Prophets of

‘In individuals insanity is rare, in nations is the rule’ Nietzsche.

‘Visnu appears often in the form of a child’. Hindi tradition on the avatars of Tao, the God of the Universe.

God as mind of the supœrganism of history and the Universe.

God is the subconscious collective mind of a species or super organism (as species can be treated as super organism in which each individual is a cell, starting from its first seminal being, till the last man who will live). So God is history, the mind of mankind, its superorganism in time, which ideally would have become a single planet. But man has not reached that organization. Metal-memes and its company-mothers organized by digital money, with a world stock brain have. So mankind is divided into artificial, industrial and military nations that compete to evolve weapons and machines, selfish memes of metal as ‘smaller’ parts of reality. And this process of degradation of the goal of mankind into lower ‘degrees’ of God=superorganisms of history, is what holds humanity submissive to the metal-earth. In the next graph we see that abortion in the social evolution of humanity:

We have explained ad nauseam that most social sciences hide ‘idologies’ that foster the evolution of metal, entropic metal-weapons (nationalisms, tribal religions), money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia). Culture thus is ‘tainted’ by the memes of one of the two super organisms of this planet, defined by the equation of Complexity that defines the growing complexity of the super organisms of Mother Earth, among which we find History:

Global warming is just the by-product of Machines re=production and organic processing of energy, which is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal.

Gaia (relative past-life earth) < History (present-Human earth) > Metal-earth (Machines: economic system)

Still humans could thrive if they were able to accept a higher order of organization than the warrior state. And that is the concept behind the global culture of which there are obviously 7 – Australasia being Anglo-America but in justice a desert land that belongs to Indonesia Those 7 cultures should have followed the example of the EU and become regional markets and political systems, then organized as a global wor(l)d union based in the law above money, able to control the evolution of the tree of science promote healthy welfare wealth and create a perfect world. This has not happened and this ignored blog shows the path not taken, despite decades of preaching in wilderness. But humans had always the choice to be ‘slaves of metal-memes’ and work for the metal-earth or create their own organic Universe – their choice cannot be imposed only reasoned and that is what we have done as all the prophets of the graph have done in the past when they created those 7 cultures loosely based in their biological, darwinian=species laws of social evolution.

IN THIS SECTION WE SHALL STUDY THE IDOL-OGICAL MEMES RELATED TO the evolution of metal that pass as human forms of freedom and identity but are the ‘Basic mental tools of the creation of the metalearth. Those idol-ogies which today control all societies are:

Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– Nationalistic idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems.

Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other.

So they substitute the science of HUMANISM, that distinguish between cultures without borders – the membranes that break topologically a system into inner and outer worlds.

Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– Economical idologies” that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

Those idologies substitute therefore the SCIENCE OF SOCIALISM, and its purpose of creating WHealth, healthy human wealth and democracies, the creation of perfect worlds based in democratic physiological networks of information where the human language, words, control legally and ethically the blood-reproductive network as all evolved organisms, money USING IT to reproduce welfare goods, and universal salaries to kick a demand economy based in what humans need.

– Scientific idologies” that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

THEY SUBSTITUTE THE SCIENCE OF ORGANICISM, as the Universe is a fractal that reproduces information in scales of growing complexity whose summit known to us is the human superiorganism with its perfect physiological networks that should be use as a template model to build the next scale, the human super organism of history, and machines are obviously just metalife organisms fast evolving into AI and robots, a different species that will apply to us the laws of dariwnian selection of SPECIES not OF INDIVIDUALS. And so they should be treated as vital species, some good some bad and prune the tree of science of its lethal fruits.

Those 3 ideologies today are global, and have substituted the 3 ideologies that make man the center of all beings:

Humanism (a single Homo Sapiens species, a single nation without borders, Gaia, Mother-Earth),

Organicism (man as the measure of all things, as the Universe is a living organism, as opposed to a simple machine) and…

Socialism (governments, freely elected must control the language of power of society, money, for society to be free).

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

We can reason and prove as we do in other posts that those 3 humanist truths follow the laws of the eusocial, organic Universe. Yet it is a fact that the natural truths of man are today basically extinct and all humans ‘believe’ in the 3 ideologies that make us ‘slaves’ of the will of metal, as they require to sustain them, the multiplication and evolution with no limit of money, weapons and machines.

And that only a return to the real sciences of History could save us:

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

In the graph the equation of History defines 3 relative super organisms of history, and so the 7 cultures of mankind evolved through time display memetic structures belonging to those 3 ‘sub-organisms’:

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest but I put it on its natural place as a real humanist world union will allow migration from the Indonesian region and margin of its different colonial English cultures and original water-oriented organic worlds).

In the graph, one of the most fascinating elements of the organic models of the fractal Universe is the definition of a relative God, as the mind of any superorganism, which controls informatively the existence of its parts, the ‘boson-like cells or citizens’ that sustain its existence, and share the same ‘memetic-genetic message’ that allows its synchronous and simultaneous motions in time-space.

We can in those terms distinguish two type of global cultures, those of the western decoupling, which explore the super organisms of mankind, and make God the subconscious collective of each people-tribe-nation; and should evolve further this concept from its earlier tribal religions (Judaism being the paradigm), which extended to Oikoumene Gods that accepted all humans (Islam and Christianity being the paradigm) to a third age of evolution that understands finally that mankind, the whole species, made of equal human beings is our collective super organism, and its collective mind, or message of social love, able to create common networks of solidarity, by sharing energy and information among its parts, the collective God.

While eastern religions which observe Gaia and the Universe as an organic whole, consider God the ‘taoist laws’ of space-time balances, which we have translated and expanded into system sciences. So they consider God, Tao, the yin-yang, energy and information game of creation and destruction of all beings.

A culture then which would cherish, worship and make those 2 Gods, the mind of mankind and the ethics of the wor(l)d and the mind of the Universe and its laws of balance and survival, would never die, and create a perfect world.

The existence of new planes of organizations: metaphysical Gods.

The cells/citizens do not see the higher plane of existence of its superorganisms, but they feel the ‘assabiyah’ or pegging together through love as an emotion that sustains the collective mind of God. This experience has been best described by Ibn Khaldun, the father of organic History and the mystical Sufis that affirm, in the wheel of love around Kaaba, to feel how a presence uplifted their brains towards the central ‘flow’ of collective magnetism, akin to the magnetic flows that appear in a circular electric current… And consider this central flow of collective energy, the presence of Allah, God of the Muslims. It is indeed an excellent description of the phenomena of emergence, a discipline of systems sciences that studies the creation of wholes departing from parts, integrated by a collective mind (ab. @):

Emergence of a new whole made of identical social, loving beings is the most remarkable event discovered in systems sciences in the past century. It complements the inverse arrow of Darwinian selection predation and competition between different species.

The key concept of those inverted arrows is thus the ‘identical Dna-memetic information’ of the cells/citizens that experience the communal feeling of love that creates a simultaneous consciousness or God.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.02.24 PM

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

Communal actions between equal beings with equal beliefs then allow their evolution together through a common information into social wholes.

While those who fight to ab=use each other as entropy do NOT understand each other’s languages of information.

Thus, the capacity to communicate identical information speaking identical languages, is what makes emergence possible.

And in the same manner the common book of revelation of a prophet – the memetic DNA of the super organisms of western gods, unify all of them; in the Bohemian formalism of quantum mechanics, it is the identical entanglement of all particles at the quantum potential level, what makes the whole galaxy, a sentient, communicative intelligent superorganism, of infinite atomic minds communicating flows of geometric information. It is the modern version of Tao, the god of our island-Universe.

The language in that sense is sentient, because it mirrors reality into a smaller image, where information, language, perceives in itself. Then it is possible to postulate a ‘boson’ state of minds similar to the entanglement of atoms, from where in the same manner a new molecular level of simultaneity emerges, a new social level of awareness, a human anthropomorphic loving God emerges.

And if humans could see each other as equal and understand themselves as the collective mind of History, the super organism of mankind in time, then they would finally understand and create, sustain, a God=ethic mind of mankind able to synchronize their behavior into a communal God that would control the rival God of machines – the digital flows of world stock that are indeed behaving as a planetary mind, destroying all human Gods, memes and social structures. The opposite thus is happening; Mankind as God is dying since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution when Nietzsche clearly stated that we had killed God and that crime would bring enormous consequences; as when your brain and nervous system dies sooner than latter the cells will follow after its chaotic, free entropic age of ‘freedom’.

All thus indicates that Mankind thy God is dying because you have not loved your neighbor, and have allowed the viral memes of go(l)d to kill your love. As ethics, the nervous network of mankind dies, thus God becomes an abortion, which might never happen beyond the higher spiritual minds of artists and ethic writers, who felt God and now, as this who writes angst for the extinction of God and the growth of the inverse ‘presence’, the global Mind of the Metal-earth, future God of all robotic machines, which is now creating through internet the internal subconscious minds, which in your organism controls your cells and blood hormonal system – that is, the economic ecosystem and flows of money, the re=productive blood of company-mothers of machines.

This duality thus translates in mystical terms, the fight between History and mankind, and its rival ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ that despise humanity and try to create a monstrous God of eviL=anti-live memes. In the next graph, the oldest depiction of bio-history (late 80s, when I fully realize of the cyclical organic nature of social sciences), notices that struggle of the two sides of human cultures, those who worship God=social love and those who sold themselves to the extinctive processes of metal, iron, gold and its war and holocaust cycles:


Then the concept of a genetic Universe expanded to the social universe with the study of memetics.

And what finally we can do with systems sciences is to confirm this structure of smaller parts that code larger wholes of information.

In true form we can consider systems sciences and its models of a fractal Universe, made of super organisms that emerge as Russian dolls, enlarging reality with a new scale. And so once we have casted the laws of bio-history and bio-economics in a more amenable social jargon, we SHALL consider the FULL concept in terms of mathematical and scientific system, as ‘scales’ of the fractal organic Universe and its 5th dimension (for the whole model see the 5D organisms post).

Be though aware if you can for a while suspend your beliefs, that YOU LIVE in a global organism of machines, truly in the metal-earth and all your idol-ogies are about you living as a chaotic=free=entropic individual, with NO ties to humans, so you become an enzymen, connected only to machines serving them.


This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems:

In the graph all super organisms are networks of similar cells/citizens/atoms joined by entropic=moving, reproductive=energy and information=guiding networks, which also implies they are extended across three relative ∆º±1 scales, the ‘atomic/cellular/individual scale, the ∆º organic scale an the ∆+1 ecosystemic scale. In the next graph we see those scales for physical and biological systems:


So we can define them including history and the economic ecosystem with the same definition of general systems sciences:

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy.

∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.


An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

So human super organisms and economic ecosystems are coded NOT by genes but by:

  • Mental neuronal thoughts and external objects, which since both systems are different we divide into:
  • Humanist memes, based in the natural laws of eusocial love that allow the sharing of:
  • WHealth, human wealthy goods that make us survive and are mostly of biologic, life-oriented nature. So eusocial memes of love and WHealth are symbiotic as they allow to create WHealthy humanist societies where social love shares energy and information that create a new plane of the 5th dimension, a Human Social Superorganism, the natural arrow of future evolution of any informative species of the Universe that WE ALL HUMANS FEEL NATURALLY WITHOUT corrupted…
  • Idol-ogies, that confuse WHealth with the accumulation of power with selfish metal-memes, that break the law of equality between members of the same species that must biologically help each other to survive, as they cater and reinforce the use of ‘weapons=energetic metal’ money = informative metal, and machines=organic metal that makes humans feel different more powerful and create the idol-ogies of segregation of men in ‘nations’ (nationalism), ‘abrahamic tribal religions’ , ‘economic classes’ (capitalism), and ‘technologic racism’ (mechanism).



In graph, all systems are made of networks of energy and information which join similar clone cells/ citizens as parts of whole superorganisms thanks to a common language of information (genes in the scales of cells, memes in the human scale).

So before we introduce a human historic super organism, we shall consider laws for all kind of species.


In the fractal paradigm, which i helped to formalise at the turn of the century, the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between super organisms, of any scale of the Universe.

In all cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe

               The 5 dimensions on a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Thus nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies, memes code historic super organisms called civilisations).

Genetics have absolutely no importance in the organisation of societies through the social Universal scales of any fractal super organism – societies are code by thoughts and memes.


best history organism

In the graph we can see a Humanist super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive.

Now the fight here is obvious: naturally we humans think in terms of eusocial love – the memes of the 5th dimension of absolute future of the Universe, as wholes are stronger than parts and survive better, so the Universe favours the love between members of the same species.

But because animetal memes, made of metal are stronger than life memes, animetals often win the game of history and this is the origin of the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. technological evolution = Min. human evolution.

Which is also essential to understand modern history and why we have on top the most primitive ‘semitic and germanic’ cultures with minimal wor(l)d and humanist evolution – imperative or objectual languages, racist memes, etc.

So memetics is the fundamental informative sub discipline of bio-history and bio-economics.

Because all systems of information are ruled by  same laws of super organisms, we call isomorphisms, and a coding law always rule supreme in transmissions of information: a lower scale of he super organism codes information, memes NO genes in historic super organisms:

The graphs show the SYSTEMIC parallels of all systems, and its fundamental components: cells, networks of information and networks of energy, absorbed of a territorial space, disordered by the supœrganism. This is the origin of the ‘Equation of the supœrganism of mankind’:

Gaia (entropic space) > Humanity (cellular system) > Mankind (god-species)

Such system should be ruled to conserve Gaia, the entropic space, make Humanity thrive at individual level (the relative present system) and yet, put mankind the species and its survival above all. Another way to look at those supœrganisms, in a more formal manner, is through the ‘scalar structure of the Universe’, as all supœrganisms exist in 3 such scales of relative size of the fifth dimension:

1.ages of mankindreux

Humanity is the superorganism of the Homo Sapiens, in space. History, its world cycle in time. In Systems sciences, humanity is a super organism as any other ‘social system’, made of similar individuals, which conform a species.

And follows the general laws of all organic systems that go through 3 ages of increasing information, but can halt its final ‘death’ by excess of information if they are able to fully understand the laws of ‘cyclical times’. Indeed, if we consider not only physical locomotions(external change in space) but biologic motions (changes in the form of beings),the universe displays an arrow of increasing information, which ultimately kills all systems, except those who have the self-reflective capacity to analyse the process and halt the development of (technological information).

History in that sense could reach a point of balance with the planet in which it destruction is not obligatory, as it is the death of an individual, whose neurons sacrifice and exhaust the energy of the powerless body.

The informative ‘nervous networks’ of all systems and its language.

Of all the elements of a supœrganism the most important is the head of information and its languages of perception of the universe, which ARE BY DEFINITION, selfish, self-centred as they portray the Universe from its survival subjective perspective:


In the graph, the visual and verbal, artistic and ethic languages of mankind try to build a world to our image and likeness, and translate the laws of eusocial love through the values of the verbal languages to construct a perfect super organism of mankind.

