VS. ‘Terrorism’


Abstract.  III WORLD WAR, as predicted in our 30 years old books on the subject, is the globalisation of the semite wars, which started between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, but were bond to become expanded globally, with the III war age of the Industrial r=evolution, according to the cycles of history and economics as it has been the case.

So it is necessary before considering its present state, this week in which Jihad terrorism has attacked home town, Barcelona, changed the course of its history, to introduce in the ‘heat of the moment’, a scientific causal analysis of the reasons why Europe is being sieged by Jihad terrorism, and the process is in crescendo.

In the graph, explained ad nausea in other texts, we see the cycle of industrial evolution of machines, which after its overproduction crisis of consumption machines switches to the production of weapons and hate media, finding a necessary enemy, provoked ad nausea till its brutal response engage both enemies together.

The present III world war is similar in that sense to the first colonial wars, when the brutalised ‘negros’ of Africa, enslaved for centuries responded with a few victories that allowed the western world to colonise their lands.

Today after 50 years of apartheid Israel, and the massive degradation of the Islamic culture, in which the western world first killed its social-democratic, westernised leadership, then established dictatorships and finally allowed and even promoted the most extreme religious bigots, Islam has responded with those extremists, and attacked mostly European targets.

For example, in Iran, there was a social-democratic leader, Mossadeq, which we killed to install a military torturer, Shah, which we abandoned, sending from France a religious bigot. And this process has happened in other nations. I.e. Nasser died and his lieutenant was killed, we installed then a dictator. In the arab spring similar processes happened. In Afghanistan we paid jihad for decades.  We left flourish Isis even after its first attacks on Europe, a ragtag army that could have been eliminated within weeks.

So two questions must be brought forward. Why ISLAM HAS DEGENERATED, even if we allow and promote it to a pre-rational Islamic Jihadist age, and so it has the jewish enlightened european culture back to the racist times oF TALMUD?

The answer is deep: the third, dying age of a super organism brings about a revivalism of ‘youth’, and so as history becomes degraded into a neopaleolithic of visual violent people with little verbal reasonable mind, cultures go back to the degraded pre-rational, pre-enlightened age, the more so when the system promotes and pays Jihadism and orthodox racist judaism in both sides of the war. So the synergies between the third back to the past memories age of the super organisms of history and the need to promote military expenditures as technology switches from consumption goods to military goods to keep the profits of overproduction going, determines the present ‘age of primitive jihad terrorism, hardening of apartheid Israel, and global mass-media subtle hate memes against muslims.

That last point must be observed in its growing sophistication. From earlier scholars of Judaism explaining us that Islam was the religion of hate, and civilisations ‘clashed’, today we have a milder approach, with millions demonstrated against ‘terror’, but always with some nice Islamic priest telling us religions are ‘peaceful engagements’ in an emotional katarsis, clearly staged and scripted hollywood style. So all those ceremonies seem to be as all politically correct happenings positive but of course, europeans observing how their entire life is disrupted and the police and military invade their homes, react as expected by the ‘libretto’ with massive ghettoisation of muslims in their nations, which being indeed a primitive semite, revengeful culture of ‘imperative vso’ languages, is set to react with violence.

WHY THIS ABSURD STRATEGY? The hidden causes respond to a deep need for war and chaos which has as always an industrial ‘first reason’ and a memetic, cultural one:

  • The industrial reason is that jihad terrorism and islam chaos plays the role of the African primitives to justify an state of permanent war and investment in weapons. Thus it has flourished precisely after the 2008 crisis of chip overproduction and allows the creation of a permanent global security state.
  • The memetic, cultural reason has to do with apartheid Israel and the financial-media western empire which has reached maximal power after cre(dit)ating 15 trillion $ in electronic money in wall street and the city, giving almost absolute power to the ‘head’ of Judaism (its banker-priests) in control of informative machines (audiovisual media and finances). But why this Financial-Media Masters need to spread jihad islam? The answer is apartheid israel which runs a 50 years mild concentration camp and was after the fall of apartheid South Africa and Serbia was the last standing case of a primitive racially biased culture, not wanting to evolve into humanist values, due to the millenarian memes of its racial religion, themselves associated to the original go(l)d cultures, whose elite still governs the finances and media of the west:

So the destruction of Islam, a civilisation, with an old outlook as a religious super organism with its subconscious collective Allah, MATTERING MORE to their people that the alien western concept of nation, and hence the ‘real nation of Palestine’, WAS NECESSARY to allow aparhetid israel to keep happening. And after the coup d’etat of 1972 against the American presidency (watergate) the American currency (free money end of dollar gold) and the army (which switched from focus on Communism to focus on Islam with yon kippur), a new strategy of diversion and expansion of the war from Israel vs. Palestine to the west vs. islam was put shrewdly in place with the help of mass-media hate memes. 

So first America became involved, in those wars, and now Europe has entered the frail. How the process of expansion of hate memes against Islam contested by primitive subventioned or ‘let free’ jihadist happens is obvious:

Any terrorist attack even if it has minimal victims, which is akin to the violent cuckoo youngsters which deranged in America make shoot outs of children, but doesn’t get hardly any media attention, paralizes for a week a european nation, showing to the 3rd world, racially biased, humiliated nobody youngsters of the islamic ghettos of Europe that murdering people will make them heroes and paralize by their action a nation, converting them in the centre of all news for a week.  

So the dictum of Machiavelli, ‘if you cannot be loved better to be hated than to be ignored’ acts as a trigger to new attacks, which vented liberally by the global mass-media controlled by the memes of judaism, will become global news 24/7, provoke as it has now in Barcelona the halting of a nation, massive demonstrations, political attention for days, and show new youngsters the way to fame by hate. Imagine now that for similar reasons of atrocity, (it is equally brutal the shoot outs of kids in Newton schools), every time a kid shot kids in a school with weapons after playing call of duty for years, the entire American nation stops, the president changes his agenda, a million people gather together, and the TVs stop talking of any other news as it happens in Europe for days in a row. Immediately there would be imitators and more massacres in a growing spiral web.

But why in Europe? The answer is obvious. Europe is not Israel or America, the hardcore controlled part of the Financial-media empire but the ‘hated enemy that perpetrated most of the holocaust cycles’ studied elsewhere, and it is the ONLY humanist, social democratic, welfare based culture left standing. So the interest on revenge against the hated genociders and the need to destroy the model of social democratic humanist europe, with caring memes towards Palestine and the third world plays here an important ‘choice’. It is then remarkable to see that a pattern of those criminals is ignored: they are all petty criminals, youngsters, living in GHETTOS connected to internet, similar to the mass-murderers of american schools, which could be perfectly controlled but are left lousy on the loose by the police, which systematically fails to anticipate the crime, but when the crime happens this lousy conduct disappears and suddenly thousands of police, even military in FRANCE, thousands of P.R.ess, come onto the place, which was ignored, let to breed racism, hate and jihadism, and new measures for the security state are implemented.

And of course, the amazing attention to the issue of criminal kids murdering innocents, as in many other different happenings of violence in the entropic age of our civilisation, entering chaos by overproduction of hate memes, weapons and visual, violent hypnotism, breeds new terrorists. All are then synergies for the present elites in power:

  • Judaism diverts attention from the growing zealot conduct of extreme racist parties in Israel which are leaning more and more towards ethnic cleansing and need a global state of hate against Islam.
  • Political parties in the west have a excuse to build an extremely profitable security industry and are forgiven its corruption peccadilloes.
  • The economic crisis and destruction of the middle european class as robotisation, automation and vigilante machines deploy its skills and throw people out of work become forgotten themes. And so we keep moving into a growing expansion with this splendid little wars of world war III, ultimately moved and for that reason forecasted for decades, by the switch of overproduced chips from human consumption to consume humans in wars and watching us in vigilante states.

three ages semite wars

In the graph, after 9/11, the Semite wars as predicted, in tune with the robotic cycle of weapons, expanded to the mother cultures of the western biblical capitalist world (notably Anglo-America and its compacracy ruled by its dominant ‘you’ financial-media masters, in control of ±80% of its financial and media corporations from wall street, city, evilwood an of lately the ecb bank). While the systemic ethnic cleansing and humiliation of Palestinians, in one of the two centres along the Medina-Mecca axis of the Islamic nation – a historic religion, hence akin to a national body, prior to the creation of industrial nation concepts – expanded through its dual hate-media propaganda to the entire Islamic warrior neolithic people, fuelling Jihad – Mr. Osama was mentored by OLP soldiers. Yet it has been the technological synergies with the neofascist age of war which has propitiated the rise of islamophobia and jihad – conveniently paid for a long period by western nations to substitute the old red enemy with the fall of the wall with a seemingly manageable new enemy, excuse for the profits of the capitalist triple equation of war:

The solution of the wave of terror on the other side is obvious.

At the beginning of the Semite wars, when Palestinian organisations, then still called what they are ‘soldiers’ of the $emite wars, did massacre many western-backing nations of apartheid ‘grand Israel’: to stop making 24/7 hours propaganda, to stop interfering in the semite wars getting out of Iraq, and recognise the human rights of Islam, treating their nations, which ARE  a single one, as Islam is a pre-national state, of 1.5 billion people, and their kamikaze soldiers cannot be stopped, by police states, as if they were Human Beings; which they ‘are’.

In the SECOND graph, we entered in 2008 according to the 72 years kondratieff cycle of economic crashes, switch to war production, choice of military politicians and pumping up of easy enemies in the ‘deja vu’ age of colonial wars, pumped to paranoia, similar to the 1860s age of train wars and colonialism, predicted in our first models of bio-history 30 years ago, explained technically in the next graph of the c.92 book of biohistory.

We are thus in the equivalent to the 1870s age of overproduction of trains used in colonial wars; now in the age of overproduction of electronic cameras and robotic weapons, used to create a big brother, with the excuse of terrorism, which MASS MEDIA PUMPS TO STRATOSPHERIC proportions, to give a excuse to the sales and investments on security industries and building of a security state.

In the first graph, the true behind the scenes cause of the Semite wars and the reason we could predict its expansion thirty years in advance: hate media and weapons maximise inflationary money, and profits. So capitalism has cycles of war for profits further enhanced by the zero values  given to life by (left graph) ‘metal-money’, go(l)d, the fetish substance of earlier abrahamic cults, and maximal values given to the affine entropic metal-mweapons, the top predator perfect machine. Thus in biological terms gold and weapons and its value of seggregational  chosen of go(l)d racism an violence to murder human fellowmen, gave birth to the zero-human values and rights of humans and maximal values and reproduction of machines, weapons and money which characterise the capitalist societies. Finally this means in this crisis that not only humans are being replaced in labor but also in war fields by the profits of terminators.

This is the ECONOMIC BACKGROUND of the semite wars, which being mathematical, technological, evolutionary could be predicted as we did as earlier as 92, when Desert storm started. Since the product cycle of weapons and splendid little wars fuelled by islamophobia are perfectly tuned to the ‘GOP-Dem’ 8 year cycle of american elections. thus when GOP takes power fuelled by profits in the military product cycle industry a splendid little war started.

The cycle was foreseeable in its general ‘memetic structure’ as it was required to impose after the 2001-2008 crisis, keynesian militarism. And so as earlier as 92 in our book on bio-history we predicted, 2 more wars either with Islam, or the old commie enemies (cuba or Chinese satellites):

In the graph, with the old biological jargon the birth of the Terminator industry (beast I, also called Chip Homoctonos, would come after the 2008 change of paradigm with the economic crash, ascension of China, robotic age, after a series of  splendid little war for profits against Islam an possible Cuba, and Chinese satellites (cuba? an TAIWAN? in the graph, as we can predict obviously the tendencies, but not the entails of this war).

it is then obvious that the semite wars are in a non-free non-democratic capitalist society and dictatorial, military Islam, ‘owned’ by the owners of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex of the west, you financiers, and the ‘owners’ of  the military inquisitorial regimes of Islamic Nations, the ‘Saud’ owned Arabian peninsula and its oil-rich satellites. And both are regressing with the neo-paleolithic zeitgeist the enlightened euroamerican western free culture or what was left of it, with whom they have an ‘unfinished business’ about the purpose of mankind for 3000 years: do we want a human rational scientific, intelligent, caring, nurturing, balanced sustainable world with man on top, or a mythic, pre-axial, pre-rational, fundamentalist animetal cult(ure) to power weapons and go(l)d profits, whatever it takes, even if it is needed to extinguish humanity for the sake of the myths and fetish religions of weapons and go(l)d of the bronze age? Amazing as it seems, it looks like we have chosen the last, not enlightenment (haskala) but censorship and fetish-religions and jihads (Halaka and Saria).


Abstract So finally we got a terrorist attack in Barcelona, my hometown, in Las Ramblas, the heart of the tourist quarters. And  so as we do from time to time, with special news – last time with Trump’s election – we will keep this present issue in the front page, instead of the long term model one, bringing for a few days the in-depth (+news updates), article on our ‘war on terror’, where as usual in corrupted history, nothing is what it seems to be.

Why barcelona now.

Why Barcelona now? 2 reasons.

  1. ‘Nazi-onanist’ disputes brought lack of coordination.

On logistics the cause is obvious, police forgot the proper SECURITY MEASURES in barcelona.

Alas! The inviting street, Las Ramblas, the heart of the town, perfectly filled with tourists, has an astoundingly obvious-easy entrance through the top-head where catalonia square goes into it.

Further on ‘Calle pelayo’ (where it puts Placa de catalunya) is a wide street-avenue that enters into Ramblas with ease. So the whole street had to be protected discretely, shielded with simple ‘poles’ to avoid bypassing by a terrorist van, which should be in place after Nice. But it was NOT .

One thing is to know the ‘semite III world war’ is an absurd war and another not to take some basic prevention knowing Catalonia has the biggest concentration of Morrocans – the hardcore historic warrior state of Magreb – in Spain and also in Europe after France (since North Morocco was a Spanish colony).

Yet once more the routine of this war on terror – be loose on the control of potential, young, internet-violence addict muslims with penal antecedents as those were – and then when all has happened, to create a global scare, which pumps the ego of the terrorists and ensures a future chapter – happened here again.

The guys as most of those other groups, had penal antecedents, were not born here, and should have been kicked out to Morocco or at least watched closely in our electronic big-brother state which has so much big data about us and certainly as we know vans are deadly weapons, have a register of people forbade to rent them as prevention, in the same way even America asks for criminal records to buy weapons. Nothing of this was done in Spain, and the two bros did hire the van.

