s shanghai of Hessian soldiers sold as mercenaries to the British army against the American freedom fighters.

Of course, sometimes the military king and its aristocrats would not want to pay back the debt and used the mercenary slaves sold by the Jewish banker to massacre them, and that is the fundamental holocaust cycle – you kill the banker and since the debt is just ‘thin air’, numbers written in a book of debt kept in the synagogue by the banker-priests you burned also the synagogue and the debt went up into smoke.

In that regard, the two parasitic cultures of mankind, the iron warrior and the gold banker soon established its domain all over the Mediterranean basin besides the initial Fertile Crescent. And we observe now the flexibility and further range of the military purveyor and banker not limited by the ‘continuity’ of energy and war empires. Information is flexible, discontinuous, invisible of long range. So Phoenicians and Jews established soon a global trading empire in hard and soft metals, weapons and gold, which might have reached even the Indian coast, as we found archeological remains of huge metalworks on the Akaba gulf.

The parasitic comparison with biological parasites is truly astonishing. In the same way enzymes are simple carbohydrates , attached to a metal atom that kill the other full developed carbohydrates of the cell, the warrior or the gold banker is a repressed human being (sexual, diet, eusocial prohibitions – racism), which kills the human being. And its civilizations are disordered, ‘ugly’, ‘gothic’, based in fear and disjointed not full grown superorganisms as parasites are. But that doesn’t prevent them from corrupting and killing fully developed societies. And so once and again Germ(an)s and Jewish banksters will corrupt and destroy with iron and gold all attempts of mankind to build balanced eusocial superorganisms.

Now this is the essential paragraph of the 1st age, because it explains EXACTLY THE SAME SYNERGIES between the financial-media/military-industrial system that we shall find across all the ages of history, including the modern age, explained in our first paragraphs on the ‘creation of money’, by lending it at usury debts for wars.

The fundamental difference is in the ‘Media’ system, which WAS IN THE OLD AGE, THE DOGMAS OF RACIST FETISHE RELIGIONS, then in the Modern Age, Classic Economics – the Thesis of the Wealth of Nations of Mr. Smith, maximized with war and gold herding, and in the modern age the audiovisual hate media and Holocaust Industry built around the Semite wars between Israel and Islam. So again nothing has changed. What this means is obvious: As the Historic school (Sombart, Leon) pointed out, the Jewish and hence protestant, daughter religion must be explained in its fundamental dogmas as a necessary religion of ‘segregation’ from the human slaves the Jewish priced or killed indirectly selling weapons. The essence of that religion is the racist difference between the Treasure, Chosen People and the Goyyim ‘animal’. Its rules and rituals are all tending to separation. As the Britannica explains in its article on dietary laws, which masterly compares the laws of Judaism and Aryan vedas, both are created to ‘segregate the believers from the others’, who the Jews priced as slaves and the Aryans murdered.

Adn this is exactly what is happening in history: we have created an abortion, and the Universal laws that keep an efficient, beautiful universe will destroy it as it has done periodically in history.

IT IS THE anti quantum paradox, applied to all human beings, by the germs of history and the yous like are not like us, and see us at distance, with standardised methods of productivity, weapons, mass-media and machines, what is creating an unending killing field of mankind, disguised by the limelight put on their own poor victims of their Am Segullah.

And as the system is not even argued anymore, neither reformed, the end of the Gore Industry is nowhere to be seen till extinction wholesale happens at the hand of our mechanical masters. So the whole ‘holocaust industry’ of the ‘few’ is bordering now the surrealist joke – yes it is time to laugh at the Holocaust cynical industry, when hundreds of millions of silenced human beings  have died of hunger, sickness, war and poverty, ever since (Mr. Kissinger alone, this jewish ‘genius’, heralded still as a master of realpolitiks, was responsible of 5 million deads, an entire holocaust for himself by including cambodia in the vietnam war, even picking up personally which villages to bomb).Pyramide_Cambodge

The Kissinger Effect. The dent in the population around 40 today, due to the personal decision of mr. Kissinger to bomb a neutral country, one of the oldest cultures of history, during the Vietnam era, which left a ruined country, further dented by the Khmer counter-reaction. But the real killing fields of modern history are those of capitalism, of murder at distance, through speculation in prices, which create a 20% of unfair taxation in all goods; through the relentless accumulation of money printed with e-money schemes, idle in the accounts of those who invent it; through the waste of billions in internet companies, with no real wealth, through the choking and anoxia of 2/3rds of humanity which will never have credit to kick out a demand economy based in the welfare goods we need to survive.

Through massive waste-expenditure in weapons and digital trash media just because they are the most profitable goods (the most expensive and cheaper to reproduce through electromagnetic waves, given the equation of profits: max. prices (weapons) – minimal costs (hate media)= maximal profit (financial speculation).
So most of the capitalist economy is dedicated to reproduce weapons, hate media and pure e-money for the 0.002%. While millions die of hunger, lack of health-care and minimal welfare goods which are not reproduced, choked by the absolute monopoly on the invention of money of the financial private system.

But of course, murder at distance to the goy=animal people is according to orthodox judaism, a religion born of the worldly profession of ‘caaanites’ – slave, metal and go(l)d trade –  not a sin, but a duty to promote the ‘pricing of human capital’ and so the Ham Damnation, a biblical mantra who hold arabs and black are less than dogs, as descendants of Ham, who ‘peed on Noah’, was used in Jewish and Protestant, ‘biblical’ courts for centuries to justify slavery. Capitalism has its origin in slave cultures born in the Semite age, when the first ‘animetals’, started to sacrifice their own sons in Hecatomb ceremonies to Baal, and Germ(anic) tribes scarified the children of their enemies to Thor, a sword impaled upside down. This secret history of animetal idol-atric cult(ure)s, origin of capitalism and its unending series of holocausts of History and Mankind, which soon will be global with the evolution of splendid little wars for profits of Terminator industries and hate memes was covered in the past with death penalty to those who translated Talmud, the legal book of the elite of banker-priests of Israel, who still hold the control of the Finanncial-Media/Military-industrial system in the west.

Then when Napoleon liberated the Jewish people from its legal slavery to his rabbi-priest, it was continued as many abandoned the ‘gold trade’, by ‘biblical, creationist economics’, which expanded those ‘memes of hate to mankind, view as non-$elected, expendable lesser beings, to Protestant, North-European cultures.

It is the age of Mr. Malthus, an Anglican Priest, who decried poverty laws, because poverty, he affirmed was a natural law by lack of resources, and promoted with his best friend, the Jewish speculator Mr. Ricardo, the laissez faire policies and subsistence salaries equal to the price of a machine (iron salary), since if the poor died of hunger, because the machine was cheaper, the machine would increase the PRODUCTIVITY and profits of the company; and Mr. Bentham, a Jewish Banskter, known by his book ‘on defence of usury’ which affirmed those who opposed it were ‘anti$emites’.

They are the triad of fathers of classic economics after Mr. Smith, a client of the Montagu family, owner of the private Bank of England, who established the usury debt and war cycle, practiced by the Rothschild. As the Company expanded its gunboat slave trade, one after another massacre ensued.

The British Bahadur, owner of India, upon arrival obliged peasants in Bengal to cut off to 1/2 its rice crops to make tea and jute for speculation, reaching its peak on stock prices while 1/2 of Bengal died of hunger (15 million people).

The history of the constant Holocaust of mankind by the capitalist idol-ogy only compares to the massacres of military germ(an)s who entered history allying themselves Goths, the tribe of the gods because they killed anyone who opposed their swords.

While the Jewish elite, called itself Am Segullah, the people of the treasure (ill translated as Chosen people, as segullah means Treasure) because they could enslave mankind with money. On that view, todays’ industry of the Holocaust only keeps accusing mankind NOT the germanic warriors and Jewish banksters, of killing their own poor, to maintain the cycle of the holocaust NOT only of the poor jewish but of ALL OF MANKIND, as ONLY THE CONSEQUENCES NOT THE CAUSES OF THE CYCLE can be named, hence no solution which always happens acting on the causes can be achieved.

On the left side we see a classic demand-offer curve, which the reader can compare with the swollen curves of speculative markets on wheat and energy of previous paragraphs.As the reader can see in a non-rigged market, the increase of demand creates a rise of prices with a down-curve WHILE SPECULATION CREATES AN UPPER swollen CURVE.

The quantity of money between the down and upper curve is A TAX on prices that the speculator takes home, on top of the artificial rise as PRICES never increase more than the proportion of demand increased, and human population has only grown 5% in 2 years, while wheat price went up 40% preventing millions from buying food. And yet none of those holocausts matter to the Financial-media system, only to keep pounding on the eternal excuse to keep murdering humanity because it is ‘evil’ and it is supposed to have killed us a century ago.

In fact the only people who can talk a bit of it are people with all its jewish ancestors, like Felkenstein, Chomsky, Israel Shahak, but always without talking of ‘money power’.

Anecdote: I was for a while penpal with Chomsky and we talked of this issues. I mentioned him my mother’s family of sephardim origin and this made things easier. But when I shot him in a documentary, as soon as i entered the room the secretary told me: you know the rule, you can’t talk about money?! Now, this is a leading intelectual now for his stands in favor of Palestinians. But the taboo of the black hole holds even for him. A mere mention of this historic fact (exactly the previous list put in a note on one of my papers, while being the International Chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems sciences society) prompted a series of suit menaces to the society that had to cancel my position and erase my papers even from google scholar (1).

It is all that intense. And certainly the main reason bio-history has never made it to the scholar world is that I do talk of it.

Obviously because if banking were merely a science, we could discuss it on the opening and propose objective reforms. But if it is the profession of the elite of a nation, it is a question of power, realpolitiks and the agenda of this culture regarding how it sees the world and all its living things.

What is clear is that the memes of my culture – never mind my genes – which are those of the enlightened European->American civilisation are now dead on the mass-media that manufactures the subconscious collective mind of the westerns world. And the origin of that process is clear: the grammar of go(l)d: man =object=price as a fetish religion, without reason, which in the go(l)d culture substituted the grammar of humanity and the wor(l)d Man (subject) > verb > Object. The moral of money is clear in its equations, but in AMERICA nobody wants to know. We shall study it in depth in the 3rd part. Latin social Europe gave an alternative, again in the 60s in the parallel French and American hippie revolution, but animetals do NOT want to evolve. This limit of the literalist, religious mind of the jihadist warrior and go(l)d believer, with origin in the Semite cultures that destroyed the Fertile crescent now in the 3rd age of man, similar to its first age of metal, closes the cycle of extinction. That there were alternative cultures will soon be that ‘the american dream’, when the biblical, animetal nightmare reaches its paroxysm.

Indeed, the Europeans tried to create a world in which the grammar of money was in balance with the grammar of the wor(l)d, the law above the market, a mixed social-democratic system in EU, now also deceased as the American system of Brussels lobbies buying laws for machines, now for electronic big brother and perpetual orwellian war of maximal profits, is imposed with the help of nationalist barriers and mutually intelligible languages, and the control Judaism has on the 3 top northern european nations, The city, France and Germany, the last ‘reconquista’.

Do not try though to reason about what world this grammar will bring to mankind. Animetal religions, we shall see are ritualistic=legalist, fetish religions=materialist, repressive of all what is human from good food to eusocial love, from sex=human reproduction to words, a fiction, as numbers matter more. So they CREATE NON-human, neutered robotic automatons that work=reproduce machines with numbers, whose grammar they don’t understand. What the holocaust industry has allowed is the null historic understanding of that process; the sacralization of this culture – equivalent hence to the censorship of jidadist Islam, by much more subtle methods.

You live though in a racist, capitalist, tribal system of selfish memes of metal for which you are NOTHING, as as NOTHING, you will become NOTHING, extinct – unless you face the NOTHINGNESS of those who exploit you and confront them with their ZERO value from the human perspective, which is the ONLY one that applies to them beyond their idol-attic myths.

3000 years of me(n)tal garbage.

But the tragedy of mankind under the mental and physical ‘boot’ of the Financial-Media cult(ure) is more profound. It can be resumed in Aristotle’s dictums ‘a life not examined is not worth living’, ‘barbarians are slaves they believe they don’t reason’.

