Lanwaves cre(dit)ate


Truth in social sciences, and truth in philosophy and human thought are ill-defined. The key to understand truth is the relationship between that ‘anthropomorphic’, subjective concept and the objective, natural properties of information and how minds map reality to extract reliable information on the total information-truth of the Universe.

In brief, the Universe only contains all the information-truth about itself. All other ‘truths’ are mental images constructed with languages proper of each species. And so the true content of a language depends on

1) the quantity of information it can carry – so images have more truth than words

2) the accurate factual description the language makes of the true-information of the being.

And here is where ‘games of truth’ start. For example, mass-media uses its 1) higher content of truth, to cheat in 2) and make belief people lies by manipulation the description of facts.

Truth does have therefore 3 elements, as all systems of the Universe: the object or event we study, the truth in itself, the language we use to mirror it, and the precision or focus of the image of reality obtained with the language.

So departing from the fact that all human truths are subjective, linguistic truths, the next concept to clarify is which mirrors are better to create images of which truths. And the answer is obvious. Mathematical, visual truths describe reality in space better and logic, causal, verbal truths describe the events and realities of time, as logic chains ’cause’ the creation of the future according to the past.

So first we have to consider what are the ‘logic’ and ‘topologic’, mathematical ‘best’ mirrors to describe the truths of human social organisms, and consider 3 jargons of increasingly higher truth/logic content, as those mirrors:

– Factual data (simplest truth); biological models of such factual data (the proper jargon to explain economical truths) and finally General Systems (the complex logic and non-euclidean mathematics that describe better the Universe)

Finally, a key element of truth, information and how it works in the Universe, which will focus the second part of this referential post are ‘lanwaves’. Information and truth, while it can be objective for contemplation purposes tends to be always related to a purpose of biological, survival origin. The truth of the lion thus differ from the gazelle. For the lion the gazelle is a beautiful truth, a food. For the gazelle the lion is an evil being. So humans also believe in truths that cater their desires and needs.

And the result is that ‘languages’ have ‘subjective true values’ in their ‘grammar that favors the truth of those who speak the language. And this is the origin of a fundamntal structure that guides the Universe and the creation of the future, lanwaves in which a language of truth, common to a species, or ecosystem, organizes a herd, wave or cellular mass of beings with a biological purpose, which is explained in the grammar of the language.

Example: man speaks and speaks always with a ‘subject’ (human) verb (action) and object (energy of subject). Thus the lanwave of mankind, human s guided by verbal truths, is the fundamental social unit of human organization. And all its actions and sentences guided by the grammar of words will create a truth a world made to the image and likeness of mankind. This is our truth and our language.

On the other hand corporations use money, a digital language, where:

Man (salary) = money = Object (price).

Thus this new language that organizes mankind makes men objects, not subjects and their ‘truths’ compare men and machines in labor and war fields and let the ‘games begin’, the species compete without any favoritism. And so the truth of a world guided by money is a world in which all are objects including man. And the lanwave of money and human s in which we live – our civilization constantly despises man as a lesser species.

Truth, languages, lanwaves are thus complementary systems of energy (body cells, fields of forces), guided by a language of subjective information/truth, and they are the essential systemic structure of actions in the Universe.

You exist in a universe made of lanwaves. particles guided by electromagnetic or gravitational languages; humans guided by ethic laws; machines guided by digital truths and so on.

So we shall study the ‘models of truth’ in social sciences first, and its subjective limits of truth and then compare the two worlds created by human lanwaves, the lanwave of money and the lanwave of wor(l)ds.


The 3 jargons and schools of thought represented by this blog.

The harshest of all economical, political and social truths is this: you live in a world in which its ‘substance’ that is time, is dedicated in its immense majority to the creation, reproduction and evolution of machines inside certain organizations, their company-mothers, which also control as ‘free citizens’ of democracies, most of the institutions of power of the world.

And that fact, the dominance of an organism whose purpose and will is dedicated to reproduce not humans, our species, but machines, deconstructed organisms of metal that imitate us… has enormous biological consequences for this planet.

Company-mothers of machines reproduce without limit machines and weapons, its evil twins, for a profit. Then they adapt the environment with laws paid by lobbies – hence automatically delivered by the politico system – to those machines.

And the process is terraforming the world to the image and likeness of those machines without the slightest opposition… or even a serious, scientific description of the process and its problems for life, narrated in this blog. 

Yet most of the real information about those cycles and crises is today censored or ignored by the ‘economic system’, since those crises of overproduction give profits to corporations, the free citizens of markets that pay with prizes and donations to universities and think tanks the ‘authorized truth’ of history and economics. Instead here we go for a higher ideal. So we base our assertions on the historic, biological and eusocial school of Economics that explain rationally and connects the Industrial revolution and its cycles of organic evolution of metal-machines with the long cycles of evolution of weapons and money in history, coming to the conclusion that the present age of robotics is just the final phase of  a process ofconstant terraforming of planet Earth from an ecosystem of life into an ecosystem of metal, since the age of Bronze changed our ‘agricultural civilization’ from the ‘Tree of Life’ to the ‘Tree of science’ (Genesis parable).

This is the future. And it has been known for 20 years and it has been denied and it will therefore – because it has not been solved scientifically –  ‘happen again’.  As humans are no longer moved by reason, rightful information and eusocial love, the memes that could save them as they are the summit of the social organic laws of the fractal Universe, but by greed and murder, the values of gold and weapons, the selfish memes of metal that make us slaves.


But those solutions were never heard? Why.  We need an even larger, deeper view to respond to the reasons of human self-suicide.

In that regard, we use 3 ‘levels’ of depth in our comprehension of reality with biological and systemic sciences:

– The data jargon (simple truths and facts about economics and tribal history censored usually in all texts to ‘hide and protect the powerful’, here explained with ‘warts and all’, with the ‘ethical judgment’ of the point of view of mankind.  Since as we shall see ‘ethics’ is indeed a scientific language – a biological mandate of survival based in the power of eusocial love to create efficient superorganisms (lower texts of the opening graph, where you can see the ‘struggle’ of mankind to create eusocial superorganisms based in the power of love – the force that makes similar cells share energy and information creating stronger systems).

– And this is proved by the biological models and jargons of this blog, which criticize deeply the tribal actions of mankind and its ‘animetal ideologies’ in the context of the higher truth of eusocial evolution, the best darwinian strategy that ensure the survival of the species NOT the individual or tribe.  While different species – humans and machines – do compete for survival as all species do in biology.

This jargon might seem very new, as its initial proponents in the XIX century, the historic, socialist and biological schools, epitomized by Sombart, Marx and Butler were already heavily censored (see below the ‘antiquantum paradox’ or scientific explanation of the endemism of censorship in social sciences).  Yet not only biology and evolution are the only sciences that have shown ‘capacity to predict the future’ and explain life beings, they are in the economic case, the only rational explanation today existing about the nature of machines, as biological organisms of metal, corporations, its ‘company-mothers’ and why corporations take care of their ‘offspring’ far more than of humanity since the times when Owens stated that if managers of mills took care of their human capital as much as they do of their mechanical one, the life of workers will greatly improve…

Unfortunately those biological laws were misused by ‘social darwinists’ who denied the single nature of the human species, substituted by smaller entities, ‘nations’ or ‘corporations’, who they thought must compete and kill each other – the antitruth of what evolving species do; so we need to reinforce them considering the main discoveries of XX century ‘biology’ – the understanding of the physiological laws tht build multi-cellular organisms and the laws of systems science and theory of information.

