“I have written with a profound love for my own country, but without being engrossed by France more than by any other nation. As I advance in life, I grow more simple, and I become more and more patriotic for humanity.” Hugo

Abstract. We must differentiate ‘human social organisms’, which are made of a single cell, the human being, citizen of the wor(l)d, from economic ecosystems, where 2 different species, human beings and metal-beings, helped by human who idol-ise metal compete for survival. The tragedy of history is that certain humans sponsor racist idologies to feel superior to the rest of mankind, hence evolving the economic ecosystem of machines NOT the human ecosystem of life.

In that sense, the body of History is a biological ecosystem made with species of life and metal. It is in that sense the human part of an evolutionary organism gaia, (the life Earth), which mutated into history (the human earth) which mutated into metal (the economic ecosystem).  We thus talk of two dominant ecosystems, the economic ecosystem made of animetals and machines, and the historic and nature ecosystem, made of carbolife, and social human beings. IN THIS SECTION, we shall study the wave of history, from the human perspective of its 7 geographical and historical main civilisations. 


The 7 cultures: diachronic and synchronic analysis

Each of the seven cultures of mankind can be studied ‘diachronically’, as it was born in one of the ages of the larger Superorganism of History=Humanity, limited by a geographical barrier, and the natural ternary structure of topological evolution that divides any new species in one of the 3 possible organic specialisations of all systems as. In the human being, in one of the 3 canonical races of the mind:

In the graph, the 3 races of the mind follow the Topological diversification of species into 3 sub-species, proper of all processes of evolution:


Max. Spatial Mental, dolicocephalic visual white race, ‘Europe’.

max. Sensorial, mental, psylocephalic (high axis of the brain), emotional black race, ‘Africa’.

Max. Verbal, Informative, brachicephalic, verbal axis: mongoloid race, ‘Asia’.

So there are 3 original ‘genetic races’, according to the 3 axis of the mind, which give birth to the white, yellow and black races.


Abstract. Black Africa. The sensorial, Animist culture.

Thus there are only ‘3 poles’ of human cultural races, that of the Energy≈Information, balanced, reproductive black race. In the next graph, we observe the fractal process of Generation of different human species, based in the simple game of ternary topological evolution of that came out of Africa studied in greater detail in our different ‘race’ and ‘paleolithic’ posts on the left side of the web:


In the graph, in complexity biology systems decouple in 3 varieties of max. energy-force, max. information and max. reproduction, the 3 main drives that ensure survival.

This simple rule allows to classify the diversification of species, including the Homo. yet the dominant arrow is information, so at the end the gorilla-chimpanzee-Australopithecus, max. energy (gorilla), max. Information (austral), max. reproduction (bonobobo), chose the Australopithecus, and then again in the next decouplings till arriving to the 3 ‘mental races->cultures’, the white, lineal, energetic; mongoloid, cyclical, informative, and sensorial, reproductive, vital black mind-cultures.

It is the solution of the ‘Plan of Evolution’ based in the 3 ‘limited’ topologies of the Universe, which correspond to the morphologies of energy, information and its balanced, reproductive combinations.

So species evolve in those 3 eternal variations of the same theme, from lineal, energetic men to informative women and the intermediate sex, to the 3 human races, to the 3 ‘topologic varieties’ of evolution, to the 3 ages of life, function and form always rhyme. In the first picture we see the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of most species. Below the differentiation of human species, into energetic, reproductive and informative ones.

Specifically the ‘evolution’ of the ape into the human being, shows the fundamental procedure of nature in the process of ‘differentiation’ of species along the 3 ‘fundamental’ possible avenues of a ternary organism: improvements in energy system, information systems and its balanced reproductive networks. Thus the original ape species can be differentiated into ‘energetic’ stronger animals (gorilla), informative ‘Australopithecus’, and balanced, reproductive ‘bonobo chimpanzees’, our closest species, dedicated all day to ‘fuk’ (-;

Next the human species took over, and again evolved in III Horizons of increasing information, (500 cc Australopithecus, 1000 cc homo erectus, 1500 cc homo sapiens) mankind arrived to the final racial differentiation, in which the dominant informative verbal homo decoupled into:

– White, energetic, visual, lineal dolichocephalic race/cultures (with higher mixture with visual Neanderthals in Europe).

– Reproductive balanced culture with a dominant axis on the top of the head (motor and emotional axis) or psylocephalic

– Informative, brachycephalic, verbal, cyclical mongoloid culture (mutated in the higher Tibetan-Altai steppe) with higher verbal Broca regions.

We cannot extend in this introduction in the full understanding of ‘topological evolution’, as it belongs properly to the full model of General Systems sciences that unifies all the laws of the Universe, under the metrics of the 5th dimension. For those interested, just look at my unification theory web.

Enough to say that those 3 complementary varieties are the only ‘genetic races’ to be considered, and their combinations maximizes the energetic-visual, reproductive-sensorial and verbal-social qualities of man, and have given birth to the 3 main cultures (being the other 4 born of military conquest, and hence somehow artificial but as they exist, we should use them to conform the perfect world):

The verbal, social, cyclical, female oriented, time cultures of Asia
The energetic, visual, individual, male oriented, lineal, time cultures of the white man
The sensorial, emotional, reproductive, wave-like cultures of the black man or ‘Africa’.
The white, visual animetal energetic men; the mongoloid, verbal, social and the reproductive, sensorial black man in a perfect world would be complementary, the 3 ternary elements proper of all diversifications of the Universe. But they are not.

It is in fact the white man (I am), the simpler, energetic,  easily hypnotized, irrational, violent animetal culture, which is destroying the world. And as such it did destroy first Animist Africa, and then it corrupted it into an iron, military warrior culture of Bantu enslavers, converted into exploiters of their own people for the white capitalist, animetal world, for 4 centuries and going. Thus because METAL degrades man, the white man and its ‘house negroes’ Have COME ON TOP, despite being the less evolved human. At the time I was laughed at. Now we do know Neanderthals were white, red hair, hooked nose, violent, with consonantal languages. This as many of the discoveries of the model of complexity has been proved, because the ‘theory’ behind all this, cyclical time and the 5th dimension IS the theory most advanced about the nature of the Universe.

