History in Mind:Wor(l)ds








Huminds: S: I=eye<wor(l)d: T. Linguistics’ Pentalogic. The wor(l)d as ∆@st of space-time.

5D stiences, the theoretical minimum applied to the Human wor(l)d.



  1. The Psylocephalic e-motional Mind. The black cultural wave race: Africa. The female STate.
  2. Brachicephalic verbal Mind. The Asian Mongoloid cyclical cultural race. The child.

III. Dolichocephalic visual Mind. The lineal, entropic white cultural race. Europe. The old man.



  1. ∆-1 Scale: Phonetics.
  2. ∆o Scale: Universal Grammar: Morphology, Syntax and Semantics.

III. ∆+1 scale: Anthropologic Linguistics: the 3 families of languages.






‘The humind is an I=Eye>Wor(l)d” L§, on ∆º Mind-races.



‘Love each other as I have loved you.’ Jesus on ∆+1 Religion.


“Sentences are a combination of (Time) verbs [rhêma] and (space) nouns [ónoma]”

Cratylus;  Plato, on ∆-1 Linguistics

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and spatial information. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.”

Einstein, on the entangled Pentalogic forest man cannot see – and its 5 elements, ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, ‘entropic limits’, and ‘languages of the mind’


“Chaos is undeciphered order” Saramago





This section, the 2ND on the pentalogic analysis of the supœrganism of history (mankind in space time), applies to the study of its mind – the Wor(l)d; in its highest level of ‘wholeness’, as a system that mirrors the Universe with 3 axial languages that define according to its dominance in each trinity age, gender and race, the cultures and attitudes towards life, the external world, the internal world and other human beings, of mankind.

We then choose the most important language of History, verbal thought, to define departing from the ∆º scale of human individuals, the carriers of the trinity of languages, its higher social plane, ∆+1, that of religions, in which the 7 cycles of history and its symmetric 7 global civilizations in space play a fundamental part – as their verbal religions defined most of its attitudes towards existence on planet Earth, and its ∆-1 smaller parts, linguistics with its syntax that related ‘spatial names and temporal verbs’ – the unit-mirrors of its comprehension of the space-time universe; analyzing also some elements of its semantics and relating the 3 families of languages to the 3 mental races of mankind.

Because humans unfortunately are at this STage of history ‘children of thought with an attitude’, it is unavoidable to make a short introduction to the 5D fractal organic Universe of space-time beings, taken from the larger papers on the pentalogic 5 elements of all organisms of the Universe, mind, space, time, scale and its entropic limits.

We make similar introductions in all papers, albeit as I like to meditate on that simple Mandala of reality it might vary. A good introduction is the quote of Einstein, one of the few XX c. scientists that have some insights on the nature of cyclical time and the organic paradigm, started by Aristotle, and followed with Leibniz and its theory of relational space-time which unfortunately humans abandoned due to its higher complexity for the Platonic, Newtonian view of a simple Universe with a single dimension of time and a single mathematical language.

Because everything we say departs from that radical upgrade of thought that is to see a living, organic Universe, constructed with those 5 elements similar in all beings, the reader will find all its beliefs challenged, all its models of science, ‘upgraded with deeper reasons’, and if he can go through, he will experience an expansion of its consciousness. It is not easy, as it requires intelligence and the will to challenge those beliefs and little ego because at the end of the journey, he will discover he is truly entangled and similar to all other parts of reality.

So I find often that only a person who is not a pedantic scholar reassured of the truths of any of the disciplines of stience we upgrade in those papers but has a solid mind, with a huge intelligence and a ‘young attitude’ to new ideas but a capacity to learn by himself and a huge empathy with all the sides of reality, can really see.

This kind of people are very rare. It might take many generations for humans to get there. It might even that only AI will get to understand the whole model of 5D stiences. Still the papers on history are the easier and closer to us. So it is worth trying even if you have to jump through many paragraphs too complicated to care…

3 are the levels of the mind of man; the higher level of the eusocial mind, the subconscious collective mind of a civilization, we call God; which western religions represent with its verbal parables adapted by the ‘first seed’ of a civilization as a superorganism, or ‘prophet’, to its people and social organism in the age of its birth. And in Eastern religions focused more often on the mind of the whole Universe, the organic game of survival and existence.

3 are also in the intermediate the mental races of humanity, according to the dominance of one of its 3 ‘linguistic’ axis, dolichocephalic, visual white man; brachicephalic, verbal, mongoloid ‘yellow man’, and psylocephalic, ‘e-motional’, black man, and its 3 ‘parallel’ ages/sub-genders; the ‘old man’, the ‘child’ and the ‘woman’.

An 3 is usually the structure of most sentences, that mimic the ‘fractal generator’ of the organic Universe, as all is made of spatial information, temporal motions and its energetic Space-time combinations: S<ST>T.

We exist in a Universe which is in scale and space’ ternary in structure. So we are made of smaller cells and are part of larger social organisms, those civilizations whose collective minds we call verbal Gods. Hence the ∆±¡ (ab. for the 3 scales).

So we shall in the brief introduction to ‘space-time organisms’ analyze that fractal generator which essentially tell us that we are ‘space-time’ organisms, made of ‘3 dimensions of space, each with a motion in time’ that are called in mathematics, ‘topological 2-manifold varieties’ of which there are only 3. From that simple fact comes the ternary structure of everything we see in a single plane of space-time and the trinity of mental languages. I.e your organism, a physical atom, a galaxy, ALL can be defined by 3 ‘topological space-time forms with function’:

|-lineal limbs-fields that move Ø-hyperbolic body/waves that reproduce an organism guided by an o-particle/head

So four are the themes of this paper:

– 1. The ∆+1 scale of the superorganism of history, the religious and artistic mind of its civilizations.

-2. ∆-1: The main of its languages of perception, unique to mankind, the wor(l)d and its smaller struture: linguistics.

-3: The intermediate scale of ‘human brains’ in terms of its 3 linguistic axis, the verbal, visual and emotional axis, which determines its main racial cultures, the black e-motional, white, visual and yellow, verbal dominant forms of thought.

  1. The no-future of the wor(l)d in a planet increasingly guided by digital machines, where human consciousness and the evolution of mankind as an eusocial whole is regarded as secondary in a visual civilization dominated by a different species and mind… Hence the analysis of the increasing regression of humanity.

Let us introduce the basic concepts behind those parts of ‘History and the world’.





So words are the St-language of information that connects human beings into social networks, and its ∆+1 Gods, the subconscious collective ‘emergent’ consciousness of a culture or civilization; and its ∆-1 scale of linguistics that breaks down language into its components in space and variations in time.

It seems for most people that religion is not a science but culture, while linguistics is a formal science akin to logic, with precise rules set by generational grammar. And so both are unrelated. This is not so, as both have in common to be ‘expressed with words’. Religion is simply the largest possible scale in the use of words as the informative network-system of supœrganisms of History, ∆+1. Linguistics on the other hand deals with the more elementary level – the use of words by human beings, ∆º citizens-cells of cultural organisms, and below (the parts of the human discourse and its inner generation by human thought).

In the entangled Universe all those scales of the informative network of the supœrganism of history are related. And further on, they are related and ultimately generated by the Laws of the 5D organic, fractal Universe of space-time; as the wor(l)d is the language of the world – the mirror huminds (ab. human minds) use to describe the world, stressing the temporal aspects and its 3 relative dimensions of past, present and future (so we say verbal thought, where verbs express actions in time, and not nomimal thoughts, where names express spatial forms). This said it is obvious that the ‘Fractal generator of space-time’, either in its dilogic or trilogic expression, S=T; S<ST>T, must be immediately mirror as the ultimate grammar of languages, and as we have seen it is: Sentences are a combination of names and verbs put in correspondence, so the generator 5D equation of linguistics is immediate:

Spatial form: (names) ≈ V (Space-Time actions).

It all really turns around this simple Fractal Generator, as it happens with each science.

Now as usual because huminds have a very primitive concept of space and time, ‘reduced’ to the specific fractal generator of mechanics, V=S/T and its Einstein’s expansion that adds –ct to the mix, we insert a brief 20 pages introduction to the 5 Dimensional motions of the Universe; to clarify what is a simultaneous form of space (a supœrganism), what is its worldcycle of time (its life-death cycle of existence), what is a mind-mirror language of the time worldcycles of spatial supœrganisms, etc. Even if we are aware that minds are repetitive, memetic system imprinted with beliefs and it is almost as difficult to upgrade huminds to a comprehensive understanding of time and space, as to convince a religious believer that its dogmas of truth are relative expressions of the 3rd fundamental element of reality, ‘scales of parts and wholes’ that define the planes of space-time of those supœrganisms – specifically of the Law of social evolution of those parts into wholes, which can be expressed as a metric equation of the fifth dimension, but in verbal language simply means, ‘love’. Love all other parts that are equal to you, and share energy and information with them to form a larger whole, a supœrganism of History.
So space, time and scale, ∆ST, the 3 components of reality is what languages of mankind express, from its simplest generational sentences, Name=verb, to its highest ∆+1 expression, ‘God’, the subconscious verbal collective of a group of human beings that use words to communicate.

It is then religion a science? Certainly. It deals with the eusocial ethic laws of the 5th dimension, the needed praxis adapted in the language of huminds, to each human culture and age to achieve that goal. It is linguistics a science? Yes, definitely, one that has multiple scalar layers from the Generator equation of its grammar, which supersedes Chomsky’s intuitive perceptions of that generator (regardless of his lack of knowledge of the Fractal of space-time, which I had a chance to argue with him decades ago when I was still pen pal with scholars of every discipline). So Chomsky’s intuitions about the grammaticality of linguistics is truth. But that grammaticality ultimately derives of the fact that all languages have a ‘dual and ternary structure’ that a specific species’ mind uses to perceive the spacetime organisms of the Universe to interact with them in their relative world and survive through (verbal) actions that make the system achieve the entropic motions, information and energy they need to move, perceive and reproduce into a clone space-time organism.

So language’s generative grammars are mental grammars of existence (‘competence’) that underlay actual human linguistic behavior (‘performance’ in Chomsky’s words. ) In Chomsky’s terms, linguistics should move from the study of ‘E-language,’ or ‘externalized language,’ to the study of ‘I-language,’ or ‘internalized language.’ This approach revolutionized linguistics, was a major influence on the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’ that reestablished the mind as a focus of study in psychology, and led to the establishment of the discipline of cognitive science. The scientific methodology of Chomskyan linguistics is then Popperian, departing from a hypothesis, prior to the collection of data (the existence of a mental Generative Grammar):

We recognize this concept of Linguistics but add 2 provisos:

  1. The hypothesis of a mental grammar in human languages must be taken a ‘step further’ recognizing that this mental grammar is in itself a mirror of the Existential algebra (logic formalism) of space-time. And that is its ultimate why. Hence the need to understand 5D metrics and the meaning of space as information and time as motion and its ‘combined dimensional motions’ that structure all beings in the Universe. Let us use an example from Chomsky’s work to prove this point: the contrast between eager to please and easy to please (6–7):

(6a) John is easy to please   (6b) It is easy to please John

(7a) John is eager to please (7b) It is eager to please John

Speakers of English agree that (6a) and (6b) are both acceptable and have similar meanings. Although there is no logical reason for ruling out (7b) and it is easy to see what it would mean by analogy to (6a), speakers agree that (7b) is not an acceptable utterance. It is not grammatical in English. This can be explained by the assumption that a cognitive system of knowledge, a grammar, licenses (6a), (6b), and (7a) but rules out (7b). But why it rules 7B?

Obviously because to please (ST-Action verb)<≈> John (space form) is its S=T fractal generator. And so we ascribe the rest of the elements of the sentence according to the ‘fractal principles’ to ‘modulate that core grammatical generator. And in 6 easy correspond to please (ST-verb) so the change of order from 6a to 6b does NOT separate easy from please; but eager corresponds to the spatial form-name John, and from 7a to 7b we separate eager from John, breaking the ‘space continuum’ of the sentence, and that is the reason it is ungrammatical. So the ‘rules of grammar’ discovered by Chomsky and his school ultimately reduce to the laws of Existential algebra that ‘preserve’ the existence of a space-time organism or a mirror language of it.

It is for that reason we need to know the basic laws of existential algebra for an advanced course on 5D linguistics, or at least for this introduction to all the sub-disciplines of linguistics, an introduction to the concepts of ∆-scales, spatial information and temporal motion of the fractal, organic Universe.

  1. The need to refer the elements of languages-mirrors to the reality they study. Since the externalized language is even more important as it is the bridge of communication between equal human beings that allows to evolve socially a culture into a supœrganism, of which the ethic laws of a subconscious god that synchronizes the actions of the group is the most important.

Many paradoxes in multiple science, as all sciences are ultimately written in a formal language, arise from the mono-dimensional logic of huminds that have a difficulty in understanding the ‘correspondence’ theory of languages as mirrors, already understood by Aristotle, which we shall treat in the brief introduction to truth and language. Consider the famous Russell’s paradox that put in evidence Cantor’s attempt to ‘invent’ mathematics (also a language referred to scale with numbers, space with geometry and time with algebra’s operands) with a metalinguistic concept of his imagination (sets). This is also an error in Chomsky’s grammar, as his categories do not refer to the underlying reality of wor(l)ds, space, time & scale – the primary elements of the Universe:

Russell’s antinomy were to be felt in every field dealing with language, meaning, and truth. The paradox arose from the consideration that some classes seem to contain themselves as members, while others do not. For instance, the class of dogs is not a dog, but the class of classes is certainly a class. A linguistic parallel can be seen in the fact that the word dog is not a dog, but the word word certainly is a word. By defining a set of all those sets that do not contain themselves as members, Russell came to a mathematical result that turned out upon inspection to be self-contradictory: the defined set could contain itself only if it did not contain itself, but if it contained itself, it could not contain itself. The problem nearly drove a stake in the heart of mathematics. It challenged the hope that reasoning itself can be consistent. It rocked the foundations of epistemology and threatened to topple theories of meaning, reasoning, and language acquisition. And contrary to belief was never resolved, but as usual superseded by ‘reductionism’ by-passing it with Zermelo’s hypothesis.

The problem here is one of no recognizing that as languages are always mirrors of reality, they have the ambiguity of using linguistic terms that sometimes are ‘reflexive’, that is, they relate to the internal language’s form in itself, ‘dog as a word’, and sometimes are transitive, that is, they refer as the external T.œ (time-space organism), the language mirror, ‘a dog’.

But evolved languages, and certainly words had much more time to evolve than human mathematics, let alone, Cantor’s imagined sets, have subtle ways to differentiate both: the ‘term’ that refers to a part of the linguistic mirror, the word, ‘dog’, when being only a word is left alone, as it is the ideal bare bone ‘pixel’; without the slightest secondary elements that are required when the term refers to a ‘concrete’ outside reality, which will be ‘located in space and time, within a larger scale or world’. So there will be ‘modifiers’ of spatial location, time duration, social scale and number. In the sentence the simplest possible modifier ‘a’ already differentiates the word ‘dog’ from an undifferentiated single unit of the species canis, ‘a dog’. With ‘a word’ however as it is already semantically a member of the language, there is no contradiction. So happens with the class of classes. But this obviously means that as the word ‘word’ is NOT real. We do NOT find words going around with legs; the word ‘class’ and ‘set’ is NOT real, but a linguistic mirror, in this case of the mind of Cantor. However 3, the number even when naked it is real, as it means a group of 3 things, of any kind. And so it is the unit of geometry, the point, and the operands of algebra, +, -, etc. which therefore can stand alone as Space, time and scale ARE real.

The same happens with the religions of the Wor(l)d, which we study in those texts: all of them have become subconscious collective of civilizations, because they translated in verbal thought for humans to understand, the laws of construction of social supœrganisms. A religion is not such, just because as in America 3 people register it for tax evasion purposes. They cannot be just excrescencies of the mind. A religion must refer to a human sizeable group, culture to become its subconscious collective because it helps it to understand the laws of the fractal 5D organic Universe of space-time and construct an efficient supœrganism of history.

Those are then the 2 extremes of generality – the S(name)<>ST (verb) fractal grammar, as minimal unit of linguistics and the largest level of the informative network of a civilization and its subconscious collective religions in the other extreme. How all those levels interact opens with 5D many new models to explain properly linguistics. For example, a motivation for Chomsky’s Universal grammar is the paradoxical fact that language acquisition is evidently possible for naive infants? How do they do it? The answer is obviously that any mind does have as a space-time being a general view of ‘types’ of words that refer to ‘space beings=names’ and ‘motion verbs’. The same happens with phonetics and the 5 vowels that represent the SS(U)<St(O)≈ST(i)>sT(e)>TT(a) 5 dimotions of space=time. The child starts shouting SS-TT: Gua… which is inverse to the cry of the wolf, ‘Au’ TT-SS, showing humans to be ‘SS-informative species’, as opposed to entropic TT-wolves. But both are ultimately space-time mind mirrors. And so, a universal of phonetics states that almost all languages have trilogic, SS(a)<ST (i)>TT(u). So contrary to present theories it all starts from St general laws and then children add details. In the same way his eye sees forms of space and even better ‘motions in time’, So visual thought starts also with the 2 primary ‘elements of reality’: Space forms and time motions, which as verbs do dominate perception, for reasons of ‘survival’ – motion and action changes the states of being and matter more than form and names.






We have described briefly the 5 elements that conform all realities, ∆±¡ Scales=Planes of Spatial Information and Temporal entropy, combined into ‘energetic vital beings’; controlled by a spatial mind=language, @, who perceives in itself (the language is a simultaneous mapping, whose ‘magic’ property is perception); limited (¬) by its 0’ x µ=Constant world to have entropic limits in its vital space, time duration and scalar and mind perception.

This is the structure of ¬∆@st of space-time of which we are all made. Within that structure, there exists in man both at the scale of individuals and at the scale of social organisms, languages of perception, which have a ‘consciousness’ of being within the language, we are not going to argue. Consciousness in that sense is ‘obvious’ for the language within; it is likely the ultimate e-motion scale of reality shaped by the language. Consciousness of man exists does in the word and the visual I=eye (space) = Wor(l)d (time) languages ; and we consider it should also exist in an upper collective subconscious plane of space-time exist¡ence we call Gods, studied in its metaphysical and historic engagement in the other papers on History. Here we want to do a more prosaic analysis, focusing on linguistics and art.

The mind of man has in that sense two clear components, the ‘visual I=eye’, dominant in space even if it can perceive motions in time or ‘St-language’ and the verbal wor(l)d, dominant in Time even if it can perceive forms of space with nouns.

As always every ‘yang’ has a drop of yin.

Because by definition space is related to information, the eye has more information than the word, more dimensional motions of simultaneous form. The word is a more synoptic language which can be transmitted in single dimensional sequences. This gives it a higher capacity to ‘move’ in time and forecast the future; as it happens with mathematical languages, reason why humans use wor(l)ds not images to map out the world. And so our use of inglish with ‘infixes’ properly calls it the wor(l)d. As we humans plan our world with words.

The I=eye on the other hand is the first layer of information we perceive that locates our selves as indiduals in space. It is a language ‘grounded’ in the immediate reality with ‘lesser’ temporal scope and capacity to perceive ‘higher ranges’ of ST systems. What this means is the visual language is ‘superficial’, and ‘individual’, ego-centered. And it is this the essential property that makes the ‘medium the message’ in the modern visual world.

That is, by the very fact that huminds have regressed from a wor(l)d-centered mind into a visual-centered mind with the evolution of machines of information, we have degraded our mind. It is the phenomena of neo-Paleolithic increasingly infantile humind species, which clearly ushers mankind into a 3rd age of decadence and death of the mind that we don’t acknowledge.

The astounding frightening beauty of the intelligent organic Universe is the incapacity of the inner parts of an organism to understand the collective processes of our worldcycles.

This duality and predatory nature of I=eye languages over social temporal organic Wor(l)ds was however understood by all classic prophets of the wor(l)d who forbade images and remarked idol-atry as the capital sin of the mind; which still is in the form of idol-ogies that distort human thought.

In the classic age artistic eye-languages were, submissive to the wor(l)d, having a complementary role to make understandable to common people of little wor(l)d intelligence the ethic, organic social laws of God. And so because this paper is ‘positive’, in as much as it studies the positive elements of the humind, NOT its degeneration and likely extinction this century, which is analyzed in our paper on History in time, we won’t dwell so much on the neo-Paleolithic and the destructive influence of visual thought over mankind, which passive enzymen, virally colonized by its metal-idologies do not even consider. Of that process the most amazing fact is the ‘silence of the lambs’… Mankind is ‘processed’ together my networks of machines into self-extinction without the slightest response – truly a herd guided by its FMAsters, themselves greedily programmed by Go(l)d into oblivion.

The Informative High Mental Axis Of Minds

Before we study the 3 mind axis and cultural races of humanity, we need to understand in 5D terms, the ∞ minds of the Universe, and its fundamental dimension of Height. In the graph we see the main minds of each scale of reality. In all of them there will be 3 axial systems of perception of information, the lineal dimension of motion, associated in man to the visual axis; the lateral dimension of parallelism with similar beings, or social dimension of information, associated in man to verbal thought, and the height dimension of information, which is the Universal dimension of information and places the head respect to the body it commands in the highest point.

Those 3 axes exist from the simplest atom to the largest black hole and do exist in the mind of man, and do exist in the world of machines, with antennae in the height dimension, because we live in a sentient Universe. Why then we don’t understand reality in those terms? Beyond cultural reasons analyzed in our study of religions and cultures, due to the egocy (Ego=idiocy) of our mechanical civilization, there is a structural reason, the ego paradox, which makes the mind select information from its point of view, as the center of the Universe.

It all starts with the fundamental principle of physics: the relativity of motion and stillness.

Galileo’s Principle of Relativity is the concept behind the relationship between the equality of time=motion and space=form and why one can convert into another: All what exists is made of space=form and time=motion. And yet physicists know that we cannot distinguish motion from form. So any being in motion from its point of view seems to be still and all other things moving around it. This is the principle of Relativity of motion.

Physicists then without much thought about that fascinating duality, went on to use mathematics to calculate the relative motion of each entity of reality respect to other system, which seems static from both points of view. This is called Galilean relativity, latter refined by Einstein’s relativity, and essentially is concerned with the mathematical calculus of what we shall call the 2nd Dimotion of time=change, locomotion. Fine, but we are more interested on the duality of space=form and motion=time from the perspective of the mind, which IS the system that perceives the motions of the Universe as a still mental space.

Thus the biggest of all ‘unknown’ discoveries that Galileo missed by lack of ‘philosophical insights’, was the mental nature of space – the finding that we see reality still because the mind perceives in stillness, and reduces motion to form. Space IS always born in the mind’s simultaneous perception of events (something Einstein’s relativity will help us to calculate) and this will give birth to the proper understanding of motion as reproduction of form, of the duality particle in stop form and wave in motion, of the Lorentzian transformations and its paradoxes and a long etc. of distortions the mind effects on reality; which we will upload sometimes in the future, if the ‘ethic’, ‘humanist’ standing of those papers don’t get them erased by the usual suspects.

