Abstract. This post is dedicated to the God of Christianity without the viral metal-memes that infected it (Inquisitions and Go(l)d churches). As such it will be as all the other 7 posts of the Gods of ideal mankind, its purification through the texts of its highest masters, grouped on 3 ages as usual in the life of all Gods, during its cycle of birth and plenitude (Coin age), its maturity (Cavalry age), and its 3rd age of extinction (Gunpowder age) as it will wane slowly destroyed by warrior kings with its new weapons, and corrupted by the Baalble in its regression to ritual judaism and its segregational memes in northern Europe.

So in its highest cycle Christ lived as a God sustained by its believers lived 800 years, and had as its highest prophets, in the age of discovery and reception, Jesus, as expressed by John, in the age of reproduction, Saint Francis, in its purification of the go(l)d and iron corruption of the germ(an) warriors, and the mystical poets; in its 3rd age, it will wane slowly powerless against the gunpowder radiation, as expressed in the philosophers of power from Nietzsche ‘God has died’ to Stalin ‘how many tanks has the pope’. And so now as the Metalearth comes to an end, the religion is a mere ritualistic, powerless form whose best ‘carcass’ are the Vatican Museums in which art of the canon, the christ, reached its highest moment. But in its plenitude was likely the most profound, mature of the 3 ages of the Abrahamic cycle of Human Gods, born of Jesus who tried but failed to resurrect Yhwh and acquired a new form.

In the next graphs from the post 7 Gods, the position of Christ in time and space, and its cycle of maximal form:

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.


In the graph, the evolution of the concept of western and eastern gods in three scales of complexity till reaching the concept of Mankind as God of History and the GAME of the three arrows of time as the God of all Universal existences.

Diachronic and synchronic view. The 7 cultures of mankind – its relationship with the wave of history=God.

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest but I put it on its natural place as a real humanist world union will allow migration from the Indonesian region and margin of its different colonial English cultures and original water-oriented organic worlds), even if its animist, life-water oriented Gods are only found on the rainy museums of its Darwin reserves. Each of those cultures in space, through its diachronic response to the metal-earth in time, according to the eusocial messages of love of their prophets, have configured the ideal History of Mankind as a single species, with 7 geographical organs, mind of History, now in the process of entropy, erasing and dissolution of each of those Gods into individual enzymen attached to the ego-trips of the virtual reality as puppets of the metal-earth.






Consciousness is both modular and scalar. Moreover, in 5D Non-AExistential i-logic (Non-Aristotelian, with 5 arrows of time, Non-Euclidean with points that have inner fractal parts, hence after Non-A and Non-E comes I, i-logic, of a ‘higher logic than man’ – Saint Augustine definition of the logic of God), information, entropy and energy transmit differently from bigger to lower scales, themes those who form the basis of quantum physics ‘spooky effects’, Thermodynamics ill understanding of the arrow of entropy, the existence of dark matter, the effect of action at distance, the variety of mental spaces, and the incapacity for parts to perceive the whole as a single form – since from a lower part, the whole has an elliptic ‘dark geometry’, while for the whole the parts have a hyperbolic geometry, only the level of equal space-time perception is ‘flat, Euclidean Geometry’ (see the paper on 5D Geometry, and the ‘future’ 5 papers on 5D physics, the last I will write, even if they were the first I completed 30 years ago, since Physics contrary to belief is the less important of all 5D Stiences; as it concerns the scales of reality more remote from human beings). While religion is along History the most important since it concerns our upper ∆+1 scale, the one that has more power on our future. So yes, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Tao, Yahweh have existed or still exist according to its 3 generations who live through 3 ages, and all show a certain regular pattern as it does any 3 generations of fathers, sons and grand-sons of mankind each one living 3 ages, and the 3 together as a whole, also interpreted as an sT-ST-Ts ternary age sequential series.

What this means in religions is that a certain human God or subconscious collective of a verbal ethic wor(l)d civilization – we shall study the ‘3 ages of human social r=evolutions’ as they were also based in ‘wor(l)d’ ethic mandates that form the last of the ‘human gods’ of eusocial love of History at the end of this paper – changes its form in 3 generations. Those generations normally take 800 years because a new ‘Horde’ of animetal barbarians, kill the ‘minds’ that support their existence in wars, genocides and holocausts – all really the same phenomena even if some racist people think their death matters more than that of other humans.

