Holocaust Industry

Holocaust Industry.  Political and Economic Correctness: Camouflage of  The People of the Treasure.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle


The purpose and astounding mass-media volume of the Holocaust Industry – the constant repetition of the memes of a specific massacre of II world war (the killing of 4 million jewish among other 66 million human beings) – to arouse an extreme sense of pity in the human population, has an obvious purpose: to protect from any criticism the elite of financial bankers of the “People of the Treasure’ the culture specialised in money since its creation in Levante that monopolises western banking (o.o2% of population but 80% of central bankers, CEOs of wall street and CFOs of American 500 Fortune, and 54% of the 1% elite that runs the nation). The result is an absolute censorship on the ‘dictatorship’ they have installed on the Financial-Media System (informative machines) of the west, to the point people ignore all about that control, even the existence of the ‘Head’ of the Mechanocene (informative corporations), while everything about the Industrial-Military Complex (energetic machines) an be explained, the mere mention of the Financial-Media system and its owners means the end of once career.

Thus 4 themes must be understood about the idol-ogy of Judaism, origin of capitalism and this monopoly on economic systems in the west.

1. Needless to say race means nothing here, and the only guilty of predation and parasitism of mankind is the elite that imposes its memes both the aristocracies of warriors and bankers. We thus consider victims of those idol-ogies in two degrees of suffering, the common people of warrior and banking cultures (german soldiers, jewish tax-collectors) BUT IN A MUCH HIGHER DEGREE, HUMANITY AT LARGE, which never harmed anyone and get killed and enslaved under the orders of those elites by their mass-class, which finally dies, when the entire body of the civilisation collapses, during the massive radiation of weapons and money that culminates each of the cycles of History (both the 800 and 80 years cycles shown in other posts).

2.To talk of Judaism, its banking memes and the holocaust industry that hides them is unavoidable, despite the immediate enacting of the anti-quantum paradox’ which censors and stain ad hominem the scholar who rises the theme. Since for any real social scientist to talk of reality it must talk of those who control the languages of social power. Because the western world is ruled by bankers, and bankers in the west are jewish you cannot explain western economics without explain them.

First what is by far the most important question, the absolute monopoly of Judaism since the times of Canaan when it worked hand in hand with Phoenicians and as the trade knot of communication between 3 continents (europe, asia and africa) and the 2 fertile crescent civilisation (egypt and mesopotamia) and close to the earliest gold mines (arabian semite range of coastal mountains), built a ‘new type’ of civilisation, in which the elite was NOT made of king warriors but of go(l)d priests and the believer was not a soldier but a trader in search of go(l)d ex-votes, the ‘unnamed’ symbol of go(l)d of which Baal statues and sancta sanctorums of jewish temples were made.

The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact  – that o.02% of its population monopolises more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and american cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain South-America WITHOUT mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it. The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society. Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw God or Christ, who is son of God, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species.

Camouflage is absolutely needed for parasitic cultures to survive, within the Organism they prey, and so the confabulation theory, the anti$emitism mantra (very different from anti-SSemitism, the murder of  people by warrior predators with the excuse they belong to the culture of bankers), all this nonsense is just part of the Industry of the Holocaust. To explain the world, ruled by money and bankers you must explain the people-castes who invented it and how they rule us all. Point. 

Indeed, today the mass of the western world, specially in America, are completely controlled by the elite, and this explains the astounding primitivism of their social memes.

Most of them think that Yvwh=Judea created the Universe. Most of them believe the Universe chose the Judeans as the superior species. Most think those superior species are the victims of History (Holocaust Industry). They are run by their absolute financial monopoly. They ignore this fact. And they ignore that their religion is as racist as Germanic Nazism was. They ignore what they do to palestinians who in their religion are lower than dogs along negroes (Ham Damnation, which says arabs and negroes are inferior to dogs because their ancestor, Ham pee on Noah and so they must be ‘slaves’, origin of modern negro slavery). Etc. etc. I know perfectly this blog on social sciences could have gone further without mentioning this fact, but thenc wouldn’t be making true science? Would we?

3. The social class structure of Judaism, where the elite of banker-priests, rabbis and bankers, which in the old age were the same ‘fetish go(l)d levi masters’ latter divided with the French R=evolution, oppress their pedlers, which become the scapegoats of their financial abuses and become murdered by the rival animetal elite of military predators, which also search global power (holocaust cycle).

So to explain the west today, either America or europe, Judaism must be explained: Jewish financial monopoly, the holocaust cycle it provokes, the scapegoats of the cycle which are the jewish lower castes, and hence the social structure of Judaism, between their elite of banker-priests and their common people, similar to that of germanic warrior cultures between aristocrats and common people.

And so, intimately related to class structure, we must explain the use of that tragedy by the elite of bankers to censor any criticism of capitalism. Basically the Holocaust Industry is the fundamental form of censorship of Banking power today.

So let us deal with their form of censorship, the Industry of the Holocaust.

Complexity and darwinian behaviour: selfish memes of metal, the historic/biological view.

antiquantum pardox color

In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of  the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in orwellian fashion Mr. Trostky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. in the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of stalin military dictatorship because 20 million russians were murdered by the german dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish pedlars and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of german aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern jews  were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million german victims of the war, when the russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do. 

Anti$emitim has always had economic causes. When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalising banking, would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit) And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalise Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognised victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust. 

Now this said it is essential to understand two fundamental truths of all systems, including Human Cultures or else we could ourselves fall easily into the very same errors we denounce, with our confessed bias against Mechanocene’s memes:

-Cultures have Nothing to do with Genes. We do not say haploid M34 when we talk of ‘American’, but use a ‘word’ hence a ‘name’ belonging to verbal thought – a linguistic concept and in complexity we directly relate, ‘cultural character’ to topological linguistics (Humboldt->Wolff-Chomsky’s SVO.)

This means as Chomsky himself wrote me in a letter that we can ‘all feel we are Jewish, if we believe the cultural myth of Adam and Eve’ and we can choose as I did to not belong to that culture’. Further on, people have shallow nationalisms and so in this specific case we all know many Jewish people who does not believe in Judaism – the Talmudian concept essential to the religion that they are the Chosen race superior to the Goyyim or ‘animal race’ – the human beings. But if we here talk of Judaism we do talk of a fetish go(l)d religion with racist memes, written in a book, Talmud, which can only be compared in its despise of humanity with the Germanic and Aryan classic books (vedas, mein kampf).

Again, most Indians are very spiritual but fact is Hinduism is also a racial religion of the Bronze Age, where cows are considered superior to Southern Indians (Dravidians). And we shall analyse in depth the origin of those racist memes, which are always related to the power certain metal-memes gave to those cultures in an earlier age of History. So goes for the 3rd arrogant mechanocene racist culture, the British Culture, and Its Imperial views.

Thus the individual might or might not respond to the memes of the culture, but we do talk of ‘historic cultures’ of the Mechanocene, which in its apogee were indeed clearly racist and caused great harm to mankind. Thus modern slavery practiced mainly by British and Germanic people both sides of the Atlantic, was based in Talmud’s affirmation that those who descended from Ham, who pee on Noah, were inferior to dog (negroes and arabs). And today’s blatant Israeli racism still owes a lot of that ‘jewish memes’. 

Secondly, cultures are organisms and in complexity all organisms are composed of at least 2 classes, the head of neuronal information and the blind body that reproduces those memes blindly within itself and moves the head. So particles of information guide waves of energy in quantum systems; heads of information guide blind bodies and upper clases in control of the digital and verbal languages of human information guide the mass of society, which is blind and obeys those memes. Reason why we talk of the ‘10%’ or neuronal elite of a society, whenever we talk of a  culture (where the 1% tends to be the creative part of it). So the Nazi members and the German aristocrats were the elite that installed in Europe the racist, militaristic cultures of nationalism.

The banker-priests of the go(l)d fetishe temples of Baal and Yvwh, with their golden sancta sanctorum were the priesthood descendant of Aaron that imposed the racist memes of Judaism, latter imported by Protestant sects and latter translated by the first economists, all of them of that biblical culture upon the globalised capitalist world of corporations. This of course does not exculpate German Wehrmatch warriors, or israeli soldiers firing upon children or Americans guiding drones but they are nor responsible and it is obvious that if the memes of the elite change, they might change their Mechanocene racism against mankind.

Of course those ‘mechanocene’ cultures do not accept any criticism, not of the kind we make here rationally and from the humanist point of view, and my life as a scholar in America with 30 years of different forms of censorship over these models since I ended my master at columbia University proves indeed, that we are with the most evolved social sciences of the anthropocene – since the elite of the Mechanocene cultures are believers that have never yielded to humanism, only in very brief periods after a crashing war defeat (German ecological movement after II world war now extent, in a neo-nazi germany that is massacring the welfare cultures of Europe; Jewish Christian movement after the massacre of Romans, during the Gold wars, socialist movement after the programs of the 1860s due to the financial crisis  and Jewish American hippie movement after the Holocaust due to the 29 crisis and destruction of the German economy.

Only after the so obvious catastrophes provoked by the militaristic and go(l)d memes of those cultural elites, the ‘blind body’ has abandoned the memes of the elite. So finally germans realised that killing those who opposed the ‘Goths’, the tribe of the gods by the power of iron weapons, might not be the best strategy of survival and the species deserved respect. And Jewish people ended their go(l)d fetishes and sheepishly obeisance to its elite of banker-priests and became humanists after those catastrophes provoked by economic crisis. But today is obvious both cultures are again showing all their classic racist memes. And bid for global power (which often ends in mutual wars and holocausts).

