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Abstract. America is the most complex superorganism of history; one in which two cultures struggle for supremacy, the humanist, democratic culture of the enlightened period, and the biblical cultures who invented the memes of metal. The first culture is the American dream, a new beginning for mankind, the second culture is the American nightmare, a world in which humans are slaves of the memes of metal. Unfortunately with the neocon movement the Biblical culture, thanks to the added power of those memes of metal, specially in the present decade of superproduction of electronic machines, robotic weapons, hate TV and e-money has won and corrupted or converted the members of the other culture.

The American Nightmare unfortunately today rule supreme and menaces to tear apart the American people, sinking in poverty as the robotic revolution in fields of war and work makes their citizens increasingly obsolete.

The two cultures of America.

America was for a while the land of the free. Today is the land of the slaves of the FMMI system. No other country indeed has reached such a degree of mental programming by the financial-media system, as the American today; and so paradoxically nobody believes to be more free than the american, absolute slave, with its manufactured brain.

This contradiction is astounding for anyone who has lived and visited the country at different stages of the electronic era.

In the 60s and 70s America was a free land. Then it came the chip and the financial-media system made a leap of complexity that allowed its owners (for historic and economic reasons, overwhelmingly belonging to the Jewish nation) to program american minds as an absolute tabula rassa. 2 were the consequences of this, as always, one for the technological p.o.v., the other from the human p.o.v.

From the technological p.o.v. America entered the Neo-paleolithic age of visual ‘freaks’, violent, simple, non-rational, believer minds imprinted by the irrational, magic FX and cult to death of ‘evilwood’.

From the human p.o.v. the Jewish nation reached absolute power over the American system, converting the country in a ‘de facto’ colony of Israel. The israelification of America, which today is complete made the American army, politicos and financial resources, the mercenary army and monetary press of the Jewish-Israeli agenda.

And yet, the perfection of the imprinting of American minds by the ‘Industry of the Holocaust’, that pretends to make the Jewish people untouchables, for the surrealist reason that 100 years ago, 6 million jews died along 60 million other people in a historic war… is so intense that all Americans love their masters, as house negroes did in the past. The American today is just the house negro of the Jewish people and that means it will fight and die for Israel in the Semite wars; it will pray and adore Jewish carpenters as Gods and the Jewish subconscious collective will be in that deluded world of idol-ogies, the creator of the Universe (Yvwh, a toponym for Judea in old maps). And certainly the American slave will stop reading any post of this blog as long as it ‘confronts’ any criticism of the jewish nation – unavoidable in as much as they are the owners of the financial-media western system and hence the dictators and cre(dit)ators of the future of our western civilization.

And finally, it will abandon its astoundingly beautiful and hopeful ‘culture’ of humanism – the culture of the enlightened founding fathers by the myths, idol-ogies and absurdities of the Jewish world.

Since he will ‘believe’ in the completely distorted history of its financial-media and its ‘newspeaks‘ by the financial-media that tries:

A) To hide the non-human nature of the economic system for which the American toils unending hours, as he doesn’t ‘work to live’ as Latinos do, but lives to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize the machines of the FMMI systems, its absolute idols.

B) hide the financial-media power of the Jewish nation, attempting a tour de force on the west, using European and American armies for his mercenary wars, at the same time than its elite of bankers and politicos  absorb the wealth of those nations, detracted from the welfare state their people fought to create after world war II…  (the Bernankes, Tritchets, Sarkozys, Camerons and Merkels that are regressing the world to a new neo-fascist age, having learned nothing from the previous 30s crisis) in an action-reaction process that resembles closely that of the German weimar (we could consider Obama’s presidency the last of the American weimar)…

This is the present zeitgeist of America and Europe, a common culture that have regressed mankind from the rational heights of the Democratic, enlightened American-European humanist culture of the American/French R-evolutions into the primitivism proper of mythic, Semitic, Abrahamic religious wars, hidden by newspeaks of political and economical correctness (or in terms of the previous graph of civilizations, from the lower humanist side or social love to the upper animetal world of dog eat dog idol-ogies

In that reagrd, all these posts must be understood as part of the paradox of history that confronts ‘animetal nations’ created with the memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, which are extinguishing life and its ‘human cultures’ built with the memes of life. Today all human superorganisms mix memes of metal and ‘economical nations’ with memes of life and ‘human cultures’.