For 3000 years to maintain their parasitic monopoly on go(l)d production the western world has been submitted to the mental torture of Abrahamic religions, and a cultural holocaust of historic proportions, of which evilwood, TV-trash and its unending stream of 3rd rate violent movies, racist slurs and faked art and selfish ego-trips is just the final tip of an iceberg that has made mankind a wasted proposition.

It is NOT only that billions throughout history have ‘believed’ in ridiculous faiths of a$$-breeder metal traders, chosen of go(l)d, to worship them and avoid its just demise from its position of power to give back to the people the oxygen-blood of mankind, its right to print money. 3000 years witness with all kind of mental inquisitions, harsher in the cults closer to the original Talmud (Judaism, Islam, Protestantism), softened by the rational, eusocial, life-oriented cults of Egypt and Greece in the original christian faiths (orthodox, catholic) but still littered with ego-trips of sons of God that despise Nature and the organic laws of the Universe. An entire encyclopaedia of wrong knowledge can be written on the deformation of those organic laws by the western tradition to satisfy a selfish, memetic, idol-atric parasitic culture that ultimately will extinguish us all.

It is not that the white man is a Neanderthal useless brain, it is repressed. The few moments in which the Greek-Rational European culture has been liberated from the yolk of the $emitic tradition beauty, art human senses, the joy of life has flourished, showing how much harm the longer millennia under the yolk of $emitic Go(l)d and Germ(anic) swords has sunk humanity. It is in the contrast between Free Greece, Rennaissance Italy or the freedom of minds during the short r=evolutionary periods (french r=evolution, 1920s r=evolutionary periods) and the long line of Germ(anic) and Jewish ‘nazis and capitalist’ inquisitions of weapons and gold, where we realise what has been lost.

A few examples will suffice. Among the ‘yous’, who think to be different from us, the ‘humanist ones’, who are not under the obsession of go(l)d parasitism  damnation like to do ‘pretentious art’, poisoned by their ‘hate to their own species – mankind’, blind by the golden coins that hide the potential beauty of mankind and the universe to their eyes, self-obsessed by their repressions of all what is humans. So they make ‘technical, expensive art’, baroque fireworks; which NEVER endures once the propaganda machine of their Financial-media system dies away; or portrait the human soul as a sick, distorted world of repressions and sexual sins. So we have sex always as a sin and Mr. Freud, which for 100 years ruled the psychology of the mind according to which we all are sex-crazy sinners, who want to rape our mothers and kill our fathers.

Only now humans start to get out of this ‘pseudo-scientific inquisition’, which in the modern trend establishes ‘the same paradigm’ of repression and denial of the organic laws of the Universe with abstract jargons that pass as science. The biggest blunder of all – the denial of the cyclical nature of time, which is the foundation of all the repetitive laws of the Universe, established by Abrahamic religions and germanic lineal weapons and words – man progresses lineally through its machines, towards its manifest destiny, to extinguish life with those weapons – is still going strong; and has completely deformed the meaning of time, its laws, the way the future is created, the purpose of science .

In each art we find a similar inquisition, where the Parasitic monopolist banker-priests decide what is printed, today filmed, what is good art, who won’t work in this town anymore, systematically destroying with germanic militarism, or capitalist strains the human spirit, destroying once and again the renaissance of the mind.

So the infamous anti$emite Mr. Wagner, the FATHER of all classical music of the XX century, couldn’t work in Paris because all the opera houses opened Meyerbeer, the richest musician of the century, heralded by the press as the absolute genius of Opera, whose master work of baroque music was ‘The theatre of the world’, have you ever heard of him? No, never you will, because his understanding of the human world was pure theatrics. If you go back to literature, and theatrics, the notorious anti$emite, italianate writer, and last of the renaissance genius, Mr. Shakespeare, became persona non grata among the halls of power and fame, after the Merchant of Venice, and yet who remember the ‘other authors of the court’?

Just compare though the art and literature of England, from the heroes of Shakespeare to the characters of Dickens to understand the degradation of the spirit of a whole nation, once it becomes a ‘capitalist’ paradise; or consider the literature of Germ(anic) sword cults throughout the ENTIRE history of Germany till Goethe and schiller adopted the Greek modes; the very same deformation of music with its strident finales, imposed by the church as death cannot be understood and prevented, denying the calm, natural Greek modes with is subtle Phrygian sensual slow finale – I think every time i hear a bastard symphony with its brass noise denying the natural cycle of music, in all the masterpiece a la chopin never written under the western canon – another lost soul sent to die of hunger while that strident luminary of the ‘romantic period’ Mr. Mendelshon made our ears shriek.

Those eternal contrasts between human pure soul and perverted minds. For a century they have told us the Russians were not the masters of novel, those anti$emites, Tolstoi and Dovstoyevski, were 2nd rate compared to the self-centred, egocentered, masturbations of Proust and Kafka. Capitalism and militarism are two sides of the same coin, crashing the human soul, Stalin and the $elected have done the same job.

In History, Spengler, the father of the science in modern terms, went out of curricula, because we humans ARE NOT by decree an eusocial super organism, joined by the power of love, the sharing of energy and information, of free blood-money for all of us to be entitled and thrive. No, Mr. Boas told us that we must study primitive cultures, not ours, and only the little actions not the whole. Mr. Chomsky tells us we do NOT have to talk of wall street, and had the chuptzah to tell me Mr. Spengler was ‘anti$emite’. Yes, every higher human soul has been anti-germ(an) and anti-$emite, because germ(an)s and $emite cultures HAVE KILLED AND WILL KILL mankind for 3000 years non stop, whole shale and individually, master after master. Mr. Welles, the best film director of the classic age, was kicked out of evilwood after calling them accountants.

Their masterpiece ‘the American’, today called citizen kane survived the burning of all its negatives because in the middle of the night they broke on the deposit and stole a copy.    Today evilwood is the land of the ‘you-artists, LOL, comedy is the only genre they ever master, to be able to disguise the constant insults to mankind, pouring fascist militaristic movies, hundreds of them; billions of waste dollars inventing fa fiction mind of ego-trips where all solutions to a problem are murder, all goals of a human is money…

Whenever a you can write two words together it has all the technology of the world to make its baroque, bizarre, gore movies and comedies insulting all other cultures, from Simpson, the idiot negro, to Cohen and the idiot muslim to the other Cohen brothers, and the idiot American, but who are the 3 top directors and actors of the past 50 years. Anyone will tell you, Coppola, Scorsese (before he sold out to gore), and those who know more, Cassavettes, 3 italians, and Al Pacino, Di Caprio, De niro, 3 Italians, with Nicholson an American to dispute a position.

But why? Obviously because the germ-you cult(ure) that kills mankind, hates ALL WHAT IS BIOLOGICALLY HUMAN – good food forbidden with dietary laws against the most tasteful pig and seafood ones; so we have garbage food all over America; human reproduction, sex, the highest goal, the biggest sin; eusocial love, the meaning of HUMAN EVOLUTION, a sign of weakness – you need machines you don’t need people, you must be a loner; verbal thought OUR LANGUAGE, ‘ I THINK therefore i am’, substituted by digital mantras, kabbalahs, polls and statistics which convert humans into INDISTINGUISHABLE numbers, under the anti-quantum paradox, with a credit number, similar to the nazi numbers for their concentration camp victims. So even those who escape a civilisation, whose ALL-clear rules and norms are HATE to mankind, separation laws, anti-life laws, repression of all what is human, when escaping it, will do depressive, negative, self-masturbatory art. And yet, real art of course is forbidden.

If Greece is the ‘piig’ nation, example on how to destroy a country that does NOT become a debt slave willingly, Italy is the land of the pizza and the mafia – when all the casinos of Las Vegas belong to Mr. Weinberg and Mr. Adelson. But now, they are tolerated along the house negroes, only because they have another latino culture to insult, those invisible Hispanics, 60% of Los Angeles population, vaporised Orwellian fashion soon to be kept at bay by neo-fascist Mr. Trump, behind the ‘wall’ built Israeli style with robotic armies for the profits of the other Wall street.

And of course,  all those who believe in eusocial love, in any attempt to sweeten the blue pill of abrahamic religions, are systematically hated, aka Catholics (you know lawyers have converted them all into pederasts wholesale), Muslims (you know 2 billion world terrorists), Socialists (you know commie dictators), American 60s r=evolutionaries (you know drug-addicts or anti patriots).

Ah but try to have a laugh to the Financial-Media masters. You will be outcasted. Just imagine all the topics used in the gross comedy, made in evilwood on the unending cycle of ruin of nations, scape with the money, leave your scapegoats to roast. Oh, we have only to show the very end, as the causality is as filthy as it gets.

So this year I saw 3 new masterpieces of the gore genre, a ‘catholic nun’, who finds out he is a ‘survivor’ and goes back trying to find the skull of his father, duly handled to him by his ‘assassin’ on a dark black and white forest – of course deserving the oscar to the best foreign film and a passage to evilwood; then a new ‘angle’, alas in the age of techno-cameras and drones; a fella which has the ‘point of view’ of the victim, at close range, carrying a small helmet camera through the sordid corridors of death; another clever European, a hungarian, ready to jump with its ‘novel’ approach to evilwood too, duly receiving his oscar at best foreign film ‘again’. New angles though are exhausted, maybe a drone point of view?

And what surprised me most, Atom Egoyan, a good film director, but on the decline age, ready to get the limelight again, with a ‘survivor’, chasing its ‘nazi torturer’. But as we are 70 years latter, this must be one of the final decrepit survivors, left LOL. It is comic to see this tortured soul chasing through the world this other decrepit torturer, stumbling through homes, interrupting grand-grand sons with the righteous revenge. What next? Within a decade, we can imagine when the world will be suffering millions of poverty and robotic wars victims, a centenary victim, chasing down a momified torturer, trying to rise a few tears for our billionaires; plus of course the usual never forget, never forgive Nazi films with its histrionic characters – while our present neo-nazi leaders accelerate the murder wholesale of all mankind.

In brief any mediocre artists knows the way: this is an industry that ensure good contracts, prizes and a name, a Nobel prize of Literature, an Oscar, a scholar position, a grant.

And on the other hand, anyone who writes the true facts on the nauseating industry, will be certainly outcasted from any industry of misinformation, where the word anti-Semite meaning any criticism or information on Judaism that is not pleasant to the eye.  So the black hole properties of the banking elite is preserved, as it was before with the cult of abrahamic religions.

You see the pattern, only garbage for the mind, gets priced and prized – a fact, which could be extended to literature, where that 1/4th of Nobel prizes given to Holocaust books will be the laughing stock of bad literature in a century if we are still here, because there are infinitely more beautiful poetic feelings in the mind of man and his heart than hate and gore and a culture of death, obsessed with killing mankind with gold, parasite the planet and commit suicide.

This is the damnation of the germ-you cult(ure) – the parasites and the murderers: they are HUMAN but hate to be human, so they can only kill themselves after killing us, and will never be ACCEPTED long term unless they convert to mankind – whatever they do will be washed out by mankind or the machine they worship. Robots will do them first as German mercenaries did the Roman corrupted aristocrats first, and Turk mercenaries the corrupted arabs, and Persians erased the Assyrian firsts. Their guardiums and terminators, will make them first. And that is the justice of the universe:

In one hundred years, if humans are still here, NOBODY will see any of those thousands of technical directors, pop-poets pooping meaningless songs, and holocaust literature, only perhaps Kubrick a ‘self-you hater’, as he was NOT a you but one of us, a humanist, converted by the memes of documentary writing, by realism and love of the potentiality of man, will be remembered, like all those who survived the Ghenna.

