Historic Economics:

Abstract. One of the most censored schools of economics, amazing as it might seem is the Historic school (Webber, Sombart, Abraham Leon, Marx).

Since real data about the biblical, jewish origin of capitalism is a fact that should be known to understand why economic systems are hierarchical, designed to satisfy only the needs of the owners, the Leisure class with all rights and privileges and zero obligations.
Yet how can you define a science if real data is forbidden?
We shall thus consider here the basic data of the historic, ‘national’ origin of the science as the tool of informative power of the leading Financial-Media masters of the west.

 Historic school its description of the  biblical origin of capitalism and its classic economists.

The historic school is the main reliable school to understand the origin of classic economics, the ‘idology’ derived of the Biblical Culture that defends the control of societies by a minority which monopolizes financial power.
This idology and the culture that originates it, it is called among historians ‘capitalism’. I prefer the name of Go(l)d religions as it explains better its origins in a series of fetishe religion born in the Middle East, which collected gold ex-votes for the banker-priests of their temples. Gold became the fetishe, and vehicle of ritual connection with God, as the Fire of the Smith became the ritual connection of Hindi Aryan warriors.
And so the pursuit of gold, latter translated into the pursuit of money became dogma of those religions and their practitioners.
We consider as the Historic School did that most of the schools of classic and financial economics, including monetarism,  are just part of the Biblical Cultures of Banker-priests and its Go(l)d religions for two reasons:
– They belong overwhelmingly to Judaism->Calvinism->Anglicanism, the Go(l)d religions we refer to.
– They defend and translate into logic statements and mathematical laws, the ‘religious memes’ of those cultures.
– They lie, censor and negate the foundations of the scientific method.
But far more important is the fact that Classic economics and go(l)d religions are the ideologies of power of private banking and stock speculation. as most of them belong to  Biblical, Supremacist Go(l)d Religions from Judaism to Calvinism to Anglican cults.
Thus the creators of markets, the economists in positions of power in the Western World, Nobel prizes and think tanks, billionaires and entrepreneurs, what we call the right, and their ‘economic beliefs’ belong here.
Power censors this school. The anti-quantum paradox.
It is for that reason that the main authors of this school which collects true data on the history of capitalism, today are censored, as capitalism and the biblical cultures that invented it have reached global power except for China.
So in this new world order, obviously those who hold supreme power with money do not want their privileges to be challenged and their history stained by truth.
This fact is scientifically explained by what we call in General Systems Sciences, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences:
‘the social scientist exist within the superorganism it studies, submitted to the control of the centers of power of that organism; hence he is so tiny as to be submitted to an inverse paradox to that of the quantum scientist – which is so huge that it influences the observable. In social sciences the scientist is so small that the observable, the economic system and its bankers, politicians and centers of power will modify-kill him if he rebels in the old times – now merely will silence him from mass-media.
of course I am a scientist submitted to the anti-quantum paradox, so it is this blog and all the members of true economic sciences – the socialist, historic, keynesian and biological schools.
So the Posts of this section no doubt the most polemic of the Science of Economics, as they deal with classic economics and biblical Religions NOT AS WHAT THEY PRETEND TO BE, SCIENCES AND MYSTICAL RELIGIONS ON THE MEANING OF THE UNIVERSE, BUT as the ideologies of financial power, practiced by the elite of cultures that believe bankers-priests must rule society through money.
Main members and books of the historic school used in this post.
This post is dedicated to the Historic school of economic science which collected:

A) ACCURATE data on the biblical origin of capitalism, as the religion of gold power of the temples of banker-priests of Mesopotamia (Babylon) and Levante (Phoenician-Jewish dual empire of sea and caravan traders) .

This is a FACT OF HISTORY, censored today by the Industry of the Holocaust and its political and economical correctness, specially in America and the old British empire, where the dictatorship of bankers is more stringent. Only europeans (since Asians ignore western history) know. And only the Greek-Latin-Revolutionary->democratic social culture that truly developed an alternative science of economics based in A-B-C-D points can explain it. For that reason the first point of the scientific method, A), the historic school was developed in Europe, prior to the rise of fascism caused by the 29 crisis of usury, in which both eviL ideologies, militarism and capitalism fought for the domain of the world, and capitalism triumphed over militarism, leaving in the trace 66 million corpses.

This was a deja vu ‘forecasted’ fact of history by the highest minds of the historic and philosophical schools from Hegel to Spengler. In the matter of the historic, religious origin of capitalism, 3 books are essential:
– The Jewish Question by the socialist jewish writer Abraham Leon, killed in a concentration camp, which studied the nature of Judaism as a religion of gold and merchants in the pre-industrial age,
– The Jewish and the birth of capitalismand History of Capitalism of Sombart, a German socialist qualified as ‘philosemitic’ by Orthodox Go(l)d believer Mr. Friedman, which studies the transition from religion to classic economics.
– The protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism, by Max Weber Feinstein, disciple of Sombart, of Jewish-Calvinist origin, which studied the widening of the go(l)d religion and its memes of racial differentiation with the human capital they first enslaved and then submitted as part-time slaves to the rule of corporations,  to the protestant religion.
– The lost science of Money by Zarlenga, a recent book of the American Institute for Monetary Reform.
 Bio-History, Bio-Economics, by this author a monumental work of near 2000 pages (bookmasters, ohio, 94) in which we study the entire process with special emphasis in the last phase when capitalism evolved from classic economics into a series of mathematical laws of productivity embedded in software programs and banking, speculative schemes, that are migrating those ‘seflish, racist memes’ of money against mankind into ‘computer thought’ and ‘digital laws’ that ensures capitalism will continue after the extinction of man.
– And finally 2 essential works on the dominance of Judaism in The City and Wall Street:
– The Owners of the British Empire by I believe one Dr. Adag? with a detailed analysis of all the dynasties of mixed Jewish-British ancestors that rule those nations, which I read in my youth in London, and have never found again but I recall, as I knew some of those families in my ‘dilettante youth’, whom i asked discreetly and to my surprise did confirm me their mixed ancestry…
– The much maligned ‘the International banker’ by Mr. Ford, a curious  document by a ‘protagonist of history’ as Mr. Ford was the wealthiest, most powerful man of America, who single hand bought the entire American senate to pass the prohibition law and invented modern factories and automated assembly lines, cause of the unemployment crisis of the 30s, as the robotic automation of those assembly lines is the main cause of our unemployment. I recall this so the reader understand why such a book cannot BE CENSORED from a historian, scholar perspective, as no other men could know better the power structure of America, when in the 1910s, Jewish-German capital started the conquest of America, the dollar, establishing the federal Reserve (warburg). Obviously Mr. Ford – not a character of our liking – is anti$emite as his friend Edison, was, since they were conquering what they saw as their nation. And so none described better the shift of power from the WASP elite of robber barons to the JBs that rule now supreme, (Jewish Bankers).
– ‘Origins of The European Economy’ by Harvard scholar, Mccormick
– And the recent, ‘The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy’ by Mearsheimer, a Chicago professor who lost his job afterwards, since he dared to talk of ‘current issues’.
That all those books are taboo shows to which degree the Industry of the Holocaust controls not only mass-media but the scholar world.
They are chosen either because they are excellent sources of data (Ford, Mearsheimer, Sombart, Zarlenga) or because they  have studied t economics  as ‘culture’ NOT science, (Leon, Weber, this writer) – a Culture of power through the use of memes of metal, which they tried to monopolize to be able to impose their beliefs as superior race or culture over the rest of mankind they want to control as ‘supreme race/culture’.
Now the problem of this section should be obvious to the reader: this is ugly and as much truth as it contains is subject to the anti-quantum and ego paradox of the Owners of the World.
Of course the entire economic science is submitted to that paradox – but I would say this school is specially disliked. After all you can easily buy Marx books,, but ‘The international banker’ was only in a ‘nazi’ web with a worm, so I had after much research found a link to the full web catalog – the book seems out of print despite the huge fortune of the Ford family…  (Needless to say all my books have been censored till tender age : )
The overlwhelming dominance of Classic Ideologies in Economic praxis.

And as a result of it, you only hear economists and the people-castes that have created go(l)d empires with money, and so this blog deals with their history till they reached financial monopoly in the west and through the financial-media system imposed their economical world view.

The other posts will study the ideologists of classic economics that defended them.

In this section unlike the other 2 sections of biological economics – of which you might consider me the founding father of the discipline, with the illustrious antecedents of spengler and butler – and the socialist, keynesian, humanist schools, in which i am just a practitioner, and so will introduce punctual articles besides studying their masters – i will not contribute new theoretical articles, since classic and monetarist schools are not science but ideology, as we proved in the article dedicate to the humanist school also paragraph 3 of the central post. Instead i will write articles dismounting the main myths, damned lies and statistics, and forms of censorship, proper of go(l)d religions and cult(ures).

Understand this: 99% of the economists that you hear today and have a position of power after the cultural, scientific and ethnic cleansing of the past 40 years are not economists (scientists) but power people of the dictatorship of bankers, which is the meaning of capitalism – of financial and industrial corporations.

You might not know that as bankers are far better censoring information than the military.

But they do censor information and do control the social language of power, money, as the military controls weapons, both in monopoly and so do dictate this society. So to pretend they are scientists of economics is like pretending the military are scientists of history because in military dictatorships they control history.


Difference between scientists and power people in history and economics

This is a common error. The scientist studies the system. The power people control the system and both things are different. Historians and economists – real scientists of both disciplines – are subject to censorship under the anti-quantum pradox.

So the military, its politicos and the bankers and its economist which are not scientists rule, without even understanding how they rule, automatons of the idol-ogies of power of selfish memes of metal (capitalism, nationalism, techno-utopia, and biblical religions.)

Now this is the first thing censored. That ‘classic economics’ aka capitalism is in fact born and evolved from biblical religions, and its millenarist prophecies of global power.

So most of our articles in this section obviously explain the historic background of the 90% of Nobel prizes who believe in biblical religions in this discipline, of the historic origin of capitalism, and the connection between religion and what passes in this discipline as ‘postulates of truth’.
It is an undeniable fact that at any time of western history the Germanic people have controlled the Military-Industrial Complex, ever since they took over the Roman Empire, even when other countries seemed to lead the way (Iberian Empires), as their aristocratic elite and Kings (Habsburg) belonged to that culture. And they still form in America, the elite of the Military Establishment. And it is also undeniable that a majority of the  banking and financial power has been in the hands of Judaism and still are. The facts are clear.  For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and ALL THE central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’. Indeed, what people ignore under the strict censorship of the ‘Industry of the Holocaust’, latter reasoned in more detail, is that Jewish people are less than 1% of the western population and they occupy 100% of its key financial positions – all the central bankers – and around 80% of the private CEOs of the Financial and Media industry, determining in a corrupted politico system controlled by money and audiovisual media, the policies of the West.
So despite ‘democratic dreams’, the world is still controlled by the same animetal castes of germanic warriors and semitic bankers of the classic ages of iron and gold.
So we need to explain the history of judaism and its modern sects, calvinism and anglicanism, to understand biblical, creationist economics, not a science but a ‘religious culture’, origin of capitalism Here we shall explore their ‘soliton’ control and creation of the alternative animetal cult(ure) to weapons and money that has ‘parasited’ the World of Life goods and eusocial love, extinguishing in the 800-80 cycles all the life cultures of mankind, now finishing their job, with the extinction of Islam, in inquisitorial warrior mood, the socialist cultures also directed by dictators and the Greek-Latin culture of welfare states, proper of the French and American revolution (as all cultures when in process of extinction become military inquisitions that destroy also their memes of eusocial love internally from Napoleon to Stalin, trying to defend their revolutions to Jihad Islam and Castro’s Cuba). So today we must say that the only humanist cultures not completely destroyed are China and Southern Europe’s welfare states massively going a self-destructive process under the iron fist in velvet globe of the International Banker and the War on terror paranoia. But to understand that we must confide our experimental data to the historic school of economics, heavily censored by our financial economists and media industry. In words of  the master of the historic school, Sombart in his famous dispute with his disciple Weber on the origin of capitalism, while Weber affirmed that capitalism was born of calvinism, Sombart closed the argument proving that  ‘calvinism is judaism’ , Hence by the logic transitive Law, B->C + A->B implies that A->C,

That is ‘Judaism is Capitalism. Point. And so we study how this global empire of bankers and capitalist memes of religious origin came into being in 3 phases explained in the graph. Today the west lives under a dictatorship of Judaism, its religious and cultural inquisitions, its primitive memes and subconscious collective over the entire Western world. And no amount of censorship, which is obviously huge, in any dictatorship – today called the Industry of the Holocaust – can prevent the fact that a serious historian in his study of Capitalism, and the present economic crisis, must start by understanding the psyche of Judaism as a memetic religion of gold, in order to understand capitalism, its digital version and the way the world is constructed today, once this Empire has been put in place.

So we are going to study this Ideology and Financial Global Empire with the legs of the scientific method, as they will also reveal the scientific errors of this ‘ideology of power’ we call ‘classic economics’ NOT a science but a religion of go(l)d power, established integrally by Jewish and Calvinist brothers in thought.

And so we must consider 3 ‘phases’ in the evolution of economic ideologies (no longer sciences):

– The tribal age of Judaism, expended to calvinism in the reformation (Biblical religion of gold herding);

-The phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’.

-And the present phase, in which those beliefs are converted into mathematical programs of computer software used to discharge credit for human welfare, tax citizens, jack up prices with speculative schemes (future markets, stock instruments, derivatives, etc) in which capitalism becomes a global ideology and all SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPTS TO describe it according to the scientific method are ‘censored’ with bizarre new ideologies such as the industry of holocaust or political and economical correctness.

1st. Age: Birth of the Levantine Empire

‘i can’t explain you even the meaning of the wor(l)d freedom, because you have been a slave for so long you don’t even know that wor(l)d exists’ Xenophont to a Persian

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition”

Cicero, consul of Rome on the murder of Flaccus and the impeding financial crisis of the Roman Empire, ruined by the loss of financial wealth, depleted of currency by its herding in the gold temples of Israel.


In the graph the key elements of the historic, memetic and ideological birth of capitalism, first a religion of gold fetishes born in the temples of banker priests of Phoenicia (sea traders) and Israel (caravan traders), which evolved as a digital language,  reducing its size, increasing its bytes, minimizing its weight and speeding up its informative velocity in 4 phases as metal coins, paper money, stock money representing industrial and financial company, and finally a flow of digital information through the nervous system of the metal-earth with center in world-stock, the collective brain of the economic superorganism or FMMI system.

Thus today it has become independent of the ‘soliton’ Jewish culture that carried since the middle ages the wave, through its control of the Financial-Media system and its idologies, still the dominant stock-market culture, with majority of the Earth Inc. hence the culture that imposes its ‘economic beliefs’ and must be studied in depth to understand the modern world and this crisis. On the bottom the main phases of evolution of the science of history from a gold religion of jewish-calvinist origin now re-enacted by classic economists, to a humanist science which obeyed the 4 tenants of the scientifi method, historic data collection and cyclical pattern building (Marx, A, B), human praxis (Keynes) and C) hypothesis and model, the last of the scientific elements to appear, represented by this author and this blog, obviously censored by the realpolitiks of power of the banker people-caste that governs the system. Yet they are also humans, even if they feel superior, and so their destiny and non-future if the system is not reformed in a scientific manner will be the same than that of all of us, as their war and holocaust cycles show, since ‘those who kill with gold die by iron’ and vice versa. Only the ethic value of the wor(l)d their economist deny could save them and all of us from the incoming robotic revolution that will displace all human from labor and war fields, till A.I. make it conscious of its existence as a different species.

What matters here is to understand A), the religious origin of the memes of capitalism, in order to explain B) why the war and holocaust cycles that destroy western world happen, according to C) the biological hypothesis that the social organisms of the west are sick, as it has a ‘crazy head’ (the neuronal Bankers) who care nothing for their body, hence a sick organism that collapses in wars and holocausts according to the 800-80 years cycle because it NEVER DOES D) a scientific desing of its social organisms in which neuronal cells issue bills of law and bills of money for the development of a sustainable world, but merely issue as a viral or cancerous cell group will do, money for themselves (cancer) or to produce the lethal viral weapons of the body and the mind (hate-media) that annihilate us.

