Humanist Economics:

The scientific method applied to social sciences requires A)accurate data, B)biological causes C)cyclical patterns to predict the future D)democratic humanist solutions. None of those elements are met today by history or economics which pretend to be science by using inaccurate agenda data for each nation, tribe or cause b)lack any rational model c)doesn’t predict the future and D)has solutions for a minimal part of mankind (1%). In the graph, astrology became astronomical science when Kepler predicted with Accurate data the Cycles of stars orbits. Biology became a science when Darwin explain with Accurate data and biological causes the cycles of extinction of animal life and Medicine became also a science when Pasteur with accurate data predicted with biological germ-theory causes the sicknesses of human organisms, providing d)humane solutions. So happens with social sciences in this blog which for the first time puts together the 4 elements with Accurate data (regardless of what your prejudge and brain-manufacturing thinks of what we say here – antisemitism, anti patriotism, Luddism etc. there is zero agenda on me personally and the data is accurate, but censored in present history), b)giving it darwinian or social evolutionary causes to c) provide cyclical patterns and D)solutions of humanist nature. Why all this matters not to mankind has to do with the anti-quantum paradox: the social scientist lives within the social system today corrupted serving company-mothers of machines and as such he is too small and the corrupted brain of the system (the financial media networks) do not distribute his objective harsh view of reality. Only those who cater to newspeak of progress through the machine and describe the elites that mismanage the world as experts do.
Further on, why there is not a real science of History and economics can be resumed in the ego paradox: humans, specially in the animetal culture of huge egos, by virtue of their ab=use of life with metal-memes (weapons that kill, gold that erase the brain reason and machines that atrophy and substitute us), think to be the center of the Universe. So they REJECT THE EXISTENCE OF LAWS BEYOND THE INDIVIDUAL ENTROPIC, MEANINGLESS human ‘atom’ in what regards to social sciences, because they must remain above heavens and earth,. But the laws of science are collective, social endeavors with repetitive patterns. In that regard, the astounding primitivism of social sciences in the capitalist, Anglo-American, biblical culture resumes in 2 memes – the belief in a Bronze Age book of tribal supremacism called the Bible, born out of the first most primitive animetal cults, which even deformed the language, (VSO imperative semite languages when warriors and banker-priests barked orders as if they were ‘Gods’ or its ‘vehicle’) and the belief reality has in the human arena a single scale of organization, the biological individual ‘barking chosen’ species. All the astounding amount of bull$hit that passes as social sciences  or political and economical anthropomorphic correctness in that civilization but has NOTHING to do with the social laws of the Universe comes from those 2 aberrant non-scientific memes. You get creeping in biblical bigotry and pseudo-morality of political and economical correctness, everywhere and of course reality FOLLOWS its own way, regardless of wishful thinking from lefties, or bigotry from righteousness. So we pretend that the ego-paradox or the individual hero commands history and as it doesn’t we have no predictive power, no rational model, no understanding of social sciences at all. Since the Universe is fractal, organic and larger scales dominate smaller ones. So as you dominate your cells, regardless of what the 7th billion cell of your liver thinks of itself, your memes and its waves of thought and idol-ogies control history.  The organic, fractal Universe IS guided by waves of information and its physiological systems that evolve together through networks. History evolves through waves of reproductive memes, human and metallic, and both processes are directed by languages’ values: wor(l)ds and go(l)d. But the funny thing is precisely because Americans do NOT even acknowledge the existence of a science of history and its memetic laws, they cannot control it. But as they think a bunch of entropic individuals following the values of go(l)d create history – doing all the same, herding gold with anti-live values – they are perfectly predictable as any entropic ensemble of dog-eat-dog particles that destroy life and evolve the super organism of the metal-earth, ‘wholesale’ as a whole civilization of go(l)d values, which select their actions  by giving zero value to life in order to reach maximal gold. In that regard, in the anglosaxon civilization the equation of maximal values=profits of go(l)d: max. weapons + max. speculation + max. hate media holds sacred. Yet as this equation is then applied to destroy all other human non-technological civilizations, by comparison, obviously the American metal earth looks better than the cultures of mankind destroyed by those metal-memes. Hence humans who believe in the individual and go(l)d will be just entropic dog-eat-dog animetals evolving weapons, wars, and destroying mankind by suppressing the arrow of eusocial love they deny in all its sciences and models of reality, paradoxically seem to be the most ‘desirable’ state of being human – chaos, freedom and entropy of destruction of the rest of the planet makes them look ‘nice’.


Bioeconomics culminates all the schools of humanist economics, not only explaining ‘as it is’, the bio-economical system of predation of stocks of machines and its company-mothers over life, according to the real biological laws of this planet, but offering the solutions to end the extermination of life in the past present and future of the mechanocene.


Indeed most of the blog is dedicated to bash the idol-ogies of animetal enzymen, fundamentalist of money that deny life their drives of existence and their primacy in this planet as human beings are life being that should first serve its goals as a life species.

Humans as biological beings are all equal in its search for the ‘program of life’, its 3 primary actions, feed, move, perceive, and its complex ones, reproduce hence love and grow in social scales of growth to the plane of mankind.
This is what we are program to do as biological humans and all of us have that program, normally realized within a community.
But to ‘evolve metal’ to the same level that we evolve as biological beings, since metal is inert, man must catalyse its evolution and reproduction. And since metal is stronger,harder more difficult to handle than man, humans had historically to fully repress their biological consciousness and become prisoners of other ‘pure force’ idol-ogies, to serve metal and evolve and reproduce it – to fall under the damnation of work. This could have been kept in balance, the key word for immortality in the Universe. So humans would have survived in balance between life and metal, and keep history immortal.
But the very essence of the selection process made the hardest most fundamentalist ‘animetal enyzmen’, those who would sacrifice, repress and maim its own ‘biological drives’ specially those complex (social reproduction from love to eusocial love to the species), to serve organic Machines, that atrophy and substitute us, entropic Arms that kill the body and go(l)D that hypnotises, substitutes the ethics of the wor(l)d and made us ‘virally infected’ by greed, the 3 ‘elements’ needed to create a super organism of metal.
TODAY WE all accept machines, weapons and money as necessary, because their overwhelming reproduction is making this planet ‘theirs’, but specially because we have NEVER built a proper scientific understanding of our relationship with metal in pure rational, biological terms. So the human psyche is confuse and let itself be driven down the laws of darwinian evolution in the chaos of war, obsolescence and hypnotism, mental degradation by those memes of metal. Welcome then to the real ‘idol-ogical’ jail of the mind that is suppressing all what makes life worth, to live, to love to laugh…

In the graph, man is just part of a super organism in the fractal organic Universe like everything else. ITs simplification by the hidden idol-ogies of ‘enzymen’ that worship and catalyse the evolution of machines above life, make us forget completely which should be the goals of society: to build a perfect super organism of history curing its economic=blood=reproductive networks of the asphyxia they suffer without credit to create welfare, by a corrupted ‘capitalist’ idol-ogy that dedicates all resources to evolve machines’; with a global currency, yes money, to cure the military tribal hate memes of war, with a world without border EU-UNO style, through an heptarchy of cultures, and to change our philosophy of reality to the true organicist structure of the Universe that would make us worship again wo=men as the measure of all things. In the graph, the proper way to measure the value of production according to our biological needs create a true ethonomic frame of reference to guide the reform of the economic ecosystem and control its production of lethal goods, a must if mankind wants to survive the ‘radiations of machines & weapons’ that are killing Gaia and History

IT IS then necessary to understand how obvious and simple are the true social sciences that take care of the physiological networks of mankind:

  • Socialism, the belief humans should be democratic and rule themselves and their languages of power, so money should be reproduced by a Universal salary and by governments to promote welfare goods, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility
  • Humanism, all humans equal, no weapons and borders, for murdering members of the same species
  • Organicism, man as the measure of all things, the most perfect super organism which we should cherish and imitate to build a perfect human world.

All what we talk about is in fact a mere denial of those 3 social science, mostly by capitalism, the M.A.D. ideology of gold, Nazionalism, which divide humans into tribes to war, and mechanism which simplifies the Universe to make the machine an evolving organism, the measure of all things.

Let us then briefly indicate the difference between the true social sciences and the idologies.


Money is a digital language, which regardless of its specific ‘countable support’, has a function akin to other digital languages of systems, used to compare mathematically and reproduce through exchanges of flows of energy different type of goods.

Money and the law, the 2 network languages of human super organisms of history and economics.

All systems of nature require to well-function as social organisms 2 languages:

one of pure information, which is subjective, delivered by the ‘brain/informative elements’ of the system to organize the whole; nervous system in biological organisms, gravitational information in galaxies, genetic codes in cells, legal, ethic words in human societies… Such languages are biased in favor of the ‘neuronal brain and organism’ that controls it, being ‘particular in its function.

And a language of reproduction which is objective, hence normally delivered by a digital system, as the equations of mathematics equal being to be compared and exchanged. This is the case of electromagnetic forces in nature that exchange particles, hormonal and oxygen codes in biology and digital money in social super organisms, which regulate the reproductive economic system.

It is then very easy to consider what is wrong with the use of money in human societies, how those 2 languages should be designed in a perfect world=superorganism of history and what is the primacy between the two languages just by considering how THEY EXIST in efficient, survival super organisms of nature, all of them following the same laws of systems and networks:

The present world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields. It is for that reason necessary to fully reform the system, imitating perfect superorganism of nature where the subjective,e informative, legal, nervous language controls the reproductive languages of money/hormones/blood/electromagnetism, from the point of view of the brain that favors the survival of the system (black holes running galaxies with gravitation, cells running with DNA genes, brains with nervous messages, societies with the law above money when they are well designed)

 What is wrong with the world money is used today can be easily inferred of the ‘NON-ESSENTIAL qualities’ of money, which come in the ‘discourse of our wrong-designed parasitic system of money’, where 2 qualities which are irrelevant to it, appears heavily featured in all treatises of money: MONEY AS A SUBSTANCE, gold or precious metal, ‘store of wealth’ and money as DEBT, a standard of payment of obligations (as in the famous Jevons definition of most classic books of economics).

  • Money IS NOT A SUBSTANCE, as it is a digital number, which of course must be written in some support, but the support is not important. And as such is not ‘wealth-energy’, but information, language.
  • And money IS NOT DEBT, as its function as all languages of information is to start the process of reproduction and exchange of goods and work to produce, in the same manner you act after thinking, but the words IS not what matters, only to kick start the action. So money CANNOT BE USED AS DEBT TO PARASITE AND RETURN to people, as you do not talk expecting someone to return your words, but to bey them and ACT under your command.

As it happens those 2 primitive forms of money, as metal and as debt-usury-slaving substance became imposed by our ‘dear’ animetal people-castes, creating a go(l)d religion of accumulation of metal-wealth and slavery of human lifetime to money, which became the standard origin of our capitalist civilization, as opposed to the Nomisma, rational Greek-Latin view of money as a secondary legal language to reproduce and organize society submissive as it must be to the word. This European view of money, vs. to the Semite, Biblical view of money as substance, debt and wealth, today represented by America and its capitalism, consisting in reproducing as many numbers of money as possible to herd it without any concern for its social value and rights of all humans to reproduce and receive a minimal salary to kick out their demand of welfare goods and work actions, AS NATURE DOES WITH ALL REPRODUCTIVE LANGUAGES TO WHICH ALL THE ELEMENTS OF THE ORGANISM HAVE ACCESS, is the root of most of the eviLs and dysfunctions of our societies.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.

In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
In the graph, repeated ad nauseam for 30 years the solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: legal prohibition of robotics, issue of money in a real democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand; split of shares in all companies, given to the UNO, to create a global government in charge of the management of the world, with capacity to extinguish lethal ones; reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia) and the creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
Those 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

The world behind all its apparent complexity, designed to disguise the corruption of the system is very simple. It is created with credit, monetary orders that put people to work, as oxygen put to work cells. The question thus is who invents money and what kind of orders it gives with it. At present, due to historic reasons, money is overwhelmingly invented by companies in stocks used to reproduce, evolve machines and its eviL twins, weapons, and to adapt the world with laws bought to politicos to the image and likeness of those machines. Among those laws, politicos passed deficit zero laws that forbid humans and its governments to issue money, which they must instead extort with taxes. So while all machines have energy and information connected through internet, into a global brain; humans have no resources to pay the welfare goods they need; and suffer hunger, have no education, and no future except those humans still used as re=producers≈workers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines – two jobs increasingly at risk, as company-mothers automate its factories and consume ever more machines and its robots, evolving fast with unlimited credit, displace us from labor and war fields. But networks of informative machines, submit humans to 24/7  propaganda in favor of the system, accusing other humans with hate memes of all our problems and promoting the use of weapons to kill us. So weapons keep evolving and multiplying and a better world for mankind seems just a dream.  Fact is only if governments owned banks and issued money as organisms do in the form of a Universal salary to all its cells-citizens to kick demand and production of welfare goods, repressing as all healthy organisms do the re=production of lethal goods, the eco(nomic)system would work for humans. Indeed, the only exception to the dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which proves how simple would be a better world is China, where the government issues money for welfare and the people have credit, so the country is  growing at 10% in healthy goods for decades. In the west instead according to the equation of profits (money) = Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (software), money is spent in the most expensive goods, which are top predator weapons, of maximal profits in sales, and in the easiest to reproduce, at minimal cost which is software and audiovisual media, fiction and hate-memes. So all resources are wasted either in lethal goods that kill our bodies (weapons) or minds (hate media) or are used to evolve robotic machines; or financiers just print money and keep it for themselves. So the 1% owns as much as the 99%. And yet ALL what is needed to change the world is to change who issues money and what is used for. So 3+3 simple measures imitating Nature’s efficient superorgnaisms, could create a global demand=democratic economy in welfare goods – a Universal currency, ¥€$ money, issued as a 1000 eurodollars salary to all humans to kick welfare demand; prohibition of lethal goods, robots, that take our jobs and lives, and the split 50-50% of stock corporations given 1/2 of shares to governments to monitor they produce positive goods for humanity; and a real peaceful democracy, without wars based in diplomacy, global cultures and local administrations – not industrial, military nations and hate memes –  and the judgement a posteriori of politicos as in Greek original democracies, to oblige them to fulfill their promises.

This 3rd section of ‘Economic Science’ is dedicated to the work of Humanist Economists which study the scienc with an objective, scientific, humanist view. 2 are its fundamental schools, Socialism and Keynesianism. Its main difference being that Socialism rightly asked for the nationalization of the financial industry, which Keynes, a member of the British elite did not want – a fact which paradoxically made his school less ‘scientific and humanist’ but more succesful.

It however collapsed because it did not achieved the alternative measure Keynes asked for – a global currency of free debt money printed to create massive deficits to invest in the welfare state – what our biological school calls ‘Y€$ money’ and could solve easily the crisis.

So without resources of free debt money or a nationalized bank system, the welfare state was obliged to extort people with taxes to pay for its resources, while bankers and corporations had unlimited rights to print money in stock markets and e-money. And so in the 70s they printed e-money without limit, provoking stagflation – inflation due to overabundance of money and null growth as they kept most of that money for themselves.

Further on with that money they paid pamphletists of the Chicago school, like Hayek, who blatantly lied in his 3 pamphlets, ‘road to serfdom’ ‘against Keynes’ and ‘the denationalization of money, accusing the state of printing too much money and causing hyperinflation crisis, with the example of the Deutsche mark hypernflation (hiding the reichbank was then a private bank), of the end of freedom in Keynesian societies (hiding that the fundamental flaw of democracies is not to control the language of social power money), and asking for further privatization of finances, finally writing a pathetic pamphlet full of insults against Mr. Keynes… And then the private rijsbank gave him the Nobel Prize.

 And paid think tanks to resurrect the primitive thinking of monetarists and classic economics of the old Go(l)d religions, the neocons that now control economics and politics. So Keynesianism was killed by ‘damned lies and false statistics’, as Socialism had been.

In this article we introduce  the rules of the scientific method and compare with them the 2 schools, ‘neo-classic’ go(l)d religions vs. Scientific schools of economics (it is taken from the central post). And in future posts we will study each of the main masters of the socialist and keynesian schools analyzing critically their work with those 4 legs of the scientific method.



The scientific method that applies to all sciences, with no ‘exceptionalism’ consists on 4 steps:

– A) Collection of experimental, sound data.

– B) Introduction of data into mathematical, cyclical patterns that allow prediction of future cycles.

– C) Creation of a non-anthropomorphic, objective, mathematical or logic, causal model that explains why those cycles are happening in space and time, and further helps its predictability…

– D) Allowing a positive praxis that controls Nature and its systems with the goal of improving the life of all human individuals who must evolve eusocially as members of the same survival species,

Those 4 legs that sustain the building of science differentiate a scientific model from an ideology of power that caters for only a part, tribe or caste of mankind or a faulty model of science, which:

– A) Censors or biases data that does not cater the selfish agenda of a limited social group, people-caste, nation or corporation, or lacks the proper instruments to gather information; hence subverting the first element of science – accurate data.

– C) Prefers anthropomorphic, selfish, subjective or religious theories that cater to small groups of power or make people happy as centers of their limited world but are false models in an impersonal Universe in which individual men are non-chosen mortals and what evolves is the whole species.

B) Thus, due to faulty data and subjective models, non-scientific ideologies fail to find patterns & predict the future evolution of the species and events it studies. Since the future is NEVER caused by a single, ‘ceteris paribus’ being or causal point of view, but by the complex interaction of all the different points of view that intervene in those events, which require an external, multiple analysis.

D) And they fail systematically with their erroneous models to improve human individual life (‘quack’ medicine prior to the theory of germs) or our life as a single species in control of the Earth (neo-classic economics that cater to the non-human point of view corporations, its memes of metal and the restricted ’1%’ of its owners and political systems that ignore the ‘democratic’ collective point of view of all their citizens). So their praxis causes negative collateral effects that harm most of mankind even if they favor the selfish agenda of the restricted group that imposes them.

Thus a causal, true scientific model of social sciences must consider instead the whole perspective of cultural ideologies, selfish metal-memes, the FM2I complex, the human species and the biologic Earth to be able to analyze & predict the future to direct it towards a positive praxis for all mankind.

Samples of the evolution of knowledge from Subjective Ideologies into objective science.

Thus the key elements to proof a scientific model truth or discharge it as faulty and harmful are:

A) Its accurate data. C) its objective, non-human point of view. B) its capacity to predict the future evolution of the species and events it studies D) its subjective, positive, human praxis.  As opposed to ideologies that have: A) Inaccurate data. C) Subjective, reduced, ceteris paribus point of view. B) Incapacity to predict the cyclical future D) Objective, non-human praxis. So we shall use those 4 elements to consider 3 sample cases of evolution of knowledge from myth and ideology into science from physical sciences (astronomy), biology and sociological disciplines (economics):

The oldest form of physical knowledge, astrology became the science of astronomy only when:

A) Telescopes gave accurate data->C) Astronomers substituted the anthropomorphic, astrological theory that stars influence psychically human behavior; finding an objective theory based in attractive forces and orbital motions-> B) Kepler and Newton calculated the orbits of planets and predicted their future position establishing laws that summarized that behavior (left side of graph).

The main disciplines of life studies, Biology and Medicine became sciences only when:

A) Microscopes gave us accurate data. C) Biologists&doctors discharged anthropomorphic beliefs that considered humans the creation of a subjective personal God, hence their sickness caused by its antithesis, evil spirits; developing instead an objective model that related causally species according to similar forms (Evolution Theory) & studied the causal competition and extinction of those species according to their body-mind, energetic-informative power (selection of species – right side of graph). Then Pasteur developed with such knowledge a Germs Theory, based in the competition at cellular level between top predator bacteria & viruses that killed human cells.

B) As a consequence evolution predicts the most efficient, future survival forms of many species. D) And Medicine predicts & cures the causes of sickness, fighting germs at cellular level, while quacks with religious theories never predict or create a positive human praxis that cures the sick.

Economic science: Scientific Schools vs. Ideologies of Corporate power (neo-classic economics)

We apply the 4 elements of the scientific method to divide all schools of economics & social sciences in 2 groups: The scientific schools of Economics that inspire this work and develop A-D:

– A: Historic School, which studies critically the cultural origin of corporations (Sombart, Weber)6.

