Syrians: ethnic cleansing


Abstract.  We spend 1/4th of our budgets in weapon systems, but we cannot end with a bunch of kids with kalashnikovs, torturing syrians and Irakies, raping women, and setting them to fire, which has caused a 2 million refugee problem in Europe, and 1 million unwanted Arabs in Germany? Why?

The owners of the world, but don’t tell you.

Let us first understand how the world is run in placebo democracies where there are no judgment votes after tenure with pain messages to politicians, who cannot print money and hence have NOT to obey society but the financial masters and media masters of informative machines on top of them:


This is the pyramid of our society, with the problem that the bottom line, People and living things are being displaced by the robotic revolution of machines. So they are not needed and the solutions are those of fascism:


NEOFASCISMTHE 8 YEAR CYCLE OF MACHINES AND E-MONEY is tuned to the 8 year cycle of American elections. Thus as we move into a massive investment in robotic machines and weapons, a candidate that proposes a billionaire business for the robotised walls of America, and the equivalent man on Israel are now about to take power, in both places…

Meanwhile, the 3rd leg of neofascism, 3rd world terrorism, also increases the tempo of its well-promoted attacks with a degree of brutality, natural to its primitive credo – but which of all those ‘leading forms’ of neofascism is more extreme

Tanto monta monta tanto… ‘Bellum ipse aleat’: AVIGDOR≈TRUMP≈ISIS

IN THE GRAPH, OF THE 3 ‘animetal cultures’ on top of the world today, the Islamic Jihad (ISIS), the germanic Trump like american military and the Jewish gold culture, the new war minister of Israel Avigdor, wants to cleanse totally the country from Arabs. As Trump wants to clean America from mexicans. Those are today the men, stalwarts of conservative GOP and wall street, in its bid for profits through more of the same.

In Israel Avigdor wants to throw all the Palestinians living in Israel to the other side of the wall and extend step by step the borders towards Grand Israel, which includes huge tracts today taken by ISIS. And of course, it is THE SPIRAL of entropy, which is fed by both sides, and it has been so for decades. It is the wrong solution, but those people DO NOT SEEM TO HEAR TO ENLIGHTENED EUROPE AND amerICA, WHICH IN ANY CASE DO NOT HAVE AS THIS BLOG A CLEAR ORGANIC MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE TO FIND SOLUTIONS.

So as the world goes on fire, the plans of trump and Abiddor might be played on.

Now it would be very easy to accuse only ISIS, but ISIS HAS NO POWER TO IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS, the jewish and germanic animetal cultures do.

They know what they do, they have the money, weapons and control of the FMMI system. They don’t want to solve the world as recently the UNO boss told them. They want to destroy it blindly seeking profits and hate memes. Good luck. I have been preaching to them for 30 years with no results.

In the graph, the neofascist cycle, increases its brutality as we approach the age of global war, similar to the 3 previous cycles of neofascism, and the synergies of the Financial Media/Military Industrial System show its full power to destroy mankind. In such ages, the ‘cultures of life and love’ disappear from the scene, and the oldest ‘animetal cults’ to war and go(l)d, come into power. Among them, the usual suspects, the first animetals, the warrior Arab and Go(l)d, jewish semitic cults and the germanic Iron warriors come ‘again’ to set the world in fire, in the usual cycles of economic crash, massive poverty, brutal degradation of the 3rd world, fascist propaganda against the poor, terrorism, revivalism of primitive Abrahamic Religions, splendid little wars for the profit of the ‘age of military weapons’ and final ‘Götterdämmerung’.

Of course from the perspective of the west and the FMasters that are on top of the process, masterminding it with financial-media machines, the poor, brutalised by decades of exploitation are the only guilty. Its employees, which in the west are traditionally germanic owners of the military-industrial complex agree. And as the poor find themselves in a ‘sac du cul’, they give reasons to power with its brutal acts of terror. Bellum apse aleat. What nobody talks about is the humanist solution to the cycle ‘butter instead of canons’: 

3 crisis

In the graph from a decade old documentary that never was financed or closed, we can see the 3 ages of neoascism. The 3rd age with Fox, from the scottish, Jewish calvinist mogul of the present yellow press, heading the Donald wave mixes parts of the 1st and 2nd age. In the first age Muslims and negroes from Africa, the people the bible consider inferior to dogs because their ancestor, ‘Ham peed on Noah’ (sic: Damnation of Ham, upholded in courts to defend slavery during the gunboat age), were so brutalised that they did attack back the colonials, murdered wholesale british people at Khartum and claimed the arrival of the saviour Al madhi, while black tribes in the Ifo culture sacrificed their children and drunk their blood, in a last desperado attempt to stop slavery trade. Those though had been the most cultured regions of the west and east africa as Syria and Irak were till recently. But the degradation of their people had reached the same level today we observe in Yihad, and so the yellow press and the hero Kirtchener went there to massacre them and take over.