So as we have studied the 3 x 3 ±¡ ages of the Jewish subconscious collective changing after each Holocaust/war cycle that killed a sizeable part of its cellular citizens, and the 3±¡ ages of Taoism from its Neolithic birth through its 3 lives, through the Bronze age, the mature Han iron/coin age, and its long decadence, and the 3 ages of Christianity, in this case closely following the 800 year cycle, since the cycle is originated in the animetal civilization of Europe, hence where the period is more precise, as it will be for the r=evolutionary period in the European and Anglo-American civilization that carried the evolution of machines turning into weapons every 72 years, we noticed that Christianity follows the ideal cycle of the 3 ages of a god, born in the T/2 standing point of the coin cycle of Rome of 797 years maximal ST balance and sensorial resurrection of a civilization – the further away point from the past epic age of animetal genociders, and the future death age of new animetal genociders… its next cycles will follow similar precise periods – its classic mature age in Byzantium, ended with the Sacco di Byzantium by the first venetian gunboats in 1208, ±800 years after the fall of Rome, a much demonized civilization, in our age of unethical placebo truths about mankind, who is systematically annihilated in body and mind by genocidal wars and parasitic money, but undoubtedly one of the heights of ethic History, to finally die in a long agony during the gunpowder cycle; after loosing ½ of its believers in the age of the antichrists, Luther, son of a German, metal-miner industrialist and Calvin, son of a corrupted money lender embezzled with the church finances, who put down the Gospel as an attachment to the Old testament racist go(l)d segregation religion… So Christ as we know him – the God of eusocial love, humans as the measure of all things, art as the higher expression of the individual subconscious collective mind, died then, and the baroque art of Bernini (Ecstasies), Michelangelo…

But Christianity had a 3rd Life, as usual in a more ‘strained’ inquisitorial form, as old lasting 3rd ages are, precautious in each step, looking at the past glory, seeking for conservation of dogma, often helped by raw power to survive (money today on the 3rd age, warrior inquisitions on religions). Thus Christianity survived as the subconscious collective of the Latin-American civilization, thanks to the Spanish inquisition and the courage of its soldier-priests, martyrs and Jesuit scholars; in a ‘mood’ similar to the one Islam faces today. Let us study them.


The God of Christianity flourished without the viral metal-memes that infected it (Inquisitions and Go(l)d churches) during the coin age. As such it will be as all the Gods of ideal mankind, an expression of the higher plane of existence of its believers in its purification through the texts of its highest masters, grouped on 3 ages as usual in the life of all Gods, during its cycle of birth and plenitude (Coin age), its maturity (Cavalry age), and its 3rd age of extinction (Gunpowder age) as it will wane slowly destroyed by warrior kings with its new weapons, and corrupted by the Baalble in its regression to ritual Judaism and its segregational memes in northern Europe.

So in its highest cycle Christ lived as a God sustained by its believers lived 800 years, and had as its highest prophets, in the age of discovery and reception, Jesus, as expressed by John, in the age of reproduction, Saint Francis, in its purification of the go(l)d and iron corruption of the germ(an) warriors, and the mystical poets; in its 3rd age, it will wane slowly powerless against the gunpowder radiation, as expressed in the philosophers of power from Nietzsche ‘God has died’ to Stalin ‘how many tanks has the pope’. And so now as the Metalearth comes to an end, the religion is a mere ritualistic, powerless form whose best ‘carcass’ are the Vatican Museums in which art of the canon, the Christ, reached its highest moment. But in its plenitude was likely the most profound, mature of the 3 ages of the Abrahamic cycle of Human Gods, born of Jesus who tried but failed to resurrect Yahweh and acquired a new form:

I Life of Christ as God: birth and resurrection of Yahweh as a new form, ROMAN empire. 

