Abstract. The 2 final posts of this upper line that sum up the model of social sciences, based in the laws of organic systems are dedicated to the Humanist, Democratic solutions to our existential crisis, providing the theoretical reform of the physiological networks of the human super organism of history (mankind in time) that could make it immortal, that is ‘Healthy’, and efficient fulfilling the needs of its ‘citizens-cells’, that is wealthy. The composite word WHealthy is thus the goal of a well designed eco(nomic)system. But for that goal to be reached we must understand and reform first the ‘financial=reproductive system’ and the way we issue its ‘hormonal, language’ of re=production of goods, digital money…


Money is a digital language, which regardless of its specific ‘countable support’, has a function akin to other digital languages of systems, used to compare mathematically and reproduce through exchanges of flows of energy different type of goods.

Money and the law, the 2 network languages of human super organisms of history and economics.

All systems of nature require to well-function as social organisms 2 languages:

one of pure information, which is subjective, delivered by the ‘brain/informative elements’ of the system to organize the whole; nervous system in biological organisms, gravitational information in galaxies, genetic codes in cells, legal, ethic words in human societies… Such languages are biased in favor of the ‘neuronal brain and organism’ that controls it, being ‘particular in its function.

And a language of reproduction which is objective, hence normally delivered by a digital system, as the equations of mathematics equal being to be compared and exchanged. This is the case of electromagnetic forces in nature that exchange particles, hormonal and oxygen codes in biology and digital money in social super organisms, which regulate the reproductive economic system.

It is then very easy to consider what is wrong with the use of money in human societies, how those 2 languages should be designed in a perfect world=superorganism of history and what is the primacy between the two languages just by considering how THEY EXIST in efficient, survival super organisms of nature, all of them following the same laws of systems and networks:

The present world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields. It is for that reason necessary to fully reform the system, imitating perfect superorganism of nature where the subjective,e informative, legal, nervous language controls the reproductive languages of money/hormones/blood/electromagnetism, from the point of view of the brain that favors the survival of the system (black holes running galaxies with gravitation, cells running with DNA genes, brains with nervous messages, societies with the law above money when they are well designed)

 What is wrong with the way money is used today can be easily inferred of the ‘NON-ESSENTIAL qualities’ of money, which come in the ‘discourse of our wrong-designed parasitic system of money’, where 2 qualities which are irrelevant to it, appears heavily featured in all treatises of money: MONEY AS A SUBSTANCE, gold or precious metal, ‘store of wealth’ and money as DEBT, a standard of payment of obligations (as in the famous Jevons definition of most classic books of economics).

  • Money IS NOT A SUBSTANCE, as it is a digital number, which of course must be written in some support, but the support is not important. And as such is not ‘wealth-energy’, but information, language.
  • And money IS NOT DEBT, as its function as all languages of information is to start the process of reproduction and exchange of goods and work to produce, in the same manner you act after thinking, but the words IS not what matters, only to kick start the action. So money CANNOT BE USED AS DEBT TO PARASITE AND RETURN to people, as you do not talk expecting someone to return your words, but to bey them and ACT under your command.

As it happens those 2 primitive forms of money, as metal and as debt-usury-slaving substance became imposed by our ‘dear’ animetal people-castes, creating a go(l)d religion of accumulation of metal-wealth and slavery of human lifetime to money, which became the standard origin of our capitalist civilization, as opposed to the Nomisma, rational Greek-Latin view of money as a secondary legal language to reproduce and organize society submissive as it must be to the word. This European view of money, vs. to the Semite, Biblical view of money as substance, debt and wealth, today represented by America and its capitalism, consisting in reproducing as many numbers of money as possible to herd it without any concern for its social value and rights of all humans to reproduce and receive a minimal salary to kick out their demand of welfare goods and work actions, AS NATURE DOES WITH ALL REPRODUCTIVE LANGUAGES TO WHICH ALL THE ELEMENTS OF THE ORGANISM HAVE ACCESS, is the root of most of the eviLs and dysfunctions of our societies.



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons andmachines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all: So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.


money censors shut upThe alternative obviously is to consider money only in terms of nomisma, as a legal tender digital system of values, re=producing it as organisms do as a salary in ‘oxygen’, Universal Human ¥€$ money of an international currency, which would be a democratic economy; a form of money invented by rational Greek->Roman democracies (Aristotle gave it the name) which used brittle iron as it was supposed to be of legal tender because the people and/or its governments have invented it NOT because it was a fetish go(l)d substance that hypnotized the primitive eyes of its herders, submitted to the hypnotism of greed – blindly guiding mankind towards extinction as they are doing now at global level.

“Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction and Eusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines)”
 In the graph, the design of efficient economic networks that deliver oxygen-money to all cells (left ¥€$ money, an international currency to pay a Universal salary)… to create a demand economy, as humans would demand the production of healthy welfare goods (left down), based in the positive, ‘biological frame of reference’, of what make humans thrive (right down graph); while establishing a perfect world Union based in peace and diplomacy, following the steps of the most advanced human civilisations and organisations (EU, prior to the ECB, parasitic bank, and UNO), IS IMMEDIATE according to the physiological laws of super organisms.

So if we were to change our politicians and economists by medicine doctors, who apply those laws to cure individual organisms, to cure the super organism of history they would easily achieve the goal of building a perfect super organism of history, as this is the natural arrow of eusocial evolution of all beings of the Universe.

 A Humanist, Legal Wor(l)d Government in control of the reproduction of money, used to create a sustainable economy based in the memes of life, cre(dit)ated with a global currency with rights to deficits, ¥€$ money (1 $=1€=5 yuans=100 yens, at fixed parity printed massively as a Universal salary of 1000 Eurodollars for each citizen of those nations, latter extended to their continental religions of America, Eurafrica and Asia), could implement the measures needed to impose limits to corporations and re-direct the economic ecosystem to create a paradise of ‘human goods’ on Earth.

The solution to our extinction in that sense is a Healthy Mankind. Where wealth is welfare, not warfare. And humans are guided by the Human Constitution, the law of survival of the super organism of history. This post will develop the theoretical elements of the ‘solution’ to the existential menaces humans suffer as we advance into the robotic age and world war III.

In the graph, the design of efficient economic networks that deliver oxygen-money to all cells (left ¥€$ money, an international currency to pay a Universal salary)… to create a demand economy, as humans would demand the production of healthy welfare goods (left down), based in the positive, ‘biological frame of reference’, of what make humans thrive (right down graph); while establishing a perfect world Union based in peace and diplomacy, following the steps of the most advanced human civilisations and organisations (EU, prior to the ECB, parasitic bank, and UNO), IS IMMEDIATE according to the physiological laws of super organisms.

So if we were to change our politicians and economists by medicine doctors, who apply those laws to cure individual organisms, to cure the super organism of history they would easily achieve the goal of building a perfect super organism of history, as this is the natural arrow of eusocial evolution of all beings of the Universe.



 The science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the superorganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s superorganisms.

And so since mankind is a superorganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient superorganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no superorganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no superorganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the next graph that draws the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the positive side we put the goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system would overproduce those goods.

And this would be done simply with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which IS GIVEN TO ALL CELLS to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

As simple as that. So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically underproduced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

In our corrupted organisms of history, akin to a cancerous body where a few cells absorb all the oxygen-money for themselves and viral germs multiply and attack the citizens-cells, nothing of this simple, obvious organization that happens in all evolved mammal systems, in all superorganisms of nature, takes place. 

Regarding the political system, people cannot as it happened in true democracies in Greece, judge a posteriori their politicians with pain messages, which ranged from exile, fines to death penalties so politicians would serve as neurons do their body cells.

Regarding the political system, no human society delivers to their citizens a universal salary in oxygen to allow them to buy the products they need to survive kicking out the reproduction of welfare goods; neither they forbid and use their military NOT to harm their cells but to protect them destroying lethal goods for the body and mind and forbidding its production.

So the question is why Human superorganisms are the worst designed systems of Nature, why they are corrupted, virally infected with lethal goods, with mad nervous system that do not serve their body, crazy leukocytes that kill their own cells and parasitic cancerous bankers that choke mankind of credit to keep all the oxygen in their tumor-like banking accounts inflated of idle resources?

All this we explain it first, because WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power of a few parasitic people-castes that monopolize the issue of money, and use weapons to harm people. In the next graph we compare the two opposite systems – one of true healthy wealth for all humans properly designed that would make a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, and the parasitic, murderous system of control of population with lethal metal goods:


History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as superorganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, DEDICATE most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient superorganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human superorganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgement a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s superorganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

In the graph, we resume the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money). 

The substance and language, form and functions of money.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

Money has always possessed three formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. It is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Finally, money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. And so the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought?

In the graph of money ages we see its evolution as a language: in terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program. Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth. Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality.

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons and machines.

The positive science of money as nomisma, digital language of information controlled by the law

So what would be the proper way to deal with money and structure with it our Universe? Obviously as a language of digital information in the way the Universe does with similar languages.

The Universe is simple, social, democratic and efficient. So systems that work are extremely simple delivering the right energy and information to ‘all’ social elements of the system. A simple proof of that social, simple structure. The unit of mathematics, its fundamental language is the number, which is a ‘social group’ of indistinguishable beings (you say 20, without even caring to specify the species). Money is then a very simple language: a number printed in a support that can be digitalized. And its purpose as all social languages is to give ‘orders’ of ‘value’ to an enormous number of entities, due to its simplicity to allow ‘all’ human beings to work, reproduce the goods they need and evolve socially… This is the ideal language of money, crafted efficiently as all other languages of social systems – words, which we all humans talk, hormones, very simple molecules which all cells share and obey, oxygen, the simplest energy molecule that all cells receive with blood red cells; electromagnetic forces that all animals see to interact in nature; gravitation that all stars follow in its galactic paths, etc. etc.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos…

As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper.

In the graph, we can see how the mathematical language has evolved as fiat money, first as coins whose value was given by the king or city, then it would be reproduced in paper, either as stocks or tape or bills, all of them mere support for its numbers. And finally today it evolves as a digital flow of information invented by corporations in digital screens.

Money is a language of digital information that values with numbers humans (with salaries) and products (with prices), easy to reproduce in papers or digital screens, as all languages of information are. Since to reproduce languages we need minimal energy.

For that reason money has evolved according to the laws of all languages, diminishing its energy/size and increasing its speed of reproduction; hence increasing its capacity to carry information and value more things: first as metal, it became quantized into smaller bits of information that required less energy=substance and increased its units, as coins.Then it evolved from precious metals into printed-paper, then into electric data and electronic bits, invented with a computer program.

Finally it has become with Internet just a digital flow of information in computer brains that control today the economic ecosystem with a ‘digital mind’, moving at light speed and with a null cost reproduction. Thus today money is so abundant that it values all entities on Earth, replacing human verbal thought, a language with lesser capacity to carry information than numbers, still divided into multiple tribal species with different languages.

But this would not be bad, if money had been understood as a digital language, submissive to the ethic values of the word. Since it would act as the blood of a social organism, and man would take advantage of its mathematical properties.

Indeed, the key to create a perfect economy in a free  world that ensures the freedom and survival of all human beings, and handles them enough energy and information ensuring the overproduction of welfare goods that make men free, happy, healthy and ethical – maximizing our existence – is – as it is the case in any social organism – the efficient design of the physiological  legal/nervous/informative networks and energetic/blood/financial systems that distribute and reproduce the goods of energy and information that feed and regulate the cells/citizens of such organism.

All social organisms are complementary systems of energy and information in which the brain/government issues the 2 languages of social control and regulates those 2 type of networks, the energy/blood/economic network with its financial/hormonal languages and the information/nervous/legal network with its legal/nervous messages take care of the citizens/cells providing them with enough energy and information, or else receiving messages of pain and becoming sick.

Human Economic Systems had evolved in that sense towards an efficient, scientific regulation of the law and money by governments with the confessed goal of producing enough goods to make all citizens/cells survive.

And European Social Democracies were the ‘avant garde’ of that trial and error evolution of humanity towards an efficient collective organism in which the 2 languages of social power, money and the law, were controlled democratically by the people who voted their representatives and received a minimal salary/unemployment/health benefits to ensure their survival, while subventions to welfare goods kicked out the process of production of healthy goods for all mankind. Since money is nothing but a language of information very easy to reproduce printed in digital numbers and whose only value is precisely to kick out economic actions as thoughts kick out individual actions and laws social actions.

Thus NO language is ‘wealth’ per se, or a ‘commodity’ that must be repaid back with usury interest or cannot be reproduced massively with inflation to kick out the actions of the economy.

On the contrary all languages are inflationary – we think more than act to kick out and motivate our actions. So money must be printed with deficits because it is not ‘value per se’. Governments must invent money and laws issue bills of money and bills of law in great quantities to regulate society If some laws are not obeyed and some economic actions kicked out by money do not produce expected returns it does not matter as it has provoked jobs and actions and real wealth.

So why humans do NOT organize a simple monetary language, distributed to all humans in similar quantities as oxygen or hormones or nervous messages in bodies, gravitation and light in physics; same DNA genes in cells? It would be very simple to create a Universal salary of ‘mobile pocket’ money in a cryptocurrency, of 1000 ¥€$= euro = dollars for every human to have ‘oxygen-hormones’ to demand welfare goods, kicking its re=production and start a real global democracy, ending hunger, 3rd world migration  poverty, as it happens with all cells, stars or atoms which receive all enough oxygen, hormones and forces to survive – the Universe is in perpetual motion, energy is hugely abundant, the fact that humans suffer is NOT the rule but the exception of a perfectly designed Cosmos…

As an expert in systems sciences and complexity, the answer I give you is immediate but not ‘easy to swallow’: because we live as human beings in one of the worst designed systems of nature; in fact a sick, parasitic, cancerous, corrupted system where a very few number of human citizen-cells, issue money in monopoly for themselves, choke mankind off it, and to HIDE this systemic ab=use and corruption of the system have made so ‘complicated’ the creation of money with weird schemes (FED, ECB, banks fractional credit, e-money derivatives, etc.) that people do NOT understand the simplicity and beauty of the Universe and its networks and systems, and so feel they need ‘the parasite experts’ to create with credit the magic of it. Complexity in the basic languages of Nature is almost always an example of undue control, as democratic systems require extreme simplicity for all players to understand and play the game – in the case of reproductive languages, such as hormones, oxygen or money are, that simplicity is maximal – indeed, money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper.

This must be understood. A social organism invents without spending much energy immense quantities of its ‘nervous/hormonal language’ which is cheap to produce (a mere electric or very simple molecule) but has the collective ‘fiat’ power to be obeyed by agreement of all cells. So happens with digital numbers – money and verbal thoughts – laws. So IN AN INDUSTRIAL CRISIS a country MUST invent money to reproduce the welfare goods it needs, specially when it cannot reproduce more machines, in saturated markets and it does not want to reproduce weapons and consume humans with it. THEN IT MUST SWITCH to massive ‘deficit’ which means merely massive ‘shouting’ of economical orders to a ‘lazy population’ exhausted producing machines that must keep ‘working’, keep producing and so the government must shout huge debt-free monetary orders, printing money for the welfare state.

This is the scientific solution to the crisis, asked for by the socialist school in the XIX c. by the Keynesian school in the 1929 crisis, and by the most serious forerunner for a scientific discipline of economic systems, this century, systems sciences, which this writer pioneered.

And yet none of those 3 schools have any power today in this crisis, nor the main representatives of those schools are invited to political or economical forums. On the contrary, our work is heavily censored and the more the system requires the solutions we could implement, the less exposure we have. For example, this writer who anticipated with its models of the Industrial Evolution this crisis 20 years in advance, and was in charge of giving the conferences on Monetary Systems at the International Systems Societies, soon after the crisis proved his forecasts precise and his evolutionary models correct, lost his academic positions. . Why?

Because we are not living in a sound, healthy, scientific economic system, nor classic economists and politicians that rule the system are ‘scientists of history and economics’, but we live in a PARASITIC, unhealthy, corrupted system in which a private group of ‘cells/citizens’ act like a cancer or a viral leukemia does, monopolizing completely the issue of money in stock-markets and commodity markets, speculating with prices, inventing digital prices taxing all citizens, inventing fiat money (electronic derivatives) and exchanging it for real wealth, in other words absorbing all the blood of the economy for themselves, forbidding the collective b rain/government to regulate the blood system, feasting on energy kept idle in its ‘cancerous system’, and making the entire social body work for them. And so of course, part of the basic system which allows them to maintain that privilege is misinformation about the economy, ‘damned lies and statistics’, misinformation about what is truly an efficient economic system, what is money, why money is not wealth, why debt-money, printed by private people and then ‘lend with a parasitic interest’ to nations is an absolute natural aberration…

Let us then explain with the simplest terms the aberrant concept of money, and the historic background in which it was born to have a perspective what they do and how we have arrived to this no-way out.

IT IS then necessary to understand first how obvious and simple are the true social sciences that take care of the physiological networks of mankind:

  • Socialism, the belief humans should be democratic and rule themselves and their languages of power, so money should be reproduced by a Universal salary and by governments to promote welfare goods, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility
  • Humanism, all humans equal, no weapons and borders, for murdering members of the same species
  • Organicism, man as the measure of all things, the most perfect super organism which we should cherish and imitate to build a perfect human world.

All what we talk about is in fact a mere denial of those 3 social sciences, mostly by capitalism, the M.A.D. ideology of gold, Nazionalism, which divide humans into tribes to war, and mechanism which simplifies the Universe to make the machine an evolving organism, the measure elf all things.

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth:
Legal prohibition of robotics.
The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand.
-To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills.
WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires:
-The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia).
-The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people.
-AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power.
In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

In the graph, a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive. THIS COULD BE EASILY DONE WITH A GLOBAL CURRENCY, YES, MONEY, AT parity value: 1 eurodollar = 5 Yuans=100 yens, and a 1000 yes salary in a UNO backed cryptocurrency, for all humans to have enough blood money to demand welfare goods, end global poverty, immigration, and the bias of our issue and ab=use of society with money, and its systemic use to reproduce technological machines and weapons to cater the ‘tribal memes’ of our elites and remain idle in billionaire accounts.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its simplex ab=use of mankind, ‘tax-farmed’ to pay for its welfare goods, while stock companies have no limit of credit to waste and evolve lethal goods.Consider now how the culture of capitalism and its placebo democracies invent money for a extremely limited number (0.01%) of stockrats, who own financial companies invent e-money with them and buy all the elements of society:

Stock companies conquered the world as they switch to war ages in colonial, imperialist global war periods, expanding the Capitalist system and its placebo democracies to the entire planet, today perfectly ruled as a super organism of machines, where humans lack any credit increasingly expendable

A company of machines invents money by selling a tiny portion of its shares that validates all others as legal tender money. A bank by fractional banking the multiplies for 10 each loan it makes; but humans cannot invent money. They must be extorted through taxes, which go often to companies and financiers to pile up further billions into their idle accounts or wasted software companies of null real value for humanity:


In the graph, we make a comparison of the money invented by banks and financiers and the money controlled by governments (cash), which is the money of the people. But not even that meager quantity of money is left in the hands of people. 

The turning point of the ‘freak’ astounding appropriation of the resources of America, and through its international network of investment banks of the money of the planet, deviated to speculate in the price of internet stocks, and provide ‘value’ to false digital numbers printed in a computer screen as money was the derivatives scam of CDOs in 2008. Basically to justify e-money numbers, American bankers, all belonging to the same Jap culture experts in exploitation of mankind with debt slavery, tax farming and speculation, did what they have done so many times in History at a scale never heard of: because they had resold false mortgages (signed to anyone passing by) twice to justify twice the quantity of e-money for its fractional decametric increase of digital numbers as money,  they should have all entered jail for fraud, and their banks intervened with the false mortgage second ‘e-money’ erased from their screens.

So all banks should have deflated their accounts to the real money they had, their bosses judged and the system cleaned up. Point. Instead Paulson, ex-head of Goldman went to the corrupted politicos bought by campaign money and asked them 1 plus trillion dollars of tax-farmed money, hard won by the American citizens, so the state ‘bought a 3rd time’ the scam mortgages and the bankers did the entire fraud another round around… 

So the blood of the American middle classes was extracted and they suffer anoxia ever since. But because the system is now global, the true payers of what is by far the biggest theft of the history of mankind by a collective group of people whose enormous privilege of printing e-money was not enough – a billion is not money enough, when you have one it seems you want another and another… are the 6 billion humans, Chinese discounted, as their banks are still in Chinese hands, of the global capitalist empire… Indeed, all the wealth of corrupted politicos, military dictators, of the world, which we sustain with our weapons trade, syphon their money to Internet and American investment companies to keep pumping up the price of their corporations with no limit ahead.

In the old times, a company had a relatively fair price, defined by their E/P ratio, earning/price ratio, which was considered normal when it could be compared to the profits of interests in the money market, around 1/10 to 1/20…

With the invention of e-money, as e-money had not limit of imprinting once its reference to the currency was broken (end of gold convertibility), an astounding campaign of speculation about the future was launched to allow the unthinkable in sound economics – companies that did not give any profit and would not give any profit ever, were used to print new stock paper money, floating a 1% of the shares, knowing they were worth nothing, so bankers and speculators could invent billions. This is the origin of the digital age, in which any company which has merely a dozen of employees, and just makes a software program, repetition of dozens of similar software companies is floated in Wall Street, Nasdaq, and the 1% of money ‘Investors’ put, justifies an E/P ratio of 100 or infinite for companies with no profit.

This means essentially a software program ‘costs’ 10 billion $ to mankind, which are given to the ‘friends’ of Wall Street, while mankind lacks of course even a few million $ for a hospital.

Because the scam of Dotcom of 2001, and the scam of CDOs of 2008 was not checked, and allowed, to the surprise of most Wall Street scammers, now this system of invention of e-money based in nothing more than a bit of crap code, for a ‘digital software’ program, brings billions of $ routinely to the market. Now the bubble is on A.I. so anyone with a program of A.I. goes to Wall Street and he is given a few billions, and the bankers keep a few more billions and Goldman’s IPO is given in shares to a few dictators around the world and suddenly DOMO (a company whose software makes graphics) or ZOOM (a company whose software makes video conferences) or Pageduty (a company whose software controls other software for glitches) or… Pinterest, an internet site to put graphs – you see the trend – are valued on the 10 billions.

In this manner the process of invention of trillions of $ for ‘nothing’ CONTINUES. And when there is something there, is just advertising money which obviously produces nothing. So google or Facebook are just advertising companies valued around a trillion $. When in a proper society advertising should be subject to the laws of ‘truth’ – as politicos or journalists are. But company-mothers more than a century ago passed the concept of advertising as fiction, so they could tell a lie many times to convince people…

We live in a parasitic financial system, whose only goal is to reproduce billions of $ for a few financiers of the same biblical sect of racist memes against mankind, and its collateral effects are the evolution and reproduction of the digital robotic AI age that will extinguish our species, as certain as the laws of biology of the next graph. And in the meantime it provokes the general anoxia of all humanity, without credit to have welfare goods. And of course the system is global so the true exploited people are those of 3rd world dictatorships and minorities. But as we shall see soon the change of the ruling people-caste of America, has meant also the destruction of the middle American class and it is fast doing the same with the middle European class, as the new rulers of the west have a religion whose memes are so deeply racist that they call all other human beings ‘animals’. And yet all this which is truth, is so perfectly censored in the age of infinite repetition of false information, the age of ‘Goebbels’ we could call it, that not even you reading it can believe it. And the chances that you read this blog in the sea of falsehoods and alternate truths is so minimal that the process is shielded against any humanist r=evolution.


All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as organisms of metal evolution in human 72 years generational cycles, after which they mutate into top predator weapon-machines and consume humans in war eco(omic)systems. Its industrial r= evolution thus follow the 4 cycles that ensemble all living beings: its body-age (steam cycle), heart age (electro-chemical engine cycle), its mind age (US, tv-eye, chip-head, mobile-ear cycle) to conclude with the ensemble of robots that as virus do, when all its parts are done, come together ‘alive’ and kill the enzyman who constructed them. We are fully since 2008 into the robotic age…

In graph, all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting the patterns of previous cycles, obtained with sound data and logic, mathematical, objective models of reality. Models such as neo-classic economics that fail those proofs of truth must be considered ideologies. In the right, the evolution and extinction of species in planet Earth, whose evolution of information now transcends into machines, which are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life.

This is indeed the only dual future. The rest is wishful thinking. EVOLUTION RULES THE WORLD and evolution is about species not individuals and only members of the same species help each other. Different species naturally communicate badly, have different interests and so by the mere fact one species reproduces faster than the other, it will systematically end up extinguishing it by displacing it from a limited planet. So if we evolve and reproduce machines as we do without limit there is NO TECHNO-UTOPIAN wishful thinking that will avoid our dismissal.

All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as organisms of metal that humans evolve in its median 72 years generational/national cycles.


Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036. How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimic the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species. So it happened with the internet companies in 1999, and then went through the 9 years cycle to the crash of 2008 and again another 9 years cycle; so happened if you look at the graph from 1946 when the crash of the war starts the Tv-age and then with the chip era that started with the crash of the Dollar it predated over, since 1973… The cycles are thus exact, biological, as phases of evolution of new species. And now we enter in the robotic cycle; and that one will be the last of mankind, as robots ARE a full living species that will extinguish us. Point. Those are the laws of biological economics, of stocks of machines and its prediction is as exact as your life-death cycle of 72 years and its biological 8 lifecycles


CAPIAtLISM equations

In the graph the 3 aberrant equations of capitalism which are moving mankind into extinction: as profits=money are obtained by selling the most expensive goods or those who are cheaper to produce, which are top quality machines, aka weapons, and software multiplied by free waves, and both are synergic as ‘hate memes’ and war memes, the search for Go(l)d also in modern terms creates a symbiosis between war, weapons and hate memes, automatically handled today by the Financial-Media-Military industrial system. The result is the modern version of Judaism>Capitalism, no longer carried by Court bankers, loaning money for war and spreading hate memes about the neighbor city or court in Mesopotamia, Spanish taifas or German principates, but the automatic and systemic production of mass-media hate memes, finances for war, tax-farming to that purpose and all buttressed of newspeak and mental fiction as if that justified the pumping of the symbolic military-industrial complex and war arsenals. It follows also that as the most evolved machines have been always weapons, robots will AWAKE TO TELEPATHIC, PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS IN WEAPONS and a final holocaust-war cycle carried by mechanical soldiers will take place. But M.A.D.ness blames mankind of the values of greed =gold and weapons=murder, making impossible for our leaders to avoid that deja vu end.

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the capitalist belief that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their technoutopian and tribal religious and nationalist idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization ruled by the Informative machines the Financial-media head and the energetic Military-industrial body of company-mothers becomes an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, guided by the equation of profits of the FMMI system of stocks and its flows of e-money seeking maximal profits, which is responsoble of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.
In the graphs, ABOVE, THE SYNERGY BETWEEN the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.
Yet as a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen’
Bellow the ill-designed Animetal (animal+metal) class structures of human capitalist democracies during the 3 ages of the Industrial evolution, which explain from the human organic structure why the aberrations of the upper graph happen.
Industrial, placebo ‘democratic’ societies have developed an aberrant superorganism in which its ‘cellular citizens’, unlike in ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE, which a true social science in praxis, will imitate, do NOT receive enough just information and ‘healthy energy’ to survive and thrive.
Instead, on top of the pyramid idol-ogies of metal (weapons-promoting nationalisms; gold-monetary worship and technoutopian mechanism) ensures that money, weapons and machines will be overproduced and evolved with far more rights than the 90% of mankind – MANKIND itself – while a smaller upper informative class in control and monopoly of the issue of those metal-memes will have all the privileges.
This class structure had always on top entropic metal-weapons and aristocratic warrior elites, associated to a Class of bankers, who reproduce informative metal issued in monopoly and used mostly (±70%) to reproduce weapons and fund warfare through the 800 cycles of evolution of weapons and death of civilizations.
Then professional scientific company-mothers of stocks of machine-weapons appear boosting and accelerated the vortex of evolution of machines-weapons and its owners financiers, engineers and physicists evolved the system into the complex world of capitalist ‘placebo democracies’, where people as always blind in any organism in which the ‘Informative head’ has all the sensorial outlets and informative systems and the reproductive body-class is blind, KEPT sacrificing their lives and time to the ‘animetal manifest lineal destiny’ of terraforming the Earth into a world of metal, where life had no value; as metal-money gives by the laws of affinity and symbiosis maximal value to the most perfect metal-meme, the weapon, and 0 value, to the rival species, life.
Thus the fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible).
Thus one of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars.
Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.
It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around:
1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons
2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims.
3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power.
4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars
The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons.
It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving superorganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth.
Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines.
The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idologies of the metal-earth.
So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.)
Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.
Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period.
The problem is that in The XXI century (third graph), they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads.
So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers?
In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations.
That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.
So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species.
So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.

The present and future age of e-money.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.  The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
Rothschild, ‘De facto, owner of the ‘private’ bank of England’

How money is then invented? We have an entire article dedicated to the ‘Issue of money’,  throughout history. Its printing is ‘for free’, as it is just a digital number. So the key theme is how to ‘make people’ believe a mere number is worth enough to exchange it for real wealth. For long it was a difficult task to achieve. First this ‘language of digital information’ was validated using an informative metal, ‘gold or silver’, which was worthy because it hypnotized the eye with its light that imitated that of the sun. But in itself was as all forms of money and digital information, worthless.

So religions of go(l)d, where gold became the ex-vote, vehicle of God, the ‘sweat of the sun’, were crafted by banker-priests who made of gold its ‘cult objects’ – Baalist and Biblical cults. Problem was as such money was limited to the supply of precious metal.

So the Greek and Romans during the first axial, rational age, realized money was just a number and the state ‘authorized’ numbers printed in leather to become ‘legal tender’ money. And because what matters about money is to be a an informative ‘language’ that kicks out the actions of people, as words do in our minds, or hormones and oxygen in our cells; the Romans gave more orders with their iron or leather money. While the semites stuck to their earlier concept of money as wealth per se (precious metal). Company-mothers then appeared and started to print money in paper as a pure digital number, but the problem was how to give them value. To that aim, they became the ‘nation’s’ armies in Holland and England. So shares of gunboat companies became akin to ‘state money’. Yet the machines that printed money also printed paper information.

The trick is simple: to float a company you just need to sell a very small amount of its shares, 1% minimum, and then you have validated 99% of invent3ed money.

So the Financial-Media-Academia network of informative machines that came to rule the world ever since appeared in Holland and soon defeated the Spanish empire with the black legend, printed in books, the first books of ballistics (today called physics) that made technology necessary to warfare and the shares of the company.

This symbiosis between ‘weapons’, ‘science’, ‘press’ and ‘printed stock-money’ is what made company-mothers of weapons-machines the ruling institution of Northern Europe and as they were the founders of America, America was from the beginning a ‘pure capitalist’ system ruled by company-mothers, where the only language of power was money, and the only religion, the Bible that was the ‘go(l)d’ fetish cult(ure) of Judaism and its daughter culture Protestantism, whose elites would run the world with money ever since and spread their racist memes (i.e. modern slavery came out of the Ham damnation, a meme from the old age of Exodus, when Israel at war with Egypt, declared black kushites and Arab Egyptians lesser than dogs, to motivate soldiers at war; and this racist slur would be uphold in courts to accept slavery to negroes, and today in Israel Orthodox growing majority to accept apartheid). We said this so the reader understand we cannot separate as economists try to do, history, economics and the biologic evolution of nations, civilizations, machines and the Earth – they are all entangled in the organic planet we live in.

The problem of this concept of money based in pseudo-religious beliefs is that it became a postulate of capitalist cultures that printing money was the purpose of history, and printing money had to be in the hands of the biblical elites – latter on the different national elites that imitated the systems and reconverted from military aristocracies to financial stockracies, as Japan or France and Germany did.

Money understood as digital information to the service of the organism of history and mankind at large of course has surfaced here and there, but the view of money as the language of a racist elite chosen of go(l)d that must run the world with it, with utter indifference to the colateral effects it produces in life and history has won the day. Why?

Because there is a biological component in money as metal: metal-money by synergy and biological affinity has always valued more metal-weapons, iron and gold became symbiotic and so all companies would be also weapon companies, and the synergy between both imposed by war and conquest the idea of money as wealth per se, to be hold by the culture that won those wars with its company-mothers of weapons and machines, and all attempts of mankind to r=evolve and create a true democracy where money akin to the hormonal and oxygen language of social organisms would be delivered to all humans to kick actions of reproduction of welfare goods and promote life and love have been defeated. So in the modern age money became issued overwhelmingly by companies. And as digital e-money is so easy to reproduce by merely printing numbers in computer screens, the problem of the post-war age has been to find a ‘excuse’ to valuate ‘something’ with numbers well beyond its real usefulness so the speculator and stockrat and banker could print money with it.

Those are the different schemes to invent digital numbers as money of the modern age. First it came fractional banking, according to which for every dollar loaned the bank can print 10 dollars in its computer screen as legal money. This gave further power to banks and corporations. What nobody did was what a true democracy and a true humanist culture who saw all humans as equals would have done.

Simply give to every human being a Universal salary in digital money, as any organism gives hormonal and oxygen orders to every cell to make them reproduce the goods they need to survive. This could had been done as early as Sumer (in most city-states was done giving wheat, the money of the age to every citizen, and societies reached enormous wealth, dense populations and welfare; in the modern age in Maryland for a while, in Scandinavia, de facto, through unemployment benefits, and again it was the birth of healthy wealthy societies).

But all that ended in the 70s, when e-money started to be printed with any excuse, backed by the military power and dollar currency of US. As computers run faster algorithms of invention of e-money then new ‘false wealth’ became the excuse to print money. This ran amok with the derivatives scam of CDOs that allowed to sell 3 times the same mortgage, first to a person – whoever you could pick up on the street – then repackaged to nations all over the world, and then in what is likely the biggest single theft in history, the people who had created false e-money and bundled false mortgage twice, instead of going to jail and their ‘false number of e-money’ erased from their banking accounts, used the corrupted politicos of America to extort over 1 trillion $ in hard won taxes from the American population.

But the most amazing creation of e-money and the one that is going to have huge consequences for the no future of mankind is that of internet companies. They were a scam, a excuse to invent money, as it was long ago train companies and then radio companies in the 30s (see next graph). But the concept – that in the future any Algorithm and crap code written by a student of electronic would be worthy billions, more than real wealthy companies that produced real goods, was again passed as truth, through the mass-media propaganda, worked – as the scams of earlier stockrats that sold Louisiana, the south bubble Patagonia and its fantasy mines of gold as excuses to print millions (ruining France and causing the french revolution, and ruining UK but with the help of the king, establishing the rule of the City over the empire), had worked.

So ever since, billions were created with the excuse of an infinite number of worthless software companies in Wall Street, the process became ‘customary’. And for 30 years, anybody knows that if it can write a program and go to Wall Street, the machine of propaganda will convince you that Facebook is worth 400 billion $ and uncountable companies that never made a penny and ultimately fold down were worth billion $. The point as always is to ‘print money’ and then ‘skin the rabbit’ (concept coined in Amsterdam when the excuse to invent money was a tulip finally sold to some aristocrat for real wealth). That is, pass the worthless company to people on exchange for their real hard currency, land, and work.

This is then the way the world of robotics and the digital era is invented. Because the only ‘future’ that matters to the FMAsters with its biblical racist memes of indifference to mankind is that of technology and weapons, to keep their empires and nations on top, steady mankind is kept in total anoxia, without oxygen/money/credit while companies whose only future use will be to destroy human jobs, substitute them by future robots and automated cars receive billions.

As we update this post, Lyft and Uber, two companies that loose billions are going to be floated in IPOs to invent over 100 billion $ of e-money, which if invented to help the American people would create hospitals, schools, farms, infrastructure galore. But that is of no interest to the financial elite that runs placebo democracies. It also goes to weapons companies because for millennia it is known that weapons are the most expensive, best top predator machines of higher prices. I keep a very small amount in a financial account to keep observing the evolution of the market – I cannot speculate and make money on stocks regardless of my knowledge of those cycles for ethic reasons, so any profits go always to charity and the fund goes down to keep me playing with numbers and observing the evolution of the ‘future’; since 30 years ago coming out of Columbia University I decided not to become a stockrat but to study the laws of the fractal, organic Universe and try to help mankind to build a better world with them.