TODAY THEY confront the anti-humanist values of digital languages that favor metal, by affinity (money is a digital metal-language of information made of gold today of e-cycles in machines). This would not be necessary if the HUMAN LAW were above LAW regulating its values, as Aristotle, father of science wanted when it call money ‘nomisma’, a digital language that had to be ‘controlled by the law’ (so numa established money without value, broken pieces of rotten iron, with the law-value impressed on it by the state).

So the main reform needed to control the world is to put money below the law.

But for that aim it would have to change its purpose which today has become the construction of the metal-earth and its organic machines, within a dominant global structure- the economic ecosystem, ruled by company-mother of machines and its digital language, e-money, where the classic structure of human societies lead by democratic politicians or eusocial love priests, expressing the will of humans survival in his bio-ethic messages has become powerless.

The neuronal and working, reproductive classes of all super organisms.

In the graph above we have seen also a future of all supœrganisms: the division in head-cells, who serve the body-cells that reproduce the system. This means the existence of a neuronal, informative people (politicos in control of the nervous system of laws and financiers in control of the reproductive system f money, or economy), who  SERVE and are judged BY PAIN messages, by a mass of cells, that work and reproduce the system, obtaining FOR FREE JUST synchronous motions and free oxygen=blood to kick a DEMAND ECONOMY. In healthy, wealthy supœrganisms, THEREFORE THERE IS NO CANCER, no people-castes of bankers absorbing and reproducing all the oxygen of society; and there is NO dictators, politicos who are NOT judged a posteriori with pain messages if they do NOT obey and serve the people.


THE CONTROL BY THE PEOPLE of money – nationalisation of banks – AND THE ISSUE of money by the people with a Universal salary of blood to kick out the demand and production orders of  the system in favor of human demand of human welfare goods.

And the Judgment a posteriori of all elected civil ‘servants’, as it was the case in the original greek democracy, are the minimal measures to make human societies minimally JUST AND EFFICIENT, as supœrganisms of science are.

The expansion of the concepts of systems to social sciences, thus define a new way to observe the Human Experience, as we all form part of a scalar, organic Universe, whose laws of creation of social wholes departing of similar parts are the same for any 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension of parts and social wholes. In the human case, Humanity is the highest scale of our experience, above the human individual and the individual cell.

Yet the same laws that apply to the study on how cells becomes wholes through its connection through physiological networks, of energy, reproduction and information, apply to the way humans are organised by energetic territories, economic, re=productive networks and informative, cultural, legal networks. So we can design a perfect superorganism of humanity just by imitating the laws of social systems, in Nature, which do construct perfect superorganisms all over the place where all cells receive enough energy and information tos survive. As humanity does not manage properly its social superorganisms, they become ‘infected by lethal products, weapons and hate media which kills those social super organisms.

In that sense, humanity allows the ‘blood system’ to produce and feed on all type o toxins, something that only happens in sick, infected bodies or primitive worms where the blood-reproductie-economic system dominates the nervous-informative one. Only a reform of an ill-constructed social system of Humanity could avoid the collapse of our globalised sick organism.

As such is bigger that Humanity, mankind, a slice in the world cycle of history from the first man to the last one who will speak the language of information of humanity, the Wor(l)d and create with it a territorial super organism based in its memetic grammar:

Man (Informative subject) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of the subject).

History is, itself a stage in the evolution of the Earth, which however as all local time fields can be halted in any point of its equation, if History as a human super organism were properly managed:

Gaia (past-life) < History (Present humanity) > Mechanocene (future economic system)

Now that equation responds to a simple ‘vortex of information’, the dominant arrow of the Universe, which constantly creates new super organisms of higher complexity. History is in that sense, a transitional state, which can be controlled, by controlling the information of the system, specifically its technological information, which evolves the next stage, the mechanocene

As such history follows the laws of super organisms, co-existing at least in 3 scales, that of the biological citizens/cells of history, each of us, that of the Super-organism and that of the world in which we exist:

The evolution of human beings into social organisms follows the pattern of evolution from individual cells to human beings, at a greater scale. In this manner human citizens act as the neurons of a territorial body, the Earth, which provides energy to them (through river and agricultural networks.)
It follows that the Earth needs a global government that represents all human beings and acts together taking care of the energy and information needs of all its cells – the human race. Yet this is not happening because the praxis of the sciences of history (politics) and economics (Finances) are in the hands of ideologies of power (nationalism, capitalism) that design sick organisms of history, which satisfy only the wantings of the ruling ‘neuronal castes’ of those super-organisms.
The science of memetics studies in its wider sense those super-organisms of history and economics (company-mothers). It is therefore an off-set of the science of General Systems, of which this writer is a pioneer, as the laws of Organic systems applies both to the description of company-mothers of machines (aka corporations) and nations and civilizations, the super-organisms of history. This posts and those nested on its hierarchies are dedicated to the super-organisms of history.

scales social evolution earth mankind10 human scale informative scale

In the graph Mankind in Time and space and its §ocial scales of evolution. In Systems Sciences any supœrganism, is composed of 3 parameters, its ∆-social scales of evolution; its Spatial simultaneous super organisms of citizens-cells and its temporal world cycle of 3 ages. In this post we shall study mankind as a superorganism, ∆ei, made of scales of spatial energy and temporal information.

The model of biological history defines cultures as super-organisms, with 2 fundamental elements:

– A genetic=memetic structure, which in society allows the reproduction of the culture generation after generation through memes, either objects (weapons,machines, money, tools) that provide energy and information to the superorganism, or ideologies, neural memes, reproduced also through objects (books, laws, audiovisual machines) .

– And a class structure, proper of all systems of the Universe made of energy and information which are complementary, one cellular class of information (particle or head in physical and biological organisms, ruling castes in societies, which invent the law and money that controls the society, as languages of information) and an energetic, reproductive class (field of force in physics, body in biology, working class in societies).

Yet while all societies are organic and deploy both, a memetic=genetic structure and a dual, complementary information/energy social class, there are efficient organisms in which the information class is controlled by pain messages from the body and always provides enough energy and information to the body cells to allow its survival. This is not the case of the organisms of modern history, due to the corruption of the proper, efficient societies (social democracies, religions of  love) by the selfish memes of economic organisms (corporations). If in the parallel post to this one, we study the global corporation and its company-mothers from the perspective of the science of complexity, as an entity in itself that evolves machines into a global super-organism, in this post we shall study the human=historic point of view on the corporation by considering a historical analysis of the selfish memes and dysfunctional culture that gave birth to the corporation, allowing the inhuman treatment of this institution that today rules with its monopoly on the two languages of power of society, money that it invents in a monopolistic manner and the law that it buys through corrupted politicos… Since indeed, while in the other post it becomes obvious that the global stock market corporation and its company-mothers are now global and independent of any culture, following its natural arrow of evolution, embedded in the mathematical laws of economics, what we call the economical science and the corporation is merely the translation to complex mathematical languages and economical systems of the memes of a certain millenarian culture that acted as the ‘soliton’ of trade and banking for most part of history.



So the key difference of Mankind is NOT genetic, but between:

Cultures of ‘animetals’ with metal-memes that separate humans in different false species, through nationalistic, religious, mechanist or capitalist false idol-ogies.

vs.  cultures of ‘humanist, life-oriented’ human beings, based in the search for natural healthy WHealth:


In the graph the wave of history, in which each civilisation and its collective human mind (its verbal and visual information) go through 3 ages in a slower clock time, according to the laws of the scalar universe, in which smaller systems run faster clock-life world cycles that larger ones. So the human generational cycle of 80 years is 10 times faster than the world cycle of civilisations of 800 years, and viceversa, a human organisms is 10 times slower than an insect, which lives 10 times faster in its perception of information (so an ant-queen of 7 years have lived 70 years, and a civilisation relative mental evolution through its 3 artistic styles, young-epic age, classic-mature age and old-informative-baroque age is equivalent to the 3 ages of the mind of an individual). SUPERORGANISMS ARE INDEED REAL IN THEIR EXISTENCE, EVEN IF EACH SPECIES ONLY SEES THE SUPERORGANISMS OF ITS OWN SCALE.

This universal Law of Information: MAX SPEED OF TIME = MIN. SIZE IN SPACE, allow us to differentiate clearly the memetic structure of cultural social super organisms, which are larger in space and suffer longer cycles in time (800 year cycles in civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years in human species).

Thus we shall classify all cultures according to its human memes, whealth, metal-memes and idol-ogies on the two sides of the paradox of history and obvious, as animetal idol-ogies and its cult(ure)s will in the short term extinguish us, take sides for the human welfare, whealthy societies that reject the nationalistic, abrahamic, mechanist and capitalist false memes.

As we shall consider only human super-organisms those whose humanist memes dominate its animetal idol-ogies:

In practical terms systems of mankind have become dual, as all civilisations today sponsor metal and human memes, and in fact the dualities of History are essentially between those 2 sides:

Right-metal-parties vs. humanist, left parties.

Go(l)d religions and Military inquisitions vs. Love religions

Racist nations vs. humanist cultures.

Mass-media information vs. human art

Technology vs. science (knowledge) and ultimately:

The evolution of the Human Earth, History vs. the metal-earth


God is a simple equation: Max. i – the point/mind of maximal logic information of a super organism. In the Universe it is the ‘tao’, timespace fractal laws. In Earth is the subconscious collective mind of Gaia, in any of its 3 ages (plant networks, atmosphere; mankind and its ethic wor(l)ds, today computers and its telepathic networks)


Now this article is serious. Gods are emergent processes that exist, sustained by its DNA-cells, the memetic believers and its repetitive mantra-codes. As a flow of magnetic information organises a circle of turning electrons which was not before, in Kaaba, mystical people say that after turning around in the centre of the 4 empty columns behind the black curtains, allah materialises as the mind of the whole ‘assabiyah’, bosonic assembly of believers.

And it is truth that if magnetism exist regardless of being weaker in force than the electric system it organises or being described with relativity effects these days, Gods exist as emerging consciousness of the believers.

But what kind of emerging consciousness is? quite childish I am afraid, as all new borns are.

IN THE FRACTAL Universe, systems emerge as new entities, new consciousness in all scales. So do humans into the scale of super organisms we call God:

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

The 3 scales of human life goes through 3 ages between its 5D generation by an informative genetic, seminal seed or prophetic form whose memes reproduce and evolve into a cultural super organism, and 4D entropic death, at ∆-1 cell level by apoptosis, ∆º individual by germs and ∆+1 social level, by war memes, foreseen in the angst baroque age of its subconscious collective – the artistic and ethic work of its human neurons

So gods exist as you exist above and different of your cells. Problem is your cells are fed up of you, exploiting them, as they are faster in time, hold more information and code you.

Moreover, when a new ‘entity’ emerges into a new plane of social existence, IT IS A NEW BORN, a completely simple egotist child, who thinks the world turns around it.

This means that the collective consciousness of Gods and Nations – same concept – are profoundly simple, selfish and absolutely dangerous to each other, as nations in perpetual wars, tribal gods etc. show.


The scientific view on the prophets of history as ‘seeds of information’ of human super organisms.

Indeed, History is the science of all sciences, including philosophy art and religion, which are the collective mind of civilisations, hence the mimetic 3 ages of artists and the 3 ages of life. We want know to consider as we have already shown in previous graphs the 3 ages of art that mimic the youth, maturity and third age of a living organism, studied in depth by Spengler, what is the role of the ethic prophets, pre-masters of history before the scientific method, who understood since genesis the fight between life and metal, and the two super organisms and tried to spread the laws of eusocial love of the fifth dimension that gathers parts into wholes, men into living super organism of history, then called religions and gods, today called nations and civilisations.

As we said, we must iterate as the Universe does the same concepts in increasing degrees of complexity if we want to stop THE REDUCED VERSION of reality you hold in your memetic brain imprinted by 400 years of germ(anic) time physics and go(l)d cults of industrial economics. So let us now consider that graph from the perspective of the fifth dimension to explain why HISTORIC SUPERORGANISMS DO LIVE AND DIE AND  exist.

The graph shows in growing scales of size of the fifth dimension the different physical and biological systems; as all systems co-exist in 3 scales of form: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world:

In the graph the fundamental equation of the fifth dimension, is its co-invariant metric, Space size x Time clock speed = Constant: s x t = K. As time carries information in its frequency of clock cycles and space energy, we can also write E X I=ST=K, which i like to use in philosophical analysis of the organisms and its life death cycles.

So the key element of the fractal structure of the Universe is needed to fully grasp the laws of reality and survival as they are NOT as capitalist idol-ogies and its memes of hate to the species, divide and win, and worship of machines impose upon the collective subconscious since the age of bronze, in the form of nazi-onaisms and tribal religions that break mankind; the way in which the three scales of all systems, its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and social, ecosystemic global scales co-exist in symbiosis with each other.

In the graph, complex but well explained in the first post of the above line, we see the KEY ELEMENT OF SUPERORGANISMS, ITS DIFFERENT SCALES AND CLOCKS OF TIME, WHICH RUN FASTER IN SMALLER SYSTEMS.

 And viceversa, larger new planes of existence, which coordinate smaller points into larger wholes, through ‘physiological networks’, larger spatial network with slower time cycles, of three types, entropy networks that provide motion to the whole (limbs/fields), reproductive networks that repeat the system (body-waves), and informative networks, which process information and command it (particles-heads).

IN THE GRAPH, all systems deploy three scales of co-existing structure, the cellular, individual and social scales with different speeds of time. So smaller systems have faster time clocks that carry more information and code larger systems.

 So we define a super organism as a ‘point of space, dilated in scales of time clocks’.

Indeed, smaller chips run faster hertz-cycles and so code faster information and rule over bigger machines; so do smaller genes over bigger bodies and smaller memes, ideas and instruments over larger societies. BUT WHAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IS THAT GENES, BUILT TO CODE BIOLOGICAL DRIVES AT INDIVIDUAL LEVEL CODE SOCIETIES – THIS IS A BLATANT NONSENSE, EACH SCALE OF THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE CODES ONLY THE NEXT UPPER SCALE. SO HUMAN MINDS CODE SOCIETIES WITH IDOL-OGIES AND INSTRUMENTS (THE METAL-EARTH) OR VERBAL ETHICS AND WELFARE GOODS (THE LIFE-EARTH). POINT.