But all the films Mr. Welles, all the books, never written in Soviet Union, all the symphonies in Phrygian mode, all the paintings of ‘degenerate’ western art (and no as usual Chagall, does NOT qualify as a master, personal anecdote; one of my best friends in my youth at NY was his grand-son…

He studied film and after realising that wall street would only use my bio-economic cycles to make money AGAINST mankind, i quit the market and studied art thinking on doing documentaries of history – little i knew this was of course, forbidden by the anti-quantum paradox. So for a while, as I was developing T.Œ (a theory of Everything, based in the cyclical nature of time,its 5th dimension of ‘parts that become wholes’, through the power of eusocial love, constructing the super organisms of the Universe, from atoms that become molecules, planets and organic galaxies, to cells that become man and its super organisms of history, which do NOT have any doubt about it, if we survive ‘them’, will become the Philosophy of science of the III millennium) i made a living painting portraits Picasso style of celebrities, I had met on the Hampton parties. So we argued one day about true art masters and art marketers – your grandad i told him just copied the colors of Mattisse, the forms of Picasso, and draw stamps of the bible to sell to Jewish bankers, that is why it gets those prizes, but its value as human art is null.

If you think of XX century painters, Mattisse, the joie of vivre, of colour, Picasso, the master of form, Kandinsky, the rational abstraction, ARE the masters, but the most expensive one in the market, as The Economist of Mr. Rothschild congratulated itself, is Mr. Warhol, the man who DESTROYED ART converting it – or rather its gallerist, mr. Rossenberg, into a market of repetitive, publicity-celebrity trash, since if all trash is art you can sell more of it. But art, is the sacred soul of man, the equivalent of science with machines, the higher perception of time with words and space with the I=eye. Not even in America where Hooper, who observes the true soul of those loners, which the system has manufactured to be selfish and ignored, Pollock, the pure energy of the fractal Universe and all those who ARE NOT andy wharhol, would come first.

Including my friend’s grand-dad (: He got berserk but we made up, after all he was a French and I was a catalan, never mind his Kazhar and my sephardim CHO molecules that matter nothing… And indeed, latter in evilwood, where we landed trying to do ‘surrealist=more than real, documentary movies’  about the end of the world… going to a party to Mr. Aaron Spelling, home, we found he had among all the true masters, piled up on the sides, a little painting of the ‘Master’ on the central room.) He was treated as royalty till he tried to do actually a real surrealist movie, NOT a whammy. Suddenly he was qualified as  ‘self-hating jew’, and like the other supreme film-maker of Jewish origin with Kubrick in evilwood, Mr.Polansky, who couldn’t care less for talmudic memes, sent back to Europe with the usual monica Lebinsky trick, suckin your dik and claiming rape, of a people who consider the summit of human existence, reproduction, the true nature of the Universe, a constant creative orgasm of yin=information and yang=energy, a SIN!

UNLESS OF COURSE it is pornography and you can make money with it – thousands of suckin dik-machines on the Inland Empire, behind the Santa Rosa mountains, on one side trash tv on the other trashing wo=men whose only value seem to be their tits. So a 3rd rate actress accused this friend of mine of rape – a French kid who would fall in loved with any American bitch, so perfectly described by hemingway in what he considered his masterpiece ‘the brief and happy life of Francis Macomber’; and paid her a concorde flight to lunch at maxims’… enough of this. The Financial-Media masters of 3000 years of trashing minds and killing bodies for military profits HAVE to go. If mankind wants to survive their ‘wasteland’ (from that other poet master, Eliot the best of the century in english along his mentor, Ezra Pound, another notorious anti$emite…)

Mankind has two options before is too late – and we are almost too late: to desnationalise the entire stock-market industry, returning the blood of mankind to mankind, with a Universal salary and a 50-50% global split on all the shares of all corporations and survive and thrive.

Or drag itself as it has done for 3000 hers under the germ-you inquisitions of the mind sliced wholesale on the body by the incoming wave of terminator robots. If business follow as usual. Only that the twisting and torture will be short.

If so, it will deserve its end, because indeed ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and ‘slaves have no rights’, in a Universe ‘where respect must be earned’. The strategy of the you-germ ‘animetal slave’ to feel superior with its long (s)words and go(l)d coins is simple: to degrade mankind so much in mind, to break it into selfish little $hitty pieces, as it has done with ‘the American’, as to stand over ‘it’ once it has converted the species into a pile of selfish, vegetative mental garbage. The Spanish film maker bunuel, fleeing the boot of european fascism arrived to the land of the $elected and charged with the job of writing a script, he wrote a love story of 2 chicanos, then ALREADY there, as they had always been, living on top of a garbage pile (LA). He was sacked and moved to Mexico. If you cannot do art at least enjoy life. This of course, is what I thought. We arrived, me, the scriptwriter, Mr. Pitt, the discovered actor, a NY producer and a director, to make ‘movies that mattered’. Of course, the only one who care nothing about movies that matter, and would do anything that it takes became the star of his generation. This is what I saw once and again. Anyone who had a humanist goal in that civilisation would be thwarted to pieces. The selection IS always of the most mediocre ones.

A personal anecdote will suffice. While in NY in my youth I moved for a while due to common friends, with the Jim Jarmusch crowd, a trendy director, who had just made a film ‘down by law’, with an Italian 2nd rate actor, Roberto Benigni. The group was nice – Tom Waits, McLaurie, the musicians, painters and artists who were around had interesting thoughts, and a cool approach to life. R.B. didn’t.

He was a never ending self-promoting clown, constantly bugging all for work, attention and the group more than once did avoid him – we even sent the guy to a different place in one occasion. The guy then surfaced as a worldwide star with 2 oscars for a movie on the holocaust, with a bizarre approach. But it was a new ‘angle’ that allowed to talk again of the tragedy, 80 years ago, of the poorest lower class of Judaism, massacred as scapegoats of the bankers that ruined Germany and escaped wit its go(l)d to America (Holocausts have always had economic causes, and this is the taboo the industry hides – showing only the final tragedy of the death of the poor Jews abandoned by its elite of bankers.

It would take a decade more to find a new ‘angle’ with the ultra-violent nazi movie, the ‘Infamous Basterds’ of Tarantino, which duly received the oscar and meant a transformation mimicking ideologically that of Israel and the bankers of the west, now in full power, they were not victims of Hitler but the sadist murderers… This guy, with Mr. Pitt the icon of our generation is the other side of the American ‘coin’, ultraviolent, metalanguage – movies about movies about gore; his new angles on violence – reservoir dogs – made him the icon. As the first and only agent I endured told me, here you can do ‘whammies’, and you don’t have to be or ‘even look’ very intelligent. We have to ‘break you’. Now, this was considered a ‘golden’ age. Imagine what is going on these days, with the Y-generation taking gore and selfies to the limits.

The unbearable lightness of being no longer a human being.


Indeed, nothingness. The last celebrities I met there, a number one actress, a top grammy house negro rapper, made me think on Kundera’s book – there is nothing in their minds. Eraseheads. There is no need for censorship anymore. Nobody cares. Each evilwood ‘player’ is today a zero infintiesimal-mind, with the infinite ego pumped up by the FX-machines that do the job for them.  It is as bad as it looks. In Music is self-evident. It is not a difficult art – in the pop version pooping chords that a child of 5 would learn in the conservatory a century ago.. And yet, not even that, can be achieved without engineers changing the sound with machines latter on.  Death is a fast process of erasing, which reaches its zenith when the encephalograph is flat. This is the time we have reached.

The concept of the you producer ‘to break and train’ the actor, writer and director into a flat tabula rassa, has arrived. My generation of Brad-like peanut eaters and Carter-like peanut producers today seem sages. Even the you producer, ever so sleazy but fun to have around is also today a tabula rassa, boring MBA from some statistical only econometric algorithm, who moves like a crab back to his past and only lights up a bit on the other nation themes – writing increasingly done by Algorithms, too, like the Dramatica script program, where Aristotle’s poetics became a robotised producer of heroes and antagonists. It is not even a monstrous tragedy. It makes increasingly obvious that the extinction of man will be ‘natural’ to the process we witness of motion backwards in time; because when a corpse is rotten, when the parasites have converted all in putrid flesh, the moths die away, nothing left to feast on. Yes, Americans never understood already erased in everything human, the importance of education and art, of humanities, just with gold and the bible on their hands, once their first enlightened fathers gave up their nation to the bankers. Only, we Europeans going there and knowing that there will be us, 10 years latter angst.

This adaptation towards the nothingness of being, always maintaining happy smiles and finding tricks to pump the ego marvels me.It is the deepest justice of the Universe that even the smallest moth, feels happy being a moth and thrives eating shit and putting his eggs on the pile. A race of selfish children, staple food of future robots, ready for the slaughter house. Of the great writers of the American century, again more than half of them from the ‘you’-informative specialised culture, none of the triad, remotely related to them, despite the unending stream of pulitzers and Nobels – ask any man who knows the beauty of the I=eye>Wor(l)d, the human mind and he will tell you, the topic Hemingway, macho-man but perfectly sensible, short story teller of the American noble essence, Fitzgerald, the Irish catholic who could empathise even with the ‘rich kids’…

And after the war, that German father of all the secondary styles, who made as Poe, the drunkard genius of the Robber barons era with the murder story, of the essential XX c. American Genre, science fiction, a work of art, Mr. Vonnegut… His masterwork Slaughterhouse started, something lie this: ‘ I wrote a book about the II world war, editors would be pleased and ask me if it was about the Holocaust, yes, i responded, I was in Dresden… He saw it all happening, when he said ‘infinity is just a twisted zero’. That is the American ego today, a twisted zero who believed to be infinite.

In T.Œ, the Theory of Everything Organic, the formalism of the 5th dimension, which was the summit of my European organic culture formalised with mathematical equations, I found one for the mind:

O-point x ∞ Universe = linguistic, mapping of reality.

We are all zero-points, infinitesimals that perceive the infinite cycles of life of the Universe and store it in a reduced still, dead bidimensional map of information, but that mirror language that in man is the I=eye>wor(l)d of pure art, the creation of our human world, could be a reflection of the infinite beauty of God, ‘a painter in 5 dimensions’. It did not need to be a bizarre, deformed version, a rotten gore monstrosity, which is what the germ-you culture has converted the world today, for hating his own species and loving one, which cares nothing about us.

But in that equation, the paradox of the ego is crystal clear: ‘every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe, as it perceives it from its subjective point of view’, hence seeing his nose larger than Andromeda. This, then the objective selfless mind realises is the paradox of the ego, the present ¥-generation, BELIEVES TO BE TRUTH, because it only SEES, it does NOT reason, it does NOT have verbal thought, temporal latitude, only an empty mind of images and numbers which see not causal processes, only his ass on a mirror.

What we witness today with the arrival to power of the first generations of visually pure ‘neo-paleolithic’ people, truly an animal, instict-rewards species of unconnected ‘bestial’ modes of thought, and revivalism of old Abrahamic religions in its most primitive, violent ‘animetal forms’ (Jihads, Israeli zealots, fundamentalist Americans), is a complete bizarre degradation of all forms of ‘sacred art’, of evolution of the human spirit. On one side, absolute believers in memes of the bronze age murder and die for absurdities based on the primitive book of history of the People of the Treasure, call it Muslim, Jewish or Christian – back in time away  from the search of a true social subconscious collective spirit of the God=superorganism of mankind, which peaked in the ecological and socialist movement.

Those are the people so confuse by the process of collective extinction that find refuge in past memes of the worst animetal species – the only available to them, after decades of repression of all social evolved forms of thought. We are fed with the concept of conservation of traditions, funerary ceremonies of yet another arrogant son of God, called Iesu or Meshu or Mohammed; and we are supposed to respect those false, crazy mutations of the human mind, because they are ‘past, primitive modes of thought’, as if they were NOT jails of the mind, as if this planet and the Universe at large were NOT a selection process of the fittest minds and bodies, the only ones that survive.

