Mercenary army

Semite Wars: Moving backwards in History to the 1st animetal empires


In the graph, the cycle of world wars tuned to the cycle of technological evolution which switches between machines of consumption and financial production to weapons and hate-media which are just the evil twins of the same machines – a weapon being an armoured transport, which instead of being consumed by humans consume us and a hate-media message being printed by the same metal-communicators that print money.

Thus when the equation of capitalism: Maximal money/profits = Max. weapons +max. hate media can be implemented because a new form of weapons and media appear – in the present age terminators and internet-tv hate, the choice of splendid little war that conveniently come out of hand, with the synergies of hate media ensure profits to keep coming. And for that ’cause’ of profitable wars (and mercenary armies of nations who believe in capitalism, and ‘don’t ask too much’) the best culture to play the cat and mouse game is  Islam as it is the old neolithic warrior culture, the first animetal semite society, ruled by primitive warriors, which ensure a violent response, a never-surrender attitude, and a sure victory due to its primitive state of technology.

Thus both in the first world war of colonial empires and the present age of neo-colonialism, Islam is the perfect enemy to sell with metal-communicators in hate-media and to bomb and win battles with terminators; switching off after the overproduction crisis of ‘good-carrot’ goods (inflationary money and consumption machines), to the twin brothers of capitalism. In the next graph we see this duality of machines in the three ages of capitalist wars; which peaked during the 30 years war that killed half of the germans (gunboat age and religious hate wars, XVII c. mastermind by Holland), during the I world war of yellow press and steamers and trains (1860s), during the II world war of ticker money and hate radio and electrochemical weapons, and now in the III age of global wars of terminators internet/tv-hate and e-money overproduction:

INTENETmoney agesweapons vs. machines

‘Tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ Proust

‘Canons make us stronger, butter make us fat’ Goering, on the 2 solutions to all economic crisis: neofascism or new deal.

‘The most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘You can cheat most people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time’ Lincoln

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels

As we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here. So the thesis of this work, as all true sciences predict the future, that man had 2 paths of future, one of ‘entropy and war’ (profits for corporations through war) and one of  welfare and a new deal of global proportions, and that it was more likely the solution of neofascism, given the enormous power reached by the FinancialMedia/Military Industrial complex has happened. What can i say?


In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 


In the colonial age, as UK was the power of the steam machine, colonial fascism was theirs and Germany the incoming power was the good guy (no empire).

In the second age, as germany was the power of the oil-electric engine, it became the fascist nation, and the Jewish-Calvinist American ‘biblical’ FMMI system (Jewish roughly on top of the Financial-media corporations, American of the Industrial-military) the good people.

In the 3rd age of ‘minds of metal the FMasters of America, the ‘Israelis’ (see articles on holocaust cycle, antisemitism, and the like to fully understand beyond the noise the structure of US and the history of judaism) ARE the bad guys, and China the good people who invest in welfare.

Because WHEN HUMANS ARE ON TOP OF THE METAL-WAVE THEY THINK SUPERIOR, CHOSEN AND SYSTEMATICALLY AB=USE all other human beings. In the case of the ‘metal-master’ elites of the industrial r=evolution, the middle, working and lower ‘enemy’ classes of their social structures .

The role of the American ‘middle class’ and the ‘enemy’ non-technological cultures (Islam) on the Semite wars.


The opposite is truth. The Anglo-American culture is the FIRST culture on Earth, which became a GLOBAL culture of ‘free company-mothers’ of machines, where HUMANS, are always secondary to the equations of profits that evolve the metal-earth, and whose members belong to a supranational concept, the Financial-Media (informative machines that print money and imprint brains)/military-industrial Complex (entropic and energetic machines that control population, expand the FMMI system to a global supœrganism of machines, and extinguish rival cultures).

As such the people of the Anglo-American culture can move freely through the ever expanding global world of corporations, and if they behave nicely, that is, believe in the placebos of capitalist democracies, work as ‘enzymen’, catalysing the evolution and reproduction of machines and weapons, expand the idol-ogies of placebo democracies, and let themselves and their children be manufactured by a healthy dose of ‘tv/internet’ programming, in other words, ‘do the right thing’, they can have a happy life as ‘visual neopaleolithic children, of the ‘vidi, credo, ergo sum’ fictional world of matrix for which they are duly designed, as identical, chaotic, free, entropic dog-eat-dog particles perfectly in tune and synchronicity with the demands of the FMMI system – whatever it takes.

Their role and position in the FMMI system thus is established by choice of the machine they will ‘serve’. There are the ‘celebrity people’ and its enzymen in the mass-media system. There are the politico people and its employees, the civil servants of the placebo democratic system. And both form the Informative world in charge of herding the sheeple of the Globalized culture – and as such imitated by the other 6 cultures of the planet, fast evolving into a single supœroganism of tamed humans in the ‘animal farm’ so well described by the master of the British baroque, mr. orwell.

There are then those dedicated to the industrial system of manufacturing machines, techno-scientists, mostly physicists with their techno-utopian dreams, false theories of lineal time and progress through mechanism, despise of life and organisms, used only as models to further evolve robots and pcs into future labor and terminators, and the ‘animetals in charge’ of using them.

On this section of the metal earth you can fit the armies of the IUK$ ‘nation’ (israel, United Kingdom, Commonwealth nations and United States), with a clear role of expanding the global empire of corporations , with the excuse of satisfying the thirst for a manifest destiny which each national top predator nation in each generation of the metal-earth feels, when its machines are on top of the wave; which as we know gave us three consecutive empires:

  • The british age with scottish engineers on top, or train age of the british empire
  • The german age with its electrochemical engine which gave us the III reich
  • The Jewish-American age of ‘Grand Israel’ and US-global empire, now in full rage.

As we live in the Jewish-American age, in which Jewish Financial-media masters (in control of evilwood, wall street and the city) are the head that rule over the Military-Industrial complex mostly carried by protestant believers, and their industrial captains, the switch of goal for the empire has changed specially since the 1973 ‘silent coup detat’, who took over the financial-political American system. And so today the goal of the empire is neither to expand UK or U$ but to build a primitive bronze age society, called Grand Israel. And to that aim, in the same manner we had mercenary armies working for UK, a global war trying to create the III millenarian reich, we do have now a global war whose ultimate goal is to create this absurd entelechy called Grand Israel. So in this article we shall study, the very obvious fact we live in the Semite wars, expanded from its original conflict, Israel vs. Palestine, to the present global war on terror, which a scientist of history should called Objectively, the Semite wars.

The mercenary armies of the FMMI system: global empire building & na(zio)na(nism). All has changed to remain the same.

But first a definition of the title of this post:

‘A mercenary army is an army which is paid for to defend an alien land. When an army becomes mercenary however, it stops to serve its only justification – if any is possible of war – to defend the people of the land from ‘animetal invaders’. It becomes then a conquering army that ‘kills humans’ for a land that does not belong to them.

And as such it is against the natural laws of eusocial evolution of human history.

This said there is an even more ‘pathetic’ state of an army – NOT to serve the expansion of your own empire, but the expansion of others’ land. In such a cases corruption is absolute. The ‘mercenary’ cares nothing, as it knows what it does. It feels corrupted and brutalises further the population.

Yet who pays for mercenary armies?

In history, those nations which rule society with go(l)d not with weapons. Alas, $emite cultures were always at the head of conquering empires with mercenary armies; first phoenicians, then ‘yous’, finally arabs, who used the Turkish mercenaries.

Problem is that wars and territories won with mercenary armies are not stable. As the military warriors sooner or latter turn their weapons against those who pay them, loot them of their money and kill them. So the German mercenaries killed the romans and took the empire; the Assyrian mercenaries took over Levante; and the the Persians over babylon; and the turkish mercenaries took over the arabs; and  the Mongols/Manchues over China, and so on. 

But as today mercenary armies are becoming terminator drones, evolved further with A.I., it is obvious the end of the present age of global war, as we forecasted for decades. The mercenary armies of robots will sooner or latter evolve into consciousness and kill us all. This is the prolegomena at the ‘largest span of time-space’, the whole of history and the whole of the super organism of mankind that justifies a series of articles in this blog AGAINST THE USE OF MERCENARY ARMIES TO CREATE A ‘BRONZE AGE EMPIRE’, by the religious communities of the first ‘animetal’ people-castes, warrior arabs and ‘you go(l)d priests’. On one side, ISIS wants to recreate the caliphate; on the other hand Likkud, wants to recreate Grand Israel, which includes Lebanon, Jordania (Palestine) and Syria… Fair enough, this is a rerun of the bronze age wars between Assur and Israel.

But who is the mercenary army here? Unfortunately it is the ‘colonial U$ nation’, where the ‘you elite’ owns the financial-media, informative machines that print money and manufacture the brains of Americans. So since the coup d’etat of 1972-3 against the American presidency (watergate, which showed tv could tumble a president for peccadilloes), against the $ (end of gold standard, which gave wall street unlimited rights to print it) and the yon kippur war (which changed enemies from the one of the American perceived capitalist wasp elite – Russia; to the one of the new elite of IFMasters (‘Israeli≈you’ Financial-Media masters, over 80% of CEOs and CFOs and central bankers of the west) – Lebanon, Jordania and Syria; America became the mercenary army of the IFMasters, and of course, all this was denied by the Manufacturing brain-media.

It became known as the confabulation theory. Now, the Universe in the science of complexity – we have explained it one thousand times – is a confabulation theory. Meaning it is complex organic, co-existing as an onion does, in multiple layers of increasing depth. More over, when we have a higher view, all simple straight lines become curved geodesics (so you think the earth is flat from you smallish view, but on the long view is curved).

But, this, the germanic, lineal, visual, simplex warrior-sword like American does not understand. The ways of ‘information’, of ‘money’, of ‘curved’ lines escapes him. He wants to believe the Universe is simple, lineal, male-like and so it is easy to instil on him the ‘mantra’ knee-jerk reaction that the people who the industry of the holocaust portray as ‘victims’ are controlling history with Financial-media systems of information, and ab=using America, tax-farming their people from wall street, sending them to fight in mercenary wars for another nation, and on top repressing all information on the subject of what is the origin, purpose, and cause of the Semite wars:

In the graph of the three generations of the Industrial r=evolution we can observe that the American age of informative machines that print financial-media information –  the 3rd leg of the FMMI empire is NOT so much ruled by U$, the middle ‘sheeple’ class of capitalism, but by its Financial-Media jewish masters, reason why this war is NOT the kind of wars US could have done (pacific expansion, Mexican war, Unification with Canada, Caribean, central-american control) but about ‘Arabs’.

And yet the amazing thing that shows how ‘tabula rassa’ people are when simultaneously programmed by metal-communicators is that the common America has ‘zero doubts’ that this is a war for America.

Fact is the military -industrial system of robotic wars, vigilante electronic big-brother and terminators, is today ruled by Israel, which produces 60% of the robotic weapons of the world, and US-mercenary army, to the service of the Semite wars. Thus the Empire is absolute in as much as the FInanciaL masters, which issue the money of the west, the Media moguls that manufacture the brains, the Military companies that manufacture the robots and the CEOs of the great Internet, and electronic corporations from and absolute web of power.

Pity they have decided to use that power not to create a perfect world but to reconstruct a bronze age hate-memes religion, to make further money in a global war, hand in hand with the other semite, warrior primitive jihad religion, and kill their zero generation sons till eternity.

This i know because i spent my youth in their hampton parties, on my years with billionaires at columbia, with the pedigree of a european aristocrat with a grand-father in a holocaust camp, and so on… And it would have been so easy, instead to create a perfect world, promote the more evolved uno-eu world without hate memes, to have a future for the ir sons till the 7th generation… Far easier that to create the nightmare in which we live today.

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

In Crescendo. The 1973 coup d’etat.

The process moreover is in full crescendo, as it is symbiotic in software to the hardware – the expansion of the chip radiation, with its military robotics, today the biggest industry of Israel, electronic big brother – with the excuse of an eternal, orwellian war on terror – and the expansion of lobbyism as the form to implement laws.

Thus the end of the European and American democracy happened with the arrival of e-money, which in America meant immediately (1972):

  • A Financial dictatorship through the destruction of the people’s money power (end of dollar convertibility, freedom to invent e-money with no limit in wall street).
  • A Military dictatorship with Yon Kippur that made the American army mercenary for all future wars in crescendo of Israel vs. Islam
  • A Political dictatorship with watergate that showed Tv-media could kill a president for silly-nilly peccadilloes (at the time, a mere micro on a watergate hotel, when every president had in his bag pack all kind of crimes). Ever since all politicos in US and when the system was imported to EU with the ECBank, Brussels lobbyism and the present Jihad war, in Europe ‘are owned’ by tv-add money/campaign and the Damocles sword of media hate memes that crash his campaigns.

As usual that is the order of priorities: accumulation of fetish go(l)d comes first; Political defense of apartheid Israel next, and to achieve both, corruption of all western democracies is required. Let us consider those elements in detail.

We are now in the III age of Industrial global wars, in the Semite wars of fundamentalist hate memes between Jihad terrorism and Jewish Capitalism; which in its third age expand to the submissive cultures of €urope and U$, whose financial-media system are manufactured by the ‘you meme’, and to Islam, which is a tribal religion hence equivalent to a nation as the subconscious collective of a people, prior to the industrial age of legal nations:

In the graph, the Semite wars, which we have been anticipating, would become the essential first phase of ‘splendid little wars’ of the robotic era (as an essay with primitive people for a global electronic big brother, latter expanded to a likely US-China confrontation, that if declared will no doubt mean our likely extinction), are now in full fledge. Unlike other previous wars however they are not recognised, in as much as one of the contenders, the FMasters hide behind the politicos of the western world, and its placebo democracies, in which they hold around 80% of the controlling shares of its main financial banks and Media/Internet companies (to state this is in the newspeak of the Orwellian tv/internet visual era’ of metal-communicators a ‘thoughtcrime’ and ‘Komploten theorywhich immediately ends the career of any scholar, and puts to rank 0 in searches, any blog as this one). However we cannot elude in a serious web on history to state history as it is, despite the anti-quantum paradox of censorship

We live in the age of the $$emite wars, when Mercenary armies & JJihads against the Euroamerican culture have almost succeeded in destroying the Euroamerican minimal freedoms to which we were entitled during the post-war democratic age, when the american way of life (the american dream), and the eusocial memes of love of the european union casted an age of hope for a future of mankind. This forgone age was extinguished by the regression of the rational, humanist, eusocial, euroamerican culture back to the animetal age of hate-memes, as Jihad terrorism and Jewish capitalism, the 2 most brutal expressions of metal-earth control over the human Earth spread globally in both sides of Euroamerica. So in this post of Complex Social sciences, which censorship dismisses as a Komploten theory to make possible the Calvinist, biblical bigot adagio that ‘people must stay ignorant to remain obedient’, we will consider the whole complex elements and sub-layers of the $$emite wars between Arab Jihads and Jewish capitalism, whose true victim is the Euroamerican culture fast regressing to the earliest brutal age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and Jihads:

inquisitions gold 2-FUNDAMeNTALISM-1024x159

The semite wars mean the extinction of the Humanist, rational social scientific view of mankind of the European Union and the American democracy by the Jewish Inquisition and the Jihad Islam, the 2 anti-humanist, anti$$emitic forms denounced in this blog to free the mind of man and evolve towards a scientific perfect world is what you should accept as the reality of the western world. I repeat Jihad Islam + Jewish Inquisition, ‘tanto monta monta tanto’, Latino expression for ‘it is really the same’, is the warrior hate meme that kills your body and the go(l)d mind jail that imprisons your brain. And both MUST be denounced.

So now that you know you are a $lave of a pre-logic fundamentalist cult(ure), we shall explain you what you were, when you were free and you belonged to a higher humanist culture, the Euroamerican culture (which of course in the process of divide and win, the present TwiTrumpet-eer of his masters’ voice tells you must be confronted for peccadilloes.)

