Abstract. Hinduism is the religion of India, the main nation of the Indonesian civilization. We make a comparative analysis as a religion born of the military invasion of Aryan people, in the age of ‘animetals’ that divided mankind in people-castes with the twin religions of informative metal-money (gold cultures), as both together corrupted and destroyed the age of fertility goddesses and human balance with the organism, of Gaia.


bronze age asiaIn the graph the transition, from its earlier Dravidian times through its river valleys and waterways that have joined its disjointed parts; from  its earliest human, Homo Sapiens species (Floresiensis), through its verbal complexity, and richness of mystique rituals, to the violent Gods of the vedas that sacrifice their lives without ‘asking’ to the God of war (Bagavda Ghita).

THEY WOULD impose a primitive anthropomorphic animetal ego-riddle religion based in the fire of the smith, and the segregational memes akin to those of judaism, which range from dietary laws to the obsession with ‘purity’ and prohibitions of marriage with the inferior ‘Dalit’, dark people which were below the value of its sacred cows – as in Judaism the gentile, slave human capital would be an animal born of satan, and the purity rituals the basis of the whole culture.

A series of Hindu empires will imposed Hindi religions to the south in waves that increased its tempo when to the bronze chariots were added iron swords.

Then parallel to the attempts to purify Judaism with christianity based in love and the denial of people-castes, Hinduism will be purified with the canonical texts of Buddhism, where the purification rituals and dietary laws and hate memes against life and mankind proper of the animetal people caste-treatement of Hinduism were replaced by the pure philosophical understanding of living Gaia, and the need for a balance with its living beings.

THE SAME CAN BE SAID of Judaism, but in both cases ultimately the evolution into humanism of both religions failed as weapons and gold always provided forms of manifest this pretentious superiority and ego-trips of animetal people-castes.

In the next graph we can see the zenith of the hindi racist religion during the chariot cycle. When the age of harmony with Nature of the Indus Culture will end with the arrival of charioteers from the Andronovo russian cultures, which would imply the first great globalisation of selfish animetal memes, now as the Indian Aryan elite of charioteers murdering the colouredworshippers of nature and degrading its civilisation:


In the graph, and below the 2 phases of animetal invasion and degradation of the culture of the living Universe of Indonasia – first the aryan invaders of the 800 cycles of chariots and iron swords (1200 bc – 400 bc). Below the next cycle of stirrup barbarians, the islamic invasions, which will break India finally into multiple warrior states with the fundamental duality of Islamic warriors vs. Rajput hindi warriors. It would of course be a false division as both will form the upper caste over the oppressed 99% of peasants. Islam simplified the worship of the living Universe but ended in many places the astounding racism of the caste system of earlier aryan charioteers, at the beginning/harshest period of the age of metal.

As we enter the last age of History there is a revivalism of those primitive cults with the new hindi nationalism similar to the revivalism of the black hats in Israel…




Pre-Hindi religions of the living Universe predated the 2 fundamental racist, anthropomorphic cult(ure)s of go(l)d and weapons that have survived till today, Judaism>Protestant Biblical sects and Hinduism. So the new religions of people-castes on top of mankind adopted part of those cults proper of the lower people-castes they ab=used with gold and weapons ever since. Genesis and the duality of Vishnu Shiva are clearly those cults. In Judaism the parable of the arrival of animetals is explained in great detail in the Genesis. But then all what we heard is a tribe of racist charioteers massacring everybody and using VSO imperative languages to bark orders to the 11 tribes of Levi slaves. While the Vedas explain the battles and massacres of the invaders and its racist slurs against those they kill and dominate. Today we know the Charioteers of the Yamna culture simply killed from its chariots with composite bows the males – up to 90% of genetic extinction from Spain to Pakistan, and raped the women. Thus fertility cults to Neolithic Goddesses become an abomination in the Bible and the male warrior takes over, and women become in Levant, prostitute Goddesses, Astarte and Baal and Mammon are served with human sacrifices even of the own sons (Hecatomb).

Hinduism: Death of Indonasian Neolithic


In the graph we can see the zenith of the Hindi racist religion during the chariot cycle. When the age of harmony with Nature of the Indus Culture will end with the arrival of charioteers from the Andronovo Russian cultures, which would imply the first great globalization of selfish animetal memes, now as the Indian Aryan elite of charioteers murdering the colored worshippers of nature and degrading its civilization. We see the 3 ages of the animetal invasion and degradation of the culture of the living Universe in IndonAsia – first the Aryan invaders of the 800 cycles of chariots and iron swords (1200 bc – 400 bc). Below the next cycle of stirrup barbarians, the Islamic invasions, which will break India finally into multiple warrior states with the fundamental duality of Islamic warriors vs. Rajput Hindi warriors. It would of course be a false division as both will form the upper caste over the oppressed 99% of peasants. Islam simplified the worship of the living Universe but ended in many places the astounding racism of the caste system of earlier Aryan charioteers, at the beginning/harshest period of the age of metal.

Animism evolved in Neolithic religions as cults to cyclical time and fertility, of which Taoism and the earlier version of Hinduism, before the Aryan invasions were clear mature forms. As shown in the graph:

The Vishnu-Shiva duality religion of the extensive Mohenjo Dharo cultures, origin of Hinduism, (Shiva, god of masculine fertility, or Lingam, clearly testified in all the continent, and we imagine, naturally combined with Vishnu and the matriarchal elephant symbol, as its dual partner) suffers a corrupted age in its transit to Hinduism through the invasion of Aryan warriors introduced mythic terms and the animetal memes of castes.

Its purification by Buddhism failed as Rajput warriors in alliance with Jihad Islam revived those castes.