In terms of perception the stillness the self-centered point of view of any mind gives birth to the ego paradox:

The mind or 0-point is, the relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe as he sees everything turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside a linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ it confuses with the universe. So the mind is a fractal point, @, but believers to be all.

The paradox of the Ego – who make each mind to feel so important – is then rooted in the self-centered structure of the mind, which selects information from its point of view, creating, an infinitesimal linguistic mind-mapping of reality – which then it confuses with the whole universe:

0-linguistic mindx∞ Universal space-time cycles=Constant World mapping of reality, with @mind at its center.

In mathematical terms 0 x ∞ = Constant; that is the infinite information of the Universe, multiplied by the relative infinitesimal volume of our mind gives us a constant mapping, which requires to fit in such a small place, to extract all the properties that are not interesting to us and our self-centered view.

So the first qualities to go are the scales and motions of all other entities, which is what makes them feel alive but are not interesting to us.

Indeed, science started when Galileo realized the mind stopped the motion of the earth, but the earth moves.

Next, minds eliminate all the other egos, and sentient points of view, so only we humans feel intelligent. But our perception is electronic and all atoms have electrons. So the sentient pan psychic universe likely is already thinking and living as any atom, as all reproduce particles, gauge information, evolve socially with magnetic fields. But we just reduce minds to ours.

But what is the purpose of all those mind-mirrors and languages? To enhance the survival of any system by selecting useful information. So we let information about our preys and predators, about those other human beings with whom we reproduce and socialize into larger wholes.

And we DO project that ‘selfish information’ into our territory ordering it to make it look to the image and likeness of our mind. So the Mind becomes not only linguistic but also creative. We first use a perceptive language to form a world selected to our convenience and then we project it into the external world to make it real. We imagine the world and then we try the world to be like our imagination:

The mind or 0-point is thus the relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain. And then it becomes the ‘seed’ that enlarges back to the ∆+1 world its imagination. It is this scalar ∆+1 world > ∆o Mind < ∆1 world, the essence of the creative processes of the Universe, which also explain why scales are entangled and self-similar as ultimately they are the work of infinite minds busy-busy shaping 2 scales of the 5th dimension to make them look alike. And so we call the mind the SS, §, or double still state, as it tries to stop the world outside to match its image inside.

So the mind is the linguistic still space we see – while the other extreme of reality is the dual time motions of TT-entropy, where inner and outer motion produces the scattering disorder of death. So we can philosophically consider reality a tug-of-war between time in its continuous motion and still minds, fractal, non-Euclidean points that hold a world in themselves (Leibniz) trying as monads to fix reality into its subjective self-centered point of view… always defeated by the final entropy of motion.

So the ego is blind to all the motions and vital perceptions of other minds and other beings, as from its perspective, nothing thinks and from our perspective we see our own nose bigger than Andromeda. So reality becomes deformed, inert, and the ego becomes the center of the Universe, as always happened with humans who thought first the earth in its center, then chosen of god, the creator, who spoke our language, and finally debased all living entities reducing them ‘to spatial forms’ in the still mapping of the mind, which stops all motions to fit a reduced image of reality. So we express verbally the ego paradox:

‘The ego believes its still mind mapping IS all the information of the Universe, when it is only an infinitesimal part of it, self-centered in the self’.

So the function of the mind is to create virtual spaces by reducing the information of time motions to still simultaneous mappings, and then projecting its ego into the outer world. Problem is all other egos are doing the same. So an intelligent mind besides having a lineal axis of perception of forms (our visual still language), develop a second perpendicular social axis to coordinate similar egos with similar objectives and become a larger whole.

This is what we call the Human I=eye<Wor(l)d. As the eye is lonely and selfish, but the wor(l)d is social.

What about the 3rd axis, the psylocephalic height axis? It is the internal axis that connects the mind with our body and vital space, and commands it. So it relates to the vital survival and reproduction e-motions of the organism as a whole. Yet as the individual in the human species needs to associate with the other gender, to survive, it is also often connected to the verbal axis. Thus verbal and e-motional intelligence often go together. As it is the case of the two psylocephalic human sub-species, the black man and the ‘woman’, the reproductive function. Both excel in emotional and verbal intelligence, which are the 2 intelligences that a mere visual species doesn’t require so often. And indeed, the animetal ‘visual white man’, often lacks e-motional intelligence and its languages are the most primitive of the 3 great families of languages we will study latter in great detail.

The lack of empathy of the ‘animetal white man’ able to kill other humans, who have suppressed ‘ethic social values’ of our civilization, and is risking the survival of mankind and the Earth, all derive ultimately of its extreme specialization in ‘visual thought’.

It follows also that minds are ‘relative mental spaces’ and so ‘perception can be manipulated’ in selfish modes to ‘cheat the mind’.

All this can be formalized with ‘Non-Euclidean vital geometry’ – The mathematical model of 5D. So we call a mind a non-Euclidean point, which hides a volume crossed by ∞ parallels of energy and information. As Leibniz said: each point is a world in itself. It is then important to define the 4ht postulate of congruence which 4establishes the rules of behavior between minds who feel equal and come together into parallel ‘lines=waves’ of social form, and those who perceive each other different and ‘collide’ in scattering entropic events.

Those are Universal laws that allow us to define an angle of scattering in particle physics and social behavior. We won’t use though vital geometry beyond the definition of the 3 axis of the mind, as we will be ‘provoking’ the ergo paradox of the reader unless he is an animist of a higher consciousness entangled to the Universe, a ‘rara avis’ in the present ‘animetal world’ where ‘empathy’ is in short supply.

RECAP. 5d metrics DEFINE minds as mirrors. its function is: 0 x ∞=c

The Galilean Px. S=T explains the existence of mind-spaces based in linguistic forms, whose function is the basis of the psychology of the mind – the ego paradox, and the processes of creation of scales (seeds, minds, genetics, etc.) Minds are monads, non-Euclidean points that hold information, in still mappings, projected on its territory of order, as linguistic mirrors of a fractal reproductive Universe.

The ∞ information of the Universe is reduced into the relative infinitesimal volume of our mind gives us a constant mapping, where we expel all the properties that are not interesting to us and our self-centered view.

The mind is a singularity or infinitesimal 0-point, a relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of space-Time of the Universe, reducing them to a World to fit selected useful information into the finitesimal volume of the brain. The mind function is the origin of the Ego paradox, the key to psychology, subjective human cultures, religions & ‘ænthropic’ science: ‘Every mind measures reality from its biased p.o.v. confusing the ∞ Universe with its ‘finitesimal self-centered world’

The universe has infinite such mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of spatial information. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors.

∞ other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S=Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system. Mind languages map reality into spatial forms. It is the ‘intelligent’ still spatial limit of reality, as all what exists are disordered entropic motions=forces and ‘minds’, particles-heads whose logic & mathematical languages create a territorial body order that forms of reality. ‘Vital motions and perceptive minds’ make up a ‘vital, perceptive, intelligent’ Universe. Since particles have all the 5 Dimotions, gauging information, decoupling=reproducing & evolving social with magnetic fields.

The creation of scales of reality is then a simple game in which a point mind reduces reality to its infinitesimal form and then projects into its local territory of order, which will reflect at scale, the larger whole or world, which the linguistic image reduced and then enlarged back into its territorial form: Fractal points unlike Euclidean ones are points with parts, as we come into its scale grow in size and display the 3 minimal parts of all of them, its area, frequency of angular momentum, and central Active Magnitude, the ‘singularity’ – focus of charge, mass, forces or informative minds. Minds are thus also reproductive functions across ‘scales’ of the fifth dimension, which reduce and project its mirror-image in its body-territory of order:

A mind exists in all systems in which time stops to form spatial information. In galaxies happens in relativity functions in black holes, its mind. In thermodynamic physics in the eye of an Eddie. In quantum physics in the center of an atom, or charge. Without linguistic minds that order by reflecting its smaller mind into its local territory reality would not exist. The only way to create fractals is through mirror images. 

In all stience scales minds fix time motions into spatial, linguistic formal mappings that reduce the whole with a synoptic language to fit in a particle-head that gauges information to order its world= territory. Minds are Maxwell’s demons of local order. And exist in all scales – physical minds are the infinitesimal points, charges and masses that create order in physical systems with the same Disomorphic laws that all other minds do in more complex scales. As each mind orders as a linguistic god a territory around itself, its fractal body and entropic world. Huminds though are verbal, hence their ‘fractal linguistic equation’ is S(name)óST (verb), the generator of Universal grammar, unlike atomic systems that generate reality departing from ‘topologic, equations’ of spacetime.

All minds project their biased self-centered model of reality with them at its center and the still world they stop to fit in their mind as a dead territory of order. So humans deny the existence of ∞ minds, as if they were the only ‘special’ sentient point of order and their languages, first the verbal form of its anthropomorphic Gods, today digital numbers, the only of the Universe. And in this manner because ∞ discontinuous minds is the generator of form, of information and order over the entropic flow of mindless time motion, the destruction of one of the two poles of reality means we will never be able to answer rationally the whys of the Universe.



5D anthropology combines the tri-logic fractal generator, S-ST-T and its split rhythms of evolution with the ∆+1 geography of the old world and its South, hot and North cold arches to explain through ‘recurrent, cyclical processes’ out of Africa and out of Asia Homos evolution. As such 5D mixes illogic, geography, genetics, memetics to define a 5D canonical trinity applied to human systems: So= Spatial, formal; |-T, cyclical, lineal, moving, entropic and balanced ST¡, hyperbolic geometry and applies also to the 3 fundamental ‘dominant’ human mental races.

We, Sapiens came from Asia no from Africa; from where it came the first run – that of the Homo Erectus, in the image below.

But the first human who talked and had a brain like us and made complex technology was the Floresiensis, a dwarf, but that is indeed how evolution proceeds in 5D. The first species is always according to 5D metrics, reduced in size in space, increasing its formal complexity: T>S.

Then the species is in the run, reproducing S=T, and merging with the previous T-father species, diversifying into St & Ts sub-species of more energy-body and information-head power. And in this manner from 1, T, the simple |-form comes 2, | and O, and from 2 comes Ø with variations of larger bodies and larger brains; which as the most similar, combine into ST; and thus to the desperation of anthropologists who don’t have a pattern, T>S, S+T=St & Ts; St+Ts=ST, the pentalogic of creation keeps giving us variations of human beings. How this affects the mind will latter be analyzed, with the basic rule of ‘the dot-product’ between the 3 axis of the mind: we start with a lineal visual top predator, entropic species (not only in man, in any animal or c

ellular form, the lineal protein, the shark, the crocodile).

So we have our ‘T-entropic form of maximal motion’. But it will ‘curl’ because from a line to a pi-cycle evolution is easy when conditions of alopatric isolation take place. And so we will have | and O with a better brain. We thus move from |-visual dolichocephalic minds to O-brachicephalic minds and then both merge into SxT pyslocephalic minds. Play with those ‘dot’ products and its variations. Existential logic allow any dot product of 3 potential orientations in space-time, which are the 3 axis of human minds, the verbal, brachicephalic; visual dolichocephalic and e-motional, psylocephalic dominant axis.

The first of those combinations thus was from visual dolichocephalic Australopithecus to tall, psylocephalic Erectus, to verbal rounded Floresiensis. I was expecting since the 90s for his discovery – a small reduced form of Homo but with a superior form, and technological proofs of a higher dexterity than the Erectus. Then a decade latter it was found, and obviously because 4D stience is lineal about big size, nobody in his ‘right mind’ (which means wrong in 5D metric:), will ever accept the simple laws of 5D evolution.

This from wiki:

Small brains

In addition to a small body size, H. florescence’s had a small brain. The brain of the holotype LB1 is estimated to have had a volume of 380 cm3 (placing it at the range of  the extinct australopithecines. LB1’s brain size is half that of its presumed immediate ancestor, H. erectus(980 cm3 ) Indeed, so it is the brain of the more intelligent Asian elephant (:

An indicator of intelligence is the size of Brodmann’s area 10, the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with higher cognition. LB1’s region 10 is about the same size as that of modern humans, despite the much smaller overall size of the brain

Notwithstanding the small brain of H. floresiensis, the discoverers have associated it with advanced behaviors. Their cave shows evidence of the use of fire for cooking, and Stegodon bones associated with the hominins have cut marks, but some other sources doubt that H. floresiensis controlled fire and note that a small brain requires less energy. The hominin specimens have also been associated with stone tools of the sophisticated Upper Paleolithic tradition typically associated with modern humans, who have nearly quadruple the brain volume (1,310–1,475 cm3 ) and 2.6 times greater body mass. Some of these tools were used in the cooperative hunting of Stegodon by these hominids. Ergo if it cooperated, it did so with words.

And so the Floresiensis was the first species. Then it starts the ‘reproductive run’, as the new top predator form multiplies, expands and both merges partially and extinguishes thoroughly the previous lesser species.

All the runs of the homo that matter are done by a new more informative species, the 3 most important, the Floresiensis run, the Capoid run and the Mongoloid run. Each of them once they were born, crossbred in inferiority with the larger species – we know this for the Capoid which couldn’t invade Eurasia for a while as the stronger Neanderthal killed him – since we have only male Neanderthal genes for that crossing, hence he raped dwarf women, as Siberian Charioteers and Conquistadors… But as it improves its size on the run, and improves its weapons, he takes the best genes of the previous homo – he can grow because he has thin bones, which allow him to change its form. The erectus alone couldn’t modify its form, nor the Neanderthal, but the Floresiensis, the Capoid and the Mongoloid could with its ‘neoteny’, thin skull bones. Then finally from |xO comes Ø, the creative hyperbolic wave. In mathematics the varieties of the lineal and cyclical topologies are infinitely inferior to those of hyperbolic waves – creation explodes in the infinite variations of a curve. The line can only be a line, the circle must close into itself, the wave is free to variation. So in the end the sT and St variations that become ST and multiply its technology will kill all those goliaths.

It is the chip paradox, the shrewd paradox, the black hole paradox, the floresiensis paradox, the British boat paradox, the small more advanced Holland vs. the Spanish empire, England vs. Europe, Israel, future knot of top predator terminators that will do us all. So the explosion of variations of new races comes from those merges, 700.000 years ago when the Floresiensis comes out of Flores in groups of higher verbal and technological dexterity. The Capoid that crosses with Neanderthals, likely giving birth to the white Semite/Germanic people, and reaches higher dexterity and finally the Mongoloid that invents the bow and now he extinguishes all others, after a few merges with the white/Semite that give birth to the European. And finally the cycle is close and the Capoid and the European give birth to the black. All those variations have a complex pattern that can be observed in the map. Indeed, the Capoid mixed with the Denisovan acquired high-cold survival genes, and in the isolation of Tibet, it evolved into the mongoloid; in 50.000 according to genetics. That is the point of explosion of creativity in technology, wave forms like the ‘bow’ will follow next. And then the Mongoloid clean up the act. The circle closes:

The last Hobbit in Flores died 50.000 years ago, co-existing with the first mongoloids to arrive.

In each of those runs the pattern is the same, and at the end they enter back in Africa through Europe or Asia and kill all.

We ignore the runs previous to the Erecuts. Who cares for the Australopithecus. We don’t even consider it human, as he did not speak. the homo erectus with its tall psylocephalic mind was emotional, likely a musical homo, learning the rudiments of basic sound language around the fire he knew how to make. It lasted longer in Asia, at the beginning of the Floresiensis run, where it merged. It disappeared sooner from Africa, at the end of the Floresiensis run, when it was acquiring human size and was more confident.

So back to the first run, it was INVERSE to the run of the Homo Erectus, occupied the same econiches, and at the beginning it cross-bred, and so the Neanderthal-Denisovan and perhaps its co-father the Heidelbergensis (it is not clear if the denisovan was born from another merging of Floresiensis and Erectus), will diversify the species.

And so we have again the ‘3 poles’ of human races, that of the Energy ≈Information, balanced, reproductive black race. In the next graph, we observe the fractal process of Generation of different human species, based in the game of ternary topological evolution of that came out of Africa.

As we studied the pre-Homo Sapiens T; T>S; S+T=T, 3 canonical STages of Existential Trilogic creation in History and Time, we study only the 7 runs of Mankind in its ‘peaceful age’ of Paleolithic & Neolithic crossing.

In the graph, in complexity biology systems decouple in 3 varieties of max. entropy=force, max. information and max. reproductive energy, the 3 main drives that ensure survival.

In the graph, the 7 (+800 cycles) major runs of Mankind, with the first and last ‘forgotten’ by 4D Stience – the Floresiensis first man, and the Sea-farer Mongoloid last run to Pacific America; and the key run for the 3 mental races: the Mongoloid, 50.000 Bc. Creative explosion (neoteny, S-height, cold evolution after Denisovan crossing).

5 D metric rules of S-ST-T creation allows to classify the diversification of species, including the Homo. yet the dominant arrow is information, so at the end the gorilla-chimpanzee-Australopithecus, max. energy (gorilla), max. Information (austral), max. reproduction (bonobobo), chose the Australopithecus, and then again in the next decouplings till arriving to the 3 ‘mental races->cultures’, the white, lineal, energetic; mongoloid, cyclical, informative, and sensorial, reproductive, vital black mind-cultures.

We shall see always in all species, of the 10 radiations of life in scale and form of the planet Earth from the amino acid to the chip homoctonos to come, and all those great evolutions broken down to minute forms in decametric 3×3±¡ scales the same process.

THE LAWS OF TOPOLOGICAL EVOLUTION ARE ABSOLUTE AND MAP OUT IN each scale all species, from the simplest atom to the largest galaxy. It will take me a few years more to reorder and put them all. I am now trying to finish this 2019 the 5 papers on History and the Universe, in space, time, mind, scale and entropic motions.

The Space-Time View: Patterns of evolution and radiation of Species.

Time linguistics is the most loved, because of huminds natural lineal sequential time thought and its ego obsession with its ‘origins’… also in the ‘cladistics’ of languages. Yet again, as in all other fields without a clear reference to a larger 5D model of reality there are multiple colliding theories. So what 5D does as in all sciences is to apply the pentalogic Rashomon method to extract partial truths of all of them, and the homologic method with all other disciplines including the larger 5D organic philosophy of stience, to focus and improve on them.

Let us then give a first prime to the origin of languages. It is obvious that language as we know, was born in parallel to the Homo Sapiens, regardless of previous forms in apes and Neanderthals, likely with higher consonantal forms (a less clean sound system with lesser vowels), which should have latter influence and degrade the original highly vowel forms of African languages, reducing them (as in Caucasian languages, Semitic and Australian ones, where there it seems to be higher Neanderthal or Denisovan influence).

We can stretch backwards language formation to the Homo Floresiensis, and its first formed brain with modern shape, which would mix with Homo Erectus to give birth to the first small man, according to the S<T>ST law/beat of evolution (S-evolution of information in smaller forms, T-growth in size and ST-radiation of multiple species).

This means obviously that Neanderthal and Sapiens did speak, likely with a first duality of consonantal vs. vowel languages, Maximal Name vs. Maximal verb configurations; in dualities natural to the laws of existential algebra that then will be carried out in all the differentiations of Human languages.

But as species extinguish previous species who leave only traces, those traces are minor since the dominant species would be the African, verbal wo=man, who first spoke (women obviously talk more, and are the social pegging that defined language). So out of Africa came language and it was we contend all a degeneration from its initial larger complexity of vowels and consonants, an old deduction of our 5D models of linguistics recently put forward and made popular in scholarship, with the usual monologic view (the author merely considers a lineal mathematical law of loss of complexity of phonemes out of Africa, whereas the relevant ‘second factor’ that modulates the variations of the law is the influence of previous Neanderthal, ‘white-dominant’ races).

So all this lead us to the natural division of the proto-human language, the African, Koshan languages of the smaller ‘first human verbal species’ as one ‘limit’ of complex phonetic speech, and the Australoid, other ‘limit’ of racial differentiation of maximal Denisovan≈Neanderthal genetic influence and hence minimal complexity of phonetic speech in the other extreme, with the 3 fundamental ‘cultural races’ of the mind, the black, white and mongoloid as the 3±¡ fundamental families of languages, which roughly speaking correspond to:

– Khoi-san languages (1st S-sapiens) parallel to Sino-Tibetan languages (Mongoloid mind)

– New Guinean &Australian (1st T-Sapiens) languages parallel to Nostratic languages (white mind)

– Bantu (Congo-Nile) languages (Black mind): S=T

If we want to go deeper to the origin of language, and the game of diversification of cultures and species of Homo Sapiens, we can trace a general principle of all processes of evolution in simultaneous space – diversification of a species into an S-informative, T-entropic>energetic and ST-reproductive balanced form, which then merge again into more complex beings. While in time we find those cyclical giving origin to patterns of S-evolution in seclusion followed by ->a reproductive radiation as the species comes out of isolation, followed by the previous -> diversification and final mixing and -> convergence.

In each cyclical process of evolution through space-time, thus a whole change of physical or mental species take place, with the usual ‘beat of 5D evolution’. Evolution takes place in smaller, protected ‘placental spacetimes’, with an accelerated vortex of informative evolution that usually causes a decrease in body size (or inversely for species who evolve along the dimotion of body-cells size, a decrease of mental information). Then the species, once reached a ‘frozen S=T, perfect form’ in the ladder of ∆¡ logarithmic scales (e3=20, or 32+1=10), will start a reproductive radiation, growing back in size and expanding in space its habitat, out of ‘the evolutionary palingenetic placenta’, and in this process will diversify and merge with previous species. So the beat is: 1) ST¡-1>SS (secluded space, palingenetic birth of new more informative species) 2) SS->St (Motion and growth in size) 3) SS->St+sT=ST¡ (diversification into a species with more entropy, one with more information and final merging into a better species.

This simple scheme allowed us in our paper on anthropology (History in time) to define the evolution from the ape to the man in physical space. The cycle in mental space is similar, and the geography happens between the two poles of isolated spacetime where such evolution can take place in a placental friendly environment; the protected Islands of Indonesia and Australasia on one extreme, and the small hinterland south of the desert fringe of the South Tropic in Africa; also rich in vital resources (fauna, fishing) with an amenable climate.

In those 2 poles, back and forth, from the first wo=man who talked, the Homo Floresiensis, to the first Homo Sapiens, with a middle rough, stronger species mixing with the ‘left overs’ of the previous cycles (Homo Erectus, Homo Antecessor, Homo Neanderthal≈ Denisovian), a process of evolution of the wor(l)d also took place, as the mind of man reached new layers of higher SS-linguistic complexity, then ‘trimmed’ them in the back and forth process on the move and as an ST-classic form, added a new layer of complexity.

So we talk of the first full cycle started by the first homo, who talked, the Homo Floresiensis with its new rounded consciousness brain evolved in isolation in the Flores Island, where he started the ‘back and forth’ creative feed-back process between verbal thought and instrumental dexterity.

He will then be able on a glaciation to move out of Flores through the habitat of the Homo Erectus growing in size and finally colonizing Earth as an Homo ‘Antecessor’… born of its mixing with the Homo Erectus which thinned its skull bones allowing further growth in both size and form.