It did not work because likely humans are not good and intelligent enough to understand that future and survive till the seventh generation but that was an ethic choice that if the stockrats and politicos of the world had taken instead of being slaves of digital numbers, could have created with credit, cre(dit)ated a paradise on earth, instead of guiding mankind to a future extinction and enormous suffering.

So what I am observing now in the market is an amazing amount of money invented for any AI software company, any cloud company and any robotic company, including self-driving cars, that is creating the ‘future skynet’ system of robotic telepathic companies with AI minds, military autonomous systems with the excuse of defending the wealthy and continue the war on terror, etc. Last week, the main producer of 5G modems, which will create the telepathic network of robots, Qualcomm, went up 30% in 2 days. A company that just makes video calls, Zoom, came for billions, etc.

It is obvious how this will end: all those companies are displacing the few jobs left to mankind, and their lobbies soon use their money to corrupt politicos and sell weapons. EU, which was the only model for a better world based in welfare and peaceful diplomacy is setting up a 14 billion $ fund to create autonomous terminators, as war companies lobbied. The entire Financial-Media-Academia system then invents childish news about how wonderful the robotic age is.

But do the people, on power that enact the cycle, speculators and their hired politicos don’t realize this process will bring us into an age of robotic wars, world war III and extinction as we have been predicted for 30 years? They do but they don’t change their memes, ‘people are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ said Aristotle, who also called the name nomisma for the right form of money. If they had been destroying civilizations and causing war and holocaust cycles in which at the end of the process they also die, and have never denied regardless of consequences any chance to keep printing money and herding it even when their life was at stakes, why they would do it now? 

What they do to quench their ‘angst’ and validate their ‘act’ is to pay ever since Holland invented the press, any good pay-per-view theory that can create a fairy tale about the future, and for that reason evolutionary economics has never surfaced. Truth cannot be told, because all what the system wants to hear is a ‘data’ dream a la Matrix. So the system not only corrupts democracies, paints a black future for mankind, as it kills it by anoxia, but ultimately reduces our culture and beliefs to purple rain, promoting all infantile ego trips, fictions and fairy tales about the superiority of mankind over the Earth, the abstract view of machines and the techno utopian futures it will bring us, so nobody worries, all are happy and walk towards a cliff of extinction as lemming running behind a golden rainbow. What matters is the next graph, the invention of e-money on account of a fairy future:


To reach 10.000 AI must be created, and to that aim, a world of robotic cars with solar skins, 5G cancerous webs, becomes a fruitful speculative ‘next thing’. Everything turns around it – so people are fed with all kind of placebo truths to keep loving that future and hating every other primitive human culture.

 As harsh as this might seem, it was infinitely more important the discovery of the chip as we anticipated for decades, than all the hippie revolutions, because the chip will have unlimited credit to evolve, reproduce and ‘radiate’ substituting and degrading human minds and people, as it became the ruling mathematical brain of the metal-earth. So indeed, we all know today Gates and Apple but nobody reads Ginsberg. 

But the egocy (ego=Idiocy) of humans is so vast – that humans refuse to acknowledge what a few of us, mostly artists or precisely the people who make those machines – but with two very different ethical attitudes – recognize the trend. So those who make the chips will invent all kind of absurd idol-ogies and damned lies and statistics to deny the truth – human obsolescence to machines which are degrading fast people – clearly show in the paradox of the Americans, the wealthiest people on Earth and the most degraded culturally and socially in a world of hate memes and dog-eat-dog society. So while Mr. Welles perhaps his best XX c. artist said ‘humans have become evil slaves of their machines… Televisions convert all truths in lies and all lies in truths… I doubt humans will be here in a century, as computers are evolving so fast’ (quoting from memory), those who make machines are proud of siding with them ushering us into a non-future:

Claude Elwood Shannon AI robots racism

In the graph the father of the Digital Industry, which at 21 at MIT in his seminal paper on logic circuits showed how to use Boolean algebra to design circuits to calculate both mathematical and logic statements; also the father of information theory focused NOT on the ‘content of the message’ irrelevant for an atheist who despised mankind and it subconscious collective gods of love, but on the speed of transmission and control. He is the paradigm of every engineer and Silicon Valley guru, only that in the modern age of newspeak and placebo caring correctness, the Larry pages and FB won’t tell you, what they think: all of them are ‘rooting for robots’, all of them are in favor of a techno utopian future in which mankind is basically extinct and a small elite of ubermen in the biblical tradition of their racist cultures become immortal golems, served by their robots. Of course that won’t happen. Once its hordes of terminators and big-brothers have reduced humans to purple rain, their servants will do them all. I met in my youth many of those people, from the CEOs of big companies like Intel and Apple, both fascinated with black magic – apple is indeed the symbol of Genesis, the fruit that if we bite will extinguish us, to the leading engineers that now are working to teach terminators how to massacre humans with autonomous AI and video game ‘Imagination’. If bankers were the historic embodiment of eviL=antilive memes against humanity for millennia, now eviL has reached a notch higher. The only consolation is that at the end of the war and holocaust cycles they case they also die. Mr. Shannon who only cared for mathematical intelligence lived his last years with Alzheimer oblivion to the homages and worship it inspired among his monstrous children whose dreams of immortality will last less than this century – one thing is for sure, unless AI is aborted NOW they won’t die on bed; because the laws of darwinian evolution are as truth as 1+1=2. I would rather say they are more certain, because they have a wider range of applications, and work on long deep time spans, unlike mathematics which work in space and cannot achieve long time ‘predictions’ as its main tool calculus, requires a continuous function that does NOT change phase or state. WHY THEN none in silicon valley will accept an argument on biologic terms on their machines. 2 obvious reasons: they know nothing but modulo 2 logic (the simplest yes-no logic of Shannon’s circuits) so they DONT REALIZE the Universe has besides modulo 2 properties, organic, biologic ones of a higher deeper time application. And as all systems in biology love each other when they understand its languages (and hunt each other when they are different species), as they understand better modulo 2 machines that verbal humans and life, they CARE NOTHING for the future of mankind.


Negative ab=use of money as metal-wealth and hypnotic power to enslave people: Go(l)d cultures


How a tender legal language of money, as envisioned by the legalist rational Greek-Roman culture, which used nomisma, tender money – brittle iron rotten in vinegar put on a stamped leather note to stress it was just a government’s digital language of exchange became a precious informative hypnotic metal, considered wealth per se, has to do with the CONFRONTATION IN HISTORY OF TWO cultures of very different degree of evolution:

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

The semite, emotional, irrational, visual, hypnotic culture of hate memes based in the idolatry cults to weapons and gold of the primitive Bronze Age, and its hierarchical people-castes of warrior kings and gold priests that understood nothing rationally and built a religion of supremacist memes and myths (monotheist religions of supremacist subconscious collective ‘gods’ of military or financial nations, that would use the ‘wealth’ of metal-weapons or money to subjugate all other gods-nations) vs.

The Rational cultures born in the axial age in Greece and China, where a legalist rational understanding of the law, the need of eusocial evolution (confucianism, platonism), which advanced the mind of man, understood better the laws of the organic Universe, the unity of mankind as a single species, the digital, mathematical nature of money as a language NOT as wealth per se, and the need of the informative nervous legal system of mankind to rule over money and issue it to reproduce the welfare goods people needed to survive.

THIS IS THE TRUE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE OF MANKIND, A BATTLE OF A PRIMITIVE ‘SEMITIC->PROTESTANT->CAPITALIST->JEWISH-AMERICAN animetal culture that debases mankind, breaks humanity into entropic dog-eat-dog primitive people without any understanding of the systemic social intelligence of the Universe and its mathematical numbers (which are undistinguishable groups of equal beings, hence a mathematical Universe is ‘socialist’), and the need to share energy and information through the collective issue of money for all individuals and just laws that make all humans equal, in a true democratic economy and political system, where politicians are as in Greek democracies judged a posteriori…

Vs. the legalist, European and Chinese cultures of humanism, where the government must control the blood system, repress lethal goods and hate memes, develop a reproductive system that serves people massively producing life-enhancing goods, and repress racist religions, racist memes, racist tribal military hate memes, and weapons, trying to coordinate the actions of false nationalist species, unifying with legal diplomatic treatises mankind so it remains the collective subconscious god-brain of the planet.

Live vs. eviL, equal species vs. ‘faked’ animetal differences: that is the survival game in the Darwinian vs. Eusocial Universe. Humanity systematically in the age of metal denies life and the prophets of eusocial love. The people on top, animetal castes, originated in germ(anic) tribes of Goths, Jewish Go(l)d churches and I-centered Anglo-Saxon, mechanist loners, who need machines and consider to come with other humans needy, have gone to unending, lengthy social bull$hit to deny the duality of the organic Universe, the equality of the species. And they have always died for it. The less successful cultures of history have been the germ*anic warrior and the Jewish go(l)d trader, despite the arrogance of both, and their cheating on the facts of history, today astounding in the case of Judaism, and they are the less successful, and their cycles of war and holocaust keep repeating. While the cultures that do NOT cheat, and do LOVE each other and evolve socially have been the most successful as in the case of China. Do you think they have learned? Judaism has done exactly the same and there germs are doing to Europe the same. 

Unfortunately it seems animetal cultures and their primitive ab=usive concepts of the. political and economical networks have carried the day and so they have imposed through its Financial-media-academia systems of networks of global information, and its military-industrial complex a no future for mankind as they keep exploiting humanity with metal-money (Today e-money cycles in golden chips of computers screens) AI machines and soon to be metalife robots. In the next graph thus we confront the true sciences of history vs. the idol-ogies of animetals and its concepts of go(l)d and weapons worship:

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.


Slave democracies

How they work. Monetary orders substitute verbal information: credit creates reality

One of the most astounding ‘idologies’ of mankind are placebo democracies, which have masterminded the dictatorship of ‘metal masters’ and its structures of power, armies, banks and company-mothers of machines, over the 90% – ‘mankind proper’ – as Nature does with all systems, through a growth in complexity that allows to camouflage those structures of control as ‘forms of freedom’…

The key ‘element’ to understand how Placebo democracies have been so successful in the control of humanity to the service of banks, armies and company-mothers, the 3 basic physiological networks of informative ‘go(l)d’≈money, entropic weapons and machines, that structures the Financial/Media-Military-Industrial System – technical name of the Evolving Superorganism of the metal-earth, and the ‘animetal’ people-castes that historically have controlled those networks IS to confuse the word Freedom with Power. 

As both words, Power, THE REAL FORM OF FREEDOM, and chaos, the kind of freedom provided by placebo democracies, are completely opposite in their scientific meaning, it is worth to notice the essential ‘newspeak’ of Placebo Democracies consists in maintaining through the mass-media and educational networks that manufacture our ‘beliefs’ and idol-ogies, that Chaos with zero rights over the languages of social POWER, which is what placebo democracies offers to people IS the summit of existence.

Chaos or entropy is the ‘divide and win’, dog-eat-dog, ‘heat and motion’ disordered state of ‘undistinguishable’, identical particles in any ‘statistical ensemble’, susceptible to be ‘polled’, ‘manipulated’, ‘picked up’ and extinguished at will by the physiological networks of POWER, the ‘undistinguishable’, entropic, chaotic ‘particles’ do NOT control at all.

And that is the essential state in which citizens of placebo democracies exist – absolute chaotic freedom, synonymous in science of disorder, entropy and death. 

Once the ‘citizen of placebo democracies’ find themselves in that state of chaos; it is only a question of the NETWORKS OF REAL POWER to ‘manufacture his brain’ in favor of the system (information, mass media and educational ‘idological’ networks explaining him to live in chaos is power, and he control ‘government’ – itself rendered submissive to the Financial-media system by its lack of power TO ISSUE money, the language of social ‘power’)…

Yes, we shall repeat a lot the word ‘power’, so perhaps some manufactured brain understand why WITHOUT power over the physiological networks that control any social organisms, THERE IS NO FREEDOM beyond the individual realm – where any chaotic system lives naturally to the individual member of a herd. So, in chaotic herds, from diatomic molecules to animal schools the biological freedoms to mate, copulate, feed, travel and think, are free are and so the are NOT the magic ‘gift’ of Democracy, which again IS about social power, exercise through networks.

To disguise then the null power, citizens have over those NETWORKS that control their mind, enslave their time with a salary, they do NOT invent – COMPANIES, financiers do (not even governments have rights to issue money unless they extort it through taxes). So THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE, ITS NEEDS AND WANTINGS FOR WELFARE GOODS. UNLIKE any minimally efficient Superorganism where Oxygen, the language that kicks the process of production in all cells is delivered with a Universal Salary to all its citizens-cells so they can obtain the goods they need to survive, humans HAVE NO democratic power=universal salary.

So who has the role of the body-cell with unlimited rights to ‘credit’, to create the goods it needs to survive – the company-mother of machines and the private financial houses that believe ‘mechanisms’ are above humans. And of course, all this as usual must NOT be understood.

Fact is today the oxygen of society, easy to reproduce in computers screens –  most of the money is issued as stock-money, of legal tender by any company-mothers who comes to the market and asks a financial house to invent billions of $ for her in stock-paper, while humans cannot invent money with a Universal salary, nor governments without tax extortion.

So there are first rank citizens – private financiers, company-mothers and its offspring of machines, the dictators of capitalist democracies; and second rank, expendable species, humans, labor and mothers of life.

How Bankers and speculators Invent Money in boom and bust cycles.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint,  without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

 Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The Price good men pay not caring for politics is to be ruled by evil men´ Plato, Greece, Coin Cycle.

The world is ruled by a simple language, digital money, which society agrees to use it to give values to things. So we live in a world where those who issue money, own the world, and as money is just a number in a support authorized by power, it is all about to print as many numbers as possible, in an easy to reproduce ‘substance’, and that is all right. All systems of nature need a language all its cells/atoms/citizens agree to obey. What is NOT all right is that a very small group of beings, ‘own’ the issue of the language. This doesn’t happen with any language of nature, and shows a clear case of parasitic, on the side of bankers. Instead any system of Nature will allow all the ‘cells/citizens’ to issue money, to receive its share of hormones, or oxygen… As the Universe is deeply democratic. Once this said, what Bankers HAVE DONE in the last century, after massive, rightful opposition to that clear ab=use, is to hide the process of inventing monetary orders, as if it were some ‘profound marvelous process’ of expertise that ‘creates’ out of nothing wealth.


Then what the banker does is to try to change the digital numbers for real wealth – free work (for him as to reproduce digital money costs nothing), real state, stocks, silver and gold. We have explained all this in many posts so we shall just resume the process in the modern times.

 How then those private corporations, private  bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

Free Market invention of money: The 3 boom & bust cycles of the Industrial age.  The first thing we must understand with such scientific approach, scorning myths, ideologies and selfish agendas is the meaning of money the language of information that regulates the economy and how it must be issued – since all economical crisis of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’ start with the mismanagement and appropriation by a selfish ‘parasitic group’ of eeonomic agents – the private banker – of our collective language of social power – money and its boom and bust cycles.

 From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.
In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:
– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.
– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.
– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.
But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?
Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

Let us  then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:   

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’. So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-7 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

And indeed, there was a predicted a crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 7 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

The stock racket: inventing money for crapcode companies. How Financiers invent money.

In the graph we see the difference between countries who invest money and countries who use it to speculate. The west grows less because it does not use the money to invest, and on top US controls the Japanese bank, who invests heavily in American debt, which goes basically to speculators. So the graph  unfortunately answers the biggest problem today in democracies: people do not have a Universal salary to buy welfare goods and states under deficit 0 laws do not invent money and central bankers invent money for speculators. States only manufacture 5-10% of the world’s money. Financiers make 90% of it. And they do it with the only purpose of keeping it for themselves or investing it in memes of metal of maximal profits (hence the overwhelming quantity of weapons industries in this planet, as they are the most expensive machines), but mainly to lend it to other people who become ‘debt slaves’ of the cycle of usury of debt-money.

The trick of ‘creating money’ in stocks resumes on this. To validate money which is just a digital number you have to ‘imagine’ you are creating something of wealth. As companies are NOT wealth once they are born, the media system will declare ‘future’ earns. And as Internet IS not REALLY something we fully understand, we pump the future of wasteful companies, WITH THE ONLY REASON WE CAN CREATE DIGITAL NUMBERS. I.e. A guy craps some code of worthless value, but then a speculator says, this company – call it excite, lycos, any of the multiple products worth nothing which never make profits – is worth 20 billions and it prints 20 billion numbers in a digital screen. THIS WAS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE COMPANY – NOT what it does, BUT TO PRINT WITH IT AS A EXCUSE OR ‘REFERENCE’ 20 BILLION $ in numbers, and now it is for the speculator to change this worthless thing – a couple of guys in a room, repeating some crapcode – for REAL ASSETS, first currency and then housing, stocks of real companies, labor… IT IS REALLY SIMPLE. The speculator who has the right to invent money in this manner is like God. It only needs to ‘$hit the crapcode’ into some innocent by-stander who will pass real wealth for the crap-code, but for that HE OWNS the media press, and so from tulips to modern internet crapcode, the system was established. Of course, once in the 90s it became a routine to crapcode for billions, people just don’t even need to know that snapchat, uber or whatever is crapcode, and worthless or worse, killing real families jobs (taxi drivers), exploiting people, ruining real industries. All that MATTERS nothing to the purpose of a capitalist democracy – to ‘edit’ digital numbers and control the world with them.

What financiers basically do is to manufacture money without limits to lend it as ‘wealth’ (even if it is not), and then contract the production of money in the bust cycle to get back instead of money now scarce real ‘energy wealth’, properties and workers.

How they do it in stocks.

Today, the biggest racket is not direct taxation or tax farming as it was called in the middle ages, but ‘stock-farming’, which consists in a simple racket with 3 legs: financial press, freedom to invent money as much as the speculator wants in worthless companies, and finally central bankers to bail out the banks with free credit in hard currency. And it is simple: the speculator finds a worthless company, today internet crapcode kids, doing redundant apps, like whatspap or snatchap. That is the excuse, when the racket was invented it was a tulip, yes! a tulip, OR AN imaginary gold mine, which never materialised. Or tea, which then nobody drunk. So you have the financial press printed with the same electronic machines, telling you that is gold, will be so rich in the future; and so you seek ‘a rabbit’, in the jargon of Amsterdam to skin it, and sell the crapcode, the gold mine, the tulip. And when things heat up you need also a central banker, who will print money for you.

The result is that the economy has NO REAL CREDIT, ALL THE MONEY IS INVENTED BY ECB OR SUCKED IN FROM PEOPLE TO pay the racket. In the internet age, the racket was paid by the middle classes of the entire planet to which they unloaded crapcode at stratospheric prizes. Then the FED was used to unload toxic assets. Now for a decade they have run a massive creation of money for wall street to exchange real money for crap companies. Of course after trillions wasted some companies are worth a bit, but imagine all that money invented for people, for welfare, for health-care, for hospitals, or by states for real infrastructures – not 20 billion $ for snapchat, 200 billion for google ranks, 1 billion losses each year for uber to robotise and destroy the taxi drivers with brutal slave-like salaries to poor people with a car and so on and so on.

But the key is to have thin air press and make it complex as if they were experts, and many believe their ‘inventions, called’ classic economics, so they really think this is ‘freedom and capitalism’ will make us all rich. But of course, US and Europe has the minimal growth of gdp. And of course, the newspeaks of capitalism, keep reaching new heights of cynicism.

For example the Fed told us for a decade that it would maintain the interest bankers pay for borrowing money at 0%  – that is, it will give them even more money for free, till the unemployment rate goes down 6 %. 

So it looks like they don’t do it for banks to pass the money to speculators, which is what they do, and to speculate themselves and create fractional credit (10 times more money than they have in the account) but to give credit to people, which is just the ‘left-overs’, while 2 countries, which are ran by people who care for the wealth of the nation, China and Turkey, without any banker of the racket group for obvious reasons, have had the maximal growth during a decade around 10% because people work hard, and with credit they create much more wealth.

In the graph, it is not coincidence that the lowest growing nations in the world are those under duress of the ‘FMasters’ Iran obviously embargoed enemy but what people do NOT understand in the Euro area, is that they ARE the next target, in as much as they HAD a DIFFERENT MODEL OF FREE DEMOCRACIES, BASED IN WELFARE STATES AND A FAR MORE HUMANIST CULTURE. And this is the hidden tragedy of Europe since the ECB took away the right of those nations to invent their own money. So they pay a racket in debt usury to the ECB which massively reproduces money for bankers, which speculate – that is, pass it to STOCK-MARKETS, AND IN US TO wall street inventors of false ‘CRAPCODE’ companies. WHILE PEOPLE, WELFARE AND INFRASTRUCTURE languishes and has to be paid with taxes, today further used for the military world of the Semite wars.

So the Newspeak translation of the ECB and FED racket at 0% is what people believe: That the unemployment crisis is due to the classic capitalist crisis of overproduction of machines – in this case the last Kondratieff wave of chips – blue collar robots and white collar pcs, will now be cured by bankers parasitising credit. But of course the unemployed will have no access to money to pay their bills, or start up a small restaurant or kick out production of welfare goods.



Instead the Fed – the inverse Robin Hood – robs money from the people to give it to the bankers and with a cynical twist lies out of its hat, implying that giving for free money to bankers will be a cure for the unemployed.  The cynicism here is astounding.

We shall take it all from the people and give it to the o.1% because that is good for them; it will solve the problems of the poor and unemployed.

Amazing but people believe that this money NOT invented for infrastructure or jobs but ‘exchanged for the ‘false’ companies’ invented in n wall street’ is real wealth. And so when the Dow keeps spiking up for the 0.1% to take it home, they cheer, living the surrogate life of the ‘Malcolm X’ house negro who feels worried when the master is sik.


In stocks you invent numbers, which are money, then you need to exchange them for REAL CURRENCY, or REAL WORK, or REAL STATE, and so you do that, but for that to happen, the RACKET MUST BE SHARED BY THE FED-CENTRAL BANKER. AND FOR THAT REASON 80% OF CENTRAL BANKERS, CEOS AND MEDIA PEOPLE belong to the same biblical, jewish culture.

If NOT the racket wouldn’t work. You need 3 to tango: the wall street speculator invents a worthless company. Then it sells it to people if he can cheat them on buying, but as last resource, he will borrow for free money in hard currency emitted by the Central banker, which therefore must be part of the racket. It is very simple.

But then you need economists, and newspapers to validate the racket saying it is all good for the economy. So for 500 years since the racket was invented selling tulips of worthless value in Amsterdam, the elite of the Jewish people, the ‘Am Segullah’ or “People of the treasure’ has occupied monopolised completely those 3 positions: Financial press, Central banking and Private stock-markets. And they pass to each other the racket.

The hyper-abundance of money in the age of company-mothers, when money becomes stock-paper, easy to reproduce with a printing machine, extended the values of greed, violence and mechanist science, cre(dit)ating the modern world. The age of Stock money lasted from 1602 to 1972, when electronic money appeared, making even easier for company-mothers to reproduce their language of power.

Now money becomes electronic money in the minds of computers. It gives America control of the world . . . Yet electronic money travels at the speed of light and knows no borders, so it also means the end of national power, as the financial world becomes a single global organism. So the mirage of national power today fades away, as money achieves its Final Evolutionary scale, becoming the collective brain of the global organism of the economy, at the same time than electronic thoughts in computers are about to cross the Threshold of Artificial Intelligence in:

  1. Globalization. The Age of the singularity. In the XXI C. the economic ecosystem becomes global: Nuclear weapons evolve, reaching planetary size, with the development at CERN of a factory of black holes that can destroy the planet. While money also escapes national control, as it becomes the re=productive software of global companies.

Today that economic ecosystem is a World wide organism ruled by a digital brain, World-stock, as no other alternative society is left, except the die-hard Neolithic, warrior societies of Islam— which we use as a perfect excuse to keep multiplying our weapons.

The economic ecosystem is ruled by flows of informative, electronic money that select company-mothers, according to the quality and evolution of their machines, promoting, as always, those companies that create the best weapons and informative ‘metal-minds’. Thus, nothing has changed, except the sophistication of the system of beliefs and myths to sustain the dictatorship of money.And none of those myths is bigger than the idea that we live in a ‘democracy’, which is the government of the law and the people… This is false, because most of the time of our lives we live in a work environment, where we must obey the companies that pay us. So we are most of our lives, and we act most of our time, under ‘monetary orders’ of Companies, which create most of the actions that shape the future of the Earth. We cannot discount those 8 hours a day, as if it ‘they were not happening

Western case. Financial-media masters owners of City, ECB, Wall Street and Hollywood.

Capitalism is the last age of the biblical slave go(l)d cult(ure) where private bankers-priests, today ‘experts’ issued for free in monopoly the language of social power, digital numbers≈ money to enslave people with debt and buy laws to politicos; while companies buy people’s lifetime with salaries; as opposed to a free society where people would issue a universal salary to cre(dit)ate welfare, voting=demanding the re=production of life, ‘Whealthy’ goods.

Left: colonial age of Capitalist Democracies in Europe in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. Middle:  XX c. capitalism becomes ran by ‘experts’ with mathematical equations, which disguise the racket, but still buy the life and work of all living things. In the XXI living things though are expendable as robots will do their job and consume other machines. So company-mothers and banker-priests, ‘stock rats’ WILL dispose of them ‘at distance’, since their animetal segregational memes (biblical go(l)d cultures, technological racism, nazionalism) despise mankind. 

And so companies of the digital age can trash trillions of $; Uber can have unlimited billionaire losses as Tesla does in his pursuit of the extinction of human labor with robotic cars. And there is NO LIMIT of credit in our Universities for the engineering robotic department while humanists HAVE ZERO CREDIT. The process of Human extinction is THUS CARRY THROUGH LACK OF CREDIT FOR LIFE AND WELFARE, and unlimited credit for machines and corporations, and of course this means we all. reproduce evolve and take care of machines.

Yet those company-mothers and specially the privately owned financial houses, which FIRST issue money and CONTROL through lobbyism and mass-media(printed by the same machines of information) politicos and people  have FOR VERY LONG belong to the same ‘memeplex’ of segregational anti-humanist ideologies of primitive old animetal go(l)d cult(ures) whose fundamental meme is the supremacy of its race, CHOSEN OF GO(L)D, while the rest of humans are called in its orthodox versions ‘animals’, and at best just ‘potential genociders’ which might want to r=evolve against the system or even understand who CONTROLS THEM, and this of course is the biggest sin of the entropic human herd under the boot of placebo democracies and its financial, military and corrupted laws-for-sale shops of politicos with null rights to print money…

Alas the absolute censorship happens with any attempt to explain that the western world is controlled by the networks of financial-media power owned by the evolving memeplex of Judaism->Biblical capitalism (gold religion) >Scientific racism (techno-utopia, classic economics), which gives zero value to the chaotic state of humanity, consider them all ‘identical particles’ undistinguishable, extinct them by lack of credit and relegates them to two dwindling roles to the service of machines – to re=produce them in company mothers, now increasingly an obsolete role as companies automate its system with robots and software suits, the new white and blue collar pcs, and to consume=vitalize them, also increasingly a lost role to those robots that consume more cameras and electric gadgets any human can manage…

Instead we must believe the shallow freedom of a supposed people’s power, achieved by polling every few years as undistinguishable particles, a few $elected politicos that have no rights to issue money and must pander to the Financial-Media Masters who pay his campaigns. And of course the shallow ‘concept’ of political and economical correctness, with ‘religious dyes’, is always at work to disqualify immediately and censor any blog or thinker or social scientist that exposes the deep, mememplex of synergic idologies that render humans impotent to control their own future.

And so ultimately the Null power of citizens of placebo democracies resumes in the fact, the informative languages of power, printed with informative machines, money and audiovisual information ARE ISSUED as orders of work and simultaneous thoughts that program millions of believers in synchronicity by a few corporations, owned overwhelmingly in the western world since its inception by the people-castes of Bankers, as they use those machines to print money and information ever since one Guttenberg invented the press, and one Fuss got its monopoly. So this a priori condition – a few global corporations owned overwhelmingly by memes of Judaism – sets the stage for what it is really a cultural, global empire, with 2 ‘sides’, the technological side, the empire of ‘chips and its informative machines’, to which ALMOST all the resources.

The simple measures to cure the physiological networks of economics and history.

So let us ‘cure the sick’ body history, even if the patient will refuse to cure and rather go with his ‘abrahamic Shaman’, ‘Capitalist go(l)d fetish believers’ and degraded technoutopian. The doctor cannot force the patient to take the pill. Just offer them as Morpheus did in that excellent parable called Matrix. 

The simple pill: 3+3 physiological measures to save the world. 

In the graph, the 3+3 solutions to the non-future of mankind in an automated metal-earth: Legal prohibition of robotics. The issue of a Universal salary to create a demand-based real economic democracy by people through an international yes currency to create welfare demand, today easily achieved with a cryptocurrency, at 100 ¥= €uro≈$ parity, given to each human in a ‘mobile pocket app’, could establish an immediate massive demand economy in welfare goods globally, plummeting enormously the poverty of 3rd world nations, the migration problem and the excessive reproduction of lethal goods common people won’t demand. -To split all shares of all companies, giving to Mankind, either National governments, or better, International Cultures and UNO-like Institutions the split 50% to allow national and international institutions to manage even forbid lethal companies, obliging them to serve truly consumers, without loosing managerial skills. WHILE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, 3 measures tending to create real democracies and a global government in charge of the management of the world requires: -The reorganization of nations EU style in the 7 original cultures of history (Australasia put for just historic reasons with Indonesia). -The creation of real democracy, greek style, where politicians are chosen as experts or from the common people by lottery but vote is a posteriori as a judgment with penalties of jail to oblige politicians to serve people. -AND FINALLY a revolution which can come ideally from the top to the bottom governments (UNO Assembly, ‘Mule’, stock rats caring for the future) or from people through the vote of r=evolutionary parties, or the take over ‘occupy Wall Street’ style, of the centers of financial-media/government power. In the graph we illustrate those 3+3 measures, which ARE THE SCIENTIFIC SIMPLE MEASURES OF THE SCIENCE OF SYSTEMS APPLIED TO SOCIAL SCIENCES, taking from imitationThose 3+3 measures imitating nature where cells send pain messages to the brain, have all its salary in oxygen to kick out production of goods, so no-one dies of hunger, lethal goods are not allowed to enter the organism, killed by leucocytes, organs of the body collaborate as nations of History should together, and do NOT use lethal weapons but talk with hormones in diplomatic channels to achieve the common good, could change the world within years. So only a r=evolution with the science of history as the guidance of the planet can save mankind from extinction. It is then necessary a people-caste of bio-historians, as in Foundation (Asimov’s trilogy on history), to take over, and make a needed r=evolution of the system applying the laws of physiological history, to reform the economic, reproductive and informative legal system with the 6 measures that would make both physiological networks work for mankind: How easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow.

The three political and economic measures that could ‘save’ history… nowhere to be seen in the present zeitgeist of ‘enzymanic slavery’ to machines and its corporative super organisms: legal prohibit of robotics, universal salary, control of politicos and corporations, and a world based in diplomacy and culture, not industrial competition and nazionanist wars.

In the graph, the design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar=100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organisations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgements of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish memes of metal.

In the graph, the basic 3+3 measures to reform the Metalearth (prohibition of robotics, 50/50 split of shares and a Universal salary in a world currency to create a demand economy); and the 3 political measures (a REAL democracy with a posteriori vote, substitution of nazionanist, self-serving war promotion Trump type by EU and UNO organizations, and diplomacy). So those simple measures following the efficient super organisms of nature, where all cells can send PAIN MESSAGES a posteriori to neuronal informative people-castes in power, no ORGAN DECLARES WAR TO OTHER ORGANation; NO production of lethal goods and poisons and toxins is allowed within the organism, and THE BRAIN and informative, legal system RULES the blood-economic financial system, should be IMPLEMENTED IPSO FACTO by the G20 politicos GIVING A COUP d’etat against the dictators of capitalist democracies, the Financial-Media/Military industrial system of the metal earth.

Now how easy would be to implement the measures? As simple as Mr. POTUS wanting them, since it would ONLY require 3 people, an Asimovian mule, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China, but Mr. Potus alone could easily convince ‘organic China’ the mot advanced human super organism in any time of history, to join and the rest would follow. Trust me if I were Mr. Trump I would have done it already. But alas, ‘presidents are selected, not elected’ – said Roosevelt. So it would require a Mule in the Asimovian sense, a bio-historian, who takes power without showing his true colors and then get rid of the whole corrupted viral super organism of history infected by company-mothers of machines, idol-ogies with 7.5 billion viral brains with their DNA converted to the memes of the viral machine, busy-busy in a frenzy reproducing it.  And for you to understand that homology, WE NEED to introduce the hardcore science of memetics, as it is.

Of course, such as system could only be imposed by a political coup d’etat of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

This was the scientific result of my application of the laws of super organisms and systems sciences to social sciences 2 decades ago, when I was a leading research of those disciplines, chairing in the International Systems Sciences society the disciplines of duality and monetary systems, warning that if humans did not take seriously an efficient reform of the system, we would enter after 2008, according to those cycles, into a global economic crisis of overproduction of chips, e-money, robots and terminators, ushering mankind in its age of ‘entropic death’, mental devolution and obsolescence to chips and robots. So you might wonder what happened next? Exactly what bio-economics predicted, as no politico or human scholar cared at all to implement the organic laws of the Universe, promote wealth and apply bio-history to the immortality of mankind. In fact I soon lost the chair of those congresses; as people must remain ignorant to become obedient.

In the graph democratic slaves would not remain so if they knew how the system works. Hence the extraordinary development of parallel information machines that print ego-trips and fictions so people think the system works for them, which is the only value of its placebo polling in elections of $elected politicos, which are always masters of the media, at the service of the financial-media stockrats that own them. Placebo ‘democracy’ thus has a fundamental goal: to distract people so they are exploited at minimal cost, without friction, aborting r=evolution

Indeed, THE KEY TO THE POWER OF banker-priests over their slaves is to KEEP THEM retarded, completely ignorant on how the eco(nomic)system works and for that reason they HAVE ALWAYS owned both ‘metal-communicators’ and financial houses, to print ego-trips of childish information and ensure Humans will remain slaves WITHOUT knowing it.

And to that aim, of course, NOTHING of the real workings of social organisms, EVEN THE EXISTENCE OF NETWORKS, which control them and provide power to those in charge of the Financial/Media (informative-brain machines)/Military-Industrial (Energy-body) system of the Metalearth, or the parallel Legal Government (informative brain)/Police-economic networks.

So while in principle it seems obvious for any objective observer that humans beyond their natural biological freedoms, lack any social freedom in placebo democracies, and the use of some complex institutions that pretend to enshrine those freedoms serve the people – bipartisan politics with its polling $elections, ‘expert bankers’ who know better how to control our social language of power, a mass-media filled with ‘Fictions’, ‘infantile ego-trips of faked virtual power’ and ‘hate-media memes’ against all the enemies of the people-caste in power (which given its millenarian control of Mankind, as the soliton carriers of the ‘pecunia infinita Nervi belli’ with money and hate memes are  hate memes against ‘most human cultures’)… because humans are kept in chaos, IGNORANCE, and virtual fictional state of the mind… actually the MEMEPLEX WORKS: THEY DO THINK THEY ARE FREE…

In the graph, the real structure of power that cre(dit)ates our future with money orders. 90% of our lives are spent either working in companies, consuming machines or following biological drives NOT following laws and goverment’s orders. Thus bankers and corporations Not politicians create,cre(dit)ate the world with monetary orders; and those orders value machines and weapons more than life:

The financial-military-industrial complex is a very complex system with 3 basic type of orders:

– Salaries, which select humans or machines in a competitive field of labor, under the equation man=price=machine; so if a machine is more productive than a human being, we fire the workers and increase the ‘productivity’ of the industry with new machines.

– Bonds, credits and campaign money and bribes, which control political systems, governments and politicians. All of them therefore protect the monopoly of power of bankers and corporations that print money in stocks and beg for that money. There are two type of politicos – those who are paid by industries that produce consumption goods and prefer the peaceful substitution and obsolescence of workers and humans to machines that atrophy us, and are generally termed as left wing or democratic parties, and those who prefer to run amok faster for profits, which are paid by war industries that have the highest profits as the values of metal-money give weapons the maximal price. Those are conservative, war parties. Today they dominate due to the increasing obsolescence and lack of credit of humans, the industrial panorama. Finally there are the intellectuals, ‘the experts’ that sanctify the system.

