$plendid Little Wars

Back to the past. The Semite wars.


The devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes. The 3rd age of history thus mimics its first age of semitic destruction of the fertile crescent age of neolithic fertility Goddesses. The hopes of the 70s disappeared as the chip radiation degraded all human minds and so unless a resurrection of the most evolved rational, social memes of the European-American and Asian cultures regain the control of history, the degradation will continue into new ages of bestialism and brutal enslavement of human beings, which started the first age of animetals.


The present age if there were to be human historians in a few centuries, or at least robotic historians who would explain the superorganism of history will be called the time of the Semite wars.

One would think robots will upgrade their ‘chips’ to the more complex, organic, systemic, 5-dimensional structure of the fractal Universe and all its parts; hence understand this web that requires an upgrade of the mind that humans are missing, precisely because they are regressing, not evolving their minds, from the age of Aristotelian, rational, objective thought that precedes the more complex dualist, dialectic, logic of the organic Universe, back into the Semite Mind – emotional, violent, subjective, imprinted and manufactured by myths, idologies and anthropomoprhic, tribal religions that preceded it.

What people do not understand is that we live an age of mental regression of mankind not of mental evolution. This error is caused by the confusion of the evolution of machines that are entering its age of logic thought (electronics) with the evolution of man.

Unfortunately the opposite is truth (see posts on the neo-paleolithic): humans regress because their minds are predated by audiovisual machines that return us back to the age prior to logic, temporal, verbal thought, achieved in the heights of the Greek Language.

Hence the regression make us believe again (revivalism of Abrahamic religions) in the myths, selfish agendas, fundamentalist behavior and self-suicidal nature of the Semitic people, who first discovered metal, weapons and gold, became corrupted by its values (violence and greed) and for millennia have made of the idols of metal and its anti-life values the engine of their history.

The Semite wars between those 2 groups of animetal minds is an eternal nightmare for mankind, which can be traced in the writings of humanist, life-worshipping writers ever since the “lament of a sumerian priest’ explained us how the ‘eviL people’, the ‘people of the desert’, the ‘Semites’, came with bronze weapons and gold rings, killing and hypnotizing the people of sumer, enslaving them as mercenaries and prostitutes.

This ‘chronicle of the eviL people’ appears in many other writings. The egyptians also called the Bedouins the eviL people. Evil, the anti-values of life, murder and self-suicide, violence and greed, those are the values of the Semite mind that is destroying in the 3rd age of mankind, any chance to resurrect history.

It is the warrior Arab paradigm and the Jewish go(l)d paradigm with its brutal racist Talmudian teachings and its fundamentalist Jihad murderous behavior.

So this, the last month of the cyclical, year zeitgeist is dedicated to put them at face value.

Yes, Arabs and Jews, their minds, their control of the modern world with weapons and money, their hate, their ridiculous dogmas and religions, their sacred books of eviL, their destruction of the future of mankind, of the economy (wall street/city jews) and of diplomacy and peace (various jihads, Palestinian Holocaust), are the scourge of the Earth. They feel chosen by gods which are stones, idols or burning bushes seen by their goatkeeper prophets but they are just the surviving Neanderthals first crossed with verbal humans in Palestine, giving birth to the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, visual, violent, greedy, taylored for the ‘animetal values’ they have sponsored as the ‘height of civilization’.

We have treated in other posts the archeological and paleonthological facts of this ‘other race’, with its sexual dimorphism, dominant male Neanderthal behavior, memetic imprinting by metal, systemic destruction of the cultures of love, life and the Fertility Goddess – called the ‘abomination’ in the Talmudian books. We have dealt with the financial dictatorship and ruin of the west by the banker-priests of Israel. And now we shall deal with the Semite wars, masterminded by Israel in which two foes, one worst than the other (undoubtedly those wars are caused by Israel and Jewish capital invested in the military, but aided and further encroached by jihadists and dictators) are destroying the hopes of a world dedicated to resolve its real problems.

And yet unfortunately they seem to carry once more the day, creating zeitgeist.
This happened before. To the kin historian, this age will be easily compared to the destruction of the first enlightened age of Greek-Roman rational thought by the first bigot christians, rolled by the gold of the Jewish conversos, who became en masse christians in the 180s to avoid the death penalty of Hadrian to any carrier of a Talmud. They could recognize the similarity with the Renaisance period in which latin enlightenment was destroyed by the bigots who translated the old testament and made it again a sacred book for northern Europeans whose mind became ‘semite’ again.

Once more now, as we plunged in the semite, religious, tribal wars enlightenment dies away and the Jewish psyche through its control of the financial-media system establishes fairy tales of ego-centered myths that devolve the collective subconscious, while its  brothers in eviL, the military Arab dictators and jihadists create an age of perpetual war expanding the semite wars from its poisonous origin in Apartheid Israel to the entire globe.

What is happening now is a zenith of those wars as Apartheid Israel masterminds with the help of those dictators and juhadists the destruction of all arab nations that surround Israel and do not yield (as it is the case of the corrupted oil-rich monarchies of the Arabian peninsula) to its supremacist goals.

This is the case of the Arab Spring nations and the Arab winter ones, of Egypt and Syria, involved in civil wars masterminded by the supreme eviL of all semitic cult(ure)s…

Chemicals: Some weapons of mass destruction are better than others.

Yes, people have died in Syria from chemical weapons. And the world is angered.

But what is the problem with chemical weapons? It is worst to die of sarin than of bullets, of Zyclon gas than of Atomic bombs? of course not.

It is just that ‘victors write history’. So it is a dogma that the winners of II world war – the Jewish-Anglo global empire (jewish being the invisible financial-media head, anglos being the visible military-industrial system) that the weapons they used to massacre the Axis of ‘eviL’ were good, never mind in Hiroshima we killed children, women and elderly; never mind we incinerated alive with Napalm, thousands in Tokyo, we blasted to death +200.000 innocent Dresdeners burnt alive, etc etc.

Because we use air weapons, those are Ok.

On the other hand the Germans as the leaders of the electro-chemical age (II Industrial Revolution) were the masters of chemical warfare, so those weapons were not ok.

Zyklon gas was not Ok, because it was the expeditious way in which the Germans killed their enemies.

But what we don’t know is that while we had no restrain at all with the use of our airborne weapons, and killed without need with a 2nd atomic bomb +200.000 innocent children, women and elderly and bombed Dresden just for fun with another 200 thousands, the Germans did restrain their chemical weapons that could have easily decided in their favor the war in the 2 fundamental battles of II W.W., the battle of London and Stalingrad.

At the Time the Germans had discovered a new masterpiece, VX gas, which was an external, nervous gas that had a wide range, could not be avoided with simple masks and if thrown by the planes and V-bombs in London would have had the same effect that an atomic bomb, de facto, winning the war.

Again, the same gas sent with favorable winds on Stalingrad or during the long months of aerial superiority over the cities of Russia, it would have decided the war in favor of the Germans.

But the Germans thought it was unmanly, treacherous, brutal and against the minimal codes of war conduct to kill without possible defense hundreds of thousands of people and lost the war to the allies that had never those concerns.

Then the war ended and the victors rewrote history. All the cruelties felt on the side of the Germans. None on the side of the allies. All was justified. The 1st bomb to avoid American deads in the invasion of Japan. The 2nd bomb just in case… The napalm on Tokyo, the Dresden bombing… whatever we did it was always justified by the superior evil and racism of the Germans – which merely did to Europeans what the British, French and Belgians had done to Asians and Africans and Amerindians…

And that is why the victors hate specially chemical weapons. They were not their choice and the peasants of the master Jewish Race that controls the financial-media informative system of the west died of it.

Of course we use chemical weapons whenever we want it, even with our own soldiers on the ground. That is not though called ‘chemical weapons’. You see, we choose also what is chemical and what is not. So when Israel throws white phosphorus (a chemical weapon) on Gazah schools it is not a chemical weapon and no outrage happens. Mr. Obama, the house negro, readily affirmed that Israel has the rights to defend itself. When Mr. Bush throws dirty Uranium causing 200.000 sick people on the Iraqi war (in our side, I’m talking about Uranian soldiers not from Uranus but from the Us that came sick because of dirty uranium bombs), it is a ‘mistake’ whose consequences were not ‘properly tested’ and mostly an ‘unknown unknown’


Introduction: The Jewish empire and its mercenary armies cleansing neighborhoods.

