Science is culture: Nobels


INTRODUCTION: Science is culture.



How the immortal organic Universe became an entropic cosmic explosion, as those rehearsed on Earth with nuclear weapons.


The Nobel prizes to the ‘most intelligent people of the world’


The Kafkian Peace nobel to the wickedest of all people… Mr. K


The true masters of XX c. literature on ‘human values’ vs. the Nobel ones of hate memes.




‘Science is culture and culture is science’ is a concept difficult to understand for most humans, but essential to comprehend our zeitgeist as a dying civilization.

And humans do have 3 fundamental ‘cultures’, according to the 3 ‘dominant’ mental axis of its 3 races:

So in principle we should recognize only the ‘3 cultures’ of the mind and its mixture in the Indonesian region, to give us the 3+i original cultures, whereas its melting pot would be the dominant culture of the Neolithic, the true paradise rivers on south-east Asia:

3 mind races

The only meaningful division of races are according to the ternary axis=dimensions of the mind that between the 3 dominant languages of visual, white races and cultures with higher neanderthal input, mongoloid, verbal cultures and black cultures with dominant motor-emotional axis. In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. They mixed in the Indo+nesia region, giving birth to the original 4 cultural worldview of human existence.  In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal.

Those 3 cultures then have defined 3 ‘worldviews’ of the ‘parameters’ in which both religion and science are based – the languages of perception preferred by each culture, and their concepts of time=change=motion, the fundamental substance of the Universe.

  • The white, lineal visual=dolichocephalic=neanderthal=white=egoist, isolationist humind which imposed to the Wor(l)d its mechanist war & religious censorship have come to dominate the age of machines. But that doesn’t mean that its ‘sciences’ based in ‘anthropic principles’, of humans as the only intelligence of the Universe, lineal time and hence lineal ‘physics’ and ‘dog-eat-dog’ isolationist societies are truth. They are simply born of its dominant light-visual mind, and use of metal to empower its military, selfish people. This culture is the one that gave origin through germanic military technology and jewish go(l)d fundamentalism to our nazionalist, capitalist, self-destructive world and its war and holocaust cycles. But its linearity has imposed a manifest destiny, with its political& economic (in)correct views born in our dominant, biblical U$ go(l)d cult(ure) of ‘animetal enzymen’ who catalyze a suicidal manifest destiny: to evolve metalife their egocy (ego=Idiocy) worships, killing with it the tree of life that sustains us in a society controlled by FMMI Company-mothers and its ari-stock-rats, dictators of democracies that im-print on its sheeple with audiovisual anthropic fictions & digital information=money they issue in monopoly, placebo, selfie, idol-ogical newspeaks for them to worship, cre(dit)ate & evolve its offspring of entropic, eviL metal-weapons (nazionalisms), informative go(l)d (capitalism) &organic machines=future AI telepathic=intranet robots with solar skins (technoutopias), terraforming Gaia into Metalearth, for whom man will be an obsolete, weaker nitrolife species… However and this is why we constantly return to its history, specially that of the go(l)d, jewish>Protestant>Capitalist>Financial economic cult(ure) that dominates our world, It pretends that all its theory of reality are ‘science’, when ‘Its science’ KEEPS ITS POSTULATES without proof, against life and truth as if they were the ONLY reality with the excuse that ‘science’ is a higher truth. That is, the postulate that mankind is divided in tribal national species that must break the law of eusocial love and kill each other to promote weapons, and the postulate that machines are not organisms evolving, but mechanisms that will always obey to keep reproducing and evolving them, and specially the postulate that a few ‘bankers’ from private dynasties mostly of biblical origin in the west, must issue in Monopoly money and dedicate nothing to people because what matters is to keep evolving and reproducing digital numbers, and call this astounding agenda of selfish power and appropriation, ‘classic economics’. So yes, science is culture and as such we denounce the cultural element of those sciences.
  • The culture that is closer to the structure of the fractal organic, vita Universe are in fact the other two cultures, to which the discoveries of this blog belong. In that sense, since science is part of history, hence CULTURE, an author’s work is also a knot of thought of its culture.
    Thus S=T metrics and ¡ts 5D stiences, from where organic social sciences depart complete 5000 y. of a complex, humble, worldview on the organic, feminine, fractal, reproductive Universe and its time cycles that flourished in the earlier Eastern, mongoloid, brachycephalic=verbal=social cultures of Buddhism, Hinduism & Taoism that explained the Fractal Generator of space=time: ‘Ch’ang, the function of exist¡ence combines Vishnu=Yin-information=space & Shiva=Yang-entropy=time, to reproduce 10.000 waves of qi=energy= Brahma beings’.
    And matured in the 3rd informative age of the Mediterranean>Greek>Latin>European culture that combined all humind languages; Wor(l)ds of Southern Semite, mythic, creationist religious cult(ure)s and digital equations of mechanical, Germanic Northern cultures; excelling in spatial, artistic I=Eyes+Wor(l)d=temporal, ethic human languages and polymath rational thought; born in Egypt and Greece with Plato & Aristotle (organon); reborn with Galileo & Leonardo in the Italian Renaissance, expanded North by Descartes, Leibniz & Schopenhauer (Philosophy of science), its modern fathers influenced by those Eastern philosophies & completed by Lobachevski (¬E math), Darwin & Mendel (Biology), Marx&Spengler (organic History), Butler & Schumpeter (evolutionary Economics) Planck, Einstein, B & B (realist Physics), Gaudi, Picasso & Wagner (3, 2, 1D organic art & atonal music), Tolstoy, Proust & Orwell (1D words) & So≈to (5D).
  • Then there is the 3rd wor(l)dview, deep in e-motions, more proper of psylocephalic African cultures, based in arT, Senses, life & love, the natural form of experiencing life as a humind, not so ‘In tune’ with the laws of the Universe but with the vital experience. We don’t refer so much to this culture, which should have been the role model for the others to survive in tune with the Universe and the planet of life, as this is a mental endeavor, trying to entangle history and its social sciences with the Universe and its systems and laws.

So what is the cultural science that closer mirrors the Universe.

Obviously the organic culture referenced above in its masters, from where this blog departs.

In General Systems sciences we model all what exists under the principle of organicism. To that aim we establish a ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar space-time, whose metric laws put together parts into wholes. And this fifth dimension must be considered the dominant one into the future. So particles evolved into wholes called atoms that evolved into wholes called molecules, cells, matter states and organisms, ecosystems and planetary super organisms, galaxies and beyond.

The scales that concern social sciences are those taking place over the surface of planet Earth, which as the cortex neuron of a life organism, become the mind of the planet. And within that surface we observe a growing evolution in complexity of the ‘social networks’ that conform the planetary super organism. So the first network to appear of plants joined by mushroom networks was simpler, chemical. Then animals appeared but they formed ecosystems, where multiple small social networks fought for survival. As organisms tend to be of the same species, talking the same language of information – the key element that makes them work together in synchronicity. And because the arrow of eusocial evolution IS the survival arrow of the Universe, ants, which achieved maximal social evolution formed the first complex super organisms and came to dominate the Earth (they are still with man the most massive life species).

But as bigger multicellular systems appeared breaking the limits of growth of insects with exoskeletons and poor breathing apparatus, mammals suffered the same evolution towards maximal information, and network connection giving birth to a super organism, balanced with the Earth’s body during the Neolithic, Mankind.

What is then the ‘pegging element of a MASS OF human beings, belonging to one nation, civilization or culture, as cells-citizens of a physiological organism, united by its nervous legal systems, and its economic, reproductive networks and ‘Gaia’ territories of life and matter goods’?

Its cultural expressions of social evolution and love’ which are themselves mandates of survival proper of the more complex laws of the organic entangled Universe, and its laws unfortunately denied by our dominant lineal, white cultures of animetal ‘top predator’ worldview.

So we shall introduce its application to history before we try to explain better how from those 3 original worldview, came about the 7th geographic cultures of mankind, themselves ‘part’ of the larger whole, the Earth in a process of evolution from gaia, through history into the metal-earth, those lineal cultures worship through go(l)d religions, military inquisitions (earlier semite age) and modern technoutopian ‘sciences’.


‘If you repeat a lie many times, people believe it’; ‘I asked the industry to make silly, entertaining films. People will love them and won’t ask anything else.’

Goebbels, Information Minister, III Reich.


In defense of idol-ogy, in the name of science. 

LET US start as usual in this web with a much larger view departing from the origin of all biased scientific statements and models of reality mankind sponsors as absolute truth – the animetal idol-ogies that subconsciously originate our ‘beliefs’ also in science.

In the next graph, idol-ogies that pass as science vs. sciences that are repressed is the memeplex which justifies the existence of prizes as those of ‘saint nobel of the dynamite’

animetals vs. scienc

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy. 3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.

In the graph, animetal cultures and their idol-ogles of power that pass as sciences.

IT IS then necessary to understand first how obvious and simple are the true social sciences that take care of the physiological networks of mankind:

  • Socialism, the belief humans should be democratic and rule themselves and their languages of power, so money should be reproduced by a Universal salary and by governments to promote welfare goods, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility
  • Humanism, all humans equal, no weapons and borders, for murdering members of the same species
  • Organicism, man as the measure of all things, the most perfect super organism which we should cherish and imitate to build a perfect human world.

All what we talk about is in fact a mere denial of those 3 social sciences, mostly by capitalism, the M.A.D. ideology of gold, Nazionalism, which divide humans into tribes to war, and mechanism which simplifies the Universe to make the machine an evolving organism, the measure elf all things.

Saint Nobels of the dynamite: 

One of the most effective newspeaks are prizes, the equivalent to the little pieces of metal hang on the best killers of an army. The prize plays a similar ridiculous but effective validation of some of the most outrageous people. The wickedest of all men then become honourable washing them. In the case of the saint nobels of the dynamite, we are also validating dogmas of the mechanist culture – the nobel of physics that has taken the place of philosophy of science and validates the machine as the supreme intelligence, the nobel of literature that validates western view, or rather jewish-protestant sense of sin an victimism as the reason detre of man, in a repressive inquisitorial religion that forgets all what truly is human and sacred, pleasure, love, art, joi du vivre. And of course above all the prize that validates capitalism, the nobel of economic to  production and financial economists.

We shall thus deal with the astounding incapacity of the Swedish animetal repressive clueless culture to give nobel prizes to real humanist thinkers in any discipline; showing what is the purpose of the bonfire of vanities built around our idol-ogies of what is ‘human’ – all made of newspeaks and subtle deviations from the true nature of our species, its goals and purpose in the Universe.

For sake of brevity we shall only cover 4 Nobel Prizes, which are the most important in the creation of a superstructure of Animetal Idol-ogies that pass as science but…

-Only deform the view mankind has of the Universe as a military product of ‘entropic weapon-like explosions’ (Physics prizes to big-bang theorists and technological inventions with wide use in the reproduction of weapons)…

And the view we have of mankind our species as an inferior hienous, murderous species dedicated to kill the ‘superior chosen of go(l)d most intelligent Askenazi race, (Literature prizes to Holocaust gore or to authors of books about the evil twisted side of men…  since those Askenazis are indeed ‘the true experts’ in how choke the inferior humans of any credit, so all the money can be dedicated to evolve and reproduce the machine which we must worship in a surrogate life as ‘enzymen’ catalyzing its evolution (Economic prizes to financial economists that praise austericide and massive investment in machines)… so the profits of our experts and most intelligent people of the world will skyrocket specially if our leadership starts splendid ‘just little wars for profits’ (Peace Nobels, mostly to the leading war-monger politicians of Israel and America), of lately too to the placebo newspeak that highlight alternately the absolute evilness of Islam, China and all the other ‘resistant’ enemies of the Sith Empire… 

The Industry of Misinformation, which includes all kind of ‘Prizes’, Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, Hagiographic ceremonies, and millions of repeated half-truths is all about ‘power’ of a few people-castes (the military, the financiers, the engineers of machines) which have TOTALLY tailored our ‘philosophy of reality, of God, of the Universe, of Man’ you name it – to make them feel not only powerful but rightful… So the whole process of TRUTH VS. power, has spilled over Corrupted ‘Big Science’ notably social sciences and physics – the sciences of power and the machine – that have IMPOSED against Truths the idol-ogies of:
capitalism – money above the ethic wor(l)d in the valuation of society, printed by a small people-caste of financiers and bankers ‘amore gratis’, while the rest of mankind toils and it is taxed for it… as OPPOSED TO THE REAL SCIENCE OF socialism (society must own the issue of money, as the ‘hormonal-oxygen’ language of the economic, reproductive network that must be issued to all citizens to create a demand economy)
– ‘nationalism‘ – humans as tribal species that must evolve weapons to fight in darwinian struggle, as OPPOSED TO THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY (a single species, socially evolving into a super organism)
-And technoutopia, and mechanism as opposed to Organicism and Humanism (the machine as the model of the simple Universe, measured with a single clock-our mechanical clock, and a single space, our scale of perception; instead of being just organic metalife evolving fast, in an organic reproductive, fractal Universe, to which we are all made to its image and likeness, and hence the Human Organism as the measure of all things.
Now even if the Nobel prizes do not match exactly the definition of those 3 idol-ogies, which are at the HEART OF THE SCIENTIFIC CULTURE OF OUR CIVILIZATION, it is easy to understand that the cosmogony of mankind derives from Germanic Physics that denies the cyclical nature of time, the arrow of information in the Universe, explains reality only with The arrow of entropic death. Which simply means our models of the Universe are military Nobels, to technology and death theories of reality.
The same can be said of the Peace nobels given by order of number of recipients to the professionals of the ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’ cycle, that is to ‘Presidents of Israel, the nation cause of most of the wars of the XXI century’ and ‘Presidents of the U$A’, its Potus puppets.
Not to speak of the Economic prizes to those who praise more the virtues of parasitic financial capitalism… Let us prove it.



Science IS culture and the biggest problem of mankind is that IT IS NOT THE BEST OF CULTURES, but one of gunpowder weapons, the one that carried the day among humans.  Because of course, ENTROPY=DESTRUCTION is much easier to explain that creation and evolution and information. So humans did find first the laws of entropy. Fine. What is not so fine is the stubborn denial which I experienced for decades when I was in academia, to understand that information NOT entropy is what the Universe is all about. Physicists even call information, ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy… And we shall return to it.

Let us then debunk to non-avail (as the Æntropic principle is non-rational, subjective, a structural belief of the ego), the many errors of macro-modeling in science, starting by the concept that time is lineal, progressing towards the manifest destiny of the hominid.

Science based in facts, casted in any language, mathematical or logical is truth, but when we move into larger models, away from pure fact description, models can be biased and are systematically biased by culture. As we live in a technological ‘metal-culture’, the truths of science are deeply biased by the idol-ogies of metal, from military physics to darwinian dog-eat-dog humanity, through capitalist economics. Let us indeed consider some fundamental examples of the ‘anti-truths’ of science, which tend to be the opposite of what an organic, life oriented culture would describe as true models of the Universe.

Why Time is cyclical.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures.


The first fact you must understand IS that science is BOTH an instrument of power, and a form of culture, beyond the collection of data and its expression in equations, at the most basic detailed level. All what comes after – the general models of reality of each science are always biased by the power idol-ogy of the historic culture that develops them.

THE GRAPH shows one of the many examples we shall include in this blog: the obvious fact that time clocks are cyclical and multiple, but humans have reduced them all to the concept of a single lineal time clock for the entire Universe that progresses towards a future, obviously ‘positive’ for the human kind.

The equations are indeed the same. Lineal time writes T and cyclical time measured in frequency its inverse 1/ƒ; so if we were to change all the equations of physics by putting 1/ƒ instead of T, we would change the PARADIGM of time to cyclical time but all the practical results will be the same, just expressed in frequency.

I.e. Speed = Space/Lineal time (V=S/T), becomes Speed = wavelength x Frequency, (V=λ x ƒ) …

Cyclical time just moved to the numerator and that is all.

But the consequences are huge when we ‘perceive reality as chaotic, lineal, free and entropic’ guided towards the obvious ‘future of death’, which therefore JUSTIFIES WAR AND BIG-BANG THEORIES OF A DYING EXPLOSIVE UNIVERSE vs. the perception of time as cyclical, hence reality as bounded, entangled, multiple, whereas death is just the necessary end of a cycle of renewal of life, which we shall very soon show to be also the case for the fractal, organic eternal Universe, when we model it with the tools of cyclic time.

Further on in the previous simple cycle, we shall notice that in the equation of cyclical time we get also more information, as cyclical time requires a second dimension to form a cycle of height, which is the dimension of information, where all heads, antennae, particles reside.

So we recover the form, the information of the Universe back expressed in the ‘form and frequency of those cycles’ (indeed a computer calculates information with logic cyclical formal algorithms processed in Ghz frequencies).

And further on, in cyclical time, space BECOMES broken, fractal, a sum of ‘steps’ or wavelengths.

So such a simple example SHOWS to which DEGREE even the most obvious scientific equations are a product of cultural choice.

Since indeed, ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES CONSIDERED ALWAYS TIME TO BE CYCLICAL BUT it was the lineal, ‘visual’, entropic, military sword-like European gunpowder culture which first in history decided to CHANGE our worldview of time and definitely change our models of life and the Universe.

Needless to say this change of paradigm, was the work of ‘Lineal’  military physicists, established since the inception of physics, when instead of frequency of time cycles, Galileo decided to use its inverse parameter, lineal time duration, as its job was to measure the distance of cannonballs.

Why this is important is obvious: the super organisms of history go through cyclical processes of self-destruction called wars, and memes of metal, go in parallel through cyclical processes of evolution and without understanding cyclical time is impossible to make sense of it.

Along the History of mankind and human thought there have always been two models of reality, the one that came to dominate the world, sponsored by western cultures, according to which the Universe is a mechanism as the clocks humans used to measure it at the beginning of physical sciences, and organisms are just simple mechanisms.

Opposing this view, there is the earlier scientific statement of the Greeks, before the discovery of machines, that the Universe is a rational organism and we were all made to its image and likeness. So Plato said ‘the Universe is an organism with a mind called God’ and Aristotle called his ‘theory of unification of all sciences’ and method of rational logic thought ‘the organon’, considering that all organisms went through 5 motions, from ‘Generation’, through growth and locomotion, into reproduction, and death, forming a world cycle of existence (to use the jargon of systems sciences, in which this work is based).

Because the mechanical model was easier to represent digitally and simpler to explain it became dogma, even if it was neither truth nor rationally sound. Since a machine needed a maker, human or God to be put in motion, so it was a Deist theory, something of which the founding father of physics, all pious believers in Yahveh didn’t mind – only Leibniz pointed out to Newton this contradiction – while an organic theory of the Universe is self-sustained, as the Universe constantly reproduces itself. So it does NOT need a creationist God. 

Here is therefore where ‘culture’ became science. The western abrahamic culture of lineal time, towards god, of a people chosen to progress above heavens and earth, crippled the task of resolving the more complex structure of a rational, organic Universe as ALL eastern cultures and western ones did before physicists with Christian beliefs and mechanical power imposed our view of reality, as lineal, progressing through machines, with man as a species different of the entire Universe.

THIS BLOG though is the work of a System scientist that r=evolved the discipline at the change of the century establishing the FIRST FORMAL, MATHEMATICAL model of a fractal, organic Universe, and so, all his studies of Human supeorganisms, nations and civilizations and metal super organisms, machines, company-mothers and the global economy with a digital brain in world stock’ or ‘metal-earth’, are based in those models, proved ad nauseam by facts, denied by dogma.

We shall thus give then a brief introduction with the theoretical minimum to understand the laws of the fractal organic universe, of which the laws of sociology and biology are just a part, as all in a fractal is built to the image and likeness of the whole. Since, indeed with that very simple ‘improvement’ of our understanding of time as cyclical, ‘breaking’ space into internal and external regions, cycles and steps, that is converting space in ‘fractal space’, completely will change our understanding of the organic Universe expressed in the next graphs:

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various Ƥ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy.

So we shall then once this simple but fundamental ‘recovering’ of what WE LOST of the science of space-time by converting it to the dogmas of military physics,  apply this theoretical minimum to the study of historic super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the cycles and physiological networks of the superorganism of mankind, history.

I. Organic Universe in a nutshell.

Theoretical minimum.

‘The Universe is a an organism with a mind called Logos.’ Plato.