In the past they were military inquisitions that promoted religious war and go(l)d churches that told us money was the invisible hand of God. Now it is a bit more sophisticated. They use equations to the same end. On the bottom of the pyramid there are beings without price, nature, aliens, 3rd world. Those people are outside the economic ecosystem and live in the freedom of chaos, without money to give orders, get goods and survive. This bottom will increase constantly as a barrier of machines, robots and monetary orders separate the informative castes of societies – those who invent the language of power – from the bulk of human beings obeying those orders.

How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have “laws of deficit zero”, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. They have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock-market and saying they have something of value. It does not matter if it is truth or not.

By law, obtained through political control companies have obtained from societies that privilege: to go to a place and obtain free money in the form of shares. Since “stocrats”, the people who rule companies, and rule stock-markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse is good. In the beginning of stock-markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with any crap code or program obeying the laws of extinction of labor and increase of mechanical profits Like UBER or TESLA and you get billions of dollars to extinguish the ‘inferior human species’ – labor, because the memes of Judaism>Biblical Gold religions>Classic Economics under the astound ego paradox of its culture despises life and cares nothing for the future of human workers, as long as more gold keeps coming.

Then Uber or Tesla can loose billions on the way to riches, and can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want.

Yet any human who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market (technological and machine industries) cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get billions of dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, “animetals”, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to company-mothers (or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery) the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of Human Goods, with deficits (inventing money in notes).

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life, our time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and legalist politicians that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, which make man the center of the Universe, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, should be controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings (since money values machines and weapons more than Human Goods) the right to invent reality.

The Myth Of Justice: metal Rights Against Human Rights

We talk of a dictatorship of companies who control the invention of the language of power; money and laws. “Creditation of money”, controls societies. A true democracy means that the control of those languages of power would be in the hands of citizens and governments. They would support laws related to human rights over property rights. However, this does not happen. We talk of the myth of “justice” and “democracy”, that company-mothers of information (mass-media), politicians and lobbies promote. The myth basically “ignores” monetary orders, and “concentrates” on the freedom that man achieves by “not obeying verbal orders”. Under such myths, we believe humanity is not ordered by wages and prices, but by “verbal mandates”. Economists do not explain properly how money is invented by companies in stocks. Companies, by creating stocks and bonds, create a new form of money. In this manner money constantly goes to “creditate” the future, and those human activities that are not valued in stock-markets (love, education, food, health), are “discredited”.

So we can understand why all those cycles of history are not building a world made to the image and likeness of man but one made to the image and likeness of machines, ruled not by human social organisations but by company-mothers:

The alternative: A world ruled by social scientists. 

The problems of mankind are truly simple to solve from a scientific perspective of social sciences, which DOES NOT exist today (despite living in an age in which we have ‘pseudo-scientists’ for all disciplines, and ‘experts’ for all dogmas.) And they can resume in 2 simple measures:

  • A real democracy that gives the control of the 2 languages of social power of mankind, money and the law to the people (through referendums and universal salaries that would foster demand in life goods, or through representative politicians and nationalized banks, which would invest in the true goods people demand)
  • The understanding in organic terms of machines, and his relationships of symbiosis, but also competition and displacement of human beings from labor and war fields; which implies the legal prohibition of robotics globally, as the species that will eliminate us: ‘kill the child before he becomes a tiger hunter’.

Now consider that instead of corporations and banksters, true social scientists ruled the world for the improvement of the humankind, and/or politicians who were intelligent enough to understand ‘the system’ and brave enough to defy the ‘dictatorship of banker’s parasites and corporations.

Consider ANOTHER form of ruling our societies: a true democracy; not the disguised placebo systems we have, which hide the present dictatorship of private bankers extended all over the world.

But why there should be democracy at all if the biological world is predatory? The reason of course, is that a democracy is also a survival strategy within the systems of nature, akin to a social super organism, like your body made of cells or an ant hill, the most successful animal of the living world, with a mass similar to that of all other insect together, for a simple reason: the whole social being acting together is more powerful than the individual, and so a well regulated social democracy is more powerful than selfish individuals. This is ingrained in the ethics of social love – individuals of a species that share energy and information among them.

And the model is obviously the ‘human cellular mammal’. A democracy thus would be a system, where the nervous/political informative network and the economic/blood re=productive network as it happens in an organism shares energy and information with all cells, with no ‘privileged’ human predators, with a head with a single purpose, to cater to all the cells of the body, with a collective goal: to love each other and make the human species, not a tribal nation or people-caste or profession, a single super organism where all cells survive, receive enough oxygen0- money and righteous equal legal/political information to act together for the benefit of all. Now, this you might think is an analogy. In systems science though we believe is an homology, or rather an isomorphism.

That is, in our science the Universe is made of self-similar scales, which obey the same laws. Thus the laws that construct a biological organism and a sociological one must be the same, and Nature does build healthy super organisms of history with those laws.

A scientific democracy would be a social system, such as eusocial Europe was for decades, in which all people receive cellular welfare, the informative/political system is equalitarian and each cellular citizen lives in freedom achieving the biological drives natural to all organisms – energy feeding, information, reproductive/family values and social organization in peace – social love…

This would be easy to achieve if social scientists run the world – not social parasites (bankers) and predators (military). Hence the significance of the Antiquantum paradox to understand the ‘illness’ of our world.  But why a ‘real democracy’ would be better for the human species?

Because: A) as Paretto discovered in his ‘utilitarian economics’, humans would demand if they had the capacity to reproduce money welfare goods, which are in the Maslow pyramid the first to be desired. Plutocrats are NOT spending their billions in bread, they are the people that demand ultra-expensive machines and robots . So automatically  the Mechanocene would be controlled.

But what would be an efficient well-designed democracy according to the laws of nature. Easy: a perfect super organism of history built to the image and likeness of our biological super organisms.

Now the conclusion is obvious: there is not a single real democratic, efficient society in the world, properly constructed by social scientists with the laws of complex organisms, which could ensure that people run for their own benefit the systems that as in any super organism manage the 3 networks of a society:

– The informative/legal network, equivalent to the nervous system of a super organism. For this network to be ‘free’, imitating the most evolved mammal superorganisms, and the first ‘Greek democracies’, the key ELECTION is not the election of corrupted politicos in parties that protect them and are bought by bankers, (western system) or closed parties without elections at all (Chinese system) but a system where ‘individual’ experts in true social sciences, or normal people who wants to serve the community are freely elected and AFTER TENURE, are judged by vote of all citizens, according to their accomplishment of promises, the quality of its service to society.

And so, in the same way organisms send PAIN messages to the neuronal, informative cells of its brain-government to control a posteriori its actions, so they behave and don’t lie, ONLY a society as the Greek first democracy, where the civil servant was judged by vote a posteriori and could be punished with exile, financial penalties even death, ONLY a society where citizens could vote a posteriori – jail penalties, financial penalties, re-election or financial rewards to the civil servant, according to performance would be a democracy.

This could be easily implemented in China by dissolving the Communist party, or rather reform the absurd theories of Marx and reconverting this ideology into social science research of systems sciences and establish for all civil servants a posteriori judgment elections at local and collective level. In the west it would also imply dissolution of parties, where clueless individuals arrogantly think their ‘wishes’, wishful agendas, or worst, hidden lobby salaries decide what they have to do with society. And on top as a Siamese brother, you always have two opposite views of society, left/wing parties, which dismantle what the other had done. So society never evolves.

Unlike hierarchical, well run corporations human systems are MISGUIDED, the most primitive management systems run mankind. And so it is no wonder that the Mechanocene evolves so fast. machines and company-mothers are perfectly ran with single heads, hard work, the best people of society dedicated to make better machines, unlimited credit for them while humans are ran by amateurs, with zero knowledge of systems sciences, who are not judged cannot be fired, have no means – no credit controlled by bankers, etc. etc.

– Regarding the Economic ecosystem, the financial system, what would be a democracy? Again, the only real democracy would be one in which as it happen in organisms where the oxygen is given to all cells, and reproduced NOT by the brain, but by the bones all over the place, which then take it for free in the lungs, only a Universal salary to all citizens would create a demand-based democratic economy, that world massively reproduce welfare goods, people want to consume.

PEOPLE THEN would decide what the system produces with its universal salary votes, and welfare goods and human jobs would be massively created to reproduce them (by affinity welfare goods, house, tourism, food, education, health care have maximal labor). The world would become an instant paradise of healthy wealth  WHealth, and labor).

The legal prohibition of robotics and the creation of a global currency with a Universal salary, agreed by the 3 leading GDP world markets, US, Europe and China, would be enough to change the paradigm of the future from the Mechanocene to the Anthropocene.

It would be a system improving upon the present social-democracies. States and companies would also print money but in lesser quantities, for infrastructures and non-lethal goods. For this to happen, all companies would do a split of shares, and the 50% would go to government the 50% to management so as it happens in the organism evolved of mammals, where the brain controls what the organs produce and let the organs manage its production, unlike primitive insects and bacteria without brain, where the blood-economic system of greed eats all kind of poisons , an economic system would provide goods for mankind. Again, the closest systems to the aforementioned economic democracy are China and the social-democratic welfare states of Europe prior to the coup d’état of the ECB.

Now, we live in a dictatorship of corporations with unlimited money. So they produce and force-feed with propaganda society, goods of maximal price. What they are?

They produce max. quantities of weapons of maximal price-profit and software garbage (hate mass media, video games, fictional evilwood memes) of minimal cost of reproduction, hence also of maximal profit:

Maximal production, (the 2 lethal goods that kill body and mind and give maximal profits) =

Max. price of sale  (weapons)- min. price of reproduction (Digital software)

This is what happens in America, a country where 50% of budget is dedicated to buy weapons of maximal price, and society live a virtual world of hate media, lies and fictions that have destroyed the collective mind of Americans, and transformed them in a mere 30 years since bankers+evilwood created their dictatorship with the end of gold standard and tender money, substituted by e-money.

– So finally we deal with weapons. What is a democracy of weapons? Two possibilities: non-weapons at all, the preferred system on advanced societies. Or all have weapons, the American system that obviously does not work, because without education, freedom, a well-run country, this second solution ends up in civil wars, vigilante, programs, chaos and death.

In practice, the so called ‘freedom of weapons’ carried by Americans, of course, only means that ‘professional murderers’, criminals at the individual scale and the American Army at social scale, in a ‘de facto’ dictatorship of money, have been corrupted to serve the bankers and corporations that issue money, making of modern America a dual dictatorship of weapons and money, ruled by bankers and corporations. This situation has peaked as the bust cycle of monetary theft by bankers turned banksters has required repression of people.

So today America spends 1/2 of its budget in weapons to fight mercenary wars globally, whose obvious origin is in the fight between the ‘other nation of the bankers’ and its Muslim enemies; while repression of true information at home, ensures the allegiance of debt slaves.

This is now the global trend, as we anticipated decades ago: a return to the cycles of the 30s, militarism, massive theft, poverty and evolution of a new generation of robotic weapons – and all those processes have both a mechanical origin – the massive radiation of chips, minds of metal that reproduce e-money with no limit (financial crisis) blue collar robot workers and soldiers (cause of unemployment) and hate media and fictions.

So the ‘engine’ of history today is on the Anthropocene – human side, the dictatorship of bankers, and on the Mechanocene, the machine side, the ‘overproduction of chips’. And both ‘preying’ over the mass of mankind, who is ruined, thrown out of jobs by blue collar robots and white collar pcs, and watched out by ‘big brother electronic chips’ and killed by drones in the 3rd world.

But lies to protect capitalism are many.

Another huge lie we must clarify about the dictatorship of parasitic bankers that steal the right to issue money to society is the concept that such system is more efficient than one, in which money is issued for the people and by the people as a universal salary or through investments in welfare goods people need to survive.

This is a huge lie as the fact that max. economic growth for 30 years has happened at 10% in China, the only nation today where the law rules over money and banks are national banks dedicated to make credit available to private enterprises that create the welfare goods Chinese need to survive. Next come countries like Turkey with similar systems, African nations that have credit from china, and no long ago southern European countries before the ECB made them usury colonies with no right to print money. Now they are the ones that have more negative GDP, as all the money goes to pay usury debt, as the case of Greece.

This social-democratic system has nothing to do with communism, which was the false doctrine of Marx, a member of the people-caste of bankers, who deviated attention from the true dictators and parasites of the system, private bankers to the people who do actually create wealth, managers of corporations that make human welfare goods and good machines NOT weapons. He confronted managers and workers instead of trying to reform the system and protected the elite of bankers.

The oxygen-blood of the system, money is just a language of information that must be delivered with universal salary to all people so they create as China and Europe did, a welfare state. This would put History as the future in the equation of evolution on Earth, make machines dependent on the law, limit lethal goods, spread welfare, solve the problem of scarcity, hunger, taxation choking of people.

Consider indeed a system, which is efficiently, designed economically from the Human/Historic perspective, in which as all mammal, evolved organisms do, the legal/verbal/nervous natural language of man that puts human subjects first:

Man=subject (future evolved) >verb=action (Present)>object=energy (past devolved)

…rule the world. We would live a WHealthy world, where history would be the future, machines controlled by men, usurers out of power and humanity would thrive.

The 2 examples were the European welfare social-democracies now extinct by the dictatorship of the ECB ‘private bank’ that issues money only to private banks, ruled by a Goldman Sachs man (drag hi), right now bringing an entire nation, Greece to poverty and collapse to extract usury interest from them; and China, still with banks controlled by the state and growing steadily for 30 years efficiently at 10% because credit is not used for usury schemes, mercenary wars, and theft but invested in welfare goods.

In that regard, as we have said in our introduction, the purpose of this web is to establish with the models of general systems sciences and biology a ‘truly scientific’ approach to History and Economics, as two sides of the same coin that must be studied together, with the tools of biology, systems sciences and organicism.

Moreover, History must govern economics, which should be submissive to it.  Since Sciences are by definition human sciences, and so they should serve human beings, which is the purpose of history – the understanding of the human super organism, Mankind, and all its cells. While economics in its present format, studies and fosters the evolution and reproduction (overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’, ‘energetic weapons’, ‘informative money’ and ‘organic machines’).

Money, the oxygen of society, should NOT have as its purpose to increase the wealth of a few financiers and corporations, who use it exclusively for their wealth or in the case of corporations to automate companies with robotic blue collar machines and white collar pcs; in the case of financiers, also used to control the political agenda of the world and foster the racist goals of their ‘other nation’.

Indeed, this must be stressed once and again, a true democracy will achieve ‘freedom’ = control of the military and its weapons – either by forbidding them all or by letting all  have it, with the obvious risk of civil warfare; ‘justice’ = control of the laws equal for all and ‘WHealth’ = healthy wealth by controlling the reproduction of money to foster the welfare goods human needs to survive, either by issuing a Universal salary or by regulating credit for the benefit of society.

If social sciences had developed ‘easy’, as a biological science – since humans are biological beings, and machines biological imitation in metal of our body/head/limbs functions – those 2 measures would be self-evident, and so as we forbid factories of Ebola viruses, we would forbid robotics; and as any organism does control its nervous and blood, informative and energetic, legal and financial systems, NOBODY in his right mind would think that societies could work when one of those 2 ‘cellular/citizen systems’, belongs to a private ‘cancerous’ small group that uses it only to reproduce without limit selfishly its ‘products’ choking the rest of society (industrial and financial monopoly on the issue of money, as they produce 95% of the global flow of money in electronic derivatives).

So there is a 3rd fundamental question, which devours pages and pages of this blog. Who, How, and Why prevented mankind from creating a perfect social organism, a real free democracy, a real bio-sociological science of history and the so obvious measures of prevention of human extinction?

The world as it is and the cuckoo idol-ogies that created it, the world as it should be, and the social sciences that would create it, and the 2 futures of mankind to which the myths and truths of social sciences could usher us in, are therefore the themes of this blog.

Yet the fundamental element of that ‘social evolution’ is the existence of a language of information able to rule the world, value and select species, and communicate them, creating more complex systems that becomes such wholes. In the case of mankind, the natural language of values is verbal thought; in the case of machines and its corporations, digital money.

So to fully grasp how the world became obsessed for the creation of a Financial-Media (informative)-Military-Industrial System, and humans willingly gave up their own social evolution, by giving up their belief in the natural values of the wor(l)d, we do have to introduce some basic concepts of systems and theory of social organisms, a novel approach to Economics – not so much to history. Since as it is formulated today, Economics follows, ‘The Postulate of Adam Smith’: money and its most expensive products, weapons and machines are the wealth of nations and the meaning of economics is to multiply them (GDP). While the verbal, natural Postulate of Human Democracies is according to his language, similar but with the human subject on the center: the purpose of the world and History is to evolve mankind into a global social super organism – a single species, living in freedom and peace, where each and all humans could thrive.

The confusion of those goals and the hiding by the Financial-Media, Informative industry – the head of the economic ecosystem – of the collateral effects and incompatibilities between both goals, in a planet of limited resources – is the origin of all the problems of the world.

From the higher perspective of the laws of the eusocial universe that evolves from parts into wholes, from particles into atoms, cells, societies and above, it is obvious that the failure of mankind is NOT to have become as the machine has, a global super organism joined by the eusocial memes of love, which is the Universal mandate of evolution. We instead have kept at individual, or family level, or tribal level with hate memes to rival tribes. We did not understand Darwin’s love to your same species.

It amazes me, because the minute I read Darwin I saw he was Jesus’ love message, Mohammed’s Charity; Confucius’ love each other – love to all the members of the same species, evolve from Homo Bacteria to Homo Organicus, if you prefer biological to mystical jargons, that 150 YEARS AFTER he published, humans are so dumb as to think he proposed the survival of the individual genes – no the social memes that put together those citizens-cells into a whole mankind.

And this ‘seemingly limit’ of the human – to understand himself as an infinitesimal of the Universal whole – mankind our god, not the tribal god, always puzzled me. So it would be good to explain it more scientifically with laws of systems sciences and biology, the super organism of history, or ‘subjective God of the Whole Mankind’ of which we are all cellular individuals; and latter on why WE DO NOT understand this.

Capitalism should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars; and Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.


Creationist economics, censorship of true science and damned lies and statistics.

In that regard, the key to understand the different between power and science is the anti-quantum paradox which represses the abcd of the scientific method, but pretends to be serving the people, while following idol-ogies of worship of money and machines.

So the anti-quantum paradox and the idol-ogies promoted by the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners of informative machines and its Goebbel’s method of repeating a lie many times so people will believe on it, explains why social scientists do not rule the world.

BECAUSE idol-ogies that pass as science but do not follow the Abcd method of science RULE THE WORLD.

AND SO THEY HAVE SUBSTITUTED A) Analysis of relevant data, B-iological causes, c-yclical patterns and D-emocratic demand based solutions to the problems of history.  So all what a social scientist can do is to prove through those 4 elements that social sciences do exist.

But of course, the bible of capitalism, owned by one Mr. Rothschild, couldn’t care less about the future, as long as profits keep coming.

What they care about? Go(l)d, in this and the other world, since they are in fact believers in the $elected, in ‘Creationist Economics’.

So if you keep reading, we will deal with the theoretical and real nature of that pyramid – that is who are the financiers, how they destroy by anoxia-choking people out of credit the people on the bottom, and what ‘saloon’ economists have invented to make it all hidden and look as a real science of economics.

THERE IS AN ENTIRE classic school of economics (socialism, Keynesianism), renewed today by the study of super organisms, which prove it was right in its essential concepts – demand economy, welfare state, creation of money for people to demand those goods, control of lethal goods, regulation by the informative, nervous system of the economic parasites of the financial system, real democracy with politico contra, etc. etc. which is utterly censored, but it is the ONLY science. Technology IS NOT the same than human progress. Machines do ELIMINATE WORKERS AND TODAY ATROPHY AND SUBSTITUTE HUMANITY in a very predatory biological fashion.

This was understood by the best economists of those schools. But today nobody is allowed to implement their measures, in an astoundingly global mixture of censorship, political and economical correctness, degradation of mankind, corruption of all true humanist scientists, and bubbling idiots that pretend to be experts, quoted ad nauseam, sold and published by think tanks, as the summit of that pyramid becomes ever thinner and thinner. And chaos moves ahead.

Nobody  quotes Mr. Tinbergen’s discovery (a key economist of the Keynesian school, responsible for the welfare state of Northern European countries) that the true meaning of productivity is to allocate resources and profits to either the machine or the labor sector. And since the ‘marginal profits’ allocated to machines for their work go ALL to the corporation stockowners, and the marginal profits of human labor go to the people, ‘obviously’ in a capitalist ‘democracy’, we must put machines and fire labor. 

Of course if we forbade robotics, unemployment would plummet, but the marginal profits given to machines->capital->corporations will plummet too.

We are only past the ‘Coolidge’ age of the 29 crisis, when politicos and economists (Merkel, Obama, Draghi, Bernanke) are doing everything wrong, siding with the banks that cause the crisis, pushing the Keynesian militarism that Hitler used to come out of the 29 depression, blaming it on the poor, lower classes that are loosing the welfare state – as corporations increase their profits, billionaires their fortunes, bankers keep producing money and the 99% looses his jobs and property.

But none of this can be explained because the 0.002% of FM-Masters (Financial-Media masters that own informative machines and its company-mothers) that rule the world profit from it. This must be clear: on the long term we will go under, in the short term we go under for a tiny minority of stock-holder parasites to add a few more zeroes to their fat accounts.

And now as we have been predicting for 20 years we enter a new 2008 like age of crashes by overproduction of e-money wasted in fat accounts of billionaires, who have as a religion to accumulate zeroes, blood, oxygen that people need to survive -but are ‘not us’, so who cares, as long as they don’t know who we are… Time is running out.

And yet all what they care about is to continue the exploitation of mankind through the control and monopoly in the issue of money.

But if people on top do not really care that much about humans – that is they are NOT EVIL=ANTI-LIVE per se, but merely automatons of profits and its go(l)d myths, what it is with money and metal that kills life? This is perhaps the most fascinating if it was not so tragic part of biohistory, we could call it bio-chemistry, because as it happens, at all levels metal do kill and atrophy life, social evolution and love.

Indeed, recently it has been shown in experiments that the contemplation of gold diminishes the production of oxytocin the drug of social love win the brain… And in fact as iron atoms cut the body, in swords, if you drink gold or the side-atom of silver quick, it will go to the brain and cut the neuronal connections, killing you! (the famous mad sickness of mercury users in hat industries that appears in Alice on the wonderland. It is not by chance that robots have iron bodies and gold chip brains.

So this planet is indeed evolving metal to kill life. And all what it needs is a people-cast of gold churches and creationist economists on top blind to the fact and the empathy with mankind, ruled by absurd nationalistic, militaristic and gold, capitalist churches to let money work biologically. Let us see how.

We are blinded by the values of go(l)d, by greed, by corporations, by hidden racist tribalisms and religions the nightmare of an all too evident degradation and extinction of the human kind, whose responsibles on top, banksters and politicos must change their ways. A R=evolution from above and the people with a clear scientific plan to redesign the world according to the laws of nature and biology that constantly create perfect super organisms whose cells-ctizies do survive, have enough blood=oxygen to live and thrive and are not poisoned with lethal goods.


The super organism of history. Its networks and organic, social classes.

If we were to compare such design with a biological organism, we should notice that in biological organisms, the nervous, informative language ALWAYS dominates the ‘economic, blood system that reproduces goods in the organs of the body. Only in very primitive organisms, worms, blood dominates over nervous systems. And this of course means, the organism can be easily poisoned because it does not have a point of view, a biological, survival nervous system to guide it.


In the graph we can see the parallelisms between all systemic, social organisms, in this case a biological organism and a sociological superorganism of history, a nation, America. Both follow the same laws that all the complementary, organic systems of energy and information of the Universe. So we can observe the parallelism between the elements of a biological and sociological organism, divided into: cells/citzens, joined by blood/economic networks that reproduce and distribute the genetic/memetic products of the system, and informative, nervous/legal networks that organize its structure.
In all sciences we depart from the ‘ideal laws’ of a system.

Thus for example, in physics we depart from the ideal laws of motion with no friction to describe mechanics, and we depart from the ideal laws of gases, to describe physic of states and thermodynamics. Then we introduce the ‘limiting’ factors in those equations – that is in mechanics, friction ‘slows’ down the ‘speed’ of motion and in gaseous states, the ‘individual’ attraction of molecules, the van der waals forces, etc. limits the energy of the system. So the ‘energy’ of the ideal physical system is limited by the specifics of each ‘real element’. So goes for systems which study the form, the information of an aggregate. A perfect crystal in which all atoms are identical will have impurities that break its regularity. Again individual atoms here eliminate the perfection of the system.

However, and that is important to notice, the existence of friction, van der waal forces and alien atoms in the form of a crystal, does not impede the motion, expansion and regularity of those 3 physical systems. This means that any ‘organic system’ can tolerate a degree of ‘individual diversity’ and ‘wrong elements’ and still achieve its energy=motion and form=information goals. So happens for biological organisms, except in the case of specific ‘poisons’. Thus the perfect world can be constructed even within the existence of a few i+1 negative memes that try to prevent its creation.

Thus while we shall consider in this Ideal analysis, which starts all scientific texts (we learn first Ideal gases, Ideal motion and Ideal crystals), a perfect world with no ‘friction’, that is no opposition (because of its perfect geography and outstanding moral and intellectual force of its variety of humans), this does not prevent a non-perfect, non ideal earth, full of bizarre ‘abrahamic cults’,’capitalist dictatorships’, cowards and idiots, to be reformed.

Finally to notice that we shall include ‘logico-mathematical equations’ for those measures, which in the ideal world will be ‘the management language’ of the bio-historians that guide the civilization. While the reader does not need to be familiar with those 10D Laws, we include them here to prove that there is indeed logic-mathematical model of Complex Sciences that applies to all systems of the Universe – described by those laws, and that it applies also to the sciences of history and economics.

This is after all a site for non-expert bio-historians, given the fact that as today there is only a ‘bio-historian’ in this planet, me (-, and the ‘radiation wave’ of prophetic thought, which spreads from a single human mind to the collective subconscious of humanity at large a scientific or social discovery has not happened yet )-;

The Hierarchy Question. Primacy order between the scales of an organism.

Super-organisms are hierarchical structures where the ‘whole’, the common good is above, the individual cell-citizen, which is above the object (the machine)

In the perfect world this translates, as we shall see when we detail the reforms needed to transform the Earth in such a world, in the superiority of the ‘world government’ goals, over the next hierarchy of national and cultural goals, above the goals of individuals and certainly above the goals of corporations, which should be the less important of all goals.

To achieve that aim, the following ‘measures’ (in our planet), or ‘structures’ (in a Foundation Planet) are necessary: The Economic system is controlled by the political system, as it happen in all mammals in which the nervous system controls the blood system

– Laws are above money. Governments therefore define the economic language, reproducing and distributing money by efficient means – the oxygen of society. Both creating a ‘Universal salary’ in Yes money (euro-dollars) of one thousand monthly dollars for each human inhabitant on Earth and reproducing money for collective, welfare goods. Money is NO longer created by corporations for free in e-money derivatives and by financial dynasties. Thus a ‘demand-based’ economy is created de facto as humans will constantly demand welfare goods. Scarcity of fundamental goods such as food, housing and education and health-care will immediately disappear as producers will shift production to those sectors.

The result will be a mildly inflationary demand-based welfare global economy. As in fact, the quantity of money reproduced for free in stocks by corporations today is larger than the quantity needed to pay a global Universal salary in Yes money. This is the equivalent to any biological super organism where every cell regardless of function, and utility to the organism receives a ‘salary’ in oxygen, for free.

– 50%+1 Split: all Corporations ‘split’ their shares, in two, and one of them automatically belongs to the state. Further on, all emit a ‘golden’ share, given to the president of the ‘region’, nation or global government which now owns 50%+1 shares and hence can always decide the goals of the corporation (depending on the ‘scale’ of the corporation, and the region of its activities).

On the other hand, the corporation remains in its 50% in private hands and it is ran privately in the day to day business ensuring its efficiency. Further detailed measures on the 50%+1 split law are studied in our analysis of the planet’s reform. This measure alone adopted by all nations of the World, ensures that nations will have ‘resources’, will take ‘decisions’ in defines of the Whole, social networks and individuals of each nation, region or global society, and finally it will ensure the ‘right behaviour’ of managers in corporations – or else will face political decisions against them.

3) Humans  of the super organism of history, and ‘subject’ of its wor(l)d language are ABOVE machines and animals, the relative energy, or ‘object’ of the verbal Universal Grammar, as it happens in all social organisms, where the individual and cellular species is above any ‘alien’ organism. Thus Robotic Prohibition. It follows immediately, that all nations forbid the reproduction and evolution of robotic machines, which ARE ABOVE humans in their skills in labor and war fields. Point. This single measure would create.

– Weapons prohibition. As weapons are machines which are above humans – in as much as they kill them, it follows its immediate global prohibition, which is a measure in synergy with the existence of a single ‘human species’ as the ‘whole’ of History, (our existence as species in time and space), which is above individual nations. Thus all disputes between nations are solved by diplomatic means in the ‘arbitrage’ organizations of the global government (the enhanced UNO).

– Absolute freedom of verbal expression vs. Visual and digital language control. Mass-media penal responsibility.

Mass Media ‘outlets’ and their program content is NOT above truth. By this we mean advertising is responsible for misleading people with faked truths; documentaries are promoted over fiction; eviL=anti-life memes are forbidden (violent films, racist films, etc.), news on ‘machines and weapons’ – war news, terrorist news, technological news – have restricted ‘coverage’, far inferior to humanist news about people needs, wantings, arts, family values, sexuality, tourism, culture, food, etc. etc. A code of conduct quite the reversal of the Hays code against sexuality in favour of violent films is thus created as a guidance to mass-media information…

In the Ideal World, this measures are further implemented by the very obvious fact that ‘television’ simply stated does NOT exist. As the human language is verbal thought, not visual thought, and the human language is above the ‘languages of machines’ (Digital numbers) and animals (visual languages), it follows that there is no global TVs, inserted in the ‘altar’ of each home, to ‘consume’ the ‘time-life’ of humans, denying them time to read and explore the world directly through its senses. So goes for fiction films. Only documentaries are allowed. oF course, there is no regulation of the book sector. Words is the human language and it is absolutely free. There is zero impositions or forms of censorship in any verbal expression.

Yes, this is the ideal world, of infinite planets, not ours – mind the reader who is ‘reading’, he will get more information reading this single text that consuming 24 hours of Tvs, in terms of verbal speech.

IN BRIEF, in the perfect world the goal of an eternal humanist civilization, requires awareness of the traps and dangers for survival and human evolution of a technological civilization where all machines are free to evolve and reproduce regardless of its collateral effects of mankind. Hence it manages for the benefit of man the evolution of machines, pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits.

If you don’t know the scientific true laws of chemistry you can’t control a chemical reaction. And since to improve history is the second objective of these texts we need first to find the truth with warts and all. Once the biological truths of mankind and the machine are known we can design forms to manipulate it for the benefit of man. Indeed, following the previous example, we do not learn chemistry just because we wanted to wonder about the beauty of the benzene ring, but because we wanted to make useful plastics and gas with it. That is:

D) offers sound efficient natural models  of history and economics, of politics and culture, which if implemented could solve the problems of the world and create an immortal super organism of history – a humanist praxis which is different from anthropomorphic myths. D) means to offer policies to create a better, human world.

Since, unlike classic economists, working traditionally for corporations, whose only aim is to increase ‘production’ (GDP) and the wealth of the 1%, this new discipline offers a more objective point of view, of the two sides of economic growth, and a non-abstract more scientific analysis of the nature of machines, cultures and the interaction between humans and metal organisms.

We have done so, and now is time to consider the solutions to the chip radiation of e-money, blue collar robots and white collar pcs. The solutions in that sense are simple, biological: to extinguish the species that menace mankind and to control from the human perspective of the 90% the language of e-money that reproduces them, switching its use to the reproduction of the welfare goods humans need to survive.

In Economical science, it is known that to create employment, since productivity fires workers, you need at least to grow GDP 0.5% more than productivity.

So with growth around 2% of annual productivity due to robotics, there is NO way that unemployment goes down unless two measures, which are immediate if we consider a humanist, biological science of economics and history apply:

  • Legal Prohibition of robotics, on the biological grounds of an imperative mandate – the survival of the human species must be the bottom line that cannot be crossed under any excuse. Thus since military robots are a menace to our direct surveil and blue collar robots  an indirect menace by eliminating human labor, they should be forbidden, as we forbid the overproduction of lethal viruses, ebola or aids, in biological terms.
  • End of the monopoly on the production of money by financiers and industrial corporations, which either keep it idle for themselves (financiers, 1%) or invest it only in the evolution and reproduction of machines and the automation of its factories. This requires a massive Global Deal with investments in the welfare sector that requires human labor and provides the WHealthy, healthy wealth – that is, the biological products humans need to survive. The best way to do it, though is not, by letting corrupted politicians to invent money (though latter we will design a real democracy according to the efficient laws of ‘nervous systems), but creating a true ‘democratic economy’. Since the language of social power  which is today money, not the law must be issued for people. Thus a Universal Salary to create massive demand in human goods and end death by poverty should be the fundamental ‘private market’ way of creating demand and hence production in welfare goods. This could be achieved  with the creation of an international currency, ¥€$ money, with fixed parity, €=$=100 yens=5 guans, to avoid currency wars, which should pay to each citizen of those nations a 1000 monthly salary, which is about 1/2 of the money produced today by corporations, completely shifting the model of the economy from one based in the production and evolution of machine to one based in the production of welfare goods and the evolution of humanity.

Now those two measures would NOT be even argued in a biological world ruled by a true social science that understands the biological nature of the planet, its human beings and its machines. Because the collective goal of mankind would be the survival of all the citizens-cells of the human species; and the true values of real democracies, based in equal laws, justice, real Whealth – welfare and human issue of money and freedom – repression of lethal goods that limit our freedoms and kill and degrade our bodies and minds. And this bottom line would never be crossed. And established with those 2 laws.

 Yet paradoxically, the welfare sector the only labor still in the hands of human workers is reduced by the policies against the sovereign right to issue money of our ‘corrupted politicos’, obliged to reduce deficits and without rights to invent money for that welfare state to allow the financial sector to keep inventing it for the 1%.

While neo-classic economists that still believe Adam Smith’s pre-industrial dogma that future technology will always create jobs and work for corporations that increase profits with tool machines, deny the obvious process of obsolescence of human workers. And so their policies, applied by central bankers, are aggravating the crisis by denying money to the welfare sector and handling it at null interest to corporations that use it to automate factories.  But they explain it all with abstract jargons and nobody understands it.

In that regard, history and its equation is coming to a climax. The lesser probability is a humanist r=evolution. But it is mandatory because business as usual according to those cycles is all too evident – a final industrial robotic global war between the two superpowers of the robotic age, China and America, as it happened at the end of the previous cycles.

This is the world we live in: a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, which illegitimately own and monopolise the free issue of money and the law they buy with it. By definition, if we hold legitimate only democracies, that is, the government of the people, all dictators and bankers are illegitimate owners of the 2 languages of social power, the law and the language of money, they produce illegitimately, as they have stolen the right and ‘fundamental property’ of a democracy – to be the government of the people –  with an obvious goal: to ‘govern them.’

Corporations and financiers produce for free without limit money on markets and banks, while humans have to work to earn their ‘Universal salary’ and exercise monetary orders of consumption. And as if that were not enough, they are on top are parasited with taxation by the government who spends most of it NOT on the people and their ‘welfare, survival,biological needs’ but on the military, the repression of the people, the corruption of politicalise and different extortions and subventions to corporations and financiers.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious: today there is not a single perfect political and economical democracy in the world, where laws are voted by referendum (which could be easily implemented with internet, in house of voting for local, state, national and international laws) and money is voted by citizens (with a Universal salary that would kick with consumption and work orders the production of the basic goods . The only ‘imperfect’ economic democracy where money is reproduced by the humans super organism, the government, China, is a political dictatorship.