Modern revivalism void of content – pure form & ritual – is used by nazionalist India to push its metal earth agenda of war investments against Pakistan, technoutopia (AI, tech industries, failed trips to the Soma=moon J

In the graph the transition, from its earlier Dravidian times through its river valleys and waterways that have joined its disjointed parts; from  its earliest human, Homo Sapiens species (Floresiensis), through its verbal complexity, and richness of mystique rituals, to the violent Gods of the Vedas that sacrifice their lives without ‘asking’ to the God of war (Bagavda Ghita). They impose a primitive anthropomorphic animetal ego-riddle religion based in the fire of the smith, and the segregational memes akin to those of Judaism, which range from dietary laws to the obsession with ‘purity’ and prohibitions of marriage with the inferior ‘Dalit’, dark people which were below the value of its sacred cows – as in Judaism the gentile, slave human capital would be an animal born of Satan, and the purity rituals the basis of the whole culture.

Rg Veda, akin to Exodus is the historic book of Hindusim. The other 3 Vedas deal with the sacrificial ritual, which shows that the center of the religion IS war (Rg Veda), egocy (man above God through the action of the ritual), fetish-metal (without which the ritual cannot perform) and segregation of castes (reinforced soon by dietary laws and prohibition of marriage, and finally in BOTH, prohibition to ‘even touch’ the untouchable – it is said that Rothschild, orthodox ‘banker-priest’ had an ‘aid’ to open him doors so he wouldn’t be polluted touching the same objects that goys=animals. So in the hierarchy of animetal cult(ure)s the 99% is the ‘lowest’ form in the hierarchy, a corpse, a slave, a worker/consumer with 0 rights for the capitalist company-mother, whose all to the stockrat/owner.

The key to such ownership being the monopoly in the issue of the go(l)d that buys the slave or company; the weapon that murders the objectified human – which can ONLY interact through that fetish vehicle – the price of the slave or salary; the weapon that kills it; which MAKES him OBEY the superior Chosen Human, warrior or banker absolutely; proving that he feels above god, heavens and mankind as the fetish substance gives him absolute power.

All this is obvious reading Vedas, Torah and Talmud, the TT-sacred entropic books of destruction of life that today have become Classic Economics and Digital Capitalism, where the worker has no rights, the human is expendable and soon will become AI laws (Algorithms of Information) for machines. As the priests of yesterday, the modern FMAsters (Ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) put object above man and ‘fancy’ their ‘$elected’ race above both making slavery and murder through the object a proof of his superiority (mind the reader by ‘Human’ many animetal religions mean, the tribe, believer or people-caste, as in Judaism). Hence the scholar always praised in the Jewish-German-Hindi tradition, as in classic ‘Aryan German’ and modern nazionalist Hindi and Jewish revivalism the ‘awakening birdsong of human consciousness to the greatness of man’ (Brunhoffer on Vedas) of those earlier cults. We are in a neo-nazionalist age corresponding to the entropic devolution of the world, so all texts written in the Internet era, and most in the chip age are a decline of human consciousness sinking a la par… I advice the reader if truly interested NOT to take seriously as I do beyond data in this global age of the ‘Jewish inquisition’ (America) or different nationalist versions information, shrewdly manipulated in the 1st case by newspeaks of political and economical correctness, obvious in the far less sophisticated warrior cultures.

Which lead us to an essential truth of both complementary warrior ‘Aryan’ and ‘Biblical’ Go(l)d cultures: Both cultures lack at any time of history the slightest interest in a real, scientific historicist analysis of their cultures, religions and memes, in as much as they mix both, as both are POWER RELIGIONS, where the anthropomorphic ego-trip of its animetal rulers, as ‘Homo Bacteria’ who feel superior to man and Nature by the power of gold and the sword is ABSOLUTE. (We rather use those terms to the specific, Indo-European, Germanic or Jewish cultures, the last for the obvious reason that the Holocaust industry – Jewish inquisition – does not allow any scientific analysis of the culture, the first, because the birth of the racist memes of war and nationalism can be dated back to Aryan cults in India, and its highest point in the west, with the Nazi movement liked to call itself Aryan). Fact is in all my life of scholarship since my master at Columbia U. on writing I never found a single historic, accurate book on Judaism written by Jewish people (the closest Mr. Cantor’s work) and I have read many, first with a kin interest, due to the Sephardim, mother’s connection, albeit from a European scientific background, then tired of the hidden hate memes against humanity and censorship on the racist nature of the religion and supremacist goals of its financial elite and economic causes of the holocaust, due to the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’ cycle of war profits by massive reproduction of weapons, parasitic money anoxia of population and military NOT human perpetration as a dispute between both animetal cults.

There is no the slightest need in Hinduism for serious historicism. As Al-Biruni noticed in Kitab al-Hind (1000 AD): ‘Indians care nothing for true history; have no reliable chronology and love fairy stories’. Macauley used English sarcasm to ‘unknowingly’ qualify the ∆ST elements of its historians: ‘We can’t rely of histories (∆ST) about 30 feet kings (∆) that govern 30.000 year kingdoms (T) on a geography (S) seas of butter & sugar’. What he didn’t notice is that we can neither rely on Biblical Histories about Methuselah (T), promised lands (S) and exceptionalist chosen of Go(l)d racist people who consider ‘animals’, all other humans (Talmud). The Hindi and Nazi ‘Aryan’ at least accepted humans as a single species, albeit of inferior caste by its color. Caste, ‘Varna’ means color and its people, dasa, dark, latter meaning slaves. Those castes as the segregational memes of Judaism and the vehicle of power, its go(l)d ex-votes and the fire of Agni ARE the meaning and purpose of those religions. The rest is the dressing; as today in TV-thought the ‘content’ for the ‘industry’ are the ads and the ‘dressing’ the soma program.

So what the ‘dual’ original work, the historic, ‘Exodus≈Rg Veda’ and the ceremonial ‘Leviticus’≈trinity of sacrificial Vedas (Sama, Yajur, Athar…Vedas) tell us about these people?

First the obvious fact they come from the same cultural origin with similar racist memes, soon split into an ‘information culture that worships the values of go(l)d the informative vehicle of power’ and one that worships the entropic war of bronze and latter iron.

Judaism>Capitalism unfortunately managed to keep its lack of historicism till today, with the Industry of the Holocaust and its control of the ‘M.A.F.I.A.’ of modern societies (Media-Academia-Financial Informative MAchines)…

Because both ab=use history=mankind with its idol-ogies so the existence of a real science of History will blow up their worldly religion which is the dominion of the world.