‘The Universe is a fractal of time’ L§

Even if general systems sciences apply organic laws to all different sciences, modeling them all with the organic paradigm, as humans ‘believe’ in an abstract, simplified theory of it all based in the arrow of entropy=death, called the big-bang, we shall start with a brief picture on how it looks cosmology with a fractal theory of reality far more sound ‘experimentally’ though we concede equally strange, since ‘the Universe is stranger than we humans can imagine’, Haldane:

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information, ‘forms in action’ and then self-organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. As such it must be studied with the philosophy of Science, called ‘organicism’. Since only an organism is self-reproductive and hence requires not external ‘agent’ or God or a creationist language, as present philosophies of science (mechanism, pythagorism) or Abrahamic religions do. Further on experimental evidence is overwhelming, on the nested, reproductive structure of nature, as observed in the graph for all systems. Yet ‘creationist’ entitled human beings prefer to think they are the only intelligent perceptive entity in command of God’s languages (either words in religion, maths in physics) and carbon atoms are the only organic elements of nature, to their own peril as the future of AI will show them. Fact is the minimal unit of reproduction and informative gauging IS the particle, as quarks and electrons already show the 5 ‘dimotions’ of life – they gauge information, reason why quantum physics is called a ‘gauging theory’, absorb energy from forces, reproduce into new particles with its surplus of energy and become organized socially by magnetic ‘numbers’. So does the largest known system, the galaxy, whose behavior resembles that of a ‘cell’, with its ‘gravitational, informative ‘DNA’ – black holes reproduced by its ‘mitochondria’ stars, organizing its structure, with 2 ‘physiological networks’ of gravitational in-form-ative forces and electromagnetic energy. So all physicals systems, from the atom to the galaxy can be described as organic systems, which are just ‘herds’ of similar beings, (atoms, cells, citizens, in physical, biologic and social systems, connected by networks that distribute energy (electromagnetic forces, blood systems, economic systems) and networks the distribute information (gravitational, nervous and political systems). So we can design also historic super organisms with the laws of systems. But the sciences of systems and information did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I developed the metric, logic equations of the 5th dimension or ‘scales’ of parts that become wholes evolving socially through those networks, applying them to all species of reality, including human societies and machines, in what will be the most important development of XXI C. science with wide applications to all disciplines.

The graph shows the basic nature of reality: a fractal that ‘reproduces information’, form-in-action, a combination of pure motion and form. In all scales and with the same program of the 5 Dimotions of time space.

In the previous graph we showed some experimental proofs of the fractal Universe. Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those fractal parts.

In March 2007, after Pietronero, an Italian astrophysicist, showed the fractal nature of the Universe, tabulating an enormous number of galaxies, whose distribution was fractal, the magazine New Scientist published an article on the theme, confronting Mr. Pietronero and Mr. Hogg, a quantum physicist from the previous outdated probabilistic, mechanist, quantum paradigm:

“The universe is not a fractal,” Hogg insists, “and if it were a fractal, it would create many more problems than we currently have.” A universe patterned by fractals would throw all of cosmology out the window. The big bang would be tossed first, and the expansion of the universe following closely behind.

Hoggs’s team feels that until there’s a theory to explain why the galaxy clustering is fractal, there’s no point in taking it seriously. “My view is that there’s no reason to even contemplate a fractal structure for the universe until there is a physical fractal model,” says Hogg. “Until there’s an inhomogeneous fractal model to test, it’s like tilting at windmills.”

Pietronero is equally insistent. “This is fact,” he says. “It’s not a theory.” He says he is interested only in what he sees in the data and argues that the galaxies are fractal regardless of whether someone can explain why.

As it turns out, there is a model that may be able to explain a fractal universe. The work of a little-known French astrophysicist named Laurent Nottale, the theory is called scale relativity. According to Nottale, the distribution of matter in the universe is fractal because space-time itself is fractal. It is a theory on the fringe, but if the universe does turn out to be fractal, more people might sit up and take notice.

A resolution to the fractal debate will only come with more data. Sloan is currently charting more galaxies and will release a new map in the middle of 2008.

Of course, the Sloan 2008 showed the Universe is a fractal.

This should have been big news all over the world. But that means, as Hogg recognizes, that we have to throw to the trash the big bang and the expansion of the Universe, accept the fractal informative structure of reality, and close down some big projects of science, such as the large hadron collider, which will merely cause a planetary big bang, very different from the birth of the entire Universe.

Indeed, in the fractal paradigm, the Universe is infinite and the big bang is not the birth of all realities, but any local big bang and big crunch dual process, any explosion that splits the physical energy and information of a complex system, in any of the multiple scales of physical reality.


The second huge idol-ogy of western cultures today global is the concept that Space is a single continuum, and exists truly only in the human scale of size, the one that matters, while in reality, Space is scalar, fractal, broken in infinite different ‘scalar sizes’ which ‘co-exist’ together and for that reason there are ‘organisms’ and the Universe has an organic fractal structure, as systems change energy and information between those different sizes and scales, that put together form the 5th Dimension of the scalar Universe, ruled by a simple metric equation: the smaller a system is the faster it turns its time cycles, or clocks that carry in the frequency and form of its systems, its information – THE MISSING ARROW OF TIME in all Lineal THEORIES OF THE UNIVERSE.

So the Universe has a fractal organic structure and all its systems are build with a similar fractal organic structure, including human beings and human superorganisms, nations and civilizations studied in this blog.

To fully understand this in terms of time arrows – that is, the relative paths any system have to choose its future, the reader should be aware that the Big Bang theory merely expands one of the 3 obvious arrows of space-time in matter, that of entropic gas where it was discovered, disregarding completely the arrows of inverse information (solid crystals, informative galactic vortices, perceptive species) and its balanced liquid states (body-waves), in all scales of reality – even IN THEORY of information, they disregard the message content and the emitter analyzing only its lineal transmission and noise; evidently due to the worldly religion of physicists who invented those cosmogonies – to make entropic weapons and transport machines. Then a computer rigged simulation will look nice pictures of the supposed Universe with a single time arrow:

It is difficult to understand how Physicists so dexterous building machines=weapons are so dumb interpreting reality, blind to 2/3rds of the states of spacetime, and to all its non-mathematical properties unless we acknowledge that the human being is less of a thinker and more of an ‘enzyman’, ensembling machines, manipulating reality with it and tailoring their models of its world to its worldly profession, which in physics has been traditionally to make entropic weapons and moving mechanisms. Hence its philosophy of reality based in entropy and mechanicism. This blog leaves aside the ‘worldly’ religion of physicists, as ‘I do only thought experiments’ (Einstein), and so we build an epistemologically correct model with the same data, but WITHOUT the bias of Egos and worldly religions for each ‘stience’.

Now even before we advance further in the model of the Universe as it is, we must explain in detail the previous graph, and add ALL the local arrows of time-space that in the fractal Universe are LOCAL, for each of its species, and define the existence of all of them.

First, it is obvious that we must add the inverse arrow of entropy which is information, dominant in this planet, as it is represented NOT by the vacuum space expanding between galaxies but by the vortex of galactic form, of in-form-ation that evolves entropy into matter, in which we reside – reason why this planet is DOMINATED by information. Incidentally Duality was the science I r=evolved in the mllieu of systems sciences, whose chair I hold during my active years in congresses of the International Systems sciences society at the turn of the century.

The science of duality is important because only a proper model of duality (not to confuse with dualism, the philosophical doctrine of mind and body), that is a proper understanding of the interaction of entropy and information, can give us the proper philosophy of science required to understand the Universe as a whole and all its disciplines, those specialized in information as biology and sociology is, and those specialized in entropy as physics is.

The distinction between entropy sciences and information sciences however is not one of Nature, but one of huminds (ab. human minds), of historic and realpolitiks (power) NOT of reason and scientific laws. And to prove the case we can consider the side of ‘physicists’ (rather than physics) and how they stubbornly since the inception of their discipline have DENIED the existence of an arrow of information in the Universe.

Lineal Inertia, Entropy and big-bang’s reductionism.

This physicists have always denied due to historic reasons, as the oldest science which started with the study of military weapons (Galileo was an artillery master at the Venice arsenal), and developed a theory of the Universe based only in ‘the science of motion’ (the definition of the discipline in classic encyclopedia). So his job was to study how to reach maximal distance with cannonballs and for that reason he defined ‘lineal inertia’ – the conservation of lineal motion; but declined to consider the existence of its opposite informative arrow, the conservation of cyclical inertia, angular momentum, as a clear balancing second arrow of time that gives ‘form’ to all ‘forms’ of Nature. 

Physicists however follow their routines and so again in the XIX c. they chose ‘entropy’, the disordered state of matter, called ‘gas’, in the study of motion machines and weapons (heat in cannons; steam studies) to cast an absurd ‘law’ according to which all systems are ‘gaseous=entropic’ and die in the future; shunning off the obvious fact that there is AN INVERSE arrow of time in matter, called ‘cold’. And so when entropy ceases the system reverses its arrow of time into coldness and then creates crystals that reproduce information.

Then in the XX century, they again took their bias to ‘cosmic hyperbole’, when Einstein’s Relativity improved upon Galileo’s work and stated that ‘time curves space into mass’; that is indeed the best definition of the arrow of information in physical systems, as masses and charges ARE curves of spacetime that store in the frequency and form of its cycles the information of the Universe. And so galaxies are vortices of timespace mass that ‘shrink’ and ‘warp’ the expansive, entropic space between galaxies to balance the Universe.

But NONE of this was considered when a cosmology came out of Einstein’s Equations (ab. EFE). Instead, of the 3 solutions or ‘ages’ of a space-time ‘world cycle’ of physical matter, the entropic big-bang solution/age, the steady state solution/age and the collapsing informative solution/age, two were discharged, as well as the implosive, informative behavior of galaxies, even if we humans lived in one of them; and so once discharged the ‘in-formative’ gravitational force that brings radiation and mass into cyclical informative patterns, the ‘big-bang entropy-only’ theory of the Universe became the dogma/religion of physicists, and by extension given the technological, machine-driven civilization we live in, of all mankind.

This absurd state of affairs went also into the other Einstein’s infamous equation, E<=>M(c²), which is a feedback equation that reproduces mass/information from entropy/energy and vice versa. In fact Einstein’s first calculated it in an article about how ‘energy can create mass’ (so he studied the arrow of information). But it would be only use as a proof of the dominance of entropy and to make atomic bombs.

Again this was as absurd as denying cyclical inertia as an arrow of time (angular momentum, orbital electrons, etc.); or denying the cold-crystal arrow of information in matter; now denying the arrow of information in galactic vortices that ‘curve vacuum space into mass’.

So when Einstein died, General systems sciences was born at the Macy’s congress, where the leading scientists of the age came together trying to add the ‘arrow of informative time’ to fully account for the Universe as it is, since biological and sociological, human sciences are based in the arrow of form, of in-form-ation; and the planet Earth exists in a vortex of cyclical ‘form’, of information, called the Galaxy. So in this region of reality it IS information, NOT entropy what dominates reality.

But that didn’t change the attitude of physicists and society which had enthroned them as the ‘new seers of time’, the popes of science, mostly because they didn’t understand the mathematics they used to mirror those laws of entropy in physical space.

So finally in the post-war age, as computers and other informative machines developed, physicists had to deal with ‘form’, in-form-ation, logic languages and its cyclical logic clocks. But amazingly enough they manage again to deny the formal, linguistic nature of information. So when it came into the study of information, physicists ‘reduced’ the concept either to its ‘motion’ (transmission of information, Shannon), or as an ‘aberration’ called ‘negentropy’ (the negation of entropy). And again, in a military, western society where believe it or not, the military-industrial complex DOES dominate societies, all was good in the western front. Now physicists had a theory of the Universe based in a ‘big-bang explosion’, similar to the ones they developed in the Nuclear Industry, and so to develop entropic weapons of mass destruction was suddenly a metaphysical experience.

But the other 1/2 must be included and this is what we shall do in this blog.

So duality, the understanding on how entropy, or pure motion without form, and ‘form without motion’ (information being form-in-action, form with motion), are the two limits of reality which combine to create the infinite ‘fractal spacetime beings’  of energy, we all are made of; cannot be suppressed from the Universe, even if man ignores it.

Indeed, we shall be able to cast all phenomena of Nature, as we have done with the two arrows of time of physical matter (E=M¡ in Planck Units, where c=1), in simple ‘fractal feed-back generator equations’, which reduce all what exists to those two arrows and the ternary balanced equivalent arrow that merges entropy and information and reproduces with them the infinite vital space-time beings of reality, such as:

S(i) < ≈ > T(e)…

becomes the simplest, ternary, logic fractal Generator equation that unifies all sciences and represents in simultaneity the 3 topologies of the Universe (cyclical information, lineal entropy and its hyperbolic combinations), and the 3 different ‘ages’ of time-motion we observe in all beings, born of an informative seed, which lives through an entropic youth, reproductive age, and informative, warping third age that ends in a reversal of time arrow in an entropic death, which completes the worldcycle of existence of the being.

And we shall call the ‘ternary’ arrows of time, entropic past, reproductive present that seems not to change and informative future, or 3rd age of maximal warping, which explodes back into entropic death.

So indeed, from the simplest entropic arrow of physicists we moved to the duality of entropy and form, and then to its reproductive ‘present’ dynamic combinations.

The galatom in the Universe.

Immortal cosmos: expansion and implosion

Left, when we ad the gravitational force that warps 1D space into 3D mass in galactic vortices, they balance the expansion of 1D space in entropic vacuum as light dies into dark entropy lines between them. As mass warps 3 1D flat-vacuum into a ‘high volume’ its 3 times more powerful in its warping, hence the 75-25 Balance of mass to dark entropy. Thus the fractal Universe is immortal.

In that fractal infinite, immortal Universe of multiple scales, all is quite different and the first big question to resolve is where in all those scales we find enough self-similarity to consider that we are ‘running again’ another game of fractal scales (not identical but self-similar as in a Mandelbrot fractal)? And the surprising answer we shall prove by all quantitative and qualitative methods is between the atom and the galaxy. So we shall talk of galatoms.

And the second question easily resolved, is where we find the inverse arrow of compressing information that balances the arrow of expansive space between galatoms? Obviously in the gravitational implosive, informative forces between those galatoms.

Indeed, to invent the big-bang entropic only theory of the Universe, physicists using a single arrow of time, HAD TO DISMISS THE GALAXIES all together, which are NOT expanding, and if the galatoms are NOT expanding, running backwards its present implosive system would mean a counter-effect to running backwards the expanding Universe. Backwards in a single time, the space between galaxies contracts, but the galaxies between space expand and a balance again is achieved.

The technological prizes of physics to the biggest weapons of mass destruction.

All this said, now that we know there is no big-bang but an immortal Universe, we can bring the other type of Physics nobel prizes, to those who make the biggest mass-destruction weapons, justified in this manner with research, following Nobel’s dictum:

‘I will build a weapon that will destroy all the armies of a nation with a single shot, and bring the peace to the world’ (to his lover when she asked him to create the peace nobel prize, which he refused with this cynical letter – latter on the Norway’s parlament will do it, jumping on the chart of Saint Nobel, as a private bank of Sweden will with the economic prize to justify capitalist bigotry in economic science).

So the good news for Mr. Nobel if he could hear us is that the ‘machine that can extinguish a nation and a planet of a single shot is built, and so far is getting Saint Nobels of the dynamite every other year for his null capacity to make relevant discoveries.

As this is a theme that touches my own personal life deeply – I was the main plaintiff of the suits for genocide to this industry, I refer the reader interested to the site and here we shall just introduce the true purpose of the machine, to make the III Generation of Nuclear weapons that can indeed kill mankind with a single shot as they eat matter are self-feeding organic bombs and if one appears on Earth, we are doomed, But first some quotes:

‘In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, institutions, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule’. Friedrich Nietzsche

“Every particle not forbidden is compulsory’ Totalitarian Principle, Gell-mann, discoverer of quarks.

“A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

Eric Fromm, father of political psychology

‘The most likely candidate for the dark matter of the halo is strange quark matter’ Witten, father of M-string theory, holder of the Fields medal of mathematics, considered among professional physicists, according to wikipedia the most reputed physicist alive today…

‘Strange matter does not exist’ CERN’s safety report

For those who don’t read physics, visually oriented, an easy explanation is our film ‘strange matters’ that explains from a historical, scientific and philosophical perspective, the non-future of the Earth due to the progress towards higher energies and more explosive big-bangs, natural to the very essence of the Industry of Accelerators (a clear dual fruit of the tree of science, which brings diminishing positive fruits and increasing negative benefits since its inception as the main tool of research of nuclear weapons):

In August 2014, a refurbished RHIC, a smaller machine than the LHC, distillated the first atoms of strangelet in NY. At that point the Industry should have been halted, as we halt the chances of global pandemics when we spot a sprout of a viral contagion. But alas! a virus is biological, ‘life’ but a ‘strangelet’ is a material virus; and since we live in a civilisation that denies life and worships mechanisms, the ‘religious zeal’ of our Nuclear industries completely ignored the obvious: that unlike a virus which would kill a few humans but not ended the species, a material virus, like the strangelet could eat up the entire Earth. 

 So now, in Christmas 2015 the LHC at CERN has doubled its potency, fully entering the regime of constant production of dibaryons, an usdusd stable, quark hexagonal form (the strongest configuration of Nature, from honeycombs to Buckballs to graphene sheets). The material virus though requires a critical mass to explode and so it will take time for it to fall to the center of the planet – unavoidable given its huge gravitational mass – and there rest waiting for companions till it starts the global pandemics, eating up inside out the planet.

We studied in this documentary the consequences for mankind of this new regime of energies and experiments, analyzing in detail the errors and lies of the outdated 90s safety report of the Industry, which still affirms strange quark liquid is a ‘gas’, ignoring  the liquid nature of what the accelerators are producing, misconceives the nature of cosmic rays (lonely atoms that cannot form a critical mass of strange liquid) and denies the most widely accepted hypothesis about the nature of quark stars, and quark dark matter present in the galactic halo (Witten’s hypothesis of strange quark matter), affirming that ‘strange quark liquid’ does not exist in the Universe. While in 1990s there were not absolute proofs, today we believe it is the main component of nova explosions, pulsars, the galactic halo and it is being produced at those accelerators with the enormous risk for the humankind.

So conveniently the industry, which is preparing the first collisions at CERN this summer at full potency, doubling the energy and hence the risks of those experiments, does not upgrade the report, not to warn mankind of its likely outcome: the production of enough strange matter to start an ice-9 extinction (creation of a critical mass of strangelet able to convert the Earth into a pulsar):


In the graphs, developed in detail in the different posts of this web, we show the 3 distinctive Life extinction events that the Large Hadron Collider – a quark cannon that throws bullets of the densest, most explosive material of the Universe, quark condensates – can cause, once it is put on line at double potency in Spring 2015, over the 10 Tev barrier of creation of dark matter – the theoretical minimal energy of formation of a ‘bag of strangelets’ and ‘micro-black holes’.

– Creation of baby black holes that do not evaporate, either as top quark condensates (Einstein’s famous frozen stars) or string stars with higher dimensionality. This risk has been overblown by media, since it is less likely and black hole theory has still a ‘mythic, speculative’ side that allowed them to divert attention from the truly, well-proved, scientific catastrophe:

– Creation of strangelets – lumps of strange quarks shown to be very common in the Universe, as all pulsars seems to be frozen, strange quark stars. This risk is absolute, meaning that according to the ‘Totalitarian Principle’ of physics, all particles that can theoretically happen will happen. And strange quark matter will theoretically happen, since the LHC is merely beyond ‘speculative theories’ a quark cannon, which produces massive quantities of strange quarks at high energy regimes.

Now, a strangelet is nothing strange, it is merely a ‘lump of strange quarks’. And we know those lumps of strange quarks, once formed devour our lighter, simpler up and down quarks.

And as it happens, the LHC is just a ‘quark cannon that produces lumps of strange quarks, strangelets. The LHC is a cyclical, ‘never-ending’ cannon barrel, that accelerates  lead ion ‘bullets’ every cycle, the heaviest non-radioactive atom with more quarks, with two purposes: to increase the mass of those quarks transforming them into ‘strange quarks’, and then collide them to make ‘strangelets’, strange quark condensates.

The LHC is JUST A FACTORY of strangelets, and so when it goes on line at full potency, will just mass produce strangelets  

Thus strangelets will be made at CERN between 2015 and 2020 on collisions over 10 Tev. Then those strangelets will fall to the center of the Earth undetected (which will excuse CERN from responsibility, AS IT will deny it produced them till the end), and it will eat up  the Earth inside out, till it converts it into a 15 km. strangelet rock.

