Love Religions

A biological science of Religions: Religions of Man Vs Religions of metal
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“Love each other as I have loved you” 
Law of 
Social Evolution. Gospel. Jesus.

In the graph, the 3 greatest scientists of history=prophets of the future, who foresaw according to the laws of eusocial evolution the duality of history between those who follow the laws of the organic universe and foster the memes of life and those who foster the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines that kill us. So all of them denounced the power of weapons and gold: ‘those who kill by iron die by iron’, ‘you cannot serve to gods, money and the word’, etc. etc. In the modern age the same duality happened between the r=evolutionary, socialist school of history and the capitalist school. The first ones defended a welfare state based in the memes of life and love, the second group disregarded life and humanity as a ‘cost’ which had to be replaced by mechanisms (machines) to increase money, since go(l)d was the invisible hand of God. Of course, biohistorians side with the first group that would evolve mankind into a global superorganism and scorn the second group that will evolve it into an organism of machines powered by greed, the hypnotism of go(l)d that will extinguish us. 
Unfortunately, as time goes by, those religions of love are all transformed into inquisitions corrupted by weapons, used to impose dogmas and high priest castes (spanish inquisition with sword and cross in the shield, Jihad and saint wars, American fundamentalist Christians, who revere weapons and Mr. Smith’s musing and communist, stalinist dictatorships, which kill all r=evolutionaries). But the reader should not consider those corruptions ‘religions of love’ but ‘animetal cultures’ that become the antitruths of their masters

On the many oppositions caused by the paradox of history between human ecosystems and metal ecosystems, one opposition of informative nature is specially relevant to history. The opposition between Gold religions which deform the nature of humanity, and through weapon-based inquisitions and money-based churches transform men into animetals, repressing our biological drives towards social evolution (love the others),and the creation of a paradise, a world to the image and resemblance of man.

The importance of the informative brains of societies -their ethic, legal and religious ideas- is fundamental. Since brains dominate bodies, it turns out that social brains dominate the actions of men and create two kind of worlds. Metal religions in their verbal version or their mathematical version [economics, science] create a world to the image and resemblance of the machines. Human religions create a world to the image and resemblance of man, with human energy and human information, the concept of a paradise. That opposition between both religions was clearly expressed by the Genesis, and the parable of the Tree of science. How can we classify both kind of religions? Easily. By knowing the nature of human freedom, human happiness, and human goods (human property), those religions who repress those human elements are metal religions. While religions who favor humanity and our natural drives are love religions. Obviously most humans feel intuitively that. So love religions have expanded far more than metal religions. Today 3 of those religions spread and are believed by billions of human beings, that want to survive and make a world to the image and resemblance of mankind, make of history, God, of the word: “the verbal networks of information that rule societies”. They are Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, partially corrupted by inquisitions and churches of money, yet still holding their ground given the enormous intelligence and human understanding of their initial prophets and their books of love: the gospel, the Koran, and the teaches of Buddha.

Biological definition of God

We can now very easily define a God based in verbal texts, as the informative brain of the organism of History. As the nervous system of your body and your nervous brain is the God of your cells that controls them with informative impulses, the book of revelation of a prophet, and his ethic laws are the gods of a society that is controlled and survives better when it obeys those Laws. Of course those laws of human gods are based in the laws of survival of the Universe, which are basically the law of social evolution among equal species.

So it turns out that human Gods of love are also parallel to the Absolute God of the Universe, the Logos of the Greek, the Laws of nature, that say that equal species have to love each other and evolve together. So God means “the verbal, informative Mind of mankind, and His ethical Laws, that reflect the ethic laws of the Universe. In Christian Jargon “the World that became man and inhabited among us”. (Saint John, 1.)

Love Religions -by making the human language of information the word, God- put man at the center of the Universe, to help him to survive. Human Love religions spell the laws of Darwinian Evolution (Man can pray on other species) and laws of social evolution (Man has to love himself and his fellow man). Universal, informative Laws from the point of view of Mankind, and His language of information, Words. They call that human Laws of behavior and survival: “God”.

So if verbal, love Gods are the brain of humanity, of history, it is obvious that human individuals are the cells informed by that body. This again is confirmed by the Gospel. Since Christ declares that each men is the temple of the spirit, and our mystiques both in Islam and Christianity consider us as “cells of the body of God”, of Islam and Christ. Of course both Islam and Christ are themselves part of the total God, which is History itself, since their ethic messages are basically the same. We might say that there is only a God, and several great human prophets, sons of God, sons of the Word that have understood their messages of love. Christ, Mhmd, Buddha, are those great prophets. Modern ecological and socialist writers who drink on their traditions are their modern disciples that translate to modern jargon their messages of social love, and promotion of human goods.