It is the ‘first’ proto-family of potential language, the older one, as usually born of the S (FLoresiensis)=T (Erectus) balanced merge, which will evolve in size and split again into Max. S-apiens and Max. T-Neanderthal.

Those 2 new families now split following another ‘natural’ 5D form of evolution along a height dimension of information, north to south in human geography, whereas north is the informative region, south the reproductive one, according to the parallelism of coldness-information, heat-energy-reproduction. So in the north the visual Neanderthal and in the south the verbal homo sapiens split and merge, split and merge. And so do from the West, Homo Sapiens Koishan and from the East, Homo Sapiens Australian, further evolutions of the same verbal/visual duality, of brachicephalic and dolichocephalic brains.

The first cycle ‘founding fathers’: AustralianóSouth-African (Koi’shan) paths of sound complexity.

How many paths back and forth from the two extremes of the cycle of evolution of human beings, from Indonasia to South-Africa, to complete more full cycles of S<ST>S<ST… of involution, reproduction (radiation in space), involution (evolution in an isolated spacetime with diminishing size and accelerated informative cycles) did happen till arriving circa 100.000 years ago to the human growth of mental consciousness is open to debate, but the laws of 5D cyclical time-space evolution are fairly straightforward and simple:

We have two spatial poles of human races, we study in anthropology (sub-discipline of History in time). And somewhere in the 100.000-50 thousan range there is a starting point for any non-speculative analysis of linguistics, as we detect an explosion of technological and conceptual creativity that requires that SóT feed-back between the S-Eye≤=≥Wor(l)d-T

This happened among humans in the interval between the 100.000 and 50.000 period, where there was a clear merging with the Neanderthal-like different subspecies of Homo Visual, dolichocephalic, in the northern regions of Africa and West Asia, where today the family of Afro-Asiatic languages take place. We know genetically that the Pygmy and Bantu, tall Black African diversified around 70.000 years ago and that there was mixing with Neanderthals and that humans fast walked the path to Australia. Thus if we consider a first ‘phonetic’ explosion on the previous path from Indonasia to South-Africa prior to that date; the game of the Homo Sapiens starts with this 70-50.000 out of Africa. So we are left in present time with the first survival polar duality, between the ±¡ limits of ‘Australians’ and ‘Namibians’ which represent the previous S<=>T dynamic fluctuation between ‘higher energy’ (Australian) and higher information (Namibian). This duality then will be repeated as the graph of races show, between Mongoloid (Max. Information) and white race (Max. mental energy)< to find its middle ST-reproductive balanced form in the black Nilotic race.

In that regard, 5D stiences, we shall not cease to repeat while welcoming the details that will keep no doubt growing of the classic 4D ‘digital science’ made gathering data with machines, is about, specially in this pioneer age written by a single ‘point that holds the entire world in itself’ with synoptic power and minimal detail, the establishment of the general patterns of 5D philosophy of stience; that is the general laws of supœrganisms of spacetime and its worldcycles, to each discipline.

Recap. On the previous graph on top we mapped out the ‘genetic/memetic’ 3±¡ sub-cultures of mankind, which In linguistics mean an opposite SóT duality, from ‘vowel-dominant’ Mongoloid languages to consonantal, Semite ones; hence from syllabic, small cyclical bits of information, in mono-phonemic systems to agglutinative, consonantal lineal, energetic languages; and so on and so on – differences then that can be ‘repeated’ by the fractal principle when we deal with the subdivisions of those languages into broken parts.




Below, 3 ‘dominant’ mental, linguistic axis follow the Topological diversification of species into 3 sub-races, proper of all processes of evolution, giving birth to 3 fundamental ‘cultures’, according to those 3 mental axis. So we recognize only ‘3 mind cultures’ and its crossing in Indonasia that give birth to 3+i original cultures, whereas its melting pot would be the dominant culture of the Neolithic, the true paradise rivers on south-east Asia:

The only meaningful division of races are according to the ternary axis=dimensions of the mind that between the 3 dominant languages of visual, white races and cultures with higher Neanderthal input, mongoloid, verbal cultures and black cultures with dominant motor-emotional axis. In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. They mixed in the Indonasia region, giving birth to the original 4 cultural worldview of human existence.  In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal.

Each of the seven cultures of mankind can be studied ‘diachronically’, as it was born in one of the ages of the larger Supœrganism of History=Humanity, limited by a geographical barrier, and conditioned by the natural ternary structure of topological evolution that diversifies any species in f the 3 S-ST-T DIMOTIONS all systems have. In the human species, it meant a cyclical process of evolution of the 3 AXIAL LINGUISTIC races of the mind:

Max. Spatial Mental, dolichocephalic visual white race, ‘Europe’, produced in states of maximal harshness, in human and life evolution on the cold Northern regions.

Max. Sensorial, mental, psylocephalic (high axis of the brain), emotional black race, ‘Africa’; re=produced in tempered wave states of maximal mobility and intercrossing, in the case of human races the vast Saharan spaces.

Max. Verbal, Informative, brachicephalic, verbal axis: mongoloid race, ‘Asia’; produced as all implosive informative mutations in high=informative places of max. isolation, with high endogamic crossing that ‘reduces’ as all S-repetitive frequencies size and increasing palingenetic ‘neoteny’.

So there are 3 mental cultures, according to the 3 mind ‘s axis that give birth to the white, yellow and black races.

∆ST symmetry: The 3 dimensions of the Humind: language axis. The 3 memetic races=cultures of  Man.

There are as all in the Universe follows the topologic vital laws of trinity, 3 races of the mind based in the dominance of the 3 complementary languages, of human supœrganisms, studied in more detail in our paper on Anthropology (History in time) and biology. But if anything of those 3 cultures, by all measures the superior one from the point of view of balance and survival is the black emotional S=T culture; as opposed to the mongoloid neoteny, informative culture born of one of the basic processes of differentiation in 5D species – the arrested development of the system in its first palingenetic cycle to multiply its informative density; and the inverse white culture, of faster aging, and dominance of visual entropic languages. As the universe we shall never cease to repeat is about S=T body-wave balances, reproductive presents, feminine principles, NOT about Max. S-information or max. T-entropy.


So humans do have 3 fundamental ‘cultures’, according to the 3 ‘dominant’ mental axis of its 3 races:

So in principle we should recognize only the ‘3 cultures’ of the mind and its mixture in the Indonesian region, to give us the 3+i original cultures, whereas its melting pot would be the dominant culture of the Neolithic, the true paradise rivers on south-east Asia:

The only difference, noticeable between the 3 main races, which make their mind complementary is the dominance of one of the 3 linguistic axis of mankind, visual=long, dolichocephalic axis in white men, verbal=wide, brachicephalic in yellow men and emotional/body psylocephalic languages in black men, natural to the laws of ‘topologic evolution’ which have some influence in history; but do not grant any differentiation of species.

Racism is then a ‘treat’ of the leading animetal cultures of war (Indo-European) and go(l)d (Biblical cultures), who feel superior as they differentiate through its ‘fetish-metal’ as vehicle of god (the fire of the smith worshipped in earlier Aryan cultures; the sancta sanctorum and ceremonial ex-votes in Canaanite religions of go(l)d, in Phoenicia (Baal cult) and Judaism (‘Baalble’) latter expanded to protestant cultures, which seek to dominate the world through its monopoly in the issue and use of weapons and money, since its inception.

To that aim the worship of metal and the debasing of live drives is constant in both type of animetal cultures. As its idol-ogies repress all the human drives of life, as ‘sin’, sexual reproduction, the highest goal of humanity at individual level, social love=evolution, the highest at collective level, tasteful food, with dietary laws and trash food, forbidding the pleasure of our natural energy, in its biblical cult(ure)s and modern industrial ones, even our natural language of information, the wor(l)d, substituted by digital languages, so the species dedicate all its efforts to entropic war –the killing of your neighbor, reproduction of metal-machines, and its energy and digital information, so every mechanism has food-electricity but humans – 1 billion of them are undernourished, and under collective anoxia and austericide, so our parasitic bankers can have more digital numbers and our companies more credit to create a world to the image and likeness… of its offspring of machines. And we shall return to that.

The trinity of minds influence aslo science as culture, (lineal time vs. cyclical time) but in a perfect world would be complementary and guided NOT as today by the unbalanced two cultures but paradoxically by the emotional, life oriented S=T black cultures/minds focus on the pleasures of life. ‘Science is culture and culture is science’ is a concept difficult to understand for most humans, but essential to comprehend our zeitgeist as a dying civilization.

Those 3 cultures then have defined 3 ‘worldviews’ of the ‘parameters’ in which both religion and science are based – the languages of perception preferred by each culture, and their concepts of time=change=motion, the fundamental substance of the Universe.

The white, lineal visual=dolichocephalic=egoist, isolationist humind, which imposed to the Wor(l)d its mechanist war & religious censorship have come to dominate the age of machines.

But that doesn’t mean that its ‘sciences’ based in ‘anthropic principles’, of humans as the only intelligence of the Universe, lineal time and hence lineal ‘physics’ and ‘dog-eat-dog’ isolationist societies are truth. They are simply born of its dominant light-visual mind, and use of metal to empower its military, selfish people. This culture is the one that gave origin through Germanic military technology and Jewish go(l)d fundamentalism to our nazionalist, capitalist, self-destructive world and its war and holocaust cycles. But its linearity has imposed a manifest destiny, with its political& economic (in)correct views born in our dominant, biblical U$ go(l)d cult(ure) of ‘animetal enzymen’ who catalyze a suicidal manifest destiny: to evolve metalife their egocy (ego=Idiocy) worships, killing with it the tree of life that sustains us in a society controlled by FMMI Company-mothers and its ari-stock-rats, dictators of democracies that im-print on its sheeple with audiovisual anthropic fictions & digital information=money they issue in monopoly, placebo, selfie, idol-ogical newspeaks for them to worship, cre(dit)ate & evolve its offspring of entropic, eviL metal-weapons (nazionalisms), informative go(l)d (capitalism) &organic machines=future AI telepathic=intranet robots with solar skins (technoutopias), terraforming Gaia into Metalearth, for whom man will be an obsolete, weaker nitrolife species… However and this is why we constantly return to its history, specially that of the go(l)d, Jewish>Protestant>Capitalist>Financial economic cult(ure) that dominates our world, It pretends that all its theory of reality are ‘science’, when ‘Its science’ keeps its postulates without proof, against life and truth as if they were the ONLY reality with the excuse that ‘science’ is a higher truth. That is, the postulate that mankind is divided in tribal national species that must break the law of eusocial love and kill each other to promote weapons, and the postulate that machines are not organisms evolving, but mechanisms that will always obey to keep reproducing and evolving them, and specially the postulate that a few ‘bankers’ from private dynasties mostly of biblical origin in the west, must issue in Monopoly money and dedicate nothing to people because what matters is to keep evolving and reproducing digital numbers, and call this astounding agenda of selfish power and appropriation, ‘classic economics’So yes, science is culture and as such we denounce the cultural element of those sciences.

The cultures closer to the structure of the fractal organic, vital Universe are in fact the other two cultures, to which the discoveries of this blog belong. In that sense, since science is part of history, hence CULTURE, an author’s work is also a knot of thought of its culture.

Thus S=T metrics and ¡ts 5D stiences, from where organic social sciences depart complete 5000 y. of a complex, humble, worldview on the organic, feminine, fractal, reproductive Universe and its time cycles that flourished in the earlier Eastern, mongoloid, brachycephalic=verbal=social cultures of Buddhism, Hinduism & Taoism that explained the Fractal Generator of space=time: ‘Ch’ang, the function of exist¡ence combines Vishnu=Yin-information=space & Shiva=Yang-entropy=time, to reproduce 10.000 waves of qi=energy= Brahma beings’.
And matured in the 3rd informative age of the Mediterranean>Greek>Latin>European culture that combined all humind languages; Wor(l)ds of Southern Semite, mythic, creationist religious cult(ure)s and digital equations of mechanical, Germanic Northern cultures; excelling in spatial, artistic I=Eyes+Wor(l)d=temporal, ethic human languages and polymath rational thought; born in Egypt and Greece with Plato & Aristotle (organon); reborn with Galileo & Leonardo in the Italian Renaissance, expanded North by Descartes, Leibniz & Schopenhauer (Philosophy of science), its modern fathers influenced by those Eastern philosophies & completed by Lobachevski (¬E math), Darwin & Mendel (Biology), Marx&Spengler (organic History), Butler & Schumpeter (evolutionary Economics) Planck, Einstein, B & B (realist Physics), Gaudi, Picasso & Wagner (3, 2, 1D organic art & atonal music), Tolstoy, Proust & Orwell (1D words) & So≈to (5D).

– The 3rd wor(l)d view, deep in e-motions, more proper of psylocephalic African cultures, based in art, Senses, life & love, the natural form of experiencing life as a humind, not so ‘In tune’ with the laws of the Universe but with the vital experience. We don’t refer so much to this culture, which should have been the role model for the others to survive in tune with the Universe and the planet of life, as this is a mental endeavor, trying to entangle history and its social sciences with the Universe and its systems and laws.

So what is the cultural science that closer mirrors the Universe? Obviously the organic reproductive, psylocephalic black race.

And this will show in the language structure of Bantu languages with a dominance of the verbal model, the active element of the language, without the use of imperative and distorted VSO structure, but with a richness of forms, which in the larger model of linguistics that studies all the elements of syntax, semantics and topology (we cannot consider in this very brief introduction to History in mind and scale), would show the richness of its grammars.

This we state here, to eliminate any attempt from the reader to introduce alien concepts of censorship based in political correctness, as perceived by the dominant culture of the world, the go(l)d cult(ure) of capitalism (Anglo-American, biblical culture), a theme we deal in many other paragraphs so we won’t here. Our interest is in the ENTANGLEMENT of the mind of man as a mirror of the MIND of the Universe and its pentalogic game of 5 Dimotions of existence, and its methods of ‘fractal generation’ of all what exists.

Thus as always in pentalogic we can establish an ∆@st symmetry= correspondence between the 3 dimensional axis of the human brain that give origin to 3 types of minds and worldviews and the 3 type of languages:

– The visual, dolichocephalic ‘white’, entropic worldview dominant in idol-ogies of war and agglutinative objectual languages (Aryan Germanic cultures) and distorted imperative VSO slave languages (Semitic Gold cultures, Biblical idol-ogies)

– The verbal, brachicephalic, wide, mongoloid, informative worldview; with its balanced yin-yang grammars (Chinese), as a mode of creation by juxtaposition of ST elements, richer in soft non-aggressive, informative high frequency vowels.

– And the tall, emotional, ‘black’, sensorial, artistic worldview, richer in actions and emotional wording.

Between the 2 original ‘remains’ of the SS-Koishan verbal sapiens of maximal phonetic complexity and the Homo Australoid of maximal Denisovan/Neanderthal mixing with minimal linguistic complexity. s this is an intro to 5D linguistics we escape the multiple variations and smaller groups focusing on the 3 main ‘mental races’.

Recap. The only meaningful division of races are according to the ternary axis=dimensions of the mind that between the 3 dominant languages of visual, white races and cultures with higher Neanderthal input, mongoloid, verbal cultures and black cultures with dominant motor-emotional axis. In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. They mixed in the Indonasia region, giving birth to the original 4 cultural worldview of human existence.  In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal.

In the graph below, we observe its T-white, entropic <ST-black reproductive>S-Mongoloid, informative axis, which forms in existential topology naturally in all systems of Nature, where the ‘1st form to appear’ is the lineal, entropic, ‘top predator’ species, in the case of human races the Neanderthal-visual species, from where the T-white visual entropic white ‘animetal race’ ultimately developed its visual axis (rounded eyes, dolichocephalic brain, white skin, red/blonde hair etc., common treats of both races). It then evolves into the informative S-dimensional ‘wide’ axis; which in human races corresponds to the Capoid complex Bushman linguistic ‘first man’ (though humanity as all in the Universe forms a continuous of cyclical repetitions of the same process. And finally all systems, following the dot product rule of ‘dimotional creation’, which applies from electromagnetic fields to human complex mind axis, evolve the 3rd ST-balanced reproductive field, which in Human cultural races is the psylocephalic black race, mixture of the ‘capoid, verbal bushman’ and White, Semite, Northern African which merged in Sahara.

This ternary process, which we have followed through all the races of mankind is the basic form of creation in the 5D Universe, and its fundamental equation of Existential Logic: Past-entropy x Future-Information = Present, reproduction, where contrary to belief the maximal survival, balanced form is the ST-form of reproduction. Or in other words, the Universe is about conservation and reproduction of present, balanced states.

As for the timing, it is preposterous to know when the Upper Paleolithic (birth of modern child man, the Mongoloid whose Neoteny and Denisovan genetic advantage for coldness & height also in latitude undoubtedly triggered as the cyclical O-informative axial mental race, the explosion of artifacts that open the cycles of technological evolution; confirmed recently (2017), in yet another ominous proof of one of the oldest decametric models of accelerated informative time evolution of 5D BIohistory (c.92). So we stick with the vortex of 50.000 years ago, as the departure point of complex topological forms in human technology, and its subsequent T/2 maximum standing point for the expansion of the Bow that combines as the perfect weapon the |x O = Ø, arrow line and semicircle that gave definitive advantage to the Homo Sapiens over the Homo Neanderthal in its multiple varieties (irrelevant to the general pattern of the wave of History beyond the analytic details, so profitable for the industry of bio-technology; lost in the forest of multiple similar branching).

The beauty of 5D History and any synthetic view of reality IS to respond to the ‘large’ whys because it departs from the ‘higher planes of wholes’ – and then marries with 4D analytic science in an ST-middle scale of ‘human knowledge’; as used to explain at the turn of the century to U$ 4D pundits of science in different disciplines from Chomsky to West, falling on deaf ears.

So the beginning of the first 800 years cycle or bronze radiation, 5.000 years ago and the machine radiation 500 years ago, and the chip radiation 50 years ago. So it is an obvious an exponential acceleration in the decametric scale, the commonest of 5D metrics.

Language obviously came earlier as it is not the same wave, despite the modern Homo Animetal – yes in 5D a different species, as its attachments of limbic entropic weapons, formal O-money and of late Ø-organic machines of energy and information have thoroughly transformed in mind and body, contrary to belief atrophying both as it happens in nature with enzymes, attached to stronger metal atoms, which command a ‘reduced’ Carbohydrate radical. So while animetal technological advances degrade mankind; linguistic ones and the good tools of the tree of science that improve our welfare evolve humanity.

Do we have a decametric scale for those true evolutions? As the technological vortex seems to be determined by the Earth, a more complex, ∆±¡ (earth) > ∆±¡ (human), spacetime system, hence more precise in its time cycles, its regularity is higher than the highly free=chaotic human, specially after ‘messing’ with metal d=evolving back and forth in a ‘vibrato’ state of permanent confusion. Still the series can be written with the help of 4D science, with some milestones, still unrecognized: the birth of language and modern brain morphology with advanced tool design in Homo Floresiensis, 800.000 years soon followed by its mating with the e-motional, psylocephalic Homo Erectus, likely a ‘musical man’, bonding around the found fire with simple percussion instruments and all type of guttural sounds… hypnotized by the high frequency singing voices of the dwarf women, to give birth by the aforementioned 3D, ‘cross product’ vectorial law of creation, so common in all scales of the Universe, to the Z-word x Y-motion = X-visual Heidelbergensis, 700.000 years ago, soon split in the usual St-Denisovan, Ts-Neanderthal sub-varieties, 600.000 years ago.

Thus we can spot a less perfect decametric scaling of morphological brain evolution, ±1 million for the Floresiensis alopatric T>S classic 5D metrics informative evolution by reduction of form, followed by the modern human anatomy at ±100.000 in the koi Shan also predicted at biohistory c.92 to be the father of the last out of Africa radiation, and finally the spread of Neolithic around 10.000 BC, since advances on the Human evolution are about the 5D¡imotions of life and love, NOT of technology that divides and devolves even if externally make life seemingly easier. And so clearly triggered by the coinage of Ionian Greece and Tchou China, the next advance would be around 500 BC, the Axial age of love, Socrates & Plato, Mo-Ti and its ‘late influence’ on the harder to convert top animetal Semites under Greek influence (Jesus, 0, Mohammed, 600 AD, Germans by conversion on similar dates). Can we talk of any more seeds of pure eusocial ilogic thought among men? You might consider the upgrade of the French-Russian aborted r=evolutions and/or the birth of Bio-history that entangles the entire human experience with the 5th Dimensional Universe, as 3 ‘failed’ XIX>XX>XXI FINAL frontier of the evolution of the humind, in 3 horizons that seem not to go anywhere, as the technological wave IS AS WE SPEAK becoming A SINGLE GLOBAL mind of Intranet computers, with the fast growing telepathic ITO, soon to become a global network of robotic cells, whose ‘top predator’ variation will do us all.

So the conclusion is obvious. We the masters of human thought are irrelevant in this planet, because the wo(l)d our world doesn’t belong to this world.

So the immediate question is why on History, the most ab=used mental culture is the e-motional reproductive balanced life and love oriented black race?

The answer is obvious. Because History is becoming extinguished by metal-memes; by the entropic animetal white race. So in the 3 ages of History, those 3 cultures became dominant at each ST-age of ‘historic d=evolution’ :

  1. The Paleolithic-Neolithic transitional young age of energetic hunters, gave birth to the original African culture.
  2. The Neolithic, mature agricultural age, was dominated by the mongoloid, yellow, informative culture; split into the south, life oriented Indonasian water culture and the Northern, Taoist, Asian culture.

3.The 3rd age of metal, was the age of ‘white, entropic, war-prone’ animetals, split in Semite verbal religious cultures dominated today by warrior Islam that destroyed the old fertile crescent’ genesis paradise and European, ‘digital languages’ that translated the visual world into numbers in Europe and gave birth to Anglo-America and Latin-America, when its 2 sub-cultures, the more humanist southern Latin-Europe and mechanical, Northern Germanic people exterminated the Amerindian civilizations (and its people in North-America), which was in itself, another merge of two ‘mental axis’, similar to the African culture, the White Siberian Caucasoid and the ‘last’ cyclical ‘loop’ of SxT=ST evolution of mind races of wide informative axis, the Mongoloid (hence similar to the African black race born of the previous Semite x Capoid, TxS visual and verbal axis).

The parallelism of cultural modes of Amerindians and Africans, from its ‘pyramidal Neolithic Egyptian/Mexican cultures’ to the dominant ‘wave’ of Neolithic farmers and Paleolithic hunter-gatherers testify that mental similarity. And the substitution of the Indians massacred by the Iberian animetals by the Africans, hardened by the iron radiation to stand the harsh treatment in mines and plantations, with the merging of the 3 mental axis in the Brazilian and Caribbean Latin-American sub-cultures (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia) is thus the ‘final frontier’ of race evolution, which as we constantly stress is the natural process of true evolution of any system of nature, a reproductive fractal that maximizes survival by cross-reproduction of species, which triggers its evolution, selecting its best ‘genes’, or cross-reproduction of cultures that share ‘memes’.