Now i am not suggesting obviously that we shall build further the electronic big brother to chase potential kids-playin-terrorists and murdering people, pumped up as ‘whole armies’ to provoke massive scaring, hate memes, further hate to the third world, and justify our huge arsenals and the big brother they are building; on the contrary, so for those who never read this blog on the science of bio-history, a mementum on why we are in a war on terror predicted for decades, as the unavoidable II phase of the cycles of economic crisis, overproduction of weapons and war – the needed engine to get out of those economic crisis:

big brother orwellian wars

We have left ISIS too long to breed enough terrorist for a century. Why? Because as predicted in our models of splendid little wars, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System does need enemies. So we breed them. Alas, the semite wars shall continue; as explain in depth down the article. What had to be done so obviously: to race ISIS, and his rag-tag army with our armies and trillions of dollars spent on them, as soon as the first european victims died in Paris, was of no interest, because war is a big business and we are now in the III world war, after the chip overproduction crisis, when we switch to the weapons of choice – vigilante big brother, drones, future terminators…

If the yellow press constructed the narrative of hate to the third world, in the first colonial wars after the overproduction of trains, and hate-radio the narrative of the second world war against slaves and yous, now we do have as forecasted hate-tv pumping up the need for big brother, and the sheeple is all for it… deja vu.

But we must create the ‘ambience’ of war, which makes this III world war surrealist, cause people are actually far more evolved, so we have few ‘material’ enemies… a terrorist in a mule, a KamiKaze Kid… to pump them to equal the power of Hitler and justify trillions of profits in security state thus needs to lower with visual rhetoric and the orwellian/goebbels method the collective subconscious into mass hysteria… ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. Deja vu.

Let s then stating the obvious about this tragedy and put some surrealist humour, instead of the usual hysteria and false placebo caring:

Death happens all the time everywhere. Accidental or genocidal, provoked by machines – most, in accidents such as the train crash above, by humans, as the attack in rambles even by literally a tree falling onto your head. ALL THOSE things happened this week, but they are as they should be footnote news.Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 09.52.41

A ‘terrorist tree’ killed 13-1 people nearby Portugal, the same week, but amazingly enough, the Portuguese have not decreed a cage operation to round up all the potential terrorist trees of the nation, that might fall and murder humans. Further on the portuguese have shown enormous disrespect for the victims, giving no homage besides a family burial to the victims.

Donald Trump has yet to call Portugal to express his love of Madeira island, despite the ‘beauty’ of it and its excellent wine. And the Portuguese government in a clear proof of its complete irresponsibility about this impeding wave of terror – we are told there are millions of trees on the nation, each of them, as the 2 billion muslims potential terrorist, ‘obviously’ – is NOT reunited with the ‘crisis cabinet’, as the Spanish government, bravo those are serious people!, trying to figure it if deploying military tanks (alert 5 on our war on terror), to pursuit our 17 year old K.K.K. operative (KamiKaze Kid – not Ku-kux-Kan, those are – Mr. Trump has told us – innocent by-standers driving back their cars to run ‘accidentally’ a defenceless women  – he just got wrong his clutch?!).

Alas! automated tanks on the streets and drones on the skies at a few million euros a piece, for sure will be soon the preferred solution. Our Major REFUSED against the advice of police to put poles on the main runaway promenade, world-famous only second to that of Nice, after Nice… nice… to ‘save money’ (cost per pole 5 euros if you buy enough for the whole city: 1/2 million, less than a predator). So indeed we are waiting the decision of the biggest cabinet meeting in the entire legislation – bravo KKK you get them all worked up – about deploying tanks just to scare away till the last not-yet-terrified tourist, solving once and for all the problem of airbnb flats, Uber cabbies and the 1-0 voters of so-called ‘proces’ of independence.

Still you should be worried. We are told that there might be around 1 trillion potential terrorist trees in the world, even more than the 2 billion muslims and they are ALL in the loose! Shall we burn them all, if possible with a muslim in each them for the Spanish inquisition to reach its imperial zenith, or start the reconquista of Morocco? following on the steps of la grandeur who is already deploying troops in Mali, Niger… ts, ts, nearby some uranium mines, por que sera?

And we have not even spoken of the huge problem of terrorist egyptian trains, which its commander in chief al-sisi doesn’t seem to monitor for repairs either, busy-busy also in the war of terror, rounding up in mass-court judgments thousands of potential terrorists from the freely elected last government of the Muslim Brothers, condemned often to death. Alas, the sheeple all agree, we are finally in the right track to make ‘spain great again’… because that is our ONLY real problem.

Now how many people die every year for driving drunk cars who should not be driving beyond 70 miles but terrorist german car companies keep churning out with ever faster speeds always over the limit, and for a premium, none ever forbidden to drive, despite being all potential criminals (as they can so easily break the 70 hour mile limit and throw to the masses)…

But it seems that the mass-media owned by our Fmasters DO know how to pick their victims for funerary ceremonies: in the past, the only victims of II world war that mattered are ‘you memes’ – it seems the other 66 million plus the 3 million spaniards are like those kill by terrorist trees, anonymous. And obviously of all   the ‘accidental deaths’ by car crashes that happen every day by drunk drivers none matter except if the driver is a muslim KamiKazeKid, ‘drunk’ with hate to hate media and jihadist pumped zeal.

Most other accidental deaths by car crash are caused by drunkness of other substances, which i deem less addictive that hate memes, and we rightly forbid their free sale, but tv-hate memes are always ok.


So now the kid has paralysed the city for several days. He is the only news 24/7 and the biggest of all miracles, he has put together the King, the President of Catalonia and the President of Spain – who hadn’t meet for more than a year, and were about to start a low key civil war. It has provoked collective hysteria, and joined together at Plaza catalunya the 50-50 in favour of Spain vs. Catalonia.  The terrorist tree has just been cut-off into pieces and sold for furniture, annd nobody will ever hear of it, but we have made the KKK terrorist the most important/named people on the planet, making truth Machiavelli’s Prince dictum:

it is better to be hated than to be IGNORED.

Which is the engine behind our strategy for making the ‘war on terror’ eternal – remember Mr. Bush’ Kelly new strong-man told us, it ‘will never end’, very much in orwellian fashion as the war between America and austrasia, we shall always find for big brother tv, to shout at us, ‘another form of terror’ and we shall miraculously multiply them.

In the graph, from an exhibit of 92 at NYC on the ‘future of America’ portraying its robotic police cars, gun eyes and 3D immersed citizens observing how we round the last ‘living humans’ from the third world, call it muslims, africans crossing the mediterranean sees… and the privileged non-working tv-addicts that feel ‘safe’ between its virtual screens)

Multiply our splendid little wars against KKKs, with huge investments in drones and automated vigilante armed cameras, as we predicted 20 years ago, it will be the world of the 2000s  is exactly what the machiavelic system wants MAKING OF EVERY TERRORIST an important machiavelli’s Prince, hated and ‘named’ by everybody.

Mass-media to be clear, makes of those murders, a ‘trash-tv’ circus as those programs of trash-celebrities in which everybody wants to participate. So every ghetto muslim in Europe, with the last ‘trash-tv’ pumping hate-memes era. And what is more worrisome in our big questions about the future of history – everybody plays the libretto of hate-media, the terrorist wanting to have his warholian 15 minutes, actually more than 15 hours of absolute fame; the politicos, doing their non-prevention charades, and homages. Even our clown-leader of hate media in the western world sent us a ‘loving message’, gosh:

INTENETScreen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.46.55

Here are his usual pearls, 3 together, with his ‘WE LOVE YOU’, well thanx bro, rest assured we DON’T put in between a ‘poetic moment’ – who will think the guy could ‘spell’ the word ‘beauty’, with its gold decors and pushy-grab assessments… But alas, then the real Trump appears above the ‘WE LOVE YOU’ thanx: he advices us to do with moroccans what Mr. Pershing did in Philippines with the ‘moros’, who resisted first the spanish and then the American invasion – yes also there, those people do die for their beliefs and nations; that’s why it is perfect to provoke them and humiliate them to have a constant supply of kamikazes and prolong our splendid little wars: TO TORTURE, MURDER AND BURY THEM WITH PIGS, the biggest possible offence of their religion. Thanx Donald, if that is the way you thin we should get tough and strong, we shall pass on that too.

The brits did the same with the Muslims in India in the I cycle of splendid little wars against primitive colonial people – greasing the bullets of their mercenary native soldiers with cow and pig fat – ensuring the sepoy rebellion… Israel of course is doing similar things with their colonised arabs and our allies on the Arabian peninsula have been for a decade promoting ISIS with more than pocket money, to ensure we shall have war on terror for ever… Yeap, catalans have followed the libretto but still there are degrees of brutality with the third world here we shall not cross.

In any case it is clear that we, Europeans, are playing in this machiavellian game the guinea pig, clearly force fed by jihadists, politicos, hate media and the infamous military-industrial complex to become a copy-cat of the fundamentalist pecunia infinita bellum nervi masters of this war on terror and we are not even aware of it – hence my growing feeling on the determinism of those cycles of wars i found, explained and tried to explain in case scholars, historians and politico cared to talk and try to stop with 0 results:

In the graphs, back to the past of history in our third age, we are immersed again the unending semite wars between fundamentalist warrior arab ‘animetals’, and ‘ jewish go(l)d bankers’ now globalising its local conflict to pump up iron in the III economic age of wars, forecasted decades ago…

IN THAT REGARD, WHAT THE semite wars show in the larger view of the super organism of history is obvious:

  • The harshest animetal memes are those of the first cult(ure)s submitted to the values of go(l)d, (greed, slavery) and weapons (violence, murder), which did NOT evolve into the axial age of forget, forgive and come together through the power of social love.
  • The revivalism of both, zealot, racist talmud apartheid israel and violent, murderous jihad Islam, shows we are ‘regressing in history’ clearly entering a third age back to the past, as the natural social evolution of mankind into a global super organism has been halted by the evolution of the metal-earth that substitute and atrophy us.

In that regard, the process feeds itself independently of the ‘nations that host’ the events of the semite war – America and Europe, even in those nations in which the semite cultures have been accepted with open arms.

INDEED, it did not matter how nice and well-behaved we were with the fundamentalist, semite old memetic cult(ure)s of weapons (arabs) and go(l)d, jewish masters… They didn’t hesitate a minute to destroy us. Indeed, NO other country in history has ever been so nice as America has been to Israel and its people since II world war. It is amazing how much they have given to them, how open arms they received when the Europeans murdered them in the holocaust cycle, they keep denying, and what they have done? Exactly the same they did in Europe with its fundamentalist, capitalist search for PECUNIA INFINITA through the process of hate-memes and war building of the previous two cycles, main theme of this blog that predicted it decades ahead:

And no other country in Europe has been nicer, less segregational, more neutral in the other side of the semite wars, with the arabs and moroccans, giving them our nationality, with rights to work, free health-care, inclusive education – hundreds of thousand of moroccans were pardoned and are now spaniards as those who attacked us, living in a small town, with all the rights. So as I optimistically explain in previous updates of this blog, it seem we could be an example to follow by other european nations to stop this madness. And no, Rajoy has just made the obliged solidarity comments to other Europeans but it is by NO means meddling with Syrians. So why they did it?

Obviously because the entropic age of human self-destruction, the hate-violent and greed-theft memes of their cult(ure)s that pass as religions to metal, have acted for SO LONG on their brains that they seem to be programmed for self-destruction, whatever it takes.  So we are closing in, becoming the American Nightmare, and no ‘God will not save us’. The consequences will be the usual: for catalonia, less tourism, more poverty, and for the whole nation, more police-state, more military expenditure, more nazionanist emotions… more divisive hate memes…

For Europe, one step further into the self-destruction of its civilisation, becoming more and more like America… As we shall keep letting ISIS go away with murder, because we need indeed for our terminator and vigilante e-brother industry… more WAR ON TERROR… till as predicted for decades on those cycles, America manage to provoke China into a global industrial war – of course 30 years ago this was also seen as lunacy… but now it is soo obvious… they are truing by all means to provoke them through their puppets around, Taiwan, south china, North Korea, you name it… and again all people applaud.

Everybody knows in that sense that the best way to calm down and degrade a theme is to ignore it, SINCE MACHIAVELLI’S INFAMOUS DICTUM. The prince is a classic of military. THE favourite book of Napoleon, who annotated it with similar remarks. So everybody in Pentagon has read; and they are doing indeed a good job pumping iron and pecunia infinita.

If we treated this as we treat the fallen tree in Portugal – a more novel form to die, hence according to ‘new news’, deserving more prime time – and just qualified what happens as what is is NOT A WAR, no, this 17 years lunatic kid is NOT an army, but a crime, and treat it without the slightest propaganda, there will NOT be another mass-murder every week.

So it is OK AS DEATH is 1/2 of reality NOT to be obsessed by those man murders of drunken people, what is NOT ok and  rather incomprehensible, criminal negligence at its best NOT to have those poles along the ‘ideal street for a Nice run-off bis’ … and then when it happen to completely follow the ‘farce’ that is for years now justifying the participation of Europe into the Semite wars with a clear bias for one side, when this is NOT a just war (no mr. Obama, there are NOT just wars) IT IS NOT our civilisation what is at war (NO mr. BiBi mr. Ajatollah, mr. American, we do NOT belong to the fundamentalist militarist, capitalist, religious semite cult(ure) of weapons and go(l)d).

Here finally after II world war and civil ward, we evolved into the axial greek rational humanist era and we don’t want to be forced back with those wars into the American nightmare. We wanted to build a more evolved better world. But alas, we ARE being drawn into it, by people who should mind their business and keep their splendid little wars in their countries.

Back to catalonia

And this process now is all over the place also in Europe: the revivalism of primitive hate-memes, divide and win, mankind while the world of mechanisms, algorithms, AI, and go(l)d worship keeps reaching new heights of absolute power.

Consider indeed the negligence of the poles. Why the catalan/spanish security forces made such an amateur error, precisely now; when they have been quite skilful fighting terror, due to the long basque ETA group, now in dissolution?

Obviously by lack of coordination. As the regional police, ‘los mossos’ are under command of the regional government of catalonia, which no longer coordinates with the central government.

Since now the catalan nationalist party has decided to go ahead with independence and doesn’t talk to the central party.

Mind the reader that nationalist catalan party was founded by my great-grand father, also major of the town, who has a beautiful Gaudi statue with nurturing tits (below).