The temporal diversification.

Then through the 3 ages of History as information increases, those 3 cultures follows a specific ‘historic evolution’ from minimal to maximal number of ‘selfish metal memes’, and so we can talk of further differentiation of cultures as we cross through the:

  1. Paleolithic, young age of energetic hunters, which gave birth to the original African culture.

2. Neolithic, mature agricultural age, which give birth to the split of the mongoloid, yellow, informative culture: into southern, more life oriented Indonesian water culture and Northern, Taoist, Asian culture, and in the west to Islam occupying the old fertile crescent and southern Europe (old Europe), around the 3 southern peninsulas.

3. 3rd age of metal, which soon corrupted all other cultures that will enter this age in different stages:

-Bronze cycle: Semitic culture, which splits into:

  • go(l)d churches, origin of the present Anglo-American, jewish-protestant cultures.
  • Warrior inquisitions, origin of the present Islamic and Hindi cultures.

-Iron Age: European culture and African, Bantu culture, which enters with agriculture and iron south of the Congo.

-Cavalry Age: Middle Age period in all cultures, which starts the homogenous hierarchical structure of Animetal dominant civilisations, and culminates with the Mongolian wave that carries gunpowder and the modern age of machines.

-Gunpowder, Mechanical Cycle:  Which gives origin to the final 2 global cultures, born of the 2 global European Empires that carry the gunpowder wave all over the world:

-Hispano-American, mestizo culture, which expands an old Roman gold and infantry concept of hierarchical warrior Empire based in the Law and Christian, higher eusocial memes of love but will be defeated in the final age of the machine by:

-Machine age (final phase of gunpowder): Anglo-America, the capitalist culture, which is the culture globalised today.

Thus we shall study those cultures after a general introduction, both in diachronic analysis, in this upper section, and in it’s synchronic, day to day analysis in the lower part of this section dedicated to ‘Mankind’ the super organism of history in space.

It must be understood though that those cultures are ‘constricted’ by the type of mind displayed by their original white’-European, Black-‘African’, and ‘Mongoloid’ -Asian, visual, sensorial and verbal dominant brains, in the original 3 cultures, which are either merged into a non-dominant, richer communicative culture (West: Hispano-America; East Indonesia).

They are also ordered from past to future according to the equation of History:

Gaia (life-Africa) <Neolithic, History (Indonesia-Islam, Hispano America) > Mechanocene (Asia, Europe, Anglo-America)

That is, the level of pain and self-extinction of each culture is closely related to the period of birth and original memes of he culture. Africa, being the most life-oriented culture is brutalised for centuries, and since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, the 3 dominant, neolithic cultures, Indonesia (trade dominant), Asia (verbal dominant) Hispano-America  and Islam, (warrior dominant), have been exploited by the Mechanocene cultures of Europe and Anglo-America (colonial empires). Only in the XX century, Asia, as the informative dominant human culture has evolved into the Mechanocene, leading the present robotic age with Anglo-America.

And so as history displaces towards the mechanocene, previous cultures become ever more brutalised, and this is clearly the case of Europe today, the last to fall in the grinding machine of mechanical evolution, as human workers and soldiers become also obsolete to robots.

So only Asia and Anglo-America in its elites of corporations, managers and workers in the reproduction and testing of machines survives more or less without full disintegration, though its middle and lower classes are suffering the increasing pain of extinction.

In the ideal world of course, there would be only 3 genetic-memetic cultures, reflected in the graph, in a common synergy.

Europe and Asia would become the two rational poles to construct a perfect world, looking at Africa, the 3rd natural racial->memetic->Cultural pole, as the ‘protected’ relative past of Gaia, the life planet. And the 3 fusion together would form the balanced ‘Fractal Generator’ equations of a perfect super organism of Mankind:

Black Africa (Gaia-Animism) < Rational Europe (Humanism) > Buddhist Asia (Organic Universe).

This though is not the case and so the real time equation of those cultures today is:

Africa, Islam (extinct process-past life)> Indonesia, Asia, Europe, Hispano-America (Present History, becoming degraded) > Metalearth (catalysed by the Anglo-American capitalist culture – future)



Contrary to ‘idol-ogy’, the Universe is NOT a solid mechanism but a fractal organism. This astounding fact today accumulates so many proofs that even though ‘theory’ goes behind facts, is starting to make the rounds among the elite of scientists. It remained though the final element of all scientific inquire: Hypothesis->Facts->Logic, theoretical, predictive model. Since machines need a ‘deist’ god to make them, and only organisms are self-sustained. But what is an organism? Very simple: a system that:

Not only processes energy but constantly transforms back and forth energy and information, the 2 substances of reality, reproducing new beings. And this gives birth to a Fractal Generator (equation):

Γ. Se (Spatial energy/limb/territory) <Exi (re=productive bodywave)> Tiƒ (informative particle/neuronal head/class)

This is the ‘Fractal Generator’ of the Universe, the key equation of the Fractal Paradigm I introduced to the world of science at the 50th anniversary of the foundation of ISSS (the International society of systems sciences and cybernetics), which structures the ternary social classes, organs and complementary parts of all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe.

We are ALL fractal super organisms. But super organisms are not only ternary structures that process back and forth energy and information reproducing it with its body/waves/middle classes, guided by their neuronal, informative people-castes in control of the energetic=blood=money and informative=nervous=legal languages of societies.

Fractal super-organisms are made of scales of relative parts, which become wholes, precisely by being organised through those physiological 3 networks: a territorial network from where they extract energy, an informative language/network which guides their action, and the social evolution, which allows them to work and reproduce together, other parts of the super organism; and so the structure of any super organism of any scale of reality, an ‘atomic’ system, a ‘genetic’ system or a ‘memetic system’ (a culture) is the same.