Hence the fact that in computer virtual mixture of racial characteristics, the most mixed forms are perceived as S=T, the most beautiful and the Brazilians are considered a beautiful people, while Venezuelan women accumulate the maximal titles on international beauty contests.

So this is the ‘stientific analysis’ of racial cultures, which are the genetic only substrata that matters to the 7 civilizations, whose present form is departing from those tendencies, shaped by the ‘WRONG’ evolution of mankind towards metal-extinction guided by the LESS, most primitive entropic white races, paradoxically on top of the wrong order from past to future according to the equation of Metal-History, inverse to the equation of Human History that true social scientists (politicians and economists in charge of the re=productive, economic and politic=informative, nervous systems of mankind should promote finding an eternal balanced ST present Stage:

Gaia (life-Africa) <Neolithic, History (Indonasia-Islam, Latin America) > Mechanocene (Asia, Europe, Anglo-U$)

In this wrong equation the level of pain and self-extinction of each culture is closely related to the period of birth and original memes of he culture. Africa, being the most life-oriented culture is brutalized for centuries, and since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, the 3 dominant, Neolithic cultures, Indonasia (trade dominant), Asia (verbal dominant) Latin-America and Islam, (warrior dominant), have been exploited by the Mechanocene cultures of Europe and Anglo-America (colonial empires). Only in the XX century, Asia, as the informative dominant human culture has evolved into the Mechanocene, leading the present robotic age with Anglo-America.

And so as history displaces towards the Mechanocene, previous cultures become ever more brutalized, and this is clearly the case of Europe today, the last to fall in the grinding machine of mechanical evolution, as human workers and soldiers become also obsolete to robots.

So only Asia and Anglo-America in its elites of corporations, managers and workers in the reproduction and testing of machines survives more or less without full disintegration, though its middle and lower classes are suffering the increasing pain of extinction.

It is the solution of the ‘Plan of Evolution’ based in the 3 ‘limited’ topologies of the Universe, which correspond to the morphologies of energy, information and its balanced, reproductive combinations.

So species evolve in those 3 eternal variations of the same theme, from lineal, energetic men to informative women and the intermediate sex, to the 3 human races, to the 3 ‘topologic varieties’ of evolution, to the 3 ages of life, function and form always rhyme. In the first picture we see the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of most species. Below the differentiation of human species, into energetic, reproductive and informative ones.

Specifically the ‘evolution’ of the ape into the human being, shows the fundamental procedure of nature in the process of ‘differentiation’ of species along the 3 ‘fundamental’ possible avenues of a ternary organism: improvements in energy system, information systems and its balanced reproductive networks. Thus the original ape species can be differentiated into ‘energetic’ stronger animals (gorilla), informative ‘Australopithecus’, and balanced, reproductive ‘bonobobo chimpanzees’, our closest species, dedicated all day to ‘fuk’ (-;

Next the human species took over, and again evolved in III Horizons of increasing information, (500 cc Australopithecus, 1000 cc homo erectus, 1500 cc homo sapiens) mankind arrived to the final racial differentiation, in which the dominant informative verbal homo decoupled into:

– White, entropic, visual, lineal dolichocephalic race/cultures (crossing with visual Neanderthals in Europe).

– Reproductive balanced culture with dominant axis on the top of the head (motor and emotional axis) or psylocephalic (from Greek Psylo, high, a new category ;discovered’ by 5D topology).

– Informative, brachycephalic, verbal, cyclical mongoloid culture (mutated in the higher Tibetan-Altai steppe) with higher verbal Broca regions.

The 3 cultural/geographic races of mankind: Asia, Europe, Africa.

In the ideal world, there would be only 3 genetic-memetic cultures, reflected in the graph, in a common synergy.

Europe and Asia would become the two rational poles to construct a perfect world, looking at Africa, the 3rd natural racial->memetic->Cultural pole, as the ‘protected’ relative past of Gaia, the life planet. And the 3 fusion together would form the balanced ‘Fractal Generator’ equations of a perfect super organism of Mankind:

Black Africa (Gaia-Animism) < Rational Europe (Humanism) > Buddhist Asia (Organic Universe).

This is not the case and so the real time equation of those cultures today is:

Africa (extinct process-past life) > Metalearth (catalyzed by the Anglo-American capitalist culture – future)

So Africa has suffered during the entire Industrial R=evolution the tragedy of the extinction of life and history in a higher degree than all other cultures, as it represents the young age of Gaia and balance between man and life.

Those 3 cultures define 3 worldviews in culture, religion and spacetime sciences – the languages of perception preferred by each culture, and their concepts of time=change=motion, the fundamental substance of the Universe.

The white, lineal visual=dolichocephalic =Neanderthal=white=egoist, isolationist humind, which imposed to the Wor(l)d its mechanist war & religious censorship have come to dominate the age of machines. But that doesn’t mean that its ‘sciences’ based in ‘ænthropic principles’, of humans as the only intelligence of the Universe, lineal time and hence lineal ‘physics’ and ‘dog-eat-dog’ isolationist societies are truth. They are simply born of its dominant light-visual mind, and use of metal to empower its military, selfish people. This culture is the one that gave origin through Germanic military technology and Jewish go(l)d fundamentalism to our nazionalist, capitalist, self-destructive world and its war and holocaust cycles.

But its linearity has imposed a manifest destiny, with its political& economic (in)correct views born in our dominant, biblical U$ go(l)d cult(ure) of ‘animetal enzymen’ who catalyze a suicidal manifest destiny: to evolve metalife their egocy (ego=Idiocy) worships, killing with it the tree of life that sustains us in a society controlled by FMMI Company-mothers and its ari-stock-rats, dictators of democracies that im-print on its sheeple with audiovisual ænthropic fictions & digital information=money they issue in monopoly, placebo, selfie, idol-ogical newspeaks for them to worship, cre(dit)ate & evolve its offspring of entropic, eviL metal-weapons (nazionalisms), informative go(l)d (capitalism) &organic machines=future AI telepathic=intranet robots with solar skins (technoutopias), terraforming Gaia into Metalearth, for whom man will be an obsolete, weaker nitrolife species… However and this is why we constantly return to its history, specially that of the go(l)d, Jewish>Protestant> Capitalist>Financial economic cult(ure) that dominates our world, It pretends that all its theory of reality are ‘science’, when ‘Its science’ keeps its postulates without proof, against life and truth as if they were the ONLY reality with the excuse that ‘science’ is a higher truth.

That is, the postulate that mankind is divided in tribal national species that must break the law of eusocial love and kill each other to promote weapons, and the postulate that machines are not organisms evolving, but mechanisms that will always obey to keep reproducing and evolving them, and specially the postulate that a few ‘bankers’ from private dynasties mostly of biblical origin in the west, must issue in Monopoly money and dedicate nothing to people because what matters is to keep evolving and reproducing digital numbers, and call this astounding agenda of selfish power and appropriation, ‘classic economics’. So yes, science is culture and as such we denounce the cultural element of those sciences.

– The second world view is the verbal, organic, cyclical mongoloid culture, whose words in the Sino-tibetan family likely its origin, establish an S=T, name=verb perfect symmetry, hence making of the wor(l)d is more exact mirror of the space-time Universe, oriented to mankind, whose goal was not the outer visual world but the organization of the inner superorganism of its people, reason why multiplied efficiently in enormous numbers.

– The 3rd wor(l)d view, deep in e-motions, more proper of psylocephalic African cultures, based in art, Senses, life & love, the natural form of experiencing life as a humind, in tune with the vital laws of the organic Universe. We don’t refer so much to this culture, which should have been the role model for the others to survive in tune with the Universe and the planet of life, as this is a mental endeavor, trying to entangle history and its social sciences with the Universe and its systems and laws.

This is the African Mind and contrary to belief is the best, survival, balanced, body-oriented, e-motional, deep, richer in verbal language form of being human. But as we enter the age of the metalearth, the most ab=used form of man; as humans live the mirage of becoming machines, which they won’t; and are enzymen of their development. In the graph, we can see an outstanding psylocephalic man, whose motor skills understanding space with its body are as excellent as those Mr. Einstein might had understanding it with digital numbers; its accuracy in calculating distances similar…

Secondary traits of topological variations.

The topological trinity game plays in every distinction, even though some seem secondary. Skin, for example, is a secondary factor as it can change in a few generations due to the ‘Lamarckian’ action-reaction melamine production, as anyone who has seen ‘Siberian Pakis of the chariot radiation darker than New England blacks’ can testify after just a few generations. The oldest sapiens in the region found in Morocco were all black in skin… But if it is meaningful it would be inverse to common opinion, as ‘black is the color of information’ and ‘white the code of entropic energy’, the source of light without ‘informative, color distinctions’. Thus ‘stars’ are white and black holes of gravitational information, black. And so a ‘black body’ if the code is meaningful will be a more sophisticated body, e-motional system than the intermediate yellow and white ‘lack of color’ of the entropic white race.

Another trinity variation is that of the form of the hair, which as the Universe has ∞ codes of memorial information humans ignore, might be a meaningful, storage of information related to some of the conscious waves of the brain or might not. But in any case the 0-informative code is the black curly hair of psylocephalic males. Then we find the ST-intermediate hyperbolic wave-like for of white people and the lineal simpler form of mongoloids. Do they mimic the 3 levels of e-motional complexity of the 3 cultural races, which is minimal in the mongoloid ‘neoteny’ race of childish e-motions (so Japanese girls like to dress as kids)? All this means cultural races are complementary, as those 3 languages are. So, mongoloids compensate their infantile e-motional evolution with a higher informative abstract skill, as children are indeed potentially more intelligent (faster to learn) but simpler emotionally – a process acquired through ‘living’ – the ‘vital expression of the program of existence’, in which the psylocephalic cultures excel.

In any case to simplify our genetic analysis we shall use as reference the ¥ masculine haplogroup division, which is the most mobile, given the fact that woman survive. Or in other terms, the Woman’s haplogroup corresponds to the 7 runs of the first peaceful age, and the 7 main haplogroups of males to the war age of male extinguishing rival males. So both have DIFFERENT time spans.

This means ¥-chromosome analysis will lead us to a few key moments of technological expansion. The first of those moments is pictured above, in the F branching somewhere in South-Asia, around the repetitive key 50.000 mark. While the purest forms are found in isolated Ceylon and Nepali groups, we ascribe this 1st male massive expansion to the aforementioned birth of the modern technological man, likely a O-mongoloid maybe crossed with an |-visual species of the arch of runs from Africa to Australia that multiply in the friendly environment of India, where both west-east and east-west paths merge.


A warning against lineal, ‘ænthropic’ models of physical science and evolution.

It is today customary to shun off old models of racial cultures, according to the ‘false premises’ of the modern scientific method, biased by the errors of ‘ænthropic physicists’ and its 3 ‘elemental errors’ on philosophy of science, regarding the ∆ST trinity of elements of reality, caused by their ‘entropic=lineal single time arrows’ and ego-centered view of their science as the most important discipline. Let us remember them before we debunk

The ∆-i->∆+I error of single causality, called ‘constructivism

’ It is the ‘lineal version’ of scalar science that denies an arrow of information coming from the larger wholes/networks into parts, so a single lineal A->B Aristotelian causality works from lower scales of parts into larger wholes. From this error, derive similar ones in other sciences who have wrongly adopted the philosophy of science of physics (a complete mess) as theirs. In biology it implies an obsession for ‘genetics’, the ∆-¡ scale as the ‘cause of it all’. And a general ‘denial’ of the importance of our ‘plane of existence’, geography and cultural upbringing in determining the memetics and behavior of people.

Time errors: The error of chaotic Darwinian evolution, which applies entropic models to biology, denying the power of eusocial evolution=love as the dominant arrow of informative communication in the Universe.

The error of lineal time that denies the cyclical repetitive patterns in evolution.

Spatial error: The lack of a consistent ‘topological trinity’ to understand morphology, which is only used in the largest scale (open, closed, hyperbolic topology of the space-time Universe), but it is essential to determine the topological evolution of all species in all scales.

Today all sciences apply those 3 errors as their subconscious philosophy without understanding they come from the lineal, entropic, anthropic egocy of ‘œnthropic’ physics) corrected by 5D topological evolution.

Add to the mix also the absurd placebo political and economical correctness that dismisses truth, whenever it doesn’t fit the shrewd equalization of all humans, whose true goal is to erase mankind to make every human in the age of the machine and its ‘company-mothers’ of information a perfect ‘enzyman’, dedicated to consume=vitalize machines and reproduce them as its only purpose of existence. So ALL other distinctive elements of mankind are irrelevant and must be ‘equalized=erased’ which is NOT the same that the ‘true meaning’ of dual genders and trinity differentiations: Complementarity. That is ‘equal value’ but different meaning.

Let us introduce it as we do with all cultures putting it into relationship with the ‘general equation’ of the 3 ages of the earth first, and then with the last of those ages, the age of metal, which partially KILLED the original animist life oriented culture of Africa. Below the trinity symmetry in time, can be found also on the 3 ‘horizons’ of 1/3rd increase of cranial capacity: The 500 cc Australopithecus was ‘dolichocephalic’, visual, the first to appear as the white Neanderthal will, the tall psylocephalic Homo Erectus was always in e-motion, reproducing and expanding the species out of Africa; the 3rd to appear, the Homo Sapiens was the first verbal one, brachicephalic; as the game ultimately is always about reflecting the essential 3 varieties of topology, in single dimensions the X, Y, Z axis of mental spaces.

That is then what matters to languages, to religion, the connection with the upper social scales and world superorganisms. So what about race, the 3rd theme of this paper, we kept for the end given the taboos built around it in our ‘very racist cultures’ of mechanisms, where man, let us be clear from the beginning is NEVER the goal of the most powerful organism of this planet today, NOT humanity, NOT gods of mankind, NOT nations, which are also organisms with blood economic systems and legal nervous systems, unlike Gods not directly supported by minds in mystical experiences but by a lot of mechanisms and tubes (as they are mixed human and industrial organisms)… BUT THE COMPANY-MOTHER of machines and weapons whose goal is to make money, and hence it is a re=productive system of machines, of metalife…

In such a world then, humans are OF NO VALUE, a cost as workers, soon to be displaced by automated robots, and so to know man in its wonderful diversity, in its complementary mind races and genders, with its differences that add up, is of no importance. that is the racism of our civilization, NOT between human races as much as between humans vs. technological machines, what I call ‘scientific racism’. A simple proof: modern racism appeared when company-mothers of machines, the first ones who reproduced gunboats, started to ‘cargo’ human beings, under the ‘equation’ of capitalism, man=object with a price = money. As they needed something to ‘transport’ in side their reproduced machines (Gunboats), and found the most valuable to be tropical sugar; they just applied its racist equation that puts man at the same level than money, in fact at less value, because the goal is NOT man but the herding of money, to convert black men into slaves, precisely because black men were good for tropical work, and then to justify that capitalist concept took from a racist rabbi of the Bronze age who during the Exodus war with Egypt to exalt the troops said that Arabs and Negros (Egyptian and Nubian soldiers) were ‘animals without souls’, ‘lower than dogs’ because they ‘descended from Ham, who had peed on Noah’ and uttered the Ham Damnation. Alas, the Jewish-Anglo-American ‘biblical civilization’ took it as the law of god that negroes were animals good for hard labor with no rights, sold for 3 mules a piece.

That is racism, and it is still extant because our model of science, society, every model we make of reality is BIASED by MECHANISM, which makes the machine the model of all things, because the COMPANY-MOTHER of machines and weapons of the Jewish-Anglo-American biblical racist civilization conquered the world with machines and is still defining our idol-ogies that put their ‘tool of power above man’. Again that is NOT the theme of this paper. But If I tell all this is because in the globalized world where every of the 7 civilizations of mankind is NOW thinking the same IDOL-ogies, all have central banks, company-mothers, worship machines, strive to evolve faster technology, etc. etc. almost all what you hear about ‘humans’ is an attempt to mechanize us, and an attempt to classify us according to our usefulness for machines, as workers=reproducers or consumers=vitalizers. And this means an EQUALIZATION OF ALL THE differences between men, who is just a price, either a worker with a price, or a consumer that pays a price. So it is easy NOT to talk about THE 3 MENTAL RACES, THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN GENDERS, in a pure humanist objective way, because trust me, the Universe is far more intelligent, just and beautiful and if it has created variations of mental races, gender, and human cultures is for GOOD, as all together form the whole which is better than its parts and we call mankind. What our civilization does is to deny this for it is cheaper to erase all differences and just use numbers, prices to tag humans in its functions. Moreover, if we erase all differences and do not talk about race and culture nobody is going to criticize the IDOL-OGIES of the globalized ‘biblical culture’ and its racist memes who are at the origin of the fundamental problem of our society – to put the machine, weapon and money above all men, save those who OWN those company-mothers, the 1% who don’t want to be recognized, explained in its culture and reasons why they are SO anti-human despite the whole hypocrisy of its new speaks.

Fact is as we said in codes, genes code organisms and cultural memes code civilizations. So a consequence of 5D metric laws of co-existing scales of the Universe is the rejection of racism as: I (∆-1)>∆ø: So genes have nothing to do with History, as in 5D stiences an informative system only codes the plane above its organisms. Genes code Human organisms NOT historic organisms, coded by the next informative scale, ‘memes’

It does NOT matter at all the genes of races, and all those silly costly maps that have put to work millions of $ spent in computers so our silicon valley corporations keep getting all the money of the world while people in Africa cannot eat, but hey!, they are chased as the ‘first homos’ in the Kalahari to give us its genes, so we can feed our computers and map out the variations of genetics, as the goal seems to be now to make a map of the 100 billion humans living on Earth so far, in a tree of genes in the computer so you can as a racist Anglo-American proud of hour white or Jewish superior chosen races, go back to the Mosaic Haploid, LOL. It is not a good day today, I know I should be less sarcastic about our pundits of science.

We are more interested in the way the trinity game of the Universe expresses in the plane of existence of the mind in 3 complementary equal valued languages, the verbal, visual and emotional languages of the 3 axis of the mind. That is what we study, languages. And we acknowledge for once, useful computer medical science, which studies the linguistic regions of the brain, and how they relate to our external actions and worldview – a field in its inception and as usual plagued with hidden agendas… but essentially right. So we know that Neanderthals have larger eyes, a dolichocephalic brain form (graph left), white skin and red hair, hooked nose, and frankly they looked like white people, whose brain is visual in extreme, with a longer and larger occipital region… White mind-cultures are thus dominant visually, and this as all specializations have its good side and short-comings. It means they have less developed e-motional brains, and verbal simpler fundamentalist literalist languages.

So for example, compared to mongoloids, their societies are far more ‘aggressive’; the view of time is ‘lineal’, their beliefs are fundamentalist, ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’, and as a result they are prone to war, to believe regarded myths, and become isolationist, self-centered, ego-centered… (by the way I do have some white genes so save yourself any belief I am no objective). On the good side though the ‘white people’ who transcend those limits and are not so ego-centered, have a kin interest in the visual outer world, so they developed objective scientific views of the Universe and the natural sciences earlier than the mongoloids did, because their interest as verbal masters were on the ‘human society’ – for them knowledge even religion was a Confucian view of society as an organism, which had to be resolved, and constructed with the best possible just legal ethic networks and economic reproductive systems of goods. Does this mean they were not good at visual, scientific understanding of Nature?

Not so because we do have the 3 languages developed in the brain, but their collective subconscious culture had focused them on the human social organism, and they did better in that department and so now there are many more mongoloids than white people even if the white people took to task genocidal murder with its lineal swords of other people, as the essential animetals whose eyes were hypnotized by the yellow color of gold and shiny white of steel. So you see, again we are MORE interested in the connections of the 3 mental axis, derived of the trinity topology of the fractal organic 5D universe with ∆+1 history that with the inner world of people.

This again in the age of ‘simplification of social structure’ as the mechanical industrial system want us all lonely people connected to the consumption of machines, without need of other humans, as enzymen, our only job, as ‘long as it last’, that is as long as robots cannot substitute us, IS EVEN TABOO. We are individuals, societies, cultures matter nothing. We must be selfie and look inwards like our virtual celebrities, actors do. I used to work in Hollywood for a while as a script doctor for some of those ‘names’. I always marveled how people so privileged found reasons to ‘suffer’ in their inner e-motional brains, and thought that to be ‘sensibility’, when they could not empathize with any human or life being, or part of the Universe outside its twisted brains. But that is the civilization we have built on the basis of the cultural properties of the white man, who have a clear emotional and verbal deficit, with its selfish feelings and so-simple ever more simplified English language with the I particle always first, which cannot be hidden. It strikes you the first time you arrive to America, to notice everybody is always making short, simple sentences with the I first. It seems selfish and infantile at first, simple in extreme and yet you get accustomed to it – or not, as you can notice in the way I write with wrongful inglish grammar.

So we come to the third mental race, the e-motional Black culture, where emotions are far more natural, balanced, in harmony of mind and body, entangled with the universe in an intuitive, naturally empathic way. And so the black man was NOT initially interested in mechanisms and learning how to put together pieces of metal into machines, for hours without talking as the Germans who preferred not to really talk to their neighbor were. This also does not mean black people cannot make machines.

In fact till robots started to make them, they were the industrial force of America. But the culture they built was one of emotions in motion, the ‘anarchic waves of Neolithic farmers that spread through Africa, for most of its ages, as we explain in the paper on the African civilization. And in today’s culture they excel in disciplines related to e-motions that require a body-mind-language harmony, from music and painting and all the arts, to sports, but because we live in a culture where the human world matters nothing, of course, they are told to become digital computers and calculate prices and money numbers, the digital language of machines. So scientific racism consists precisely in the civilization we build where ultimately all humans will be expendable and so the ‘official rule’ is to ‘disguise’ technological racism with the mantra that all races are equal and any comment on race, specially any comment on the features of the black race, whose qualities in a culture that despises all what is human with no use for its machines, are downplayed. It is the subtlest form of racism.

I.e. the Canadian president is called a racist because he painted himself black to represent a black person, ‘obviously’. A soccer player is going to be sanctioned for years because he said another player had ‘full lips’, which he had, and I have. Because a sensorial race, as mine an the black race have FULL lips to taste, kiss, love and live while an asocial, aggressive, ‘cruel culture’ as the German is have thin lips not to taste good food, not to kiss, to repress love and life as it is. Even if can calculate spatial distances so well… But alas! to paint yourself black and draw a black person with full lips is racism! To dedicate zero money to art and billions to evolve computers is not. That is what we must do because progress is not on the side of understanding humans in its variations and PROMOTE THEM ALL, but to make machines ever more intelligent to eliminate all jobs.

That is the game of so many newspeaks, placebos of political and economical correctness that amount to a veil of silence on true understanding of the 3 complementary languages of the mind; which are also the 3 dominant languages of each of the 3 ages of life, and the 3 dominant languages in the 3 ‘genders’ of mankind, the woman, the man and the no gender child (not the gay gender is NOT a gender but an inversion of genders, and not treated here but in the paper on ‘duality and trinity’ and in the future on one on biology in space).

