‘Do not confuse motion (entropy) with Action (energy: motion with form and purpose).’ Hemingway .

Abstract. As humans degenerate mentally and AI machines start to make all the thinking process of man better, the ‘purpose’ of our existence, degenerates fast into the lower ‘actions’ of the body; food and limbic locomotions become with the change of the century the fundamental interest of our children – besides the virtual hypnotism of its I-phone screens. So as predicted sports, the pure locomotion of humans, and its practitioners, children of thought, become the heroes of mankind. It is the 3rd age similar to the young age, when an old man cares nothing but for his food; and its cells become disconnected of each other, with no other purpose but entropic motions:

But if the first age of man – the Paleolithic – had a purpose for motion – hunting and survival, the 3rd age, when humans become largely irrelevant to the future of the planet managed by company mothers of machines-weapons, motions are purely inconsequential (sports) or destructive (militarism, war)…

Sports, symbol of the entropic neo-paleolithic.


The neo-paleolithic craze for sports, just for ‘fun’ subverts the meaning of ‘entropic motions’, which in the organic, vital Universe do have always a negative reason: to escape, destroy, kill or increase the entropy of the Universe, as weapons or hunters do. Our children of thought of the Californio age of course think they run to sculpt their body, because they are entitled to live in paradise as  perfect beings, ‘sons of go(l)d’, chosen by the virtual mind of their ‘screened’ Universe. Indeed, they are in an ‘animetal farm’, perfectly described in the parable of Wells’ time machine, waiting for the robotic morlocks who fired them from fields of labor to fire them in fields of war. So we are glued to virtual screens watching people run, rabbit run, with a brain slower than  a fly’s, and speed… lower than a hypo’s. But we make heroes of those lesser humans, because we no longer believe in our verbal masters, and informative minds, which warn us of the n0-future of a system we are too lazy and ignorant to reform. So as it happens in all supœrganisms, corrupted, in its age of death the membranous skin cells, and craziest neurons, become the ‘top cells’ of the supœrganism of History.

Nobody would accept today, in the height of the neo-paleolithic that sports are NOT a sign of ubermen, but of paleolithic men, which now at the end of history, when our brains become substituted by those of chips, becomes the main celebrity job of people who turn back to the simplest past.

Running is the lowest of all forms of the Universe, the beginning of existence, the first motion of any entity. Do not confuse action with motion said Hemingway to Dietritch. In this section thus we shall talk of the main activity of neo-paleolithic men, not the cult to the body and its pleasures (sex being the best) but very simple running. Sorry guys, Maradona is NOT God…. but a clear proof of the decadence of the species, back to its simplest past, without any purpose, dedicated to virtual motions, without survival meaning, as it was the Paleolithic, when motions were for real. 


Olympic cycles. Tokyo before world wars.

We have so much to say that some disorder does happen. And yet the Universe is so highly ordered we find causal cycles everywhere. Indeed, as we enter the neofascist age one of the funny repetition of cycles I found is the one illustrated in the graph.

It is little known in the constant repetition of the cycles of history that the games of tokyo were schedule 80 years ago for 1940 as they are scheduled for 2020, exactly in a cycle before the present neo-fascist age of electronic chips. In that regard if there is something common to those posters is the infantile, mechanical psyche of the modern Japanese worshipper of machines. Both posters show us a mechanical, electronically generated puppet, the essential Japanese believer in the power of Japan Inc. to dominate the world.

It is better known that in 1940 there were not tokyo games, since after the neo-fascist age of fascist propaganda of physical bodies, and lineal motions, which is all what there is about sports, it came the natural end of those body-heroes of null brains and maximal physical power – the art of war, which is the real meaning of sports, or rather the darwinian expression of them.

Indeed, Goebbels, the father of the modern world, invented as the first minister of information, then of propaganda the modern view of sports as the true embodiment of human existence, in as much as it is simple, prepare us for war, and concentrates in the lowest elements of the human being: its entropic limbs.

But Berlin 1936 was a huge success that set up the basis of the modern propaganda machines, and so Goebbels that fundamental character in the creation of modernity hardly praised by all its followers, from evilwood to tokyo 2020, yet to know if it will happen, was right, when he insisted to celebrate it to ‘clean the image of Germany abroad’. Now, neofascist, robotised Japan, where south-asian cleaners are thrown out of the country replaced by robots, and Fukushima keeps reproducing cancers in their children, will clean up its radiation industry not with huge ecological budgets but with the charm of its polite games, which will clean with military zeal, as they did in Berlin, the image of the nation.

