Obama vs Osama

Abstract. Though we do not write as in previous webs (Futuremagazine.net now deceased, 1992-2008) anymore daily news, given the complete failure of bio-history to interest neopaleolithic audiences, politically correct paid-per-view scholarship and skynet, aka googlezon-e ratings – so for a couple of hits a day, way to bother?

We do write though on each POTUS a small blog, as POTUS, head of America, the ‘future of all mankind displaced into the technology’, follows the paradox of future history

 max. technological evolution = min. human evolution

And so it is both our demise and the only hope for human resurrection embodied in each POTUS. Now I have contacted the 3 last POTUS, personally the Clintons, at a Newport beach party in a small talk, the Bushes, and through a media black-star friend the Obamas, and handled them brief resumes of this blog, which none of them cared to take seriously, as they are all $elected NOT asimovian mules – the task to be a hero of mankind requires such ‘lucidity of mind’ and ‘power of action’. In brief, humans are so smallish (anti quantum paradox) in relationship to the whole FMMI system that rules them subconsciously that heroes are not common, just professionals of their jobs.

This is the case of Obama, a professional hired politico, a house negro if we were to use Malcolm X discourse, who cares more for his Master. In this case for the FMasters, the Financial-Media owners of America, the ‘you meme’, and so he will serve no doubt about it, with much more ‘professional finesse’ than the all too obvious Bushes, the colonial nation, Israel, fight with his mercenary armies his wars, pay due debt slavery to his financiers, choose them for all financial positions; make of the Semite wars between primitive arab jihad warriors and primitive zealot, apartheid Israel, the cause of his ‘leadership’, increase drone wars and terminators, and completely abandon the field negro, his people, beyond the fact that he is ‘tanned’, and will share with the kind of celebrities – corrupted ‘fuking posers’ – of evilwood their ‘negritude’ in all kind of presidential balls, concertos and pre-recorded, ‘nice guy’ happenings. 

He s a pro, but his policies will be nearly indistinguishable from those of Mr. Bush. Wait and see.

So from time to time we shall update his ‘policies’ in favor of the colonial nation…. of an Obama, which we all hoped will give birth to a true American r=evolution of their people, but frankly I do not expect to be ever born as such… On the contrary he will give ‘a gilded cover of respectability’, to the absurd eternal splendid war for profits. So the bet here is: will he manage at least to kill mr. Osama, which should have been death 10 years ago and counting, or continue this incredible saga of the strongest global military ever assembled unable to chase a man in a mule, when a much smaller but ‘real’, ‘honest’ military group defeated mr. hitler in only 4 years?

THIS IS THE JOKE OF AMERICA TODAY, completely corrupted by business and the colonial masters, with their collective manufactured brain advancing into the neo-paoleoithic childish age of fairy tales and bad witches. Where the most obvious ‘plots of evilwood’ now pass as ‘policy’… the Kindergatten age of time machines’ Wells paradox on the future, ruled by morlocks, on the surface filled with body-waves.

Mr. Obama chooses the ‘head of the bank of Israel as Vicepresident of the Fed, LOL. Independence day…

“When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation.”

‘At the end of history all human nations will be slaves of Yvwh – the Jewish people – or will be exterminated’. Talmud, Sanhedrin 185 (from Britannica edition 1920, before all truths about history became censored).

‘every action has a reaction of the same power and opposite symbol’  Fundamental, cyclical law of the Universe.

Mr. Obama will overcome every president in history in servitude to his masters:

He  has not only  appointed yet another jewish financier as FED president, lady Yellen, but he brings  the Governor of the Bank of Israel , Stanley Fischer its vice president. Since he will be the real power in the shade .

He was the head of the IMF that ‘broke’ Asia’s financial bubble in the 90s, when he contracted credit and let Thailand and Korea sank without warning.  I have seen him  recorded, laughing at the Thai: ‘They were waiting for IMF money but we gave them none ‘ (sic ) .

Obviously with so much more experience than lady Yellen, he is the real boss of the Fed for the next decade – he was even the ‘teacher’ of Mr. Bernanke. 

This is the best article on the web on the theme:


It explains what Mr. Fisher did in Israel; its ultra-liberal policies and belief in zero deficit, which means the end of quantitative easing soon and the crash of treasuries.