– B: Socialist School that studied the overproduction cycles of ‘metal memes’, machines, weapons and money, its crashes, cyclical extinction of labor & tabulated them (Marx, Kondratieff)1.

-C:Biologic, Systemic School that models Companies & machines as organisms (Butler, Sancho)7,8

-D: Keynesian School that implements a demand-based economy to create welfare for all mankind.

Vs. The Dominant ideologies of social power, nationalism and capitalism (neo-classic, financial economics), which are NOT sciences but the praxis of elites who use ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal, ‘money’ to control humanity and justify it with those ideologies. So their postulates & praxis have as single goal to increase national power & corporative profits. Since in the specific field of Economics, as a power Ideology, Financial, neo-classic economics fails A-D:

A; B) Ignores data and sponsors the p.o.v. of corporations and its owners – the 1% of mankind.

So the founder of neo-classic economics Mr. Friedman in his argument with Samuelson, a Keynesian scientist, affirms that ‘data’ is irrelevant, only ‘assumptions’ matter.

C) Fails to predict economic indicators and corporative collateral damages. So The Economist, organ of neo-classic economics tested future indicators among Economic Ministers, Scholars, garbage collectors and Taxi Drivers, and Ministers and Scholars came last in predictive power.

D) Sponsors, objective, non-human policies that do not favor mankind but side always with the machines for whom those corporations cater, in search of profits, designing a world to its image and likeness, regardless of any negative, collateral effect they have on our species and Nature. So its founder, Mr. Smith, and ideologist of British Imperial Power, ‘assumes’ a false postulate – that ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is its corporative, industrial & financial production defined in monetary values & maximized in war periods; since weapons are the most ‘expensive’ metal memes (graph 2.2), precisely when the Healthy Wealth, or ‘WHealth’ of most of Mankind, defined by the true scientist, Quesnay, as welfare, life goods, is minimal. Thereafter his disciples establish as the economic goal of societies to increase its monetary GDP (Pt=MV)9. While the science of economics defines the WHealth of Nations with the Index of Human Development (IHD; Sen, ONU) maximized with a demand, democratic economy that overproduces ‘cheaper’ welfare goods (Health, Food, Education). This duality is essential in the present crisis in which robots of maximal price compete and eliminate humans from labor and war fields. Hence they must be treated as biologic systems & forbidden even if they are increasing enormously the GDP’s Wealth of nations.                               

The GDP case shows how the 4 true scientific schools of Economics evolve steadily A-D Science:

A) Use proper data with no censorship on historic facts & the cycles of overproduction and its collateral effects of economical war, unemployment and loss of human wealth.

B) Have an objective point of view that includes the duality of machines that enhance our energy and information by imitating our similar organs, but also atrophy and substitute them; and the Darwinian, biological behavior of its ‘company-mothers’ that design the world to its image.

C) Predict the future events of the economic cycle, based in the patterns and regularity of the generational 72±7 year generational cycles and crashes of evolution and overproduction of money, machines and weapons (‘memes of metal’), proved by the accurate description of causes, facts and dates of the present crisis, by this author in books published 20 years ago3.

D) Sponsor a ‘WHealthy’ praxis of political economics that favors the future evolution and survival of the human kind, modeled with the tools of systems sciences and the examples of Nature – the master of us all – and its most efficient, Healthy and democratic social organisms.

Thus we base our evolution of the Science of Economics on those 4 schools. Since this work builds its Biological Systemic, Cyclical Model of the eco(nomic)system according to those A-D points of the Scientific Method, introducing 1st the Long Wave of 800 years evolution of weapons & the 80 years Medium Wave of Industrial machines that killed civilizations and nations, focusing then in the present and future 8 years short waves of crashes of Chips, e-money & Robots, giving finally Humanist Solutions to the crisis. Let us consider those 4 scientific elements in depth:

A) Accurate data in all the languages of Science. 2 elements limit economics’ data: ‘damned lies (censorship, ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis & bias) and statistics (reductionist use of digital information).

– A common error of scientists is the belief that mathematics is the only language of science. So by finding a mathematical law, A-B-C steps are no longer required and the statement is truth per se. This is not the case. We exist in a world of spatial energy (as vacuum space is a sum of energy quanta) and temporal information (as a clock-cycle creates a hertz or minimal unit of information10).

So mathematics, derived from geometry is merely the language that studies space and energy.

But logic is the language that relates causally the 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future, better suit to study information. For that reason bio-logical sciences are based in a logic, causal theory, evolution, which studies the in-form-ation or form of species that evolve into more efficient systems, causing the causal relationships of symbiosis, competition and extinction of species, such as the form with better energetic bodies (E) and informative brains (I) is the top predator species of Max. ‘ExI’ force that always wins & extinguishes the lesser ‘exi’ form, surviving into the future.

So both, spatial mathematics & temporal logic are languages accepted to create scientific models: As it happens, most models of physical sciences concerned mainly with motions and locations in space are better described with mathematics; while in most biological sciences concerned with information the causal and morphological laws of evolution dominate its quantitative analysis.

As Einstein put it:‘(we) know when mathematics is truth but not when it is real’. Since Gödel proved that a mathematical theory cannot be proved truth by its own internal consistency, if the A-B-C legs of the experimental, scientific method do not prove it. And the same can be said of a logically consistent theory. But contrary to belief logic is the dominant truth, since mathematical formalisms derive from logic ones (Hilbert, Frege, Computers) and space is considered in 4D metrics a ‘sheet of present time’ moving along the total world-line flow of causal time from past to future.

Thus we solved a key question for social sciences: we must NOT construct economic models only with mathematics as financial economists, dominant in this discipline, do, but use models based in biological sciences. Since we, humans are biological organisms and make machines to our image and likeness to enhance our organs of energy and information, as they become symbiotic or compete biologically with us in labor and war fields.

Thus economics, which deals with 2 kind of systems –the FMMI system of metal-memes and humans & welfare goods of organic nature– must be treated as a bio-logic science based in evolutionary, organic, systemic models of machines and company-mothers that often compete with humans & governments.

While mathematics must be considered, as in biology, the accessory language that helps to gather data and find the patterns that structure the evolution, reproduction and interaction of the agents of the eco(nomic)system. So money, its language of information that ‘values’ both humans and digital machines with salaries and prices must be considered submissive to the bio-logic, ethic, survival values of human Laws. Thus in economics, contrary to belief, biologic, ethic, organic, causal laws, must dominate the field.

B) An objective, multiple point of view. Science is a rational attempt to get out of self-centered, subjective points of view as centers of the Universe into objective, non-personal wider perspectives that take into account all other entities of reality. So we moved from a mythic, religious age of individual or tribal Gods as universal centers into the whole Mankind (oikoumene religions) and its body, Gaia as the center.

Next we expanded our physical point of view, making the sun, the center; and then the whole space-time with no physical center at all became our frame of reference (Relativity theory). While in the realm of human sciences, we expanded our socio-biological center, from mankind to all life species (Evolution).

Finally XXI C. science is going further, considering that our scale of size and speed of time clocks is not unique (5 Dimensional metrics10) and applying the definition of life – a system which processes energy, information, reproduces and evolves socially to all Complementary Systems, made of lineal bodies/fields of Energy and cyclical particles/heads of Information including machines as we do in this biological model of history and economics.

(Neo)classic economics’ A-B failure is also a subjective error as its founding fathers from Smith to Friedman were Biblical believers who created an economic version of ‘Creationism’ and Intelligent Design, denying ever since biological laws, while the corporations they worked for paradoxically applied Darwinian Laws of competition between men and machines in labor and war fields.

These facts extend to the most prestigious prizes of this discipline, the Nobel Prize, conceded by the private Rijsbank, which cannot be given by ‘decree’ to any evolutionist (since Mr. Nobel was a pious believer and founder of the first multinational and biggest arm dealer of the XIX century)

C) We forecast 2 decades ago3 the 4 overproduction crises of the chip cycle, adding 72±7 years to the 29 crisis and studying the future short 7 years business cycles of electronic money, machines & singularity weapons, the most evolved form of ‘Wealth of Nations’ that we predict will kill us unless:

D) We implement a Welfare, Global New Deal solution to the crisis positive to all mankind (11).    A-B) Why Classic Economics doesn’t want such solution? Because it is a power ideology: Financial Economics, which rules the field, was invented before Biology and Evolution expanded the human point of view, even before modern machines appeared, certainly before Democracies were established, by a ‘believer’ on the British Empire and its Biblical Memes, Mr. Smith, who thought as Calvin did that ‘the intelligence of god is money’ & acted as a lobbyist for the Private Bank of England. So he affirmed that profits are ‘the invisible hand of god’; that only private banks must issue usury debt-money, as today does the ECB Bank; that workers must receive only a subsistence salary; that the Wealth of Nations are its imperial Gold and machines (gunboats), creating an anti-democratic, anti-humanist, war-prone model of the ‘Wealth of Nations’ that cater to the profits and stock-value of those corporations, NOT to the WHealth & survival of Man.

The conclusion is obvious: Economists and their thesis divide in 2 categories: theses that profit corporations invented overwhelmingly by (Neo)-Classic, Biblical Schools Vs. those who follow the Objective Laws of the scientific method, belonging to the Socialist (I cycle), Historic, Keynesian (II cycle) or Biological Schools (III Cycle), from Owens to Sen to this writer who favor a world where humans would thrive, and would implement Welfare policies to overproduce real ‘WHealth’ that improves human evolution, survival & happiness, measured with the Index of Human Development used by UNO, but cannot, censored systematically by the power of Corporations & metal-memes.

So corporate power and its ideologies dominate history, causing the regularity of the Kondratieff cycle of evolution of the FMMI System (A, B points of the scientific method); since the cycle’s capacity to design the future (point C) is only possible in a world in which the will of Corporations and its owners – to overproduce machines for a profit – rules over all other political and economical goals and systems, regardless of their collateral damage on mankind. Otherwise if we live in true democracies, people would impose a welfare demand based economy and a peaceful world.

So we live in a dictatorship of corporations. We do NOT live in a democracy.


In General Systems we define the Universe as an organic fractal whose parts are Complementary Systems made of ‘Informative particles/heads/ upper classes & Reproductive Waves/Bodies/ Middle classes that act and create order by disordering energetic fields/bodies/lower classes (Physical, Biological and Social Sciences Jargons). Thus there are 3 classes in all systems but the organism is composed of only 2 self-similar parts that take care of each other, the informative particle/neuronal class and the reproductive wave/middle body. Particles/Neurons guide the wave/ body to external energy fields in which bodies prey to reproduce the goods that make body&head survive.

Thus an efficient, well-designed, democratic eco(nomic)system according to Nature’s laws , must feed, inform & provide jobs to all the human cells of History, our social superorganism. Thus we define a democratic economy as a demand economy ruled by citizens with a Universal Salary or by welfare governments that obey their mandate, as the immense majority of humans want to reproduce memes of life of the welfare state.

There is no exceptionalism to this universal rule, except when a system is dying, predated as external energy by a rival organism, which uses it to feed and reproduce its own cells. And this is exactly what happens in a capitalist democracy, ruled by company-mothers of machines that prey on humans, whose role as energy class is to reproduce the rival species machines, even if they have no food for themselves, as part-time slaves with no rights (workers) or become energy for weapons, in labor and war fields.

In capitalist democracies their governments, whose politicians are bought with corporative money to issue laws that favor corporations, systematically cheat the welfare goals of true democracies. The only ‘democratic right’ of people, voting is a placebo mask. It was for most of history limited by ‘wealth’ to the top class of the capitalist pyramid and only when the 90% was asked to sacrifice their lives for the military-Industrial complex in I world war, voting was extended in Europe to all people (in America for the same reason in the Independence war).

Then for a few years voting freedoms saw socialist parties imposing welfare policies. So Capitalist elites reacted paying fascism that crashed with violence social parties; while advertising, propaganda and mass media misinformation became essential to the system, with the first ‘Ministry of Information’ (Goebbels, III Reich), who imposed the motto ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’. Thus after II W.W. the Goebbels method enhanced by audiovisual hypnosis, based in the structure of the mind that believes any system that provides an overdrive of information became routine in all nations. Ever since the FMMI system convinces people to adopt policies that destroy their welfare. So owners of TV-corporations like Mr. Berlusconi or TV-actors like Reagan become as radio-voices like Mussolini did in the II Cycle, the neo-fascist manufacturers of Mass-media economic messages (‘too much government’) that hide the fact that corporations are not human in their purpose and their monopoly on monetary issue stolen from sovereign governments that no longer have money to pay welfare, is invested only in its offspring of machines that expel humans of labor & war fields.

But all those outlets of the FMMI system and its politicos receive their inspiration from the ‘Brahmins’ of the religion of corporative profits, the ‘neo-classic’ economists that work within them.


 Only the scientific schools of economics can explain and solve the crisis.

Let us now see how scientific economists proved false with humanist, legal measures and scientific models the obsessive themes of (neo)classic economics – Banking monopoly on money, null rights of workers; absolute rights of machines & corporations; divine inspiration of free entrepreneurs and mathematical disconnection of Economics with Humanist, Social sciences:

1. Instead they solve labor & life extinction by selfish metal memes with the imposition of ethic, legal goals of WHealth & survival over mathematical profits that make us obsolete to machines. So:

2. They impose minimal salaries and education investment to avoid unfair competition of machines, which increase unemployment as technology evolves (Ricardo, Butler, Marx, Tinbergen).

3. Ask for nationalization or regulation of finances to cre(dit)ate a demand, consumption economy based in WHealth and free-debt money (Marx, Lincoln, Keynes, Samuelson, Galbraith).

4. Prove Humans can regulate the economy with scientific, mathematical models, evolved further with, legal means, fiscal & monetary policies (Tinbergen, Myrdal, Leontief, Rostow, Keynes.)

5. Connect Economics and Democracy, affirming the goal of a better world for all men must dominate profits through a better design of economic & political Institutions (Marx, Keynes, North).

6. Point out the ab=use and null social responsibility of corporations that externalize negative costs on states & population from pollution to the military defense of multinationals; (Pigou, Galbraith.)

7. Prove the parasitic nature of stock-owners (Veblen) & null freedom for consumers in Markets where all power is on the supply side of corporations that seek monopolies (Galbraith, Keynes).

Thus classic economics, the corporations’ P.O.V. is not a scientific solution to the crisis as it denies A, B) overproduction cycles ignoring true data for assumptions (Friedman) C) based often in Biblical Memes of ‘go(l)d chosen’ hence caring D) only for the profit corporations C) showing null predictive power & offering (D) no human solution. Only the 3 schools of humanist Economics have done so:

In the first crisis the socialist school of economics, (Marx) anticipated the overproduction crisis of trains and gave name to the cycle (Kondratieff). They also proposed its solutions: nationalization of the financial industry to regulate credit in favor of welfare goods and the creation of a legal frame to protect workers from the unemployment crisis (communist manifesto).

In the second crisis the Keynesian school explained the overproduction crisis of consumption and gave its solution: to credit the production of welfare goods, ‘butter instead of canons’ through the creation of an international currency (Bretton Woods).

In the 3rd crisis this writer, who pioneered biologic, organic, systemic0 models of the eco(nomic) system, predicting 20 years ago3 a future crisis of overproduction of chips, gave its solution, similar to the previous ones: a global, legal prohibition of robotics and the creation of an international currency, ¥€$ money, to allow huge deficits to credit a global deal to create a sustainable economy.

Thus they must be considered natural steps in the evolution of a true science of economics. Neoclassic economists hold the point of view of Corporations and justify overproduction crisis because they increase corporative profits, regardless of their collateral effects on mankind. So our financiers and economists are not solving the crisis. On the contrary because they are the cause of the crisis, their solutions (a runaway search for profits with more overproduction of those 3 metal-memes) are aggravating the crisis and harming most of mankind, as they did in the 30s.

 The anti-quantum and ego paradoxes explain why Creationist, Theist Economics exist and dominate.

But why neoclassic ideologies win over objective social sciences? 2 reasons that we call the ‘Ego Paradox’, origin of Abrahamic Religions and the anti-quantum Paradox of Darwinian nature:

4 billions believe subjective religions that make humans the happy center of the Universe, despite being false according to the objective, scientific method. Because this is how Nature builds minds. Indeed we call this trade-off between happiness and truth the ‘ego paradox’. Since we measure reality from a human self-centered point of view that distorts it. So at first sight we are the still center of all measures and seem bigger than a galaxy. But we are not. Since the ego paradox confuses the zero-volume of our mind-self with the infinity of its universe’s visual mapping:

 ‘Our mind is an infinitesimal point mapping in stillness an infinite Universe: 0 x ∞=K’.10

Further on, subjective egoism triumphs because if we adopt an objective, selfless point of view, we unknot the mind’s perspective and stop fighting for our survival. So in the Universe there are only 2 survival strategies: maximal knotting-egoism, or eusocial evolution in which the egoist p.o.v. grows from a small individual bacteria to a bigger social organism, the species to which it gives its energy. The triumph of ‘animetal cultures’, tribal religions and capitalist/nationalist memes is a mixture of both P.O.Vs.: individual ‘animetals’ associated to stronger memes of metal that enhance their energy & information, become a small class or nation that dominates the entire eusocial P.O.V. of mankind, based in weaker Life memes. Since Darwinian power favors memes of metal – a better atom that hypnotizes the mind (informative gold) or kills our body (iron weapons) – over life memes.

So since the beginning of the metal age, ‘animetals’, human associated to weapons (warriors), gold (bankers) and corporations of machines (scientists, neo-classic economists) have shaped the collective human mind with metal  ‘idol’ogies that impose their policies with the superior energetic and informative power of metal memes. But on the long term this strategy implies the systemic evolution of selfish memes of metal, so animetal castes can remain on top of a human majority, till a point the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’ kill us and make all of us, including metal masters obsolete. This ‘judgment day’ is in the robotic cycle closer, as automated company-mothers that cater only for their offspring of machines no longer need human workers, consumers or owners.

So Biblical Economics that denies Darwin’s Laws in fact rule men with corporations of machines that impose the survival of the fittest, as Carnegie put it: ‘Free market competition is good for the selection of the (machine) species’. Yet what techno-utopian animetals forget is that they are made of flesh. And what survives in Nature is indeed the species, the entire homo sapiens, not the tribe or the individual. Hence the need for all Homo Sapiens to cooperate through eusocial love – the most successful strategy of survival, as multicellular and ant superorganisms show. Instead they believe in competition among national tribes, considered ‘different species’. And they believe in economic castes, according to Biblical Ideologies that make the rich ‘chosen of go(l)d’5, different from other humans.

And so as believers they don’t reason social science that caters to all humans but censor it. We call this fact the anti-quantum paradox opposite to the quantum paradox that makes physics uncertain, as the observer is so huge that it ‘influences’ the observed particle. In social sciences the scientist is much smaller than the observable – corporations, nations & religions  that influence him to cater to their p.o.v. and present them as ‘nice’.

Thus Neo-classic economics is imposed by force, censorship and camouflage, which ‘again’ are Biological, Darwinian behaviors. Thus capitalism paradoxically proves the biological school even if it frustrates biological economists in their attempts to create a better world for mankind. Ultimately the destructive actions of company mothers over Nature and human social institutions merely express their ‘biological will’, which is to re=produce and evolve their offspring of machines, taking care of them and designing a world made to its image. And yet the idea that the eco(nomic)system is a jungle of metal; that machines evolve – since Darwin’s theory applies to any ‘form’ not only carbonlife species – that corporations do NOT care for humans but only for their products and that economic crisis are overproduction crisis of ‘selfish memes of metal’ that cause collateral damages on human beings, as radiations of top predator species do over weaker ones (graph 9), is laughable for them and never studied by those classic economists.

Only Ricardo, Marx and the socialist school, greatly influenced by Darwin’s work, described those crises of overproduction and the brutal treatment of humans by corporations, alienated by his work with machines that competed and threw them out of work till at the end, all human jobs will end (eq.10.1,2). The Keynesian school latter stressed the control of credit by human governments and its design of a world that promoted human welfare goods could avoid our demise.