Hence here we shall comment on 2 things, the role of sports in the modern world, and the use of the olympic games as a propaganda for the simplification of man to its minimalist simplest motion actions, and to clean up the act of corrupted, industrial and military powerhouse.

I. Sports, the placebo, most successful opium for the modern childish masses.

As the neo-paleolithic advances fast and furious, the prophets of eusocial love which were the heroes of mankind are gone. But not even its virtual, emotional substitutes, film actors appeal to a farther simplified by FX mass-spectator, who know reveres the lower extremities, legs and arms in motion of our athletes.

In the neopaleolithic present age, sports are the perfect opium of the masses, once the simplification of humans is reaching the beasty level of awareness. So from the heights of logical eusocial, ethic thought, to the rational age of aristotelian science, we entered the XX c. with the emotional degradation of audiovisual media, films and tvs. But now actors are on decline – emotions of love even if they are only for the other couple are becoming too complex for the selfish, simplex neo-paleolithic man fast descending into bestialism. So alas, the heroes of our modern age are people who just can use their limbs and run almost as fast as a hippopotamus, zeitgeist of the age.

Update. Two years after writing this post, As we predicted the Games of Tokyo won’t be played in 2020, but not because of the Chinese vs. US forecasted war period but alas! because of a black swan, the ‘pest’ that has come before war, but of course as part of the context of that confrontation, since the virus appeared in Wuhan, near a biological warfare labs, during the month of the Military International sport competition, where the US surprisingly sent a weakling group… So take your pick, who made the virus, Nature, China or the US? Fact is crisprs-9 has for several years being able to edit viruses and this was factored in as part of the key weapons of the XXI c. In any case there will not be Tokyo games again…


In the deepest analysis the overwhelming importance of fiction thought today as part of the ‘crazy’, final age of human thought, makes sport so relevant because precisely it is completely irrelevant. So it is part of the 3rd age of mankind, when fiction thought appears to avoid facing the cruelest facts of our demise by the chip radiation as a superior intelligence that is making our minds and ethic verbal languages obsolete. So brainless people move their legs and use not their brains. In the next graphs we explain that 3rd age of any superorganism in which ‘fiction thought and brainless sports must be included, fro the higher point of view of bio-history’:

In the graph, the 3 ages of art in the American cycle. As all other forms of art in all the other cycles of a civilization, the art of American film went from a first, epic, simple, energetic young age, a mature, realist, sensorial one, and finally a baroque, angst, violent time, which parallel the 3 ages of the electronic cycle of machines, the age of pioneers, reproducers and decadent weapon-makers.

The subconscious mind of history is the culture of the civilization. Thus their visual, art cycles show with more clarity than any other cultural form, the human transformations experienced in each age of the machine, because art and wor(l)ds are the eyes and brains of mankind. Industrial art shows in the press, full of racist, matter-of-fact statements against Africans in the I cycle, today against agricultural Islam, the soul of the ‘animetals’ that control history. The harsh life of the few pure ‘true artists’, ignored by the system, in a permanent state of angst, still able to produce the most beautiful works of the Human baroque, shows the potentiality of the human being, if animetals hadn’t won the battle of history.

In that sense, the entire age of the Machine can be considered a baroque, informative, final age for all humanarts that enter a self-destructive process of ‘deconstructivism’, culminated by the simplification of formduring the—isms, which in the 20s completed the cycle of death of the Human Collective mind. ‘God is dead’ will say Nietzsche. Now, this web merely certifies it.

In the next graph we see the realisation of the death of an ontological, social purpose, the highest goal of all systems of nature, in the human subconscious collective psyche as we enter the age of entropy and dissolution of all forms of ethic, verbal organisation paralleled to the birth of the ‘solid’, hierarchical structures of the metal-earth and its company-mothers, ruled by world stock and its flows of digital money that give minimal value to mankind, and enact the ‘equation of profits’ of capitalism, ‘nervus belli, pecunia infinita’ (max. profits≈inflationary money = overproduction of goods of max. price (weapon) + min. cost (hate media).

