“Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.  Hermann Minkowski

‘Γao (the Γenerator) gives birth to  yin≈form≈space and yang≈motion≈time. Both merge into Energy (Qi), the source of all creation.’ Taoism, on the 3 conserved elements of the Universe, space, time and its energy combinations.

Abstract. The civilization most in tune with the laws of the organic Universe is ASIA, reason why as the ORGANIC vital Universe is about survival, for those whose information MIRRORS its formal scalar laws of organization of parts into wholes, based in the duality of energy and information ‘arrows’ of cyclical time futures… ASIA is the most SUCCESSFUL civilization in terms of survival.

Indeed, ‘Asia’ represents today, if we account partially for the times in which large tracts of Indonasia shared similar beliefs, 1/3rd of the human population; 2/3rds with Indonasia, which had in the Neolithic and pre-Ayran, and Buddhist ages a similar more ‘vital’, feisty Shiva=yang vs. visnhu=yin duality reflecting the laws of the Universe.

TO KNOW PAYS in life dividends, when we compare those survival rates, with the most WEIRD culture in terms of mimetism with the laws of Nature (Judaism, Germanism) based in infantile, selfish ego-trips of superiority over Nature and other human beings, who try to ‘cheat’ those laws, ab=using History and Gaia with metal-memes, weapons or Go(l)d to get the ‘answer back’ of the action-reaction processes of reality in the war and holocaust cycle.

So Taoism and Buddhism were also CULTURES that denied power through vile Metal, living with Nature, preying to Duality, rejecting wealth and living in communion with the absolute and its 5D laws.

That similitude is so close in the general concepts that one of my first treatises on the scalar 5Dimensional organic Universe was called ‘scientific taoism’. 

How those laws were expressed in its initial cultures is obvious: Taoism first, and then Buddhism, the ‘purifying version of Hinduism’ born in China, became the official religion of all Nations of Asia.

The origin of Taoism though is much more ancient, as it seems clearly to be the ‘vishnu vs. Shiva’, colder, more rational, less vital ‘Northern’ view of Asia and its mongoloid cultures of ‘higher informative, verbal, brachicephalic’ less ‘visual, literal, white dolichocephalic’ understanding of reality.

Indeed, THE REALITY THAT CREATES THE FLOWS OF TIME WITH ITS DUAL arrows merged in energy beings is NOT as time is NOT able to be pictured easily. So a higher dimension of thought, I-logic thought, duality, complementarity cyclical thought is needed. And this the lineal visual white man with its subjective infantile, self-centered beliefs have so often failed to achieve…

Taoism thus is likely a Neolithic view of Nature, probably born in Northern China, or even a Paleolithic Shamanic evolution of an earlier animist view, born in the Altai-Korea region…

In any case its first written, clear expressions happened in the counter-reaction to the Shang invading White Russian charioteer hordes with the Chou Bronze late age (which corresponds in the west to the Iron cycle and ends in China with the arrival of iron swords and cavalry to the Chin western barbarian kingdom that will destroy the original Chinese civilization and forbid taoist books that were not technological…





Maturity, the Neolithic.

Art is the collective mind of a social organism of history.  

In the graph, art evolves in 3 ages, as the mind of human individuals do. In history, art evolved from:

—  A Paleolithic youth in which art is lineal, energetic, used to build simple weapons.

—  A classic maturity of figurative art, in which energy & form reach its balance: it is the reproductive age of fertility goddesses and figurative images, proper of the Neolithic.

– In a 3rd, informative age, at the end of the Neolithic, writing evolves from ceramics with complex symbols.

The maximal social evolution of history happened in the Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet. Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing; but the energy networks, the agricultural fields in which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based in natural, human goods; where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based in verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells. Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.) And a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of human beings.

The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those, which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets. In that sense the hierarchy between the elements of a society, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the universe, is crystal clear:

Networks of information: Ethic and political laws that create a nation or in mythic terms, a social god (‘and god, the word, became man and inhabit among us’). They control:

Individual cells:                Human beings that obey the law and control:

Networks of energy:         Economic systems of reproduction of human goods.

The nervous system, made of social, ethic laws should rule the economic ecosystem, which should provide the goods humans need to survive and fulfill their biological drives of existence. Unfortunately, the opposite happens in our economic ecosystem: money controls human beings, who create corrupted laws that no longer serve their biological goals.

The importance of the Neolithic resides in the fact that it proves a perfect world is possible and the natural state of most supœrganisms, because in the Neolithic prior to the apparition of ‘animetal cultures’ of gold and the sword, a system of positive ‘WHealthy’ money akin to that of Natural supœrganisms, and the proper political system, similar to those of Nature, where the neuronal informative people-caste is subject to judgment = pain messages from society was the rule, as in all organisms. The corruption of the Neolithic to create military, dictatorial systems of political ‘nervous’ power, and ‘cancerous’, parasitic systems of financial ‘anoxia’ is thus a sickness, an aberration that has caused the enormous suffering of history ever since. It is then necessary to make a short introduction to what is the proper supœrganism of history, in scientific organic terms, to understand why the systems we have, derived of the ‘animetal people-castes’ of Aryan, Germanic and Semite military ‘nationalist’ tribes and financial ‘banker-priests’ who ab=use mankind monopolizing political and economical power, are a sickness of history, NOT a political and economical science.

History in Scale: 2 Network Languages: Legal, Ethic Informative Words & Reproductive Money

History is a super-organism made of human cells, extended over a geographical body of energy called Gaia, the vital-space or body, where historic, social organisms evolve. A human and a social organism, a nation or a civilization, have in common the elements of all super-organisms:

Citizens joined by Networks of energy or vital space; provided by Gaia. Networks=Languages of information or political system and Networks that reproduce energy and information or economic systems. This is the blood system in a human body and the economic networks of production & transport in a society that favor ‘WHealth’, that is, goods that satisfy the needs of the ‘3 physiological networks of life-existence that make us human beings, whose ‘proper frame of reference’ (below) is NOT based in go(l)d or profit values, but in the ‘biological true values’ those goods have to develop the 5 drives of life – the right information, energy, motion, reproduction and social evolution (love, peace) of a given society, common to all the organisms of the Universe:

The previous graph explains them. Since vital, topologic, physiological network laws are the most important to consider when studying History in Space, as the reader can observe in the previous graph, since History, the ∆+1 scale of supœrganisms of mankind follow all the exact laws of a lower organic plane – that of a biological organism, albeit, due to its ‘primitive’ degree of evolution is NOT a well designed organism, but one clearly ‘sick’, infected by ‘lethal goods’, with dysfunctional parasitic economic systems (as the language of reproduction of goods, money, is absorbed by a minimal number of people, or used to reproduce those lethal goods). In the graph we can see a historic super organism based in welfare, whealthy memes that allow humans to survive, belonging to the ‘ideal species’ that would be efficient, provide to the 100% and survive…

 The science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the supœrganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our supœrganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s supœrganisms.

Thus a proper economic network would strive to reproduce welfare goods that cater to the 5 drives of life of mankind. It will then use verbal ethic values with ± terms for the goods a society reproduces, eliminating those who are lethal to mankind life drives, weapons that kill the body and hate memes including racist segregational religions that kill the mind. It is precisely the apparition of those metal-goods, bronze weapons and parasitic gold money and the two cultures that would sponsor their use to ab=use humanity, the Aryan, Indo-European Hindu, Germanic Phoenician and Jewish war and gold religions, origin of our nationalist and capitalist inquisitions of thought and parasitic systems of power what would stir history from its natural path towards an eternal immortal paradise in balance with Gaia.

IN THE GRAPH, the proper way to design the economy if the wor(l)d and its ethics goals of designing a world to the image and likeness of mankind, to cater the survival needs of all its people ruled societies – then WHealth, healthy welfare goods not warfare one would be overproduced and lethal goods with negative values for mankind forbidden.

