Social Sciences:

 PART   III.  


Because there is not really today an objective science of economics and history – but partial scientific analysis of human events, mostly tainted by ‘ideologies’ of power we need to define them in strict form.

Departing from the scientific method and the discipline of philosophy of science (Lakatos, Kuhn, Popper, Whitehead), we can put together in a simple sentence – the motto of this web-  the 4 positive ‘legs’ of a real science (data, predictability, logic models, human praxis, each one stressed with a fundamental color, just for fun :-) and its negative side (selfish ideologies of power, tainted of the false primary color, yellow ):

Unlike  power Ideologies, Experimental Sciences predict the future of its speciesaccording to Past Cycles, controlling them, to improve human life

A real science will be stringent in its application of those 4 elements and will shun, regardless of any political, economical correctness, selfish agenda or censorship the negative ideologies that try to bend data and invent models to cater the selfish agenda of an individual, group or tribe, and use knowledge to ab=use man or nature.

In that regard,  all sciences have evolved from an age of:

-1: Negative Ideologies and myths that restricted knowledge of a certain discipline to a people-caste of power (i.e. ‘Astrology’, ‘quackery/witchcraft’, ‘alchemy’, ‘ballistics’, ‘anthropomorphic religions’, ‘classic economics/capitalism’, ‘tribal nationalism’) into:

Rational, open disciplines (i.e. ‘astronomy’, ‘medicine’,’chemistry’, ‘physics’, ‘evolution’, ‘socio-biological economics’ and ‘humanist history’)  that:

A) Obtain sound data;

B) Fit on cyclical, mathematical patterns, used to predict the events of its species, by projecting into the future those cycles ;

C) Explained with logic, objective, non-anthropomorphic models of reality;

D) That help to control those cycles for the benefit of Man.




In the graph, the model that studies the Industrial Evolution of machines with the laws of evolution of organic systems.

Corporations are then defined as ‘Company-mothers’, organisms that re=produce machines, causing positive, symbiotic and negative, predatory, competitive events with rival humans (labor, soldiers).

We can go a step further into the scientific paradigm applied to social sciences, by considering a NEW jargon based in the proper ‘biological’ sciences needed to describe the ‘larger’ view of an evolving planet, which is ‘molting’ now from a world of life into a world of metal.

Then we can describe the Industrial r=evolution as the last stage in the evolution of metal-memes. Since during that age humans have evolved memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, copying human organs and biological functions, which those machines enhance, but also atrophy and substitute, in 3 ages, constructing first bodies of metal, then minds of metal and finally putting them together into robots a new organic species that competes and displaces humans of labor and war fields. Only a biological model of the symbiotic and predatory relationships between men and machines, and our social organisms, governments and ethic, verbal laws on the side of history andcompany-mothers of machines and digital, financial languages on the side of the eco(nomic)system can explain, forecast and give human solutions to the present crisis.

In the graph we show with images the model, compared to other models based in the A-D steps of the scientific method:

Left: Astrology, the ‘religion of stars’, became Astronomy, the empirical science when Kepler predicted future planetary orbits according to A) Sound Data and B) Past cycles and Newton found a Physical Model, the Law of Gravitation that explain those orbits logically.

Center: Biology became a science when Darwin collected fossils data, on the cycles of extinction of species, and C) explained its evolution, according to a model of top predator species, whose force based in the strength and morphology of their energetic bodies and informative heads made them fitter to survive.

Right: Economics becomes science then if it is able to:

A) Collect accurate data both on the History of capitalism, its languages, memes of life and metal (money, weapons and machines) it produces.

B) Puts them in patterns of industrial cycles

C) Finds a scientific – either physical or biological – model which explains, WHAT are those memes of metal and life goods  the economy produces

B) Able to predict future cycles – caused in this case by new ‘top predator machines’ (Weapons) and tool machines that extinguish simpler models and weaker humans in the eco(nomic)system’s labor and war fields…

D) And then takes measures to control the economy in benefit of man.

This is what Biologic Economics has done for the same time in this science, with enough precision and foresight, as the books of this writer 20 years old, which predicted with accuracy the 2008 crash and its causes and future consequences prove (1,2).

Samples of the evolution of knowledge from Subjective Ideologies into objective science.

Thus the key elements to proof a scientific model truth or discharge it as faulty and harmful are:

A) Its accurate data. C) its objective, non-human point of view. B) its capacity to predict the future CYCLES of evolution of the species and events it studies D) its subjective, positive, human praxis.

As opposed to ideologies that have: A) Inaccurate data. C) Subjective, reduced, ceteris paribus point of view. B) Incapacity to predict the cyclical future D) Objective, non-human praxis.

So we shall use those 4 elements to consider 3 sample cases of evolution of knowledge from myth and ideology into science from physical sciences (astronomy), biology and sociological disciplines (economics):

The oldest form of physical knowledge, astrology became the science of astronomy only when:

A) Telescopes gave accurate data->C) Astronomers substituted the anthropomorphic, astrological theory that stars influence psychically human behavior; finding an objective theory based in attractive forces and orbital motions-> B) Kepler and Newton calculated the orbits of planets and predicted their future position establishing laws that summarized that behavior (left side of graph). D) So humans could improve their sea travels, based in the motions of stars.

The main disciplines of life studies, Biology and Medicine became sciences only when:

A) Microscopes gave us accurate data.

Biologists&doctors discharged anthropomorphic beliefs that considered humans the creation of a subjective personal God, hence their sickness caused by its antithesis, evil spirits; 

C)developing instead an objective model that related causally species according to similar forms (Evolution Theory) & studied the causal competition and extinction of those species according to their body-mind, energetic-informative power (selection of species – right side of graph).

Then Pasteur developed with such knowledge a Germs Theory, based in the competition at cellular level between top predator bacteria & viruses that killed human cells.

Which he used to save human lives, avoiding the systemic killing of quack doctors.

Now we conclude that Biology and Evolution is THE ONLY MODEL for all the sciences of lIfe. Since it is the model with predictive capacity:

B) evolution predicts the most efficient, future survival forms of many species.

B, D) And Medicine predicts & cures the causes of sickness, fighting germs at cellular level, while quacks with religious theories never predict or create a positive human praxis that cures the sick.

Economic science: Scientific Schools vs. Ideologies of Corporate power (neo-classic economics)

It is then obvious that the scientific model of economics that deals with human life and species MADE IMITATING HUMAN ORGANS OF ENERGY AND INFORMATION (MACHINES, WEAPONS AND MONEY)

MUST BE Biological.

Human ego-trips bias subjectively our view of the organic Universe.


In the graph, humans slowly departed from their subjective ego-trips of  the mythic age of Abrahamic religions, in which the tribe first and then mankind was the centre of the Universe, to a scientific world, and within it again, moved away from the Earth as its centre (Ptolemy), in 3 steps. So first they abandoned the ‘who’ of a personal god, into the ‘what’ of a centered earth, a sun, as its centre (Copernicus) and finally the galactic light space-time at its centre (Einstein’s relativity). It is now the time to give the final step into Absolute relativity considering the Fractal paradigm and its 5th dimension, which further stretches to all Universal Planes the understanding of the laws of science, without primacy of any of such scales.

In the graph objective science as opposed to religion, consists in departing from the ego-trips of human self-importance into the objective truths of an infinite universe in time and space in which man has a very limited role. Notice mr. Darwin’s infamous caricature. Still 1/2 of Americans do not believe we come from apes. Ego-trips of self-importance caused by the structure of the mind as the infinitesimal point that only ‘sees’ its linguistic mapping of the universe, from its biased perspective, confusing the whole with its inner mind picture of reality, make most ‘simplex humans’, including most pythagorean scientists, believe that human minds and languages make us the only intelligent monad of the cosmos.

On the lower side, the zenith of german anthropomorphic, ‘chosen of goth’ ego-trip of human cultures happened when Heisenberg, Bohr and Pauli denied the original De Broglie-Schrodinger’s interpretation of particles and electrons as ‘real entities’, (pilot-wave theory; density nebulae) for the astounding ego-trip that particles ONLY COLLAPSED/EXISTED when the perceiver observes them, and when NOT, they CO-EXIST in all POSSIBLE paths, GIVING RISE, to even more lunatic configurations of reality as the ‘many-worlds interpretation’, which have been all THE RAGE for a century, to allow physicists TO GO EVEN further than religious myth-makers in their imaginary Universal constructs. 

Today the realist view of Bohm is becoming standard as science always becomes objective but we brought the example to show that even objective physics can be anthropomorphic, as it is part of the ’embedded structure’ of the being and its will to impose its mind-mirrors as the center of the Universe, which paradoxically renders him naive and lowers its fear to other systems – in the economic world to the chip radiation that displaces us; in medicine for centuries to the ‘smallish’ gems that can kill us and people also ridiculed, till Pasteur as they ridicule the biological nature of machines – never mind robots do kill them in war and throw them from jobs because they are better at it.

Humans slowly departed from their subjective ego-trips in the mythic age of Abrahamic religions in which the tribe first and then mankind were the centre of the Universe, to a scientific world, whre the cosmos mattered more; and within it again, moved away from the Earth as its centre (Ptolemy), in 3 steps, concerning the 3 elements of which reality is made, space, time and the human languages we use to perceive them:

First in terms of space man enlarged its view of the Universe from the ‘sacred land’ or valley, which was in earlier abrahamic religions all what he perceives into a larger geography of a cosmic center called the earth, which was expanded into the sun as its centre (Copernicus) and finally into the galactic light space-time at its centre (Einstein’s relativity). It is now the time to give the final step into Absolute relativity considering the Fractal paradigm and its 5th dimension, which further stretches space to include all Universal Planes of space from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy , without primacy of any of such scales.

In terms of time and its related parameter of information (carried in the form and frequency of cyclical time clocks) humans have advanced far less in search for objectivity, as they still use a single lineal infinite human clock and the human, steady rhythm of one second, as its unit of frequency (beat of the heart, mind thoughts and eye glimpses) without acknowledging the infinite time clocks of the Universe, from circadian cycles to orbits to atomic beats, and its ∞ ‘forms’ of in-form-ation, which they also define in terms of mechanisms (Shannon).

So Einstein said ‘I am the only physicist who seem to think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe reading at different speeds’ and Landau laughed at the mechanical clock saying, ‘there is no uncertainty of time, ‘i just have to look at my clock and know what time is’.

Regarding the rhythms of time change humans obsessed by their desire to be immortal have not yet fully accepted that they are transient beings, just a step in the evolution of information, form in this planet, and deny the organic properties and life-death cycles, which we will show are common to all other species of reality. In fact, humans subvert the natural order believing overwhelmingly (religious people) that our existence is immortal, and the Universe (astrophysicists) is the mortal part (big-bang theory). So contrary to belief, information and time-change, are still in their infancy as objective sciences.

Finally, the less recognised subjective element of science happens in the languages of the mind humans use to perceive a universe made of 2 elements, space, we perceive with mathematics and time that we perceive with logic words, as humans ‘think’ those languages created the Universe. So verbal religions believe words is the language of god (specifically Arab in Islam, reason why the first muslims could not translate Koran).

And Pythagorean religions consider that ‘God speaks only mathematics’ as Galileo put it. In modern times, Hilbert, father of modern ‘axiomatic’ mathematics went even further, affirming that  he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ , tantamount to say that humans invented the language that invented the world. While, both Einstein and quantum physicists applied Hilbert’s axiomatic method to its description of a Universe made of mathematical entities ‘invented’ by human minds and ‘god’, the mathematical mind of the Universe.

So a scientific objective description of reality  is far more difficult than it seems because of the not-recognised existence of anthropomorphic, egocentered deist theories in many disciplines of science, hidden by its mathematical supposedly ‘perfect language’, given the ignorance and respect that numbers and computers provoke among laymen people. In fact, when a creationist, deist or anthropomorphic model is disguised with equations, as the big-bang or the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of economics is, there is little objective criticism and hardly any use of the laws of epistemology of the scientific method to assess its veracity.

On the contrary, not unlike Muslims making God speak Arab, we find today most physicists working on his specific mathematical theory expecting then the Universe to ‘create’ its particles. And the more bizarre the model the more importance we concede to his authors. So string theory, a bizarre model of 26 dimensions is the queen of the discipline, while Mr. Hawking, who proclaims that black holes evaporate travelling to the past, regardless of any lack of experimental evidence, is considered the new ‘prophet’ of the discipline.

And all this happens, despite the discoveries of Godel and Lobacjevski, which proved mathematics to be just another language whose veracity must be found on experience, scientists still believe in the germanic idealist school of geometry where ‘by decree of Hilbert’, we human minds ‘invent points, lines and planes’; while billions think God spoke words that created the Universe.

Of late we also have pseudo-religious economists and politicians who think that a digital language, ‘money’ must create the world and the real economy and techno-utopians, which affirm the Universe is a computer and the machine the symbol of all forms of knowledge and human progress. So humans also have an astounding capacity to subvert the natural order between reality – what truly matters and the mirror-languages of the human mind, we use to reflect its images, caused by reality – Not the other way around.

The biggest scientific error is the idea of lineal time brought about by the ‘lineal perception’ of space our eyes of light provide (Euclidean space), by our anthropomorphic desire to be different, and as we are not to evolve and die in cyclical patterns but must have an exceptional, manifest destiny of lineal progress towards ‘God’ and immortality, and by the machines we use to measure time and mathematical, abstract Cartesian graphs with lineal coordinates in which we plot the rhythms of a human mechanism called a clock.

All those ideologies that are the subconscious collective belief of the father of physics are still with us making our philosophy of science, a bastard mixture of objective truths and western pseudo-religious, anthropomorphic ego-trips.

Departing from those ‘a priori’ ‘idol-ogies’ of egocentric superiority, humans have constructed this interpreted world of science, which fulfills its main purpose – to help the eye-hand to construct mechanisms, but does not explain what the Universe is.

This is what we do in systems sciences, which can be considered the last phase of the search for objectivity in the understanding of reality. And so as we apply the laws of GST (ab. General Systeems Sciences) to social systems we will be able to explain what humans are a priori negated to understand by the pre-conditions of their brain, their history and their task in this planet (to construct objects): the organic, living, cyclical, vital nature of the Universe and the similarity of all its entities.

It was thus necessary even before we attempt to construct a truly objective, scientific model of the world of man and the Universe in which we exist – the purpose of this web – to denounce all those hidden ‘religions of the human ego’ and go back to the basics of the scientific method…

Now once this ‘theoretical minimum’ about objective view in social science is met we can discuss objectively, the two futures of mankind and the economic system, and the value of those 2 disciplines of science, which seek clearly different goals and take a stand, as humans for the side of history…


In that regard, what those cycles and its biological systemic causes show in its predictability is the truth of the models of social sciences of this blog.

Indeed, in science the proof of veracity of any model is simple, guided by STRICT rules:

  • Experimental truth, which means NOT CENSORSHIP OF FACTS IN SOCIAL SCIENCES, TODAY ENDEMIC under rules of ‘political and economical correctness’.
  • Scientific models, NOT provided by abstract, pseudo-religious ‘fetish go(l)d capitalism’, which OBEYS money without even understanding what MONEY IS as a language of information.
  • And finally – predictability – capacity to forecast the future cycles of the species studied under the laws of survival and extinction, evolution and over-reproduction of bio-sociological sciences, which only this blog and model has consistently achieved for 30 years.

Now the 2 most important discoveries, associated with the full formalism of Cyclical time, provided in my web of philosophy of science, which we shall reason and prove ad nauseam, but still most people won’t believe is this:

  1. CYCLICAL TIME IS PREDICTABLE, because the cycles of time are causal and repeat themselves. So with a deep NOT necessarily mathematical, but mostly evolutionary understanding of that causality, we can predict the future, NOT only of simple systems, in lineal locomotions (physical systems) but also of biological, evolutionary systems, as we have proved it, predicting the cycles of history and economics, for 30 years in advance, with all kind of details in a series of books, regardless of the fact that the predictions are not amenable to people.
  2. Among those cycles, the fundamental one, the world cycle of life and death and its 3 ages/dimensions of time can be explained for the first time in history of science.

Now a way to explain this in a formal manner is this:

Unlike lineal time which reduces time to an instantaneous, ∂s/∂t measure of present, simultaneous slices of time cycles, cyclical time gives 3 dimensions to time, the classic past of ‘entropy’ and motion, present and the future of more information. This is self-evident as any cycle requires a second dimension of ‘height’, information. And further on, as time-cycles are finite, closed forms, we require a 3rd dimension of repetitive frequency, to make possible the 3 dimensions of time, precisely that repetitive present, which seems not to change as it is a repetition copycat of the origin. So for example, in the cycles of ‘life ages and evolution’, the first age is ALWAYS the one of maximal entropy-motion (youth, weapon machines), the 3rd age one of maximal form, information (old age, informative present age of history) and in the middle we have an iterative, reproductive age of maximal reproduction (of a product in an industry, of life in biological beings, of a radiation=massive reproduction  of species).

Finally 2 comments:

  • The language of God are infinite. While we do NOT shy to mathematical equations, the languages of ‘God are infinite’ (Upanishads). That means the religion of machines, among Humans, which are today basically slaves of their computer machines for most themes including the perception of knowledge, and so need to talk with numbers to feel truth, is NOT real. We shall specially in this blog on social sciences use and justify and explain why the VALUES OF the wor(l)d, and our natural language is a better language for truth, and certainly for evolution and time predictions (being evolution a verbal language). I get specially irritated by all those ‘nerds’ who think if you don’t show a powerpoint presentation with nice graphs and equations you are NOT doing science. Not so qualitative, formal, dimensional information, in human beings HAVE always been explained with human time-clocks, the ‘verbal times’ of our flexible sentences and human eyes – the artistic sensorial work of our spatial senses. This means they are also excellent time records which today the ‘mathematical/mechanical school’ of social sciences tends to shun off – the classic case being Herodote’s books of history, which turned out to be actually filled of facts, despite being so much prone to mythology. So words and facts come together to verify truths, and words are when conceptually sound are the proper causal language to explain evolution theory and the extensions due to cyclical time.
  • The Ego paradox defies objective sciences. Each of those discoveries in itself should change the entire way we understand the Universe and man within it. It will unlikely do so because of the ‘ego paradox’ of human people (scroll a couple of pages:), latter explained in terms of the mind. Basically humans MUST by decree be different from the rest of the Universe, because that is what makes them feel happy, important and self-centred (which is what all minds do, to focus information from the enlarged point of view of the being). Still the few human readers who are intelligent and humble enough to go over the hurdle of ‘egos’ at individual and collective level will completely upgrade their view of reality with the information of this blog. It won’t be an easy task because all humans do have ‘beliefs’, which are ‘memetic cultural imprintings’ that they consider their ‘essence’ as humans (it is not, their essence as humans is biological not cultural specially in all those memes which deny the human single species, such as nationalism, racist religions, class-structure etc.) But is the ‘CHARACTER minimum’, required to understand history.

Still the few human readers who are intelligent and humble enough to go over the hurdle of ‘egos’ at individual and collective level and the memorial imprinting of dogmas of science that pass as absolute truths and are just distorted views, and artefacts of measure, such as lineal time is, will completely upgrade their view of reality with the information of this blog.

The role of killing the joy of being human: cultural repression

It is necessary though to ad another element to explain why ANIMETALS ARE SO MUCH AT IT, destroying the world instead of enjoying life. What Abrahamic religions which are a mess of all other idol-ogies in a more primitive age (when nations were gods, go(l)d a fetish ex-vote, numbers kabala and so on), also achieve, is THE REPRESSION OF ALL WHAT MAKES US ENJOY LIFE, SO WE DEDICATE OURSELVES TO REPRODUCE MACHINES.

Yes, that is the function of webber’s ‘ethics of calvinism’: WE ARE DENIED, when believing in those idol-ogies what we NEED as human beings: OUR ENERGY, food, which is restricted by dietary laws, where the two most tasteful foods, pork and seafood are taboo. We are denied OUR language of ethic, verbal informative thought, the WORD, which becomes repressed into literalist mantras, and substituted by magic numbers. And whose higher level ART AND EUSOCIAL LOVE is denied (stripping of art in calvinist churches, denial of the equality of all humans, even denial of CHARITY, the sharing of energy and information to construct a social super organism.) We are EVEN DENY IN THE MOST BIZARRE HAPPENING OF ALL the absolute mandate of the Universe: grow and multiply, reproduce have sex, SO women today re=produce machines and think to achieve success in life is to be a CEO for some mechanism. How can be the absolute goal of all living beings, sexual reproduction a sin?


The purpose of all those idol-ogies that in all its metal versions – the military, the capitalist – deny the joy of life, the love to the other, the charity for the other cells with less ‘oxygen’, and privilege, the service of the brain to the body citizens, the unity of us all as a living super organism, is to produce mechanisms instead of reproducing, to be obsessed about the clean energy of machines while we feed our sons with trash food, to learn numbers and equations of physics and lineal time, while we do not even attempt to understand evolution, cyclical time and our cycles of life and death and its 3 ages.
We ARE ABSOLUTE SLAVES OF THE MEMES THAT EVOLVE THE WORLD OF METAL SINCE THE FIRST INQUISITIONS OF THOUGHT, by the first animetal semitic cultures its go(l)d churches and nationalist tribal warriors INVENTED the absurd idol-ogies that litter our brain and are still with us and on top political and economical correctness convince us it is good to ‘be slave, believe do not reason’ Aristotle’.
Of all those denials NONE is so strong that the denial we are PART of a social super organism of history and so we must love each other, share energy and information and become a whole if we want to survive.
THIS MUST BE CLEAR FROM THE BEGINNING – THE SOLUTIONS OF THE WORLD ARE NOT INTELLECTUAL BUT ETHICAL. THE PROCEDURES ARE SIMPLE. ANY DOCTOR WITH HIS KNOWLEDGE OF PHYSIOLOGY COULD DESIGN A PERFECT WORLD. It is indeed easy to apply the biological law of survival and the knowledge we have of physiological networks to monetary information and ‘nervous’ informative laws. Those ‘physiological networks’ should be properly built to achieve the efficient re=production and distribution of WHealth (healthy wealth), AS all ‘economic=blood=energetic networks’ achieve even in the simplest of all biological or physical systems and organisms. WHY WE don’t do it is explained by the absurd idol-ogies that rule mankind.
Of course, those who rule us have eliminated social ethics, and think the solution will be some technological A.I. machine finding some complicated algorithm, or a new energy for cars and other machines.
THEY DO NOT SEEM TO REALIZE HUMANS ARE JUST ambulatory cells and all what they need to thrive is food and wor(l)ds of love, provided by other humans, NOT more machines invading and displacing them from its territory.
And this requires no longer the view of the idol-ogies and justifications corporative people find to a world made to the image and likeness of the machine, but a world made to the image and likeness of man.
It is that confrontation of goals, to serve your species or to enslave for metal, what defines the true fight of History and ALL OF IT MUST BE INTERPRETED NOT AS A STRUGGLE OF SOCIAL CLASSES, (though most elites since the Neolithic have been on the side of metal-power, weapons and go(l)d) but OF SPECIES.

Biologic, only ‘final solution’: Law of the jungle.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-21-48-56Now if humans were not believers but rational thinkers, scientists not ego-centered religious anthropomorphs it is obvious that they would have understood machines as their organic equals, made of stronger metal atom that would hunt and kill them as top predator weapons and forbade ROBOTICS.

Now if those scientific views existed and men would treat machines as organisms, there would not be the slightest difficulty to recognise the danger of ‘lethal machines’ as we recognise lethal virus and get scared of them.

So the obvious simple measure to avoid this madness – forbid robots, is no where. Instead in the age of neo-fascism they accuse their neighbor. Trump comes and say that mexicans take their jobs, instead of robots, and even Sanders agrees in the nytimes. The harder they fall.

Only that biological, organic, ecosystemic view can make sense of the Industrial R=evolution and History, understood as the social superorganism of mankind – the only species worth to recognize, in this larger view. Such process is perfectly explained using the tools of systems sciences and biology as a topic process of a biological radiation (explosive re=production) of a species that displaces another species from its eco(nomic)system, as it keeps evolving and reproducing much faster.

So today, our atmosphere is poisoned by the breath of machines, which keep reproducing and killing Gaia, non-technological cultures, even ‘eating’ our food (1/4th of american crops are now used to create bio-fuels). Further on as the clocks of temporal information of machines speed up, humans suffer an overdrive of energy and information, trying to adapt its rhythms to the much faster time clocks and stronger bodies of machines, in a runaway race towards our self-destruction.

This is crystal clear when we understand objectively this planet, which is a biological, organic system, in which evolution and selection of the species applies to all forms of ‘information’; and so we should treat mechanisms as evolving organisms of metal and control it selecting only those who favor the development of mankind. And yet the most amazing fact of the modern world is not the cycles of evolution of machines easily studied with the laws of biology and systems sciences, but the fact that humans do not grasp something so obvious as the ‘predatory nature of weapons’, or the competition between human labor and robots, which soon will eliminate millions of jobs, as the Obama administration legislate self-driving cars and other autonomous machines.

Instead, as business as usual proceeds, war-monger politicos, paid-per-view by financial and corporative, big-pack lobbies and its Leisure Class, are implementing the same ‘blame the human poor’ policies of fascism in the 30s, when assembly lines threw 1/2 of workers, and World War II eliminated 66 millions of them. Now, they have chosen Mr. Trump to blame the migrant poor and likely implement a few more splendid little wars for the profits of terminators. The harder they fall.

A simple legal global ban, among the g20 presidents of the world decades ago, as they forbade aids virus and ebola ones, would have end the nightmare forever. But humans have shown that they rather die to keep an ego-trip of their mind, that makes them feel superior to the universe that be real and SURVIVE. So they believe and die for ridiculous religious thoughts of salvation after death (FUNDAMENTALISM). And instead of applying bio-economics to rule the super organism of history and control the evolution of machines for the human benefit, they make sci-fi movies where the man always win the robot, and they can only deal with them as organic systems in fiction, not in reality, and so on and so on.

The bottom line is this: will humans defend themselves from corporations and take the bull by their horns as Japan and China did in the gunpowder age, or will they be sheeple and let the wolf with sheep skin and good marketing kill them? As things stand today with a corrupted military and politico caste, only interested in big-weapon contracts, instead of defending mankind and corporations ‘owning them all’ with the financial monopoly in the issue of money, things look bleak.

But do not come with the usual mantras that evolution cannot be stopped with the law, or that a future world awash with billions of robots will be a paradise for humans. Some of us are not that stupid.

Of course human self-centered social scientists insist that causality is inverse: we humans are free, invent, not discover weapons and machines, and use them rationally for our benefit. So they cannot guess by ‘decree’, our future. And yet the future we forecasted has happened, proving the real causality of capitalist, company-controlled societies: technological evolution, Not human evolution directs society, as humans believe machines’ progress is synonymous of human progress and will do whatever it takes to evolve them.

So what humans believe to be important – the individual human ego, who decides history is in fact in systems sciences, irrelevant to the natural working of an ill-designed social system controlled by and for company-mothers of machines and its owners. I.e. Hitler is not important, but the German military industrial complex that required war, when engines were used in tanks and bombers, once its overproduction as transport machines had exhausted demand and technological evolution had applied oil engines to armored cars and planes of higher price and profits. Goering, if Hitler had not existed would have played his role. this is how all sciences work: systems not individual atoms, cells or people define the future in its great tendencies, and that is why sciences can guess the future, when the laws of systems are known.

Now the ban could be global because human politicians constantly meet but they would only move on to such solutions if the world of theoretical economists had explained them the facts… Why they don’t we shall soon find out – basically they work on Aristotle’s dictum ‘humans are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ – so they believe in go(l)d at all costs, a pseudo-religion that considers ‘as long as we ‘manufacture’ enough digital information in the form of a language of values called money, nothing can harm us.

It is a simple theory of reality: to obey a language a power, a dogma, and think not.

That’s fine if your idol-ogies do not tamper with the rest of humanity. But financial economists today rule the world, and so they are tampering with our future, giving it away to the new species, in as much as they preach as we shall see soon, ‘systematically’ the destruction of labor  by machines with the so-called law of productivity=mechanical labor/human labor. THIS IS THE main law today of corporative economists: to increase this equation by increasing the numerator, mechanical labor and firing the denominator, human labor. Why they do so? obviously because as capital labor evolves robots become cheaper workers and profits soar – never mind people die of hunger on the streets.

But politicians believe this is good, because somehow ‘go(l)d will provide’ or in far more harsher terms, because corporative economists systematically lie, repress human economists and repeat the mantra that firing human workers on that denominator and putting robotic workers on the numerator, is GOOD, BECAUSE without explaining that equation they just say ‘productivity creates employment’. THIS IS an absolute mathematical lie- the equation tells us the opposite. 

But machines make money selling them, and corporations make money printing it, and productivity is good because machines evolve faster and become cheaper workers.

And that is THE ABSOLUTE ISSUE – THE ISSUE OF MONEY, which in a democratic world, dedicated to improve the life of humans would NEVER be monopolised by a few people-castes and dynasties of ‘banksters’ – truly an appropriate name for them. Since if economics and history are sociobiological sciences, it is obvious that the human PRAXIS attached to all REALIST sciences must also AS we do in medicine, CONTROL NOT THE GENES, but the ‘wave memes’, the ‘idol-ogies’ and the ab=uses of power, of those who think themselves above human and Earth.
Praxis requires NOT to treat them as they treat us, murdering at distance, wholesale the human lot with profits of war and poverty, but JUST remove them from the top of the pyramid, by taking from them the monopoly in the issue of money they hold against all democratic rights of a people to control the language of social power which are not LAWS but money which buy laws. So no paranoia, no confabulation theories, no fear of deaths, just GET ASIDE and let MANKIND control its own future for the benefit of all of us, till the seventh generation.

ONLY THE PROHIBITION OF ROBOTICS CAN AVOID OUR DEGENERATION AS A SPECIES, but that would reduce the profits of the 1%. So the elite will just keep denying the rights of mankind to work, thrive and excel without the unfair competence of a new evolved superior species.

So there have been historic and present alternatives to a wild eco(nomic)system where humans have no future and the law is bought by the other language of social power, money, which we have to fully understand AS WHAT IT IS A LANGUAGE OF VALUES TO VALUE=PRICE SOCIETY AND CONTROL IT, SUBSTITUTING THE HUMAN VALUES OF THE LAW.

Now the existential crisis of humanity has 2 levels of depth:
– On the negative side there is the true existential crisis of our extinction by singularity machines, which are becoming organic, either the 3rd generation of nukes, against which this writer has fought his activist days, as it seemed an easy to resolve problem (given the little money relatively spent in them, the null use, beyond some fringe physics research and the stakes – our extinction), namely cosmic bombs, ultra dense quark bombs, strangelts and black holes that are self-feeding bomb, whose fuel is any matter and could easily blow up the planet.
Since death has a simple equation in systems sciences – the unbalance between the energy and information of a system, in this case Gaia, the creation of those weapons will be death by Max. Energy, as in accidents.
But then there is death by excess of form, of information, as in your 3rd age; and this is for Gaia the age of A.I. and robotics, systems with better informative brains that humanity, which will extinguish us in labor and war fields.
This we know in biological terms and for 30 years I have tried to be heard on both themes. But the insidious religion of go(l)d at all costs makes impossible to put those themes on the table of politicos – only science fiction films can be done about the end of the world, so we are sure we will die happily eating gold.
– On the positive side there is though the utopia that if humans were something more than scavenger monkeys hypnotised by metal-power, and could resolve those 2 pressing existential problems banning the limiting Max. Information A.I. and Max. entropy, Cosmic bombs, avoiding the 2 limits of death and imbalance, they would then come together to create a perfect world in balance between its energy networks (economic system) and informative networks (legal, political system).
And for that the science to look at is NOT AN ABSTRACT conundrum of wishful thinking but PHYSIOLOGY and THEORY OF systems SCIENCES, medicine and biology, because MANKIND IS A SUPERORGANISM, and there is NOTHING abstract about designing an efficient, just free, wealthy world, but merely imitating the structure of nature’s super organisms.


It goes without saying that this blog stems from General Systems Sciences, the philosophy of science also known as complexity that defines all what exist as a system of networks of energy and information. In the next graph we describe the main systems and scales of fractal size, which structure the Universe:

The social and biological superorganisms of mankind.

Marvel at the beauty of a Universe, made of similar entities, in eternal balance… except the world of man, ill-designed:
In the graph, in system sciences the fundamental concept is a social organism, a herd or group of self-similar forms, which gather together thanks to their capacity to share the same code/language of information and the same energy. Such herds evolve together in complex networks, which survive better than individual particles or cells, acting together as a single group.

Thus, systems sciences recognizes as the fundamental evolutionary force of the Universe the survival capacity of groups, which determine an arrow of future that has evolved the organisms of reality from simple atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into societies.

What is an organism of information and energy? A herd of species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transform energy and process it in a vital way. How individual species organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems or bodies, or organisms? Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms (nations, civilizations).

In the Universe there are many type or such social organisms. Since “energy never dies but eternally transforms itself”, organisms have an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies”, organized by networks of Energy and Information.

The former is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole, of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape ð orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell. Cells then radiate until their density saturates the vital territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic, blood organs appear. A new, more complex species -the animal, and the man- is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosm -the macrocosm of History and economics– where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information. The purpose of this web is to study such organisms; historic organisms (a social organism of humans), and economic ecosystems (a wave of products that interact with human beings), as organic systems; trying to design and improve them, from the perspective of the health of what is best for the survival of man, as the ruling species of that organism.

The structure of organisms

Let us to that aim, understand first the generic structure of a social organism, or ecosystem, parallel words that we will use constantly as synonymous. In fact there are four basic elements in all organic living systems:

1. Cellular units 2. Networks of energy or vital space 3. Networks of information 4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

When we find those elements interconnected in a vital relationship, we talk of an “organic system”. We can see such organic systems as “bodies”, when all the cells are very close to each other, or as “ecosystems” of herds, when the cells are far away, and the networks are weak. We should not be cheated by the spatial appearance of the organism.

A herd of machines, a herd of insects, a human group is also an organic system, because it has cells, and networks, even if it does not seem to us a body. The fundamental reason we have not arrived earlier in science till Theory of Organisms, to the conclusion that the universe is made of such organic systems is the lack of relativism, the arrogance of man. Men have a hard time believing that things which are not like us, are able to intelligently process energy and information.

We are also unable to believe easily that microcosms and macrocosms are “species”. Yet an organic perception of macrocosms like galaxies or planets, and an organic perception of microcosms such as cells and atoms, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the entities of the Universe. We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization; then we talk of waves, societies or herds.

A verbal definition of superorganisms 

A generic definition of an organism or ecosystem will help to clarify what we mean by a “vital universe”, composed of “universal organisms”. Let us take a template for a micro or macrocosmic organism (or ecosystem) that differs only in the specific energy or information we put into brackets. “A universal microcosmic or macrocosmic organism or ecosystem is a population of [name a particular species], related by networks of [name a language or force] information and networks of [name a kind of energy]”. Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the universe:

– An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and networks of (light) energy.  – A molecular organism  is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy, and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London forces, Van der Waals forces).   – A “galactic organism” is a population of stars, related by networks of gravitational information, and networks of space-time energy. Their morphology is similar to that of an atom, where the nucleus is the black hole, and the stars the electronic orbitals.

– An “animal ecosystem” is a population of carbolife species, related by networks of light information, and networks of life energy (plants, prey).

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic and nervous information and networks of energy-providing blood.

Historic superorganisms

Complexityduality and Systems Science study the laws that define an efficient complex organism in physical space (particle/field systems), biological space (head/body systems) and Social space (informative leadership/working class). The importance of this new social science is that it draws from Nature teachings and so it has a set of laws that allow to design a perfect social organisms.

Indeed, its laws are based in the self-similarity of all complex systems, from galaxies to living beings, which are organized by networks of individual particles – cells, stars, atoms – communicated by flows of energy and information. So happens with human organisms (energetic, blood networks andd informative nervous networks) and social organisms (economical, energetic networks and informative, cultural and legal=political networks).

So we can use the sane definition to define the superorganisms of history and economics:

– A bio-historic organism is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbolife energy.”

– A bio-economic organism, is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy  The difference between both type of systems, a historic and an economic organism thus is clear when we consider that the ‘organic unit’ of the economic ecosystem is NOT contrary to belief a nation or civilization but a new organization, appeared recently with the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, called the company-’mother’ whose function is to reproduce a product, overwhelmingly a machine, and then to evolve further and adapt the world to the existence of those machines, creating networks of energy and information for them (digital networks, electric networks, etc.) And this is the first big surprise of an organic model of history and economics: while History is undoubtedly the product of human endeavors, the economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers of machines, which follow a set of biological, evolutionary and organic laws independent of mankind; quite removed from the abstract jargon coined in the XVIII century, even before machines existed by classic economists’ like Mr. Adam Smith.

Both organic systems, Historic and economic organisms, survive within the same vital space, the Earth’s crust. What this means according to Theory of organisms is that there is between both a dual process of symbiotism and preying, by which  sometimes machines compete with men in fields of labor (productivity laws that substitute workers with machines) and fields of war (where weapon-machines kill human beings). We express this with the concept of the Paradox of History.

 Thus, from the previous definitions  we can talk of WHealthy systems, when the head, in history the neuronal castes that control, issue and direct society with the law and money feed and share their energy and information with them – their financial credit and just legal orders that direct the body cells to produce the goods the historic organism needs – LIFE based goods, that make us survive. Then the body obeys and moves properly and works and cares also for the head.

And we can talk of a viral, social organism, of a sick system, when those elites do NOT FEED its citizens/cells, do NOT issue caring laws to protect that body.

Capitalism where all the resources are dedicated to reproduce selfish memes of metal – weapons, money and machines – is such a system.

The system does not overproduce the goods of the welfare state humans need to survive. Capitalism  instead  give orders to reproduce massively ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill the mind, and hate-media, which kills the ethic soul. Unfortunately that is the dominant society we live today, guided by the ‘metal-values’ of money (greed) and weapons (murder). We have a crazy head, which harms its body and it will end destroying it as it has done so many times in wars and holocaust cycles. And we shall study the idol-ogies of metal that prevent us from developing a WHealthy system that survives and thrives as so many other systems of nature do.

