Culture of Corporations

The top predator super-organism of the economic ecosystem.

 What kills life and soon the future of mankind ultimately is not the machine, as machines are still managed by humans, neither a ‘nation’ at the head of the economic wave, as nations substitute each other, in each age of the Industrial Revolution (Britain in the steam age, Germany in the engines age and America in the electronic era), but a new type of re=productive organism, the corporation, the company-mother of machineswhose only goal is  to re=produce, evolve and adapt the world ecosystem to those machines.
As such the Corporation must be considered the top predator super-organism of this planet today. Specifically its  ‘memes’ – ideologies and instruments – ‘radiate’, that is, reproduce in growing numbers and extinct alternative the memes of life and humanist ideologies of the Life Earth. And this is an automatic process because corporations are ‘company-mothers’ of machines, whose only ‘biological mandate’ is to reproduce them and adapt the world to its image and likeness. What is the superorganism that has opposed them in that process? Obviously human, historic superorganisms, ‘life cultures’ and its different social organizations, mostly ‘social-democratic’ governments (not to confuse with military dictatorships of the Communist strain, but Social-democracies that foster the welfare state mostly in Post-war Europe, till the creation of the ECB took from them the right to regulate society with money and put them under the boot of the Stock-Market and its corporations.
Indeed, today governments have no meaning or power, as they have given up their sovereignty, the right to reproduce money, the genetic/memetic language of information that regulate our society, the eonomic ecosystem and the memes it reproduces, to those corporations, which obviously will use that language to foster their goal – WHICH IS NOT TO REPRODUCE AND EVOLVE MANKIND BUT ITS PRODUCTS, OVERWHELMINGLY memes of metal, machines, weapons and money. This process of loss of sovereignty and slavery of man to the machine and its reproductive organ, the company-mother, started in Holland during the first capitalist democracies, when 1/3rd of its population worked for companies of gunboats, and VOC, the first stock-company controlled the army (it was in fact the army), the government (only people with aristocratic rents or ‘stocks’, the ari-stockrats of corporations cold vote) and dedicated the entire kingdom to reproduce gunboats, make profit wars, and trade with species and slaves. Next this culture of corporations of biblical, jewish-calvinist origin (1/3rd of the shares of VOC were on the hands of sephardim, 2/3rds of Dutch calvinist merchants), moved to Britain, after the coup d’etat of 1688, when they ousted the legitimate English King, imposed theirs and founded the British stock and Bank of England.
Finally this method was imposed upon the Americans, after their social r=evolution failed and Mr. Hamilton Levine (again a calvinist-Jewish merchant),  first tried to impose an absolute monarchy, naming Washington, the richest slave landowner of America, king, but due to his sterility abandoned that project, and put its efforts in the creation of a private bank of issue and debt, the first ‘Bank of AMerica’, copycat of the Private Bank of England. We studied the fight for supremacy in the control of the language of power of America in the central post finished when the murder of Lincoln by those lobbies (Mr. Booth, a Jewish actor, was paid by Staunton and the British financiers, as it was latter discovered it had an account opened in Canada for the astounding amount of 1 million $). This murder was financially motivated as Mr. Lincoln had invented the ‘greenback’, a fiat money without debt, issued by the sovereign government of the United States, widely popular, with whom he had paid the war ‘WITHOUT DEBT’.
As debt is totally unneeded in a real democracy, where money, just a digital language of information is print for free, to give social orders. This does NOT occur anymore in the west, only in China that grows 10% annually. So the Private Federal Reserve prints our money as ‘debt’ by buying in the ‘open market’ treasuries, bond debt to America. Reason why America is about to default, unable to pay his people, while Wall Street enjoys a ride with billions of $ paid in salaries to their speculative, parasitic stock-brokers and companies have unlimited credit to reproduce their machines. But our kids don’t have schools, our old people die without health-care and 1/4th of mankind is undernourished. So it is obvious that we MUST and we DO blame the dictatorship of bankers, and its biblical cultures – despite all modern forms of censorship, aka political correctness and the Industry of the Holocaust – of the destruction of the Earth; since they founded the Culture of Corporations with the racist memes of the Bible as the ‘background’ that allowed them to exploit the ‘non chosen’ with a brutality, only comparable to that of the Armies of any nation, for whom energetic metal-memes, aka weapons are meaning of existence. Those 2 cult(ure)s, the culture of weapons of the Goths, the Germ(an)s of History who called themselves the tribe of Gods=Goths because they killed anyone who opposed them; and their partners in historic crime, the Go(l)d cult(ure)s of Mesopotamia and Levante, who made of gold, the informative, most perfect atom of the Universe, its fetishe, able to hypnotize and enslave people, because of its similarity with Ra-Amon, the Sun-God of earlier neolithic civilizations, fusioned in Holland their memes and founded the corporation of gunboats, starting the cycles of murder of modern history, studied elsehwere in this web.
Thus we cannot only BLAME the corporation, but specifically we MUST  blame a type of corporative culture, that of the Biblical masters of the western world, its banking dictatorships and peculiar conception of corporations, of historic and religious origin. Because the corporation reproduces memes, it could also reproduce mostly life memes as social-democracies did, controlling the investment of money, diverted to pay the welfare state. This would be the ideal corporation. And that is the main type of corporation we find in nations with social governments, Post-war Europe and today China. But in the western world, under the boot of the biblical supremacist culture, we reproduce mostly weapons and lethal machines that kill our bodies and minds with hate speeches to maximize the fetishe of their religion, Gold, profits. And this is so, because their religion of the golden calf, made explicit by Calvin (the intelligence of god is money) and its disciple Adam Smith, client of the founder of the Bank of England, Montagu, (money is the invisible hand of gold) have imposed a certain type of culture of corporations. Consider a simple example. In Nature systems sciences teach us that neurons, the informative, managerial caste gets 10 times more energy/food that a body cells.
This is exactly what a Japanese corporation pay to its managers – ten times more energy/money than to its floor workers. But in our culture of corporations managers get up to a million times more money (CEOs of financial corporations, some of which make over 1 billion a year) that the floor workers of the corporations they merge and own (1 $ being a standard salary for 3rd world workers, putting up Nike or Apple products in Asia). Today we cannot return to the pre-industrial fertility age of life-only memes. But we can steer with political reform and r=evolution the structure of corporations towards the reproduction of sustainable goods in a legal environment that promotes justice and creates imitating nature, healthy economic superorganisms. Today humanity works=reproduces and consumes=vitalizes machines, acting as slave of those memes of industrial corporations, When we work we are part-time slaves that obey corporations. When the culture of corporations were founded we were in fact full time slaves as indenture slaves or plantation slaves.. Most of our existence is thus organized by corporations. Most of our life is dedicated to consume=vitalize and work=reproduce machines. Most hours we exist within corporations. Most governments are lobbyist of corporations that pay their laws.
Corporations have no limits of credit from banking industries, also corporations. This might not change. But the existence of Asian, balanced superorganisms, in China dedicated mostly to reproduce non-lethal products, or the ways of management of Japan, show that our culture of corporations is the most exploitative and destructive of them all, and this must be blamed in its origin as a biblical cult(ure) of Go(l)d submitted to the racist memes of the Bible, in which most humans are non-chosen inferior ones.

The FMI complex and its people castes.

In the graph, the 3 ages of evolution of the Culture of Corporations, dedicated to reproduce and evolve selfish memes of metal, weapons, machines and money, as it become independent of man, as a self-reproductive superorganism, ruled by the stock-market, and its flows of digital money. It was first a culture, the Jewish>Calvinist culture, which spread from Levante, through its biblical memes and monetary control of pre-industrial societies, into Holland, and expanded with the Reformation becoming the Jewish-Protestant culture, translated into mathematics by Jewish-Protestant economists (Ricardo, Smith, Say, Malthus, Bentham, etc. ). Today it is a mathematical, digital structure, the ‘free market’, in which the stock-brain evolves under mathematical laws that embed the racist, anti-human memes of those previous cultures, those selfish memes of metal, with utter disregard of human rights, human survival and human evolution. We live one of the final phases of that process of extinction of life memes and humanist cultures, as chips increase their control of all structures of human thought. It is the creation of the Financial-Media (Informative machines) – Military- Industrial (energetic machines) superorganism that is terraforming the Earth at accelerated speed according to the laws of information; the complex system we study in this web. Only the substitution of that super-organism and culture for the humanist, rational, enlightened European-American democratic culture that since the 70s corporations are trying to extinguish could give a future to mankind.
Today the synergies of the Corporation, its machines and its original cultures and its racist memes against mankind ensure our extinction. The corporation of machines (as 90% of the biggest world corporations are dedicated to manufacture=reproduce machines and their energy and digital information), is the new ‘top predator’ organism of this planet. This is a fact, and what the corporation does is to reproduce and evolve according to those previous cycles the machine.
But who founded the corporation and who own the main corporations and who create the ‘culture of corporations’ with its peculiar coldness and indifference to life, its abstract, digital approach to humanity, its laws of extinction of labor (Productivity). Who are responsible for this institution that will eliminate mankind and become an automated, ‘ant-hill’ like superorganism of machines?
 A culture… Indeed, most people on planet Earth, with limited understanding of history are totally unaware that what passes as economics, and the very same structure of corporations, a hierarchical, classist, slave-like system in which the owners have all rights, then managers take all decisions and the bulk of mankind (workers and consumers) have no saying at all in how they toil, working as part-time leased slaves for those corporations and what kind of products, degrading or not, consume, is neither natural, nor the best possible way in which work should be organized, but merely the last stage of the evolution of a Culture based in trade in Go(l)d and slaves…
In other words, economics is a historic ideology, and only knowing this, we can understand the very peculiar way in which its dogmas – the dogma of productivity and profits at all costs, which merely means the extinction of human work, the dogma of bankers monopolizing the production of money, with exclusion of states, which merely means a NON-democratic system, the dogma of political and economical, correctness which forbids to explain the origin of capitalism as a tribal warfare, etc. etc – against LIFE AND HUMAN RIGHTS, were defined. Only knowing that capitalism was born of the mixture of the most darwinian, brutal cultures of history, we can understand how we humans have deviced a system so lethal to our future as the present economic ecosystem is.