And both are related by the paradox of history: maximal evolution of memes of metal = minimal eusocial evolution of the memes of life.

Accordingly the History of America has been ambivalent, with ages in which it lead the Human culture (Revolution, Jacksonian age, 60s) in its bid for a better world, and regressive, cultural ages in which it has lead the industrial nations (Colonial Age, reconstruction and guilded age, neocon devolution) in its bid to create the superorganism of memes of metal that are about to extinguish life.

America in that sense has been as most cultures a fight between ‘culture’ and ‘nation’, the memes of life and the memes of metal. Its complexity, studied in other parts of this web and my books on history become further embroiled by the fact that all cultures and nations have existed in America, and its intensity by the fact that the culture of America in its original meaning (founding fathers) was meant to be an enlightened path to human freedom while its national memes – biblical and capitalist in origin – were the most extreme of the economic system. Thus the American struggle in their revolutionary ages has been pretty intense. In other posts (the end of the American dream) we deal with the political and social structure of all the races of America, as today, when unfortunately the neocon-lonialism has returned to the country with the oppression of the cultures of memes of life by the biblical culture of memes of metal, which has become the ‘only head’ in power since the Reagan age.

Thus we can say that the ideology of ‘the American nation’ has imposed its memes to the American culture that seeked the enlightenment of mankind as an equal species regardless of race or religion.

Today America is a ‘nation’, which has very little left of its ‘human culture’ and acts as a robotic appendix of the Metal-Earth, and the messages of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism in which all his Americans believe. There are left-overs of the American culture, notably in the memes and work of minorities, but basically today America is completely enslaved to the process of extinction of life and this planet, by those beliefs, which create indeed slaves, in an Aristotelian sense (‘Many men are born and can only be slaves because they ‘believe’, they don’t reason’).

Of course, the common American people, as all humans, once they isolate themselves from the memetic imprinting of the system, become ‘humans’ and in the daily treat they respond to the natural desire for verbal communication, sharing and loving of all ‘virgin’ human species. This again surprises the traveller who expects to observe hollywood characters, tainted by the propaganda of evil it receives in its own ‘national system’ of indoctrination.

Further on, there are remains of the American culture and life memes in minority cultures (latinos, negros, gay and Indians who were considered the enemies, sinners and human capital of the biblical culture). And so in their ‘capitals’ one can observe a higher interest for life memes. Such is the case of the capital of the gay population of San Francisco, of the Latin culture of Miami and the black culture, New Orleans, mixed with its cajou french/spanish culture. Those cities have still going a strong night-life, open sexuality, good food joints and lively art, musical and literary scene.

But those isolated islands of human culture are hardly known except to the locals, widely criticized by the audiovisual system that imprints the minds of Americans with the memes of violence, greed and techno-utopia. And so the ‘official culture of America’, Hollywood, is merely the machine that manufactures the collective brain of mankind in the globalized world with those selfish memes.

The historic evolution of America and its XX century can be followed also in the left wing articles on the XX century age of metal-heads that Hollywood represent. Here, because the American dream has failed and it is not longer real, we should analyze the present hierarchical, anti-democratic structure of American capitalism, with a ‘head’ of biblical people in control of the financial and informative system of the nation, and a mass of ‘blind’ cells of the body of America, who have no clue as the cells of any body of what their neuronal heads do.

Those manufactured brains, who depend on their credit ratings and a sheepish obeissance to the queues, fictions, damned lies and statistics of the head, were the people that the American Dream, the enlightened European Social-Democratic culture of all humans equal, who the founding fathers of American envisioned, had upgraded in the post-war, We-geneartion, to a level of empathy and understanding of mankind that could have save the world. Today there is hardly any remains of those people and they are, needless to say, powerless to stop the wave of self-suicidal behavior and automaton reproduction of machines and weapons for profit that guides the corporations of the biblical people, the true dictators of the future of America.