So I am not biased against catalonia at all… i am simply human and if you read our account of the idol-ogies that destroy mankind tribal nationalism, aka nazi-onanism is all the same, whatever its origin.

So what happened as we explain always is that when corruption, economic crises and real problems cannot be solved as they are systemic, politicos pump up flags. And that is barcelona today.

Indeed, in the political dispute for independence, the nationalist catalan party got heady ahead with an impossible referendum which will just break the nation in two. And so he put the Mossos=police to work on that, firing the ‘pro’ of what police is good for – security, not political disputes; and put a radical nationalist to ensure that in the Independence referendum of october first, which unlike the scottish one is not consensual with the national government and against the spanish constitution- constitutional court, the urns open in schools and public places. So obviously the ‘focus’ shifted; and the job was not done.

So just to conclude, why Catalans want to sail away from Hispania, the military geography (aka nation) where they have been for Millennia? More of the same ‘egotist’ sense of importance of all ‘industrial nations over the third world’, which is also at the core of our despise of Islam, and action-reaction processes we live in the Semite wars.

Els paysos catalans is mind, the reader eastern Spain as the graph shows. But as it became industrial before the rest, it got ‘heady’ and despised as usual the agricultural south. Same with Basques, as we explain in the analysis of the sub-cultures of spain. So northern catalans feel independent and southern valencians feel spaniards, western industrial basque feel independent and eastern agricultural Navarra feels spanish.  As now they are all in the same degree of development, this is absurd but MEMES repeat and repeat chaining man to absurdity.

But the migrants to the industrial world of XIX c. Catalonia were spanish. So today 70% have a father born in the rest of Spain, meaning, everybody there is both catalan and spanish.

So the country is split 50/50, obviously as it is both in fractal history, a region with its own culture, within a larger nation, with a geographic, military structure, as nations are just military defendable geographies – so when you give some person who belong to two entities a choice 1/2 will choose one and the other 1/2 the other, so 1/2 chooses to be only spaniard and the other 1/2 only catalan, but we are BOTH, as we are always part of larger and larger organisms, so we are us, our family, our local culture, our nation, our global culture, and after all that just human.

2. Pumping iron in alien wars.

Catalonia, eastern spain, in the past sepharad, is NOT the same civilisation than the semitic fundamentalist abrahmic world of religions of iron and go(l)d, but a humanist civilisation, now as all who believe in a better world under siege from the ‘animetal cultures’ that are plunging the world back into the semite wars. So we should just, since nobody is going to listen to the proper solutions to the world, just remains silent, protect with minimal invasive measures our way of life and live the day.

But there is also the side of ISIS, which was not attacking us, recognising tacitly we were not part of the semite wars.

Unfortunately our ‘nazi-onanist’ right wing politicians in both catalonia, and Spain have broken the tactic agreement reached with the socialist party of downplaying the war on terror, which is not our civilisation-war, and do not enter in the terror wars on the Middle East, of this ‘manufactured’ or at least ‘let to rotten’ showcase of brutality, called ISIS…

Indeed, Mr. Rajoy from the nationalist spanish party, has been the last months playing loud his alliance against terror with France and Germany and other ‘engaged’ nation on the Semite wars, participating actively with ‘deja vu grandeur’ on bombings and campaigns.

So while he didn’t go as far as his bigot predecessor (with a funny bigot, mr.. Aznar, macho man sending troops to Irak), which earned us a huge death bombing of trains – I repeat, this is not our civilisation, this is not our war, and the solutions a humanist culture would impose upon the two sides of the war, which we talk often in this blog are NOT of interest to fundamentalist abrahamic religions, militarism, capitalism, jihad, Israel, the FMaster, the cuckoo kids of violent video-games, etc. etc. all the things we forecast and keep track on this blog, in the process of ‘human entropy=social death’…

So Catalonia and Spain are back into the Semite wars (see graph below) – not our wars, not our cultures and after the tragedy, we did all what should not be done to stop the madness and keep the spider web of entropy and death growing.  Indeed, the objective of ISIS was to destroy the ‘paradise city’ reputation and convert it into another hot pot of 24/7 global attention. And that is what we did. So the 17 years old erase head boy who did it can feel a global hero.

And we closed the town, the buses, metros, kept people for hours in the shops of las ramblas, while seeking for the guy (no i won’t play the mass-media pumping iron memes – i couldn’t care who is the infamous bestard, not humane obviously erased by their own hate memes against the western world that massacres their people) but not Boston style; just the day of the attack with ‘Operation Jaula’. And today after the usual demonstration for the victims – good to let out some emotions, but useless.

And of course the entire planet was 24/7 with it. So the terrorists got their goal – to sink one of the last places where the latin, humanist civilisation was enjoying its indian summer. 



The fact that catalonia has followed the libretto of these splendid little wars ‘so closely’ despite being one of the most advanced humanist cultures left in the planet connects with the fundamental question of this blog, with his models of history as super organisms, and its proved-ad nauseam by data, cycles of ‘pecunia bellum nervi’ which are happening ‘a la letre’ – the question that any scientific model of history from Aristotle to Spenger, has wondered: are humans programmed to destroy ourselves or are we free to create a better world?

In the next graphs, repeated ad nauseam in this blog and book for 30 years, the cycle of global wars, and its economical and industrial causes, where a primitive enemy, negro or muslim in most cycles is always found, humiliated and brought into the frail, in the first phase, till finally a big industrial nation (US in the last provoked by Germany, China in this provoked by US) will make truly truth the profits of ‘pecunia infinita’ brought by war. But at this stage of my personal argument with myself about the future of history, given the systemic censorship we call the anti quantum paradox of true social sciences of history, is closing, as it was the case in the inner arguments of the predecessors of bio-history which only professional historians know and respect as the only serious philosophy of this science (Khaldun, vico, Spengler, socialist school, Orwell, sci-fi):  since there is zero reaction to our ‘real problems’, zero solutions to them, zero awareness, and all the cycles are happening with an astounding almost ‘physical’ automaton precision, and yet as in the work of those predecessors, nobody cares, it is in fact taboo now that is happening, to compare our cycle with the previous cycle (before when I predicted it in the 90s it was just considered sheer madness), the only conclusion is that history is programmed, and the present age of entropy=disorder of the human super organism of history, will not be stopped. The memes of hate that will destroy our civilisation will be repeated. Indeed, if the fundamentalist attitude of the oldest animetal culture, the semite culture with its ‘arab’ war jihadist and jewish capitalist American moguls of the robotic AI age show with its capacity to ‘kill themselves’ and everybody around show is this: those who lead our world today DIE for money and weapons, DIE for hate, DO NOT understand social evolution, love, the whole of mankind as a single species in search of a better world, and those who DO are censored, ignored, because the MASS follows them.

equation capital3 waves of machine wars

In 92 we forecasted that if business as usual proceeded on those cycles, we would follow the 8 year cycle of splendid little wars, and it has happened (now a new war should be expected during Trump, and all looks like it will); that we would construct an electronic big brother and we did it, that we would move into robotic wars, and we are moving into them, that there would be 8 year crash cycles in the economy and they all happened. And so the conclusion is obvious – since on top all this scientific information is basically ‘censored’, aka not distributed, not liked – hence it cannot be changed, as a cycle which is not recognised and manipulated cannot be changed: we ARE programmed to commit suicide, to follow those cycles, to go under.

Or else the ‘real’ solutions to the war on terror would have long ago be in place, the ‘sheeple’ would have protest and not be taken for a ride for so long, and the european-chinese, legalist, civilised, humanist model of history impose itself. The opposite is truth, as we keep evolving further the robotic electronic big brother, more humans like those jihadists are regressing back in time, devolving to more primitive memes, perfectly manipulated to hate each other and provide excuse to use those weapons.



a serious word even in hebrew, starting with the iconic Hey, the voice for god, and ending in aleph, the alpha, beginning of all wor(l)ds

Pity go(l)d made them forget all their own ethic language. But virtual truths do NOT BECOME REAL. The Universe cannot be cheated, even if all the people can be cheated all the time.

But alas, who benefits of terror and rogue? Obviously the third top story does explain it all: The economist stalwart of capitalism, embracer of ‘Keynesian militarism’ as they call the ‘act’, tells that Mr. Trump’s foreign policy looks more normal than we think, ‘sanctified’ with a prayer. And we see the puppet with his four recognisable master puppeteers of the U$ FMMI:

  • For the Military-INDUSTRIAL Complex (with a few generals on the background) our ‘star of the day’ Mr. Rex Tirannosaur!, sorry tillerson, ex-CEO of the largest industrial ‘war corporation’, the infamous EXXON whose top quality oil fuels all the bombers.
  • On the left POSING for the Financial-Media ‘Head’ of the metal-earth, first i think is mr. Ross, the shark of wall street who bought companies in distress, broke them into pieces sold its assets, fire their people…Next clearly recognisable Mr. Mnuchin the CEO who made a fortune buying for pennies Indymack to throw all the old people with mortgages and resell their homes; also doubling as an evilwood producer with his astoundingly ‘hidden racist’ series of two Jewish ‘survivors of the holocaust’ members of the superior race, now for real – mutants at all fighting against the cruel brutal other species, mankind, and then the representative of the colonist movement of apartheid israel ultra-orthodox son-in-law Kuschner, who reads that jewel of humanism, called TALMUD, where non-yous are called ‘animals=goy’ and those women who make love to one of them are guilty of a crime of ‘bestialism’ (reason why in present Israel as in nazi germany marrying a palestine gets you to loose your nationality). Shall i Go on, on the duality of rogue states and terrorists, to facilitate their profits of war? Of course, not, I am pretty sure nobody is reading and I just live in sunny barcelona, it is thursday, Paella day and then to the beach with my girl (no i don’t go to touristic venures of KKK-like but on dark encapuchados flagellating their backs with some retarded memes of the old inquisition, here we have r=evolved against all forms of jihads and go(l)d memes. Life is evidently getting short for us individually and collectively… Good luck ‘saviours of the world’.



In the graph, two sides of the same coin: the animetal values of the earlier semite white macho man cultures, now transferred globally through the semite wars between rogue states and Jihad terrorism. The only difference being the ASSYMETRIC nature (newspeak for absolutely imbalance level of technological power) between the contenders regarding their development of the FMMI system of mechanisms of power. Even the best human film on Jihad, with at least an attempt to describe those people as they are- brutish, primitive, simple, ‘entropic animetal warriors’ taking advantage of the chaos created by the west in dumpster Africa and Islam; which according to the racist rabbi of the biblical damnation, are inferior to ‘dogs’ because both, negros and arabs come from Ham who peed on Noah (excuse to uphold slavery in anglo-american biblical courts and present justification of apartheid israel by likkud zealots). So arab warriors blow themselves with the enemy, but western ones kill their children merrily with drones and “Moab’ bombs from secluded Nevada fun video-game rooms. And of course, the Financial-Media system only delivers 24/7 updates on the horrible evilness of thoe primitive beasts, akin to the primitive negros and arabs we fought to conquer Africa just a century and a half ago, in the first neo-fascist age of the industrial cycle, then with trains, gun-machines and steamers, up the congo river, for the sake of civilisation:


In the graph, the third neofascist age, according to the pendulum law is the age of virtual America and its head, the financial-media jewish empire, whose lower castes became the scapegoat of the previous cycle of germany, which was the good guys of the first cycle of colonialism, which now returns – those pendulum law of the cycles of time in history are thus perfectly tuned to the country on top of the wave, today Israel and its puppet western empire. What does NOT change is the victim of all those cycles, NOT the elite of animetal nations, but the mass of mankind. Indeed, Germany killed in his cycle of I and II world war 80 million humans, among them 4 million jewish peasants, from the eastern lands the SS depleted of ‘mostly’ slavs (30 million, initial target of the SS whose role was first to empty the reconqured lands of the east for colonisation of the great grand german race, as Israel wants to do those days with his historic territories to the east, also filled with those inferior species who peed on noah)… Yet it only killed 1 banker from the leading dynasty of the first cycle, an old lady of the rothschild family… BUT Hitler WAS not by any means the biggest genocide of history, the Rothschilds at the head of the colonial age of companies of slaves and human capital massacred during a much longer period of centuries, hundreds of millions. Only in a decade after taking over Bengala, half of the population, 15 died, for lack of rice, as they were obliged to cultivate tea and jute for export, to build gunboats and speculate on the price of teapots. All this of course never explained by the FMMI system that now enters in its age of perpetual hate to the rogue state that commands it all.

IDOL-OGIES OF ANIMETALS  behind the semite wars between go(l)d Israel and war Jihad.

Main metal idologies converted today in newspeaks.

Today in an ominous sign of the loose of freedom of human beings, more and more embedded into a fast evolving metal-earth with its subtle forms of ‘censorship’ based in the building of a complex ‘entitled’ fantasy of future for ‘human kids’  the rational criticism of the absurd idol-ogies that are killing our future as a species, is increasingly forbidden as ‘bad taste’, regardless of the fact that human free minds require to eliminate the jail in which the human brain has encased itself. So today simply we ‘repeat’ the ceremonies of those idol-ogies as if they were the ‘reason d’être’ of mankind. It is then worth to quote the humanist writer who foresee that development:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 08.34.39
By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’(1). But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests.

George Orwell on Newspeaks

4 ideologies of selfish memes of metal that dominate our world and destroy the human/life world are now newspeaks and have multiplied all over. Thus you will have:

-Goebbels methods: repetition, newspeak and anti truths and fiction. He was the first minister of propaganda now called ‘information’ and truly invented the modern world with his method of memorising truths that so well worked among germans with its SVO agglutinative languages. So he said ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the  more they will believe on it. We confess to use the anti-method repeating humanist truths many times.

The fiction method: ‘I have asked UFA to make only patriotic and entertaining movies, people will like them and don’t ask about anything else’. And finally the aesthetically method: ‘the beauty of war, weapons and parades’. And of course, what Orwell denounced, the use of subtle wording and placebo caring. So the minister of war is defense, the ministry of police who orwell said would be of love is today the home office. To notice those are still the newspeaks dominant, and for that reason we consider Goebbels the founder of the modern Media system, just adopted by those who were his victims. 

-The anti-quantum paradox. The social scientist is so small that the organism it describes influences him as he is inside of it, and can be easily repressed with gold and weapons, in opposite ash ion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty – the physicist is so huge that it influences the observer. Plainly speaking. I am censored but could easily be murdered and nobody would care. So scholarship in social sciences is either ‘thin air’, or servilism to power, and of course newspeaks of placebo democracies, service to the consumer, machines and progress and so on.

