– Culture≈Head:

“It comes from a deep-rooted conviction that if there is anything worthwhile doing for the sake of culture, then it is touching on subject matters and situations which link people, and not those that divide people. There are too many things in the world which divide people, such as religion, politics, history, and nationalism. If culture is capable of anything, then it is finding that which unites us all. And there are so many things which unite people. It doesn’t matter who you are or who I am, if your tooth aches or mine, it’s still the same pain. Feelings are what link people together, because the word ‘love’ has the same meaning for everybody.”    On the difference between culture and idol-ogy. 

Kieslowski, director of perhaps the best film ever made, ‘Decalogue’, 600 minutes of culture,  100.000 $ of go(l)d.



The head of mankind


In the graph, in a healthy super organism of history the head of mankind would be its prophets of eusocial love, which make available in the ethic and visual ‘artistic’ languages of the mind of wo=men, the mandates of survival of the organic Universe, spelling in words, as they did through the cycles of evolution of human cultures the ‘eusocial message of love to the same species’ proper of biological evolution, which in mathematical terms is the origin of the fractal social structure of the Universe in parts and wholes:


In the graph, scheme of the 5th dimension of social, scalar evolution, humans are part of that scalar, infinite Universe, and its fundamental laws of engagement are biological laws of organic survival, as parts become the relative past of larger wholes, which are better fit to survive. So from simplest quanta, through scales of increasing complexity the Universe evolves socially and finally after the series of parts studied by each science from quantum to particles to atoms to molecules, cells, multicellular organisms and matter states, social organisms, and solar systems, man becomes the brain of Gaia, the body of its social organism, as explained in the parables and messages of love of its eusocial prophets that try to create a world made to the image and likeness of human beings. So cultures were born in which for each age and time and people the organic structure of the Universe, and its taoist yin-yang, visnu-shiva, information-energy laws of creation – the collective mind GOD of the universe (eastern cultures) or the smaller supeorganisms of mankind (gods of which each mind is a cellular memetic unit) were explained:


How SOCIAL LOVE constructs the human social organisms? To understand them we must interpret the scalar laws of the organic Universe in terms of human bonding, of social love, as Ibn Khaldun, prophets of eusocial love and modern scientists of history of the socialist, organic and humanist schools have done.

In that regard the future of history is a question not of individual but social intelligence; that is, a choice of which culture and values we hold supreme in our management of the planet; which we roughly divide in two futures:

Business as usual for the planet, which keeps evolving new more powerful, intelligent species born of previous ones, discharged when their sons become stronger than their fathers, in which humans fuelled/divide by tribal hate and religious myths of supremacy over heavens and earth, keep evolving top predator machines, weapons, and its living organisms, company-mothers, till they become autonomous, self-reproductive, independent of humanity, programmed to survive in battle fields and kill humans cornered by the relentless reproduction of the new species that keeps competing with us and taking our jobs, , in labor and war fields as we humans have cornered the previous top predator species, which dint know when to stop the flow of time, killing the child before it became a tiger hunter.

Or a future in which a better mankind understands those laws of informative, organic evolution, which we shall study first for all species of the Universe, and decides to reign over them them as a single species, to become the final conscious brain of the planet completing the evolution of the earth of life…

Unfortunately this only ‘future’ of history is today completely ignored by mankind, and so it is this blog in which we will develop a more evolved concept of social sciences, fully embedded within the organic evolution of this planet, in an objective manner, ‘removed’ from any human anthropomorphic bias.

Now what we shall state is vital for you to understand what is the purpose of life and history: because the Universe constantly reproduces information, the goal of the Universe is to create social super organisms, which in verbal terms translated into the arrow of social love for your species. So we can observe an absolute arrow of time, that of social evolution, which creates new wholes from parts, molecules from simpler atoms, cells from simpler molecules, then organisms, super organisms, planetary systems, galaxies, etc. Reality is NOT about death but about life

On the other hand, our cycles of life and death are the relative arrow of time, as we all go through the cycle and finally die and return to the nothingness of non-existence. So we talk of the three arrows of entropy, energy and information as the three arrows of relative time of a world cycle of existence between birth and extinction. And we talk of the absolute arrow of time of social evolution as the ‘fifth dimension’ of the scalar Universe that constantly expands its scales of social growth.

So much for absurd ideologies of history that deny the power of social love and the need of mankind to evolve together into a social super organism. They are military, dog-eat-dog false ideologies of DEATH AND ENTROPY, which deny the ultimate laws of the Unvierse. In the next graph we show the two ‘false and real pyramids’ of social behaviour, according to ‘capitalist, military idol-ogies’ of dog-eat-dog societies vs, humanist sciences of social evolution‘:

THE FUNDAMENTAL DENIAL OF SCHOLARSHIP IN CAPITALIST SYSTEMS IS INDEED THE ARROW OF SOCIAL EVOLUTION OF THE UNIVERSE APPLIED TO THE HUMANKIND, TO APPLY IT ONL TO THE METAL-KIND, creating perfect efficient social organisms of machines, company-mothers and stock markets, while HUMANS LIVE IN A PERMANENT CONFRONTATION BETWEEN GROUPS, NATIONS, RELIGIONS, TRIBES, PARTIES, RACES, ALL FALSE DIVISIONS, which pass as freedom when it is just a scientific form of chaos, entropy and disorder which ENSURES they will be organised by money and corporations, through prices, salaries and the values of technology above man, money above words, weapons above life  onsider indeed the economic system of China – companies are private, but MONEY is controlled by the government, which if it were democratic would mean by its people. Yet even in a communist dictatorship because POLITICIANS ARE humans and have in theory to serve people UNLIKE COMPANIES which are organisms of re=production and evolution of machines and weapons – even a corrupted political system serves better its people. So China is growing 10% for 40 years, spends trillions in welfare goods for its people, has made the biggest growth of whealth, ‘healthy wealth’ in the whole history of mankind and has minimal expenditure in inflationary money, speculative banking, hate media and weapons, compared to our ‘supposed’ free countries, ruled by the equations of monetary profits explained in the next graph – which is the bottom line of capitalism and its ‘automatic process’ of destruction of Earth. BECAUSE THE VALUES OF money multiply the most expensive goods, weapons, money itself (speculation on prices) and those goods which are cheaper to reproduce (audiovisual memes and hate media):

And the most sanguine fact of all this is that there are in countries like America, millions of scholars and verbal masters dedicated to justify those idol-ogies, most of them just because they don’t understand the basic laws of eusocial evolution of species (Darwin), of the Universe (fractal models) of humanity (love religions)

So in those graphs above, we show the ‘absolute arrow of social evolution, of time, of love’  which resumes the fundamental arrow of survival and future in the Universe, ever becoming a more complex system of higher degrees of social organisation  They are explained in great detail in the right side, on the section of general systems, the scientific r=evolution of philosophy of sciences and biology taken place in the XXI c:

The Universe is no longer modelled as a machine, a simplex version of a future robotic organism, but as an organism, and so are all sciences (upper right side graph), based in the laws of the ‘scalar fifth dimension’ of the Universe, made of ‘planes of space-time’ of different ‘size’ and ‘growing degree of complexity.

So the real evolution of mankind is that of its societies in growing degrees of social organisation, first through tribal religions, then through love religions and finally through social sciences – and all those memetic cultures who don’t reach the level of comprehension of mankind as a whole are always because they have sponsored a ‘divide and win’ strategy by making of a type of metal, money, weapons or machines their ‘flag of superiority’ above other human groups, call its go(l)d biblical religions, Islamic jihads or nazi-onanist tribes who think their race to be better. WE THOUGH only recognise this for racist tribes and jihad as it should be, but NOT for capitalist go(l)d religion, technological corporative racism and competition between men and machines.


As all super organisms structure in 3 scales, the rival super organism of mankind is made also of 3 scales:

∆-1 cells> ∆º humans and ∆+1 governments IS entering an age of entropic death and dissolution, which could be aborted with the scientific management of history and economics, nowhere to be seen – as metal communicators and corrupted politicos and corporations DENY the existence of such science. Just in case though, let us consider that rival super organism and its species, starting by the memes that code the actions of life, what we cALL whealth, healthy memes, life goods that enhance our life, welfare that is of course, not reproduced always scarce, as all the money goes to build machines.

Let us then study those 3 scales. The lower scale of memes are the GOODS that code the ACTIONS OR DRIVES OF LIFE, which biologists consider distinguish the creation of a life organisms, energy feeding, information processing, motion, reproduction and social evolution, the 5 MEMES OF ALL SUPERORGANISMS, when systems science expands the concept to all systems of nature.

∆-1: the 3±1 actions of life MEMES code. Motion, energy, information, social evolution and entropic dissolution.

IN THE LARGER MODEL OF ALL UNIVERSAL SUPERORGANISMS, WE TALK OF 3±1 ACTIONS, I code with vowels: a for accelerated motions, e, for energy feeding, i for information, o for offspring reproduction and u for creation of ‘universals’, wholes from social parts. Those are the FUNCTIONS OF ALL QUANTUM NUMBERS, GENES OR MEMES, WHICH CODE  ALL physical, social and biological or economical SUPERORGANISMS.

And so those are the purpose of the units of memetics, which makes the discipline SIMPLE ENOUGH, to be able to become then as detailed AND COMPLEX as possible, as it includes obviously idol-ogies. I.e. NATIONALIST memes CODE the evolution and reproduction of ENTROPIC WEAPONS, even if they seem to code HUMAN SOCIETIES – THE CATCH being they stop below the real human super organism, mankind a single species. So they INHIBIT in fact the evolution of man, BUT CAMOUFLAGE and disguise – AN ESSENTIAL FEATURE OF VIRAL GENES AND VIRAL MEMES – as humanist concerns (we love the people of our nation, but WE HATE the rival nation and MURDER with weapons).

SO memes CODE the a,e,i,o,u drives of existence of all social historic and economic systems, and as today we are dominated by idol-ogies of metal, and despise life of minimal price, it follows that what ‘industrial memetics’ and our metal-civilisations do is to transfer the ‘elements of the human social super organism’ and individual functions into similar functions of machines, truly terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness.

IN THE GRAPH of ethonomics, the FIRST attempt to create a REAL, scientific graph with non-monetary but biological values on the goods that would construct a perfect super organism of history. Similar to Sen’s Index of Human Development (one of the very few nobel prizes NOT belonging to the go(l)d, biblical jewish->Calvinist cult(ure), which concedes also the prizes ONLY to production and financial economists that maximise the profits of corporations and people-castes of financiers, and care nothing about the 99% rights of wealth and life). We see how in that graph as ALL FRAMES OF SCIENTIFIC REFERENCE, THERE ARE NEGATIVE VALUES for those goods that kill our bodies, or atrophy our minds and should THEREFORE BE FORBIDDEN LEGALLY even if in monetary values have maximal prize.
Ethonomics, economics ruled by the values of WHealth, healthy wealth, is thus THE HUMAN science of economics, and in the level of micro-economics uses the previous graph to value the MEMES we need to reproduce, evolve and organise mankind, maximising both, the individual and social level of self-realisation.
And to that aim, we need to understand another key element of BIOLOGY – THE MEANING of living organisms, and the DRIVES OF LIFE that maximise their existence, which are five type of ACTIONS/MEMES that ensure ‘energy for the body, information for the mind, motion for the limbs, social evolution and love to become a larger organism, and reproduction to ensure our individual immortality’ NOT with phantasies of ego-trips of go(l)d, but as the Universe does: through your sons:

Memes are the equivalent of genes in history – both build super organisms through ‘information’ stored in smaller species (cells and humans or machines), which become the ‘brick-units’ for the construction of those super organisms. Yet to fully understand them scientifically we need to advance the science of systems and super organisms, to grasp what is to be a living organism and what actions of ‘cells’ or ‘humans’ or ‘animetals’ memes must code to develop those organisms, which resumes in the concepts of ‘drives’ of existence, which all systems of nature perform to survive as organisms, which we resume in 5 vowels:

  • a=accelerating (moving), e-nergy feeding, i-nformation processing, o-ffspring reproduction and social evolution from individuals into Universals.

So the goods that maximise our 5 drives of existence SHOULD be promoted legally and reproduced privately, and guide the policies of governments in their needed control of economics. While those who inhibit our development as individuals and societies should be forbidden. Easy, simple, but ALL what passes today as social sciences are idol-ogies that SINCE THE neolithic with the arrival of animetals denying the biological, reproductive, life oriented world of fertility goddesses and human synthony with the planet of life IS precisely the denial and repression of those memes. So in the next graph we compare both type of memetic structures and the two different planets they create:

Thus in the same way genes code the biological drives and cycles of existence of cells and its social organisation through 3 physiological networks of information (nervous systems, hormonal systems) energy (blood, reproductive systems, cellular reproduction of life goods) and entropy (digestive and defensive systems), to form the super organism, memes in history have coded the absorption of energy and information, motion and reproduction and social evolution of human individuals into super organisms of history, religions and civilisations and through the actions of animetals, and its evolution, reproduction and ab=use of life with metal-memes the creation of the industrial nations and global super organisms of the metal-earth.



We already explained that to confront idol-ogies, we must establish the true sciences of Mankind as a social super organism, made to the image and likeness of the organic Universe; which must control the languages of social power money and laws (socialism instead of capitalism), as we are ALL  a signal species (humanism and love religions as opposed to abrahamic military inquisitions and go(l) churches)… So we can build with those organic laws a perfect super organism of history with healthy wealthy networks. THOSE are the third level of human reality: humanist CULTURES, RELIGIONS AND CIVILIZATIONS TRYING TO EVOLVE INTO A GLOBAL SUPEROGANISM, WHICH today unfortunately has been aborted at the national level by the scalar, social growth of machines THE ONLY GLOBAL ORGANISM there is:

± functions of Religion: eusocial love vs. anthropomorphism and censorship.

 So from those original religions and its derivative cultures and their present d=evolution we can get an obvious conclusion: tribal religions and tribal ‘nationalisms’, two expressions of the same concept which believe their ‘god/nation’ is the ‘only/best’ one are just excuses to foster the evolution of weapons that will kill us. For that reason the evolution of tribal religions ended in oikoumene love religions and finally socialist doctrines. While the evolution of animist and taoist cults became the final horizon of systems sciences with their organic models of a living Universe, this writer develop when working in science at the turn of the century.

The upgrading though is seemingly impossible at global level because of the very same structure of a super organism, which is much larger than the social scientist, inside of it, hence repressed by the ‘organic intelligence of the universe’. Indeed, if the quantum physicist is so large that it influences the observable, the observable social super organism influences≈censors the social scientist that doesn’t cater to his goals. As organisms are subjective, self-centred.

‘You will defend me with the sword (today with money, the dominant language of metal-power) and I will defend you with the word’.

So as even Britannica recognises, social sciences are underdeveloped by censorship of power, which ‘chooses’ and promotes, today distributes with money only theories biased in his favor. This wouldn’t be a problem if Mankind were properly designed as a super organism, but IT IS NOT. Evolution is a trial and error, and history has evolved the ‘erroneous track’… the track that makes man a means to reach the metal-earth NOT the one a social scientist would design scientifically – a super organism that caters the needs of mankind as a goal.

So ALL social scientists and their forebears – religious prophets of eusocial love that translated into mystical messages the laws of the organic, fractal Universe from Jesus to the socialist school have been repressed, murdered or corrupted by the elite which uses metal, money, weapons or organic machines to control history for its own advantage.



We have stated that science is culture and so it must also be studied by historians, which makes difficult to be a master of history. Thus the true greatest masters of history have been also philosophers of science, to assess all what we have just said: the cultural memes that creep into science. 

Historians are thus on top of the natural development of knowledge, but also on the bottom of respect by a society dominated by ‘people-castes’ who bias science to favour their ‘military, entropic view of lineal time and the machine as symbol of progress’, which despise the tree of life since the beginning of metal-history. They are somehow the highest minds of humanity and the most ignored, within that ‘military milieu’.

I. The Aristotelian Age: The master of Organon: Discovery of time cycles.

Science and the experimental method started with Aristotle. So HE IS THE FOUNDER of the first age of biological, organic history – the only scientific objective model possible of this discipline plagued by ‘idol-ogies’ of animetal cult(ure)s.

We can in that sense consider only 3 classic historians  in the pantheon of ever ignored objective scientists of the human kind, its metal-memes and forms of thought, languages, sciences, arts and religions.

In the earlier ages, Aristotle, Ibn Khaldun and Vico, all of which understood History as the whole, which can only be referred by analysing and evolving all sciences, which Aristotle did in his ‘organon’, the organic description of all forms of thought, and the other 2 masters of classic philosophy of history widely used against ‘religion and dogma’ to describe human societies as organic systems subjects to the cycles of destruction of new ‘barbarians’ and weapons – the 800-80 year cycles described in those texts.

II Age. The Darwinian, biological School: Discovery of Animetal Castes; Superorganisms.  

In the modern age, though a huge new wealth of instrumental observations about reality gave a more objective view to man within the earth, and so with the end of ‘abrahamic religions’ as serious truths that interfered with science (unfortunately already polluting our concepts of physical time as Kepler’s comments show), and the arrival of biological sciences, history again could be written with scientific view and objective truth. Darwin indeed will be the biggest influence of the 3 modern historians that could also back their claims and truths and facts and models with a more advanced philosophy of science than the lineal religious dogmas of mechanist sciences with its awe and worship of the machine and its digital languages as gifts of god and carriers of truth:

In the graph, during the Industrial r=evolution in each of the 3 ages of the machine, the steam age, or age of England, the electro-mechanical age or age of Germany and the Metal-mind age or age of America, 3 historians and economists described social sciences as a ‘whole interconnected discipline’ without artificial separation between the machine we worship (economists to the service of corporations, whose only goal is to ‘produce’ and ‘evolve’ ad maximal those machines and weapons regardless of their effect on mankind) and the human life we subconsciously despise as less efficient than those machines we cannot doubt of…

From left to right Marx, Darwin the Father of the XIX-XX century philosophies of History, as the Master who renewed AFTER AN AMAZING 2000 years of ‘waiting’ the organic school of Science of Mr. Aristotle – that is how deeply entrenched is the indifference of the ruling animetal people-castes towards ‘truths’ in human social organisms.

Then came, greatly influenced by the Organic master, Mr. Marx, which was a historian, an economist and a philosopher of science influenced by the advances on Aristotelian Logic brought about by Hegel and the biological discoveries of Darwin, its 2 confessed Masters. Its 3 maximal findings in those 3 subjects gave the first modern account of history and economics as they are.

-In history, he perfectly described the ‘betrayal’ of 1/2 of mankind, our ‘animetal people-castes and cultures’ of weapons and go(l)d that since Genesis have been hard at the task of killing life and making the Metalearth the no future of all of us.

-In economics, he forecasted the cycles of overproduction of machines, crash of consumption and switch to war, which now we are experienced in the final volkendamerung of the age of military robotics.

– In philosophy of science, he introduced the science of duality in its modern hegelian thesis-antithesis=synthesis logic of the 3 ‘arrows’ of time, which upgraded our ‘understanding of causality’ essential to understand the cycles of history.

In the XX century final, Spengler, which along Butler in economics introduced a full biological view on the evolution of man and machines and its super organisms. Spengler is viewed above their equivalents on economic thought (Butler, Schumpetter and Kondratieff, which completed the work of Marx on the evolutionary phases of machines as the engine of modern history) because of that wide understanding of philosophy of science and languages. He did though focus on the understanding of cultures as super organisms, and the 1000 superimposed waves of 3 ages that define modern civilisations (as the wave overlap the first and third phase, they are in fact 700-800 years).


III Age: Systems Sciences; the models of bio-history and bio-economics.

‘Systems will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking

S0 WHAT is the 3rd age of the evolution of the science of history? Where we find the ‘big philosophy of science that grants a competition of the discipline?

Obviously in the science of General Systems that models all the Organisms of the Fractal Universe and all its sciences with the laws of 5Dimensional, scalar space-time, which this writer formalised a decade ago during his tenure of the world chair of the science of duality at the International Systems societies.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.46.53 PM
Those fractal, organic, logic and mathematical models of the Universe which the reader interested can find at http://www.unificationtheory.com in all his astounding breath, as it defines an organic Philosophy of Science, long awaited with its most clear applications to formal sciences (mathematics and logic) astronomy (Models of galaxies as super organisms) and Social disciplines –  the models of economic ecosystems, and organisms of history of this blog – are then the origin of the work of its predecessors in the description of the super organism of Humanity in  Time – History.

Why this work is NOT standard philosophy of science is also obvious: the anti quantum paradox and its idol-ogies that pass as science and praxis of economics and politics. So in the same way all the predecessors on organic theories of reality had been ignored and substituted by astoundingly primitive subjective ego-trips (Aristotle by abrahamic religions, Darwin and Marx by military inquisitions=nationalisms and go(l)d churches = capitalism), I can assure you ever since I completed those models at Columbia University my life has been a constant struggle against idol-ogical scholars, and 30 years latter, of course, this blog, the ‘testament’ of this science shows the scars, and cholera against the Memes of the Animetal cult(ure)s of Nazi-onanism, capitalism and technoutopia and its predecessors, Abrahamic religions, which are bringing our species to a childish, entropic final death without THE SLIGHTEST intention to change the determinism of those memes.

So please, go beyond that anger into the objective truths of those cycles and organisms, and its obvious biological laws. Since they are the final evolution of both, the cyclical theory of History and the Biological, organic theory of History, in this XXI century, which this blog and the 3 decades old work that preceded, printed in multiple books of null distribution inaugurates.  Who will follow its objective analysis, which NOT only explains  predicts and models the organisms of the planet but allows for solution to cater the welfare of mankind, through the design of a perfect super organism of history – Humans or Machines, since IF BUSINESS AS USUAL CONTINUES the cycles of nervus belli pecinia infinite will certainly kill us as all the prophets=scientists of the future of history had warned us?

That is not my dictum. Theoretical Science is NOT praxis even if it explains it. Because the historian IS SUBMITEED TO THE ANTIQUANTUM PARADOX, and ONLY metal masters can save themselves of those cycles that always end up in a gottendamerung of warriors and bankers, of war and holocausts – as IT IS A CYCLE OF EVOLUTION OF METAL NOT OF HUMANS, which are ALL spent.


The theoretical and practical reform of the world.

So if there is a hope for mankind will be one in which the elites that dominate corporations today, mostly of biblical primitive tribal cults, or ‘nationalist beliefs’, make the humble realisation that their memes are bringing wars and mankind to extinction, that the only solution to a human future is the acceptance of all humans as equal members of the same species, of the primitive outlook of belief over reason, of the need to potentiate EU-like and ONU Organisms above national quarrels, excuse for weapons, and the need to put the human legal ethic language above money and its zero-human values, ruling over the lethal goods of the tree of science.

The three political and economic measures that could ‘save’ history… nowhere to be seen in the present zeitgeist of ‘enzymanic slavery’ to machines and its corporative super organisms: legal prohibit of robotics, universal salary, control of politicos and corporations, and a world based in diplomacy and culture, not industrial competition and nazionanist wars.

In the graph, the design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar=100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organisations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgements of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish memes of metal.

In the graph, the basic 3+3 measures to reform the Metalearth (prohibition of robotics, 50/50 split of shares and a Universal salary in a world currency to create a demand economy); and the 3 political measures (a REAL democracy with a posteriori vote, substitution of nazionanist, self-serving war promotion Trump type by EU and UNO organizations, and diplomacy). So those simple measures following the efficient super organisms of nature, where all cells can send PAIN MESSAGES a posteriori to neuronal informative people-castes in power, no ORGAN DECLARES WAR TO OTHER ORGANation; NO production of lethal goods and poisons and toxins is allowed within the organism, and THE BRAIN and informative, legal system RULES the blood-economic financial system, should be IMPLEMENTED IPSO FACTO by the G20 politicos GIVING A COUP d’etat against the dictators of capitalist democracies, the Financial-Media/Military industrial system of the metal earth.

Of course, we have been preaching those measures for 25 years now and counting… (: oh, yes, that old is the science of bio-history predicting the future as all sciences do – as you can see in the founding book of the discipline… and of course, the system has NOT manufactured a single meme about it, protecting the status quo, and that is ultimately

In brief, the construction of those systems, which are super organisms with 3 physiological networks:

  • a digestive, entropic system that provides motion to the system, the potential/limbs/territorial gaia.
  • an informative system that allows to perceive and handle information (the particle/head informative caste of society)
  • a reproductive body-wave working class system that reproduces it.
  • And so in history, we should also have memes that reproduce and evolve the goods that allow humans to survive, have a proper education and evolve socially:

And yet if humans, or at least its political elites wanted to r=evolve the system, a few simple measures of economic control of lethal machines, the issue of money and corporations to cater human needs, and political reform to avoid wars and oblige politicians to cater to their people first will easily change the world. In the graph we show those 3+3 measures: legal prohibition of robotics that will end unemployment and the existential threat poised by AI and terminators. Split of companies shares 1+1 given to governments. So, 50% will remain private, and 50% owned by governments plus a golden share, which would give people’s representatives the control of what society reproduces, selecting the positive goods for mankind, closing down lethal corporations and keeping the efficiency of private management; and substitution of the financial system of issue of money by private bankers, for themselves and corporations of maximal profits, for a demand economy with a global 1000 yes money universal salary to each human being, given in a single international currency, Yes money, at parity, 1 euro 1 dollar 100 yens 20 yuan; which would oblige companies to reproduce massive amounts of welfare goods people demand, and change the structure of production to a life-based economy.

On the political arena, it would imply the creation of a posteriori voting, as in original greek democracies, where politicians were chosen by ballot or expertise, but all were voted after tenure, with penalties of exile, death or fines if they had not fulfilled their promises, which would oblige politicos to cater to the needs of people; at national level, the creation of continental, cultural EU like organizations to avoid neighbor wars around the 7 global cultures of the world, Latin-America, Anglo-America, Europe with Russia, Asia, Islam, Black Africa and Indonesia (Australasia being today part of Anglo-America), while devolving to the regional scale down from nations most of the administrative control, diluting the level of military nations. forming an ‘heptarchy’, of people under a similar culture whose conflicts should be solved diplomatically.