A solution to the conundrum that I confess happen in many texts in this web (an excessive bias against those 3 cultures) might be to call them by their animetal specific role. For example, if we talk of ‘bankers’ we spread the original profession of the fetishe go(l)d temples today globalised and are more to the point. If we talk of the People of the Treasure, which is the correct translation of the name the jewish people give to themselves (Am segullah, ill translated as Chosen people, since Segullah means treasure not chosen), we refer to the ‘memetic’ specialised metal their elite use as tool of weapon, if we call the Germans ‘Germ(an)s’ we might anger them enough so they might reflect on what has been their true historic role with mankind – to exterminate Europe and its humanist civilisations.

We do not emphasise so much the british memes because if any of those 3 ‘animetal cultures’ is today global is the mechanist view that the machine is progress and technology is always good. Some people are not capitalists when they really know what that means (the anti-democratic issue of money by a people-caste with exclusion of society), many are not Germ(an)s and would never kill someone who opposes them, but all of us love machines and the power they give us, despite the obvious atrophy they produce.

In any case, fact is those memes – all together now – after the financial coup d’etats of the 90s are accelerating the destruction of the anthropocene, the destruction welfare societies, and have come to control all the systems of mass-media information to push their cultural agendas, subconsciously (as cultures work as organisms do in herd with similar ‘dna’ minds) and consciously with its networks of machines. And they are destroying all attempt to create a true social science.

The anti-quantum paradox is today imposed with ‘newspeaks’ and subtle censorship (political correctness, false myths of ‘capitalist freedom’ – that is, freedom for corporations and the 1% that steals from people the right to issue their language of power, victimism and Holocaust Industries, that prevent to criticise the people-caste that controls the issue of money in the west -o.2% of population, 80% of CEOs and central bankers, patriotism that prevents the criticism of military industries – 50% of American budget, and the most insidious of all ‘techno-utopia’ that prevents to criticise the all too obvious degradation of human beings, atrophied and made obsolescent to machines, with ‘ego-trips’ of ’empowerment’ through their use.

And so we come to fourth:

The nationalist nature of judaism and hence capitalism, which merely means the creation of a Global Jewish-Calivnist Empire based in a fundamentalist religion with ‘zero’ chances to manage rationally the world.

Judaism is a historic nationalist ideology NOT a religion, and so as such with the same aberrant memes that nationalism has (superiority of the tribe-nation-god and imposition of power in search of a global racist empire of Chosen of Yvwh or Chosen of Germany, today Chosen of America or Israel.

Racist religions are a primitive form of nationalism, from an age previous to Rome when the word ‘Tribal God’ meant the subconscious collective of a nation, so Assur was the nation and tribal God of the assyrians and Yvwh, translated ‘Judea’ in ancient egyptian maps, was the name of the God and the region of the Jewish people and of course, as the Germans thought their nation was the best and the Assyrians claimed their God Assur to be the Master of all Gods, the ‘Yawhians’ thought Yvwh to be the only God, and as the Germans said they would enslave all mankind for one thousand years, and the Assyrians tried, the Yawhians, created a religion called millenarism, which said that ‘at the end of times all humans would be slaves of Yvwh or would be exterminated, ‘Sanhedrin, Talmud’).

In fact there was zero talk of after death in earlier Judaism. it was all nationalist talking. Those concepts came much latter by influence of Egyptian and Greek mystical cultures. Yvwh is Judea, point. NOW, the ultimate reason of the brutality and indifference to mankind of the orthodox leading economists, From Smith (a calvinist) to ricardo (a jewish stock speculator), to the Modern Hayek and Freedman (Jewish orthodox) is a direct consequence of their religious belief on a superior race, that of the people-banker for whom the system must cater. Every right wing, extreme economist in favour of private banking, monopoly in the issue of money by them, and/or production at all cost has been Jewish (Most financial economist) or calvinist-anglican (most production economist), the 2 sides of the Jewish-protestant racist old memes of talmud and the Old testament.

Thus classic economics IS CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, AND WE ARE RULED BY PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AS THOSE BIGOTS from southern America that go(l)d must cre(dit)ate the world for them. As creationist believe yvwh created the world. This is the core fact. And the ONLY SOLUTION IS THE DESNATIONALIZATION OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY. YES ‘DESNATIONALIZATION’, from this people-caste. The rest is just talking bull$hit. As long as a group of bronze age believers run the west with their selfish memes of metal, their techno-utopians, their military paranoias, their racism against negroes and arabs, their systematic tax farming of europeans and Americans, their victimising censorships, we are doomed.

The concept a ‘racist’ meme can be disguised with religion, as opposed to nationalism, is bogus. As both, religion and nationalism are the same ‘concept’: ideologies of the social subconscious collective. Yaveh, Allah or Christ, are NOT real, but the Jung’s concept of a subconscious collective, the assabiyah of Ibn Khaldun, the informative network that puts together those cellular brains. A religion thus is a book of revelation, the memetic code of similar beings, which allow their common actions as a wave in the same manner the DNA code of similar cells allows the common actions of an i-organism.

It is also absurd to consider that a financial dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use under the ‘boot’ of a people-caste a language of social power – money, is different from a military dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of weapons or a party dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of the law. Under such ‘semantic unification’, the Nazi/Germanic aristocratic castes that imposed themselves on Europe and derived into nationalism are not different from the communist, party dictatorships that monopolized the law and weapons in East Europe, or the Calvinist-Jewish dictatorships of the anglo-saxon work that monopolize stil today the manufacturing and use of money in capitalist dictatorships.

The industry getting stronger in Europe

Cecilia MALMSTROM, Maros SEFCOVIC, Martin SCHULZ EP President, Mosche KANTOR, President of the European Jewish Congress

In the European Parliament a minute of silence is kept for the victims of the holocaust. Never mind they represent less than a 10% of the victims of World War II. Those are ‘chosen victims’ and so the Europeans who do not keep a minute of silence for the victims of their nations must remember the ‘chosen’ and feel guilty. So do the Americans which have all kind of museums to a holocaust that happened in another continent with another people and none for the far more numerous victims of the Slave Holocaust and the Indian Holocaust that happened in their soil.  In this manner the Germans do not feel guilty for the 40 million Europeans they murdered and are now ab=using with their very antidemocratic manipulation of the ECB bank, nor the Americans need to feel guilty for the genocide of the Indians. We all render homage to our ‘stock-masters’ so the powerful feel safe. And the jewish lower castes who die in those holocausts become memorially imprinted with fear of mankind NOT to join the rest of the species in the goals of evolving and saving the planet.

In this manner every year we go through NOT one but two ‘histrionic moments’ of fear, sorrow and hate, the day of ‘holocaust memorial’ (in Janary) and the day of ‘holocaust remembrance’ (in April), plus the usual February Holocaust movie for the oscars… The cyclicality of Newspeaks that come once or twice every year is important to make ‘impossible’ a change in the system, which becomes for lack of a better justification, a formal, baroque, series of ceremonies that have lost its initial purpose and are now used to ‘imprint the mind’ of people with the proper ideologies in favor of the system…

Let us imagine for a moment that ALL the holocausts of history were remembered ‘twice’ every year. We would not have calendar days. We would one day mourn for the massacre of Baghdad by the mongols, which alone could give us an entire month of holocausts. We could of course consider each Indian tribe, not only each semitic one for a personal holocaust – the day of the sioux, the lakotas, the senecas, you name them. And what about the trenches holocaust of 1918. If we stretch a bit our search there might be still some ancient relic in a hospital for centenaries which can testify of the horrors, as those hard to find still survivors of Auschwitz that populate our media those days.  And yet only one ‘tribe’ seems to be addicted to those ceremonies of fear, sorrow and hate to those who do us harm – all mankind it seems by the number of holocausts the jewish people seem to have suffered. All this of course rises some basic question we must answer rationally: why the jewish love to remember their holocausts and ignore those of others? What is the benefit of those hate ceremonies a century latter? Why the rational, economical causes of the holocaust are ignored? etc etc. Let us consider some answers widened in other in-depth articles.

Why we always hear news about the jewish holocaust: the victors rewrite history.

to start with, we shall no longer talk of the Holocaust as a particular case of unique character but consider:

1) the fact that holocausts are natural to all the war cycles of mankind and the holocaust of the jewish people is not special. And yet everybody considers it special. So we have to consider also:

2) The history of the jewish people and the ultimate cause of those holocausts (economical causes)

3) The reason of teh ever expanding industry of the holocaust, whose cause is obvious: as the financial-media system of America, which jewish capitalists controls expands world wide, the holocaust industry covers any criticism of the power of bankrs and mass-media, of its owners, and hence it has become the key element to sustain the dictatorship of the elite of judaism and its financial and media corporations. It is the religion of the new kings and dictators of the west, which cannot be criticized. But unlike kings and dictators who are presented as warriors with the qualities of warrior masters, the holocaust religion present our informative masters, as ‘victims’ to be pitied. It is a new strategy but the origin – the power of the jewish financial media, or the power of the military-industrial complex of dictators and kings – is the same. And the fundamentl way in which both ‘special people’ are revered is also the same: the goebbelian method of repeating ad nauseam a half truth and the censorship against all alternative views.

Let us consider one example:

The Economist wrote another yet bigger elegy on the importance and causes why we hear everyday news about news of the XX c.explaining why the industry of the holocaust was flourishing and new universities and courses were given all over the world, even in muslim countries

The question the article poised was: ‘why the industry of the holocaust and its museums was thriving, and 2/3rds of the books and films on the matter were made in the past 20 years, and some programs of history even in countries like india explained the II World War just in terms of the Holocaust, dedicating more pages to the holocaust than to the war itself.