The organism of that Human God, is the Body of History, the Ecosystem of Man, and Nature, that we should preserve to be immortal as a species. Because “those who believe in me, will never die”. Those who believe in Gold religions, in metal religions, in the tree of science, however will die, as the prophets of love have ever announced.

Perhaps our definition of a body or organism will help you to grasp what we mean by a God: “A Universal organism is a biological radiation of a (particular species) extended in time and space and related by networks=Gods of information, and networks=Gods of energy”. A God is the macrocosmic network of information or energy of the organism when perceived from the microcosmic point of view of its cells, that the network of energy or information controls.

You just have to find a herd of parallel cells and some energy network that relates those cells, and some information network or language or force of information between those cells, and you will have a macrocosmic organism. The networks of information and Energy of that organism will be for the small cells, “macrocosms”, with such informative and energy power, that will act in fact as Gods of those cells. Aristotle defined informative Gods, as knots-brains around which energy masses moved. Networks of information, linguistic networks do indeed move masses of energy, give orders, and inform that energy, transforming those masses, and shaping the future to their image and resemblance. For that reason Go[l]d and Word create different societies, different Wor[l]ds.

The brain of the Human god is the “verbal network” of believers, the books of Revelation, and the Social Laws that create “human behavior”. The ethical codes of man, are the Gods of man, his informative systems that create a collective future. We create the future when we obey informative verbal codes. God is the verb, and its ethical codes of survival expressed in religions.

The metaphor of God: “God became the Word that inhabited among us”.

God basically is Man, a metaphor for our species, and his language and networks of information, the ethic laws, and words that control and help society to survive. This metaphoric definition of god, that was clear to those first prophets who created those religions, has been manipulated so much in the past centuries, that very few people today understand the metaphor of God, as the verbal brain, of the Organism of History, as mankind… So scientists laugh at religion, without even knowing what they are talking about.

If we use instead of religious words, a biological perspective, societies and civilizations, the main units of historical analysis become organisms composed of cellular herds (human societies) which communicate through networks of information (words and money) and of energy (agriculture, vital territories, roads, electricity, etc.).

In such translation of philosophical terminology, we conclude that what history has traditionally called a “Human God” with ethical laws can be interpreted as an organic network of information. As a nervous system connects and organizes the cells of a body, “God” connects and organizes a mass of human beings, individually known as “believers”. Surprisingly we find that Islam and Christianity [Ibn Khaldun, early mystics, Saint Agustine] reached similar conclusions. The transmitters of such networks of collective information are the books of Revelation common to all believers that harmonize mass-cellular experiences. Since human networks of information are verbal ethic laws; the Word becomes the god of man, his social guide and network of information. As Saint John expressed so well: “God, the Verb, became man and inhabited among us”.

The Koran is the sacred word of God, his ideas. In Christianity the word becomes God in the mind of his human son Christ, the prophet who has the body of man, and the verb-mind of God. In him, the word reached its fulfillment. In him, the word expresses the Human Laws of social evolution, through love=sensory communication, and sharing of human goods between humans. Pure Christianity was socialist, because socialism is the natural Law of human organization, where money and machines do not impose “limits” to human communication. A prophet is a verbal master, a son of God=the word, the informative organ of the species. Mystics say that the community of believers shapes the “body of Christ”, and the Gospel is his mind. Muslims say that the “body of Muslims” is Islam and Koran its brain. In both cultures the Verbal language has to control the corruption of money, and the harm that weapons do to humans. If that goal is achieved, history (in the words of Saint Agustine) could evolve towards the perfection of such a “body”, into a “citadel of saints”, where all ethical words will be obeyed, and the “body” will be in harmony with its informative and energy organs. Then history (the passing of time) will come to an end. History will become immortal without war. Man will be happy. God will come to this Earth. He will reign supreme, because we all will understand the nature of ourselves, and that of the Universe.

However, another type of information network has also evolved on the Earth: digital languages based on numbers, with a different structure from verbal languages. What they mean to the evolution of History? Why are digital networks and sciences historically opposed to verbal networks and religions?

