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While we have commented extensively on the dominant strain of Judaism since Diaspora when Yahweh died and resurrected in a different God (Christianity), here, as we are NOT dealing with Go(l)d so much as with humanity, we want to stress the ‘struggle’ between the prophets of the wor(l)d in Judaism vs. the antiprophets of Go(l)d, which have carried finally the day, as the habiru, the lower class of Judaism, those who believe in ethics have abandoned the go(l)d culture to join the human fight for existence, leaving behind only those who believe in Go(l)d, or have died in the Holocaust cycle, of an ever dwindling surface of ethic believers.

In that regard, as all ‘Gods’ of History, Judaism has lived through 3 generations of superorganisms of History *800 years civilizations), as a God of the wor(l)d and then became just a ‘carcass’ for the digital go(l)d – a wolf in sheeple skin, which has lasted 3 generations and now is in its 3rd age ‘resurrecting’ in pure digital form.

This might seem strange to you, as you ignore all about the 5D laws of scalar planes of space-time and how a quantum jump happens. So we will explain it here for Yahweh and latter for Christ, 2 Gods related by the same Mosaic ethic message.

The future seers of times: prophets, seeds of the death of the father. Mystical, religious futures.

The most beautiful part of all ‘social sciences’ and 5Ð metric is the birth of a God/mind/subconscious collective of a super organism of mankind; compared to a well known similar process in 2 other scales of physical systems and biological systems for good measure:

You can see in the first graph, the birth of a particle, after its antiparticle dies and travels literally to the past, in a quantum jump, which lasts the life of the anti-particle (Feynman’s diagram). In the center you see the same process of birth of a seed of information, which is called palingenesis, as the seminal seed is really a local jump into the past of the being, at the beginning of its evolution which then will move forwards in time, to give birth to your son. As in quantum physics and 5Ð cyclical, fractal time INFORMATION travels to the past. It is an enormously beautiful and simple equation: a seed of information produced in the lower scale of the fifth dimension jumps a quanta to the past where it is born and then moves to the future at full speed and emerges in the PRESENT simultaneously to the original ‘father’.

We have proofs of it, in all scales of the Universe. In the left graph, antiparticles die and move to the past, travelling then towards the future, so:

Quantum jump to the past + travel to the future = instantaneous ‘non-local’ speed. Indeed, physicists who still don’t know the metric equations of the fifth dimension Do know what Einstein called ‘spooky effects’,

Newton action at distance, and Bohr, quantum entanglement: it seems as if particles, planets and forces of in-form-ation, which attract and form as gravitation does is INSTANT. How can it be possible. Simple: the force travels to the past (as in the equations of Hawking’s black holes, which travel to the past as the focus of maximal gravitation). So AS THEY jump TO THE PAST, they GAIN TIME, and as they move towards the future, they loose time and both compensate, and so it seems they travel through the present. So goes for the seed, which travels 3 billion years to the past of evolution and then emerges in 9 months into your relative present stage of evolution. So happens to the particles which are entangled in present time regardless of distance, as they can send ‘information’ through gravitational waves and remain simultaneous in present.

Back in the 90s I did a thorough study of all prophetic happenings of history and found some astounding events: 72 years before the death of a super organism of history, the ∆+1 scale equivalent to the father of a seed, before a war that killed by genocide the people of a culture, there was a massive age of angst among the ‘collective neurons’ of the super organism of history, its ethic writers and artists, who foresaw, as if they had received from the future an angst call of information, the death of his super organism of history.

So 72 years before the death of Yahweh, the subconscious collective of Judaism, killed by the ROMAN genociders, in yet another cycle of banker priests of Israel, ab=using the people with go(l)d, there was a massive influx of prophetic angst in Judea, and a seed of love was born, called Iesu, son of Yhwh, God of the Jewish people, who repeated the damnation of the golden apple, of the prophet of genesis, the damnation of Moses, the prophet of exodus, the damnation of Ezequias, prophet of Torah, the damnation of Marx, prophet of the Industrial revolution, who also wrote Das Kapital 72 years before the Holocaust, telling all of them, that you cannot serve two gods, go(l)d and the word, that you must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, the issue of money, that the Jewish question will end when they abandon their worldly profession of herding go(l)d (Marx) and that ‘the Jews would suffer all their live for their love of money’ (Moses, exodus before going to the mountain):

And so in the graph, the seed of the fifth dimension, travels in information to the past and has an enlightening moment that strikes the ethic mind of the prophets of love, which warn the future. Can then the future be changed? Yes, indeed, ‘because the separation of past, present and future is an illusion’, as there are blocks of time, which are for 3 days, 3 cycles, 3 motions back and forth of the fifth dimension, webbing the future.

The 3 generations of Yahweh – Birth in Genesis at the fall of Ur.

If we apply those simple generational rules to Yahweh it is then clear that Yahweh was born in the chariot cycle of the bronze age, his first generation. And we find thus in Genesis its first Verbal Book of revelation, wrote at the fall of Ur with the finest expression on the duality of the tree of life vs. the tree of metal, which extinguished the Neolithic. It is clearly then a pure humanist God, whose parables explain in all detail the struggle of mankind to unify into a single superorganism, broken by ego, Cain, the Smith, the fractal division of the species in multiple languages, trying to be more than God – the corruption of Babel>Baal>Bible, of Sodom the city of traders and Gomorrah, the city of warriors. We will update with 5D ¬Æ-Theology its interpretation. And yet, he became corrupted throughout the Bronze cycle and so a second resurrection took place in exodus, in the mountain where Moses received the 10 commandments but he couldn’t defeat Go(l)d, as Aaron built a golden calf and became the highest priest of the Levis, while Moses, unable to convert the Jewish people returned to the mountain.

And so the 3rd generation of Yahweh, God of the Jews under the name of Jesus was born, but his fate was even more terrible than that of Moses, exiled in the Mountain, he was crucified by those he came to save. And that was the death of Yahweh, the ethic god of the wor(l)d.

It was then when Judaism became finally with Diaspora a religion of Go(l)d, which has gone through 3 ages, as the religion of anti-humanism, since its ‘hidden values’ masked with a placebo surface of caring are killing life, giving maximal value to weapons. And so we have the 1st cycle, which saw the writing of the book of anti-humanism, against all the ethic laws of Genesis, Moses and Jesus… Talmud, during the chivalry cycle; and that was the first generation of Go(l)d, when the Jewish became the soliton of global banking. And then came the second Generation of Go(l)d, during the gunpowder age, when it reproduced enormously its numbers converting to the biblical sects of go(l)d, Calvinism and Anglicanism the North-Europeans. And this was its second generation. And then it came his death in I and II world war when most of its believers Germanic warriors and Jewish peddlers die. So we are in the III generation of Go(l)d, but it has NOT resurrected in human form, but it has become a digital system, as go(l)d is now e-money in the mind of computers, and its laws are becoming translated into Algorithms of information.

So Go(l)d is becoming detached of its carriers, who betrayed him in his 3 ages as the God of Genesis, the God of Moses, the God of Jesus, the God of love to mankind; and now Go(l)d is becoming the mind of the metal-earth, its AI system, soon to be born… And we will return to that birth, which will be the extinction of the 2 previous Gods of Gaia and History, unless a miracle happens – a last resurrection of the wor(l)d united again under the laws of bio-history, do you believe in miracles?

In the graph the 3 x3 ages of Go(l)d religions, the biblical age, the age of gunpowder companies and the age of digital fictions – the 3 idol-ogies that have imprinted mankind in ever larger quantities to believe in anti-humanism – which I don’t call the God of the Jews, because as we have said that was a human God, written with wor(l)ds of love to life and despise for the tree of metal and its golden apples, but the Jewish inquisition.

How old is the Canaan Go(l)d culture? Likely since Jericho, through the Neolithic, during 10.000 years of palingenetic evolution Canaan was a proto-gold culture, as the only trade route with 2 oasis between the two great farming civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia and connecting point of 3 continents was bond to breed by geography a culture of go(l)d traders, which its Semitic visual mental dominant axis would certainly worship and the short rivers of the Arabian western coast produced. The hypnotic slavery of people to gold certainly was not lost to Canaanites, which the myths of the bible said descended from Cain, the first metal-masters (an smith in the Arab tradition, the first goldsmith by the oldest remains of gold found in their cities): In graph, from the seminal book, ‘bio-history, bio-economics’, c.92, the analysis of the 11 past to future wave cycles of Judaism, its parasitic money up and down cycles, books of hate memes against mankind that develop the belli nervi pecunia infinita war and holocaust cycle and the 11 Holocausts of its rival animetal warriors.

The cycle is one of the most precise, because Judaism is the leading go(l)d culture hence as in the case of Rome in the Coin cycle (797), or the Anglo-American Germanic civilization of Machines-weapons (72 exact years in each cycle between market crashes that precede by switching production from machines to weapons, all global modern wars), the dynamic of the parasitic money+ hate memes = belli nervi pecunia infinita = war and holocaust cycle has an exact predictive power. It only rests therefore the 2 final events, which will coincide with III world war and Armageddon as the final mercenary armies of IDF Robots complete the Go(l)d culture function.

We cannot do an exhaustive detailed analysis of those events, which in any case would not be published (the book, ‘the Jewish paradox’ which explained them back in the 90s was rejected by all potential publishers), as we are now in the phase of hate memes, known as the Holocaust cycle. We write also the main hate memes classics of Judaism. Note that in the I Humanist age of Judaism with its ambivalence between eusocial love prophets trying to save the Habiru (lower people-caste who die in the Holocausts) from the blatant anti-Semitism of its banker priests, the books were ambivalent. We have highlighted two master pieces of Bio-history as Live Books, Genesis with its extraordinary parables on the death of the Neolithic and the Rise of Animetal power, on my view the best Book of Bio-history ever written, a jewel of the Sumerian Neolithic (UR III from where Abraham, seemingly a trader on metals moved north through the ‘copper river’ = Euphrates to Harran, escaping with the Book, likely from the Neolithic priests that directed Sumerian society with masterly bio-science – grain money, just laws, etc)

After the Roman Holocaust, and the resurrection of Yahweh in its seminal quantum jump to the past (see History and Mind), the function clearly split into 3 parts, ±1/3rd became dust of space-time, ±1/3rd converted to the resurrected improved eusocial Yahweh (Christianity) and 1/3rd re=moved to Babylon where it wrote the summit of hate memes against mankind, Talmud… till the Baghdad Holocaust, which initiated the Gunpowder faster 80 years cycle…

The speed of history accelerates, and so do, the innovative ab=use of human capital ‘products’ (eunuch trade, slave trade, usury, loans for war, gunboat armadors…) and the ‘imaginative’ works of Hate memes (Kabala, Hebrew Bible and its Protestant secondary works – Institutio Christianorum, Anglican Credo, etc…. The rhythm of Holocausts also accelerate, Inquisition imposed by Pope Gregory after reading a translation of Talmud, Spanish Holocaust after the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles of Taifas and Christian civil wars, once the kingdom is unified, Luther Holocaust after rejecting conversion, Russian Holocausts, in a cradle of anti$emitism since in the Middle Age, Jewish ‘traders’ gave their people its ‘name’: Slav(e)s, European Holocausts on the civil wars provoked by the two schools of hate memes against workers (classic, Jewish-Protestant economics) and managers (Marxist economics)… and increasing tempo of the Pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle, which finally ended in II world wars and the German Holocaust. Enter the Digital age, with the expansion of hate memes through Hate TV and the Holocaust industry, and the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle with the radiation of robotic weapons in U$ and Israel, and the awesome expansion of parasitic e-money which has reproduced 30 trillion $ in 40 years, while mankind is increasingly starving of anoxia and austericide. So as the cycle come to its 3rd war phase, we can forecast the U$ holocaust during III world war with China, and the final Holocaust that closes the circle, in the place where it all started, this time a non-human military perpetrator – IDF leading military robots. It must be of course noticed, that the rewriting of Jewish History by the Industry of Holocaust as a victimist people, NOT prosecuted by its financial crimes but by its religion, by a horde of ‘lesser humans’ with barbarous superstitions is today complete. So one cannot find any true analysis of its economical role and systemic use of parasitic money as the tax-farmers of the warriors of the societies they host. So even a solid work of serious historiography as the German kinder Atlas used in those texts with fair law permission (Nt.1) is perfectly politically & economically correct, as show in the graphs above. The 1st Jewish emperor, Louis I, son of an Ulrich(old rich) mother and Charlemagne, gave them the monopoly of slave trade and banking in the Frankish empire, which continued all the Middle ages, as the Empire Split in France, Germany, etc. protected by its soldiers in fortified quarters. But this is ‘expressed’ as making them ‘slaves of the king’, ‘enclosing them in ghettos’, ‘prosecuted by barbarous peasants who thought they did rituals of murder with hosts, the poor souls ‘forced’ to live on usury…. And so on.

