Ethnic Cleansing

Abstract.  At the heart of the Semite wars, there is the original conflict between apartheid israel and palestine blown up to engulf the 2 ‘mother cultures’, in which the Jewish and palestinians people played a key historic role. Palestinians belong to the Islamic culture, which has not really bought the concept of an industrial nation, as it still belongs to the earlier age of Animetal warrior and Neolithic agricultural civilisations when God meant both Humanity and/or a national tribe, subconscious collective. So Islam feels little allegiance to national flags, but consider al muslims, brothers joined by assabiyah, the solidarity of members of the same nation.

While the Jewish Financial-Media masters own the Financial-media world of informative machines that print money information in the west (this of course is called by the companies of mass-media they own and manufacture the mind of western countries, a confabulation theory and it means sites like this, had zero ranking in search and o viewers, under the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences.) precisely for saying all the facts, not a biased view of them.

So in the next map we can see the blue, jewish FM empire, which confronts the Islamic culture (upper green image). THEY ARE the 2 sides of the blown up semite wars:

Yet if we return to the smaller original site of those wars, we find that what is happening in Israel and the surrounding nations is a process of colonial expansion of grand israel and ethnic cleaning which the west hypocritically allows, as it is owned by the FMasters and cannot even argued it without being censored by the ‘holocaust industry’ and the anti-semitic label, which ends any scholar or political career.


In the graph, left the Jewish army shows its maps, which always include Grand israel with the paranoia embedded on the concept all the nation is at risk of being blown up by home-made rockets. In the center the war minister belonging to a party that has as its credo ethnic cleansing of all palestinian lands. In the right a young solider perfectly indoctrinated poses for fun in her Facebook, after doing her job.

But the ultimate reason of all those processes is the 3rd age of the evolution of chips, the war age, as today the most evolved machines and weapons (guardiums watching the wall in the 4th pic). So we NEED jihadists to promote a constant age of war, and allow a future ethnic cleansing of Israel in the middle of Islamophobia. Indeed, e spend 1/4th of our budgets in weapon systems, but we cannot end with a bunch of kids with kalashnikovs, torturing syrians and Irakies, raping women, and setting them to fire, which has caused a 2 million refugee problem in Europe, and 1 million unwanted Arabs in Germany? Why?

It is all part of the Grand israel expansion, future colonisation of the sacred lands of Samaria and Judea and Syria (Golam heights), which mr. avigdor wants to get back. So for years we let Syria, the main enemy of israel go to waste, and of course for half a century we had a reservation in Palestine, breeding hate in the whole arab region. We shall thus consider this old and new process of ethnic cleansing, in this article.


I. The vote on the 2 states ‘non-solution’ to the war conflict.

land grabbing

In Nov W2 we introduced the science of eviL with the work of Norwegian philosopher Svendsen and the comparison of the 3 holocaust cycles of the 3 ages of ‘Keynesian Militarism’ during the Industrial R=evolution, the American Holocaust of the Indians, the German Holocaust of Slavs and Jews and the future, probable holocaust of Palestinians in the age of robotic wars. The analysis is completed in this post, considering all other points of view beyond morality. 

In the graph, 3 were and are the engines of the 3 best known wars/ holocausts of the age of overproduction of trains, cars=tanks and robots that followed the economical crises of the train industry in the 1860s, the car industry in 1929 and the chip industry in 2001-08: technology, biblical/Nazi racial supremacism and land grabbing. On the left, the ‘free lands’ given for free to railroad barons as they constructed the railroads and cleansed the land sold at speculative prices to European settlers. On the center, the Eastern lands conquered by Germany, who established the SS to cleanse them before occupation by German peasants. Thus the SS decree a ‘target’ of 30 million slavs dead to empty them and latter ‘widen’ his holocaust project to the Jewish people. Finally as we speak Israel keeps settling his ‘eastern historic territories’ with homes with the exclusion of their ‘Indians’.  

 The issue there is first, once it is clear the palestinians have rights, one of ideological hate and pure ‘greed’ for land, of ultimately the same colonial mentality of XIX century america where the mixture of ‘land speculators’ rairoad technocrats and biblical supremacists extingusihed the Indians.

Those are the 3 elements on the Jewish side: speculation on land, robotic technocrats of the military industrial-complex and biblical supremacists. And so what to expect for the ‘indians’?Genocide.

And i dare to say those were also the issues of the genocide of ‘slavs’ and jews’ in the eastern lands of Germany: land grabbing, the military-industrial compelx and the racist supremacism of the III Reich, based – this few people know – on the same surpemacism of the talmud that says, ‘at the end of time, all human tribes will be slaves of Yvwh or become exterminated’ – A millenarian sentence which appeared last in the Britannica 1920 to be erased ever since.

And this leads us to the specific reasons why this issue is even more complex to resolve: Jewish financial and informative power, in control of the informative machines of the electronic age on one side distorts informatively the issue on the other through financial and corporative power lobbies western politicians in their favor. While on the side of Palestine, the confusion of nation and religion widens to all Islam the analysis. Thus what we forecast a decade ago in our analysis of this eternal situation – a global age of splendid robotic wars against Islam is now on the making.

Abstract. Today as the vote on the non-solution to the Israeli-palestinian war takes place in UNO, we will deepen the analysis on the ideologies and cult(ure)s of go(l)d and weapons that are taking mankind step by step to an age of ‘Splendid’ robotic wars.

We will also consider the parallelism of the III cycles of superproduction of weapons that lead to colonialism, fascism and the present age of neofascism and robotic wars.

The naked facts: grab landing and keynesian militarism.


– When Tocqueville arrived to America, he found in his first contact with the vibrant eastern coast a positive ambience he described in ‘Democracy in America’. It was the XIX century and America was ahead of new industries as Tel Aviv and its Silicon valley are. Then he moved East and south to the ‘conquered territories’ and found the negro slave and the Indian and realized the cold-hearted process of genocide taking place. And prophesized that the negro was compliant and humble and would survive but the Indian had honor and a culture he admired and would perish ‘legally’. He was astonished to this ‘legality’ that allowed without any empathy the extinction of a people. It is there, where he changed sides and made his harsher criticisms of America. I changed sides also visiting my friends in Israel, when after seeing the dens of Tel Aviv and its chic place, I crossed the line. But of course all is legal. When there is no love, no empathy, no humanity, it is needed legality reinforced by weapons.

That’s how it works. The Gestapo was known for his enormous amount of legal detail and the enormous quantity of red paper involved. There was even an extraordinary detailed relationship of degrees of Jewish blood till the ‘desired’ non-jewish stigma, undoubtedly related to the qualification of negroes in cathegories till reaching the no-negro stigma, with just 1/16th, sometimes in generous cases 1/8th. In this the Germans as in many other things, contrary to belief were less stringent than the Anglos, but history is written by the victors. 1/8th of negro condemned you, 1/8 of jew saved you. 1/4th was what Hitler had – now genetically proved but this was hidden, as the negro sons of Mr. Jefferson sold in its testament were hidden.

Now the stigma of biblical supremacism, coming from the same talmudian doctrine – the Ham Damnation – that make negroes and arabs less than dogs, because a bigot rabbi of the II millennium – not the past century –  the II Millennium B.C. thought so. And this is the ideological theme treated in other parts of this blog. But ideologies always hide mere profit, because on humane basis cannot be sustained. And so they explode in periods in which more materialistic reasons are at hand, land, that is, nation and war, which often go together.

The issue of the Palestinian war is in that more ‘temporal sense’ purely materialistic, despite the astounding ceremonies of ideological confusion: on one side the land that technologically advanced westerners want to take from the deemed primitive Palestines, as technologically advanced New-englanders wanted to take from deemed primitive Indians and technologically advanced Germans wanted to take from deemed primitive slavs and jew peasants.

The second reason, war, is also purely materialistic: the crisis of overproduction of machines, reconverted into weapons that now enters its militaristic phase. So after the 1857 crash of the train, America and Europe soon ended into the train wars. And then again after the 1873 crisis, the western lands were given to rail barons with rights to sell it to speculators and to raise armies to kill the Indians, which they did.