Let us resume a few of them:

– News-peaks on capitalism – the rule of financial power over democracies.

 News-peaks on militarism – the rule of weapons over democracy, based of course in nationalism as the supreme human species.

 News-peaks on technoutopia and mechanism – which portray the machine as the measure of all things not the organism, even when robots are evolving into organisms, and of course deny the darwinian nature of machines.

It is then the increasingly lost battle of rational, social sciences, based in organicism, humanism, socialism and Mankind as the God-mind of history, vs. the idol-ogies that substitute them in the subconscious collective that guide mankind – mechanism, tribalism, capitalism and abrahamic cults, what will define if man is just a programmed ‘animetal’ ‘enzyman’ of the metal-earth, a mean with a ‘cuckoo’ brain, memetically programmed to self-destroy itself, or a rational species, above the program of the planet’s evolution, able to take command of the future. Believers of course are more efficient and motivated, as they do not doubt of their actions, entitled to a wishful future, so they won’t see it coming – the trap of their mind blinds them to reason. So the task is on the hands of those intelligent enough to ‘think’. Can they explain and reason or take the power to cre(dit)ate the future from ‘believers’ on the ‘exceptionalist’ paradise of a world of metal, in which humans are all but obsolete?

 Not, in the present FINAL OUTCOME in which the manufacturing of brains by the FMasters and its hate media has reached a paroxysm, met with jihad military semite traditions going back to the age of assur and sargon that FEED EACH OTHER, against the real humanist solutions: SOCIALISM, HUMANISM, PACIFISM, MAN THE SINGLE SPECIES, etc.
THE FUTURE OF the world: rogue states: ISRAELIFICATION
‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.  Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

Mechanisms are just simplex organisms – the systemic view.

The future of mankind is dual. Business as usual ruled by an animetal, technological civilisation will use all resources to create the metal-earth with an ever thinner elite of financial masters and stockrats and managers on top, a mass of automated mechanisms below and a growing mass of destitute humans and life beings on the bottom, till the top elite also dies in the cycles of wars and holocausts, and the planet becomes an economic ecosystem of automated machines and company mothers.

On the other side it is also evident that if instead of following the subconscious values of go(l)d and profits, maximised with wars, when the most expensive, profitable memes of metal, weapons are produced without limit, humans had cared for themselves enough to overproduce welfare goods, the world would be a paradise awash with human goods, we need to survive, and machines would be selected only by its utility to humans and lethal machines forbidden. THE CHOICE IS POSSIBLE AS IT IS ONE OF MEMES AND CULTURES. So it is truly absurd that mankind has chosen or rather enslaved under the command of a reduced elite of warriors and bankers, go(l)d warfare over wor(l)d welfare, in orders it HAS CHOSEN TO COMMIT SUICIDE without even realising it does so. And when we study the cycles of wars and holocausts in detail, it will seem amazing that something so obvious is not even understood – as it is the case today when mankind it is DOING EXACTL ALL THE MISTEPS THAT destroy the world just 80 years ago, without the slightest doubt, it is not doing the righteous thing.

Now the obvious question is why IF THE CREATION OF A PERFECT WORLD IS RATIONALLY POSSIBLE AND EASY TO IMPLEMENT, why nobody tries to do it, why we let organic military robots evolve and do not allow reproduction and free distribution of Aids viruses; and the answer, which will be fundamental to our survival is one of cultural traditions that prevent us from a non-scientific perspective to see machines, weapons and money, organic systems of energy and information made of metal, as what they are. Instead we are accustomed due to the worldview of northern europe and the biblical culture that started the industrial r=evolution, to define them in rather mythic terms.

So really the problem of mankind is one of philosophy of science applied to the machine – an absurd belief that because machines are not apparently like us, in its external, hard form, which is not soft flesh, in its re=productive processes which are carried about by company-mothers with mixed humans and mechanisms doing the job, in its language of information, which is digital, not genetic, or memetic as biological organisms and social organisms are, biological rules do not apply. The problem with the economic ecosystem and the way humans manage it is basically IGNORANCE of the laws of systems sciences among all the people involved on those tasks.

Now i am a polimath, from Barcelona, which studied physics, biology and economics but coming from a humanist culture, learned different arts, and had a topic Leonardian view of knowledge, proper of the northern mediterranean culture.

Specifically Barcelona developed a century ago a school of organic science and art, whose best known names are Gaudi and Dali, in art, and Cajal, the discoverer of the neuron in medicine but truly embodied the spirit of this culture. For example, my great-grand father, who founded the national party there – right wing – was a sephardim doctor, president of the world medicine association at the beginning of the XX century, who saw the city as an organism, and so instaured one of the first social welfare systems in Europe for its citizens paid first by a pool of industrialists friends of the doctor, and when Gaudi accepted the commission to make a monument at his death, he made a fountain whose springs were tits nurturing the citizens of Catalonia.

Just imagine a GOP, right wing nationalist politician in America, making America great by such policies of ‘caring’ for the people as citizens-cells of the collective superorganism, instead of thinking that what it will make America great is to pump up iron, machines and weapons.

So there have always been in science and culture in Europe and by extension in America, 2 worldviews, the simplex, anthropomorphic pseudo-religious view, which unfortunately came to dominate the world, with the protestant reform and the industrial r=evolution, where the tree of metal mattered more than the tree of life and was a god’s gift and symbol of future progress; and the rational, humanist, organic paradigm of southern ‘greek->latin Europe’, which gave birth to the rational movement of the enlightement and the French and American r=evolution, where man remain the measure of all things.

Had this worldview triumphed, an enlightened western world would have shown far more respect for Gaia, and the evolution of man as the most perfect organism, and the advances of this blog would have undoubtedly become the foundation of a new renaissance in the 60s, expanding the UNO and EU concept of social-democracies without parties but with the understanding of social sciences as organic sciences, which we develop in this blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.43.52

In the graph, the 2 choices of future mankind has always had since the parable of genesis understood the confrontation between Gaia and the Metal-earth, the tree of life and the tree of technology (a different concept from science=knowledge which can be expressed in any language of the mind and with any senses, including the artistic senses as opposed to the mechanical eyes). The future of the world could have been one of respect for life and welfare vs. one that worships metal, go(l)d and machines=weapons and promotes the splendid little wars for profit. Canons vs. butter they said in II world war. Warfare s. welfare. All societies had that choice represented in the biblical parable by the confrontation between Moses and Aaron, Christ and Caifas, in the modern age between Marx and Herzl, if we were to use the duality of the Jewish culture. But the Biblical bigots of capitalism and its $elected banker-priests have won. And so the future role model of the world is not ‘sepharad’, the mythic name given to the life-worshippin cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean, which we can extend to the evolved social-democratic model of the European Union, built after the tragedy of the II world war, of a community of people without national borders, dedicated to achieve its maximal welfare but Israel, the final evolution of the go(l)d & iron cults of the Semitic age, spread to northern Europe with the reformation, which globalised the go(l)d fetish cultures of the ancient world. So as Goring chose canons over butter, we have chosen warfare over welfare, suicide over resurrection.

Of course, a rational, ethic human being, ‘worth’ to survive according to the laws of biological survival of the Universe, which favours eusocial love to the members of the same species, would have not even ‘choose’ between the obvious positive humanist cultures and the astounding matrix of damned lies, statistics, fears, ego-trips, hate-memes, murder and genocide, brought about by the selfish memes of metal and its values of greed, violence and atrophy to machines, which are fast degrading the human species as the new top predator metalife takes over. Even today, els paysos catalans, the French-Spanish culture with no nation, no army, no stock market, of the left, which those texts represent and the organic vision of its founding fathers, receives the highest number of tourists per capita in the world, who come to enjoy the welfare goods that cate to a true human being, but the role model for the future is Israel, with its robotic walls, apartheid laws, military power and blatant racism, camouflaged with a prevention of political and economical correctness that might cheat the rest of mankind but will NOT CHANGE the truth of the animetal paradigm: a world dedicated to extinguish life and worship metal. In that regard, capitalism excels in the art of camouflage and all our civilisation can in that sense be considered a placebo make up of false human values that cover the brutal, primitive nature of our societies and its war choice.At the bottom of that choice there is a deep masochistic denial of all what makes life worth living – from good food to sexual reproduction, from verbal thought to art and eusocial love, substituted by the overproduction of energy for machines, its over reproduction, the worship of its digital languages, and the denial of love as the power that brings together the members of the same species. And ultimately the irrational degradation of the subconscious collective of mankind, the repression of all forms of real freedom and the denial of humanity. So humanity will be denied indeed by those who hate life.

Those 2 views, date back to the duality of philosophy of science between Aristotle, who thought the universe was organic, and called his first book, where he discovered the experimental method, the organon, and Pythagoras, who thought the universe to be only mathematical, with Plato in the middle, as he said that numbers are forms and reality is an organism with a body called the Universe and a mind called Logos. This is the origin of the Italian neo-platonic school and Leonardo’s view of the world as organic, where information, form, encodes its intelligence, which he painted. And so man was the measure of all things because it was a perfect organism, made to the image and likeness of the whole.

This view is the right view, the scientific rational view, latter sponsored by Leibniz, and the German organicist school, which developed in history with spengler, in economics with the socialist and historic schools, and gave birth to systems sciences in Wien with the work of bertalanffy. As only an organism is self-contained, while a machine needs a maker to set it forth. Unfortunately, the countries of northern europe didn’t pick up on this essential difference between rational, organic science and religious anthropomorphic, deist thought. Since science there was connected with religious beliefs, through reformation. So while in southern europe, enlightenment meant rejection of religious myths, in northern Europe, first Kepler and then Newton affirmed ‘Yhwh is a clocker who waited 5000 biblical years since creation to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock-work.’ Both were pious believers and Newton dedicated more time to study the bible than physics.

So the first economists, which were also pious calvinist and jewish believers thought also that money is the invisible hand of yhwh that must be obeyed, (smith). As calvin had said money is the intelligence of god – not a language of digital information that must be studied with the laws of systems and information science.

When I went to America I study a masters at Columbia university, and then worked in nasdaq, hollywood and silicon valley, while developing aside further the organicist view of economics and history of this blog, but i never found much interest on it, as America was no longer enlightened but biblical, in a strange neo-con world of religious revivalism, childish ego-trips that dissolved all eusocial organic understanding, and an astounding worship of machines and money and weapons, without much interest to rationally study what they were. And this is now the global view on the chip radiation – the evolution of machines not of man is the purpose of our existence, ‘even if they destroy us all’.

Since as Fromm put it, such are the ethics of a technological civilization, which have been added to the religious ethics of ‘capitalism’, so well described by Sombart and Webber. So obviously we must in this blog clarify the religious myths of classic economics, truly a mathematical version of creationism applied to machines. And study from a higher, scientific and rational perspective, what today passes as science, just because it is written with equations. In brief we need constantly to remind the reader, pre-programmed subconsciously by such beliefs, essential facts of the scientific method and systems sciences and do a harsh critique of its idol-ogies and memes. Since what the abstract view of machines have done to mankind is to convert the species into a childish, curious little cub, the staple food of the darwinian universe, as objects do not mean danger – they behave nicely, but viruses don’t. And that is the bottom line.

If as all seems to prove the Universe is a fractal organic system and we are all part of it, evolving into higher degrees of complexity, including machines, we should manage the planet wit organic laws. If a primitive meme, repeated and reproduced from 3000 years ago since the times of Aaron and the golden calf is real – that the universe was made by yhwh, with the language of gold, maybe we must let things as they are.

Fact is that from a rational, historic point of view, yhwh is nothing but a name – a toponym for judea, as it first appeared on an egyptian map, in an age in which each tribe had the name of a god, as the word nation did not exist, so Assur was the god, people, land and name of the assyrians and yhwh, the name of judea, the people living there and its subconscious collective. So it is a delirious thought to think that Judea made the Universe and gold, an informative metal that hypnotizes the eye, and enslaved the mind to the point that slavery – the buying and selling of humans for gold-money was possible – was his language.

But even if now we don’t explain this in such terms, those concepts still are with us, are called capitalism and make possible that mankind let itself be guided by the informative values of the language of money, which construct a global superorganism of machines. We can of course and we will explain that process of creation of a global ecosystem of machines through a language of information, money, with scientific tools, by introducing the laws of systems sciences and apply them to those 2 disciplines, but the bottom line is that today a curious mixture of political and economical correctness, which is most often blatant censorship on the study of history and its cultures and values, and the worship of money above the law and man, makes rather impossible to apply those laws to reform the system rationally. Indeed, we system scientists are totally out of the halls of power that decide on the subconscious goals of ‘biblical, creationist economics’ the future of this world.

And the fact this is not acknowledged but disguised with the ‘dismal science’ of damned lies and statistics, makes even more difficult to reform the world. As nobody goes around telling you today as Smith said that ‘gold is the hand of god’. Τhey just tell you in America to justify it all: it ‘is money’. And that settles the issue. Can we stop the evolution of terminator weapons? No. Why? it is money. Can we create a real democracy without companies buying politicos. No. Why? it is money. Can we survive the chip radiation and stop the destruction of Gaia? No, why? it is money.

Indeed, when Gore shows the balance between the future of all of us, the life of our children vs. a pile of gold, and say, is money, people did not even get angry or disturbed, but laughed. They didn’t feel as primitive as the golden calf believers sent to the ghenna, by Moses the man of the wor(l)d, BUT LAUGHED. They didn’t realize it was a fundamentalist concept, similar to saying, can we kill those gays on the disco because they are sinners according to abrahamic religions? yes, why, is yihad. Now you will rightly reply, angrily, it is you, you have primitive memes.

So when creationist economics affirms subconsciously, yes, we must all die by evolving organic machines beyond our control, at the end of this century because they make money, and money is always good, is the invisible hand of go(l)d, i will also get angry and affirm, no, it is you, and those primitive memes of the bronze age. That’s the bottom line of the modern world, which Aristotle would resume in 2 sentences: a life not examined is no worth living, and ‘people are slaves, hety believe, httey don’t reason’. Capitalism is the jihad of go(l)d, and the end of it will be the end of all of us, and then all will be money, but we won’t be here, money will be the language of information of the metal-earth giving values to all its machines, as in monetary values, life has no price. But all that can only be understood in terms of organic, systems sciences and languages of information because money is only a language of digital information, only that it has the wrong values about life .