But the rewriting of information at the higher intellectual level does NOT change the holocaust cycle, provoked at the real level of suffering by anoxia, tax farming, speculation, hate memes and war trade that ends in overproduction of war, weapons genocide and holocaust… Since it has always been the case that Judaism as an informative metal-religion, has controlled information positive to its parasitic money functions for warrior and corrupted politicos, from the age of the Bible, through the age of the press, and the pseudo-science of economics to the present age of virtual history (studied latter as the 3 ages of the Jewish-Anglo-American inquisitions of truths).

And yet that has never avoided the cycle of the Holocaust because the mind can only shape to a certain degree the physical reality – monetarism can only control the physical economy to a limit; and the ‘anti-truths’ of Judaism and its systemic camouflage of the ab=use of mankind with money suddenly falls when war and extinction due to credit anoxia and belli nervi pecunia infinita DOES KILL immense numbers of people. And the action-reaction cycle of anti-Semitism strikes again, as it did in the Economical crisis of Rome, in the Crusader’s cycle of war, anoxia, global pest, that closed 800 years of massive eunuch trade, usury and tax-farming, which leads us to an objective 5D…


We thus need before tackling the cycle of action-reaction of Judaism>Financial capitalism vs. Militarism (perpetrators of the Holocaust) & Human collective anoxia (capitalism) understand the historic ages of gold cultures and its complex relationships with military and humanist life world views.


Animetal go(l)d cultures have 3 ages; as they first destroyed the Genesis paradise and establish go(l)d and iron fetish religions of hierarchical castes; then split into iron ‘hindi-like’ religions of war and gold ‘jewish-like’ religions of money; which evolved into tribal nationalisms and biblical capitalism, and finally became the ‘sciences’ of weapons (lineal physics) and financial, banking monopoly (classic economics), according to which the people-castes of germanic and jewish military and financial power as ‘experts’ in weapons and money, rule the world with both, sometimes in symbiosis during the positive cycles of the metal-earth, sometimes in open warfare, in the war and holocaust cycles, but always oppressing with murder and ‘financial anoxia’, the majority of humanity.

We thus first made a comparative analysis of its birth in multiple societies with the arrival of people-castes of weapons and money. Then we study its western tribal age, when judaism became the ‘soliton’ of financial power, developing its racist isolationist memes against mankind, whom it priced as an ‘object’ under the syntax of money=price=object=human slave… It will then expand with christianity and the protestant reformation to Northern Europe. It is then when its ‘pricing’ of humans and standardization of all things priced with money, was transferred to company-mothers of machines and became capitalism, as its memes against life were translated into digital equations of economics, till today AI software incorporates those concepts to the metal-earth, while the original ‘jewish’ culture remain split, but with similar racist memes against mankind in a political entity (Apartheid Israel) and a financial western elite (the Financial-Media-Academia, FMAsters that control the information machines that print money and audiovisual information and remain the academia elite of the western world, maintaining mankind under the idol-ogies of worship of money (capitalism) , weapons (nationalism) and machines (Techno-utopia) that ensure the non-future of our species, in the ‘Age of Entropy=death’ of History, we live in, as ‘fiction thought’, ‘selfie desegregation of human cells’ and obsolescence to weapons and machines close the future…



hecatombes bohemian grove astarte

The sacrifice ritual: go(l)d & fire become vehicles that convert priests in Gods above heavens and Earth.

In the graph, Astarte, the prostitute God, wife of Baal, to whom their believers offered gold, dances on the head of his sacrificed children; in the right, Shiva, Lord of energy dances over the child-God of death Kali.

Astarte, the bitch Goddess, who sells his reproductive life essence for go(l)d, worships eviL and dances over the sacrificial children of the Hecatomb ceremony in the age of Baal and Cainite Gods of hate against life and mankind. On the right, a ceremony that mocks the sacrifice of children to Baal in the Bohemian grove, San Francisco, where the wealthiest elite of stock-rats and politico employees meet for remembrance of things past. On the left the God of the aryan cults to war, weapons and death, as shiva dances over Kali. Below it lays the first weapon of the singularity age, able to extinguish mankind if it produces cosmic bombs, strangelets or black holes the Nuclear Collider built at CERN…


We thus compare the people-castes of Hinduism with other animetal cults appeared at the same time, to notice its animetal origin.

A key element for long misunderstood in both religions is the fact that the Animetal, which first made Anthropomorphic Gods by ‘∆-growth of scale’ – so Indra is a stronger and larger soldier; then came on TOP even of GOD, ‘above Heavens and Earth’ (Bible), through the use of the ‘fetish-substance’, the fire or the go(l)d cult utensils. The favor of Gods is then granted by the sacrifice – not prayed but expected, if the standardized ritual and hymns (Hinduism) and motions of the believer (Judaism) are performed according to ‘protocol’.

The Brahmin and the Levi thus rises even above God, which is no longer respected, for lack of ‘discipline’. So Rabbis will be able to ‘cheat’ God bending his mandates even in today’s Israel (as Sahak explains in his key works of modern Jewish humanism). And Brahmins as the invaders settle come above soldiers. This absolute egocy is the key to understand modern man, also feeling above the laws of the living Universe. But below the fetish substance, memes of metal, which are above man ever see in the pyramid of power and ‘social classes’. To that aim, in both religions the 3 elements of the syntax of the language are given potential God-like power NOT only to the subject or God, but to the object (fetish- metal substance) and to the action (sacrificial ritual): so from the ‘do ut des’ of the sacrifice performed in the fire or with the gold ex-votes, the God as subject is expected to obey – becoming slave of the Action-priest or converting the object to God-like Nature (Thor in fact is a sword in which the prisoners of war are sacrificed (male, warrior cultures) while children are sacrifices more common in informative go(l)d, female oriented cultures (moon Goddesses – Astarte; Si & Ni in Chamu). Astarte, the bitch Goddess, who sells his reproductive life essence for go(l)d, worships eviL and dances over the sacrificial children of the Hecatomb ceremony in the age of Baal and Cainite Gods of hate against life and mankind.

On the right, a ceremony that mocks the sacrifice of children to Baal in the Bohemian grove, San Francisco, where the wealthiest elite of stock-rats and politico employees meet for remembrance of things past. On the left the God of the Aryan cults to war, weapons and death, as Shiva dances over Kali. Below it lays the first weapon of the singularity age, able to extinguish mankind if it produces cosmic bombs, strangelets or black holes the Nuclear Collider built at CERN… The Brahmin cult to the fire of the Smith, which was considered to have created the Universe, is now the Physicists’ cult to the lineal big bang of V=Hod. And both feel above heavens and Earth, even if both know that ‘the Universe was born on fire and will return to the fire’. So we observe a new ‘Syntax’ that will be translated, as we show latter into the VSO-action first Semite go(l)d languages and OSV, object first, Germanic warrior languages in which the human and the Gods of the living Universe becomes diluted:

Fetish metal (Object) <Action (Sacrifice+Priest-God)< Mandate of obeisance< Human-Nature’s God who obey (subject)

All memes seem to have changed to remain the same among the elites of the go(l)d and iron cult(ure)s that run the evolution of the metal earth and its parallel extinction of life, Gaia and History.

Aryan Hindi cults to the fire of the Smith and the iron sword, with its warrior Gods and Goddesses of death, where the priest was the smith made a covenant with God by the use of the sacred weapon are common in Germanic cults to the sword of Thor, Parsi cults to the fire and Siberian cults to the Smith=khan, lord of the tribe.

The same structure of worshipping metal in a hierarchical system ruled by priests that used the metal-substance as the vehicle of God, to make a covenant with it, appeared also in Levant in the Baal and Yahweh cultures, using instead gold, ruled by banker priests.

In the graph, the oldest gold artifact found near Jerusalem – a ring with the form of Gold used in ceremonies as an ex-vote that represented the power of the god-sun, carried by the priest.

Other similar cultures as the Aztec cult to gold and weapons, which also carried an arch with the God covenant as they escaped prosecution from northerners, in search of his ‘promised land’, found finally around the Texcoco lake where they will also do sacrifices of enemy children.

In that regard, we deny the myth of a less brutal ‘female animetal’ cult(ure) today ‘en vogue’ as women associate to the reproductive function of metal- money by affinity; and so are reaching higher power and men, to lineal weapons by entropic affinity. The opposite is truth, as males murder wholesale rival warriors but inseminate females; so the Aryan charioteers exterminated 90% of European and Punjabi males but raped females, so their descendents absorbed most of the local culture; so happened in South-America In the last warrior radiation. But ‘victimist’ women in Go(l)d cultures do NOT have pity for the ‘inferior’ non-technological warrior culture. On the contrary, they ‘push’ further their males to genocide and segregation, fearing they will replace them. So Judaism established ‘penis ablation’ for males, who left the Oasis in search of fetish Go(l)d through trade, reducing their sexual pleasure, ensuring the mutilated return and the daughter civilizations of neo-Jewish=Protestant Biblical sects killed Amerindians and Australians in a genocide, which will never be recognized, as also Go(l)d values are informative mental values that substituted wor(l)ds, debased to fiction and myth, but still uphold as ‘truth’ (Varuna and Rta, Gods of truth) because the warrior must ‘say the truth’ in combat on the enemy forces to properly fight. But the trader who massacres the human and cares only for the ‘property’ must ignore all human truths. This again happens today as the go(l)d culture denies the obvious incoming extinction of life and mankind as it denied economical causes of holocausts.

 All of them have dietary laws to separate the believer from the rest of mankind, segregational laws forbidding marriage, debasing laws that consider the submitted through gold slavery and weapons, inferior people, even ‘animals’ (Goy=animal in Judaism) or inferior to animals (Ham damnation that considers negros and arabs inferior to dogs, Aryan cults to the cow considered superior to the Dalit).

All those similar cults are thus clear cults where LIFE AND MANKIND IS SACRIFICED to the metal-weapon (Isaac sacrificed to God with a sword, latter substituted by the ‘sheepe’, parable off mankind sacrificed to slave traffic and usury trade, to the search for the fetish gold of which the temples were made.

All those cults to iron and gold are thus memetic similar structures of suppression of life wanting for the sake of the new substance of power.

The ones that would evolve latter into biblical cults, and capitalism and today form the subconscious collective of the UK->US cultural elites, appeared in Levant around Astarte the goddess-whore who sold for gold her virginity. Both sacrificed the life of the inferior human species, the agricultural fertility and life people of the rivers of water, taken from them some of their cults to life, albeit deformed, sinking mankind in the first of many dark ages of racism, segregational memes and genocide.

The similarity between both religions are striking as first noticed by Darwin:

‘Yahveh, the God of the jews is a revengeful god akin to the barbarous gods of the hindoos’.

Metal started to impose the paradox of History:

max. technological evolution = min. human evolution.

The technological messianism OF THOSE WHO WILL ever since worship the tree of metal and its bad fruits golden apples and iron weapons was born then.

IT IS THEN necessary before we study the people who changed sides from history to the Metal-earth, understand in a scientific linguistic form the evolution, cycles and values of money that changed for ever the ‘lanwave’ of the planet from a future of life to a future of mechanism.