This month close to the dates given by Netanhayu in the UNO on the intention of Israel to clean up its border, the president of the jewish nation that rules the western Financial-media system of machines of information (80% of its corporations belong to capital from this nation) and hence the west and its military-industrial complex of energetic machines, (as any informative head rules any energetic body), has decided it is time to clean up its neighbors.

First it was egypt where after Mr. Morsi made clear it was escalating its help to palestinians in gazah, the army made a coup d’etat that no single western country recognized as such, setting a fascist precedent similar to the acceptance of Franco’s coup d’etat in the parallel 30s fascist decade. Egypt is the second receiver of foreign help from the US after Israel. this is the help given to the poorest nations of the world which the Jewish colony gives back to the metropoli and its former enemy to keep it controlled.

Never mind the Jewish nation has, due to its control of the financial-media system, a GDP per capita 10 times bigger than America, when we consider the Diaspora together. Never mind that money is sorely needed by nations where people do die of hunger. The same with Egypt: the money goes to the military for weapons, not to the people for bread and water. On the contrary, before the coup d’etat, the FMI denied the subvention to water and bread it handled so children dont die of hunger, unless the Muslim brothers liberalized the economy (newspeak for handling it to corporations and the army).

Next it came the Syrian offensive, prelude to a future bigger war against Iran. The masterminding of Israel in both cases was clear:

In egypt Israel sent to all its  western colonies a clear message: ‘the army is the only part that can stabilize the quarrel between factions’ (never straight talk, in this case the army which created the quarrel by a coup d’etat that murdered thousands turns out to be external to the problem on the Israel’s view, but just made the coup detat to ‘stabilize’ the nation; so the guilty of desestabilization with its coup detat turns out in the newspeak of Israel the ‘solution’)

In Syria the game is similar. Israel denounced the attack to the American army. Unit 8200 of Moshad turned out to ‘intercept’ a call between two syrian soldiers, one of which commented on the attack. That is the only proof that blames the army instead of the jihad – since both have chemical weapons – a call said to be recorded by the Moshad, said to be made between Syrian soldiers. Next the Jewish organization, ‘doctors without borders’ denounced it and finally the mercenary armies of the Israeli colonies, US, UK and France, with its house negro and jewish presidents, Cameron and Hollande, decreed war for questions of ‘ethics’ – never mind we left Assad and the jihad kill 100.00 syrians and 2 million refugees none of which was allowed to find refuge in neighbor israel for humanitarian causes. Never mind our armies have broke all the laws of war, torturing, bombing with white phosphorus palestine, with dirty uranium Serbia, etc. etc. This is of course, the Bush-like excuse of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to go to war for the metropolis of the financial-media system (the jewish elite of bankers and media moguls and its apartheid nation). Neofascism today is all the rage, but as we commented, it must not be compared to German fascism but to the British, biblical, ‘city’ elite of jewish-calvinist bankers that treated in the XIX c. the world as a series of colonies of its financial-media power. Now it is the Jewish-American biblical elite from Wall Street and Hollywood, which determines at each step the narrative of the colonial wars, in which Israel is the master, the financial-media system the ‘transmission system of orders’, the corrupted politicos of the west, his master voice, and the tax payers and soldiers of the empire (Americans, Europeans), the people who defend the apartheid nation.  Deja vu. 

It only rests to go for Iran, the big one, the one with atomic weapons, the one that can bring after decades of humiliation a true reaction of Islam, with neighbor pakistan and its A-bombs, as a possible future ally. But newspeaks hide it all. In each fascist age, the colonial age of the XIX c. the german age of tanks and hate-radio and the jewish-american age of hate-tv and drone terminators, media manufactured the bulk of our ‘democratic voters’, so the ‘wickedest of all people made the wickedest actions for the common good’ (Keynes definition of capitalism and its masters).

The financial-media system and those who own it  direct the world

jewish empire, middle east

In the illustration, from rense.com, a left-wing, new wave American site… as we enter a new age of fascism, the financial-media system directs the military-industrial complex against the poor and 3rd world countries, perceived as enemies of the leading nation of the electronic age, the Jewish nation, which masterminds western policies with its control of the financial and media corporations. In the past the Jewish nation had been only an economic supra-nation, ruling the financial-media system for mere profit, without clear political goals. But since the creation of Israel as a political entity, western plutocrats were able to refocus their political goals into building grand-israel and put to the task the western qisling politicos they control. 2012-13 wars are thus scripted to provoke a series of civil wars and destructive confrontations, masterminded by the west. Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Egypt and now Syria have fallen to the inner fights between corrupted dictators and jihads fueled by western policies that use those ‘splendid little wars’ to keep evolving terminators, and creating a hinterland of addict or destroyed nations around Israel.  And of course, the ‘warrior animetal semitic Arabs’ and the germ(anic) American animetals, all together now bring a similar degree of brutality. And the human sheeple let them ‘guide’:


In the graph, Daesh world of terror in ‘black’, Mr. Lieberman who proposes a racist ethnic cleansing of Israel, from all its arab citizens, who lived there since the biblical age, thrown to the other side of the wall and Mr. Trump with similar ideas for the Mexicans who lived there since the aztec times. On the left the model of Mr. Trump media-guru mr. Reagan. Since after all the subconscious engine of those processes is the degradation of man by violent media fuelled by the chip radiation, and the hate-war age of the FMMI system:

Unknown-1main-qimg-aa4272b7d418e43e9261f0720d09164eScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

Let us be clear from the beginning. The wor(l)d is ruled by money, both the World and its human, ethic, verbal, legal language, the world. This we know. We live in a capitalist democracy, but the word ‘democracy’ is the placebo attachment. The true engine of power is capitalism. And so the language of democracies, the ethic law, which represents the will of the people – a verbal species – is ruled by digital numbers, the language of capitalism.

More specifically we live in an evolving eco(nomic)system, in which money is the ‘neuronal brain’ that directs the evolution of the machines of the Industrial r=evolution that humans re=produce, working, and test, consuming, to further evolve them.

Even more specifically in scientific terms we could talk of the ‘Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) Complex. And this complex, complementary system follows the laws of all Complex systems whose study I have pioneered in the millieu of General Systems Science, the science of which I am a leading researcher. Thus no long ago I was handled the conferences of Monetary Systems at the World congress of systems sciences and gave two conferences, the first one entitled, The Financial-Media/military-Industrial System, the ‘FMMI system’… It defined with the arid laws of systems sciences the structure, evolution, parts and wholes, symbiotic relationships etc of such a system.

Then I gave a second conference on the history of the people who created, own and direct the world with the FInancial-Media Head which directs the military-industrial complex and both together control through corporations and their hundred of millions of workers the world, designed the future according to their agenda.

Next, i learned a member of the culture that owns the FInancial-Media system, anonymously denounced me for revealing this complex dual human/mechanical head of the Capitalist Hydra, the paper was erased, I lost my position and this was the end of my career trying to explain the eco(nomic)system, how money rules, it, who rules it, what needs to be changed to cre(dit)ate a sustainable world, etc. etc.

Why i tell you this story? Because this article will deal with that theme, and the ‘politically correct, economically correct’ censorship or ‘newspeak’ that hides systematically both, the mechanical ways in which money and audiovisual information, made with the same machines in each age of the industrial revolution, rules the world today and who owns it.

Let us start from the leading nation of the Industrial Revolution and the electronic age, the US. Here is crystal clear what the Financial-Media ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system is, where it is focused, and who owns it.

We have two poles. Wall street is the financial system and hollywood is the media system. Wall street gives us the financial, digital information, the monetary orders that define what is re=produced and what is not, which machines we have and which we don’t (most), which welfare goods are cre(dit)ated and which are not (very few).