The absolute dictatorship of a small minority of people who monopolise the creation of e-money in stock markets and care nothing for the future of mankind, mostly belonging to biblical segregational religions, is the monstrous, hidden, ‘capitalist dictatorship’ that guides human extinction with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Τhere is nothing scientific on this process because what we call classic economics is not a rational, human science, trying to construct a world for the betterment of mankind – the 99%, but a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ today converted in A.I., whose purpose is to provide to the ‘leisure class’ of capitalism, the stock-rats, owners of stocks, and bankers, who monopolise the creation of money, just more money, wwhatever it takes. And with that money, politicians are bought, which will justify all those measures, while humans are reduced to bubbling idiots in front of fiction screen.

So the process of obsolescence and substitution of humans by machines remains hidden: GDP is NOT calculated on the basis of human consumption and wealth but on basis of corporative production of machines. Because economists do work mainly for corporations and social sciences in favour of a humanist world are systematically repressed and ignored, ‘invisible’ to power, hosted in webs like this one with null repercussion in the Halls of Power.

While financial economists are merely interested in reproducing money, the language of social power and production without limit, multiplying the most expensive, profitable goods, weapons and wars that consume them. Or mass-media virtual olds whose costs of reproduction are minimal and profits of sale are maximal. So you live in a world where 3 goods of maximal profits are reproduced without limits, while human welfare goods of minimal profits are scarce:

Maximal profits, overproduction = Max. money (finances) = Max. price (weapons) – Minimal cost (electromagnetic waves of mass-media, multiplied by ‘air’).

It is the fundamental equation of the ill-destined system, because it explains, why if money is the only goal of society, machines will multiply and life will die, as it is the good with minimal profits:

Minimal profits (extinct) = Min. price (life not priced, food) – Max. cost (perishable goods, food, human goods in general, goods which use human labor, human labor).

So this equation, hidden by corporative economists, is the 2nd fundamental equation along that of productivity which in the present system ensures that labor, food, and life becomes extinct and machines, of hate media, weapons and financial speculative money multiplies.

Bu why economcs hide those facts? The answer is obvious. Economists work for corporations and financiers, for the Financial-Media Military-Industrial complex of machines and its profits NOT for the human kind, the workers those machines are substituting. And humanist economists are systematically ignored, as economics is NOT a social science (a science that caters the needs of humanity and their societies) but a technological science ( a science of production and profits, made overproducing, evolving and selling machines).

As Owens put it, talking about the likes of Ricardo, Bentham and Malthus, bankers and speculators or priests of gold religions, fathers of our economical ‘laws’ (quoting from memory) ‘here in London saloon economists are busy, inventing complicated sophisms and false arguments to defend the privileges of the financiers they work for, without any knowledge of the real conditions of industry, but I have managed Mills and observed the appalling conditions of work of our human labor, how much could improve their lives, if they receive the same care the owners of those factories, reserve only to their mechanical workers’.

All has changed to remain the same: all our PCs do have their share of electric food, while 1 billion human beings are starving. And whenever a machine can do a human job, a productivity economist or politician will sack him and praise the measure as the sure path to maintain his job.

Let us then study this key element that rules the world, speculative money, because the system today works on a single mandate: to invent money without limit and this means to overproduce the most profitable goods, money, weapons and mass-media.

It must be understood from the beginning that evolution is a trial and error system, which only a scientific approach, where the trial and error is substituted by the implementation of real laws, can manage without tragic extinction events. In other words, humans could perfectly design an immortal history where all humans will thrive by implementing the laws of super organisms, all of which survive into infinite generations, when they are designed properly, so the nervous system provides rightful information to all cells that can in turn send pain messages to the people-castes in power (neurons) if they misbehave and mistreat the cells (real meaning of a democracy, where as in Greece, politicos were judged a posteriori and voted exile or re-election, so they fulfil their promises), while all cells have a Universal salary in oxygen and hormones to kick out their actions, and all of them receive oxygen to survive and promote welfare goods. In brief, OUR WORLD IS AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION, ILL-DESIGNED BY THE INFORMATIVE NERVOUS POLITICAL AND MILITARY CASTES, WHICH ARE NOT VOTED out a posteriori, but in placebo democracies are $elected and merely provide laws to the highest corporation bidder, as there are no pain messages to control them. While the economic-blood system has a cancerous people-caste on top, ‘the culture of banking’, which has been enslaving and monopolising the right to issue money for centuries without any control.

And this absolutely wrong design of history and economics, based in the fact that primitive cultures of iron weapons (german ‘goths’ who entered history as the ‘goths=gods’ tribe because they could ab=use and kill anyone who opposed their weapons), and go(l)d churches, Cananeans, which entered history calling themselves the chosen tribe of go(l)d because they could enslave and hypnotise anyone with its golden rings, became the military and financial elites of western societies and globalised their wrong-designs to the entire planet, IS THE CAUSE OF LIFE extinction, human degradation, slavery to money and machines and weapons, which the elite requires to control the world, and the SYSTEMIC DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS.

SO even before we explain the historic process of destruction of the Earth by the machine and money, we must interiorise this duality between a world ruled by systemic sciences, which would imitate nature’s super organisms and survive and thrive, and the WORLD we live in, where for millennia, the people on power has pumped up those nationalist, capitalist, abrahamic idol-ogies, to justify power. So today the entire human psyche has become an aberration of thought, without the slightest relationship with the laws of nature. It is the anti-quantum paradox that makes social sciences so primitive:

The people in power, the observable, is so huge and powerful compared to the observer, the tiny social scientist, that in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty, where the scientist is so huge that it influences the observer, it introduces uncertainty as the ‘social scientist’ to be distributed and promoted ‘caters’ to the will of power. So it invents idol-ogies to justify power and passes them with damned lies and statistics as truths. THE ESSENCE OF OUR CULTURE IS TO JUSTIFY POWER, SPECIALLY IN ECONOMICS, WHOSE AIM IS TO JUSTIFY THE CONTROL OF THE ISSUE OF MONEY BY PRIVATE DYNASTIES OF BANKERS. and we will return to the idol-ogy of economics, once we explain the REALITY of economics, which is merely to allow bankers to control societies as military did in the past with weapons, with the hypnotic power of money, WHICH THEY MUST MONOPOLIZE AND ISSUE WITH EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO BUY and control all the elements of society.

Yet unlike the brutish warrior that needs nothing but the menace of death to be obeyed, the subtle hypnotism of money and its anti-ethic values do require the banker to control also the informative systems and manufacture the brain of people, or else people would easily realise they are living under the dictatorship of bankers and rebel. And that is the reason why capitalism has ALWAYS degraded the mind of mankind and censor social sciences in much more subtle ways. It first imposed go(l)d religions (bible), where a people-caste of banker-priests dominated societies, and considered itself chosen. It was the beginning of capitalism as a religion of fetish money (money is the invisible hand of god, Smith, money is the intelligence of god, Calvin). Then it established classic economics as a culture that promoted machines and money and its private issue, so as Owens put it quitting off memory, ‘here in London saloon economists dedicate all its efforts to invent complicated arguments to justify the monopoly of banking and shameless exploitation of workers by its employers but I have owned mills and see the abject conditions of work… how much better life those workers will lead if their owners cared for them as much as they care for their mechanisms.

The third age of capitalism comes then after II world war, when those laws of shameless exploitation of workers became converted into mathematical algorithms of productivity and profits, embedded in computer programs, making unnecessary for managers and owners to ‘look bad’, as now it was all ‘expert mathematical, equations’ which were NOT laws of nature, but mathematical expressions of the power-hungry exploitation of mankind by its elite of bankers and industrialists. While in parallel Financial-Media Masters, who owned informative machines and printed both money and idol-ogies in favor of its social control, kept pumping idologies that justify the actions of our elites and the ab=use of metal over man to justify war (nationalism) and slavery (capitalism), whereas humans become corpses for the reproduction and evolution of weapons, or workers (part-time slaves) or full slaves bought and sold with precious metal.

In that regard ‘evilwood’ with its anti-live values and wall street, owned by the same elite of millenarian dynasties of FMasters go hand in hand to control and impose the financial-media dictatorship, or ‘head’ of the metal-earth over America and from America to the rest of the world, with a mass of willing slaves singing ‘four legs, four legs’ in truly orwellian world.

But a social scientist cannot accept the anti-quantum paradox, but rather think as Owens, even if all the saloon economists of the globalised world will ignore as they ignored Owens, a true science of economics, to justify the purpose of our exploitative system, to create for the Leisure class of bankers, more… MONEY, more fantasies of entitlement, more ego-trips of rewritten history.


And for that reason, we shall in this blog be ‘sanguine’ with those cultures of egolatric people who control the informative financial-media system, since the beginning of western history and have reached a ‘delirium tremens’ of egolatry, first wit their religious concept of being ‘chosen of go(l)d’, unique races, then with the tribal ‘nazi-onanist’ concept of a superior ‘germ-an’ race who think to be also a species on their own, because they can kill with weapons all who oppose them.

And finally with the I-centered (always the I-pronoun first) ‘brutish’ cult(ure) that sees machines as object slaves that are always good because they seem to multiply our energy and information (but in fact the swarm intelligence of darwinian, evolutionary process show we are becoming the slaves of those machines, not the other way around, as we re=produce work for them, vitalize=consume them, and spend our lives tendering for its species).

All this stupidity of modern humans – as those three cultures of go(l)d, weapons and machines have guided the world since the beginning of the Industrial evolution is bringing history to an end. But the end is disguised with all kind of orwellian newspeaks of caring and political correctness. So the putrid process of the cancerous death of gaia and history is hidden. Even the real causes of its constant rhythmic death, in cycles of wars and holocausts, of action-reaction – the reward of the ‘swarm intelligence of this planet’ to the murderous, self-suicidal behaviour of our ‘animetal cults’ are denied – there is no economic and cultural causes to war but some ‘individual mad man’ like Hitler did it al. So today mankind’s memes are mostly infantile ‘dreams’ while reality goes undisturbed building the metal earth. But Children are in the organic Universe the staple food of true, mature, intelligent, ‘deserving’ species.

We are in fact entering the last phase of the life of a super organism, the age of entropy and dissolution of all networks of social organisation, ethic networks in human societies, as cells loose the ‘nervous connection’ that organise them in simultaneity both through the social love natural to all equal species and the reward and punishment, pleasure/pain messages of all social systems. That is where we are, and humans are going along with the increasing accelerated mental atrophy and degeneration of their intellectual skills, which makes them feel pleasure, as pleasure, death, speed, entropy, motion are similar sensations in an organism. After the pain of resisting death you will see a light beyond the tunnel, a cosmic orgasm call Nirvana, as your ego dissolves and your qi=vital energy returns to the Plenum, folding body of the planet that gave you a life you wasted so fast, as the 500 years the industrial r=evolution will last.

And this sets the stage for the higher probability and lesser probability of future for the planet: one in which social scientists rule and design that immortal perfect world, and the world of today ruled by the wrong ‘metal-cultures’, with its ‘newspeaks of false information’, result of a brutal struggle of existence that built our civilisations, before we became ‘rational, enlightened’ scientific and understood it all… in three steps of scientific development, the axial age or greek era, away from the mythic Semite age of fundamentalist power religions of money and weapons, the scientific age of mechanical perception of the Universe and the present systemic r=evolution of an organic world, unfortunately only applied by my peers to evolve machines and company-mothers into a global super organism, and censored by power in their sorely needed application to social sciences and human super organisms, the initial purpose of this blog.

In that regard the systemic cycles of wars and holocausts between judaism and germanism vs. Mankind are completely rational within the organic laws of the Universe and will ALWAYS happen again, as long as nazism and judaism ‘exist’, because its memes are fixed by the definition of those cultures, and their astounding hate-memes against their own species (which is mankind not some imaginary chosen race). Now, all this is more or less understood regarding nazionanisms, at least among humanist thinkers, but NOT about Judaism and its absolutely defining equal ‘meme, called ‘millenarism’, according to which ‘at the end of times’, humans will be either slaves off the superior german race (mein kampf millenarism), or the superior jewish race (talmudic millenarism: ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves o Yhwh – the memetic subconscious collective o jewish people/judaism – or will become exterminated’ (Sanhedrin, as quoted by Britannica, 72 millenarian prophecies).

And yet NOT even UNO, the closest organisation that represents mankind ‘dares’ to call Israel an apartheid state; while it rightly keeps condemning racism. Why this dual standard? The answer is scary: because judaism in its modern version capitalism, which is completely indifferent to mankind as it caters to the reproduction and evolution o machines, have DEFEATED AND ENSLAVED MANKIND. And made truth the talmudic millenarian prophecy: judaism today, in its modern capitalist religion has enslaved all humans to the machine and go(l)d. This of course is different from the concept that the Jewish people rules the world. Again, you miss the point here: it is NOT ‘a people’ but a memetic cult(ure), which JUMPS and evolves AS ALL FORMS OF INFORMATION DO, while maintaining the ‘CORE belief’ of its doctrine and its external actions intact, ‘who’ hates the human species, despises it, calls it an ‘animal race’, who ‘must serve the chosen’ etc. etc. And so as those MEMES are NOT a people, BUT AN idol-ogy, THEY CAN JUMP AND CONQUER OTHER MINDS, AND THIS IS EXACTLY what its modern version, capitalism has done. So indeed, today Judaism->capitalism has conquered the world. and the first thing it has done is to ‘falsify’, ‘rewrite’ and ‘put’ its memes in all its versions, judaism->biblical religions->capitalism->company-mothers of machines, as wonderful, perfect, intelligent ‘sciences’ and religions of the almighty that must be respected. 

We can now then put together all the elements of the human super organism to fully understand why this ‘white man fundamentalist, lineal, entropic character’ will NOT reason, and EVOLVE into a PEACEFUL, loving SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND, able to SURVIVE and CONTROL the lethal FRUITS OF THE TREE OF TECHNOLOGY as all their higher verbal prophets who put man again as the goal, have told him to do.

So we shall use exactly what we have proved – the ternary only topologies of the Universe and its three space-dimensions/time functions, to the racial make-up of mankind, since as it happens is the origin of a new of the many sub-sciences derived of gst that studies…


Culture over science.