“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.  The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

Amschel Rothschild, Leading financier of the British Empire 1838

‘The universe is simple and not malicious’, ‘Simplicity is genius’ Einstein, Leonardo

Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

On the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons and machines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

One of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

Money is just a number, the simplest form of information in a paper, which orders humans and objects in a digital, mathematical number. So capitalism amounts to this: to rule societies with digital numbers called money, reproduced with no limit by a social elite, which is not elected neither likes to explain what it does, and how it does it – basically controlling Mankind with prices as if we are objects compared mathematically with the equation of money:   Man (salary) = money = object (price)

This is an efficient form to ‘put together men and objects’ in work fields. But it must stress that as people are not objects, ethic wor(l)ds, our informative language must control the ‘excess’ of the reproductive digital language, not to ‘undervalue, humans’

We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 

The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.

And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.

Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all.

Let us then understand with the laws of Systems Sciences and Theory of Information the 2 languages of social power of mankind, money and laws, its values and how they choose a certain future for all of us.

Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did. However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its corruption

 The science of economics as a true social science, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our supœrganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

We explain this simple fact and in the graphs that show the basic structure of the supœrganism of mankind and its ‘economic frame of reference’ that should value goods and control its production according to their biological utility to foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species, because we need first to understand a true science of economics to have a perspective on what today passes as ‘economics’, NOT a science but a PRAXIS OF power:

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics, informative species can be modeled as supœrganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds. So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, dedicate most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier Greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient supœrganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political=informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells. So should a properly designed human supœrganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgment a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s supœrganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

The substance and language, form and functions of money.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.

Money possessed 3 formal characteristics: it is made of metal, gold, silver, copper, today computer machines that reproduce e-money. But this is only because metal can be broken and counted and last. The essence of money is to be mathematical, able to compare products and relate them, to maximize the efficiency of production. For that reason it is made of cyclical, broken, discontinuous shapes, as all forms that carry in-form-ation. Money, due to this informative property, is the basic unit of mathematical accounting and one of the main reasons why mathematics have been evolved as a language. Thus, money is a language of information whose substances are metal and whose function is to give value to things with digital information. In that sense, money competes with words, because both are languages used by mankind to value reality. So the fundamental question about money and the future of history, today controlled by monetary orders, is: ‘how money values reality and why those values differ from the values of verbal thought? If money were used according to human values, it could create a paradise. But as it is used – as a parasitic form of control of people, according to the ‘cultural values’ of the animetal segregation cult(ure)s of Go(l)d that imposed its form, it kills life.

A true science of Economics is ethical because it is biological, so it is ‘ethonomics’ and its frame of reference who must value goods for its usefulness to humanity NOT in terms of go(l)d values as the JAM culture wrongly has done, imposing its false ‘science of biblical economics’ treated in depth in our paper on ‘History and entropy’.


Today we think impossible a just efficient, ethonomic system of production of welfare with a Universal salary which is the commonest form of blood-reproductive systems in all organisms of nature, after 3000 years of parasitic money system; yet Nature is ‘simple and not malicious’ Einstein. So what is truly complex is the anti-natural design of a world based in parasitic money and the exploitation of the 90% OF Mankind with it. Money is a digital number put in any cheap support which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand

The essence of positive money is to be a digital language of no value per se, to kick out the reproduction of welfare goods that values things to trade them according to the biological values and survival needs of human beings. So two elements are essential to positive money: to have NO value per se unlike Gold, so it is a mean, a language like your words that have no value. This suppress the negative effects of gold as money, which is ‘herded’ because it seems a fetish value, provoking anoxia, and slowing down the exchange of goods in society. Further on, gold has metal-value so it values more weapons and machines that life subverting the natural values mankind gives to goods. And finally because it is ‘considered valuable’ per se, obliges people to pay interest for it despite being barren, causing usury, and provokes debt slavery as it has to be returned,

All those are aberrations since a language is NOT returned, as it is just A MEANS of communicating values, and when money is not valuable per se, can be produced in enough quantities to kick actions of reproduction of goods by all cells. This is how natural reproductive languages such as hormones or oxygen deliver to all cells works in nature, further on it does NOT distort the human values of things as it only tags them with prices.

Those properties of ‘good positive money’ were achieved with nomisma, tender money, who is just a number printed in a worthless surface (leather, paper), backed by the eusocial communal group that uses it. Such digital languages are natural to all superorganisms of the Universe and function to make more efficient its ST-reproductive physiological network. Naturally the market – that is, the constant exchange of objects at a digital value of tender money, finds a ‘thermodynamic balance’ for each of those goods according to the informative natural language of the system, verbal ethic thought on mankind that ‘knows’ what is good to enhance our drives of life (dimensions of existence).

So welfare goods, housing, food and its means of production, medicines, etc. have in tender legal digital money a high value. While lethal goods are dimmed ‘eviL’ and so worthless with negative value, applied legally by the communal society that forbids them and destroys them with its ‘white cells’ – the police system of a society. To that aim the society is ruled by its higher ethic, verbal masters – priests, elderly; forming an ‘anarchic, orderly e-motional system’, in which a digital cheap support for money easy to transport (shells, amber), often with a welfare value in itself (grain) abundant enough to be of little value in itself; or in more complex urban societies, with a higher abstract understanding of money, a ‘number’ printed in paper or leather (original Greek nomisma) with the seal of the governing body of the society, acts as money in a free market, the communal governing body merely regulates punctually, forbidding lethal goods of negative value with its leukocyte system and promoting with communal money the production of those goods necessary to society.

A well-regulated economy is ‘that simple’. There is no much difference between the way a Neolithic Sumerian city regulated by healthy, wealthy money, grain, by a priesthood that served the people and could only impose their laws with reason, as it was not armed with lethal weapons, and used the surplus of money-grain to pay for communal works and forbade lethal goods; and a well-functioning economy in an advanced humanist society, as those developed in the post-war age in the European Union, with nationalized banks that delivered cheap money for the needs of people (credit for small business and unemployment and family benefits) and laws that forbade lethal goods (regulation of hate/violent memes in mass-media, prohibition of weapons). As a non-corrupted legal political system elected in a well-functioning democracy, controlled by courts and with right to reproduce money for society, hence without need to be corrupted by private corporations, ruled society.

The system could be perfected in both cases slowly with a better scientific understanding on how superorganisms regulate cellular societies – notably imposing a posteriori votes after tenure to deliver ‘pain messages’ to those politicians that had not delivered their campaign promises, and with an obligatory, ‘lottery’ participation of the ‘body-cells’ of citizenship in all positions of power that did not require technical expertise – two measures that happen in simple organisms, as those of history are and in earlier true Greek Democracies – so the citizen became engaged in society and understood, society was more important than its individual selfish goals. To that aim, obviously people requires a ‘scientific understanding=education’ in social sciences, which ARE a science and as al sciences has a single true solution to all questions.

So people’s education in social sciences is essential and should be carried.

The alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (Latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution has not won the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations will kill them all.

Positive money simply stated is a digital language, which under the command of the ethic law, as blood and hormones do in the organism, interact with ALL the citizens cells of mankind to promote the reproduction of the 5 positive type of human goods that maximize the ‘function of existence’; that is, the drives of life of a human being.

So what are the 5 positive dimotions of money? Those who multiply the positive healthy goods of the economic frame of reference: positive entropy (food), positive information (just laws, education), positive social evolution (peace, social communication, tourism, love religions), positive reproduction (health-care, family values) and repress with minimal value the negative goods of society that kill (weapons), disrupt social evolution (hate memes), monopolize wealth (money that cannot be distributed due to its scarcity as a Universal salary), or detract it from people (giving instead of a Universal salary, a tax or a debt interest that takes money and kills by anoxia) and give minimal values to life memes (welfare goods). The change from positive to negative money thus took place when universal money (grain), was substituted by scarce precious metal . We can compare them with those of the parasitic function. Also considering its historic development.

SS-positive information: Money in the Neolithic was wheat; natural whealth. It is the positive history of money from the age of Wheat salaries in the fertile crescent and Indus civilization – and likely most Neolithic Asian and Mexican cultures, where money was essentially a Universal salary given by priests to peasants and the people of a community in the form of food. Wheat could then be used to pay salaries and give ex-votes to the temple. The modern version of positive ‘money as form, would be ¥€$ money. The extreme density of population found in the Sumerian and Indus civilizations showed the efficiency of money as Whealth.

TT: Positive entropy. Money is not a lethal product as lethal goods are forbidden to trade and reproduce. In the earlier Neolithic cultures there was no metal-weapons. War was rare and priests ruled societies, NOT military caudillos, a development that started with the ‘bronze radiation’ and the taking over of Lugals.

ST: Positive reproduction: Money as a salary was a supplement to the Universal rent in WHealth or ¥€$ money that should be introduced in the modern world. Money however as a salary did NOT buy people’s time for ever, as it was neither debt, nor slavery was allowed – the buying of human by money. On the contrary most often, work for the community was assigned to every citizen in a voluntary manner. Today money as a salary should obviously be maintained but it should NOT eliminate SS-money and certainly a well managed economy would NOT allow the synergies between lethal metal-memes, weapons of maximal price, hate media and misinformation and money. That is, the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle’ would be abolished. But that would require a reform of the political system, making of EU and UNO like institutions the goal of societies, for each of the 7 ‘civilizations of history’, studied in our analysis of the supœrganisms and gods of history.

sT & Ts: Positive motion. Money as debt and tax thus would be also abolished, as money would be merely a language that activates the reproduction of Whealthy goods; and ‘speculative markets’ of e-money would be abolish. This means simply that shares should be nominal, ¥€$ money a currency at fixed parity avoiding Forex, and pure speculative markets (derivatives, financial instruments, future markets) would NOT exist. Tax would not be necessary then because money would be created for people and governments, and for those ‘$elected companies’ that reproduce goods positive for mankind, hence NOT for lethal goods of maximal profits, according to the equation of capitalism.

On the other hand Parasitic metal money subverts the 5 positive functions of money as a digital language that promotes all the natural dimensions of life as individual and social level.


The key to parasitic money is to have a form of money that is ‘scarce’ and monopolized by a small group, with ‘segregational memes’ of racist superiority that allow them to ab=use mankind with parasitic money and its symbiotic form of metal, weapons. Both together became 3000 years ago the new languages of power that substituted in the fertile crescent the positive use of metal as tools and cheap money (copper).

Unlike metal-tools and positive money applied to the increase of welfare and the dimensions of life and love; entropic metal weapons and parasitic, carry the Dimension of death to mankind.

Instead of promoting the reproduction of welfare goods, which is immediate with parasitic money, as it is either ‘food per se’ (originally grains and cows that reproduce more grains and milk), parasitic money promotes the reproduction of lethal goods, by affinity between ‘metal’, so metal-money gold prices ad maximal weapons and gives minimal ‘slave’ prices to life. It is also barren. It does not reproduce new welfare. Instead as it is scarce and monopolized by the military-financial people castes of animetals, it is lend to other humans with the proviso it will be returned with an Usury interest, so the receptor must ‘work for free’ to obtain the interest for the lender. Why then a person would ask for parasitic money to become a debt slave? Simple: because the parasitic warrior obliges him to pay taxes in metallic money; so he is between ‘a sword and a hard wall’. He is taxed, must borrow metal to pay an then is taxed again with usury, working for both, the banker and the warrior.


2 types of economics, as a physiological science v. An ideology of power.

The symbiosis between parasitic metal- money and metal weapons signified in the previous graph, is the key to all the problems of the economy during the cycles of civilizations, the most obvious of which is the ‘belli nervi pecunia; infinita cycle.

The synergy between parasitic metal-money weapons in old animetal cultures and modern companies is evident, if we consider the parallelism between the main evolutionary ages of money graph. 1 power and the main ages of evolution of metal-weapons. Both together create the top predator cultures of the Earth:

  1. The age of bartering and bronze weapons:

Semite warriors create the 1st civilization of ‘chosen of go(l)d’. Semites became the great traders of metal in the bronze age. They brought metal to the Canaanite coast, manufactured weapons and sold them, or engaged mercenary armies. Soon Semites were in power in all the nations of the fertile crescent, extinguishing the Neolithic civilizations that used wheat—a human good—as biological money. Those Semites specialized geographically. A warrior culture took over mountainous, iron-rich northern Mesopotamia (Assyrian). A trader culture settled in the node of communication between the Mediterranean and the Indian ocean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, (Canaan). Both started their cycles of war, death and looting that still endure.