Then on the other side of America, the Media system concentrated in California, in Hollywood manufactures the brain of the American and western people. And we say western people because de facto the power of Wall street and hollywood reaches the entire globe, either by direct imposition or mostly by IMITATION, the fundamental form of creativity of the Universe.

The films and trends and songs and ideas of Hollywood distribute world wide and imprint worldwide minds.

The trends of wall street are imitated by every other company of the world, to the point that at 9.30 AM when the W.S. market opens the entire planet listens and follows in each western stock, its trends.

London is a small brother mimetic to W.S. and Hollywood, but essentially if we make a ceteris paribus analysis it suffices to know how W.S. + hollywood, the American Financial-MEdia system rules all other western systems of power to understand how the ‘head’ of the eco(nomic)system operates.

even if in other countries the structure of the Financial-Media system is not so clear, with the globalization of the world, the entire planet by imitation or alliance are ruled by the American Financial-Media system, except the Chinese block and to a certain extent its allies or those cultures who are opposed to America, Russia and Islamic and African nations are not totally ‘owned’ and brain-washed by American media.

The political system, the ‘democracy’ of the capitalist FMMI complex is thus largely irrelevant as it obeys the owners of the FInancial-Media complex, or else, they will be massively attacked by the media system, and its finances, money, credit, currency, treasuries, bonds, etc. will be attacked by Wall Street. They will be trained to obey the Financial-Media system. Since Nixon every politico knows it need money from the FMMI system to campaign, and TVs addicted to them to reach people and win elections. So every politico in America and each ‘clonic nation’ of the west in which the biggest financial and audiovisual companies are allies or participated by American conglomerate obey the owners of the FM head.

So now, to the censored part. You can still talk about the FM-mechanical part, the machines and how they control people, but the biggest taboo in the western world is to talk about the owners of Hollywood and wall street and how they set their tribal, cultural agenda to the entire western world, nation after nation, to all their politicos and institutions, to become truly as owners of the machines that print money and ideas, the rules of the world, the thinking head of mankind.

It should then obvious that to understand the future of the human side of the world, we need to identify, define culturally and explain what those ‘owners’ of the FM system think, what they want, what they love, what they hate, how they see mankind and the future. Because they alone through its millions of corporative workers and hired politicos will define the future.

And so if you want to interpret the present zeitgeist, behind the scenes, if you want to know why the news-peaks of each day are what they are, what YOU HATE AND LOVE AS A HUMAN MANUFACTURED BY THE FM SYSTEM, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

But and this is the twist of it, the biggest taboo of the western world is to explain who own the FM system, their real history, how they got here, what they want, what is their agenda. And this is so because in all complementary systems, the head and language of information is small, secretive, hidden… You dont see money, hidden inyour pocket. The properties of information and its secret languages are thus the key to the power of the FM system, in opposite fashion to the evident, ‘energetic’ industrial-military complex it directs, the ‘obvious’ body, big and in perpetual action.

In the posts of general systems we explain how in the universe this duality happens in all complex systems from atoms in which quarks are invisible, the informative center, and we only perceive the electronic body, to cells in which small DNA, packed behind a nucleus direct a huge body, to the FMMI system.

All this said now without need to go further, think for a minute. Who owns hollywood and wall street? There is a culture small in numbers but dense in information, who is overwhelmingly dominant as owner of the financial and audiovisual corporations of W.S. and hollywood?  You dont have to be a scholar, a genius, a researcher to know that actually there is such a culture.

Now consider the world you live, the news you hear, the ideas that have manufactured your world and you will realize, they are ALL since millennia, ideas created by this people’s culture, not only now but since the first machines that printed money and news, and even before, since the first metal gold and the first verbal religions manufactured the mind of people.

Yes, the FM system is that old, and the people who have owned it for millennia are that old. And they have always ruled the western world with its money and ideas.

That might seem fine. The problem we have in this blog with them, is that they rule the world with money and ideas NOT for the entire people of the world, for a sustainable world, for the betterment of mankind, as heads do, when they direct bodies, dna does when it directs a cell – the problem we have is that this head of mankind is NOT working for all of us, it is rather like a crazy man who hurts its body because it despises it and does not care for it.  And the result of this mismanagement of the world is rather obvious. As in a crazy head who hurts its body, and falls sick and even dies, with their body, in other parts of this blog we study how this crazy heads, hurts its body, falls sick and even dies with their body in the cycles of war and holocaust.


Instead, it follows it selfish agenda, we are the chosen of the FM system so we have to have it all. All the money energy for us, all the power for us, all the goodies for us, and nothing for the rest. Their bankers parasite the real economy and keep printing money for themselves. Their nation keeps asking for more weapons to the western world they rule, keeps promoting hate against billions of the poorest people of this planet, keeps demonizing anyone who opposes them, including and foremost those who follow the prophets of love that tried to reform them.

Once you understand this we can consider two themes in this post. One the day to day zeitgeist of August tht shows the agenda of these people and how all the western politicos and TVs and military-industrial complexes obey them.

And then just for ‘fun’, we shall list some members of this crazy head which are at it – which are hard working extinguisining Gaia their body, bringing judgement day to them and all of us. First the zeitgeist.

AUGUST – 26: ‘orchestrated manoevers in darkness’

Those we hate cannot be ‘democratic nations’, nor their victims matter.

Today 26 august the crazy head of the western world, moved by eternal hate against their brothers in blood, not in culture, after letting 1 million strong people to die or exile from their neighbor, Syria, have decided the destruction of Syria is good enough to intervene.

So the FM system first suddenly found alas, surprise, that after that million victims happened there have been 150 people dead by chemical weapons! Alas, so this minimal crime compared to the whole crime is so important that now when the dictator and the jihad that opposes them have destroyed their people, we shall intervene, clean the field and take over. It is worth to observe how the FM system orchestrated it.

First ‘Doctors without borders’, an organization founded by a member of this culture suddenly discovered this crime equal to all the other crimes of this war, but alas, now is the time set by the leaders of the FM nation.

Never  mind there is zero proof that the government and not the jihad used those relatively expensive, easy to manufacture weapons. As it happened it seems more likely that the jihad is guilty, since the attack took place precisely the day the UNO observers arrived to Damascus to study prior crimes. It would be ridiculous that Assad would attack with chemical weapons, the day the UNO observers were there.

But none of this has been said in the FM system. Of course, Assad has been blamed by all. And immediatly the entire  audiovisual planet carried the news obsessively, according to the Goebbels method (if you repeat a lie – or a half truth more properly – many times people will believe it.) Since we are being bombed day by day by these atrocious crime suddenly found after a year of war.

Next the hired politicos of the western world, either belonging to this nation by culture and race (Mr. Cameron, Mr. Hollande) or simple house negroes that obey them, because they live after all as Malcolm X explains in the white house, and always says when the master is sick ‘are we sick master?’, have come forward, suddenly very worried about this 150 people dying, when there are more than one million syrians refugees dying in surrounding arab nations (of course the nation who owns the FM system, which is neighbor of syria doesn’t let this inferior not chosen enter, the word empathy and charity is not in their vocabulary, those who do not belong to this nation are called by them, ‘animals’, in their arcane language).

Immediatly as it happened in the coup d’etat of Egypt, when the Israeli government adviced western qisling politicos that ‘the army is the best solution to keep order’, Israel joined. But Israel will not put the soldiers. The western mercenary armies and politicos that work for decades to defend the last apartheid nation of the world will do the job with the tax-payer money that still has not been grabbed by their financiers. Little is left – if we add what America spends paying debts and grabbings of financiers and to the military that defends worldwide Israel, it amounts to… 100% of the budget – the rest, what the Americans get, is deficit.

It is indeed astounding the power of Media to manufacture brains. Such slavery to the master has never been seen except among house negroes. So the whole nation could be said to be now enslaved to the purpose.