The head and the body of the American ‘nightmare’.

This 'prophetic' graphs were exhibited in 94 as 'conceptual paintings' in the 90s, when i was trying different modes  to express the future, forecasting what is now a growing reality - a robotized neofascist world, in which the rights of the Head, who controls all the languages of information of mankind, money, metal-communicators and the law, are absolute, while the rest of Americans will increasingly enter poverty, obsolete to the new wave of mechanical workers, pc-white collar and robot-blue collar machines. What to do with that mass of obsolete humans within the parameters of the capitalist system is clear: repression, jail, and maintenance at minimal cost with trash food and 3D-virtual reality. Further on, because America is a small world in miniature, all the races and cultures are represented there, adn classified by the paradox of history (Max. Technological evolution = Minimal life memes and vice versa). Thus the cultures of life (latino, black, Indian) are on the bottom of the social pyramid; in the middle the Asian and White cultures and the biblical top predator Jewish-Protestant nations that invented capitalism and control the 'American nation' and its financial and political structures on top. This group with the added 'blind body' of white 'trash', biblical believers form the American nightmare, the neocon culture of FuCMaN, based in fictions, Capitalist greed, Mechanist technoutopias and primitive tribal nationalism, which is now becoming globalized, responsible for the self-suicidal behavior of the species.

Let us consider here merely some points on the super-organic structure of America as a hierarchical super-organism with a blind body and a harsh head that controls all the information of society.

The American nation is the ‘perfect daughter’ of the 3 other nations that define the animetal world of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex and its 3 eviL=anti-life ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism. Its racial stock in its white elite is also a mixture of the germanic, british and jewish nations. And among those 3 animetal cultures the power structure is clear: the Jewish and the elite of the British, Wasp, form the controllign head of America. The rest of the white Americans form the body, and the life-based minority cultures are despised and live in ghettos, except the most fundamentalist believers in the memes of the ‘head’ of America.

The naive reader (the 99%) should understand that any super-organism has a head which carries all the information and a body which is blind and depends on the head for that information; specially in hierarchical organisms with a ‘different kind of cellular head/culture’ on top.

In that regard, one has to understand that the present structure of the superorganism of America has changed as the alternative humanist culture of America has been muted and blinded, through the power of mass-media industries, which belong to the biblical people. Money and mass-media are the two languages of information that reign supreme in America and that implies that the neurons who create money, bankers and mass-media people overwhelmingly belonging to the jewish culture, own, and control totally the rest of blind cells of the American superorganism, which cannot see anything as the cells of a body do, unless the information transmitted to them by their nervous network/brain cells, the Jewish people.

.This happens not only in the Jewish culture, where the banker-priests (today divided but in its canaan origins the same profession) ruled completely and indoctrinate to a degree hardly understood, the mass of Jewish believers with all their myths, dogmas, precepts and rituals, but also with those nations, which are ruled in higher degree by the Jewish nation, as the invention of the Jewish cultures, capitalism – the rule of the world with money – and its systems of control of humans through mechanisms and biased information spread to the rest of the world.

In that regard, we are not considering ‘America’, the ruling nation of the world, since the overwhelming majority of its 1%, and its corporations and informative systems belong to the Jewish nation. And part of that ownership of course implies the ‘blindness’ of the American people to real information regarding the nature of its head, whose control of mass-media thanks to the expansion of e-money and stock-markets is now rather global. Thus you live in a world with a blind body and an informative head occupied by a people-caste and its closest associated and co-opted ‘daughter nations’ (Biblical elites of the anglo-saxon world/old British Empire).

The second layer of control of the Jewish Superorganism is Europe and its colonial empires, notably France and Germany, who must obey blindly and finally there is a ‘territory of order’ (the 3rd world) in which all those superorganisms prey/feed on raw materials and two enemy cultures, which have not yet yielded to the globalization of the Jewish Empire, China and Islam.