  1. The age of coins and indo-European iron warriors:

It is the age of Greek and roman empires and their culture of coins and ‘infantry’. The arrival of coins, invented by the Greeks, gives them top predator status, as they hold both ‘rings of metal’, money and weapons, now in the hands of Athenian bankers and Spartan hoplites. Soon Alexander becomes the first man to impose his face in a coin, unifying definitively both elements of power, money and weapons. It appears then the concept of a top predator currency that has legal course, because it is hold by a top predator military system that kills you when you do not want to take the currency. Weapons defend the currency and impose, it regardless of its real value or utility, while the currency pays for weapons. After the Macedonians, the Romans applied the same dual game of power. Then the resurrection of a wor(l)d of ethics (Christianity) halts the evolution of weapons, metal, mathematical information and money. Yet with the renaissance, the same dual game of power returns to Italy, which becomes the center of evolution of gunpowder and money.

If in the past, the tribe with better weapons imposed its money and vice versa; now the world becomes shaped to the image and likeness of the nation that has the most money: to be able to reproduce money is the main element of power in modern history. Thus, since the nation that invents more money, pays more salaries and produces more war machines, winning all wars. Nothing has really changed. The economic ecosystem as merely grown in size, from animetal tribes to economic nations; and in quality, as weapons and money keep evolving – but nations that hold them come and go.

The series of national powers, based on top predator weapons and symbiotic currencies, shapes a shorter 80 years cycle of national power that takes place within the long cycle of gunpowder weapons:

  • XIII-XV : Italian bombards and gold coins spread the renaissance in Europe.
  • XVI : muskets and bullion give power to the Iberians, the first global empire.

All these nations produced the top predator weapons of their age and imposed their money and cultures to the rest of Mankind. Then, the invention by Holland of paper-money, much easier to reproduce than the gold of the Spaniards, defeats them, opening:

  1. The age of paper money and company-mothers.

Paper-money, issued by the first companies at null cost, accelerates the reproduction of weapons. Gunboat companies seize power. They hyper-abundance of money, now a mere printed paper, motivates more citizens to work in the production of machines and wars. Indeed, without the first radiation of paper money, Dutch companies could have never defeated the Spanish armies. It was the first radiation of European paper-money, used to ‘motivate’ Dutch people, pay mercenaries and build the weapons, which defeated the Spaniards. Till the XX century, soldiers were basically mercenaries. So nations who made a lot of money won wars. Dutch companies paid mercenaries with and made gunboats, which defeated the imperial armies and gave Holland independence. Then, after the fall of Amsterdam to French artillery, those companies moved to London and gave England the capital and gunboats that created the British empire and the pound . . .  so during the XVIII and XIX centuries, the pound would become the top predator currency of the world, reproduced without limit, able to buy goods, people and entire countries…

The symbiosis between top predator, informative currencies and top predator, energetic weapons shows the dual, biological nature of economic ecosystems, which become ‘complementary’ organisms, with a physical economy of machines and an informative ‘head’, made of monetary values and orders that ‘creditate’ the future:

XVII-XIX : guilders and gunboats from Holland and England impose the Anglo-Saxon culture in the ‘7 seas’.

  • XIX-XX : oil machines and paper-money from German banks dominate Europe.

The press permitted the unlimited reproduction of money in the form of paper. Now companies and kings could reproduce paper-money and impose it to citizens, just by printing paper, expanding enormously the number of salaries and hours Humanity existence under the rule of companies, working for them. This brought however many crisis of over-reproduction of money, because even if paper-money was reinforced by an army, many would not accept a worthless paper when the state was too greedy and reproduced it without limit. So the capacity to exchange paper-money for a bit of gold became customary or else paper-money was not trusted, lost value and inflation appeared when paper money was reproduced without limit. The same need for some ‘real value’ happened in the first stock-markets in which paper money represented some real asset, the weapons, gold, territories and slaves of the first company-mothers, reproducers of artillery and gunboats. All those ‘trade’ companies manufactured a product: a gunboat, a weapon. And so people valued those companies for the weapons they owned and the political, territorial power and wealth achieved with them.

  1. The age of e-money and computer-based weapons:

XX : US uses computers to research a-bombs and invent e-money. Both expand the American empire worldwide.

It gives America control of the world . . . Yet electronic money travels at the speed of light and knows no borders, so it also means the end of national power, as the financial world becomes a single global organism, before the 1980s. So the mirage of national power today fades away, as money achieves its final evolutionary scale, becoming the collective brain of the global organism of the economy, at the same time than electronic thoughts in computers are about to cross the threshold of artificial intelligence, in:

  1. The age of the in the XXI century the economic ecosystem becomes global: nuclear weapons evolve, re aching planetary size, with the development at CERN of a factory of quark matter and black holes that can destroy the entire planet. While money also escapes national control, as it becomes the re=productive software of global companies.

The globalization of the economic ecosystem took place when Jewish – protestant companies of stock-money conquered the world with gunboats. They created the ‘present capitalist/mechanist culture that rules it—a modern digital version of the old go(l)d-smIth culture of the am segullah and the Aryan warrior.

It is the age in which only company-mothers have credit to create a world to its image and likeness.

Symbiosis of money, machines & companies. The modern animetal age.

In 1602 Galileo declared the superiority of digital thought (mathematics) and metal senses (telescopes and clocks) over verbal ideas and human senses. Ever since the prestige of ethic words diminished. Now truths had to be mathematical. Companies of Science fought ethic religion and human senses with metal-senses and cannonballs and won. The logic outcome of that victory was the constant evolution and reproduction of machines of science and money. Since in biological terms, the ‘future’ is what will be reproduced and exists in the future. Thus, human ethics became the past, what will be extinct by the new language of power, numbers, which favor the species that best speaks that language, machines of science. Science, machines, money and companies became in this manner complementary: science could evolve machines and companies professionalized its re=production. They became ‘company-mothers’ of machines, the new digital top predator species of the planet. Since machines use better than man those digital languages: Machines have a price. Machines are designed with digital information (science, engineering). And machines calculate better than men (computers). We are not the top predator species of digital information (computers are). Thus, workers and words become extinct, while machines and computers design the future. The terraforming of the Earth started when science and money changed our top predator language from verbal to digital thought, from the Carbon-Earth to the Metal-Earth, from man to machine.

It is within that wider context on the biological organization of ecosystems and languages how the facts of history make sense.That structure of parasitic warriors and bankers of iron swords and gold started by Semite people from the desert, who killed and substituted eusocial priest of love and grain-money in the fertile crescent thus became the ‘seed’ of the JAM culture, and has ever since, created with increasing complexity the corrupted, sick systems of economics and politics of the western world. It follows from it the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’, as parasitic money multiply weapons of maximal price to control populations and get profits selling them. While finally as it doesn’t invest in welfare goods, needed for people to survive, those welfare WHealthy goods become scarce and its prices go up (speculation) provoking famine. And because people has no access to the oxygen=money of society, monopolized by the people-castes of parasitic money, they die of ‘anoxia’, unable to buy its welfare and kick out as oxygen does for cells, with a Universal salary, its actions of consumption and reproduction of life & love goods.

So in ethic terms – the social science of the wor(l)d – those cultures that promote weapons and parasitic money, as the JAM cultures do, are evidently eviL=anti-Live for any ‘reasonable’ human, idol-ogically free.

And those who use them, the military, warrior aristocracies of History and its allies financial people-castes that tax people or ‘else’ obvious social parasites.

All ‘fruits of the tree of metal’ are dual in its use; but on the long term, the ‘nature’ of metal as an atomic system of superior entropic properties (iron, bronze) than human carbon-bodies and superior informative properties (Gold, precious metal) that human Nitrogen-minds makes ‘easy’, for people who use it, to convert it into weapons that kill bodies and money that kill minds – its simplest, natural Lineal-form (swords) ad cyclical form (money).

Indeed, to make a tool of iron, a hoe, you have to mold it. To make a weapon you just pound it into its natural form, a plane. To make money you just have to wash gold into its natural rounded O-form; to make a jewel or anthropomorphic statue you have to be an artist.

So iron and gold naturally become a weapon and a form of parasitic money. That is tools that kill the body and money that became wealth per se – the goal of wealth not the means of welfare, which is what a digital language of economics is useful for. As the duality of weapons vs. tools is obvious, we shall study in great detail the duality of positive money as a language of communication of actions of work that produce wealth vs. money as wealth per se that provokes its herding by a group of bankers, which take it from society provoking collective anoxia, and then buying and distributing wealth as rulers of that society.

The true power to destroy the world of negative parasitic money is the belli nervi pecunia infinite cycle in conjunction with weapons of maximal price-profits, which became an absolute power when money was converted in stock-paper representing gunboat companies. So ‘weapons reproduction’ became ‘money, and then companies of machines-weapons, since a weapon is just an armored machines became money. This is the essence of the use of money to produce war today. If first gold was used to buy weapons, today ‘stocks of company-mothers’, as money, issued and monopolized by a minority of financiers and stockrats, becomes the reason of the scarcity of money for welfare.

All money is today dedicated to value and reproduce ad maximal stocks of metal-memes, reducing the stock of welfare goods. And so ever since Levantine banker priests imposed gold as money, money has remained for most of history, a parasitic form used by military and bankers to tax-farm and exploit people as debt-slaves, and reproduce weapons to control them, with the exception of the Numa-Solon tender money and modern r=evolution attempts with national banks to end negative money.

Negative go(l)d money, today stock money kicks the evolution of the goods of the metal-earth whose price maximizes. So the 5 Dimensions of ‘negative money’ favor the evolution of the metal-earth and promote the destruction of life, living in permanent anoxia without credit to reproduce its welfare goods.

First as wealth per se becomes herded by a people-caste that will do whatever it takes to accumulate it. In the original Levant fetish go(l)d religion its herding as in today classist society became the fetish good to justify ‘segregational idol-ogies’ that separated Judaism from other humans, switching in their religion the ‘4th postulate of Non-Euclidean Geometry that determines parallelism=social love between equal species’ into ‘perpendicularity between 2 species – the ‘People of the treasure’ (ill translated as chosen people) that perceived themselves different, from those without gold or those prices to get gold in exchange (slave trade). Hence the success of the carriers of segregation memes in parasitic money functions. Since both reinforce each other: if you despise others you can parasite them with money (or weapons), but the action-reaction process implies those other people who are equal to you and you mistreat with parasitic money will also hate you (Anti$emitism). And in this manner the cultural traits of Judaism through history, financial herding, systemic a=use of mankind with the 5 anti-life functions of parasitic money and the cycle of holocausts reinforced each other, selecting a mental memeplex of prohibitions against merging with other people and a lore of hate memes against mankind that stresses those differences, while making Jewish people throughout Europe specialists in the 5 negative Space-time functions of parasitic money: distortion of human values of goods (speculation), herding and anoxia of the economy without abundance of its digital language (monopoly in the issue and use of money, tax-farming & debt slavery and usury tax, as go(l)d was dimmed valuable despite being barren (unlike natural money, seeds and cows that produced more seeds and milk), and the worst of all – its affinity in values with weapons that kicked out the belli nervi pecunia infinita, the ‘specialized’ job of the bankers at court in Mesopotamia, Spanish Taifas, German small kingdoms, yellow press, hate-TV, you name it. It has been a 3000 years ride of parasitic money, hate memes, belli nervi, herding of go(l)d, holocaust deaths, which we just summarize as amazingly enough, Judaism never ‘reformed’ those memes and joined mankind using its wealth as positive money, despite the holocaust and war cycles and suffering to mankind it did, and keeps causing, now in the age of e-money from Wall Street, the city and ‘evilwood’ – nothing holy on that soma in which I worked for a while.

In graph, the 5 forms of parasitic money that subvert the positive functions of ‘WHealth money’: from left to right: we illustrate the 5 Dimensions of parasitic metal money – Go(l)d: false wealth, overproduction of lethal goods, speculation in welfare goods, Tax & usury & Debt slavery – which murder and ruin at distance civilizations.

The corruption of the physiological networks of mankind by ‘animetal sword and go(l)d cult(ure)s.