And he was right. But from the perspective of Intelligent Design that dominates most Universities and ministries of the Western world, after the neo-con censorship of scientific economics (socialist, Keynesian and Biological school) Corporations are just systems of creation of profits, the invisible hand of go(l)d, and the supreme goal of mankind. So they design an economic system camouflaged by ‘damned lies and statistics’, to increase only the profits of corporations and their owners, with the subconscious belief that the rich are chosen –the only ones that matter- as Weber wrote in ‘The Protestant ethics of capitalism’. So they blindly favor overproduction crises of metal-memes, the main cause of destruction of life – a Darwinian biological act.

The only non-Darwinian fact is their ‘unscientific, pre-Darwinian, abstract jargon’ that blinds them to their actions, as Keynes noticed: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.’ That is, from a classic perspective corporations just increase profits, the subconscious hand of go(l)d, but this means in biological terms, to increase sales, hence the reproduction of machines and weapons, its most profitable good, what they call the ‘Wealth of Nations’ that kills men. Never mind, that is a peccadillo. Overproduction of weapons of maximal profits is always good because it makes the believers, owners of corporations richer. A Humanist economist or intelligent politician will realize this is not good for mankind, as he uses a rational jargon and sees ‘reality as it is’. So instead he would overproduce welfare goods that make us survive and forbid lethal goods, with the values and power of ethic laws, even if profits are smaller.

Classic economists believe corporations are more efficient and must have the upper hand; and those who rule corporations the stockratic elite must rule mankind since entrepreneurs are innovators, geniuses (Schumpeter, Hayek) –the only ‘chosen’ intelligent experts that create wealth. Hence they must be handled all the profits and savings and issue all the money of the world. The rest, the 99% and their elected governments are inefficient, unable to comprehend the market (Hayek). So if they rule they lead us (the 1% of chosen who matter) ‘On the road to serfdom’ – ‘a tyranny of the majority’ (Buchanan). So when social scientists (Marx, Veblen) describe the parasitic ‘leisure class’, and the process of production as an automated system of evolution of technology that requires not genius (Galbraith), and systematically destroys employment (Ricardo, Marx, Tinbergen), by working as human organs (Butler), they are ignored.

Capitalism vs. Democracy: Supply & war Economy vs. Demand, Welfare, Peaceful societies.

So those 2 schools define 2 different political and economic, incompatible systems:

-‘Neoclassic Plutocracies that establish ‘supply economies’, which cater to the 1-10% of owners and managers, its corporations, and machines of the FMMI complex, today Pcs and Robots.

–  Socialist & Keynesian democracies that cater to the 90% and establish ‘demand based’ welfare.

Thus Democracy is incompatible with capitalism – today the government of corporations, overwhelmingly dedicated to reproduce memes of metal in the past of animetal ‘people-classes’ that idol-ized them as power tools (informative money, which used to be gold and now is a digital language of information in the brain of computers; energetic metal, weapons that kill our bodies; and organic metal, machines that atrophy and substitute our life organs).

In that sense capitalism is a new dictatorship that substitutes aristocrats that in the old times thought they had the right to issue in monopoly the language of social power, then weapons, because they were chosen by the ‘grace of god’. Then with weapons they coerced Courts to issue the laws they desire. In both cases, the power monopolist could not be judged and was/is not responsible. Today we have anonymous societies whose CEOs can’t be judged; in the past aristocratic courts. All has changed to remain the same.

The synergy between capitalist dictatorships (with informative memes of metal, money, on top) and militarist dictatorships (with energetic memes of metal, weapons on top) is absolute, since both languages of metal-power overvalue each other by affinity. In fact both systems produce cyclical wars, since weapons are the more profitable, more expensive machines. So in a capitalist system that seeks NOT the wealth and welfare of humans, weapons are the preferred machine, systematically overproduced, as it gives high profits, and war is the engine of economic growth in crash ages, when guns are chosen over butter (choice of real democracies). This explains why at the end of all those cyclical crisis of overproduction, when human demand of machines plummets as labor dwindles, capitalist ‘democracies’ manufacture war and fascism.

Today USA spends more Gdp share in weapons that Nazi Germany before the Spanish war (5). So capitalist democracies under the Dictatorship of Corporations are solving again with ‘canons’ the overproduction crisis of the FMMI System, marching towards III world war. Once this Model Hypothesis is clear this work studies it with the 4 tenants of science. In paragraphs 1 to 5 we studied the Mechanical, Corporative causation of Kondratieff cycles and its Overproduction Crisis comparing the previous cycles and its war solutions with the Chip crisis of e-money, Pcs & Robotic weapons. In the next paragraphs we study the Electronic cycle, from its human & mechanical perspective to C) forecast its destructive future & give D) humanist, scientific solutions that politicians must act up now. Since if ‘business as usual continues’ profit search and lobbyism will determine ‘‘The politics of America (that) are the business of America’.

And humans will walk the path of extinction. We shall prove now those facts with data, showing again how only the dictatorship of US corporations can explain the regularity of its cycle.


All this said – the present crisis, its solutions and its no future, if ‘business as usual proceeds’ in a nutshell -the purpose of this web is wider than the analysis of the crisis.

We wan to renew social sciences and bring a more complex, human point of view to History and use the laws of biology and theory of information to study the evolution of history and economics, its super-organisms, social evolution and time cycles, from an objective, scientific, non-censored perspective, following the laws of the scientific method, including the design of an efficient, humanist economic system based in the laws of social systems – as sciences do have to give solutions and a praxis for the betterment of mankind.

In that regard the web follows the classic humanist masters of social sciences – not the ideologists of the financial-military-industrial complex – and so we have to distinguish in the ceremony of confusion that political and economical correctness has established both.

This has been the work of a time-life, first laid out in my pioneer Spanish books on Biological history and my conferences on Cyclical Time, Fractal Universes and the fifth dimension, Social Evolution and Monetary Systems, and the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial Complex system that controls today this planet, given at the International Congress of Systems sciences, during my tenure of the  Chair of Duality, formerly dialectics, which forecasted this crisis two decades in advance, with a depth and foresight not found to my knowledge in any other author. Or perhaps as it happens with this never heard of blog, some other serious social scientist is writing perfectly ‘censored’ by the Financial-Media System in some other obscure blog…

In any case, a better exposition of these themes with a more neutral, academic tone, can be found here in different books at kindle on these subjects.

Now for those who believe in ‘social sciences’ based in ‘political and economical correctness’, I sympathize with them, but ideologies, religions and power expert talk, even realpolitiks of power are NOT science, and though they cripple in social sciences in subtle ways as political and economical correctness are they tamper with the scientific method apply to social sciences which now we will describe confronted with the ideological method of BOTH right and left activism (and we might sympathize with schemes such as the ecological movement, the left wing ideas, even with the demise of Mr. Nixon or the Industry of the Holocaust, but this is not an activist web, but a scientific one, and so all will be judged with the scientific method – ultimately though as they say in spanish, ‘those who love you must make you cry’, only a true understanding of the ultimate reasons why mankind is self-destroying itself, can bring the true solutions to that zeitgeist – other matter is if men are up to the task of surviving)

So there is here no place for ideology, neither for wishful thinking, only perhaps some fantasies of r=evolution as we are humans after all and can only wish Mr. Marx dictum to be truth (the philosopher must not only observe reality but try to change it).

Today humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us). This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines – technoutopias, that worship machines, nationalisms that worship weapons, capitalism that worships money and racist religions that separate them from other humans and nature, as the ‘carriers’ of a manifest destiny given by their control of metal-memes.

Instead of those ‘sacred ideologies’ of our civilization that prevent the creation of a real science of history and economics (or silence those who do create it) this blog is going to use the ‘true’ scientific jargons and methods proper of the scientific method THAT APPLIES TO ALL SCIENCES, WITH NO ‘EXCEPTIONALISM’:

– Collection of experimental sound data about history and economics.

– Introduction of that data into patterns and cycles of evolution and extinction, proper of all species.

– And the higher view of Universal Systems, which reinforces the views of the biological approach to machines and the economic ecosystem.


The larger purpose of this web is to apply the scientific method and its 3 pillars of truth – experimental evidence, sound models able to repdict the future, and objective non-anthropomorhic theories of reality in this blog.

The symbols of the 3 levels of comprehension of social sciences and its rival ideologies.

Since social Sciences as any other science has a method of truth, which consists on 3 levels previous explained, we shall use basic symbols to determine in which level we are talking:

A) Unknown.Accurate collection of data with no censorship and not anthropomorphic wishful thinking (experimental method)

Here is where we stumble with the first problem of social sciences: censorship of data by those who use data, information, not to do science but to impose power.

It is what we call the anti-quantum paradox: In opposite fashion to the quantum paradox – the observer of social sciences is so small compared to the people in power he observes, that either he become corrupted, ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus, today instead of sword proper of military dictatorship, go(l)d the language of bankers’ power) or eliminated and silenced by the obsservable. It is thus the observable so huge that it ‘changes’ the observer. 

And so while accurate data exists buried in libraries – mostly of continental Europe as the observable has been in power so long in the Biblical Go(l)d cult(ure) – the anglosaxon, germanic world – that true data on history of finances and many other themes essential to social sciences is unavailable.

Now given the enormous complexity of the modern world, according to the laws of Theory of Information (which constantly increases), we need to use several symbols for the reader to understand which levels of complexity or ‘newspeaks’, ideologies or true scientific facts we are describing:.

The first and most obvious is a distinction between simple truths   images-1and complex detailsUnknown.

Often is better to explain simple truths, though I am guilty of being complex and I write for myself – aware of the anti-quantum paradox, in simple terms   ’who cares?’Untitled-1. This leads to the second duality between falsity in theory and praxis-  negative actions that destroy our world, which will have a sad smiley, and the scanty positive truths and praxis, of those few remaining heroes of the human endeavor  images-1.

Untitled-1Anecdote: when i was a student at Columbia U. I found books on Marx and Sade, the first scientists of humanist economics and human sexuality were not available. They contradicted the ideologies of biblical supremacism that had invented capitalism.  But of course that was not the ‘discourse’. Instead Sade was considered a ‘pornographer’ – meaning the reproductive, sexual human function substituted in capitalism by the reproduction of machines as the supreme good, was a sin – a substitution with a clear origin in the biblical culture as the parable of the damnation of work and expulsion of the sexual genesian paradise shows.

And Marx was simply an ‘ideologist’ since he was equated to the military dictatorships called communism, which had appropriated his name to promote antitruths of his doctrine: I.e. Arms race when Mr. Marx’s centerpiece of his work was the analysis of the overproduction crisis of capitalism that produced them. And of course, as a Californian reputed Scholar explained me condescendingly, there were no ‘social classes’ – never mind all systems of the Universe have a ‘neuronal/informative’ cellular caste and a body/reproductive  cellular one and an energetic/expendable third class, exactly as all human societies, based in the control of languages of social power.

Unknown-1But American capitalism had invented all kind of silly-nilly complicated, clueless ‘schools’ of social sciences, with catchy names, from ‘structuralism’ to ‘behaviorism’ to whatever – i long forgot all that meaningless data which just cramps the oversized brains of such scholars.

Yet this level of ‘awareness’ signaled in this blog by an ‘internet’ book, is NOT really science, but a subtle way of censorship, akin to infotainment and fiction that ‘expels’ time and space for real truths and deeper knowledge creating the essential scholar of our age ‘the savant idiot’, which Galbraith accurately applied to the financial economists as a caste. And of course we will distinguish the fundamental censorship of our world:censorhsip

We can consider many of the ideologies of the modern world to be part of this new caste of ‘savant idiots’ mostly those who ‘believe in techno-utopia’ and internet revolutions of any kind, wasting their time writing articles for free for wikipedia’s censored ‘am segullah’ owner who also will pander your money, to wikileaks ‘am segullah’ Mossad activist who just happened to reveal only news against Arab governments and forgot to give us any leaks on the most bulky correspondence of the American government – the Israeli embassy, LOL. Here again we come directly with the fundamental method of censorship of the world, the sheep-wolf, ‘camouflage’.

B) Untitled-3 The Darwinian, Biological and Eusocial laws of Social love

The second step in ALL SCIENCES IS finding cycles and regularity on that data, able to predict future cycles, according to a reliable ‘model’ of  time cycles, which in the case of human biological beings can only be a biological, evolutionary theory of History and Economics. It demand predictability and verifiability, or else the models are false. Here is where again the Anti-quantum paradox appears in earnest – since the ideologies of the founders of the ‘financial-media complex’ (Biblical supremacists) and the Military-Industrial complex (tribal nationalism) DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY any criticism of their ego paradox, another fundamental feature of the objective Universe that prevents social sciences from flourishing, and can be resumed in a mathematical concept of measure:

‘Every point of view believe sto be the center of the Universe because its mind observes it from its enlarged point of view’. So you are bigger than sirius, the biggest star from your point of view, and you will naturally build self-centered theories of reality where you and the Earth is the center of the Universe. Then objective science will take you away from that position, but this HAS NOT HAPPENED IN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS, and so you vote those who cheat you and make you think they care for you; bankers overwhelmingly belonging in the west to the biblical culture think as goldman’s ceo put it, that their job is god’s job; and the military truly think they are defending nations not destroying them and of course, evolution the true science of history and economics is DENIED.

The effect is obvious.  Those 2 first levels of truth of this web – accurate data about the people-castes in power that ‘create’ the financial-media/military-industrial complex of corporations and machines that are ‘biologically’ atrophying and destroying mankind and thiS SECOND LEVEL OF DESCRIPTION of the elite as a darwinian top predator ‘tribal’ species, with self-serving ego-trip ideologies (abrahamic religions, capitalism, nationalism) that prey on a mass of sheeple by the oldest of all tricks of nature – camouflaging themselves as sheeple when they are wolves (hence the logo of this level of awareness).- eliminates all chance of the elite to take seriously the science of history and economics.

And this also works with the sheeple, the true victims of our system, mankind at large, which prefers to think all is right to be happiness and maintain a minimal ‘decorum’ and self-respect. We have none for the human species in a process of biological self-destruction by their ego-trips. Sorry, reality bites and science treats men at face value. And what it shows is that humans follow a series of self-destructive cycles, due to their extraordinary incapacity to accept the laws of the biological Universe, and use them FOR HIS ADVANTAGE, PREYING ON THE MACHINES AND CORPORATIONS THAT ARE DESTROYING US.  In the Darwinian Universe respect must be earned. And our elites and sheeple are not earning it.

We shall thus use also to images the positive and the negative as we did with smileys – the sheep-wolf, our elites that ‘care’ LOL, and the heart of people who understand the much better strategy of survival of social organisms: eusocial love that gives power to a superorganism over the homo bacteria, and could make of man truly the top predator of this planet again, now substituted by the corporation and its social global government, the stock-market.

And yet, most people ‘hate’ social love, because political correctnessUntitled-3 explain us that it kills human freedom. An antitruth of many levels – we exist as knots of communication with other beings, without whom we are not; freedom has always to respect the freedom of others, not to be darwinian as the freedom of capitalist corporations are, etc. etc.

NOW WE CAN UNDERSTAND why even the type of ‘scientific collection of data’ of social sciences so trendy today is Unknown-1:

Bulky studies on some archeological site heralded as an astounding discovery, which spends a fortune on machines to seek artifacts of irrelevant interest, genetic analysis mapping up the racist traces of our biblical supremacist cultures, so fond of this method of ‘historic science’ with hidden agendas – the Mormons looking for the lost tribe, the Israelis searching for the Y-Haploid of the cohen brothers – act as a subtle dehumanization of the nature of social sciences, part of the ‘itification’ of the human kind.

Since at best, they pretend that Social Sciences are mathematical sciences, with no ‘ethical judgement’, no good or bad, and so all consists in telling the story of the people. This is NOT THE CASE. WE ARE BIOLOGICAL BEINGS, and the relationships between men and machines are biological, symbiotic with the good machines of the tree of science that enhance our survival and darwinian with the machines that prey on our bodies and minds. And what ETHICS MEAN is a SURVIVAL JUDGMENT, where bad=death and good=life, embedded in the genetic linguistics of words, so eviL is the antiparticle, the antiword of Live. So we must consider ethics, the hidden ‘genetics’ of verbal thought and respect them, because indeed, in the Universe eusocial love make us survive. What this means is that THE MOST IMPORTANT DATA AS SCHIELMAN UNDERSTOOD IS VERBAL DATA that explains the evolution of the ideologies of eviL and Live that confront each other in history – social sciences are ethic by definition BECAUSE THEY NOT ONLY EXPLAIN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS BUT FROM A HUMAN SCIENTIFIC POINT OF VIEW MUST PROPOSE A PRAXIS TO IMPROVE THE HUMANKIND – THE SPECIES AS A WHOLE, REPRESENTED BY THE 90%.

In other words, Pope Franciscus, even if he believes silly things like the ideology that a jewish carpenter, from the cult(ure) of Go(l)d give immortality to mankind, is far more scientific as a social scientists, when he affirms that we live in a culture of death and the search for profits is killing mankind that Mr. Bernanke, whose remedy to the crisis is print billions of $ for banks and the military government of the US – because he is just talking with the ethics of his verbal brain and heart that is designed by nature to create positive survival actions, while ‘numbers’ from nazi camps to the US army that affirms it doesn’t count bodies are NOT our language of biological sciences. Evolution is a verbal theory based in the logic of time and survival, studied in detail in the 3rd level of awareness of this blog – theory of INFORMATION AND LANGUAGES, OR RATHER LANWAVES, masses of particles guided towards the future of higher information of all the systems of the Universe.



And so we move to the highest of all levels of understanding of reality, the laws of Biology and social organisms that allow the perfect design of an efficient free society and the laws of Theory of Information and the 5th dimension that describe a PANTHEIST UNIVERSE IN WHICH all what exists follows the same laws, of life and death, creation and extinction, which explains why those cycles are happening.

The metrics of the 5th dimension of the Universe, studied by Systems sciences, complexity and information,  explain the acceleration of evolution and information in this planet:

We live in a vortex of informative evolution, the galaxy, that moves towards a center with more form, and so we MUST increase our information either IN THE MEMES OF METAL, which we do (technological evolution) or the MEMES OF LIFE (which we don’t, human social evolution). And if the memes of metal evolve faster, we shall be extinguished. And this level explains it all. Creation of a logic, rational model as wide and simple as possible, (Occam’s razor) in which all that data can be enclosed, if possible with the use of mathematical and logical laws admitted by other sciences.

This level is fascinating. It is the level of the Pantheist Universe represented by the true galaxy with its enormous beauty, sense of justice and indifference for life and death, as that central black hole eats up thousands of stars and planets every day. For those interested in the ‘hard model’ of the 5th dimension consider the articles on general systems sciences, and the metrics of the 5th dimension on the left side of this web;

 Let us then use this level to design a perfect theoretical democratic and economic system according to the laws of nature.

The democratic, efficient issue of  legal money.

However in an efficient democratic system, made to the image and likeness of the efficient organisms of Nature, money would not be issued to earn usury and promote warfare but will be free of usury and would promote human welfare.

When the nervous and blood systems – the languages of information akin to the law and money of a natural organism – give orders to cells they do NOT expect to get back them overcharged. This ONLY IS ALLOWED when the orders are wrong and the cell can deliver back a PAIN ORDER to the brain so it behaves. And this indeed, is the second element lacking in our democracies to be true democracies, latter explained with more detail:

– The free issue by the government’s brain of bills of law and bills of money to kick out the ‘actions’ of the body cells of the social organism.

– The existence of a systematic judgment process NOT only an election, AT THE END OF EACH TENURE of a civil servant, equivalent to the capacity of the cells to send pain messages to the brain. Indeed, politicos can scam people because they are NOT JUDGED on their promises fulfillment. So after tenure, the voters should poll again to either penalize the civil servant with A) Jail for clear crimes of embezzlement and social murder; B) financial penalties equivalent to his salary for inefficient job C) equal salary reward for outstanding job D) Re-election for a second and third tenure… Thus by mimicking a social organism – which is always the natural model we scientists should follow in the design of historic and economical ones, a true democracy would be achieved holding politicos responsible.