The most objective, ‘higher jargon’: the laws of all universal systems:


– Thus, an even higher, deeper scientific perspective is provided by General Systems and its mathematical and logic  laws of creation and emergence of complex social systems  – the fifth dimension that evolves the universe in scales of increasing size and complexity from particles to atoms, molecules, cells, planets, organisms, galaxies and superorganisms.

In the graph we consider a brief description of the structures of all those systems and the ‘i-scales’ of growing information of the fifth dimension.

This jargon is the less known, newest and hence most ‘far out’ of the 3. It is however the ultimate justification of the ‘stupendous’ forecasts the organic models and cycles explained here have showed in the past decades on the search for regularities and predictive patterns in history and economics.

Its power resides on its beautiful simplicity and capacity to explain ALL systems of the Universe, not only our biological world, but also physical and sociological systems, as ‘fractal organisms made of networks of cellular energy and temporal information – fields of energy and particles in physics, bodies of energy and heads of  information in biology and ‘working classes’ the energy directed by ‘informative castes’ that control the financial and legal information of a social superorganism (definition that we apply to explain the self-similar structure onations, civilizations, religions, corporations, history and the economic ecosystem, etc .)  In the next graph, we can see that dual structure of all energy-information systems, which explains also the forms of machines and why they will indeed evolve as we humans imitate their organs of them, till they reach our complexity but having a better ‘metal support’ win us in the competition for survival:



All systems of the Universe are made of an informative, smaller, cyclical ‘head/field/neuronal class’ in control of the languages of information of the system that moves an energetic, spatial, more extended, body – as spheres store maximal information in minimal space and the geometry of lines are the shortest/fastest distance between two points.

All of them gauge information to move their bodies towards fields of energy in which they feed in order to reproduce.

And so the game of the Universe is simple, exi system of energy and information reproduce in waves of similar beings, ∑exi, and in the process use other beings as energy of that ‘reproductive radiation’. And then once there is a mass of similar clonic beings, they evolve together through networks that share energy and information into a ‘whole’ that controls the parts. So happens with human societies where people reproduce and evolve into bigger social superorganisms. it happened in physical systems, where the big bang reproduced particles that evolved socially into atoms, molecules and cells and multicellular organisms. And so on.

Thus we have a ‘program’ of existence, which i call indeed ∑exi, as all what we do is to feed on energy for our bodies, inform our minds, reproduce them exi, and evolve socially ∑exi. and that is the meaning oF EXISTENCE – THE UNIVERSAL GAME – THE MIND OF THE UNIVERSE SHARED BY EACH PART AND SPECIES.

And that is ultimately the true reason why CORPORATIONS CARE NOTHING but for the reproduction of their offspring, and that is why machines are evolving now together into a collective metal-earth, adn that is why humans did evolve into civilizations and religious superorganisms, gods united by the social power of love. This is the program I discovered, and formalized mathematically and logically with topology and Non-euclidean geometry. This jargon applies to all sciences and from time to time we shall bring it to reinforce the conclusions of our biological analysis of economics and history.



Now consider for example, the previous analysis of languages and its syntax from this higher perspective.

In the models of General Systems Sciences, unlike the models of Physics, the determinant ‘arrow of time/future’ is information NOT energy. Information dominates energy. This means that ‘particles’ dominate ‘fields of energy’, heads dominate ‘bodies of energy and LANGUAGES, THEIR SYNTAX AND CAUSALITY DOMINATE THE ACTIONS OF CULTURES BUILT AROUND THOSE LANGUAGES.

WE THUS TALK OF A UNIVERSE OF LANWAVES. Languages that guide waves and herds. The mathematical language, its syntax and physical laws that express those syntaxes guide the waves of energy of the Physical Universe.

The Genetic codes guide the actions of the world of cells.

An the previous languages create the actions of its waves of humans.

Further on, the laws of organisms, causality evolution and theory of information allows to forecast the future cycles of those systems according to previous patterns, giving a final proof of predictability as those models are 20 years old.

SINCE THE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION OF SYSTEMS INTO HIGHER MORE COMPLEX FORMS WITH MORE EVOLUTION FOLLOWS A ‘VORTEX’ OF DECAMETRIC, GROWING COMPLEXITY – reason why those cycles of evolution of metal-memes have an 800-80-8 year span latter explained in more detail.

All this is further proved to be the most objective possible model of ‘philosophy of science’ according to the 4 paramount principles of verification of science – predictability of its cycles, Occam’s principle of simplicity, Principle of correspondence/amplitude of the model and falsification principle those models are  the only ones today, which pass the stringent rules of ‘scientific thought, which none of the ‘ideologies of power’ that pass as science in economics and history have ever passed. Indeed, classic economics, the ideology of power of the financial industry has never unlike all other sciences predicted the future of its human and mechanical species, as it has not even a scientific definition of them, and it evolutionary cycles.  We do have a biological definition of all of them, since ‘the Universe is an organism with a mind called logos’ (Plato) and all its parts are made to the image and likeness of the ‘whole’.

Welcome then, paraphrasing Kant, to a very serious scientific upgrade of ‘the mind of man inside us, reflection of the mind of the Universe, above us’…

Its jargons and tone might seem to you so strange as the Matrix of fictions and fantasies of happiness the ‘system’ imprints in your mind as dogma and truth,  would seem to an external scientific observer of planet Earth, who would see instead of  ‘Chosen’, ‘nations’, ‘capital’ and ‘individuals’, a biological ecosystem in evolution, mutating from a superorganism of life, called Gaia, into one of machines…

And that is how he would describe the world ‘as it is’, not as we dream it for spurious reasons… Since in true form the purpose of all those jargons of caring and political correctness is merely  to hide with a matrix of soci(de)ological Newspeaks our tragic zeitgeist as a species – merely our increasing obsolescence and displacement from this planet by the growing ‘armies of robotic soldiers and workers, and the corruption of all our ‘human social systems’ substituted by the systems of corporations who care nothing  about mankind. So we have no future unless we improve and evolve the eco(nomic)system to satisfy the needs of our species, with ‘true scientific laws’, which ideologies of power don’t provide but censor to maintain ill-designed social systems that cater only for the 1-10% elite of owners and managers of corporations and its corrupted or clueless ’employees’.

BUT HOW MANKIND SPLIT INTO TWO TYPE OF PEOPLE? OBVIOUSLY if you have understood the meaning of lanwaves, by following different ‘languages of power’, the human wor(l)d vs. the memes of metal of warriors and bankers and latter, mechanist scientists who made of memes of metal their god and purpose. So we have to move now to the science of memetics that explains the ideologies of man, departing from the reproduction of those lanwaves among human cultural ‘herds’.

And this leads to a sorely needed analysis of WHY gold provokes greed and weapons cause murder, beyond the anthropomorphic theories that we humans control our ‘tools’ without being controlled by them… That is, to the themes of Memetics and ideologies, and the evolutionary and biological influence of metal in the collective subconscious and ideologies of the human being – the 3rd fundamental subject of this blog…

Thus, now we will try to answer a taboo question of classic economics: the meaning of greed and the values of money that make otherwise normal people behave as Keynes put it ‘in the wickedest ways’. We shall do so by making an introduction to the age of weapons and gold, when the economic ecosystem was much simpler, an age in which the ideologies of capitalism were created and substituted the earlier concept that the world had to be made to the image and likeness of man, by the concept that we have to evolve machines, technology, not human societies to create a paradise.