The 2015 crash, ‘engineering’.
So now everything is clear regarding how  the Jewish financiers will  destroy the dollar for profit as they destroyed the deutsche mark last cycle, and move to Australia as they moved to the US  – a 20 years old prophecy of my first models of financial crises …


He will contract dollar’s quantitative easing as he did in the IMF with Asian nations. But the Asians hate him ‘specially’ after what he did to them. They are polite but they have not forgotten. So when Treasuries spike, the Asians will NOT back this time with all their money, as they routinely do, America’s rotten Treasuries (it was the Japanese central bank who put all his money to close the ‘hole’ of the dotcom 2001 first crises to enormous cost to the Japanese people, and the Chinese who hold another trillion of treasuries to allow Israel sorry America, to fight his war on Islam in defense of apartheid…

Will he ever think ‘twice’ about the future of Americans? Of course not. Like Mr. Bond, Mr. Gross  PLIMCO’s CEO and biggest world trader in national bonds who systematically bashes the dollar and tried to sink it two years ago, failing miserably and ‘weeping’ for his losses (never mind Americans saved his family from the German Holocaust, that is how financiers repay, that is their gratitude), Mr. Stanley’s first action when he was named president of Israel was  to sell ALL Israel’s holds on U.S. TREASURY BONDS , causing a mini crisis on wall street. No other country has sold so much Treasuries except Russia.

And so now this is his reward for throwing to the garbage American Treasuries. He will indeed team up with Mr. Gross and destroy the dollar. And of course, as it seems the routine in America these days, converted in the land of the ‘free slaves’, we ‘the people’ will cheer and duly accuse China of causing their ruin; when the Jewish ‘scholars’ and experts as they tried to do in the 2000s, with some funny ‘articles’, blame the Chinese of the crisis.

The political reasons why he is not Fed’s new president.

Lady Yellen merely covers up for the astounding fact that an Israeli is now the President of the Fed in a move that reminds us the British $laves bringing a Canadian Jewish to monitor the exchequer last year (Carney), and the very same Obama, naming in his first mandate, Mr. Emmanuel, chief of staff. Mr. Emmanuel for those who don’t know made his military service in Israel because he ‘considers it his true nation’, whose father was the terrorist boss of Irgun, specialized in blowing up Palestinian buses with children to terrorize their parents and ‘ease’ the ethnic cleansing of the 50s… 

But this move is quite astounding; given the fact that there are thousands of ‘qualified’ Jewish wall street experts for the post. It is only left to name an IDF general as head of the Pentagon, LOL. And the Tea Party thinks the ‘colonial power’ is Islam (paid by the jewish-calvinist Koch brothers of course).

I have seen many dictatorships but the absolute control of the American people by their Jewish masters defy the most surrealist cases of what Malcolm X defined as ‘house slavery’:  ‘Are we sick master…’ 

And yet the Americans think that because their president is a house slave of Israel, it is ‘cool’. The decadence of the empire is today absolute, similar to the last years of the Caliphate when the Turk mercenaries took over, the last years of Rome when the Germans mercenary took over,  XIX century colonial South-America when the British took over their credit; XX century Africa, in the neo-colonial age till the Chinese gave them some fair credit…

When the Jewish take power with Go(l)d they never leave it, till the country is totally ruined, poverty absolute and no more taxes can be collected by speculative and banking methods, as they did with the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Roman Empire, the Frankish Empire, the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Germans, now the Americans.

Then the banker-priests will move to Australia, and weep as they did from America for all the poor innocent Jewish left behind, which will be massacred by the Tea Party, reborn as the American fascist party once they loose their Jewish finances.

Of course, the most expensive piece of land in the world today is north of Sidney where every Jewish mogul has a home, and Australia is becoming a fascist state, with massive weapons investments (the western nation that spends more gdp percentage of them with America), a brutal anti-immigration policy, which only is ‘open’ to Jewish-American wealthy 1%.

Deja vu. The program of history follows the steps anticipated 20 years ago according to its time cycles. The only thing i have to do is to ‘put up’ a few names that fill the slots of those crisis, since America is a nation slave of money and those who credit it, and so it is in fact a mathematical function of those economic cycles with zero freedom.

My advice, move on, take the money and run, if you can as Jim Rogers did…

As Marx put it, only half-freed men can rebel. When people reaches the degree of house slavery of the American financial and military system to their colonial power there is no hope of rebellion.

Yes i know it sounds anti$emite, but frankly im past the degree of programmed idiocy of the american $lave regarding his love for his masters. i have been always antinazi and anti$emite, that is, against any tribe or nation who thinks to be a superior race with a manifest lineal destiny – to slave mankind with its monopoly on metal memes, either weapons (nazis, and all other indo-european national tribes in their decadent, war cycles) or with money (jews, and any other greedy people-caste through history). 

The only difference between those 2 racist cult(ure)s, the most fundamentalist animetals is the language they use to slave mankind and feel superior. Or as Talmud says: ‘at the end of history all human nations will be slaves of Yvwh – the Jewish people – or will be exterminated’. Not so mr. bankster. Before you exterminate mankind the true laws of the cyclical time-universe and its action-reaction Newtonian processes bring the holocaust cycle. And all what i wish is that you could truly understand that cycle and stop destroying the world with money.  Because YOU ARE PART OF MANKIND TOO, even if Talmud call us ‘animals’ (goyyim) we are exactly the same, some of us, probably better because we are not slaves of memes, of greed and murder, as you are…

Osama is dead, Obama is not born. Why it takes so long?