In the graph, the Cananean>Jewish>Biblical>Capitalist-Mechanist animetal cult(ure)s, fundamentalist of go(l)d values have rejected ‘salvation’ as part of the supœrganism of mankind and accept as ‘destiny the fate’ of the 800-80-8 years cycles of overproduction of weapons & parallel death of humanity including them, in wars and holocausts with its repetitive frequency coupled to that of the cycles of evolution and overproduction of selfish memes of metal. Why this happens has to do with the coupling of the ‘languages’ of imperative abrahamic religions (VSO semitic languages) an objectual Germanic cult(ure)s, (SOV, OVS) languages, which makes their minds ‘believers’ a priori in non-free states of thought. The impossibility of the Jewish people, western soliton carrier of metal-information both in the go(l)d age and the present digital age (hollywood-wall street-city-ecb control) to USE their metal-informtation monopoly to SAVE the earth cre(dit)ating a wor(l)D made to the image and likeness of man NOT of its selfish memes of metal, and the similar fundamentalist germ(anic) view of entropic metal-weapons as the ‘right’ of humans, a ‘gift’ to be evolved and reproduced without limits, ab=used in war to dominate other humans, as we are different ‘nazi-onanist’ species, looking at their own navel, shows our zeitgeist.

Indeed, Both biblical GOP Americans and Israelis still consider a fundamental right the ‘reproduction and evolution’ of the species that kills humans – weapons; and the purpose of life to evolve, reproduce and herd money, and obey the laws of greed EVEN IF DEATH is the final result (by overproduction of profitable weapons that kill us, by debt usury that kills banksters).

It is the most amazing fact of ‘idol-ogical history’ to observe that the war and holocaust cycle fine-tuned to the 800-80 cycles are NOT considered caused by overproduction of weapons, hate memes, usury debt and all the elements studied exhaustively in this web, but a mere question of human individual madness. And hence no attempts to really solve the cycle of human extinction, fast evolving in the digital age of robotic weapons, attacking the fundamental cause: the profits of the FMMI system.

I have in that sense lost any hope regarding the germ(anic) cult(ure)s of weapons and the ‘you’ cult(ure)s of go(l)d, which have now extended through the derivative idol-ogies of nazi-onanism an capitalism, its ‘objectual an imperative’ minds that put ‘first’ the object-machine and the mandates of the banker-priest and its need of ‘ex-votes’ of go(l)d, above even human life.

But as their ‘idol-ogies’ transmitted from the primitive racial doctrines (judaism, germanic tribal racism), into modern, sophisticated ‘cultural versions’ (capitalism, nationalism), it HAVE BECOME UNIVERSAL TO THE HUMAN WORLD.

SO AMAZINGLY as it seems the millennials ALL believe in the ‘¥-credo’ generation (Vidi, credo ergo sum), believe in nazionanism, capitalism, techno-utopian and the sacred victims of mankind NOT of metal, the gods of go(l)d that die in the gottendamerung of the war-holocaust cycle.

Now, all this clear a big question hauls over our understanding of the Universe. Why mankind has been unable to SURVIVE by doing better in the ‘department’ of social mind thought?

Why humans have forgotten what they learned on those cycles – social love and ethics as a solution?

Why they have lost the eastern connection with the three organic arrows of the Universe, its life and death cycles?

Why even in the XXI century they RESIST to describe scientifically its three arrows of time and only ‘admits’ entropy?

If  in an earlier time of history, Asian cultures with its duality visnu-shiva and yin-yang, equivalent to the duality information-entropy, were so closely to make sense of all of it?

Why humans unlearn, unreason, uncare?

IT IS in that sense a discouraging fact to realise the ‘human collective super organism’ fails once and again to ‘conserve’ the upgrading their philosophers, scientists and true ethic prophets of love and historians of the future have told them since genesis to this blog? As it looks like we have indeed being ‘designed’ by the super organism of earth to be nothing but ‘enzymen’.

The answer might offend the reader, who mistakingly believes today as it believed in the past, that ‘abstract economic science is truth per se’ and proved with no errors or cultural attachments – as people though religion was proved by dogma.

Here the element missed in his discourse is ‘cultural bias’ in science and ‘postulates without proof’, ‘ceteris paribus analysis’, ‘anthropocentrism’, ‘power’ and ‘hyperbole’… all concepts natural to the human psyche a priori of any scientific statement.

In that sense entropy only theories are indeed a bias of the military, power-profession of physicists making weapons and motion machines, and it has always been so, becoming dogma. Entropy was discovered in the study of steam machine motion, as a product of gaseous heat; which is ONLY one of the three states of matter:

Gas (entropy state) < liquid (balanced state) > Crystal-solids (information state).

So it is obvious that the laws of kinetic gases are entropic but it is absurd to expand them to the whole of Nature, by simply ‘eliminating’ from philosophical analysis the other two arrows. And the same happened when in an astounding ‘hyperbole’ Helmothz from the ‘military culture of Germany’, expanded it to the Universe, affirming it was dying and further more, Gamow, a Nuclear-weapons maker affirmed the Universe was always and only a ‘gas-like expansive state’, again reducing the three arrows of the Universe; so well resumed in Einstein’s awesome equation: E=CCM, which he inferred in fact from the inverse arrow of informative, accelerated vortices of mass information, in his landmark: can mass be created out of entropy? So in this formula we have again the three arrows: 

Entropic expanding intergalactic space E< c²≈st  constant wave of light space-time > M Imploding masses and charges (galaxies)

And yet again, physicists and western cultures just used it to make entropic bombs and declare the Universe had only a similar big-bang exploding arrow.

There is here the side of dogma, and repetition and the believers memorial nature of the human mnd. As 1/2 of mankind believe that a  bronze age donkey-breeder tribe who saw a bush burning, understood the meaning of the Universe (Abrahamic religions) and react offended to any attempt to ‘reasoning’ historically this hallucination, just because the word ‘god’ is sacred; 1/2 of them believe the Universe is in a permanent state of entropy, dismissing the other so evident, experimentally, arrows of time, proper of all the generator equations of all systems of nature.

There is nothing though you can do to change a ‘believer’s mind’. In religion is called dogma, in science ‘first postulates’, which always show on the long term to be partial, ceteris paribus, analysis of the whole ternary reality. So for example, euclidean flat space turned out to be one of the three possible geometries of reality, yet because it was an a priori postulate, even today most sciences are based in the wrong geometry of reality.

Our social sciences are based in the postulates or rather metal idol-ogies of animetal cultures – capitalism -that go(l)d must rule over the human language of wor(l)ds, regardless of its swarm/linguistic intelligence that kills life and builds the metal-earth, that tribal humans not mankind IS the species and hence has to compete with each other evolving weapons to that aim (nazi-onanism) and of course technoutopian and abrahamic religions, which go hand in hand as ‘entitled humans’ cannot certainly be killed by any other lesser species, call it viruses (creationist theory of medicine that scorn Pasteur, for pretending that diminutive animals could kill us) or robots (creationist economics based in similar religious postulates of money as the language of god).

And so today there is still a massive censorship of any historic analysis that denies those dogmas and pretends to evolve social sciences into a rational, organic age.

And that sets the future in a deterministic path, shown in those cycles, which would NOT happen if there were freedom and democracy (as people would not vote wars) and would not be so ‘precise’ if company-mothers of machines wouldn’t rule the world and all its resources, dedicated to the industrial r=evolution, NOT the human evolution.

In fact, a clear hint that the future is not for humans is represented by the nation today at the head of the terminator industry, Israel, where soon most military recruits will be orthodox believers in the ‘inferiority of all animal races’ (humans we insist are animals in talmud). As it happens its elite are the owners of most financial-media nations in the west, and so the Industrial revolution cannot be understood without them, and the dual tragedy of their elites exploring mankind and mankind revenging on them and their lower classes through the war and holocaust cycle. But the very fact that this cycle is the biggest taboo in history today, cast a very shadowy future for the species – since obviously without dealing with the ultimate cause of those war and holocaust cycles, ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’, we won’t survive.

 If man was an end, after II world war, the 3000 years cycle of hate memes, overproduction of weapons and open war between ‘warrior and go(l)d cultures’ would have ended. But not even the massacre of 60 million people, 4 t0 6 million jewish mostly from the lower castes of peasants of the pale of settlement, made the slightest change in the fundamentalism of capitalist and ‘nazionanist’ doctrines. Go(l)d and weapons WERE never blamed in the post-war discourse. And today the industry of the holocaust with its astounding ‘Goebbelian/Voltaire’s method’: if you repeat a lie, in this case a half-truth, many times people will believe it’, ‘if you want to know who you serve, just notice who you cannot criticise’; makes impossible a real narrative of capitalism, as it would imply to criticise the jewish religion, its racist memes, explain its origin in the fetish to go(l)d of earlier cultures; and that taboo cannot be broken, as mass-media in the west is basically ownership of this people-caste, which is again at the business of treating people as cattle, (Palestinians, hollywood brain manufacturing, wall street brutal indifference to the needs of credit for welfare), is again in the business of making fortunes with war, and it has made the terminator industry the backbone of their original nation.

The problem though of mankind is that it does NOT even conceive that ‘gold’, digital money, can be as destructive as weapons. So while anyone realises jihad islam and nazionanisms are eviL=antilive, genocidal, nobody it seems can realise the ‘complex ways in which invisible information destroys the world’. This is obvious the case of the jewish->biblical->capitalist cult(ure), which follows Nietzsche’s dictum: the only lies we cannot uncover are those about ourselves.  In USA specially it is simply unconceivable to ‘understand’ the truth about a society ruled by money not by the ethics of the wor(l)d; in Judaism specifically, the oldest earth’s go(l)d culture one can see 3000 years of complex myths denying that ‘greed’ kills by poverty with the same cruelty than weapons, and the actions-reactions Newtonian laws of the Universe are beyond human control. And as this is the globalised culture today, creator of most of our memes – the subconscious collective of the millennial generation, the concept that it is a ‘self-suicidal culture’ – now humanity at large has become a self-suicidal culture; will never be accepted.

Not to speak of the complex, organic laws that are evolving machines into a global super organism. In a 40 years long 1000 people strong landmark psychological analysis of humans from birth till old age at Dunedin U. they found the key feature for success and survival in life is ‘self-control’, a buddhist renounce to desires. Greed kills control; ethics; balance. The actions-reaction of history≈mankind in time to greed and murder the values of gold and weapons means death to those fundamentalist cultures that make of man a mean, a corpse or a working slave. Today mankind guided by those values is in a no way out. But if animetal cult(ure)s have something in common, is NOT to accept criticism, NOT to be free to self-reflect and change path; even when their own life is at stakes.

Unfortunately by the paradox of history those cultures carry the day of metal-power in financial power (Judaism, calvinism) and military power (germanic America, Jihad), and are FAST devolving the future of mankind into a tunnel back to the past, while the true evolved cultures and institutions (EU, China, UNO, enlightened USA), based in social power, ethic, verbal thought, diplomacy and the belief of all men as equal are fast regressing Since the control of Financial-media/military-industrial corporations is mostly in the hand of those who have indeed worshipped metal, machines, weapons and money and so as AI and the metal earth reproduces, evolves and multiplies the power of its companies and machines, people like this writer using merely verbal thought, and istituions that do not bully and use weapons and go(l)d to foster their primitive beliefs, have little exposure. The rat bites its tail.

In that regard, we shall show in this blog that the essence of the capitalist idol-ogy of worshipping of machines, the culture of its company-mothers, is to love mechanisms more than humans, weapons more than welfare goods, because that is their ‘biological mandate’. But as humans still co-exist with them, an astounding virtual fiction of ‘orwellian newspeaks’ of caring and political correctness has become today the collective subconscious of mankind, with an astounding schizophrenia. Since capitalism ‘hates love and life’ but pretends to exist for us, humans, which are the expendable part of it.

And to cheat humans into believing that those who hate her ‘the collective swarm intelligence of corporations’ building the metal-earth that extinguishes life, are caring, all is written in ‘fictions’, ‘mathematical equations’ and dogmas, an censorship.

All what i have to say about the ‘attitude’ of politicos, industrialists and the common people, is that YOU CANNOT INVENT REALITY JUST INVENTING A VIRTUAL childish FANTASY OF IT, which is what our ‘civilisation has become, by denying THE FULL PICTURE OF AN ORGANIC PLANET, evolving under the organic laws of biology.

As today humans purposely ‘ignore’ under the idol-ogy of capitalism, a real science of this organic planet, at their own peril, because the ‘swarm intelligence’ of super organisms, in which we all are embed ‘controls and manipulates’ individual ‘selfie’ egos, with an impressive ‘silent dexterity’ in such forms, as those described in this web for human beings, which make them puppets of the whole IF they are NOT rationally aware of it, and organise properly their societies. And this is what exactly ALL humans are becoming: puppets of the swarm intelligence of the metal earth –  even those who pretend to be ‘politically correct – ecologists and left-wingers, with its mantras of ‘we are killing the earth’ (my friends the Earth is degrading  making obsolete an soon will KILL you all, so keep your pity for your own species, in a clear process of entropic death, the final phase of existence of any superorganism, in process of devolution).

But ‘enlightenment’ of the people-castes and animetal cult(ure)s that are ruling the Earth, with their deformed imperative or objectual languages, their null respect of humanity and democracy, and their infantile beliefs in bronze age fetish go(l)d and sword religions, makes the whole affair of a positive future for our species, when it cannot even reason and accept the organic laws of the Universe, blind by their ego, quite difficult.

Now, I know my insistence with the Jewish culture which controls the western financial-media system and invents traditionally the informative memes of capitalism, has always made very difficult the exposure of this web, and yet only if human realised that capitalism, is a segregation culture – regardless of who does it – they could turn page and use a real science to build a better world. So i can’t help to insist once and again on this theme: capitalism is a religion of go(l)d, NOT a science. The real science of economics is bio-economics and physiology, system science; and the financial industry must be nationalised to be able to manage it properly because FMasters do not care at all except for their schemes of speculation to keep producing money for themselves, wasting trillions, corrupting politicos and moving the Earth to its extinction – in collaboration conceded, with all other nations who imitate them.

Since them, as ‘experts’ and their nation, Israel, as the leading nation of the robotic age (and its companies in US) are imitated by all, and this which we said for 30 years is now crystal clear – the world is becoming a huge Israel, paranoid with security, awash with robotic weapons, caring nothing for the 90%. So to know the future, we just have to see how Israel treats his lesser human beings (palestinians, nature) and what truly produces (robots, software).

