“It comes from a deep-rooted conviction that if there is anything worthwhile doing for the sake of culture, then it is touching on subject matters and situations which link people, and not those that divide people. There are too many things in the world which divide people, such as religion, politics, history, and nationalism. If culture is capable of anything, then it is finding that which unites us all. And there are so many things which unite people. It doesn’t matter who you are or who I am, if your tooth aches or mine, it’s still the same pain. Feelings are what link people together, because the word ‘love’ has the same meaning for everybody.”    On the difference between culture and idol-ogy. 

Kieslowski, director of perhaps the best film ever made, ‘Decalogue’, 600 minutes of culture,  100.000 $ of go(l)d.

The head of mankind


In the graph, in a healthy super organism of history the head of mankind would be its prophets of eusocial love, which make available in the ethic and visual ‘artistic’ languages of the mind of wo=men, the mandates of survival of the organic Universe, spelling in words, as they did through the cycles of evolution of human cultures the ‘eusocial message of love to the same species’ proper of biological evolution, which in mathematical terms is the origin of the fractal social structure of the Universe in parts and wholes:


In the graph, scheme of the 5th dimension of social, scalar evolution, humans are part of that scalar, infinite Universe, and its fundamental laws of engagement are biological laws of organic survival, as parts become the relative past of larger wholes, which are better fit to survive. So from simplest quanta, through scales of increasing complexity the Universe evolves socially and finally after the series of parts studied by each science from quantum to particles to atoms to molecules, cells, multicellular organisms and matter states, social organisms, and solar systems, man becomes the brain of Gaia, the body of its social organism, as explained in the parables and messages of love of its eusocial prophets that try to create a world made to the image and likeness of human beings. So cultures were born in which for each age and time and people the organic structure of the Universe, and its taoist yin-yang, visnu-shiva, information-energy laws of creation – the collective mind GOD of the universe (eastern cultures) or the smaller supeorganisms of mankind (gods of which each mind is a cellular memetic unit) were explained:


In the graph, we see the evolution into higher social structures till reaching the highest informative purity of both God-minds of the Universe, the god-minds of mankind which evolved from tribal gods into oikoumene gods into the understanding we were all members of the same species; and the universal gods of taoism and buddhism evolved into general systems sciences and itsudnerstnading of the scales of the 5th dimension that structure the Universe.

So a healthy super organism of mankind would have a head dedicated to maximise the perfect design of the human superorganism and its informative legal and cultual networks and its energetic and reproductive, economic networks dedicated to reproduce the welfare wealthy healthy human biological goods in harmony with a sustainable gaia, while repressing the lethal metal goods that kill us – facts those expressed in the constitution  the healthy body of human history in which all other laws would be based:

world union

In the graph, the natural evolution of mankind into a global super organism, ruled by the Human constitution: Max. Human goods x Minimal lethal goods, divided into 3 networks-physiological systems of the human super organism dedicated to maximise the existence of human beings, by giving them enough energy and information to survive, thrive and maximise its individual and collective existence. In such a world, sum of all the positive prophetic cultures of the past – the 7 cultures of the rainbow planet, the military system would be like the leucocytes of the body, dedicated not to repress and murder humans but to repress and destroy lethal goods and company-mothers that produce them. The ethonomic ministry would be dedicated to maximise the production of welfare goods and distribute the blood-oxygen Univesal salary all humans will receive to create a demand economy and the political system would design laws voted by referendum and each civil tenant would be voted a posteriori.

The legal constitution will infuse all laws which will defend a world constructed to the image of humanity itself a perfect superorganism made to the image of the Universe.

On the bottom we see then properly the 7 cultures of mankind born of the evolution of 7 ethic wor(l)ds first born in a prophet’s mind and expanded globally, origin of he 7 cultures of the perfect world.

For that reason religions exist and triumph as one of the 3 main forms of creating a verbal culture – the other being legal constitutions or social customs in primitive societies, uttered by the elderly and passed by tradition. In the next graphs from different books on 5D metric and social emergence of information, we see the birth of a seminal memetic prophet as a wave of thought, similar to that of a biological seed or atomic quantum function-wave of multiple histories – the language that of my models of the fractal organic Universe:

the organismsof culture


But cultures do have also a visual form, as they are just super organisms of human beings, who merely aggregate and emerge all the minds of its human neurons into a larger ‘entity’, which according to the metric of scalar systems, live longer and slower than the individual cells.