In the graph, the first cycle of Christianity which was the final resurrection of the God of Moses, who had tried unsuccessfully to cure of its military and go(l)d worship of the evil fruits of the tree of science=technology, the memeplex of Judaism. This recurrent conversion of Judaism in its lower people-castes of Habiru, who suffer the burden of the Holocaust cycle to humanist oikoumene religions shows that memes are not as inflexible as genes.

So Jesus in the coin cycle and Marx->Trotsky in the Industrial cycle attempted to create a perfect supœrganism of History based in social love. In the case of Jesus, as the next graph shows, the fast imprinting with the memetic DNA of the Book of revelation (Gospel) among Jewish and Roman lower classes emerged as a new plane of Existence after an age of martyrdom (sangris martire semen cristianorum), and so Jesus, the God of the wor(l)d of love that became a human prophet that inhabited among us, emerged as a new entity sustained by its believers who as cells do in an organism suffer apoptosis for the higher good of the whole, and thus Christianity, the God, was born, and would live and die through resurrections during all the remaining cycles of the 800 vortex of technological d=evolution of weapons and death of human civilizations; with its artistic minds expressing the 3 ages of each of those supœrganisms, of which we noted as remarkable achievements, in the first cycle the Eastern church and hermit movement in Egypt; in the second cycle, Byzantium during the cavalry age, in the 3rd cycle, the Spanish Jesuits and their attempt to construct the land of no evil, taming the brutality of animetal conquistadors. But in the Industrial Age Christianity did not survive its corruption becoming placebo.

In the graph, from the 92 seminal book, bio-history, the seminal birth of a God of Mankind, through a quantum jump into the past, one of the most beautiful events of 5D scalar stience:

When a seminal ∆-1 seed is emitted by an ∆º father in any scale of the Universe, because the scales of the 5th Dimension co-exist in the same space, displaced a quanta in time, the seed is emitted into the past. And that is why the prophet is born at the death of the father, a quantum/generation into the past, foreseeing the collapse of its civilization, in the 3rd angst, prophetic age of art of the subconscious collective civilization.

So when you think, you act in your conscious scale, your subconscious ∆-1 cellular scale HAS already acted, when a black hole emits a gravitational flow of information in ∆ø, it emits it in fact into the relative past, a quanta of time, so as gravitation moves from past to present, it seems instantaneous non-local (explanation of one of the most surprising unexplained facts of cosmology. This is shown also in Feynman diagrams as particles are emitted travelling to the past in quantum physics.

Alas, since mankind lives a human generation of 72 years, the prophet is born ±70 years before his civilization dies. This is the case of Jesus, son of the God of Judaism, Yahweh, who died in the month of Ab, 70 years after the birth of Jesus, a generation into the past,, who try to resurrect his father, before the chosen of Go(l)d killed him ‘again’, warning them ‘once more’ that the ethic God of the wor(l)d, the God of Moses, their verbal subconscious collective sustained by ethic Jews, Yahweh, was about to die, because of the corruption of its people, who as Moses warned them ‘will suffer all their history for their love of money’. But he was crucified, a week after he threw the money changers from the temple, as his corrupted banker-priests would have none of it. And so Titus 70 years latter, because they didn’t give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar, the taxes the Roman people demanded, burned the temple and the prophecy of the Death of Yahweh was fulfilled. But Christ resurrected in the mind of the ethic converso Jews and the gentiles, in a larger more evolved form. And so the birth of Christianity, the God, son of the wor(l)d, did happen and it was written, ‘God, the wor(l)d became man and inhabited among us, Saint John, 1,1.

How long a God of a civilization lives in the higher plane of exist¡ence of its believers? If genetic families form a continuum of 3 generations – so we study the 3 industrial generations of founding fathers, reproductive sons and grand-sons that last 80 years – memetic Gods have 3 generation, but according to 5D metrics the last a longer decametric time period as they exist in a larger extended spatial surface (SxT≈C) . So each generation lives the longer duration of a human civilization – 3x 800 years cycles, with a change of ‘generation’, each of those 800 year cycles further which can divide into 3 sub-ages; as Gods resurrect in their reproductive mature sons and 3rd decadent generation, through the discontinuous age of extinction of its people, albeit as a different generation, slightly different in its form; depending on the world they live. As Human Gods live in a hostile environment, besieged by animetal hordes hard at it, trying to kill the eusocial fifth dimension that sustains them, their third generation, is an old, smaller ‘size’, ‘corrupted forms’ suffering the angst of extinction, and then in the fourth generation, there is only a corpse, a carcass of formal ceremonies often used as a ‘disguise’ skin, a sheeple mascara for an animetal parasitic wolf-culture. It is the case of the Mosaic God, long dead; killed by Go(l)d who infected the mind of its believers.

