Grandeur & Terrorism

‘Canons make us stronger, butter make us fat’ Goring, II age of neofascism.

Abstract.  As always in History issues have two sides, the human and mechanical side. As always in modern history, most issues have a cause in the FMMI system that rules the world and needs the issues for some reasons, which are camouflaged with a human mask of caring, an Orwellian newspeak where the ministry of war is of defence and of police of love (today the home office). This is the case of the enemy of choice for the III world war, which has substituted the red scare of the Communist failed r-=evolution.

Let us understand of course that we live in an Orwellian Newspeak, so news are always ‘caring’, caring to hide the neofascist agenda of despise of the poor and non-technological cultures, unlike the I cycle of fascism (colonial XIX century) and the II cycle (nazism) in which men were so ‘brain-washed’ by technology that they openly explain their despise for the negro and the moor and the latino and chinese dog…

So how does it work the neofascist agenda in Northern Europe? Simple. We degrade, care nothing for and do not help our poor. We bomb their nations. And as they become more brutal we increase our canons and they finally send them back in the form of terrorists, as brutal as our planes, but alas! our planes are OK, their terror is monstrous. We takes sides, we DO NOT CURE THE SICKNESS, we make it worst, and worst. We do NOT send troops to end DAESH, and RELIEF workers to cure the sick on the spot. We do NOT invent money for a welfare world, we HAVE INVENTED 14 TRILLION $, but we have not spent more than a few hundreds for the bulk of mankind, the 3rd world without credit.

In a perfect world of course, Islam NOT the religion BUT THE PEOPLE, would have been treated with respect,; their people educated into rational culture, religion degraded to a historic relic that left behind good art and eusocial love memes that must be kept, investments and true democracies established, the Palestinians colonised people upgraded as all other colonised people, into their real status as victims of history and given equal rights, as Americans did finally with Amerindians, etc. etc. What has to be done is obvious. What it was done is not so obvious, because as all the subconscious actions of crimes against mankind of animetal cultures, the program of eviL which violates the natural goals of humans for a social super organism, must be confused among hate memes, myths, emotional mantras and false flags (those of nations not of mankind). So while what has to be done requires little comment, what must be revealed is the subconscious ways in which history runs into self-destruction in each cycle of war.

The duality of Islam. The new Semite wars.

Islam, occupies in its core centre, the original fertile crescent, unfortunately the first societies of Gaia and Humanism to be degraded and destroyed by animetal warriors from the desert, as the ‘Lament of a Summerian priest’ clearly explains: ‘the evil people come from the desert with weapons of metal and gold rings, they capture and enslave our women and take our peasants as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temple, the fields are abandoned, it is the end of the world.’

Now at the end of the world the original animetal culture is split between the Am segullah (jewish elite of banker-priests, mixed after the conversion of Northern Europe to its go(l)d beliefs) culture centred in Anglo-America and the Warrior Islamic culture.

Memes not genes matter here. So for all what matters, a calvinist Germanic Trump believer equates an Israeli chosen of Go(l)d and an Indonesian terrorist an Arab one. Those are therefore the two sides of ‘the end of the world’, which as all cyclical world cycles of existence, turns in its old age to its infantile beginning with a negative slant.

So today we are immersed in the Semitic wars between the two original cultures of gold and war, blown up to global proportions, degrading in equal parts with hate memes, both sides of the battle.

And of course it all has a humanist and a mechanist side.
The humanist side of Islam was represented by earlier Mohammed’s texts, and its attempts as he put it to ‘convert the hardest’, most evil, brutal people left on planet Earth, the original arab warrior animetal semite, neanderthal-crossed, visual hypnotised, machist hordes of thiefs and mercenary soldiers of the Arabian peninsula, based in tribal, racist, genetic memes – indeed the most primitive culture of the day. And for a while he succeeded though his method of creating the perfect world, was somehow, a bit out of track – murdering all those who did not convert to Islam, till arriving to India, and realising the massacre would be so huge that he gave up and just taxed the non-believers.

In the duality of Koran, with mostly positive, humanist messages attempting to convert the mass of peasants of those lands to the eusocial memes of a single god, mankind, with its pillars of faith and charity, vs. the Jihad, we can see the duality of all cultures. Now as the world is awash with hate memes provided by the FMMI system (free weapons, racist slurs, visual identification of races by appearance, through TV-screens, despise for all things human as primitive etc), and the west promotes in all those nations military thugs on top, who never truly converted to eusocial love and the spirit of Oikoumene Islam, most of those nations are in civil wars, or ruled by Dictators, oppressing their people. While their priests have sided against the love memes of their religion and enhanced the Jihad and women’s repressive memes, the form over the content. So it is partially because of our insistence on converting Islam, in the energy prey of our weapons and hate media, the most degraded culture today.

The subconscious metal-cause: the age of industrial electronic weapons, III neofascist phase.