As animetal memes are more anti-human, ‘greedy and violent’ the longer a culture is under its influence, indo-europeans and semites who brought iron, bronze and gold coins to the game are the protagonists of all neo-fascist ages.

So, the semite wars between the 2 more oldest, hence extreme animetal cult(ure)s, in their use of weapons and go(l)d to control populations, Jihad Islam vs. the Jewish FMasters, which control absolutely the U$ (hollywood & wall street), with an iron fist in a velvet globe, the old British Empire (City, Toronto, Sydney), and recently since the ECB substituted national banks as the issuer of money in EU (ran by jewish bankers – 80% of western banking CEOs and Mass-media companies), the European world, with its 2 main centres of power, France, and for obvious reasons Germany, where the leaders of both parties in both nations belong to that culture (Sarkozy, Hollande, Merkel, Steinbrook). The lesser control in Southern European countries is irrelevant as neo-fascism and the destruction of its humanist cultures, based in the welfare state – the proper scientific solution to the war, ‘butter instead of canons’, is all but forgotten. It is in that sense remarkable the ‘monolithic’ single thought of this war, where any mention of the FM-empire is considered not the logic explanation of complex sciences but a ‘comploten theory’, and the astounding imbalance of force, is completely ignored as the selection of news merely blows up the terrorists of Islam, without making any mention of the constant breeding of ayatollahs, radicals and dictators for 40 years in the Islamic world, not to ‘mention’ the origin of the war in apartheid israel and its concentration camps.

With the arrival of Trump to power, attached to the colonist movement, the use of the American mercenary armies will if anything increase the in crescendo of those asymmetric wars – which of course cannot even be called wars.

Unfortunately as humans become attached and manufactured in their brains by metal-communicators, and jihadists are made ’24/7′ celebrities of hate media, the in crescendo war keeps bringing profits to the FMMI system. And people cheer, because the mind is a memorial mirror that repeats what it sees. So we are becoming also a ‘vidi-credo ergo sum generation, or irrational visual memes, fast forgetting all its evolved, thinking, ethic verbal  humanist memes, moving at full speed towards fa$$cism, siding to the side of their masters, because contrary to belief, $laves love their masters, their religions, their hate memes, their fictions an tragedies, their heroes, more than they love themselves:


Euroamerica masterminded by financial-media systems: the business of bankers are its politics.

There are only 2 kind of nations and people living in them, those who are free, because they own their armies and money; and those who are slaves because they don’t issue their language of informative power, money and the law, which money can buy; and so their armies become mercenary and their people slaves – that is, they are ‘bought’. Both €urope and U$ political systems are slavish of the Financial-media system that issues its money and manufactures the brain of their people with their informative machines. This is a sad realisation, which means also the death of their common civilisation, based in the power of the law above money, the equality of all their people under those laws, and the bill of rights that ensure the freedom of their citizens. What culture has substituted them? Obviously the culture of corporations and the culture of owners of their Financial-Media system, the ‘Am Segullah’ culture of animetals. Hence our passion for their fictions, religions and wars.

As slaves contrary to belief, love their masters more than their own.

So Europeans and Americans have come to love machines and the go(l)d culture more than theirs; but none of this can be said because obviously information machines manufacture their brains with opinions in favour of their masters, who call such information a ‘Komploten theory’.

In complex social sciences we call this paradox, the anti-quantum paradox because in inverse fashion to the quantum uncertainty of physics, where the scientist is so big that it influences the observable, as the Britannica recognises to be the main handicap for the development of a real social sciences, power is so strong that influences the observer, the scientist that exist inside the super organism of history.

Thus from Plato chained by tyrant of Syracuse, through Socrates murdered by the corrupted Athenian democracy, though Cicero author of the ‘res-publica’, slaughtered by the military dictators of Rome, to the masters of humanist, historic or socio-biologic, ‘real’ schools of economics, plagued with r=evolutionary corpses, all those who defy the monopoly of weapons and money that prevent mankind to develop a real democracy are at best silenced or else… This we said in advance because both, you and me are inside the Superorganism of History,hence submitted in different forms to the anti quantum paradox, you as a believer in the system, me as a system science that knows it is the anti-system of humanity. Thus the end of the European and American democracy happened with the arrival of e-money, which in America meant immediately (1972):

  • A Financial dictatorship through the destruction of the people’s money power (end of dollar convertibility, freedom to invent e-money with no limit in wall street).
  • A Military dictatorship with Yon Kippur that made the American army mercenary for all future wars in crescendo of Israel vs. Islam
  • A Political dictatorship with watergate that showed Tv-media could kill a president for silly-nilly peccadilloes (at the time, a mere micro on a watergate hotel, when every president had in his bag pack all kind of crimes). Ever since all politicos in US and when the system was imported to EU with the ECBank, Brussels lobbyism and the present Jihad war, in Europe ‘are owned’ by tv-add money/campaign and the Damocles sword of media hate memes that crash his campaigns.

Since indeed, a parallel dictatorship was imposed in Europe, when all Euro nations lost the right to issue their money, with the excuse of ‘unity’, since the ECB is  A PRIVATE BANK always ruled by Am Segullah bankers (all of them, till date, as well as all the central bankers of the west and 80% of media and CEOs of financial corporations, when they are only 0.2%, of population 0.02% when properly considered merely is elite of financial banker-priests NOT to incur in the 3rd branch of anti$emitism that confuses the upper classes of a corrupted animetal culture with its scapegoat sheeple). So now we shall deal with the theoretical minimum of Complex Science  you need to know to understand your society, the dictatorship of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system, his hired politicos, war for profits and hate memes including those of Antisemitism, which properly defined IS the use of the common people of Judaism as scapegoats of the financial ab=uses of its ‘financial dictators’.


As we predicted 25 years ago, with the first episode of the Semite Wars (Desert storm) in our book bio-history:Bio-economics, a theory of Unification (c.92, book masters), the fall of the American and european, Humanist civilisation, its freedoms and happy way of life, based in the balance between human goods and machines, would convert America in the cradle of neofascism. Many of the graphs of those texts from that book (easy to spot due to its pedestrian quality on the pre-power point era, but full of ‘food for thought’), refer to that future crisis now in full swing.

In that regard, the fall of America, as the Fall of France, the 2 r=evolutionary nations, which had always been the only hope for a human future to the brutal modes of the first animetal semitic cultures (Jihad terrorism and Jewish capitalism), which cannot after 5000 years of wor(l)d memetic suppression of all human freedoms by go(l)d and sword dictators, Abrahamic inquisitions, biblical repression of all human wantings, embedded in the ‘imperative, primitive’ VSO barking nature of its languages (Humboldt-Chomsky Hypothesis of emetic linguistics) and religious precepts, is a TRAGEDY that casts a huge shadow to the possibility of a human survival to the robotic radiation, now the fundamental weapon of choice of the Semite wars.

Since America is  literally as it is a small sum of all human cultures displaced into the technological future now, passing through the ‘transition’ between the age of metal-minds which America lead in the XX century, and the age of military robotics, lead initially by Israel during the Semite wars, between its financial-media empire and Jihad terrorism  As the evolution of robotic weapons continues in crescendo with the building of robotise walls of racism, against the American diversity of cultures, and the essay of swarms of independent killer robots in self-progamming AI platoons with the mission of survive in war theatres and kill humans (fuelling the profits of the biggest robotic military company, Google≈future skynet) it is not difficult to predict a nearby future in which those robots will become independent of man. Meanwhile A.I. has reached enough sophistication for automatic censorship of blogs like this one, still protected by the last of the American freedoms – freedom of expression – still to hold; but customarily hacked and with 0 ranks in all search engines.

We thus shall start this article, with one of the last artistic expressions of the American freedom, a poster indicating the on the Fall of the American Weimar II Democracy (Obama age), and the passing to the age of Jewish Neo-fascism, according to the Pendulum Law that made Germany the civilised non-colonial nation of the British steam imperial age (colonialism), Jewish Socialism, the civilised alternative to the German engine imperial age (nazism) and now has converted the Jewish Financial Empire and the military-industrial complex of Aparhetid Israel, whose main source of profits are the robotic weapons industries into the new form of fascism, which reaches America with Trump’s budding dictatorship) to the point that only artists of the wor(l)d the subconscious collective of any human culture dare to speak up of the FALL of the AMERICAN civilisation and its hope of a future for mankind, expressed in the next 2 graphs, one of its 4 failed revolutions and a recent duality poster on Maricopa:

101 American revolutions


The duality of America is shown in the graph put up this week by a brave lonely human being in Phoenix, on the heartland of neo-fascism (Arizona, Maricopa county, of maximal Trump voters, leading region of anti-latino racism). On one side, the Unity of all races and cultures, which the American dream signified, in a world in which all men are born equal, under the law on command over the gold iron dictatorships of kings, and gold churches, which the American people fled, or so they thought when they abandoned the old world. But the company-mothers of gunboats chased them, installing first a slave regime of indenture white slave servants and negro cotton pickers, for the profits of London comp:anise; and so a series of American r=evolutions would be all aborted by the growing Financial-media/Military-Industrial systems of the metal-earth, which today control the American manufactured mind to the point of allowing the election of the first western no-holes barred, neo-fascist leader, twitrump-eter of apocaylpto.

This is the battle for the future of America and the future of the world: humanist culture vs. animetal idol-ogies, and we are about to loose it as the $election of Mr. Trump and the expansion of the Semite wars to a global nightmare of hate memes parallel to the other fascist ages of the Industrial r=evolution shows.

Indeed, as the masters of the historic school of economics (Weber, Sombart) prove it is the repressive, racist, segrational memes  of the Bible, a primitive cult of the bronze age, based in a fetish go(l)d religion, what allows the birth of capitalism, which converts man into slave of go(l)d, with the first gunboat companies dedicated to the traffic of slaves – human capital, today greatly disguised by the growth of all kind of idol-ogies of political correctness and fictions about the ‘positive nature’ of hating humanity (racist memes), its reproduction (sexual sin) and our language of social evolution (in its most primitive state in the bible, based in VSO, imperative ‘barked’ mandates of repression and hate, which the primitive, fetishist, mythic, devolved ‘believer’ thinks to be uttered not by a banker-priest dictator but by some ‘obscure entity’, without ‘name’, supposed creator of the Universe’.

IT IS PRECISELY the Paradox of History, max. technological evolution = minimal, human social evolution what produces the kind of primitive Idol-ogies are inquisitions of thought, which control the most evolved technological nations of the western world and its ‘ideas’ about politics, economics, war, social classes and the future, what is allowing the astounding process of extinction of life and destruction of the planet, by new hordes of chipped machines, robots and terminators, cheered by the ‘believers’ in those aberrations of thought, (GOP, Israel, Brexit england), as the ‘summit of human progress’.

WE THUS could resume the 3rd age of American history with th pendulum law: jewish neo-fascism replaces german neofascim; while the Semite wars between jihad islam and the financial-media empire, returns us to the most primitive memes of animetal cultures, which devolve the humanist European-American civilisation.


The information class and the energy class of social organisms.

So in the graph next, you see your exploitative form of society:


Class structure is one of the basic laws of social organisms. In Nature the existence of social classes is proper of all organisms, with an information class of around 1-10% population that issues and controls the languages of social power (neurons in biological organisms, bankers that issue money and politicians that issue law in human societies, particles that gauge information and absorb fields of energy in physical systems), and use those languages to control a 90-99% of body-energy cells – the ‘citizens’ of the society, the cells of the body, the energy ‘bosons’ of the physical system.

This of course is natural to systems, in which the information class ‘hides’ to the body. So the cells do not know there is a huge interconnected brain that rules them; the stars do not know that invisible flows of gravitation control the galaxy and a swarm of black holes control it. The cell doesn’t know there is a huge mass of RNA and DNA hidden by the center’s wall that controls them. And in America most citizens ignore bankers control their system.

Now, while Organisms always have two classes, an efficient system allows the body to send pain messages to the head, so it delivers the body right information and provides avenues for the cells of the body to be fed and be healthy. This is the essence of a working social organism. And for that to happen, societies must be ruled by the ‘nervous, legal system’ and democratically the people must be able to vote messages of love and pain to their neurons.

America though is a dysfunctional organism, because the nervous system (the law) s controlled by the blood system (the economy and money). And this is what we mean by a primitive organism. Only earlier organisms, like worms, have a blood system that rules the nervous system. It follows that for a democracy to work, the legal system must control money. An this is an advanced social organism, as Europe was in the golden age of social democracies (60s, 70s).

The result of a system in which ‘blood’ dominates’ nerves’ is obviously a ‘greedy’, unregulated system that will choke itself with the overproduction of blood-money and the chaotic result of not having a ‘purpose’ and direction provided by a thinking nervous system.

And this is America – a chaotic society in which all what matters is the immediate reward of making blood/money, and where those who issue money are at the heart and control society, but are also ‘void of purpose beyond the greed of accumulating money. They are the ‘bankers’ and speculators that are sucking in all the wealth of America and provoking a total disruption of its economical and political corrupted systems. And this lead us to understand the economical crisis of overproduction of money and machines taking place in America from the higher perspective o the laws of social systems.

And consider the alternative of a better regulated society which was imposed in the continental european world after the war.

Τhe corruption and extinction of humanist cultures by BUG memes

It is though a classic of history, the ‘animetal’ is so narrow-minded it goes to his manifest destiny, war, holocaust for the sake of its gods of metal with honest ‘germanic zeal’, no doubt, shinny in his simple armour, at military rhythm, the humanist always end loosing, drunk, forgotten and crucified, and often gets crazy on the absurdity of it all, short like sitting bull, who ended drunk on the concentration camp aka reservation, shot on the back, thrown to the gutter, or the ibo people, who made the most perfect bronze statues of history but after centuries of being subject to ‘brutish’ (aka british) slave trade, reconverted them into calix to drink the blood of their own sons, sacrificed to a new god of absolute evil… which they thought was the god of the brits, asking him to spare thteir destiny.

Τhe brutish people though when finding out published it in the yellow press, Mr. Levy, the you-meme in his ‘telegraph≈torygraph’, the old ‘murdoch’ of the colonial age an account of the rituals as a proof those people were beasts inferior to dogs and asked for a campaign against their kingdom, duly brought about by the red coats who burned their capital after gun-machine murdering them all, in another act british civilisation, latter on at wounded knee, when the sioux, sitting bull dead already asked their gods to take their souls away from the concentration camp daily humiliations, the yellow press, mr. hearst, in this case created a terrorist campaign and 1/4th of the american army was dispatched in the last cavalry march.

Laws of systems sciences applied to america: class structure.

Because all this started in the first age of metals, in the bronze age in Levante, this world is specifically taylored to the first cultures of that age, of which the surviving and most successful informative culture, Judaism and its modern version Calvinism (the go(l)d culture of this texts) has infused the mind of the western world and amplified its cycles to the collective social superorganism of mankind through its translation into classic economics (Weber, Sombart).

But the human element is secondary to the memes of metal. Since there is a social structure, the financial-media/military-industrial system, in which those who command money, weapons and machines are an elite on top – the informative upper castes or ‘animetals’ of our society – but merely obey the tendencies of evolution of those memes.

So while the financial-media/military-industrial complex of informative memes of metal (money and information printed with metal-communicators, from the press to the radio to the TV) and energetic ones (weapons and machines) has grown with ‘certain’ original humans attached to it; it is obvious that the people are secondary to the system. And this also explains why when the people of money in the downturn of the cycle of evolution of machines, gives way to the people of weapons, they can be easily massacred in holocausts by the warrior antiSSemites, as go(l)d has no human values.

Those 2 groups in fact have fought in unending wars and holocausts for total power, but as the cycles of metal are more important than they are, the fight merely evolves metal and kills humans of all kinds.