So if a cell lives and reproduces each day in your body super organism, cultures live normally a decametric social unit longer than the individual (800 years) and in those 10 generations, their mind culture goes also through the 3 ages of life, between birth and extinction by the ‘destructive’ power of technological weapons – the rival super organism.

So, why cultures die? They should not die, and they would not die, if there was NOT the cut off of weapons evolution. And so cultures today die and accelerate their death passing from 800 years to 80 years period precisely because of another property of informative systems: its accelerated evolution, which in this case is the accelerated evolution of machines-weapons that kill cultures.

So as we study the 7 cultures of mankind and its collective minds, we will also study the negative side of them, the animetal part of the cultures that are fighting and winning in the process of degeneration of all those cultures. In the next ultra-repeated graph we can see above the origin of the 7 cultures of mankind in its positive and negative sides


 So one of the lamentable facts of the 7 cultures of the world today is that they have stopped its evolution into a single global system, and are regressing to past memes, which a mere 30 years before the chip radiation started in earnest were dimmed as relics of the past, customs without more importance than to be an excuse to get together and conserve art and architecture (religious ceremonies, conserved as an empty carcass of a bygone previous phase of the eusocial evolution of man).
 So the perfect super organism of history does not exist and nobody cares to build it why? Because humans are not living a healthy world but one virally infected by the memes of go(l)d and the eviL=anti-live values so they cannot even understand the simple laws of eusocial evolution, unconnected of any ethical message, part of an alien superorganism of machines for which we enslave, evolving it into a global new ecosystem – the metal earth. So the head of mankind is crazy each human as a virally infected cell dedicated to create the memetic DNA of mechanisms not of life.

Wor(l)d vs. Go(l)D cultures build two different worlds.

Cultures are the informative network of a superorganism of history, nation, civilisation or mankind at large.

Cultures as such are verbal networks, based in laws and ethic religions in as much as human super organisms are ruled by verbal thought with its values that put man above all objects as the subject of the system of information. And more over, are normally born in the mind of a first ‘seed’ prophet, which mathematically is considered a seminal seed of the lower ∆-1 plane of the ‘5th dimension of parts’ and wholes, which multiplies in the minds of believers till create a common memetic ‘DNA’, of ethic verbal mandates of social evolution and sharing of energy and information among believers that create the pegging of the culture.


In the graph, the values of the word, treated in depth in the analysis of verbal languages, as fractal systems of ternary information, are opposed to those of digital money. This is the key element to understand the importance of verbal, legal ethic values as constitutions of healthy organisms of history, and its value within religion – its most important part, which should be kept, while the mythic part evolved into the understanding of the organic nature of the Universe (science).

Today the negative ‘nationalist’ memes dominate the below-humanist, cultural memes:
shorter. The Wave of History

Animetal warriors with weapons, bankers with gold that enslaves the mind of people, and scientists with machines that atrophy and substitute us are on top of history destroying gaia.


Culture in terms of the program of existence and the ethonomic frame of reference.

Culture is in that sense, the highest expression of the program of life existence, and the search for natural human energy, information and elements that promote our social evolution.  So cultural goods are by definition human welfare goods; and in that sense, in the perfect world ‘ethonomical wealth’ and cultural richness are synonymous concepts:


In the graph, positive economic goods are vehicles of culture – the search for the consumption of those elements that maximise human experience.

Art: the maximal quality of culture.

Art on the other hand are forms of culture of maximal information (Y-coordinates of the space-time frame of economic reference). So art are the highest form of the natural human languages of perception, the ethic, temporal word that make us survive in time and the visual, artistic images as portrayed by the I=Eye and its imagination.

In that regard the difference between cultural goods – all the positive goods of the ethonomic frame of reference and art – forms of culture that excel in quality, is subtle but important. Art becomes a role model for culture, and as such is the epitome of the subconscious collective mind of the civilisation, the culture in its highest informative expressions.

Artists are therefore the neurons of a culture, its highest informative minds that ‘see better and talk better’, and should guide society. On the other hand, artist and culture has no value or minimal value in the ‘economic, GDP’ frame of reference of company-mothers and the metal-earth. So obviously in nations dominant in metal-goods, capitalist and military nations art is either of null value or simply repressed and censored. Such is the case of both, the capitalist American ‘idol-ogy’, which systematically debases the quality of culture in all its elements (Americans are the people who spend less time ‘feeding’, less time ‘reading’, and less time on eusocial, communities get together of the western world), and the military regimes of any type, of which the ‘globalised’ eco(nomic)system is filled up.




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