Verbal ethic age:

‘And the wor(l)d, our God=Mind of Mankind, became man=prophet and inhabited among us’  Saint John 1.1. On the capacity of the subjective human wor(l)d, I(man)<verb (action) < Object (energy of man), to judge in favor of mankind, and hence protect our God=Humanity, from extinction.

The language of the super organism of history that connects its human ‘citizen-cells’, believers in the ethic of eusocial love, spelt for humanity through its prophets of social evolution, the word, is no longer ruling mankind. Instead, the equalitarian man (salary) = Money = Object (price), equation of ‘capitalism’, of the rule of money over the wor(l)d, rule us all, and as a consequence we are constantly compare and loose to many objects of the whole Universe, we no longer select with words by the human use. The result is a technological civilization, whose ethics are quite different from those of mankind:

‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’. Eric Fromm

The main error of Humanity today is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines defined by the Kondratieff cycles). The main error of Humanity today is to consider that the goals of history (the life of the human species from the first to the last ‘cell’ of its cultural organisms) MUST yield to the goals of economics (the Industrial Evolution of machines defined by the Kondratieff cycles).

According to such ideology, progress is NOT the progress and eusocial evolution of the human kind into a global organism that creates a world made to the image and likeness of humanity, but the creation of the metal-kind, a global organism made of machine-systems, ruled by digital information (internet, scientific design, money), in which humans are increasingly obsolete and our cultures become extinct by a global culture that reduces the human kind to mere workers=reproducers and consumers=testers of machines.

This misconception explains why today humanity, indoctrinated by systems of mass-media communication despises or represses all things human (religion, politics, eusocial love, verbal knowledge, sexual reproduction) and glorifies all things mechanical (technology, money, selfish consumption, digital knowledge, work=reproduction of machines).

It is an old confrontation, which started in the age of bronze, when the first ‘metal-master cultures’ of bronze warriors and go(l)d bankers took over the Neolithic paradise of ‘human, agricultural goods’, verbal, ethic laws and the worship of human reproduction (Fertility Goddesses). That confrontation was explained in the parable of Genesis, the first book of ‘human history’ that described in a parable the eternal fight between the Tree of Life and the Laws of eusocial Love between members of the same species, and the Tree of Metal, its ‘golden apples’ and weapons with its  ‘eviL’ values that kill Live…

The written Wor(l)d.

A telling story of the difference between humanist cultures and animetal cultures that confront each other’s vision of the future of mankind in the paradox of history is that of the written word: Since China still has no metal, it appears as a tool for priests and Taoist masters to guess the future cycles of nature. The language is poetic, made with organic, complementary oppositions between energy-yang and information-yin, still natural to the Chinese language. It appears also in militaristic Egypt and it becomes law, imposed by the pharaoh, which says ‘It has been written’, when he speaks; so his word becomes law. The warrior has created the first of the many straitjackets of our Animetal civilization: the political law, which gives privileges to aristocrats who now have the exclusive rights to bear arms and will use them against all other human beings, without ever being judged by their acts of murder. Meanwhile, a self-similar second type of laws appear in Mesopotamia, the civilization that invented money, where the high priests, the first go(l)d masters, have the ‘commercial right’ to produce money with the exclusion of all other groups of society. They will establish ‘taxes’ and regulations about prices. There, the written word appears first as a system of accountancy. So the word adapts to the three languages of human power: words, weapons and gold . . .

3 types of civilizations according to the language of power: warrior and go(l)d vs. wor(l)d cultures.

In the graph, 3 kind of nations and languages, Go(l)d=money, weapons and wor(l)ds have fought to design a world to the image and likeness of their ‘icon of power’. So all societies can be defined as military, plutocratic or legal societies, depending on which language controls power. Yet at the end of History, Go(l)d won over the other languages, globalizing  the ‘Am Segullah’  culture, whose myths control the future of History, as all civilizations based in wor(l)ds and swords become extinguished.

The engine of history is the confrontation between human beings and their social religions of history vs. machines, metal, weapons and money, defended by an Animetal elite of Go(l)d and Sword believers and their myth makers, which guided by greed and violence, create the wrong wealth, multiplying weapons and machines. And that is why bio-history is able to predict the outcome of those cycles, regardless of the animetal cultures that evolve those weapons and machines at each stage of history (in the West, the Germanic->European warrior and the Jewish-> Calvinist trader).