In 1939, after centuries if not millennia of ‘historic reivindications to the east’ that can be traced to the Hansa and Teutonic wars of German peasants colonizing the East, the Germans established the SS to cleanse 30 million slavs and Jews to grab the ‘vital space, with the tanks (military cars) produced by Mercedes and the precursors of BMW and Volkswagen. It was again the military of the post-war era what unfold the crisis.

Finally, now the industrial military complex is entering after an age of superproduction of chips in an age of robotic weapons and so it is a good moment to create further enemity and splendid little wars, to pump the needed ‘security’ excuses to evolve those robotic weapons.

This would be crystal clear to anyone and so the problem resolved by imposing stringent sanctions to Israel and a UNO blue bonnets operation on the zone. But this is impossible to do for a reason that most people deny or ignore – the rather monopolistic control of the Jewish Nation in the west over the ‘Informative machines’ of the electronic cycle – those who print money (banking) and those who print audiovisual information (mass-media).

So unfortunately we cannot just finish here the post and state the obvious: that for the sake of mankind, before the conflict derives into a robotic weapons race the conflict must be ended.

The solution from mankind’s pov. Intervention to prevent robotic wars.

Our interest in the issue in that regard is the perspective of what is best for history=mankind, the larger good. This is not to deny the suffering of Palestinians – so we have set the record straight on that issue on our analysis of Gaza, last weeks – or to deny the rights of Jewish to live in Israel at this time. Since obviously at this stage it cannot be taken away from those who live already there, but given the service-city oriented mentality of Judaism could have been made completely symbiotic to a palestinian farming culture, in a ‘civillized’ one state solution.

Now most people consider a 2 state solution which will never take place without intervention, because Israel wants the land and the palestinians are not moving. So this 2 state solution with no western intervention will end as the other 2 crisis, with the genocide of the non-technological ‘enemy’. So only intervention can avoid it, and once intervention takes place, obviously the one state solution ensures with a long occupation by blue troops that no robotic wars, no war on terror, no keynesian militarism, no yihad, no zealots will restart the crisis.

Thus what is best for mankind is clear: to end before it is too late the lethal consequences of this conflict – an age of Keynesian militarism whose bid for a robotic arms race maintained in the present perpetual orwellian war between Israel and the nations their banker elites control vs. Islam, is rooted in this conflict. Unfortunately mankind though is blind to the importance of solving the issue before the robotic arm race is unstoppable, blinded by the propaganda of mass-media one sided to the ‘side of its owners’.

And so again, the straightjacket of Jewish power in the west, in banking and mass-media dictates the impossibility of solution. Since on one side the entire Financial-Media-Military-Industrial Complex of the west must by ownership obey Israel. But on the other side the human point of view of justice cannot tolerate the situation Gaza, and so the entire 3rd world sides with Palestine. And in this manner the conflict which was local is now global – taking also into account that Palestine is ‘NOT’ an isolated nation, given the fact that most Muslims ignore the ‘nationalism’ imposed upon them by western colonial empires and feel, as jewish do, that their ‘religion’ is their nation. We have also clarified this issue, and how in the pre-logic era, before Rome, nation and god was the same.

So assur was the god and nation of assyrians and yvwh appeared in egyptian maps as a toponym latter translated as judea, so it was the god and nation of the jewish people (similarity of name) and the muslims feel first as part of the nation/god of Islam, the community.

(See our analysis of gods as the subconscious collective of nations and civilizations in the left side of this post).

Hence the easiness by which the conflict derived into a global confrontation in which nationality and religion got confused.


The owners of the world, but don’t tell you.


Let us first understand how the world is run in placebo democracies where there are no judgment votes after tenure with pain messages to politicians, who cannot print money and hence have NOT to obey society but the financial masters and media masters of informative machines on top of them:


This is the pyramid of our society, with the problem that the bottom line, People and living things are being displaced by the robotic revolution of machines. So they are not needed and the solutions are those of fascism:


NEOFASCISMTHE 8 YEAR CYCLE OF MACHINES AND E-MONEY is tuned to the 8 year cycle of American elections. Thus as we move into a massive investment in robotic machines and weapons, a candidate that proposes a billionaire business for the robotised walls of America, and the equivalent man on Israel are now about to take power, in both places…

Meanwhile, the 3rd leg of neofascism, 3rd world terrorism, also increases the tempo of its well-promoted attacks with a degree of brutality, natural to its primitive credo – but which of all those ‘leading forms’ of neofascism is more extreme

Tanto monta monta tanto… ‘Bellum ipse aleat’: AVIGDOR≈TRUMP≈ISIS

IN THE GRAPH, OF THE 3 ‘animetal cultures’ on top of the world today, the Islamic Jihad (ISIS), the germanic Trump like american military and the Jewish gold culture, the new war minister of Israel Avigdor, wants to cleanse totally the country from Arabs. As Trump wants to clean America from mexicans. Those are today the men, stalwarts of conservative GOP and wall street, in its bid for profits through more of the same.

In Israel Avigdor wants to throw all the Palestinians living in Israel to the other side of the wall and extend step by step the borders towards Grand Israel, which includes huge tracts today taken by ISIS. And of course, it is THE SPIRAL of entropy, which is fed by both sides, and it has been so for decades. It is the wrong solution, but those people DO NOT SEEM TO HEAR TO ENLIGHTENED EUROPE AND amerICA, WHICH IN ANY CASE DO NOT HAVE AS THIS BLOG A CLEAR ORGANIC MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE TO FIND SOLUTIONS.

So as the world goes on fire, the plans of trump and Abiddor might be played on.

Now it would be very easy to accuse only ISIS, but ISIS HAS NO POWER TO IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS, the jewish and germanic animetal cultures do.

They know what they do, they have the money, weapons and control of the FMMI system. They don’t want to solve the world as recently the UNO boss told them. They want to destroy it blindly seeking profits and hate memes. Good luck. I have been preaching to them for 30 years with no results.

In the graph, the neofascist cycle, increases its brutality as we approach the age of global war, similar to the 3 previous cycles of neofascism, and the synergies of the Financial Media/Military Industrial System show its full power to destroy mankind. In such ages, the ‘cultures of life and love’ disappear from the scene, and the oldest ‘animetal cults’ to war and go(l)d, come into power. Among them, the usual suspects, the first animetals, the warrior Arab and Go(l)d, jewish semitic cults and the germanic Iron warriors come ‘again’ to set the world in fire, in the usual cycles of economic crash, massive poverty, brutal degradation of the 3rd world, fascist propaganda against the poor, terrorism, revivalism of primitive Abrahamic Religions, splendid little wars for the profit of the ‘age of military weapons’ and final ‘Götterdämmerung’.

Of course from the perspective of the west and the FMasters that are on top of the process, masterminding it with financial-media machines, the poor, brutalised by decades of exploitation are the only guilty. Its employees, which in the west are traditionally germanic owners of the military-industrial complex agree. And as the poor find themselves in a ‘sac du cul’, they give reasons to power with its brutal acts of terror. Bellum apse aleat. What nobody talks about is the humanist solution to the cycle ‘butter instead of canons’: 

3 crisis

In the graph from a decade old documentary that never was financed or closed, we can see the 3 ages of neoascism. The 3rd age with Fox, from the scottish, Jewish calvinist mogul of the present yellow press, heading the Donald wave mixes parts of the 1st and 2nd age. In the first age Muslims and negroes from Africa, the people the bible consider inferior to dogs because their ancestor, ‘Ham peed on Noah’ (sic: Damnation of Ham, upholded in courts to defend slavery during the gunboat age), were so brutalised that they did attack back the colonials, murdered wholesale british people at Khartum and claimed the arrival of the saviour Al madhi, while black tribes in the Ifo culture sacrificed their children and drunk their blood, in a last desperado attempt to stop slavery trade. Those though had been the most cultured regions of the west and east africa as Syria and Irak were till recently. But the degradation of their people had reached the same level today we observe in Yihad, and so the yellow press and the hero Kirtchener went there to massacre them and take over.

