Korea? Iran!

Abstract. What will be the first Nuclear splendid little war of the future? The answer is obvious: an enemy of our ‘role model for the XXI century capitalism’, Israel and its elite of financial-media-academia (ab FMAsters) of Jewish origin, in control of the digital information of this planet (±80% of bankers, media CEOs and Economic Nobel prizes in the west, as well as most academics in Social Sciences, which have reduced the discipline to a hagiography of capitalism). Two are its main nuclear power enemies, Korea, which provided most of the expertise to Pakistan and Iran. But Korea is too far away, and Asians are smart enough to play the game of cat and dog, so we bet it will be Iran.

Fortunately enough though Nuclear weapons are these days highly obsolete – the real industry is the war of robots, highly profitable and expensive and Israel leads the industry (60% of robotic weapons), so likely the tensions will rise and fall… On my opinion, knowing people from all those cultures, Israel as the master of America would play cat and mouse with the intelligence and dexterity of its elites, but what they don’t seem to understand is that always there is some dark horse, some ‘breeded’ monster that breaks the script and this can be the case with the erratic Trumpuppet and its cohort of lunatic neocons… On the other side, we are more confident that the Koreans who don’t want to kill their brothers south of the border, and the Iranians, who are a group of savvy priests that have been playing masterly for 30 years and counting the realpolitiks of animetal power, won’ t jump.

We are not so sure of the mad dogs that surround the hyper ego Potus, Puppet of The United States, if you ignore the meaning of the wor(l)d (: ): O:

We deal though with Iran on the section of the Semite wars and Mr. Potus, so here we shall follow closely the news on Korea and the background of the Asian nazionalist resurgence already ‘forecasted’ in the 92 book – as the natural episodes of the future III Age of industrial wars, that we said, would re-enact the enmities of Asia in the XIX-XX earlier colonial age… as it is happening today… That is the determinism of raw animetal power and realpolitiks when a real science of history is not met by our politicians and caudillos. 


If humans were something more than ‘homunculus animetals’, and were serious about a future with an alternative model to the non-way out of company-mothers evolving AI robots and weapons, instead of absurd tribal conflicts, mankind would search for a Unification of its 7 cultures, with the models of Uno and EU and the laws of systems sciences. Russian then would have been invited to join EU – IT IS 1/2 OF EUROPE! and make EU a global potency above U$, able to bridge a social, scientific global world with China as the partner opening the path to a perfect world. For the same reason Israel+Palestine should have been enclosed in EU, as the obvious solution to primitive religious memes, and apartheid stressing Haskala over halaka (enlightenment over religious war), as Israel IS Europe. The opposite has happened. The Jewish Financial-Media elite ruling the western empire got paranoid about a model of survival in which they had to relinquish their hate memes and segregational behavior to mankind and embrace a future for ALL of us and just gear up the hate memes, war drill, pumping up their war against the poorest people of the world – Islam and then as Islam counter-attacked to get nuts about safety to ensure we shall repeat for profits the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycles of wars and holocausts… SO RUSSIA did not join EU, was brutally broken into statelets, became the guinea pig for ‘war propaganda’ with the excuse of its old red army power and now is the preferred target of the yellow press campaigns of hate memes to ensure EU and MANKIND will never be the social, humanist civilization that could have saved all of us.

The question  of course will be always for the bio-historian of a much larger view: the FMAsters that totally control the information machines of the west (ab. Financial-Media-Academia empire of those who own the information machines that issue in monopoly our money, manufacture our brains and pretend to do so as science with its pundits and Saint Nobel prizes – aka the Jewish informative elite in control of 80% of CEOs and CFOs, mass media press and Academia prizes of the western world since the 70s coup d’etat that delivered after Watergate the American presidency to mass-media, the $ to back inflationary e-money and stock-companies bought with them) could have with far less duplicity an effort cre(dit)ated a perfect world for all mankind to thrive per in secula seculorum using their financial monopoly in the invention of money, their Media P.R.ess and their Academia pundits to develop a social organic science of mankind, and they would have ensured our survival till the 7th generation, but they decided to resurrect NOT mankind and the future but a bigot, segregational go(l)d fetish religion of the Bronze Age, plunging ‘again’ mankind in an age of deb-usury slavery and permanent splendid little war for profits. They have succeeded in creating the ‘Jewish project’ for the XXI c. which is our collective self-suicidal extinction by the future weapons of the singularity age.