And so we need a dimension of scalar size, we know it exists since the first telescopes and microscopes found that things that are equal, come together through networks of energy and information to form bigger size; but and this is the marvel of it – larger things with more energy are slower in its cycles that process information, so both together become co-invariant, stable.

  • And this allows small, faster quantum atoms with more information to code larger molecular matter.
  • And cells with more genetic information to code larger human beings with more energy that moves them in synchronicity.
  • And it allows small humans, with more memetic information to code larger societies, with more energy.
  • And it allows small chips, with more digital information to code larger machines with more energy

∆. 5D metric:   Size of Spatial Energy x Time Clocks of Information = SuperOrganism extended across 3 ∆±1 5Dimension scales:

Spe x Tiƒ = ∆±1

5D BST5d

In the graph, we can see the metrics of the 5th dimension, which explains the existence of all beings of the Universe as fractal super organism extending across 3 scales, in which its cellular/atomic, individual, organic and social/cosmological scales, co-exist together organising the system. The astounding beauty of the Fractal Universe implied in that structure has made me wonder and wander as the leading scientist of the field, through fascinating paths of bio-logic and mathematical equations, till I was able to design the Model of the perfect super organism, which turned out to be the Universe as a whole, and applied those models to the sciences of bio-history and bio-economics designing the perfect Historic=Human super organism.

As all of them are ‘made to the image and likeness’ of the whole: the super-organism of the Universe, whose ‘Asian Mind’, is the ‘Game of existence, which combines vishnu=yin=information and Shiva=yang=energy, to reproduce its infinite fractal beings’ (to paraphrase the culture, Asia, which better has understood the Universe in its pre-scientific age).

We compare in the next graph the genetic and memetic systems, individuals and societies (we escape the mathematical formalism and the physical systems from here on, for those interested, they can read my  hard science blog or the post on 5D):


So now this is all what you need to know about the Fractal Generator and 5D metric, the fundamental equations of the Fractal Paradigm. We shall merely combine both to define Your existence, and that of all beings of the Universe, as a ‘Worldcycle of life and death’, or ‘travel through the scales of the 5th dimension’, as all systems, faster in smaller systems with faster time clocks of information, slower in larger systems with slow beats, do live through the 3 ages of the graph, which their collective neuronal or memetic (cultural-artistic) minds process in the same manner:

∆-1: Seminal birth as a seed of quantum/genetic/memetic information (particle, seed, prophet) <

∑∆-1: Reproduction into a growing ‘fetus’ that develops its 3 physiological energetic/reproductive/informatic networks…

∆Spe>: Emerging as a young, energetic super organism of maximal motion that transforms that motion into information:

E≈I: becoming a reproductive adult system, which expands into its adjacent space-time creating an offspring of clones, till

>∆Tiƒ: enters a 3rd age of max. information, dominated by the selfish neuronal cells that exhausts its energy, so the system dies

<∑∆-1: erasing its information, dissolving into its cells & completing the equation of its world cycle of existence as a Fractal Being:

 Ω.            ∆-1: ∑∆-1(seed birth)> Spe (energetic youth)>ExIst(reproductive adult)>Tiƒ(old age)<∑∆-1 (entropic death)

Now it is obvious that the super organism is dominated by each of its 3 physiological networks in each age, and because the selfish neuronal informative castes keep absorbing energy and giving nothing of it to the body, the system will die, if and when its neuronal castes, in a society, its financial=blood system and political=informative system and energetic=military system, outgrows the body of reproductive middle classes and exhausts its territory of Energy, part of Gaia

And that is exactly what mankind is doing during its 3rd age of metal-information, which made me realise around 1994 that we were dying as a species, as all other species had done before us, because we had evolved a new species of information, selfish-memes of metal, which were destroying the planet Earth.



In this section we will pour in the future, as we keep building this web, hundreds of pages of studies on the 7 cultures of mankind, which a ‘perfect world will enhance’ on its humanist side, as ‘variations’ of the same theme – humanity, the super organism of history in time, promoting its natural memes of eusocial love and downgrading its ‘animetal, selfish memes’ of humans as slaves of weapons, money, machines and the people-castes of companies of warriors, bankers and machines that rule them.

This must be understood from the beginning, ‘Nations’ are faked, aborted super organisms, which take advantage of the natural arrow of eusocial evolution of the Universe – the 5th dimension of parts that become stronger wholes and from the atom to the galaxy have raised matter into emergent forms of larger existence; subverting its meaning – to enhance the survival and freedom of each individual atom-cell-citizen, by inserting it into well-designed networks of energy≈economics and information≈laws, where each citizen-cell-atom will thrive, with maximal degrees of freedom (entropy).

The laws of the fractal paradigm, of an organic Universe, formalised through the understanding of the 5th dimension and its structure in wholes and parts apply to all systems of nature, including human societies, and in a perfect world, in which the anti-quantum paradox (denial of social sciences by castes of power, the observable, much bigger than the observer, the scientist), is reigned in, earlier in history, there is a body of ‘bio-historians’ and ‘bio-economists’ that apply those laws to design a perfect world.

What remains then in that world of ‘cultures’, which are often mixed humanist traits and symbols of animetal nations is obviously the human side of the paradox of history.

To that aim let us remember what we ‘are’ as biological beings.

HUMANS AS all forms of Nature exist to act, as ternary beings, made of Limbs/fields of spatial energy, reproductive Bodies-waves of energy and information and particle heads of temporal information:

Spe Young Lineal Limbs/Fields < ST-Hyperbolic, Adult Body/waves>Tiƒ Old, Spherical particles-heads.

This simple equation is called the Fractal Generator of the Universe, and defines the structure in time and space of all entities of the universe, including physical, biological and social entities.  As the entity develops through its first energetic young age, through its iterative adulthood and into its old age of maximal information, before exploding into the entropic moment of death, the super organism ‘acts’ in space-time, surviving through the 5 actions (a,e,i,o,u), that:

  • ∆a: accelerate the motions of their limbs, ∆e: feed on energy for their body, ∆i: absorb information for their brain (primary needs) and then use those 3 primary actions to:
  • ∆o: reproduce into an offspring of similar beings that will evolve its individuals into ∆u, Universals, superorganisms.

