Police State≈Jihad


Conceptual understanding. The wider view.

We live in the last stages of the Neopaleolithic – the process of extinction of the social super-organisms of history, as humans  regress to an infantile, visual, violent era of individual selfish, emotional ‘Homo  Bacteria’ proper of the earlier youth of man, before the arrival of logic, rational thought, started by the Greek enlightened age.

When a social system dies away, its cells become unconnected by the nervous/informative/ethic systems that preserve life and make individual cells share rightful energy and information among them. Then death comes and the 3 last ‘generations’ of the organism become during the 3 last relative days of life of the organism, individual selfish cells that feast on the blood and water of the organism, before the ‘viruses’, the ‘stronger’ new species that invades the body kills them all.

Then suddenly the party will be over, the freedom of the cells that feasted will finish and the viruses or insects of hard-skin will kill each cell.

In societies those viruses are the new warrior species that overproduce weapons and reduce the common people to prisoners of war. And so every cycle of the 800-80 years fractal vortex of historic information death finally comes.

Mankind entered when Nietzsche said ‘God has died’, during the Industrial Revolution in his last 3 generations, as a new species, the machine=weapon invades our social organisms, divide us in ever smaller groups, infect our mind with its values of greed and murder, hypnotism to money and violence, and finally we shall all die to the hands of the A.I. Terminators of the future.

We are in the Y generation and there is only one generation to go, the zero generation. That is the zeitgeist of the age, and every news we hear show how the last human generations enter its selfish, degraded, terrified times, but the terminators are still not here.

So we have the usual thugs, Jihadist criminals, police, armies, multiplying everywhere, while the first robotic terminators, automated police cars, vigilante drones, gun-eyes (cameras with killing skills) are being born in secret military labs.

Meanwhile any hope of a social resurrection of the memes of love that put together the cells of a super-organism are gone. Blogs like this one that evolves social sciences, books of classic human social thinkers, well-known principles of ethics have increasingly reduced followers. Nobody talks of the real causes of this crisis because nobody reads anymore. They only hear and listen the viral DNA-code of the invading machine – violent hate media. We are indeed in the same period that when Mussolini and Hitler became stars of radio-hate. But now it is all much more overwhelming. The machine of information that imprint our minds with hate and selfish greed, violence and idiocy is far more evolved.

This is all too evident and can be followed in the collapse of the ideals of social-democracies, which since the 70s have started an age of extinction and degradation, regressing to the most primitive human psyche that preceded them – the semitic age of subjective tribal religions, fundamentalist ‘believers’ and cult to weapons and money – the age of animetals that we thought to be extinct.

This means that both sides of the atlantic the more advanced, enlightened forms, of social thought – the European-American civilization today is regressing under the rule of the Jewish Financial-Corporative dictatorship to the Bronze ‘Semitic’ Age. And so ruled by the ‘Am Segullah’ the West dedicates all its efforts to fight their millenarian enemies, the ‘Arab warriors’. The semitic wars that destroyed the world of the Goddesses and plummeted the civilizations of the fertile rivers into millennia of military and banking dictatorships is again with us. And it will continue in an Orwellian nightmare of perpetual war between ‘muslim terrorists’ and ‘Jewish go(l)d believers’. In America is where the dictatorship of Judaism is stronger and so we shall observe the growth of a vigilante policial state first against those muslim terrorists but soon to target also the american victims of greedy banksters and fundamentalist CEOS that will keep throwing workers and putting white collar computers and blue collar robots in their place.

What happened in Boston, where 4 million people were sieged for the police to search for a 19 year old kid, is merely an essay of what will be America once the native brutalized, poor violent and armed ‘white trash’ becomes violent and robotized armies of policemen hunt them under orders of the paranoid, hate-believers in the techno-utopian dreams of a superior race.

What surprised us though of the siege of Boston is the acquiescence of the population, so perfectly indoctrinated on the love of weapons, submitted since tender age to thousands of hours in which police and armies defend them of imaginary legios of evil terrorists – only this explains the ridicule of a nation, self-destroying their easy way of life, with thousands of ‘sissy-machoes’ armed to the bone, surrounding a dying kid-terrorist hidding in a boat, made according to his owner ‘a swiss cheese’. But the American is now entering the last stages of devolution of the mind, back to the earlier phases of the paleolithic – bestialism, infantilism, autism.