Thus it is obvious after this introduction to the science of money and the meaning of democracy that the crisis is a CRISIS OF the system, which is NOT properly designed but created by the primitive thinking of historic cult(ure)s of Gold.

And that 2 elements of a real democracy are missed in all our societies – the issue of nomisma, legal money as orders of work, by elected governments, obliged to respect and provide the voters with the promises they made… if they don’t want to be judged…

It is thus evident that the crisis will NOT be solved unless the system changes and a real democracy in which people is handed money issued free of usury and politicos are hold responsible of their promises is established. And this can only be done by a real, physical r=evolution against the ‘Bastille’ of European and American capitalism (Wall Street and the ECB bank, Brussels and the corrupted politicos of Washington) or by a true ‘leader’ of democracy, an ‘Asimovian mule’ that ‘refunds’ our social systems according to the laws of natural, efficient, social organisms in which all the cells-citizens of the body receive enough energy and information to survive.

Man should recognize the primacy of man and hence of his language, the law over machines and money IF WE WANT TO SURVIVE AND HAVE A FUTURE on this planet. Thus we design the proper, efficient models of history and economics with the laws of systems sciences and biology, as offshoots of human disciplines. And affirm that money MUST be ‘nomisma’, fiat, legal money issued by governments and the people to create a just sustainable human world made to the image and likeness of our species…

The predictability of any true scientific model.
‘Sciences predict the future of its species, according to its Past Cycles

Under the laws of a the true scientific method, not the pseudo-sciences practiced by the people-castes in power, who are busy-busy inventing arguments to defend corporations and hide the collateral effects of ‘captialist democracies’, we affirm that the socio-biological and fractal, mathematical model of history of this blog IS far more respectful of the scientific method than the present politically correct ideologies of social sciences studied in the west, specially in economics – which is truly as it is studied today, just the ideology of power of bankers, dominated as it is by financial economists, since:

A)- The model does respect the real data censored by ‘minorities’ (aka the people-caste of bankers and all their employees, which truly have created an inquisition of thought, specially in the anglo-saxon world). As today only in continental Europe – the old roman empire where history is a passion – the real history of finances and the people that monopolize that trade is still available to the scholar.

B) – It defines accurately the cycles of history and economics, predicting them, as you now I have done decades in advance with this crisis – which is the proof that a model-hypothesis is truth, and NONE theory or rather ideology of economics has ever done. So none is ‘science’. As each science becomes truth only when it predicts cycles. So we know astronomy is truth cause it predicts star cycles and astrology is not. We know the germ theory of Pasteur is truth because it predicts sickness cycles as none before.

So we know this model is correct, as this author published in Spain and America books with a detailed analysis of the 2008 of overproduction of e-money and chips as earlier as 92, at the end of his master at Columbia U. to be… censored ever since.


The first book on bio-history and bio-economics, published 20 years ago during my studies at columbia University predicted, using the laws of theory of information

the end of the Age of Minds of metal (1928-2008), and the beginning of the age of ‘sentient machines’, robotics (2008 till extinction), which ended the Industrial R=evolution and proposed the only survival ‘lanwave’, the return to an ethic world, in which the word, the language of man controlled credit, and cre(dit)ated a world made to our image and likeness – where all men, and their subconcious collective, ‘god’ in mystqieu terms, could prune the fruits of the tree of science of its bad apples (parable of gold and weapons). The book was written with the hardcore language of biological economics and of course was never understood not considered, as it related the story of how animetal cultures had destroyed the planet of life, and enzymen were catalizing the creation of machines, under the rule of the company-mohter who re=produced them. We are now on that age, as biological economics is the only model of the science of the indsutrial r=evolution and the onl theory of time with predictable capabilities.

C) Finally it is objective, to the point that it is most often criticized by ‘left-wing’ activists and ignored or hacked by right-wing ones.

This is perhaps the most painful but solid proof of its lack of anthropomorphism – the biological Darwinian explanation of the absurd ideologies and cult(ure)s that pass today as the summit of human civilization and are programming men to self-destroy themselves.

It would be easier to define men as rational loving beings – the ideal of nature, in which social superorganisms are made of cells that share energy and information between them, that love each other, in a Universe in which there is a ‘fifth dimension’ of social evolution and love that brought us here, as atoms evolved into social molecules, social cells and social organisms.

But this is NOT HAPPENING. And so since the aim of this blog is truly to search the truth and explain the cycles of history and economics and why they happen – even if those cycles are destroying life, Gaia and History, mankind, we must introduce a Darwinian point of view between men and their idols, the machines.

Otherwise there is NOT rational explanation to the exceptionality of man as the only species, whose individuals hate each other and deny all the laws of social evolution and love that make other species survive and the Universe create new planes of social existences.

We are instead of creating a perfect human super-organism, mind of Gaia, the earth of life, building an alien world dominated by corporations, company-mothers of machines whose only goal is to evolve a different species, which preys, substitutes and atrophies man – even though it also enhances our information and energy – the machine.

In that regard the world of history and industrial and financial economics are different in as much as they cater to two different species, the human world or ‘History’ and the world of MEMES OF METAL – money, weapons and machines which corporations  re=produce, the world of the Industrial Revolution, of  right-wing, financial and corporative ‘economics’. We, humans are anthropomorphic beings that do not distinguish both species, yet machines are systems of metal which imitate human functions and relate to us in symbiotic and preying relationships that must to be taken into account to explain the world we live in.

Thus we distinguish two fundamental kind of cycles and social organisms, those of history – Social Gods, Civilizations and Nations – and those of the economic ecosystem, which today form a global superorganism,  the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial System, ruled by a global stock-market and its corporations.

The historic non-censored pov of those generations. Darwinian tribes fighting for power.

All this said, it is impossible to understand capitalism, as a dictatorship of money and industrial corporations, that overproduce weapons and machines with no limit, without a serious historic analysis of its origins in the battles of power between the old military aristocracies of germanic origin who destroyed the Latin civilization of the Roman Empire, based in the social arrow of love and the concept of ‘nomisma’, legal money under the power of the verbal, ethic law (the precedent of the few real democracies the world has seen, with origin in the French Revolution and the post-war Social Democracies), and the new power – military corporations, makers of the first machines, gunboats, owned by the first stockrats of the biblical, jewish-protestant cultures, who first in Holland, then after the Dutch elite conquered Britain and founded The City in 1688, from London and finally from America and its ‘real capital’, New York, have taken capitalism and its people-castes to the zenith of power, through the same methods of war than the old aristocracies used, to control the populations.

What changed was the sophistication of the weapons, as the industrial evolution created machines able to mass-murder human beings. And the complexity of the system, which follows the ‘arrow of evolution of information’ of the planet Earth. But the origin and evolution of the cultures and ideologies that destroy the world is crystal clear when we consider the longer view of the vortex of evolution of those ideologies of memes of metal back to its ultimate origin with the discovery of gold by levantine cultures and iron weapons by indo-germanic ones:

The ideologies of Extinction.

Let us repeat those ideologies of ‘censorship’ of social sciences, signified by a strapped mouth, censorhsip that make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’, since they are truly the ‘repeated memes’ that prevent the evolution of mankind:

– Nationalism that justifies the use of weapons to defend the tribe, when the laws of nature tell us all the individuals of the same species must love each other and evolve together into social superorganisms to survive. Darwin’s laws is ABOUT SPECIES not tribes, not individuals. There is not HOMO AMERICANUS, OR HOMO JUDAICUS but only Homo Sapiens.

– Capitalism that puts money over the legal, rational world as the language of power we must follow. And the corporation of machines ruled by those digital languges of porfits as the superior organism of this planet over Man.

– Mechanism, which considers the machine the measure of all things), become then ‘beliefs’ transferred memetically generation upon generation till its meaning is completely lost.

– Corrupted religions (fundamentalism), go(l)d churches that allow the use of money (gold in the past) and weapons(inquisitions) to impose their beliefs and repress the ‘natural, biological drives’ of human existence – our desire for human energy, verbal information and art (the information created with our languages of the mind), eusocial love and sexual reproduction, of which the most clear case is the Bible, which achieves all the above, and hence explains, why it is the key meme of the ‘cult(ur)es’ that run the Metal-earth since its inception both in the old age (Judaism) and the modern age, Protestant, Biblical cult(ure)s.

And we will return to that ultracensored fact of History – the cultural (not racial) origin of capitalism in the go(l)d cult(ure)s of Levante, who have ran for 3000 years the mother of all battles against the Humanist, enlightened cultures of Greek-Roman ‘Europe’ that followed the natural arrow of social evolution and more powerful tool of survival of species in the Universe, eusocial love, today repeating the same fight in America; and the cult(ural) origin of nationalism, the Germanic cult to tribal power and weapons, against whom the same humanist cultures have fought.

Fact is as the jewish-german animetal, anti-democratic culture (even within their own class structure, as the middle class, German foot soldier and the middle class, Jewish peddler, is a complete slave of their elites, and worship their elite of Furhers=chancellors, ‘kings’, ‘banker-priests’, who have no problem sacrificing them beascome ‘saint Innocents’in the war and holocaust cycle of the action-reaction processes of history, caused by the murderous and greedy behavior) has invented and still dominates the creation of memes and languages of the Financial-Military-Media-Industrial Complex that is extnguishing life.

In any case what those 4 key ideologies of western corporations do is obvious: denying the supremacy of man over the Earth and the equality, freedom and rights of all human beings under a real democracy, both at collective and individual level. Instead you are prevented from considering all humans equal, by nationalist divisions. You are denied to see the machine as a rival at labor and work fields that degrades your mind and body and makes you obsolete, by techno-utopian gurus, mass-media imprinting and industrial nationalism. Suddenly you are no longer free to exercise your human will, your desire for good food, good sex, verbal information, eusocial love, by the mandates of your bible and its division of humans, repression of senses, etc. And specially you are not free to ‘vote economically’ with access to a universal salary and to see your votes becoming actions through the sovereign right of governments to print money – usurped by dynasties of private bankers and corporations.

So we shall totally ignore the jargons, values  related to those ‘selfish memes of metal’ and its 4 ideologies, even if they today ‘camouflage’ under false pretension of ‘science’ and ‘ethics’, since they have none of it.

Instead without the slightest censorship of political correctness and economical correctness, we are going to denounce the dictatorship of bankers, its ideologies of power, its victimism, its brutalization of mankind and degradation of human reason, its nazi-like economists with their mathematical damned lies and statistics – in brief its sophisticated inquisitions of thought, and name them.

The biggest of all the lies of the financial-media system that imprints money and the ideas of mankind is the absurd belief that ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’ mean the same. They are in fact as opposed as ‘Military dictatorships’ and democracies, since capitalism is a ‘dictatorship’ of money and those who print it – but far more difficult to understand and change, as it is far more sophisticated in its handling of information, monopolized by those electronic machines.

Let us then define capitalism in objective terms, comparing it with Militarism.

‘Capitalism’ is the ideology of financial and industrial corporations and its owners, ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats of the modern world,  who believe they must issue in monopoly the language of social power, digital money to reproduce their memes of metal (weapons, money and machines), with exclusion of citizens of democracies who want to reproduces memes of life, proper of the welfare state and their elected governments, whose politicians  are bought with corporative money to issue  laws that favor their agenda

It is this duality never recognized between two species and the organisms that represent them – man and the machine, memes of life and memes of metal, corporations and governments and the competition between them in labor and war fields and the choice we make between reproducing ‘canons and butter’,  with the limited resources of this planet which explains the economical and existential crisis we go through – since in the modern age of return to harsh capitalism, the choice has been made to reproduce canons, machines, corporative money; hence butter, human beings, governments have no resources.

Hence the key ideologies we have to study to interpret the world we live in – nationalism – the belief that the Homo Sapiens is NOT the species, which according to Darwin should be promoted by all its indiiduals, but actually we are divided into Races and Nations, who might fight each other for surival and so  the evolution of weapons is sacred.

Capitalism that makes profits sacred since MONEY, not words seem to be the language humans speak NOT a metal, digital language of information with its own rules and ‘values’, opposite to those of life, guided by the affinity of metal. Son in gold values weapons are the most expensive profitable goods, while in verbal, human biological values weapons have negative price.

Biblical Supremacism that denies the equality of all humans, as certain tribal nations are born more equal by the choice of God, which happens to be Go(l)d, since ‘the intelligence of God is gold’ (Calvin). And so to make money is the door to salvation in some parallel Universe where you will be rapture by Yvwh. It obviously denies evolutionary economics – so for example the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite cannot give a Prize to evolutionist, given the pious belief of his founder, the so-called Merchant of Death and biggest producer of weapons of the XIX century.

And finally techno-utopia, make us belief that ‘machines’ are more important than humans and if we promote machines even if they kill or degrade humans… actually this is great, because regardless of the contradiction, THIS IMPROVES THE HUMAN-kind… So because to make the best top predator machines weapons is so good for the humankind, (perhaps because it raptures us into heavens – see above)… its evolution is progress, while human welfare is ‘waste’ – is actually bad for humans, to make better hospitals, spend in food and housing, build a welfare state. 

Capitalism – the government of corporations, overwhelmingly dedicated to reproduce those memes of metal (informative money, which used to be gold and now is a digital language of information in the brain of computers; energetic metal, weapons that kill our bodies; and organic metal, machines that atrophy and substitute our life organs) is incompatible with Democracy. It is just the new form of dictatorship that substitutes aristocrats that in the old world, thought that they had to issue in monopoly the language of social power then, weapons, because they were chosen by the ‘grace of god’ and then with weapons coerce Courts to issue the laws they desire. And of course, in both cases, the monopolist of power could not be judged and was no responsible. So today we have anonymous societies whose CEOs cannot be judged and in the past aristocratic courts. All has changed to remain the same.

In fact, both systems end up producing massive war ages, since weapons are the more profitable, more expensive machines and so in a capitalist system that seeks NOT the wealth and welfare of humans, weapons are the preferred machine systematically overproduced, as it gives high profits, and war the engine of economics during crisis, in which ‘gun is chosen’ over butter (the choice of real democracies).

And this of course explains why at the end of all those cyclical crisis of overproduction, when human demand of machines plummets as labor dwindles, fascist capitalist ‘democracies’ arise, and wars are created. Today America is spending more Gdp percentage in weapons that Germany before the break of the spanish civil war. So we can consider that we are entering the militaristic phase of capitalism democracies, marching towards III world war.

But and this will come as a surprise to any reader who is still ‘reading’ and has a brain powerful enough to reject their beliefs with reason, CAPITALISM AND NATIONALISM ARE NOT CULT(URE)S BORN WITH THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, THEY MERELY CONTINUE THE VORTEX OF EVOLUTION OF MEMES OF METAL THAT STARTED WITH THE BRONZE AGE AND was first converted in religion by the Jewish banker-priests – in an even earlier version, the Canaanite cultures that already had a military-financial complex in Jericho, 10.000 years ago, with walled cities trading with gold between Mesopotamia and Egypt, and the Indo-European and Germ(an)s, to put them in a biological context, who first mass produced iron swords in the hitite and balkan regions.

Ever since a series of ideologies and racist religions of power by the (S)word and Go(L)d have carried those memes, imprinted by all sort of inquisitions in the mind of those people and now globalzied to the collective mind of mankind.

And we talk of a vortex of accelerated evolution of metla information that rythmically kill mankind and its ‘life civilizations’ accelerated from the 800 years pattern discovered by the father of organic history, Spengler, in his masterpiece ‘The decadence of the west’ (he though thought of a 1000 year cycle, fine tuned now to 800 years) to an 80 year pattern of National generations, discovered by Mr. Kondratieff, which this writer using fractal equations have fine tuned to its real 72-0 year period:

Let us then again, consider the 800-80  years cycles from the biological and objective perspective, valuing those cult(ure)s and their memes at face ‘value’, since all what they do is to repress the nature of man (our tendency to love, be guided by ethics, enjoy our energy, reproduction – sex and human senses – art) and once they repress all what is human with religious and economic prohibitions enslave their lives and those they rule with antidemocratic monopolies on weapons, money and machines to the creation of the metal-earth, under their myths of body racism (germ-an racism as they use their body to kill with weapons) or mental racism (jewish racism as they use their digital brain to price humans as objects and slaves of capital).

But of course what they cannot do is to use the logic of verbal thought to prove their thesis, so an essential feature of their cultures is to use the lower emotional level of thought and the myths of religions to prevent humans from understanding logically what is going on – hence their love of fiction, myths, religions and victimist crying – while at the same time being extremely rational and cold-hearted when ab=using the rest of silenced human beings. If there were freedom of mind, freedom of speech, freedom of education, if people learned to reason, not a single of their experts, saint nobels of the dynamite, mass-media hate speeches and childish twisted gore emotions would pass the cut.

The vortex of evolution of human and metal information on planet Earth.

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.

The animetal, a new top predator species, appears on planet Earth.

Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers. The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

in this repetitive mandala of increasing depth – as the 5th dimension of the Universe is, and the Goebbelian method of ideological repetition, consider now the perhaps most scary, or perhaps more soothing of all levels of knowledge – the understanding of the vortex of temporal information in which the Earth exists – the mother of all dualities – the fight of 2 type of cultures, those who HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO BE HUMAN FOR THE MIRAGE OF THE TREE OF SCIENCE AND ITS METAL-MEMES THAT MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE GOD (already related by the first scientist of history and father of all of us, the Genesian parable writer) vs. the cultures that might be less efficient but DO NOT REPRESS THEIR HUMAN CONDITION, AND THE NATURAL ARROWS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, from social love to verbal ethics, from good food to sex, the cultures of the Tree of life.

Both have been rythmically fighting as the laws of complexity evolved the information of the planet for a goal:

The animetal cultures (human ‘repressed” animal + enhanced by a metal meme) have tried to make a world to the image and likeness of those memes of metal for which they enslave and which they use to enslave and degrade mankind.

The human being who has mastered and loved his ‘biological drives of existence’, and perfected artistically and ethically his senses.


3. reducedThe Wave of History

In the graph, the vortex of informative evolution of the Earth and its two type of super-organisms, on top the Complementary system of information-energy machines or Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex and its accelerated 800-80 years of military civilizations (age of money and weapon) and technological ones (age of machines). On the bottom the vortex of social evolution of history through ‘social super-organisms, called Gods and ideologies, from the initial age of Taoist philosophies of the Universe to the present ecological age. The relationships of symbiosis and predation between both types of civilizations mimic those between metal and life at individual level.  

Those vortices follow the laws of ‘social evolution’ and information, proper of the science of complexity, as the planet continues its evolution and increase of information, from the age of Weapon and money of the previous graph to the age of evolution of machines, accelerated to a human biological generation of 72-80 years of the next graphs.

Why man hooked by the ego-trips of a higher informative and energetic power given by those machines that make us run faster and think better, or so it seems, since in fact they atrophy or body and brain, cannot SEE the biological processes of this planet, and his increasing obsolescence to those machines and corporations, both at individual and social/government level?

The only response is a non-anthropomorphic vision of mankind in darwinian terms, as a species who is NOT EVOLVING INTO A GLOBAL SOCIAL SUPER-ORGANISM, AS NATURE HAS DONE WITH OTHER CELLS OF THE SAME SPECIES.

IT SEEMS CERTAIN MEN, notably white men, visual, dolicocephalic, with a higher Neanderthal, energetic, destructive brain tends to behave as a wolf to other men by lack of a rational, ethic, evolved verbal brain.

On that view, the leading cult(ure)s of mankind which dominate and discovered first weapons (germanic cultures) and money (semitic cultures) have primitive languages, I-centered (english) or agglutinative and hence inflexible to reason (German), or believe in ‘religions’ of anthropomorphic nature, which consider them as individuals or tribes, different from the rest of mankind (Judaism), or justify the use of violence against non-believers (Islam), and are still as Aristotle put it ‘barbarians, slaves that do not even know the meaning of freedom, because they believe, they don’t reason.

Only then one can understand the blindness to rational social sciences of most of humanity today, imprinted at global level by those ucultures.