 Memetics: Gods of Love vs. Object of Go(l)d.

Memes are the fundamental unit of information of Cultures and Economic ecosystems, which ‘determine’ the complex evolution of individuals into super-organisms, in the scale of Human societies.

Memes are instruments and ideologies that form together super-structures of thought, which guide the collective actions of human groups, creating super-organisms of history. Two type of memes are paramount: those who evolve societies based in the goods of the tree of life and those memes and ideologies that favor the fruits of the tree of technology, of metal over the tree of life. They correspond to two ideologies that have dominated and fought for the soul of mankind: the humanist vs. mechanist philosophy, life vs. metal, love vs. competition, verbal vs. digital thought…

Both ideologies are sustained by the ‘grammar’ of words, man (subject) < superior to < verb < Object (inferior to man) vs. the grammar of money, Man (salary) = Money =Object (price). So societies ruled by the ethics of verbal thought (theocracies and democracies), make men sacred and try to make a world to our image and likeness, while societies ruled by the ethics of money and metal (dictatorships of weapons and money, complementary systems of energetic and informative metal), will make a world in which human capital reproduces those selfish memes of metal, a capitalist world to the image and likeness of money, machines and corporations.

This will be automatic, since once the mind of man is colonized by the ‘viral’ genes of selfish memes of metal and believe in money more than in man, its actions will follow that grammar and despise life as a lesser object than money.

As entities of information those memes regardless of type will obey the laws of theory of Information: They will not need ‘reason’ to exist, but will replicate by rhetoric repetition (‘Goebbelian’ method). Since the mind as all the minds of the Universe study with lanwaves by the science of general systems, are automatically guided by the grammar of the language, which becomes the how of the existential program of the Universe, – the mind’s engine, whose actions repeated and evolved generation after generation create human cultures and economic ecosystems.

In the next graphs, we compare both grammars at mental level, since the brain is imprinted since earlier age with software networks – ideological memes – that allow the human to act:

For example, the concept of god, express a complex program of eusocial evolution proper of all organic species. So those who love will act with other humans creating social networks that share energy and information, the 2 parameters of the Universe. It does not matter so much the literal details of the ‘DNA-program’ of  a religion of love (Christianity or Buddhism or socialism) but the ‘biological, survival strategy’ of eusocial love. So prophets adapt the concept of love to the ‘specific’ jargons of each culture. What matters is to create the social mind – the fact that love creates a simultaneous desire to share energy and information and evolve into social super-organisms, which are the ‘subconscious collective’ mystique Gods of our religions  – NOT the creators of the Universe but an earlier version of the word ‘nation’ (tribal religions) or ‘Humanity’ (Oikoumene religions). Hence the use here as synonymous words  the concepts of God, Humanity and History – the life of the superorganism of mankind from its first verbal cell to the last man who will speak.

Yet WHEN THE LANGUAGE OF THE MIND IS MONEY, WHOSE EQUATION IS DIGITAL, MATHEMATICAL, EQUALLING MEN AND OBJECTS: MEN (SALARY) = MONEY = OBJECT (PRICE), THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE CHANGES. Now, we use other humans as objects to achieve our ‘supreme’ mental god, go(l)d, money. And we do whatever it takes to reach that goal, converting men in means to the goal, hence expendable. This is the equation that runs capitalism, corporations and those who believe on it:


Now you might think this is not serious thinking. On the contrary in the biological, Darwinian Universe this is pure chemistry, proved also at atomic level. They have proved if you look at money, gold, it inhibits the production of oxytocin, the drug of love, and if you eat gold or mercurium the next atom it goes directly to the brain and the mercury starts to cut your neurons and kills it – the mad hat sickness of ‘alice in wonderland’ because to make hats in the xix century they used silverquick.

Further on, if we are not going to sponsor a racist theory of mankind and blame people, this is the only explanation that allow us to understand the Jewish paradox – their self-suicidal processes of usury and death. Indeed, the most obvious proof that is gold what kills the mind, the same gold used to create the brain of computers and robots that will kill us in the singularity age is the fact that those Jewish People, writers of the human wor(l)d who kept the true eusocial message of love and still believe in the word – from Moses to Christ to Marx, all hated money, all defended eusocial love, all damned the memes of money: ‘the jewish will suffer all their life for their love of money’ Moses’ damnation; ‘The solution of the jewish question will take place when they abandon their worldly religion money’, Marx, and then the well-known episodes of Jesus, ‘give the caesar (the people of rome) what belongs to the caesar, (the issue of money)’, the throwing of the money lenders from the Mosaic temples, ‘it is more difficult that a rich man enters the kingdom of heavens than a camel crosses a needle’, etc. etc. 

Why they failed to r=evolve the jewish population agains their banker-priests is dealt with in many other posts. What matters here is that the natural language of man, the wor(l)d values eusocial love as all systems of the Universe do among members of the same species, and only those who adopt a different language kill life and objectify men.

It is then evident, from a memetic, biological point of view, that our capitalist civilization has substituted man and his social evolution as the meaning and purpose of the future by money, a selfish meme of metal, which by the laws of ‘affinity’ and complementarity of the systems of the Universe will promote the reproduction of metal and its evolution NOT of life, expendable, and substituted whenever a machine is more productive and makes more money.

And this of course happens, because WHEN WE STUDY THE VALUES OF THE TWO GRAMMARS, WE FIND INDEED, THAT MONEY VALUES METAL FAR MORE THAN HUMANS, while wor(l)ds and its equation values life far more than the more ‘expensive’ valued machines, weapons:

Man (subject, information, actor) > Verb (action) > Object (passive Energy).

Humans, slaves of the ‘grammar’ of money.

If the reader understands the laws of the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution and love, and the spiritual, intelligent universe, guided by ‘lanwaves’, waves of beings controlled by the ‘genetics’ of its language of thought, he will know why all those revolutions trying to achieve a better world have failed and are now ritual carcasses:

The mind of man, the verbal language, our genetic language of social love, where man is the center/subject of the Universe, Man (subject) > Verb (action) > object, has been ‘virally’ substituted by the genetics of the language of money, a digital grammar, where man  is an Object with a price.

Our brain is a memetic computer. It all branches from the fundamental ‘belief’ – the god of each of us… and it is all in the grammar.

And here is where we crashed, as the Homo Sapiens changed its natural biological wor(l)d, the ethic language that make us evolve through love by the equation/grammer of money:

Man (salary) = money = Object (price)  that make humans objects for other humans, first slaves of corporations then part-time slaves for a salary, who must obey their ‘owners’…

It is similar to the substitution in a cell of the genes of the cell – its language of action – by the genes of a virus. Then the cell reproduces viruses no longer life.

The same happened among humans, when they substituted the grammar of our biological language that make us care for men, by the objectual grammar of money, which make us objects that reproduce objects. The new language, hence killed any hope of a world managed by the laws of the eusocial universe, evolving to the image and likeness of our species.

Indeed, ethics is embedded in the complex ‘genetic languages’ of the mind and its anti-values and values, words and anti-words, used often in our texts. So we write  the word eviL anti-word of To Live, hence synonumous of death. And indeed eviL is the inverse of life – what kills us.

Since you are a memetic program, so those ‘who believe in me, your God, the wor(l)d of love that became man and inhabit among us’, as the prophet put it, will create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind.

