Humanist Schools

This 3rd section of ‘Economic Science’ is dedicated to the work of Humanist Economists which study the scienc with an objective, scientific, humanist view. 2 are its fundamental schools, Socialism and Keynesianism. Its main difference being that Socialism rightly asked for the nationalization of the financial industry, which Keynes, a member of the British elite did not want – a fact which paradoxically made his school less ‘scientific and humanist’ but more succesful.

It however collapsed because it did not achieved the alternative measure Keynes asked for – a global currency of free debt money printed to create massive deficits to invest in the welfare state – what our biological school calls ‘Y€$ money’ and could solve easily the crisis.

So without resources of free debt money or a nationalized bank system, the welfare state was obliged to extort people with taxes to pay for its resources, while bankers and corporations had unlimited rights to print money in stock markets and e-money. And so in the 70s they printed e-money without limit, provoking stagflation – inflation due to overabundance of money and null growth as they kept most of that money for themselves.

Further on with that money they paid pamphletists of the Chicago school, like Hayek, who blatantly lied in his 3 pamphlets, ‘road to serfdom’ ‘against Keynes’ and ‘the denationalization of money, accusing the state of printing too much money and causing hyperinflation crisis, with the example of the Deutsche mark hypernflation (hiding the reichbank was then a private bank), of the end of freedom in Keynesian societies (hiding that the fundamental flaw of democracies is not to control the language of social power money), and asking for further privatization of finances, finally writing a pathetic pamphlet full of insults against Mr. Keynes… And then the private rijsbank gave him the Nobel Prize.

 And paid think tanks to resurrect the primitive thinking of monetarists and classic economics of the old Go(l)d religions, the neocons that now control economics and politics. So Keynesianism was killed by ‘damned lies and false statistics’, as Socialism had been.

In this article we introduce  the rules of the scientific method and compare with them the 2 schools, ‘neo-classic’ go(l)d religions vs. Scientific schools of economics (it is taken from the central post). And in future posts we will study each of the main masters of the socialist and keynesian schools analyzing critically their work with those 4 legs of the scientific method.


The scientific method that applies to all sciences, with no ‘exceptionalism’ consists on 4 steps:

– A) Collection of experimental, sound data.

– B) Introduction of data into mathematical, cyclical patterns that allow prediction of future cycles.

– C) Creation of a non-anthropomorphic, objective, mathematical or logic, causal model that explains why those cycles are happening in space and time, and further helps its predictability…

– D) Allowing a positive praxis that controls Nature and its systems with the goal of improving the life of all human individuals who must evolve eusocially as members of the same survival species,

Those 4 legs that sustain the building of science differentiate a scientific model from an ideology of power that caters for only a part, tribe or caste of mankind or a faulty model of science, which:

– A) Censors or biases data that does not cater the selfish agenda of a limited social group, people-caste, nation or corporation, or lacks the proper instruments to gather information; hence subverting the first element of science – accurate data.

– C) Prefers anthropomorphic, selfish, subjective or religious theories that cater to small groups of power or make people happy as centers of their limited world but are false models in an impersonal Universe in which individual men are non-chosen mortals and what evolves is the whole species.

B) Thus, due to faulty data and subjective models, non-scientific ideologies fail to find patterns & predict the future evolution of the species and events it studies. Since the future is NEVER caused by a single, ‘ceteris paribus’ being or causal point of view, but by the complex interaction of all the different points of view that intervene in those events, which require an external, multiple analysis.

D) And they fail systematically with their erroneous models to improve human individual life (‘quack’ medicine prior to the theory of germs) or our life as a single species in control of the Earth (neo-classic economics that cater to the non-human point of view corporations, its memes of metal and the restricted ’1%’ of its owners and political systems that ignore the ‘democratic’ collective point of view of all their citizens). So their praxis causes negative collateral effects that harm most of mankind even if they favor the selfish agenda of the restricted group that imposes them.