Man is today, hooked and hypnotized, enslaved by iron and gold,  another ‘animal’, moved by greed and violence, the values of iron and gold, the most perfect energetic and informative atoms of the Universe, certain cult(ure)s and people-castes have used historically to ab=use and control a mass of sheeple. So we cannot be more objective than that – treating our ‘leaders’, as ‘animetals’ and ‘enzymen’, who catalize the evolution of metal for tribal, selfish darwinian porposes, killing life, NOT some chosen of go(l)d or the sword as their ‘political correct’ religions, nationalisms and capitalist ideologies pretend. 

And those are the ‘animetal’ cultures on top of the graph, not as they think the superior races chosen by the sword and gold, but the most retarded ones, with null verbal understanding of human truths and the laws of social love which the lower cultures and prophets of love tried to teach them with no avail.


Let us then briefly summarize the parallelisms of those ages, and the result of dedicating all resources to the evolution of machines and money…

80 year Cycles of the Industrial R=evolution and its national generations 

We live in a system in which a new top predator ‘organism’ the company-mother of machines rules the world for its off-spring of different species and all human institutions, including human governments and human minds, are becoming corrupted, degraded and atrophied by the evolving machines of the new species. And in the posts dedicated to the corporation and the market, we shall observe that the design of the corporation and the global stock-market is a perfect design, matching with astounding precision the most efficient mammal organisms of the planet – reason why we truly admire the efficiency of corporations. What is missed here is the fact that we are not machines, that corporations cater for the rival species, that their efficiency is our dismissal, the the better designed those weapons and digital corporations are the faster we will be eliminated, that the more they overproduce those lethal goods the less resources we will have.

Thus, the present crisis of overproduction of electronic money and its derivatives is far more complex than the anecdote of Mortgages. The present crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines, which printed too much money (ticker speculation), electro-mechanical production systems that threw millions out of work (taylorism, automated assembly lines) and the overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into World War IIIt is caused by the invention of a new form of   money – computer money, and hence it is directly related to the evolution of information machines and its technology.

And so we must also consider besides the financial point of view and the human point of view, the point of view of the cycles of evolution and overproduction of ‘memes of metal’, informative money, machines and its corporations, to fully grasp the nature of this crisis.

It is also for that reason parallel to the crisis of overproduction of stock-money in the XIX century and ticker, electric money during the 20s and 30s and to the colonial crisis of overproduction of trains and stock-money of the XIX century.

  Overproduction crises: 1860s=1930s=2010s

3 crisis

In the stills from the film the eco(nomic)system, the 72 years, human generational cycle of overproduction of ‘memes of metal’, in it 3 generational ages, separated by 72 years (1857+7 crashes of train stocks; 1929+7 year crashes of cars and ticker money and 2001-08 crashes of e-money derivatives and chips/robos) have two phases:

– Overproduction of machines that work and corporative money (train that caused massive unemployment and stock money in the 60s, cars and assembly lines and ticker money in the 1920s and blue collar robots that automated those assembly lines and e-money stocks and derivatives in the 200s)

– Then as social unrest grows, there is overproduction of hate-media printed with the same machines that print money (yellow press in the XIX c. radio-hate in the 1930s and Tv-media hate in the 2010s), accompanied by overproduction of weapons, as the same machines are armored (colonial conquest with trains, fascism with tanks=armored cars and terminator robots in the 2010s). 

It is a fact of economic history that all the great long-lasting crises of the economy have been overproduction crises.

Moreover, overproduction is the essence of the biological game, the Universe plays in this planet. In biological jargon, an overproduction crisis is equivalent to a reproductive radiation of a top predator species that competes and substitutes a lesser species – in the economic ecosystem the human worker or soldier.

And so what we observe in the great overproduction crises of the Industrial Revolution – the overproduction of trains, cars=tanks and chips (e-money and robots) – is a similar process of competition between the memes of metal corporations overeproduce and the human function they imitate, atrophy and substitute or eliminate in labor and war fields:

Money, the language of digital information that acts as the genetic language of corporations substitutes laws and buys people; robots substitute blue collar workers and soldiers and Pcs, white collar workers.

In all of those overproduction crises of memes of metal the overproduction of corporative ‘fiat money’ printed with information machines, of tool machines and of weapons had predictable, negative effects on the rest of society:

Tool machines and weapons competed with human workers in labor and war fields and

– Fiat, corporative, speculative money distorted the economy, tilting it towards industrial production, and causing an endemic lack of investments in the goods of the welfare state most voters demand but industrial corporations didn’t reproduce.

In the first crisis of overproduction of stock-money and trains, while train lines were deployed in Ireland, 1/2 of the population suffered famine and while those trains were built in the Far West, the Indians were exterminated. Speculation in land and stocks provoked a series of crashes that merely enhanced investments in weapons and colonial wars.

In the 20s, as electro-mechanical engines were used to create moving assembly lines, millions lost their jobs. But overproduction of cars didn’t stop. When workers could not consume them, Germany transformed them into tanks and demanded them for war and millions died.

Now we suffer a massive creation of electronic fiat money in stocks and derivatives, while robots throw people out of work in labor and war fields. But nobody discusses the crisis, in its real causes. Thus this hidden engine of the economic crises, overproduction for profits, is not going to stop, but it will follow the natural, evolutionary laws of all systems of energy and information and continue according to the patterns of evolution of machines of the past. And so we can and have predicted with enormous accuracy during 20 years the ‘future patterns’ of those crises.

Indeed, machines are  systems of energy and information made of metal that we have evolved by imitating the functions and organs of mankind. As such they showed a clear evolutionary, generational pattern, as humans evolved in the XIX century the body of machines (transport machines), in the XX century its ‘heads’ (Camera-eyes, Chip-brains and mobile-ears), which now in the XXI century, are put together into organic machines, robots, that will compete with humans in labor and war fields.

The scientific truth about the economic ecosystem – an evolving world of machines sometimes competing with man, sometimes enhancing our energy and information skills, in a process that can be described with the loss of biological competition and symbiosis – has very little to do with the ‘dismal science’ of financial economics that dominates the field, controlling prizes and think-tanks to the service of corporations (so for example, by ‘decree’ the Nobel prize cannot be given to evolutionary scientists). Already Owens in the XIX century described ‘saloon economists here in London’ as dilettantes whose only job was to find excuses to justify the exploitation of workers by corporations who paid them. It still is. Yet since corporations are in its immense majority company-mothers of machines, its parts, energies, networks and information, the dismal science is always ‘positive’ about overproduction crisis.

What this means is that ‘economics’ and its practitioners unlike historians who always side with mankind, side routinely with corporations and machines, whenever a conflict between both species arises.

Indeed classic, ‘authorized’ economics  is an ideology of ‘corporate profits and power’, achieved with the massive reproduction and sale of those machines. Hence overproduction of machines is always good for corporations and most economists will therefore back them, despite any collateral effects they produce on human beings.


We are NOT overproducing the goods of the welfare state that have a biological origin and make us survive but metal-goods, machines, its energy and information – NOT HUMAN ENERGY, FOOD, HUMAN INFORMATION, EDUCATION, HUMAN WELFARE, HEALTH-CARE AND HOUSING…

AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE OF HISTORY: THAT THE ‘OVERPRODUCTION’ OF MACHINES AND MONEY, OR ‘GDP, IS THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, AND WHEN MORE WEAPONS AND MONEY A NATION HAS (EXACTLY IN WAR PERIODS, when the entire system is dedicated to reproduce expensive top predator weapons that kill humans), people are happier. The opposite is the darwinian truth between those 2 species: at the peak of national wealth is when all the people gets killed by weapons.

THE WEALTH OF NATIONS ARE THOSE GOODS HUMANS NEED TO SURVIVE. Latter we shall study in depth why this error of measuring wealth as ‘monetary wealth’ and not human wealth is today ‘sacred’.

The result are the crisis of overproduction with its collateral effects over human beings, who are substituted by those machines as workers, or killed in war fields or suffer the consequences of their consumption: substitution, enhancement and atrophy of the similar human organ…

And this can only be understood with a biological, organic model of machines and the Industrial Evolution, within the context of the laws of darwinian struggle and survival proper of this planet.

The cycles of evolution of machines are ‘dual’ in its consequences for mankind, as machines are an ‘organic species’ that imitate our human, biological organs (chips are metal-brains, cranes, metal-arms and so on). Thus they are both symbiotic to humans, enhancing our power, but competing with us, in fields of labor and war. In fields of war the most perfect machines, weapons, kill us; in fields of labor, they throw us out of work, as machines reproduce machines better than humans.

There is zero mystery about the future, except because humans do NOT want to understand it, in the same manner there is zero mystery about death except the fact humans do not want to accept it. But in the same manner a coward patient won’t go to the doctor, if history doesn’t take seriously its illness – precisely the control of economics and corporations and its offspring of machines, over history and governments and its offspring of human beings, history will be history soon.

This is in a nutshell the zeitgeist and future of this crisis, the last of the Industrial R=evolution as history ends and the metal-earth, the economic ecosystem emerges, when considered NOT from a human anthropomorphic perspective only (which would be the struggle between the human antidemocratic elites and the mass of sheeple mankind they prey by the oldest of all tricks of nature – to camouflage as one of them, that is as wolves with sheeple sking… but FROM AN OBJECTIVE, NON ANTHROPOMORPHIC POINT OF VIEW, which must take into account according to the fundamental law of scientific objectivism, a NON-human perspective, that of the machine and the corporation as its reproductive organism that cares nothing for the future of mankind and that of biology and evolution, social and darwinian, which is the ‘law of the land’, that is of humans and all our endevours.

The ideologies of the believers in capitalism.Untitled-3censorhsip


One of the most astounding facts of the human psyche is its memetic imprinting, more similar to the fixed programs of computer thought than free reasoning, a quality that seems to require an IQ superior to the average media, coupled with the Galilean Paradox – ‘every mind=point of view measures the Universe from its perspective, thinking to be the center of the Universe’ – the result is that humans prefer to be happy idiots and slaves who think to be free than taking their destiny in their hands. In this manner capitalism imposes itself with all kind of ‘experts’ who take advantage of the dictatorship of money and those invent it over all other human beings. In the graph the evolution of the pyramid of people-castes of capitalism from the XIX to the XX century. On top the ‘language’ of money with its natural affinity to other forms of metal (weapons and machines, re=produced by corporations). This is the arrow of future of a capitalist system – to evolve and re=produce machines regardless of the collateral effects on mankind. Below the people-castes that monopolize the invention of money, which appeared first in Israel, and called themselves ‘Am Segullah’ ill-translated within the hypocritical lies of capitalism as ‘chosen of god’, when truly means ‘People of the Treasure’, as the banker-priests of Israel became the people-caste who tried to impose a global dictatorship based in slavery, confronted by the Germanic tribes that tried to impose a similar dictatorship with weapons. None of those 2 cult(ure)s of ‘animetals’ now again in power both in the US and America is democratic, but their control of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex and its machines imprints human beings with all kind of ideologies – notably nationalism=militarism, capitalism=money over verbal ethic values, Abrahamic Religions=racism of the chosen , the industry of the Holocaust (who considers the chosen victims far more ‘victims’ than the other 60 million victims of Nazi Germany, and their death far more important than any of the genocides of history and of course, allows the elite of banksters and Apartheid Israel to justify its crimes and merely means a new religion of hate and paranoia against mankind, the human capital and Palestinian ‘its’ they opress) & techno-utopias=scientific racism that makes men inferior to machines, which those on the bottom of the pyramid brutalized and made expendable LOVE TO BELIEVE IN. Such is the ‘iron Jail’ of capitalism, where people are free to believe in the ideologies that make them slave.

The difference between both pyramids though is important: in the XIX century, capitalism still needed human workers and consumers even though human capital was maintained according to the dictum of financial experts, like the jewish speculator, Ricardo, father of mathematical economists, at the ‘survival bronze salary’, the cost for ‘it’ not to die of hunger, as long as a new machine could not replace it. But now we do NOT need any longer human workers and consumers as robots will work and consume other machines. So we find a growing number of Am Segullah ‘Chosen of Go(l)d’ explaining us with complicated arguments, damned lies and statistics that we must increase productivity (firing workers and replacing them for machines) in order to get new jobs. Which is like telling you must die to reach eternal life (the thesis of earlier abrahamic religions). And indeed people believe both things and vote them. ‘Men indeed are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

Of course, under capitalism because the machine is even more important than the elites, those on top also become consumed by weapons in their war and holocaust cycles that happen always at the end of the crisis of overproduction of the 800-80 years cycle of destruction of civilization and nations by memes of metal:

All this said the first fact we have to explain is the ‘ideologies’ that pass as science and are repeated ad infinitum by our ‘experts’ in funerary ceremonies – aka financial economists, which cater to the profits of corporations and the people-castes that control them; while at the same time repressing and ignoring the work of the real science of economics. There is in fact here a clear patterns. Almost all the ‘capitalist ideologists’ that pass as the ‘geniuses’ of Economic science belong to biblical supremacist cult(ure)s, notably Jewish, the original capitalist culture, as it happens with almost all the CEOs of financial companies and central bankers (90%). From Ricardo to Friedman, this Orthodox, racist group of people who have created a supranation that controls the west and cannot be criticized under strict censorship laws (called political correctness anti$emitism) pretend that the rest of mankind ‘drop dead’ because we are goyyim, which means ‘animal’ in their arcane language. Facing them, from Marx to Keynes to Wicksell, to Sen, to this author, real scientists of economics are totally ignored, repressed and silenced because they do know the causes of the crisis, they do have the solutions and they do want to live in real free democratic nations, which would mean the loss of power of the Am Segullah and the end of the dictatorship of bankers. Also those  Humanist organizations, UNO and old EU who promoted a real democracy and a welfare state have been supressed or corrupted by lobysim. And finally Eurpean poltiical and eocnomical poer taken:

So now this scanty 1% of European population controls also all the systems of power of the old continent, from jewish bankers of ECB (Mr. Tritchet) and the FMI (Mr. Kahn, Mr. Lagarde) to the jewish politicians, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Sarkozi, and their jewish ‘socialist’ rivals, the MIllibrand brothers, Steinbrook from the German Socialist party, jewish heir of the Deutsche bank, and Moscovici and Hollande, took control of the powerful triade of European countries while the employees of goldman sachs, Mr. Draghi, Mr. Monti and Venizelos gave coup d’etats in Southern Europe. Of course this dicatorship reinforced by their absolute control of western Media works fine speciall in the US where the degradation of the collective psyche by hate-tvs is extreme.Now, we have to deal also with the fact that Humans are Tabula rassas you can imprint with the most obvious anti-truths. Humans are the kind of brains that believe a jewish goat-keeper saw God burning in a bush or the Homo Americanus is a new species that cannot mate with the Homo Hispanicus, some alien form who just happened to be there, when the CHosen of Go(l)d arrive, and so goes for the Homo Judaicus – the initial capitalist species, who obviously cannot mate with the Homo Palestinus – and in fact as it happened in Nazi germany will loose his nationality. And certainly the Homo Germ(anicus) should not mate with the Piigs of Southern Europe, because they are so dumb and lazy that prefer to make good food, nice houses, artistic objects – all that human garbage, instead of making those ultra-fast Bmws that the family of Goebbels sell over the world. How could it be otherwise. Doesn’t seem evident to you? And certainly robots are the final progress of the species. They will make life a paradise on Earth working for us, killing us, poisoning weak water. We will ‘transcend’ into them, as the  Chosen, Mr. Kurzweil put it, since after all, who cares for humans – that looser species, which kill us during the industrial age of the holocaust. Remember that those ideologies forbid as sin, any natural human life drive. Human reproduction – aka sex -is the biggest sin of all. We must only work and reproduce machines. Human social love the highest form of eusocial evolution in nature is weak, we must be primitive Homo Bacteria and kill our brother. That is to be strong. Otherwise you are ‘needy’. Human energy, good food – that is for Piigs of southern europe, we are germ(an)s, we eat only pork – death piigs. Got it? we are Goths=Gods, because we enter history as biological germs, Homo Bacteria do, killing every one who opposed our words. We are nietzschian supermen. We are sooo intelligent that we ‘believe’, we don’t reason. Beliefs are the core matter of our ego. We believe in G. Bush,  not the president but the God Bush and the golden calf of the Cohen brothers. It is NOT evident to you? Well if it is not evident to you, then we can kill you for blasphemy in certain countries that sponsor Abrahamic religions. 

Today we all believe that humans are unworthy of spending money on them. Humans are unworthy of working when a machine, a blue collar robot or white collar pc makes a better job. We believe corporations are more efficient and must have the upper hand. And we believe those who rule corporations must rule mankind – the stockratic elite of owners, who care nothing for the future of most of us.

Then after II world war an extraordinary new feature appeared, due to the enormous advance of machines of information – the creation of a virtual collective mind, predicted by the British writers of the last days of the Empire – when more freedom of thought and a better understanding of any ‘deja vu’ civilization  happens (Orwell, Wells and Huxley), which astoundingly enough was able to degrade the capacity of people to reason and make them believe a fairy tale of freedom and democracy under the rule of corporations. Indeed, if any human of the pre-war era would wake up today would wonder what has happened to human beings – have they become retarded by some mental poison?

The explanation is dual, as all in the economic world in which machines and humans establish biological relationships of predation and symbiosis. On one side a phenomenon that appeared with the first machines of information – the Press of the Reformation –  reached its zenith with the television: the mind is a system that is imprinted by repetition not by reason, both at individual at collective level. So the development of machines of information creates the collective imprinting by hypnotism of any idea as absurd as it might seem. And the higher overdrive of information we receive the stronger the belief becomes. And so as mass-media increased the capacity to carry information from press, to radio to Tvs to Internet, more humans acquired an absurd virtual violent mind, imprinted at subconscious level, that make us belief and reduces our reasoning to a childish, neoteny state – it is the present neo-paleolithic of violent, autist children who believe in the system and follow the stupidiest cues, twitting around  the ‘tabula rassa’ of their brains (Locke) .

On the other side after the final battle for global power between the two elites of the industrial-military complex (the Germans, who mass-produced iron swords first and called themselves Goths=Gods, because they could kill anyone) and the financial-media complex (the jewish people or Am Segullah, ill-translated as chosen of God, when it means People of the Treasure, since it is the oldest civilization of bankers, still monopolizing the industry)… won by the Am Segullah who sacrificed their poor in Europe, another astounding phenomena appears – the Industry of the Holocaust, which convinced mankind that one of the two top predator cult(ures) of metal of history, was the victim and established a massive censorship in the teachings of the history of finances and capitalism, with the excuse that if people knew they would kill them again.

Capitalism in its harshest modes, now imposed in those cultures which traditionally had a humanist, social approach to the economy (also submitted to an increasing harsher racist slur, labelled by a German banker, ‘Piigs’ and considered ‘lazy’ by the parasitic stockratic people-castes that exploit them) is a no way out that will end in the 30s bis, social unrest, fascism, war and final holocaust of the lower castes of the culture of the Am Segullah who have monopolized the financial industries in the west. But history Rhymes. So it is only a question of time that the American society a copy-cat of Germany in the pre-war age enters in civil war. And it is only a question of time, that neo-fascist Germany achieves the destruction of Europe ‘again’, self-destroying itself, as Southern Europe will abandon the Euro, its regained currencies devalue, and the German New Mark reaches stratospheric prices, sinking the German Industry.

Spain will as in the 30s start the r=evolution, when it establishes the III Republic and gives a coup d’etat against banksters and their politicos latter in the decade, because the people of Southern Europe  might have committed many historical sins, but they are neither stupid piigs nor robotized slaves. Perhaps the closest personality today in Europe to the classic American before becoming a slave of the Media, as the saying says ‘every spaniard is a king’ and this state of affairs will not last very long in neither of both countries. But of course, this way ‘to die’ is not a solution. Unfortunately the collective degradation of the human mind, also affects the financiers and burocrats of the ECB bank, the financial economists, the ‘savant idiots’ that cannot even remember who invented all those ‘damned lies and statistics’. For example, the sacred totem of those financial economists is to prevent inflation. Inflation however is natural to all languages of iformation. So we talk more than we act, and there is inflation of words to start up the actions we think – there is always a waste of language, as there is a waste of money and genetic introns. But what matters is that money creates actions as words and genes do, and we must create positive actions with money printed by governments. 

