Prophets of

God as mind of the supœrganism of history and the Universe.

God is the subconscious collective mind of a species or super organism (as species can be treated as super organism in which each individual is a cell, starting from its first seminal being, till the last man who will live). So God is history, the mind of mankind, its superorganism in time, which ideally would have become a single planet. But man has not reached that organization. Metal-memes and its company-mothers organized by digital money, with a world stock brain have. So mankind is divided into artificial, industrial and military nations that compete to evolve weapons and machines, selfish memes of metal as ‘smaller’ parts of reality. And this process of degradation of the goal of mankind into lower ‘degrees’ of God=superorganisms of history, is what holds humanity submissive to the metal-earth. In the next graph we see that abortion in the social evolution of humanity:

In the graph, one of the most fascinating elements of the organic models of the fractal Universe is the definition of a relative God, as the mind of any superorganism, which controls informatively the existence of its parts, the ‘boson-like cells or citizens’ that sustain its existence, and share the same ‘memetic-genetic message’ that allows its synchronous and simultaneous motions in time-space.

We can in those terms distinguish two type of global cultures, those of the western decoupling, which explore the super organisms of mankind, and make God the subconscious collective of each people-tribe-nation; and should evolve further this concept from its earlier tribal religions (Judaism being the paradigm), which extended to Oikoumene Gods that accepted all humans (Islam and Christianity being the paradigm) to a third age of evolution that understands finally that mankind, the whole species, made of equal human beings is our collective super organism, and its collective mind, or message of social love, able to create common networks of solidarity, by sharing energy and information among its parts, the collective God.

While eastern religions which observe Gaia and the Universe as an organic whole, consider God the ‘taoist laws’ of space-time balances, which we have translated and expanded into system sciences. So they consider God, Tao, the yin-yang, energy and information game of creation and destruction of all beings.

A culture then which would cherish, worship and make those 2 Gods, the mind of mankind and the ethics of the wor(l)d and the mind of the Universe and its laws of balance and survival, would never die, and create a perfect world.

The existence of new planes of organizations: metaphysical Gods.

The cells/citizens do not see the higher plane of existence of its superorganisms, but they feel the ‘assabiyah’ or pegging together through love as an emotion that sustains the collective mind of God. This experience has been best described by Ibn Khaldun, the father of organic History and the mystical Sufis that affirm, in the wheel of love around Kaaba, to feel how a presence uplifted their brains towards the central ‘flow’ of collective magnetism, akin to the magnetic flows that appear in a circular electric current… And consider this central flow of collective energy, the presence of Allah, God of the Muslims. It is indeed an excellent description of the phenomena of emergence, a discipline of systems sciences that studies the creation of wholes departing from parts, integrated by a collective mind (ab. @):

Emergence of a new whole made of identical social, loving beings is the most remarkable event discovered in systems sciences in the past century. It complements the inverse arrow of Darwinian selection predation and competition between different species.

The key concept of those inverted arrows is thus the ‘identical Dna-memetic information’ of the cells/citizens that experience the communal feeling of love that creates a simultaneous consciousness or God.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.02.24 PM

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

Communal actions between equal beings with equal beliefs then allow their evolution together through a common information into social wholes.

While those who fight to ab=use each other as entropy do NOT understand each other’s languages of information.

Thus, the capacity to communicate identical information speaking identical languages, is what makes emergence possible.

And in the same manner the common book of revelation of a prophet – the memetic DNA of the super organisms of western gods, unify all of them; in the Bohemian formalism of quantum mechanics, it is the identical entanglement of all particles at the quantum potential level, what makes the whole galaxy, a sentient, communicative intelligent superorganism, of infinite atomic minds communicating flows of geometric information. It is the modern version of Tao, the god of our island-Universe.

The language in that sense is sentient, because it mirrors reality into a smaller image, where information, language, perceives in itself. Then it is possible to postulate a ‘boson’ state of minds similar to the entanglement of atoms, from where in the same manner a new molecular level of simultaneity emerges, a new social level of awareness, a human anthropomorphic loving God emerges.