Thus a causal, true scientific model of social sciences must consider instead the whole perspective of cultural ideologies, selfish metal-memes, the FM2I complex, the human species and the biologic Earth to be able to analyze & predict the future to direct it towards a positive praxis for all mankind.

Samples of the evolution of knowledge from Subjective Ideologies into objective science.

Thus the key elements to proof a scientific model truth or discharge it as faulty and harmful are:

A) Its accurate data. C) its objective, non-human point of view. B) its capacity to predict the future evolution of the species and events it studies D) its subjective, positive, human praxis.  As opposed to ideologies that have: A) Inaccurate data. C) Subjective, reduced, ceteris paribus point of view. B) Incapacity to predict the cyclical future D) Objective, non-human praxis. So we shall use those 4 elements to consider 3 sample cases of evolution of knowledge from myth and ideology into science from physical sciences (astronomy), biology and sociological disciplines (economics):

The oldest form of physical knowledge, astrology became the science of astronomy only when:

A) Telescopes gave accurate data->C) Astronomers substituted the anthropomorphic, astrological theory that stars influence psychically human behavior; finding an objective theory based in attractive forces and orbital motions-> B) Kepler and Newton calculated the orbits of planets and predicted their future position establishing laws that summarized that behavior (left side of graph).

The main disciplines of life studies, Biology and Medicine became sciences only when:

A) Microscopes gave us accurate data. C) Biologists&doctors discharged anthropomorphic beliefs that considered humans the creation of a subjective personal God, hence their sickness caused by its antithesis, evil spirits; developing instead an objective model that related causally species according to similar forms (Evolution Theory) & studied the causal competition and extinction of those species according to their body-mind, energetic-informative power (selection of species – right side of graph). Then Pasteur developed with such knowledge a Germs Theory, based in the competition at cellular level between top predator bacteria & viruses that killed human cells.

B) As a consequence evolution predicts the most efficient, future survival forms of many species. D) And Medicine predicts & cures the causes of sickness, fighting germs at cellular level, while quacks with religious theories never predict or create a positive human praxis that cures the sick.

Economic science: Scientific Schools vs. Ideologies of Corporate power (neo-classic economics)

We apply the 4 elements of the scientific method to divide all schools of economics & social sciences in 2 groups: The scientific schools of Economics that inspire this work and develop A-D:

– A: Historic School, which studies critically the cultural origin of corporations (Sombart, Weber)6.

– B: Socialist School that studied the overproduction cycles of ‘metal memes’, machines, weapons and money, its crashes, cyclical extinction of labor & tabulated them (Marx, Kondratieff)1.

-C:Biologic, Systemic School that models Companies & machines as organisms (Butler, Sancho)7,8

-D: Keynesian School that implements a demand-based economy to create welfare for all mankind.

Vs. The Dominant ideologies of social power, nationalism and capitalism (neo-classic, financial economics), which are NOT sciences but the praxis of elites who use ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal, ‘money’ to control humanity and justify it with those ideologies. So their postulates & praxis have as single goal to increase national power & corporative profits. Since in the specific field of Economics, as a power Ideology, Financial, neo-classic economics fails A-D:

A; B) Ignores data and sponsors the p.o.v. of corporations and its owners – the 1% of mankind.

So the founder of neo-classic economics Mr. Friedman in his argument with Samuelson, a Keynesian scientist, affirms that ‘data’ is irrelevant, only ‘assumptions’ matter.

C) Fails to predict economic indicators and corporative collateral damages. So The Economist, organ of neo-classic economics tested future indicators among Economic Ministers, Scholars, garbage collectors and Taxi Drivers, and Ministers and Scholars came last in predictive power.