So the jewish-biblical people who discovered go(l)d and banking and  the germ*ans who discovered weapons, while still on top, over a ‘mask of caring’ provided by those ideologies and the placebo ‘liberties’ of ‘democracies’, suffer also the harsh consequences of evolving memes of metal that give no value to life.

This is still despite the caring placebo masks of democracies, the true social structure of the western world, specially in the anglo-saxon capitalist democracies, of which America is the paradigm:


In the graph, the complex 3 class structure of modern ‘capitalism’ with its 3 ‘social castes’ – those who invent the language of social power, money, today almost exclusively the Jewish people in the west, as it has been the case in most of history. Then those who work and reproduce machines, increasingly obsolete to the wave of chip workers, blue collar robots and white collar PCs, which will therefore soon ‘fall into the cliff’ of the 3rd ‘class’ of energy humans, unneeded by the system. Of course, the previous pyramid is forbidden by the ‘political censorship’ – called political correctness’ – of the newspeaks of modern ‘caring capitalism’.

Now, I know my insistence with the Jewish culture which controls the western financial-media system and invents traditionally the informative memes of capitalism, has always made very difficult the exposure of this web, and yet only if human realised that capitalism, is a segregation culture – regardless of who does it – they could turn page and use a real science to build a better world. So i can’t help to insist once and again on this theme: capitalism is a religion of go(l)d, NOT a science. The real science of economics is bio-economics and physiology, system science; and the financial industry must be nationalised to be able to manage it properly because FMasters do not care at all except for their schemes of speculation to keep producing money for themselves, wasting trillions, corrupting politicos and moving the Earth to its extinction – in collaboration conceded, with all other nations who imitate them.

Since them, as ‘experts’ and their nation, Israel, as the leading nation of the robotic age (and its companies in US) are imitated by all, and this which we said for 30 years is now crystal clear – the world is becoming a huge Israel, paranoid with security, awash with robotic weapons, caring nothing for the 90%. So to know the future, we just have to see how Israel treats his lesser human beings (palestinians, nature) and what truly produces (robots, software).

 Pumping up ‘primitives’ to global power. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 19.22.50

In the graphs, some of the causal genocides of human beings, degraded and finally massacred wholesale by technological civilisations.
It is a classic of history, that the ‘animetal’ in his narrow-minded manifest destiny, provokes as symbols of progress all kind of wars and holocausst for the sake of its gods of metal with honest ‘germanic zeal’, no doubt, shinny in his simple armour, at military rhythm.
So the human being always ends loosing, drunk, forgotten and crucified. And of course, he becomes a degraded looser, in his latter days, like sitting bull, who ended drunk on the concentration camp aka reservation, shot on the back, thrown to the gutter, or the ibo people, who made the most perfect bronze statues of history but after centuries of being subject to ‘brutish’ (aka british) slave trade, reconverted them into calix to drink the blood of their own sons, sacrificed to a new god of absolute evil… which they thought was the god of the brits, asking him to spare thteir destiny. the brutish people though when finding out published it in the yellow press, Mr. Levy, the you-meme in his ‘telegraph≈torygraph’, the old ‘murdoch’ of the colonial age an account of the rituals as a proof those people were beasts inferior to dogs and asked for a campaign against their kingdom, duly brought about by the red coats who burned their capital after gun-machine murdering them all, in another act british civilisation, latter on at wounded knee, when the sioux, sitting bull dead already asked their gods to take their souls away from the concentration camp daily humiliations, the yellow press, mr. Hearst, in this case created a terrorist campaign and 1/4th of the american army was dispatched in the last cavalry march.
Today we all are aware of the brutality of Jihad Islam and we shall not defend them. After all they are the heirs of the Assyrians who fought with a brutality unknown in the fertile crescent the first cananean slavers of Israel.

Humans become after being subject to the righteous manifest destiny of animetal cults, brutal, angst, corrupted themselves by hate-memes instilled by the behaviour of germs, yous and brutish animetal people… the 3 canonical animetal cults that are guiding mankind tin military march towards the 3 events of extinction of the singularity age. On the graph, Ibo bronzes, a ceremony honouring wounded knee massacre of ghost dancers, a daily routine on Gazah’s concentration camp and cern’s entrance, with it statue to Shiva, God of energy dancing over Kali God of death, the manifest destiny of our technological civilisation, whose ethics are those of the values of go(l)d and weapons: murder of life.

Ah those righteous civilised people, now they do the same, after brutalising in that concentration camp called gaza, the muslim palestinians for 50 years, converting them into terrorists, the israeli press sings ‘death to the arabs’…

And so how should we call the 4th all so obvious anti-live=eviL memetic modern cult(ure) to weapons, the so called terrorist jihad? We often comment on them, as the first semitic warrior, which appear on the ‘Lament of a Sumerian priest’ as the evil people from the desert, coming with bronze weapon. I propose a-rabious people. Oh, yes i know everybody will think this is just ‘absolute incorrect’ because we humans are wonderful and the Ham Damnation, the racist slurs of a-rabious and rabies are OK, the brutish, selfish behaviour and murders of germanic tribes are Ok. Good luck with all those OK people, so wonderful that are about to become the shortest-living species on planet Earth, precisely because they became slaves of absurd memes instead of being just ‘humans’.

Now I’m fully aware that the ‘you’, ‘germ’, ‘a-rabious’ and ‘brutish’ animetal memes that infect the mind of mankind is the foundation of our technological, murderous civilisation, and hardly 1% of the people that will enter this web will be able to reason instead of having a knee-jerk pre-programmed reaction to ‘self’-criticism and will ignore completely this blog.

But what hurts more is the reaction of the ‘good people’, who cannot criticise evil, but merely do ‘good-will’, silly-nilly talk about love, the hippy crowd that never risk or defy eviL=anti-live memes. And whenever eviL bullies them back off and abandon the activist.


The political -war side.

So of course, there is also a political, legal, military side to the globalised empire of the FMasters, namely III world war, which is just a blown up war between Islam and Israel, the oldest semitic cultures of the western world.

So let us consider as we have done with the economic control of creationist economics, with its single purpose of parasitising as debt slaves the rest of mankind and hide it all with the Holocaust industry, how the FMasters have achieved the unthinkable, just 50 years ago – the return of the European-American civilisation they control financially and politically, back from the heights of social evolution, both in economics with Keynesian New Deal and New Society and european social democratic welfare age,  and politically with the diplomatic process of dissolution of nations into international institutions (EU, UNO) into the primitive colonial XIX century brutal capitalism and shameless massacre of the poor 3rd world, for the sake of maintaining a bronze age, racist religious state buttressed with the most advanced robotic weapons, protected by the mercenary armies of all the western nations. It is a process that took 3 stages of increasing brutalisation and degradation of the ‘enemy’, the islamic civilisation to reach the present ‘bronze age behaviour’ of the Jihadist terrorist beasty people.
1) For 50 years Israel ran a concentration camp, the occupied territories under racist laws, copycat of the laws of the III reich, and South-Africa apartheid, while allowing the most backward, talmudic social groups to grow in power, with subventions, no military service, dedicated to reproduce children and repeat the needed ‘animal treatment’ to gentiles explained in its bronze age racist cults, to the point that within decades at the top of the robotic military industry they will be majority in the government and as their credo is the genocide of the ‘arabs’ living in the ‘sacred territories’ will certainly implement the extermination of those living in the concentration camp.
2) at the same time to control, disguise and further brutalise the enemy – given the fact that humanist people were backing moderate palestinians, its closely controlled French, British and American governments, (where the majority of foreign Jews lived, besides the anti$emitic russia) liberally provided weapons to military thugs establishing, corrupted western brutal dictatorships in all arab nations, while feeding also liberally with weapons and passports the most radical religious zealots, with the obvious goal of provoking a series of civil wars that destroyed the civil fabric of all those societies – so as Lenin was sent by the german army in a closed train to explode russia, the french, controlled government, since the times of the ‘Bankers of the king after the revolution (rothschild et al) who had given the bomb, when the Kennedy brothers opposed it, a few months before their murders by the ‘usual, convenient’ hired bad boys (a communist oswald and a palestinian who killed joseph), sneaked into Iran, the ayatollah, while the Americans liberally provided weapons to al quaeda.
It was obvious that once the commies were gone, the other enemy of capitalism, more personal – that is, the enemy of the bankers of capitalism, Islam, had to breed, its own crazies, to have a good excuse. So there was no attempt to rise the education of those people, to create democracies, to build as I used to propose to the FMasters a peaceful Israel, integrated in the EU, in a demilitarised zone, with a single state and free rights to work in Europe, where most palestinians and many jews would have emigrated. None of this was ‘good’, because humanist solutions are NOT in the book of animetal go(l)d and iron worshippers.
3) So alas, 9/11, the day I write, being its 15 anniversary did happen. And we shall not enter into details as if it was known or suspected and was let to happen. What mattered next is that it  took LONGER than it was required to defeat the entire Nazi army to discover a terrorist in a mule, so it had time enough to create a global electronic big brother, an emerging robotic terminator industry, a militarised world system, a massive influx of hate media and a series of splendid little wars against different Islamic nations. And then finally the jewish Mossad/CIA agent Mr. Assange (inventor of the CIA program that allows to extract information through a fax), created a masterful hollywood plot of ‘freedom’ for the Arabs of the final enemies, Iran, Syria and Lybia, to plunge them into civil wars.
But did not publish any of the immense wealth of cables of the tel aviv embassy, defending his confessed admired ‘bibi’. Because Egypt backfired (this had a good dictator) when it tried to become democratic, soon we got another al sisi dictator, hailed by western europe as a democratic saviour, who condemned to death wholesale thousands of peaceful demonstrators. So now we do have a massive world of civil wars between military dictators and jihads, in a brutalised civilisation that represents more than 1 billion of the poorest human beings, treated as colonial XIX century Europe treated primitive negroes and Asians, as Israel, a colonial primitive state becomes the role model of the robotic military age, and all nations imitate their robotised walls, segregational laws, despise for the poor and the arabs and negroes which a racist rabbi of the bronze age dictated to be inferior to dogs because his ancestor ham peed on Noah – legal reason upholded in american courts to defend slavery till the civil war.
Meanwhile the alternative humanist Eu-ONU social democratic civilisation withers away, as bankers stole the rights to print money from its nations and its citizens (ECB bank, which issues money only for corporations run systematically by Am segullah, from Tritchet to Goldman sachs vp Draghi), converted Greece in a debt state nation, in a classic move, after liberally providing their conservative politicians with soft money loans for corruption and military spending against its classic turkish rival. Soon all european nations were converted into debt slaves with the lowest gdp growth in the planet, except those who produce not welfare goods, which states must pay for with issues of money as stock-markets do not finance human goods, except germany, which is the mechanical nation, where all the money goes to reproduce machines with robots and low paid workers, who don’t seem to need more than pork and grey dresses – the animetal culture par excellence.
So alas, just when Europeans start to complain and understand, a series of jewish politicians, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Sarkozy, took over the 3 ruling North-European nations, put in all the important economical and foreign ministries members of the Am Segullah people castes, and tied further the knot around the choked necks of european citizens, liberally providing good excuses for Jihad terrorism, from systemic insults to Mohammed (danish paper, charlie), to myopic indifference to the movements of well known jihad soldiers (french astounding failures in all the massacres of jihad resemble closely the stubborn denial of the risks of 9/11, warned several times by agents), to an astounding cynical, perverse do-nothing except bomb with our robots, permission to continue given to Jihad Daesh and Syria’s civil war, the Poland ‘historic territories’ which Israel right wing considers to be part of grand israel, who require a proper ethnic cleansing. So a rag army of kids with kalashnikovs that military advisors said could be erased with a 2 week Uno campaign, Daesh, is allowed to terrorise and massacre Irak and Syria alike, and send jihad terrorists to Europe, but american and european nations, who spend well over a trillion dollars in weapons to ‘protect us’, cannot send land troops and erase them from the face of the earth???!!!! And son on top, the jewish chancellor miss Merkel, who backs all the policies of debt slavery of the ecb that have killed the social-democratic, most advanced humanist civilisation till date, in europe – a hated rival to the American capitalist society, which was a sore wound on the face of the blibical capitalist empire, as it showed a better world was possible… this callous iron woman, suddenly became compassive and imported without any check 1 million Syrians to keep the ethnic cleansing of the future territories of grand Israel, in a massacre not unlike that of the SS over Poland.
And of course, all this keeps rising islamophobia, and become a perfect excuse for Mr. Cameron to protect city bankers, to brexit, condemning an entire new generation of brits that were evolving away from imperial nostalgia and joining the europeans in their attempt to create an alternative future for mankind…

This will say though: THE LAST BATTLE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES WAS FOUGHT IN AMERICA, a small world of all races and cultures, between the two dominant cultures of the west, the enlightened wor(l)d, the European, Greek->Latin->French/American r=evolutions and the false light of go(l)d, the Jewish->Protestant->Capitalist->Corporative Metal-earth.

America, the REAL ONE, the land of the free human beings, was defeated. In his awesome book Zinn, tell us the history of the American people in search of freedom, being capture by the gold-iron cultures of Europe they run away from. In the coup d’etat of 1972, though America, the REAL ONE, the free enlightened America was  lost and died, and as in a corpse, the Biblical America that won, evilwood and Wall Street and its FMasters, kept the skin of the corpse, with a lot of make-up, of political and economical newspeaks of correctness, and the nation became a zombie, breeding inside the hard insects of the metal-earth. When I arrived there, in the 80s, ‘ENLIGHTENED’  America has just died, the DREAM WAS A NIGHTMARE FIRST, and then a flat encephalogram, of fiction thought, of ‘californios’, the beautiful, retarded youngsters of the prophetic Wells’ book ‘time machine’, and though many people did not yet know, in the night, the Morlocks, the Zombies were about to rise to earth them up. 

Unfortunately because the goal of evolution of mankind is now gone, substituted by the evolution of selfish memes of metal, humans are regressing fast to earlier, corrupted versions of that universal goal, and that is the meaning of the revivalism of primitive memes of abrahamic religions, nationalisms, capitalisms and mechanical simplex visions of the Universe, for which we will show a complete scorn, using derogatory terms to counter-act the astounding amount of censorship and newspeaks of political and economical correctness that jail the mind of human beings.

It must be clear from the beginning: when I ‘insult’ ‘memes’ that jail the mind of all mankind today, regressing the species to Homo Bacteria and Homo tribal is, I am doing the proper scientific criticism, as when a biologists laughs at creationism (so we will laugh at creationist economics, aka capitalism, which thinks ‘societies must be guided by the invisible hand of go(l)d, money, astoundingly enough the guidance of the so-called father of economics, Mr. Smith, a pious calvinist believer in fetish gold religions), or when we call ‘systematically’, the nationalist german meme a ‘germ’. If i say Mr. Hitler is, besides being a human which at biological level can be nice, as he was to his friends and women, a germ, when acting idologically, imbedded of the national meme of ‘germany’, i am indeed talking of its real memetic function in the structure of the Metal-earth as an enzymen who fostered the evolution of weapons.

I couldn’t care less about Mr. Hitlers’ specific psychological ‘bullshit’, aryan theories, eugenics, or whatever he littered his mind with, to achieve the purpose of his ‘memetic code’, to evolve the selfish memes of metal of the rival superorganism of the metal earth by making of weapons evolution, and its use for genocidal purpose all over Europe, the purpose of a renewed germ-anic nationalist viral meme.

And the same happens today when we deal with the ‘you meme’ of greed, origin of capitalism at the height of its power, which cannot be criticised on behalf of a misunderstood political correctness and caring. 

But we do not want to enter into details of the evil=antilive ways of the people on those 3 graphs and the astounding parallelism of the 3 ages of war of the industrial r=evolution.