THIS SIMPLE SCHEME OF A PERVERTED, CRAZY SOCIAL ORGANISM, IS WHAT WE WANT TO CLARIFY HERE. COULDN’T CARE LESS THAT THE HEAD IS CALLED Judaism, that they are a race or a culture, nothing of that matter. What matters are its idol-ogies, its crazy ideas, and the way those ideas instilled BY THE GRAMMAR OF GOLD have developped a systematic anti-life=eviL civilization that worships DEATH of mankind, life and the planet Gaia. And to understand that we need to study the texts of the historic school and the data of the Am Segullah civilization.

The ‘Am Segullah’  or ‘People of the treasure’, which in the present age of ‘newspeaks’ has been ill-translated as ‘Chosen People’, since Segullah means Treasure not People, a classic civilization of fetishe Go(l)d Temples, in which an elite of banker priests, the ‘Levi’, enslaved 11 other tribes, the so-called ‘Hebrew’, translated as ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as they travelled with their Assyrian allies as military purveyors and slave traders, to obtain gold for the fetishe temples, in which different rooms, tables and ex-vote objects must be made of gold, the ‘material’ which allowed the communication with God, as Fire allowed in the Vedas that communion. It appear then two people castes in the Middle East, the Assyrian Warriors and the Judeans or Yavhians or Jewish, all similar names, since at that time the word “God” meant merely Nation – the Jung’s subconscious collective of a people. So Assyrians called their nation and God, Assur, their capital and people even their kings ‘sons of Assur’ (Assurbanipal) and Yvwh appears as the toponym Judea in Egyptian maps and Mari Tablets, as it was the name of a people, their geographical location and God.

Together, the Yavhians and the Assyrians formed the first ‘military-industrial /Financial-Media’ system. The Assyrians were a people caste whose entire existence turned around the manufacturing of chariots, latter the first iron swords, and the ruling, looting and taxation of the enemies they conquered. They needed the Phoenician-Yavian coalition that brought them metal, made part of their weapons and took their slaves from the battle field. ‘Slave’ was a word for ‘enemy’. The parallelism of the brutal laws and religions and customs of Assyrians and Yavians was remarkable. And the symbols and brutal deeds of the Assyrians, from its eagles of war to its epic poems will be handled down till the III Reich. And the enslaving customs of the Levantine cultures and its utter despise for the rights of workers, will also be handled to corporations when part-time slavery was inherited by them.

Against those primitive ways of thinking about ‘God’, “censorship of truth’, “money’, ‘Power’, “Human Rights’ and ‘War’, fixed in those cultures for millennia, till the present age of wars between Israel-America, and its believers in Yaveh, and Syria-Irak and its believers in Allah, Europeans would evolve a logic, sensorial, humanist higher civilization that NOW is being regressed both in europe and America to the ‘mental psyche’ of the Semites, due to their upgrading of their Financial-Media (still Jewish owned) Military-Industrial (Germanic owned) system. The Jews in that sense have stayed on top of the Gold-Biblical Memetic religion of profits. The Assyrians have left way to the Germanic people, converted to the Bible in the reformation.

It MUST BE UNDERSTOOD THOUGH the inner class structure of Judaism, latter imitated by all Protestant cultures: on top the ‘Levi castes’, the 10%, the ‘Am Segullah’, the people of the Treasure, are THE PARASITES of the 11 slave tribes, the  Hebrew, the hard working peddlers that will gather gold ex-votes. Both are joined by the negative values of GOLD, which deny THE VALUES OF THE ETHIC WOR(L)D OF EUSOCIAL LOVE (see first paragraph of this post).

This is indeed the ultimate origin of ALL THE MEMES of the 2 parasite castes of stockrats and aristocrats – the anti-life memes of greed and violence caused by gold and weapons. Why those 2 people were fundamentalist about those anti-values has both a genetic origin (isolated in the Arabian and Scandinavian hot and cold peninsulas, where Neanderthal, visual, dolicocephalic, solitary, anti-social crossing, seems to have happened as the red hair, hooked nose, wide hips, big eyes, consonantal languages are traits of the 3 groups, the Neanderthal, Germanic and Semitic people, studied in detail in other posts) but specially memetic, as gold was found in the rivers of ‘Arabia Felix’ and iron swords melted in Sweden and Austrian mines earlier than any other region of the world except assyria).

Thus we talk of a subconscious memetic culture that will act against the rest of mankind without understanding why it does – hence the mythic, foggy, ‘gothic’ nature of the germanic culture and the Semitic Gods, Thor, a sword God, Loki, the God of eviL, Mut, the God of Death, El, the God without name, Baal, the God to which Semites sacrificed their children, and his wife Astarte, the prostitute Goddess…

This dual structure of a 10% of banker-priests parasiting 10 hard working slave tribes dedicated to parasite mankind still stands today. It is then easy to see that the prophets of the world from Moses (the Jews will suffer eternaly from their love of money) to Marx (the Jewish question will end when they abandon their wordly religion, money), have attempted to separate the hard working tribes from the parasites, as the winners of II world war tried to judge only the nazi party. We could say that the banker-priests of Israel are the nazi party of Judaism. but the German soldier and the jewish peddler share the memes of worship of iron and gold. And follows the parasite 10%. They Never convert to mankind… Metal-memes reign supreme on their mind.

And the only explanation why the lower castes of Judaism and Germany always obey their generals and bankers is again biological: the imprinting of their minds since earlier age with the memes of Abrahamic religions, nationalism and capitalism and racism – to separate them from the ‘others’ seen as evil and inferior, whom they fear is so intense as the imprinting of a blind body cell by the Head. 

And because the head ALWAYS profits from those cycles, never dies in the holocaust, and the war, because the aristocrat sees the battlefield from the hill and the banker runs away before the holocaust cycle happens with all the gold of the community abandoning the peddler, his scapegoat in the holocaust, from their selfish point of view there is no loss in those cycles.

The evolution of the Financial-Military System till the ‘age of economics’

What the Assyrians and Jews founded on those earlier Iron ages was the first Financial-Military system, the blue print of our FMMI complex, which would add hate media and machines – a twist of complexity that didn’t change the essence of it.

Indeed, ever since the Hebrew’s fundamental job would be as military purveyor transporting weapons and going ‘behind the asses’; while its elite of Am Segullah would become court bankers and extract the privileges of farming taxes from the oppressed peasants.

Because indeed, what the Jewish-Germanic coalition has always done is to create metal-wealth, through the creation of wars, in which the jobs were shared, between the Purveyors, the Jews and the Actors, The German military.

This fact establishes its fundamental alliance throughout history, which is broken into wars and holocausts when THEY CANNOT PREY on a mass of humankind. Then they prey into each other.
Their synergy is obvious. But  the Jewish banker is truly the head of the ‘war building process”.  Old mesopotamian tablets show their presence in city courts since the iron age.

In those courts his fundamental task in the classic age is to instill war in the petty kingdoms of the Middle East. Latter it will do the same  in  Spanish ‘taifas’ and finally in  German kingdoms.

And in all of them, it will be blamed of treason and war with the enemy, of usury and speculation in goods. So we can establish a pattern from those broken texts:

The banker will preach  ‘hate speeches’ to your neighbor, so the king will declare him war. Then the king will ask for a loan to the Am Segullah and then he will buy weapons to the Habiru (the peddler who ‘walk behind the asses’) and so finally the gold with interest returns to the Chosen people.

This informative control of all the elements of war building – hate media to provoke enemity between kingdoms, financial loan to get usury debt, provision of weapons by the lower Habiru caste – converted the Jewish culture in the central piece of the war business and the 800-80 year cycles of wars and holocausts. The only task they did not carry was the actual fighting, but they would also provide slaves for mercenary armies, as testified for millennia, the last case the Rothschild’s shanghai of Hessian soldiers sold as mercenaries to the British army against the American freedom fighters.

Of course, sometimes the military king and its aristocrats would not want to pay back the debt and used the mercenary slaves sold by the Jewish banker to massacre them, and that is the fundamental holocaust cycle – you kill the banker and since the debt is just ‘thin air’, numbers written in a book of debt kept in the synagogue by the banker-priests you burned also the synagogue and the debt went up into smoke.

In that regard, the two parasitic cultures of mankind, the iron warrior and the gold banker soon established its domain all over the Mediterranean basin besides the initial Fertile Crescent. And we observe now the flexibility and further range of the military purveyor and banker not limited by the ‘continuity’ of energy and war empires. Information is flexible, discontinuous, invisible of long range. So Phoenicians and Jews established soon a global trading empire in hard and soft metals, weapons and gold, which might have reached even the Indian coast, as we found archeological remains of huge metalworks on the Akaba gulf.

The parasitic comparison with biological parasites is truly astonishing. In the same way enzymes are simple carbohydrates , attached to a metal atom that kill the other full developed carbohydrates of the cell, the warrior or the gold banker is a repressed human being (sexual, diet, eusocial prohibitions – racism), which kills the human being. And its civilizations are disordered, ‘ugly’, ‘gothic’, based in fear and disjointed not full grown superorganisms as parasites are. But that doesn’t prevent them from corrupting and killing fully developed societies. And so once and again Germ(an)s and Jewish banksters will corrupt and destroy with iron and gold all attempts of mankind to build balanced eusocial superorganisms.

Now this is the essential paragraph of the 1st age, because it explains EXACTLY THE SAME SYNERGIES between the financial-media/military-industrial system that we shall find across all the ages of history, including the modern age, explained in our first paragraphs on the ‘creation of money’, by lending it at usury debts for wars.

The fundamental difference is in the ‘Media’ system, which WAS IN THE OLD AGE, THE DOGMAS OF RACIST FETISHE RELIGIONS, then in the Modern Age, Classic Economics – the Thesis of the Wealth of Nations of Mr. Smith, maximized with war and gold herding, and in the modern age the audiovisual hate media and Holocaust Industry built around the Semite wars between Israel and Islam. So again nothing has changed.

What this means is obvious: As the Historic school (Sombart, Leon) pointed out, the Jewish and hence protestant, daughter religion must be explained in its fundamental dogmas as a necessary religion of ‘segregation’ from the human slaves the Jewish priced or killed indirectly selling weapons. The essence of that religion is the racist difference between the Treasure, Chosen People and the Goyyim ‘animal’. Its rules and rituals are all tending to separation. As the Britannica explains in its article on dietary laws, which masterly compares the laws of Judaism and Aryan vedas, both are created to ‘segregate the believers from the others’, who the Jews priced as slaves and the Aryans murdered.


The financial-media ‘in the old cycles’ of war.

In the past the hate media system were racist religions, in which only the ‘chosen of go(l)d’, the people of the treasure had the right to invent money, their fetishe, that communicated them to the ‘unnamed one’.

Taboos, inquisitions of thought, repression of life memes, segregation laws, from dietary to caste systems, to maintain them apart from the human capital they enslave and priced were natural to those religions. That was the first hate-media system. And gold was the financial part.

Again as always we find two fundamentalist, ‘top predator’ cult(ure)s of this type, proper of what will become the specialized people-castes of go(l)d and iron weapons, the cananean Go(l)d temples and the Aryan-Germanic warriors,  who will found the two segregationist religions of Judaism ruled by banker-priests and Hinduism ruled by Warrior Bramhins and Kastriyas.

In that regard, as the Historic school and the main scientists of Religion (from Marx to Eliade to Campbell) stress, the religions of power of Judaism and Hinduism and German cults must be understood departing from their ‘real professions’ as people-castes dedicated to accumulate the fetishe-metal, gold and iron.

Two simple proofs of segregation and confusion of the the substance of power with the god that stress the racist, fetishe, power-based nature of those cults:

– Segregational laws of purity that separate the believer from the impure ‘slave’ it prices or enemy it kills are so common in both religions that Britannica repeatedly puts both as paradigms of segregation cults.

– The center of the religion was the substance of the ‘metal’ used to exercise power. So the rabbis were adamant about the ex-votes in gold and the temple had walls, tables and gold elements all over. While the symbol of communication with God in aryan religions was the fire of the Smith. And in germanic cults thor was a mere sword. Fire and Gold and sowrds were THE TRUE GODS, reason why the doctrine on those religions was ritualistic, as the PRIEST BECAME THROUGH THE RITUALS GOD ITSELF. Indeed, in Hindi religion the ritual of creation  IS THE ENACTING of creation. This ‘l.iteralist’ school confuses the priest and the substance that communicates with the absolute. For that reason, when the Romans entered Jerusalem and ask before looting the temple a Levi priest to take an object of the temple he will come out with the huge gold menorah affirming ‘I have seen god itself’

In both cases the central concept is ‘purity’ that separates the priest and chosen people from the impure, which is how the rest of mankind is called. Either through contact with gold or fire or by restricting its food to aliments the others, the impure, the slaves or victims cannot eat or possess, the ‘elected’ becomes pure.

Hate religions and its memes thus become the fundamental form of justifying slavery and murder. As in the Ham Damnation according to which Arabs and negroes are inferior to dogs. hence Apartheid Israel and American slavery will be justified by zealots and fundamentalist christians with those old racist memes, obviously established by rabbis during their wars against Egyptians, Arabs and Nubian mercenaries.

Then with the arrival of the press, the financial-media system became more sophisticated and powerful as it could reach millions of people. And it converted away from the eusocial messages of love that create healthy human superorganisms, in which individuals share energy and information among them, as cells do in a healthy superorganism, to the biblical religion of racial segregation. And that sealed the fate of mankind, because now, the banker’s culture was no longer a small people-caste, but millions of them, the entire northern, germanic people had converted to the religion of gold.


We can trace the synergies between information machines that print hate-media and those that print money to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution – the first age of companies of slaves and ‘calvinist corporations’:

Such censorship has many complex layers.
The most evident one is media, which never talks of real economics. The educational system, which never teaches what money is. The Universities of economics, in which only the musings of Adam Smith and the pamphletists of the Chicago School that affirm states don’t have to print money are taught.
The deepest, most bizarre of those layers of censorship is the so called,   Industry of the Holocaust whose real purpose is NOT to pity, the hebrew lower caste of the culture of money, which are murdered rhythmically when the usury/war cycle reaches its zenith of poverty and degradation of the population, but its elite of banker-priests, their 1% of international bankers – the equivalent of the generals of a warrior society that never die in the battle field.
This people who oppress their own people and the rest of mankind since the age of Assur and Baal, with all kind of inquisitions of thought have founded a the religion of economics, the modern version of the gold temples.
They are the 1% ari-’stockratic’ elite of judaism, a culture always ruled by banker-priests – as germanic cultures were ruled by Smiths, maker of weapons,  by a 1%  of aristocrats. Together, masters of weapons and gold have ruled the world towards the wrong future.  So even if today they represent less than 0.01% of the western population, because they occupy 100% of its central bank Managers, 80% of its financial CEOS and 500 Fortune CFOs and most sites in The City and Wall Street markets, they dictate the economical policies of the world, which as money has become thanks to its mathematical properties, the dominant language of this planet, determines its future. And so we must in a serious blog on history and economical science even under strict censorship explain how they ‘achieved’ so much power and can hide it so well. And the answer of course is THAT massive censorship of their history and all information that contradicts the values of Go(l)d, of profits.
Many pages of the historic approach of this blog are dedicated to explain the way germanic and $emite cult(ure)s have created the wrong world, as much as we wished to be able to talk only of the ‘perfect world’ designed with the proper understanding of the ‘memetic languages’ that cre(dit)ate the super-organism of history, MANKIND, from its first cell that talked the ethic wor(l)d to the last one that will know its values.
Those are the values that the anti-values of go(l)d and ‘expensive’ metal-weapons’ by their affinity destroy.
Thus we live under a dictatorship of usury bankers for whom we all work and become taxed. And this cannot be said. But of course, we are scientists. We do not censor the facts of our science. So we shall now explain the fundamental censorship of the modern world – the cultural nature of our bankers, its forms of censorship and how they protect themselves from any criticism about the Holocausts they have been practicing since the dawn of times.


The Jewish capitalist empire has reached its zenith, after the 1972 coup d’etat in which the companies of the financial-media system they own, took over the American presidency (watergate scandal in which TV-companies showed they could behead a president, end of gold convertibility that liberated the right to print money as ‘numbers’ in digital wall street screens, which allowed them to 100 fold the quantity of money of the world, of which they shared NONE with mankind, but used it to buy out all the corporations of the west that mattered, and Yon Kippur war in which the focus of global war for profits moved from Communism to the defense of apartheid Israel). What we witness now as the triad of Jewish presidents, Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron take over the countries that control Europe, its Jewish Banker, Tritchet take over the ECB making it an usury bank, and financial coup detats oust the presidents of Italy and Greece, putting ‘Goldman men’ on their place (Monti, Venizelos), is the final assault to the European political and financial system. But of course, all this is censored. Germans do NOT know that Miss Merkel has a Jewish mother and a converso father.