Human social networks are in the present form ‘completely corrupted’ by the existence of a parallel ‘economic ecosystem’ of lethal goods, weapons, and corrupted parasitic money, issued by a reduced number of ‘bankers’, which unlike in any healthy supœrganism doesn’t deliver to each citizen-cell a Universal salary to kick out the cycles of consumption and production of healthy goods all individuals need to survive. So it is difficult for the reader to understand how simple, easy, and efficient WAS in the past, before the age of Metal, in the Neolithic, or during the ages of social religions of love or could be in the future with a proper design of the social networks of money and law, a PERFECT supœrganism of history as efficient as those we just have described.

In such supœrganism, there are exactly the same networks: Legal verbal just networks of bits of word information that shapes the informative and cultural systems of the wor(l)d. And a healthy form of money, delivered to each citizen cell as a Universal salary so humans have enough energy to survive and buy its natural welfare goods, which must be classified NOT by price but by its biological usefulness to mankind, reason why we give them positive and negative values in the ethonomic frame of reference, according to its use for the 3 organic parts of humanity at individual and social level.

And so since mankind is a supœrganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient supœrganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no supœrganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no supœrganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the graph that draws the basic structure of the supœrganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the + side we find goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system overproduces those goods.

And this would be done simply with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which is given to all cells to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

As simple as that. So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically underproduced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

That such a system is possible is proved by the existence of highly dense, efficient peaceful, evolved Neolithic cultures with its worship of the living Universe. That it is not a past stage of society it is proved by the return to a similar system in earlier Greek-Roman societies, which got rid of the military dictators and slave-debt systems imposed by the first waves of Aryan charioteers with the arrival of a more ‘democratic’ iron infantry (Hoplites, legions), unfortunately corrupted by gold and new military dictators (Hellenistic autocrats, emperors) after the conquest of the old Semite gold empires (Carthage, Persia). The battle of history then has always been the same, between cultures that try to resurrect a just God=Humanity with the proper, natural, efficient economic welfare system to cater to the drives of life of all citizens, and a just political system, in which politicians do NOT resort to military or police power and CAN be judged a posteriori by their actions – ideally as in Greece with a routine vote that could cause its exile even death penalty and financial fines and made democracies real.

We live today either in military dictatorships or nations with extensive armies confronted to other nations of equal human species, born of the traditions of Germanic tribal barbarians that destroyed the European Roman-Christian civilizations, copycatted after decolonization globally, or under the capitalist placebo democracies of the west, which are financial dictatorships as money the language of power of society, along the law, is not equal for all humans, that is, there is not a universal salary but most humans live in permanent anoxia, while a reduced number of financiers issue the money of society, which they herd for themselves or give to company-mothers of machines of the ‘tree of science’. It is the same system imposed by the first animetal hordes of charioteers and enslaves that killed the Neolithic, only that as all systems it has grown enormously in complexity and disguised by a false pretension of ‘scientificism’, called ‘classic economics’ and ‘political and historic science’. Yet the science of history IS LIKE THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE ABOUT THE PROPER DESIGN OF THE PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS OF MANKIND, not about the ‘motions of an individual through its life cycle – the anecdotic account on how those people-castes kill each other and ab=use mankind in unending wars.

Unfortunately all attempts to r=evolve history and return to a positive use of money and a just legal political system where politicos can be judged a posteriori and controlled as cells do with their neurons with pain messages have failed. In fact amazingly as it seems, in the west those people-castes still run most nations and sponsor similar racist, segregational, monopolistic policies (white ‘America, where also its banker-priests, are the same Jewish, biblical people who created the systems of parasitic money that maintained humanity for millennia in a permanent anoxia, allied to ‘Germanic warriors’, as tax-farmers, debt collectors, slave-traders and speculators in welfare goods (2% of the world population, 80% of western central bankers, CFOs and owners of the financial-media systems that print American money and audiovisual information from Wall Street, California and Silicon valley, and forbid any criticism of the system – holocaust industry, patriotism, capitalism as a science not as a parasitic system, technoutopia, newspeaks of political and economical correctness, fiction thought as the fundamental mode of information, to avoid any analysis of the system, etc. etc.)

It must be then understood that the worldly profession of religions was always to achieve a just, ethic physiological political and economical network that catered to the welfare of all human beings, and that is still a clear goal of all love religions, including catholic Christianity, Islam and Buddhism and socialist parties, even if they have not evolved scientifically their understanding of those physiological networks as we do in those texts and so they have mostly confronted the people-castes of military and financial parasites that ab=use systematically mankind. So we must differentiate love religions from corrupted inquisitions and go(l)d churches.

But the degradation of human social systems HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE but with memes, specifically with the arrival of metal, weapons and gold that made some people think they were superior to the rest of mankind, creating religions based in segregational memes (Hinduism, Judaism), which labeled humanity as an inferior race, often an animal species, to the point that sexual intercourse with humans was the most heinous crime labeled as bestialism (Talmud) since the job of the people-caste on top was to ab=use the farming people they have conquered, substituting its Neolithic love and life religions with myths of superiority, anthropomorphic warrior Gods and fetish go(l)d or smith fires (gold menorahs, sacra sanctorum made of gold, Agni the god of fire of earlier Hindus and all warrior tribes, lead by ‘Smiths’, Schmidts or Khans (smith in Turkish-Mongolian languages)…

The consequences of that change of paradigm would be the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts and extinction of civilizations caused by the parasitic exhaustion and collapse of cultures, and the substitution of the elite warrior castes by new hordes of barbarians with new weapons. And the response of mankind to those cycles would be the birth of new religions of the wor(l)d that renewed the message of love to mankind, life and Nature, the sustain of our welfare.

But with the arrival of informative machines, metal-communicators that multiplied the hate memes that kill the mind of society, a massive expansion of hate memes and racist memes took place, starting with the Reformation that returned the love religion of the gospel to the hate religion of the bible, and then with radio caused the hate-memes of Germanism (Nazism) and then with the American TV-age multiplied the hate memes against all humanist cultures rising actors or TV-moguls to power (from Reagan to Berlusconi).

So those are the basis for an entangled understanding of the different elements of history in space (its civilizations and nations) in time (its 800-80 years cycles of life and death of cultures) in mind (the d=evolution of the wor(l)d, in scale (the relationship between its physiological networks and its citizens) and in entropy (the limits of death of cultures and humanity caused by those selfish memes of metal and its cult(ure)s.

In graph the birth of Semite, animetal cult(ure)s based on selfish memes of metal ended the Neolithic age, or mature age of mankind, with its cults to fertility goddesses (called in the Bible the abomination) and its gold, Baal and war, Assur and Yahweh gods, starting the age of the ‘homunculus’ ego, when humans reduced their mind to the languages of metal, money and weapons, and ab=use all other humans with go(l)d, enslaving them, and with bronze, murdering them. Their goal would be to create a global dictatorship of its selfish memes of power, with the animetal on top and all other human beings and forms of life exploited as inferior species.



“Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.  Hermann Minkowski

‘Γao (the Γenerator) gives birth to  yin≈form≈space and yang≈motion≈time. Both merge into Energy (Qi), the source of all creation.’ Taoism, on the 3 conserved elements of reality, space, time and its energy combinations.

Back in my youth, during the past millennium (: I had wondered thinking if 5D enlightenment was something of my mind, a mutation of consciousness that happened once in a species to die with it, when a friend in a conference from Hong-Kong told me, it looks like Wuxing; he clarified – the theory of the 5 elements.

I thought it was just mysticism, 5 elements, earth, air, water, metal and fire. Anaxagoras resurrected plus one, the evil metal arriving with the Shang dynasty, put for good measure. But alas, I followed his advice and looked at it and realized that despite all the magic corruption and astray paths the old Daoist masters of the pre-Shang age, in the Neolithic had discovered the basic principles of reality:

– That all is Tao= time=change not space=form, the Maya of the sense.