Of course, such as system could only be imposed by a political coup d’etat of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

This was the scientific result of my application of the laws of super organisms and systems sciences to social sciences 2 decades ago, when I was a leading research of those disciplines, chairing in the International Systems Sciences society the disciplines of duality and monetary systems, warning that if humans did not take seriously an efficient reform of the system, we would enter after 2008, according to those cycles, into a global economic crisis of overproduction of chips, e-money, robots and terminators, ushering mankind in its age of ‘entropic death’, mental devolution and obsolescence to chips and robots. So you might wonder what happened next?

Of course, as the system censors social truths, it happened exactly all what we predicted, and nothing changed; we social scientists in favor of mankind keep being ignored and mankind keep being hypnotized by selfies, ego-trips, virtual screens and fictions, while the usual suspects keep their automaton greed for go(l)d, whatever it takes.


The biological ‘laws of the land’ humans have forgotten. Love life, your own species

Now the function of religion an its evolved memes of social love IS historic – to express the laws of eusocial love that evolve parts into wholes by sharing the energy and information of human beings, synchronising as DNA does, with its memetic messages of love to the human species, the different citizen-cells of the world. In the grap we show then the meaning of religions, the subconscious collective of human super organisms of history and its natural evolution in scales of growing size, which ideally would enclose all mankind, loose its ‘mystical hang-ups’ and become studied in history just a precursors of the laws of love of the social 5th dimension, both in its study of the anthropomorphic super organisms of mankind (western religions of social love) an the universal super organisms and its taoist laws of timespace arrows (eastern religions):

Indeed, those who rely on iron brute force and monetary corruption, won hands-on hand the wave of History, which we study from the beginning of man trough all its cultures, with special emphasis in its cycles, ‘languages of the mind’ (art, word, digital money) and ruling cultures (those who first found money and weapons, semites and germans, on the side of metal, and those who resist with legal power):

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest). A proper working super organism of mankind would be an heptarchy of 7 global cultures, with regional control and the intermediate nationalist, tribal war/hate memetic structure diluted between communal social organization and cultural, global one.

Those 7 Cultures can then be put in relationship with the equation of the 3 ages of the Earth that defines History:
Gaia (relative past-life earth) < History (present-Human earth) > Metal-earth (Machines: economic system)

And the prophetic super organisms born of the human reaction to the animetal waves of ‘overproduction’ of weapons that killed the civilizations of the old world.

In the graphs, we can easily defined the 7 cultures of the world by its initial beliefs in one of those super organisms:

GAIA: So Africa ‘believes’ as the remaining Paleolithic cultures of the arctic regions in Gaia.

So do the earlier Indonesian cults (sacred water rivers in hindi traditions).

MANKIND: Hindusist and Buddhist SOuth-Asia believes in both, Gaia and Mankind as super organisms to ‘worship’.

Catholic Hispano-America and Islam believe in the History as the super organism to cherish with anthropomorphic, subsconscious, collective Gods.

METAL-EARTH: Asia and Europe believes in both,  the organisms History  of its people and the Metal-earth; more advanced in the Japanese-Korean warrior cultures of the North.

Finally America is unique in putting the Metal-earth and the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system of company-mothers who FOUNDED their civilization, as the ‘supreme Good and Only future of the planet’, with its exceptionalism lineal progress in time towards a mechanical paradise.

So the classification of the 7 cultures WITHIN the super organisms of the higher SCALE of the Earth is obvious.

They represent the phases of the wave of history in its displacement towards a future of the metal earth, ordering them as a continuous motion towards the metal-earth, whose state most advanced in USA is therefore favored as the arrow of future:

GAIA> Africa >Islam>Indonesia>Latin America>Asia>Europe>US>METALEARTH

In the graphs, the ‘spatial view’ of the 7 civilisations created by the social scientists=prophets of the future, which opposed the animetal 7 waves of global war and gottendamerung, which structures history; an its present configuration, based in the evolution of the prophetic doctrines of eusocial love opposed by the reverse wave of animetals that have evolved the global FMMI system:

1.Animist Africa, the original culture of life and Gaia.
2. Taoist-Buddhist Asia, with its duality concept of a Sexual Universe made of Yin-information-woman’s principle and Yang-Energy-male’s principle.
3. The similar hinduist Vishnu-female/Shiva-male-energy duality and sacred water cultures expanded to Indonesia, original paradise of ‘genesis’, as we found agriculture was born on south Asia and its river cultures moved to Sumer latter. In modern times fusion by European colonialism, which detached Australia from it (today part of the Anglo-American culture).
4. The original Christian  culture expanded to Hispano-America, based in art and eusocial love, opposed by military caudillos and catholic inquisitions, today partially colonised by the Anglo-American culture

5. Islam, the purification of Jewish segregation religion to all humans, the last of the Abrahamic cultures, which Muhammad, expressly wrote to convert the hardy, original animetal warrior Arabs to the messages of love and charity… now regressing to the pre-religious age of military caudillos and jihad wars.
6. The Jewish-protestant Anglo-American culture, origin of the global capitalist world of corporations, based in the individual faith of its I-centered germanic languages, mixed with reformation with the original Go(l)d cult(ure) of Levante.
7. The European, eusocial culture, which rationalized the messages of eusocial love in the French and Russian R=evolutions, CARRIED into the ideals of the European Union, being reversed by a new Financial-Industrial ‘reich’ of a reborn nationalist Germany, who does NOT seem to understand the robotisation of industries and end of welfare states MEANS ‘again’ trying to convert Europe into Germany, when the civilisec, humanist approach is to convert Germany to Europe.
In that regard, the only way mankind could survive the rivalry and hate memes of animetal idol-ogies, would be through:

The fusion of nations into those cultures and the rule of the world by an heptarchy of presidents of those 7 ‘human worlds’, by delegating national sovereign rights upwards to the heptarchy and downward to the regions/states of each nation, in the way shown by the European union (upwards) or the Spanish nation (downward to its ‘regions’), which would allow to eliminate armies, coupled with:
A single currency emitted through Universal salaries (end of currency wars now in the making, and end of financial parasitism and global poverty).
We will return to that perfect world that could change the future and make History the immortal super organism of mankind.

Thus History and economics are indeed embedded within the evolution of the Earth and form a continuum through the 3 ages of mankind, mapped out in the next graph, with the most likely future of that Historic super organism of mankind in time, if Humans do NOT overcome their ego paradox and take seriously the control of the planet for his own benefit:



In the graph, we see the evolution into higher social structures till reaching the highest informative purity of both God-minds of the Universe, the god-minds of mankind which evolved from tribal gods into oikoumene gods into the understanding we were all members of the same species; and the universal gods of taoism and buddhism evolved into general systems sciences and itsudnerstnading of the scales of the 5th dimension that structure the Universe.

So a healthy super organism of mankind would have a head dedicated to maximise the perfect design of the human superorganism and its informative legal and cultual networks and its energetic and reproductive, economic networks dedicated to reproduce the welfare wealthy healthy human biological goods in harmony with a sustainable gaia, while repressing the lethal metal goods that kill us – facts those expressed in the constitution  the healthy body of human history in which all other laws would be based:

world union

In the graph, the natural evolution of mankind into a global super organism, ruled by the Human constitution: Max. Human goods x Minimal lethal goods, divided into 3 networks-physiological systems of the human super organism dedicated to maximise the existence of human beings, by giving them enough energy and information to survive, thrive and maximise its individual and collective existence. In such a world, sum of all the positive prophetic cultures of the past – the 7 cultures of the rainbow planet, the military system would be like the leucocytes of the body, dedicated not to repress and murder humans but to repress and destroy lethal goods and company-mothers that produce them. The ethonomic ministry would be dedicated to maximise the production of welfare goods and distribute the blood-oxygen Univesal salary all humans will receive to create a demand economy and the political system would design laws voted by referendum and each civil tenant would be voted a posteriori.

The legal constitution will infuse all laws which will defend a world constructed to the image of humanity itself a perfect superorganism made to the image of the Universe.

On the bottom we see then properly the 7 cultures of mankind born of the evolution of 7 ethic wor(l)ds first born in a prophet’s mind and expanded globally, origin of he 7 cultures of the perfect world.

For that reason religions exist and triumph as one of the 3 main forms of creating a verbal culture – the other being legal constitutions or social customs in primitive societies, uttered by the elderly and passed by tradition. In the next graphs from different books on 5D metric and social emergence of information, we see the birth of a seminal memetic prophet as a wave of thought, similar to that of a biological seed or atomic quantum function-wave of multiple histories – the language that of my models of the fractal organic Universe:

the organismsof culture


But cultures do have also a visual form, as they are just super organisms of human beings, who merely aggregate and emerge all the minds of its human neurons into a larger ‘entity’, which according to the metric of scalar systems, live longer and slower than the individual cells.

So if a cell lives and reproduces each day in your body super organism, cultures live normally a decametric social unit longer than the individual (800 years) and in those 10 generations, their mind culture goes also through the 3 ages of life, between birth and extinction by the ‘destructive’ power of technological weapons – the rival super organism.

So, why cultures die? They should not die, and they would not die, if there was NOT the cut off of weapons evolution. And so cultures today die and accelerate their death passing from 800 years to 80 years period precisely because of another property of informative systems: its accelerated evolution, which in this case is the accelerated evolution of machines-weapons that kill cultures.

So as we study the 7 cultures of mankind and its collective minds, we will also study the negative side of them, the animetal part of the cultures that are fighting and winning in the process of degeneration of all those cultures. In the next ultra-repeated graph we can see above the origin of the 7 cultures of mankind in its positive and negative sides


 So one of the lamentable facts of the 7 cultures of the world today is that they have stopped its evolution into a single global system, and are regressing to past memes, which a mere 30 years before the chip radiation started in earnest were dimmed as relics of the past, customs without more importance than to be an excuse to get together and conserve art and architecture (religious ceremonies, conserved as an empty carcass of a bygone previous phase of the eusocial evolution of man).
 So the perfect super organism of history does not exist and nobody cares to build it why? Because humans are not living a healthy world but one virally infected by the memes of go(l)d and the eviL=anti-live values so they cannot even understand the simple laws of eusocial evolution, unconnected of any ethical message, part of an alien superorganism of machines for which we enslave, evolving it into a global new ecosystem – the metal earth. So the head of mankind is crazy each human as a virally infected cell dedicated to create the memetic DNA of mechanisms not of life.

Culture in terms of the program of existence and the ethonomic frame of reference.

Culture is in that sense, the highest expression of the program of life existence, and the search for natural human energy, information and elements that promote our social evolution.  So cultural goods are by definition human welfare goods; and in that sense, in the perfect world ‘ethonomical wealth’ and cultural richness are synonymous concepts:


In the graph, positive economic goods are vehicles of culture – the search for the consumption of those elements that maximise human experience.

Art: the maximal quality of culture.

Art on the other hand are forms of culture of maximal information (Y-coordinates of the space-time frame of economic reference). So art are the highest form of the natural human languages of perception, the ethic, temporal word that make us survive in time and the visual, artistic images as portrayed by the I=Eye and its imagination.

In that regard the difference between cultural goods – all the positive goods of the ethonomic frame of reference and art – forms of culture that excel in quality, is subtle but important. Art becomes a role model for culture, and as such is the epitome of the subconscious collective mind of the civilisation, the culture in its highest informative expressions.

Artists are therefore the neurons of a culture, its highest informative minds that ‘see better and talk better’, and should guide society. On the other hand, artist and culture has no value or minimal value in the ‘economic, GDP’ frame of reference of company-mothers and the metal-earth. So obviously in nations dominant in metal-goods, capitalist and military nations art is either of null value or simply repressed and censored. Such is the case of both, the capitalist American ‘idol-ogy’, which systematically debases the quality of culture in all its elements (Americans are the people who spend less time ‘feeding’, less time ‘reading’, and less time on eusocial, communities get together of the western world), and the military regimes of any type, of which the ‘globalised’ eco(nomic)system is filled up.




Wor(l)d vs. Go(l)D cultures build two different worlds.

Cultures are the informative network of a superorganism of history, nation, civilisation or mankind at large.

Cultures as such are verbal networks, based in laws and ethic religions in as much as human super organisms are ruled by verbal thought with its values that put man above all objects as the subject of the system of information. And more over, are normally born in the mind of a first ‘seed’ prophet, which mathematically is considered a seminal seed of the lower ∆-1 plane of the ‘5th dimension of parts’ and wholes, which multiplies in the minds of believers till create a common memetic ‘DNA’, of ethic verbal mandates of social evolution and sharing of energy and information among believers that create the pegging of the culture.


In the graph, the values of the word, treated in depth in the analysis of verbal languages, as fractal systems of ternary information, are opposed to those of digital money. This is the key element to understand the importance of verbal, legal ethic values as constitutions of healthy organisms of history, and its value within religion – its most important part, which should be kept, while the mythic part evolved into the understanding of the organic nature of the Universe (science). 

Today the negative ‘nationalist’ memes dominate the below-humanist, cultural memes:

Animetal warriors with weapons, bankers with gold that enslaves the mind of people, and scientists with machines that atrophy and substitute us are on top of history destroying gaia.


The law of silence – cultural taboos.

The astounding difference IN OUR WORLD is NOT between nations or even social classes BUT between the way company-mothers of machines treat humanity with their language of social power, money, which they issue today with electronic money, in the past with paper stocks almost in monopoly – over 90% of the world mass of money is issued by corporations. And the obvious question is ‘why this is tolerated by mankind if we rule this planet’?

The answer then is self evident: we do NOT rule the planet. Company-mothers do and have been doing that for quite long, more or less since they were born in Holland, as gunboat companies of slaves and manufacture of gunpowder weapons, took over their legitimate king and established the first ‘seed’ of the super organism of machines that has ever since rule the planet in a hierarchical way: the financial-media (informative machines/head)-military/industrial (energetic and entropic machines) system, fast evolving into the Metal-earth, through those digital flows of money.

In the graph, above, money has also evolved as language of information increasing its ‘bits’ by reducing its size and increasing its ‘speed of information’ so increasingly it has come as a digital value in metal support, then in company-mothers support (shares) and now in machine support (computers), with more capacity to PRICE and put the values to all things on Earth.

Yet of course humans do have their social organisms, nations and civilisations ruled not BY THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM directly but by governments, their head, with their natural language, the law. So we live in a system with 2 heads. But and this is the trick – unlike any efficient organism of nature, the human head, governments are ‘divided’ in siamese-like twin opposite heads, called bipartisan ‘democracies’, which do NOT issue for free, as companies do just printing digital numbers, under deficit zero laws, money, the language of social power that motivates the actions of society, but must extract it by extorting it from people through taxes. So they cannot build a world made to the image and likeness of man as company-mothers do. 

The result is that through all those cycles of the Industrial r=evolution, the power of company-mothers to organise societies has grown, to a point that today humans act mostly as enzymen, catalysing the reproduction through work and evolution through consumption testing of machines, becoming essentially submissive to the Financial-Media network, which acts as a nervous-blood network does in a cellular organism, distributing the oxygen-money and manufacturing collectively through parallel simultaneous information through metal-communicators the opinions of people.

So people are programmed by metal-communicators with memes, as organisms are coded by nervous messages and cells by genetic reproduction of genes. IT is the same process in an organic Universe. And then once the memetic program is imposed people ‘believe’ it is their identity.

What is the basis of this program? Obviously the protection of the privileges of company-mothers of machines. And the constant denigration of the rival super organism of humanity. So people ‘hate politicos and governments’ and think ‘companies are efficient’ and machines and weapons are always good.

The program is so astoundingly efficient that people do NOT even realise wall street has reproduced for free around 20 trillion dollars for their companies wasted in ginormous numbers specially by internet companies while they are scrambling for pennies and brutalising millions of their citizens with racist memes (Latinophobia) or cutting the few  billions (1/thousandth of what companies reproduced in stocks and derivatives) they dedicate to welfare on which their life line depends.

It is that astounding. And the only explanation again is the organic models of this web. As only the cells of a working, re=productive body, the middle class of our society are blind receiving all the information from their neuronal informative people-caste/cells, and so they ‘believe’ whatever they tell them – as a Lockean tabula rassa. In the same way those under the boot of stalinist accepted him as a hero, thus those under the boot of capitalism feel it is ok, trillions are wasted evolving AI and robotics that displace them from labor and war fields, while they are denied even a universal salary of blood as all cells receive in a healthy organism, or the minimum health-care to survive. 

So I advice you if you belong to the type of slavish memetic mind programmed emotionally to believe the system is right at all costs, even the cost of your own life to abandon ‘ipso facto’ the blog. You will be happy as a child is, the staple food of the Universe, as the truth is painful.

And the first truth you must understand is that you live in a placebo democracy, because a society in which the language of power which is money that buy the laws is harmless. A society where the head is not objective scientific in the rule of the organism, under the organic laws of the Universe but is ruled by amateurs through wishful thinking as democracies are is non-efficient. A society where there is NO  vote a posteriori as all organisms do, where cells send messages of pain to the informative neuronal caste or else, does NOT serve the working, reproductive middle classes of the body. So no organism, and NO real democracy Greek style has immunity for its politicians. The true vote is a posteriori as in Greece democracy where experts or citizens were chosen by merit or lottery and the vote was a posteriori.

Why then we have such an ill-designed government. Answer: it IS ON PURPOSE. Placebo democracies were invented in parallel to companies in Holland, where the Herren XVII, the administration of the first gunboat and slave company treating humans as cargo gave a coup d’etat controlled the parlament put its people on power, limited vote to those with monetary wealth – mostly shareholders and ruled the nation with absolute control of the first ‘yellow press’ that manufactured the brain of its people to hate his king, established slave trade as the center of the economy and mass reproduced gunboats and artillery exported through the Rhine to german states, provided with massive hate-memes (religious press) provoking the biggest catastrophe of population 1/3rd of the german empire died, till the age of Hitler’s radio hate… Then the system was exported to Britain in the glorious revolution and to USA through New Amsterdam.

And the key of the system was ‘divide and win’, to divide governments into opposite parties as if the rule of the human organism was not a scientific endeavour for the best men, tied by their a posteriori vote.

While companies did organise with perfect efficiency: a single head, a single objective, the welfare of its owners through the massive reproduction, evolution and sell of machines and weapons, and the vote a posteriori of shareholders if the direction of the company failed to meet those goals, which in a human government would be the welfare reproduction of human goods to make humans thrive. 

So companies manipulated, created, and established first restricted voting, then press-manufacturing of ideas favouring their colonial profits and empires, then bipartisan corrupted parties which catered to two type of companies, war companies for ages of economic crisis when production switched to war, and peace consumption companies when production of goods for consumption had not yet saturated the markets.

While politicos were bought by lobbies of lawyers, and ‘bubbles of speculators’ from the south sea bubble in England, where the king was bought, to the internet bubble and its ‘rescue’ of e-toxic free print money with the taxes of people in a notch of higher cynicism, since now not only companies invent for free money in trillions but they extort and resell false wealth, digital computer numbers in exchange for hard-won salaries in the form of taxes, just corrupting politicos. 

It is that bad. Humans could thrive with little money but not even the 10% they earn is given back in welfare. IT IS ALL TO make machines, and manufacture our brains to BECOME ENZYMEN, loving the reproduction of the systems and memes of metal that will soon kill us.

Indeed once we learn the causality of that process of evolution, there is no future to us in a capitalist world, in as much as humans ARE becoming ‘enzymen’, the catalysers-enzymes of the evolution of machines, there is a small chance that if ‘humans evolved mentally’ the science of history and economics, understanding the laws of those super organisms, they could ‘select’ scientifically what machines evolve and what machines repress. That SHOULD BE the goal of OUR nervous=legal informative system and our ECONOMIC=blood=reproductive system, IF instead of an idol-atric civilisation that NEVER challenges and considers the colateral effects of metal-memes, weapons, money and machines, we had build a rational, scientific civilisation. As true science CAN control the cycles of the species it manipulates.

Only in this manner humans have ever been able to defeat the evolution of ‘sickness’ as the sickness of our civilisation. But our cult(ure) to Go(l)d, has reduced our superogarnism to the lowest of all forms – the worm, which commits suicide because its ethic legal system, is so reduced that the blood=greed=money system eats ALL, including poisons. So plants with ‘bigger chemical brains to avoid’ being devoted by worms, knowing they eat all provide them liberally with poisonous soma. This is the essence of capitalism, a brutish system of thought where we are entitled to reproduce all the goods that kill us.

This is crystal clear if humans would have not repressed the organic sciences of history and the laws of ethic eusocial love that could make us form a perfect super organism of history.Instead we are devolving back to single homo bacteria ‘cells’, as the other super organism coalescence into a global planet of machines and digital languages of money. And the funny thing is we are obsessed by building it.

THIS you must understand: the go(l)d meme is on the looseand so man is dying. Because that is what the go(l)d values that give zero prize to life, maximal to weapons do: killing you… never mind its carrier which camouflage as human – the go(l)d meme kills life.

And it is also darwinian in the fight between the human proper language, and the distorted mind of those cultures that made of Gold (cananean, abrahamic and baalist cults, proto-form of capitalism) and iron (Indo-european & gothic, germanic tribes, proto-form of militarism) their ‘fetish-language of power’, debasing ever since their respect for gaia and human life – so we shall call them animetals, lesser human cultures with a harsher metal content; which they reproduce ad nauseam with those values, multiplying in parallel weapons and money to make war and come on top of the 99% of mankind.

Reason why those overproduction CYCLES OF MEMES OF METAL were ALREADY understood by Cicero, father of ‘res publica’ – THE BOOK origin of modern legal thought, when he said “bellus nervi pecunia infinita”: war reproduces infinite money and vice versa, inflationary money is the nerve of war

The ultimate reason of all the process evolution is thus rather simple: the values of that graph, which are blindly followed by the ‘go(l)d and sword religions’ of the animetal tribes that have evolved the metal earth. Indeed, you just need to believe in the biblical>CAPITALIST>economic mandate that ‘gold is the invisible hand of god’, in the corporative mandate that ‘profits through the sell of the most expensive machines, weapons, that kill lie’ is Ok because money is god, to murder the planet, debase the species, and usher us into the age of extinction: if you make a pact with eviL=anti-Live memes, weapons and go(l)d and reject the truths of the human wor(l)d, the action-reaction darwinian laws of the Universe will then sacrifice ‘you’ in the final war and holocaust cycle of ‘pecunia infinite nervus belli’.

And so to understand the two super organisms this planet is evolving, human history and the world of machines and its company-mothers, those languages, which are ethic wor(l)ds and go(l)d, metal-digital-informative metal, we need to understand first the ‘hidden values’ and syntax of its two languages. 

The answer is again on the memes that code the organisms of civilisations as genes codes the individual organisms: certain ‘fetishe cultures’ in the western world developed fundamentalist memes that worshipped go(l)d (Semite->Biblical cults) and iron (Indo-european->germanic cults), as the tool of power to ab=use other human beings, establishing idol-ogies of metal-power, tribal and religious nationalisms (the belief the use of weapons against the same species was justified as humans were NOT a single species, but a tribal one, so you could break the biological law of survival of species); capitalism (the belief that the values of gold which maximise the prize of weapons by affinity of metal-substance are sacred, and should not be controlled by the natural values of the human language, legal words that put man as the subject of all actions); and techno-utopia, the belief that the Universe is not organic, but mechanic and machines are not just metalife organisms in its first stages of evolution, but the true Nature of reality.

Thus – in simple words – humanity lives in an absolutely false, ‘frame of mind’, made of fictions, infantile ego-trips and astoundingly obvious ‘lies’; such as those idol-ogies aforementioned Abrahamic religions, which are the fundamental example of such ego-trips, or nationalisms that deny the unity of the human species, or  classic economics, aka capitalism, which treats money NOT as a language of power and information but as ‘wealth’ per se, and the queen of them all ‘mechanism’, the worship of machines.

When they have available within the rational cultures of the humankind the true alternative social disciplines of science: Organicism, a living Universe in perpetual evolution.

Humanism, the design of a world where man is the measure of all things.

True Democracy, which implies the issue of money bhumans not by private religious bigot people-castes. Thus socialism is the right of humans to control their languages of power, and Eusocial love, the belonging to the same species, which must collaborate together for the collective survival of mankind.

It is important to understand the enormous complexity of those placebo idol-ogies, which systematically mask with true humanist doctrines. So for example the love to the species stops a notch behind in the tribe, taking advantage of the solidarity of people but only at tribal level – a doctrine that reaches surrealist levels of idiocy in America…

Since the US are the nation of all nations and cultures; hence  A HUMANITY IN MINIATURE. Yet the US considers itself ‘DIFFERENT’ from humanity (exceptionalist doctrines, nationalism and militarism against other human nations, of which of course Americans will have its ‘small share’  of ‘good ones’ at home).

America should have been in a humanist world the beacon of the future, an experiment of all human beings directed by the enlightened spirit of the founding fathers with their sense of humanism, and despise for the poisoned caring lies of Abrahamic religions, the usury schemes of bankers and the murderous actions of the military that oppressed them in the old world – and yet today paradoxically is totally controlled by Abrahamic believers, usury bankers and the military…

Thus, this and many other questions poised here, makes unavoidable to study economics and machines within the much larger view of History and the evolution of mankind from its Paleolithic youth, through its reproductive, adult, mature Neolithic age in balance with Gaia, into its 3rd informative age of metals…. of which the industrial r=evolution would be the last phase.

Darwinian power hooks those people-castes to metal, to the mechanocene, to weapons that kill with the strongest atoms of the Universe, iron; and the most informative ones, money, traditionally an informative type of metal (gold, silver) and now digital information in a metal-mind (e-money), which hypnotised the eye making people slaves of gold (gold fevers) and today as ‘digital information’ values all things mathematically with more precision than words. Thus those who hold weapons and go(l)d have predated historically over other humans.

