Piigs R=evolution

The Piigs in the animetal farm.

debt slaves4


In the graph, the obvious difference between a predatory system of banking, in which money is created for and by private bankers – even if they pass as public, for speculation without creating wealth and a system in which private companies receive money from public banks to create WHealth. China grows at 10 percent for 40 years. Europe became after the ECB bank ended the welfare state the part of the planet with less economic growth as those nations became ‘colonies’ of the ECB usury schemes, as debt slaves. Only Iran, under massive embargo restrictions grew less. 

Now the Chinese have been corrupted by Market speculation, and ‘of course’, they are getting billionaires that speculate no longer invest in direct WHealth: Max. Welfare Goods x Min. Lethal Goods. So as ‘expected’ growth is plummeting, as wealthy Chinese coming to mainland – the likes of Taiwanese Fox ready to put 3 million robots to work for Apple factories, or the ‘compradors’ of  Hong Kong, ready to speculate with real state – transform the concept of investing money for the people (even if it is not the ideal situation, of a Universal Salary ‘with the people’). Still China grows at 7%.

So it does its sphere of influence, Africa, where money is invested in real partnerships of infrastructure and development for raw materials. So it is no longer the dumpster for neo-colonial ‘hand-outs’ of cheap weapons and monster mechanical projects for big-cut corruption deals – the usual Dam, mine and oil field for the Nigerian Bantu, the Ethiopian Omo and the South-African zulu to get his 10%. It is important to understand that ‘Western Economics’ is a brutal bankster exploitation and appropriation of the basic democratic right of all people to print its digital and verbal languages of power, money and the law. And it is for that reason far less efficient.

And so ALL what ‘social sciences’ in praxis (politico-financial power) and theory (‘economists’ and ‘historians’) do is to justify that brutal ‘animetal power’, a ‘bio-economic’ word, key ” to fully grasp how the West has been running the world for 5 millennia: following the dictum of one of its most cherished ‘scholars’ Tertulian: ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word’. We shall in the 2nd part of this post study the ‘immense’ difference on ‘truth’ and results, between the ‘Scientific method’ applied to social sciences and the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ or ‘animetal method’ of doing social praxis and theory. And of course, we shall ‘bust the balls’ of all that pretentious, caring, faked scholarship that practice the Tertulian Method, also resumed in the concept of ‘belief over reason’. Or as he put it with disdain: ‘What Athens have to do with Jerusalem’. Indeed, what Science has to do with racism, bigotry and shameless explotation of mankind?

Europe however has given any hope to become what it was to mean, the enlightened rational culture of the ‘living piigs’, which now feel happy toiling as debt slaves. C’est la vie, we could say, or rather the no-life.

In his masterpiece of the British baroque, the english writer Mr. Huxley, compared mankind to a farm. In a farm there are pigs and there is pork, dead meat.

The international banker and its coalition of Germanic-Jewish, Biblical cult(ure)s to Go(l)d have called us, the members of the Southern-European, Greek-Latin-Spanish, Social-Democratic, Christian-Catholic, Eusocial, rational, scientific, humanist and many other concepts we shall bring in this section of the web, Pigs, a racist slur first pronounced by a Germ(an) Banker and spread by English and Jewish go(l)d cultists from Wall Street and The City.

My statement of ‘aperture’ to this section where I will shout at pleasure against the culture of porks is this:

Pigs are living animals, intelligent, full of emotions, pleasure seekers, survival animals. Pork are dead.

And your cult(ure) is the culture of death… you are pork and you will die soon. You will make us also into pork, most of my old pigs have become now pork.

But I am not pork, I am a pig and here it comes – the rebellion of the pigs. Because one thing you should know member of the so-called globalized culture: we will all die soon in the age of the singularity but we, the pigs, didn’t bring the apocalypse you porks did it. We pigs didn’t become slaves till the very end of history. You pork enslaved and lived like slaves of the animetal farm since the origin of your culture. We Pigs thus will die as we always done, enjoying life and thought in its most pure, human forms till the end.

Since as Picasso, my fellow countryman and twin knot of thought of the spanish baroque put it, having a good lunch with his friend, Sabater, at a cafe at Burdeaux, while the German Panzers invaded the place: ‘Sabater, those German ‘supermen’, so many tanks and machines, what for? we paint (max. human information), fuck (Max. human reproduction) and eat (max. Human energy) much better’. And he finished his chocolate.

Indeed, here in Barcelona we, the last pigs to become soon pork in the Slaughterhouse-5 of the paranoid Jewish anti$emite and Germ(anic) pork – seemingly antithetic, the first forbidden from eating pork, to become one; the second only eating and manufacturing pork of life and metal… Surrealism is the only language left. This of course, they didn’t understand either. We are talking, mind folks of Asia, which I appreciate, of the lowliest of all human cult(ure)s, the Homo Neanderthaliensis, visual, unable of social love, born as a natural killer, as its eyes are, hypnotized by go(l)d,a  perfect member of the animetal farm, entering for the kill, in the age of the singularity.