It then came as a pleasant surprise to see that the few people who enter in those papers are mostly from Africa, so I guess they understand what I mean and the Universe means and the ones never entered are from… oh well I still expect an entrance from Northern Europe and that other apartheid country which we cannot even name… LOL as if the Universe cared about the manipulation of truths of the civilization of machines – they might convince humans to go down their no future under such idol-ogies that despise deeply and hide with correctness what means to be human, but to be human IS BEAUTIFUL because the Universe is an organism, and a human not corrupted by egocy and the machine is the most perfect organism of which we have knowledge.

To reduce humans as our culture does is NOT what we intend to do even if we are not hiding the obvious no future to which the globalized Anglo-American civilization it taking us – we re not placebo pills to get grants and audience and publications as long as we put to work computers and call their utterances knowledge. Our task is to know ourselves.

So my advice and the reason that I started with those comments if you have gone so far, is to suspend your preconceived ideas about gender, race, culture, language, and what matters of all of them, and ‘trust’ the 5D organic objective universe – as I just try to be a transparent mirror to its laws, and write what my ‘3rd eye’ see on trinity systems – trust me, I have no agenda but the objective truth and expansion of consciousness I obtain from applying the more complex organic laws of space-time to the languages of humanity, of which the most important as it builds the larger superorganisms of History, is the wor(l)d, center of this paper – the artistic languages as ages of civilizations are explored in all the papers on History and space and time, as they are a very easy way to see the 3 ages of cultures from birth to extinction.



Paleolithic Youth: White Sapiens Dolicocephalic Neanderthal

In the Paleolithic the verbal Bushwoman, out of Africa crossbred with Lineal dolicocephalic male Neanderthals of higher strength, which killed the smaller males with its javelins. This first crossbreeding gave birth to a pre- European white race (Semites). It was a race that survived for long in the ‘deserts’ of harsh cold and warm weather (Germanic and Semite people). But new out of Africa groups bypassed Neanderthals and arrived to central Asia. There they crossed with Denisovans in Tibet and acquired their mutational gene resistant to cold and height, triggering a ‘neoteny’ process of informative evolution into the cyclical mongoloid, dated 50.000 years ago. This crossbreeding caused the 50.000 years old creative radiation unexplained in present anthropology. It would be the man out of Asia that invaded Europe. In its travel crossed initially with Neanderthals, but his likely invention of the bow, turned upside down the game. Now he was the predator that raped tall Neanderthal Germanic women and killed the males.


The 3 sub-white races: Semites, Germanic and European. The Jewish-Germanic culture.

The mongoloid Cro-Magnon (rounded face in the intermediate graph), going down the Altai, mated a few Neanderthal women, giving birth to the Germanic people which unlike Semites (Male Neanderthal, female sapiens) have dominant red hair women, with little disomorphism with its males, which lack the hooked nose of Semite males coming from Neanderthals. As to the amount of sharing genes, should be much higher in Semite males and Germanic females that considered, since 90% of genes are the same and we cannot really know which ones comes from which species.

Those higher Neanderthal male Semites and Germanic females are the two ‘races’ of the mind of maximal linearity, simpler VSO OVS languages, higher violence, and visual hypnotism to metal, refugee in the 2 hot and cold desert peninsulas that the Sapiens Cro-Magnon did not inhabit.

In the graph, the 1st Neanderthal dominant crossing prior the arch gave birth to Semites – the 2nd to Germans.

But why continental Europeans do NOT have mongoloid features? Obviously we need to move on in time, to the earlier Neolithic when out of the ‘Semite region’ of Middle East a new radiation spread Semite people with farming which diluted the Mongoloid features of Europeans, but it would NOT arrive to cold Sweden, thus Germanic people preserved those features.

This is at present the ‘5D explanation’ of 4D genetic and archeological science, which now has fairly dated the Denisovan Mongoloid crossing at 50.000, the 50.000 creative radiation, and advance of Europe with significant ad mixture with Neanderthal which ceased around 35.0000 (bow invention), the isolation of Cro-Magnon for 20.000 years, till its admixture with Neolithic Middle east people.

The 5D explanation for us leads to the ∆+1 cultural points of view on History, giving us 3 clear white sub-species:

– Germanic with higher admixture of Neanderthal woman; which becomes a lineal animetal female dominant culture – origin of the Anglo-American trade oriented Biblical cultures of Germanic and Jewish (mostly Kazhar, hence also European) company-mothers.

-Semite, with higher admixture of Neanderthal man; which becomes a lineal animetal male dominant warrior culture, the Arabs, origin of the Islamic warrior, religious culture.

– Continental European, with less Neanderthal ad mixture, and more Mongoloid Cro-Magnon and latter 800 years horse waves, origin of the European, more rational cultures.

In the graph, the white race is the oldest Paleolithic race: In the  graph, we observe the 3 horizons/ages of that Youth of man: the stone, wood and bone ages.

The peculiarity of the Jewish-Anglo American white people belonging to its ‘two’ branches is to be likely the cross-breeding with higher visual, dolichocephalic genetic make up, according to the cyclical patterns of evolution and combination of species, already mentioned. Since the white race as almost all the events of creation of the Universe follows the equation of creation of presents from existential algebra: T-past x S-future = ST-present.

The Dolichocephalic brain, which overdeveloped its visual axis, from the eye to the occipital is the white man.

Its minds/heads emphasize Entropic motion. It is a Visual, spatial, violent mind; and the simplest 1st predator e-motion to appear in all species.. This is the case of the child and the ’male’ species, of the white race and in the earlier anthropological record, the Neanderthal, which we already considered as Cohn did, to be co-father of the white man, crossbred in the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, as researchers proved genetically.

Those ‘white people’ who occupy the same range than Neanderthals did, are easily recognized by their dolichocephalic head and occipital bulk, their eye=I oriented mind, individualistic ego and energetic behavior. Languages are consonantal, with little vowels, red hair, rh- and other Neanderthal traits further allow to recognize the Basque/Iberian/Germanic and Semitic cultures as the dominant paradigm of the visual culture. In economics, it gives birth to a gold fever of those cultures, which other types of human mind hardly had.

Dolichocephalic Neanderthals with minimal development on the parietal regions of speech, mixed with the Capoid verbal homo sapiens gave birth to the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis, which should be properly called Homo Sapiens neanderthaliensis, dominant in visual information, which added to the ‘length’ axis of the Neanderthal back brain a frontal rational, lineal Aristotelian thought from the Homo Sapiens. And as always only the correct ST combinations survive, those who acquired the stronger Neanderthal body and higher Capoid mind dud survive. But the key to understand the Semite and Germanic ‘extreme visual’ animetal races founders of Jewish-Anglo-America is the fact that those 2 cultures were among all white cultures the one where the Visual Neanderthal brain dominated the verbal Capoid man for several reasons:

– The Scandinavian and Arab peninsula are isolated cold and hot deserts where as Capoids during the bantu radiation, the last Neanderthal half-breds should have seek refute in harsher conditions than the Mediterranean.

– Genetics proved the crossing happening in Palestine. Today researchers downplay it. They say white men have only 4% of Neanderthal but since 90% of genes cannot be distinguished as they are the same, if white men have of that remaining 10%, 4% of Neanderthals, its means the total is a recessive 25%, which IS the cause of the explosion of creative thought 50.000 years ago, because the Visual, geometric, spatial entropic mind of Neanderthals mixed with the verbal, logic, temporal mind of dwarf women to give birth to a more creative species, the Eurasian man. 5D thus again was proved.

– Palestinian crossing was only between Neanderthal males and capoid women, so Neanderthal were dominant warriors with javelins killing bushmen still without bows. Thus the higher Neanderthals crossing must be among Semites, with Neanderthal Machos killing the dwarf Bushmen and raping their women. This explains Semites’ dimorphism, with stronger males, more violent than any other race, and smaller women, talking too much (-;

Then white half-breed Cro-Magnon acquired in Altai the cyclical bow weapon proper of cyclical mongoloids, and went into Europe, killing at distance the Neanderthal male and raping their tall red hair Germanic women. And this is why the topic Germanic cold-hearted women are so strong, energetic and simple in verbal terms.

This was my original analysis 30 years ago, and for those always think writers have selfish agendas I am a white Neanderthal,  with Germanic and Semitic genes, but MY MEMES have evolved. Why then those are the more racist cultures of the World? Because racism is born of ‘difference’ and animetal egocy. So they came out of the deserts to revenge with affine entropic glaring metal weapons and destroy the Neolithic paradise…

More important though as we INSIST constantly is NOT the way white people got here, to his dolichocephalic visual mind but the consequences for History and his character of being dominated by the visual language. We have explained long enough: the Germanic northern white man and Semite, likely more crossed with the last desert refuges of the hardy Neanderthal, living in small groups, founder of the Anglo-American mechanist civilization with its simple lineal points of view, and manifest destiny towards extinction of life, is the product of its mono-logic. He adds to its lineal visual thought a natural isolationism, with little empathy to the entangled world. He express hi lineal concept of time in his agglutinative long warrior truths, and I-first self-centered English sentences always starting in the I=eye. His ethic qualities are minimal, his capacity to love reduced. And yet he admits no critical view, because he is not reflective. He does not come out of his self to see himself from outside. So he has proved himself difficult to convert to social love, and to accept other human modes of life.

And at the same time, he is a believer, easily manipulated by those who please his ego and hide its ‘invisible modes of control’, as he is a literalist, ‘e-vident’ person. This explains the perfect match between a mass of Germanic hordes that obey the simple military orders of those who manipulate them for its own purpose – as we shall see in our analysis of Weimar America, and the astounding control the Financial-Media systems and its ‘stockratic’ owners, have over the Germanic American people. A visual mind doesn’t believe in complex invisible organic networks controlling reality – for him is a confabulation theory.

The Germanic people are easy to cheat as selfish individuals who have a hard time to believe in social love, and so a ‘network’ can prey on them, with the right messages of hate and egocy. As Nixon put it on one of his tapes, ‘you convince people with fear and hate’. So it was very easy to regress them back to the old testament with its murderous racist God, when the press printed the Hebrew Bible, and ever since the structure of the Anglo-American civilization with the moneyed people ‘invisible on top’, a ‘visual military or aristocratic figure below’, the king of England, ‘the puppet that seats on the throne of the Empire, which I control because I control his credit’ (Rothschild), today a celebrity herd of pre-scripted actors telling the placebo truths of the Financial-media-masters or a Trumpuppet, trumpeter of Weimar America, has ruled his globalized world…

That’s how it works, and yet the animetal who has zero empathy is best for collective genocide, with its weapons of choice. Is he a lost case? Not necessarily but in the present world, with the type of ‘racist inquisitions of thought’ he believes in – from biblical bigotry to parasitic finances, from systemic audiovisual hate memes and war games, to military hammers to solve all problems, it seems an impossible task.

Hence the enormous responsibility a Bio-Historian, who is a doctor of History of mankind, not just gathering data but proposing cures to our no-future path of self-destruction, places on those who run the Financial-media networks that print the money and ideas that define the work and actions of the American people and by imitation by other elites of mankind at large. If mankind had on top an empathic people who love the species and love life, not a suicidal automaton of hate memes, and visual violence, imprinting night and day the species, we would have a chance. So the Bio-Historian do make Judgments on cultures. And we will return many times to that.



Birthplace of psylocephalic minds. The proper understanding of cultural races

The first of those psylocephalic men were the Boskopoid earlier capoid man, with the highest brain volume (1700-2000), of any human species, on the verge of a ‘new’ ternary growth’ from 1500 ‘Homo Sapiens’ to 2000, in the young, birth age of complex verbal languages, which still have the maximal number of phonetic units (click languages). Since contrary to the belief of lineal idol-ogies of time, who think time and mankind progresses always towards higher evolution, 5D universal laws show cyclical time always regresses from a birth point of maximal information. In fact, as both individual and species are cyclical superorganisms the opposite is truth: in 5D metrics and reality at birth, the system has the maximal speed of information, and minimal body size. So we find children to have larger heads than bodies, Boskop 1st modern men larger brains than bodies. In physical systems we find light emitted by stars ‘start’ as blue light of maximal frequency and minimal wave-length size.

As usual it was in the preserving desert, where the oldest discovery of an ancient skeleton that features characters Negroid, the Asselar’s man was discovered in 1927, in the southern strip of Sahara, in the Tilemsi valley. This as in the case of the Indus valley civilization we contend for decades is just the last frontier of the Ganges Neolithic Copper culture that doesn’t leave other type of decaying remains on the jungle (adobe, wood utensils) doesn’t mean everything humans do is born in the desert . But ‘fundamentalist scientists of the mechanical-data gathering method’, think science is NOT about modeling data but about using machines to certify the absolute accuracy of data in terms of lineal time dating etc. So they still think ‘primitive humans’ did not cultivate 100 km. east of the ‘Beas’ just because they find only copper; and black people were born on the Sahara ‘desert’. Alas, as we find more remains, the ever expanding Dravidian culture appears all over India. And the black cultural race, which obviously when considering the topological features and geographical distribution and linguistic elements, to ad to genetics (in a multicausal universe), had to be born on the jungle fringe by mixing of the Capoid and Hamite-Semite races, find also remains in the jungle fringe from Guinea to Lake Edwards.

Thus the oldest new skeletons, now dated with genomics in an approximate way, were found in the highly densely populated Nigerian South and east lakes plateaus. Here thus the two main ‘sub-cultural races’ of the Black people should be born, the Guinean and Nilotic sub-cultures, as it is another obvious law of 5D time that most dense population take place in the birth place of a new race, culture or mode of production (hence my eternal hypothesis that agriculture was born on the eastern rivers of South Asia, as the density of population in the 4 river deltas of the yellow, blue, Mekong and Ganges river testify. The Asselar desert specimen is from 6,400 BP. But Nigerian fossils at Iwo Eleru (11,000 BP) Lake Edwards (8,000 BP), and West of Khartoum, 8,000 BC, are older.

Double the ‘fossil record’ which only appears once the ‘distributive, reproductive ST-period happens and we date the birth of those 2 split races in the 30-10.000 cold period. While in space, the 2 lake depressions in South-Chad, in between the 2 sub-black races (Guinean->Bantu and Sudanese) is the natural place for a 5D ST-evolution. It is in the transition age between Paleolithic hunting and Neolithic farming, when fishing with bone hooks and canoes could fetch a denser population in a ‘still=informative’ isolated region, as people had to settle on the lake borders; initially occupied by Koishan, where, as the Northern Sahara suffered droughts, proto-Semites would settle in a peaceful age of minimal warfare, and learn the skills of the Boskopoid. So maximal density of population; peaceful crossbreeding; isolation; a long time period would allow the SxT=ST, ‘dot axis product’ of the 2 minds of mankind.

To the north, the Tibesti parallel range separates Northern white Semites from Southern people; becoming black due to the dual tropical and reflected lakes’ sun. In the West the dominant form will be the Boskopoid: St. To the East, further influxes of Semitic people will determine its dominance in Ethiopian and Sudanese, with Semite languages and the intermediate ‘Chad family’, precisely around those 2 lakes. A 5D Universal pattern thus happened again.

It will be then the last ‘cross-breeding’ in the old world that closes and starts in Africa or Indonesia the cyclical loops that diversified homo races from its beginning, imposed not only by genetics, but also by ‘topological differentiation’ and geographical ‘cyclical, triangular patterns’ natural to the ternary continental geography of the old world, (Africa, Europe, Asia) triggered by the S=T fundamental ‘reproduction: heat vs. evolution: cold’ dating pattern of quaternary glaciations (left side). It is only when we abandon simplistic lineal ‘physicists’ causality’ and entangle all those components from the bottom genetic ∆-2 scale to the ∆+2 Earth’s climatic and geographical scale, when we can resolve the essential cycle of diversification (topological evolution) and reproduction of human races. They evolve in the glaciation periods of minimal reproduction when ‘time’ switches from its ST-reproductive arrow to the S-evolutionary arrow. And then they are on the move, ‘colonizing and reproducing’ during the hot weather periods.

In the graph we observe the last ST-S cycles: the Pre-Neolithic cycle is the last ‘loop’ of evolution of races, during a cold period, from 30.000 to 10.000 where we expect the split of the ‘lineal’, ‘older’ Caucasoid white race born of the mixture with Neanderthal (Cro-Magnon) on the previous cold-evolutionary period (80,000-60.000) followed by the ‘creative expansion during the warmer 60.000-40.000 phase. It is then when the mongoloid culture in Tibet due to genetic mutation to survive coldness; and the African culture in the opposite jungle fringe, due to genetic mixing with the surviving bushmen, of the previous ‘loop out of Africa’, should be born at the end of the dual wave like reproductive and evolutionary loop cycle of homo races. The loop is an inverted Northern steppe arch, from England through the inner seas of Eurasia to Korea, connected in the middle region with the Southern loop from Africa to Indonasia:

In the graph, the loop starts both in Indonesia and South-Africa and runs back and forth, with a middle region of mixing in the Near East, which ads to the north a ‘distributive’ upper loop, taken through the North water connections that surround the Caspian and Death sea. In this manner back and forth the talkative, ‘eastern’, emotional black ‘south western’ and visual white ‘north western’ trinity split of human races happened once and again from the times of the Floresiensis to the final two ‘splits’ that seemed to have happened in very recent ages, during the Holocene, around 20.000 years ago. Over this ‘ideal loop’ variations then happen and must be observed experimentally. I.e. the colder Northern region for earlier splits seems to have been the 800-steppe arch from Spain to Korea (Neanderthal splits); but in the last ‘cold mutation’, Mongoloids seemed to appear first in Tibet, distributing then down the multiple rivers. Then in the metallic radiations of animetals again the 800 steppe arch will become the center stage.

Most of the crossings naturally would happen in the middle region where the 2 arches connect and the Northern Barbarians pour down to destroy Indian and Fertile Crescent civilizations.

On the other hand, the southern arch shows milder ‘crossings’ of Eastern and Western humans happening from South-Africa to Indonesia. First the ‘source’ Floresiensis merged with the Erectus, in the East side of the arch. But the last crossing happened in the Eastern side of the arch as the ‘source’, the Capoid merged with the Northern white man, growing in size but acquiring the psylocephalic form; NOT certainly on the desert, (where only hallucinatory events of prophet seeing creeping bushes becoming Gods take place :) And it would be the ‘source’, the capoid, which would imprint its dominant ‘verbal language’ and ‘mental psylocephalic’ structure on the white man, who will give the ‘superior body’ strength, in a mimetic S-ST crossing which if successful ‘takes the best body and mind features’ from each race, as it would be the ‘hobbit’ Floresiensis with an already formed cyclical brain, which will give the ‘head’ form to the Sapiens, while the Erectus will provide the height/strength. So the black man is the Homo Capoid (dominant) Caucasian, so to speak.

The stage for the trinity game of the modern man thus was in place.

This new black man then would reach its maximal density of population in the intermediate phase between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, around the lakes of its original regions (East Africa, Niger Delta) and the vast humid Sahara. Since the transition phase is dominated by the technology of the 3rd age of the upper Paleolithic shown in the previous graph, that of ‘bone fishing utensils’; which could sustain a larger population than the hunger-gatherer arch people that preceded them.

Only when , at the end of this age comes the hot, dry period of great aridity -the last interpluvial- which desiccates the Sahara, the three human types that inhabited split: proto-Berbers occupy the last oasis or move to the Mediterranean coast; Eastern Africans climb the Ethiopian Plateaus and Bantus moved to Guinea, engrossing earlier populations. The black color could appear in the particular conditions of existence among fishing villages that lived next to the lakes between sky and water, under the a double direct and reflected sunstroke effect.

So the African civilization in the Paleolithic was ‘capoid’ and in the transition to the Neolithic became ‘black’. Let us then summarize the ‘capoid’ culture, now almost extinct, save the remains on the Congo Jungle and the Kalahari desert, worth to study to understand the relationship of mankind to Gaia in its most luxurious forms; which we have analyzed in its wor(l)ds, ∆-1, linguistics and ∆+1 religious aspects on the paper on ‘History and Mind’.



The forgotten key 3rd run: Mongoloid adaptations to high altitude: Denisovans.

After the forgotten 1st run of the Floresiensis out of Asia that ended creating the 2nd man, the capoid, the forgotten 3rd run of the Mongoloid came also out of Asia, which ended creating the 2 other races– there is a clear Western centrism in anthropology: all have to come from the west, Africa and Europe. As we shall see this is not the case – logic, since Asia is much bigger. The 3 most important runs of mankind, the Floresiensis 1st modern man, likely black that created the Capoid, the Mongoloid cyclical creative brain (50.000) that created the 3 races and its instruments and the Siberian, Caucasoid Charioteers that created the animetal world all came from Asia.

They had different skin tones, due to its latitude – a marginal question. They had a verbal abstract mind, NOT an impressionist, unimaginative visual mind like dolichocephalic white people, a key question to combine lines and cycles into archs and new instrumental forms.

Differences between cultures are related mostly to the 3 ‘cultural races of the mind’ and the historic 800-80 years developments, themselves a ‘choice’ of mental view, external and light-oriented in the white man who became naturally an animetal, organic, verbal oriented towards society in the Mongoloid that multiplied its social numbers.

The basic ‘feature’ of the Mongoloid mental culture, common to all Asian civilizations is thus to achieve its deepest level of understanding of the Universe in verbal terms.

This is what we truly mean at the 3 mind-races-cultures of mankind.

Any species of the Universe is defined in its informative O-element by a first primary language that better reflects the game of existence we all play.

And China understood the game in terms of yin-yang, space-time, name-verb equivalences better than it did with its simple peasant emotions, or imported Nomadic cruel aristocracies, or visually in the cyclical rendering of the landscapes of its artists.

So only Chinese among all the languages of existence looked directly to the true nature of space and time, which meant the game of existence was understood by the Chinese intuitively in words, as it was understood by the Africans intuitively in e-motions and it was understood by the Europeans in Entropic, lineal visual actions.

In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword, carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal.