Now of course there was then as today the solution of investing in a Socialist, Keynesian or organic Wheath, welfare state. Yet the 3 schools of economics of a humanist side, the Anarchist, Keynesian and organic school this author represent were totally ignored before the war. Today is the 30 years anniversary of my first book on organic bio-history and bio-economics, published upon my arrival to America to study at Columbia and work in wall street. In that regard, the level today of repression of true economics is as huge under the anti-quantum paradox as it was in the colonial age, when the true master of economics, Butler, who denounced the organic nature of machines and The anarchists that demanded shared property of corporations, universal salaries and end of policial states and bank monopolies were considered terrorists.

The hierarchy thus is clear. On top of society the o.oo2% or elite of bankers and mass-media moguls of jewish origin, which control 80% of the western world finances rule, below them the rest.

Now this means that to know the future of mankind, as in the press age we had to look to tiny Amsterdam and Holland where the first companies were invented and the first mass-media ran, and then to England, and then to tiny Germany now we have to look in this generation to tiny Israel, because as we have been explaining for 30 years, the world would be ‘Israelified’ as it was Dutchified and britified and Germanified before:


In the graph now a decade old, you can see the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars.

Thus the political engine of the world is the Israelification of the world, and the cleansing and islamophobia, hate to the Arabs, which MUST be degraded by dictators and ayatollahs to the same point of absolute brutality and despise we Europeans felt for the negroes of colonialism. An example will suffice:

In the most evolved civilisation of Africa, the Ifo People known for his art and beauty before slavery -as irak was the most sophisticated arab world with syria and lebanon, the Brits enslaved for 300 years their people. Then they returned to bestialism and made sculptures to drink blood, killing their sons, and offering them to the gods, in barbarous ceremonies similar to those of the cult of Baal.

What the brits did? Expose them in the XIX century colonial fascist age, so the entire britain was so horrified that they sent an army killed them all (the elite) and converted the region west of Nigeria into a colony.

This is how after 40 years of brutal wars since the west paid Saddam to attack Iran, the situation in that region.

So at least the West should send their armies and kill ISIs but it does not.  Why?
Because they are doing the cleansing of the entire region for Israel to advance in the future its plans for a Grand Israel that implies the decolonisation of the Golam Heights and the region of Mosul, and its oil, which is in all the maps of the party of their war minister as ‘ISRAEL’.

Now I said this in a letter to a friend in Germany, which kind of explains, why their first jewish Chancelor Miss Merkel, who is choking the entire European continent of credit, treating the southern piigs countries to genocide by lack of credit and health care, like the Greeks, suddenly is so nice, and takes on 1 million

But nobody sends land troops to end the massacre for Gods sake. This is NOT even Saddam’s army, it is a bunch of kids with Kalasnikhovs, but the interest is to create a terror mood to spend billions in robotised and big brother electronic armies at home and do the job for the FMasters of the Universe.

 Because if Trump with similar policies is elected in US Avigdor Lieberman, WIL, start the ethnic cleansing of Israel.

This is a massive ethnic cleansing of the lands to the East of Israel and the expansion of Grand israel.

Syria, the ultimate enemy.

understand this for Israel Iran and Syria are the ultimate enemies.

Syria is the most hated country by the Masters of the Universe, the People of the Treasure, the cult(Ure) that invents our money and hates mankind (read in newspeak and its anti-truths, ‘mankind hates us’).

People talk a lot of Iran, but the Masters of the Financial-Media System had always had a closer enemy the Syrians – their leaders, of course, their dictators. But the masters despise all the ‘goyyim’ animals equally, their hate to mankind is extensive (read in the newspeaks of anti-truth: ‘they hate us’).

So alas! the entire wikileaks movement with that nice white hair chap, an admirer of Bibi, an employee of the CIA, an agent of the Moshad, started the whole faked operation of the Arab Spring to liquidate 3 enemies, Lybia, on target, Iran (a long shot nobody really believed in) and Syria. Egypt got out of control for a while and now is again under the boot. But Syria? Those people must learn they are under the Ham damnation – inferior to dogs, like the negroes-slaves. They must be slowly tortured, forever if possible, in the Talmudian tradition, where Jesus burns in a pot of shit, in hell for having rised the goyyim to human nature. The ham damnation, excuse for modern slavery,who made arabs and negroes inferior to dogs, apply here. In the Lebanon war, rabbies would ask soldiers to be ‘pious’and ‘charitable’ and shoot close range on the head the ‘little animals’ (read young palestinians’) agonising as they would do with their dogs. To be charitable of course,the victims of history are that nice…

Syria defied them for 50 years, and looked strong. So they should now pay 50 years of civil war, ISIS included, that wonderful invention of our secret services, which we shall only bomb with our drones, to essay further robotic wars, from the sky, but not send real troops.

Syria has nothing to defend against the proper UNO ‘peace corps’, who could clean up the act within months and end the nightmare. But the masters of the Universe and its western lackeys, are on justice mood. So they will keep dying and they will keep drowning and they will keep entering concentration camps.  For eviL anti-life, antihuman memes have no limit on those who hate mankind (read in newspeak ‘mankind hate us’)

How it all started, with a mossad agent, who worked for CIA and found the program to extract info through faxes, Mr. Assange, denouncing all the dictators of Arab countries but NONE of the cables from the Israel embassy. he told us he admired Netanhayu in a previous interview.

So alas, he is not pretending to be the enemy in a good retirement in the embassy, the harm is done. Egypt back under the boot of a dictator promoted by the West and on top of Syria a group of monstrous jihadists drinking the blood of their people… deja vu.


the letter to my german friend:

Uau, just heard the germans have accepted 1 million syrians in the ethnic cleansing, masterminded by the you assange, agent of mossad and CIA, who never published a cable on the jerusalem embassy, and the you chancellor miss merkel…
so the quintessential enemy of israel, syria, become depopulated, ‘for free’, as poland was by the germans. and then when all is destroyed, syria a complete wasteland of civil wars, arabia saudi paid (for israel and US) DAES, ISIL or whatever you call it there – what the fuc, why do you think arabia saudi stalwart of the west is paying that terrorist group to destroy Syra. Syria is the fundamental enemy of israel, the eastern territories to depopulate for their peasants to take over.
So THIS IS THE MOST profound masterpiece of you-bending ever since II WW and the holocaust industry:
Now they are sending you a million ethnic cleansed arabs, for you to feed, so they can regain the golam heights.
Uau, i mean, german blockheads, are reaching a notch over total stupidity with this one.
Here the silly stupid spaniards, have accepted 34 so far. Because everybody here on the upper classes is an anti$emite (-;, i mean they know perfectly how the world is run, so what they are doing, is what the mexicans used to do with the conquistadors, ‘que’ What? they would ask for each order of the basque assholes who murdered them, what? as if they would not speak spanish, What? Neutered, you have been neutered, as the rest of mankind.

The astounding thing is that the neutering is because of political correctness, the industry of the holocaust, and yet the final result of the good feelings and the neutering of mankind will be another holocaust, another ethnic cleansing and at the end the end of mankind by robots and terminators, twisted…

just you don’t think I’m inventing it, this is the plan of the guy:
Lieberman Plan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The plan. The Lieberman Plan suggests a territorial exchange whereby Israel would annex almost all Israeli settlements in the West Bank which are situated in major …
Basically they want to throw out the 20% of palestinians inside Israel, after grabbing every piece of the occupied territories that has a drop of water in in. And once all of them out there, the wall robotised, at the first excuse of global war, send the robots to liquidate them. The entire world politics turns about this, plus the entire economy about the profits of the go(l)d bankers and hate to the arabs. A simple UNO soldiers group could have ended ISIL long ago. But the plan is to destroy all the nations around, and then dump the palestinians. His party considers that Israel is ‘grand israel’ which should extend all the way to kuwait. Trump of course is just a corrupted indebted, ruined real state mogul, who married his only daughter to a real state ultra orthodox, got a job in a tv reality show and will do their bid, since obama the house negro and clinton, despite being bought and corrupted wouldn’t go that far. So the entire Financial-media militar-industry complex will back trump in the elections and if he is elected the plan will proceed.
Yesterday they burned alive in mosul 27 women. The behaviour of the europeans and amaericans, slaves of the you banksters, allowing a bunch of weirdos with kalasninob to terrorise and destroy the life of millions of arabs and the sheeple below them, accepting it and NOT even wondering why a fascist UK-US-EU world always ready to start wars, does nothing for years, and let all this happen…
In every department of history today, you have the same ways: an elite of technocrats and financiers with primitive religions and worship to the machine and the simpleton physical sciences of single clocks and ‘speed’, always speed with a mass of believers, and hate-yourneighbor under them.