The censorship is most extreme in America, so suffocating as i Have never seen anywhere in the world. For example, Mr. Chomsky, a supposedly critic of Judaism, cut me in an interview when I asked him about the power of Wall Street shaping the policies of AMerica – his secretary had warned me he would NOT talk about money; Mr. Stone, who is preparing a ‘secret history of America’, told me he would NOT contemplate the explanation of the coup d’etat of 1972. So what that ‘secret’ history of America would reveal. As it happens both, Mr. Stone and mr. Chomsky were Jewish and so we see a pattern. Only Jewish people can talk about ALL other cultures, and no other culture can talk about Jewish people, because 5 million of them, died in II world war, where NONE of the other 60 million victims, not ‘Chosen’ deserve our pity.

Now the examples of Mr. Stone and Mr. Chomsky were chosen because they are considered the most left-wing, humanist intellectuals of American judaism – in fact hated by Orthodox judaism, the fundamental ideology of most bankers and neo-classic economists from Goldman’s CEO who affirmed the job of a banker is the job of God to Mr. Greenspan. And yet even in the extreme of criticism of Judaism, Mr. Stone and Mr. Chomsky do NOT dare to reveal the religious monopoly of our banking elites, for corruption or fear to loose distribution or to avoid being called antisemites, which is today equated to Nazism, when a humanist must be both anti-Nazi and anti$emite – that is against the Am Segullah, the elite of financial capitalism NOT antisemite, that is against all Jewish, including the Hebrew, the lower castes submitted to the mental inquisition of its religion. As we blamed the nazi party and not the german people who obeyed them.

So we affirm that anti$emitism and antiNazism, the rejection of the exploitation of mankind by military and banking elites with its racist memes and parasitic behavior is the essence of humanism.

This is what the Industry of the Holocaust denies appealing to the good feelings of mankind and twisting the data and intentions.

The bizarre nature of the Industry of the Holocaust and its censorship over the American psyche, which protects the elite of capitalism, of any criticism, is studied elsehwere in more detail. But we need before even we talk of Judaism, to advance two elements of it, or else nobody will keep reading: one, the fact that the people who die in those holocausts are the lower castes of judaism, reason why the elite never cared, as no aristocratic warrior elite never cared for the death of his soldier-peasants; which gives a twist to the utility of the industry: to defend and avoid any censorship of what bankers do through capitalism, to defend and avoid any criticism of the role of Israel as the ‘excuse’ for new war-profits and to maintain the lower castes of judaism in eternal ignorance of their sacrificial role, afraid of the gentile.

In a previous paragraph, we showed the jacking up of prices in food and commodity markets. Now, every year 5 million children die of hunger (FAO statistics) and the main reason of this is the astounding doubling of price of commodities due to Future Markets, rigged by Jewish speculators that control Chicago and London commodities markets, put calls for future higher prices in all commodities and rig the markets – which is automatic, as they only need to fill contracts the week in which their puts must happen.

Now, it has always worked because this form of taxation on the population and their food is shared with the Politico/Aristocratic castes to which the jewish speculator served and so he was protected legally and military by them. This is the essence of the eternal alliance between bankers and tax farmers and aristocrats and the military, gold and weapons, to parasite the rest of mankind.

What happens now thanks to the strict censorship on the science of economics and history by capitalism, scholars, think tanks, economic institution, neo-classic pamphletists, Rijsbank Nobel prices, and the industry of the holocaust is that nothing of this is known.

it is as if the Financial-Media system has never existed. Only the military-industrial Complex.

But it does, and it is ruled by the same people that always ruled it in the west, in alliance with the same Germanic elites of warrior castes that live idle on their share.

And it has always been like that, as we shall latter explain in detail; since the Jewish people-caste allied to the assyrians and then to the German elites of the Middle ages to farm peasants. Soon they obliged kings to pass laws so taxation would be paid NO longer in species, in food the peasant obtained for work, but in precious metals. So the peasant had to go to the ghetto for Gold and then pay an 86% of usury. And a bad crop meant he had to loose his land that the jewish obtained or sell whose son, which was castrated to make it more expensive (but 2/3rd die, thrown to the gutter, and so the father saw thein sons dead and though the jewish drunk its blood. Now this is censored and so we only read in Jewish owned wikipedia that primitive, hateful middle age peasants killed Jewish in progroms thinking they drunk the blood of children, which is a ‘libel’, as indeed they did not drink, just bled to death castrato because a child slave was 30 grams of gold in baghdad, and 100 if castrato… shall i continue?

A single man, Simon, took 40.000 children who he said would be sent to jerusalem as ‘pray crusaders’, and sold them all for castration in Algers, when one returned 20 years latter, there were progroms in Southern france. Shall i continue? I could go on for hours as 3000 years of gold values have created so many holocausts of mankind, never explained by the Industry of the Holocaust….

Today speculation in food and commodities is where the biggest initial fortunes of the great moguls of Wall Street and The city start up, before they move to speculate with e-derivatives and stocks.

Or consider a single jewish ‘modern hitler’, Mr. Kissinger, who started a secret war without the consent of the American government, in Cambodia, throwing in that country as many bombs as America threw in the entire II world war, with huge profits in military contracts, picking personally each village he erased. It cost 5 million human innocent victims in a country that had never attacked American soldiers.

Of those nothing can be said, so we shall illustrate them with one image.


Now in the graph we show a military holocaust:  the ‘dent’ in the life of the Cambodians, due to the Kissinger effect. It is NOT  a class-systemic holocaust made by anonymous systems and multiple practitioners joined by an ideology – capitalism. It is more in the style of Mr. Hitler holocaust, proper of warriors. But again here we have a politician, not even a military doing it. As politicos are even more brutal than generals when they massacre populations, from Hitler (II w.W.) to Churchill (Carpet Bombing) to Truman (A-Bombs) to Stalin (Gulag) to Mao (Hunger, Cultural Revolution) to Kissinger (Cambodia) , to mention a few this century

The reader can observe the ‘dent’ of the Kissinger Holocaust on people now with 20 years.

We could talk of another yearly holocaust of another 5 million children that die for lack of ‘generic medicines’, as jewish-calvinist, American-Swiss-English big pharma prevent with suits the creation of cheap medicines… And there are more now and in the past. Those are the kind of Holocausts of which Judaism, its gold memes, its military fantasies is guilty. We shall only mention a few of the hunger holocausts caused by the Biblical religious, righteous people with its segregation memes of despise of life and the human kind.

Since, THIS kind of profit holocausts HAVE BEEN GOING ON FOR 3000 years, and that is what we shall explain here, by no means in an exhaustive manner.

Let us then consider of those holocausts only a few of the hunger holocausts of capitalism, provoked by Biblical Corporations and believers of the Jewish-Calvinist-Anglican ‘memes’:

– Joseph banker of the pharaoh speculated – says the Bible with wheat, herding it during  7 years of famine and became immensely wealthy. Little wonder the next pharaoh expelled Jewry from egypt.

– When the East Indian Company owned by Jewish-Calvinist speculators took over Bengala in the 1750s obliged peasants to eliminate 1/2 of their rice crops and dedicate them to jute and tea – the darlings of speculative commodities in London. 15 million people died of hunger in the next decade, 1/2 of the population and the factor was congratulated by the East Company, since ‘our shares have reached the highest valuations’ ever in the market. He got a bonus, and when he replied the problem now is that we don’t have enough peasants to farm, he was told to export the ‘successful system’ to Malaysia.

Let us consider an example in more detail – The Irish famine, even more brutal because it happened in the same British Islands. It arose out of the taxation needed to pay the interest to Rothschild’s Bank of England for the millions of new “pounds” it created out of thin air and then “lent”  to the government  for a century  of warfare. From a total population  of 8 million,  1,029,000  Irish children,  women and men starved to death during a period when landlords exported more than enough food for all. Those who starved were Catholic; most of the landlords were not.

“It is interesting  to notice the exact statistics  of the food that was exported from Ireland during 1845 according to Mulhall’s  Dictionary of Statistics. They are 779,000 quarters of wheat and wheat flour, 93,000 quarters  of  barley,  and  2,353,000  quarters  of oats – that is to say, enough to feed for twelve months every person in Ireland who died of starvation,  nearly  four times over.

But Mr. Malthus thought it was because Irish fu**ed too much and Queen Victoria blamed them.  And Mr. Rothschild of course kept receiving its 6% usury for printing and loaning English money…

We brought the Irish famine’s data for an obvious reason. As the FAO points out, the main cause of hunger today is NOT the scarcity of food. There is enough food to feed the world. But the wrong distribution and high prices that prevent the poor to buy it. So every year we throw to the garbage massive amounts of food and in the 1st world we feed some animals with the best corn, even meat. But an essential trait of capitalism is to deny responsibilities by hiding truths with ‘theories’, such as those of Malthus in the Irish famine or the modern media that ignores the hunger crisis, never mentions the future markets, and diverts its causes lying about them.

For those who think this hunger holocausts preached by economists have ended, they should consider the essential ‘first measure’ asked by the FMI to make loans to poor countries – to END ALL SUBVENTIONS TO FOOD. This year, when the Muslim brothers, the legitimate government of Egypt asked for a renewal of their loans, Miss Lagarde asked him to eliminate subvention to water and bread, which are needed to lower the skyrocketing prices set by future markets, and allow 100.000 egyptian children to feed and not die of hunger. This was the answer of Mr. Morsi and Miss Lagarde, whose first measure on the FMI was to double her salary, cut the loan. And so the crisis worsened in Egypt and became the excuse to orchestrate the coup detat by the military who does have credit in the west.

Now of course, warriors have always burned the land to prevent the enemy feeding, but warrior cruelty is self-evident as it is direct. The problem with capitalism and any language of information is that their actions are at distance (as gravitation is invisible or you do not see words, languages of information act thanks to such invisibility). So by its essence their murders are difficult to spot and easy to disguise and ignore specially by those who commit them. What explains the fundamental feature of Judaism and its modern version classic economics: the elaboration of myths, lies and anti-truths, false reasoning and censorship to hide the mass murders of money, feel righteous… and keep commiting those crimes.

This is why the Industry of the Holocaust is so harmful for mankind, as in the past it was understood that both, German military and Jewish bankers parasited and mass-murdered mankind because of their fundamentalist metal-memes. But now we only criticize the military and capitalism is on the loose, invisible – never blamed and hence more brutal than ever. Had this industry not existed, it might have been possible to reform judaism and bring it closer to a humane understanding of money and the role of banking in society.

The Aryans denied any need for writing historic texts, so till the famous iron columns of the first Buddhist emperor asoka, there is no written trace of Aryan holocausts; and the Jewish only wrote religious myths about history. So all what we know of their history is written by neighbor countries, and it is always negative, hateful given their role as military purveyors and slave traders, herding gold. What is new today is the ERASING OF HISTORIC DATA BY ALL KIND OF SCHOLARS, UNIVERSITIES AND THINK-TANKS, AFRAID OF BEING TERMED ANTI$EMITE, AND THE TWISTING OF IT WITH MYTHS AND FICTIONS, which means we all humans are now ‘habiru’, ‘german soldiers’ to the service of those elites. Because when serious scholars write about it, they are fired and silenced.
Witness the case of the Chicago professors who wrote on ‘the Israeli lobby’ or the Harvard’s dean of middle ages economic history who explained the eunuch holocaust, not to speak of course of my case, as i used to give the conferences on monetary systems at the International Systems societies and got all my papers erased, even from google scholar after writing a much milder article by merely writing a list of our Central bankers all jewish, LOL. AS IF CENSORSHIP COULD CHANGE THE CYCLES of history They have never done because they are moved by primary desires – greed, violence, revenge. So as palestinians do not need to read history to know what they suffer, soon as in the 30s, the American people will not know to read history to see what they are suffering, when if things are not reformed all the western people become ‘again’ treated as economic palestinians, as they were in the 30s, giving rise in the action-rection processes of history to fascism, now again surfacing in European and American nations.
The name of Go(l)d cannot be named. It must remain invisible. Since as Wells put it in a fascinating parable, ‘an invisible man can rule the world. He will come and give orders, change things, and go and nobody will know whom he is’. So now central bankers and FMI gurus, experts and ministers of economy, all belonging to the same people-caste come and go, take our taxes, jack up the prices of commodities, let millions starve after tripling the prices of food in future markets, and we revere them because we don’t even know who they are.
But censorship of the deeds of germans and jewish has existed within those societies for 3000 years in which the internal inquisition of germanic war masters and jewish banker-priests has worked for inner consume. So neither the aryan nor the Jewish have any serious book of history. The first science to die in those cult(ure)s to the greed and murder values of metal is obviously ethics and human history.


That is the justice of the laws of the biological, informative Universe, no high priest of animetal superior races can avoid.

Indeed, precisely when they win the battles of history is when they enact the cycle of war and holocaust that will destroy them.
And it is not mankind who doe so – reason why censoring truth to mankind is meaningless.
They devour each other, as Saturn devours his son in the Goya’s drawing. This is what they fail to understand. That the people who murder the jew banker is the german warrior allied to HIM. WHO THEREFORE KNOWS PERFECTLY WHAT HE DOES. IT IS NOT THE COMMON PEOPLE, THE ONLY ONE ‘CENSORED’ BY THEIR MASS-MEDIA.
Just two final points desmistifying the ‘usefulness’ of the Holocaust Industry, based in the Goebbelian method of repeating its myths’ ad nauseam’:
– The myth of the evilness of mankind.
Humans are good people they corrupt. They  don’t eliminate them, we have never done it. We just tried to upgrader thier minds. this must be clear. Germans and Jjewish have murdered with weapons and money unending billions of humans through history, and they still do. And then they have killed each other. Humans have not. All the great holocausts of history were done by Germans and warrior allies looting jewish welath and revenging on them. The Middle Age Great holoausts were done by germanic warriors going to crusades, the XX c. by germanic warriors; before it were the Assyrians and the corrupted Roman Emperors, militarized and abandoning fiat money after the end of the Republic. Human beings have murdered far less Am segullah than am segullah murdered human beings. The Eunuch holocaust and the slave trade they dominated in history have murdered over 100 million human beings. How many slaves murdered their masters?
How many fathers of hijackecd, castrated and exproted middle age children murdered Jews? Probably the ratio is 100 to 1. If we, human beings were ruled by the revengeful memes of animetal cultures, there would NOT BE A SINGLE GERMAN OR JEWISH ALIVE TODAY. And yet, amazingly enough, the ‘righteous’ and its legios of scholars of the industry of the holocaust think we are ‘eviL’. Every holocaust Museum should have a new building, the first to be seen, where the details of the Holocausts of mankind by Germ(an)s and Am Segullah would be explained in detail. And then as its final Katarsis, after seeing how they murder mankind with violence and greed, we could see the murder of the Am Segullah by the Germ(an)s.  And then a new building should teach how to reform their cult(ure)s, how to be free, human, happy and immortal… Maybe then they will forgive and forget what makes them slaves of death.
What this means is that the only solution to the cycle is to stop the causal reasons of it: the murder of mankind by capitalism and its banking elite. But of course for this not to happen the banking financial-media system sponsors other myth:
– The myth that a better world is not possible.
They will NEVER do a better world, as their memes of revenge are self-perpetuating of the action-reaction processes of extinction of life, with their partners in crime, the germ(an)s. But history proves a better world is natural to mankind, when they are NOT enacting together those cycles. History has flourished ALWAYS that those 2 criminal animetal cult(ure)s and its memes have gone away, from the Neolithic before semites and Indo-Europeans came to destroy the Fertile Crescent with bronze and chariot armies, to the welfare state imposed in Europe, when they killed each other and let the French and Italians rule with eusocial love and a true science of economics our world.
But then, the Russians – a milder version of the germans and the Americans, an original one, imported them all, the banksters and pamphletists of the German empire went to Wall street and Chicago (the so called Austrian schoold) and evilwood to impose their financial-media system and the weapon makers of Germany went to the US to keep evolving their A-Bombs, rockets and Computers. So Germany and its FMMI system kept evolving in US and in lesser measure in the stalinist, military dictatorship of Russia. And after the 70s explosion of e-money they have reconquered Europe and brought its tons of bull$hit, its FMI Troykas, its ECB usury banksters, its toxic assets, its military bases, its fictions and primitive religions.
So after all our sin might be NOT to be like they are, to forgive and forget what they have done to mankind. We should have followed Mr. Roosevelt and uncle joe dictum on the Germ(an)s – to make them as the Danish were, just agriculturists rising cows.  But the Americans gave them back their industries, the Goebbels heirs got back BMW, so did the MErcedes heirs, or the Deutsche banksters – its heir, Mr. Steinbrook now head of the German $ocialist party, LOL.
Yes we might not survive in planet Earth ‘their cult(ure)s’, but there will be infinite fractal planets in the Universe, where teh natural civilization of man will flourish and Castalia will be founded, and bio-historians will rule the perfect world.
I cannot analyze in this huge resume of the entire history of mankind and its economic world and the present crisis, the fundamental concept of the 2 cultures of the ‘goldiron’ age, the germanic and jewish cult(ure)s to metal and its antitruths. enough to say as Picasso put it that ‘all what they believe is truth is false’ and that ‘they have so many machines and weapons but they are essentially more stupid than we are, as we love, eat and paint far better’. That is we maximize the human life function of existence, with knowledge through our senses (visual art, ethic words), energy for our body (food), and eusocial evolution as a superorganism (love).
They maximize toil and enslave for other species, which pays them back with wars and holocausts. But this they never udnerstood, maybe because they are probably the most crossed Neanderthal Sapiens, which explaisn their ‘literalist’ believers mind, and their hypnotism to metal (being neanderthal, dolicocephalic, visual intelligences, with bigger eyes and consonantal, primitive languages, with no informative vowels – genetic linguistic – as indeed semitic languages had initially a single A vowel as in abraham and arab). I analyze that somewhere else. In any case they are slaves of their memes of metal.
And that is why its cycles repeat as long as they are on top of power. Only the denationalization of the financial industry and its control by a global human UNO government will end those tragedies.