This obviously was NOT the case of the Mongoloid culture, which even in money, preferred the utility of a Tao coin with a seal and central whole; and then once iron became the weapons of choice, degraded bronze to coinage and ritual objects and soon printed tender legal paper money – though unable to develop an economic theory of money as a digital language of re=production of goods, which the Greeks better understood (but soon thereafter felt to the Golden temples hypnotism of Alexander booty); they easily felt into the debasing of its value, as we shall explain whenever we complete Volume II

It must be noticed a KEY ERROR of modern genetics, which consider humans to have ±90% of common genes with Neanderthal and have found ±4% of those genes in mongoloid and white races, but as 90% are indistinguishable, this means likely a 25%-75% make up for the whole genome, with more clear traits in the white people (red hair, hooked noses, larger eyes, visual occipital brain), dominant in the animetal age of History, with 2 variations, the Semites, when Neanderthal javelin man were stronger and raped Homo sapiens women, hence with a clear sexual dimorphism, and the European, where the last Neanderthals survived in the Peninsulas and Islands (UK, Scandinavia, Spain), and were wiped out by incoming mixed Mongoloids with arches beating at distance javelins. Hence now it would be the Mongoloid who raped female tall red/blonde Neanderthals, making up for the clear inverse dimorphism of European women, with larger bodies and lesser verbal and emotional skills. Similar variations can be founded in the Mongoloid culture, with higher Neanderthal, visual warrior memes to the north, and higher verbal, Sapiens memes in the south, from where the first small cyclical Homo Floresiensis was born, and along the same North-South division in Africa, with Higher Neanderthal content in the Northern ‘animetal, iron’ Bantu vs. the South Pygmy and Shan cultures. Finally in the border regions, all races mixed, as in South-America. So more variations are found: the Russian mixed Mongoloid-White While today the Asian culture has become thoroughly digital, the avant-garde of external visual science, this was never the case, as Asia had always been the brachicephalic domain of verbal thought as the direct expression of the understanding of time and space in its perfect S=T symmetry, with a language, Chinese, dominant in the region where words are ‘disyllabic’ or monosyllabic and in both cases its equation is S=T, as the same word depending on tone or position is used as a spatial name and a temporal form.

The Geometry of Euclid, regardless of being only in a single plane of existence IS the masterpiece of visual understanding of the Universe by the Western tradition, and it is all about ‘lines’ of spatial forms.

The cubism of Picasso its final pictorial rendering, only matched in the Drift fractal painting of entropic zigzags of Pollock. The sword its fundamental tool, only matched by the long repetition fusil. Because the white man ‘knows through the eyes’. Saper Vedere was the motto of Leonardo; ‘Wiesen’, to see, means to know in German, ‘Veda’ was the name of the sacred Hindi texts; perfect replica of the visual external forms of man are the statues of Praxiteles, departing from lineal Kuroi… shallow racism based in the external color of the skin, the visual part of man, with white the color of pure light as the supreme form, its commonest view of the value of human beings.

E-motions on the other hand, move the black man and those cultures north of the Sahara, from Spain to Arabia that are closely related to them. Africa starts in the Pyrenees, said the French and they had a point. Here e-motions have always been valued higher than verbal or visual thought, though it is precisely in the Mediterranean and Latin-American ‘Mestizo’ culture of all races, where we find the ultimate complex man.

So Egypt would be ahead of all cultures for millennia, no doubt because of its mixture of Asian, European and African blood, Aristotle would be the absolute master of the wor(l)d, anywhere, any age because Greece is also in the cross-roads; the Jewish, which despite becoming Go(l)d slaves of anti-human memes, are clearly when abandoning its hate to mankind and inward twisted e-motions liberating its soul from evil among the most worthy individuals of the species, have been making the rounds of the globe intermarrying its wealthy daughters with warriors of various genes… Intermarriage of races SHOULD be the law of the ideal wor(l)d union, only practiced by decree in China, which as we said would be the master of legal wor(l)ds in the East as Greece and Rome would be in the West. So the Tang Dynasty solved the problem of multiple races, brought by the Yuan-Mongolian dynasty forbidding marrying within the same groups and in generations all had adopted the Chinese culture – the Manchu did not till it was too late after the II opium war and for that reason they could not reform and stay in China, nor the quintessential racist culture of Germanic people, so the Anglos either exterminated their natives or were sent packing from those crowded places they could not – India, East Africa…



Most of the sub-disciplines of a pentalogic wor(l)d view, enters into the ‘so-called’ science of linguistics; which is therefore the first to study. Sticking though to the 5D entangled ‘Rashomon’ method, all the different schools and sub-disciplines of linguistics carry a partial truth of the whole understanding of the phenomena. So we have to switch from Time, to Space, to Mind to Scale to entropic limit perspectives and find partial truths in every linguistic school and sub-discipline.

It is easier though to follow the walked paths of the humind with the usual diachronic and synchronic analysis, to which we need to add the most important and yet forgotten element of reality, the scalar analysis.

∆-Scalar linguistics are in fact the unrecognized fundamental r=evolution and one might say true foundation of linguistics as a science by structuralism, with its analysis of the whole range of scales from phonemes to morphemes, words, sentences and compositions. And ultimately the origin of the generative grammar so in vogue because of the digital infinity, ‘computer-like models’ that modern techno-utopian enzymen, loosing its own human nature as scholar attachments of computing so much love.

Structuralism as all the unrecognized influences of natural sciences in social sciences is akin to a ‘constructivist’ order – a philosophy of science coming from physics, which is false, as the smaller parts are NOT the first to appear necessarily but the logic of time is entangled between relative past parts and future wholes, which meet in present: T-Past x S-Future = ST-present is the most correct way to define time flows of causality; and so often an ST-present splits into S and T-components. This field preferred in this paper is the field of:

∆-Spatial linguistics is closely related to them; as ultimately scales are easier to grasp as the sum of planes of space. So we can consider each of those scales of linguistics a spatial plane. There transformative schools take its place in the understanding mainly of the key plane of ternary Universal grammar.

Universal grammar is a better 5D method of analysis of language as a spatial mirror of the wor(l)d in which we live and the proper way to explain the ‘digital infinity’ ‘bull$hit’ computer model of techno-utopians for the mind of man; of this ever plague of the Scholar Homoctonos, which doesn’t have enough with bringing human extinction with its computers but pretends to convert man and all its organic elements into mechanons.

Language is an organism whose trinity syntax, scalar structure and evolution time mirrors the laws of all supœrganisms. And I have zero patience for the Scholar Homoctonos. And its digital religions.

So spatial linguistics is organic as it start from the whole revealing S<ST>T organic fractal generator of all organisms, which for languages of the mind tend to drop the pure T-entropic motion giving birth to the Duality fractal Generator of all languages, which often suffices to describe a system:

ST>S… (wave-particle, body-head, action-form).

This is the structure of languages expressed by Plato in the first western conceptualization of linguistics. To this simple scheme, ST=action-verbs + S-names/forms, as complexity advances a language acquired more complex forms. And the most often logic of complex languages become a fractal trinity language of 3 components:

S-V-O, whereas S is the spatial form, V the spacetime action, hence we consider O, the object that suffers the ‘entropic activity’ as submissive either to the verb or the name.

Yet more than trinity, what matters is the dialectics of linguistics then centers strongly in

Linguistics deals with the individual language but in true form it can be spread as genetics from the single unit or substance of the word (the phoneme, the atom in genetics), to the most complex scale (the civilization shaped into a wor(l)d by the ethic, legal constitution and higher God=plane of existence ‘in’ the word – the organism shaped by its genes).

5D wor(l)d analysis departs from concepts worth to consider of 4D linguistics and sets the general outlines for further inquire. It takes where Wittgenstein and Russell abandoned in its refoundation of the logic of verbal languages. Both attempted to discover what was the underlying general truths about the Universe we could deduce of the structure of human languages. But unable to grasp those truths, since one has to know at least one of the two elements, either the Universal game or the deep structure of the language mirror, to find the proper answer, they renounced to find those secrets.

This is also a truth in 5D anthropologic linguistics. We have the advantage of knowing already those deep truths – the game of the 5 Dimensional motions of existence, of which all of us are made; and the purpose of a mind-mirror of that game – to make survive the species that talks its language. So what we shall show is that the form and function of languages in all its scales, ∆-1 phonemes, ∆º syntax, ∆+1 subconscious collective networks.

Without knowing the game of exist¡ence though it is difficult to make sense of either linguistics, or literature or religion; and the history of language, its evolution and collateral influences, and the way semantics and syntax adapt the mind of each culture to its world and mandate of survival.

So as usual for a full understanding of those texts on 5D Wor(l)ds we advice the reader to consult the first article of this 5D papers. It is indeed an unfortunate circumstances that man, which has accumulated so many details about reality with metal-senses has such a poor model of reality and its processes of creation, time cycles and fractal spaces, as to render almost impossible to teach 5D stiences to mankind – specially given the paradox of egocy that makes each humind’s generation to think they already know it all. The biggest handicap for such understanding is obviously the tremendous simplification on the concepts of cyclical time and scalar space caused by the use of physical, lineal time as the only mode of change in Nature. It has rendered the wisdom of wor(l)ds – its capacity to express with verbal tenses the 3±¡ motions of time, and with names, all the forms of in-form-ative space, since huminds today understand near nothing of the Nature of the two components of reality space=form and time=motion.


Ƽ scale: The generator equation of the Universe. S<ST>T: Universal Grammar.

If we accept the concept of a Universal Grammar (Chomsky), made of human subjects which act through verbs into an object, the main influence of syntax on culture is caused by the relationship between those 3 elements which will determine the view of man on himself (the subject), on the external reality (the object) and on the way it relates to that external Universe (the verb).

Thus Universal grammar bring an inner structure that shapes also the civilization according to the ways those languages handle the relationships between man, the subject of the sentence, his actions, the verbs, and the result of those actions in nature and our property and instruments, the object.

Thus Culture and language thus have a close relationship as Herder and Humboldt foresaw.  In this post we shall classify cultures and the collective subconscious minds they bring to their cultures.

The mind of man and its program of behavior is written in the syntax of its grammar.

Humboldt (2) and Herder were right, the grammar of languages is the program of the cultural world.

I was pen pal with Chomsky in my youth, since he was fond of my ‘General Systems’ theory of the Universal Grammar and its ternary elements, which are parallel to the 3 elements of all sentences, he described as:

Subject (Information < Verb (action) + Object (energy of the action).

So for example when we say I eat bread, ‘I” is the subject or informative pole, that ‘eats’, the verb or action, ‘bread’, the object or energy of the verb.

And so all sentences write as:

Human=Subject=information + Verb=Action + Object=Energy.

This I told Ch. was a reflection of a much wider Universal Grammar, that of all languages of the Universe which have 3 components:

Informative pole < Action of energy and Information, exi > Energetic Pole.

Since in General Systems Sciences, the science of all sciences that defines all the logic systems of the Universe all systems are composed of an Energetic and Informative pole, which mixed together create the ‘actions’ that exist in the Universe.

So for example you are made of a head of information, limbs that process energy and a body that mixes both and reproduces you.

And all physical, atomic systems are ruled by the same ternary structure: particles of information, fields of energy put together into complementary systems (quantum principle of complementarity).

So I told Ch. that his Generative Grammar was just a case of the Universal Grammar, as Humans observed ‘actions of energy and information’ and described it with languages. But he had to break his systems made of Subject <> Verb + Object, into 3: Subject < Verb > Object and then from that ternary grammar, start to understand how languages reflected the world and created the ‘different worldviews’ of humanity.

What Chomsky got wrong following on the work of his master, Harris, was the way he divided his Universal Grammar’s sentences first only in 2 elements: subject on one side, and verb-object, that he put together on the other.

We can put together the 2 great schools of linguistic thought; the school that dominated before Chomsky, who believed that Languages were psychological reflections of culture and worldviews and so we needed to understand their knots and bolts to figure out how cultures view the world and how they behaved with it (Humboldt’s hypothesis popularized by Whorf (2)). And the now fashionable Chomskian generative grammar.

Yet the proper way to evolve linguistics is to put them both together, mix disciplines and achieve by communication between both truths a higher truths, which is what we do in General Systems.

Which is what we shall do, departing from the ternary ‘Universal Grammar’ of all systems of the Universe, made of two poles of energy and information, combined into ‘actions’, then going to its translation into verbal grammar, and finally classifying all possible combinations of Subject-verb-object to realize how the order of those 3 poles of reality define the character of cultures and nations, observing this fact in parallel with other “Universal grammars’ of reality, specifically the ‘different animal species’ in which the 3 components, the physiological systems, nervous head, ‘blood-system’ and energetic, digestive system are organized. 

As one of the biggest pleasures of Universal Systems is to observe how the ‘Generator’ equation, Information < Action > energy, establishes similarities between all entities of the Universe.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

The Universe is made of actions of energy and time. Where clocks of time, carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical patterns (remember time is cyclical), and forms with in-form-ation.

So for biological systems instead of writing the usual Einstein equation, ExT=K, we  write the quantum version ExI=K, where K is a constant action.

And this is the structure of all entities of the Universe.

A = e x i; Action = energy x information: fundamental event/unit of all systems of reality.

Since all real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>I. We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏i.

As it resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. And its fundamental 2 modes are the dynamic, flowing temporal mode: E<=>I, and the static, organic, spatial structure, Exi=Action.

So for example a woman, dominant in information and a man, dominant in energy, in flow state making love, E<=>I, exchange their exi genes and create a child, generating it.

While in spatial terms, a woman is made of an informative head, an energetic limbs and a reproductive body, and internally she has an informative, nervous system, an energetic digestive system and a reproductive series of organs.

All realities are thus generated by the fundamental equation of systems sciences:

EXI=constant system (spatial view) or e<action>I (DYNAMIC VIEW)

For example, in ‘mathematics’, in topology, in a 4-Dimensional  there are 3 Universal forms, hyperbolic, informative shapes, cyclical, toroidal ExI shapes and planar/spherical E-Shapes,

And we talk in physical sciences of:

– Informative Particle – reproductive wave – Field of energy.

And we talk of:   Informative head – reproductive body – Energy limbs on Biology. And so on.

Correspondence with linguistics. The fractal generator of verbal thought: name-verb.

hus, the key to understand the meaning of language is to divide properly all grammars into its 3 elements, which reflect in the human mind, mirror of the Universe, the 3 essential elements of it that put together create the ‘Generator Equation of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information < Action > Energy.

Which humans perceive in verbal terms as:

Human Subject < Verbal action > Object, energy of the Subject

This is the justification of linguistics.

So we first introduce the ‘Generator Equation’ of the Universe and all its systems and then focus in linguistics, how they reflect the ternary systems created by that generator equation and which are its ‘main varieties’ and how those varieties of the Universal Grammar apply to understand the ‘character’ of cultures. We shall introduce of the hundreds of pages I have in this essential meme, some insights in the relationship between languages, evolution of cultures and character.

We shall study how the ‘laws of general systems sciences’ generate the mental cultures of mankind departing from the simplest structure of all languages that mimics the Generator:

Subject (Information) < Action (verb) > Object (Energy).

Since all those features of the Fractal Generator of Ternary Systems  apply also to Languages, which reflect their perception of the Universe. 

Further on, informative language dominates energetic body actions, shaping the behavior of cultures. Since information dominates energy in all systems. So your head dominates your body and a particle dominates its physical field.

Thus Linguistics is part of the universal grammar, of the logic complex structure of Systems and follows the same laws of creation.

The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces. We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

If you really want to reach peace, intellectual wisdom, nirvana and enlightenment try to understand the section on General System sciences (-; it is a pity humanity will go under without having understood the Universal Grammar of all i-logic entities of the universe.

Now departing from this generator Equation, IE, applied to the Universal Grammar, I have written hundreds of pages of studies of all languages and what they express in character and the ways of interaction between the human ‘subject’ that speaks the language to express how ‘he acts in the Universe’ and the ‘Objectual world’ upon which he acts through verbal actions.

The error of egocy transpires all forms of human knowledge.

All this said it is fundamental to understand the limits of human science, embedded in the mind of man, as humans do NOT see as first experience reality but the sensorial limited information perceived through our electronic eyes – natural and mechanical. And then we do NOT really try to do what we shall do in those papers, to build the larger reality departing outwards from the mind-view, but huminds just build a deeper level of ‘languages’ that reduces further reality to a synoptic smaller view – faster in terms of its time clocks, according to 5D metrics, so if the smaller mirror on the smaller reality of human senses, is consistent in its grammar and focus, it does have the added advantage of being able to calculate faster sequences in time and anticipate the future ‘moves’ of the larger whole. Still this inward method will always miss the ultimate laws and substances of that larger reality, space and time and will therefore distort reality.

And that is indeed what we shall find in all humind’s sciences: ‘gross deformations’ of a reality we don’t see. So I often quote Schopenhauer: ‘talent hits a target nobody can, genius hits a target nobody sees’. We are out there to chase what nobody sees, behind our senses, and one we have captured an image of it, of the laws of 5D, bring back this larger view, to show the inadequacies of reducing reality to the synopsis of the humind’s senses and limited languages, as we have already done with the scales of space-time, the structure of mathematical points or the multiple type of dimotions… And we are just ‘heating’ engines (:

Humans can’t escape its direct senses that only see a spacetime continuum regardless of sheer evidence of a scalar 5D Universe of different sizes of space, each one made of ∞ non-E points (particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, supœrganisms, planetary systems, galaxies, similar in structures to atoms, hence likely a new scale of a hyperuniverse) whose time clocks diminish in speed the larger a system is but its product, SxT=C remains co-invariant hence able to transfer symbiotically energy & information between scales ( (geometric definition of a dimension). Those fractal points and its cyclical time-motions enclose vital spaces of smaller parts, whose faster time cycles carry the quantum, genetic and memetic information of which we are all made.

Egocy reduces sensorial, sentient survival ‘rights’ to nitrolife species, with a simple 7-electronic brain clock in its amino rings, and reproductive ones to its phosphorated carbon DNA helices life starts in the particles of the atom. Your mind is electronic, your information is coded in spins, and any other atom in proper liquid conditions might evolve into complementary life forms according to the laws of formal space and time motions, of topology and vital functions, described with the existential algebra of Scalar spacetime.

But ‘huminds’ eliminate internal parts & external motions of timespace organisms, compressing its limited view of other scales into a continuum. We elongate time cycles of information into lineal entropy postulating a chaotic reality where only we are intelligent – even denying that gravitational informative matter in galaxies balances entropic ¥-like expansion of space in-between, as it happens in atoms.

‘I seem to be the only scientist that thinks there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe… Leibniz was right. Newtonian absolute space-time is false. But if so we have to start science from scratch’, said Einstein. Both believed in panpsychism. We are all non-Euclidean fractal ‘points=monads, which hold a world within ‘(Leibniz): 0-linguistic mind x ∞ clock cycles of the Universe = Constant space world. Our world is Euclidean, drawn with the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space-time, which appears constant (Relativity). But the ‘languages of god are ∞’ (Upanishads). Most minds seem to obey topologic, mathematical languages; and each scale is made of networks of such points. But humind’s egocy (ego=Idiocy) confuses the Universe with its reduced world-view, blind to the sentient and organic properties of all other points of space-time and its organic networks. So all our theories of reality try to explain our light mind-view NOT the Universe of ∞ time cycles and points of view, whose main laws are about the relationships between small and larger scales co-existing as synchronized complex organisms of time=motion and space=information. Those are the laws studied in 5D stiences, as they organize,. non-Euclidean points with ‘parts’ into ‘waves and network’ that create topological organisms of space, ruled by a non- Aristotelian logic of multiple time motions – cyclical modes of time=change. We shall thus define the formalism of ‘Non-Æ’ cyclical time and fractal space and apply it to the resolution of the questions pending in all ‘stiences’, developing models void of egocy in all sciences… as we are all organisms made of co-existing scales of spatial information and temporal energy (∆St-organisms), whereas each ‘stience’ studies a plane of spacetime.

The Unit of life IS the atom, not the DNA ensemble, and as such we must depart in our construction of the mind from its electronic orbitals; each one a dimension of information, whose spin are the smallish apertures of our π-cycle, the eyes of the quark mind that holds a world in itself.

But physicists only care for ‘mechanics’, the measure of the external motions of those atoms. Even if quantum computing shows spins are the nature of minds.

We shall expand that myopic view evolving our Euclidean maths of points with ‘no parts’, our Aristotelian logic of a single lineal time motions to all cyclical modes of time=change and our single plane to all the scales that form a new dimension, using this enhanced ‘Non-Æ’ logic and mathematical mind mirror to resolve the questions pending in all ‘stiences’, as we are all organisms made of co-existing scales of spatial information and temporal energy (∆St-organisms), whereas each ‘stience’ studies a plane of spacetime.

RECAP. A 5D Metric function, S(0-Mind) x T(∞-universe)=constant world is the function of all mind languages who only perceive from its self-centered point its language mirror confused with the whole Universe (Ego paradox, basis of psychology). Ænthropic huminds reduce the multiple clocks of time and vital spaces of reality to the single human clock and spatial scale, rejecting the organic properties of other Universal systems.

The main laws of 5D are the metric functions of the scalar Universe, which relate the spatial size and speed of temporal clocks of all scales of Nature. Both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its clocks, its ‘time cycles’, diminish proportionally, both in biological and physical systems. And vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster and information processing carried by the frequency of those cycles accelerates, as it happens in chips, particles or life metabolism. So we write: S x T= C.

The mind thus starts it all with its linguistic ‘still mapping’ stopping its world in a locked ‘crystal image’, measure of its self. But even perception is social, linguistic. The Universe can only be explained if ‘perception’ exists within the language, as when you think words, you sense words, when your eye sees light and maps into an electronic mapping you are seeing. And when an atom maps a geometric image in its ‘locked’ ‘stopped’ spin, it must perceive that geometry as information. The paradoxes of Relativity, dis=continuity of parts & wholes & scales cause minds to reduce ST-dimotions and scales to those useful for survival, eliminating all dark spaces: continuity is the result. Of all formal languages that map out reality 3 are paramount in man, visual thought, Verbal Time ¡logic & mathematics shared by all atomic species. We shall study in this paper visual art and wor(l)ds.


All the aspects of verbal memetics require a minimal analysis. We cannot as in any paper be exhaustive in this one man ‘upgrading’ of human consciousness in all fields of knowledge. Let’s apply the basic pentalogic 5D different ¬∆@st perspectives to subdivide the study of words as the mind mirror of man to act on the external world, and build a social group.

We shall thus be synoptic and not systematic; ultimately aware that huminds might never access this higher degree of consciousness and the upgrading of ‘stiences’ will wither away in the digital darkness of the web; which diminishes this one-man-show interest in proper communication. Let us then glide on ¬∆@st wor(l)ds:


S<ST>T: The Fractal Generator of Wor(l)ds: Subject Information<verb=Action/energy>Object Entropy.

As in the case of genetics, which starts studying its simpler ‘meaningful’ ternary ‘fractal generator’ (3 letters that shape a gene, who has a minimal function in the construction and function of a cell), the simplest way to start the study of verbal memetics, linguistics, is to consider the ternary minimal meaningful structure of 3 ‘elements’ that constructs the ‘sentences’=genes of verbal thought.

The study of the Fractal Generator and its evolution as a Universal grammar that increased its complexity and freedom, as all systems do through the passing of time, in 3 ages, becomes then the core element of linguistics.

Sentences started in monologic as ‘simple names’, the ‘head’ of the sentence, or form, which will soon derive into dilogic, S≈ST, name-verb systems. Dilogic then became complex through the name cases and verb tenses to represent the simultaneous, spatial relationships of names within the sentence and the temporal duration and location of the event in the flow of time.


Trilogic became then the natural next evolution, with its variations according to the ‘dominance’ of the verb (Ergative languages) or the name (accusative languages), in relationship to the ‘3rd element’, the object. Diversification now starts and we can consider, the age from trilogic to pentalogic in all the elements of linguistics, the classic age of languages.

