Tsugumo vs dog Mat

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-07-56-14On inverse fashion to the classic of Pausanias, Parallel lives, on the deeds of Greek and Roman leadership, we write here the anti-parallel lives of the Animetal, degenerated human beings, who enslaving mankind  to selfish memes of metal, weapons, go(l)d and machines, comparing them with those role models  of human beings, mostly from the past, who fought with dignity against those traitors to their  human race, which in Dante’s Divine comedy belonged indeed to the ninth circle  of hell.

Today the American administration, belongs to the bottom of the pit: financial fraud from the president to its ‘treasure secretary’, who made his most recent fortune, foreclosing innocent citizens, military treachery of an army who has become mercenary slave of a foreign nation, systemic violence promoted by police and gun lobbies, heresy against the messages of eusocial love of all the gods of mankind…  all of them sins sustained by anger and greed the ‘fundamental values’ of a society ruled by weapons and go(l)d.

Update. Puppy dog Mattis selling t-shirts

In this series WE CONTINUE confronting the Animetal administration of the Trumpeter of Apocalypto, vs. different Human beings, with the dignity they lack.

In this article we confront mad dog mat, that is the general in-chief of the mercenary army against the american people


In his masterpiece on the spirit of the warrior, the Master of Japanese humanist film, Kobayashi, confronts the poor Ronin, Tsugumo Hanshiro who tells the corrupted Daymio that the spirit of the warrior is not in the sword but in the soul, in the honor and respect to the word given. He knows if he talks he will die, but he will do so with honor.

The honor of the military soul is what mad mat, and all the $elected presidents, traitors to the bill of rights and constitution that deem all American born with equal rights to just laws and the government of the people – which only occurs when the people has access to their language of power, money, stolen by the cancerous animetal go(l)d cult – have long forgotten. All of them are now enslaving for their colonial masters, their brain manufactured by soma-fictions of virtual honor, and celebrity posers, corrupted to the bone by the military-industrial complex and the Financiers of Wall street who manufacture their brains with faked virtual heroicism, and PRINT them in T-shirts; all for sale just for a few pennies, while the masters racket billions.

Shame on you madog mat.

There it goes, the so-called mad dog Mattis, aka dog-Mat, the ‘doormat’ general-at-rent of the invading colonial forces, who insults the spirit of the Latin Caesars quoting the memoirs of the Spanish Emperor Marco Aurelio, as if he were on the task of defending theAmerican borders from alien invaders, when the invading colonial troops are already within, sucking the blood of your people, their money. Those shame parasites, learn history puppy Mat, were the people the Caesars fought against, and had not them being murdered poisoned and killed by their lesser sons, you would now be not a ‘you’ but a man, not a mercenary but a soldiers defending his land, his family and his honor. Of course, the ronin knows as this writer knows that if he tells the truth surrounded by the mercenaries to the corrupted Daimio he would be slaughtered, but he IS THE SPIRIT OF THE WARRIOR, HIS WOR(L)D IS WITHIN HIS SOUL, HE IS NOT A POSER, and he will speak the truth and die with honor, ‘you puppy mat’ will come down in the books of history as a butcher of innocent people, as a traitor to the American constitution, and that is that.

Indeed Mattis is just a puppy doberman, as his boss, trying so hard to start another mercenary war this time with Iran, a country, run by primitive priests acknowledged, but men who at least unlike the far more primitive masters of puppy dog mat, accept all human as equals, do not call their slaves goys=animals, which is what you are for them. Maybe you should revise Iranian cinema, also, the best neorealist films done in a far more humane society, I recommend you on your theme, ‘how to die with honor’, Kiroslami’s masterpiece, the cherry tree.

Of fall like Paul from your workhorse and feel enlightened by those books you say you read, and defend the freedoms of the Americans, the bill of rights, including the right to own the language of power of your society.

This is what Caesar, Trajanus, Marcus Aurelius fought against to maintain the empire under the rule of the law, not against their people. They were poisoned and murdered and didn’t finish their job. Acknowledged. But don’t insult their memory, pretending you are on the same task.

You know nothing of your job, of the honor of the warrior; you self-named warrior monk, ALL you do is bark, like those corrupted samurais about to murder Hanshiron under his master voice.

Yes of course, as long as you bark your master voice, you will just be another executor like Saito was. Yes of course, those who will read those texts will call me a madman, as Saito calls Hanshiro before giving the order to slaughter him. But deep in his heart he knows he is the true madman, a traitor to his ancestors, who can’t bring himself to watch the murder of a man far above him in ethics and guts. So his twisted mind grins in angst, while Hanshiro knowing he will finally die and abandon the corruption of his wor(l)d laughs as he prepares the sword. Only when the false samurai bring the spanish rifles can they execute the spirit of the warrior who still will manage to open his guts and die of harakiri.

23 Dec. Trump will make more nukes…

and I couldn’t help to tweet him… As only neo-fa$scists troll his web, (people as usual scared to contradict the powerful), it became the lonely dissident, top comment for the day to his runt (:



Abstract. From ‘Truman’s world’ to ‘Trumps world’. From splendid little wars to WW.III with China.