– That the ¡logic of Tao=change had 2 pools of duality, yin and yang, form and motion that combine into energy, to give birth to ’10.000 waves’

– That both combine in trinity scales, trigrams that shape a higher logic; on the mutations of form, the I Ching.

– And the more complex all those logics of form, which includes the whole and its parts, and suffices to explain everything in the Universe, was pentalogic – the 5 elements.

Look at those graphs, one is of pentalogic, the essential 5 DImotions of space-time, the other is Wuxing…

Such was the enthusiasm I had on experiencing the wisdom of this ancient civilization, that as I did in other occasions – after solving the trinity mystery of Catholicism, the 5 pillars of Islam, the eightfold path, the holocaust cycle and its remedy, you name it… I tried to communicate with the experts on the discipline and visited in Singapore, advised by the supreme Priestess of Vishnu, the mother of an old friend of mine, a Daoist temple, but found little comprehension of what I called scientific Taoism, which had gone down the gutter of millennia of brutish emperors, forbidding books of wisdom, lonely search for immortality, enchantments and magic. Alas I thought, ‘only entropy comes easy’ (Chekhov).

There is no doubt in my mind though that without the animetal radiation of b bronze Shang charioteers, Taoism would have naturally connected pentalogic with trilogic (I ching), and sublimated yin yang into form, mental space, the Maya of the senses, and motion, yang, the ultimate substance of the Universe. It lacked though the full data experienced in the mechanist west with its sensorial machines, which did not serve them much on the arrow of synthesis, as lineal military and financial parasites would never deny their manifest destiny – to oppress mankind and die for it in the cyclical action-reaction processes of the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles of the wrong path of History.

Daoism though, even if it never purified his 5 elements, and its series, did departing of such illogic perfect seed apply the principles of the ‘wheel of change’ to multiple other branches of thought, with remarkable findings the more they escaped the ‘substance’ Maya of the senses. It would have helped that instead of metal always corrupting reality they would have placed air, as the Greeks did. So then they would have had the circle of the 5 elements, ∆-1: soil and its infinite grains; : Earth is the seed, origin of life, ∆-1, gaseous young state of air motion, liquid state of water, solid state of wood, burned into entropic fire. I thus reconstructed for a while Taoism back in time purifying its 3 ages, since it is obvious that the white ‘metal’ had been before air as there had been a time in which Taoism existed but metal did not. It the reads as the natural process of creation of vegetal life through the 5 pentalogic cycle. Add to the ∆-1 earth, place of birth of the seed-brain of a chemical plant, air for his entropic limbic flat system of leafs, and rise it with water through the stems of the trunk, so you do have ‘wood’ the final solid state, which will last and live till fire and entropy part it away, to fall ashes to ashes and renew the ground soil

On the other hand when more purified was the code of the 5 elements, more closer to reality they were abandoning the ‘impostor metal’ alone to the natural elements of life. So in Chinese music a pentatonic system based in the 5 elements, only a notch below our heptatonic scale crafted the complex musical system only second to western ‘Greek>Church>European scales’; so happens with the code of colors it was brilliantly exposed between the ∆-1 nothingness of black and the wholeness of white, 3 intermediate colors – yet they were not the canonical red, green and blue… the blue of the air and the sky also absent – had the heavens been forbidden by the Shang-Chou-Chin, the triad of Bronze age dynasties we study in our II volume of History in space (Asia-Europe), and all its symbols? It doesn’t matter.

What Daoism shows is that with so little experimental details and evidence and exact measure the humind alone as any other mind of the Universe is built-in to understand the illogic laws of change=time in Nature, without the oppression of the inquisitions of thought that came to mankind with lineal animetals and its fetish substances.

But it also shows that this ‘synthetic view’ provided by 5D needs the ‘analytic details’ of 4D science and its tools of measure, and analysis of the perfect frozen states, symmetries, synchronicities, time frequencies, numerical scales that Nature offers to us for the I=eye to see and the wor(l)d to think.

Daoism without confirmation from experience and besieged by the Animetal emperors first in its brutal repression then as systems of power camouflage, through its Confucian backers, had to seek refuse in magic and decayed as the seed of a true stientific comprehension of the Universe.

But the west has not fared better. It has just made a dogma of ‘animetal science’ the lineal, simplex, nazionalist, parasitic, financial, anthropomorphic ego-trips of a manifest destiny whose falsehoods plague our world, soon to be gone. Since time is NOT on our side.

And certainly in repression of humanist ethic thought and objective entanglement with the duality of the Universe and its cyclical time and fractal space scales of eusocial organic thought, repression in the west has been even more intense. For long it did kill those who tried to get rid of Germanic genocidal warriors and Jewish parasitic bankers. Then when repression became more subtle, and the Brahmins of war became lineal entropic physicists measuring cannonball distances since Galileo, and the Usurers of money became ‘classic economists’ affirming the expertise of its systemic anoxia of humanity, ‘Bentham’s classic ‘on defense of usury’, my fav along the Anglican priest Mr. Malthus accusing the Irish of ‘fuking too much’ as the reason of its famine, while speculative money in train stocks criss-crossed their land with zero investment in agriculture with machines whose unlimited reproduction is always good because it gives money to our stockrats.

Today the west is no longer human. So if we were to choose the barbarism of modern analytic science that refuses to correct its errors o the fundamental principles an fusion analytic views with a synthetic proper 5D theory of the organic Universe, deemed to be dead so we do NOT suffer ethic angst when we kill it and a world ruled by Daoism nebulous view of those principles certainly because our civilization is in extinction mood ad won’t reach enlightenment before it destroys itself with parasitic money, genocidal weapons and atrophying machines, a slow world of wu wei, and wu xing would have been far more ever lasting and undoubtedly finally with air not with metal scatter the fog to see the light in all its radiance.

In the graph, the 3 ‘ages’ of Daoism as a dual logic of the Universe, brutally repressed by the lineal animetals of the western world in its 3 ‘inquisition’ ages, the religious age of manifest destinies for man to reach God through the progress of the chosen, the scientific age of lineal time and entropy for physicists to make ever bigger atomic bombs, the old ‘Shivaite’ fire of the smiths, origin and on the Universe, which liquidated with ‘classic parasitic financial economics’ the rights of mankind to have credit –oxygen and not die of austericide-anoxia for a few chosen of go(l)d to herd billions and use it in weapons of mass-destruction and hate memes that litter our brains and the final 3rd age of 5D organic science that rises the consciousness of man to its highest point, just before the fall. This was of course the case of the two previous periods of duality. Communist lineal metal ‘Stalin’ liquidated the revolution just when it was with NEP and the renewal of its ever changing=evolving thought about to come into its mature realist age and the 3rd age seems to live and die in ‘a single point that holds the world in its self’ – Planck. Alea jacta est.

Let us then consider the 3 x 3 ±¡ whole range of Taoist cycles coupled to those ages of the Chinese civilization

The 3 lives of Taoism, through the 800 years cycles. Its study merged with ‘civilization’.

All this said Taoism was the most successful of the 3 expansions of lineal logic to dilogic, trilogic and pentalogic. As Hegelian dialectics didn’t reach pentalogic, even if it exhausted trilogic (synthesis, antithesis and thesis) likely as the whole German school from Leibniz to Schopenhauer influenced by Daoism, and didn’t last that much – we can consider the r=evolution dead with the burial of Lenin and the solipsism of the true heir Trotsky – one of those rare Jewish prophets, all unable to escape the aloofness and superiority complex, which kept him away from the soviet delegates conquered by Stalin. Taoism has lasted 5000 years since even in its eternal decadence as a ray of light born in a blue star to die in the passing of galaxies into tired red light, still has entropy-motion.