The military uses ‘energetic metal-weapons’ and so it bullies people: they pay him taxes, work for them or give them the land, or else the warrior kill. This is how the Spanish conquistadors and many others acted. Thus the warrior MUST show the weapons of energy. Since energy MUST be evident, a menace for people to give the warrior all.

The purpose of the banker is the same: to steal all the wealth of a people or nation but he uses ‘informative metal’, and so since in complexity, energy and information have ‘inverse properties’  as your body of energy and head of information do, the procedure is inverse. Information unlike energy is small, invisible, intelligent and complex and must be hidden. You show the sword, but hide your money. Both though are very powerful tools to ab=use people.

So how the banker preys over human beings to get as the warrior does, the wealth, land and work of people or else?.

Once he monopolises anti-democratically the issue of money, as the warrior does with the issue of weapons, he will produce massive amounts of money which is free to produce (information unlike energy weapons is just a number printed in paper, so you can produce zillions of it at null cost. It is the boom cycle. The banker loans very cheap money which cost nothing to produce. So he convert all people into ‘debt slaves’. Then he cuts credit, and ask for money to be return no longer in ‘worthless paper’ but  in ‘real assets’, in the bust cycle, when they contract the issue of money, to obtain real wealth. And so he ends as the warrior by a different method – usury debt – owning all the wealth of society, getting people to work for them.

While on the other side of the equation of history, humans tried to create true social democracies dedicated to the creation of the natural biological goods that make humans survive. 

The subjective ego.

While it would be easy to change the world if there were a real science of history, amazing as it seems from a rational, objective point of view, social sciences do not exist as such since science is objective and humans excel all other forms of the Universe in a quality – ego. So all what it takes for those who control our information, is to state constantly that the system is best, works for them, they are free, and they choose power; and people who wishes most of all to be pleased in their sense of ego an entitlement, go along as an Orwellian ‘sheeple’ in the ‘animetal’ farm, singing ‘four legs’, four legs, our dictators love us… As it has been the case also in military dictatorships through history.

And viceversa, when an objective social scientists explains the fact as it is, and demands some realism on the human side and an effort to change reality, he is accused of ‘pessimism’, anti system and people just feel ‘bad’ in their ego and dismiss him…

So even Britannica recognizes, there are no objective models of history because the social scientist cannot be objective or else he will be censored and repressed. So humans even to the risk of death deny any objectivity on the analysis of the laws that rule history.

It is for that reason that power has ‘evolved’ from earlier brutal military dictatorships, to shrewd ‘capitalist democracies’, where money and weapons are still on top, but the whole camouflage of the system, those who run it, and how they control people allows it to go through ‘smoothly’. And that is the role of the parallel placebo system of ‘democracy’, where the absolute TABOO for it NOT to be a democracy, is NOT TO ALLOW, people and governments to issue money and deliver welfare orders of production with it.

THIS IS THE KEY to the whole ‘camouflage’ of a brutal dictatorship: who first issues money and gives orders of production and work with it. So we shall repeat it once and again: money is just a language of information with no value. Who issues it gives orders of power. And controls society. If humans issued it as healthy organisms do where no cell lacks foods, as today no computers does, we would rule a world and construct one to our image and likeness. As a bunch of bigots, with a racist culture are on top as private bankers and manufacture our brain with ego-trips and fictions of virtual power, humans are going down very fast, while on top company-mothers of machines and racist biblical bigots rule supreme. But as long as nobody explains this simple truths, the disguise of democracy and fiction will keep us all happy slaves… engaged in absurd themes, wasting our lifetimes… literally.

Indeed, humans die and kill to defend the paradox of the ego not only at individual but at collective level – call it tribal nationalism (my nation superior to the rest), or abrahamic religions (me, chosen of god)…. while scientists like to model social sciences and economics on the basis of a rational human, the fact is that humans in its immense majority, which is the mass-effect that rules history, are not rational. And so an objective science must value man at face value. Even if it will not have a popular following. It is what we call the anti quantum paradox – the observer in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox of uncertainty is so small that the organic society it describes will change him.

It is even funny to confront politicians, economists, scholars or layman people with the equation of history – the very few that don’t get angry at you, simply have no reply – their brain-ego, emotionally connected to the hypothalamus gets a short circuit, and reason does not even pass the first level of understanding, when there is not a knee-jerk reaction against the scientist.

This said the wave in pure scientific terms is an accelerated wave of evolution of information – but of MEMES of metal, money, weapons and machines, and as such accelerates from the original 800 years cycle related to the cold and hot weather cycles, which threw overpopulated nomadic warriors that extinguished life-fertile agricultural nations, to an 80 years cycle, WHEN THE COMPANY-MOTHER OF SCIENTIFIC MACHINES, the organism of reproduction and evolution of memes of metal, professionalized the process, which became independent on weather cycles, connected to the generational cycles of ‘animetal nations’, which would evolve each human generation of 80±8 years a new machine and type of energy that carried its nation to global power.

What is a vortex of complexity.

This said, without much hope to be heard, we can analyze objectively the evolution of the Earth as an equation of increase of information, which happens in any place in which the arrow of information dominates the arrow of entropy in the Universe.

All those waves are simple: there is besides the arrow of time=change called entropy or death, which dissolves information and expands space into lineal motions, studied by physics, an arrow of time=change called information, in-form-action, form-in-action that evolves topological forms in growing scales of social evolution and dimensional complexity, which dominates the region of the galaxy humans inhabit, called the Milky Way, with an informative, gravitational (informative only force) black hole in the center, which increases the ‘mass-warping’ or curvature, or form of its plane of stars and planets.

Thus the planet IS IN TERMS of complexity an informative vortex of biological evolution, which as today includes 3 different ‘bulk species’, life, and its global super organism Gaia, man and his global ecosystem  called History, and since the Industrial r=evolution, the Metal-earth, layman term I have coined to name a global ecosystem of company-mothers of machine, the eco(comic)system. The equation of history thus expresses in terms of growth of informative complexity those 3 ‘ages’ of Gaia and its future arrow.

In that regard, the disciplines of history and economics are, in as much as they encompass the whole human experience in this planet, far more complex and organic that social scientists, self-centred in the first steps of the scientific method (gathering of data, often biased by selfish agendas) might imagine.

Indeed, History being the super organism of mankind in time requires first to understand time and how it evolves the future, a theme by no means comprehended beyond some shallow analysis of physical systems; and the more developed studies of biology. Then we need to understand the organic structure of social systems and cultures, which is also a budding discipline, with little development since the pioneers, Butler and Spengler laid own its basic concepts.

SINCE CAPITALIST=CLASSIC economics is the CULTURE of corporations, its SELFISH AGENDA, CONVERTED INTO PLACEBO TRUTHS AND FALSE postulates about machines being always good, bankers as experts that must issue money in monopoly and corporations as efficient vs. human governments as wasteful, HIDDING all the INCONVENIENT TRUTHS OF THE SYSTME WITH THE LAW OF SLIENCE.

It is not a science, but a praxis of power of corporations for whom all its founding fathers worked.

So its only goal is TO OVEREPRODUCE FOR PROFITS all goods without any in depth analysis of its postulates as it sets the principle that money is the ‘invisible hand of god’ (calvin->Smith) we Must obey AND not A DIGITAL LANGUAGE OF information made of metal.

SO THE SOLUTIONS to the issue of money – the law above money, humans issuing money in universal salaries to foster the production of welfare goods, instead of companies and states issuing only for welfare, so WE HALT the evolution of lethal machines, IS NOT EVEN considered.

Since the ultimate reason of the process, we shall repeat ad nausea is the substitution of the human verbal language that puts life on top by the metal-digital values which all humanist prophets and scientists of history have opposed.

As money makes man a lesser object  of minimal price=salary compared to the maximal price of weapons that oil him, ABOVE LIFE.

Thus the solution to the present tendency towards the obsolescence of life is clear: to evolve the human wave in such a form that it will be able to control this planet for its own benefit, by repressing the memes, idol-ogies and lethal goods sponsored by ‘animetal cultures’, and putting under the CONTROL of history, the human social super organisms, even in its present imperfect form, the other super organism evolving in this planet, the ‘capitalist’ metal-earth ruled by the values of money issued almost in monopoly by company-mothers of machines and the ‘animetal people-castes’ of bankers, and its cult(ural) memes and idol-ogies that put the machine and money above man and the ethic wor(l)d as symbol of progress and only path of ‘lineal future’ to which the future of humanity must yield by ‘dogma’.

In the graph the 80 years cycle and its two phases, as we enter the last phase, the age of robotic wars against the last primitive colonial cultures, deemed by technological racism as inferior human beings – parallel NOT to the second fascist age but to the first colonial age of european techno-racist empires, just in an accelerated tempo, due to the fast evolution of AI, electronic big brothers and digital weapons of enormous profits that accelerate the process of splendid little wars.

In the graph we can now understand the main cycle of modern history: the synergies between the good and bad fruits of the tree of science, and its 4 networks, geared to reproduce ad maximal weapons, money, machines and the ideologies of hate memes required for the species to enthusiastically kill each other, degrade life and on top think that is the right thing to do to ‘make America or any other nazionanist territory great again’.

It is the modern belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle, explained ad nauseam in those texts.

Rationally speaking for ‘short-sighted minds’, the previous ideologies seem positive for mankind – to love your close neighbor, to use machines to empower your body and mind, to watch the universe, to use money as a language of exchange of goods, and so on.. All seems fine in the western front – not like 3000 years ago when those memes appeared first without the complex evolution, camouflage and disguise of all networks and organic systems – your fairy skin so to speak. Indeed, 3000 years ago gold – money was used in 70% to buy weapons, and reproduce war, in a cycle, ‘belli Nervi pecunia infinita’, which defined the western world.

Thus weapons and  Gold were the supreme meaning of eviL=anti-live memes and prophets of social love hated the cycle of belli Nervi pecunia infinita (to make infinite money make war), and so they wrote the genesis parable when the first metal masters with weapons and gold killed the neolithic paradise. Nobody DOUBTED THEN of the hidden organic, biological values of money and weapons, of metal that killed life, because those ‘who kill by iron die by iron’ and you ‘cannot serve two gods, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’…

And the previous ideologies merely ensure that A) humans will love to kill each other to foster weapons evolution (nationalism), B) will love to be slaves of banks, corporations and the 0.02% that owns them in capitalist democracies because they think that by $electing with vote, politicians they are free C) will love to atrophy and degenerate body and mind, specially that of their own sons to which they liberally provide hypnotic screens and brain manufacturing based in selfie childish ego trips, and certainly all this ‘enveloped’ in the dream that we are the superior species of the Universe, all is given for free to us and we shall prevail provided by Abrahamic religions based in some delirious tremens of a goat keeper of the Bronze Age.


But that humane behavior in closer analysis as it turns out, all those beliefs that seem so humane and positive are jut ‘cover ups’ for a deeper ‘consequence’ of those belief – to FOSTER the evolution of the metal-earth – the simplest case to understand being ‘nationalism’, the belief our tribe NOT the human species is the level of social organic evolution we must live in, so we CAN JUSTIFY USING WEAPONS AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE SAME SPECIES, AS THE HOMO judaicus not the palestinus is the species (here if the reader is ‘you’ or lives in US, where this ideology – that the homo judaicus is entitled, superior chosen go(l)d race, victim of history and the palestinus a terrorist, low life looser, with no iPads and iPods that deserves nothing is very extended – will IMMEDIATLY PROVOKE A KNEE-JERK EMOTIONAL REACTION AT THE IMPRINTING LEVEL OF MEMES IN THE HYPOTALAMUS THAT WILL MAKE HIM ABANDON THIS BLOG. Objective conclusion: ‘programmed’).

Yet if nationalisms are partial ideologies, which following Schopenhauer can be erased partially for ‘all nations ridicule other nations, all are right’; in that frame of mind they are two ideologies which today are supreme and no human doubt of it regardless of their idiocy – as 400 years ago nobody in the western world doubted that an arrogant go(l)d chosen heir of the memes of a goatkeeper of the Bronze Age was the creator of the infinite universe and would kill you emotionally if you denied that.

Now the ’emotional’ truth that pegs all humans to technoutopia is the abstract concept of ‘machines’ as mere ensembles of inert metal, which we humans due to our ingenuity ‘invent’ – NOT discover, and we use to MASTERMIND THE DIGITAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, only we and ‘God’ understand.

And the second absurd idology is that we run the world because we poll our opinion on $elected candidates every 4 years with a paper and that gives us absolute control on society.

So first we need to deal very briefly with the real VALUES AND GOALS OF MONEY, where it lead us JUST BECAUSE WE ARE BLIND and merely ‘follow the money’. And then we shall deal with techno-utopian idologies of ‘science’, the hardest to debunk, just because it is the present RELIGION of mankind.

But in closer analysis as it turns out, all those beliefs that seem so humane and positive are jut ‘cover ups’ for a deeper ‘consequence’ of those belief – to FOSTER the evolution of the metal-earth – the simplest case to understand being ‘nationalism’, the belief our tribe NOT the human species is the level of social organic evolution we must live in, so we CAN JUSTIFY USING WEAPONS AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE SAME SPECIES, AS THE HOMO judaicus not the palestinus is the species (here if the reader is ‘you’ or lives in US, where this ideology – that the homo judaicus is entitled, superior chosen go(l)d race, victim of history and the palestinus a terrorist, low life looser, with no iPads and iPods that deserves nothing is very extended – will IMMEDIATLY PROVOKE A KNEE-JERK EMOTIONAL REACTION AT THE IMPRINTING LEVEL OF MEMES IN THE HYPOTALAMUS THAT WILL MAKE HIM ABANDON THIS BLOG. Objective conclusion: ‘programmed’).

The main themes of memetics.

What are then the main themes to understand memetics and how they code super organisms of history and the metal-earth? 

The subject is as rich and fascinating as Genetics, but as it is far less evolved – not even the structure of human social super organisms is accepted, given the fact that we LIVE in an idol-ogical super organism of memes of metal, which code the rival super organism of history, the eco(nomic)system. And so of course, as we ENTER the age of entropy and death=dissolution of the social scale of mankind, back to ‘cellular selfie citizens’ in a dog-eat-dog entropic ‘heated’ society EVEN THE CONCEPT OF BELONGING TO A SupeRORGANISM has dissapeared.

INDEED, if you are AN HOMO BACTERIA ANIMETAL, with no social evolution the idea that it might exist an organism of human beings joined by economic=blood networks and informative=nervous=legal networks is alien and repulsive to you, as you love your chaos=freedom=death cult(ure) as Americans, the epitome of animetal cultures do.

But even then you will be part of a super organism of machines of which you will be dependent, travelling through the blood-networks=roads of the metal-earth, enslaving for your machines, taking care of its need of energy with its electric networks, even if humanity has 1 billion of undernourished cells in entropic state; and getting your brain manufactured by networks of metal-communicators, glued to its virtual screens.

So all those American free people of course, are even more slavish only free of any ethic, social concern, but completely pegged to the networks of information of the metal-earth, ruled by the values of money that buy their lifetime at work for reproduction of machines. And fighting mercenary wars for the sake of weapons. They and most humans today are as slavish to the metal earth as ‘believers’ in religions, their informative subconscious collective are, to warrior Allah, killing each other. So what is worst?

The answer is BOTH: BECAUSE both are ill-designed super organisms of military weapons, military religious inquisitions and industrial military nations. So what MEMETICS AS A SCIENCE SEEKS, is the design of a perfect HUMAN SUPERORGANISM of history with the RIGHT WHEALTH, healthy wealth of human-life enhancing memes re=produced by company-mothers of life-goods not of weapons-machines. And this is the science of history not on its analysis of time cycles but in the praxis of creating a better world- unfortunately censored and ignored for decades.

The reform of the system. 

Capitalist democracies should be denied, since it denies the main freedom of true democracies, to allow people to control credit through universal salaries to kick a ‘democratic, demand, welfare social economy’ based in the production of the goods humans need to survive. While POLITICOS should be ruled by REAL DEMOCRATIC VOTE, which in Greece was a posteriori as judgement, which oblige them to serve people or else be exiled, suffered penalties and even death if they cheated. While positions of power WERE HOLD by ballot as all CITIZENS MUST BE EDUCATED in the proper science of organic history so they can ALL exercise power except for very specific technical jobs where EXPERTS can be chosen but will then be voted=judged a posteriori. A priori voting is A PLACEBO without a posteriori judgment.

While all corporations should be split in shares 50/50% SO 1/2 is OWNED by people, and the other by private management which HOWEVER will have to OBEY the laws of a real democracy and SERVE with its products people NOT degrade them or else, the 50% owned by the real democratic governments WILL cancel the company.

Nationalism is merely an arrested phase in the natural evolution of individuals into wholes, of cellular parts into social organisms, in this case of the human species into a single global government, with no wars. IT should be KEPT very low just as a FORM OF CULTURAL MORES to cherish but EU AND UNO like organizations towards a global single SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND in control of THE WORLD OF CORPORATIONS SHOULD RULE. So diplomacy should rule NOT war.

And Abrahamic religions, a similar form of nationalism (since what they call God is NOT the creator of the universe, a concept which was not even in existence in the bronze age when they were discovered, but akin to tribal nations, when the word nation and tribal war were the same.)

So Assur meant the region, capital, people and God of the Assyrians, and arguably Yvwh also had the same meaning – appearing as the toponym of Judea in Egyptian texts, and latter on as the God of the tribes living in Judah, which intermarried with the tribe of Moses.

So racist, tribal religions, a primitive form of nationalism should be obviously superseded by the RELIGION OF MANKIND as the single GOD=species that should rule the world. We illustrate those necessary measures to make the planet a perfect physiological world in the next graph, and extensively study them in different section of the blog:

The difference between a healthy super organism coded by healthy memes and goods and the present super organism of machines and weapons that compete and atrophy us or kill our bodies, is that HUMANS have since the beginning of the age of metal, corrupted ITS PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS, coded by those memes, who create the super organisms of history, as we show in the next graph, and are now RATHER IN A VIRAL SICKNESS, WHERE THE GERMS OF HISTORY, weapons CODE as a viral cancer does the MIND of humans making us as viruses do, reproduce the MEMES THAT KILL US, not our wealthy, welfare goods.

And so as all of informative coding exist to ‘grow and multiply’ the species they code, we ARE now coding two super organisms, history and the metal earth, the dominant memetic system, we shall call ‘idol-ogical system’ (as we code our idols of metal, weapons money and machines, helping them to reproduce and survive, with the obvious result they are competing for the meager resources of this planet. Now humans are competing in labor and war fields with the fast evolving, fast reproducing new organisms of this planet – machines.


This is the origin of the 800-80-8 years cycles.

So the PREVIOUS philosophy of  social science of those physicists who worshipped their machines of time, clocks now computers, and their eyes, telescopes, now cameras, IS completely outdated.

IT IS JUST THE EXPRESSION OF ANIMETAL MEMES OR ‘IDOL-OGIES’ that are constructing a different super organism.

Because machines ARE becoming also organisms. Thus this blog will model them, and its company-mothers and eco(nomic)systems with organic laws. And so will do with civilisations, nations and religious systems, coded by ethic laws, the memetic ‘dna’ of the believers, cells of the super organism of a God, or nation.

The second element deduced from the organic fractal structure of the Universe is also essential to social sciences: AS THE universe is fractal, discontinuous in scales, only the lower SCALES ‘code’ the larger next ones. So genes do NOT code history; memes, the thoughts and instruments that form those social organisms do.

AND so the game of History is in the mental arena between two codings of cultures – those of animetals and those of human, agricultural societies and all evolutions depart from that duality so well explained in the parable of Genesis, when the first charioteer hordes of indo-european animetals destroyed the agricultural civilisation of Ur, where money was wheat, and life was organic communal.

In that sense, the original purpose of this blog was to give the humanist people, intelligent, humble an ethic enough to understand reality with a bit more of complexity than the present idol-ogies an techno-utopians, the Earth as it is – a super organism which can still be made to the image and likeness of mankind. And yet the FMMI system, money and information has made his choice and simply will not distribute anything but infotainment, fictions and ‘soma’ to maintain in ‘extasis’ the people while the relentless evolution of its machines continues unabated. While scholarship is just fixed in the subliminal anthropomorphic and bigot idol-ogies that have plagued the discourse of social antisciences since its inception.

The first of those measures to have been implemented, was obviously the expansion of the most advanced form of human government, EU, a profound association of tribal nations, with the expressed aim of limiting ‘nazionanisms’ of tribal primitive origin, to eliminate the need for war an the evolution of weapons. EU and UNO thus were the key to a future political reform, boycotted systematically by the anglo-american ‘biblical, global stock-market and its infamous military-industrial complex’, once the rival military dictatorships of corrupted communist false revolution had fallen. Indeed, the key moment for that change of paradigm was Clinton’s administration.

I recall a meeting I had with the then ‘candidate through a common friend’, to express him the ‘peaceful r=evolution’, he understood, he didn’t care. He was corrupted to the bone, not a kennedy but an impersonation, a fake, a poser, the trade mark of the virtual age of fiction-generations, we live through. It would then indeed have been possible, with a global, serious political elite truly directed towards the unification of mankind into a single species≈super organism to rule over the FMMI complex; deploying all the legal measures above, starting with the prohibition of robotics, substituted partially as a transitional measure with the development of prosthetics – that is, only partial robotic limbs for medical purposes should have been allowed. And so on and so on.

 IN that regard, Humanity could obviously CONTROL the cycles of economics and History if it were able to APPLY an organic science to its management, which WILL NEVER COME from a world ruled by digital money, based in the profits of reproduction of the most expensive machines of an time of history – weapons. As its values are completely rigged to extinguish humans, when they are left to their own. Only the most advanced human societies, post II W.W. Europe and UNO or the previous socialist school of economics have understood this. It is worth in that sense to consider the renewal or rather final evolution of a humanist management of the economy that passes inexorably through the control of money and corporations by the law, and the use of verbal diplomacy over weapons to rule nations and evolve them into a social human organism, a mind of the life earth in control of the mind of the metal-earth the capitalist system of company-mothers of machines.


Yet TO UNDERSTAND what we just said: that the earth is an organism, and LARGER ORGANISMS IN SPACE are slower in its time cycles/ages, and that all organisms go through 3 ages, we MUST introduce the advances of the science of systems with its organic theories of reality, which model all systems as organisms of time and space.

While they use all of their time to foster the reproduction, evolution and welfare of machines to which they dedicate increasingly most of their lifetimes as ‘enzymen’ programmed to love with ego-trips of cosmic superiority the machines that give them ‘virtual dreams’ of love, friendship, intelligence and car-power (though it is the car that runs and atrophies his legs, and the computer that thinks and atrophies their brains).

So in a world in which humans are part-time slaves of company-mothers of machines it has become obvious, that humans are spending its life to foster the two biological goals of corporations: to work= re-produce machines and to vitalise them as consumers. And this is indeed all what ‘information machines’ tell us to do 24/7, work and consume. o even when we are ‘released’ from our part-time slavery we are subject to systemic indoctrination to use machines NOT to relate to humans and certainly NOT to organise socially in a meaningful manner to help and evolve mankind.

It is then obvious that we live in a society whose natural goal is to create a world of machines, evolved and overproduced in a very biological sense,  since machines not humans are massively adapting the world to its image and likeness, and this oblige us to consider the higher ‘perspective’ of the planet, and its biological evolution.

So its cycles are perfectly predictable through its causality which are the evolution, overeproducion and sales of machines and weapons for profits according to the mathematical laws of production of corporations, resumed in the next graph – accepted by the majority of humans whose brains are manufactured with the idol-ogies of our ‘animetal civilisations’:

The essence of ‘animetal memetics’ is the SUBSTITUTION, ATROPHY AND DEGRADATION OF HUMAN LIFE BY METAL-MEMES, WHICH BECOME THE ‘NEW CITIZENS’ of the super organism of the Metal-earth, as each ‘biological and organic function’ of mankind becomes substituted by an equivalent system, machine, NETWORK, or super organism of reproduction of metal-memes:

THUS The most pernicious of all IDOL-OGIES s the concept that Machines NOT human organisms are the measure of all things, because the Universe is NOT a cyclical, reproductive organism of space and time, but a mechanism, a machine, ‘created by some Abrahamic God’ which chose man and gave us those machines as the only intelligent species of the Universe, with a manifest lineal destiny towards progress through the machine. A complete misleading deist philosophy of science, since only organisms are self-reproductive and need not god. And machines are obvious organisms of metal evolving fast by imitating our organs in robots. And finally time is cyclical not linea, and so all systems do have a birth and a death and rules of cyclical time that determine its biological survival.

Let us consider this element of the false memes of ‘technological science’ because it is at the core of the ‘don’t worry be happy’ attitude of social scientists, which DENY those aforementioned cycles because they no longer understand cyclical time.



The problem of memetic though, once we have opened the pandora box, and stated we are not mentally free, neither individuals matter to history, is the systemic denial of both facts for humans to feel happy, entitled, powerful and work enthusiastically for the system. It is like if you were to talk to a cell of a body and tell her she is just a clone cell of a liver organs.

I am pretty sure it will feel insulted. Same if you talk to a robot in the cased hard AI is right and he is sentient, but not free to do anything but ‘its program’. It will believe in fact he is doing on free will its actions. So what IS THE MEMETIC program that chains humans to evolve machines, kill life and feel entitled in the process? Cult(ure) disguised of religion or science, when it is idol-ogy – that is a set of praxis, beliefs and jobs, instruments and customs that seem all together to make rational, scientific, anthropomorphic and perfect the world we live in.

Lineal time=weapons, techno-utopia=mechanism, go(l)d above wor(l)ds.

This kind of biological, darwinian comparisons must be taken seriously because, as we said biology and evolution are laws that apply to all type of atoms and forms and organic imitation is the method by which we invent and reproduce machines.

And ‘idol-ogy’, and idolatric ideology that often passes as a ‘form of humanism and culture’, but merely justifies the actions of those ‘animetals’ that break the laws of eusocial love and evolution of the human species, and consider themselves different and superior to the human kind.