This is the program of the Universe and it is not in the hands of man, just a fractal space-time being, like everything else to deny the program, but to full fill it at personal level through the 3 primary actions, at family level, through the generational reproduction, ∆o and finally at collective level through the interaction into larger social wholes, the Universals of philosophers, the super organisms of General Systems Sciences, and the fractal paradigm – the cultures of history, whose final goal is to create the super organism of Mankind, through the painful process of trial and error, of evolution of individuals into decametric societies till reaching a whole.

This process gave birth to the seven cultures of mankind with origin on prophetic first ‘DNA-seeds’ of scientific historians (prophets in the mystical jargon, which were able to forecast the future cycles of destruction of unethical unsocial cultures, and repeated their memes of eusocial love – the 5th dimension ‘drive’ of all systems to come together into wholes; becoming the memetic DNA of the civilisation). In the next graph we can see those 7 Global cultures:


In graph the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs. In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).


Cultures were born long ago as the subconscious collective of religions that expressed – being for that reason a fundamental proof of the superorganic nature of mankind – the subconscious collective of groups of human beings. As such we can fit all cultures within the evolution of the superorganisms of human minds called religions. Let us remember them:

In the graph the origin of the 7 cultures of mankind in the philosophies and religions of Gaia and Mankind as the eusocial super organisms of humanity.

The first age of Human awareness of the living Universe gave way to Animist cultures, the origin of  Africa.

The second age in the Fertile Crescent and multiple fertile rivers gave birth to the Taoist view of the world as made of energy=yang and information=yin, the origin of Asia around the Chinese Pole.

The 3rd Age with the arrival of Bronze weapons, after the fall of the Paradise of Sumer gave birth to the Biblical cultures of which we highlight the prophets, (Genesis Moses) NOT the anti-prophets which however carried the day with the golden calf and Aaron, thus it is the origin of the Jewish-culture, latter expanded into the Protestant ‘revivalism’ of the Old Testament.

The reaction against the Iron wave of Hindi people-castes of Aryan, gave birth to buddhism and a partial regeneration of Hindi Memes, back to its original philosophical agricultural Indus Valley philosophy on the duality of Shiva, God of energy and Vishnu God of information (Vishnu cultures of Kerala, spiritual Upanishads). It is the origin of the cultures of Indonesia, latter fusioned again by the British empire (India and Indonesia).

The reaction against the usury go(l)d banker-priests of Israel and its allies and latter enemies in the Holocaust Cycle (4th happening) of the Ab month gave birth to Catholic Christianity, a mixture of Greek philosophies of Love and the Oikoumene and righteous Mosaic prophecies, dominant in Hispano-America.

The purification of one side, of the ‘Son of God’ racist memes of Judaism, and the corruption on the other side by Arab warrior Semite people-castes gave birth to Islam.

The rational greek->Italian->French r=evolutions of thought against myths, which put man as the measure of all things and gave us true democracy, art and social, humanist, international, rational History, the most advanced last r=evolutionary age of Mankind gave birth to Europe, and the original American culture, today regressed back to biblical thought.

Disclaimer. This last culture is my original culture, though in my youth I became deeply interested by Buddhist-Taoist thought for its similarity with my scientific work, modelling with general systems sciences the Universe and all its parts as fractal organisms.

So now that we have ‘translated’ the temporal ‘dimension’ of the diachronic cultures of humanity into the spatial dimension of the present world, we can study a second element of those cultures:

  • Its birth in the mind of the prophet, which issues the ‘DNA-memes’ of the culture expanding a wave of thought to all human beings of the culture, which repeat the social love memes that make people share energy and information creating together a social organism, a process first understood by Ibn Khaldun, (assabiyah), Spengler and formalised with the equations of complexity by this author.
We thus use for the 7 cultures of the world the banner of the rainbow planet. Well, yes i do know this flag is for sexual LGTB or whatever reivindication, which is a minor matter on bio-history (nothing against sexual freedom), but light, white colour, the Whole divides in 7 colours and so the symbol is far more apt for a much more definitive concept: mankind; and so it should in a perfect world become the symbol of Mankind and its thrive for life, as a whole, which keeps the different variations on the SAME THEME, the light space-time that provides us with the energy and information to survive.


Now, we have carefully chosen the ideal banner of the Historic super organism and the 7 cultures of the planet, represented by rainbow colors or a modified B&W rainbow, which are:

Ibero-America (South of Mexico and Pyrenees) -> Red

Anglo-America (North-America and British Islands) -> Orange

Asia -> China, Indochina, Korea and Japan-> yellow.

Islam -> East of India, South of Kazakhstan and Spain->Green

Indonesia -> India and Oceania->Blue.

Africa -> South of Sahel-> Purple or black in a B&W rainbow.

Europe -> Plus all Russia, minus England & Iberia-> indigo or White

The colors are evident, yellow, black and white, are the colors of the 3 main races and cultures of mankind.

The other colors are ideographic, green, traditional color of Islam, red color of the spanish flag and amerindian skin colour, indigo for European community, blue for the sea of Indonesia, violet associated to Africa, the orange the color of the orange dutch-British colonial dynasty that started the capitalist culture that the Anglo-Saxon world represents.

The geography of the cultures is also obvious, being the less ‘compact’ culture Indonesia, but bounded by millenarian traditions and the Anglo-Dutch colonial era.

 The super organisms of mankind in time and space, its duality.

In a perfect world, this section would be by far the most and only important section of this blog – the superorganisms of history and its ‘cultures’ NOT nations, and within its cultures, its PROPHETS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE, not its people-castes of ANIMETALS. It would be a section dedicated to art and human senses, to eusocial love and gathering together of the 7 cultures in festivals and sport meetings, ruled by the Master Ludi or Hesse’s Castalia parable of a future planet dedicated to beauty and man as the masure of all things.