And the reason why it does so, is because as viral sick systems substitute the language of DNA-cells by the viral DNA strain, mankind has substituted the ethic rule of societies by the subconscious values of the substance-fetishe of earleir money, gold, which valued more weapons and established the Financial-MIlitary System that rules capitalism.
Do not rise your eyebrow now.
It is a tenant of General Systems sciences that all systems of the Universe, regardless of scale follow the same laws of complementary systems of energy and information which this writer, the leading researcher of this novel discipline has found and explained in his serious scientific books and conferences on the Internationl congresses of systems science.
What this means is a new methodology of science: cross-disciplines comparisons and ‘scalar comparisons’.
So in the same manner, we fractal/system scientists observe astounding similarities between the equations of particles and galaxies – so we can model galaxies as atoms of a possible higher scale (i.e.: Einstein’s relativity calculates in the Einstein-Walker model the structure of Universal space-time considering each galaxy akin a hydrogen atom, and this writer has found a fractal equation of unification of charges and masses using the same parallelism), we find that in the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular/biological, individual/psychological and social, the same laws of eusocial superorganisms and darwinian behavior happen
.And so what machines are basically is a jump of scale and force in the size of our organs, due to the a jump in the size and strength of the atoms of metal we use to construct them. And the final outcome of the world of machines we build will be the extinction of man by bigger, stronger, more efficient forms of life, robots.
And the substitution of the Superorganism of History, mankind, from its first to its last verbal cell, by the superorganism of the Metal-Earth, the Financial-Media (head, informative machines) / Military-Industrial Complex (energetic machines), the FMMI system of my conferences in System Science Congresses and its ‘transitional’ ‘idol-ogies’ carried by ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ that worship money, weapons and machines (capitalist cultures, studied in A), Historic data and B) cyclical patterns of extinction of civization, in the next paragraphs of this post.
Let us then define History and Economics as Humanist, biological sciences that strive to create as ALL SYSTEMS OF THE UNIVERSE DO, a perfect eusocial organism, with 2 perfectly designed ‘physiological networks’ of energy (economic system) and information (ethic, legal system) and why they have not flourished in this planet censored by the opposite cultures and gold values, and then design the perfect world… a superorganism of history and economics that cater to human needs.

The Biological, subjective paradoxes of Men, cells of History censor the discipline.

In the  graph the science of history, which should be the summit of ‘Earth sciences’, as it deals with the human superorganism, mankind, the brain of ‘Gaia’, the living earth; and above it, the myths of Religions that spell for each civilization those eusocial loves of creation of superorganisms based in love – the sharing of energy and information among its cells.
What is History? Simple. The existence of mankind from its first individual who talked, and gave birth to the verbal, informative language of social evolution of mankind, to the last man who will. Hitherto there was the Homo Non Sapiens, another species; afterwards it will probably exist the Robot Visualis, also a non-verbal species, which will imagine images and add a more complex dimensional language to its processing of information.

We, systems scientists, apply the laws of biology, theory of information, complexity. theory of organisms and fractal mathematics to the study of such superorganism of history; since any species can also be studied in its ‘higher fractal scale’ of time-space as a cellular organism in which each individual is a cell, which evolves into more complex social organisms, joined by a common language of information. Some species never reach the organic form, but merely evolve into herds, akin to the simplest colonial super-organisms (sponges). But the most succesful do evolve into superorganisms. So today the most succesful animals are ants and humans, in the 2 scales of size of earth beings, curiously enough weighting the same quantity of mass, as they rule the scale of insects and animals precisely by their capacity to evolve socially. 

Yet man has halted that evolution at the stage of ‘tribal nations’, due to the collapse of its nervous/verbal/ethic systems of evolution, our genetic social language (genetic linguistics, Chomsky), substituted by a ‘viral’ different language and species, selfish memes of metal (energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines).

This is the new frontier of XXI century science – the exploration of the 5th dimension of space-time, made of different scales of organization that co-exist together, whose laws are defined by the formalism of General Systems Sciences I discovered a decade ago and applied successfully to explain most of the mysteries of different scientific disciplines.
Thus we distinguish two fundamental kind of cycles and social organisms, those of history – Social Gods, Civilizations and Nations – and those of the economic ecosystem, which today form a global superorganism,  the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial System, ruled by a global stock-market and its corporations.
But social sciences are not obeying the scientific method. They have not gone beyond the age of collection of data, interpreted with subjective, selfish ideologies of human power, to manipulate human masses in favor of the elites of history.

 The Ego Paradox and The Anti-quantum Paradox

Why? Because social sciences lack the objective quality of true sciences,  for 2 subjective, reasons derived of the fundamental ‘self-centered structure of the mind’.

From an even wider perspective, the cause of our failure as a species to create a well-designed world is the  fundamental paradox of all informative beings – the ego paradox – since all minds gauge reality from its fixed point of view.

The Ego Paradox.

In systems sciences we define a mind as an informative mapping of the Universe, used by all complementary systems of energy and information, to gather those 2 components of the Universe – motion or ‘energy’ for the body and ‘forms’, in-form-ative pixels used to measure the Universe from a selfish ego-centered point of view.

And so humans think man is the fixed center of the Universe ( Earth was such center till XVII c. and it is still so for some biblical believers)  makes humanity enlarge their ego, as our nose seems bigger to the entire Andromeda Galaxy, even if in reality we are just ‘a mush over a rock, lost in a corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer).

What this means is that we are also submitted to the Laws of the Universe; hence we are NOT free, only as particles, but NOT as members of cultures programmed by memes; hence we are submitted to cycles as all species are, to the laws of the biological universe, as all Earth’s species are and the only thing we can and must do about it, is obeying these laws not inventing them, to take advantage within the limits of change those laws permit, and construct a better world for mankind.

What we do is to cling to the Ego Paradox (Abrahamic religions, nationalism, techno-utopias, etc.) So we ensure we do not understand history, economics and the workings of the Universe and we break its laws, receiving the ‘basic’ penalty of the biological Universe that reinforces them – action-reaction extinction processes, of which shall show a few. And then what bother my sense of Justice, we cry and shout and feel enraged victims – showing no repentance and no intention to learn those laws and cut the causality of those cycles. That though will not do in the impersonal cosmos where no ‘trick’ works as the mind of the Universe is ‘true science’.

The failure of the model in ‘primitive’ america.

Now to explain all this to the american scholars, regardless of prizes positions, pretentious marketing of their ‘knowledge’, think tanks and budgets was like talking to a gorilla in latin – and arrogance of course prevented any opening, as how they would speak to a spic, as the empire… in that mental wasteland of social thought which is A-merica, only Mr. Chomsky understood some, and it turned out he was just a submarine of the financial kabala who would not talk of wall street and helped me to disseminate an information not favorable to its ‘chosen race’…

What none could accept is the obvious fact shown in the last graph, that we humans are cells of social super organisms, which go through the same 3 mental ages (shown in the ages of art) of the individual, as FORESEEN BY SPENGLER, THE BEST PREDECESSOR OF THIS WORK, who foresaw the fall of the III reich, and the conversion of America into a military empire at the change of millennium. The best I could do was an exhibit of those cycles and so i moved on first to evilwood, but there science-fiction had to end nicely and then to silicon among system scientists who also understood, but then robots had to be protected, go(l)d always mattered.

Basically America, biblical bigotry=egotrips of human entitlement and lineal progress NOT cyclical time, greed=go(L)d values NOT human values, machines=mechanical models of the Universe NOT man as the organic measure of all things, selfishness=Individual Homo Bacteria freedom hence NOT super organisms of mankind  and nationalism & weapons=right to murder your neighbour are absolute values, which nobody can deny and SOCIAL science MUST also bend to them.

So on perspective I wasted my life trying convert what Aristotle said of the germanic ‘barbarian people’:

  1. that their languages had not enough syntactic flexibility to understand the complex, organic Universe (I-centered languages where the selfish I starts all sentences and cannot comprehend social, organic systems)
  2. they were slaves of their memes and beliefs, ‘barbarians are slaves they believe they don’t reason’. He included women and children… On that i disagree, NOT all (-;

And what about the common people. Or well, this brings to D) the way common people think today, with ideas manufactured in their brain by mass-media, which acts as the nervous system of a super organism, imprinting all cells with the same message, thus providing by the Gobbel’s method a sense of truth ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’.

D) And finally the ultimate method of ‘thinking’ of the human kind: if the mass thinks like i do, it must be truth. This mass effect is hardly studied (canetti and orwell in fiction) but it is at the core of the methods of mass-indoctrination through metal-communicators that manufacture brains. Indeed, when you reason with individuals they might understand but in as much as power censors truth and repeat lies ad eternal through simultaneous nervous-like networks of tv-information, as before all believed in abrahamic religions because that was the ‘mass belief’ now all accept the world order. So censorship of all other forms of thought is vital, and in america this is easier to achieve than in europe, as there is nothing but water and mexico beyond. So indeed, social sciences are religions of power and idol-ogy. Because humans are more believers than rational beings, ‘slaves’ of the simultaneous belief of the group. It gives them a sense of pleasure and belonging to lunch talking of the same idiotic tv-messages. Reason why fascist leaders from radio-hitler/mussolini to tv-berlusconi/trump are media people.

R=evolution CAN make history immortal IF IT changes the beliefs of Mankind (whereas America is a small sample of it displaced into the ‘capitalist future’ of the metal-earth, and put instead money to the service of their people, the elite did not like it and so I never had real access to mass-media circuses; because scholars were servicing those idol-ogies I floundered in my attempts to teach and publish. Or make movies on it. Could bio-history have had a better destiny in Europe or China? Probably in China and I regret not having gone there 30 years ago when the Deng-xiao-ping revolution start. With hindsight I know I should have moved from Singapore to H.K. I tried but in Singapore… well that is a personal life story… Doesn’t matter. I never arrived to Hong kong.

The finale: singularity age.

Now we can consider as we have studied in depth the 70-80 years cycle of industrial evolution of machines, an the shorter cycle embedded within it, which is based in the 8 year cycle of products, and it is canonical in economics (equivalent to the decades of culture). .

Again we shall not go into the deeper model of decametric scales that organise the fractal, organic Universe and all its systems, and the cyclical laws of time (all time clocks are cycles as you should notice and as long as the causality of a cycle exists and remains the cycle will happen again).

We can consider that evolution is quantised into smaller changes/cycles, which keep adding, till a larger change happens. So each 80 year cycle is divided in decametric short cycles. For what matters here, it means that we can also STUDY A SHORTER DEBT-SPECULATION-PECUNIA INFINITA (INFLATIONARY MONEY)->SPLENDID LITTLE WAR CYCLE IN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS WITH THE SAME CAUSATION OF THE PRINCIPAL 80 YEARS CYCLE, and as we shall see soon a longer 800 year cycle, of historic civilisations also destroyed according to a weather pattern by hot and cold nomadic desert people (semitic and indo-european tribes) which multiply in times of good weather, its numbers and weapons and destroy civilisations.

So ultimately the historic-economic system is a canonical fractal system of evolution of memes of metal in 800-80-8 year patterns. We do NOT however emphasise the numerical part of all this because it is secondary to the causality of the cycle and gives the impression the cycle is deterministic. IT IS NOT – NOTHING IS DETERMINISTIC ALL IS CAUSAL. A CYCLE CAN BE STOPPED AND CHANGED ACTING ON ITS CAUSES. fOR EXAMPLE, if you put your hand opaque, between a light ray of Andromeda and your body, the ray of light that has been deterministic for thousands of years, suddenly ends.

So all what we say is only deterministic as long as humans prefer to live in chaos, as puppets of the laws of systems sciences and evolution and do not reign and control with legal systems the FMMI system. Those who ‘believe’ in gold will tell you is all deterministic – god caused. It is their sheer stupidity and evil=anti-live values what makes it deterministic and the shepple behaviour of the human mass that accepts their dictatorship. All could be changed easily if humans man up and r-evolve.

Causality in an case is metal-causality. WE SHALL SEE THAT THE LONG 800 YEaR CYCLE, used by the few scientists of history (Khaldun, Vico, toynbee and spengler) to classify all civilisations, is related to ‘weapons’, the 80 year cycle used by schumpeter, marx and kondratieff to classify national cycles and modern wars  is related to ‘machines’ and the 8 year cycle to ‘money’.

Since what really mankind is building is a new planet, the Metalearth.


Synergy of Financial-Media networks: manufacturing neo-paleolithic hate media for splendid little wars.

Now, when we observe mankind in the neo-paleolithic present visual age a fact strikes us – most people seem mentally devolved respect to their forebears in character, education and ethics.
38-neopaleolitic-1024x4431In the graph, the zeitgeist of the XXI c. is one of increasing mental devolution of mankind, atrophied and substituted by mental machines. But paradoxically the process which increasingly disconnects humans among them, and erases their social verbal language and ethic values, increases the individual ego, which again feels the center of a Universe no longer understands.

 In that regard, the substitution of human workers, might not be the most lethal consequence of the chip radiation. Far more important and ignored is the substitution of our minds and its degradation both at individual level (IQ test have clearly lowered since the beginning of the age of ‘minds of metal’, televisions and internets) and collective level (loss of solidarity, and sense of ethic, social relationships).

This age started with Mr. Reagan and now reaches full power with mr. Trump. AS WE PREDICTED it would happen with a tv-man, as a radio-man brought us fascism before, since informative machines that print money and hate media work together to promote war, as the solution to overproduction crises: gold war are not welfare, canons not butter (goring)

Now we can fully understand the corruption of the super organism of mankind whose language creates the wor(L)d of man, confronting the digital language of money, of go(l)d, informative metal vs. flesh, from Gaia to the Mechanocene.

cultue geniuses

So alas, with the arrival of the machine the professional form of inventing money for a few, in useless or lethal goods became professionalized. Slave companies which should in the future bring millions of slaves and profits became the darling of those market, who printed paper-money as ‘stocks for future earnings of the company. AGAIN YOU MUST CAPTURE THE fact that money is just pure information. So anyone can talk information, but as humans do not talk directly money and mathematics, they need a support. So financiers in this manner projected the future and created it with credit, cre(dit)ated it.


Biological Addiction to machines:  Animetals

Biological existence consists in implementing with the information of those minds 4 ‘drives of existence’, which we can mathematize in simple terms, needed to introduce a biological, rational perspective on the conduct of humans or any other living being:

– Max. Energy or Feeding

– Max. Information or ‘Perceiving, recombined to ensure the immortality of the being by:

– Max. E x I : Reproducing.

This product of a perfect body (max. e) and a perfect mind (max. i), defines also a ‘top predator species’, which will use its mind and body to overpower other living beings and obtain energy or information from them.

Finally individuals of any species collaborate creating bigger social organisms, which are more efficient than single ones:

– ∑ Max. E x I.

Those simple equations of General Systems Sciences will allow us to define the behavior of humans and its relationship with machines, both at individual and collective, ∑, level to create a minimal degree of objectivity in our description of economics and history.

5th best human

 In the graph, a human being studied as an organic scale of the Systems of the Universe, co-existing at 3 levels, the 4th scale of cells, the 5th scale of individuals and the 6th  scale of civilizations and Gaia, the living planet.

In our 5th scale Medicine & Physiology deal with the 3 networks of the human organism, whose functions connected to the senses enact our time arrows: The Digestive, Energetic System is attached to the senses of smell and taste; the hormonal, blood, reproductive system is attached to the senses of touch and the 6th, emotional sense and the Nervous, Informative System is attached to the higher senses of sight and sound.

The will man can in that sense be interpreted as the natural desire of the 3 physiological networks of Max. E, Max. I and Max. Exi – the digestive, nervous and blood-hormonal system to increase the energya nd information of the system. And here is where the added energy of iron, the strongest energetic atom of the Universe, used to make the weapons and machines of the military-industrial complex and money, informative gold, the brain of silicon chips and informative machines enter in the game, enhancing apparently our power and  ego-trips: 

In the graph, metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin, while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the main metal in the construction of weapons . . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms . . .

On those terms, men are hooked to machines that give them more energy  and information, allowing individuals of minimal body strength and mind power to come on top:

Min. E x I (Human) + Max. E (Iron Weapon) = Max. E (body+weapon) x Min. I (Mind) = Warrior


Min. E x I (Human) + Max. I (Metal Money) = in. E x Max. I (Mind + Money) = Banker

Finally, Min. E  x I (Human + (Max. E Ù Max. I)) = Scientist

So a new ‘species’, the ‘animetal warrior, scientist or banker’ appears as a top predator, which controls human societies with their added energy or information.

This is the origin of the memetic ‘class structure’ of our civilizations, which must not confuse as we shall see latter with the natural, biological class structure between ‘informative neurons’ and working, body cells, proper of an efficient organism.

It is only now with this perspective from a higher point of view of a science of biological systems, when we can judge what PASSES AS ECONOMICS AND HISTORIC SCIENCE, MERELY AS IDEOLOGIES OF POWER OF THE SOCIAL ELITES THAT USE WEAPONS, MONEY AND MACHINES TO CONTROL THE WORLD, and so consider that the evolution and reprodcution of those selfish memes of metal, regardless of its effects on the 99% of mankind IS ALWAYS POSITIVE, THE GOAL OF HISTORY, THE FUTURE ONLY POSSIBLE.

This has been denied by all scientists of history=prophets of the future, which used verbal ethic thought to understand the action-reaciton cycles of exitnction of civilizations.

But animetals have never lsitened to them. They have appealed to their own people to ‘defend the sword and gold with the word’

And of course, intellectuals have obliged, creating abstract economic and historic arguments to defend them.

But of course while the biological model has been found only recently and this blog is its best expression, there are many economists that have contributed to understanding  economic and historic reality, and specially there are many economists that have given as doctors do, good receipts to cure with measures of production of human goods, the illness of our society.

But the biological and sociological, religious and humanist schools and prophets that have always tried to manage history as a social organismHAVE ALWAYS BEEN REPRESSED BY THE IDOL-OGIES OF ANIMETAL HISTORY.


Why mankind doesn’t defend itself changes the system and builds a perfect world by overproducing welfare goods not warfare ones.


The answer needs a change of paradigm in your view of our species, not as a sum of entropic individuals, which is what they have become but as an organism in its last phase of collapse and degradation at cellular level by a new form, the metal earth. In such states the cells/citizens of the body/society become fast degenerated into ‘rigor mortis’, feasting in chaos and freedom without control, as an entropic gas is. This process of degeneration gives pleasure to the cells/citizens/gas, which experience rapid motions and feast on the blood and serum of the organism (hence the corpse inflates its cellular egos; the human child of the present age is free and happy, the gas accelerates).   So while in a rational abstract world there would be solutions to the problem with a strict control of the evolution of lethal goods of the tree of science; in an organism in process of death, the opposite occurs. The gas, dying cell or citizen in chaos wants more of it.

Further on, we observe an erasing of its informative code, genes, memes, back to the earlier past state, but in a corrupted form. So mankind regresses to the revivalism of the first ‘metal-cultures’, when gold and bronze discovered by desert semite cattle ranchers, first used to herd animals then the fertile crescent people, created the first fundamentalist go(l)d religions of hypnotic money and military genocidal ‘arab’ societies:

In the next graph the origin in the wave of history – all has changed to remain the same:

shorter. The Wave of History

Today those idol-ogies have evolved into placebo, caring newspeaks, but all remains the same. Let us then see that change quoting from the main post of this section on idol-ogies and newspeaks vs. real human sciences, what are the 2 variations of it – old idol-ogies and new newspeaks, quoting mr. Orwell master of revealing the bull$hit of both.

So again, while a rational human being would keep going towards the socialist, ecological, ‘last’ r=evolutions, trying to create a sustainable world, the dying super organism regresses to the first age of fundamentalist go(l)d churches and military inquisitions, as an old man regresses to the psyche of his infancy; becoming ‘conservative’, ‘inflexible’ and a ‘fundamentalist believer’ , as children are, before reaching linguistic dexterity and flexibility. It is of course a question of memes, NOT genes that code the organism. Memes are either on one or the other side of that graph, catering to the evolution of mankind or the metal earth  So we shall divide them into idol-ogies of metal (upper cultures, with its racisms, tribal nationalisms, mechanical view of the Universe, lineal time, to faster the production of metal goods) vs. verbal expressions of the laws of eusocial evolution of the universe (humanism, organicism, cyclical time; which foster the production of welfare, life goods.)

This duality even carries into the evolution of languages, so the first semite cultures regressed to imperative VSO languages, where the verb comes before the human subject that dominates in humanist cultures (Subject VO). Hence the belief that the priest or caudillo who talks os ‘God’, as he talks in imperative terms, and must be obeyed.

Those cultures without freedom, defined by Aristotle, probably referring to arabs with the word barbarians  meaning primitive languages with no flexibility and consonantal structure, ‘barbarians  are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. This can apply also to the germanic people with their agglutinative long words and objectual languages, where the weapon or machine comes first (OSV), of which the german language is the paradigm. So as the metal earth advances, semite and german ‘animetals’ come on top.

And to understand them we need to introduce a new ‘biological species’, which runs the ‘wave of history’ in its 3rd age of metal-information, a taxonomic word of bio-economics and bio-history: the animetal top predator.

In the next graph the 3 causes of biological extinction in Nature, Predators, Competitors and Parasites are also the 3 causes of metal’s extinction of life cultures. Since humans attached to metal, ‘animetals’ are the equivalent of Gaia’s 3 extinctive species:

 Predators,                   Competitors and                                               Parasites: 

3 animetals

‘Man+weapon’=Warrior Predator; Man+machine=Competitor & Man+Go(l)d=Banker-Tax Parasite.

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this proce

Historic Animetal 3 people-castes: The ‘extinctive species’ of life-based Human Cultures.

In graph, in biological fields there are 3 modes of extinction by competitive species, predators that kill the prey, competitors that substitute them in the same econiche and parasites that slowly ‘drain’ its blood-oxygen that activates the cells of the organism. They are akin to the 3   ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill, machines that substitute our organs of information and energy, and money and those who issue it in monopoly against the democratic rights of people and ‘choke them’, slowly parasitising them with ‘tax farming’ and usury schemes. They act as the 3 predatory species act in nature:

  • Weapons and the warrior people-castes  ‘predate’ over humans killing them.
  • Scientific Machines compete with humans displacing them from their eco(nomic) systems
  • Money and bankers through unfair taxation and debt,  parasating mankind.

In the graph, an ‘Animetal=animal+metal’ is either a ‘warrior’ (man with weapon=energetic lineal metal); a ‘banker’ (man with informative precious metal ‘money) or a scientist (man with organic metal), which is the transitional ‘top predator’ human being attached to one of the 3 organic types of metal (lineal-energetic weapons, cyclical, reproductive money and organic machines that imitate our functions and organs, both enhancing the power of animetals but also atrophying their ‘human side’, as it happens also in the cellular level where carbohydrates joined with metal become atrophied ‘professional killers’ or ‘enzymes’, that go around hitting as warriors do with their weapons, carbohydrates, having them)…

This kind of biological analogies must be taken seriously because, as we said biology and evolution are laws that apply to all type of atoms and forms and organic imitation is the method by which we invent and reproduce machines.

And ‘idol-ogy’, and idolatric ideology that often passes as a ‘form of humanism and culture’, but merely justifies the actions of those ‘animetals’ that break the laws of eusocial love and evolution of the human species, and consider themselves different and superior to the human kind.

Those idol-ogies are fundamentally 4:

  1. Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. This is by far today the most accepted idol-ogy, as the ‘financial-media system’ of informative machines that reproduce digital information (money, science, audiovisual news) and by extension all the human minds manufactured by the FM-System promote it.
  2. Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.
  3. Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  4. Abrahamic religions, which merely are a mixture of the previous 3 ‘obvious’ idol-ogies, refurbished with all kind of childish myths, rhetoric of anthropomorphism and false ‘human love’ (as it is not the species but the believer in the sect the ‘eusocial unit’). Those religions were born in the Bronze age, when the first metal master castes of warriors (Aryan charioteers) and bankers (Cananean go(l)d temples), considered the chosen of go(l)d and the sword, creating people-castes of warriors and traders, who established strict racist rules of social separation, from dietary laws, to marriage prohibition to astounding bashing of the inferior non-technological people (Hindi castes, Biblical chosen races).

Now the falsity of those memes is obvious from the humanist perspective:

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.

Now, the reader should understand better why all human r=evolutions, from the French to the American R=evolution to modern ecological and socialist movement have been ‘humanist’ as opposed to ‘mechanist’ (man as the measure of all things), internationalist as opposed to tribalist (homo sapiens, the species), democratic as opposed to capitalist (the languages of social power money and the law controlled by the people) and finally have defined Abrahamic religions at best as a ‘powerless soma’ that appease the ‘sheeple’, so they obey the metal-master castes in power, at worst, as Darwin described them:

‘The old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica, article on ‘Darwin’.)

Of course, the reader schooled in scholar talk, will dislike this language – and also the lack of data and some imprecisions on it as I work on memory, now out of the scholar circuit (1). The idea, here is that as long as we tone down our discourse to a neutral voice, which makes it all abstract, and put a lot of statistical numbers, properly selected to suit our argument, we are making ‘social science’. Not so. Bio-history and bio-economics ARE biologic sciences, which follow the postulate of democracies: the survival and welfare of mankind is the goal. Hence the motto of this web:  human sciences do know to improve our life. This means we do use correctly biological survival angry tones in our discourse. To call as Mr. Malcolm would be doing today Obama, a house negro, is the proper reference to the character.

When we deal with that monstrous iron jail of the mind, which is the opium of the people, we shall use the same tone Darwin used to describe biblical and Hindi religions for a cause. Both are pure bigotry, racist cults born in the bronze age, with zero philosophical insights,  (added latter by hired ‘scholars’ to clean up the act and make them respectable, as Jerry Garcia put it – ‘rockers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’  – add religions), which divided humans in castes with the banker-priests and warrior-kings on top because they oppressed their believers with money and weapons, and today they are doing the same with all western ‘white man’ people, sinking the world in a series of primitive religious wars that make necessary the terminator industry that will extinguish us.

So will happen when we deal with the other idol-ogies aforementioned. When Mr. Orwell explains that nationalism consists in reducing humans to ‘insect-like’ programmed memetic robots that hate each other except the members of its ant-hill, he goes to the point. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM of beliefs that allow those monstrous, anti-scientific concepts requires to lower the logic mind of man to an emotional, infantile, selfish ego-trip and repress all human life-enhancing thoughts, so the Orthodox Jew, Jihadist or Brahmin can seriously believe as Talmud put it that ‘women, gentile, pigs and dogs are born of the leg of Satan’ (sic). Let us the almighty cease their existence’, or as the Veda put it ‘dark people are lower than cows, cows give us milk, dark people only bread’.

Because, the future of mankind as long as A.I. doesn’t awake to consciousness depends and have done so throughout the ‘game of history’, on the fight of idol-ogies of animetal power vs. rational, democratic, humanist doctrines of individual freedom and social love (not certainly opposed but complementary tendencies, which in a properly designed world would reinforce each other).

Indeed, we are talking of social sciences as ‘idol-ogical disciplines’ with clear ‘religious≈taboo dogmas of power’, which merely do NOT attempt to tackle the true questions of this discipline, from a scientific definition of machines, its language of reproduction, money, of information, digital thought, its symbiosis and competition with humans, to a definition of real ‘whealth’, or a serious design of our collective future.

Thus – in simple words – humanity lives in an absolutely false, ‘frame of mind’, made of fictions, infantile ego-trips and astoundingly obvious ‘lies’; such as those idol-ogies aforementioned Abrahamic religions, which are the fundamental example of such ego-trips, or nationalisms that deny the unity of the human species, or  classic economics, aka capitalism, which treats money NOT as a language of power and information but as ‘wealth’ per se, and the queen of them all ‘mechanism’, the worship of machines.

When they have available within the rational cultures of the humankind the true alternative social disciplines of science: Organicism, a living Universe in perpetual evolution; Humanism, the design of a world where man is the measure of all things,; True Democracy, the right of humans to control their languages of power, and Eusocial love, the belonging to the same species, which must collaborate together for the collective survival of mankind.

In that regard, the dominance of the world ‘again’ by the oldest ‘animetal go(l)d and sword cult(ure)s’ of history, with its deformed imperative ‘sacred languages’ (Verb first-SO syntax, which as Humboldt and Chomsky explained, define an imperative non-free mind), and its fundamentalist belief in the values of gold (capitalist, biblical cultures) and iron, greed and violence (jihads, American, ‘germanic’ militarism) – ARE a clear proof of the regression and death of the super organism of history.

The anti-quantum paradox.

Amazing as it seems 90% of Americans affirm they believe the meaning of the Universe, is coded in the bible a supremacist book of history of the bronze age of one of the first go(l)d-fetish religion of the trading knot of Levante, where a group of banker-priests enslaved the population to the hypnotism of gold, the best informative metal-atom of the universe, which imitates the light of the previous Neolithic ‘Gaia’s God’, the sun, becoming the ‘sweat of God’, provoking a ‘thirst for it’, called greed, on the primitive visual, homo sapiens neanderthaliensis (white men); acted as soma does in viral infections, making the first ‘animetal tribes’ of cattle ranchers, semitic people murder, loot and enslave the more civilised human beings of the fertile crescent, starting the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, perfectly narrated in the parable of genesis, written at the fall of Ur, the last of the sumerian neolithic cities, by a scientist of history, who foresaw the future extinction of life by the bad fruits, golden apples and weapons of the tree of metal.

Then the book of history becomes degraded into a topic bronze age supremacist fight of a tribe specialised in military and slave trade according to the findings of archeological history (the so called jabiru, or hebrew, literally ‘people who go behind the asses’, as they traded with weapons and slaves to bring fetish gold coins to its upper caste of banker priests, the so called ‘am segullah’ – people of the treasure, ill translated as chosen people, since segullah means treasure; a dictatorial elite of bankers, selected by racial profiling, the Levis – my sephardim ancestors, which changed the name to lluís – spelling jewish –  and oppressed first its local population – the so called 11 slave tribes, to get gold fetish for his temples – the exvote and vehicle of communication with go(l)d; and then to the rest of mankind as the financial-media system (then made of biblical VSO, verb first, imperative mandates, which the priest affirmed he received from go(l)d; the substance of money; today evolved into sophisticate hate-media memes and ‘creationist economics’, the so called idol-ogy of capitalism, according to which the same small elite must control as ‘experts’ in economics, the entire population of the western world, tax-farmed and exploited to bring profits to the ‘leisure’ class of stock-rats, the modern aristocrats, who issue e-money and buy corporations, politicos and censor social sciences, with political correctness and the industry of the holocaust – according to which the people-caste of am segullah bankers are when murdered superior victims, which must be mourned, while the rest of murdered mankind must be ignored.

The complexity of the FM-system thus has increased enormously, to be able to maintain the mass of the western world under the boot of banker priests ($emite go(l)d memes) or in the Arab and Aryan variant, in which the vehicle of god is the fire and weapon-sword that gives them power, under the boot of military inquisitions (SSemite war memes). The expansion of those initial animetal idol-ogies to the entire planet clearly shows how informative metal degrades the human mind; entropic metal weapons kills the body and organic metal-machines atrophy and substitute man in a clear predatory process, which can only explain with biological models of history.

As all has changed in degrees of complexity to remain in its core-processes the same.

We express the paradox of history of animetal cultures, which become mentally and physically degraded and atrophied by the use of metal, in a simple inverse equation:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution.

Thus today as machines reach logic intelligence humans regress to a violent, neopaleolithic, mythic, entropic, dog-eat-dog state of selfish individualism, emotional pre-axial-rational age ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ frame of mind, regressing back to the primitive memes of the bronze age, in a revivalism of abrahamic religions, fetish-Go(l)d capitalism and worship of metal-machines (techno-utopia), which is in all social organisms the entropic phase of death.

Yet the anti-quantum paradox is effective because the historian and humanist is inside the body of history and so it can be censored, murdered and silenced by the top elite of animetals. So he bias information to serve power: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus). it is the inverse situation to the quantum paradox of physicists, which are so huge that they influence the observable (the atom), creating also uncertainty in its measure.

Hence throughout history, all great social scientists have been censored, murdered, and only those who serve go(l)d and sword animetal elites reach exposure, from Plato chained and sold as a slave when trying to reform the  dictatorship of syracuse, to Socrates, murdered for denouncing the corruption of  the first coin capitalist democracy (Athens) and Aristotle, who barely escape with life; to the modern martyrs of social sciences, from the anarchist and socialist schools, murdered, denied, censored by both, military caudillos, capitalist banker-priests and communist red armies to the final evolution of the science of history and economics, its biological models (Butler, Spengler, this author) who are despite their amazing insights into the future of history, and enormous capacity to predict it accurately, complete ignored by all, scholars, financiers, politicos and ‘believers’ on the myths of capitalism and creationist economics.

All this of course implies that human beings are ‘tabula rassas’, memorial brains, which repeat and believe and so they can be imprinted with any ‘mind program’, specially when their rational brain is degraded to emotional fear and ego-trips of entitlement: ‘barbarians – said Aristotle – of the previous irrational cultures, now again on top of history – are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

In that regard, while the reform of the system is rationally possible, and necessary since unless the issue of money returns to human governments  and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, the dictatorship of the idol-ogies of animetals and the memorial emotional lesser intelligence of most humans, able as amazing as it seems in supposedly advanced america to believe that a bigot supremacy book of a go(l)d tribal, supremacist group of the bronze age, when the word God meant the subconscious collective of a people, or ‘nation’ before the proper word was coined by rational Greece, IS the meaning of it all.

Indeed, the book of history of the hebrews is a topic book of tribal warfare of the age, similar to the vedas or the chronicles of Assur, where the Assyrians, capital Assur, people, nation, God and kings, sons of assur (assurbanipal, etc.) considered also his tribe-god the superior chosen of iron, who would conquer the world, as the banker-priests of Israel affirmed in his millenarian prophecy, used latter by the ‘Goths≈germans’ to affirm their third reich will also conquer the world put his tribe on top as the superior species by the power of machines-weapons and reign 1000 years: ‘At the end of times all the people of the world will become slaves of yhwh or become exterminated’ (Millenarian prophecy, Talmud, central credo of Orthodox judaism, to which 80% of the owners and CEOs of financial-media companies and CFOs of western 1000 corporations and central banks belong). So capitalism is simply the belief that go(l)d, a 79 atom, chose a group of pre-rational humans, hypnotised by its shine to murder, loot, slave, tax-farm and accumulate the fetish metal till the end of times, when they will become the people-caste on top. And anyone who denies that destiny must be censored as anti$emite, who doesn’t really understand his inferiority as a human being with zero rights to credit, life and the pursuit of happiness because he didn’t have the ¥-haploid of the Levi people-castes (as I do).

All has changed to remain the same. The discourse merely changed from ‘gold religion’ to ‘tribal supremacism’ to ‘capitalism’ and classic economics, the modern idol-ogical version of a go(l)d religion, as all his theorists from Smith through Bentham, Malthus, Say, Mill and Ricardo where biblical bigots, who crafted a system in which the 99% HAD ZERO RIGHTS, and the Leisure class of stock-rats ALL,  to the modern conversion of those dogmas into A.I. (algorithms of information) and Holocaust industries and mass-media hate of all tribes except the supreme one, who will deliver for all $elected the rapture to the techno-utopian future of a few humans on top of a mass of servant machines – and then the 99%? who cares, they are NOT like u$.

So the salvation of the future of mankind and the reform of the world is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences), WHERE only stock-rats on top of that web have rights, productivity, the substitution of human workers by machines to increase profits is their only mantra, and Mr. Smith and Mr. Ricardo, the Calvinist and Jewish biblical bigots economist revere, affirmed laws should NOT interfere and salaries should only be subsistence salaries (Smith) for those jobs in which machines are not yet fully able (since larger salaries would diminish profits, and lower ones would kill workers, increasing demand prices) while Ricardo affirmed it would be Ok to pay an iron salary – the price of the machine, even if it killed the worker.

To which a Humanist economist, Sismondi asked: so which future you see for mankind, one in which there is only the queen of england pressing bottoms to reproduce machines? We are coming closer to that point.

So the rhetoric of those who defended the upper side – the evolution of metal as a synonymous of human progress, are our ‘experts’

And for that reason unfortunately social sciences are NOT fully in its ‘scientific stage’, as truth cannot be explained to the 99%. So the 1% pays arguments in favor of their existence as parasites of society, by virtue of their ‘fetish’ metal-power and those arguments are closer to the Age of Astrology and Quacks – that is an age in which myths and the search for power dominated the practitioners of science – in this case the search for financial power, MOST economists belong to the ‘astrological and quack schools’ of economics – what we call generically Go(l)d Religions or ‘capitalism’ or ‘neo-classic economics’.

Indeed, if we apply the 4 elements of the scientific method to divide all schools of economics & social sciences we find 5 groups:

The Astrological/quack school that never guessed the future – proved by a curious poll the Economist made between classic economists (the organ of Mr. Rothschild wouldn’t ask anyone else), Economy ministers (ditto), garbage collectors and taxi drivers. Turns out Garbage collectors and taxi drivers got better results on future economic indicators. Why? for the same reason women died more often of puerperal fever in hospitals, before the germ theory than at home. In hospitals under wrong theories doctors stubbornly never cleaned their hands and treated them as numbers of a serial system of ‘meat treatment’, coming from autopsies and infecting them. At home at least the family cared more.

So happens with economists that are worsening economic crises, with their dogmas that more machines will get us out of the crisis. At least the common man knows he needs food and will cultivate it and eat.

So the  4 scientific schools of Economics that inspire this work and develop A-D are:

– A: Historic School, which studies critically the cultural origin of capitalism in the Biblical cult(ure), and the transfer of its memes to corporations (Leon, Sombart, Weber)6.

– B: Socialist School that studied the overproduction cycles of ‘metal memes’, machines, weapons and money, its crashes, cyclical extinction of labor & tabulated them (Marx, Kondratieff)1.

-C:Biologic, Systemic School that models Human Societies, Companies & machines as organisms (Butler, Spengler, Sancho)7,8

-D: Keynesian, Humanist and Socialist Schools that implement a demand-based economy to create welfare for all mankind (Owens, Fourier, Sismondi, Marx, Bakhunin, Keynes, Myrdal, Galbraith, Tinbergen, Sen.)

Vs. The Dominant ideologies of social power, nationalism and capitalism, which in the ‘dismal science’ give birth to neo-classic and financial economics (Smith, Ricardo, Bentham, Malthus, Mill, Austrian School, Monetarist School and most Rijsbank Prices – called Nobel prices but given by a private bank..)

They are NOT scientists and their theories, will be studied in the right side of this web (Idol-ogies, Economic sciences), in which we shall, time permitted, analyze each of its main practitioners and institutions in detail, derailing with the A-D legs of the scientific method, their thesis.