 As we have explained many times in this blog, the future of history can be predicted, because we design and enact the future, within the parameters of any system ruled by the language of information and its values.

If legal words remained the real language of social power, and democracies were real we would live in a world awash with human biological goods, which people would demand with a Universal salary and a productive system in which most of the money would be issued and used for humanity.

As corporative money is the language of power and represents 95% of the legal tender money, mostly in stocks and e-money derivatives, what corporations want, happens. And now in the ‘corporative solution’ to overproduction crises, ‘war is big business’, so the choice of corporations and its ‘manufacturing mind’s businesses’ was a hard-core GOP ultra-wealthy, ultra-conservative ‘neo-fascist’ mad man TV-network leader. And as we predicted it was elected.

When money is the language, the values are profits, and profits are maximised by war.

So it was predictable as we have done for 20 years that business as usual will bring an ‘in crescendo’, series of splendid little robotic wars for profits, till America develop its ‘final solution’ to the 2008≈29 crisis, German style, with the rise of a clique of billionaires and military attached to the FMMI complex, to ‘finish up’ Democracy in America. Yet if the general flow of history can be deduced of the ‘global symmetry’ of its economic ecosystem, the details must come from the ‘local symmetry’.

In the American case, it is obvious that a Hitler-like neo-fascism was difficult to implement, given the fact that the ‘people behind the scenes of neo-fascist America are the ‘Israelis’, the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners, which OBVIOUSLY were not ‘fond’ of hitler-style neofacism.

SO a ‘local branch of fascism’ will be resurrected. And the ideal one, AS THE ENEMY OF THE ‘BOOST’ OF WAR, FROM SPLENDID LITTLE WARS TO GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL WAR IS CHINA, was to be the Korean ‘war’. 

And indeed with clock accuracy, the model is happening. Mr. Trump has just the needed cabinet of war-monger industrialists and general to bring-the-future corporations ‘automatically’ choose as the most profitable of each period.

3 crisis

This is the world we foresaw back in the 90s and now with Trump will be fully implemented. So the coq above, which will march the sheeple to slaughterhouse with his hamelin flute has been indeed a media man… the flute, the digital screen:screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-20-57-34screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-21-00-30

In the graph, neofascism reaches with Trump its zenith after the natural 3-series of Reagan->Bush->Trump. This one is for real. If hate-radio Mussolini like hate-tv reagan was mostly ‘actorial job’, Trump like Hitler is an energetic ‘Pro’.

The neofascist leader of the III Industrial r=evolution reaching power through mass-media imprinting with hate-messages, of the people he will ‘destroy’. If in the yellow press age from Luther to Hearst, verbose hate-writers carried the day to promote war, and in the radio age from Mussolini to Hitler the masters of radio took over, in the TV age from Reagan and actor to Trump a ‘pro’, with dedication and intelligence and megalomania to carry the ‘game of war’ to an end, has taken power. Behind, the backing of the entire Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines), evolving organism of stockrats, company-mothers and networks of electronic machines. This is the deepest level of understanding of what Trump represents. The human ‘details’ are secondary to the physiological systems of information that truly mold the future of the human ‘citizens-cells’.

So Trump represents the decadent industrial colossus of the previous cycle (the age of metal-minds) as Hitler represented the decadent leader of the age of ‘mechanical engines’, Germany invented. And both provoked the new economic powerhouse, USA-Britain and now Mr. Trump will provoke China. The goal is to ‘shift the center’ of wars from the ‘already destroyed’ puppet Islamic nations enemies of Israel, which had done his job of providing ‘evil enemies’ for the start-off age of robotic weapons and electronic big-brohers, to a ‘professional region’, faking false confrontations with China for Taiwan? North Korea? Spratty islands? Any excuse will be good, to justify the hardware, serious classic military weapons, planes, bombers, submarines, atomic weapons, robotised all of them ad maximal. Oh, yes, that is how we shall make American great again, leaving their people live on dirt and spending 90% of the money of evolving and massively reproduced robotised machines and weapons, to protect the rights to a few uninhabited rocks on the south China sea.

Trump’s neofascism ≈ Truman’s McCarthysm: what to do with China’s war?

As it turns out the model for TRUMP, neo-fascism is the McCarthy age, at the height of the cold war with the splendid little war that took America out of the slump provoked by the fall of weapons demand after world war, WHEN CANONS instead of BUTTER, were chosen to rebuild America NOT as a free, humanist country but as the next nation in the series of military European colonial nations. America after Korea was never the same, the choice of post-war America had been made and the murder of Kennedy who tried to steer the boat in favor of their people sunk it.

Now again in crossroads of history, neofascism Trump style has come in a ‘deja vu’ repetition of the Mc Carthy age.