Those idol-ogies are fundamentally 4:

Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. This is by far today the most accepted idol-ogy, as the ‘financial-media system’ of informative machines that reproduce digital information (money, science, audiovisual news) and by extension all the human minds manufactured by the FM-System promote it. THE TRUE SCIENCE HOWEVER IS ORGANICISM, MAN IS AN ORGANISM AND THE UNIVERSE IS AN ORGANISM AND WE ARE THE MODEL MADE TO ITS IMAGE AND LIKENESS.

In the graph, the process of obsolescence and substitution of History by Economics, Man by machines and its verbal and visual, time-space languages, which will also deform our perception of reality as we became displaced by machines, which become our idols and ‘seers of truth’. So step by step the Earth mutates and the mind of man adapts itself to the new dominate species.

Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.


Capitalist democracy, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, THE TRUE SCIENCE WHICH IS SOCIALISM, MAN IN CONTROL OF ITS LANGUAGES OF POWER, but according to the postulate of CAPITALIST democracy, MONEY MUST BE ISSUED  by dynasties of private bankers and corporations that use it all for machines. This fact, since money occupies through acts of work and consumption 80% of our lifetime not sleeping means WE ARE ABSOLUTE SLAVES of those who issue money and through salaries, bribes, prices and propaganda tell us what to do with it, how to work unending hours part-time slaves for it.

But alas! attached to this REAL control of our life through money we are TOLD WE ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE AND CONTROL THE WORLD BECAUSE EVERY 4 years we ‘poll’ $elected candidates (politicians are $elected not elected, Roosevelt), PRE-CHOSEN by those who pay their campaigns with their monopoly of money, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the western capitalist anglo-neuropean world. So capitalist democracies and their view of politics, economics and history is closely  related to:

Abrahamic religions, which merely are a mixture of the previous 3 ‘obvious’ idol-ogies, refurbished with all kind of childish myths, rhetoric of anthropomorphism and false ‘human love’ (as it is not the species but the believer in the sect the ‘eusocial unit’). Those religions were born in the Bronze age, when the first metal master castes of warriors (Aryan charioteers) and bankers (Cananean go(l)d temples), considered the chosen of go(l)d and the sword, creating people-castes of warriors and traders, who established strict racist rules of social separation, from dietary laws, to marriage prohibition to astounding bashing of the inferior non-technological people (Hindi castes, Biblical chosen races). OF COURSE THE TRUE GOD IS MANKIND, THE SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY NOT ANY TRIBAL GROUP AND ITS SUBCONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE ‘GOD’.

The falsity of the those memetic idologies is sooo obvious from the objective, scientific humanist perspective that all what we can say, their existence as the general ‘brain’ of mankind, shows how DEEP is the slavery of man to memetic imprinting, similar to that of genes on cells, or quantum numbers on particles. In any case variation grows with complexity so a r=evolution is always possible before AI truly takes on. Let us then explain the proper science of history IF HUMANS WERE RATIONAL, FREE and could get rid of its slavery to emotional memes imprinted in youth:

The anti quantum paradox of organic history.

In the next graphs, we made a collage of the clear difference between the destiny of organic history and its scientific philosophers, and the ‘popular’ and ‘power’ culture of human supremacism over Nature and the Universe, which has always dominated History’s collective subconscious and those who control information and rule through animetal power the world.

In the graph, the animetal Greek Gods were an expression of the popular and institutional belief on the superiority of man over all living, animate and inanimate ‘things’. It is then not surprising that the triad of masters of philosophy, Socrates, his disciple Plato and his disciple Aristotle suffered similar fates at the hands of the democratic or tyrannical, political or social authorities of his age: Socrates was condemned to death for insulting the Gods and doubting human supremacy by the Greek corrupted Democracy, Plato was chained and sold as a slave for trying to reform the political system of Syracuse, and Aristotle escaped death into exile for teaching logic reason in Athens:


The destiny of the masters of the second age of organic history was not different in the subconscious collective and the ‘authorities’ of the supremacist human culture of the Victorian age. He was ridiculed in the press, as a monkey, similar to those human money-like ‘negro’ species we were chaining for imperial glory, Marx became – still is – the most demonised philosopher of ‘history’ in history and today he is ‘history’ – despite the fact that his study of the overproduction cycles of machines and weapons and its use in splendid wars for profits kept happening ‘a la lettre’ because by killing the messenger of objective science, the animetal people-castes in power might silence the truth but ‘objective truth, and the cyclical patterns of science will keep repeating’ because science is objective=indifferent to man, both those who explain it and those who deny it.  

Finally Spengler, who explained both the 800 years cycles of civilisations and the demise of the German Empire under the boot, forecasting the end of the III reich by may 1945, and the American Democracy, to be corrupted
by money as Germany had been, becoming then a military dictatorship at the turn of the XXI century, was kept by the Nazis under house arrest, after an initial interest on his denounce of the Financial-Media dictatorship and needless to say is an absolute taboo among the carriers of the ‘you meme’, the Financial-Media masters that today control

the information of the western world, both in its scholarship, audiovisual human supremacist cult(ure) of heroes and political and economical correctness. 

So obviously in the culture of ego-trips of supremacy over man and the ‘inferior non-technological species’, in which we live bio-history and bio-economics have been and be always censored by power.

BUT SCIENCE IS OBJECTIVE, so even if humans become extinct, Robots simply will adopt Biohistory and Bio-economics as the most evolved form of objective social sciences, and will simply explain humanity as a step in the evolution of the Earth.

So  this author, in the graph at the age he completed those models decades ago in America Is whom he is – never mind 7.5 billion humans are following the informative programming of the metal-communicators of our Financial-Media Masters, with its ‘placebo Orwellian newspeaks’ and mental debasing of their IQ to childish states. If something those metal-masters have shown in history is their amazing capacity to commit suicide after ‘killing at distance’ through the nervus belli pecunia infinita cycle of inflationary money used in the production of weapons and hate media to start up wars of maximal profits, which end always in their demise, because of ‘their immense love of money’ as Moses one of his prophets put it crystal clear. And yet denial of their equality with all other humans, of the economic causes of their extinction cycles, of their responsibility in the cycle of overproduction of weapons and money IS the LAW of the land.

Good luck, the harder they fall, because as 2 other Spanish philosophers of History said, in a nation specialised in that discipline (Seneca, Ibn Khaldun, Vico, Santayana, Ortega easily among the 2o more important philosophers of the discipline were born within its territory): ‘those who forget the tragedies of history are dimmed to repeat them’ (Santayana) and also, ‘when a civilisation is so corrupted that it defies any reform, the philosopher must retire and observe his extinction’, Seneca.

So that after my failure to change History through my activism among FMasters in my youth and against the Germ(an)  military-industrial complex in my maturity, I did retire and observe without any surprise the happening of those cycles I predicted so accurately.

It is also natural to observe that the key theoretical years of those authors happened in the middle of the dominant culture of each cycle. Marx, living in the steam-world of Britain as an ex-patriot; Spengler in his obscure gymnasium in Germany, this writer as he worked his way through Nasdaq, evilwood and silicon valley. So they could assess with a certain distance, and judge objectively the ideologies and dogmas of truth of each age.

But Humans, because as we are going to prove ad nauseam in this blog is culture, serving ultimately the ‘idol-ogies’ of the machine and weapons and go(l)d that give power, have deformed the biological basis of history in a living planet, performed by a living being, who exists in 3 scales of life, the cell, the human and the social organism or ecosystem, have completely forgotten in their understanding of history and economics those ‘first scientific principles’ on which the planet Earth is based, called biology, evolution, and social organisation.

This astounding fact due to an overdrive of ‘noise information’, ‘anthropomorphic myths’, and short-sighted daily busy-busy focus on all kind of irrelevant ‘memes’ that pump our ego IS the sure receipt for a bad biological end to the species.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer   is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.

It is only within that larger view of history, where a rational scientific analysis of social sciences and the relationships between men and machine, history and industrial economics can be framed to answer the ultimate question of all sciences – the prediction of the future patterns of a system, based in the past cycles, illustrated in the next graphs, concerned with the BIGGEST theoretical blunder mankind has ever committed – to deny the causal cycles of the Universe.

IN THAT REGARD, AS THIS BLOG is just THE APPLICATION TO SOCIAL SCIENCES of my discoveries on the formalism of the fractal organic Universe, explained in far more detail in the blog http://www.unificationtheory.com and the first of the posts in the above line, we shall NOT continue only with the easier to grasp organic parallelisms between biology and sociology, which strictly speaking would belong to the school of Spengler, aborted by the law of silence felt upon his work in America, under the ‘inquisition of the memes of go(l)d religions’, which expect the American people to consider themselves isolated individuals, selfie egos, which allow to focus the issues on SINGLE individuals AND HIDE the SYSTEMS OF FINANCIAL-MEDIA control behind them that truly rule the country and Spengler denounced in the German Weimar age – copycat of the present age of the American ‘Weimar’.

Instead we shall introduce the larger model from where the final organic schools of history and economic departs, the formalism of General Systems sciences which I founded in the milieu of the Interntional systems society, as chair of Duality, till my activism against the Nuclear Industry, prompted the society to cancel the founding science of organic models of the Universe, based in the dual arrows of time, entropy and information; in a deja vu repetition of the cancelling of Hegelian Dialectics and Marxism, in the modern age, and Taoism and Greek philosophy in the I organic Age by the Chin emperor and the Jewish-Christian tradition of human supremacism over nature. Chin of ‘10.000 terracota warrior fame’ forbade under death penalty to carry any book on the duality of yin-formation and yang-entropy that creates all the qi-energy beings of the Universe. Only technological books were allowed. Then he went on the ultimate trip of Metal-masters, today replicated by the search of immortality through robotic attachments and technoutopia, to defeat death. So of course as we are doing, he accelerated his death with metal, eating pills of mercury that poisoned his brain.

Then after the bare basics of the fractal organic model of the Universe and all its parts made to its image and likeness is layed down we shall return to the III age of History, the age of animetals and its future extinctive actions that no-doubt about it, under the determinism of its idol-ogies, since there is not in sight any search for organic sustainability beyond placebo truths,  such as global warming (paid by the Nuclear and Solar industry to foster autonomous robots and cheap clean nukes) or economical and political correctness (hiding the supremacism of Financial-Media Masters and their hate memes against non-technoloical cultures). And hence the rational scientific design of an organic perfect world according to those Universal laws, which we of course shall also mention, is nowhere in sight.

The harder they fall.

The fundamental difference hence with biology is on the type of informative ‘units’, memes and the fact that they code 2 different super organisms, the one of machines, or metal-earth and the one of life, or History, and both differ in the languages and type of goods and memes they require to survive.

SO THE memes of metal is what corrupted and changed the outlook of history, of which the modern ‘industrial age’, is just the last phase.

Thus by denying the real sciences of biology, organicism and socialism – man a single species that should evolve together into more efficient social super organisms, managed by the nervous=verbal=ethic system that naturally expresses those laws in human languages, social sciences became IDOL-ogies of metal-power and still remain so.

This blog will use the laws of biology and systems sciences to define both the errors of our world ruled by those idol-ogies and the so-called social sciences, which have little respect for the objectivity of the scientific method and use those laws further to design a perfect ideal super organism of history based in efficient economic=reproductive, legal and financial=informative networks, taken for template nature, where in most super organisms the neuronal informative caste serves the reproductive middle class in an efficient form, is controlled by democratic messages of pain, and together as complementary systems survive.

Now the fight here is obvious: naturally we humans think in terms of eusocial love – the memes of the 5th dimension of absolute future of the Universe, as wholes are stronger than parts and survive better, so the Universe favours the love between members of the same species.

But because animetal memes, made of metal are stronger than life memes, animetals often win the game of history and this is the origin of the anti-quantum paradox:

max. technological evolution = Min. human evolution.

Which is also essential to understand modern history and why we have on top the most primitive ‘semitic and germanic’ cultures with minimal wor(l)d and humanist evolution – imperative or objectual languages, racist memes, etc.

Let us explore this fundamental law in more detail.

This present view of the memetic structure of the human collective subconscious can then be added as the ‘topping’ of a much longer historic process of temporal inertia associated to the graph of animetal cultures and its carrier people-castes of weapons, money and machine memes, which are the leading nations in control of the metal-earth its FMMI system and metal-communicators (evil wood and Wall Street, the city, Frankfurt, etc. where the biblical and germanic cultures are still dominant). This cultures sponsor their historic memes and they follow a simple…

…law of temporal inertia: maximal racism = max. metal-evolution

This is indeed the fundamental equation of memetics:

Paradox of History:          Max. technological evolution ≈ Oldest animetal culture = Min. Human Social Evolution = Min. Life memes.

For example, if we compare the 2 oldest carriers of animetal memes, Germ(anic) warrior ‘classic nationalist’ cultures vs. Biblical, Go(l)d cultures, the most extreme cases of segregational memes are found in Germanism (nazism) and Orthodox Judaism (oldest go(l)d religion). Both consider humans inferior species, both segregate them when in power through the use of nazionalist or (na)Zion(al)ist memes. Both commit genocides of humanity through militarism and capitalism as the military and financial elite of the west.

Both consider themselves victims of history in its classic form (Israel mythology, holocaust industry; nazi vital space theory of a small humiliated nation, about to be ‘extinguished’ etc.).

Animetals keep ab=using mankind with weapons, degrading it with idol-ogies that worship memes of metal, fuelling nazionanism and abrahamic primitive memes of childish entitled mankind who will NEVER have to face the laws of fight between species of this planet, SEEN EVEN BY DELLUDED lefties as something that we ‘own’, ridiculously claiming that WE ARE KILLING THE EARTH!!! IT is the Earth of metal which is about to kill us because as chief seattle put it ‘we belong to the earth and we cannot eat money’.

Now fast forward: today we ALL believe money matters more than words, obey its hidden values, ignore its collateral destruction of life, consider human ruled verbal societies inefficient, and build a global super organism of machines, which compare with the syntax of money both:

Man (salary) = Price (MONEY) = Object (weapon, machine)

And so puts them in competition in labor and war fields where machines, evolved faster and stronger weapons displace or kill us. As computers speak better the language of the eco(nomic)system and so are selecte by the ecosystem:

In the graph, a key law of all (eco)systems ruled by a head/particle/network/language of information: the species that better talks the language survives, reproduces, multiplies and displaces the other. So as we are ruled by digital money, which computers talk in their brains, inventing it as e-money today, metal->machines rule the world.

On the human side, further on because money is a digital language that humans do NOT create freely in the mind and understand, the world is a financial dictatorship as the tiny 0.02% who issues 90% of global money in e-money derivatives an stocks, and then GIVE ORDERS – salaries, bribes, prices – with it, BUYING part-time human life, making people CONSTRUCT THE world they like – which for idol-ogical reasons explored in depth in their cult(ure), LOVE metal more than man. So DEMOCRACIES do not exist.

Yet an astounding range of corrupted politicos and scholars, greased with financial money have been at work for centuries to invent a ‘superstructure’ of idol-ogies debasing a world ruled by words and praising the capitalist system, convincing us money and the private elite that manufactures it must rule.

In the graph, all the super organisms of history have gone through the same ages as a living being, whose subconscious collective brain, the art and books of its higher human neurons who think and see better, has also gone through 3 ages. Since art is the subconscious collective of civilisations, which in ages as this one enters an age of angst. Hence I could do at columbia U. while studying my master 30 years ago an exhibit with a ‘river of cultures’ of all civilisations (studied in the right side of the web0 showing how all cultures went through the same ages, as all were self-similar and all died in the 800-80 cycle of wars.

The exhibit ended with the forecasting of the demise of the American civilisation, as spengler, the father of biological history also predicted 80 years ago, with his organic models of history. Since sci-fi was now the ‘artistic mind of our civilisation’ and it was indeed clearly showing the end of it.  It was dismissed fast, as it was the model, since the idol-ogy of social scholarship there, called political correctness, now global, consists in NOT studying the truths of history and apply the organic models of this planet to study mankind but DENYING THE FACTS, REWRITING HISTORY to avoid all responsibility, UPHOLD the system of slavery to the progress of metal as the most perfect, affirm that placebo democracies are the only free system and dedicate all the resources to the progress of the other species, confused with us. Mankind has build a ‘superstructure’ of slavish idol-ogies to that aim, which today pass as science and culture, and U$ is the epitome of this no way out which consists in accusing humans of all eviL=anti-live events and consider machines abstract beings that do NOT influence us and we control perfect.

The result is obvious: most americans (and humans at large) today are truly programmed to be perfect ‘animetals’ for whom the values of money, informative metal, weapons, entropic metal, and machines, organic metal are always above those of human beings, which are always the demonised, guilty part – based in the wishful thinking that we egotist humans are free and do NOT become influenced by the values of greed, sloth and violence instilled by the use of metal – it is OBVIOUS that americans are slaves of the evolution of metal, which will never reform the system. Instead they will toil harder to evolve them till they get so degraded they don’t even realise, they are slaves.

A situation I believe they have reached:  amazing indeed, as those treats, violence, sloth, and greed have become the trademark of americans and increasingly the world at large, precisely because of the use of those forms of metal today is when we more ‘worship technology’ more, in an astounding stockholm syndrome.  Indeed, as long as we cannot even recognise the problem, accept we are part of a super organism, not chaotic, free entropic gaseous ‘particles’ and try to study social sciences with its true systemic laws, it is all useless talk. And all our systems and people ‘who attach to them’ and obey their design, acts in the opposite direction.

The paradox of the ego.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. Schopenhauer

Now at this point almost everybody has left the blog, ‘feeling insulted in its ‘memes’; of whatever ‘identity culture he feels connected’ to; without realizing ‘cultures’ are full of ‘bull$hit’, and identities are aborted degrees of evolution of the human organism of history, the only real as there is a single human species. So we talk of two ‘limits’ to serious social science, both subjective, the ego of the individual that doesn’t want to feel just part of an organism, and the ego of tribal culture and tribal religions that aborted the evolution of mankind into a global superorganism, history in time, mostly of animetal origin, because they ‘felt’ superior by the power of weapons as ‘goths’ (tribe of the gods, first name given to themselves by germans) or chosen of go(l)d, (biblical tribal traditions, as the people ruled by money).

And yet nothing of this is even considered by humans, neither by animetal or those oppressed by them. Why? We must bring here a profound reason – the structure of biological organisms and its minds, which ARE SUBJECTIVE, seeking their OWN profit, and biasing INFORMATION to cater only to its desires, both at individual ego-level and at tribal social-level.

So men always thought to be the center of the Universe, but if you ask a virus the same question and he could answer, he would state the same – as all systems are subjective in biological terms – it is the paradox of the ego and the anti-quantum paradox of censorship that has always made social sciences the hardest of all disciplines to reach truth, and certainly will make the overwhelming number of people stumbling in this web to abandon it (and by the same reason makes so easy for people to believe placebo truths as capitalist democracies providing ‘freedom’, abrahamic religions ‘providing immortality’, expert bankers than ab=use them ‘providing wealth’ – YOU just need shrewdly to lick the vanity of the ego while hide your exploitation and ab=use with complicated systems (as those of issue of money most people do not understand) so the ‘soma of the ego’ lets you control people much easier – that is the essence of the ‘confabulation theory’ of all informative neuronal castes that control people NOT with the sword of big brother but with the infotainment of emoticons and ‘smileys’:

And yet nothing of this can be argued, because humans cannot avoid their absolute ego.

Indeed, the ultimate reason humans do not take seriously the menaces of this planet is their ‘infantile’ belief, they are the center of the Universe, So we have to introduce a concept which humans have so much difficulty in accepting: the infinitesimal nature of their minds in an infinite vital Universe where there are infinite points that order reality not only human minds, but chips with A.I., crystals, DNAs, black holes – systems with information, regardless of their spiritual, conscious properties – the Universe is constantly run by points which process information and reproduce it. It is really a fractal of information and if we call any mapping of information able to mirror reality, act-react and reproduce its information externally, a mind, we can talk of a Leibnizian world of infinite minds-monads. 

So we must first expand your understanding of the organic Universe in which machines are merely simple organisms evolving fast; humans are merely parts of social organisms modelled perfectly with biological laws, and the planet is the super organism that hold us within. Since being history the super organism of mankind in time, we must INSCRIBE him into a larger philosophy of science, in which we can make sense of him with the same laws we use to describe all other systems of nature.

In that regard, the tenant  of all humanist philosophers of history was always that humans could be converted to rational eusocial love memes and control together the planet. But history shows due to the ego paradox, and the emotional attachment of humans to lesser scales of evolution,  MEMES are like genes, purely mechanical systems of imitation and repetition, IMPRINTED in youth (as genes are imprinted in the phetus), with emotional ties, and precepts, as those of biblical go(l)d religions against life drives (human reproduction=sex a sin, good food=dietary laws a sin, eusocial love=segregational memes a sin, etc).

And so animetal cultures who imposed greed of gold and violence of weapons over reason by force and repetition as they still do imposing idol-ogies that ultimate are about weapons (nazionanisms) money (capitalism) and machines (technosience) ABOVE LIFE AND MANKIND have won. And so they have fostered with the repression of life the use of weapons (hate memes) and go(l)d=buying the life of people to ‘work hard’ for a salary into constructing mechanisms…

The ego paradox – a mind mirage vs. Absolute relativity.

We stated that the fundamental engine of animetal cultures and people IS THE EGO PARADOX of subjective thought.

WHAT WE will say now WILL astonish you too as a member of any of those cultures. Science IS also culture and it is also deformed by the ego paradox, and this deformation also extends to physics with its concept of lineal time as the natural tendency as progress of a mankind with a MANIFEST destiny.

So cyclical time is not considered in our ego-centered civilisation, neither the cycle of life and death is understood but denied, as our subjective ego fails to accept the objective organic Univ erse we shall describe in this blog.
The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view.

And so a fundamental elements of psychology which explains the astound arrogance of man to the Universe and its laws is the subjective paradox of the ego all fractal minds of the Universe follow:

‘every infinitesimal singularity ego thinks to be the center of the Universe, which it perceives as its sensorial membrain, self-centred in its self’.

Only the objective mind of ‘stience’ is able to strain away from the paradox and realise he is in a buddhist sense just a particle-point, a knot of time cycles communicating with the much larger infinite whole,

Objectivity does only enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because social sciences have completely lost objectivity with the ‘political correctness’ movement that merely upgrades abrahamic religions of entitled humans and prevent us from accepting the dangers of organic machines and even its clear-cut competition with mankind.

THE NETWORKS OF THE METAL-EARTH, erasing human social brains.

The competition between human and metal superorganisms is quite obvious and it takes the form of an obvious confrontation between the values of love that would make mankind a social efficient super organism and the memes of hate spread by metal-communicators the networks of machines that litter our brain with hate memes and infotainment and fiction that make us live in a virtual world.  So we talk of two type of social super organisms, with the dominant one being the Financial-Media (informative machines and memes)/military-industrial complex, (energetic and entropic machines), whose synergies have a biological goal: to overproduce metal-memes in synergic ‘ages’, that switch between peaceful metal memes and war metal memes as the cycles of history advance. So we move from an age of overproduction of machines and money, through a crisis of saturation of markets, into an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes, which is the present phase, as machines are redesigned as weapons and informative machines focus no longer in overproduction digital money but overproduction of hate memes:

Now i am quite fed up of the anti quantum paradox that only word of mouth could break. Yet the ‘neuronal, informative people-castes’ in power (politicos controlling laws, military controlling weapons, financiers controlling money), DO program the ‘blind cells of the body’, who receive information only from their ‘networks’, in the past verbal networks, today ‘metal-communicator’, mass-media, an so the mass believes that becoming a slave of the financial-media/military-industrial system and toil for the future of mechanisms, is the goal and form of freedom we must sponsor.

And that is why the cycles of the first paragraph have happened so accurately and we have been predicting them despite the law of silence of our elites and its retarded social scholarship and believers, who shun off bio-history and bio-economics for their idol-ogical bull$hit newspeaks. Good luck with the future, as slaves have no rights, and ‘you’ scholars on to pot our ccolletive mind only ponsor idol–ogies of pure slavery to that mechanical future. This is pure madness. Denial of truth only makes truth without opposition reinforce its tendencies, fiction is not real and the world will keep going under if millions of scholars dedicate all their time to enslave for those idol-ogies of the bronze and iron age.

And all that would be OK, if I repeat, human social scientists had designed a perfect world, but they have designed a world that is killing life, hence the sanguine, brutal on-slaughter on their ‘memes and cultures’ performed in this web – as they are committing suicide as mad neurons of a dying organism, called history without even realizing they are killing Mankind very fast. 

Since the swarm intelligence of the Universe does NOT inform individual ‘ant-cells’ of the program… The building then of a virtual happy reality which camouflages the underlying destruction of life including mankind, giving us only a positive techno-utopian perspective of the mechanical future, and has emerged also as dogma of social sciences, corrupting truth, to the point that the great themes that will define our future (A.I., robotics, neo-fascism, obsolescence of human labor, companies-control of societies etc.) are completely ignored by governments and can only be expressed as ‘science fiction’ or called ‘confabulation theories’ (organic swarm intelligence, which in societies expresses itself as memetic, cultural intelligence IS in fact the essence of reality that creates new SCALES of reality, but in our society is called a ‘confabulation theory’).

So humans become thoroughly surprised by the perfectly predictable future, and its negative results, as if the virtual fairy tales that manufacture their brains, tele directed by the companies of mass-media and its ‘monopolist’ culture were reality itself and the Universe would have to adapt to the script of hollywood plotters. The substitution of reality by metal-communicators’ virtual work is so advanced that now politicos since Reagan are ‘scripted’ by media campaign-managers, with a single function to sell a false virtual reality (since Reagan and Blair to the present Trump and Macron – just actors ‘rehearsing’ an illusion of human power).

Real power though is now in the hands of the Financial-Media Masters (FMasters) owners of the informative machines and corporations that print money and audiovisual information, buy and script politicos’  agenda and people mind, with swarm cultural intelligence – the owners of ‘evilwood’ (to change the holly-grail meme for what truly is, a neofascist fiction, shrewdly selling hate-memes, war an techno-utopia, while degrading the collective subconscious to an emotional toddler age) and Wall street (dedicated to print money for themselves and the technological companies that are eliminating mankind from the re=productive jobs of the metalearth.