So enjoy your Bronze Age bigot desert wasteland as long as it last, because you have killed all of us into the future…

What I proposed to those people when I felt to be one of them, among the elite of NYC was to adopt the evolved Haskala not the Halaka, to enlighten themselves on the path of my European civilization and work with us, EU and UNO to become a perfect superorganism of mankind; solving once and for all the Israel problem accepting Israel and Palestine as a single nation in the European Union, denuclearizing the zone, making Israel a member of UNO with the Palestinian lands, returning to their enlightened version, and all together solve the problems of the world. They hardly understood a dot of it, and that were the 90s. Only a few students and liberal friends could see that far. Now, they are happy building the terminator warriors and drones and converting humanity into a fiction hate-memes mind to even understand a better world was possible but only they, because of their control of the western world and its U$ colony could have done it.

It was, we repeat, MUCH EASIER IF THE WILL TO SURVIVE WAS THERE, to bring a perfect world along EU and CHINA, masterminded U$ POTUS on the path the Americans also wanted, as they felt Europeans, back then – now they are just copycats of their Malcolm X-like masters: ‘are we sick master, shall we send our money and mercenary armies to kill all those eviL Iranians’?

Update – May – Israel declares ‘de facto’ war to Iran…

Update. Cat and mouse ‘retaliation’.

How do you play the cat and mouse game when you have all the cards on your hand, that is you control as the FMAster of the western world all its P.R.ess releases, you command the mercenary armies of the U$ colonial III Age of the Industrial R=evolution and mass up the best weapons of the world? The answer is: destroying the enemy and on top appearing as the ‘newspeak’ victim. This is the game of the FMAsters in the Semite wars, played now with Iran the last surviving nation that resists the Global Empire of the FMAsters except China. Consider the brutal onslaught that took place yesterday against all Iranian positions in Syria, in this de facto war. First Israel tell the global P.R.ess that Iran? through its interposed ‘commands’ on Syria, had fired 20 or so rockets, totally inoffensive, which ‘magic’! never reached Israeli ground, and we are told to believe those were fired by Iran, and were ‘to reach Israel’ – but didn’t. So what was the act? Nothing. No Rockets of the supposed launch – topic hand-made rockets of null capacity to harm, of which only Israel, this pathological liar tell us to exist, but in any case never arriving to Israel.

Alas, immediately Israel ‘retaliates’ or so says the P.R.ess left and right – the picture is from The guardian, the supposed enemy of Israel… LOL.

FACT is of course, Iran has NOT fired Israel, as not a single rocket came from Iran and Landed in Israel POINT. 

THIS FROM the Independent UK: “Sana, Syria’s state news agency, quoted a Syrian military official as saying Israeli missiles hit air defence positions, radar stations and a weapons warehouse.

Hezbollah, the Iran-allied Lebanese militant group also fighting in Syria on behalf of President Bashar al Assad, said the Golan Heights attack was instigated by Syrian troops rather than Iran.”

One might say those allied to Israel to fake a false attack which of course didn’t land a single rocket in Israel.

So let us call the things as they are. Israel is bound with their control of the western Financial-Media-Academia empire to crash ANY COUNTRY that ever dares to resist its power in the Middle East. And so as Libya, Syria and Iraq and Lebanon have been obliterated by all kind of complex systems, starting from Mossad’s Assange operative talking of dictators, Arab spring risings, crushed by pro-western dictators in the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt and Jordan, thrown into civil war in which we liberally armed both sides alternately till destruction was absolute in Lybia, Iraq and Lebanon, Yemen and Syria, there is now a simple map of the region:

  • Either countries destroyed – those who had an opposed view of Israel with the help of the mercenary western armies.
  • Or countries so corrupted by dictators that all of them are our allies buying our weapons and crashing their populations, human rights, female rights, you name it, From Egypt to Bahrein
  • Or those who still resist of which there is only one left, Iran, hence Iran must be crashed and the operation is so obvious, because Iran did obey the program of no-nuke proliferation, it accept the brutal sanctions most of them still standing, it refrain itself ad maximal except in defense of their Chiite Muslim groups, that we need this kind of ultimate bull$hit – Israel massacring every position of militias backed by Iran because of some ghostly rockets that never felt in Israeli soil.