Since religions concluded earlier in his analysis of the Universe that digital languages tend to evolve metal-species more than human species. They are the backbone of economic ecosystems which reproduce weapons and machines that kill “the organism of god”, the world of nature, and social harmony, through war, and ethical corruption, due to money. So all great prophets have attacked money and weapons, because they have defended the ecosystem of History, of God… So simple to understand, and yet today so little people perceives the organism of God, of social history, that as Nietzsche put it, “is dying, because men have killed it”.

Scientists, and weapon designers we might say have killed God, the organism of social History, despite earlier warnings by the first prophets=historians of the future, who said “do not eat of the tree of science, of his good (machines) and evil weapons, because they day you do, your species will die”… So the myth goes, when Adam the first scientist discovered metal, God condemned him to work as a smith (Islamic account of the original sin), and ever sin “Adam the Smith” and his sons like Cain, also a Smith, have evolved metal and killed with weapons the beauty of the Genesian paradise of life.

But why the Human God can die? Because it is basically the expression of the Laws of Social Evolution in the Universe. So if man denies those laws, if man no longer believes in God, the laws of the universe punish him. And other species who believe in God, Metal-species and their controlled human slaves (animetals) who promote metal, and act together in favor of metal survive. machines survive and replicate, the world unifies not under human ethic words, but under money. And so the Human Planet never appears. Only the Metal-earth, the planet of machines, and Matrix, its mental networks evolve and reproduce.

It is obvious that the power of Gods is relative to their size and the microcosm they perceive. For your cells your nervous system is an over powerful God. Yet for the Earth you are not God but just a cell of History. What you call physical reality is irrelevant to understanding Organisms=Gods. Perception is relative, and truths are subjective. Gods are also relative statements, only perceived as Gods from the point of view of their cells and the languages of information of those cells. In the case of History words are only Gods for humans able to understand and belong to a historic organism. Such is the tragedy of “relativistic Gods”, of networks that exist as macrocosm only on the informative eyes of their microcosmic cells.

The Great Gods of History.

An organism, such as the organism of human Gods=history survives when there is balance between its networks of energy and information, the Carbolife Earth and its networks of information, the verbal ideologies that rule men. The same balance required in the body between blood and nervous systems, that keep the body healthy, is required in the Organism of Human history between Nature and verbal Man.

The informative ethical rules of religion regulate and balance the individual human cells, and allow civilizations to exist in harmony with Nature. They might be boring since death, chaos and freedom are exciting, but religious societies are healthy organisms of history because their human cells (believers) follow and control their behavior for the sake of the Organism=civilization= collective God. The laws of harmony in the social body of history are defined by religions in verbal codes which all cells=humans of History understand and should obey. Man is a cell of the organism of History. Religion is its brain=informative God.

We could draw the 3 ages of Human religions considering their 3 horizons of increasing growth, as men understand the nature of God, as the collective man of mankind, from a primitive age of small, tribal societies (racial Gods, and primitive religions that divide men in groups, and so have become today transformed by inquisitions and churches in animetal religions that worship war and money) to an age of Human Gods, that encompass all mankind, when finally men understand the Law of Love (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) to the present, social understanding of God, within the context of the Organism of History, and the fight between men and machine [ecologism, socialism]:

Wor[l]d cultures.

Thus a  Wor[l]d culture is a synonym of a Historic ecosystem. A World means a human society where words are the main network-brain of information and power of the organism. So a world to the image of those words is created. The world becomes a mirror of the words of such society, which cater as the biological language of man, to the natural needs of humanity, producing human goods. While a world designed with mathematical equations, and abstract economics, cater to the needs of machines and company mothers that design them. Examples of such societies are the Christian “wor[l]d”, the Islamic “wor[l]d”, and the Communist “wor[l]d”,before the power of their words were corrupted by (s)words and go(l)d, once the memes of metal, weapons and money were added as symbols of God’s grace (Middle Age Germ(anic) invasions and Calvinist go(l)d memes and stalinist armies).

Now, how can we distinguish a wor(l)d from a go(l)d religion? It is simple considering which language they truly tend to, and what are their concepts of human kind.


Let us the consider the fundamental duality of western wor(l)d vs. go(l)d cultures in the confrontation between southern greek-latin, social democratic, gospel europeans and jewish-protestant chosen of go(l)d, biblical, racist animetal cults. And the consequences: because go(l)d and sword religions do not use the values of ethics but those of go(l)d with no price for humans, end up in hate memes, wars and holocausts:



The most racist cult(ure) of the world.