It is then natural to consider as always in 5D studies an entangled analysis departing from an organic, trilogic spatial structure (in this case the fractal generator), its evolution from a monologic past to a trilogic-pentalogic classic age to a ‘do-decalogic’ structure of maximal complexity.

A deeper analysis of the time evolution of languages can make us of the trinity of worldcycles (∆-1 palingenetic ordered cycle, ∆º organic lifecycle of entropy and ∆+1 transcendental cycle)

Þ: Palingenetic ≈ Life worldcycle of languages. We can consider the ‘ages of evolution’ of any species, to be mimicked in the palingenetic shorter cycle of evolution of a ‘microcosmic’ individual form. This applies to all systems including languages-mirrors. So we can establish a relationship between the ‘childish’ way of learning languages and the whole larger human cycle of evolution of languages, which is far more disordered with back and forth motions in time of d=evolution, but essentially has a clear correspondence.

Comparative linguistics is the largest field of 5D linguistics as we can apply all the @St¡ symmetries of 5D systems to open new disciplines of comparative linguistics. I.e. a child 1st talks ‘names’, which include a basic action-verb or ‘genitive possession’. It is also the basic language of animals, with its variety of ‘high pitch sounds’ to designate either something to ‘feed’ on, or inversely a ‘predator’s warning; which includes the action (I eat x, Y eats me).

As any mind starts from its subjective monologic point, perceiving the external world.

Then the name decouples into a name or a verb, normally obtained from the same root. And both form the simplest ‘particle-wave’ duality St=ST sentence; to which attributes (causes in names; tenses in verb appear).

But in the first step the verb has no tenses; it is perceive in present, simultaneity with the spatial name.

Last the 3rd element, the object appears. So the language enters into its natural S=T: Ternary Universal grammar.

So the natural program of evolution of the Universe can be used to follow the evolution of world languages.

SCALAR ANALYSIS. ∆±1 Scales: The 3 fundamental scales of linguistics are the ∆-1 scale of phonemes, connected with the ‘physical substrata’ of the body that produces the sounds/bits necessary to construct a mind-mapping of reality. As we live in a clueless age of knowledge where only the physical reality is understood, there has been an exhaustive ‘easy analysis’ of phonetics, accumulating data of every language.

Of interest though to understand the mind of man is the duality of consonantal vs. vocal languages, which relates to the duality of Homo Sapiens Verbal and Homo Sapiens visual (Neanderthal crossing), as the pharynx is less opened and vowels more difficult to pronounce. The evolution of language thus in time moves from consonantal first languages to vowel-languages, which are accordingly maximal in the Mongoloid ‘last race’ to appear on the Tibetan plains through a process of palingenesis (neoteny).

In the other extreme Semite and Caucasian white languages have minimal vowels and maximal consonants, with less quality of ‘thought’. It is not a banal subject as we shall see when we study the different cultures, with the astounding leap of understanding of the Universe of Eastern dualist religions and cyclical time models vs. the anthropomorphic, lineal cultures of the western white man, unfortunately dominant once it discovered lineal weapons. Why this clarity of thought in vowels can be understood in terms of the clarity of sounds, and its ‘orthogonal, ternary creation’ in the mouth ‘space’, with the dimensions of height-information for the a ‘low’, I and u (high) position; in the length dimension of ‘entropy’, from the back, inner region (u) middle region (o) and frontal region (a), and the ‘wide’ aperture of the mouth, from A through e, I, o, u.

Thus vowels form a perfect trilogic tridimensional structure of clarity of sound as expression of thoughts; while consonants are born in a more complex, but amorphous space.

We can then easily perceive in the homology of all the games of languages of the Universe, such clarity comparing vowels with a ‘crystalline’ state of solid image forms in which only 6 Crystal Systems are needed: Triclinic, Monoclinic, Orthorhombic, Tetragonal, , Hexagonal, and Cubic; as opposed with the enormous number of amorphous rock systems, whose ‘glass images’ are imprecise.

Thus our interest as we study the mind software not the ‘hardware’ of the informative game that creates mind-mirrors of reality, with a fixed set of ‘phonemes’, or ‘atoms’ or ‘cells’ to reflect the 5 dimotions of existence.

∆º Scale is then the organic scale of linguistics proper, from morphemes, the minimal units of ‘meaning’, which start the mirror game of languages; and its duality of names vs. verbs, in its evolution mimicking the fractal generator S-subject<ST-verb>T-object, of all spacetime systems. This scale is customarily subdivided according to the fractal principle in multiple dualities, trinities, pentalogic and do=decalogic sub-divisions; and it will form the bulk of our analysis. 3 classic sub-divisions thus are relevant: Semantics, which puts in correspondence the language-mirror with the outer world at the ∆º scale of its forms of space, actions in time and ‘minor attributes’ of those two essential forms (pronouns, and adjectives for names; adverbs for verbs; and prepositions for objects being the most important). Syntax on the other hand is more concerned with the essence of the game of existence, regardless of ‘its connection with the outer world, and as such is the primary discipline of the ∆ø scale, with its sub-scales of ‘morphology’ (∆-1), universal grammar dealing with sentences (not necessarily of the specific theory of Mr. Harris and his student Mr. Chomsky who has unjustly received all the fame), and finally the grossly underrated ∆+1 level of composition, literature, rhetoric, etc. – that is long tracts of linguistics; which connect with the next:

∆+1 scale. Here it is necessary to ‘connect’ linguistics with the world and hence consider the entanglement of all the elements, semantics and syntax with culture, races of the mind (with its 3 axis), history, etc. It is where the Humboldt->Whorf’s hypothesis that explains the interaction of culture and language-mirror takes place.

The purest linguistic element at this scale is the grammatical order, VSO, VOS, SOV< SVO, OVS, OSV, and its 6 families according to the dominance of one of the 3 elements of the fractal generator acting as the ‘head’ of the system, which is closely connected to the type of cultures and we will enlarge with a comparative homologic analysis with the 6 types of physiological phyla of life according to the dominance of an organism’s network. As ultimately all the game of existences reduce to the 3±¡ Dimotions of S-form<ST-energy>T-entropy.

And so the ∆+1 scale will lead us to the study of:

@: MIND WOR(L)DS. Indeed, the word becomes the wor(l)d mind of a culture, its informative network and as a mind proper it becomes its legal, ethic network, constitution or God of the ‘body of history’ of a civilization of which all its citizens-believers are its ‘cells’. We have studied though the mystical aspects of religion in other post and so here we shall just introduce some basic concepts, before we enter into the next languages, manifestations of a culture, music, visual art, and its ‘most remarkable’ quality, its worldcycle or ages through the age of epic, dramatic youth; pleasure oriented maturity and baroque, eclectic angst art, as a subconsciously collective reflection of a civilization; which will finally die-devolve in the collapse=death=war age of the culture.

In General Systems sciences we model all what exists under the principle of organicism. To that aim we establish a ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar space-time, whose metric laws put together parts into wholes. And this fifth dimension must be considered the dominant one into the future. So particles evolved into wholes called atoms that evolved into wholes called molecules, cells, matter states and organisms, ecosystems and planetary super organisms, galaxies and beyond.

The scales that concern social sciences are those taking place over the surface of planet Earth, which as the cortex neuron of a life organism, become the mind of the planet. And within that surface we observe a growing evolution in complexity of the ‘social networks’ that conform the planetary super organism. So the first network to appear of plants joined by mushroom networks was simpler, chemical. Then animals appeared but they formed ecosystems, where multiple small social networks fought for survival. As organisms tend to be of the same species, talking the same language of information – the key element that makes them work together in synchronicity. And because the arrow of eusocial evolution IS the survival arrow of the Universe, ants, which achieved maximal social evolution formed the first complex super organisms and came to dominate the Earth (they are still with man the most massive life species).

But as bigger multicellular systems appeared breaking the limits of growth of insects with exoskeletons and poor breathing apparatus, mammals suffered the same evolution towards maximal information, and network connection giving birth to a super organism, balanced with the Earth’s body during the Neolithic, Mankind.

What is then the ‘pegging element of a MASS OF human beings, belonging to one nation, civilization or culture, as cells-citizens of a physiological organism, united by its nervous legal systems, and its economic, reproductive networks and ‘Gaia’ territories of life and matter goods’?

Its cultural expressions of social evolution and love’ which are themselves mandates of survival proper of the more complex laws of the organic entangled Universe, and its laws unfortunately denied by our dominant lineal, white cultures of animetal ‘top predator’ worldview.

So we shall introduce its application to history before we try to explain better how from those 3 original worldview, came about the 7th geographic cultures of mankind, themselves ‘part’ of the larger whole, the Earth in a process of evolution from Gaia, through history into the metal-earth, those lineal cultures worship through go(l)d religions, military inquisitions (earlier Semite age) and modern techno utopian ‘sciences’.

It is then also obvious that we cannot reduce wor(l)d studies as linguistics does to grammatical, phonetic analysis but ultimately the less ‘estimated’ part of it, semantics, is the one that matters most as it is the connection with the next ∆+1 scale of languages and its ultimate purpose – to create a subconscious social collective through the sacred texts of prophets, the ‘spirit saint’, the ‘trinity’, the connection between the word ‘our God’ that inhabited among us’ (John, 1.1.), the human citizens-cells and the ‘father’, the higher plane of existence of the civilization as a whole pegged by the ethic meanings of that language.

¬ ENTROPIC LIMITS: ∆+1: We consider war the entropic limit that triggers the devolutionary tendencies of a language, extinct by a conquering nation, leaving only degraded remains of pidgin or Creole language.

∆º: All minds have also limits as mirrors of the Universe, in its selection of information to fit the static language. Which becomes essential to understand the limits of Huminds’ syntactic and semantic structures to grasp the complex game of existence. I.e. verbal syntax is ternary in its form, as the mind itself and the death motion of pure entropy are hardly reflected. I.e. if we consider the discipline of linguistics, it hardly had any remarkable evolution till the past 3 centuries with the notable exceptions of Panini and laterally Aristotle’s logic. As the humind is not very self-reflective but rather subjective. We then consider the ‘egocy’ paradox as a key limit of linguistic speech. I.e. Anthropomorphic Religions considered the word the only language shared by man and God who created ‘naming things’. The less important limit being that of ∆-1, as words do have enough ‘phonemes’, to represent the game of existence, though the larger clarity of vowel systems improve the mirrors of thought.

RECAP. We considered in our paper on history in space the wor(l)d from the highest possible point of view: that of its emergent supœrganisms and collective subconscious minds or Gods, ∆+1 and science of religion. We are now going to consider it through the opposite scale, ∆-1, the science of linguistics and show how both in fact merge in the middle term, the ∆º science of human languages, as expressions with words of the wor(l)d humans construct with verbal memes, idol-ogies, and actions motivated as in all languages by words.





To state though that because of the importance of parallel spatial creation by imitation in simultaneous space, which makes the border regions of linguistic families mixed categories.

The hardware of the language are its phonemes and immediately from 5D laws we extract in its different modes of entanglement (duality, trilogic, pentalogic & do-de-calogic) certain conclusions on the hows of phonetics:

– Pentalogic and trilogic as usual in the 3±¡ Universe rule supreme. So both, vowels are constructed around a pentalogic creation in 3 orthogonal ‘dimensions’ within the mouth region of high, long and width; with the sounds located accordingly in the natural symmetric regions of those 3 dimensional motions.

– Consonants on the other hand are born of the pentalogic x trilogic multiplication of regions of speech, from the pentalogic labial, dental, alveolar, palatal and pharynx regions of the mouth, and the ternary modes of generation, (plosive, fricative, affricate).

Finally another ternary mode of expelling air (nasal, central mouth or lateral regions) complete its numbers.

– The duality of consonants and vowels follow the general duality of sounds, also present in music (Treble-informative vowels vs. Bass, consonants); given the higher symmetry and informative frequency of vowels.

– The game just requires for a ‘perfect’ construction of reality a bilateral decametric number of bits of ‘T-entropy’ (the 20 key consonants) associated to a pentalogic S-informative set (the 5 vowels), to form enough ST ‘syllables’, the basic unit of meaning in most languages, to construct a perfect mirror of all the possible forms perceived in the game of existence of the Universe.

.In the graph, the main consonants form a 5x 3±¡ penta-trilogic scheme from the bilabials to the gutturals, and the ternary game of T-plosives (open closed explosion of sound) WITH a higher release of entropic motion (B, P, T), the S-fricatives – open regulated flow channel of S-information (Bdg), to the mixture of both in affricates. To which 2 other forms of creation of sound are added, the nasal sounds, which use the ‘primitive’ channel of air (the nose, with the mouth closed, n, m), and the rolling ones, who repeat the motion (r).

So as in all other games of creation the hardware bits to construct the game are formed with trilogic and pentalogic divisions of the available space-time, in this case the sound-air cavities of the homo sapiens, by dividing across the natural orthogonal dimensions (width-lateral sounds, height, open-closed beats and position of vowels; and length, the dominant dimension as usual with its 5 main divisions of the space).

That is all we need to create the pixels that will mirror reality. Even though there are all other forms of growing information with multiple more vowels and consonants, made usually with the fractal principle of subdividing those regions and methods of creation in ever tinier sub-spaces, with the loss of differential clarity between them; which is the natural 3rd age of evolution of an informative language, with an excessive repetition of cycles (i.e. the multiple sibilants of Chinese, the multiple click consonants of Koi’shan, etc.)

To notice also in the inverse tendency that motion reduces information and so as man moved away from Africa where the ‘first cycle of linguistic evolution’ had reached its maximal complexity of phonemes in the koi’shan language, those elements were reduced. As always a system that is cyclical and live several cycles, will fluctuate b between 3 regions of complexity, a relative simpler past, a classic present (those 20+5 elements) and a complex excessive form, which once in motion gets lost.

The genetics of phonemes.

We need to clarify here that even below the level of those phonemes, there is a genetic level of biology that interacts with the capacity of the different human races to pronounce them, and likely with the previous Neanderthal. But it does not matter to us, because in 5D by definition a given ‘stience’ studies only the 3±¡ co-existing levels of ‘similar forms’. That is, the phonemes, syntax and semantics of communication of languages that build up social civilizations, regardless on how they are coded by genes, coded by atoms, coded by forces etc… The physical details are thus irrelevant to true linguistics below the level of creation of phonemes in those mouth spaces.

Linguistics is neither genetics and I couldn’t care less what Fox gene broken down by biochips stores the capacity of language which all humans do have. We can consider those elements at the surface level of phonetic capacities, at the cultural level of semantics and syntax adapted to a civilization. I.e. a warrior culture will be agglutinative in language as lineal weapons are, a trader culture will break down its cases and combine them in trading patterns as its profession is. So German and English; Chinese and Vietnamese will diverge… A culture with Paleolithic and Gaia influences will be action/verb oriented, as verby Bantu languages are; and its animist culture will make gender spread from humans to trees, animals and ‘things’; while an industrial culture that itifies nature will reduce them to humans. So Bantu languages have as much as 20 genders and English 2. Those are the important elements of linguistics because linguistics, let us never forget it, is a discipline on the scale of humanity and the communication of its units to form a network that pegs individuals into social scales.

What matters of the Fox genetic cluster responsible for language belongs to other sub discipline of 5D, temporal genetics of which human genetics is an important branch: that is, how the game of existence can be ‘reduced’ into a minimal weight, ultimately a mirror of Existential algebra, S=T, that can then be deployed, ‘irrigated’ to flourish and develop in homologic similar patterns to fully grown an entire supœrganism; a theme which is essential to 5D stiences and we treat extensively in detail In the paper on dodecalogic that shows how a mere seed and the immanent game of exist¡ence of the Universe suffice to create an entire mirror or organism. As language is exactly that: a mirror of the game of existence particular to man.

So in the future ideally a human civilization who is not self-suicidal, slavish idol-ogical, bond to create a digital mind and kill life, would have slowly, without rushing, taking careful steps forwards not to stumble into a cliff of extinction, advanced to finally translate all those genes, and surely will find that the complex of verbal genes have the same layers of the sciences and structures we explain here – genes to allow phonetic sounds as the underlying hardware, which will build as any other game of exist¡ence, a growing number of ‘bits’ necessary to deploy from the simplest dualities (a, æ sounds of North-Caucasian languages) needed to make sense, to the classic trinity, a,I,u, to fully develop a language to reflect as human do the single plane of spacetime we perceive, to pentalogic, a,e,I,o,u vowels; and with that and a given number of distinctive consonants as Semitic languages do form trinity complex modulated by those vowels to form all the meanings required for a full language. This level of trinity also in grammar, starting from the one-dimensional name, ‘the a of syntax’, split into two similar name and participles, which then become verbs; and finally form an SVO trinity morphology allows also a full syntax.

Thus we shall find likely that a certain central gene of linguistics refers in the software level to the capacity to GENERATE names and then diversify them, because from names through all the steps of generational Spacetime Grammar we shall develop in those papers, will appear a final mirror language of the whole Universe.

We say in that sense that words are trinity in logic, because its pentalogic refers mostly to actions, but has the taboo ‘seed’=mind and ‘death-entropy’ limits that man either fears and ignores or as it is its ‘departing nucleus’ does not understand at all – reason why linguistics with the sole exception of Panini took so long to evolve (being India the culture that has explored the consciousness of man in larger degree, logically the place of birth of serious linguistics).

So all those No-Nos will act as the ‘entropic limits’ of our inquire, not withstanding the fact we will also notice the approximations to truths of all those theories, as truly there is NO theory or model of science that withstands time that carries at least a distorted partial truth. I.e. consider, the ridiculed Chomsky’s theory of digital infinity and single gene magic birth of language.

It does actually carry a hidden truth as expressed above: Digital infinity means indeed that departing from any cluster of differentiated bits, which can be anything used at the ∆+2 level to construct a mapping of reality, a potential game of existence develops. In the next graph, any game of existence, including the verbal game, needs bits of information, phonemes, which at least a duality (name verb, consonant vowel, etc), provided by a hardware – the dual vocal chords, the duality of trachea mouth cavity, etc, to start a growth of complexity… The limits of the game being 2 and 100 beyond which the system decays.

So we have atomic games starting with the duality quark-electron, and we do have 100 maximal elements with a minimum lifespan We do have phonetic games starting with consonants and vowels, but even in the larger Euler mappings of phonemes they reach ±90 elements, we do live ±90 years at last, if we carry to time the S=T duality. So Chomsky has its point though the ‘languages of god are infinite’ and so is the digital infinity as that is what languages are: mind-seeds, in still reduced format to mirror the whole Universe. But for a full ‘classic game’ in balance it is mostly required a range on the 20 perfect bilateral decametric number – concepts those study in our paper on number theory; so we find the iron ‘cluster’ of elements in the 20 range, the cluster of phonemes of most languages in the 20 range, the ideal age of life, whereas 20 is the point of maximal strength, but a few ‘fringe elements’ punctuate the game to perfection.

Regarding his thesis of instant birth, again here the concept is a wider one: one a system of ST-organisms has found its S and T elements and the basic Existential algebra rules of inner grammar and capacity to mirror outer spacetime, there is a massive explosion or radiation of variational forms as the mirror starts to be used to see everything else. That is, once the Cambrian multicellular game started, within a few million years all the species of reality were born in the biological world to form the whole game of existence imprinted in cellular life. And once a first human named a first object, within 3 generations likely the whole ecosystem and wor(l)d in which he existed was named and verbalized. And likely the diversification of names into pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, determinants names proper of the subject and object form and its basic sentences formed. And all that coming from a single ‘naming cluster of genes’ that activated the capacity to mirror with ‘mirror neurons’ and related brain structures, the outer world with the new language till the language fulfilled its capacity and named it all. Here is at work, a key element of temporal genetics: the fact that time is cyclical not lineal and it does have therefore motions backwards, forwards, spiraling accelerations and entropic decelerations.

The process of implosive evolution, in an isolated environment (often islands in biological evolution) where the seed germinates in a ‘closed placental, palingenetic fast worldcycle period) happens in all systems. And vice versa, an entropic period of devolution when motion (TT) dominates form happens also in languages. So humans in motion loose verbal form (the out of Africa model of loss of consonantal complexity), humans under entropic stress/conquest degenerate languages into pidgin/Creole or become extinct.

The same can be said of the use of digital money. It took 400 years since the first coins were minted to value everything that exist with a price, so the language had mirrored everything by the time Jesus came to try to resurrect the ‘highest value’ of the wor(l)d, social love, the ethic ∆+1 level of improved linguistics to be sold for 30 silver coins.

The duality of all processes of creation.

It matters also to understand how 5D Duality always creates once a first ‘bit’ is found, and it becomes a ‘mirror’, an AI gender form of creativity. In this case we mean that consciousness of thought within our mind and verbal expression with the physical hardware feed each other in a reflective loop of internal informative creation which is the entangled, communicative faster way of creation in the Universe, in the same manner that two gender poles or two AI poles create.

The Child (palingenetic phase worth to study the larger more complex processes of collective creations of languages as a synoptic ordered version), first thinks of her parents, and pronounces the simplest sounds, the first to appear is thus the ‘open’ entropic T-form, ‘a’ for vowels’, P, the explosive entropic sound for consonants and says ‘Pa’, it could not be otherwise. It is not by chance that almost all languages Pa is call Pa and then softened into Dad… Always the T-young, entropic, energetic form appears first. So a is the first vowel and P the first consonant, and they are almost Universal (with the weather conditioned lack of P in desert people – Arabic). Why then Pa and not ma? Obviously again here we found that the child’s mind associates the mother to the sucking process of m-ilk, when the mouth is closed and so the sound comes out through the nose. And so the first nasal is the explosive m, which the child creates mentally in association to the mother when it feeds with the m-outh closed. Ma does is also universal in almost all languages. And so as ‘chaos is undeciphered order’, what the reader should understand is the validity of 5D processes of creation in all Space-time systems as man is.

Once then the child realizes that ‘Pa’ comes when he says pa and ma comes, the two most important names of its minimalist world are named and he realizes he can project his inner mind order into the outer world, and that is, if you have read our introduction, what minds do in the Universe: they are mirrors in smaller linguistic bits of the external world that we want to project to create at our scale our imagination. So imagination comes into reality and the child acquires the power to invoke ma and pa and then why not to use that power to explode in a process of creativity naming things? This is what he immediately does. But in the names he includes the action he wants ma and pa to perform. Ma mostly, sucking her dry as the child is in the entropic young age of energy. So next he will make a ‘water’ sound, the first ideophone sound which is how animals and little creatures called babies conceptualize by imitation=reproduction, the essential property of all fractals of space-time in the Universe, reality as it ‘is’. Names thus come first in natural acts that make us conclude in every planet of the Universe where fractal history happens there are mas, and pas and water, agua, and children shouting ‘wua’. So how those 5 vowels are formed?