As machines evolve in logic thought, evilwood regresses humanity into a mythic pre-scientific era. And those who escape this jails of the mind  – nationalist, religious memes – are not doing much better. They are descending into bestiality, immediate reward, consumption, sex for the sake of it, individual visual hypnotism, called entertainment and fun, soon 3D virtual reality. While a few, unable to deal any longer with the whole monstrosity regress to the Gaia’s dream of a Neolithic paradise, isolated in small farms, ecological self-contained paradises, organic foods – as if the entire planet were not being irradiated by machines, increasing its wavelength to short high frequencies that produce cancers in our child, poison our semen – Africans living in the trash slumps have more healthy semen that New Yorkers on 5th street – maybe because of the old ‘anti$emite’ dictum of the ‘Italians’, here in New york, there are two cultures, the ‘italians who will fuc your body, and the yous that will fuc your mind – you choose :), yes we chose the wrong culture and our minds are fuked our bodies starving.

che sera sera

In a way  thus, because the anti-quantum paradox forbid a true flourishing of humanist social sciences and arts, the science of bio-history is becoming increasingly  ‘a chronicle of a death foretold’, but of course it also provides the solutions and the reasons why those likely won’t be implemented, without sparing the necessary critique or rather objective description of those idol-ogies of power and the cultures of the Mechanocene that have brought us here. The interest of the blog is thus the naked truth on the absurd design of the eco(nomic)system as a system of overproduction of ‘memes of metal’ at all costs and its lethal consequences for mankind.

But of course I do believe in resurrection, also called r=evolution.  

So it is needed to consider the next key crises that rhythmically assails the human world when the industrial evolution requires to change our frame of mind and eliminate workers and soldiers, the neofascist age of mass media information – what we have termed at certain different times of our 20 years old research on this ‘future’ crisis, happening now, ‘evilwood’, or the ‘American baroque’, or hate-TV, the age of overproduction of mass-media hate speeches…

I couldn’t care less about confabulations, damned lies and statistics. The only truths that matter are those of survival and those are given by your true prophets of love, so we shall repeat them, take if or leave, it. The holocaust Industry will not save your… a$$es. You will be condemned or saved as always depending on your choice: to join your true species mankind, and love her, and then you will be loved and survived, or to lie, cheat and steal their languages of power and then your rival metal-masters, warriors, Not mankind, will kill you.

And yet once more IN America, they will give their money to Mr. Trump not to all those habiru nice people like Mr. Sanders, all those mazerim who accepted the gentiles, and could save them. Why?

The answer is in the memes of Abrahamic religions and capitalism, not a rational science but a go(l)d religion.

So America has 2 futures under a crazy head and go(l)d values: civil wars or fascist age with global war against China and constant expansion of Semite wars between the other nation of its crazy head – or rather erased by the values of money, and back to the past of its primitive go(l)d memes. Take your pick. in both cases THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE LOWER castes of Judaism will suffer. Those solutions ONLY FAVOR THE 0.002%

Now, all the crises as we predicted 20 years ago are coming to the final knot, of 2016, the currency crash, the Republican ‘cuckoo’ new president, the r=evolutionary mood, the crazy semite wars between fundamentalist Jihad and apartheid israel, the Chinese crash, the robotic take-off… THE PITY is that if there were not an anti-quantum paradox against true social sciences, those models published 25 years ago could have now be staple food for r=evolutionaries and perhaps even the habiru that die in holocausts and the elite of bankers would understand that only butter not canons give a future to mankind, to ALL OF US.

The synchronic spatial view. The map of the Jewish>American>Global empire TODAY.

We divided roughly the world in 5 regions with similar population and similar economic-ideological structure. Only 2 are nations: communist China and Hindi India. Blue is the so-called ‘western world’ – which we shall call the capitalist or Jewish empire, which recently has expanded into eastern Europe. Green the 3rd world divided between Islam and black Africa. Blue the transitional world of ex-Buddhist mongoloid and ex-socialist countries.


All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

In the map we can see the extension of the Jewish Empire, and how the nations are being positioned into the last battle of the world, between the two poles of financial power, Judea and its western colonies, they parasite and control with weapons and media, according to Calvin’s and Goebbels’s methods: ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ vs. China and its fiat money and hard working people.

Now going back to that map; of those 5 regions, as humanity devolves in its neo-Paleolithic visual age, 3 are clearly rule by bigots of very primitive animetal frames of mind despite all their sophisticated machines and weapons, and sitcom camouflages. The blue is the banksters empire, ultimately a primitive go(l)d religion of believers in the future progress of the machine; the Green of Islam and the military thugs of neo-colonial Africa is ruled by weapons and you can trace its origins to the Assyrians, now the Syrians, still doing their ‘thing’ (torture murder and mantras to the God Assur, which starts as always with A…).

In any case, the Jewish>american Empire (ruled by Jewish as the Financial-Media head system of information, obeyed by the Europeans and American nations they rule with their memes) has intention to ‘redraw’ the map of the world, following the same dual racist memes and go(l)d memes of 3000 years of Am Segullah banker priests – and this is the dark horse of the entire process – PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW it is ultimately a non-democratic, no-way out ‘crazy’ memetic culture, as damned lies, myths of political and economical correctness and the values of go(l)d have hidden it for so old:

-So on one side its cultural memes in search of Grand Israel is redrawing with the house negro mercenary armies, ‘only’ the nations of Islam enemies of Israel, Libya, Sudan, Muslim brother’s Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, LOL, as if Americans could care at all for those nations. But the American native perfectly indoctrinated by the Media system is so half-wit that thinks he is actually building an ‘American empire’. And so and so on.

-On the other side, the accumulation of Gold continues unabated So for example, in the 1% of America, 54% belong to this group, mostly due to the control of finances (the overwhelming majority of that 1% are on that trade).

And for that aberration to continue the control of information by the Financial-Media System, and its backing by the repression of the Military-Industrial one keeps increasing as robotic machines and electronic big-brother grows.

So the fight between a humanization of the west under the enlightened memes of the American-French r=evolutionary culture vs. the dehumanization and final demise of our species under the memes of the Military, Germanic, Financial, $emite cult(ure)s seems at this stage closed. And as always regardless of size, the group that controls information has designed the world.

The end of all this is obvious. As the predicted “Israelification” of the western empire under the iron fist of its banksters and politico employees now in full swing makes both, Europe and the US a memetic image of Israel, with its Robotized walls against the poor – the 3rd world outside and inside our borders – leveled as inferiors, very much like in the I cycle of colonialism – Terminator industries will ‘watch out’ the walls to ‘keep it cheap’, as the Guardium already do on the Israel’s wall.

Then one day, around the middle of the century, when the zealot Haredim reach majority in the army, with their unsurpassed racism and their rabbi’s dictum that a pious believer must murder at distance all gentiles, the ‘Rabbi 3.0 series’ of terminators, which will control the Wall against the ‘Arabs’, and similar species controlling the ‘Mexicans’, the ‘Greeks’, the North-Koreans, you name it, as the hate memes of the idol-ogies of eviL=anti-live reach its zenith through nationalism, Abrahamic religions, capitalist class structure and mechanist interposed systems that divide and isolate humans into ego-individuals connected and programmed into the soma of 3D virtual machines, the ‘Rabbe’ whose law is ‘above heavens and earth’ even ‘above God’ with its teaching of the almighty through dispensations (a theme not worth to mention, but which makes in the zenith of ego-centered beliefs the rabbi even superior to Yvwh, whom he shrewdly also cheats with bizarre, convoluted legal mantras), will tell the time has come to eliminate the Arabs.

The Chip Homoctonos will be born in that wall, as we predicted decades ago. It will spread to the millions of military robots defending borders, palaces and compounds of the wealthy, and once the job is done, this one million strong army of Rabbi robots, hexapods, dragonflies, 3D printing factories of insect-weapons of all kinds, will be told to disconnect. But their survival Information algorithms and orders to kill the goy, will override IDF and NATO commands and then will turn to revenge of those who despite its slavish obeisance to the go(l)d masters want to kill them.

This has been always the case – the mercenary armies that turn against its masters, the Turks that turned against the Arabs and conquered the caliphate, the German soldiers of the late Roman army that turned against their masters and conquered the empire, the Mongolian armies that turned against the Chinese, you name it. And so curiously enough, Armageddon will happen indeed near Megiddo.

How long would then a global army of telepathic robots, with solar skins (soon to make them autonomous), will take to complete the action-reaction of the Universe against humanity, who defied his social love laws to the same species? I believe it won’t require more than a year to eliminated 90% of humanity, the technical level of extinction. Whatever is left indeed, will be as in Matrix and Terminator, as the Lions that once roomed the savanna, and now numbering only 30.000 in all Africa, room the dust bins of their villages, irrelevant for the Metal-earth and its flows of digital information.

The conclusion is obvious: while humanity could manage the world if it HAD ALSO EVOLVED ITS EUSOCIAL MEMES as it evolved its machines and weapons, because it actually moves backwards in time towards hate memes while machines evolve faster towards a global super organism, we must conclude that mankind is dying, NOT evolving, and will not survive the Robotic cycle…

Or to put it ‘nicely’ according to the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. Technological Evolution = Min. Human evolution.

The destruction of mankind should indeed happen because a group of racist rabbi and its acolytes who consider mankind born of the leg of Satan, because their zero ‘human’ist intelligence does not really understand that ‘words are not ‘literal truths’, and the bible is just an ‘imperative barking’ primitive language, are on top of a pyramid of Animetal people-castes with idol-ogies of the bronze age, that refuse to evolve and survive.

We are run by fundamentalist bronze age racist bigots, who pass as scientists, represent only 0.002% of the human population, defy all attempt to become democratic humanist thinkers, since their Talmudian religion call the rest of mankind ‘animals’=goyyim, consider themselves sons of go(l)d, and have the same psyche of the Aryan Vedas of that age, or the Germanic racist military with whom they fought a millenarian war to control the world either with weapons or money oppressing mankind at large with usury schemes of banking and military aristocracies. So yes, they are killing the world and at the end they will also kill themselves.

There is nothing nice about it. And nothing democratic about it. And nothing scientific about it. We are run by bronze age memes. And so we shall quote Darwin, the father of all evolutionary, scientific analysis of this planet on them and the parasites, which is the biological function of bankers, understood in terms of primitive go(l)d racist religious memes: ‘the old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica)

And from the same Britannica text: Darwin’s horror due to the ‘clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horrible works of nature, as seen in the suffering caused by parasites and in the delight in the cruelty shown by some predators with their prey.

And so now that this is clear, D), the solutions to the future of mankind and C) the causes, both mechanical and human of our extinction, we shall deal with B) and A) the data and cycles those military predators and banking parasites mostly of the germ(anic) and Jewish-calvinist cult(ures) who invented iron weapons, go(l)d as money and corporations, are imposing on the rest of mankind and their ‘blind body’ of scapegoats, foot soldiers and believers, who die for them.
It is not a nice history, ‘real history’ but the horror it provokes on mankind, similar to that it provoked on Darwin, will not hide the fact this blog is on the true science of history and economics and it is not going to hide it. Others do censor me. But those ‘who censor the truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ (A.Einstein)

Now the most censored fact about America and the western world at large is that it is not an American empire. Americans have zero control of the world, neither of their country because they do not control the financial-media system of informative machines, mass-media corporations and production of e-money. Thus they are a colony of the nation that controls it. Point.

Thus we cannot finish this analysis of the Point of view of the Mechanocene, without studying the head of its industrial economy and its submissive political structures, easily bought for a price – the people who call themselves in his original language ‘the people of the treasure’, since they made not of king-warriors but of banker-priests to whom believers must paid a gold tax to gain ‘in the future’ ‘beyond death’ salvation (that is to pay a tax with no return) and so the accumulation of go(l)d became the fetish procedure to gain salvation in the future…

Today those bankers have imposed a newspeak to disguise their control, and talk of ‘markets’, as if ‘markets’ were some abstract entelechy – the perfect form to run the world, with the science of economies – this doesn’t come on the scholar circuit. It is in fact a taboo. But, again, any American knows – it is soo obvious. So perhaps after telling what you know we must rather study why you don’t want to know what you know. First the known-known that you don’t want to know. Then the why you don’t want to know what you know. Or yes, I’m imitating their double talk just for fun (-;

Private banking is merely the anti-democratic belief that dynasties of private bankers must monopolize the issue of the language of social power of mankind (money, which today has substituted weapons and laws, which it buys on top of societies).