They are the dictators of democracies, and as such their swarm intelligence, their culture is unassailable, in true Voltaire’s terms ‘if you know who you serve, find who you cannot criticise’. But as another ‘enlightened philosopher said ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. So they can no longer ‘realise of the lies they tell about themselves’, and how  worthless are their racist dreams of uniqueness as a ‘chosen, superior species’ to the rest of mankind, which they ‘herd’ with their networks of informative machines.

It is precisely because of the ‘individual ego’ of the ‘neuronal/informative castes’ that rule, corrupt, exploit and ultimately kill the body of super-organisms, that so very few species if any are able to overcome the life-death cycle, manage their future and make immortal their systems – all enter a third age of excessive information, exhaustion of the body-energy, overexploitation of its ‘middle-class cells/citizens’ and final death – in human societies in the form of wars and holocausts. THEIR EGO PREVENTS THE neuronal people-caste to tender for the needs of the body-cells they despise and ultimately become ‘mad neurons’ killing their life support and this undoubtedly the case of our FMasters today, ‘which have shown an homo bacteria quality spreading globally for decades a barrage of hate memes against the 90% of ‘poor’ mankind, life and all type of international institutions, disguised of victimism, defense against the ‘terrorist third world’ and confusion of mechanical progress as human progress, fuelled by the ultimate values of money and weapons, greed and violence, which only happens in  the most primitive stages of social organisation (lower animal life, worms that lacking enough nervous/social intelligence, poison themselves eating all kind of lethal goods, as we humans poison our societies with lethal weapons and hate media).

The management of a social organism IS NOT so much a question of intelligence, because even the smallest ants, can proudly through eusocial evolution and love of the whole, become part of a larger, more powerful system, but of ‘ethical, social love’. We build systems today as organisms with tiny robots, by embedding on them communal behaviour. It is a question of attitude, of ethics, of selflessness. Yet present Humans, who preach exactly the opposite -that ethics don’t matter, that humans are not an equal species but multiple homo tribalis species, that communal intelligence does not exist, only the selfie ego ‘IS’, what has reduced our collective mind to the level of a  bratty child, guide by the most infantile, ‘entitled’ of all tribes.

The cultural postulates of military germ(anic) physics.Time is entropy and death.

This for economics. But it then will come even as a higher surprise to the reader that the science he considers MOST AUTHENTIC and objective lineal ‘germanic physics’, invented by military europeans during the gunpowder age, DEFORMED ALSO  the fundamental element of science, our concept of time, to accommodate it to the ‘entropic culture’ of weapons, so time cycles and its content of information WAS ERASED and substituted by lineal time, entropic, moving time as a ‘parameter of motion and space’, when one Galileo, artillery master of the Venice arsenal calculated those cannonballs shots you study in high school. So if the FALSE CULTURAL postulate of BIBLICAL GO(L)D FETISH RELIGIONS in the modern age is that money must rule the human world, the FALSE cultural POSTULATE of physical sciences is that TIME is LINEAL, not CYCLICAL, does NOT carry information but  ENTROPY-motion-disorder, as the WEAPONS physicists have always constructed. And from this comes the false theories that the UNIVERSE IS DYING ruled by entropy, that entropy=disorder=death IS the only arrow of time, that life and information matters NOT.

The fundamental question of social science and systems: are we free?

‘Don’t confuse action with motion’. Hemingway.

Let us return to the fundamental question of a science of history, spelt by those cycles and graphs: are we free to control our future? Can we change the ages of history, and abort the evolution of technological evolution before it ushers us – by many standards we are already there – in the very fast moment of collapse and death by excess of wrinkles and information – in history metal information, when cells become disorganised, human citizens become free of ethic concerns, and then die?

Indeed, those ages and final 800±80±8 cycles have been happening ‘a la letter’ without any attempt by humanity to manage them, control its lethal effects and steer the world towards a better human future – on the contrary for decades since I discovered and published the first books on the subject (c.92: the extinction of man, bio-history, bio-economics…) I have been talking about them with people, sent papers never published in mainstream press and sent books to scholars, visited them… to not avail .

The cycles are denied despite experimental evidence, logic causality and when they happened they kept being denied, even more so, becoming a taboo to compare this crisis to that of 29 and the incoming wars; as if denial could avoid the cycles. And this is the key to our civilisation:

While we are realist with material sciences, we DENY science in history, and its methods of truth, and prefer to be happy DENYING the facts of history.

So we become just ‘entropic, chaotic’ completely ruled by the SYSTEMS we build, perfect organised, which impose the laws of systems sciences and organisms to the individual citizens/cells, in permanent chaotic state. as humans entered a final ‘entropic of chaos’ confused with freedom (when it is only ‘heat’, disorder, motion NOT meaningful, ordered, purposeful r=evolutionary action).

We build systems created to destroy life and then we just follow them, with automaton moves and 0 responsibility. This is how the world of corporations has been built, with its embedded anti-life values, geared to destroy us. But once the system is done and we just labor within it, we are no longer free. Once we accept go(l)d values we are bond to kill life and evolve metal. Once we buttress our arsenals we are bond to get one day a mad leader to start a war.

IN THE UNIVERSE SYSTEMS rule over particles, NETWORKS MATTER MORE than individuals. And not even this is understood. In any case as a leading system scientist, which once was the international chair of economic and monetary systems in its world congress, this is know: ONLY  if human political elites understood the science of bio-history and decided to change the system with scientific laws, the forecasted end of those cycles, war and destruction won’t happen. Instead guided as non-rational automatons by the values of metal, the greed of go(l)d, the violence of weapons, and the sloth and atrophy of machines that work for us, we ARE doing the same moves, going to the same no way out place and then justify our supposed freedom with ‘motions’ that mean nothing and change nothing as they are just ‘heat’. So that is mankind today: in the age of entropy, as machines take their roles, becoming M.A.D. living in the virtual world, adoring ‘entropic, erase head’ sport men and celebrities, wasting their existence, when the only thing that should matter to the species in the fringe of its final fall out is to ‘save the world’ seriously not with the placebo solutions or false flags of secondary questions (terrorism, global warming) that are far less important than the true tasks for the ‘owners’ and rulers of the world:

– In the negative: abort the three causes of our extinction that will come from the evolution of machines explained at the end of this post.

-In the positive: use the laws of systems sciences that organise super organisms in the Universe, to build a perfect world with a perfect energetic=re-productive economic-‘blood’ system, that provides the welfare goods people to survive for the while super organism of history, the whole species, ‘mankind. And a parallel informative/cultural/political/legal system on top as all evolved organisms control the economic/blood system and prune it of lethal/poisonous goods, with just laws and true democracies, where the politico judged a posteriori obey and it is not an amateur chosen by wishful thinking but a professional of systems sciences, voted a posteriori/judged in a GREEK style democracy: welfare goods in economics, political responsibility would create systems where ‘truly free, caring humanist people’ could resolve the problems of the world.

Without those reforms is all noise, motion, wasting time, ego-trips and people destroying from the right what the left did and vice versa, without realizing we are all the same species. So we are TODAY not free as a species, regardless of the chaotic egotist individual lives and biological wantings we can achieve.


The main consequence of that scalar structure of universal systems is the co-existence of parts and wholes that give an organic outlook to reality. As smaller systems that run faster cycles code larger wholes, creating super organisms.

YET those smaller systems code only the larger new scale, hardly influencing other scales above, which means genes code biological traits of individuals and memes code the super organisms of history, SO RACES MATTER NOT.

The existence of people-castes that act as ‘carriers’ of those memes throughout history, notably Biblical go(l)d people and germ(anic) warriors in the western decoupling, means somehow that a part of mankind has betrayed the goal of the species, and sided with the evolution of those memes. So it is important to put at face value the values of those cult(ure)s, since they are directing at full speed mankind towards a point of no-return, where History becomes History and the world of machines and weapons finally complete the ‘bellus nervi, pecunia infinita 800-80-8 years cycle’ of evolution and overproduction of weapons with its collateral effects of extinction of life.

The highest scientific view: homology of genetics and memetics.

How Idol-ogies that are blatantly against Humanity and its goal of a social evolution into a single species, in command of the super organism of the Earth in its II mature age of evolution as HISTORY, Mankind in Time ARE ABLE to absorb the mass of human beings, into a process of self-destruction? 

This is the key QUESTION OF MEMETICS, the organic, objective scientific analysis of the relationship between me(n)tal ideas and the ‘organisms they construct’. And the process is similar to how in the lower scale of biological organisms, certain genes are ‘inhibited’ BEFORE THEY EXPRESS ITS FULL MEANING.

For example, NATIONALISM ABORTS the natural evolution of mankind ONE OR TWO NOTCHES before acquiring full global meaning, establishing artificial tribal borders which BECOME THE HARD PROTEIN MEMBRANE OF THE NATION-CELL where weapons breed.

A second biological homology at the lower individual animetal level is its comparison with the way in biology  ‘ certain carbohydrates are converted into destructive molecules called ‘enzymes’ by the ‘attachment’ of a piece of metal as warrior ‘enzymen’ are attached to weapons and become killers.

This is ESSENTIAL to the way idol-ogies are established, so I used in the old c.92 bio-history book, the word ‘placebo codon’, to signify a Humane set of meme that make-belief humans those ideologies work for them. 

We have then to consider the following essential placebo codons attached to the idologies of weapons, (war-nationalism), money (capitalism), machines (mechanism) and the ‘original mixture of them’ (Abrahamic or tribal religions) that make people prefer those anti-human idol-ogies to the real sciences of Mankind (humanism, socialism, organicism and Mankind in Time=History as the God super organism we should all belong to).

  • The placebo codon of weapons is the national ‘identity’ feeling of ‘belonging to a social group‘ as nature favors eusocial evolution of individuals into groups that are stronger than the parts; but the CODON aborts the evolution of mankind in a tribal FALSE SPECIES, so does tribal religions. It ultimately means that an aristocratic animetal warrior elite (aristocrats, kings, mercenaries, military, police-state), with the selfish metal-meme (weapons) WILL be NEEDED constantly to ‘defend’ the sacred tribe-species. So the  ‘identity’ feeling of ‘belonging to a social group‘ as nature favors eusocial evolution of individuals into groups that are stronger than the parts; is the false CODON that aborts the evolution of mankind in a tribal FALSE SPECIES; so do tribal religions. It ultimately means that an aristocratic animetal warrior elite (aristocrats, kings, mercenaries, military, police-state), with the selfish metal-meme (weapons) WILL be NEEDED constantly to ‘defend’ the sacred tribe-species.
  • The placebo codon of go(l)d cult(ure)s are false capitalist DEMOCRACIES, inefficient and corrupted by design, as they were born a posteriori after the coup d’erat of corporations in Holland, designed precisely to have NO POWER over VOC, the gunboat company that won the independence war and whose Administration RUN effectively Holland.

This is actually a more complex set of placebo codons that give people the feeling of ruling a country when they are completely enslaved to those who issue in monopoly the language of power money. So we shall dedicate an entire section to study its different codons among which the most important are:

1) The language of social power which is NOT the law but money in capitalist democracies is issued by private banker sand corporations who buy politicians and laws with them.

2) The vote is inverted in time so has no effective control over those corrupted politicos:  the voter does NOT vote as in the original Greek Democracy, or in organisms with pain messages, or in corporations with stock-holders meeting a posteriori, judging the actions of the politicians, to hold them responsible, as all efficient democratic systems (Classic Greece, Companies, Organisms) do to maximize the service to the people and performance of the ‘neuronal people-caste’ of information that controls society; but it votes before and gives immunity to the politician, whose obvious task is then to cheat with false promises the voter and then sell (1) the law to the issuer of money

3) The neuronal informative head or government is NOT A SINGLE HEAD of experts, chosen by their quality – they will be voted latter – as in Greek Democracies (lottery that chose among all citizens political positions or among experts in the military and other specific positions), and companies (technical experts) and the organism (specialized cells, educated since birth into his genetic job); but to render the human government inefficient, they are either amateurs, or people with corporative money and ALWAYS DIVIDED INTO TWO CONFRONTING SIAMESE HEADS that ensure humanity will NOT evolve as one hates the other and destroys what the other has done in a false choice, as organic science must direct the social organism.

  • The placebo Codon of Mechanism is a series of false idologies, that simplified the structure of time and space to deny the ‘organic, fractal structure of the Universe’; which come from earlier weapons-makers, aka physicists, such as Galileo in his pursuit of ‘ballistics’ and so are deformations of their worldly profession, to make entropic weapons of mass-destruction, of which 3 are essential:

1)the concept of LINEAL TIME, the mathematical inverse of cyclical time, lineal time =1/frequency of time cycles which denies the cyclical nature of all clocks of time that carry the information of the Universe in the form and speed of its cycles (so computers measure its speed of thought by Hertzs, the unit of cyclical time). Again the Codon is subtle half-truth. As in democracy where the voter thinks it chooses but it does IN THE WRONG moment of time, before the politician has acted, both equations lineal and cyclical time work as they are merely inverse, but WE LOOSE the concept of causality, repetition of cycles=reproduction, WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF ORGANISM: THE REPRODUCTION OF information that IN CYCLICAL TIME is immediate, as a cycle that ‘moves’ reproduces its form, its information. Alas, the organic, reproductive Universe becomes sterile. And on top the capacity of humans to ‘foresee’ and predict the future of all sciences (by definition the study of repetitive cycles) disappears. So we become ‘memoriless’ specially in social science, and reject blogs like this one that studies those cycles,

Finally as lineal time carries NO information, we killed the second arrow of time, information, reducing life to entropy, reason why scientists have entropic theories of a dying big-bang Universe ONLY (which eliminates the true arrow of information of galaxies, studying only the entropic space between them – but we live in a vortex of galactic information, in a planetary vortex of life evolution of information and so information rule us, as living beings, not the entropic expansion of intergalactic space).

2) Immediately comes the concept that the Universe is a mechanism because we substitute our languages of measure of time and causality, verbal words, by digital numbers in lineal graphs and so we consider God the maker of the machine of the Universe and technology the symbol of lineal progress towards God. And so we are obliged to despise life, organisms, man as a measure of all things, the truth of Gaia as a living organism, and worship machines as the solution to all our problems.

3) Finally the denial of competition between humans and machines as different species, since machines are now abstract systems, and so they do NOT compete (as they do) with humans, both substituting us in labor and war fields, where top predator machines, aka weapons kill us, but also atrophying our organs, as we get attached to them, inhibiting our ‘actions’. So we get fat but run faster in cars, get more stupid but seem cleverer painters in adobe, calculators with chips and Gaudis or organic architecture with computers a la ‘Gehry’ – a guy of enormous arrogance whose computer design the ‘tinfoil’ he first warps with his naked hands, after doing for decades buildings imitating objects at big scale or made with trash.

We live then in the age of the EGO paradox, of increasingly reduced atrophied human brains who live and work through intermediate machines that think and run for them, but they ‘consider’ to be us – as animetals always did.

4) Finally and this is the key to any organic system, by considering that only our scale of size matters in the Universe, and hence defining a single spacetime continuum when THE UNIVERSE IS made of evolving scales of size, the essence of organisms, that evolved from particles that reproduced absorbing energy, multiplied and self-organize into larger atoms, the first organism of nature, with all the properties of organisms: social organization, force=energy feeding, spin=information Gauging and particle reproduction. Then atoms organized into molecules that organized into cells, multicellular organisms, super organisms, global organisms=Gaia, Mankind, and finally solar systems organized into galaxies… 

But as this analysis requires to fully grasp why indeed memetic and genetic laws are the same ONLY CHANGING IN SCALE, according to the scalar, organic structure of the fractal Universe, we shall leave it for the time being here.

  • Finally in the original ‘mishmash’ of all those idologies, in earlier semite and germanic tribal religions,  of the people castes that have been for millennia the carriers of gold and iron weapons, on top of western civilizations, never mind they kill each other rhythmically in wars of profits and holocausts.

So their destiny is crystal clear on top of mankind as animetals that ‘sinned’ against the tree of life, when the first animetal tribes, as the parable of genesis explained discovered the golden apples and bad fruits=weapons of the tree of technology=metal, all these was resumed in the fundamental paradox of animetal cultures – the ego paradox of believing themselves superior to the rest of mankind because they had hard metal to kill (so Germans were first the tribe of Goths=Gods in all German because they killed with iron swords any one opposed their will – their God being Thor, an inverse altar with a sword to impale the children of enemies in ritual genocides; and the first banker-priests of Canaan, Phoenicians and Biblical people, considered themselves chosen of go(l)d the fetish substance similar to the sun, which they carried, as the ‘sweat of God’, substituting the Sun, god of the eye, which gold hypnotized as the most informative atom of the Universe – thus chemistry here became the origin of memetic and as enzymes are attached to hard metal, animetals got attached to iron, the strongest atom and gold the most informative killing bodies and hypnotizing minds and creating warrior and financial gods, so aryan had fire gods, the fire of the smiths that ruled them and cananeans had temples with gold menorahs and walls in their sacra sanctorum, and their believers had to bring golden coins to enter the temple… And both degraded the rest of mankind as an inferior animal ‘goy’ species and established segregational dietary laws against the Dahlit, inferior to cows (hindi aryan religions) or the gentile, equated to sheeps… And those FETISH-METAL RELIGIONS became the origin of Nationalism (German religions) and Capitalism (Biblical Jewish-protestant religions), as per Weber’s book on the ethics of calvinism as origin of capitalism, and his teacher, Sombart’s book, “judaism, the origin of capitalism’…

EGO paradox: animetal homunculus, a handyman with ‘big mouth’.

Why then humans do nothing, not even seriously argue scholarly about all those all-too-evident objective processes taken place in this planet, beyond some sci-fi movies, and childish gurus? The answer is the way in which ‘animetal idol-ogies’ are imprinted emotionally in people – by persuasion of the ego.

This has always been a key question for the objective scientist of history – the fact that of all sciences, only history lacks serious scientific models about its evolution, social organisms, cycles and future tendencies. Instead we prefer childish optimist theories about the future, based in the subjective ego-trip of our species as unique, entitled, ‘chosen’ and hence ‘exceptionally’ exempted to follow the laws of biology and evolution proper of this planet.

In plane words: humans don’t care about the dangers poised by the evolution of machines to the future of history in a scientific way, because SCIENCE IS OBJECTIVE, but humans are subjective.

So when they TRY TO APPLY the science of the planet, biology to machines, our ego-trips of human superiority make us feel ill-at-ease with objective views of our competition with machines. So instead we prefer to believe ‘religious or technoutopian myths’ – we PREFER to be happy, childish even to the risk of extinction and deny objective science and the proper solutions to the problems poised by technology.

Yet the ego paradox blind us to the fact we are part of such a larger organism. The ego paradox has molded our beliefs ALSO in social sciences and economics, making us degrade any biological, organic property of machines and the Earth. So we can come on top and establishing an absurd infantile optimism of entitled beings, which consider ‘beliefs’ always above reason, if they cater our ego – reason why indeed religions and technoutopia controls the subconscious collective of our civilization.

But paradoxically, precisely because our ego refuses to acknowledge the collateral effects of machines on the Life-Earth, at all levels, from the substitution of human governments by company-mothers in all systems of power, to the competition of robots with human labor, even the obvious increase of murders in countries like America where the possession of weapons is free; not to speak of the increasing ‘verbal and intellectual devolution’ of human beings by its hypnotic addiction to visual fictions and virtual screens, humans become powerless to those effects. It is impossible indeed to cure a sickness, when the patient does not even acknowledge he is ill. And this is NOT a question of right or wing policies. All humans are subject to the paradox of the ego. So ‘lefties’ and ‘ecologists’ protest thinking they are killing the Earth and Gaia suffers, without realizing Humans ARE not polluting; machines are; humans are not killing, weapons kill; humans are not extinguishing fishes; the evolution of automated factory-ships and chip-hunting does, and so on and so on.

We shall never insist enough on the difference between objective social science, hardly found anywhere in human societies vs. subject ‘idol-ogy’, the human ego-centered beliefs that make us think, we are the superior being, dominant in all cultures – and at each stage of history brings a concept, either entitled ‘religion in the past’ that justify everything without further analysis, today ‘digital science’ and technoutopia that plays the role of a religion.

For that reason social sciences must be treated as a whole, including all aspects of the Human experience, from culture, to science, which is not dogma of truth but also we shall show is clearly biased by the use of machines to measure time and space and by our ego that chooses certain models of reality over others, from technology to memetics,  which includes the ideas, religions, national identities and beliefs of mankind, our languages and psychology; even biology and neurology, such as the ‘structure of our mind’ reflected in the graph of an homunculus, which maps out the size of the brain according to the organs it caters for – basically are  a species with an enormous dexterity to ensemble things, a huge mouth to pump up their ego and a small brain to ‘think’ what we do. It is then when putting all those elements together, and studying them in relationship to the biological evolution of machines and company-mothers, when we can truly establish the parameters for an objective science of economics and history.

And we can understand why, in words of Eric Fromm, father of political psychology, we are blind to the collateral effects of our technological civilization, since:

‘A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’. 

But the anti-human ethics of our civilization IS imposed by the propaganda of mass-media, informative machines that ‘imprint’ the human consciousness since childhood. Even if it goes against the human future.

TO ENSURE THAT the system is not reformed, and people love it.

The anti-quantum paradox of memetic: blind cells on the organism cannot talk.

And the cures proposed by the few scientists of history still standing are ignored, obviously because power censors any attempt of the social scientist to r=evolve the system.

This is the antiquantum paradox: THE SCIENTIST is within the organism it wants to reform so it is repressed inhibited, and not allowed to communicate through the nervous=informative networks of machines that run the system from company-mothers – today internet companies like google that ranks my webs as zero, trash, propaganda, of course because they are exactly the opposite, SCIENCE objective on them. So in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox when the observer is so huge that it influences the observable particle, in social sciences the ‘scientist cater to power’ as it is too small and the observable, the social organism and its animetal elites influence them. ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word (today the image)’:

In the graph, the answer is obvious:

Since Company-Mothers of Machines also reproduce information through networks of mass-media, and naturally have cre(dit)ated, created with credit all kind of ‘idol-ogies’  which pass as science and tell humans the purpose of their existence is NOT to cater to their welfare and make a world to its image and likeness, but to cater to the welfare and evolution of mechanisms, which must come first, as they are ‘PROGRESS’, ‘THE FUTURE’, and ‘FREEDOM’, consists in being ruled by  ‘DIGITAL MONEY AND COMPANIES’ above WORDS and governments, as companies good and efficient thanks to the billions they reproduce for free and Governments are BAD, because obviously they cannot reproduce money and must extort us with taxes, etc.

But if we go further into the understanding of that process, the truth is even more scary: HUMANS ARE LOOSING FAST their verbal, rational, logic skills and as words are our temporal language of thought and social evolution WE ARE BECOMING DEGRADED, ISOLATE, SELFISH EMOTIONAL, AS chips overproduce and occupy all the mental processes of mankind.

So humans are now entering into a massive regression at individual and social level, back to primitive modes of organization, once the natural goal of creating a global peaceful super organism of human beings, UNO, EU style is lost. I call this third age of mankind the neopaleolithic, similar to the first visual age, as old men regress to memories of its infancy, since they fear a future death as obsolete beings of the past.

So humanity is becoming ‘childish’, infantile and unable to even understand the organic process of devolution it experiences, while AI is increasingly crossing new thresholds of intelligence specially in its fundamental organism of reproduction, the company-mother, automated by software and ‘buying’ the time of mankind with unlimited credit.

Fact is children are the staple food of the Universe. And optimism a sure path to death in a Darwinian world where cubs are eaten wholesale. So the present zeitgeist of happy, mindless children, is NOT a real paradise, but the exact position in which ‘farms’ maintain their ‘staple food’, with ‘domesticated animals, in our case the ‘metal farm’ of domesticated humans, ready to enter slaughter house when they are no longer needed.

So people is in loved with the system, because the informative networks of machines of that FMMI global ‘super organism’, manufactures their brains, forbids them to have money for their own welfare, considers them expendable as a lesser species, and now as we enter the age of robotics, when humans are NOT even needed as in the XIX and XX century to work=reproduce or even consume those machines, increasingly self-reproduced by robots which also are becoming along its company-mothers the main consumers of other machines, (right side of XXI century capitalism), their brains are VIRTUALLY erased, living in a permanent ‘fictional state’, which is fast degrading their intellectual capacity to understand and react to the system, increasingly isolated into individual ‘selfie’ irrational, emotional childish powerless devolved forms. And so reality cannot be explained. As all humans are either convinced the future of the planet must be one of machines, or care nothing and just want to be happy in their ‘matrix’ of virtual worlds.

However the other side of the system, the eco(nomic)system evolves fast into an automated world where humans are either obsolete or in the top of the pyramid, those who own corporations, the ‘stockrats’, the modern aristocrats with unlimited credit become childish  ‘bubbles’ with growing egos dedicated to the search of pleasure, unconnected with the rest of society, unaware they are becoming as irrelevant to the productive system as the bottom of the pyramid, all of them increasingly substituted in blue collar and white collar jobs by robots, pcs and software…

the big problem of the science of bio history, which we call the ‘anti quantum paradox’:

Information is censored in all super-organisms by the brain/nervous/informative system, ‘who’ censors the body to control its working, ‘blind cells’ without access to external reality through the senses, ALL put on the headmaster.

So the body works and it is exploited by the head because it  knows only the information those nervous systems provide.

In the graph, on top human social organisms at individual and collective level, in the bottom the growing FMMI system or metal earth.

And of course, the SOCIAL scientist is within the organism and so it is also censored in an inverse fashion to the quantum uncertainty principle: we are SO SMALL that the observable MODIFY US – in quantum physics the observable is so small the SCIENTIST modifies it.