Their interpretation was that of course, the Holocaust is the center episode of XX c and people were realizing of this. My explanation was that the owners of the financial-media system were reaching its height of power and so they were rewriting history in their favor.

…a comment censored in this Rothschild’s newspaper:

Dear sancho luis, The attached comment, posted under the pen name luisancho, has been deleted  from The Economist online. The comment was removed because it breaks our  comments policy: http://www.economist.com/legal/terms-of-use#usercontent

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Yours sincerely, Comments Moderator The Economist online

Your comment:

The SS were founded to eliminate 30 million slavs, to create space for the future german peasants in the ‘historic territories to the East’ that german thought to be theirs for historic reasons, (an eerie resemblance with the logic used by a small middle east nation to uproot the people to their east, in occupied territories they think theirs for historic reasons).

The Germans killed around 26 million slavs, close to the mark set. Entire Ukranian villages wer burnt alive by SS members, after being put in a church, surrounded by gun machines.

Then the program was expanded to the jewish people.

During the 60s these was known and the holocaust story explained as the holocaust of slavs, jews, gypsies, communists and other groups mass murdered by the germans.

Then since the 70s with the rise of the chip, the electronic money and audiovisual information as Wall Street and Hollywood reached its peak of power, manufacturing the brains of the western world and controlling its credit that creates reality with money, jewish capital on top of the financial-Media system (the informative machines that control information in this planet, complementary to the industrial-military complex of energetic machines, which form together the bulk of the economic system) defined the narrative for its own selfish agenda of being ‘special victims’ different from the other 60 million victims of W.W.II hence with higher rights to be pitied.

It became defined by the jewish left (chomsky, filkenstein) as the industry of the holocaust – an aberration or rather a religion to justify Israeli apartheid. But we do not forgive the crimes of stalin’s gulag because of the slav holocaust. The Israeli people and the Western Financial-Media system jewish capital control make good use of the industry of the holocaust.

This has also extended to any criticism of the banking and media industry they control. So today any criticism of jewish people is an absolute taboo which gives them a power only kings and dictators have. They are indeed the dictators of the west. But those of us who are still free minds, not manufactured by audiovisual media have only contempt for this narrative.

Or in words of Aristotle: ‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, on the excesses of a bad bad plot.

So here we have the FM system in a nutshell: a culture controls it and sets its agenda. This agenda is not for mankind but for them. We live thus under a new form fo fascism, Jewish fascism, based in the control of the FM system that controls in turn the military-industrial complex of the west with a single agenda: profits for their corporations, maintenance of apartheid israel, development of a censored, controlled, global big brother, and all under the ideology of the talmud, a racist book where non-jews are called either goyyim (animals in hebrew) or shiska (prostitutes), because we are inferior beings to those who hae the monopoly of creation of go(l)d the banker-priests of israel. And any rebellion against this dictatorship will be dealt through censored systems, secret agencies, guantanamo like gulags for the mannings, snowdens and sanchos that will come still to defend the right of mankind to freedom and a better world. But this will not be said straight as german fascism did. IT will be censored on account that to ‘critizie’ the dictatorship of judaism is antisemitism, equalled to nazism and murder, because they, those who dominate us lost as all of us did, people in II world war.

And yet we cannot deny that the jewish people have been hated and murdered by almost all other cultures of humanity in the past. This hate to the Jews thus must be explained, NOT as the holocaust does, accusing mankind, the larger human body, of being evil by nature, but if we are ‘humanists’, hence we believe mankind is good, the ‘evil’ cannot be mankind but the smaller body, it kills, and by eviL of course we mean the opposite of Live. Indeed, if we take the jewish and official position that holocausts happen and jews are killed more than any otther tribe, it follows that the opposite to the official ‘holocaust history’, that mankind is guilty must be adopted – the jewish culture must have some essential evil=anti-life treat that makes it so easy to hate by every life culture.

What is that treat? In as much as judaism is a go(l)d religion and its elite of banker-priests discovered money in the ancient terms and have been ever since the biggest monopolists of money, banking and debt in the western world, we must consider that what is eviL is the peculiar capitalist system the jewish have built to exploit humans with money. Indeed, we cannot of course consider the genes of judaism different from those of outher humans, the problem thus must be in the memes of capitalism, which is as Marx put it, ‘the worldly religion of judaism’, the founders of the financial system, as Sombart, Weber, Abraham Leon an many other socialist writers have explained.

Thus we shall resume that history from the perspective of the cycles of history and economics and relate it to the holocaust cycle parallel to them.

When Holocausts were self-inflicted ‘hecatombs’


The industry of the Holocaust.

This ultimate political correctness is now called by the new Jewish left (Finkenstein and Chomsky admirable characters who r=evolved against  the memes that encroach those cycles ), the ‘holocaust industry’ that makes the elite of Judaism, the old Levy banker-priests NOT its 90-99% of lower castes,  the old ‘slave tribes’, (this goes without saying but we repeat just in case) which monopolize banking in the west (80% of financial CEOs and central bankers and 52% of the wealthiest 1% of America), ‘untouchable’, because their lower classes (jewish farmers of the pale of settlement) were murdered in second world war. And this was indeed a tragedy. But here there are two twisted arguments: the first that those victims were  ’more victims’ than the other 60 million people who died under the boot of fascism in the 30s… For example, in Catalonia fascism killed around 1/5th of the people, but nobody mentions them in the audiovisual media, which as the rest of the systems of information of America are controlled by the financial elite. So we are not victims.

The ‘Industry of the Holocaust’ and its use to justify apartheid against Palestines is a ‘subtle’ idea, absurd if we reason it.Since we must by this absurd reasoning forget the crimes of Stalin because 20 million Russians were cleansed by the SS to leave space to the german peasants. We must also forget the crimes of Tibet, because 30 million chinese died victims of Japanese cleansing. And so on.

A sociological class analysis of  Judaism however will show that this politically correct form of censorship has another fundamental purpose for the Holocaust industry, besides helping Israel commit crimes without challenge: to censor any information about the ‘banker-priests’ that have ruled Israel and the Western World with money, since money became the language of social power of our civilization; and hence allow them to commit the crimes of Capitalism and control the issue of money in the West at will. So the Holocaust Industry has an ultimate meaning: To hide the power and real history of the ‘nation’ of banker-priests who has come to control the west with money, due to the fact that they chose Gold, informative metal, instead of weapons, energetic metal as the tool of social power, at least 2000 years before the first Europeans did (Florentine bankers).

Let us be frank. The western world is ruled by corporations and corporations are ruled by the banking industry and the ‘stockrats’, the elite of the Jewish culture, who called themselves in the Levy time ‘Am Segullah’, ‘People of the Treasure’ owns it – as opposed to the habiru or hebrew, those who walk behind asses’ – the animal with whom the traded.

But if this were known obviously the American and European people would want to regain their sovereign rights. They might start to see capitalism as a culture or ideology of banker’s power. And so in a cynical twist of history, the upper castes of Judaism, the bankers that rule this society hide among the lower castes of Judaism, the real victims and scapegoats of the actions-reactions of greed, slavery, hate and murder provoked by its stockratic elite  throughout history.

And to that aim, also half of the story of those tragedies is systematically denied and censored – namely the exploitation of people with usury and slave trade, in which the elite of Judaism has excelled, inventing most of its classic and modern forms.

In the American case this is achieved with the total censorship of 1/2 of the history of their banking culture; which appears always as victim ‘only’ without ever mentioning the predatory nature of usury lending, slavery and other practices developed by this culture since the Bronze age.

Since we ares studying a particular case – the dictatorship of the nation of bankers over all other cultures, we shall consider only one case of this massive censorship of the action-reaction processes, part of the Holocaust Industry, the so-called case of the ‘Blood Libel’. Now, today there are millions of Jewish people who are not in the financial industry, but this culture chose in the bronze age money instead of weapons to rule society and create empires, inventing in Canaan, with the Phoenicians a blue print of capitalism based in a caste of banker priests, the Am segullah (people of the treasure) whose worker-body, the Habiru (those who walk behind the asses) were military purveyors, slave dealers and money dealers, transporting weapons with asses all over the Middle East, to exchange for gold, given to the temple as ex-votes, in a go(l)d religion of power of little interest for philosophy and science. Their specialization in trade and banking was absolute. And at the height of the roman Empire they were 10% of the population, in fight for power with the warrior castes of rome, which finally destroyed the temple, the ‘central bank’ of the time, for reasons clearly explained by Cicero:

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

Then as today, the elite cause a massive financial crisis due to the accumulation of Gold which was not returned to the productive economy but kept in the temple under the ‘barbarous Jewish superstition’. But as usual the Am Segullah escaped to babylon with the capital, which as a language of information move faster than the energy carrier. Hence the energy carrier, the jewish body dies and the informative memes of capitalism, the bible and gold moves away. And this causes the holocaust of the body – the peddler, the habiru, and the survival of the elite, the Am Segullah, the banker-priest, with its biblical and go(l)d memes. The cycle happens though once and again because the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ of the Habiru towards its elites. But of all this ONLY the final holocaust is NOT censored. So in this manner, the cycle becomes eternally repeated, because NEVER the causes, NOT understood are CHANGED. And so the next cycle happened in the middle ages, WITH THE SAME structure.