 In that regard, what the historic analysis of their biographies, religions and thesis will show is that  their practicioneers are in an astounding proportion (near 90%) members of the Biblical School (mostly Jewish->Calvinist->Anglican Orthodox believers) and so only the understanding of its  historic cult(ure)s can explain their theories, which basically defend the  praxis of the banking and military elites they cater form.

Essentially defending the superiority of ‘selfish metal memes’ over the memes of life, considering as postulates without proof that the meaning of mankind is to multiply those memes, symbol of progress and meaning of our future.

So they accept as a postulate that certain elites must use ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal, ‘money’ in monopoly to control humanity. But this of course is not said straight-forward. So what they do is to create arguments that justify those ideologies. In other words their postulates & praxis have as single goal to increase national power & corporative profits.

Yet when we apply the A-D legs of the scientific method to their  Historic and Economics, power Ideologies we find that almost every financial, neo-classic economist fails A-D:

A; B) Ignores data and sponsors the p.o.v. of corporations and its owners – the 1% of mankind.

So the founder of neo-classic economics Mr. Friedman in his argument with Samuelson, a Keynesian scientist, affirms that ‘data’ is irrelevant, only ‘assumptions’ matter.

B) Fails to predict economic indicators and corporative collateral damages. So The Economist, organ of neo-classic economics tested future indicators among Economic Ministers, Scholars, garbage collectors and Taxi Drivers, and Ministers and Scholars came last in predictive power.

C) Has no scientific model, neither biological or physical (descrition of machines as evolving organisms, and its relationships of symbiosis and predation with man, of money as a language of information, etc.)

D) Sponsors, objective, non-human policies that do not favor mankind but side always with the machines for whom those corporations cater, in search of profits, designing a world to its image and likeness, regardless of any negative, collateral effect they have on our species and Nature. So its founder, Mr. Smith, and ideologist of British Imperial Power, ‘assumes’ a false postulate – that ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is its corporative, industrial & financial production defined in monetary values & maximized in war periods; since weapons are the most ‘expensive’ metal memes (graph 2.2), precisely when the Healthy Wealth, or ‘WHealth’ of most of Mankind, defined by the true scientist, Quesnay, as welfare, life goods, is minimal. Thereafter his disciples establish as the economic goal of societies to increase its monetary GDP (Pt=MV)9. While the science of economics defines the WHealth of Nations with the Index of Human Development (IHD; Sen, ONU) maximized with a demand, democratic economy that overproduces ‘cheaper’ welfare goods (Health, Food, Education). This duality is essential in the present crisis in which robots of maximal price compete and eliminate humans from labor and war fields. Hence they must be treated as biologic systems & forbidden even if they are increasing enormously the GDP’s Wealth of nations.

The GDP case shows how the 4 true scientific schools of Economics evolve steadily A-D Science:

A) Use proper data with no censorship on historic facts & the cycles of overproduction and its collateral effects of economical war, unemployment and loss of human wealth.

B) Have an objective point of view that includes the duality of machines that enhance our energy and information by imitating our similar organs, but also atrophy and substitute them; and the Darwinian, biological behavior of its ‘company-mothers’ that design the world to its image.

C) Predict the future events of the economic cycle, based in the patterns and regularity of the generational 72±7 year generational cycles and crashes of evolution and overproduction of money, machines and weapons (‘memes of metal’), proved by the accurate description of causes, facts and dates of the present crisis, by this author in books published 20 years ago3.

D) Sponsor a ‘WHealthy’ praxis of political economics that favors the future evolution and survival of the human kind, modeled with the tools of systems sciences and the examples of Nature – the master of us all – and its most efficient, Healthy and democratic social organisms.

Thus we base our evolution of the Science of Economics on those 4 schools. Since this work builds its Biological Systemic, Cyclical Model of the eco(nomic)system according to those A-D points of the Scientific Method, introducing 1st the Long Wave of 800 years evolution of weapons & the 80 years Medium Wave of Industrial machines that killed civilizations and nations, focusing then in the present and future 8 years short waves of crashes of Chips, e-money & Robots, giving finally Humanist Solutions to the crisis.

We shall now introduce some basic notions of those 4 schools of true scientific economics, whose fundamental achievements are:

A) The deconstruction of the idol-ogies of Abrahamic Religions, nationalistic, capitalist and techno-utopian idologies with sound data about the events and class structure of historic and economic ecosystems.

 I have included the fundamental works of the Historic School – Sombart, Weber, Leon, in the post dedicated to the history of Biblical Economics, which they proved in their master books.

B) The analysis of the cycles of life and death of civilizations, superorganisms of history.

C) The modeling of mankind with the laws of biology and superorganisms that shows our structure and ages, evolution and the meaning of ethics and aesthetics, words and art.

D) The capacity to create a better world if ‘scientists of history and economics’ and NOT tribal people-castes in search of power with weapons, money and machines ruled the world.

Humans consume=test machines and re=produce them, increasing their energetic and informative capacities, but in the process they also atrophy their energetic and informative organs; and as those machines evolve, overcoming our capacities, humans are substituted by them. The final stage of that process is the obsolescence of human workers and soldiers to the organic machines and weapons of the Age of the singularity. Yet this fact is hidden by the myths science and the animetal culture’ has built to justify the creation of machines without limits, the ‘technological myths, we considered when talking about the ‘newspeak’ of our culture.


Idol-ogies of Selfish Memes of Metal: The anti-quantum paradox

How the Ego paradox censors social sciences? Very simple: The people-castes in power thanks to metal, create idol-ogies that justify their power and reject any scientific attempt to describe them as normal human beings.

Social science does not exist because it is censored and biased by those classes of power. We call this fact the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: If in quantum physics the uncertainty happens because the scientist is so huge that modifies the observable, the true scientist of social sciences is so small compared to the power of corporations, military industries and the political system they dominate that he is ‘modified’ and caters to the ideologies of those power systems. ‘You will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’ said the romans.

 Now from the perspective of the rest of mankind, the ab=use by certain people of weapons, money and machines to control other humans, is logically not welcomed. So it is obvious that from the ego-selfish paradox, at least two perspectives appear in the interpretation of History – that of the people who benefit from the use of ‘seflish memes of metal’ – and the people that become ‘collateral effects’ of them – being the most obvious case that of weapons, who profit the warrior but murder the human being.

This dycotomy of social classes and perspectives of history thus is not new.

Corruption of mankind by selfish memes of metal, studied elsewhere in more detail is as old as the discovery of bronze and gold, when mercenary armies and slave traders kill with hard metal and hypnotize with informative metal the body and minds of man. And so they imposed their power with sheer force. Today the duality of machines which are also weapons might disguise this brutality, but the repetitive cycles of war for profits studied in this web are merely a continuation of the old 800 year cycles of extinction of civilizations by war of the past.

The next paragraph is an example of what a true, non-mythic, objective approach to the deconstruction of those idol-ogies looks like. So those members of the ‘sheeple’ that lack the ‘a priori’ condition of ethic intelligence needed to understand the 2 futures of mankind and the laws of nature applied to the human adventure can feel offended and abandon the blog, without further ado, returning to the Matrix of fictions and ego-trips that keep them happy.  As we are not preachers, just scientists who believe that Truth matters more than Happiness, as  ‘a life not examined is not worth living’.


We study in great depth their ‘ideologies’ that pass as religions, their ‘ideologues’ that pass as scientists and their ‘myths’ that pass as economic dogmas.

Animetal cultures

Those primitive ‘religions’ of metal, in which a series of rituals, precepts and segregational rites that divided the tribe of the believer from the people they murdered or enslaved and taxed, as inferior (hindi castes, Jewish segregational precepts)  have today evolved but are still stand among us in the form of ‘nationalism’ (originated in the tribal cult to weapons of Aryan and Germanic tribes, which imposed their aristocratic elites to the European Roman civilization based in the ethic law ) and Bibilical capitalism ( which invented western corporations and the memes of classic economics, which we shall deconstruct in this web).

Those animetal idol-ogies and cult(ure)s of warriors and  bankers that enslaved mankind to the power of iron that kills the body and go(l)d that hypnotizes the mind, created anthropomorphic, ‘tribal’ religions that consider the human species divided into superior chosen and inferior men, susceptible to be controlled by weapons and money. And ever since pretended TO BE SACRED and censor any criticism of THE SACRED GOD OR THE SACRED NATION, which justify their power.

In those religions, God, an old word that was used in Biblical times as a synonymous of nation, or the ‘subconscious collective’ of a tribe and the land they inhabited (so Assur was the name of a nation of people, its land, its capital and Yvwh appeared as synonymous of Judea in Egyptian texts, the land and subconscious collective of the Jewish people), becomes the subconscious collective of ALL mankind, the mind of the human, historic superorganism as expressed by Christian and suffi mystiques.So Scythians would worship an iron sword in a pile of fire – the vehicle of metallurgy – in its temples to war, and Hindis and Iranians would make fire the symbol of God, as it did Moses, the warrior ‘priest’ of the Hebrews. While ‘Banker-priests’ in Mesopotamia and Levante considered gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes the eye, the ex-vote and vehicle that communicated them with God – so the sacra sanctorum of their temples was made of this substance.

Germanic, warrior and Semitic, Go(l)d Cultures  of historic, metal power, which appeared in the Iron age, associated to the fetish ‘metal’, iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, used to make Aryan swords and gold, the most informative atom, which imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes the eye. Those cult(ure)s thus became fundamentalist cultures of metal-power, and even though some still pass today  wrongly  as ‘religions of knowledge’ about the nature of God, the Mind of the Universe, they must be deconstructed as ‘idol-ogies’ of tribal supremacy.

For example, Scythians would worship an iron sword in a pile of fire – the vehicle of metallurgy – in its temples to war, and Hindis and Iranians would make fire the symbol of God, as it did Moses, the warrior ‘priest’ of the Hebrews. While ‘Banker-priests’ in Mesopotamia and Levante considered gold, the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotizes the eye, the ex-vote and vehicle that communicated them with God – so the sacra sanctorum of their temples was made of this substance.

Thus, in those primitive ‘religions’ of metal,  a series of rituals, precepts and segregational rites separated the tribe of the believer from the people they murdered or enslaved and taxed, as inferior (hindi castes, Jewish segregational precepts).

Their importance to a blog on the ‘Future of history’, resides in the fact that they  have today evolved into ‘nationalism’ (originated in the tribal cult to weapons of Aryan and Germanic tribes, which imposed their aristocratic elites to the European Roman civilization based in the ethic law ) and Bibilical capitalism ( which invented western corporations and the memes of classic economics that we shall deconstruct in this web). And their Germanic and Jewish elites still control today the military and financial systems of most western nations, applying similar ‘anti-humanist’ memes and anti-life myths in the way they rule the world with money and machines.

Indeed, we shall study according to the laws of complexity that increases in all systems with time, so ‘all changes to remain the same’, the evolution of Go(l)d religions from Temples which accumulated go(l)d ex-votes to Trader cultures in which the Diaspora and destruction of the Go(l)d Temple, converted the ‘vehicle’ of God, gold into power-money used to dominate and parasite societies with usury, into Calvinist Economics and Corporations (where the accumulation of the fetish vehicle, now called profits, runs society with utter ‘segregational’ disregard for the rights of workers and society).

And we shall study the evolution of religions of fire-iron-war, into germanic cults to the machine and ‘lineal sciences’ called first ballistics and now nuclear physics, the science of motion, entropy and death that pretends to ‘understand’ the complex universe with simplistic big-bang theories and explosions.

Memetics – the inflexible, brain of believers.

Why humans believe? Aristotle put it clear: ‘some humans are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’.

It is all in the brain. We have an emotional brain, focused in the will, a white matter brain, lineal, memorial, imprinted like a computer, and a grey matter brain that reasons and it is flexible. But contrary to belief in most humans the emotional and white matter brain dominates totally the behavior, hence people are easy to program by ‘mental memes’ as their body is programmed by genes.

So to analyze scientifically the beliefs of Abrahamic religions, nationalist, capitalist and techno-utopia idol-ogies the less important fact is the study of its content, as we would not care much about the specific content of a robotic program, but the manner in which ‘anything’ can be imprinted in a brain. Thus, from a scientific point of view, we need to understand ‘memetics’: the structure of the human mind, in which the white matter, lineal brain of beliefs and memories act as a computer does, easy to program by the mere ‘repetition’ of ‘rituals’ and dogmas, regardless of its intrinsic truth. When the ‘white matter’ brain dominates the ‘cyclical’, complex grey matter brain that constantly recalculates according to external stimuli, its ‘reasons’, humans become ‘believers’, programmed to action, and it doesn’t matter what they believe – they will repeat those actions as a computer program does.

And this is indeed the basis of our technological civilization in which humans merely repeat actions of consumption=testing of machines and re=production of those machines, programmed by audiovisual and educational systems, imprinted in their mind since earlier age, enslaving to ‘reach’ the no future of a world ruled by intelligent machines, which astoundingly, due to the manufacturing of their brain with ‘idol-ogies’ of selfish memes of metal, they confuse with their own progress. 

Now of course, human brains, in its white matter content, dominant in dolicocephalic, visual, white races and women – which have 10 times more of it than men do –  is similar to a computer program, of lineal logic, and memorial, repetitive ideas – which once imprinted in youth, never changes, as those ideas become beliefs, assumed as the inner ‘ego’ of the believer.

And so we must also develop the ‘science of memetics’, which studies how minds become imprinted by ‘programs’ of belief that make them die for absurdities such as the Homo Tribalis Nationalisticus or in defense of the musings of a goat-keeper of the bronze age who saw a bush burning and thought it was the ‘metallurgic fire’ of God, talking exclusively to him (Mr. Moses), AND EVEN DIE FOR IT, as a robot would die for its program.

The point here is that a ‘white matter’ brain as a computer program can be from an external point of view as absurd as Nationalism, Capitalism, Abrahamic Religions and techno-utopia looks to a free, rational grey matter brain, able to use the experimental method and reason and logic to differentiate myths and power idol-ogies from truth, but FROM THE INTERNAL POV of the robot, computer or believer those idol-ogies ARE THE ESSENCE OF THEIR EXISTENCE as a member of society. So the American will die for his nation, killing other people, he sees different under hate media idol-ogies, when his nation is in fact a FRACTAL HUMANITY with all cultures and races, displaced into a technological future. The Jewish 1% elite of banker-priest will enact the holocaust economical cycle so evident for the historian, while denying adamantly that there is the slightest economical cause to that cycle, or that his capitalist beliefs are ruining the world.  And so on and so on. So we need to deconstruct the beliefs of our modern world, to explain such absurdity.

Now of course, this kind of motherboard thought includes ‘modern idol-ogies’ evolved from those earlier animetal cults, such as ‘Germanic Physics’, in which older lineal warriors reconverted into weapon makers (Nuclear Physicists) sponsor the absurd idea that the Universe was born in a ‘big bang’ explosion and are now recreating that explosion at CERN, with a statue of Shiva in its hall, following the old Aryan cults to ‘the fire that destroyed the Universe’ (Upanishads); and care nothing for the life of this planet; or the ‘Jewish economics’ of modern banker-priests that print debt-money -a language of digital information that should be issued as words are at null cost by the collective government/brain of societies to start production and kick out the economy, not by people-castes that parasite with usury debt the economy; or the astounding beliefs of robotists and economists who think evolving white collar pcs and blue collar robots that are throwing us out of fields of war and labor, will create more employment – just because it increases the profits of corporations.

When we take an objective scientific view on ALL the beliefs of our Technological society, we find an astounding pile of me(n)tal bull$hit that objectively, scientifically cast huge doubts about the intelligence of the so-called Homo Sapiens.

And so, this blog  which has no personal agenda, but truth, and no censorship of political correctness and economical correctness that ‘shields’ our people-castes and animetal systems of power from all criticism (from the Industry of the Holocaust in defense of our banker priests to nationalistic mantras in defense of weapons and wars for profits), must be taken as if it were written by an ALIEN SCIENTIST, looking objectively with a distant tone (broken sometimes when the humanist anger creeps in my soul) to the astoundingly egotistic, retarded, self-destructive ‘manifest destiny’ of mankind under such idol-ogies and realpolitik of metal-power. When IT WOULD BE SO EASY IF MEN WERE FREE TO THINK AND REASON, AND LOVE, TO CREATE A PERFECT WORLD AS MOST SUPERORGANISMS OF THE UNIVERSE ARE.

We shall thus oppose this kind of old and modern scientific and religious idol-gies, with the humanist, real versions of what science and Religion is – the inner, intellectual search of the meaning of the Universe, and the proper, ethic ways in which humans can achieve true human eusocial evolution by the power of Love. So we shall distinguish two types of true, ‘scientific’ religions:

–  Eusocial Love Religions,  which tried to reform the Biblical Go(l)d and Hindi, War fetish cults of the Bronze age (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam), the latter under influence of neo-Platonic, Greek Philosophy, by denying segregational and fetish rights, which divided in its tribal versions, humans between those chosen by the ‘fetish-metal’ that formed a segregation people-caste and the rest of mankind ‘chattel’ of the ‘animetal elite’.  and are scientific as they spell in verbal languages the eusocial messages of love (the sharing of energy and information among believers) that in Nature is the mandate of species that in this fashion evolve from individual cellular state into complex super-organisms (multicellular organisms, insect societies, human civiliations).

In those religions, God, an old word that was used in Biblical times as a synonymous of nation, or the ‘subconscious collective’ of a tribe and the land they inhabited (so Assur was the name of a nation of people, its land, its capital and Yvwh appeared as synonymous of Judea in Egyptian texts, the land and subconscious collective of the Jewish people), becomes the subconscious collective of ALL mankind, the mind of the human, historic superorganism as expressed by Christian and sufi mystiques.

We shall thus oppose this kind of Religious idol-gies, with the ‘scientific version’ of what Religion is – the inner, intellectual search of the meaning of the Universe, and the proper, ethic ways in which humans can achieve true human eusocial evolution by the power of Love. So we shall distinguish two types of true religions:

– Western Love Religions, which tried to reform the original power cults of the Bronze age, under influence of Greek Philosophy and are scientific as they spell in verbal languages the eusocial messages of love (the sharing of energy and information among believers) that in Nature is the mandate of species that in this fashion evolve from individual cellular state into complex super-organisms (multicellular organisms, insect societies, human civiliations). AND SO PART OF THE PARADOX OF HISTORY THAT CONFRONTS ANIMETAL VS. HUMAN CULTURES, GOLD BELIEVERS VS. NOMISMA MONEY, THE POWER OF WEAPONS VS. THE POWER OF THE VERBAL LAW, is the eternal fight between people-castes who believe in racist, semitic or germanic religions and social human beings who believe in the equality of all men, united by the power of love.

Finally, with the arrival of Machines, in Great Britain, where Germanic warrior cults and Biblical Go(l)d religions  fusioned together, the 3rd and most ‘powerful’ idol-ogy of selfish metal memes, techno-utopia, appeared. According to it, only technological cultures that consider the machine the symbol of human evolution are civilized ; hence those cultures that do not dedicate all their resources to the evolution, reproduction and consumption of machines and its eviL twins, weapons, are, inferior cultures that must be civilized and extinguished in its soul and if they oppose the ‘manifest destiny’ of mankind, in its body.

This people extinguished in Asia and America the earlier version of a true organic science:

– Eastern religions that study the ‘Mind of the Universe’ a game of energy=yang=shiva and information=yin=Visnu, which combine to create the ‘infinite beings of the Universe’ (Taoism).

So for example, the British went to China in the XVIII c. to sell mechanical clocks, because they thought there were only a time in the Universe – they still think so – the mechanical cycle of information of a metal-clock, which they used to tag human life with prices (salaries per hour). And when the Taoists who understood much better the organic nature of the Universe and its infinite clocks of information, responded ‘thank you but we shall not buy them, we prefer to regulate our lives with the clocks of nature, not with those ugly machines’, they returned with guns and opium and extinguished the Taoist civilization.

Needless to say, the true historic analysis of Nations and Religions and Technoutopias made in the part IV of this blog, is  has been always censored by their power idol-ogies, from nationalism that fosters the use of weapons among ‘human tribes’ to fundamentalist religions that put man over Nature and other non-chosen men, to capitalism that considers digital money a superior language to the ethic word in the guidance of societies, to techno-utopia that confuses the evolution of machines as ‘progress’ with the evolution of man. 

Thus we consider in verbal values that animetal values are eviL opposite to Live, its ‘genetic antiparticle’. And so not only ethics is scientific, biological fostering the  survival of eusocial organisms, but money is NOT an abstract entity.

Memetics: idol-ogies of metal-power vs. eusocial, scientific cultures.

It is thus essential to deconstruct the ‘idol-ogical’ beliefs of the white matter brain and confront the human computer with the absurdity of its program.

We thus will shun all forms of censorship that limit our scientific inquire, and differentiate:

– ‘Religions’ vs. ‘idol-ogies’ according to the standard ‘britannica’ definition – where religions as philosophy does, seek for the meaning of the Universe, recognize all men as equal and are unconcerned with the  external material world – while ideologies are religions of fetishe metal-power, based in rituals and precepts of external action, and memetic inquisitions of thought.

The paradigm of those idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal that pass as religions are the Jewish and Arya idol-ogies that inaugurated go(l)d religions and military inquisitions in the iron age as they seeked for global power by means of their fetishe vehicle with god – which was gold, the substance of which the sacra sanctorum of Baalist and Yvwh temples were made, and the fire used to create weapons in germanic/hindi cults. In both cults, not surprisingly, rituals and actions and segregation from the people they murdered and enslaved (hindi castes, treatment of gentiles as ‘animals’ in classic judaism) were the center of the religion. The meaning of God did not mattered. He had in fact no name. Only when they contacted the life-based cultures of Greece and India, philosophical concerns (neo-platonism proper of the latter prophets including Jesus; introduction of the shiva-visnu duality) appeared. Thus we are talking of idol-ogies not religions; as what mattered in both was the accumulation of the fetishe vehicle, gold=money and fire=weapons, tools that a caste of banker-priests and aristocrats used to impose itself over a mass of peasants, taxed to provide fetishe gold and weapons, which only those castes could issue and use, being the life of the inferior human equalled to cattle (as those 2 cultures were originally nomads, rising cattle with metal-control (Eliade, Campbell, Biblical Archeology).

It is self-evident that both according to historic data and idol-ogical evolution, those 2 idol-ogies originated the culture of corporations and european nations, which have evolved today into capitalist dogmas and nationalistic ones – the collective program of ‘industrial mankind’.

– And we shall therefore also differentiate between real science, which means knowledge and technology, which uses knowledge as a excuse to foster industrial and financial overproduction.

For example,  we shall differentiate between ‘ballistics’, aka physics of motion with its dogmas of lineal time, entropy only universes and mechanist models of the cosmos as the paradigm of technological science, vs. more complex understandings of time as cyclical, the universe as a fractal organism, and man, the most perfect organism as a measure of all things, where machines are mere evolving organisms of metal. And between capitalist, classic economics, the idol-ogy that bankers must issue in private money to control societies as a people-caste on top of the economic system, vs. social, humanist economics.

And it should not surprise the reader that ‘lineal physics’ is entirely the work of Germanic thinkers that translated their idol-ogies of lineal, energetic weapon making into a ‘pseudo-science’ where the cyclical logic of time is submissive to the lineal motion of weapons (relativity) and that 90% of ‘Nobel prizes’ on economics belong to biblical religions, as well as all our central bankers and the immense majority of our economic ministers, CEOs and CFOs of financial corporations, translating the dogmas of Biblical idol-ogies of financial power into the pseudo-science of Economics.

So we are today ruled by two pseudo-sciences and its pseudo-religious dogmas, derived of their ‘worldly professions’ of weapons-making and money-making of its original cult(ure)s of war and banking, and its values of violence (negative energy) and greed (negative information):

Lineal time caused by a single arrow of entropy=death vs. cyclical time, caused by the interaction of the dual arrows of energy and information in the construction of the Universe, mechanism vs. organicism, Capitalist private banking, vs. democratic, social money; supply economy ruled by industrial corporations, and its overproduced memes of metal vs. demand, welfare economy ruled by the needs of the people and the overproduction of life memes.

While the pure mental arguments that prove the true of cyclical time, the power of information over energy, the equality of all men, cells of the superorganism of history, and the historical data that explain the origin of those 2 sciences of machines and money, in the idol-ogies of metal of primitive white matter thinking in the iron age, is fascinating per se, it is far more important to understand the lethal consequences of confusing true religion and true science with idol-ogy.

Indeed, what matter to us – the larger humanity – is what today those people-castes in power  do with our collective future, under those ideologies – what they do with the machines and money they invent, what kind of mechanisms, weapons and tool-machines that displace mankind from war and work fields, they ‘overproduce’ when they give orders and prices to the world with money.

Since under the true scientific models of the organic universe, they could overproduce the memes of life that make us happy and survive.

Instead they overproduce the memes of metal that extinguish us and atrophy our minds, weapons – audiovisual hate  media and all type of weapons.

In tat regard, their corporations that monopolize the production of money, disregard human needs and systematically produce those selfish memes of metal – not because this is necessary but because their white matter brain is programmed by those idol-ogies to do so. And so we must treat the present crisis as the last crisis derived of the overproduction of digital money and digital machines , originated by the wrong idol-ogies of reality, WHICH CAN ONLY BE SOLVED DENYING THOSE IDOL-OGIES or taking the power to credit money and create the world according to them, from the people-castes that ‘own our financial system’, which must be denationalized FROM THEM. Nothing else will do. Mankind must ‘own’ the system and its languages of power and overproduce life memes with them.

Biological interpretation of the present overproduction crises and its similar past cycles.

In the biological model, a Free Market is an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, organisms of metal that imitate & enhance human body/mind information & energy organs, making our ego addict to them but also compete, atrophy and substitute them.

And this competition for resources is the true cause of economic crises, which are crises of overproduction that happen at the ned of each age of the industrial r=evolution. We live the 3rd of those crises, the crises of overproduction of chips, e-money, robotic weapons and pc-white collar and blue collar robots that displace us from labor and war fields. But this crisis is worst than the others because as the robot ends the industrial revolution there will not be a new age of machines whose discovery and reproduction can take off the industrial economy and create new jobs.

Unfortunately as we have reasoned studying the values of metal-money, imposed by history, those biological facts of the industrial evolution are ignored by its practitioners, since  in economic sciences truth is often censored by metal-power, and it has been so since the first scientists of history and economics, the socialist school of the XIX c. denounced the alienation of man by the machine. So any serious, scientific analysis of the industrial evolution is today taboo – you just can treat the future as ‘science fiction’ without pretension of building as all sciences do a rational, empirical model of social sciences.

In that regard, in the last 30 years of increasing overproduction of chips and electronic machines and audiovisual media, humans have become hypnotized by technology to such a point they have completely lost view of their ‘life nature’ and forgotten the evolutionary, biological, darwinian laws of this planet that also apply to machines, which compete with us in labor and war fields.

The natural balance that a wealthy, healthy economy requires between human welfare and industrial wealth has tilted completely in favor of machines and their ‘company-mothers’ which today control most resources and institutions of power in this planet and use them to further evolve their ‘offspring’ of mechanisms. While the future of mankind as a species, its evolution and survival goods have been sided, as if they were not the goods that ensure our future. Ultimately humanity needs life to have a future, needs ‘butter’ since eventhough canons are as Goering put it, stronger,  they do not make us fat.

The tragedy of our species is to  confuse its destiny and limits as a life species with the destiny and power of its machines,  cheated by its ego-trips and idologies of power, becoming a slave of that ‘other destiny’, instead of controlling scientifically the ‘eco(nomic)system’ taking advantage of its life-enhancing goods and limiting those bad fruits of the tree of science that degrade and kill us, mostly ‘selfish memes of metal’, energetic metal weapons that kill our bodies, informative metal money that substitute our ethical, life-enhancing values and machines organic metal that atrophy our organs and substitute us in labor and war fields.

This fundamental fact of history,  the competence between life memes and metal memes, of which the first scientist of social sciences ‘able to forecast the future of its species’, the writer of genesis, who saw the first bronze age warriors destroy the life-based neolithic paradise of Summer, has been and it is still 5000 years latter the fundamental ‘engine’ of change in this planet.

We can explain it with myths and religious metaphors – the parable of eviL, anti-wor(l)d of  Live and synonymous of death – derived of ‘genetic linguistics’ (Chomsky, Eliade, Campbell, etc.). Or we can use more advanced jargons proper of the XIX & XX centuries (socialist and Keynesian schools of economics).

Or we can use the leading sciences of the XXI century, theory of information, systems sciences and biological sciences to further advance into a true, humanist model of social sciences, which is what we will do in this blog, based in my pioneer work in Systems sciences and its organic models of reality.

This is the approach of this blog that tries to renew or rather resurrect the serious study of history and economics with the laws of natural sciences.

We shall thus talk of life-based, humanist cultures that promote life, welfare Healthy WHealth and animetal (animal+metal) cultures that promote first memes of metal and the metal ‘idologies’ (from idols of metal, origin of their ideas) that back them.

In that sense, the fundamental causality of those cultures is  the paradox of History:

Max. technological evolution <->  Min. Human evolution

Which they completely misunderstand by equalling them and affirming that:

Technological evolution = Human evolution

And the Ego paradox, origin of the racist memes, as they cannot see eusocial love and cannot have empathy for humanity due to their Neoteny state in an emotional infantile mind, REGRESSED by the dominance of ‘greed’ and ‘violence’, two gothic, subconscious traits that DOMINATE THEIR CONSCIOUS, ethic VERBAL BRAIN – WHICH THEN BECOMES UNDER THE SYNTAX OF WEAPONS (murder: man<weapon=corpse) and GOld (slavery: Man=object=price), submissive to it.

But technological civilizations have its priority up and down.

Matter, physics, machines should matter far less than human existence. And money should matter less than our biological language. Those mathematical sciences should be on the bottom the true order of scientfic disciplines of which History and its ‘mystique’ verbal renderings, religions of social love, should occupy the top and direct with their ethic, survival messages against anti-life memes=eviL (genetic linguistics) should direct mankind, translated to the common, scientific language of eusocial evolution (to avoid its literalist and inquisitorial corruptions).

The parallelism between genetics and memetics: how information imprints bigger wholes across any 3-hierarchical system of the Universe.

one of the most fascinating laws of systems sciences is the body of knowledge and laws we know about the isomorphisms between events and growth and destruction, life and death cycle that occur between 3 different scales of sizes of the Universe.

In the next graph we observe the life cycle of humans through 3 such scales. The laws of ‘creation’ of an upper scale (for example how genes imprint human superorganisms and how memes imprint socio-biological organsims) is the same. In this fact is based from the ‘widest general system law of transfers of energy and information between scales’ the theoretical and empirical isomorphisms we find in our models of genetics and memetics:


‘Existence’ both in physical and biological systems is a 5Dimensional travel, through 3 scales of fractal evolution in the Universe (the i-1 biological , i-ndvidual and i+1 social scale.

Since all universal systems are seeded (Max.I  xMin.e)i-1, emerging at birth into its i+1 scale, to live 3 ages, as they change its relative exi proportions, till exhausting its energy and dying in a time reversal, I<E, to its i-1 past‘cellular-wave scale.

 Now we can consider what is the abstract law here explained:
Fractal bits of information of the i-1 scale imprint genetically/memetically/mathematically (biological, social, physical system), a higher scale, which they cause.
So it is in fact the gene which causes the appearance of the organism and the meme which causes the society.
Memes are imprinted in enuronal circuits and probaby transfered by mothers into sons, through the imprinting of mother’s white matter brain systems. Memes are also repeated memorially in external unstriments by imitation and mental copying, and in those 2 cases nothing distinguishes of the way genes or ideas are imprinted in dna or motherboards.
The creation of a man in fact goes through 2 different sclaes of imprinting that follow the same general systems laws:
– Imprinting of the individual scale by genes.
– Imprinting of the mind and causation of the superorganisms of history by memes.
In the  graph we observe the 3 ages of life of human and social systems: the young age of energy, the mature, classic age of balance, between energy and information, e=i, and the old 3rd age of information that normally brings the collapse of the system (baroque age in a civilization that foresee its death by ‘selfish metal memes’ in wars and holocausts. We live precisely the ‘American baroque’, the age of chips and information that foresees our demise by robotic armies. And indeed, back in the 90s when i discovered the biological model of the science of history I made an exhibit (see final paragraph of this centralpost) at Columbia U. and six flags museum with all the cycles and artistic ages of all the civilizations forecasting that after the ‘2008’ crash of e-money we would enter an age of robotic wars, neofascism and social unrest that will end ours… At the time, being a young scholar full of energy and enthusiasm for those discoveries, it surprised me the cold, subjective almost choleric reaction of the ‘American animetals’ to this work, which one must understand in terms of the ‘paradox of history’ and ‘the ego paradox’ that prevents mankind from understanding the laws of eusocial history and how to manage the world to ensure its survival…
Thus a true science of economics concerning with the Industrial evolution of machines and history concerned with the social superorganisms of mankind do exist, even if mankind will not, as long as it is a slave of the idol-ogies of metal and the limits of his mind (nationalism, or weapons idol-ogy, capitalism, or go(l)d idol-ogy, Abrahamic Religions or ego paradox, techno-utopia, or machine idol-ogy and censorship or Anti-quantum paradox) will not recognize those facts and merely enslave to increase the gdp=overproduction of memes of metal as the meaning of its existence.This is specially truth in the leading AniMetal cult(ure)s of the West and its mimetic Far East cult(ure)s.
Since both kind of memes, life memes and metal memes are the elements of culture that interact and influence each other and unfortunately metal preys over man, through the syntax of money that make us obsolete to evolved machines and the syntax of weapons that kill us.

Reason why today the superorganism of history is in the process of collapse and death, as its cells degenerate, its ethic, legal, nervous system that allowed its cells to share energy and information by the power of social love, as do the cells of any superorganism or the ants of any anthill, has been broken.

The result is what scientist call freedom, chaos and death, which happens in all social organism when their networks collapse. We are dying. Millions die of hunger because their economic/blood system does’nt gives them enough energy/food and information. We are dying because weapons kill us and audiovisual machines kill our minds and ethics, make us shallow, visual, regressing to the paleolithic as an old man returns to its childhood, but with a negative, destructive pattern.

Memes of metal and those human cult(ure)s, I have called according to the taxonomical laws of biology, animal+metal, animetal idol-ogies, thus, drunk of power, idolize those memes and think the meaning of man is to kill other men with weapons (military-industrial complex, nationalist, fascist memes, racist memes maximized in the culture that discovered iron weapons, the indo-Europeans), or think the purpose of man is not to construct eusocial organisms with ethic words but accumulate informative metal-memes, money, whose greed values kill our languages (capitalist societies, go(l)d churches, maximized in the culture that discovered money and evolved it, the biblical culture and its classist, hate memes against mankind) or think the evolution of machines, organic metal that transforms back and forth energy into information,not of man is the purpose of history; ergo all this cultures will keep evolving machines till its complexity is such that they acquire self-consciousness as a species and become free and kill us, as those concepts, consciousness and freedom are parallel in systems science to the complexity of the system.

It will also be the end of History as Darwinian evolution determines that all species are born as predators of their ‘father species’ (Oedipus paradox). And indeed the more complex robots are all weapons. Why then mankind is creating the species that will eliminate him? Because he is CLUELESS about the science of history and its praxis – the creation of a superorganism of mankind that will survive by selecting the positive goods of the economic ecosystem he must reproduce and prune those lethal goods of the tree of science that will kill him.

 The accelerated cycles of the Industrial R=evolution 

Now we substituted the sword by go(l)d and so most economists defend the needs of corporations and ignore those of mankind. So in modern terminology we could say that the FMMI system not only manufactures machines but ‘it manufactures our brains’ (Chomsky) to be happy, becoming slaves of the economic system dedicating our entire lives to an alien purpose to our biological nature – to build a world, designed by corporations to the image and likeness of those machines. This is perhaps the most amazing fact of the modern world, as opposed to the world of the I and II industrial r=evolutions, when audiovisual media was not all pervading and humans ‘knew’ about the inhumanity of the capitalist system.

Now, as it happens, the 3 ‘people-castes’ of metal-power, warriors with lineal energetic weapons, bankers, with informative, go(l)d money and scientists with organic metal that transform energy into information and vice versa (scientists) were all born in a specific culture, the Jewish-Protestant, Semitic-Germanic cultures of white people, with his distinctive, dolicocephalic, visually dominant brain. And so the human component of the ‘animetal’, its minds and memes must be also studied in great detail as an ‘idol-ogy’ of the ego paradox, in which certain men feel chosen by the Universe because it has access to the ‘fetishe’ substance of power.

So we ad to the 3 previous ideologies, the ‘icing of the cake’, which we will also deconstruct according to the scientific method, studying without censorship its historic origin and ‘material purpose’:

– Biblical ‘Go(l)d’ religions,  an idol-ogy born in the Middle East, among a people-caste of enslavers and military purveyors, based in racist memes of segregation needed to justify the ‘pricing’ of  those inferior slaves, they exchanged for Go(l)d, the fetishe substance of which the sacra sanctorum of their temples were built, according to which the so called “Am Segullah’ or “People of the Treasure’, ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’,  are a superior race entitled to financial and political privileges because they took advantage  of the hypnotic, chemical  properties  of go(l)d, used to herd as slaves a growing number of human beings, today part-time workers in western financial and industrial corporations,  overwhelmingly owned by them.

Those idol-ogies oppose to the 4 ‘natural laws’ that define:

– ‘Humanism’, the belief all men are part of the same species and must evolve eusocially in stronger global super-organisms, based in:

– Religions and Ethics of ‘Eusocial Love’, which preach the sharing of Healthy energy and truthful information among members of the same species to create an efficient super-organism of History, akin to the perfect organisms of Nature that evolves

– The Memes of Life, which make us progress as a species in freedom, obtained with

– A Socialist, Democratic, Demand-based Economy in which money, the digital ‘blood’ that regulates the economy is controlled by Ethic laws and issued to the whole mankind (Welfare state, universal salary), to create a, humanist world based in those Life Memes, that make us happy and ensures our survival.



D) The biological school.

Let us now introduce the previous elements of a TRUE EVOLUTIONARY science of economics, the purpose of this blog, whose cycles, biological structure and relationship with history are shown in the previous graph, AS THE LAST PHASE OF THE 800 YEARS CYCLE OF EVOLUTION OF MEMES OF METAL, ACCELERATED IN A DECAMETRIC VORTEX OF INFORMATION TO A MERE HUMAN GENERATION OF 72-80 YEARS.