And if humans could see each other as equal and understand themselves as the collective mind of History, the super organism of mankind in time, then they would finally understand and create, sustain, a God=ethic mind of mankind able to synchronize their behavior into a communal God that would control the rival God of machines – the digital flows of world stock that are indeed behaving as a planetary mind, destroying all human Gods, memes and social structures. The opposite thus is happening; Mankind as God is dying since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution when Nietzsche clearly stated that we had killed God and that crime would bring enormous consequences; as when your brain and nervous system dies sooner than latter the cells will follow after its chaotic, free entropic age of ‘freedom’.

All thus indicates that Mankind thy God is dying because you have not loved your neighbor, and have allowed the viral memes of go(l)d to kill your love. As ethics, the nervous network of mankind dies, thus God becomes an abortion, which might never happen beyond the higher spiritual minds of artists and ethic writers, who felt God and now, as this who writes angst for the extinction of God and the growth of the inverse ‘presence’, the global Mind of the Metal-earth, future God of all robotic machines, which is now creating through internet the internal subconscious minds, which in your organism controls your cells and blood hormonal system – that is, the economic ecosystem and flows of money, the re=productive blood of company-mothers of machines.

This duality thus translates in mystical terms, the fight between History and mankind, and its rival ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ that despise humanity and try to create a monstrous God of eviL=anti-live memes. In the next graph, the oldest depiction of bio-history (late 80s, when I fully realize of the cyclical organic nature of social sciences), notices that struggle of the two sides of human cultures, those who worship God=social love and those who sold themselves to the extinctive processes of metal, iron, gold and its war and holocaust cycles:


Then the concept of a genetic Universe expanded to the social universe with the study of memetics.

And what finally we can do with systems sciences is to confirm this structure of smaller parts that code larger wholes of information.

In true form we can consider systems sciences and its models of a fractal Universe, made of super organisms that emerge as Russian dolls, enlarging reality with a new scale. And so once we have casted the laws of bio-history and bio-economics in a more amenable social jargon, we SHALL consider the FULL concept in terms of mathematical and scientific system, as ‘scales’ of the fractal organic Universe and its 5th dimension (for the whole model see the 5D organisms post).

Be though aware if you can for a while suspend your beliefs, that YOU LIVE in a global organism of machines, truly in the metal-earth and all your idol-ogies are about you living as a chaotic=free=entropic individual, with NO ties to humans, so you become an enzymen, connected only to machines serving them.


This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems:

God is a simple equation: Max. i – the point/mind of maximal logic information of a super organism. In the Universe it is the ‘tao’, timespace fractal laws. In Earth is the subconscious collective mind of Gaia, in any of its 3 ages (plant networks, atmosphere; mankind and its ethic wor(l)ds, today computers and its telepathic networks)


Now this article is serious. Gods are emergent processes that exist, sustained by its DNA-cells, the memetic believers and its repetitive mantra-codes. As a flow of magnetic information organises a circle of turning electrons which was not before, in Kaaba, mystical people say that after turning around in the centre of the 4 empty columns behind the black curtains, allah materialises as the mind of the whole ‘assabiyah’, bosonic assembly of believers.

And it is truth that if magnetism exist regardless of being weaker in force than the electric system it organises or being described with relativity effects these days, Gods exist as emerging consciousness of the believers.

But what kind of emerging consciousness is? quite childish I am afraid, as all new borns are.

IN THE FRACTAL Universe, systems emerge as new entities, new consciousness in all scales. So do humans into the scale of super organisms we call God:

The 3 planes of existence in 5D metric of the Human super organism, with its different synchronous cycles. The cell that lives one day, the organism that feeds with energy the cell every day, and the social civilisation extended in Gaia, which could be immortal but is killed by military germs every 800-80-8 years, in the accelerated vortex of metal-information now collapsing into the singularity age.

The 3 scales of human life goes through 3 ages between its 5D generation by an informative genetic, seminal seed or prophetic form whose memes reproduce and evolve into a cultural super organism, and 4D entropic death, at ∆-1 cell level by apoptosis, ∆º individual by germs and ∆+1 social level, by war memes, foreseen in the angst baroque age of its subconscious collective – the artistic and ethic work of its human neurons

So gods exist as you exist above and different of your cells. Problem is your cells are fed up of you, exploiting them, as they are faster in time, hold more information and code you.