Indeed, in the search for a model for the Trump administration, we have to look at the last ‘clear fascist age’ in America:

McCarthyism, ‘Korean wars against China’, retired militaries back in power

Every ‘nomination’ is a copycat of that age, which ‘resurrected’ with ‘I like Ike’ the old guard of II world war that almost took America and the world with Stalinist Russia into the brink. So it will happen now with the difference ‘this neo-con group of old retired military’ do want to throw his bombs and the presiden on charge will encourage them.


We have now a clear view of what will be Trump’s reign of decrepit, neo-fascist, radical, ultra-wealthy retired billionaires, insiders of the Financial-Media system; and  war-monger ‘generals’, insiders of the Military-Industrial Complex:

A COPYCAT OF THE ULTRA-NATIONALIST, ULTRA-REACTIONARY, EISENHOWER bid for growth through ‘splendid little wars’ – the Korean War age, of McCarthy, General Motors ‘Secretary of defense’ to pump up the profits of iron weapons (GM multiplied by 8 its benefits in World War II, doing tanks; so ‘Charlie’, his CEO was named head of defense, to halt the ‘economic slump’ of post-war; going back again to the XX century key business of America, making weapons of mass destruction).

Now Trump has named NOT the head of motors, as it is a downsized company, but of EXXON, the oil, which ultimately is the biggest pumped up business of weapons – all of which consume high grade excellent oil at skyrocket prices, to ‘direct’ the state department. Way to go… down the gutter.

So this is the absolute reference, deja-vu situation, of Trump’s neo-fascism, a post-fascist era ‘American style’. 

In that sense  the $elections of Mr. Trump would seem a comic ‘charade’ if  I were not human and living in that ‘tragic’ future.

All those billionaires whose war and profiteering big-company policies will further erode the American middle class, and Generals, pretentious heroes cultivated in the art of war like Mr. Mattis, and cuckoo racists potential genociders like Mr. Flynt, with a flair for ‘destiny’ through war. This people are dinosaurs of a foregone age of memes of victory and nationalism, with no place in the dangerous world of robotic weapons and nukes. And yet they are going to implement the ‘splendid little wars’ that will bring III W.W. at the peak of the cycle.

We do have our general, hero of war, Mad Dog Mattis, ‘a legend’ among the Marines he commanded on the dunes of dessert storm, the Memoirs of the stoic spanish philosopher Marco Aurelio, under his arm; the neo-Mac Arthur, for the neo-con war of Iran, of the in crescendo, splendid robotic little wars for profits, which historians will call the prelude to III world War, as they call today the splendid little wars of Ethiopia, Spain and China.

Update. 12 dec. Das kabinet Dr. Kali

Below the cabinet is now formed for the full age of ‘profesional neofascism’, people that ‘mean it’:

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-10-13 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-09-29 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-08-19 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-07-47

There you have it, the biggest assembly of Mad Generals with pre-historic mind-sets, money making billionaires, from the chairman of the biggest world multinational and the one that skyrocket profits in all wars (as oil is the major merchandise sold for high octane fast weapons), along a series of goldman sachs ‘you’ wall street insiders, dedicated to speculate and destroy with market bubbles (Bannon), sell-off of companies in distress (Ross), and mortgage scams (Mnuchin, Indymac). Each of those characters would be in a real ‘humanist world’ a nightmare joke for a dystopian world. Now they rule U$ all.

We shall then go step by step on the future they prepare us.


It is funny that the American people thought a leader of tv-neofascism, from New York, which represents the lobby of ultra-orthodox judaism, the colonist movement who wants to exterminate all Palestinians, and lobbies for the building of a robotised wall, expect him to defend them. The people with bibles, resentment and rifles of Obama’s dictum, which do NOT understand a bit of reality, but are glue to screens elected him

And so now the ‘face has fallen’, weapon industries and the $ goes up. The man is not ‘donald duck’ he MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. Another question we explore in the analysis of his backers, is if he loves America a bit and might change sides, when wall street denies him credit to rise a minimum the level of life of their people, when robots are putting in the last works of economic productivity the iron salary of Ricardo at 6 $ an hour in most service sectors and lowering. How the people of America will react when they realise this is the final ‘joker’, of the Financial-Media owners of the nation? Now the ‘victimist’ mask is falling.

The pendulum law that made the German intellectuals anti-imperialist when BRITAIN RULE, the jewish intellectuals anti-imperialist when german ruled, and have made them nazis and colonists of apartheid israel is at woRK: HE WHO OWNS GOLD AND THE MACHINE FEELS SUPERIOR. So the world now faces biblical neo-fascism as we have been warning for 30 years, of the ‘axis of eviL=antilive memes’ the Financial-Media masters on top the germanic American troups obeying, and the humanist solutions, EU, UNO, Sanders, Nader, ecologist movement etc. in retreat. WE ARE IN A SLIDE DOWN OPRESSIOn, with a neopaleolithic global return to a visual violent, primitive belief age in idol-ogies of nationalism, bronze age religions, go(l)d fetish.