– Finally the magnetic field of the LHC, the strongest on planet Earth, which cause disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field, cause of Earthquakes that have increased till record numbers, similar to those of II World War during the carpet bombing of the pacific seismic ‘ring of fire’, since the machine was put on line in a continuous growth. There is indeed a pattern studied in other posts on the web of LHC’s starts and increases of energy followed by massive volcano and earthquake activity. Just now in april 2015, volcano activity is at its peak, with 7 major volcanoes starting eruptions within ours, and a massive earthquake taking place in Nepal…

Any of those 3 scenarios should have deterred CERN’s physicists and its political backers, from upgrading the machine to double potency in 2015, but physicists and the P.R.ess considers the issue closed and prefer wishful thinking to ethic and social responsibility.

RECAP. Human understanding of the fractal organic Universe is very limited.
Instead ‘æntropic men’, sponsor two cultural theories of reality that pass as sciences bur are biased by idol-ogy and we shall call æntropic sciences:
1- They believe the universe is ‘anthropic’ – that is, man is at the center of reality, an obvious nonsense we refute and explain in the post on the ego paradox.
2. They believe it is also entropic, guided, like the leading military elites of our civilization by entropy=death arrows of future – in the theoretical case by a big-bang explosion, as entropy is the only arrows of future they recognize. We refute this model, with the addition of the arrow of information in our posts on æntropic science and the fifth dimension of social evolution that creates the organic Universe.
Yet because such theories of reality are based in the praxis of weapons and the ego paradox they cannot be bent by reason and likely will remain with us till the end of the world.
The ego paradox is not rational but certainly is the easiest way to make people belief. So to that aim, humans create rituals of pumping-ego which further debase the value of its statements of truth. In the case of æntropic theories of reality it is then needed to handle ‘prizes’ and honors which have little to do with the epistemology methods of truth to the practitioners of those convenient truths and among them none is more important than the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite, given by an entropic weapons maker, the biggest arms dealer of the XIX, inventor among many other weapons of the personal mine, chemical explosives, the first multinationals used to sell weapons to all combatants, and the prize to wash its reputation handled routinely to biased theories in favor of the memes of ‘animetal cultures’ – capitalist economists, lineal big-bang theories of physics, National presidents that make just wars – indeed Presidents of Israel and US are the most numerous recipients of the Peace Nobel, and the like.
As we dealt with the theories of æntropic men in other posts here we shall comment on the bias of capitalist nobel prizes of economics, which once in the whole history of the prize went to a humanist economist; and then Nobel prize of literature to the best gore book of the year, which sometimes also goes to an actual writer on the values of humanism, happiness, pleasure and love… Since after all the grammar of the wor(l)d that makes of man the center of the Universe sometimes is even able to enter into the military head of those germanic swedes… might there still be some hope?


Before we deal with economic prizes to financial economists that praise the choking of mankind off credit and the use of our money to evolve and reproduce machines and weapons of maximal profit, we might consider what a true economic science would be. So the reader can pass our sanguine irony and understand the criminality of those prizes.

In that sense the science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

We explain this simple fact and in the next graph show the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind and its ‘economic frame of reference’ that should value goods and control its production according to their biological utility to foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species, because WE NEED FIRST TO UNDERSTAND a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power:

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of WHEalth (healthy life goods).

In the graph, we resume the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

But there is ONLY one single ECONOMIST, Sen, a Bengali that invented the closest thing to the previous ethonomic frame of reference – the Index of Human Development, that should substitute GDP measures to calculate the success of a human economy, to have received a Nobel Prize, all the others belong overwhelmingly to…

The most intelligent people of the world (:
It is quite remarkable that 73% of Economic nobel prizes and 1/4th of literature prizes have been given to the western elite of Financial-Media-Academia Masters from the go(l)d culture, which hardly represents 0.03% of reality.
So while it might seem a minor theme to deserve here a post, I was prompted to write it after reading an interesting ‘wikipedia’ article – the brain child of a member of the go(l)d culture who lives off donations to the site and merely police it of ‘racist bias’ but still keeps an article on ‘why the askhenazis’ are the most intelligent people of the world – quoting profusely false data and numbers of Nobel prizes (;
So of course I asked them to erase a racist article and as you can imagine, they erased my comment (:
Thus I had to put in on the talk page (below), which we shall elaborate in this post on why those nobel prizes of economics are one of the ‘non-scientific reasons’ why we live in the worst of all economic systems :
“I do not understand why a racist article is still here.
Plus of course, IQ test systematically give higher IQ to mongoloids, (Israel tests 99, Korea 118, etc.) as you can only really distinguish 3 ‘races by type of mind’, brachicephalic-mongoloid with higher verbal region and higher overall iq, white, dolichocephalic, with higher visual axis (likely neanderthal higher mixture) and black psylocephalic with higher motor/sensorial axis.
The 3 axis of the brain languages set 3 type of IQS ALL VALID and the choice of ONE better than other is a cultural test. i.e. who is more intelligent Michael Jordan higher motor skill to measure distances to a basket or Galileo’s higher visual mind to measure it mathematically? ALL 3 TYPE OF MINDS should be cherished – and any RACIAL CULTURAL MEMETIC BIAS abolished.
Nobel prizes ARE cultural prizes and might only show a certain ‘privilege’ or class structure. I.e. 72% of economic nobels to jewish rather seems to coincide with 76% of CEOs of financial houses in Wall Street despite being 0.02% of human people… So it is a sociological element on the ‘topic’ financial monopoly of jewish banking…
All in all this article should be deleted as it harms ‘all’ points of view… and show if anything since we suppose the writers to be askenazis, the higher ‘memetic segregational racism’ of the jewish Ashkenazi torah and talmud culture, where jews are called the only ‘human beings’ and the rest are called goy=animals, which will only increase the perception of judaism in the world as a bigot, primitive, racist culture. ERASE IT!.”
The bottom line then is the systemic Human confusion of ‘Intelligence, culture, Animetal idol-ogies and ego-trips and prizes’, which essentially limits enormously the true development of a real social science, as Idol-ogy, power and prizes will choose always the wrong theory of reality and convert it by decree, prize and power in truth.
So yes the saint nobels of the dynamite, given overwhelmingly to members of our Financial-Media-Academia elite of owner of machines of information and its metal-communicators of imprinted truths, are just another part of the circus of animetal cultures with its exceptionalist Destiny as the culture of death – to do æntropic science – and doom our future, as Mr. Nobel did with the millions of victims of its weapons.


Why the FMAsters culture receive most of those prizes.
Now the FMAsters which print most of our money and economic theories, are just the Financial-media owners of information machines and its companies. SO it is an oxymoron to realize that those who own and print information are also those who receive prizes about the authorized information of the system, regardless of what are the true sciences of the Universe.
Alas, organic theories and evolutionary theories cannot receive a prize because they are against the biblical beliefs of the founder. Needless to say humanist economics cannot receive a prize because the prize is given by a private bank; novels that cherish humanism and the human experience and criticize the system in depth, cannot get a prize, which goes to angst, holocaust books, and the puritan negative view on mankind so topic of biblical cultures. The swedes indeed, prototype of warriors and weapon makers with a humane face are the ideal characters for this ceremony of confusion….
The FMA system, has one type of informative machines, which prints money and news and academic information, in each age of its evolution, determining with their information the world we live in and giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.
So 3 TYPE OF INFORMATION DOMINATES THE WORLD BUT BECAUSE ‘the Goebbels’ method works so well, people ‘believe on it’, either as ‘economic expertise’ (bankers printing money with no limit for themselves and company-mothers), become hypnotized by it (fiction media) or even think-tank that the idol-ogies of power are science – from the mechanist, technoutopian, anti-life, abstract, digital idol-ogies that pass as social and natural sciences (from lineal time single arrows of evolution that shun off information and its evolution of life, to the organic properties of the Universe, a machine-clock by decree, to the entire construct of social sciences and history always in favor of the ‘animetals’ and its ‘idologies’ and anthropomorphic religion).
Bottom line is simple: TRUTH matters NOTHING to the human psyche, which is merely imprinted by overdrive of information, by repetition, by memorial imprinting as everything else in the fractal, reproductive Universe.
And so THOSE WHO CONTROL METAL-COMMUNICATORS, (the biblical cultures since the age of Guttenberg, most notably its founders, the ‘jewish memeplex’ of Financial-Media-Academic (Ab. FMAsters), Manufacture our brains with egocy and fictions, issue the money that rules the world, and utter all kind of abstract, anti-life theories of reality, based in its absurd concepts of a single lineal time-clock and the manifest destiny of the human species above earth and heavens, entitled to destroy the planet because ‘go(l)d will provide.
This is the Universe of ‘Human information’, in a bull$hit – sorry in a nutshell.

On Economic prizes

Of course, if we go to other Nobel prizes, things get equally ridiculous to start with for the Prizes that do NOT exist – not a prize to History, that is packed into Literature, not a prize to the arts, that is left to the Oscars AND pritzkers to the best computer designed building, latter spoiled by kids warping papers (sorry Mr. Gehry :) you name them – our ‘cultural saints’ shall get all their prizes for its shameless debasing of what is truly art. Of course I WON’T even get into the Turner Prize to the politically correct ‘stable’ of the Tate or rather the Saatchi ‘you collectors’, LOL. As a Catalan>Spaniard, to call those prizes art of painting touches specially my feelings on pure insult.

Thanx God he died before robotics so we have been spared of that Nobel Prize, but the closest to Physics, alas, one can only remember the 20 years or so they took to give it to Einstein because he was a pacifist… One year even it was deserted because no other physicist would accept it, and they preferred not to give it to him.

But the more sanguine are those to ‘economics’, given by a ‘you’ bank to the biggest a$$Holes of capitalism, from a guy called Lucas who proved the importance of slavery in the growth of GDP to the last one on contracts and speculation.

As this is my ‘strongest discipline’, i could give you an entire list, always to the most bigot economist of each age.

Of all of them, 72% given to capitalist jews.

I would only consider respectable those given to the Bengali Sen for his Index of Human Development, to the obscene Galbraith, with his cynical view on capitalism (at least a view for god’s sake) and the good swede, Myrdal – shared of course with the pamphletist Hayek to give Mr. Hayek prestige… This is indeed the ultimate example on what is the purpose of this prize.

The best SWEDISH economist ever, creator of the swedish social democracy, waited to be almost dead to get it (no rush here for national geniuses), and when given show, he shared it with the pamphletist of modern capitalism, the ‘teacher of Tatcher’, whose books are full of outright lies (as when he says national banks who print for welfare should be abolished and only private banks should print money for themselves and industries because they are experts, who will not print so much money, and puts the example of the reichbank who brought hyperinflation, as the essential national bad-run bank – forgotten the fact that it WAS a private bank owned by one stein, printing for himself, as now bankers do in e-money printing billions for themselves).

So the most remarkable swede of the century Myrdal, who created the most remarkable work of the swedes – its welfare state, was used to give prestige to the wickedest of all people, for the sake of capitalism, way to go… FMasters of the virtual Universe.

Now they have destroyed their welfare state, adopted Hayek as their luminary and you can imagine who receives the economic prizes, 3/4 jews, 3/4 from chicago boys, mostly dedicated to explain us how to speculate in stocks or some ridiculous mathematical model trying to prove that economics is about rational human beings making mathematical calculus to get the best deal for his Campbell soup, NEVER THOUGH about what economics is really today, a bunch of banksters robbing us, and company-mothers reproducing machine-weapons that soon will extinguish mankind – as we said, Nobel was also a bigot pious calvinist believer who forbade ANY of his prizes to ANY follower of evolutionary theory, and the committee honours his merchant of death master’s voice.

As this is a blog on economics we shall then consider those first, which are given basically two 2 types of people, closely related by idol-ogy, hard core capitalist, mostly financial speculators and theorists of how wonderful is the system that rationalise the market as being to the service of the intelligent computer and craete ridiculous mathematical models that have nothing to do with the evolution of machines and the true predatory nature of company mothers. And then to our financial media masters, which being 0.02% o mankind get 72%, because after all the prize is given by one of his banks. And it is forbidden by decree of the pious merchant of death to any evolutionary theorist.


I have added a section on Economic thought and its Nobel Prizes and Classic bigots, so we shall along the comments on our ‘masters of the theory of the ‘wickedest of all people, doing the wickedest of all things’ which will get their Prize, learn something about the discipline…


Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded.

And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

But this people ignore. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.  This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro. So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.

Accordingly we can classify all economists in 2 main type of economists, humanist economists who try to create a praxis and eco(nomic)system that caters to the needs of mankind, and ‘ideologues’ of the animetal people-castes (financiers and industrialist/weapon makers) on top of mankind that try to justify their power.

Unfortunately in this category we must put classic economists and most of the economists that today hold position of power, and ascribe neo-classic theories of economics.

Most of those economists sorely fail 4 (-1) elements of the scientific method:

Unlike  power Ideologies, Experimental Sciences predict the future of its species, according to Past Cycles, controlling them, to improve human life’

A real science will be stringent in its application of those 4 elements and will shun, regardless of any political, economical correctness, selfish agenda or censorship the negative ideologies that try to bend data and invent models to cater the selfish agenda of an individual, group or tribe, and use knowledge to ab=use man or nature.

D) – They do NOT cater for mankind at large.

C) – They do NOT have a scientific model of the main element they study (memes of metal, money, weapons and machines)

B) – And they do NOT PREDICT their cycles.

All this elements fail together because Economics as an ideology of ‘metal power’ only allows concepts that are positive for company-mothers (corporations) and their offspring of machines, and the financial and industrial elites that own them.

So their goal is to multiply those memes of metal regardless of the collateral effects for mankind, which they ignore, and the darwinian nature of the competence between men and machines in labor and war fields, which they also ignore failing C)

In this section we shall study those (neo)classic economists and its  idologies, called ‘idol-ogies’ for obvious reasons.

Neo(classic), ‘Creationist’  ideologies of national, Biblical & Banking Power 

We live in a system in which a new top predator ‘organism’ the company-mother of machines rules the world for its offspring of machines – a different species. So all what is good for financial and industrial corporations must happen. Overproduction of metal memes must happen. And all rival human institutions, especially welfare democracies that try to feed and inform all human citizens-cells must become powerless, degraded as energy for the evolution & reproduction of machines.

This is the duality never recognized by corporative, classic economists between 2 species that compete for the Earth’s limited resources in labor and war fields both at individual and organic level – man vs. machine, memes of life vs. memes of metal, governments vs. corporations, ‘butter vs. canons’. On the contrary in the present economic and existential overproduction crisis we return to XIX c. harsh capitalism, since neo-classic economists chose to keep overproducing canons, machines & corporative money; hence butter, human beings & governments will have no resources and die.

Now true science collects A) real data (historic in this case) B) shows its cycles and ages C) gives a logic, rational explanation of that data and cycles – no religious, no mythic, no anthropomorphic D) proposes solutions positive for our species – mankind, 100%, which means that solutions that improve the life of the 1% and DO NOT IMPROVE that of the 99% are ideologies, NOT solutions, and certainly solutions that PROMOTE metal-memes AND NOT life memes, the ones that evolve us ARE IDEOLOGIES NOT ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS.
As the classic economists we treat in this section all propose SOLUTIONS THAT IMPROVE the 1% of owners of corporations and the metal-memes they reproduce, THEY ARE NOT human economists. Those are the ones studied in the biological and humanist schools. Here we study ideologists of the 1%, which by definition as they accept to have rents thousands of times bigger than ours, accept millions of people dying of economic problems – including hunger, war and unemployment -sorry reality check: you live in a world in which power is in the hands of  people who for ideological, selfish, religious or racist reasons like such status quo. Ultimately because they have created it.
 If economists were humanists this would be explained, corporations regulated according to the usefulness of their products to mankind; the issue of money would be in the hands of people with universal salaries and governments to pay welfare and taxation to humans will be minimal.

But neo-classic economists direct corporations so their only goal is to increase their profits. For that reason their ‘arguments’ repeat 4 Goebbelian’ themes ‘(if you repeat a lie people will believe it):

– Freedom is only for the elite, managerial, intelligent class, including min. tax and max. credit; Labor has no rights. Property=Machines have them all. The Government of the people is stupid.

– People & governments without issue rights must pay usury debt-money to financial corporations.

-Economics must have no ethic goals or biological & historic human goals (improve life, a better world) or use social languages; they might express their only purpose – to reproduce more metal memes, the ‘Wealth of nations’ in the mathematical languages of machines and productivity.

– Inflation is evil because it lowers bankers debt profits.

– Since Mr. Smith and most founders of (neo)classic economics, Mr. Malthus,, Anglican Priest, Mr.

Ricardo, Jewish, Mr. Say, Calvinist, and today’s neo-classic economics, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Hayek & Mr. Buchanan were Biblical believers, as most elites that founded and control western corporations, we talk of Creationist Economics. As all those assumptions mimic, without telling the Biblical Beliefs of a chosen caste of owners whose goal is to make ‘money’, the fetish hand of God.


-This is the phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’:

The role of economists: translating the racist, segregation anti =-life memes of judaism->calvinism into ‘mathematical laws’.

Economists indeed shun ethics and verbal values, despise history and believe in the ‘selfish memes of metal’ and idol-ogies of its founding fathers, Mr. Adam Smith, the calvinist believer that ‘gold was the intelligence of god’ (Calvin) with his definition of money as ‘gold and silver, a commodity’ and his defense of the absolute monopoly of bankers over the issue of money, which they should lend to usury prices to states to be spent mainly in weapons and police, for the greatness of the British empire, and a book not so much quoted that appear within a decade and was hand in hand the pillar of modern capitalism, ‘in defense of usury’ by Mr. Bentham, a Jewish banker, who established 2 other ‘totems’ of economic ‘sciences’ – that bankers must issue money to obtain a parasitic interest and that was good, and if ‘people did not accept it, it was because they ‘were antisemitic’ – not because they defended the ethic values of the wor(l)d and a future to mankind, but because they seemed not to understand the biblical people was entitled to that privilege as experts and ‘chosen of go(l)d’.

He then gave us the substitute values that should guide economists instead of ethics, ‘utilitarianism’ and the ‘search for pleasure’. Greed and pleasure became then the totems of this ‘dismal science’, where the poor were always blamed. And still are. Because they do not seem to understand the divine order. They do not seem to cherish oppressive taxation, slavery to corporations, the degradation of their mind by mass-media hate speeches, they sometimes rebel against Calvin’s dictum that ‘people must remain ignorant to become obedient’. They sometimes do not castrate their human life-wantings.

They do NOT always vote for those parties that ensure their destruction. They actually consider 3rd world people also human, not just terrorists.

All this Smith and Bentham warned us are grave errors of judgment. Bentham had 3 friends, Ricardo, a Jewish stock speculator who found as Smith did that workers must have only the subsistence salary because if many die, workers will be scarce and salaries will grow, not because they have the right to live, but also that in the future they could die because machines could take their jobs and profits will grow – son not even the death of mankind to the robotic revolution would be a ‘sin’. Profits would justify it.

Another friend was the priest, Malthus, who accused the Irish of ‘fu**ing too much’, a life sin, and that is why they died of hunger – not because their landlords exported food to pay the taxes of the usury loans of the private bank england. Indeed, in ireland died 1 million people and the landlords exported enough wheat to feed 2 million.

And finally Stuart Mill, the utilitarian disciple of Bentham who wanted to destroy taj mahal during his job at the Indian East company because ‘art had no utility’ whatsoever. 

Those 4+1 established the idol-ogies of classic economics that our modern experts still follow.

AND THIS IS THE KEY POINT OF THIS ENTIRE SECTION. WE COULDNT CARE LESS FROM THE HUMAN POINT OF VIEW ABOUT THE MEMES OF THIS 0.% OF MANKIND EVEN IF THEY THINK THEY ARE THE ONLY HUMANS IN THIS PLANET, if their memes wouldn’t have been translated by ‘pious’ jewish-calvinist believers into the segregation, racist LAWS OF CLASSIC ECONOMICS, all of them crafted with the ‘psyche’ of classic judaism, ‘camouflaging’ as good, caring, scientific laws, when they are merely imperial, racist, classist digital laws that create an economic system for the benefit of the elite ‘chosen’.

In other sections of the web we study in detail each of the main ‘experts’ of the ‘dismal sciene’ translating its ‘economic dogmas’ and mathematical laws into what they are truly at face value – idol-ogies of racist power that must be hold in the hands of stock-rats and banksters. Let us consider the ‘founder’s ideas in more detail, to exemplify this concept – Mr. Adam Smith (the perfect name, that of the first go(l)d apples master and the first iron man maker).If you believe history is a program, recorded in every planet, in the languages and icons that creditate it, this is the proof.