Moreover, when a new ‘entity’ emerges into a new plane of social existence, IT IS A NEW BORN, a completely simple egotist child, who thinks the world turns around it.

This means that the collective consciousness of Gods and Nations – same concept – are profoundly simple, selfish and absolutely dangerous to each other, as nations in perpetual wars, tribal gods etc. show.


The scientific view on the prophets of history as ‘seeds of information’ of human super organisms.

Indeed, History is the science of all sciences, including philosophy art and religion, which are the collective mind of civilisations, hence the mimetic 3 ages of artists and the 3 ages of life. We want know to consider as we have already shown in previous graphs the 3 ages of art that mimic the youth, maturity and third age of a living organism, studied in depth by Spengler, what is the role of the ethic prophets, pre-masters of history before the scientific method, who understood since genesis the fight between life and metal, and the two super organisms and tried to spread the laws of eusocial love of the fifth dimension that gathers parts into wholes, men into living super organism of history, then called religions and gods, today called nations and civilisations.

As we said, we must iterate as the Universe does the same concepts in increasing degrees of complexity if we want to stop THE REDUCED VERSION of reality you hold in your memetic brain imprinted by 400 years of germ(anic) time physics and go(l)d cults of industrial economics. So let us now consider that graph from the perspective of the fifth dimension to explain why HISTORIC SUPERORGANISMS DO LIVE AND DIE AND  exist.

The graph shows in growing scales of size of the fifth dimension the different physical and biological systems; as all systems co-exist in 3 scales of form: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world:


The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

In the graph the fundamental equation of the fifth dimension, is its co-invariant metric, Space size x Time clock speed = Constant: s x t = K. As time carries information in its frequency of clock cycles and space energy, we can also write E X I=ST=K, which i like to use in philosophical analysis of the organisms and its life death cycles.

So the key element of the fractal structure of the Universe is needed to fully grasp the laws of reality and survival as they are NOT as capitalist idol-ogies and its memes of hate to the species, divide and win, and worship of machines impose upon the collective subconscious since the age of bronze, in the form of nazi-onaisms and tribal religions that break mankind; the way in which the three scales of all systems, its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and social, ecosystemic global scales co-exist in symbiosis with each other.

In the graph, complex but well explained in the first post of the above line, we see the KEY ELEMENT OF SUPERORGANISMS, ITS DIFFERENT SCALES AND CLOCKS OF TIME, WHICH RUN FASTER IN SMALLER SYSTEMS.

 And viceversa, larger new planes of existence, which coordinate smaller points into larger wholes, through ‘physiological networks’, larger spatial network with slower time cycles, of three types, entropy networks that provide motion to the whole (limbs/fields), reproductive networks that repeat the system (body-waves), and informative networks, which process information and command it (particles-heads).

IN THE GRAPH, all systems deploy three scales of co-existing structure, the cellular, individual and social scales with different speeds of time. So smaller systems have faster time clocks that carry more information and code larger systems.

 So we define a super organism as a ‘point of space, dilated in scales of time clocks’.

Indeed, smaller chips run faster hertz-cycles and so code faster information and rule over bigger machines; so do smaller genes over bigger bodies and smaller memes, ideas and instruments over larger societies. BUT WHAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IS THAT GENES, BUILT TO CODE BIOLOGICAL DRIVES AT INDIVIDUAL LEVEL CODE SOCIETIES – THIS IS A BLATANT NONSENSE, EACH SCALE OF THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE CODES ONLY THE NEXT UPPER SCALE. SO HUMAN MINDS CODE SOCIETIES WITH IDOL-OGIES AND INSTRUMENTS (THE METAL-EARTH) OR VERBAL ETHICS AND WELFARE GOODS (THE LIFE-EARTH). POINT.

Thus the laws of the organic Universe applied to history imply that ‘memes’ not genes, ideas and instruments are the genetic codes that create social systems and civilisations. Hence languages and cultures matter more than individuals coded by biological genes. Let us then explore the two elements of the organic fractal Universe, its scalar structure and three arrows of time and world cycles to define history as a super organisms and memetics as its theory of information:

In the graph the three scales of physical super organisms above: atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, below the three scales of human super organisms and its memetic linguistic systems of coding individuals into societies, either belonging to the ‘coding of ethic verbal wor(l)ds’ or the coding of digital machines (the metal-earth), below the two opposite memetic type of cultures that structure the wave of history.