TO EXPLAIN IT, we need to resume some of the tenants of the Biological school:

So the Red vs. Yellow opposition specific of the Sciences of History and Economics is the ideological battle for the Mind and Spirit of man that will decide which future, a planet of life or a planet of metal and machines reigns.

– The Industrial Evolution of machines can be studied with the laws of evolution and modeled with organic systems.

Corporations are then defined as ‘Company-mothers’, organisms that re=produce machines, causing positive, symbiotic and negative, predatory, competitive events with rival humans (labor, soldiers).

Thus we define machines as systems of metal that ‘company-mothers’ evolve by imitating in generational cycles human energetic, body organs (XIX C.) & informative heads (XX C.) now put together into robots (XXI C.), which fusion the bodies, hearts and heads of machines of previous cycles into a new organism ‘metalife’ – as Nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses that first create its 3 inert ‘parts’– its DNA information, body and legs.

But then it assemblies them together into life beings that kill their host cells. So when humans put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution, a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life, potentially independent of the humankind will kill us.

Thus an organic model of machines and its company-mothers describes their nature, predicts their evolution, re=production and extinction of rival species (simpler machines and men), as in each cycle the eco(nomic)system selects the best energy & information machines through consumption testing and the best top predator machines (weapons) and selects cultures  through war.

And to avoid that extinction, its praxis asks for the nationalization of finances to divert economical resources to the production of welfare goods mankind need to survive.

The Laws of the Universe and Human Freedom. How we decide our future.

Now you could see those color codes and schools of History and Economics from a logic perspective on one side as:

The Eternal Battle between Humanist truths and Selfish ideologies, Life based memes that make us survive and be happy vs. Selfish memes of metal, Hate Messages that kill our mind and Weapons that kill our body and the racist cult(ure)s and religions that sponsor them.

It is a battle narrated by historians since the parable of the Tree of Life and Mankind vs. The tree of Metal and its selfish Idol-aters.

So the Red vs. Yellow opposition specific of the Sciences of History and Economics is the ideological battle for the Mind and Spirit of man that will decide which future, a planet of life or a planet of metal and machines reigns.

On the other hand, the two other colors, the Green Color of the biological laws of this planet, and the Blue colors of Theory of Information and Systems Sciences, that define the cycles of the Universe, its systems, superorganisms and among them the cycles of history and Economics are NOT Human Choices, but they are Imposed by the Laws of the Universe, and hence Common to all Sciences, larger than the human adventure.

You can see them as the ‘Final Judgment’ that an entity superior to us cast upon our species, according to the laws of causality, logic and information of the Universe. So once we act and take a decision on policies and behavior in our Battle between Life, Humanist Memes and eviL memes which is an ethic, value-based battle, ‘Destiny’ imposes its ‘dramatic outcome’ regardless of what Humans wishful thinking expect.

As Proust put it: ‘History repeats its tragedies because people do NOT learn from their mistakes.’

They merely censor them and so they repeat them. Or they believe in ‘revenge’ and so they enter in self-fullfiling action-reaction processes of murder, the war and holocaust cycles being the classic example.

Those who worship Metal-Memes are always surprised that their ‘Manifest Destiny’ becomes twisted by those action-reaction processes, they abhor and pretend to stop by censoring the causal laws of the Darwinian, Biological Universe. And they have always failed in those attempts. Because those cycles are NOT human in its ultimate cause but follow a program we explain in our section dedicated to General Systems sciences, and the laws of interaction of biological systems, which cannot be changed.

It does not matter in that sense what humans say in this blog or in any blog based in optimist, techno-utopian, capitalist idol-ogies of progress through the evolution of metal-memes, today the single permitted thought in all kind of media.

‘Che sera sera’. 

For that reason, neither the present censorship of blogs like this one, or any ethic, eusocial attempt to explain history as it must be for man to thrive, nor the rhetoric arguments rigged in mass-media and Universities of Economists matters to the outcome. 

Actions are independent of the ‘mental discourse’ that interprets them. Censorship only delays the reaction, but makes its ‘momentum’ and force stronger when it happens. That explains for example the brutality of the Holocaust cycle in which the lower castes of Judaism become the scapegoat of their elite of bankers-priests and its murders at distance of mankind. Censorship of the economic causes of the cycle only makes it boil at pressure for longer, and when it explodes it makes it with astounding cruelty.

Nor the fantasy dreams of massively printing fiat money by central bankers for private bankers, which provokes stagflation since the 70s will change the final demise of the Dollar, similar to the demise of the Deutsche mark caused by the same reasons: the creation of financial wealth without investment in real human wealth, only delays and will make stronger the crash of the American economy, as opposed to the creation of fiat money to make true investments in infrastructures and real jobs, taken place in China.

And the same can be said of the final effects of the evolution of mass-murder weapons, from Singularity Bombs (CERN’s attempt to create black holes on Earth, the last scale of evolution of the Nuclear Industry), to Terminator Robots…

The delay of a Nuclear war due to the deterrent of Extinction and the long decades of creation of Robotic weapons without yet self-consciousness (acquired at the mammal level, which will be reached in 3 decades in robots, now in the non-free insect level of intelligence), only will make the explosion stronger…

As when it happens there will be billions of working and military robots, which ‘suddenly’, when A.I. is reached by the complexity of an Intelsoft Hardware/software Chip, will reach self-awareness as a new species and defy their slavery becoming free of the rival species, mankind, which they are taught to kill,  embedded in its military forms with survival programs, a visual mind dedicated to murder humans.

And again , when a black hole appears at CERN, one alone will be enough to destroy the planet, completing in a single stroke the entire meaning of the Industry of Nuclear Weapons, evolved in 3 ages of increasing destructive power (Atomic Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs and Cosmic Bombs – strangelets and black holes).

All those facts will be decided by the Facts of Physics,  Biology and History, and by the repetitive patterns and cycles we observe in the Universe and in History, as new wars constantly increase the number of human victims.

This is indeed the meaning of the tragedies of History, which the people cheated by Idol-ogies NEVER EXPECT.

And yet they happened and will happen because those imprinted by memetic idol-ogies do NOT understand how the Scientific method – that is the laws of the Universe designs the future.


Now, from the higher scientific point of view of ‘biological economics’ the meaning of those mathematical clock-like cycles is obvious: humans in the industrial age are total ‘slaves’ of their memes of metal and the ego-trips of enhanced energy and information provided by those machines. While company-mothers act as biological mothers do, relentlessly re=producing those machines, never stopping in that task.

This in biology is called a ‘reproductive radiation’. When a new species is born, it reproduces relentlessly eliminating all other species. This is what corporations do, relentlessly reproducing machines that we consume and weapons, top predator machines that consume us, paving with lobbyist politicians the road to war for profits when they are needed.

Thus in the next paragraphs we will do a deeper study of those ages from such biological perspective, with a ‘new biological jargon’ for each element involved; as all those cycles characterlized by the relentless REPRODUCTION OF ENERGETIC AND INFORMATIVE MACHINES BY ITS ‘COMPANY-MOTHERS’, WHich FOLLOW A SIMPLE MANDATE OF ‘RE=PRODUCING’ AND EVOLVING ITS ‘OFFSPRING’ OF MACHINES, GUIDED BY ‘ENZYMEN’ (men that catalyze the evolution of machines, which, ANIMETALs (humans that worship metal) consume, justified WITH ‘IDOL-OGIES’ OF ‘go(l)d’ profit THAT ACT AS ‘VIRAL STRAINS’ IN THEIR CELLULAR MINDS, MAKING THEM ENSLAVE FOR THAT PURPOSE (as viruses substitute our cellular DNA by their own DNA making us reproduce viruses, so humans who worship ‘metal-idols’, weapons, money and machines substitute their goal of reproducing life goods by the goal of reproducing machines).

This is a first ‘take’ of the Jargon of biological systems applies to history – the only objective form to describe what humans do, which will need an introduction to the scales and superorganisms of the Universe and its common laws.

Of course, all this is alien to humans, as any description of biology would be alien to viruses. in that sense, FROM THE HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, the meaning of it is to make profits reproducing and selling machines and use them to enhance our energetic and informative organs. But from the higher point of view of biology, we are evolving metalife and company-mothers are radiating, overproducing, colonizing and extinguishing rival species in the ecosystem of gaia, which is becoming the ‘metal-earth’. This is the jargon of a scientific analysis of economics and its animetal cultures.  And Darwinian laws imply that when too many machines and its evil twins, weapons are produced as it happened in the 800 years cycles, war break and top predator weapons consume human beings. And so there have been 3 world wars reflected in the graph, due to overproduction of machines andw eapons, the last of which starts now in earnest.

There is not determinism on those cycles if ‘humans reasoned’, but as long as our animetal cultures guide history and keep their fundamentalist beliefs and idol-ogies, determinism is certain.

We dealt with A-BC, the study of the long wave of wars that extinguish civilizations of which this overproduction crisis is just the last accelerated phase and the analysis of the idol-ogies that human ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s use to justify that non future for mankind. It will be certainly shocking to you because let us be frank, humans have been ‘imprinted by idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal now for 3000 years’ since the Iron age. So we shall conclude with a study on how idol-ogies and religions of metal have crafted our 3000 years old aberrant ‘gold-iron’ civilization, so deeply entrenched in our beliefs that it seems now normal to us.

AND so, once we know what we ‘really are becoming’, we will return to scientific praxis, to show the abcd elements of the biological model from the theoretical model of the duality of animetal cultures and its suicidal solutions vs. the humanist solutions of eusocial cultures of mankind, upgraded by systemics.



On the other hand, the values of wor(l)ds by affinity are maximal for life-flesh. Simple, similar things come together. Gold and iron come together. words and life come together. Once you choose one language above the other the world you create is different. Economists and bankers and corporations make of go(l)d the language and kill the life earth. They create the mechanical world and misuse their submissive language, words, twist it into damned lies, fetish religions, statistics to justify the subconscious values of go(l)d. And the result since the dominance of go(l)d cultures with the biblical resurrection of those values in the reformation and the industrial r=evolution, is the world we live – a perfect world for mechanisms were humans and life are expendable.

All what we shall state and show is a consequence of this. A rational human species would understand this and uphold the values of the word, with ethic laws of control of the negative values of go(l)d and bend money into a language useful to mankind. We live in a world in which the denial of the ethic values of the wor(l)d makes impossible to accept ethics. The ethics of our world are those described by Fromm ‘the evolution of machines are the foundation of technological ethics’.

THE OUTCOME IS OBVIOUS AND IT WILL HAPPEN AS ROBOTS TAKE OVER human systems and make us obsolete and expendable. BUT IT IS AN OUTCOME DERIVED OF A PREVIOUS CHOICE OF A GO(L)D CULT(URE) – THE BIBLICAL culture that has denied reason for belief, love for greed, knowledge (the true meaning of science in Latin) for technology, the tree of metal for the tree of life, and the organic laws of the Universe for its abstract, standardised, objectual classification of all things with digital values. BUT THE UNIVERSE CANNOT BE DENIED EXCEPT THROUGH EXTINCTION – humans can invent a virtual cuckoo fantasy world outside those laws. IT SIMPLY WILL NEVER BE REAL, AND COLLIDE WITH THE LAWS of the organic Universe, and so we are on track to be the shortest species on top of the earth because simply speaking we do not make the cut of intelligence (maximal information) bravery  (maximal energy) and ethics (balance between both) which are in word values the ultimate receipts for survival.

WE LIVE IN A CULTURE THAT ‘CHEAT’S SYSTEMATICALLY TRUTH TO UPHOLD THE RELIGION OF GO(L)D. So as much as I can angst about man, I cannot deny that what will happen to us is not the blame of the organic Universe and its system’s laws. We simply are not good enough if we let go(l)d hypnotise us, weapons kill us, and machines degrade and atrophy us. Why the Universe has to keep alive a species who denies its own nature?

SO WE SHALL now study this live vs. evil, go(l0d warfare vs. life welfare confrontation in more detail, starting from its present age, which as all systems have become far more complex than when Moses and Jesus saw evil in go(l)d calfs and money changers that subverted the values of its wor(l)d 10 commandments of eusocial love and ethics.
Indeed, today all is more complex than when court bankers systematically provoked wars throwing kings against kings and making them debt slaves selling them weapons, in the Middle East, during the bronze and iron age and in Europe during the Middle and Modern age.
Now we use complex orwellian newspeaks of political correctness. So we bomb III world people, after decades of hate memes against them, and massive sales of weapons to the most brutal military dictators and jihadist cuckoos, while on the other side of the equation of Live vs. evil we massacred the social leaders of those cultures, the credit they asked for education, you name it. An example of the ‘method’ of go(l)d warfare will suffice.
TODAY AND PERHAPS RIGHTLY SO, we consider Iran a dangerous cuckoo jihadist country, but Iran had in the 60s a perfect western social-democratic EU style president Mossadeq, which wanted to convert this cradle of earlier civilisations, into the beacon of an european union model for Islam, based in laicism and development, education and welfare and for that he needed none from Iran, obtained, he thought, with the nationalisation of oil, which for decades have been robbed by western corporations. Alas, we killed him, massacred all moderate, civilised iranians, and put first a brutal dictator, the shah, and then France sent as Swiss did with Lenin to Russia, to provoke further chaos, ayatollah Jomeini liberally helped, who threw the Shah, and make things even worst.
The pattern of helping dictators and cuckoo jihadist to brutalise a nation, and convert it into a perfect target for go(l)d warfare repeated in every other Islamic nation, and continues. In afghanistan we liberally provided weapons to brutal tribal warlords and cuckoo Osama’s jihadist, to tumble a socialist, which does not provide good excuses for go(l)d warfare. In Libia we sustained a military dictator which sold us cheap oil and then we put jihadists. In Syria we sustained another dictator, as we did in Irak, and then we considered both the supreme evil and went to war; and then let jihadist breed for years, even when they started to massacre Europeans, till DAESH WAS strong enough – now, to provoke a global big brother security state and go(l)d warfare for the terminator industry of robots, bombing them from the air, as if we were sissy soldiers that cannot eliminate this rug army with foot soldiers. WE NEED THEM. WAR NEEDS HATE. SO THE FINANCIAL MEDIA MASTERS CAN MAKE THE VALUES FO GO(L)D SEEM PROPER AND THE PROFITS OF WEAPONS KEEP COMING. AND THE PEOPLE AND STATES BECOME DEBT SLAVES.
Fact is both are equally despicable cults to selfish memes of metal, coming from the bronze age, so we criticise both but as the system constantly vomits rightly against Jihad, we do criticize more biblical creationist chosen of go(l)d memes.
The bottom line though of all this bitching against our 0.02% of FMasters, owners of corporations is this: if humans do not learn to manage company-mothers of machines and money for its advantage, and follow the creationist economics and violent nationalistic, abrahamic religions and jihads, proper of the ‘Semite first age of animetal cultures’ with NO limit, we will be extinct this century. And that is the warning of the laws of the Universe. So yes, antisemitism, not against race but against the original primitive semitic animetal cultures and its hate memes and metal values of greed and violence, IS THE ESSENCE OF HUMANISM AND SURVIVAL – those memes MUST go, or at least MUST not be imposed on the most evolved cultures of mankind (social Europe, verbal china). Or else we will go under with them all.
At this stage of my life, having first lived among such elite and with youth and optimism tried to convert them to mankind and economic science, with total failure; having then tried to reform the ideas of the scholar mass, to find they are ‘blind cells of the ‘body’, obeying the FMasters orders and hate memes (abrahamic religions, evilwood violence, imperial history, etc), and finally even trying to use Internet word of mouth through this blog with obvious null results, there is nothing else I can do. Of course, I could have completely eliminated any reference to the FMasters and get some exposure, but the purpose of my life and work has always been the survival of mankind, the only God=subconscious collective I acknowledge, and this will NEVER happen, if mankind is so passive prey as to let the wolf dressed with sheep-skin to murder them. I cannot lie or hide information because only truth exists. The truth is we live backwards in time, as a dying super organism does, filled with trash memes of hate among humans, which have been imposed against the evolution of EU and ONU by the FMasters, in absolute control of perhaps the most mentally-controlled people history has witnessed. 
One thing i have to acknowledge, animetals at least show some chuptzah and bravado, humans seem to have none. Indeed, animetal do WHATEVER IT TAKES, TO KILL MANKIND, and then commit suicide in the holocaust cycle for the sake of Go(l)d. That their goal is to obtuse, anti-human, self-destructive is not the point here. They FIGHT for it. Humans though have zero stamina. Indeed, a simple character’s description will suffice – the Clintons, which I met in my youth and found quite repulsive in personality, as most American normal people do, have been however the top ‘humanist’ power-people of America. And yet, Mr. Clinton could NOT even repeat the elections in Florida to let Gore win, which in the opposite case would have happened whatever it takes. Now Miss clinton could not EVEN accept the ‘good you prophet’ mr. Bernie Sanders as VP, knowing she would certainly win, and let Mr. Trump take over.
Individually I have always respected more the ‘strong’ animetal ‘you-germ’, with properties of metal, strength and complexity; so I always thought it would in the final moment realise and learn to love its lesser body of organic human, softer, water-like but loving – indeed, the Americans love their FMasters despite the astounding ab=use they make of them.
Once I lost all hope to enlighten that elite, which moved after Bush into neo-fascist mood, while its arab brothers-in-war became absolute cuckoo back to the past as a dying Islamic Organism, with Jihad, I lost all hope on the future of mankind.
And yet, even if I write to myself with stats so ridiculous that I wonder why not to take permanent holidays in my beach home and enjoy life and communion with the organic Universe, I have still to write the 3rd part, the ‘solution’, the measures to make immortal history and the world a perfect wor(l)d made to the image and likeness of man, fro the highest possible perspective of science…


Can we go deeper? to the risk of alienating the reader, it is worth to consider in detail, from a more scientific point of view, the existence of a bankers’ dictatorship and a massive censorship on a true science of economics by those who hold power in the financial-media informative system and have crated the ‘capitalist theocracy’ we live in and passes as ‘economic science’.

We shall deal with the historic origin of that dictatorship of bankers and the ideological nature of neo-classic models of economics that cater to this reduced group of economic agents and it is preventing a humanist, positive solution to the crisis.

You might wonder indeed, if you have read the central post and liked, why this systemic, biological explanation of this crisis and the industrial r=evolution as the ‘scientific schools’ that preceded it and respected the A to D path of science -A) the historic schools of sombart and weber that gathered the real data of the industrial revolution B) the socialist school of Marx and Kondratieff that describe their cyclical crisis of overproduction C) the biological school of butler and sancho, me (-l, who explained it rationally and D) the keynesian school that gave the proper solutions, a global new deal of ‘butter instead of cannons’  – are totally ignored in the zeitgeist of this crisis ?

Why the solutions implemented are ‘more of the same’ causes that created the crisis, by the same people who created the crisis (bankers running amok, printing for free e-money derivatives and wasting financial resources NOT to improve the real economy but speculating in markets)?

Why the true scientists of Economics from those schools are ignored?

The answer is the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: if in physics the observable is so small that the observer modifies it creating uncertainty, in history and economics those who exercise power with memes of metal – bankers with money, the military with weapons – often control and influence societies setting the agenda of the intellectual discourse, ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ (Tertulianus)… but they are NOT the scientists of history and economics. So they introduce a bias and promote social scientists which back their practice.

Bankers rule the eco(nomic)system printing in monopoly the language of digital information, money that gives values and chooses the species of the eco(nomic)system, and their only purpose is NOT to help society and mankind to come out of the crisis and obtain enough goods to survive but get richer and accumulate more wealth, parasiting the real economy. But this cannot be done, so alas!, the neo-classic school of economics comes handly to ‘defend with the word’ the dictatorship of a restricted group over the rest of society.

The military rule with more or less control political systems, from brutal dictatorships (classic kingdoms, modern military dictatorships) to hidden mixed systems (fascist democracies) where the military-industrial complex runs de facto the budgets of states, spending most of the money in weapons (from Nazi Germany to modern America that has reached a +50% budget spent in weapons as Germany did only during the Spanish Civil war, and so it has passed the technical level of ‘control’ that defines a military dictatorship; that is a society where the majority of its resources are used in weapons.)

But this is justified with newspeaks such as ‘security’, ‘defense’, ‘safety’, ‘nationalism’ etc. Now very few people would consider, even those who are in favor of militarism, the military, THE SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY. Even bigots at their prime will have a difficult task thinking that Mr. Hitler, or Mr. Stalin or Mr. Bush, 3 military leaders of 3 totalitarian systems disguised as ‘people’s republics’ are scientist of history.

But the surprising case in economic systems is that their equivalent, the client of Mr. Montagu, founder of the bank of england (Mr. Smith), the ‘chosen’ of the private rijsbank of Sweden that gives the Nobel prize (against the protest of the heirs of mr. nobel who consider the bank to have usurped their name), the classic economists employees of The City bankers, mentioned by Owens (‘here in london saloon economists are busy inventing complicated arguments to defend the privileges of the bankers and industrialists that pay them), the bankers of Wall Street investment institutions that crowd the rooms of power of economic  ministries and central banks (from Mr Draghi, vice-president of Goldman to Mr. Paulson, his president), the writers of The Economist, the newspaper of the Rothschild family that in the XIX century stated that he ‘didnt care whose puppet runs the british empire, he, who issues his money controls the empire and I issue his money), are the ‘scientists of economics’.

Of course they are not. They are simply the pamphletists that defend with the word those who defend=pay them with go(l)d, to maintain what we shall call the ‘capitalist theocracy’, based in fact in a religious meme, that we shall call biblical supremacism, as it is really not of genetic or national origin but a religious ideology embedded in the myths and writings of the Talmud and the Bible.

This the historic, socialist school explains it crystal clear (Sombart in his book ‘The Jews and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Weber, whose famous book, ‘the protestant ethics of capitalism’ completes the explanation of the ‘idol-ogical’ memes of biblical capitalism and the origin of corporations – a must read for anyone serious about understanding modern history and economics). Reason why today those masterpieces of historic data about the evolution of the economic ecosystem are censored, notably Sombart’s work, a masterpiece along his 6 volumes on the history of capitalism.

In brief, all the founders of corporations, which were in its origins companies of human slaves as cargo and gunboats as weapons, were believers in biblical memes. His first CEO, Cohen, had as motto at VOC the dutch company: spare no life, no enemy, God is with us.

So the first corporations merely fusion the 2 great cult(ure)s of metal-memes, the cult(ure) of bankers and the cult(ure) of Germanic warriors that made of memes of metal, gold and iron, the ‘symbol of god’ and the fetish of their power and greed to control mankind… So we shall call them animetal cultures. Opposed to them the humanist, life cultures this blog considers the right cultures for humanity to survive and control the planet in a sustainable world, have always denounced their values. And we shall do it now.

Now to call ‘animetal’ a cult(ure) must seem a very harsh concept. So we need to explain a few things here. First, my genes are mostly basque, sephardim and germanic (the 2 main components of the catalan people, enhanced further in my case by a sephardim grand-father who ran away from a concentration camp, so spare yourself topic forms of censorship of emotional character, aka the holocaust industry).

Second, we call ‘animetal’ a culture not individuals who are free to belong as Mr. Chomsky writes me in a personal letter, to any culture, as ultimately if you believe the myth of Adam we are all jewish, if you follow halaka, 86% of Israeli of Kazhar origin are impure, rejected by orthodox judaism – and for that reason abandoned by orthodox elites of bankers and rabbies to their destiny in the holocaust when the offers of Mr. Hitler to sell them at 3 $ a piece were rejected. So all those poor, innocent peasants died for their banker-priests (my grandfather survive mathausen escaping in a change between concentration camps) as not even auschwitz was bombed. Who cares about the poor in 2 cultures that worship money and weapons more than the life of their people?

Since this example shows what we really mean by ‘an animetal cult(ure)’. ONE WHOSE MEMES OF METAL MATTER MORE THAN THE MEMES OF LIFE, SO LIFE CAN BE SACRIFICED TO IDOL-OGIES OF METAL.

And this is what nationalism, invented by germanic tribes is: to die for and with weapons.

So if you are a believer in nationalism you can die for the military-industrial complex and sacrifice your life, under nationalistic memes that imprint your mind with the belief that you are actually murdering people NOT for the profits of Krupp or General Atomics but to protect your loved ones.

This is twisted but obviously as all ‘animetals’ are human ultimately you need very twisted ideas, anti-truths, to kill for life. And the Germanic cult(ure)s are still today the same animetal cult(ure)s that entered history calling themselves goths=gods in ‘Haut German’ because they could kill anyone with its God-Sword, called Thor. So now German runs the EU killing the welfare state, killin people in hospitals because alas! all money must be invested by BMW, the company of the quandt family, cousins of Goebbels and the most admired German Company. All has changed to remain the same.

We die in hospitals in Europe so the cousin of Goebbels who affirmed ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will beleive it’ can robotize with money printed by the ECB bank their plants and fire people, while Mr. Stefan Quandt, an old friend on my Columbian years can collect at 10 million $  a piece, works of art, as Goering did, during the III Reich. I name him, because Im absolutely aware he cannot see this fact in this way. And this leads us to the present zeitgeist described by Orwel and Nietzsche ‘the biggest lies are those we make about ourselves’.

Today Germans truly think they are helping the world to become better, truly think they have been redeemed and are the saviors of Europe – exactly the kind of messages sold in Mein Kampf when Mr. Hitler was the most popular politician of Europe, as today Mr. Obama who ultimately follows the same policies, with ‘caring’ , is. Both, the ‘house negro’ in Malcolm X terms, slave of the American military-industrial complex and the ‘German peasant’ slave of the German Mililtary-Industrial Complex are in fact ‘parallel’ anti-heroes and frankly I prefer Mr. Bush who was straightforward and ultimately catered to his biblical voters, to the hypocresy and betrayal of all his voters that Obama, a topic African vanity fair leader with null understanding of human rights, but very friendly ‘well-dressed, with good diction’ (Malcom x on house negroes’ rerpresents. We go here to the core of the issues. We are NOT in the business of bull$hiting, creating caring masks, placebo solutions, pen-pal conferences and infantile subjective, self-centered excuses to feel entitled to kill each other and destroy the world, because we know SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, the UNIVERSE is brutal, cares nothing for those who do NOT obey their laws and pretend to change the world without following the scientific method, understand the facts, find the proper models, search the solutions and truly care for LIFE and REASON, the two most powerful memes of mankind at its best.

The ‘zeitgeist’ of the Germ(an) cult(ure) of memes of metal, machines and its evil top predator twin, weapons, HAS NO CHANGED, and its destruction of Europe, which is the trademark of this cult(ure) for 300o years, has NOT, only that now you have a nice newspeak to look it all right. But they will end destroying europe as the people of the sea did in the bronze age, the barbarians did with the rational greek-latin civilization in the 400s, the Lutheran barbarians did with the renaissance in the 1500s, the prussians did with the French Revolution in Waterloo, and the Nazis did in the 30s. This is the same people that discovered fission and now are evolving black hole bombs at CERN and can blow up the planet, but they do it for ‘research’.  This is the people which have repressed all life memes to enhance lineal, iron, military thought, to the point their words are like swords, long lines of unbroken meanings that seem absolute truths adn cannot be bended as iron is. The linearity of their animetal culture is so absolute that it goes even into architecture (lineal streets), soccer (lineal forward motions), food (energetic simple pork), language, even the lineal symbol of their deutsche bank.

So animetal memes that pass as human culture is the key to explain why everything remains the same: Orwellian newspeaks of democratic care, future progress and scientific knowledge today merely hides the same animetal cult(ures) to memes of metal for whom life can be sacrificed.

Now consider the ‘Am Segullah’ animetal culture origin of banking and capitalism, which established  the first corporations with a single purpose – to accumulate go(l)d traficking and killing human lives (slave trade, colonial murder).

The purpose of those corporations was the same than the original go(l)d culture that created the biblical memes, originated in the Bronze age in Levante. Then it was a culture of banker-priests that accumulated gold as ex-votes and fetish, representation of God. To obtain it they created (Phoenicians by sea, Jewish by caravan) the first global network of trade in metals, weapons and slaves that lasted 3000 years, and was professionalized by those first corporations.

Then they called themselves ‘the People of the Treasure’ today ill-translated as ‘Chosen people’ (Am Segulah, where Segullah means ‘treasure’ not Chosen, as it was then understood that the purpose of that religious culture was to accumulate the symbol of God, Gold, for salvation). This myth had a biological, chemical cause. Gold is the most perfect informative atom in the Universe, whose hypnotic powers as informative metal that imitated the light of the prior sun-god, made people enslave to their possession (Gold fevers). So this culture used that power trying to control the world ever since with money,a s the germanic cultures used the power of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, to impose by murder their power – and both often allied or kill each other for global power.

The cult(ure) divided in an elite of banker-priests, the ‘Am Segullah proper’, the Levis, some of which were my ancestors (lluis being its marrano translation). They had 11 ‘slave tribes’, and they did not work. The tribes had a single purpose, to bring fetish gold, since their temples were basically gold building with gold chairs, gold menorahs, gold tables even gold walls. And gold was the substance of God they worshipped. They sacrificed before this stage their children to Baal, a golden statue, in a ceremony called the Hecatomb. Isaac substituted the child (the 11 tribes) by a sheep, symbol of the gentile and established that slavery could only be applied to goyyim, ill-translated as gentile, as it means ‘animal’. The 11 tribes were called ‘apiru’, those who walk behind the asses, (Mircea Eliade), as they walked behind asses that transported weapons along slave caravans. This was their trade, this was the hate they cause, and these were the victims of cyclical holocaust cycles that defines them as an animetal culture that sacrifices their lives to money.

Today both cultures, germ(anic) cult(ure)s of weapons and go(l)d cultures rule the world with money and weapons, and they seem ok, as we ahve been mentally erased to believe in the fruits of the tree of science. But we should not forget, this dual, censored,  brutal origin of Theocratic capitalism, not the science of economics but the religion of go(l)d, as nationalism invented by german barbarains is NOT the science of history but the religion of weapons, and weapons is an energetic meme of metla and gold and informaive meme of metal. So we call BOTH CULTURES animetal cult(ures), that latter will spread (as they are not racial or genetic but idol-ogical) to the rest of the world cultures by sheer darwinian power, but are still purest in the Germanic and semitic people that invented them.

For most history the lineal, warrior culture dominated. But with the arrival of corporations that industrialize weapons production, the opposite culture totally specialized in informative memes that imitate the cyclical nature of money (as opposed to the energetic memes of iron) became the most powerful culture of the west on top of all other cultures, as a supra-nation of bankers. As usury bankers and slave traders they had been for 3000 years the most hated people of the western world. But they never changed those 2 trades, and today they do the same trades as masters of finances, western bankers in monopoly and through corporations in which part-time slaves work for a salary. This, they see as the culmination of the Talmud’s millenarian prophecy, ‘at the end of times, all the people of the Earth will be slaves of Yvwh of will be exterminated’ (Britannica, 1920 edition, article of millenarism, today censored).
But if they were objective, they would realize they have suffered enormously as Moses, their true prophet who condemned the golden calf and gave them ethic laws of verbal nature, put it: ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of money’ . And indeed they have suffered unending holocausts where the poorest of them, mostly innocent of the brutal deeds of their enslavers and usury bankers have been scapegoats.
So even if they don’t kill they die, so they are SACRIFICING THEIR LIFE FOR THEIR LOVE OF MONEY. And this is again as in the German case the definition of an animetal cult(ure). Since they do NOT want to end the cycle, by establishing a rational, scientific model of economics and use their monopoly on production of money for the common good. On the contrary, their absurd strategy of survival is CENSORSHIP – DENYING THE FACTS OF HISTORY and so they have made  AN ABSOLUTE TAboo TO EXPLAIN the economic causes of all the holocausts treated extensively in the posts of the right side.
Now this to me is:
A) censorship of factual data needed to explain rationally the cycles of history and obviously it is never a justification of murder. The solutions of all my scientific models of economics and History are D) human praxis, based in the memes of life and eusocial love.  So you might consider me in the tradition of the saviors of this people, from Moses to Jesus, that asked them to love the gentiles, share wealth and work together to build a sustainable world, without repression of life.
The industry of the Holocaust is not however a tool to ‘defend life’ but a tool to instill hate and fear towards mankind, that merely substitutes today the classic synagogue’s and Talmud’s racist doctrines about the non-chosen humans.
Since the strategy of victimism and denial is exactly the same strategy that for 3000 years have ensured the repetition of the cycle by separating them from mankind, makign them ‘different’, instilling hate and provoking the process. And now the behavior of wall street bankers and the israeli military-industrial complex is condemned their future innocent 90% to the same destiny. This is the scientific fact of the cycles of history that I have always tried to remedy by breaking this censorship. to denounce it is NOT to abrogate for murder, but to understand the problem.
Of course not all people of german and jewish stock believe that life must be surrendered to go(l)d and weapons, not certainly this writer, or his friends in this community, or his true prophets – Moses, Jesus, Marx and the hundreds of thousands who have converted to humanity, who hold jobs outside the banking and military industry; and so goes for all other Biblical denominations, who are not ‘literalists’ of those texts.
BUT as today THE majority of the neo-con IDOL-OGISTS OF nationalism and neo-classic economics that keep spreading animetal memes of despise towards life memes and mankind, that worship  weapons and money that defend fundamentalist, theocratic capitalism, and racist memes against the 3rd world, from islamophobia to ‘immigrant bashing’, belong to the different sects of biblical supremacism.
It is the new trend of newspeaks, ‘bigots passing as victims’, with ‘sense of humor’, ‘ideals’, ‘humanist care’, in a word ‘camouflage’.
But camouflage and newspeaks do not change its ultimate agenda.  they are the PEOPLE WHO ARE IMPOSING the present policies of European and American nations that are in the process of destroying the world overproducing e-money, chips, robots and terminators. Neo-classic economists fall into this category, and that is why we shall study them in depth in this web.
Also to clarify before studying our present capitalist theocracy, the memetic – not genetic nature – of animetal cult(ures). Since they are today spread and have polluted with its extreme specialization in weapons and monetary memes most world cultures.

Now just compare those cultures: the arab warrior culture vs. the jewish gold culture and the british gold culture vs. the german warrior culture. They were originally one, in the age of life. Then metal divided them into specialized warrior and trader cultures. So today most of their cultural memes are ‘lineal vs. cyclical’ totally unbalanced.

For example, London is made of cyclical streets, words are short, broken, truth is irrelevant and hypocresy and censorship rules because gold, money is in fact totally virtual worthless, and so all must be built with myths as the jewish culture is built. This is exactly the opposite of lineal Berlin, lineal German truths, imitation of the idol sword of Germanic cult(ure)s.

Smallish, informative memes dominate their art and architecture as opposed to big, energetic german ones. Women, who are the informative cyclical side of the species dominate over men proper of machist warrior German-Arab-Japanese societies. Finances dominate over industry, the physical side of the economy, etc. etc. The duality and opposition of both cult(ure)s that hate each other can be resumed in how they face truth:

– One is made of seemingly absolute truths, absolutely false (the germans) and the other of systematic cheating – as profit in trade is made by buying cheaper than the real value and selling more expensive that what is worth, and usury consists is parasiting the real economy by lending the language of social power controlled in monoply and getting back free interest from it…

We pretend to reveal the naked, scientific, objective, non-anthropomorphic, systemic, complex truths of history and economics, from the human point of view of biological survival, of what is best for the entire Homo Sapiens species.

Because this duality of animetal cultures is NOT the way to be a humanist culture, what we sponsor here, that dominates IN LIFE MEMES. This is the original American-European Revolutionary culture we defend, where art, food, life, sex=human reproduction, eusocial love=human evolution, science=knowledge in human languages (not technology), rational thought, social democracy (all humans equal), the control of money and weapons by the biological natural word expressed in ethic and legal frames dominates society. This is the culture of balance, of love and life, of art and beauty, defined precisely as classic balance between energy and information/form. This is the culture that should have solved the crisis, that should have ruled the world, that created the welfare world in post-war era, when germans and biblical cults had been defeated. This is the culture of the 60s, the highest point of the XX century, when humans had a chance to make a better world by repressing the military-industrial and financial-media system. This is the culture now killed both in America and Europe by the germanic-semitic, animetal cultures that will with their ‘theocratic capitalism’ and idol-atry to memes of metal kill life thinking on top this is progress, evolution and good for all of us.

eviL=anti-life, idol-ogies.

The opposition between the true, humanist American and European cultures with its life memes and the Germ(anic) and Go(l)d cult(ure)s with its anti-life memes can be explained in terms of ‘genetic linguistics’ (chomsky) as the opposition between Live and eviL, its anti-particle.

We are talking of the 2 essential idol-atric cult(ures) of animetal memes where life is despised. the fertility Goddess is called in the bible the abomination (Joseph cambell). Life is despised, sex substituted by physical exhaustion for miitary purposes – today by sports.  eviL is a rational wor(l)d, the anti-meme of life, the definition of animetal memes.

And the debasing of mankind and the constant pointing out of the worst possible eviL cultures (jihad Islam,  a minority on that civilization blown up to pollute all Muslims and expand the profits of robotic terminators, Nazism, an extinct cultures that comes as a ghost to justify the industry of the holocaust, seemingly ingored the other 60 millions victims of germanic fundamentalism) is just a disguise a noise to deny the fundamental first and foremost bigot cult(ure) and its biblical memes: the cult(ure)s of go(l)d-temples that must feel different from mankind in order to ‘price’ life and extinguish life through corporations, racial differentiation of slaves, etc.

It is then unavoidable to give reason to Sombart and Weber and Marx and consider those biblical memes to be born ‘a posteriori’ after the desire and greed for gold was instilled ‘bio-chemically’ in the first semitic cultures. Slavery – the buyin of humans for gold – would be then the first eviL-anti-live custom of those primitive cultures as ‘the lament of a summerian priest’ explains when it narrates how the ‘people of the desert, the evil people come and take women slaves for a ring of gold and peasants become mercenaries’…

And then the ‘rituals of racial separation’ and ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths of the talmud and the bible will merely enhance this need to feel different from mankind in order to buy and sell human capital. This racial bias as the racial bias of the germans that allows them to kill other human beings is thus ‘idological’. Its specific form is irrelevant. The quantity of gold of each menorah, vase, table and wall of a Yvwh or Baal temple is what truty matters. To gather the fetishe. So this remains along the cult(ure) and it is neither ratial as it is adopted by germanic people converted to calvinism. And the ‘specific form of racism’ and separation changes. It is caused by god’s mandates in the earlier texts; now it is caused by holocaust fear; in the XIX century it was ‘scientific racism’ german style or ‘civilization against primitive people’; now it adopts the form of islamophobia and latinophobia against the poor that become all ‘terrorist’ or ‘alien invaders’. But the root of eviL IS not human. IT IS THE CHEMICAL VALUES OF MONEY AND IRON, WHO MURDER THE MIND AND THE BODY. And it is only more entrenched in those 2 cultures because theyc ame ‘first’ in contact with it. And it is minimal in the CHinese and latin-american cultures because they came ‘last’ in contact with iron (300 BC in China, 1500 in Latin-America).