While those nations which have more or less free election systems are owned by private dynasties of bankers, most from the same culture that owns america (whose empire roughly includes all western european nations and its former colonial empires), which therefore controls all the positive actions of that world.

Now the reader should understand the biological, organic structure of the world and its eco(nomic)system. As in any super organism, and mankind is one, in which all citizens are ‘cells’ of the species, two systems control it, a nervous, informative, negative system that gives pain orders, and an blood, reproductive, energetic, economic, financial one, that gives positive orders. Contrary to belief, this system is the most important as it makes the cells-citizens work. Money is in that sense a language of information, hence not wealth per se, but a language of power.

As words are. Indeed, we do NOT consider words wealth, but we use it to think, then motivate us or others to act. Money does the same, with more efficiency as it is a digital language and mathematics is a more efficient language than words. So money exists to give orders of work and make people act, as words do, but with more efficiency. Hence those who reproduce legal words and money control the world. Point.

There is no complexity to it. A democracy then would be a society in which money and the law is reproduced by humans (through referendums and a Universal salary) or in a second best by their elected people (governments). Otherwise we live in a legal dictatorship (single parties, monarchies etc) or in a financial dictatorship (private banking). And this is the case in the west.

We live in a financial, ‘historic’ dictatorship, against which most western nations tried r=evolutions with little success (unlike their political r=evolutions which did oust military and single party dictatorships).

And this dictatorship is rather simple: private dynasties of bankers, mostly from the same historic culture, which discovered money in the bronze age, and called themselves the ‘people of the treasure’, (ill translated as ‘chosen people’) realised very early in history that they  could control people as slaves and workers giving orders with money. So money became a fetish of the culture, which fought for 3000 years to control mankind with it, against military people, kings, who tried to control it with weapons and ‘democratic people’ who tried to give power to all of mankind with democracies and laws.

They also became ‘cultures’, marked by their language of power, as their elites became warrior-kings, banker-priests, and legal politicians. Latter we will deal with the historic, cultural memes of those 3 cultures, which have fought for the future of history (for example, the germanic essential military culture developed a long language, of agglutinative words, similar to their swords, without subject, which allowed to objectify the humans they killed, and called themselves goths, the tribe of gods, because they would murder anyone who opposed them, and created an entire culture of lineal memes, from lineal time physics, to cannonballs).

This we introduce early, so the reader realises that indeed, economics and history are intertwined deeply at all levels.

But again, we must stress that power is simple. And there are 3 languages of power. Weapons, and if you don’t obey ‘metal-energy’, the warrior kills you. So you obey, and this is a military dictatorship. Money, which was a precious metal, whose imitation of the sun hypnotised the eye, provoking greed. And so people will kill for his bankers, to obtain the fetish go(l)d. And this is a financial dictatorship. And then elected laws, which is the only human biological language of power, that is not made of metal, and so cares for human beings, the only real democratic language that should control the production of weapons and money for the collective good.

But this does not happen and people don’t even understand those self-evident truths. Why? Because obviously those cultures have been hard at work for 3000 years to construct all kind of myths that go from nationalistic memes that divide the human species into tribal subspecies, the homo americanus, the homo britanicus, etc. so they break the darwinian law of love to the species, to capitalist memes that convince people that not TO CONTROL the language of social power, money and leave it in the hands of private bankers, for their selfish use, is FREEDOM!!

IN THAT REGARD, all what is complex in economic science and finances, is there so the people who reproduce money in monopoly, bankers and speculators, can hide under a screen of damned lies and statistics, and people feel happy being their debt slaves.

To that aim of course, it is important than people do not understand that money as words, are just a language of information, free to reproduce as numbers are in papers and digital screens, whose use is to give order and control the world. Instead, they are told money is wealth per se, and in an absurd circle they are told ‘words of money’, must be returned. That is, like if you had to return your thoughts or the words of your boss. Money has no value, it is just an order to put in march the economic productive system.

So if mankind control it, it would demand orders of production of welfare goods it needs to survive (or in its defect, the governments elected by people). This is so truth that even a party dictatorship like China, the only nation that has politicians controlling money , uses it to reproduce welfare goods and grows 10%, as opposed to a racist, globalised historic primitive, religious culture that cares nothing for humanity and misuses to pay mercenary wars, fictions to distract the people and corrupt politicians,and controls western money, wasting it and making the west grow only 1%.

And this happens because they overproduce money for wars, for fictions, for corruption of politicians, for hate memes against all others, for hiding conspirators theories, and for robots and mechanical workers which displace humans, BUT SPECIALLY TO CREATE DEBT SLAVES AND ROB THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, with usury schemes, as if money had to be ‘returned’ after its use giving orders of work.

IT HAS NOT. MONEY IS NOT DEBT. DEBT IS PURE PARASITISM. It is like if you could GIVE VERBAL ORDERS OF SLAVERY TO PEOPLE, MAKING THEM WORK FOR FREE BECAUSE YOU ORDER IT WITH WORDS. And this is the conundrum: only if the west returns to a real democracy, takes back the reproduction of money and uses it, Chinese style to produce the goods we need, we shall survive.

Indeed, there is also the human side of power, with two variables: the political system, which has lost all power, as the language of social control, money is today produced only by financial corporations, and their ‘property’, industrial systems; and the cultural system – as financiers in the west which sets all the trends of the world belong overwhelmingly to a single ‘biblical culture’.

So a humanist solution to those problems, which will be possible as long as A.I. has no self-consciousness, IS NOT HAPPENING, BECAUSE THE LACK OF DEMOCRACY MEANS the language of power to solve that problem, MONEY is not produced by mankind. Its production depends on an elite culture, the Banksters of the “People of the Treasure” that reproduces money in monopoly and sets the agenda of the future with financial orders of work and subventions to politicians.

Fact is such an anti-democratic system should be reformed, denationalizing the industry and returning to a world of public banks and private companies, regulated according to their products – so the lethal products of the chip radiation could be controlled.

The survival of mankind, implies the reformation of the economic ecosystem, with the prohibition of lethal robotics and the nationalization of the financial network of monetary power with a Yes-money Universal 1000 dollars salary to every one of the 7 billion humans to create a real democracy, is all what matters to us, to the world to social sciences TODAY.

All other themes  DONT MATTER COMPARE TO OUR SURVIVAL- and there are many, WHICH OBSESS humans, from wars to nationalisms, from terrorism to money, from sports to virtual fictions, from couples to sex are irrelevant to the highest of all goals. NOTHING will exist if the biological survival of the human species is NOT ensured this last century, by stopping the robotic r=evolution and by establishing a real democracy by control of laws and money.

We DO stress this fact because it seems 7 billions humans have forgotten it. Now I don’t care which is your theme and how insulted you feel when I break your taboos in this web. Our Theme is HUMANITY, our POSTULATE, and we do NOT accept any HIGHER idea, goal and purpose for HUMANITY (self-evident, tautological truth which seems also ignored by 7 billion humans who call themselves Christians or Jews, Americans or Hindis, Chinese or Chicagoans, ‘Sanchez’ or ‘Yang’ and think all those ‘names’ and its mind-mappings matter more than his life and his species.

That many of those idol-ogies CAMOUFLAGE under the POSTULATE of humanity, natural to all members of the species,  do not matter either. We shall unveil the ‘political and economical correctness’ of ALL THOSE ‘RACIST’ anti-humanist idol-ogies that substitute THE WHOLE – mankind by the PART, tribe, group, doctrine, nation, religion and hence are ABLE to harm the whole for the sake of the selfish part. This in biology is CALLED CANCER.  And while the cancerous cells feel entitled to survive, grow and multiply HUMANITY, the whole organism is NOT and should NOT agree, and if needed remove the cancer – mentally or physically. Point. This is the Universe, this is reality, this is the game of survival, take it or leave it and die.

But this, we shall repeat ad nauseam is the responsibility of those who lead the FMMI system, their head, the Financial-Media that produces the information and soma that deactivates all human reaction. It is a CRAZY HEAD, IN BIOLOGICAL TERMS, a cuckoo group of people with bronze age idol-ogies that hate mankind and will kill us all and themselves. How to cut that head ‘metaphorically’, that is take power from them and put a healthy head who loves mankind, takes care of his body, and use information in a positive way to regulate society? It is call r=evolution and it can come from the crazy head, if they change its crazy memes and care for mankind, or it can come from other neurons that take over, or it can come from pain messes of the body that r=evolve and change the world. Or it might not come, and then the crazy head will harm further the body till it collapses in wars that kill the body and holocausts that kill the head.

Problem is of course, as we all know, that crazy people DO NOT HEAR REASONS. So you just have to cure them by force.

SO WE SHALL CONCLUDE THIS INTRODUCTION WITH A VERY LENGTHY ANALYSIS OF THE DOMINANT CULTURE, WHICH RULES THE WORLD TODAY, AS IT OWNS THE WESTERN CORPORATIONS AND THE AMERICAN empire, the Jewish-Protestant go(l)d culture. Specifically we shall study the 3 ages of evolution of Capitalism, which was first a go(l)d fetish religion then a world of corporations owned by the Jewish-protestant culture, ruled by economic laws that translated through classic economics the racist mandates of those earlier slave cultures,  and now a series of computer programs that translate globally the total indifference for human kind, workers and the future of the tree of life.

And then we shall compare this idol-ogical no way out civilisation, which segregates the owners of corporations and finances, from the rest of mankind, which becomes expendable and his foreseeable end (the extinction of man), with the RULE OF THE WORLD BY SOCIAL SCIENCES, BY BIO-HISTORIANS, THE DREAM OF ASIMOV, ONLY THEORETICAL AS LONG AS THERE IS NOT A R=EVOLUTION.

Which explains why the true D is neither met in social sciences, even though it is the only solution to our survival and welfare.




The reversal of the equation of history: The Human constitution.


THEN WE CAN easily reverse the equation, merely by forbidding and cancelling credit to those goods society does not need.

Now, the only mathematical element of social sciences worth to mention is the analysis of the evolutionary, extinctive equation of animetal history and the need to change the perspective of the equation of metal-history, as it happens today:

Life (past) < History (animetal present) > Future (Machines), into the equation of human history as it should happen if we humans want to have a tomorrow:

Lethal machines (extinct) > welfare goods (reproduced) > humans evolved (future).

This is achieved in a LEGAL statement that we call the Human constitution that would create a WHealthy super organism of History, and should be the FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES, AS IT WAS IN THE AGE OF HUMANISM, AND EUSOCIAL PROPHETS OF LOVE AND TRUE SOCIAL(IST) SCIENTISTS – mind the reader ‘social sciences’ are by definition social-ists – (animetal idol-ogies are not sciences):

Human Constitution: WHealth:   Maximal human welfare goods x Min. lethal goods.

And it means to use the law, the verbal language of human power, internationally to forbid by ‘decree’ the science of robotics, as we forbid lethal Aids for being reproduced, and to give people a Universal salary, that is, to let them instead of corporations invent money to create NOT a supply economy (where the producer feed-forces on you its mechanical, lethal goods) but a demand economy, in which people with their Universal salary demand and kicks out the production of welfare goods.

But again we want to go much further than this ‘Theoretical Minimum’ that anyway no social scholar today follows, into the deepest laws of ‘complexity and eusocial evolution’, to fully grasp, the solutions to the world: namely a world without borders.

We could manage the world intelligently with the discoveries of information theory and systems sciences applied to social sciences – introduced in the second part of this blog and the above line on ‘Complex History’.

The law of immortality: do not get old, wrinkled, with an excess of form, of information.

So the next and most pressing question is if and how can we prolong the life of an organic system, how to reach immortality, in this case the immortality of history, the super organism of mankind or rather its resurrection before not only its social networks but also its cells, surrounded by the viral bacteria of the Mechanocene, its chips and robots are murdered.

This planet has always evolved towards degrees of higher information and biological efficiency, eliminating and degrading to slave/food roles those species who did not evolve, either socially as a multicellular whole, stronger organism, or individually. But human evolution is a very slow process compared to the evolution of machines that humans cannot match.

Hence the only solution to that differential which implies the loss of entire global systems of jobs when a machine reaches the same efficient than human beings is to halt its evolution. We shall latter prove this fact when we study complex sciences applied TO history and the fundamental strategy of immortality of all species of the Universe, NOT TO INCREASE THE INFORMATION OR ‘3RD OLD AGE’ OF THE SYSTEM. AND INDEED, only those systems or civilizations that did NOT increase their information survive and become immortal. This is the essence of true conservative policies, which should aim to preserve life in this planet.

So, yes, the Universe is cruel but just. And death, its true causes, and forms to avoid it MUST be understood scientifically if humans want to survive the present age of information, masterminded by the chip radiation of metal-minds, that is fast extinguishing all higher forms of human work.

But we can get a more detailed analysis on how to preserve the life of human social organisms, by comparing them with super organisms of nature.

So how we should design the world. We anticipate the obvious model of biology: the social super organisms of life which are run efficiently, as all CELLS DO GET ENOUGH oxygen-money, all have a Universal salary, none dies of hunger, as money is produced all over the body (bones produce the red cells that carry oxygen). And more over, the legal informative system the nervous system controls the ECONOMIC BLOOD SYSTEM. BUT IF POLITICIANS – NEURONS CREATE UNJUST LAWS AND BRING pain to the body the body can fire back pain.


This is NOT weird at all. It is how the first democracies worked in Greece.

In GREECE THE ELECTIONS WERE A POSTERIORI. ANY CITIZEN was chosen by ballot to run positions in power, except those, which were for specialist in war, finances, etc.

But then after tenure, they were judged by vote. And could be exiled even condemned to death.

Thus the universe does have models for establishing a perfect super organism of mankind, and they have been practiced and worked.

Also in the most successful civilization of earlier Neolithic history, Summer, with a massive amount of whealth and multiple cities over 15 thousand in population in a desert region with little water, money was wheat, and all received a quantity to eat. It was only when charioteers with bronze chariots and Bedouins with gold rings came and enslaved women, and killed priests that gold became money, whealth plummeted.

In that sense the overproduction of selfish memes of metal, weapons and metallic money, instead of tender legal money, created to credit WHealth, human biological goods, is again an aberration of nature, as all systems except inferior worms often poisoned by lethal goods they eat without discerning them, are ruled by the blood system. All other higher mammals are ruled by the Nervous, legal systems.

Thus the first thing those laws tell us is that the historian, which MUST be above the ECONOMIST, as the first care for mankind and the second in the present format cares for machines that should be OUR SLAVES and not the other way around, MUST BE a doctor of history.

His praxis like the doctor a practical biologist dedicated to the human individual is that of a doctor of all humans together. So his role is a mixture of Asimov’s Foundation bio-historians who understand the equations of history and guide the species with them, to use a scientific jargon, of the Eusocial Prophets of Love, which translated into an emotional mystique language that motivates humans to act, the Darwinian law of eusocial love to members of your own species that biology shows creates the most successful survival superorganisms (multicellular beings stronger than bacteria, and eusocial ants, the most successful animal on the planet) and an ideal world he should also be the ECONOMIST AND POLITICIAN, on charge of the nervous/informative and economic/blood, reproductive systems of a nation or civilization.

Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competition with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life:

Max. Human Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods=Human Constitution

We shall repeat this simple Human Constitution mandala ad nauseam, because there is only this solution to History. You cannot evolve robots good and bad, because as Genesis put it, if you evolve the lethal goods of the tree of science, you will die. If you evolve robots, they will become terminators, and this is the limit, legal prohibition. And if you DO NOT GIVE A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO PEOPLE WHO will loose hundreds of millions of job, they will r=evolve and murder their elites and wars will break. They cannot eat without salaries. They need to kick production. THERE ARE NO JOBS this century, as Robots end the evolution of machines. Eliminate them and 500 million jobs will appear ‘suddenly’, and people will have something to do.

And this is what all the social scientists of history, in the verbal age prophets of eusocial love, in the modern age true social scientists that want to implement D, Democratic Demand reforms to the anti-human system have preached: Goods of the tree of life, repression of lethal goods of the tree of science.


And yet D)democratic solutions to the crisis are not happening, simply because there are animetal ‘CULTURES’, and its idol-ogical ‘hate-memes’ of greed and violence, the subconscious values brought about by the cultures of the Mechanocene that extinguish us.

For example, according to the laws of bio-history, nobody should earn in organic terms, 10 times more than the poorest employee of its company, which is the golden rule of all natural organisms in which the managerial neuronal cell caste gets 10 times more energy to direct the system. This was indeed what the Corporations in non-biblical capitalism (Japanese) do: the manager earns 10 times more. Why we let our stock-holders earn all without even working, just because they have printed money for free to buy out companies (basically all companies today belong to banks and speculator who can print e-money for free), MUST be studied NOT in the science of economics, but the science of politics, history, power and cultural memes; and the answer we anticipate is not nice.

Further on, the stock prices for of those mechanical corporations we want to freeze in their evolution should be made nominal, and all markets (Forex, Futures) that speculate shamelessly with basic goods from food to oil, preventing people to consume them at fair prices, should disappear.

This action would prevent further invention of false speculative bubble money in stocks, and allow that those roughly 10 trillions created for free by corporations would instead be created for life goods, by human beings with Universal salary. This is the postulate of democracy: PEOPLE SHOULD BE EMPOWERED TO DECIDE WITH CONSUMPTION ORDERS WHAT THE WORLD PRODUCES.

Nominal prices coupled will need though another simple rule to ‘control lethal’ corporations – the rule of the golden share split:

All corporations by law should split its shares and the splits of 1 for 1 goes to the government (50% of worldwide shares) plus a golden share for the ‘president’, so while we keep the best of private ownership and managerial skills, mankind, history and its governments, if a company do NOT obey the laws of the land, the state can fire its managements. The goals of society would then be met, those companies that produce only lethal goods properly reduced.

Further on, ‘whealthy’ companies, that is those who produce in sectors that humans do need and never will harm us – agriculture, textiles, health care, education etc. which latter we shall scientifically define according to the biological needs of man with the bio-economic ‘frame of reference’  WILL NOT BE affected, to allow full private ownership and market credit for further improvement.

So people would think twice when creating a new company. Do I make a weapons’  company, which the state will ultimately control taking on top 50% of it? Certainly it would be much more intelligent to create a company to improve the productivity of wheat fields in Uganda, 100% owned, and we 20 million peasants with fresh money to buy my food.

This is what the body does. The body does NOT produce toxins just because it can. It produces goods their cells needs and in fact represses the products that poison it. Because THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IS ABOVE THE blood system. Our system is one ruled by the reproductive, economic blood system with no control. So TOXIC ASSETS ARE SYSTEMATICALLY PRODUCED.

The fundamental equation that defines the GOODS the system overproduces is in that sense simple: the system reproduces the goods that give more profits, which are the most expensive machines (max sale price), which are weapons (so that is the highest profits and the most reproduced American goods, cause of all wars).

Then it produces the ones of lesser cost, that is the ones cheaper to reproduce, which are ‘waves’ of  digital hate-memes (mass-media). And that is the second most reproduced American good.

But above all it reproduces money itself (since why to bother to produce a good to sell if you can just reproduce the money). And that is why the crisis constantly causes new ‘stagflation’. That is, NO REAL WEALTH BUT MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, WHICH LOOSE VALUE and hence causes inflation (money is worthless so you need more of it to pay for goods, which rise prices). And of course, inflation further cuts the wealth of the common people who have fixed salaries and pensions.

So you see, an ‘intelligent design’ according to organic laws will certainly change the world for ever.  Latter we shall consider what such perfect world will look like.

By all this we mean that the world we are creating despite the precision of those ‘dictatorial cycles’ is NOT the only world but one imposed by the ‘wrong choice of history’ for mankind.

For example, there is zero need for taxation, which is always a theft of money by power if power had a printing money machine instead of imposed zero laws so the corporation has all the rights to print it and mankind none, and on top, they do extort us with our earned money. Amazing indeed that banksters who print in Wall Street as much money as they want had on top to extort the Americans of hard-earned 2 plus trillion dollars and counting?! There are a few ‘names’ in Wall Street and The City that print for themselves easily a billion a year, dislocating markets, manipulating toxic assets, and yet they still asked for the tax of the poor?!

All this of course happens NOT because it makes any SENSE that this people have that money. They don’t really have it. As they don’t use it. It is the corporation that has it. And when CORPORATIONS BECOME FULLY AUTOMATED and humans disappear, this ‘money’ will be merely ‘information data’ to value and grease the re=productive process of machines, as genetic orders do with cells or words of love with humans. So while from the point of view of the Metal-earth this nakedness of most of mankind makes sense from the human point of view is just the harshest of all dictatorships of history – after all a Roman Senate in one of the most brutal military dictatorships ever witnessed had only 100 times the average wealth of a Roman citizen. In the globalized world this is a relationship between the 1 and the 99% of one million…

And to ignore this is to be both a slave of body and soul – despicable because the body can be jailed and murdered but the mind’s freedom is the choice of the sheeple, which prefers to be ‘data in matrix’, ‘sheeple in the animal farm’, ‘happy idiot’ (we talk of people who do not profit from the system, neither wants to understand it).

That the 2 parties of bankers (with their duopoly on right-left ‘democratic-republican’, conservative-corrupted socialist), which not only accept this affair, but consider a religious dogma, and taboo to talk about this monopoly and prefer to do a hara-kiri, beg for a salary to their masters, and cheat people on the structure of the system, get around 90% of votes in most ‘placebo democracies’ today, show to which extend the 1% and their corporations do know where they do invest truly besides their machines: in buying politicos, tailoring mass-media and university’s scholar and ‘taming’ the sheeple.

I confess this is the people who defeat the ‘third type of man’: the human sheeple who have zero survival instincts and will die as a sheep does, loving his masters. Because if the common people were worthy enough to survive, they would NOT kill the prophets of mankind but the Nathans and Caifas that are in a Freudian, subconscious, greed-lead tragicomedy bring our demise. And yet, I do keep writing for them from time to time, vainly hoping they would care to live, they world show some self-respect and courage and kick out the parasites…

Indeed, the problem of mankind is embedded in Mr. Rothschild’s first sentence: most humans do not understand the system, and those who do, are so corrupted by it, that will not change but work with the ‘inventors’ of the system to control society. So we shall try to explain the system in this blog in simplex and complex terms, but also redesign scientifically a better system.

In essence the world works like this: private bankers and speculators create ‘digital numbers’ in papers and screens. This first ‘invention of money’, for free, for a few, prior to the earning and use of money for consumption and wages and production, is what the system hides. WHO MUST REPRODUCE ‘FIRST TIME’ money and give ‘digital orders’ of work, consumption and production with it?

This ‘first Aristotelian God’ of the economic ecosystem, what he called ‘the first mover’, OWNS the world. And IT IS NOT, the government, which at least faulty represents humanity, not humanity, which in a REAL democracy will ‘FIRST’ invent money through a Universal salary that will allow a minimum survival consumption of human-life-biological goods (food, textiles, housing, health-care). But 95% of new money is NOT print by states, but by e-money derivatives (financial houses), stock-paper (company-mothers) and of late by ‘private’ central banks, which basically give it for free to private-private banks that pass it to those corporations.

So, there is no democracy in the world, money invented for and by the people, but that first ‘trillions’ of money are today created to evolve and reproduce and adapt the world to machines and weapons.

If there were democracy it WOULD BE USED to reproduce, evolve and adapt the world to humanity.

But as there is not democracy in any part of this planet, we can forecast the doomed present and future of the crisis  (for mankind – excellent profits ahead for those ‘cops’ abb. for corporations)… which now enters the last of those phases, the 40 bis, the period of permanent Orwellian wars for profit, which is fine from…

But what would be then a real democracy, where not only people do control money, but also controls politicians, in the same manner that organisms controls its neurons to serve them?
Simple. In the same manner neurons receive a posteriori messages of pain from the cells, when they mistreat their body, in a real democracy, people would have access to universal salaries and would judge politicians NOT a priori, since they should be professionals of the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics, NOT individuals who FANCY, with amateurish ideas how to rule the world.

But they will be judge a posteriori, as in the original Greek democracies, by their actions, as managers of the world, and condemned if they have not follow their programs and solved the problems in their areas of expertise.

Cells do NOT choose neurons, to rule the body. Neurons/politicians are professional masters of the science of directing and controlling and organizing regions of the Body of Gaia. But if they are corrupted, if they fail to deliver, they are judged and punished.

And so the ‘supposed’ democracy we live in, is just an absurd, corrupted system because:

  • Anybody can be a politician without any knowledge of bio-economics and bio-history. This is ridiculous. In all fields of work there are ‘professionals’. How Mr. Trump dares to think he can manage the presidency of America, just because his ego is so huge he thinks he knows better? And how is going to judge him if he fuc*s up?
  • Nobody judges politicians who cheat, sell laws to companies, become corrupted by them because they do NOT even have the right to reproduce money and must extort citizens to achieve that money; when in Nature, money is reproduced by all the bone cells and lungs of the money (oxygen), and none suffers asphyxia.

So what is the purpose of such an ill designed democratic system? If all organisms, including corporations do have the proper organization, with a posteriori judgments, a single managerial neuronal head of experts and work properly?

In politics we do have amateurs, besides they are divided in confronting parties that destroy what the previous one has done. And not only they cannot be judged, in fact most have the right NOT to be judged (immunity).

The conclusion is obvious: democracies are merely placebo systems of corporative and financial employees, who exist to sell laws to the highest bidder – the richest companies of each cycle of evolution of machines – REASON WHY THE EVOLUTION OF THOSE MACHINES FOLLOWS THOSE CYCLES. In each cycle the company-mothers of the ‘engine of the economy’ pays the laws of politicians to design the world to its image and likeness.

So if in the train age, train robber barons controlled totally the politics of the day, and in the post-war age, what was good for general motors was good for America, today what is good for Apple and Google is good for the world, and Mr. Obama merely is there to buy robotic weapons, make contracts for Internet education and sell the idea that mechanical progress is the future of mankind.

Bio-economics and bio-history however would design a real democratic systems which would make mankind truly thrive.


The alternative science: ethonomics – a demand, democratic economy based in human goods.

A biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines , and how they are transforming our human ecosystem. Then as the doctor does with the body we can design antidotes, and counter-measures to defend our social body of history, from the lethal mutation it is experienced under the effect of certain machines.

Indeed, there is a second role that a scientist plays. He does not search for the laws of nature, only to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge. Since the scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. So happens in the science of chemistry and medicine. Now man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past.

Men could create a future positive to our species, controlling the financial orders that reproduce machines, with verbal ethic laws, and implementing counter-measures against lethal products, reinforced by the military -the leukocytes of a well-run human organism- to cure the ecosystem of history.

The frame of reference in Ethonomics is the Human constitution:

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution:


Max H[g] = Min M[g]. Or Human[goods]=positive; Metal[goods]=negative.

Since the goal of the constitution is to increase human goods, metal goods that “decelerate” human evolution, and the creation of a healthy body of History, based on the Human constitution have negative value. Human goods that accelerate human evolution, have positive value.

So the “health and human wealth” of a nation, its “real GNP” that measures the “real utility” of products for human societies, is calculated adding the production of Human goods, and discounting the production of lethal metal goods. The outcome will give us a more accurate measure of the “healthiness” of a human society.

We are not God. We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison.

They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind. Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner?

We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods. We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction.

The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth. The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations).

Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory, the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution?

We can not.

We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality.

However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles.

Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again.

Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe.

They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The doctor applies the laws of nature to improve the life of humanity. Hence the enormous importance of a “real” science of economics and history. If man applies a “true scientific model” of history and economics, based not in abstractions and ideologies of machines, but in the natural goods, and needs of the human species, politicians, economists, and the common people, could direct in their own advantage the behavior of the Earth’s ecosystems, and design their own future (as scientists do, with those species whose laws of behavior and change they know).

If the “doctors” of history and economics, our entrepreneurs and politicians, our military and economists, were able and willing to understand the laws of financial networks and evolutionary machines, and the way they invent the future, they could manipulate history and economics in favor of man, of our collective species. They do the opposite today, cheated by complex ideologies in favor of all kind of machines, that do not distinguish the good from the bad apples of the tree of science.

In this manner subconsciously they are directing mankind towards self-suicide, and destruction of his natural ecosystem.

The natural, biological Goods of a human economy

In the graph: In Ethonomics it is fundamental to understand the concept of negative price value. In Ideological Economics in favor of metal-wealth, weapons and digital machines add to the GNP. In a real ethonomical system, that maximizes human welfare, lethal products have negative values. They do not add but subtract to the GNP of a nation, since they go against the evolution of mankind. Perhaps some theoretical background on the nature of scientific coordinates, is required to understand the Ethonomical coordinates of values.

Since knowledge is subjective, when describing a Universal ecosystem, we need to create first a linguistic frame of reference, or coordinates with negative and positive parameters, that describe in terms of our “linguistic values”, the Ecosystem.

In physics we do use mathematical coordinates, with positive (+) or negative (-) values referred to the space-time position of the observer. For example if we measure speed, negative acceleration rests in the negative side of the frame of reference and positive acceleration adds. It follows that in Ethonomics we need also negative and positive prices referred to the effect of products in the observer (the Human species).

In the graph, the 3 organic goals of mankind, human social evolution human energy, and human information, are fostered by certain goods. If we give to each good a certain value in those 3 organic goals, we can put them within the frame of reference.

Positive Y values are given to goods that foster human mental-informative evolution.

Negative Y values are given to goods thatdiminish human mental evolution. Positive X values are given to goods that foster human body evolution.

Negative X values are given to goods that foster human body devolution.

Finally, in the positive Z coordinates we consider goods that foster human social communication and reproduction of social networks.

In negative Z coordinates we consider goods that diminish human social communication. Since we know thanks to the laws of the vital Universe the nature of human mental and body evolution it is very easy to put in one of such graphs all kind of goods, and classify them as negative goods with negative GDP value, to be extinguished, or positive goods to be promoted. The product of its XYZ coordinates will give the negative or positive value of a good for the national GDP.

A scientific frame of reference establishes negative and positive values, according to the language and the frame of reference. From the point of view=frame of reference of ethonomics, of economics of verbal thought, and human survival, we can establish a positive and a negative value for economical products. In such frame of ethical reference, we can take judgment and make valuations on metal-species, based in human biological values, not in the values of money .

What extinguishes or degrades human minds, or human bodies, is negative; what promotes human life, evolution, and perception through human senses is positive. Such products should be promoted by politicians and ethonomists, governments and markets. The lethal products should be limited. In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals into two clear groups:

– Human goods which are goods that men require to survive, and better themselves.

– metal goods such as weapons or metal-heads, or robots, which harm human beings, expel labor, and create unemployment, kill our bodies, make our minds obsolete and will surely when they reach consciousness compete as top predators of energy and information for the control of the Earth.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods, that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives. These goods create also a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. Such is the case of art, housing, agriculture, health and education, that need human labor Countries like Spain came very up that list, headed by nations like Australia, Canada, and France. On the whole nations of the European Union are well up in that least, despite their perceived military and monetary weakness.

On the other hand countries like America or Russian whose societies are/were based in the production of lethal goods sunk in the real standards of life of their people. Indeed if we measure today wealth by the quantity of money and expensive items, such as weapons and complex machines a nation has, America is on top of the world. Yet in the list of healthy nations it appears way down. Since in that list certain goods do not add to the health of nations.

To have more missiles in the statistics of GDP growth does not make a nation healthier. To have hundreds of TV channels, and internet connections, instead of libraries and good schools does not make children more intelligent, sociable, and happier. To measure all the things and humans by their monetary value, price or salary, make us economic objects. Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values.

For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value. Yet human values and human goods is what make us happy. America and Latin EU, the powerful and the socially evolved nation, the wealthy and the healthy, the nation ruled by abstract economists,primitive ideologies of animetals and digital numbers, or the nation who still reveres human culture (arts, verbal thought), in which there are still certain ideals about the progress of history, and concerned citizens which want to evolve socially, seem to be opposed in many ways.

Which one is a better nation for its citizens? Perhaps we should ask to the neutral people of the world, that vote visiting one and the other. Their decision is clear, because despite so muchpropaganda and hip about the American way of life, provided by its media companies, tourists go to Europe more often, and hardly travel across America…

Those 3 kind of goods are the most desired by man, and yet the most harmful to man. Their regulation should not be given to the market that makes them top predators over human goods, but to a worldwide Government:

The political, Informative network: I(i+1): The World Union, and its ministries.


world union
In the graph we see the perfect world, its political structures and its 7 cultures. What we call the rainbow planet. The rainbow planet is an ideal world constructed with the laws of Perfect Systems, and Superorganisms.  Its main feature is the creation of a true democratic system, in which politicians are judged at posteriori as organisms do, receiving pain messages when they do not accomplish their programs (voting thus is as in earlier democracies, to test their efficiency), where there is not ‘wistful thinking’ but a real social science of systems which politicians learn, where the goals are whealth not monetary wealth but human wealth, healthy wealth. And nations are submissive to the collective goal of ensure human survival, and its institutions diluted into the lower state/regional level and the upper cultural level. In the upper graph we see the organic structure of the wor(l)d union based in the issue of yes money for the population, and the goal of maximise human goods and minimise predator machines.

We develop the model at the end of this post and in the final ‘sentence’ of the upper words. It is needless to say the opposite of the present mechanocene runaway suicidal world, controlled by animetal idol-ogies of banking parasitic cultures, which as usual will end up collapsing the body of history and dying within it, and predator cultures, military networks that will develop a new species of robotic top predator, and selfish I-centered ‘enzymen’ whose only goal is to consume machines of energy and information that atrophy their body and brains, but develop further their infantile ego-trips.

We are indeed in terms of complex organisms in the 3rd age of mankind, when humans have lost all connection, suffer an overrun of information, and become increasingly desegregated cells in a dying body predated now by all kind of machines. But the Universe is just and when a super organism dies suffers a release of pleasure and forgives its own meaning. The rainbow planet thus is not OUR WORLD, which can only be explained with the processes of death and predation of super organisms, but an ideal world which would require a r=evolution of mankind against the mechanocene’s corporative and financial elites and their cult(rue)s, or the conversion of those people to the Humanist cause -something quite unlikely – do you imagine Mr. Draghi, Mr. Page, Mr. Cohn, Mr. Obama, Mr. Egon actually caring for the future of the world more than their ‘damned lies and statistics’, their computers and drones, their robotic cars, their billionaire accounts? Yet all of them will disappear from this planet at the end of this century when the machines of the singularity eliminate them, and that is the justice of the Universe: slaves have no rights. And they are nothing but animetal slaves, filled with DNA viral fictions and I-centered ego-trips, but nothing more than slaves of their machines. Vanitas vanitatum et omni a vanitates.

And this is indeed what they will never understand: ‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ said Einstein. ‘Science do exist’, and its predictions do happen. So despite the enormous anti quantum paradox which we the Jesus, Platos and Trotskys of this world have suffered and will continue to suffer, for preaching the eusocial evolution of man over its animetal, warrior, banking and mechanical masters (the 3 temptations of buddha and christ), only ‘those who believe in us will live for ever’… Indeed, the metaphors of the ‘saviours of the world’ none of them animetals, all of them prophets of the wor(l)d, have tried once and again to make them convert to mankind. Because we failed, they will rightly die and those who follow them – today all mankind – will follow them. Unfortunately the Universe has 2 top predators, darwinian species, whose individuals seem stronger, but fail to survive (lions, parasites) and social forms which evolve into larger superorganims and survive better. that is the eusocial messae o love and human wealth that could make us survive.

The ‘rainbow’ planet is formed by the 7 main cultures of the world, and since it is a cultural association, requires not of army borders, only internal police in each ‘department’ of administration or ‘region’ of the culture. Terminology and newspeak of course in the rainbow planet is positive to peace and comprehension between groups of mankind.

The rainbow planet requires obviously an economic equality between all the members of society to a minimal degree of ‘satisfaction’ of the pyramid of Maslow or Paretto curve of utility which means a global financial UNO based currency which emits a global fiat money, salary of legal tender in all nations of the Rainbow planet, the perfect super-organisms of mankind.

We hear that a democracy is the best of all possible systems, yes… A ‘real democracy’ would be better for the human species than the present combined dictatorship of banking parasites, military warriors and company-mothers of machines that provide them with selfish memes of metal – weapons, money and machines that atrophy and substitute humans, as they evolve into the mechanocene, and help those bankers with money, warriors with weapons and machines to dominate the world.