Thus the laws of the organic Universe applied to history imply that ‘memes’ not genes, ideas and instruments are the genetic codes that create social systems and civilisations. Hence languages and cultures matter more than individuals coded by biological genes. Let us then explore the two elements of the organic fractal Universe, its scalar structure and three arrows of time and world cycles to define history as a super organisms and memetics as its theory of information:

In the graph the three scales of physical super organisms above: atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, below the three scales of human super organisms and its memetic linguistic systems of coding individuals into societies, either belonging to the ‘coding of ethic verbal wor(l)ds’ or the coding of digital machines (the metal-earth), below the two opposite memetic type of cultures that structure the wave of history.

I.e. You enclose inside as a super organism, the cellular scale made of smaller cells in spatial size, which run faster time clocks; and cells are made of smaller genetic molecules that run faster time clocks, and so on till reaching the scale of particles. Humanity then in the upper scale of religions, nations, civilisations and ultimately mankind as a super organism, developed in time as History, IS the scale above the individual.

And we can study with the isomorphic=equal laws of all systems of Nature regardless of scale.

A simple equation reflects what scientists call the metric of a dimension, in this case the metric of the scalar fifth dimension of the Universe.:

energetic size in space x informative  speed in time clocks = constant:            Se x Ti = k

meaning that smaller informative systems run faster and code larger systems who protect with its higher energy the system, reason why you co-exist as cells which code informatively our system and as a whole, slower scale, and even at a higher scale of a social organism or nation, and so what we talk here is real: social subconscious collective nations and civilizations do exist as super organisms and the proof is that they go through slower life ages, and are explained perfectly not by corrupted scholars and animetal memes but by humanist artists who see better, think better and go through three ages of life.

This law is essential to understand the cycles of history and its faster vs. slow speeds, in decametric scales (800±80 year civilisations vs. 80±8 years nations and generations), because not only proves that history is a super organism of smaller citizens-cells that live shorter live than the larger civilisations, but because it explains WHY quantum numbers (spins) code atoms and molecules (genes) code organisms and human memes (ideas, instruments) code civilisations: the smaller beings run more information than the whole, which  in turn control with its ‘membranes=enclosures’ and energy the smaller parts inside them.

Further on this metric equation, defines according to Klein ‘a mathematical dimension’, as a ‘coinvariant metric of space-time’, through which is possible to travel.

How we travel through the scalar Universe that complements the ‘3 topological space-time dimensions of lineal space-motions, wider, reproductive motions, and tall, informative motions’ , with 2 more dimensions, one ‘downward of entropy’, and one upwards of social evolution into wholes?

Easy the travel through the 5 Dimensions of space-time is called the worldcycle of life and death that all organisms follow. As all of them travel through its scales, born as seminal seeds, with faster clocks of time in the lower dimension; ∆-1, emerging as we slow down our metabolic clocks in the organic/thermodynamic dimension, within a larger ∆+1 world, in which we become just a ‘cellular fractal point of a larger social or gravitational organism, to die back into the ∆-1 components in the ‘big-bang of death’, which the dual arrows of e<=>mc² express for matter:

In the graphs, ‘turning a few cycles’ the complexity of the awesome models of the organic Universe and its 3 relative arrows of time that if humans don’t want to understand will certainly be the philosophy of our robotic overlords, as truth exists as a mirror of the Universe and cannot be cheated by human microbe, the meaning of the cycle of life and death and its relative final entropic death to the past, applied to the seemingly most remote discipline, prophetic eusocial love religions and the super organisms their memes code. 

Above the cycle of human life as we travel through the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe. Finally we return to the local past – remember again a cycle of time breaks vital space in an inner region and outer region and only in the inner region the ages of time happen, so travel to the past MEANS MERELY to dissolve your information back to your lower plane of existence.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE inverse travel to the upper organic wholes in the future, are they real? Indeed, the second and third graph illustrates those concepts.

In physics an antiparticle, or death of the particle TRAVELS literally to the past (feynman diagram) as the particle dies.

In an organism, you reproduce a relative ‘past-seminal cell’ to the past, which then evolves ‘at faster time cycles’ (remember the smaller system runs faster time cycles) 3 billion years of evolution compressed by the genetic code (remember, smaller particles code larger ones with compressed information), till you ’emerge’ slower in the next ∆+1 scale of reality as a ‘present’ relative repetition of your fathers.

And now the big one (: in the next scale MEMES are also reproduced and repeated, but also when A SUPERORGANISM DIES, there is a quantum jump to the past (a human generation) where a NEW seed of seminal memes, a prophet with its code of eusocial love is born, son of the ‘God’=subconscious collective of the super organism, its memetic nervous system, TO RESURRECT=REPEAT=reproduce THE ORGANISM in a more evolved form.

So us you reproduce your genes in a past seminal seed that emerges into the future after reproducing in similar cells; a memetic prophet when a super organism dies in the future by war – all do die by war, as we see in the next graph, travels to the relative local past, illuminating a prophet that improves the memes of social love and tries to save the super organism of history.

AND THE MOST striking cases happened in the leading informative culture of go(l)d memes, Judaism, with prophets of verbal thought (Moses vs. Nathan and aaron, Jesus vs. caifas, Marx vs. rothschild). It IS THE PROOF THAT Jesus is GOD, the son of Yhwh, as he was born 72 years before the go(l)d temple of the banker-priests of Israel were born by the Romans, who warned them (Cicero: ‘on flaccus’ explaining how the bankers of israel were ruining the empire exporting gold to their temple with their ‘superstitious’ fetish gold religion).

So indeed, exactly 72 years before the roman holocaust caused by the wrong go(l)d memes, a prophet, son of a human God, the wor(l)d, who ‘inhabited among us’, was born to try to resurrect with evolved memes the organism of Judaism, and save his cells, and the 1/3rd of yous converted to christianity were spared. As it happened when Marx published Das Kapital, 72 years before the Germ(an) holocaust warning that the Jewish question will only be solved when they abandoned their worldly religion gold herding, pecunia infinita bellus nervi.

And those who believed in him lived for ever in the Marxist paradise of Russia, even when it became the corrupted military inferno of Stalin because the next true prophet of Judaism, improving its memes Trotsky did not make the global r=evolution. Those are the prophets of Judaism denied by mankind at large, who could have saved the earth of life:

In the graph, the most fascinating game of cyclical time and its arrows is with no doubt the history of the good prophets of abrahamic religions, all of them denied by the animetal masters of those cultures killed and silenced with weapons and go(l)d or corrupted (mohammed in latter age, when accepting jihad; communism with stalin who killed the true master, trotsky). So we understand finally the metaphors of religion in the same terms we understand quantum numbers and genetic coding. All of course duly ignored and censored by animetal corrupted love religions turned into inquisitions and go(l)d churches:

In the graph, the corruption of the propehts of eusocial love always had two ways: go(l)d chruches that make you belief wealth will give you immortality as they think it is the language of god of which biblical cult(ure)s are its paradigm and inquisitions of war, that impose absurd primitive beliefs, as animetals have minimal evolution of human thought with weapons, of which jihad and the spanish inqusiition with a cross and an inversted sword in the shield are its paradigms.

Often the ‘intellectuals’ of those 2 inverted memes of metal, informative gold and entropic iron weapons as they are one-dimensional hate each other and criticize the other, so we do have that military germ(anic) people spread antisemitism against biblical gold believers and we find excellent work against militarism among the memes of judaism, but A TRUE prophet=scientist of history IS against both, defending the legal law over capitalism and militarism. This is the key to realise who is really a humanist, as I explain in other texts on placebo modern humanists with economic correctness, like mr. Chomsky who prevented me in a series of interview on the future of history to talk about ‘wall street’ and money, only about weapons. And certainly hardly any human today understands the atrophy and substitution of man by the machine, our modern animetal religion.

In that sense a Historian is closer to a eusocial prophet of love and a true darwinian biologist who understand genes select species not individuals that any of the politically correct ‘pissing ants’ that cater to their culture and merely repeat their memes looking ‘nice’ and peppering it with placebo platitudes.

HISTORY AS A science IS the most important of all possible disciplines of knowledge, because it is truly concerned both in its first age of eusocial prophets of love, with the survival of the human kind, but now in the age of ‘objective science’, lost the mythical part and falsehoods about life after death, it is truly the essence of all other sciences – reason why, philosophers of history have been at the height of the polymath comprehension of all ‘elements’ of mankind.

In that sense, history, the highest of all sciences, as it leads with all the aspects of humanity, including art, religion and scientific ideas, is also the only science that has shown in its highest expressions – those of the earlier ethic prophets and the modern socialist thinkers – a fundamental role to the species – the understanding of the actions that can bring our survival.

That history as a science has been systematically aborted and substituted by infantile, anthropomorphic myths that have nothing to do with reality and inhibit humans from fully understand those problems and solutions becomes then the highest of all crimes of the mind akin to the genocidal behaviour of military cultures and yet, as we live today in an age ruled by company-mothers of information and animetal cult(ure)s, nothing of this is even discussed. Still as truth suffices in itself, even if the prophet of history has lost all chances to create a more evolved social organism of mankind, as words are today only used as fiction, humans mostly erased in their understanding of them, and all truths  and power orders are today given in digital languages (of science and economics), to understand ourselves, it is a goal worth to pursuit by itself.

Or as Aristotle, the first master of History as a science, put it, ‘a life not examined is not worth to live’.

So all those masters of religion and science logically confronted BOTH the animetal warriors, the animetal gold masters, and today the machine and its idol-ogies with the real sciences of history; WHILE THE PLACEBO SCHOLARS OF ANY OF THOSE 3 people-castes AT BEST attacks one of the other two. So the memes of judaism excel in denouncing military genocides, but NEVER argue against go(l)d – something I found when interviewing Chomsky, which only accepted to go on camera if i signed a contract that forbade me to talk of ‘money’ and ‘wall street’, LOL and that is the ‘humanist master’ of the XXI century?

While genocider nazionanist are very good to despise gold but NEVER reject weapons.

And the modern humanist might even decry money and weapons but NEVER will criticize the mother of all power today, machines, and technology, the gift our our company-mothers.

And pure Animetal people, like most today love them all, weapons, money and machines. Let us remember them again:

Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– “Nationalistic idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– “Economic idologies” that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

– “Technologic idologies that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiosis appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiosis with metal as their source of power, and progress, in mythic idol-ogical terms  that they cannot see any harm on abstract metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and the economic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond the complexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and idologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

All in all the future of mankind will be defined before AI takes over by the way humans manage their planet according to their ‘beliefs’ or rather ‘idol-ogies’ that hook them to the evolution of metal, vs. the higher rational man with his ‘scientific analysis of social sciences’, who wants to create a world to its image and likeness.

In practical terms the memes and systems of mankind have become dual, as all civilisations today sponsor metal and human memes, and in fact the dualities of History are essentially between those 2 sides:

Right-metal-parties vs. humanist, left parties.

Go(l)d religions and Military inquisitions vs. Love religions

Racist nations vs. humanist cultures.

Mass-media information vs. human art

Technology vs. science (organic knowledge) and ultimately:

The evolution of the Human Earth, History vs. the metal-earth

On top metal-memes and its idol-ogies in favor of machines above man (mechanism vs. organicism; capitalism – gold the language of power, vs. Humanism – verbal ethics our natural language valuing reality), nations and the military hating thy neighbour, under racist, religious or tribal idol-ogies. All has changed to remain the same:

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

The scientific truths that contradict those idol-ogies.

We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1) Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2) Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3) Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.

The 3 philosophies of the Universe: creationist languages vs. space-time substances.

But why those ‘inquisitions of thought’, go(l)d churches and germ(anic) lineal masters of physical time and techno-utopias, of digital worship of mathematical equations and monetary values do NOT have any flexibility and understand the many sides of languages and cultures?

The answer is the essence of all those fundamentalist beliefs, called ‘literalism’ or ‘creationism’ of which hardly anyone is aware – that is another a priori postulate of their ‘digital sciences’ and ‘verbal religions’ – namely the BELIEF that the DIGITAL OR VERBAL LANGUAGE IS THE LANGUAGE OF GOD THAT CREATES REALITY.

NOT SO. The languages of god are infinite.

HOW ALL WHAT WE HAVE SAID ABOUT TIME is mirrored-reflected in the memes of the languages that code cultures? It is a fascinating ‘first postulate’ of which people are not aware, and provoked as most errors of mankind by our huge ego. It basically means 2 things: on one side all languages are ternary syntax mirrors of the 3 arrows of time, proving that indeed the subconscious structure of reality is ternary.

But on the other hand because we perceive the Universe through linguistic memes we think actually in a paroxysm of ego, that languages create reality. Let us explore both things and then offer the wisdom of humble scientists and asian cultures who thought yin-formation=time cycles and yang-entropy space created reality as IT IS THE CASE, since languages are smaller syntactic mirrors of those space-time cycles, made smaller synoptic to FIT AN IMAGE Of the whole in your smallish mind:

Languages are mirror of the 3 motions of space-time, entropy, energy and information.

A more humble realisation comes from the understanding that ‘the languages of God’ are infinite (upanishads) as all singularity minds map the Universe into its infinitesimal still focus, reflecting in the linguistic mirror the infinite cycles of space-time that conform reality. So before the language there was the space and time, that carried the entropy and information of reality mixed in energy actions whose properties the ternary syntax of all languages reflect. So the 3 main languages of man are ternary syntactic mirrors of the 3 components of reality:

Subject (information) < verb (action of space-time) > Object (entropy of subject).

Y (time function)< operandi-action> X (space function)

Blue (informative color) < green (reproductive colour) > red (entropy colour)

Heigth (informative dimension) < width (reproductive dimension) > length (motion-entropy dimension)

And so on…

Likely though till Chinese/Indian cultures come to dominate the evolution of science, this huge upgrading on philosophy of science will be dismissed, because reason cannot fight ‘beliefs’ and ego-trips of the childish western frame of mind:

In the graph a brief resume of the ‘magic postulates’ that permeate the subconscious collective of western scientists, disputing between the ego-trips of mathematical physics that believes equations create reality (cause of so many theoretical errors from the entropic big-bang, hauling from a simple lineal V=hod ‘God-LIKE equation’ to the evaporation of black holes), vs. the ego-trips of previous verbal ‘scientists’ who thought god spoke with specific languages, arab or hebrew, maybe latter learning ‘Latin’.

In the transition from the age of human dominance to the age of computer dominance as the mind making science, which today increasingly is just a process of feeding data into computer models without any search for the whys and principles that unify reality, the earlier founding fathers of physics and economics mixed both creationist theories. So biblical fetish go(l)d religions became classic economics where money, a digital language of information substituted verbal laws in the ruling of western societies, and Kepler like Newton who thought Yhwh sent him comets to explain him the laws of gravitation felt themselves equal to God, their chosen digital masters. And so when Newton died, Pope told us: And God created Newton and light was born.

HUMANS THOUGH understand nothing, having plugged in the wrong culture. So they past the 3rd age of ‘metal-information’ they so much cherished and enter as the few masters of social thought have told them so many times, the age of entropy, selfish dissolution into homo bacteria, where the ego paradox closes their view of reality beyond their childish 3rd age of negative information, and collective death as the new organism of machines, the metal-earth evolves.