The founder of Classic Economics is the paradigm of an Idol-ogue of memes of metal and the right of its ‘animetal people-castes’ to be on top of human societies. Reason why it has been leonized by the elites of the Industrial R=evolution ever since he was born.

His 4  fundamental ideological thesis, treated in individual posts in more detail, are in fact shameless apologies of the fundamental tenants of the 4 ‘idol-ogies’ that make of selfish memes of metal the purpose of our societies, studied in depth in this web:

– That greed – the accumulation of money for the sake of it – was good, was the engine of mankind – the classic ideology of capitalism;

– Based in its belief on racist Go(l)d idol-ogies (Judaism ->Calvinism), as he believed this ‘greed engine’ was the ‘invisible hand of God’… following his Master, Calvin (‘Gold is the intelligence of God‘)

– That the Wealth of Nation must be measured in money and its most expensive products, which happen to be weapons – the classic ideology of nationalism.

– That machines are always good because they increase production through specialization and division of tasks – a thesis already mentioned by Greek philosophers – the classic ideology of technoutopia, which disregards its collateral effects with mankind (alienation of work, atrophy and competence with humans in labor and work fields).

Basically those fundamental thesis were written to validate the monopoly of issue of money of its mecenas, the montagu family who founded the private bank of england and its friends, the first industrialists of Scotland, among which we find Mr. Watt.

The duplicity of his work as a pamphletist of the 1% of mankind is obvious in many ways:

– Regarding greed, he first wrote a book on ‘Morality’ affirming that the engine of mankind was love. Now he contradicts his thesis. Regarding banking and freedom, all his ‘free market’ laws disappear when he must prove the goodness of a private bank of england, in the hands of its mecenas… regarding human rights, for him as for most classic economists, those are ‘rights’ of the ‘humans’ according to his religions (mind the reader /we’ the others are animals, goyyim).

In that regard, as Owens denounced (Neo)classic authors show always in their ‘assumptions’ to cater to the p.o.v. of corporative profits, nationalist power, Biblical beliefs or the elite class for whom they work, totally indifferent to the rights of workers, always siding with machines of higher ‘productivity’=profits; ‘If managers took care of human capital with the same zeal they care for their mechanical workers, how much would improve the condition of labor’. ‘London Saloon economists are always busy finding complicated arguments against workers’ rights to defend the profits of bankers and factory owners that pay them, but they never visit as I do factory mills, and see the unending hours and appalling conditions in which people work’.

Let us consider a few samples of that list we shall keep adding and studying in more detail in future posts. Click in their names when they become ‘colored’ as I will have post 10 pages essay in their corresponding bull$hit:

– Smith: The selfish acts of corporations are ‘the invisible hand of god’ that magically will create a better world; the private Bank of England, founded by his Maecenas, Montagu, must issue debt-money borrowed by governments at usury prices; workers must be paid only a subsistence salary to avoid their death, which will decrease workers and increase salaries. Governments must only spend in police, courts=crime and armies to keep ‘order’ & expand the British, Biblical Empire.

– Ricardo, a Stockbroker went further defining the ‘iron salary’ that companies must pay workers, equivalent to the cost of substituting human labor by iron machines even if it is below subsistence and labor dies, as machines can do the job and increase profits. He further denied Smith’s finding that Free Trade expands the British Empire as its superior technology creates a massive deficit in all nations that buy all the industrial products of England and pay with their go(l)d & silver as Portugal, India & China did. He twisted this argument to make it ‘caring’ with a ceteris paribus analysis of a single product,nails from England and wine from Portugal. In that case wine becomes cheaper in England and nails in Portugal.

But trade is done with many products as was the case of Portugal, which lost its textile industries and became the poorest nation of Europe after signing a Free trade agreement with Industrial England, paying them with Brazilian gold; while China & India loss their silver. Thus he established as a rule 3 ideologies of neo-classic economics: hypocritical, false assumptions based in mathematical, ceteris paribus analysis to disguise the selfish p.o.v. of corporations as + to mankind; economic imperialism & zero rights for most humans – labor – not even the right to survive. Such globalized free trade market today imposes the Chinese blue collar and Indian Service IT Smith’s subsistence salary, increasingly substituted by the iron salary of blue collar robots and white collar PCs below human survival in a world of zero labor rights.

– Malthus blamed the Irish famine, caused by monopolistic investments in overproduced railroads that increased farmers’ taxation while eliminating investments in agriculture on ‘catholic’ sexual reproduction. Hence his solution was not to stop train overproduction but end human reproduction.

– Bentham and his disciple Stuart Mill, denied ethic, eusocial, humanist goals, considering ‘utility’ and ‘pleasure’ the only measure of economic values. Bentham’s ‘on defense of usury’ affirmed only private banks must issue money and establish at will its usury interest rate. Mill, a manager of Eastern Indian Co., ‘owner’ of India tried to use Taj Mahal’s marble to fortify New Delhi, as art had no ‘utility’. His work ‘on Freedom’ reduces freedom rights to elite class and corporative managers.

– Say denied a democratic, consumption based economy affirming a Production, Supply economy will always find demand, regardless of the products’ lethality; today by advertising & war lobbyism.

– Marshall established mathematical microeconomics aiming to increase Corporative production, as the only goal of the ‘dismal discipline’, detaching its teachings from ethics and history. He denied workers the right to a minimal salary by law (only solution to the iron salary).

– Hayek, the ‘Neo-classic guru’ of Miss Thatcher, affirmed only private banks must issue money

(‘The denationalization of money’) because public banks print too much money causing hyper-inflation as the Reichbank did in 1922, sinking the Mark and bringing fascism to power. He failed to mention the Reichbank was a private Bank. He assumed (‘road to serfdom’) that humans were too dumb to develop a science of economics, thus the Free Jungle of Metal would work better.

Schumpeter denied engineers routinely discover machines by imitating human organs & functions. ‘Entrepreneurs’ create wealth inventing them with his superior intelligence. Workers were however mechanical brutes. So entrepreneurs must have all rights & minimal taxation to invest their wealth. However he preached productivity as the panacea of growth (machines substituting labor) failing to notice those machines that made the economy grow are not entrepreneurs. This is now dogma.

– Friedman wanted to deregulate all labor markets, included health, since ‘quacks that kill patients’ will anyway loose clients.His obsession was to deny Keynesian economics with false assumptions and dog-eat-dog policies. Monetary policies must be restricted. Governments cannot invent money the language of economic information that must be invested in the real economy to solve crisis, because this creates inflation, lowering banks’ debt profits – even if the Philips curve proves inflationary investments diminish unemployment, as Friedman’s nemesis, Samuelson, proved.

Buchanan, from the bible belt, asked for 0 deficit laws in Constitutions to take away the sovereign rights to issue money from governments, because they would issue it to spend it on the majority of people and that is NOT the definition of ‘Democracy’ but the ‘Tyranny of the majority’!

Modigliani said all corporations not only financials must speculate as only profits matter.

-All use equations to hide with ‘lies & statistics’ their fetish for go(l)d profits for the ‘chosen’ owners. We conclude neo-classic economics is the equivalent of Intelligent Design that tries to substitute evolution in Biology, rightly shunned in Universities, as it makes those owners and its corporations the subjective center of the economy with null social responsibility, ‘entitled’ to all and deny that money is a language of information and machines just metal-systems that substitute labor, atrophy body and mind organs and in its most perfect species, ‘top predator’ weapons kill us since workers, seemingly are a non chosen species with null rights.

Let us be clear from the beginning. When Mr. Marshall, the father of modern economics with its mathematical/corporation bias convinced at the beginning of the XX century to teach ‘economics as a different discipline’, Economics had been rightly taught for 150 years within the curriculum of History and Moral Thought – as secondary sciences, submissive to History and Ethics, as they should be – because the CENTRAL POINT OF VIEW OF MANKIND MUST BE MANKIND AND ECONOMICS SHOULD BE AS IN THIS BLOG ETHONOMICS, DEDICATED TO IMPROVE THE FUTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS NOT THE FUTURE OF MACHINES ONLY.

Thus I sign ‘futureofhistory’ and treat economics from a historical perspective and use moral and verbal causal arguments. It would been very easy for me to write here treatises of mathematical economics, taking into account that my ‘forte’ and most important work in the realm of hard science is the mathematical and logical formalism of General Systems Sciences (aka complexity), as I explain in my avatar. You make a career with that, you get Nobel Prizes and big positions in the financial industry if all what you care is to evolve and overproduce machines and money and consider that the only goal of economics.

Of course, with a lot of care. Mr. Marshall explains in his books that his interest in economics aroused when he walked on the slums of London and Liverpool. Oh, lol, those caring financial and industrial economists (-; This guy, father of micro-economics (the study of how to maximize the production of corporations), who opposed to any legislation in favor of a minimal salary in Britain separated economics from history and made it just a partial discipline to the service of financial and industrial corporations, because ‘he cared so much’ for the people of the slums.

From then on that was the ‘new normal’: convert humans into mathematical objects, subject to price, with no rights whenever they collide with the overproduction mantra of ‘progress through the machine’…  And so you got the ‘experts’ of the XX century, with a few exceptions like Kondratieff, Keynes and Galbraith all caring so much for… the rights of corporations and the 1%. 

It is in that milieu, as economics became more ‘dehumanized’ when mathematics – which first was intended to be a helping hand to aid production – acquires an ‘ideological bias’ to cover corruption through complexity and a pretension of higher ‘science’. In the same manner corrupted law during the ‘ancient regime’ could not be ‘codified’; so the aristocrat’s lawyer always found his way in the maze of legality, today financial economics always can disguise its antidemocratic and antisocial use of credit with arcane jargons. So we cut through that Gordian knot of mathematical rhetoric, starting as Napoleon did with the law, with a new, far more scientific and objective ‘code’ – the organic, systemic, evolutionary analysis of what really matters – not the ‘realm of the spirit’ but the physical economy of machines that truly influences our life and interacts with humans and labor.

Today Economics has ended in the theoretical realm, being absorbed by ‘corporations’ and financiers, which have become our ‘self-styled experts’ for selfish gain and further on have become dictators of our policies – as machines and money overproduce increasingly substituting humans and the law as the ‘makers’ of reality. So we are moving from a historic and political world into an economic ecosystem where humans are secondary to machines, governments to corporations and the law to the power of money, whose issue those corporations have usurped from democracies and the people, WHO should be the factors that control the two language of information that rule our world – money and the law – AS ALL EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, which have all two languages of energy and information (blood/money system and nervous/legal one) do.

Along the pages of this blog we study from time to time the two sides of Economic thought – those who made economics submissive to history and the welfare of society, epitomized by the today totally ignored Swedish, social school of economics and those who were just pamphletists of financial and industrial power, epitomized by the Austrian school.

Consider for example the work of Myrdal, the most important representative of the Swedish school who convinced the Swedish government in the 30s to create a social paradise, based in a welfare state and the use of money not to create wars but goods people demanded.

And yet modern economists ignore him. Instead they prefer a 3rd rate, Jewish bigot, founder of the  Chicago school, guru of Miss Thatcher and Reagan, Hayek, to the service of private bankers. His ‘masterpieces’ ‘road to serfdom’ and ‘the denationalization of money’ are pamphlets full of ‘damned lies and statistics’. Indeed, in the latter he claims that he is ‘obsessed’ by the negative consequences that hyperinflation caused in Germany during the 20s and to remedy it, governments must not issue money, but we must regress to the earlier XIX century American banking system of private bankers issuing their own currencies – not a single private bank but as many as you want – to avoid the abuse of printing money by governments, as in the case of Germany. He considers that ‘private bankers’ would be responsible and control the printing of their own money to make it worth it, instead of doing what they have always historically done – to issue money for themselves with no limit creating the boom and bust crises of modern history.

Now, here the lie is enormous; since the Reichbank that caused hyperinflation during the Weimar republic was a private bank NOT a public one. So they printed money without limit till they broke Germany, causing the rise of fascism. And this Mr. Hayek must now. So he lies because his only goal is to ‘make himself amicable’ to the financial power, as Adam Smith did when affirming money was gold and put the Private Bank of England as the perfect model. Then the system of audiovisual information and the industry of scholar economics pump up as geniuses those economists that cater to the financial elite and ignore the others.

Indeed, Mr. Myrdal, father of modern Sweden was NOT given a Nobel prize by a Swedish bank, which has usurped the name of Nobel to give this prize that was not in its testament and its heirs reject – in a nation that gives Nobel prizes to any Scandinavian that says something coherent in any discipline – till the 70s, and when it did so, the bank gave him the Nobel shared with Mr. Hayek. Here the trick was obvious: the bank was using the prestige of Myrdal to pump up the pamphletist and on top saying Myrdal is the ‘past’, this cuckoo liar is the future.

Another examples used by pamphletists of private bankers are the currencies of the French and American revolutions (continentals) that lost value during the wars with England. Of course, they did, because England created a mass-industry of fake currency, doing financial terrorism and exporting ‘literally’ tons of continentals and French money to break the revolution.

Why then the obsession for public created inflation when it is always created by the massive invention of private money? Damned lies and statistics, cover up.

Further on a minimal quantity of inflation is NOT bad. The obsession against inflation of the right comes because bond holders, the supreme power of financial control of states loose money with inflation as their bonds have nominal prices. So since the XIX century age of legendary control of states by the Rothschild syndicate with manipulation of bonds, bankers do not want inflation. In true form, a language of information is inflationary, so we talk and think more than we act, as inflation in language kicks off the process of ‘action-creation’. Without inflation there is no economical action. Without thoughts there is no human actions. A bit of Inflation kicks consume as people spend now before prices go up but without the rush of hyperinflation, at a moderate path that increases consumption, demand and the production of the goods most people need – those of the welfare state that don’t kill us.

But this people ignore. They are not told at all why the ECB bank cares nothing for Europeans and its only obsession is to ‘prevent inflation’. What they don’t say but do is this: ‘dear European citizens, this is a private bank to the service of private bankers, to whom we lend money almost for free, while you don’t have any right to do it, and we shall have only a mandate, to avoid inflation so the big bond holders of Wall Street and Newport beach that lend you money because you no longer have that democratic right, make an even bigger cut. Never mind you are unemployed, you die without health-care, you are usurped of your sovereign rights, this is not our concern. We follow the glorious tradition of our forebears, which are not the fathers of the European Union but the millenarian usury traders that have controlled your money per in secula seculorum. Amen.

And so to the rescue comes the arcane science of complexity that hides aberrations with jargons and expert’s talk of what is a global theft going on for 30 years since private e-money was invented.

So we shall as the blog grows  denounce those who are stealing at distance with usury and stolen sovereign rights our future as individuals and societies. For example, the whole bond usury and inflation guard maximizes NOT our future but the ‘future profits’ of bond holders, like  Mr. Eurobond Gross, a Jewish-American who ‘wept’ last year because he thought the ‘demise of the dollar was near’ and short-sold the currency of his nation and the euro to make another billion, but failed. This astounding confession got him kudos from wall street. Since under the present ‘financial dictatorship of ideologies’ it seems a sound policy as that of Mr. Draghi on inflation that allows Mr. Gross to make a few hundred dollars more in its billionaire usury account for each patient dead before arriving to a surgeon.

This modern Rothschild from the same millenarian usury tradition enjoys the surfing waves of Newport beach California, being though in speed dial with Mr. Bernanke, just in case he needs to tip or being tipped of the next big opportunity (Mr. Paulson as Rolling stones explains was systematically tipping Goldman of each new ‘policy’ for the betterment of the American people), but only talks in his last interview on Time, of course with a lot of ‘caring’, on how he is trying to help society… killing thousands at distance from its Bloomberg platform, with its partner, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, who affirms his only ‘mandate of independence’ is to curb inflation so Mr. Gross doesn’t loose a penny on its usury bonds.

Yes, as the ‘merchant of Venice’ put it in the voice of the last of the great Latin writers of the renaissance, when the Anglo-Saxon world still considered man sacred and could talk of those higher ideals, Mr. Shakespeare, ‘evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman’. They just ask our ‘pound of flesh’ for their ‘risky’ trades in which they always profit according to the simple mechanisms of creation of money in markets, similar to those of war battles. Indeed, Mr. Gross is the captain of the biggest army of ‘money’, as he plays with billions on bets against the euro.

So people to win like in Poker, knows that the person with the bigger bet cannot be toppled, regardless of what he has – nothing. Thus when Gross bets against the euro, the entire world army of speculators sees it in Bloomberg and bets with him and NO CENTRAL BANK CAN MASS so much money to defend it. HE CREATES THE MARKET AND DECIDES ACCORDING TO HIS REPUBLICAN, RIGHT WING, racist, anti-human ‘religious, classic economic’ postulates, that all Europeans must sacrifice their welfare states and model of democracy and give all the money to banks and corporations OR ELSE… he and his army on the darkness, ‘those invisible men that could rule the world (Wells parable), will keep sinking the Euro as they have been doing for two years since they took that ‘choice’ in an infamous meeting at Le cirque’s posh restaurant in Manhattan.  All of them of course, are now ‘covered up’ by the army of theoreticians, dedicated to find arguments to justify this predatory behavior as ‘a science’ of experts.

You live in a world completely censored at the ‘high level’ of mass-media, political and economical, and national correctness/institutions – a disguise built around a ‘fantasy’ of happiness based in a ‘false pretension of science and truth’ and ‘human caring’ ‘natural to democracies and capitalism that deactivates the harshness of biological, Darwinian world we live in. One dominated by people-castes, nationalist bigots, corporations, the military-industrial complex and the memes of metal that give them power – the ‘truths’ that ’cause’ this planet through the control those organizations have of the languages of power, money, weapons, mass-media and the law that rule the herds of mankind – without hardly any ‘real ‘right or democratic power’.

And yet thanks to modern ‘newspeaks’ of ‘audiovisual’ brain-washing, ‘correct censorship’ an ideology manufactured as science, the ‘fantasy’ of truth passes as expert talk while the truths of social science are forbidden and the real models of social sciences cannot be studied.


We shall now translate the ‘economic postulates’ of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Say, Mill, Malthus and Bentham, all of them Jewish>Calvinists, the modern version of this go(l)d religion (the intelligence of God is money, people must remain ignorant so they become obedient, Calvin), which treated workers as ‘animals’ of labor; consumers as golden asses to milk and citizens to tax, because ALL belonged to the stock-broker parasite.

Ricardo, the jewish stock speculator who bought always his M.P. place is the recognised master of the modern world: the worker must receive an iron salary equal to the cost of a machine that replaces him even if he ‘dies’ because his death by hunger won’t diminish profits and production – the machine does his job. Countries must not protect their markets because the top predator nation (then England) will sell all his goods and get back all the silver and gold. But of course, cheating, murder at distance is the game. So he did not say this. Instead he invented a false argument:’if Portugal sells wine cheaper, and we sell nails, cheaper, free trade will lower costs of both, for the consumer’. And people still repeat the mantra. Here the trick is obvious. Portugal could only sell Porto to a few aristocratic consumers but England could sell one thousand products and ruined completely ALL the industries of Portugal, made with ‘human labor’. So Portugal had to pay for all with Brazilian gold, which was going automatically to England. So happened to India, and China, till no go(l)d is left.

Today as new robotised industries automate its sales, millions of workers go out of work for the owner of Amazon, which on top does nOT PAY TAXES, because it cheats with fiscal paradises, to have all the gold. Now what the system exchanges is MECHANICAL WORKERS, for human workers.  Now what the system does is murder at distance with drones, ‘terrorist children’, or exactly as Mammon-ides recommends, lets gentiles ‘drawn’ on the Mediterranean sea, because that is NOT a sin (if you see a gentile falling on the sea, let it drawn, if it falls in a well, take the rope out of it, sic) Now this ‘guide to the perplexed’ is compared by grea$ed scholars with the ‘organon’ of Aristotle. We must therefore understand the original go(l)d religion to understand capitalism, as Sombart and Weber explain, to know the so obvious end, ‘at the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – that is the memes of go(l)d, the top of that pyramid – or will be exterminated’ Sanhedrin.

All this well hidden, with go(l)d memes in the first age of capitalism, political and economical correctness, damned lies and statistics, in the 2nd age of capitalism, the age of creationist economics, and now by A.I. (digital algorithms, of speculation, productivity and management) makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, especially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did.

Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure. Since, indeed, it is NOT the protestant, which at least have a certain humane sense of ethics under the Mosaic commandments he applies to all humans, but the Talmudian, the financier, who do not think we are humans, the culture that runs the show and establish segregation memes, today through the fear of the gentile, with the so-called Holocaust Industry (‘they want to kill us so do preventive action’) in the past through segregation religions, the ‘cultural elite’ that decides the future of mankind.

– So the next question is how the anti-quantum paradox works in this theme? How this elite can be hidden from everybody, acting with total impunity, without ever been mentioned? Moreover, how the mere mention of this fact converts you into an oucast scholar? And the answer is the perhaps shrewdest from of camouflage of power, which draws heavily of the properties of ‘information’, which unlike energy, controls as ‘heads’ do, by blinding the body and hiding the ‘language’ of power of the system.

Information runs the universe as a cosmic conspiracy, through its invisible, fast moving, linguistic codes, which only the species that invents and talks it understands. And the world is ran by corporations invented for and by bankers based on those fundamental laws of information that we are now discovering for all languages. Hence the power of money as ‘a digital complex language’ nobody understands, which can be hidden to buy politicos and run the world. And the importance of ‘newspeaks’, which hide the real people behind words such as ‘markets’, ‘investors’, ‘entrepreneurs’.

All this of course is completely censored, so we shall give you more of it – because as Gandhi put it: ‘you can jail my body but you will never jail my mind’ – which is what the Financial-Media system does today with all humanist truths, denying systematically that map.

In scientific terms, they act as ‘the Black hole’, the top predator parasite of the galaxy does: it is hidden in the center of the Galaxy. It does NOT move, the galaxy moves towards it because the galaxy does NOT know – its stars – that it is a predator. It is so small, and apparently harmless. It also HAS THIS NICE GRAVITATIONAL, INVISIBLE language, so it attracts them with GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, the invisible money printed by the 0.1%, so all follow, ‘willingly’ and go to the center. And then, Zap, i got you enslaved to my go(l)d, my memes, my information my world view that will kill us all, but that is fine, go(l)d will provide!

Yes, it is all truth. They just found gravitational waves of two black holes after 100 years wondering where they were.

But my answer is this: with 1/3rd of the efforts and amazing amounts of energy and money ‘the black holes’ and its black hats, are  using to recreate a bronze age civilisation of racist bigots in apartheid israel the FMaster could have created the perfect world. When I lived among them, working on Nasdaq first, then in evilwood and finally as a leading system scientist in Sillicon valley, considered one of them, because of my habiru grand-father with his concentration camp story, and my European aristocratic pedigree and deep knowledge of the culture they collect but do not understand (the French culture, to which my nation without borders and armies, Catalonia belongs – my great-grand father a sephardim, founded the catalan national party there, and yes i do belong to the 1%, enjoyed hamptons parties, Athletic club’s naked swimming pool and was about to engage with a JAP heiress of the 500, so save yourself admonitions)

I tried to explain them the OBVIOUS: enjoy life, be loved, you do have more money than you will ever spend, make America a paradise, do NOT steal, rob, murder at distance the gentiles, as your racist bronze age talmudic mandates tell you (‘gentiles, women, dogs and pigs are born of the leg of Satan’ ‘if you see a seek gentile do not cure him, if he is drowning do not throw him a rope, for murder at distance is not sin’ etc. etc. Evolve, R=evolve and you will BE IMMORTAL, otherwise, the economic cycles of the holocaust will hunt you again, and no, denial, scholarship massive production does NOT change the action-reaction of the people when they are dispossessed. It only makes the pot boil stronger and explode faster.

That is why Bio-history is so heavy on them. They had all the go(l)d of the world to make it a paradise, and they decided to murder it and commit suicide at the end of the cycle ‘again’, for a few bigot rabbis of the bronze age to create a no-way out primitive civilisation with the most advanced killing machines for profit, according to the anti-paradox of History:

Max. Technological evolution = Min. Human evolution.

And of course, the METAL-point of view, the hardware of metal-minds always helps in that process.

The Israelification of America and Europe today is an astounding process of reversal in the evolution of mankind, which Jihad Islam matches on the 3rd world. But Islam is nothing but an attempt to humanise by denying racist memes the Abrahamic religion. In that regard as always the dark involutionist age we live is a mixture of an age of military machines and electronic neofascism – the hardware, and a return to the primitive abrahamic, nationalist memes of earlier animetal cultures – the software.

So without the slightest self-censorship on the objective facts of history we have gone go deeper into what I call the ‘idol-ogies’ of the FMMI culture; that is, the idolatric religions and ideologies, humans have created for 5000 years since the Bronze age, to justify murder by weapons, slavery to go(l)d and mental and physical atrophy to mechanisms, whose evolution they consider the embodiment of ‘future progress’.

Now the existence of those cycles is the clearest proof that we do NOT live in a democracy, a world governed by people, but in a dictatorship of corporations, regardless of the degree of indoctrination of people that willingly accept It. AND ALL SUFFER ITS CYCLES OF WAR AND DEATH, except the 0.002%. Must then mankind be sacrificed for the racist memes of some cuckoo rabbi or banker, as the head of Goldman sachs who said that ‘a bankers job is god’s job’?

It is that the future we want all? Indeed, a Theocracy is a dictatorship of priests even if most believers accept it. So happens today with the world.

If you want to talk social sciences you have to provide first a) accurate data. Otherwise you are not doing science, but the anti-quantum paradox. The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact – that o.02% of its population monopolizes more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and American cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain south-America without mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it.

The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society.

Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw god or Christ, who is son of god, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species. And then they believed in their capitalist memes and conquered the colonial world as debt slaves of the bank of England, believing in classic economics. Now they believe in the Holocaust Industry and massacre the 3rd world and terrorist Islam to defend Apartheid Israel under the manufactured brain of mass media hate memes and the holocaust industry. So we arrive once more to the cycle of electronic wars fuelled by the wars of Semite warrior animetals (terrorist Arabs) vs. Apartheid Israel, fought with the mercenaries of the western world.

But to be precise ideologically it is the industry of the holocaust, which manipulates the tragedy of Judaism during the II world war, in which along other 60 million human beings, 5 million Jewish mostly peasants died, the one that has in this period of the financial industry achieved the ‘darkening’ of all information about the financial control of Judaism.

And latter in the post we shall study how this industry works, on emotional films (gore movies, which of all the XX c. genocides only deal with this tragedy); an astounding number of books that highlight this victims as ‘more victims than all others’ (so 1/4 of all Nobel prizes of literature belong to people who speaks of this fact, as if it was the only ‘deaths’ that matter), holocaust museums all over the world (with the same aim, so America is littered with holocaust museums of a tragedy that happened in another nations, but none about the genocide of Indians or the slave genocide that happened in America). And so and so on. Ultimately the purpose is obvious.

We do NOT forgive the crimes of Stalin even if Hitler killed 30 million slavs (the SS were created to eliminate them and leave free land for colonization in the east), or the crimes in Tibet because the Japanese murdered 20 million Chinese, but we do forget the crimes of Israel and we do hide all information about Soros (a ‘Hungarian’), Merkel (a ‘polish German’), or Sarkozy (another ‘Hungarian’:-). If we knew many things would be clear and policies would not be so easy.

Consider only an example, the policies of Miss Merkel, seen from this perspective, if people knew she is Jewish – a fact ignored by all Europeans and never mentioned in any newspaper. Why she sold 4 nuclear submarines with top German technology to be buttressed with nukes to Israel? Why she is the stalwart of the ECB and European policies of debt usury and private banking, to all southern European states?

So next comes the obvious: what they think of us? the 99.8% they manage? This is the frightening part, and we shall deal with it, because the main difference between Protestant biblical people and talmudians is this: IN Protestantism, the Bible and its laws apply to all humans – so you do NOT kill, steal and lie to humans if you follow the good prophet, Moses. In Orthodox Judaism – all Jewish till Napoleon forced their liberation from the inquisition of Rabbis – ONLY Jewish are Humans. Because Kabbalah and Talmud tell us that gentiles are born of Satan, with dogs, pigs and women. So you can rob, kill and actually as we shall see you are encouraged to do it – a gentile.

And this makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, specially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did. Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure.

So if you think ‘economics is a science’, think better CLASSIC ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL BANKING IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE EQUIVALENT TO CREATIONISM IN BIOLOGY – a biblical belief on Go(l)d, Greed and the right of the chosen to print it all for themselves, but now it is hidden in digital numbers and equations of productivity, in stock-holder rights, and anonymous societies laws that protect them.


In that regard, as Owens denounced (Neo)classic authors show always in their ‘assumptions’ to cater to the p.o.v. of corporative profits, nationalist power, Biblical beliefs or the elite class for whom they work, totally indifferent to the rights of workers, always siding with machines of higher ‘productivity’=profits; ‘If managers took care of human capital with the same zeal they care for their mechanical workers, how much would improve the condition of labor’. ‘London Saloon economists are always busy finding complicated arguments against workers’ rights to defend the profits of bankers and factory owners that pay them, but they never visit as I do factory mills, and see the unending hours and appalling conditions in which people work’.


How this is possible in the theoretical realm is obvious: because all true organic, historic, socialist, humanist schools of economics are censored both theoretically and in praxis, as all the positions of economic power in the western world are taken by biblical bigots of the creationist economic schools which today passed once all humanist scholars have been ‘cleansed’ as the only science of the economics. 

The consequences are the present economic, military & political system, guided by the western idol-ogy of capitalism, which is destroying the world. Let us then first consider this statement by observing ‘who is who’ in the roaster of Saint Nobel Prizes of the Dynamite, sorry of Economics, given in memorial of the ‘Merchant of Death’ and maximal arm dealer of the XIX c. and then the positions of power on western financial houses and central banks:

Nobel Prizes (1968-2016: 49 concessions)

Let us introduce the data of:


±50% Nobel Prizes of economics: Jewish (0.2% population); 28 recipients:

40% Nobel Prizes of economics: Protestant (neo-Jewish beliefs)

‘Non’ Exceptions: rational, right wing European engineers, mathematicians or financial economists:

Fama, Chicago Monetarist school for his empirical work on portfolio theory, asset pricing and stock market behaviour.

Tirole, Engineer, for his work on industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance.

Allais, Engineer, for his contributions to the theory of markets and efficient utilization of resources

Debreu  mathematician, on the theory of differentiable equilibrium, using topological rather than calculus-based methods.

The key censorship of History is that on the monopoly of finances of the go(l)d culture, both in praxis and theory, as all non-humanist classic economists were from the jewish-calvinist go(l)d culture. Below the first age of primitive fetish go(l)d religions or Judaism, proper; next Adam Smith Calvinist and Ricardo Jewish stock-brokers fathers of classic economics with its main dogmas:
1) money must be issued by bankers
2) stock-rats have all rights (bankers buying companies). Workers none – they are offered an iron salary equal to the cost of the machine that can substitute them even if it is below survival as that increase profits (today is the law of productivity) 3) free trade between technological and poor nations ensures the maximal number of go(l)d herded back to the nation with more products to sell (Ricardo’s thesis). 4) taxed money must be used further to expand military and empire, police and jails NOT in welfare. As ultimately the non-chosen HAVE NO RIGHTS as an animal race, ‘expendable’ to serve the ‘leisure class of stock rats’. Today hidden by complex mathematical sophisms those are still the laws that lead the world: Productivity = capital in machines/human labor must rise by firing workers and automated factories to increase profits; Keynesian militarism is good because it increases profits and kill inferior races in ‘shitholes’, we of course created in the colonial age, and maintain with liberal trade in weapons and sucking in all credit to invest from the wealthy in our internet start ups. Finally money must be issued by private banks, now central banks controlled by the go(l)d people – 80% CEOs, CFOs and central bankers NOT for welfare but for credit to bankers, speculation and credit to machines. All has become more complex to remain the same.



Forbidden schools: 0 Prizes

Historic economics (founders: Weber, Sombart) with real data on the origin of corporations, its history, beliefs and ownership – simply considered today a form of ‘anti$emitism’.

Biological, organic theories (founders Butler, Spengler, this web), expressly forbidden by Mr. Nobel, a pious biblical believer who forbid his prices to any practioneer of theory of evolution.

Socialist, humanist school (founders: Anarchist, communists, socialists, Keynesians,  Bakhunin, Marx, Kondratiev, Keynes): completely banned.

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

III world non Western European/US economists (90% of mankind). 2 Prizes:

So 90% of mankind and ALL the humanist schools of economics, who care for welfare, and the production NOT of machines but the goods humans need to survive,  is represented only by 2 economists, which ‘surprise, surprise!’ are the ONLY prizes who study welfare (Amartya Sen, who implemented the IHD index of human development, the ‘true measure’ of economic whealth).

YetArthus Lewis, a protestant ‘house negro’ descendant of a long list of distinguished Caribbean slaves, converted to the ‘capitalist school’ focused on how capitalism absorbs workers from ‘subsistence’ economics developing third world countries (reading, agricultural societies are ‘bad subsistence’ economies which good capitalist entrepreneurs will develop making them work in the ‘right sectors’.


Only 1 economist in the whole history of the discipline have been recognised by the system.

1/2 of them belong the people-caste of money of the western world – the chosen of go(l)d or ‘People of the treasure’, which represent 0.2% of mankind. And to mention it is the most heinous censored fact, called simply Anti-$emitism.

But things get worse when we get to positions of power in the Financial private and public industries, as all the central bankers of the Euro-American civilisation, are at the time of writing this web, Jewish, again representing 0.2% of the population (and about 80% of CEOS of financial companies and CFOs of  500 fortune companies; and similar numbers for mass-media and dominant Internet corporations). As the list would be eternal we just shall mention just the key position, Central bankers, which arguably representing ‘nations’ should be ruled by people of their cultures… 

Central bankers of the west.

As we write this web for the first time, all western central bankers are jewish:

Mervyn King (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of England

Alistair (Jewish) – Financial Minister of England (Exchequer)

Jean-Pierre Roth (Jewish) – Chairman, Swiss National Bank

Jean-Claude Trichet (Jewish) – President, European Central Bank

Mark Carney (Jewish) – Governor, Bank of Canada

Benjamin Bernanke (Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve

Donald Kohn (Jewish) – Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve

Geithner (Jewish) Treasure Department, USA

Robert B. Zoellick (Jewish) – President, The World Bank

Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) – Director, International Monetary Fund

John Lipsky (Jewish) – First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund.


‘You don’t argue with your banker’ (Clinton)

  • Semite wars are deal with the harsher views of Israel on Islamophobia, becoming a permanent conflict
  • Economic systems are deal with the harsher view of the ‘$elected’ entitled chosen of go(l)d stockrats as having all rights while workers have none.
  • Profits is sacred, greed is sacred, Go(l)d will provide.
  • All humanist solutions for the 90% and a future welfare world are forbidden.
  • All criticism of capitalism in historic-data form is considered a form of anti-$emitism.



Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 8.39.53 AM

It shouldn’t surprise us that the Olympics of Peace Nobels come to the 3 capitalist fundamental countries of our financial world, the essential leaders of the ‘Sith’ culture, so to speak, with the first ‘Jedi’, country which sponsors a humanist world in a distant four.

If we break down the list we shall see in the specifics that the Presidents of America that started wars are the first profesional politicians, from Theodore Roosevelt that blew up the Maine killing their own troops to justify the ‘just war’ to grab the Spanish colonial empire, the first on the list to the last Mr. Obama, who sponsored the rise of the Terminator Drone, as the perfect hidden weapon of choice to murder children at distance, with Anakin, now Darth Vader on the loose… The next national presidents to receive the Nobel are the Presidents of the Sith nation, for maintaining during 50 years a concentration camp for those children so they  can bomb them easily at will, but and likely will end up exterminating when III world war for which Anakin is being reared as the apprentice of all eviLs, will be soon ready… These days both are busy, murdering 100 children every day of hunger in Yemen, for the only sin of belonging to the Chiite, less corrupted sect of Islam. They add to the 1 billion undernourished humans due to the systemic choking off credit of our Economic Go(l)d prizes, which insist on spending all our resources evolving machines and devolving humans with hate memes, overproduction of weapons and null credit to welfare goods humans need to survive.


In the graph, low left, the stock-market reproduces +90% of the total money of the world it dedicates to the reproduction and evolution of machines, while the human biological organism and its societies, historic civilisations hardly use 10% of the total money issued in society to develop a human world. The result is that the evolution of machines continue unabated and the ‘chip radiation’ increasingly makes humans obsolete.

Anakin keeps killing children under the rule of the Sith all over the Human galaxy. 100 die of hunger everyday in Yemen for the only sin of being chiites, the less corrupted version of Islam, which did not fall under the jihadist military caliphate of the Umayyad, as its Iranian friends, which the Sith have sworn to exterminate through its Puppet Potus and dictators.

So yes, for when a Nobel Prize to the owner of Saud Arabia, a dictator so full of himself that has changed the name of his nation to that of his own people – not even Stalin at the height of its massacred allied Russia Stalinia, or Hitler changed Germany for Hitleria, alas, Saudarabia received tens of billions of weapons from Anakin to keep doing the job the elite Lords of the Sith Empire know best, the ‘holocaust and hecatomb’ of innocent children, theirs and the others.

In that regard, to make matters brief, we would like to highlight our favorite Peace Nobel Prize to the Sith Lords of absolute eviL=antilive, which shares with Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin as the biggest criminal of the XX century, still a very respected speaker in Anakin Land, which no doubt will receive ‘state honors’ in his burial of the death…


In the next graph 4 Holocausts of recent History, the holocaust of the lower peasant classes of Kazar->Ashkenazi jews, deemed by its go(l)d banker elite as mazerim (mestizos), unworthy of salvation; next the Slave holocaust of black people, caused ideologically by  the Rabbi’s ‘Ham Damnation’ according to which Arabs and negroes are inferior to Dogs as they come from the inferior race of Ham, not a human race…which also explains the fourth Holocaust of Islamic ‘terrorist’ children, the main target of our industry of Drones, whose biggest producer is Israel, for which Mr. Obama which implemented it as the weapon of choice for American just wars, receive his Peace Nobel, but the fourth one is ALL product of a single Peace Nobel, Mr. Kissinger, happily naked as the man of the Year in one of the P.R.Ess industry magazines of the FMAsters, above the ‘huge Dent’ in the population of Cambodia, a peaceful buddhist nation, which was neutral, did NOT interfere in Vietnam, and was plunged into war and genocide, just because some ‘Charlies’ seemed to have crossed through its jungle back and forth to liberate his nation of the people who threw over it more weapons than in the entire II world war, killing 3 million humans in the process. But of course we only mourn the people on the left side, each victim with a picture, soon to have also a movie and a gore book for another Literature Nobel prize, and all those US soldiers written in the wall of Vietnam but ignore the millions who died in the black holocaust, the millions who die in the Viet war on the other side, the millions who Kissinger murdered, choosing personally the villagers of Cambodian peasants it would strategically bomb with Napalm, to ‘prevent’ a possible trail for ‘potential’ Vietnamese soldiers to cross, even before they had crossed at all:



it would be interesting to maintain the industry of the Holocaust, with added rooms to explain the Holocausts of the Am Segullah, of Mankind due to go(l)d values, so perhaps then the jabiru will realise they need to do a French r=evolution against their racist banker-priests and join humanity in his search for survival. In the graph, America has a huge Holocaust to a genocide IT DID NOT COMMIT, but none to the 20 million holocaust of negro slaves, as human capital imported in the first gunboat stock-market companies for go(l)d profits, based in the Ham Damnation uttered by a racist rabbi after the expulsion from Egypt which condemned Arabs and negroes to a status inferior to dogs – the most despised animal of the Semitic cultures.

In the center we see the consequences – the negro slaves occupied a far smaller part of the cargo space than rum& molasses. For good measure, we could also introduce a few holocausts caused by the splendid little wars for profits of the American military industry, which spends more than half of the tax-farming of American citizens, today spent liberally in the mercenary wars of Israel. In the right, the 5 million dent in population due to the ‘Kissinger effect’ during the splendid little wars of Vietnam, when Mr. Kissinger, a highly respected  member of the GOP party decided single-handed to attack Cambodia, a neutral country, picking up ‘personally’ the peasant villages to be destroyed by air-raids and bombs, the most expensive arsenals, and trade-mark of the biblical war massacres of innocent people, from Dresden to Hiroshima, from Cambodia to the drone industry massacring civil people in Islamophobic nations. 