I recall at the height of my prophetic youth, I wrote a treatise of Non-AE theology which in my naïveté, thinking the eusocial Gods of mankind were still alive, I sent to 3 ‘decadent’ central neurons of the religions of humanism (Pope, Dalai Lama and Ayatollah Khomeini, who died the same year) LOL, as if they could understand quantum jumps between planes of exist¡ence. What of their 3 Gods is still alive? In those mystical years, escaping justice, on my wondering paths through the flows of mankind I felt certainly the existence of Allah on Kaaba, detected some angst e-motions on the Vatican esplanade but the most intense of all Gods, dying in an unending painful state was Gaia, the god of Life, and the one I have felt most connected to is History, the God of mankind.

But a few years ago, something happened, while Gaia is still suffering and you can connect with that pain through hallucinogen plants, History’s consciousness is no longer there. I can’t feel him anymore. This I ascribe to the fact that he is about to die in the close future. Since his ‘last seminal generation’ happened in the late sixties when clearly there was a seminal reception of mystical humanist throughout the entire world as many previous seminal flows – the last important one a generation before World War & II, which extinguished the God of Europe. So if his last seminal seeding was in the 1960s and the most probable event of his death is February 2036, when the Internet and all its computers blacks out (the so called end of the first computer era) and all Bios restarts with quantum computing systems of a much higher freedom and speed of calculus… according to all the prophetic analysis I did in non-Æ Theology, his collapse into the final ‘informative particle’ state, when a system no longer communicates, took place in 2018… when I stop feeling empathy and e-motions towards him, and started to write these papers, the epitaph of mankind and its higher minds, rest in peace.

In graph, the 1st Life of Christianity, with its 3 Ages that merged the Jewish culture with its ‘strong e-motional verbal subconscious collective’, a phenomena of the African and Islamic, Semite cultures unknown to the individual, ego-centered European visual man that mystified the lower classes of the Roman empire.

It is the 1st young, pure age of ‘agapes’ and eusocial love; with its 3 ‘prophetic’ knots of the eusocial message of love: the father of the religion, Jesus, the preferred son-disciple John, who better understood and left testimony of his life and the 3rd generation, who completed the fusion between both cultures, Paul, expanding the religion to the Greek world, who had died in his ‘Philosophical Platonic God’, and its 3 ‘prophetic’ generation of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, studied in our second Volume of History in space, as it is the mind ‘seed’ of the European, Latin culture (where we analyze mixed civilizations, of human and instrumental memes – reserving this paper for pure mystical – verbal mind supported Gods. This first age of Christianity in its purest form had a warning in the work of Paul who adamantly opposed the introduction of the Old Testament segregation Jewish Go(l)d memes in the religion, he rightly considered a complete departure, the antithesis of Judaism.

2nd Age: However the religion lacked ‘animetal power’ to expand its message so it did a pact with the devil, so to speak at Nicaea Council, after the Jewish Holocaust, when possession of the Torah was punished with death. So on exchange for financial help, it accepted the Old Testament as part of its doctrine, which prompted the conversion of the financial elite of the go(l)d culture expanding its power, as a mixed religion ‘seeded’ by money and ‘sangris martire, semen christianorum’, Tertulian – loosing though its balance with the Greek rational understanding of the message of eusocial love.

3rd age: Finally the corruption of the church would become a fact, with the German invasions, which carried the Arian heresy that put the ‘old testament God’ above the Gospel of Love, making it more palatable to the German warriors; and ultimately putting the seed of the Future Arian Protestant devolution of Christianity.