In the middle ages, the Jewish Radhanite merchants became, as it has always been the case in history, the major capitalists of slave trade; then of Russian women, who became known as ‘slavs’ for slave and prompted the conversion of Khazars to Judaism to halt the trade (as the racist book of history of the Am Segullah can only exercise usury or slavery with the inferior not chosen of go(l)d people), while in the West, the main ‘human capital’ traded were young boys, neutered to multiply by 10 ‘its’ price in Baghdad as eunuchs. Problem is that while this was good for profits, 2/3rds of the merchandise bled to death and was thrown to the gutter, where the peasant parents found. So they attacked ghettos to rescue children during the 7 centuries in which the trade lasted (VI to XII century). And an anti$emitic feeling spread all over Europe. For example, the great massacres of Jewish people in Southern France happened soon after it was discovery that one Simon had sold ‘its’ merchandise of 20.000 children, that he was supposed to sail as saint innocent crusaders in the market of Algiers.

But why peasants sold those children as slaves? At the beginning of the Middle Ages, peasants had only to pay in species. But that was not profitable for the banker, who needs debt to control and become wealthy. So lobbies of bankers convinced kings to collect taxes  in gold, to oblige peasants to become debtors, as they monopolized the use of metal as money. This means that peasants had to pay up to 86% of annual interest in usury asked for the banker to pay taxes in precious metal. And normally within 2 years he had to sell his son as servant of the Ghetto to pay the doubled loan. Then he often found them instead of serving, bleeding to death, and knowing nothing about the Eunuch trade he thought the Jewish people drunk his blood. Now, today this is called the ‘blood libel’. There has been a massive cleansing of information on the eunuch trade even in the scholar world. And instead of talking of the real facts, only the murder of jews by gangs of parents are told. And of course, the causes are the brutality of us, European-Americans, who hate unjustly the righteous, innocent jewish victims and thought they drunk the blood of our children.

Of course, they did not drink their blood, just killed them for profits as inferior goyyim, according to culture.

So you see how subtle is the arguments of the Holocaust Industry, and the way in which by hiding half of the process of action-reaction, of greed and murder (the part of greed), capitalism is saved of any critique, and the real cause of this holocaust, the economical profit of an elite of Rhadanite International traders in slaves, luxury and weapons is hidden?

And of course it works. So today in America the ‘blood libel is a ‘sacred’ totem and proof of the existence of the ‘jewish victim’ and the brutality of we, European peasants. To the point that when Miss Palin used the term ‘blood libel’, in a favorable comparison of the suffering of the American people and the suffering of Jewish eunuch traders, a wave of protests and ‘ad hominem’ campaign ensued, accusing Miss Palin of lacking sensibility with the tragedy… of the Jewish ‘victims’. Since those eunuch children, the real victims, never existed, as all information in this trade is now censored. The enslavers, the victims of an action-reaction process of greed and murder, are the innocent victims; and their sensibility is so pure that while none of them has ever complained about and certainly today knows nothing of this censored trade, they all ‘suffer’ just to hear the mention of ‘the blood libel’.

But this newspeak is even more damaging to the lower castes of the dynastic bankers of capitalism, always abandoned by them to their tragic end, becoming the scapegoats that died in the holocaust cycle; while bankers never die. Since of course, in those trades as in all the holocausts the banker/enslaver – in this case Simon – was never found. One survivor arrived back to Marseilles, explained the tragedy and since Simon was missing they just killed whoever they found in the ghettoes. So the 90-99% of this culture who has nothing to do with finances and are the Saint Innocents of their banker-priests would do much better if they hear their ‘real prophets’, Moses and Jesus and Marx, who warned them against the priest-bankers of profits. Because only those who believed in the past cycles in their prophets of social love and humanism survived. Only those who obeyed Moses laws in the myth of the ghenna survived and the worshipers of the golden calf died. Only those who followed christ survived as the Romans understood there were different cultures/religions and spared them, making only the possession of the Talmud death penalty; and only those who joined the Marxist r=evolution Russia survived Hitler and are now the Khazars of Israel.  

THE NEXT GRAPHS, illustrate the 13 hecatomb->holocaust cycles studied by this author, in his complex models of super-organisms of history.

When we talk of a culture we express it in 3 horizons, its simple, military birth, its reproductive, expansive wave if it is succesful in its evolution of memes of metal and its final collapse in its 3rd age. Thus for example, the Roman empire had 3 ages, Rome, Byzantium and Iberia; the Jewish culture has 3 horizons, the talmudian (jewish proper), Biblical (anglican and calvinist, in which the Talmudian reproduced) and capitalist ages (digital age of extinction of the human component of the culture).

Those ages in turn coincide with 3 ‘cycles of 800 years’ of the long model of waves of history and creation and extinction of civilizations. So in the next graph we can see the first age of Jewish waves and its classic holocausts (modern cycles are dealt with in the specific article on the jewish holocaust economical cycle), then the next graph shows the evolution of the Jewish culture (judermonia in spanish models), during the dutch-british-american colonial age, as it expands in spatial size in 3 horizons, from the micrpoioint of maximal evoltuion (Max. T=Min S) in holland, to the reproductive british wave to the massive American world.

Then we concentrate on the American world proper and its tri-tensor of economical creation, as now in the capitalist age humans matter nothing, they are just pawns of the needs of evolution, reproduction and war of ‘machines’. And finally we deal with the future wars between China and America


jewishholocaust cylec

The culture of go(l)d and human ‘capital’ separates from mankind to exercise ‘capitalism’.

The industry of the Holocaust is thus the fundamental inquisition of political correctness, proper of modern judaism, which substitutes the old ‘religious’ inquisition, according to which ‘gentiles’ are ‘enemies’ and an inferior being to the righteous believer. Judaism is based in two complementary memes, one of metal, gold and one of flesh – an ideology that allows the dominant metal-meme to be the center of Jewish activity, the talmudian religion.

The action-reaction processes caused by go(l)d gathering through non-ethical behavior becomes then the ultimate cause of the holocaust cycle. In words of Moses ‘the jewish people will suffer all their lives for their love of money’ and Marx ‘the jewish question will end when the jewish change their worldly religion, money’. In brief, Judaism, a racist religion of supremacy of a caste of banker-priests that use money to control the world and establish a series of rituals of hate towards mankind and the ‘human capital’ they price, as Sombart and Weber also explained and history proves, cannot be separated from capitalism, the ‘derivative actions’ of the language of money and its syntax, man=price=object, which convert man in a standardized object, equalled by gold. To price and ab=use humans as objects and costs is necessary to capitalism, the religion of memes of metal. And this requires to maximize the behavior of the capitalist, a cult(ure) that hates mankind and feels strained from the human capital it prices. And in this biblical supremacism has been paramount.

It is the belief in the superiority of the ‘people of the treasure’ what allows it to price and enslave mankind. So when one abandons this cult(ure) or accepts a milder version of it, the capitalist memes become subdued.

But how that hate to mankind is maintained in present Judaism? In the 60s it seemed possible that those memes of hate disappeared and the Jewish people toiled with the rest of mankind for a better world. But to the rescue of the needed racial separation that maximizes the religion of greed, and the new nationalistic religion of Israel, came the ‘remembrances’ of Holocausts.

Today the gentile, mankind, is an irrational, beastly, hateful people who try always to kill the envied superior jewish ‘am segullah’. What the industry does is to deny that in the II world war there are 66 million ‘equal victims’ and so we have no rights to consider some ‘chosen of god’ superior victims that suffered more because they died in an oven instead of being burned alive by our bombs (dresden, hiroshima, etc.); that we have to forgive the crimes of Israel because a century ago innocent jewish peasants died, but we have NOT for example to forgive the crimes of Stalin because 22 million Russians died, or the crimes of Chinese in Tibet because another 20 million died to Japanese fascism.

Ultimately thus the industry of the holocaust tries to ‘differentiate’ according to the racist memes of biblical supremacism, the ‘Chonse people’ as special victims, and it is another form of racist memes – the ‘chosen victim’, we might say.

In a secular world, this astounding memes of separation could however not be hold. And so to substitute the original ‘festivities’ of hate and fear proper of Judaism – so one learns when it enters the sect that most ‘celebrations’ are actually remembrance of past holocausts in which some evil people – the egyptians fed up of joseph the speculator of famines; the spaniards fed up of the tax farmers abulafia style – the treasurer of the King Pedro who had twice the money of the king in his arcs, and was for that reason executed for embezzlement and so on… killed them.

Of course, nothing about trying to prevent a future holocaust, but this is not the purpose of the Industry of the Holocaust, or else it would explain the economical causes of it, and prevent them from happening again.

What we deal here is with other issue: the instillment with cyclical, annual rituals of a sense of separation between the Jewish and the rest of mankind – the original meme of the religion – now ‘secularized’ with the industry of the Holocaust.

We shall not deal though with that gruesome selection of eviL but with an even more ‘touchy’ subject, treated extensively in our books and in-depth articles on historic judaism – the economical causes of the Holocaust and its occultation by ‘the jewish inquisition’.

Since all holocausts happened after an economical  Hecatomb of the society in which jewish control the economic system, which precedes the holocaust cycle.

Conclusion: Hecatombs and Holocausts are natural to the darwinian Universe

The Universe is brutally just, based in action-reaction processes. What this means is that an objective analysis of the ‘events’ of reality will always find that despite the cruelty of certain processes, all ‘processes’ are justified as born of an action-reaction event. When we observe a process that has NO objective, rational explanation, we must find therefore the INFORMATION, WHICH IS HIDDEN TO THE PROCESS, and observe the EVENTS from a higher EUSOCIAL PERSPECTIVE, that includes all the elements of the ‘system’ which is at play in the event.

This means that when study the apparently absurd process of Holocausts, according to which humanity – the whole superorganism – kills a part of it – the jewish culture – we must consider that its apparent irrationality and cruelty must be explained with ‘hidden information’ as the Universe is logic.