In the graph, the denial in the age of entropy by ‘pundits’ of capitalism, such as Mr. Maslow, of the ontological natural goal of evolution of all systems towards higher organic structures in the Universe and the world of man, responds to the philosophers of entropy, which expect mankind to feel happy in a burst of chaotic pleasure as all its social structures become dissolved and the new structures of the metal-earth create a ‘solid’ unbreakable supœrganism of machines. These astound array of bigot scholars against the laws of social love of the Universe mostly of the biblical memetic go(l)d cult(ure), in which the tendencies of the machines and weapon that ‘makes’ money are defended as the ‘only natural way’ to build the future, today have become the ‘authorised’ pundits of social science according to its age. 


The American baroque and its connection with the Neo-paleolithic.

WE LIVE THUS NOW in the American audiovisual baroque at all levels of human art, where form, not content matter, where fake not truth is represented, the age of theatrics, in politics, art and thought. Which it is shown in the presidency of Trump, the alt-truths and fictions taken seriously, the death of reason and complex thought.

IN THE GRAPH the baroque is the transition between the third age of angst and excessive information of a system and its final explosion into a death wave of simplex entropy, pure heat motions and null organisation, when all the structures of a society become disintegrated. As predicted in the first models of the super organisms of history, and its art exhibits on the American baroque, which started in film making parallel to the rise of the chip mind, and the dissolution of American social structures of financial and political power.  (Taxi driver, 1975, birth of chip, FM-silent coup d’etat agains the American presidency, $, beginning of ‘mercenary semite wars’), would be the sure sign of a future neo-fascist, neo-paleolithic state of ‘pure heat and disorder’ among human beings. THE RISE of SPORT-MEN as the summit of human importance, is just a notch lower than the emotional, dramatic age of ‘actors. As sportsmen do NOT even have feelings – they are just ‘animal behaviour at the most bestial level of mere running around’, the minimum level of awareness of existence of any system, maximised by the simplest, smallest of all of them – the photon, which runs to the awesome speed of c=300.000 km. – the super-athlete, the super-hero of the Universe:

As Machine enter the age of ‘solid’ construction of a global supœrganism ruled by networks of digital money, ‘accelerating’ with the evolution and massive reproduction of chips, the ‘speed of time’ cycles in the planet, inversely, human systems enter by overdrive of entropy and information an age of organic death in all its social and collective structures. This is the zeitgeist of the time. How this very negative process is accepted by mankind?

Simply: the growing organism of the metal-earth and its FMMI systems develop a parallel ‘soma’ of chaotic pleasures that maintain in a degraded state humanity, while massive propaganda in favor of mechanisms make humans believe that the evolution of the metal-species which is degrading us IS in fact positive for mankind.

The human side of it has been analysed in depth in other parts of the blog – the rise of entropic celebrities dedicated to the use of ‘limbs’ as the summit of human endeavours (sports) or the debasing of our intelligence with emotional bull$hit and selfie ego-trips (action movies, dramatic ego-centered actors as role models, cartoonish heroes).

All the signs of degradation of the collective subconscious of mankind are there. But since humans have not even developed a real science of time – but according to the zeitgeist BELIEVE that only ‘entropy’ matters to the Universe, a sense of determinism controls the collective psyche. It is the neo-paleolithic the last stage of the human super organism, similar to its birth with a negative slant, as old men return to their infancy memories, unable to grasp and look directly to the death-singularity moment ahead of them.


The more complex view.

From time to time we shall bring the model of complexity and systems sciences (the 3rd level of depth we use here, besides the simpler ‘humanist level’, the neutral biological level and the ‘idol-ogical level’ – rejected). So in this level we use a clear-cut equation called the ‘Generator of Fractal systems’, to explain all systems of nature as composed of:

Lineal fields/limbs of energy > reproductive body-waves > information brain-particles.

So all physical systems are made of particles, directing waves over a field of energy which moves them, and this is called the quantum principle of complementarity, the main law of quantum physics. And all organisms of life have bodies and brains and limbs too. But limbs are the most accessory to the point that many lower animals, insects and reptiles can loose them and keep living. You cannot LIVE THOUGH without your reproductive body and brain. Hence THE FACT WE GIVE SO MUCH IMPORTANCE TO SPORT MEN IS YET ANOTHER HUGE PROOF OF OUR ‘NEO-PALEOLITHIC’ DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

Indeed, Whatever your favourite ‘opium-sport’ is it is a fact that sportsmen are in the lowest level of the human experience,that of its limbs. MESSI, the hero in this town barcelona is a kid that his trainer says does nothing but playing with a ball, and ‘sleep’ when he is not playing. I have met a few sportsmen after 30. They are bored and boring to death. And yet they are the absolute role model. Why.