So the ideal of Vedas and Indras is to become the emperor of the world by means of war. The ideal of Judaism is the Millenarian prophecy when ‘at the end of times all other tribes and Gods will become slaves of Yahweh’. Only the fetish-metal, vehicle of power changes and with time this will imply a divergence in the modes of both cult(ure)s.

Both also evolve from a 1st pre-imperial caste structure of 2 Natural classes, in a more complementary relationship, the Am Segullah (people of the treasure, Bankers at court and Levis); the Ksatra of Rg Veda (1st hymns), aristocrats of chariots, as its God Indra, and the ‘free foot soldiers’, who had power over the kings (Rajan) in assemblies (Samiti); guided by its chariot captains (Gramani) and infantry chiefs (senapati), with a few ‘purobita’, not yet a whole class of priests on charge of the ‘sacrifices’ and ‘soma’, entropic=dissolving experiences – to a 4 class structure as they insert the people conquered below in 2 new lower castes; the exploited ‘entropic class’ of slaves bought with precious metal-money and ‘enemies’ – animals with no rights (Judaism>Capitalism) or in Hindu cultures, of ‘Vaisya’ (peasants) and ‘sudras’ (servants more than slaves). Once more we find that contrary to belief, Biblical Judaism and its modern version protestant capitalism is far more brutal, as India and generally speaking warrior societies have servants not slaves. But in Judaism even the Apiru – those who walk behind the asses are called the 11 tribes of ‘slaves’ of the Levi, the banker, priests, the foot soldiers of the extensive network of trade mainly in weapons and true slaves; to bring gold shekels to the temple to purify from contact with the inferior animal species (human capital), which will then substitute in both cultures the body-caste of warriors/peddlers as fully outsider ‘entropic field of order’, establishing the classic animetal ternary fractal generator of classes:

Informative people-caste (Am Segullah banker/priest- Rajan/Brahmin)<working body (soldier Ksatra/Apiru)>

Entropic field of all other castes exploited with weapons and tax-farming (gentile:Goy=animal/Vaisya, Sudra, untouchables, enemies: Slave/corpse).

The entropic people IS in inferior plane by definition with no rights, tax-farmed or killed; a slave, animal or evil mankind destroyed whenever does NOT serve, for ‘God made some animals with human form to serve the master race’ (Talmud). Again the difference is that modern India tries to deny those racist tropes while modern Judaism (Apartheid Israel, Orthodoxy), keeps quoting (previous quote ushered by the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem); because Judaism gave birth to Biblical capitalism where Humans have NO RIGHTS to the language of power, money, which is still the monopoly of the Biblical caste, used to buy companies as stock-rats, the modern aristocrats, while workers and consumers – it is a given – have no rights, despite the fact they do all the job as re=producers of machines and vitalizers=consumers of them; while Veblen’s ‘leisure class’, to which all society serves, by the Grace of God, controls the language of power, issuing in monopoly money to control as its ‘de facto’ slaves, the politicos of democracies.

The entire nature of those religions turns around the people-caste systems, NOT about any supposed ‘spirituality’ borrowed in both cases from higher humanist, Neolithic or post-rational (Greek) cultures.

For example, the concept of transmigration of souls was established in the Upanishads NOT as a mystical, profound analysis but for very practical purposes – to give the lower castes at no cost, a ‘prize’ in the future after death, as a consequences of following the right acts (Karman) of this world, which consists exactly on ‘obeying’ without the slightest doubt the ‘laws of the caste’: the king must order, make wars and increase its land and wealth; the sudra must serve and do the low jobs; and only then it will have a chance to rise in the next life to a higher caste. It is thus an idol-ogy of obeisance to power that for two millennia kept people under the boot. This is the same concept so much touted as hugely spiritual of the ‘Gita’ – obey the law even if it consists in killing your brother; an ad on to the Mahabharata’s account of fratricide wars. Not coincidentally it was the favourite book Oppenheimer and the commander of Auschwitz. The same concept transpires in Judaism and Capitalism: the apiru must follow the rituals of purification, step by step; and the +600 prohibitions against life pleasures, without every doubting of them. And latter in corrupted Abrahamic religions, salvation will be the reward to obeisance to the king by the grace of God, sacrifice of life in Jihad. Today, the same concept works in Financial Capitalism: people must give all the rights to print money to the banker-priests of capitalism, and die of austericide because in the future ‘trickle down economics’ will provide.

This is the complex system that has evolved to remain the same, from the age of the Levis, to the age of Jewish-Protestant Capitalism now globalized. As we enter the last age of History there is a revivalism of those primitive cults with the new Hindi nationalism similar to the revivalism of the black hats in Israel; the tendency will increase.

Back to Hinduism the differences are 3, we shall not cease to repeat, to counter-act the memetic repetition of the Holocaust Industry and its false humanism: warrior cultures failed to conquer the world, Capitalism did. So they have revised and merged with the animal/slave class more often; unlike our stockrats who still think they must kill by anoxia the 99% and print e-money to buy the world and the law. So they have no qualms about its brutal segregational memes and parasitic economic system (all justified because mankind is in its essence evil (main subconscious memes of the industry of the Holocaust) and if it had power it would kill us ‘again’, we the righteous, chosen, bankers of the world. And the second obvious difference is because that power is real due to its modern control of metal-communicators, the networks that act as the informative subconscious collective God, all of mankind believe they are right. So they have succeeded where Aryan empires failed.

The 3rd is on the imitation of its ‘metal of power’, entropic weapons or informative gold that defines both fundamentalist cultures of ‘metal-information; and ‘metal-entropy’. So the 3 main religious elements of Rg Veda are entropic, the fire of the Smith, Agni, the Soma rituals of loss of consciousness and the charioteer Indra, who ‘loves’ Soma (drinks lagoons), food (eats 100 cows) and then with the new energy fucks and kills… He is nothing but an anthropomorphic augmentation in scale (∆) of the people-caste it represents.