D) Sponsors, objective, non-human policies that do not favor mankind but side always with the machines for whom those corporations cater, in search of profits, designing a world to its image and likeness, regardless of any negative, collateral effect they have on our species and Nature. So its founder, Mr. Smith, and ideologist of British Imperial Power, ‘assumes’ a false postulate – that ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is its corporative, industrial & financial production defined in monetary values & maximized in war periods; since weapons are the most ‘expensive’ metal memes (graph 2.2), precisely when the Healthy Wealth, or ‘WHealth’ of most of Mankind, defined by the true scientist, Quesnay, as welfare, life goods, is minimal. Thereafter his disciples establish as the economic goal of societies to increase its monetary GDP (Pt=MV)9. While the science of economics defines the WHealth of Nations with the Index of Human Development (IHD; Sen, ONU) maximized with a demand, democratic economy that overproduces ‘cheaper’ welfare goods (Health, Food, Education). This duality is essential in the present crisis in which robots of maximal price compete and eliminate humans from labor and war fields. Hence they must be treated as biologic systems & forbidden even if they are increasing enormously the GDP’s Wealth of nations.                               

The GDP case shows how the 4 true scientific schools of Economics evolve steadily A-D Science:

A) Use proper data with no censorship on historic facts & the cycles of overproduction and its collateral effects of economical war, unemployment and loss of human wealth.

B) Have an objective point of view that includes the duality of machines that enhance our energy and information by imitating our similar organs, but also atrophy and substitute them; and the Darwinian, biological behavior of its ‘company-mothers’ that design the world to its image.

C) Predict the future events of the economic cycle, based in the patterns and regularity of the generational 72±7 year generational cycles and crashes of evolution and overproduction of money, machines and weapons (‘memes of metal’), proved by the accurate description of causes, facts and dates of the present crisis, by this author in books published 20 years ago3.

D) Sponsor a ‘WHealthy’ praxis of political economics that favors the future evolution and survival of the human kind, modeled with the tools of systems sciences and the examples of Nature – the master of us all – and its most efficient, Healthy and democratic social organisms.

Thus we base our evolution of the Science of Economics on those 4 schools. Since this work builds its Biological Systemic, Cyclical Model of the eco(nomic)system according to those A-D points of the Scientific Method, introducing 1st the Long Wave of 800 years evolution of weapons & the 80 years Medium Wave of Industrial machines that killed civilizations and nations, focusing then in the present and future 8 years short waves of crashes of Chips, e-money & Robots, giving finally Humanist Solutions to the crisis. Let us consider those 4 scientific elements in depth:

A) Accurate data in all the languages of Science. 2 elements limit economics’ data: ‘damned lies (censorship, ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis & bias) and statistics (reductionist use of digital information).

– A common error of scientists is the belief that mathematics is the only language of science. So by finding a mathematical law, A-B-C steps are no longer required and the statement is truth per se. This is not the case. We exist in a world of spatial energy (as vacuum space is a sum of energy quanta) and temporal information (as a clock-cycle creates a hertz or minimal unit of information10).

So mathematics, derived from geometry is merely the language that studies space and energy.

But logic is the language that relates causally the 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future, better suit to study information. For that reason bio-logical sciences are based in a logic, causal theory, evolution, which studies the in-form-ation or form of species that evolve into more efficient systems, causing the causal relationships of symbiosis, competition and extinction of species, such as the form with better energetic bodies (E) and informative brains (I) is the top predator species of Max. ‘ExI’ force that always wins & extinguishes the lesser ‘exi’ form, surviving into the future.

So both, spatial mathematics & temporal logic are languages accepted to create scientific models: As it happens, most models of physical sciences concerned mainly with motions and locations in space are better described with mathematics; while in most biological sciences concerned with information the causal and morphological laws of evolution dominate its quantitative analysis.

As Einstein put it:‘(we) know when mathematics is truth but not when it is real’. Since Gödel proved that a mathematical theory cannot be proved truth by its own internal consistency, if the A-B-C legs of the experimental, scientific method do not prove it. And the same can be said of a logically consistent theory. But contrary to belief logic is the dominant truth, since mathematical formalisms derive from logic ones (Hilbert, Frege, Computers) and space is considered in 4D metrics a ‘sheet of present time’ moving along the total world-line flow of causal time from past to future.

Thus we solved a key question for social sciences: we must NOT construct economic models only with mathematics as financial economists, dominant in this discipline, do, but use models based in biological sciences. Since we, humans are biological organisms and make machines to our image and likeness to enhance our organs of energy and information, as they become symbiotic or compete biologically with us in labor and war fields.