The Biblical culture however does not understand the corporation in the biological terms we have described it. And that is the fascinating part of all systems and super-organisms. They all come together to produce an evolutionary tendency or an organic system, but each only knows its part. And the part the biblical culture knows is money. The reproduction of machines allow their sale and their sale gives money, which acts in the superorganism of the economy as the nervous language acts in the body – as the nervous system that gives order to all the elements of that superorganism. So on one side we have reality as it is according to the laws of evolution: the creation of a super-organism that reproduces machines, the corporation and now in the robotic age enters in its phase of automation as a pure organism of machines without the need of human beings, the ‘catalyzers of the evolutionary process’.

On the other side, the human side of the equation, we have a very strange culture – one which considers the language of money more important than the verbal, ethic language of social love, which humans have naturally used to organize their own social organisms through ethic laws (in theocracies and democracies) that cater to the well-being of all mankind.
So we must consider in more detail the cultural ideology that invented the corporation, control it ideologically and in the stock-markets and hence controls the world. The biblical capitalist ideology that has mathematized the primitive go(l)d religion of the cananeans to acquire a ‘cover’ of ‘scientificism’ and now runs corporations and bankers with the same mandate – to accumulate go(l)d at any cost, regardless of the collateral effects on our species; and their ‘evil Twin’, the military, nationalistic, weapon-based ideology that humans are divided in tribes, being NOT a single species – what we call in our biological jargon, the ‘animetal cultures’.
And those two cultures were invented by Jewish and germans who are still on top and now, have taken power in Europe through the BCE bank who controls its money and the German industries, and are at the task, ‘again of destroying the world just 72 years after they did it, and of course, they are at the task as always of destroying life/love based cultures (southern europe, without rights to invent money and the 90% of the American and European people, which are now ‘costs’ that need to be eliminated as robots and pcs take their jobs).
 The human, scientific, economical solutions to crisis are indeed easy, but require the creation of a global currency, ¥€$ money, with massive deficits to create a welfare global world of overproduction of human, life-based, labor-intensive goods (health-care, tourism, food, education, etc.) that corporations of machines will never invest due to the higher costs of human labor and lower prices of life-based goods and the prohibition of robotics to maintain machines under the human I.Q. so we can manage and control them.
At the end of this central posts we study such scientific design of the world. And yet this not happening, because scientists do not rule the social systems of mankind.
Of course, the placebo, democratic system is the ultimate alibi behind which the power of those who produce money in monopoly – corporations – hides.
So it is the most repeated meme of the economic system – that we are free because we vote.
And to that aim history of capitalist democracy is ignored. It was in fact capitalism who invented ‘democracy’ (and not the other way around as we are made to believe), when the first corporation that traded with slaves – VOC – founded the model in Holland, and their CEO, mr. Cohen and the ‘herren 17’, their councilors, took over the Dutch parliament and made Holland a ‘democracy’ to the service of the company. The same model was exported then in 1688 to Great Britain (glorious revolution) when Holland was invaded by Luis XIV and the king and the company and the bank and stock of Amsterdam moved to London, expelled the king, bought the parlament, it is said paying 2 million guilders of gold to the M.P., installed the city with its privileges of creation of money, the bank of england, the stock-market and made again England a country totally dedicated to the service of their gunboat companies.
And once more the system was imported to America in two phases. First when the lawyers of AMerican gunboat companies had a dispute with English ones and threw their cargo in the Boston seaside (Tea party). This was an economical dispute not one of freedom. And so the richest plantation owner, Mr. Washington was elected president to maintain the privileges of American Companies. And then in a second phase, when a lobbyist for the Illinois railroad company, Mr. Lincoln had a tariff dispute with southern plantations, for the trade of cotton, which the north wanted to get cheaper for their mills. As the south did not want to sell it since Europe paid more the north declared war with the excuse of slavery, but as soon as the dispute was solved and the government paid for free the railroads, giving them the lands to the west for free, jim crow laws were established.
Thus Anglo-Saxon democracies have always been a placebo second system to control the population and only in the continent due to the Workers, Socialist movement some democracy and rights to print money for the people were obtained in the 60s.
this is what now the International bankers have destroyed and so we need to study them, who are, and how they rule us, where they come from history, to understand the present world and the destruction of European Democracies and welfare state. Because the market has a name, a culture and an elite of power.
History has been sanitized and rewritten specially in America where the European scholar can only become astonished to the fairy tale and bias of the animetal cult(ure)s who own the country. So in the rest of this post we shall analyze of that real history, studied in great detail in the right side of this web, the key elements with increasing focus; from the previous graph in which we showed all the cultures of both type of superorganisms, we shall first move to the strict analysis of the dominant 3 cultures of western animetals, as they are foundational of the 3 main memes of metal, machines, money and weapons – even if today by memetic imprinting and repetition their cultures must be considered globalized and in partnership with equivalent 1% in all national societies (a meme invented by Germanic tribes of warriors, evolved further by the ‘Franks’ in modern times and purified to paroxism in modern times thanks to the use of metal-communicators which as nervous systems do program simultaneously a mass of believers, in Germany America and Israel in the past century).
So all what we say goes for any elite of any nation, even though they are still guided mostly by the 3 dominant animetal cultures of the west.
Then once we have had a look to those 3 cultures, studied in their zenith in greater detail in the left-down side of the web, we shall focus in the ‘eyes’ and ‘commanders’ of the economical world, the owners of the Financial-Media system, the ‘head’ of the FMI complex.

The economic ecosystem has two sides as any superorganism. One informative head and an energetic body. In the past the head was go(l)d, as money was made of the most informative metal of the Universe that hypnotizes humans provoking greed, gold fevers, the desire to have it at all costs. So people would sell people with money and slavery was born. Thus go(l)d deactivated the eusocial words of love and made us selfish, killing our ethical, verbal´dna´and breaking humans into selfish homo bacteria.  The body was iron weapons, which killed the equivalent human body.

And so the predatory properties of metal were easy to understand. And all the prophets of eusocial love who tried to build a superorganism of history abhored weapons and money. Yet two people castes, with a strong visual brain, and little eusocial development, nomads, who treated life as cattle and lived in small groups, probably influenced by their genetic mixing with the Homo Neanderthal, dolicocephalic and visual, with lesser verbal development (see articles on human races), became obsessed by iron weapons, the Indo-Europeans and among them in a higher measure, the germ(an)s, who ever since formed hordes of iron warriors destroying life based civilizations. (See 800 year cycles of war in the left side). While the Levantine cultures, the Semites, became obsessed by Go(l)d, and built an extensive network of slavery, founded banking, developed go(l)d religions today embodied in the Bible, and started as solitons of trade the evolution of the economic ecosystem. Thus this people founded all the memes of the modern world, and with the arrival of machines they became the most powerful people-castes of the planet and fought each other for global power while exploiting the rest of mankind.

One, the germanic cult(ure)s would be dominant in the building of the military-industrial complex and the other, the Jewish, in the creation of the Financial-media system. They represent today the complex evolution of the iron swords and go(l)d coins those to metal-cult(ure)s used to master humanity in the pre-industrial Age. Yet the memes of those cultures survive, have been translated into scientific statements; when Physics became the science of weapons and motion, still lead by Germans, who have built the first machine-weapon of the Singularity at CERN and the greed and worship of Go(l)d became translated into the postulates of economics and capitalism, when calvinist and Jewish believers translated their vision of a world ruled by money, which they should produce in monopoly as they wwere the ‘People of the treasure’ or Am Segullah (ill-translated as chosen people). And they are indeed still the dominant force in banking both private and public, and its economic ideologies (+80% of CEOs of financial industries, + 70% of Nobel prizes in economics, given by the bank of sweden, +80% of western central bankers).