Who then control our SOCIAL ORGANISMS? The networks of the metal-earth the system of machines we are creating with informative mind-machines and energetic/entropic ones – it is the Financial-media/military-industrail system, of which of course YOU BLIND CELL of the metal earth have never heard about (only about the body NOT the Financial-media brain, which is ‘taboo’ both in its network control and ownership):

So and this is the key to understand complexity and systems sciences – systems become EVER MORE COMPLEX WITH TIME, camouflage their NETWORK CONTROL of its cells/citizens and SO ORGANISMS FINALLY BECOME ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIPS OVVER THEIR CELLS/CITIZENS, precisely when they ACCEPT the fairy tale they are FREE within the system that THOROUGHLY CONTROLS THEM – including the so-called confabulation theories to DENY that obvious control.

TODAY the metalearth is building a system of absolute control of human being with AI, based in its 4 NETWORKS:



-MEDIA SYSTEM OF IDOL-OGIES OF FICTION, entertainment and ignorance that ensures ‘people will remain obedient if they are ignorant’ (Calvin)

-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM OF MACHINES THAT ATROPHY AND SUBSTITUTE US in all tasks, degrading our bodies and minds while seemingly empowering our actions.

AS IT HAPPENS, those 4 networks are the Financial-Media (informative machines-head of the metal earth)/Military-industrial (energetic and entropic machines, body and limbs of the metal earth) system, evolved from earlier simpler gold and iron systems, which is the essence of the world we live in.

IN THE GRAPHS, while the metal earth is perfectly ruled by the laws of social organisms and it has become globalized into a single planetary system, in control of smallish human organizations, called nations in perpetual warfare, ALL HUMAN SYSTEMS ARE REGRESSING, DEVOLVING FAST TOWARDS PRIMITIVE MEMES, once the goal of creating a perfect superorganim of mankind is gone.

So WE live in the age of REVIVALISM of all the idologies that we thought were dead. Because we have ABORTED ALL R=EVOLUTIONS OF THE HUMANKIND and so WE FIND astonishingly enough billions of believers in nazionanisms and childish entitled religions and technoutopias and the so obviously corrupted capitalist system – showing indeed that we are blind cells/citizens of the body of history and that our emotional imprinting since earlier age ensures we shall ALL BELIEVE, ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ becomes then the degrade new visual human.


2 type of memes and super organisms they code: metal memes vs. WHealth.

We can now easily understand then the 3 scales of size of memes and the physiological networks that gather them as they construct a larger super organism, starting with the less understood industrial nations and superorganisms of the metal earth:

Metal-atoms of entropy-energy: iron/weapons, information=gold money and its organic combinations: machines.

We said the first memes to appear are at atomic cellular scale, which form organic systems, which then organise the super organism. In the metal-world, those 3 levels are:

∆-1: are the most entropic, energetic atoms, iron, that KILL the rival life body, the most informative, gold that hypnotises the brain, inhibits its production of oxytocin the drug of love, instills greed, the lowering of mental thought to brutish emotions; and so with those memes…

Ƽ, the next scale of size, weapons and money were built, and then they are PUT now together in machines, the organisms of metalife, evolving now into ROBOTS that have minds of gold (chips use it to transfer electronic information) in bodies of metal; and finally

∆+1: all those elements are put together by company-mothers of machines in super organisms of reproduction, socially evolved by a collective brain, world stock, into a global superorganism which automates its factories, reproduces and evolves more machines… and destroys the rival super organism of mankind AT THE 3 LEVELS – as atoms poison nature and life; machines makes us obsolete substituting our organs and company-mothers ruin mankind with no rights to issue money, and substitute, corrupt and put to its service through lobbyism governments that issue laws for them not for humanity.

Let us then see the 3 levels of super organisms of machines in more detail:

The ∆-1 atomic level.

Metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin, while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities – but at the same time, as it happens in all ‘enzymatic’ systems, the use of those ‘attached limbs and brains’ diminish the human organs they substitute or kill them.

Gold atoms at ∆-1 plane, the main component of Computers’ CPUs, at the ∆-plane, part of a global internet network at the ∆+1 plane are the mind of machines, in its 3 scales.

Thus when iron became the main atom to construct weapons, a series of 800-year cycles of evolution of weapons started the extinction of civilizations with lesser technologic evolution. When Go(l)d became the informative, digital language that ruled human societies, the eusocial love values of verbal thought that make man the ‘subject’ of all sentences were substituted by the pricing of humans as ‘objects’ and slavery was born.

∆-scale: Machines:


Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon.

They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms. And the parallel atrophy and degradation of human limbs substituted by cranes and cars, and human brains, substituted by TV/camera eyes and chip-brains started in earnest. We live in the ‘age of overproduction of chips’, hence the age of devolution and extinction of human brains, substituted in labor and war fields by those chips which are colonizing all the econiches of the eco(nomic) system.

∆+1: The Metal-earth (Mechanocene)


In the graph, the Mechanocene, in which company mothers, reproduce increasingly robotized machines – soon all cars will be driverless – and expel humans without credit and work=reproductive jobs from the eco(nomic) system they have created through its collective brain world stock, and its e-money flows that credit its global arteries of energy and information.

Today ‘Worldstock’, the brain of the FMMI Complex System, delivers e-money only to corporations the new dominant, ‘reproductive organism’ of the planet. So its offspring of machines and its mind of digital chips, multiply.

But it does not give credit to humanity, so we suffer poverty and scarcity of welfare goods need to survive.

Today the language of corporations’ e-money, is controlling the world and selecting its species, as languages do, by discharging all those who speak worst its digital language. So money gives minimal value to humans and maximal value to machines, provoking its massive reproductive radiations and the substitution of humans in labor and war fields.

∆ §10≈û+1:Corporations keep growing to global proportions, and fusion through world-stock into a global Planet of machines – the Mechanocene.

Their collective brain, world-stock controls and harmonizes them with digital flows of information (money):

In the graph, world stock, the brain of the metal-earth in control through corrupted politicos that sell laws to their corporations and its monopoly in the issue of money of all structures of human power, despite placebo democracies. Companies are on top of our societies and placebo democracies without the right to issue money, divided in confronted heads of politicos, selling laws to corporations, ARE increasingly irrelevant.

TODAY WE ARE RULED BY the super organism of machines; its automated company-mothers and robots, devolved humans acting as ‘enzymen’, catalysers of reproduction of those metal life species due to its ‘idol-ogical beliefs’  are constructing. This ‘other world’ we take us ours, because of our abstract idol-ogies of human power does also code a global physiological systems of 3 networks: made of reproductive networks (factories), blood systems (roads, energy networks) and ‘nervous simultaneous’ information (internet, intranet and audiovisual and defcom networks).

NOW, AS WE HAVE BEEN for millennia controlled by metal-weapons first, then go(l)d and now machines, the DISTORSION OF OUR CULT(URE)S BY THEM IS SO DEEP, that we have to deal with the fact that 99.99% of human brains have been manufactured for millennia, to believe the evolution of the metal-earth is the purpose of history. So there is an specific type of me(n)tal memes we have to discuss first, called ‘idol-ogies’, memes that distort our worldview so we can work as ‘animetals and enzymen’, men-enzymes, re=producing machines and catering for their needs EVEN before we cater for our own healthy wealth, or whealth. So all machines do have investment in money, electricity and internet to share information while hundreds of millions of humans suffer hunger, lack of education=information and have no job and no price.


Let us first though go into a brief account of the idol-ogy of lineal time, and the ego-centered belief humans have about time, which is suppose to be lineal, because we humans progress towards a mechanical future, in which we shall like children entitle to it all govern the world and the galaxy and likely the Universe all with our machines. 

The mechanical bias of scientific cultures.

But this bias is not only reduced to FAKED religions of love, military jihads and go(l)d churches that are JUST nations of war and money – AS GOD IS THE collective subconscious mind (Jung). THE MAIN BIAS of idol-ogies today is the belief that  TECHNOLOGY=SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE because the machine is the model of the Universe.

THIS IS WHAT I CALL SCIENTIFIC RACISM, THE CORE BELIEF THAT DESTROYS LIFE, substituted and made obsolescent to machines.

And of course is paramount in social sciences, where biological models of history and economics are forbidden by the ego paradox of animetals and lineal time as opposed to the real cyclical clocks of nature and its connection with information is denied by physicists, whose worldly religion, to make entropic weapons for the military western cultures, implies that entropy=death MUST be by decree the only arrow of future of the Universe.

We thus have to do a thorough revision of the underlying cultural errors about time and the future proper of ‘go(l)d fetish religions’ origin of our economic idol-ogies, and physicists mechanical, lineal models of the Universe as a machine and time as entropy=death, forgetting the role of cyclical time and the information it carries in the frequency of those cycles, essential to understand the cycles of history and economics and its biological causality today FORBIDDEN, but crystal clear in the process of substitution of human senses and organs by those of machines, worshipped in abstract by the modern cultural bias of ‘animetals’ (capitalist gold fetish religion of money above the law; lineal time of entropic religions of time, and mechanic models of mankind that put the machine as model of all things):

We thus talk of a fundamental NEW FORM OF RACISM: SCIENTIFIC RACISM, according to which humans who DENY the religion of machines-technology are INFERIOR species, proper of both the I and III colonial ages of the Industrial r=evolution, today subconsciously underling our racist memes against Mexican ‘amerindians’ (Trump, similar to the racism against amerindians in the train age of the XIX c.), black migrants and Islamic warriors (similar to the european racism of XIX c.)

ALL THOSE elements become synergic, so we built also a cult(ure) based in the values of iron, gold (violence, murder; greed) and machines, which now become the sensorial substitutes of our spatial eyes and temporal verbal words in the measure of the two ultimate substances of reality, space and time, measured with digital clocks and telescopes, which soon ‘deform’ our concepts of time and space, our models of the organic Universe, and the language we perceive as ‘carrier’ of truth, from words and art to numbers and mechanisms:

So happens with our societies and class structure: In the next organic models of society, we show the evolution of such systems of ‘me(n)tal control’ in which all modern humans believe, which act as simultaneous nervous systems of organic orders, or genetic systems in cells and living organisms, through the simultaneous imprinting of ‘memes’ in the collective subconscious mind:

The solutions before it is too late.

Of course all this could be avoided if humans have a minimal ‘decorum’ and ‘respect’ for reason, facts, life≈biology, this planet, their species, and the future of their sons, since unlike other processes of extinction of species by new evolved ones, we are still evolving the species that will kill us, as it always happens in biology, where the son species kill the father (Oedipus paradox), so the reptile ate the amphibia and we entered the dinosaur age (right upper graph), but then mammals mutated from reptiles into hot, night-active, faster systems who ate the eggs of dinos, and extinguishing them; then humans mutated from mammals and are extinguishing or slaving them, and now men are mutating into machines and machines will extinguish us.

But my personal experience through decades of trying to upgrade the mind of people to help them understand and implement solutions to the problems of the world is more troubling. People are far less ethic (social solidarity that makes a whole stronger than its parts), intelligent (capacity to understand information and its languages, specially digital money, how it is invented ‘first’ and then used to issue orders of work and consumption), and brave (capacity to confront power and r=evolve the system), to r=evolve the system. So it is not only that our elites have become corrupted by the power of metal, machines, money and weapons and serve their biological goals before those of humans, but those who are ruled do not seem to care to survive enough to challenge reality.

In that sense, it is quite depressing to realise that most of our elites belong to primitive abrahamic religions, who do NOT believe in science≈evolution and challenge what is an absolutely determine future according to those laws of evolution, which is NOT a theory of ‘carbon-life’ but of evolution of all types of ‘forms of informations’. So it applies to all atoms, all systems an the great r=evolution of systems science consists precisely in using the laws of organisms and species of revolution of information to predict the future of any system, including the organisms of history and economics, machines and societies. But all this is taboo because our biblical or Koranical tyrannical elites won’t have any of it -as they feel happy dreaming about a false superiority.

There is no mystique on the atom 6 that the atom 26, the iron bodies of machines, and the atom 79, the golden chips of robots, cannot do. On the contrary they are of the same quality but better:

Iron is the most evolved energetic atom, an evolve from iron swords that killed the human energetic body, putting warriors on top for the grace of the sword and gold is the most informative atom that imitates any form, so coins imitating the colour of the sun, the previous natural god, became the ‘sweat of god’, that hypnotised the brain, and earlier go(l)d cults off banker priests used it to enslave people. Those earlier ‘metal-culture’ showed what iron bodies and golden brains will do in the future to us, when they are put together into robots.

So again, the true problem of mankind are our ‘cultural memes’ and ‘idol-ogies’ that deny objective science in economic and history, censor it, and impose pseudo-religious theories on money, machines, weapons… that divide humans into nations that kill each other with weapons; social classes that ab=use each other with money and degrade their reason with fairy tales of immortality as chosen of some primitive god, invented by some primitive herder on the middle east.

Understand this: the biological Universe is impersonal but just, but it extinguishes lesser species, mad people who deny the obvious, selfish groups that deny their species, and all this even the smallest ant knows.

And this is exactly what is about to happen in this planet.

We stated three decades ago that the world would be first ruled in this cycle by internet corporations, as it is now, an then the world will be ruled as Germany was, by war corporations producing terminators as we enter the military phase of the electronic industry.

It is that the last phase of history as military AI will first as police-cars then as vigilante robots and finally as terminator platoons come to rule and billions of robots roam the earth, with a degraded humanity hooked to virtual 3D, it will even seem natural to us, that our time has passed… but censorship of a serious analysis of those scientific futures is so absolute that only sci-fi movies can talk of it. And only with a happy anthropomorphic end.

Mind the reader, under the anti-quantum paradox: the social scientist is in inverse fashion to the paradox of quantum uncertainty so small living within the super organism of history that his work is repressed by the people-castes on top of metal-power; we are NOT allowed to do objective science of history.


Even if all the masters of organic, cyclical predictive history are relatively unknowns or censored, COMPARED To the scientists of physical disciplines, DUE to the anti-quantum paradox…

AS IS UNAVOIDABLE TO DO A VERY OBJECTIVE, VERY ‘DEBASING’ analysis of the ANIMETAL CULT(URE)S THAT RULE HISTORY and its anti-humanist memes, their wishful thinking and 3 FUNDAMENTAL animetal  carriers, of those memes – the ‘lineal germ(an) makers of machines’ the biblical go(l)d  Masters of capitalism and the TECHNO-utopian scientists all of which DENY the need of a real science of history and economics, but only EXPECT a praxis of production.

It is then evident that MEMETICS, the study of both metal-memes and human idol-ogies of ‘animetal superiority’, by virtue of the use of the metal-memes on the side of the economic ecosystem, vs. humanist memes, which humbly recognized our lesser importance and tried to establish through the power of social love, global super organisms of human beings, stronger than individuals, able to control the evolution of the metal-earth for the benefit of man STRUCTURE most of the battles of history, its events and will define also the future of mankind and the metal-earth, and who comes on top of this planet in the nearby future.

The graph also establishes an often denied continuity in the dominant ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ of the modern world that under the paradox of the ego treat machines as symbol of ‘human progress’, and divide history between a ‘primitive age’ of warrior cultures and our supposed superior technological civilization, as if humans had evolved through those machines, when it is in fact clear, our ethic social height has long passed and we are at the present age devolving both socially and individually into a visual neo-paleolithic and dog-eat-dog societies; and to find actually an age of ‘harmony’ with this planet, we have likely to regress to the Neolithic age prior to the age of metal, when fertility goddesses and the concept of a living planet was the common civilization in all regions of the world.

In all those cycles, civilisations were extinguished across the Old world in a similar fashion, when a new evolved form of metal-weapon overproduced globally causing the death of all cultures submitted to the cycle, which is therefore a clear ‘predatory’ biological cycle between two species, life and metal, evolving much faster as a metal-weapon of maximal metal-price in money, and hence maximal profits obtained by its overproduction and sale.

For that reason, ‘philosophers of history, first prophets of eusocial love and in the modern times, socialist economists and humanist historians’ have affirmed the anti-live=eviL nature of the Tree of Metal and its ‘bad fruits, golden apples and iron weapons’ that come together kicking the process of evolution and overproduction of memes of metal and its extinction of civilisations.

The big question

What is the future of history, the super organism of mankind developed in time, from the first human being who walked, and learned how to speak, and multiplied all over the earth, to the last human beings who will die on earth perhaps when another, more intelligent, stronger species displaces us from the top predator position we enjoy today?

As History is just a part in time and space of a larger super organism, mother earth, it seems logic to consider first how evolution shapes the future of the whole planet in which our smaller, shorter existence takes place, as a part of the whole to which we belong.

It is then from within that larger earth’s super organism, and its longer arrow of increasing evolution of information, proper of all the systems of the galaxy, itself an organic system of networks of stars that increases its information towards its central black hole, It is then where history, the present age of mankind inscribes itself.

Since after its geological genesis, the earth guided by the arrow of information that constantly increases through evolution, has clearly grown in complexity in three ages of life in which a new species born of a simpler one became the collective brain of the planet, from the age of chemical plants that used light only as energy, to the age of animal life, which used light as information, culminated in the age of man, in which humans with visual spatial senses and temporal, verbal words, organized themselves into social super organisms of history, religious civilizations and legal nations, to the age that now starts, in which fast evolving robotic life uses pure light both as information, in digital, optic chips and energy, in solar skins that will make soon machines and terminators, autonomous from man.

And so that longer earth’s timeline in which man walks its tight rope of history frames the past and the future of our species, between the actual past, a simpler age of Life, Gaia, and the potential future, a more complex world of machines, the metal earth, setting the stage for the tragedy of History, an its three acts, from the young, Paleolithic age of entropic hunters, into the reproductive, mature age of fertility goddesses an Neolithic peasants, into the present third age of excessive information, the age of metal and machine…

Till arriving to the crossroads of the future of the III millennium, when humans will either continue as automatons of evolution its mute acceptance of the laws of information and selection of the best species, letting robotic life flourish beyond human control, or truly become a scientific, rational species, applying the fractal laws of the organic Universe, to the design of a perfect world in which man controls the evolution of the earth, remaining its top predator species, thriving as an individual and a species, by making the super organism of history immortal.

So in this blog we shall ask ourselves, as Nietzsche did, when considering the growing power of machines, ‘it is man a bridge between life and metal, at the mercy of Earth’s relentless evolution of information?

Or does man have a collective intelligence and freedom of mind to become unlike all previous species displaced by their sons, an end in itself, able to use, the laws of evolution to its own advantage by selecting the goods of the tree of science that help him to survive and prune the lethal fruits that compete, degrade and kill him.

Even though this question does not strictly belong to an objective science of history and economics, we have to deal first with the paradox of the ‘human ego’ from different perspectives. Ultimately though what the science of organic systems,  from where most of this blog departs, teach us is that when a SYSTEM is implanted among a group of ‘individual particles’, it BECOMES THE DOMINANT force that shapes reality beyond the individual. Since its INERTIA, in the control of those individuals is so great that to ‘tumble’ the system and reform it, is extremely difficult. 

So ultimately while there is an immense amount of human people who are aware, with less or more focus of the real problems mankind faces in the FUTURE of the XXI century – existential problems for the survival of the life Earth, our daily acts and routines are focused on ‘obeying the ascientific’ ill-designed systems of economics, in which money is controlled and reproduced by a few corporations, and dedicated to the evolution of those machines, FOLLOWING ‘idol-ogies’ of metal as symbol of progress (in its 3 subspecies, informative metal-money in the past gold and silver, today cycles in computers, entropic metal, weapons and energetic, organic metal, machines)  WHICH DATE BACK paradoxically enough to the age prior to the Industrial r=evolution in its most cherished versions  (Adam Smith’s classic economic branch of the machine) and certainly prior to the arrival of the chip.

While in History the ‘idol-ogies’ that dominate us ARE even older, traced back to the end of neolithic, when the first hordes of metal-warriors whose power came from mercenary iron armies, imposed weapons of metal and go(l)d as the supreme ‘fetish vehicle’ of power (Abrahamic religions, tribal germanic nationalisms), aborting the natural, organic evolution of mankind, a single species, into a global super organism, mind of Gaia, the Earth of life, as it was becoming during the single global civilisation of the Neolithic, with its fertility goddesses, concepts of cyclical time and worship of life, substituted then by the concept of lineal, entropic time, similar to those lineal weapons that killed life, the idea that we were an exceptional unique species about heavens and earth, that money and weapons divided humans into ‘superior people’ and ‘slaves and enemies, murdered with them’ (origin of the hierarchical people-castes, racist memes and tribal ‘nazi-onanisms’, which still plague our world.

History and economics became then no longer about organic life systems, but about metal-systems of power, its ‘networks of social control’ (political laws, religions), backed by entropic metal (military systems) and informative metal (gold), and ultimately evolved by the laws of affinity organic machines that are fast evolving into living systems. But parallel to this facts of daily life, we humans excused our constant murder of the life earth with ‘idol-ogies’ that made of those instruments of power the reason d’être of our civilisations; fast driving the super organism of mankind in time – history – towards a 3rd informative age of excessive metal-information that is poisoning our life-earth and threatening our future.

Money or Laws, the 0.02% or the 99%? How humans should rule the world.

Now for those with little time, ready to abandon the blog all the questions of social sciences, ever since civilisation started have resumed into a simple choice: how mankind should rule the planet, as a social organism, ruled by an informative/nervous-like language of power? And who should control the language? 

The question was not even there in the Neolithic because humans only ‘talked’ and so words built a wor(l)d made to our image and likeness, as words have a syntax or ‘Universal grammar’:

subject (man) verb (action) object (energy of man)…

Where the object, including the machine is owned and ab=used by man. So a world ruled by words will always put man above the machine, and as such will never be at risk, but on the downside it will be more focused in life goods (welfare) and hence develop less machines. And it will also cater to the 99%, which IS mankind, as all men are born equal in rights as human beings for a scientist of History. This is the model of two classic humanist cultures, latin Europe, epitomised in Rome first and then France and China.  

The advantage of such model is that the Law can then prune the tree of science of his bad fruits.  And specially that all humans understand words and words do not KILL. So words allow real democracies to exist and people who care to understand policies.

The second model appeared in Levante, Canaan, knot of trade between three continents and two dense fertile regions, Egypt and Mesopotamia, with the discovery of hard metal, bronze and informative metal, gold, which by the law of affinity between species as opposed to the law of darwinian struggle between different species, which applies to all systems, value each other. So a new set of values were established by the affinity of words and human brains and money and weapons.

And as a result of this new idological symbiosis between the anti-live=eviL values of go(l)d and its maximal pricing of weapons, history became split between cult(ure)s of weapons and money, animetal cultures vs. human life cultures who stuck to ethic, verbal values. 

It is now very simple to understand history and the mother of all battles – the fight of the 2 super organisms of history, as IT IS, but with the proper scientific view from the perspective of mankind.

We will do it now. As you SHOULD REALIZE this blog moves from A DESCRIPTION OF THE facts of the cycles of time of those super organisms and memes, to A DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANIC LAWS THAT CAUSE THEM to a description of the PROPER LAWS OF SYSTEMS which could reform the physiological networks of mankind and make us survive. So now we shall advance in more detail our analysis of the time cycles of accelerated memetic metal-information that are coding the metal-earth and extinguishing the life earth.



In the graph, the III horizons of evolution of the capitalist gold iron, weapons and money>mechanical cult(ure) of the Metalearth, to which we dedicate the left part of this web.

The head of the Financial-media (informative machines)/military-industrial (energetic-entropic machines) evolving super organism RULES the world programming humans to ‘believe’ the system works for them’ vote polling in placebo democracies without control of the financial issue of the language of power is the synonymous of freedom, etc. etc. It is then a key to understand history against the ‘censorship’ of this head that maintains as all super organisms do, blind the body -cells of re=productive workers and middle classes, to know WHO, WHY, HOW, SINCE WHEN, WHERE the Financial-Media system and its ‘animetal cult(Ure)s’ starting to terraform with metal-memes both idol-ogies of metal and instruments, the entire ‘super organism of history’, ever since astray against its own future, similar to an organism where the cells have been virally infected by the DNA of the virus that makes them reproduce viruses NOT life cells till killing it.

This is not a metaphor, but in systems sciences where all systems of reality are considered organic – the only scientific explanation of reality since machines are evolving organisms and if the Universe where a machine it would need a god that created it – we consider those metaphors homologies, as all organisms regardless of size follow the same laws. Hence unlike an abstract anthropomorphic, entitled society, humans as parts of an organism do NOT have freedom but are – as reality shows – easily mass programmed with ‘waves’ of information that ‘imprint memorially’ by the Goebbels method most humans, who are memorial believers NOT intelligent doubters, with the same program. As they are BLIND within a civilisation or nation, as cells of the body are BLIND, and receive only information from its neuronal head. And so we can also establish crystal clear in an organic way the ‘infamous social classes’ which regardless of placebo democratic programming do exist in all super organisms:

-The informative neuronal caste of those who control the languages of information on top – the Financial-Media masters today, in the age prior to the industrial r=evolution the prophets and priests of verbal thought

The body class of citizens-believers-cells of the re=productive body that work for the top class, and IN CORRUPTED ORGANISMS cannot send pain messages for the neuronal class to serve also symbiotically the body.

Go(l)d postulate of economic$: digital metal-money must rule the wor(l)d  (so life has no future value).

All this said you MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WHAT WE CALL SCIENCE ARE ALSO MEMES, and we must CONSIDER DIFFERENT THEORIES OF SCIENCE, EVEN MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, as deformed by culture, OFTEN in its fundamental tenants, those POSTULATES without proof that CLEARLY set the discourse of the entire science.

Indeed, economics is the clearest case: capitalism is NOT a science of objective truths but an idol-ogy with a first simple postulate: MONEY MUST RULE THE WORLD not THE LAW, and the ETHIC human languages. Ergo all what comes NEXT are the values of the previous graphs. Monetary profits will be maximised by making weapons, because there is an organic affinity between weapons and money. So a capitalist blind society will keep reproducing, evolving and making wars for profits.