Thus economics, which deals with 2 kind of systems –the FMMI system of metal-memes and humans & welfare goods of organic nature– must be treated as a bio-logic science based in evolutionary, organic, systemic models of machines and company-mothers that often compete with humans & governments.

While mathematics must be considered, as in biology, the accessory language that helps to gather data and find the patterns that structure the evolution, reproduction and interaction of the agents of the eco(nomic)system. So money, its language of information that ‘values’ both humans and digital machines with salaries and prices must be considered submissive to the bio-logic, ethic, survival values of human Laws. Thus in economics, contrary to belief, biologic, ethic, organic, causal laws, must dominate the field.

B) An objective, multiple point of view. Science is a rational attempt to get out of self-centered, subjective points of view as centers of the Universe into objective, non-personal wider perspectives that take into account all other entities of reality. So we moved from a mythic, religious age of individual or tribal Gods as universal centers into the whole Mankind (oikoumene religions) and its body, Gaia as the center.

Next we expanded our physical point of view, making the sun, the center; and then the whole space-time with no physical center at all became our frame of reference (Relativity theory). While in the realm of human sciences, we expanded our socio-biological center, from mankind to all life species (Evolution).

Finally XXI C. science is going further, considering that our scale of size and speed of time clocks is not unique (5 Dimensional metrics10) and applying the definition of life – a system which processes energy, information, reproduces and evolves socially to all Complementary Systems, made of lineal bodies/fields of Energy and cyclical particles/heads of Information including machines as we do in this biological model of history and economics.

(Neo)classic economics’ A-B failure is also a subjective error as its founding fathers from Smith to Friedman were Biblical believers who created an economic version of ‘Creationism’ and Intelligent Design, denying ever since biological laws, while the corporations they worked for paradoxically applied Darwinian Laws of competition between men and machines in labor and war fields.

These facts extend to the most prestigious prizes of this discipline, the Nobel Prize, conceded by the private Rijsbank, which cannot be given by ‘decree’ to any evolutionist (since Mr. Nobel was a pious believer and founder of the first multinational and biggest arm dealer of the XIX century)

C) We forecast 2 decades ago3 the 4 overproduction crises of the chip cycle, adding 72±7 years to the 29 crisis and studying the future short 7 years business cycles of electronic money, machines & singularity weapons, the most evolved form of ‘Wealth of Nations’ that we predict will kill us unless:

D) We implement a Welfare, Global New Deal solution to the crisis positive to all mankind (11).    A-B) Why Classic Economics doesn’t want such solution? Because it is a power ideology: Financial Economics, which rules the field, was invented before Biology and Evolution expanded the human point of view, even before modern machines appeared, certainly before Democracies were established, by a ‘believer’ on the British Empire and its Biblical Memes, Mr. Smith, who thought as Calvin did that ‘the intelligence of god is money’ & acted as a lobbyist for the Private Bank of England. So he affirmed that profits are ‘the invisible hand of god’; that only private banks must issue usury debt-money, as today does the ECB Bank; that workers must receive only a subsistence salary; that the Wealth of Nations are its imperial Gold and machines (gunboats), creating an anti-democratic, anti-humanist, war-prone model of the ‘Wealth of Nations’ that cater to the profits and stock-value of those corporations, NOT to the WHealth & survival of Man.

The conclusion is obvious: Economists and their thesis divide in 2 categories: theses that profit corporations invented overwhelmingly by (Neo)-Classic, Biblical Schools Vs. those who follow the Objective Laws of the scientific method, belonging to the Socialist (I cycle), Historic, Keynesian (II cycle) or Biological Schools (III Cycle), from Owens to Sen to this writer who favor a world where humans would thrive, and would implement Welfare policies to overproduce real ‘WHealth’ that improves human evolution, survival & happiness, measured with the Index of Human Development used by UNO, but cannot, censored systematically by the power of Corporations & metal-memes.