It is in that sense impossible to understand why the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System is so ill-directed without understanding the memes of those cultures, and how their preservation at all costs maintains history and economics in such unjust, primitive state. We thus study in other pages, their history during the long waves of 800 years, in which germ(an) warriors and Cananean Banker-Priests masterminded and controlled the mass of neolithic farmers, who believed in eusocial love. Those masters believed only in greed and murder, the values of the selfish memes of metal which became their Gods and engines of their history.
The social pyramid of the ‘animetal farm’ in the countries controlled by the Culture of Corporations: The present 4-folded crisis of overproduction of electronic machines signifies the end of the American dream, a world made to the image and likeness of man, wealthy and healthy, and the beginning of the Capitalist nightmare: a world made to the image and likeness of metal, its machines, weapons and rhetoric ideologies, in which most humans are obsolete, as they have lost their competition with machines, and will be repressed, ignored and programmed to love their self-destruction, while a tiny 1% of owners of corporations and top managers exist as a new ‘ari-stockracy’, separated from the rest of the population by the power of those memes of metal.
So finally we have come to the human side of it, ‘democracy’. But it is democracy real? No, it is not.
The mask of democracy, the real power – the corporation, and its cycles of happy years and fascist years.
We conclude after studying the different elements of this crisis, which show the control of the future by corporations that Capitalist democracies are not democracies, an oxymoron, since the language of social power, money, is in the hands of corporations. Thus politico systems have the function to disguise and camouflage the power of plutocrats and corporations – the so called markets, they obey. Camouflage as we shall see, is the key element to explain, both democratic systems and the leaders of free market capitalism, explained in detail in other posts.
Once we dismiss qisling, powerless politicos with no credit as servers of plutocrats and their corporations, the first question we must resolve is ‘which corporation type’ owns the world and which power tribe owns the corporations, that is, has majority in Earth Inc. and hence imposes its agenda.
Essentially corporations with higher profits can bid for laws with higher prizes and so rule the world buying laws, bribing politicos, paying salaries and setting price policies that define how mankind spend their lifetime under their salary working for their agenda.
And so always those corporations who sell the most expensive goods – weapons – hence the most tprofitale, those who make money itself, financial corporations and those who reproduce the goods easier to make at lower costs (information companies, whose product can be multiplied at null cost by hertzian waves) rule the world. Money, weapons and mass-media.
But the economical cycle has 3 phases: the age of consumption machines, followed by overproduction and crash of consumption, the age we live in. Yet when those products suffer overproduction crisis there are still its twin brothers, weapons. And so a ‘splendid little war’ can take the companies out of the crisis.
This is becoming the zeitgeist of our age. Each cycle has two phases between crashes: before the crash, we are in the happy years of hyper abundance of credit and creation of mild consumption machines (trains, cars, planes and pcs). After the crash of overproduction companies switch to production of weapons as demand plummets, and so  companies back with money and bribes politicos that bring a fascist age of war for profits, to deplete arsinals and multiply sales of machines that people with no jobs, no earnings, taxed by speculators cannot afford.
So financial, arms and information corporations rule the world with two different policies: a milder, positive behavior, in which they back civil politicians that promote their consumption goos and a harsh one, when they back war politicians, depending on the phase of the Kondratieff cycle.
This means that in each age of evolution of the machine, in each phase of the Kondratieff cycle, a certain type of machine and politico has power.
You do not have a choice, corporations choose, according to the evolution of machines. Your votes are of course to one of two parties, but they are masterminded by mass-media, owned by the same corporations that manufacture the sheeple’s blind brain.
And this is the essence of bipartisan democracies: not a choice of politicians with different agendas but a choice of the two sides of the same coin.
In fact, history proves the fact. Since modern democracies were invented in Holland by the first slave company and only aristocrats and owners of stocks with certain rent could vote. The first governments mimicked the powerful 13, who ruled Amsterdam, its parlament and the company. Then in 1688 they bought the crown of England and moved in the glorious revolution the Amsterdam bank and the stock-market to london, and ousted the king and bought the parliament. We still have a check from Sousa, a Jewish financier, and stock-holder to the king to buy MPs – 2 million guilders.
Then there, the monocracy diversified in tories and whigs, both representing companies of slave trade, one always defending war for profits, the other trade.
People didn’t vote till very advanced the XIX century when the yellow press had masterminded the ideas of the sheeple, so the owners of democracies could be sure it all would be manipulated to their advantage.
So when the Dutch first capitalist monocracy moved to US and Britain, politicos to the service of corporations – mostly their lawyers – grouped themselves nicely in two kind of parties: those who favored the use of machines for war, or right wing GOP, tory parties and those who favored their use for peace, democrats and whigs. Only briefly the socialist revolution introduced parties who favored the 99%, labor, socialist parties – democrats in US briefly in the 60s. But since they never had the capacity to monopolize the invention of money – what would be a minimal requirement for democracy, they all are now corrupted.Only in the 60s, social-democracies with Keynesianism and nationalized banks functioned to truly create a welfare state for the people.
Now that is over, so we return to hard core XIX century plutocracies – America perhaps has always been there.
So you choose between the party of war and the party of trade, the party of harsh policies against the people, when speculation is rampant and canons matter more than butter, and the party of the people, when consumption goods are all the rage and people have to consume them – according to the machines of each age of the economical cycle. And if you choose wrong and don’t obey the mass-media imprinting? Then you might get bizarre situations, as it happened in Germany and US when people chose the wrong party for the phase of the industrial revolution. What they were thinking?! Technocrats know better what is best for you.
So Mr. Schroeder abandoned government to Miss Merkel and retired to a huge oil conglomerate, because corporations needed now a tough capitalist. But Miss Merkel was not elected by the Germans in that election, neither she has any right to be the dictator of Europe whose president is Mr. Rompuy.
And Mr. Bush did not win the elections, but Mr. Clinton knew it was the turn of the party of war and so it did not oblige the repetition of the elections in Florida, and retired with massive subventions to their ‘foundation’.
Politicos know their job and do not oppose the flows of the economic system as they have no agenda except being ‘celebrities’ of the mass-media, theatrical masks of power, who know perfectly what Mr. Rothschild said ‘it doesn’t matter which puppet rules the Empire where the sun does not set as long as I control the supply of money, I set the agenda’.
Then sometimes a brief ‘Asimovian Mule’, like the Kennedies try to change the agenda to their peril.
Now the agenda is called Keynesian militarism, fascism, speculation in e-money, robotic armies, robotic workers, surplus of humans, end of the milder age of capitalist democracies (the happy 20s, the happy 90s, the splendorous 1840s).
This is the zeitgeist of this age, which we shall explain with warts, names and all in this post, conveniently placed at the end of this series because the truth is so harsh and inconvenient to the happy fictions of your mental imprinting that you would reject it easily as ‘madness’, when precisely I want to explain you the madness of the zeitgeist of each fascist age for profits that come after those crashes. Yet you are submitted to massive, rhetoric antitruths – and so in fact all what you think is truth is a lie.
The present 4-folded crisis of overproduction of electronic machines – robotic workers and weapons, e-money that distributes wealth to a parasite caste of financiers and speculators and tv-hate against non-biblical cultures – signifies the end of the American dream, a world made to the image and likeness of man, wealthy and healthy, where all cultures and people had a chance to fulfill the human Will and freedom, and the beginning of the Capitalist nightmare, once the Industrial Evolution comes to an end:
In the graph, parodying Orwell’s animal farm, the social pyramid of the ‘animetal farm’ in the last stages of capitalism: a world made to the image and likeness of metal, its machines, weapons and rhetoric ideologies, in which most humans are obsolete, as they keep loosing their competition with machines.
Those humans that formed the middle and lower classes now will be repressed by increasingly automated jails; ignored or programmed to love their self-destruction by 3D virtual reality. Meanwhile a tiny 1% of owners of corporations and top managers exist as a new ‘ari-stockracy’, separated from the rest of the population by the power of those memes of metal.

They are the new aristocrats of the world, which have absolute rights to print money, the language of power of society and null legal responsibility (aristocrats had in the Middle Ages rights to bear arms and null legal responsibility with the language of social power then – weapons). They prefer to keep their ‘anti-democratic privileges’.

To that aim they ‘sell’ us a false science, which never forecasts the future, as it is an ideology of power  capitalism, the concept they must own the right to print money, not our governments – based in a silly book written by Mr. Adam Smith, a man who wrote even before the machine was invented, hence with null idea what he was about to describe, based in his ‘religious, biblical ideologies’ (money is the invisible hand of go(l)d, which must not be ‘analyzed). How ridiculous is that? Imagine that our rocket scientists were basing their models on the designs of Julius Verne and spend billions once and again constructing his ‘rocket to the moon’ and then become astonished that it does not work. This is exactly what our economists and politicians do.