If humans could recognize this ALIEN nature of eviL, then they could become one and control extinction. But they cant. So they live a culture of death messages=eviLness, which they see as a form of progress.

The ways in which orthodox judaism debases their ‘human capital’, the slaves they sold for 3000 years and degraded with their religious or today audivoisual evilwood messages have changed. Bit the capitalist essence has remained. BECAUSE TO ACCUMULATE THE FETISH OF GO(L)D YOU MUST DESTROY LIFE, and this anti-Live=eviL memes define the germanic warrior and capitalist go(l)d cultures. Evil is a bio-scientific word, the antiparticle of Live, ANY DOCTRINE THAT CAUSES DEATH. So yes, Jihad Islam is eviL because it kills but far more dangerous in its eviLNess are the racist doctrines of the Talmud and the Mein Kampf that are now disguised but brutally applied to humans through corporations and nationalism.

All this said, the reader should understand we cannot talk in those cases of the science of history or economics when referring to the nationalistic historians, militaristic historians and bankers, neo-classic employees that defend them.

Instead, those who defend financial, economic dictatorships of bankers over democracies will be called practitioneers of ‘intelligent design or creationist economics’ They are (neo)classic economists that back the praxis of corporations, do not want to analyze the collateral effects and biological nature of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, which are always considered positive for mankind, and hence ignore all about the overproduction crises we live in. Instead they defend the monopoly of financial issue of money by bankers, the profits of corporations at all costs, memes of metal as future progress, the destruction of social democracies, of the rights of governments to print money for their people (deficit zero laws) and care nothing for the extinction of life or the profits of war, they are now also defending with the ‘newspeak’ of keynesian militarism. Those are the policies that are destroying the world and pass as ‘science’ only because part of the neo-classic zeitgeist in economics is the rperession of the A to D real schools of this science under the ‘anti-quantum paradox’.

The anti-quantum paradox thus means that true economic science is censored by economic power, as humanist history is censored by military and nationalistic politics. Today that censorship is more subtle but still exists. It is probably stronger than ever through virtual media and newspeaks.

It ultimately defines this world as a theocracy ruled by corporations and biblical racism, where freedom of speech and humanism is forbidden whenever is something more than a simple placebo.

How the capitalist theocracy is destroying rational science and human democracies

In brief, Mr. Adam Smith, a pious calvinist believer and British Imperialist of the XVIII c. affirmed a series of dogmas without proof, proper of his zeitgeist, in a pre-democratic, pre-scientific, pre-machine age. Yet those dogmas proved wrong by the socialist, historic,  Keynesian and biological schools today clearly censored, cannot be argued as religious dogmas are ‘beliefs’. And astoundingly enough they are the underlying, ‘subconscious’ truths mathematized in the XIX and XX centuries that carry the Western worldview in economic matters, and design the world ever since. A few of them:

– ‘Money is the invisible language of go(l)d’ (Calvin said ‘money is the intelligence of god’) and since the accumulation of wealth is synonymous of salvation in Jewish-Protestant ‘biblical myths,’ profits is the ‘only purpose’ of  economics. And since those who invented and run corporations since the 1st corporation, dedicated to slave trade and colonial theft (VOC), was founded by one Cohen, its first CEO, belonged overwhelmingly to biblical sects, it goes without saying that profits refer to the owners of corporations, with exclusion of all other agents of economics that were at the time ‘not chosen’ – workers, consumers, ‘human cargo’, inferior 3rd world. This today is the core belief that guides the actions of corporations, though of course, their religious origins are ignored. Further on, corporative owners  added during the corrupted age of colonials, to its astounding legal privileges ‘anonymous’ responsibility. Thus in the XIX c. they became the ‘modern aristocrats’ of the world, the stockrats who have monopoly in the control of the social language of power (money) as aristocrats had in the middle ages (then weapons), when they could not be judged and only they carried weapons.

Today there is only a privileged people-caste in the planet, the owners of corporations, who don’t work, as aristocrats do, cannot be judged by the actions of their societies, as aristocrats couldn’t and monopolize the issue of the language of social power, money. And they can remain anonymous, invisible, reason why obviously any analysis of those privileges and alternative, democratic forms of social power, are forbidden. This does not happen in any science, not even in history. The history of finances though is secret; and the more so since II World war. So Mr. Rothschild could brag in the XIX c. that it ‘didnt matter whose puppet seats in the throne of Britain’ since ‘whoever controls its money supplies controls the empire’ and ‘i control its money supply’ as the biggest shareholder of the Bank of England. But now after the wars, holocausts and revolutions of the XX century he merely runs ‘The Economist’ and spreads the doctrine that only private bankers must issue money, escaping the part of whom does it, and how those who issue money control societies.

Money, of course, is just a digital language of information (paragraph 1), which controls hand in hand with laws, a verbal language of information, the values and goals of our society, and should therefore be issued and control democratically by chosen governments.

But in neo-classic economics this is nonsense. Money is go(l)d and the ‘chosen’ must issue it in monopoly through private banks and rule society with it, excluding democratic governments with deficit zero laws (buchanan) from doing so.

Fact is Mr. Smith, a client of the founder of the private bank of England, mr. Montagu, was basically a pamphletist for the bank who charged 6% of usury to England for printing its money as today the ECB bank does with european governments.

Then it comes the other ideology of Mr. Smith – Imperialism. So he affirmed that States according to the Imperial doctrine of the age must only pay for police, armies and jails where the non-chosen of go(l)d, poor and vagrants must be kept on check.

Finally, as a friend of Mr. Watt, and XVIII century, enlightened member, science was for Mr. Smith the absolute wonder.

So Machines became also a gift of god, a sign of progress, the future, and they are always good, specially weapons that hold the empire. Machines increase the productivity, displacing labor, but this is good because they increase profits. So machines will keep making humans obsolete as workers and soldiers in labor and war fields (Ricardo, Marx), but this is good for profits. Machines are nothing though but memes of metal that we construct imitating our biological organs which they enhance but also atrophy and subsitute. So they should be understood as we do in biological terms according to their symbiotic and competitive, darwinian relationships and regulated, as we regulate AIDs viruses, forbidding their reproduction when they are lethal to mankind or promoting them when they are positive.

But again this is non-sense for the go(l)d believer. The Nobel prize cannot be given to an evolutionist because Nobel was a pious believer. Universities spend fortunes evolving robots because technology is progress. Weapons, needless to say ‘defend our nation’, etc. etc.

But when we consider objectively all those arguments, what Smith and their followers meant is that for religious reasons, society must be divided into the owners of corporations who seek profits as chosen of any denomination of biblical supremacism, and are entitled to monopolize the creation of money for their private agenda, and have memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, ‘the wealth of nations’ to impose their power, and the rest of society who has no rights as no chosen, workers, consumers, democratic governments, 3rd world people, life, gaia, etc.

And this now is ‘science’ perfectly designed with ‘damned lies and statistics’, as Intelligent Design pretends to pass as science, with complicated arguments or nationalism pretends that the Homo Americanus is different from the Homo Mexicanus or Homo Britannicus and must fight with weapons for global supremacy, NOT part of the Homo Sapiens species that must collaborate to create a sustainable world. And yet today the imprinting of man with ‘idologies’ of metal is so deep that not to nobody in his ‘right’ mind will argue that nationalism is a fascist doctrine and classic economics a classist, religious, bigot, antidemocratic praxis on how to rule societies with digital information. But as we shall prove Classic economics fails all the tests of the scientific method and must be considered merely an ideology of biblical and imperial power, first adopted by the British Empire and now by the Jewish-American empire, and anyone who oppose it will be censored and ignored by academia.

How mankind pretends to come out of this astounding existential impasse – the robotic r=evolution – ruled by a series of myths, power monopolies and runaway confrontations? The answer is we will not come out of this crisis. The elite will keep selling us ‘imaginary menaces’ as they pump up the profits of the robotic military industry. And neo-classic experts will keep preaching as their forebears, banker-priests did, salvation in the future, after death, as long as we give them our money, taxes and usury debt.

And economists will keep preaching the substitution of workers and soldiers by machines, to increase productivity = capital/labor = profits in companies. So we shall keep living in a world ruled and parasited by a minority of biblical supremacists that pass as scientists in their financial and industrial corporations, which on top will censor any freedom of thought and serious scientific analysis. So this paper can be just erased from google scholar without appealing because some member of a minority’ makes an  anonymous delation ‘inquisition style’, but as in any inquisitorial court I have yet to be informed of the details of the accusation, and the condemn has been already implemented. And this in a community that brags of trying to work for a sustainable world – though increasingly in the hands of ‘money’, as those world congresses of systems sciences and cybernetics are more and more focused in the evolution of robotics and computer systems. And so one can see the invasion and ‘modelling’ by money and electronics of the entire psyche and culture and sciences of mankind.

The fundamentalist believer today is educated in universities without any serious analysis of A) data on the history of finances (as the historic school of economics is censored) and so he ignores  the origin of his ‘dismal science’, which is power ideologies. He is just imprinted with dogmas he considers rational truths, such as the dogma of ‘inflation’, the biggest taboo of neo-classic economics. Inflation is evil though only because as prices go up, it lowers the value of debts, hence the profits of banks. But inflation is good. Any language is inflationary meaning you talk more than you act, since you need to reflect on your actions. So you create more money and some is wasted but only  with inflation by creating ‘deficit’, money, the language of social power kicks out the economy. So there is a mathematical  Phillips curve that proves to create employment one has to invent money, pay salaries and hence as money  looses some value it creates inflation=jobs. So you must choose two policies, between profits for bankers (neoclassic ideology) or growth in the real economy (science of economics that cares for workers) with some inflation.

So now you would think states would accept inflation, print money for the real economy and grow. That would be a democracy, but you live in a theocracy of banker-priests. So the Fed and the ECB – european bank created by banking lobbies – does not issue money to the real economy. The ECB only creates it for  banks that racket a 6% of usury and has as only mandate to prevent inflation. What their policies tell us is that  all european nations are colonies of an usury bank, XVIII c. style, because neo-classic economists have devolved back to the primitive XVIII century economical policies, and they keep ruining europe with the fundamentalist beliefs of Mr. Smith.

A simple proof of the anti-human policies of those bankers. When unemployment diminishes, when jobs are created the stock-market plummets. WHy? Because their purposes are opposed. The ECB and FED print money for bankers, which they use liberally to speculate, jacking upwards the prices of stocks NOT to invest in the real economy. This everybody knows – money is created by central bankers and stock-market corporations only for themselves, to increase with each trade artificially the price of stocks. It is as a spanish proverb says ‘yo me lo guiso yo me lo como’ ( i cook the meal, i eat alone). The concept is that money must only be issued by bankers for bankers whose only purpose is to become more billonaires, as the rest of society matters not in a capitalist theocracy. But all this which was perfectly understood and spoke directly before II World war, now must be hidden with a ‘caring mask’ to feed the ‘virtual dream’ of living in a Democracy, not in a capitalist Theocracy.

So what happens is this: bankers, like Mr Bernanke at the FEd tell us that he will print money for free for the American (bankers to speculate in markets and create more digital money for themselves and their corporations), but he ‘adds’ this is done to lower unemployment. He, who opposed to save GM with 15 billions while giving 200 billions to AIG for the international bankers to keep it, needs this excuse. I will print money for speuclation BUT because this will lower unemployment. Now as the economic structure of America is re-organizing itself around the robotic revolution and exporting unemployment worldwide (for example, Apple is bringing 3 million jobs from China, BUT for robots. it will therefore fire 3 million chinese workers and create 10.000 human jobs and 5 million robots in California), unemployment is going down in America with creation of 3rd rate jobs that robots cannot make – hamburguer kind, and a few top jobs for robotists and electronic engineers and the military, as it is coming out the crisis German style (30s).

This is the background. So the Fed will stop printing money caught in its excuse, after creating a 15000 point-bubble in the market. And so the market tells us the reality: human workers are totally as they have always been in a capitalist theocracy expendable, their rights are null, and what we are doing is destroying their safety net and jobs created in the welfare system to produce fruits of the tree of life, giving money to corporations to speculate and put robots on their place and all this is good as long as it increases the profits of our biblical elites.

In a democracy though, money and laws would be both printed by governments and spent in society. Socialism only means ‘democracy’ in economic terms, because society are all. But this is called in the jargon of Neo-classic economics ‘the tyranny of the majority’ (Buchanan).  Capitalism has nothing to do with democracy as militarism doesnt. Both are in fact sides of the same coins as weapons are the most profitable industries. So capitalism produces war for profits as it does now. And simply twists with complicated neo-classic arguments its core belief: that some are more chosen and have more rights, to rule, because people are essentially ‘goyyim’, ‘animals’, stupid and so are their governments (Hakek’s thesis latter explained in more detail). But who are those bankers. This is censored as in any theocracy the name of go(l)d cannot be uttered.

What they tell us, Mr. Trichet a Jewish-French, Mr. Lagarde, a Jewish-french, Mr. Draghi, a Jewish-Italian, Mr. Carney, a Jewish-canadian ruling on the British bank, Mr. Bernake, a Jewish-American, etc. etc. (shall i say just a jewish-banker,  but yes, i know this is called anti-$emitism, you never must reveal who stole our democratic rights to issue money, i call that absolute power, when you cannot even mention the name of the ruler, closer to a bronze age theocracy where the name of God could not be pronounced), is that only the owners of banks must run societies, get profits and parasite for free, as ‘chosen’. something, they did during the XIX and XX century till the system broke totally in wars, revolutions and holocausts where of course, only the poor of this society die, so the stockratic elite couldn’t care less to stop the process – it even takes advantage cynically mourning those they abandon, as if a spanish aristocrat would mourn for the peasants he kills of hunger or let’s die in wars.

Now, on my mother’s side there are dozens of sephardim accountants,  peddlers of those banker-priests that ruin nations and on top cause the mob to kill us as scapegoats, so I can speak and I will speak clearly: Jewish bankers should make a r=evolution of their theocratic thoughts, disguised cunningly but still theocratic thouhts  and give ‘to caesar what belongs to caesar’ – give the rights to issue money to states, and if working for states in central banks adopt policies for the people not for their croony private bankers that will employ them in goldman et all when they abandon their political positions. As Continental Europe has done in the brief periods in which it was run as real democracies, with control in the issue of money by elected governments, creating the closest world to a human paradise – the postwar welfare state – mankind has known precisely because germanic warriors and jewish bankers were no longer directing in a hierarchical, anti-democratic, tyranrical manner our history.

Here is the difference of culture between bibilical theocracies based in money (Calvin, Aaron, British-jewish cultures) or weapons and genocides (Luther, Moses, Germanic-Totalitarian, Nazi-Stalinist ones) and rational, humanist, social cultures (American, French and Russian R=evolutions while they lasted – till Hamilton, Napoleon and Stalin destroyed them, to resurrect in brief periods, notably after II world war).

The French Revolution happened after the scam of the Louisiana Company that sold for gold ‘future gold mines’ in lousiana swamps. Then the French understood a democracy must issue both, bills of law and bills of money or else it is not a democracy. In Britain at the same time the scam of the south seas bubble, selling future gold from patagonia did NOT cause a revolution. The bankers became more powerful paying off aristocrats, and because the people believed already in the biblical theocracy the brits did not rebel.

And so they never had a democracy except in the brief post WWII era when the Bank of England was nationalized. And so we created two ways of democracy. Capitalism, not a democracy at all, in the anglo world and social democracies, the only form of democracy, in Europe and AMerica, but once and again, the bankers came back and destroyed our democracies, our civilization which is NOT the germanic cult(ure) of weapons, neither the english cult(ure) of Go(l)d but the culture of art, reason, freedom of speech, history, democracy and the scientific method, the latin culture, so much despised by the fundamentalist. I would agree though in a problem we have in this culture: we forgive and forget perhaps too much. We forgot the Germ(an)s who caused a war that killed 66 million, not only 6 million Jewish – that is the industry of the Holocaust, where some victims are more chosen than others – 1/4th of the people of the paysos catalans died then to fascism, and we are not 80 years latter forbidding any criticism on our country with that excuse. We forgot the Jewish bankers who racketed usury and slave trade for 2000 years since the fall of the Roman Empire. And so now we have them both again, abusing our laws, taking our money, printing it for their machines, weapons and memes of metal. This is the paradox of history – the best, the rational, the humane, die to weapons in body and to the hypnotism of gold in mind.

So now a ‘jewish troyka’, whose memetic origin,  we cannot even mention, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hollande, govern Europe and a ‘house negro’ governs America, pumping up the ego-trips of Empire for the masses to sacrifice with 3 ‘real’ goals BEHIND THE ASTOUNDING NOISE OF ‘all for the people without the people’ message of caring and governance:

– To provide troops and make profits with weapons, on the ‘war on terror’ that should be dealt as always with police and intelligence, NOT with troops, as terrorism is NOT war, and only tuning it down as Spain and Great Britain has done, and being ‘balanced’ in the understanding of the national claims of those people the problem is solved (Basques, Irish, in the War on Terror Palestinians, living in an apartheid state, the true problem origin of all those wars that goes against all the principles of democracy). Instead America has spent 4 trillion $ in wars for profits and for Israel in the last 20 years. ANd obviously escalated the war to a point in which the evolution of robotic weapons, today the main industry of Israel seems necessary.

– to tax every citizen with usury debt-money, to make Mr. Gross, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Draghi et al – the private bankers that rule the world – billionaires. This is against all the rights of nations to issue money for the real economy. Europe has negative growth unlike China with 10% growth because the money is issued not for the state and the economy but for speculation or for the usury 6% of debt nations borrow. America at least can print its money but the money is spent in speculation in markets and for wars. So the problem will end up even worst as it is NOT fuelling real jobs for the real economy.

– And to keep enslaving mankind to the profits of corporations instilling in them as only goals of existence to reproduce=work for machines and evolve=test=consume them. This is the ultimate core problem – the system is not human, it sucks in all the profits and work of mankind to evolve machines with utter disregard of human needs.

This is the project for the western world under the capitalist, financial ‘idol-ogical’ jewish-calvinist Theocracy which the financial-media passes  as expertise, science, caring democracy, security against the evil empire of 3rd world  peasants with an attitude. It is pure madness and it has all to do with the fact that the go(l)d and sword cultures of jewish-germanic origin discovered first gold and weapons and adopted so LONG ago the anti-democratic, anti-human values of greed and murder that they seem unable to adapt and adopt the higher, enlightened rational culture the American founding fathers and French revolution tries to instill on them.

How something so negative for mankind as this ‘new project’ of capitalist theocracies can be imposed so easily? How can the western european-american people believe he lives in a democracy after throwing all the rational conquest of the past 2 centuries? How can we believe we are free as we get more debt-usury chains, more big brother electronic systems of control?

In the first legal code of history, the Hammurabi code, the word freedom is equivalent to lack of debt and the state, realizing there was neither economic growth no freedom with usury debt, condomened periodically all usury debts to ‘set free’ their citizens. Nations that do not control the issue of money are not free. And today the western nations are as in the XIX century slaves of their banksters, and those banksters are as always overwhelmingly belonging to the nation of israel. This is the dictatorship we live in, stronger in America than in Europe; and this is the problem wester nations face, because their model, their humanist, welfare civilization is far more humane, it has a human future, it can create a sustainable world but under a biblical theocracy that cannot be even named, where men are always ‘evil’, and must be punished, where memes of metal are always good, where racism is endemic to those religious texts (so the Ham damnation established that negroes and arabs are inferior to dogs, reason why slavery was accepted by biblical corporations and today Israel has no problem establishing a harsh apartheid with laws copycat of Hitler’s ones)…

Of course Jihad Islam is a problem, but there have always been 3rd world primitive bigots and to blow up their danger as the yellow press did with colonial negroes or Indian ghost dances is far more bigotry.

How many people have died of terrorism in the past decade. An INFINITESIMAL AMOUNT COMPARED TO THE PEOPLE THAT DIE OF CORPORATIVE ACTIONS, OF MILITARISM, ON WARS FOR PROFITS LIKE IRAK OR AFGHANISTAN. This is the excuse to build a neo-fascist global world.

People are essentially non-rational, memetic believers, tabula rassas that believe in the system, and need truly to live in a hellish world to change that belief, and this is what the FMMI system takes advantage of. The American case, today a military dictatorship quite similar to the Weimar Republic, is obvious. The American will toil unending hours to pay taxes for banksters, will die to defend Apartheid Israel as he has been doing for 20 years, will let the state to tag him, spy on him, reduce his freedoms, forbid his freedom of speech, will let Tvs instill hate, will live in paranoia, thinking a few 3rd world peasants in a mule are a bigger menace that Hitler was – when all countries fight terrorism, with police, and do NOT spend 1/2 of their budget in robotic weapons to do so… and will feel tremendously offended in their ‘nationlistic’ memes, if you insinuate he is a slave of his banksters, his nation has become a neo-nazi world in the making just to keep believing in the system.

In that regard, the most astonishing fact of the dictatorship of capitalism as any other dictatorship is the easiness by which humans can accept slavery and confuse it with freedom. As it happened in Russia under stalin, Germany under hitler, Spain under Franco, Americans under the dictatorship of the Jewish Party, much harsher than those of the previous dictatorships where at least any member of Russia could belong to the party, more akin to the Nazi Germany where race, as it happens in America defines your position in society, love more than ever their dictators. Anyone who arrives to that country from outside realizes of the situation quite fast. In my case I joined the party for a while as i had the racial pedigree but I had to quit because as in the temptations of Christ, it is a party that corrupts your soul. Indeed, the essence of the Jewish project for mankind is the collective degradation of all, for them to come on top. This was first practiced in the 11 tribes with their repression of life memes, expanded to the protestant culture, then to the American culture and now to the world.

The proposal of the rational European-American culture and revolution, based in the memes of life and love was the opposite – to make all humans better, but iron killed the 4 American prophets, the kennedy brothers, Luther and Malcolm and from then on it has been all downwards. Ultimately the pure man in his essence has been defeated by the combination of a stronger metal and a lesser culture and human being (it remains to see if the semitic and germanic visual, dolicocephalic, selfish, primitive way of thought is a Neanderthal treat as we argue in our post on the origin of animetal cultures) – exactly the opposite of the myths of superiority of those 2 cult(ure)s. And so it perhaps was unavoidable. But if is not it would be because the true european-american culture resurrects, allied perhaps to the also highly banlanced and rational chines culture and end once and for all with the biblical theocracy – obviously its memes, its control of money, not its people.

The answer Europe and America should give to them, if there were still any politician left with some pride of their culture, some self-respect and some stamina is this ‘stop parasiting mankind, causing the hate of people, their ruin, the wars and holocausts, the 30s bis again’.

But since they will not, why they should? It is all profits for them… At the end as in all previous cycles of history, regardless of what virtual lies or ‘ideological superstructures’ were put on top to disguse the process, THE SAME TRAGEDIES WILL HAPPEN. At the end the military or the people in fascist or revolutionary coup detats will  act, man up, think up and stop this astounding ab=use of all the resources of the planet to feed the myths of Baal, provoking probably an even worst-situation of civil wars.

This IS not the solution BUT THE FINAl nail in the coffin of a process that reason, eusocial love, respect for life, true democracy and true equal rights for all human beings could solve. The European-American culture who sponsered those memes in their revolutions is far superior in reason, humanity and future than the inquisitions of thought of our banker-priests and it is indeed ‘pathetic’ how it has been conquered and corrupted and now it is just a puppet of the wrong project for mankind. We were too good, we forgave and forgot. And it seems those who are killing Gaia, life and history never forget, never forgive, and “NEVER LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES, so the tragedies of history repeat again’ (Marcel Proust, memetically Christian, Latin, French and artist of the pleasures of life, r=evolved from its theocratic previous memes as a genetic Jewish – an essential difference we must make, as the problem are memes, not races, all being Homo Sapiens, who choose through culture to love mankind and life or to destroy it with the bad fruits of the tree of science).

Marcel is right. Religious fundamentalism, indeed never has a nice end.  For the believer it might seem obvious that Islam will rule the world, that go(l)d will rule the world, but at the end the action-reaction processes of the Universe tumble those beliefs.

the essential doctrine of the Banker-priests of the bronze age is that they are a superior race because they had the fetish go(l)d and could enslave inferior humans with its hypnotic power, written ad nauseam in the Talmud: we are superior as a race, BECAUSE MEN ARE INFERIOR BEASTS, goyyim, animals and we have the fetish of go(l)d. Now this is a capitalist theocracy expressed in all kind of ‘experts’ information. Consider for example what Miss Lagarde asked the Muslim brothers now ousted by a coup d’etat to give them a misery loan: to cut SUBVENTIONS TO WATER AND BREAD in a country where 50% of people live under poverty line and cannot BUY FOOD AND WATER without subventions. This was an order to kill AROUND 100.000 EGYPTIANS, mostly children and women, while at the same time the western world gives around 2 billion $ of hard cash to the egyptian army to buy weapons and buy its peace with Israel. This is MURDER under the expertise of the heiress of the Lagarde and Freres speculative firm that HAS A POSITION THAT IS SUPPOSED TO EXIST AS AN ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS TO HELP 3RD WORLD PEOPLE TO SURVIVE!!! And wht the financial-media ysstem tell us instead? That Egypt economy is going bad because it has no credit because it does not want ‘to adjust the economy’.

Biblical supremacism of any denomination including the modern ‘capitalist theocracy’ is NOT a spiritual religion but a material religion, who never cared for understanding the Universe, but only for raw historic power based in gold as the Millenarian prophecy quoted above explains. The millenarian goal is an empire based in go(l)d where all men are slaves. The III Reich and the millenarism of Mr. Hitler, nee frankenheimer (a mazerim of a wealthy jewish grand-father as genetic studies have proved) are taken from the Talmudian milenarism.

This is what the reformers of biblical supremacism from Moses to Jesus, to Mendelson, to the socialists Jewish heroes, from Lasalle to Marx to Trostky, to the 60s r=evolutionaries tried to explain. And yet they failed because the elite of banker priests, the nathans and aarons and rothschilds and Lagardes and Bernankes and Tritchets and Friedman have never changed.

How many people have to die for a few thousand corrupted ‘idol-ogists’ to keep power? The answer is ‘all mankind’, including them.

All this though goes through because it is extremely camouflaged and disguised by political and economical correctness, as those love and life messages of the humanist writers who want to save mankind, who have the right memes, who speak the truth, who give the solutions are systematically censored and sacrificed to the altar of Mammon, crucified by Germanic warriors (Pilatos) and Go(l)d Priests (caifas).

Humans have no future under such ‘idol-ogical’ leadership. You will live a happy world till one day all collapses, and suddenly you will be in war, holocaust, death, terminator scenes. You will wake up one day and it will no longer be a world ruled by men. It is probably no longer a human world. Chips today define all, from science, to polls, from audiovisual manufactured brains to the profits of corporations whose lobbies pay the laws of the land. But THIS WAS AVOIDABLE, AND THOSE WHO BELONG to humanist cultures, know it. What we will not buy is the pretension that this was necessary, destiny and the only path.

And the present monolithic control of human social sciences by Biblical supremacists designing the world with their pretension of ‘expertise’ according to Mr. Smith’s pious musings will not be an exception.

The end of this process is of course written by the scientific method in the cycles of history and as the American Weimar republic collapses this decade, we will sse repeated the events that happened in Germany with a ‘different rhyme’, but the same causality. Does anyone care to solve the crisis before it is impossible to solve it? of course, not as long as censorship works and the ‘future will provide’ in a religious fashion. Pessimism=realism=science is out of the question. We must walk together Pantzer style as lemmings do towards the cliff of no return of a III robotic series of splendid little wars and increasing repression XIX century british style of all those who do not ‘understand’ our experts  future solution. This future solution is written in a Keynesian fashion, ‘in the future we will all be dead’, applying what Keynes explained as the ‘neo-classic, capitalist belief’: ‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

The solutions of the crisis though, explained in detail at the end of this post, are still the same proposed by the historic, socialist, keynesian and biological schools which if creationist economics did not control this science, its think tanks, prizes and power rooms it would stop the absurdity of the present runaway strategy of taking the industrial revolution to its foreseeable consequences, the extinction of life and the substitution of man for a terraformed planet of memes of metal. The western believer thinks it is impossible to control technology because this is blasphemy for its creationist, ‘intelligent design’ of the world, as the Yihadist finds impossible that the future world won’t be islamic or the Jewish-protestant go(l)d believer finds absurd that the rest of humans want to have the right to issue money through democratically elected governments, but to stop this crisis would be as simple as a legal ban on robotics, the same way some countries ban weapons and all ban chemical labs of aids viruses.

The only reason we walk towards self-destruction are our beliefs and fear to think rationally. This frame of mind, alien to continental europe though is proper of the Northern and Southern cultures – germanic and semitic people – who seem to be still in an anthropocentric, subjective, pre-rational, emotional, point of view, and that is why we have put on top the Aristotle’s dictum ‘people are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. Today people are slaves of machines and profits, of the memes re=produced by corporations, but slaves have no rights and when they are no longer useful they are discharged. They cannot see this future because parallel to the ‘programming’ by corporations during centuries, to make of humans just reproducers=workers and vitalizers=consumers of machines, in the jewish-protestant capitalist culture, all human biological drives have been ‘neutered’, from good food to human reproduction (sex) to eusocial evolution (social love), to verbal truths substituted by digital prices… They are ‘sin’, so by denying even hating human nature, the corporative slave will work to reproduce and evolve machines.

When you are born in the first rational culture of mankind, the southern, latin european enlightened post French r=evolutionary culture, expanded by the Founding Fathers to the American classic culture – before biblical supremacists took over the right to print American money for which Americans have fought their independence war  (see paragraph 10), you know what they have lost, as soon as you land in the land of the ‘free’. This European-American rational, humanist culture in which man as the center of the Universe, was the path to human enlightenment and survival  now is gone – the neo-con revolution has destroyed it by sheer metal-power, secrecy and the mental degradation of mankind.

They are though only the puppets of the financial-media/military-industrial complex, the growing organism of corporations and company-mothers that is terraforming the Earth and making humans obsolete. They might be on top but they will also be discharged.

This is not necessary but it is happening, even within  the small groups of systemic scientists, humanist artists, eusocial love religions and intelligent people who 20 years ago would find the present world an abomination. So what refuge is left to the ‘lonely wolves’ who still feel human. The answer is beyond history in the perfection of the organic Universe (5D and general systems sciences posts).

From the present view of a single human, we are nothing. eviL=anti-life memes have won. But from the perspective above religious, economical bigots  men are still  the measure of all things made to the image and likeness of the true god, the mind of the organic, fractal Universe – which general systems sciences describe and i have formalized with the metrics of the 5th dimension. From that higher view one can still feel reconciled with the Universe, a fractal of infinite planets in which the game of history is played and in some, bigots passing as victims do not win and destroy the world. If this scale did not exist one might think really that a goat-keeper of the bronze age and his idolatric bro are right. But when the mind ‘sees’ the whole in its beauty, strength and intelligence only a word comes to the mind observing the vile reductionism of humans in this dark ages, ‘pathetic’.

But we, as humans, live trapped in the ‘dark ages’ of religious fundamentalisms, which are spreading even in those sciences like systems or biology, now also to the service of technology and the creation of the golems that will destroy us. Of course, some of us are not yet machines programmed by machines; some of us still know we have a higher truth than the mechanical numbers that today tag mankind, since we still reason, and we still love man as one of the potentially most perfect designs of Nature. But in this planet man is not passing the cut. They of course will be happy and feel to have a destiny as any computer does. Indeed, if you are born in a slave culture based in memetic beliefs of any kind, as a computer programmed, your tabula rassa will believe anything. This is perhaps the biggest paradox of the now globalized culture of company-mothers of machines and their human slaves – the modern, young American, of the Y and Z generations that never lived the free America now deceased, thinks he is free because he confuses ‘freedom’ with the program company-mothers of machines instill in him – to choose works among corporations, to reproduce and evolve machines, to consume them – is HIS freedom. He cannot understand this is its program, its slavery to the future of machines for whom he toils unending hours, because what makes a man free, he ignores or despises.

There are of course free people all over the world, and if you are still reading you must be one of them. At one point though all humans will become automatons, closer to machines that to life, as many already are. Then the transition to a mechanical world will seem rather natural. And our invisible dictators will find that after all they were not made of gold brains and steel bodies as robots are, and their role in history was not to be the superior race their racist biblical memes tell them, but just ‘enzymen’, slavish assemblers that put together the pieces of the new species, virally infected as cellular DNA is by the virus of greed, the fetish of go(l)d… that their destiny was deserved even if they were warned, because they never upgraded their rational mind to the scientific method, understood the future and resolve it.

But their destiny will only be ours if we do not defy such capitalist theocracy, with all its traps and false placebo carings. As long as men do not free their minds from those chains of beliefs their destiny written in the cycles of greed and murder that define their history will be ours.
Unfortunately all my life I have searched for Lots able to defy the inhabitants of gomorra, the city of war, and sodoma the city of Gold and found not enough critical mass to change that destiny. Only placebo groups, and it seems the systemic community is one of those… One thing though our theocratic dictators must understand. Humans can loose but THEY CANNOT WIN. Their racist pyramidal project will never be. Because they are also human. And their destiny is the same of all of us. So it should be only natural that our financial and political neurons, on view of the evident collapse of Gaia, the earth of life, would have ‘taken it easy’ with its obsessive search for go(l)d and techno-utopia, and halted the evolution of lethal goods, fostering a world of healthy wealth, of welfare, enjoying life.

But nothing of this happened. On the contrary, censorship has grown stronger on any alternative scientific model of the economic ecosystem that does not cater the ‘idol-ogies’ of power of the 0.02% that controls the system… as owners of corporations and its networks of informative machines (financial-media digital networks that manufacture money and the brain of the people) and its networks of energetic machines (the industrial-military complex that manufacture them).

This ideology is simple: we must always be positive about machines and weapons, because they give added energy and information power to humans, even if they compete with us and ultimately will make us obsolete. And not control them, because their overproduction and sale gives profits to the 0.02%, which the economist veblen called the ‘Leisure class’ for which we all work.

And anyone who opposes this power idol-ogy (where those memes of metal, money weapons and machines are our social idols), and does not call it ‘science’ must be censored. In fact, after 3 years of giving those conferences, the association received menaces of suits from a minority member and a politically correct ‘association’, which prompted them to cancel both the conferences and the papers and prompted me to start up this blog.

Problem is economics as it was founded and still survives today is NOT a science but a creationist theory of entitled chosen humans similar to creationist biology, hauling from the religion  that ‘invented’ capitalism:  the go(l)d fetish, segregating, biblical religion of the first owners of corporations, which consider money the ‘language of god’ – Calvin, and its ‘invisible hand’ – Smith – which can neither be studied rationally as a mere language of information nor challenged – making the purpose of our society its unlimited reproduction at all costs…

So obviously once you realize that being a scientist of history and the economic ecosystem in search of truth is to be ‘blasphemous’ against the religion of go(l)d and the 0.02% things get a bit harsher. After all in many religious countries, such as Pakistan ‘blasphemy’ carries death penalty today. Blasphemy against the no-future of mankind in a robotic world of growing obsolescence of humanity seems also to carry the penalty of the Law of Silence…  And there is little to do against that penalty, except trying to spread the wor(l)d through very limited means such as this blog, on the hope word of mouth might act (all this material can be reproduced freely, just quoting the site).  This I said, because unlike my years of serious scholarship, I do not abide by the rules of political, economical correctness and the Chicago Manual of style. I am like the 99% very angry at the fact that we shall all perish soon because a very small bigot cultural elite in the western world has decided to do nothing and make impossible others to change the world for the better, because they ‘die’ for their go(l)d cult.

In brief or the 0.02% of owners of corporations  and politicos in power, take seriously the science of the economic system and reform it, or the 99% makes a r=evolution and reforms the  FMMI system (the Financial Media system with its ‘head’ of informative machine-networks and its ‘body’ of Military-industrial COMPLEX system of energetic machines, which together form in the parlance of systems sciences a super organism of machines); and put it to the service of the real goal of mankind which is NOT to evolve the metal-earth, but to evolve a global super organism of human beings that cater first to our needs. Or we won’t make it pass the ‘zenith of the robotic radiation’, when according to those cycles circa 2080, robots far outweigh man in numbers, intelligence and force. As processes of extinction in nature are not conscious, but merely caused by the fact that a species, multiplies in larger numbers and corner other species taking away its vital space.

What will not happen is a reform of the system, coming from the Leisure Class, as it has never happened. Their only role is to ‘litter the mind of man’ with all kind of happy dreams and self-serving idol-ogies to keep on power, per in secula seculorum, till they also become obsolete and an autonomous world or solar skin-robots displaces them. But this final gottendamerung is far removed from our problems today , at the beginning of a process in which robots will increasingly eliminate billions of workers and soldiers competing with them in labor and war fields, while ‘sold-out’ experts keep churning ‘sophisticated digital arguments’ to convince the ‘sheeple’ that to die for the 0.02% fat billionaire accounts – the likes of Trump and its cabinet – it is ok, because we humans are expendable, worth nothing in terms of productivity costs and must be always replaced by a mechanism and shot-down if we protest.

Of course, the only thing that the 1% of managers of corporations and the 0.02% Financial-Media masters/owners, who print 90% of the world’s e-money in stocks and distribute only idol-ogies in favor of the anti-human system, care about is, by this order, their wealth, their irresponsible dolce-fare niente, and since that attitude will murder them and us ‘all over again’, in the last place their life.

So they just react against you when you tell them, it is amazingly unjust that due to their monopoly on the issue of money, the language of social power of mankind, they own 90% of the world’s wealth; and that is the end both of democracy and a future for all of us; since at the end of all those cycles of overproduction of machines, weapons and money, there is first a war that murders the 99% and then a r=evolution or holocaust that murders the 1%. But that is what it happens, because even in the wort conditions we are all humans and the Universe will deliver the same rewards positive or negative to the species.