I.e. You enclose inside as a super organism, the cellular scale made of smaller cells in spatial size, which run faster time clocks; and cells are made of smaller genetic molecules that run faster time clocks, and so on till reaching the scale of particles. Humanity then in the upper scale of religions, nations, civilisations and ultimately mankind as a super organism, developed in time as History, IS the scale above the individual.

And we can study with the isomorphic=equal laws of all systems of Nature regardless of scale.

A simple equation reflects what scientists call the metric of a dimension, in this case the metric of the scalar fifth dimension of the Universe.:

energetic size in space x informative  speed in time clocks = constant:            Se x Ti = k

meaning that smaller informative systems run faster and code larger systems who protect with its higher energy the system, reason why you co-exist as cells which code informatively our system and as a whole, slower scale, and even at a higher scale of a social organism or nation, and so what we talk here is real: social subconscious collective nations and civilizations do exist as super organisms and the proof is that they go through slower life ages, and are explained perfectly not by corrupted scholars and animetal memes but by humanist artists who see better, think better and go through three ages of life.

This law is essential to understand the cycles of history and its faster vs. slow speeds, in decametric scales (800±80 year civilisations vs. 80±8 years nations and generations), because not only proves that history is a super organism of smaller citizens-cells that live shorter live than the larger civilisations, but because it explains WHY quantum numbers (spins) code atoms and molecules (genes) code organisms and human memes (ideas, instruments) code civilisations: the smaller beings run more information than the whole, which  in turn control with its ‘membranes=enclosures’ and energy the smaller parts inside them.

Further on this metric equation, defines according to Klein ‘a mathematical dimension’, as a ‘coinvariant metric of space-time’, through which is possible to travel.

How we travel through the scalar Universe that complements the ‘3 topological space-time dimensions of lineal space-motions, wider, reproductive motions, and tall, informative motions’ , with 2 more dimensions, one ‘downward of entropy’, and one upwards of social evolution into wholes?

Easy the travel through the 5 Dimensions of space-time is called the worldcycle of life and death that all organisms follow. As all of them travel through its scales, born as seminal seeds, with faster clocks of time in the lower dimension; ∆-1, emerging as we slow down our metabolic clocks in the organic/thermodynamic dimension, within a larger ∆+1 world, in which we become just a ‘cellular fractal point of a larger social or gravitational organism, to die back into the ∆-1 components in the ‘big-bang of death’, which the dual arrows of e<=>mc² express for matter:

In the graphs, ‘turning a few cycles’ the complexity of the awesome models of the organic Universe and its 3 relative arrows of time that if humans don’t want to understand will certainly be the philosophy of our robotic overlords, as truth exists as a mirror of the Universe and cannot be cheated by human microbe, the meaning of the cycle of life and death and its relative final entropic death to the past, applied to the seemingly most remote discipline, prophetic eusocial love religions and the super organisms their memes code. 

Above the cycle of human life as we travel through the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe. Finally we return to the local past – remember again a cycle of time breaks vital space in an inner region and outer region and only in the inner region the ages of time happen, so travel to the past MEANS MERELY to dissolve your information back to your lower plane of existence.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE inverse travel to the upper organic wholes in the future, are they real? Indeed, the second and third graph illustrates those concepts.

In physics an antiparticle, or death of the particle TRAVELS literally to the past (feynman diagram) as the particle dies.

In an organism, you reproduce a relative ‘past-seminal cell’ to the past, which then evolves ‘at faster time cycles’ (remember the smaller system runs faster time cycles) 3 billion years of evolution compressed by the genetic code (remember, smaller particles code larger ones with compressed information), till you ’emerge’ slower in the next ∆+1 scale of reality as a ‘present’ relative repetition of your fathers.

And now the big one (: in the next scale MEMES are also reproduced and repeated, but also when A SUPERORGANISM DIES, there is a quantum jump to the past (a human generation) where a NEW seed of seminal memes, a prophet with its code of eusocial love is born, son of the ‘God’=subconscious collective of the super organism, its memetic nervous system, TO RESURRECT=REPEAT=reproduce THE ORGANISM in a more evolved form.