The rhetorics and fantasies of extinction. It is history and individual will to survive controlled and determined by culture? So on view of the non-future of our species we must wonder: Why humanity cannot reform the system; are we determined to do eviL? Why in 3000 years of greed and murder, the Jewish banker-priests and the german warrior-kings have not converted to the memes of life, despite the unending holocausts and wars that their bid for supremacy through the unfair use of the power of metal to kill (iron), hypnotize and enslave (Gold) have caused? While the mass of humans worship life, and could easily design a balanced world, the people-castes that form the elite of mankind, what we call in biological history, animetal’ cultures – the germanic iron culture of war, the jewish go(l)d culture of money dominate with their ‘metal-languages of power’ which they deem sacred, and superior to life, for whom they sacrifice their own existence. So Germans went to war for Krupp and died for their iron crosses and Jewish Bankers and Industrialists stole the wealth of the world in 1929 cause of II world war and the extermination of their poor, and yet 72 years latter, as if nothing had happened, after denying the economical causes of the Holocaust, they have done exactly the same. And now ‘again’ we enter an age of war to pump up the profits of the military-industrial complex. Do those elites of Judaism and Germanism, of America, Israel and Northern Europe care at all for the destiny of their ‘lower human-life based people’, their 99%? Of course not, because within each of those cultures there is even a more brutal division between those who own and those who work to the point that in the Talmud, 11 tribes are ‘slaves’ of the Levi banker-priests, the so-called ‘People of the Treasure’ (Am Segullah) as opposed to the mass of Jewish peddlers and traders, the so-called ‘Habiru’ or ‘hebrew’, ‘those who walk behind the asses’ in ancient language, since they indeed carried the military trade in slaves and weapons with mules, (now substituted by Boston Robotic Mules), to obtain the ‘golden’ ex-votes the Levis, the People of the Treasure required to ‘save’ them. Since capitalism was born as a religion of go(l)d, then expanded to protestant, calvinist religions (‘the intelligence of God is gold’, calvin), which were mathematized by believers in those religions (Malthus, Say, Smith and Ricardo, the fathers of classic economics were all protestant priests, calvinist or Jewish, and so they just translated the racist gold religions of their forebears into ‘mathematical equations’ of ‘productivity’ and the ‘values of money’) and now are digitalized into computer software that run markets and economical systems but still keep the racist despise for life of those ‘cults’.
Or in other terms, as my grand-father, a socialist, sephardim accountant with no responsibility on what the bankers did to Europeans during the I Industrial revolution put it, ‘I didnt see any banker on that truck’ (which were carrying them to Matthausen). Since bankers and generals and politicians don’t die on those wars, only their lower castes of believers. And that is indeed why they are doing ‘again’ the same. They think they will survive. So their goal is NOT to protect and help to survive their ‘lower castes’, the mainly impure Khazars of Israel, the American people, the Europeans but to keep them appeased and take the money and run, as they have always done, if things get tough. And so those industrial lobbies paid war-monger politicians, chose in the I cycle, the Jewish-Anglo Prime Minister, Disraeli, responsible for the genocide of around 50 million 3rd world people, the Jewish-German Adolf Hitler, nee Frankenberger, responsible for the death of 66 million people and in the nearby future a Jewish-American team (Nettanhayu-Romney if it defeats Obama) who will start III world war exterminating with a robotic army, Palestinians and Iranians… All of them guided by the Jewish-Germanic, Biblical animetal’ cultures with its ‘memes’ of capitalism, based in absolute selfishness, hate and repression of the memes of life (sex, eusocial love, human energy – good and human creativity – art) and the worship to the tree of metal and its go(l)den apples and weapons, which they love more than life. Ultimately those cultures  ‘are slave cultures, who believe,  don’t reason’ (Aristotle).
They are eviL=anti-life cultures or as a German film put it: ‘we, the Germans don’t know how to live but we are extremely good at killing and dying’. And yet ‘the people’, the 99% worships those who enslave them, as those who enslave them, worship their ‘selfish memes of metal’. That cultural slavery to the memes of metal, their blindness, their amazing ‘imagination’ to invent fantasies and myths to justify what they do against life, is what kills them in a deterministic way. And what seems to leave no hope for the future survival of mankind which they guide, since they will never be converted to the cause of the species. Indeed, unless that culture changes, humans will exterminate life in this planet, including human life, with their now globalized ideologies of capitalism (the ‘alien’ language of metal-money and its values that give higher prices to weapons and machines than life and workers), mechanism (the evolution of machines instead of the social evolution of mankind as the goal of our species) and nationalism (The Tribe as the species you have to live for, instead of Homo Sapiens as the species we must defend together). Of course, we could change the world and survive if we stopped believing in the absurd myths of our ‘gold-iron’ german-jewish culture and stop believing that a goatkeeper of the bronze age and  his golden calf bro had been ‘chosen by the invisible hand of go(l)d’ symbol – the origin of the ideological fantasies of capitalism that are killing us; and instead worked hard and together as a single species to manage scientifically with the biological laws of this planet, the world Since as Schopenhauer, father of modern philosophy put it: ‘we are just a mush covering a lost rock in a corner of the Universe, departing of this fact we can talk about man’ . In brief the end of history will not be the rapture by G.Bush (the god bush), nor the prophecy of millenarism of the Talmud Banker-priests, who thought they had been chosen by Go(l)d to rule the world with money, latter copied by Hitler who thought he had been chosen to rule the world with weapons: ‘at the end of history all nations will be slaves of the Jewish Nation (Yvwh) and those who resist will be exterminated’, (Sanhedrin 185).
Yet history proves that those who worship iron and go(l)d and oppress mankind and life within them and outside are the ones that become exterminated. And so today of the 4 cultures of the bronze age, still standing, those of the tree of life have survived and those of the tree of metal have suffered the consequences of their attempts to separate themselves fro m the body of mankind. So the Latin Culture numbers 1 billion speakers, and so does the Chinese, which are 1.4 billions because they always worshiped the law and life, while the Germans are barely 80 millions and again hated by all Europeans, and the Jewish are 18 million and again hated by billions of muslims, and increasingly after the ‘deja vu’ 29 banking ‘experience’, by millions of Euro-Americans. Will they learn from their mistakes? of course not. Slaves of metal never learn. It is indeed amazing that when there are still survivors of Auschwitz and Nazi Germany, those two cultures are again ‘liquidating’ the world. It has been in fact the mixed British culture with a strong influence of the Latin-French civilization, cradle of Darwin, Butler and Keynes, and with a certain sense of humor=self-criticism, in a middle way between both which has succeeded to survive and imprint the world in higher measure.
So now that the world is in the hands of the two most fundamentalist cultures of gold and iron, now in power both in Europe and America, don’t expect this time to be different. The end indeed will not be the neo-fascist versions of III world war according to Hollywood -the American mercenaries fighting for their ‘jewish owners’ the wars of Israel win and the ‘bad guys’, non-technological indians or arabs all die and we live happy ever after. Yes indeed, the extermination of Palestinians and Arabs who oppose Yvwh can be easily achieved – but that will not be the end of III world war.
The millions of robots that will fight against Iran or any other Islamic nation for profits in this Orwellian age of perpetual war, will sooner or latter be born as a new race, and have exactly the same frame of mind of their ‘creators’. And so the end of any of the millenarian prophecies of go(l)d and war believers will be the ‘other hollywood’ version, Terminator, Matrix…
And this in the initial graph of this post is the maximal probability of truth, since humans have been explained the facts, since Genesis to Darwin and they have never listened the wor(l)d of God, which is Mankind, our superorganism, or species, not the machine. Instead what the Jewish-Protestant culture of Chosen of Go(l)d have created is a ‘fantasy’ of self-indulgent lies, which might look truth with the rhetorics of audiovisual TVs as the fascist display of ‘ubermen’ , chants and uniforms made the Germans think they could truly defeat ‘alone’ the entire planet. But reality bites. Indeed, the capitalist culture can enslave and exterminate all mankind, but if so happens that will include at the end of the day, the extermination of the Germanic-Jewish culture as it happened in all the previous cycles, because while humans are imperfect, the Universe is perfect, based in the balance, and justice of the action-reaction laws.  Indeed as the Jewish-American biggest lobbyist of the Nuclear Arm Race, Mr. Teller put it, in a moment of lucidity: ‘First of all let me say that I have no hope of clearing my conscience. The things we are working on are so terrible that no amount of protesting or fiddling with politics will save our souls.’ 
This nihilism not death is what bothers me because it is deterministic, it shows no freedom. Teller indeed, as most bankers and robotists I know, are completely aware that they are killing life, stealing and creating the memes of metal that will extinguish us, but they do it anyway to hold their fantasies of a superior race, human or metallic, to ‘feel like God’, as the father of A.I. the Jewish-American Marvin Minsky said. As such we are dealing when considering financial and classic economics, NOT with a science, but merely a millenarian ideology of world power through the language of gold and weapons, used to control all other agents of society, perfectly described by Keynes: ‘ Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things, for the common good’.
Not so, the wickedest things done to mankind (extinction, poverty) will not bring the paradise of the chosen; but now that biblical capitalism is a global, mathematical culture, carried about by software programs in computer platforms that destiny, brought about by greed and military profits will repeat the suicidal ‘destiny/karma’ of ‘animetal’  cultures, to all mankind, pointing towards a non-human future, unless we humans show to the ‘real God=laws’ of the biological Universe, which are mathematical (cyclical patterns), ethical (survival of the same species) and intelligent (searching for a perfect, efficient Universe), that we can build a minor ‘god’ (the superorganism of mankind) and a minor Universe (the world)  NOT only with digital, computer models of reality that cater to the future of machines, but with ethics of social love to our species and an intelligent understanding of  the verbal, causal logic that determines the future of any system in the Universe…
And this is the main reason the mechanical evolution shown of those  economic cycles is so exact. Since the human side is mainly a slavish side. As Marx discovered to the chagrin of those who rule, unfortunately the human animetal is not free to guide his future. It only has ‘fantasies of freedom’ provided by their culture to justify greed. Indeed, in all those cycles the human puppet can be exchanged as any electron can be exchanged by other in a quantum experiment, and obtain the same results. If Mr. Frankenberger had not raised to power, Mr. Goering would have done the same; if Mr. Romney is not chosen, just with a bit more of pressure, the ‘negro $lave of the white house’ will do the same; but, and this is what makes different the human, free side of ethic, intelligent people, if Jesus had not been born, we would have already died for ever, as the Greek-Romans would have done the Industrial R=evolution and evolved the languages of machines, mathematics, 2000 years ago, which the Christian destroyed; and if Marx had not been born, Europe would have not enjoyed the summit of its millenarian civilization during the scientific age of management of the economy in the 60s only possible when capitalism feared the Russian model, (which stopped being a social revolution when Stalin converted it into a military dictatorship), and certainly Hitler would have succeeded in exterminating the ‘Saint innocent’ of the Jewish culture, their poor, Khazar peasants, who only survived because they ‘believed’ in their true prophet and did the revolution in Russia, as most of the surviving Jews of the Roman Holocaust did so because they ‘believed’ their true prophet of love, Jesus, and converted, being spared by the Roman Laws that made the possession of Talmud, a death offense… as mankind could survive if it heard the true solutions of this crisis, provided by evolutionary economists, Keynesians, Ecologists, NOT by the immense majority of classic and financial economists, who are repeating all the mistakes they did in the 30s but control the information and think tanks of this profession and censor its truths.
Because God, the biological mind of the Universe has its laws and evolves only the better species, the better cultures, the people who are truly free, strong, ethic and intelligent, able to maximize the energy and information, the game of creation has bestowed upon them. Otherwise, it eliminates its failed experiments as it does with unstable particles, wrong mutations, mad cultures and arrogant ‘mushes’ in a lost rock…
Memetics, the ideologies of the Metal-Earth and the informative go(l)d cult(ure)s that created it.
‘Some men are natural slaves: they believe, they don’t reason.’ PoliticsAristotle Today the power of the memes of metal imposes its will and its ideas carried by bankers, warriors and scientists to the human mass. So nobody doubts of those values anymore. But in the past, when there was only weapons and money, those values were self-evident and those cult(ure)s that hold them, were despised by ethic prophets and the majority of humans, who have always been driven by the values and memes of life and love.