Mote in brother’s eye

It is now for Iran to respond or not, as Israel waits for Trumpuppet to join, this first direct attack on a foreign soil base:


“The strike on a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday was carried out by Israeli F-15 fighter jets after Iran had transferred a shipment of anti-aircraft missiles there, three U.S. officials told NBC News. The officials said Israel seems to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. support.

The Syrian army said early on Monday that “enemy” rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

Citing unnamed American sources, the report said Iran has delivered wepons to the military base, including surface-to-air missiles, adding that Iran in the past two weeks has increased cargo flights to Syria with weapons shipments, which includes small arms and anti-aircraft missiles. The report says two U.S. officials believe that the shipments are intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel.

An official from a regional alliance including Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, said Monday that the strikes killed 16 people, among them 11 Iranians, according to a New York Times report on Monday. The report said the bombardment also destroyed 200 missiles. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity, as he was permitted to speak to the press.

“On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top… right now,” one senior U.S. official is quoted in the NBC News report as saying.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that Israel on Tuesday morning had four problems, one more than the day before: “Iran, Iran, Iran and hypocrisy.”

Alleged Israeli strikes in Syria

The comment came one day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a cache of documents the Mossad stole from Iran detailing the country’s nuclear program.

“This is the same Iran that cracks down on freedom of expression and on minorities. The same Iran that tried to develop nuclear weapons and entered the [nuclear] deal for economic benefits,” Lieberman said.

“The same Iran is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel cannot ignore Iran’s threats, Iran, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Israel,” he said. “They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response.

To Notice that just changing Mr. Lieberman’s word from Iran to Israel you get perhaps a closer description of what is really happening, as Israel IS the country that HIDES its nuclear weapons, so far:

‘We… had four problems, one more than the day before: “Israel, Israel, Israel and hypocrisy.” The comment came one day after Prime Minister… revealed a cache of documents … stolen from Israel detailing the country’s nuclear program. “This is the same Israel that cracks down on freedom of expression and on minorities. The same Israel that tried to develop nuclear weapons and entered the [nuclear] deal for economic benefits,” “The same Israel that is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Iran,” he said. “They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response.

LOL, as Iesu, the prophet that Talmud says is boiling in hell in a pot of excrements punished for trying to convert the goy=gentile=animal into a human being put it:

3.’And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see …

Update. February-March: towards an Iranian war.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 6.59.30 AM

So the two leaders will meet. Apparently good news but not so good. It seems the Masters have spoken and the war should be if/when needed for profits/votes, with Iran, and that is also a nuclear war, but that is the choice of Israel.

The change of the relative moderate, EXXON boss, which could sell more oil high quality for weapons but cared a little bit for the safety of the world but Mr Pompeo ‘Mercer’, a pro-Netanhayu, Jewish-Italian, previous boss of CIA now to be ran by a wo=man in favor of torture, seems to indicate that the true garget of war is as always was Iran, and North Korea will be kept on the courtyard of opportunism for paranoia along the Russians…

Next indeed we know he chose ‘the devil incarnate’, Mr. Bolton to ‘mate’ with Mad Dog Mat to the service of Bibi…

One can only feel a certain respect for the small Koreans, who have stand the germ(an) bully, reassuring they will only ab=use nukes if attacked first; after 65 years of massive military high-tech manoeuvres on the other side of the increasingly robotised wall of shame. So just leave the underdog alone, go find your SPLENDID little war of the 9 year product cycle to showcase your arsenal for the business of neofascist America, somewhere else, Mr. Trump-eteer of Apocalypto.


Koreans: the guinea pigs for post cold-war ‘maneuvers’ 

The astounding injustice of the Korean partition resumes in this: Koreans DID NOT AS GERMANY start a global war, but were victims of colonialism, as Vietnam was, between two DICTATORSHIPS, one military, Communist stalinism and one financial, capitalist democracies. 

As such it was a constant tragedy, first colonized by Japan in a brutal way; and then thrown as pawns of the Cold War. In the Korean War the Americans threw more bombs that in the whole II world war against Japan, carpet bombing the whole North Korea to rubble. Then the North stalinists and the South capitalist used KOREANS to promote their hate memes and promote their weapons industries.

