IV Reich vs. EU

ABSTRACT. In a stroke of genius, the FMasters in control of the western world, after the 29≈08 crash of speculative overproduction of money, which could have triggered ‘again’ the cycle of usury debt, poverty militarism fascism war and holocaust have managed to set up their own branch of ‘jewish neofascism’, diverting attention to Islamophobia, and converting Europe through the control of the private ECB ran by goldman sachs bankers, and the 3 leading european nations, ran by jewish-european leaders (Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy) in puppets of th empire, which as always is focused on the control of financial and foreign policy institutions. Thus today Miss Merkel allows 1 million syrian refugees on their country promoting the ethnic cleanings of that nation, which should never have been allowed to go down into a civil war and ISIS control; rising further islamophobia in all the continent and the ‘need’ for a police state. While the ECB keeps churning new usury debt slaves in the continent.

In the graph, the alt-right has knee-jerk reacted as expected to the ‘rather obvious’ policy rising further hate memes of antisemitism. And yet the policies it denounces are happening and require a humanist answer from an alternative worldview.

ONLY A FREE EUROPE, IN REIGN OF its financial systems, with  A CLEAR HUMANIST policy of welfare state, WORKING HARD TO INTEGRATE RUSSI IN THE UNION, as a BRIDGE TO CHINA, in a coalition of humanist nations, from Spain to Shanghai could have created a real alternative to the globalised go(l)d cult(ure) doom to destroy blindly the world of life, but the opposite is happening. Europe has been plunged into the absurd Semite wars between jihad islam and apartheid israel and the ‘enemies within are blowing up the humanist welfare world so painfully constructed after world war II.

Foreword. Neutered Germany back to automaton work.

The idea of a new renaissance Europe in which Germany would FINALLY learn to enjoy life, be humane, imitiate latin Europe, change culture and stop making of a masochist, mechanist, destructive future of machines, its goal, and accept that its ‘objectual non-free’ primitive language/frame of mind, does NOT hold the absolute truth of what means to be human… is gone

German is now back to the industrial zeal of the robotic 4.0 revolution, which is heading along US and Israel (in military robots). And what is even worst. it is doing so as a puppet of the western FMempire, dragging the rest of europe in this downfall and dismantling the humanist civilisation that had forgiven them and brought it into the fold of civilised Europe, for 50 years…

So alas, the ‘quintessential mechanical animetal culture’ is back with a vengeance. And they are proud of it. In fact the confidence poll puts the germans on top of those people proud of their nation… along the Israelis. The mirage of human progress through the machine leads again the 2 top animetal cultures proud of their machines and money – never mind they are plunging the rest of the planet into self-destruction… But this is the german way. Work, suffering, boredom, repression of all human feelings and traits.

Germany is not an easy place to live for human beings. I learned the hard way, when travelling as a youth in interail with no money, on the way of the old master Orwell in his life as a hobo on Paris, in Italy when i slept over the stations nobody bothered me and i got invited to Mensa, a system hold by the church to feed for free; in Germany the Police woke me up hitting me with sticks. And in the crowded subway when suddenly one day I saw an open seat, wondering why, i realise there was a turk by my side.

But Germans learned the hard way and became normal europeans, humanist, anti-racist, solidarious, ecological… And then as the chip radiation advanced it reverted back to the old ways. So we must wonder how it is that this happen? The answer is surprising. Germany slowly but steadily went back to his old lords, the financial elite, as the ECB took over the European Economy. And its elite of old financial dynasties regain control of its banks. So now again Germany is run by the people who ran it before the world war cycles. On the industrial side the great dynasties, which I met in New York, people like Mr. quandt, the cousin of Goebbels who runs BMW, and all its friends – then also ecological in their students years, today clearly on the side of the machine.

While its banks are again on the hands of the Jewish elite – Germany is the country with the highest immigration. Now they are all good friends. This surprised me in New york – to find in Hamptons’ parties German heiress talking to askenazis, both in german. One example will suffice, i had a story with a girl, K. Otto, the wealthiest woman of Germany. She ended up marrying Mr. Bernstein, the son of the famous orchestra director. So Germany is indeed as all other nations, each one in its own way, running backwards in human history, nostalgic of its old memes, again in the fold of the Global Empire, again forgetting who truly owes its apologies – THE WHOLE EUROPE, WHO has destroyed once and again.