Now, the study of the financial-Media system of informative machines that prints our languages of power and manufacture our brains and its culture is so important and we dedicate so much time to it here, because they are the go(l)d head of our world, and so they define the future of all of us. So as we would study and do study only the life of the spanish conquistador warriors in south-america after the conquest, because they control the languages of social power and defined the future of south-america even if they were only 30.000 people, since go(l)d became the only language of power with the beginning of capitalism in holland, and now since israel has become the fmaster of the capitalist head of financial-informative machines, they do decide the future. And every other nation, as it became a copycat of holland will become a copy-cat of israel, so we need to know israel and its nation.

This is not by all means what we would like to talk about. But rather a continuous evolution of the science of history and economics, without censorship but applied in praxis to construct a perfect world, where the ‘primitive memes’ of those cultures that clearly need to evolve were not cherished by an ever more degraded mass of humanity regressing to the past, but definitely cast aside by an American society looking towards the future. But it seems the monopoly of the FMasters over human information and the sheer power of the Goebbels’ method of repeating the same hate memes at all hours always win in history to the quality of the social scientist, silenced by the anti-quantum paradox.

So so unfortunately we talk too much of the nation of Israel, not because we obsessed by its global FMasters, but because the head of a super organism matters far more than all the rest of the body to know HOW THE FUTURE WILL BE, since only the head directs the body, with the linguistic messages of the superorganism, and once human failed to r=evolve  and reform its sick economic and political systems, the non-verbal go(l)d head of the planet Earth belongs to the informative machines that print money in wall street and the city and the audiovisual machines that keep pumping iron – neofascist movies – about wars, police, and the scarceness of go(l)d – ultimate goal of all telefilms, in ‘evilwood’.

This is where we are and so, to understand the future in a ‘capitalist world’, where go(l)d matters more than the law it buys,   THE HEAD which controls the informative machines that issue THE LANGUAGE of the metal-earth, and obey its subconscious value will decide the future, regardless how small and invisible is the language of information, they command. So happens with any linguistic center – size does not matter, BUT ‘mass density’, of the language of power. So black holes with infinitesimal size but infinite gravitational, informative mass, inform the shape of galaxies, and small, quasi-invisible genes, stored in the small nuclei of cells do design the future of biological organisms, and flows of invisible e-money define the world no longer ruled by the ethic wor(l)d, and will do so with the anti-human values of money, ignoring the needs of mankind, the life of mankind, and its future that does not have the high price of weapons and machines. And this has been the case in each stage of the industrial evolution of machine and money, where a very small knot of information, first Amsterdam, then when its king bought the british crown, london, and its daughter city-islands (new york and Hong Kong at the end of the XX century) and in the political, legal treatment of humans, Israel, the small nations of those FMasters, as Germany, Britain and Holland , all very small ‘islands’ of technological information ahead of all other nations did before them:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.03.04 PMimage155idf-israel-missile-threat-map
In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.
Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.
And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph).
So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the 72 coup d’etat against American political and financial and military independent power centres (end of physical currency substituted by e-money, end of political power, controlled by mass-media after watergate and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up.
It must indeed be always a wall to divide the metal-cultures from the inferior human beings, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal want to cross it the wrong direction. So after 1970 in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMasters will define the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money and mass-media information, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.
So happened in the XVII century, when the Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and their equivalent ones, owned by Wall Street and Californian FMasters.
Why? Because they have the ring of go(l)d – the fastest mode of reproducing e-money and the sword of the goths, the most evolved robotic weapons. So the world will be israelified, and indeed, no other nation has more privileges today than Israel, who has free trade with Europe but does not accept a single refugee (this so much talked about Brexit question of free trade but not free workers), it is the center of American investment and help to the ‘3rd world’, military and political, etc. etc. It is not the American but the Jewish Empire because the head dominates the body.
Only if humans wished to survive the future and chose the most advanced wor(l)d models, EU, UNO and China, we could talk of other futures. So the third part will be dedicated to study the Nation of Israel, and its western FMasters, who rule and censor as the $elected on top of the Financial-Media industries of the West; which of course cannot be named, as NO DICTATOR CAN BE NAMED AND CRITICIZED and so in the same manner you could not criticise Stalin and the communist party, Hitler and the Nazi party, today in America or Europe you cannot criticise the ‘israeli’ party. But only knowing what Stalin, Hitler and Bibi wants and their FMasters do, you will know what the future will be.
the key feature of the globalised world we live in, guided by the values of go(l)d, which are inverse to those of the wor(l)d, which give maximal value to life: A go(l)d-based ‘capitalist’ culture, which considers the accumulation of money, the goal of a society, based in the re=production and evolution of its most expensive goods – weapons and machines that kill and substitute life, has an enormous contradiction between its ‘praxis’, negative to life, and its verbal ethic values, resolves systematically in all historic cultures of go(l)d, of which the most obvious case is the foundational, leading ‘biblical’ Jewish-protestant culture that founded capitalism, MAKES THE WORD A FICTION, TO AVOID ITS CONTRADICTION WITH GO(L)D VALUES.
AND This contradiction is what makes necessary TO HIDE the facts of modern EuroAmerica; a plutocratic control of the Jewish financial-media masters who own over 80% of media, financial and CENTRAL bank stocks and CEO positions. So the goals of Israel become by imitation, imposition and mere actions of those corporations the goals of euroamerica.
So we need to keep writing about them and their history, because the head decides the whole body and as we have been warning EuroAmericans for decades, it means our humanist culture would disappear.
 In the graph, the encroached memes of ‘orthodox capitalism’ and ‘military jihad’ have taken over the evolved memes of european r=evolutionary humanism. And so now we are as they said ‘in a hard place’, between ‘the wall and the sword’ – the wall being wall street and the media systems of the FM-world that imprisons our minds and body, and the military world of terrorist wolves and terrorist states (Daesh, but also western right wing politicians), and what is more frustrating, the blind body-cells of mankind, CANNOT realise it is the system and its memes what is corrupted and must change; as informative flows are invisible, and so we do NOT see the evil=anti-live orders of murder at distance of financial waves…

But of course, being this world one ruled by informative machines, all this is not understood. The Orwellian world is one dominated by fictions and happy newspeaks, truly an animetal farm. So it is necessary to explain the ‘newspeaks’ of the orwellian world in more detail.  Since the printing of money and news to program the minds of believers in capitalism goes hand on hand to make us happy idiots who commit merrily self-suicide.

Fiction and false experts. The modern sources of newspeak

TODAY NEWSPEAK is produced overwhelmingly by the biblical cultures of Judaism and Protestantism, in the English language of the culture that developed the machines, through audiovisual corporations, mostly belonging to the belonging to the original culture of the memes of go(l)d, the people of the treasure (72% nobel prizes in economics, around 60% of global capital, monopoly in banking, digital information – ebay, microsoft, facebook, wikipedia, amazon, dell, myspace, newscorp, nytimes, the economist, financial times, warner, etc. etc.

This means the Globalization of the ‘goldiron’, germanic-Jewish cultures, which embody the memes of war, money and machines they have carried around the world. Their power and control of global information is absolute. And yet, because humans have slowly evolved mentally and the eusocial memes of love are natural to the word, this newspeak is achieving the ultimate victory over the mind of verbal thought – converting our natural, biological language, the word in a deactivated fiction.

This is the purpose of Hollywood within the structure of memes of capitalism and the financial-military-industrial system: to spread memes of racial hate to promote war; to protect patriotism and capitalism and the cultures that carried those memes, the Jewish-anglo culture as the supreme good (exempted of late the german culture of warriors since they killed the top predator of the financial-military industrial complex and so they have been moved to the other side); to create the myth that technology is always good, that war is necessary and when those memes carried by news and serious scholars are not imprinted, to deactivate all other memes with fiction thought, so the individual human is reduced to a bubbling idiot who dreams in lady gaga and follows the twilight series but serious believes in the dogma of catholic pederasts (love religion), islamic terrorism (love religion), socialist destruction of human freedoms (love science) and the falsity of any biological analysis of history (love science)…

There is today an ultimate form of Newspeak that has become overwhelming called:

—  Fiction:the systematic promotion of fiction as a mode of expression is a feature of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Industrial Information, which started with the press and today has evolved enormously in visual sophistication. Its effect is obvious: it diverts the attention of people from the real problems of the world. And it reduces the value of words as a language of truth, which becomes substituted by digital numbers—science, pricing, audiovisual images. Ultimately, it erases the human, verbal, ethic brain and its survival instincts. In that regard, when words were the ‘sacred’ language of truth, men couldn’t waste their time, in a Darwinian Universe, believing in fictions. Yet today, since men are becoming obsolete, idle fiction becomes the key element to distract people and keep them in a permanent state of idiocy.

The trend can be traced historically to Victorian England, in which the 2 dominant fictions of today’s world were invented: narrative serials, heavy on melodramatic fiction and . . .  sports. In the Midlands soccer became the sport of Liverpool and Manchester workers (still is), when mining and textile companies offered a free lunch on Sundays to workers that went to see soccer matches, a fiction of war. Their aim was to prevent them from fighting for ‘real rights’ and assist the meetings hold that day in Trade Unions. Thus soccer substituted the Anglican/ Calvinist Go(l)d religion, which had lost believers, as the new ideology of passivity among workers. Today ‘pan et circensis’ are offered by McDonalds and TVs at minimal cost. Since once fiction becomes the main mode of verbal expression, real words with its ethic, survival content, become meaningless and corporations can govern you through a different language, considered by mechanist science ‘the absolute truth’: digital thought, mathematical prices, salaries, money and ‘votes’ that carry the ‘non-fiction’, real orders and power of modern societies.

Fiction is thus, the only mode of expression left to the human thinker and writer, because it is ‘bullshit’, irrelevant to create actions that transform societies, as today monetary orders do.Indeed, Newspeak is a concept that appeared in the novel 1984 by G. Orwell, similar to the modern concept of a ‘Matrix’ of false information, explained in the film of equal name.

In both cases, the authors wrote a ‘fiction novel’, because precisely the ‘Fiction rule’ that prevents distribution of truths about the ‘Free Market’, obliged them to write a parable of reality. So happened to Samuel Butler, father of Bio-economics, which published an article about the evolution of machines, after he read Darwin, but could only make his work available to the mass with a book of fiction called ‘Erehwon’, nowhere backwards. In that regard, the effect of fiction is evident. It implies that the parables of fictions like Matrix or 1984 are ‘lies’ not to be taken seriously.

So the effect of those masterpieces is often the opposite to the effect the writer tries to create: the evolution of machines, the control of societies by go(l)d and murder, the future extinction of man, becomes something we have seen in ‘science-fiction’ movies like ‘Matrix’, so it must be a ‘fiction’, a ‘lie’. And whenever a serious scientist brings the idea in non-fiction terms, the reader, if the industrial system of ‘scholar’ misinformation lets him speak a all, will be vaccinated by his feeling that he is exaggerating, because he has heard that, as a ‘deja vu’ fiction.

Indeed, while the cycles of mathematical economics might be fascinating specially to those – most – whose only interest is in the selfish gain of money, to us, it only matters the destiny of the humankind – which is after all what a social scientist must study. So we shall now consider what is truly the most negative effect those machines cause on us – not our physical death but our mental death and degradation, to a point that makes the new generations of ‘virtual children’ hardly recognisable as ‘full humans’…

Pumping up terrors in its different versions.

Just heard all over the news a guy got some cuts with a crystal window broken… big news globally provoking an astounding ‘scare’ and ‘indignation’… 7 billion people pending on that immense tragedy (: as it happens the guy is from my hometown, barcelona, a soccer player, who wanted to communicate with his friends but was forbidden to do so, as it was protected by a huge polize squadron… hey I am ok, let me go… He was then spirited away without the press knowing under the ‘victims protection act’… oh, la la we are here again. 

A week latter only 2 died, one police and a woman who fall don a bridge, and we had another week of madness… never mind dozens die every day in UK & US for lack of proper health-care system… anonymously…

Indeed, look at the picture above again… First you will probably have only noticed the empty field, big news, for the billion or so virtual ‘minds’ who only care about 10 entropic humans using their lesser parts (limbs) to kick a ball… And the handsome catalan boy highlighted as a ‘victim, in the ominous black bombed bus. But now on the let side, a MOAB bomb, told to cost 340 million $, shot into some desert part of Afghanistan on the mountains close to China, what for? who cares what those people do there? And above, the REAL NEWS, nobody highlights, nobody talks about. The fact that UK and US, the leading capitalist nations of the anglo-American culture have the highest rates of death on the hundreds of thousands, doubling yearly those of the alternative EU Latin culture, so much ‘hated’ by the memes of the primitive world ruled by corporations, which pretends to be the ‘beacon and future of mankind’. Indeed, France and Italy have 40.000 people less dying every year for health-care reasons. This is the real genocide – and we are here talking only of the most privileged nations of the planet, specially US and UK who through the city and wall street reproduce about 1/2 of the trillions of world e-money of the planet, in a near monopoly, but can’t even save the lives of their own people.

That is my definition of a rogue state, as Syria indeed is, but Syrians just ‘killed chemically’ a few dozen. US & UK or rather their 0.1% owners of corporations, kill chemically (as chemistry is the basis of drugs to save lives in health-care; and that is what their people lack by choice). So Mr. Trump after failing to cut even further those minimum rights of an ultra wealthy nation awash with trillions of e-money for the few 0.1%, is NOW moving further into wars for profits. And pretends to ‘care’ ‘shocked’ by the  -we agree- evil doing of Mr. Assad – dealt with in the main post of the blog:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 12.25.09.png

penthagon warHere is the man going for all the rogue states, to see how many splendid little wars can add to the catalog, with 60% of american money (in the Obama age) going to weapons, it seems we need to consume many human beings. what about saving a few american live first, Mr. President? Of course, no need for it, a 1/2 of the ‘voters’ population seems retarded enough to enjoy virtual, manufactured hate-memes whatever it costs:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 20.27.58

So the conclusion is obvious. We are 24/7 on war on terror news now for 2 decades of Orwellian newspeaks, and in crescendo, since now is when truly neofascism gets on the loose and all nations will imitate the cuckoo guy. 30 years on the making with the usual mantra, the placebo humanism of politically correct ‘house negros’ a la Obama (the previous 10% hike was from him) does the same a bit slower, as it represents the phase of corporative democracies that make ‘peaceful weapons’, but as corporations ‘own’ the issue of money that buy politicos, when we enter the phase of maximal profits of war, they choose the GOP, tory neofascist leader and that is the basis of the entire forecasting for 30 years of this web and books, and it is happening all over again:

All those corpses are propaganda to boost our rogue states and pump iron for the financial/media-military/industrial complex… So if they weren’t terrorists we would have to invent it, and some would tell you we invented them with the brutal treatment of their nations and sustain of military thugs and cuckoo priests while throwing all the mossadeq-normal-leaders… But the fascinating thing about it, is that the entire sheeple of the ‘free world’ would throw at my throat if listening to this. It is indeed the age of entropy and death of the cycle of evolution of machines… And we all agree we must keep going under with military solutions of our ‘invented’ world.