In that regard, in Bio-History we differentiate between 3 types of ‘nations’, whose people, joined by a common language of power that sets up their customs, religions and forms of life, become a small organism of History. Because history has 3 languages of power, money, weapons and Wor(l)ds, there are 3 types of cultures. Egypt is the paradigm of a Wor(l)d Nation; Judaism is the paradigm of a go(l)d nation and Germany is the paradigm of Warrior nations. Because the word nation didn’t exist yet, in the ancient times nations were called ‘Gods’.

So YHWH, the nation of Jewish people, was a ‘God’ and the Wor(l)d Book that explained their History (the life of its human cells) the Bible, was not called ‘History of the Jewish People’, but the Book of God – yet as Eastern philosophers would point out in the XIX century, there was nothing written in that Book about God – the Mind of the Universe and its Complex, Organic Laws of Energy=Yang and Information=Yin, today explored mathematically by Science. This confusion is truly the key to fully grasp the Historic Nature of the Jewish, Tribal Religions. The same concept in fact applied to the main rival for tribal power of  YVWH in that age, the God Assur, which meant  the nation of the Assyrian, whose capital, God, Nation and Kings (such as Assurbanipal) had the same Name. Rome means the transition between the word ‘God’ and the word ‘Nation’, parallel to the substitution of religious legal codes by national laws. This today brings a lot of confusion, especially when talking about Judaism, which is not a ‘philosophical religion’, as it is not concerned at all with life after death (an innovation of some Jewish prophets that will give birth to the Christian and Islamic religion) but about power on Earth. Nor it is a race, as 80% of Jewish are actually Kazhars from Ukraine, (hence brachycephalic, as Mongoloids, dominant in verbal information are, unlike the Semite dolichocephalic Jewish, which are visually dominant, as the white, energetic race is). In the modern age, the paradigms will be Italy, a culture, to whom all Italians knew they belonged, despite being divided in kingdoms or dominated by other nations; Spain, a warrior nation; and England, a Go(l)d nation. Thus, all nations are classified in 3 types: warrior nations, ruled by weapons (Germany, Japan, etc.), trader nations, ruled by Go(l)d, (Judaism, Calvinism, Great Britain, USA, etc.) and Wor(l)d nations, ruled by legal words (Buddhism,Christianity, Social Democracies).

Of course, this is a simplification, as most nations do mix elements of the 3 types of cultures, which explains the great episodes of history. For example, Judaism, the paradigm of tribal Go(l)d cultures, did live several dialectic fights between its wor(l)d masters, represented by Genesis, Moses, Christ and Marx vs. its go(l)d, nationalistic animetals, represented by Adam, the Golden Calf, Caiphas and Herzl. WhileIslam and Christianity, paradigm of Wor(l)d cultures, became corrupted by Sword inquisitions, as Animetal hordes destroyed cyclically their believers in Social Love. So the Spanish inquisition had in its shield a cross and its anti-form, a sword, an inverted cross. But not a single Spanish writer realized of the crystal clear ‘paradox’ of that image: the sword was the anti-truth of Love, the message of Christ,they pretended to defend.

Obviously, the only ‘right’ concept of a nation, from a human perspective, is a Wor(l)d nation, a culture, as the other 2 type of nations, Go(l)d Religions and Warrior Tribes try to dominate the World with their icons of ‘metal’.

And yet because we live in a world ruled by metal-masters, the Germanic->European warrior culture, and the Jewish->Wasp Go(l)d cultures, which discovered first go(l)d and iron have become dominant, and their values have been globalized, creating an economic organism, in which the language and values of money substituted the eusocial language of verbal love; and the concept of ‘military nations’, with borders and armies to separate the same human species, has substituted the neolithic global culture of Gaia and the Oikoumene cultures of Buddhism, Christianity and islam.

Further on, because Go(l)d religions and Warrior nations are the ‘physiological’, energetic and informative networks of the economic ecosystem, unlike the rest of the ‘settled’ cells of mankind, their people travel beyond their borders, forming networks of global traders and hordes of conquistadors, which spread the species and values of metal around the world. So the Indo-Europeans would conquer all Eurasian nations with their bronze chariots and iron swords; and the Canaanites will create a global network of trade.