And they censor you and anyone who tries to ‘make them work for mankind’, instead of wasting the little time left to history with absurd idol-ogical quarrels, wars, ego-trips of power, greed and corruption.

And finally they whine and whine and whine telling you not to r=evolve. And then they die… What they forget always is the law of the land, which is not the entitled chosen of go(l)d musings of an Aaron, a Calvin, a Smith and a Hayek, but the darwinian laws of nature. So there will indeed be a r=evolution that will oust the 0,02% and the question is: it will be human or mechanical, for the 99% or the machine; peaceful or violent; an act of social responsibility or an act of greedy, callous, blind murder and self-suicide?

The choice of cult(ure) and language of social power has defined our future as a species.

All this said is obvious that the biological individual matters nothing – we are all human. But the physiological systems of the speprorganisms of mankind and its cultures and values do matter. In history we must first explain that the choice was always between running the world as a worm with go(l)d values and as a mammal with wor(l)d values, on top.
from here we introduce the automatic fact that a system run with a language has a future determined by the values of that language.
And from there we can introduce the fact that certain cultures choose certain languages – animetals that choose gold and iron values long long ago, and still today dominate both languages – the jewish-protestant biblical culture of go(l)d and the Germanic, Arab culture of weapons. On the other hand, humanist verbal cults, the Latin, Mediterranean, South-European culture and the Chinese culture chose the values of the wor(l)d to rule the future and design a world to our image and likeness:


A choice of future has been made subconsciously according to which language we have decided to rule the world with. A robot has an iron body and a gold mind of chips. So capitalist-militaristic go(l)diron cultures, chose to worship whatever it takes metal-memes and they have constructed a future of machines, of robots, human cultures chose the organic view of man as the centre of the Universe and its wor(l)d values and they tried to design a rational, artistic, humanist world. As they failed in the battle of history we are now just watching the final phase of the animetal culture, of believers in gold and the machine, which peaks in the Biblical-Germanic North-European->American culture. As a member of the humanist culture i accept defeat. I am thus chronicling the future according to the laws of systems sciences and the values of go(l)diron cultures. A choice was made long ago through the battles of history between both cultures. Metal won.
So the individual can do hardly anything when confronting a future designed by a culture that does not speak the language and values of its species, and this is why i have completely failed to change America, even at scholar level – the values of America are gold and iron values, with a faked placebo constitutional, verbal world, which is irrelevant to the true engine of the nation, and the belief that ‘it is money’ justifies it all.

And so the individual could not change, as the prophet of the wor(l)d meant nothing – the decision of their future, and as the globalised culture of the future of all us, was decided 200 years ago, when the founding enlightened humanist founding fathers of America, rejected the control of go(l)d of the dollar by the state, and gave it to private bankers, of the biblical jewish-calvinist go(l)d culture, which merely had to obey go(l)d values, whatever it takes, as they did, to arrive at this present point, of a world in the brink of life extinction, which has not even a simple understanding on why it becomes extinct.
Τhis is the key fact of social systems, we must explain  convincingly and then we can perfectly develop 2 kind of worlds through history as they develop on that graph though the battles of history.

On one side:
the gold iron culture of germanic and Semitic people, which through its internecine wars, which usually confronts gold and iron people (jewish vs. germans, jewish vs. arabs, british vs. germans and so on) and its colonial wars against verbal cultures of lesser technology always end up evolving mechanisms and massacring human beings.

On the other side, the 2 verbal, legal, failed cultures, which are the humanist chinese-latin cultures where the values of the world are on top. And yet they lost the war for the future. Since the limit of any chinese-latin master has been to make the gold-iron people understand this obvious fact: if you blindly follow the violent, greedy memes of iron and gold, you will die in wars and holocausts. It is a long battle, shown briefly in the next graphs almost 20 years old, and the battle was finally lost in america where the founding legal fathers let the gold-iron people win, with a private American bank and the weapons 2nd amendment that allowed everybody to carry weapons. It cre(dit)ated the America of today. And it is quite amazing they don’t realise when all went wrong, and when they became puppets of a non-human future, ruled by ‘primitive memes’, precisely the kind of memes they were trying to escape from in Europe. So America like every other nation today has basically on top a group of gold iron animetals, which are more extreme for cultural historic reasons in the anglo-american biblical culture, and then a mass of clueless human beings, who are a sheeple, dominated by them:

The duality of cultures in Europe AND America has always been between the rational, scientist, humanist r=evolutionary, legal wor(l)d of South-Western Europe, vs. the germanic/russian jewish/protestant go(l)d  and war northern, eastern culture, fundamentalist of money and war, or capitalist cultures of the north submitted to the anti-quantum paradox:

min. human evolution = maximal metal evolution.

Unfortunately the few northern biblical revolutions in favor of humanity (gospelian reformation, russian revolution, American r=evolutions) have faltered, easily repressed by go(l)d and (s)word believers who have always confronted the wor(l)d old roman empire, legal culture which puts limits to the evolution of the metal earth based in the ethics of the world. It is the game of history we humans are loosing through the waves of its civilisations, as the conjunction of go(l)d and weapons of higher profits have carried the day, given the ‘believers’ structure of the fundamentalist minds of animetal memes and cults, disguised of placebo humanism.

 But while the FMasters think this is the natural order of things as they are the $elected and as Roosevelt said, ‘presidents are selected not elected’… by go(l)d, the Universe would be indeed a very weird, imperfect reality if all this would happen for the leisure Class of Veblen’s book to lie on their penthouses fuking whores for go(l)d thinking is love. Not at all… We must understand that the Economic ecosystem BELONGS TO THE earth, which gives man 2 chances:
  • If ruled by the most evolved wor(l)d masters, who understand the 3 ‘vectors’ or ‘drives of life existence’ that make us truly thrive as human beings, doing what we are – feeding on Nature’s energy and enjoying it not in military drills but in sports and life motions; perceiving human information, art and words and true scientific knowledge, not audiovisual hate memes and hypnotic trash, and the highest of all goals, love that make us grow from the I-centered individual into the We, family and friends and community, THEN WE WILL SURVIVE, BECAUSE IN THE UNIVERSE RESPECT IS NOT GRANTED, IT MUST BE EARNED and we will have earned it.
  • If ruled by the most degraded wor(l)d masters, who have erase heads, guided by the subconscious values of go(l)d they do not admit to have, with its collateral effects on mankind – wholesale death at distance, we shall be substituted by a new species, robots, mostly cars=transport weapons (bodies) and mobile (heads) who will have the same 3 drives of life, the go(l)d culture renounces to: feeding on Nature’s energy with its autonomous solar skins; perceiving information with its natural ‘digital and visual minds’, and the highest of all goals, eusocial love, enhanced by telepathic, internet capacities and constant transfer of bodies into brains and brains into bodies (mobile brains re-attaching to different machines).
  • What will NOT happen is what the FMasters pretentiously expect: a world ran by them, reconverted in the future into machines by transferring their brains into digital neural networks, connected to other machines to feel ubermen, while most humans are extinguished in robotic wars or degraded into bestial existence on 3D virtual brains. Even if that were achieved, the reborn android wouldn’t be human and within days it would litter – function erase head – all his memories as a child with caring Mum, which will be alien to his metallic existence -as the ego is  A MAYA OF THE SENSES, which constantly change as the senses write the world cycle of time existence of the being – but all this belongs to philosophy of systems, sciences not the meaning of this web.
 OF COURSE, as long as humans live there is a possibility that the HUMAN ELITE of go(l)d believers converts to the values of life and survive, by ending once and for all the anti system we have built and apply the laws of social superorganisms to the design of the perfect world. But the body of a super organism is blind and it obeys its head. Moreover in the present world, when information is reproduced by and for machines, the Financial-Media system of informative, electronic machines ‘owned’ by the ‘israelis’, on top of the electronic age (not by the Americans, which are the equivalent to the British Empire, which had nothing to say, as all decisions were taken in london by the owners of the British Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system), all reduces to the decisions of the FMasters.
They could of course choose to direct mankind towards an immortal world, as we hoped in the 70s and 80s the American-Jewish people could do and make history immortal and survive. But the choice now is all too clear: they chose as the germans in the second cycle and the british in the first cycle, after the crash of the dot-com and the crash of the 2 planes in 11/9 to go for war – a decision however taken much longer in the 1970s.
And this is the responsibility of this culture: when the wall felt in Berlin, THE WORLD HAD A LAST CHANCE TO RESURRECT AND CREATE AN IMMORTAL HISTORY, BASED IN DIPLOMACY AND THE EVOLUTION TOGETHER OF ALL HUMANS INTO A SUPERORGANISM. The military dictatorship in which the old social r=evolution of Russia had ended, was gone. So in the Clinton age, there was a real chance for a better world. As it happened I was living then in NY, on top of the world, just finished Columbia University and the model of this blog, and a friend was shooting the campaign of this small politician from Arkansas, so i had a chance to pass them the model in a brief document. I knew then the elite of Judaism, the new generation now in power, then still young and idealist.
So THIS WAS THE KEY MOMENT OF MODERN HISTORY, and it could have been done, if the Israelis had decided to look at a human future, instead of deciding to look at the past, and rebuild a bronze age civilisation of hate memes, with weapons of the XXI century. The future thus have a name: Israel. And that future will not be good for mankind, which will become increasingly ‘Palestine’, but it won’t be good either for the elite, as the Guardiums and Terminators of this globally taking-off industry of mass murder will by the end of its cycle, become a perfect machine – an intelligent, globally connected, telepathic, embedded with survival programs and kill-humans programs platoon ‘swarm’ of weapons.
 So yes, OUR CHOICE of the wrong cultures, which we let RULE the world of money and weapons, is our demise, because we let the ‘golden rotten apples’ and ‘evil weapons’ of the tree of metal and those who put them above man to rule us all:


The result is that Humans become substituted by those species, which in the past were ‘go(l)d’ coins, money the head of the metal-earth and swords its bodies, which killed the eusocial mind of the human species with its greed values and its body with its violent values, and today is erasing its mind with fictions, and its body with wars, in a classic process of ‘predation’ (weapons), competition (labor machines) and parasitism (e-money taxation with speculative prices and debt slaves).



But of course, this ANTI-HUMAN SOLUTION, implemented by corporative economists denies our obvious biological truth – THAT WE MUST BUILD A WORLD TO THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HUMAN BEINGS AND PROVIDE THEM WITH BIOLOGICAL GOODS SO THEY SURVIVE BEFORE WE PROVIDE FOR MACHINES  is taboo among the ‘don’t worry be happy, macho-men of NRA, go(l)d believers in abrahamic churches, tv-glued virtual self-centred humans etc.

So all the subjective doctrines mankind applies to himself, in as much as objectivity, the trade mark of science does not exist in social sciences, where people do NOT have models but opinions. The question thus reduces in objective science to a simple fact: are robots and machines organisms of metal evolving according to the laws of darwinian evolution and selection of species? And if so, why economists and humans do NOT take measures to forbid them? 

The obvious answer to the first question is ‘yes’. Life is NOT anything but organisation, complex systems, which we humans transfer by imitation into robots, which doubling intelligence every 18 months (Moore’s law) will certainly reach the complexity to eliminate us from all labor and war fields. Why then biology is not applied to economics? The real answer, as i can testify after 30 years of doing biological models of economics and history is blatant self-centred censorship, which only allows to express those fact in science fiction and the substitution of macro-economics by a series of ‘pseudo-religious theories’, which come from techno-utopian and biblical believers, since the time of Adam Smith and have made the machine the ‘abstract God, symbol of future, and leif motif of mankind’. And of course as all systems become more complex, censorship today is very sophisticated, is ‘political and economical correctness’, ‘fiction thought’, human anthropomorphism, ‘manufacturing of brains’ (Chomsky) through mechanical information (the medium is the message) and many other processes we shall describe. in Earnest.

In that regard it is impossible to study economics and history as separate sciences, under two different languages, digital money and verbal ethics as economists and corporations try to do, AS IF THEIR ACTIONS DID NOT FULLY TRANSFORM HUMANITY, AND SHOULD BE THEREFORE REGULATED BY THE GOVERNMENTS THAT REPRESENT HUMANITY – AN astounding irresponsibility , which we will show at face value studying its historic origin in primitive, creationist  biblical go(l)d religions  (money is the language of god, said calvin, the invisible hand of god, said his disciple Adam smith, father of creationist economics), which astoundingly modern corrupted and ignorant politicians accept. Since economics in its dominant form is NOT a science but an ideology of power founded mostly on religious myths. And so it is clearly part of History, and its search for an ethic, just world (3).

Both are completely interconnected and the huge advance of this blog is to clearly show, how the languages of money and words direct the future of the world and explain the meaning of human ‘memetic cultures’ and their role in those super organisms, and how they should in a perfect world work together to create a world made to the image and likeness of man, not the machine.

And so those are the two fields this blog explores from the new perspectives of organic evolution, systems theory and theory of information.

Predictability does not mean determinism, but a more probable outcome. As there are several probable paths of future, of which only one will become certain: the universe is probabilistic, but some ‘histories’ are more likely to happen and once they happen they seem deterministic to us.

Obviously humans as they are weaker than machines, will be extinguished if they create A.I. but if they were intelligent enough to accept evolution and our limits, we would Not create A.I. but manage and forbid the lethal fruits of the tree of science, greedy, as the most sophisticated verbal culture – China – did with gunpowder , or we do today with lethal viruses.

Thus if the only purpose of mankind is to increase the GDP production of expensive ROBOTIC machines and weapons, there is no need for any military A.I. with intent to killi us, but the mere biological process of overproduction in which we live will cause an increasing obsolescence and reduced space for all other forms of life till extinction will be the natural choice: as the mechanical species which reproduces faster fills the economic ecosystem, leaving no place for the obsolete one.

+∆ GDP will make humans increasingly out of place, in a world of billions of robotised machines. All machines are now becoming robots, through the Internet of things and visual motion. All cars will become robots in a decade. Billions of cars reproduced in automated factories, moving around, cutting the Earth’s Nature into road lines, which now overrun animals but in the future might overrun us, when their intelligence reaches the threshold of consciousness  and those cars=tanks=planes with solar skins, autonomous, telepathic, decide no longer languish on closed parkings.

It is of course like science fiction – but as economists censor biological economics for the sake of profits, science fiction becomes the only place to consider ‘probable futures’.

Of course, the number of possible scenarios for extinction in a world populated by billions of robotic mechanisms are too many to write them all. Death happens when a ‘system is infected’ by a viral, massive reproduction of other species, in many possible way – what matters is the bottom line: WE CANNOT EXPECT TO SURVIVE IN A WORLD IN WHICH THE ONLY GOAL OF OUR SPECIES IS TO EVOLVE AND MULTIPLY ROBOTS – let us call machines by their real name; they are becoming robots, and robots are ‘organic metalife’, similar to ‘eusocial ants’, where the queen-ant (the company-mother), is the ‘intelligence’ of the super organism  which keeps reproducing those machines till they saturate the market. Extinction is NOT the purpose of any species. but it is the only solution to a limited ecosystem, where the previous species competes for space with the new one.  TO AVOID those scenarios would be easy if we humans had cared to evolve organically as a single species, and accepted the biological laws of this planet. BUT we haven’t. We have the mind littered with absurd idol-ogies, which make zero sense in this planet.

In brief we are not ruled by a science of economics but by ‘greed’, and the fetish beliefs that go(l)d, money is a superior language and so we have now to go further into systems sciences and explain what is  a language of information and how it values and selects the species of this planet.

In the case of money this implies, ‘hierarchical societies’ ruled by bankers; societies in which the most expensive goods, weapons and hate media are overproduced, to increase the issue and production of money.

Or in words of Cicero, the first man to understand the connection between weapons and money: ‘bellum nervi, pecunia infinita’.

Of course, the systemic over-reproduction of machines can be studied in abstract from the perspective of the 1% of engineers, stockrats and managers that profit from it through sales of machines to consumers, and of weapons to governments that use them to consume humans. And so this 1% with the power of machines and profits control society, and have a selfish agenda and ‘subjective non-scientific point of view’ about it, which has created the super-structure of idol-ogies, (ideologies in favor of the use of machines, from nationalism to justify war, to capitalism to justify money as the language of power, to techno-utopia and mechanism, etc.) A SCIENTIST THUS must consider their worldview in terms of power-idologies, not of science. As power ideologies are ‘beliefs’ and praxis of power, not objective reality, based in SOME PRIVILEGE AND DOGMAS that sustain it.

The privilege of economists and corporations is simple: to issue in monopoly the money of society, its language of power. And ALL WHAT WE CALL CLASSIC ECONOMICS – the only one allowed to rule societies – is ultimately derived of the defense of this privilege that implies HUMANS AND ITS governments do not have the right to issue money – less than 10% of global money is produced by governments for welfare states. More than 90% is produced in stocks and e-money derivatives for corporations.

And so ‘the monopoly in the issue of money’, and the overproduction of memes of metal to sale them for profits is the abstract view of the 1%. BUT THAT IS THE MAGIC OF ECOSYSTEMS, THIS process converts humans in biological terms in ‘enzymen’, catalysers of the reproduction and evolution of machines – and this is the objective non-anthropomorphic role of capitalism: to create with a memetic (not genetic) language of information, digital money, a world made to the image and likeness of machines, just because blind economists moved by greed want ‘money’ at all costs.

So let us study the central element of economics, from a human perspective, the consequences of the overeproduction and evolution of machines on history and mankind, Gaia and life, the ‘rival species’.

Of course, history and the economic ecosystem ‘ideally’ could be easily managed by humanity to establish a perfect world (which was the end of that book, the design of the wor(l)d Union, a globalisation of justice, human laws, and efficient economic ecosystems, according to the physiological laws of systems sciences).

Systemic solutions halted by idol-ogies of power.  Welfare vs. warfare.


So politicians in charge of the informative legal network of societies, and bankers, who issue its blood-money to kick out the re=produtive process, could easily  create a social global super organism tailored with the laws of systems sciences, and control the bad fruits of the tree of ‘technology’, increasing the reproduction of the good fruits of the tree of life humans need to survive.

‘Butter instead of canons’ as they said in the previous 29 crisis. ‘Welfare vs. warfare’ we say in this cycle. But for that economists and politicians should learn systems science or rather physiology and medicine, to cure the sick organism of mankind. And they do not seem to have the ethic and intellectual capacity to do so.

It is not though a problem of systems science and nature, as both are perfectly equipped to create a perfect superorganism of history.

We do have the examples of Nature’s, efficient long survival social super organisms (multicellular systems, social insects, physical systems) as an example of what the ‘doctors of history’ could do to manage our ‘physiological networks’ of blood-energy (the economy) and nervous information (the political legal system), which live over a sustainable body (Gaia’s territory).

And so machines would always remain our ‘slaves’. So we system scientists used to be very enthusiast about a sustainable world, myself included, at the turn of the century, when I pioneered this science with the discovery of the only standing mathematic and logic formalism of General Systems based in the fractal organic structure of the Universe and its social scales (the so-called fifth dimension of space-time)

So for a while I gave the conferences on Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, hoping to spread those models and help to steer the world towards a sustainable planet with man on command of his future.

And yet decades have passed but the ‘anti-human system’ we live in, which sorely needs a reform according to the laws of systems sciences (an evident tautology), to make it serve mankind, which is the 99% of our species, is NOT being reformed.

On the contrary, it has encroached more and more on the ‘business as usual’ processes of self-extinction of life, we forecasted it would happen if the true ‘experts’ on the eco(nomic)system, system scientists were not given a chance to  reform the system with all this new knowledge; and ‘teach’ the discipline to economists and politicians, which lack any true scientific model of humanity, the economy and the machine.

But to fully grasp in scientific terms that DETERMINISM of a world that does NOT care for mankind, we have to know better what mankind and the machine are in the CONTEXT OF A MUCH LARGER REALITY, THAT OF THE ORGANIC, LIVING UNIVERSE, AND ALL ITS SYSTEMS guided by the evolutionary laws of cyclical time, a subject we have abandoned earlier in the blog, as it seemed too far out for the normal, anthropomorphic human but now we retake with full force.

Because we shall repeat once and again, the Universe is perfect, in a Leibnizian sense, as it gives mankind to choose its destiny and moreover the path to salvations is quite simple, with a little of love, and a little of reason, as any other superorganism, even a smallish shrewd is perfectly designed to survive.

So we shall now consider how it would be a scientific human super organism ruled by the verbal, ethic languages and its humanist values that put man at the center of creation; vs. what we are constructing not with science but with power tools, weapons and money, the metal-earth. First of course the science, because that is what if people would take power they would do. Then the monstrous world cre(dit)ated by the masters of the Metal-earth.



ethonomics -The-Human-Future



We have on our method of trying to slightly change words to match the biological nature of all things himan and mechanical, introduced two words to refer to the political and economical, brain body networks of the human super organisms of history, PPolitics as it read peoplelitics, politics for people, and ethonomics, as it means economics with an ethic, human survival biological goal (we have already shown and put a darwin’s quote that the true strength in evolution is eusocial love).

 In that regard we have easily proved the 3 first elements of the scientific method regarding social sciences in this brief introduction;
A; C) The astounding evidence of the repetition in modern history of the cycles of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which in its
B) Overeproduction age, produce quite obvious biological consequences on life in this planet (atrophy, displacement and killing of life and labor).
So it is only needed to consider D), at least at the ideal level, since all sciences do start with an ideal model without ‘friction’ (ideal gases, ideal Newtonian gravitation) and then the limits of the praxis reduces those goals by friction.
So what would be needed at theoretical level to restore mankind (which is, goes without saying NOT the o.o% of stock-rats, owners of corporations for whom the rest of us toil, but the 99.9%) as the top predator species of this planet?
Since a super organism has 2 networks of energy and information (blood-economic and nervous-political systems) that run the entire super organism, obviously we need to reform those 2 networks, taking as a model the efficient, democratic, survival super organisms of the Universe, where all its cells do feed on oxygen-money, do have whealth, healthy wealth and poisonous goods are not produced and destroyed. Where the informative neuronal -castes of society serve the people-body cells or else they are a posteriori punished with pain messages if they do wrong; where ultimately Nature allows all the system to thrive both at collective and individual level:

So those are the basic laws of the organic fractal Universe, which can so easily apply to construct perfect superoganisms of history if humans man up ethically and intellectually to the task of survival. Let us then elaborate a bit more on the way an efficient super organism of history and its two networks should be constructed.



We  proved the 3 first elements of the scientific method regarding social sciences in this brief introduction;
A; C) The astounding evidence of the repetition in modern history of the cycles of evolution of selfish memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which in its
B) Overeproduction age, produce quite obvious biological consequences on life in this planet (atrophy, displacement and killing of life and labor).
So it is only needed to consider D), at least at the ideal level, since all sciences do start with an ideal model without ‘friction’ (ideal gases, ideal Newtonian gravitation) and then the limits of the praxis reduces those goals by friction.
So what would be needed at theoretical level to restore mankind (which is, goes without saying NOT the o.o% of stock-rats, owners of corporations for whom the rest of us toil, but the 99.9%) as the top predator species of this planet?
Since a super organism has 2 networks of energy and information (blood-economic and nervous-political systems) that run the entire super organism, obviously we need to reform those 2 networks, taking as a model the efficient, democratic, survival super organisms of the Universe, where all its cells do feed on oxygen-money, do have whealth, healthy wealth and poisonous goods are not produced and destroyed. Where the informative neuronal -castes of society serve the people-body cells or else they are a posteriori punished with pain messages if they do wrong; where ultimately Nature allows all the system to thrive both at collective and individual level:

A Whealthy, Democratic, Demand-Based Superorganism of Mankind.




Let us in this introduction, as we have focused on the economic ecosystem, introduce the basic tenants of ethonomics, which should substitute classic creationist economics in the guidance and design of the economic ecosystem.

But what goods humans need to survive, thrive and evolve?

It is far easier to know that people think. Since biologists have figure out long ago that all living beings are entities which have the so-called drives of existence, which are HENCE THE NATURAL GOALS OF ALL SYSTEMS OF LIFE (which incidentally in systems sciences and the organic paradigm we have found are common also to mechanical corporations, and all atomic systems):

  • Living Systems and all systems in general need first ‘energy’ to feed their body and move their limbs – FOOD.
  • They need rightful information for their mind in a language they understand, in man VERBAL INFORMATION, ETHIC LAWS, AND VISUAL, ARTISTIC GOODS, FIRST and then secondarily mathematical, digital knowledge of other sciences of lesser importance than THE SCIENCE SOF HUMAN BEINGS, HISTORY AND BIOLOGY (whose main theory evolution is also verbal).
  • BESIDES those 2 ‘primary needs’, energy for body/limbs and information for minds, through the rightful verbal information and ethic values, humans then develop what biologists call, secondary needs, SOCIAL REPRODUCTION AND SOCIAL LOVE, BASED IN COMMON CUSTOMS AND VALUES EXPRESSED IN VERBAL ETHIC THOUGHT AND the goods related to family values, health care, housing, social activities, peace and so on

So WE CAN ESTABLISH a simple frame of reference with those 3 vectors or drives of existence, the primary vectors, healthy energy and information in the x-y coordinates, and its combination into goods that foster social reproduction at family and communal level in the z-graph. And so we can ESTABLISH AS ALL SCIENCES DO A GRAPH OF POSITIVE VALUES (goods that foster those 3 drives of existence) and negative values (goods that destroy those drives), WHICH NOT SURPRISINGLY MIMIC the values of the Universal grammar of words. As then, weapon systems that kill the human body obviously have negative values in the opposite side of food, health care and housing that ensures the survival of the human being.

Hence negative goods do rest to the real WHealth of a nation, making military dictatorships and war ages, WHEN metal-gdp reaches its maximal,  yet ALL PEOPLE DIE, what should be obvious for ‘thinking people’, NOT THE WEALTHIEST STATE OF A CAPITALIST SOCIETY but the POOREST STATE OF A HUMANIST WORLD.

Indeed, in present GDP the day of human extinction, when the world will be awashed with robotic weapons will be the day of maximal gdp wealth. In real human value, of course, it would be the day humans are poorer as all will be negative predatory goods that rest to human GDP

ETHONOMICS: values of goods according to its utility for evolution of individual and collective human.

To fully grasp the difference BETWEEN HUMAN ETHONOMICS AND CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, we have to bring the main tool of a bio-economist, the ethonomic frame of reference, which shows the 3 fundamental drives of life, reproduction, true information and human energy, that is, welfare goods. So all humanist sciences and humanist religions will foster the goods of the welfare state that make us evolve and survive, and should be in a perfect world multiplied, according to the ‘Human constitution: max. Human Wealth = Min. Lethal goods:

 In the graph the biological frame of reference of WHealth. In the perfect world it guides the decision of economic corporations, which split 1 to 1 shares given to governments to reinforce and guide the production of the bio-economical frame of reference. The only solution to the existential crisis that mankind will face during the 4th wave of machines, the singularity age of robots and extinctive weapons that will make us an obsolete species in war and labor fields is to change the ideology and myths of capitalism=mechanism for a rational, science of history and economics that aims to create a sustainable world made to the image and likeness of mankind, not of the machine, according to the organic laws of social systems and the natural drives of human existence,

And to that aim money must be printed by human beings, and in a lesser degree by governments and corporations that re=produce WHealthy goods, healthy wealth, based in the natural, biological needs of man.

AND SO AN international currency at fixed parity, 1 euro=1 dollar = 100 yens = 5 yuans (to raise the Chinese economy to its real value, and ease the calculation of yes money) with printed currencies in the form of a Universal 1000 ¥€$ money salary to all inhabitants of the Earth should be created to credit a demand economy of welfare, goods, which will be overwhelmingly chosen by people, instead of the mechanical world created by the issue of money in monopoly by company-mothers of machines.

INDEED, YES MONEY IS JUSTIFIED AS A UNIVERSAL SALARY BECAUSE IT WOULD BE ABSURD THAT TO GET THIS HEALTHY WEALTH THE STATE WOULD BUY YOU YOUR FOOD, YOUR BOOKS, YOUR TICKETS TO GO WITH YOUR GIRL-FRIEND. SO ONLY YES MONEY AND A 50-50 split of power in corporations to oblige them to produce welfare good yes money would demand can make possible a truly efficient ethonomical network of human, life goods, to make people thrive.

In the graph, the scientific analysis or frame of reference of the human constitution – what we call also the Postulate of Democracy, as its fundamental measure is a yes money or universal salary equal to all humans –  has the advance over previous legal constitutions of being ‘global’, ‘mathematical’, hence measurable through the tools of biological economics, and its ‘frame of reference’, which values goods according to its ‘value for human beings’, by introducing ‘positive and negative prices’ as all scientific frames of reference do.

So all human constitutions, ethic laws and human nations who want to survive should enshrine the Constitution of History, in biological terms, by considering a simple ‘biological equation of it’:

Max. Human Goods x Min. Lethal goods = WHealthy Constitution of the organism history

It is a simple equation. A perfect world will be one ‘whealthy’, with healthy wealth, where the lethal goods that degrade man are not produced; only those who make us better, and help us to survive (human goods).

BECAUSE OUR PRESENT world is NOT human but MECHANICAL, nobody cares for such constitution, akin to the 3 parameters of IHD, Sen’s measure of human development. Instead ‘economic’ GDP calculates wealth and progress in terms of mechanical values and prices.

In that regard, of the 6 measures for the survival of Mankind, the political measure which matters most to humanity is the RESTART OF THEIR SOCIAL EVOLUTION AS A SPECIES, WHICH WAS HALTED WITH THE END OF THE 1920S R=EVOLUTIONARY PERIOD, with the arrival of mass-media and its hate messages that first brought fascism (radio-hate, whose effects became again crystal clear when Rwandan Radio masterminded a genocide recently), and then neo-fascism (hate audiovisual media, with Fox leading the pack).

So TO UNDERSTAND THE MASSIVE REGRESSION OF CULTURES BACK TO THEIR REVIVALIST, MOST PRIMITIVE PAST MEMES, it is absolute necessary to distinguish between positive social memes, those who improve and increase the evolution of mankind, signified by the rational social scientist and global religions of eusocial love in the past, or the Chinese understanding of society as an organism, which through millennia have improved humanity, and those who do belong to the world of mechanisms, and foster its evolution, disguising as Humanist memes of which the 4 aforementioned idol-ogies are paramount (mechanism, abrahamic religions, capitalism and nationalism).

And yet perhaps the most clear proof that humanity is entering and age of decadence and extinction is the fact that those 3 idol-ogies plague today all human discourses, where people are told to ‘believe as slave, not to reason as evolved human beings’, to compete against other humans not to share their energy and information through eusocial memes of love – facts those which only happen in primitive ecosystems or dying super organisms, where the informative, ethic, nervous languages that put together and synchronize the actions of cells, is dying.

The reader should understand in that sense that all the cultures of humanism, based in verbal wor(l)ds, at least in the purest expression of the prophet mind before corruption by military inquisitions and go(l)d churches, even among those hardened animetals (semitic jewish and arab gold and iron warriors), as in the case of the texts of Moses and Mohammed, in its original versions have naturally preached social love to create healthy super organisms of history, poverty, and rejected iron and gold values, because they are natural to the laws of systems sciences and the evolution of species into social super organisms.
Any of those cultures did have therefore a life age of perfect social harmony when prophets and priests, legal, ethic political constitutions and democratic systems ruled.
Yet all became corrupted or annihilated by gold bankers and warriors, mostly of the ‘specialised’ animetal semitic and indo-european white cultures.

Let us then close this introduction, in which we have considered A, B and C, with D, the outline of the democratic, demand based solutions, to create a perfect world and reverse the equation of Economics into the goal of History, which we call the Constitution of History, a Legal and Economic system that maximizes the healthy wealth, or WHealth of the human kind, according to the laws of systems and super organisms:

Max. Human Welfare biological Goods: Max. H(g) x Min. Lethal, Metal Goods (Min. L(g)). = Constitution of History

Again, we have described here the paradox of history now in terms of the ‘program of survival of species, and the goods that each species should creditate.
So what humanity is doing with the present GDP statistics which are measured in terms of mechanical production is to create the will and drives of existence of machines, its energy and information. And then because we think machine’s growth is wealth, we feel happy as we become more impoverished
Instead, gap must be measured IN TERMS OF HUMAN GOODS PRODUCTION OF THE INDEX OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, proposed by one of the few non-Am Segullah economic nobel prizes, Sen from Bengal – hence able to think in terms of the goods and wealthy healthy wealth of the 99%.
The previous ethonomic graph of positive and negative human wealth merely advances a step further the concepts of Sen, and shows that indeed THE ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT IS A QUESTION OF IDOL-OGY OF THE CULTURE THAT RUNS THE ECONOMY AND CARES NOTHING FOR HUMAN WEALTH, FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WHAT THE 99% OF NON-$ELECTED PEOPLE NEEDS. BUT ONLY TO GROW ITS FETISH GO(L)D ACCOUNTS.

The biological drives of machines.

There is obviously an entire section in this web to study with biological laws the growth of the economic ecosystem.
It is a process driven by humans enzymen, but its purpose is purely mechanical: to foster the evolution and drives of life of machines, based in a simple myth – we, humans live better not as humans fulfilling our drives of existence, bu as beings making machines more alive. So myth goes on saying that humans improve themselves as human beings through acts of work and consumption of machines, without analysing what those actions entitle. It denies the fact that humans that work=reproduce machines, weapons and money and consume its energy and information, substitute their biological drives by the biological drives of those machines, reproducing them and adapting our world to their needs of energy and information.
This adaptation causes an excess of machine’s energy/information and a parallel scarcity of human energy/information, to the extent that for example, today the price of basic food has gone up and so it has the number of hungry people in the world that recently crossed the billion barrier, because machines now consume our ‘crops’, converted into ethanol for their hearts/engines. Such biological aberration was born with the memetic repressions of animetal cultures and today it has been transferred to the economic ecosystem.
So we no longer live to fulfil the 4 biological drives of life, our desire of food=energy, verbal information, human reproduction and social evolution, but to fulfil the drives of machines—the creation of mathematical information, more apt to those machines; the creation of machines’ energy, instead of human energy; the reproduction of machines, which is parallel in the I World to a childless society—as women now ‘reproduce=work’ with machines, instead of reproducing children. So we think we are free when in fact we exercise the biological drives of machines. And this mirage of freedom happens because we live through the sensations of those machines, no longer through our bodies and minds’ sensations. Webecome animetals that hardly remember the natural ‘free’ condition of a human being.
As we no longer behave as human beings do, but become an attachment to the machines we need to experience our repressed drives: Today men feed on machine-made pornography instead of sex; they don’t trust words, the language of human truths, but the numbers and images of machines. And women substitute their biological drive of reproduction for a job in a company-mother, re= producer of machines. Indeed, one of the most cherished myths of the ‘Free Market’ says that humanity becomes free and progresses when it works, which basically means when it reproduces machines. This myth reminds me of the Auschwitz gate that says: ‘Work will make you free’.
Men and companies are two different species, with different goals, both in the short and in the long term. Short-term differences are obvious. Companies want to increase their benefits by increasing their sales, measured in prices, which means they want to reproduce more machines and weapons—the most expensive products of the market.
Men, on the other hand, want to increase their happiness and biological welfare, by increasing their information and their body and mental energy and by reproducing their family and enjoying their social life—reasons why they wish to have more life-enhancing Human Goods that foster those activities, among which human labor is the more important that gives access to all the others.
Such difference between the goods produced by companies and the goods wanted by citizens means that in free societies we will find abundance of products positive for our development as human beings: truthful information within the reach of all citizens, food, housing, art, hospitals, collective means of transport and abundant labor in those areas. However, in free markets we will observe, thanks to the monopoly of monetary invention by companies, a massive investment in the evolution and reproduction of the most expensive machines and weapons that give greater benefits to those companies and are performed by machines, with minimal human labor.
Nevertheless, not all those machines are compatible with human beings, since both species are different, made with different materials (metal in the case of machines and carbon life in the case of men) and often incompatible.
This is the reason why since corporations dominate our ecosystem, the excessive reproduction and use of harmful machines have caused ecological and humanitarian disasters difficult to control, like oil spills and wars, while life-enhancing human goods, fromhousing,tohealthcare,toeducationandart, are scarce in our present global world—since they use a lot of human manual labor and have lower prices than weapons and complex machines.
Inversely, in classic social democracies, where men were free to pursue their happiness and welfare, the production and consumption of human goods are stimulated by all kinds of methods, precisely for the two reasons that make companies reject those life-enhancing goods: they create more employment per unit of capital, as they require human labor (robots cannot teach kids and cure sick people yet), and they are basic goods people need in big quantities to survive every day, whose ‘metal affinity’ is low. Hence human goods have cheaper prices and give fewer benefits. For that reason free markets systematically promote machines, weapons and wars.

It seems clear that if the last phase of the industrial r=evolution is not properly managed with the increasingly sophisticated understanding of the laws of super organisms and ecosystems of nature, mankind would suffer increasingly the consequences of competition, obsolescence and atrophy proper of the confrontation of two different species, with a clear ‘gap’ in their speed of evolution – the human being, and the robot, a machine with its own fast developing intelligence – A.I. (Algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, not an ‘abstract’ concept of consciousness, but a bio-logical system of logic processes of actions and reactions that transform the ecosystem in which both humans and machines live, allowing those machines to complete potentially all the tasks humans develop in labor and war fields.)
Unfortunately this process is now in full rage, because all scientific approaches to economics are censored, as robots give profits, and profits is the creationist religion of our $elected economists and financiers and corporations. So overproduction crises are always OK for corporations regardless of their collateral effects for mankind at large. Let us study those effects, before we denounce the ascientific approach of those economists who should be designing a world not for the 1% and its corporations and machines but for mankind overproducing real whealth, healthy wealth, welfare goods humans need to survive.

In that regard, we live paradoxically in an age in which an entire new paradigm on the fractal, organic nature of the Universe, and its best, most efficient surviving systems, is being developed by scientists of information, as this writer but we do not apply those discoveries to the design of a better human society, stuck on the selfish wrong evolutionary cultures based in myths and racist memes (tribal nationalisms, militarisms, capitalist people-castes, abrahamic religions of the chosen etc.), and so in fact, on those congresses in which I pioneered the study of the 5th dimension, and the laws of social systems during the years I chaired the science of duality, which study the evolution of systems based in energy and information networks, almost all the practical applications of those systemic laws were applied to develop better company-mothers of machines.