This is achieved by adding the information censored by the ‘jewish inquisition’ regarding the causes of the Holocaust cycle, and by understanding the whole organism of judaism, not only its poor people that die in those holocausts but also and MAINLY, their elite or banker-priests that ab=use both, the poor jewish people and mankind with their control of money and the economy. When such control is misused to exploit humans with usury schemes that provoke endemic poverty, and break the economic system of a nation or civilization, causing an ‘hecatomb’ of human lifes, sooner or latter an action-reaction process causes the holocaust of the people. Yet because information is hidden, IT IS NOT THE ELITE OR BANKER-PRIESTS WHO ARE TAKEN OUT OF POWER but the mass of jewish people who are killed while the elite of FINANCIAL AND BIBLICAL SUPREMACISTS ON TOP move to a new nation with the money of the ruined one, to start again a new cycle…

The modern habiru: fatalism and credit.

Now all has changed to remain the same. That is my conclusion. In the old age the habiru was a slave of the banker-priest, which barked imperative orders from its god-like arrogan ego, and the habiru sheepishly obeyed the Am Segullah Levi, as in fact the other tribes were legally their slaves. The habiru was kept in superstitious thought, hating the gentile, as an inferior being, and working as tax collector, peddler, bringing ex-votes of gold to the temple made of gold in its sancta sanctorum.  And it could cheat the gentile to get his gold, kill it at distance through slavery, etc

Today the habiru does not hate the gentile but fear it, and segregates through the Holocaust Industry.

And then he has become specialised in information. So everywhere in America all scholars at certain range are habiru. And they seem actually to do good work. But when you analyse habiru culture, since they became free of Rabbis, little has changed. They are all really ridiculing mankind, denying eusocial love, thinking mankind is evil, giving no hope for the future, denying any social evolution. It is all more subtle than maimonides but the same.

For example, the fathers of social history, Spengler and its social organisms, are denied. One Mr. Boas who is the father of American social sciences decided that only mattered the small things, the study of individuals and behaviour – there are not general theories. Mr. Chomsky, whom i penpal told me he wouldn’t talk of wall street, when I tried to make a documentary on those crises, and all he said is that man was evil and would soon die, and deny all social, organic theory of history. Only the ego, individual and his tribe matter. And those are the GOOD guys. For each Chomsky who at least care for Palestinians and each Boas who at least care for Amerindians, there are 9 who never will think of anyone but the tribe.

Only THOSE HABIRU who are MIXED, mazerim, mestizos, or married to gentiles seem to evolve. Or those who do NOT work on information industries – doctors, like my sephardim family, artists of non-technological arts (painting, writers), do care for life. The ‘financiers’ and ‘social scholars’, and ‘evilwood’ people all work to maintain the same concepts that old rabbis: humanity is a beasty species, evil, murderous, corrupted, stupid, ridiculous, either a Nazi or a Simpson. But they? They are always victims, perfect intelligent, no jokes about them in evilwood.

This is the crazy head i tell about. THE ENTIRE INFORMATIVE ELITE OF AMERICA, IN SCHOLARSHIP, finances and mass-media is cuckoo. It is truly dedicated to DESTROY the enlightened, original culture of the founding fathers, and it has done so. Now the country is a mental madness of unconnected bestial cells looking food ego trip, truly the dog-eat-dog society of Mr. Hobbes. And this is the essence of this culture always. When Mr. Freud came with the subconscious evil, the sexual deviations, it was no more than the old prohibitions of talmud and bible to ALL WHAT IS HUMAN, SEX, GOOD FOOD, EUSOCIAL LOVE TO THE SPECIES.

ALL THIS WAS FORBIDDEN IN TALMUD-BIBLE, and now we have Mr. Freud telling us that we are all sexual perverts trying to fuc* our mother. We have films where all is murder for money, but sex is forbidden, we have trash food; we have fear of mankind. And gold paying it, paying it, paying it. So now Europe is also Israel, America is Israel. They are now where they wanted to take us all.  The Crazy head has almost collapsed the entire body of the western world. Ah, but if the doctor of history tries to cure them, they shut: anti$emite, let us engulf the world in pure hate memes, with our other SSemite brothers of Yihad, let us BE NEANDERTHALS, violent, greedy, visual, hypnotised with barking imperative consonantal languages, let us NOT evolve, let us poison the world with lethal memes.

Let us kill ourselves once more. But of course it won’t happen. But it will. They managed in 70 years to get all Islam hating them, Chinese aware that America is the enemy, the American and european people, growingly aware that bankers are the problem. And they keep working the memes of hate to mankind.

The true miracle, frankly is that the Americans are not yet responding. Of course, I don’t live there anymore. I couldn’t take the sanatorium anymore. Frankly, I gave up curing the mad. The impressive thing is that their body still responds, still moves, still goes to political congresses, still reveres them.  Mad people are very tiresome. They drain your energy. They have a lot. Uff, how much they work. This amazes me, how much they work. Chomsky works 13 hours a day, trying to explain how eviL the American military empire is, but not a single minute denouncing wall street by their NAMES.

I only think that with 1/3rd of that energy they put creating a monster civilisation back to the past in memes and to the future in machines, the robotised Israel hating everybody else, they could HAVE CREATED A WORLD PARADISE, A WORLD SEPHARAD. So frankly now i live in sepharad, the eastern spanish coast which receives the maximal number of tourists per capita in the world, 25 million come here, with less people living in Paysos catalans that in Israel. They come here to enjoy life, make love, have sun, good food, art views, the simple things of life.  But of course, the bankers had to fuc* up also this place and take over the ECB and cut all credit. The crazies NEVER STOP.  Since sex is sin, good food is forbidden, art is taken from Jewish-calvinist churches, and eusocial love to mankind is a sin, they CANNOT DO ANYTHING BUT gold and machines. That is the trick of the biblical culture. All human good things are forbidden, so they can only hate, suffer pain, and work.

Ah, the genesis explained it all, but of course, it was written in Ur at the fall of the neolithic. Now the crazies rule it all.

The Holocaust Industry in that view IS NOTHING but the modern version of the rabbis strategy to deal with gentiles, perfectly explained by the Spanish philosopher Maimonides, considered the most illustrious philosopher of Judaism, in his ‘Guide to the perplexed’: to lie to them, because if they knew the truth, they would kill us all. Instead of providing the proper solution:a just system of invention of money.

And yet this, amazingly enough is the absolute taboo hidden by the Industry, which only the few ‘true prophets’ of Israel dare to explain, from Moses in the myth of Ghenna ‘the Jewish will suffer all their live for their love of money’, through christ, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar, the right to print money, to ‘s Marx, ‘the solution of the Jewish question will happen when they abandon their worldly religion, money’.

Further on the absolute proof that this is the right policy, is the fact that those who did obey those prophets survived: in the Mosaic Holocaust, Moses did not kill by drinking gold, those who didn’t worship the calf; in the Roman Holocaust the Romans spared the Christians; in the German Holocaust, those who were in Marxist Russia survived and now form the bulk of Judaism –  and they are neither Jewish by genes.

They are Khazars, so recent genetic tests show that while Rabbis (and bankers, as they intermarried as the elite for 3000 years) had above 80% of racial purity compared to earlier inhabitants of Israel, the common Israeli has only 8%. Neither they are most of them ‘jewish’ in memes (believing in the racial superiority of the Jew over the goyyim or working in the financial industry – the 2 primitive memes of the go(l)d religion). So why a people who is overwhelmingly NOT jew by race and memes backs the astoundingly primitive memes and abusive antidemocratic actions of its bankers-priests?

But if the situation continues, obviously Europeans, Americans and the Middle East will soon reach a situation of mismanagement, studied in depth in this introduction, which can be compared with other nations, such as China, South Asia or even India and Russia that all will explode again. And this is what the ‘scholars’ that hide and rewrite history to cover the power of the Am Segullah don’t understand. The longer they deny any responsibility over the people they rule with money, the harder it will be the cycle of war, revolution and holocausts. Hence the absolute surrealism of their strategy.

That is of course THEIR DAMNATION – EVERY TIME THEY KILL ONE OF THEIR TRUE PROPHETS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE THAT WANTS to put them back into the fold of humanity, they certify their demise.

Every time they follow an Aaron who DID as Freud explains send to the mountain Mr. Moses for being the good prophet and went down to Jerusalem to found the genetic caste of Am Segullah, they open the ghenna, every time they crucify its memetic heir, Mr. Jesus and follow the genetic son of Mr. Aaron, Mr. Caifas, they certify the burning of the gold temple. Every time they follow the genetic rabbe or Mr. Herzl and deny Mr Marx, the converso christian socialist, they certify their future demise. And again in America, now, by covering up what every American knows, beyond 90 IQ – that they run the country, and as soon as the dollar crash they will move to Australia and back stab the nation that gave them all again, selling even more treasuries that China will, leaving behind the habiru scholars to keep morning their 100 years old skulls, well then it will hall happen again. Yes as keynes put it: capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

But this belief AS ALL THE BELIEFS AND MYTHS OF THE AM SEGULLAH HAVE BEEN FED FORCED ONTO THE HABIRU AND MANKIND WITH GO(L)D. Nobody really believes or cares for it. And so when they take the go(l)d of America to Australia, Last train to Brooklyn, final stop, as we predicted 20 years ago – and now indeed as a Producer in evilwood put it to me when I explained him the cycle ‘we all have homes in australia, in the gold mile north of Sidney, now the most expensive tract of land on Earth – the now reverent American sheeple, brutalised by their mass-media, angry and armed, of germ-anic stock, will rise in pogroms. Will take their Uzis and take their GPS and put gold-stein, gold-man, silver-man, rich, berg, zuckerman, all those funny names with money and slave trade on the thing. This again is a 25 year old dictum, which I expressed as usual with funny ‘graphs’ of a wave of anti-SSemitic hate. It will be the tea party of course, once the Koch brothers et al are moving out, showing what they truly care about the habiru, nothing of course, as no aristocrat or stockrat has ever cared for their lower castes of slaves:

 Neofascism in America, the 2 ages of the Tea party. Historic parallelism. 