BUT AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, nobody cares. 30 years shouting in solitude. This amazes me. I mean, ok, i know humanism was the smaller probability but that a single person in the planet would realise and predict and ask others to help and none responded?!!! What a species i belong to?

I often wonder. I often thought on LOT looking for a single just men till he found none and God the game of evolution and extinction of this organic universe killEd them all. THIS IS THE LAST CENTURY of man, and none realise. We shall argue in depth why at all levels in this blog. In the graph the obvious why – THEY ARE ALL HYPNOTIZED BY THEIR VIRTUAL REALITY, PROVIDED BY THE INFORMATION MACHINES OF THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, WHOSE PRIMITIVE GOLD MEMES CANNOT EVEN MAKE THEM REFLECT ON WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO HUMANITY AND THE FUTURE OF THEIR SONS TO THEIR 7TH GENERATION.

 The man Mr. trump is  putting on energy ministry the mogul of tracking, the dark hose of his campaign, in which basically play an ‘actor-role’ seems to be boss the orthodox jewish ‘supremacist’, married his daughter; the candidate to the ministry of war is the guy obama fired for wanting to massacre all muslim ‘jihadist’ whole sale; he called first bibi to whom he said his wall is the israeli wall grown-up, he will destroy the little health-care provided by obamacare, which was anyway a way to make money for big pharma, NOT a free system, for god’s sake – what minimal rights humans have in a democracy if they don’t have food and health for free as all machines do? the man is putting on the finances a goldman sachs man, all belong to the same chosen of go(l)d tribe for a century, this is expected, but alas, in true fashion, this man moves from the Financial informative mechanism of free printing of money to the evilwood mechanism of racist memes to do x-men series, this parable of absolute jewish supremacism, where 2 jewish brothers of the supreme elected race fight envious evil human inferior races in a war of extermination. BUT ALAS BIBLICAL NEOFASCISM IS never obvious, it is filled with fictions, victimism, holocaust museums, caring newspeaks of political correctness, so the man almost cheated me for a while, till i did my research. It did of course cheated every poor american in rural america. BUT THE OTHER WOMEN, CORRUPTED FOR 36 YEARS COULDNT TAKE THE GOOD ‘YOU’ THE MOSAIC PROPHET BERNIE SANDERS ON BOARD. How she dared TO REJECT THE MAN WHO COULD HAVE SAVED AMERICA and the world at large from III world war?
I again hoped they would put him at least as vice-president. The day she chose another bigot, I knew the future was coming as expected. We discuss him in depth in is article written as updates as I followed his campaign.

IT IS THEN OBVIOUS THAT AS THE CAPITALIST, JEWISH-AMERICAN MODEL OF A RUNAWAY WORLD DEDICATED TO MECHANISMS, WHERE HUMANS ARE ‘GARBAGE’, EXPENDABLE AND NON-$elected, manage to EXTINGUISH the only alternative to a human future with no ‘nationalisms’, ‘abrahamic tribal religions’, and go(l)d worship, THE MOST EVOLVED WOR(L)D BASED CULTURES OF MANKIND – EU AND CHINA, reconverted fast into copycats of the Jewish Globalized Financial-Media Matrix of falsehoods and placebo caring, the future of mankind as a species disappears.

Let us be clear enough. Of the 3 cultures that created America, representing the 3 languages of human power, 2 of metal one of life:

– The biblical, greedy, segregational, classist cult(ure) of go(l)d $laves & the germ(anic), military, violent, racist cult(ure) of iron wars have carried the day, as they have in the western world since ‘semite arabs’ (the warrior jihad of today) and semite ‘yous’ (the banksters of today). And it does not matter if they work together to massacre mankind or they fight for global power, massacring also, besides mankind, each other, the result of those 2 groups in power is always the same: war and holocaust. And yet Americans isolated and pre-programmed by hate-tv, have chosen again canons and death and hate over butter and life and love, which is what:

-the illustrated founding fathers influenced by the greek-latin-french culture of human r=evolutions preached and wrote in their declaration of bills and constitution. Only corruption allowed on the ‘sidetrack’ to deny Americans the right to print their own money (Hamilton/Rothschild), and the permanent right to bear arms, which initially was a transitory measure to defend the western border from Indian attacks. It is this original culture resurrected in each American revolution – the last one the 60s r=evolution going hand in hand with the French 68 – what ‘animetals’ have been hard at destroying. So Americans’ pre-manufactured brains could sink as low as to vote Mr. Trump, which as the good ‘you’, socialist bernie has denounced today #RiggedCabinet, it is choosing a cabinet of the baddest, most brutal capitalist exploiters of the American people. This was the savior as we explained during all the year in our posts on trump and the U$election (‘presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt), but he would be derailed systematically by their own people who would rather die that accept a tiny ‘Tobbin tax’ on their free-wheeling creation of trillions of $ for themselves. 


The $election is rigged indeed. Trump was given over a billion $ worth of free primetime advertising as the ‘rebel candidate of the sheeple’… In science particles matter not; reality is constructed by ‘waves’, and so in America there is only a ‘wave’ that rules, the networks of the financial-media masters.