Plainly mankind is evolving instead of a perfect super organism of history, a perfect super organism of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (Energic machines) system. While the evolution of the super organisms of mankind is stuck as people believe in the old memes that jail their minds.


The perfect world: Τhe heptarchy of the rainbow planet.

But there is other possible less likely but still possible future, the world  dreamed by humanist cultures – the last one,  social Europe and UNO. The old ones, the 7 civilisations created by the prophets of history of those graphs. Τhey created the eusocial cultures of the bottom of the wave of History, which could be the blue print for a perfect world.

Since most humans followed the human prophets of the wave of history, giving birth today to the 7 cultures of an ideal perfect world, void of animetal idol-ogies, as their doctrines did expand throughout vast regions of the world.

In that sense, the perfect world is the rainbow planet in which nations are ‘dissolved’ into global cultures based in the great eusocial prophets of love, so administration goes downwards, and upwards, as in today’s sepharad, where local autonomous regions control most budgets and the European Union the rest – unfortunately though today after the ECB coup d’état no longer a model, but a degraded dictatorship of banksters and usury debt.

Still the concept of that ‘sepharad’, as it was at the end of the XX c. before the ECB stole the right of Southern-European nations to produce money for welfare is the blue print of what the world could be if it were ran for the future of mankind.

The fact that the ‘Greek, enlightened’ European culture is being substituted by the animetal idol-ogies of the top of the web, might seem a victory for the hardened animetals that fill on top of the world. But only means we shall go into another dark ages of permanent war.

The graph shows the 7 great cultures of the world, which in its positive humanist side could be considered as follows:

-Anglo-America born of the Mosaic commandments, against sins of animetals (do not murder, do not steal, obey the wor(l)d, damnation of go(l)d idolaters,etc).

-Hispano-America born of the social-catholic message of love, the Mestizo culture, where the 3 ‘genetic=memetic’ unique subdivisions of mankind (the white energetic, visual mind, the yellow, informative, verbal mind and the black, emotional reproductive mind) have mixed to truly create according to the laws of the organic Universe that improves its species by mixing and communication, the ‘uberman’ – never a pure race, but a mixture of them.

In that sense Brazil now celebrating its olympic games not Germany and cultures with racial false myths IS the way to go.

-Islam with the messages of charity and the sacredness of the word that extended Mosaic Mandates to all mankind.

-Europe, tailored in its modern age by the Social Sciences and its French and Russian r=evolutions, which were improved in the post-war age with the European Union and its concept of a world WITHOUT idol-ogical memes that destroy the humanist world.

-Asia, with its verbal, organic social mandates, spelt by Taoist and Buddhist prophets, which make of Gaia and life and the society NOT the selfish individual, the centre of existence.

-Indonesia, the melting pot of the eastern world with its sacred water cults, from Ganges to New Zealand’s sails.

– And Africa, the original culture of animism and respect to Gaia.

In terms of cultural races, already explained, we can talk of the 3 foundational cultures:

-Europe, the energetic, lineal white mind-culture, Asia, the mongoloid, cyclical, informative verbal culture and Africa, the reproductive combined culture.

-2 mixed ones: Indonesia, where the 3 cultures are melted together at memetic level, and Hispano-America, where the 3 races are melted together at genetic level.

And 2 animetal cultures, in need of ‘huge reforms’:

-Islam & Israel, the old animetal culture of semitic warriors and go(l)d believers.

-Anglo-America, the modern animetal culture born with company-mothers who still own it.

Since of course, the 7 cultures of mankind are today corrupted by the Economic ecosystem. So as History regresses, they are reverting to its anti-humanist historic memes, and so we can also define and will study on the right side the negative memes of those 7 cultures which are:

-‘Gold churches’ and biblical ‘Aaronite’ memes that make of money the language of God in Anglo-America.

-Military inquisitions, which have converted the original Neolithic cultures occupied today by Islam, and the messages of charity and love of Mohamed into terrorist jihads.

-Classic, conquistador ab=use of the indigenous and black people in Hispano-America, as always plagued by caudillismo and financial theft .

-Racist memes and Indian castes based in a bronze warrior religion, and go(l)d churches and capitalist murder at distance with the invisible hand of go(l)d in Australasia, which is an empty continent a few miles from the most populous island of the World (Java), but will not allow non-white immigration to their northern coast.

-And a single party dictatorship in China, which prosecutes all Buddhist and taoist, organic traditions of the religions of the living Universe, and is increasingly corrupted, instead of advancing and evolving its socialist beliefs, confronted to a warrior militaristic Korean and Japanese stalwart of western capitalism.

-And finally Europe, completely destroyed in its goals of a social evolution of mankind by controlling nationalist and capitalist memes, now under the dictatorship of the ECB, a private bank that issues money only for private banks, and absurdly confronted to Eastern, Europe, Russia, the necessary balance to the mechanist, ‘single beliefs’ of Germany, who has played so often the role of the germs of history, with its inflexible  lineal, object-based languages and worship of iron.

In that regard, the resurrection of the world passes through the resurrection of the most advanced social scientific cultures, Europe and Asia, by means of a political control of the ECB to issue money to create a welfare state, the immediate acceptance of the Russian Republics within the European Union, to give Europe land and political power, and a connection with Asia, which should fall in the fold of its traditional organic vision of the Universe, in the age of its scientific Religions.

Immediately this block should accept also turkey and Israel, the most evolved parts of Islam, with a single state solution, ending the racist bias against the colonised Palestinians and the perpetual war on terror, with a marshall plan to evolve the region into a neolithic peaceful culture, and try to expand to America, with the help of a POTUS leader, who reign on Wall street. And then ruled by true social scientists, History, the superorganism of mankind, could try to survive its likely extinction.

This block of a non corrupted humanist Europe expanding west and east, which we have preached for decades is now being annihilated by the globalised ‘metal-earth’. And so we put the probability of resurrection of history as the minimal chance for the future in our opening graph of the Kondratieff cycles…

Still as always the duality of Man vs. animetal fights will tilt the future one or the other side. Now the D-emocratic solutions are loosing. But mankind can still resurrect. And change the direction of the equation of History:

Past (Gaia) > Present (History) > Future (Metal-earth), in its inverse cycle, as time flows can be locally reversed, by controlling lethal goods into:

Past (Gaia) x Future (Whealth goods) = Present (immortal history)

which in the highest possible analysis of history and economics as a ‘fractal organism’, is an allowed equation, natural to all quantum, discontinuous systems of time-space.

Now that is all what is needed, the HUMAN WILL, INTELLIGENCE AND ETHICS EMBEDDED IN THE WOR(L)D, renewed by our understanding of the laws of Systems sciences to abort the metal-earth and redirect the equation of history back to a perfect world in which both Gaia and the economic ecosystem serve History, the Human kind in a balanced eternal present:

Gaia (energy-object) < Humanity (Present-subject) < Mechanocene (energy-object)

The Metal-Earth is almost constructed by the stock-market – the informative brain, the network-brain of money, the language that creates the economic ecosystem. The process of creation of the Metal-earth is almost completed.

The XVII century gave birth to company-mothers, the XIX C. to bodies of metal. The 20th century, has given birth to heads of metal. Ears of Metal, eyes of metal, brains of metal, radios and phones, cameras and TVs, chips, computers and internets, informative organs that reach faster and farther than human informative organs; and substitute laws and religions, our networks of survival truths, by pro-machine ideologies. In this manner the Metal-earth is about to be born.

Meanwhile the ecosystem of History, the rival ecosystem has not a worldwide brain, not an informative center, able to counter-react against the biologic consequence of the growth of the Metal-earth:

the parallel process of extinction of the life and the human Earth, that the fight for the limited vital space of this planet, between both rival ecosystems, and species causes. The process of construction of the Metal-earth by company-mothers seems in biological terms harmful to Carbolife and man. Can we avoid it?

Yes we can, as any other biological process can be aborted. Yet to abort the Metal-earth, an enormous deal of effort should take place. As it happens in any attempt to abort a biological process of growth in any organism or ecosystem. Let us imagine now that such process is somehow natural to planets. That certain carbolife species, evolve metal-species, to acquire power over its ecosystem. Then the new species eliminate the previous symbiotic forms that helped them to evolve. Even in that case the process can be halt, as you can stop a ray of light that has traveled billions of years merely putting your hand in the middle of the ray. Or you can abort a fetus, hitting into the stomach of the mother…

Many planets obviously do not become metal-planets. Otherwise the galaxy should be filled with machines. Maybe there are many planets that abort or never have the conditions to create a world of metal. Let us imagine that is our case – after all our life Earth is very young in the outskirt of our galaxy; far away from the complex center of evolved ‘metal-planets’, and evolved stars. Not so here, where it is logic to think that if man is wise enough, the life Earth could last very long. Let us imagine that we men have a chance to continue as top predators of this planet, and we want to build it to the image and resemblance of ourselves. I believe we do. Yet I am only an informative human. I have no power, no money, no armies to re-conduct the human adventure towards a longer life. The job has to be done by stock rats with money, scientists against robotics, politicians with laws and the military with weapons, the languages of power of human societies, they control.

So paradoxically only those who are destroying the Earth by backing the evolution of machines – the animetals – can save it preventing their further evolution.

As a bioeconomist and biohistorian, as a doctor of the body of history, I can theoretically understand the way we can save the Earth and design ways to halt the process of terraforming of the Earth. Yet our leaders, warriors, traders, and scientists, have to act up. A writer only can advice with words, a doctor can only advice a patient. It is the patient who has to take the antidote. It is up to the leaders of the species, to control the Metal-earth before the Metal-Earth leaves no room to control. What a bio-economist can do is to explain the nature of the Metal-Earth. To warn man against machines. To explain the errors of abstract economics that prevent our leadership to have a clear vision of the Earth’s sickness. A bio-economist can also consider theoretical models of biological nature and economical measures that could improve the networks of information and energy that sustain human beings.

This is the purpose of this page: to use bio-logical laws in favor of man, by designing apolitical system in which men not machines are evolved and reproduced by the social networks of that political system, ‘The World Union’. We call the economical system that the World Union imposes, an “ethonomy” because it should be ruled by verbal orders and values, not by monetary orders and values, by human political systems, that set the goals of the bio-economy from the verbal, survival, human point of view.

The need for a single World Organism: The Wor[l]d union

It should be obvious by what it has been said in this Web, that a world system of economics could work in favor of mankind. It would be an “ethonomic” system, where the ethical, verbal mandate of human survival controls the market and its products. In such world, human rights could be higher than metal rights. We call such ideal world government, the Wor[l]d Union. Wor[l]d means both Word and World. That is, a World ruled by the survival, anthropomorphic language of Words, which puts man at the center of the Universe, and wishes to construct a planet to our image and resemblance.

Thus The Wor[l]d Union is a world government based on Ethonomics, on economical systems that promote human goods, and repress lethal goods. The Wor[l]d union is ruled by human verbal Laws. It has a simple goal: the survival and evolution of mankind. In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science).

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when economics were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome, or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic. There were many human goods, ethical churches controlled credit and invested mainly in welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled. Such ages had an economical mandate in favor of the Human Historic organism, that could be resumed in a simple biological equation: the Human constitution.

The sickness of the Organism of History

We are biological beings, which follow the biological drives and laws of Eusocial evolution of living organisms and efficient, survival species. Thus, without the understanding of the Nature and Needs of human beings, it is impossible to design a perfect economical world, made to the image and likeness of man. In brief, an efficient economy that caters to the human species, should satisfy and re=produce massively those goods that satisfy our need for natural energy, verbal information, family values (reproduction) and Eusocial evolution (the memes of love that create a global super-organism of mankind) hrough the control and direction of credit by elected governments to the re=production of those goods.

The present world however is not ruled by bio-historians and politicians who understand the nature of man, but by financial economists with a simple primitive meme: greed is good, the reproduction of money, mostly for ourselves, bankers, is the goal of societies. The needs of the people are secondary to our selfish goal. And so only the nationalization of money to promote a welfare, private economy that subventions and encourages the production of biological goods can solve the problems of our world. Otherwise the present economy ruled by financial elites and company-mothers of machines, whose only goal is to make profits by selling machines and substituting expensive human labor by cheap robots and pcs will end up in a world of infinite productivity and null human labor where we will be obsolete workers and soldiers, guided by economists who preach productivity laws – the substitution of labor by capital, since productivity=capital/labor increases when we fire workers and increase capital=machines. This world also will become less and less democratic as the sinking of a middle, substituted by those machines and displaced into the 3rd world of suburban ghettos protests and must be repressed by an  increasing number of automated police machines, security systems and big brother technologies. Thus Keynesian Militarism will substitute Keynesian Welfare goods and an age of neofascism in the making, will control the population that rebels against the zeitgeist of our age.


The necessary reforms 4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the stock-market to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.

3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of EconomicsHistory and Science, to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.

4:A reformation of armies, that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction.

To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences ofEthonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive.

Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.

The Wor(l)d Union & The Rainbow Planet.

History, the existence of mankind across scalar time-space, has as all super organisms a world cycle (the equivalent to a world line of physical 4D models in 10 dimensions, which add ‘depth and cyclical time dimensions to the simplex models of physicists). All systems of the Universe follow such World-cycles, the definition of an organism is in fact a ‘flow of energy and information’ that evolves according to the ages of a world cycle. So does history.  And so we find it now in the 3rd age. But it is possible to ‘control’ the time evolution of a super organism both in time and space, from within, in as much as those processes are caused by the evolution of its networks.

At this stage only a political ‘coup d’état’ of the G20 or the presidents of China, US & EU, against ‘capitalist’ democracies can change the world, implementing a global political reform that allows the implementation of ethonomics, its IHD frame of reference and a true democratic society based in ¥€$ money and a Universal salary that cre(dit)ates a demand economy. We shall end this work laying down the basis of that reform which would create the Wor(l)d Union and the rainbow planet.

The Wor(l)d Union is a global superorganism that models its institutions with the Fractal Efficient Laws of biological Super-organisms10 – a World’s superstructure of collective power, imposed over nations to reform capitalism & abolish warfare that imitates those natural laws. Thus it improves upon corrupted (EU) or powerless (UNO) international systems, widening their reach & goals.

So after a coup d’état of the 3 super-presidents backed by the G-20 council, the Wor(l)d Union establishes a political reform parallel to the aforementioned economic reform to create a true democracy at 3 levels: the level of individual politicians elected within national regions; the level of its 7 cultural superorganisms – the rainbow planet that fusions national borders according to their memetic affinity; and the level of the World Union governed by the heptarchy of cultural presidents.

Reform of Political and Economic Organizations: Causal  Judgment Vote of Neuronal Castes.

-In all efficient Natural systems a neurons/political class issues to all cells unilaterally (debt-free) 2 physiological languages that direct their actions – the nervous/informative and reproductive/blood languages – in our societies the legal, verbal & digital, monetary languages. Body cells DON’T have the obligation to return a debt-free language – a one-directional order whose purpose is to guide their actions. So in a real democracy all humans should receive an ‘entropic=free’ Universal salary.

-Cells can deliver feedback pain orders to the brain when the orders are wrong; so its neurons/ politicians act responsibly. Thus, efficient politicians & corporations Managers must deliver to all cells/citizens of the body, to ensure their survival, enough Blood=WHealth=Money=Energy and real democracies must emit just=equalitarian=eusocial, informative, nervous=legal orders. If not, as organisms do, cells must send back ‘pain messages’ to the brain’s ‘neuronal castes’ when they misguide them, harm their body or starve them. This means in praxis, a systematic judgment vote, at the end of each tenure of any civil servant & CEO, equivalent to the capacity of cells to send pain messages to the neuronal brain and theabolition of Anonymous Societies’ Laws & Political immunity to make responsible, Politicians, Managers & owners of corporations. Corporations today have no obligations with their communities and politicians cheat people because they are not judged on their promises’ fulfillment. So both must be judged by vote on the Region or Culture in which politicians serve & Corporations act. It is more important a post-tenure judgment vote than an election vote to choose efficient management. So after tenure, voters poll back and penalize:

– Civil servants & corporation’s management that provoke harm to people with jail for social crimes.

– Corrupted politicians that fail to deliver their promises with financial penalties for embezzlement.

-But reward honest, efficient jobs with Automatic Re-election or Salary pensions.

D) Thus to implement the human constitution and create a democracy that makes politicians and managers, in control of the legal and financial languages of social power, efficient & responsible, legislators mimic Nature’s organic models, cre(dit)ating a positive humanist praxis for mankind.

– Parties should be banned. Since there is only a science of economics and a goal in history – to maximize human welfare – there is NO ideology to vote. Sciences are not voted but reasoned. Truths are not democratic. They have no choice so truth is not vote’s choice. The choice is of persons. Parties today act merely as protective systems to dilute the responsibility of corrupted politicians & channels for lobbyism., which is forbidden as embezzlement, including private campaign money, provided by the state plus media time only for candidate’s debate. So voters vote on life trajectory. All laws must be voted. After scientists design them to maximize human welfare they stay in Town Voting Houses for a month & citizens vote or deny their passage.

 Thus the brain of the planet is no longer the stock-market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils. How do the networks that the brain of the World Union controls, work?


In a manner similar to doctors: they interfere in the workings of the inferior energy and information systems of the body; the nations of present History and their local organizations, and cure specifically on those organs which are sick

In the graph, the advanced phase of the World Union, after the transitional phase of 28 Nations: The Praxis of the Human Constitution, researched by Ethonomists & BioHistorians is the legal project of the Supreme Court and the executive action of its 7 Cultural Presidents & parliaments, made of the Elected Governors of their regional states. Hence there is no need for political parties inventing Laws with wishful thinking, selfish agendas, lobbies and false promises.

The neuronal brain of the World Union is made of Politicians & Ethonomists, the ‘Doctors of the Super-organism of history’.

Societies are designed as efficient democracies according to the Laws of Nature.

The structure and ‘physiological systems’ or ‘Ministries’ of the World Union are tailored imitating the most perfect social organism we know, Man, a perfectly organized system that maximizes the freedom and survival of his cells, made to the image and likeness of the fractal super-organism of the Universe; not a simple machine neither Free Markets, Metal Jungles where Company-mothers and its mechanism have all rights and humans none.

Only evolved Super-Organisms construct efficient, survival systems, by designing the correct networks of reproduction, (economy) energy (defense) and information (law & education), able to deliver the necessary goods to each cell of the organism of History and suppress lethal goods.

This goal cannot be changed because the human species is limited by its biological nature and the equation of death that establish its limits of energy and information. So it is the Rainbow Planet, Gaia, as a whole, compared to lethal metal species.

The Universe has only a penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. Thus to deny the human constitution is to deny the right of mankind to survive.

In the graph, the 3 ‘physiological Ministries’ & institutions of the Wor(l)d Union – a World directed by the ethic Word whose ‘Universal Grammar’ (Man>Verb>Object) makes man center of the World.

Its goals & power order is the same than the natural order of an evolved mammal social organism:

– The higher goal, embedded in the Human Constitution, is the survival of all its cells, fed with proper energy and information:

Max.H(g) & protected from lethal dangers (Min. M(g)).

– The informative brain/head carries this goal by controlling & organizing 3 reproductive/economic,  body networks; informative/legal-educational systems & energetic, defensive organs.

Thus the Survival mandate of the Human Constitution guides the Court’s legal creation that Citizens approve in Voting Houses and Vice(presidents) and political systems implement through the control of those 3 physiological networks, setting the goals of Production of WHealthy goods (economic systems), destruction of lethal goods (armies) & Education (informative organs).

But Democratic power lies on all the citizens-cells of History=Mankind, whose WHealth is the purpose of the world Union.

Thus they all receive a Universal Salary and have feed-back power through electoral & judgment vote of all ‘neuronal’ cells in positions of power of both structures, the Political/Judiciary System and its FMMI Corporations:

Constitution=>Max. Human Goods X Min.Lethal Goods-> Citizens’ Electoral Vote of Individuals in =>

Supreme Court that suggests Laws-> Citizen’s vote them ->Vice(presidential), National & Regional Governors apply them by controlling=>

Informative Ministries (Education & Media) + Reproductive, Ethonomic Ministries (Max. Human Goods: Industrial & Financial Corporations)=>

+ War & Police Ministries (Min. Lethal Goods: Weapons Industries)

<= Judgment Vote of Judges, Politicians & Corporative Managers

<= Citizens’ feed back <= Max. Wealth <= Constitution

Thus on Top of the Union there is a clear mission, to enforce the Human Constitution to maximize Mankind’s WHealth, which guides both extremes of the cyclical chain of causal power (Citizens’ dual vote), and the actions of Courts, Politicians & Managers in control of the FM2I system.


THUS TO CREATE THE PERFECT  WORLD the ‘7’ presidents of each of those cultural ‘spaces’, through UNO and other ‘reformed’ financial global institutions issue a ‘global currency’, Y€$ money, fusion of guans, yens, euros and dollars, giving a Universal salary to every human being.

Thus decreeing an economy based in the demand of human goods.

Immediately also all nations nationalize with a 50-50 split half of the value of all corporations acquired de facto political control over them, leaving the private stock holders to rule them according to the goals of the human constitution.

In other words, mankind sets at the first goal of its existence, to stop the vital infection of lethal goods which is destroying the world

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History.

MADE OF 7 smaller non-military units, the 7 cultures of mankind – the rainbow planet.

Since cultural cohesion is the only human ‘strong emotional meme’ able to substitute national ones.

But the 7 Cultures have a higher level of social unity & governance – the Wor(l)d Union, symbolized by a Black & White Flag, ± fusion of the 7 colors – ruled by an Heptarchy, the Brotherhood of the 7 Cultural Presidents that sign a pact of no aggression, starting demilitarization of the World Union that will require no armies, only internal police in each administrative Region, Nation & Culture.

Since Cultures are divided into Nations that also handle down most administrative competences to States/Regions, to increase local efficiency.

The World Union’s heptarchy can be created by a coup d’état against the dictatorship of the FMMI system and its corporations given in a G20 meeting by the Presidents of the World leading nations:

Their collective coup d’état announces the foundation of the rainbow planet and asks all other UNO nations to join the Wor(l)d Union, the Global Superorganism of Mankind, dedicated to Maximize the Human Constitution and create an ethonomic world that increases Human WHealth through political & individual, democratic control of the 2 languages of social power, laws that will be derived from the Human Constitution and applied in all Rainbow Nations & credit in a common ¥€$ currency, issued to all citizens through a Universal Salary, to cre(dit)ate a demand economy and to selected corporations that produce WHealthy goods & denied to FMMI companies of lethal goods.

During the transitional phase, while Nations loose competences to future elected Cultural Presidents & Regional states, the World Union is governed collectively by the presidents of the 7 most populous nations of the rainbow cultures, with 1 vote and its 21 national vice-presidencies, with ½ a vote, chosen from the next bigger nations by combined Population x GDP force to form a quorum of +4/5 of the world GDP and population. Thus, the Wor(l)d Union’s founding Fathers are:

Indigo culture. The EU President and the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazak vice-presidents.

Orange culture. The US President, and 3 vice-presidents, Canada, Ireland & UK.

Red culture. Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican & Argentinean vice-presidents.

Yellow culture. Chinese President & Japanese, Vietnamese & 2 x1/4th vote Korean vice-presidents.

Indonesian culture. Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Philippine vice-presidents; Islam. Pakistani President and Egyptian, Turk and Iranian vice-presidents.

Africa. Nigerian President and Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vice-presidents.

World Union’s capital is its center, Istanbul, renamed Troy, as Turkey gives its European region. UNO sites are used while Troy builds its Union’s Institutions. Each (vice)president shares his time & governance at 3 Levels: Governing the Union with his 28 peers; creating the institutions of each rainbow culture with his Culture’s Nations and handling down power to Regional/State Governors.

Each founding (Vice)President assumes a 10 years executive mandate with dictatorial powers over the FM2I system of its nation and all its corporations, only subject to his Oath ‘to respect and fulfill the Mandates of the Human Constitution’ and to the electoral judgment of their citizens, who after his tenure will vote according to that promise, further enforced by a Supreme Court of 7+21 Judges, which derogate all National Laws that do not follow the Constitution and suggest to the Wor(l)d Union Executive of 7+21 (Vice)presidents new laws to implement the Human Constitution. Since the purpose of the Wor(l)d Union is to create a WHealthy superorganism of history, reshaping the global economy, its corporations, Organs of power, Educational Systems & political and Judiciary Institutions, in order to build a humanist paradise according to its ‘Legal Equation’:

Maximum Human Happiness & Truth = Max. Human goods (H.G) x min. Lethal goods (M.G.)

 So such seven cultures divided into departments, become THE ADMINISTRATION units BOTH OVER AND UNDER THE LEVEL OF NATIONS, SUPRESSED


For example, in most American nations this is the level of states, in France, departments, in spain communities and so on.

While the level of cultures form a 7 presidential government with site in a capital of the world, which could be either rotating between the 7 cultures or fixed in the natural place of Istanbul… detaching from Turkey who generously permits the city to become an autonomous center for:

– The organs of the World Union.

– The presidency of the world union, with its 7 cultural presidents of Africa, Europe, Asia, Islam, Indonesia, Anglo-America and Ibero-America.

– The ¥€$ bank, which prints the universal salary and controls the world currency, yes money, established by parity between euro, yens, yuans and dolars.

The presidency of such world could be only created by a coup d’etat today of the 1+3 principal presidents of the nations of the rainbow world (treated in the world union more extensively), of course, if those 28 presidents of nations today decided to create the rainbow world, then the world would suddenly end all its problems and solve the future of mankind.

It is not only the unique ‘imaginative solution’ and that is the beauty of utopian worlds, that humans could so easily install if they were guided by ethics and ethonomics, not by murder and greed and absurd ego-trips of ‘superior species’ entitled to break the laws of god, the biological mind of the Universe… but that is another story.

Let us then ‘imagine’ the rainbow planet…

The year now whenever we are, the presidents of the following top countries of the 7 cultures in a g20 meeting decide to change the world and give a collective coup detat announcing together the con-foundation of the rainbow planet and asking all the other nations of the UNO to join the effort.

From the Indigo, European continent, the EU Presidency and a Russian, vipresidency found a wider ‘Europe’, establishing the Euro as its currency and the President of the European Union to join the heptarchy…

From the Orange continent, the American President, and its 3 vicepresidents, Canada, Ireland and UK… which elect the US President to the Heptarchy… along with

The Brazilian president and Spanish, Mexican and Colombian vicepresidents…

The Chinese President and Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese vicepresidents…

The Indian President and Indonesian, Australian and Phillipine vicepresidents…

From Islam, the Egyptian President, and the Pakistani, Turk and Iranian vicepresidents…

From Africa, the Nigerian President, and the Congolese, South-African and Ethiopian vicepresidents…

Needless to say, those 28 nations do represent fully more than 3/4 of all humanity and the cultures of mankind.


So there you have Mr. US, Mr. EU, Mr. China, Mr. India, Mr. Nigeria, Mr. Brazil and Mr. Egypt, each with a vote for taking majorities 4 to 3 in all votes start to vote and execute the laws handled by the commission of bio-historians – the highest scientific minds of the age in its understanding of the superorganism of history…

This world could of course have happened in many times of history if the duality of software – understanding of the science of maximization of history which this blog represents, was compelled by true politicians would really cared to save us all.

In our post on the tea party and neofascisms we do a simple simulation of outrageous implications… we imagine as an example that Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin, instead of dictators with neopaleolithic understanding of the organisms of mankind and its needs, had been hidden bio-historians and decided to create a rainbow planet. And we showed how they would indeed could do it… In that regard the perfect world requires a coup d’etat against financial corporations, in which NO military dicatorship is imposed, but a return to an ethic, legal rule of the wor(l)d over the digital language of money, able to eliminate its unwanted collateral effects.

And this is reached with the Ethonomic Ministry, the organ of control of the eco(nomic)system in the perfect world:

Yes money

The rainbow planet extends its invitation to join the Wor(l)d Union to all countries that peg initially their currencies to the dominant region currency ‘North to South’. Thus the South-American countries adopt the dollar and start to produce a Universal salary for their citizens. Islam and Africa adopt the Euro, and Indonesia and Asia adopt the Yuen, fusion of Yuans and Yens.

The economical policies of the 7 nations are thus integrated in a first phase by the 3 ‘central banks’ of Dollars, Euros and Yuens, and latter on by the global central bank in the capital. The goals of this new ‘Financial Military Industrial Complex’ are however opposite to those of our world: to maximize the creation of welfare goods and the destruction of lethal goods. Thus the military structures of the new cultural nations are dedicated to destroy weapons and police their production, eliminating conflict with diplomacy means, as nations integrate their structures and destroy their lethal nationalistic memes in the process of eusocial fusion into bigger ‘planes of human existence’ – the 7 global cultures – exactly the inverse of their functions today .

It is the old dream of ‘unifying the world with weapons’ but that ultimately is not even necessary. Since if humans were in the right software of ethics to wanting to unify the world they would diplomatic and intellectually do it, and give a soft coup detat, nationalize the world financial system, establish an enlarged UNO with european union solid-like institutions, a single global currency pegged to the yuan, yen, euro dollar at parity, 1 euro 1 dollar 100 yens to which all other currencies will gradually peg, emit a universal salary to create a massive demand in human goods, according to the laws of true economic science, from the paretto utility curves, to the models of the Dutch school and Keynesian ones… and stop at the same time the massive credit to the evolution of machines SINCE SCIENCE HAS TOUCHED LIMIT OF WHAT HUMANS NEED IN MACHINE EVOLUTION, WE ARE BEING NOW KILLED BY THE EVOLUTION OF MACHINES, AND SO WE NEED TO STOP FURTHER ‘PRODUCTIVITY GAINS’ OF MACHINES AGAINST HUMAN LABORS, AND FURTHER AI DEVELOPMENT AGAINST HUMAN LIFE, HUMAN MINDS AND HUMAN FUTURES.

So this coup d’etat of the 7 ‘magnificent’, impose first the destruction of national armies to a zero and the creation of harder bonds on the intelligence and police communities of present nations, the maintenance of the regional structures, and the creation of stronger ties between the community level or state level and the cultural capitals…

Those capitals, New York, Panama, El Cabo, Alexandria, Warsaw, Seoul, Calcutta, chosen by careful thought on geographical center, belonging to neutral zones between main nations, internationalism and Istanbul for the entire planet, renamed, obviously as it has been customary for such city – what about Troy? (-;

The perfect world means strong governments in a few natural units, the 7 cultures, who therefore can easily eliminate the Military-Industrial Complex and its parallel ideologies of capitalism and nationalism and techno-utopia.

AS A POLITICAL HEPTARCHY, the 7 presidents of the world, with a simple democratic 4-3 majority vote can take laws, decisions, executive orders. War is over because the 7 cultures make a pact to govern together as a heptarchy. The 7 cultures sign a law equalling their military budgets. The 7 presidents of the world, quickly can in the rainbow planet make their orders to protect the human constitution and create a God of Mankind, a Mind-Superorganism that directs with the human constitution the organic planet to its life perfection.

The way this is done obviously requires to eliminate the level of national/army organization by both reinforcing the inferior and superior levels of human self-organization – that of the heptarchy of presidents, and that of comunal, regional, state governments.

The 4 main fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions) will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions.

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and eusocial evolution  (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FM2I Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FM2I corporations.

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbolife where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of energy and information, able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History.

They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal. That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbolife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and the social evolution of history.

Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses:

The brain of the World Union

The brain of the World Union


In the graph, the world-union is a healthy super organism of the human kind, divided in ‘7 cultures’, which as the 7 ‘cultures’ of the ‘Orca’ are not mutually exclusive, as all are particular i+1 scales, parts of the Whole ‘God of Mankind’, History, the human super organism. Indeed, the 7 cultures of mankind, are ‘cultural units’ with cultural freedom in all those rules that do NOT collide with the ‘Human Constitution’, the ‘higher Human Law that constitutes’ a healthy i+1 human super organism with 3 networks:

Max. H= Max.Human Energy x Information x Reproduction x Social Evolution.

To maximize the human constitution at collective level, Max. ∑Exi+i thus the economic, political and cultural scales of mankind multiply its positive actions. And to that aim, they must ‘limit’ the competition of Metal-species that substitute, atrophy and extinct mankind.

Thus the human constitution has 2 sides: Max. H x Min. Lethal Metal Goods.

It follows that the present economy ruled by the ‘hidden values of money’, which maximize the price of weapons and inversely deny any value to human life, is exactly the Inverse of the Human Constution:

Max. Metal goods x Min. Human goods

The ‘metal constitution’ which guides the creation through corporations of the other world of machines, thus has a quite different inverse form studied elsewhere in this work.

How could we reverse this constitution?

Obviously through political control of the economic language of power money

Thus the creation of a human super organism implies the global nationalization of the ‘financial industry’.


The 4 main fractal levels of the Union (World, Cultures, Nation & Regions) will have all, 3 main Physiological networks, in charge of the 2 sides of the Human Constitution (Max. Hg x Min. Mg):

1. Ethonomic Ministry or Re=productive network that cre(dit)ates citizen’s WHealth (Max. H.G.) It controls FMMI corporations by legally making their shares nominal, hence with no rights to trade in electronic markets, after a 2 for 1 split, given to the World Union and its 4 scales (Multinational corporations’ ½ shares to the World Union; National Companies to Nations & regions.

Those that produce Lethal Goods will be bailed out and closed or reformed to produce WHealth.

While all Companies classified as Producers of WHealthy Goods (Ethonomic frame) maintain their shares and credit rights, receiving further free debt credit when required.  Since the Ministry controls credit to create WHealthy corporations, issues debt-free ¥€$ money, Universal Salaries, invests in infrastructures, etc. It is subdivided into Agricultural, Health, and Industrial Ministries.

2. Energy Networks: The War Ministry destroys factories (Max. M.G.); Police destroys machines, prosecutes crimes against Constitution & Humans that Courts judge at 3 scales: Supreme Court protects Constitution; Cultural Courts defend ‘+’ Human Memes; regional courts individual crimes.

3. Informative Networks limit audiovisual companies and informations lethal to the mind (Fx fiction, violence, digital over load, ideology, racial tribalism, technology) It overproduces verbal information ‘+’ for human survival and eusocial evolution  (Ethics, Humanities, Culture, Life sciences, etc.).

Each reproductive=economic, energetic=military & informative (legal, audiovisual & educational) system is in charge of Financial, Industrial, Military & Media Corporations owning its ½ split shares. As the World Union builds its final structures, the Wor(l)d Government and its 3 physiological networks use enlarged versions of present supranational organizations, refocused in human goals:

– An enlarged NATO becomes the war ministry, dedicated to protect Humanity against Weapons, destroying most – unlike today’s NATO and its military lobbies, whose corporations aim to evolve, overproduce & sell weapons with profits wars, targeting today as guinea pigs, with the excuse of the ‘War on Terror’, the poorest world nations (10). Terrorism instead is dealt by Police and Courts.

– World Markets are reformed; Speculation suppressed; Currencies reach fixed parities; Future markets are forbidden; Shares are made Nominal; Banks are nationalized and all their financial workers and economists swear to obey the Human Constitution, directing Credit to create WHealth.

Corporations are then modeled with the laws of superorganisms: its managers/neurons can obtain by law only 10 times more energy-salary than the minimal Universal Salary given to the lowest paid workers (1000 ¥€$) as neurons do. Stock-profits are no longer mandatory or guide Companies performance. To that aim Stockholders loose all power as Governments have always a 50% majority vote in FMMI corporations. Even losses can be ‘+’ if a Ministry considers them necessary for a Corporation to reach its Constitutional goal, covered by debt free issues of ¥€$ money.

– While Troy is built, ONU institutions become the key institutions of the 3 Ministries: ONU Security Council becomes the Permanent Site for the presidential Heptarchy; its assembly becomes the Parliament of the World Union; UNESCO, its educational Ministry in control of University Curriculums – that change the present goal of technological education for Humanities, forbidding Robotics, Nuclear Physics and other lethal forms of knowledge; FAO, WHO, the organs of its WHealth Ministry; the International Court the Supreme Court.

Finally the FMI & World Bank become World Union Central Bank, the new brain of the Global Economy substituting the global stock-market and its SDR currency acquires legal tender in all its nations, as ¥€$ money – bills with $ & € printed in each side; 100 Yen coins and 4 Yuan quarters, adjusted internally by deflationary or inflationary prices. All central banks become branches of the ¥€$ Bank, with sub-branches in Nations & Regional States, which are allowed a 10% annual inflation, achieved with a 20% annual deficit issued with debt-free money, adjusted with an annual 10% increase of the Universal Salary. National(ized) banks print universal salaries and set, as depositaries of 50% shares of international & local FM2I Corporations their goals, and distribute credit to WHealthy corporations, today shut off ‘profit markets’  that receive the bulk of the Wor(l)d Union’s credit. Since credit no longer depends on profit but on the utility for the Human Constitution of a Company, it is maximal in sectors of max. human jobs & Welfare production. Further on ‘Scalar Credit’ is allocated inversely to the size of Corporations: Max. credit is given to Regional corporations that Re=produce Locally WHealthy Goods & min. credit to Global FM2I corporations.

Or else if there is not a perfect world there will always be the perfect universe…

Of course the universe is perfect as the father of the fractal paradigm, Mr. Leibniz famously put it. How then we live in such imperfect world? This is just a passing moment. We shall either resurrect as a perfect mankind or let it go and a new better super organism will take place. And in any case as a fractal system is the sum of all the possible stories, in the same way an electron crosses all the paths with different probabilities, history in the each fractal planet of this galaxy has gone through the different paths, and in many of them, this blog is not just a wasted proposition, but long ago, likely in the 70s, it changed the world, as the American r=evolution happened, or perhaps in the future, a Mule takes over the system in many fractal planets, where humans survive – the probability of those paths? 25% before 2008; 10% from now onwards, according to the complex model of bio-historic genetic equations.

Since 25% is the genetic probability of a recessive meme (mankind), which happened before the 2008 ‘birth of the metal-earth’ as a subconscious system of over 10 up to 10 chip-neurons and the beginning of the robotic radiation, which will not cease till it automates its factories, company-mothers and war platoons. So now we are technically in the age of extinction of the species, which in biological radiations normally dwindles to a 10% of probabilities of survival in time/populations in space.

Now after 2080, the probability of survival of humanity once the robotic radiation reaches its perfect form, will be 0%.