Now of course, this previous ‘concept’ is called anti$emitism and will prompt many not to keep reading, specially if America – as it is essential for the head to have perfectly indoctrinated all the cells of the body – and certainly one cause of the indifference for biological history of American scholars, publishers, economic think tanks, literary agents and the common ‘blind people of America’.

This obviously can only offend the Americans reading this post, as they are part of that superorganism and their head is too. but anyone who has lived in America coming from other superorganism is not so clearly bounded by that blindness and can easily distinguish the body from the head.

Obviously the most fully aware of this are the ‘enemy cultures’ of the head, Islam and China. My culture and point of view though is that of the Southern European/Enlightened american cultures in which I lived most of my life, which regrets deeply this state of affairs not because the Head/Jewish nation considers me his enemy but because an objective view shows that the memes of metal acquire such self-suicidal intensity in this nation that they will certainly extinguish mankind ‘blindly’.

So an essential theme for the future of America which we treat in many perspectives in this web is this, given the distorted reality of a body beheaded, with a hydra on  top with ‘two heads’, one in America and one in Israel: how this dysfunctional state of affairs will end? Will it end like in Germany, with the split and enemity of body and head? This is the most likely end as 13 cycles of holocausts show in the past, always that the Jewish Head has been put over a body of other culture which ends loosing most of its ‘blood’ and killing the ‘parasite’ head.

Or will the Jewish head become greatful to the American body that so well has enslaved its people for the benefit of the dual head, both in America and Israel? This was my hope 20 years ago. This was what I preached in my earlier life in Columbia and NY… a mild conversion of the Jewish people to Humanity, so they could guide as the head of the western world our civilization to a sustainable world.

But the brutal facts of human extinction, memetic evolution of metal, dysfunctional imprinting of the human mass by those memes and ‘madness’ of the self-suicidal jewish culture during the past two decades has erased any hope that head and body of America become one, and as such rule the world to a human future.

In that regard, America could have been the guide of mankind towards salvation instead of extinction as it is today if the neocons had not extinguished the cultural dream of a single humanity, which the Founding fathers envisioned in one of the highest moments in the evolution of the mind of man. Instead the revivalist resurrection of the most primitive memes of metal of the biblical culture,  defeated enlightened America, perhaps the last dream/hope of the humankind before the American ‘nation’ built the nightmare of our extinction.

And this is the America today, where the head is crazy and the body is blind and all the memes of life are ignored and despised.And so accordingly it is not a myth or an anti-American bias, the so-spread opinion among Western Europeans, that America lacks any taste for art (human visual thought), literature and humanities (human temporal thought), sexuality and love (human reproduction), food (human energy), and empathy for the rest of mankind (human eusocial evolution) – memes fundamentally corrupted by the oppression the memes and values of metal-money (greed), weapons (murder) and mechanism (mathematics as the only language of truth) exercise over those ‘treats of life’.
The no future.

This tragedy of course is global, because now America is merely the blind body that hits wherever the head says, and since the head is a self-suicidal culture, studied in great depth in this web (given the fact that heads after all, smaller as they are in mass, command and define the future of superorganisms in its totality).

Regarding the head and how it exercises the power is obvious. Head are ‘networks of information’ and networks of information form a single unit due to its extreme sharing of information. This is the Jewish people a single cellular brain. But neurons on the other hand are always busy, maintaining the body blind, absorbing its energy, commanding it and ensuring that it is divided in individual cells so it cannot take power from them. and this is indeed the key to understand the control of the Jewish head over the American body: ‘divide and win’. so the entire cultural propaganda of the last 30 years has been about calling each American no longer an American but a Polish-American an Afro-American, etc. This of course is masterminded by the thousands of ‘anonymous’ neurons of the Jewish brain that insist in the ideology that every American must be the king of his hill, a self-made man and rely on himself, so it will never have a mass to defy the Jewish network-brain and/or the ‘legal persons’ called corporations that control totally those weak self-made man individuals and program it blindly.