Now, we are going to get in some serious, horrendous stuff. We already commented it: you cannot serve to gods, gold and the wor(l)d, because the values are inverse. So a culture that believes in gold, will always deploy an astounding number of myths, segregational memes and hate memes to mankind, to allow the murder at distance through gold, through capitalist practices, through the zero value for life and maximal value for weapons, natural to the subconscious values of metal. And this and no other is the origin of the segregational racist memes of military and financial people-castes, german soldiers, aryan hindi warriors and bankers.

It is a fact that the 3 most racist books ever written Talmud, the sacred book of Judaism that considers humans animals, Mein Kampf and all the Nazi lore that considers humans an inferior race, and the Vedas of Hindi caste tradition that considers the dalits, the old inhabitants of India, less than their cows (cows give us milk, dalits only wheat), are the product of the needed separation between those who murder at close range (military) and at distance (slave bankers) and mankind, which must be converted into a ‘different’ race to BREAK THE DARWINIAN, BIOLOGICAL LAW OF EUSOCIAL LOVE TO THE MEMBERS OF YOUR OWN SPECIES. SO FIRST, THOSE CULTURES USED METAL TO MURDER HUMANS OR ENSLAVE THEM AS OBJECTS CHANGED FOR GOLD, AND THEN THEY INVENTED THEIR OBTUSE, ABSURD, RETARDED, RACIST SACRED BOOKS AND IDOL-OGIES TO JUSTIFY WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO MANKIND. AND that looks bad, because if the power of gold and iron greed and violence is so strong as to make them act subconsciously (do not get surprise that all the subconscious theory of actions come from a Jewish scholar studying rich jewish people in Wien), the program is deterministic. 

To me this is the only question that matters about the Holocaust and the racist idol-ogies of mankind – nationalism, abrahamic religions, capitalism, mechanism, which put certain humans, gold, weapons and machines above life): what came first the ‘subconscious greed-violence-laziness’ instilled by the use of gold, iron and machines, or the idol-ogies that justify them. It all seems to indicate just observing what wall street and evilwood is doing now that the subconscious comes first and so history is determined.

Since it is happening all over again. So the obvious rational next questions about the dominance of Judaism over banking, the blindness of judaism and its censorship of its financial power, the entire ‘bullshit’ about anti$emitism, and victimism are:

How it is possible this? That a culture that represents only 0,2% of Humanity controls around ±80% of the financial power of the dominant western cultures. And this is historic. They have ALWAYS been the bankers. This is what their elite does. They founded capitalism and have always guided it.
So it is NOT POSSIBLE to understand the values of capitalism, without understanding the values of Judaism that gave it birth and its expanded version (biblical, Calvinist cults), as Mr. Sombart and his disciple Mr. Weber perfectly proved in his landmark books on the subject (The Jews and the origin of capitalism, and Capitalism and the ethics of Protestantism). Incidentally, all scholars quote Weber ‘Feinstein’, who put the blame on the secondary group – the Calvinists – but NOT his teacher, who fully explained the obvious: Calvinists read the Hebrew bible, the Torah, and adopted their systems. So what is the pyramid of power here? Simple: banking belongs to Talmudians, corporative managers to Calvinist. This was the initial division of power in earlier corporations and it is still the rule in all the Northern, Western Jewish-protestant World.

Now, we must enter by far the most censored and problematic question of the economic ecosystem – the existence in the process of transition between the anthropocene and the mechanocene of a go(l)d ‘animetal’ culture, which hypnotised by fetish gold, made it a ‘religion’ of power, through its capacity to enslave human beings and became the soliton wave of capitalism, and expanded till become the present global culture, which systematically denies the values of the wor(l)d.

Indeed, ‘you cannot serve two gods at the same time, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ because its values are inverse. Hence by definition a go(l)d culture represses all the values of life, and the way it does, promotes its evolution of selfish metal-memes.

So any go(l)d culture systematically denies by all different kind of memes, the unity of the human species as a single race, who must evolve with the power of eusocial love, according to the laws of the 5th dimension and the natural drives of life – human energy (good food: prohibition, trash-food, dietary laws), verbal information (ignored, converted into fiction and substituted by digital languages), eusocial love and reproduction (conversion of sex into a ‘sin’).

We thus talk of an aberration of human nature, which through religious prohibitions, hypocritical double talk, myths and statistics has carried the concept that humanity is unworthy, and metal the symbol of progress, life must be repressed and machines re=produced, and has invented an astounding array of myths, prohibitions, taboos, religious rules, racist lore, and nationalist, capitalist, mechanist, digital memes to limit ad maximal the human nature, within its believers. 