This must be clear: the evolution of the FMMI system is real – all the idol-ogies and hate memes human invent to divide themselves as a species and justify the ab=use of mankind with selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines are ‘fake news’, and yet humans are astoundingly enough moved by such ‘fantasies’, scared to death by them, worked up by hymns and flags, invented in primitive germanic tribes, praying to Gods who never existed, deluded fantasies of bronze age peasants… Such zeitgeist of mankind is what makes people like this writer or any r=evolutionary wonder as Marx did, in his latter days if ‘the human condition determines the failure of all r=evolutions, if history is rigged’.


In the graphs, the obvious building up of an electronic big brother, and a robotised army of vigilante terminators, police cars and drones on the making, with the excuse of self-feeding terrorism fuelled by hate media, which includes as its paramount features Islamophobia but specially the conversion of each terrorist into a 24/7 ‘warholian fame hero’ propaganda for recruitment through media. Both massive propaganda in western media of Islamic heroes, and islamophobia are the main causes of internal terrorism, along the external causes – our systemic backing of the 50 years ‘anniversary’ of Apartheid Israel and the subsequent 50 years of destruction of Islamic social-democratic, westernised leadership, substituted by military dictators and the promotion by second-parties (CIA paying alqaeda, Arabian nations sustained jihadism, ISIS maintained for a decade without UNO-backed clean up operations, as if our armies were a bunch of impotent sissies, which can only mourn in televised ‘stop-the-world’ for a minute ceremonies of crying, hoping to raise new 24/7 hate media heroes, new warfare, less welfare, on the wake of the so-long prohetized change of historic paradigm according to the 72 year cycle of neofascist colonial wars, now on top of the wave of history ‘again’. Indeed conservative parties do love terrorism as they needed to build fa$cism:

11 April…

As we advance into the neo-paleolithic, the 3rd age of history Humans are NOT evolving but paradoxically devolving back into its earlier cultures of ‘animetal entropy’. So we are involved into the Semite wars, the first conflict of metal-warriors and go(l)d traders, while the Social organisations who seek for the evolution of mankind into a global super organism, UNO and EU are being dismantled and sieged by terror and rogue nations, who impose their military tempo and repression of human life and freedom.

In the choice of welfare vs. warfare, which comes to society at every neo-fascist age, in this cycle there has been very little argument; as the wars between ‘Assur and Israel’ come back and expand globally. Meanwhile, the robotic industry increasingly finds in the racist or idol-ogical walls between brother nations a military use, which soon will extend to divide the ultra-wealthy 0.1% of owners of automated corporations, the 1% of managers, and 10% of attached profession, with still a significan income and isolate them from the 90% of increasingly dispossessed people.

But we cannot only blame, terrorism and rogue countries and the o.1% who takes the
decisions of all others through its corporative power in search of the go(l)d profits of war but the passive standing of those who had a humanist solution and have rather looked to the other side and ‘obeyed’.

Indeed, at each path of history, as in all systems of the Universe there are three topological arrows of space-time, which can be chosen: entropy ≈ destruction, information ≈ evolution and conservation of momentum/energy=iteration. This law which applies to all physical/biological and sociological systems, means most systems will keep the cyclical inertia of past repetitive cycles; with increasing momentum. And so it has been in the present cycles, canons have been chosen over butter, guided by the leading nation of the robotic cycle, Israel, which has imposed the neo-fascist solution, to protect its apartheid state – the rogue nation par excellence along South-Korea, both divided by a robotic wall from their poor brothers, which at the eyes of the western world are the ‘named’ terrorist and rogue nations, we must punish.

REALITY though is always dual, and balanced. You need two to tango. So Jihad is merely the natural response of a poor proud civilisation, the oldest animetal warrior, with limited weaponry, to 60 years of constant humiliations. And North-Korea, the response to a buttressed circle of top military basis and yearly fleets send by the US to monitor them. We study those situations ad nauseam in our posts on the semite wars and Korean conflicts.

At this post we should rather talk of the ‘lost chance’ for a real solution, which China and EU should have imposed. But as Mr. Einstein put it, those who defend Live are weak and talk with a subdued sheeple voice, always in history. Even censor brave solutions for peace – indeed, this blog and his models of humanist, combative history and denounce of the hate memes of rogue cultures has always frightened more the ‘politically correct newspeaks of the left’ than the right, which at least knows what we talk about. 

Yet time is running out and for only possible solution to rogue and terror, which goes through the enlargement of EU to Russia and Israel – with the acceptance of a single nation, ending apartheid, to create an evolving world of mankind, before the robotic military industry make of each nation and upper class a protected walled world as we predicted for decades.

It was indeed easy during the 30 years in which the solution of bio-history was posited in a few small print books and conferences. A non-confessional Israel, joining EU, protected by OTAN, accepting the injustice of the colonial state, giving back rights to Palestinians as US did to Indians, demilitarising the region; a european Russia, joining EU, for god’s sake it is 1/2 of Europe but has not been invited, as a bridge to China, forcing them together on the North Koreas a reunification Germany style, with demilitarisation – the key word for a future to mankind, when ‘technology has clearly overcome humanism’ (Einstein). It was not possible. Instead the Financial-Media system chose to make money with weapons, continue the bullying of Arab nations, till Jihad exploded. And now keeps pressing the entropic solution: electronic big brothers, curtail of freedoms, MASSIVE EXPOSURE on Tvs of any terrorist attack to multiply the ‘celebrity status’ of terrorists, the hate-islamophobia of europeans, the motion towards neofascism, the Israeli model for the entire planet. 

So yes, Jihad and Israel, the terror and the rogue state are now bringing back the beginning of metal-history. Jihad obviously will continue – so easy is in a world of free weapons, and social freedoms – to go around and murders. Hate-media, apartheid, dictators put all over Islam, poverty and exposure will keep fuelling it. And the splendid little wars grow in crescendo. Do the people who allow every terrorist murder to become global news, siege nations with a police state and make the murderer a global celebrity understand this? Of course they do. It is hilarious if it were not tragic. You can go out to the street and shoot your family and nobody cares, no news.

But if you make a whammy on the road and a kid playing soccer gets a crystal wound, you stop the entire Dortmund, cancel a global match and comes on the news 24/7. So goes for the siege of boston, for a couple of murders. But the sheeple is perfectly programmed by the Financial-Media world, and so only those who own it, the ‘israelis’ could change the no-future of neo-fascism, now in the weimar republic. It has always surprised me as I spent my youth among their elite in the Hamptons parties, and Athletic club over Central Park, in Columbia kappa that a people so intelligent for abstract matters, have always taken the wrong decisions about their collective history and their guidance with go(l)d of the western world.

To me this is the central question of the future, because it gives a certain determinism to history. And it comes at the end to a simple fact: animetal people on top are ‘truly energised by paranoia, weapons power, gold greed’; humanist people are more laid down, try to enjoy the drives of life animetals repress. And ultimately go under. A curious film on Jihad is now doing the rounds on western art tvs, called timbuktu.

There you see the happy dolce fare niente of the far more evolved, too long despised rich verbal SVO cultures of black Africa, enjoying a relaxed islam, when the ‘people from the north’ descend upon the with cheap kalasnikovs and Japanese SUVs – they are not monstrous but common people, as those you might find in Israel’s army, they just have a couple of leaders expert on Koran wahabbism and Torah racism taking the decisions with its imperative vso languages, as if they spoke in the name of creation, when they just quote bronze age primitive texts.

So the righteous forbid music, forbid smoking, forbid skin, forbid, forbid… the torah has 632 prohibitions also of all what is life enjoyable, from good food to good sex to social love… It is indeed the old animetal memes in its purest, most disciplined forms, as all ‘systems evolve from an epic, simple righteous way to a moderate relativism. And so those memes are written in ‘stones of iron cast’. It starts slow but tempo builds up and entropy finally collapses Timbuktu into a wasteland… this is the model of the future; and not only rogue states and jihad terrorists are to blame, but all those who let them take over the much more evolved proposition of UNO, EU and reformed Russia and China…

Of course we only see the side of the FMasters – even timbuktu is paid by ‘Mr. Cohen’ a jewish producer direct descendent of Aaron, and the other side is completely ignored – the French for example to my surprise ignored why jihad attacks them and here in Spain nobody cares – basically Mr. Hollande decided once we passed internal politics to the bankers, to bomb Syria, expand grandeur, bomb Mali, take over timbuktu, protect the uranium mines of Niger, as if neo-colonialism was the way to go in the third fascist age…

But here,we are not mercenary soldiers for the Semite wars, it is not our war, our civilisation, we reconquered our world and established slowly but finally with the end of catholic inquisitions and military dictators a humanist, life-oriented, enjoyable world, and do not need the ‘primitives’ to tell us what is the ‘future=past’ they seek for mankind. 

And of course, we are not invading Argentina any time soon, to rebuild our empire. We have evolved. This is sepharad, what the rogue and jihad intellectuals considered the height of their religious culture, when all those themes were just secondary to the underlying true nature of biological life, more customs than dogma, as both maimonides and averroes read the greeks before the imperative texts and his prohibitions of all pleasures of life.

Update. June, 2017 

Now, if i were Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the humanist candidate for the Labor party, today, one day before the elections I would promise that as soon as I get elected I would ask as permanent member of the security Council the creation of a UNO-controlled army from all Democratic countries with victims of ISIS jihadism to end this ragtag army invading and cleaning up its territory in North-East Syria, because our armies exist to defend our people not to lie idle in their barracks while the Financial/Media-Military/Industrial system makes of terrorism, the perfect excuse to keep pumping up budgets and profits of the terminator industry, the nuclear Trident Industry, and all other ultra-expensive weapons we need for nothing, while keep our cuts on police, NSA, education and unemployment benefits.

Of course, meanwhile the ‘Media’ makes of each terrorist the most famous man on earth for a week, elongating Mr. Warhol claim that all humans deserve 15 minutes of fame. We all know that to make the star of all news every terrorist attack just pushes more kamikazes of the Semite wars, to want a ‘share of the action’. So a second immediate law should be placed as a warning for the financial-media masters behind this escalation of the original semite wars signalled this week by its 50 anniversary:

– To consider any news that dedicate to actions of ‘murder’ by terrorists MORE time than to any other ‘mass-murder’ for any other revenge reason, APOLOGY of terrorism… PUNISHED with a pecuniary penalty of 10% of the profits the mass-media corporation has obtained in the past, to compensate for the promotion of such a heinous crime.

I bet you within days of this law, all global hate-media will end and the terrorist menace will decrease exponentially to become a foot-note, no retarded jihadist internerd kid will feel important again, just another criminal, ignored and put to rest by the police NOT the army who fights national wars, but the POLICE, which takes care a crimes and ‘metal-induced’ tragedies (including car accidents, labor accidents and so on). Bye, bye, Mr. Murdoch, fox of the fox, the neo-Hitlerian hate-radio of this cycle. 

And in this manner without the need to build an army of terminators, increase the budgets of the military to the heights of II world war, and cut all the budgets of welfare state, before christmas, there would be zero ‘terrorist scare’, and we could regain our freedoms, peace of mind and humanist euroamerican civilisation, hijacked since the beginning of the Semite wars.

Consider indeed the mass-murder revenge that happened exactly the same day than the terror attacks of June in the Bridge of London that killed 6 people. This man was fired on the present age of ‘end of human labor’, as white collar Pcs an blue collar robots and its military version, terminators, receive massive amounts of investments, and compete with us in labor and war fields. So he revenged as those terrorists are revenging for 50 years in crescendo of brutal ab=uses to Islamic democracies, after we plotted, killed or threw out all social-democratic moderate leaders, since the times of Mossadeq to put military dictators, or even worst, paid jihadists directly (as Bin Laden, paid by CIA) or indirectly (as ISIS paid by Arabian, fundamentalist dictatorships, we so much love as they buy us billions of dollars in weapons).

Consider now that every murder in revenge for the automation of factories would receive 24/7 hours coverage. How long it would take for the millions getting out of good jobs, into the under unemployment ‘present zeitgeist’ to start killing CEOs? And for politicos to consider automation and robotics a problem for the future of labor? So as we live in a world ruled by Company-mothers of machines, which are sacred, and have all rights, obviously we do not give this man more than 10 seconds of prime time; we do not talk of automation, which give profits to corporations, and nobody is going to follow his path. But if we were doing this with our war on terror, we would have no excuse to deviate resources from the human sector of the economy – welfare -to apply it to warfare as we said it would happen in the third neofascist, war age of technological evolution of machines, guided by the profit equations of capitalism:

Max. Profits (inflationary money) = Max. price/sales (weapons) – Min. reproduction cost (hate media)

‘Nervus belli pecunia infinita’ already said cicero author of the res publica, commenting on the same cycle for 800 years civilisations.

However the Financial-media (information machines)/Military-industrial (entropic-energetic machines) evolving organism of company-mothers HAVE professionalized the cycle, reason why we could perfectly foresee the steps of this age of neo-colonial wars 30 years in advance (bio-history. c. 92). Let us then study this simple equation as it manifests in the 80-8 years cycles of economics, the cycle of industrial machines/weapons and the 8 year cycle of products/splendid little wars.

So yes the conservative=capitalist parties of profits for company-mothers, whatever it takes, from the Western World love terrorists in a very 1984 way. So they promote the Semite wars with an orwellian eternal ‘splendid little war’, a massive influx of daily hate memes an terrorist protagonist, a lousy control of jihadists, most of them ‘known to be so’ and left happily walk our streets, while our trillions are spent in terminator high-tech weapons and a big-brother electronic police state, just in case the II equation of capitalism brings more revengeful fired employees. Since the goal of a compacracy – our system of power – NOT a democracy, is not the welfare of human citizens, but the absolute rights of the free citizens of the market, company-mothers of machines and weapons, and technology as we forecasted for decades will make profitables with the beginning of the robotic r=evolution investment in war and hate media.

As it has been the case.

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