And those who believe in the lanwave of money, what kills our desire to love and evolve into superorganisms with other humans, will ‘suffer all their history for their love of money’ (Moses Damnation, on the Jewish people, the first recorded believers of the golden calf, who indeed will under the grammar of money enslave humans and be killed by them, in the action-reaction processes of history, we have termed as the cycle of ‘hecatombs’ (of innocent humans) and ‘holocausts’ (of poor, innocent jewish scapegoats of their elite of banker-priests that impose the lanwave of money, today with capitalist digital equations of productivity and usury lending).

So it is now clear why we are not a superorganism of eusocial love, if we are memetically imprinted to do so.


As it turns out, the program of the biological mind can be deactivated by ‘alien’ memes, selfish metal-memes. It is proved today that the perception of gold hypnotizes the mind and supresses the emission of oxytocin, the love drug. Further on, a diminutive quantity of gold or mercurium ingested goes to the brain and astoundingly enough, the informative metal preys and breaks the neuronal connections killing the brain, as it happens in the cell with ‘carbohydrates’ attached to metal, the so called enzymes that kill the cell. So metal preys on carbonlife at both levels, the ideological brain and the selfish memes of metal, energetic iron that kills your body and informative go(l)d that kills with ‘greed’ your eusocial capacity to love.

So the ideologies of metal ‘greed’ and war can also be reduced to the biological duality of the Universe:

– Individuals of the same species love each other and evolve together into superorganisms.

– Individuals of different species kill each other and use each other as relative energy as they cannot share the same information.

This simple law, grounded in the general laws of systems sciences and the rules of ‘illogic geometry’ (The mathematical model in which those texts are ultimately based), apply to all systems of the Universe. So what racist memes and military memes and all the anti-human ideologies explained in those texts do is to make you feel ‘different’ to other humans, as a different national tribe, breaking the eusocial laws of love and allowing you to murder others, or feel ‘a different class’ and oppress and despise the ‘other’, the poor.

So Greed and murder merely express the effects of the two most perfect atoms of the Universe, energetic iron that murders our body and informative gold that hypnotizes our mind, and together break our ‘eusocial love program’ and make us start up the program of creation of the superorganism of economics as we compete with each other, using money and weapons, which we evolve for that aim. Thus, we are coming to the scientific conclusion that greed is just a hypnotic, memetic effect of money over the mind, not the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’ but a darwinian effect of a different ‘informative language’, which expresses itself developing the economic ecosystem as the meme of god expresses itself creating a superorganism of history.

This relationship between ‘mental memes’ and physical, material memes and the duality of life/love memes, vs. metal/evil memes is at the heart of a socio-biological analysis of history and its cultural duality since the times of genesis. Let us then, now that we understand the basic ‘equation’ of cultures, describe their historic confrontation.

In any case, ultimately the truth and real problem of economics is not the informative economy that only manufactures our brains and money for plutocrats, but the physical economy, the real cause of the crisis of labor we live in. So we shall move now to the second ‘mechanical crisis’, the substitution and obsolescence of the human worker to the robotic blue collar and pc white collar worker, which is the real cause of the unemployment crisis –  the ‘replacement’ of our species by the mechanical ones in fields of war and labor.

Let us then see in more detail the interaction of the overproduction cycle of weapons and machines, with the boom and bust cycles of financial invention of fiat money, in the modern age now that we have grasped the cycle in its simplest terms. To do so we have to bring a ‘higher perspective’ of mathematical, fractal nature: the evolution of ‘systems’ and its ‘reproductive waves’…

Of course, all this might seem to you an strange language, as you study economics with subjective, human, anthropomorphic jargons that are however meaningless to a scientific approach.

This organic, biological process is the background in which modern history inscribes itself. Thus modern history can only be understood from the perspective of the relationships established between different species of the biological world, when one of those species reproduces in great numbers provoking what biologists call a biological ‘radiation’, as the new species substitutes and extinguishes the rival ones. In the case of the Industrial R=evolution each new cycle of more evolved machines displaces and extinguishes previous machines and competing human workers and soldiers in fields of labor and war.

By this we mean, if men do not love each other, but are slaves who don’t reason, but merely follow the ideologies of power that favor the use of machines, weapons and money to control other humans – if we humans are just pawns of the brutal tribal wars for power of history and cannot evolve into ‘cells of an eusocial organism’ as the most successful species of the Universe do – according to the laws of general systems sciences studied in the upper left section of this web, the rainbow planet will not exist, and we will be finally substituted in a darwinian planet by the top predator machines and weapons of the robotic r=evolution. But the Universe is a ‘fractal, quantum’ system of parallel ‘worlds’ with different probabilities.

Those ‘histories or paths of different planets’ imply that there will be a sizeable number despite its small probability, in which history survives because the game is slightly different for different reasons – humans are more intelligent or ethical, certain geographical features of the planet, isolated islands, metal-deposits, etc. help a better world etc. In those planets of course the ‘second solution’ to the Fermi paradox of human extinction by the machines of the singularity age, is met and humans evolve socially and scientifically a planet similar to the one we design here.

This is extremely discouraging for a sound scientist who only means good and would like mankind to survive, evolve as a single species and create a paradise on Earth, where all humans without false memetic mental ideologies become free and enjoy life and the program of biological existence of the organic Universe that created us – because while it explains our failure to upgrade mankind, which doesn’t reason but believe by memetic imprinting, it shows it is very difficult to reform the world.  For that reason of the two paths of future available to mankind, made explicit in the previous graphs of Kondratieff cycles, we give minimal probability to the survival of mankind to the robotic revolution under the present regime, and maximal probability to the extinction of history and man as top predator of this planet, at the end of the present 72 years cycle of robots, which started in 2008 and should end around 2080.As today, those 4 ideologies work hand in hand imprinting the mind of people who think this crisis will end soon, but the crisis will end if the system is not reformed soon as the 30s crisis ended in the 40s with a global war. Now though it will be a robotic war where terminators which are evolving very fast, will exterminate an enormous number of ‘surplus humans’, which corporations no longer need to work (robots do it for them) and consume (a robot also consumes cameras, chips, iron, etc.)

Why we are so sure? On one side sciences predict the future according to past cycles when the causes of those cycles have not changed, as it is evident in the cycles of capitalism and the previous cycles of extinction of civilizations by overproduction of weapons (bronze cycle, chariot cycle, iron cycle, coin cycle, spur cycle and gunpowder cycles of 800 years self-similar to the 72-80 years faster cycle of world wars caused by overproduction of machine-weapons, with the cycle of train-colonial wars, the cycle of tank-car wars and the present starting cycle of robotic wars). So there are 10 previous cycles that followed the same pattern, more than enough to expect the same patterns of global war to happen again.

On the other side, when we apply the laws of systems sciences, organicism and evolution to the industrial evolution it is crystal clear that machines are NOT mere objects, but instrument of metal made to the image and likeness of human organs, and now assemblied as viruses are after a cell does its ‘parts’, into a whole, which as viruses suddenly become alive, will suddenly when a certain threshold of complexity is reached, become ‘intelligent’. And if the robotic weapon becomes intelligent, programmed to kill men, with survival programs to do so, it is very likely that as in previous biological cycles, the birth of a new top predator – the organic machines – will cause the extinction of the previous one (as humans extinguished the paleolithic top predators, and mammals the reptiles and the reptiles their amphibian fathers, in a long cycle of evolution and extinction natural to this planet).