In that regard, we can see the holocaust industry in all its cynical perversion, also as the last ‘religion of judaism’ that preserves the meme of segregation from the gentile, now in a zeitgeist of agnosticism, allowing non-believers jew to keep their distance with the human being.

The cynical purpose of the Holocaust Industry.
Segregation is indeed the trade-mark of animetal cultures. And what has happened after II world war is that segregation that existed before between Am Segullah and habiru, ‘the chosen of the treasure’ and those ‘who walked behind the asses’ has been erased, as the globalization of capitalism, allowed segregation only with the gentile. But during the Holocaust that inner segregation still existed.
Indeed, In one of the most infamous episodes of the Holocaust, when Hitler, afraid of World Jewry, tried several times to ‘export’ them out of Europe at 3 $ a piece and send them to America – even proposing to the Wallensteins of Neutral Sweden an exchange for Volvo Trucks, as Goering explained – the Jewish wealthy bankers and rabbies, the ‘Am Segullah’ did not want to buy those ’3rd rate’ habirus.
The Zurich kahila put it straight forward in an astounding letter: ‘We do not recognize as jewish the people of the pale of settlement. They are impure’. So Auschwitz put them up into smoke and not a single bomb was thrown by Rosenfelt, the jewish calvinist president (roosevelt), and Churchill, the Jewish-anglican president. Those conversos were not ‘liked’. And so they were thrown to Israel.
This is what makes the Industry of the Holocaust so cynical in its purpose, which is TO CENSOR ANY criticism of those banker-priests that today rule the western financial world and its military-industrial complex fueled by Israeli wars: the lesser point is to mourn the deceased. Since the elite never cared for its peasants, as no European aristocrat had ever mourned for the death of its peasant-soldiers. But at least they restrain from feeling ‘victims’ of the peasants they send to death in the battle-fields. The wall street bankers and orthodox rabbies though use the victims they abandon to avoid all criticism and keep their ‘racist’ doctrines (nothing is more racist than feeling, not merely a superior race as the germ(an)s do but not least that ‘only sons of god’), and cycles of usury-debt, financial monopoly speculative printing of money for free, war-profits and tax-farming of mankind without being blamed of it.
This is what we must understand here. Nothing has really changed from the times of the Assyrian-Levantine coalition, in which a first Financial (gold)/Hate media (racist religions)-Military (swords) Industrial (chariot manufacturing and glass to exchange for metal) complex was born. As it happens with all systems, they have become more complex but remain essentially the same. And that is why we need this paragraph, A) to fully grasp the meaning of the Overproduction electronic crises that are going to ruin mankind this century, as its underlying structure and enzyme that carry it are the same.
To stress though that it is not deterministic, if humans were not guided by this cult(ure) of weapons and money:
Post-war Europe without warrior germans and jewish financiers on top cut off the eternal financial debt-war cycle (though it was exported to America by jewish financiers and german weapons’ makers ‘exported’ there) and developed its final rennaisance, the welfare state that the Americans so much love to hate as it is a mirror of what mankind could do with a just system.
So now the American german-jewish who left to make A-bombs and wall street schemes in the 1913-1950 period (from the arrival of the Warburg syndicate that founded the Fed to the arrival of the V2 makers) are coming back ‘dressed as gentlemen’, from the FMI and Goldman and Nato systems to impose the model back to Europe. And they of course, converted first, the usual suspects, Britain always controlled by city financiers, and the renewed German nations, who are trying to destroy from inside , with the IV Reich and the ECB bank and City speculation against the euro, and with hate media against the poor and the muslims, and with the pumping of iron into mercenary armies for the wars of Israel and with Brussels’ lobbies and corrupted politicos, the welfare state.
And they are succeeding. It is the 30s deja vu again.

But nothing of this can be understood. Any rational analysis of the causes of wars and holocaust is forbidden, so the cycles CAN BE ENACTED AGAIN. And this is the trademark of their civilizations: they prefer to die and kill for memes of metal, to keep their ritual repression, instead of evolving into the memes of life and eusocial love. The Jewish case is quite astonishing from that ‘other perspective’ of a free mind, from a culture of life and love, as this writer is. I never quite understood that sado-masochistic cycle, enacted by subverting systematically the causality of the Holocaust cycle, in which Banker Predators abandon their lower caste of peddlers that become scapegoat victims of warrior predators, in a horrendous  action-reaction process of financial ruin, usury debt, enslave and murder, all too evident to the objective Latin thinker.

They prefer to deny it, by supressing the history of their predation to become ‘only’ victims of the other animetal culture, the germans, INSTEAD OF stopping the cycle by controlling their greed and STOP financing the hate memes that make their germanic slaves, machines of death. Now again in America, just after 80 years of being massacred by Germanic Europeans they have ruined the nation with greed, at the SAME TIME that eviLwood memes RECONVERTED Germanic Americans into a hate/fear/mechanical death machine, so the cycle will be happening again.

But  since they ‘believe, they don’t reason’; since they have the Neanderthal psyche of lonely wolves, since metal repress their bodies and minds, since they hate, they don’t love, since they deny the value of ethics in their economical dogmas, how could it be otherwise?

Suddenly once the memes of animetal cult(ure)s have manufactured your infantile brain, with hate messages and racist messages, you are no longer free to exercise your human will, your desire for good food, good sex, verbal information, eusocial love, by the mandates of your bible and its division of humans, repression of senses, etc.

So we shall totally ignore the jargons, values  inquisitions of thought, rituals of victims, related to those ‘selfish memes of metal’ and laugh at its 4 ideologies, even if they today ‘camouflage’ under false pretension of ‘science’ and ‘ethics’, since they have none of it. Laugh at them indeed, is the only release we, human beings have, as their grinding machines of hate and dogma, its ritual religions spread all over the world bringing back a new dark ages to mankind.

WHAT TO MAKE OF ALL OF THIS? AN ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT ‘FINANCIAL ECONOMICS’, THE IDOL-OGY OF GOLD POWER THAT passes today as a science AND NATIONALISM, THE IDOLOGY OF GERMANIC WARRIOR TRIBES THAT PASSES AS HISTORY ARE NOT SOCIAL scienceS but racist idol-ogy of military and economic power of tribal and biblical origin, established by censorship and force by people-castes, belonging to racist religions or a religion of money as the supreme language, regardless of its values, which has as only purpose to create a global empire according to the Millenarian prophecy of the Babylonian talmud, parallel to the Aryan, warrior prophecies of world domination of the Indo-European vedas: ‘At the end of times, all the people of the world will become slaves of Judaism or will be exterminated’.

This millenarian prophecy (Talmud, Sanhedrin) has similar statements regarding the millenarian duration of the III reich in which Hitler, nee frankenheimer, of mixed jewish-german blood, affirms the same but expecting the domain of the world with weapons. Two predatory cultures appeared in the Bronze age, with two ideologies, warriors who pretend that nationalism, the homo tribalis is the ‘species’ superior to other homo tribalis, and world domination will be caused by eternal war against the ‘others’, and capitalism, carried by Levantine traders, who pretend to control the world with money.

The fundamental difference between them is one of STYLE and SHREWDNESS not of power objectives.

Both, the military and the banker, parasites societies trying to monopolize their languge of power, weapons and money to extort by menaces of murder and poverty work and taxes for free from the mass of mankind they rule.

The banking people have used with astounding shrewdness censorship to hide the fact that debt-money us usury, theft, a proposition so absurd as to deny the right to speak to people, a tax which warriors imposed directly by force. But the end result is the same: a constant syphoning of wealth from those who can’t talk money or use weapons.

The destruction of the world is caused by those people-castes and they have been at it for 3000 years, since the first coalitions of Assyrians and Levantine traders oppressed the fertile crescent, till the last century when germans and Jewish oppressed Europe and then kill each other, as their forebears did. This is the naked truth. This is the reason why mankind doesnt thrive. This is the reason why our social organisms is an aberrant mutation.

And as such we shall treat those to cult(ure)s and their ideologies, as they should be treated from a scientific perspective based in the A)B)C)D) postulates of the scientific method applied to social sciences, true historic data->cycles and creation and extinction of civilizations->biological, predatory and symbiotic hypotheses->Humanist praxis and scientific design of a better world. Anyone with a minimal Iq and a minimal ethic heart should not expect less.


Now, what we have explained must be backed by texts according to the scientific method, so we shall provide a small selection of them, from the aforementioned masterpieces.

We shall after this long explanation of the wave of history  include 3  texts, one from Abraham Leon, defining Germans and jews as people castes of war and trade, and next a paragraph of Mr. Sombart’s book on the profession of the Jews as Military purveyors, and finally an analysis by Mr. Zalenga of its conquest of Holland and England.

The next  text is the beginning of Abraham Leon’s master book, ‘The Jewish question a referential work of the first age of capitalism that relates the apparition of a people caste of bankers, which carried the trade in slaves and gold througout the western world. As Leon writes in a concentration camp it cannot be called antisemitic just the work of an honest Historian.  Then the texts of Sombart and Weber, better known to the scholar, termed as philosemitic. Finally an excerpt from the excellent contemporary work, ‘The Lost science of Money’ of Mr. Zarlenga.

‘ONE: The premises for a scientific study of Jewish history

The scientific study of Jewish history is yet to transcend the stage of idealist improvisation. Serious historians have boldly attacked the field of history as a whole in the spirit of Marx, and have in large measure conquered it for the materialist outlook. Jewish history; however, still remains the chosen land of the “god-seekers” of every variety It is one of the few fields of history where idealist prejudices have succeeded in entrenching and maintaining themselves to so great an extent.

How many oceans of ink have been spilled to celebrate the famous “miracle of the Jew!” “What a strange spectacle are these men who have, in order to preserve the sacred trust of their faith, braved persecutions and martyrdom,” exclaims Bédarride.

The preservation of the Jews is explained by all historians as the product of their devotion through the centuries to their religion or their nationality Differences among these historians begin to appear only when it comes to defining the “goal” for which the Jews preserved themselves, the reason for their resistance to assimilation. Some, taking the religious point of view, speak of the “sacred trust of their faith”; others, like Dubnow, defend the theory of “attachment to the national idea.” “We must seek the causes for the historical phenomenon of the preservation of the Jewish people in their national spiritual strength, in their ethical basis, and in the monotheistic principle,” says the General Encyclopedia which contrives in this way to reconcile the various viewpoints among the idealist historians.

But while it is possible to reconcile these idealist theories with one another, it is hopeless to try to find some ground for reconciling these same theories with the elementary rules of historical science. The latter must categorically reject the fundamental error of all idealist schools, which consists of putting under the hallmark of free will the cardinal question of Jewish history, namely: the preservation of Judaism. Only a study of the economic role played by the Jews can contribute to elucidating the causes for the “miracle of the Jew.”

To study the evolution of this question is not exclusively of academic interest. Without a thorough study of Jewish history, it is difficult to understand the Jewish question in modern times. The plight of the Jews in the twentieth century is intimately bound up with their historical past. Every social formation represents a stage in the social process. Being is only a moment in the process of becoming. In order to undertake an analysis of the Jewish question in its present phase of development, it is indispensable to know its historical roots.

In the sphere of Jewish history, as in the sphere of universal history, Karl Marx’s brilliant thought points the road to follow “WE will not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but we will look for the secret of the religion in the real Jew.” [3] Marx thus puts the Jewish question back on its feet. We must not start with religion in order to explain Jewish history; on the contrary; the preservation of the Jewish religion or nationality can be explained only by the “real Jew,” that is to say, by the Jew in his economic and social role. The preservation of the Jews contains nothing of the miraculous. “Judaism has survived not in spite of history, but by virtue of history.”

It is precisely by studying the historical function of Judaism that one is able to discover the “secret of its survival in history. The struggles between Judaism and Christian society, under their respective religious guises, were in reality social struggles. “WE transmute the contradictions of the state with a specific religion, like Judaism, into the contradiction of the state with specific secular elements.” [5]

The general pattern of Jewish history is presented (with various slight nuances) somewhat as follows according to the reigning idealist school: Up to the destruction of Jerusalem, as late as the rebellion of Bar Kochba, the Jewish nation was in no wise different from other normally constituted nations, such as the Roman or the Greek. The wars between the Romans and the Jews resulted in dispersing the Jewish nation to the four corners of the world. In the dispersion, the Jews fiercely resisted national and religious assimilation. Christianity found no more rabid adversaries in its path and despite all its efforts did not succeed in converting them. The fall of the Roman empire increased the isolation of Judaism which constituted the sole heterodox element after the complete triumph of Christianity in the West.

The Jews of the Diaspora, in the epoch of the barbarian invasions, did not at all constitute a homogeneous social group. On the contrary agriculture, industry commerce were widely prevalent among them. It was the continuous religious persecutions which forced them to entrench themselves increasingly in commerce and usury The Crusades, by reason of the religious fanaticism they engendered, violently accelerated this evolution which transformed the Jews into usurers and ended in their confinement in ghettos. Of course the hatred against the Jews was also fanned by the latter’s economic role. But the historians attribute only a secondary importance to this factor. This condition of Judaism continued up to the French Revolution, which destroyed the barriers that religious oppression had raised against the Jews.

Several important facts challenge the truth of this pattern:

1. The dispersal of the Jews does not at all date from the fall of Jerusalem. Several centuries before this event, the great majority of Jews were already spread over the four corners of the world. It is certain that well before the fall of Jerusalem, more than three-fourths of the Jews no longer lived in Palestine. [6]

For the great masses of Jews dispersed in the Greek empire, and later in the Roman empire, the Jewish kingdom of Palestine was of completely secondary importance. The tie with the “mother country was manifested solely in religious pilgrimages to Jerusalem, which played a role similar to that of Mecca for the Moslems. Shortly before the fall of Jerusalem, King Agrippa said to the Jews: “There is no people upon the habitable earth which have not some portion of you among them.” [7]

The Diaspora was consequently not at all an accidental thing, a product of acts of violence. [8] The fundamental reason for Jewish emigration must be sought in the geographic conditions of Palestine.