If the whole once existed, something is left. And Taoism understood in its first principles, yin-formation and yang-entropy that combine to create the ∞ energy beings of the Universe, as the Mind of China in its 99% has had a profound influence on the Chinese world to the extent that the yin-yang principle is the basis of the whole Chinese culture, yin-form-names and yang-motion-verbs structure its disyllabic languages; define its principles of traditional medicine transpire the duality of its contrasting cuisine; it is the philosophical principle of its gender relationships, etc. etc. because it is the essence of the game of the Universe. And yet Taoism as a philosophy of social sciences has remained secondary along Mo-TI principle of eusocial love to the power of Confucianism and the realpolitik of animetal people-castes in power.

So we can consider also the multiple lives of Taoism as it transited through the 800 discontinuums of the Chinese culture . In the graph, we illustrate those 3 ages; which can ‘frame’ in a larger 3 ±¡ periods, with the pre-historic and post-historic Taoism, worth to study, even if the ‘Tao’ by being the principle of the whole Universe is an impersonal God, to which we entangle with the enlightened mind on concepts such as reason, beauty, harmony, symmetry, synchronicity, cyclicality; scale… and for all of them, I rather recommend the reader to consult the pentalogic papers on the Universe, which as I said earlier could be considered and advanced form of Scientific Taoism,

-i: Pre-Historic Life cycle of Taoism. Chinese subconscious collective religion of the Paleolithic and Neolithic.

That Taoism existed in pre-dynastic age is obvious. We have the proof of its presence in Shamanic, Korean cultures which should have been present in Northern China prior to the Neolithic r=evolution. The fact that the cultural substrata of China in its ‘oldest’ forms (cooking, gender views, names) are Taoist show it was an ancient refinement of the natural duality of the Universe and the Chinese language.

So undoubtedly it was first a yin-yang duality, where the Chinese terms yin  “shady side” and yang  “sunny side” combine the semantically both with the significant “mound; hill”. It is thus a geographical dual God of a mountain, combined with the sun-God – a Paleolithic reference;; not a Neolithic flat land, crop, rain, river duality.

Such ancient origin is validated by similar terms in Austronesian languages. Can it then be as old as the Tibetan first Mongoloid original world of mountains, from where the 3 main branches of the mongoloid culture departed?

How it was transformed from an ancient duality to modern animetal patriarchal societies is clear: under Confucianism, yang (as the sun principle) is considered superior to “yin” (the dark principle), hence men are afforded ruling positions whereas women are not unless, under some remarkable circumstances, they possess sufficient yang. It was not necessarily so in the Neolithic. In coastal American civilizations, who might have arrived from Neolithic china, the ‘yin goddess’, the moon rules over the yang-sun. So does in the Universe, where dark black holes are the minds of the galaxy and dark the color of information – as in the Catholic church and its black robes. It is thus a first ‘degradation’ of the true meanings of yin-information-positive vs.-yang-entropy-negative happening on the ‘Historic animetal age o the 3 Bronze cycles, of Shang-Chou-Chin (Extinction).

So we could talk of a first 3 ‘ages’ of pure ‘Taoism’, the Paleolithic youth, shade and light, women and men, its maturity in the Neolithic (becoming the foundation of the people’s culture) and its first corruption with the Shang dynasty; which in fact all together abandons duality and uses the original ‘fire religion’ of Siberian animetals to ‘crack’ the future on bones of sacrificial turtles (maybe humans before, as they didn’t have turtles in central Asia from where they came with their barbaric traditions).

Moreover, this ‘patriarchal decay’ of pure Taoism contradicts the essence of its duality which is yinyang of equal value forming Tao – the flow of time, and q’in, the vital energy.

Thus it is impossible to talk about yin or yang without some reference to the opposite, since yin and yang are bound together as parts of a mutual whole Children cannot be born only of men or women; an LGTB race would disappear in a single generation (: Yet, complementary men and women together create new generations. Further on Yin and yang transform each other: Also, the growth of the tree top seeks light, while roots (their brains) grow in darkness. And they are often a better food. How then patriarchal China transvestite those principles? With the inclusion of Hierarchy concepts, alien to the original doctrine, but already present in the Tao-Te-king: ‘the low exists for the high to abuse: The big feeds in the small one. The ugly is exists for the beautiful to compare.

It is this Taoism, which closes the first Paleolithic youth with is close relationship to the structure of language and the contemplation of Nature, mature Neolithic when yin-yang concepts reproduce in all elements of the daily life of the Chinese peasant, and its final patriarchal degradation, which ends in the Shang world.

II Cycle: The Historic Mature cycle of Taoism. Its 3 ages

It then comes its mature 3 x 800 ages, illustrated in the graph, through the Chou rebirth as it supplants the fire-God in the divination of future with the I Ching – that ends with his fractal death as their books are forbidden, to resurrect into a mature age in the Han Empire, founded by a man of the land, when it becomes the main religion of the Empire, showing its ‘people’s’ origin, to decay In an entropic state of dissolution into monks and magic with the collapse of the Han empire and its degradation with the aristocratic renewal of the Tang cavalry.

Those 3x 800 cycles put together, as usual show the ‘epic’, ‘sensorial’ and ‘eclectic baroque 3rd age with an excess of form’ of the fractal trinity principle (so we can divide further each of the 800 Taoist cycles in 3 sub-ages, or as we do here put them together for the total 3 x 3 = 9 cycles of the whole Chinese history of its ‘mankind’.

The Chou Dynasty –The I Ching.

The first written masterpiece of Daoism, was the I ching that substituted the barbarous sacrifices and cracking god of fires in the divination of future, ascribed in the myths to the work of the first Chou emperors –which only means the Chou had been permeated by the philosophy of the land and lift the prohibition for its servants to speak its wisdom, and did listen.

It mean the end of the barbarous sacrifices of people in every magic act of the Shang, today ‘forgiven’ by our FMAsters Financial media-academia masters, of the Jewish school o anthropology known as moral relativism – from Boas to Levi-Strauss – who keep churning ‘dispensations’ for every historic crime – so we can forgive the crimes and segregation memes of their culture. So now the official school converted in dogma of ‘anthropological science is that the Shang bloody massacres were a ‘sacrifice’ to the gods of fertility. Simply speaking then as today ‘black lives don’t matter’. Only the chosen by metal must be remembered. So the Shangs kept writing his names in his fired cracked bones, while filling his tombs of anonymous servants slaughtered with ritual axes, stamped with images of its rounded evil western eyes. As yet another branch of the FMasters pissing ants of monotonous thought, keep churning ‘Nobel prizes and gore movies’ with an ever increasing sense of the monstrous so we all cry on their people sacrificed in the final holocaust STages of the belli nervi pecunia infinite cycle, they cause hand in hand with the warrior genocides, meaning the chosen are the only victims worth to remember. All others belong to anthropological relativism. But as the Bronze 3 cycles entered its middle sensorial age life was again worth.

So the i ching was written, as the new God, seer of time, to express clearly the laws of Tao, the STages of change in the Universe, in the counter-reaction to the Shang invading White Russian charioteer hordes in the Chou Bronze late age. Let us comment on its findings.

China then added to the most accurate verbal form of objective truth, in its purest form – Neolithic Yin-Yang theory, the next step of trinity logic. Since the I ching, and its 8-fold will of ages of life is the most correct expression in mathematical=Tao thought of the game of times, and its worldcycle, the subjective human western path of truth with his lineal time, never resolved.

Undoubtedly the Chinese linguistic objective perception of the Space-time symmetric reality, helped in those stages. It was also an insight on the scalar structure of ∆±¡ parts and wholes. From the pov of Tao, the absolute God [perceived in similar terms by pre-Colombian cultures] sensorial reality is a partial perception of Totality. And totality – the higher plane of existence – is the ultimate mover of reality.

Tao is therefore superior to all human will, and Tao has to be obeyed. In this the Chinese, unfortunately are right: there is no way in which a function of existence can bend the force of Tao, the back and forth constant transformation of information into entropy, and vice versa, of yin into yang.