In India, those series of Veda empires will impose the worldly purpose of its brutish religion – the caste system – to the south in waves that increased its tempo when to the bronze chariots were added iron swords.

What those Aryan did is written in the Rg Veda: they were ‘destroyers of cities’, (annihilating up to 90% of the males in the ultra-sophisticated original Indian culture), for whom the biggest prize was pasture land and cattle. As Genghis Khan one thought to convert all Asia into pasturelands and Stalin Germany, the Aryan did convert the entire subcontinent cities in ruins. They did not repopulated Harappa and Dharo. And yes, we do talk of the entire continent as a Dravidian Neolithic culture. Let us stop West centrism and the pretension of ‘enzymen of machines’ of making History a barren science with no modeling, based in the same ‘false absolute truths’ pretended by physicists – which means we need absolute data, impossible to obtain. The entire Duab, the Ganges plain is filled with copper instruments of the same period – but the Monsoon and overpopulation, unlike the arid regions around the Indus made impossible conservation of ceramics and cities. Humans should stop being childish and physicists to impose the need for absolute measure in social sciences as pre-condition of scientificism. It is obvious that if we find cities 100 km. from the Ganges and copper in the Ganges the culture was a continuum. Humans ARE devolving NOT evolving in physical and mental strength, so they did walk the road. In fact, the obvious hypothesis is inverse, against West centrism. The origin of agriculture WAS in the five rivers of Eastern Himalayans and moved west to Indus and West to Sumer, because we have a demographic proof. Bengal was always the densest population as agriculture keeps multiplying numbers. Those are absolute time laws.

Then parallel to the attempts to purify Judaism with Christianity based in love and the denial of people-castes, Hinduism will be purified with the canonical texts of Buddhism, where the purification rituals and dietary laws and hate memes against life and mankind proper of the animetal people caste-treatment of Hinduism were replaced by the pure philosophical understanding of living Gaia, and the need for a balance with its living beings.

The technological messianism of those who will ever since worship the tree of metal and its bad fruits golden apples and iron weapons was born then. In the graph, Astarte, the prostitute God, wife of Baal, to whom their believers offered gold, dances on the head of his sacrificed children; in the right, Shiva, Lord of energy dances over the child-God of death Kali.

The same can be said of Judaism. The evolution of both religions into humanism failed as weapons and gold always provided forms of manifest this pretentious superiority and ego-trips of animetal people-castes.

We thus compare the people-castes of Hinduism with other animetal cults appeared at the same time, to notice its animetal origin.

All of them have dietary laws to separate the believer from the rest of mankind, segregational laws forbidding marriage, debasing laws that consider the submitted through gold slavery and weapons, inferior people, even ‘animals’ (Goy=animal in Judaism) or inferior to animals (Ham damnation that considers Negros and Arabs inferior to dogs, Aryan cults to the cow considered superior to the Dalit). Today’s astounding apartheid regime against Palestinian Arabs in Israel and the recent neo-nazionalism of Hindi leaders that are converting Kashmir into an apartheid ‘Palestine’ (name used by their people as a metaphor of their situation) is just another proof of the parallelism of both cultures. Which one is more racist and brutal with humanity is apt to argument.

What differentiates them is the fact that Judaism is a go(l)d cult(ure) to metal-information and its null values to life, and as such it has the ‘disguised properties’ of information, which we shall see are essential in the present age of FMAsters power (Financial-Media-Academia political and economical correctness that pushes the extinction processes of capitalism, as if they were positive to mankind). It is then necessary to understand as capitalism was born of Judaism and its biblical go(l)d religions, the processes of camouflage of the original culture, which soon adopted the worldly professions of Canaanites (trade in metal and slaves) as apiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’), and as time went by became the ‘soliton culture’ of parasitic money in the western world. Indeed, the essence of both animetal cultures and all other memetic cultures that inherited their beliefs, notably Germanic cultures In Europe, either military Germany or Capitalist Britain, after the control of metal-communicators printed and spread the Hebrew bible ending the Christian love-reform of Gospel, is to establish the negative use of the goods of mankind and its reproductive language money, no longer as tools but as weapons, no longer as positive wealthy money (grain or nomisma, delivered to each citizen), but as negative killing tools and parasitic tax.

All those similar cults are thus clear cults where life and mankind is sacrificed to the metal-weapon (Isaac sacrificed to God with a sword, latter substituted by the ‘sheeple’, parable off mankind sacrificed to slave traffic and usury trade, to the search for the fetish gold of which the temples were made.

All those cults to iron and gold are thus memetic similar structures of suppression of life wanting for the sake of the new substance of power.

The ones that would evolve latter into biblical cults, and capitalism and today form the subconscious collective of the UK->US cultural elites, appeared in Levant around Astarte the goddess-whore who sold for gold her virginity. Both sacrificed the life of the inferior human species, the agricultural fertility and life people of the rivers of water, taken from them some of their cults to life, albeit deformed, sinking mankind in the first of many dark ages of racism, segregational memes and genocide.

The similarity between both religions are striking as first noticed by Darwin: ‘Yahweh, the God of the Jews is a revengeful god akin to the barbarous gods of the hindoos’ (Britannica, 1974 before the ‘Political correct’ censorship).

The paradox of History applied to animetal go(l)d and s(word) religions.

With the arrival of Animetal religions of racial supremacism by the power of money and weapons, Metal impose the paradox of History to the highest level of the humind’s wor(l)d, religions of eusocial love, creating its anti-paradox:

Max. Technological evolution = min. Human evolution.

And this degradation happened precisely in two Western regions that had reached the highest ‘Neolithic’ understanding of the organic Universe. For that reason, as the ‘conquerors’ settled down; their infantile, epic, ego-centered dramatic 1st age of the religion acquired from the ‘myths’ and ‘sages’ of the land a second disguising skin that transformed them with time into ‘reputable doctrines’ of thought, without however erasing its fundamental practical purpose: to put on top oF the western world and India a group of military and financial parasites that used religion for supremacist purposes and racial separation and ab=use of their controlled populations.