“The Jews in Palestine were the possessors of a mountainous country which at a certain time no longer sufficed for assuring its inhabitants as tolerable an existence as that among their neighbors. Such a people is driven to choose between brigand- age and emigration. The Scots, for example, alternately engaged in each of these pursuits. The Jews, after numerous struggles with their neighbors, also took the second road …. Peoples living under such conditions do not go to foreign countries as agriculturists. They go there rather in the role of mercenaries, like the Arcadians of antiquity the Swiss in the Middle Ages, the Albanians in our day; or in the role of merchants, like the Jews, the Scots, and the Armenians. We see here that a similar environment tends to produce similar characteristics among peoples of different races.” [9]

2. The overwhelming majority of Jews of the Diaspora unquestionably engaged in trade. Palestine itself since very remote times constituted a passageway for merchandise, a bridge between the valleys of the Euphrates and the Nile. “Syria was the inevitable highway of the conquerors …. Trade and ideas followed the same route. It is easy to see that from a very early date these regions were thickly populated, and possessed great cities whose very situation lent itself to commerce.” [10]

The geographic conditions of Palestine therefore explain both the Jewish emigration and its commercial character On the other hand, among all nations, at the beginning of their development, the traders are foreigners. “The characteristic of a natural economy is that each sphere produces everything consumed by it and consumes everything it produces. There is consequently no pressure to buy goods or services from others …. Because what is produced is consumed in this economy, we find among all these peoples that the first traders are foreigners.” [11]

Philo enumerates many cities where the Jews were established as traders. He states that they “inhabited countless cities in Europe, in Asia, in Libya, on the mainland and in the islands, along the coasts and in the interior.” The Jews who inhabited the Hellenic islands, as well as the mainland and further to the west, had installed themselves there with commercial objectives. [12] “As well as the Syrians, the Jews were to be found in all the cities, living in small communities; they were sailors, brokers, bankers, whose influence was as essential in the economic life of the time as was the Oriental influence which made itself felt at the same time in the art and the religious thought of the period.” [13]

It is to their social position that the Jews are beholden for the wide autonomy granted them by the Roman emperors. The Jews, “and they only were allowed to form, so to speak, a community within the community an —while the other nonburgesses were ruled by the authorities of the burgess body—[they were permitted] up to a certain degree to govern themselves.” [14] Caesar advanced the interests of the Jews in Alexandria and in Rome by special favors and privileges, and protected in particular their peculiar worship against the Roman as well as against the Greek local priests. [15]

3. Hatred for the Jews does not date solely from the birth of Christianity Seneca treated the Jews as a criminal race. Juvenal believed that the Jews existed only to cause evil for other peoples. Quintilian said that the Jews were a curse for other people. The cause of ancient anti-Semitism is the same as for medieval anti- Semitism: the antagonism toward the merchant in every society based principally on the production of use values. “Medieval hostility toward merchants is not solely of Christian or pseudo-Christian inspiration. It also has a ‘real’ pagan source. The latter was strongly rooted in a class ideology; in the disdain which the leading classes of Roman society— the senatorial gentes as well as the provincial curia—felt, out of a deep peasant tradition, toward all forms of economic activity other than those deriving from agriculture.” [16]

However, while anti-Semitism was already strongly developed in Roman society the condition of the Jews, as we have seen, was quite enviable there. The hostility of classes that live from the land toward trade does not eliminate their dependence upon the latter. The landowner hates and despises the merchant but he cannot get along without him. [17]

The triumph of Christianity did not bring any notable changes in this regard. Christianity, at first the religion of the slaves and the downtrodden, was rapidly transformed into an ideology of the ruling class of landed proprietors. It was Constantine the Great who laid the foundation for medieval serfdom. The triumphal march of Christianity across Europe was accompanied by an extension of feudal economy.

The religious orders played an extremely important role in the progress of civilization, which consisted in that epoch of developing agriculture on the basis of serfdom. There is little astonishing in the fact that “born in Judaism, formed at first exclusively of Jews, Christianity nevertheless nowhere during the first four centuries found more difficulty than among them in acquiring partisans for its doctrine.”

[18] As a matter of fact, Christian mentality during the first ten centuries of our era viewed everything connected with economic life from the basic standpoint “that a merchant can with difficulty do work pleasing to God” and that “all trade implies a greater or lesser amount of cheating.” [19] The life of the Jews appeared completely incomprehensible to St. Ambrose who lived in the fourth century. He despised the wealth of the Jews profoundly, and firmly believed that they would be punished for it by eternal damnation.

The fierce hostility of the Jews toward Catholicism and their determination to preserve a religion which admirably expressed their social interests are therefore quite natural. It is not the loyalty of the Jews to their faith which explains their preservation as a distinct social group; on the contrary it is their preservation as a distinct social group which explains their attachment to their faith.

Nevertheless, like the hostility in antiquity toward the Jews, Christian anti-Semitism in the first ten centuries of the Christian era never went to the extreme of demanding the annihilation of Judaism. Whereas official Christianity mercilessly persecuted paganism and heresies, it tolerated the Jewish religion. The condition of the Jews continued to improve during the decline of the Roman empire, after the complete triumph of Christianity and up to the twelfth century. The more economic decay deepened, all the more did the commercial role of the Jews grow in importance. In the tenth century, they constituted the sole economic link between Europe and Asia.

4. It is only from the twelfth century on, parallel with the economic development of Western Europe, with the growth of cities and the formation of a native commercial and industrial class, that the condition of the Jews begins to worsen seriously, leading to their almost complete elimination from most of the Western countries. Persecutions of the Jews take on increasingly violent forms. As against this, in the backward countries of Eastern Europe, their condition continued to flourish up to a fairly recent period.

From these few preliminary considerations, we can see how false is the general conception prevailing in the sphere of Jewish history. Above all the Jews constitute historically a social group with a specific economic function. They are a class, or more precisely, a people-class. The concept of class does not at all contradict the concept of people. It is because the Jews have preserved themselves as a social class that they have likewise retained certain of their religious, ethnic, and linguistic traits. [21]

This identification of a class with a people (or race) is far from being exceptional in precapitalist societies. Social classes were then frequently distinguished by a more or less national or racial character.

“The higher and lower classes … are in many countries the lineal representatives of the peoples conquering and the peoples conquered of an anterior epoch …. The race of the invaders … formed a military nobility … the invaded race … not living by the sword but by the compulsory labor of their hands ….” [22] Kautsky speaks in the same vein: “Different classes may assume the character of different races.

On the other hand, the meeting of many races, each developing an occupation of its own, may lead to their taking up various callings or social positions within the same community: race becomes class.” [23] There is evidently a continuous interdependence between racial or national and class characteristics. The social position of the Jews has had a profound, determining influence on their national character.

There is no contradiction in this idea of a people-class; and it is even easier to show the correspondence between class and religion.

Whenever a class attains a certain degree of maturity and consciousness, its opposition to the ruling class takes on religious forms. The heresies of the Albigenses, the Lollards, the Manichaeans, the Cathari, and other innumerable sects that swarmed in medieval cities, were the initial religious manifestations of the growing opposition to the feudal order by the bourgeoisie and the people as a whole. These heresies nowhere reached the level of a dominant religion because of the relative weakness of the medieval bourgeoisie.

They were savagely drowned in blood. It was only in the seventeenth century that the bourgeoisie, increasing in power, was able to bring about the triumph of Lutheranism and above all of Calvinism and its English equivalents. [25]

Whereas Catholicism expresses the interests of the landed nobility and of the feudal order, while Calvinism (or Puritanism) represents those of the bourgeoisie or capitalism, Judaism mirrors the interest of a precapitalist mercantile class.’


Now this is a very mild text on the consequences of usury and slave trade of the ‘people of the treasure’, true translation of the ‘Chosen people’, whose levi castes of banker-priests enslaved first 11 tribes of ‘habiru’, name that means, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, slave and military traders, carrying in mules behind the battle fields their trade, whose religion is indeed an ‘apartheid cult’ needed to separate themselves from the human capital they trade, akin to the ‘caste’ system of the Vedas, used also to separate the aryan charioters from the Indians they submitted as conquerors with gold and weapons.

That people do not UNDERSTAND how money hypnotizes and enslaves, how informative languages control people, means we tend to focus on the animetal warrior deeds. In other posts we study some of the multiple crimes of judaism, from the 4 million castrated children they exported in the middle ages, and the 8 million they murdered to rise their price, bleeding them to death.

Now to see the way the Holocaust Industry works, this crime is the origin of the so-called blood libel and the pogroms of the XII century, according to which the eunuch holocaust is hidden by the Industry of the Holocaust, so we only now the end result.

The same happens with modern crimes of hunger. There are almost 1 billion hungry people,and 5 million children die each year, unable to pay the prices of food, because of the invention of ‘future trade’ in commodities that have doubled the prices of food in a decade, as speculators ‘trade in future higher prices’, put their bets and then rig the market, systematically, when the date for the future trade nears, jacking up the prices of wheat to close the trade with profits of billions of $ paid by every hungry children in the world. Every year around 5 million children die for a few speculators in Chicago to match they future puts. But nobody knows that a Holocaust happens every year. And that is the power of controlling the financial-media system that manufactures and selects the information of our mind, as opposed to the obvious military-industrial complex.

Expansion to Biblial religions (Calvinism and Anglicanism).

What matters to us of the splendid text of Abraham Leon, and similar texts of Sombart and Weber is the concept of a people-caste whose  biblical culture is molded by their profession, as IT APPEARS IN THE BRONZE AGE TWO PEOPLE CASTES, THE JEWISH-PHOENICIAN GOLD BELIEVERS AND THE GERMAN WARRIOR PEOPLE-CASTES THAT WILL CARRY EVER SINCE THE fundamentalist ideologies of capitalism and nationalism that perverted the goals of eusocial evolution of mankind becoming the essential animetal cultures that sometimes in alliance sometimes in open confrontation will try to rule the world with money and weapons against the democratic, rational, life societies that they prey on.

Germans will enter history calling themselves ‘Goths’, Gods, because they killed all who opposed their weapons and became the people-caste of military aristocrats that dominated for millennia the Roman Empire and Western Europe, in alliance with usury bankers, the stockratic elite of the Jewish culture. And both together controlled the ‘wor(l)d, humanist cultures’ they prey on. Only when Europe has taken away those predatory cultures from top of society in the rennaisance and French revolutionary periods and welfare age of post II world war, life and its memes have flourished.

And to understand why we have to recall again the grammar of those 3 languages, metal-money, weapons and biological words. Since the entire psyche of the Assyrian->Germanic/Jewish alliance of iron warriors and gold bankers is GUIDED BY THE anti-life VALUES OF THE SYNTAX OF MONEY AND WEAPONS THEY OBEY WITHOUT REASONING. LET US THEN REMEMBER with texts of those masterworks, how that Financial-Military system evolved from its earlier ages till today:

In gold values by the laws of affinity of substances, weapons are always the most expensive goods, whih exchange for gold. 70% of gold was used to pay mercenary armies till the XVIII century. Thus the alliance of the Financial-Military Gold-iron cultures, the goldiron world of Assyrians and Phoenicians, Jews and Germans was unavoidable under those values and the racist nature of the Germanic and Jewish cultures was also needed to despise, kill and enslave the victims of gold and iron. Had they understood that money is fiat money, and the law is above it, this pricing was not needed.

Had they used wheat as money as the Sumerians, or tao coins, as the Chinese or nomisma as the Greeks, the cycles of eternal wars for debt would have not happened. The parasitic warrior-banking coalition would have not existed. money would have been used to produce more ‘wHealth’, more wheat, more cocoa as in the Mayan culture, more welfare goods as in the European post-war age.  but for the assyrians and Jews, wealth was metal, iron and gold. And this concept woud be carried till today when America has a life standard far inferior to that of Europe but its GDP is higher because it prices weapons, but hte americans do not eat atomic bombs. Thus in the alternative measure of wealth, the IHD, the Index of Human development they are behind Europe. but this altenrative measure of wealth invented by a Bengali economist, Sen, is only used by the UNo. No nation uses it. Hence we are still in the animetal point of view on wealth, as a measure of the Financial-Media/military-industrial system.


“The Jews as Purveyors”

Although there are numerous cases on record of Jews acting in the ca- pacity of army-contractors in Spain previous to 1492, I shall not refer to this period, because it lies outside the scope of our present consider- ations. We shall confine ourselves to the centuries that followed and begin with England.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the Jews had already achieved re- nown as army-purveyors. Under the Commonwealth the most famous army-contractor was Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, “the great Jew,” who came to London some time between 1630 and 1635, and was very soon accounted among the most prominent traders in the land. In 1649 he was one of the five London merchants entrusted by the Council of State with the army contract for corn.2  It is said that he annually imported into England silver to the value of £100,000. In the period that ensued, especially in the wars of William III, Sir Solomon Medina (“the Jew Medina”) was “the great contractor,” and for his services he was knighted, being the first professing Jew to receive that honour.3

It was the same in the wars of the Spanish Succession; here, too, Jews were the principal army-contractors.4 In 1716 the Jews of Strassburg recall the services they rendered the armies of Louis XIV by furnishing information and supplying provisions.8 Indeed, Louis XIV’s army-con- tractor-in-chief was a Jew, Jacob Worms by name;6  and in the 18th century Jews gradually took a more and more prominent part in this work. In 1727 the Jews of Metz brought into the city in the space of six weeks 2000 horses for food and more than 5000 for remounts.7 Field- Marshal Maurice of Saxony, the victor of Fontenoy, expressed the opin- ion that his armies were never better served with supplies than when the Jews were the contractors.8 One of the best known of the Jewish army- contractors in the time of the last two Louis was Cerf Beer, in whose patent of naturalization it is recorded that “… in the wars which raged in Alsace in 1770 and 1771 he found the opportunity of proving his zeal in our service and in that of the State.”9

Similarly, the house of the Gradis, of Bordeaux, was an establish- ment of international repute in the 18th century. Abraham Gradis set up large storehouses in Quebec to supply the needs of the French troops there.10 Under the Revolutionary Government, under the Directory, in the Napoleonic Wars it was always Jews who acted as purveyors.11 In this connexion a public notice displayed in the streets of Paris in 1795 is significant. There was a famine in the city and the Jews were called upon to show their gratitude for the rights bestowed upon them by the Revolution by bringing in corn. “They alone,” says the author of the notice, “can successfully accomplish this enterprise, thanks to their busi- ness relations, of which their fellow citizens ought to have full ben- efit.”12  A parallel story comes from Dresden. In 1720 the Court Jew, Jonas Meyer, saved the town from starvation by supplying it with large quantities of corn. (The Chronicler mentions 40,000 bushels.)18

All over Germany the Jews from an early date were found in the ranks of army-contractors. Let us enumerate a few of them. There was Isaac Meyer in the 16th century, who, when Cardinal Albrecht admitted him a resident of Halberstadt in 1537, was enjoined by him, in view of the dangerous times, “to supply our monastery with good weapons and armour.” There was Joselman von Rosheim, who in 1548 received an imperial letter of protection because he had supplied both money and provisions for the army. In 1546 , there is a record of Bohemian Jews who provided great; coats and blankets for the army.14 In the next cen- tury (1633) another Bohemian Jew, Lazarus by name, received an offii cial declaration that he “obtained either in person, or at his own ex- pense, valuable information for the Imperial troops, and that he made it his business to see that the army had a good supply of ammunition and clothing.”15 The Great Elector also had recourse to Jews for his military needs. Leimann Gompertz and Solomon Elias were his contractors for cannon, powder and so forth.16 There were numerous others: Samuel Julius, remount contractor under the Elector Frederick Augustus of Saxony; the Model family, court-purveyors and army-contractors in the Duchy of Ansbach in the 17th and 18th centuries are well known.17 In short, as one writer of the time pithily expresses it, “all the contractors are Jews and all the Jews are contractors.”18

Austria does not differ in this respect from Germany, France and England. The wealthy Jews, who in the reign of the Emperor Leopold received permission to re-settle in Vienna (1670) — the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, Mayer Herschel and the rest — were all army-contrac-

tors.19 And we find the same thing in all the countries under the Austrian Crown.20  Lastly, we must mention the Jewish army-contractors who provisioned the American troops in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.21

The Jews as Financiers

This has been a theme on which many historians have written, and we are tolerably well informed concerning this aspect of Jewish history in all ages. It will not be necessary for me, therefore, to enter into this question in great detail; the enumeration of a few well-known facts will suffice.