There are therefore 3 forms of Governments, all of them rule by a caste that dominates the language of power of the social organism, either money, weapons or words. Each of those types of governments can be recognized because the people-caste who dominates the language of power creates an efficient, hierarchical organism with that language and then renders obsolete the other two parallel organisms. This people-caste will seek and obtain exclusive rights to reproduce its language of power and with it, it will dominate the other two parallel societies. The key is to control the language of power. So in a government of weapons, the warrior caste, called in the past ‘king and aristocracy’ and today ‘army’, has the exclusive rights to reproduce and bear arms and can kill any other person from the word or the world of money. Examples of military governments are the old kingdoms or modern Nazism, where Hitler had the right to kill communists (the people of the word of that age) and Jewish (the people who control banking and money in Europe in that age). And he did it, killing 24 million communists, including Russians and Germans and 5 million Jewish…

It must be understood though that societies are social organisms, and as all social organisms they have a single ‘head’, or ‘nervous system’ of information that controls the entire organism. there are not bicephalic organisms. What this means is that the people-caste who controls the language of information are a monolithic single tribe or party or army. There are no dictatorships and kingdoms with 2 armies fighting each other or 2 kings. Monetary nations have a single currency or stock-market brain that controls the monetary flows of the system. And working ‘verbal nations’ have a single party or a single priesthood that acts as the verbal eusocial nervous system that delivers a collective message of eusocial love and organize the society.

How such organisms control the alternative languages of power of the society? “Divide and win’ is the way.  So each type of society controls the other 2 ‘branches’ of the civilization, with orders given with their language of power and with divisive systems. So in plutocracies, money ‘buys’ mercenary armies and ‘laws’.

In a Theocracy or Socialist Democracy, again a single party rules the word (priests or members of the party) and they control the reproduction of money and weapons, as warriors are submitted to the authority of priests or commissaries. So only the word people form an efficient organism, hierarchical and with a single head. While the army and money is controlled by legal words and the government only invents money (communist societies, islamic theocracies).

In a military dictatorship on the other hand, the King had exclusive rights to ‘mint money’ with his face on the coin and he also created divisive laws for the different social groups of the kingdom.

Finally in the system that rules the world today, a plutocracy, the people of the money have exclusive rights to reproduce for free money in stock-markets (with e money or papers), forbids the government to do so unless it taxes citizens (deficit zero) and controls the army, as it reproduces its weapons. This is for example, the present case of America, in which the people-caste that controls money in Wall street ‘buys’ the army to fight wars against its enemies and ‘buys’ the law through lobbies that obtain laws for their companies.

And again, only companies are in America efficient, hierarchical, single-head organizations.

Because the world has recently become a ‘single’ monetary nation, now at global level it forms a single global stock-market. It is the Earth Inc., the new dominant organism of this planet.

And again there is only a single economic world and global market. While armies are divided in multiple states and within those states governments are divided in multiple branches and parties. And needless to say the useless political wor(l)d is divided in nations, and in each nation there are bicephalic, inneficient parties of corrupted politicians, submitted to lobbies.

This is not a measure of Freedom but of inefficiency, which allows the bankers to control politicians through lobbies. In the Universe there are not bicephalic societies. When there is an organism with multiple points of control, when it is divided, it is because it is being prey for a dominant organism, in the case of human societies today, by the people-caste of bankers who have exclusive rights to reproduce money, the language of power as aristocrats had in the past with weapons, their language of power, or priests and party members with laws, the language of power. Thus there are 3 kind of governments: military governments, where weapons is the language of power; legal governments, where the word – religious or political – is the language of power; and Free Markets of any kind (dictatorships or democracies) where money and companies are ‘free’ and the only ones to have rights to reproduce money in paper-stocks or e-money. They are rule by ‘stockrats’, the owners of companies.