But there is a still middle point, the golden mean of Buddha, which can be made to last and that is the point of balance the Taoist will try to achieve in their personal life – the Confucian mixed doctrines who finally accepted the I ching as one of its canonical books along all their barbarian books of rites and hymns, for the whole Chinese society. The static standing Max. SxT point however is besieged by the wind between the 2 stages of harmony, the lake and its water. And so a soft breeze on the water of the lake, the 3 sub-ages of maturity came to signify the relaxed eternity of life. In the lakes had the beginning of the Chinese Neolithic civilization on the mouths of the Yang-tze reached its height before ‘history’, learning to cultivate rice, fish and sail Away in the 5th run of mankind through the pacific arch to Jomon Japan and likely the Mesoamerican civilizations, on the south arch all the way to Eastern islands.

So while the western world and its lineal perception of history merely accelerates mankind towards extinction by accelerating the translation of human organs into metal forms; the Tao way was wu wei, no action since by not acting the flow of the Universe directs man much slower, far wiser to the same end.

And so the result of both lineal vs. cyclical philosophies of existence is markedly different: the western wrong actions are leading mankind to death. So Taoists repressed gunpowder weapons, and westerners multiplied them. Taoists repressed with Confucian schools the power of warriors; and westerners multiplied. The Eastern philosophy would have let the Universe by itself, maintain man in harmony with nature for as long as Gaia lived, which lacking the enzymanic, catalyst function of animetal civilizations would have been hundreds of millions of years, maybe as many as the humble ant has lived.

The 8 Baguas of the worldcycle of life and death

The 8 bagua, translated the 8 phases of cyclical time, are explained below.

We shall here translate some basic laws of cyclical time EXPRESSED in the original Taoist culture.

The laws are explained in full modern systemic thought on the section of General Systems: Organisms vs. Mechanisms.

Let us translate the 8 baguas as the 8 phases of life – as we are now all as human beings, in the age of the mountain…

In graph, the world cycle of existence divides in 3 ages that divide in 8 phases, between birth and extinction, in which the 3 physiological networks that make the being, $t-limbs, ∑∏-reproductive networks and ð§-informative networks, are either in its Spatial, static, yin (–) or moving-active, yang (__) state. Thus the being first activates its 3 networks, first its limbs/potential, then its particles/heads, and finally its reproductive body-wave, reaching the maximal power in ‘Heavens’… The darkness of youth ends and the plenitude of light starts afresh, as the system settles its mind and reproduces… But then immediately after starts its inverse slow loss of capacity. First its limbs/potential motions will fail, then it will experience its last reproductive Indian summer, and finally only the ‘quiet’ still mind-space will remain, moving backwards to the memories of its past, retracing its paths as a standing wave. So the 3 systems collapse in the 8 cycle of 9 years; to explode back in a thunder, completing a 0-sum between birth and extinction. This simple never quite understood game fully divides the world cycle of time, and can be applied to all kind of systems, while its spatial symmetry is the origin of many 8-systems of creation in nature, when we depart from 3 single elements in 2 possible states.

This was only understood partially in the Taoist tradition, so we use by the Correspondence Law, which in T.œ applies to all forms of knowledge, not only pedantic quantum physics, the symbols of the 8 ‘BAGUAS’ of Taoism, likely the highest perception of cyclical time laws in human history:

After the informative Generation (in black), as a seed in the placenta in the Human T.œ, which being of a lower scale in space, ∆-1, has a decametric faster speed in time. So instead of 9 years it is a period of 9 ‘moons’=months of gestation, the being is born emerging to live in the ∆º scale where it will go through 8 phases for a 72 years human generational cycle. And each age distinguishes itself for the spatial static or active, temporal stage of its 3 physiological networks, reflected in the trigrams, from above (particle-head), to the middle body wave to the lower moving limbs/potentials.

YOUTH   In man they are the babyhood 0-9, when only the limbs are activated, it is the ‘thunder’ age in the Taoist tradition. Then after 9, till 18, the childhood, age of reason starts and the mind also activates. It is the  age of flame. Finally the whole being becomes activated in the adolescence, it is the age of Heavens, between 18 and 27 – the zenith of the organism.

MATURITY Then it starts the second phase of the cycle, or maturity, when the system reproduces and the mind quiets to become responsible and carry the family. It is the lake phase, from 27 to 36… followed by…

The wind age, from 36 to 45, when the limbs loose its power, and quiet down, but the mind reaches its ‘acne’ age of maximal lucidity, which the Greeks considered its plenitude… followed by… The water age, the last age when sexuality is still active, but the mind starts its decline, from 45 to 54… followed by the… Mountain age, when both limbs and body become static, from 54 to 63… Only the mind is living… to Finally close the life cycle from… 63 to 72… back to Earth, converted in dust of space-time…

In the moment of Entropic death, the last months of our world cycle now becoming a zero-sum when again we ‘move’ in a thunder, but not of birth but rather a big-bang of dissolution, and explosion of our static spatial in-form-ation, to return to the womb of ‘Tao’, the game of existence…

The 8th baguas, combinations of 3 physiological networks in two states, static space/form — and moving time __ yang, gives us 8 sub-ages of a world cycle. It was the highest Taoist understanding of I Ching – the game of time-changes that define the world cycles of past-present-future of all systems as a potential block of similar phases – in the graph corrected to its temporal order starting from the generation as thunder to its death as earth: despite the fact that its individual forms approaches  ∞ all of them go through the same phases as they define the states of its 3 networks.

We apply the 8 baguas from the phases of physical gaseous-liquid-solid states, to the decades of life, to sociology to war to stock cycles. Consider the case of the states of physics, which are gaseous youth (thunder, fire, heaven), liquid reproduction (lake, wind, water) and solid information or 3rd age (Mountain, Earth)… perfectly mimicked by the ‘states of matter’ of the bagua cycle, or the combinations found in particle physics…

Now, we know the precise meaning of them, and we shall study in a scientific form, as yet ‘another’ specific numbered development of the super organism’s world cycle.

To which degree Taoism understood the 8 phases of existence as a cycle of two poles in eternal zero sums, we don’t know. As all information that comes to us is after the technological chin empire (graph above) that destroyed it wisdom. I am of the opinion that after Ch’in, the first animetal Chinese master destroyed likely the highest ever agricultural Neolithic culture of mankind, the knowledge as lost (death penalty to anyone who kept a book of Taoism, except in technology), and once more the tree of metal won and degraded mankind.

The baguas today are merely Feng shui bull$hit and the two orders we have received from the past are NOT temporal but spatial, based in opposite configurations and S=T  symmetries (LEFT graph).

So they are used to generate spatial systems as the Universe does with its symmetry between motion and form (we have taken here — as the symbol of form-space and __ of motion-time though the inverse representation is often found in latter Taoist texts). One fact though on the tradition of I Ching seems to show there was a certain understanding of Bagua when we consider the ‘properties’ given to the 8 baguas/ages of existence, associated to the 8 symbols of ‘gaseous youth’ (thunder: initiation; fire: awakening; heavens: plenitude), which are excellent descriptions of those 3 phases of youth.

So goes for the second triad of maturity: Lake, tranquil (complete devotion), the reproductive couple age, wind (gentle entrance into the decaying age), water (winter, abyss, danger, the fall… of life), mountain (immobile, the final 3rd age with no motion) and earth, the receptacle, back to the womb of Mother Earth… So in the attributes we see the lost wisdom of the 8 phases of worldcycle, which is also clear in its relationship with the four seasons, starting with thunder at the end of winter, when the ‘eldest’ son is born, followed by fire, beginning of spring… awakening to rational thought…

In the graph the highest informative understanding of mankind took place in the Neolithic, mongoloid brachicephalic, verbal, Chinese Taoist culture, before lineal metal-weapons and the animetal white man reduced our knowledge to pure instrumental memes and lineal science.