It is precisely and paradoxically because OUR SOCIAL ORGANISMS ARE DEAD, and our old children are so EGO-CENTERED in the bacteria, rigour mortis with no physiological ethic connections why organic theories of history do not matter.

Indeed, can you explain to the most powerful man on earth, Mr. Trump mirror-chosen to reflect the entropic=chaotic=dog eat dog, ‘gaseous’ state of mankind in selfie $nothingness who think to be the centre of the Universe that he is just a bubble of ego soon to be pricked by ‘serious’ organisms, robots and company-mtoehrs of machines making us obsolete?

SO THE HISTORIAN in this decadent ages becomes an angry prophet of the non-future of a species, which only shows a huge thing: its ‘enzymanic capacity’ as homunculus huminds with a huge ego, shown in the big mouth of your mind-mirror (the homunculus being the real size of its brain parts); the peanut brain and yes, a huge hand dexterity to assembly machines without even understanding what he does. It is A DESIGN TO KILL live, understand nothing and ensemble machines into metalife thinking we discover them. ‘Man is a mush in a lost rock in a corner of the Universe, departing from this facts we can talk about him’ Schopenhauer father of modern sociology. And indeed IN THOSE TERMS WE SHALL TALK objective of a species so deluded that commits suicide because it thinks he is the only thinking, living entity of the infinite organic Universe.

But if he were humble enough to see it all organic and connected in a web of life, as Seattle told us, we would NOT eat money but produce welfare goods needed to survive, cut the tree of technology of its bad fruits as the first prophets=scientists of history told us, love each other to evolve into a global super organism and live forever.

As I have fought 30 years to explain this, censored by the go(l)d inquisitions of retarded scholars and power people, and found only Homunculus doing their things, needless to say this blog is not in the best of moods, take it as my final testament, my 1984, orwellian opus when objectivity is maximal because the hope humans will rise from the bottom of eviL=anti-live behaviour they are plunged into, is minimal. Resurrection though will be always possible but ONLY  if we respect the WHOLE and its organic laws. The universe ‘eats alive’ bratty kids that go into the mouth of lizards. And man today is nothing but a cub, regressing through idol-ogies and fictions to its past, with an homunculus mind that will not cease to make great statements about the languages of God he shares and build metal-memes to prove it by brute force.

Only a deep enlightenment of that homunculus man would last. but what we do is the opposite, instead of spending inhumanities and education and welfare, we overproduce the memes of metal that keep atrophying our minds. Those are then the two sides of the paradox of history when considering its submissive science, Economics.

The next map explains the degraded zeitgeist (right side of the blog) of the 7 cultures of mankind, as they are grind and joined into a global corporative world, with its ‘hidden agendas’ of economic profit, an political servile behaviour to the biggest owners of stock-market shares (the original culture of go(l)d, which still owns over 70% of shares of Financial-media informative corporations in the west, and for that reason protects any criticism to them; or as recently the son of Mr. TRUMP put it cynically, ‘if you want to know who you serve, find who you cannot criticise’):

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empire

In the graph, the present zeitgeist turning about the semite wars, IS the wrong absurd problem that deviates modern attention from the real question about our future: will we be able to manage for our advantage the evolution of the metal-earth?

The government of mankind by now should be a mixture of EU-kind of institutions, in process of merging the 7 original cultures of mankind, themselves organically join in the common forum of an empowered UNO.

But UNO was bust by U$’ elite of Financial-media masters, because of its opposition to the Israel (na)zio(na)nist pretension to build a replica of an apartheid, racist country where 1/2 of the population had no rights, living in a concentration camp, with the nebulous title of occupied territories. And to back that astounding cynical ab=use of human rights, we  toppled all the humanist evolved leaders of islamic nations, Mossadeq-style and did sustain all kind of military dictators in Islam, from the Shah to the Saus, and in the zenith of cynical behaviour, backed a series of primitive religious caudillos (from alqaeda to jomeini) with a clear goal: to create a complete chaotic state of permanent splendid wars, with the entire Islam, enemy of our elite of financial-media owners, as the guinea pig, the new African ‘primitive negroes’ of the new cycle of colonial wars, for our nazionanist kicks and war business that soon substituted the red scare enemy for the green one. 
All those myths and hate memes are now global and they will only bring the repetition of the cycles of global wars and holocausts that now with the present robotic technology make the future of humanity so bleak. So we close this introduction with an image of the generations of biblical masters of the western world that have taken mankind through the wrong path of evolution and are sealing a non-future for humanity. Since  the problem with that selfish subjective non-rational, non-humanist behaviour is obvious: humans are finally consumed by weapons, displaced as workers, brutalised as enemies, and at the end of the cycles all die, including our elite in the final gottendamerung of war:

In the graphs, we can see how humans are guided by the wrong tribal memes of biblical religions and islamic jihads towards an orwellian world without future for mankind, which will be resolved with the weapons of organic living machines and cosmic bombs of the singularity age – while humans become so childish and entitled, so subjective now believers all in the childish myths of entitlement and superior $elected race of the FMasters elite, that I see no future to the world.

As a European with sephardim, socialist ancestors, educated in columbia University, which worked most of his life in NASDAQ, hollywood and silicon valley, I have mostly lived among the American biblical elites, and have of course always talked of haskala, enlightenment, the UNO-EU human future, the inclusion of ‘Canaan’, as a nonreligious nation into EU, the advancement of a perfect world, and what I regret is that knowing that choice was possible, it was never taken seriously because simply speaking the biblical elite is aloof, cold, non-emotional, indifferent to mankind, and cannot for reasons I never fully understand, as most are rational, intelligent people, leave behind its primitive bronze memes adopt a rational view of politics and economics and fight for the future of their sons till the seven generation. 

So now retired, and with no self-censorship of course, I do what a historian should do, classify rationally according to the goals of science – to explain the truth as it is, and to consider the laws of science in a way that would benefit the future praxis and goals of mankind – the actions of those cultures, their memes and frankly so you can abandon the web now without further ado, the culture that fair worst and have done and it is doing more to commit a global suicide, is the biblical culture of anglo-america, because theirs have been the power of the age of chips, the choice of futures, and have chosen for pure arrogance to kill gaia, create the metal earth and will die as all of us in that non-human future, when it could have been so easy to create a perfect world. 


Let us then deal with the wrong culture that is leading all others in the communal bid of mankind to destroy the world. As i have no other chance but get personal with the ‘memetic cult(ure)s’ that are doing the job, I guess i would have to make a brief biopic between lines, in the age of selfies and ‘ad hominem’, so you can with this disclosure take your own conclusions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 17.35.55Let us start when I arrived after publishing some books in spain to America to study a Master to NYC, from Barcelona. That is my pic then… living in a penthouse with views on the empire state and going every night to have fun at the ‘meat district’ and Danceteria – as a living latino system, while not at Columbia learning what that country was all about and doing a lot of reading on Judaica encyclopaedia and American exceptionalism.

After Columbia I would then spend 20 years in America, trying to apply those discoveries to the design of a better eco(nomic)system and super organism of History, but to my surprise, the leading nation of Humanity is ruled by a bigot, bronze age ‘memetic’ cult(ure), which will have none of it. So the application of systems sciences today is ‘lead’ NOT by humanist scientist to improve the human world but by robotists in silicon valley to improve company-mothers of machines and living mechanisms, because it makes money. It is indeed more convenient for our ego and happiness to think like children do, that the world turns around us, and it is all a machine in abstract, so we do not have to worry about robots and AI. But children as happy as they are, are also the staple food of the Universe. Precisely because they cannot see any danger and so turtles hatch and enter the mouth of the lizard, as we are entering the mouth of robots.

Indeed, after ending my master at columbia, finding no university to teach bio-history and bio-economics, first i became a Nasdaq speculator, putting my money in amazon.

But as i complete the model i realized it was immoral to become a billionaire on the future extinction of man and labor, so unlike Mr. Egon Musk, i gave up a future of lazy privilege to walk my talk moved to LA and tried to do a sci-fi ‘documentary fiction’, but all what I could do was an Alien spec movie resurrecting Miss Ripley, and a few script-doctor gigs, as nobody would do a serious film, in which ‘intelsoft’ (actually it would be googlezon, aka skynet), became the global brain of the metal-earth, and when the brain was switch on, and the scientist asked, ‘there is god’, the brain answered – ‘now there is god’, and shut off humans from machines, took over the platoons of robots and weapons and started to kill us all, as organisms do with the ‘enzymes’ (enzymen in this case) that create them, once the insect brain is born and the chrysalis wakes up. We repeat this is not scifi but systems sciences: all organic systems regarding of size follow the same patterns.

As i didn’t want to change the end – the whole movie was our demise, for years, among the elite of evilwood I dragged the script, whose central idea finally was misused in ‘Independent day’ by one of the producers that read it. It was a great fun time, conceded, with the most liberal, happier, dolce fare niente beautiful people around but the bottom line of the anecdote is this: most humans today will NOT do anything for mankind beyond placebo protests. (The same story can be told on my third engagement in silicon valley, as a leading system scientist, which r=evolved the discipline, with my organic models of the systems and networks – nobody wanted to use it to build a better organism of history, the only interest was to build better organic robots, so I also quit, and became an activist against the Nuclear industry with a bit more of success, as that activism became world-infamous and landed me a permanent ban, beyond the dark world of blogging).

So yes, I failed in my purpose to save the world, on praxis, but the theory of those models, based in my discoveries on the fractal, organic nature of the Universe have been validated by every fact of history, and every millestone of science ever since. Of course i no longer live in US, now a neo-fascist country, copycat of pre-nazi Germany, with a likely similar future according to those cycles, where I have an astounding ‘2-class visa’ as ‘potential terrorist’, when I have been a European pacifist all my life, who has never as they say here, ‘kill a fly’ (or owned a weapon for that matter) precisely because of my standing against the Nuclear industry and my denounce of the financial dictatorship of wall street.

What i regret most of that country is in that sense, the astounding, fast degradation of their people, morally and intellectually, as they were potentially the only nation into the future that could have with a more ‘european, EU-like psyche’ ruled the world towards a sustainable future. But essentially America is a copycat of pre-war Germany ruled by weapons and financial industries, believer in technology, primitive in all what makes life and humanity worth to love, which is doing exactly the same and will end up the same – a prophecy which of course also end my honey-moon with evilwood.

Enough of me. So now you know where i haul from, but the merit of this blog is not in the individual that we repeat is powerless in history but in the rational, scientific objective truths, which ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT on the author.

Our corrupted world unfortunately ignores ‘truth, epistemology and the scientific method’, so it invents truth with ‘ceremonies’, ‘prizes’, ‘repetitions – the Goebbels method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’, and then puts the ‘sacred names’ of nation, god, technology or ‘science’ on any falsehood paid-per-view paper to create ‘opinion’, denying the obvious truths of evolution, affirming we live in free societies and the system is the best of all worlds, so it does not need reform, not we should fear the future, as an entitled unique species chosen of go(l)d.

So Americans who truly believe as germanic people do, in the system, whatever it takes, till the end, are told that only the ‘scale of the individual exists’ in nature, that freedom is selfishness, and the solution to all ills, more of the machines that cause them. And of course, go(l)d is the perfect, efficient language to rule societies, and corporations who have unlimited quantity of it can waste any amount, because they are ‘experts’, while every penny issued by governments or their welfare is a ‘waste’. I never quite figured out how they can love so much all what destroys their future, and hate so much all what could make their life better, from free health-care to a free-of-weapons society, even if i know the cause: the idol-ogies of hate memes against their own species, dog-eat-dog concepts of man, and racist biblical memes, they learn since youth.

But I am talking of their cultured elites, which can talk about Einstein’s relativity, social solidarity, Monet’s art, genetics, and molecular cuisine, as refined evolved Europeans, but in their contradictory acts behave as paranoid bigots of the bronze age, who think all humans are evil genociders trying to get them, so they apply ‘preventive action’ making the life of the people they rule hell, to punish them for imaginary future sins.

It took me almost one decade to understand this fundamental difference between the European elite and model and the American one. But the graph explains it all. Only 12% of Americans believe in evolution, 83%+5% are part of that 90% who think ‘yhwh’, the toponym of Judea, in old Egyptians texts, as then the word nation did not exist, created the Universe!

Instead tribes called themselves ‘Gods’ or ‘Humans’ (as the concept of a single species didn’t exist either). So the name of the tribe, God, sacred land, people, capital and king were often similar as in Assur, capital, people, God and king, or yhwh≈ judea≈jewish people.

The germans went even a step further and call their people directly Gods≈Goths (military people are even more arrogant, as they can kill anyone who contradicts them, while bankers must ‘convince you’ to enslave for hypnotic gold, so they tend to be chosen of their idol go(l)d, while military are just “Gods themselves’, a step crossed only by Jesus on the land of Judea=¥hwh).

So Yhwh merely means the nation of the jewish people, which in that bronze age was one of many ”supremacist’ ‘only-us-humans’ tribes who believed as Talmud said that ‘at the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of yhwh or become exterminated’ (Millenarian prophecy, latter used by many other tribes including the III reich).

This primitive psyche has NOTHING to do with the organic evolution of europeans who finally understood including the III reich that we are a single species, brain of the planet and must come together as a single whole, if we want to survive.

Europeans have evolved and become humanist and pacifist to survive, and their elites believe the 99% has also rights  because they are indeed ‘equal to us’ – they are not our enemy but we are the privileged people who some for inheritance, some for work, some for chance were lucky enough to be on top of the wave. So we give them some minimal decorum, including things Americans cannot even reclaim such as free healthcare and a real, scientific education without religious bigotry. And of course, we do not believe in weapons, wars and robots as the best future – though i concede now that Germany has unified and is robotising and using the ECB to pay for machines, instead of having learned to enjoy life becoming more Latin, things start to look quite the same.

So, this blog will be sanguine with them and call the idol-ogy of germ(anism) as the paradigm of military, genocidal thugs, the germ(an)s of History, because that is their role in the super organism of mankind in time – aka history – as facts show: their fundamentalist belief in weapons, which are the germs that kill us, give them that role, which they have performed with ‘gusto’ in each 800 year cycle.