‘The tragedies of history repeat themselves because people never learn from the past’ Marcel proust.

Neofascism in America will start as in Germany paid by corporations, but as its politicos take power, as in Germany they will go their own way; which way is that will be discussed in this article rescued from previous work.

But there are differences.

In that regard, because America is owned by corporations, owned in its ‘voting majority’ by Jewish people (financial corporations, Media, and most CFOs of the 500 fortune), which overwhelmingly consider the interests of Israel, their true nation, higher than those of America, their ‘colony’, neofascism today has 2 nations involved; and yet astoundingly enough in America, where the composition of the Weimar Republic of Mr. Obama in terms of power is the same that the German Weimar, every player moved by their ‘seemingly’ untouchable, unchanged memes are doing the same step dances the Germans bankers, industrialist and people did then, with a difference. Americans are individualist people that will not easily organize  into a Germanic unified front. One therefore tends to consider the alternative path of those cycles of history. As unemployment and poverty rises after the next ‘crash’ of 2016 (currency crash), the rise of the Tea Party to power in the 2016-2020 will see a parallel rise of military neo-fascism in washington with the aim of making the splendid little wars an age of global war perhaps against China, or further down the road of Islamophobia and the inverse effect of dissolution of the federal government in its control of states and within states the social and human structures of education, health-care and life sustaining goods. It will be a process that can end in an age of civil wars, private compounds and robotic security as the next decade unfolds in full the ‘new 1940s’…

In that regard, as in Germany the first stage of neo-fascism will be financially controlled by the Jewish elite which paid hand in hand with its then still allied german industrial-military complex, the rise of Nazi to quench socialist unrest. But the key moment of the ‘crash of the dollar’ parallel to the crash of the Deutsche mark will change the tide of history.

First phase.

The first stage of those paths of the future is being played now and it is rather obvious: Today a massive control of the media and political system by Corporations, includes also the presidency, which is merely an upgraded corrupted ‘inner city major’, as those the Jewish Corporations backed in cities during the 80s and 90s, to obtain contracts from local politics for their real states deal and other games of power. So neofascism today is played giving higher ‘personal rights’ to Companies and their property – the robotic machines that are substituting workers and are ‘sacred property’ that cannot be damaged. While the rights of the Chicanos are reduced by considering them illegal. racism against blacks is nominally diminished by the ‘inner city major’ presidency, but economical dispossession grows. So neofascism will focus in America in Muslims – witness the outstanding campaign against the moderate, pro-American Muslim who wants to open the Cordoba Cultural center in NY – and against the biggest minority of poor people, Chicanos – witness the racist laws of Arizona.

In this first phase the Tea Party, the Future Nazi party of America, as it happened in Germany, when Hitler was paid by corporations to destroy the Communist and Socialist organizations of workers, during the 29 crisis, is paid by oil and media corporations (Murdoch ‘greene’ and the Koch brothers) to play the same role that Mr. Obama plays today: to advance the hate against Islam and the poor (mostly latinos, as an african-american is in power).

But the Tea party has a grass movement of white people from the South that will, as it happened with the Nazi party, rooted in the Bavarian south, change sides and bite the hand of his master, when the master abandons America for richer lands to the East and settles in the golden coast North of Sydney to play financial games in H.K. and Mumbai.

And this will happen after the crash of the dollar, as it happened in Germany after the crash of the deutsche mark that saw the ‘great migration’ to NY of Jewish capital, which ruined the Reich. Thus, when in the 2020s China overcomes America and corporate money crashes the dollar moving to the higher profit region of Asia, the eternal cycle of the Holocaust, in which the poor and mestizo Jews are massacred as scapegoats of the rich will be looming on the American ‘Front’.

Since the great corporations will move to Australia and Hong Kong, and so will the jewish moguls, leaving behind the Jewish poor.

It is then when the Tea party without billionaires to fuel its present hate against Muslims will change sides and its rhetoric will move to denounce the fact that 7 million Israelis have colonized through the control of the American political and economical system, America; as the colonial British dominated. This populist Tea Party with a leader we still ignore will be the neo-Hitler of the III cycle of fascism (we cannot predict the ‘individual cells” of an organic system but its generic cycles, so for example, we predicted in our first book, ‘Biohistory, c.94 that in 2000 a fascist, military leader would take over America and start a splendid little war, but we thought it would be Powell, and it turned out to be Bush).

He will state that the Israeli colonists are detracting through speculation and taxes the money of America and taking his troops to fight the Imperial wars of Israel, as the original Tea party affirmed that the British colonists were detracting with taxes and taking troops from America to fight the Imperial wars of great Britain. Yet the ‘Am Segullah’, the financial class of the Jewish people, the true guilty of the Holocaust cycle will be gone, and so the innocent Jews, the ones with a pap and dad shop, the ones who didn’t have enough money to run, will be the targets along other minorities…

At that point, an impoverished America will seek revenge against the Israeli colonists and civil wars will break. The Israeli colonists will have to move back to Israel or massacre the Americans. While Israel,  alone against the Islamic world with the best army of the world, entirely mechanized, made of terminators and predators… fully integrated in the ‘inhuman age’ of the singularity, will probably seek the Final solution and eliminate the Palestinians, while the Arab world or maybe America, depending on who wins the Civil wars there, will seek to eliminate Israel with Nuclear bombs.

It is in that sense interesting to observe the parallelisms between the two waves of fascism, that of Hitler and that of the Tea party, as they were depicted in my earlier books a decade ago, to notice the extreme parallelism of both processes. The Jargon of those books was somewhat closer to the biological jargon of the sciences of Complexity, which I use in my personal work but it is easy to understand:

The previous graphs two decades old ( c.94′ the extinction of history’) considered the parallelism between the rise of german fascism and american neofascism. Now with the rise of the Tea Party some details not known then – as evolutionary history can only foresee the great features of those cycles, become more clear. We do not have yet the leader’s name -a mere anecdote of history moved by systems and memetic cult(ure)s, and to which side he will lean. What we know is that the crescendo robotic wars needed by electronic industries to evolve further the profits of the FMI complex are now in line, the robotic drones are now being approved for the time of the American civil wars and so the ‘big tendencies’ do follow their due course under ‘the usual suspects’.

Of course all this could have been avoided if Israel and orthodox judaism had evolved as its true prophets, from Moses to Jesus to Marx, have told them, into eusocial love, and guided with their money and special qualities for information the human kind into a sustainable world.

When I still moved among them, in America, I tried many times to explain all this and ask them to come out of the closet, but the sheer pressure of all the elements of the Jewish society on these hysterical theme is such that astoundingly enough, racist rabbis and usury bankers are carrying again the day and the ‘splendid little wars’ of the 30s that steadily rose till plunging the world in global war as we anticipated for decades are now on the verge of becoming permanent.

This is the amazing thing about history of mankind at large: how a few decided bigots oppress the rest and lead us to our demise.

You realize then why we have to talk of this? Because if you want to understand the growing Israelification of the west, which we forecasted 20 years ago, the increasing racism, militarism, fascism and robotic war machines that kill at distance, which is NOT sin, but encouraged, we need to get to the origin of this astounding doctrine. And again the reasons are obvious: Slave trade, weapons trade, usury kill at distance. So it cannot be a sin. It is again the economic profession of Judaism the cause of this doctrine. If they were warriors they would have the kind of mantras the Gita tell us, or the Jihad tell us: kill directly and you will enter paradise. Doctrine in Abrahamic religions with the exception of the best of Gospel and the charity moments of Islam is about raw power and justification of the means the society has to control and murder.

But this means the west, now global Israeli culture will kill at distance, keep creating drone industries, terminators, reduce the 3rd world and their poor people to the inferior races, which Disraeli, the Jewish Victorian prime minister imposed in the XIX century.

If Judaism had done after the last of their holocaust action-reaction cycles a French R=evolution against its racist, parasitic banker-priests, as some tried in the 60s, the world would have another hope of a future; if western nations would have denationalize the financial industry from their elite, and use money for the benefit of all humanity, the world would have a different future. As today, the hardware – the company-mother of machines – now dominant also in all Asian nations; and the software, Abrahamic revivalism and the hidden mathematical equations of extinction of labor and life, of the first ‘pious’ calvinist-jewish economists today represented by our CFOs and Central Bankers, has only a future: the extinction of life and labor by robotic blue collar workers, white collar pcs, and terminators.

But this would not be happening without the surrender and corruption of humanist, socialist, democratic, normal people in those leading nations of the Industrial world to the ‘beliefs’ and degrading memes of those cultures.  As all western parties and elites, and common citizens, instead of regaining their freedoms and take over the financial industry and the lethal industries of machines, have merely softly, cowardly accepted the hypocritical double standards and financial corruption that makes them slaves of the no-future of humanity.

As all seems to go the other way around: the humans of those cultures of theft and murder that we call biologically by its taxonomic name,  animetals=animals+metal are emotional beasts moved primarily subconsciously by monetary greed and military violence, once they are upon contact with the tree of ‘metal’. And so they ‘act’ as ‘animetal beasts’ unable to control and reason and be masters of its own destiny.

It is not a metaphor, but a very real duality which structures the equation of history to which we dedicate many pages of this blog, and so we shall introduce now the ‘higher level of depth’ in the understanding of history, the laws of systems sciences, theory of information and biology that are the only apt to fully grasp in a living planet the living fights between men and metal, ‘deus et machina’.