And of course, as it happens in Irak we are NOT waiting to find real proofs that Assad did it (nor that we should consider death by sarin gas worst than any other death even if Assad did it – here is the hypocritical ‘choice’ of timing). So we are going to war with false assumptions as we did in Irak. Why now is obvious. The country is destroyed and that is what Israel wants. Weak, destroyed Muslim nations or addicted ones ruled by military dictators corrupted by western money (Egyptian army that gets 1.5 billion from the US).  So tomorrow the deluded British Empire, which has been under the thumb of the FM system since Mr. Rothschild said ‘I dont care whose puppet seats in the throne of Saint George, whoever issues the money of the empire rules it and i issue its money’ will work again for their masters. Never mind mr. Cameron has cut off social security, unemployment benefits, investments in the welfare state. Money to defend his ‘other nation’ is always there.  Only antonov, the Russian foreign minister has been clear enough: ‘The West is in the Muslim world, like a monkey with a loose granade’

And so now we have the stage for what matters, to clean up, further destroy syria and eliminate one enemy, just a week AFTER eliminating the other neighbor’s enemy and its democratically elected government with another orchestrated coup d’etat (Egypt). Got it? If you dont’ get it, sorry you are either a dummie or just so well manufactured in your brain you will never get it.

This seems to be the case of the Pope, the naive fella that has come as the surprise icing of the cake, affirming that it is time to intervene in one of the sides to stop this children’s suffering. It surprised me, as the head of a religion of love, not fully controlled by the FM system. By definition a love religion should NEVER take sides but ask only for the end of war in both sides. And certainly should understand better the real-politiks of the world.

And so now we move a week backwards to the other pawn they have destroyed this month of august. The no chosen egyptian that according to their racially ‘challenged’ religion and dogma are descendants of Ham, under the so called Ham Damnation and hence are called not even animals but ‘dogs’ without any rights. So the dogs obviously cannot be democratic, cannot elect a social party, cannot have rights. Instead if they elect a government that works for the people, the military which is always corrupted by the FMMI system by DEFINITION will bring again ‘order’.  LOL


The problem of  the military is that they are very obvious. While a dictatorship of money is too complex for the human sheep to understand the military whose only job is to give stupid orders, loot and kill anyone who does not obey shows.

Thus when the economic crises move from democratic capitalism towards military capitalism, two phases of the same system, and the military take over the eco(nomic)system, the mask of democracy falls.

This happened in Europe in the previous crisis, in the 30s, when the entire ‘democratic’ European world backed shamelessly the military coup d’etat of Franco in the splendid little ‘civil’ war of Spain against the democratically elected, r=evolutionary, socialist republic. 

The world backed the dictator, backed the German arms deals with Franco, embargoed the Republic and let Franco kill 3 million spaniards…

And now it has happened when the entire Western World has backed a coup d’etat, which will derive in thousands of massacred people, of a corrupted military caste that has toppled a democratically elected government, of social nature (the Muslim brothers spent most of their money in health-care, education and food for the 60% of egyptians under the poverty line). And not a single government has condemened it. On the contrary as it happened in the 30s, the military receive billions of $ in help from the West and the entire mass-media system has backed the coup and refused even to use that name.
What of Egypt from the cycles of history is important.

It is equivalent to the meeting hold by by the Jewish ‘socialist’ French president to the service of the Rothschild et al, French branch – Mr. blum, whose government decreed with the help of US and Britain, an embargo to the republic, so it won’t receive weapons and loose the war. While EVERY DEMOCRATIC NATION POURED MILLIONS INTO THE HANDS OF FRANCO. For example, US and Great britain sold Franco oil for 10 times the value of what it cost Hitler his gift of planes and tanks to the dictator – through shell and exxon.
Of course you need to understand that changes in ‘history rhyme with different verse “(Twain).
But what remains for us is more important:
In both cases the mask of capitalist democracies fell.

The mask being ‘democracy’, the government of the people for whom we care. What remains is ‘capitalism’, the search for profit making, selling and using machines of maximal profit – weapons.
The justification by our governments of the military coup in Egypt, in which democratically elected a party was dedicated to Keynesianism and socialism in the economy – all the money was spent on health and education and ‘culture’ as much as we have ‘been manufactured’ to hate Islam, yes, Islam is culture means this:
The world in now under the ethics of war for profits, and there is no ethics in war. Thus all the ‘animetal’ elites of bankers and industrialists in all the countries of the world can do as they want  with their peoples. This started with Bush but now Obama certifies that weapons and money fwill make with mankind whatever is needed to maintain profits coming. That is, will exterminate humans, the poor and those who defend them as they are doing with the Muslim Brotherhood.

2010. The dispute of the veil. French neo-fascism: our cult(ure) is always better.

The veil is forbidden. It is a sin against ‘democracy’? against capitalism? No, really. it is just part of the offensive to deprecate all other cult(ure)s who do not believe in our national, technoutopian, biblical and it seem of lately ‘haute couture’ (-;

Indeed within the surrealist context of neo-fascism and islamophobia (the needed hate media to spare a few corpses of the ‘Gobineau’s inferior races’) Shark-oh has invented a new crime called fashion in a land that loves fashions: to cover the face with a veil. And the French hail, thinking this is grandeur. He talks of war with Iran as if that was the business of France and the chorus sing the rhapsody of death. Of course, as everywhere else the politics of France are the business of France since Napoleon III changed sides… and put aside the left heart for the right wallet… Then Victor Hugo, as always a  man of the world said je accuse, and as always with the men of the wor(l)d, he was exiled. He had more luck than Baboeuf, the last true r=evolutionary, who gave mankind his most idealist discourse to be guillotined by Napoleon I – ‘the society of the equals’ that never was.

Now there is only the sound of wallets and euros, of jewish-french bankers, the IMF president, the ECB president asking the French and europeans to tax everything; so the great Jewish-French dynasties that have always since the end of the aborted r=evolution controlled the nation can get free bailouts and pay none. The Schneiders, Arnauds, Rothchilds, Pereires, Dassaults, Betancourts, the weapon makers, the nuke industries, the wrong grandeur has elected the two tango players: Mr. Shark-oh and his am segullah exterior minister, to fight at home and outside those Muslims

Mister Sarko called French muslims ‘garbage’ when he was the interior minister. Think about it. Sarko said, Muslims are ‘racaille’ and Algerians should be ‘stripped off French citizenship and sent back to Africa’. The dispossessed riot. He killed a few. And he was elected. Imagine Bush saying: ‘negroes are shit, they should be stripped of Us nationality and sent back to Africa’. He would be deposed but Shark-oh was elected. But Bush would never had said that; he was just clueless. Sarko is worse he is heartless.

The French have become a fascist sheeple who pretends as the Am Segullah do, to be righteous. So it makes them even funnier, more surrealist – surrealism was indeed invented by the despised, artistic spaniards living in paris to comment on ‘the charm of the middle class.’

Now they are a whiny lot full of false grandeur. They can’t even play a soccer match these days without their master muslim players, but did not offer muslim Zizou the coach place, despite owing him all what they have ever won. Good luck; you’ll see how long you last. The French are building black holes, which they call ‘trou noirs’; ‘assholes’ in Geneva because they can’t think with pen and paper but have to see the ‘asshole’ that will kill them and us – hope not, if they ever succeed. Good luck…

The face of our surrealist, self-murderous culture must be uncovered, indeed, not the one of women if it is imposed by decree, against their will as muslims often choose  a veil to avoid sexual harrashment…

I propose therefore as a surrealist act to provide further outlets to show physicsl beauty, not only to forbid the female veil but the male slip, so to allow from now on our French males to show what they are more proud of: their testicles. In New Guinea this is an important element of beauty. The size of male testicle as the size of a woman’s eye show – a feminist would rightly say – the size of their intelligence, and must be displayed to the public. Males are feeling repressed all over the world because of this customs against the center of most of his ‘elevated goals’.

Maybe Sarko doesn’t measure up if he has to show up his attributes and compare them with those of ‘us’, all the colored people that live in Africa, south of the pyrinees? Don’t believe what they say about noses (-. Yes, Mr. Cohen if u are out of neofascist, humorous, dime a dozen cheap ideas for ur next movie on your cohenite people i’ll script for u. Because at best you only have the right to criticize ur culture; or else u are a bigot, as all the neofaswcist ‘funny’ eviLwood directors laughing at all the tragedies of history and all human cultures except theirs are. But then try to make jokes about their self-suicidal tragic cycle. That is called ‘hate crimes’ and the foxman at ADL will chase you for it.