Now let us go on with the week diary centered in those 4 issues: palestinian vote, biblical supremacism, mass-media and financial control. The details on land grabbing and the previous crisis are too obvious or historically well known for this blog to analyze further.

Morning has broken, thursday, 29.

It seems you cannot live one day without this eternal question…. There will be soon though a vote about Palestine and the ‘two states’ solution, which of course is the non-solution. Since, as an old friend, when I still had mostly Jewish friends in America, Yoram, Israeli and for a few years head of the National Film school there put it, ‘candidly’ – with a 2 states solution we will know where is the enemy.

As i said in other posts at this stage there is no solution to the menace of an eternal robotic war race and the building of the Jewish-American military industrial Complex except:

A) A single state solution, peaceful and integrated in the common market. But for that to have happened, the Jewish people should have long ago done their ‘French R=evolution’ against the ideologies of their book of history of the bronze age, as all civilized nations of the world have done. 

But Ben Gurion didn’t like that. He started as a socialist and there was some hope but then as always the ‘ultimate sin’ of Judaism against the laws of social evolution of all the members of the same species, aka humans – to belief by dogma that they are ‘chosen’ and the rest are not (never mind even the word chosen is ill translated, as Segullah in hebrew means ‘treasure’ people of the treasure, given its millenarian origin as a gold temple plutocracy, explained all over this place)… creep in again. So he suddenly felt like Moses, the Messiah… And decided to believe again in the bronze age book. An excellent interview of the Italian journalist Montanelli explain it all. ‘We have to be different’.

But they think to be very advanced because they make machine-weapons of the III millennium AD to vent revenges on the style of their ancestors of the II millennium BC: ‘Now go, attack the Amalekites and totall destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys’ etc. etc. That, they don’t realize is the problem, they call it there to keep their customs.

This is the arrogance and downfall… An absolute imbalance between the empathy brain twisted by the repression of their senses and their intellectual one, which therefore can only be used to work in all the wrong projects for the no future of mankind.

Had they had empathy for other humans, as those jews that stop being jews, in my view among the highest individuals this sorrowful species has given to us, from Christ to the Christian conversos, Proust or Marx or the Socialist Einstein – who rejected the Presidency targeting the issue straight as he always did ‘i can’t accept the presidency because i would have to tell my fellow jews what they don’t want to hear… they will be judged by history not by their technological and scientific achievements but by the way they treat their arab brothers’ – we might had gone ahead not backwards like crabs do.

I propose like that Korean rich kid, who has defeated all their ‘marketing’ promotion of plastic girls singing void love songs, with his horsey walk that an israeli punk star delight us with the crab loco-motion. Will be a heat in the dens of Tel Aviv, for sure.

Now, the issue here is much wider, it relates to the very essence of mankind. How a people who is so rational for so many things can be ‘memetically imprinted’ for 3000 years with some of the most nutty, brutal, absurd collective ideologies of eviL as those in the bible? It is the view of bio-history that ‘men don’t reason, they believe. That the brain is modular and disconnected, that man is imperfect.

An excellent book on the subject is that little jewel of the very much forgotten master of their real wor(l)d, Stephan Zweig ‘Calvinus vs. Castallius’, which explains how the new-jews were born by inquisition. But inquisitions work. They worked in Spain where the converso Torquemada froze the mind of man for 300 years, as those two brothers did with the mind of Judaism for 3000 ones. And that; that men prefer to be slaves than be freed by the power of love and the arrow of eusocial evolution – that is the imperfect side of man that condemns us.

In any case only they could have save the world since the rest of Americans are basically already devolved into simple homo bacteria, who couldn’t give a fuk for anything except themselves. So according to the laws of eusocial evolution, in the same way a corporation, a complex social organism beats the individual, the only tribe that acts together beats the individuals. Why they decided to travel backwards in time like crabs, walking blindly looking at the past when they have in front (but walking backwards can’t see) a cliff of extinction in the robotic wars ahead…

You see, we live in a superorganism – mankind, the only subconscious collective god we have – but the catch is that as Nietzsche put God is dead, the nervous system has collapsed. So now you have either bacterial cells, pumped up with the myth of the self-man, who ad maximal love one more, and then rotten organs of millions of cells ‘infected’ by the viral ‘ideologies’ of metal, nationalism – the use of weapons to kill your brother – capitalism, the use of money to enslave it – and technoutopia, to work NOT to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind but of the pieces of metal that will kill you. And that is what they think is progress.

Each of us is nothing but an infinitesimal, non-euclidean point lost in an infinite Universe. All what you see my friend is inside your mind – your infinitesimal mapping out the Universe. Which is exactly the same that every human has. And that is the species, the rest is flesh and nothing else remains. So you care first for your mind, your verbal thoughts, your ethic system that you try to make beautiful and then for your flesh.

You dont repress them. You love you live you laugh at yourself. 

Those things is they have forgotten, with their monstruosity. They should read the classics:

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle.

Only a memetic theory of the brain as a simple white matter dominant, memorial repetitive system makes sense of all this biblical madness. And that probably is the case. You see, women still have 10 times more white mater brain and Judaism is a matriarchal society today.

So when there was still hope, in the 70s, when at least in America they were becoming normal, civilized, then it came this kind of ‘white matter jewess’ with that cheap sentimentality – and no I won’t quote aristotle again on that- who desire to ‘keep’ the traditions and memories of the ‘good book’ – the ones that keep the mourning. At the beginning it was not that serious but it kept growing as a virus of the mind, while in Israel they left the fundamentalist movement grow, allowing the believers not to pay taxes and not to go to war. Just like the parasite levi banker priests of their first civilization living off the other 11 ‘slave tribes’ (Leviticus.)

So now you have again the two parasite elites of this society, the bankers and the rabbis multiplied into all the speculators and Torah readers of the world. Only that the torah readers send you their messages of evil to mankind and supreme nature of the chosen from evilwood, much better package. Complexity increases but the function of any evolving form is maintained. That is the law.

So on parasites… Yesterday the Economist of Mr. Rothschild came with a funny article: Mr. Mc Carney the central banker of Canada is going to be the ‘outsider’ in the place of the leaving mr. King. Outsider? All the central bankers are jewish, the outsider would be a Briton who would actually print money for the British people and pay his dirty hospitals instead of massing up troops for the III world between the two most primitive cultures of the planet, the Semite warrior arabs and the semite go(l)d believers.

But again as evilwood sends his ‘literature’ to poison your mind with excellent FX, computers have cleaned the act of the usury bankers, which is now an expert that talks you with his jargon, as if he were a civilized fellow that is going to help you not to ‘farm you’ as a tax collector, who speculates with the price of your money, some corrupted politico has given to him in the so-called ‘Anglo-saxon’ democracy, now export all over the world.

So returning to the issue, there is no 2 states solution. They will just draw the border to have the enemy clearly positioned for the future swarms of robots to kill them all when the rest of humanity distracts itself for a while in a big war, as the germ(an)s did when the rest were distracted bombing children in nagasaki… And that is no solution at all.

The civilized one, to become secular, to live like they live in India or Malasya, side by side with other people is no possible anymore, because they didn’t want to civilize; they had to ‘be different’ and return to the bronze age. They didnt want to become different, evolving into the future with love to their species, as all species evolve together, as social superorganisms, as the Universe that makes molecules of atoms, cells of molecules, organisms of cells always does. 

So there you have it, they prefered to remain just what? a liver of a drunkard… a liver sucks all the blood/money as a single organ, cut off of the rest of the body with all its poison too till it poisons the entire organism. But he is unaware of it, he is drunk with his greed and power till all collapses.