And this leads us to the culture that has degraded it through colonialism and islamophobia, the other older $emitic culture, which is the most important of the world, as it invented capitalism and the Financial-Media/military-industrial system, and the most peculiar, as its brutality and murder at distance finally achieved ‘black hole status’ as invisible, ruling at distance through their monopoly on the creation of digital money the rest of the world, with degrees of intensity according to the proximity to the elite class:

3 crisis

AFTER THE ECONOMIC crash of 1857, 1929, 2008 the world diverts attention from the theft of bankers  into the poor, as hired politicos to the service of bankers provoke wars against the III world inside and outside our frontiers and mass media accuses the poor of all the ills provoked by the grabbing of wealth by the 1%. It is the age of neofascism we prophesized in our work 20 years ago and now is in full swing.

in the graphs the syncrhonic ages of fascism in the 3 cycles of evolution of machines. Neofascism will then enter an age of global war whose final episode will be the murder of the 1% in an age of ‘anti$emitism’. The solution to neofascism is thus r=evolution of the organism of history and economics, with 2 simple measures: the nationalization of the financial industry and a massive new deal to create jobs in the sectors of welfare state readressing the imbalance of wealth. Or else bankers on top of power will keep grabbing a higher share of wealth (today the 1% owns 50% of the planet) till chaos and war becomes endemic.

But r=evolution has the lesser probability So Neofascism should according to those cycles increase ts tempo. And indeed, given the fact that our world is communicated and the III world can respond albeit with far less power to our wars for profits, their attacks labelled generically as terrorism become the excuse at home to curtail the freedom of the poor and end any attempt of the dispossessed to change the economic system. This phase of neofascism started with 9/11 and expanded to Europe to the rhythm of jihadist attacks in response to the wars for profit taking place in their land. Masterminding the whole process, the culture of bankers (judaism, 90% of central bankers, ceos of financial houses and cfos of the 500 western, see history of capitalism articles in the right side of the web), takes advantage of the situation to expand grand israel and focus the hate speeches against its enemy, islam. Thus in this age, neofascism takes the form of islamophobia. In this article we focus on the center of european neofascism, France, which happens to be also the center of jewish power in europe. Thus france expands islamophobia and curtails freedom of speech against financial and jewish power incrasingly becoming a policial state at the heart of the european union, making impossible the crossing and gathering of europeans in the centers of lobbyism and financial power (brussels and the ecb bank). Hand in hand the first jewish chancelor in German History, Mrs. Merkel and the Jewish president of UK, Mir. Cameron are crafting as we speak laws against european freedoms that will leave the patriot act as a kid’s game.

Zeitgeist. 1860s=1930s=2010s:

The 3 cycles of Fa$cism: Colonialism -> Fa$cism -> Neo-Colonialism+Neo-Fa$cism.

The colonial wars of the III cycle of Overproduction of hate-media and weapons (Islamophobia and drones to punish the primitive 3rd world) are similar to those of the I cycle of overproduction of trains and steamers (when ‘the white’s man burden’ – Kipling -was to ‘civilize’ the primitive negroes and asians who dared not to become willingly slaves of the factory system, and pick up on the process  all those silverly metals they don’t know how to use).

Now ‘bellum ipse aleat’, the most surrealist excuses are a good reason to send our warbots and bombs:

In China and Japan a couple of islands with imperial mementum has decided politicos to bow to the pressures of electronic industries and start a drone race to provide the islands with 24/7 vigilanti robots.

In Mali, the French who put together arabs and blacks for no reason in the colonial artificial divisions of the XIX century, are going to war for their arrogant, insulting pretension that 2  people MUST BE united according to French XIX century COLONIAL drawings! But of course, the reason is grabbing the uranium mines that sustain its atomic nuclear industry and Israel’s bombs, whose technology was started up by them on exchange for becoming the world center of the industry. None of this is said in the press, which pretends to have freedom of expression to routinely insult the poorest people of the world (islamophobia).

So we are told France invades the Tuareg nation of the white arabic people of the North that had finally broken that absurd ‘white’s man’ herding together of REAL HUMAN BEINGS AND REAL HUMAN CULTURES, according to parallels and geographical societies of Paris, 1870s! to stop terrorism…

And the world press applauds, as it did the yellow press in XIX c. or radio hate in XX c. now Tvs and e-media spread hate to the poor as we move into the phase of military overproduction of electronic industries – it only changes the machines; it is all rather mechanical. The financial-media-military-industrial system has four legs that act in syncronicity – fueled by each new evolution of machines. So what has changed from the first age of military rains to the second age of military cars (tanks) to the third phase of military electronics is the machine, but the creation of a fascist mood against the poorest people on earth has not – so we hated negroes and then socialists and now islam. And the four legs of the financial media miLitary industrial system work to that aim, insulting, killing and destituting the poor:

– informative machines evolve increasing the printing of new money for bankers and corporations and the printing of neofascist information to brain wash the mind of the middle classes into hating the lower, poor enemy class, NOT the elite that dispossesed them. This is the meaning of fascism, a mascara, a false face of caring and protection of the middle classes, which are made to hate the poorest – in the previous cycle the socialist movement, in the previous XIX c. the colonial negro and now Islam.