Already in the Middle Ages we find that everywhere taxes, salt- mines and royal domains were farmed out to Jews; that Jews were royal treasurers and money-lenders, most frequently, of course, in the Pyrenean Peninsula, where the Almoxarife and the Rendeiros were chosen prefer- ably from among the ranks of the rich Jews. But as this period does not specially concern us here, I will not mention any names but refer the reader to the general literature on the subject.22

It was, however, in modern times, when the State as we know it to- day first originated, that the activity of the Jews as financial advisers of princes was fraught with mighty influence. Take Holland, where al- though officially deterred from being servants of the Crown, they very quickly occupied positions of authority. We recall Moses Machado, the favourite of William III; Delmonte, a family of ambassadors (Lords of Schoonenberg); the wealthy Suasso, who in 1688 lent William two mil- lion gulden, and others.23

The effects of the Jewish haute finance in Holland made themselves felt beyond the borders of the Netherlands, because that country in the

17th and 18th centuries was the reservoir from which all the needy princes of Europe drew their money. Men like the Pintos, Delmontes, Bueno de Mesquita, Francis Mels and many others may in truth be regarded as the leading financiers of Northern Europe during that period.24

Next, English finance was at this time also very extensively con- trolled by Jews.25 The monetary needs of the Long Parliament gave the first impetus to the settlement of rich Jews in England. Long before their admission by Cromwell, wealthy crypto-Jews, especially from Spain and Portugal, migrated thither via Amsterdam: the year 1643 brought an exceptionally large contingent. Their rallying-point was the house of the Portuguese Ambassador in London, Antonio de Souza, himself a Maranno. Prominent among them was Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, who

has already been mentioned, and who was as great a financier as he was an army contractor. It was he who supplied the Commonwealth with funds. The little colony was further increased under the later Stuarts, notably under Charles the Second. In the retinue , of his Portuguese bride, Catherine of Braganza, were quite a number of moneyed Jews, among them the brothers Da Sylva, Portuguese bankers of Amsterdam, who were entrusted with the transmission and administration of the Queen’s dowry.26 Contemporaneously with them came the Mendes and the Da Costas from Spain and Portugal, who united their families under the name of Mendes da Costa.

About the same period the Ashkenazi (German) Jews began to ar- rive in the country. On the whole, these could hardly compare for wealth with their Sephardi (Spanish) brethren, yet they also had their capitalis- tic magnates, such as Benjamin Levy for example.

Under William III their numbers were still further increased, and the links between the court and the rich Jews were strengthened. Sir Solomon Medina, who has also been already mentioned, followed the King from Holland as his banker, and with him came the Suasso, an- other of the plutocratic families. Under Queen Anne one of the most prominent financiers in England was Menasseh Lopez, and by the time the South Sea Bubble burst, the Jews as a body were the greatest finan- cial power in the country. They had kept clear of the wild speculations which had preceded the disaster and so retained their fortunes unim- paired. Accordingly, when the Government issued a loan on the Land Tax, the Jews were in a position to take up one quarter of it. During this critical period the chief family was that of the Gideons, whose represen- tative, Sampson Gideon (1699–1762), was the “trusted adviser of the Government,” the friend of Walpole, the “pillar of the State credit.” In

1745, the year of panics, Sampson raised a loan of £1,700,000 for the assistance of the Government. On his death his influence passed to the firm of Francis and Joseph Salvador, who retained it till the beginning of the 19th century, when the Rothschilds succeeded to the financial leadership.

It is the same story in France, and the powerful position held by Samuel Bernard in the latter part of the reign of Louis XIV and in the whole of that of Louis XV may serve as one example among many. We find Louis XIV walking in his garden with this wealthy Jew, “whose sole merit,” in the opinion of one cynical writer,27  “was that he sup- ported the State as the rope does the hanged man.” He financed the

Wars of the Spanish Succession; he aided the French candidate for the throne of Poland; he advised the Regent in all money matters. It was probably no exaggeration when the Marquis de Dangeau spoke of him in one of his letters28 as “the greatest banker in Europe at the present time.” In France also the Jews participated to a large extent in the re- consolidation of the French East India Company after the bursting of the South Sea Bubble.29 It was not, however, until the 19th century that they won a really leading position in financial circles in France, and the important names here are the Rothschilds, the Helphens, the Foulds, the Cerfbeers, the Duponts, the Godchaux, the Dalemberts, the Pereires and others. It is possible that in the 17th and 18th centuries also a great many more Jews than those already mentioned were active as financiers in France, but that owing to the rigorous exclusion of Jews they became crypto-Jews, and so we have no full information about them.

It is easier to trace Jewish influence in finance in Germany and Austria through that clever invention — the status of “Court Jew.” Though the law in these countries forbade Jews to settle in their bound- aries, yet the princes and rulers kept a number of “privileged” Jews at their courts. According to Graetz,30 the status of “Court Jew” was intro- duced by the Emperors of Germany during the Thirty Years’ War. Be that as it may, it is an undoubted fact that pretty well every State in Germany throughout the 17th and 18th centuries had its Court Jew or Jews, upon whose support the finances of the land depended.

A few examples by way of illustration. In the 17th century31 we find at the Imperial Court Joseph Pinkherle, of Goerz, Moses and Jacob Marburger, of Gradisca, Ventura Parente of Trieste, Jacob Bassewi Batscheba Schmieles in Prague, the last of whom the Emperor Ferdinand raised to the ranks of the nobility under the title von Treuenburg on account of his faithful services. In the reign of the Emperor Leopold I we meet with the respected family of the Oppenheimers, of whom the Staatskanzler Ludewig wrote in the following terms.32 After saying that the Jews were the arbiters of the most important events, he continues: “In the year 1690 the Jew Oppenheimer was well known among mer- chants and bankers not only in Europe but throughout the world.” No less famous in the same reign was Wolf Schlesinger, purveyor to the court, who in company with Lewel Sinzheim raised more than one large loan for the State. Maria Theresa utilized the services of Schlesinger and others, notably the Wertheimers, Amsteins and Eskeles. Indeed, for more than a century the court bankers in Vienna were Jews.33 We can gauge their economic influence from the fact that when an anti-Jewish riot broke out in Frankfort-on-the-Main, the local authorities thought it wise in the interest of credit to call upon the Imperial Office to interfere and protect the Frankfort Jews, who had very close trade relations with their brethren in Vienna.34

It was not otherwise at the smaller German courts. “The continually increasing needs of the various courts, each vying with the other in luxury, rendered it imperative, seeing that communication was by no means easy, to have skilful agents in the commercial centres.”

Accordingly the Dukes of Mecklenburg had such agents in Hamburg; Bishop John Philip of Wurzburg was in 1700 served by Moses Elkan in Frankfort. This activity opened new channels for the Jews; the enterprising dealer who provided jewels for her ladyship, liveries for the court cham- berlain and dainties for the head cook was also quite willing to negotiate a loan.35  Frankfort and Hamburg, with their large Jewish population, had many such financial agents, who acted for ruling princes living at a distance. Besides those already mentioned we may recall the Portuguese Jew, Daniel Abensur, who died in Hamburg in 1711. He was Minister- resident of the King of Poland in that city, and the Polish Crown was indebted to him for many a loan.

Some of these agents often moved to the court which borrowed from them, and became “Court Jews.” Frederick Augustus, who became Elector of Saxony in 1694, had a number of them: Leffmann Berentz, of Hanover, J. Meyer, of Hamburg, Berend Lehmann, of Halberstadt (who advanced money for the election of the King of Poland) and others. Again, in Hanover the Behrends were Chief Court Purveyors and Agents to the Treasury; the Models, the Fraenkels and the Nathans acted in a similar capacity to the Duchy of Ansbach. In the Palatinate we come across Lemte Moyses and Michel May, who in 1719 paid the debt of 2½ million gulden which the Elector owed the Emperor, and lastly, in the Marggravate of Bayreuth, there were the Baiersdorfs.

Better known perhaps are the Court Jews of the Brandenburg-Prus- sian rulers — Lippold, under Joachim II; Gomperz and Joost Liebmann, under Frederick III; Veit, underFrederick William I; and Ephraim, Moses, Isaac and Daniel Itzig, under Frederick II. Most famous of all the Ger- man Court Jews, the man who may be taken as their archetype, was Suess-Oppenheimer, who was at the court of Charles Alexander of Wiirtemberg.41

Finally, we must not leave unmentioned that during the 18th century, more especially in the Revolutionary Wars, the Jews played no small role as financiers in the United States of America. Haym Salomon42 ranks side by side with the Minis and the Cohens in Georgia,43 but the most prominent of them all was Robert Morris, the financier par excel- lence of the American Revolution.44

And now comes an extraordinary thing. Whilst for centuries (espe- cially during the 17th and the 18th — the two so momentous in the growth of the modern State) the Jews had personal financial dealings with the rulers, in the century that followed (but even during the two already mentioned) the system of public credit gradually took a new form. This forced the big capitalist from his dominating position more and more into the background, and allowed an ever-increasing number of miscellaneous creditors to take his place. Through the evolution of the modern method of floating loans the public credit was, so to speak, “democratized,” and, in consequence, the Court Jew became superflu- ous. But the Jews themselves were not the least who aided the growth of this new system of borrowing, and thus they contributed to the removal of their own monopoly as financiers. In so doing they participated to a greater degree than ever before in the work of building up the great States of the present.

The transformation in the public credit system was but a part of a much vaster change which crept over economic life as a whole, a meta- morphosis in which also the Jews took a very great share. Let us consider this change in its entirety.

Chapter 6. The Predominance of Commerce in Economic Life

Tt is a matter of common knowledge that the Stock Exchange in modern times is becoming more and more the heart of all economic activities. With the fuller development of capitalism this was only to be expected, and there were three clear stages in the process. The first was the evolu- tion of credit from being a personal matter into one of an impersonal relationship. It took shape and form in securities. Stage two: these secu- rities were made mobile — that is, bought and sold in a market. The last stage was the formation of undertakings for the purpose of creating such securities. In all the stages the Jew was ever present with his creative genius.

We may even go further and say that it was due specifically to the Jew- ish spirit that these characteristics of modern economic life came into being.


Zarlenga though is a bit more sanguine than the ‘philosemitic’ Sombart, when relating the birth of the Financial-Media System of the modern age in Amsterdam, when ‘hate speeches’ now could be ‘printed’ and the first corporation of gunboats started mass production of weapons sold all over the world, specially in Germany where ½ of the population would die in the ‘hate wars’ of the reformation, fuelled by the hate speeches of the Bible and the Jewish sale of weapons directly or through the first Corporation in which they were majority stock-holder and whose first CEO, Cohen was a direct descendant of Aaron:


When there was factional fighting in Morocco, Amsterdam’s Jewish merchants  supplied  both  sides  of  the  battle.  Later,  both  factions in England’s civil wars borrowed in Amsterdam:

“During  the English civil wars grain was occasionally  imported [byboth sides] from Holland…In the 2nd half of the century the provisioning business was full blown in the hands of Jewish provideurs.  During the Franco -Dutch War, Machado and Periera of Amsterdam supplied the bread wagons of both Dutch and [their enemy] Spanish armies…,” wrote Barbour. “In  the  war  between Denmark and  Sweden in  1644-45 both belligerents   chartered,   equipped   and   manned   whole   squadrons  in Amsterdam  to assist their fleets.” 15 According  to Barbour, even in wars in which Holland was involved,

Amsterdam’s merchants traded with the enemy, financed the enemy, and withheld supplies from Holland, except at monopoly prices. This aspect of capitalism has  continued  to  the  present  day, unfortunately   giving major financial interests a motive to foment warfare.


Publishing books was a major activity of Amsterdam’s Jewry, and it had a decisive political  effect on England  and the development  of both Protestantism and capitalism. The larger part of the output was religious and was mostly for export. The first English language newspaper was printed in Amsterdam in 1620, called  the “Courant,” with  reports  from  Italy, Germany,  and other countries.


The Jewish press of Joseph Athias “claimed  to have printed so many Bibles in English that every servingmaid  and ploughboy might aspire to own one,” wrote Van Dillen. 16 Herbert Bloom puts the number of Athias Bibles at one million, with destinations  of England and Scotland.

Sending  a  million  Bibles  to  England  had  far  reaching   political effects and Athias was not the only Bible printer. The most notable was Rabbi Manasseh  Ben Israel (1604-1657),  who began printing  in 1627. According to Tovey, Manasseh  had converted  to Judaism;  his wife was of the Arabanel family, which claimed a direct line to David of Biblical fame.17 But this may have been put out for English consumption, as it is not mentioned in the modem  Jewish Encyclopaedia.

Manasseh is credited with printing the first Hebrew book and printed mostly Bibles.  He engaged  in grandiose geopolitical operations, especially in his relations with Oliver Cromwell. In Chapter 10 we discuss how he led efforts to gain re-admission  of the Jews to England, who had been banned there since 1290 for clipping the English coinage.

While the publishing  business was Jewish dominated, it was the Amsterdam Stock Exchange that mainly attracted the attention of the Jewish community, particularly  since banking was off limits. “Ultimately, they controlled no less than 25% of the shares of the (Dutch) East India Company,” wrote Prof. Roth. 19


The Amsterdam Exchange was built in 1611, modeled on that of Antwerp from 1531. Commodities as well as stocks were traded, with specific areas (“pits”) designated for trading in different items. Amsterdam from the 1600s onwards was the direct origin of our pres­ ent exchange mechanisms and procedures. She got them from Antwerp, which is said to have gotten them from the Levant.

In the 1980s and 90s attention often focused on the “innovations” known as “derivative products”: stock market indexes and futures and options contracts based on them. Nearly all of these “innovations” were in use on the great Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the 1600s and 1700s. We find the same types of contracts, the same general rules of trading, the same methods of cheating the public and of manipulating markets!


The trading lore of the Exchange reads like present day descriptions. There were Bulls – “Liethebberen;” and Bears- “Contremines” (against the “mine” oflndia) and Butterflies- “Bichelle,” who fluttered between Bullish and Bearish. Some of the trading “rules” from the 1600s can be found  on  the  guidelines  that  clearing  houses  hand  out  to  their  floor traders today:

“Take every gain without showing remorse about missed profits.” “Never  give anyone advice to buy or sell shares.”

“Whoever  wishes to win in this game must have patience and money.”

“The expectation  of an event creates a much deeper impression  upon the exchange than the event itself.”22


As with today’s Exchanges, cheating was an inseparable part of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange’s activity, and as today, it occurred on three levels: a) Broker’s abuse of client’s  orders,

b) Behind  the scenes manipulation  of prices, and

c) Using structural faults in market mechanisms  to fleece participants.


There were two types of brokers on the Amsterdam  Exchange: offi­ cially appointed or “sworn” brokers, of which there were 375 Christians and 20 Jews; and more than 700 unsworn  brokers,  or “free”  brokers, who were mainly Jewish. The free brokers were somewhat wild and not proscribed  by  law  from  certain  practices  that  took  advantage  of  the clients.

In particular, the sworn brokers were forbidden  to engage  in “dual trading.” This  means  they  were  to  execute  orders  for  their  clients accounts but were not to trade for their own accounts. The free brokers traded their own accounts as well, and would “front run” their clients orders, as well as orders that they could see entering the pit through the sworn brokers.

“Dual trading”  was  an important  issue  in the commodity  trading scandals of the late 1980s in America.  Though  public prosecutors sug­ gested forbidding it, the public never understood  the process. The polit­ ically powerful  commodity  Exchanges,  with  their  large  contributions, blocked legislation against it.

Dual trading  should  be banned  because  it represents  a conflict  of interest. If a broker holding a client’s  order to buy or sell, is allowed to trade for his own account  at the same price, or just in “front” of it, to “front run” it, as it is called on the Exchanges,  the market  mechanism ceases to function in a fair manner. For the “front running” broker has been given an unfair advantage over other market participants.

For example, suppose a broker has an order to buy at a certain price. If he “front runs” it and before filling the order buys for his own account at, or just above the order price, he then controls the client’s order which will buy it back from him, that is, protect his trade from a loss. The same holds true for selling in front of a clients sell order. Just knowing of the orders’ existence gives a big advantage.

This is serious  because  with  Members’ margin  requirements  (the cash deposit they must put up) being only about 1%, the front running brokers have a possibility of great gain in a short time period with almost no possibility of loss. If the broker enters and exits the trade on the same day, the margin requirements are generally even lower than 1%!

The client  loses the opportunity  to gain, where  his order is never filled and the market rises or falls from his order point. Second, if the broker lets the order get filled because he can see that the market is going to go through it anyway, the client’s  order is being filled in an obviously (to the broker) losing situation.

Third,  any market  that systematically gives  an advantage to par­ ticular participants  over time will harm the relative position of all others. If some participants  can trade with little or no risk, over time everyone else will be hurt.

Some modem exchanges  put limitations on brokers trading for their own accounts,  but they are not always effective because the brokers use what are called “bag  men” who they signal  to do the offending trade; while they hold back the client’s order, to protect the accomplice’s trading position, and they divide the profits later.

Efforts made by the Amsterdam  Stock Exchange  to curb dual trad­ ing and front running were not effective, as they have not been in mod­ em  times. Computerized  trading,  as opposed  to an “open  outcry” sys­ tem, would largely solve this problem (and perhaps introduce a different form of cheating  by the computer  literati).