Thus, contrary to belief, present democracies are plutocracies, which hide the power of money with a ‘democratic’ mask, of corrupted politicians. By definition social organisms are hierarchical, if they wish to be efficient. Thus, efficient wor(l)d societies were hierarchical theocracies and Socialist nations. Today the world is an efficient plutocracy run by a global stock-market and a caste of ‘stockrats’, which own companies where billions of human beings work and obey. In the past, there were however theocratic societies, ruled by priests and warrior societies ruled by kings. The dominance of the global plutocracy, described in the next chapter started with the creation of company-mothers of scientific machines, the origin of modern democracies, where laws are controlled by lobbies. A true democracy would be ruled by ‘bio-historians’, which knowing the laws of social evolution of the Universe, create efficient social organisms that create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, based in life-enhancing human goods. In such society, the election would be of the best individual politicians, NOT of the ‘programs’, because a science is right or wrong, the laws of bio-history cannot be ‘elected’. Only the people who implement those laws must be elected and judged by their performance, as it happens in the true organization that rules the world, the company-mother, whose aim is to accumulate Go(l)d, by making and selling machines.

This goal – the evolution of machines – is never debated in a company. Companies merely select the best to perform that goal, as a true democratic government would do. But, because we live in a plutocracy, nations have ‘several’ opposite parties, which, as in a bicephalic body, cancel each others’ movements and become puppets of the power of companies…

The result is the world we live in, explained in other posts, whose goal is no longer to evolve the human species, through our natural language of eusocial love and information that make us share energy and information with other human beings, forming in the past eusocial organisms, cultures; but to create a global organism of machines, guided by money, reproduced in company-mothers, where humans have no value.

For that reason , the maximal social evolution of history happened in the Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet; and now we are devolving as a social organism, and as a species, in a new ‘neo-paleolithic’ dominated by visual, violent languages (provided by machines), dedicated to evolve those machines and their energy and information.

It is the macro-organism of the Earth Inc. shown in the right side of the drawing. We can see there the physiological, energetic/blood systems and informative/nervous system of the organism – the roads and pipes and electric wires and the internet brain, which contrary to belief doesn’t join human beings but machines, computers and automated factories, today ruled by software suites, which form the Intranet, vastly bigger than the internet. This metal-earth is growing much faster than the human earth and divides our cultures in perpetual tribal warfare and competence, expelling from its systems of energy and information human beings, as their increasingly automated companies evolve towards self-reproductivity, guided by the people-caste of money, today ‘Economists’, which preach the substitution of human labor by capital and machines, the destruction of human energy (welfare state) and the creation of such lifeless world of machines as the ‘goal of our societies’, expressed in mathematical equations and GNP numbers.

Let us then recall, not the Earth Inc. the no-future of mankind, but the eusocial organisms based in laws of verbal love, made of human cells,which promoted human goods, our natural energy and revered Gaia and its collective mind, the human kind…

World cultures: The meaning of a historic God. Eusocial organisms.

Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing, but the energy networks, the agricultural fields from which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based on natural, human goods, where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based on verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells.

Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.) and a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of human beings. The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervoussystem of the society. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historical organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body.

Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets. In that sense, the hierarchy between the elements of a society, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the universe, is crystal clear:

Networks of information: Ethic and political laws that create a nation or, in mythic terms, a social god (‘And God, the Word, became man and inhabit among us’). They control—

Individual cells: Human beings that obey the law and control—

Networks of energy: Economic systems of reproduction of human goods.

Thus, the nervous system, made of social, ethic laws, should rule the economic ecosystem, which should provide the goods humans need to survive and fulfill their biological drives of existence.

Human and Universal Religions.

Earth is divided into six cultural regions, related to anthropomorphic religions and its three historical horizons: Christianity, Islam and Communist China; and to the three horizons of universal religions: animist Africa and Native America; Hindi and Buddhist South Asia and the mechanist, scientific culture that today preys on all the others.

Let us now consider the 6 historic cultures of mankind, according to the laws of complexity and organic systems:

– Duality: All systems have an energetic body/field and an informative head/particle/language… In history it means that all cultures have an informative verbal brain, a legal system or religious code and a body of human cells.

– Trinity: All organic systems, including civilizations, as Spengler noticed, evolve in 3 ages, and so do the cultures of mankind.

What is then the mental, informative nature of the ‘religious codes’ of cultures?

The comprehension of the organic laws of the Universe, which can be applied to all systems. And so we distinguish two type of cultures evolved in 3 ages:

– Cultures that have a mental, verbal religion or philosophy that explains all what exists in the Universe as an organic entity made of energy=yang-shiva and information-yin-vishnu. Those are the Oriental cultures. And God is the name given to the laws of those social organisms and its 2 sides, vishnu/yin/information and shiva/yang/energy. We call them objective, Universal religions, because they describe the ‘game’ of creation of all the systems of the Universe.