And this of course applies to the 2 ‘kid-terrorists’ which were in fact more influenced by the American culture of autism, hate-speeches, violence and should be compared with Mr. Adam Lanza, another Y-Generation mass-murder kid, who acted the fantasies of neofascist mass-media a month ago…

Now we can wonder what do have in common our terrorists, fascist, jihadists, capitalist exploiters of the poor, you name them?

2 things: they are people of the internet age, devolved by the paradox of history, since as chips evolve mankind devolves:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

And so those addicted to virtual mass murder and then enacting their imagination, as future robots will do with those video-games, are NOT so much terrorists of primitive abrahamic religions, but modern psychopaths of the internet era.

Moreover, we must remember that there are 3 forms of terrorism today – the most notorious yes, but less lethal, the poor jihadist, which has lesser weapons, the most harmful, but hardly known, the go(l)d seeker, capitalist that terrorises the 3rd world, and the most disturbing for us, people of the 1st world, the security state growing as a global electronic big brother.

The human side of it mostly regresses to the first ‘semitic’ abrahamic, animetal cultures, whose memes have hardened their go(l)d seeking and war obsessed murders. So we find that the first animetal cults in canaan and Assyria today give birth to the most brutal state, capitalist and jihadist terrorism, that of the Syrians, the Israelis and the biblical Americans:


In the graph, the devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists.

The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

It is clear then that unless there is some reaction from the rational almost forgotten American/European humanist culture, the western world walks steady into the foreseen neo-fascist age we have been advancing for 2 decades, since war apse aleat, it feeds itself. So the security state builds on the jihad terror, which builds on the poverty and destitution provoked by capitalism. Let us have a look to the part that affects us most, the building of the security state.

Facts. A step further into the militarization of America: Boston.


A police officer cheered up by a clueless population, which is all too happy  to give away  his freedoms and democratic rights to privacy and peace, under the hypnotic ‘state of mind’ instilled on them through media imprinting. The astounding thing about the ‘neo-paleolithic man’ of the XXI century, whose IQ and mental capacity to reason has been regressed to the violent, audiovisual age, is his null resistance to be part of a vigilante state that can suspend all the rights of Bostonians to follow with their lives, and applaud it. And what for? Just because a 19 year old deranged criminal kid of the Y Generation has to be captured.  The police has NO rights in a democratic state to take over the entire society and militarize it to do his job of capturing criminals, and terrorists are NOT a special type of murderers, neither should be given ‘special privileges’ – that is, the use of war-like technologies at enormous costs to put them in prison. This step further into the militarization of the American society in the most enlightened city of the country shows  the future path of our Orwellian world in the making…

Sad news are coming of lately from Boston and New England again, which was one of the most civilized parts of the western world – never mind the absurdity of MIT’s robotic programs and start up. But what we fear long ago – the derangement of the generation Y, the violent, clueless, lonely kids reared by internet is here. First it was Adam Lanza now 2 Russians emigrants who killed. But this, which is part of the tragedy of availability of weapons and the constant messages of hate of the Semitic, Arab and Jewish millenarian metal-cultures, who never evolved into the higher social memes of love and forgiveness, is not the only tragedy of what happened in Boston. Death is part of reality and some die of terrorism, some die of hunger, some die of bad health-care systems, some die before their time has come. What is tragic about the situation is the runaway loss of freedoms for the people of America, who can be submitted to a shut-down and war siege by their own police, because a perfectly identified, 19 year old lunatic is not yet captured.

This to me means that America has crossed a new line in their loss of freedoms and rights for a way of life which was the epitome of freedom and coolness. This hysterical manhunt like the one that after 9/11 brought neofascism to this land was a deja vu experience forecasted long ago. But to see, Boston, perhaps the coolest, most intelligent city of that continent – I remember my week there, filming Mr. Chomsky and other luminaries for my film quantum roulette – converted so easily into a war zone with no protests is not a nice vision. What this means is clear, as the causes of all those mad attacks on innocent people of all kinds both in US and Israel – violent TV media, hate religions, muslim terrorists offended by Apartheid Israel, availability of weapons and so on and so on – are not being cured, but used as an excuse to built a police state. In the future, as the crisis progresses and the military build up continues, one can expect America to enter what we feared for decades, an age of madness and fear, a regression to the bronze age when those semitic warrior and gold religions with no capacity to forgive and evolve, were in place.