INDEED, the Korean War was the FIRST of the splendid little wars for profits of the ‘belli Nervi pecunia infinita 8 years ‘short product cycle’, which requires every 8 years a war showcase of the product cycle of economics, and DID lift America from its economical industrial slump AS WARS are the engine of the IDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION. In the graph, from the 92 book the cycle and its then future predictions:

So WHEN STALIN DIED and the Cold War ‘cooled’ KOREANS tried to unify. Because they feel deeply their nation. Indeed, they are one of the oldest cultures of the world who invented printing, AND spurs two ± technologies of the wor(l)d vs. war cycle, and gave birth to Japan with its cavalry+iron invasion (denied by Japanese, yes, your emperor IS Korean). How they did it?

The father of the present ‘fat boy’ opened negotiations with the south, which to that aim chose the first socialist NOT-MILITARY dictator as president, and as Germany started its unification peacefully, they started a similar process, with the help of the Chaebols, notably Hyundai whose founder was North-Korean – the famous 1000 cows truck. So they opened first an industrial zone on the border, with Chaebols making with cheap north-korean skillful workers electronic gadgets. Unification WAS CERTAIN as that of Germany driven by the two new leaders, once the stalinist-puppet founder to the north and the US imposed Korean dictators to the south was gone. Now Korea would be a SINGLE NATION with a social-democratic EU style welfare state, mixture of both, with the best of both, democracy and welfare whealth, NO DOUBT OF IT. But the military-industrial complex which has in KOREA and Israel ITS TWO LANDMARKS for eternal warfare, with robotized walls for the XXI c. nightmare of electronic big brother and terminators, freaked out.

Alas! Suddenly the two LEADERS DIED, the northern leader of a mysterious sickness (my view is that the red army to the North, corrupted to the bone and in total stalinist power got rid of him and put the puppet Youngster fat boy); and so DID THE SOUTHERN leader, who ‘COMMIT SUICIDE!!’ – a man who had been jailed as president of the worker’s party for decades, de Nelson Mandela of the South-Korean democratic movement, committed Suicide LOL…

And of course, they put a puppet of US militarism in the South. And so North-Korea, had to reroute their industrial modernization NOT as they wanted with their own people but with Chinese Deng’s economic r=evolution.

But that was NOT enough. Korea has BEEN – memes never died – ALSO THE FOCUS of the Nuclear Industry eternal renewal of memes to keep producing bombs. And a lot of ‘racism’ GOES on the LIBERAL talking of AMERICANS about bombing KOREANS WITH NUKES, in the tradition of Nagasaki, once you start bombing with a monstrous new weapon, it seems OK to do it again. So MAC ARTHUR wanted already to start III world war bombing the Chinese frontier with dozens of nukes, and was sacked by Truman, minimally ‘normal’ guy… who already felt bad for bombing Japan… not all animetals are MONSTERS… though most military men are… nazionalist monsters stuck on their tribal memes.

Alas, to renew the ‘act’ George Bush declared that Iran, Irak and Korea – out of the blue – were the AXIS OF EVIL and they have to be annihilated. So they menaced Iran, invaded Irak and obviously North Korea felt it was next. AND THAT IS WHY it created its atomic bomb which was NOWHERE in its plans, as the only possible defense against the re-new-ed military hate memes on the South masterminded by the Bush administration, which renewed its massive top of the line military maneuvers with South-Korean armies as Samsung started the robotization of the border.

And that is the REAL STORY. But still Koreans were just quiet, as everybody Knows they would NEVER start a nuclear war against US not to be obliterated, and everybody knows Koreans will never Nuke Seoul, which they feel as their own people because NOT even in case of Nuclear obliteration by US they would murder 20 millions of their own people – but that might happen if some cuckoo military feels annihilation closer.

So now THIS MONSTER of neo-fascism ego-centered Trump, to hide all what he FAILED to do at home, IS creating a problem that WAS NOT THERE, as the center of his agenda, twisted the arms of Japanese, Koreans and Chinese to create a situation, around the Chinese TRUE ENEMY – in his crazy military mind – to create a state of permanent paranoia and SELL its robotic weapons, mostly produced by ‘Israeli industries’, IN A RACE with Samsung to militarize the walls of shame against third world poor all over the world.

It is so brutal and shameful, as the only victims would be the 20 million Seoul people – banking in the brinksmanship of eviL=anti-live military memes that the North-Koreans even if war breaks won’t nuke Seoul… risking indeed their staunchest allies in the region, because after all those are ‘yellow monkeys’.