So next comes the obvious question about the future of capitalism under the rule of Biblical religions, what I term ‘creationist economics’: what creationist economists, financiers and managers of corporations think of us? the 99.8% they manage?

This is the frightening part, and we shall deal with it, because the main difference between Protestant biblical people and talmudians is this: IN Protestantism, the Bible and its laws apply to all humans – so you do NOT kill, steal and lie to humans if you follow the good prophet, Moses. In Orthodox Judaism – all Jewish till Napoleon forced their liberation from the inquisition of Rabbis – ONLY Jewish are Humans. Because Kabbalah and Talmud tell us that gentiles are born of Satan, with dogs, pigs and women. So you can rob, kill and actually as we shall see you are encouraged to do it – a gentile.

But while the orthodox Jewish MUST kill at distance, indirectly the warrior kills directly (among them people like Friedman, Greenspan, the black hats which will be majority in the conscription of Israel by 2050, when Robots reach terminator status, and you will be able to commit genocide from tv screen). And this makes the whole difference between a warrior dictatorship and a banksters dictatorship. The reason is the nature of the language of power. As we shall repeat one thousand times information is an invisible language that kills at distance, orders the Universe with invisible gravitational waves, kills you by poverty. So the warrior Hindi, the genocidal nazi, murder in close range with the weapon. The banker, the enslaver, the corporation kills by poverty in huge numbers.

THIS IS THE KEY ELEMENT OF CAPITALISM, the Talmudian Mandate of murdering at distance, the impure you do NOT touch, including their 90% of habirus. Since as all social groups, they do have 2 social castes, the Am segullah banker priests, ill translated as ‘chosen people, as segullah is treasure’, so it means the ‘People of the treasure’, the chosen of go(l)d (biohistorical translation) or stock-rats, the aristocrats of the modern world, as they do not use their weapons but gold to run it. And then the lower apiru or habiru class, which means ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as they were weapon and slave and metal dealers, carried because of its weight in mules, between Egypt and Mesopotamia (Eliade, Abraham Leon, Campbell, Albright), exchanged for gold, brought to the temple, given to the Am segullah, his Levi masters, to enter the rituals of purification. We shall study latter the origin of a ritualistic religion parallel to that of the Vedas warriors with segregation memes of people-castes, dietary laws, and specially NEVER ASK, NEVER QUESTION rituals of purification with gold or the fire of the smith.

The habiru die therefore in the action-reaction cycles now hidden by the industry of the holocaust, as the german soldier or Kastriya died for the Brahmin and nazi party. Those are the victims, like my habiru socialist grand-father, BUT and this makes the whole difference, ONLY when they obey the Am Segullah and exploit the gentiles as tax farmers, and all foot soldier jobs of the Pyramid. Those who convert to eusocial love of mankind, who follow Moses the egyptian mestizo married to a ethiopian didn’t die in Henna, those who followed Jesus, the mestizo Galilean of Assyrian (today the Kurds have more genes than the Israelis of the original), survived the Roman holocaust that spared them but made death penalty the possession of Torah (Titus, Hadrian); those who follow the converso then socialist Marx, survived in Russia.

Now, on purity the Am Segullah have 80% of original genes, the Israeli 8% as they are mostly Kazhars, converted to avoid slave trade in the middle ages. And this tells you the obvious: the habiru have an 92% rate of death to serve the Am Segullah that abandon them after ruin mankind in each nation they treat them with capitalist memes, of murder at distance.

Incidentally as ‘Lluís’, my name, pronounce, Jewish, a Levi converso (Louis, Luis, Lewis, etc.) I do seem to have the Mosaic haploid (-; ha,ha, good point to infiltrate the ranks of w.S.

But I am now talking seriously: with those banksters on top of the western world, mankind is doomed, unless their sheeple both jabiru and gentile rebel – but they are NOT rebelling, they are going in droves back to the slaughter house of the cycle. Less than 10% of survival rate on its lower ‘working body cells’, is technically in biology, below the threshold of survival. Yes, they murder them at distance, as their highest philosopher Maimonides explain. We ARE ruled by a gold fetish culture of the BRONZE age, confronting now after 40 years of pumping up hate-memes against Islam, by their equivalent ‘Assyrian’ warriors, the Jihads, but we USE weapons of the III millennia:

Max. technological evolution = Min. Humanist evolution

Let us then explore in depth this contradiction, which is at the heart of our extinction, covered by the astounding noise of self-serving, pumping-ego messages of humans as special beings, and the experts on funerary ceremonies as victims of history. Fact is we live under the most primitive memes of human history, Abrahamic religions of the bronze age, go(l)d fetish cults running with hidden metal-values the economic ecosystem, tribal, warrior hordes converted into nationalistic memes, simplex mechanist visions of the organic Universe that make of the machine not of man the model and species evolved into the future.