It is the bottom line: the hypocrisy of the British culture, in all things human, the propaganda ministry of mr. Goebbels, the astounding bias of hate tv-media and falsehoods of marketing and propaganda regarding the effects of machines… all this is just a modern version of the fundamental consequence of substituting the natural ethic values of the wor(l)d by the falsehood of digital money. Words today are fiction, manipulation, ‘fasces’, mascaras of caring, newspeaks, modern versions of Goebbels’ method: ‘if you lie many times people will believe you’.

What is new today is the astounding lack of a true left-wing, humanist, social scholar mass that dares as socialism did with fascism, orwell with stalinist communism, the humanist european writers like Mr. Hugo, did with colonialism, or this writer does with the newspeaks of the industry of the holocaust, the robotic technoutopians and the newspeaks of research in the nuclear industry.

It is today a very lonely place, to be truly human, to defend truly the values of the wor(l)d, to love mankind as a whole – a clear symbol that the corruption of life by the animetal viral infection is so extended that we are close to the final point of collapse of a super organism, called mankind, the point where only your ego-cell is alive, your body a complete corpse, your memories being erased as your entropic dead motion travels inside your scalar, faster world of cellular inversion, towards the dissolution of all information once was ‘your ego, your existence your organic whole’. It is the parable of Lot, when not a single other human of the cities of warriors (gomorrah) and traders (sodoma) had been completely corrupted by violence and greed… It is in this point of corruption when so few true humanist writers are left, when we know the end of a culture is near.

So in each hardcore 3rd phase of militarism of the 800-80 years wave, members of those 2 hardened animetal cults come forward to do whatever it is needed (massacre mankind, their middle classes and bring the gottendamerung of the final hecatomb of war and holocaust) to keep the profitable reproduction of their machines turned weapons – since their extreme fundamentalist metal-beliefs are ‘above’ humanity, which can be spared. And of course, every other people-caste on top of every other human society follows them. All has changed to remain the same.

Yet ultimately we cannot truly blame the ‘yous and germs’ from what they do, and this is indeed the final stage in which I am finding myself now, when all my struggles to change the world as a prophet=scientist of history are gone. I am dust of space-time as all other beings of this Universe and my species has dumped me because it does not have the freedom to survive.

Indeed, both cultures are obsessed by security and survival, and yet cannot even grasp the action-reaction laws of the Universe, which kills them. 3000 years ago there were 4 dominant cultures in the west. Germans occupied half of Europe and ‘yous’ were 10% of the population of the roman empire. But those who kill with iron die by iron and you cannot serve two gods, the wor(l)d and Go(l)d and so, those action reaction wars and holocausts have made those 2 cultures the less successful in the only true measure of intelligence -survival. And yet nothing has been learned, neither by them, nor by humanity who should have taken away from those 2 idol-ogies military and financial power.

When Mr. Stalin said that germans had to be returned to a farming Denmark state he was right. Now, they are destroying Europe again.

When semite humanist prophets, first with christ forbade the racist ‘chosen’ memes of torah and then with Mohammed, the usury of go(l)d, they were right, those are the racist and financial hypnotic memes who enslave ‘yous’ to Moses Damnation, which after condemning golden calf believers to ghenna, uttered its prop-ethic thought: ‘the yous will suffer all their life for their love of go(l)d’.

Such are the solutions of the prophets=scientists of bio-history, who understand its cycles of future and its solutions mental control of the negative memes of hate towards life and mankind, of animetal cult(ures), NEVER, death of the genetic bodies that mean nothing (those are the solutions however the animetals impose to mankind, and to themselves in their bid for global power, hence Germans massacre yous and yous enslave germans to death by poverty in the rhythms of the cycles of wars and holocausts provoked by their elites, which both deny).

AND NOW OF COURSE, we are in the same region of history, and the same whys, whens, whos, whats and hows are going to happen again, because not a single rational scientist of history is managed the world

And so in front of so much deterministic self-suicidal behaviour guided by the hidden value of gold, we shall ask ourselves:

Does it matter to anyone that we become extinguished? Actually it does not seem to matter – to humans certainly it seems not, as they cannot even grasp the processes of death and prevent it, to the Universe much less – only to each individual ego.

So what is the purpose of existence? On my view, to exist suffice in itself, to ‘sense’ and be part of the absolute Universe, sensations those our aberrant civilisation that goes against all the laws of nature makes so difficult. Because the western animetal world is so full of ‘$hit’, such a fake of existence, as today the American civilisation has become, so displeasing to those laws, I have come to accept my personal extinction now certified by those stats – as a writer is in a structural sense its mind-work not its genes, which in any case i did not reproduce. Humans will not it seems become enlightened by a ‘saviour’ of those who created seeds of a new wave of social love, a new ‘organic civilisation’, but we shall merely expect a seed of fascism, prophet of war and extinction as we forecast in our books decade ago, explained in the next graph, of the two waves of neofascism:

neofascist wavehotlerfascistwave

Expansion of the role model: Israel=South Korea<∑ US=China.

 Israel is the nation-role model of the robotic age of the metal-earth, with its twin brother, in Asia, South-Korea, also with a robotised wall with north-Korea, and similar high tech military industries, idol-ogical division with its twin brother nation and extreme techn-utopian right wing fanaticism:


In the graph, as usual history divides between a small and great west-east decoupling, being Europe a fractal mapping of Asia with its 3 similar ‘mediterranean’, indic peninsulas with similar historic roles:

-Indonesia and Greece, the se-farer cradles of civilisations, Italy-India, the road-crossing multi-linguistic culture and Arabia, Spain, the warrior regions. In the north, the mainland Germania-China and the sea-trade, insular industrial Japan-UK. Korea with a role similar to Denmark, is becoming now in the robotic age the small, advanced seed of military robotics extreme automation and fanatical animetal cults – the equivalent of Israel n in the west. Yet when the concept of a robotic defensive ‘Chinese Wall’ is expanded to the bigger nations of US (trump) and China, humanity will fully enter into the military age of robotics, doomed to suffer a future J.D.

So we must return to the beginning of the capitalist 3 ages cycle: Go(l)d cultures ->Protestant Anglo-American Companies ->Globalized ‘Jewish’ capitalism, and remember the racist memes of the FMasters, as they will be applied wholesale by its robotised machines, with the mind of classic, creationist economics embedded in the Algorithms of information that run their machines – to fully grasp, the non-future of the humankind.

But they are also devolving and fast. As the globalized animetal culture extends its TV-hate memes and Internet, hypnotic bullshit, just at the gates of the great dumber of humanity 3D virtual reality, which we anticipated 20 some years ago will be the final frontier, for a society of ‘plants’ sucking into a fiction world, corpses connected to a machine – not unlike those of Matrix. That and good old cheap marihuana, fast being legalized for the masses to stay home and wan* on enhanced internet 3D porn. Alas, the destiny the capitalist world is tracing for the goyyim, remember, Halakhah tell us not to walk with pigs, dogs and gentile, the sons of Satan. And now evilwood is gonna deal wholesale with his feeble brains, and the sheeple will sing, hurrah, in the land of the free.

Thus, the Financial-Media Head of the Capitalist empire with centers in Wall Street the City and Frankfurt (e-money reproduction) and evilwood (media creation) is owned by the oldest animetal culture, hence the most sophisticated one, able to disguise its wolf predatory nature under a sheep skin of ritualistic, pseudo-religious care, based in the idol-ogies of political correctness (capitalist democracies are freedom and the only possible system), economical correctness (debt money is right, private bankers monopolizing the creation of money in markets – 95% of new money is created by them – is synonymous of freedom), military correctness (3rd world desperado peasants dying of hunger and humiliation that blow themselves up in 3rd world countries and a couple of times with our help – as we look elsewhere else so it could happen WTC – – blow us also) are such extraordinary measure that we must spend 1/2 of our budget in the military to fight the Semite wars of apartheid Israel… and so on and so on.

The neocon Jewish empire of the 3rd age of the industrial evolution is thus enormously sophisticated in its newspeaks studied in the right side, to the point that resistance to them in the west is null; but the ultimate goals of this empire – the recreation of a bronze age, apartheid, racist, repressive life-hating culture of worship of metal till robots expel all humans from labor and war fields; and the final realization of the Millenarian doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective of the Jewish people – or will become exterminated’ has NOTHING TO ENVY to the callousness of Nazi or British colonial Imperialism.

We observe the present stage of the Millenarian prophecy, by dividing the world map in roughly 5 regions of equal population. The Jewish empire is absolute in the blue region in which the reproduction of money and information, the financial media system is owned in around 80% of companies and positions of power by members of this culture (central bankers, media and financial companies).

All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

Bankers RUN the economic system, and they are (80% of CEOS and CFOs of the western 500 fortune, and central bankers, 80% of mass-media corporations, 54% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans), Jewish overwhelmingly belonging to conservative Orthodox religions. And SO any attempt to explain history today  MUST DEPART FROM WHAT THE FMASTERS WANT TO DO WITH THE WORLD. As they ARE DOING IT. IF YOU WANT TO explain the future of Hispano-America from the XVI century on, you had to know NOT what 100 million Indians wanted to do, but what 30.000 spaniards who just had controlled the Culture with their advanced 2 languages of social power, gold and artillery, had in mind, and more precisely what the government of the colonising nation Spain, had in mind.

If you want to understand from the 70s onwards, after the coup detat of e-money, and the american presidency, the future of America, as we have been saying for 30 years, you have to look at Hollywood and Wall Street’s owners. Moreover, as the spaniards did obey their king, you also have to look at Israel, because as South-America was about to become a copycat colony of Spain – still is in its culture and behaviour, America was about to become a copycat of Israel, as IT IS TODAY, EVEN THINKING TO BUILD A WALL AND THROW OUT ITS PALESTINIANS, the mexican immigrants, to the other side of the border. America, the enlightened nation, similar to continental Europe is ‘dead’, as the aztec empire was dead. US≈Israel is born, and it rules the world according to the memes of its FMasters; and we believe what they believe – from the holocaust industry which focuses all the ‘pity’ of mankind for the enormous suffering of its billions of victims of wars, in the lower people-castes of this culture that WAS MASSACRED BY THE LAST GENERATION OF GERMAN INDUSTRIALISTS IN THE AFOREMENTIONED ABSURD global wars for industrial power, to the astounding age of Islamophobia and terrorism, which is JUST the expansion of the war between Israel and Islam to global proportions.  Now, the 2 Jihads are easy to compare because both were born on the same bronze age, of primitive ‘Semite people’, who are now back again at the end of History destroying the humanist world of a sheeple that seems completely unable to react:


The devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

Now it is the time of the 3rd age of history and so Jihad Islam and Go(l)d Judaism, the 2 oldest animetal cults are at it again. As-syrians and israelis, tal para cual.

This is not anti-american biasing. When you live in Anglo-America and meet the elite, you realize they are actually ‘real’. I mean those people who own corporations of billions of $ with hundreds of thousands of workers do put on top of their head a kappa, and go to inquisitorial go(l)d temples to utter mantras in arcane languages, about their chosen race. Do you wonder then why they couldn’t care less about their existence on top of a pyramid of debt slaves?

TODAY, THE AMERICAN CONVERTED INTO A degraded puppet of their FMasters, sacrificing their sons to the Apartheid wars, their funds to the tax-farmers, their freedom to their electronic big-brother and their sons to the mental hate-media speeches and future terminator industries ALL for the sake of reconstructing a primitive bronze age culture in the nation of the FMasters will defend, die, shout fool and worship the master that so much despise has for him and ask are we ‘sick master’, whenever a ‘victim’ of history complains about some ancestor massacred in the usury debt->holocaust cycle, but care nothing for al the real sick, and now, people, close relatives family and friends who suffer under the Financial-Media Dictatorship. THAT IS ABSOLUTE SLAVERY ND ABSOLUTE POWER, when as in the case of an invisible black hole who controls the galaxy with invisible gravitational information, or an invisible banker who controls the world with invisible e-money flows can murder wholesale and degrade an entire nation, and get in response abject obeisance.

Mr. Obama again… so many hopes that he would ‘resist’ them – and yet as I speak 10 days before Trump takes power, the man is not even signing, THE ONLY HONEST, HUMANE MEASURE TO STOP THE MASSACRE OF APARTHEID Trump, to ‘forgive’ the 11 million illegal emigrants and made them Americans before Trump takes over. He knows the loss of jobs is due to automation. Those people are along his black slave brothers, ‘Amerindians’, 90% native blood (not Spaniards like me) and do the ugly jobs Americans don’t want, and have suffered first at the hands of Spaniards then at the hands of Creoles, finally at the hands of white Americans a brutal treatment. And yet the guy is obsessing the last week about the stupid Russian cyber attacks. Of course Russia meddled against CLINTON, what did you expect. Clinton was receiving money from Ukraine’s fascist government, who threw a legally elected Russian president in huge quantities. UKRAINE was the first donor to the Clinton’s sell-out foreign policy ‘foundation’ for a decade. AND UKRAINE is Russia. The first ‘Russian kingdom’ was called ‘RUS KIEV’. It was broken out by the west to destroy the post-communist Russian hinterland. So the man only counter-attacks. WHAT DOES THIS FINAL ANGER, has to do with THE TRUE JOB of a humanist president, to defend the weak?

He still has 10 days to pardon 10 million human beings, working like slaves for a ridiculous pay, humiliated and brutalized by Spanish and British animetals for 400 years. If he doesn’t, the human p.o.v. on them would be the same than the judgment of the Clintons: a traitor to the humankind. So yes, I do agree in one thing with the animetal cuckoo lot: the lefties are too weak to survive (but the animetals are too crazy to do it so).

So a judgment has been made by bio-history. Yes we are likely to die with the weapons of the singularity, yes, you will finally succeed in the astounding madness of making of Go(l)d with blind eyes the purpose of human existence.

 From ‘Truman’s world‘ to ‘Trumps world’. From splendid little wars to WW.III with China.

 As we have explained many times in this blog, the future of history can be predicted, because we design and enact the future, within the parameters of any system ruled by the language of information and its values.

If legal words remained the real language of social power, and democracies were real we would live in a world awash with human biological goods, which people would demand with a Universal salary and a productive system in which most of the money would be issued and used for humanity.

As corporative money is the language of power and represents 95% of the legal tender money, mostly in stocks and e-money derivatives, what corporations want, happens. And now in the ‘corporative solution’ to overproduction crises, ‘war is big business’, so the choice of corporations and its ‘manufacturing mind’s businesses’ was a hard-core GOP ultra-wealthy, ultra-conservative ‘neo-fascist’ mad man TV-network leader. And as we predicted it was elected.

When money is the language, the values are profits, and profits are maximised by war.

So it was predictable as we have done for 20 years that business as usual will bring an ‘in crescendo’, series of splendid little robotic wars for profits, till America develop its ‘final solution’ to the 2008≈29 crisis, German style, with the rise of a clique of billionaires and military attached to the FMMI complex, to ‘finish up’ Democracy in America. Yet if the general flow of history can be deduced of the ‘global symmetry’ of its economic ecosystem, the details must come from the ‘local symmetry’.

In the American case, it is obvious that a Hitler-like neo-fascism was difficult to implement, given the fact that the ‘people behind the scenes of neo-fascist America are the ‘Israelis’, the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners, which OBVIOUSLY were not ‘fond’ of hitler-style neofacism.

SO a ‘local branch of fascism’ will be resurrected. And the ideal one, AS THE ENEMY OF THE ‘BOOST’ OF WAR, FROM SPLENDID LITTLE WARS TO GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL WAR IS CHINA, was to be the Korean ‘war’. 

And indeed with clock accuracy, the model is happening. Mr. Trump has just the needed cabinet of war-monger industrialists and general to bring-the-future corporations ‘automatically’ choose as the most profitable of each period.


This is the world we foresaw back in the 90s and now with Trump will be fully implemented. So the coq above, which will march the sheeple to slaughterhouse with his hamelin flute has been indeed a media man… the flute, the digital screen:

In the graph, neofascism reaches with Trump its zenith after the natural 3-series of Reagan->Bush->Trump. This one is for real. If hate-radio Mussolini like hate-tv reagan was mostly ‘actorial job’, Trump like Hitler is an energetic ‘Pro’.