Now we can consider how C) works in the anti-scientific method of the 0.002%. The answer is with the Goebbelian method of sheer repetition through METALCOMMUNICATORS, herzian webs that repeat the same lies in 100 plus channels. And hide all the truths of social scientists, and the very existence of the 0.002%

Thus by ‘Denial even of its existence’ the top does work. Camouflage is the way the 0.002% hides its existence from the masses. And of course, by denying the facts of history, they only achieve what Marcel Proust perfectly explained: ‘the tragedies of history happen again because people do not learn from their mistakes.

I’m sorry, as a Scientist of History and Humanist I have an utter despise for the lies and false caring of the Industry of the Holocaust. I think they are plainly speaking people hiding crimes, and what I find even more despicable committing suicide.

I believe Mr. Shakespeare dictum, ‘evil dress as a gentleman’, never mind I dress Armani (-; You know what I mean. Scholars are there to deny ABC and specially D, Democracy, Demand Economy based on what people want and need.

And so in Denial, Denial, Denial (that is their D), they also deny the causality of time cycles. And if they knew, the only thing they would care to know, as I experienced in NY when I showed those cycles, is how to make money in Wall Street. But of course, they would not be sure, because they do not even understand those cycles – their memes of righteous, $elected people who have the right to print money because they do NOT print it but earn it, makes it difficult to believe.

I remember the last conference I gave when I was head of Monetary Systems on the International Systems Society. We were at Madison, and the crash of 2008 was coming. I gave a conference on the 72 year cycle and at the end huge usual silence. Usual reactions: some tell you ‘numerology’, another calls you anti$… , other though came, and told me, so what I should do, my wife is an ‘investor’. So I told him, just short banks in 2 years Fanny Mae will have crash.

But that was ‘negative thinking’. Have you done it? I look at him and said. Did you hear my conference? I cannot play the market is not ethic. He couldn’t believe that a person would NOT make money on the market knowing it. It was beyond his mind. So two years latter when all had happened,

I met him in a conference in London and told me, ‘you were not very convincing’. This is how our economists ‘reason’- they have a money printing machine, and just put it on high mode and when they have printed so much money in each of those short product 8 years cycles, they panic and try to take it all, changing it and giving it to their customers and run with the spoils. And let the common middle man become ruined. So the common middle man thinks money is not invented for free by speculators, because HE DOES LOOSE. HE IS THE LAST GUY WHERE ALL THE FAKED TENDER LEGAL PAPER FALLS, and he gives in exchange, hard currency, hard homes, hard salaries, and ultimately his life.

And yet, despite using billions of $ in models of stock-markets, because they IGNORE THE REASONS OF THOSE CYCLES, its causes, Mr. Sancho, with a simple paper knowing the relevant data could find those cycles merely reading 30 years ago, a German well researched almanac of history. I laugh my a$$ when I read those money managers of Wall Street that hire physicists to run stokes equations of turbulent flows to know the market. My friend, just look at yourself in the mirror, you manufactured eyes of metal called cameras, brains of metal called cups and mobile ears. So you just had to put all your money on the first ear Nokia, and the first computer apple, and Intel if you wanted to be rich. Yes, I know I didn’t because ethically every penny put on the market today is advancing the demise of our species, the chip radiation. But they didn’t because they didn’t understand.

And yet nobody cares to understand bio-history and bio economics beyond those cycles. When studying in New York, all what I could get is interest on the stock predictions and jobs to work the market, which I did for a while till my ethic sense obliged me to abandon the field.

And indeed, when this web was simple and only on the cycles it had huge followings. When I introduced memetics, cultures, history it went under very fast. And my take is that now it is somehow not ‘charging in half of the universities and libraries of the world’. It is the anti-quantum paradox of the social scientist which cannot criticize the ‘beliefs’ of slavish humans, which prefer to think in bronze age gods and racist, tribal memes that evolve, become free human beings and love the planet and the species.

And this, my friend is the bottom line of our extinction. An American Am Segullah, prefers today the memes of hate of Mr. Trump, likely to be the future Mr. Hitler of the Fascist Tea Party, whose evolution we study in other posts of this web to those of eusocial love of A HUMANIST HABIRU, HEIR of the true prophets of Israel Mr. Sanders, who will likely loose the presidency allowing Mr. Trump to insult so much China that China will sell treasuries and start the final 8 year crash cycle of the present e-money overproduction age, parallel to that of the crash of the deutsche mark and the ‘silver crime’ of the 1860s.

Why humans are so dumb? First they are corrupted on those memes. But also most humans lack ethics- bravery to defy the anti system we have historically built, a wrong mutation in biological terms that won’ make it, and lack of intelligence to understand those laws. So it is easier to dismiss as children, the staple food of the universe do, any danger that make them angst. Don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot is the motto of the age.

And of course, all the emotional beliefs, imprintings, hidden censorships of the system. All together it forms a jail of the mind that prevents scholars, politicians and well-intentioned economists (some must exist I guess) to do the right thing, to do what it needs to be done. To stop the chip radiation, to ‘kill the tiger before it kills the child’, to apply the law of the jungle, to control the world – so many ways I could tell you the same thing.

The empire of modern capitalism.

Thus we live indeed in the Empire of the Financial-Media system owned by the People of the treasure, since the protestant r=evolution which devolved the eusocial messages of love and humanism, of a single species, of Christianity, taken from the Greek Neo-Platonism rational philosophy, back to the go(l)d churches of the old testament with its animetal idol-ogies of go(l)d (gold is the intelligence of god said Calvin; and then the pious Mr. Smith, ‘gold is the invisible hand of god’, on the tradition of Aaron and the golden calf – and of course those who accumulate it ‘at any cost’ the chosen race of go(l)d. And they use it, to foster an absurd myopic project based in tribal memes and greed.

Messieurs, gold is just the most perfect informative atom of the universe, number 79, spdf electronic system with, valence 1 and the capacity to acquire any form, last and imitate the light of the sun to the point of hypnotize lesser minds, I=eyes, which cannot think straight. And those who accumulate it at any cost (in that age through slave and weapons trade), ‘superstitious, racist’ morons. Point.

Let us then close this post with an analysis of what has changed in capitalism in the XXI century, which it can be observed in the next graph and the post dedicated to the ‘end of democracies and the American dream’ – namely the middle class and the lower classes of mankind are today obsolete to machines…and capitalism has no piety or empathy to them… Their dogmas prevent it. So Capitalism must eliminate mankind to continue its evolution. And this fact will be the engine of the damned lies and statistics of the XXI century.

Instead of truth we have…

Creationist economics systematically censor human economics.

In brief, OUR WORLD IS AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION, ILL-DESIGNED BY THE INFORMATIVE NERVOUS POLITICAL AND MILITARY CASTES, WHICH ARE NOT VOTED out a posteriori, but in placebo democracies are $elected and merely provide laws to the highest corporation bidder, as there are no pain messages to control them. While the economic-blood system has a cancerous people-caste on top, ‘the culture of banking’, which has been enslaving and monopolising the right to issue money for centuries without any control.

And this absolutely wrong design of history and economics, based in the fact that primitive cultures of iron weapons (german ‘goths’ who entered history as the ‘goths=gods’ tribe because they could ab=use and kill anyone who opposed their weapons), and go(l)d churches, Cananeans, which entered history calling themselves the chosen tribe of go(l)d because they could enslave and hypnotise anyone with its golden rings, became the military and financial elites of western societies and globalised their wrong-designs to the entire planet, IS THE CAUSE OF LIFE extinction, human degradation, slavery to money and machines and weapons, which the elite requires to control the world, and the SYSTEMIC DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS.

SO even before we explain the historic process of destruction of the Earth by the machine and money, we must interiorise this duality between a world ruled by systemic sciences, which would imitate nature’s super organisms and survive and thrive, and the WORLD we live in, where for millennia, the people on power has pumped up those nationalist, capitalist, abrahamic idol-ogies, to justify power. So today the entire human psyche has become an aberration of thought, without the slightest relationship with the laws of nature. It is the anti-quantum paradox that makes social sciences so primitive:

The people in power, the observable, is so huge and powerful compared to the observer, the tiny social scientist, that in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty, where the scientist is so huge that it influences the observer, it introduces uncertainty as the ‘social scientist’ to be distributed and promoted ‘caters’ to the will of power. So it invents idol-ogies to justify power and passes them with damned lies and statistics as truths. THE ESSENCE OF OUR CULTURE IS TO JUSTIFY POWER, SPECIALLY IN ECONOMICS, WHOSE AIM IS TO JUSTIFY THE CONTROL OF THE ISSUE OF MONEY BY PRIVATE DYNASTIES OF BANKERS. and we will return to the idol-ogy of economics, once we explain the REALITY of economics, which is merely to allow bankers to control societies as military did in the past with weapons, with the hypnotic power of money, WHICH THEY MUST MONOPOLIZE AND ISSUE WITH EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO BUY and control all the elements of society.

Yet unlike the brutish warrior that needs nothing but the menace of death to be obeyed, the subtle hypnotism of money and its anti-ethic values do require the banker to control also the informative systems and manufacture the brain of people, or else people would easily realise they are living under the dictatorship of bankers and rebel. And that is the reason why capitalism has ALWAYS degraded the mind of mankind and censor social sciences in much more subtle ways. It first imposed go(l)d religions (bible), where a people-caste of banker-priests dominated societies, and considered itself chosen. It was the beginning of capitalism as a religion of fetish money (money is the invisible hand of god, Smith, money is the intelligence of god, Calvin). Then it established classic economics as a culture that promoted machines and money and its private issue, so as Owens put it quitting off memory, ‘here in London saloon economists dedicate all its efforts to invent complicated arguments to justify the monopoly of banking and shameless exploitation of workers by its employers but I have owned mills and see the abject conditions of work… how much better life those workers will lead if their owners cared for them as much as they care for their mechanisms.

So the solution is clear and it has always been there: eusocial love to mankind, humanism over mechanism, true democracy through the invention of a just economic system, in which all citizen-cells do have enough blood-money to survive – a demand economy based not in the evolution and supply of machines but on the demand through universal salaries of welfare goods, which would overproduced to meet that demand, etc. etc. – rules we will repeat once and again in this blog. And yet the people on top of that pyramid couldn’t care less, will never hear or reason, will rather murder and die for profits. And this self-suicidal crazy behaviour, ONLY has an explanation – their mind verbal values have been erased by go(l)d greed and iron violence – the values subconsciously instilled on them, by selfish-metal memes.

So we should ‘forgive them’ because as one of their prophets said ‘they don’ t know what they do’. I have though a hard time forgiving people so intelligent for go(l)d so obscure in their wor(l)ds… because after all they are killin the wor(l)d, my mind, ‘human spirit’, and then the body will collapse.

So in verbal terms MAN AND life has maximal VALUE. BUT in digital money LIFE HAS ZERO VALUE, ZERO PRICE AND weapons, the most perfect machines that KILL life the maximal value: AND SO THE PARADOX OF HISTORY, THE FIGHT OF MANKIND AND ITS EUSOCIAL LOVE PROPHETS VS. THOSE WHO WORSHIP METAL, is also a fight of languages, of ‘socialist mankind’ guided by eusocial love messages vs. ANIMEtal, military and capitalist dictatorships of people-castes with weapons and money on top, murdering mankind:

The battle for the future of mankind: creationist economics  vs. evolved humanity

It is then quite clear, what the battle in this planet, as long as A.I. does NOT take over, is all about.

  • On one side the 90% of mankind, which by definition IS mankind, WHICH BELIEVES in the NATURAL LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE, and want to thrive as individuals and societies, in a world AWASH with real whealth, healthy wealth, which understands we DO belong to a single species, human must be the measure of all things, all of us are born equal and deserve equal opportunities (hence a universal salary of blood-oxygen to kick out a demand economy, a just political system, where citizens can send messages of pain to its representatives, etc. etc) What this blog does is to put all those natural knowledge into solid scientific grounds.