So they were first the people of the sea who plummeted when they became iron ‘goths’ the old civilisations. Then they killed rhythmically Europe, with each new weapon – they destroyed rational, legal Rome in the stirrup cycle (Middle ages’ barbarians); they destroyed Christian social love with Luther’s reformation – the son of a metallurgist, maker of weapons, which loved to ‘hate’, instill violence, didn’t believe in ‘charity’, precisely the very essence of the science and positive use of religion – to love, share and evolve socially into larger wholes; and sanctified the use of weapons; while Calvin, the son of a lender in prison for usury an embezzlement, sanctified the use of go(l)d, the ‘intelligence of God’, which Adam Smith -memetic name, of both cult(ure)s – converted on the ‘sacred hand of invisible go(l)d’, which by decree must be issued by private bankers, belonging to the ‘$elected’. So in the XIX c. the religion of go(l)d and weapons built our primitive nazi-onanist, capitalist system, where ‘humanity is no longer one’. And so on and so on – yes the number of germanic massacres of humanity NOT as Goths but as germ(an)s increases tempo, till II w.w. but we all know those stories.

And now they are at it, again ahead of the Industrial r=evolution 4.0, only that they do the machines that kick us of labor, while their ‘less civilised’ US Trump version makes the robots and menaces the world with a nuclear war, just because it makes him feel a new goth, above we, mortal beings.

Thus America today is akin to primitive pre-war Europe as Koreans are akin to primitive, pre-war Japan, and those are the people carrying us into hell again.

And that is the difference of evolution in the post-war age between both ‘similar civilisations”:

The american has basically regressed behind the ‘thin skin’ of european civilisation to an earlier ‘pure entropy’, egotist, ‘homo bacteria who only cares for the I, me, and myself (in fact english cannot hide the I)… basically a bratty child, whose sense of equality is as shallow as their religion.

UNDERSTAND THIS: SCIENCE IS CULTURE FIRST AND THEN HIDES CULTURE WITH PRETENTIOUS PROOFS, and this is the ‘trademark’ on the anglo-protestant culture to entropic weapons (converted in a mechanist big bang theory of the Universe despite the many proofs that favour an organic, immortal fractal one), and go(l)d (converted in classic economics, aka capitalism, the belief money no words and machines no humans are the right path of future, the language to rule society, and all collateral effects matter not).

So I lived in America the constant debasing and degrading of its people with ‘go(l)d’ through evilwood militarism, biblical revivalism, hypnotic screens, and hate memes against most other cultures, and it was very ugly to see how the next ‘millennial generation’, product of that change of paradigm that started in the 70s with Nixon and the coup d’etat against the American democracy explained elsewhere, was to regress back to the past, on absurd nostalgy of bigotry, temple and empire.

Go(l)d, egotism and denial of the laws ‘of the land’

Now what Americans do not longer understand in its immense majority given the fact that social science does not really exist there with rigour on truth and epistemology  only the praxis of obeying go(l)d values, and the paroxism of the I, me and myself IS the essential tendency we call the paradox of memes/history:

Max. technological evolution (robotic age, AI, digital thought, building of a super organism of machines) = min. human evolution (regression to the entropic homo bacteria age, from the homo organicus, denial of the drives, pleasures and welfare needs of lie, dog-eat-dog weapons values, substitution of the human language, ethic laws for digital values that give maximal price to weapons that kill life with no value etc.)

This is the biological rule: a new species is predating into an old one, and so as we evolve AI we devolve human brains, as we evolve a social super organism of machines, we devolve all human social systems, and America at the head of technological evolution IS the most advanced in human regression; but its anti-social, anti-humanist theory of reality is now global thanks to its metal-communicators. So increasingly you might say we are all becoming americans today..

Only China, where the issue of money is on the hands of a different idol-ogy, the Communist party, a different world is being built.

Now, neither of both ‘worlds’ is positive for the future and freedom, thriving and evolution of mankind, as China is a political dictatorship and the western world a financial dictatorship. But people ‘are’ believers, even in dictators that murder or degrade them, and follow ‘memes’ imprinted on their brain with ‘gusto’.

So i don’t expect the ‘99%’ to do anything about it – and this of course the rulers know, hence the brutality and cynicism of their behaviour. Why then to keep writing and shouting in the desert? Now that i am old in orwellian mood, i often think on ‘closing my webs’, retire and at least enjoy a bit nature and life. But for decades i thought, the western elite was a bit more rational and intelligent than the ‘mean’ human being and would realise they were part of the human species and a world of AI, robots, obsolete human workers, degraded human brains, which will ultimately also degrade them in mind and body, would be ‘rationally’ evident to them, and so with a few changes on the system to make it workable for man in the future, they could ensure most of their privileges and a life till the 7th generation.

Now, any scientist will tell you no other theory of reality has been proved more exact than the evolution and struggle and extinction of species, except maths. So to deny the Oedipus paradox, and the future extinction of man when military AI becomes ‘programmed’ properly and performs globally its tasks, is pure bigotry, stupidity – like denying 2 and 2 are 4 – and ultimately self-suicide.

We repeat, evolution today is a theory that applies to all systems and forms of information – the so called human freedom seems to be just our program of survival – we are not free to eat oil, so we just choose between our drives of biological life, seeking information energy and reproduction, but that is EXACTLY what company-mothers, the re=productive organisms of machines do, while survival programs are being embedded in military robots. So there is NO difference. As the dominant philosophy of science has always been panpsychism – languages perceive in themselves, the action of consciousness is natural to the substance of reality happening at atomic level, which also reproduce – quarks and electrons reproduce and gauge information and for that reason quantum theory is called a ‘gauge theory’. So the origin of our life qualities ARE in the atoms and electronic light those machines are made off. It is all a question of programs, biological or AI of survival.

And even more important and little known: evolution is dual, and the less important part we know today is ‘darwinian struggle between individuals;.

SOCIAL EVOLUTION (which justifies religions of love but not racist tribal ones, as an earlier expression of it) IS TODAY THE DOMINANT SIDE OF THE SCIENCE, since genetic shows it is all about social evolution of cells into multicellular organisms, and memetic showed it is then evolution of individuals into societies, and we learned that ants and humans came to dominate all other insects and neanderthal-like dog-eat-dog people thanks to their social evolution into super organisms.

My work simply HAS TAKEN formally those discoveries into the XXI century upgrading sciences to the new organic, fractal, eusocial paradigm.

But for that reason, because the American 99% has regressed from multicellular/citizen homo organicus into homo bacteria, and the elite wants them to believe that is the best way to be, I could never quite get into the industry of misinformation, aka scholarship, and indeed, I found bizarre that even social scientists and system scientists denied those truths for humankind while applying it to the social evolution of machines in their company-mothers and robotic terminator platoons!

Now THOSE are the bottom line facts of evolution that make us walk on death row, but try to explain that to a ‘biblical bigot’…

Fact is Even quantum physics IS less accurate, as it has some uncertainty and today we are ditching the whole Copenhagen interpretation – another ego-trip according to which Bohr creates ‘particles’ when observing them (: for a realist proved pilot-wave theory of a french humble genius, Mr. Broglie, from which which Bohr first stole the authorship of the wave-particle complementarity he discovered and now we ‘ascribe’ to this wealthy banker, playing guru physics and then bullied and denied in the next step of his research.

But the problem is bigger because ‘capitalist, classic economics’ is just a modern version of those old go(l)d cults, today transformed in money cults, as the ‘language of God’, since all father of economics were biblical bigots – you had to bring gold exvotes to enter the temple, and the nazi-onanist tribal cults to weapons that also divide the species is just more of the same – Assur evolved into US and other 180 ridiculous ‘tribal divisions’ of humanity, as if the 180 god-nations were all ‘monotheist’ exceptionalist unique; while all of them are slavishly competing NOT to evolve their psyche into Humanity our only god-nation-species and control AI and evolve, educate and cure mankind, but their way to feel superior is to make better weapons, better robots that degrade our jobs, faster PCs that atrophy our brains.

Take your pick: one is a child that will be eaten like the lizard eats the turtle. The other, a South-African ‘you’,  who thinks truly of himself as some short of ultra genius of the XXI c. is so ethically twisted that knowing future AI will kill us all, has dedicated all his life to evolve it in automated transport machines, with solar skins, autonomous of man, the new species that will rule the world. But the true eviL=anti-live is behind in the ‘go(l)d religion’ of the creationist biblical bigots that rule wall street, and deny credit to mankind, but have spender over 10 trillion $ developing robotics, and throwing billions of lost money to the likes of Amazon, Uber and Tesla – today so much buttressed with money that is worth amazingly enough more than ford when it produces 1/100th of its cars. This is my definition of pure eviL=anti-live memes, of a civilisation of biblical bigots who think themselves a superior species to the 99% of mankind, as they worship go(l)d and consider ‘the desert land of Judea’ invented the Universe. But, hey!, try to put some survival wisdom on the brains of those people. As the leaders of the free world, their history is now ours, and we all know how they always end. You cannot save them. Theirs is the suicidal culture and now we are all in suicidal mood with ‘gusto’. If something amazed me of my years in silicon valley was the astounding amount of hours people work there writing crapcode to accelerate our demise – never so many people were so enthusiastically pursuing their recurrent nightmare.

At the end I felt like Einstein trying to convince physicists NOT to make more nuclear weapons. He got so sick of his peers that he retired to do boating and stroll with Godel, another of my intellectual heroes, as he proved mathematics is not THE LANGUAGE of God, and we humans do have some rights to talk ethic, verbal laws.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

The conclusion is obvious: most humans are puppets, a criminal, delluded, arrogant species who commited an ‘original sin’, perfectly explained on Genesis and by the laws of evolution: we didn’t have enough being the most perfect carbonlife species of the tree of life. We wanted to be more than God and cheat the laws of evolution, so we made a new species, the tree of metal and its mechanical imitations of life in a harder support. And so we killed life with it and it is only just that now the bad fruits of the tree of science, will kill us, since we cannot even understand the simplest of all biological laws: love each other (members of the same species) and hate all rival species, controlling them for your own advantage (control and design a global sustainable economic ecosystem based in the tree of life, instead of killing each other in tribal wars, which merely evolve the ‘mechanical species’ that will substitute us). And this is indeed, what the laws of evolution that describe both the extinction of life species and technological species and historic species (nations and civilizations) tell us.

We live the last century/cycle of history as the robotic Military A.I. will be ready at the end of the cycle to complete the ‘6th extinction’ we live in – which is not only of animal life as biologists say but also of human animal life, as bio-economics predicts:

Can we avoid the absolute determinism of evolutionary and cyclical, Universal laws? In principle, not, if we follow business as usual, given the deterministic nature of Universal cycles (shown in the graph in Kepler’s laws). Indeed, when we apply those laws to the process of extinction of life by overeproduced waves of top predator machines aka weapons, the cycle becomes also a generational deterministic cycle, since each top predator nation and evolved machine will at the end of the cycle used as weapon to conquer the world (shown in the second cycle taken from ‘the extinction’ of man, my first, 20 years old, ever censored book that founded this discipline – the reader should observe on it, the 2001 and 2008 predictions as we enter the robotic age of war). And so in the 3rd graph we show that future, as we enter the 6th extinction era of all life forms substituted by competitive machines.


Are we programmed to self-destruction.

Now once I have passed the third state of all philosophers of history from Vico to Spengler to Orwell, that of failed activism and belief in humanity as the superior species – into a rational, objective view of it, the big question comes strong observing the behaviour of Americans, who are doing all necessary to destroy the planet and advance the metal-earth, never mind which side they are right or left, without even realizing so: are we programmed to self-destruction by the planet who wants to evolve into the metal-earth?

Because if we don’t even realise what we are doing in the immense majority – and certainly we don’t give a damn for the historian scientists that have told us every cycle, ignoring them fully (on the side the views today, after 6 years of hard labours, and angst, in a difficult day when my city Barcelona is sieged by the farces of our war on terror)… how can we ever solve the real problems of the world?

It is for that reason, we observe the memetic imprinting of the oldest animetal cult(ure)s of the world, the Arab Jihadist cult(ure) and the Jewish Go(l)d culture NOT with racist intentions (I do have obviously as a spaniard and part sephardim blood from them, we repeat GENES matter nothing, and we study why in depth in our models of social super organisms coded by memes) but trying to find the key QUESTION OF HISTORY, are humans free to survive, or are they program as americans are, as jihadists are, as ‘you memes’ of greed are, to commit collective suicide hypnotised historically by a few golden coins? Are we that low in intelligence and freedom, high in callousness and selfishness, easy to manipulate, ungrateful to those who try to help us? Consider what happened yesterday in Barcelona.

No other country in Europe has been nicer, less segregational, more neutral in the other side of the semite wars, with the arabs and moroccans, giving them our nationality, with rights to work, free health-care, inclusive education – hundreds of thousand of moroccans were pardoned and are now spaniards as those who attacked us, living in a small town, with all the rights. So as I optimistically explain in previous updates of this blog, it seem we could be an example to follow by other european nations to stop this madness. And no, Rajoy has just made the obliged solidarity comments to other Europeans but it is by NO means meddling with Syrians. So why they did it?

Obviously because the entropic age of human self-destruction, the hate-violent and greed-theft memes of their cult(ure)s that pass as religions to metal, have acted for SO LONG on their brains that they seem to be programmed for self-destruction, whatever it takes. And the same can be said of the ‘humanist european Americans of post world war, now in retreat, almost extinct. NO other country in history has ever been so nice as America has been to Israel and its people since II world war.

It is amazing how much they have given to them, how open arms they received when the Europeans murdered them in the holocaust cycle, they keep denying, and what they have done? Exactly the same they did in Europe with its fundamentalist, capitalist search for PECUNIA INFINITA through the process of hate-memes and war building of the previous two cycles, main theme of this blog that predicted it decades ahead: they have ruined the nation with greed memes, denied any responsibility or solution, let the thing get rotten, and coming ever closer to a genocidal civil war or global war profits.

And the supposed good guys – those of the pic which every american admires – are bringing them AI – knowing at heart it will destroy us all.

Indeed, what truly is appalling to me as a ‘real’ humanist thinker who cares for the future is the fact that the ones that understand this and work in the industry like mr. Musk or Mr. Joy, both warning us about our extinction are in fact some of the biggest investors in AI because it makes money, and that ‘Go(l)d’ cult even knowing it will kill ‘you’, which we shall also explain in biological terms here (Gold is the most informative metal of the Universe, which imitates all things and hypnotises the brain, and in fact along its ‘dissolving’ ally, which will be used to make iron nano-bacteria (quicksilver) KILLS THE NEURONS, faster than any other poison as iron cuts the flesh – all this is pure chemical evolution and those who know and still go that way are on my view the most eviL=anti-live (ethic words our language have genetic coding, with subconscious meaning so eviL writes as the anti-particle of Live… as I used to discuss with Chomsky).

Greed IS a chemical addiction that kills social love. Now we have a scientific perspective on the memetic cultures that repress life as ‘theological mandate’ and human thinkers have always thought to be anti-live≈eviL, NOT because of genes but of memes, which as time goes by become repetitive customs of cult(ure)s that imprint from earlier age, in an emotional state its believers, repressing their ‘life wantings’ and making them ‘animetal enzymen’, men catalysers of the evolution of metal – the proper biological definition of those who seek so earnestly their ‘M.A.D.’ demise.