One would with a salt of humor think that the death of Mr. Osama, has taken longer than the death of Hitler. And this is a guy with a mule. Alas, the efficiency of the American military is more or less that of the times they were chasing Geronimo? (: of course not. He has been in quarantine, perfectly localised in Pakistan, SO THE ENTIRE TERMINATOR INDUSTRIAL AGE COULD TAKE OFF, WITH THE EXCUSE OF TERRORISTS IN MULES. And the FMasters could create a global islamophobia that will allow – perfectly tuned with the jihadist neopaleolithic brutal semite back era of pure animetal greed and murder – Israel to follow further into their apartheid wall and goal – to robotise the military and send packing all israeli arabs to the other side of the wall. 

oF COURSE WE ARE NOT SAYING HERE Osama should not be dead. We just state HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED THE WEEK AFTER 9/11. And pass page, join UNO at the head of mankind, and stop the new age of eternal war for robotic profits for the 0..02%.

On the other hand the birth of Mr. OBAMA seems also very painful. Might the ‘birthers’ be right and he is still in Kenya’s clinic? Because we are still WAITING for r=evolution, for the defence of the 99%, for the ‘denationalisation’ of the financial industry, NOT for just wars, but for no wars at all. I give you a hint: HE WILL NEVER BE BORN AS OSAMA WILL NEVER BE DEAD, ONE BECAUSE IT WILL BE KEPT as the Holocaust industry does with Mr. HItler, in the subconscious collective of 9/11 mourning remembrances, so we keep high islamophobia for decades of big brother security states; while Mr. Obama, will leave his way to a republican – even worst, or rather more obvious $elected president without THE SLIGHTEST SERIOUS measure of his promised ‘campaign’ of change… I bet you he won’t be able even to close Guantanamo I bet yu will multiply the drone industry of terminators. I bet you he will keep throwing Americans out of work with globalisation and e-commerce without ‘taxes’! For god’s sake, the likes of googlezon-e (aka skynet) do NOT pay taxes while each pap and mom shop goes under brutally milked.

The incredible duration of the many lives of Osama, who resisted twice the time that took to hunt down Hitler protected by 59 million nazis, have a fundamental explanation: O$ama has been the main marketing tool of the financial-military-industrial-media complex entering in its age of robotics and hate-media, parallel to the fa$cist age of the German ‘Engines’ Era that preceded it.

The marketing of O$ama might convert him in the best selling face of history, with an increase of sales close to 500 billion $ in weapon systems only in the past 4 years. Mr. O$ama has indeed made for America what the Reichtag did for Germany, the Maine for the ‘splendid little war’ that took Theoredore Rooselvent and wall street out of the 1897 crisis and much more – condemning mankind to an eternal robotic war for profits that will evolve the new otp predator species of this plaent, the robot terminator, to a no way out, place of no return for its ‘victims’, mankind at large. O$ama thus deserves the prize of this year 2011 at the fundamental puppet-hero of the decade. Gone are him and the Bushes Sr. and Chenneys, the pupeeters, who cre(dit)ate his life in so many turns… But of course the pupeeters are themselves just ‘expressions’ fo the will of metal and the corporations behind them…

Osama is dead too late, when the changes he made to America and mankind are not going to go away.

America which was the last hope of mankind – a nation where all men, racesand cultures were ideally equal, living without borders – is now a nation of mistrust, ruled by military lobbies and on top… Obama, perhaps the most cynical president of the History of America able to betray all their voters with their right policies and ‘just wars’…

The dead of Osama…

The question is why now, as it was  in the outskirts of a mansion of Islamabad, the capital, which is like having a compound at the side of any military Virginian suburbs; ergo the Pakistanis knew and the Americans probably did. The choice of the date to kill him could have been positive.

Obama should have affirmed that it is the end of Afghanista n and implement the social care, president of the poor position for what his constituen cy have elected him.

But he did not. He just made a discourse prepared by his assistants, as a mere mask who reads the libretto of the FMI complex, and didn’t put end to the war, saying that from now on terrorism will be handled NOT by the army but by police and Intelligence Agencies as all European countries with terrorist groups do.

So we must conclude this operation just liberates forces for a wider war against Syria and Iran, the goal of America’s plutocracy  in defense of Israel.