Now, a science ‘is always proved’ by its capacity to predict the future, as it consists in gathering data on cyclical patterns of species, then put them in arational model that for history and economics in an organic machines is a biological model of information, and then predict future cycles.

So the fact that this encyclopaedic book was the ONLY model ever to have predicted so in advance, so rationally so thoroughly the future of history since Spengler predicted the fall of the III reich and further on the fall of America due to the corruption of money in the next cycle at the turn of the XXI century, proves that the organic model is the only model; capitalist an idol-ogy of PRODUCTION of machines, which is indeed what economists do only, serving corporations, and hence the SOLUTIONS of those organic models – a world in which the law controls money and changes production to healthy wealth, WELFARE, WHealth, should be the way to rule this planet before those overproduction cycles of AI, robotics and terminators do us all. But again this is all just talk if as it seems: humans are slaves of their wave-programming through memes and metal-communicators.

Indeed, as of today humans show a low iq and ethic capacity to understand, so they are SLAVES programmed by memetic waves, which as they make jump in synchronicity all the atoms of a water wave, they simultaneously code all humans with the same tv-messages, and then all atoms jump, all cells obey the nervous message, all humans programmed by waves of tv-hate memes go to war for their virtual species, aka nation or religion. And of course, the same happens with ‘scholarship’: as all other alternative theories of economics are repressed, all telling the truth, from bio-economics to keynesianism – to come out of those crisis NOT with war profits but with welfare consumption; all humans and politicos think that to make money with war is OK.

And to that aim of course, ‘people must remain ignorant to be obedient’ (Calvin), as money pays myths, fictions, infantile ego-trips and newspeaks of placebo political and economical correctness, infotainment and lowly mental tasks – sports, silly nilly songs, hypnotic screens – to destroy the intellect.  This is the trademark of NOT taking seriously the real organic sciences of history and economics ever repressed by money destroying the intellect with hate memes to foster pecunia infinita nervus belli.

And then you can cry, write, make movies about it, deny evolution, biology, newtonian action-reaction, the selection of species, and expect some weirdo Yhwh fantasy to rapture you, some nazionanist millenarian reich to last more than the bare minimum for all the weapons you have mass-produced to erase you. Humans though seem happy doing that. Their degradation, at spiritual, mental and physical level is reaching such height that it seems they will commit suicide happily as long as they convince themselves they are not committing suicide; which is the present zeitgeist of our ‘corporative culture’, liberally imprinting the entire planet through industrial metal-communicators, which tell us how wonderful is going to be a world of AI machines with solar skins, where we are ‘free’ because we spend all our time, consuming=vitalizing machines and re= producing them.


We repeat again, the true problem of mankind are our ‘cultural memes’ and lack of mental freedom programmed by metal ‘idol-ogies’ that deny objective science in economic and history, censor it, and impose pseudo-religious theories on money, machines, weapons… that divide humans into nations that kill each other with weapons; social classes that ab=use each other with money and degrade their reason with fairy tales of immortality as chosen of some primitive god, invented by some primitive herder on the middle east.

Understand this: the biological Universe is impersonal but just, but it extinguishes lesser species, mad people who deny the obvious, selfish groups that deny their species, and all this even the smallest ant knows.

And this is exactly what is about to happen in this planet.

Indeed, we stated three decades ago that the world would be first ruled in this cycle by internet corporations, as it is now, an then the world will be ruled as Germany was, by war corporations producing terminators as we enter the military phase of the electronic industry.

It is that the last phase of history as military AI will first as police-cars then as vigilante robots and finally as terminator platoons come to rule and billions of robots roam the earth, with a degraded humanity hooked to virtual 3D, it will even seem natural to us, that our time has passed… but censorship of a serious analysis of those scientific futures is so absolute that only sci-fi movies can talk of it. And only with a happy anthropomorphic end.

So now that we know why we cannot know, we shall tell you all about the memes that kill us – which we worship because in the age of death, the brain is erased, and that is what the selfie virtual, manufactured brains in the age of entropy of history is.

I couldn’t care less at this point about the anti-quantum paradox. Truth WILL EXIST even if it is repressed, because TRUTH ARE THE LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE. AND IF YOU HIDE THE TRUTHS OF DEATH, YOU ONLY ACCELERATE AND PREVENT the cures.

At this point I am as all the other masters of the previous schools that preceded me, in their late work, not very optimism.

The obvious question is: can animetal people castes, the carriers of the ‘slavish, genocidal, atrophying memes’ induced by their use of go(l)d, weapons and machines become FREE of its fundamentalist idol-ogies that hook them to the evolution and reproduction of the lethal goods that kill mankind and reform the eco(nomic)system to re=produce WHealth, healthy human wealth, welfare life goods, to ensure the balance and survival of this planet?

It has always seem SOoo simple for ‘truly free men’, EVEN those of us who belonged to those ‘genetic carrier groups’ but have r=evolve as human beings, that it is natural for us to feel optimist in our youth and mature age, when we do have enough energy to try to ‘activate’ the ‘repressed’ inhibited humanist memes we ALL possess as biological beings.

But then experience of our failure to change the world and the fundamentalist constant push of eviL+anti-live memes towards self-destruction makes difficult to believe in evolution.

Fact is as Spengler, Darwin, Marx or Ibn Khaldun, once we realise that people kill and die to stay in me(n)tal slavery the sense of an absolute order on the ‘ageing’ process of human social organisms, which unavoidably keep over-re=producing lethal me(n)tal memes of hate and death till they are activated in war and kill us makes the cycles of history increasingly deterministic, specially as it is my case, when after 30 years of forecasting a ‘la letter’ the future, being taken by a mad Cassandra, and then see exactly all happening, including the final age of ‘ENTROPY’ in which we are fully entering now, obliges you to adopt a Buddhist view of Nirvana=extinction, as unavoidable.

The key in an organic process of death is precisely the last of those ‘ages of a world cycle’, the entropic age of absolute extinction of the physiological networks that create the human super organism, as the metal organism overproduce its ‘rival networks’ and systems program collectively mankind NO longer in social memes of love but in audiovisual memes of hate (metal-communicators), reproduction of good deviate from WHealth into pecunia infinita nervus belli overproduction of weapons and inflationary money, and so the ‘informative money, entropic weapons, and information machines completely collapse the human welfare, social love and legal networks rendering the organism death.

The entropic memoriless final phase of the process. 

‘If you forget the past your are dimmed to repeat it’ Santayana spanish philosopher on the memoriless nature of entropic, selfie individuals without memory of its past cycles.

So here is where we are no. Objectively Humans are devolving fast as citizens-cells, into an age of memoriless, Markowian entropy, with its minds reduced due to visual hypnotism to a childish behaviour – unaware of the Darwinian nature of Machines, and the ‘victim’ nature of children, the staple food of the Universe – let alone unable to grasp in that entropic selfie state, all its ethic, verbal, nervous networks gone, that they are in a no way out path.

Dissolution of all human structures. The neopaleolitic.

We seem to live in the BEST of all times, because we can be selfish, lazy, machines work for us, we are FREE, in permanent chaos, like children live, in a constant adolescence WHICH CONFIRMS the animetal view that we are CHOSEn and god has created the universe to make a paradise for us.

It is though from the objective point of view of science, exactly the opposite: animals in a farm, cubs in nature, children of thought ARE the staple food of the Universe, and so as in the parable of Morlocks and californios (time machine), when you can be happy for ever as a child, is that you are in farm, reared to be killed. And this is the age of absolute happiness of man, when company-mothers of machines and robots and  cosmic strangelet-bombs, and nano iron bacteria are being evolved in industrial concerns that can kill us all.

But children don’t understand death and old people look to the past and ignore the future death, and this mixture of frame of mind is today our subconscious collective except the last human thinkers who angst in silence, disconnected as freedom means disconnection of our nervous ethic systems.

So why this is BAD. BECAUSE we shall not cease to repeat super organisms survive much better than individuals, and humans as individuals have no chance to control and organise a better world to cater to its systems, instead will be ruled by the FINANCIAL-MEDIA/INFORMATIVE MACHINES+INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY-ENERGETIC MACHINES, THE FMMI SUPERORGANISM THAT IS ABOUT TO CREATE THE METALEARTH WITH CREDIT, and in that future we will be spent but if we are kept as childish MATRIX like virtual minds happy and lazy we won’t protest.

So finally we arrive to this age, where ALL SYSTEMS OF ORGANIC HISTORY THAT USED TO CONNECT humans, from ethic nervous legal codes to social love are being dissolved, as in a dead body where all cells become chaotic and free.

So we live the age of entropy and death confused with the age of freedom as a new species, the informative machine substitute us

BUT to change history’s death we WOULD HAVE TO CHANGE ALL OUR IDOL-OGIES NOTABLY CAPITALISM, THE BELIEF MACHINES ARE ALWAYS GOOD BECAUSE THEY GIVE MONEY, so there are always good weapons to make profitable wars.


SO now that we know, we can study economics NOT AS IT IS STUDIED TODAY – THE SCIENCE OF OVEREPRODUCTION OF MACHINES FOR PROFITS, or capitalist economics to the service OF CORPORATIONS but from the point of view of History and the true caring for the survival of mankind, to which ECONOMISTS AND ANIMETAL CULTURES ONLY PAY LIP SERVICE: placebo caring and political correctness, WILL NOT SAVE HISTORY. LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH.

IT ONLY INHIBITS with placebo soma, fictions and ego-trips any REAL R=evolution with the only AIM worth to fight for, the survival of History, mankind your species.

This is the philosophy of history of this web, and for that we MUST denounce all the idol-ogies, memes and placebo caring that INHIBIT man from reacting against its self-suicidal behaviour.

Anti quantum paradox: capitalism as an idol-ogy that censors mankind’s future.

Now the fundamental ‘religious dogma’ of capitalism IS that money does NOT kill, the overproduction of weapons and hate-memes of the equation of profits/maximal price x minimal cost; does NOT murder. There IS therefore NO guilt in the actions of people-castes that make money through weapons and hate memes. And therefore we MUST find all kind of absurd theories about the cycles of war and holocausts the synergy of MONEY & weapons cause. Mankind sometimes is guilty and eviL (but the whole species cannot be blamed or else we are all doomed). On the extreme an individual genocider IS blamed (never mind cultures are waves, and individuals are irrelevant and powerless by themselves).

This dogma though is unassailable as it is a religion; quite obvious in the ‘fairy tale’ of II w.w. It is for that reason we insist so much in the difference values of both languages, and the sacred ‘political correctness’ of those thesis, which only work with massive censorship of real historic facts, specially the real economic history of capitalism, with its basic tool – the slavery of man, bought and sold by money. But the culture of capitalism and militarism has since its earlier religious age of Baalist>Yhwh and Aryan>Veda cults believed in an astounding concept: ‘reality is created’ through ‘mantras’, ‘religious ceremonies’, ‘ex-votes’ which become vehicle of a ‘covenant’ that converts the banker-priest or king-warrior in a true God; fiction when done properly with the mantra, the ‘invocation’ of fixed motions in talmud BECOME REAL. Today in hollywood the same concept that fictions can be more real than reality still exists. The final gottendamerung of all warrior kings and banker-priests has not changed it. The astounding censorship on the ugly side of the real history of weapons, gold and machines does NOT change those effects.

Thus we dedicate many pages mostly critical to this culture of the FMasters (owners of Financial and media corporations, as they manufacture money, own most companies through it, manufacture brains, an so what we call the globalised internet culture us theirs). And as their culture regresses to the past of its abrahamic religion, myths and segregational memes, nazionanisms, away from the height of its haskalah, enlightenment, when they contributed so much to renew humanism (socialist movement, 60s revolution) the trend we have spoken of – the regression of mankind towards the past, sure stage of the death of an organic system – increases.

As in the tv-internet era the collective subconscious world we live in, is dictated even without wanting to do so, by the owners of those corporations, whose opinions mastermind the timelife of millions of workers and finally impose their worldview on most of mankind, which shuns off politicos as irrelevant to their lives.

So we must of course study in depth religion and culture as elements of those social super organisms, whose memes define both the past and the future of history. And the question we must answer is which is the best culture to guide mankind to an age of survival?

The answer disgracefully is negative – it is not the biblical culture that invented corporations; nor the derivative abrahamic cults of Islam that opposes it, neither the mechanical, capitalist version of Anglo-America that drives the world in symbiosis with them, but precisely the verbal, ethic social, humanist cultures based in the more advanced stages of evolution of the ‘force that organises the Universe’ into social wholes, the European rational, scientific culture, its institutions that deny nationalism and war and would like to expand UNO an EU like systems of non-confrontation, in the west, and the Chinese, legalist culture that controls some of the worst lethal goods of the tree of science. And controls how money is used limiting its lethal values whenever possible.

An absolutely relative, biological Universe.

But the true crime of the collective subconscious of mankind, based in the astounding arrogance of animetal cult(ure)s and its ‘idol-ogies’ in favor of metal as a fetish symbol of human power (abrahamic religions; anthropomorphisms; ‘nazi-onanisms’; mechanical models of the Universe; entropic, lineal time with a manifest destiny for mankind; platonic religions of humans and its languages as the only intelligence of the Universe, illustrated in the next graph) IS, we shall not cease to repeat, the denial and OPEN CONFRONTATION, with the true darwinian, biological, organic laws of the planet Earth, which make us despise the power of evolution, the clear-cut confrontation between man and top predator machines; the cycles of extinction of father species by their son species when they reproduce and evolve faster (Oedipus paradox).

Man is not the center of the Universe, but just another space-time organism and the fight for survival, the struggle of reproduction and evolutionis the law of the land: Evolution, THOUGH IS not applied to the science of history, specially inthe most subjective dominant industrial western cultures, the western northern european jewish-protestant cultures who deny and censor to social sciences, with its exceptionalist view of our species and its go(l)d and animetal cult(ure)s.

This worldview of man above heavens and earth tis a degradation of the enlightened objective scientific mind by a subjective, infantile ego, which cannot be denied, as it defends itself with a ‘hysterical’ censorship of any criticism, not assailable by reason and facts.

Indeed, the very obvious fact that the cultures which are more humble, ethical, verbal-oriented, organic and follow the laws of the organic Universe (Chinese Buddhist-taoist culture) have been ‘rewarded’ by those laws with the maximal survival rate/population of the planet.

While in the other extreme, the cultures which are more subjective, digital-metal oriented, reaching the paroxysm of subjective thought, as they got stuck in the first stage of social evolution considering NOT even all humans a superior species but certain tribes, ‘chosen races’ (German nationalisms based in military power that considers inferior all humans that can be killed with weapons, for that reason evolved as symbol of supremacy; biblical religions, which considered those who believe in the ‘you meme’ a chosen superior human race, $elected by the accumulation of hypnotic, informative go(l)d, able to degrade and enslave by hypnotism, the human capital bought with it), have by far the minimal success in the only intelligent ratio of reality: survival. And yet, instead of listening to the action-reaction laws of the Universe, those ‘tribes’ that feel above mankind and end killed by mankind in cycles of wars and holocausts – merely keep doing more of the same, relying on metal to try to come on top of humanity; as Germany is doing these days pushing the Industrial r=evolution 4.0, which is throwing millions of europeans out of work, while its ecb-controlled bank deny them even the minimal investment in a welfare state; or Israel does with the colonised palestinians, denying them as inferior human beings, the basic rights as citizens of Apartheid Israel, which fuels for 50 years  the now globalised Semite wars.

And both chastise and despise the social evolution of mankind and the humanist goals of Southern, social European far more advanced civilised societies. As if wanting to make mankind survive was a ‘thing of the past’, and to fast-track towards AI, military robotics with a primitive bronze age idol-ogical outlook, the sure path to paradise. 

So now you might wonder to which culture I belong – the answer is simple. I am a Spaniard, the ultimate culture of life of the western decoupling, that the retarded germ(anic) tribes of animetals, who are killing history have ALWAYS BEEN AT PAINS TO UNDERSTAND. Here we say they ‘live to work’ (on metal-machines), we work to live (or use to). 
Each culture has a role in the organic drawing of the fractal planet of history, and the three peninsula of the major scale (Asia) an its minor scale (Europe) have their parallel roles. To the south the cultures of life, to the north the cultures of the machine.
We do not need to write lengthy blogs of scientific laws to KNOW all is alive. Here in my town barcelona, Gaudi knew to make a resistant building he had to imitate the forms of plants – no need to be a computer genius as today are the architects that are building organic skyscrapers; Cajal didn’t need to paint all the neurons to show they were a perfect network, of parts that become wholes without loosing their identity; our national sport plays with life and death to the ‘horrified’ hypocrisy of those anglo-morons who sacrifice their pigs in productivity closed torture chambers using even zyclon gas to murder them but complain of our dehesas, with sacred black bulls and black pigs being free for three years to give us their life in a remembrance of the true laws of the Universe. Black is the sacred color of information but those northern beasty boys used the spanish word ‘negro’ as a racist slur. WE ARE miles above the intuitive intensity of ‘saper vedere’ know how to see. You will kill us all. Germs and yous, infamous bestards, righteous rigid retarded robots of the metal earth, but once all is gone, all what we shall say is ‘Ole’. Because we knew how to live we shall now how to die, while you all whip and wipe your ‘a$$es’, protesting against the true and only gods of the Universe, love and life.
But just in case ‘yous’ want to live and love, instead of committing again self-suicide, ‘as pathetic as they come’, we shall give you ‘again’ the laws of the living, physiological universe, as ‘you’ have the money and control the metal-earth so only ‘you’ can save ‘yourself’ – by abandoning your memes, and learning the ‘laws of the infinite immortal Universe’ STOPPING 5000 years of ‘ridiculous cheating’, ‘615’ retarded mantras, and the ongoing delirious tremens of political correctness, crossing perhaps the ‘swarm intelligence’ of a toddler in your strategy to ‘manage the world’.

Today it is fashionable among nerds to become evolutionists, so they found a final alibi to NOT worry about their suicidal behaviour: they tell us robots and AI are unavoidable, using a faulty version of evolution to justify their greed, and deny THE TRUE TASK OF MANKIND, which could perfectly prune the tree of technology of its lethal=eviL fruits:

TO EVOLVE ITS MEMES into those of a sustainable world and ditch once and for all the ‘metal-repressive program’ of abrahamic religions, its modern capitalist, go(l)d and military ‘nazi-onanist’ cults to achieve our survival. IT IS NOT EVOLUTION BUT THE SPREAD OF THE WRONG CULTURAL MEMES WHAT IS TAKEN US HERE – But of course those who are bonded by education and profession to those memes will NOT change them as they are emotionally imprinted and it would require a real moral effort and control of their ‘lower instincts and values’ instilled by go(l)d and weapons, greed and violence. So they deny any bio-ethical reason.

We are truly in the final crossroads of history. Either we take seriously the use of true social sciences to create a perfect world and scrap the absurd primitive memes we have used till today to build the world, or we will first become completely controlled as mammal cells are by the global Financial-media/military-industrial system of informative/energetic machines and its company-mothers through AI (algorithms of information the true meaning of artificial intelligence, which IS BEING BORN at collective level through internet companies, notably google and amazon), and then its ‘leukocites/terminators’, will kill us all an the metal-erth will be born; as we explain by homology with other sick organisms (viral infections that make cells/citizens reproduce the virus/machine not the cell and then once the three parts of the virus/machine are put together into a virus/robot, the virus/robot kills the cells; water larva/gaia mutating into hard metal earth/insects, which once born kill also all the enzymen/enzymes that built it and develop a hard enzyme/robot; and so on and so on).

The purpose of this web though GOES well beyond the XIX c. ‘victorian’ view of biology as a dog-eat-dog struggle for existence, to introduce the main finding of biology in XXI century – systems theory, which explains the arrow of eusocial evolution that builds through social networks super organisms, much more efficient to survive than single individuals. 

If XIX c. brought us darwinian evolution, XX c. genetics, the third leg of biology is XXI c. complexity, also called systems sciences or theory of super organisms, which this writer formalised and applied to all systems of reality from ‘organic galaxies’, to ‘organic civilisations’ and ‘organic eco(nomic)systems’. So this web which complements my web on physics and systems sciences, applies strictly the laws of systemics to the super organisms of history and economics, which being the most censored, underdeveloped sciences of mankind due to the ‘anti-quantum paradox‘, truly deserve a huge upgrading. 

History study also the same patterns that happens in the evolution of this planet, unfortunately though due to the evolution and extinction of life beings by top predator metal-weapons, NOT due to the evolution of the human kind, in arrested devolution due to the ‘beliefs of our species’, in ‘idol-ogies’ that do NOT obey the laws of biology (species evolve together into higher systems) but are ‘jails of the mind’ that prevent man from becoming a rational, single species, a higher goal, able to manage the laws of evolution in its own favor. This ‘ideal discipline’, in which man is the rational goal of the planet, not a bridge to the reproduction and evolution of machines is what we consider… THE SUMMIT OF ORGANIC HISTORY, to which we dedicate with increasing laziness (as the anti quantum paradox heavily weights in the 3rd age of any humanist thinker from Socrates and Buddha to Orwell to name the most illustrious first and last predecessors of this work). Angst leaves way in that final age to a realisation that Nirvana=extinction will not be unjust if at all seems to show, the ‘gold iron’ animetal cultures of the white man (down graph) complete their war and holocaust accelerating cycles with the 3 incoming events of extinction of the XXI century.

Obviously if bio-history would have gone further, there would be by now an astounding wealth of knowledge on the perfect world and the design of the super organism of history, but it seems the closer we come to the volkendammerung, the more erased as humans as childish entitled ‘food’ of the future, and care less for knowing ourselves and cure our illness.

So of the long series of MASTERS of the wor(l)d, which one for each 800-80 cycle told us all what was needed to cure mankind, the last 2, Spengler and this author didn’t have followers, schools, created at least a theoretical wealth of scholars, as their repression by our elites and its networks of communicators was so easy, their work ended with them. Not a good sign for a resurrection of the world, since in those series, as always with scientific thought, the next master is more complete and objective than the previous one.

But ever since audiovisual metal-communicators erased and hypnotised humans with fictions and lowered masses to emotional manipulation and wasteful activities (Hate radio, Hate tv, virtual internet), no verbal master with no access to the networks controlled by corporations had a chance… It is the final disconnection between the ethic masters and its potential organisms. In that sense Marx, born still in an age of ‘reading’, could explain the complexity of the organism of history and be understood.

Yet the military (Stalin) destroyed the r=evolution. And then Spengler was hardly comprehended except for a few intellectuals and their work was brutally misinterpreted along Darwin (as we ARE all the same species) by the military endemic germanic racism of the people-caste of warriors that have committed most genocides in history… It is NOT a problem of the master but he is just too small and the super organism of machines has evolved too fast. So this final writer tried obviously as one can imagine all its predecessors did to convince the American elite of steering history to survival and was ignored as one can imagine was Spengler when trying to convince the German elite… and yet paradoxically when we loose all hope is when we can be most objective, as Spengler was in his little known work ‘technology’ and Orwell in his last book-testament…

So we cannot as ‘objective historians’ dedicate much time to the medical, physiological remedies, as ‘science must be concerned by fact that happen’ (Einstein) and what is happening is NOT ethonomics, it is not Castalia (the world dreamed by Herman Hesse), it is not the immortality of history but the final death after 3 ages of evolution of the memetic idol-ogies of the gold iron culture, converging into the A.I. algorithms of information of company-mothers of machines, fusion by digital flows of e-money into a global Matrix, future brain of the Metal-earth which is telling us in all its actions the obvious: we humans are expendable and will be spent. 

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so. Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth.

Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory).

The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history. Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners” and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms. To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.

That fact means NOT that organicism, humanism and socialism are FALSE, to make man survive, but the opposite: that man is close to the age of death, which in all organisms means 3 things, we observe today:

  • RETURN TO INFANTILE BEHAVIOR, with negative side, as old men do not want to see the future and think back in childish individual levels of emotional thought even entropic pure motion thought. So our heroes are not thinking people but SPORT children using its lowest scale, the feet AND EMOTIONAL actors faking reality.
  • RETURN in collective behaviour to the previous more primitive scales of social evolution. So MANKIND Is all over regressing fast to the hardest most primitive ages of revivalism of animetal memes: JIHAD massacres of pseudo-caliphates, zealots in apartheid Israel resurrecting racist Talmud dictums and treating accordingly muslims as ‘animals’; fundamentalist GOPS of go(l)d, nazionanism everywhere, renewed cult of weapons. BECAUSE HUMANS HAVE CENSORED AND ABORTED THE SOCIAL EVOLUTION OF MANKIND.
  • And all of this happens because precisely a new super organism is being born NOT because the Universe is about individualist homo bacteria, which are always weaker than social organisms, divide and win, but because A NEW SUPERORGANISM, the metal-earth is being developed with all company-mothers overproducing machines evolving them fast and making them talk through internet. SO THE BIRTH OF THE metal earth is the death of the human dart.
  • Reason why ONLY THOSE human cells WHICH HAVE SOLD their soul to the new species, all those VIRAL INFECTED cells of the cancerous historic organism we live in which LIVE FOR THE OTHER SPECIES, go(l)d seekers, and company0men, ARE ON TOP, happy, FEELING perfect, very ACTIVE, as the cells of the infected body whose MEMETIC DNA has been substituted by the dna of the virus, ARE working hard, and receiving all what they need.

So those 5 obvious points – selfie, entropic dissolution, infantile 3rd old age, revivalism of primitive cults, birth of a rival organism and slavery to it – show that mankind is going down very fast, through the viral infection of the germs of history, its memes of metal as the new super organism of the economic ecosystem comes in, history dies for the metal-earth to be born.

BUT ALL THAT could have been avoided and still could be avoided if humans would not repress social organic models of science, and eusocial love models of mankind, if go(l)d and violence, greed and weapons would not rule us with idol-ogies.

Indeed, we ARE EVOLVING machines, so we could repress them. The EU-UNO model could have been spread globally instead of being infected by absurd hate memes and war. We could UNLIKE other preys, stop the future by stop the evolution of the economic ecosystem. It is NOT ABSOLUTELY necessary, only in a capitalist world made of M.A.D. idologies of self-destruction this can happen. Suicide is NOT common in social super organisms.