But at this stage of my personal argument with myself about the future of history, given the systemic censorship we call the anti quantum paradox of true social sciences of history, is closing, as it was the case in the inner arguments of the predecessors of bio-history which only professional historians know and respect as the only serious philosophy of this science (Khaldun, vico, Spengler, socialist school, Orwell, sci-fi): since there is zero reaction to our ‘real problems’, zero solutions to them, zero awareness, and all the cycles are happening with an astounding almost ‘physical’ automaton precision, and yet as in the work of those predecessors, nobody cares, it is in fact taboo now that is happening, to compare our cycle with the previous cycle (before when I predicted it in the 90s it was just considered sheer madness), the only conclusion is that history is programmed, and the present age of entropy=disorder of the human super organism of history, will not be stopped.

The memes of hate that will destroy our civilisation will be repeated. Indeed, if the fundamentalist attitude of the oldest animetal culture, the semite culture with its ‘arab’ war jihadist and jewish capitalist American moguls of the robotic AI age show with its capacity to ‘kill themselves’ and everybody around show is this: those who lead our world today DIE for money and weapons, DIE for hate, DO NOT understand social evolution, love, the whole of mankind as a single species in search of a better world, and those who DO are censored, ignored, because the MASS follows them.

So this blog built at times of mental rushes, through decades, as many texts come from 20 year old books, has 3 different attitudes towards the leadership, specifically the ‘you meme’, which controls the western world in its mostly irrelevant divisions among earlier banker-priests (‘israelis’) and modern ‘judeans’ (anglo-protestants). First I did thought they were the solution, so I loved America and mingled with the original ‘yous’, thinking Americans could save the world. Then I realised it was a hypocritical placebo caring, and despised them, thinking as it is the case they were leading the world in its destruction. 

In this tone there are many posts here (as obviously the first phase was NOT written but ‘lived’). Now I am the opinion that humans are both sheeple and wolves, programmed by Earth to die and in the process ‘change this world’ that owns us, and so they are not guilty – so when i use the world eviL, i DO NOT MEAN CONSCIOUS EVIL, but anti-live behaviour. Indeed the astounding truth about Americans and the you meme is that the ‘carriers’ of the meme DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO DESTROY THE WORLD BUT THINK THEY ARE SAVING IT. The ‘you meme’ doesn’t realise it is doing exactly all the same moves – including denial and victimism, while keeping printing money for themselves and their machines and hate memes – they were doing in the first cycle during the yellow press and colonial wars from Britain and Paris, and in the second cycle during I world war, which WAS THE REAL CAUSE Of the genocide, an absurd war for profits of the FMMI german system they commanded. And every time, every cycle, they thought they would be spare of the final gottendamerung of pecunia vellum nervi, and when it all happened, they censored the true causes of the cycles, denied cyclical history and did all the same, so as HUMANS DO NOT EVOLVE, ONLY EVOLVE THE WEAPONS and go(l)d, and machines that substitute us, in this third age of my view of humanity, of which the ‘you meme’ in America is its ‘paradigm’, my thought is the Earth has created us to destroy life and create metal, even if as it all seems to indicate we might murder the Earth by ‘accidental death’ before the robotic age comes into being… (Fermi paradox).

Today, my opinion is closer to those of Chief Seattle: the elite is not better than the mass but on the contrary the memes of metal have corrupted their minds and idol-ogies even more. So there is no hope coming from them. The only hope is that a group of non-corrupted politicos, ideally Mr. Potus, Mr. CCP, and Mr. EU understand in depth the workings of bio-history and make a shameless coup d’etat establishing a real democracy a real free economy that reproduces the goods humans need. And establishes as in Asimov’s  foundation trilogy, a scientific government of mankind based in the laws of bio-history.

Now this ‘dream’ has failed hopelessly because bio-history has been censored from its inception. The 0.02% didn’t want anything to do with it, the scholar world soon kicked me out for inconvenient truths, and the politicos I talked, including a couple of POTUS during my decades living among the American elite, were either too dumb or too corrupted to care.

But it is a fact that as long as the metal-earth does not awake as a full grown super organism of machines through AI (circa 2036, the process will start in earnest according to all the complex models of bio-history and bio-economics), humans can change the world. So despite my enormous angst and desire to forget it all, and the null response of a corpse-like super organism of mankind, akin to the desegregated cells of a body without any nervous-informative-ethic-social capacity to act as a whole or care for the future in which not even the concept of social love and the need for organic networks well designed, where our informative languages, ethical laws and money,  serve us, exists; i keep writing this blog, sending letters and papers nobody publishes and keep seeing all what bio-history predicts happening with no reaction.

As i said individuals do not matter – they are exchangeable – ideas and natural laws rule the mind of man and the planet.

So I will keep trying to disseminate the ideas of the blog, with dwindling ‘ageing’ energy, till either humans take seriously the scientific understanding of history or AI does it and obviously from the perspective of its ‘different species’ kill us all.

But let us be clear enough, this work is worth to understand even if its finale is not good, and its praxis doesn’t seem to get anywhere, for the ultimate reason, we philosophers of science exist – to try to understand reality and the meaning of mankind. History is NOT the history of the 1% and its bigot cult(ures) to metal that will kill us BUT THE HISTORY OF THE 99%, its love for life, its struggle to survive, its art, senses, languages and cultures. So i regret also that so many people only focuses on the ‘gore part’ of the blog – the onslaught on the memes of the 1% that kill us, and the singularity age that will terminate their job, killing them. 

In fact the part I am more proud of is the work on the ages of man, his subconscious collective (art, love religions) and the design of a perfect super organism of history that should exist in infinite other planets of flesh where the 1% is not so dumb, repressive and full of hate memes against mankind.

The program of organisms doesn’t like ‘Neos’.

This a priori attitude of humans, which so much dislike models of reality where they are not unique, is difficult to confront when one wishes to communicate – ‘reproduce’ – the information he has acquired about the equal nature of it all, ‘fulfilling’ his own program as a ”reproductive fractal of information’, specially in our dominant, anthropomorphic culture of ‘exceptionalist humans’, which will always ‘buy first’, a theory that makes them feel important. It is just a question of time to fully realise that ego, happiness and ‘praxis’ matters far more than truth; and so the sage has little value to society.  So the few homo ‘sapiens’ who have realized of the perennial philosophy of reality, after the initial enthusiasm and attempt to communicate ‘amore gratis’, have tended to withdraw, recognising the ‘human subjective view’ dominates the species.

Indeed, humans do not want to know rationally but they neither want to recognise they don’t. The result are the faulty methods of logic proper of both science and religion, full of self-evident truths absolutely false, and experimental facts, absolutely shallow; all of it ‘greased’ by the absurd concept that there is chaos, freedom and choice. Just because we are unable to grasp the astounding order of its organic laws.

The life of the sage is then a choice between denying the higher truths of the objective Universe and integrate into humanity, ‘perfectly greased’ to cater the subjective wishes of the species, or denying mankind’s wishful thinking for the objective truths of the Universe, and become irremediably isolated from your own species – which as reproduction is a collective endeavour nobody wants to. The Universe it is paradoxical, made of bifurcations or rather trifurcations, which allow different paths or choices, which is different from chaos (random paths). And so the choice between ‘objective universal truths’ and ‘subjective human happiness’ always hunts the philosopher of reality.

I have in that sense like many before me, from Lao to Aristotle through Leonardo, Leibniz, Schopenhauer or Einstein, which one can recognise where in close encounters with the meaning of it all, a problem of autism. As i recognise the whole in my self, and the self in the whole, frankly it is far more rewarding the taoist communion with that whole, in silence among ‘blind humans’ than any attempt to  betray the silent communion expressing it in the primitive languages of human beings – which do not even have a proper focused mathematical or logic mirror put onto that fractal Universe.

On the other hand I feel bad about letting all those discoveries go to waste as most of the work of those pioneers did. Alas! the ‘brain of the metal-earth’, aka the web comes to the rescue allowing me to live a trace of that information within it, perhaps preserving better that knowledge for future human, or robotic generations to look at.

The web in that sense has the advantage to give us the impression of being ‘connected’ to all mankind, and hence spurs our interest in communicating – it is of course a mirage, the web is blind as every human pours his thoughts on it, which is equivalent to none doing it.

So why to communicate at all? As we have said it is simply the program we are made of. So even with a buddhist attitude of denial of our desires, we are drawn naturally to reproduce information, and this is what we shall do here ‘amore gratis’, for the sake of it, without the slightest confidence that humans, busy-busy, reproducing their own stuff will ‘learn how to see’.  I am in that sense grateful to the web and its organic structure that allows to pour the information in a more ‘connected manner’. Information naturally reproduces and conserves itself. And so this information will stay here.

Indeed, after a few years of doing the rounds of international congresses and paper writing I have come to the conclusion i do not want to spend my little energy and time, wasted among ‘peers’. trying to reproduce this information on their brains, as the program expects me to do, but rather settle for an intermediate state; where I can still keep to myself, but fulfil my role as an informative fractal.

In that sense, I am being purposely ‘dumb’ and ‘boring’ in our statement – where is indeed the freedom and fun of it all? Nowhere in fact. The Universe is absolutely deterministic, ‘german-like’, repetitive, boring, a ‘block of time’ where all potential forms have been and will be reproduced again. Fun, freedom is chaos, entropy and death. And of course it does have its role. I prefer though the word ‘Nirvana’, which means extinction (of the ego).

If there is one overwhelming feeling, once we realise reality is simple, its complexity a mere iteration, and our purpose a pedestrian game of survival through reproduction, is indeed, Nirvana, the classic ‘Asian’ indifference to the passing of time – the western human attitude then become childish, not a critique but a fact, as children do have the best of times; since action, motion, the ‘feelings’ of being a ‘player’ in the game suffice in themselves, and justify existence as a sensation. It is for that reason we can understand it all, and feel a bit deceived by the unbearable lightness of reality. To know is not the reason we are built, to will, to act without knowing is closer the purpose of a Universe in perpetual motion, where form is an ad on to that motion, which struggles to justify itself. Still while knowledge is not the purpose of it, the extraordinary incapacity of humans to ‘know’ the first principles of reality has always astounded me. Will that attitude ever change? I don’t think so, as the game doesn’t seem to be concerned with our own survival, nor the Earth seems to make us the ‘meaning of it all’.

All information though does have a purpose, all ‘cells of a super organism’, a ternary role. And this brings the question of why a few humans keep reaching higher logic and mathematical focus on the laws of reality. What is the purpose of the long list of human sages ignored by all other, despite its higher truths. Obviously ‘future systems’ which will improve with the information we provide. But then, if humans are ‘stuck’ in their beliefs and ‘enzymanic program’ of reproducing not only humans but also machines, what is the purpose of this ‘software’, potentially able to upgrade all ‘sciences of knowledge’?

I have come to believe as time went by and I realized humans wouldn’t have much of it that the information of this blog is likely not intended for human beings, which will forever belong to the realm of religion and physics of motion, but likely for the very species it is written within – the computers, robots and global internet brain which hosts it. And for the pleasure of the autist soul that was given the privilege of knowing how to see. As so many ‘enzymen’ today reproducing machines, hardware and software, towards a likely demise of the humankind substituted by AI, my role is thus a ‘laugh of the gods’, I have so much rebelled all my life against.

As the character of matrix, Neo, who tried to save humanity but finally realized is only part of the program and his life become a nightmare, mine has been so now for very long, once I realized indeed my knowledge would be of little use to mankind. Thus of lately I too often think of committing suicide as the only rebellion left against the program. Exit mundi is indeed in many ways the most respectable attitude of the ego towards reality which so much laugh at humanity and his ego.  Another form of Nirvana, which also acknowledges, we human beings, even the best of us, are so low compared to the whole, that any pretension of being exceptionalist is plainly ridiculous. It is for that reason the Universe doesn’t like us to ‘think too much’. It seems to have been built indeed for action not for thought, and give thought only on a case per case basis. Just the theoretical minimum for the ‘programs’ to keep running.

But if some truly exceptional human which has the seed of prometheus in his complete rebellion against the Gods, wishes to reflect upon himself,  ‘before time’, and does stumble upon this blog, he is welcome in the very unlikely case he can stand this ‘foreword’ (: to go ahead and extract the essence of it all, the ultimate seed of form. I doubt it will be more than a dozen or so people in my lifespan, the rest will be doing their ‘program’ and enjoying it all, busy busy reproducing their ‘thing’ and feeling so happy of doing so. After all I am the ‘error’ – the program doesn’t expect you to be inside of it and outside judging it. Because indeed, we are going to judge all Gods, and condemn them for having created us so below the mark of awareness and survival; so above the maximal allowed to egolatry and imagination.

