Yesterday in self-suicidal mood, i had enough of it, with Mr. Trump’s twits. So i responded through his Facebook site; and then I found I lost my administrative rights to my web on the 5th dimension of future space-time – which remained in permanent ‘maintenance’ till I called the search engine to get the site live again. I didn’t even ask why it went down. A soft warning? Oh, well it pissed me off and I went into a rampage. So here are so far the twits, which will be going on till they ban me or send me a man with a hamburger royale… or just ignore me, after all a little ‘spirit’ of the forest with no power but only the authority of reason, life, love and the knowledge of the future equations of time-space – things of course of little interest it seems for this man, who is paradox of paradoxes now on charge of the future of all of us:

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