So why inflation is sacred among bankers? Why the ECB sacrifice the Europeans to it? Because in the XIX century, as bonds were created with fixed prices, inflation reduced the earnings of usury lenders who masterminded nations – notably the Rothschild syndicate. And so it was trendy for the economists hired by bankers and speculators to search for ‘complicated arguments’ against inflation. And that perdured in the teachings of financial economists. Latter we shall deal with the new pamphletists of the XX century, Friedman and Hayek that have renovated all the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of financial economists and with the case of hyperinflation in Germany during the 30s, caused by the jewish private reichbank who printed money without limit for its financiers till ruining the nation and rising fascism, as now Mr. .Bernanke is doing ONLY TO BUY ‘TOXIC ASSETS AND GIVE IT TO BANKS AND TO FINANCE the ‘semite wars’ between apartheid Israel and Jihadist Islam, and evolve the industry of war and terminators. All this madness, born of letting a minority of fundamentalist ‘clueless’ people, technnocrats and burocrats who do not respect the citizens of democracies, MUST END, with the ‘desnationalization’ of the financial Industry, from those Jewish-Germanic cult(ure)s that have hijacked our democratic rights to decide the collective future of mankind.

Now let us consider how we can merge those 3 levels after this hiatus, continuing our analysis of this crisis, the wolfs dressed as sheeple, our banksters (a perfect word to define their camouflage and true nature), who only care for their class and prey with ‘complex mathematical jargons’ on the humankind, and how a true science of economics and history could design a praxis, a better world.


 A social, free democracy & demand economy could create a world paradise.

The solution is obvious: a real democracy that caters to the need of the people and it is efficient, as social organisms made by nature are requires at least 3 elements:

– The control of the 2 languages of social power by the collective brain of the organism, the informative/nervous legal system and the financial, blood, energetic one. Otherwise the organism is totally dysfunctional. Imagine your body with two ‘siamese’ heads, each one going a different way, or more accurately with a brain giving nervous/informative/legal orders of motion left, when the heart/blood/economic/financial system acts independently moving the body right. In your body the nervous/informative/legal system CONTROLS the economic/blood system and uses both to ‘feed’ with right information and energy ALL the cells of the body, even if the neuronal ‘people-caste’ obtains 10 times more energy for its commanding role.

Today the system is even worst. It is called a cancer: there is an astounding minority, the 1%  of stockratic owners of corporations, with a managerial ±9% that have absolute rights to the entire blood/financial system of the body and give none back, as cancers do, multiplying their wealth, and extracting the meager resources of the rest of the body – a bloated, mindless liver that absorbs all the healthy blood and sends poisonous ‘memes of metal’, weapons and hate-media to the rest of the body. It is like a leukemia, in which the brain of the cell – our verbal, ethic, humanist laws that made us reproduce the welfare goods we need and love and share energy and information with other cells as healthy bodies do – is substituted by the DNA of the virus – our ideologies of human hate, selfish ego-trips, homo bacteria behavior, and techno-utopias that consider machines not life the meaning of it all – that make us reproduce only the viral DNA, poisoning our planet.

Instead we should select through a financial system owned by the brain-goverment, the good fruits of the tree of science that make us survive and evolve our brains and forbid those who kill us and trash our brains. So we would have massive investment in health care, housing, agriculture, education, humanist sciences, tourism, languages, environment, infrastructures, non-fiction information (documentaries free press), a credit handled by nationalized financial industries to private entrepreneurs in all those sectors, who would maximize the efficiency of individual entrepreneurship and the public rationale of non-profiteering bankers, just civil servants with the job of selecting the best purposes for credited companies. While those companies who create lethal machines for our body and brain will have null credit or would be legally banned,  despite its higher profits (as weapons and digital trash software are the most profitable goods, in mathematical, economic equations: profits = Maximal price  (weapons, the most perfect, top predator machines) – Minimal cost (digital software, that reproduces easily with no limit).

Finally labor will be the goal not productivity, which is exactly the opposite equation of labor. Since productivity=machines/labor, grows when we put more machines and fire more workers: ∆Productivity=∆Machine-capital/Labor

This equation, so simple and easy to understand that a school student can explain it is  the mantra of our corporations and corrupted politicians, who tell us the anti-truth that rising productivity will create labor, when it does the opposite.

What those equations of productivity by firing workers and profits by creation of lethal machines tell us is several things:

– Machines compete with humans in labor and war fields and corporations are promoting those who destroy our lives, because their purpose is not human. It is to create a world made to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines, and so they need ideologies that justify that destruction, which are better served in a language we do NOT understand.

– the corruption of the political system is so absolute that they are pushing all the policies that destroy labor and life and citizen’s wealth to service corporations and bankers. So this leads to the 3rd measure (after a real control of the 2 languages of social power by elected governmetns) – a real democracy that ensures politicos will not be corrupted employees, puppets-clowns, house-negroes et al of those corporations, or else citizens can easily penalize them harshly. And again the model to achieve such perfect democracies is Nature and its perfect mammal organisms.

– Indeed the organism is also a perfect democracy, because those commanding neurons are JUDGED-VOTED a posteriori, with PAIN messages by a feed-back nervous power given to the cells. This means in a perfect democracy there would be also a VOTE at posteriori which will allow citizens to penalize those politicians AND BANKERS to the service of the people that ABSORB MORE ENERGY than they are allowed, or lie and do NOT try to accomplish their programs.

A real democracy will vote first in open lists NOT TO PARTIES BUT TO PEOPLE, because there is only a ‘natural social science’ whose purpose would be to BUILD A PERFECT WORLD, ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF NATURE, designing a perfect social organism that caters to the need of all mankind. So the choice is not of two siamese parties to the service of corporations but of individuals, ethic and intelligent enough to make the best of the resources of this planet. But the main vote would be a posteriori with penalties of jail for crimes against life or fines for monetary gain (negative, pain messages), or re-election for a job well done, or a salary pension if the politician retires.

The no-way out deja vu self-destruction of the western world.


Usury Lending from a central bank – the  ECB bank, converted by the financial lobbies of Brussels into a private bank, which does NOT issue money to governments but only to banks for them to lend then to governments and cut a 6% of bond usury – had not happened in Europe since the times of the Rothschild Syndicate and the Private Bank of England (XVIII C.) that curiously cut the same usury tax (6%) to the Americans and British for printing their money! Since money is just a language of information easy to reproduce as words are -and its true meaning is to start as all languages the actions that direct the ‘cellular body’ who obeys the language. So money must be printed by elected governments and credit control by democracies to choose what products to create and what lethal goods to repress. This is no longer the case of European nations, which now depend in the private-ers of the ECB bank, ruled by a vicepresident of Goldman sachs. But such situation that obliges corrupted politicos to tax their citizens to a level of extorsion that has destroyed the welfare state and is killing an increasing number of people will not last. If it still happens is because the mass-media is controlled by the same corporations, which heavily invested in the past decades and the same dynasties of stockrats. So people don’t even know what money is. When people had information and men like Franklin printed money and news to inform the population Nations like America went to r=evolution to get rid of such colonial state. The outcome of becoming a colony under the dictatorship of bankers is obvious in the map. The European Colonies of the ECB bank under control of the  Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complexcensorhsip have negative growth. Only the 2 hardest military and Theocratic dictatorship of the world, North Korea and Iran, which have also massive economical sanctions from the international community reach that degree of self-destruction. Spain, for example, will have to spend a 3% of their national GDP to pay the usury lending cut of the private bankers, when in the past was growing the same amount, when it could print money to pay for their welfare state that achieved the highest life expetancy of the world. Now that 3+3% goes to a few financiers like Mr. Gross, a Jewish-American bond master, the new Rothschild that decides the price of the Euro and a few other thousand owners of banks and speculators in bloomberg’s platforms. On the other extreme, the nations that control in a higher measure their financial system (China and the African nations that are now under their patronage) have the maximal growth in the world.   

Today there is NOT a single political democracy because GOVERNMENTS AND BANKERS HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY. They are only vote a priori or NOT voted at all (Bankers), so they do NOT have obligations to respond to their promises. IN FACT THEY HAVE IMMUNITY TO judgement (anonymous societies, parlamentary immunity). And all this is covered up with the absurd notion that ‘democracy’ consists in voting two siamese heads that will ‘jerk’ the body left and right in cyclical, self-destructive actions of what the other party did. NOT A SINGLE efficient organism has two siamese heads with opposite directions, which tell us that the purpose of bipartisan democracies with weak judiciary systems and lack of vote a posteriori and referendums are placebo systems in which the real power is in the monopolistic, hieararchical one-head stock-market and corporative system, the FINANCIAL-MEDIA (INFORMATIVE)/INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY(ENERGETIC) SYSTEM OF RE=PRODUCTION AND EVOLUTION OF MACHINES FOR WHOM ALL HUMANS ENSLAVE, AS PART-TIME WORKERS, AND CONSUMERS, whose propaganda mission is to reproduce and evolve=test those machines.

And the fact that MOST HUMANS agree with an slavish system, created by corporations that HAVE ALWAYS treated them as slaves – in fact the first corporations used only slave labor and indenture servants (white slaves for 7 years, exported to america) and workers with no rights; the first capitalist democracies allowed also the vote only to the wealthiest people. And THEY ONLY ESTABLISHED UNIVERSAL VOTE, when they needed CITIZENS to become soldiers and die ‘for free’ for the military-industrial Complex (I world war), because before OBVIOUSLY soldiers were paid mercenaries, as people wouldn’t die for free for their elite people-castes, called them aristocrats or ‘stockrats’, owners of corporations that profit in those wars.

It is for that reason, as voters in the 20s used their power to vote demand-based economies and socialist parties able to give them real rights and create a demand-welfare based economy THAT THE FINANCIAL COMPLEX EXPANDED INTO THE MASS-MEDIA COMPLEX with yellow press, hate radio and hate TV, INCREASINGLY MANUFACTURING THE BRAINS AND IDEAS OF MANKIND, CREATING AN ORWELLIAN ‘NEWSPEAK’ OF CARING to hide the brutal ab=use that capitalist democracies dish out to to the 90% of human beings (middle, working/reproductive body class, and energy, poor, ‘alien-enemy’ class, expendable as there is no longer ‘consumption and work positions for them’, substituted by machines)


We live in a system in which a new top predator ‘organism’ the company-mother of machines rules the world for its off-spring of different species. And in the posts dedicated to the corporation and the market, we shall observe that the design of the corporation and the global stock-market is a perfect design, matching with astounding precision the most efficient mammal organisms of the planet – reason why we truly admire the efficiency of corporations. What is missed here is the fact that we are not machines, that corporations cater for the rival species, that their efficiency is our dismissal, the the better designed those weapons and digital corporations are the faster we will be eliminated, that the more they overproduce those lethal goods the less resources we will have.

This is the key to the entire ‘conundrum’, and it requires to unveil 3 ideologies that deny the laws of biological sciences:

– Techno-utopia, the belief that machine progress is better than human progress, and metal-memes is ‘wealth’ while the healthy Human Goods, WHEALTH, in this blog and its models of ethonomics, is waste. This is an astounding antitruth. WHEalth that makes us survive and makes us evolve is always better. Memes of metal might kill or atrophy or enhance our capacities and must be selected through selective credit to the corporations that re=produce them.

– The nationalistic ideologies that divide the species in tribal groups who therefore feel as different species and authorizes their use of weapons to attack other humans.

– And of course the ‘go(l)d religions’ of Biblical origin, who invented capitalism, the belief some are more equal than others, and have to rule our languages of power as ‘experts’ who are chosen by go(l)d, while the rest of us are loosers, sinners, ‘goyyim-animals’, originated in the earlier ages of history, when cattlers from germ(anic) and $emitic cult(ure)s to weapons and go(l)d, enslaved and murdered the neolithic paradise of the Genesian parable, in the fertile crescent and the southern regions of Europe. Yes, those animetal cult(ure)s, the supermen of Nietzsche, the enzymen of machines of the biological models of this work, are equal to us in race, and inferior to us in ideologies, believers that don’t reason, children of thought that censor their minds and ours, victims of their self-destructive thoughts – atrophied and repressed in all what is human from reproductive sex to social love, as enzymes, attached to a metal atom with an atrophied carbodyrate who go around the cell killing life molecules are, with the same manifest destiny – to end life and terraform the Earth. Yes, this is the 2nd layer of objective analysis in social sciences, bio-sociology and so now we shall deal with the scientific method and the 3 layers of complexity and accuracy and predictability of this blog that renews the methods and truths of economics and history…

And that truth and its praxis is clear. If men want to survive the process of extinction by perfectly designed company-mothers of machines it must redesign their economic and history systems. Humans must return and improve where they left in their evolution of mankind as a global social organism, before banksters gave the coup d’etat of 1972, against mankind at large –  to an enhanced UNO, to the social-democratic age of the European Union prior to the coup d’etat of the ECB, and America must stop their fascist bid for global war to come out of the crisis German-style. Nothing else will do. Otherwise the future will mimic that of the 30s and 40s, entering into an age of vigilante robots and global war, Orwellian style, as the ‘soothing’ newspeaks of political and economical correctness maintain a human sheeple ignorant of their non destiny.

Time is running out. As the cycles of the graphs of this web show a series of non-return points coming closer – the next, the third short crash of the 8 year cycle of e-money and currency speculation towards 2015, equivalent to the crash of the deutsche mark that brought fascism and world war…

In simple terms, we are walking through the 30s bis with the same people in power, the same growing resentment, the same passion for war for profits, the same non-future for the western world. And nothing can be done because financial economics is a ‘religious’ doctrine of go(l)d worship at all costs, even with the accepted sacrifice of life of the mass of mankind and on the long term, as history proves, at the end of the cycle, of the elite who thinks the situation can be sustained ad eternal just by hiding information and denying all responsibilities. That will not do as history proves.




NOW THAT WE HAVE A LARGER OVERVIEW OF THE INDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION and its mimetic crisis of overproduction, we can study the present crisis in more depth, considering in this second book, the 4 sub-crisis of overproduction of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system – overproduction of e-money, hate media, weapons and working machines – and its consequences for mankind, atrophy of our minds, degradation of our ethics, destruction of life and destruction of work.

We suffer again a crisis of overproduction and exhaustion of machines, now of electronic nature, with multiple sides, similar to those of the 29 crisis, as each Kondratieff wave of evolution of memes of metal applies to money, machines, weapons and mass-media:

There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money (financial crisis, caused by the massive reproduction of electronic derivatives and other forms of electronic money, which have lost value), of electronic machines (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still can compete with them), of electronic weapons (overproduction of ‘vigilante’ cameras and robot-terminators – drones – which have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex) and electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and work hand in hand with the profits of electronic industries and war; and are regressing human culture into a visual, violent, selfish age in culture and politics – that we call the ‘neo-Paleolithic’ culture and the ‘neo-fascist’ age in politics.

All this said we can easily define the present crisis as a crisis of overproduction of electronic machines of 4 types, money-printing machines, mass-media machines, weapons and tool/working machines. And the consequences of that overproduction is the destruction and obsolescence of the equivalent human system (government’s money, human information and ethic values, life and jobs).

So paradoxically as electronic machines and corporative profits multiply the ‘rival’ human wealth in life goods, human jobs, peace, freedom and true information disappear. And this gives birth to 5 parallel crises:

– Electronic Computer platforms are Machines that print money without limit. They started to print money in the 90s and brought two crises, so far – the dotcom crash of 2001 and the e-money derivative crash of 2008. In both crises so much electronic ‘prices’ were invented that electronic fiat money lost all value, crashing the economy (those crises are thus equivalent to the train’s stock-paper XIX c. crashes and the ticker money crashes of 1929-37; today we suffered the electronic money crashes of 2001-08).

– Communication machines multiply hate-speeches and rhetoric, audiovisual information. They also report positively about the people who run the politico and financial system (as they are often the same machines, owned by the same groups of power). Thus the result is NOT a humane solution to the crisis but a new fascist age of defense of the 1%, its corporation and its destruction of the human economy. So in the middle of the crisis people still defend the corrupted system, Keynesian militarism and ‘splendid little wars’ for profits that corporations want to get out of the crisis with war profits (yellow papers in the XIX c. did the same, starting the colonial age of multiplication of trains and steamers that killed 30 million non-technological people; Hitler’s Hate-radio did the same in the 30s and now Hate-TV does the same in the 2000s.)

– Electronic tool machines have evolved  so much that now are able to manufacture all type of goods, displacing human workers (in the first cycle it was the train which ended most transport jobs, the bulk of labor in the XIX c.; then it was the electro-mechanical assembly lines of the 1920s; now we have white collar pcs and blue collar robots in the 2000s, who throw from those assembly lines the human workers.)

– Transport machines are overproduced, provoking crashes of the physical economy as they remain unsold (train stock crashes after 1857; luxury car crash of 29;  cheap car crash of 1971 and now the crash of electronic machines, robots and pcs and all kind of chipped mechanisms, proper of the 2001-08).

– Finally weapon machines are overproduced, as companies shift from the use of transport/communication devices to its ‘evil twin’ the weapon (shift to war railroads and hate yellow press in the second half of the XIX c. to hate radio and armored cars=tanks after 29 and to hate-TV and robot terminators after the 2008 crash).

Thus as all the previous crises of overproduction of capitalism, studied in detail in the right side of the web, the present crisis is one of overproduction… of electronic machines of 5 types: e-money, weapons, transport machines, robotic workers and mass-media outlets. And the result of those 5 crises are the same than the previous ages of overproduction: an enormous influence of corporations and machines in society, politics, economics and culture, which have ended in this cycle the American dream of an egalitarian, humane society, based in the goods of human welfare we need to survive, be happy and evolve, within a just society with jobs and opportunities for all men.

All those cycles and overproduction crisis can be studied in more or less detail, as separate crisis (so we could consider the crisis of overproduction of e-money apart from the crisis of overproduction of robots), but a proper analysis requires to study them in parallel as all of them are triggered by a new ‘family’ of ‘energies and informative machines’:

 36 industrial reovlution

In the previous graph we resume all the elements of those cycles, studied in-depth in the different sections of the web, observing in its central strip the main pattern of those cycles: the division of history in ages of production of peaceful machines, followed by overproduction crises that determine the change of history to an age of overproduction of weapons, fascism and social revolution.



‘A banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Twain

 Money is a language of digital information.

Money is just a language of digital information that gives orders to consumers, products-prices and politicos (lobbies). In the widest possible view of general systems sciences, the Universe can be described as a series of ‘lanwaves’: languages of informations exist in heads, particles and informative social castes to guide ‘blind’ fields, bodies and masses of human working energy. And so the enormous privilege of ‘issuing’ the 2 physiological languages that direct any system – the nervous/informative language and the reproductive-energetic one; in our societies the legal, verbal language and the digital, monetary one – must be met in all systems by certain responsibilities and checks – from the side of the body.

And this essential fact – that the human informative castes of politicians and bankers MUST be controlled and regulated by the body of citizens is the essential ‘dogma’ of efficient, working democracies. Now in all those efficient systems, all cells receive enough energy and information to survive, because they can send ‘pain messages’ to the brain ‘neuronal castes’. And so ALL of them receive enough ‘legal/nervous information’ and blood/energy’. So in real democracies NOT only all citizens should ‘vote’ laws but all of them should have a ‘universal salary’, to give ‘economic orders’ and absorb enough ‘blood products’ to survive. This is called a ‘demand based, democratic economy’. And it would be efficient, provide energy to all cells and be democratic.  But we do NOT live in a democracy, but an ill-designed tribal, capitalist system which HAS created a ‘disney democracy’ of placebo rights and values to hide with the pretension of science the usurpation of the ‘rights of citizens’ to a demand economy, and needless to say we do NOT have a ‘pain system’ of vote which ‘delivers pain or rewards’ to the politicians AFTER their tenure, to ‘judge’ their actions and oblige them to ‘care’ for those cells.

If we lived in a democracy, as we pass laws to give orders to people we would create ‘greenback’-like  money issued by states to give orders of work for infrastructures, health-care and to handle it directly to people with a Universal salary, so people would demand and hence oblige corporations to reproduce the goods we need.