Germany is thus again the tragedy of Europe because it has completely forgotten those who a German bankster call piigs, Latin, rational, humanist, legal, democratic, southern Europe. It is now a perfect running machine. You go to Munchen and you find cars hanging on the airport not works of art as you find in Barcelona. You go through the streets of Berlin and you find athletic contests, remembrance of the shallow display of blonde bodies of the aryan nazi ages.

But of course you do have there the Holocaust, ugliest memorial I have ever seen NOT to the Europeans, the 50 million people they kill – only the Jews, because alas, they are all together now, German industrialists and Jewish bankers on top of Europe brutalising us as debt slaves, selling they robotised machines, destroying the welfare economies of southern Europeans and not consuming our art, our cloths, our food, our beauty – no they still eat and only eat pork, and they still dress and only dress grey.

So here from time to time we shall put news on the new Germany ran by the first Jewish chancellor in the  history of Germany since Mr. Adolf Hitler (father nee frankenheimer, grand-father Jew by the name of Aaron) ran it as that so twisted word ‘self-hating jew’. This one Miss Merkel, though loves Israel, and does its bidding, sells them submarines for atomic nukes, buys its drones, and on top does the ugliest of all possible jobs, in which the Germans and Jews have always excelled, ethnic cleansing.


Update, 2016. 1 million syrians for Germany: Miss Merkel is doing the ethnic cleansing for Israel.


In a masterful play – this we know of all the generations in power in history none is so smart as the FMasters of the eletronic age, and yet so dumb, running so well the world towards self-suicide, Israel, long-seek ethnic cleansing of its eastern territories – Syria, to build grand israel has achieved the unthinkable, the Jewish chancellor miss merkel, has become suddenly after her decade of ‘austericidal’ policies against Southern Europe, com passive accepting 1 million Syrians. What for?

The germans are highly racist against muslims, turks for decades, so now they will provoke with their complete isolation of those immigrants hate, massive hate among the rancorous Muslims, which will not be welcomed. And undoubtedly they will provoke new Jihad attacks. The answer is obvious.

Miss Merkel and all the west, are not invading and defeating with ground troops Daesh and ending this shameful indifference to the arab victims of this internet era cuckoo bestiality tailored not so much on Islam but on the old Assyrian mass-murderers, back to the past faster and faster as history’s corpse dissolves into smaller units.  They are helping the destruction as a wasteland of the historical lands to the east that latter on Israel will reconquer. And they are accepting millions of refugees that should stay home after Daesh defeat. 

So Syrians must die and as always the job is done by mercenary armies. The situation is so repulsive that we write an article specifically on this lunacy.

As a perfect clock the spider web of the splendid robotic wars keep growing. The west just bombs with expensive robots the Islamic countries. So the people on land hold the country hostage and sends back terrorist. So the west builds its ‘police state’, so the spider web keeps accelerating to an orwellian world in perpetual war that develops the terminators of the future.

And now germany has given a huge step accepting one million emigrants. And yet we are already 3 years into DAESH, and the control of the mass-media is so huge that we don’t hear the obvious.


Because Syrians must die as the hateful enemy of Israel, because the west must hate Islam and its cuckoo terrorists send to our homes to become more Israelified, because for 30 years, the bankers that run the west, are destroying us all, because ultimately humans have shown they can be controlled by digital, Financial-Media machines, because human believe do not reason.

So the Erasmus that reason have lost the battle for the future, the Luthers that hate have taken over.

2013. Sep. 3 W: IV Reich $-elections.

One of the most astounding developments of the Financial-Media (politico) Empire is the ‘reconquista’ of  Germany by the old Jewish Am Segullah elite of bankers, who started the self-destructive process of 22 deutsche crash->29 global crash->rise of fascism-> war and holocaust proper of all the 800-80 cycles of ‘animetal history’.