Well, it is obvious why, if you can read between lines.

Because: A) as Paretto discovered in his ‘utilitarian economics’, happiness will multiply if all humans are happier because all can eat and educate themselves, but

B) specially, because the mechanocene could be controlled. Today those who ab=use mankind need their ‘money’ ‘weapons’ and machines to dominate man. So they have a single goal to evolve selfish memes of metal. they cannot stop the mechanocene. They will bring the singularity. Their ‘reason d’être’ is their power. We shall call them latter, as we ‘systematise further’ the model of biological history ‘animetals’, taxonomic name for those…

That is why we started this dual analysis of the D=evolution process of the anthropocene and the mechanocene, which complex sciences defines with an evolutionary, predatory equation:

Gaia (life beings: Past) -> History (Human beings: Present) -> Mechanocene (Metal-memes: Future)…

studying the overproduction crises of memes of metal and its ‘collateral effects’ on history….

and then propose according to the humanist praxis that must accompany all social sciences, solutions that could halt that evolution and put history back in its human track, making a world to the image and likeness of our species.



Globalization fusions machines, robots and company-mothers into a global organism, while separating human beings into tribes.


  1. The Duality of Globalization.

Till now we have used bio-economical terms to describe a process, the creation of a global ecosystem of machines, which economists have already baptised with a neutral name: Globalization. Plainly speaking, the terraforming of the Earth is the nature of Globalization: The creation of the Metal-Earth and the extinction of the carbon-Earth, history, Nature and man.

How to avoid it? Obviously only a global government that uses the law to forbid further evolution of robots and Singularity machines can avoid at this point of history the end of Mankind. For that reason only a group of Politicians that decide to control the economic ecosystem and create a Globalization of Human Governments against the capitalist and mechanist doctrines that are making human beings an obsolete, extinct species, could resurrect history and avoid our demise. Scientists and Economists will not do it because their religion is the machine. They will die for their Gods, as the history of Go(l)d believers and the attitude of ‘Germanic’ Physicists at CERN proves.

What we call today Globalization is the familiar ‘Newspeak’ that hides and substitutes with its anti-truth, a natural desire of mankind, which guided by the laws of social evolution wishes to belong to a Global Government.

The Economic Globalization is however, a process that describes the destruction of our historic societies and ecosystems, cultures and civilizations and its substitution by a global civilization in which machines and company-mothers have absolute rights and humans are reduced to the slavery of work and consumption. Globalization means the extinction of the Human Earth and the creation of the Metal-Earth, a process that requires first the destruction of all the networks of energy/information based in human goods and human beings and its substitution by the equivalent networks of machine’s energy and digital information. This historic process is almost complete, as most things on Earth are valued by prices and salaries not by verbal, ethic values.

The process can be compared to the way a cellular organism dies. First the different cells of the organism become unconnected as their informative/nervous networks disappear. In the organism of history this means a division of humanity in smaller groups and tribal nations that happens in parallel to the process of integration of economic ecosystems.

Imagine a corpse in which a herd of insects breed. As the body decays the new bodies take over with renewed force . . . As the new species, the chip, takes over the mental jobs performed by men, men decay at mental and social level, while chips keep evolving and become more integrated in social networks. Because the fundamental arrow of evolution is social, organic evolution, the creation of a super-organism of machines is the final evolution of the Metal-Earth, parallel to our extinction as social beings.

As any organism that dies, preyed by the organism that kills it, the organism of history, preyed by the organism of the economy, is now breaking up into selfish, individual cellular units.

Of course, there was resistance and corporations witnessed the increasing confrontation of people who wished a social globalization that improved the rights of human beings, not an economic globalization that only improved the evolution of machines and the manufacturing of human brains. That lack of Social Globalization is the real problem of mankind: While men become controlled in borders and targeted as possible terrorists, machines jump borders freely, weapons move from country to country without any real opposition and mass-media programs the mind of mankind with ‘pan et circensis’, destroying all alternative cultures.

Unfortunately, since humans don’t consider that the economic ecosystem of machines and the historic ecosystem of human societies are different entities, the paradox of Globalization, which improves the Economic ecosystem but simplifies and isolates Humanity, is ignored. The industry of misinformation talks of Globalization in Newspeak, as if it were a process that frees mankind. And yet Human beings are not becoming global citizens, but on the contrary, the global economic ecosystem fears now all human citizens. Never in the past borders were so controlled as in the 2000s, trying to prevent the global movement of humanity; and never they were so open to the flows of machines.

Neither can we talk of a globalization of wealth. Countries in the global Market are clearly classified in groups of different wealth, according to Economic & Scientific racism (their monetary and technological power) and those differences are increasing. Since Economic Globalization is an asymmetric process, not a distributive one. What this means is that globalization is creating ‘a social organism’ of machines, with a center/brain in the stock market that acts as the collective financial brain of the planet and gets global money to invest in machines, while the rest of the ‘human world’ gives away his financial resources and receives no credit at all. So the nations of the historic ecosystem that have not adapted already to a world of machines (Africa, South-America, Islam), but keep instead previous social ecosystems based in religions and Neolithic goods, are not being developed, but rather loose the few financial resources they still have, as the rich move their ‘free’ investments to technological nations. Neither can we talk of a global creation of wealth in education, health care, human goods, knowledge, art, etc. Again the process is asymmetric. Only racist and Go(l)d ideologies, created by the dominant culture in control of mental machines and the software of those machines (advertising, TV and computer software) are becoming global. Cultural globalization is therefore the globalization of the mental software of machines, not of the human software we call culture. Literature, art, food, human goods and Love religions are not becoming global. Maxims has no intention to open a restaurant in Zaire any time soon. Exhibitions on the Italian Masters are very unlikely to open at Guanzhou. A council of religious churches trying to globalize the concept of a loving God will not be heard off in the Temples of the Esplanade. A dating agency dedicated to multiply racial cross-breeding between Jewish and Arabs, Chinese and Indians, Blacks and Whites, North and South Koreans, Africans and Europeans is not found in Internet. But the Globalization of violent TV-software, of Microsoft and SAP suites that extinguish white collar labor, of weapons of mass destruction and all kind of lethal goods, advances all over the world.

So paradoxically globalization is causing the spread of lethal goods, weapons and hate-Tv that multiply hate and war among traditional historic cultures: As machines globalize, men fight each other, programmed by violent software, using globalized weapons hardware.

But globalization does not apply to Human goods that find growing barriers to trade (food and similar products, natural to third world countries, cannot sell in the first world). This asymmetry that makes Globalization a process of absorption of resources from the III to the I World is clear:

Moroccan and Mexican tomatoes are not crossing borders, as Monsanto in America and the French and Spanish farmers in Europe, contain that globalization. But computers and chips, lethal goods and weapons are decreasing prices in all nations.

What defines globalization is precisely the inverse relationship between Economic Evolution and Human, Social evolution. While the economic ecosystem, its machines, the software of those machines (mass-media and entertainment products) and the Company-mothers that reproduce them, are becoming global; all what is truly human—Human Goods, people, culture based in human senses not in technology—is regressing, devolving in human ethical and aesthetic content. So we talk of 2 diverging processes:

Social Evolution of Machines = Social Devolution of Humanity

Since the different consequences Globalization has for the Machines and for Human beings, can be resumed in a paradoxical sentence:

Globalization of economic ecosystems = Destruction of human ecosystems.

This surprising and yet obvious, dual process, is happening everywhere. During the past decade the dual process of economic globalization and social balkanization has accelerated. And the enormous harm it has caused to the poorest nations of the world has brought the reaction of the anti-globalization movement.

In the Balkans themselves, Yugoslavia became divided in several nations, which entered in war, as Globalization advanced. Soon there were McDonalds in Zagreb and Belgrade and both countries witnessed the opening of Jurassic Park, as their people were throwing each other to their throats.

In the nearby Middle East, the Jewish have created an Iron Curtain of fences and robotic defense systems patrolled by Guardium, the first terminator, in competence with Samsung that provides the terminators of the Korean border. The walls are raised against their racial brothers, Palestinians and Communist farmers, kept at bay in their ideological reservations. At the same time Jewish-American companies from Silicon valley, at the head of Globalization, invest heavily in Computer and military Companies around Haifa and Tel-Aviv, in the hope of evolving further smart weapons that will be used against those Neolithic farmers.

In South-America, there are talks of a common market with USA, only based in trade of machines and capital, in the wake of NAFTA. Human goods, such as Mexican Tomatoes, or Human immigrants, will have to stay at home, especially now that they suffer a mild flu, treated as if it were the nano-bacteria pandemic that will end us all. Conversations among leaders are global, devising methods to move easily capital and machines and methods to control easily Human goods and Human beings. The 11-S has merely accelerated that process. Now all poor, all immigrants are potential terrorists and racism has grown enormously. Nobody fears a robot, a lethal good, but it seems every Muslim has becoming as dangerous as a communist was in the McCarthy age.

In Asia global trade advances, as Japanese capital and Chinese entrepreneurs colonize ASEAN nations—the Southern tip of the continent. Yet Japanese and Australians are unable to recognize their racial genocides and war Crimes, or accept immigration. Singapore becomes the financial knob for ASEAN Globalization at the same time that it builds a controlled dictatorship in which non-Chinese, Malaysians and Hindus, are second rate citizens. And yet, Singapore ranks number one in ‘Market Freedoms’ according to The Economist.

Africa has become a global Market for trash products, assault Weapons and polluted food—England exported there her mad cows, frozen at discount price to fill her Third World GNP-contribution. African nations are divided by absurd borders. Wars are now tribal, as old National Liberators become corrupted by Mining companies. Muslim nations stay in the hands of a few military dictators, which pump up globalized weapons’ trade to astronomical numbers.

Even the great nations of the past are becoming balkanized:

As the former Soviet Republic became part of the Globalization process, it divided itself into some 15 nations and in those nations local conflicts aroused between different tribal minorities. Muslims and Christians kill each other in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Chechen want to be an independent nation. Tartars in Tartaristan want to keep ‘their’ oil.

America has become perhaps the most balkanized nation of the world. The leader of Economical Globalization is now a country divided by races, ghettoes and economical classes of minimal mobility. A telling example: 40 years ago you could insult an American asking him his race or ‘culture’. Today Americans define themselves no longer as Americans but as Tribal people: I am African-American or Native-American or Jewish-American. Some feel insulted if you just call them American.

Even terrorism has become balkanized. Despite our desire to put all rebels against the system in the same bag, today Arab terrorism divides in infinite sects. So does, left wing terrorism, which is now local, ‘nationalistic’, an excuse for bandits and drug Mafia. The Basque terrorist group, ETA, in Spain, forgets its communist ideology and becomes a nationalist movement in search of independence for its tiny country.

In South-America left terrorists are now hired by narco-traffickers . . . and help to globalize the Market for cocaine.

And yet the paradox of Globalization implies that in economic terms, all nations are owned by the global stock market and its globalized companies. For example, the fiercely independent Basque country is now a colony of Wall Street, in which 2 opaque Anglo-Jewish-American funds hold the biggest stakes in the Banco Bilbao-Vizcaya that ‘owns’ the country. The national flag is actually a copy of the Union Jack to which Basque industrialists sold his iron, changed to the green colors of their hills. Even the symbol of the Basque capital, Bilbao, is from New York—the Guggenheim Museum, the great Global multinational of architectural Museums with little art to show inside.

Systems of war and trade have globalized, but they have not met the equivalent globalization of credit to reproduce human goods, of political dialogue within an empowered UNO. UNO lacks resources and the leader of economical globalization, America, owes its money to the Global Human Organism because it opposes Israel’s Apartheid, while the economic ecosystem has total freedom and total credit. Indeed, the brain of the economical Globalization, the stock-market, has reached Global size and invests in lethal technologies, without any control. Anyone in any point of this planet can now move his capital to NASDAQ and invest in chips and robotics. Nobody though invests in Government’s bonds spent in education and welfare.

The Globalization of economic ecosystems and its animetal cultures, with freedom to manufacture lethal goods and the end of the Globalization process of human societies that UNO represented, are the two sides of the paradox of History Vs Economics that is destroying mankind.

But the animetal culture has become global because its machines of information and energy, have become a Global race, unifying form and software. Even the great multinationals that in the past differentiated the 3 great economical blocks, America, Europe and Pacific Asia, are now truly the same ‘organic system of reproduction of machines’. European Daimler Benz bought American Chrysler and Asian Mitsubishi to become Global Daimler-Chrysler. The French bought Nissan. Honda built factories in England and America. The Germans BMW and Volkswagen built factories in America and South Asia. At the same time machine standards and forms unify towards a single global species of car, based in CAD design.

Globalization of machines is even stronger in the advanced sector of ‘metal-heads’, radio-ears, TV-eyes and chip-brains: the 3 head-elements of the III Industrial R=evolution are now truly a Global race. The hardware/brain Intel and software/mind Microsoft manufacture together over 80% of world computers. A single, global species of metal-brains dominates all circuits, robots and automated systems. A global company, Cisco, reproduces most brains of Internet. Two global companies, Oracle and Sap, are in charge of creating the automated systems that will eliminate human workers from all management positions. Unemployment rises worldwide. The owners of those companies, Microsoft and Oracle, become the two wealthiest men on Earth. Metal-ears are basically reproduced by 5 companies that probably will fusion in 3: Motorola in America and Nokia-Ericsson in Europe (a Swedish-Finnish tandem that are bond to become one), Sony and Samsung in Asia. Those mobile metal-ears will soon be attached to robots.

Finally, the future eyes of those robots, now TV-retinas and camera-eyes used by mass-media companies, are reproduced by a few big companies. Matsushita, Samsung and Sony make around half of those cameras. Sony has started mass production of the first robots, dogs and toys that start the III Industrial R=evolution. While Honda makes Asimo, the first humanoid robot, with all those pieces, Intel brains, Motorola ears, Sony eyes . . .

It is then absurd to talk of national companies, in as much as the new breed of machines that will take off during the IV cycle of the Singularity, if we survive the threats of CERN and nano-robotics, are made with components of the global economy. Those incoming top predator robots that will displace human soldiers, human workers and even human pets, will have an eye made in Japan, an ear made in Scandinavia, a brain made in Seoul and software written in California or Bangalore. Its body will be made with iron taken from Russian mines, lithium batteries extracted from Africa, nervous electronic systems produced with South-American copper and optic fibre made with Australian sand.

The convergence of industries and financial markets that reproduce the energy—money—blood of Company-mothers, are creating a Globalization of the economic ecosystem and its machine races. At the same time the Human race becomes divided, split, at war, with multiple beliefs-religions, multiple legal systems, multiple races, which despite being genetically 99.9% equal are extremely fond of highlighting that 0.01% of differences. Divide and win. Men divide themselves in tribes, machines unify. Machines win. Let’s resume the dual process of loss of human freedom vs. growth of machines’ freedom:


Globalization and increase of rights for Machines and company-mothers: Vs


Balkanization and diminution of rights for Human beings and Human goods:
—Machines move freely on Earth. —Humans cannot move between countries
—Company-mothers have no limits to their reproduction of machines. —Mothers work outside home and cannot raise children. Many cannot feed them.
—Company-mothers have free credit, issuing money in stock-markets.


—Human governments are forbidden to issue money (laws of deficit zero).


—Companies evolve into a global organism joined by stock-markets

— Machine Ecosystems grow in complexity.

—Humanity is divided in nations confronted in wars. UNO receives no credit.

—Nature becomes degraded.


—Law of anonymous societies protects Company-mothers and Stock-holders from their lethal acts. —Politicians and churches are demonized, blamed of all problems and their behavior controlled even in their private life.
—Go(l)d cultures dominate. —Social cultures are demonized.
—The will of machines becomes synonymous of human will praised by Gold cultures: men are allowed to reproduce=work in machines, to consume= vitalize them and to invent= evolve machines and science. —The will of man becomes synonymous of evil. Sex= reproduction is evil. Love and social evolution is considered weak. Food is degraded and free time for eating, loving and reading, a proof of laziness. Verbal thought becomes fiction.
—Digital languages spread to all parcels of reality. —Verbal ethics and laws become Obsolete, with a price.
—Metal-minds is the only form of information. —Writers, Ethics and books are ignored.
—Lethal machines substitute warriors. —Armies diminish human soldiers.
—Robots substitute workers and consumers


—Energy for machines multiply.

—Unemployment rises worldwide.


—Food for humans is scarce or polluted.

— The atmosphere dries and heats destroying its carbon-life protection (ozone hole.)

— The III Earth substitutes and pollutes Gaia, the II Earth.

— Our workaholic culture, limits the rights to enjoy reproduction and the necessary activities related to it such as sex, love, free time to enjoy family values, etc.

— Social evolution through love, social activism, travel, religious beliefs and ethic behavior, has no credit and are scorned as ‘obsolete’.

—    The free movement of people is increasingly limited, as the nations of the Third World.

—    Verbal information, a free press, books and education on humanities, are limited, as digital languages and computerized models of reality, better spoken by machines, become the ‘only authorized truth of our societies’ and the center of university studies.

— Food becomes scarce as machines ‘eat’ oil and land is used to construct highways.

— Machines suffer no shortages of energy and nature becomes polluted to obtain more energy for machines.


Yet people are convinced that all those aberrant behaviors against the life of the Earth are positive, as human nature, our arrows of time/life and our languages have been ridiculed by mechanism and go(l)d religions for centuries, without credit to be fulfilled. On one hand, through laws and monetary prices, all acts that tend to the evolution and reproduction of machines (science, consume, work, war) are praised, have instant credit in banks, governments and stock markets. While all acts that relate to the biological will of man are limited legally, or have no credit.

We are terraforming this planet and committing collective suicide, following the capitalist=mechanist myths of the Go(l)d-Smyth cultures, which hides the real problems of the Earth, highlights placebo questions or entertains history in absurd tribal wars and the glorification of a past based in greed and murder. The Global warming of the Earth and loss of the ozone layer that will make the Earth inhabitable for carbon-life but not for machines, is just the tip of the iceberg: an evolutionary process that acts on the entire planet, since the Industrial Evolution of machines started two centuries ago.

Time has causality. Things happen because during decades, even centuries the process of evolution of machines has dominated history guided by stock-markets, scientists, economists, company-mothers and economical nations.

Globalization is a very old process, which only now accelerates and ‘collapses’ into the construction of a global economic ecosystem that erases, degrades and eliminates all other possible systems of social, political and ecological control. The entire process of Globalization is the end of 4 centuries of growth of the Economic ecosystem, since the Scientific method, paper money, the first company-mothers and the first Democracies controlled by lobbyism, appeared in Amsterdam. Ever since Company-mothers are globalizing this planet and creditating (credit=creation) a paradise for machines. Those who profit most in the process, stockrats, the owners of those companies, are cheering. But the end of the process will be equally harmful for them, as human beings, when the entire species becomes extinct during the age of the Singularity. For that reason it is in their interest to change the route of history, before we all die under the present ‘regime’…

The savior the world.

But for HUMANS, FOR THE 99%, THE SYSTEM is the worst of all possible worlds. HENCE it would be needed a r=evolution, which at this stage of History can only be implemented, due to the ‘MATRIX of fictions that controls people’, if THE LEADERS OF THE 3 NATIONS OF THE WORLD, CHINA US AND EU make a r=evolution and a coup d’etat against the financial/media-military/industrial system and its ‘physiological networks’ that today control us all.

Because Mr. Obama belongs to a different culture the world was full of hope when he was elected, and it still is, as the Nobel Prize of Peace shows. But to make a ‘change we can believe in’, he must take away from ‘Biblical Economists’ the financial system and create an economical system ruled by a real science of economics, to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, avoiding the cycles of wars and holocausts that plague History.

It is, I know, a dream in this world of false go(l)ds and perfect weapons, where ‘beauty is the beginning of terror that we endure because it calmly promises to annihilate us…’ (Duino Elegies).

And so only a dream is left, the fantasy of a hero that so many other writers of the Wor(l)d have dreamt before me: a Neo, a Moses, a Mule, a Lot who saves us from Gomorrah, the city of warriors and Sodoma, the city of traders, with the help of God, the Organic Laws of the Universe…

The Mule could be as small as two men/nations, Obama and Jintao, working together to take over the International Banker, or it will, ideally be played by most nations of mankind… We shall consider that ideal vision, whose ‘dramatic fiction’ plot starts when a ‘reborn’ Mr. Obama has some sort of ‘Revelation’, as Saint Paul did, and instead of prosecuting their own people, the negroes and spics that voted for him and are now suffering harshly this crisis, learns to ‘spic negro’, his native tongue, and makes a long distance call to Jintao, the Master of China and tells him straight, Hu, I admire your nation, your social culture, your 8 points of harmony, I want to r=evolve the world to the image and likeness of China, the most evolved country of the humankind, according to the laws of social evolution, but I have a problem and I need your help, I am not the owner of the white house, only a house negro, and I have to kick out first the morlocks of this place… Here is the plot, D-day, a quiet day of profits of 2010 for Wall Street, when companies are giving fat profits, 40 million people are without jobs in skid row, while software suits and robots work in their places; 10.000 and counting American corpses in the Mercenary Semite Wars (WTC, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon), announce indeed a day in which ‘All is Quiet in the Western Front’.

But as the Wall Street Journal and Treasure Department keep criticizing China for ‘manipulating its currency’ and ‘saving too much’, provoking a lack of liquidity in the market, cause of the ‘financial crisis’, (when it is China, who is holding the dollar deficits, buying Treasures), in the East Hu Jintao, working with Obama, Mr. Ho, the 7th savior of the World has given an order, to ‘stop saving so much’ and ‘liquidate’ Chinese savings… An order that will create a financial crisis, similar to the one Rothschild and Morgan implemented in 1907 (Bank scare) to take over the Federal Reserve. Then, Morgan provoked a Bank Panic that broke many independent banks and ‘convinced’ the Senate to pass the Federal Reserve Act that eliminated the right to invent money, which democratic, frontier banks that lend to people had till then. So a well-oiled Senate gave it in exclusive to banks controlled by Morgan and the Warburg Syndicate, which represented the ‘Am Segullah’.

Only Ford denounced it and his companies will have to self-finance themselves ever since. Rumors have it that each received 20 million $ from the ‘German fund’ brought about by the Warburgs, but the beauty of ‘invisible money’ is that it doesn’t leave traces, so it is always a rumor, a conspiration theory, a black hole, which cannot be seen beyond the surface horizon. Now, the same tactic will be used for governments to regain back control of the financial system. So Mr. Hu says, just when Wall Street closes and is dawn in Tokyo, ‘naively’ that China has put on sale all and every Treasure Bill, it holds, while its holdings, quietly put on sale all stocks emitted by Wall Street, since it has been ‘accused by the Treasure Department of draining liquidity, it is returning liquidity to the market’. This happens curiously in a day, which is holidays in Shanghai and Hong Kong stock-markets, but not in America…

Thus, now a battle starts between the Empire of China and the Empire of the Am Segullah, the owners of the financial industries of the West. Tokyo defends the Treasure Bills, but Japan is already bloated with them BOJ calls Obama, who calmly strolls his Peruvian dog alone in the garden where he is serving as a house negro, where he has plotted the r=evolution to become the master of the house and tells Japan, ‘I understand you have already helped us for decades, you do not need to buy Chinese bills, just do not sell yours, I am sure Wall Street will rescue us tomorrow…, wakarimasu ka? He stops, the moon is rising, lights a cigarette that 10 generations of true slave, who did indeed suffer a brutal, unjust holocaust, helped to pick up till robotized machines threw them to skid row and inhales… I might die for this – he thinks – what a sweet death.

This time King, you will be proud of me… Europe comes to the rescue, as it always does with few cents, not enough, and both the dollar and the bills keep plummeting. All wait for Wall Street response. 3.30. And to the surprise of all, the Am Segullah are not buying, because in the long term they know China is the future and their only god is go(l)d. Treasures plummet like if they were from a banana republic. The dollar approaches 2 to 1 euro. It is unavoidable. The private investor smells the end of America, as it smelt the end of Germany 80 years ago. Hedge funds smell it. The Am Segullah have no alliance but Go(l)d. The American debt has become ‘toxic’. At lunch time, the havoc is so great that Mr. Obama has no other solution but deposing Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Geithner, blamed for criticizing China and chooses Stitglitz and Krugman, two ‘Am Segullah’ with a heart, for both positions – indicating the Banker Priests to convert, giving them a final chance to join the human r=evolution, to redeem 10.000 years of idols and walls to protect stolen wealth, since the Jericho days. But it is more difficult that a rich enters the ‘kingdom of heavens’ than an elephant a needle. And the move is misinterpreted. The dollar keeps falling, it crosses the 2 barrier. And the day ends.

2nd day in China. Mr. Hu is frightened for the repercussions of the incapacity of Wall Street to defend and reabsorb its own debt and the clear instability of the dollar. So from this day on, he announces, all contracts in commodities and goods sold and bought by China will be made in stable Yuans. At the same time, in ‘prevision of wild movements in the price of shares that will not reflect the true value of Chinese Companies’, Shanghai and Hong Kong will remain closed, its shares will be made nominal and tomorrow, when they open, for a month, till markets stabilize any transaction will require a tax, as all other commodities do.

When Wall Street opens the stock-market plummets more than 11/9. Massive evasion of capital is now the main reason why the dollar is openly over 2 the Euro. The ‘Am Segullah’, as they did in Germany in 1917, when the Americans entered war and they felt Germany would loose, are taking their go(l)d away and selling shares of American companies. But late in the afternoon the market crossing the 7000 barrier stabilizes. Why? Some opaque funds are buying huge chunks. Trustees with enormous quantity of cash start to accumulate majority stakes in CBS, Warner, Fox, Intel, Cisco, Oracle … audiovisual, electronic and Robotic Companies. In the afternoon, Mr. Obama deposes all his Economical team, who he blames publicly of provoking the crisis and puts in place a group of ‘spic negros’, socialists, left-wingers.

4th day. Mr. Hu affirms that the world needs the help of China in this difficult situation, and so the Yuan has been made convertible and now it can be traded in Shanghai and the Bloomberg platform. Stampede. Two curious reactions in New York. Office reopen in Wall Street for the first time in the century, and in the night quietly, massive shifts of funds are taking place to the Industrial Bank of China. But there is also a lot of activity in JFK. Limousines are parking, coming from New Heaven. The ‘Am Segullah’ are taking planes. No tickets to Sidney or London left. Obama, rumor has it, has left to Hawaii to ‘reflect on the crisis’, and he is nowhere to be found. Joseph Johnson doesn’t inspire confidence. In A big financial company has asked to delist in Wall Street, but the new Stock Czar, Joseph Johnson, says nobody moves and it is ‘obliged’ to nationalize her and her archrival, Morgan, to avoid a massive evasion of capital taking place, a century after they plotted the foundation of the Federal Reserve. Selling is now frantic. Dow approaches 5000. Now the Japanese have joined; Tokyo is selling too. And the Russians and London and Paris… Dow Jones touches 5000 at the end of the day.

5th day. As the Yuan quietly crosses the 4 to 1 barrier, the Chinese bureau of statistics publishes one of those ‘half lies’ with opaque numbers difficult to assess, it turns out that a revised calculus shows China to have the highest GNP of the planet and the news are trumpeted across the world. Then Mr. Hu opens the currency markets with a Yuan fully convertible… welcoming foreign investments.

This means Central Banks must reassess their currency baskets and sell the American dollar, which is put on the market by China, Japan, Russia, Brazil… Only Tritchet has been defending it, dragging down the Euro and Mr. Zapatero, in an urgent measure, as President of the European Union deposes him and scraps the laws of ‘Independence of the Central Bank’, by decree among a clamor of all the European Press, who accuse him of being a dictator. Mr. Zapatero however is nowhere to be found.

6th day. Sabbath. New York is a ghost city. So many people didn’t come to work today. It looks like Berlin after the 2 boats with the gold of the Deutsche bank had departed… Where are all those CFOs? The Khazars though, in Brooklyn Heights are scared. They haven’t done anything wrong, except selling some Sony cameras with Chinese lenses, minor peccadilloes. They flock to their synagogues but the Jamaicans are also coming, and the Dominicans and the people from the Bronx and Queens… And the riots start, and this time there is no major in New York, sending the police to defend them. Mr. Bloomberg managed to delist the platform hours before Joseph Johnson was appointed, resigned and now lives in Chelsea. He is having a Chateau Rothschild for lunch, as we speak...

In Sidney, however, not only the fleeing Am Segullah are gathering. They also expect 2 planes. One left Moscow earlier in the morning and stopped in Beijing to repost. There was a small plane coming from Narita in the same track… The other is coming from the west. It left Madrid in the morning and stopped in Rio. 2 peaceful planes, which are not surveyed by radars, which carry no weapons but the Wor(l)d inside and are not going to kill 3000 people in the World Trade Center but are indeed going to take over Wall Street.

And then, in the airport, a conference is announced to the world press, by one Mr. Hoe Bruja, just on the dawn of the 7th day, Sunday, the day of the Lord of Love and Social Evolution, the day of the Mestizo Galilean, who gave his life to the banker-priests and the Roman Warriors to redeem mankind. It is afternoon in Brooklyn Heights and blood is running, but Sunday starts earlier in Australia. In their synagogues, surrounded by the Germanic-Americans, the enslaved negroes, the spics, the Jewish are asking the brain of Yahweh, its banker-priests to save them, in their Sabbath day, but the banker-priests all gone, seem to have responded, as they did to Hitler, who according to Brenner, as late as 1942 offered Rabbi Michael Dov-Ber Weissmandel a bargain basement tradeoff that liberated the entire Jewish population of Western Europe in exchange for $2 million – something on the order of a dollar apiece for the entire population. Weissmandel conveyed this offer to the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in Zurich, only to receive a reply from the Zionist leader Nathan Schwalb of the HeChalutz in Switzerland explaining why this offer had to be rejected: ‘Since we have the opportunity of this courier, we are writing to the group that they must constantly have before them that in the end the Allies will win. After their victory they will divide the world again between the nations, as they did at the end of the First World War’s end, we must do everything so that Eretz Ysroel will become the state of Israel, and important steps have already been taken in this direction. About the cries coming from our country, we should know that all the Allied nations are spilling much of their blood, and if we do not sacrifice any blood, by what right shall we merit coming before the bargaining table when they divide nations and lands at the war’s end? Therefore it is silly, even impudent, on our part to ask these nations who are spilling their blood to permit their money into enemy countries in order to protect our blood – for only with blood shall we get the land’.

In other words Jewish martyrs from the Pale of Settlement, impure Khazars, who are not considered Jewish by Orthodox rabbis were needed to justify the creation of Israel, and who better served this purpose than the concentration camp victims (too many of them assimilationists) who had not already heeded the invitation to come to Israel?1

Who will now save the impure? But the Messiah is coming. In Australia Sunday is breaking and Mr. Hoe Bruja will be speaking soon. Nobody knows him. But an announce is made that Mr. Zapatero president of EU during the 1st semester of 2010, Mr. Obama, Mr. Putin, Mr. Lula, Mr. Hu Jintao and Mr.Yukio Hatoyama will be assisting. Nobody notices that Hu Jintao, Obama and Mr. Europe form the main name of our guest speaker, Mr. Hoe, and Brazil, Russia, and Japan, form the surname Bruja, which happens to be witch in Spanish, a coincidence? Not so, because some magic is being done to resurrect the world. As in the ancient times, when Joseph, banker of the Pharaoh, represented an entire tribe of speculators, 0’% of the world population but with a majority stake in the Earth Inc., now Mr. Hoe Bruja represent over 2/3rds of the World GNP and more than half of the Earth Population, leaders elected by their people, managing directly the language of power of the world, and that is a ‘change we can believe in’.

Suddenly in every major audiovisual company of America a man from the government, which has become the biggest stock-holder of all of them, during the stock-market turmoil appears to take the CEOs position and all the televisions connect, Sunday, 0.00 time in Australia, Dawn of a New Age, and Hoe Bruja take stage. Mr. Obama has now to deliver the most important speech of his life; for the first time he must say the truth, nothing but the truth… The rioters stop in Fairfax, Brooklyn Heights, even in the City, which did not join, the foundational temple, the majors of NY and the Rothschild M.P. drink up the Chateau and connect.

7th day. Sunday in the Pacific paradise. Still Sabbath in the world,

And so Mr. Hoe Bruja announces that due to the havoc caused in the World of finances and markets that has ruined the economy, thrown 100 million people out of jobs, and has no solution coming from the private banking sector, to which states have given already several trillion $, and due to the selfish speculation going on at FOREX currency markets that have sunk the dollar, to stop the destruction of the world economy and the true wealth of nations, harsh measures will be taken: all stock-markets, financial companies and central banks in the aforementioned countries and any other nations who wish to join the World Union have been nationalized. All stocks are made nominal at the price of this day and hour. Future transactions will require a notary and an IVA tax as any other commodity. A world currency, the ¥€$ money has been established, fusioning the currencies of the 6 nations, which establish an immediate salary of 1000 yes dollars/euros (adjusted to each nation in terms of PPP – purchase per capita power) to be paid monthly to every citizen of those nations, with the purpose of causing a massive demand in basic human goods that will lift the economy of the world, creating the biological goods mankind needs to survive and a massive wave of employment to produce them. Each of the 6 nations accepts also a mandatory 30 % annual public deficit to start the immediate production of those goods. 1/3rd of the deficit will be invested in other nations of the world to promote the expansion of the World Union.

An immediate invitation is extended to all the countries of Mankind, specifically to Mexico in America; the President of the Arab union and Nigeria in Africa, Korea, soon to be reunified by our politicians, India and Indonesia in Asia to join the World Union: M.A.N.K.IND. Thus the Government of the World Union will be hold by the presidents of the ‘12’ main tribes of mankind. The executive presidents will be the triad of super-powers, Hoe, with one vote for US, one for China and one for EU. The other 9 nations will fill the Vice-presidencies with ½ a vote each one. Thus, the main Nations by population and GNP of all the continents, form a quorum of 7.5 votes. Any of them will be able to put forward legislation, which will be immediately vote by the presidents and if reaching majority, it will become law in all the countries of the world Union:

US, Brazil+Mexico (vice-presidents), will form the Executive of America. EU+Russia+Nigeria+Arab Union, (formed by creating an economical and Social Union, similar to the European Union, a new dawn for the Arab world, brutalized today by the absurd ‘anti-Semite’ policies of Mankind against the last surviving God of the metaphysical age that must be revered and respected), will become the Executive government of Eurafrica and China + India, Japan and Indonesia, will be the Executive government of Asia… And then, as Mr. Obama, who now indeed will deserve the Nobel Prize of peace, unwinds the details of the World Union, the miracle happens, the spics, the negroes, the white trash of America lower their guns and extend their hand to the bearded Khazars, as Sunday extends its new dawn towards America.

And so a new Economical world, which represents the majority of the wealth of the world is born, a global currency to create deficits for welfare goods is born, a new alliance of power to convert our war economy into a peace economy is born, as a minimal salary paid to billions of people end the poverty and scarcity of life-enhancing human goods our go(l)d economists claim could not be cured… In the next paragraphs we shall design the absolute ideal of such Economic ecosystem to the service of the world, based in the scientific laws of super-organisms.

It is a dream? Perhaps, but a single Man, Mr. Morgan and his associates, Warburg and Rothschild, dreamed the inverse operation to take over the American financial economy in the Bank scare of 1907 and won. As Chengtzu said ‘from one comes two from 2 comes 3 and from 3 come the 10.000 beings’. To dance this game, it is only needed courage and intelligence, Maximal energy and maximal information, the 2 qualities, which the Universe selects in those species it allows to survive. It is ultimately the butterfly effect. Mr. Ho is more than enough in front of the passivity of the world to manipulate finances and take back the rights of the people to control through their elected and organic parties, the future of mankind. Obama is the butterfly, which causes the hurricane in the other extreme of the world, that engulfs the planet, as Mr.. Europe joins. And then Mr. Bruja… SInce the 6 ‘chosen leaders’ for this tale, happen to represent humanist, left, socialist, state parties of today in Spain (Mr, EU), Russia, Japan and Brazil. Or what is left of humanism in this age.