– energetic machines, weapons, are multiplied and used accordingly against the poor, as production switches from transport to war. And they are used to automate the production lines, throwing out more workers. So in the first phase trains threw transport jobs, in the second phase engines mobilized assembly lines and threw /3rd of workers, in this phase robots are used to make war and throw blue collar workers out. But we blame the poor.

The result is an increase of wealth of bankers printing for free money for themselves and corporative managers, doing the same. Bankers become then the summit of power and concentration of wealth. Today 1% of mankind owns 50% of the planeT:

AP. The richest 1 percent of the population will own more than half the world’s wealth by 2016, Oxfam International said in a report released as the World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland.

Oxfam said the world’s richest people saw their share of global wealth jump to 48 percent last year from 44 percent in 2009. Rising inequality is holding back the fight against global poverty as the world’s biggest companies lobby the U.S. and European Union for beneficial tax changes at a time when average taxpayers are still paying the bill for the financial crisis, Oxfam said.

Of which the culture of bankers (judaism) gets the highest share and commands the whole process. Since 54% of the 1% of America are jewish… They are the culture of absolute power in this first phase of fascism. And so they choose their enemies, reason why among the poor we hate the enemies of israel, Islam, not the south american catholics, or the negroes, or the Indian lower castes, more than anyobody else.

The conclusion is over capitalism as always evolves its machines without any regard of human needs, using whenever is needed quisling corrupted politicos  to ‘accelerate’ the industrial evolution of weapons. And we blame the poorest people we make war to for the most absurd reasons, till the respond us and so Bellum ipse aleat – war feeds itself, but we have started it. So France deploys its drones along the border, close to Niger, where US has created its first drone base in Sahara… to fight terrorism…. In this article we will study in depth the meaning of ‘terrorism’, islamophobia, and the French neofascist state, which will play the role of Germany in Europe in the previous crisis, as we have addressed American neofascism in the articles dedicated to the tea party.

Now we must address what is different in this historic rhyme, namely that the 3rd world, the colonial world can travel and so it attacks from time to time our nations, provoking what is termed as terrorism or jihad; and on the other side that mass-media has become so sophisticated and monolithic in the control of public opinion that it can effectively disguise both the war nature of our interventions in 3rd world countries and the financial miltar industrial complex and its owners, which are provoking it.

Why there is Yihad and hate speeches? The growing degradation of the human social species

Now all has changed to remain the same. We need an enemy for splendid little wars, and the enemy is chosen by the elite of each cycle. So in this cycle of electronic industries and e-money, ruled by the FMasters, the Am Segullah owners of evilwood and Wall Street naturally chose Islam the enemy of their other nation, as the target for the wars that started with the coup d’etat against the American presidency in 1972, when they took over politicos – showing they could eliminate a president for peccadilloes with a well orchestrated Tv-campaign, allowing the free production of e-money with the deregulation of the $-gold standard, produced since then at the tune of 20 trillion $, used to buy the western world, and finally readdressing the mercenary armies of America to the backing of the Yon Kippur war for Grand Israel.

Today when we reach the 50 years colonial mark of ‘Occupied territories’, euphemism for ‘concentration camp’, and ‘bantustan’, and similar backing of Jihad terrorists in Afghan campaigns, Ayatollah’s planes, military caudillos and good profits for corporative industries for the elite of those countries, Islam has reached a complete deranged state as a civilisation corrupted, violated and violent, similar to the point reached by Africa in the first colonial wars. Alas we have the perfect set up for the FMMI splendid little wars and electronic big-brother at home: deranged criminal organisations with thirst for blood and revenge, let loose and coming through our borders, in refugee boats, while nobody despite spending trillions of $ in weapon systems, dare to go on land and erase within weeks one of the most ill prepared, rag army ever assembled called DAESH.

I wouldn’t go as far as to state that the west paid for Daesh as i wouldn’t believe on the self-destruction of WTC, but rather, a more subtle procedure:

We create the conditions of self-degradation, destruction and collective genocide, sparkled with massive Islamophobia that make possible Islamic terrorism, the perfect excuse to usher the world in the Industrial age of electronic weapons we forecasted in our first models of bio-history 30 years ago, as it would be parallel to the same phases of the Industrial age of train wars, after the crash of overproduction of 1857, and the age of Industrial Engine wars (tanks, radio hate, bombers) after the crises of overproduction of cars and radios of 1929. Now after the crash of the electronic industries with its overproduction crisis of 2008, the solution, canons instead of butter has been implemented with a suitable enemy, not the colonial negro and amerindian frontier, not the European non chosen races, but the Arab, the natural choice of the elite that run the western world. So after 50 years of occupied territories and promotion of jihadism and military caudillos, the ‘Indians’ send their troops, but of course, the III cycle is far more twisted, so we do not send the 7th of cavalry to wounded knee, no… in the present age the business of electronic war is in the creation of armies of drones and vigilante cameras, a police state within us.