So today both Judaism>Protestantism and Hinduism have a metaphysical point of view, BORROWED=stolen from the earlier Neolithic cultures they invaded and destroyed. This is self-evident in Abrahamic religions that took from Sumer and its Neolithic civilization Genesis (carried by Abraham, likely a tribe of metal-trade in the Euphrates=copper river, as he moved from Ur, the capital of the Sumerian Neolithic to Harran, the trade crossroad of Syria). It is still by far the best book of the Old Testament with its profound wisdom describing the parable of the tree of metal vs. the tree of life it will kill, extinguishing all its species. But then all what we have is a historic account of the brutal annihilation of people the Hebrew conquered. And the same can be said of the Aryan Hindoo religions, which took all what is worth in metaphysical terms from its conquered Dravidian Neolithic people with its dual and trinity understanding of the organic Universe, its entropy=shiva vs. information=Vishnu duality merged in ‘Brahma’.

This is also self-evident when we study the original sacred text of Hinduism, the Rig Veda; which is essentially a cult to the fire of the Smith, Agni, to which 1/3rd of the hymns are dedicated, with most of the extant ones to worship the anthropomorphic Indra, warrior king of kings.

Nothing then differentiates the Rig Veda from other indo-european cults to the fire of the smith, from Zoroastrian cults to Germanic rituals.

It is a parallel book to the ritual ‘Leviticus’. In both invocations of God by virtue of the fire of the smith or the go(l)d ex-votes and instruments used by the Rabbi banker-priest, allow the ritual transformations as in ‘Shaman rituals’ of the rabbi/Brahmin into God itself. The rituals are thus a representation of the Genesis of the Universe, which makes therefore the ‘substance’ of the ritual, Gold, the ‘unnamed’ or the fire, Agni, that ‘destroys those who give him birth.

Thus ultimately the purpose of both religions is to segregate the ‘substance of power’, weapons made by fire, or gold – the sweat of the sun God – and the people-caste that ‘owns’ it, warriors and Am Segullah banker priests from society, ab=used through the vehicle of Go(l)d as an inferior species, subject also to ritual sacrifices (hecatombs, burning of slaves). It is then departing from this obvious, initial historic religions of metal-power, as the culture settles down, in the milder age of evolution and maturity of the culture, when superior metaphysical elements taken from the original Neolithic cultures, albeit much debased by ‘myths and rituals’ proper of the emotional, confused evil prone (as weapons and gold do substitute kill and atrophy human bodies and Live minds).

So in the mature age of Judaism in its first cycle (graph of the bronze age above), the Wealthy Solomon, who ran a trade network along the Phoenicians based in trade of metals from India to UK, would write love poems and build a Palace filled with gold sancta sanctorum, establishing the Am Segullah as the bankers in court of all Eastern cities. While the Hindoos settled down and closed the Veda period with a series of increasingly evolved texts culminating in the Upanishads, latter resumed in the Brahma Sutras  synthesis of the teachings of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, from the Mahabharata poem by Vyasa; considered the ultimate synthesis foundation of Vedanta.

Yet all what is worth to mention of those texts as a mirror of the laws of the organic Universe IS posterior to the Rig Veda, clear-cut animetal cult, obviously taken regardless of scholar argument that will never have direct evident of it, from Dravidian Neolithic cultures, as Shiva cults, Yoga positions and cyclical concepts of time and duality appeared in all Neolithic cultures including Mohenjo Dharo. The rig veda is equivalent to the Mittani religion, and since those 2 groups were the first ‘Siberian’, anthropomorphic, primitive nomadic charioteer’s genocidal tribes to appear in recorded history, we find the same Gods and ceremonies around the fire-God, the Shamanic drugs (Soma) and the cult to anthropomorphic demigod warriors, as we find also in earlier Greek cults.

Because India is likely the oldest, widest, deepest Neolithic original region of mankind, Hinduism does have many amazing insights on the organic laws of the Universe, albeit all mixed up with anthropomorphic myths, historic relations of conquest and genocide, epic hymns, all revolted by the entropic age that lasted for 1000 years between the charioteer’s first invasions and the final Iron age massacres of southern Indians. So we are NOT making a whole analysis of those ‘broken insights’, and rather consider Hinduism a failed culture, purified by Buddhism and its modern revivalism, just a part of the tragedy of India, still ongoing after 4000 years of animetal exploitation, now by capitalist Stockrats from Mumbai and bollywood; in a replica of the parallel Anglo-American, Jewish-protestant cult(ure) to go(l)d with its modern revivalism and digital translation into ‘Evilwood’ (nothing Holly about it) and Wall Street, which needless to say IS the dominant FMasters culture of the modern world, as Judaism took control of metal-communicators, from the Guttenberg press to the Internet era, thus making its animetal religion, the basis of the anti-ethics, anti-humanism, placebo political and economical newspeaks of correctness, and self-suicidal moods of mankind at large today. As all nations imitate the digital subconscious thought of Financial-Media companies, reason why we dedicate many more pages to the Anglo-American cult(ure) and its biblical religions in those papers.

The Neolithic elements of Animetal religions.

The duality of animetal religions is essential to its understanding both in Hindoo and Biblical texts, and the attempts to purify both carried about by Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

The most remarkable case being the 2 entropic prophecies of the sages of the dying Neolithic – Genesis and the Kali Yuga prophecy, which considers in the Mahabharata the warrior age of the Aryan, to mark the beginning of the Kali Yuga, the fourth and final age of humankind, in which great values and noble ideas have crumbled, and people are heading towards the complete dissolution of right action, morality and virtue.

In that regard, it is only the ‘simplex’ view western cultures have of the other 5 cultures of the world what makes people put on the ‘label’ Hinduism any philosophical school of the Indian civilizations; which is as absurd and proof of ignorance, as to put every cultural and philosophical work of Europeans from the birth of Christ to the ‘death of God’ (Nietzsche) under the label of Christianity.