We live in a biological planet, explained scientifically with biological laws. And yet unfortunately, reason why we cannot renounce to explain historically the birth of capitalism, because economics was not founded as a science, but as an offshot of a fetishe religion of go(l)d, which denies evolution, we humans under the mass-media imprinting of this religious people are blind to the truths of evolution and the astounding stupidity of dedicating all our resources to evolve a rival species, ignoring the needs of our own species – deemed inferior in those ideologies to our ‘chosen’. In brief, the mind of man is host of a very primitive way of thinking that will not survive in an efficient biological Universe.

So unless we upgrade our ‘memes’ and accept biological sciences as we system scientists do to explain the nature of our societies and the economic system, and we accept real democracy, we are doomed to follow the biological laws of this planet that will decree our extinction to the evolution of machines we cannot even recognize – even if we are already suffering the first consequences of our competition and extinction in labor and war fields.

If things go as usual by then, the 100-fold increase in value of stocks and the machines and weapons they represent, will be paralleled by the 100-fold increase in corpses consumed by those weapons – 600.000 dead in the civil ‘train wars’, 60 million in the tank wars, hence 6.000 million, basically humanity, in the robotic wars. This is what the patterns of cyclical evolution of machines-weapons masterminded by the masters of go(l)d tell us crystal clear.

Those are the numbers: in 2080 A.I. will reign supreme, it will wake up in Military systems, as they have always been the most advanced machines of each age, and as stock-markets have 100 folded its value in each cycle (100 in 1930, vs. 13.000 today), and the quality and capacity to kill of weapons have 100 folded too, this ‘permanent crisis of overproduction’ will NEVER end if the system is not reformed, but it will end with man, making truth the prophecy of the last American hero who tried to reform the system ‘either mankind puts an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind’ Kennedy

The scientific method and the laws of biology and systems sciences applied to the study of machines and money.


– Science is NOT technology, which merely helps its first step, recollection of data. 

But recollection of data is not science. It is only the very first step of science. Yet since this is not understood or explained in the realm of social sciences, precisely by maintaining social sciences in this first step of ‘toddler science’, barely walking the path of the scientific method, an effective censorship is imposed.

Authorized History and Economics become then basically ‘data collection’ science. In essence, social sciences are not allowed to go beyond that first stage of the scientific method: the collection of data, which is extremely detailed and professional but it is nothing more than a mere collection of data, prior to the beginning of science: the finding of the cycles, patterns and causal relationships which explain that data.

– That second stage of the scientific method implies to order that data in cyclical patterns that define events that will be repeated into the future. Since all sciences are only defined as such when they can ‘forecast’ the future with those cycles. So ‘astrology’, the myth, became astronomy, the science, when Kepler found those patterns, putting Tycho’s data into the law of orbital cycles and ever since we can predict the future of stars.

– Then, there is a 3rd step: to find the causal, logic explanation of those cycles, in order to ‘forecast’ the next events in the future, according to the mathematical patterns of past cycles and the repetition of self-similar causes.

– And finally, there is a 4th step of ‘practical science’, which uses the knowledge of the cycles and its causes to modify them in favor of mankind, making science useful for our development as a species.

This is the methodology of this web both in its analysis on the cycles of history and those of economics. Why such a method is not applied to social sciences is obvious: repression and censorship of social scientists and truth in social sciences by those who hold monetary and mechanical power, what we have called ‘the antiquantum paradox’, which now we can study also, once we have introduced the higher science of systems, from the perspective of the laws of the ‘organic universe’.

The anti-quantum paradox of social sciences: Ideologies of power vs. rational social sciences

We call this astounding INDIFFERENCE OF ‘our social experts’ for the laws of science that explains the obvious paradox between ‘reality bites’ vs. the ‘happy caring fantasy of mankind’, THE ANTI-QUANTUM PARADOX – a concept of the ‘3rd jargon’ of this blog, that of the higher view of General Systems sciences that draws parallelisms between all Universal systems – in this case physical and sociological ones, which we shall now explain in more detail.

Unfortunately, rational social sciences have NOT flourished, specially after World War II, beyond a few scholars and isolated universities, due to 2 FUNDAMENTAL paradoxes of the human mental structure, the Ego paradox and the antiquantum paradox, which I found in my application of the laws of Physics to Social sciences:

– We social scientists are so small compared to the ‘observable’ – the economic ecosystem that rule us and their castes of informative power, which control not only financial and legal information but ‘manufacture’ with it our collective subconscious – that the observable can modify the observer when it does not suit its point of view (this is the inverse process of the uncertainty of quantum physics in which the observer is so big that modifies the observable).

In other words, the readers should be aware that the people who ‘create history’ monopolizing the invention and use of the languages of social power (politicians with laws, military with weapons, bankers with money) are NOT the observer, the scientist, but the observable, the people-castes in power that rule society for their own selfish purpose. And so they have far more power than any scientific observers of social organisms. Reason why they hire experts who, as the romans put it, ‘will defend them with the word’ on exchange for money and protection ‘with the sword’.

But in this age of placebo democracy, corrupted think-thanks, bankers et al camouflage as experts who care for the entire organism of mankind. Fact is only a few scientists of history or economics have no power agenda and merely try to describe the facts, explaining them, and giving advices to improve society. A military dictator is NOT a historian and knows nothing of this science but a man who controls society with weapons; and by the same token a banker or financial economist is NOT a scientist of economics, but a man that controls society with money and wants to perpetuate that power, inventing complicated, pseudo-scientific arguments (classic economics) to justify its monopoly on the invention of money, as the military or aristocrat justified its monopoly on arms.

But since truth is ‘evident’ when understood, the myths, ‘damned lies and statistics’, which justify the power of those elites, requires that truth is not heard and so the real scientist must be silenced. And this is the origin of the antiquantum paradox, which creates uncertainty in social sciences.

Indeed, since the time of Plato, chained and sold as a slave for trying to rationalize scientifically the political design of Syracuse to the times of Kondratieff, prosecuted and killed by Stalin, for finding precisely the 2nd step of the scientific method applied to the economic ecosystem – its repetitive cycles caused by the evolution and overproduction of machines, the last of which we live today – the application of the scientific method to social sciences and the design of a better world with the tools of social sciences has been denied, with the obvious effects we observe: a self-destructive world ruled by the myths imposed by the elites of power that pass as scientific dogmas that make us slaves of their ideologies, denying what is best for us.

Fact is the ‘authorized’ theories that pass today as social sciences  turn out to be not objective science but mostly subjective ideologies of power, which cater to the people-castes that control history with ‘weapons’ (nationalism), ‘money’ (capitalism) and machines (mechanism).

Thus we shall confront them with the ‘scientific’ objective versions of social sciences, which can be resumed in 3 opposite words: ‘humanism’ – all tribes member of the same Sapiens Species; organicism – societies as organisms ruled by languages of information and ‘socialism’ – money, the language of information of societies created by governments, their collective brain, with the aim of creating a sustainable economy based in human labor and life goods. Yet since ‘people believe don’t reason’ for you to accept a ‘natural model of social sciences’, as opposed to the ideologies the system make you believe, we needed to explain in this foreword you the nature of the scientific method and the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences.

And so 99.9% of what you heard is part of that Matrix of fictions and happiness and caring, the ‘new normal’ virtual reality that makes you happy and deactivates all reaction against a corrupted, anti-human system.

But of course, information by its ‘general, systemic properties’ is very difficult to destroy as it constantly ‘reproduces’ itself, imprinting self-similar ‘hardware’ forms.