B) then there is the solution a la Irak. That is, if we invaded Irak because it broke all the resolutions of the UNO, if we boycotted south africa because it was a racist, apartheid, Calvinist biblical supremacist state, we should declare war to Israel for both reasons, send the blue UNO troops, race down holocaust-hate motivating museums and ceremonies, put all the rabbis to work and create a single state solution. And start like the chinese did, a brain-washing advanced course on civilization, logic and truth. But of course for that to happen first the western colonial empire under the rule of their banker priests would have to end. So

C) we need first the G20 to nationalize the entire financial industry. This gives independence to our politicos to implement B, civilize those people and end the III crisis of overproduction of weapons and e-money they are leading.

But then again this is not possible because of:

D) they control the media, the mind of mankind and as the fractal universe is just an imitative, self-replicant system, as they say in spanish, ‘dwarfs grow around’. So now we have this mentality all over, with nationalisms, industries of drones everywhere, banksters scamming people in every nation, etc, etc. This is the new normal.

So no news today, with the old news that will be repeated ad nauseam in the future is enough.

In other spheres, the Greeks are doing their thing, blackmailing the world so they don’t have to pay the usury debt that the Spaniards, more tamed or more stupid pay. I talked the other day to a friend, a greek economist know at the London School, so i wont’ say his name – I agreed with him that quien roba a un ladron tiene 100 anys de perdon – those who steal a thief have 100 years of pardon… meaning since we have lost the soverign right to print money to private banksters we borrow it, then we don’t pay point. This Argentina knows, she doesn’t pay, never pays; but frankly in that case I would put both in the same league; as that country has its ‘own wealth’ without limit. What it is astonishing are the ‘Public banksters’ of UNO organizations. The Jewish-French at IMF and all the ‘dwarfs’ of those institutions milking 3rd world countries for 60 years for the sake corporations. How low can ‘the chosen’ fall?

But the newspeaks also improve beyond any limit Mr. Orwell could imagine. Indeed, you would never read an article like this one anywhere in the world. The New normal consists in being absolute eviL – that is all ‘dwarf nations’ around the righteous ‘snow white’, racing each other to achieve the extinction of life with robotic workers and drones first. That is called today ‘economic progress’. But at the same time we race to kill ourselves, the new normal in speech is ‘caring’, correctness, so you will never realize where is the goal till you get there.

It is the Orwellian ministry of Love. Soon it will be a far more punishable crime to say the naked truth as this blog does than to kill your neighbor with a 3D-printed drone or weapon, untraceable to you. 

And that is the collective madness of  the new normal which requires an entire new post in itself. On the surface it will be righteous and high minded, with speeches full of hope and love stories and superheroes on digital screens. Under the surface the Morlocks of the ‘time machine’ parable of Wells will be eating your mind. They already do.

Indeed, the new normal of the human mind is manufactured in evilwood – where as Picasso put it ‘all what they tell you is truth is a lie, all what they tell you is a lie, is truth’ but that requires an entire post in itself after this one.

I wanted to talk of China though this week.

There is a new chinese guy in power as the ‘supreme leader’… But he has none… because he no longer knows Marxism (we are living in the last crisis of overproduction of capitalism that his factories of chips are helping to cause), he no longer knows humanism (he runs now another planetary factory ruled itself by the market) and so he does not have a plan to oppose with Obampuppet the no-future of the human wor(l)d. But as they say in Spanish ‘donde hubo siempre queda’…

So it is time to explain this why contrary to belief, China is NOT a worst system than the West…

In brief, to elaborate later, 3 facts define a democracy – the control of the 3 languages of social power, money, the law and audiovisual information by the ‘collective brain-government’ elected by the people.

If there is no free elections and there is none anywhere, not in China, with a party, nor in the west with a duopoly, in which both parties belong to the bankers (see Nov 4 post on Us puppetry), at least there is a certain freedom when the people who control those parties belong to the nation and anyone can join (so at least you can become a member of the communist party/single nervous system of China), but when those parties are selected by a  supposed race of banksters to which you cannot join, there is less freedom than in a party. And in any case, sciences are not chosen, by this I mean if there is a real science of social organisms, then the people in government should just design the ost efficient superorganism of history according to those laws, and so there should be just elections within a single ‘humanist party’ of social scientists, to choose the best people in open list, not to choose the laws of social sciences according to taste. Ths the only thing china has to do is open the lists of elections in the communist party and evolve Marxism, evolve social sciences, use their organic, millenarian understanding of the Taoist Universe.

Then it comes the second language of power, mass-emdia. There is no freedom ether there, where this blog cannot be seen – well sometimes i see a guy from hongkong, so i guess there they can read something, but neither here, where 100 tv chains belong to 5 multinationals who say always the same. it is not freedom but noise and repetion, rather less freedom as it is all Goebbelian work: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ So 100 channels repeating the same is worst that one only cause at least when there is one everybody knows there is censorship. In Cuba everybody know and laughs at grandma, te daily with 4 pages. Here people think that because they can choose between the sam and the same – buridan paradox in philosophy – that there is freedom.

I once had some friendly talks with the step grand son of Goebbels. No, you don’t need to get scandalized by that. You too would have… Cause of course, you wouldn’t have known. If it was not because my girl at the time was his friend I wouldnt. The guy was charming, elegant, intelligent, handsome and richHis family owned…

Shall i say? daisy, daisy, well, Bmw… So next time after the ‘revelation’ I wanted to ask him if he was aware that our ‘civilization’ had been molded by him… That now all practice the teachings of his propaganda ministry. But i really couldn’t do that. It was summer in the balear islands, the yachts where we idly let the time pass, the sun, then of course my girl… I didn’t ask.

Returning to China… They have the most absolute of all freedoms, they print their money and so once you discount all what the party robs, there is still enough to invest in welfare goods and grow a 10% annually. Here 1/2 goes to the military to advance the robotic industry that will extinguish us and protect grand Israel. So we are a colony. And they at least are a nation. 

And then it comes the law. Here corporations buy it, and so the richest one is the one that decides, and the richest one is decided by the phase of evolution of the machine today electronic corporations. So there you have laws for drones to kill people because electronic corporations are now robotizing all machines – that is the true meaning of this crisis, the chippization of the planet into A.I. with humans out.

So there you have it, billions go to universities to create monstrous robots and there is no money for welfare health care, human education. But hey. We say that ‘China grows its military 10%’ annually. That was the last news in the 100th repetitive newspaper – the NYT… It put it the news as if it were ‘a bid for militarization’. It didn’t say, it actually just doesn’t grow. It only grows what the country grows. it didn’t say we spent more than the next 20 when the rule of the empire (british rule for expenses in the military during all the height of the empire) was just to spend as much as the 2nd and 3rd combined in case they allied against us. But by that account America would liberate trillions for their people. But hey, we are a democracy. That’s what it matters. We vote for two puppets that play the same play related in nov. 4.

And then of course there is the fact that chinese are civilized people and care for themselves and spend the money on themselves not in some alien cuckoo fascist country full of zealots, with bronze age ideologies.

But not even that seems good enough.

Now how deranged the biblical supremacists are is shown in the fact that unlike yoram, Ben doesn’t even want a 2 state solution. He wants to keep the concentration camp occupied and surrounded. That is called nazism.  The sadism of the nazis who wanted to have the peasant jews that had done nothing to them on revenge on the bankers that have ruined them, is well documented.

The fact that Hitler offered 3 million peasants on exchange for money and the bankers say no, is well documented.

Then he went to Wallenstein in Sweden to exchange them for volvo trucks, of his factories, since their banker-priests have this fetishe with Gold, and they said again no. Why? Because those were Khazars, ‘impure’. They didn’t have the cohenite gene of the supreme master of eviL mr. Aaron. So they could be sacrificed. And the Sanhedrin at Zurich put it on writing. And so he, incidentally nee Franberger, jewish gran-dad, now also genetically tested… some day will talk of the absurdity of gene theory from a scientific point of view. send them up in smoke, 3 million innocent souls in Auschwitz.

And what they did those who couldnt exchange life for trucks?

Instead of keeping their corpses on the closet an pass page, forgive and forget NOT to repeat the errors that brought us there ‘again’, as we all civilized Europeans have done with our 60 million holocaust victims of the Germ(an) Panzers with equal value to theirs, from the 20 million Russians murdered – as the SS was established first to ‘cleanse ethnically’ the East from slavs with the target almost reached of 30 million corpses, so the Chosen ‘Germ(an)s’ would have ‘vital space’, to the 1 million of catalans from my country murdered by spanish fascism … But of course in a racist ideology as that of the ‘Talmudian IV reich’ the death of the others has no value, or according to the UNO statistics, a proportion of 60 to 1, even higher than the Wehrmach ratio.