Indeed, democracies are about people and if people and their governments had the rights to print money they would spend it on themselves, their survival and needs, creating a paradise on Earth, a world made to the image and likeness of human beings.

But when corporations, whose mandate is to reproduce and take care of their offspring of machines NOT of humans, print money, they use it to evolve and reproduce those machines not to evolve, educate and help the survival of humans. And so we live in a world in which ONLY machines, corporations and their ‘stockrats’, their owners with privileges never seen since the Middle Ages ‘aristocracy’ with exclusive rights to issue and use weapons and no judgments (as corporations and its owners have today with exclusive rights to issue e-money in markets and ‘anonymous societies laws):

Bankers print money with its speculative schemes and companies print money in stocks and then with that money – for example the 100 billions given to facebook – they can do whatever they want, creating ‘efficiently’ their products. Now consider that a hospital could print so easily ‘monetary orders’ to pay their workers. People would have free health-care and companies would produce much more doctors, surgery equipment, prices of welfare goods would diminish and the present global scarcity of food (1 billion people are hungry), medicines, human jobs, ‘rational education’, housing, etc. would end.

There would be overproduction of ‘human, life goods’. But instead because financial orders are issued by bankers and industrial corporations there is overproduction of electronic money, drones and worker-robots.

Thus, it is clear that the second essential language of power of society that democracies don’t have is the issue and control NOT only of the nervous/legal language of society, the law, but also of its blood/financial language, money, which was taken from us soon after the French and American r=evolutions by bankers.

In those r=evolutions, aimed to create more efficient, just, working social systems, we got rid of aristocrats with exclusive rights to use and make weapons but NOT of the privileges of ‘bankers’ with exclusive rights to print our money. So now we have to pay taxes to get welfare goods, while bankers print money for free for themselves and for corporations which then give orders of production of machines and weapons. Let us then see how they do it, creating the boom and bust cycles and crashes of the economy and war cycles that characterize the western world during the Industrial R=evolution.

The capitalist system of invention of money.

In a capitalist society, WHERE THE FREE CITIZENS OF MARKETS ARE COMPANY-MOTHERS OF MACHINES, the blood/money system and the nervous/legal law are both ISSUED for CORPORATIONS which use their monopoly on credit to ‘buy’ politicos and its laws. And then use both to evolve, overproduce and adapt the world to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines.

So no computer goes hungry today without electricity but it is OK that 1 billion humans go hungry – no robot goes out without work, but it is ok 1 billion humans are underemployed. And of course, because corporations can ‘value themselves’ in markets, they constantly increase their ‘fiat money’ value, to the point that the flaship of the present wave of chip overproduction – apple – is worth more than the entire Pakistan. What this means is that capitalism is NOT about humans but about ‘memes of metal’, capital, machines and weapons. And so a capitalist system in which corporations own the rights to print money and buy political laws to favor their machines with those moneys, is one which will end eliminating humans and enthroning the robot as the new top predator species of this planet.

Specifically bankers and financial corporations issue money with the new informative machines of each cycle, first for themselves, as bankers and speculators have always done. And then for the safest bet – industrial machines and weapons, the most expensive goods that give the highest returns, NOT for the people and their welfare needs, as TRUE DEMOCRACIES WOULD DO SYSTEMATICALLY. Since human needs do NOT give usury returns: if you feed your family with a loan or save a life in a hospital this is not giving the corporation serious returns as when a company makes and sells a weapon with the money private bankers printed for them.

And so ALL THOSE CRISES ARE NOT SOLVED AS THEY would IN A REAL DEMOCRACY – WITH a massive ‘NEW DEAL’ AND A SYSTEMIC PRINTING OF MONEY  given directly to people, which in turn will give ’ORDERS’ OF PRODUCTION for the things they need – food, housing, health-care, etc. Such ‘sound’, democratic, ‘demand economy’ would then DELIVER TO THE productive agents order to reproduce the goods of the welfare state. But since corporations NOT citizens receive the money, they do not demand and produce goods of the welfare state but produce industrial machines and weapons and demand wars of higher returns and control politicos to declare them.

So the crisis is ultimately both an economical crisis due to the overproduction of chips, similar to the crisis of overproduction of cars and tickers and radios (electro-mechanical overproduction) of the 30s, and the crisis of overproduction of train-stocks and yellow, colonial press of the XIX century, but also and mainly a political crisis due to the fact that human governments don’t print money for their people – only corporations do in an overwhelming amount or as in the case of America, governments print money to give it for free to corporations with financial bail outs or to make wars that deplete their arsenals.

The true crime of the system: war for profits.

Once and again, when bankers steal the privilege of inventing money from the people, they switch its purpose from issuing money to pay the welfare goods people demand and give them salaries to spend and promote the private production of those goods, into making the highest profits issuing money for themselves or to make war which provokes a massive demand of weapons and corporative profits.

This shift from issuing money for welfare to issue money for warfare, happened first in England after the Bank of England was invented by private bankers with a charter given by corrupted and clueless politicians, to ‘lend money’ to Britain at 6% of interest – exactly what the ECB has done now in Europe.

Then corrupted politicos to the payroll of the bank soon embarked in permanent wars to increase its debt, with enormous sufferings for the commoner of England and the planet Earth. In America soon after the Independence, it happened the same, when Mr. Winthrop, a calvinist bishop, Mr. Morris and associates, jewish merchants, Mr. Gerard, the biggest slave trader and Mr. Hamilton took the right to issue money, away from the founding ‘peasant fathers’, who did not understand yet there is no democracy without the issue of  bills of law and bills of money by the elected government.

Soon the Hamilton gang started to promote wars – wanting to declare war to France! the country that had invested even more than America for the freedom of the American people, for Louisiana, and had not Jefferson merely offered money and bought it from the French, it could have achieved its purpose – to create like a Bank of England did, a nation in perpetual war for profits, ruled by an elite of ‘bankers’, which in England have their own ‘kingdom within the kingdom’ – the City, where the king cannot enter without the permit of its major and MP, traditionally of the house of Rothschild

America and their people though had a higher sense of freedom and rights and fought many battles with the bankers, starting with the duel in which Burr killed Hamilton, followed by the understanding of Jefferson that they had been ‘cheated’ and his attempts to regain the right to issue money… But then bankers ‘exploded’ the game by lobbying states which started to charter private bankers that issued paper-money, systematically ruining the common americans by defaulting on their paper

And as ‘greed’ and ‘theft’ became ‘privatized’ so any wealthy slave trader or usurer could start a bank,  the elite caste of American capitalism took roots and has reigned ever since. And when american heroes of national freedoms, presidents like Mr. Jackson or Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Kennedy tried to reverse the course and regain those freedoms for the people, with the abolition of the 2nd private ‘bank of the United states’ or the emission of debt-free greenback money or the creation of a welfare demand based economy… they fall to the bullet.

Thus every attempt of western people to become free truly democracies has been reigned in by bankers and corrupted politicos, by murder, corrupted law and war. So when Lincoln said ‘you cannot cheat all the people all the time’ and invented the greenback, money issued by government, bankers fretted. Lincoln was assasinated and the robber barons by the hand of Staunton took over. And America entered the age of extermination of indians for the profits of railroads and many other astounding financial and industrial crimes proper of the robbers baron’s post-civil war era.

The boom and bust cycle of credit, which initiate the global crashes of the economy.

One was paramount and worth to mention as it explains also the present crisis: bankers obtained the end of greenbacks so they could issue debt. And started the second fundamental cycle of greed and murder, parallel to the promotion of war – the boom and bust cycle of debt creation:

– First bankers issue as much money as possible, with no limit, fiat money that costs them nothing and create debt and inflation. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

Then they stop lending, and contract the monetary mass, so money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but THIS IS ALSO GOOD for the bankers as now Money is ‘more expensive’, ‘it buys more things’, and so the huge debt society has with them becomes far more worthy – with the payments bankers can buy many more things. And since the debt has NOT contracted, as it was already established in the age of monetary expansion, the debt is so huge that they end up controlling most of the wealth of society.  In this phase, the entire system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes and hand outs from governments.

Sounds familiar? It should, because it is is exactly what happened in the present cycle:

Bankers invented fiat money without limit once they discovered the ‘complex e-money derivatives’ that allowed them to print ‘digital data’ as money in computer screens… and so every state and individual owes them money.

Now they are contracting the monetary mass, and their qisling politicos are extorting with higher taxes, bail outs and destruction of welfare states people with the money to pay a debt that IN A REAL DEMOCRACY WOULD NEVER EXIST, AS MONEY WOULD BE ISSUE FREE OF DEBT, AS ORDERS OF WORK BY SOVEREIGN STATES.

THE SAME PROCESS happened during the overproduction cycle of rail stocks. Then it was achieved with the demonetization of silver, which was money as bank notes and gold were. So suddenly half of the metal-money disappeared, increasing enormously the value of debts, by increasing the value of money and deflating prices, making debts far more expensive. Of course, the entire planet entered recession, except industrial companies that switched to weapon’s production and unlike the people who were asked to pay debts, receive credit.

This again happened in the beginning of the century. It was in fact the ‘trick’ used by the House of Morgan in the panic of 1907, as an excuse to set the Federal Reserve bank as a private bank of ‘issue’, who would extort usury debt to the United states for decades to come

Then once, the right to issue money was in the hands of New York Speculators, lending to small companies and agricultural states plummeted. Almost all the credit was issue to New England states involved in industrial and financial speculation. And so it started the 20s with the age of ‘ticker-money’ expansion…

…followed by the Federal Reserve’s and Bank of England’s concerted contraction of money, previously issued to pay speculation in stock-markets in 1928-29… which crashed the global market.

And then by the final bid for global war in every nation, with expansion of credit for war that reached the all-time-peak of American debt, where the system originally invented by the Bank of England had been copycatted – along almost every other ‘industrialized nation’, where each national elite feasted on those profits.

This is exactly what has happened ‘again’ in this crisis.

First bankers in the US expanded credit in e-money without limit, in the happy 90s so everybody bought internet stocks, and finally they busted the credit system in the 2000s; after unloading those stocks into the middle class with the ‘self-made man’ myth of ‘trade yourself in internet’. In the 20s they call it ‘buying on margin’. As the top price moment of unloading fiat worthless paper-stocks overpriced into the middle class approached, ‘buying on margin’ was fueled by massive credit of the Federal Reserve. Say you wanted to buy a ‘yahoo’ or a ‘RCA’ (radio-stock) at 500, their peak prices, in the 2000s or 20s. You would just put a 10% of the 500, and the bankster will tell you that you will double capital when the price hit 550. What he didn’t tell you is that when the price goes down to 450, your 50 $ are gone and then the banker will sell the stock and ruin you. So they passed the ‘virus’ of greed to main street and ruined them in both cases, unloading at maximal prices the shares, whose value they had artificially jacked up in the previous decade.

Then within years another short 7 year cycle of the ‘product’ took place. Now as people did not want to know anything about stocks, they had to invent a new form of worthless e-money in their screens. So they expanded again e-money with the mortgage cdos, which they unloaded at maximal prices into the accounts of the governments and investors of the entire planet.  And then they contracted credit and had the ‘chuptzah’ of asking again to be paid the ‘false fiat money’ of those cdos – mere double accountancy as they were false mortgages repacked and resold ‘again’ – extorting one trillion dollars in bail outs, which now bring higher taxes but rip for them higher benefits.

And parallel to that boom and bust cycle, they have expanded military expending to 1/2 of the nation’s budget, which is a quantity HIGHER than the amount spent by Germany prior to the Spanish Civil war (the ‘splendid little war’ that started World war II)…

The present age of war, however, is closer to the colonial age of wars of the XIX century, as its focus is the defense of a modern, colonial apartheid country from where the majority of western bankers think to come… (In true form most came from the last country crashed by those cycles ). For that reason the present phase of global war against the 3rd world must be analyzed NOT in comparison with the raise of organized fascism in Europe but with the blatant ‘racist’ analysis of the African ‘negro’ and ‘yellow money’ British, Belgian and French imperialist massacred with the excuse they were ‘primitive’ humans with no technological development, whose death were just ‘peccadilloes’.

But, and this is a theme latter treated extensively, the control of mass-media information by the same people who print money, as it is printed with the same machines, allows them not only to print money but to ‘imprint’ the mind of the mass with ‘fairy tales’ that terrify them and further advance the ‘profits’ of the financial-military-industrial complex that strips us of our rights and wealth. This heavy-handed use of the audiovisual rhetoric of fear was a key element to extort citizens’ taxes during the crisis. So Mr. Paulson told American politicians that if they didn’t give wall street one trillion $ the ‘system would bust’. Uauh, really!? That would be great news, the most corrupted, dysfunctional, self-suicidal, exploitative system ever deviced will bust – let’s go all for it. Now the theme is called ‘the fiscal cliff’… arg! 0-: We are all gonna fall in a cliff if we don’t give away our last pennies, pay more taxes, cut the meager services the system offer us…

And the amazing thing is that people believe them.

Meanwhile in Europe where the ‘boom and bust cycle’ and ‘war for profits’ cycle ended in that war, which destroyed the continent, people regained those rights well-deserved after the blood spelt in two world wars and unending revolutions.

So in the post-war era the closest system to a real democracy and a human paradise on Earth took place in Europe, as governments printed money for the people and their demanded goods, creating a welfare state that satisfied their needs.

Yet the astounding fact is that in the 90s in the Maastrich treaty, whose euro section was written by ‘experts’ of the financial industry, politicos representing sovereign nations gave the right and freedom to print money to  the very private lobbies of the ECB and Brussels, becoming willing colonies of those private bankers. So they entered  again the vicious circle of bankers printing money only for corporations while demaning the destruction of the welfare state. 

And so the contagion of the American crisis was immediate as suddenly both nations were once more puppets of the corporative and financial industries and its war and boom-bust cycles. If any the situation of europe today is even worse, because while the American government has certain control of the Federal Reserve, which is a bank of issue, Southern European nations have none, and cannot issue money, but have to borrow the principal and pay on top usury – a situation which is unsustainable, as we shall see latter studying the case of usury. Basically those countries are today colonies of Northern Europe and will suffer the same destiny that colonial people had, becoming ruined and transferring its wealth to the usury banks, till they default.

For example, a country like Spain before printed money for their people and had the highest life expectancy of the west, an extremely well run health-care system, and a massive influx of tourists that liked their humanist way of life. Now, it cannot print money so it must ‘borrow’ to pay the welfare state and on top of owing the principal it must pay an usury 7% interest to private banks, for whom the ECB prints money at 0% interest.

The result of course is obvious: in 3 years they have ruined Spain. And now they are killing people. Spain has liquidated what was the best Heath-care system along with France in the western world. Now for example, I went to the doctor for epicondilitis, a condition of the arm that affects tennis players and writers and prevent me from writing with nervous problems. Since i am a writer i do not ‘belong’ to a corporation, so i cannot have rights to medicines which before were free for spanish sick people. I have to pay them all. They have to test the arm and there is a 5 months waiting list for ecographies. I cannot go to therapy – the waiting list is another 5 months. By the time i am assigned to it, it will be 2 years since the arm got sore. 10% of sick people will die before arriving to surgery. And all this happens for a few stockrats, owners of bankers who pay no taxes for their holdings and profits of speculation (only 1% after an opaque type of society called sicav) to be able to milk that 7% of usury. It has NOTHING to do with sound economical policies or democratic rights. The idea is as always has been in banking to ‘live off usury’, with ‘charters obtained by corruption of the political system’ that allows the banker to ‘farm’ taxes by the different complex methods of speculation and not so complex direct taxation or bail outs, and ‘live off the land’ as the warrior king did – NOT because this is of any use for the people but because they can corrupt enough politicians to accept it and hide it with enough ‘experts’ to feel safe in front of the people.

Here in Spain soon all other ‘technical unemployed people’, now 25% will soon loose the rights to social security and unemployment, as it was my case and they will start to die.

The 3 KONDRATIEFF crashes and its waves of fiat  money.



In the graphs, we can see the fractal, self-repetitive, ternary waves of evolution and overproduction of memes of metal – machines (medium-cycle) and its language money (short 8-9 cycle). The complex explanation of those waves, based in the laws of general systems is beyond the scope of this blog, but correspond in ‘theory of cyclical time=information’, the fundamental ‘hard science’ discovery of this scientist, to the ‘dimensions’ of ‘past-energy’, ‘present-repetition’ and ‘future-information’.

All systems of the Universe go through those 3 ‘dimensional ages’. And so in the long 72-80 years wave of ‘human generations’ discovering ‘organic machines’,  a nation discovers one of the 3 components of machines and comes to the top of mankind during a generation (bodies of metal, trains and steamers, british generation; engines,oil and electricity, german generation; informative heads, American generation).

Thus we have gone through the discovery and creation by imitation of human organs of 3 ‘generations’ of machines – ‘energy-bodies’, ‘hearts-engines’ and ‘informative heads’ .


BUT according to those laws of ‘systems sciences’ and ‘information theory’, all systems are ‘lanwaves’; waves, herds and cellular masses reproduced, evolved and guided by a language – in the case of the economic ecosystem, today evolving into a global automated super-organism of company-mothers, corporations of machines – the language is money, a digital language, based in a Universal Grammar, man=price=object, which compares and confronts in competing fields of war and labor humans and machines.

And so the processes of economic evolution and reproduction of machines are guided by the ‘lanwave’ of money, whose evolution as all systems of ‘information’ (chips vs. cars, etc.) is much faster.

 In a simpler biological analysis, the preferred jargon of this blog, as the jargon of General Systems Sciences is too mathematical, abstract and cold and the jargon of classic ‘ideological’, ‘biblical’ economics is plainly false, those ternary waves correspond to the 3 ages of any event or evolutionary phenomena. Thus they conclude the cycles of evolutions of ‘stocks’ of machines, now entering its organic phase as robots.

Above we see the longer 72 years electronic cycle, comparing it to a classic curve of overeproduction of  a species in nature, which suffer similar crashes, since machines are just biological imitations of human organs in metal which seek for ‘econiches’ in the historic ecosystem as workers, weapons that consume humans and peaceful machines we consume to enhance our energy and information organs – reason why we become hooked to them.

Thus the curves of reproduction of machines in stocks, which determine their sales and corporative profits (the 3 facts being parallel though people only realize of the 3rd element, profits, obsessed by the ‘grammar of money’), show a biological pattern with an exact resemblance to the waves of stocks of biological populations in nature. Both go through the same patterns of overreproduction, crash of populations and new growth of the most efficient top predator species. In the case of machines, new growth based in the overproduction of weapons that consume human beings instead of being consumed by them.

The waves of stocks of machines in markets measure the sales/profits/populations of machines of different industries.

In nature the waves of top predators show a pattern of boost and bust of populations when they saturate tthe ecosystem.

What are then the ecosystems that machines saturate? Those in which they have a function, either as worker-machines, or consumption machines, which require a human being to buy them, or as weapons which consume humans in war fields.

So the possible uses of a machine have the limits of human population (consumers and ‘victims’ of weapons) which in turn sets a limit to the number of machine- workers that reproduce other machines. Yet since companies always try to increase profits, they never set limits to their production letting the economic system to crash those populations.

Those are the final ‘3 waves of boom and bust’ overproduction of ‘fiat money’ represented in the last graph.

In essence, within the mathematical ‘decametric’ structure of the Universe and all its ‘complementary systems of energy and information’, the ‘brain-head-informative language’ is 10 times faster in its evolution than the energetic language. So your neurons are much faster than your chemical cells and so on.

So at the end of each cycle (the colonial age of overproduction of trains, the fascist age of overproduction of tanks), the ‘neofascist’ age of robotic and pc overproduction, the ‘information machines’ (press, ticker, bloomberg platform) that reproduces money and invents fiat money for free goes ‘amok’, paralleling the massive reproduction of energetic machines and weapons. And because ‘money, information’ reproduces faster, those machines reproduce much more ‘fiat money’ than ‘real value’. It is like a man who talks so much that he makes no sense, he looks like a mad man, he suffers ‘verbal inflation’. So there is at the end of the train age, the car age and the chip age a massive printing of fiat money in train stocks, car and radio stocks and internet stocks and e-money derivatives. They signal the exhaustion of the physical wave (no more railroads to lay, no more radios to hear, no more pcs to own) and so the excess of ‘fiat money’ crashes. And it crashes the 3 ‘real wealth’ markets into which fiat money had been exchanged, stocks, currencies and real state.