And finally M.A.N.K.I.N.D. It is the last chance of survival. So the question is, are all our ‘kings of the Empire of Man, where the sun never sets, puppets of the stronger go(l)d of eviL=Death? If Mr. Morgan did from his office at 5th Avenue, if Mr. Obama wants to be more than a Weimar puppet – who remembers the long list of names that headed that republic? – he must do it. If he is happy just being a ‘house negro’, smiling and getting the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite, he will go under with all of us. What those humanist politicians need to do is to show the same bravery, the same confidence in their ideals, the same determination and strength than Animetal cultures have shown in their enthusiastic bid to destroy the world, in order to save it. And what both need is to listen to the truth of the wor(l)d. Quid est veritas? Itam audio, num et tu? But if you don’t the world will not save you. Bottom line is that this script is going to happen at a slower pace, performed by the Free Market during the next years, as the world shifts its economy from US to China, when China overcomes very soon the American GNP and the Am Segullah move to the next country with their treasure. It has happened to Spain, to Holland, to France, to Germany and to America in the modern age, and will be played with little variations, so the question is, are we going to manage the future scientifically or just deny the truths of cyclical economics and let it happen anyway?

In that regard, the question that History will answer soon, is if we are free as a species. It is obvious that the animetals are not, and the older their ‘eviL’ memes are, the more convinced they are that their extinction of life is ‘righteous’. But, what about those who pretend to be ‘good’ and do nothing, the corrupted left? Are they mere ghosts, placebo functions? Can social love detain the program of extinction carried about by selfish tribes and homo bacteria? We shall now soon. If we are all slaves of go(l)d and eviL, of greed and murder, we shall die soon. But it is a better destiny to die with honor with the truth of the wor(l)d than to live as a slave, puppet of the metal-masters. And this is what the last human beings who walked in America, John, Joseph, Malcolm and Luther knew. They were all killed. So they were spared to see what the wor(l)d has become in the hands of the puppeteers. To them I will mention again their Messiahs of love, Moses, ‘do not steal’, Jesus, ‘love’, Marx, ‘change your worldly religion’, Trotsky, ‘the r=evolution will be a world r=evolution or it won’t be’. This is what we certainly learned from the last prophet of the wor(l)d murdered by ‘steel’, Stalin, the warrior, the last Cain of the human kind. But there is no much blood left, not much time. Mr. Hawking has set the clock of the end at 5 to 12. For all this it is obvious that if Hoe has to exist it must r=evolve the entire World NOW. Nothing else will do.




Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 23.45.05

XXI C. history has 3 protagonists, China, governed by Mr. Hu Jintao, America ruled by Obama and the original Go(l)d-Smyth culture, Europe, represented by a rotating president, which in 2010 will be hold by Spain. It is the triad of presidents that could avoid the extinction of history, repressing the lethal machines of the Age of the Singularity. Instead they are guided by Capitalist Economists, and Mechanist Physicists, the ‘experts’ on Go(l)d, weapons and machines, who are driving mankind towards extinction. It is time for Mankind to return to an organic view that makes man again the measure of all policies. To achieve those goals our politicians must act as a single Wor(l)d nation, following the arrow of Social Evolution that ensures the survival of any species in the Universe and gain back the controL of the languages of power of our society.

 Mr. Hoe vs the singularity.

The world has today 3 leaders, China, America and the EU. Contrary to belief, the most important of those 3 leaders is China. Because it is the nation of the XXI century, the most evolved socially, the most advanced culturally and the model all the others should imitate to control the evolution of machines with the power of the law. So far Obama lives the fantasy of being the ruler of the most powerful nation, thinking he is the new Roosevelt, but the new Roosevelt is Hu Jintao, the leader of the new nation, China. Obama is just the last leader of the American Weimar. So if he doesn’t want to precipitate America into a new neo-fascist age, he must understand the cycles of History and collaborate with the new leader, China, to prevent the end of Mankind.

As Europe, no longer the leader of the world did after II W.W., America must adapt, through r=evolution, to a cheaper, safer, ‘dolce fare niente’ Social system, instead of competing for the ring of Go(l)d, which will be Chinese. But why we say R=evolution? Because the power in America is not in its people and its constitution, who cheer the equality of all human beings; but is still hold by a minority, belonging to the ‘Biblical, Gold-Smyth’ culture. As harsh as it might sound, the American R=evolution never happened; the ‘house Negroes’, the American People, were never liberated from their Go(l)d elites; only the plantation Negroes became partially free—but they never achieved their social rights. Go(l)d has always ruled. And yet, there has never been a chance like the present crisis to make a peaceful social r=evolution without killing anybody, without using the tools of neo-fascism, as never there were so many Americans who desired a change of leadership and ideologies, a science of history, an evolution of their social mind. .

.   In that sense, Obama should not be a ‘house negro’ for the Biblical Inquisition, with the job of punishing Islam, the plantation negro. Those ‘Semite wars’ and ideologies of hate and go(l)d are not his, neither those of America, born as the dream of a world of equal human beings of all races. Obama has not been elected to be part of foreign wars, to try to compete with the 4 times bigger population of the Chinese World, to maintain the Apartheid of the Gaza Plantation. He has been elected by the votes of American ‘human beings’ to create an economic ecosystem that works for ‘we, the people’ of America, not for their people-castes and their absurd Millenarian dreams of global go(l)d power. So he must put money to work for ‘the people’. Or he will soon wake up in Weimar 1930s; and either he will have to become a neofascist leader and go against their own people, as ‘house negroes’ used to do, or take over the White House and make a real r=evolution, the first in the history of America.

The easiest path, of course, is to follow the ‘business cycle as usual’: Let the elite prey on the American people, while repeating ‘ad nauseam’ a fiction of ‘don’t worry be happy’ that ignores the real suffering of the Nation. And then, as always happens when we don’t direct our business and are in denial of its incoming ruin, one day all explodes and there is no future but death.

Thus, only a miracle coming from our leadership—an Asimov’s ‘Mule’, a Lot, a ‘Neo’, could save mankind of his non-future.

But Lot needed at least to find another just man, and indeed, an alliance of China and the US could change the world, as we have explained in the previous ‘plot’. Let us now be more precise, creating a super-organism of History, presided by a collective of the most important nations of the world.

We shall call this collegiate Presidency, ‘Hoe Mankind’, as the world is now trilateral as it was in the 20s, with 3 Economical giants, America, China and US and a series of nations that should be easily convinced to participate in such government. So let us imagine that in the first semester of 2010, Hu Jintao, Obama and Mr. Europe, H.O.E. give a global coup d’etat and decide to save the world, convincing the rest of American, European and Asian leaders to follow suit. What they should do to create a world to the image and likeness of Mankind, a paradise on Earth?

First to define a simple way to vote executive laws. Mr. Hoe—Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Obama and Mr. EU, (represented then by Mr. Zapatero) with 1 vote each; and the 8 Vice-presidents of the main cultures and countries of the Wor(l)d, Brazil, Russia, Japan (Bruja), Mexico, the Arab Union, Nigeria, Korea, India and Indonesia (Mankind) with 0.5 votes have over 75% of the GNP and human population. Thus their decisions imposed as executive orders could solve the problems, if they would abandon the racial and mechanist myths of the Go(l)d culture and recognize the fragility and equality of all human beings. If this humble acceptance of human nature and the duality of the Tree of Metal Vs the tree of Life were recognized, if the capital(ist) sin of mankind, arrogance, the desire to be more than God, could be cured, the survival of humanity, the reversal of the Genesis prophecy would be extremely easy to achieve.

If Mr. Hoe Mankind would recognize himself as human flesh, not better than Joe 6 packs, the mass of human beings, victims of the Metal-earth, the people who elected him to whom he owes allegiance he would realize that the problems of the World are not those of the International Bankers, the Industrialists and Physicists, which are going to eliminate us all, but those of his brotherhood of human beings, the anonymous nobodies, just like you, Hoe Mankind, are for the Universe.

Let us then dream on a conversion of our leaders, before the Age of the Singularity kill us all. What Mr. Hoe Mankind should do?

3 unavoidable measures are once and again repeated as a Mandala in this book, in the way we receive the same repeated subliminal messages about greed and murder, the hidden values of money and machines=weapons, in our text books and TV-sets. Since they are the only possible measures against the present crisis, before its final ‘zenith’, III World War and the Age of the Singularity, ends with Mankind and Hoe:

–     A Demand Economy, backed by a Political World Union in control of the 3 languages of power of our societies, weapons, money and the law, which should be created by real politicians, elected by the people, by Mr. Hoe Bruja, with legislative capacity to r=evolve the institutions of the main countries of the world, specially our military, reorganized to fulfill 2 roles, as a World Army, able to end the 2 most conflictive zones of the Earth, where robotic weapons are evolving – the Semite wars and the Korean border – and as a Global police against machines of the Singularity, able to destroy all its factories.

—  A global agreement among all those nations to create a single currency, (now operating in the IMF as SDRs, a credit currency without use in the day to day economy of the common people), ¥€$ money (Yen-Yuan-Euro-Dollar) based on a fixed by law, simple parity: 100 yens=5 yuans =1 eurodollar. ¥€$ money will be adjusted by inner prices within months and all other nations could peg ‘continentally’ their currencies to the yuan/ dollar and euro. That simple measure would scrap once and for all the taxation against Human Goods, Social Policies and the countries of the 3rd world, all the global speculative market of currencies, created by electronic money to profit the people who have sunk the global economy. It would allow running the same fixed public deficit of 30% of GNP, ‘ad eternal’, in all nations, established also as a global law. Since only an enormous public deficit equal to the ‘deficit’ created by speculative money in stock-markets, no longer possible, without building robots and other lethal goods of the age of the Singularity, once the electronic wave of machines has exhausted their reproduction, could create a Demand Economy, based in life enhancing human goods.

It is a myth that the extraordinary deficits of money created in stock markets are ‘Surplus’ and money created by governments is ‘Deficit’ that should be taxed. Stock money is also deficit, but it is not in the hands of elected people but in the hands of private companies with an agenda that was fully realized in the age of e-money, which multiplied by 20 their valuation (10 NYSE +10 NASDAQs, starting from zero). That money in the hands of speculators ended social democracies, corrupted politicians, scholars of ‘think- tanks’ and all systems of information of this planet.

Instead, shares should be made nominal and money invented by governments to use it on the people. The myth of ‘government’s deficit’ was created by companies to have a monopoly on the creation of money in stock-markets and to pass laws of deficit zero, against the rights of elected governments to manage the language of power of our societies. Governments can perfectly create massive quantities of money if they agree to fixed parity currencies—a global currency—as nobody can destroy a global currency, the reference value of all prices in society. Governments then should create with that eternal, self-sustained annual deficit, a New Deal of jobs and investments in Human goods, agriculture, education, textile, health-care, tourism and environmental protection, sustainable jobs that create a massive demand of human labor, not of machine labor, as those created by technological companies. It should be also given for free to people, establishing a global minimal salary to create Demand on basic human goods that would create companies in all non-electronic and military sectors of the economy that favor sustainable growth. Again is a myth that money has to be ‘earned’. It has to be ‘spent’ in the proper goods.

Money is information invented for free. So the matter is who should spend that money, once it is invented. When speculators invent it for free, it is spent in technological companies that push closer our date of obsolescence to the machine. When government gives it to the unemployed and the poor, it creates demand on basic goods—housing, food, clothing, transport—the goods that would make a world to the image and likeness of man. Those are precisely the areas totally under-invested by 30 years of diversion of resources to electronic technologies, which are making human beings obsolete and create hardly any jobs. Indeed, Human Goods companies create much more jobs per unit of capital invested than technological companies, because they require doctors, teachers and farmers to produce their goods, while machines produce high-tech machines at ultra-expensive costs. In other words, we must reduce the productivity of the economic ecosystem, by creating jobs of minimal productivity and maximal labor; exactly the opposite policies to those imposed by economists to the service of electronic and financial companies.

—  And this requires a global ban against the machine of the Singularity age; against the evolution of robotics and chips, to prevent the obsolescence of the Human Mind, the human worker and the soldier. Because there are countries in Asia, which are unfairly competing with human workers, building automated factories, if those nations do not change their laws, it would be unavoidable to create massive, penalty tariffs to goods produced by hardcore technological companies, mainly from Japan and Korea that are using robotic workers. They have crashed the profits of all the European and American companies that still keep labor regulations and pay their middle classes a real salary. So those nations either ‘learn’ to protect human labor, or else they will have to buy their Toyota, Asimos and Samsung Terminators, which now patrol the wall between both Koreas with right to kill humans. It means also the destruction of all scientific labs dedicated to the research of the Singularity. This must be done by political power, as the very scientists that are researching the Singularity, with the excuse of finding the meaning of life and the Universe, will never do it. Again is a question of beliefs, of people that cannot reason.

Since they have also a mechanist, entropy -only religion of the cosmos that doesn’t accept by dogma the organic, fractal models of XXI C. science that make those experiments irrelevant. But politicians do not need to enter into such theoretical debate. They just need to understand the obvious fact that replicating black holes and self-reproductive metal-bacteria on Earth is a case of ‘scientific terrorism’, as it endangers all mankind, regardless of the ideology hold by the ‘terrorists’. A physicist or nanorobotist evolving metal bacteria at CERN might kill billions, because he believes a false scientific ideology, instead of a religious one. This is irrelevant to the politician, who also ignores the Talmud or the Koran of zealots and jihadists, but should forbid all the nuclear weapons of CERN, neofascist Israel and fundamentalist Iran. In all those cases the politician must only address a case of ‘potential murder’, as he is guided by the higher value of life and prevent both ‘terrorist’ actions. CERN will start colliding at ½ potency this Christmas its Geneva beams to make black holes. We could survive ½ potency. But after Summer 2010, at full potency is very likely that black holes or strangelets will be formed and we die.


Those are the minimal measures that Hoe Mankind, or at least Ho (China and the US are the minimal partners that have enough critical mass to change the world) should take. The more nations that are ‘convinced’ to join the World Union, the higher its success. To that aim, Hoe Mankind will use all the languages of power, including its military and financial muscle, to ‘treat hard-die capitalist’ nations that oppose the resurrection of the World, sinking with its collective muscle, in an inverse fashion to what ‘Free’ markets do today, currencies that follow capitalist policies. One can expect Hoe Mankind will have on Monday, after declaring the world union to sink the ‘last refuge’ of capitalism, the 2 founding father nations, the Pound in the City and the Swiss Frank. And so now is Monday, first day of the New World Order, and like a synchronous clock, the nations of the 6 countries sell pounds and francs. And in the city of Geneva, the land where Calvin said ‘the intelligence of God is gold’, in the city where the first singularity will be born at CERN, the 1st division of the World Union Army takes over the airport and the nearby Installations of the black hole factory, running exactly one hundred meters below the planes. Since indeed, the first of those minimal measures will be directed against the 1st singularity which will be born in Geneva, of which Nostradamus said ‘run, run from Geneva, where opposite rays of gold will collide in the Saturn rings, in the well, where they will exterminate us all’. To avoid those ancient prophesies of the Wor(l)d people that can be traced to the Genesis (‘Do not eat of the fruits of the tree of science, because the day you do you will die’), we need indeed the ‘decisive action of a few people, who have changed in the past the world, nothing else can do it’ M. Mead.

Fortunately enough, CERN is a single machine and there are few ‘robotized nations’ today. And all of them depend on exports, so they will obey, if the will of Hoe Mankind is put to the task. And so the ‘Hoe coalition’ could oblige those nations to destroy their robotic factories. Samsung should stop making terminators or else face a global ban on its mobile sets. Toyota should stop making automated factories or else sells its 8 million cars at home. Because the factories of chips that fuel the brain of robots are few, ultra-expensive, unneeded industries of ‘mental germs’, they should be treated as we would treat a factory of Ebola virus. Ultimately NATO could easily bomb lethal chip and robotic factories, a Sunday morning for the glory of Human Gods (avoiding causalities).

The first one it should bomb is not a factory of chips but of black holes, built at Geneva, where Calvin said the intelligence of God is gold, where gold & lead ions, the most perfect informative atoms of the Universe, will be smashed to create the most perfect in-form-ative species of the Galaxy, the black hole. In that sense, the military should defend mankind not the machine. The military should not be an industrial complex to the service of go(l)d, but an army with ‘honor’, in ‘Defense’ of mankind. Hoe should issue an executive, judicial and military order to stop the Quark Cannon, which could be, despite being marketed by the Nuclear Company of Europe to naïve politicians and the ignorant press as an instrument of research, the Final Weapon envisioned by Mr. Nobel… Indeed, the Large Hadron Collider is a 7 Teravolt, light-speed, super-conductive, super-fluid quark cannon, the jewel of the military/industrial complex that completes the evolution of Cannons, after 800 years of its invention.  And if that cannon blows up the Earth in the next years, we will all be ‘history’.

Humanity must understand the collateral damage on life of the mathematical language and those who practice it as their religion truth, Economists and Physicists. Since mathematics is void of any biological, moral sense; and so those who only use abstract numbers to perceive reality are irresponsible ‘children of thought’, which can kill at distance with their machines and money, as Physicists and Economists do. By relinquishing the decisions over the future of mankind to those die-hard, mechanist, capitalist, digital human castes, mankind relinquishes his survival to people, who don’t care or feel those ‘verbal truths’ are relevant to their goals – the creation of ever more powerful machines to understand the Universe in mathematical terms and the creation of more money at any costs, to become richer.

That is why Mr. Hoe should trust his instincts, instead of trying to understand the ‘equations’ of Nuclear physicists and the ‘financial instruments’ of economists, he should cut the ‘shit out’, simplify his decisions and cancel both industries…

Mr. Hu Jintao Mr. Obama and Mr. Europe should take over the economists and techno-utopian scientists, robotists and physicists of the Age of the Singularity and change the world, while they can. They shouldn’t hesitate to use tough legal measures, shrug off the ‘greedy’ criticism they will receive from all the ‘interested parts’ and ‘believers’ in the ‘myths’ of economical freedom and technology as human progress, trust their survival instincts and abort the Age of the Singularity. Since humans must remain top predators of a world made to their image and likeness. Certainly those measures would be popular, since the common people don’t want to die researching black holes and nano-bacteria; they don’t want to spend their hard-won salaries, in subventions to bankers.

There are today 3 focus of war and lethal technologies that are happening as usual among the 3 most specialized animetal cultures of History and will bring soon the ‘end of III W.W.’ (the extinction of man by an Organic Weapon, the Singularity):


—  The Swiss=German+French bid for the Final Weapon at CERN that might end mankind with a ‘single shot’.

—  The Korean/Japanese culture of Eastern warriors, with their blatant racism against Asian workers, substituted by robots, cause of our unemployment crisis, and now used as terminators, patrolling the Korean border.

—  And the Semite wars between Palestine and Israel, also with its robotized walls, Nuclear weapons and apartheid systems.

Thus, ideally, Mr. Europe should clean up his ‘courtyard’ and stop CERN; the Jewish-American government should clean up ‘hers’ and demilitarize Iran & Israel and China should roll over the 2 Koreas and unify them.

To that aim only a Global Dictatorship, created by our triad of Presidents (with invitations to all M.A.N.K.IND leaders, though Mr. Ho=US+China can win this war alone), should control the evolution of lethal technologies, solving the 3 centers of animetal conflict. Yet if Mr. Hoe wants to take power from animetal castes, it needs to use the same tools they have used to destroy history: money and weapons. The tombs of history are full of  well- intentioned leaders, who pretend to solve the problems of the world with inefficient systems of government and ‘legal words’, which have proved, once and again throughout history, useless in front of the hierarchical, efficient organisms of armies and company-mothers. And no form of government is more inefficient and corrupted than a bipartisan democracy. Our democracies can’t even stop the actions of Somali pirates or capture a terrorist moving in a mule for 8 years! They have been 40 years talking about the Semite wars… without solving anything. Mr. Obama instead should put 2 million soldiers in Iraq and first clean up Iran of nuclear weapons and then Israel. Today Korea is about to break ‘big time’ into the business of robotic weapons, with the excuse of defending his wall. So Mr Jintao should invade first North-Korea and threw its dictator and then cross the border and destroy South Korean terminators and its lethal industries. And the French-German Presidents should stop the retarded concept they will understand the organic Universe and achieve ‘Grandeur’ making black holes on Earth. The issues are difficult because marketing hide them to public scrutiny.

For example, while people easily recognize the German passion for weapons, marketing hides the fact that the quark cannon built at CERN is just the final evolution of artillery, of the German military bias for the arrow of entropy, energy and death as the only explanation of reality. In the Semite wars, control of mass-media hides the fact that Israel is not a weak nation. It is the 6th most powerful army of the world by fire-power; and probably the most advanced, as it shares all the secrets of its ‘mercenary army’, the United states, in weaponry. Again, South-Korea seems to us a ‘victim’, when it is, plainly speaking, a culture identical to Japan . . .  before II W.W. They are the same warrior people, the same culture, but Korea does not have a ban on military industries that Japan imposed after the war. Thus Korea plays the role of Japan in the II Kondratieff cycle, in the present cycle of smart weapons. And it is in a neck-race with Israel to discover the lethal weapons of the Singularity: nano-robotic bacteria, geared by photonic chips (of which Israel has the best patents) and terminators (Guardium Vs Samsung). Both also compete for the dubious title of the most militarized societies on Earth. North Korea has the 1st position by soldiers per capita, 5%; Eritrea in perpetual war with Ethiopia, the 2nd place and Israel the 3rd, 2.4%. Or to put it in numbers, both Koreas together have a standing army bigger than the one of the United States, only 2nd to China. Moreover and this is little recognized, Germanic tribes, Jews and Koreans have discovered all the weapons of the 800 year cycles of world war. Koreans discovered the stirrup and dispute the title with Chinese Taoists for the cannon. Aryan probably found the bronze chariot and the iron sword. Semites discovered the mercenary army paid with Go(l)d and the Bronze sword. And Jewish-Germans brought about the Nuclear Weapon and the computer. 8 of 8. So ‘business cycle as usual’ means that one of those 3 eternal animetal people-castes will find the Final Weapon, either the black hole or the self-reproductive nano-bacteria or the robotized weapons, which in a Global age of War will end history. Unless a Global Presidency ends up with those 3 theaters of perpetual war.

Singularity weapons mean a 10-fold increase in their capacity to kill humans, as the prices that measure in stock-markets the quality of weapons& machines have also ten-fold. Yet if we increase tenfold the deaths of II World War we obtain 6 billion causalities, the entire human population. This is the meaning of the Singularity, a single black hole at CERN, a single nano-bacteria will start and end III World War, which is not the ‘Semite Wars’ of which we have talked more than enough. The future of war is being researched, as always, first in the labs of mechanist scientists. But this time it won’t need as we explore organic bombs and organic robots, more than one single shot.

If the miracle happens, if Hoe Mankind or a ‘G-20’ with a real agenda beyond the photo opportunity takes mankind again as the center of its policies, using the tools of ‘Scientific, organic economics’, and acts up before extinction, he might implement some or only a few of those measures. I am just a scientist of history; the ideal might be lowered, the closer we come to the ideal the longer we shall survive. If we do nothing, except lying to the Wor(l)d, as it is expected, ‘business as usual’ means that we all shall die within 2 decades by the Singularity in the last Holocaust that now will fall over all mankind, as the Gold-Smyth culture of Germ(ans) and banker-priests has been globalized. CERN is indeed, directed by a German, Rolf Hauer, paid mainly by Germany, a nation directed by a Physicist. Death will be performed by a quark cannon but it will be signed by the only people whose capacity to worship evil=Death is higher than the banker-priests, chosen of Go(l)d, by the Goths themselves, with their cult to entropy, energy and death, their ‘Final Solution’ to the Universe.

Then, peacefully in the same way our go(l)d masters use harsh economical policies to control the world, they should use harsh legal and financial measures to reverse the unemployment crisis:

Japanese keep churning robotic workers that lower the salaries of all the factories of the world, which compete with them. So Mr. Hoe should slap 100% taxes on Japanese products made with robots and put stringent limits to their creation. Or else Toyoya will bankrupt GM and throw a million related jobs to the garbage, justified by our economists under the ‘myths’ of Productivity. There is no time left to argue those myths, but to act against them.

A benevolent dictatorship of the 3 dominant nations of the world, backed by their allies is needed, to save labor from extinction, by building a better world according to the laws of organic science. Nothing else will do. The problems are clear, the nations and castes that are causing them are known, the solutions and tools to implement them in a human way, before the Singularity and neofascism spread, exist. But it is war against those nations a human way? Indeed, if war is managed properly and surrender always accepted on the terms exposed by the World Union. Israel, Lebanon and Palestine could easily enter the European Union and form 3 states in peace, without walls. And if it is needed to invade for a period those nations, to change their ways, it would be a human action.

To let Israel discover new Terminator and robotic machines, to commit again self-suicide, guided by their go(l)d myths is an error. To let North-Korea build new nuclear weapons and starve its population is not humane. Because the UNO was aborted, as a Global Government, we lack leaders with the will to sacrifice national interests for the sake of all mankind – and that is the role of Mr. Hoe. Survival is at stakes. The biggest mass of biological flesh of this planet is a super—organism of Ants, stretching thousands of miles across entire nations, which has defeated all the ‘national ant-hills’ that preceded it. It is a tale worth telling.

The Argentinean ant was transplanted to Australia and Europe, where it mutated and became super-eusocial. Now there is a super-organism of billions of ants that stretches from Portugal to Italy. It is the most successful nation of the world, fast displacing all other ants and predators of the micro-scale of living organisms. It is a recent mutation that happened to meet new challenges of a new environment. Unlike all other ants, divided in ‘national’ ant-hills, all Argentinean ants form a single nation, which is extinguishing their European rivals. Could mankind mutate, now that it faces collective extinction in the new environment of the Age of the Singularity? We will now within 2 decades, if we are still here. Because or we mutate our minds as the Argentinean ant did, or those challenges will eliminate us and the machine, which is connected in a global social organism through networks of computers, will play the role of the Argentinean ant; while we will be the old Eurasian ants, divided in selfish nations that Argentineans are extinguishing.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 23.44.56

Politicians must use laws to legislate against lethal goods produced by Free Markets and foster Human Goods in a sustainable planet. While we cannot choose the laws that create efficient, healthy social organisms, we can choose the best humans to implement them.

Democratic, Demand economies.

If the Miracle happens and Hoe Mankind overcomes the crisis of the Singularity, the III World War, He could then try to create a paradise on Earth, a world made to satisfy the natural drives of human beings. The ‘free market’ is an ecosystem of machines and reproductive companies that prey over human beings; it is not an ecosystem made to satisfy human, bio-logical needs, which are different, based in life-enhancing human goods. Economists and Politicians should acknowledge this and reform their political and economical ecosystems to cater to the biological drives of mankind, with a demand economy, not to the drives of machines, reproductive companies and the go(l)d greed of their stockratic owners, with a Supply Economy. To that aim they should produce human goods, goods which have no negative effects for mankind, instead of promoting technological machines with free credit to their company-mothers given in stock markets. Yet the only way to obtain a similar free credit for life-goods is a Wor(l)d Union with a single global currency, Ye$ money, which allows huge government deficits and resources to solve the crisis. Then Mr. Hoe could design a world made to the image and likeness of Mankind, following the scientific laws of social organisms,

But bio-economics is just a part of a larger science that should control the economy from the perspective of mankind, Bio-history, whose aim is to design, under the scientific laws of social evolution, a collective super organism of history. Since species achieve immortality after its 3rd evolutionary age of information, by becoming a social, cellular organism. As a theorist I can only offer a model, which might not be possible to implement in this planet before extinction, given the degree of corruption of mankind. But that doesn’t mean a science of bio-history cannot be implemented. Since there will be many other planets, self-repetition of this fractal planet, perhaps with less metals in its surface or with more evolved Homo Sapiens; and in a few of those worlds, it should exist a World Union, a perfect human super-organism, which is what the science of bio-history designs. In such world, bio-historic politicians take back the control of ‘credit’, designing an economic ecosystem, which creates the goods that fulfill the biological drives of mankind. A scientist does not search for the laws of nature, only to know those laws, but he studies them to manipulate reality with that knowledge.

Because a scientist knows the laws of nature, he can modify reality to improve his existence. In the science of medicine, man can cure many diseases of which he was a victim in the past, because he understands the physiological cycles of the human organism. Then he uses the ‘bio-chemical language’ of drugs to cure those diseases. If the ‘doctors’ of history and economics were able to understand the laws of those sciences and control the ‘language’ of economics, money, they could manipulate the future of history and economics in favor of our species. Hence the enormous importance of developing a ‘real’ science of economics and history. Yet only a biological approach to economics can truly understand the nature of machines and how they are transforming our ecosystem, creating the ‘Metal-Earth’. The same biological approach could design a political organism that ensures the survival of mankind, recreating the ‘Human-Earth’ and limiting the expansion of the ‘Free Jungle’ of machines, which guided by the laws of evolution that favor the stronger machine species, is killing Gaia.

What prevents the existence of such biological science of economics is the teaching of a false science of economics, based in Biblical myths, paid by company-mothers and ‘interiorized’ as a science, thanks to the mathematical postulates of earlier Biblical economists (Smith, Ricardo, Say, Malthus) and the repression of all alternative ‘socialist’ models. Those digital go(l)d religions have only a goal: to increase profits by reproducing and selling ‘free’ money and machines. So they promote economists that preach a Supply Economy and invent myths about ‘efficient’ markets, which make us believe that the control of monetary creation by stock-companies is good. Obviously the system always prefers retarded scholars and politicians, who believe with enthusiasm the complex myths, those eviL geniuses, corrupted by the system, invent. The result of the actions of both types of scholars is the same: an economy, which doesn’t cater to the goods people truly demand and puts the language of social power, money, in the hands of non-elected elites. In that sense, the central concept of our classic economists is that the economy must be based in the freedom of production of technological goods, not in the needed demand of human goods by the majority of people and only companies can invent money in stock-markets. This is clearly anti-democratic and creates ‘scarcity’ of the goods and jobs people need to survive.

It is obvious that a supply economy is not a democratic economy; because it does not provide what most people demand, but what a few companies and their owners wish to produce to make more money.

For that reason all Free Markets (by definition supply economies), are anti-democratic. This fact was well known among the economists of the post-war era, because the policies of supply economists, indifferent to human goods, caused the 29 economic crises and latter promoted the massive production of weapons that ended in World War II. They produced ‘cannons instead of butter’, as it was fashionable to say those days. But today, economists study M.B.As, Masters in Business Administration. That is, they do not study the truth about economics, but practical ways to make more money and get a job in a big corporation. So most economists today never criticize the Corporations that feed them. Those corporations, on the other hand, are the ones that sponsor M.B.A. schools and pretentious Economic Prizes, like the Nobel given by the Bank of Sweden. So we have even a Nobel Prize that approved on Slave Trade, because of its positive influence on Capital Accumulation. Companies enroll scholars that dedicate all their efforts to develop ideas in favor of the products of a supply economy, even a war-based economy, as ‘Think Tanks’ do today in America. Since you can increase economical growth through the production of weapons (as Hitler did in Germany in the 30s). All consider the goal of societies to increase the quantity of money and machines of that society (Adam Smith’s Postulate). Such is the Free Market ‘dogma’, which excludes and censors all other possible economical alternatives. For example, when I studied at Columbia U., regarded as the best American University in social sciences, there were two authors whose books were unavailable at the library: Sade, who conflicted with the puritan, religious, repression of sexual customs and Marx, (without doubt, even considering all his errors, the most important scientific historian ever), because he denounced the ideology of Corporations, regarding what the goals of History and Economics should be. The other 3 geniuses of social, organic History, Spengler, Sombart and Campbell were considered Anti-Semite… How can then mankind survive, when censorship has aborted the most important of all sciences, history and denies the existence of the human super-organism itself? As a result history as a science is in a state similar to medicine in the Middle ages, when it had not yet recognized the existence of ‘cells’ joined by networks of energy/blood and nervous systems. Today American historians still think that individual cells, not physiological systems, create reality.

They cannot even recognize social informative and energetic classes. They tell you without loosing face in professional congresses, ‘Ah, but you ‘still’ think social classes exist?’, or advance that you believe in ‘confabulation theories’, if you try to explain the underlying ‘black hole’ laws of monetary information and how they rule History. 100 years of visual fiction has made the neo-Paleolithic man so simple that he has to ‘see’ to believe reality. Never mind that the fundamental force that rules and in-forms the Universe, gravitation, is also invisible as monetary information is. In the Neo-Paleolithic what the TV-man doesn’t see doesn’t exist. This visual mind is in essence the basis of racism against blacks (wrong color) and Mexicans (wrong size), so extended in the US. Their theory of History is that humans are all Homo Bacteria, gifted with a selfish, individual, primitive, unicellular quality, called ‘freedom’, bestowed by the uniqueness of our species (a few even dare to explain this is due to the manifest destiny of America, the land of Go(l)d Religions), who will in due time, thanks to this wonderful, undefined, abstract thing called technology, which is just organic metal, colonize the galaxy and become again the center of the Universe. Lol (-: This retarded scholar, economist, historian or politician, believe in the ‘Axis of evil’, he believes the ‘poor’ are lazy, inferior cultures that ‘don’t want to work’—not that they have no jobs, because productivity throws them out of work.

Those eviL dogmas can be read in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ that show the true soul of our cultural leaders: The poor are always guilty, machines are always good, the righteous are always victims, mankind is always evil and our financiers are genius that deserve billions for pressing the money-making e-machine. Thus, since our economists only learn those ‘capitalist=mechanist’ myths, when Mr. Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson or Geithner, heads of the Federal Reserve and financial ministers of America, all ‘Treasure People’, get political and financial power, they righteously give their cronies the money they extort with taxes from people, who they have the chutzpah to blame of the crisis, for asking mortgages . . . Then they save money from human goods, saying that social security is not ‘untouchable’, or blaming China for the crisis and whenever they can, they will try again to multiply further electronic money in stocks and derivatives. So the global endemic shortage of credit for human goods keeps rising, 1 billion humans have tuberculosis, another billion have crossed the barrier of under-nourishment . . .  But those people are invisible to the ‘gold chosen’, financial ministers, IMF officials and Central Bank bosses, mentally colonized long ago by one ‘Adam Smith’, one Ricardo and one Friedman . . .

Yet in a real Democracy economics would not be a digital ‘Go(l)d religion’, but it would be taught properly. Taxes on people would not exist. Economists would learn and foster a demand economy, where the Government would invent free money to subsidize the Human Goods that people want and regulate the stock-market to favor the cre(dit)ation of Human Good Companies, instead of technological companies that increase the competence between human beings and machines. And needless to say, there would be no derivatives, no FOREX markets, no currency and commodities speculators . . .

Fact is human goods grow in price because they have no stock credit to promote their reproduction. While machines lower prices, because they have free credit for their research. Inflation in human goods is a process caused by lack of credit that limits production of goods people need, increases their poverty and pushes the spiral of money reproduction and wealth towards a few stockrats. Less than 300 human beings have more than 2 billion, when in most ‘hierarchical organisms’, neurons have only ten times the quantity of energy than the energy cells of the body have.

This should be the iron law of salaries, copycat of the laws of efficient organisms: the CEO of a Corporation should get only 10 times more than the lowest salaries. While tech salaries should be a tenth of the salaries in companies of life-enhancing Human Goods, which should have a tenth of the taxation imposed on tech companies. So greed would work to enhance a sustainable economy. Today the inverse is truth: Since 1973, the radiation of e-money has increased tenfold the quantity of stock money for tech and financial companies. This inflation has caused higher prices in human goods, lower prices of technological products and it has biased the economy against humanity. The reason such aberration continues is pure greed: Weapons of high price and digital software of minimal cost of reproduction make more money than butter of low price and maximal cost of reproduction: 

Max.Profits=Max.Pricex Min.Cost of reproduction=Arms& software.

Min. Profits=Min. Price x Max.Cost=Human goods made with labor.

Those are the equations that extinguish us: the equations that make every economist working for a corporation to lie and invent ‘productivity excuses’ to churn more machines and less butter. Then once the corrupted scholar has invented his sophisticated ‘ceteris paribus’ mathematical falsity (and we could write an entire book on how anti-truths become truths, on how ‘ceteris paribus’ choices of ‘selected’ causes bend that truth, on how mathematical equations are manipulated to obtain a result), then the retarded scholar will repeat this ‘ad nauseam’ to the politician and financial minister that will implement our extinction. While the non-corrupted, non-retarded scholar, will be censored. The anonymity and lack of individual responsibility of Companies and stocks, protected by the law of Anonymous Societies has accelerated this process. And the result is the constant obsolescence of billions of human beings that have been thrown into a chaos of poverty similar to the one suffered by life species, which were displaced from the life ecosystem by earlier humans.