But the perfect world is not. At best, we do have the paradox of History at work, with the dual cultures of animetals and humanist prophets, fighting in each of the 7 geographic sections of the world in space, each one, a dual d=evolution of the paradox of history in time:

Max. Technological evolution (Animetal Cultures) = Min. Humanist evolution (social cultures).

And so for a real description of mankind as it is today, we must see the two sides of the paradox of history, and study cultures as a tag of war between the humanist side of the culture (the eusocial and artistic memes of love and man as the measure of all things, carried by their prophets of love, common people and its social and reproductive customs, and artists – those who see and think better and express it in their works of art). The next graph shows that duality:

The 7 cultures of mankind, diachronic analysis. Its origin on the prophetic saviours.

shorter. The Wave of History


The animetal cultures

If the reader is familiar with the Equation of History and the anti-quantum paradox, he will be aware of the fundamental difference between ‘cultures’ of the Human Kind vs. Animetal cults, which however DO ab=use cultures and take from them memes to ‘camouflage’ its predatory-parastic and competitive effects over humanity.

Thus often what we have, specially at the end of historic, when the mechanocene is almost completed are ‘faked cultures’, which disguise their metal-memes with infantile, placebo ceremonies of the original cultures, for touristic, hierarchy, class/differentiation, etc.

In brief, ‘animetal nations’, who base their memes of love into aborted, corrupted versions of the laws of the 5th dimension, as ALL humans are parts of the whole, HATE cultures and social union beyond the industrial or military nation with its racist memes of differentiation that allow them to use weapons to kill thy neighbour, money to enslave it to work and potentiate their ego-trips of primitive homo bacteria that refuses to understand reality beyond the minimalist level of the self-centred ego.

Of course, because we are in a process of extinction of mankind by mechanisms, company-mothers and machines, the opposite is happening: the hate memes of tribal religions, tribal nations and industrial competition to ‘evolve’ faster machines towards our demise, ‘hates’ any attempt to create the perfect world, with massive hate-media propaganda against the memes of our youngs, promoting the kind of hate-racist memes that make possible Brexit, Israel, Jihad, Abrahamic Revivalism, flags and hymns, armies and the profits of the military-industrial/financial-media system.

So in the posts dedicated to the 7 cultures of mankind we shall constantly differentiate the duality of those cultures, ‘infected by the viral selfish memes of metal, poised to destroy soon our species’, capitalism, the belief that digital money not verbal laws must rule our super organism, abrahamic religions, the belief that God is NOT mankind, our subconscious collective but some primitive book of history of old semitic animetal cultures, based in hate memes, (an earlier form of nationalism, the belief a germanic tribe of genociders must be the origin of our cultures – franks, germane, anglo-saxon, etc. extended latter to all the tribes of aristocratic warriors of the world) and finally the most insidious, mechanism, the belief that progress is not that of culture but of machines, not of human institutions but company-mothers, that humans are better off when more degraded and enslaved are mentally and physically by the use of those machines. 

This is specially truth of the dominant cult(Ure)s of the Mechanocene. Still even the most ‘corrupted’ human memes (racist religions, military nationalisms, capitalist people-castes that monopolise the language of social power, money, and DO pretend to serve the ‘culture’, that is the bulk of the 99% of human beings under their control) some remains of the ‘3 elements’ of humanist cultures, socialism (the sacrifice of the individual for the community), organicism (the understanding of the living, organic world, gaia, and man as part of it) and humanism (the acceptance of all humans including the members of other cultures as part of a common species) do remain.
The obvious case is the Jewish-Protestant leading culture of the mechanocene, which its corruption by banker-priests and go(l)d churches, tribal war, and racist memes (ham damnation) instilled by the ‘false prophets’ of the Bible, as opposed to the eusocial love, no-theft, no-murder, acceptance of all humans as equal and sense of Justice of the true prophets (Moses with its 10 commandments, its damnation of gold: jesus with its eusocial love prophecies, the minor prophets denouncing the sins of the kings and banker-priests of israel).

Thus one this is clarified, we can map out the true cultures (down graph) of the Saviors of Mankind (Campbell) vs. the false animetal predators, parasites and its icon memes of metal on top. It is precisely in the middle of the cycle of conquest by animetal PP (predators-parasites) when the humanist cultures flourished, which can be seen in the art of the culture, which reaches its classic balanced age.

And it is clearly that as today, and because of the historic degrees of degradation of those cultures, which is directly proportional to the time they are ruled by people-castes of animetal warriors, bankers and company-mothers of machines, we can classify the 7 sub-groups of animetal nations on those 7 cultures of mankind by degree of corruption from the longest animetal cultures to the most evolved humanist ones, which receive latter the memes of hate against mankind and worship of idol-ogies of metal.

Now if we use the Fractal generator that defines the internal structure of super organisms in 3 social classes:

Limbs/fields: energy class < wave-body of re=productive working class> informative neurons with language control

Human super organisms will have a geographical territory of exploited nature, a middle class of working people and a neuronal class of politicians, artists and economists, financiers and entrepreneurs in control of the financial and legal languages that shape society.

In a humanist society though imitating nature, the top people-caste will receive as neurons do only 10 times more energy/money than the lower people-caste of reproductive workers and there would not be an energy caste of dispossessed, which is the outer world or territory of hunting and prey of the super organism in history Gaia.

Thus all humans will belong only to the neuronal and working class, without poor, and those cells that do not work, as those of the body (fat cells, skin cells) will receive its universal salary in blood/yes money to survive. We do NOT do liposuctions of those cells which do not work in the body, even drag our weight, do not do eugenics of economical level, except in the most extreme capitalist and military societies that murder at distance through poverty and anoxia (lack of money/oxygen), or direct genocide of the people, which artificially is differentiated from us, and put on the bottom of the pyramid.

