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March is dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Latin culture, from the perspective of the Latin culture that made of man the image and likeness of all things and its heroes ‘sacred – a perspective never considered in the world at large under the new world order of ‘anglo-jewish’ globalized capitalist religion and its anti-human language of money (man=price=object).

Chavez. The fallen hero.

As it happens, this week died the last of the Latin Heroes, Mr. Chavez, a man of amerindian genetics and Bolivarian memetics, who defended democracy like no other in South-America has, in as much as he defended the ‘demos’ of venezuela, their people, the amerindians exploited by spanish and english animetals, conquistadors, pirates and slave traders for centuries. 

The ancestors of Mr. Chavez, the Caribes, the Indians who cannibalized the conquistadors and their enemy tribes probably would have killed the first of my ancestors to arrive to this land, Mr. Columbus – the man who said ‘indians are good-natured, they don’t know metal, they cut themselves with the edge of the swords because they handle it from the wrong side, they will be good slaves’… if he had met on the beach of Hispaniola, and only for that I owe him due respect.

I travelled through Venezuela before Chavez took power, during the years I bag-packed the world to know man in his natural state. I went to Caracas and chichirivche in the coast, then i head inland to Puerto Ayacucho and the jungles. I met there a basque terrorist lady, owner of a whorehouse frequented by the elite of the Amazonian city, drug-dealers in cocaine, military bosses, plantation owners and civil servants. The military ‘owned’ the country. A simple anecdote would suffice. One of them one night liked my women, two german pansexual adventurers soujourning into their darkness, whom with I teamed up  latter on to rent a jeep and go to the Guyana meseta. It happened in the rental place. He said 2 women were too many for one man, i told him they were not women but one was a man, as they were together, trying to dissuade him. He had just taken the gun out in the office and wanted to take one with him. This was a public office, this was a commander, this was the South-American world for centuries. At the end I dissuaded him with humility and jokes to let us go. Still in every place, there were either the military of the nation, or the military of the people (guerrillas, narco-armies) on control. And the people on total poverty, and the multinationals, states within states, working its machines.

This is what capitalism is always about. Corporations making machines. Armies defending them. Humanity casted aside.

Mr. Chavez ended all that. It took the oil back to the people. It gave them bread. It defied capitalism. It spread the news that havent been heard since the aborted Mexican revolution than the true Amerindians could also hold power. And today in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, in the old Incan Empire, they are trying.

And on top of that he didn’t use weapons to kill his enemies, and that – final democratic finnesse – it was makes him like Caesar, who will be dealt with next week, or Jesus at the end of the Month, the true embodiment of the Latin hero.

A man who stands tall against the people of weapons and money, takes away their power with the power of charisma, feelings and words, and gives love and human goods to the ‘demos’, to the immense majority of the once oppressed people.

Because the Latin hero is a ‘man’ con cojones but also con amor. He is truly a man of God, the wor(l)d of love and the man of the (s)word, used to create that wo(l)d – a man who hates go(l)d and shows its true value and the the face value of those who worship it.

And all this of course makes him the most hateful character of our capitalist society ruled by bankers and the military. They are what the bankers and military will never be and pretend to be; they are the mirror that shows their corruption; they are the people that prove a better world is possible. And so for that reason the ‘Latin Hero’ must be deceased, corrupted or insulted with no limit.

Some will die by murder since the Times of Caesar to the times of Huey Long or the social-Catholic Kennedy brothers, and needless to say one wonders about this Cancer and possible confabulation theories we prefer to discharge, because if  scientific biological warfare had crossed the barrier of induced-cancer possibilities, along the newly researched robotic insects that ‘smell your DNA’ and kills you in selective murder, the limits of ‘hell’ are infinite.

So what did wrong Mr. Chavez? Well, to start with he didn’t have the proper economic model of organicism, sponsored in this web, the last ‘advance’ in the evolution of social sciences for the creation of a world to the image and likeness of nature and mankind – and a caudillo without ideology is always a lesser caudillo. I sent him twice my spanish books, once from santa monica – and it did pass, the US border, kuddos to our post-offices, but it seemed it never go to him… Still he was well versed in the classics, marxists, keynesians. He had read as the bus driver who is now in power did. So he tried some.

