The differences between Nazis and AskheNazis are small but important.

– The Nazis had the Warsaw Ghetto, where they kept around 300.000 jews isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 2 years

– The AskheNazis have the Gaza Ghetto, where they keep around 2 million palestines, isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by a wall… during 50 years.

Thus the AskheNazis have a bigger ghetto to enjoy their sadist ministrations with more people and longer time.

In the details though both are quite similar in purpose. The Nazis hated the jews whom they blamed for the political and economical backstabbing treasons that led to the loss of I world war and beginning of II world war, (capital fugue to NY, change of sides to the British after the Balfour declaration, brutal war reparations masterminded by the City and Paris bankers – rothschild syndicate, crash of the Deutsche mark, 29 crisis, etc. etc.). The Israelis hate the Palestinians whom they blame of all their political problems (impossibility to build ‘Great Israel’, political criticism abroad, need of a perpetual war state, terrorism).

Now the perspective of both is quite irrelevant as we explained in the wider article on the last genocidal acts of Israel, quite similar to those of the Nazis, just a bit more loaded – greater proportion of palestinian murders than european murders related to the number of israeli and german casualties. To me this is of little interest. It would be improper of a blog which supposes a certain degree of objective humanism in the readers, to even enter into the arguments of Germans and Jews to justify their sadist genocidal behavior.

I won’t either enter in the many similar frame of mind of both nations  – Germans being terrified as a ‘small nation’ surrounded by enemies, German’s blood laws copied by Israel, etc. etc. The Jewish state is a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the robotic weapons’ military-industrial complex that will bring III world war and extinguish mankind, as Germany was a Nazi, Apartheid, Genocidal, criminal state at the height of the tank-bomber weapons’ military-industrial complex that brought II world war. We have also explained those similarities in other posts.

What I am more interested of is the ‘2nd difference’ between both nations, an external NOT internal difference: The Nazis were alone in their behavior, criticized by all nations, treated as they had to be treated – as pariahs, and the world declared them war.

But the Israelis have the defence of the entire planetary’s establishment of politicians, industralists and mainstream mass-media both in Europe and America. While the rest pays lip service to humanitarism without moving a single finger. On the contrary, the more brutal the genocide by stages of the Israelis – who let us be clear enough will when the chance comes, send an army of robotized weapons to massacre the palestinians as the Nazis send the jews of the ghetto to treblinka – the higher the privileges that Israel obtains as a ‘chosen of Go(l)d’s nation’, in the backstage.

Consider the treatment of the European Union. Israel is the only nation in the world, which has all the rights of belonging to the European Union and none of its obligations. It has a trade treaty that allows Israel to send their products with no tariffs, while Europeans cannot reciprocate and send their goods. It has a new law that allows 99%  of Israelis to become as ‘descendants’ of a sephardim, Spanish hence European by nationality if so they wish, but of course Europeans only if they show purity of Jewish race could migrate to Israel. It has the right to participate in any European competition despite being in Asia, etcc. etc. 

While in America, Israel gets over 3 billion of free $ in armament, plus America pays the ‘iron dome’ that protects the country from the ridiculous, home made rockets the Palestinians put together in the ghetto. Right now America has supplied Israel with a replenished arsenal of weapons overspent massacring children in UNO schools and gaza beaches.

Of course, we know, why this is the case.Israel control the financial-media, informative, digital industry of the West, from the European Bank to the bundesbank, from The City to Wall Street, 3/4 of the western world central bankers and CEOs of financial corporations and CFOs of the 1000 fortune are theirs. SO Goes for the media industry. The west is therefore a series of nations with politico employees of Israeli bankers and media moguls. This anyone who is not a sheeple knows. Anyone who has a position of minimal power knows.

And yet, we also have commented extensively on this theme.