We deal in this post with the German $ elections, once the ‘reconquista’ is a ‘fait accompli’ through stockratic ownership and alliances between the ’emigres’ (the old askenazi elite that abandoned germany in the 17-37 decades to America and now rule that country from Wall Street and evilwood), between 2 jewish candidates that surrealist enough hardly any German or manufactured brain of the Financial-Media Metalearth knows for that matter:


Can you see any difference? Both are ‘Am Segullah’ – but this is taboo to say; both are German; both have no intention to print money for the people; both pander to corporations and financial dynasties? Well, yes, the guy in the left comes from a dynasty of bankers but represents the socialist party; the girl comes from a communist country but represents the right wing party… confusion ceremonies of a couple that think the same, work for the same people and form a perfect marriage to the service of the FMMI system against the ‘volk’ of Germany and Europe.

‘An invisible man can rule the world’ (H.G.Wells)

The Jewish financial-media western empire keeps reaching new heights of power as it establishes its dictatorship over the western Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial system:

In the economical side, the Troika (FMI-ECB-European parliament) goes to Portugal, Spain and Greece this week to ask for further mass-murders, sorry, cuts in pensions and health-care to pay back for the usury debt-money loans of the ECB

The troyka is clever. There is only one representative of the European people. The other 2 (the ones representing the banks, FMI and ECB) make sure  that the majority of the troyka represents the interests of the banksters. Indeed, 90% of central bankers are jewish and 80% of Wall Street financial corporations are jewish. Those are the people who stole the right to print money to western nations and handled it to private corporations and now live off tax extorsion, bail outs, welfare destruction and debt-money as they did in the 30s and the 1870s, in the previous cycles.

But for this to happen, it is needed political control. So in the political arena, the 2 jewish candidates Miss Merkel and Mr. Steinbrook, as the 2 jewish candidates in British elections (Cameron and Millibrand) and French elections (Sarkozy and Hollande) or the 2 American parties controlled by financial lobbies ensure that the Jewish Western Empire continues unabated with its dual agenda:

– To extract as much usury debt and taxes from western citizens by controlling its financial system and monopolizing with its private banks and central bankers (90% jewish), the issue of money.

This is the matter of the financial crisis. Europeans have lost the right to create free debt-money as the Americans did with the creation of the Federal Reserve, but in a bigger measure. Now only the ECB bank prints it and passes it at 0% interest to banksters that get a 6% usury cut from european citizens, parasiting their economy – at the same time the Jewish Federal Reserve Boss (they have always and will be always Jewish; consider the 3 next candidates) Mr. Bernanke keeps printing 85 billion $ only for banks.

The cynicism here is extreme. Mr. Bernanke who have 200 billions to AIG and did not want to give 15 billions to the car industry to save several million jobs (had not Obama taken one of his few independent decisions, those industries would be now closed), says he keeps printing money to buy toxic assets from banks (read hand outs for free to their profit sheet), till unemployment lowers; as if he were giving for free money to banks to create employment).

– In the political arena to further advance the demonization of Islam and destruction of all nations that surround and oppose Apartheid Israel, maintaining in the process the healthy profits of the military-industrial complex and Terminator Industries. But the products of those Terminator Industries with hubs in Israel and the Jewish controlled General Atomics, Boston dynamics, etc. must be paid by Western tax payers, and their mercenary soldiers must defend for free apartheid Israel.

So it all comes for free to the Jewish masters, which is the bottom line of the go(l)d cult(ure) and its camouflage strategy: to parasite and live for free off the rest of mankind, but appear as ‘victims’.

Hence the need for those politicos who send mercenary armies for free, follow the dictates of the banksters and handle for free or with soft loans billions of eurodollars in weapons to Israel.

So for example, Miss Merkel gave 4 submarines to Israel and US gives billions to Israel and the egyptian army to buy its peace, from the money allocated to the poorest world nations – never mind the nation of israel is the wealthiest of the planet when we count their ex-patriots. ANd of course we all fight the war on terror in defense of apartheid israel, to keep destroying the Arab countries for free, with the help of NATO (never mind geography stretches here too far to make Afghanistan a nation of the ‘North-Atlantic). All is good as long as the colonized people enslave to work for  the Metropolis:

The cynicism here is also absolute. Democratic nations keep backing the last apartheid, racist government, whose laws are so similar to those of nazi germany… keep pushing military keynesianism (weapons profits) and keep backing military dictators (Egyptian Army Afghan, you name it) to ‘bring democracies)

But hey! the western sheeple loves its masters. It has always done it  since the first Financial-media informative system made them slaves of their master race, 3000 years ago (eastern gold temples that controlled the wealth of the Roman Empire and manufactured the brain of their people with abrahamic religions). All has changed to remain the same.