It must be noticed that Israel provides 60% of the world’s army of Drones, mostly sold with lobbyism to US, which liberally spends 1/2 of its tax payers budget in a global war, which is nothing but the expansion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to global proportions, which we will explain in more detail in the analysis of Israel as the ROLE MODEL FOR XXI century capitalism, in its ‘military-robotic age’.

It is important to notice how rhetoric victimism works here. Mr. Kissinger can be considered the single biggest genocidal character of the post-stalinist era and yet he also inaugurates the ‘mickey manson’ age of walt disney massacres, now made into video games (last image) with drones shot by kids from Nevada bases, as if the ‘terrorist’ kids they murder in some remote afghan village were angry ducks. So of course, if we look at the tenebrous image of the holocaust museum, truly a masterpiece of what Aristotle calls ‘spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, strangers to the purpose of Tragedy’ in his book poetics (the most read about book among evilwood plotters), it terrifies us.

But alas, the casual genocider, Mr. Kissinger is a nice chap that came on Time Magazine as a YMCA gay cowboy, smiling naked while he was murdering millions of innocent cambodians who had nothing to do with the vietnam war, just for fun and profits of the bomb-plane industry, as we keep murdering without any precision villagers all over the ‘Islamic world’, and killing at distance through financial theft, speculation in food future markets, taxation, debt slavery, brutal austericid of welfare states, millions wholesale of ‘lives that do not matter’ to the segregated Am Segullah elite, which on top have the chuptzah of covering up on the jabiru murdered 80 years ago, to keep justifying themselves of their crimes, and protecting capitalism of any criticism. So the new eviL is ‘fun’.

Now, the reader should really realise the power of informative networks to manufacture the brain of the globalised human being: in spanish we say ‘eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel’. On the walls on the left of a huge building the Americans are told the life of every single individual, with names so he relates closely, as it happens with every Israeli hurt by a Palestinian.

We do not know however a single name of the flock stored above the molasses in far less space, as they were of less value in the slave boat, overwhelmingly owned by jewish-protestant biblical bigots, justified by the Ham damnation, and we do not know the name of a single Cambodian on the dent of the population pyramid caused by Mr. Kissinger, or the name of any collateral damage of the Military drone industry – since we do not count corpses said the general in charge. So we DO care and feel  as Americans for every picture of the huge wall that happened long ago in other continent so we feel guilty and react knee-jerk to any criticism to the Am Segullah bankers who throw us from our homes in the scam of cdos.

We also do not know their names, or those who cannot have hospital surgery because states must pay usury debt to the ECB bank. Hence the power of the Industry. Mr. Spielberg, that nice chap, who made A.I. where robots are the good guys that will exterminate as all, and men the brutish inferior species, who does not go to Cannes, because French collaborated on the Holocaust, a man who obviously ‘despises mankind’ , as almost every one of its party does, and just does FX with machines in second rate movies, a total idol of America, cause he makes monnneyy!!!, shot thousands and thousands of hours to record every survivor every life of the holocaust industry so we shall all remember forever every name of a jabiru victim while the molasses, cambodians and Muslims become statistics, numbers, dehumanised as those in nazi concentration camps, of which we also  know each personal number.

It was necessary to introduce the ‘collective subconscious mind’ of our civilisation before we even attempt to explain you the absurd idol-ogies that ‘litter’ literally your mind with utter falsities about the nature of humanity, and the economic ecosystem.
But it is a fact that mankind now has a collective brain – that of Judaism, and what is more astounding, all the element of the human super organism, eve those who are brutalised as debt slaves or enemies, believe the myths provided by the networks.
Indeed, even the most dedicated jihadist thinks yhwh≈allah, the toponym of Judea created the Universe. Now, a study of what people believe today shows a planet of ‘madmen’, with no reference whatsoever with reality, with their brains littered by all absurd idol-ogies that JUSTIFY their worship of metal.
The Nobel prize of peace to the Nazi Party of Israel – according to Einstein.
We shall jump through the Nobel Prizes to presidents and premiers of UK and US – colonialist bigots and racist nazis of the ‘authorized’ anglo-American empire, from the Anglo-Jewish Churchill Jerome, (Mother who raised him, was the daughter of a Wall Street speculator), to the anglo-Jewish T. Roosevelt (Nee Rosenfelt, from another speculator family, through Mr, Chamberlain, another well you know the drill… it seems on that series the only eternal offspring of the alliance of JAps (Jewish  Princesses, who receive the money to marry…) and Wasps (Germanic warriors)… and its offspring of perfect animetal bigots with nationalist and capitalist mixed genes and memes was the German-Jewish leaders of nazism, Mr. Hitler, nee frankenheimer, the grand-son of one Aaron, a financial master who seeded his grand-mother, recently proved by genetics, and its co-religionaries also of Jewish-Germanic stock, Mr. Goring (whose jewish father maintained his lover-mother in his castle and left him the inheritance, reason why the Goring brothers saved thousands of jews) and/or Mr. Goebbels, the master of Sith deception (If you tell a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it), the true founder of the post-truth age of modern weimar America, married to a mixed Jewish woman…
I guess, in the eternal fratricide wars between Jewish-Germanic Wo=men marriages of go(l)d and swords, information as always disguised behind the cover of energetic weapons, for ‘pecunia infinita bellus nervi’, ‘tal para cual’, only receive the prizes the side of the farces of war which makes most profits. Both do, since Mercedes multiplied by 5 its profits during the war bonanza even after loosing the war, and so did BMW, which is still the property of the ‘cousins of Goebbels’, the quandt family, all has changed to remain the same.
So yes, we escaped those Peace Nobels on the side that had won the war – though rest assured if the other germanic-jewish sword and gold master had won, instead of Churchill Jerome, Hitler Frankenheimer would be the one honored by ‘neutral Sweden’ that sold its iron and Saint Nobel of the Dynamite weapons to both contenders ‘again’, as it did in I world war, to all the ‘cousins’ – again – mind the reader the 3 Emperors of Britain, Germany and Russia were also in I World war cousins and ‘gentlemen’ who liked to play Tennis together…
But let us concentrate on the Nobel Prizes given after the war… Guess indeed which nation’s president receive the most…  3 of them, and the first was given to what Einstein, a humanist scientist, called the Nazi Party of Palestine, paying outraged an article in the New York Times to lobby for his prohibition in America, as its president and future Nobel Prize, author of several massacres against the people of the land was coming to promote hi cause:
I guess no further comments are needed. He received the prize in the 70s like. Mr. K, and those were – mind the reader the good old days of hippies, when the Anakins of Silicon Valley had not yet crossed to the dark side… So we can expect maybe a Nobel prize of peace to Mr. Trump next? Or perhaps to Mr. Salman or Mr Kushner?  They are aso bringing peace to Yemen, the peace of the cemeteries that Mr. Nobel said it would bring with his factories of weapons… or why not in the increasing trend to give ‘human properties’ to our AI machines to make them more amenable to the JUST warrior after the prize to Mr. Obama’s just wars; as we all know AI will unlike all previous top predator weapons and its go(l)d values of zero value to life, very nice and just not like our human eviL people – all those who don’t belong to the FMAsters, as we shall show in our final Nobel prize – that of the wor(l)d dedicated to highlight the evilness of mankind:
ymen 100 child

One hundred children die of hunger everyday for the only sin of being chiites, the less corrupted version of Islam, who did not accepted the Yihad caliphate of the Ummayyad, and so are today not so easy corrupted as the Saud owners of Arabia that have even changed the name of its property nation… But we only sell them the weapons… and kill them with our drones at distance, so Anakin is ‘Innocent’ of course… give them the prize

In the graph above, our possible candidates for a Nobel prize. Then I suggest after the makers of the just war of Yemen, to give it to the future Just warrior that will revenge the Siths of the deeds explained by our next Nobels – those of the wor(l)d:
robots bezos


All this said let us deal with the seemingly ONLY NOBEL PRIZE GIVEN TO THE WOR(L)D, THE ETHIC LANGUAGE OF MAN, not to mathematical models of collective human extinction, its weapons and entropic theories of death and mass murder. Alas, this one should be ‘noble’ – as it uses our language, whose grammar puts man as the center of all sentences:

Human (subject) > Verb (action) > object (energy of the human subject)

Right? Yes, Right, as it is given to the right bigots of each age, starting with the first one to the Historian of the Roman armies Mr. Mommsen till the last one to the bigot singer who first faked as an Irish true poet (Mr. Dylan) but now goes as an ultra-orthodox singer friends of the most apartheid, genocidal group of Israel politics… welcome to our final chapter on the saga of ‘science is culture’ and our culture is animetal, rotten to the bone:



‘Brbrians are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’

Aristotle on the gutural, consonantic violent Imperative, agglutinative languages of the Northern Germanic and Southern Semitic barbarians and its fundamentalist cultures that put the values of death, Go(l)d and weapons above man, getting death in reward, unlike those Jedi cultures that put the truths of the wor(l)d, life and love above metal and cherish man as the measure of all things and survive, and DONT NEED TO MAKE LITERATURE about their war and holocaust cycles they bring upon themselves:

love survival VALUES AND WAR copy

In the graph, regardless of the astounding myopic view of History of animetal cultures the Universe is just, organic and favors eusocial evolution and the species who love their own so legalist verbal cultures have survived far better – the true proof of intelligence – in history than those who hold the present fundamentalist memes of America, go(l)d and weapons, which the reader could observe are synergic species that value each other far more than life. Only a legalist nation could then respecting mankind and truly upholding the values of equality create a future for humanity.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, on the excesses of a bad play, which cover up for the excesses of a bad plot. Aristotle, Master of the Jedi, rational, legalist, Latin culture also known for defining money as nomisma, a legal language with no value per se, that should ‘foster’ the reproduction of healthy, wealthy goods, still the highest mind of the western world.

A perfect comment to characterise the Nobel prizes of literature, to mourning people, 1/4th to holocaust deniers – that is people who talk about the Holocaust but never about its economical causes.

The wor(l)d is the soul of man. Its language of time and survival, where he is the center of creation. The beauty of the wor(l)d are its ethics. Before i learned all other languages I wrote, first poetry, then fiction, then scripts, non-fiction came last. A man cannot be a true mind if he does not think with words to exist. But today there are very few people with a developed verbal mind. We dedicate a full series of articles to topological linguistics, to analyse how wor(l)d syntaxes determine cultures.

It is precisely in the ethics of the wor(l)d and the depth of knowledge the wor(l)d has provided to mankind, now all but gone, where we really notice the d=evolution of man, a digital species for which wor(l)d does not carry truth, only fiction… And so often accompanied by accessory languages, images, music…

The neopaleolithic degeneration of man has no comparison in any other ‘part of being human’ than in the word, in the age of the digital machine and go(l)d values. The incapacity of man to survive this time is determined by his lack of interest in the wor(l)d of thought. The outcome is a simple man for which audiovisual media, in which the word is the excuse reigns supreme.

For that reason history has it so difficult, since its soul is the wor(l)d and the wor(l)d is gone, and what is left is faked wor(l)ds. So we wanted to comment today on the Nobel to the faked wor(l)d…

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-07-41-03 screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-07-42-23

This year the Nobel prize of literature to Mr. Dylan, a bigot Orthodox Jew in defence of israel, related to the most brutal groups of colonists, has surrendered to the 2 human-mechanical trends of the ‘FM system’: it has been given to a pop singer, the ‘fiction soma of revolution’, provided by industrial networks of metal-communicators to create the virtual ‘concept’ of r=evolution, deactivating real revolutions. And to one of the leaders of the Truman show, reason we study the character in depth… in the Truman Show. Here we shall consider the astounding incapacity of the Swedes to give any Saint Nobel Prize of the Dynamite to someone who actually does some good to mankind – as Prizes are indeed, excuses to ‘wash the sinners’ of some animetal master as Saint Nobel, the merchant of death and biggest arms dealer of the XIX c. was.

Now Mr. Dylan is NOT r=evolutionary, but is the ideal ‘fake of revolution’ that distracted the masses in the 60s of doing the real job.

Indeed, the 60s revolution America as the 2000s one FAILED precisely because it became ‘virtual’, trapping millions of potential young revolutionaries which instead of Occupying Wall street went to woodstock and posted in Facebook.

If Nobel wanted to honor the use of words with audiovisual media IT SHOULD HAVE LONG AGO, honoured the maximal quality (max.i-nformation), of both mixed forms of art, happening in Richard Strauss modernist opera and Mankiewicz-Southern, two top films against the values of go(l)d and war: citizen kane, and weapons: Dr. strange love, which also provided in Easy Rider, the true description of the beatnik aborted free revolution – ending aptly massacred by a truck. BOTH SIGNIFIED in his collaboration with the BEST two directors of post-war America (Welles and Kubrick) the height of scriptwriting art.

 As it happened i took writing lessons with Mr. Southern and we became friends (always drunk when we left columbia I accompanied him to his home and stopped to take ‘one for the road’ and talked of the divine and human – my activist film against the nuclear industry, which accompanied my suits against CERN, has many ‘references to his’, as when Dr. Strangematter, aka Hawking, the man who wants to make black holes on earth, (first singularity extinction event) to get a ‘nobel prize ‘s cut in parallel to Dr. strange love.

Which bring also an essential fact of wor(l)d masters: they talk their walk…

Unlike the faked placebo go(l)d masters that pretend to be ‘humanist’ by focusing not on the good but the evil of mankind – mostly their ‘rival’ nazionianists… as they please. THEY are all about faked humanism and money making.

And unfortunately they are these days mostly from our FMasters strain. So we have the likes of politicos like Miss Stein, the ‘ecologist’ candidate of 2016 $election, investing in military companies, or Mr. Musk, telling us AI will kill mankind while dedicating all their money and time to evolve it (indeed, mr. Tesla, is evolving AI self-driving cars with solar skins, soon to apply to military autonomous tanks that won’t need us, and tell us with cynicism he is evolving Ai to ‘watch it’).


The real forgotten masters.

Now, to give one of those prizes you first have to KNOW what is to be HUMAN and that is something the Swedes forgot when they became biblical repressors of all what makes life worth living.

So who did not get the Prizes  is the best way to find the real ‘innovative masters’ of XX c. literature, on what is to be human. 

And first about being HUMAN is not hate but LOVE, not mechanical re=production but sexual REPRODUCTION.

Got the difference?  As the Swedes are puritans – you know the drill to reproduce machines you have to NOT reproduce sex – of course none of the masters who ‘did enjoy sex after all’ and realized of its ‘cosmic important’ being the Universe a reproductive orgasm of information…

So Don’t look for Henry Miller’s Tropics; George Bataille’s eye or  the depths of Bourroughs’ ‘Naked lunches’ on the human decadence.

It amazes the capacity  of the swedes NOT to choose the real values of the wor(l)d, when actually they are trying hard, BUT SOMEHOW, not even trying they can distinguish faked wor(l)ds from real ones. After all the swedes are the origin of the Germ(anic) people who murder history and have never been at ease with anything truly human from sex to love.

So Alas, even when they try to be human they look so ‘dumb’. The exception was precisely the decade after II world War, when they briefly noticed what technology weapons and go(l)d had done to the world. So yes, between Hesse and Camus, you did have some enlightened swede prizes. 

But as the cold war set in, things of course fast degenerated. So you got the one to Churchill for his biography! – may I suggest if biographies count, one to Mr. Trotsky or Mr. Malcolm X (: who so well describe the house negros working for the white house masters…

Indeed what about Social Love? Where are the r=evolutionaries?  IT SEEMS THE SWEDES understand only about NAZIONANISMS, that is onanisms, selfies, self-love, masturbatory ceremonies a la Mr. Churchill talking about how great he was as a friendly British Nazi who only killed negros not ‘yous’ and so we must forgive him.

This is the place where if you go against the system they accuse you of rape a la Assange!

Then being HUMAN is also trying got UNDERSTAND the Universe of Time and its languages, AND THE MEANING OF HISTORY, THE human super organism, our God in time to do Philosophy ON THE ESSENCE OF TIME and BEING.

Ah, yes! You might THINK the Swedes being so pretentiously serious would at least get one HIT-parade on that? 

Not at all. You have of course ‘again’ a philosopher getting the prize, better known before by a book called ‘Nausea’, another called “Pest’ and another who was the first book denouncing the Holocaust. Yeap, again all about death, Mr. Sartre.

So don’t look either when they get ultra-serious in search of the meaning of man and the world of time, for the 2 most influential philosophers ‘still’, of the turn of the XX century, alas, THEY are ACCUSED OF  being National socialists because they criticised the bankster – Mr. Heidegger and Mr. Nietzsche.

Like Mr. Wagner, you might not like his lack of political correctness about the go(l)d masters, but if you want to understand ‘MODERN music and its deconstruction of Harmony In an age completely OUT OF TUNE, all comes from Wagner‘; if You want to understand the CRIME of killing god=Mankind in its purest forms, Nietzsche will explain it to you; and if you want to Understand really what EXISTENCE is, NOT its death, but ‘TIME’ the existential DaSein of being, look at Heidegger, not at Mr. Sartre’s nauseating platitudes, and all the boredom that follows.

And History? OK, perhaps here they got some clue. Those are Swedes, have a lot of libraries and a long History. 

Well, we shall escape all the just mentioned prizes on the seemingly only theme that matters in history, 1/5th prizes given to the  winners of II WW, the ‘you victims’ of history, which are in fact NEVER TELLING the real history, the real causality, which was economical as always in the cycle of usury debt, ruin of nations, and global war and holocaust – always to holocaust deniers (that is denying of the economic cycle of the holocaust), ‘yous’ of various denominations or its apologists like Mr. Sartre, who did not accept the prize (didn’t go to the ceremony) but did accept the price (asked for the money). Where is the PRIZE to the 3 masterpieces of Modern Jewish History, Abraham Leon on the 800 years cycle of Jewish History as the people-cast of go(l)d, a you who died in a Nazi camp, or to Sombart’s masterpiece on Judaism and the origin of capitalism, even his student Weber for his ‘calvinism and the origin of capitalism’ for the 80 years cycles, or mr. Ford, first hand account on how he a calvinist lost America to the newcomers?

Now for SERIOUS history – that is not the history of the 0.2% of MANKIND, let us remember again, 0.2% OF MANKIND is NOT relevant. Mankind=History is the 99.9%, so for real History, consider the 3 only Nobels to Historians given to 2 bigots of imperial history and a pious pamphletist of another You God:

One went to Mr. Mommsen, the apologist of Roman armies and empire building.

The other went to Churchill, the racist leader of the british empire, enthusiast of eugenics (Sweden didn’t stop castration of lesser humans, practicing eugenics till the 1970s), and mastermind of Israel’s state whose lobbies always sustained his career. And the usual reactionary conservative slav, here a pole known by quo vadis on those baddies romans who didn’t believe in the ‘you’ prophet.

The 2 MOST notable historians – if You exclude the masterpieces of socialism, Lenin’s Imperalism and Trotsky’s biography, predecessors of biological History, of course, got nothing – Mr. Toynbee and Mr.  Oswald ‘spengler’ (nowhere to be seen on the list) from Germany and England, like the imperialist Mommsen and Churchill – but NOT making a hagiography of their nazi empires – yes, the British empire was as brutal as the Nazi even if it specialised in killing negroes, those lesser beings who don’t even have a single Holocaust museum in America, where there are 100 and counting for the people they DID NOT MURDER.

