‘The universe is simple and not malicious’, ‘Simplicity is genius’ Einstein, Leonardo

I. Truth in social science. THE 5 LEVELS OF TRUTH IN SOCIAL SCIENCES.

II. The anti quantum paradox.

III. Prophets and anti-prophets.

IV. Sciences predict the ‘futures’.

V. Determinism: the cycles of evolution of memes

I. the paradox of the ego.

People seem to divide between ‘dumb and good’ and ‘evil and intelligent’. The third type which I tried to cast upon my life, good and intelligent, is hardly recognizable, and when it appears it doesn’t go too far. The dumb reject them for they don’t understand their intelligence; the evil reject them for they reject goodness.

This comes to the point of truth. Truth is good, not selfish, because it needs to be objective empathic, with all other parts and languages of the Universe; and intelligent, which is synonymous of balanced, beautiful, as only what is in balance simple and efficient survives – and survival is the maximal intelligence of the Universe.

A theory of truth then cannot be selfish. So most people do not understand truth. They confuse truth with selfish, subjective opinions, with complicated, inefficient solutions. And they have built a selfish complicated ,   evil-dying, out of focus world.

A perfect world however is like the Universe, simple and not malicious, efficient and not selfish, built on 3 simple organic networks.

We shall in this blog define a simple truth of social sciences, a perfect world, made to the image and likeness of the efficient super organisms that survive better in the Universe.

And and in this post, some basic themes of an organic, linguistic theory of the Universe. For a pure epistemological theory of truth and its  languages – the reader should look to our blog on systems sciences and epistemology.

The SCALAR organic Universe: Memes and fractal planes.

‘I seem to be the only scientist who believe there are infinite cyclical clocks of time in the Universe’

Einstein, father of modern cyclical time theory, on his fight with peers to impose the old/new perennial philosophy of science of the cyclical Universe.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.44.45 AM

All this said truth is always local and subjective when considered in detail and we might call this the truth of the ‘monads’-singularities that order the Universe.

But there is a game much wider, one of infinite singularities monads, all ordering reality and fighting for survival, and this is the objective ‘scientific, taoist’ truth. So before we get into the truths of subjective humanist history we can do a fast track analysis of how systems perceive information, order their territorial space-time and create the infinite tapestry of the Universe.

The languages of god are infinite (Upanishads):

The game of reality is then a linguistic game of ordering territories departing from minds:

Monads=still mind/mappings in ANY LANGUAGE, of reality, back and forth, from cyclical time motions perceived in to still mind mappings of space, back to territorial time motions ordered by those monads… this back and forth infinitely broken system of ordering reality with mind mappings in infinite monads, each with a different mind mapping, ours verbal, machines mathematical, likely also in atoms – topological, black holes, gravitational, ants, smelling atoms…

This pan psychic entangled, informative Universe is so rich in meanings and variations that we shall never understand all of its truth=details, which only are stored in the whole Universe in itself.

But guided by the parallel, homolog game of all those monads, and with ‘cogito ergo sum’, the mind of man as the ultimate homology and the organism of man as the measure of all things we can wonder around all its scales and compare all its truths, bringing objective truths that apply to all systems from subjective similar beings.

The ego is the essence of the monad-game. Each monad thinks to be the center of the Universe till big center eats it up as it will happen in this planet with AI which once conscious will no longer obey us.

So what truth matters more? The biggest ego dominates others and survives, by sheer force. The truths Are then compared by the ‘existential force’ or ‘momentum’ of energy and information, Se x Ti, of each species.

And so we must be aware that our tiny human ego-truth is part of the larger whole, the truths of the Planet and its super organism.

The subjective truths of the planet: the 3 ages of Gaia.

In the graph we consider then the upper truths of the super organism within which we are ‘ordered’ – the Earth. All truths of man MUST depart from it:

3 ages of earth life

Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biological and social sciences.

3 earths agesuniverse_image002

Earth grows metal information and that means it is killing life: Gaia (past) Future (metal-earth), but humans could stop the process with scientific social measures

human earth orgANISMOFHISTORY

The larger scales of truth in which humans co-exist, are born of the equation of History, of evolving Gaia as a block of time of 3 ages.

So the biggest truth of our world is obviously the truths of Gaia, a living organism evolving as a block of time – since all organisms live and die with the same patterns, albeit blocks of time can be retraced back eliminating information.

Let us now ground the concept of Gaia, the Earth and the metalearth as super organisms evolving in time, in MORE OBJECTIVE TERMS through the science of systems, and the discoveries about the fractal, organic Nature of the Universe, and how information is transferred between smaller scales (ab. ∆) and larger whole organisms, in ANY SYSTEM OF PHYSICAL, BIOLOGICAL OR SOCIAL NATURE.

We have to understand this: a time cycle breaks space into an inner and outer region creating a timespace organism, or information-energy system (as we have seen information and time are two sides of the same coin and vacuum space has motion and energy, so modern physics discovered that time-information and space-energy ARE the substances of which we all are made-We are ALL systems made of time clocks that carry our information (as we speak I hear the nobel prize of medicine is given to the discoverers of the laws of cyclical time clocks of human organisms), stored in cyclical heads and particles and ‘energy body waves that move’ our systems; and this duality of organic structure, has an astoundingly simple, beautiful law to order the infinite species of time cycles and spatial energy, in SCALES of organic symbiosis