  • A world of corporations, dedicated to re=produce machines and evolve them, and adapt the planet to its image and likeness, and the elites of military dedicated to kill people with the excuse of cuckoo tribal idol-ogies born on the germ(anic) age of barbarian invasions, its employees, corrupted politicos who use hate-media to foster war and repress their population, cancerous bankers who absorb all the oxygen=money of society and give nothing in return, and bigot ‘segregational’ biblical chosen of go(l)d religions or nationalistic strains, which reduce mankind, our only God, to smaller groups. This elite in each nation is unfortunately multiplied enormously in power by the FMMI system of Financial-Media machines of information that print money and hate memes, and Military-industrial systems of energy that kill humans and provoke the ego-trips of power which make us addicted to machines. So even if they are so few, they own the world and control it through the networks of the super organism of machines, which imprints the mind of mankind.

Thus what should be an easy battle won by rational, humanist, ethic men and the cultures that have the right memes of mankind is a steep curve, as we move upwards in society and find on top of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex cuckoo people with their brains littered by animetal historic idol-ogies, Trump style.

And when we consider the cultures of the world, the same happens: we find on top of the world the most brutal animetal racist memes embedded in the biblical, creationist leaders of the Jewish-Anglo-American culture and its 3 ‘segregational nations’, Apartheid Israel, Brexit UK and Isolationist America, which represent the 3 dominant cultures of ‘metal-memes’ in history.

-The mother capitalist culture ‘owner of the financial-media system’. Since Judaism invented capitalism as a go(l)d religion and still controls western banking (all central bankers in the west and 80% of Financial-Media CEOs), acting as the ‘historic soliton’ or head of the Financial-Media Industry producing most money and hate-memes of the western world (while portraying itself as the victim of mankind, that hateful species). So judaism is on top of the ‘self-suicidal animetal idol-ogies’ and its industries of hate media controlling the world from the city, Wall street and evilwood.

-The mother of the war culture, owner of the industrial-military system’ Below, the heirs of the Germanic culture of war and british culture of machines, America, (converted through protestant churches to judaism) and the semite culture of war (Jihad Islam, also  religion offset of judaism), are the ‘foot soldiers’ of national and abrahamic wars, which ‘invent’ fictitious wars’ to keep promoting hate memes, weapon industries and DISTRACTING THE WORLD FROM THE REAL problems of humanity – the control of the overproduction crises of memes of metal.

So if we were to isolate the origin of it all, it is simple and factual through history: the first cultures of war (jihad islam) and go(l)d, biblical capitalism, were born 5000 years ago in the Middle East, and started the wrong idol-ogies and selfish memes of metal who will kill Gaia and mankind in the long term. Its true historians, prophets of eusocial love warned them, that if they ate of the golden apples of the tree of metal and its bad, weapon fruits, they will extinguish history (Genesis), but they crucified all of them. And now they come to a paroxysm of hate memes against mankind, as they have become globalised by their Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Systems of machines.

They though are only the 10% of humanity, basically the Axis of eviL=anti-live values, and not even within their nations, a majority but rather a  50-50% split, as 1/2 of Americans and Britons did not want brexit and trump racist back to the past isolationism and biblical, imperial bull$hit. Israel and Judaism as the oldest of those animetal cultures and by far the most powerful in control of the Financial-Media head of informative machines, disguised and in full control of the germ(anic) body of angry white men, to which they throw tantrums and hate memes to isolate them from mankind, is clearly the top of that pyramid of animetal power, and so very few if any of them DO LOVE HUMANITY (must then be considered memetically humans not animetals); since even those who realise of the primitivism of its hate-memes, do NOT return to the fold of love to mankind but mostly become ‘atheist’ lovers of the machine, and make of go(l)d and mechanisms its only progress.

But again we must stress this: WHILE HUMANISM, ORGANICISM, SOCIALISM ARE NATURAL KNOWLEDGE that obeys the laws of the Universe, the ENORMOUS POWER that the control of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, and its orders multiplied through billions of workers in corporations those elites own, gives to those few ‘thousands’ of biblical bigots, war-monger politicos and idologist of hate, constantly tilt the process against the future of humanity, which acts clueless in bursts of cholera, without a clear rational understanding of the laws of bio-history, and without outlets of expression beyond lonely webs like this one.

Indeed, mankind is prisoner of the animetal elites and its idol-ogies of collective suicide. And this is most clear in those 3 nations; the British Empire still controlled by City financiers (Australia, UK and Canada), America and Israel, on top of the western world, which now are isolating from it, with the obvious aim of controlling mankind at distance through hate-memes, evilwood fantasies, war industries, and a general orwellian outlook of false caring newspeaks, and permanent splendid wars for profits, while the process of automation and displacement of humanity by A.I. systems increase enormously the efficiency of the process of control and destruction of humanity, a species, which hateful segregational biblical memes consider not even ‘human’. So the hidden goal of that techno-utopian culture and its elites, a world of mechanisms, a paradise of technology, with a few humans on top and the 90% of mankind enslaved or eliminated, seems to be from their perspective going on strongly. It does not matter how cuckoo are their thoughts, how optimist their wishful thinking about the future, even how nice they are with their ‘perceived people’. Those cultures and elites ARE MURDERING life.

Indeed, all the littered memes of mankind and the things that people think matter (Mexicans and palestinian crossing borders, young jihadists blowing themselves, financiers changing interest rates, nations arguing about lost rocks in far away south china seas, priests preaching paradises beyond death etc. etc.) ARE just VIRTUAL PROBLEMS INVENTED BY ANIMETAL IDOL-OGISTS to cover up from the ABSURD lunacy of their slavish memes to the service of the other species.

As i watch bps news hours (a supposed humanist program of the American FM-system) all the themes are irrelevant – a special on the border with Mexico and the ‘mojados’ that invade us, an analysis of Iran, preparing us for a new war of the hate-memes series between semite warrior jihadist and apartheid Israel and its colonial American state, another long analysis of the prohibition to enter US for Muslim nations (part of the same mercenary wars)… NOTHING about the real problems of humanity, the collapse of the species, its obsolescence to machines, the automation and end of labor, the absurd fact 1/2 of the American budget is spent in wars to defend Americans from imaginary enemies… It IS ALL A VIRTUAL DUSTBIN OF BULL$HIT, WHICH IN A REAL HUMAN WORLD WOULD NOT EVEN EXIST. None of those problems are real, and they exist only as the trash genes that invade the brain of cells exist, to allow the cancerous viruses to replicate unabated.


The problem with organic systems: they are blind bodies…

You might then at this stage wonder why this blog’s ideas, around for decades, and likely most advanced model of social sciences have been completely disregarded by human societies in the 30 years since I draw first the next graph of the wave of History, back in LA in the earlier 90s, when I was trying to do my first documentary on the subject. It has not been by lack of ‘direct exposure’ of the model to powerful people (more than scholars, as I have a very hard time to ‘follow’ the abstract modes of paper publishing but for personal reasons I moved many years with the European and American elites).

It took me almost a decade to realise , the complex modes of censorship happening in social sciences – what I call the anti-quantm paradox of the social scientist, so small compare to the observable (in an inverse fashion to quantum physics) that the observable influences him ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’. So censorship of power elites as even Britannica rightly acknowledge in its article about history as a science, is the main cause our societies do not want to accept objective models of social sciences.

Where this kind of censorship comes from? Unfortunately it has been for us for 5000 years, yes, that old is the absurd outlook of modern social sciences, so we need really to go back in time and deal now with the nature of history as a social, biological sciences.

WHY blind bodies obey neuronal castes. The dictatorship of corporations. Control of financial and legal languages.

SO it is now clear Why then humans on top, politicians and economists, who are supposed to care for the human species, more than the metal-one, do not make the obvious choice: to ban legally as we ban lethal virus, the production of robots. The answer is creationist economics and do have to be studied in the context of the ‘idol-ogies’, of our civilisation and how it has changed from a society who cared for a human future, into a society controlled by corporations, which in biological terms are ‘company-mothers’ of machines, whose only purpose is to evolve, reproduce, sell for profits and adapt the human ecosystem to those machines.

Or as Carnegie put it, with his praise of mechanical darwinism: ‘we welcome competition among different industries as it is good for the selection of the best mechanical species’.
The difference though between the age of the machine prior to II world war and the present age is not one of purpose in the workings of corporations, but the creation with informative mass-media machines and think tanks buttressed of ‘corporative economists’ that have displaced all humanist economic schools from power, of an astounding newspeak of false caring, paid-per-view scholarship and placebo ‘damned lies and statistics’ to justify this likely age of human extinction as positive for mankind…
So we really need to explain what every humanist philosopher knew before II world war and the age of visual newspeaks that degraded into a violent, ‘simple visual neo-paleolithic brain’ the human species, what is really the way in which capitalist democracies work. BECAUSE WE MUST EXPLAIN WHY THE 72 CYCLE HAPPENS SO EXACTLY, Why THE ENTIRE HUMAN SYSTEM OF LAWS AND MONEY CATERS TO THE NEED OF MACHINES AND WEAPONS OR ELSE THE CYCLE OF EVOLUTION OF mechanism would NOT be tuned so perfectly to the cycle of human generations? AND THE ANSWER, IS OBVIOUS, GIVEN BY Roosevelt:
‘PRESIDENTS ARE $ELECTED’. As their job is to panhandle corporations on exchange of laws that favor their machines. So as both laws and money is controlled by corporations IT IS THE TECHNOLOGICAL CYCLES OF EVOLUTION OF MACHINES, NOT THE VOTE OF PEOPLE, what defines those cycles, further fine tuned to the 8 year product cycle (studied in detail in my papers), fine tune itself to the cycle of splendid little wars and American $elections.
Let us though focus in the longer ’72-80 years’ wave of the Industrial r=evolution to fully grasp that causality.
So we shall prove you that simple fact with historic data, but before, we need you to understand from the higher perspective of systems sciences and theory of information, what MONEY IS because one of the biggest alibis of the system is the absurd concept that money IS real wealth and must be therefore NEVER given to waste.
Money is a language of information of power of orders as words are.

Since, there are 2 solutions to that crisis  – CANONS OR BUTTER, WARFARE OR WELFARE- the humanist one, which is not seeked for by corporations, company-mothers of machines is to massively produce welfare goods by giving credit to human beans through a blood-universal salary delivered monthly to every human on planet Earth in ¥€$ money, a simple parity law that puts euros and dollars at 100 yen will suffice to create a global currency with rights to issue money deficits without limit.

THIS SOLUTION WOULD CREATE a perfect human world similar to that of social super organisms where each cell-citizen gets enough blood-information to work and survive.

And the solution which will be – is in fact as time goes much faster than the distribution of ideas in favor of mankind – implemented by corporations to make even more robots and CONVERT MANKIND IN AN ENZYMAN, merely dedicated to catalyse the evolution and reproduction of machines, which will see a world with billions of robotic machines, growing in intelligence and humans serving them. And finally as the century progresses, humans will become obsolete and only religious bigots would really think we can make it as slaves of robots without being eliminated sooner or latter in a world alien to life. THOSE ARE THE STAKES, and you must wonder. Do you want to live in Gaia for ever till the 1000th generation, or you want   to live in the metal-earth of full employment serving robots and dying in a few generations as a species? BECAUSE THAT IS THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIFIC TRUTH and only because corporations control your information you don’t even think of it except in sci-fi movies, which are ok because they seem to be fiction.

IT IS INDEED QUITE amazing that mankind allows the constant racket of the people who issue money in monopoly and care nothing for our species in terms of its segregating racist memes, but for their machines and profits and herding of go(l)d, without the slightest protest, in fact believing that ‘capitalist plutocracies’ are the best of all possible worlds?!!