I lived in California many years. Ok, it is fun, it is pleasure, body-pleasure, limb-pleasure experiences though are NOT the summit of existence. We have regressed to make heroes of kids. All PREVIOUS CULTURES WERE RULED BY SAGES, OLD MEN. Our culture is a culture of toddlers, sport-men spoiled men, bratty men:

7c282cc212cc16301815605ab622fe29Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 23.14.19

In the graph, infantilism, fun, body exhibition, all those are trademarks of the neo-paleolithic. Left Mr. Kissinger one of the biggest genociders of post II world war History who alone started and chose the villages to bomb in neutral cambodia starting a 5 million holocausts latter completed by Kmers, in the right Mr. Bush, which i met briefly and observe for lon in a party at Lido Island, Newport California, when he was Texas governor – a friendly, clearly infantile man, on my view just ‘directed’ by his daddy and friends when he got to power, are two clear models of the ‘style’ and ‘mind-age’ of our civilisation and the Y-snowflake generation, which soon will take power unable to grasp anything about the system. Sportmen and body cult are part of that trend.

The program of life-existence, updating Maslow pyramid.

In the general model of systems sciences, the highest view of this blog, we have upgraded and extended to all systems of nature, the pyramid of biological needs, also known as the drives of life. It is the basis of a true understanding of the program of survival of the Universe and what we all do. The highest of its actions is social love, the evolution together of individuals into supeorganisms of history. And so another way to see the sport craze, which is an individual process of ‘competition’ is a degeneration of the highest goals of humanity.

What are then the higher minds of mankind, the true ubermen? As always those who work for the highest of all actions of mankind: organic, ethic social evolution. But in this age the heroes are those of the lowest simple actions – run rabbit run:


In the graph, the game of existence since in its detail, as a sum of actions of absorption, emission and repetition of energy and information systems, and final social evolution of those parts into organisms.

In the top we see the 3 physiological networks of a human being, which in the algebra of the fractal generator writes as:

Sp (limbs) < St-bodies > tiƒ (heads).

Now we exist to provide energy for limbs, information for heads and reproduce both with bodies, as all other systems of the Universe, which then once the iteration of the organism happens proceeds to socially organise the whole. And this happens from the simplest forms – particles to the larger galaxies that become Universes. So below we see those space-time actions of energy feeding, information gauging, reproduction, social evolution and generation into new forms for all species.

Even the smallest parts, particles, gauge information, feed on energy, iterate-decouple-reproduce into new particles and evolve socially. It is then this program what the informative quantum numbers (physical systems), Genes (biological systems) or memes (sociological systems) express. But and this is a topic error of the simplex way of doing science of humans today, the informative quantum numbers, genes and memes are Not the finality but merely the way in which each scale expresses a much larger reality – the program of social evolution of the Universe.

So I found that besides the actions of motion, energy and information there was an action of social evolution in all beings. That was the program of the Universe, I termed with the 5 letters each for each action of the 5th dimension:

∆æ: acceleration-motion, ∆e: energy feeding, ∆œ: iteration, reproduction, ∆i observer’s gauging of information and ∆û: social evolution of parts into universals. This was the will of survival, which explained the mathematical space-time cycles of physics and Nature,  and history, which merged physics, biology and sociology.

Now this program of existence, completely different from the chaos which the BUG culture try to affirm is the meaning of evolution, in an dog-eat-dog society, or alternately affirms it is a religious yhwh, jewish subconscious mind of banker-priests barking imperative orders that cre(dit)ate the universe with go(l)d, LOL, is impersonal, taoist, absolute and finite for each being, and has a clear pyramidal Maslow order for all beings, which first:

  • gauge information, to move towards fields of energy in which they feed to absorb enough of it to reproduce and then evolve socially into a higher whole:
  • ∆i (gauging information)->∆a(accelerated motions)->e (energy feeding)->exi (reproduction) >∑exi=U-niversal creation.

Now it is important to notice that in such order of actions, which is driven by the fact we are made only of 3 topological networks, motion, the dominant action of the modern world is the lowest of them all. Τhe use of the limbs/fields of entropy only become dominant in process of death whose equation is precisely Max. E x Min. Τ, that is, death is an entropic process and because we are since the beginning of the gunpowder cycle in an age of human collective death, we are obsessed by motion.