Update. October.

It seem everybody is missing the point of why Trumpuppet is so adamant about massacring Koreans north and south, as we all know if it attacks North, Seoul will be obliterated.

Today a republican, BOB CORKER, has told he is provoking III world war, right. And playing as he was a showman of the apprentice. 

LOL, he is a showman of The apprentice. THAT IS why  THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA masters that rule U$ chose him. But he couldn’t care less as yet another puppet president for Korea, north or south – he is scripted as all the fascist=fasces=mask leaders puppets of the financial-media system since Reagan, an actor started up the ‘act’ of pretending to be president. We all know as Roosevelt put it that ‘presidents are $elected, not elected’.

And the point is who $elects them? The head of the industrial military system, which is the financial-media system that we cannot talk about. Who owns wall street and evilwood where they script those days policies? Is then the question to know who he caters. The answer is obvious as the son of Trumpuppet put it quoting Voltaire: ‘to know who rules ask yourself who you cannot criticize’. So the scripted reason of this war is obvious, the Financial-Media masters of America have had a problem with North Korean nukes for 30 years and counting, and that explains why them, who care nothing for Koreans or American victims for that matter, are pushing ever harder, given the fact that as today the making robotic walls as the one in North Korea is its main business (his country produces 60% of terminator robots, invented drones etc.).

So to make things short we copy paste an article of their official press, from a member of their ruling party. And so Bob Cocker just leave TRumpuppet alone, he is NOT running the show, he is just an apprentice of witchcraft, tele-directed from above:


Now why do you think trumpuppet central ‘policy’ globally is exactly that of the Likkud hardcore people, obsessed with the nukes of North Korea and Iran? Ah, of course, it is all in the interest of the land of the free, LOL.

Update. May.

The outcome of South Korea’s presidential contest, while not quite an electoral landslide, certainly represents a seismic shift in the country’s political centre of gravity.
Moon Jae-in’s success in winning the contest with some 41% of the vote, while not a foregone conclusion, confirmed the expectations of many observers that the population would move leftwards rejecting the trend of the past eight years that has seen conservative candidates occupying the presidential residence, or Blue House, since 2008.
At 64 years old, Mr Moon’s personal biography epitomizes South Korea’s progressive politics and the civic activism that shaped the democratization movement that transformed the country in the 1980s and 1990s.

April: running away from failed destruction of American lives.

In the graph, once Mr Trump failed to repel the faulty obamacare with an even more brutal system, and increase the ‘tempo’ of massacres to their population, which along UK, the stalwarts of Kapitalism, kill 1/2 million per decade citizens for lack of a decent health-care, as the rival culture (Latin Europe) does, yes the ‘frogs and the mob’ with a far more humane form of capitalism, what we feared is happening: since you cannot do any internal policy in capitalist societies, where money talks and all laws are bought by lobbies; before he ‘force-feeds’ further cuts to ‘existential threats’ of real America (health-pollution-diplomacy-foreign aid, etc.), he has gone abroad with his huge ‘hammer’ to nail ‘rogue states’, but as he doesn’t know much (Obama), he is targeting the impossible problem – North Korea; which ‘already has’ as Iran or Israel nukes. So you cannot blow North Korea, as the border is a few kilometres from Seoul, where 20% of SK live, and it would imply at least a 4 million holocaust. First, he tried to convince the Chinese president, which has NO leverage at all, as Korean history is about BEING INDEPENDENT of China. So it is like asking the Brits to impose their power on Ireland; the Spaniards to reconquer Holland. China explained some history… And on top he is really going for the ‘most cuckoo’ violent eastern Animetal tribe, which does NOT bulk, ever. Those are the Spaniards of Asia, the final ‘Peninsula’ of the 800 arch of military men; and you do NOT invade the Spaniards, without consent, or else as Napoleon found, you will have to MURDER them all. US is going it seems for the TOUGHEST classic warriors of History, because knows nothing about mankind but has a hammer and think all nails sink in. This one doesn’t.

south koreaIn the graph, Seoul cannot be defended. GOT IT? SOLUTION: live with it. NK will NEVER strike US  or Japan as it will mean obliteration; or  the easy target of Seoul, as they are their ‘own people’ for the mind of Korea, beyond rhetoric UNLESS you strike first, and NOTHING you can do, except to obliterate within minutes ALL N.Korea could prevent a simple ‘gas/nuke’ canon shot to reach seoul.