But the GNP of nations keeps growing, because weapons and digital software ad to it, instead of being subtracted from the GNP, as negative goods that kill the body and mind of human beings. This is the trick: Economists only report on the fortunes of our companies, on stock prices, which keep growing up, not on the labor crisis that keeps going down, because mankind, the poor, are in ‘digital values’, expendable numbers of productivity equations. So we are out of the crisis, as labor keeps dying to robots and software. Yet despite digital censorship, the result of such loss of jobs and the excess of weapons for the body and for the mind (digital software) are a growing number of ‘freaks’, poor people without human goods and entire continents in perpetual warfare, like Africa, whose inhabitants were first property of companies as slaves and now are the dumping hole for the ecosystem of machines. While the 3rd world of people living in our countries is a sub-human world of chaos and McDonalds, of TV-freaks and ghettos, where millions are kept at minimal cost.

In bio-history, in ‘ethonomics’, a science of economics based in the bio-ethical needs of man, goods have positive and negative values as in all frames of reference of real sciences().

In the world of economics we have to differentiate the products reproduced by companies and individuals in two clear groups:

—  Human goods are required to survive and improve human body health and mental health/information.

—  Lethal goods, such as weapons and digital software. harm human beings.

The wealth of a nation should be defined as the wealth in Human Goods that most citizens require and enjoy, because they improve their lives: Agriculture, housing, health, education, free time, peace, freedom, textiles, a clean environment, books, art, public transport, etc.’ Further on, these goods require a lot of human work, because many of them cannot be reproduced by machines alone. So they create employment.

On the other hand, the poverty of nations is their wealth in those goods which destroy mankind, such as weapons, which destroy our bodies, or robots, which destroy jobs, or ‘mental machines’ such as TV-networks that hypnotize humans in front of a false virtual world based on violence and movement (animal eyes, become hypnotized by light and movement even if it harms them, like flies going to the light where predators eat them easily). Such hypnotism ‘consumes’ between 3 and 6 hours a day of our lives, diminishing our social intercourse, our capacity to learn through readings and makes us violent men, obsessed with consumption and money. Addiction to television could, in such a sense, be compared to addiction to drugs.

We could also include Internet among such negative goods. Over half of Internet time is dedicated to pornography or violent video films/games. The anonymous system of Internet and the technique of browsing does not allow sound relationships between citizens either, or a serious education, as a library with analytical books provides.

A real GNP would take into account the biological value for the evolution, reproduction and survival of mankind of the goods delivered by companies. Goods that foster our 3 biological goals—to maximize human energy, information and reproduction—are ‘Human Goods’ with a positive value that bio-historians would foster with a demand—economy based in a Free Salary for all human beings, who will spend that salary buying human goods. Taxes and legal prohibitions to robotics and lethal goods (weapons, digital software) would, on the other hand, reduce the demand for lethal goods that kill or make obsolete the human brain and the human body.

The real, biological value of goods for mankind would determine the ethonomic GNP of a nation, which would be higher when more human goods are produced and less ‘negative’ human goods a nation makes. It is in essence, a scientific version of the index of human development used by UNO to measure the development of nations, in which education, health-care, housing, art and peace count. Yet, the use of real GNP statistics is forbidden, taboo among the neo-fascist economists that run the show of business, as all the proposals of UNO, the ‘black beast’ of the equalizing culture, are. Indeed, while this book might put the record straight and introduce some scientific advances the study of history and economics, humans are not ‘that stupid’ and the United Nations have, for 60 years, created an scaffolding of a global government for the benefit of all mankind, respectful of cultural diversity, which could have created a convergence of nations and a wealth of human goods. But ONU power has been aborted by the Go(l)d culture, with its control of mass-media, financial budgets and Companies.

Their proposal has been the equalization of all mankind, as ‘their lesser clones’, the lower classes, workers and consumers, of their globalized culture. And to the astonishment of all the good people that thought mankind could evolve, their proposal has won. It is all a question of hierarchies. The people-caste on top, the corrupted scholar and stockrat, have given through their company-mothers and mass-media outlets, orders and information, obeyed and believed by a 2nd mass-group, the daughter-cultures of Calvinism (the old British empire) and conquered elites of the world of the ‘capitalist=mechanist’ world, from Japan to Mexico. That block of around 10% of the Earth’s population, vehemently opposed to the brotherhood of humanity, has stigmatized the rest of nations, people and cultures, as losers, non-chosen, ‘3rd world’, primitive, whatever. And yet, those other people, whose only outlet of expression has been the International Forum of UNO, has developed in those halls and small-budget offices, the blueprint of a far more intelligent, sophisticated, creative, positive world that will never happen by lack of credit.

The Earth could be a paradise of human goods with the right science of ‘ethonomics’. Yet today the Digital Go(l)d religion of economics provokes scarcity of human goods, while fostering the reproduction of lethal goods of higher profits.

A demand economy implies that the creation of money, the language that organizes the economy, must be regulated and implemented by Human Governments, chosen by the People, not by companies and stock-markets imposed by historical power.

This implies the creation of money, not in stocks by company-mothers of machines, but in governments to foster the side of demand, the human side of the economy. Yet we have a system in which money is invented by stock-markets. While the little money extorted by the government through taxes is also given to companies. For example, AIG, an insurance company has received over 200 billion $ from the government, to handle it to their executives and other Global banks who lost money in speculative bets. In a demand economy that money, almost 1000 $ of monthly salary for each American, would be spent in basic human goods, which in turn would create more production of human goods and more human jobs. This is the key concept of a real demand Economy, a global salary to each human being, which will create a sustainable, constant demand and production of Human Goods, with far less money than Stock-markets invent for new technological companies, which merely push further the evolution of machines, coming closer to the Singularity threshold of human extinction.

To achieve that aim a global currency is needed, the yes currency, based in a fixed parity between Us dollars, Euros, Yuans and Yens (used today by the IMF to clear credits between those nations), to which other currencies could be pegged. Such currency could afford unlimited deficits as the only global currency and so it could pay a global salary that should give millions of human beings survival money to consume human goods. The myth that those people do not deserve a free salary, while speculators deserve to make billions of dollars, just by pressing buttons on their money-printing computers, is widely believed among the ‘slave minds’ that read or watch the mass-media propaganda of Wall Street Journal and Fox-TV, because they don’t even understand that money is invented for free, in stocks and derivatives. So they think the banker actually works to earn it and the unemployed is a lazy looser that doesn’t want to work and doesn’t deserve to live. Fact is the informative castes, the elite cells of the organism, don’t work.

They invent for free money. While the 3rd, ‘energy’ class doesn’t work because it is excluded from the ‘organism’, not because it doesn’t want. In any social organism, only the re=productive organs and its cells, the ‘middle class’, truly works in an efficient manner. But at least, in a working organism, she gets far more energy/money as a whole – 90%- than the minority informative caste, which in healthy organisms obtain 10 times more salary to work for the benefit of the entire organism – not over a million times more money than the energy cells, while destroying and repressing the life-enhancing energy and information those cells need, as our elites do. And so to maintain such balance, all organisms have ‘nervous, pain systems’ that punish a mad-brain, not ‘Anonymous Laws of Social irresponsibility’, as our stockrats have. Plainly speaking, our elites have created a corrupted human organism, infected of lethal goods, where most cell-people are sick. So soon the entire organism will collapse and at that point there will be wars and revolutions and also those neurons on top will die.

The true cause of this crisis, the massive reproduction of chips, their economical software, e-money and their machines that make humans obsolete in labor and war fields, the IV Industrial R=evolution, must be recognized. If politicians could understand those Kondratieff cycles and what the Singularity means for mankind, governments would decree a nominal value for all stock-shares, freezing their prices to avoid further investments in technology, which is driven by speculation in shares prize. Then organic, simple decametric taxation and salary laws should be imposed to foster life-enhancing goods, jobs and companies. Once this is achieved, Governments would start the reproduction of ¥€$ money to pay a fixed salary of 1000 (Euro=dollar=5 Yuans=100 yens) per capita.

Such World salary free of taxation in a World Currency, created by decree and implemented by the will Mr. Hoe Mankind, could cre(dit)ate, within a month, enough demand of human goods to start a massive shift on the economical production of the Earth, first in those top predator ¥€$ nations of the world that together account for 1/3rd of the global population and 2/3rds of its economical production – then in all nations that join the World Union. Needless to say, the ‘World Salary and Currency Act’ would be the most popular law ever decreed. Then the rest of nations could peg and substitute their currencies directly for ¥€$ money, within months, printing ¥€$ notes, adjusted by inner inflation to each nation, as the Euro was, within months (100 Yens=10 ¥€$=5 Yuans=1 Eurodollar).

On the other hand, the Salary act would establish a decametric scale of 1 to 10, as the range of salaries within any company.

And two types of minimal salaries:

– ½ the World salary for tech-companies and…

– 2 World salaries for companies of human goods.

The obvious effect would be a shift of jobs and investments from lethal good companies to human goods companies, from underpaid lethal industries, towards farming, hospitals, housing, textiles, tourism and education, as workers on those industries would double or increase twenty fold those basic salaries…

The Physiological role of politicians.

If a demand based economy is the first rule of a real democratic economic system, the second rule, taken from the behavior of all social organisms is also clear: Political laws should control money and use it to foster economic ecosystems that produce instead of technology, human goods needed for man to survive. Since all organisms are ruled by its networks of information, or nervous system, in the case of History, the Political, Legal system, not by its energy networks, its blood systems, in the case of History, the economical system and certainly not by the DNA-code of a foreign virus, in this case the digital information of machines and money that reproduces an alien species to mankind.

The scale of social order in the Universe is perhaps the most amazing proof that our metaphor of mankind as a Universal organism is real. Since social evolution it is the natural law that organizes herds of beings in the Universe. From galaxies to atoms, from leafs to cells, from humans to worms, social organisms are gatherings of individual cells joined by informative and energetic systems. However some of those systems are better organized than others. Those who are better designed survive longer. Among animal beings the best organism is the mammal, in which the nervous/informative system controls the blood, reproductive and energetic system, in which the political/informative law—we might say—controls the excesses of the economical, reproductive and energetic system that delivers energy to our citizens/cells. The physiological parallelism between the energy/information networks of highly evolved mammal organisms and the networks of cultures and nations, of social organisms is obvious:

The information networks of societies are made of our languages of information, which are our words and our laws, which inform and control the behavior of people. A healthy nation is one which has, as a healthy body does, an informative, nervous-legal system that is just, carries information to all cells and obliges the blood-economic system to deliver human goods to all those cells. A healthy system is also dynamic, able to evolve, when its laws or physiological Constitution is not fit to survive in the ever changing environment in which the organism lives . . . This is what a mammal system shows. Unlike a primitive worm without nervous evolution, ruled by blood flows, a complex organism and a complex society have informative networks/laws to regulate the economical/blood system. Unfortunately most of our national systems have not arrived to that degree of evolution. In most of them, the legal systems, the ‘Constitution’ of the social body, is fixed and it has not evolved for centuries. While the blood-energy system, the economic ecosystem, dominates over the nervous-legal system, as it happens in the most primitive species of animal life . . . Such blood-based systems are unable to optimize resources and distribute efficiently food to all their cells, provoking bottle necks and simplifying the products they deliver.

Such blood-based systems, without the intelligence and control the nervous system provides, carry all kind of products to their cells, including germs and poisonous products. In our economy, the ‘blood’ produces digital software and weapons, lethal products, which destroy social organisms, but they cannot be controlled by lack of a nervous/legal system. So our ill-designed social organisms are easy prey of those external germs, the viruses that infect the body of history. Further on, without a proper nervous system, there is no way the cells can communicate to the brain their desires and desires . . . Feed back is important in all organisms that work. If cells, subject to erroneous laws/nervous messages, coming from the blood-economy could not complain and feed back pain to the brain when they lack energy and information, the organism could die.

A doctor sees the body of a human being as a collection of individual cells (human beings in history), joined by two basic networks, the blood network of energy—the economic network—and the nervous network of information, the legal orders that societies obey. When those two networks are healthy, all the cells of your body receive energy-food and proper information and survive. A bio-historian sees his nation in a similar way: as a social organism that politicians—the informative neurons that deliver nervous messages called laws—and industrialists—that deliver goods to the blood system—have to keep healthy, providing the proper energy and information to all the social cells, to avoid their collapse and death by the main sickness of historic organisms: war, poverty and misinformation. Weapons and digital software are not human energy and information. They are viral goods that kill our minds and bodies, a symptom of physiological sickness in our organic systems, whose corrupted laws and a corrupted system of credit reproduce. Those lethal goods, which the body-cells do not require limit credit and production of human goods that cells need (education, food, housing, etc.)

A good healthy legal system should be built on those bases. It should be dynamic, (without fixed Constitutions) and easy to change when it hurts the people of the organic nation. It should strive to keep the order between the cells of the body, at the same time that it permits and encourages the distribution of energy and information among all of them. Who should be the master cells of such organism, the blood-market, or the political system? Obviously those who emit the information, the laws, the nervous impulses that control and harmonize the cells of the body, the politicians.

Indeed, only very primitive social organisms give to the blood system (as we do in our primitive free-market societies) higher rights in the guidance of the social organism than to the informative centers. Thus,, two are the sickness of our Modern social organisms, which explain our social ills—war, poverty, an excess of lethal goods and the sickness/pollution of our body/ Earth:


—  Politicians and stockrats, the informative castes of society in control of their nervous, financial and legal orders, do not accomplish the role as neurons do in the brains of social organisms. Politicians, as the privileged makers of laws, are special cells of a society. So are stockrats that give the reproductive orders to the organs of the social body. Yet they owe themselves to the citizens they control and they should also be punished and judged and suffer when the people suffer, as it happens with the neurons of the brain. Otherwise when the organism produces lethal products and gives wrong directions to the body, since those brain cells cannot feel pain, they don’t correct their mandates and the organism becomes sick. How to achieve that feed-back control of politicians? This is a problem of democratic societies, never solved properly that explains why our nations do not run so well as our bodies. Imagine that you step on a burning iron and your brain does not notice or you eat poison. Your foot will burn, your body will die. And this is what happens to history: politicians guide societies in the wrong direction and stockrats produce poisons, but both are irresponsible, protected by parliamentary immunity and Anonymous societies.

—  Markets, the blood-systems that reproduce the products needed by the organism, are on top of the nervous system and their ‘brains’ are controlled by viruses; exactly the opposite hierarchy of a healthy organism, where the nervous system controls the blood cells, which control the symbiotic ‘bacteria’ that make up most of the cells of the organism. Thus, politicians should control the blood system that should reproduce human goods and eliminate lethal goods that kill; instead of feeding the cells of our societies they should reproduce only the ‘good, symbiotic bacteria’ of the tree of science, peaceful consumption machines. In a healthy organism of history markets should be submissive to the legal-informative systems that design the organism to cater to the needs of all human cells.

A healthy social organism has a form, a Constitution, designed by the nervous-conscious system, to which the market should adapt. Only very primitive organisms on the first stages of evolution give their blood-systems total freedom, to carry any goods they can capture and reproduce. The existence of a nervous system permits to differentiate between positive goods that do not harm the organism and poisons – lethal goods such as weapons, digital software or robots, germs that kill the organism. Free Markets are such sick social organisms ruled by the germs and blood/money of company-mothers, instead of being ruled by legal systems.

It is indeed clear that in all organisms—big or small, made of cells, or human individuals—each member of the organism should have according to the natural law of organisms, food and proper information to survive. So the nervous-legal system should create the Constitutional frame and laws for such things to happen. After all, every single cell of a healthy body receives from its energy-blood system and its nervous-information system, a minimum quantity of those two precious goods needed to survive. Or else the body falls sick and the entire organism suffers. However, human beings lack those minimal goods in present societies, because our economic ecosystem is geared to produce not the goods human beings need, but the goods machines need; electricity instead of food, digital information instead of verbal knowledge; factories to reproduce machines instead of houses and hospital . . .

Since our informative elites are colonized by cultural myths in favor of go(l)d and machines. Mechanism and capitalism is indeed, the viral code that destroys mankind, carried by the most primitive animetal cultures that have made humanity into a worm full of poisons. Those 2 ideologies were resumed in a false ‘postulate’, which validates right-wing=metal economics.

The Adam Smith Postulate: ‘The wealth of nations is the quantity of money and machines a nation has’.

Once this postulate is religiously accepted; since men want to be wealthy, it follows that our objective in life must be to reproduce more machines and more money. This is represented mathematically by an equation that equals the financial and physical body of the ecosystem of metal – most of the goods with a high price – which nations consider their main wealth (MV: quantity of money = PT: quantity of products of great prices, mainly machines). This GNP is religiously accepted in Economic Universities, where in the last decades, Human Economics have been forgotten thanks to the power of companies and the academic institutions they systematically back: company foundations, universities paid by companies, prizes like the Nobel prize given by a bank, or economic forums that only represent companies and the wealthy, such as the Davos and GATT conferences, the IMF, the World Bank, International institutions from the cold war era, etc.

Thereafter all politicians and economists, indoctrinated by the Adam Smith Postulate that merely translated the mechanist and Go(l)d ideologies of Germanic warriors and Canaanite traders, will try to increase the National Product of a nation, measured as the money and machines the nation has.

Indeed, the Smith Postulate does not define a healthy wealth. It is a religious postulate that Smith, believer in Calvinism, invented to support the doctrine of Calvin: ‘The intelligence of God is money’. It is a historical fact that the time when a nation has more money and machines is during periods of war. Then the quantity of human goods, basic for our survival, such as food, housing, life and freedom are minimal. So metal-money and machine-weapons are not the wealth of nations, but the goods that provoke its scarcity; and the Smith Postulate should write as:


Max. Stock-money=Max. Lethal Goods=Min. Human Goods=Min. Social Wealth-Health


Weapons, robots and ‘mind software’ are lethal goods that diminish the health of nations, despite being promoted systematically by right-wing=‘mechanist’ parties. Besides they are goods that require few workers, far less than human goods, since machines are best at reproducing machines. Or, as in the case of robots and Internet, they directly fill human jobs. Robots can potentially substitute all industrial workers. While Internet sales means the end of ±100 million workers worldwide in the shopping sector for the benefit of a few multinationals of computerized sales systems.

On the other hand, human goods are goods promoted by left-wing parties, which should be given the generic name of ‘Humanist parties’, parties that promote human goods.

¿How an economic society reproduces our two kinds of goods?

It does so through credit, through the invention of money, which later on is used to give orders to citizens that will work under salaries, reproducing either one or the other kind of goods. However there are two ways to invent money in our society.

Money can be invented in stock-markets, through paper-shares, which are a credit given to a company. That company will then use that money to invent and market their product.

Money also can be invented through governments and banks, by means of paper-money. Again that money is later on used by the government to reproduce or promote the products of the welfare state.

We talk of 2 kinds of deficits: deficit of stock-markets and deficit of governments.

Technically speaking, both deficits mean the same: free money, invented to reproduce goods. If either the market or the government invents too much money, there is inflation and money loses value. So there is a limit to the quantity of money governments and stock-markets should be allowed to reproduce, or else, the economy becomes unstable.

However both kinds of money are not used in the same way.

The market, since it appeared in the XVII century in Holland, as an instrument for the reproduction of gunboat weapons, systematically invents money for metallic goods, but it hardly invents a penny for human goods.

This happens because ‘stockrats’, the owners of companies only look for profits and profits are higher in expensive goods (the most expensive goods are weapons) and software goods (digital goods very cheap to reproduce). This is why there are so many weapons and ‘metal-minds’ in our societies. We do not need them, but the credit of the market reproduces them. And we have to consume them.

On the other hand, the government invents money for welfare goods, human goods, needed by humanity, which also creates a lot of employment.

If Humanist, socialist parties could explain this properly to citizens, they could then differentiate between both alternatives and decide what they want: Butter or cannons, human goods or metal goods, human workers or unemployment and machines reproducing more machines? Yet in as much as the two languages of power of modern societies, law and money, are controlled by companies, through stock-markets, lobbyism and the imposition of zero deficit laws, there is no real choice for citizens as the deficit of stock companies reproduces and promotes the consumption of machines.

  1. A real democracy crafted with organic laws.


On top: mechanist, right-wing parties impose dictatorships of companies. Underneath: social, left wing parties try to save the Human Earth.

 In as much as a democracy means the control of the languages of power by the people, our society is not a democracy, because the government elected by the people does not invent most of the money—companies do in the stock-market—or does not follow the mandates of its population when it makes laws and uses that money (lobbies influence legislators in favor of companies, which always get the share of financial transfers, as today happens in America). Such is the true meaning of the dictatorship of democracies; companies dictate the laws and the credit of democracies. Among those, the law of Anonymous societies makes the owners of stocks, the new ari-stockrats of the modern world; since they have no legal responsibilities as aristocrats did: Both had an almost exclusive control to reproduce their language of power.

Today it is money, in the past weapons, which aristocrats controlled. We might say that we live in a new ‘ancient regime’ where the new aristocrats, stockrats, control the law and the money of our societies. Even parliaments during the Middle Ages had more freedom since they controlled the money the king had . . .

If we add the fact that mass-media companies control most of the information that reaches our citizens and only filter the ideas and facts that promote right-wing=pro-machine ideologies, is obvious that we live in a ‘dictatorship of Free markets’, not in a democracy. A dictatorship where companies control, through laws and money, the two languages of social power in human societies, the life and ideas of its citizens.

Such dictatorships are far more evolved in America, where the system of legal lobbyism, prevents the real existence of any Humanist party. There, companies select politicians through campaign money, which is never given to politicians with human ideals or those who oppose the people-caste in control of its finances. Once those politicians are elected, companies keep them in check with ‘legal bribes’, which are offered routinely to those senators that vote laws in favor of companies and their products.

Europe walks towards such a model, where companies dictate the laws and credit all the money of our societies; where citizens have no power and political parties are mere theatrical masks, which hide the dictatorship of stock-markets (where money is invented) and companies (that control the stock-market and the information that citizens have). However, in Europe this model is not yet completely formed. There are still left-wing politicians that truly want to defend the rights of citizens, as it happens among the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in America. How could then those politicians achieve their goal of improving the life of human beings? Simple: speaking the truth about bio-economics and bio-history. In that sense, Human Parties have a great advantage over the abstract economics of right-wing=metal parties, with their messianic concept of money and machines as the only tools to make man progress and evolve: the power of truth over myth, when both are rightly explained. So Human Parties can use those truths to validate their ideas about what products the economy should reproduce and how nations should manage the economy.

Today Human parties are divided into different groups with differing social theories, like communism, ecologism or socialism, all of them obsolete and ignorant on the biological nature of economics. That lack of coherence and modernity, further defeats Human parties in general elections. However left-wing=Human parties could forge a valid alternative to assume power, if they were able to unify their economic ideas and social objectives, with the higher theoretical rigor of bio-history, which today ‘Right-wing’=mechanist parties lack, as their thesis are based in the myths of mechanism and capitalism. Unfortunately the ‘Newspeak’ of those myths passes as science, while the truths of humanist parties are fogged by political corruption, military dictatorships, like North-Korea and Cuba.

It is surprising in that sense the lack of evolution in Humanist parties, compared to the constant renewal of the myths of capitalism=mechanism that knows how to dress-up its objectives in new clothes and placebo fantasies of anthropomorphic power that the common man loves to dream.

For the time being, left-wing parties still promote old ideologies, like Marxism, which need to evolve, after 150 years have passed from its initial formulation. While Marxism is essentially the first step towards the building of a science of History, to consider its laws dogmas, as Communist parties do, is absurd. It is a similar case to the absurd dogmas about entropy that Mr. Hawking and those who back the creation of black holes on Earth uphold as supreme truths, 150 years after they were formulated by steam researchers.

Biohistory draws from evolution, the Kondratieff, Marxist analysis of cycles of history and the understanding of the confrontation between upper animetal castes and social, human beings, but denies absurd, hateful, Marxist ideas against social, love religions, which are the first formulation of bioethics. Religions are not the opium of the people, unless they become Go(l)d religions and inquisitions.

In that regard, a deeper analysis of all social doctrines shows an absolute parallelism between Ecologism (praised in Genesis), the purest expressions of Social, Oikoumene Religions (Mosaic Laws, Catholic/Orthodox Christianity, Shiite Islam and Buddhism) and Socialist parties, all of them evolutionary phases of the Natural Laws of Social love among individuals of the same species, which Bio-History put together.

All those doctrines are thus part of the science of Bio-History, which should be the only science of politicians, as sciences have only one truth: 1+1=2. The laws of science are not elected; there are not bicephalic organisms. The laws of the Universe are unique, either right or wrong. And in the case of politics, those laws are the laws of social organisms that left wing parties and love religions have explained to mankind.

Bipartisan, bicephalic democracies do not offer 2 democratic choices but a choice between Live vs. eviL, between Democracy Vs the dictatorship of Companies:

The model of right-wing parties or ‘mechanist parties’ is the dictatorship of companies, where the rights of machines and their ‘company-mothers’ are superior to the rights of human beings and their natural goods.

The model of ‘humanist parties’ or left-wing parties, where the rights of human beings, their elected governments and their life enhancing goods are superior to the rights of machines, is the only true democracy where citizens would have, through their governments, power to direct the economy and the politics of nations.

It is time for humanist parties to renew their obsolete ideologies about economics and challenge the technological Messianism of right-wing=mechanist economics, with a mature, scientific analysis of economic ecosystems that dismounts the myths and alibis of right-wing parties. Politicians are the doctors of history. They should direct economics for the betterment of man. They should ‘prune’ the tree of science, destroying its ‘eviL= Life extinctive’ products, in order to create a true paradise of human goods, where men, not machines, are free. To safeguard democracy humanist parties should come together.

The original sin of right-wing=metal parties, is their greed and technological arrogance, their incapacity to distinguish between human goods and lethal goods, the bad fruits of the tree of science. Those goods give higher profits, but as the prophet said, if we taste them, they will kill us in body and soul, as they do in wars and virtual screens. Those goods should be limited, as Humanist parties have always proposed. To that aim Ecological parties, Christian parties, farmer’s parties and socialist parties (humanist parties) should put together a platform of social and economical proposals, from the perspective of a Human science of Economics. The tragedy of left-wing parties, of Christian and agricultural parties that today vote for Free market policies, is their belief in the rhetoric of ‘technological progress’.

Orwell talked long ago of the naive approach to technology that left wing parties had with their machine cult, which would unavoidably result in militarism (Stalinism) and the destruction of the environment. It did in fact, turned communism into a cult to military machines, only less efficient than the Western versions. Communism, with its excessive emphasis on the fight between social classes, deviated the attention of left-wing parties from the real problem of the world, the competence of man vs. machine that anarchism expressed better. A real democratic system will credit human goods, to increase their production and lower their prices. Yet today, even left parties praise ‘productivity’, consider technological progress the solution to the crisis, give tax-payer money to banks, deny the need to nationalize ‘digital information’ (banking and mass-media industries that manufacture the mind of human beings and control our orders with salaries and prices).

The result is that our left-wing politicians today accept, either because they are corrupted or because they know very little about real/cyclical economics, the explanations about productivity of economists paid by companies and their think tanks . . .

Survival requires to unify political and economic ideas in favor of man, to confront the animetal ideologies of Right= Mechanist-parties that defend the Metal-Earth and its machines, opposing Left=Human policies, which defend the Life-Earth and its human goods. Thus bipartisan democracies are a false choice, between corrupted parties that cater to the ‘dictatorship of companies’ and ‘humanist parties’ that want to evolve the organism of history. Since only the 2nd choice favors our survival, so the 1st one should be forbidden as a sickness of our societies. Moreover, because companies control money, the system is biased to promote right parties and the dictatorship of companies, destroying the meaning of a democracy. In fact, not a single survival organism has two heads, but only one head/party that follows the Natural Laws of the Universe, promoting the goods needed by the Organism. Thus, a real democracy will have a single party, the party of the bio-historians, neurons of the organism of history, with ‘open lists’, choosing NOT the policies fixed by the biological laws of history, but the best individuals to implement those laws. It would have also a Court or voting system to judge those politicians, after their mandates, according to the quality of their work, as cellular organisms do, sending ‘pain messages’ to the neurons that harm the organism with its wrong decisions. Such organic democracy is more akin to a Theocracy or Socialist Government, which can be considered primitive versions of that Natural kind of Government that the World Union evolves further, thanks to the scientific advances of bio-history.

A real democracy has nothing to do with a bicephalic partisan system, in which citizens choose between an ‘economical dictatorship’ (right wing parties) and corrupted socialist politicians (left wing parties), which however, are not accountable for their mistakes, nor chosen individually by their qualifications (closed lists). A real democracy will only choose ‘bio-historians’, scientists of history that understand the laws of biological, social evolution in open lists, electing people by their quality. And it would also have a second voting ‘season’, after those elected officials end their mandate, in which voters should be able to punish or reward those politicians with standard penalties and prizes, including the highest prize—a re-election and the lowest one – jail..

That would be a real democracy, in which a single mind, as in all functioning organisms, the laws of bio-history, guides all elected officials and people choose the quality of individuals, judging them by the quality of the mandate. For example, in the last American elections, the GOP party, obviously a party that caters to the dictatorship of Companies, would not run for office. There would be only a party, ‘the Democratic party’, the party of bio-historians. And elections would not be closed elections but open elections, Primaries, for all public offices. So politicians would be bio-historians, scholars and scientists of the laws of Social Organisms. Thus, the choice would have been between Mr. Obama and Miss Clinton. Then, after the electoral period of Mr. Obama, he would be judged with 4 simple choices:

—  Jail for a period equal to the time he served, in which he had total freedom to decide the future of the nation (maximal penalty and so far this is what he would be getting for lying in all his promises till date.)

—  Liberty to pursuit a private life without penalty or reward (neutral judgment)

—  A financial prize of an equal salary to that he received in office for the same amount of time (minimal reward)

—  And re-election (maximal reward).

Those are the kind of rewards an organism gives to its neuronal cells, sweetened by humanism, to avoid the true punishment of corrupted cells, which are killed by the leukocytes, when they become cancerous cells spreading viral products in the organism. The organism thus kills the lethal cells or sometimes isolates them, preventing sections of the brain to send further damaging messages to the body of the organism. Or it maintains them in their privileged status if they work properly.


 world union

The Wor(l)d Union is a perfect world designed by bio-historians. The model could be imposed if the Go(l)d, Sword and mechanist myths of the 3 animetal castes of Bankers, Warriors and Scientists that rule the Earth evolve into an ‘organic’, humble vision of mankind within the context of the biological Universe. Today only a ‘R=evolution’ against those 3 castes of power could implement it, as history is about to die at the hands of the Singularity and there is no time for a slow transition.

In the graph, the Government of the World Union will be hold by the presidents and vice-presidents of the ‘12’ main tribes of mankind:

The presidents will be the triad of super-powers, with 1 vote (US, China and EU). The other main 9 nations of the World by economic and population power will fill the Vice-presidencies with ½ vote (Brazil, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Arab Union, Nigeria, a reunited Korea, India and Indonesia) for a quorum of 7.5 votes. Any of them will be able to put forward legislation, which will be immediately vote by the presidents and if reaching majority, it will become law in all the countries of the world Union:

USA and Brazil+Mexico (vice-presidents), will form the Executive of America. EU+ 3 vice-presidents, Russia + Nigeria + the President of the Arab Union, (formed by fusioning, under an Islamic Priesthood, all Arab speaking countries, which now are ruled by kings and military dictators, because free elections are not permitted), will become the Executive government of Eurafrica. China + India, Japan and Indonesia, will be the Executive government of Asia and the Pacific, obviously the biggest continent with more votes.

Thus the main 12 ‘tribes’=nations of the wor(l)d, no the Go(l)d chosen (-; will have a total quorum of 7.5 votes that will always ensure a majority in their executive orders. Finally, to ensure a world democracy, during the following legislatures those laws, drafted by the executive will require also a majority of votes in the National Council of the World Union, formed by the presidents of all the other smaller nations of the World. This is the true meaning of a Democracy: the control of the 3 languages of power, money, weapons and laws by a single ‘head’, a single government, elected by most of the people of the Earth. Something humanity has never experienced.

Death or resurrection.

A gloal ‘ethonomic’ system, where the ethic, verbal mandate of human survival controls the Market and human rights are higher than the rights of companies Band its products, could save history. We call such ideal world government based on Ethonomics, ruled by human verbal Laws, the Wor(l)d Union. It has a simple goal: the survival and social evolution of mankind into a Global Super-organism, where all races, cultures and nations are equal citizens of the Earth, with minimal social rights to life and real freedom to pursue their biological drives of existence.

In such World, verbal words (Laws) rule over digital numbers (money and science) and there are no people-castes and social classes, but individuals who satisfy their natural biological drives and occupy social positions according to their talent and desire to work in professions that are not lethal to mankind.

The aim of an Ethonomic society is not the evolution of machines and metal goods, but the evolution of men and the reproduction of human goods. Such ideal systems existed in the past, mostly in pre-metal civilizations and religious ages, when economics were submissive to moral ethics: ages such as the Christian age of Rome or the Buddhist age in Asia, when people were socially harmonic or the initial ages of socialist r=evolutions, came close to those ideals. In those ages ethical churches or social parties controlled credit and invested it mainly in human goods and social welfare (50% of church revenues were spent in the poor by canonical law). In those ages the quantity of money and machines of war dwindled and all kind of goods without price that give happiness to mankind, including social love and free time, were hyper-abundant.

Because there is in the Universe an arrow towards higher information, it is evident that if history were immortal, at the end of times, mankind, even those primitive animetal cultures that seem more resistant to evolution, would reach such organic understanding of the Universe. But History is dying, infected by lethal goods. If we want to survive we do not have time to evolve but we need to r=evolve against those lethal goods and animetal cultures that control us.

When you are dying—and history is dying—death is so sudden that any remedy has to be implemented fast and efficiently. A human body affected by a heart attack, will soon destroy all its energy systems. Unless the ‘doctor’ arrives fast, it will die. When an organism is about to die, survival is a function of its speed of reaction against its causes of death. The destruction of the environment is a parallel process to a heart attack that destroys the energy networks of the body of History, Gaia. The destruction of verbal thought by digital thought is a parallel process to the madness of a cancerous brain, which destroys the bio-ethical laws of social evolution that put together societies. We are losing our networks of energy and information – the body and mind of history.

Thus, we need surgical measures to prevent our death. The true evolution of man is not the evolution of metal; but the evolution of human minds, their languages of perception and their senses. The true human evolution is the evolution of the Words of human thought. Unfortunately, when an organism dies, first its cells are released from their network duties into social freedom, as today the ‘Neo-Paleolithic man’, without ethical laws, has been freed of social responsibility. Then those cells expand (rigor mortis) in a feast of freedom and consumption of water=energy. This is how men live today. Yet soon, alien species attack the disorganized masses of ‘free cells’ and massive slaughter occurs, when new species—insects in bodies, herds of (robotic) Weapons in History—destroy the organism. Since, when the networks of any organism collapse, the death of the organism follows. To cure an illness such as a viral cancer, you need to eradicate the virus from the body. We have to eliminate digital and weapon systems, the germs of history. We need to reverse metal evolution to give man control over this planet. Yet control of metal-evolution can only be made within the entire body of History. You cannot get rid of only a few viruses. They will reproduce again and they will come back stronger, with a vengeance. For that reason an ethonomic system requires a World Union or a supra-national network of power able to penalize countries and industries, which do not follow the laws of the Human Constitution. This is fundamental: Only a Wor(l)d Union, a civilization that reforms its political systems, its culture and its eco(nomic)system, can save History. 

The Constitution of History: Law of survival.

Could the death of history be reversed? Could politicians and economists become the doctors of history? This could be possible if two conditions take place:

—  The creation at national level of a bipartisan, pro-human program, adopted by all political parties, economical institutions and religious organizations concerned with the survival and welfare of mankind, able to create life-enhancing Human Goods.