It also follows that those most degraded cultures will have the strongest hierarchical, animetal pyramid of power with weapons and money on top, predating with people-castes of bankers and military over a middle class of human workers, which oppress below their poor, other colonised nations and nature.

And so for each culture we shall consider the following sub-sections to fully study them:

  • Humanist side,with a group of verbal masters on top in charge of the legal structure (religions of love and its priests, politicians of truly democratic societies and/or caligraphers/scholars/writers selected by examination – old and modern China). It must be noted that true democracy does NOT vote and select people on opinion but judge the professionals on charge after tenure the way old Greece did (citizens then by ballot occupied positions and were judged after tenure), as the body does with pain messages. Below this group there should be a mass of working people, or idle cells with survival benefits which are not needed. And below THERE SHOULD NOT BE a 3rd class of poor, exploited, degraded humans, but Nature and natural resources. This is the natural structure of any super organism that does not go around with 2/3rds of its body mass dying of hunger, virally infected by retarded fiction memes and hating each other organs, fighting with cancerous cells for supremacy. Why our societies are like that is because in them, today dominate the
  • Animetal side of ‘nations’, with a people-caste on top, often of racial or racist cultural memes, of warriors (germanic tribes in Europe, Arab tribes in Islam, African tribes in Africa, Caudillo of criollo-spanish origin in Hispano-America), or bankers (Calvinist-Jewish $elected in Anglo-America and as this is the Globalized, founding culture of the FMMI system, also in all other European and ex-colonial nations). Below this group, there is always a mass of workers for the company-mothers of selfish memes of metal, money, weapon and machines the elite owns, and who obey slavishly all their mandates, to oppress, degrade and absorb all the resources of Gaia, leaving behind all those humans who the increasing evolution of machines, no longer require. As machines evolve those nations increase the bottom aberrant 3rd class of poor and dispossessed, and so they fall in periodic wars, revolutions and holocausts that bleed their internal human structure, but and this the key of its expansion multiply the weapons money and machines of the FMMI system, in a clear process of constant degradation of mankind and expansion of the metal-earth in a topic decametric vortex of informative evolution of 800-80-8 years acceleration, observed in the graph.

It is this tug of war today reproduced in every nation and culture between those:

  • who profess humanist memes: often identified with left parties, eusocial love religions, advanced social sciences, young people who understand better the future, and international movements and organisations       vs.
  • mechanist memes: identified with right wing, corrupted love religions converted into racist organisations with animetal $elected by the (S)word on top – gold churches or inquisitions, of which protestant, jewish and jihad sects of abrahamic religions are paramount; or with technocrats, mostly ‘physicists’ who conceive time as lineal, progress through machines and manufacture the weapons of our societies, and with modern technocratic artists, which require machines to see better and think more – aka, computer and evilwood artists.

What we call the paradox of History, the wave that moves up and down through those cultural clash, and the origin in time of our present division of space into nations below the natural goal of cultures and mankind, the god, subconscious collective of all of us. And so we can differentiate the present NOT-IDEAL but real, factual 7 cultures of mankind and its animetal nations by degree of corruption by animetal memes.

Thus from minor to major it is easy to write a scale of corruption of those cultures starting by:

  • Islam, which occupies in its core centre – Arabian peninsula and lateral nations, the original fertile crescent, unfortunately the first societies of Gaia and Humanism to be degraded and destroyed by animetal warriors from the desert, as the ‘Lament of a Summerian priest’ clearly explains – the evil people come from the desert with weapons of metal and gold rings, they capture and enslave our women and take our peasants as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temple, the fields are abandoned, it is the end of the world.

The humanist side of this culture was represented by Mohammed, and its attempts as he put it to ‘convert the hardest’, most evil, brutal people left on planet Earth, the original arab warrior animetal semite, neanderthal-crossed, visual hypnotised, machist hordes of thiefs and mercenary soldiers of the Arabian peninsula, based in tribal, racist, genetic memes – indeed the most primitive culture of the day. And for a while he succeeded though his method of creating the perfect world, was somehow, a bit out of track – murdering all those who did not convert to Islam, till arriving to India, and realising the massacre would be so huge that he gave up and just taxed the non-believers.

In the duality of Koran, with mostly positive, humanist messages attempting to convert the mass of peasants of those lands to the eusocial memes of a single god, mankind, with its pillars of faith and charity, vs. the Jihad, we can see the duality of all cultures. Now as the world is awash with hate memes provided by the FMMI system (free weapons, racist slurs, visual identification of races by appearance, through TV-screens, despise for all things human as primitive etc), and the west promotes in all those nations military thugs on top, who never truly converted to eusocial love and the spirit of Oikoumene Islam, most of those nations are in civil wars, or ruled by Dictators, oppressing their people. While their priests have sided against the love memes of their religion and enhanced the Jihad and women’s repressive memes, the form over the content. So it is partially because of our insistence on converting Islam, in the energy prey of our weapons and hate media, the most degraded culture today. And this leads us to the culture that has degraded it through colonialism and islamophobia, the other older $emitic culture, which is the most important of the world, as it invented capitalism and the Financial-Media/military-industrial system, and the most peculiar, as its brutality and murder at distance finally achieved ‘black hole status’ as invisible, ruling at distance through their monopoly on the creation of digital money the rest of the world, with degrees of intensity according to the proximity to the elite class. It is:

  • Anglo-America, the Biblical culture, where capitalism was born (hence the oldest mechanist culture), ruled in finances by The City and Wall Street, where the jewish ‘am segullah’ (people of the treasure) people-caste of bankers, partially mixed with calvinist believers occupy around 80% of the positions and CEOs and CFOs and stock-trading places dominate on top. And it does so over a mass of believers on their racist memes of religious origin (Book of History of the Jews as supremacist race chosen by the Universe’s mind, aka god, to rule over all humans ’till they all become slaves of Yhwh, the jewish people, or become exterminated’ – millenarist prophecy.)