Now, i have tried many times to explain the people that host the idol-ogy of judaism->capitalism that the ‘you meme’ is not something to cheer, and is not ‘them’, but a me(n)tal jail that ensures the brutal degradation of mankind, the death of the lower classes of judaism in the war-holocaust cycle and ultimately they should abandon their mind jail and become humanist and fight together. But the meme is insidious; it is repeated generation after generation. And it comes back. After the German holocaust all you people knew the you meme of go(l)d fetish greed was the ultimate cause regardless of the perpetrator and became humanist, socialists, artists. But their sons in privilege America return to the go(l)d fetish, became bankers and now are even more callous than their great-grand fathers were in Europe a century ago. So there is no doubt of my mind they are going to carry the cycle through the same paths, if the rest of mankind does not take from them the financial industry nationalises and installs a mixed system China Style…

 But and this is the biggest deception on my life as humanist, the American intellectual elite prefers to enslave for them, blame the poor and hate mankind too, just because the networks print their minds with hate memes, and fatten its pockets with their money. As time passes, and I guess is part of becoming old and disenchanted one realises that yes, the ‘capitalist parasite is evil=anti-live’ but humans let them do it.  The mass of the American ‘believers’ people are becoming a brutal, dog-eat-dog, darwinian, self-centred society, completely disengaged from life, completely blind to the most basic rules of survival. They are in a roll-a-coaster downclif, cheering with the hands up, without real zing THERE IS NO BREAK ON THE MACHINE, AND THE INERTIA THEY ARE CREATING WILL CARRY THEM TO THEIR SELF-EXTINCTION, hand in hand with the ‘israelis’ that guide them… Hamelin – the biblical capitalist, creationist idol-gies and its ‘gurus’ blow the flute – the stock-rats follow him merrily drinking the ‘notes of money’, and the entire country like the ‘californios’ of time machine devoured by the Morlocks, let themselves be ripped off, murdered and sing together ‘4 legs’ to the wolf that will eat them up.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-08-25-14And there is nothing they can do, because they have been so fast degraded that right now, they wouldn’t be able to organise anything except and explosion of hate, gun shootings and civil wars. They have no model – the American systems scientists whom I gave most of my conferences, couldn’t care less. They just wanted to use my discoveries to improve the organisation of companies.

If sitting bull said Americans were no longer human beings, dedicated to take care of their iron horses, America today plainly speaking as it enters the ‘snowflake generation’, of angry, lonely, hateful people is caving his grave full speed, and because America is mankind displaced into the future – all its races and culture grind to dust by the FM networks their no-future is that of all of us. But there IS A CULT to be blamed, do NOT have doubt about that. The sheeple can be laughed at, but ultimately is the you WOLVES OF WALL STREET, the ones that have destroyed the world. And they have 0-alibi this time, because all of them came from Germany a couple of generations ago, having done exactly the same.  And this time the people they moved onto – the Americans, being ‘believers in its go(l)d fetish book of supremacist history that portrayed them as ‘sons of go(l)d’, gave them the country for them to cherish or destroy which is what they have done – the FUTURE OF MANKIND, AMERICA WAS ABSURDLY HANDED TO THEM BY THE AMERICANS, AND THEY ABSURDLY THREW IT TO THE GUTTER TO RETURN TO A BRONZE AGE BIGOT FETISH GO(L)D RELIGION.

So sheeple and wolves come together down the roll-a-coaster and then one day, after having a laugh to all the social scientists and good people that told them not to do it, they will reach the end of the coaster and simply will keep shouting but not of happiness but of terror, when as it happened when they ran into the showers of Auschwitz, they realise they are being also murdered wholesale. And then they will blame again everybody else – why didn’t you told us? Of course, we told you so, we shout till we lost our voice but you were shouting louder, screaming with the fun of being on top of the wave.


But first to ‘finish off’ the business of  ‘Grand Israel’.

The final showdown with China though it needs to be built up for a decade on financial and budget wars to get the most money for speculation, and hate media and arsenals. So in the meantime, why not to finish off the business of destroying every nation around the Colonial Power, where the true Masters ‘rest’ their bones? Egypt is under the boot, Assange’s civil wars have devastated Syria and Lybia. Iraq is in shambles. Only IRAN remains and so before we go for the big Dragoon, we shall end up with the ‘dragonflies’ of ‘district 9’, all those ‘aliens’ that breed too much around our promised land.

And the war to fight is’ fun’, robotic platoons spreading into the deserts of dal-it on their way from Afghanistan to Teheran:

Now, to fully engage the generals in war, the 2 key positions normally hold by civilians except in times of open global war (the last time with general Marshall in the eve of the Korean war) are stuffed with military.