As i look at the olympic games in my hypnotic sony huge Τv, which i had to buy or else the people living here before wouldn’t rent the place, there is an absolute hero in these games, Mr. Bolt, pictured on that image, an- athlete that runs almost at the speed of a hippopotamus. Yes, I know he is a god of the entropic age of mankind because he peaks at a speed closer to that of a 3 tons hippopotamus. I just offer you the meaning of it all (-; hem ok, im joking a bit here. Entropic death needs some sense of humor, i can’t be angst all day, I am latin though.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.34.35

So all what we care about these entropic days is about the use of limbs, aka sports, limbs playing with little balls, worst than an electron does. And of course any higher function is taboo. As it is the case, the highest function of the fractal organic Universe, which is reproduction, and of course it is taboo. Yet it is the function of all wave-bodies, of present survival, the highest one.

What about the motions studies with the informative mind? It is mr. Einstein, the essential physicist, who told us how to measure the exact motions of  Mercury, correcting Newton, the highest mind of mankind? Of course not. He hardly added a ct factor to a simplex equation, v=s/t by Galileo and then newton. But of course since in the BUG culture, the goal of our species is not to understand the organic universe, but pumping iron weapons, and Einstein’s e=mc2, again just an advance of the simplex equation of Newton using… a Newton binomial.. is able to make pure entropy of the earth, he is a demigod. Motion actions are the lowest actions on the pyramid of existence, and so physicists are not the highest minds, nor Mr. Bolt, people who study just pure motion, and if we were to choose, undoubtedly Mr. Jordan, who at least ads precision in the form of his shots, is above both, as it is indeed far more important body-mind control and his precision far less difficult to calculate than that of Mr. Einstein’s equations, which any 2nd rate computer can figure out.

So, actually is much more sophisticated and complex as a human being, from the perspective of the Universe, any ‘cheap whore’ that the BUG culture despises but can achieve the maximal control on the wave-like motions of the body and certainly far more satisfactory sensations in connection with the Universe than that of hypo-running and number crunching on the speed of Mercury orbits, which is all what you get from Mr Bolt and Mr. Einstein.

So the reader should excuse me if i have never run much, and ignored totally the Messis and bolts of this world. And I hold as a much more useful profession that of whores than of physicists. As we are living beings and so we get most sensations from sex and thought, in the natural languages of the mind, verbal thought and visual art.

As I am more in the mind than the body, all what i have tried is to reproduce the meme of my mind and of course the BUG creeping on all humans have prevented a wave of survival, eusocial thought spread from its original single point, in those webs. As when we study the BUG culture we shall see that in fact it represses systematically all what is human…

In any case, if human scholars were not so much corrupted by computers and digital thoughts, an entire Universe of whys to all sciences and harmonic laws of Nature, would be opening in front of their eyes by studying those texts. As even in systemics I found mostly individual ego-children of thought jumping with their hand to be heard, not to speak of physicists who simply are too arrogant, to full of numbers they don’t understand, too powerful in their use of machines that it is just impossible to make them think… all this goes to waste. But as my fellow country man Picasso put it – the equivalent on artistic space of this eclectic evolution of rational, logic thought – not in vain we are knots of cultures and ours, the southern-european latin-rational culture is the peak of western thought, Not the northern mechanical one, even if in terms of gold they call us ‘pigs’ – ‘i have had all my life a window to the absolute’. I don’t run even at the speed of a childish hypo, but that has spared me the fatigues of sportsmen. Oh, yes, i know this looks too smart, but frankly, to be just a moving figure on the retina of an eye of metal, is not and will not be the best that the human experience can offer, to feed computers with digital numbers is not the highest rational point of information of the mind of man. So who are the ubermen according to that pyramid of actions?

Obviously the prophets of social history whose messages tried to build a perfect world, of information, to create a higher scale of social existence of mankind, and that is why even if they were imperfect often tribal and limited by myths they are still the most revered forms of the human experience:

social loveScreen Shot 2016-07-08 at 23.30.44

And that is that, because that is how survival and evolution has always work in the organic universe, even if the BUG culture has been busy busy for millennia, insulting and pretending with pretentious digital science to prove bio-ethics false. It is fact that the people of that graph, the verbal ethic minds that wrote genesis, tried to convert the gold culture to the messages of ethics, and create a global super organism of mankind, are the highest neurons of history, the ubermen, not mr. bolt, just a slow hypo.



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