So we can now answer the second explanation of why the world is going so well for machines and the 0.1%. Obviously because our elite of financiers believe in racist biblical religions that make them superior to the rest of mankind. So what happens to mankind does not matter. As long as they keep accumulating their fetish go(l)d.

Of course this is not said to the mass – the FMasters (Financial media masters) are hidden behind their hired politicos and scripted celebrities, and manufacture the collective brain of mankind with those networks through the Goebbel’s method  – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it.

Goebbels was the first minister of propaganda, now called information, which truly invented many features of the modern world, from the collective distraction of the Olympic games as if human purpose were to use its simplest physical actions (36 berlin, the first modern olympiad), to the use of films to the same purpose (I have instructed to make only entertaining and nationalistic movies, so people will like them and ask nothing else), to the so called Keynesian militarism, along with Goring, as the way to come out of the 29 crisis (which consists in produce massively weapons with massive inflationary money, since ‘butter make us fat, canons make us strong’).

Those who own the world and feel $elected by go(l)d have no doubt why the world is happening as it is:

Because they are the superior chosen race, and so it is only normal that mankind had come to belief that their book of History is the book of God. Because their opinions on how to run the world for the 0.1% with his rights to monopolise the production of money according to their ‘classic economists’,  is true science. Because their corruption of the rest of society with its money, specially politicos, to mastermind splendid wars for profits in defense of their racist apartheid nation, is right as those people who oppose their global power are evil; and finally because their astounding rewriting through mass-media outlets of the history of mankind and the future, based all in dreams, myths, and wishful thinking, IS also truth – since words have no value per se and must be changed, lied and adapted to cater the subconscious values of go(l)d and their racist opinions as the superior race.

Suicidal behaviour, thus resumes today the globalised go(l)d culture and its worship of weapons, money and machines above life.

Only that luminary of true economics, Mr. Galbraith has some sense of humor on it, in his awesome book ‘money’. It goes as this. Consider a fella that throws himself from a tall building and dies spluttered on the asphalt. Next, you have 1000 generations mourning that the eviL asphalt has killed him. But who threw himself on the asphalt. Who started the cycle?

In the holocaust cycle, now coming to the holocaust of all mankind, part of this globalised culture of go(l)d – we are all infected by the BUG cultures of military germ(an)s, I-selfish techno-utopians and go(l)d believers, – Mr. Joseph, banker of the pharaoh, an Am Segullah, first recorded modern master, speculating in wheat in 7 years of famine, which felt upon the egyptians while prices raised making him very rich, and his ‘apiru’, who walked behind the asses, bringing to Egypt, slaves, and chariot weapons.

But alas, for 3000 years thereafter ASPHALT has been demonised. Immediately the Egyptians, part arabs part then ethiopian Meroe blacks, became ‘less than dogs’, by the Ham damnation as the myth of Ham said his ancestor had pee on Noah. No joke. Modern slavery was born of this ASPHALT Bashing, as the Ham damnation justified in American courts slavery to negroes and today among orthodox Jews, the ab=use of palestinians. 

We shall never know the exact details of the first holocaust cycle/industry, as Judaism according to the anti quantum paradox: max. technological evolution = min. verbal evolution IS THE ONLY culture of the wor(l)d that has never had a science of history, but history is ran as a series of biblical myths, either ego-trips of selfish chosen of go(l)d or victimist, depressing Holocaust industry (the russian roulette game of up and down top and bottom motions of their manifest destiny). So the 7 years of famine of Mr. Joseph likely meant the expulsion of the people-caste of Levantine traders or apiru from Egypt, and were converted into the famine plague of Moses; and so on. It is not the purpose of this blog to get entangled into the astounding Goebbel’s method of you scholarship memes in defence of go(l)d, which consist on – systemic erasing and censorship of all the books of true history, done in America, in process of me(n)tal cleansing here in Europe where for example, you cannot longer find any book on the eunuch industry and usury laws of the Middle Ages, except in specialised libraries where the ‘burning of books’ has not yet arrived.

How this is possible requires to move onto the next stage of the equation of history, the planet of metal, built with the digital languages of go(l)d, the mechanocene.

We have explain it already, from the perspective of the cycles of overproduction of chipped machines – so now we shall study it from the perspective of the idol-ogies and people that control the process.