So corporate power and its ideologies dominate history, causing the regularity of the Kondratieff cycle of evolution of the FMMI System (A, B points of the scientific method); since the cycle’s capacity to design the future (point C) is only possible in a world in which the will of Corporations and its owners – to overproduce machines for a profit – rules over all other political and economical goals and systems, regardless of their collateral damage on mankind. Otherwise if we live in true democracies, people would impose a welfare demand based economy and a peaceful world.

So we live in a dictatorship of corporations. We do NOT live in a democracy.


In General Systems we define the Universe as an organic fractal whose parts are Complementary Systems made of ‘Informative particles/heads/ upper classes & Reproductive Waves/Bodies/ Middle classes that act and create order by disordering energetic fields/bodies/lower classes (Physical, Biological and Social Sciences Jargons). Thus there are 3 classes in all systems but the organism is composed of only 2 self-similar parts that take care of each other, the informative particle/neuronal class and the reproductive wave/middle body. Particles/Neurons guide the wave/ body to external energy fields in which bodies prey to reproduce the goods that make body&head survive.

Thus an efficient, well-designed, democratic eco(nomic)system according to Nature’s laws , must feed, inform & provide jobs to all the human cells of History, our social superorganism. Thus we define a democratic economy as a demand economy ruled by citizens with a Universal Salary or by welfare governments that obey their mandate, as the immense majority of humans want to reproduce memes of life of the welfare state.

There is no exceptionalism to this universal rule, except when a system is dying, predated as external energy by a rival organism, which uses it to feed and reproduce its own cells. And this is exactly what happens in a capitalist democracy, ruled by company-mothers of machines that prey on humans, whose role as energy class is to reproduce the rival species machines, even if they have no food for themselves, as part-time slaves with no rights (workers) or become energy for weapons, in labor and war fields.

In capitalist democracies their governments, whose politicians are bought with corporative money to issue laws that favor corporations, systematically cheat the welfare goals of true democracies. The only ‘democratic right’ of people, voting is a placebo mask. It was for most of history limited by ‘wealth’ to the top class of the capitalist pyramid and only when the 90% was asked to sacrifice their lives for the military-Industrial complex in I world war, voting was extended in Europe to all people (in America for the same reason in the Independence war).

Then for a few years voting freedoms saw socialist parties imposing welfare policies. So Capitalist elites reacted paying fascism that crashed with violence social parties; while advertising, propaganda and mass media misinformation became essential to the system, with the first ‘Ministry of Information’ (Goebbels, III Reich), who imposed the motto ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’. Thus after II W.W. the Goebbels method enhanced by audiovisual hypnosis, based in the structure of the mind that believes any system that provides an overdrive of information became routine in all nations. Ever since the FMMI system convinces people to adopt policies that destroy their welfare. So owners of TV-corporations like Mr. Berlusconi or TV-actors like Reagan become as radio-voices like Mussolini did in the II Cycle, the neo-fascist manufacturers of Mass-media economic messages (‘too much government’) that hide the fact that corporations are not human in their purpose and their monopoly on monetary issue stolen from sovereign governments that no longer have money to pay welfare, is invested only in its offspring of machines that expel humans of labor & war fields.

But all those outlets of the FMMI system and its politicos receive their inspiration from the ‘Brahmins’ of the religion of corporative profits, the ‘neo-classic’ economists that work within them.


 Only the scientific schools of economics can explain and solve the crisis.

Let us now see how scientific economists proved false with humanist, legal measures and scientific models the obsessive themes of (neo)classic economics – Banking monopoly on money, null rights of workers; absolute rights of machines & corporations; divine inspiration of free entrepreneurs and mathematical disconnection of Economics with Humanist, Social sciences:

1. Instead they solve labor & life extinction by selfish metal memes with the imposition of ethic, legal goals of WHealth & survival over mathematical profits that make us obsolete to machines. So:

2. They impose minimal salaries and education investment to avoid unfair competition of machines, which increase unemployment as technology evolves (Ricardo, Butler, Marx, Tinbergen).