What we will like to elaborate here a little bit more is the real difference beyond the facts, the moral difference between the world in the 30s, when the Nazis became ostracized from the world community for its genocidal behavior and the world of the 2010s, when their equivalent nation in this cycle, Israel is rewarded with new perks every time it decides to go to his courtyard Ghetto and have a rush of adrenaline murdering civilians and closing tunnels, through which basic supplies for a people without potable water, surrunded by air drones, robbed of their sea rights, systematically bombed when attempting to create a port or airport to break the ghetto, are carried. 

Yes from time to time some commando might appear in the perfectly technologically located tunnels on the Israeli side and gets murdered like a cockroach. This we also know. I mean do you really believe the Israeli/American massive electronic technology cannot detect a tunnel which is supposed to come out in Israeli territory after passing through miles of Israeli Army occupied land? Do you really believe Israel needs to murder thousands of innocent people because of their slight chance that one of those tunnels is not detected?

The tunnel of course is the excuse, the hate of a racist people who consider ‘blacks and arabs’ according to the Ham damnation of a racist rabbi less than dogs, is the itch. A hate too easy to calm murdering a few of those ‘less than dogs’ humans on the courtyard. It has been now 50 years that this behavior goes on and the world applauds. If anyone protest the media will explain we are not properly informed. The Holocaust industry and the anti$emitic rant will do the same.

No, this is not the question that matters here, but the degree of decadence and corruption that it is required in our ‘western democracies’ to tolerate this.  The murders taking place now In Egypt after a coup d’etat masterminded by Israel and its house negros, against the Eguptian freely elected muslim brothers – of which Hamas is just a Plaestinian branch… is part of that sadist pleasure, greased by billions of dollars of American $laves… tax-payers sorry… who toil to give their money to their Israeli bankers, for free, or in ‘never returned loans’ while being degraded and happily singing we love evilwood movies because they laugh at us, they make us more stupid and that is what we slaves deserve…

Why this matters to me more than the genocide? Simply put it. As much as i can empathize with the warsaw ghetto or the Gaza Ghetto, i am in neither of those ghettos. I am in a ghetto called the West, called America and the fact that all our politicians are sympathizers with the modern Nazis, the askheNazis, means only they are also nazis and we are also palestinians. Financial Palestinians, Mass-media Palestinians, goyyim, which means both gentile and animal in the most racist book ever written, Talmud, yes, again, if we compare it with Mein Kampf and I have read both, the difference is one of weight… Talmud is more racist, we, humans in talmud are animals – arabs and negroes are lower animals, conceded, less than dogs. For Mr. Hitler, in any case nee frankhenheimer – grand-son of a Jewish welathy merchant whose son Aaron impregnated the impure german cleaner lady… humans were just an inferior race… but still humans. For Israelis who believe piously in Talmud,  both in Israel and America, we are a bit over the dog, yes, the Arab, we are white animals, but the way they treat us through evilwood and wall street and the ECB bank it is increasingly similar, not to speak of the policies of the european triad of jewish presidents, Miss Merkel, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hollande-Valls (sephardim ‘chueta’), increasingly similar to those of the house negro – hand outs of our taxes to the israeli bankers, vigilante cameras soon to be drones, as those that travel over palestine, watching us…

Yu see where I lead, the difference matter to us. With the Nazis, our leaders were against, with the askhenazis our leaders are doing brindis and so our future is also the ghetto, with robotized policemen, mass-media movies on the greatness of the great chosen race and its good God…

Understand therefore the conclusion: Our future is Gaza… In the same way than the future of all Europe was a holocaust of 60 million people called World War II. 