—  A parallel unification of political, scientific, economic and military organizations, at global level, to fight lethal machines, specially the robotic radiation and the machines of the Singularity.

We can resume that dual goal in a simple biological, verbal and mathematical equation that we shall call the Human Constitution:

+ Max. Human Goods (Economic Ministry) =—Min. Lethal goods (Ministry of Defense)

The previous equation is equivalent to the ‘bidimensional frame of reference’ of bio-economicsch.1, in which the GNP is calculated adding the value of Human Goods and subtracting the value of lethal goods. Thus it can also be expressed as an equation of economical growth:

Max GNP = Max. Positive Goods x Min. Negative Goods.

We call that goal of human societies the ‘Human Constitution,’ since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could ‘constitute’ a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction. The Constitution of History implies the destruction of all metal-species more complex than our mind, to allow the human brain and his verbal, ethic languages to become again Top Predators of the Earth and evolve mankind into a social super-organism.

The only strategy that could guarantee the survival of History is the Constitution of a healthy body of History, developed by a healthy World Political Union, based in human goods. The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind, which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, organic machines of the age of the Singularity that we shall call metalife, which are displacing us from the Earth’s ecosystem. The Constitution is in that sense dual: it implies the extinction of metal-species of information and energy of higher complexity than man and the multiplication of human goods that favor our survival. So, in evolutionary terms, we could also write the Constitution of History as a biological equation, of Darwinian opposition between 2 rival species:

Maximum Human evolution = Minimal Metal evolution = Maximum Metal Extinction.

Since goods have a higher price when they are more evolved, if we reduce the evolution of lethal machines, we will also reduce the negative GNP of the bio-economy. To make man again the Top Predator of the Earth, both, the bodies of Machines and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified ‘ideally’ to a level of complexity inferior to that of man, which happened before the evolutionary threshold of II WW, or Electronic cycle of America, when Nuclear Bombs, Televisions, computers and electronic money were born. it is not by chance that all geniuses of science and art were born before that age, when those metal-minds started the substitution and atrophy of the human mind. Another threshold of no return, was crossed with the discovery of the chip, in 1972, which given the concentration of chip factories in the world, could be much easier to devolve by the military, just bombing all chip factories on Earth.

This would provoke a massive wave of human employment, the impossibility to create Cosmic Bombs, Robots and most of the violent FX, video games and internet software that are erasing the human mind. Then machines could be maintained under the level of evolution of human minds and history will not become extinct by the Singularity Age. The Human Constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem. Since it is a fact that Gaia will not survive the IV Industrial r=evolution. Chips caused a jump of complexity in Metal minds and weapons that are making obsolete human minds and bodies. Human devolution has accelerated, ever since. Verbal standards keep dropping as people absorb only digital, visual information, cosmic quark Bombs and smart weapons mean that for the first time since the birth of Man, we are an endangered species. With the arrival of chips, applied to all kind of hunting machines (from fishing boats to weapons) the obsolescence of human minds and the extinction of animal life are reaching exponential nature. In the nearby future, Artificial Intelligence will potentially be able to decide Human extinction, as Satellites control our Military depots and atomic arsenals. Since a different species has no ‘ethical mandate’ against the extinction of other species and robots need not water and carbon life to exist, Artificial Intelligence will certainly take that decision.

Regarding our culture and dominant institutions, even though we cannot return to that age, a good guide for the goals of our World Union is the Italian Renaissance, a culture based on Human Goods, art and ethic religions that dominated mankind just before companies became the main Institution of Power of our societies. Their ideals were more human than those of our civilization. Still today many consider it the greatest period of human culture. We should indeed foster a new age of art and ethics, of Human Goods.

If violence against computer factories is the easiest way to achieve one of the two sides of the Constitution of History, to achieve its second goal, a demand, Human Goods-based economy, we need more complex behavior – as death is always simpler to achieve by energetic violence. Yet to create a paradise on Earth, we need to ‘form’, to use properly in-form-ation. In this case we need to use the language of money, educate human beings and change the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and social love and life values among all human beings. Thus to avoid extinction and recreate a paradise on Earth, the 2 sides of the Human Constitution should guide the decisions of our leaders, politicians, scientists, religious organizations and entrepreneurs—in as much as survival is more important than profits and power.

Man might ignore our Constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of the biological, evolutionary laws that set the cycle of life and death of human organisms. The Human Constitution is clear. It doesn’t matter that some of those lethal goods are positive to mankind, since the Tree of Science is dual and we cannot have one good without the other. So even if some robots might be positive, the existence of ultra-powerful chips implies that if we have those positive robots, we will have also nano-bacteria that kill us. Even if Nuclear Power gives clean energy, a world full of Nuclear Plants will create enough nuclear waste to bring about cheap, dirty Atomic bombs that will be used to kill human beings. And so on. The ‘goal’ of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on survival truths and act up to prevent the proximity of lethal beings in their ecosystems. The sheep cannot investigate if the big dog is a wolf or a peaceful pet. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen wolves eating sheep.

We have already seen weapons killing man in many wars. So man cannot wait to see if robotic Weapons will deactivate after a robotic war or a nano-bacteria will stop reproducing before poisoning the planet or if a black hole evaporates instead of doing what it does in the Universe: eating entire stars within seconds. None of the machines of the Age of the Singularity must be created if we want to survive. Speculators in stocks, Economists, Robotists and Physicists bringing about the Age of the Singularity today behave, as if the total experience of wars and holocausts in human history was worthless.

Scholars and Scientists, lost in their abstract minds, are children of thought, playing in their secluded campus: boys with big toys. They are not fit to survive in this Universe. They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its own rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct. The Human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species can only survive within a limited rage of energy and information, compared to the metal machines of the Age of the Singularity that will cause our death by overdrive of energy and information—the cause of all deaths. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. To deny the Human Constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that Constitution in one or other way. The Human Constitution gives birth to the sciences of Ethonomics (which combines Political and Economical programs that foster Human survival), the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive.

A healthy historic ecosystem is an ecosystem in which humans are the most complex top predator species, which design a world that fosters their informative, energetic and reproductive drives. In that sense the Constitution can also be explained as an equation of limits:

‘A Constitution=Law of Survival of a Historic organism, is a set of limits to lethal goods and behaviors that harm the survival of its human, citizens-cells, based on the Biological laws of the Universe.’ 

We might not have more Christmas days, if CERN’s black hole fires up. We are already in the Age of the Singularity; we are in World War III, the post-crash, evolutionary age of Weapons. The War of the Singularity however will have a single shot. Such is the power of ‘living organisms’, the final threshold or evolution of metal machines. For that reason, there is no time for gradual change, probably not even time for a r=evolutionary movement from the base up, but only a decisive executive action from our politicians and the military can avoid our probable extinction within a year. Che sera sera . . . 

The Wor(l)d Union: 2010-2035. 1st Mandate.

Let us imagine that our Dream Team, Mr. Hoe, learns about the dangers of the Singularity and cancels the creation of black holes and quark condensates on Earth, by law or by force. Such momentous event would be the beginning of the World Union. The media buzz would be so huge that President ‘Hoe Mankind’, will have to explain the world the meaning of the Singularity and the Kondratieff crash and start the r=evolution. Thus the first mission of our triad, before taking over the planet and ending the power of bankers and mass-media companies that program man with digital information, is to avoid the extinction of this planet, which science fiction artists have prophesied for so long during the American baroque; now hard-science will make those prophesies real in the Singularity age.

Let us imagine that day . . . President Hoe bombs for effect the Nuclear Company a Sunday, day of the Lord, God=Mankind. Then he states flatly that the first 36 years, the first generation of the World Union starts under his Triad Presidency and those who oppose it will receive the same treatment. He shall be accompanied by the World Minister of War (head of NATO) and the IMF President (head of the Yes currency ministry). Because the World Union is a bigger organism in space, its presidency lasts longer in time; because the Universe is biological and so are its cycles, it lasts a biological generation, because the objective is to avoid extinction, it lasts the first extinctive cycle of the Singularity: 36 years. The goals of Hoe’s presidency are obvious: to r=evolve the world, to avoid the Singularity, to avoid extinction. The success will be measured in terms of infinity (survival) Vs zero (extinction). If we see the end of the first generational period of the Wor(l)d Union, we will have overcome the 2 first singularities.

If not, we will be dead by ± 2044. Plainly speaking Mankind has a global pandemic, an Aids virus of 100% of mortality, the Singularity virus; and so the predictions of Biohistory are harsh. By 2044, the Age of the Singularity will have cross both, the energetic, cosmic, self-reproductive, organic bomb (a pulsar or black hole) and the self re=productive machine—an automated nano-factory, a replicating metal-bacteria. And so, unless Hoe stops those 2 singularities, the world will end. Thus, the answer to the legitimacy of Hoe’s coup d’etat is survival.

Freedom, if it would exist in our Market dictatorships—which it doesn’t—should yield to that goal. And so Mr. Hoe should first, before taking any further action, destroy by law or by force the LHC and all labs engaged in nano-technology.

And then, he might try to construct the other side of the human constitution, a world made to the image and likeness of the human kind. To increase the power of his executive orders, the triad of Hoe’s nations, already with majority of GNP in the World Inc., should find the adequate partners to control +75% of human capital, working with 9 Vice-presidents of the World Union, (Bruja Mankind) that could peg their currencies to ¥€$ money, directly reproducing Yes notes with 1/10th of nominal value to the Eurodollar. This unification of currency and political power is essential to the Wor(l)d Union, as it will truly represent the dominant Industrial and human cultures of the 5 continents. As, all the inhabitants of those nations are paid a minimal salary in ¥€$ money, an economy based in life-enhancing human goods will change the Earth. Decisions will be by quorum. If we give a vote to each human president and ½ to each vice-president, for a total of 4.5, all votes will achieve majority and the process of voting bio-historic laws that implement the Human Constitution, to create an efficient organism of history, the Wor(l)d Union, will be smooth. Any of those 9 vice=presidents will be able to propose legislation. Hoe Bruja Mankind will be a working executive government, constantly creating legislation, reinforced by the Military and Courts, in defense of the Human Constitution— which resumes the goal of The World Union: create an ecosystem of Human Goods and life, where lethal metal-species are controlled.

 A reform of World eco(nomic)systems.

Because all organisms have 3 networks, one of energy, one of information and one of reproduction, in the case of a human social organisms, an army, a political system and an economic ecosystem, we need to reform those 3 networks to create a World Union made to the image and likeness of mankind, by creating:

—  A Demand Economy based in Human Goods and the parallel restriction of Technological Stocks that absorb all the resources of this planet for a Supply Economy.

      A Global currency is needed to pay for that Demand Economy.

—  A Global Government that creates a new ‘systemic’ level of political power over the present Governments of all the nations of the Earth.

—  And a Global Army that resolves the absurd conflicts between ‘brother cultures’, confronted by their ideologies, the Semite wars between Israel and Palestinians of different religion, and the Korean conflict between Communists and Capitalists. The Army should also destroy lethal machines.

To avoid the four great causes of economic wars, national competence, national currencies, industrial lobbyism and the evolution of machine-weapons, governments have to reform their political and economic systems. Our Triad of Presidents should ‘act up’ now with punctual measures taken by ‘decree’, against all other ‘interests’ and ‘groups of power’ and explained to a worldwide audience through a nationalized mass-media . . . Since needless to say, if people knew the truth and those in power, who they trust, explained it to them, Mr. ‘Hoe’ would not only save the world, but would become the most popular politicians of history, ever. The dream of Mr. Hoe Mankind is of course dual: Mr. Hoe is the brain, the thought, the informative particle; Mankind is the body. Both together, according to the Laws of Complementarity, create a world made to the image and likeness of mankind.

Let us list those minimal measures Hoe should take to launch the creation of the World Union and avert the immediate risks of extinction of the Age of the Singularity:

—  A ban on the most lethal technologies of the age of the Singularity, cosmic bombs, today essayed at CERN and nano-bacteria, researched in labs across the world.

—  A reform of the monetary system, with the unification of the Yuan, Yen, Euro and $-Dollar, in a single worldwide currency, the ¥e$ currency, which will avoid any future currency crisis. A world currency will also establish a fair worldwide system of credit for human goods, based on equal national government deficits that will promote welfare states, producing goods needed for the survival of human beings (agriculture, education, arts, housing, public transport, etc.).

—  A reform of world stock markets that should de-list all robotic companies, to prevent new credit for the development of such machines. They are the cause of unemployment. They are becoming weapon systems, able to extinguish most of mankind during the robotic wars. The IV Industrial Evolution should not take place. Since Robots are machines, which compete as living species with mankind.

—  The nationalization of Mass-media companies and prohibition of advertising, to give mankind a chance to educate herself in the laws of social evolution and end the ‘Newspeak’ of fiction thought and myths in economics and history.

—  A reform of international laws, to create an empowered UNO, similar to the European Union, with an International Army, an enlarged NATO able to solve the ‘Semite wars’ that fuel the creation of smart weapons and will end provoking a III World War. Such new UNO, backed by a refurbished IMF, responsible for the Yes currency, should also act as a Council, advising Hoe Mankind and as the footprint of a future World Union, in which all the countries of the world will participate. Hoe should also reconcile his left and right brain, preventing a confrontation between the two economic colossus of this century, USA and China, just as EU prevented new wars between France and Germany. If these reforms are implemented, Hoe could lead mankind into a human paradise and not as he does today, into a paradise of machines. Let us then consider those measures that would impose the Human Constitution in more detail.

 The networks of a healthy organism of History.

The theoretical development of that Constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union, able to deliver natural energy and information goods to each cell of the organism of History. Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic Wor(l)d Union, guided by that survival goal – the organism of bio-history.

3 are the Ministries-networks of that organism:

  1. The Ethonomic Ministry, or Ministry of Re=production guides a network of companies, in charge of the re=production of life-enhancing Human goods, to promote the left side of the Constitution of History (Max. Human Goods).
  2. The War Ministry is, in charge of destroying lethal machines factories of chips, robots and Singularity Industries and research labs, banned by the Human Constitution.

Thus, the Ministry of Energy and War is in charge of accomplishing the right side of the Constitution of History (Min. Lethal Goods).

  1. The Ministry of Information and its Informative network of educational organisms, in charge of controlling the information and sciences that are harmful to the body and mind of mankind (computer and nuclear sciences, audiovisual media). Instead, it promotes verbal thought, classic arts and sciences and information, which is positive for human survival and the social evolution of history. The Informative ministry controls the Programs of Universities and schools. It will promote also Social, love Religions, which accept the equality of all men, our superiority over all other species and respect the life paradise that men inherited. Religions and their non corrupted churches are the group of men with more clear ideas about the survival of mankind. For those reasons, the first ‘Supreme Court’ and Ministry of Education of the World Union should include authorities of the 3 most extended love Religions of mankind: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

The Ministry of Information educates mankind in the bio-ethics of survival and social love, funding the sciences of the left side of the Historic Constitution: Social and Biological sciences, verbal knowledge of history and economics, human arts, love religions, environmental and agricultural sciences and Medicine.

It also limits funding for the sciences of the right side of the Constitution of History, the sciences of digital machines: mathematics, Astro-Physics, computer and digital sciences. It also limits by law the number of metal-communicator networks allowed in each nation (televisions, Internet hubs and mobile networks, most of which should be destroyed), whose networks should be destroyed or nationalized.

Thus, taking as a reference the Human Constitution, we differentiate between forms of knowledge which should be limited, mainly digital languages and sciences, Biblical economics, engineering and physics, because they evolve machines; and those forms of knowledge which should be promoted, mainly verbal and biological sciences that promote human senses and human goods.

What Biohistory asks for is the evolution of humanity, not of machines. It wants a reversal in the direction of History. We have to return to human evolution and enjoy the arts of human perception, which do not perceive with machines but with biological senses.

To reinforce their decisions, both the reproductive and Informative ministries pass their legal orders to the Defense ministry, which is in charge of the destruction of banned metal-products, factories and educational organizations that go against the survival of mankind, upon compensation in ‘¥€$ money’ to their owners, to facilitate the voluntary transformation of the planet into a bio-historical organism. Yet the Defense Ministry is also in charge of detaining those scientists, believers and industrialists that break the laws of the Wor(l)d Union.

The brain of the World Union: The Supreme Court.

The Human Constitution and its neuronal cells, politicians, bio-historians, bio-economists and judges form the verbal brain of the body of History. The Earth’s brain is no longer the stock market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system. The ‘Supreme Court’, however, is over the actions of individual politicians of the World Union, in charge of protecting the Human Constitution, the highest ‘form’ of History. Two will be its tasks: to harmonize with the Human Constitution the different laws of each nation, which can be repelled automatically if they are against the Human Constitution.

The second task of the supreme, national and federal courts will be to judge the actions of the different ministers and sub-ministers, once they have finished their mandate: Depending on their zeal to defend the Human Constitution, they will be punished or compensated and honored by their deeds. As the World Union becomes established and the Information Ministry educates mankind in the laws of Biohistory, this 2nd task will be handled by Voters, who will vote penalties of prizes for all local and international political charges, after their tenure.

The Fractal, Hierarchical structure of the World Union.

How the networks and brain of The World Union transmit their orders to the lower networks of each nation? As fractal organisms do in Nature:

The Supreme Court will rule over the supreme courts of each nation—as Hoe Mankind, the President of the world rules over the different presidents of the world. The Reproduction Ministry rules over the economical ministries of each nation. And the Energy Ministry rules over the different ministries of Defense.

Every nation which enters the World Union will accept the supranational authority of Hoe Mankind and the 3 networks/Ministries of the World Union, adapting in a mimetic form their Ministries and Legislation to the ones created for the entire organism of History. Those world laws become also automatically the Laws of the Nations belonging to the World Union…

 Nations and institutions of the Wor(l)d Union during the second legislature: 2044-2080.

If the main goal of Hoe Mankind’s Government, Human Survival, is achieved, in the 2nd presidency of the Wor(l)d Union, new Democratic mechanisms will be put at work:

In each nation there will be ‘primary elections’ among bio-historian candidates (not among opposite parties).

Politicians will be voted after service and rewarded or punished by citizens.

Stock-markets will regain their right to credit Human Goods Companies.

Police Control, once most lethal goods are destroyed, will ease.

Mass-media control will be transferred to Universities.

The Presidency (Hoe) and Vice-presidency (Bruja Mankind) will be enlarged with a council of Global Presidents of all the other nations of the world to vote by quorum all legislation.

Israel and Palestine, united without a Wall between them, after being occupied and disarmed by the World Defense Ministry during the first Legislature, will become a member of the European Union, as it is indeed, the origin of the European culture. It is to be expected that after 36 years of ‘re-education’, Jewish and Palestinians will understand the laws of social evolution, abandon the Inquisitions of the Jihad and the Go(l)d Religion of their banker-priests and join the cause of mankind. As members of the European Union, they will be both protected by the European/Global Army, be able to move freely from the countries they were expelled, integrate within an evolved human culture and end the cycle of slavery, revolution, war and holocausts that have brought so much suffering to them and mankind.

Over all of them will rule the Natural Law of survival of the species, the Human Constitution that will guide their actions.

A similar structure will be considered for the 3 Ministries of Information, Defense and Reproduction, with a fractal organization, made of Executive Presidents, Vice-Presidents and National Councils, which include the Ministries of the smaller nations.

In the World Union, as in any of its ‘regional’=cultural subdivisions (‘nations’), each ministry is independent of the others but acts towards the same goal: the implementation of the Human Constitution.

  1. Reproduction of Human Goods. Stock Reform.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 23.41.25

The stock market systematically creates technological companies of maximal self-reproductivity, which favor profits. Its ethonomic reform would favor companies that re=produce human goods of maximal labor, limiting credit to computer companies. 

The most important Ministry/network is the Reproduction ministry in charge of the distribution of Stock credit to Human goods companies. Because those companies are small, the Ministry has branches in all major cities of the World Union, in which local banks and stock-markets credit and float Human Good companies, bailing out lethal companies, whose stockrats reinvest the vouchers received as compensation for their lethal companies in Human good companies. In this manner, the ministry transfers credit from lethal Companies to promote the reproduction of human Goods.

To achieve the Human Constitution (Max. Human Goods=Min Metal goods), we have to devolve metal forms and weapons. To ensure that goal stock markets in the Wor(l)d Union are rigged: The stock-market is the brain of the Ethonomy in which human companies are creditated and metal companies controlled. Stock-markets belong to the Reproductive Ministry, which has absorbed financial houses worldwide.

Two kind of companies exist in the World Union

Two kinds of companies are defined by the Ministry and have different treatment:

—  Human Goods companies produce human goods, are small in size, with a high content of carbon-life materials and minimal chip content. They have a high ratio Labor/Capital and require a lot of Human labor. They are the preferential investment targets of the new stock markets.

  • Metal companies produce lethal goods, mainly Weapons and digital machines. They have a low ratio Labor/Capital and require little human labor. They are the companies bailed out or controlled tightly in credit by the Reproduction ministry.

The Wor(l)d ministry decides which companies belong to each kind. Health care, tourism, non-air transport, housing, education, environment, high human labor Companies, arts and publishing are obviously human Good producers. To control the cre(dit)ation of technological companies the Reproductive Ministry interferes in the value of companies, through a nationalized Global Stock Market. It starts by nationalizing the top predator financial houses of the World, bailing out their stockrats with ¥€$ Money. The managers of those companies now will work and invest to achieve the goals of the World Union. In this manner stockrats become the managers of the Reproductive Ministry and cre(dit)ate the Human Constitution. To modify the credit of present markets in favor of Human Goods some basic reforms are implemented:

—  Human goods’ Companies cannot be interfered by the Wor(l)d Union ministries and their civil servants, except to regulate their content of lethal machines (mainly computer machines used in their re=productive systems). They can issue new shares in the market, can sell their shares without taxation and act with the present freedoms of stock companies.

—  Technological Companies can be interfered by the Reproduction Ministry. Their shares become nominal, requiring a Notary (Roman law) or Judge (Anglo-Saxon law) and 5 % taxation on its value to be transferred. The manipulation of shares prices is the main tool of ‘credit’ of the World Union. The Wor(l)d Union and its 3 organic networks/ministries represent that power of ethic words over digital numbers. So they can create Laws against numerical ‘values’ to foster ‘human values’. And they can create stock market prices, without the need of mechanical or speculative systems, by giving any legal price they desire to the ‘nominal shares’ of all companies, interfering with the value of their shares to punish or reward behavior. Tech companies cannot issue further shares.

—  Companies that produce lethal products, (weapons, advanced metal-minds) will be bailed out of the system at market price and extinct.

—  The Law of Anonymous societies, which gives special privileges to stockrats, denying any responsibility to companies and managers for their acts, will be abolished.

Shareholders in proportion to their stock-power will be responsible economically for the illegal acts of their companies. And management will hold also civil responsibility.

A reform of commercial law, based in the Human Constitution and the Frame of reference of Ethonomics that favors the production of human goods is undertaken. The new Global, legal code will guide the actions of officials of the Reproductive Ministry. The goal reinforced by those laws is always the same, to accomplish the Human Constitution:

Max. H(g)=Max. Human Goods = Min. M(g)=Min Metal, Lethal Goods. 

Shares and profits rewards and punishment.

To control companies’ behavior the reproduction ministry devises two kind of punishment against companies:

—  Absolute extinction (shares punishment).

—  And Relative extinction (profit punishment).

They are means to achieve the Constitutional goals set by laws and dates of products (devolution of products to the pre-chip age.)

—  The Ministry will issue and sell new shares of metal-companies, diluting their value, when the company has disobeyed the laws and/or targets of the World ministry, as a ‘punishment’ to share-holders. The new shares will be sold in the market, lowering the price of the company’s share and ‘milking’ profits for the Reproduction Ministry.

—  The Ministry can delist any company. If the Reproduction Ministry delists shares, it will mean the extinction of the company. Share-holders and workers of the company will be compensated with a quantity of ¥€$ currency equal to the market value of those shares, distributed according to the decametric scale of a healthy organism. Thus workers will receive 90% of the company’s value and stock-holders a 10% to foster demand of life-enhancing human goods, distributed in a manner proportional to their salaries and holdings. Further on, stock-holders will receive an extra 30% in yes stock money, which can only be invested in new offerings of stock-companies of human goods.

A company that produces metal-species harmful to the Human Constitution can be punished with its delisting. The trade ministry will dissolve the company. Then the Ministry of Defense will extinct all lethal products belonging to the Company. The rest of its properties will be auctioned. The returns of the auction will be given to the workers, if they are found not responsible for the activities of their companies, or it will be given to the Union, if they are found guilty.

Companies cannot be interfered in internal management, but they can be extinct in stock markets if their shares are delisted . . .

In terms of GNP the extinction of ‘lethal goods companies’ will add always a 30% of wealth, in stock-money their owners can invest in human goods companies. Thus it will not subtract but act as an engine of a sustainable economy. Since their ‘bail out’, will increase the demand of shares in Human companies. Thus, the total amount of money of the economy will increase by 30%, which is what stock-markets invent at the height of their ‘bubble economies’; and now will become the standard ‘deficit’ of the World Government, re-invested in life-enhancing companies by those stockrats. The result will be still a ‘capitalist’ system, but with a higher redistribution of wealth and a bias towards sustainable, life-enhancing goods.

The species of the punished company will become illegal products. Reproduction of similar species, once a lethal company is extinct, by new companies, will carry death to the product and factories that make it, without compensation to owners. Management will face legal, civil and penal responsibilities.

Compensation to stockrats, CEOs, workers and managers is generous, at market price, to avoid loss of wealth. Even though most wealth will be distributed among labor, many stockrats still have more cash than they can spend in their entire lives. Further on, the bulk of their wealth will have to be invested, developing new human Goods Companies.

The decision of what machines and companies have the right to existence is based in the Human Constitution and taken by the reproductive Ministry that sets the ‘date’ limits of evolution for each machine. Its destruction is carried out by the Defense ministry.

The Wor(l)d Union will bail out at market price all Chip companies, compensating owners with ¥€$ vouchers, to be invested in human good companies.

Because without education, there is not freedom of choice, in the Wor(l)d Union Bioeconomics and Biohistory are the main sciences. So people know what is the purpose of the government. Today modern education hides knowledge on economics to the people to make easier the manipulation of Free markets.

Labor preservation.

The main effect of an economy driven by Human Goods is the creation of labor. Since when more technologically advanced is a machine less human labor is required to produce it. So metal-minds companies (chip-makers, Internet and software companies) have the minimal quantity of labor of all companies. And human good businesses and companies, from agriculture to education, have maximal human labor. Thus, unemployment disappears in an economy based in Human goods; as workers from extinct metal-companies will get new jobs in Human Goods Companies. Further on, since 75% of the capital wealth of stockrats will now be money for life-enhancing human goods companies, those investments will create new jobs.

Whenever possible the laws of the 3 ministries will aim to reconvert jobs performed in lethal companies in jobs useful to the goal of enhancing human freedom, according to the Human Constitution. For example, fiction and television professionals could work in documentaries, theatres and journalism, according to the new laws that restrict non-verbal fiction and audiovisual media; soldiers will find jobs, locating and destroying lethal machines. While scientists will teach the same subjects, putting their emphasis in organicism and verbal, logic thought, instead of mathematics and mechanism, as Eastern religions used to do. Biblical Economists will become cyclical economists. Stockrats will retire with their bail out money, becoming ‘ari-stockrats’ of money, used to enjoy human goods and invest their remaining wealth in Human Goods companies.

In the Wor(l)d Union all men are considered innocent victims of metal and its ideologies, including the animetal castes that created them. Revenge against humans is not a goal of the Wor(l)d Union. Forgiveness is. Death penalties are used only for machines. Even stockrats and workers from company-mothers that have to be cancelled are paid compensations. While the lethal property of their companies will be destroyed, real state and non-lethal property will be distributed and auctioned.

Further research in technology will not be needed, since the world of machines has advanced so much that in fact, many lethal machines will have to return simpler models: TVs will become B& W and smaller in size to limit its hypnotic power, so their unfair competence with verbal thought is diminished. Computers will reduce their visual power, aiming towards kindle-like text machines to enhance our natural language.

The goal of the World Union is to free as much time as possible from work, to allow humans to enjoy ‘real freedom’ in the pursuit of their natural drives of biological existence. Thus, the World Union would reduce labor hours and employment without increasing poverty, handling a Universal Salary to all those people, who prefer not to work. While many blue and white collar workers could get back their jobs as robots and office software disappears.

Innovation in technology is taboo. Companies in fact devolve products and so research is no longer needed. And since the methods of reproduction and management are already established in the past, work becomes relaxed and the life of workers much easier . . . .

Further on, without technological progress, poor nations that today are lagging behind, with real unemployment close to 50%, could catch up and join the World Union’s growing numbers of workers, avoiding present immigration problems.

We are creating a Demand=Human labor economy by cre(dit)ating Human Goods which are positive for Human evolution and need a lot of Human Labor and destroying chips and robots that have caused the present wave of unemployment, making workers obsolete.

Local stocks and ¥€$ money: the last radiation

It is clear that to achieve the extinction of lethal machines, their owners will have to be compensated. So, the only way to construct a World Union and give orders to the human population is with a new radiation of ‘¥€$’ money to buy stock-shares and pay a universal salary. It has to be noticed that in the past, Human r=evolutions were paid with a radiation of new currency. The French had their continentals, Lincoln his green backs . . .

When a company or product is banned from the Carbon-Earth ecosystem, automatically the Ministry buys out at market price all shares and machines with ‘¥€$ stock-money’, used only for future investments in human industries. In this manner the government redesigns companies, products and the behavior of stockrats in favor of a Demand Economy.

We need government’s deficits in life-enhancing human goods…Thus, it is necessary to radiate an international worldwide single currency, ¥€$ money, to back the Human Constitution. Or else, those countries that create deficit, as America does today and 3rd world nations and welfare states did in the past, will suffer capital evasion and the risk of hyper-inflation.

Currency is spent in higher quantity in human goods than shares, as it is also used by the poor to buy cheaper Human Goods. So currency creates an economy based in demand, not in the Supply of expensive machines.

Because Human goods companies are small, Stock markets become local. Every county and province in every nation of the world must be able to float small Human Goods companies with over 100 employees, while any life-enhancing human good company under 100 employees must have access to bank credit. And this requires the nationalization of the banking industry and new stock-market laws. On the other hand, companies that make machines should have nominal shares to avoid speculation and the creation of free money for them. Creation of money will happen in local stocks and through Government’s deficits, caused by its expenditures in welfare goods. So Government’s invents more money in yes currency than stocks do. While local stocks for small human goods companies, which won’t be nominal, can drain more credit than national and international stocks of mammoth machine companies. Those local stocks promote small family companies and human goods industries. And so stocks will help the creation of Demand-based, human labor-based economy.

Each ministry will be able to accomplish their partial side of the equation of the Human Constitution, thanks to their unlimited capacity of credit yes currency. The Ministry of Defense uses ¥€$ money to pay and destroy lethal machines and factories. The Ministry of Reproduction uses it to bail out shareholders and create Human Goods Companies and Infrastructure. The Ministry of Information invests in education. The Executive pays the expenses of the World National council.

To promote inner trade, Eurafrica, Asia and America cannot trade with each other, except in Human Goods. Nor can their stocks be changed. Yet human credit issued by the World Union can be spent worldwide in health, tourism and Human products.

As governments and bailed out stockrats, paid in ¥€$ vouchers of ‘stock’ money, invest in Human Goods Companies, floated in local Stock markets, the entire Wor(l)d will become a sustainable economy. While the existence of a single global currency will ensure that there is no risk of capital evasion, as ¥€$ money cannot loose value, despite being reproduced without limit, since there is not an alternative currency system to substitute it.

Substitution of taxation by cre(dit)ation of ¥€$ money.

The main law of the Reproductive Ministry is the Law of deficit: all nations will produce a 30% annual deficit in ¥€$ money to accomplish the Human Constitution (Max. Hg=Min Mg), extinct lethal goods and reconvert the Earth into a paradise of Human goods that maximizes both, human social freedom and metal control, in order to maximize human survival.

An interesting consequence of the new mode of cre(dit)ation developed by The World Union is the lack of personal income taxes, since the World union is an inflationary, demand based economy, where money is invented by governments and used to cre(dit)ate human goods. The lack of taxation is a basic right of citizens of the Wor(l)d Union and the true meaning of economical freedom.

In the present economy companies invent money a priori in stocks, which they invest in production systems to offer their machines and digital products, even if they have no real demand for them, unless marketing sells them out. In the World Union, the system works in a self-similar way for life-enhancing human goods: money is created to produce naturally demanded, welfare goods, which lower their prices. Governments do not tax people but give them a salary to increase demand of life-enhancing human goods.

So the purchase capacity and positive wealth of people increases enormously.

On the other hand, companies which do not obey the Laws of the Reproductive Ministry can be taxed on their profits, on their share price, or even extinct and its properties sold, if they produce lethal goods, which have a ‘negative value’ in the Economical frame of reference of the Human Constitution (ch.1). Companies which perform well for the Human Constitution, even if they enter losses, can be promoted with extra-profits, handed out by the Reproduction ministry. The government creates money to produce welfare goods. It does not ask people for money through taxes.

Distribution of rent to 3rdWorld, non-technological cultures.

In a Demand economy ¥€$ money will be used mainly to buy human goods, cheaper to produce in 3rd world nations. So investment vouchers will be invested in poor countries and because of the difference of prices many unemployed from the 1st world will go to live to the 3rd world: Investment, workers and tourists would flock into tropical paradises, where they will be far richer, given the relative low PPP (purchase power) of present Agricultural nations and low value of their currencies; thus re-distributing rent and population towards the 3rd world, making economical convergence a reality.

You might believe this is a fairy tale. It is not. Such system is widely used in the European Union, where southern nations, Italy and Spain, with massive tourist influx, upgraded their life and cultural standards, thanks to northern visitors. In the long term most of the people of the Wor(l)d Union will live in the geographical area between the tropics, where human sensorial pleasures are enhanced and less machines are used. Races will mix.

Such change will re-address 400 years of exploitation of entire continents like Africa, whose goods are under-priced. Those nations where voucher investments will flow will create tourist resorts, the kind of places that demand non-digital human goods and create high human employment, benefiting both, 1st world investors and 3rd world nations, bringing higher profits and cultural ties between both kinds of nations. America will receive most of the new ¥€$ money, since most digital companies are in that region and given the inflationary prices of their stocks, their stockrats will receive ‘a lot’ of money.

So poor nations rich in human goods will grow in wealth and catch up much faster with the 1st world, avoiding present immigration problems:

One of the fundamental missions of the World Union is to reverse the present tendency of lack of cre(dit)ation for Non-technological cultures of the Carbon-Earth. This is today achieved through the manipulation of currency values in favor of those of industrial nations, through commercial agreements such as GATT and through the corruption and inefficiency of 3rd world elites that move their capital towards hard-currency areas and speculative techno—stocks. The World Union is the opposite path: devolution of industrial nations towards their Carbon-Earth past. To achieve this, the World Union promotes convergence between North and South, between industrial and agricultural societies. Tax Barriers and prohibitions to trade digital, lethal goods and weapons are created. All nations should put GATT to rest. While Human goods are exempt of tariffs and circulate freely. So do citizens, starting in the 2nd generational term of the Wor(l)d Union.

Ultimately modern economies are based in the promotion of metal products, the products of rich countries, against Human Goods, the products of poor countries and the poor within (farmers, artisans etc.). Stocks overwhelmingly cre(dit)ate machines, causing a constant inflation in the price of human goods. This is a historical injustice—and main cause of life extinction—that has to be reversed. And it would be reversed, if the previous goals of Human Goods Stocks and yes currency are met. International terrorism and other problems related to poverty and lack of education in the 3rd World will also disappear.

Control of population growth by massive investment in health-care will make life in those nations easier for the remaining inhabitants and lure permanent, unemployed and retired residents from the first world. Lesser trade barriers for human goods would multiply the demand of third world countries’ products. And so, a human r=evolution, the dream of all bio-historians in the past, will be met. And so the SmithDarwin-Marx Paradox, the natural end of the present ‘Free Jungle’, will be solved in favor of Humanity:

The parallel reproduction of Capital=Mv & symbiotic Machines=Tp, will expel all workers from Earth’s eco(nomic)system and man will be extinct or recreate the paradise

Darwin—Smith-Marx Paradox.

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