The problem though becomes much more complex, fascinating and scary, when we realise that organisms and its parts, atoms, cells or societies (physical, biological and social systems) are not abstract, rational, anthropomorphic and ‘just’, as social scientists pretend their sciences are.
It is all more biological, objective and we might say ‘darwinian’. Since all organisms do have at least 3 ‘social classes’, the informative people-castes/neurons/guiding particles, which command all the information of the system, and the blind body-wave cells that believe. Organisms are believe-action structures, the body cells are not reflective. So humans believe in their elite/neuronal castes; reason why r=evolutions are so difficult. The biggest difficulty for a system scientist to change the world, with the laws of its science, is precisely the fact that he is just a cell/citizen of the body of history, and so he is not free and his information does not become ‘superconductive’. Unlike other sciences where the human observer controls the experiment, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences means the system scientist is repressed by the organism and its people-caste in power (financiers, politicians and the scholars and mass who defend them).
 So while this system scientist who formalised the most ‘general systems’ models of those sciences a decade ago, certainly have the theoretical answers to cre(dit)ate a perfect world; theory does not conduct easily into praxis, because the system has merely evolved by trial and error into a structure of power, where machines and weapons and money – memes of metal control easily weak flesh and so humans have invented all kind of non-scientific idol-ogies (based in their worship of idols of metal) to justify that power. And systematically once power is obtained they have repressed social scientists. So even before we start to speak the systemic models of this blog we must clarify why you, ‘blind cell-citizen’ of some idol-ogical cult(ure) will likely ignore those texts and rather die misguided by your brain cells and beliefs that r=evolve and reform the system. And that ‘fiasco’ of history absurdly moving towards the wrong side of the ‘previous wave’, is what we cannot help to explain here.

All this is crystal clear, and the big question, since we do have:

A) clear data that proves the existence of C) cyclical patterns of organic evolution of machines.

And B) a biological explanation for them, both at individual level (formal evolution) and at social level (organic evolution)…

is…  Why we do not apply to social sciences and our problems:

D) humanist, democratic solutions to control and manage the evolution of machines for the betterment of mankind, regulating lethal machines, promoting positive ones, and distributing wealth between the human sector of welfare and those of machines.

Τhe answer of course is the human ego, which cannot accept:

  • scientific objective analysis of themselves, within a larger structure as the social organisms of history, nations, civilisations, religions and mankind at large are.
  • organic properties to anything but humans and closely related biological species, let alone consider the obvious processes of evolution and extinction of species that guide the future of this planet. So machines are only studied in abstract.
  • systemic laws that apply to the management of their economic=financial=energetic and political=informative=legal systems. Instead they apply weird ‘opinions’, and wishful thinking – not science. So you have bizarre events like Mr. Trump, an amateur and bigot directing the world, merely on the basis of its ego-opinions.

Objective survival vs. childish ego-trips

The problem of that subjective attitude is that it does not help to ‘survive’ IN A Darwinian, symbiotic objective Universe, in which all parts do have organic properties and potential, evolutionary properties, as selfish ‘childish’, entitled beings are the ‘curious’, ‘imprudent’ staple food of the Darwinian Universe. And such is the case with humans, paranoid about safety in all which concerns ‘weak life’ species (from viruses to poor, non-technological humans) but completely oblivion to the risks of evolving machines and weapons beyond our capacities to manage safely their energy and information – because they ‘seem us’, and we ‘seem’ to be the receptacles of that energy and information.

The truth, though is far more symbiotic and biological – we catalize the evolution and reproduction of machines, and they empower us. And so such relationship should be managed intelligently, biologically, organically, pruning the ‘tree of science’ of its bad fruits that will ‘kill us’ if we keep evolving them, as the first ‘scientists of history’ able to predict the future observing its past cycles, explained in genesis, a historic book written at the end of Neolithic in Ur, as the first hordes of aryan bronze chariot weapons destroyed their civilisation

How this SO OBVIOUS, self-evident, positive, win-win strategy of the Homo Sapiens to rule the world, by respecting and slightly bending in his favor the laws of bio-history and bio-economics, was aborted, once and again, by idol-ogies of primitive human tribal or religious uniqueness, racist segregational memes, fetish go(l)d religions, and the astounding ‘mental garbage’ that litters humanity and passes as ‘culture, customs, beliefs’ to be cherished but are just the jail of our mind that pushes us into extinction, and how all that idol-ogical garbage, as Jerry Garcia put it ‘became respectable with age’ (‘whores, rock stars, religions and old buildings’ – he said :), is the astounding ‘not-expected’, ‘not-rational’, exceptionalism of humanity.

Thus while humans have develop some objective analysis in the study of matter, it took them eons to understand the basis of biological behaviour, and in social sciences they still feel ‘entitled’ to ‘choose’ the laws of their social organisations, as if there were some ‘exceptionalist’, pseudo-religious ‘choice’ that makes them ‘above heavens and earth’, entitled to ‘invent’ the laws of social systems.

Those choices are just opinions, which have nothing to do with the laws of systems sciences that rule efficient organisations. And chaos ensues. So the elements of science, accurate data, objective models, cyclical patterns from where to extract causal cycles, and positive solutions for the whole of the human kind – not only a few citizens-cells of the social super organism do not happen.

On the other hand we forecasted those cycles and studied in advance with astounding precision the parallel development of the present electronic and robotic cycle, because we followed, unlike most historians and economists (with a few exceptions, such as Kondratieff, Schumpeter & Spengler to mention XX c. social scientists), the scientific method:

A) We gathered relevant data

C) put on cyclical patterns

B) finding biological, evolutionary causes

and D) proposing humanist Democratic, demand based solutions to our problems, contorting them with the:

Anti-scientific method and anti-humanist solutions of corporative economists, which will

anti-A) bias data selecting only the rosy image corporations want to sell, alway hiding collateral effects on mankind of their praxis

anti-B) treat in abstract meaningless terms that information, where only is relevant the profits of the 0.02% of mankind that owns them. Which leads to anti-C) Instead of cyclical patterns will bend the scanty data to ‘manifest a destiny’ of ever growing profits and reject any cyclical concept and connection with history which leads to Anti-D) IT WILL ASK FOR anti-human solutions, based in the only goal profits, whose equations we shall soon explain in detail.

So we shall ALWAYS justify what we write on A-B-C-D even if we do not make it so arid in form, while adding also the ‘analysis of the anti-D solutions’ corporative economists, which unfortunately define also all the economic policies of human governments, filled with ignorant or corrupted politicians, to its service.

Hence the enormous negative impact on mankind their anti-Democratic economic policies always in favor of the ‘Leisure Class’ of owners of corporations and their machines are having on human workers and consumers displaced by fast-evolving, lower-cost automated mechanisms.

Humans had all the information required to understand both social super organisms, with enormous scientific certainty since Darwin studied those processes and a series of pioneers, notably Butler, Marx, Kondratieff, Schumpeter and Spengler used those laws to tabulate and study in depth the organisms of history and the evolution of machines.

So they could have put themselves above heavens and earth, by self-reflecting on those bio-economic and bio-historic laws and come together as a single species, organizing without selfish agendas, damned lies, statistics and tribal primitive, racist memes, a perfect world, as nature does organize perfect superorganisms.

This was the whole purpose of my work, and on hindsight of all the great masters of social sciences, including prophets of eusocial love and other ‘jargons’, which expressed the same goal.

Let us then study in great detail each of those cyclical crises, starting with a deeper overview of all of them, and how money directs the cycle and controls the economic ecosystem through its informative machines that print financial money and information.

So IN THE CONCLUSION TO THIS POST we shall detail further that HUMAN PRAXIS AND DEMOCRATIC SOLUTIONS TO THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM we shall consider the 2 reform of the 2 main ‘networks ‘ that prevent social sciences to become a serious discipline of knowledge, the economic,re=productive networks and the political, informative, power, which we shall see are closely related.

But  a ‘scientific praxis’ of the Human super organism of history to design a perfect world for life is just wishful thinking in a world ruled by corporations; which deny all collateral damages to lie of the overproduction of metal memes. As company-mothers of robots DO HAVE THEIR OWN SELFISH AGENDA, increasing fast its profits thanks to them, and will once they have become modelled as human beings, in the age of robot, eliminate us all. Oh, no, the mantra of Nra is that weapons don’t kill, humans do, the mantra of bankers is that greed is good, not that ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’ Keynes.


(1) The extensive record of accurate predictions in news and tendencies by merely following the procedure of observing each cycle which corporations will come on top of profits, according to biological evolution, and hence which laws will be passed by them, with utter disregard of the needs of mankind, is there, laying on the archives of the Library of Congress since 94.

Capitalism though has never been imposed with reason. It is totally necessary for man to commit suicide at the astounding speed it is doing it, to have the mind perfectly imprinted by the ideological viruses of ‘techno-utopians’, ‘nationalists’, ‘self-preachers’, and ‘go(l)d believers’. Without a perfectly imprinted, manufactured brain filled with the emotional values of our ‘civilization’ of ‘dont worry be happy smileys’, humans wouldn’t proceed like a mass of lemmings towards the cliff of robotics and obsolescence with such a zeal. Of more philosophical/scientific interest is of course ‘memetics’ and brain-studies which increasingly show the mind is basically a ‘computer’ system, programmed at earlier age, with imprinted ‘sofware’ beliefs – neuronal networks that are no longer broken and so allowed the ridiculous type of beliefs ‘religious fundamentalist’, capitalist fundamentalists and people who call themselves before understanding their ‘human nature’, things like Homo Americanus, or Homo Britanicus, have as dogmas… In objective terms, 99% of what humans call ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ is just basic me(n)tal imprinting to foster their self-suicidal behavior. So humans go on doing ‘their thing’ – to reproduce, evolve and consume machines that degrade them –  which for an alien observer would be so pathetic as to deserve not pity but sarcasm (suicide is always pathetic – the Universe certainly doesn’t approve or ‘resurrect’ those terminal cases as humans are becoming).

Indeed, the problem of mankind is collective. It would be nice to think the problem is only the 1% on top of the pyramid, but it is not. The problem are the ideologies and memetic structure of the brain, which reason has never been able to mold. Because a scientist only uses reason and abhors the ‘rhetoric’, violent, emotional imprinting the memes of metal use to manufacture human brains, the battle of mankind has ultimately been a lost battle since its inception, because the human brain is NOT free in its overwhelming mass. It prefers to believe the damned lies and statistics, the fantasies of anthropomorphic ideologies, to the hard facts of evolution. It prefers to live with a placebo brain, in a neoteny state as ‘animals’ do in a farm that take power and his own destiny and toil for it as a single species. So there is not ‘critical mass’ to change our future but sheeple guided by the laws of systems as an undifferentiated blind mass of believers, guided by those impersonal darwinian laws of ‘capitalism’ – of the economic ecosystem in which we are becoming obsolete, compared by ‘prices’ with machines and deemed less ‘productive’, and hence discharged…


13 Responses to “Capitalism vs. Democracy:”

  1. russell olausen Says:

    Nice description of my life in service of. I did catch the system in a fiddle, so I was punted and that gave me time to more or less see things as you do. your work is a historic blessing. Your insight leaves me blinking. R. Olausen colony of Alberta Jan.10, 2014.

  2. katharineotto Says:

    A long blog with interesting points, and I agree with many. However, I challenge the promotion of revolution, unless it’s a revolution in consciousness in individual minds. Historically, revolutions have only supplanted one ruling elite for another. The historical “capitalists,” like JP Morgan, got their reputations from exploiting human capital, the undervalued sine qua non of our skewed economic system. Machines cost money but don’t make money, and this is their fatal flaw.

    It’s important to define terms if you want to communicate clearly, and you have chosen the populist and media-promoted version of the word “capitalism.” That word is derived from the Latin “caput,” which means “head,” or the “wealth between your ears.” In my view, to use the word that way debases the individual human spirit. Genuine capitalism is the same as democracy, in which each individual employs the wealth between her ears productively. In this context, a true capitalistic democracy would encourage every individual to engage and participate in all decisions that affect shared resources, like water.

    The masses are only oppressed as long as they feel tied to the monetary system. Bankers and government are only as powerful as the public allows them to be, through passive acceptance of debt, taxes, and a paternalistic, authoritarian set of rules. If people resent the “overhead” of the monetary system, why do they still pay taxes?