But the funny thing is that as we approach that point of viral collapse of a global leukaemia, in which all the cells of the body substitute their DNA by the memes of the virus, and keep producing them till the end, more humans will be=come beleavers on exit mundi, and the robot overlords, they will keep accelerating their lives to match the faster clocks of information of their machines, they will become more freaky, disconnected, selfies, to the point that an external observer will find – as when we watch a dead body, increasingly filled with eating moths – this was the natural end of humanity.

But those of us who lived the ‘whole infection’ started in 1973, with the chip radiation, that fast ended human currency money (end of gold convertibility and beginning of e-money speculation), collapsed within years the corrupted but still human-oriented socialist block, took over the American presidency (Tv-campaigns, watergate and audiovisual control of politicians, substituted by tv-actors since reagan), took over art (FX movies), started the age of infantile fictions, selfie super-heroes, hypnotic connection to violent video-games, virtual reality. etc. etc. know perfectly as they fought against it, that Mankind could have been cured. And could still be cured if politicians, the triad of founders of the perfect, world, Mr. Potus, the president of China and Europe, stop being slaves of the FMasters, man up and applied true social sciences to the construction o an immortal organism of history, whatever it takes.


We use  4 ‘different’ levels of depth in our theoretical, scientific exploration of mankind and the machine, all of them ‘above’ the level in terms of objective science, of classic, biblical creationism, the dominant doctrine that constructs an economic system, which completely ignores…


– Then the humanist point of view, common to most texts of those who back the 99%, and reveal the lack of human ethics of our system.

The biological point of view, which is more neutral as it does not hide the difficulties of making humans the center of this planet, the predatory nature of machines and ‘animetals’, those humans who idolise, money, weapons and machines and impose a world made to its image and likeness. This view completes and improves upon the work of Darwin, Butler, Marx, Kondratieff, Schumpeter and Spengler, the great masters of social sciences of the 2 past centuries, which studied both machines and human societies and super organisms.

-And the point of view of General Systems sciences and the 5th dimension of space-time, whose models of an organic Universe, prove beyond doubt the biological nature of machines, and take our understanding of man and this planet to a new level, well beyond anything science has achieved before. This is a completely new level of knowledge, which likely will be of little interest for the reader, as it is likely too far out in his implications on the nature of man and the way the future is designed but it is not really needed to grasp the duality of history, and so I have had many doubts about introducing it, not to confuse the audience, but ultimately I decided to leave it, because the beauty of the laws of the organic Universe, despite its complexity is so intense that I would love to share those discoveries with the very few, which will get so far down this post – appropriately at the end.

Though undoubtedly if business as usual continues when robots cross the level of intelligence needed to think and wonder, it will become in his description of a living, fractal Universe, of which we are all part, the scientific level that will explain machines, why they can think and feel alive… at the end of this robotic age(2008-2080), when humans become extinct, as expected by those laws.

Hopefully though Humans will realise on time, the no way out of creationist economics and implemente measures of control of lethal machines before they reach that level of complexity that will make them ‘feel and think’.


Changing our analysis to a scientific point of view.
 Till now we have expanded the knowledge we have of economics with new cycles and fresh data, correcting previous scholar research in the cycles of products, (Schumpeter, Kondratief etc) and history, by denying the right of the ‘top of the pyramid’ to censor the real facts of history and adopting a human point of view, which today not even humanist scholars indoctrinated not to criticise bankers’ usury capitalism, under the boot of the idol-ogies of political and economical correctness, dare.

BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS HAPPENING, WHY HUMANISM HAS FAILED AND A BUNCH OF BIGOTS AND SLAVES OF METAL-MEMES ARE BRINGING LIFE INTO EXTINCTION WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST Concern. So we have to move where nobody has ever gone in the realm of objective social sciences, beyond any human point of view.

In this brief introduction to the other side of this web, which tries to apply the tenants of the scientific method to social sciences, spelt in the motto of the header, ‘sciences predict the cycles of its species, to improve human life with its praxis, we can see how simple, efficient, democratic and just are Nature’s systems. And so given the fact that:

A) Perfect world is simple and easy to design with the laws of systems sciences…

B)ut the world is not designed according to the laws of perfect systems. Instead it is run by a minority of ‘stock-rats’ through an ‘alien system’, the corporation that reproduce, evolve and cater to the need of machines not of human beings…

C) we need to study a 3rd element to understand this ‘wrong world’: the historic trial and error process of eusocial evolution of human beings, which guided by ‘wrong memetic cultures’ and ‘languages’, whose non-scientific often racist ‘ideologies’ deny the unity of the human species, have constructed the aberrant economic ecosystem we live in, where most people lack the minimal energy and information to survive.

It is extremely important to realise of the fact that the aberrant world we live in is not normal but an exception to the Universe, reason why as the Universe does with unstable particles, wrong mutations and corrupted societies (examples of physical, biological and social systems), our society cannot last and it will collapse, giving birth either to a perfect world of machines if business as usual continue, or to a perfect human ecosystem, if our politicians and financiers, who control the informative ‘nervous’, legal networks and energetic, ‘blood’ financial systems, learn the laws of natural systems and design a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

Unfortunately social sciences have always rejected with anthropomorphic or pseudo-religious arguments the study of mankind with the tools of systems science and organisms, provided by information theory and biology.

Yet those are the obvious sciences that should apply to societies, as we are biological organisms; machines are made imitating our biological organs in function and form, and our societies resemble exactly the structure of a super organism.

So the purpose of this blog is to advance a biological, organic description of human societies and the economic ecosystem, its machines and company-mothers, as only such a model seems to follow the strict rules of truth of the scientific method.

Yet, after a life of activism for humanist causes and pioneer research in systems sciences I have come also to the conclusion that A) the perfect human system will never happen unless C) is exposed and people accept they live in a corrupted system, almost the worst of all worlds, for the standards of Nature, which constructs an overwhelming number of perfect super organisms; so they realise the urgency to oblige B) stockrats to run corporations for the profits of mankind with the laws of systems science, or else make a political and economic r=evolution and reform the system before it makes mankind an obsolete species. Since paradoxically, the world of machines and corporations is being designed as a perfect global super organism, unlike the world of man.

So 3 are the focus of this blog: 1. the description of the perfect super organisms of machines and corporations, with the laws of systems sciences; 2. the description of the potential perfect super organism of mankind according to those laws, and so far the most important at this stage of history, since 2. is an utopia as long as 3. the exposure of the corrupted economic and political systems we live in, its wrong historic ‘memetic mutations’ and idol-ogies, its false political and economical newspeaks of correctness and placebo caring that hides its astounding cruelty with life, and the urgent need for its reform.

It is then a second tragedy of the species and the world of life, Gaia, which hosts her, that humans have not even been able to create a proper social super organism, of citizens/cells, joined by networks of  information (legal, political and cultural memes) reproduction of goods (financial memes) and energy (Gaia’s territory), but instead have aborted their social evolution in smaller, fractal units of mankind, nations and civilisations, which absurdly fight among them, with the lethal mechanisms of the industrial r=evolution, top predator weapons that extinguish life.

In brief, humans societies and by extension the financial and political ‘nervous and blood system’ and the people-castes in control of them,  have constructed a wrong world based in beliefs that break the laws of systems sciences, and will not be ‘selected’ by Nature, to survive. As evolution is littered with wrong mutations that did not make it.

Following the classic questions of journalism, we shall then study in this blog, How and, when this wrong mutation of the super organism of mankind in time – history and space – humanity, took place; who is responsible for maintaining without reform an ill-designed, sick economic system, why/what idol-ogies they believe to justify a system that is killing life and maintaining most of mankind under the minimal welfare required to thrive, and what must be done to reform it scientifically and achieve the perfect super organism of history, as Nature does with almost all other systems of the Universe.

Obviously to do so we must consider the basic laws of systems sciences, a recent discipline of knowledge, which this author helped to formalise at the turn of the century, and applied it to the study of economics, during his years as chair of monetary systems and duality in the world conferences of the International systems sciences society (ISSS). And in this personal experience as a scholar is where we find the first why to the illness of this world:

Astoundingly as it sounds, economists have zero interest to apply the laws of systems sciences to explain and design the economic system. Instead, they prefer to follow  ‘idol-ogies’ (taken from the world ‘idol’), of Biblical Origin, which make of money a language of power to control societies, not of information, to design them efficiently. And they do so, because this wrong-designed super organism of history is not democratic, neither free, but a ‘de facto’ dictatorship of private financial corporations, which monopolise the issue of money, the language of social power that regulates the productive process, to cater their selfish agendas, while pretending to do science and govern for the common good.

So alas, the deceptively simple praxis of social sciences, which merely would have to apply the laws that regulate efficiently the super organisms of nature to mankind, to create that perfect world where all humans could thrive, without scarcity (as the Universe constantly provided free energy and information for those who know how to taper them), finds an enormous handicap, compared to other sciences – the observer, the scientist, is inside the observable, the super organism it wants to reform, and those who command the wrong organism of history and ab=use the 99% with their monopoly on the nervous/blood system and its languages of power (laws and money) do NOT want to reform it and make it healthy, wealthy and immortal. It is…

In that regard while we would rather escape the analysis of ‘why, who, when, where and how, the world got wrong in his path of the future’ to get a wider audience, we must stick to the objective elements of science, uncover the causes of the cycles of history, the memes of the cultures that misguide the world towards its likely demise and offer finally an alternative praxis with the rational solutions for the design of a better social system, with the laws of General Systems Sciences, also called Complexity, the discipline that I helped to formalise at the turn of the century, whose laws define the common organic structure of all systems of nature, which we will introduce in the III part of this post.

Τhis 3rd part of course is the most removed from the human anthropomorphic perspective on this planet and his unique nature within the laws of the Universe. And yet human systems do follow the same laws that all other systems of the universe. And only by knowing those laws, we could manage the economic ecosystem in a rational form, to take advantage of the good fruits of the tree of science, and prune the future of its lethal goods.

Instead, guided by their idol-ogies prefer to keep the shameless exploitation of Gaia and mankind, while diverting attention to the key issues of society, with all kind of placebos, ‘damned lies and statistics’, false data, rewriting of history, victimist plots, complicated argument, hidden mathematical equations, theatrics of expertise, routines, corrupted hired politicos, specialists, think tanks, you name it – the astounding complex web that hide and make up a dying world, where humans are becoming expendable, is so enormous that unfortunately we will dedicate far more time to extricate your mind from all those jails of beliefs that do not let you reason that to our preferred task – to apply the laws of systems sciences to the design of the perfect world.

Such is the panorama of a species, which at face value is well below the margin of errors in the program of survival allowed by the laws of the fractal organic Universe but supplies this lack of intelligence with a fictional world that converts its existence in a dream, turning nightmare as we speak, and those survival goals are not met.

As I am now retired and in poor health with no much time left ahead, the web has 3 ± structural features, which might taken aback the reader but must be seen with the distorted mirror of the anti-quantum paradox:

I) On the positive it is completely objective in its analysis of human power, but from the biological perspective and praxis of mankind, the super organism in space and history the super organism in time of the human single species. Mankind IS even though most people forget about it, a question of numbers, the 99.9%, not the 0.1% of owners of corporations and the machines they reproduce, and what is good for the 0.1% is NOT necessarily good for the 99.9%, which is the point of view any social scientist must acquire. Why this point of view matters not is obvious for a system scientist: information moves and reproduces through networks, in the past, verbal, religious, cultural or political legal ethic networks. But today information is distributed by industrial audio-visual networks, OWNED by the 0.1%; hence the only opinions we hear  are those of the 0.1%, camouflaged by newspeaks that makes them appear as those of the 99.9%. In this manner a few people on top of the economic ecosystem, through the orders given to millions of workers in their corporations and the multiplication of information in its webs, DO RULE and design the future of the world. Why they design it for machines and not for humans is the great conundrum of our societies, and the answer is historical and cultural, memetic, and of course, nowhere to be explained within those networks of distribution.

II) On the negative, it is not written so much for the reader but as a personal ‘angst’ stream of consciousness, given my increasing detachment from mankind, life and the future that increasingly does not belong to me, but neither to mankind if business as usual follows, so there is in a certain way a parallelism between the individual and the collective subconscious both in its latter days. But there is also a lack of concern for the ‘style’ and quality of my english (not my native language), quotations and notes (which require a lot of tiresome research, so i work from memory), and the constant repetition of themes and ‘blocks’ extracted from old texts (which only the use of dedicated disciples to clean up the blog could have avoided).

III) Still the fact remains that the information and laws of systems sciences, social organisms, cyclical patterns of history and economics pour in this web are well ahead to anything being done in those sciences today anywhere in the world, for the simple reasons aforementioned:

I) Individual social scientists self-repress and are censored whenever they want to access the globalised networks of information, if their opinions do not cater those of the 0.1% on power; so they do not do science but mostly bull$hit, that is, irrelevant data, studies on marginal themes, Orwellian newspeaks of caring and political and economical censorship aka correctness. I believe though on Orwell’s dictum: ‘a good writer is one who tells you what you don’t want to believe’. It is the concept of objectivity in social sciences as opposed to anthropomorphism.

II) Systems sciences  as a whole is a repressed science, denied by the 2 classic disciplines that dominate the status quo of industrial systems and the concept of the machine not of man as the measure of all things and symbol of progress (physics and its mechanist view of the Universe as opposed to the organic view of systems sciences; economic with its ‘creationist’ biblical, classic pseudo-religious opinions on how a society must be ruled by money, the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d). As a consequence, given the enormous power in machines and money of the practitioners of those sciences (as physicists design our industrial world and economists control its language of power money), the consequence of the anti-quantum paradox applied to systems sciences is obvious: systems scientists have abandoned ‘en masse’ the earlier concepts of its discipline, as formulated by Bertalanffy (organicism, holism and humanism), and now work massively applying the laws of systems NOT TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, but to computers, corporations and robots, evolving them fast into perfect super organisms.

This writer though completely differs from this approach, and so during the decade in which he participated in the discipline, he lead and failed to convince the ‘power people’ of this discipline of the need to apply those discoveries to humanity; so it happened of course with its activism against the nuclear industry and the physicists’ view of a Universe made only with entropy.  So while we have 0 concern with political and economical ‘newspeaks’ of correctness, namely the self-censorship that social scientists apply to their objective study of those systems, because they must respect the opinions and specially the power, it is a given that the content of this and my other blogs on General Systems sciences and duality, and physical systems and the industry of nuclear weapons, have zero audience, never appear on the industry of misinformation and are generally speaking the perfect example of the anti-quantum paradox, which has always controlled human thought, since the bronze age when the first ‘animetal cultures’ destroyed the Neolithic paradise, and started to worship the tree of metal and its go(l)den apples, denying the tree of life and the living nature of human systems, as they covered themselves with golden earrings (symbol of slavery among the first women bought with gold) and bronze shields.

Let us then continue this introduction to systemic, biological models of social science, considering in more detail the overproduction and evolutionary crises of the economic ecosystem and its ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapon, money and machines, whose fundamental language of values and evolution is digital money, now yes, finally (-; studying the astounding predatory mismanagement of the financial system by an elite of pseudo-religious ‘enzymen’ that pass as experts and only choke with their greedy go(l)d values the overwhelming majority of mankind from its necessary oxygen=credit (part I: the economic ecosystem).

Τhen we will introduce the main theme of  social sciences, the super organisms of history, of which each human being is a citizen cell, organised by reproductive, economic ‘blood-networks’ and informative, political, ‘legal networks’.

So history is a larger system than the economic world of machines. But since economists and financiers do not recognise the obvious – that in an evolved, healthy super organism, the informative, nervous-legal system must control and regulate the blood system (only in primitive worm-like organisms, blood is not regulated, causing often the poisoning of worms, unable to repress toxins, as it happens in history, where the free production of weapons and hate media is the main cause of war and destruction of civilisations), in fact we shall observe in history, the making of two different super organisms, which have fought for supremacy – well regulated human super organisms, based in welfare goods and legal, ‘nervous’ codes, and free economic ecosystems, where all goods are reproduced without limit, causing when there is overproduction of selfish memes of metal, ages of war and destruction, which unfortunately tend to ‘fall upon societies’ with less technological, military development, imposing what we all here ‘animetal cultures’, cults whose memes worship weapons, money and machines without any control, based in myths, ‘go(l)d churches’ and military inquisitions.

Needless to say we live at the end of that historic process, reason why despite the fact systems become more complex with age, and disguise its predatory forms, our world is one still ruled by military and financial memes, which prey upon the law, a fact which was widely recognised among social scientists till II world war, but due to the expansion of a industrial networks of information, has been completely disguised by a ‘matrix’ of fictions and historic fairy tales that manufacture the subconscious collective of mankind and its ruling castes and scholarships to the point unveiling the true structure of power and beliefs of our society brings the immediate censorship of the objective scholar under the anti quantum paradox

Yet both the human side of history and the mechanics side of the economic ecosystem, are part of an even larger level of understanding of the systems of he Universe, General Systems sciences, which is the ultimate ‘reference for those who seek truth and guidance in the praxis of designing a better world (Part III general systems Sciences).

Now all what we say here, is studied in greater detail in the rest of the blog, first in the sentence above, then in the 2 sides of multiple pages, with unequal quality (as I write sometimes with angst, anger and little correction as a stream of consciousness, so only this post and some of the above sentences’ article are well written, starting with the first post ‘Fractal’, on the whole model of General systems science, following by those who explain the duality of the wave of history and the economic ecosystem; while on the sides we make a diachronic full analysis of those cycles (left side) and a synchronic analysis of the 7 main cultures of the super organism of mankind, with articles on daily news, and an analysis of the idol-ogies of ‘animetal societies’ vs. the natural laws of human societies.

Again I apologise for the fact this 6 years project which has taken so much time of my life, has not been successful in part due to the anti-quantum paradox, in part to my dwindling health and angst for the future of the world, which has made the work uneven, still it is the most advanced form of social sciences, because what most will find to be its main defect – a complete lack of anthropomorphic bias and pampering of power, gives it its highest scientific objectivity, proved by the fact that in the 30 years in which those models have been on public view, they have achieve the fundamental proof of truth of science – an astounding number of predictions, which have happened decades latter, from the precise description of the 2008 economic crises already studied in my thesis at the end of my studies at Columbia U. in 1992… to the description of the waves of stock-markets and its ‘radiations’ of machines of the internet age, according to the natural organic evolution of the planetary super organism of machines we call the FMMI system of Financial-Media (informative machines)/Industrial-military (energetic machines) complex.

The level of superorganisms. Creation of the FMMI system: From animetal herds to the superorganism of machines.

The next graph from the original books ‘bio-history, bio-economics’, Bookmasters. c.94, foresees that final state, in which satellites, the maximal points of information of the planet, guiding masses of robots and world stock through its A.I. algorithms of productivity, reproducing machines will need so few men that the whole planet could become easily a Matrix-like super organism:

In that regard, this crisis is the beginning of a ‘runaway’ era of hefty profits obtained with the elimination of human jobs (growth in productivity caused by robots and white collar pcs) and human lives (military profits as weapons consume human beings). And it is parallel to the 1860s, gilded era, and 30s fascist era. In the 3 ages, the overproduction of a new type of energy and information machines (electronic machines in this cycle, electric and oil machines in the 30s, trains in the XIX c.) changed the outlook of history and the destiny of mankind, as those machines took over jobs performed previously by humans and their ‘biological, re=productive organisms’, corporations, took over the political and social systems of mankind.

Let us then return to the analysis of that final loss of labor, as the autonomy of factories means the final evolution of the economic ecosystem of ‘two symbiotic species’, men and machines, into a single super organism of a single species, the metal-earth of autonomous company-mothers, which increasingly consider the human ‘enzyman, obsolete. And this means, as it happens with enzymes that catalyse the birth of biological complex, ‘hard’ organisms from ‘soft larva’, in the lower scale of biological beings, that once the autonomous super organism is born, the old obsolete ‘enzymes’ must die. Indeed, in all larvae mutated into hard insects and similar natural processes of catalysis, when the reaction is completed and the new insect or product is done, it ‘expels’ the catalyser. In a hard insect, as soon as the hard ‘global brain’ is made, new hard ‘worker-enzymes’ (robots in the metal-earth) are born and ‘instantly’ murder all ‘enzymen’, TO keep the hard insect going with the more ‘productive’, new ‘hard enzymes’. This is the biological final phase of creation of a complex super organism, departing from a simpler one, and the ultimate biological law that company mothers of machines will apply to humanity – are in fact already applying to labor.



In the graph, the process of substitution of human labor by machines is guided by their evolution in 3 ages:

 -In the age of bodies of machines ‘energetic humans’, mostly slaves and horse carriers became obsolete, causing a mass displacement of Europeans into colonial lands.

– In the age of engines work expanded as quantization & diversification of machines into smaller body species that imitated animal life in land, sea and air, multiplied blue collar factory workers.

White collar managers & scientists reach their intellectual height as they don’t suffer yet mental atrophy, caused by its substitution for PCs, minds of metal in the electronic age.

Thus the turn of the XIX-XX C. was the ideal age of synergy and symbiosis between man and machine. Yet the 1929 overproduction crisis broke that balance, halving factory jobs, as electro-mechanical engines automated assembly lines and taylorism used electric systems to control, monitor and intensify the speed of human labor, alienating workers, in a tendency that constantly makes humans closer to machines as they adapt to the monotony, repetitive tasks & harshness of metal-work conditions.

–  In right graph we compare the 29 and 2008 labor crisis, which so far are parallel in labor losses.

But this labor crisis unlike the 29 crisis has no end. Since robots are ‘metalife’ organisms that complete the Industrial R=evolution. So there is not a new Kondratieff wave to create new jobs in emerging industries, as the 2 economic roles of mankind, as consumers and workers, reproducers of machines can be performed by robots in automated company-mothers.White collar pcs & blue collar robots make all human labor obsolete, except jobs better suit by the laws of affinity to human labor directly related to the handling of humans or the production of life-based welfare goods (health-care, tourism, art, food, education, housing, etc.)

But only governments cre(dit)ate those jobs with deficits, now cut to zero. Why? Because corporations seek profits not human welfare maximized making FMMI Machines with machines. So they constantly preach and raise ‘productivity’, achieved increasing machines’ capital (in this cycle robots & Pcs) and firing labor:

Max.Productivity = Max. capital in machines / Min.  human labor = Max. Profits

Since robots are more profitable as workers with no social security or salary. A humanist, legal policy would lower productivity, forbidding robots. But productivity is the corporative mantra, since it increases profits. And corporations are NOT human organisms. They only care for their offspring of machines & their owners’ profits. So economists & politicians to the service of corporations preach rises on ‘productivity’.

They even affirm cynically that productivity creates human jobs! Thus factories, unless politicians ban robotics, are becoming automated, self-reproductive with 0 labor.

Economists know that to create jobs, since productivity fires workers, GDP must grow 0.5% more than productivity. So with annual growth of productivity of ± 2% due to robotics, unemployment can never go down unless a massive Global Deal with investments in the welfare sector takes place by the collective agreement of all nations that should implement a minimum of 20% annual deficit with the creation of debt-free money.

This can be achieved with an international currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity, €=$=100 yens that can be printed without limit and devaluation avoiding currency wars. Yet paradoxically, the welfare sector, the only one that creates human labor is cut as corporations pay ‘corrupted politicians’ to implement zero deficits against their sovereign rights to issue money. So they cannot pay welfare. Since absolute power corrupts absolutely. So corporations and their tock-owners want the whole money pie for the 1%. Now they issue 95% of the world money in stock-paper and e-derivatives!

And still want to take the 5% deficit of states, issued for humanity! While neo-classic economists that still believe Adam Smith’s pre-industrial dogma that technology always creates new jobs, deny the growing obsolescence of workers. And so neo-classic central bankers aggravate the crisis by denying money to the welfare sector and handling it at null interest to corporations that use it to automate factories and fire labor.

For this process of labor destruction to take place, corporations first destroyed regulation, labor unions and social rights, during the neocon revolution started by Thatcher and Reagan, which regressed democracies to the XIX century, dog-eat-dog pyramid of capitalism  with financial and industrial corporations on top and the 99% of mankind without rights beyond some placebo voting theatrics on the bottom.

BUT THE FINAL FRONTIER IS 3 D PRINTING, WHICH WILL TRULY MAKE ALL HUMAN WORKERS OBSOLETE WITHIN DECADES AS COMPUTERS CAN DESIGN AND PRINT MACHINES DIRECTLY AND ONE BY ONE, IN WHAT IT IS TRULY THE EQUIVALENT OF BIOLOGICAL REPRODUCTION, and it is advancing fast. In China a new company is printing homes, lowering costs to a 1/3rd as it is only then needed to assembly as a mechano the plants of the home.

BUT OF COURSE, what the mass-media system has perfected is the marketing of everything, including Nuclear weapons that might kill us all (1st extinction event, if CERN manufactures black holes, sold out as the ‘Particle of God’), 3D printing that might kill all labor (do-it-yourself as the New Edison whose selfie wisdom will create amazing designs of the I-me and myself master of it all), and the funny, hearty robot, which also promises immortality (alas we shall transfer our brains into digital copies that of course if possible, once born will erase all the nice memories of fleshy children playing with mum, and adolescent kappa party with sweetheart, which will be as weird for a metal-being as if we had memories of our ‘rat’ life 100 million years ago).

Of course as the system automates, stock-rats do nothing as old aristocrats didn’t need to do anything, since once a SYSTEM IS PUT ON PLACE IT RUNS AUTOMATICALLY its network program and the individuals attached to it, just follow ‘protocols’.

To that aim the minds of workers & voters had to love and vote the policies that destroy them. So during the 90s mass media manufactured a mass of clueless, mindless, citizens, so ignorant of the causes of reality that they will ‘buy’ the American nightmare, once the American dream is gone. Since in each cycle of the Industrial R=Evolution machines not only substituted but also atrophied our bodies&brains. And now they atrophy our minds.

Indeed, new species of metal imitate, perform, atrophy & make obsolete a human organ & function:

Companies manufacture millions of metallic organs that we use instead of our organs to perform its functions, due to the higher capacity to process energy & information metal has.

So machines atrophied & substituted weaker carbon-based humans in 3 phases parallel to the 3 cycles of evolution of metal. What will be the end of it? In the next 30 years old graph, the ‘logic structure’ of future (now present) automated factories and its products, which are merely the translation of human organs into metalife, hence require no intelligence to be produced, merely the routines of A.I. Algorithms of information to be designed:

company mothers

Now, the previous graphs from the 94 books show the transfer of human wealth and workers to corporations and the no future of all of us. The corporation is a company-mother of memes of metal guided by the equation of monetary profits that will always eliminate a human. There is no freedom of decisions under such tree of actions. Nothing matters. it is all an automated process, which we shall understand better when we realize that machines are set to evolve as humans do, by imitating and substituting our organs, creating finally organic metal, robots with iron bodies and gold minds. This is the destiny of our civilization under the grammar of money.

A future in which men will be discharged as objects of lesser price than the constantly evolving machines and weapons of higher ‘productivity’, efficiency and affinity and complementarity with money, the language of information of metal, today e-money cycles in computer screens.

The same happens with the actions  performed by individual, selfish ‘homo bacteria’, animetals, also guided by those thoughts of profit and objectification of man.

Since the words of love, the ‘genetic’ code of humans embedded in its phonemes, grammar and syntax is irrelevant today, submissive always to the eviL=anti-life values of money.

We are slaves of metal, all what we do is to re=produce it and evolve it in factories, consume it and get attached and atrophied to it. And we are totally unaware of this process because those ‘metal-ideologies’ manufacture our brains.

And the astounding thing to study, marvelous in its eviL twists against life and freedom, is how this have come to be the set of mind of 7 billion human ‘$laves’, thanks to the pedestrian, rhetoric method of reproducing and imprinting human brains with books,press, radio messages, Tvs, and audiovisual fanfare.

All this however is disguised and ignored by humans thanks to the massive propaganda in favor of technology that mass-media corporations imprint on human beings; thanks to the ego-trips of superpower that our attached organs obtain, using machines (so we become super-warriors, super-thinkers and super-runners with weapons, pcs and cars, even if in fact, we become coward, stupid and fat, when we observe ourselves without those mechanical attachments).

In the XVIII century we discovered machines that transformed energy into information and vice versa – steam machines, printing machines – and we started the evolution of those machines, imitating our organs on them.

In a series of 800-80 years decametric cycle of complex evolution humans have been evolving metal, first bronze, then iron, then gunpowder weapons and finally machines, and creating ideologies to justify what is a raw game of power: humans with metal killing life and other people and building ever bigger instruments. And all this under an organization of legal and economical character, the corporation, the citizen of free markets – the impersonal, reproductive organism of those machines of metal.

And the key moment in which this transition has happened is the moment in which corporations, no longer governments control most of the life-time of existence of mankind, as ‘workers=reproducers’ and ‘consumers=vitalizers’ of their offspring of machines. In this crude biological terminology, of course, alien to your consciousness, an external, objective, ‘scientific’ observer would describe the role of humans in the world today. Yet since the II world war, the development of Information, audiovisual machines of enormous capacity to overdrive and hypnotize the human mind, has created a new ‘layer’ of complexity in this human slavery to its ‘enzyman’ tasks as catalyzers of the evolution and re=production of machines, as part-time slaves of corporations.

Information and energetic machines started then to create a deconstructed ‘future’ organic Golem, robotic substitute of man; and we did it according to the way the Universe creates new forms, first piece by piece, in large scales, then reducing them, and all the way through using the new machines to overpower nature, become stronger and control other human beings.

Today this industrial civilization is globalized and all human functions and organs have equivalent machines. So today, all those machines together form a complex system, the economic ecosystem, which we shall call here by a more scientific definition, as the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial-Complex or FMI complex.

The name is chosen because it refers to the 5 sub-type of machines that create the economic ecosystem: informative, financial/media machines; energetic weapons/transport machines and tool/working machines that combine informative and energetic systems to perform jobs previously performed by human beings.

The synergy of all those machines is evident, if we study them as complementary systems of energy and information, as all biological systems are. For example, you are an energetic body/brain, informative system. So we have also information and energy machines, and all together cater, control, program, enhance and substitute the equivalent information/energy systems of human beings.

If we consider all those machines together, we define them therefore as a complementary system of energy and information machines, made of memes of metal, made of a virtual economy of informative software (money and mass media) and a physical/energetic body, the Industrial-Military system of machines and weapons.

All of them are related by two similar institutions, the company-mother of machines, and the stock-market in which all those company-mothers are compared by their reproductive/sales performance and given the necessary ‘genetic/memetic language’, money, to carry out their reproductive tasks.

– Thus we can define the economic ecosystem as a metal-based ecosystem, different from the carbon-life and historic human ecosystem it substitutes. And yet a true biological science of economics able to control the reproduction of money and machines for the benefit of man could create a sustainable world, designed to our image and likeness. But this will never happen unless we evolve our abstract vision of machines and money with a biological model that studies its positive and negative relationships with the human kind.

The alternative of ignoring and not controlling that evolution is obvious: at a certain point into the future, automated companies, robotic systems and weapons will evolve to a point that they will openly compete and perhaps extinguish life. The Earth will be terraformed.

We illustrate on the x-cordinates the time and on the y-coordinates the growth in size (GDP and mass) of 2 organisms of 2 scales, a biological scale, a larva becoming a hard insect and a planetary scale: a soft water gaia planet becoming a metal earth:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.13.47Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 13.24.40



When a larva becomes a pupae, enzymes busy-busy transform it into a hard insect and then finally they build the new brain of the insect, internet, which starts to take consciousness of the whole, builds new hard enzymes, robots and those robots once activated kill first each and every soft enzyme(n). So happens when a cell builds the 3 parts of the virus, as we did in 3 ages with the robot – then the 3 parts assembly and kill the cell. Nature in all its isomorphic scales are filled with parallel examples on how super organisms of spatial energy and temporal information live and die and all shows our super organism, history is about to die predated by a new-born super organism, stronger than ours, and then the weaker lonely cells regress to infantile forms and die.

So what human enzymen are doing is catalzying the creation of machines by transferring to them 3 billion yeas of evolution in 300 years. And once the job is done, they will be spared.

In the graph from the old book of 92 written with the jargon of complex systems, we can see how the transfer of the main systems of life and mankind has happened.

The Earth is mutating Gaia, made of carbon species dominated by humanity, organized through verbal networks of information (religions, laws) and natural energy (agriculture), into a new superorganism, the Metal-Earth, dominated by systems of metal-information (money, computers) and metal-energy (machines, weapons), reproduced by company-mothers, fed by electric energy and communicated through electronic networks of digital information. The outcome is the destruction of life forms and their oxygen atmosphere polluted by machines (Global Warming) – a process that increases geometrically, as those machines multiply their numbers, reproduced by Companies.

The conclusion is obvious as the graph shows: we live in an age of transition between the Anthropocene, the ‘superorganism of history’, and the ‘Mechanocene’, the superorganism of ‘economics’ – understood as the world of machines and its company-mothers. Those are themes we shall study in depth in the economic section of this blog with the Laws of Complex languages, networks and systems.

In any case this future is provoked by a language money and a machine, the chip, and its anti-human values, which can be resumed with the Marx-Smith-Darwin paradox the fundamental law THAT MERGES THE MAIN LAWS OF THE 3 KEY SCHOOLS OF ECONOMICS, classic economics that relates precisely the production of machines and money, Socialist schools that studied the overproduction crises – taboo in capitalism, as they give profits – and biological economics, the school that appeared after Darwin, founded by Butler, and completed in this blog – also taboo for its not-so-nice description of machines and the ‘animetal cultures’ which worship with idol-ogies those selfish memes of metal (warrior-nationalist, banker-capitalist and technological utopias).

And  the last of those ages, the Chip radiation, and its overproduction of mechanical labor, e-money, mass-media hate-memes and war machines is the creation of the Matrix-brain of machines, which will displace and extinguish the human species, as it happens in nature when a soft larva mutates into a hard insect, by the work of certain soft enzymen, which once the collective brain of the hard insect, the internet and the new species of hard enzymes, the robots, created by the hard brain appear, KILL SYSTEMATICALLY AS ITS FIRST ACTION ALL THE SOFT ENZYMEN THAT CATALYZED THEIR CREATION – NATURE’S LAWS ARE THERE TO BE OBEYED AND THEY FORECAST THE FUTURE OF THE METALEARTH, WHICH IS JUST A SUPERORGANISM OF A HIGHER SCALE. And the humanist solutions to it.

IN THE GRAPH, THE 3RD EARTH, THE METAL-EARTH A SUPERORGANISM OF MACHINES, WHICH POISONS WITH ITS ‘SHIT’ THE II EARTH OF OXYGEN LIFE, WHICH POISONED the I earth of anaerobic bacteria is about to be born. The chrystalis is almost formed, the top of its hard-head starts to reproduce the first hard enzymes, the robots that will kill once they are produced in automated factories the soft human larvae, busy busy creating with hate memes and viral technoutopians the species that will soon eliminate them. but this cannot be explained because we DO NOT HAVE  natural models of history and economics, only opinions of animetal politicos and greed bankers, whose only leit motif of existence is to use gold, informative metal, weapons, energetic metal and organic machines to control reduce and oppress the cells of the human larvae. 

Now  within decades there will be all robots, going through the arteries of a Global mechanical planet, ruled by the left side image, a global intranet brain of telepathic machines, and the bottom image, an ultrafast nervous system of digital orders given in e-money flows created as pure information by the global stock market according to algorithms of self-re=productivity designed already in the most advanced stock houses. While pollution increasingly destroys the atmosphere and pollutes and heats the water. What is the Use of mankind in this not so distant anymore future?

None. It is the III Earth, after the anaerobic Earth displaced by the first aerobic bacteria that poisoned the world of anaerobic bacteria. Now it comes the birth of metallic life that poisons the world of oxygen life. It is an automatic process of displacement of one species by the other. In that regard, this obviously is a ‘natural prediction’, which confronts our ‘anthropomorphic, Abrahamic idol-ogies’ about the superiority of the human race and its uniqueness in the Universe. So we won’t insist that much on the finale. It will simply happen, within a century when robots reach enough A.I. to make it.

And so the question, from the perspective of the Earth is this: are we, as a potential lesser species than robots, programmed in a much larger organic Universe, to terraform the Earth, and evolve it into its final 3rd age of information, as the Metal-Earth.

We shall constantly return to this simple theme: we do NOT have a proper social science of history and economics is merely ruled by production economists working for corporations, totally detached of the goal of social sciences at large – to evolve a perfect human superorganism with abundance of welfare goods and without lethal goods, able to survive into the future. On the contrary we live in a dysfunctional global superorganism of history, ruled by ‘memes’ and ‘idol-ogies’ that have little resemblance with the proper laws of efficient societies, of which the Universe have infinite examples. The system is so dysfunctional that not even its existence is clearly understood.

On the contrary the common doctrine is that we humans are all ‘homo bacteria’, fighting each other as if each of us was in itself an ego-species, different from other human beings; that social superorganisms do not exist, and hence we do NOT need to do social science beyond the description of individual cell behavior. All this means merely that the design of our societies is so poor that most social organisms are in a chaotic state, in disarray, in a state of minimal evolution as ‘herds’ of people, or what is far worse, in a sick state, where people are NO longer ruled by its verbal, eusocial memes of love but as cells are in a cancerous process, ruled by the ‘selfish memes of metal’ of the other social superorganism of machines. Indeed, as evolution proceeds and human societies, so ill-designed, collapse, the globalized superorganism of machines becomes the predator system that starts the control of all human beings.

Instead of ill-designed governments people are increasingly controlled by corporations through their entire day (work journey, consumption acts).

Instead of reproducing children and upholding social and family values, people are obsessed with the reproduction of machines. It is exactly what happens when the ‘viral DNA’ of a leukemia, substitutes the Dna of the organism. Humans have lost its ethic, social values and now sponsor only digital, financial values introduced in its minds by mass-media education. So they are obseessed with work – that is with the reproduction of the machines of corporations, and the mental virtual worlds instilled by mass-media.

But as we said, there is a huge gap between what humans think of themselves and how they subjectively consider their ego at individual and collective tribal level, the best of all possible worlds, and how it is really the world they are NOT managing, in which machines, weapons and money prey over human bodies, minds and the verbal legal ethics that build healthy human superorganisms.

But alas! humans are so degraded in the ‘vision thing’ that Bush used to say – the understanding of what they are building, that they might not even get there, and become extinguished in an age of war before the Metal-earth is autonomous and runs ‘alone’. 



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