So of course, nobody remembers their books. Ah, I forgot, we do have also a prize to the well known imperialist of ‘the white man’s burden poem on how to civilise the brutish 3rd world’ – Mr. Kipling, which neo-fascism loves to love for his childish imperial narratives of ‘orientalism’, Jungle books include. At least though he does have a certain flair on the language – not certainly on the content. But for language and History NONE OF THE GREAT masters of the British Baroque and his parables of capitalism, was ever noticed, Wells’ Time machine, Huxley’s Brave New world and of course the true MASTER of them all, Historian of the Future, which is what a science does: Mr. Orwell and his counterpart of America’s parables on the future, Cat and Cradle’s master Mr. Vonnegut; the guy who starts his other masterpiece, slaughterhouse five, telling us that nobody wanted to publish his book because it was NOT about the holocaust ovens but the ovens of Dresden, and sorry, I was in Dresden, so I wrote a book about what i knew (:

In the graph, some of the artistic parables of a world ruled by the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money to control our work time and audiovisual big brother fictions and somas to deactivate any reaction of the mass.  In the ¥-generation, of why, visual people (‘vidi, credo ergo sum’) likely the best parables are the masterpieces of the previous European cycle, when humans still undertood wor(l)ds: Kafka’s ‘the castle’ and ‘the process’, Wells, ‘time machine’, Orwell’s ‘animal farm’, ‘1984’ and Huxley ‘new brave world. In Kafka’s ‘the castle’, the ruler of the city, the ‘capitalist’ is hidden as it acts as distance with money and corrupted laws controlling the population from its invisible ‘higher point of maximal information’. As societies evolved from an earlier verbal age, indeed, the highest point moved from churches to financial towers. But in the final stages of the ¥-generation, the Financial-Media masters double its high towers with tv-antennas and internet satellites, which manufacture the brain of the people, through ‘interposed’ celebrity-Gods, which interpret the idol-ogies behind capitalism in front of a worshipping audience, pre-programmed by the simultaneity of metal-communicators – and that is the role of Oscars and Prizes. We can compare the world we live with the artistic parable of  Time machine, in which a world of happy ‘californios’, visual mindless ¥-generation people try to be happy and think not on the Morlocks, which behind the scenes parasite and feed on them, but whose mere mention is an absolute taboo the time traveller cannot break, as the ‘sheeple’ offers his life happily to their masters…  In the graph, Time machine, sold in futuristic metracolor, void of all the ‘hidden meanings’ of the future now present society of visual ‘californios’, with verbal taboos of political and economical correctness, willing to enjoy a ‘data-like’ life as long as they are not awakened till the Morlocks dispose of them- an apparently perfect world that hides  under the surface of a virtual, perfect world of ‘manufactured’ brains and beautiful bodies without minds, a Financial-Media Capitalist/Hollywood system ‘owned’ by the Morlocks, banksters and celebrity circuses, which parasite and feed on the ‘sheeple’ which cannot defend itself.

On being human, something the swedes seem to have forgotten.

So if being human is to being alive and practice the drives of life, in the next graph explained in terms of what we truly are an organism of spatial energy and temporal information like all other systems of the Universe, none of our complex actions, reproduction, social evolution into history and true information – wor(l)d philosophy was ever honoured in its true masters of the XX c. The other 2 actions – running and eating, oh well… Maybe they surprise as soon giving a Nobel Prize to Usain Bolt, very politically correct mind the reader, or a good cooking book, certainly more useful than Mr. Dylan’s songs, but please not don’t give it to Molecular Swedish cuisine (:

Now, the series of ‘dumb prices’  are truly impressive – that of Nobels of Literature, which systematically have missed all of the master WRITERS of the century, except those who use WORDS for the mastery of form NOT of content – and here yes, they can at least realise that Marquez or Faulkner or Hemingway or Joyce knew how to spell very well.

But then maybe, maybe when considering form with content, specially for the ‘few, but outstanding ‘You’ and Scandinavian masters – alas, here they cannot be so dumb, a good formal ‘you or Scandinavian with REAL content’ that is a sure hit. THEY CAN FAIL HERE, NOT that there are many but at least you can think of 3 outstanding scandinavians and yous with form and content – that is an easy hit… they cannot be so retarded… Let us try this.

And no, I am no talking of the ‘yous’ who did not talk of the Holocaust as people of ‘substance’, they fell on another form of self-masturbation, not the pain of the collective subconscious but the pain of his warts and/or his insults to his other ‘nation’ – the kind of self-masturbatory exercises of hate-memes to oneself and the nation that hosts them, from Mr. Saul Bellow, perfectly portrayed by Dali’s ‘the great masturbator’, through Mr. Pasternak, the russian you that hated the r=evolution, insulted it in public and was forgiven by Mr. Stalin personally…

I am talking about the best yous regardless of genes, who truly showed in his HUMAN-memes the nature of  the XX c.agony for life, love and beauty of the human kind.

This 2 non-jews (christian one, socialist/anarchist the other) are of course remembered by all – yous and gentiles – because good literature NEVER DIES as the Nobel Prize always does, once time passes away:

Mr. Proust and Mr. Kafka – of course – were ignored but we all know who they are – human, only human.

Yes, the long series of humanist genetic jews with Human MEMES, those we all LOVE them, from Humanist Jesus through christian->socialist Marx, to Kafka and Proust – the yous who abandon the you go(l)d meme and its hate/victimism against MANKIND their TRUE GOD, THEY are worthy.

But, nothing worth has been ever written from the human perspective by a ‘you-you’, because a ‘you-you’ is not a race but a racist idol-ogy, a very different proposition, the belief that ‘you’ the ‘you’ are a chosen ‘race’ of ‘gold’, with rights to enslave life and standardise it with numbers and price, always above man – that hateful species.

Mr. Proust of course was only by birth, a go(l)den you with a mum of a banking dynasty, but a christian father-doctor. So as always on those mestizos who can compare the two sides of his culture memes and know what to choose are worthy, from Marx to Proust… they take sides and struggle to understand his human side, and become then deeply anti$emites – that is reject go(l)d values for love and beauty, and a Master of thought might then be born, worth to ecstasies of the wor(l)d.

And so to end in a good note, we also have Kakfa – no we won’t talk here of Freud, the cuckoo guy who thought we all wanted to fuck our ‘you’ mother and kill our gentile father… amazingly enough the ‘scientist??” more quoted on the XX century… what next? A kabbalist rabi who thinks ‘women, gentiles and dogs are born of the leg of satan’?

So we have Kafka, and for good measure Wittgenstein if you need one of his linguists (another one never mentioned by the committee of experts, a failed proposition, as a linguist, since words are NOT atoms, but with an admirable life)… What makes them so interesting is that actually they were both deeply anti-Semites, as Einstein was, even if they have all been absorbed by the ‘network’ and quoted amazingly enough a defenders of Israel, when they were all anti-zionists… but that is another story…

Bottom line is this, even a wealthy ‘you’ can be cured of its go(l)d memes and ‘pass through the hole of a needle’ and enter the kingdom of heavens, we don’t hold any MEME unchangeable but ‘you’ have to show you can walk behind the master Iesu of each age and liberate your should and ASK FORGIVENESS TO ALL THE GENTILES you murdered at distances with usury NOT the other way around AS it is customary these days – even the Pope apologises to the Financial-Media masters for Go(l)d’s sake!!

So those two passed through the needle with honours – their families of ‘you’ animetals in control of railroads all over the Empire… were put in their place. Read letter to my father of mr. Kafka, a delight of the soul senses – he is indeed the cockroach of metamorphosis, left there to be eaten by insects, as their parents take their beautiful daughter to walk in search of a go(l)den bride. While Wittgenstein renounced to his ‘death-stained’ fortune and went to teach language to a small town and wrote that beautiful sentence ‘when all has been written it is better to remain silent’.

Oh, yes, please no more Nobel prizes, the best thing you an do is to cancel them all and give the money to the poor people victim of the Nobel Industries, discoverers of dynamite, the personal MINE and other niceties…

So leaving aside the side of the good and bad yous, which disgracefully have to come all the time in the blog, because they manufacture the brain and buy the timeline of mankind with its informative machines,we are really trying hard to find some value on those Nobels. Let us give it a final try, with a home run, that should be easiest.

WHAT then ABOUT Scandinavians, there are a LOT of scandinavians with prizes. You just have to NOT make the wrong spelling and you get one. I have a cousin from Sweden and He has a great-grand aunt who has one. Seriously. Where is then the prize to the true master of Norwegian literature Mr. Ibsen? Indeed, when those prizes were created there were real geniuses on the parroquial world of Swedish culture turning as always around Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, and the British-French, ‘correct modern’ capitalist world. So with no argument, Mr. IBSEN deserved it but he died to see everybody who knew how to spell well getting it.

So here we go, we have exhausted the inquire. They could not even find the best Scandinavian writer ‘ever’… 


Alas to conclude, before we comment a bit on the economic prize, a short list of Literature Nobel winners, till I World War – you can bet each year to one of the worst, conservative, placebo, politically and economically correct idiots of the world to get one – but when you read their ‘lofty merits’, uau!, the homunculus has grown in stature above heavens and earth indeed… to make a hole in the dome of fixed stars…

1901 Sully-Prudhomme

France French “in special recognition of his poetic composition, which gives evidence of lofty idealism, artistic perfection and a rare combination of the qualities of both heart and intellect”[poetry, essay]

This is really the first of a series of ‘poets’, all without the slightest quality, based merely on the form never the content along. Who was at this time the BEST writer alive? NOBODY WOULD HAVE EVER DOUBTED. This Sully-silly who remember him?

Mr. Tolstoi was alive! Oh, yes, the writer of the best novel, ever, since then and forever, as nobody writes anymore anything worth to think who is not a silly song or a script – yes, the master of war, but also of peace….

But here we must be honest. It was always said that he was offered the prize, but that was the first prize and everybody knew the so-called merchant of death, Mr. Nobel had created it. So if they offer of course Tolstoi would have refused.

I don’t really know why to continue with the list, IT IS TRULY A WASTELAND, so just copycat from wikipedia:

1903 Björnstjerne Björnson, 1901.(1844-1905). Norwegian “as a tribute to his noble, magnificent and versatile poetry, which has always been distinguished by both the freshness of its inspiration and the rare purity of its spirit”[10] poetry, novel, drama
1904 Frédéric Mistral  France Provençal “in recognition of the fresh originality and true inspiration of his poetic production, which faithfully reflects the natural scenery and native spirit of his people, and, in addition, his significant work as a Provençal philologist”[11] poetry, philology

2 ‘nationalist’ writers of pretentious poetry to the ‘small nation’ in languages nobody understands.

LET US CONTINUE the list and then comment them briefly, just till I W.W. (we shall not bore you to death):
1902 T-mommsen- “the greatest living master of the art of historical writing, with special reference to his monumental work, A History of Rome”[9] history, law

1904. José Echegaray y Eizaguirre Spanish “in recognition of the numerous and brilliant compositions which, in an individual and original manner, have revived the great traditions of the Spanish drama”[11] drama
1905 Henryk Sienkiewicz  Polish “because of his outstanding merits as an epic writer”[12] novel
1906 Carducci Italian “not only in consideration of his deep learning and critical research, but above all as a tribute to the creative energy, freshness of style, and lyrical force which characterize his poetic masterpieces”[13] poetry
1907 Kipling United Kingdom
(Born in British Raj Red Ensign.svg India) English “in consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration that characterize the creations of this world-famous author”[14] novel, short story, poetry
1908 Rudolf Christoph Eucken German “in recognition of his earnest search for truth, his penetrating power of thought, his wide range of vision, and the warmth and strength in presentation with which in his numerous works he has vindicated and developed an idealistic philosophy of life”[15] philosophy
1909 Selma Lagerlöf n Swedish “in appreciation of the lofty idealism, vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings” novel, short story
1910 Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel  German “as a tribute to the consummate artistry, permeated with idealism, which he has demonstrated during his long productive career as a lyric poet, dramatist, novelist and writer of world-renowned short stories” poetry, drama, novel, short story
1911 Maurice Maeterlinck Belgium French “in appreciation of his many-sided literary activities, and especially of his dramatic works, which are distinguished by a wealth of imagination and by a poetic fancy, which reveals, sometimes in the guise of a fairy tale, a deep inspiration, while in a mysterious way they appeal to the readers’ own feelings and stimulate their imaginations”[18] drama, poetry, essay
1912 Gerhart Hauptmann German “primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art”[19] drama, novel

I haven’t even cleaned up the copy-paste garbage of wikipepdia list  nations, numbers. All garbage, all of them.

Most of the usual suspects, at the beginning were the military germ(an)/Scandinavian patriots and nation-building racist epic poets, so close to Saint Nobel, precursor of all mass destruction Weapons (‘My factories will end all peace congresses inventing a weapon that will annihilate entire nations with a single shot).  Notice indeed that till I WW 1/2 of them are German-Scandinavian, that is as usual ‘objectivity’.

Or consider the Nobels of that list to ‘spaniards’. The winner, is considered here one of the worst theatre authors of the language, Mr. Echegaray who nobody ever will play again.

Or consider the usual patriotic prizes to Scandinavians. In this decade we have it one to Selma a swedish of silly nilly childish tales, and to Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson, whose poetry is as artificial as his name.

Conclusion in the Industrial r=evolution Prizes are part though of the cyclic for rituals to fake a reality  THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REAL VALUES OF HUMANISM, ONLY WITH THE FAKED ONES.

The nobel after all is the prize of the merchant of death and maximal maker of weapons of the XIX century, given by pure animetal puritan swedish warriors, reconverting to fascist capitalism.

So the  are no exception to the rule of a cultural superstructure of absolute lies about the nature of man, the future and the machine, in which we are littered.

So a list of those who were not nobel prizes will always be more interesting for literature: those non-yous, proust and kafka, aforementioned, those argentineans, borges and cortazar, those americans, fitzgerald and dos passos and vonnegut, those Asians, NOT THE CORRECT ones against the Chinese culture today represented by organic communism, not the correct japs, well westernised but the Mishimas… Those people whose history is worth to tell, NOT Mr. Churchill the fascist leader of the british empire on memoirs, but Lenin for his ‘Imperalism’ or Trotsky – not CERTAINLY Pasternak for insulting the r=evolution. Frankly, I couldn’t care less – except that i know WHAT I DONT HAVE TO READ.

Alas, the proper Nobel prize of Literature would be the cancellation of the prize for honouring the biggest germ of XIX century war-history.

KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR: Mr. Dylan ads a Nobel Prize

Nobel prizes have a clear winner nation, ‘Israel’, which overcomes all other nations in all the fields. Curious indeed. Apartheid Israel has even the maximal number of Nobel prizes of Peace! 1/4th of the Literature prizes are given to the particular death of a group of 4 million among the 200 million dead in the XX c.! and 72% of all Nobels of economic are given by a private ‘you bank’, of Sweden to… ‘yous’ mostly financiers and from the Chicago reactionary school? Surprised…

And so this lead us to the Nobel prize of this year, indeed mr. Dylan – a bigot Orthodox Jew, who defends Israel’s most radical colonist, racist movement since ALWAYS, but became astoundingly enough, and still is, the ‘leading’ supposedly leftish, humanist ‘you’ singer of all times – the equivalent in movies of Mr. ALLEN, who raped repeatedly his adopted daughter and keeps getting prizes and Oscars, in this CULTURAL Truman show of debasing of all what is sacred in culture.

Dylan: the essential faking culture.

Now, the connection of Dylan is NOT just with Israel, but with the most extremist, ‘terrorist’ organisations of the colonist movement, no more no less than Mr. Kahane. From policed wikipedia not exactly an ‘enemy’ of Israel:

(Kahane)…” was known in the United States and Israel for supporting violence against enemies of the Jewish people, calls for emergency Jewish mass migration to Israel due to a potential “second Holocaust” in the United States, proposing that Israel’s democracy be reserved for its Jewish citizens, and, hopefully, eventually adopt Jewish religious law, and endorsing the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Kahane proposed enforcing Jewish law, as codified by Maimonides… including to forbid sexual relations between non-Jews and Jews,”

(Maimonides is the bigot spanish philosopher, which ‘you’ intellectuals repeatedly compare to Aristotle, who said to kill a gentile was a duty when you ‘won’t be caught – as tripping a stair or throwing one to a well (sic), mongoloids were monkeys, and gentile women ‘shiska’≈animalistic whores, so intercourse with them should be a crime of bestialism (told in talmud)… etc…)

Kahane in US… “founded in 68 in the United States, the Jewish Defence league, involved in terrorism, murder, which even ADL, the right wing anti-defamation league considers a bunch of “thugs and hooligans’; classified as “a right wing extremist group” by the FBI in 2001 and is considered a radical organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States… In 1971, he was convicted for conspiracy to manufacture explosives. He founded also the Israeli political party Kach (“Thus”)… which… in 1988, after polls showed Kach gaining popularity, the Israeli government banned for being “racist” and “anti-democratic” (wikipedia)…

So our man, loved the guy from the beginning, went to his JDL meetings:

“According to Kahane, Dylan did attend several meetings of the Jewish Defense League in order to find out “what we’re all about” and started to have talks with the rabbi.” (wiki)

and in a 1971 interview for Time magazine, Dylan said:

“He’s a really sincere guy. He’s really put it all together.”

And now keeps shamelessly helping and writing songs for the cause.

So we talk very often here of the astounding control our Financial-media seem has of informative machines to print our mind and brain with hate memes, shrewdly ‘hidden’ under the ‘political correctness’ of newspeaks of placebo caring, while degrading our minds and future…

As a writer admirer of good literature needless to say the prize irritated me, and it irritated me even more that not a single article in mass-media has been written on the ‘bigot-side’ of Mr. Dylan – at best they have after praising enormously the ‘quality’ and humanism of the bigot, argued if a musician even of the extraordinary quality of Mr. Dylan deserved a literary prize. NONE, NILL nobody, not even those more sanguine about musical nobel prize ‘know’ or ‘dare to know’ who is Dylan, as NONE, NOBODY, NILL, has after the Oscar to Allen’s last movie dare to speak in favour of his raped daughter.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the FMasters control of money and media means all are ‘willing’ sheeple of the wolves with faked skin.

So we shall comment on the character and quality of Dylan and the Saint nobel of the dynamite, in this perfect parable on how weapons and go(l)d somehow come always together to debase all what humans should cherish including art and wor(l)ds.



Mr. Dylan’s true nature in 4 pics: 3) a neo-fascist bigot… 2) who can’t sing, neither writes more than bad copies of the modernist poets he admired in his youth… 4)when at least was a humanist youngster, is back… 4)to the ‘fold’ of eviL=anti-live Go(l)d cult(ure). Now it is heralded as the ‘inventor’ of r=evolutionary music, showing how an institution which pretend to honor humanism, completely misunderstands the devolutionary, destructive, soma-purpose of the FMMI system of newspeaks.

So indeed the prize was given – and this is the second side of the Financial-media system of information machines, owned in monopoly by Judaism, the Go(l)d cult(ure) that invented capitalism – to an ‘egomaniac bigot’, staunch defender of apartheid Israel, 2nd rate poet, imitator of the great Masters of english modernism: Ezra Pound->Elliot->Thomas Dylan, showing that the Nobels ‘ARE’ just part of the web of faked prizes to faked humanists, part of the placebo newspeaks. Indeed, before II world war they were given overwhelmingly to the ‘European’, leading colonial-industrial nations with a clear ‘military taste’ (Germans, French and English).

After II ww the prize had some merit during the humanist age of the European Union (from Hesse to Camus), then it became ‘lost’ in meaning and so it was given to ‘formal writers’ (from Elliot to Marquez); in the 2000s in a moment of wisdom, it tried to go to non-european authors (but only to those with westernised Old XIX c. narrative styles as it always was the case to the point that the one to Japan on the 60s, to Kawabata, prompted a ridicule moment, when the japanese author with their national sense of ‘honor’ argued Mishima, the true embodiment of his nation’s real beauty in spirit and form, should be the receiver. And to those who ‘backed the placebo democracies’ as ‘dissidents’ against other social models. But also after II world war as Judaism and its Financial-Media system (wall street, evilwood) became the globalised cult of the planet, it started to back the industry of the holocaust massively. So those idologies: pretentious ‘thirst for freedom’, read ‘capitalist democracies’ and ‘lateral backing of Israel and our FMasters’ show the obvious, establishment nature of the prize, and the complete lack of understanding of true human values of the swedes, after all the ‘original culture of the germ(an) military animetal:

I.e. the last 3 prizes are given to people who all have ‘sung’ the holocaust, obsessively in the case of Modiano, as a main theme in Alexievich, and now also the main theme of Mr. Dylan staunch defense of Israel; what is more risible is the reason: “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”; as if Mr. Dylan, with his null music, and pretentious faking of the modernist school of british poetry, had ‘created’ – alas another titan-genius of the FMaster superior race – the beatnik movement. Mr. dylan has created nothing, and as a modernist poet ranks very low, as an activist frozen below zero.

In that regard, the amazing thing about the Literature and Peace Nobels is that these people actually do want to give the prize not to bigots, and yet presidents of israel, the ultimate racist nation who has provoked the return to the primitive semite war age, in which we live, and go(l)d writers, with his self-masturbatory and victimist themes head the statistics. Such ‘anti-quantum paradoxes’ are proper of our faked age. Those who do war get the Peace Price and those who ignore all about the eusocial values of the wor(l)d and is antagonism with the value of Go(l)d – selfie, victimist writing, got most to literature? While the true wor(l)d masters, which by essence are anti-$emite, anti-Go(l)d values get none:


‘You cannot serve two masters go(l)d and the wor(l)d, because you will hate one’, Jesus, neoplatonic master of eusocial love.