Cultures that focus in the historic organism their citizens create, as cells of the society with a collective single DNA-code, the religious information provided by the founder of the culture.  This is what we call ‘God’, in the western world: Yvwh thus is the mental code of the Jewish people, its body of human cells; Allah, is the mental code of the Muslims and the gospel is the mental code of Christians, which try to imitate as DNA cells do, the exact code of all other ‘brothers in God’. Since it is a basic laws of all organisms that the informative code of all its cells must be the same. Thus in the same manner your cells are all made with the same DNA, a culture is united by the same mental code, a common language and often a common Book of Revelation. The code of that book is accessory. As it is the code of each Dna-organism. What matters are not the details of each prophetic revelation but the fact that all codes strive to create the organism through a common message of eusocial love, which makes people of the same religion share energy and information among them. We call them, subjective, anthropomorphic religions because they focus in a human social organism.

In the graph, we see that objective, universal religions consider the duality of energy=yang and information=yin as the mind/god of all the superorganisms of the universe, which they try to explain, putting man in relationship with the Absolute. Thus, they can be considered a verbal science of the universe. Subjective, anthropomorphic religions, on the other hand, consider mankind, the subconscious collective, the mind of God, Gaia, planet Earth, a smaller ‘universe’. The confusion of both ‘collective minds’, the small god/mind of the earth of man and the big god/mind of the universe, explains why scientists misunderstand the role of religions that teach the organic laws of social evolution to mankind only. They are not concerned with the application to the rest of systems of energy and information of the universe.

The Neolithic was the age of the superorganisms of history, which will be continued in present times by the creation of religious superorganisms. In that regard, the science of theology divides the wor(l)ds of religions into two kinds: Western, anthropomorphic religions and universal, Eastern religions. Both are organic systems of information that evolve, as all systems of the universe do, following the arrow of future information, in 3 ± 1 ages of growing complexity. So for both types of religions, social religions and natural religions, we consider three horizons of growth:

The 3 ± 1 Ages of Eastern, Universal, Natural Religions.

Eastern, cyclical, temporal cultures, more sophisticated in their perception of the cosmos, developed objective, scientific, universal religions concerned with the organic laws or ‘mind’ of the living universe. They evolved in 3 ± 1 ages:

– Youth: Animism, the youth of verbal knowledge about the living universe, which considered that all the systems of the universe had a ‘soul’, mind or ‘knot’ of information, as humans do. Yet all speak a ‘different’ language. In modern terms, an animist would say that atoms gauge information in gravitational and electrochemical languages: molecules use van der Waal’s forces, plants and ants communicate with chemical signals and bees with magnetic flows. So all of them are intelligent. And the goal of the shaman or priest was to translate and communicate with all those souls and finally with the ‘absolute soul’ of the cosmos, the mind of Gaia and/or the universe. Animism was the dominant religion of the Paleolithic, or energetic youth of mankind. Today there are still animist cults in Africa, Australia, Siberia and Native America.

– Maturity: Taoism, Buddhism, Greek philosophy. In the Neolithic and during the ethic r=evolution

against money and weapons that took place in 600 BC, verbal science reached its classic age with the understanding of the duality of energy and information, the two substances of the universe (called Shiva=Yang and Vishnu=Yin in Eastern philosophies, body and mind in Greek thought), that combine ‘to reproduce the 10,000 beings of existence’ (Tao Te King). Mankind is described by Taoists as a wave, part of a collective organism, whose structures and relationships are common to all systems of the universe. Both Aristotle and Buddha described accurately the Atmans/souls of the universe as unmoved, focused informative knots that move the bodies of energy that surround them. The Hindi described the cycles of creation of the cosmos, and the Mayans calculated with surprising accuracy the duration of the cycles of history that now come to its climax, as machines evolve in the age of the singularity, crossing a threshold of energy and information that can extinguish life.

Time was considered cyclical: Hesiod in Greece and Confucius in China realized that actually mankind was devolving, not evolving, in the age of metals. Hesiod stated that the Iron Age in which he lived was the lowest of all times of history.

—Informative, third age: ‘morphological time’ and the cycles of life and death of all the systems of the universe are today studied by biological sciences, system sciences and organicism, which use both the verbal language (theory of evolution), the most sophisticated models of mathematics (fractal theory), and the visual language (non-Euclidean topologies) to further advance the knowledge of that classic age, with the wealth of details discovered by scientific instruments.