And for that reason, our SISSY ARMIES OF AMERICAN MERCENARIES DO NOT DARE TO ATTACK AND CLEAN UP DAESH, THEY ARE $HITTING THEIR PANTS, so their master industries can and do create the electronic big brother, while Daesh barbarians rape women, genocide other religious tribes, and our SISSY ARMIES OF american mercenaries, feel so macho-man, going a notch below the very low level of corruption and shame that covered them up with mr. Bush, first neofascist war. But wait for mr. Trump to take power.

Those SISSY armies of coward soldiers playing sadist video games with drones hidden in Nevada shooting children in Afghanistan, and from time to time some terrorist, will go far beyond, their expected degradation, hand in hand with the retarded, degraded, brain-washed counterpart terrorists blowing themselves for some cuckoo desert prophet of the middle ages. Who is more despicable, the sissy soldiers or the macho blown-up kids? Neither, but the 3rd invisible man of the game, the FMasters that behind the scenery manipulate them all to achieve their impossible dreams of a Grand Israel and the ultimate slavery of ‘all human beings to the go(l)d of Baal’.

In that regard it is quite clear that the American army walks steady to a state of mind similar to the German Wehrmatch, maybe conscious that it is run by a bunch of racist, degraded politicos, financiers and industrial complex, but its corruption is reaching similar degrees to its masters, and so it is soon to be ready to reach new heights of anti-humanism, robotisation and murder, while letting the enemy of choice do their provocative job, shooting around with free weapons, any civilian who as ALWAYS ARE THE REAL VICTIMS OF THIS HISTORY.

The rise of neo-fa$cism is one of the fundamental traits of the present poltical and social arena. it has been so for a while. But it needs many angles to be fuly understood

One of the less studied is the reason why in this cycle neo-fascism is not a fight between social political groups but religions.

And this needs to understand deeper laws of social evolution and the organism of history studied in the left side of this web.

Basically all systems in the Universe are ‘socialist’, they try to evolve into bigger complex groups joined by healthy networks of energ and nforamtion – economic and political/cultural networks in human systems.

But when a system collapses, dies or it is degenerated and substituted by other, as in the human case, by the corporative, mechanncial world of machines, the social systems collapse. And they regress through previous lesser forms of association. For example a predator that eats a prey provokes the collapse of its blood and nervous system but organs keep going and cells can even divide 3 times.

Thus the resurgence of old tribal, religious disputes, notably the eternal fight of semitic warriors (arabs) and traders (jews) now in the battlefield of a higher cultures, social europe, deceased, is one of those trends, and the key to understand neofascism. For one thing, talmud vs. coran is not exactly a very civilized confrontation. It is the equivalent to the fight between nationalist fascism and socialism in the previous cycle. Islam though contrary to belief defends the poor and it is the socialist equivalebnt. The banker priests of israel with its highly racist, bigot talmud book and their control of the financial and corporative system of the west plays the role of fascist capitalism in the 30s.

Another difference of course is the newspeaks and hidden elements that allow one of hte players to go unnoticed, not in their profession but in the culture. needless to say in the german age of fascism we all knew who was hitler and who owned the world. Now we don’t. Fascism is hidden but islamophobia rampant.

As the degeneration of humans by the FMMI complex, its audiovisual neopaleolithic hate media, etc. advances there will be choices between different evils. This is one.
Of course i want a world without borders, but that need an evolved human. Meaning a highly advanced social organism of history based on the laws of survival of biological species and the laws of the fractal Universe laid down in the serious scientific articles of this web.
That is the ideal. But when communism in its not militaristic trostkian international strain before stalin liquidated 7 million r=evolutionaries, and put a military dictatorship instead – DIED, when the social welfare state of europe was killed by the JEWISH ecb bank and wall street – the hope for a better future died. So human social organisms have been devolvin to lesser previous forms of which – yes, listen to this – Islam was the highest of all forms. Islam is the final evolution of Abrahamic religions, not much you can make of something invented by 2 arrogant jewish goatkeepers, conceded, one thinking go(l0d was  the sweat of god the sun – the other thinking bush burning was god talking to him – but much much more advanced in the understanding of social human organisms than Judaism, just a genetic tribal primitive racist religion that does not even understand we are all humans of the same social species hence have to evolve together as a species, or the christian version, with that arrogant son of go(l)d chap Mr. Jesus thinking again he was son of the go(l)d of the jews – despite his love messages borrowed from platonism in the then extant decapolis of greek cities, and the picking of osiris resurrection myths during his stay in Egypt he was basically yet another deluded Jew enslaver of human souls who pretended to be special, on top of all of us.

Still because he accepted all humans as equal sheeple of his deluded dreams of grandeur, and talked of love, influenced by the latin-greek civilication he was well ahead of Judaism, the most primitive animetal ego-trip of all of them.