And so now we have the answer to our question, even if it is completely censored by the ‘religions of capitalism=money and war=nationalism’. Metal acted subconsciously in the beliefs of people, changing them, against natural biological laws of love to the species, to allow warriors to murder humans and bankers to enslave them for a price. And this was a historic, memetic geographic happening, origin first of the oldest, most brutal, anti-democratic, anti-humanist cultures, the Semitic cultures, and then next, the Aryan, Germanic, northern European ‘iron barbarians’.

And for 3000 years those cultures spread their absurd memes – Abrahamic religions of Semitic origin, nationalist tribalism of germ(anic) origin, killing all the life cultures on the bottom of that graph, first the Egyptians, then the Greeks that derived from them (Ionians) then the Italian artistic neo-platonic culture, the French revolution, American r=evolution etc.)

And now they have spread globally through the industry of mass-media they hate memes to mankind, their repression of life, their worship of metal, their non-future, since along that process of course, they have murder, become murdered, kill and commit suicide for the good of the machine, the weapon and the sacred go(l)d, while those cultures who received latter metal, are the ones who prospered more in terms of survival (the Chinese which didn’t get western iron till 300 B.C.)

So you see it is very simple. It has nothing to do with race but with culture, and it is not even internal culture but externally imposed metal-culture. And it could be easily r=evolved as the prophets of eusocial love, humanism and life have always explained (bottom part of the graph), the last ones being the socialist and ecological movement. And yet it does not work. It is NOT happening.

On the contrary, in this 3rd decadent age, machines of mass-media, weapons and chips, have come to dominate all. The Semite banksters of Israel and the Semite terrorists of Jihad have expanded their once local war to global terms, as those banksters do control 80% of CFOs and Central banks in the west, hence its politicos, corporations and mass media (evilwood and wall street, which use informative machines to print money and hate-media or fictions and ego-trips to control the human sheeple and we shall call the ‘Financial-Media’ system of informative machines, complementary to the classic military-industrial complex of energetic ones.

Now this is the truth of history from the perspective of mankind and its cultures of social love and humanism and evolution of the species, below. And even if we can understand and rationalize that wave it is still weird that the people on the bottom are so much of a ‘sheeple’ to become totally controlled by murder and theft of the people on top, which are so few, so obvious, so impertinent with their demands for self-extinction.

Indeed, it puzzles the mind to see how America and France-Belgium, the two enlightened cultures of modern humanism, since their r=evolutions have become today just a field war for the ‘primitives’ and their hate memes. Do not they realize what is going on? Do not they feel ashamed to become slaves of the terror and bankster ‘coalition’? Why they don’t react? how it is possible that the capital of evolved Europe close itself 3 days to search for a kid with a cheap Kalashnikov last time seen 300 miles from Brussels?

Or that the Americans do the same with Boston for a day and have converted the happy American way of life into a nightmare of security and self-inflicted fears? Here is where of those 2 cultures we must do a further division: the terrorists are primitives with little power, desperadoes fighting for the survival of its Neolithic, warrior culture and the west could have easily handled them by investing in their nations, instead of promoting their thugs, their military their priests for so long.

But then the west comes to the power of financial houses, that is, of the other side of the animetal original cultures. And so what is happening to the world, this return to primitivism has a cause, an origin, a reason d’être, which is the antidemocratic control of the financial-media system by the banksters of Israel, and its hate-murder and crush solution to the 3rd world problems, and the poor within us. And the solution is obvious: to denationalize the financial industry from them, and give back the democratic right to issue money to the people with a Universal salary, and to the governments to create and promote welfare goods. Point.

That’s really all what I have to say in this blog. I will go into infinite details and branching of that map of which the 3 industrial r=evolution are the final phase. I will prove ad nauseam all that. But if you want just to dismiss it all and go to bed, you had read the meaning of history and economics in the previous wave, a synopsis of 3000 years of rational Greek-Latin-European-socialist-humanist enlightened r=evolutionary thought and its war for the survival and thriving of the human kind. This is the truth of history, understood as the super organism of mankind : a war between animetal memes and humanist memes, hate to their own species and eusocial love, science understood as knowledge and understood as technology, charity and faith, reason and belief, Europe and the Middle East, Greeks vs. Persians, Romans vs. Jews, French vs. The City, you name it.

It just happens that today the wrong side of memetic cultures have won, and so they will magnify to global proportions their tragic history of slavery to Go(l)d racist hate to the species, war and holocausts.

Those extreme cases of pure idiocy and cyclical self-suicide of our natural and social scholars show the essence of our system: the mechanisms of the chip radiation are always good, and we use them to penetrate the secrets of lions, global warming, nuclear particles and the Egypt pyramid. The warriors, bankers and technocrats that rule the world must remain anonymous and we must sacrifice mankind, their lower castes, and every form of life, so they still remain on top of us.

But how this could be possible in a biological world?

How this kind of people can still be on top?

Of course, the ultimate teaching of the Holocaust cycle is dual:

On one side, as monstrous as the death of human beings of any kind is, it happens precisely because the Universe is an action-reaction system, and we are all humans. So murder at DISTANCE IS MURDER, AND PEOPLE RETURN THE FAVOR MURDERING YOU AT CLOSE RANGE, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMANS, NONE IS $ELECTED, GO(L)D DOES NOT SAVE YOU, IT KILLS YOU.

In that regard they can keep censoring true history and postulate memes of hate against its own species, with damned lies and economic statistics, gore movies and painful documentaries that only bore to death the watchers, AND WILL BECOME THE VISUAL IMAGINATION OF ROBOTIC TERMINATORS, who will enact them all over again. But they cannot BREAK the law of the land, the biological laws of survival:


The two strategies of the biological Universe

Live vs. eviL, equal species vs. ‘faked’ animetal differences: that is the survival game in the Darwinian vs. Eusocial Universe. Humanity systematically in the age of metal denies life and the prophets of eusocial love. The people on top, animetal castes, originated in germ(anic) tribes of Goths, Jewish Go(l)d churches and I-centered Anglosaxon, mechanist loners, who need machines and consider to come with other humans needy, have gone to unending, lengthy social bull$hit to deny the duality of the organic Universe, the equality of the species. And they have always died for it. The less successful cultures of history have been the germ*anic warrior and the Jewish go(l)d trader, despite the arrogance of both, and their cheating on the facts of history, today astounding in the case of Judaism, and they are the less successful, and their cycles of war and holocaust keep repeating. While the cultures that do NOT cheat, and do LOVE each other and evolve socially have been the most successful as in the case of China. Do you think they have learned? Judaism has done exactly the same and there germs are doing to Europe the same. Good luck.

Now there are 2 ways to deal with a biological analysis of history and its animetals. The way anthropomorphic men do overwhelmingly, which IS NOT how biology works in an efficient Darwinian Universe with only 2 strategies of survival:

  • Social love to the members of the same species (love religion, socialism), which would mankind allow to survive by becoming a single global super organism, hence without need of war and capitalist castes and mechanisms to substitute human help. And this is the ONLY REAL solution. But it is an ETHICAL solution, rejected by ANIMETAL, lesser humans corrupted by their ego-trips of POWER, which do NOT allow them to love and feel equal to other humans.
  • Darwinian fight between different species, which IS WHAT HUMANS AND MACHINES ARE, hence the degradation, mental and physical that mankind is experienced, and animetal cultures HAVE experienced since its beginning. This explains WHY germans are racist, and can’t help it, because they entered history as Goths, Smiths, who thought to be Gods and killed everybody else. We shall see HOW THIS degenerated their language into an ergative language where object comes first (the fetish weapon machine) and man last. This is also the origin of the most censored fact, that Judaism is a bigot religion where humans in Talmud are ‘animals’, and you must murder them at ‘distance’, which gave origin to the memes of capitalism, and it is the origin of classic economics, today absolutely censored by the Industry of the Holocaust. Hence the cycle of greed, usury, murder at distance, revenge by Germanic warriors and Holocaust. Which will happen again in America as it happened in Germany between those 2 animetal castes.

This is what biology tells us, and there is NO WAY AROUND IT. Either you EVOLVE YOUR RACIST MEMES, Jihads, Talmuds and national racism, or mankind will die of hate, regardless of how much YOU HIDE and lie about your memes, to others (Industry of the Holocaust) or yourself (ego-centered beliefs, selfish behaviour).

So I do not hide the facts. Of course, everybody hated Darwin and Marx when they explained how biology and history works. But that DID NOT CHANGE HOW IT WORKED. IT does not matter how much you lie in the media about the astounding racism of Judaism and the origin of capitalism. In 72 years, despite all that, Judaism has achieved massive hate by Islam, massive growth of antisemitism in Europe and America due to Banksters. And when America ruins its dollar, people will go out to chase them. It doesn’t matter how nice Europeans have been to Germans. They are doing exactly the same now with the ECB to southern Europeans. And that is why HUMANITY IS GOING UNDER. it does NOT RESPECT THE BIOLOGICAL LAWS OF THIS PLANET.





YOU CAN THINK IN CHILDISH TERMS, IN ANTHROPOMORPHIC TERMS. YOU CAN BE A GERMAN OR JEW AND GET OFFENDED, CENSORED BIOECONOMICS AND BIOHISTORY AS YOUR PEOPLE ALWAYS DO, THAT WILL MERELY MEAN YOU WILL CERTAINLY DIE. You can call me apocalytpo, but you do the apocalypses yourself. You can discuss with scholar penpal bull$hit on transhumanism, and A.I. Who cares. Pentagon as we anticipated is at the head of the wave of robotics.