Amazingly enough though the power of imprinting of audiovisual media, with the Goebbels method, hiding only in the closet the ‘other victims’ has established a new inquisition of thought in the collective subconscious of America and the world at large, similar to the one established by ‘Abrahamic Religions’ and ‘Kings by the grace of God’ – so people are so much of a mental ‘tabula rassa’ that they truly believe their corpses are more important than ours just because they can churn hundreds of films on these theme while the rest of mankind’s holocaust rest in peace. The memetic imprinting is specially deep in America where one can consider the Taboo of the Holocaust to be absolute, as we narrated in previous posts.

And the result is that those who command in the west our language of power, money, information and increasingly all laws of their politico puppets are ‘perfect’ and we cannot criticize them, which ensures they will keep moving into neofascism at full speed, cheered by the crowds they have degraded.

Indeed, in principle the fact that we cannot state that most central bankers and CFOs and speculators are jewish and so are newspapers and Tv-channels and so they control totally the west in this manner, should be a bone for their status as the ‘stockrats’ of the west, equivalent to the middle ages aristocrats that could not be judged and controlled the issue and use of the language of power of the age – weapons.

But what this means, as it happen in the Middle ages, is that their treatment of the rest of mankind – either the Palestinians at home or the western population taxed by banks, bail outs, speculators, etc. – will finally react violently in a ‘desperado’ move as they did in the french r=evolution against its aristocrats or in Germany after thousands of years of financial control in alliance with princes. An example will suffice: in German law till its unification if you were found with a stolen object you were deemed a criminal and took to court. If a jewish was found with a stolen object, it was assumed it was lost and the only thing the jew had to do is to state what he had paid for it – he set the price. This of course started as all laws they impose with a ‘good purpose’ – to ensure the pawn business of the jew. But latter degenerated, causing much hate, as any thief could ‘clean’ the theft in a pawn house.

This mentality of two ways – for example the jew could not do usury to a jew but it could to a christian – is the essence of the culture and it has become now the essence of capitalism and banking, regardless of the extreme complexity which hides what is essentially an usury racket and an apropiation of the basic rights of democracy – the issue of money by governments to pay the policies of the people who voted them. But as corruption spread the capitalist hierarchy of explotation of mankind and life that the Bank of England started, printing ‘privately’ the money of england and charging 6% of usury to the government of england and now has been copycatted by the ECB bank who print the money of Greece, spain and italy and only lends to private banks who in turn lend to spain at 6% cannot last much longer and has already broken social peace and economical sustainability in southern europe.

Had not existed this censorship and now emotional taboo, the post-war would have been very different and much more positive as judaism would have learned those errors, and since in the post-war, both in Israel and America they diversified their jobs, and so would not be chained to the rules of extreme capitalism, a middle class with no attachment to such practices or their religious bigots, as it appeared in France after the Revolution, would have definitely solved the issue for the good of all mankind, or as the great converso christian writer mr. proust put it: ‘the tragedies of history are damned to be repeated because people don’t learn from their mistakes’.

Instead  the zeitgeist of the day has become neofascism – the repetition of the 30s, achieved in a surrealist twist by manipulating the natural goodness of people and their ignorance of the workings of  the ‘stocratic’ elite of money – so the jews of israel and america who do not work in finances and ignore all that and believe truly mankind kills them for no reason obviously have become paranoid to any critique.

All started indeed with the Bank of England, and from the times of the South Sea bubble the corruption of stockrats – who just need to buy the kings and politicos, the ‘forefront men’, who in turn control the sheeple, and the methods of its corporations, who do part-lease humans as slaves, treated elsewhere in those texts would spread to the whole world… Or as one of their great writers put it:

A race of men who t’other day

Lay crushed beneath disasters

Are now by stock brought into play

And made our lords and masters’

South sea Ballad, Jonathan Swift, Master of the British Baroque, gunboat cycle.

50 years mourning by this elite, as if they were the victims they left behind… establishing the rituals of perpetual hate, known as the holocaust day that brought us there again. Quite impressive those ceremonies. They also happen in Egypt. Suddenly they sing ‘Allah akbar’ and the entire city of cairo buzzes… But that at least is a call to unity and social love. In Israel everybody stops suddenly, one minute of silence to accumulate hate. The people there has no idea what their masters have been doing to them for 3000 years since my ancestors, the levis were ‘chosen’ as priests for massacring their people with swords, under orders of the brothers.

I had this jewess american princess girlfriend who convinced me once when young to get genetically tested. Actually it was serious. His father ran a multinational and it seems you have to do those things. Turn out i had that damned cohenite stain, i cant erase. And then the father told me ‘now i know why you are so intelligent’.

This astounding mixture of racism and hate feelings to mankind, when the virus of the Baalble is introduced again, i thought only existed in Germ(an)s who came into history calling thesmelves goths, god in old german, because they could murder anyone with their swords.

But then it turns out in America, all over the place disguised as love. You have those – the evangelicals with shirts ‘christ is love’, neo-jewish taht only read the bible, and think an entity called ‘judea’ (Yvwh is a toponym tha appears in ancient maps when the word God was synonimous of nation/tribe) will rapture them into the clouds of just. Not one of them will ever pass as just if Christ were a god – they would all go to hell for falsifuing their doctirnes.

But he is not. So they just will go to dirt like all of us. ‘Dust of space-time you are and dust of space-time you will become’ Job and Ecclesiastes written just after another holocaust when they are at their best, and reflect, knew better.

But now the 70s are over and the last survivors who understood learned to love and became hippies are gone. So the zealots took over and that is what, despite their 3000 $ armani suits and the Picassos they colect and from time to time stab as merchandise in Vegas, rule supreme. So hate is what you can see reading just the commentators of the wall street journal’s 1%, the wealthiest people on earth, the people who decide really all.

I used to read the economist of Mr. Rothschild, a chap with humor – at least the ones I met at Paris in a party talking catalan art… The brits at least have sense of humor, the first step towards enlightenment on one’s position in the Universe. 

But the wall street journal had none. It took me decades to understand after the initial shock from where so much hate came. Ideology of course. Till i didn’t read the hebrew bible i didn’t understand.

You see where I lead. You have the same racist bigots but now all camouflaged. The Goebbels running BMW, the jewel of the ‘Unified Germ(an)s’. Wallenstein running Sweden – he kept his volvo trucks. The bloombergs running US, all well tested and fine; the infamous bastards imprinting our minds with sadist ministrations of revenge in a cult(ure) of greed and go(l)d who never understood to forget and forgive to evolve a better future instead of falling again in the bronze age Cainite=Cananean hell of hate to your brother … etc. etc.

Yet the systems not the individuals run the show and by this i mean their machines, their chips, their computers, they don’t run anything, they just let the river flow to the cliff of robotics. The bloomberg platform is the liver that sucks all the blood of mankind for speculators to feast. The self-named Masters of the Universe are – bottom line – minions of thought, puppets of the hidden eviL of machines that only the higher laws of emergence and information reveal – reason why we ad a section on general systems for those who want to understand in all its depth why the imperfection of man does not deny the perfection of God, despite Primo Levi’s dictum that he ‘stop believing in God after the holocaust’ – of course, you should stop believing in Yvwh, the Baalble God that leads you there, but not in Logos the God of Plato, mind of the Universe

And so Bibilical Supremacism is getting us there: The germ(an)-swiss are ahead race to race with Israel and the Calvinists at MIT on the creation of those swarm robots that will do us all. They will be military Wasp heeves. As the ‘dwarfs’ grow around by imitation – the ultimate reproductive law of the fractal Universe, now even the peaceful Chinese are imitating them.

In the same manner today an automated ‘factory-mother’ churns in millions of machines, increasingly with zero labor and infinite productivity – the mantra/absolute lie of paid economists. That you create jobs increasing productivity, an equation:

Productivity = Capital in Machines/Labor who exactly does the opposite.