But of course, $laves do rebel periodically against their masters, causing the War and Holocaust cycles of economic origin treated elsehwere in those texts. So it would be more intelligent not to exploit them so harshly to avoid future revenges. But that would limit the profits of the go(l)d cult(ure) and its Am Segullah Banker Priests (Am Segullah meaning people of the treasure, not chosen people, as this cult(ure) of Go(l)d has always had an elite of theocratic banksters on top). So in as much as in those holocaust cycles only poor jews die, it is easier just to hide and camouflage their power, appear as victims (Holocaust industry) and keep stealing and when things explode run with the money…

That is the future, rehearsed again as in the 30s, which will end when the American Tea Party as the Nazi party did, both first paid by Jewish banksters to destroy the left, changes sides after the crash of the Dollar/Deutsche.

This 20 years old prophecy is now so close, as to happen within this decade. But the crazy ‘neuronal head’ of the western world, who hates his body of human cells and has only racist memetic talmudian idol-ogies in its brain, cannot even contemplate historic truths. It just  invents as crazy heads do new forms of censorship.

So this dual brutal agenda against the rights of people must  be camouflaged. So in this new neo-fa$cist age the biggest taboo of history – that the west is owned and ruled the jewish financial-media industries – again becomes an absolute taboo, at the same time their power reaches unknown heights.

It is though a deja vu experience: it happened the same in the 30s when the last Jewish Chancellor, Mr. Adolf Frankenheimer, a Jewish-German Bastard (in mind and body) was $-elected to destroy the socialist and communist parties…

A new Jewish chancellor.

Miss Angela Merkel has won the elections.

But what elections?

Both candidates, Miss Angela and his rival Mister Steinbrook, the heir of the Deutsche bank, with enough chuptzah to represent the ‘socialist party’ of Germany, are Jewish, both work for the Globalized Financial-Media Empire of the Banker-priests of Israel, which monopolizes Media, Finances and now the politicos of both parties in the West (American lobbies, Mr. Cameron and the Millibrand brothers, Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Hollande).

So what we have observed is yet another theatrical ritual of ‘democratic, freedom’ aka elections with the well-designed victory of Miss Merkel (see our analysis of the American elections in November, to understand Obamapuppet, the ‘first Jewish president of America’ (Chicago Tribune)).

The proof of such theatrics came within hours of the end of the German elections, when the  heir of the Deutsche bank rejected government because it did not want to make a coalition with the Left, ecologist and communist parties as they ‘were not apt to govern’ (sic from a sick mind).

Of course, Mr. Steinbrook role, as that of Mr. Hollande or the Millibrand Brothers is to corrupt the left, transformed in a series of  capitalist-socialist parties, the modern version of the national-socialist parties of the 30s: that is a party that camouflages to extract votes from the people and handle power to the FInancial-Media/Military-Industrial COmplex. 

As in the American case, there was though no election at all. In capitalist societies ‘Presidents -as Roosevelt put it – are NOT elected but $elected’. And they are selected by capital. So those who own the financial media system own the politico system.

And in the 3rd age of the cycle, after the crashes of overproduction of machines cause an economic slump and  military profits are needed for the industrial-military complex to come out of the crisis, when companies switch to production of weapons, the financial media system must find idol-ogies that excuse wars and substitute diplomacy.

It is then when the Jewish owners of the FM system, whose ‘memetic cult(ure)’ of millenarian banker-priests  first  create a neo-fa$cist speech to promote war and racist despise of the ‘human loosers’ that must be eliminated in fields of labor and war by the new technological machines – in this cycle the robotic radiation. But often the natives are not up to the cruel task of eliminating their own people and so a racist cult(ure) is needed. It is then when the 2 most racist memetic animetal cult(ure)s of the West, the warrior germans and the jewish bankers come forward to push mankind into a brink of extinction.