Now of course there was then as today the solution of investing in a Socialist, Keynesian or organic Wheath, welfare state. Yet the 3 schools of economics of a humanist side, the Anarchist, Keynesian and organic school this author represent were totally ignored before the war. Today is the 30 years anniversary of my first book on organic bio-history and bio-economics, published upon my arrival to America to study at Columbia and work in wall street. In that regard, the level today of repression of true economics is as huge under the anti-quantum paradox as it was in the colonial age, when the true master of economics, Butler, who denounced the organic nature of machines and The anarchists that demanded shared property of corporations, universal salaries and end of policial states and bank monopolies were considered terrorists.

The hierarchy thus is clear. On top of society the o.oo2% or elite of bankers and mass-media moguls of jewish origin, which control 80% of the western world finances rule, below them the rest.

Now this means that to know the future of mankind, as in the press age we had to look to tiny Amsterdam and Holland where the first companies were invented and the first mass-media ran, and then to England, and then to tiny Germany now we have to look in this generation to tiny Israel, because as we have been explaining for 30 years, the world would be ‘Israelified’ as it was Dutchified and britified and Germanified before:


In the graph now a decade old, you can see the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars.

Thus the political engine of the world is the Israelification of the world, and the cleansing and islamophobia, hate to the Arabs, which MUST be degraded by dictators and ayatollahs to the same point of absolute brutality and despise we Europeans felt for the negroes of colonialism. An example will suffice:

In the most evolved civilisation of Africa, the Ifo People known for his art and beauty before slavery -as irak was the most sophisticated arab world with syria and lebanon, the Brits enslaved for 300 years their people. Then they returned to bestialism and made sculptures to drink blood, killing their sons, and offering them to the gods, in barbarous ceremonies similar to those of the cult of Baal.

What the brits did? Expose them in the XIX century colonial fascist age, so the entire britain was so horrified that they sent an army killed them all (the elite) and converted the region west of Nigeria into a colony.

This is how after 40 years of brutal wars since the west paid Saddam to attack Iran, the situation in that region.

So at least the West should send their armies and kill ISIs but it does not.  Why?
Because they are doing the cleansing of the entire region for Israel to advance in the future its plans for a Grand Israel that implies the decolonisation of the Golam Heights and the region of Mosul, and its oil, which is in all the maps of the party of their war minister as ‘ISRAEL’.

Now I said this in a letter to a friend in Germany, which kind of explains, why their first jewish Chancelor Miss Merkel, who is choking the entire European continent of credit, treating the southern piigs countries to genocide by lack of credit and health care, like the Greeks, suddenly is so nice, and takes on 1 million

But nobody sends land troops to end the massacre for Gods sake. This is NOT even Saddam’s army, it is a bunch of kids with Kalasnikhovs, but the interest is to create a terror mood to spend billions in robotised and big brother electronic armies at home and do the job for the FMasters of the Universe.

 Because if Trump with similar policies is elected in US Avigdor Lieberman, WIL, start the ethnic cleansing of Israel.

This is a massive ethnic cleansing of the lands to the East of Israel and the expansion of Grand israel.

Syria, the ultimate enemy.

understand this for Israel Iran and Syria are the ultimate enemies.

Syria is the most hated country by the Masters of the Universe, the People of the Treasure, the cult(Ure) that invents our money and hates mankind (read in newspeak and its anti-truths, ‘mankind hates us’).

People talk a lot of Iran, but the Masters of the Financial-Media System had always had a closer enemy the Syrians – their leaders, of course, their dictators. But the masters despise all the ‘goyyim’ animals equally, their hate to mankind is extensive (read in the newspeaks of anti-truth: ‘they hate us’).

So alas! the entire wikileaks movement with that nice white hair chap, an admirer of Bibi, an employee of the CIA, an agent of the Moshad, started the whole faked operation of the Arab Spring to liquidate 3 enemies, Lybia, on target, Iran (a long shot nobody really believed in) and Syria. Egypt got out of control for a while and now is again under the boot. But Syria? Those people must learn they are under the Ham damnation – inferior to dogs, like the negroes-slaves. They must be slowly tortured, forever if possible, in the Talmudian tradition, where Jesus burns in a pot of shit, in hell for having rised the goyyim to human nature. The ham damnation, excuse for modern slavery,who made arabs and negroes inferior to dogs, apply here. In the Lebanon war, rabbies would ask soldiers to be ‘pious’and ‘charitable’ and shoot close range on the head the ‘little animals’ (read young palestinians’) agonising as they would do with their dogs. To be charitable of course,the victims of history are that nice…

Syria defied them for 50 years, and looked strong. So they should now pay 50 years of civil war, ISIS included, that wonderful invention of our secret services, which we shall only bomb with our drones, to essay further robotic wars, from the sky, but not send real troops.