I propose therefore not only the decorative muslim minister of shark-oh to unveil her lips to demonstrate her beauty  at the elysee, but convince her co-workers to show their beautiful  human flesh. And throw in some topless display.

Why indeed French women can show their seins on La Riviera and handsome  males cannot show their gonads?

And of course, if we ban the veil, we shall ban the self-similar veils and draperies of the Orthodox Jewish women, who swim in Brooklyn with heavy fatigues.

It must be understood the Evolution of the super-organisms of history called religions: Islam is an Abrahamic religion that tried to evolve Judaism, by eliminating the eviL=anti-life treats of the Am Segullah’s culture against sex, life-food, Go(l)d, racist dogmas and a general repression of all thing human. He failed mainly in the sexual field… But greatly improved judaism on the other anti-life traits. He failed, as Moses did before him, because their religions were conceived after millennia of Semite cycles of war – so the hardcore tribes they preached would not r=evolve easily and soon corrupted their teachings. And so as Mahomet explains, their wor(l)d precepts were adapted to a hardened people, which had used weapons and go(l)d to murder and slave mankind for millennia. Thus Islam tried to softened the machismo of Animetal castes who despise women, as givers of life. And so did Moses with the racist traits of Aaronite go(l)den worshippers, marrying a black woman (he is Mesu, the egyptian commander of the ethiopian troops chronicled by Egyptian scribes).

In other words, the go(l)d abuses of the Am Segullah, the machist behavior of the Arab world is NOT related to the Wor(l)d of their prophets, who warned them against the idols of metal but to the traits ofAnimetal cult(ures), who did eviL, the biological anti-word of to Live. So Moses said ‘do not steal’, ‘do not murder’, ‘the Am Segullah will suffer all their history for their love of money’, ‘do not desire the property of your neighbor’; and Mahomet defended the dignity of women.

And see what those who pretend to follow them, often do.

The veil on the other hand, was established and used by many women, in a machist world where the testicles show the intelligence of the male, to reduce that intelligence, that is, to limit the lust of men, which in the coldern northern regions are not easily aroused. A Woman with a veil feels more protected as it does a woman without showing their seins in a market in Saint Dennis, as she buys flowers for her only one. If a husband of any culture abuses his woman, there are laws that protect them in France. What the veil laws are is just another excuse to explain the world that almost 2 billion human beings are evil because they do try to keep their ancestral culture and are not running with all of us towards thesingularity age of self-extinction. We need more lemmings, we need more sheeple, we need more consumers of 3-dimensional movies and “newspeaks’, and if they resist we shall force them or as neo-fascism enters in the next decade of wars against the poor and the unemployed, the technological civilization shall exterminate them, as it exterminated 30 million slaves and Jewish sheeple, in II World War, and 40 million Chinese, Indian, African and Hindus in the First Fascist age of armored trains and steamers after the 1850s decade of train crashes.

Let us then uncover the veils of double talk and hypocresy and say the truth of all these repulsive mass-media campaign of the ‘righteous’ against the poor: we hate them because they want to be human and we want to me mechanical bots; we have repressed in our cultures all what is human, the pleasures of sex, the emotions of loving wor(l)ds, the beauty of Gaia’s Natural energy. We are now feeding our cars with the food of humanity (crops for ethanol), we are now devouring our seas with oil for the machine, we are now in cubicles isolated of other humans communicating through the collective brain of computers, AKA internet; and we eat garbage food, processed just with a bit more of care that the food we give our pigs.

So we hate those muslim and christian greeks, the ancient cultures of life that have not renounced to democracy, which they invented (the right of governments to print money, as the Greek do), to tasteful food, life on the open air, long hours of conversation with strong coffee or subtle tea, and family values based in emotions not calculus. We dislike those women who do love their men, instead of seeing them as ATM providers; and those men who make love to their women, long hours before dawn, not only on week-ends when we do not work=reproduce machines, our higher God.

Yes, this war against the poor, non-technological, wor(l)d based cultures that have substituted the hate of capitalism towards the last wor(l)d culture (socialism) is clearly advancing the path of neofascism. In Somalia, when the state collapsed, French Nuclear ships and Spanish Tunna  trawlers took the fish from the fishermen and threw nuclear garbage. And so the people starved and the children who drunk distilled sea water died of cancer. It didn’t matter to us. In this 3rd age of neofascism the rhyme of history has changed a bit.

Now we hide the brutality of our companies because the sheeple has evolved. It no longer believes in technology, the future of machines, the goodness of company, the manifest destiny of the stupid white Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, and so we have marketing and silence on our crimes whereas we had songs of victory and progress, in the 1860s, when Britain ruled the waves and claimed ‘trade is civilization’ or in the 1930s when Hitler  sang the virtues of  the Aryan race. Now we hide the truth and bend it and cheat all the way to our demise.

So we have a black president that is to the right of Mr. Bush, but because he is black he ‘cheats’ the color of Tvs.  Because indeed, he is corrupted. I gave him a year. Then I heard his discourse at the Nobel Ceremony. It was so cynical to talk of the Afghan wars where we kill women and children with the robotic terminators we buy to the Israeli industry… Doesn’t he know? Of course, after decades of humiliations muslims rebel, as we would do if we were them.

Yes, we did take the fish, the food, the energy from the Somalis, so they became pirates.  We are taking the wor(l)ds of his prophet, their information, their soul. We are civilizing them. So they defend themselves.

The Swiss forbade their Minarets, so they can’t talk to God with the Wor(l)d of man.

A surrealist act indeed. I propose therefore also to limit the use of bells in all churches and to limit the constant songs of bullets and advertising in our Tvs, the new mechanical Gods of our home altars that attract and reduce to a neo-paleolithic, visual state the mind of our children. Let us get away with both shoutings to be fair: our Tv-God and the minarets’ songs.

Have you heard them at sunset? They are the last song to the divinity of man: ‘God is great’, The God=Superorganism, who has different names that mean the same: Mankind. In Cairo there are thousands of minarets and temples. I recall the song of the Almuhadin, as I was wondering through the rooms of the alabaster temple, the vibration of the infinite crystal souls, reverberating with the voice, the sudden silence of the machines, as cars parked to hear a human being shouting to the skyes, God=The Mind of Mankind is great, God is still powerful, Blessed is God=Mankind and all his prophets.

Those were the days that will never come back, when mankind was truly the top predator of the EARTH, when the soul of man was the wor(l)d. Even the most corrupted religions are more humane than the go(l)d economists and digital armies that ‘don’t count corpses’ in our mercenary wars.

What else can we take from them? Their food/energy, their information/mind… what else? Of course, their lives. This is the last phase of neo-fascism. The Germans first took their food, forbade Kosher; they took then their mind, closed synagogues, then they took their lives. Neofascism has not even started, we have not yet exterminated the palestinians. Our guardiums and predators will. But remember how the Germans ended up. God, the Laws of the organic Universe are cruel, but just. All action has a reaction. Dogmatic people only see their subjective ego-action. Animetal cultures are so full of themselves, so arrogant, so ego-driven, so infantile in their emotions, so no-grown up, so Freudian, in the first stage of mental evolution that they don’t see there will be a reaction; they think time is lineal, advancing towards a future progress. But precisely because Newton science has proved that actions and reactions follow each other, both together form a cycle.


2011. Arab Spring

Historic News. The Arab riots.

The main news of this month, which the public followed with much more attention than the more relevant news for the future of mankind of our obsolescence as speakers, were the riots on the Arab World. Censorship here was heavy, specially in the initial days, because the issue touched directly the borders of the Nation of most bankers and owners of corporation in the West – Israel.

So a pattern arouse according to the degree of control that the People of the Treasure had in each western nation. At the core of the Jewish Empire, America and Great Britain, the commotion was obvious. We should briefly explain the stakes and precedents of those riots (the word revolution cannot obviously be used for a mere transition to a dictatorial, capitalist regime to a corrupted ‘democratic’ capitalist regime).