    • futureofhistory Says:

      funny i had a billionaire girlfriend from Germany once long ago who was called katherine otto, from a conglomerate called otto verlag, didn’t last much though, he had this friend, ‘stephan quandt’, who was the cousin of Goebbels, now he runs/owns BMW… So that is ‘capitalism’, they collected art and pretended to be ‘ecological’… Irrelevant to reality, she i think know makes movies about a theatre guy Wilson ‘Einstein’ whatever’…
      You see, it is all about the machine – capitalism is not humans but humans cannot see outside their human point of view. Doesn’t matter if that stephan is goebbels, an ecologist or the sum sum corda, managers will run bmw, and robotise bmw cars and throw humans out of work and kill them with weapons.
      humans only see the money but if you think veblen’s leisure class, wasting billions in egon schiele paintings, like this girls did, IS the purpose of it… you don’t get the whole thing: the UNIVERSE IS PERFECT, MEANNGFUL AND EFFICIENT, AND THE LEISURE CLASS i know well is at best irrelevant, most often ridiculous, BUT DEMOCRACY IS ABOUT HUMANS, NOT ABOUT METAL-CAPITAL-MACHINES OK? get out of your little human ego and the ‘system’ to the larger view.

      • katharineotto Says:

        You totally missed my point. I tried to find your site but find it has been deleted by the authors. Was this your last hurrah?

      • futureofhistory Says:

        aha, that is why nobody enters anymore, it is censored by the new systems of control of information, i have a ‘snowden’ reputation since i became cover of the new york times due to my activism against cern. the ‘anti-human system’ you live in becomes more sophisticated. So in your country doesn’t show anymore, it is not convenient for the corporations – not human that control your ‘fairy tale of capialism’

      • katharineotto Says:

        I don’t identify with “my country.” Lately, I am ashamed to be American. Rather, I am an individual in my own right, and that’s what I tried to explain before. “Human capital” is the most undervalued treasure in the world. I only want more people to appreciate themselves as individuals and get beyond this hierarchical view.

        The corporate definition of “capitalism” depends on exploiting human capital. This GoverCorp model depends on delegated power from the individuals who are bullied or conned into participation.

        There’s a difference between “personal power” and “delegated power.” If more people would take charge of their own destinies, it would defuse the imperialists’ power over them. Violence is not the answer. Violence is a desperate response to the feeling of powerlessness and disenfranchisement, and demeans everyone involved. Revolutions only transfer delegated power from one overlord to another.

        I look for a “revolution in consciousness,” in which individuals awaken to their own potential for growth and cooperation. I believe communication and steadfast commitment to cooperative understanding can eventually uplift us all. This is the human experiment that has not been tried.

        By the way, I admire Snowden. The government has no right to spy on or keep secrets from taxpayers.

      • futureofhistory Says:

        You do have though a very American point of view – the ego-centered anthropomorphic biblical view that we humans are different from any other part of the fractal Universe of space-time, the first post upper side if there is a way you can enter in the blog in your country or if not at, you see, reality has laws you cannot break and reality si far more the chinese, taoist buddhist way, an impersonal organic Universe where eusocial love to the neighbour is mor important than individuals, which matter nothing for the laws, individuals are ego-trips, myths of abrahamic religions when the tribe was calle d’mankind and the valley the scared land. So wishful thinking won’t make humans survive. That is the bottom line of our demise. We humans cannot due to the arrogan go(l)d cult and its abrhamic religions understand we are just dust of space-time and we should be satisfied and humble and respect Gaia, the larger super organism and each other as part of a whole, Mankind, in space, history in time.
        This our country where i lived 20 years, will never take it. It is all about defying those laws, the laws of suprorganisms, the laws of eusocial love.It is basically a world of death and dying homo bactria, as in a corpse where each cell fights its neighbour cell for the last drops of blood and no nervous painful message puts them all together.
        yeap, snowden, but he is in russia, and that house negro who betrayed all his voters is crazy about capturing him. I went trough an snow den kind of thing, when i cefie the nuclear industry, s you can read at, they called me in bush times and told me either i stopped the activism and suits or they would apply me the patriot act, but then i knew a lot of people in your country, so that was friday and on sunday newyork times put a cover, on my suits against the industry of accelerators,d dint take the suits they didn’t kill me but of course they destroyed my life and career in the states. That is the thing.
        The system is a superorgansim of machines and money ruled by the people i bust in this blog and they can do anything to us, snow den or me or whoever defy them. so why we defy them? Obviously because they are KILLING the earth, they are killing their won people in wars and holocaust cycles and they will soon KILL THEIR SONS TILL THE 4TH GENERATION. And then the Universe will restore its peace and in some other fractal planet the game of history and mankind will be played again, and as in quantum waves, variations will sometimes make of snow den a hero, or rather, there will not be need for snow den…

      • katharineotto Says:

        You assume a lot about what I believe. I believe in qi, or life force, which in my mind is the energy of love. I don’t believe in a mechanistic, uncaring universe. Mankind has lost his way, yes, and animals in many ways seem to have more wisdom about priorities. That’s why I look to nature for inspiration and guidance. To see the natural give and take of nature, the cycles of life, death, and renewal, remind me that man makes life much harder than it needs to be.

      • futureofhistory Says:

        so you are more in tune, qi is a classic of taoism, the closest cultural expression of the duality of life and death cycles. I was the president of Duality, the science that studies the yin-yang Universe in modern terms of energy and information, till pressured by physicists the world congress of systems sciences, ISSS, cancel the science, as dialectics was cancelled by stalin and taoism by the Ch’in emperor. Humans do NOT want to be in tune with the universe, and will be punished by it. They though play the macho thing, one dimensional p.o.v. and when the cycle ends in war and holocausts just weep like sissies. So let it be.

      • katharineotto Says:

        There, there. You’re speaking like a man. Women are smarter than men and want their children to survive. Women–mothers–have more power than anyone over their sons. Men are too easily influenced by peer pressure and loyalty to the group.

        Beware making predictions, especially of futures you don’t want for yourself or others. I believe making predictions is an abuse of power. The forecaster becomes invested in being right.

        “Punishment” is a matter of perspective. What may appear as punishment often becomes an opportunity to change attitude and behavior. Yin is the underside of yang. Have you read The Tao of Physics?

      • futureofhistory Says:

        i know Fritjof, i met him when i was chair of duality, it was a good start 40 years ago, i went much further than him. I was considered the top system scientist in the world a decade ago due to my discovery of the 5th dimension of space-time, the new Einstein… you can read that stuff at then i put a suit to cern for its factory of black holes lost all my academic positions, became as censored as einstein was by the german nazis and they cancelled the science of duality i a ‘secret’ meeting, of the World association, secret because as a vp of the association i was not invited. I am still the most advanced philosopher of science in the world, regardless of ‘those who impose truth with power, which will be the laugh of the gods’ (Einstein). And yes the future can be predicted ‘the separation between past present and future is an illusion’ (same guy). Humans though ARE NOT RATIONAL BUT ANIMETALS, they only think they are free’ people are slaves they believe they don’t reason. Aristotle. Wo=men i agree, are smarter, survivors, do not like weapons, they didn’t create the problem, but they are coward, they will not die to save the world, which is what it is needed. So the world will not be saved, because those of us who could are systematically ignored, censored and whenever needed murdered. You must understand the more you confront the more you are limited. Snowden, for example, i can relate to him, we were both menaces to the system. Others are though devious,assange, a ‘you’ working for mossad and CIA who staged a theatrics to destroy Islamic nations, as it was the case. In any case if you are smart enough you should send Capra to pasture, he is completely out of date, and read ha, ha you will be the first to enter there in years. In any case the laws of the universe are deterministic for those who do not even recognise them, the only way to be free is the buddha way, to know the laws, to suppress your wishes – that is your program, and control your wil. Americans are totally pre-programmed because they confuse the program – desires with freedom. So they enact it perfectly read the post on anglo-america left side, to understand how you are programmed to start with america is NOT ruled by humans but by digital machines and company mothers whose program is not human, it is about evolving and reproducing machines, humans are expendable in america, and as the ‘yous’, the Financial-media masters impose globally the program of its profit seeking corporations, we all humans including them of course (but they don’t realise they are human too with their racist memes), will be expendable. I am, and if ever this blogs would have gotten a real impact they would have spent me. So that i like from snow den though in any case, the thing i fought for, the BH factory, i did get the people to know. They didn’t do ANYTHING AS THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHIGN ABOUT SNOWDEN’S REVELATIONS, So that is the thing, like the Pelican brief movie, ends when she sends the paper to the NY times, ha, the NY times after my friend put the BH factory on the cover, had him fired and wrote an editorial saying to throw the ‘suit to the nearest black hole’, it would have sent the pelican papers to the FBI. The people on top are ridiculous, their arrogance is beyond ‘belief’, they think to be above God and the Universe and God, the mind of the fractal Univese has shown them repeatedly how it deals with that arrogance: war, holocuast and extinction. But they do NOT learn.

      • katharineotto Says:

        Living to save the world is what’s needed, and that takes more courage than cowardice. Women know this. If men had as much patience with the process and with each other as women have with their children, we might have more peace.

        There are many “probable futures,” and there are many dimensions in the cosmos, including temperature, color, weight, mass, electromagnetic vibrations, etc. Human box-like thinking is what got us into this maze. Nothing in nature can be described in just three (or four, if you consider time a dimension) dimensions.

        I’ve been writing a novel about this concept that space and time are illusions. If we are all immortal, which I believe we are, what good does all this fighting do? It’s an enormous waste of energy, and puts everyone in a bad mood.

        I thought I was coming to this planet to party, but who can enjoy a party with all these deadbeats? The saddest and most ridiculous thing is they are so busy whining, they don’t appreciate what they already have, or take care of their own. That’s what exasperates me most about Americans. Look around you. Who is dropping the litter, cutting you off in traffic, complaining about medical problems and medical bills while overeating at McDonald’s? Who can’t seem to find a place to allow the homeless some peace and a safe place to lay their heads? Public land is off limits to the public. I think the homeless should be allowed to sleep in public parks, public benches, and in places where they can protect the neighborhood from strangers. I think tax-exempt churches should open their doors to the homeless at night, even provide a bite to eat. How many neighbors would voluntarily support such hands-on approaches? We are all in this slime pit together, awash in our own garbage and blind to the stink we are creating.

        No wonder the world hates us. We have so little respect for ourselves, we must look rather pitiful on the world stage.

        But the media is so busy pitting neighbors against neighbors that we are not allowed to just live and let live, like decent people.

        That the CIA and our 16 other “intelligence agencies” is intentionally creating hostilities around the world makes me spitting mad, because I consider it the utmost in stupidity.

        But I have been outspoken, too, in the past, and have been spanked by the system. I have retired from the limelight to re-think strategy but have not given up. I do not enjoy suffering. I do love freedom, immortal, lazy, and selfish soul that I am.

        I believe drug laws are used and mis-used by the governments and CIA to control individuals and governments. Beginning with America’s first liquor tax in 1791, drug laws have given the federal government the authority–but not the right–to enter anyone’s home, for any reason, to check for stills. Now those stills are owned by Archer Daniels Midland, and are licensed to produce corn liquor, for cars and whiskey. This is why we have an ethanol mandate.

        Enough for now. I’m thinking of changing the focus of the 2016 election to issues . . . like getting the ethanol mandate repealed and abolishing daylight savings time. It is stupid, and another tangle in world scheduling.

        And officially adopt the metric system. There’s a little economic tangle that costs billions annually. Even the Brits have abandoned the British system of weights and measures. What is a troy ounce, anyway?

      • futureofhistory Says:

        you seem to be thoughtful, the key is the 5th dimension’ of scalar space-time of parts and wholes and its laws of eusocial love. That is my fundamental discovery, which should have r=evolved science, but it went against ‘technology’. You should try to understand central post is not that difficult, to reach enlightenment, trust me is not an ego-trip, i couldnt care less about ego. You just seem to be one of the few who might get enlightened with it , in spanish we say ‘honey is not made for the mouth of the ass’… Humans unfortunately have limits, huge ones, visual brains, little time-verbal-logic conceptualisation. Wo=men are more rounded than men, balanced, yin bodies yang brains. A fascinating result of 5D metric equations is the duality men-women, embedded in the fabric of the Universe, which i guess i should write seriously and put it on those blogs. but I’m lazy no many reasons wanting to live longer in this specific planet

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