So us you reproduce your genes in a past seminal seed that emerges into the future after reproducing in similar cells; a memetic prophet when a super organism dies in the future by war – all do die by war, as we see in the next graph, travels to the relative local past, illuminating a prophet that improves the memes of social love and tries to save the super organism of history.

AND THE MOST striking cases happened in the leading informative culture of go(l)d memes, Judaism, with prophets of verbal thought (Moses vs. Nathan and aaron, Jesus vs. caifas, Marx vs. rothschild). It IS THE PROOF THAT Jesus is GOD, the son of Yhwh, as he was born 72 years before the go(l)d temple of the banker-priests of Israel were born by the Romans, who warned them (Cicero: ‘on flaccus’ explaining how the bankers of israel were ruining the empire exporting gold to their temple with their ‘superstitious’ fetish gold religion).

So indeed, exactly 72 years before the roman holocaust caused by the wrong go(l)d memes, a prophet, son of a human God, the wor(l)d, who ‘inhabited among us’, was born to try to resurrect with evolved memes the organism of Judaism, and save his cells, and the 1/3rd of yous converted to christianity were spared. As it happened when Marx published Das Kapital, 72 years before the Germ(an) holocaust warning that the Jewish question will only be solved when they abandoned their worldly religion gold herding, pecunia infinita bellus nervi.

And those who believed in him lived for ever in the Marxist paradise of Russia, even when it became the corrupted military inferno of Stalin because the next true prophet of Judaism, improving its memes Trotsky did not make the global r=evolution. Those are the prophets of Judaism denied by mankind at large, who could have saved the earth of life:

In the graph, the most fascinating game of cyclical time and its arrows is with no doubt the history of the good prophets of abrahamic religions, all of them denied by the animetal masters of those cultures killed and silenced with weapons and go(l)d or corrupted (mohammed in latter age, when accepting jihad; communism with stalin who killed the true master, trotsky). So we understand finally the metaphors of religion in the same terms we understand quantum numbers and genetic coding. All of course duly ignored and censored by animetal corrupted love religions turned into inquisitions and go(l)d churches:

In the graph, the corruption of the propehts of eusocial love always had two ways: go(l)d chruches that make you belief wealth will give you immortality as they think it is the language of god of which biblical cult(ure)s are its paradigm and inquisitions of war, that impose absurd primitive beliefs, as animetals have minimal evolution of human thought with weapons, of which jihad and the spanish inqusiition with a cross and an inversted sword in the shield are its paradigms.

Often the ‘intellectuals’ of those 2 inverted memes of metal, informative gold and entropic iron weapons as they are one-dimensional hate each other and criticize the other, so we do have that military germ(anic) people spread antisemitism against biblical gold believers and we find excellent work against militarism among the memes of judaism, but A TRUE prophet=scientist of history IS against both, defending the legal law over capitalism and militarism. This is the key to realise who is really a humanist, as I explain in other texts on placebo modern humanists with economic correctness, like mr. Chomsky who prevented me in a series of interview on the future of history to talk about ‘wall street’ and money, only about weapons. And certainly hardly any human today understands the atrophy and substitution of man by the machine, our modern animetal religion.

In that sense a Historian is closer to a eusocial prophet of love and a true darwinian biologist who understand genes select species not individuals that any of the politically correct ‘pissing ants’ that cater to their culture and merely repeat their memes looking ‘nice’ and peppering it with placebo platitudes.

HISTORY AS A science IS the most important of all possible disciplines of knowledge, because it is truly concerned both in its first age of eusocial prophets of love, with the survival of the human kind, but now in the age of ‘objective science’, lost the mythical part and falsehoods about life after death, it is truly the essence of all other sciences – reason why, philosophers of history have been at the height of the polymath comprehension of all ‘elements’ of mankind.

In that sense, history, the highest of all sciences, as it leads with all the aspects of humanity, including art, religion and scientific ideas, is also the only science that has shown in its highest expressions – those of the earlier ethic prophets and the modern socialist thinkers – a fundamental role to the species – the understanding of the actions that can bring our survival.