3. Ask for nationalization or regulation of finances to cre(dit)ate a demand, consumption economy based in WHealth and free-debt money (Marx, Lincoln, Keynes, Samuelson, Galbraith).

4. Prove Humans can regulate the economy with scientific, mathematical models, evolved further with, legal means, fiscal & monetary policies (Tinbergen, Myrdal, Leontief, Rostow, Keynes.)

5. Connect Economics and Democracy, affirming the goal of a better world for all men must dominate profits through a better design of economic & political Institutions (Marx, Keynes, North).

6. Point out the ab=use and null social responsibility of corporations that externalize negative costs on states & population from pollution to the military defense of multinationals; (Pigou, Galbraith.)

7. Prove the parasitic nature of stock-owners (Veblen) & null freedom for consumers in Markets where all power is on the supply side of corporations that seek monopolies (Galbraith, Keynes).

Thus classic economics, the corporations’ P.O.V. is not a scientific solution to the crisis as it denies A, B) overproduction cycles ignoring true data for assumptions (Friedman) C) based often in Biblical Memes of ‘go(l)d chosen’ hence caring D) only for the profit corporations C) showing null predictive power & offering (D) no human solution. Only the 3 schools of humanist Economics have done so:

In the first crisis the socialist school of economics, (Marx) anticipated the overproduction crisis of trains and gave name to the cycle (Kondratieff). They also proposed its solutions: nationalization of the financial industry to regulate credit in favor of welfare goods and the creation of a legal frame to protect workers from the unemployment crisis (communist manifesto).

In the second crisis the Keynesian school explained the overproduction crisis of consumption and gave its solution: to credit the production of welfare goods, ‘butter instead of canons’ through the creation of an international currency (Bretton Woods).

In the 3rd crisis this writer, who pioneered biologic, organic, systemic0 models of the eco(nomic) system, predicting 20 years ago3 a future crisis of overproduction of chips, gave its solution, similar to the previous ones: a global, legal prohibition of robotics and the creation of an international currency, ¥€$ money, to allow huge deficits to credit a global deal to create a sustainable economy.

Thus they must be considered natural steps in the evolution of a true science of economics. Neoclassic economists hold the point of view of Corporations and justify overproduction crisis because they increase corporative profits, regardless of their collateral effects on mankind. So our financiers and economists are not solving the crisis. On the contrary because they are the cause of the crisis, their solutions (a runaway search for profits with more overproduction of those 3 metal-memes) are aggravating the crisis and harming most of mankind, as they did in the 30s.

 The anti-quantum and ego paradoxes explain why Creationist, Theist Economics exist and dominate.

But why neoclassic ideologies win over objective social sciences? 2 reasons that we call the ‘Ego Paradox’, origin of Abrahamic Religions and the anti-quantum Paradox of Darwinian nature:

4 billions believe subjective religions that make humans the happy center of the Universe, despite being false according to the objective, scientific method. Because this is how Nature builds minds. Indeed we call this trade-off between happiness and truth the ‘ego paradox’. Since we measure reality from a human self-centered point of view that distorts it. So at first sight we are the still center of all measures and seem bigger than a galaxy. But we are not. Since the ego paradox confuses the zero-volume of our mind-self with the infinity of its universe’s visual mapping:

 ‘Our mind is an infinitesimal point mapping in stillness an infinite Universe: 0 x ∞=K’.10

Further on, subjective egoism triumphs because if we adopt an objective, selfless point of view, we unknot the mind’s perspective and stop fighting for our survival. So in the Universe there are only 2 survival strategies: maximal knotting-egoism, or eusocial evolution in which the egoist p.o.v. grows from a small individual bacteria to a bigger social organism, the species to which it gives its energy. The triumph of ‘animetal cultures’, tribal religions and capitalist/nationalist memes is a mixture of both P.O.Vs.: individual ‘animetals’ associated to stronger memes of metal that enhance their energy & information, become a small class or nation that dominates the entire eusocial P.O.V. of mankind, based in weaker Life memes. Since Darwinian power favors memes of metal – a better atom that hypnotizes the mind (informative gold) or kills our body (iron weapons) – over life memes.