We quote, the 3 most influential works of the Taoism during the 3 ages of the Bronze cycle. After the silence of the Shang dynasty, the Tchou resurrect its wisdom and we have the classic age of Taoism coinciding with its 800 year life cycle studied in Volume III as a civilization: The iching, seed of all trinity ages and its spatial variations as ‘species’ of the Universe; the duality of yin and yang, and the practical application to their life of the Chinese elite, by Confucius who accepted it as one of the 5 book and took many teachings from its philosophy and Sun Tzu who applied the ‘wu wei’ of passive resistance and minimal action to the art of war, trying to establish codes of civilized war, which the Chin barbarians with iron will obliterate.

Since this radiant age (a better metaphor than ‘golden’ age, as gold is the false sweat of the sun) corresponds in the west to the Iron cycle but in China ends with the arrival of iron swords and cavalry carried by the Chin western barbarian kingdom that will destroy the original Chinese civilization and forbid Taoist books that were not technological. So ‘scientific Taoism’ ends with the military unification of China, over the ordered anarchist world of Taoist peasants.

Its resurgence will happen in increasing magic forms, in tune with the cycle of obliteration of the original Asian culture by western-northern animetals with new weapons and stultifying military barbarians that repressed Taoism, followed by dynasties of autochthonous Chinese emperors (Han, Tang, Ming) that resurrect Taoist thinkers. Because of the dominance of China as the center empire, Taoism will then spread to their ‘marginal civilizations’ from Korea (where it might have been part of its culture since Paleolithic shamans) to Vietnam.

The opposition between Taoism and the organic Chinese civilization vs. the western world of lineal, ego-centered animetals run in that sense very deep in the history of mankind. Unfortunately Taoism lost the battle earlier on when in the III BC century, Chin, the eastern ruler of the C’hin empire brought iron and horses and coins to the frail and unified China to the rhythm of 6 millions corpses establishing death penalty to all who had a Taoist book except those on technology. So China ever since would increasingly loose its understanding of the foundations of the organic Universe so well describe  in philosophical Taoism.

Taoism and duality. The Tao-Te-King

The sacred turtle. Chinese -5000

Taoism as the most advanced pre-scientific culture of mankind plugs directly in the spacetime essence of reality. So after discovering the parallelisms with 5D stience I published a small book called scientific Taoism signing Lao-San (: during my life in Asia in my youth), and then in the brief stint I did with academia, in systems science congresses, I chose the chair of Duality at ISSS to signify that relationship of 5D with the philosophical principles of Taoism – cyclical time, a Universe made of two substances/motions space and time, the organic nature of all systems where individuals are secondary to networks and the isomorphism of all species of the Universe, all made of space and time. The fundamental merit of Taoism is thus to reduce reality to its final principles which are NOT monism/ monotheism, as Parmenides already proved since from one not even motion can start up, but dualism, which had 3 fundamental phases in its philosophical evolution: Taoism, dialectics and duality.

The best work on that duality conserved after the burning of Chin, perhaps for its brevity was the Tao te-king. A 5D translation to the modern jargon of cyclical spacetime science of its beginning from an old text of mine reads:

the path of temporal justice: Tao-te-king:

“The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao.

The name which can be uttered is not the eternal name.

Without name is the principle of yin and yang; when in

Existence is the mother of 10X10³ beings…”

Part One: Chien ( free translation : The Function of Existence)

[The Function of] Existence cannot be expressed.

If perceived his virtual form will fade away.

The species who can be named=perceived is not the eternal being.

The logic of Existence has no visible form.

It is the principle of Yin=Time=Cycle=information=perception=life,

and Yang=Space=Plane=energy=pleasure=death.

And when both forms are shaped in existence, the function gives birth to 10ˆ 10 species.

Energy who has no will wonders at the game of creation.

Energy who exists in present and searches for the effect will see nothing but the glare of light senses.

Energy and information are the organs of Existence.

Yet both parts are different.

Gates to all sensorial wisdom; Information perceives energy.

Time cycles feed in energy species, who die as they knot into form.

But when both organs merge in harmony a stable specie be=comes.

You should not stop herds of species that follow their energy path.

Leave them to the wisdom of creation and they will not feed on your form.

In the world we all perceive the beautiful and the good; the short and the tall.

The possible future and the withering past.

Time beings perceive the space in which they stand; the energy that gives them life.

Because the big predator feeds in the short one.

And the ugly is formed for the beautiful to compare.

And the plane of energy allows the perceiver of Time to reach i=ts height.

As past and future follow each other, so new existences will die and will be=come.

Among so much Games of creation, the wise man perceives  the silent Principles and the wisdom of i=ts herds of existence.

In this manner the perfect man orders his world and tenders for nature, and let’s his shapes follow the eternal game of creation and reproduction of forms.

He is the true Master that loves the freedom of creative Existence, and takes from creation only what he needs, and cares for.

You shall not search for wishes beyond your human form.

You shall not make propaganda of vile consume.

You shall not infatuate your people.

and give them desires beyond the natural senses of man.

You shall not make greed the object of your Existence.

Because complexity brings death and r=evolution, you shall not fill of light and air the mind of men, but give them the earth that feeds, and Harmony between their minds and bodies, within the natural senses of man.

The man of wisdom empties of impossible dreams the simplex man.

The man of wisdom, let’s Existence follow his path.

The true master gardens the species that Existence has born.

Virtual, never physical, existence is eternal by his lack of form.

Because in the emptiness of a closed Jar, all the water of Existence can pass by, when Existence flows.

So happens to all forms of present, slaves of the Yin-Yang Game.

There, in the  logic of Universals   where all forms become one,  yet not individual form is:

Existence gives birth  to 10ˆ 10 wave=radiations…

Because only the Game of Creation, the game of existence is before our time and Space were created.


Unfortunately only Tao-te-king from the best works of classic Taoism are conserved. The works of the next master of the yin-yang school, Tsou Yen, were burned on the ‘stakes’.

He connected the theory of Yin-Yang with the doctrine of the 5 elements, which became a theory of change in time in symmetry with its 5 forms in space and influenced for centuries the Philosophies of China. The five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – are now conceived on the one hand as origin of each other, on the other, as a source of mutual annihilation – a theme we shall formalize with the rules of existential illogic in our article, ‘The mind of the Universe’. So a worldcycle of existence was traced and applied to multiple systems. I.e. According to the Chinese conception, they also influence the world of men, as expressed in the historical theory of ascent and dynastic decline; whereas the most important age was the initial phase or seed of a new dynasty associated to one of its 5 elements . Then its sovereigns would be related to the corresponding period = element of the cycle. Magic though soon became a more amenable way to describe wu xing and keep the job on court. As it happened with earlier astronomers, like Tyco Brahe whose main job was astrology, so happened with Taoist masters who made his life of magic enchantments, working the higher philosophy on their quiet times. .As no writing of Tsou Yen has been preserved, the basics of his school are contained in the philosophical work Kuan-tzu

Worth to notice, Tsou Yen also developed a Theory of civilizations according to which China only represented a ninth part of the Earth, avoiding the classic ethnocentrism of China.


With the extinction of scientific Taoism by the burning of its books and prosecution of its masters, from where it never regained its strength, Taoism resurfaced with the local dynasties in a yin-shadow, yang-radiance dual cycle, but without an experimental method to apply its duality, trilogy, pentalogic and organic theory of the Universe it didn’t fly away but descended into different forms of entropy – monastery isolationism, wu-wei and magic superstitions, from Feng Shui to alchemy that would bring gunpowder – so in a twist of cynical history, the culture that most abhorred the instruments of metal did become the discoverer of the ultimate weapon that changed history. So more than an analysis of the texts of post Ch’in Taoism is worth to consider its interlacing with the Chinese society and retirement in pursuit of the inner perfection as the outer social perfection was lost.