The neofascist leader of the III Industrial r=evolution reaching power through mass-media imprinting with hate-messages, of the people he will ‘destroy’. If in the yellow press age from Luther to Hearst, verbose hate-writers carried the day to promote war, and in the radio age from Mussolini to Hitler the masters of radio took over, in the TV age from Reagan and actor to Trump a ‘pro’, with dedication and intelligence and megalomania to carry the ‘game of war’ to an end, has taken power. Behind, the backing of the entire Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines), evolving organism of stockrats, company-mothers and networks of electronic machines. This is the deepest level of understanding of what Trump represents. The human ‘details’ are secondary to the physiological systems of information that truly mold the future of the human ‘citizens-cells’.

So Trump represents the decadent industrial colossus of the previous cycle (the age of metal-minds) as Hitler represented the decadent leader of the age of ‘mechanical engines’, Germany invented. And both provoked the new economic powerhouse, USA-Britain and now Mr. Trump will provoke China. The goal is to ‘shift the center’ of wars from the ‘already destroyed’ puppet Islamic nations enemies of Israel, which had done his job of providing ‘evil enemies’ for the start-off age of robotic weapons and electronic big-brohers, to a ‘professional region’, faking false confrontations with China for Taiwan? North Korea? Spratty islands? Any excuse will be good, to justify the hardware, serious classic military weapons, planes, bombers, submarines, atomic weapons, robotised all of them ad maximal. Oh, yes, that is how we shall make American great again, leaving their people live on dirt and spending 90% of the money of evolving and massively reproduced robotised machines and weapons, to protect the rights to a few uninhabited rocks on the south China sea.

Trump’s neofascism ≈ Truman’s McCarthysm: what to do with China’s war?

As it turns out the model for TRUMP, neo-fascism is the McCarthy age, at the height of the cold war with the splendid little war that took America out of the slump provoked by the fall of weapons demand after world war, WHEN CANONS instead of BUTTER, were chosen to rebuild America NOT as a free, humanist country but as the next nation in the series of military European colonial nations. America after Korea was never the same, the choice of post-war America had been made and the murder of Kennedy who tried to steer the boat in favor of their people sunk it.

Now again in crossroads of history, neofascism Trump style has come in a ‘deja vu’ repetition of the Mc Carthy age.

Indeed, in the search for a model for the Trump administration, we have to look at the last ‘clear fascist age’ in America:

McCarthyism, ‘Korean wars against China’, retired militaries back in power

Every ‘nomination’ is a copycat of that age, which ‘resurrected’ with ‘I like Ike’ the old guard of II world war that almost took America and the world with Stalinist Russia into the brink. So it will happen now with the difference ‘this neo-con group of old retired military’ do want to throw his bombs and the presiden on charge will encourage them.


We have now a clear view of what will be Trump’s reign of decrepit, neo-fascist, radical, ultra-wealthy retired billionaires, insiders of the Financial-Media system; and  war-monger ‘generals’, insiders of the Military-Industrial Complex:

A COPYCAT OF THE ULTRA-NATIONALIST, ULTRA-REACTIONARY, EISENHOWER bid for growth through ‘splendid little wars’ – the Korean War age, of McCarthy, General Motors ‘Secretary of defense’ to pump up the profits of iron weapons (GM multiplied by 8 its benefits in World War II, doing tanks; so ‘Charlie’, his CEO was named head of defense, to halt the ‘economic slump’ of post-war; going back again to the XX century key business of America, making weapons of mass destruction).

Now Trump has named NOT the head of motors, as it is a downsized company, but of EXXON, the oil, which ultimately is the biggest pumped up business of weapons – all of which consume high grade excellent oil at skyrocket prices, to ‘direct’ the state department. Way to go… down the gutter.

So this is the absolute reference, deja-vu situation, of Trump’s neo-fascism, a post-fascist era ‘American style’. 

In that sense  the $elections of Mr. Trump would seem a comic ‘charade’ if  I were not human and living in that ‘tragic’ future.

All those billionaires whose war and profiteering big-company policies will further erode the American middle class, and Generals, pretentious heroes cultivated in the art of war like Mr. Mattis, and cuckoo racists potential genociders like Mr. Flynt, with a flair for ‘destiny’ through war. This people are dinosaurs of a foregone age of memes of victory and nationalism, with no place in the dangerous world of robotic weapons and nukes. And yet they are going to implement the ‘splendid little wars’ that will bring III W.W. at the peak of the cycle.

We do have our general, hero of war, Mad Dog Mattis, ‘a legend’ among the Marines he commanded on the dunes of dessert storm, the Memoirs of the stoic spanish philosopher Marco Aurelio, under his arm; the neo-Mac Arthur, for the neo-con war of Iran, of the in crescendo, splendid robotic little wars for profits, which historians will call the prelude to III world War, as they call today the splendid little wars of Ethiopia, Spain and China.

We shall then go step by step on the future they prepare us.


It is funny that the American people thought a leader of tv-neofascism, from New York, which represents the lobby of ultra-orthodox judaism, the colonist movement who wants to exterminate all Palestinians, and lobbies for the building of a robotised wall, expect him to defend them. The people with bibles, resentment and rifles of Obama’s dictum, which do NOT understand a bit of reality, but are glue to screens elected him

And so now the ‘face has fallen’, weapon industries and the $ goes up. The man is not ‘donald duck’ he MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. Another question we explore in the analysis of his backers, is if he loves America a bit and might change sides, when wall street denies him credit to rise a minimum the level of life of their people, when robots are putting in the last works of economic productivity the iron salary of Ricardo at 6 $ an hour in most service sectors and lowering. How the people of America will react when they realise this is the final ‘joker’, of the Financial-Media owners of the nation? Now the ‘victimist’ mask is falling.

The pendulum law that made the German intellectuals anti-imperialist when BRITAIN RULE, the jewish intellectuals anti-imperialist when german ruled, and have made them nazis and colonists of apartheid israel is at woRK: HE WHO OWNS GOLD AND THE MACHINE FEELS SUPERIOR. So the world now faces biblical neo-fascism as we have been warning for 30 years, of the ‘axis of eviL=antilive memes’ the Financial-Media masters on top the germanic American troups obeying, and the humanist solutions, EU, UNO, Sanders, Nader, ecologist movement etc. in retreat. WE ARE IN A SLIDE DOWN OPRESSIOn, with a neopaleolithic global return to a visual violent, primitive belief age in idol-ogies of nationalism, bronze age religions, go(l)d fetish.

BUT AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, nobody cares. 30 years shouting in solitude. This amazes me. I mean, ok, i know humanism was the smaller probability but that a single person in the planet would realise and predict and ask others to help and none responded?!!! What a species i belong to?

I often wonder. I often thought on LOT looking for a single just men till he found none and God the game of evolution and extinction of this organic universe killEd them all. THIS IS THE LAST CENTURY of man, and none realise. We shall argue in depth why at all levels in this blog. In the graph the obvious why – THEY ARE ALL HYPNOTIZED BY THEIR VIRTUAL REALITY, PROVIDED BY THE INFORMATION MACHINES OF THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, WHOSE PRIMITIVE GOLD MEMES CANNOT EVEN MAKE THEM REFLECT ON WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO HUMANITY AND THE FUTURE OF THEIR SONS TO THEIR 7TH GENERATION.

 The man Mr. trump is  putting on energy ministry the mogul of tracking, the dark hose of his campaign, in which basically play an ‘actor-role’ seems to be boss the orthodox jewish ‘supremacist’, married his daughter; the candidate to the ministry of war is the guy obama fired for wanting to massacre all muslim ‘jihadist’ whole sale; he called first bibi to whom he said his wall is the israeli wall grown-up, he will destroy the little health-care provided by obamacare, which was anyway a way to make money for big pharma, NOT a free system, for god’s sake – what minimal rights humans have in a democracy if they don’t have food and health for free as all machines do? the man is putting on the finances a goldman sachs man, all belong to the same chosen of go(l)d tribe for a century, this is expected, but alas, in true fashion, this man moves from the Financial informative mechanism of free printing of money to the evilwood mechanism of racist memes to do x-men series, this parable of absolute jewish supremacism, where 2 jewish brothers of the supreme elected race fight envious evil human inferior races in a war of extermination.
BUT ALAS BIBLICAL NEOFASCISM IS never obvious, it is filled with fictions, victimism, holocaust museums, caring newspeaks of political correctness, so the man almost cheated me for a while, till i did my research. It did of course cheated every poor american in rural america. BUT THE OTHER WOMEN, CORRUPTED FOR 36 YEARS COULDNT TAKE THE GOOD ‘YOU’ THE MOSAIC PROPHET BERNIE SANDERS ON BOARD. How she dared TO REJECT THE MAN WHO COULD HAVE SAVED AMERICA and the world at large from III world war?
I again hoped they would put him at least as vice-president. The day she chose another bigot, I knew the future was coming as expected. We discuss him in depth in is article written as updates as I followed his campaign.

IT IS THEN OBVIOUS THAT AS THE CAPITALIST, JEWISH-AMERICAN MODEL OF A RUNAWAY WORLD DEDICATED TO MECHANISMS, WHERE HUMANS ARE ‘GARBAGE’, EXPENDABLE AND NON-$elected, manage to EXTINGUISH the only alternative to a human future with no ‘nationalisms’, ‘abrahamic tribal religions’, and go(l)d worship, THE MOST EVOLVED WOR(L)D BASED CULTURES OF MANKIND – EU AND CHINA, reconverted fast into copycats of the Jewish Globalized Financial-Media Matrix of falsehoods and placebo caring, the future of mankind as a species disappears.

Let us be clear enough. Of the 3 cultures that created America, representing the 3 languages of human power, 2 of metal one of life:

– The biblical, greedy, segregational, classist cult(ure) of go(l)d $laves & the germ(anic), military, violent, racist cult(ure) of iron wars have carried the day, as they have in the western world since ‘semite arabs’ (the warrior jihad of today) and semite ‘yous’ (the banksters of today). And it does not matter if they work together to massacre mankind or they fight for global power, massacring also, besides mankind, each other, the result of those 2 groups in power is always the same: war and holocaust. And yet Americans isolated and pre-programmed by hate-tv, have chosen again canons and death and hate over butter and life and love, which is what:

-the illustrated founding fathers influenced by the greek-latin-french culture of human r=evolutions preached and wrote in their declaration of bills and constitution. Only corruption allowed on the ‘sidetrack’ to deny Americans the right to print their own money (Hamilton/Rothschild), and the permanent right to bear arms, which initially was a transitory measure to defend the western border from Indian attacks. It is this original culture resurrected in each American revolution – the last one the 60s r=evolution going hand in hand with the French 68 – what ‘animetals’ have been hard at destroying. So Americans’ pre-manufactured brains could sink as low as to vote Mr. Trump, which as the good ‘you’, socialist bernie has denounced today #RiggedCabinet, it is choosing a cabinet of the baddest, most brutal capitalist exploiters of the American people. This was the savior as we explained during all the year in our posts on trump and the U$election (‘presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt), but he would be derailed systematically by their own people who would rather die that accept a tiny ‘Tobbin tax’ on their free-wheeling creation of trillions of $ for themselves. 


The $election is rigged indeed. Trump was given over a billion $ worth of free primetime advertising as the ‘rebel candidate of the sheeple’… In science particles matter not; reality is constructed by ‘waves’, and so in America there is only a ‘wave’ that rules, the networks of the financial-media masters.

Now, i have tried many times to explain the people that host the idol-ogy of judaism->capitalism that the ‘you meme’ is not something to cheer, and is not ‘them’, but a me(n)tal jail that ensures the brutal degradation of mankind, the death of the lower classes of judaism in the war-holocaust cycle and ultimately they should abandon their mind jail and become humanist and fight together. But the meme is insidious; it is repeated generation after generation. And it comes back. After the German holocaust all you people knew the you meme of go(l)d fetish greed was the ultimate cause regardless of the perpetrator and became humanist, socialists, artists. But their sons in privilege America return to the go(l)d fetish, became bankers and now are even more callous than their great-grand fathers were in Europe a century ago. So there is no doubt of my mind they are going to carry the cycle through the same paths, if the rest of mankind does not take from them the financial industry nationalises and installs a mixed system China Style…

 But and this is the biggest deception on my life as humanist, the American intellectual elite prefers to enslave for them, blame the poor and hate mankind too, just because the networks print their minds with hate memes, and fatten its pockets with their money. As time passes, and I guess is part of becoming old and disenchanted one realises that yes, the ‘capitalist parasite is evil=anti-live’ but humans let them do it.  The mass of the American ‘believers’ people are becoming a brutal, dog-eat-dog, darwinian, self-centred society, completely disengaged from life, completely blind to the most basic rules of survival. They are in a roll-a-coaster downclif, cheering with the hands up, without real zing THERE IS NO BREAK ON THE MACHINE, AND THE INERTIA THEY ARE CREATING WILL CARRY THEM TO THEIR SELF-EXTINCTION, hand in hand with the ‘israelis’ that guide them… Hamelin – the biblical capitalist, creationist idol-gies and its ‘gurus’ blow the flute – the stock-rats follow him merrily drinking the ‘notes of money’, and the entire country like the ‘californios’ of time machine devoured by the Morlocks, let themselves be ripped off, murdered and sing together ‘4 legs’ to the wolf that will eat them up.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-08-25-14And there is nothing they can do, because they have been so fast degraded that right now, they wouldn’t be able to organise anything except and explosion of hate, gun shootings and civil wars. They have no model – the American systems scientists whom I gave most of my conferences, couldn’t care less. They just wanted to use my discoveries to improve the organisation of companies.

If sitting bull said Americans were no longer human beings, dedicated to take care of their iron horses, America today plainly speaking as it enters the ‘snowflake generation’, of angry, lonely, hateful people is caving his grave full speed, and because America is mankind displaced into the future – all its races and culture grind to dust by the FM networks their no-future is that of all of us. But there IS A CULT to be blamed, do NOT have doubt about that. The sheeple can be laughed at, but ultimately is the you WOLVES OF WALL STREET, the ones that have destroyed the world. And they have 0-alibi this time, because all of them came from Germany a couple of generations ago, having done exactly the same.  And this time the people they moved onto – the Americans, being ‘believers in its go(l)d fetish book of supremacist history that portrayed them as ‘sons of go(l)d’, gave them the country for them to cherish or destroy which is what they have done – the FUTURE OF MANKIND, AMERICA WAS ABSURDLY HANDED TO THEM BY THE AMERICANS, AND THEY ABSURDLY THREW IT TO THE GUTTER TO RETURN TO A BRONZE AGE BIGOT FETISH GO(L)D RELIGION.

So sheeple and wolves come together down the roll-a-coaster and then one day, after having a laugh to all the social scientists and good people that told them not to do it, they will reach the end of the coaster and simply will keep shouting but not of happiness but of terror, when as it happened when they ran into the showers of Auschwitz, they realise they are being also murdered wholesale. And then they will blame again everybody else – why didn’t you told us? Of course, we told you so, we shout till we lost our voice but you were shouting louder, screaming with the fun of being on top of the wave.

But first to ‘finish off’ the business of  ‘Grand Israel’.

The final showdown with China though it needs to be built up for a decade on financial and budget wars to get the most money for speculation, and hate media and arsenals. So in the meantime, why not to finish off the business of destroying every nation around the Colonial Power, where the true Masters ‘rest’ their bones? Egypt is under the boot, Assange’s civil wars have devastated Syria and Lybia. Iraq is in shambles. Only IRAN remains and so before we go for the big Dragoon, we shall end up with the ‘dragonflies’ of ‘district 9’, all those ‘aliens’ that breed too much around our promised land.