Its purity though would be maintained by the hermit movement in Egypt that will give birth to its resurrection in the second Age of monastic life in the West, and by the extraordinary quality of some of its popes and Greek-Christian philosophers, among which Saint Augustine, a neo-platonic stands on it own. But it would not be in the west but the Eastern Byzantium Empire where it will reach its organic form fusioning both cultures and organic networks, the temporal, scalar, spatial and mental elements into one. . So despite its enormous number of new ‘believers’, by the end of its first cycle, when the Frankish Emperor crown himself in presence of the Pope, the purity of Christianity was gone. It would be the time of heresies in the unending quest during its second cycle for returning to its true form. In the side a synopsis of this first Life of Christianity


A graph of the 3 ages of art in the 2nd Life of Christianity. Notice the resemblance to the 3 ages of art in Mosque construction, in the Islamic civilization during the cavalry cycle a few pages below. The first Romanic age requires huge walls and an inward secret faith to survive the massacres of germanic barbarians, whose art is epic poetry and murder. As the wave recedes though the religion, which has passsed its shorter 1st age (T/2 of the previous seed cycle) and now enters into the LONG reproductive 800 yers SUMMIT of its ethic civiilzation, flourishes both in Byzantium and Rome, after the reproductive split, due to different geographical and politial conditions. In Rome the monastic movement will renew the fiath multiplying the number of ‘clones of Jesus’, and sensorial life spreads. But its 3rd age caused again by a new weapon – gunpowder, and its subsequent nomadic explosion of warriors (Mongols which merge the old and new weapons, porovking also the spread of the Black pest), will put the ‘high radiant ascendance’ of Gothic mysticism and Gregorian Chants, to an end.

The Church thus enters in its 3rd corrupted age as gunpowder kings incrase its power and anti-christs to the service of go(l)d and weaposn (Calvin, Luther) destroy the eusocial love and charity messages of a single human species, evolved through love and the Church looses its temporal power – which is the death of a religion as a superorgaism, in which it shapes the phsiological networks of society even if it will during its 3rd age of decline play a minor role alliviating the suffering of the 90% through its poor priesthoold.


The 3rd agonic age of Christ, as depicted by one of its highest I=eye Neurons, starting 2×800 years after his birth.

Europe thus ceases to be a Christian superorganism, after gunpowder in 1208 closes with the Sacco Di byzantium the christian organic civilization and in the West the Popes suffer the first spread of hate-memes through metal-communicators. While military power imposes its cannons, when the German Protestant army of Charles V in the ‘Sacco Di Rome’, closes the rational-Christian rennaisance daughter civilization of the Byzantine culture. It will signify the 3rd baroque age of the Italian gunpowder shorter civilization, that went through the lineal treccento (Gioto), sensorial height of qunatroocento (leonardo), now entering the manierism and baroque angst of Michelangelo with the excess of curves and hellish images of counter-reform. Only as with Tibetan Buddhism, in the isolated, warrior region of South-America the church maintains a minimal power to shape the physiologial etworks of its civilization,. While Europe sinks into natioanlist idol-ogies of war and go(l)d.

Inquisition state: the survival of Christianity in the Latin-American civilization.

In the graph, the small pockets of Christianity with power to shape the physiological networks of the civilization happen in the papal states in Europe an the regions of South-America where the religious orders of ‘Dominicos’ and “jesuitas’ can impose away from conquistadors, a ‘land without evil’ (Tierra sin mal), as in the Californian and Guarani, Parana missions; today also criticized by the JAM idol-ogists with its shrewd political correctness, always hidden the ultimate agenda of our digital era – to devalue any religion of eusocial love, stressing only its peccadilloes. So Californian missions were ‘savage’, But alas, they conserved the life and increased the welfare of hundreds of thousands of Indians, which once the Spanish power disappeared were massacred by the Biblical go(l)d seekers, who chased them and scalped them alive to get the 5 dollars the State treasury paid for head of Indian. This of course is not mentioned in the Jewish press who loves to hate Catholicism, while his lawyers make fortunes sewing priests as alleged pederasts , advertising in LA for old victims to surface 30 years latter on commission. To the point that the heirs of those missions, the Catholic Californian church which was the main charity organization helping illegal immigrants and Chicanos had closed most free meal and housing centers to get money to pay Jewish lawyers as the yellow ‘righteous’ press keeps making a killing on hate memes.