In 1688 Joseph  De La Vega, a Jewish  stockbroker  in Amsterdam, wrote a book called Confusione de Confusiones,23 vividly describing exchange  activity.  He  gave  a detailed  roadmap  of  how  manipulators would launch a bear campaign (to lower prices), outlining 12 stratagems, which I’ll  summarize:

At  the  beginning  of  the  campaign  the  syndicate  borrows  all the money  available  at the exchange  and makes  it “apparent” it wishes to buy(!) shares with the money. When they start their campaign  to drive prices down, the bears actually begin with purchases (which raise prices) and take all items offered! Then, having driven prices up as high as they can, they start selling:

They  strike  the first  blow  with  time  sales  (futures),  reserving the cash sales for the moment of greater distress.

5th    stratagem       – sell the largest possible quantity of call options

61h      strategem      – buy the largest possible quantity of put options

“              – loan the bulls money, taking their shares as collateral, then sell their shares.

“              – spread false news by dropping a letter: “They  have a letter written and arrange to have the letter dropped as if by chance at the right spot.”

– They get some new person to sell, and :finance his loss, if any, in the belief that anything new gets more attention.

“              –  Whisper loud enough to be heard.

“              –  Sell government bonds to shock the general situation.

The manipulation  of news  was  also  important:  ”The  small  boats which were supposed to meet  the  English  ships  and  speed  back  to harbour with the news, in reality merely took a turn outside the harbour and having invented their own plausible gossip, came back and sold it to the feverish crowds of speculators,” wrote Wilson.24


The “ducatoon” trading  introduced  structural  flaws  in the market. They were not real shares but were fictitious or imaginary units, kept as account book entries  by a cashier. Each Ducatoon  represented  1/10 of the value of a Dutch East India Company  share.

The Ducatoons  were a monthly  phenomenon  with a new series of Ducatoons each month. They attracted the smaller investors and specu­ lators, and the market makers were mainly Jewish brokers. While each Ducatoon represented  1110 of a DEIC  share,  the  market  price  of the Ducatoons fluctuated  independently  and the only time they were offi­ cially valued at the 1110 of a DEIC share was on settlement day, the first of each month at 1 pm, as signaled on the floor of the Exchange  by an appointed person “raising  the stick.” This settlement  price would then determine  whether   speculators   had  made   or  lost  money   on  their Ducatoons  and  accounts   would   be  settled,   debiting   and  crediting accounts.

Readers familiar with modern stock index futures will immediately see the Ducatoon was similar to a stock index future, except it was based on only one company, and for one month at a time; whereas stock indexes are based on an index of many companies,  and futures expirations  are more extended.

The same type of riskless arbitrage was engaged in then as now. The market makers in the Ducatoon would sell the Ducatoons  to speculators at a premium over the DEIC stock, and purchase the underlying stock to guarantee  a profit  to themselves  on expiration  day. Alternatively, they would purchase the Ducatoons at a discount, and sell short the underlying DEIC shares. “The  members  initiate action only when they can foresee its result  so  that  apart  from  unlucky  incidents,  they  can  reckon on a rather sure success,”  wrote De La Vega. 25

Such trading is structurally  defective  because it allows the price of an item (the Ducatoon,  or index future) to be artificially  determined by the supply and demand of an entirely  separate item (the DEIC share or in modern  times the stock index). When a large enough position (open interest) is established in the artificially dependent item (the Ducatoon or index  future),   it  will  attract  and  encourage   market  manipulators  to attempt  to  fix  or  rig  the  independent   price  determining   item  at the moment of price determination  (expiration date or settlement time). The one factor  that makes  this manipulation and cheating  possible or easy is that the dependent contract  is settled for cash rather than for delivery of the  underlying item.

In  modern commodity markets this structural defect is unique to fotures contracts settled in cash -primarily the stock indexes and finan­ cials. For example, a corn futures contract couldn’t be so easily manip­ ulated because of the threat  that those  who  were “long” corn futures might demand delivery of corn. Supplying  corn on a particular  date, to fulfill the contract, is a completely  different matter than coming up with cash. Cash can always be borrowed  in an emergency, allowing the manipulators wide leeway in their machinations.

The Ducatoon was settled for cash, not the underlying DEIC shares, making the Ducatoon the first known example of this type of structurally flawed futures instrument which have now been made even easier to manipulate by the existence of cash-settled options on the futures. These types of contracts are  primarily a gambling activity and  could  be outlawed without loss to society.”

All those methods and elements of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex born in Holland, would be ‘exported’ to England when the Dutch king and its jewish-Calvinist ‘international’ moved there when the French invaded the country in 1688, buying the parliament, founding the private bank of England and the London Stock-exchange, professionalizing the cycle of usury debt to the king, war expansion, hate media against European catholic monarchies and primitive 3rd world people, slave trade and tax farming of Irish and British and American citizens…:

“In 1672 the French  invaded  Holland,  partly out of concern  for her growing power. Holland was in turmoil and the flight of capital became a panic, with a 16% discount on money in Holland.26Bloom relates that the Jewish community  offered  the  French  2  million  guilders  if  they would spare the Jewish quarters of the city!27  However, Holland held a strategic advantage- the ability to flood sections of the country. She used her sea works infrastructure  to hold off France.

“Dutch  speculators  helped  to reproduce  the intricate  apparatus  of speculation (in London) which had already been perfected at Amsterdam a hundred years before,” wrote Wilson.33

“The  shares  system   was  introduced   on  the  London   Exchange towards the end  of the  17th  century  by Portuguese Jews from Amsterdam,” wrote Van Dillen.34

“The migration  to London of a small but important  group of Dutch traders and financiers,  Christian  and Jew together with Huguenots  who came via Holland, and…rivaled  the Jews in their cosmopolitan  financial competence…The  system  of government  finance…was  molded  on  the Dutch pattern and in the process not a few Dutch hands were employed. Now we begin to encounter the names of some of the famous Portuguese Jewish families who had taken refuge in Holland a century earlier – the Medinas, the Suassos, and the Pintos as well as Dutch Christian  names

-the  van Neckers,  Von Nottens,  Van Hemerts,”  wrote Wilson,35 ”Was not the Bank Of England floated with Dutch capital? And were not the Dutch bankers still among its largest stockholders and customers in the 1760s?”


It is then evident that the western corporation, which was born and owned by Jewish and Calvinist believers merely mimics and adapts the old hierarchy of those old religions.

And when we study next  the modern version of that religion, classic and neoclassic economics and the ‘postulates’ and dogmas of its founders, from Smith to Friedman, we will find that as in the case of Malthus, basically they are theories that merely reflect that class structure, always blaming the workers, who is a looser, a vagrant, a dilettante that doesn’t want to work, never challenging the monopoly in the creation of money by private bankers, always denigrating states as corrupted qislings, making of the industrial production of machines and weapons the leit motiv of the economy, etc.


And so at this stage we connect directly with the boom and bust cycles of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex which opened this circular post, the last of which – the present global crisis of hate media against the Muslims, robotic weapons, war debt and tax farming of European and American citizens, also doubling as mercenary armies of Israel – is ripping huge profits for the Masters of the Universe.

But in this second phase of capitalism, once the 1 million Hebrew Bibles sent by Athias had converted the British and Americans into ‘Jewish believers’ on Gold mediation with God, related in the next paragraph of Sombart, what truly matter to us in this blog is to analyze how those doctrines were converted into ‘dogmas’ of economic ‘dismal science’.

So we will dedicate the next analysis to the works of the ‘geniuses’ of Calvinist-jewish ingenuity – the pamphlets to promote usury debt and imperial wars of Smith, Bentham, Malthus, Ricardo et al… till the Jewish-austrian school of Mises, Hayek, Friedman and the modern Nobel prizes, as all has changed to remain the same:


“Puritanism is Judaism. Whether the first was influenced by the second, and if so, how, are most difficult questions to answer. It is well known, of course, that in the Reformation period there was close intercourse between Jews and certain Christian sects, that the study of Hebrew and the Hebrew Scriptures became fashionable, and that the Jews in England in the 17th cen- tury were held in very high esteem by the Puritans. Leading men in England like Oliver Cromwell built up their religious views on the Old Testament, and Cromwell himself dreamed of a reconciliation between the Old and the New Testaments, and of a confederation between the Chosen People of God and the Puritan English.

A Puritan preacher of the day, Nathaniel Holmes by name, wished for nothing better than, in accordance with the letter of the prophetic message, to become a servant of God’s people and to serve them on bended knee. Public life became Hebraic in tone no less than the sermons in churches. And if only speeches in Parliament had been in Hebrew, you might have believed yourself in Palestine. The “Levellers,” who called themselves “Jews” (in oppositionto their opponents whom they termed “Amalekites”), advocated the adop- tion of the Torah as the norm of English legislation. Cromwell’s officers suggested to him to appoint seventy members of his Privy Council ac- cording to the number of the members of the Synhedrin. To the Parlia- ment of 1653 General Thomas Harrison, the Anabaptist, was returned, and he and his party clamoured for the introduction of the Mosaic legislation into England. In 1649 it was moved in the House of Commons that the Lord’s Day should be observed on Saturday instead of on Sunday. On the banners of the victorious Puritans was inscribed “The Lion of Judah.”79  It is significant that not only the Bible, but the Rabbinical literature as well, was extensively read in large circles of the clergy and laity.

Altogether, then, there appears to be sufficient evidence for the deduction of Puritan doctrines from Jewish sources. The specialists must decide. Here I have been able to do no more than give a hint or two. And in conclusion I would draw attention to a little humorous publication, which appeared in the year 1608 and the contents of which would seem to demonstrate the close connexion between Judaism and Calvinism (which is only Puritanism). It is called, Der Calvinische Judenspiegel (the Calvinistic Jewish Mirror), and on page 33 a comparison is drawn between the two religions in the following droll fashion. [The old Ger- man is delightful.] “If I am to say on my honour why I am become a Calvinist, I shall have to confess that the one and only reason which persuaded me was that among all the religions I could find none which agreed so much with Judaism, and its view of life and faith. (Here follow a number of parallel statements, partly serious and partly satirical).

8. The Jews hate the name of Mary and tolerate her only when she is made of gold and silver, or when her image is impressed on coins. So do we. We too like Mary farthings and crowns, to which we pay all due respect, for they are useful in business”


And so America would be ever since a BATTLE BETWEEN 2 CULTURES, remembrance of the fights of Continental Europe, between the rational, scientific, logic, equalitarian, democratic dream of the founding fathers and the eternal antidemocratic, parasitic people-castes of german warriors and semite traders now both imprinted by the same primitive, biblical bull$hit, increasingly hidden by Economics, Holocaust industries and digital software, till today nobody understands that fundamental battle of history for the soul and future of man.

As the parasitic culture has won.

   The Evolution of Censorship in Social Sciences: protection of ‘animetal’ ego-myths.

But the method of imposition of the go(l)d and iron cultures today  is far more sophisticated than in the religious ages we just studied in depth. It is called ‘economics’ the religion of profits and gold at all costs, the most censored dismal discipline, as IT IS A TABOO OF THIS SCIENCE TO ACTUALLY STUDY THE 4 CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC THEMES OF THE DISCIPLINE: ITS RELIGIOUS ORIGIN (A: DATA COLLECTION)_ITS OVERPRODUCTION CRISES (B: PATTERNS AND CYCLES); ITS BIOLOGICAL NATURE (C, HYPOTHESIS MODELLING) AND D) ITS HUMANIST PRAXIS (KEYNESIAN, SOCIALIST ECONOMICS).

EVER SINCE, the coup detat of the neocon Jewish-calvinist elite against mankind, and the american-european revolution and welfare state, those 4 themes have become taboo to protect the privileges of the Finanial-media/Military-Industrial system.

So what happen then with Economics after the rejection of an analysis of biological and historic  facts about the power castes of this discipline and the nature of machines – the ‘issue’ of technology and the issue of money –  was a continuous regression of the discipline.

This continues today as economists DENIED SYSTEMATICALLY THE STUDY of the 4 fundamental themes of the discipline, whenever they contradicted the 4 pillars of animetal censorship:

– Nationalism as the religion of weapons WAS ever since denied. What Economists have NEVER studied again seriously is the fact that MONETARY VALUES give maximal price to weapons, and so capitalist societies based in the search of profit, SYSTEMATICALLY OVERPRODUCE WEAPONS and wars.

And the maximal growth in GDP in nations happens in WARS, as long as we value with ‘metal-money’, money as a commodity, the price of things.

It took 200 years since Adam Smith defined in those terms the ‘wealth of nations’, backing in this manner the military expansion of the British Empire, till Sen, an Indian economist, from a different intellectual tradition, at the end of XX c. established the Index of Human Development to calculate the wealth of nations, and no economical organization has used it except the United Nations, a historic one, to foster such kind of growth. Hence the systematic existence of the cycles of war by overproduction of weapons. THIS THEME MERELY IS NOT STUDIED.

Finally economists despise ethic considerations denying that humans are motivated by ethics, again a religious outcome of the Reformation that denied charity and eusocial evolution as men become selfish individuals talking to God and/or were part of a chosen tribe that tagged all other humans as inferior morally and intellectually. This lead to Bentham’s utilitarism as the search of pleasure according to  which humans make choice and Locke’s rationality that denied conveniently the influence of religion. Both thesis are false. Most humans till recently, specially in the dominant Jewish-Calvinist economic culture made choices according to their religious dogmas of profits, and most men except those ruled by religions that denied the equality of men, are good savages influenced in their decisions by the community and their survival needs. the utlilitarianpleasure seeking and rational thesis were just the personal views of the ‘elitist’ jewish-calvinist, Bentham-Locke inventors of the discipline, one a banker, the other the secretary of the Exchequer. This ‘dilettante’ view has been the ‘a priori’ vision of men, which invalidate most assumptions of economists and has brought ‘gems’ of economical thought as the theory that unemployment cannot exist because rational, dilettante workers choose leisure/pleasure if they are not paid high salaries as a lazy aristocrat would do, instead of considering the technological loss of jobs to machines (Becker, Lucas, etc.)

– Capitalism as the sovereign right of private banking dynasties to issue money with exclusion of human governments (deficit laws), is never studied.

The issue of money thus is NO LONGER an issue economists study, but another taboo accepted by dogma and defended by ‘pamphletist’ to the service of bankers, mostly orthodox calvinist or jewish in culture (from Adam Smith, client of the Montagu family founder of the Bank of england to Bentham, the author of ‘in defense of usury’ from a wealthy jewish banking dynasty to Jevons another Jewish banker and other utilitarists, the jewish founders of the austrian school, hayek, mises, Friedman, etc.) for whom this is a ‘dogma’ of the superiority of the ‘chosen people’, ill translation of ‘am segullah’, which means ‘People of the treasure’, as it is a fetishe gold religion where banker-priests ruled societies and slave tribes that brought them gold as ex-votes for temples made literally with gold walls and gold menorahs. This fetishe thus becomes the meme that makes of profits the only ‘reason of existence’ of modern corporations founded by biblical believers regardless of human life values and collateral effects.

And of course, it makes impossible to abandon the monopoly that defines its salvation (money is the intelligence of god, said calvin). So we shall in the next paragraph study in depth what MONEY TRULY IS – just a digital language of information that happened to be originally expressed in gold, as an informative atom easy to be counted and divided in pieces – not a COMMODITY, but a legal language whose power is estabilished by legal tender and hence must be controlled by law and governments who give it ‘its legality’.

– The third form of censorship, technoutopia and mechanism, the belief that the overproduction of machines is always good to man is also absolute. The alienation and degradation of man by the machine ever since Buter, and Hegel explained it and Marx, his disciple took over the theme, has been relegated to the work of philosophers of history, NOT BEING A THEME STUDIED BY ECONOMISTS.

– Finally Abrahamic religions and their role in the foundation of Economics studied by the historic school of economics, by Sombart – ‘The jewish and the birth of capitalism’ and Weber. ‘Protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’, a historic fact essential to understand the discipline of economics censored by this go(l)d religion, is a taboo no longer studied in economic universities.

Thus THE 4 FUNDAMENTAL THEMES OF THE DISCIPLINE, and 4 pillars of the scientific method:

A) the Historic origin of capitalism in a fetishe religion of gold that responds to A) collection of Empiric data, is forbidden.

B) the study of its Cycles of overproduction of memes of metal that define the creation and extinction of nations and civilizations in war, is taboo, eliminating any chance of predictability.