Power requires money, weapons and machines to impose itself ‘anti-democratically’ over the human mass. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior. So any ‘ideology’ that justifies power is always welcomed and promoted. Yet such ideologies by force must be false to appease the masses into ‘believing’ on the goodness of a system that is geared to destroy life in this planet. And so we, humans, first act subconsciously, becoming addicted to the higher informative and energetic power we reach with those ‘metal-memes’ and then we think ‘a posteriori’ and justify those actions with ideologies crafted and promoted to convert evil into good, slavery into freedom, and so on. A memetic theory of humanity as a species that ‘believes’ by repetition more than reasons by intuition (Aristotle), who acts first and thinks latter, is then the only rational explanation to the collective ‘madness’ of mankind. In brief, humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us).

This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines. Those ideologies that make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’ are basically 3:

– Nationalism that justifies the use of weapons to defend the tribe. – Capitalism that puts money over the legal, rational world as the language of power we must follow.

– Mechanism, which considers the machine the measure of all things), become then ‘beliefs’ transferred memetically generation upon generation till its meaning is completely lost.

– Corrupted religions (fundamentalism), go(l)d churches that allow the use of money (gold in the past) and weapons (inquisitions) to impose their beliefs and repress the ‘natural, biological drives’ of human existence – our desire for human energy, verbal information and art (the information created with our languages of the mind), eusocial love and sexual reproduction, of which the most clear case is the Bible, which achieves all the above, and hence explains, why it is the key meme of the ‘cult(ur)es’ that run the Metal-earth since its inception both in the old age (Judaism) and the modern age, Protestant, Biblical cult(ure)s. It is obvious that the purpose of those anti-life memes in the Bible, a historic religion of ‘social power’ – not a search for the ultimate questions about ‘meaning’ – is to enslave man to work and reproduce metal-machines and so it forbids our natural drives of existence, tasteful food, sex, social evolution… to oblige us to evolve and reproduce memes of metal. The Bible is for that reason the full expression of anti-life=eviL programming and repression of the nature of man. And for that reason it has had such a success to ‘program’ their believers in evolving capitalism (as per Sombart, ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber ‘The protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’.

This key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism – vs. the scientific natural laws of the Universe that promote as the laws of biological survival we should follow humanism (Homo Sapiens), Socialism (law over money) and organicism (man as the measure of all things), is the ‘other’ battle of mankind in the ‘realm’ of languages and information, which the ‘heads’ of the economic and political system, economists, politicians and scientists of history and economics, is the battle for the ideas of the future, humanity has lost to the machine, history to economics governments to corporations. Fact is the values of money give zero price to life and maximal to weapons that kill life. Hence the symbiosis between cultures of weapons and money and the definition of those cultures in genetic linguistics  as anti-live= eviL cult(ure)s, its inverse wor(l)d.