Those are of course the new Indians as the scalpers murdered all the people of the missions, so Mexicans of the same native stock (Aztecs did come from California) return home…

is then in this gunpowder age, in the regions where a Land without Evil cold flourish, where a final resurrection of the goal of any humanist religion – to create a perfect world – took place. It was the work of the priesthood orders purified during the middle ages. Its most remarkable effort would be the Jesuit movement of black friars, which achieved remarkable success along the Dominican orders on limiting the damage and genocide of Iberian animetal conquistadors; and even try to compete with ‘just trade’ against Dutch weapons and slave trade with the Asian Galleons. But the Spanish and Portuguese kings, corrupted by ‘bandeirantes’ slave traders for the sugar plantations of Brazil, which had become a colony of England, suppressed them in the XVIII c.. It will have its final swan song in the ‘Liberation Theology’ now with native priesthoods, still helping the survival of the Amerindian poor: the importance of a love religion can be assessed considering the difference between the Christian religion that managed to protect the survival of South-American Amerindians vs. the protestant Jewish sects of the (G)old testament, based in racist animetal memes, who did nothing to prevent the Genocide of North-Amerindians; as their purpose was not humanist creation of a supœrganism of mankind, but the same idol-ogy of its animetal go(l)d north-Europeans: herd gold whatever it takes, including the extermination of the ‘inferior human race’…


RECAP. the God of Christianity would live through 3 800 cultural cycles:

– The coin cycle in which it was born, at T/2, in the sensorial age of the Roman empire. Christianity in its purest form though was short-lived as it would be corrupted by Judaism, in Nicaea congress when the (G)old testament was accepted on exchange for conversion and money from the people-caste of Am Segullah, which were in war with warrior Rome, who had decreed death penalty to anyone carrying a Torah, and by Germanic warriors who converted it in Jihad.

– So slowly in the Cavalry cycle of the middle ages, Popes and theologists would fight against Germanic warriors and Jewish slave and usury traders, seeking for its purification, reproduction and expansion through the Mendicant orders, with the first clear signs of regeneration in the Gothic age, when the corruption by animetal germ(an) masters and subsequent waves of barbarians receded.

While in byzantium Christianity merged with the rational Greek culture reaching its highest balance between the animetal and ethical elements of society, protecting a remarkable number of human beings from the brutality of germanic aristocratic barbarians; and finding a balance with the 3rd age of Anthropomorphic western religions – Islam… till the gunpowder wave from the west (Venetian Sacco di Bizantium with Lombardas, 1208) and the east (Turkish warriors who learned gunpowder from the Mongolians), will destroy her.

– It starts then the agony of Christianity in the gunpowder cycle, tortured by the ‘usual suspects’, the Germans who became with reformation a sect of the Jewish go(l)d culture with similar segregation memes, and a new ‘tool’ of metal-power, the first metal-communicator, the press that spread the message of hate ‘killing in fact’ in its 3rd agonic age, the God of Christianity, halved in its cellular sustain the cavalry cycle when it resurrected in the superorganism of Byzantium and extended its form and a 3rd age during the gunpowder cycle when he would die becoming a ‘formal carcass’ of meaningless ceremonies, as it has NO TEMPORAL POWER over his believers in a world ruled by animetals. Or as Stalin put it ‘how many tanks has the pope. The death of Europe in I and II world, at the end of the age of Gunpowder thus was the age of Angst, when the highest verbal minds of Europe felt the end of his civilization, from the times of the decadent poets of the 1870s through the angst of Nietzsche, ‘God has died’, to the massacre of II world wars that liquidated him. There it remains in a lesser form in Hispano-America, one of the 3 ‘religious’ surviving civilizations, we shall study in History in Space. But increasingly even in Latin America, it is corrupted by the Jewish-Protestant ‘Evangelical’ Go(l)d cultures (Bolsonaro in Brazil, the ‘Israelites’ in Peru, etc), which pretend to serve the wor(l)d of love but hide its go(l)d anti-live values in a lowering of e-motional response to the collective subconscious experience of social love, the true arrow of power in the 5th dimensional Universe…


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