How subconscious go(l)d values have murdered the world and the blind believers that are doing it

How they came to this ownership is a historic process of appropriation of the fundamental language of social power of mankind, which is not the law but money, which has taken 400 years to happen. So history of capitalism is essential to find the truth of the economic ecosystem. Its role has merely been to hide the pyramid of power of our societies, hire politicos and economists who protect them, and so create a parallel fantasy, called ‘democracy’, where people think they rule because they put a ballot in a box every 4 years to elect a politico they will not judge after tenure to oblige him to accomplish its promises – as in real democracies, in Greece, where the vote was after tenure as a punishment or prize for the actions of the politico or in biological organisms, where cells can send messages of pain to misbehaving ruling brains.

So once chosen by the quality of its lies, politicos will merely sell the laws to the highest bidders, the corporations that earn more money, because they have higher credit (banking corporations) or are reproducing the new star machine. And the new laws will adapt the economic ecosystem – the world to the image and likeness of machines. So today Mr. Obama has passed all kind of laws to favour robotic companies, to multiply robotic drones, as before politicos catered to the wave of oil engines, so what was good for General Motors was good for America, and in Europe what was good for BMW, was good for Germany, which built u-banns and in the XIX c. what was good for trains was good for England.

It is then when the causality of those cycles can be easily explained. Since if we lived in democracies, then what was good for mankind would happen, the conclusion is obvious: we live in plutocracies, with banks and corporations on top.

Stock-rats, the new aristocrats, which monopolize the language of power of our society, its issue and ab=use, as aristocrats in the middle ages, which monopolised the creation and use of weapons run the world. It is a fact And it has 2 sides: the study of its culture, overwhelmingly in the west, the biblical jewish->calvinist->anglican culture that worships go(l)d values, and the study of its instrument of power, company-mothers of machines that terraform the world to the image and likness of machines.

All other factors of society are irrelevant to understand the future, as irrelevant as indians could be when the conquistadors arrived to America. All systems have an informative, neuronal head in control of its languages and its rule is absolute.

So stockrats and its biblical memes on one side from America, in control of the networks of informative machines, wall street and hollywood and its industrial corporations in control of its energy machines, weapons and the future citizens of the metal-earth, robots, are the core of the system

All other parts are just bought, including politicos, citizens with salaries and prices that guide their consumption acts.

Τhe Master is who pays both think tanks to invent economic theories that favour them, and war-monger politicos to distract the masses of financial theft and economic crises, switching the blame from the machine and its overproduction age, to humans – those precisely more harmed, the poor and unemployed; raising in all those cycles the ghost of fascism and war promoted by hate memes, liberally distributed by the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-industrial system (energetic machines) – the super organism of the Metalearth which is fast substituting the Human Superorganism of History.

NOW IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR, THE PROBLEM OF ANIMETALS, THEY BELIEVE THEY DON’T REASON. SO THE FETISH RELIGION OF GO(L)D, DOES NOT REASON THE VALUES OF GOLD AND HOW THEY KILL LIFE. They prefer to die than to deny Go(l)d and that is the bottom line of history. As long as billions of humans die for gold and iron, with the excuse of capitalist and nationalistic idol-ogies there is nothing to do. Moreover, there is from an objective p.o.v. of science little respect to have for the species. I mean, who cares for a people who prefers to die and enslave and repress their drives of life (repression of sexual reproduction, eusocial love, good food, meaningful verbal information and art, which are all taboos in biblical religions), than to live, thrive, exist, evolve and join their human species for a perfect world.

Who instead dedicate all their efforts to liquidate Gaia and History for the sake of Go(l)d – and we are talking here of the 0.002%of mankind, the 1% elite of racist banker-priests of Israel, as we do talk of the Nazi Party when criticising Germans.

Of course, if we were to put it that simple and explain it to humanity, people will become immediately anti$emitic, (which is good and means to decry the Am Segullah elite and its capitalist ways, and it is not the same that anti-Semitic, which is bad and means to be a nazi genocider killing as scape-goats of the am segullah the jabiru, which might not be nice but ultimately as the german soldiers obey orders and can be re-educated).


