Memetic » company mothers

The graph from the 92 book the extinction of man, showed the automated ‘future’ of ‘biological’ company mothers of machines as reproductive systems that enzymencatalyze but whose purpose is non-human and hence increasingly self-reproductive: to evolve and radiate=reproduce massive amounts of  weapons=machines in a dual process that follows the evolutionary tendencies of those machines. Self-reproduction was the natural tendency once a MORE EFFICIENT DIGITAL BRAIN, the chip started its evolution. The future will then be similar to ant-hill systems, once able to 3D print its machines with automated robots. In that ‘future’ now increasingly our present company-mothers will fully automate its processes and unify collectively through intranet systems of digital information at global level as organs of the metal earth, with a chemical, inner global consciousness, beyond our extinction in its satellites. The ‘leukocyte networks’ of the metal earth (NATO systems of automated wars, self-reproductive factories of weapons) will be  perfectly able to eliminate all humans in labor and war fields, ‘internally’, chemically with zero freedom guided by its only purpose: grow and multiply, as ant-queens do. Because overproduction is the Darwinian law of companies. And the extinction of rival species the outcome of all selection processes.


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