In the next graph, we see its last meaningful cycle when the Han resurrected the school and its main works found an application to the arts and human sciences of the empire. Of this age is the «Yellow Emperor’s questions about the essence of things», first known work of Chinese medicine, compiled at the end of the Han era, which has shown through ages to be a less invasive form of acting on the ‘scalar invisible energy that structure the underlying flows of space-time within any organic system (acupuncture meridians). Also the wealth of knowledge of the Paleolithic and Neolithic wisdom on curative plants and remedies will be preserved by Taoism, and its doctoral schools.

Since the doctrine of Yin-Yang connects with all the systems of reality, it could not stay as a single school; the abstract intellectualization of its categories expanded to trilogic and pentalogic thus became the common ground of all the various systems, and magic schools of classic China – the essence of Chinese thought and seed of all its sciences, from natural philosophy to medicine, alchemy, chemistry, geography, botany…

Mr. Lévi-Strauss of the globalized Jewish school of complicated bull$hit always kin of go(l)d-like fetish materialist theories, ascribes its origin to the evolution of a form of primitive totemism (: t is simpler and far more spiritual – they express ‘coincidentia opossitorum’ Da Cusa principle of God’s logic: the contradiction between the principles of Yin and Yang, male and female, day and night, of whose union emerges an organized totality, the Tao, the couple, a whole day means contradiction, instead of being an obstacle is the source of all creation, when they work in ‘parallel’ complementarity, by the power of eusocial, organic love – not only to man but to Nature and the whole Universe, masterly expressed in Taoist painting & poetry based in Universal-human homologies, as the 1st dramatic and 2nd sensorial poems of the Hans quoted in its 3 cultural ages show:

Rebirth: Youth: The rejection of State power.

We chose 3 poems of the Han dynasty, the second ‘mature’ age of Taoism to express its 3 main philosophies, regarding the ∆+1 state, criticizing the brutality of the Ch’in barbarians in its homology with the greedy worm (epic, dramatic young age; the sensorial reproductive life age of classicism and love, when Taoism seeks for personal freedom, sensorial pleasure, the energy qi of sexuality and the immortal present state; and the 3rd age – always a rhetoric age of an excess of information, and decay; when Taoism becomes a force of dissolution of those corrupted emperors; a trinity pattern will be repeated through all the dynastic cycles of china, finally toppled by ‘peasant’s anarchy sects’ ultimately sprung from Taoist philosophy as its first, the Yellow Lotus, was.

The Barbaric decadence of warrior invaders thus will meet through a peasants’ ‘Taoist r=evolution’ the renewal of Native dynasties, and a new resurgence of its philosophy of organized anarchy prescribed by Nature.

If Africa is the eternal culture of ‘anarchy in action’, according to its e-motional mind, Taoism is its mental philosophy. Taoist philosophers of nature reject that which has been created artificially by man, as ‘culture’ and return to nature- Tzu-ian, is a central concept of Taoist doctrine. She inspires truth and freedom unlike the rigid and formal rites of Confucians and his pseudo ethics of obeisance to authority – not a religion of love and freedom but a subtle form of control as those of political and economical correctness of our modern FMAsters.

So in the last masterpiece of the classic age, the compilation of Chuang-Tzu (second half of 4th century BC), Confucius is presented as a helpless character and ‘Aristotelian, single causality’ logicians don’t fare better, unable to grasp the contradictions of duality in its dialogues with Taoists. Taoists long for harmony between men and the whole. The task of the individual is to adapt perfectly to the Tao. As it only lasts that which is in line with the Tao of nature, because that contains its true cause. For Taoists, material culture is harmful. For those who collect water with a cupped hand, a pitcher is accessory.

This «primitive state» (p’u, literally « « uncut wood») – a key term of Taoist philosophy – is the state were men should return. So not material culture and ‘scientific=technological progress’ is denied but also stratified society. For nature – the way of the Tao– the uneducated man is not inferior to a sovereign who governs states and men. Thus, for Taoists, the Radiant Age would be a world without violence, of ‘dolce fare niente’, as the Renaissance goal of those who retired in Decameron, to escape the pests of condottieri warlords – non-work (wu-wei), no interference., which ultimately reflects the longing for the peaceful peasant world of the Neolithic community. Thus in Taoist writings of the sovereigns of antiquity, praise is for the “Yellow Emperor” (Huang-ti), the first of them all from the P’u age.

Since Taoism becomes an openly anti-authoritarian, antistate, anarchic doctrine – a true individualism , unlike that of modern enzymen who is told NOT to be needy of other men so he must need machines to consume them or become a self-made man to accumulate money or a selfish a$$hole and freak controller ruling over them.

Freedom, nature & happiness are more important than society- considered corrupted. Self-improvement and purification, are more important than the fulfillment of duties to family and state. Free from all ties, the neophyte must consecrate exclusively to the forces of mother nature, which sheltesr and generates it all.

The mystical fusion with the whole thus substitutes social duties. So, the real Taoist becomes a hermit; as we, all the true seekers of religions of human or universal law become, once society proves unable to reform. In a time of absolute corruption of the physiological economic, military and political networks, flee from society instead of pretending to shape it with lofty rules.

“When society is so corrupted that defies any reform, the philosopher can only retire and wait for extinction.’ Seneca. The Taoist though not from the entropic lineal west, looks instead for immortality.

2nd age: Isolationism. Individual freedom, seeking pleasure, health and harmony.

In the classic Han era the goal of Taoism adherents was to achieve longevity, even immortality of an immaterial soul, but preservation of the body as those of the ‘ancient, legendary masters’.

The ancient Taoist conception of the unity of the scalar Universe – the microcosm and macrocosm, promoted the development of a 5D physiology and anatomy that influenced medicine, and given the lack of a deep understanding of the fractal Universe gave birth to some extravagant conceptions but also to precepts of health that a modern Californian would subscribe and laid the foundations of an autochthonous chinese medicine that still exists and that enjoys recognition. Thus, health and macrobiotics become integral parts of Taoism from the Han era. Taoists who had the basis of 5D stience in its wider concepts – organicism, disomorphism of the micro-scale and macro-scale but not in its scientific details believed the human body was modular full of vital centers, governing each other a certain organ or function, similar to the organism of a nation – also connected through vital roads of Q’I energy. Hence the activation of those commanding centers with acupuncture since when they disappear, the organ or part of the body gets sick.

Consumption of wine, cereals and meat was considered. So, many fed exclusively on fruits. To these dietary prescriptions they added gymnastics and breath control: “Embryonic breathing” tried to divert inwards the flow of air, to keep in the body the flow of vital energy similar to Indian yoga.

But only those who reached self-perfection became “immortal” (hsien), beyond the material limits of space and time, unaffected by diseases, wounds or old age. So adherents of Taoism lived in the solitude of mountains, feed on herbs and roots, and some, legend says, were truly Hsiens devoted to magical perfection, sometimes appearing in the world of men.

The 3rd age of Taoism thus brought magic to the culture. Lao-tzu, author of Tao-te-ching, became a God already in the second Han era as the “Yellow Emperor” (huang-ti), deity, patron of the magicians and the Tao-te-king, from philosophical treatise, moved to sectarian catechism with the philosophical principle of Tao as God.

But “immortality” also required moral perception, by refraining from committing bad actions and performing good works to accelerate the purification process.

Thus, we find that many Taoists strive to perform good deeds, taking care of the poor, orphans and sick, helping in public works, building bridges and roads; not primarily for the love of others, but as an integral part of self-improvement. Again we find the inverse symmetry of the social organic Asian culture with the entropic Jewish-Germanic civilization: Luther’s ego rejects charity unneeded to contemplate god; Adam Smith cynically affirms that the sum of evil selfish actions without concern for the others will magically bring the common good – self perfection today for the American who is also obsessed by organic health, consists in taking it all, giving nothing in return to the others, competing as a ‘winner’ against ‘losers’, totally disentangled of the social whole, not to speak of the Organic Universe our microcosmos mirrors.