But we pigs know better. We have suffered the damnation of the pork for thousands of years. The pigs exi=st with his complex, old, incomprehensible language and culture of depth without limit and logic of ‘a higher class than that of the barbarians’ (all to the north of the pyrenees), for thousand of years, surrounded of pork cultures, of germs, of jews, and so surrealism, a language without barriers in the description of eviL, zero political and economical correctness, full comprehension of life and death, its cycles, rational science, strong emotions and overall, eusocial love and eusocial hate, + and – all, surrounded by all, we the pigs… now are scheduled for slaughter house…

Since the pigs are now moving fast to the bottom of the social pyramid:


So, we must instead consider the future of the capitalist pyramid if business as usual continues the transition and substitution of human beings and their organizations – the Anthropocene – by corporations and their offspring of machines:

The previous graph has 20 years. I brought it here as an interesting proof of the predictability of the model.  Since  it reads quite as it was done today. There was not Star War system in 2000, but of course Missiles kept evolving and indeed they are becoming ‘terminator robots’.

There is not yet a massive radiation of robotized, guneyes (guns+cameras), but we are very close to that radiation that will establish finally the automatic control of human life by a future ‘Matrix/Intranet/Metal-earth’ brain. The pigs of the center, and not they were not meant to be the PIGS of southern Europe but the middle classes, on the other hand have been cut off their credit earlier that i expected (as I thought capitalism wouldn’t be so brutal and prefer a milder road to avoid social unrest; but essentially this future designed under the presumption that capitalism and its memes of greed and violence and the evolution of machines would continue unabated is the world we live now in. And the key to the graph is the obsolescence of the poor and middle classes substituted by computers and robots. So the question is what we are going to do with them?

My take 20 years latter is that we will be on the ‘storm’ of this crisis with damned lies and statistics, its noises and 1% on top trying to appease the masses with ‘pan et circensis’ till one day, the process of evolution of machines reaches one of the 3 thresholds of extinction, the Singularity at CERN(2014), the metal Nano-bacteria (2030s) or the awakening of military A.I. (2050s). And then suddenly one day mankind will have a few hours to reflect and wake up to its extinction (CERN’s singularity), or a few months (nano-bacteria) or a few years (war of the A.I. terminator machines). But then it will not have any longer the future on its hands. Who can avoid that future? Certainly we, the X generation, didn’t.

In the graph that opened the post, we observe the structure of capitalism in the beginning of the XX century, when humans were still needed to vitalize weapons, so they were consumed in I world war at the tune of 20 million young humans, consumed by gun-machines, to increase the profits of the Vicker’s, Krupp’ s, Nobel’s  and Schneider’s factories

In the graph above, we show the structure in the XXI century, when the bottom pyramid of capitalism, human soldiers, human workers and middle classes have become obsolete.

In the XIX century Capitalism still needed workers=reproducers of machines, which sustained all the ‘parasitic’ informative/neuronal classes of the economic ecosystem, whose function was merely to ‘invent’ complicated arguments, sophisms and ideologies that ‘cheated’ people, in believing the system makes them free. There were also middle classes (still eating, as managers of the companies) and on top the ‘stockrats’, owners of stocks, racketing the profits and enjoying the good life.  Those were then, as always mostly belonging to the millenarian banking dynasties that invented money and invested it in corporations.

Yet this type of capitalism imploded after two world wars.

In the XX  century, weapons industries could no longer ‘consume’ colored ‘inferior people’, as the world was ‘civilized/colonized’ already. So they had to use their own workers to consume weapons, after the 29 crash of excessive reproduction of credit money and electromechanical machines. And this brought a threshold of ‘evil=anti-life’ behavior, which Europeans could no longer tolerate – namely the extinction of their culture by the most aggressive capitalist nation of the age, at the head of the electromechanical wave – Germany. So a more just distribution, social-democracy, was installed in Europe, allowing the state to reproduce some money to provide the human goods that had no value in a capitalist system.

Today though this mixed system has been destroyed by a new crisis of overproduction of memes of metal, e-money, electronic pcs and robots that act as blue and white collar workers. So we enter in the final stages of capitalism, as human workers and consumers are substituted by white collar pcs and blue collar robots, except in the sweat shops of Chinese human robots and IT-Indian Pcs (the only economies that still growth). On the other hand, banks have invented electronic systems of speculative money (Bloomberg platforms) that allow to invent money for free just jacking up the value of ‘future prices’ of stocks and commodities, or impose their policies to governments playing with their currencies.

So capitalism confronts today a new dilemma: the 3 final scales of the bottom of the previous pyramid, middle classes and workers are being substituted by mechanical workers and consumers (as robots will consume cameras, platforms, cars). What to do with them? Increasingly only the 1% on top of owners, ‘ideologists’ and ‘herders’ (politicians, priests of go(l)d churches, stockrats), have a ‘job’; albeit on the long term also expendable… The rest is bothersome, unneeded, a surplus, an added cost. In the previous crisis, this meant they were consumed in wars.

And this is again the solution which is implemented increasingly on 3rd world countries, its dictators and our armies, as we did in  the XIX century colonial age. Now we use poor nations as targets of our robotic weapons, while in the 1st world, banks keep exploiting the system, workers are unemployed and must be controlled with future police robots. So basically the 99% of humans are becoming obsolete and are becoming ‘parasites’ of the system that must be eliminated. How the system will finish them up? As long as humans run the system this poises difficult problems. But as the system becomes an automated planet of machines, during this century, the end of capitalism after a century of social struggle, fascism or revolution, seems clear: memes of metal will substitute memes of life an mankind will be eliminated.


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