The 3 ± 1 Ages of Western, Social, Wor(l)d Religions.

We distinguish three horizons of evolution of love religions, based on the bioethics of social evolution:

—Youth. Age of tribal, racial gods in which only a part of history=humanity is God. At the beginning of history, in an age of limited information, humans created tribal religions and small bodies of history. God meant the collective subconscious of a tribal nation, since reality reached no farther than the tribe and the enemy territory. And so men could call ‘God’ the collective mind of the tribe, and ‘eviL’ (in Chomskian, genetic linguistics, the inversion of ‘Live’, hence synonymous of death) the enemy tribes that killed them. So each tribe had a god: Yahweh became the God of the Jewish people; Assur became the collective subconscious of the Assyrians, whose capital and kings had also Assur’s name. It was an age dominated by go(l)d and bronze and iron weapons that devolved the mature age of history, back to a ‘dramatic, neo-Palaeolithic level’ of perception of history, based on myths and self-arrogant statements about the importance of one’s own tribe as the center of the world. The error of tribal religions is their denial of the natural laws of Darwin: species survive when they love each other and act together against the rest of the universe. So tribal religions plunged humanity in eternal cycles of war and self-destruction, when tribes expanded their borders and confronted other tribal religions.

In that sense, those earlier racial, primitive religions divide men into not chosen and chosen of God (the members of the tribe), denying the law of the species. As a consequence, the universe applied the penalty reserved to those species that break the laws of harmony and evolution: extinction.

Thus, most tribal religions have become extinguished or have evolved into religions that accept all mankind as members of the collective organism of God=history. The few that survive are not really religions but nationalisms that fight with weapons and gold and have substituted their verbal ethics for the values of violence and greed proper of iron and money.

The paradigms of those go(l)d religions are Judaism with his ‘worldly religion of money’ (Marx), which can be traced to the idolatry of the golden calf, and self-similar Protestant religions that consider ‘money the intelligence of go(l)d’ (Calvin); while the paradigms of ‘military inquisitions’ are Aryan and Fascist cults of war, today transformed into nationalisms.

After studying the cycles of death in history, it is clear the difference between Wor(l)d based, ethic, social, religious or democratic civilizations and metal-civilizations. Ethic, Wor(l)d civilizations could exist for ever, if there were no wars that extinguish their cultures. That is the goal set by prophets or eusocial laws in their messages of love.

Fact is that not a single metal-civilization has lasted as long as the greatReligions of Mankind, whose bio-ethical goal is to make immortal Humanity.

And yet, because metal exists, all religious civilizations in the past 5000 years have been corrupted and their believers periodically massacred in wars. Some of those cultures resurrect, when the wave of death and war recedes. Some do not come back again. The Mosaic, Christian and Islamic civilizations have survived many cycles of death. Since the words of Moses, Christ and Muhammad have resurrected, even in the Tribal, childish, less evolved Jewish culture, which so often listens to the false prophets of Go(l)d, who deny their prophets of love, in the mythic fights of Genesis, Exodus and Gospel. But each wave of death corrupts more the initial messages of the prophet with rituals of war and money. So we find today that most religions have become ‘inquisitions’ and Go(l)d churches, ruled by weapons and money, where little is left of the initial ethic mandates of the prophets. Instead they have built a web of myths and half-truths, racist dogmas and idolatry cults to money and machines that pass as ‘real sciences’ of economics and history… But this present fact should not obscure the role religions played in the evolution of history.

Unfortunately, mechanism and capitalism, the religions of machines and money, increased enormously

the power of tribes that adopted the languages of metal. So today most humans belong to a tribal, ‘nationalistic’ cult(ures) that fight with weapons and money to become ‘number one’ of the economic ecosystem. Yet before money and weapons reinforced those tribal cults, converting them into corrupted religions, either go(l)d churches or violent inquisitions, most humans evolved into the following:

—Maturity. The age of Oikoumene religions: Christianity and Islam

in which all men are cells of the body of God, the organism of history.