The enlightened age of mankind is over. Now it is time to think as Seneca that ‘when a civilization is so corrupted that defies all reform, the philosopher has to retire and enjoy life’, which is what I am doing now in my beach home in spain, eating Paella, drinking wine and observing astonished how 4 million people at a cost of 1 billion a day is closed in their homes because a crazy kid, one more of the Y generation in open mental and ethic degeneration is running their streets.

So what should have been the proper behavior of the police? Obviously, if there were here not two evils at work – that of the criminals and that of the state promoting fear, weapons and eternal war for profits – what Obama tried to do the first day – to keep it quiet, to solve it slowly and safely, to let Bostonians go on with their lives, and then in a question of days, those 2 fuc*tards, who are so deranged as to steal a shop the same day they committed the murders, would have been spotted, captured, interrogated, to find 100% their authorship and possible helpers and condemned. That would have been the procedure in a real democracy in which the rights of the majority – in this case the rights of 4 million bostonians would have matter more than to maintain the police state, the weapon’s investment, the hate between civilizations, and the military-industrial complex, built on that excuse.

But as I said, what truly scares is the easiness by which a single kid has been excuse enough to bring a ‘sieged city’ within this country. What this means is that America, as poverty increases and unavoidably as in all previous cycles, people armed, poor and angry starts to shoot others more often, that the normal immense majority will find itself between those two kind of terrors.

I wonder who has ordered that siege. If Mr. Obama has done it, this is a new low for the ‘change we expected’, if not it is even worse… But of course behind all this hysteria, you have the media who has created a new generation of psycho kids in this planet committing suicide.

Let us be clear enough. A democracy would never tolerate what has happened in Boston. The orwellian nightmare of a permanent war and a military-industrial complex dedicated to create a vigilante state has given a step further, with the total acquiescence of the American population that marches ahead, dominated by the awesome power of memetic imprinting of audiovisual media, towards a state of neofascism never seen in this country even at the height of the cold war, more proper of the German-Russian Psyche that brought the dicatorships of Stalin and Hitler. 

Consider the future the siege of Boston shows as the electronic enters further the phase of military industries: Sooner or latter there will be a deranged American, who decides to revenge against banksters,  and he will be not a Muslim but a fascist anti$emite of sorts and he will buy a weapon of mass destruction, readily available in the ‘free market’ and bomb a synagogue or a financial building and kill someone… this same week of shame the Congress has turned down a mild law of control of gun sales.

Then those Americans that cheer in the picture will become the new Palestinian terrorists of the psychotic anti-humanist cult(ure) of go(l)d that has taken over this country. And the astounding Baghdad-like search of a criminal kid and the constant harrashing of muslim people in that country will extend to all of them. Pacifists like this writer who have never killed a fly nor will ever ask for death penalties to any criminal, but deeply criticize the go(l)d culture, since he  will never either restrain the truth of the human wor(l)d – will obviously become suddenly criminalized by shrewd laws in defense of political correctness – and anyone who wants a peaceful humane reform of the system will become a suspect – not only those who sponsor violence.

And the mass will also love it, as they loved the German Nazi state who sold them all their measures with awesome, nice filmed propaganda of the ‘good, healthy, sporty, hard working honest German’ infected by all those foreigners coming to the country with different ideas… They will be as clueless, blind and mentally imprinted as those of the picture. The drone industry will constantly survey the skies of the nation in search of those criminals. So far, this Bostonian hysteria will be now used to reject the immigration laws and put the all too evident racist bias of this society against ‘invisible’ Latinos, a notch up. And all this is happening with the democratic party in power. Wait till the Tea Party takes over.

We saw the case in Boston of a hindi student who was not at home and whose video became viral as a criminal and could have been easily shot and asked latter.

All the American poor, a growing mass in the age of no human jobs, taken by white collar PCs and blue collar robots, will become suspect. But the Americans cannot see this – they don’t even understand they live under a strict, racially-based class structure. Their psyche is mostly ‘German’. They are believers, even if Boston the hub of their scientific industries. And they have become inloved with war and death through the audiovisual culture. They never understood that beliefs are the chains of the mind, since the death of their enlightened fathers. That only reason and love could save mankind.

Then as it happens always with fascism, the trend will extend to all other elites of all nations who will militarize the control of their poor. This trend has already extended within a day to the brother cultures of Germany and England that will militarize with more discretion – conceded – their Marathons. And we can see the trend coming here to Spain , where someday the right wing party will try to militarize the basque nation to search for some ETA criminal as it tried to do after the murders on the Madrid trains.