So since the beginning of the metal age, ‘animetals’, human associated to weapons (warriors), gold (bankers) and corporations of machines (scientists, neo-classic economists) have shaped the collective human mind with metal  ‘idol’ogies that impose their policies with the superior energetic and informative power of metal memes. But on the long term this strategy implies the systemic evolution of selfish memes of metal, so animetal castes can remain on top of a human majority, till a point the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’ kill us and make all of us, including metal masters obsolete. This ‘judgment day’ is in the robotic cycle closer, as automated company-mothers that cater only for their offspring of machines no longer need human workers, consumers or owners.

So Biblical Economics that denies Darwin’s Laws in fact rule men with corporations of machines that impose the survival of the fittest, as Carnegie put it: ‘Free market competition is good for the selection of the (machine) species’. Yet what techno-utopian animetals forget is that they are made of flesh. And what survives in Nature is indeed the species, the entire homo sapiens, not the tribe or the individual. Hence the need for all Homo Sapiens to cooperate through eusocial love – the most successful strategy of survival, as multicellular and ant superorganisms show. Instead they believe in competition among national tribes, considered ‘different species’. And they believe in economic castes, according to Biblical Ideologies that make the rich ‘chosen of go(l)d’5, different from other humans.

And so as believers they don’t reason social science that caters to all humans but censor it. We call this fact the anti-quantum paradox opposite to the quantum paradox that makes physics uncertain, as the observer is so huge that it ‘influences’ the observed particle. In social sciences the scientist is much smaller than the observable – corporations, nations & religions  that influence him to cater to their p.o.v. and present them as ‘nice’.

Thus Neo-classic economics is imposed by force, censorship and camouflage, which ‘again’ are Biological, Darwinian behaviors. Thus capitalism paradoxically proves the biological school even if it frustrates biological economists in their attempts to create a better world for mankind. Ultimately the destructive actions of company mothers over Nature and human social institutions merely express their ‘biological will’, which is to re=produce and evolve their offspring of machines, taking care of them and designing a world made to its image. And yet the idea that the eco(nomic)system is a jungle of metal; that machines evolve – since Darwin’s theory applies to any ‘form’ not only carbonlife species – that corporations do NOT care for humans but only for their products and that economic crisis are overproduction crisis of ‘selfish memes of metal’ that cause collateral damages on human beings, as radiations of top predator species do over weaker ones (graph 9), is laughable for them and never studied by those classic economists.

Only Ricardo, Marx and the socialist school, greatly influenced by Darwin’s work, described those crises of overproduction and the brutal treatment of humans by corporations, alienated by his work with machines that competed and threw them out of work till at the end, all human jobs will end (eq.10.1,2). The Keynesian school latter stressed the control of credit by human governments and its design of a world that promoted human welfare goods could avoid our demise.

And he was right. But from the perspective of Intelligent Design that dominates most Universities and ministries of the Western world, after the neo-con censorship of scientific economics (socialist, Keynesian and Biological school) Corporations are just systems of creation of profits, the invisible hand of go(l)d, and the supreme goal of mankind. So they design an economic system camouflaged by ‘damned lies and statistics’, to increase only the profits of corporations and their owners, with the subconscious belief that the rich are chosen –the only ones that matter- as Weber wrote in ‘The Protestant ethics of capitalism’. So they blindly favor overproduction crises of metal-memes, the main cause of destruction of life – a Darwinian biological act.

The only non-Darwinian fact is their ‘unscientific, pre-Darwinian, abstract jargon’ that blinds them to their actions, as Keynes noticed: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.’ That is, from a classic perspective corporations just increase profits, the subconscious hand of go(l)d, but this means in biological terms, to increase sales, hence the reproduction of machines and weapons, its most profitable good, what they call the ‘Wealth of Nations’ that kills men. Never mind, that is a peccadillo. Overproduction of weapons of maximal profits is always good because it makes the believers, owners of corporations richer. A Humanist economist or intelligent politician will realize this is not good for mankind, as he uses a rational jargon and sees ‘reality as it is’. So instead he would overproduce welfare goods that make us survive and forbid lethal goods, with the values and power of ethic laws, even if profits are smaller.