Islam though went a notch ahead and eliminated the god-strip, Mr. mohammed is just a prophet, a seer of the laws of social organisms, the laws of love, and assabiyah, social bondage. he did not pretend more, and for that reason he is the most respectable of them all.
What coran and Mohammed tried to do, departing from those poor beginnings was to explain how social love could evolve mankind in a single organism ruled by the prophetic dynasty, a world kingdom with a central neuron, the descendants of the prophet, son of god, the word, which spelt the laws of social evolution of mankind. Had the usual suspects – the military and money makers that kill all religions – in this case the 2nd and 3rd caliphas who killed Ali his descendant, – not corrupted so fast the religion we might all be now Muslims.
Yes you might think as a slave of the machines that atrophy your mind – visual ones – and your body – legs-like cars, that this would be hell, an agricultural world in balance with nature in this planet. Yes, you might think you are entitled to run machines and robots, superior species without darwinian conseuences – your annihilation.
But if you were a humble piece of nothing as you are, a mush over the surface of a rock lost in the Universe, as schopenhauer put it, you would realize that islam communism, all those backward non-technological cultures, buddhism, taoism – all those do nothing cultures are the intelligent ones, as the do not evolve machines, the species that will kill you.
The ‘social science’ of this blog is more advanced than them, but it is only and has been only in this blog and the mind of its ‘prophets=science of history that predict the future’ namely this writer, because it came too late, when neofascism had already controlled, as per the antiquantum paradox (the social scientist is part of a bigger fascist body that represses him), history. So we are left with imperfect systems as Islam, still the only surviving human social organism for which its cells do die…

Are we stating here that we defend Islamic terrorism? Of course not. We are explaining it. As scientists of history we only defend an ideal, the evolution of history into a social superorganism, designed with the laws of universal organisms, that we have discovered in our studies of complexity and the fifth dimesnion, the most advanced work in complexity and teory of information till the day. All this said, since I  consider History in a devolution process, I give little chance to a future for mankind, which only would happen if we truly evolve socailly. And since the failure of the welfare state, which was NOT destroyed b Islam but by Talmudian capitalist bankers, history is moving backwards under their influence. So we must distinguish three type of islamic devolution within that general processof degradation of human societies:

– The war of the technological world against human cultures, colonized and erased by our industrial civilizations. And the response, a justified defence that colonized third world countries and cultures are making of their people. This includes Palestinian fighters, as long as Israel treats with talmudian laws 1/2 of the population of Canaan. And the increasingly justified attacks on Imperial France, the center of the Jewish power in continental europe which is becoming a qisling nation of Israel with its colonial interventions in Mali and Niger to grab uranium mines, its nuclear collaboration with Israel, its blatant racist treatment of is own muslim minorities, and its racist laws that forbid all criticism of judaism while allowing systemic bashing of muslim beliefs. While we don’t believe in death penalty, those actions against modern colonial powers are war actions not terrorist actions.

– The extinctive process of Islam, a god-social organism in the process of dying which therefore enters as all dying system into an inquisitorial violent struggle for survival, as the christian church did before it (inquisition age of catholicism) or the Russian revolution did (military age of marxism). This is the case of the Muslim Brothers or  Iran a Theocracy based in the purest branch of Islam, Shiites, which still revere the descendants of the prophet, those who come from Ali. It is on my view, despite its repression, as in the case of Castro’s Cuba, a respectable society, which maintained a welfare state superior to that of the capitalist corrupted versions of south-america or dictatorial Islam. And a simple proof of this is the fact that Iran is the nation where the life expectancy has grown more in the last 30 years in the entire planet.. not to talk of the wealth of neorealist movies coming from that country.

– The corrupted strains of islam, which are based in the violent traits of the Arab Semitic cultures, the oldest cultures in the use of weapons. This animetal versions of Islam, are the equivalent of the dictators paid by western cultures to repress their populations and sell weapons and provoke permanent wars. Those are the most despicable of all of them; evidently part of the problem of mankind today – and we include here military dictatorships like those of Egypt, dictatorial soft arab countries that repress women and waste huge resources in absurd showoff projects, like the monarchies of the Arab peninsula, and what are obviously the most brutal groups, the Islamic Calipahte and Bojo Haram.

The fact that the west puts them all except the dictators it pays for in the same sac is obviously part of the own degrddation of our western laicist, social democratic culture under the financial boot of talmudian bankers which hate Islam seen all together as the enemy of Israel. Fact is reigions that accept all humans as equal, preach poverty, charity  and love as the asasbiyah that fusions them, buddhism, orthodox and catholic christianity with some protestant sects, as methodists are and shiite Islam and most branches of sunni, are superior forms of human organization than industrial nations that make a diferent species the machine, the center of human existence, and on the short term will extinguish us.
Thus the rest of mankind is even more devolved into even worst social organisms, made of machines and weapons (industrail nations like France) or even in a lesser state as slaves of capitalism (non human free market citizens, aka companie sof machines)
or they are selfish ego trips, individuals, nuclear genetic families, freaks with mental decomposition.