And of course, all this has been done as usual in a system – where each neuron ignores the contribution it makes to the complete head. By this I mean the Jewish people are not fully aware of their role as heads of America, but merely act guided by their three main memes explained in the article about them, their land/nation, israel, their book of history/religion, the bible and their metal-meme and language of power go(l)d. And then the combined actions of those memes creates the neuronal head that rules with them the rest of America, its majority which believes in the book of history of judaism/Bible, in its language of power which they monopolize, reproduce and use to give orders to the rest of Americans (money) and finally to their land nation, for which they die in unending mercenary semitic wars that cofront warrior islam and go(l)den israel.

At this time of my intellectual development, once assumed a surrealist position respect to the astounding incapacity of humans, 99 and 1% to rise their level of ethics and intelligence to the minimals required to survive, this dream is just anecdotic. And of course, this web taboo for both the 99% and the 1%. Indeed, today the American slave/cell of the body of the Jewish organism jumps in defence of their neuronal masters who emotionally imprint his heart from earlier youth with messages of ‘guiltiness’ so he suffers and adores the masters who exploit him.  While the master has been kind enough not to eliminate the ‘doctor of history’ that writes this blog and merely silenced him as yet another insignificant cell of its body.

What we expected from Obama of course, was to stop that process of destruction of America, which we, the intellectuals could not achieve and mildly bring together the parts in conflict. He might had even tried. It might be even as impossible as my quest during 20 years trying to interest mankind in their own survival.

Nobody has explained in that sense better the present relationship of the American people with the Jewish master but Orwell in his animal farm… In that sense America of course is a puppet, a giant with clay feet, a doberman, but as such it can devour and destroy and it does so, any enemy of its head.

Bottom line is when an organism becomes ‘crazy’ there is nothing to do. On my opinion the Western world is now ‘crazy’ due to the mental ‘leukemia’ that the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines have caused in the subconscious collective of all nations, the more crazy the longer they have been exposed (hence the extreme militarism, capitalism and techno-utopian madness of the Jewish people).

But of course a crazy organism still lives, breathes and specially it has a roll-a-coaster life full of intense emotions and up and downs. So it is fun to watch it. And that indeed, the perception of this country in the mass-media – the unbearable lightness of being human at its best. Of course the American people, the body of America is suffering the madness of the head that mistreats the body and deserves better. But the Universe is not compassive with those who let themselves be treated as ‘believers=Aristotelian slaves’.

Fact is that in the parable of the Orwellian animetal farm in which we live, the ‘sheeple’ that sings ‘four legs’ happy with his destiny, doesn’t really bring our pity, nor the military doberman that the pigs engage to destroy the r=evolutionaries deserve much admiration; not even boxer, the working horse who is loyal to the pigs till the end, thinking he is going to get health care when old and useless for hard work, is a role model. And indeed, today America is full of those characters. Voters of the Koch brothers – sorry, the Tea Party – who shout ‘4 legs, 4 legs’, asking for their day of sacrifice; ‘believers in the system’, who work unending hours to pay taxes to the bankers that parasite them; soldiers who die in remote Islamic countries to defend… Israel; techno-utopians who enslave unending hours to create the new devolving app for your brain or tool robot to kick you out of work.  The obsession of America for creating the mechanical, future world that will extinguish us, obsessed by profits, is truly an astounding, surrealist, sobering experience to observe and appease any ‘angst’ or sense of responsibility for the future of the species..

The other America, the one we loved, the future of mankind, in a society in which all humans have dignity and a future, is in full decomposition, its values gone, its social networks destroyed, its people on the verge of poverty, its minds erased of human memes, its army a mercenary monster obsessed by terminators and industrial profits, its politicos the most corrupted and ignorant of the planet…

I lived there most of my adult life but now Im in the process of abandoning my life in America, since nothing can be done when a superorganism has reached that final putrid state that precedes decomposition, in the American case, fascism of civil war.