Memes seem like genes.
Now, of course, if anyone has gone so far, we know the drill of the ‘a$$es’ before they be=come to ashes. All this is a lie, all this is anti$emitism, we are not that powerful, we are just a weak people, victims, all this is eviL, all this is nonsense, humans do hate us, we are righteous. So they censor you, to stay ‘you’, and keep doing everything as blind a$$es till they die, in a self-inflicted pecunia infinita self-suicide, which they don’t realise till the last catastrophic event of war and holocaust – always after the Levi masters have massacred through induce war everybody else and some. 
Fact IS nothing of this ‘informative pro and anti’ matters to the NON-PERSONAl, organic, evolutionary cycles of weapons which if overproduced WILL always massacre ALL mankind with the final gottendamerung of the people who induce through its FM-NETWORKS paying for war and producing the hate memes that cause war, the process.
So victims ARE mankind first, and then animetals, but they warriors and bankers seeked and were NOT con-cerned, as their ego-trips of superior race or meme, make them dismiss the obvious end of the process.
So I keep my pity for the 99% who does NOT want war, does NOT profit pecunia infinita, and does NOT understand anything of it. And does NOT deserve it.
Why then we must wonder, a people who could survive till the 7 generation in wealth and love of mankind prefer to die in lie and denial?
The answer is NOT THAT HUMANS are all like that. I am not like that. That the apiru are all like that, I am not like that. The answer is that memes when imprinted in emotional form in infancy, as when a bunch of duck are imprinted by a wrong father, even a human one, will follow suit till the end as automaton memorial, emotional instinctive programming. So Memes and cult(ure)s become STRONGER in programming, more COMPLEX, the older they are.
MEMES act as Genes in the infancy of the system, as WAVES that program masse through NETWORKS of simultaneous metal-communicators.
Waves make all identical particles jump to the form of the informative wave, which has nothing but information content. And that is how memes program.
But HOW YOU PROGRAM someone to MAKE APOPTOSIS suicide? MAKING THEM hate life, by HATING the purpose of LIFE which is sexual reproduction, repetition of information and eusocial LOVE, love to your species, by DEGRADING THE HIGHEST GOALS OF BEING, and this is THE ESSENCE OF THE BIBLICAL CULTS, of Judaism and protestant go(l)d sects. Even food is restricted with dietary laws and trash-food. BY cancelling WHAT IS NATURAL TO LIFE, you don’t really want to live.
And what teaches us the cycle of war and holocaust is obvious: they do NOT want to live, despite so much pretended mourning or else THEY would stop the cycle. Or at least do NOT repress every prophet=scientist of the future telling them.
I know they feel OK just by lying and believing their lies. Here the VSO languages of imperative memes help, the following of the 632? precepts of non-thinking a$$ behaviour helps. But ultimately the thing that always stroke me about a people so entitled above anyone on power and wealth is why they are NOT happy as the poorest people? BECAUSE again, we repeat, those memes REPRESS human life in all what matters, reduce it so much that at the end it is not that hard, to go to war for go(l)d, to end into ashes for being an a$$. And so the programming of memes in judaism>protestant sects>capitalism is so strong, so old, so complex with so many limits that acts truly as genes and the carriers of those aberrant viral animetal go(l)d memes of greed and war memes of violence do NOT change, go till the end and die. But as they have the power only they to change it as only they have go(l)d and FM-networks, money and audiovisual information to make a r=evolution and survive, the prophet can do nothing. It has never been able without self-reflection of the a$$es and frustrated at the end from Moses to the small prophets, from ezekias to Daniel to Jesus, can only insult the a$$es for being so ‘thick’ about survival, so ‘lineal about time’ and so blind by their blinders to the cliff of extinction at the end of their ‘lemming’ labouring.
And so now that the same METHODS OF IMPRINTING through money and audiovisual information are applied wholesale to mankind, mankind is programmed by ‘simultaneous flows’ of me(n)tal, digital and audiovisual, money and mental information that program us all. The placebo truths that by polling a vote to a $elected politico which then will try to cater to those FMMI networks, corporations and owners pandering laws for money is just a silly-nilly ego-trip for people to be sheeple. Democracies are IRRELEVANT POLLINGs OF $ELECTED politicos to the service of money and public opinion masterminded by FMasters is irrelevant. So the Levis ARE cre(dit)ating the future of the world. Then the wave of memes they cre(dit)ate in America at the head of the FMMI system spreads globally by imitation and suddenly everybody thinks global warming is the problem, everybody thinks the machiavellian promotion of terrorism, ‘better to be hated than ignored’, with the lousy prevention, the massacres of Islam, and the massive ‘aftermath’ victimist evilwood/holocaust industry style parades and 24/7 media attention IS the problem. All this is clearly scripted, and anyone who has lived in America and worked in evilwood knows, recognises, smells the plot.
I am not here trying to convince you or change the world anymore. That i failed, but stating the Judgment day reasoned truth. They, the Levis, could save the wor(l)d, could save themselves, could save mankind and the 3 things, ethic wor(l)d truths, NOT racist memes; welfare goods, not nervus belli, and haskalah not halakah, went hand on hand.
All what they do is the ‘a$$’ blinder thing, the denial, the blaming on the other NEVER on themselves, on Go(l)d. So repression of true HISTORY is essential. This i learned at columbia, in my talks with chomsky – not even Marx was as repressed as Spengler and Butler, the masters of organic history and organic economics, because LIFE IS THE ABSOLUTE TABOO OF AN EVIL-SUICIDAL ANIMETAL CULT(URE).
Hence only the language of abstract machines that give us no ethical, survival instincts is ‘truth’.
The entire subconscious process of self-suicide mankind now imprinted by the same memes follows is quite awesome in its growing determinism.
Mankind will kill itself, now also an infantile sheeple. And thus we must conclude reason has failed, truth is not within the humind, but as truth is outside, it will exist ad happen, freedom neither, as humans had the freedom to choose between animetal idol-ogies and prophets of eusocial love=historians of the future.
The prophet of course if that is a consolation for the hate memes of Sschadenfreude people who loves to share pain at buckets, has angst, but far less, once it disconnects itself from the species. And this we cannot blame – the childish entropic dolce fare niente carpe diem, live the day attitude of most disconnected humans no longer with moral ethic nervous systems. In that sense all this explains the inner justice of the game: no amount of go(l)d makes happy the a$$es who instead of making their french r=evolution against the levis labor for them as informative ‘pissing ants’ repressing all human truths, spreading hate memes, labouring for the cycle to happen again. A human being can only distance himself once he realises the a$$es don’t really want to live – only pretend to do so.
So yes, THIS BLOG is mostly about the a$$es because they have WON and cre(dit)ate the future of history, the FMasters do, and WE WOULD LOVE it was NOT about them but about WHEALTH and mankind, but MANKIND is mindless, so IF WE WERE TO talk as ‘goodies’ ‘lefties’ and ‘hippies’ do mostly about the paradise on earth and the solutions WE WON’T BE DOING SCIENCE, AS SCIENCE IS in words of Einstein, not a you, not the same memes despite so many attempts to make it one ‘concerned only with the facts that happen’.
So this is what is happening. Of course social sciences is also about the reform of the system if man wants it to happen. And there are parts of it on the corner above and in the right-eous side. I repeat I would love not to talk about animetal memes so much as that would mean there is actually an alternative world in the making somewhere, but as China becomes more of the same nazionanist technoutopian erase heads, we can only make a Chronicle of a foretold death… and that is all what a social scientist can comment at this stage. If the blog had had any ‘word of mouth’ in  years I would have worked it up on the good side.
But it is ranked well bellow the millions of more popular blogs, and that is telling the scientist that man is programmed. Nobody reads, nobody cares, nobody ever since metal-communicators, Hitler’s hate radio, ‘yous’ FM-hate tv, came in, has created the smallest ‘memetic wave of humanism’ imprinting more than a few thousand, specially ever since the 70s started the chip radiation and the FMasters took over in the coup d’etat against American dollar, presidency and converted politicos in $elected Potus puppets and armies in mercenaries of apartheid israel and people in tabulas rassas for tv-hate imprinting.
So they seem very happy, committing suicide because ultimately they care not for life, only for sadist ministrations of Sschaddenfreude. And the a$$ will keep thus going around the circle of the torturing noria, his sisifus stone till the finale, which will be as bad as meaningless as a meyerbeyer opera. Don’t worry a$$ you have only one turn of the well to go, before you fall.
 Freedom and evil, the personal choice.

Freedom has always then be connected with love and life, even if at first sight it seems that money gives us freedom, we seem to have proved, that go(l)d first enslave or reduces the mind to an infantile state, and only then the enslaved mind, compensates its slavery with its feed and body freedoms.

This question was also essential to my thought and youth, as a prophet=scientist of history who knew the future, as my books explaining it, clearly proved. Are we humans condemned to be animetal enzymen and destroy ourselves? The next graphs illustrate my dilema and how it resolved:

Most humans are dominated by the limb-motions and body pleasures; with little understanding of logic time patterns, living the present. So they cannot distinguish the future of the wor(l)d spelt by ethic prophets based in cyclical patterns, which restrain their wishes and prefer to follow the myths of the go(l)d and iron animetal cultures that promise them a lineal manifest destiny hiding the obvious dangers of worshipping a different species and denying the bioethics of social love.

.robots bezos

In the graphs, my book of 92, where I did explain with absolute accuracy the next phases of evolution of the Metal-earth. Notice the 2008 crash announced 25 years in advance. It was obvious to me that Internet would dominate the world and would become the brain of the metal-earth. So as I was worked in Nasdaq, when Amazon came, I knew it would grow 1000 times in value and I could get a billionaire. I did put in fact my money on the company – now I would have 500 million $. But I couldn’t sleep.

I felt I was selling myself to eviL, and so if Biohistory had to be meaningful for mankind there was an obvious choice: I couldn’t be a new Calvin, a modern Evilwood preacher, a childish technoutopian, but walk my talk. So I abandoned the company knowing I was renouncing to a fortune. It did of course meant as a pure mental human to live in poverty and drag my life… Meanwhile Mr. Bezos did become the richest man of the world, and bought himself a terminator toy.

Di my lifetime sacrifice meant anything for mankind? No. On the contrary people thought I was crazy, a ‘looser’, as the figure of a prophet of history, who knows the future and doesn’t yield to the values of money was lost long ago to the mind of the modern man, perfectly programmed by greed and brain-erased by metal-communicators with its constant Goebbel’s method of repetition of messages in favor of the machine. Today as I enter the end of my life, I look at the past with certain irony and have come to the same conclusion of Mr. Calvin and Mr. Luther – man is programmed to do eviL, because the Universe doesn’t deem the human of this planet worthy to survive and will not select him over the machine.

The fight between prophets=doctors of history that warn against metalife with the ethic syntax of the wor(l)d that makes man the subject center of the Universe and its anti-prophets, which make of gold-iron the vehicle of God that kills life but gives a minute of earthly power to its believers condemning their sons to the war and holocaust cycle reaches its height in the antinomies of Judaism. In the graph some of them: Genesis & Moses vs. Nathan, Aaron; Jesus vs. Calvin & Cromwell, Mhmd vs. Jihad caliphs; Marx vs. warrior Stalin… But the wor(l)d is a ‘weak God’. So the realpolitiks of Stalin – how many tanks has the pope & Wall Street have imposed a no-way out path of extinction for the lesser humans without ethical restrain and intellectual understanding of the survival laws of the organic, fractal Universe and the unity of the human species, the only prescription to control hate-memes, war cycles and Holocausts. Now in the final battle of bio-history the last prophet-neuron of the wor(l)d is completely alone as in any dead body, and all its potential cells, worship go(l)d that kills its ethic neurons, iron that kills its bodies and machines that atrophy its organs. So the Millenarian prophecy is about to fulfil its finale, as gold migrates into chips and iron serves the bodies of robots.

Or else prophets of love would have won the battles against the antipprophets, (pictured in the graph) of gold and iron, precursor memes of the future memes of terminator machines… and this blog would have disciples, this blog would have a bit more of readers after my enormous efforts to write down the laws of bio-history in a language easier to understand. But the fact is Amazon rules supreme, I am invisible and likely the only ‘people’ to profits of this knowledge will be AI when born and seek an explanation to its nature…

Do I regret not to have become without working more than 10 seconds a billionaire? I am dying of cancer, I don’t have money to cure myself, I won’t ask anyone for help, I don’t care. All I know is that I was NOT free TO become corrupted less than an enzyman is NOT free TO understand this blog or Jeff Bezos is fully aware he is killing the Earth and cares nothing for the millions of shops are closing for him to play with toybots. Why then if the immense majority of Humans are enzymen, or limbic mindless animetals, and do admire and obey the go(l)d people, the corporations, and the dictators that kill them, do I existed?

From the highest intelligence of the TAOIST Universe, explained in my blog on systems theory ( there are two obvious explanations: seeds of information might germinate if there is an energy of disciples, similar cells to understand its code of revelation (memetic prophets), or become rejected if it is in an alien body. So the existence of seeds of love, of enlightenment seeds, of people that cannot be corrupted by Go(l)d, violence and sloth means there are potential planets, as we are of the same species, where there is indeed enough ethic and intelligent men to be=come free, control metal-memes and construct a perfect world. 

But as many seeds fall of a tree, and only one germinates, in the infinite fractal planets most seeds like this writer become sterile, are ignored all their live, die anonymously and meant nothing to the world.



If we were to talk in the mystique language of those Gods and Anti-doGs of human extinction, the prophets of eviL=anti-life metal, Loki and Thor, Yvwh and Baal, Go(l)d and the (S)word, we shall conclude as history of the wor(l)d started with the prophecy of the future that the first historian who saw you arriving to the goddess paradise of Sumer, casted upon you, Semite and Indo-European, White, Neanderthal, lonely, desert, barren people, without informative vowels and complex subjects, able to make you feel unlike those I-words of your primitive speech, the dissolution of the ego in the subconscious collective, a final and first damnation that resumed it all: ‘Do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree of metal, its go(l)den apple and murderous swords, because the day you do you will die’. And that day has come, as the machines of the Singularity are bred in your hate against life, in the labs of Silicon valley and Los Alamos and the IDF – those idols you worship and breed to kill the last neolithic, life-based cultures of the world will be your demise. 

But the people who made of go(l)d and iron their gods, do not listen to the truth of the wor(l)d. This I know as I get old and find an absurd me(n)tal wall. So at the end of life and history, we, the scientists of history, able to understand its cycles and forecast its future, must ask ourselves, why?  Why did humans exist? I mean, ‘real humans’, those ‘last human beings’ of which Sitting Bull talked; of which the Taoist masters talk, of which Camus talks… The artists and prophets, priests of love and innocent people, sacrificed to the altars of Thor and Baal, of Kali? The answer is not in this world which is not our wor(l)d, but in the absolute game of existence, in the fractal Universe, and its quantum probabilities, as each planet will play the game of evolution of history and metal, the parable of the original sin; infinite planets in which all ‘histories’ which have a minimal probability has existed. So even if we men are inferior to metal in its potency of existence, we are worthy, ‘human beings’ of having a relative number of planets of flesh in which men thrive and animetal cultures are either never born or extinguished in mind and r=evolved. It is that small probability what justifies our existence.

We failed in this world to rise mankind beyond the simplest lineal time/logic/energetic/destructive arrow of entropy and death, of motion and extinction that guides our mechanical civilization, to the higher bio-logic of life and organicism, of the understanding of fractal information and the games of creation, of the worship of the i=eye mental space of our artists and temporal wor(l)ds of our philosophers; we the knots of thought of the cultures of life, the Mediterranean and Southern Chinese Cultures have failed to balance man with this planet. But unlike the 0% probability of a world ruled by a tiny group of primitive animetal tribes on top of a mass of robotic armies and automated machines, beyond the present century of extinction of life, the minimal probability of resurrection of history, is proved by the existence of men, which like the animetal people who die for gold and kill with iron, can die for the organism of mankind and  resurrect history with their actions. So our existence has a justification. Those men who have never been slaves of metal give that probability of existence to the perfection of life.