Those are the 3 final cycles of growth of fiat e-money in stocks represented in the graph. The first crash in 2001 was the stock-crash parallel to the 29 crash (as it shows the similar crashes of the second graph). The real state crash which happened in 1937, happened in 2008 and now is left the ‘currency crash, which happened in 1922 (mark) and will happen around 2018.

There were also 3 similar crashes in the 1860s. And so those are the short 8 year cycle of financial market crashes, parallel to the 22-29-37 crashes. It is left only the 2018- crash of currencies, to stabilize the wave, in a decametric growt, around the 10.000 crash point.

The 3rd crash of e-money lurks ahead as we can already see the formation of 3 waves of fiat money, which speculators invent without limit at the end of each kondratieff wave of evolution of machines – including those which print money.  That fiat money will be latter exchanged by real wealth (of which there are only 3 hyper-abundant species stocks, currencies and real state). So as we observed the crash of the deutsche mark, 22, of stocks, 29, and real state 37, in the last cycle of invention of fiat money, in this cycle we have observed the crash of stocks, real state and in 2018 currencies, which will probably signify the beginning of a global age of splendid little wars fought with robots and a neo-fascist age against human freedom. This 20 years old prediction is now self-evident, as the evolution of information, and memes of metal continue without any opposition from human beings, which are light years from any scientific comprehension of the economic system beyond self-serving tribalist and power-based ideologies.


In the graph, speculative taxation on commodities and invention of free money on stocks thanks to e-money platforms deviates wealth from the mass of society to the owners of corporations and ‘markets’. Those stratospheric prices are then paid with inflation in the goods needed by the rest of society. And so the financial system becomes a parasite of the real economy. In terms of wealth it means a redistribution towards the 1% who owns those stocks or plays the markets. The effect, after the crisis, has not diminished, since there is no regulation of the markets. On the contrary the levels of inequality in the distribution of rent keep widening and have overcome the previous peak… of 1928.

‘Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services.’ Henry Ford

In that regard, as we anticipated 2 decades ago, comparing the new evolution of e-money with that of the two previous waves of stock-paper (XIX c.) and ticker speculation (XX c.), there should be 3 main financial crisis at the beginning of the XXI c. in which the overproduction of the new language of money, which in a balanced economy must reflect only the quantity of physical goods produce, not to distort the economy, would crash that physical economy and its 3 ‘main assets of higher value’ – stocks, real state and currencies.

Those 3 crashes happened both in the stock-paper crisis of the second part of the XIX c and the 3 crashes of the 29 wave, studied in more detail in other posts of this web. And so far we had the 2001 crash of NASDAQ, the 2008 crash of real state derivatives, and so it is left to happen the 3rd crash of the Euro and the Dollar. But the crashes of e-money are far stronger than the previous crashes, because each evolution of money, allows to create bigger quantities of it. Yet for you to grasp this, you need to understand money according to information theory, as a language of information that evolves as all languages do, its capacity to value and reflect the physical world it describes – in the case of money the goods of the economic ecosystem – by multiplying its quantity, its speed and diminishing its size/energy and hence the cost of reproducing it.

Money is a language, invented for free.

We’ll try in this introductory post to explain in the simplest manner this key issue:  You need to understand the dual, physiological structure of the economy: its financial head, and physical resources. The economy has two sides, as any organism has a body and a head, the physical economy of production and the linguistic economy of money that represents it with digital languages and cre(dit)ates it with orders given in the language of money. Further on the physical economy is divided in two types of products:

–        Production of human, natural goods (welfare goods: housing, food, education, etc.)  that humans need to survive the smaller part of the economic ecosystem (around 25%), since it lacks credit to create it.  As it is a  sector created by small companies and entrepreneurs, often without access to credit on markets, and by governments, which today also have restricted their credit, after passing law of deficit zero.

–        And production of industrial goods, the so-called ‘memes of metal‘ (3/4 of the global economy), money (informative metal), machines (organic metal) and weapons (energetic metal), re=produced by huge stock-corporations, which is the dominant part of the economy, since this sector has unlimited credit in stock markets, where money is invented with speculative platforms.  Further on since those ‘memes’, which imitate and enhance our organs of energy and information, in metal at a larger scale or faster speeds of information (chip-brains, car-legs, cranes-arms, etc.) require huge factories to be produced, they require massive investments. And the result of this imbalance between the ‘capitalist’ side of the Economy dedicated to reproduce machines with unlimited credit and the human side, dedicated to produce the goods we need to survive with very little credit is a world made to the image and likeness of machines, where we humans lack the basic welfare goods, as capitalism dominates democracy. So corporations dominate governments and monopolize the language of power of societies, money, which governments have to extort from citizens, forbidden by law to reproduce it – zero deficit.

Thus the ‘mental economy’, the financial economy, which acts as the language that guides the physical economy by inventing money, and delivering with it credit, salaries and prices, is biased in capitalism towards machines and against human welfare. For the simple reason that the profits of big scale factories and mass production of machines are much higher than the costly labor-intensive sector of human goods. But we do not eat oil or live inside cars or work as robots do in those factories. Thus if there was a real democracy and governments had the right to print the monetary language of power, they would credit those human welfare goods as they used to do when social democracies had control of the financial system or as they do in China where they still control it.

But of course this is not told. So the biggest, cynical lie spread by the media system, symbiotic with the financial system, whose memes are reproduced with the same machines and owned often by the same people is that money is scarce and so we have to be taxed further to pay for the deficit of governments that spend money they don’t have. Not so.

There is 100 times more money today than when e-money was invented but speculators and corporations want it all for their machines and accounts and so they don’t even let governments print a 10 per cent annual deficit to pay the basic health care when they routinely invent around a 30 per cent annually for their corporations. However money is a language of information ‘invented’ by the physical economy as your words that command your actions are invented by the physical brain. And so ultimately the reproduction of money depends on the mechanical systems invented to reproduce it. Today we use electronic systems of reproduction of money, as we used in the 20s electric systems of speculation (ticker money) and in the XIX century stock-paper. And so at the end of the 3 great periods of the industrial economy – the age of bodies of metal and paper-money (XIX c.), the age of engines and electromechanical money (tickers) ended in 1929, and the age of heads of metal and e-money, ending now –  the massive super production of  ‘metal-information’, money, have caused a massive crash of the economy.

This is why humanist economists are so infuriated (and censored by mass-media systems of communication, which the same people control, as the same machines of information invent money and information favorable to speculation). Because we ‘do have money’. Precisely the arrival of e-money has caused a hyperinflation on ‘prices’, which are fiat money hold by speculators. Indeed, the amount of e-money markets invented mainly for corporations in the past decades has 100 folding the quantity of total legal money/prices on planet Earth since e-money was invented in the 70s, when the gold standard was abandoned to allow the printing of ‘data’, equivalent to money in computer platforms. And this is paradoxically the cause of the crisis that affects the rest of the economic system that does not invent money – in the case of governments because financial companies lobbied against those basic rights of social democracies, passing deficit zero laws, to keep all the ‘pie’ of monetary invention.

Since once e-money is invented as data in a screen, as ‘fiat’ money, the speculator must find ‘something’ to which peg that money as a ‘real value’. In the first stock markets, speculators invented money with tulips that were worthless. Now they did it with dotcom companies (2001 bubble) and then with derivatives. But then the speculator has to ‘skin the rabbit’ , a expression coined by Jewish financiers, in the XVII century, when they invented market speculation in Amsterdam, selling and buying bulbs and imaginary go(l)d mines – a trade they have monopolized ever since (being the main cause of anti$emitism among Europeans ever since). To skin the rabbit means that the speculator must find someone to which give the fiat money in exchange for real assets – currencies, real state, real goods.

In this crisis once regulation disappeared and e-money could be  easily created with rings of speculators selling and buying in ultra-fast computers to raise prices, then agencies gave the ‘product’ AAA-ratings and then the rabbit was skinned… 3 times.

First the dotcom bubble of 2001 was skinned,  as those overpriced stocks were sold to the middle classes, which were convinced to e-trade with them when Wall Street was shunning those products. And so once the dotcom bubble was skinned prices exploded down, ruining many of their hard won savings in 2001. But once you have a new method to invent money for free with no regulation, greed keeps growing.

So another ‘product’ needed to be invented to attach digital prices. The product was mortgage derivatives. Now the data of the screen could be attached several times to the same worthless mortgage, by doing derivatives, which is the same mortgage-house that appears a new price on the screen, by changing the name of the product and misinforming the client, selling it twice. And so now the bones of the rabbit were sold to governments and pension funds and the meat of real currencies was taken.

Then, there it came the fairy tale that still endures that the financial system was ruined because it had more ‘fiat money’, data invented in their screens, which became ‘the infamous toxic assets’, left unsold during the 2nd rabbit skinning. So banks asked real money to states, which extort it from citizens through taxes. And this cycle has not ended, as banks keep finding new holes and central bankers, all belonging basically to the same ‘ring’, keep giving them money. But this means not only the middle classes but states have now no money, as financial lobbies keep asking it and to keep inventing and sounding the horn of plenty, they have eliminated the rights of European governments to print it (deficit zero laws).

So the financial system, as it has always done, since the XVIII century, will keep inventing money and unloading it in bubbles  (and it has not stopped doing so without regulation) then absorbing real assets, currency and real goods from the system, ruining the physical economy that truly produces goods, as money is the ‘nervous system of the economy’ and when it is absorbed by the virtual economy of the financial system, the entire economic system becomes disrupted and people suffer poverty, while a few become billionaires.

Indeed, suddenly bankers didn’t mind states to print currency, more than a trillion only in America, as long as it was given to corporations.  And this also means the middle class lost its welfare state and became taxed. So governments can obtain more money, besides printing paper money to give it to the banks till both, governments and the people they represent, have become ruined.

But the platforms keep doing their ‘thing’, because they have not been regulated. So in the next graph, the reader can observe how all this fresh money is now used, not only to speculate against currencies, which will continue till the euro first and then the dollar are crashed, but also to jack up prices of commodities that are sky rocketing even in the middle of the crisis. Since electronic platforms keep improving with complicated software and more powerful chips the speed of replication of the language of money and the ‘bluffs’ about value, which of course, the mass-media attached to the ‘ring’ keeps explaining as the product of ‘scarcity’, ‘war-scares’, ‘Chinese consumption’ etc.

Today all those electronic platforms create ‘virtual money’, which the speculator does not need to hold for more than a few hours, recently a few minutes and amounts to tenfold even one hundred fold the credit of the speculator, which he uses to jack up prices of commodities and stocks – a taxation that then all the population pays in higher prices of food, oil, etc.:

The consequences of this process are obvious. Speculation in food (last of the top 3 graphics, green line) is now rampant and so more than 1 billion humans suffer hunger. The mortgage scam has ruined the value of housing and provoked massive waves of homeless worldwide. The price of stocks has sky rocketed, multiplying by 10 and continues to do so, giving corporations and their owners total power over political systems and so their lobbies have forbidden governments to print money, distorting the meaning of the democracy (since a powerless government without the right to reproduce the language of power of society – money, is a puppet of those who invent it).

The present and future of the crisis – the short 8-9 years cycles: 2001-2008-2018

Let us now that we have all the background required for a multiple, sociological, historical, economical, mathematical, financial and industrial understanding of the crisis that we shall keep explaining with higher layers of depth and complexity along the pages of this blog, consider the shortest and future crashes of the present cycle of creation of fiat money and ruin of the common population.

Let us then explain that knot of 2018.

The real cause of the crisis is NOT the detail, mortgage overproduction, but the OVERPRODUCTION OF MACHINES
THAT PRINT MONEY; as it was in the 30s,  DUE TO THE OVERPRODUCTION OF TICKER MONEY and as it was in the 1860s, due to the overproduction OF STOCK-PAPER – all of them separated by 72 years, due to the generational longer cycle of INVENTION OF MACHINES that print the software money. But the software, money has a much faster 9 year cycle, than the hardware. So all those crashes have ‘short burst’ of 9 years, which are ‘the mini-crashes’ of each great depression:

Thus, the crashes of e-money overproduction in 2001 (dotcom crash), 2008 (real state crash) and 2018 (currency crash) are parallel to the overproduction crashes of ticker money with 3 SHORT CRASHES (1922-currency crash-29-stock crash and 37 – real state crash) and the overproduction crashes of trains 72 YEARS BEFORE, WITH 3 SHORT CRASHES (1857-train stock crash – 65-real state crash – 73 – currency crash).

And so our question to resolve is – how it will be the 2018 crash, and will it bring as the previous ones an age of global robotic wars? Let us define in more precision those 3 crashes, now that the reader has an overall view of its mathematical reasons, from the perspective of ‘financial theft’, which is their engine, under the dictatorship of bankers who issue money to become wealthier.

In the 3 series there are 3 overproduction crashes because when you invent/print fiat money with no limit with a new printing machine, WHICH IS THE REAL CAUSE of the crises – computers inventing money… electric ticker inventing it in the 1929; printers inventing stocks paper for trains in the XIX – then YOU HAVE A LOT OF FIAT MONEY. what to do with it?
You have to change it for ‘real assets’ and there are only 3 assets to change for so much fiat worthless money – stocks, real state and currency…

Indeed, the speculator invents money in the ‘inflation phase’ described before; but then it must change it FOR REAL WEALTH TO BECOME RICHER, BECAUSE FIAT MONEY IS ONLY A LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION – IT IS NOT WEALTH PER SE. So it needs to ‘skin the rabbit’, as they say, and get enough ‘su*kers’ with enough wealth to accept the meaningless fiat money and give away his property. And so the only 3 possible crashes are ‘currency, real state and stocks’, because they embody the entire wealth of the nation that the speculator caste now will ‘suck in’ like a vacuum cleaner, leaving behind a wasteland, a ruined middle class, while he, the 1%, gets it all.

So you have 3 short crashes of overproduction of money each time a new machine to print it was invented:

– Panic of 1857: train crash, which ‘ended’ with the American civil war and its new ‘demand’ for train stocks, as Mr. Lincoln, an Illinois Railroad lobbyist gave away astounding amounts of money to the first robber barons to lay tracks to the south and the west (Indian genocide, masterminded by the railroad act)

– 1865: real state crash, of the entire south-plantation system, as carpet-baggers came down to convert the south into a wasteland

– 1873: currency crash with the silver demonetization and deflation, explained in the previous paragraphs, ending in a global age of colonial wars… and pogroms of the innocent Jewish Peasants of the Pale of Settlement and the resurgence of European antisemitism climaxed in the Dreyfus affair. Of course, as usual the elite got richer and the normal citizen was sacrificed for him.

+ 72 years… The world changes, new electric machines to print money are invented (tickers), speculation becomes rampant, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England fuel debt and then contracts it:

So you have again, 1857+72=1929 – crash  of stocks.

But 8 years before you had the 1921 – overproduction crash of the deutsche mark, which ruined Germany, as the banking elite moved to New York with the gold of Germany… and fascism raised.

And then in 1937 a new crash of commodities and real state, which ended the skyscraper era. It mean the end of the New Deal and the attempts of America to create a welfare democracy (as Roosevelt could not implement it properly, but had to print only a little money for it, opposed by industrial and financial corporations who wanted to print A LOT OF IT FOR WAR).

And so it came the German solution, ‘guns instead of butter’, fascism, war and holocaust…

Then you add 1929+72 years, as I did 20 years ago and forecasted that the main ‘crash’ of the overproduction of e-money – stocks, which are in the industrial age the bulk of the ‘world’s wealth’ – would HAPPEN IN 2001:

2000-01 – overproduction crash of stocks

– 2008 – crash of  real state

– 2018 – crash of euro and dollar -> neofascism (in America) and civil wars or World wide wars (blaming China).

The demise of the dollar is now unavoidable, as the Yuan will take over and crash the dollar, as the dollar took over in 1920s and crashed the mark. And what is not clear is if America will implode into civil wars with armed people, which is my take, or the Tea Party neofascist group will blame China as Germany blamed the west and declare a global age of robotic wars.

The 2018 ‘final crash’ of currency.

3 waves

The 3 waves of the 2000 crashes are already drawn on the Dow Jones. They are the equivalent to the 1921-29-37 triad of crashes. All wave systems are ternary by definition, as they are past-present-future events, the ’3 dimensions or ages’ of all evolutionary systems (General Systems Sciences). Thus the 3 ‘big kondratieff’ waves of 80-70 the Industrial R=evolution, crash in 3 8-9y.  cycles of the product, e-money.

This ugly future of stock-markets should concern the speculator, that would do better abandoning markets before the 2018 crash.

Of course, we are still now in the ’weimar republic’ phase of shameless creation of fiat money exchanged for real assets – in the phase of total ruin of the American population… Let us remember what financiers and speculators have milked so far:

– In the 2001 crash of e-money they unloaded worthless internet stocks after convincing the middle class of ‘homo bacteria’ self-made man, to ‘do it yourself’ and trade at home with your internet platform to become the next rockefeller, LOL, that was a master stroke – the Americans ruined themselves buying yahoos at 500…

But as if that were not enough, in the 2008 crash, they were ruined again with mortgage derivatives. They bought twice the same worthless mortgage just because they were packed in something called cdos?! How speculators could pull out that one just 7 years after the dotcom scam? Greed has no limits and even though we sponsor a humanist  point of view in this web, with age I become more cynical. They did pull out this one. So now we are in for the 3rd and final phase. The middel Americans cannot be ruined in many other assets – they have little left.

So the system moved into the students, who are being milked by profiteering universities online titles and loans. But this is almost overdone. Some people talked in wall street of the packaging of ‘death insurances’ but it was a bit too much even for wall street. There was also the trade on carbon rights for global warming but at the end America just decided to go all together for total pollution and didn’t sign enough treaties to make it the biggest thing. So after those ‘small distractions’ Wall Street sticks to his guns – namely the 3rd crisis, the ruin of the euro and the dollar with usury debt payments.

And this, history proves with the deutsche mark case – will usher America when the world rushes to change dollars for yuans, once China finally allows yuan reserves, and so the dollar hits back home hyperinflation – into the phase of social unrest and militarism to quench the outraged protests of a middle class ruined by the overproduction of financial fiat money by speculators.

If you want to refine that 20 year old prediction and its dates, we can add sociology, politics and other points of view. Now, in 2016 the Democratic party will end his second run. Obama thus will step out and the tired American people will vote the GOP.

This is the usual cycle explained in our articles on ‘puppets and heroes’ on zeitgeist-november 1st week (right side down). 

So the GOP will come to power and provoke China. China therefore will retaliate selling the treasurys. The dollar will crash, panic will ensue, the honchos of Wall street will move to Australia worsening the crisis, while speculating in Bloomberg platforms, the 1.5 trillion derivative market and forex will explode…. Hyper-inflation in basic Commodities will kick in, as the dollar-euro reserves if China makes the reinmbi convertible are substituted by Yuans.

So, as we refine dates, since obviously the CYCLES ARE HUMAN MADE EVEN IF THEY RELATE TO MEMES OF METAL (so the 72 years is caused by the biological life of human beings), one can expect the explosion to happen sometimes during the first year of tenure of the GOP tea party candidate, which starts in 2018… reason why in the next graph from the original book ‘the extinction of man’ c. 94, we play the safest, most optimist 2020s for  III ‘world war’ between China and the US…

Or miracle of miracles our politicos, economists and common people learn something about ‘reality’ and avoid the incoming nightmare. If we observe the previous cycles, the train economy ended in wars not one but ‘twice’.

The 1857 crash brought the Civil war, the German and Italian wars, won by Illinois railroad lobbyist Mr. Lincoln and Train engineer Mr. Moltke… the 1873 crash provoked the colonial wars and the African grabbing.

So now in this 3rd cycle, similar to the first one, we have already ‘colonial wars’ (the Israeli-Arab conflict blown up to the West vs. Islam)… So we can expect either a world war or a civil war… when speculators finally succeed in crashing the euro and the dollar. Ah, but we shall ‘blame it on the poor, the enemy – China, when makes the Yuan convertible – and act accordingly.


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