Hinduism is NOT ‘Indian culture’, as ‘Judaism’ and its memes do not equate with the meaningless concept of a Jewish race. India has of course adopted the concept as it is of the non-western cultures of mankind, the one which has been most adept to western principles, from capitalist democracy to Islamophobia to nationalist identity; when the true value of the Indionasian global culture was for long its capacity to absorb within its civilization all other cultures of the world. The specific ‘orientalism’ applied to India is a myth as the ‘preconceptions’ of the Oriental Islamic culture, revealed in Said’s masterpiece. For westerners India must be the land of mystical awareness. So all is religion. I.e. the Puranas, which are just encyclopedic texts written centuries latter are also labeled as ‘religion connected to the Vedas’. And the rig veda, and its babbling hymns are full of ‘insights’ on the meaning of it all. Fact is they are just cruel depictions of an invading army that slaughtered from its chariots every human being – some sacrificed to the altar of the fire=Agni, among libations of shamanic ecstasy drugs, to forget, as all armies do with booze and stimulants, that tomorrow there will be another slaughter of innocent peasants portrayed as evil, brutish spirits to qualm any ethical natural e-motion of love towards them.

What is then the myth of creation of Hinduism, as opposed to the much more advanced organic concepts of earlier Neolithic and Paleolithic cultures? As everything proper of a ‘warrior, entropic culture’, a myth of non-existence and absolute vacuum, explained in the rig Veda’s hymn we shall quote because of its brevity:

(Hymn of non-Eternity, origin of universe):

There was neither non-existence nor existence then;
Neither the realm of space, nor the sky which is beyond;
What stirred? Where? In whose protection?

There was neither death nor immortality then;
No distinguishing sign of night nor of day;
That One breathed, windless, by its own impulse;
Other than that there was nothing beyond.

Darkness there was at first, by darkness hidden;
Without distinctive marks, this all was water;
That which, becoming, by the void was covered;
That One by force of heat came into being;

Who really knows? Who will here proclaim it?
Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation?
Gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe.
Who then knows whence it has arisen?

Whether God’s will created it, or whether He was mute;
Perhaps it formed itself, or perhaps it did not;
Only He who is its overseer in highest heaven knows,

Only He knows, or perhaps He does not know.

The riddle hymns of the Rigveda, famous for their numerous enumerations, structural language symmetry and enigmatic word play with anagrams that symbolically portray the parallelism between the rituals and the cosmos, similar to the Torah Leviticus texts try to upgrade the ‘priestly castes’ to the fundamental myth of animetals – to be a superior species akin to God, itself a deity related to the worldly profession of war. So as armies are ‘structured’ in symmetry, ‘enumerated’ in long lists of warriors and tribal heroes (from the Iliad to the Mahabharata) whose ‘state of mind’ is that of entropy and confuse emotions so are the meaningless gibbering of those hymns that include enumeration (counting), ego-pumping of kings and warriors as avatars of Gods, and of course, chariots and horses, cows and the fire of the Smith; all what the Siberian animetal cared for in its worldly profession of killing, making metal-weapons with fire and eating cows:

“7 to the 1-wheeled chariot yoke the Courser; bearing 7 names the single Courser draws it. 3-naved the wheel is, sound and undecaying, whereon are resting all these worlds of being. The 7 [priests] who on the 7-wheeled car are mounted have horses, 7 in tale, who draw them onward. 7 Sisters utter songs of praise together, in whom the names of the 7 Cows are treasured. Who hath beheld him as Agni, the fire sprang to being, seen how the boneless 1 supports the bony? Where is the blood of earth, the life, the spirit? Who will approach the one who knows, to ask this? Rigveda 1.164

The previous hymn with the common ‘7-number’ of the Hebrew today is interpreted with a depth lost to the primitive priests of the heptarchy that ruled the specific tribe that composed the hymn and all what we can guess is that this people did use chariots, ate cows, melted metal in iron and killed the bony, irrigating the Earth with its blood. As to what else they knew; the answer is NOTHING. But what they learned in India at least was to ‘ask’ the natives for the depth of meanings on the Universe lost to them.

So as time went by, only with the arrival of the Axial age, as a counter-reaction to the end of the ‘Jen era’, when animetal armies become ‘professional’ mercenaries, with the discovery of coins, which spread as fast as all other ‘military technologies’ within a century to the entire world, Indian ‘culture’ raised back to the level of its Neolithic. It was only then when cities restarted, Buddhism and Jainism regained the true loving, eusocial, mystical connection with the whole, giving answers to the entropic unresolved questions of the Veda, and pruning the tree of cult(ure) of its cults to death and racist divisions of the humankind.

It is then when we can talk of a classic era of the Hindu culture (no longer the Aryan animetal religion), which melted together all the elements of the Neolithic and animetal previous ages. The Brahma Sutras are composed and answers are given. Vedanta, the main ‘modern’ school of philosophical Hinduism appears with notable insights on the Game of existence, and the main theme of all ‘humind’s’ philosophy: is the Universe one entangled reality or a dual and hence a trinity logic? (Both).

So Advaita Vedanta rightly affirms the monism of all minds: Brahman is held to be the sole unchanging metaphysical reality and identical to the individual Atman. The physical world, on the other hand, is always-changing empirical Maya. The absolute and infinite one is the sum of all Atmans=self, mirrors of Brahman the whole, realized by a process of negating everything relative, finite, empirical and changing. All minds and their existence across space and time are considered to be the same oneness. Spiritual liberation in Advaita is the full comprehension and realization of oneness, that one’s unchanging Atman (soul) is the same as the Atman in everyone else, as well as being identical to Brahman – a remarkable understanding of the organic Mind of the Universe, whose actions are the same in any system of Nature, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.

We are in the same frame of mind of Parmenides, whose relationship to the Iliad is as thin to that of ‘Vedanta’ to the religion of the Aryan; but with a far deeper meaning provided by millennia of cyclical, Asian Neoliuthic traditions. The conclusion is obvious: what is worth of Hinduism is borrowed from Neolithic India, which paradoxically Aryan destroyed. And the same conclusion can be drawn from Biblical studies: what is worth of the Semite animetal war and go(l)d cultures is borrowed from the fertile crescent Neolithic Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, which they paradoxically destroyed.