We live in a monstrous age of ‘Animetal’ go(l)d masters and Military thugs on the loose.  Even if the cycles of history predicted it for a humanist writer is still shocking: Today I heard some outrageous news. The ‘supreme leader of North-Korea’ the harshest military dictatorship at work has murdered his brother,whose only crime was to take a holidays in Disneyland with his children. In the day his father was born. We must think on Nero murdering his mother at the height of the decadent Roman Empire to find this kind of monstrosities.  But the question is: why both China and the US left its ‘puppet’ nations North and South Korea radicalise their absurd views of the world – a military dictatorship and a extreme capitalist Chaebol-run leading electronic society, mirror of what the future hold for most of mankind – stay.

The answer of course is all the wrong memes of mankind and its ego-trips of power. Both kept – once the two Germanies by sheer will of the chancellor became unified eliminating a war problem – the two Koreas in their absurd separation for the sake of power games. Mr Kim should have never taken power. It was then opportunity to reunify them with a middle ‘constitution’ which would have taken the best of the west, in the way Japan wrote hers with the best of the German and UK ones. It is also truth that South Korea is by no means run ‘democratically’ as Germany was, and so the corrupted Chaebol-military alliance of gold and weapons to the south did not help.

Ultimately of course North-South Korea division, given the fact the Koreans have shown both sides to be puppets are just part of the larger game of the FMMI system finding always excuses for wars. But as usual we must differentiate cultures. Yes, this man is cuckoo, but he has just little nukes and cannot get much further, and obviously will never attack anyone as he would be obliterated if he is not provoked first… As any of the other nuke rogue states, Israel included. So why we do not leave them alone? The answer is THAT THE ENTROPIC HATE-MEMES, retaliation first cult(ure) that is now in power both in US and the world at large, courtesy of our primitive FMasters and their semite animetal TALION psyche NEED to bully. So Mr. Trump is going for it, and the consequences… well, if he goes all the road – that is the mantra ‘the world is filled with corpses of wars, we all knew wouldn’t be declared’ said a Brit historian – since once YOU GET so many hammers, you seek for nails… here a post I did, on the ‘organ of Mr. Trump’, worldview, as customary followed by a barrage of insults, final erasing etc. etc.

But if mankind expects to have any future at all, given the difficulty to stop the robotic radiation, at least should suppress military robotics & forget obviously rogue states with nukes a la israel and N.K. as long as they don’t shoot nobody ‘obviously’ should start first.

This is common sense. ‘But As Einstein regretting it put it, ‘it is sorely obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity’ And that is the amazing fact of rogue states and jihads – we, the few cultures which were still humane, have completely yielded with little resistance to the likes of ISIS, US and Israel and their primitive talion laws, mythic bronze age religions, revenge thoughts, subjective childish ego trips, as if the Axial age, the enlightenment, the bill of rights, all the small accomplishments of the euro-american ‘latin-legal-humanist civilisations’ had no place in history. We warned for decades this would happen.

And now we are here.

Of course, it would have not been possible with the brutish forms of II world war propaganda, of the nazi-communist ‘big brother’ system or the much more subtle modes of our FMasters with its twisted political correctness and placebo ‘goodies’, while on the censored backside, anonymous corporations enact the cycles of technological war. So we cannot come together at least on that ‘most lethal’ of all forms of self-destruction: nukes and military robots (first and third extinction events of the singularity age), because… they give us money. And we SHALL die as the go(l)d culture does periodically for money, denying it all in our virtual screens as if virtuality would change reality – zeitgeist of the programming of minds by the virtual screens.

This is the game: to hide the underlying advance of the singularity age,  by NOT reporting on true social sciences and its cycles, by NOT reporting on true problems, nukes, robots, labor and war displacement by them, but use just placebos as those explained in our articles on virtual democracies… Yes, ok you might argue all mankind is ‘now’ in this stage (or else by word of mouth this site would have more than a few robots and a dozen of occasional repetitive readers). Do i worry? Of course i angst all my life, I fought a global campaign against GERMAN nukes in Europe, but now I kind of accept, I couldn’t help much to save the world, still i think it is worth to write the truth, till the anti-quantum paradox finally gets to erase me or the web, just amore gratis for the sake of truth…

The solution of true social sciences?