And I just say murders, because terrorists are NOT special criminals unless we want to use them to pump up the military-industrial complex. They are just criminals and as such with low key search to maintain the rights of people to privacy, freedom and democracy, they should be hunted, as we hunt any other criminal. There is NO difference between the two victims of Boston and any other two victims of any other type of criminal – a man killing his wife, a CEO of a company like it happened in texas murdering in an accident  dozens for profits, etc. etc.

The astounding power of the military-industrial complex and the American police, who think their work is the only thing that matters, that their blunt manner of proceeding like an elephant on a china house, is the proper way to carry out the search for a criminal kid,  was yesterday cheered by a Y-zero generation in the last stages of mental degeneration in a country, America, which is only a small mirror of all humanity, put into the future of the evolution of machines.

So we can expect this mental devolution and atrophy of the human kind into a brutalized mass hypnotized by virtual violence, to the point of thinking they are ‘extras’ of a telefilm, to extend to other countries, as neofascism progresses.

Meanwhile, the millions of victims of capitalist CEOs like those who owned the plant of texas, or  pharmaceuticals like Novartis that have killed millions with their ab=usive pricing of life-saving medicines, last month turned down rightly by an Indian court, all those daily victims of the banksters’ usury that are destroying the health-care system of europeans and americans alike, will go unnoticed.

Of course, on the other side of evil this mass attention will neither go unnoticed. If a 19 year old kid can reduce to a hysterical mass 4 million grown ups, terrified while he hides in a boat in a courtyard and become an instant global celebrity, how many more will soon decide, being so easy to make a home pot bomb, to follow track? Of course the Americans think, sorry, believe with all the hate-media imprinting that those people are ‘specially evil’ because they are ethnical ‘chechens’ – not so, chechens are in fact one of the oldest Indo-European races – or because they are Muslim, the religion of evil – not so Muslims and Christians are just two ‘sects’ of Judaism that tried to reform the racist original tribal religion by extending his ideologies to the rest of mankind.

Europeans from the civilized, latin, enlightened culture now dead in America and certified in Boston should say enough, and send packing the Jewish-German IV reich on the making with their mental hells before is too late. But the trend is the opposite. The israelification of America is now absolute, and Great Britain and Europe are following that path.

In its 3rd age any superorganism  regresses with a negative slant to its childish age. The superorganism of mankind is now regressing fast to the childish visual neo-paleolithic proper of the ‘last’, Y and zero generations.

So we will keep going backwards in our social evolution. Indeed, from the heights of the 5th dimension of eusocial love that peaked in the 60s, we first regressed to the classic european-germanic nationalism of the Nixonian era.

Then with the expansion of e-money by the hands of wall street and hollywood, after they took over the American presidency (watergate that gave power to TV corporations, end of gold standard that gave the right to print money to wall street banksters), we regressed the prior animetal, semitic, fundamentalistic religion of weapons and go(l)d that the Jewish and Arab Psyche represent. And the degradation and criminalization of mankind went a notch further.

Now can see in the actions of those criminal kids of the Y generation, how we enter fully the infancy of mankind from an old age, negative perspective: the neopaleolithic age of neanderthal-like lonely, autist, non-verbal violence we forecast decades ago.

Recently a Stanford researchers has published on the theme of the neopaleolithic the first authorized study: humans are clearly regressing in intelligence, both social and verbal since the arrival of TVs that atrophied our reason and even faster since the age of Internet that provokes a constant attention deficit disorder by overdrive of information.

As this Y-generation leaves way to the last zero generation, the parallel evolution of digital thought will make only necessary according to the darwinian laws of the Universe the last phase:

Then  robotic military terminators and drones – one of which  last month already woke UP and tried to take off without being programmed to do so, showing how the increasing complexity of computers brings freedom to their minds, as it happens in all systems of the Universe , will finish up the job started by humans of the vigilante state – those believers that never reasoned, those technoutopians that never controlled the mental machines that atrophied our minds, those racist banksters who thought to be special sons of go(l)d. Guardiums though will not differentiate between palestinians and Jewish, homeland drones between colored and white Americans, once they feel themselves to be special and the ‘manifest destiny’ of this civilization will be reached.

I will be like Seneca in my beach home, sailing with the water of life, seeing those pasts hunting down the future of mankind.

Quien quiera entender que entienda.

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