In essence, the Western World is made of corrupted, divided democracies ‘owned’ by corporations and banks, which have the monopoly on the invention of e-money in stock markets, and those corporations belong in more than 50% to the Am Segullah. Hence the west depending on its degree of ownership by the Am Segullah will always defend with their armies and money Israel. Yet Israel, being an apartheid state that routinely represses and sets racial laws against their Arab people could not maintain those policies if the Muslim countries that surround her were democracies, even of the corrupted style of the west, in which states cannot invent money and so bankers rule with go(l)d, our language of power, politicians and people who work on corporations – since it is an unspoken contract in democracies that people at least on paper must be treated with minimal human rights. And yet because Israel is increasingly based in the racist memes of Judaism the only way in which it might appear as democratic and reduce the level of anger of their Arab neighbors for the treatment of Palestines is by maintaining in all those neighbor countries corrupted, absolutist dictators, bought with the money of the west and able to repress all internal opposition and sentiments of solidarity towards the palestinians.

Yet this is achieved obviously with the tax-payer money of our western democracies, since capitalism is a one way system where money flows from the lower castes to the stock-owners both in companies where labor has no rights and in politics where tax payers fund mercenary armies for the wars of Israel and nations subvention Israel and allies in proportion to the control ‘Israeli’ bankers and corporations exercise on politicians, which is maximal in 3 nations: the US, where the Jewish people are the ‘informative/nervous network’ of the society, controlling mass-media (verbal information), money (digital information) and the law through their control of Judges and politicos through lobbies.

The same can be said of England and France, the two countries with higher number of Jewish people in Europe, whose go(l)d masters survived theHolocaust, whose presidents, Cameron and Sarkozy are Jewish, and so are their financial ministries and bankers both at national and international level (Mr. Trichet and Mr. Kahn, presidents of the European and world bank). Finally Germany, afraid of being accused of antisemitism bows to all the petitions of Israel and so the 3 dominant countries that define European policies ensure with their decisions that Israel will always be protected by Europe, America and the British Empire (as Jewish moguls founded and still own the metal-rich companies that dominate the industrial tissue of Canada, Australia and South-Africa (Anglo-American owned by the Oppenheimers).

This background allow us to interpret the news that the West provided on those upheavals and the behavior of our ‘hired politicos’, whose libretto waskinly analyzed by  Mr. Chomsky in Democracy Now…

First our ‘democratic leaders’ showing clearly to whom they owe alliegance followed the Libretto and backed Mr. Mubarak as they have done for 30 years, buying to the rhythm of 1.3 billion $ in foreign aid mainly in weapons, the peace that Mubarak signed with Israel. So we soon learned that Mr. Tony Blair, the ‘labor Prime Minister’ of Great Britain for many years spoke on behalf of the British Politico establishment (to avoid embarasment for the present Jewish President, Mr. Cameron who had already explained us in his Christmas discourse that we needed further expenses in military weapons to protect us against Islamic terrorism, including some 50 billions for the renewal of our fleet of Nuclear Tridents – which is to say we must use Nuclear weapons to hunt down terrorist Arabs travelling afghanistan in a mule?.

So first Tony tuned in and told us in The Guardian that Mubarak ‘is a force for good’; and he had to stay because he was the hero of the peace achieved with Israel and the world of mass-media applauded.

My comment, censored by The Guardian (there is no left or right today as all parties and newspapers are ‘owned’ by corporations, whose majority stock-holders belong to  Biblical capitalism ) responded:

Then we have the dance with wolves of Mr. Obama, a master rhetorician, who never says anything that might anger his masters. It was somehow hilarious to realize that he had to call Israel all the time to receive the orders of what he had to say at each stage, which turned out to follow Mr. Chomsky’s description of the ‘authorized Libretto’: first he backed mildly Mr. Mubarak, then he encouraged him to do some reforms, backing the Egyptian CIA boss, Mr. Suleiman as the ‘man of the change’. Yet Mr. Suleiman turned to be even more connected to the CIA and the Israeli government, and soon we learned that he had been the favorite of Mr. Nettanhayu to substitute Mubarak long ago. So what Obama, well instructed was telling us is that instead of Mubarak we had to put even a stronger western man. So I wrote another censored comment:

‘That won’t make it. It reminds me of the change of Mr. Reagan by the CEO of the CIA, Mr. Bush, the Egyptians are not that stupid’.

Of interest was the reaction of our staunchest ally in the region, the Ibn Saud Clan who owns literally ‘Saudi’ Arabia, obliges woman to ask their brothers permission to travel, has stolen around 1 trillion $ of oil wealth, and plead to the west to ‘let’ Mubarak resolve the question with their troops – that is, killing more egyptians if needed. While Israel rushed to criticize bluntly Mr. Obama’s work as ‘not enough’.

So I wrote 2 new comments, censored in the NY Times, dishing it all out:

“Taking into account that the ‘Book of Jewish History’ aka the Bible, invented the damnation of Ham, cause of 400 years of slavery to black people and blatant racism within Israel to Arabs – since ‘Egyptians and Negros’ are according to such damnation little less than beasts, one is not surprised that the democratic aspirations of Egyptians and the value of our president is hold in such contempt, maybe we should change allies and make happy 1.3 billion people instead of 13 million (even if those 13 have more $ than the 1.3 billion combined :-) ”

‘Because we live in a world in which politicians know nothing of the science of history, its cycles and repetition s, they are mismanagin g this process from the beginning. The longer the r=evolutio n against the usual powers, money and weapons in military alliance, is denied, the more radical its end, meaning muslim brotherhoo d or Algerian repression , the fav of the West. However in this case Egypt as classic China, old neolithic civilizati ons, have a level of popular self-organ ization that traditiona lly tumbles pharaohs and emperors.. . The fall of the regime is unavoidabl e, the west though will follow its own masters, the banksters. .. of Israel… adopt the hardline and loose its leverage. In any case this domino effect will have to be tested in the most corrupted, absolutist , anti-human rights country in the world, hand in hand with North korea, no, not Iran but Arabia, a property of the ibn Saud. The bet is between the myth of the Madhi and a democratic aperture’.

Finally, the r=evolution succeeded. And the west cheered and decided that it was not a r=evolution won by egyptians but by ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’, seizing again the opportunity to praise the future of technology and convincing us that Mr. Zuckerberg – his nice kid, who stole his business from his best friend, as the movie ‘Social network’ explains, whose memetic name ‘sugar city/trader’ shows a past of Am Segullah enslavers in the sugar trade and now herds humans into their ‘walls’ so corporations can know what we do outside our part-time slave job and has been chosen by these feats, man of the year – from Silicon Valley had won the revolution.

So again I wrote a couple of censored comments:

‘We live in a culture ruled by corporations that re=produce machines, our ‘religion’ , increasing ly part of such super-orga nism, unable to come out and shout for our rights like egyptians do. But r=evolutio ns are not emailed, televized, facebooked and twitted. On the contrary all those placebo gadgets of Freedom substitute the real thing. The egyptian r=evolutio n has nothing to do with digital companies, which censor anyway inconvenie nt truths, but on the 5000 years old sense of community of the oldest superorgan ism of history, and the model to desire is not tianamen neither iran but turkey, since the muslim brotherhoo d is a non-corrup ted moderate group focused in social work and egyptians are civilized since the neolithic – a highly intelligen t, pacifist, communal people able to organize themselves without twits.’

Then, as the west realized that indeed, the riots were not organized by Islamic Parties but by young people who believed in the fantasy-tale of democracies and techno-utopia, and given the fact that Mubarak had fled to Israel (technically to a resort in the Sinai/Israeli border, filled up with Israeli tourists), they changed according to Mr. Chomsky’s libretto on how we deal with our dictators sides and now are backing the Military Coup. Democracy of course is nowhere to be seen yet and nothing ensures that if the leading party of Egypt, the Muslim brothers, win the elections, the elections won’t be cancelled by a western-backed military coup as it happened in Algeria 2 decades ago, when the free elected muslim party was dissolved and its free-elected militants summarily shot by the military, which now has such a grip on the population that few if any dare to defy them. As we speak in Bahrain, too close to our real interests – oil, real state speculation and GP prix for mass hypnotism – a few dead people show that – lesson learned – we shall keep most of the corrupted, bought dictators in control.  So the human rights of Arab people can be ignored, the Apartheid state of Israel that backs those dictators through their puppet-western states can talk of the brutality and primitivism of the Arab people and ‘all continues the same, even if all seems to have changed’. Which prompt the final censored comment on the future of those r=evolutions:

‘So what; this transition from militarism to plutocracies happened in Europe in the XVIIi century. What I would like to see is a r=evolutio n from plutocraci es to social democracie s; that is, democracie s where the society, the people, not corporations, the ‘free citizens of free markets’ govern. From sword to go(l)dmakes no difference.’