Classic economists believe corporations are more efficient and must have the upper hand; and those who rule corporations the stockratic elite must rule mankind since entrepreneurs are innovators, geniuses (Schumpeter, Hayek) –the only ‘chosen’ intelligent experts that create wealth. Hence they must be handled all the profits and savings and issue all the money of the world. The rest, the 99% and their elected governments are inefficient, unable to comprehend the market (Hayek). So if they rule they lead us (the 1% of chosen who matter) ‘On the road to serfdom’ – ‘a tyranny of the majority’ (Buchanan). So when social scientists (Marx, Veblen) describe the parasitic ‘leisure class’, and the process of production as an automated system of evolution of technology that requires not genius (Galbraith), and systematically destroys employment (Ricardo, Marx, Tinbergen), by working as human organs (Butler), they are ignored.

Capitalism vs. Democracy: Supply & war Economy vs. Demand, Welfare, Peaceful societies.

So those 2 schools define 2 different political and economic, incompatible systems:

-‘Neoclassic Plutocracies that establish ‘supply economies’, which cater to the 1-10% of owners and managers, its corporations, and machines of the FMMI complex, today Pcs and Robots.

–  Socialist & Keynesian democracies that cater to the 90% and establish ‘demand based’ welfare.

Thus Democracy is incompatible with capitalism – today the government of corporations, overwhelmingly dedicated to reproduce memes of metal in the past of animetal ‘people-classes’ that idol-ized them as power tools (informative money, which used to be gold and now is a digital language of information in the brain of computers; energetic metal, weapons that kill our bodies; and organic metal, machines that atrophy and substitute our life organs).

In that sense capitalism is a new dictatorship that substitutes aristocrats that in the old times thought they had the right to issue in monopoly the language of social power, then weapons, because they were chosen by the ‘grace of god’. Then with weapons they coerced Courts to issue the laws they desire. In both cases, the power monopolist could not be judged and was/is not responsible. Today we have anonymous societies whose CEOs can’t be judged; in the past aristocratic courts. All has changed to remain the same.

The synergy between capitalist dictatorships (with informative memes of metal, money, on top) and militarist dictatorships (with energetic memes of metal, weapons on top) is absolute, since both languages of metal-power overvalue each other by affinity. In fact both systems produce cyclical wars, since weapons are the more profitable, more expensive machines. So in a capitalist system that seeks NOT the wealth and welfare of humans, weapons are the preferred machine, systematically overproduced, as it gives high profits, and war is the engine of economic growth in crash ages, when guns are chosen over butter (choice of real democracies). This explains why at the end of all those cyclical crisis of overproduction, when human demand of machines plummets as labor dwindles, capitalist ‘democracies’ manufacture war and fascism.

Today USA spends more Gdp share in weapons that Nazi Germany before the Spanish war (5). So capitalist democracies under the Dictatorship of Corporations are solving again with ‘canons’ the overproduction crisis of the FMMI System, marching towards III world war. Once this Model Hypothesis is clear this work studies it with the 4 tenants of science. In paragraphs 1 to 5 we studied the Mechanical, Corporative causation of Kondratieff cycles and its Overproduction Crisis comparing the previous cycles and its war solutions with the Chip crisis of e-money, Pcs & Robotic weapons. In the next paragraphs we study the Electronic cycle, from its human & mechanical perspective to C) forecast its destructive future & give D) humanist, scientific solutions that politicians must act up now. Since if ‘business as usual continues’ profit search and lobbyism will determine ‘‘The politics of America (that) are the business of America’.

And humans will walk the path of extinction. We shall prove now those facts with data, showing again how only the dictatorship of US corporations can explain the regularity of its cycle.


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