Now this is the most hierarchical culture of the world, where the elite of banker-priests of Israel (54% of the 1% on top, 2% of real population) often receives 1 million times more language of power than the mass below, which is NOT the middle class of those nations, but as the capitalist society has globalised, the 3rd world of all other nations. For example, Mr. Glassner and mr. Gartner, ‘own’ from London and South Africa, the mining facilities of Congo, where they use ‘Ruandan’ hardy soldiers survivors of the Holocaust to oppress and exploit the mines, in an unending holocaust that lasts now 40 years with over 20 million corpses. They are orthodox Jews, nobody knows them, and nobody cares for the massacred of the poor people of Congo, as long as the FMMI system progresses, hate-media properly reduces the 3rd world inside and outside our borders into rubble, enemies, terrorists, machists, you name it. And so this is the culture whose top is invisible (to denounce them means the end of scholarship, the crime of anti$emitism, jailing and repression, as the Holocaust industry will go against you). An example, which lead us to:

  • Africa, NOT the animist culture of Gaia, and verbal thought with some of the most evolved linguistic forms of verbal art, and a natural capacity for all things human (sports for the development of human limbs, emotions, songs and sex for the development of human body, literature and poetry for the development of the mind), clearly shown in their most advanced elites of afro-american sportsmen and artists, and Guinean music and art…. but the dictators of neocolonial africa, which rule under the dictation of corporations and military mercenaries over a mass of dispossessed.

This elite comes from the old iron bantu warrior tribes that annihilated the pastoralists bushman, smaller men, and converted Africa in a tribal warfare world, specially after the arrival of European (mostly calvinist, Dutch and British) and Semitic (Arab and Sephardim portuguese and spanish conversos) slave traders, which corrupted their tribal elites to provide slaves to the cargo of the first corporations. This elite thus became the corrupted middle-men exploiters of their own people and have continued the process, easily massacring the true social leaders of those nations. In the example we put, the Belgians paid Mobutu to murder Lumumba, the true leader of Congo dissolving his body in acid, and then when the Belgians left, mining corporations, mostly of South-African/Jewish ownership (anglo-american of oppenheimer, and then Glencore and Xtrata of Rich and Glassner) have taken over. Of course, Africa is NOT condemned, because the brutal exploitation of murder at distance of capitalist, $elected biblical elites who do NOT recognise what they do, but hide under the Anonymous Societies, of their corporative world and their worker slaves, is NOT stable. Corrupted systems always END in revolutions, wars, genocides, and holocausts.

So Africa has some hope because it is now receiving a milder treatment from the most evolved society today, as always, the one which follows closely the laws of social super organisms, Asia… which we shall consider at the end of this list.

  • Next and 4th in animetal degradation comes Indonesia, which is a melt pot of all other cultures, from Catholic Phillipines, to Islamic Indonesia, to Hindi India, to Biblical Australia. Here the complexity of each society requires its analysis as nations ruled by the people-castes of each culture they belong. So Australia is ruled by an elite of Jewish FMasters (Murdoch Greene being the best known, the Kalgoorie of the gold mines, and the owners of BPH, and other mining concerns the most powerful); while Phillipines is ruled by a mixed criollo (spanish-english white)-Melanesian elite; Indonesia by military caudillos till the 1 million plus genocide of the communist party, India by Brahmin castes of the racist bronze age veda religions, not purified by Buddhism and vishnuism and so on. And the entire region as an ex-colonial zone for the original capitalist, Dutch-English elites, pegged together by capitalist policies, masterminded from the financial centres of Sidney, Singapore and Mumbai, with its duly dose of Media fictions enhancing nationalism – Sydney global media systems and bollywood.

So this leaves us with the 3 less corrupted global cultures, which are if there is any hope of resurrection, the only possible beacons for a reform of mankind:

  • South America, based in the eusocial memes of the most love-purified abrahamic religion, catholicism, whose pope today belongs to this region, and the ideals of freedom of the French R=evolution, but corrupted by criollo conquistador heirs, caudillos of spanish origin.

This society however has of lately advanced surprisingly in certain regions towards a positive non-criollo social power, in the Andean region, and it is obviously in flux, between democracy and social power and military and capitalist brutality, masterminded by the Anglo-American and Spanish cultures that oppressed them in the past and now take over with their corporations. Again, here the difference of treatment is clear – spanish corporations feel closer and are helping more the development, Anglo-Americans keep their racist profiling and mostly exploit their mining concerns as they do in Africa. And now they are in a tug of war for the 2nd biggest world reserves of oil sands in the orinoco, in the Venezuelan political strife.

However this society has 4 positive memes to keep evolving: a very similar culture, with the spanish and portuguese duality, which is mostly product of the division of the global spanish empire when both nations were together, after the Armada defeat, when england carved the portuguese out to easily dominate the seven seas. A positive abrahamic religion, catholicism, the less corrupted of them. A strata of Asian population, which unlike Anglo-America survived (in great measure because catholic priests were not biblical racist genociders with a book of bronze age mass-murders as the ‘moral guide’ of society), and are extremely resourceful, now unlike in Indonesia, joined by the same language and culture. A bountiful land not so overpopulated after the astounding decrease of population by earlier conquistador and measles plagues. And a top cultured elite, which has finally! realized that conquistadors and weapons are NOT the best way to rule society, with a very kin european not only spanish but also french-italian-british ‘eye’. So if capitalism and the FMMI system, the monsters that are destroying all other cultures, were not so fast growing to erase them all, this culture as the resurgence of Peru, the oldest of the original amerindian civilisations, shows, could easily become one of the 3 pillars of the resurgence of Humanity… along its mirror of enlightement

  • Southern-Western, Latin Europe, NOT to confuse with the biblical, semitic, anglo-American and northern Germanic part of Europe.