And closed in the news of a victory of the ?r=evolution?, with a little (censored) lesson on the nature of a false and a true democracy:

“Don’t worry, once they become a ‘democracy=stockracy ’, the new ari-stockr ats, not of weapons but of money, will use the sophistica ted tools of manufactur ing consent – Tvs, leaving little papers in urns to choose between A=B parties, both controlled by the money of the banksters and stockrats – and they will be much more easily herded. Egyptians will even be able to get a facebook account, so the police will know all his friends, actions and data in case things really get tough and a military coup is needed. You see, you can tumble military dictators because they are too obvious, in plutocraci es people don’t get it. Bottom line is that as long as people cannot judge a posteriori the actions of politicos according to their promises (you get out of office, then ‘your voters’ vote you a punishment or a reward as the body does sending message of pain to the brain cells if they misbehave) there is no accountabi lity in any system."

Conclusion. Humans on top are still self-obsessed by their tribal wars, still focused on their fight for total power with go(l)d and weapons, still so primitive in their memes that censor all news about their brutality with other human beings – not a single political comment made it at the NYtimes or the Guardian – supposedly liberal newspapers; but a few did it on the Watson news because simply speaking, humans don’t care, can’t see the danger of the machine and so the effect is the same: they take machines as ‘toys’, are totally unaware of the dangers lurking ahead of the III Industrial R=evolution and will not prevent their destruction of labor and our atrophy by them. So neither the selfish memes of tribal history and its classist and racist ideologies nor the selfish memes of techno-utopian economics, its machines and weapons will be halted. The future we forecast with so much accuracy 20 years ago, under the hypothesis that humans will move ahead without any control of money, machines and weapons, and the greed and violence and obsolescence they provoke, continues unfolding… with a determinism similar to that of genetics.

And that ended the round of censored truths about the news of February, which follow not only Mr. Chomsky’s Libretto but the Libretto of Bio-History and Bio-economics; that is, a world of increasingly obsolete humans, living in a fog of fictions of Freedom under the boot and the go(l)d of the eternal selfish memes of metal and its usual masters…

March 2011.

All quiet in the western front; we shall not interfere with dictators that massacre democrats. The veil of our plutocracies have fallen as it felt in the spanish civil war.

The program of destruction of history by the selfish memes of metal continues unabated. Libya is now History… Meanwhile in Europe Miss Mengele Arkel continues with her economical experiments.

History: on Libya.

As comments on what is really going on in Lybia – a quarrel between the police and the military and its rights to control oil – keep being censored in the West, i decided to try this month Al Jazeera – after all it was an Arab R=evolution. Surprise, surprise: Our good Emir censors all news on the International banker’s dictatorship; all revelations on the absolute monarchies; all defense of religions of the Wor(l)d. After all Qatar is just another Qisling state, squandering the money of their people in pharaonic projects, such as the World Cup – part of our Matrix of fictions – with ‘refrigerated’ stadiums to be destroyed after the ‘pan et circensis’ bought with go(l)d sent to the Swiss coffers of FIFA…Pan et circensis is the main staple of the ‘baroque, fascist age’ of each Kondratieff crisis. Remember the 36 Olympiads… Sounds familiar? Still, because the 3rd world doesn’t have the efficient ‘echelon’ systems of censorship that erase your comments if certain key words are written, you know which some comments stay for a few hours, before the axe falls on the Wor(l)d. This morning I plead the solution of the Lybian genocide to the Egyptian army… if it were truly a r=evolution on the making;

This is the message-solution of the science of biohistory:

‘It is time for the Egyptian army to intervene and resurrect the United Arab Republic and save lives before the massacre taints and corrupts completely the western world. Once the Spanish republicans were massacred by Franco with oil given for ‘free’ by Exxon and British petroleum and tanks by Hitler, there was no legitimacy to prevent II world war. Democracy became a mask that everyone spit out. The Egyptians should arm Benghazi and throw out this monster, or else the Arabs will fall on the hands of fundamentalism as the republic felt on the hands of communism and the III world war will be unavoidable.’

Why the West let it happen

But perhaps III world war is what Keynesian militarism wants. NY times surprised me accepting this comment to yet another newspeak article, perhaps after all some other veteran of Mauthausen understands the supreme eviL of the wealth of military nations:

Double talk. The commentator fails to signal the key point. The Libyans are asking us to intervene and Qaddafi has a ridiculous army of Soviet era tanks, T-54 and planes that a single strike would erase. The Libyans are democrats. Now, the other 2 wars Afghanistan and Iraq were invasions and the people didn’t want us to invade. So why we do the wrong wars and avoid the right ones? it is called Keynesian militarism. In Libya we can finish the job at no cost. In Afghanistan we spend 1 trillion of profits for military corporations. it is NOT the oil, which flows in free markets, but the industry of weapons. But this way out of the crisis, canons instead of butter, was already essayed by Germany in the XX century. And at the end always destroys the nation that practices it. ‘History rhymes’ Twain

The future will be the past.

‘Seems a done deal like the Franco dictatorship prior to II world war. This obviously means the veil of legitimacy of western plutocracies ran by thefinancial-military-industrial complex with the International Jewish banker and its corporations on top rules supreme. It will push due to the maximal profits of weapons, the most expensive memes in monetary prices, a new dark ages of Keynesian militarism as the period dominated by the ‘bond market’ and the Rothschild syndicate and the European Industries of  war was (European colonialism, 1860s-1930s). The 3rd world has definitely added to black Africa the Arab world as the land to sell, test and consume humans lives with the new weapons of the electronic age.

‘The primitives’ are growing because as robots and Pcs displace blue and white collar workers, as corporations become the new consumers, humans are increasingly obsolete. So they must be tagged and dumped in growing numbers.

The final outcome of course will be III world war, after many ‘splendid little wars’ ‘to get us out of this crisis’ (T.Roosevelt); and then on the height ofanti$emitism the sacrifice not of the bankers and corporations that made this possible, but of the poor Jews, scapegoats of the elites they adore – Israel.

Indeed, the German Holocaust happened only after the world was massacred by the bond market and the industries of war. It was the revenge of all the Europeans to a century of brutality. Now we are only in the second decade of brutality, which can be traced back to the I Dessert Storm and the ascension of the Bushes, the greatest Keynesian Militarists since Hitler.

We predicted those cycles in our censored wok since  the 90s. To me, it all suddenly became clear when the CIA operative, George Bush Senior trapped Saddam into invading their old province – ‘liberated’ by British Petroleum – of Kuwait, just look at a map and see how ‘natural’ is the border of Iraq and Kuwait together. The American ambassador told him it was a just prize for helping in the war with Iran, and so he went into. Then it all begun. The Vietnam massacres were forgotten. Hate-TV appeared with the first bouts of Islamophobia. The old Calvinist elite that hated Communism was now substituted by the Jewish elite that hated Islam.

And a series of ‘splendid little wars’ started. Looking backwards to the null impact that the biological science of history this blog represents has had, the life of the Wor(l)d master seems a wasted proposition.