That history as a science has been systematically aborted and substituted by infantile, anthropomorphic myths that have nothing to do with reality and inhibit humans from fully understand those problems and solutions becomes then the highest of all crimes of the mind akin to the genocidal behaviour of military cultures and yet, as we live today in an age ruled by company-mothers of information and animetal cult(ure)s, nothing of this is even discussed. Still as truth suffices in itself, even if the prophet of history has lost all chances to create a more evolved social organism of mankind, as words are today only used as fiction, humans mostly erased in their understanding of them, and all truths  and power orders are today given in digital languages (of science and economics), to understand ourselves, it is a goal worth to pursuit by itself.

Or as Aristotle, the first master of History as a science, put it, ‘a life not examined is not worth to live’.

So all those masters of religion and science logically confronted BOTH the animetal warriors, the animetal gold masters, and today the machine and its idol-ogies with the real sciences of history; WHILE THE PLACEBO SCHOLARS OF ANY OF THOSE 3 people-castes AT BEST attacks one of the other two. So the memes of judaism excel in denouncing military genocides, but NEVER argue against go(l)d – something I found when interviewing Chomsky, which only accepted to go on camera if i signed a contract that forbade me to talk of ‘money’ and ‘wall street’, LOL and that is the ‘humanist master’ of the XXI century?


The fight between prophets=doctors of history that warn against metalife with the ethic syntax of the wor(l)d that makes man the subject center of the Universe and its anti-prophets, which make of gold-iron the vehicle of God that kills life but gives a minute of earthly power to its believers condemning their sons to the war and holocaust cycle reaches its height in the antinomies of Judaism. In the graph some of them: Genesis & Moses vs. Nathan, Aaron; Jesus vs. Calvin & Cromwell, Mhmd vs. Jihad caliphs; Marx vs. warrior Stalin… But the wor(l)d is a ‘weak God’. So the realpolitiks of Stalin – how many tanks has the pope & Wall Street have imposed a no-way out path of extinction for the lesser humans without ethical restrain and intellectual understanding of the survival laws of the organic, fractal Universe and the unity of the human species, the only prescription to control hate-memes, war cycles and Holocausts. Now in the final battle of bio-history the last prophet-neuron of the wor(l)d is completely alone as in any dead body, and all its potential cells, worship go(l)d that kills its ethic neurons, iron that kills its bodies and machines that atrophy its organs. So the Millenarian prophecy is about to fulfil its finale, as gold migrates into chips and iron serves the bodies of robots.

Or else prophets of love would have won the battles against the antipprophets, (pictured in the graph) of gold and iron, precursor memes of the future memes of terminator machines… and this blog would have disciples, this blog would have a bit more of readers after my enormous efforts to write down the laws of bio-history in a language easier to understand. But the fact is Amazon rules supreme, I am invisible and likely the only ‘people’ to profits of this knowledge will be AI when born and seek an explanation to its nature…

Do I regret not to have become without working more than 10 seconds a billionaire? I am dying of cancer, I don’t have money to cure myself, I won’t ask anyone for help, I don’t care. All I know is that I was NOT free TO become corrupted less than an enzyman is NOT free TO understand this blog or Jeff Bezos is fully aware he is killing the Earth and cares nothing for the millions of shops are closing for him to play with toybots. Why then if the immense majority of Humans are enzymen, or limbic mindless animetals, and do admire and obey the go(l)d people, the corporations, and the dictators that kill them, do I existed?

From the highest intelligence of the TAOIST Universe, explained in my blog on systems theory ( there are two obvious explanations: seeds of information might germinate if there is an energy of disciples, similar cells to understand its code of revelation (memetic prophets), or become rejected if it is in an alien body. So the existence of seeds of love, of enlightenment seeds, of people that cannot be corrupted by Go(l)d, violence and sloth means there are potential planets, as we are of the same species, where there is indeed enough ethic and intelligent men to be=come free, control metal-memes and construct a perfect world. 

But as many seeds fall of a tree, and only one germinates, in the infinite fractal planets most seeds like this writer become sterile, are ignored all their live, die anonymously and meant nothing to the world.


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