It is Genesis from Sumer, and the very limited insights of spirituality of the single God, beyond its original ‘tribal meaning’ as the subconscious collective of a supremacist animetal cult, expressed in the Millenarian prophecy, ‘At the end of times, all human tribes will be slaves of Yahweh – the jewish people – or become exterminated’ (Talmud). There is 0, nill, none ‘higher religious’ order, as pretended latter by apologists of the Bible such as Hegel in the concept of a tribal, supremacist monotheist God, ‘read’ supremacist nation or race, which pretends to enslave with gold or weapons (from Assur to Germania) all other ‘lesser God=people’, portrayed as ‘eviL=in death-row’. But as the tribal warrior Aryan God Yahweh added metaphysical thoughts from Egypt, the more so in the Christian tradition (resurrection myth of Osiris) and further on became enlightened by the Greek more complex philosophy (education of Jesus in Decapolis), we ended up with perfect disguises of those animetal cult(ure)s of go(l)d and (S)word power. Or as Jerry Garcia of ‘Grateful death’ fame put it: ‘whores, buildings and religions become respectable with age’.

The different D=evolution of Judaism>Go(l)d cultures and Hinduism.

To conclude the evolution of both paradigmatic animetal religions would be inverse, in as much as Hinduism slowly ‘regains’ the astounding depth of thought of the Indian Neolithic, once the warrior invaders settle down; as opposed to Judaism, which constantly looses its ‘Neolithic’ texts, declining steadily from the Genesis, masterpiece of all Neolithic works of religion, through Torah, still concerned with moral issues despite its Levi’s rituals of Go(l)d ex-votes, to an astounding growth of racism as the carriers of the memes of Judaism convert to humanity, leaving behind only the most entrenched believers in go(l)d values, starting with the return of the banker-priests of the Persian Empire, with its imposition of racial apartheid (obligation to divorce of all Hebrews married to gentiles), through the Diaspora’s move from Temple to Synagogue when the official book of Jewish praxis becomes perhaps the most racist cultural book ever written (Talmud), showing the obvious increase of financial power of the elite people-caste of Judaism and its increasing ab=use of mankind with the tools of parasitic money (debt slavery, belli nervi pecunia infinita, war purveyance, tax farming, speculation). Thus it is impossible to study both, economic history and Judaism without understanding the evolution of digital money, the worldly religion of the culture, as all its prophets of the wor(l)d told them: ‘The Jews will suffer all their life for their love of money’ (Moses), ‘you cannot serve two gods, money and the wor(l)d’, Jesus, ‘The Jewish question will be solved when they abandon their worldly religion, money’ (Marx). But for a historian what matters is the suffering of the +99%, as the jews are only the 0.2%. And so as their Idol-ogies of go(l)d supremacism converted in Biblical capitalism->Classic Economics; expanded by the power of company-mothers and its stockrats, today imitated by all mankind have become the fundamental reason mankind walks at full gear towards extinction, the less important question on this theme, contrary to ‘authorized scholarship’ is the ‘final Gotterdammerung’ of the animetal people-castes; but the economical causes of the cycles of extinction of life and humanity – the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’ cycle of symbiosis between parasitic metal-money, murderous weapons and the 2 religions that glorify them.

Which leads us first to analyze the opposition between the Live values of the ethic wor(l)d and the evil=antilive values of metal-memes, money and weapons, which is at the core of the different nature of both, animetal and human cultures, and its fight for the future and no future of history.


We abandon Hinduism to concentrate in the leading world culture of hate memes against humanity today camouflaged of political placebos and economical pseudo-sciences, as those are the memes that make us belief our extinction by capitalism is the best of all worlds: ‘Capitalism is the astouding belief that the wickedest of all people, do the wickedest of all things (extinguishing life and love, gaia and history) for the common Good’ Keynes.

I know the taboos of the Jewish inquisition cannot be broken as humans are programmed by its metal-communicators. So as many times I try NOT to bring the issue, NOT to destroy the views of this web, I’ve done it again and from 100 paper views on the 1% top of academia.edu we felt this week 2 a couple of views after a brainstorm week-end eliminating my self-censorship. What can I say? I can’t forget a bio-historian must try to cure History even if the anti-quantum paradox censors him. Yet before abandoning the web and mankind to its destiny, I would like to finish this last article I wrote, with an analysis of the 3 Lives of its main religions both, animetal and humans. Enough said then of the 3×3±¡ holocaust cycles, its causes, pentalogic and non-future for mankind if it keeps believing in a virtual fiction that has nothing to do with the laws of the organic Universe even if in the short term we make money, and have so many gadgets to pump our ego.

This was also the case of the Siberian, original Hindi religion, which stormed the world in every corner with the same concept: the fire of the Smith as the God that sees and defines time and the future in entropic killing terms (Avesta, Agni, the Shang’s fire that crackled bones to guess the future; the fire of the smith, which the God Thor uses to create its weapons, variations of the same theme). Only the Hyksos adopted the variation of gold when becoming the masters of the ‘habiru’ ass-traders of ancient Levantine cities.

We said though that Hinduism unlike Judaism which has gone from bad to worse anti-humanism in its memes, from the Heights of the Habiru Neolithic book of wonderers and Ur III fertility priests, Genesis, to Talmud, crystal clear in its brutal racism, to the camouflage of pseudo-science (classic economics that justifies all forms of parasitic money) and the worst of all inquisitions of thought: FICTION 24/7, making all humans M.A.D. living a virtual reality.

Hinduism though as the Chinese Shang studied in the second volume, as all warriors whose body is corrupted by war, but its lineal mind can be educated with time, unlike go(l)d believers that have their mind erased by informative gold values and cannot be re-educated into love, came slowly out of the simplex view of Indra, the drunkard warrior anthropomorphic God, destroyer of cities. And while preserving the class structure they imposed, as the Shang and Tchou would do, in a milder way, with no ‘castes’, Hindi style, did learn in the 2nd Life Cycle of Hinduism, the basic complex logic duality and trinity of the Universe.