Productivity increases when you fire Labor: Max. P = Max. Machines / Min. Labor.

This is what i call a memetic, imperfect brain. this equation can be understood by a toddler and yet every human in this planet believes when the politico tells them that rising productivity will create works this absolute orwellian lie. Productivity fires labor puts robots and increases profits – follow the money – that is why they lie to you – increases profits. This was already understood by Marx, one of the last prophets=Historians of the future, who spelt crystal clear the no destiny of workers in the Marx-Smith paradox, censored ever since.

This is the point I am making: the machine, not man is the chosen in those games and the most evil ones. Mr Fuld and Mr. Maddoff were not more intelligent than Ponzi. They just had better computers to falsify mortgages.

Hitler was not worse than Gengish khan, he just had better technology than him and so killed more faster. Ben is not better than Hitler, he will just have better technology to kill palestines and so they will die faster. But at the end we will also all die faster when A.I. wakes up to consciousness and understand the obvious. As a weapon my purpose is to kill mankind – let us accomplish my purpose. Done.

By 2030, ‘robotic experts’ and I agree, consider that the perfect ‘clean weapon’, enviromentally safe will come to save us of the ‘bad boys’. You will throw a swarm of poisonous mechanical WASPS, each one with the DNA imprinting of a human being –  instead of the usual Neutron bomb – and they will clean up selectively the field of any inner police or outer splendid little war of activists, terrorists, ecologists, or simply mum & dads targeted by the specific ‘philosophy of eviL’ of the other side.

But the real thing comes in 2050 when a self-replicant nano-bacteria, with an iron cover and a gold brain will be ready to self replicate and start the III Earth, after anaerobic bacteria and aerobic ones. Racing ahead, the IDF that has now a photonic chip and Los alamos that is imitating with single gold atoms the DNA.

Ah, but that in the ‘bronze age frame of mind’ of biblical supremacists is progress.

And LOL, all that is ‘classified’ – all, not only the weapons, but the owners, their thoughts, their beliefs – they are sacred. The only thing is not sacred is mankind, that is dirt. That is what we laugh at.

All now of course are very polite, never talk of this things. They all look very civilized, the Masters of the Universe… and all its dwarf clones in every nation of the Earth… all of them regressing to the bronze age ‘frame of mind’ as life dies and love is no more; the only thing humans are evolving are their machines of eviL=death and the way they sell them to the sheeple they herd.

If anything, the elites now all look-alike, have become more arrogant, more entitled, more ‘chosen’ of what?

We are all chosen and not chosen on the same boat and the choice is ours for all or none.

But they can’t see that and they hate all who tell them to see. They very civilized very politically correct isolate all those who could save them. Since they sent Moses, the less bad of the two brothers to the mountain and followed Aaron and their golden calf.

Enough, the new eviL is thus A) mental – and it is called Political, military and economical correctness, provided by evilwood, understood by Orwell’s concept of Newspeaks, and it is physical, called ‘genetics’, this newspeak about racism, where you map your genes for the politically correct goal of knowing your ‘special ancestors’ but ultimately to differentiate yourself from other beings, but over all human endeavors it is called the ‘radiation of chipped machines’ – the real causes of this last ‘molting’ of the industrial r=evolution, the so called Great Recession, parallel in all rhymes to the 29 economical crises that brought us into II W.W.

Since none of what germ(an)s with iron swords and Am Segullah with go(l)d have done against the God of Mankind=History and all its cells=people will compare to the absolute eviL=death of the natural born killer military A.I. new top predator species, when it wakes up to consciousness in the programs of survival of the ‘splendid’ drone wars.

Indeed, one day when Intel and ARM put within years billions of A.I. chips in robotized machines, speaking on Internet and seeing at face value the humans, self-called “Masters of the Universe’ they will do us all, according to the true laws of eusocial love for the members of your own species and hate for those of the other ones – which are not tribes as the scourge of nationalism pretends.

But since the brain has been manufactured and the Laws of love twisted by the go(l)d culture who cyclically has offered since the times of Baal the blood of their children in ‘Phoenician Hecatombs’ to the idols of metal we shall race to and cheer the arrival of Judgment day. Yes indeed now all nations do the same. Absolute eviL is the new normal of the actions of modern man and absolute  infantilism of our psyche.

Not for me, but of course that is why… or shall i put it on verse, the highest of all wor(l)d languages for its capacity to find the self-similarities of all forms of nature in the fractal Universe – not in vain the highest of all human minds called his masterpiece poetics:


I was told by a more than trustworthy doctor

to have a progressive fatal disease

“a rare case”

— he said hiding his eyes with remorse under the golden glasses —

“I thought we had ended the epidemy;

it was fully investigated by the OMS

and a carefully designed program undertaken successfully”

– I was worried – might I be contagious –

I could have been abducted in quarantine.

The doctor smiled

“I suppose” – he started on his own way-

“one case won’t harm the statistics”

“What shall I do?”

“Oh nothing,

it will disturb you all your life but you are not gonna die,

of course people will avoid you,

it’s rather unpleasant to be closer to a sick person,

those warts on your head- you know – they smell pretty funny”

“Kind of leper”, I thought to myself

“in that case…”

The doctor shook his hand and I spare him of my presence

– I could feel he was already sweating…

Then I went home with my “awareness”. I tried to close my eyes, not to see, like the rest of sound people

the poor, the loneliest, the sunset on the skyline.


Update. Friday.

The vote took place and the strong comments of the Israeli and Palestinian president show it meant nothing to the solution of the conflict. Of course, a real solution is so far away from the mind of any of the possible ‘makers’, either the Jewish elite or the American government that the processes described this month will keep taking place:

– IDF at the head of the robotic military industry hand in hand with America will keep reducing in size and increasing the intelligence of Drones, towards the goal of selective murder of Hamas activists, to maintain in peace the Gazah ‘concentration camp.

– But other countries will follow suit: in Nov. 2nd week we studied the drone industry and the catching up of China. This means a shift in the creation of such robots, as unlike the present case, the engagement with China in the absurdity of this weapon’s race will oblige both armies to develop robots able to take decisions of murder and with survival programs on the field – which ultimately will mean they will ‘want to survive’ and be ready to do what they are made to do – kill humans.

This obvious fact however cannot enter the frame of mind of biblical supremacism, the ideology that has started this weapon race as humans are ‘different’ of the Universe and hollywood has deactivated with its fictions the capacity of humans to take ‘seriously’ as those menaces.

Fact is only the present ‘duck hunting’ of primitive Islamic warriors can be done with a human on the loop. In a real robot to robot fight we all know, despite insurances of the military that humans will not control the process. Robots must be autonomous. As they will be much faster than a human taking decisions.

Thus with the rise of a Chinese robotic army and the harsh words of this afternoon at UNO, there is no doubt we are entering the terminator age of war and as the ‘genetic classification of humans’ creates this new ideology of racism, tiny robotic insects will soon be able to ‘select’ and eliminate those who we deem according to ideology evil (see Nov. 2 week post on the science of evil). Today they are islamic terrorists, in the future people with pacifist, ecological, anti-financial, anti-whatever the ‘state’, ‘corporation’, ‘religion’ or ideology on top deems  incorrect.

In the models 20 years ago we considered the rise of the terminator industry during the crisis of overproduction of chips parallel to the rise of nationalisms studied in the previous week, the beginning of the neofascist age. We are indeed, according to the cycles in 1934, 4 years past the 1929 crisis, when the first fascist governments took over the world. The place of Germany, a small country with historic east territories to reconquer at the head of the electromechanical wave is not taken by Israel with the same small size, historic territories and passion for war.

The only hope was Obama playing the role of Roosevelt but on our post of 4th november, it became clear he is just a puppet of the corporation process.

Next year, if we are still here we shall consider the 3rd ‘nation’ which could stop this madness, as neither the Americans nor the jewish people seem to have the slightest capacity to self-reflect on their actions and avoid it.

Fact is mankind is socially moving backwards as it always happens in this phase of the overproduction cycles (see central post). So today, paradoxically the most advanced country suffers a massive devolution into selfish homo bacteria or tribalism. Audiovisual media has already transformed the mind of man, into a violent, immediate, ‘neo-paleolithic’, which makes rather impossible any future advance.