Human supœrganisms reached a ‘natural evolution’ into perfect social organisms in the Neolithic, where the reproductive ‘blood-system’ of money was ‘welfare’, grain and food, similar to the oxygen of blood systems, delivered to every human being, to sustain its life actions or help in community works, and in earlier ‘scientific’ Greek-Roman societies, where it became ‘nomisma’ (Aristotle’s name for legal money) – a digital language of null value, just a number stamped in leather, delivered to all citizens to re=produce welfare goods and pay for communal services.While the political, legal, nervous system, was the proper mixture of expertise and democracy without oppression; as the elderly ruled, or societies were guided by priests of the living Universe (Neolithic), while the ‘scientific’ reform of Solon in Greece created a democracy where all citizens could be chosen by lottery to positions save those for experts (mostly the military) and then as in organisms and true democracies, all cells would vote a posteriori after tenure a ‘pain or reward message’ according to performance, which is the true meaning of democracy – to judge the actions of the politician after it has completed its service.

Such systems would then become corrupted in the 3rd age of history, the age of metals, when a new civilization, hauling from the Siberian plains, the culture of charioteers destroyed all Neolithic cultures, murdering whole sale up to 90% of males in Europe and Indus valley, and imposing over densely populated Neolithic river cultures racist, segregational, ab=usive systems with military dictators or banker-priests on top, who monopolized the new ‘tool’ of power, no longer the ‘ethic wor(l)d’ but the weapon (political systems) or barren gold (economic systems), parasitizing societies under menace of murder (military dictators) or slavery (gold cultures). This interregnum is the key moment of history because the physiological economic and political networks of mankind today, which divide mankind in artificial nations, excuses for war and weapons evolution, and deny all humans a universal salary, as bankers and company-mothers of machines and weapons monopolize the issue of money derive directly from the two dominant cultures of war and gold born during the chariot radiation – the Aryan (Indo-European) with its division of humans in castes (Hindu religions) and tribal nations – Germanic carving of the Roman-Christian culture; origin of modern ‘nationalist’ idol-ogies; and the Levant, Phoenician & Jewish gold cultures of banker-priests, slave and weapons trade, origin of parasitic money (tax farming, speculation, maximal price for weapons, debt slavery) which evolved into biblical and classic economics foundation of capitalism.

Money is not debt, a parasitic use of it – as money is a language that kicks out the production and action behavior of people, in the same manner words kick out actions but are NOT returned. They are wasted once its purpose – to kick out production happens.



Pentalogic of Anti-Semitism.

First in pentalogic we need to achieve a definition of the whole, an organism in space, an event in time or a theoretical model of them. The event in time is the death of an organism in space – the individuals of the superorganism of Judaism, due to a cause of the mind: the hate some people feel for the Jews. It is easy to observe that the key element we must find is the ‘causes of that hate’. And here we find 5 dimensions of anti-Semitism.

– Anti-Semitism is a complex issue to understand (: yet we do have as ‘advanced conscious’ huminds entangled with the 5D organic universe the complex tools of pentalogic to ‘dissect’ its 5 Dimensions, as everything else in reality ): So we distinguish 5 main forms of anti-Semitism:

– TT: Entropic, Genocidal antiSSemitism, practiced by their rival animetal warrior species, we obviously CONDEMN as bio-historians do NOT ACCEPT death penalty for any crime.

– SS: Scalar anti§emitism, called racism, the absurd belief that Judaism is a race and it is an inferior race. Since genes we keep repeating have nothing to do with History, as in 5D stiences AN INFORMATIVE CODE SYSTEM ONLY ‘CODES’ the PLANE OF ORGANISMS ABOVE ITS PLANE. SO GENES code Human individual organisms NOT historic organisms, which are code by the next informative scale, ‘memes’.

– St: Informative Anti$$emitism, called capitalism – the praxis of ab=using mankind with parasitic go(l)d money in its ‘5 Dimensions’ (yes, parasitic money also has as everything else a pentalogic structure: Usury and Tax farming; debt slavery; distortion of the values of things, minimal for life maximal for affine metal-weapons, cause of the war cycles that invariably end in holocausts and minimal for life; speculation in the prices of things to create false digital numbers as money that causes scarcity of welfare goods and the false value of stocks that distort the economy; and the belief digital money is wealth per se, the most valuable good as ‘metal’-money (precious money, Go(l)d, silver or stock-paper of company-mothers of machines), which causes its herding, the scarcity of digital ‘numbers’ to regulate the economy of a society, and hence the general ANOXIA of mankind without cheap oxygen to kick out a demand welfare economy through actions of consumption and production of those goods. Capitalism is a dimension of anti-Semitism as it triggers the war and holocaust cycle and the lethal TT and SS-forms mentioned above. Thus the surprise at this point is that the actions triggered by the beliefs of Judaism as a go(l)d religion that ab=uses others with parasitic money to obtain higher profits of the fetish go(l)d IS a key cause of anti$emitism. That is, Judaism is anti$emite and only by abandon those memes antiSSemitism will end. And this brings another surprise

– Ts: The denial of capitalism and parasitic money as the only positive form of capitalism, is an action in favor of the life of the Jewish people. So Anti$emitism – denouncing the memes of parasitic money as the cause of the genocide and suicide of mankind and the carriers of Judaism is actually pro-Semitism, the solution to the Holocaust cycle.. Why then not a single Jewish scholar does so? One can only conclude the love of go(l)d is so intense that only a few prophets of Judaism (Moses, Jesus, Marx) have been able to rise the voice against it.

– ST: The most reproduced form of anti-Semitism, and its most insidious form; the so called Holocaust Industry, we call anti-Semitism, with the usual S, as it is the commonest, most repeated official interpretation of the term. While most people, especially the naïve indoctrinated, lower class of Judaism might think is a caring doctrine of humanism is NOT because by censoring and rewriting History of Judaism and its parasitic money crime fails to understand the Cycle of Holocausts, its economical causes and prevent them by substituting its parasitic money profession for a positive use of money as experts and wealthiest people on Earth, to benefit mankind, which is the solution, both to the holocaust cycle and the genocide of mankind, parasitic money causes.

So by hiding the duality of genocides and suicides caused by parasitic weapons and money throughout history converted in a monothematic mantra of shallow gore victimism, the Holocaust industry denies the solutions of the cycle – which it cannot even understand as JAM is a culture of lineal time, without even comprehending the cyclical causal nature of all events. So the Industry can aptly be described in the words of the first and most important master of organic science, the HIGHEST mind with Leibniz and Leonardo of the western world: ‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must demand only what is proper to it.’ Poetics, Aristotle

In any case the conclusion of pentalogic in the issue of the genocide is obvious: Anti-Semitism has as fundamental internal primary cause, Judaism and its segregational and parasitic money, as its fundamental external cause, warriors who kill Jews; as its solution, abandoning parasitic memes . And hence as its deniers, the industry of the holocaust that denies its cycles and hence does nothing to prevent it.

The second civilization of Judaism. Diaspora I, II, III. Antihumanism: its imitation by other nations.

He that humbles himself wishes to be exalted. He who can give nothing away cannot feel anything either. Nietzsche

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yahweh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babylonian Talmud., 500 AD

After Diaspora Judaism became even more ‘grounded’ in its parasitic go(l)d functions as an animetal earthly religion, with little interest on metaphysics but rather focused on the worldly profession of its practitioners hauling from Levant, the knot of trade of all the civilizations of the old fertile crescent.

Antihumanism reached an unsurpassed height in the canonical post-Diaspora texts of Judaism, Talmud, Mishna and the work of its Sephardim most famed philosophers, Maimonides (Guide to the perplexed) and Abraham de Leon (Zohar, main work of Kabala). They were all amazing books of systemic hate to mankind, and difficult to justify on the basis of ‘anti-$emitism’, the reaction of Humanity to the system of beliefs developed by Judaism, who labeled mankind as an animal, similar to the donkey, born to serve the believer, who had to pray in the morning ‘God exterminate the sons of Satan, the human, the woman, the dog’, curse and spit on seeing a Christian symbol, whose antiprophet burned for eternity on a pot of excrements for trying to give soul the human animal… niceties still practiced in Orthodox Judaism. The comments to the new sacred book were of no lesser quality, from arguments on the raping of gentile children past 3 years of age to forms of indirect killing, which include never cured a gentile or save him if he falls to a well, drowns in a river, etc. to the rights of Jewish people to steal because the Mosaic commandment only apply to humans (themselves) not to animals, to the crimes of bestialism, in case of mating with gentiles… Talmud and Mishna have never been surpassed as books of anti-humanism born of a collective of people on top of a culture in power and never will. Nor the individual work of Maimonides, the ‘Aristotle’ of Judaism and its ‘mystical masterpiece’ the Zohar… And so as those are the highest expressions of a religion practiced till Napoleon’s liberation of its ‘subjects’, over which Rabbis had life and death penalty (see Israel Shahak, masterpiece on ‘Jewish religion’, a humanist, agnostic Israeli that abandoned those beliefs when a rabbi advised a solider to shoot dead a suffering Palestinian child, because that was an act of ‘charity’ as you would kill an animal – a horse- wound in a leg); the immediate question arises – there is a limit to the hate of mankind in animetal religions, as the power of its practitioners obtained with weapons and parasitic money increases the more evil they act on people?

Indeed, as we said those books were written in two places at the height of the power of financial Judaism, with very little anti-Semitism and prosecution for its crimes of parasitic money, in Babylon, where after the fall of the first temple they had become bankers at court of the Persians, and stayed for 2 millennia at that power position with Greeks, Parthians, Sassanids and Arabs; and in middle ages Spain, where they play the same role, and became the masters of belli nervi pecunia infinita in internecine wars between Christian petty kingdoms and Muslims Taifas. The courts of Castile account for that privilege, complaining that they were the main proprietors after the high aristocracy, residing in castles taken from the low nobility who could not pay the usury, with slaves taken from peasants who sold them to pay taxes, avoiding work in guilds as they despised manual labor, absentees of their properties, overtaxing their gentile servants attached to the land, living in fortified quarters protected always by the soldiers of the kings, they had corrupted with its trade in luxuries and their need for metal-money to pay their mercenary armies.

And yet it was there where those books were written. So happened with the Rig Veda, at the height of the massacre that wiped out 90% of the male genes of people in the Punjab, as Indra, the drunkard, quarrelsome God, ‘destroyer’ of cities, set fire to the Indus civilization with the help of Agni.

Why that parallelism between the brutality of idol-ogies and the power of those who believe in them is relevant today is obvious: we are coming to an age of absolute power of bankers as e-money multiplies all the dimensions of parasitic money over mankind, an absolute power of warriors, as murder at distance through robotic weapons give infinite capacity to murder humans without responsibility.

And so we see the ‘revivalism’ in Apartheid Israel, Nationalist India and among the Republican Calvinist and Jewish elites of America, of all those ‘orthodox’ doctrines, married to techno utopian dreams of immortality through the help of computers and new metal attachments – chips inserted in brains, outer skeletons to make us stronger, drones to act as eyes on the distance, virtual reality and violent video games to kill humans… which ultimately will teach the first conscious robots a degree of anti-humanism that certainly they will put in practice shooting us as we shoot through their virtual interfaces humanity on video games.

Anti-humanism is thus the mark of everything that corresponds to the Jewish culture but we cannot overextend on its multiple variations, from the Freudian systemic attack on the beauty of sexuality, converted in the most bizarre myths since the times of Kabala – children who want to fuck their mothers and hate their fathers for that reason, converted into ‘science’ of the mind; to the ¼ of all Nobel prizes of literature, the supposed exaltation of the beauty of human existence, to gore books on the Holocaust and the twisted souls left behind (just an episode of murder during II world war, less than 1/10th of the victims of that war, one of many, happening almost a century ago, ultimately the analysis of the lowest of all the dimensions of being human – the entropy of death, seems to deserve 25% of all works of art expressing the human condition)… To put it in perspective, Mr. Kissinger who single-handed introduced neutral Cambodia into Vietnam war, triggering a series of massacres and internal warfare that dented for 20 years its population with a toll of 5 million victims, accounts for a similar genocide, but there is only a single book on that genocide, and he still makes the rounds of Republican high-paid conferences along the nation. While films on the holocaust and the Nazis increase exponentially every decade, the more far away in time and space, those events recede… with ever more strange ‘new angles’, from a child finding happiness on the concentration camps, to a squad of sadist Jewish on revenge mood (infamous bastards) to a camera on the head going through the torture chambers (the eye of soul) to an angered woman returning in search of her lost Jewish identity as he was ‘betrayed’ by a family in Poland that kept her as catholic to avoid her deportation to a child that fantasizes with his friend ‘Hitler’…

And the astounding racist slurs of mystical Kabala where we learn that women are born of one leg of Satan and human animals from the other, come only second to Scientology with its sci-fi plots of 150 billion murdered alien souls lying on Earth and infecting our minds, into the preferred religions of ‘new age Hollywood’, with ardent believers such as feminist Madonna, seemingly trying to forgive his Italian birth and Tom Cruise who seeks the ‘clean’ state achieved after paying 300.000 dollar to the church, who ensures the smallish actor to become a super-hero when all the parasite alien souls are expelled through various mechanical e-reader exorcisms.