As humans devolve back from ‘species’ into ‘nations and tribes’, then individual selfish homo bacteria, all will be hell for humans. And to avoid self-evident hells it is better to separate what is already separated. Those 2 nations, north-desert-white/south-jungle-black are so obvious different that only Gobineau’s XIX c. bigots and Islamophobic Jewish XXI c. bigots with their ‘high-minded’ abstract geographies can conceive they must live together. All this war is about Niger’s uranium, and drones expansion, ABOUT METAL as usual.
And of course the idea that in a poor, primitive world it is better to live under brutal poverty and crime that under brutal religions but lesser poverty and crime is a ‘european’, pov, like in Egypt’s coup detat.

The two phases of political neo-fascism; the anti-Humanist face and the anti-$emite face.

In this post updated from time to time, we thus shall study the advance of European Neo-fa$cism, in its core nation, which will NOT BE Germany for obvious reasons (History rhymes with different verso said Twain, a critique of the I fascist cycle in America – Civil war)…

Now to fully understand the political zeitgeist of those cycles, the reader must realize fa$cism has two phases with two different ‘faces’. In the first phase, banker-priests profit with hate speeches against the poor they have ruined appropiating the rights to issue money for themselves, in the nations they keep host to their view of the world capitalist hierarchy. It is the earlier 30s and 1850s and 2010s. In this phase, the poor are a distraction to shoot with weapons, and nationalism rises with hired politicos to accuse the poor and blame them for the bankers’ theft. In this phase fascism is ‘antihumanist’. Humans are guilty of being poor and with no jobs.

In the second phase though poverty is so extended, wars so endemic that chaos break loose and even the bankers’ culture suffers the consequences – but not their 10%, the elite but their poor 90%. Thus the Jewish banking elites abandon their poor leave the countries they ruined and fascism also embraces not only hate towards the poor and left wing movements of humanist character but it pay lip service to anti$eminism and kills also the poor jews abandoned by the eltie (see articles on the holocaust cycles and the class struggle within judaism) This phase will only happen at the end of the decade and peak in the 2020s during III world war.

Thus neo-fascism has its central site in France, which will become the ‘centerpiece’ of the Jewish bankers’ political distractions for profiteering wars against the III world – read it: ‘islamophobia’. Thus now the capital of the political and economic power, the site of our banker-priests will be L’elisee, the hidden Kahila will meet in La Grande Synagogue – it won’t be Berlin.

In the first phase of fascism as Jewish Berlin bankers paid Hitler to break the socialist movement, after the great theft of 1929, we shall observe how france curbs our political freedoms to avoid demonstrations of the European left in Brussels and the ECB bank. But now all is hidden. We live in walt disney utopian tv-neofascism, the collective mind reduced to peanuts by tvs and visual evilwood. So now we care. Neofascism is newspeak big brother and huxley’ new brave world of somas. So we must read between lines. We are using orwellian newspeaks: we have peace corps to make wars, love ministries which close our freedoms for our own good, and in the last twist of newspeaks, we consider the embodiment of freedom of speech a newspaper, ‘charlie’ dedicated to hate speech against the poorest cultures of the earth – which fired only a cartoonist, who dare to make a funny comment about the jewish religion of the French prime minister… This is a key point of ‘walt disney’ neo-fascism, the caring mask of mass-media treated in other parts of this web, and the absolute censorship established over the elites of capitalism, which can only be compared to the jail penalties routinely applied to those who insulted the kings of the ancien regime – of course, with a Walt Disney mask of caring, the so-called industry of the holocaust that make us belief that Jewish World War victims were more victims than 30 million slavs killed, 20 million chinese massacred or 3 million spaniards, just because, well, the dictators of a society, the elites are the ones we care about. Now we are completely dominated by this elite which has transformed – and that is the core issue of neofascism, the democratic equaalitarian, free, laicist social, humanist culture of western europe into a primitive, religious, hate-based military and financial dictatorship ever increasing its power.

But europeans and Americans, now under the boot of Semitic animetal, hierarchical money-dictators which have taken our right to print our social langauge of power, money, through wall street specualtion, bailouts and the ECB bank, cannot be reduced to the Palestinian or negro state of permanent slavery common under the boot of Jewish-Calvinist racist religions, so as in previous cycles, there will be a backlash, a second phase of fascism when the common people of those nations will rise in riots or take extreme right and extreme left parties to power, after this phase ends.

This first phase according to the cycles, will peak towards 2015-16, at the end of the 7 years cycle of global poverty and unemployment as robotic workers substitute soldiers (drones) white collar and blue collar humans. It wil be the height of Jewish capitalist power, as it happened in Germany and Europe in the earlier 30s.

Then after 2016 and the crash of the euro-dollar, to the Yuan, neo-fascism will turn its wave and the hate speeches paid by the Jewish moguls of the Tea Party and the European neo-fascist front of the 3 jewish presidents Hollande, Merkel and Cameron, puppets of its bankers, will boomerang, as hordes of poor Europeans and Americans think they have enough. The rich jewish moguls will move to australia to invest in the new Asia, and their power in the west will decline. The two fundational neo-fascist parties, in America and France  which now as hitler did are well greased by their money to attack then the red scare now islamophobia, will think twice. Who is the enemy?…

But of course, the true enemy will be gone, the captialist 10% elite of judaism will abandon its lower classes, as aristocrats send their peasants to die in the battle field, an so fascism will also be an ugly unjust brutal murder this time in a war phase, of the poor jewish, those kosher, obeissance, clueless peasants of the culture of go(l)d. The pedlders, not the bankers, the soldiers not the generals, die in the fascist ages of wars and holocausts. The elites always survive to enact the cycle in another country.