If people want to waste time and quench his angst WITHOUT dealing with the bottom line – animetal bullshit, it can do. But that will NOT make the biological Universe change the only 2 options:

  • Or you follow the prophets of eusocial love without cheating, or you die. Or you realise that machines are a different species that is degrading mankind, as metal has always done, or you die.

Yes, Orwell died alone, self printing his books, and everybody thought he was a radical BUT THE WORLD TODAY IS ORWELLIAN. I dragged bio-history 20 years around America and every scholar shunned off. But all what those earlier books said has happened. The Jews have been cheating history for 80 years with the Industry of the Holocaust, but they are now about to get a Tea Party Fascist president that will be the new Hitler when their elite runs to Australia and ruins the dollar. And then it will be the 13 holocaust. Do you think anyone care about Holocaust movies? Yes, you know who will – the robotic armies that will think with images and will look at data banks for ‘imagination’ and will replicate the Nazi games of its violent video games


OF COURSE, now the Animetal does NOT even have ‘such moral questions’. It has been reduced to an I-centered nullity, an ego-centered child, shot of a cub which will put his head inside the lion, the funny robot. Good luck.

But the moral conclusion of the Holocaust cycle is obvious. Despite the amazing amount of financial energy and verbal information, the habiru spend trying to maintain an aberrant thought – that they are $elected and different from us, they do go under at the end of each economic war its elite of Am Segullah cause. The reading of reality is thus opposite to its single-minded belief that they are to be spent from the constant capitalist holocaust of this planet, because murder at distance of the goy-animal is permitted, as it was the murder of the cattle they reigned on the Neolithic.

The Holocaust cycle manifests also that we, human beings are nothing but infinitesimals of the whole – the true God of Mankind, Mankind itself. That it does NOT matter how much Rabbis cheat the moral order of the Universe, which is based in eusocial love to the members of the same species – as they congratulate themselves with its dispensations (in their literalist religion rabbis are even ‘before the beginning, above heavens and earth because they trick Yvwh’s mandates with wording. For example, usury to a gentile-animal is encouraged but forbidden to a habiru. So in Israel banks they put a dispensation tricking the law by not lending, but making up the fable, they buy part of the business of the habiru they lend at interest, and the interest are the profits of the partnership; they break the sabbath by making a gentile do the job, and so on.

What the habiru should have learned on the other hand is that you canon serve eviL and expect Live its antiparticle. You cannot cheat and swim two waters. Because you cannot serve go(l)d and the wor(l)d your true language of Love that naturally make you equal to other humans.

The holocaust cycle and the failure of its industry to quench anti$emitism, and only put a lid to the boiling of suffering of mankind under the rule of the Am Segullah should be obvious to them. But it is not. And that rises the ultimate question about the destiny of mankind, are we programmed to do eviL to kill Live, are we nothing but an enzyman, a catalyser of metal. Since if we cannot redeem ourselves from the fall of the garden of eden, of the tree of life, if those who lead us are so ‘dumb’ as to commit suicide and not even realising they are committing it, we must abandon all hope. This is the ultimate teaching of the Holocaust. If NOT even the death of 4 million (not the 6 of inflated statistics but the 4 of the original ones),of their  people softened the souls of the Am Segullah and make them repent from the sins of capitalism and create a perfect world, but do EXACTLY THE SAME THEY DID BEFORE, steal, lie, murder at distance and create a monstrous civilisation, and not even humanity could come together to stop that process, we must conclude, we are damned by their damned lies and statistics.

This was indeed the ultimate question of the prophets of eviL, the anti-Christs of violence (Luther, the son of a miner) and Go(l)d, Calvin, the son of an usurer, who converted to Judaism->Capitalism and extended eviL=anti-live memes. Indeed, the ‘Israelification’ of the World today is almost complete, as China becomes also a Market of Corporations, speculating in Shanghai, putting robots to throw their people out of job.

Now this week, as I added the olocaust Cycle this web plunged to zero views. This is the point of Lot in the prophecies and parables of the true humanist habirus that commented on the sins of gomorra, the city of warriors and sodoma, the city of traders. There is not a single Just man on Earth, not even one who wants to know the truth of History. We are all Am Segullah or Habiru, we are all therefore ready to sacrifice our children on the altar of Astarte, the Whore Goddess that in Baalist-Yvwh cults sacrificed their Isaac-sons till the 4th generation to the altar of eviL.

The language of history can be abstract, biological or mystical, in fact my preferred one, but undeniable it spells the choice man had always between Live vs. eviL What will never happen is the astounding idiocy of the Rabbis and Banksters, which believe they will survive and break the laws of the Universe, in this lost blue dot, as part of what Schopenhauer called mankind ‘a mush covering a lost rock on a corner of the Universe, departing from this fact we must talk about man; sometimes above the pig, most times below’, indeed born of the leg of satan.

But of course, the AM Segullah couldn’t care less about the manifest destiny of the habiru, either at the hands of ex-patriots or robot guardiums, in the future. Go(l)d will provide for them, as long as it lasts.. And as today they own..



The higher view:  the language of money converts man into an object. And those who obey the language suffer its equations.

Why ultimately those hecatomb-holocaust cycles happen in a deterministic way, if ultimately most of its agents – even the banker-priests of Israel – would like them to be avoided. The answer comes from a higher perspective of systems sciences, social organisms and ‘lanwaves’ of time – systems directed by the grammar of the languages in which its cells believe.

In brief, the Universe does not act upon individual cells but collective superorganisms. So because the elite of judaism exploits mankind with money, and it is a superorganism, with a blind body of ’11 slave tribes’, the action-reaction attacks the entire superorganism, including innocent individual cells.

And because the Universe is guided by ‘heads’ and their ‘languages’, which direct the social wave of the organism, if a civilization HAS CHOSEN A WRONG LANGUAGE TO DIRECT ITSELF, IT WILL PROVOKE SUBCONSCIOUS TRAGEDIES caused by the way in which the language values the beings of its environment.



Thus in an ethic civilization, guided by the values of verbal thought, humans are always the subject, and cherished part, protected by the language that ab=uses through a verbal action an object. And so ethic civilizations that respect human life as the supreme value are NOT destroyed by hecatombs and holocausts.


Thus with the language of money men becomes an object, compared to a machine in competition in fields of labor and war, and a slave bought for a price of money. This is the language chosen by plutocracies, capitalism and go(l)d religions and hence men become slaves and suffer as objects the competition of weapons that kill them in war fields and machines that throw them out of work. And those people who rule their world with the lanwave of money end up in action-reaction processes of economical crises, r=evolutions, class struggle, where THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY HAS ALL PRIVILEGES, ABUSES THE PEOPLE THEY PRICE AND END UP SUFFERING THEIR backlash. This society suffers endemic hecatombs and holocaust cycles. And they can be predicted as THE CRISES WILL HAPPEN WHEN MONEY HAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED THE VALUES OF ETHICS AND ALL MEN ARE PRICED, ENSLAVED AND POOR.

Thus the future in a capitalist system follows in general lines the lanwave of ‘money’, man=price=object, in which men are always deemed obsolete to the evolution of objects.

Had mankind chosen the lanwave of ‘ethic laws’, human subject>verb>object of course laws would forbid the evolution of ‘objects’ that contradict the equation (Object>man), hence limiting the weapons > human bodies that kill us and the digital money of corporations that enslave our minds. But that is nto the world we live in so, the future demise of mankind which DOES NOT evolve as fast as objects means, man=price=object, turns as evolution maximizes object, into man<Object and we become eliminated by weapons and wars.

THE CAUSATIONS and full equations of bio-history are also complex but its ‘grammar is not’. And that is the beauty of the fractal, self reproductive universe.




victims predators

NOW THE PREVIOUS graph for all lanwaves of existence applies to the cycles of selfish memes of metal of 800-80-8 cultures and are the meaning of it all. Even the soliton of the wave of future with maximal information, in the economic ecosystem the jewish wave fianlly succumbs to the BEST PLAYERS OF THE LANWAVE, NOT HUMAN BUT METALLIC, money itself and weapons and machines, which overproduce and kill finally the human soliton too. So at the end of the wars for profits of all cycles the final massacre of humans is that of the leadership of the wave, the goldmasters…

quien pueda entender que entienda.

UPDATE. May. The steppenwolves. A writer dares to speak up. The Masters’ rage

From time to time I read an article of some still-human thinker, who dares to defy the absolute dictatorship of the financial-media system and those who own it over the collective psyche of mankind. The last one was mr. Grass, not mr. Gross, the man who owns the euro, but the writer who once was an antiSSemite and now is just an anti$emite… I found his poem so innocent that it just became risible the worldwide reaction. Oh God, a german neutered doberman dares to insinuate that some are treated ‘more equal than others’.

This attacks of cholera of our masters, remind me of the irate reactions that happen in absolute monarchies when someone dares to insinuate the ‘god’s given rights’ of the kings are not ‘natural law’. To insinuate that the Jewish Am Segullah dynasties of bankers do not have the right to dictate the democracies, lives, budgets and wars of all the nations of the Western world even in the mild way of a poem provokes a massive cholera, not only of the kings and their ari-stockratic elites but, and this is what makes it all risible, of the oppressed masses who shout ‘LONG LIFE TO THE BANKERS, LONG LIFE TO THE MASTER, WE LOVE TO BE SLAVES’. In spain, in the XIX c. the slaves of the king, shouted ‘vivan las caenas’, ‘we want chains’.

Don’t worry you dont have to encourage kings, banksters and the financial-media system to rob you and make you ever more stupid. That’s granted in a ‘democracy’. And you will get it till the end of the world.

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