Matt is mac Arthur, the first professional military to be head of the pentagon in 7 decades,hence a man who will do his job, WAR! And his archenemy is Iran. This is the man that Bibi demanded for decades, first to Bush, but he quitted to the ranch, then to Obama, but he fired Matt. Now Matt is back to do the job of the Financial-Media Masters and expand the splendid $emite wars into a full grown-up prelude of III world war, and permanent global security state patrolled for the crazy 0.02%

Mr. Trump has finally chosen the israeli neo-con candidate, as the absolute ‘lackey’ of the grand Israel plan of expansion of the $plendid $emite wars.

War will be certain. Those are military people who want to ‘see war happening’, ‘who feel more alive when the world is at war’, whose ecosystem as that of top predator machines is ideally a world at war where people die, something completely irrelevant to their psycho minds.

Update 11 dec. 

So they didn’t choose a military but the closest thing to it – the most profitable industry in age of war, the oil business:

Tillerson, CEO of exxon, the equivalent of Charlie, CEO of GM in the Korean war ages:

In 1953, President Eisenhower nominated GM’s CEO Charles “Engine Charlie” Wilson to be Secretary of Defense.

During the hearings, when asked if as secretary of defense he could make a decision adverse to the interests of General Motors, Wilson answered he could not conceive of such a situation “because for years I thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa.”

So here we are, NOT only Israel has become the spearhead of a robotised military world of walls and robots, but now we have full-fledged America dedicated to speed up the extinction of all life forms, which do NOT deserve our respect, because do NOT have 2 cars, 6 mobiles 2 i-robots and a few UZIs on their walled compound. The future predicted for 30 years is here, and nobody cares to EXPLAIN IT as it IS, in its causality AND all too obvious origin on the dictatorship of company-mothers of machines, who care nothing for humanity, whatever tribe and name gives itself.

As it turns out right now, what is Good for any electronic robotic corporations is bad for America (the humans living there) and mankind at large.

Why this man, who backed him? Obiously the TRUE PRESIDENT of America, THE colony OF Israel, Bibi’s man who is the true master of this TV, indebted puppet of the Financial-Media masters who finance his buildings and pay his dues for The apprentice… of eviL:

‘ On December 9, transition officials reported that Tillerson was the top candidate for the position surpassing Mitt Romney and David Petraeus. His nomination was reportedly being advocated by Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.’

The american colony.


best juewsih empire

‘American are Doberman puppies’

Picasso, on the slavery of Americans to their Corporations, ‘their master voice’.

In the graph, the 3rd ‘master’s voice of tv-FASCISM, after Reagan and Bush now comes the 3rd puppie doberman, Mr. Trump. Below in blue the Financial-Media western empire of Israel, the nation of 80% of American CEOs of Financial and Media Industries – the owners.

Bannon, a man of Goldman Sachs, (which faked as white supremacist) and Kushner, the true mind, behind the Trumpeter, the true real state mogul, orthodox ‘you’, married to her converted daughter, Ivana, backer of the racist rabbies that want to exterminate Palestinians and build the wall, the man of bibi, the Governor of the American colonies…

Oh, yes, there is a huge deja vu also on 250 years happening. In the 1770s UK stole from US the right to print money. Rothschild took over the Bank of England and obliged Americans to cancel their own money, so they had to buy ‘debt money’ to his private bank, as the Financial-Media masters have done this time, cancelling the creation of Dollars with 0-deficit laws, so they could invent all the money of America in Wall STREET in e-derivatives. Then ON TOP THE UK asked America to contribute with troops to its mercenary wars to build their global financial empire and exploit the 3rd world ‘primitive people’. Sounds familiar – Israel first took over the printing of money and news, owning the financial-media system. Then they invested in weapons with their free printing e-mney machines and bought its military corporations and now they are converting all americans in debt slaves and mercenary soldiers for their global empire (in the graph, the blue western financial-media empire of the ‘israelis’). 

THE DIFFERENCE? Then Franklin went to UK and asked them to give them back the right to print money and end the use of mercenary American troops on those colonial wars.

NOW, the puppets of the colonial empire are so corrupted that they go to ‘Israel’ to ask for more of the same, and the mass so degraded, they DO think actually they live in the land of the free. This again sociologists noticed when they say, there is a threshold of human degradation, clearly reached in America, where the sheeple will be ‘His masters voice’ and NOT even realise the oppression they live in. SINCE there is a minimum of ethics and intelligence required to rebel agains your kings, priests, dictators and billionaires.

But IT IS NOW SO OBVIOUS that America is a puppet colony that it seems miraculous they still ‘DONT GET IT!’

Another difference of course, is one of military might. UK could never destroy the world in the XIX c.  Israel and his doberman can.