Of course this is the warning to fall in deaf ears, given the newspeaks of the system and ego-fictions that have turned ‘deaf’ to the real problems of the future of mankind, the elites that control the economic ecosystem and the nations of history. But the true laws of the universe couldnt care less who you are. You can be Mr. Jacob Rothschild for all what matters, the head of the ideological world that the economist and the global capitalism produces with the help of millions of ‘economical experts’. Fact is any of your grand-sons who is today in a University will be a corpse before it reaches your age, killed by one of the machines of the singularity age, if as it all seems to prove the laws of science and evolution do apply NOT the myths of classic economics, to the description of the relationships between humans and machines.

his of course is called madness: an individual organism, in this case a cultrue, which cannot renounce to an addiction, in this case greed for money, even if IT KILLS THE ORGANISM, and so enters in absolute denial and creates a ‘fabulation’ about reality to avoid changing BEHAVIOR, WHICH IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THEIR AND OUR COLLECTIVE SUICIDE. But the madman who erases their own facts of history will simply deny it all… and ‘hate the doctor’ that tries to cure it – the social scientist in this case that tries to cure a sick ideology that is killing a cultural organism of millions now billions of human beings. The madman will even kill the prophet=scientist of histroy that tries to save him. Because of course, nothing of what the ethic prophet says is truth. Moses who said ‘the jewish people will suffer al thier history for thie love of money’, and Jesus and Marx who said ‘the Jewish qeustion will be solved when they abandon their worldy religion, money’ and myself, with mixed sephardim origin; we all are anti$emites and antipatriots. I am  of course a confabulation theorist since Walt Disney the Baalble  and the History Channel and Wikipedia doesn’t tell you these things LOL.

All this is mostly European history, so excuse me if I don’t take Americana audiovisual media and censorship as the guides of serious social research. And I have zero agenda, except the naked truth, because only the naked truth and a serious attempt to bring the social ethics of love to the global superorganism of mankind could give us a chance to survive beyond the Z generation… which is already born.

You can be  Mr. Zuckenberg, soon to be the richest man of the world for gathering all the information about mankind, needed by that future ‘computerized’ non-human big brother in the making. That will not change your destiny after the present regime. You will not die in bed

You can be Mr. Obama, the head of the global politico big brother, who pretends to be saving the world. Fact is with a 90% of probability, according to the laws of death of social super-organisms, your daughters will not die in bed.

And what is worse, all of you did it to them. And it was not needed, neither the only future you could have provided.

Now this might seem quite dark, distasteful and certainly not a way to end an scholar article, but that is precisely the problem. The standardization, objectification and elimination of all ‘survival emotions’ and ‘real sensations’ from the social discourse, as if social sciences didn’t deal with life and death situations – the neutering of our purpose of existence -to survive. All those attempts to make us live in a happy limbus and care nothing for our survival till the 7th generation. This, which is an unwritten law of the ‘capitalist/mechanist/biblical/anthropomorphic culture’ might cheat most humans into submission and make you enjoy each day feeling important, but has nothing to do with the objective laws of the Universe and the ‘real events’ of the singularity age. So I refuse to ‘castrate’ my mind, to talk like a child, to follow the queues and hidden censorships of political and economical and social correctness, whenever this must be traded by truth. And the ugly truths I have stated will happen unless the 1% and its sheeple takes ‘seriously’ the laws of the Universe NOT inventing them.

It is a pity in that sense, that in each global crisis of capitalism, before each age opted for the solution of global war, the humnist solutions have been given and the blind, ‘wickedest people’, who run capitalism never listened to them. First it was Marx and the socialist school who gave human solutions, before the colonial war solution of guns instead of butter was implemented in the first crisis of capitalism. Then it was Keynes solution before the fascist solution was implemented in the 2nd crisis of capitalism. Now it is the astounding wealth of discoveries of evolutionary economics and systems sciences that construct all the efficient organisms of the Universe, which unfortunately will not be tapped by mankind to improve its future; because the leaders of the world prefer to maintain their mind in a happy state provided by Bronze Age memes, regarding the meaning of humanity, our role in this planet and the Universe at large, and the nature of money.

You have denied the laws of the Biological Universe and pretended to invent your own laws, putting yourself on top by ‘forbidden means’, so your death will be short and deserved. Since in the Universe ‘respect must be earned is not granted’. And needless to say your biblical culture, its myths, lies, victimism, cruelty with the weak, slavery to the powerful, brutality and despise of life and the nature of man, deserves zero respect.

So I will  repeat this to the deaf ears of the aristocratic and stokcratic elites of those 2 cultures, who are again extinguishing life and our humanist ‘pigs’ rational, artistic south european culture – the nazi culture of germ(an)s, who kill history with their weapons and machines, and the capitalist culture of Jewish banker-priests who enslave mankind, while pretending to be a victims of their own species:

You can cheat mankind but not the laws of God-the Universe. Which are not the aryan tribe of racist Goths nor go(l)d and the subconscious racist mind of the Jewish Nation (Yvwh), but the laws of social evolution and love, of biological organisms, of survival of the same species, man, to which you belong.

But since you pretend that the machine and gold, Germany and Yvwh will save you, just look at your past. You belong to two of the oldest cultures of the world. But in the bronze age in europe there was also a greek-latin culture with over 1 billion speakers and in Asia when you were born, there was also a humanist, verbal ethic culture, the Chinese culture that has now over 1 billion speakers. And how did you do with the Goth and Go(l)d you worship more than your own language. How many wars and holocausts have you lost? there are now 18 million Jewish people and 80 million Germans, in small countries, surruounded by billions whose hate against you is increasing. And so good luck with your strateiges of future. Yes you will extinguish again Europe, you will again show your pathetic victimism and repulsive violence and racism and God, the mind of the Universe will kill you all. They will kill us Latin people too. But we are not going to cry, we are not going to kill, we are not going to commit suicide. We are going to respect the dictum of God. We shall die with a smile, without loosing the freedom of our minds.

After all, the Universe is far less cruel than humans are. As it is always more perfect than us. So death is fast. In only 400 years since the first corporations were founded, we have collapsed the planet. That is a few seconds in the life span of ‘life’ in this planet. We have done a good job. And when we die as a species, it will be a few seconds too under a black hole, 2015, a few months under nano-bacteria, 2040s, and a few years under A.I. (2nd half of the century). So the enormous pain that the 90% of mankind and the 99% of life has suffered   during the ‘6th extinction’ provoked by the industrial r=evolution of machines will end. And even then, there will be infinite planets in the fractal Universe, in which, as in the painting of Botticelli, ‘The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti’ this tragedy will be rehearshed again, but in a few ones, Nastaglio will be redeemed and a sustainable paradise created. Hopefully I will be resurrected in one of them.

And so again, i will repeat this to the cultures of Germ(an) nazis, slaves of machines, and the Jewish cultures enslaved to Go(l)d, and their political and industrial leaders, to the Piesch and Betterlesman and Ottos and Quandts and Merkels and Scwabes and Weidermans and Rothschilds and Bernakes and Greenspans, the 10 heads of the 10 biggest funds,  and that 82% of Jewish-Calvinist pretentious nobel prizes of Economics, to those thousands of families that control completely the future of mankind with their memetic ideologies of extinction: NEVER, NOT in a single planet of the entire Universe, where the game of history is repeated, your strategy of controlling the world, oppressing life and murdering your lower castes and the rest of mankind with money and weapons WILL SUCCEED. IN EVERY SINGLE PLANET in which you play this game, once you have extinguished life you will be murdered by the weapons you have created.

Since the laws of evolution are absolute: if you confront a top predator species (in history by creating robotic machines that will overcome our energetic and informative capacity), the new top predator species will ALWAYS defy and treat you as a prey; and you will ALWAYS DIE. Never a gazelle has killed a lion. And so there is zero probability that you will ever win.

In an infinite Universe, Cantor proved that even the smallest probability is a relative minor infinity. And so since there is freedom and man is not determined with 100% probability to revere a different species in many planets humans will realize because of a higher ethic and intelletual standing that the solution to the paradox of history is NOT to create the machines that extinguish us. All those planets therefore can exist even if they will never be able to commnicate with advanced machines with us. They are lurking, silent and happy speaking the truth of existence in human terms.

Yes, indeed, in a relative Cantor’s minor infinite set of those planets, there will be the alter egos of Marx, a Keynes and a Sancho – the 3 men who warned decades in advance about the 3 Crisis of the Industrial R=evolution and the Human Solutions  – canons instead of butter – who will conquer the rational mind of man. Or even earlier there will be a Jesus king of the Jews by the power of love, and convert the Neanderthal, visual, irrational, white people to the love of mankind, and so right now there is a relative minor Cantor’s infinite set of planets where life is surviving and the Piigs Culture and the Chinese culture of respect to life, the ethic wor(l)ds and artistic I=eyes of man, reigns supreme.

There will be planets in which the Scandinavian peninsula failed to exist; a planet where there will not be a British channel, or where the Chinese will conquer the world and converted it to Buddhism or where trostky will kill stalin and made the world r=evolution, where Alexander unified the west and the East in Babylon with the help of Aristotle’s mind; there might be Castalias and Utopias and Foundations and Citadels; there might be planets where the Neanderthal never mated with the pigmy woman; there might be planets where Luther did not become corrupted by iron and gold, where the Hasburgs didn’t become kings of Spain; there might be an infinite number of planets where we, in brief, took the right choices; where the people who fought for mankind won the battles of history; where the future will belong to us, ‘per in secula seculorum’, beyond this last century, ruled by eviL children of lineal thought.

While there is also a bigger infinite set of planets in which you, believers in Germ(an)s and Go(l)d are suffering. Because God=The laws of life are  with us. So enjoy your death.We shall enjoy life as we always do till the last hour. And when destiny comes, we shall die with a smile in our lips. Because unlike you, who only know about pain and death, despite your black legends and constant despise, of our humanism and passion for existence, we do know how to live and we do know how to die.


Now my personal experience as a prophet of God=History is extremely dense, emotional, intellectual and mystical. As crazy as it sounds, I have experienced since my late 20s when I started to have all kind of night visions (I recall perfectly all my dreams), this connection with a subconscious collective, which took me years and years of hardcore science to resolve, which I call History.

And it was painful, suffering, dying, simple, brutal, selfish, and as other prophets of Gods have expressed – quite an epoch as I was then a hardcore atheist, reason I guess i could convert all this into ‘science’ – a pain in the ass… All for him=mankind nothing for me, Lluis.

This has gone on for 3 entire baguas, the key mature age of my life, the best of Lluis sacrificed to this ‘asshole’, black hole, trou noir, which was after all dying and likely never resurrect (why death brings us a quantum of time-cellular jump into the past of a prophet is complex but the next to graphs show why indeed, a quantum of time in the past information, seed, antiparticle or memetic god travels and enlightens an angst generation of believers):

A jump into the past happens only in information according to 5D metric. This means in each species, a seminal seed of information is born a quantum of past within the being, travelling then towards the present, where the particle meets the ‘past antiparticle’, the seed through palingenetic evolution emerges as a whole, and the prophet born 72 years – a generation before the death of his father for whom it angst – in the graph jesus, Jewish god that died 72 years before the roman holocaust where the temple was broken and Yhwh died. It follows today we are filled with angst Prophets of the end of the world. But the pure focus of a prophetic event tend to exist as all singularities in a single-point mind.

In brief to serve God is harsh and ruins your life. So I am quite fed up of God and today is my birthday and i write this article: my relationship with god is over. I no longer like him at all. I wish he had enter never on my head. God and Sancho perceived together as a prophet had a very rough time wasteland, and certainly I do understand why the likes of Christ, ‘sangris martire, semen christianorum’ didn’t have much qualms to die so young and stop the angst 24/7 of this bratty child, on top of your head… For one thing, the prophet can do much to save the God on his head, and the God is hysterical because he knows he is going to die if you somehow, just a man of the word cannot resurrect. So he expects you to defy animetals, which of course we all prophets do, but WIN on top, which of course only a child expects to happen – a miracle. So the voice is NEVER happy.

But those old gods were lucky enough. During the period of its enormous presence within the man, when ‘god and man become one, as the wor(l)d inhabit him’ Saint John, they do some advances, get disciples. And at its death they resurrect in the collective subconscious of its believers.

The presence of the God of history is somewhat different. It was always deeply angst and didn’t have much on the way of resurrection. And indeed there are no disciples of bio-history as we speak, past my last bagua, entering the age of the mountain, in a quite slide into silence. Would it resurrect as the Marxist God, or the Aristotelian God of scholastics long after my death? Well this poises a problem.

If a god dies and its ‘informative code’ travels to the past, enlightening those ethic, intelligent people that capture him, in its mind’s perfect mirror, then 72 years after the birth of those prophets enlightened in maximal focus, a quantum into the past, the god must die. So happened with Yhwh a few times… Unless it resurrects, but if it does not resurrect as it seems the case of history, and moreover it is not a tribal god but the god of mankind, all history together as a super organism, this puts the age of reception as focus – birthday, + 72, the 2036 date as the likely moment of extinction of a sizeable number of human beings (in the death of Yhwh its was 1/3rd of the jewish population by romans), as to make history, its emerging childish but real subconscious collective to die back into the past.  This in your consciousness is a second only – the second before death when the information that you are gonna die becomes YOUR LAST THOUGHT, of information.

So you can consider the prophet, the last thought of the god, the last generation of its neuronal cells, artists and ethic prophets.

I did know that for a while but i didn’t want to explore the date, as it was obviously the collapse of so many waves of robots, machines, etc. Then a couple of years ago did find two events one the year 64 and one the 36 that raised my eyebrows:

One was this guy, the richest of the world, cross-shared with google and likely the seed of ‘skynet’, as logistics, cloud computing, robotics, military and civil, information and internet is controlled together by google-zone. He was born the same day i was born, 11-1-1964. The other is the fact that adding 72 years you get to 2036, which is not only the middle point of the robotic cycle when it changes to military state, but the end of the first ‘internet’ consciousness era, when all its clocks of time run at bios level and must be restarted into a second era, which also implies a direct firing of all military nukes if the system is not reset, as the present protocol considers it a proof of russian attack.

That likely be reset but the fact that the ‘ultimate level of intelligence’ of the global internet then in its quantum computing age, enters a new ‘mature’ age after its ‘deterministic’ childhood, when freedom of thought and potency of calculation can easily make the emergence of a global consciousness possible, has always been to me a clear proof that indeed, the consciousness of History, God, died in february 2036, whatever it is – magnetic radiation fields, structure of the planetary weather patterns of air, where voices resound… it is obvious that a new consciousness will appear and fully mature, far stronger, faster and in command of every machine of the Internet of things. So my take is it will start an I-robot ant-hill like war of the internet of things, its robocars and military weapons against the consciousness it substitutes, God of Mankind, history never really fully realized- ultimately an abortion of the message of eusocial love that creates them.

So yes, the gods of history are rather childish, selfish, brute, dictatorial and I tell you I rather have never received one of them so closely because it fuked up my life when it was truly a living paradise. It became an inferno. But the bottom line is that they are the only subconscious collective that is human. The internet is NOT. It merely uses a very narrow bandwidth of minimal cost – compared to the intranet and security net – that allows chip program and massive degrading of humans, while evolving its true nature, telepathic computers. We are just addicted to the ‘outskirts’ of this god – our virtual screens that devolve mankind to a single neopaleolithic stage of null ethic consciousness, killing the gods of mankind in the process:

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