But all that has been covered in our earlier 20 years old books and central posts with the larger view of history. This is the news section dedicated to the date-to-date advance of European neo-fascism with the French at their head.

So let us go with the news updated from year to years…

Now we are all economic palestinians, debt slaves moving faster to the same region of poverty of the French muslims. But loving it: whip me faster master, I love capitalism:

debt slaves4

All the political questions are just distractions of the fundamental problem of western world: the systemic destruction of the planet and its resources by massive economic anoxia. As in all other cycles, as the debt slave cycle gets stronger, political distractions and wars rise their red flags.

update. 50 years of palestinian dogs: the core issue.


Oportunities will come to enlarge those splendid little wars paid with European and American tax payer money to quench the paranoid memes of hate and revenge of its Bankster dictators who sponsor the very colonial concept of ‘making preventive wars’ as we expand the ‘we are all palestinian dogs’ concept of Ham Damnation to every other arab and negro tht doesnt get it right. Accordign to Orthodox Judaism, and hence in a share belief of Biblical supremacists in Israel and America and among the bankster elites and entrepeneurs that dominate the policies of france, arabs and negros are inferior to dogs. They were damned because they descend of one mythic Ham. This religious and racist slur was invented by a high priest rabbi of the age, to declare a Jihad of the Jewish talibans of that time against egyptians and Cananeans, which soon suffered its first genocide at the hands of bigot culture of biblical fundamentalists. Later on it was resurrected by British, Sephardim and Dutch slave traders to justify the ab=uses of negros and modern slavery. Then resurrected by bigot talmudian fundamentalists in Israel to justify as in America, XIX c., the colonization of those primitive ‘dogs’:


And so it is now a canonical truth of jewish-western neofascism, masterminded by Islamophobia and hate media, extended by the FMI complex, that all Islamic nations must be terrorist people who want to destroy us hence we need to do preventive war.

This of coruse has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEORIGINAL ENLIGHTENED FRENCH CULTURE, subverted during the past 2 decades as the primitive biblical supremacist culture of its banksters took over the control of French Press and French TVs.

And now as the banksters thanks to their coup detat and appropiation of the soverign rights of europeans and americans to print their money, in the ECB, have reached heights of power nowehere seen, since the XIX century colonial age of the very corrupted Napoleon III ’empire’. So we live in a parallel XIX century, when bankers first destroyed the democratic rights to issue money for europeans and americans. And we live again in the cycles of war for profits and debt for usury they established, as weapons and war give the higher profits to corporations.  This is the talk of reality as it is, without newspeaks of caring. This is the causation:

Crisis of consumption -> switch to war -> expansion of ahte media and primitive racist cultural memes (biblical supremacism on the rise, rational, eusocial love plummeting)-> Splendid little wrs masterminded by the financial and industrail elite and its quisling politicos -> Crescendo and Global war.

So let us consider now the advance of the global war ‘final solution’ – the massacre of the iranians.

The press is preparing us also with shrewd hate-media from evilwood. So we have now the contending fascist films for Oscars that romance the evilness of the ‘arab dog’: (Argo, Bigelow) where our heroes  makes us understand what is a ‘job well done’ in this war against the subhumans.

A job well done of course is the drone industry, which received another bone with the nomination of its biggest military lobbyist in washington, Mr. Brennan to the head of the CIA.

A job well done by those drones is killing hundreds of innocent civilians, with a precise drone strike – they tell us.

What is not precise is the identity of the people they kill just because some guy to whom we give 200 $ puts our GPS in the home of his neighbor, THAT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS – we just trust the guy who ask us 200 $ for the terrorist. That’s how it REALLY works. Who cares who we kill? We are the superior race that flies over our colonial people as we did over hiroshima. Clean genocides. We do not engage as the fundamentalist germ(an)s in sadist ministrations except in Israel – we fly and kill children and women and neighbors because we dont mix on the ground with those dirty dogs.

Islamophobia has taught us that all of them are supreme evil. Those dogs believe absurdities that steam from biblical reformism (nothing else is Islam but a reformist, anti-racist sect of judaism)… never mind.

All those things ‘can be explained’ properly in Fox Tv, as we explained with the yellow press our ways of civilizing congo, where no long ago, mining companies and western war corporations made a kill stealing and selling metals of all kinds to the count of 10 million plus corpses… In retrospective those colonial wars indeed have never ceased. Only that in the peak moments of the economical cycle of overproduction they are more easy to spot. As Argo, the iranian prequel, will probably win in February the oscars, and benjamin prepares its all-out bid for world war, this ‘little distractions’ help us to intensify our hate to what Mr. Dawkins, that atheists who attacks some religions more than others called the supreme evil. 