Plus the guy is on top of the world ready to put it all in fire, down the course of permanent, Orwellian robotic wars for profits, and as he said in a discourse not so long ago, perhaps only those who defend the freedoms of America and his second amendment can do something about it. But those of course, seem happy to collaborate on its destruction.  Funny that the country that once was the hope of a future for all humanity has become a hammer seeking for nails, dedicated to manufacture hate-hammers and robotised agricultural grains:


All forms of military ‘final solutions’ to economic crisis, and corruption of democratic ‘real’ freedoms and human rights are similar: state investment comes to the rescue of big corporations that cannot sell more peaceful machines and full gear the reproduction of weapons. Never mind the wording ‘ Stalinist facism, Hitler’s Fascism, GOP fascism, Likkud’s fascism’. It all comes to this: instead of a New Deal to come out of the crises of overproduction of speculative money, machines & weapons more of the same to fuel war. Now America has fully entered the dispute for the ‘banner’ of being the most hated cult(ure) of the wor(l)d. The change of cycle from German to American fascism, with the interregnum of communist fascism is completed. 


What is more incredible to me though, is how the human sheeple is happy seeing all over again what happens in the 30s, now not in hate-radio but in hate-tv, as if it were another fiction more, unaware of how they will also burn at the end:


The moral and intellectual degradation of the American and western people at large has made possible the transition from ‘Truman’s world’, when humans were still required as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers on them, to ‘Trump’s world’, where humans are just in-waiting for their slaughterhouse time, as predicted 20 years ago in this old exhibit of social classes for the XXI century. The big difference? THESE people are so lunatic that if ‘mad dog’ Mattis decides to throw his nukes to China or Iran, as Mac Arthur tried (he wanted to throw the bombs to China in Korea) he WON’T BE dismissed as Mac Arthur was by Truman, but actually encouraged by Mr. Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28

In the graph, the Trump age, as prophesized 30 years ago…. in a conceptual art exhibit at New York



And below a few of the graphs of bio-history, c.9r,  ldone with prehistoric graphs: the first one showing already how the media networks were moving towards debunking China, and how we predicted it to arrive to a war cliff in the 20s.

Then an artistic rendering of the III world war with the master of Tao, China, vs. the master of go(l)d, U$, while the civil wars, fascist wars and robotic awakening happens circa middle century:



The graphs with the curious first jargon of bio-history expresses what would happen if business as usual continues. And we did indeed explain it in detail years ago in our articles on China and the currency wars that will fuel the process.

Now we know what the neo-Germany of this cycle, ruled by the neo-cons of Israel and its WASP allies plans to do with more details as the future comes to us in time and space, a future we should have long ago rationally prevented by considering the real theme of this crises and modern age: the overproduction and evolution of machines & weapons.

The uncertain future in details… The certain future of the cycle.

America is ‘owned’ by corporations; this must be understood from the beginning… They and the owners of corporations therefore manufacture the brain of Americans and it has been so for so long, as its inception, when it was the property of the London company. But systems become far more complex with time, to the point that paradoxically America is defined today with its anti-truth as the land of the free. This lie thus have to be repeated ad nauseam, for the people to believe on it. And that is why the fundamental mantra of America, the land of owned $laves of corporations, who first arrived as cargo of gunboats, then were $elected allowing only to enter those who ‘believed’ in the racist book of history of their ‘master race’, chosen by go(l)d and now are manufactured by TV-sets and given freedoms according to the credit number of their account – the specific ‘tattooed’ number of the global concentration camp of corporations who own us all, is repeated ad nauseam.

So an anti-truth is created so shocking that as the Goebbels method indicates, is difficult to change. Indeed, the anti-truth, as bizarre as it might seem is more difficult to change than a half-truth. If you are told you are free a goodie, so many times as to become an imprinted belief, to go back to the reality which is so opposite to the truth, your slavery to go(l)d, corporations and its owners from other country, depresses you so much, changes so much your self-view that as Nietzsche and Goebbels explain you will not change but kill the messenger, and abandon this web.

So the Americans will go to all lengths to keep this lie on their hearts, and hymns, the land of the ‘free’, which means merely the land of the chaos, where chaos=death=freedom=entropy is confused with true freedom, the capacity of humans to achieve its goals, not as the free American of the previous graphs (soldier, jailed, homeless, tv-conected) but as a full thriving, complete, educated, ethic, connected with other humans (not with machines and virtual realities) human being. Of course the 1% and the owners are free. So they are also all time all hours all day talked about on media, to make them surrogates of freedom – so people who watch them think they are free because their ‘owners’ are having a great time on TV sitcoms.

Now, the man on power, belongs of course to the sitcom ‘school of politicians’, which are reared no longer in Columbia u. But in evilwood, since the neo-fascist wave moved from radio actors in the previous cycle (mussohitler) to TV-hate media (Reagan being the founder of the school, Mr. Trump, his confessed admirer the last guy).

Alas, he has ‘graduated’. But is he a puppet as Mr. Reagan was, or actually does he have some ‘humane’ side, and cares for his people? Because if so he might do something about the destruction of his people by the FMasters, its corporative profits and the robotic wave.