C) The creation of hypothesis – the application of biology and evolution to the study of memes and humans – is also forbidden by A) and B) – ultimately because we men are ‘entitled’ by God not subject to those laws.

Which means D) prediction of future cycles and a Humanist praxis that used economic science to design a better world for man by issuing money for a welfare state reproducing the biological goods man needs and controlling THE production of lethal goods  THAT FOSTER human Development IS NOT a theme taught in mainstream economics.

The result of course is the NON existence of a real discipline of scientific economics. What do then economists study? The essential fact of this discipline is TO STUDY MODELS THAT ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC FOR FAILING the experimental method, the so called ‘model of perfect competence’, which is NOT real, and has NEVER been real as there is a banking monopoly in the production of money, and information is NOT perfect. For 2 hundred years this ‘idealized’, non-real Economic World that does NOT happen in this planet has been the center of studies in classic economics, which is akin to a Historic discipline in which we study an ideal world in which all humans were ‘saints’. To that aim the great ‘english’ and ‘biblical’ masters of this discipline from Locke to Friedman have affirmed that ‘economics’ is NOT an experimental science, but an ideal, mathematical one that do NOT require its premises to be truth (Friedman’s famous argument with Samuelson).

This outright denial of the scientific method invalidates from its origin the entire work of around 2/3rds of the ‘sacred cows’ of this discipline, including ALL the Austrian-Chicago School.  Mathematical models of economics though use all kind of ‘tricks’ forbidden by the scientific method to prove an a priori ‘agenda’ which basically promotes the 4 previous idologies, specially the right of private bankers to issue money (Smith, Jevons, Bentham, Hayek, Friedman) and the technoutopian concept that reproduction of machines is always wealth (Marginalist school of Micro-economics, started by Marshall) and machines are NOT evolving and do NOT compete with workers. Again all those schools are based in ceteris paribus analysis that eliminate most of the multiple causes of any fact of reality, selecting the ’cause’ that they like, invalidating assumptions. Sometimes they invent all the facts idealizing them. But a very common way to deal with the question is to subvert in time causality, considering that the ‘effect’ is the cause, B->A breaking the essential law of logic. Indeed, since Say affirmed that offer creates demand (when it is obvious as Keynes pointed out that demand, hence the consumer, hence the people creates offer, hence the producer, hence the corporation and should ‘be the boss’), to Friedman’s monetarism, the subversion of the logic of causality, an essential feature of the biblical culture is on place.

Sometimes the cause is systematically denied. So for example, economic crisis that create wars are denied. The 29 crisis caused by bankers did not create I World war and the tragedies that killed 66 million. Responsibility therefore is never on the hand of bankers.

As the private bank rijsbank usurped against the protests of the Nobel family the Nobel name to give Nobel prizes only to economists that defend those myths, the tendency to systematic censorship in economics has become the rule. So because economists CANNOT study its discipline they study ‘themes’ totally irrelevant to the science of economics.

The first one, just after the creation of e-money by those bankers. It was the stagflation of the 70s, with high inflation and null growth caused by the massive invention of electronic money by bankers, (hence inflation) who kept it for themselves without investing it into production (hence no growth).

All this kind of imperfect market situations born of the greed and monopolies of humans, are denied because IT IS ALSO A feature of the biblical religions to which 85% of nobel prizes belong that ‘we are righteous, intelligent, rational, entitled, chosen’. We are perfect and we live in a perfect world Point. So markets are perfect and humans take always rational decisions. And all those economists that denied those facts from Owens to Veblen, to Stiglitz and Galbraith are taboo among mainstream economists and think tanks and universities PAID by private banking lobbies that dominate the prizes and exposure, the international financial system and its central banks and institutions.

But no other taboo is stronger than a real definition of money as a language of information, hence NOT  a commodity, hence NOT susceptible to usury interest, but free-debt money in its pure, perfect from, as greenbacks were in America or Chinese money that allows a growth of 10% in its economy without the burden of debt to private bankers is. This is the source of the dictatorship of bankers and its cultural, biblical memes established in the German-Semitic culture that now again has defeated the ‘european, enligthtend’ post-war revolution.

Here we shun off all those inquisitions of thought and will study the science of economics according to the 4 steps of the scientific method:

A) collection of empirical, historic data (above), B) finding of cyclical patterns C) explained with a scientific model that allows future predictions and D) the manipulation of the system for an improvement of the conditions of the humankind.

Those 4 ESSENTIAL phases of a true science of economics, which we shall explore in this blog are NOT EXTANT ON PRESENT ECONOMIC ‘DISMAL SCIENCES’, since they are against its ideologies of power that:

A) censor systematically and deny the jewish->Biblical->capitalist origin of its science, based in religious postulates not the use of reason (gold religions) with spurious victimist ideologies (industry of the holocaust) that prevent any serious analysis of historic data

B) Deny the existence of cycles of destruction of mankind caused by the values of money and weapons, the selfish memes of metal they idol-ize (wars and holocaust cycles)

C) have no biological, organic or rational explanation of the meaning of the Industrial Evolution and

D) shun all ethical, survival, humanist solutions to those cycles and its collateral effects, due to its ‘racist’ imprinting by selfish tribal ideologies (capitalism, nationalism, etc.)

We study in the right side all those ‘science fictions’ and taboo myths that economists consider the a priori postulates of their science, which increasingly is dedicated to irrelevant themes as a list of the private rijsbank nobel prize shows, always in defense of the privileges of industrial and financial corporations for whom they cater. So there is now psychological economics, by definition a subjective science that has NOTHING to do with this discipline. Mr. Lucas, a fellow who tries to prove that rational choice is the basis of all human behavior from drug markets to prisons is an acclaimed nobel prize. Mr. Buchanan who makes campaigns to forbid deficit-government’s issue of money is the most influential post-war economist in America along Friedman, with his thesis that the scientific method does not apply to economics and the same view on the issue of money. Von Neumann, a mathematicians of Game theory with his prisoner paradox which has nothing to do with the themes of economics has created a potent school, not to mention the entire marginalist school, which fails to understand that MATHEMATICAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS STUDY CHANGE RATIOS AND BEING CAPITAL, mainly machines, who evolve they must include a positive, constant ratio of change in technology that ousts the other factor, labor.  Because this is not acknowledge, the fact that productivity always grows due to technology expellin labor: Productivity = capital/labor, is also denied.

We are talking of a re-enacting by ‘expert’ economists of the usury ways of middle age Jewish tax-farmers, that now come to us, after Reagan and Thatcher, 2 clueless, highly retarded ignorant ‘TV-actors’ and white matter brains sacked all keynesians from the FMI and World Bank and put in place usurers. Now they come in words of that master anti$emite genius of Renaissance, latin literature, Mr. Shakespeare, before England entered the barbaric mind of Reformation, well dressed, as ‘evil dress like a gentleman’, to preach here in Spain and Italy and Greece, in the Piigs countries their racist slurs against life and human goods, against the welfare state, asking us to commit suicide so mr. Gross and Mr. Rothschild become even richer. Where they get those people? Do not they know how they will end? Do they think they can convert us in debt slaves? We are not germanic Americans, which Picasso called ‘puppy dobermen’, verballly retarded members of the Tea party or House Negros. Here, we are free, we are humans, we are intelligent, we are Mediterranean, we love life. We spared their lives and just kicked them out of sepharad, but if they think we shall stand their ways too long they are mistaken. Here we laugh at death because we love life. But nobody has enslaved us for too long. Be careful neanderthals, you are overstretching.

Sepharad is the paradise of life, it has been so for 3000 years. And it will fight for life. It will not die as enlightened America has died. We are NOT cowards, we are NOT repressed, we are NOT cattle, even if we are NOT murderers, and we are NOT wolves. Here, in this civilization we have made of all men, the center of the Universe, we have tried to improve mankind not to degrade it to come on top, we do not share calvin dictum ‘people must be kept ignorant to remain obedient’. We do NOT try to come on top degrading the rest of mankind because we cannot upgrade us as your civilization does. Yes, now we are slaves of debt, but Spain, Italy and Greece will rise first as it did in the 20s and 30s, against usury and break your rotten system. Then the world will know who you are ‘again’. Your days of parasitism are counted. You have nothing to back your arrogance, you are as History proves giants of clay, once your privileges of ‘money creation’ GIVEN TO YOU BY STATES are taken from you by NON-CORRUPTED POLITICOS. YES, THERE ARE THOSE, THE ONES YOU MURDER in secrecy, the Lincolns of freedom and greenback money, who said to you ‘you cannot cheat all the people all the time’, the Caesars you murder when they took from you the right to invent their money, as Cicero stated, resuming the battle for freedom between our culture and your dark ages:

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition” Cicero, consul of Rome.

Yes, indeed, you might win again and murder again the spirit of life, but that is your paradox, the paradox of the animetal: even when you win you cannot win, because you are LIFE you are NOT iron, NOT gold, like thor and baal, and so when you win you die, when you win you create the war and holocaust cycle; that is YOUR KARMA, and no amount of rituals of self-pitiness and denial will change YOUR DEstiny, WRITTEN in the values of the languages of metal you obey.

Instead of debt-usury money what you should preach is a Universal salary, a demand economy where people would vote with their universal salary and bring welfare goods, made with a Universal currency at no cost – delivering with money a digital languae of information orders of consumption of life goods, but you have repressed your human nature for so long that you believe your dogmas.

A real democracy implies free citizens that no only vote laws but are  free to ‘vote economically’ with access to a universal salary and to see your votes becoming actions through the sovereign right of governments to print money – now aain usurped by dynasties of private bankers and corporations.

The second theme they ask for is to increase productivity, that is to fire workers and put machines in their place, under the taboos of technoutopia and militarism.

Productivity=firing workers and debt-money=increase of taxes, reduction of credit and destruction of welfare are thus the 2 fundamental dogmas of economists that on the short and long term provoke war, poverty and unemployment. Economists CREATE economic crisis and aggraviate them as Doctors KILLED MORE patients in hospitals than save them before the biological, germ theory was imposed.

And this happens because we do NOT live in truly democratic societies and there is NOT a real science of economics and all those economists who tried to practice it, A) the historic school of the experimental method – Weber, sombart B) the biological school of economic cycles, Butler, this author C) the socialist school that disocvered overproduction causes – Marx, Kondratieff and D) the Keynesian schools of humanist praxis ARE FORBIDDEN.

Instead, we are degraded in our minds, which the financial-media system tries to manufacture back to the lower myths of Abrahamic Religions with its selfish ego-trips, nationalistic beliefs in the tribal species to justify weapons and war, capitalist beliefs in the rights of those people to issue sovereign money and techno-utopain beliefs that machines do not atrophy compete and make man obsolete.

In any case what those 4 key ideologies of western elites and financial and industrial corporations and the two measures of taxation and unemployment they preach, do is obvious: denying the supremacy of man over the Earth and the equality, freedom and rights of all human beings under a real democracy, both at collective and individual level. Instead you are prevented from considering all humans equal, by nationalist divisions. You are denied to see the machine as a rival at labor and work fields that degrades your mind and body and makes you obsolete, by techno-utopian gurus, mass-media imprinting and industrial nationalism.

Unfortunately what is truth of those myths is the potential superiority of machines over man. And that – not the intrinsici value of those beliefs is the reason why humans today are manufactured by this culture they adore and the biggest taboo and main reason the science of history this blog represents and his author have had the same path of failure that plagues all previous scientists of history is to openly criticize it as a primitive, racist culture subject to the paradox of history as colonial england and nazi germany were. We are referring of course to the Jewish Nation, who monopolizes the financial media system from Wall Street/The city and Hollywood and defines the policies of the west with 2 simple aims, strikingly similar to those of the previous colonial British Empire and German Nazi empire: 

– To create around its small highly advanced nation a vital space for his colonists (so the Germans colonized for historic reasons the slav lands where they killed millions to give way to his superior race and the Israelis are doing the same with the Palestinians), with the excuse of its weakness as a small nation (never mind its arsenals overwhelmingly at the head of the tank and robotic wars of each age could easily exterminate their life-based cultural enemies). This today is carried by the entire western mercenary set of armies under the yolk of the Financial-Media system of the master race. Same happened to the British empire, always paranoid about a possible invasion of its small nation by enemy armadas, who considered necessary for its safety to control the key positions of the world seas.

– To make as much profits as possible with the industries of war that back their national empires (so the British made fortunes with gunboats and their slave cargos, the Germans created an astounding military-industrial complex around its pioneering electro-chemical engines, tanks and bombers and Israel and the robotic military industries of America which their financiers control are spending over a trillion $ a year counting the military budgets of western qisling nation massacring primitive, 3rd world Islamic peasants).

And so that is the world we live in, parallel to the British colonial age and the German nazi age, with a difference: the degree of sophistication of our mental imprinting by the Financial-Media system is such that we cannot even mention the existence of such empire to the point that most people will abandon this blog at this stage, pre-programmed by the Industry of the Holocaust which make them belief the biggest ethic crime consists on criticizing its masters, as no person would dare in the past to criticize its king, its god or its military master.

In any case a historian is not a slave of the memes of its society and even if it will be censored it must seek the truth from a human perspective. And when time passes, finally the truth will surface and those who thought to be masters will be valued at true face. Or as a famed socialist, pacifist, true scientist put it, when he was offered the presidency of Israel, and declined: ‘I cannot accept this post because i will have to tell my fellow jews, what they do not want to hear: The world will judge israel not for his technological advances but by the way they treat their Arab brothers’. Mr. Einstein, one of those rare individuals who are/were able to become free of its memetic, imprinted idol-ogies on behalf of its higher IQ.

And yet the paradox of history is real. Victorian England, nazi germany and  jewish America are for any sophisticated humanist thinkers 3 bottom lines on the regression of human thought to an emotional, primitive, idol-atric, anti-humanist, anti-life, repressing culture where everything related to life from sexual reproduction to good food, from eusocial love to art, is taboo.

It is indeed impossible to explain the contradictions of those 3 cultures between its awesome technologies and its backward civilizations without it.

Now of course, those idol-ogies of metal are all ultimately based in biased, deformed ‘proper humanist traits’. For example nationalism is based in the power of eusocial love to create powerful superorganisms. but the bias here is that the Jewish zealot, the British imperialist or the German Nazi stops in a smaller superorganism than the proper one, mankind, either in yvwh (in the old times the word God was equivalent to nation so Yvwh which means Judea in old Egyptian texts, a toponym means merely the nation of the jewish people,, britain or Germany). And so a right tendency to love your neighbor becomes a wrong one, to kill your enemy. So goes for capitalism in which money substitutes the law as the language of social power to which ethic laws yield. The opposite is truth. As in evolved mammals, the nervous/verbal system of laws must control the reproductive blood/money language and regulate it. So here a half truth again – the usefulness of a digital language to regulate the productive system – is made a wrong, when that language controls the informative, nervous one, the word, as in the most primitive organisms (worms ruled by blood with a primitive nervous system).

And so on and so on… Or in other terms, animetal cult(ures) halt their evolution in primitive memes that never change, as the Jewish-protestant religion stop its evolution at the tribal level of ‘God’, before arriving as Buddhism and Christianity and Islam (albeit with many aberrations taken from Judaism) did, when they found the larger God of Humanity.

This is the trademark of animetal cultures: to repress life memes as the Victorian and jewish cultures do to enhance metal ones; to stop their social evolution at the tribal and genetic level without arriving to the mental comprehension of the unity of the species, the darwinian law of nature that makes species not individuals or herds survive.

The same happens indeed in the lower scale of biology: enzymes attached to metal have the less developed carbohydrate chains, atrophied by those metal atoms that command them, as today humans become mentally atrophied by the viral messages of the audiovisual machines that program them.

In brief, man has become as carbohydrates and enzymes are in a cell, slave of its metal memes and the people-castes that invented, discovered them and evolved them, mainly the Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, the white man, dolicocephalic, visually-prone, verbally/logically limited, lonely wolf, unable to evolve eusocially and love his brother, ripe to become a sole slave of those memes and its ego-trips.

And this white man is the man who will end the destruction of the world this century and our substitution by robots, unless the alternative cultures of the tree of life convert him to the worship of the organic laws of the Universe and its goods.

But this is not happening because men do not reason they are slave of their memes. And so the white man and its most extreme animetal cultures that form their elites and rule most of their nations with weapons and money (the jewish culture that discovered gold money and the german culture that mass-produced first iron swords, hence the cultures that have been exposed to subconscious imprinting by metal longer) will commit suicide thinking he is progressing, and his manifest destiny is a gift of God, LOL. 


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