A free Taoist always knows himself part of a group or community, whose organization kept the ordered anarchy of the Neolithic without a church hierarchy, as Buddhism will do. So local priests (shih-shih) were members of the farming community first elected, then by inheritance within a family – taking on the rituals of the cycles of farming, with a complex Taoist calendar similar to those of priests in Europe with its “ecclesiastical year” – as the I ching had taken on the sacrifices of divination in the upper sphere. They spread the consciousness of a healthy life and acted as doctors and would become instrumental in the popular rebellions.

Artistic forms will thus reach its higher beauty in the depiction of the landscape, with cyclical O-shapes – the highest form of Chinese painting– the opposite to the European love for lineal dramatic art, from the treccento to cubism. So for the best Chinese poetry influenced by Taoism, its love of nature and anarchic freedom; the magic fantasy and of plasticity, it added to a language, too objective, analytic and didactic in its S=T disyllabic forms, proper of the dry Confucian writers.

The long decadent age of rhetoric, magic entropic Taoism.

It would then be in this 3rd magic era, when the empire decayed, assailed by northern nomadic invaders, and inner warlords, when the concept of a pleasant life in contact with nature – still in a mildly populated China, attracted men of the upper classes escaping the rigid pressure of conventions or military society… as so often would happen in Europe and all other civilizations in the 3rd age of its 800 year cycles, when war renews its power. The upper class could afford to escape the harsh reality from the surrounding world fleeing to a natural world of pleasure and metaphysical discussion, of refined cynicism. They gave themselves to witty intellectual dialogue (ch ‘ing-t’an), – Decameron style, instead of worrying, like stern Confucians for the ways the state and society could recover the lost balance by observing the moral norms of the “wise men of antiquity.”

As in Boccaccio’s book, as in India, the search for body realization brought also sexual freedom. Sexual intercourse was perfected with ‘healthy techniques’ whose goal were the ‘Unification of vital energies’ (ho-ch’i), among all the members of the community sometimes in massive orgies to ‘exchange fluids’ as those practiced in the 70s in U$ and the Brazilian carnival for centuries, without so much propaganda. To notice that such rites that led to perfect the qi energy, towards a ‘thermodynamic equilibrium’ treated women as a companion on equal footing, whose complementary yin was as important to seek completeness = whole perfection. Naturally, those were customs performed only in the polygamist upper class…

Eccentricity, rebellion, conscious contempt and pleasant customs, bucolic poetry, wine libations, hoping to experience the mystical union with the Tao of nature (as shamans do with drugs) were from the third century onwards, part of the lifestyle of the intellectually prominent dilettante, as it would be for the upper aristocratic English class, or the modern celebrity circus of Hollywood and its imitators everywhere, moving away from any real, ethical-social and theoretical political thinking.

So Taoism fulfills with the Han, its final decadent 3rd age (Neolithic birth, Tchou classicism, Han entropic individualism), having scaled society, from the 90% or peasantry, through the 10% of the middle class associated to the 1% of decadent aristocrats.

Thereafter the role of Taoism, in the nomadic age of barbarians and gunpowder stultified age of Confucians is largely irrelevant – a long decline of that entropic magic era. But its philosophical dilogic, trinity and pentalogic findings will always illuminate the Chinese subconscious and its free use of human senses in art, literature and sensorial pleasures form part of the refined culture.

In those fields, since the Han court adopted Taoist metaphysics on his decadent third age, as the higher philosophy, Confucianism becomes reduced to the philosophy of the organic state. The Tao-te-ching and the I ching are adopted in the canon, but there is NO more relevant advances on 5D ‘scientific Taoism’ – from the Han to the Sung era – only commentary and exegesis.

Even the freedom of his religious practices would soon cease, as Buddhism takes over imposing celibate and monastic retreat (kuan). So ecstatic, sexual practices disappeared.

The people’s ordered anarchic r=evolutions.

And yet this metaphysical court Taoism detached from the people did not end the original Taoism of the 99%, whose organic view of China and ‘ordered, ethic anarchy’ fuelled the rebellious sects that tumbled emperors.

It will be his great contribution to the welfare of China, who otherwise would have stayed for millennia in a suffocating feudal system with Confucian scholars as a placebo escape valve similar to our ‘correctness’ censors.

We deal with that aspect of Taoism as part of ‘civilization’ in our volume II on History on space-time, from the uprising of the “yellow turbans” when Taoist sects for the first time toppled a tyrant, to the Tai Ping r=evolution.

RECAP. The Taoist culture of the mongoloid, cyclical verbal humind was the height of philosophy of science prior to the western evolution of the mechanist, scientific method, which unfortunately deformed our concept of an organic Universe of space=yin+time=yang beings, into lineal, entropic time, best suit to measure the lineal speed of its cannonballs. By far, the civilization most in tune with the laws of the organic Universe is ASIA, reason why as the ORGANIC vital Universe is about survival, for those whose information MIRRORS its formal scalar laws of organization of parts into wholes, based in the duality of energy and information ‘arrows’ of cyclical time futures… ASIA is the most successful civilization in terms of survival.

Indeed, ‘Asia’ represents today, if we account partially for the times in which large tracts of Indonasia shared similar beliefs, 1/3rd of the human population; 2/3rds with Indonasia, which had in the Neolithic and pre-Aryan, and Buddhist ages a similar more ‘vital’, feisty Shiva=yang vs. Vishnu=yin duality reflecting the laws of the Universe.

To know pays in life dividends, when we compare those survival rates, with the most WEIRD culture in terms of mimesis with the laws of Nature (Judaism, Germanism) based in infantile, selfish ego-trips of superiority over Nature and other human beings, who try to ‘cheat’ those laws, ab=using History and Gaia with metal-memes, weapons or Go(l)d to get the ‘answer back’ of the action-reaction processes of reality in the war and holocaust cycle.

So Taoism and Buddhism were also CULTURES that denied power through vile Metal, living with Nature, preying to Duality, rejecting wealth and living in communion with the absolute and its 5D laws.

That similitude is so close in the general concepts that one of my first treatises on the scalar 5Dimensional organic Universe was called ‘scientific Taoism’. 

To fully understand Taoism thus is easier today, after more than 2000 years of extinction as the official culture of China to read first the 5D papers on the modern philosophy of science that has continued in its tradition. The reward of having a properly tuned vision of the Universe of course is a balance with that Universe, which ensures our survival – reason why China is the most successful survival culture of mankind, while in the opposite extreme, the denial of the selfless harmony of the Universe is the sure path to extinction, as our ‘ego-centered’ beliefs confront the selfless Universe of infinite points of view – hence the Jewish go(l)d cult(ure) is the less successful in terms of survival of all the cultures of mankind – a clear warning for our non-future as capitalism has now triumphed even in china erasing most traces of its ancient traditions.

How those laws were expressed in its initial cultures is obvious: Taoism first, and then Buddhism, the ‘purifying version of Hinduism’ born in China, became the official religion of all Nations of Asia.

The origin of Taoism though is much more ancient, as it seems clearly to be the ‘Vishnu vs. Shiva’, colder, more rational, less vital ‘Northern’ view of Asia and its mongoloid cultures of ‘higher informative, verbal, brachicephalic’ less ‘visual, literal, white dolichocephalic’ understanding of reality.

Indeed, the reality that creates the flows of time with its dual arrows merged in energy beings is NOT as time is NOT able to be pictured easily. So a higher dimension of thought, I-logic thought, duality, complementarity cyclical thought is needed. And this the lineal visual white man with its subjective infantile, self-centered beliefs have so often failed to achieve…

Taoism thus is likely a Neolithic view of Nature, probably born in Northern China, or even a Paleolithic Shamanic evolution of an earlier animist view, born in the Altai-Korea region…








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