Problem is America in itself is the head of the World. And so only if America had won over the Biblical culture and imposed the dream of their founding fathers the world would have been saved. Now the Jewish double ‘crazy head’ over a blind, aggressive body, creating all the technologies of extinction, which considers the ‘world’ its territory, are bound to liquidate us all and themselves… within a few decades.

And why? Of course there is the ‘war on terror’, the ‘communist rival’ etc. We shall deal with those placebo excuses and paranoias, one of these days with a post about the ‘Arab Nation’ and its old semitic, millenarian memes of war (not to confuse with the Islamic culture, a religion of love) and one of China, but we should state the obvious. The dangers of the Arab nation are inflated and could be solved in America stop being blind and obliged to a humane solution to the Palestinian Apartheid, but of course this is a fantasy, as America is blind and as all blind people ‘any sensation is good for them’, so they revere all the propaganda and limited information the jewish mass-media gave them, creating the hate-tv paranoia necessary to keep on war. 

Of course, the Arab Nation and the Inquisitorial, militaristic Yihad it has imposed on part of Islam is there, but this problem which is part of the decomposition of other organism of history – the religions of eusocial love today corrupted by money and weapons like every other institution – is to start with not an American problem if America had its own head, nor one who could not be solved by treating the Arabs as equal human beings. Regarding China, you can consider the post on the ‘clash of titans’ in the right side of this web – not an enemy but the natural partner with the EU to form the wor(l)d union and solve the existential crisis of mankind, once America regains its ‘enlightened’ head of its founding fathers and stops behaving like a blind brute… But time is running out… as soon as this spring the crazy head might attack Iran and start III world war, because, hey, we can have 200 nukes because we are the ‘righteous’ but nobody else can, LOL.  Another ‘just war’ for a Nobel Peace Prize, this time for Benjamin. The harder they fall.

In any case, the origin, consequences and absurd tragedies of the ‘go(l)d culture’ with its astounding blindness to the effects of gold in its collective psyche, is dealt with in other article on this web, because the Head of America matters for the future of mankind more than all the other cultures combined. As all systems are ultimately ruled by a minuscule number of ‘neurons’ who determine the future in/form/ation of all the system. In their hands indeed has been the future of our species now for 30 years, and every action they have ordered with money and laws to the rest of mankind has been conductive to our destruction… Never so few, under so wrong ideologies moved so many towards their demise. Because ‘those who impose truth with the tools of power will be the laugh of the Gods’ Einstein. And indeed, the nightmare of the Jewish-American, Biblical, believers, slaves of their memes of metal and self-suicide is the ultimate laugh of the perfect, systemic, organic, eternal, darwinian universe, who is telling all those arrogant ‘chosen’ in plain language: you are not worthy, your arrogance and defiance of my laws will be met with the same action-reaction response: you will die again unless you evolve and accept those laws of eusocial love.


nt.1 This is the 4th reconstruction of this article. As usual those posts who deal with nationalistic memetics – the most entrenched, memetic program of our extinction, which justifies and encourages the evolution of weapons, the ‘top predator species’ of this planet, whose deterministic evolution will soon kill us all – are the most hacked. The case of America is specially meaningful, since America is a ‘nation of nations’, with all races and cultures represented, and hence the battle for the mind of America between the ‘dream’ of an equal humanity in control of his destiny that creates a world to its image and likeness, and the nightmare of a nation without limits to capitalism, hence ruled by corporations who ‘buy’ the laws that favor their products and create a world to the image and likeness of their machines, has been determinant for the future of mankind. Now the battle seems over as laws under perhaps the most corrupted, cynical administration in the history of the US (not the Bush but the Obama administration), are routinely filled by lobbies of the leading industries of the day (health-care, drones, military keynesianism, robotic workers, etc.) What this means basically that the future of America and mankind can be guessed as we have done for 20 years, merely following the money of corporations, which will adapt american laws to their goods. So as robots take over humans laws in favor of ‘productivity’ (expulsion of labor for capital=machines), and robotic wars and workers (drone laws) have become routine in America. Obama indeed will end up his legislature as the president who accelerated the extinction of life by robots in a higher measure than any other politician in history…

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