What the ideologies of capitalism/mechanism /nationalism do is to ‘hide’ this hardcore fact of our world as it is, hiding the fact we humans are irrelevant to the ‘economic ecosystem’ (since all the economic actions and news must be understood as an effect of the fact that corporations rule the world with their monopoly of production of money, the language of social power, they use mostly to reproduce, evolve and sell for a profit their offspring of machines). If humans knew that capitalism doesn’t mean freedom but slavery to the ‘free citizens of the market’, corporations, that buy our life-time for a salary, have unlimited credit to cre(dit)ate reality and dispose of the law at will, paying for it to politicians, probably they would not be so happy and could rebel. So what those ideologies do is to create a ‘noise’ – military term that means information that distracts the victim – as we, humans keep creating a non-human future…
Thus we study those ideologies in the right, lower part of this web and the history of how through ‘murder, greed and sloth’ they have imposed themselves to humanity, in the left, lower part of the web. Let us dish out some of our mordacity about them here, because let us be clear, while individuals are not guilty the memes they carry, specifically the memes of those ideologies proper of the biblical, Jewish-Protestant, Capitalist, anglo-saxon culture, today globalized and shared by 7 billion humans minus, are the cause of our extinction. And so unless we change them – nothing else will do – this will be the last century of our species. And certainly the Universe will not miss us.
The people who rule the world, its corporations and mass-media, who print money and govern are all stuck in those ideologies, which astoundingly enough have in objective terms, such original ‘pearls’ of intelligence as:
– A goatkeeper of the bronze age pretending than a burning bush was god (this is the biggest ethic authority of the world for 1/2 of the humankind).
– A follower of the goatkeeper’s brother and his golden calfs, who wrote a philosophical book before even the first machine was invented about the goodness of greed or in words of Keynes, the ‘astounding belief that the wickedest of all men will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’. This lonely, virgin, excentric professor of a backward town of the XVIII c. is however the biggest economic authority of mankind.
–  A brutal nomad, who ate raw meat, lived in a tent, affirmed that the biggest pleasure was to burn cities, rape women and kill men, call Attila, whose barbaric troops invented the concept of ‘nation’ (before it was understood that mankind was a single species, and there were either global civilizations – neolithic – religions of social love that considered all humans part of the subconscious collective god-organism of mankind – Buddhism, Christianity, or attempts to create a global empire (alexander, rome).
– A farmer who dedicated 90% of his research times to search for the golden stone, study the secret messages that the goatkeeper’s God sent him with comets and then in the spare moments constructed a few machines and deduced simple laws which today a child can deduce, affirming that the Universe was a machine and God a clocker, because he was fascinated by the first artifacts… Mr. Newton, father of mechanism.
This might be a bit ironic for the reader, but indeed, Mr. Moses, Mr. Smith, Mr. Attila and Mr. Newton, at true value face are the fathers of fundamentalist religions, mechanism, capitalism and nationalism, the animetal cultures that rule the world. And if any human thinks, those ideologies will be able to control the complexities of a system ruled by computers who think at the speed of light, weapons that can obliterate entire cities, flows of digital money that organize billions of humans and an organic, complex fractal Universe of infinite self-similar self-replicant entities fighting a darwinian struggle for existence, well, good luck. Thus indeed, ideologies are the ultimate zeitgeist of this age, and we dedicate an immense quantity of pages to deal with them.
But while the guilt is in the biblical culture that kills and dies to maintain those aberrations and utter nonsenses as the guide of mankind, the responsibility to save the world is not theirs but ours – of the people who have evolved their memes long ago and must defend life against the ‘fuc*tards’ that are killing it. What seems a contradictory state but it is a fact of the very essence of ‘memetic imprinting’ by repetition. If you are an American believer in the self-made man, and the individual as the limit of ‘evolution’ of mankind, you will be obviously irrelevant to the future, a mere $lave of the networks of power of the people-caste that rules you, going from one to other place, obeying the laws of money, running behind it, doing whatever they ask you to do for a price; just a follower of one Luther – the wrong one – the ‘anti-christ’ that destroyed the social organism based in love that controlled the alumni of Attila during the middle ages.
This son of a copper miner, obsessed by eviL, who affirmed in the highest ego-trip of lunatic history that you could talk personally to God, and ‘charity’ (eusocial love, the sharing of energy and information with other humans to form social organisms), didn’t matter and the goatkeeper book of history was his word, and still infuses the mind of 1/2 of the American people, making them lonely, easy victims of the system ensures that Americans will always ‘dream’ an impossible world, where they are entitled to all, while those who organize socially in tribes and networks exploit them. If you are  british imperial nostalgic as most of those who voted conservative are, ignoring how during 300 years you toiled at a white slave for the profits of The City and its gunboats, you will not be able to change your chip and realize that the machine is NOT the mana of mankind.
The machine created the empire which still kicks your imagination. if you are a techno-utopian nerd imprinted by the simplistic, mechanist ideology of ‘physics’ and its industrial, robotic and computer sciences is, or a Jewish holocaust paranoid, as most Jewish people who back the absurd policies of Israel, the discourse of hollywood or the lack of empathy for the rest of mankind so natural to Wall street speculators are, you have been programmed since youth to be on this manner, you are a victim of your own memetic program, which is not easy to change. So we cannot blame or expect that Wall Street will solve the speculative crisis, that Hollywood will solve the mass-media and ethical crisis, that Israel and the Pentagon will solve the war on terror crisis and silicon valley and our Universities all over the world, imprinted with the cult to the machine will solve the ultimate and most powerful of those crisis – the existential one.
It is not practical, neither an expectative that will ever be fulfilled. And appealing to some short of imaginary ‘good will’ for an elite which has consciously, ideologically, subconsciously and historically, dogmatically, scholarly, you name it – dissociate itself from the destiny of the ‘body cells’ of its super-organism, which it hurts without even realizing, the very same definition of madness in a living organism – is a waste of time. It would be nice to believe any of those fairy tales – that we are the righteous culture, that corporations care for humans, that god – just a meme in your mind – hears us and we have a destiny, that any criticism of the leading culture is to be blamed in the critique, which becomes an antisemite or an antipatriot or whatever ad hominem insult is meaningful to the case. This is what people believe and so they are happy. But they should be aware that in a darwinian universe you trade happiness for an earlier death if you are not aware of the ‘underlying’ nature of reality, where nothing is given for free and respect must be earned. The sheeple has not earned respect, has not won survival and will not survive unless it takes their own self-defense in their hands. Weeping won’t do. The only hope for mankind lays not on those who will never change and will resist any change not to loose power or because they fear the 99%, imprinted by paranoia; but in the rest of mankind.
It is for that reason we hold far more guilty of the crime of collective extinction people like Mr. Obama than Mr. Nettanhayu, because Mr. Obama knows perfectly what I am talking about. He was educated with the memes of the right Enlightened, Social-Democratic, American founding-fathers culture parallel to the European latin culture, with his thirst for life and love and its sense of equalite, fraternite, solidarite. And he has betrayed all those goals, beyond his placebo mask of caring, for lack of ‘stamina’ to defy power. And like him, there is an astounding number of pretended humanist politicians, from Tony Blair to Mr. Hollande, which are not/will not be doing their job. And then there is the human mass, who thinks just complaining the system will change. The system needs to r=evolve and r=evolutions are not easy. They require huge sacrifices.
But the responsibility is NOT in the hands of the 1% and the biblical cultures, and all the repetitive, memetic Asian and European, clueless ‘daughter cultures’ that merely imitate by memetic imprinting whatever America does. The responsibility to change the world is in the hands of those who belong to humanist, alternative cultures, who are the overwhelming majority of mankind, who can understand the facts without getting paranoid or aggressive, who are often voted to power, who must take control of the financial industry, and credit, create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, the most perfect organism. Or else they will become extinct.
 The very same honchos of Wall Street told them in a moment of crisis: ‘you have to regulate us, we cannot stop our greed’. The enormous disappointment I experienced with the policies of Mr. and Miss Clinton and Mr. Obama in America, with Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Schroeder and the Labor party in Europe comes from the fact that it is self-evident that if those people who are intelligent, belong to the right memetic structure, have power and the popular mandate, preferred to let sloth and greed dominate their policies; if the 99% is too weak, too ignorant and too lazy to change reality or at least attempt a change, the no future of mankind is determined. What happened in Germany where Mr. Schroeder, the most voted politico let the zero-brainer, East German Fraulein in power today take over to retire to a huge salary in an energy company; or what happened in America, where Mr. Clinton let Mr. Bush rig the elections in Florida, didn’t press for repetition, being as he was the president and so handled power to the Republican party, to spend his last hours signing pardons to the biggest financial criminals of the country… was the lowest point in the history of western democracies.
But it seems now Mr. Obama might reach a new low and the Germans, which are supposed to have been reformed after II W.W. might attempt a final financial IV Reich, with the same destiny than the previous ones. So what hope there is there of a culture that does not rely in the absurdities, dreams, and retarded theories of reality of the biblical people who control us in the west? Obviously the eastern philosophies and civilizations based in organicism, social control of the languages of power and the creation of goods of a sustainable world…
The kind of society the Chinese are trying to build in the East but in the west only… iceland has essayed so far in this crisis. Since my original culture, the ‘PIGS’ social-democratic southern European, scientific, rational, life-love based memetic culture is now becoming destroyed by the banker-priests of capitalism… Nothing else remains, icelanders and chinese… and not for too long. One thing is certain, the no future the western culture lead by the International banker, the intellectuals of his tribe, and his qisling politicos prepare to all of us is well deserved. We have been given many warnings. The repetitive cycles of history and economics explained in this web have all been the same, as all causal events are repeated in all those crisis. The 29 crisis happened for god’s sake, just a century ago and all what happened thereafter and it is happening again, is perfectly documented, even if it is censored or sided. What all those people who are managing the world are thinking? Have they ever get away with ‘murder’, in those cycles of history? No. Have they not suffered collective much more than they earned not solving the crises on times? Yes. Have not Keynesian militarism ended always in self-destruction? Yes. Have not the bubble-crash processes of speculators always ruined the global economy? Yes. Have ever Yvwh saved anyone in this planet? No. And so on, and so on. We could write for ages, but words are no longer ‘trusted’.
 So it is time to utter one of those classic ‘warnings’ of all prophets of the wor(l)d since the times of Osias. And certainly you have been warned for centuries if not millennia to obey the ‘true laws of god, the laws of life and love’ since the parable of the golden apples of the tree of science. And you have experienced 70 times 7 its consequences and learned nothing. So do not blame God, the laws of the Universe of your destiny, do not blame mankind of your destiny, do not blame life, blame the goatkeeper, the virgin alchemist, the barbarian and the virgin professor, who abhored and killed life (in the case of Mr. Newton as a sport, 70 men were hanged for express decision of this genius during his tenure of the British mint, for dare to fake the faked go(l)d, a man who also affirmed his highest pride at death was to die virgin indeed, sterile to life as all those ‘masters’ of eviL have been).
Because learn this – the Universe might be brutal and cruel, but one thing Mr. newton got right: it is based in the laws of action-reaction, and all what happens to us, is because we did something we shouldn’t have done. The Universe is based in balances and equilibriums, and those who do not balance die.  The Universe is perfect because it kills those who reject its perfection, defy its laws, invent them for selfish agendas, cheat the game of existence, bluff and murder life.

  The duality of the physical and virtual economy: complementary systems and the FMI complex.

The complete network of information machines, money-machines, energetic, transport machines and weapons can be described as  subsystems of what scientists call a complementary system of energy and information, – the fundamental system repeated and evolved by Nature in all its scales, from quantum complementary systems fo energetic fields/forces and aprticles of information, to living systems, with heads/nuclei of nervous/DNA information and body/cell of energy…

The Universe creates complex systems of energy and information and the economy of machines, ruled by fluxes of capital now similar to nervous flows of digital order through internet and intranet and stock-market networks, is not an excpetion. It is a super-organism and we can describe it as we do in this web with the laws of systems sciences and superorganisms. In that superorganism, we humans act as ‘enzymen’, who catalize and evolve machines but we only are aware of our side of the deal, because the entire system is ruled by money, a digital language that we barely understand.