Communication among tribes increased the knowledge of the unity of humanity. So tribes grew into confederations that evolved into bigger organisms. Thus, ecumenical religions, with a global concept of God as the collective subconscious of the human species, came into being, reaching their summit with Christianity and Islam, while most tribal religions, smaller organisms of history, were absorbed by ecumenical cults, dwindling their numbers or they became extinct in religious wars by the ‘bigger organism’. For example, a Jewish verbal, ethic prophet, Jesus, who understood the laws of social love, reformed Judaism, the paradigmatic religion of the tribal age; most Jewish people converted to the new religion, while those who didn’t confront from then on the ‘Holocaust’ cycles of genocide brought about by bigger warrior cults that extinguish them, since the Roman Diaspora to the Nazi era.

Christianity was, in that sense, the moral r=evolution, which erased most tribal religions. While in the East, Buddhism evolved Hindi, warrior castes into an Oikoumene cult that merged elements of anthropomorphic and objective religions. Finally, in the West, as Christianity broke into tribal wars, corrupted by Germanic warriors, a new Oikoumene religion, Islam, appears, as Muhammad put it, to convert to the God of love and mankind, hardcore metal masters. Thus Islam imposed harsher penalties to ‘sinners’, who broke the code of love and despised the sacred ethics of the wor(l)d, forbidding images and setting strict rituals of social and religious behavior (the five pillars of faith). And perhaps because of that harshness, it is still today alive and kicking, having rejected mechanist science, as the less corrupted version of Christianity (Catholicism) did till recent times.

In that regard, there is an inverse relationship between the ‘evolution’ of a wor(l)d religion of history and the evolution of its economic ecosystem, according to the inversion of ethics between the values of ‘metal’ that make an economy flourish (war and greed) and those values of the wor(l)d that make life, love and nature flourish:

Min. wor(l)d evolution = Max. metal evolution.

As Picasso put it, watching the Nazis entering Paris: ‘Sabater, those Germans, so many tanks and machines what for? We paint (max. human information), love (max. human reproduction) and eat (max. human energy) much better’. The prophets are the ultimate masters of the wor(l)d, the language of perception of biological time and its life and death cycles in history, while artists are the masters of the human eye, our perception of spatial forms, which the clock and the telescope of mechanist science have substituted.

—Informative age. The age of social religions, when the organic understanding of mankind is used to describe the fight of ‘deus vs machine’:

In its third, informative age, the French Revolution and the Socialist Movement applied those ethic laws of religions through the use of constitutional laws to the real creation of a collective human superorganism of history, able to control the economic ecosystem and its ‘germs’—weapons and lethal machines. However, old tribal cults and nationalisms opposed the coming together of mankind, competing militarily and economically, while destroying all social r=evolutions from outside or inside (Military Stalinism).

The ideals of social evolution would be reestablished after Second World War, inspiring international organizations, such as EU and UNO, which tried to create a collective human superorganism, based on the production of life-enhancing ‘human goods’, able to shape the earth to the image and likeness of man. Those organizations could be the blueprint for a future global government of mankind that truly transcends into the third evolutionary horizon of a world superorganism.

If mankind achieves that goal, it will succeed in its struggle for survival and become a global superorganism, the consciousness of the earth, ruling through its simultaneous, collective actions, the machines and living beings of this planet to its own benefit. Thus, socialist doctrines were the first attempt to create a real science of history and a caste of biohistorians, politicians of the party or ‘head’ of the organism of history that rule a world made to the image and likeness of man. This attempt to create a perfect society had two essays, one in Russia, today extinct; and a second one in China. The Chinese’s late contact with metal explains also its higher evolution as a culture of human wor(l)ds, based on the arrow of social evolution, and makes the Chinese world still controlled by legal words, despite its capitalist growth, perhaps the last society able to balance the historical and economic ecosystem during the fourth Kondratieff cycle.

Unfortunately, the opposite happens in our economic ecosystem: money controls human beings, who create corrupted laws that no longer serve their biological goals.

Thus, the final stage of the social evolution of mankind—the creation of a global organism of history, of a God, sustained by networks of love, mandates that make the human cells share their energy and information—seems to have failed, as the arrival of weapons, money and machines imposed a radical shift in the evolution of mankind and the earth.

It is the age of the machine, when eusocial behavior is despised because now humans must dedicate their life to work=reproduce machines and evolve=consume them. So we no longer evolve mankind but the metal-kind as a global organism, drawn in the right side of the graph.

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  1. Logan Says:

    just fucking brilliant

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