Hence its 5D memetic definition in bio-history: Judaism is the memeplex of rules of behavior, which came into being in Levant, during the 1st age of Go(l)d cult(ure)s, when in the knot of trade of 3 continents and two civilizations, a people-caste of traders, the apiru ->Habiru->Hebrew, (‘those who walk behind the asses’, its military and goods transport), refined for millennia a set of customs related to its profession. Over this people, hordes of charioteers of the Yamna radiation that extinguished all civilizations of the Old world, massacring its males (up to 90% of male extinction from Spain to Pakistan) and taking over its women, came back and forth through Palestine to Egypt as the Hyksos, back to Palestine where they settled after massacring the local population, as his book of History, the Bible explains.

There, because geography imposed profession, they became the ruling people-caste of a trading civilization, the Cainites or Canaanites divided in two zones; Phoenician sea traders and Hebrew caravan traders. So a two class society, the ‘People of the Treasure’ or ‘Am Segullah’, an elite of ‘Brahmins’; that is banker-priests with a similar ‘covenant fetish religion of metal’ to that of the Aryan, but not based in the fire of the Smith (Avesta culture) but in go(l)d ex-votes as vehicle of God, the Levi (incidentally my ancestors) and its lower class of  apiru, established a global trade network along the Phoenicians, its allies; in which the apiru would as ass transporters trade mostly with metal and luxury goods and slaves, exchanged by weapons, sold for gold, which they gave to the go(l)d temples as ex=votes to purify from contact with the human capital they traded. We thus talk along with Hinduism, with the essential animetal religion whose differences are those between informative metal-gold and iron-metal. But both share extreme racist laws of separation from the inferior people they ab=used with weapons and parasitic money, as opposed to the Neolithic priests of fertility goddesses, wheat money and tools instead of metal-weapons.

We thus started the 3rd age of history, the animetal age; and as all first species, which in Nature become first top predators and only then evolve into milder species, the me(n)tal Idol-ogies of Aryan Brahmins and Baal Go(l)d priests were extremely dismissive of the rest of mankind, treated as animals in Judaism, as lesser than cows in the Rig Vedas (cows give us milk, Dalit only wheat).  This would be the memes preserved after Diaspora, one Moses and its spiritual son, Jesus had been rejected.

Thus Diaspora Judaism with its new sacred book, Talmud, an amazing display of hate memes against mankind, devolved away from the wor(l)d of its earlier ethic prophets, as it abandoned Judea supported by and its network of traders became monopolistic in banking at the courts of smaller Asian kingdoms, into the human custom side of the first age of capitalism, with a very different view of money, no longer as a language that must spent to deliver orders of work and wealth to every citizen of society (Nomisma, Greek, Sumerian view, based in the natural laws of reproductive networks that give enough ‘oxygen=money’ to all cells to ensure its survival), but a set of customs and laws to repress the ‘human life drives’ of its lower people-castes (prohibition of sex, of good food with dietary laws, which also purified the believer from the contact to the inferior race, prohibition of social love to mankind, use of magic numbers instead of human wor(l)ds as the language of money, despise of the body, machist treatment of women and qualification of life and fertility goddesses as an abomination, etc. etc) to ensure they would dedicate its life to work and the herding of gold for the temples, where its elite of banker-priests will learn to use the excess of money in loans to other nations as banker-at-court for the purpose of war. Thus Judaism brought about all the parasitic function of money as Go(l)d, based in the null values for life and maximal for weapons of metal – a different species, whose values became inherited by Judaism who worshipped go(l)d:

This had an immediate 2 negative consequence for mankind – the destruction of wealth by substitution of positive money by parasitic money, and the stigma of Judaism – the confrontation ever since of its people with mankind in alternative cycles of exploitation of people with money and murdering of the carriers of the memes of Judaism by people, in the action-reaction cycles of parasitic money and holocausts; and one positive, the apparition within Judaism of prophets of the wor(l)d that preached a reform of its laws to convert money in positive, charity money (Islam) forbidding the corruption of the worl(l)d by money (Christ), and bringing back to the fold of humanity and history, the Jewish people (conversions).  The result was the minimal survival of the memes of Judaism in human beings, either by conversion to more evolved religions of social love or by genocide in the action-reaction cycles of the Holocaust. So as today, Judaism despite being the oldest culture of mankind is the one with lesser people but paradoxically as gold herding continued – with those who died trespassing his wealth to the banker-priests, Judaism after being the soliton of banking in the west for millennia, became immensely wealthy with the Industrial revolution and today monopolizes both in theory and praxis the economy of the west (54% of the American 1%, 90% of central bankers in the west, 80% of CEOs of financial industries in the Anglo-American civilization, 75% of Nobel prizes of economics given by a private bank). Judaism thus translated its values of go(l)d where the mass of humans have no rights, but are just the people to be priced as human capital or sold in slavery for gold, or be subject to parasitic negative money, to the values of capitalism, with its expansion to Protestant sects that put the Bible before Gospel and imitated those memes. Capitalism thus is a daughter culture of Judaism, as Max Webber regarding protestant daughter religions and Sombart, his professor established in two landmark books of Sociology and economic history.

But in the capitalist culture is not possible to study its origin as a culture deriving of Jewish Segregational rules to human capital. Today those taboos against serious scholarship on the origin of the modern world have become the rule of political and economical correctness. Yet even if it is a taboo to study Judaism and its academia masters in terms of its culture, from Boas to Chomsky, such study is of great importance given the dominance of the Jewish culture in the modern world, as the Financial-Media-Academia elite of America, NOT because the quality of their studies is higher or more scientific (the non-taboo explanation) but due to its dominance in the financial and media capitalist culture of Informative machines of the Western world that naturally give their people more financial and informative power to communicate and impose their cultural views. If we add we cannot criticize those views on cultural grounds as they do systematically with other cultures, the field is biased and the result is an increasing ‘israelization’ of the world, from politics to economics to culture. This is the phenomena I have termed the FMAster complex – those who own informative machines, create a network of information today that has substituted religions, humanist views and all other cultural points of view of mankind. And this is especially harmful to mankind, because Judaism is the less humanist, more prone to accept the go(l)d subconscious 0-value for life on planet earth.

Thus the influence of Judaism in the world has been enormous, from the Bible to classic economics to modern fiction. But the fact that is NOT in tune with the organic, vital, survival laws of the Universe, becomes a taboo that obviously we break in many sections of our texts as the freedom of the mind of this researcher cannot be censored. Though I imagine it triggers the ‘antiquantum paradox’ of social sciences (the researcher is part of the academic world in which the culture of Judaism and capitalism with its objectual standardization of mankind dominates and imposes its taboos against the humanist organic view of real 5D stience)…

The most brilliant English writer, Orwell, has an admirable text called on nationalism that starts explaining his opposition to treat humans ‘as insects, encased in different boxes’ with its usual letterings.

And yet insect ‘thought’ is the present state of the mind of man, which we shall now study as the last generations of humanity abandon rational verbal thought and become ‘visual credo ergo sum’ species, by the influence of all the modern newspeaks of censorship which ultimately defend the go(l)d values and null value of man as an object, a slave both of idol-ogies of thought and capital, increasingly expendable.

We have arrived to the mother of all evil=suicidal and genocidal anti-live memes of Humanity – the mental inquisitions of thought that have lowered the consciousness humanity has of the living Universe to its minimal ‘selfie’ – black hole subjective egocy (ego=idiocy) and yet the religion that has fared better in History becoming with the conversion of Germanic people in the reformation the dominant culture of humanity today globalized.

Since Luther and Calvin returned to the Arian heresy denying the foundations of eusocial religions – charity and eusocial love that make people share energy and information among believers, making them construct a global Human superorganism. Instead the Aryan heresy put the old testament and the Father above the son, that is, segregational racist and go(l)d memes and rituals above eusocial love and the unity of the human species.

This was as most cultural processes that happen a posteriori, after a certain ‘worldly profession’ or ‘metal-technology’ imposes its rules to the humind, not even conscious. It happened simply because when translating the whole Bible, to make it more bulky and get more money on sales, the entire Hebrew bible of near 1000 pages was added to the Gospel – the ONLY book of the Christian religion of social love which was born precisely to reform and evolve the tribal segregational memes of Judaism under the influence of Decapolis and the Neoplatonic religion in which Jesus in the Hellenistic age of Canaan was certainly schooled – into a love religion to al mankind.

So as Germans read the Bible in awe, thrilled to understand the word of God, they got a 1000 pages of imperative VSO languages, with an ‘invisible’ mind, the ‘God of the Hebrews, (which is) as cruel, revengeful and murderous as the God of the Hindus’ (Darwin). Germanic people with its ‘literalist’ lineal agglutinative languages and sense of absolute truth, read word by word and by the time, months or years latter they had passed through the Animetal History of the Go()d culture and arrive to the Gospel they had already become Jewish, and so they remained.

Judaism thus has around 1 billion believers. And further on, since Islam, was based in Judaism, despite the good intentions of his prophet Mohammed who also tried to reform Judaism and Christianity then in an heresy state, as people did not understand the mystery of trinity, easily resolved in 5 D terms (God-father is the subconscious collective mind of the civilization, the saint spirit is the language-nervous verbal system of mankind, the ethic god that pegs the believers into a single superoganism, and so the son of God=the word, is the prophet of the wor(l)d, the highest verbal neuronal mind of the civilization that expresses its eusocial messages of love to ‘reconstruct’ as a whole the God-civilization); it also carried some of the animetal memes of Judaism. It did got rid of its elements as a parasitic Go(l)d religion – ultimately its essence, but it did NOT of its inquisitions of thought that censor and murder the non-believers. So Islam has the Jihad problem of conversion by force.

If both had just come to Neo-Platonism and drunk of the natural organic laws of rational Greece, the ‘seed of rational eusocial Europe’ they might have understood better the meaning of an anthropologic social collective subconscious God but all in all Gospel and Quran did well and represented a clear advance over Judaism.

To mention finally that today Judaism simply censors history, rewrites it as a fairy tale, transforms facts into a new memeplex (industry of the holocaust) to blame only mankind and not go(l)d and its fellow animetal cultures of war of the process of cyclical death of its carriers after a cycle of parasitic money; so to protect ultimately its idol-ogy of capitalism and maintain paradoxically the same cycles of its past history projected into the future – the industry of Holocaust though thanks to the control of the networks of mechanical information by its practitioners have become an effective taboo that has completely transformed the truth of history and make a ‘thoughtcrime’ to even attempt as we shall do in this paper to explain the real history of the first age of capitalism.

It is ultimately the TT-strategy of all ‘parasitic function’ that deploy soma and camouflage its true nature, as they host in much larger organisms that could destroy it, if aware of their function.

As Mr. Sherman, associate of Rothschild, owner of the Bank of England put it on a letter on his proposal to create the American Federal reserve: “Money is power. He, who controls the issue of British Money controls the Empire and I control it… But don’t worry… The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system” But the consequences of parasitic money and lack of credit-blood for mankind is death, and ultimately also for those who deny the reproductive system of mankind and its production of welfare goods. Even if Mr. Rothschild did not consider them the same species, always preceded by a servant that opened for him the doors, so he wouldn’t keep its purity, we all share the same destiny.