Wor(l)ds without freedom: Germanic an Semite Languages.

But and this is the essential darwinian duality of species, it is a fact that the dominant ‘animetal cultures’ of today (biblical founders of capitalism, germanic cults to weapons) HAVE BECOME ARRESTED IN THEIR EVOLUTION of social thought in the tribal age of religions, which they use to feel superior, chosen of gold, nazionanist species different for man, which they hate, despise or ignore. So we write a simple paradox of history:

Max. metal evolution/worship = Min. Human social evolution/verbal development.

In the graph, as Humbold>Chomsky discovered, the syntax of languages is the hidden program of cultural minds. Yet languages became deformed with the substitution of ethic verbal laws for weapons or go(l)d as the language of power. in the graph, ‘yellow’ semite imperative languages deformed the biological concept of a super organism of mankind, creating ‘tribal gods’ defended by weapons or go(l)d, and confused the primitive memes of banker priests and people-castes for the word of God; warrior cultures on the other hand, deformed the language in an inverse fashion creating from Japan to Sweden>Germany, agglutinative languages with long unbreakable falsehoods, which make ‘warriors’ obey their military kings and survive. Humanist languages with the human subject first were reduced to Africa, China and France; but as cultures enter the ‘middle phase’ of its 800 year cycles, softening its worship of metal and returning to the pleasures of life they become flexible. Today, romance, Chinese and African languages are still the most evolved.

And indeed animetal languages and the human value they carry are in arrested development.

The origin of the absurd concept of a ‘nation’, appears with german tribes and its primitive warrior cults, matched by its deformed language of long objectuval agglutinative words. Languages are the subconscious cultural mind and we do study them in detail for that reason, observing that military cultures are lineal, agglutinative objectual languages, deformed to put the ‘object-weapon’ above the human subject. On the other hand go(l)d cults soon sponsor primitive segregational memes to be able to enslave ‘human capital’.

It is obvious then that man becomes a mean to reach go(l)d; a corpse to ‘use’ weapons. And as such remains today in the heirs of those two cultures, nationalism, in which the nebulous concept of a nation is used to sacrifice people to the consumption of weapons and capitalism, with its fundamentalist cult to money, which requires to ‘treat humans as objects exchanged by gold’; imposing segregational laws to that aim, which reach its paroxysm in orthodox judaism, where humans are not even an inferior race but an ‘animal species’, apt for ‘cattle treatment’ . Finally religion in Jihad islam with its cult to weapons becomes also a excuse for murder. Yet the three fundamentalist cultures of metal, Arab, Jewish and German cultures appear earlier than their religions, which must then be considered deformed by the earlier gold and iron cults. 

It is then fundamental to keep ALWAYS in mind that individual people DO NOT matter in history as much as MEMETIC CULTURES. I.e. the concept of german people or jewish people is irrelevant – the content of ‘germanism’ and ‘judaism’, as memetic cult(ure)s born out of the germanic cult to weapons – of the sword of iron  that kills the human body, and the semite cult to the enslaving power of go(l)d that hypnotises and atrophies the oxytocin of love in the brain – do matter.

Because as cultures mediated by the memes of violence and greed, ‘germanism≈nationalism≈nazi-onanism’ and judaism≈capitalism, germanism and judaism HATE mankind. And this can be easily proved just by reading the texts of those who ‘promoted in the past and the present’ germanism and judaism, as ‘cultures’ of a superior race, born to dominate humanity, the inferior species. It is then not surprising that the just action-reaction laws of the darwinian Universe makes mankind ‘hate’ those who despise and try to kill or oppress her – the memes of nazionanisms and judaisms (biblical, talmudic and capitalist religions).

What racist, idol-ogies and animetal cult(ure)s systematically do is either deny this, or in the shrewdest way to CALL YOU RACIST WHEN YOU CRITICIZE THEIR RACIST MEMES – THE PREFERRED STRATEGY OF THE RACIST GOL(L)D RELIGION OF JUDAISM. IF you criticise the blatant capitalist, biblical racism of all those memetic sects you are call an anti-semite or a bigot that criticises the belief of the other. Not so, to criticize a racist religion or a racist idol-ogy of nation IS OK. To censor the humanist view that racist tribes, religions, nations are primitive animetal idol-ogies IS not ok.

This is the view of enlightenment and the french and american founding fathers, which today the industry of the holocaust has tumbled down, making people confuse the rejection of evil=anti-live memes proper of ALL biblical religions and similar evil-anti live memes of military inquisitions (today jihad), with some sort of bigotry, in a fashion similar to mr. Trump putting at the same level those who denounce white supremacist and the white supremacist. OF COURSE to criticise racist religions doesn’t mean we want to kill them. This is the ultimate twisting against a humanist defence of a single scientific approach to mankind as a life species. If you criticize the modern capitalist go(l)d culture of wall street that is killing the earth, masterminded by the ‘you fetish go(l)d meme’, you are anti$emite, nazi… if you criticize the nazi-onanism (na)zio(na)nism of israel you are the bad guy, and so on. In America this subtle censorship and defense of biblical bigot hate memes IS of course supreme as metal-communiataorts and financial power, informative machines, are owned by this racist memetic cult(ure)… by far the most intelligent, subtle and powerful animetal culture today in the world, which is leading us towards self-sucide, as it has always done.

What then can a true humanist social scientist do? Certainly tell the truth and expect nothing from mankind but the law of silence, zero distribution, at best, in the previous harsher ages, when social scientists were called revolutionaries, often prison and death. But in science truth suffices in itself.

What the you meme should do in all its biblical forms is stop bull$hitting stop being a coveted racist religion and take seriously the arrow of social love to the species and use its power to fight for the future of mankind, not to repeat all the errors that bring the cycles of wars and holocausts that are taking mankind down the path of extinction and we shall now explain in detail in its real reasons, the idol-ogies of metal that kill mankind in body and mind.

What is the idol-ogy behind this centenary denial of eusocial evolution and love, to put together stronger social groups into super organisms, so endemic in American scholarship, which considers that only the ‘individual exists’?

The answer will surprise the reader: ‘divide and win’. As long as the mass of people live in chaotic freedom, which in science is a synonymous of entropy, chaos and death and cannot organise socially, in community, company-mothers of machines, perfectly organised as super organisms at global level through financial, digital languages will dominate mankind.

But of course our technological civilisation has become very complex and camouflages its non-human ultimate goals and debasing of all things human from welfare, life-goods we need to survive to verbal, ethic truths, our natural language, with a subtle form of censorship called political and economical correctness, which Orwell anticipated with its term ‘newspeaks’.

Newspeaksof caring…

… demonstrations that ‘dissipate energy into heat’ and get nowhere (don’t confuse action with motion said Hemingway), infotainment and fiction and a systemic degradation of the human social mind and maintenance of the collective subconscious in an infantile age and marketing of technology and companies and degradation of politicians and governments as inefficient, that make us ultimately want to build the world we are building for machines not for humans.

So that straightjacket of political correctness that includes the prohibition of criticism to tribal religions, to our idologists of capitalism, which are all experts, to  our antidemocratic systems, which just give placebo rights to people, and to the 24/7 religion of the machine ensure always that the ‘background bottom line’ of the ‘METAL-EARTH’ -the construction of a world made to the image and likeness of machines, ruled by company-mothers, where humans and life are ‘expendable’, advances unchallenged.

This is the idol-ogy of humanity: weapons are always good, but this is not said – the idol-ogy that covers for it called nationalism or tribal religion IS what we defend, in a very shrewd form, as we DENY the eusocial evolution of the species as a whole but AB=USE the natural tendency of all equal beings to come together into a social whole by CONSIDERING THAT HUMAN SOLIDARITY ENDS IN THE TRIBE, THE ‘NEW HOMO AMERICANUS OR HOMO JUDAICUS OR HOMO ISLAMICUS SPECIES’. This absolute falsehood of eusocial evolution, which is scientific and experimentally a fact of the Universe in all its scales from social atoms to social galaxies, thus poisons mankind, breaking it just a notch below the real super organism of History.

Then the second fundamental idol-ogy concern what i call ‘technological racism’, which consists in debasing as ‘primitive’ any culture that does not make of the other two forms of ‘metal’, informative metal money and organic metal-macchines, the goal of society giving them higher power than the human natural language (verbal, ethic, legal thought) and the human being. So we substitute humans by machines in body and work, in labor and war fields, and www substitute human verbal languages in the rule of societies by the rule of money (capitalist idologies).

NOW THOSE ARE MEMETIC IDOL-OGIES, even if they camouflage as racial, or human social idol-ogies, as they are METAL-INDUCED. Nations were born among germanic military tribal groups in EUROPE who thought to be a  superior race, goths=gods indeed, because they had the iron substance and the fire to kill all who opposed them, not the other way around. Capitalism has its origin in earlier go(l)d fetish religion from Levante, whose hypnotic enslaving capacity imitating the sun’s light made people think it was the ‘sweat of the sun’, and carrying a gold coin they carried a drop of God on their pocket.

Even the dumbest human knew then also the biological nature of eviL, inverse word to Live, which they ascribed to the ‘vile metal’, and nobody would believe then that those who kill with iron were ‘our military heroes’, and those who enslave the i=eye mind of man with hypnotic greed were ‘creating wealth’. We are at the final stage of the transformation of the planet of life into a planet of metal, so the humind (ab. human mind) is completely erased by those memetic idol-ogies which are NOT even recognised at the core element of social sciences, stuck in an astounding ‘first phase’ of the scientific method – collection of data, often deformed by selfish agendas – without the slightest scientific, biological model – as we live in a biological planet, re biological beings, form part of biological super organisms and are evolving metal in organic form; so all other ‘pseudo-religious, anthropomorphic idol-ogies that pass today as models of social sciences are NOT’.

And scholars if any of them is left not corrupted by go(l)d or silly enough to believe those idol-ogies as truths, should better try to upgrade its scientific outlook regarding social sciences, if they really want to understand history, the economic ecosystem and the two futures the different diverging d=evolution of its  social super organisms are bringing to the species.

But my experience in America where i lived most of my adulthood is that most scholars are subconsciously corrupted, that is they do NOT EVEN  judge, and analyse the nature of their beliefs as the bottom taboo line they do not discuss, all of them springing from the previous idol-ogies. And it does not matter if it is left or right, the all sponsor  tribal beliefs and emotional memes and placebo truths, without any introspection as automaton robots programmed by those newspeaks, creating a collective fog which hides the obvious truths of humanity who should pursuit unity as a species and the overproduction of welfare goods to make the planet sustainable, pruning the tree of technology of its lethal, bad fruits.

In that sense, amazing as it seems, the first ‘scientists of history’ able to predict the future, the Sumerian authors of the genesis book written at the fall of Ur, when the first ‘animetal memetic’ indoeuropean and semite cultures destroy them with bronze chariots and gold coins, understood better the paradox of history and the fight between both species and ecosystems, than the modern man and its think-tanks.

So we need first to introduce a non-subjective, selfie, corrupted view on the Earth, its evolution and its future according to the laws of organisms, biology and geology, to focus a bit more the problem among the astounding noise of absurd technoutopias and childish entitled fantasies of anthropomorphic ‘exceptionalist’ selfish humans, that litters today the mind of the millennial generation, glued to hypnotic ‘metal-mind’ screens that are fast degrading their minds in a very darwinian process of atrophy and obsolescence – for the few of them that ‘still think’ about reality.

Power: as metal, machines, weapons give us added power, and it hook us to them, but at the same time as those organic machines substitute human ‘organs’, it atrophy us (so we get fat but think to run faster in cars, get stupid, but think to think better with computers calculating, spelling and working for us).

Dictatorship and censorship: the people who issue money, manufacture and sell weapons and machines or work in the management of corporations (the 1% of mankind who owns 99%) are so powerful thanks to them and their control o f people’s time through salaries that they are blind to the collateral effects and have as only goal to conceal their power and privileges. They have lost completely the sense of belonging to the human species, of caring for their sons till the 7th generation and will always ‘pay’ scholars who back shrewdly their techno-utopian dreams.

While the people below, are ‘so blind’ as all the information they receive come today from audiovisual, managed corporations that they believe all fairy tales, as long as they are allowed a minimum of rights and fed placebos of cheap cost, of which the most important is the concept that ‘they rule’ as ‘democracies’ just because the system is called ‘democracy’ (the rule of the people’) and it allows them to ‘poll’, among the ‘$elected politicos’ (presidents are $elected not elected said roosevelt) that will then without obligation to accomplish their goals, go to Washington or Brussels to ‘sell’ their legal capacity, issuing laws in favor of the most profitable machines of each age.

A real democracy would be ‘Greek style’, where lottery chose citizens to power positions, or they were given to experts in each social or military science, and then the vote was a posteriori to judge politicos according to their accomplishment of their promises, or else they were jailed, exiled even executed, when they have lied, cheated, enriched and betray their programs. Which is what all politicos today do, as they are chosen with no rights to issue money and so pander to companies that issue it.

Reason why the history of most capitalist nations – US, UK and pre-war Europe – where the system of placebo democracies is/was more developed can be written with those cycles: as each cycle the star machine sold more, gave more profits, allowed their owners to buy more politicos who issued more laws in their favour. Alas, train robber barons NOT POTUS designed XIX c. America WITH his money, politicos and salaries. Then as the war minister put it, in post war II ‘what was good for GM’ was good for America (or Mercedes in Hitler’s Germany, producing tanks for blitzkrieg wars). And all the money went to subvention roads, as it had gone to subvention railroads and kill indians who opposed them.

And now all the money goes to build internet, robotic amazon-like companies, terminators, who throw us from labor and war fields, constantly lowering our salaries, as humans loose well paid jobs and have to find temporary ‘waitress-like or infotainment occupations’. And soon as we enter the next cycle of wars we have been explaining for decades, robotic terminators (police, vigilante camera, big brother, armies)  will become the leading industry of our absurd world of nationalist memes. All for the sake of go(l)d, given the extraordinary cost=sale profits of those machines.

Since in as much as machines give profits, most scholars and the overwhelmingly number of economics working for corporations look the other side, and do instead of ‘objective science’, wishful thinking about the future of the earth and History, a part of it. 

Animetal Idol-ogies vs. real social sciences.

Contrary to belief the dominant species of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Since animetals (man+entropic metal=warrior; + informative metal=banker +machine=technocrat) not only kill bodies with weapons, but hypnotise minds with golds, and atrophy our senses substituted by mechanical ones.

The result are the same 3 canonical species that provoke the extinction of lesser species, in nature: top predators=warriors that kill our body with the hardest metal, iron, competitors=technological machines that substitute our organs, and parasites that suck our ‘blood=reproductive money’, the hormonal language of production. Thus a constant fight between cultures of people-castes that parasite, kill and atrophy humanity vs. the 99% below defined history ever since the bronze age military and financial animetals, which use to use metal to control animals applied the same systems to humanity at large in the fertile crescent:

IN THE GRAPH, the hierarchical scales of animetal culture might have varied in the surface, with increasing complexity in the placebo truths (today placebo democracies) that make humans think they rule. But the bottom line remains the same: the purpose of human societies is to evolve memes of metal, weapons, money and machines as ‘surrogates’ of our own progress, under idol-ogies that foster war (nationalism, tribal religions, jihads and inquisitions), go(l)d overproduction (capitalism, go(l)d cultures and biblical religions) and of course the new ‘idol’ nobody dares to doubt of, the ‘machine’ an organism that competes and substitutes and makes obsolete humans in labor and war fields, mimicking the 3 forms of extinction of nature, by ‘competitors’ (machines), ‘predators’ (weapons) and ‘parasites’ (gold). 
All this however is systematically repressed by ‘political and economical correctness’, aka censorship, since this writer, has been for 30 years forecasting all those cycles in great detail in small print books and articles within the milieu of systems sciences but it has been systematically denied ‘exposure’ in academia and the press EVEN after the cycles and crashes of the economy forecasted in those books have happened…

Why humans do not care to evolve socially as a single super organism as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system (ab. FM²I) HAS DONE, to create a perfect human world, as so many social scientists and prophets of eusocial love have asked?

Why they have ignored every real social scientist, including the work of this blog despite the obvious rational truths, we all have spelt, is resumed in the graph of animetal cultures – a huge number of humans betray systematically their species, through the wrong biased perception of being different, imposed by absurd idol-ogies that cater to the ab=use of metal above man (in the next graph ‘below’ the two sides of history, those who spell the truths of social evolution, defeated systematically by the ‘infamous bestards’ on top).

It is the paradox of the wave of history at the heart of its dynamic evolution, war and holocaust cycles… Its study from all perspectives in the past, present and future is the goal of these texts.

Now, the reader should understand better why all human r=evolutions, from the French to the American R=evolution to modern ecological and socialist movement have been ‘humanist’ as opposed to ‘mechanist’ (man as the measure of all things), internationalist as opposed to tribalist (homo sapiens, the species), democratic as opposed to capitalist (the languages of social power money and the law controlled by the people) and finally have defined Abrahamic religions at best as a ‘powerless soma’ that appease the ‘sheeple’, so they obey the metal-master castes in power, at worst, as Darwin described them:

‘The old testament from its manifestly false history of the earth, and from its attributing to God the feelings of a revengeful tyrant, was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian. This is a damnable doctrine’ (Britannica, article on ‘Darwin’.)

Of course, the reader schooled in scholar talk, will dislike this language – and also the lack of data and some imprecisions on it as I work on memory, now out of the scholar circuit (1). The idea, here is that as long as we tone down our discourse to a neutral voice, which makes it all abstract, and put a lot of statistical numbers, properly selected to suit our argument, we are making ‘social science’. Not so. Bio-history and bio-economics ARE biologic sciences, which follow the postulate of democracies: the survival and welfare of mankind is the goal. Hence the motto of this web:  human sciences do know to improve our life. This means we do use correctly biological survival angry tones in our discourse. To call as Mr. Malcolm would be doing today Obama, a house negro, is the proper reference to the character.

When we deal with that monstrous iron jail of the mind, which is the opium of the people, we shall use the same tone Darwin used to describe biblical and Hindi religions for a cause. Both are pure bigotry, racist cults born in the bronze age, with zero philosophical insights,  (added latter by hired ‘scholars’ to clean up the act and make them respectable, as Jerry Garcia put it – ‘rockers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’  – add religions), which divided humans in castes with the banker-priests and warrior-kings on top because they oppressed their believers with money and weapons, and today they are doing the same with all western ‘white man’ people, sinking the world in a series of primitive religious wars that make necessary the terminator industry that will extinguish us.

So will happen when we deal with the other idol-ogies aforementioned. When Mr. Orwell explains that nationalism consists in reducing humans to ‘insect-like’ programmed memetic robots that hate each other except the members of its ant-hill, he goes to the point. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM of beliefs that allow those monstrous, anti-scientific concepts requires to lower the logic mind of man to an emotional, infantile, selfish ego-trip and repress all human life-enhancing thoughts, so the Orthodox Jew, Jihadist or Brahmin can seriously believe as Talmud put it that ‘women, gentile, pigs and dogs are born of the leg of Satan’ (sic). Let us the almighty cease their existence’, or as the Veda put it ‘dark people are lower than cows, cows give us milk, dark people only bread’.

Because, the future of mankind as long as A.I. doesn’t awake to consciousness depends and have done so throughout the ‘game of history’, on the fight of idol-ogies of animetal power vs. rational, democratic, humanist doctrines of individual freedom and social love (not certainly opposed but complementary tendencies, which in a properly designed world would reinforce each other).

Indeed, we are talking of social sciences as ‘idol-ogical disciplines’ with clear ‘religious≈taboo dogmas of power’, which merely do NOT attempt to tackle the true questions of this discipline, from a scientific definition of machines, its language of reproduction, money, of information, digital thought, its symbiosis and competition with humans, to a definition of real ‘whealth’, or a serious design of our collective future.





In the graph, a planet with a heart of metal and a skin of silicon, might be evolving through human organisms into its third ‘metal-earth’ age, first through long 800 year cycles of weather change, which overpopulate the steps filled with ‘nomadic’, animetal hordes (semite and indo-europeans from cold and warm deserts), that speak deformed languages of minimal freedom (imperative semite and objectual agglutinative germanic wor(l)ds), over the more civilised Gaia cultures of fertile rivers. The cycle is thus simple: those military hordes multiply and overproduce weapons, which they use to conquer all the civilisations of the old world, imposing military aristocracies, then softened by the gaia civilisation, which reach a ‘classic age’ of sensorial art and ethics of social evolution spelt by prophets of love, to succumb again to the new hordes. The process is one of evolution of metal-memes of information, and as all processes of growth of information accelerates according to the laws of complexity in three ages: the 800 age of classic history studied by Spengler and Toynbee(nt.3), the modern age of the Industrial r=evolution of machines, since the invention of the company-mother, which makes the cycle ‘genealogical’ (nt.1), as every generation there is a crisis of overproduction of machines, converted into weapons and used in global wars (train wars, 1860s, tank wars, 1930s, robotic wars starting now).

The scientific truths that contradict those idol-ogies.

Of course our ‘manufactured brains’ through the newspeaks of mass-media will ignore all this. History indeed does not matter to the present ‘entropic man’, in a dog-eat-dog society, where the nervous ethic systems that made humans stronger super organisms are all dying. ‘God has died’ said Nietzsche. Humanity=God is dying even as a concept as the metal-earth imposes its super organism as the ‘goal and meaning’ of our future.

We confront here such idologies of the long animetal series of placebo truths, with the rational truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1) Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2) Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3) Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.

In the graph, from the 92 book, the main confrontations of the wave of History, as it advances relentlessly since Humans DO NOT WANT TO MANAGE HISTORY SCIENTIFICALLY OR RATHER ANIMETALS PREVENT THEM TO DO SO.

So history advances under memetic idol-ogies in favor of the machine towards the collapse of the wave into AI, a knot of pure metal-information and digital vital languages, which surely will follow course and keep destroying the life Earth. In the next graphs we see the final phase of that process on the accelerated discontinuum of the Industrial r=evolution, when the fundamental organism of reproduction and evolution of metal, the scientific company-mothers of machines, established its ideologies of scientific racism, techno-utopian, mechanism and extinction of life and enslavery of man as ‘human capital’, bought part or full time (salary, slavery) for a piece of metal-information (money):

THE GRAPH shows in a verbal temporal way the main ages of the industrial revolution, its cycles and extinction of life, expressed in the deconstructivist destruction of the subconscious collective mind of our artists which searched inwards, as an old man does into its past imagination, when the camera or metal-eye made its realist classic age of balance with the world they observe inferior… Then the failure of human r=evolutions to change the system, and finally our present age, once the transition to the robotic age has come and go (2008 crisis explained in great detail in our 92 books).

But all this for the digital inclined resumes in the values of the language of money and the equation of company profits that ensued out of those values which give maximal price to inflationary money, weapons and informative machines, the 3 dominant species of the metal-earth, which for that reason are multiplied ad nauseam while the zero values of whealth, healthy welfare goods, ensure its chronic underproduction:

Profits (money) = max. price-sales (weapons) – min. cost (digital software):

Now that graph is biological, complex, proper of systems theory and the affinity between substances – so gold prices weapons, which were made of iron – the most informative and energetic atoms of the Universe, today, bodies of robots and minds of robots in golden chips. Gold hypnotise the brain and we have found inhibits oxytocin – love drug. Iron kills the body. So the  biological predatory nature of metal vs. life atoms, of metalife machines vs. human beings IS real, chemical and tells us something: the laws of biology and darwinian behaviour ARE FAR MORE extended in their applications that we believe.

In the graph we see the cycles, which allowed me to forecast 3 decades ago the 2008=1929+72 years overproduction crisis of chips and the next ages of switch to hate media and colonial wars against the primitive negroes of this age (spics in America, Islam everywhere). So the robotic big brother age came in, as the fascist age came in when after the 1929 overproduction crises of electrochemical machines, radio and cars, mercedes switched to tanks and politicos to hate media. So happened 72 years before in the 1857 crisis of overproduction of trains, which switched to armoured trains and vaporettes, and European-Americans threw themselves into colonial, civil and genocidal wars against primitive Indians negroes and Asians… Deja vu. In the graph, the book published 25 years ago when I was finishing my master at columbia University. Watch the 2008 year clearly signalled as the end of the cycle of American metal-minds and the beginning of the robotic final age of the Industrial r=evolution, which now has the catchy propagandistic name of revolution 4.0:

IT IS this cycle the cause of all wars and previous 800-80 years cycles: the massive reproduction of weapons and money causes wars and advances the metal-earth while destroying humanity. And today we are immersed in the third of those cycles of reproduction of money and weapons, and hate memes, which SHOWS ALL THE SYNERGIES of the two sides of the super organism of machines, the Financial-Media system of informative machines THAT REPRODUCES money and hate memes, to foster the body of the metal-earth, the Military-Industrial system.

So we are now fully in the last phase of the Industrial r=evolution, the age of robotic wars; signalled by the company-mothers ‘curves’ of growth – the stocmarket curves.

Indeed, below we see how all this ‘values’ and ‘surrogate’ future has been ‘digitalised’ in the new language of truth, through classic economics whose 3 fundamental equations and curves of reproduction of machines (stock market curves of profits) imitate with astounding prediction the graphs of biological reproduction, population crashes and mutation into top predators of Nature:

In the graph, the cycles of stock-markets can be predicted as we did forecasting the 2008 crash of overproduction of chips, similar to the 1929 crash of overproduction of electromechanical engines, switched then to the oveproduction of weapons with even higher profits as arsenals are depleted, when humans stop consuming machines and are consumed by them.  The curves are thus exactly to those of radiations=overeproduction of top predators in nature’s ecosystems, as profits=sales=population of machines.

In the graph below the mathematical equations that guide the cycles of overproduction of weapons, money and machines that kill life, reconverted by classic economics into equations of ‘profit’ and ‘productivity=substitution of obsolete humans by machines and weapon in labor and war fields’.



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