So from Indra as the main God of Hinduism, we moved into the duality of Visnu, the informative God and Shiva, the entropic God – or female, male gender pricniple of the sexual Universe. This was the second age of Hinduism, which had to become a more complex religion as the purified resurgence of the old Indian Neolithic with Buddhism had displaced it, reduced to what really was, NOT a religion but a social structure of opression that justified the class division in castes; in the same manner Judaism was NOT a religion, as it did not even concerned itself with immortailty and his creationist book, Genesis belonged to the previous Neolithic civilization, but a power segregational cult of Millenarian empires. So happened with earlier Hinduism, as the purpose of Indra and those kings that took it as role model was to conquer the world.

We cannot though for that reason to talk as we do of all other religions of a subconscious collective of Hinduism, a true existence in a higher plane shared by all its believers as the case of Christ and its 3 lives, Yhwh in the Canaan cycles and its 3 lives, Buddha and its 3 lives, Islam and its 3 lives, R=evolutionary Europe and its 3 lives. All those Gods HAVE existed as a subconscious collective experience, backed by its believers, as electrons create orbitals that absorb the form of its parts. When and how they are formed, belongs to the realm of non-experimental, e-motional science.

So while Hinduism does not have a global subconscious collective, as it is a ‘divisive’ animetal culture that broke the Indonasian world in ‘social animetal castes’, its collective subconscious in a myriad of Gods; its wor(l)d in multipel languages creating the mess of its pantheon, it does went through 3 ages; the charioteer age of pure animetal Gods of death and fire and chosen… A second age, coinciding with the explosion of Buddhism, during the Iron age that to the risk of extinction had to improve its metaphysics and deveolled the duality of Cosmological Gods, similar to that of Taoism, but inserting with all the myths and rehtoric tools of ‘baroque formalisms’, cults, sculptures, legends, and devoltional ex-votes, gold and silver, statues, hymns, sacrifices, rituals and ceeremonies, EVERYTHING THAT MOVED, that is anything that could provoke an e-motion in the common people and please them, as long as it helped to maintain the social class structure of the dominant class and reduce the ‘escape’ to Buddhism, a true higher religion that was depleting their ranks and files of ‘subjects’ for whom as in Judaism only a ‘promise’ of an etenral life through transmigration of souls – so they obeyed in this life –was extant.

And ths fighting for survival the castes of Aruan animetals mixed its eearlier muths with the infinite vairations of pantheon of the oldest, most extensive melting point of the Southern Paleolithic and Neolithic arch of ‘human runs’ from Asia to Africa, studied in our 1st book on human mental races.

There was everything there, since the times of the Homo Floresiensis and capoid runs, and perhaps its oldest descendants, negritos,, through the Denisovan ad-mixtures of Darvidians, Australoids, Mongoloids of the first batch going down the Tibet, to caucasoid invaders, of all variations, and all its Gods of Paleolithic cult to the Earth and its geography and animal life, the Neolithic cults to water Goddeses, etc.

It didn’t really work obviously when you have known a higher truth – that of Buddhism, which also saves you from the slavery to your people-caste trough fear and myth, you don’t return to the fold. This was also the case for the massive, today denied by ‘ortohdoxo judaism’ conversions of Jewish people to mankind with each of its higher priophets of eusocial love (christians, Muslims, Socialists)…

So through the iron and coin cycles with different arrivals to India Hindusim both dimished in beleivers and purified and adopted everything to lure the lower castes.

But alas, the next cycle, the stirrup cycle saw the invasion of a warrior culture, Islam, which soon allied the Hindi aristocratices to destroy together the peaceful Buddhist temples and so Buddhism was destroyed save for the mountanious North Nepal and isolated Ceylon island.

And thus Hindusim lived its 3rd age of resurgence with warrior aristocracies taking over. But it was again limited in its concepts of explitative castes and simple war Gods by the competition of Islam which might be not a very sophisticated philosophy of the Universe coming as it does from the myths of the go(l0d culture that beyond Sumerian Genesis is just a book of tribal Hitory, but did understand the concept of community and the equality of all people. So the essence of Hindusim, caste systems, remained subdued. And thus this is the 3rd Age of Hinduism, growing over new masses of people, based in the cultiavation of all the psosible rheotrical aspects of religion, pleasing all local gods and myths; becoming the culture of all those who did not like the simplex metaphiscs of Islam or were popposed to ‘foreign invaders’.

This age ended the 3 classic 800 years of Hindusim,.

Then it came the 80 years gunpowder cycles of european powers who challenged the military political power of Islam which ran the sub-continent. So this was again a time in which a foreign invader was attacking its rival force. And hidiusim allied again with them to gain territory against Islam, and this is the process that has carried Hindusim, the ultimate survival animetal cult of war, as Judaism is of Go(l0d, regalrdess of its intrinsic falsehood as metaphysical religions, to these days, culminating with Partition. And now, Yes! Finally the Gods of Indra can breathe and feel reivindicated with the resurecnce of India as an industrial nationalism, with rockets to the moon – never mind they crashed – hate rhetoric against Islam, conveniently parted away, minus the opressed local varieties, from Kahsmir to Dekan, So now yes, there is a ‘subcosncious collective form of Hinduism’ of the national strain, as the subconscious collective of Trump America or Nazi Germany – only that is NOT a religion, but a nationalism corruted as always by animetal cults and mechanisms, and as always excluding the lower castes and the left-behind Muslims.

RECAP. The visnu-shiva duality religion of the Mohenjo dharo cultures, origin of Hinduism, will have a corrupted age of hinduism proper with the invasion of Aryan warriors that introduced the memes of castes and a slow decline through the contact with the metal-earth during the colonial ages of Europe, as its purification by Buddhism failed with the revivalism of those caste memes by rajput warriors in alliance with Jihad Islam. The present revivalism mostly void of content, pure form and ritual is used by nazionalist India to push its metal earth agenda





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