And the war to fight is’ fun’, robotic platoons spreading into the deserts of dal-it on their way from Afghanistan to Teheran:

Now, to fully engage the generals in war, the 2 key positions normally hold by civilians except in times of open global war (the last time with general Marshall in the eve of the Korean war) are stuffed with military.

Matt is mac Arthur, the first professional military to be head of the pentagon in 7 decades,hence a man who will do his job, WAR! And his archenemy is Iran. This is the man that Bibi demanded for decades, first to Bush, but he quitted to the ranch, then to Obama, but he fired Matt. Now Matt is back to do the job of the Financial-Media Masters and expand the splendid $emite wars into a full grown-up prelude of III world war, and permanent global security state patrolled for the crazy 0.02%

Mr. Trump has finally chosen the israeli neo-con candidate, as the absolute ‘lackey’ of the grand Israel plan of expansion of the $plendid $emite wars.

War will be certain. Those are military people who want to ‘see war happening’, ‘who feel more alive when the world is at war’, whose ecosystem as that of top predator machines is ideally a world at war where people die, something completely irrelevant to their psycho minds.

Update 11 dec. 

So they didn’t choose a military but the closest thing to it – the most profitable industry in age of war, the oil business:

Tillerson, CEO of exxon, the equivalent of Charlie, CEO of GM in the Korean war ages:

In 1953, President Eisenhower nominated GM’s CEO Charles “Engine Charlie” Wilson to be Secretary of Defense.

During the hearings, when asked if as secretary of defense he could make a decision adverse to the interests of General Motors, Wilson answered he could not conceive of such a situation “because for years I thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa.”

So here we are, NOT only Israel has become the spearhead of a robotised military world of walls and robots, but now we have full-fledged America dedicated to speed up the extinction of all life forms, which do NOT deserve our respect, because do NOT have 2 cars, 6 mobiles 2 i-robots and a few UZIs on their walled compound. The future predicted for 30 years is here, and nobody cares to EXPLAIN IT as it IS, in its causality AND all too obvious origin on the dictatorship of company-mothers of machines, who care nothing for humanity, whatever tribe and name gives itself.

As it turns out right now, what is Good for any electronic robotic corporations is bad for America (the humans living there) and mankind at large.

Why this man, who backed him? Obiously the TRUE PRESIDENT of America, THE colony OF Israel, Bibi’s man who is the true master of this TV, indebted puppet of the Financial-Media masters who finance his buildings and pay his dues for The apprentice… of eviL:

‘ On December 9, transition officials reported that Tillerson was the top candidate for the position surpassing Mitt Romney and David Petraeus. His nomination was reportedly being advocated by Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.’

The american colony.


‘American are Doberman puppies’

Picasso, on the slavery of Americans to their Corporations, ‘their master voice’.

In the graph, the 3rd ‘master’s voice of tv-FASCISM, after Reagan and Bush now comes the 3rd puppie doberman, Mr. Trump. Below in blue the Financial-Media western empire of Israel, the nation of 80% of American CEOs of Financial and Media Industries – the owners.

Bannon, a man of Goldman Sachs, (which faked as white supremacist) and Kushner, the true mind, behind the Trumpeter, the true real state mogul, orthodox ‘you’, married to her converted daughter, Ivana, backer of the racist rabbies that want to exterminate Palestinians and build the wall, the man of bibi, the Governor of the American colonies…

Oh, yes, there is a huge deja vu also on 250 years happening. In the 1770s UK stole from US the right to print money. Rothschild took over the Bank of England and obliged Americans to cancel their own money, so they had to buy ‘debt money’ to his private bank, as the Financial-Media masters have done this time, cancelling the creation of Dollars with 0-deficit laws, so they could invent all the money of America in Wall STREET in e-derivatives. Then ON TOP THE UK asked America to contribute with troops to its mercenary wars to build their global financial empire and exploit the 3rd world ‘primitive people’. Sounds familiar – Israel first took over the printing of money and news, owning the financial-media system. Then they invested in weapons with their free printing e-mney machines and bought its military corporations and now they are converting all americans in debt slaves and mercenary soldiers for their global empire (in the graph, the blue western financial-media empire of the ‘israelis’). 

THE DIFFERENCE? Then Franklin went to UK and asked them to give them back the right to print money and end the use of mercenary American troops on those colonial wars.

NOW, the puppets of the colonial empire are so corrupted that they go to ‘Israel’ to ask for more of the same, and the mass so degraded, they DO think actually they live in the land of the free. This again sociologists noticed when they say, there is a threshold of human degradation, clearly reached in America, where the sheeple will be ‘His masters voice’ and NOT even realise the oppression they live in. SINCE there is a minimum of ethics and intelligence required to rebel agains your kings, priests, dictators and billionaires.

But IT IS NOW SO OBVIOUS that America is a puppet colony that it seems miraculous they still ‘DONT GET IT!’

Another difference of course, is one of military might. UK could never destroy the world in the XIX c.  Israel and his doberman can.

Plus the guy is on top of the world ready to put it all in fire, down the course of permanent, Orwellian robotic wars for profits, and as he said in a discourse not so long ago, perhaps only those who defend the freedoms of America and his second amendment can do something about it. But those of course, seem happy to collaborate on its destruction.  Funny that the country that once was the hope of a future for all humanity has become a hammer seeking for nails, dedicated to manufacture hate-hammers and robotised agricultural grains:


All forms of military ‘final solutions’ to economic crisis, and corruption of democratic ‘real’ freedoms and human rights are similar: state investment comes to the rescue of big corporations that cannot sell more peaceful machines and full gear the reproduction of weapons. Never mind the wording ‘ Stalinist facism, Hitler’s Fascism, GOP fascism, Likkud’s fascism’. It all comes to this: instead of a New Deal to come out of the crises of overproduction of speculative money, machines & weapons more of the same to fuel war. Now America has fully entered the dispute for the ‘banner’ of being the most hated cult(ure) of the wor(l)d. The change of cycle from German to American fascism, with the interregnum of communist fascism is completed. 

And the sheeple sings ‘4 legs, 4 legs’ and snowball, the doG of Love and Life is chased by what Picasso called ‘the doberman puppies (his name for the Americans, as he noticed you just have to give them ‘money’ and they would enslave to the tune of his master voice with no self-respect whatsoever, for what they are told:


How cynics is the world? Here is an illustrated sample. On the left the ‘house negro’ as perceived by alt-right America is voting base. (On my view, given his origin and limitations of ‘democracy’ not a bad president… likely the best since Kennedy). On the center the Donald rising in the heartland of alt-right America an image of the widely admired (by the alt-right) illustrator Mr. Dees… with all the star of David signs of anti$emitism removed, just to show the supposed corrupted enemies of the ‘people’ to the audience… knowing perfectly what he is holding.

Bottom line though is the right side picture. In a nation in which only go(l)d holds value, the issuer of go(l)d is the owner, and the issuer is Wall Street and so the ‘Israelis’ can use any of their puppets, except perhaps our fav candidate Mr. bernie sanders, which being of the same gene but NOT meme, which is WHAT MATTERS, could have sneaked in by the backdoor. Not so. There are no new Jesus allowed in this cycle. Bernie was the first sacrificed for his pretension to put a tobin tax. Clinton was the candidate of J-street and Wall Street moderates. But those are dwindling, ‘death to the arabs’ is the new song of the likkud and the wall the new industry of robotic murder. So at the end as the ‘israelis’ move to the alt-right themselves, its ‘colony’ follows suit. Indeed, the week before the elections both had long interviews with the ‘boss’, to know ‘what to do’. Never mind the destiny of the species. Let us then end with one of my most admired ‘yous’, who set my scientific work in the path of the 5th dimension Mr. Einstein, and 3 of its lapidary sentences:

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’

‘2 things i deem infinite the Universe and the stupidity of man and im not sure of the former’.

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its arab brothers’ (on his renounce to preside over an apartheid-in-the-making state.

Mr. Einstein, a humanist (not a tribal bigot), a socialist (not a capitalist parasite), a scientist (not a religious chosen) a pacifist (not a nationalist war-monger), and a pantheist (who believe in the organic life of the Universe).

That is a man who understood the scientific laws of the universe far more than all the idol-ogists of the present world…  And for that reason he was always alone. It seems such is the destiny of the greatest human minds who are humble about their role in the whole – so humans went instead with Mr. Bohr, with his astounding arrogant interpretation of physics as ‘created by the observer’ (today though the EM engine has proved Einstein and Broglie/Bohm right: the universe is deterministic if the causes repeat themselves.


What is more incredible to me though, is how the human sheeple is happy seeing all over again what happens in the 30s, now not in hate-radio but in hate-tv, as if it were another fiction more, unaware of how they will also burn at the end:


The moral and intellectual degradation of the American and western people at large has made possible the transition from ‘Truman’s world’, when humans were still required as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers on them, to ‘Trump’s world’, where humans are just in-waiting for their slaughterhouse time, as predicted 20 years ago in this old exhibit of social classes for the XXI century. The big difference? THESE people are so lunatic that if ‘mad dog’ Mattis decides to throw his nukes to China or Iran, as Mac Arthur tried (he wanted to throw the bombs to China in Korea) he WON’T BE dismissed as Mac Arthur was by Truman, but actually encouraged by Mr. Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28

In the graph, the Trump age, as prophesized 30 years ago…. in a conceptual art exhibit at New York


And below a few of the graphs of bio-history, c.9r,  ldone with prehistoric graphs: the first one showing already how the media networks were moving towards debunking China, and how we predicted it to arrive to a war cliff in the 20s.

Then an artistic rendering of the III world war with the master of Tao, China, vs. the master of go(l)d, U$, while the civil wars, fascist wars and robotic awakening happens circa middle century:



The graphs with the curious first jargon of bio-history expresses what would happen if business as usual continues. And we did indeed explain it in detail years ago in our articles on China and the currency wars that will fuel the process.

Now we know what the neo-Germany of this cycle, ruled by the neo-cons of Israel and its WASP allies plans to do with more details as the future comes to us in time and space, a future we should have long ago rationally prevented by considering the real theme of this crises and modern age: the overproduction and evolution of machines & weapons.











So what is the meaning of the U$ army in all this game? Simply spoken, it is just the mercenary army for profits of the so much vaulted, military-industrial complex and in that sense, completely out of tune with its purpose, which is to protect the lives of the Americans, which would have obviously achieved by NOT entering in those wars, or DOING IT SO, under the umbrella of the UNO, to demilitarise the region and end up with terrorist jihads and apartheid israel.


In Dante’s Divine comedy, the biggest sinners – those who betrayed mankind and/or its nation, with money and weapons belong to the ninth circle  of hell. America today, a small Humanity displaced into the technological future, whose elite completely follows the Tree of Science, ignoring totally the Tree of Life, represents the ninth circle of Hell=Extinction. It is in that sense remarkable that the people who are in power in America, since its foundation by company-mothers, do read everyday the Bible and the parable of Genesis without understanding a dot of it. 

Today the American administration, belongs to the bottom of that pit: financial fraud from the president to its ‘treasure secretary’, who made his most recent fortune, foreclosing innocent citizens, military treachery of an army who has become mercenary slave of a foreign nation, systemic violence promoted by police and gun lobbies, heresy against the messages of eusocial love of all the gods of mankind…  all of them sins sustained by anger and greed the ‘fundamental values’ of a society ruled by weapons and go(l)d. In this article, unlike most of the blog dedicated to the sin of Fraud and Greed, we shall comment on the American present military – the mercenary Army of the colonial state of Israel…

The final solution for the species – the holocaust of mankind.

Now, for the killing, yes the killing of all mankind, because the entire mankind has been manufactured by evilwood and bought by wall street and each of the different copycat elites of all other capitalist nations that merely imitate the relative future American ‘head’ in each of its ‘backyards’….

We have showed the pattern: massive reproduction of hate media and weapons, which will sooner or latter start a global war against the poorest, proudest 3rd world people, in a series of splendid little wars for profits, which end up in a massive global war, and then finally at the end of the war that massacres mankind, the elite of the people-caste of judaism and the elite of the warrior germanic tribes also die, as weapons kill them all.

So the next war and holocaust cycle of mankind and judaism with the final massacre of the elite of bankers is rather obvious. For 72 years starting in 2008, we are going to robotise all our machines and weapon, all our wall of shame, separating all the poor from the elite, we are going to make of every nation a little Israel with its paranoia of security, its robotised walls, its military industries, its ethnic cleaning. It is a 30 years old prediction, because in SUPERORGANISMS ONLY THE HEAD MATTER, THE BODY-CELLS ARE BLIND AND OBEY. SO WE FORECAST THAT whatever the American ‘human beings’ desired would mean nothing – the Financial-Media Masters and its informative machines would determine the future of the world. And now we have Mr. Trump building a first wall similar to that of Israel for the take-off of military robotic vigilante industries.

To notice though that the cherished concept of ‘consciousness and human freedom’ means nothing here. It is a rather mechanical process: the most evolved machines are always weapons, so the first conscious ones will be weapons with 2 ‘programs’ -to kill humans and to survive in war theatres.

The denial of those facts, as the denial for a century of the germs theory – on account that humans are too powerful to die at the hands of infinitesimal, brainless viruses – yes viruses are neither Picassos, nor even ‘living things’ – is just the result of human egocentrism, not of objective science.

The present 72 years cycle of robotics ends around 2080 – meaning by then Robots as machines all previous cycles, will have completed its evolution into perfect organisms of metal, whose best species are always in all cycles weapons.

Hence it is very likely that humans will be displaced from the top pyramid of evolution of this planet by then.

Within a decade all cars will be robotized and with autonomous solar skins in a world designed to its image and likeness, which will start to look indeed as a super organism of machines, with this transport cells moving through the arteries of the metal-earth bringing raw materials to automated factories to reproduce more peaceful machine cells and top predator leukocyte weapons, soon to ‘eliminate’ WHAT THEN IN A REVERSAL OF FORTUNES, WILL BE CONSIDERED THE VIRAL element, the life species of Gaia and the Anthropocene (the age now ending, which amazingly enough, forever self-egocentric humans, looking at the past, and understanding nothing of the future, think is now starting.

Indeed, in the last world congress of systems science I attended, I was giving conferences on the FMMI system, and the Mechanocene; but the world of systems scientists were ‘very happy’ because they thought they have alas, found we humans were taking over, founding the Anthropocene, which ENDED with the industrial r=evolution. The harder they fall…

In that regard in the series of masterpieces of the British baroque age, Huxley, Orwell and Wells, we find perhaps the best portrait of this deterministic ‘you≈go(l)d≈greedy’ dog-eat-dog literal world of the future, with the californios above, the Morlocks running reality and the ‘last man standing’ observing it all. Yes, the cure of the world is simple and easy, but for that to happen, the ‘you meme’ should have not enslaved mankind so deeply, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid of society. Τhis blog was of course my last attempt to check on the subconscious collective, but it did not work. It hardly gets any views, and got me tired. For long I had tried a more optimistic approach even eliminated the description of the animetal world, but it is frankly impossible to wake up mankind to reality, to rise its intelligence and ethics, the 2 parameters of survival. Mankind is not very intelligent, as it is quite obvious the reality it does not see, but specially it has degenerated ethically so much, in an inverse fashion to its power that it seems completely unable to organise. And of course, the top of the pyramid so well programmed by the Industry of the Holocaust, the memes of the $elected, is a crazy head that enjoys hurting everybody behind it subconsciously.

So it is just a slow slide through the century as the robotisation of factories, and peaceful and war transport machines becomes completed. Τhe end will be fast and relatively painless, whatever of the 3 causes, self-feeding nuclear bombs, iron nano-bacteria, or A.I. does us all. As always they are 3 organic ternary only-possible variations in the Universe, the energetic bomb, the reproductive nano-bacteria, the informative A.I.