In this fight ofclass within America between the poor who chose Obama to end the wars and help them ‘butter’ and the ‘cannons’ of the plutocracy, the future of a larger war will be decided: that of mankind heading towards an age of terminator weapons and extinction or a sustainable planet.
And what matters more today is that Obama is also dead – the man who we expected to change the future of history did not end the war. Or rather, its handling of the future of mankind is so infantile and submissive to the orders of the system, which we have a toddler as president, a change that will never be born.
‘His Masters’ voice’
Obama, despite being likely the best president of American Weimar, is chained by the AIPAC and Financial Lobby of the Financial-Media masters and its ‘colonist nation’, to use its armies in the Splendid little wars for Israel and its drone industries. Will he ever be born as a president of their people and make an American r=evolution? Unlikely. He is not ‘mule’.
If Osama is dead,  Obama, the president the Americans voted was never ‘born free’ of his chains to the system, just another pawn, another house slave of the financial-military-industrial complex, handled by aids, advicers, think tanks, speech writers, generals, interest groups, corporations, machines and Tvs, as the last of the gadget-politicians, clueless close to the ‘zero generation’ of mankind.
Its role for the system is not designed by himself. We are in the cycle of robots, which as all machines starts first as a weapon.
We are in the III industrial age of war because after all the great kondratieff crashes of the economy there has been a world war as the first new machine is a weapon.
The robot-terminator the predator, the drone is the engine of the future, of technology, where most new money is invested. And our clueless politician, Obama, the toddler, goes around delivering the goods, the tax-payer moneyfor wars to the Arabs.
This is the type of silent, ever more robotized wperpetual war against the poor of the 3rd world and soon with the take-off of robotized police car in side the borders.
Obama the toddler, meanwhile is so infatuated as a celebrity media with the ‘role’ of going around town giving power speeches about a system he doesn’t understand that one has to discount him as a completely irrelevant element of the III Kondratieff crash.
Anyone could be Obama and Obama could be anyone. Of course with historic perspective he follows in the steps of Bush and in previous cycles of Disraeli in the colonial age ( I Kondratieff crash, XIX c. colonialism) and Hitler in the II Kondratieff age (fascism).
The change we believe in, r=evolution, was just a facade for the voting process. He is not
a true r=evolutionary of the human kind. He is not even a Roosevelt of a New Deal.
Obama as a politician of weight is in fact more irrelevant and dead than Osama, whose spirit of fundamentalist violence remains alive. Osama will be a martyr of the poor of Islam; Obama will not be a hero of the poor of America. Osama was not buried, Obama is buried in its corruption, its cowardice to attend the needs of the americans that voted him; its automatisms of mass-media celebrity, that make him an ‘it’, another ‘scripted’ politician of a hollow world.
May 3
And so indeed, while the American people asked in all interviews to take our troops home and end the absurd war of Afghanistan, none of the politicos of congress except a democrat from california, the solo vote against intervention, have asked to withdraw from Afghanistan once mission was accomplished.
So Keynesian militarism, the deviation of all resources to the production of weapons to come out of this crisis with canons not butter – as delluded germany tried to do after 1929 crisis – is still going stronger. Problem is people dont eat weapons and Keynesian militarism means victism, cuts on our liberties, poverty for the middle and lower class and only a few military corporatio ns sucking in the debt and health of the state till destrohyin g its finances and provoking a massive global hate against us as in the case of germany. Deja vu
‘History rhymes’ Twain.
Ultimately the memetic brain of Americans despite all their rhetoric of Freedom is completely slave of money and profits and its values. The wishful blindness of the biblical culture regarding the collateral effects of makingmoney with war and dying in the trials has never been opened to the light of sustainable peace and human growth and evolution.
A mere 80 years after the last holocaust a new Germany is in the making by its survivors. This astounding pendular cycle that makes America the Germany of the III cycle can happen due to the massive censorship in the knowledge of history as a science, beyond the gathering of data and the pumping of the 3ideologies – not sciences – of the FMi complex, money=capitalism, weapons=nationalism and machines=mechanism.
When observing the American leadership, its plutocrats, military and corrupted politicos, this triad of eviL=anti-life memes has absolute power, and no other culture to contrast with, given the racism and despise for humanist or religious cultures of love (catholicism, islam, latino and black people) since the arrival of companies with indenture and black slaves.
America let us face it has had only a make-up evolution of its purified FMI culture, as the product of corporations that selected always the ideologies that favored the triad of metal. R=evolutionaries, human free people never make it to power. The super-structure of the memes of money, weapons andmachines is so powerful, well-coordinated and feeds so many people that there are no forces to stop the relentless motions towards a state of perpetual war against a menace, terrorism, which should be dealt with small forces, human intelligency, a sustainable plan of development of the 3rd world and police, NOT with armies.
Yet it has been used by the FMI complex as a excuse to bring a bigger evil, Fa$cism, Keynesian militarism, neo-colonialism. So to kill a bug we brought a dinosaur that can devour us all: the electronic industry of weapons and terminators.

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