Syria has nothing to defend against the proper UNO ‘peace corps’, who could clean up the act within months and end the nightmare. But the masters of the Universe and its western lackeys, are on justice mood. So they will keep dying and they will keep drowning and they will keep entering concentration camps.  For eviL anti-life, antihuman memes have no limit on those who hate mankind (read in newspeak ‘mankind hate us’)

How it all started, with a mossad agent, who worked for CIA and found the program to extract info through faxes, Mr. Assange, denouncing all the dictators of Arab countries but NONE of the cables from the Israel embassy. he told us he admired Netanhayu in a previous interview.

So alas, he is not pretending to be the enemy in a good retirement in the embassy, the harm is done. Egypt back under the boot of a dictator promoted by the West and on top of Syria a group of monstrous jihadists drinking the blood of their people… deja vu.


the letter to my german friend:

Uau, just heard the germans have accepted 1 million syrians in the ethnic cleansing, masterminded by the you assange, agent of mossad and CIA, who never published a cable on the jerusalem embassy, and the you chancellor miss merkel…
so the quintessential enemy of israel, syria, become depopulated, ‘for free’, as poland was by the germans. and then when all is destroyed, syria a complete wasteland of civil wars, arabia saudi paid (for israel and US) DAES, ISIL or whatever you call it there – what the fuc, why do you think arabia saudi stalwart of the west is paying that terrorist group to destroy Syra. Syria is the fundamental enemy of israel, the eastern territories to depopulate for their peasants to take over.
So THIS IS THE MOST profound masterpiece of you-bending ever since II WW and the holocaust industry:
Now they are sending you a million ethnic cleansed arabs, for you to feed, so they can regain the golam heights.
Uau, i mean, german blockheads, are reaching a notch over total stupidity with this one.
Here the silly stupid spaniards, have accepted 34 so far. Because everybody here on the upper classes is an anti$emite (-;, i mean they know perfectly how the world is run, so what they are doing, is what the mexicans used to do with the conquistadors, ‘que’ What? they would ask for each order of the basque assholes who murdered them, what? as if they would not speak spanish, What? Neutered, you have been neutered, as the rest of mankind.

The astounding thing is that the neutering is because of political correctness, the industry of the holocaust, and yet the final result of the good feelings and the neutering of mankind will be another holocaust, another ethnic cleansing and at the end the end of mankind by robots and terminators, twisted…

just you don’t think I’m inventing it, this is the plan of the guy:
Lieberman Plan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The plan. The Lieberman Plan suggests a territorial exchange whereby Israel would annex almost all Israeli settlements in the West Bank which are situated in major …
Basically they want to throw out the 20% of palestinians inside Israel, after grabbing every piece of the occupied territories that has a drop of water in in. And once all of them out there, the wall robotised, at the first excuse of global war, send the robots to liquidate them. The entire world politics turns about this, plus the entire economy about the profits of the go(l)d bankers and hate to the arabs. A simple UNO soldiers group could have ended ISIL long ago. But the plan is to destroy all the nations around, and then dump the palestinians. His party considers that Israel is ‘grand israel’ which should extend all the way to kuwait. Trump of course is just a corrupted indebted, ruined real state mogul, who married his only daughter to a real state ultra orthodox, got a job in a tv reality show and will do their bid, since obama the house negro and clinton, despite being bought and corrupted wouldn’t go that far. So the entire Financial-media militar-industry complex will back trump in the elections and if he is elected the plan will proceed.
Yesterday they burned alive in mosul 27 women. The behaviour of the europeans and amaericans, slaves of the you banksters, allowing a bunch of weirdos with kalasninob to terrorise and destroy the life of millions of arabs and the sheeple below them, accepting it and NOT even wondering why a fascist UK-US-EU world always ready to start wars, does nothing for years, and let all this happen…
In every department of history today, you have the same ways: an elite of technocrats and financiers with primitive religions and worship to the machine and the simpleton physical sciences of single clocks and ‘speed’, always speed with a mass of believers, and hate-yourneighbor under them.

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