We shall understand that there is a certainty in a world based on a technological civilization, as Fromm explains – the machine is god, cannot be denied because it gives profit and so it is the engine of the changes of policies, as long as we do not really refocus on the human kind. And so under such idol-ogy, what humans care so much about, their tribes and specifics, are irrelevant. We shall move therefore into the neo-fascist age of robots – the specifics so far as today, Mr. Trump as today a lobbyist for the robotic military industry mostly of israel, who produces 60% of it, and obviously is connected to trump’s family (daughter married to orthodox real state mogul, clear islamophobic and racist campaign, treatment of Mexicans as Palestinians are treated, etc. Etc) so far will develop the industry in the huge wall. But things might change, and that is what really interests less to a scientist.  That is the human factor, which changes, but the underling factor – we are entering the war age of robots, and vigilante cameras stays.

Now where is the ‘human factor here”? In the POTUS factor, the president of America, we are in the age of robotic wars and so the next president should be trump, but if he is so dumb that not even the system can get him elected, we can maybe delay  the super-2016 crash, and slide down slowly with corrupted lobbyist seller of laws, miss Clinton, or the alternative neo-fascist leader Mr. Trump sold to the robotic corporations that will construct a  wall compound in America.

Indeed, so far Mr. Trump is paid by the most conservative group of the financial-media masters, as a lobbyist for the expansion of the robotic military security industries of israel and DARPA related companies. And no doubt depends and has closer tights than suspected to the speculative world of new york. The question though is what will happen if

A) it provokes china which would sell treasuries and sink the dollar, a clear path to III world war

B) if it becomes more isolationist and trying to help the american people abandons the staunch defense of israel’s orthodox colonist groups and its islamophobia; provoking a face-to-face dispute with this group now clearly backing him (military companies, dow jones and the dollar is stronger so far). Again we repeat in as much as it is impossible to blame the true cause of those crisis – the overproduction of chips, so no solution can be found the problems of America, obviously blamed in non guilty cheap Mexican workers, the rhetoric might change to defend people’s power, which in America is obviously in total opposition to the power of the FMasters…


The leader is seen as the saviour,  against the Financial-Media masters, who control the economy, fire workers for machines of better profits, print money only for themselves, admit no criticism as the ‘righteous’ 1% and manufacture the brain of people with infotainment and hate media.

But once $elected by military corporations and voted with its populist promises, it becomes crystal clear that he WAS NOT the solution, which was a Global new deal of overproduction of welfare goods, but worse: the man who will bring the splendid profits of an electronic big brother and war, a police state… Deja vu:








And so as humanist, theoretical solutions have been censored for decades, as the null exposure the work that preceded this blog, as early as c.92 (during I desert storm), and the praxis of ‘socialist bernie’ has been crunched, the leader first elected to destroy and blame the poor and 3rd world of the problems of the nation…

IT IS THE FINAL PARADISE OF THE 1%, eternal alliance between banksters and war-monger politicians, PAID BY THEM. But as the crisis continues, the leader is contested, and he rebels against its FMasters. And so the cycle after all the unnamed corpses of the common people cannot be HIDDEN ANY MORE IN THE CLOSET, it brings the final gottendamerung:a holocaust of the FMasters who denied all responsibility and cancelled the humanist solution for ‘go(l)d’ sake’ – that little guy on the left corner of the last graph, below labelled ‘socialist’, and despised by both the FMasters and the leader’.

Because go(l)d is god and we all die for our beliefs:screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-57-35








In the graph, the hopes of most voters of Mr. Trump, is that he would derail the controlled perfectly owned members of the political and financial establishment, but this is a long shot. In the graph, the head of America, its FMasters and its 3 ‘sides’, the right wing goldman sachs man, the softie, wall street lady and the rebel, socialist bernie… Mr. Dees, the best political illustrator of the ‘heartland’ self-made man American hopes Mr. Trump represents his dream of freedom and regain the land for his people. It is unlikely. So Mr. Dees, after the enthusiasm of the earlier days of ‘stage theatrical release’ of Mr. Trump the rebel neo-fascist leaders, finally got it and gave us this surrealist masterpiece of political art, reminiscence in the American weimar of the ‘german expressionist ‘ age with its brutal onslaughter on the financial-political corrupted masters:screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-19-45screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-26-43screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-12-18-28

But alas, the Donald is so full of himself that he might become offended by the elite and provoke a higher degree of chaos with is twitter quacks than expected. This was the hope of Mr. Dees on the right, but the ‘hater in chief’ will have to end up walking his talk, and the paranoid go(l)d who gets so easily scared will give him reasons for it. So the duck will have to shoot something more than blue-birds after a few months if he wants to get ‘heard’. He lives on attention and nothing gives more attention and more money to a leader that war. That is what Grosz in an age of higher artistic IQ and compromise rightly understood in his masterpiece  of surrealist expressionism – the eclipse of the sun. Yes indeed, the banker and the military are left alone, all humans beheaded, all sheeple blind and the ‘sun’ eclipsed by the new top predator currency, the dollar… as the dollar will be by the yuan. 

And so the Donald might implement faster than expected the 2080 ‘caducity date’ for the human lot (if business as usual continue).

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