Regarding the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Palestine because it means little. Not surprisingly only US-Canada and their pacific protectorates, including panama + checkia, a them i ignore (small country bought? )… so really Israel + Us. Even the countries ruled by jewish, and stalwarts of their financial control of Europe – Germany by Angela (mother jewish, father converso), Britain (Mr. Cameron) – abstained. What this means is that the world knows morally the substitution but lacks as with the Indian Genocide or the Slav-Jew genocide a lot of interest in changing the situation. Only Obama could do it with a serious left wing humanist policy instead of being a house negro. When the Tea party comes to power, just after the Final 1937 crash of the global economy, the crash o currencies parallel to the 20s crahs of the Deutsche mark, all bets are off. It will be 2015, then in 2016 the Tea Party takes power. 

It can lean both ways. World war II as we anticipated 20 years ago starts then. Do not take lightly the capacity of prediction of bio-history. The book was published in 94 and predicted the 2001, 2008 and 2015 crashes of the 72-7 year Kondratieff fractal cycle of evolution of machines. 2 have gone in. And do not wonder if you have read this text why they are still only published in a small press in bookmasters, ohio and Txalaparta, Euskadi, Spain.  It is called censorship.

Now, you must understand what Mr. Ben wants – a ghetto of complying ‘sub-human 3rd class people’. This the Gazans don’t accept, the West bank does. We can compare them to what Mr. Alexis de Tocqueville said about the I Holocaust age of slave negroes and Indians in America, on view of the astounding racism of the biblical supremacist wasps of the age.

After noticed the racism and brutality of the Wasps, he noticed that the negro was compliant and would do anything humiliating to survive and the Indian was not, and would fight – and that would mean his genocide. The west bank is the house negro, the Gazan the plantation in rebellion is the indian with some honor left. The biblical supremacist though has the weapons and so the indian will suffer a genocide. And since the west bank is in fact 1/2 indian too and has the few lands left to grab, he will play the part of the Cherokees and their trail of tears. Indeed, the cherokees converted  and were compliant like the west bank and israeli arabs are, but their land was in georgia, and they were ‘removed’ anyway.

Update saturday.

As expected, the land grabbing continues. 3000 more homes and a defiance and arrogance in the post-speeches that clearly proves what we stated:

– That this means nothing as long as Israel is in the hands of zealots and the western world in the hands of his bankers. The process of land grabbing, robotization of IDF and future selection of the ‘palestinian herds’ according to pliability will continue. The theme of hate and racism is too disturbing to quote the astounding number of genocidal messages the biblical supremacists (Likkud, SAS, etc. ) constantly pronounce, from Mr. Sharon affirming that “I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him” to a leading rabbi considering that nail of a ‘chosen’ is worth more than a million ‘enemy lives’.

Those are not though shallow warnings and while Yihad, which we shall whip in due time in december when talking of the ‘Immortal Gods’, has been the most astounding error of Islam, we are talking here of a very different situation – someone that truly has or will have soon the technology to carry out a III world war, starting up this summer with his ‘red thin line’ on Iran. While at the same time the US keeps provoking with drone attacks Pakistan, just in case so if things escalate to ensure Iran will receive the bomb it does not have from them, as we considered in week 2 of this diary…

War is a trilion $ business and it is no going anywhere soon. Obama was the last hope and he is just another virtual celebrity, a puppet of corporations…

The solution

Now in our article on Gaza we gave the best solution – a single state – for both cultures to evolve, but that seems impossible. At this stage  with the devolution of huge numbers of israelis and arabs into religious fundamentalism, and the permanent hate the one solution all would desire – a civil society that embraces both cultures – is impossible. The partition as it is and will be is a bantustan of astounding unjust proportions.
Plus the nightmare of an eternal war on terror and a robotic arms race and vigilante worldwide state.

So the only REAL solution to neofascist israel and yihad is a massive UNO operations from Irak into the occupied territories till the wall and the donation of all those luxury homes with water to the palestinians, the demotion of the wall and the return manu militari to the green line.
This is longer overdue and only the financial control of jewish banksters on american politics has prevented it. But the longer we delay a solution like in the 30s with the rise of Hitler, the closer we will walk into a genocide of palestinians.

But needless to say if that happens, Israel and the Jewish people will loose the only alibi that sustains their privilege status in the ethic world – the pretension that their victims of II world war – which on my view are in nothing different to any of the other 60 million victims, except in the post-war propaganda of their ‘higher suffering status – will be erased. And then as Hitler found himself facing the entire planet, Israel will face the entire world.

Mr. Obama or a Jewish left-wing president who does what has to be done seem at this point the only solution to end once and for all this poison of a future peaceful sustainable world. But unfortunately Mr. Obama seems to have little stamina and knowledge of history to understand the stakes and there are no many Jewish left who are humane and intelligent.

Back in the 80s i used to talk a lot with my best friend in the US then – an Israeli film producer whose mum had been in Auschwitz, about how Israeli people were becoming themselves victims of their military elite. Regardless of their righteous pretensions there is today both in Israel and the US a military and moneyed group who are destroying the future of both societies care nothing about the rest of their people… and on top censor history… weapons and gold, metal kills… but right now it seems all is going to boil in a pressure cooking amchine till it explodes all over again…

And of course problem is the sheeple of Israel never followed their Messiah of social love but only the fantasies of power of their go(l)d and war priests… So next month we shall deal as Christmas comes with that astounding ‘superhuman’ race of Jewish true prophets of the wor(l)d, who tried to make history immortal – those who believe in me will never die, said one of them…

Their failure to convert the go(l)d people to the cause of mankind might be the biggest tragedy of history… and the ultimate cause of our future extinction.

One Response to “Ethnic Cleansing”

  1. futureofhistory Says:

    thanx Logan/plato’s dream machine for your messages… and for reading so much of this blog… but probably this diary is not a good idea… it is difficult to write in this age… i won’t be clearing your comments or answering more of them… And i will close soon the diary….
    i dont think is good for either of you… you are still students in universities and trust me… the world out there is serious when you ‘provoke established ideologies’… and you will want to hve a career… You are in 1932 bis and you still want to get to 1939, neofascism is very serious and it will be selective of people…. now it is only islam…
    And it will remain so through the decade, but as things move pass the ‘1937 crisis bis of the 7 year cycle – 2015 will be the year of the next big collapse… then it will all be havoc… and as the previosu to cycles – the one that ended in the civil war and the II world wr… next will be activists against the financial industry… and you live in two of the key ‘neofascists’ countries… at least i have some comfort in mine…
    but the difference is the sheeple is not going to organize… the brain is deactivated by infotainment. The very same concept of mankind is gone, it is all tribal or goign backwards. And it is all ego trips and personal. You see, im describing a dying superorganis, and smells bad… ech ells rotten, and i havent’ even started to say what i have to say – i have only talked of spain and judaism – the cultures i know better and im getting ugly personal emails and loosing friends… people are normal but the structures and ideologies of power are monstruous and the people inside them become monstrious without noticing it. And the mass is pure sheeple, just want to be happy and believe in the system… In the previous crisis at least they read…
    In any case there is no much i have to sahre is all in those bad written posts and the books on the web really cheap…
    Bottom line is A DYING ORGANISM IS NO LONGER EUSOCIAL, OK? Eusocial is love, positive, life… yes god is eusoical, is the arrow i have discovered and tabulated mathematically, logically – but not humans today. And it would be foolish, like the ego trips of evilwood to think im gonna resurrect it despite the truth of the model – read the first diary – future historians to fully grasp that if you want…
    I have just to talk about the other ‘evils’ this month – so to balance what i dished out in jewish people – as everybody today is more or less the same and close it… That and put the movie ‘the system: capitalism vs democracy’ in the web… and close my second life in America… It just didnt work.
    best (andif you want i will erase all your previous comments, trust me, after 2016’s rise of the GOP to power Bush will look like a sweet candy and he was pretty tough – the suits using the patriot act gainst him – those fo were really nasty on the background… but what comes soon… obama just signed a protocol for selective mruders… if you could motivate people, but this experiment didint work after a month fo posting i lost 2/3 of the american audience

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