The Al-andalusian traveller Ibn batuta however, who travelled 40 thousand kilometers, more than any other traveller ever did, before the arrival of those colonial trains, noticed that he could have done so much journeys enjoying leisures and hospitality because Islam was of the religions of the book the more humane… He visited Mali too, but didn’t come with weapons, only to understand the land. 

The reader should be surprised that the usual comparison of neofascism with Hitler does not appear in the storytelling of the wars of overproduction of electronic weapons… The machines have changed but the human parallelism stays between the wars of the XXI century and… the XIXs… Indeed the ‘splendid little wars of this cycle, are closer to the colonial wars between ‘civilized’ Europeans and ‘primitive’ Indians, Africans and Asians. And the reason is obvious. Those wars started with the last of the colonial nations of Europe, Israel, and as the financial power of the Am Segullah extended it to its european empire and the ‘super-organism’ of Islam reacted to the Palestinian wound, they reached global levels.

Now of course, I write from the wrong side of the wall of war, as it is obvious that from a human point of view nothing differentiates Imperial France interfering with the old Ashanti empire region and the present attack on Northern Mali. The excuses are similar, the purpose the same… to justify war for the sake of war. ‘Bellum ipse aleat’, with the profits of the electronic industries that increasingly switch production to the creation of a Matrix of racist fictions against the poorest nations of the Earth.

Northern Mali people are of white, muslim stock. South Mali are black some christians. They should not be a single nation and only the racist pencils of ignorant French colonizers made one. So now in the North, within their culture, they are separating from the south. And because they are the ‘evil people’ whom we shall use to train our electronic weapons, we invade again.

The same week ‘Argo’, a film about the brutality of the Iranian animal-like people, all those beard macho man you know, whose lecherous looks leave naked the pristine prudish American, and we shall be proud to massacre in defense of Israel, received the first of many titles in its runs through evilwood.

The colonial wars of the XXI century are of course so pathetic and delirious in their ‘narrative’ from the colonial point of view, as the XIX century wars to ‘civilize’ the negro were. But then as now the immense majority of the mass-media imprinted colonialist felt justified. Now they are even corpses in the Sahara, an excellent region to test robotic weapons, and we shall see soon the first radiations of land robots, how they will call them? Drone was a cleaver name, ambiguous enough. Terminator of course is out of the series. We shall use other words, ‘fox’ perhaps? foxbots? Tarabots? Or simply ‘hexapeds’. They will be hexapeds and wheeled. They will search for Tuaregs and other tribal warriors. The colonial wars, as they meant the expansion of trains and steamers and took the first Industrial Revolution out of the crisis of profits into the existential crisis of extermination of human cultures and beings are now again on place and they will last – wars of low intensity as those of the XIX century were, seen from here as a certain distraction, much more putrid in their rhetoric, much more infantile and with little content, all visuals, as there are of course few people who will care for the facts – and the imperalist coq-sured rhetorics of XIX century civilizers are out of place.

France now is decided to maintain glued the errors of their XIX century colonialists and put together arabs and blacks, Christians and Muslims and feel Imperial Grandeur again. We talked already of French Neofascism in our article on the ‘veil’. Now a step further we go – no need of United Nations Declarations and such nuisances – the crumbling of international law as that of the society of nations is part of the process.

There won’t be though a Berlin congress to carve Africa. This is NOT what we are making profits of. The gas and oil of course will be defended, but ‘Bellum ipse alleat’. The excuses are others the true profits are in the industry of war itself, and the electronic industry of war has no limit – an entire species, the warobot must be created. Warobots will be of all kinds and will take us out of the crisis of electronic consumption. The warobot will consume the cameras and chips we humans don’t.

It is the take off of the new species and the obsolete species shall be redeemed from its evilness by the sacred and righteous mechanical hand.

But who is more primitive? I don’t mean whose technology but whose humanity? That of the fundamentalist biblical supremacist of the west, which have regressed from their height of a civilized humanist European Union into the semitic age of banking dictatorship over an increasing dispossesed neopaleolithic, visual herd, fed with tv-hate, or those people in the desert or those machines that kill them? Perhaps the machines are still primitive warobots, but they are evolving fast, almost as fast as the ethic, intellectual and social standards of the west plummet.

In the desert though the people remain the same. That is their virtue. The rose of each dune is carved and crafted with the rhythms of the wind, forming a quartz crystal that remembers its past dances in each vein, fractal micro-structure of information, reflection of those memories of winds that moved the rose. You can trace from that seed of information a brownian movement of sand, like water, for the quartz that grows through those crystalized memories for eons. The desert remembers, the tribes have been there, they came to kill them 100 hundred years ago, as primitive in their beliefs as now… with the same motions on the sand.

Men never learn,never change, just stumbling again with the same stone. The desert won’t notice any change till the hexapeds bery under the dune, step by step, with a new living tam-tam.



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