So the truth of mankind STILL exists, EVEN IF it has to jump from book to booK and  mind to mind, changing style – as the ritual of censorship and ‘the matrix of disinformation’ also mutates. So today human truths in social sciences are stored in books nobody reads; or  it is’transformed’ into ‘science fiction’ to jump the censorship that exists on science about the key existential problem poised by XXI century technologies – named our extinction as a species by robots and other ‘singularity machines’; or it is placed in internet ‘blogs’ that seem to the ‘happy readers’ of the Matrix of NYT, W.S.J. and CNN, ‘negative’ and anti-something, he holds sacred (nation, people-caste, religion or ideology). And yet those ‘less censored’ modes of expression, library books of the pre-neocon age, written before the 80s, internet troves and si-fictions and parables of orwellian or terminator nature are the only places you still have real information on the nature and actions of the ‘culture of corporations’, in which the ‘Machine’, ‘money’ and weapons are always positive to mankind.  The 4 ideologies of the anti-human system we live in ruled by corporations – technoutopia, capitalism and nationalism, all wrapped up by the myths of Biblical cultures – form a ‘matrix’ or ‘iron-jail’ (sci-fi, Weber) for our mind that makes social sciences as they are explained and taught in ‘modern universities’ and ‘mass-media’, utterly irrelevant to understand scientifically and predict the future of the superorganisms of history in which we live.

The anti-quantum paradox censors the truths and social scientists of history, which are substituted by ‘self-proclaimed’ righteous experts dedicated to defend those 4 ‘metal-ideologies’ with a ‘human covering’ (capitalism=justification of money as a superior language to ‘laws’; nationalism=division of humans in tribal species that deny the law of survival of the ‘same species’, biblical supremacism, which justifies the existence of people-castes of financial or national power, and techno-utopia that considers the future evolution of machines a higher goal than the human evolution of our societies).

So the ‘mass-media’ global dissemination of those false truths, which form the’ matrix’ imprinted in mankind by naive scholars and audiovisual media, is coupled by an inquisition of thought against all truths and facts that do NOT follow the ‘libretto’ of those 4 essential ideologies. And so by denying the access to distribution and reproduction of information of ‘true social sciences’, the system ‘reinforces’ a single ‘positive’ destiny for all of us, as IF IT WERE THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE  and science of society. Both things are false, economics is today NOT a science of mankind but the ‘culture of corporations’ where machines always matter more than we do, because they are the offspring of those ‘company-mothers’ that rule and control with their privileges on the issue of money, the law and people of the land.

In fact, from the higher view of evolution and the processes of creations of systems, there are only two possible destinies for this planet, since there are only today two dominant species, which might draw such future:

– The one of capitalism and ‘company-mothers’ of machines, which will keep evolving and terraforming the Earth to ‘its image and likeness’. And this means in the not so long term, our extinction as a species, substituted by that offspring of machines.

– And the human destiny if Humanism was the guide of politicians, economists and social scientists, based in the expansion of the goods of life and the tree of science we need to survive.

Since unfortunately Corporations have no human goals. Their only goal is to overproduce and sell for profits memes of metal, discharging life and labor whenever is needed. And now with the expansion of robotic workers and the use of e-money platforms to distribute wealth for the elite of ‘stockrats’ owners of corporations, we are living increasingly under a dicatorship of financial and industrial companies that are taking our hard-gained social freedoms regressing the world to an age of ‘robber barons’ and political corruption, social poverty and lack of human rights whose end will be similar to the two previous crisis of overproduction of ‘train stocks’ and cars=tanks, namely an age of global war, which we announced already 20 years ago in our first books on the ‘future crisis of overproduction of e-money and robotics’ (1).

And so you should not be surprised by the harshness, biological, darwinian style, and incorrect tone of the hard truths explained in this blog, specially in our denounce of the ‘jail of ideologies’ that prevent humans from reforming the system and creating a sustainable world before it is too late to save life.

You will be of course – accustomed as you are to hear in scholar texts and mass-media a watered-down ‘disney-fascism’ of the narrative of the world – a fake of happiness and caring that hides that darwinian destiny and keep ‘the powerful’ informative castes of our society, happy, irresponsible and sure the future will be nice.  All this can be compared to a corpse that goes through the funerary and receives a nice makeup, while inside insects eat the flesh – in our world, the overproduction crises of chips and robots that will kill our jobs and our soldiers.

Then one day the body explodes and all what is left are all those insect-robots feasting on a self-destroyed cellular body and there is no longer make-up. And that in history are the fascist, war-ages that destroy civilization.

But of course, the narrative of the corpse by the funerary services and its priests which tell you soon you will wake up in paradise – similar to the biblical capitalist beliefs of our elites – is quite different from the biological process a doctor will describe. And yet as nobody dares in a funeral explain that the corpse is rotten, smells bad and there is no paradise, but he would have done much better listening the doctors and smoking less poison, ‘this caring hypocritical, political and economical ‘correct’ censorship’ is NOT erased and substituted by the biological, darwinian truths of reality because NOBODY dares to defy the ‘customs’ of the funerary rituals of capitalism and its ‘rossy rigor mortis’.

And yet only the human truth will save us – the almost extinct point of view of humanism, the ‘real future for mankind’, which must clearly denounce tribal nationalisms, selfish agendas, anti-democratic behavior, corrupted memes of cultures, inquisitions of thought and ideologies of power that pass as science, justified by the newspeaks of sentimental caring, hypocresy and fear of ‘authority’.

So a shocking tone is necessary and common to all the relevant social scientists and prophets of human truths, which regardless of anti-quantum paradoxes should speak from the perspective of the WHOLE of mankind, the species, not the SELFISH agendas of its tribal parts – as systems sciences teach us – since the WHOLE is always bigger than the sum of its parts (unlike in the mechanical view of the Cantor paradox, where the parts sum more than the hole but that is a very scholar theme :).

‘Simplifying’ we stick to the dualities that matter to put Humanism and Science ON TOP selfish, corporative ideologies: MANKIND must rule over tribe; The LAW must rule over money; WELFARE GOODS MUST be overproduced instead of industrial wealth; LIFE should have more rights than metal-property and the human SURVIVAL and eusocial evolution matters more than ‘the evolution of machines and its sciences’…

In the case of economic truths, since the language of power is ‘money’, which rules the ‘economic lanwave’ and money is issued by privileged tribal people-castes and opaque corporations, the highest censorships, of course, have always been about the nature of money, and its science that should discuss who MUST issue this ‘digital language of information’ to guide the actions of mankind with justice and efficiency for the betterment of society.

And since this is not the case, since we do not live in a scientifically designed financial and economic system, but we live in a system in which money has been issued and ab=used by tribal people-castes trying to control the world, as nations have tried to do with weapons, economical censorship has been specially stringent in the defense by all means of the secrecy and knowledge about the cultures and people-castes that invent money, whose historic study for that reason occupies many pages of this blog. As it is impossible to do science on economics without knowing even who are its actors and original memes and how they evolved.

   Why indeed, social sciences are NOT concerned with truth but with power, reason why they don’t manage scientifically and efficiently our societies requires a slight detour on epistemology before we study in depth the financial crisis.

To understand the difference between accepted truth in social sciences and scientific truth we have to accept a fact of modern life: social scientists have no power to design our societies. And this is due to 3 reasons, the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, the ego paradox of human beings and the control of information machines by the industrial corporations social scientists aim to transform.