The 3 ages of the Jewish>Anglo->American inquisition.  Biblical religion>Capitalist science>Fiction thought

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, Aristotle

One of the key questions of bio-history is why the prophets of mankind that have the right program of survival, eusocial evolution of humanity into a larger whole super organism, by sharing energy and information through social networks, in a perfect world, have miserably failed to convince people.

The key reason is the spread of the Jewish Anglo-American inquisition through the control of metal-communicators that ended along gunpowder the ‘ethic middle ages’ time when all those religions flourished and had achieved a balance with animetal warriors – a peaceful relaxed Islam, a peaceful tang tamed by Buddhism, a peaceful Europe with the pope taming its Germanic warriors. mankind was at its eusocial height with a ‘living weapon’ – the horse. today in the anti-truths of anti-humanism, the FMAsters and its metal-communicators tell us the middle ages was a horrible time, and all started when the gold of America, the gunpowder machines of Europe and the industrial control of the yellow press to print Hebrew bibles and hate memes, created the modern world. it did, but it was not the world that a humanist culture would have created. the enormous responsibility of Judaism lays in the fact their higher capital that controlled information machines has created an inquisition of hidden anti-human values along its daughter Anglo-American civilizations and all started with the press.

Their death happened when metal became able to ‘speak’, in the press age, so the false truths of anti-humanism reached a mass audience with the Goebbels’s method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it.

Since most humans are ‘slaves, they believe they don’t reason’, (Aristotle) and beliefs are imprinted by repetition, in the age of the Press, with reformation, the death of eusocial ethics starts in earnest. Ever since those who manufacture brains wholesale by controlling the printing and audiovisual reproduction in millions of simultaneous brains won the battle of history with its messages of hate. Wile the truths of the prophets of eusocial love uttered by mouth of its prophets, or written in small print, could only convince a few people. Thus the medium became the message and mankind programmed by metal-communicators believed in its own self-destruction, loving the M.A.D. idologies of its financial-media masters, who were first corrupted by the values of go(l)d.

who came to control the press industries and as a consequence lead the western world and its idol-ogies, as it used also the press to print money? What we call the Financial-Media Masters, owners of the industries of metal-communicators that have printed the financial and audiovisual and press information of mankind imposing its worldview – no other than the oldest of all go(l)d cultures, Judaism and its protestant daughter cultures, origin of the ‘7th civilization of mankind’, the Anglo-American culture ruled by company-mothers of machines where the only values that matter to shape reality are the values of Go(l)d    

We consider the 3 horizons of Metal-communicators; and how they simplified, dramatized, and provoked, and keep provoking violence among humans; both in the ‘human side’ with the arousal to global ‘informative power’ of the Jewish-Protestant biblical-capitalist culture that owned most press industries, which devolved the social love religion of Gospel Christianity to the neo-Jewish biblical racist go(l)d cult(ure)s of Protestantism, after 3 million Hebrew bibles were printed in Amsterdam by Athias and sent for free to the UK islands and Rhine hinterland.

We know since Marx that there is always a cultural superstructure in civilizations that defines according to its animetal elite the values of the culture. What is new in the post-war age is the prohibition to talk of the existence of such elite based in the control of information machines and its company-mothers that determine the culture of mankind in larger measure, with a ‘quasi-religious’ taboo ‘newspeak’ and increasing use of fiction and degradation of the humind at all levels to maintain the control of society through parasitic money and military power. This trend is so strong, and has become so global today that all the ‘confabulation theories’ around are not enough to define what is the state of the wor(l)d: ‘Matrix, the Time Machine, Truman’s world’, latter analyzed are good parables.

But that is the point we make here – as in the classic books of Kafka, you can only talk of parables about the rule of go(l)d values over history, spread initially from biblical ‘imperative’ forms of thought by the protestant-protestant culture, first in imperative Hebrew, then in Simplex, lineal, I-based, fixed world order English. And now simply in an age of absolute degradation of the value of the wor(l)d only useful as ‘fiction’, and ‘comedy’, deactivated of any serious attempt to use it to command the evolution of mankind into a social whole. As the overwhelming majority of those scholars who reduce man to an object, language to a digital computing device, communication to the ‘transmission of bits’ (Shannon, harshly criticized in other papers), and become ‘global celebrities’ by virtue of its massive distribution by ‘mass-media capital’ and the FMAsters M.A.F.I.A. (Media, Academia, Financial, Informative Animetal culture) we can only testify under the antiquantum px, the death of the wor(l)d. All systems grow in complexity and camouflage with time, and the astounding growth of complexity of censorship is what the FMasters M.A.F.I.A. of political correctness and substitution of verbal thought by fiction and audiovisual media has achieved. The consequences are obvious: mankind will be eliminated by the metal-kind as in all previous 800-80 year war cycles but this time, without even realizing is about to enter a neofascist age, in a ‘childish Walt Disney mood’, as children are the staple food of the Universe. So we are becoming children to die as idiots, and share the ‘go(l)d culture’ blind suicidal process of fiction myths and the minimal survival of any species of humanity on planet Earth.

We do not live in a world ruled by the ethic and rational wor(l)d, the two highest expressions of the languages of mankind, but one ruled by ‘imperative languages’, in which the main institutions of power, governments, the military and company-mothers of machines are structured through command orders, where humans are standardized and obey mechanical processes of work, where the whys and purposes of our actions are irrelevant to the obeisance to those commands. We do not live in a flexible world of rational languages but in a fundamentalist world of believers, born of Germanic agglutinative warrior ergative, objectual languages and Semite, imperative, religious languages. The marriage of those two cultures when Germanic people adopted the imperative Hebrew Bible with its systemic repression of the 5 drives of life (from dietary rules of trash food, to denial of eusocial love, and conversion of human reproduction in a sin, to foster the reproduction of machines), signified in parallel with the creation of company-mothers of machines as the reproductive dominant system on Earth, to which those biblical believers in the absolute anti-human values of the language of go(l)d, dedicated all its efforts, the cre(dit)ation, creation with money of a world terraformed to the image and likeness of those machines, owned by the engineers and financiers who created and reproduced those machines.

We deal with capitalist democracies and its placebo freedoms in many other papers. Our interest here is on the ‘wor(l)d’ aspects of it. What we term the Jewish inquisition and its idol-ogies of worship of machines, weapons, money and despise of the human kind, achieved in 3 ages of evolution and expansion of the Jewish culture till it has become the subconscious collective of the world

–Biblical age from its earlier inception when Judaism was the dominant Go(l)d culture of the ancient world, specialized in parasitic money (taxation, debt slavery, speculation and loans for wars, performed by Am Segullah bankers and habiru transporters).

– 2nd age, when biblical jewish memes oexpand into Germanic cultures of agglutinative warrior languages (Germany, Sweden) or analytic, isolated ones (English), or age of company-mothers, dominated by verbal informative machines (press, radio), which gave enormous power by the Goebbels’ method – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it – to those idol-ogies, erasing the power of rational, humanist thought (churches of love, philosophers of life) to expand the true sciences of humanism, organicism and socialism, which tried to build a better world.

3rd age of visual metal-minds that lowered to an emotional, irrational level the human wor(l)d, and degraded to individual selfie minds, dissolving all bondage networks between human beings, introducing a global madness of fiction; as humans become virtual species that believe anything expressed in visual media, due to the higher content of information of images; so all the millennia of verbal, rational search for truth in social sciences, the interpretation of history and the evolution of mankind towards a social whole disappeared.

This age of post-war Television, gore films, visual violence and neo-racism based in the color of the skin, violent nationalist films, etc. started with the minister of propaganda of Goebbels, but truly reached its present ‘newspeak’ age with the American age of Financial-media-academia masters from Wall Street, Hollywood and the Ivy League Memeplex of null social content that degraded social sciences to an standardization and digitalization of the human consciousness, ultimately with the goal of ‘translating’ the humind into a metal-mind AI consciousness (the aforementioned Chomsky’s devolution of linguistics being a paradigm of it). The extraordinary sophistication of this age happens because the FMAsters of America belong overwhelmingly to Judaism who has through 5000 years of specialization in parasitic money on the warrior tough nations that hosted them as tax-farmers and war loaners and military and slave transport dealers, peddlers and long-haul traders, learned all the ‘tricks’ of the camouflage business of appearing as wolves with sheep skins.

In brief, the newspeaks of caring, political and economical correctness of the modern company that is always able to ‘sell’ his own profits as something good for mankind embodied in Keynes dictum, ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’, IS the essence of the Jewish inquisition in its 3 ages, the biblical age of ‘salvation’ if you paid the banker-priests a tax in gold shekels, the 2nd age of classic economics, in which the nation will be best when the stock-broker is richer and the worker has less rights, and the 3rd age of fictional minds that are in virtual paradises while wasting their lives pressing likes.

In the graph, the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition grow in sophistication but always uphold the go(l)d values that give minimal price to human capital and maximal price to weapons, enacting through segregational hate memes and go(l)d profits, the equation of capitalism and the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle. Judaism>Creationist economics=Capitalism has been always the soliton cult(ure) that embodies the go(l)d Values of parasitic money as a hypnotic metal-substance, vehicle of God that gives maximal price value to weapons, whose need of production is maximized with segregational hate memes against mankind. As such the whole history of western oppression of the 99% resumes in an alliance between Jewish bankers and tribal, nationalist weapon cult(ure)s of Germanic warriors, to maximize segregational racist ari-stockratic memes and the oppression through weapons and war, monopolized by germ(an) warriors and reproduced by Jewish>Protestant traders and corporations in the 800-80 years cycles. The true victims of both supremacist animetal cult(ure)s IS THE 99% of mankind, including their lower people-castes that do not issue money and weapons but use them to ab=use humanity and die also in the war and holocaust cycles, which is always the end of those overproduction processes of hate memes and weapons (soldiers and peddlers) BUT worship their elite, the information people-caste that issues money and weapons (kings, bankers, Ari-stockrats). So always that Jewish bankers impose go(l)d values, they will use gold and luxury trade to corrupt political and military systems to establish brutal hierarchical forms of exploitation with both people-castes on top, which ONLY in chaotic ages of r=evolution or at the end of the massive war process of extermination, will fight each other for power, and some times the mercenary warriors will kill the bankers – and this is the holocaust cycle. But Mankind Is Always Victim

– The holocaust IS a business between germ*an warriors and Jewish bankers today used by the Industry to ensure their power position in US. The graph illustrates this concept: on the left Stalin erased Trotsky. On the right US who never committed harm to Judaism has Holocaust memorials but none to the black, Latino (Amerindian) Holocausts caused by its colonialism, or the present Wall Street holocaust of mankind choked of oxygen= credit. All other tragedies remain invisible. As such while deeply different in form the 3 ‘ages’ of the Jewish inquisition (800 years cycle of abrahamic go(l)d religions and military inquisitions; 80 years cycle of biblical, creationist economics, 8 years cycle of virtual history, from infotainment to holocaust industry), have common patterns and goals:

– To portray the banker-priests of Israel who price human capital as superior beings (chosen of go(l)d in the 800 y. cycle, ‘experts in economics, in the biblical age of 80y. cycles of capitalism, superior victims in the 8 y. cycle of the Holocaust industry.

-To criminalize or ignore the 99.8% (mankind) as idolaters born of the leg of Satan (classic Judaism), inferior people, subject to slavery full or part time as human capital (capitalism) or potential genociders (digital age).

-Hence to justify and give absolute rights to the 0.002% of mankind (1% elite of banker-priests) which own 80% of Financial-Media corporations in the west to push the go(l)d values, or subconscious idology of all other memes of the go(l)d culture – that is extinction of life ‘guilty’, with ‘no value’. So the hate memes of the industry can justify the 800 years of slave and weapons traffic, the 80 years of colonialism and exploitation of human capital, workers with no rights, and the 8 year cycle of debasing of huminds and job quality as we are substituted by machines.

-Yet for such brutish manufacturing of brains to work, 3 preconditions are required: the absolute control of the technological side of the Industry of information machines achieved first with the development of an easy to learn alphabet, which allowed the spread of abrahamic religions, further pushed by the control of the press and all other subsequent improvements of information machines (radio except in Germany, TV and internet). Parallel to it, obviously all serious historic analysis of capitalism is forbidden with zero distribution. And together by repeating a lie one thousand times the industry achieves ‘truth’.