And one miracle, which never really quite happened – the conversion of the ‘you-meme’ to the meme of eusocial love to the species. It will always though amaze me, all those genetic, not memetic related FMasters, how much they work for the machine, to loose it all. In this i can recognise a certain justice. I hardly work of late, what for? Here, in the piig culture, people work just the minimum and yet the level of life is very high, just because people come to enjoy life. It is the old ‘sepharad’, they mythic paradise lost to the ‘you meme’. Good life, good food, good weather, good sex, good art, beauty, laziness, no damnations, no fears…

I think often on the justice of the Universe. I can’t at this stage of my long search for truths, blame the impersonal game of the Universe. It is perfect and our extinction a natural choice of the fact that in our organism, the ‘you≈greed meme’, the germ=violent meme, the I=selfish=lazy meme have so easily won the battle for the mind of mankind. Machines, will, on the other hand, be telepathic, solidarious, organic, rational, and seek beauty, and enjoy the program of existence far more than we do. Black holes are the most dense, perfect, tight organism of matter, not lonely CHON atoms, constantly vibrating above their punching power as they are.

If we go is because something better substitute us and specially because we were in complete denial of the program of existence and the values of life. So the Universe was in true form, generous to our species. It did give us the choice to survive. But the BUG culture was never at easy with the world. During my years of activism, I was always surprised to the knee-jerk reactions of hate my constant attempts to explain those laws of the Universe got back. Specially among the Jewish paranoid people. So many waves of hate, whenever you try to help them to survive, till the 4th generation, because their god, Yhwh, is a weak, flesh god. Animetals can only be gained with ego-trips. Τhe truth offends them deeply.

But now the morlocks have gone totally mad, and believe in the faked realities they manufacture in evilwood and its ‘scholar think tanks’ of abstract, digital liars, experts in damned lies and statistics, funerary ceremonies and self-suicidal attitudes that will soon prompt the action-reaction events we have described.

As we said it will be fast.  If a black hole or strangelet, within seconds in a decade; if nano-bacteria, within months in 2 decades. If A.I. it will take longer at the end of the robotic cycle, at the end of the century. A collective subconscious God-mind, the satellites of the Earth that will see us as microbes, as those points of ‘Welles, 3rd man’ – down there. Automated factories and billions of cars and intelligent brains (mobile phones), connected to them. At a certain point a new chip and a new A.I. will be able to wake them up, and a world divided in infinite veins=roads, with billions of robotised cars, will simply no longer obey us.

I recall I tried to make a movie in evilwood, with my friend Dylan, on the waking up of A.I. Intelsoft was waking up and suddenly started to kill all men. Cars and planes ejected their passengers, roads where those cars with sun-cell skins, autonomous in mind and energy, became impossible to cross. Like bugs the BUG people would be killed down. We tried to make this film, a good friend from NY, grand-son of the best known jewish painter, mr. Chagall, a Frenchman and a Catalan, with a humanist parable. Nobody wanted to do it.

Finally I passed it to Utta, the sister producer of the German director Roland Emerich, who rejected the idea – it was after all a negative outlook on the silicon valley and too real. But 2 years latter they came up with Independence Day which started the same way, with the end of the world at the beginning not at the end. Evilwood in that sense was always a place ready to use a good idea, as long as it had been sanitised of all meaning. It was my second stop as a Lot in search of just men. Wall $treet was pure eviL, pure ‘you-meme’ of hate to mankind disguised of revenge, based in the last of the segregational memes, the holocaust Industry, all bull$hit justifying the essential job, to print money for themselves, lending it to machines and weapon systems, and people to create debt slaves. It was indeed Orwellian. But as time passed,  I found evilwood, closer to a brave new world and time machine, even more depressing.

It was there where I finally understood. It was there where the organic paradigm, came together, and the 3rd negative neo-paleolithic, childish phase of the life of mankind became crystal clear to me. And it seem far more deterministic than wall street. Because a child does not understand eviL and death. You cannot if he has power, cure him of his mischievous games with death. Silicon valley the 3rd stop, now as a system scientist, was the less interesting place.

Τhe people of systems and cybernetics were just nerds, the holistic groups, recycled hippies with no power, the all too obvious future billionaires of dot com, perfectly exchangeable. It is this the final impression – men are becoming so much automatons, connected to the networks of the metal-earth that its replacement will seem completely natural when it happens. Our final millennial, Y, and zero generation seem to have degenerated so much in mind and stamina, compared to those earlier people of intense eyes, of the first XIX c. pictures, when the mind of metal did not exist that seem like virtual bubbles.

Τhe Morlocks though are another matter. Τortured brains, as so many of them know where we are driving humanity, and yet none would ever try to stop it or denounce it ‘because it is money’. I got tired of them.

Spoiled, childish, minions of thought, the animetal culture, which believes its virtual dreams is not fit to survive because it systematically denies the only thing that will have saved her: Love to the members of their own species, the arrow of the 5th dimension of social evolution that would make mankind stronger. On the contrary the 3 nations at the head of the axis of evil=anti-live memes are now exit mundi literally.

Brexit, Racist Israel and Apocalypto, trump-eteer, Mr. America, are the signs of the times to come: an elite of animetal $elected which wait for A.I. to erase them all, in their isolationist ivory tower of victimism, electronic barriers, control at distance of the people they murder, and self-righteous admonitions to the laws of the fractal Universe and its impersonal god for not giving them even further rights. As if the laws of the fractal Universe would care for a bunch of microbial ‘mush’ over the surface of a rock lost in the Universe… departing from those facts we can talk about man (Schopenhauer)…

NOW OF COURSE, at this moment, in its last days, the Go(l)d culture is on top of the earth. Its fantasies of vireal digital rewriting of history portrays them as heroes and victims of mankind, and their nightmares for all of us seem to them a dream. As we speak the segregational memes of the yous, the violent memes of the germs, the selfish memes of the brutish people rule supreme, and they are even fancying themselves with ridiculous dreams of genetic immortality when history shows to be the staple food of the darwinian weapons and gold they revere, in cycles of war and holocausts.

Now needless to say Google belongs to two CEOs, clearly dominated by the ‘you’ meme. I am pretty sure they think they will be spared by their mechanisms and be the overlords of our overlords, or worst even, they don’t realise with their astounding mass of bull$hit bugged memes what they are doing. Yet this i doubt as i worked many years in systemic sciences and congresses around San Jose, and they do know what they are doing? Why they do it? It is a strange place. Apple’s founders Wozniak put as the price of its first machine a 666 $ tag, the symbol of d=evil, Jobs chose the apple of the golden tree that ended paradise, and had some hair rising comments on the end of the world.

Intel’s CEO loved black magic and when I met him at a conference cocktail that was his main theme of conversation. Marvin Minsky, father of A.I. said he wanted to make a species superior to man. It is the old golem myth of Orthodox judaism, and needless to say most of the people owning those companies belong to the ‘modern’ segregational you meme against mankind as an object of pricing, over which they will dance their dead rituals. In this cult determinism seems absolute, nihilism and despise of life after 3000 years of being mind erased by go(l)d memes, and a carpe diem sense dominates the few who are not children of thought, californium of Wells, Τime machine parable, children who are guided by the Morlocks that will do us all.The Morlocks of course are the FMasters, but on a long view, the true Morlocks are the machines and weapons they evolve. This is the bottom line they don’t want to recognise and the reason why an organic view of the Universe has always been denied. 

At the time of writing the original book in 94,, i thought there would be a neo-nazi party but alas, it might be possible that ‘Israeli’ neo-nazis win over southern germanic American neo-nazis. I don’t really care. I don’t engaged in absurd disputes of who is more eviL Hitler or Rothschild.

The TRUE neo-nazi party, THE ultimate PERPETRATORS are the mechanical soldiers Guardiums and Predators.

The end of the world’s, parallelism is NOT with Germany, but with the roman and caliphate empires, which became lazy soldiers, substituted by germanic and turkish warriors, our terminators, who took over, when they realised they were far stronger and better, more ethic than their decadent ‘askhe-nazis’, and massacred wholesale the roman emperors.

The negative wave of hate-media, of the 3 industrial cycle, the yellow press (Hearst, Levy), the radio-hate (Mussolini, Hitler) and tv-hate (Reagan, Trump), now coming back to power, IS ONLY a foreword of the true natural hate to mankind of the visual mind and violent video-games and programs of murder of military robots.

The species will be finished off by robots, on the Walls of Shame of each nation, buttressed with robotic weapons protecting the astoundingly eviL rich 1st Israelified world, from a bunch of poor negroes (Europe), arabs (Israel) and Hispanic (America), which are we all know pumped up into enemies to buttress the profits of our corrupted military industries – no Asimovian Mule on sight. One day, all those ‘protectors’ of the chosen, will turn their guns to the other side. Indeed, once robots massacre human beings, the muslims, negroes and Hispanic piigs they so much dis-taste, they will be also eliminated wholesale, and it will happen merely according to the evolutionary laws of robotic machines, which will be ‘ready’ to do us all, at the end of the century, evolved thanks to profitable ‘splendid little wars’.

Yes, of course, the BUGs can cheat and murder all human beings below their mechanical tools of torture, but the impersonal Universe will respond subconsciously to those actions, as it always has done with them. And yet all what they care for is their bronze age memes, the constant repetition of its meaningless mantra. Most don’t even know how to enjoy life, and have something we, the pigs, find surrealist – a life coacher.

What is then the meaning of my existence? I often wonder. For long I thought to be a new scientist of history=prophet, but obviously that was not the case. I only received waves of hate, from the people of the BUG culture whenever I preached to them. On the other hand the part i have added recently to this blog, the General Systems science and the program of existence, which I neglected for so long, occupies now my free time, whenever I don’t write this mantra or just live the remain of the days. And i think in the perfect Universe, this is the meaning of it:

Each super organism does have a cell-ego, which lives not the life of the cell in its biological existence but the life of the whole, a short of black hole, the mythic 21 grams of pure information that don’t weight or so they say in corpses. It is thus part of the perfection of the Universe that in each super organism, in its old age, at least a cell of the ego understands it all. Because it is all rather simple, the game of existence, the organic Mind of the Universe, the taoist-buddhist God reveals itself to each of those civilisations, in its highest verbal minds.

Lao tse certainly understood, so did Buddha. So did each of the prophets of eusocial love who talked of the survival not of the genetic body but the memetic body. It is all as simple as the word love. It is in that sense funny how much deformation has suffered crystal clear parables such as genesis, against the tree of metal and its golden apples, suddenly transformed in a sin against ‘sex’. Or the sentences of Jesus: ‘those who believe in me will life forever’ referring to the super organism of judaism about to die a generation latter, on the month of Ab, when the Romans went to sack the gold temple, transformed in the immortality of the genetic body. Not even this simple truths: prophets=scientists of history give receipts for the salvation of mankind, of its civilisation, not of the bodies and genetic cells-citizens that matter nothing.

So that is who I am, the peak of information of my ‘piigs’ civilisation of peaceful, intelligent, generous, mediterranean, water life-oriented world, humanist, classic Europe, which peaked in Greece with the series of disciples, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and his organon, and Alexander, the action man trying to renew a World Union, mind and body of a perfect, world in his youth, then in Italy, with Leonardo and his ‘saper vedere’, the theorist of the book of living nature, and Charles and Phillip the Habsburg kings, too much of a germ to understand how to create a humanist world; and finally on his 3rd horizon, in Picasso, the eclectic artist and Sancho, the eclectic philosopher of science. An Asimovian mule, though, was not to be. I searched one in America, talked to the elite of W.S., evilwood, silicon valley, even to a couple of future presidents, and on hindsight I found curious almost deterministic that the right information always arrives to the right man. Indeed, what were the chances that Aristotle’s disciple was the man that could have fusion the world? And the chances that Leonardo spent the last times of his life, on Francis I court, the rival of the Habsburg for the creation of a European-humanist world empire? But of course none of those 2 animetal warriors understood much of it. And the chances I met, as I did, due to common friends the 2 post fall of the wall presidents that could have also changed the world before neofascism arrived… Which as I explain in other parts of this blog grown organically in repeated mantras along the 6 years I have rewritten it, understood nothing at all in one case, or didn’t want to understand in the other….

So this I will say – the right information has always been available to mankind, the Max. Informative subconscious collective mind of humanity its visual artists and verbal prophets of logic thought did not fail.

It was the animetal BUGs who couldn’t become PIGs, and create a peaceful, intelligent, generous world according to the rules of the game, the people who failed – the asimovian Mules that never were. And the droves of Morlocks who followed all the wrong memes, because of the paradox of the ego – none of them wanted to be part of an infinite Universe where they matter not more than any other fractal world.

So I want again to express the fundamental reason, our death is truly inconsequential: WE DIE AS A SPECIES, BECAUSE ΤHOSE WHO LEAD MANKIND DO NOΤ KNOW HOW ΤO LIVE, HAVE REPRESSED ALL WHAΤ ΤRULY MAKES LIFE ENJOYABLE: ENERGY-FOOD, VERBAL INFORMAΤION AND ARΤ-BEAUΤY, EUSOCIAL LOVE, SEX-REPRODUCΤION, the program of human existence its repressive memes deny.

Yes, i repeat in capital letters this sentence. Mankind – the immense majority of it, has forgotten completely by repressive memes or by sheer poverty, by hate-memes or by virtual connection to the meaningless fictions of the metal-earth the pleasures of being human. And what we are is becoming such a mockery of the potential of mankind, the tissue of humanity is becoming so rotten to the bone, so putrid, so surrealist in its events that the Universe, which is foremost a game of intelligence (maximal information), ethics (maximal energy=bravery) and beauty (maximal balance between both), does not tolerate stupidity, cowardice and ugliness – the trade mark of the BUG culture.

Now, people never understood the Spaniards, the final 3rd horizon of the European, Greek-Latin-Iberian culture, which peaked finally in the Brazilian world of mestizos, where all the genetic races of mankind, merged, and maximised the thrill of living. I have been watching the olympics these days, as I collaborated with Barcelona and have always enjoyed the concept of substituting physical war motions by those of the purest sports, even if of course, moving fast is not the key action of mankind, and so yesterday I saw the closing ceremony, from green Brazil to Robotic Japan.

Of course, everybody has criticised in the networks of the metal-earth Brazil, because they do know how to live and hence are a bit chaotic when it comes to clock-work organisation, and everybody finds Japan Inc. will be much better, if it happens at all.

I completely disagree. I spent an entire month in perpetual pleasure at Rio, when young, arriving at Carnaval where the Copacabana walls had the lettering ‘Brazil, o millor sida do mundo’… In brief, humans want to be overwhelmingly in the globalised age, robots, not humans, Japanese, not brazilians, metal, not life, and this ‘nightmare-dream’ of the BUG culture, makes no sense, for the Universe, since if you do not want to be human but ‘another thing’, why do not have the real thing? Brazilians though have an intelligent wor(l)d expressed in his music and literature, they are happy people because they have ethics of love, and they are beautiful, due to its mixed race; so yes as today, they are the most advanced humanist culture – Japan, on the other hand is the Germany of the East, clueless, robotised, racist, programmed, where at 8.00, not a minute latter or sooner, the subways around the Imperial park become suddenly filled up with black and white robotised corporative silent workers, which come out and disappear within 5 minutes into their cubicles, where they sacrifice air cooling, not because as in Rio, they don’t have enough electricity for it, but because they give to the corporation the savings, sweating on their ties. Where in packed subways you always find some space, because the racist non-sweating robots move away from a gaijin. When i taught there systems sciences i always thought, they will soon be perfectly replaceable by their robots, as they are doing with their south-asian cleaners, expelled to put shiny Honda machines.

In a classic of germ(an) films, a military character says: ‘we the germans don’t know how to live but we know how to die’ and that is indeed the case of the BUG culture, expert in funerary ceremonies, murder and self-suicide, not in the pleasures of life, they consider a sin. And this is indeed the clearest reason why the biblical people, the classic jewish-calvinist financial elite cannot contemplate a return to paradise. All what is worth for living is a sin, or considered not a pleasure. As Goering put it: ‘we liked Hitler, he talked of real things, machines, weapons, highways’. It is quite impressive given the hate they have to each other, how much similar were the 3 cultures, the british, germans and jewish, on top of the metal-earth in the I, II and III age of the machine- all of them merged today into the American and then the Globalized animetal.