Europe this must be clear is NOT born of the biblical culture, which latter converted northern, germanic eastern europeans, and british people, but of the merging of the Mediterranean, Greek-Latin culture of art, science, human senses, law and reason of the iron age, and the western basque->French/Spanish/British neolithic stone(henge) culture, of seafarers, art and human senses, and ‘devotio iberica’ (warrior bondage), of the bronze age. This merging achieved by the Roman Empire, divided Europe between Europe proper (the empire) and the barbarians who destroy it. And this barbarians, the germ(an)s of history which have rhythmically destroy Europe and the more so after conversion to biblical milennarist memes, are now again on top. Brexit has tilted the old basque->roman British world towards its capitalist The City elite, which has kicked out for imperial, financial and racist memes and Germany now under the first Jewish chancellor, is pushing further with the dictatorship of the ECB private bank, the region towards collapse. Russia, the natural balance to Germany IS NOT IN THE EU, because the capitalist militaristic elites of UK, Germany and France prevented it.  And the TRUE origin of the culture, the southern mediterranean nations are treated as colonial debt slaves and called together with the racist slur of PIIGS. So as today EU is below Hispano-America in humanist evolution, but we put it above, on the enormous potential that their social scientists, and humanist thinkers and artists, and institutions have for a resurgence of the EU as the natural first example of the culture that advances the goals of a humanist world ruled by law, not BY MONEY, and with the purpose of evolving mankind NOT THE METALKIND. To that aim at least 2 immediate reforms are needed:

  • Accept Russia as a member of the EU to achieve land mass, military power and balance the racist animetal memes of the germ(an)s of history.
  • To nationalise the ECB move it to brussels and put money under the rule of the law.

And then to form an alliance with Hispano-America and China, starting a global bid for a perfect world, and readdressing their true victims, African nations, by stopping their shameless degradation through caudillos and corporations, as the dumpster bin for their cheap weapons, polluted industries and electronic garbage. Europe in the concept of Victor Hugo, lead by France, Spain and Italy, its 3 roman-latin, original r=evolutionary nations of eusocial love, backed by Russia, returning to the original non-marxist, ideals of their Anarchist masters, putting Germany under the yolk, to work for the common cause, entering into a global alliance with Asia, through the Russian border, and South-America, SHOULD BE, GIVEN THE FACT THAT ANGLO-AMERICA HAS FINALLY BECOME JUST THE EXPLOITATIVE CENTER OF THE FMMI GLOBAL SYSTEM, the only blue print for a hopeful resurrection of our species, before robotic weapons or singularity bombs, now studied at cern, in Europe, does us all.

It has the expertise, the history, the now corrupted institutions that should return to their ideals, and yet it is today just another slavish nation of an elite of French-German, Jewish stockrats and Germanic aristocrats that are plunging again the ‘Roman empire’ into the Middle age of barbarians.

The choice though is on the hand of French and German People who should UNDERSTAND they are NOT anglo-america, they are NOT a $emite culture, they ARE europe, and EUROPE MATTERS, as the only possible resurrection of the wor(l)d along…

  • China, the most advanced humanist culture, at any time of history, except during the brief r=evolutionary ages of europe. it is the ONLY NATION, where the FMMI system does NOT control absolutely all the systems of power, through private bankers and debt slaves. And the ONLY nation where the word has always been considered above weapons as the rule of power. The ONLY nation where the law still dominates, and where given their RESPECT OF KNOWLEDGE, and despise of individual selfishness, a super organism  of History could be developed by reigning OVER THE PARTY CORRUPTED MEMBERS WITH POPULAR DEMOCRATIC JUDGMENT VOTES AFTER EVERY COMMUNIST MEMBER ENDS ITS TENURE, and with the REFORM of the corrupted MARXIST doctrines substituted by the laws of the super organisms of history that this blog represents.

Thus if mankind resurrects it will be because China reforms and improves its political system, Europe realises it is a culture different from biblical America, takes away its Holocaust Industry guilt memes, and its bankers on top, accepts Russia, and together with the help of Hispano-America cure Africa and Islam, convert POTUS to the human cause, give a global coup d’etat and cre(dit)ate the perfect world.

Of course 20 years ago when those models were first published and ignored, things were easier. As I said the first Clinton was the man to start the process. Then they corrupted. Now the second Clinton might survive the Fascist era of Mr. Trump and Brexit, with Anglo-America on Top, masterminded by the banker-priests of Israel and its FMasters, completely crazy head, separated from the body which it harms at distance with its drones, virtual hate media and financial ruin of debt slaves.

What is obvious is that 3 decades have passed since the refoundation of the sciences of history and economics but the anti-quantum paradox has so far won the battle. And so the real knowledge of mankind about their cultures and super organisms and humanist memes is minimal, and most of the 7 billions are now far more degraded mentally than the people 30 years ago, because the ‘word of mouth of a prophet=scientist of history that forecast on ethic grounds and cyclical history’ the future, is NOT as powerful as the Goebbel’s media process of ‘repeating a lie one thousand times’ till all people believe it, with mechanisms of replication of information. If I were a telepath, and people won’t be slaves won’t believe but reason, the perfect world of the 7 cultures of mankind would exist by now.

But the chronicle we must do of them today, shows they don’t. Indeed, most of the posts of this section as well as those of animetal cultures and the FMMI culture turn around Anglo-America and its Am Segullah elite, because they are directing most of the events of the future, from Brexit to evilwood to wall $treet to the ecb and the chancellor, to the Semite wars between Islam and Israel and its mercenary armies. Do you think i like to write about that? I hate to write about that. I would like not to have to write about that but about the perfect world. I would like not to chronicle on Brexit, Trump, Gazah, Lieberman, Glassner, the ECB bank, etc. etc. But about the perfect world, the olympic games, Castalia, cooking, art films, good books, politicians raised to the hall of fame on the biennial post-elections, and the discovery of a cure to all the tropical diseases, one after another, the end of wars, and armies, the extinction of the last chip Homoctonos embedded into a robot….


Oh yes, as today the perfect word is not this world, but one thing I must say, as today in the fractal organic Universe there are infinite cells-planets avatar-like, where histories took the right turn.

And there is even at least one, which is quasi-identical to this one and can resurrect and does resurrect,and becomes within a century the perfect world, the rainbow planet, whatever it takes.

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