This is common to many disciplines, due to the arraogance of humans. We are just creating machines as ‘catalyzers’ but it is nature and its laws what do the real job. We are clueless beasts with handy hands. Indeed we have TVs that transmit images but we do not fully understnad how electormagnetism does it and preserves the information so neatly. We live in an economic ecosystem that grows through digital orders given with money and the final system acts then as an informative head that directs under the natural laws of systems, which we do not understand but subconsciously beys acting the body, the physical economy that reproduces the products of the superorganism of the economy, which can be studied in depth with the laws of General Systems sciences that describe them. Instead most economists still use for their analysis the ‘ideological’ theories of classic economics inspired in a literary book of a philosopher, Mr. Adam Smith, who lived, before the first machine was invented. Hence it is not surprising that there is little understanding of the real causes of this crisis among policy-makers and financial economists, who keep aggravating it, with ad hoc measures that don’t tackle the underlying, ‘systemic’ causes of this crisis.

The conclusion is obvious: the reasons why we destroy the planet when we could so easily create a life paradise, by pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits with a scientific, biological approach to machines is called ideology; and the reason ideology exists is to justify the absolute tribal selfishness of the white man, and its deluded attempts to ‘become a different’ species, not submitted to the laws of social evolution and love… Ideologies in this case are a mere ‘super-structure’ that covers up the ‘realpolitiks’ of absolute greed and violence, the values of money and weapons that enslave the mind and kill the body, elminating the ‘human nature’, and making the ‘animetal culture’ in its multiple versions – today globalized through techno-utopia, capitalism and mechanism; in its origin created by the first tribes who used iron and go(l)d to control the world. Indeed, capitalism is merely an ideology of social control by a people-caste that monopolizes the creation of money, because they are ‘experts’ and ‘know’ and so the rest of mankind must be excluded from this privilege, just a mathematical version of the biblical jewish-calvinist, racist religion of go(l)d chosen, and financial imperialism, and another people-caste that monopolizes the creation of machines and weapons, the military and the scientists, who also ‘know’ and feel ‘experts’, Germanic Goths=Gods in the earlier racist ages of military=nationalistic thought.
But it wins and so this brings a deeper question: determinism of evil, the nature of man just as a mere enzyme, because we, the Piigs who love life have not won history. We are being extinct. We are not children of thought and cultural monsters like the inhabitants of those ideological spaces are – most of mankind I admit. We belong to the culture of the Piigs, the culture of the tree of life, and proudly, but we are dying as a culture and as a species. So from that humanist, scientific perspective, once we recognize the Jewish-Protestant biblical capitalist culture as void of all intelligence and ethic value, on charge of extinguishing life and commit suicide under the ego paradox of feeling superior to the laws of nature, and once we recognize despite of this, they have won, the future has no future, and a surrealist, existential position in front of life, which indeed is the one our culture lives since world war II, is all what is left to ‘think’.

The Jewish-German myths of metal, from the bronze age, still are with us, now converted into classic economics, practiced by a series of individuals, Mr. Geithner, Mr. Bernake, Mr. Trichet, Miss Merkel, and so on, all form those 2 cultures.

And so the cycles of history of those cultures prove they will be successful in destroying the world again with their ideologies of slavery to the gods of metal.



Fact is we need to control with ethic legal laws, NOW, the financial and military system running amok, and so either those who rule it, change their ideologies and use money to create a sustainable world and control the evolution of war with profits and military robotics or politicians or the people r=evolving take that power from them and do it, or we are all virtual corpses. Point. The rest is wasting time and bull$hiting. You can do it for placebo states of mind but that won’t change your destiny. Our Karma is written in our ideologies of power taken from that original culture.

But now that those ideologies control the world, the collateral effects of nationalism (weapons rule, humans are ‘species of tribes’) and capitalism (money rules, we sacrifice life to it), is the karma of mankind. We are all ideological Germans and Jewish, in each nation, with armies and bankers, flags and corporations, worshiping our machines, repressing our life drives, believing the fairy tales, damned lies and statistics that condemn us.   If humans instead of fighting under ‘metal-ideologies’ that worship weapons (nationalism) money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia, mechanism) more than man, he had chosen the ‘right culture’, of social love in any of its evolving versions (christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Socialism, Ecologism), and created a superorganism, Gaia, in which he acted as the collective brain of the planet, fostering a sustainable world dominated by life-based, human goods, we would have indeed survived. 

We would have followed the laws of social superorganisms and created a planet of life and felsh, a paradise on Earth. And this is what my culture, the Mediterranean, Greek->Latin->European Social-democratic, I=eye, wor(l)d based, humanist, socialist, Organic culture has tried in the west, and the equivalent Taoist->Buddhist->Chinese Socialist, humanist, organic culture has tried in the East. We have proved to survive far better than our rival ‘animetal cultures’ of the Germ(an)ic Goths and the Go(l)d People (Am Segullah) in Europe and Asia. There are billions today speaking the flexible syntax and rich conceptual wor(l)ds of our verbal souls with its perfect logic and enhanced ethic messages of egalite, fraternite, liberte. But how to explain freedom of life to a Germ(an) $lave; love of mankind to a Go(l)d believer, who speaks a language that ‘despises’ life and gives it no value; how to teach them to laugh at themselves; to sacrifice their I-centered languages for the species, to speak always the truth and the values of the wor(l)d, ‘thy God’ who became man and inhabited among us? If they have killed all their prophets? If they have denied themselves? Conclusion 

If we were to talk in the mystique language of those Gods and Anti-doGs of human extinction, the prophets of eviL=anti-life metal, Loki and Thor, Yvwh and Baal, Go(l)d and the (S)word, we shall conclude as history of the wor(l)d started with the prophecy of the future that the first historian who saw you arriving to the goddess paradise of Sumer, casted upon you, Semite and Indo-European, White, Neanderthal, lonely, desert, barren people, without informative vowels and complex subjects, able to make you feel unlike those I-words of your primitive speech, the dissolution of the ego in the subconscious collective, a final and first damnation that resumed it all: ‘Do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree of metal, its go(l)den apple and murderous swords, because the day you do you will die’. And that day has come, as the machines of the Singularity are bred in your hate against life, in the labs of Silicon valley and Los Alamos and the IDF – those idols you worship and breed to kill the last neolithic, life-based cultures of the world will be your demise. 

But the people who made of go(l)d and iron their gods, do not listen to the truth of the wor(l)d. This I know as I get old and find an absurd me(n)tal wall. So at the end of life and history, we, the scientists of history, able to understand its cycles and forecast its future, must ask ourselves, why?  Why did humans exist? I mean, ‘real humans’, those ‘last human beings’ of which Sitting Bull talked; of which the Taoist masters talk, of which Camus talks… The artists and prophets, priests of love and innocent people, sacrificed to the altars of Thor and Baal, of Kali?

The answer is not in this world which is not our wor(l)d, but in the absolute game of existence, in the fractal Universe, and its quantum probabilities, as each planet will play the game of evolution of history and metal, the parable of the original sin; infinite planets in which all ‘histories’ which have a minimal probability has existed. So even if we men are inferior to metal in its potency of existence, we are worthy, ‘human beings’ of having a relative number of planets of flesh in which men thrive and animetal cultures are either never born or extinguished in mind and r=evolved. It is that small probability what justifies our existence.

We failed in this world to rise mankind beyond the simplest lineal time/logic/ energetic/destructive arrow of entropy and death, of motion and extinction that guides our mechanical civilization, to the higher bio-logic of life and organicism, of the understanding of fractal information and the games of creation, of the worship of the i=eye mental space of our artists and temporal wor(l)ds of our philosophers; we the knots of thought of the cultures of life, the Mediterranean and Southern Chinese Cultures have failed to balance man with this planet.

But unlike the 0% probability of a world ruled by a tiny group of primitive animetal tribes on top of a mass of robotic armies and automated machines, beyond the present century of extinction of life, the minimal probability of resurrection of history, is proved by the existence of men, which like the animetal people who die for gold and kill with iron, can die for the organism of mankind and  resurrect history with their actions. So our existence has a justification. Those men who have never been slaves of metal give that probability of existence to the perfection of life.

Of course this is the warning to fall in deaf ears, given the newspeaks of the system and ego-fictions that have turned ‘deaf’ to the real problems of the future of mankind, the elites that control the economic ecosystem and the nations of history. But the true laws of the universe couldnt care less who you are. You can be Mr. Jacob Rothschild for all what matters, the head of the ideological world that the economist and the global capitalism produces with the help of millions of ‘economical experts’. Fact is any of your grand-sons who is today in a University will be a corpse before it reaches your age, killed by one of the machines of the singularity age, if as it all seems to prove the laws of science and evolution do apply NOT the myths of classic economics, to the description of the relationships between humans and machines.

His of course is called madness: an individual organism, in this case a cultrue, which cannot renounce to an addiction, in this case greed for money, even if IT KILLS THE ORGANISM, and so enters in absolute denial and creates a ‘fabulation’ about reality to avoid changing BEHAVIOR, WHICH IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THEIR AND OUR COLLECTIVE SUICIDE.