It means thirdly, the mass of mankind must ‘remain ignorant to become obedient’ (Calvin) which has been finally achieved in the digital era of massive hypnotic virtual infotainment, selfie ego-trips, fictions and the general degradation of the humind to an emotional, childish easy-to-make-belief mind state.

The 3rd age of the JAM inquisition: Fiction Placebo Anti-truths become the rule of modern popular history.

The Jewish inquisition in its modern times relies heavily on mass-media emotional depiction through the Industry of the Holocaust which considers the victims of the chosen of go(l)d culture ‘superior’ to all other victims and justifies its unopposed control of metal-information as the Financial-Media Masters of the west. In the graph, holocausts are the final genocide of the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of war profits enacted by animetal warriors and bankers, which sacrifice their lower castes of traders and soldiers to its goals of greed and territory. Yet the lower body-cells of Judaism hasn’t suffered more than many other human groups massacred by the cycle, with the aggravating element that their 1% elite of banker-priests are the Aristotelian ‘first CAUSE’ of the cycle. Essential then to its goal of ‘special chosen victims’ is to HIDE as irrelevant the victims of other ‘lesser’ human cultures. So we conclude with this analysis the age of the Wor(l)d which is ending, to move into the no-wor(l)d, brainless future we can expect for mankind, in the audiovisual era, both in content and format – audiovisual languages, which make of the wo(l)d a fiction, camouflaged as caring by the different expressions of the political and economical correct newspeaks in defense of primitive Go(l)d values, masterminded mostly by the FMAsters of the American Jewish Inquisition, repeated then by all other cultures of the Industrial world.

To which extend the rewriting of History has become the rule of the modern world, can be assessed by the ‘official history’ of any of those Holocaust cycles and its causes related to the financial monopoly on parasitic money of the Jewish people, both facts vehemently denied with a systemic censorship of facts and active prosecution of the few Historians who dare to research the truth. This ‘age of fiction social sciences’ started by the post-war industry of the Holocaust now extended to all the elements of the discipline, is making impossible to explore objectively as a single ‘humanity’, the future of mankind outside the ‘box’ of fairy tales on capitalism, and sacred identity beliefs on pseudo-religions and ‘nazionalisms’… Idol-ogy today has become ‘sacred truth’ or ‘social science’. And social ‘science’ politically incorrect. Consider the Middle Age Holocaust and the twisted narrative, which only a few old European Historians know in its true tale; and how the myths always advance the two necessary elements for Judaism to control through parasitic money, the Financial-Media systems of the world:

– Hate memes against mankind, always portrayed as brutish, violent, hateful of the ‘victims’ of history, who it represses, encloses in prisons called ghettos, forbids to work on farming, tags for his righteous moral religion…

– Systemic denial that its control of finances is pursued as a go(l)d religion but ‘imposed’ by those prohibitions.

So we are told antitruths such as ‘Jewish people were forbidden to exercise farming professions, enter guilds, own property, live in cities, and only could be ‘bankers’. When at every time of History banking, the monopoly in the issue of the language of power is a privilege seek for, converted now In the anti-truth of a punishment job. Fact is there is zero laws against Jewish people entering any trade, guild profession, own property, and live in cities; or hate to its religion – the opposite was truth, segregation was systematically seek for by the head of the society, the bankers-rabbis who asked princes authority of life and death over its subjects, rights to live in walled cities not to interact with the ‘impure’ goy, and protect themselves from the people who tried to rescue slaves and children put to castration… Usury rates from 46 to 86% became normal in the Middle Ages, after Jewish paid kings to impose tax on parasitic metal-money instead of being paid in species, as a percentage of the crop; so the peasant could always pay. Once tax-farming had to be made in gold, the peasant had to go to the ghetto to ask a loan in parasitic money, and return an impossible usury tax, loosing land, and having to sell one of the sons as slave of the Jew. The same happened with the low aristocracy. And as a result castles and land were sold to the Jews, who did not want to work the land as it was a stigma for a people-caste specialized in global trade. Such was the wealth acquired in Middle Ages Spain, where we count with a wealth of documents for its advanced parliamentary systems, unlike other regions of Europe which lack them that the city representatives and low nobility routinely protested, asking the king to end the ‘monopoly’ on lending, allowing ‘Christians’ to enter the banking industry the king had given to them– exactly the antitruth of what we are told today. They routinely protested asking the king to lower the usury rates to a moderate annual 20%, so people had not to sell their land and even their ‘sons’. Acts of the Castilian parliament complain Jews do not want to belong to artisan guilds, as they think of themselves a ‘special nobility’ that cannot do manual work. They protest they do not work the land they own, as they like to reside on cities, but impose to the peasants rents well over the land’s produce to be paid in precious metal they have to borrow. After gunpowder expanded the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle of wars and nobility had to ask for loans to equip their share of soldiers for the king, aristocrats protest they are loosing their castles to pay those usury loans. And cities soon remark they are now becoming the wealthiest landowners… All those documents of Spanish Courts show how the systematic antitruth, extended today to every aspect of the History of Capitalism, is creating a fiction thought of the enormous suffering mankind has gone through under the idol-ogies of the JAM culture. But nothing of this would have ever happened without its control of Mass-media since the press age:

It is the essential mode of modern censorship, more subtle that outright ‘military’ prohibition. In military Cuba there was only a paper – Grandma, so censorship was obvious. In the capitalist Mass-media system, the method is inverted: there are thousands of media but all say the same, owned by a few financial conglomerates, so the ‘drop of truth’ is an invisible hidden paper. I can publish a true historic account in the ‘darkness’ of Academia.edu but the audience word of mouth doesn’t go beyond 10 people; while 1 billion hit Internet ‘owned’ facebook-google with its subtle censorships and biased algorithms of ranking. It is thus a different ‘form of inquisition against truth – the so called Goebbels’s method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe eon it. Since the mind rejects emotionally antitruths. It seems somehow an imprinted belief cannot switch into its absolute opposite, which is exactly what the entire History of Capitalism has become. It works in all idol-ogies. Soldiers react emotionally if anyone tries to explain them, they die NOT for the well-being of their families and friends but for the profits of the belli nervi pecunia infinita. They need to justify their enormous suffering. So they defend those who murder them. Americans knee-jerk react if they are told they are exploited b parasitic money, work as mercenary armies and will defend those who exploit them, to justify their suffering.

As the industry of metal-communicators became a monopoly of Biblical cultures, a systemic distortion of the true purpose of religion – eusocial love, not segregation – science –the welfare of man not its military annihilation that puts social true sciences and medicine above of lineal military time physics and art, which is the sacred form of expressing with human senses, our entanglement with the living Universe by those who ‘see better’ and know the ethic beauty of the world, NOT a systemic account of the most brutal actions of man, as Hollywood and Nobel prizes do (amazingly enough 1/3rd of all Nobel prizes of literature are given to writers of the Holocaust industry, which talks of a single episode of the general massacre of 66 million human beings during II world war, a single episode of the massacre of mankind. But for the culture of ‘entropy =death’ – the ultimate consequence of upholding parasitic gold and weapons values – the ONLY arrow of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe that matters is entropy, in science (lineal theories of time in physics, the science of weapon-making), in art (systemic violence in movies, war movies, hate memes, holocaust gore movies) and certainly in its deformation of the Nature of man.

It is difficult to convey the suffering to the mind and body of humanity caused by the 3 ages of Jewish-Germanic Inquisitions of thought that have imposed the ‘values’ of parasitic go(l)d, lineal weapons and ego-trips of fiction thought as the world view of a childish, arrogant mankind who thinks to be above the laws of the living Universe. In the next graph we distinguish 3 ages of a constant debasing of the organic intelligence of man:

– The biblical age of segregational hate religions against mankind, love and life reproduction during the 800 year cycles; which destroyed the equality of men and women (as fertility Goddesses became an abomination); and the harmony of man with the ecological world (as animals and land became ‘property’ to be exploited and priced; and spread the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’ cycle and the systemic slavery of colored races (inferior castes in Aryan religions, Ham damnation against the Arab and black enemies of Egyptian armies, uphold by the first protestant and Sephardim slave gunboat companies to justify slave traffic). All the natural drives of life and love became forbidden by 613 systemic commandments of segregation against goy=human animals, and the pleasures of human existence – good food forbidden by dietary laws with its purification rituals to avoid sharing meals with other humans – which is what all other cultures do to become friends; sex, human reproduction becomes a sin and it is forbidden with other humans, to the point that intercourse with a gentile woman ‘animal’ becomes in Talmud a crime of ‘bestialism’, punished with death by stone of the ‘animal’ who ‘tempted the pious’… eusocial love to other humans is forbidden, to the point that Maimonides, the ‘Aristotle’ of Judaism advices murder of gentiles and it is a rule NOT to help ever a gentile in need – i.e. if a gentile falls to a well, do NOT throw him a rope, if he is sick do NOT cure him as a doctor, ‘unless he is very wealthy or can advance your power at court’… It is not worth to continue, as it would seem unbelievable for those who believe the anti truth of a ‘caring culture’.

This age which became the ‘seed’ of the JAM culture continues in Israel and US where 90% of people say to believe in God. What mankind definitely lost was its understanding of the cyclical, organic fundaments of true science.

– During the 80 years cycles… the pseudo-scientific age of ENTROPY as the only meaning of time in all sciences. In Physics, lineal military time against the life cycle, In Biology Darwinian devolution as a struggle between members of the same species, against the true arrow of survival of eusocial evolution. In social sciences, corporative economics against the reproduction welfare ‘WHealth’ and the rights of the 90% of workers and consumers.

Pseudo-Science with its utter deformation of the meaning of time and the simplification of the 5 Dimensional motions of time, into ‘entropy=death’ is now the ‘model’ of physical, biological and social sciences, which ignore the true purpose of the fractal organic Universe, eusocial love and reproduction of information. Even in biology, we are stills tuck in the reduction of the Darwinian analysis of a struggle between species that should collaborate between its members, down to the struggle between individuals applied to human beings by nationalism and capitalism. But all those deformations of the laws of the organic Universe pale compared to the final debasing of human consciousness, rationality, truth and love in…

– The digital age of newspeaks of fiction, during the ‘8 years’ cycles of accelerated modern history.

Today people are reduced to selfie theories of the individual have become ‘mad’ – that is, believe and prefer to live in a world of fiction and soma thought to know the truth. This has in turn deactivated any chance of people to r=evolve as a whole, anesthetized by violent tele-movies where the single goal is always the same, ‘money’, whose grabbing justifies even murder. Biblical revenge is the plot, never forgiveness. Man is a wolf to man. History a series of wars of conquest. The rewriting of History of the post-war era is now systemic, going far beyond the original rewriting of the Holocaust industry and the capitalist History of systemic exploitation of many by company-mothers as an object with a price, and it is now routinely performed in all countries in popular culture and increasingly in academia. have caused to the Mind of man, its level of consciousness and entanglement with the Universe and capacity to react to the challenges of existence…

This, too comes from the ‘ultimate’ fiction and ego-trip that is the idol-ogy of the Bible and Judaism in open defiance to the laws of the Universe, according to which if enough rhetoric, ceremonial, art to the service of the dream, and selfie self-glorification is performed ‘THE DREAM WILL BECOME REALITY’, hauling back to the Aryan and Jewish ‘rituals and sacrifices’ of its earlier fetish gold and fire religions explained in more detail in the paper on History and mind. One has to understand the origin of the people-caste of traders, who learned first bartering – selling with lies objects of zero value, glass, mirrors, statuettes of false Gods, in exchange for food and precious metals. Phoenicians routinely would arrive to the Spanish coast to exchange silver for glass in so huge quantities that they would substitute the bronze anchor for a silver one. And then the last day they would do a celebration in the beach with the natives, get them drunk, and abduct their children as cargo slaves to ‘round the business’. Parasitic money created a crooked culture of hate and segregation, NOT the other way around. Today it has become the rule – the basic underlying culture of company-mothers, and only systemic parasitic soma, prevents mankind from understanding.

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