But of course, you lonely internet rider will not realize of it, till you see the first robocop drones stopping you on the highway, as the europeans didn’t realize till they saw the first stukas over their heads.After then as the Europeans greeted the extraordinary achievements of the Germans at the head of our industrial-military ‘scientific’ establishment you will think those askheNazis are so coool… as the cold corpses they leave in the trail…


Update. 20 August.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the purpose of Israel is to commit genocide, as expressed by the head of the Knesset, in an astounding declaration that cannot be found even in the archives of the Nazi Reichtag. So goes for the ‘Pope’ of Israel, recently deceased, mr. Josef Ovidia, who considered that the Jewish people are in sin till they do not expel from the sacred land of Greater Israel, the impure goyyim=animals (palestinians) that infected it. The sentence ‘death to arabs’ (mind the reader not palestinians as that would refer to the sacred land which is Israel, but ‘arabs’, as they are suppose to be invaders from the desert) has become now routine in right wing parties – the ones that have the two fundamental ministries of foreign affairs and economists.

To that aim of course the world will enter into a period of ‘enough wars’ so this genocide looks just another one as Goering put it, when declaring the strategies to clean up the act in Germany – a global war to hide the crimes we commit inside. It has been now 25 years since we predicted all this in our books on the cycles of history, when we considered that Israel, that ‘small nation with historic territories to the east that we must reclaim, surrounded by enemies’ (sentence not pronounced by any israeli but by hitler referring to ‘his’ polish lands and unjust treatment after I world war), would play the role of nazi germany in this cycle, with the most advanced robotic weapons, the same racist ideologies and the same push forwards.

And so now wars, paid by the banksters of Israel and its qisling politicos appear everywhere. Suddenly ISIS, the terrorist group armed by the pentagon becomes the biggest danger since 9/11, just a group of thugs who do not concern us except for the ever unstable nature of the Middle East with zealots and jihadists, tal para cual; and of course the coup d’etat we paid in Ukraine against a democratically elected russian president is now a perfect excuse to mass murder russian citizens living in ukraine so to provoke finally Mr. Putin to intervene to avoid further massacres and start a splendid little war – the equivalent to the spanish civil war that brought the previous cycle. History accelerates according to the deja vu script we have explained in the silence of censorship for decades.

Good luck human ‘fucktards’, not for being less expected is less discouraging to see a species programmed by its animetal memes of hate and arrogance.

4 Responses to “AskheNazis”

  1. aferrismoon Says:

    The immediate condemnation of Putin and his ‘cronies’ [ Cameron’s poetry], without any evidence, just media onslaught using the dead. Cue the same trying to waltz around genocide. ‘The tunnels. the tunnels…’ , there\ll be an Oscar winning film, called TUNNEL or perhaps The Tunneler


  2. Junnies Jun Yang Says:

    a pleasantly surprising thing was the attention paid to the Israel-Gaza massacre, that despite the Zionists’ best attempts at distorting the narrative and trying to distract the world by shooting down mh17 on the same day, world opinion (including many Western media outlets) is fervently against Israel. Opinion on social media sites seem to be largely anti-Israel, even when the jewish internet defence force show up,

    i suspect their attempt to wipe out gaza once and for all has severely backfired on them; they underestimated the internet and human empathy, and overestimated their control of the media narrative, so that despite all the lies, excuses and distortions they have fabricated (iron dome hoax, non-existent hamas tunnels, photo-ops to minimize gaza destruction and demonize hamas), world opinion (and even american!) is clearly against Israel.

    I am also cautiously optimistic that the Jewish cabal is significantly weakening. Putin managed to stop Obama from more intervention in Syria, and sanctions against Russia are more likely to turn Europe against USA. BRICS is a huge threat to the US dollar that the Jews depend on for financial control, and from what i know, Russia/China are more or less free from jewish agents, whilst India’s new prime minister Modi is also free from their influence. I have a feeling that things are moving too fast and too quickly out of their control – hopefully before humanity destroys itself.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    Maybe of interest to you


  4. aferrismoon Says:

    An interetsting excerpt from said article:

    However, given that he believes we only have perhaps 1,000 years left on Earth anyway, it’s as well to explore every possible scenario, before the robots and algorithms secure minds of their own and, as their first step, eliminate us all.


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