But the madman who erases their own facts of history will simply deny it all… and ‘hate the doctor’ that tries to cure it – the social scientist in this case that tries to cure a sick ideology that is killing a cultural organism of millions now billions of human beings.

The madman will even kill the prophet=scientist of histroy that tries to save him. Because of course, nothing of what the ethic prophet says is truth. Moses who said ‘the jewish people will suffer al thier history for thie love of money’, and Jesus and Marx who said ‘the Jewish qeustion will be solved when they abandon their worldy religion, money’ and myself, with mixed sephardim origin; we all are anti$emites and antipatriots. I am  of course a confabulation theorist since Walt Disney the Baalble  and the History Channel and Wikipedia doesn’t tell you these things LOL. All this is mostly European history, so excuse me if I don’t take Americana audiovisual media and censorship as the guides of serious social research. And I have zero agenda, except the naked truth, because only the naked truth and a serious attempt to bring the social ethics of love to the global superorganism of mankind could give us a chance to survive beyond the Z generation… which is already born. You can be  Mr. Zuckenberg, soon to be the richest man of the world for gathering all the information about mankind, needed by that future ‘computerized’ non-human big brother in the making.

That will not change your destiny after the present regime. You will not die in bed You can be Mr. Obama, the head of the global politico big brother, who pretends to be saving the world. Fact is with a 90% of probability, according to the laws of death of social super-organisms, your daughters will not die in bed. And what is worse, all of you did it to them. And it was not needed, neither the only future you could have provided. Now this might seem quite dark, distasteful and certainly not a way to end an scholar article, but that is precisely the problem. The standardization, objectification and elimination of all ‘survival emotions’ and ‘real sensations’ from the social discourse, as if social sciences didn’t deal with life and death situations – the neutering of our purpose of existence -to survive.

All those attempts to make us live in a happy limbus and care nothing for our survival till the 7th generation. This, which is an unwritten law of the ‘capitalist/mechanist/biblical/anthropomorphic culture’ might cheat most humans into submission and make you enjoy each day feeling important, but has nothing to do with the objective laws of the Universe and the ‘real events’ of the singularity age. So I refuse to ‘castrate’ my mind, to talk like a child, to follow the queues and hidden censorships of political and economical and social correctness, whenever this must be traded by truth. 

And the ugly truths I have stated will happen unless the 1% and its sheeple takes ‘seriously’ the laws of the Universe NOT inventing them. It is a pity in that sense, that in each global crisis of capitalism, before each age opted for the solution of global war, the humnist solutions have been given and the blind, ‘wickedest people’, who run capitalism never listened to them. First it was Marx and the socialist school who gave human solutions, before the colonial war solution of guns instead of butter was implemented in the first crisis of capitalism. Then it was Keynes solution before the fascist solution was implemented in the 2nd crisis of capitalism.

Now it is the astounding wealth of discoveries of evolutionary economics and systems sciences that construct all the efficient organisms of the Universe, which unfortunately will not be tapped by mankind to improve its future; because the leaders of the world prefer to maintain their mind in a happy state provided by Bronze Age memes, regarding the meaning of humanity, our role in this planet and the Universe at large, and the nature of money. You have denied the laws of the Biological Universe and pretended to invent your own laws, putting yourself on top by ‘forbidden means’, so your death will be short and deserved. Since in the Universe ‘respect must be earned is not granted’. And needless to say your biblical culture, its myths, lies, victimism, cruelty with the weak, slavery to the powerful, brutality and despise of life and the nature of man, deserves zero respect.

The non-future of humanity and their chosen under the cult(ure) of corporations.

So I will  repeat this to the deaf ears of the aristocratic and stokcratic elites of those 2 cultures, who are again extinguishing life and our humanist ‘pigs’ rational, artistic south european culture – the nazi culture of germ(an)s, who kill history with their weapons and machines, and the capitalist culture of Jewish banker-priests who enslave mankind, while pretending to be a victims of their own species: You can cheat mankind but not the laws of God-the Universe. Which are not the aryan tribe of racist Goths nor go(l)d and the subconscious racist mind of the Jewish Nation (Yvwh), but the laws of social evolution and love, of biological organisms, of survival of the same species, man, to which you belong. But since you pretend that the machine and gold, Germany and Yvwh will save you, just look at your past. You belong to two of the oldest cultures of the world. But in the bronze age in europe there was also a greek-latin culture with over 1 billion speakers and in Asia when you were born, there was also a humanist, verbal ethic culture, the Chinese culture that has now over 1 billion speakers. And how did you do with the Goth and Go(l)d you worship more than your own language.

How many wars and holocausts have you lost? there are now 18 million Jewish people and 80 million Germans, in small countries, surruounded by billions whose hate against you is increasing. And so good luck with your strateiges of future. Yes you will extinguish again Europe, you will again show your pathetic victimism and repulsive violence and racism and God, the mind of the Universe will kill you all.

They will kill us Latin people too. But we are not going to cry, we are not going to kill, we are not going to commit suicide. We are going to respect the dictum of God. We shall die with a smile, without loosing the freedom of our minds. After all, the Universe is far less cruel than humans are. As it is always more perfect than us. So death is fast. In only 400 years since the first corporations were founded, we have collapsed the planet. That is a few seconds in the life span of ‘life’ in this planet. We have done a good job. And when we die as a species, it will be a few seconds too under a black hole, 2015, a few months under nano-bacteria, 2040s, and a few years under A.I. (2nd half of the century). So the enormous pain that the 90% of mankind and the 99% of life has suffered   during the ‘6th extinction’ provoked by the industrial r=evolution of machines will end. And even then, there will be infinite planets in the fractal Universe, in which, as in the painting of Botticelli, ‘The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti’ this tragedy will be rehearshed again, but in a few ones, Nastaglio will be redeemed and a sustainable paradise created. Hopefully I will be resurrected in one of them.

And so again, i will repeat this to the cultures of Germ(an) nazis, slaves of machines, and the Jewish cultures enslaved to Go(l)d, and their political and industrial leaders, to the Piesch and Betterlesman and Ottos and Quandts and Merkels and Schwabes and Weidermans and Rothschilds and Bernakes and Greenspans, the 10 heads of the 10 biggest funds,  and that 82% of Jewish-Calvinist pretentious nobel prizes of Economics, to those thousands of families that control completely the future of mankind with their memetic ideologies of extinction: NEVER, NOT in a single planet of the entire Universe, where the game of history is repeated, your strategy of controlling the world, oppressing life and murdering your lower castes and the rest of mankind with money and weapons WILL SUCCEED.

IN EVERY SINGLE PLANET in which you play this game, once you have extinguished life you will be murdered by the weapons you have created. Since the laws of evolution are absolute: if you confront a top predator species (in history by creating robotic machines that will overcome our energetic and informative capacity), the new top predator species will ALWAYS defy and treat you as a prey; and you will ALWAYS DIE. Never a gazelle has killed a lion. And so there is zero probability that you will ever win. In an infinite Universe, Cantor proved that even the smallest probability is a relative minor infinity. And so since there is freedom and man is not determined with 100% probability to revere a different species in many planets humans will realize because of a higher ethic and intelletual standing that the solution to the paradox of history is NOT to create the machines that extinguish us. All those planets therefore can exist even if they will never be able to commnicate with advanced machines with us.

They are lurking, silent and happy speaking the truth of existence in human terms. Yes, indeed, in a relative Cantor’s minor infinite set of those planets, there will be the alter egos of Marx, a Keynes and a Sancho – the 3 men who warned decades in advance about the 3 Crisis of the Industrial R=evolution and the Human Solutions  – canons instead of butter – who will conquer the rational mind of man. Or even earlier there will be a Jesus king of the Jews by the power of love, and convert the Neanderthal, visual, irrational, white people to the love of mankind, and so right now there is a relative minor Cantor’s infinite set of planets where life is surviving and the Piigs Culture and the Chinese culture of respect to life, the ethic wor(l)ds and artistic I=eyes of man, reigns supreme.

There will be planets in which the Scandinavian peninsula failed to exist; a planet where there will not be a British channel, or where the Chinese will conquer the world and converted it to Buddhism or where trostky will kill stalin and made the world r=evolution, where Alexander unified the west and the East in Babylon with the help of Aristotle’s mind; there might be Castalias and Utopias and Foundations and Citadels; there might be planets where the Neanderthal never mated with the pigmy woman; there might be planets where Luther did not become corrupted by iron and gold, where the Hasburgs didn’t become kings of Spain; there might be an infinite number of planets where we, in brief, took the right choices; where the people who fought for mankind won the battles of history; where the future will belong to us, ‘per in secula seculorum’, beyond this last century, ruled by eviL children of lineal thought. While there is also a bigger infinite set of planets in which you, believers in Germ(an)s and Go(l)d are suffering. Because God=The laws of life are  with us. So enjoy your death.We shall enjoy life as we always do till the last hour. And when destiny comes, we shall die with a smile in our lips. Because unlike you, who only know about pain and death, despite your black legends and constant despise, of our humanism and passion for existence, we do know how to live and we do know how to die.



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