And at this stage, given the radical standing for suicidal capitalism of the ‘biblical’ axis (Israel UK USA: ANGLO-AMERICAN culture), it only can happen in the old continent if Russia stops playing games of power, Eu admits it on the folding and China and Japan-Korea, the TRADER/warrior duality of Asia also abandon their childish games of nazi-onanism. In the next graphs, one recent on the present state of the 7 cultures of mankind, the other 25 years old from the original book on bio-history, forecasting the ‘descend of Asia into yet another XIX c. round of eternal memes of hate between warrior ‘Mongols->Tunguses->Korean+Japanese vs. Chinese ‘trade-oriented’ people is now happening… so deterministically as all other cycles did:


In the second graph, despite its darkness and strange language, we can see the structural elements of Asia, and the animetal eternal confrontation between South-China, the trader empire and North-east asia the warrior empire.

Korea falls fully on that place. I was there escaping briefly the week I taught system sciences more than a decade ago at tokyo tech, visiting an old friend who studied with me in NY. The country impressed me for his ‘raw japanese’ nature, without constitutional limits to warrior thought, cocky and ready, so proud of itself as Israel in the West. Nothing of what I used to admire of the nation – starting with the taoist flag first, was left. There was even an amazing growth of biblical churches; people were entering the virtual age of living completely through the surrogate worlds of virtual screen.

Yet the most scary part was the border starting to be robotozed by samsung tech. And of course what one might imagine was on the other side – a harsh military dictatorship traitor to all the true meanings of the socialist r=evolution akin to what I observed before the wall felt in east germany – a short visit though, being young and brass i decided to test the wall fro the other side, and advanced from east berlin till a series of shots and whistles got me into a van and once the passport was checked, properly unloaded at point charlie (: yes that famous place of the cold war. Of course, in Korea i didn’t try 40 years latter… The feeling in any case is that in Korea they would have shot first and asked latter.

North Korea is the most clear example on how the Military-Industrial complex perpetuates itself, leaving unresolved conflicts. Indeed, China and the US should have UNIFIED those 2 nations after the fall of the wall, with a mixed social-democratic system, but they have kept them in extreme confrontation… till North-Korea got nukes. This I think was an error of China, given the fact that a more social, welfare culture like China should avoid ‘provocative’ situations for the FMMI system of the west, always ready to make profits of war in Placebo Democracies, in which money is NOT used for welfare but private money knows higher profits are achieved with the cycle of warfare:

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empire

In the graphs, now also from the old c.92 book we see how starting this year, we foresaw a change of war motion from Islam to the Chinese region. IT IS QUITE interesting to observe how the model accuracy in the great cultural oppositions has been played to the letter, including the 2008 crash, but the $ has resisted for yet another decade and China is playing well his game, so Taiwan did not come in ‘2018’ as the cause of war. That is where KOREA comes handy, and as i revise the article I hear Mr. Trump is indeed sending his ships to the ‘front’.

IT CANNOT of course start the war as long as Seul can be obliterated with a short range missile, but we are entering the age of ‘monstrous leadership’ proper of neo-fascism so we do have two cuckoo leaders, Twitrump and Kim Jong; and a neutered nation, Japan and one completely lost on his ‘electronic virtual worlds’ South Korea – so things can get out of hand which is what always HAPPENS FOR WAR TO HAPPEN – no nation goes consciously to war, but as a British historian put it – ‘the world is filled with corpses who died in wars everybody knew would never happen’.

The situation of Korea has rotten till a point that now in the neo-fascist age it is only a good excuse to promote further weapons, with a hundred miles wall of robotised machines of war, courtesy of the electronic Korean South side of the border, which plays in this cycle the role of military Japan, while the communist military dictatorship to the North, plays the role of ‘Jihad Islam’ in the parallel wall of robotic wars built in Israel. They are the mimetic ‘war situations both sides of the decoupling of history’:

Now all OVER the place and in many articles and books submitted to the anti-quantum paradox (read nobody reads, power don’t care0 we talked of the only solution left for mankind to survive this century, instead of going under guided by the FMasters unending game of printing money for shitty code while delivering evilwood soma pumping the egos of its sheeple till judgement day: a triad of world presidents from US, China and Europe, with a single currency ¥€$ money, created in the form of salary for every human citizen, so they create a ‘world’ awash with healthy wealth.