So in the I cycle Mr. Disraeli took power in the British Empire and massacred 30 million Indians and Chinese in his zeal to create the British-Asian empire.

In the II cycle, the Weimar Republic completed the ruin of Germany started by the Prussian military.
And in the III Cycle, Mr. Obama’s American weimar, controlled by Jewish capital in an orgy of theft, speculation in stocks and currencies, newspeaks, corruption and military expenditures is completing the work of the Bush, Germanic, military elite.

But what most people ignore is the fact that those who lead Germany in the II and III cycle to their own destruction, were both Jewish… That as always the head of the FMMI system, the Financial-Media corporations they own started it all till ‘the beast’ was impossible to stop.

In that regard, we have assisted to the false election of the New Jewish Chancellor of Germany. It did not happen since the times when Hitler, nee frankenheimer, the Mazerim ‘bastard’ of a wealthy jewish grand-father that did not recognize him, (recently proved by genetics), at the time the biggest secret of Germany – as it is today the jewishness of Miss Merkel (mother polish-jewish, father jewish converso) was also $-elected with fraud to power.

The similarities are striking:

In both cases the jewishness of the chancellor was an absolute taboo. In both cases, the chancellor did not reach enough votes to govern. But it twisted democracy. In the first election Miss Merkel got less votes than the SPD but the SPD president Mr. Gerard Schroeder renounced to govern and took a job in a huge oil conglomerate – it was bought. Mr. Hitler also twisted the elections and got elected chancellor without a majority as the second most voted party…

Both then started massive anti-democratic, anti-volks, anti-european policies that destroy Europe.

And then when all Europe was ashes, 4.5 million Jewish were burnt in the final years revenge proper of all the final phases of the 13 economical cycles of the holocaust, recorded since Joseph, banker of the pharaoh became a millionaire killing of hunger the egyptians, speculating with the price of Wheat during 7 years of famine to be kicked out with all his coreligionaries a few decades later.

(Now for the non-informed, 4.5 million is the number quoted from Britannica, 72 edition… mind the reader the industry of the holocaust, the main form of censorship on Jewish Power, keeps growing the number of victims at 0.5 million for decade, to increase our weeping for the master race, so we are now in the 6 million figure… This surrealist cipher soon will overcome the total population of European Jewry on the 30s. So Mr. Frankenheimer will soon be a miraculous men that resurrected people to kill it again, as those democratic systems in which the death are resurrected to vote :)

Below the comment I made when Mr. Steinbrook, was $-elected for his ‘submarine’ role as candidate of the German FMMI system.

Surrealist Politico, heir of the Deutsche bank fortune, candidate of the ‘people’.

Yesterday Mr. Steinbruck, the jewish-german mogul, heir to the Deutsche Bank Fortune, was elected by 93% of the member of the ‘Socialist German Party’, to confront the Jewess President, Miss Angela Merkel. He apologized for his many years giving conferences to bankers for hefty fees on capitalist policies. He said ‘he suffered’ a lot giving those conferences. The Chosen always suffer so much making money, LOL.

The surrealism of it – an Am Segullah banker elected in Germany to represent the workers, an a strong advocate of ‘productivity’= firing workers and putting robots=capital in his place, acclaimed by the 93% of the ‘representatives’ of the party – is so absolute that Mr. Bunuel would not believe it if they could resurrect – he said all he wanted after death was coming every year to read 10 minutes the news. Here are your news…

Now of course, in the 3 nations that lead Europe, both parties belong to the chosen and in the South, they are either ex-goldman people NOT elected after the coup d’etats of last year market bullying (Monti, Greece) or in the Spanish case ‘paletos’ so ignorant on who and how the world is ruled that are the laughing stock of all stockrats (Mr. Mas, Mr. Rajoy et al). But hey, as in all dictatorships it is forbidden even to mention the Bankster’s Talmudian IV Reich, in charge of eliminating a surplus of 1 billion workers worldwide to the robotic revolution. It remains to see how this will be done as the decade advances and tens of millions more are thrown out of work….


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