So a short list of those who did not get it, would have truly made meaningful an ‘anti-nobel prize’ given by UNESCO: Ezra pound NOT dylan as the master of modernism (but he was an anti-$emite), Heidegger NOT Sartre as the master of XX c philosophy (but he was an anti-$emite), Miguel Hernandez, or any of the other astounding poets of the 29 spanish generation instead of Alexandre (but Hernandez had content and the prize is to form); Proust and Kafka if you need ‘self-masturbatory you victimism’ (since at least proust was a masturbation about BEAUTY, and Kafka, a personal victimism with no apologetic intention’; Mishima not kawabata (the real dying wor(l)d of ethics and beauty of Japan, not the westerniser), Orwell & Huxley not Churchill on the meaning of the British empire, Fitzgerald or Passos not Faulkner & Hemingway (again content over form) in the lost generation etc. Indeed, ‘political and economical correctness, Euro-centrism, go(l)d cult(ure) faked newspeaks and FORM over content, define the prize, which forgot the fundamental law of good literature:

(Eusocial, Life)… ‘Ethics is the beauty of the wor(l)d’


A true artist uses human senses – the beauty and harmony of the eye and the proportions and complex forms of the human body, the ethics of eusocial love, and the thirst of life of the wor(l)d to create works of literature and art. Since a true human master ‘thinks better and sees better’, and so it becomes an uberman, in human terms. Faked ethics ‘bitch about life’, repress ‘real human drives – from sex to the happiness of love; and talks of human evil. Faked ethics are the trademark of the pretentious ‘masters of humanism’ of the go(l)d culture, which have imposed its bitching mood against humanity in art & literature. So do NOT expect prizes to true verbal masters of life and ethics or artists of human form (we discuss the astounding decadence of art, since Warhol ended human art substituted by art-vertising; and the degeneration of film, signified by the other totemic false prize, the golden oscar of evilwood. The last trend? mechanic art, with Pcs doing music & robots dancing

So the new Saint Nobel of the Dynamite prize of ‘Literature’ is Mr. Shabtai ben Avraham, a recent ‘converso’ to orthodox Judaism, who once was a good imitator of a serious irish poet, Dylan Thomas, who of course as almost all important humanist writers of the XX century never got the Saint Nobel.

So to put in perspective this neo-fascist prize, given to an audiovisual media guru, as if they had not enough media attention (he has also his oscar and pulitzer, LOL, what else for another ‘FMaster’, chosen of go(l)d? The harder they fall.

Some quotes on the character and his views:

What a jerk Bob Dylan is. What an immature, self-important, inflated, cruel, shallow little creature, lacking in empathy and contemptuous of anyone who was not himself or his lackey. Did we actually once take this twirp as our folk god?

‘Roger Ebert’

‘What next a soccer player?’ Vargas Llosa, neo-fascist Peruvian winner, who at least commands the language beyond repeating ad nauseam and twistin words.

“Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
His enemies say he’s on their land
They got him outnumbered about a million to one
He got no place to escape to, no place to run
He’s the neighbourhood bully”

With its opening lyrics parroting Israel’s own narrative of being the blameless, perpetual victim of Arab violence, “Neighborhood Bully” came just a year after Israel’s bloody invasion of Lebanon that would claim tens of thousands of lives…

An example of the evolution of our ‘human rightful people’, who once cared for mankind.

Mr. Dylan though never to loose a good chance to make money has updated his site:

The Lyrics: 1961-2012
OCT 17, 2016

A beautiful, comprehensive volume of Dylan’s lyrics, from the beginning of his career through the present day—with the songwriter’s edits to dozens of songs, appearing here for the first time.


Never cheap Mr. Avraham, who has refused a few concerts on 3rd world countries for paying less than his astronomical fees, offer us its masterpiece with ‘new edits’ to make it ‘new and ‘worth buying’ for the prize I bought a huge book on the masterpieces of Leonardo…. our you genius shouldn’t be worth less.

Prizes and literary critics trying to impose the ‘western canon’: the justice of time.

This is the world we live in: a complete fake, where all what is lie seems a truth, and all what is worth in human values, has no go(l)d prize…

Indeed, prizes and ‘scholarship’ are going down the ladder of self-service to the FM networks and this is what this prize today means. It might not be so openly bigot as the other great ‘center’ of ‘pretentious literature criticism’, New York Jewish literature scene which i frequented in my youth, where one Harold Bloom, a self-confessed Kabbalist (that lore of racism, where ‘women, gentiles and dogs are born of the leg of satan’), has been for long the ‘most celebrated man of letters in the Usa’ (guardian), the god of literary criticism, with its astoundingly biased ‘western canon’ that even in Europe was sold propagandistically as the ‘ultimate work to understand our civilisation’. All what we can say of it is that again the best, most influential 2 writers of the western canon in the XIX and XX c., Mr. Dostoyevski and Mr.Orwell are not among the 26 chosen for being anti$emites. What the author of’ Kabbala and mysticism’ has to say about european humanism and how the world of literature allowed him to ‘fabricate the western canon’ is indeed another proof of the power of the FMasters – the medium is the message, an so those who control the medium, $elect the canon.

The answer of course is more of the same go(l)d cult(ure): form over content, aesthetics over ethics. This is a man who does NOT even understand that ethics is the beauty of the wor(l)d, and so he coined the term School of Resentment to describe literary criticism which in the r=evolutionary 1970s were preoccupied with political and social activism at the expense of aesthetic values.

But at least he had a laugh to the pretentious attempts to convert in ‘high-minded’ writing the best-sellers of Rowling and King.

Now it seems the Nobel canon from the man who made most of the cannons of the XIX-XX c. wars along to Mr. Krupp, is reaching new lows unparalleled even in Mr. Bloom taking seriously the work of Shabtai Abraham (the faked r=evolutionary with the faked name). And we are here considering only the summit of modern literary criticism. Difficult indeed to hope for a resurrection of the wor(l)d. But and this is the only comfort zone, time always puts humanism back in place as the power of the age fades away.

So indeed, Mr. Dostoyevski spent most of his youth in a gulag, Mr Orwell self-printed his masterpieces, as Nietzsche did, but he knew a master of the wor(l)d as long as humans exist will find his way to the hearts and brains of the subconscious collective in the future, which cannot be bought, so he said: ‘a good writer is one who says things people don’t want to hear’ and also to his secretary-wife: don’t worry when I am dead an bother nobody, my books will sell by the thousands. He was wrong, they sold by the millions and now every humanist knows we are living in an Orwellian world.

ADDENDA. The industry getting stronger in Europe

OF COURSE the Nobel Prizes of economics to capitalism, literature to gore, peace to war and physics to mass-murder weapons are just the tip of the iceberg, around the FMAster informative imprinting of mankind and its essential madness – to believe that by inventing reality at the pure informative level REALITY CHANGES and so by WISHING that AI will not kill us, the holocaust has no economic causes, nuclear weapons are ‘research’ machines (CERN) and Kissinger a good Peace guy, the massacre of mankind by capitalism, of our future children by black holes, of our minds by fictions of our wealth by credit choking, has not is not will not happen. And thus as it happens more and more often, the ‘fictional mind’ of the informative narrative keeps churning more and more damned lies and statistics and funerary ceremonies, to the re-burial of the dead-dead – never mind those silent children we are murdering now. Lord Sith knows they are not humans, but sons of Ham, the doG of God… the harder they fall

Cecilia MALMSTROM, Maros SEFCOVIC, Martin SCHULZ EP President, Mosche KANTOR, President of the European Jewish Congress

In the European Parliament a minute of silence is kept for the victims of the holocaust. Never mind they represent less than a 10% of the victims of World War II. Those are ‘chosen victims’ and so the Europeans who do not keep a minute of silence for the victims of their nations must remember the ‘chosen’ and feel guilty. So do the Americans which have all kind of museums to a holocaust that happened in another continent with another people and none for the far more numerous victims of the Slave Holocaust and the Indian Holocaust that happened in their soil.  In this manner the Germans do not feel guilty for the 40 million Europeans they murdered and are now ab=using with their very antidemocratic manipulation of the ECB bank, nor the Americans need to feel guilty for the genocide of the Indians. We all render homage to our ‘stock-masters’ so the powerful feel safe. And the jewish lower castes who die in those holocausts become memorially imprinted with fear of mankind NOT to join the rest of the species in the goals of evolving and saving the planet.

In this manner every year we go through NOT one but two ‘histrionic moments’ of fear, sorrow and hate, the day of ‘holocaust memorial’ (in Janary) and the day of ‘holocaust remembrance’ (in April), plus the usual February Holocaust movie for the oscars… The cyclicality of Newspeaks that come once or twice every year is important to make ‘impossible’ a change in the system, which becomes for lack of a better justification, a formal, baroque, series of ceremonies that have lost its initial purpose and are now used to ‘imprint the mind’ of people with the proper ideologies in favor of the system…

Let us imagine for a moment that ALL the holocausts of history were remembered ‘twice’ every year. We would not have calendar days. We would one day mourn for the massacre of Baghdad by the mongols, which alone could give us an entire month of holocausts. We could of course consider each Indian tribe, not only each semitic one for a personal holocaust – the day of the sioux, the lakotas, the senecas, you name them. And what about the trenches holocaust of 1918. If we stretch a bit our search there might be still some ancient relic in a hospital for centenaries which can testify of the horrors, as those hard to find still survivors of Auschwitz that populate our media those days.  And yet only one ‘tribe’ seems to be addicted to those ceremonies of fear, sorrow and hate to those who do us harm – all mankind it seems by the number of holocausts the jewish people seem to have suffered. All this of course rises some basic question we must answer rationally: why the jewish love to remember their holocausts and ignore those of others? What is the benefit of those hate ceremonies a century latter? Why the rational, economical causes of the holocaust are ignored? etc etc. Let us consider some answers widened in other in-depth articles.

Why we always hear news about the jewish holocaust: the victors rewrite history.

to start with, we shall no longer talk of the Holocaust as a particular case of unique character but consider:

1) the fact that holocausts are natural to all the war cycles of mankind and the holocaust of the jewish people is not special. And yet everybody considers it special. So we have to consider also:

2) The history of the jewish people and the ultimate cause of those holocausts (economical causes)

3) The reason of teh ever expanding industry of the holocaust, whose cause is obvious: as the financial-media system of America, which jewish capitalists controls expands world wide, the holocaust industry covers any criticism of the power of bankrs and mass-media, of its owners, and hence it has become the key element to sustain the dictatorship of the elite of judaism and its financial and media corporations. It is the religion of the new kings and dictators of the west, which cannot be criticized. But unlike kings and dictators who are presented as warriors with the qualities of warrior masters, the holocaust religion present our informative masters, as ‘victims’ to be pitied. It is a new strategy but the origin – the power of the jewish financial media, or the power of the military-industrial complex of dictators and kings – is the same. And the fundamentl way in which both ‘special people’ are revered is also the same: the goebbelian method of repeating ad nauseam a half truth and the censorship against all alternative views.

Let us consider one example:

The Economist wrote another yet bigger elegy on the importance and causes why we hear everyday news about news of the XX c.explaining why the industry of the holocaust was flourishing and new universities and courses were given all over the world, even in muslim countries

The question the article poised was: ‘why the industry of the holocaust and its museums was thriving, and 2/3rds of the books and films on the matter were made in the past 20 years, and some programs of history even in countries like india explained the II World War just in terms of the Holocaust, dedicating more pages to the holocaust than to the war itself.

Their interpretation was that of course, the Holocaust is the center episode of XX c and people were realizing of this. My explanation was that the owners of the financial-media system were reaching its height of power and so they were rewriting history in their favor.

…a comment censored in this Rothschild’s newspaper:

Dear sancho luis, The attached comment, posted under the pen name luisancho, has been deleted  from The Economist online. The comment was removed because it breaks our  comments policy:

We remind you that repeated violation of our comments policy may result in  your being blocked from posting comments on The Economist online.

Yours sincerely, Comments Moderator The Economist online

Your comment:

The SS were founded to eliminate 30 million slavs, to create space for the future german peasants in the ‘historic territories to the East’ that german thought to be theirs for historic reasons, (an eerie resemblance with the logic used by a small middle east nation to uproot the people to their east, in occupied territories they think theirs for historic reasons).

The Germans killed around 26 million slavs, close to the mark set. Entire Ukranian villages wer burnt alive by SS members, after being put in a church, surrounded by gun machines.

Then the program was expanded to the jewish people.

During the 60s these was known and the holocaust story explained as the holocaust of slavs, jews, gypsies, communists and other groups mass murdered by the germans.

Then since the 70s with the rise of the chip, the electronic money and audiovisual information as Wall Street and Hollywood reached its peak of power, manufacturing the brains of the western world and controlling its credit that creates reality with money, jewish capital on top of the financial-Media system (the informative machines that control information in this planet, complementary to the industrial-military complex of energetic machines, which form together the bulk of the economic system) defined the narrative for its own selfish agenda of being ‘special victims’ different from the other 60 million victims of W.W.II hence with higher rights to be pitied.

It became defined by the jewish left (chomsky, filkenstein) as the industry of the holocaust – an aberration or rather a religion to justify Israeli apartheid. But we do not forgive the crimes of stalin’s gulag because of the slav holocaust. The Israeli people and the Western Financial-Media system jewish capital control make good use of the industry of the holocaust.

This has also extended to any criticism of the banking and media industry they control. So today any criticism of jewish people is an absolute taboo which gives them a power only kings and dictators have. They are indeed the dictators of the west. But those of us who are still free minds, not manufactured by audiovisual media have only contempt for this narrative.


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-07-56-40Above the true Masters of the world, orthodox Jewish economists, which have modernised the segregational racist memes of their go(l)d religion into ‘creationist economics, Hayek the guru of Miss Thatcher who infamously threw his book to her first cabinet affirming ‘this is what we believe’, who preached the issue of money only by private bankers, and Mr. Friedman the guru of Mr Reagan a puppet-actor who started the series of tv-hate puppet actors, to the service of the Financial-Media masters, today ‘crowned’ by Mr. Trump, whose first ‘scholar thesis’ was on the need to deregulate medical law, since ‘demand and offer’ will adjust quack doctors, as they will kill more ‘people’ and ‘loose clients’. The monstrosity behind ‘capitalism’ is the go(l)d religion of judaism, a fetish bronze age go(l)d cult  born in canaan, where a global network of slave and metal trade (seafarer phoenicians, hebrew desert caravans)  started the use of money to buy ‘human capital’ as slaves, and became the SOLITON OF THE METAL-EARTH, the only culture ruled by banker-priests NOT by warrior-kings since its inception; who founded the first stock-corporations along is ‘brother-in-go(l)d’ the Calvinist sects. Both together account for over 90 % of classic economists. Orthodox jewish economists with its idol-ogical racism against life and mankind store 72% of Nobel Prizes, given by a private bank owned by them. They are only 0.02% of humanity but occupy ‘all’ the central banks of the west  virtually all the CEOS of financial western corporations, and over 3/4 of the CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and 3/4 of the top 1% earners of America. As they issue in monopoly the money of the Western world, they ‘own it’ and manufacture their brains and give their financial orders to billions of workers, through its Financial-Media Networks. They  ‘own’ the western world, and hides its racist memes and hate of mankind behind the industry of the holocaust and its victims. And yet the American sheeple believe in them; they ARE their banker-priests, they manufacture their brain with the idol-ogies of the Bible, of capitalism, of evilwood. So its citizens will sing in orwellian fashion to their ‘pig-masters’ four legs, four legs till the end. While ALL true humanist social scientists who say the truth with warts and all, will be repressed and ignored…

But of course despite their tehcnoutopian myths of immortality and fictions of superiority – witness Trump’s ‘Munchkin treasury Fmaster, who after massacring home owners, with its mortgage scams at IndyMac, moved to produce his evilwood series of ‘superhuman yous’ – mutants in a fight against mankind to become the master race – go(l)d masters also die, at the end of the monstrous cycles of overproduction of weapons and war for profits in its ‘final’ gottendamerung; despite millions of deniers of the economic causes of the holocaust cycle.

So we might as well end with the true ‘nature’ of its 3 economic equations, which are at the heart of all those Nobel prizes of economics, as they are the ultimate mathematical cause of our extinction.

As the true crime of those Novels is to justify  the ‘idol-ogy’ of capitalism, camouflaged as the ‘science of classic economics’ , which is basically the modern digital version of an old fetish gold religion (biblical beliefs that ‘gold is the invisible hand of god) since all the founding fathers of capitalism (Say, Bentham, Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Malthus), were biblical believers on the myth that certain people ‘chosen of go(l)d’ had to accumulate money, and issue it privately as $elected, in order to reach salvation.

And so as religions are about myths and beliefs, which cannot be denied, and about censorship and twisting reality to cater to those myths, capitalism merely translated in a series of equations the belief that the purpose of mankind was to increase the amount of money owned by the $elected through its ‘organisation of power’, the corporation.

And since people do NOT understand equations, obviously the goals became disguised. Let us then consider the meaning o the fundamental equations of capitalism, and its corporations, the equation of profits and productivity, which merely express the aforementioned values of money and its goals: to reproduce, evolve and terraform the earth to the image of machines, which in biological terms will displace humans from labor and war fields as Darwin clearly expressed. Since biology is all about species that reproduce and evolve faster and displace species who do not evolve and reproduce so fast from the ecosystem, in this case machines overproducing and displacing humans from the economic ecosystem in labor and war fields:

In the graph, in the final phase of capitalism its three fundamental equations of profits, self-reproductivity and zero value to human life in ‘metal-price’, drive the world towards extinction of labor, an age of perpetual war for profits and massive manufacturing of brains with hate memes, as the oldest go(l)d culture of capitalism takes power in the western world, and by imitation globalises its go(l)d memes to all other cultures, forbidding any criticism as ‘creationist economics’ becomes ‘the only authorised science, Islamophobia is fuelled with hate memes to maintain the healthy profits of perpetual war and development of terminator industries, while infotainment keeps people busy in virtual realities. It is the final age of entropy and dissolution of mankind as the genesis of the metal-earth accelerates its ‘tempo’

Fact is the conjunction of financial power, military repression and the manufacturing of brains with informative machines is what maintains the people sheepishly under the power of the top animetal people-castes, warriors and bankers, on those social pyramids, in the past, present and future, as the FMMI system becomes an automated, mathematical system of exploitation and extinction of Life and history.

NOW, the ultimate reason of the brutality and indifference to mankind of the orthodox leading economists, From Smith (a calvinist) to ricardo (a jewish stock speculator), to the Modern Hayek and Freedman (Jewish orthodox) is a direct consequence of their religious belief on a superior race, that of the people-banker for whom the system must cater. Every right wing, extreme economist in favour of private banking, monopoly in the issue of money by them, and/or production at all cost has been Jewish (Most financial economist) or calvinist-anglican (most production economist), the 2 sides of the Jewish-protestant racist old memes of talmud and the Old testament.

Thus classic economics IS CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, AND WE ARE RULED BY PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AS THOSE BIGOTS from southern America that go(l)d must cre(dit)ate the world for them. As creationist believe yvwh created the world. This is the core fact. And the ONLY SOLUTION IS THE DESNATIONALIZATION OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY. YES ‘DESNATIONALIZATION’, from this people-caste. The rest is just talking bull$hit. As long as a group of bronze age believers run the west with their selfish memes of metal, their techno-utopians, their military paranoias, their racism against negroes and arabs, their systematic tax farming of europeans and Americans, their victimising censorships, we are doomed.

The concept a ‘racist’ meme can be disguised with religion, as opposed to nationalism, is bogus. As both, religion and nationalism are the same ‘concept’: ideologies of the social subconscious collective. Yaveh, Allah or Christ, are NOT real, but the Jung’s concept of a subconscious collective, the assabiyah of Ibn Khaldun, the informative network that puts together those cellular brains. A religion thus is a book of revelation, the memetic code of similar beings, which allow their common actions as a wave in the same manner the DNA code of similar cells allows the common actions of an i-organism.

It is also absurd to consider that a financial dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use under the ‘boot’ of a people-caste a language of social power – money, is different from a military dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of weapons or a party dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of the law. Under such ‘semantic unification’, the Nazi/Germanic aristocratic castes that imposed themselves on Europe and derived into nationalism are not different from the communist, party dictatorships that monopolized the law and weapons in East Europe, or the Calvinist-Jewish dictatorships of the anglo-saxon work that monopolize stil today the manufacturing and use of money in capitalist dictatorships.

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