 And so we must know move from the future of history to its past, from the short to the long wave of history that inaugurated this post to have a larger view of what humanity has done in this planet to itself by making its goal to evolve species of metal, not the super organisms of eusocial love of its prophets of life, love and freedom.

Let us then start with the worst-ever human people-caste with zero intelligence, negative ethics and an arrogance so megalomaniac that makes them think because no long ago they discovered and became hypnotized by rocks of go(l)d, they are the ‘chosen’… our banksters, who make seem by comparison Mr. Hitler and its germ(an) believers, kind-hearted salvation armies. Indeed, on top of the hierarchy of our dysfunctional, self-extinctive species, seats the absolute worm-parasite that sucks all hope and wealth from the rest of the ‘infected’ human super-organism – the bankster.

Nomisma vs. metal-Money: go(l)d values and affinity with other metal-systems.


The values of metal-money are opposite to those of verbal ethics, since they are ruled by the affinity between 2 complementary substances, the mind and body of the metal-based economy: money, a language of informative metal and machines and weapons, energetic metal. So according to the laws of systems sciences, since the Universe is made of such complementary information/energy systems (physical fields of energy ruled by particles of information – duality boson/fermion of quantum physics; bodies of energy ruled by heads of information, duality of biology; and energetic metal ruled by the financial economy of money), the use of ‘metal-money’ creates a world made to the image and likeness of metal.

This primitive concept of money as ‘metal-wealth’, gold, origin of most tragedies of mankind and the hypnotism of greed and the wars caused by the pursuit of metal-wealth, from the earlier slavery civilizations of the Middle East, through the conquistador’s massacre of the Amerindians and the plunging of the 3rd world by slave corporations of Northern Europe, to the wars for profit and debt masterminded by the Bank of England. And it is the subconscious engine of capitalism and its self-destruction of planet Earth.

Yet with the arrival of logic thought, the European civilization established money as a language of information controlled by human beings, no longer based in ‘metal’. It was money as ‘nomisma’, Law (Aristotle), first established by the Roman Empire, who used brittle iron as money, and became independent of the culture of gold temples of Asia that dominated the Mediterranean. Money then evolved as fiat money, a language of information that gives orders to create, cre(dit)ate a world made to the image and likeness of man, always submitted to the sovereign law, emitted by the ‘collective brain’ of human social organisms – governments.

And history can then be understood as a fight between nomisma money and metal-money, the first logic, legal, sovereign, democratic, positive and useful as a language to create a world controlled by man. This is the language of money that all human revolutions and democracies has wanted.

On the other side, coming from the old Levantine cultures of go(l)d priests, then translated into the protestant, Calvinist first corporations that used gold to buy slaves, then translated into the classic economic dogmas of money as gold (Mr. Smith even regressed and considered that money was not even gold coins but the weight in precious metals), and today represented by the absurd concept that money must be ‘issued’ by private bankers (electronic money, wall street) or even not issued at all but earned as hard wealth (Miss Merkel, a physicist from a communist country who has no idea of the simplest laws of economics) or used by private banks to ‘tax’ with usury lending the people of democracies ( ECB bank that lends to private banks at 0% interest who in turn lend to sovereign nations with an usury ‘cut’ of 6%). 

In this central post we shall not deal thus with the ‘ideal form of money’ as nomisma issued by governments to create a welfare state demanded by citizens, but given the regression of economics to the age of harsh capitalism and the XIX century corrupted politico systems dominated by dynasties of bankers, we will study money as wealth and metal, and where it leads, as the prolegomena to analyze the present final age of capitalism guided by those subconscious values of metal-money that give no price to life and maximal price to weapons.

What makes money so special in history. Why money has so much value? Why it has substituted even the natural verbal values of man? Why is man attracted, hypnotized by money? How can we define it?

Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. It is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Finally, money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. And so the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought?

Money is the ‘informative network’ of the eco(nomic)system—a language. Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective. We are the subject, the predator and actor of verbal sentences. Words love humanity. Humans are supreme in word values, given in the past by religions, today by laws. This is reflected in the Syntax of the verbal language, which has 3 elements:

— Subject, the actor and center of the sentence.

— Verb, the action the subject exercises on reality.

— Object, the substance used by the action of the subject.

We, humans, on the other hand, possess the object of sentences. It has a lesser value, since it does not talk words. We express that lesser value through verbal languages, when we put first the subject, as actor, then the verb that controls the object and finally the object. Thus, humans are top predators in any sentence, which motivates them to act in favor of their own, selfish drives of existence. This means words are anthropomorphic; and those who obey words, tend to act subjectively in favor of mankind (priests, ethic laws). Yet when we consider the syntactic sentence of money, it turns out that Money doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money = Object (price)

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do. Further on, since objects evolve and humans don’t, the differential of value between humans and machines grows with time. So the first, simplest, syntactic/structural analysis of money shows it degrades humans as objects.

This is the essence of money as a language of information, a digital, mathematical language based not in the proposition of verbal thought, Man > Object, Man bigger, better than object; but in the equality operandi of digital languages, Man= Object. 

By it essence thus money takes man out of the top predator position on planet Earth and throws him to the competition with Objects, and because we are just ‘old bags of dirty water’… very light atoms, mixed with a few stronger and more intelligent ones – iron in the blood, calcium in the bones, phosphor and nitrogen in the DNA brains – we are set into a chemical-biological-evolutionary race we CANNOT WIN.The grammar of the language of money.

victims predators

Each system of the Universe can be described as a ‘lanwave’, a wave of beings with compete in an ecosystem through a language of perception and information specific of such ecosystem. Then the species with better information will be the top predator and that will be the one that speaks better the language. In the animal kingdom that language is visual and so those who saw better dominated since the arrival of the first squids with eyes. in the human historic ecosystems, it was words, and so prophets and lawyers controlled human societies. But in the economic ecosystem, the language of information is informative metal, go(l)d, which supports a digital language, evolved today in computers and chips, which become the ‘top predator’ mind of the economic world.

In my youth I studied Chomsky’s linguistics and evolved his Universal grammar of verbal languages (subject-verb-object) to all languages of the Universe. What i discovered is this. The most important logic truth of the Universe is the grammar of languages. As it establishes the behavior of species that talk that language. Species who better talk a language survive. So the better visual species survive in the animal world and when the eye came the squid became top predator and when words came men became top predators over neanderthals and when money came, those who issued money controlled the world.

The second element of languages though is its grammar.  As words make man the center of the Universe a world ruled by words will always have man on top. But as money makes man equal to an object, the world we live in IS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE OF MAKING MONEY THE LANGUAGE OF ABSOLUTE SOCIAL POWER, OBJECTIFYING MEN.

Men have become objects to men. And the civilization that makes of money the top language of power degrades immediatly its ethics, its human values, its social values, its sense of love, its image of humanity. This is self-evident in America where money is the only language of power and increasingly so in the rest of the world. It was evident with the first cult(ure)s of go(l)d which created slavery and made of man an object bought and sold for a price. It became the standard behavior of ‘corporations’ whose goal was to reproduce machines and buy and sell men – slaves, transported by those gunboat machines. Then it became the way of salaries – part-time slaves that obey the corporation. Today we live in that world. And people who have never experienced other culture where the values of words have some weight cannot understand what they lost and how that process ends. Basically it ends with man, as we are compared to evolving machines and increasingly loose in labor and war fields.