Problem is like Cuba during the embargo that  Human Economics cannot triumph without a planetary revolution or an extremely intelligent manipulation of the laws of the markets with the laws of super-organisms described in this blog, and this he could not do. So the entire capitalist system vs. Chavez would have shredded the nation economy very soon, with massive attacks to the currency HAD not mr. Chavez had the bonus of oil.

Let us be clear enough iran, the Muslim revolution trying to stop the clock of humane xtinction, returning to the primitive agricultural Muslim shiite world, the Indigenous revolution of Chavez, could only triumph with the oil bonus. Otherwise their future competing with advanced robotized factories with no human labor is null. It is the paradox of Ghandi that wanted to return rightly to the wheel but impossible. So a revolution at this stage must use all the knowledge of complexity to try to survive in a very hostile anti-human machine/corporation dominated world.

I returned if briefly to Caracas latter, after that youth long 1 year bag-packing through the core jungles and sierras of the continent. And only one thing i can say: people were astoundingly happier, and happier at the time that in any other country of south-american except the naturally happy afro-american islanders and rio-de-janeiro people who still were printing with happy irresponsibility ‘rio o mijor sida do mundo’ . The responsibility of Chavez though was historical and his role has been historical.

He has changed what the other heroes of the post-war American world – the jesuits of the Theory of Liberation, the blacks of North-America and his recent house negro – could not achieved: A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

This a Latin hero does in the only way it can be done, reigning with weapons and money over the people-castes that had previously exploited the ‘demos’ of his nation. And so he essayed a coup d’etat as Caesar did, but a mild one, always aware that the wor(l)d, ethics and love had to control weapons and money.

We just hope those who followed him will try to keep the Bolivarian r=evolutions struggling in south-america strong enough to continue that change.


Update. Maduro is not chavez… Unfortunately

The Venezuelans are also making an apparent choice Maduro or no-maduro, but it is not a choice, because the other is very relevant, it is Capriles, yes, also a ‘you’, a wealthy man, an investor, representative of international corporations, which will bring the corresponding multinationals to ‘privatise’ the Oil industry, the second largest deposits of oil sands, like those that now are burning a small Massachussets in Alberta. 

So the Orinoco sands are worth the fight, as the pollution of the entire Orinoco Jungle for the profit of North-American companies is not a small business. Alas! To be safe and sure we have put this Capriles to take power and become the next president of Venezuela. And for all reasons, it has it easy.

Because the true problem of mankind are not their animetal elites, but the absolute incapacity of the good guys to do things well, without machines, by pure human stamina, ethics and intelligence. This was Chavez, a true hero we said farewell as he deserved, a Cesar, a Mule, duly eliminated by a too-son to come suspicious Cancer. He was a hero of mankind. Maduro is just an idiot. And when you have an idiot after a hero, a Brutus after a Caesar, it lasts short.

I recall my travels through Venezuela, when young. I met on the coast two beautiful germans in a Mercedes Group, and spirited them away one night convincing them to do the wild thing and drive to the Orinoco. One was my lover the other, I hoped to be the lover of my lover (-; but in San Fernando Apure, while changing cars at an agency, the Military before Chavez in power, we run with a sergeant in the International Car Rental agency, who told me flatly showing ostensibly his weapon – you have 2 women, that is too much, can I borrow one. Alas, this is South-America without Chavez-like characters, the conquistador with right to rape the natives. So I told in english to the girls, leave now, without me. Don’t ask. And lost them both, while distracting the man, who tardy as all military are, took his time to realise.

And so to avoid personal harm, I convinced him to share women in the local whorehouse, which was run, curiously enough by an ex-terrorist Basque woman, who became a good guide to the River. That is Venezuela, a place of dolce fare-niente people run by ‘others’, the military, the corporations, take your pick, both are equally bad.

That was what truly made Chavez a hero. He was a true democrat, a capable leader, an honest hard working mule. And that is why he had to die so young, as all human heroes. The game seems rigged against us.




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