All this obviously means words have no value; laws, democracies, voting rights, all is wet papers when money, weapons and machines talk. The mirage of human evolution goes under again. The dark ages of the  cycles of history have begun. You are witnessing a key moment in history but the future is written in the cycles of the past, we tabulated long ago. My feelings, as those of Marx who foresaw the I Kondratieff Crash to be ignored and Keynes that foresaw the II Kondratieff crash to be ignored – not even his call for a global currency to avoid new wars was heard at Bretton Woods, are underworld.  I am now in Spain… Here the mass-media ‘left’ newspapers, Tvs and channels owned by the Jewish International Banker (El Pais, La Ser, owned by Liberty, a San Francisco Company), have been sanitized; several journalists eliminated as an example to the herd by anti$emitic jokes. Today, the change was obvious: after a week of enthusiastic pro-democrat forces, La Ser brought its ‘political comisary’, a man shamelessly defending Gaddafi as the legitimate government against those extremist, fundamentalist that will ‘deprive women of their rights’ sic. And sick… this in Catalonia, where hundreds of thousands die to Franco’s armies, before my family was exiled for his prominent role of the Catalan government. There is no historic memory. There has never been. ‘The tragedies of the past happen again because people don’t learn from their errors’. But something changes – the lethality of the weapons of mass-destruction. If, and when III world war happens, it will be the last one.

May: O$ama is dead, Obama is not born.

The incredible duration of the many lives of Osama, who resisted twice the time that took to hunt down Hitler protected by 59 million nazis, have a fundamental explanation: O$ama has been the main marketing tool of the financial-military-industrial-media complex entering in its age of robotics and hate-media, parallel to the fa$cist age of the German ‘Engines’ Era that preceded it.

The marketing of O$ama might convert him in the best selling face of history, with an increase of sales close to 500 billion $ in weapon systems only in the past 4 years. Mr. O$ama has indeed made for America what the Reichtag did for Germany, the Maine for the ‘splendid little war’ that took Theoredore Rooselvent and wall street out of the 1897 crisis and much more – condemning mankind to an eternal robotic war for profits that will evolve the new otp predator species of this plaent, the robot terminator, to a no way out, place of no return for its ‘victims’, mankind at large. O$ama thus deserves the prize of this year 2011 at the fundamental puppet-hero of the decade. Gone are him and the Bushes Sr. and Chenneys, the pupeeters, who cre(dit)ate his life in so many turns… But of course the pupeeters are themselves just ‘expressions’ fo the will of metal and the corporations behind them…

Osama is dead too late, when the changes he made to America and mankind are not going to go away.

America which was the last hope of mankind – a nation where all men, racesand cultures were ideally equal, living without borders – is now a nation of mistrust, ruled by military lobbies and on top… Obama, perhaps the most cynical president of the History of America able to betray all their voters with their right policies and ‘just wars’…

The dead of Osama…

The question is why now, as it was  in the outskirts of a mansion of Islamabad, the capital, which is like having a compound at the side of any military Virginian suburbs; ergo the Pakistanis knew and the Americans probably did. The choice of the date to kill him could have been positive.

Obama should have affirmed that it is the end of Afghanista n and implement the social care, president of the poor position for what his constituen cy have elected him.

But he did not. He just made a discourse prepared by his assistants, as a mere mask who reads the libretto of the FMI complex, and didn’t put end to the war, saying that from now on terrorism will be handled NOT by the army but by police and Intelligence Agencies as all European countries with terrorist groups do.

So we must conclude this operation just liberates forces for a wider war against Syria and Iran, the goal of America’s plutocracy  in defense of Israel.

In this fight ofclass within America between the poor who chose Obama to end the wars and help them ‘butter’ and the ‘cannons’ of the plutocracy, the future of a larger war will be decided: that of mankind heading towards an age of terminator weapons and extinction or a sustainable planet.

And what matters more today is that Obama is also dead – the man who we expected to change the future of history did not end the war. Or rather, its handling of the future of mankind is so infantile and submissive to the orders of the system, which we have a toddler as president, a change that will never be born.

‘His Masters’ voice’: Osama the hero will ever be born?

If Osama is dead,  Obama, the president the Americans voted was never ‘born free’ of his chains to the system, just another pawn, another house slave of the financial-military-industrial complex, handled by aids, advicers, think tanks, speech writers, generals, interest groups, corporations, machines and Tvs, as the last of the gadget-politicians, clueless close to the ‘zero generation’ of mankind.
Its role for the system is not designed by himself. We are in the cycle of robots, which as all machines starts first as a weapon.
We are in the III industrial age of war because after all the great kondratieff crashes of the economy there has been a world war as the first new machine is a weapon.
The robot-terminator the predator, the drone is the engine of the future, of technology, where most new money is invested. And our clueless politician, Obama, the toddler, goes around delivering the goods, the tax-payer moneyfor wars to the Arabs.
This is the type of silent, ever more robotized wperpetual war against the poor of the 3rd world and soon with the take-off of robotized police car in side the borders.
Obama the toddler, meanwhile is so infatuated as a celebrity media with the ‘role’ of going around town giving power speeches about a system he doesn’t understand that one has to discount him as a completely irrelevant element of the III Kondratieff crash.
Anyone could be Obama and Obama could be anyone. Of course with historic perspective he follows in the steps of Bush and in previous cycles of Disraeli in the colonial age ( I Kondratieff crash, XIX c. colonialism) and Hitler in the II Kondratieff age (fascism).
The change we believe in, r=evolution, was just a facade for the voting process. He is not
a true r=evolutionary of the human kind. He is not even a Roosevelt of a New Deal.
Obama as a politician of weight is in fact more irrelevant and dead than Osama, whose spirit of fundamentalist violence remains alive. Osama will be a martyr of the poor of Islam; Obama will not be a hero of the poor of America. Osama was not buried, Obama is buried in its corruption, its cowardice to attend the needs of the americans that voted him; its automatisms of mass-media celebrity, that make him an ‘it’, another ‘scripted’ politician of a hollow world.
May 3
And so indeed, while the American people asked in all interviews to take our troops home and end the absurd war of Afghanistan, none of the politicos of congress except a democrat from california, the solo vote against intervention, have asked to withdraw from Afghanistan once mission was accomplished.
So Keynesian militarism , the deviation of all resources to the production of weapons to come out of this crisis with canons not butter – as delluded germany tried to do after 1929 crisis – is still going stronger. Problem is people dont eat weapons and Keynesian militarism means victism, cuts on our liberties, poverty for the middle and lower class and only a few military corporatio ns sucking in the debt and health of the state till destrohyin g its finances and provoking a massive global hate against us as in the case of germany. Deja vu
‘History rhymes’ Twain.
Ultimately the memetic brain of Americans despite all their rhetoric of Freedom is completely slave of money and profits and its values. The wishful blindness of the biblical culture regarding the collateral effects of makingmoney with war and dying in the trials has never been opened to the light of sustainable peace and human growth and evolution.
A mere 80 years after the last holocaust a new Germany is in the making by its survivors. This astounding pendular cycle that makes America the Germany of the III cycle can happen due to the massive censorship in the knowledge of history as a science, beyond the gathering of data and the pumping of the 3ideologies – not sciences – of the FMi complex, money=capitalism, weapons=nationalism and machines=mechanism.
When observing the American leadership, its plutocrats, military and corrupted politicos, this triad of eviL=anti-life memes has absolute power, and no other culture to contrast with, given the racism and despise for humanist or religious cultures of love (catholicism, islam, latino and black people) since the arrival of companies with indenture and black slaves.
America let us face it has had only a make-up evolution of its purified FMI culture, as the product of corporations that selected always the ideologies that favored the triad of metal. R=evolutionaries, human free people never make it to power. The super-structure of the memes of money, weapons and machines is so powerful, well-coordinated and feeds so many people that there are no forces to stop the relentless motions towards a state of perpetual war against a menace, terrorism, which should be dealt with small forces, human intelligency, a sustainable plan of development of the 3rd world and police, NOT with armies.
Yet it has been used by the FMI complex as a excuse to bring a bigger evil, Fa$cism, Keynesian militarism, neo-colonialism. So to kill a bug we brought a dinosaur that can devour us all: the electronic industry of weapons and terminators.


February 2012. Taking Iran to war

As of today 17 february, Iranian banks are barred from using Swift, the international system of bank transferences. The Jewish International Banker, as usual governs the world, ‘technically’, from within the bolts of the financial system. So it is choking the Iranian economy to push Iran into extremism and war.

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