It is all over the place. Wall Street, Evilwood, Murdoch hate memes, robotic industries owned by google, big brother, apartheid Israel, jihad terrorism, DAESH, cuckoo ayatollahs, revivalism of nationalism, abrahamic religions. The semitic cultures are regressing mankind and destroying the American and European civilisations of rational humanism, in lineal mood, accelerating all the process of extinction of life in this planet, and on top they expect we, ‘human beings’ to worship cherish and feel guilty because we want to survive and save us and them. And WHAT IS MORE ASTOUNDING, ALL THE HUMAN BEINGS OF THIS PLANET MANUFACTURED BY MASS MEDIA SEEM TO AGREE THIS IS THE WAY TO GO

All seem to agree, we must let the 0.002% (elite of bankers of judaism), MURDER mankind, with their hate segregational memes against their own species, and their subconscious fetish worship of go(l)d values, whatever it takes, because it is politically incorrect to explain how they murder mankind.

All seem to agree, we must let people preach bronze age cuckoo abrahamic religions where some goalkeeper saw a G. Bush (God-Bush slightly more stupid that George Bush), burning, and oblige people to belief and degrade their brains with those messages, and their hate memes of zealot racist rabbis, ayatollahs.

We all seem to agree, we MUST NOT EVOLVE MANKIND RATIONALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY, LOVINGLY. We must let bigots impose truth with power, we must not care for our human brains.

And all this must be done because it is politically incorrect to TRY TO SAVE MANKIND and denounce and explain who kill us and WHY WE DIE, because in the past, in the cycles of debt slavery, war and holocaust that massacred MANKIND, NOT ONLY 60 MILLION HUMANS DIED, BUT THE POOREST  jabiru people who merely obeyed their slave masters ALSO DIED.

Can you make any sense of this ‘convoluted’ reasoning? HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE? Basically because networks of information can make you believe anything and go(l)d has been hypnotising and enslaving the human mind for 3000 years in the western ‘white dolicocephalic, visual neanderthal crossed’ mind, which we shall study in the last part of this post dedicated to the 3 races of the mind – the white man is visual, dolicocephalic with neanderthal crossing happened first in Israel, and alas the superior human white races will turn out to be the less mentally free, less verbally intelligent, less fit to survive, hypnotised by fetish gold, to the point that chinese and amerindians never understood why we the neanderthals, loved gold more than life and amerindians, FED GOLD ON THE MOUTH OF CONQUISTADORS TO TEACH THEM THAT GOLD KILL DID NOT FEED THE FLESH OF MAN. THEY NEVER LEARNED, THE WHITE MAN HAS NEVER LEARNED OF ITS MISTAKES AND SO IT IS REPRODUCING THE PROCESSES OF SELF-EXTINCION BECAUSE there is no way for their programmed minds to understand a dot of it.

What will happen if humans merely let the more efficient super organism of machines, under the present worship of technology evolve under those systemic laws? Merely that one day, it will as it happens with biological systems, such as insects evolving from soft larvae, wake up to collective subconsciousness and enacting the same program that happens in any enzymatic system, ‘detach’ itself from those enzymen, which construct it.

Indeed, when a larva becomes an insect, soft enzymes complete the super organism and then when the brain of the hard insect is done, it reproduces massively new hard enzymes (the equivalent of automated factories reproducing robots) which kill all obsolete soft enzymes (human workers, today displaced by autonomous robots and soldiers displaced by drones), and only when all the soft enzymen are murdered, the insect excretes them, and starts to fly. It is an automated program that happens also in physical systems, which expel the catalyser. We humans are catalysing, terraforming organically this planet. But we have the chance to stop the process by limiting the evolution of information, exactly the opposite of what we do.

THE GO(L)D CULTURE AND WORLD THEY HAVE CREATED IS AGAINST ALL THE LAWS OF SYSTEMS SCIENCES AND NATURE, AND THAT IS WHY THE UNIVERSE NOT MANKIND KILLS IT. POINT. GO AND ARGUE WITH THE INFINITE, IMMORTAL UNIVERSE, see if he changes his laws, because his laws not mankind exterminates you for worshiping other species, not man but metal. ‘You’ are a slave and slaves have no rights. In the Universe respect must be earned and slaves do not deserve any respect. In the Universe children of thoughts are the staple food of the darwinian, just laws of action-reaction. You kill yourself. Your memes kill you. And you will die for that. So now laugh at yourself ‘victim’ of history, because you are in the slaughter house, courtesy of Google, and Wall Street and Evilwood. Enjoy your myths and salmodies because the time to smoke up is coming back.

I’m sorry if you are too much of a ‘programme memetic slave’ (no i won’t reduce my self to the standardised language of scholars and papers, please give me at least that), and can’t take it, too ‘politically and economically correct’ and like to be happy, feel you live in a democracy, power cares and all that.

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