While his join army eliminates NOT human beings, but weapons, mostly robotic weapons, including those of the walls, which till recently were only 2, the Korean and the Israeli and now are 3 as America becomes the puppet state of Israel, who keeps expanding his robotic industry of weapons.

So the first thing those presidents of China and US should do is to solve the question of the walls.

Expansion of the role model: Israel=South Korea<∑ US=China.

 Israel is the nation-role model of the robotic age of the metal-earth, with its twin brother, in Asia, South-Korea, also with a robotised wall with north-Korea, and similar high tech military industries, idol-ogical division with its twin brother nation and extreme techn-utopian right wing fanaticism:


In the graph, as usual history divides between a small and great west-east decoupling, being Europe a fractal mapping of Asia with its 3 similar ‘mediterranean’, indic peninsulas with similar historic roles:

-Indonesia and Greece, the se-farer cradles of civilisations, Italy-India, the road-crossing multi-linguistic culture and Arabia, Spain, the warrior regions. In the north, the mainland Germania-China and the sea-trade, insular industrial Japan-UK. Korea with a role similar to Denmark, is becoming now in the robotic age the small, advanced seed of military robotics extreme automation and fanatical animetal cults – the equivalent of Israel n in the west. Yet when the concept of a robotic defensive ‘Chinese Wall’ is expanded to the bigger nations of US (trump) and China, humanity will fully enter into the military age of robotics, doomed to suffer a future J.D.

The solution to North-Korea.

In the Eastern decoupling the Korean->Japanese people play the role of the Germanic warrior animetals of the western decoupling, Northerners, racist to the bone, hierarchical, without mental freedom, using Objectual languages, with the object first, Koreans and Japanese are by essence hierarchical slaves of their idol-ogies. So it is to surprising that the SOCIALIST r=evolution lasted there less than a generation and the military thugs of the red army took over. So once more what once was a hope for mankind, as the American r=evolution, became corrupted by go(l)d and iron memes, by yous and germs and we got the Kim dynasty of mass murderers.

Now to say the record straight on the mass-murderer family of dictators, the Kims, we shall give as usual the solution of the wor(l)d, as dictated by the laws of the supœrganism of history, this blog represents, so far in its most advanced science. 

Here we DO for a change, fully AGREE with the American Diplomacy: CHINA MUST CLEAN THE ACT, which has gone well beyond all what mankind can stand, NOT ONLY because these family of dictators is massacring by hunger their population, but because they have BECOME a excuse for the leading robotic industry and Trump-like wall that South-Korea, aka Samsung is building to develop the terminator industry in the 30 kilometres wide border between both. And that wall AS ALL ROBOTIC WALLS MUST BE TUMBLE DOWN, BEFORE the industry of robotised, military walls, completely ENCIRCLE MANKIND, waiting for skynet day, 2036.

So China, with the help of American and South Korea Military intelligence, if possible pre-empting with all the panoplia of weapons of MANKIND AT LARGE, should liberate the North Korean people, re-invade the country, and if the pre-emptying operation has not avoided a nuclear strike run his tanks through the land, and an immediate Marshall plan feed them, educate them NOT in the brutish capitalism of South-Korea, but in the humanist version of public banks, free enterprise, and welfare of China. Then the border abolished, as well as the army of North-Korea, converted in a Costa rica like nation with NO ARMY – no excuse hence for South-Korean robotic build up, under a treaty of mutual defense with legalist China. So North Korea could become an experiment from a real r=evolutionary wor(l)d, with a Universal salary for all citizens, in ¥€$ money, a perfect laboratory for the perfect world.

On the other side, the US should scrap his walls…

that of Mexico, should not even be built at all; and US with a UNO army should invade Israel, demilitarise the region of nukes and walls and Israel should enter the EU, as a member state with all the Palestinians as citizens, no longer a ‘racist’ segregational military state, but a real democracy, with equality for all people, regardless of race and religion.

Why this will NOT happen, is obvious: mankind is enslaved by the Financial-Media masters who:

  1. keep printing crap-code as a excuse to invent money for free.
  2. And keep delivering massive doses of soma, with its control of mass-media to make us happy and tell us everything will be fun.


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