But nothing can be done. Because humans have not only changed their language of thought. They have created structures such as financial and industrial corporations, trade laws, national borders, ideologies of competition and religious myths of human or tribal superiority that help those processes of standardization and objectification and despise of man. And those who hold money values as sacred and have for longer time priced humans are on top of our societies and will carry the ‘business as usual’. How this business as usual of overproduction of fiat money, weapons and machines and extinction of life proceeds is what we describe in this blog without hiding its biological consequences.

Indeed, if we consider a biologic/physical analysis of gold money, things get worse, because we are up against the most intelligent atoms of the Universe, gold and silver, today used to create the chip-minds of ‘Golem’ robots… with iron bodies and golden brains.

Money was first made initially with complex informative metal, able to preserve its form for long periods of time and able to carry digital information in a more precise manner than human wor(l)ds do. Indeed, the physical analysis of money relates its primary substance, an informative metal, either gold or silver, with that of its complementary form, energetic metal, weapons, which due to that complementary affinity become the most valuable =expensive good of the economy.

This can be seen in the graph in which we compare the values of man in monetary and verbal terms. If money were a human language, its values should be the same than the verbal values that make human life the most expensive good. And yet the opposite occurs: money values human time (minimal salary) less than energetic metal, weapons and machines. The result is that money, a language of metal, evolves the economic ecosystem of weapons and machines, not the organisms of history and life. So the values of metal-money are the antithesis of the values of wor(l)ds: life is the cheapest ‘product’ and weapons that kill life, the most expensive – while human life-enhancing goods, from love to food, from Nature to education, have minimal or null monetary value; as they are different substances that cannot be easily related to money.

In that ancient age the simplicity of the ‘economic ecosystem’, formed by weapons and coins (used overwhelmingly to pay mercenary armies and wars), makes easier to understand the fundamental property of an economic ecosystem, which differentiates it from earlier ‘agricultural societies’: to be a world in which there are new systems of information (coins) and energy (weapons) made of metal, a type of atom, different from the atoms of life. And among those 2 atoms, 2 are paramount because its informative and energetic properties are far superior to the information and energetic properties of our nitrogen/DNA and carbon/oxygen systems: gold, the most complex informative atom of the Universe that imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes us and iron the most energetic atom of the Universe, already in our blood that cuts and kills our energetic bodies. Thus, we feel attracted to those atoms that enhance our informative and energetic power, as we feel today attracted to machines of iron and chips of gold, which also enhance those capacities.

The result is a natural, biological tendency of humans to evolve gold and iron into complex forms – today robots with golden brains and iron bodies. And that biological drive of history is the origin of the evolution of the economic ecosystem. Such economic ecosystem will become more complex with the discovery of ‘organic metal’, machines that imitate human organs and transform energy into information and vice versa. Since the Industrial Revolution is the Evolution of organic metal. Thus today money has become, when digital languages have substituted the human verbal language, as the ‘truth’ of societies, the dominant language of the Earth, used to value both human beings and machines.

Regarding its relationship with human beings, 2 themes are of paramount importance: how its ‘metal-values’ degrade life and how its rise as the supreme language of this planet has given to those who discovered, evolved and used it to value reality an enormous informative power, till becoming the dominant culture of the planet1, but not necessarily the best culture for human survival. Since the hidden values of ‘go(l)d’ give its highest ‘prices’ to metal and its minimal value to life.

– In the graph, informative metal, money and energetic metal, machines and weapons are similar substances that humans associate together. So we always exchanged the maximal quantity of money for the most perfect machines, ‘top predator’ weapons, which become in monetary values, due to such Complementarity, the most expensive and reproduced product of the economic ecosystem. Languages are subjective. They value more and reproduce those species, which possess the language. Thus, verbal thought, the biological language of man, fosters human social evolution and human biological goods. While the ‘values’ of money destroy the ‘ethic values’ that put man at the center of the Universe, making weapons, top predator metals that kill life, the most expensive and reproduced goods.

Thus, when money became the language of man, we started to reproduce ‘expensive’ metal and kill ‘cheap’ life. So the opposition of languages and values became translated into a fight between species: man Vs. metal. And as money evolved and reproduced in greater numbers, weapons multiplied and life died; and ethic, human values, which made of man the top predator of the Earth, disappeared  .  Since weapons kill life, the supreme value of human words.

Thus, Go(l)d becomes in biological terms, the evolutionary language of weapons that kill the Life-Earth and the values of love which evolve socially mankind. When those values were substituted by the Values of money, mankind became blind to the Human Wor(l)d. Of course, ever since go(l)d appear its values and the despise for life of those ‘Metal cultures’, who practice them, were contested by philosophers of the Wor(l)d from the perspective of the life-enhancing values of our natural language, verbal thought that wants to construct a world made to the image and likeness of man.

Yet as money, weapons and machines multiplied, ‘Metal cultures’ increased their power, building a world to the image and likeness of machines. And today almost all humans believe in the values of metal, in greed, in violence and murder For that reason, all the great ‘prophets’ of verbal thought, masters of the human language, have praised poverty and despised money: Buddha and Lao in Asia, Christ, Mohamed and Moses in the West, Marx in modern ages, all ‘hated’ money. Because money replaces the informative, human, biological, verbal language with its anti-ethic, anti-live=eviL=death values, carried by ‘expensive’ weapons.

In that regard the main error of Humanity is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines). According to such ideology, progress is NOT the progress and eusocial evolution of the human kind into a global organism that creates a world made to the image and likeness of humanity, but the creation of the metal-kind, a global organism made of machine-systems, ruled by digital information (internet, scientific design, money), in which humans are increasingly obsolete and our cultures become extinct by a global culture that reduces the human kind to mere workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of machines. This misconception explains why today humanity, indoctrinated by systems of mass-media communication despises or represses all things human (religion, politics, eusocial love, verbal knowledge, sexual reproduction) and glorifies all things mechanical (technology, money, selfish consumption, digital knowledge, work=reproduction of machine).

It is an old confrontation, which started in the age of bronze, when the first metal-master cultures of bronze warriors and go(l)d bankers took over the Neolithic paradise of ‘human, agricultural goods’, verbal, ethic laws and the worship of human reproduction (fertility goddess). That confrontation was explained in the parable of Genesis, the first book of ‘human history’ that described in a parable the eternal fight between the Tree of Life and the Laws of eusocial Love between members of the same species, and the Tree of Metal, its ‘golden apples’ and weapons with its ‘eviL’ values that kill Live.

Thus there is a continuity throughout history between the two ways of governing nations:

– Democracies and sovereign nations where both the issue of bill of money and bills of law belong to the people and its representatives and sovereign nations. In those cases ‘metal-weapons’ and ‘metal-money’ are submissive to the will of man.

– Dictatorships of military men and bankers, in which the law is submissive to those who hold exclusive rights to control metal-weapons and metal-money, made of the strongest atom of the universe, iron and the most informative, gold, which are able to murder the body and hypnotize the mind of man, provoking the values of violence and greed.

Because we live today in a plutocracy, where private money controls the law, which controls weapons, we can criticize military dictatorships but NOT the financial dictatorship of money, under many different subtle and not so subtle dictatorships of political and economical correctness.  In any case the system cannot be sustained on the long term, because ultimately as the boom and bust cycles and war cycles of cre(dit)ation of money by private bankers show, it end ruining the middle classes and destroying wealth. And the key to the process is the wrong concept of usury that doesn’t understand the nature of money as a language of information, but accepts the primitive thinking that ‘money is gold, wealth’ and hence it must reproduce more wealth.



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