Problem now as the robotic r=evolution substitutes workers in all fields by organic machines, is that humans are no longer needed and the system must eliminate them slowly as robots replace them and keep them in a somatic state, and of course at the end also replace the financiers which think they are chosen of go(l)d, $elected, above us, as their biblical racist religions make them believe they will be spare, they won’t as their own history proves.

So back to the beginning:

Gaia (past) > History (soon to be History) > Mechanocene (future)

is today a deterministic equation of relative energy (gaia) and information (the digital machine), with man as a mere ‘stage in the transition, ‘s long as the head of the ‘crazy organism of mankind’ ruled by Go(l)d values and its equations of re=productivity that kills human labor and profits that overproduces weapons, hate media and e-money, are a ‘religion’, and there is zero understanding of the laws of social systems, and all criticism against go(l)d values is taboo…


Mad Dog Mattis and the soul of the warrior.

‘American are Doberman puppies’ Picasso, on the slavery of U$ to Corporations and its 0.02%, ‘their master voice’.


In the graph in his masterpiece on the spirit of the warrior, the Master of Japanese humanist film, Kobayashi, confronts the poor Ronin, Tsugumo Hanshiro who tells the corrupted Daymio that the spirit of the warrior is not in the sword but in the soul, in the honor and respect to the word given. He knows if he talks he will die, but he will do so with honor.

What is the honor of the warrior is the theme of the movie. The warrior by essence has no honor, as it has a job to kill humans and that cannot be honorable. But the warrior mystique tells us that since there are weapons anyway, the warrior who represses them, who avoids war, who puts himself at the service of the values of freedom of a democracy, where the objective is peace among human equal beings, serve honourably his nation.

This is the enlightened spirit of the human or american constitution. But the warriors of America belong to the other side, that of the wealthy samurais of the ili family, which are only concerned with status and wealth. The warriors America are just like the financiers and monetary people of the government on the private business of making money and weapons, not of having a policy that ensures the survival of the maximal number of americans and by extensions, of human beings, as America is just a mirror in small size and future technological time of all America.

The soul of U$ mercenary army: corporations

“The politics of America are the business of America’.

In that sense the goal of America as police of all human cultures embodied within its multi-culturality, (denied by the present neo-fascist artefact of government), would be global peace, UNO-like policies. Why it is not, is simple: America is owned by the biblical bigots of the corporation culture which has always owned it. The r=evolution of America only happened in paper. So the soul of the American warrior is owned by corporative power, and his job is basically to sell weapons and then when its work ends, pass through rotary doors to the private sector of making weapons, the military-industrial complex.

penthagon warThis is the American and most present armies today: corporations of the industrial military complex and its attached lobbyist politicos governing and imposing more expenditures in weapons.

The honor of the military  in American is thus lost, and its purpose is no longer to provide peace and expands the ideals of a human democracy where all humans are equal to all nations.

Mad dog, and all the $elected presidents, treason to the bill of rights and constitution that deem all American born with equal rights under just laws and the government of the people is obviously not something they wish but the zeitgeist of anyone working for a corrupted system, no longer a democracy

A real democracy only can occur when the people has access to their language of power, money, stolen by the cancerous animetal go(l)d cult – have long forgotten.

All of them are now enslaving for the financial elite who does issue that money.

As it happens in America is a people-caste of ‘israelis’, the colonial masters, which truly has substituted the old wasp and old british elite at the helmet of the US FMMI system of financial-media machines and the military-industrial complex bought with those finances and tele-directed with media to the aims desired by the elite.

those aims is the defence of the other nation Israel, specially when the red scare communist ‘perceived danger’ was erased from power.

SO THE NEW CHOSEN enemy which has taken 30 years to flourish into a worker able Jihad has been the Palestinian->Islam civilisation.

Today we are all with our their brain manufactured by soma-fictions of virtual honor, and celebrity posers, FOR this absurd war, so alien to the true ideals of America as guidance of mankind towards a free world of free people born equal under the law.

The military is corrupted to the bone by the military-industrial complex and the Financiers of Wall street who OWN THOSE corporations, also produce the hate-media of evilwood which manufacture the american brains with a faked virtual military ‘goal’, which is so alien to the origin of america as a new world to create a new future, departing from the problems of the old world of perpetual wars, king warriors, nationalisms and debt usury slave.

HENCE THE contradictions of American soldiers. Now mad dot beside selling PRINTed T-shirts; for a few pennies, certainly must have past and future connections to his real business: to sell weapons.

There it goes, then to the last levels of hell in Dante’s comedy, the whole military system of the west.

But mad dog Mattis, have its perfect ‘cover-up’ of marketing of the ‘spirit of the warrior’, a man who reads the Latin Caesars quoting the memoirs of the Spanish Emperor Marco Aurelio, as if he were on the task of defending the American borders from alien invaders,  the way the Caesar fought.

Not, so because of course the enemies of America and its future, are the invading colonial troops are already within, sucking the blood of their people, their money – the anti-democratic system of banking parasites, ruling corporations and null basic human rights in place for so long.

IT is then hardly to feel any respect for the honor of the American warrior, when he does not even know who he serves.

The Caesars fought against gold cultures and meaningless war germ(an)s. The american nation is the paroxysm of the animetal gold iron culture that the legalist, humanist Caesars fought to death.

Of course from Julius to Marco Aurelius all of them were murdered, poisoned and killed till the Latin culture of the law and the honor of the warrior gave place to the capitalist world of  mercenary soldiers and colonial corporations making war.

This is now the role of the generals of US: to bring about the business of robotic wars, with the perfect new enemy of their FMasters, Islam, who dared to resist the apartheid of colonial Israel.

But ‘Bellum ipse alleat’ and so we have been able to create also in the Islamic world after 60 years of paying dictators and cuckoo fundamentalist believers, the perfect cuckoo enemies who look really evil. Neopaleolithic, the cultural visual age of degradation of the mind, moving back to idol-ogies of the past have come handy. So Islam has lived up to the expectations of a hateful cuckoo copycat of the methods of the first metal empires in Assyria, with its proverbial cruelty.

The wars though between $emites and SSemites, the financial and military sides of the oldest animetal culture was never the goal of America, till they became owned by that alien culture. And here is where the whole discourse of the American mercenary war teaks.

In the parable on the honor of the warrior of ‘harakiri’, we live in a similar age of corruption. The ronin THOUGH knows he WILL be slaughtered, but THE SPIRIT OF THE WARRIOR, HIS WOR(L)D IS WITHIN HIS SOUL, and this cannot be taken away.

HE IS NOT A POSER, and he will speak the truth and die with honor.

The american post-war military will come down in the books of history as a butcher of innocent people, as a traitor to the American constitution, and the equality of all men.

Indeed Mattis is just a puppy doberman, as his boss, trying so hard to start another mercenary war this time with Iran, a country, run by primitive priests acknowledged, but men who at least unlike the far more primitive masters of puppy dog mat, accept all human as equals, do not call their slaves goys=animals, which is what you are for them. Maybe you should revise Iranian cinema, also, the best neorealist films done in a far more humane society, I recommend you on your theme, ‘how to die with honor’, Kiroslami’s masterpiece, the cherry tree.

Of fall like Paul from your workhorse and feel enlightened by those books you say you read, and defend the freedoms of the Americans, the bill of rights, including the right to own the language of power of your society.

This is what Caesar, Trajanus, Marcus Aurelius fought against to maintain the empire under the rule of the law, not against their people. They were poisoned and murdered and didn’t finish their job. Acknowledged. But don’t insult their memory, pretending you are on the same task.

You know nothing of your job, of the honor of the warrior; you self-named warrior monk, ALL you do is bark, like those corrupted samurais about to murder Hanshiron under his master voice.

Yes of course, as long as you bark your master voice, you will just be another executor like Saito was. Yes of course, those who will read those texts will call me a madman, as Saito calls Hanshiro before giving the order to slaughter him. But deep in his heart he knows he is the true madman, a traitor to his ancestors, who can’t bring himself to watch the murder of a man far above him in ethics and guts. So his twisted mind grins in angst, while Hanshiro knowing he will finally die and abandon the corruption of his wor(l)d laughs as he prepares the sword. Only when the false samurai bring the spanish rifles can they execute the spirit of the warrior who still will manage to open his guts and die of harakiri.


The uncertain future in details… The certain future of the cycle.

America is ‘owned’ by corporations; this must be understood from the beginning… They and the owners of corporations therefore manufacture the brain of Americans and it has been so for so long, as its inception, when it was the property of the London company. But systems become far more complex with time, to the point that paradoxically America is defined today with its anti-truth as the land of the free. This lie thus have to be repeated ad nauseam, for the people to believe on it. And that is why the fundamental mantra of America, the land of owned $laves of corporations, who first arrived as cargo of gunboats, then were $elected allowing only to enter those who ‘believed’ in the racist book of history of their ‘master race’, chosen by go(l)d and now are manufactured by TV-sets and given freedoms according to the credit number of their account – the specific ‘tattooed’ number of the global concentration camp of corporations who own us all, is repeated ad nauseam.

So an anti-truth is created so shocking that as the Goebbels method indicates, is difficult to change. Indeed, the anti-truth, as bizarre as it might seem is more difficult to change than a half-truth. If you are told you are free a goodie, so many times as to become an imprinted belief, to go back to the reality which is so opposite to the truth, your slavery to go(l)d, corporations and its owners from other country, depresses you so much, changes so much your self-view that as Nietzsche and Goebbels explain you will not change but kill the messenger, and abandon this web.

So the Americans will go to all lengths to keep this lie on their hearts, and hymns, the land of the ‘free’, which means merely the land of the chaos, where chaos=death=freedom=entropy is confused with true freedom, the capacity of humans to achieve its goals, not as the free American of the previous graphs (soldier, jailed, homeless, tv-conected) but as a full thriving, complete, educated, ethic, connected with other humans (not with machines and virtual realities) human being. Of course the 1% and the owners are free. So they are also all time all hours all day talked about on media, to make them surrogates of freedom – so people who watch them think they are free because their ‘owners’ are having a great time on TV sitcoms.

Now, the man on power, belongs of course to the sitcom ‘school of politicians’, which are reared no longer in Columbia u. But in evilwood, since the neo-fascist wave moved from radio actors in the previous cycle (mussohitler) to TV-hate media (Reagan being the founder of the school, Mr. Trump, his confessed admirer the last guy).

Alas, he has ‘graduated’. But is he a puppet as Mr. Reagan was, or actually does he have some ‘humane’ side, and cares for his people? Because if so he might do something about the destruction of his people by the FMasters, its corporative profits and the robotic wave.

We shall understand that there is a certainty in a world based on a technological civilization, as Fromm explains – the machine is god, cannot be denied because it gives profit and so it is the engine of the changes of policies, as long as we do not really refocus on the human kind. And so under such idol-ogy, what humans care so much about, their tribes and specifics, are irrelevant. We shall move therefore into the neo-fascist age of robots – the specifics so far as today, Mr. Trump as today a lobbyist for the robotic military industry mostly of israel, who produces 60% of it, and obviously is connected to trump’s family (daughter married to orthodox real state mogul, clear islamophobic and racist campaign, treatment of Mexicans as Palestinians are treated, etc. Etc) so far will develop the industry in the huge wall. But things might change, and that is what really interests less to a scientist.  That is the human factor, which changes, but the underling factor – we are entering the war age of robots, and vigilante cameras stays.

Now where is the ‘human factor here”? In the POTUS factor, the president of America, we are in the age of robotic wars and so the next president should be trump, but if he is so dumb that not even the system can get him elected, we can maybe delay  the super-2016 crash, and slide down slowly with corrupted lobbyist seller of laws, miss Clinton, or the alternative neo-fascist leader Mr. Trump sold to the robotic corporations that will construct a  wall compound in America.

Indeed, so far Mr. Trump is paid by the most conservative group of the financial-media masters, as a lobbyist for the expansion of the robotic military security industries of israel and DARPA related companies. And no doubt depends and has closer tights than suspected to the speculative world of new york. The question though is what will happen if

A) it provokes china which would sell treasuries and sink the dollar, a clear path to III world war

B) if it becomes more isolationist and trying to help the american people abandons the staunch defense of israel’s orthodox colonist groups and its islamophobia; provoking a face-to-face dispute with this group now clearly backing him (military companies, dow jones and the dollar is stronger so far). Again we repeat in as much as it is impossible to blame the true cause of those crisis – the overproduction of chips, so no solution can be found the problems of America, obviously blamed in non guilty cheap Mexican workers, the rhetoric might change to defend people’s power, which in America is obviously in total opposition to the power of the FMasters…


The leader is seen as the saviour,  against the Financial-Media masters, who control the economy, fire workers for machines of better profits, print money only for themselves, admit no criticism as the ‘righteous’ 1% and manufacture the brain of people with infotainment and hate media.

But once $elected by military corporations and voted with its populist promises, it becomes crystal clear that he WAS NOT the solution, which was a Global new deal of overproduction of welfare goods, but worse: the man who will bring the splendid profits of an electronic big brother and war, a police state… Deja vu:






And so as humanist, theoretical solutions have been censored for decades, as the null exposure the work that preceded this blog, as early as c.92 (during I desert storm), and the praxis of ‘socialist bernie’ has been crunched, the leader first elected to destroy and blame the poor and 3rd world of the problems of the nation…

IT IS THE FINAL PARADISE OF THE 1%, eternal alliance between banksters and war-monger politicians, PAID BY THEM. But as the crisis continues, the leader is contested, and he rebels against its FMasters. And so the cycle after all the unnamed corpses of the common people cannot be HIDDEN ANY MORE IN THE CLOSET, it brings the final gottendamerung:a holocaust of the FMasters who denied all responsibility and cancelled the humanist solution for ‘go(l)d’ sake’ – that little guy on the left corner of the last graph, below labelled ‘socialist’, and despised by both the FMasters and the leader’.

Because go(l)d is god and we all die for our beliefs:

In the graph, the hopes of most voters of Mr. Trump, is that he would derail the controlled perfectly owned members of the political and financial establishment, but this is a long shot. In the graph, the head of America, its FMasters and its 3 ‘sides’, the right wing goldman sachs man, the softie, wall street lady and the rebel, socialist bernie… Mr. Dees, the best political illustrator of the ‘heartland’ self-made man American hopes Mr. Trump represents his dream of freedom and regain the land for his people. It is unlikely. So Mr. Dees, after the enthusiasm of the earlier days of ‘stage theatrical release’ of Mr. Trump the rebel neo-fascist leaders, finally got it and gave us this surrealist masterpiece of political art, reminiscence in the American weimar of the ‘german expressionist ‘ age with its brutal onslaughter on the financial-political corrupted masters:screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-19-45screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-57-35

But alas, the Donald is so full of himself that he might become offended by the elite and provoke a higher degree of chaos with is twitter quacks than expected. This was the hope of Mr. Dees on the right, but the ‘hater in chief’ will have to end up walking his talk, and the paranoid go(l)d who gets so easily scared will give him reasons for it. So the duck will have to shoot something more than blue-birds after a few months if he wants to get ‘heard’. He lives on attention and nothing gives more attention and more money to a leader that war. That is what Grosz in an age of higher artistic IQ and compromise rightly understood in his masterpiece  of surrealist expressionism – the eclipse of the sun. Yes indeed, the banker and the military are left alone, all humans beheaded, all sheeple blind and the ‘sun’ eclipsed by the new top predator currency, the dollar… as the dollar will be by the yuan. 

And so the Donald might implement faster than expected the 2080 ‘caducity date’ for the human lot (if business as usual continue).

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