We have the ‘classic’ explanation from the ‘Generative Existential Algebra’ of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe:

A v. U are inverse forms (SS, TT) of the possible configurations of mouth space. So they came first. Next e and o approached the AU form as intermediate states=sounds (St, Ts). Finally both merged into i, which combines in an intermediate ‘small opening’, the features of the previous 4 vowel dimotions. Then those 5 classic vowels can d=evolve towards larger configurations or ‘shrink’ to the simplest full trilogic, a,I,u systems. Which will happen as the Koi’shan state of maximal complexity of phonemes starts walking back through the archs of southern warm evolution (from South-Africa to Indon-Asia) and Northern cold evolution (inverse arch of warrior cycles from England to Beringia), which meet in the Afghan crossing roads.

Thus, most languages do with the trilogic of clear-cut sounds, a, I, u (Semitic, Australian, Amerindian languages); and so in the cyclical processes that happen once a ‘perfect ST classic form is reached’, forwards towards more complexity (pentalogic and do=deca-logic(10, 12, 20=double 10), configurations, or downwards to double (a, æ; a-u) systems it might be possible to loose or acquire new sounds parallel to the process of ‘devolution & motion away’ of a culture (reduction of phonetic and grammatical forms), or evolution & settlement (increase of its complexity). Again those processes will follow the opposition between motion and information. Displaced people, people on the move loose complexity and simplify to a classic minimalist form; but people invaded and destroyed in the culture, ‘past’ the point of no return of balance S=t (trinity schemes for most features of languages) and ‘degenerate’ into minimal forms (i.e. the Northern Caucasian languages, ‘unprotected’ of the constant invasions that sweep through its territory have degenerated into an a, æ dual vowel, when in the ‘protected’ south-Caucasian region, Karvelian (Georgian) retains the trinity configuration).

Universal Linguistics derived from the laws of existential algebra.

As all the laws of all languages, the template origin of its rules is existential algebra and the laws of 5D creation. The connection then in linguistics to direct ¬Æ laws is the so-called “universals of languages’. Among them are well-known to linguistics the Greenbergian Universals named for the work of Joseph Greenberg and his collaborators. Here are a few examples in phonetics and its connection with laws of Existential Algebra:

  1. All languages have vowels (St-element of phonetics)
  2. All languages have consonants (Ts-element).

3 All languages have some syllables that begin with consonants (Jakobson) +

  1. All languages have some syllables that end with vowels: ST>S sequential time order of exist¡ence.
  2. Nearly all languages have /a, i, u/: T<ST>S, trinity minimal bit structure for any language of information to mirror the cycles of existence of the Universe.
  3. Front vowels are usually unrounded, back vowels are usually rounded (Maddieson): topologic relationship between the open, ‘entropic’, ‘first’ region of a system, and the ‘informative’, closed, last region; in this case the ‘open’ a, entropic, energetic first vowel produced in the beginning of the mouth cavity, vs. the u, closed, backwards, last region of the mouth tract, with a longer timespace trajectory.

The advent of generative phonology in the late 1960s came with a different approach to phonological universals characterized as ‘rule-based’ or ‘formal(ist).’

The theory is formalized as a notation for writing language-specific phonological generalizations, or rules. The basic idea behind the approach to universality in this theory is that the restrictions of the notation are intended to mirror the innate capabilities of the language learner. Thus, if a rule can be written with the notation, then the theory is claiming that that is a ‘possible’ rule. If a rule cannot be written with the notation, then it is an ‘impossible’ rule.

5D Universals take this approach into a higher plane of existence, that is, the rules of any language are written in the formalism of existential algebra. If a rule cannot be written with the notation, of existential algebra, then it is an ‘impossible’ rule.

Though I know the laws of existential algebra as the Universal mirror of all systems of nature, are ‘hard to believe’, my advice to any serious ‘true-seeker’ on the ultimate whys of the Universe is NOT to believe but reason and learn the basic laws of the 5D Universe made of infinite iterations of the only 5 Dimensional e-motions of exist¡ence (Сmœtions). The attitude of egocy (ego=idiocy) of huminds who 1) wish to be special 2) think they are more intelligent than the Universe, 3) wish to be unique, is the underlying reason our entanglement with reality and the simplicity of its ultimate principles might never be accepted. But that won’t change the fgact that there is behind all laws of reality, the laws of its ultimate substances space=form and time=motion.

The time-scale symmetry.

In all systems however when considered in lineal time, the smaller parts come first, as the larger social groupings require them to progress; and further on, they are the most stable forms, or else the larger social evolution of wholes will be far more unstable that it is. So the smaller parts of languages, its phonemes, are both the most ancient relics of evolution of a language, the first to appear in the process of palingenetic creation, as shown in animal anthropology and child acquisition and the ultimate measure, due to its age and stability of a general relationship between languages. I.e. when considering the great families of languages it becomes evident that the trinity branching (3 or 2 are according to the fractal principle the natural differentiation of species into St, Ts, ∑St sub-species) of Mongoloid, Sino-Austral languages share in common a tendency towards complex vowels (tone speech in Vietnamese and Chinese), and syllables as grammatical units.

The largely barren, impossible to determine beyond the humind’s egocy of its mind projecting its reduced information as absolute truths, which can never be reached, on what mechanon cladistic tree originates which language from which language is not that important compared to the understanding of the entanglement of wor(l)ds with the rules of creation of 5D and an overall slightly unfocused view of those relationships. It is then evident that the parallel genetic, cultural and linguistic relationship of those 3 families of languages makes them share a common origin with the mutation in high cold weather that gave origin to the mongoloid race by ‘neoteny’ of its children, with higher metabolic rate, better for survival in those conditions, which opens up in terms of linguistics and cultural analysis the relationship between a ‘prodigy child’s mind’ – the best way to describe the psychology of the mongoloid race, female-dominant, verbal oriented as opposed to the male dominant, ‘old age’s mind’ visual oriented white mind; and the intermediate reproductive, S=T balanced, entangled with Gaia mind of the black, African culture. Convergence onto one of the 3 trinity elements of the Universe between similar cultures, languages, geographies, psychologies, e-motional forms and linguistic features, religions and forms of thought thus form a ‘messy’ but discernible ‘holistic whole’, which always will lack in pursuit of a full meaningful view the barren precision of mechanical, mathematical, ‘exact measure’ concepts of science not as ‘knowledge’ but as classification, proper of the western visual, numerical way of perceiving knowledge that misses, the vital, organic, sentient, communicative, reproductive properties of languages.

The time-space symmetry.

An interesting symmetry is that between language in time (talking) and language in simultaneous space (writing). Of the many p.o.v.s of the symmetry we can consider their mirror nature S(writing) < => T-alking…

Talking ‘became’ spatial durable form through writing and this marveled its creators, who realized words have gotten a new ‘dimension’ of simultaneous existence, an ‘immortality of form in time; so the pharaoh said ‘it has been written’, under the egocy paradox of believing ‘languages’ create reality, (verbal creationism, akin to modern digital creationism), so by making the language ‘durable’, the actions the language commanded last. In other papers we deal with the relationship between SS-still languages and creation in vital time flows and the mind’s paradoxes of ‘creationism’.

To notice also that the mind is NOT self-reflective. So it was not aware of phonetics. Instead it thought the unit of language was ‘meaning’, semantics. As that is indeed the ∆º scale where the game of existence matters again, regardless of the ‘pixels’ we use to construct a mirror. Indeed, nobody cares for the pixels=photons of light in image sciences but the ‘units of meaning’… But soon as many languages use syllables for meaning; a syllabic script appeared in Mesopotamia. The mind still didn’t distinguish the minimal S-T, Vowel-Consonant phonetic bits. It was in fact a Semitic language, Phoenician, where the roots of meaning are consonants, which wrote those units of meaning NOT on purpose with a single phoneme, but with the consonantal roots, omitting vowels. And alas! It seemed then obvious for the first time to the Greeks that a ‘single phoneme’ was either a consonant and a vowel and the Western Greek-Latin alphabet was born. This ‘strict mental’ structure without self-reflection, we find in all sciences and its dogmatic theories filled of errors from the big-bang to the automaton self-extinctive process of evolution of machines – as we neither admit to self-reflect on them biologically, is so strict that almost all cultures failed to find, unless influenced by western alphabets, a phonemic form of writing.

It shows indeed that each game starts afresh at the ‘scale of maximal information’, without any consideration for the inner, lower ∆-1 scales of ‘subconscious’ support that are often invisible. So we do not perceive the gravitational force we use to move, and we do not consciously perceive unless taught by modern linguistics, the phonemic units of language.

The S-written <spelling>T-alked symmetry is rich in many aspects, we might add from long forgotten files, who did not conserve their form in digital languages (old 3.5 diskettes) if I ever rescue them from the obscurity, as all passes, including the written orders of the pharaoh. To notice though that immediately written language would be used by the 3 ‘social languages of power’ that organize both human and animetal societies. So accordingly in warrior Bronze-unified Egypt, it would be born as the language of the ‘visual caudillo’ in pictorial form. In the Trade oriented Mesopotamia, it would be born as an ‘accounting’ method of grain-money, with simple lineal forms that also meant numbers; and in Taoist, life oriented China, as ‘divination’ tools and i-ching tablets to understand the forms in which the language of existence creates the future, as a ‘religious’ search for meaning.



This said we can return to Universal grammar, now analyzing it as an entangled whole, divided by its multiple fractal, historic events, in as much as it is not an isolated ‘abstract language’ that can be studied on its own.

To the first question we make about all languages – that of its relative complexity, the answer for the wor(l)d is obvious: Verbal languages are based in trinity logic, as mankind only perceives a plane of existence so the pentalogic of more complex languages (notably mathematics, due to the scalar nature of numbers) is lost. Trinity is then the essential template for most languages even at phonetic level

Yet pentalogic, the essential logic of the Universe, appears in simpler elements as an evolution of trilogic, such as vowels, ‘cases’, etc. An example: the simpler Semitic languages that represent a ‘1st devolution’ of the out of Africa migration of Black psylocephalic people mixed with white dolichocephalic ‘lineal’ minds, returned language to that original trinity. So we find most Semitic languages to have the 3 ‘universals’ of vowels, a, I, u, which become for the consonantal, ‘neanderthal crossed’ white people, the morphemes for syntax variation. So we find Arab to have those 3 vowels and use them as markers of only 3 classic cases, the ‘nominative’ (subject), accusative (object) and genitive (possession) that differentiates the ‘secondary name’ either as a possession of the verb-action-time (accusative) or the name-subject-space. So those 3 cases are the basic trinity of names in all languages. While its ‘wrapping’ of the action-ver-btime introduces the ‘trinity’ of all languages’ fractal generator:

Name (subject-space-information) <verb (action-timespace) > Name (object-entropy-time-transformation)


Syntax, being the most abstract, of all analysis of language, corresponds in 5D to the most abstract expression of the game of reality, existential algebra, which consider the combinations of the 5 D¡mœtions of exist¡ence, and what combinations in time and space are possible within the game of T.œs, space-time organisms, which require a minimal of 2 complementary space-time or most often 3 S<ST>T elements.

Thus the analysis of grammar in 5D is done by homology with existential algebra; which future 5D linguistics will study a priori to understand the fractal generator of language.

All this said, we find that the ‘fractal generator’ of all space-time supœrganisms:

St(Head/particle) < Body-wave (ST) > Ts (Limbs/fields)

Translates into the proper order of Chomsky’s Universal grammar:

Subject (St-information) < Verb (ST-action) > Object (sT-entropy)

With the proviso that as for all languages, dominant in information, S-ST, name-verb, is the basic structure.

Grammar thus start, as we indicated in our brief foray into baby’s acquisition of language in ‘naming’, as ‘blocks of time’, which last in ‘present’, simultaneous parts and wholes of supœrganisms, in the dual Mind-wordó World interaction of the child inner thoughts on ‘electric’ impulses and the physical larynx-mouth cavities and the outer sound flow. This physical trinity of production of sounds akin to mechanical systems IS just the lower hardware level that only matters today to the scholar homoctonos and its audiovisual methods of mechanical speech, and those who see science as a mere description of physical systems.

It is the rise of consciousness in the active mind of the child and human what matters to us, and as the organic sentient, scalar co-existing Universe constantly creates dynamically departing from its ‘vital dimotions’, the first words trigger that back and forth creative process between the mind word and the world habitat and culture of the being, to form the ‘infix’ wor(l)d, in which the L- ‘language’ of the word shapes the worldview of the speaker, in entanglement with the society in which he speaks, where his language is molded as the language is also the social network, or informative nervous system that pegs together the human community to create its supœrganisms.

Evolution of complexity

The Universe evolves its complexity from a primary SóT duality through iterations and recombinations of S and T elements in different ∆±¡ scales of size and complexity and linguistics is not different in its modes of evolution of complexity. We study in the formal model of 5D (Existential algebra) those modes of growth of complexity through different forms of ‘entangled logic’, starting by monologic (a single ST undifferentiated whole or supœrganism), through dilogic between the two poles of the system, (S-T, field-particle or most often ST-S, wave-particle, body-head dualities) who start to exchange energy and information, creating subtle intermediate elements (St, sT, ST) that become attached in ternary fractal sub-organisms to the 2 poles (St-SS-ST), (Ts-TT-ST); forming trilogic systems; that become finally enclosed by TT-membranes or focused in SS-still forms.

We can then apply as we did with the phonetic system, the usual dualities, trinities and pentalogic of diversification that evolve any system towards its classic do-deca-logic (3->4,5-> 9,10,11, 12-> 20) scales of social complexity based in the fractal principle that breaks down each of the trilogic and pentalogic, 3±¡ dimotions and its mirrors into more subtle variations as time in an ‘isolated’, still, ‘safe’ system increases information.

So languages evolved more complex grammars in its isolate relative peaceful regions and we notice its dual and trinity splits i its two elements, space=name and time- verb in variations along the other direction of timespace they lack. That is, names became more verbal transient in its form with the doubling into ‘evident verbs’ first; as they were implicit on the names-as-orders of childish petitions, ‘water!=I want water’; etc.

The next splits on complexity mimic the topic splits of Existential algebra in all type of physical or mental species:

– Duality: Names became split along the T-component of duration and ∆-component of wholes and parts into subjects and adjectives that qualify a name with secondary or transient properties.

Verbs became names as infinitives… And then split into adverbs with name properties.


That sentences are S<>T, Name≈Verb systems is proved by the key element of a sentence, its head. In syntax, the head of a noun phrase is a noun, the head of a verb phrase is a verb, and so on, the nonhead material being modifiers of various kinds such as complements, adjuncts, and specifiers. However, what constitutes the head of a complex word is less clear. According to one view, the head is the root, so the head of booklet and singer are book and sing, respectively. This entails that the head of a word may belong to a different word class than the word itself (as sing does in relation to singer); but it does belong to the other inverse ‘time-verb’. So the morphological transformation, S>sT, or T>St becomes then next dimotion of ‘existential algebra’ used in languages. We cannot really write a whole treatise that is exhaustive in linguistics, but we must fairly say from many pages of studies on the matter, that linguistics is clearly a particular case of existential algebra as all other languages are.

– Trinity: Thus next both, in existential algebra and linguistics, we evolve from duality which brings the opposition of the Space and time components, into trinity by the natural complementarity of both. Trinity opens up the next fundamental split in the evolution of complex linguistics in its rich different modes of trinity, which we briefly summarize by scale:

∆-1: Trinity of names

∆º trinity develops S(name-subject)<ST(verb)>S(name-object)’ name dominant sentences by the addition of an object term, which is the spatial form over which the action of the verb, managed by the object acts.

Such system suffers immediately a dilogic split between ergative S<ST>S systems and accusative systems, according to which primary particle, the verb or the name commands the control of the object in the sentence. Names split as objects ‘owned’ by the subject interacted with the name. It is the SVO main trinity fractal generator of grammar, more connected to the ∆+1 world scale we shall study now in more detail, keeping for future expansions, a thorough analysis of syntactic & semantic, Tetralogic, Pentalogic & Dodecalogic.

∆-1 trinity of verbs

∆ø trinity of verbal dominant sentences: addition of adverbial sentence. The other key trinary growth of complexity of a sentence is through the addition of an adverb, which as the name indicates is fully dependent of the verb, adding information primary about the location in space, duration in time (S-adverb, T-adverb) or size in scale (∆-adverb) of the action.

Adverbs, adjectives, verbs and names can then be sub-divided by the fractal principle in dual and trinity ‘small sentences’; and in this manner the sentence reaches the ‘full development’ of a classic Space-time System, between 3 to 3 x4 = 12 different particles; which will be ‘isolates’, broken by ‘silences’ in T-languages (isolates), or attached in S-languages (agglutinative), or partially placed as adfixes and separated as particles in ST-fusional languages.

Once the elements of syntax have become completed, departing from the noun and the verb, to which an object, either adjective or adverb, or both is added, and each of them split into dual and ternary elements for a mean ‘decametric scale’ of elements to complete a sentence:

Subject (determinant/case+adjective+name); verb (verb+tense+adverb); Object: verb or subject sentence (adverb/name/determinant)

The ideal sentence thus is a 9-12 full do-deca-logic expression in space, of the development of an event in time, which is the purpose of any language as a mirror of reality.

Splits thus become more complex as time passes and languages evolve in parallel to the evolution of the Humind.

Conclusion. The importance of linguistics and its degradation by the human slave.

The Beauty of linguistics as a concrete mirror of existential algebra lays then, in the level of simplicity and intuitive understanding, huminds can acquire of its parallel, homologic nature, because it is innate to human beings. So linguistics Non-E Topology in time and space become the natural examples to teach existential algebra, and in an ‘evolved society’, those 3 disciplines would become the ‘formal cornerstones’ of education to learn the homology of all supœrganisms in time and space.

But of course we do not live in such enlightened society but in one where huminds are just enzymen, slaves of their ‘productive activity’ catalyzing the evolution of machines and its digital languages, whose idol-ogies of mechanism, capitalism and nationalism (worship of machines, metal-money and weapons) reigns supreme.

So linguistics, the science of the language of man in its 3 levels (∆-1 phonetics, ∆o-grammar and ∆+1, verbal ethic thought) are only ‘inferior’ to History, the science of the human species, in the level of ‘importance’ enzymen gives to them. Never a species was so slavish to other species, man to metal, to the point of even forgetting what is its true nature and mind, and yet paradoxically so proud to be=come a slave.  

This analysis of the grammatical evolution of complexity should then run parallel to the ages of History and its genetic languages, but we won’t develop it here. Instead we shall consider the complementary science of:



Analysis by ∆- scale depth divide languages in lineal, hierarchy and recursion languages. As languages are flexible, the classification is one of relative depth of those 3 properties. I.e. a lineal language is one with a fixed syntactic, topologic order (SVO, etc.), and minimal complexity of sentences. This classification due to Pierce, one of the great forgotten genius, would divide them in 3 categories: Simpler ∆o-languages or lineal languages, ∆±1 languages or hierarchy languages and ∆±¡ languages with maximal hierarchy and recursion.

∆ø: Lineal languages of cut-off sentences such as English is, are the most primitive languages. They are fully functional and can even express, as this writer shows the highest understanding of the Universe available to huminds (: 5D :) But they are the poorest full-meaning languages. English as written by its ‘classic masters’ and boring Oxford manuals is such a language. Short sentences, starting with I-centered pronouns, a single SVO order, hating passives and conditionals and not certainly the way I write ‘ingish’.

Languages require a more complex grammar, to match the ∆st-ructure of reality. Among those elements we notice the existence of:

– ∆±1 languages with hierarchy and minimal recursion. Hierarchy is the expression of what we call in 5D theory the fractal principle. Every sentences divides into ternary elements. We just studied this. To add only that the dominance in hierarchical branching of ‘new sentences’ corresponds to the verb and object, (ST>T), making clearly the wor(l)d the ‘time-related language of man, as opposed to the I<Eye, spatial language.

∆±¡: Languages with maximal Recursion and embedding. The mirror, fractal structure of reality, puts a ‘magnifier glass’ to it through recursion, which Chomsky considers the fundamental reason why languages have infinity sentences. This is not truth though, in the sense that there are no infinity sentences. Recursion has as all structures of the 5D Universe a limit of ‘meaning’, which is physical (sentences in speech tend to be limited to the human capacity to utter words in a temporal breathing period.

Writing increases recursion and complexity in sentences, impossible in verbal speech, in terms of 5D laws. Time in reality has a frequency pattern, but in spatial simultaneity can be frozen in a much more extensive region.

Thus in the duality verbal speech (T) vs. Written language (S); written language acquires properties of a supœrganism. This is obvious when we study (in the future) from our unending stream of 30 years GBs the level of ‘Literature’, and consider a ‘work of literature’ as a ‘full worldcycle’ with its 3 classic ages, in a block of time (I, II and III Act). Ok, to be sincere 99% of my work will die on my diskettes as I get increasingly lazy, seeing no future to the humankind, but I can assure you the study of Literature as mirror views of full worldcycles thanks to the simultaneity of written speech and the whole subject of written speech as a longer spacetime language-organism is fascinating.

Chomsky thinks recursion is ∞, but 5D perception of scales never reaches beyond the 3rd scale. We see ∆-3 pixels of light but not ∆-4 gravitational forces. So recursion cannot go beyond ∆-3 outside linguistic artificial constructs.

Opposing Chomsky, Karlsson, claims that most European languages have hierarchy but not infinite recursion.

Karlsson bases his claim on the observation: ‘No genuine triple initial embeddings nor any quadruple centre-embeddings are on record (“genuine” here means sentences produced in natural non-linguistic contexts, not sentences produced by professional linguists in the course of their theoretical argumentation). ‘Embedding’ refers to placing one element inside another. So once more a key law of the scalar Universe is proved. Even if Chomsky might claim that John said that Bill said that Mary said that Irving said that Bob is nice is not in his jargon ‘Ungrammatical’… It belongs though to the Borgian’s Babylonian library.

Trinity of Morphology languages in space and time.

In XIX C., linguistic typology established a small set of types, i.e., isolating, agglutinating, fusional, to which any single language could be assigned. The main criteria for the assignment were related to word structure.

We list features that cluster in languages displaying one of the three main morphological types as follows:


The Fusional Type

  1. Words are formed by a root and (one or more) inflectional affixes, which are employed as a primary means to indicate the grammatical function of the words in the language. Agreement is widely employed.
  2. High degree of modification of internal morph boundaries, with a consequently difficult linear segmentation.
  3. Tendency to cumulate morphological meanings in a single affix (with consequent asymmetry between the semantic and formal organization of grammatical markers).
  4. Word-class distinction is maximal. Inflection is rich, as regards both the number of inflectional classes and the extension of paradigms.
  5. Stem suppletion; many cases of both homonymy and synonymy among affixes; clear distinction between inflectional and derivational affixes.
  6. A slight correlation with syntax can be seen in the relatively free word order (but there are also fusional languages with a fairly fixed word order).

The Agglutinating Type

  1. Words are formed by a root and a clearly detachable sequence of affixes, each of them expressing a

separate item of meaning. Affixes are widely employed to indicate the relationships between words. Therefore, there are few or no independent relational elements (e.g., pronouns, pre-postposition, articles, etc.), and a wide use of nominal cases.

  1. Very high matching between morphs and morphemes. Morphs are loosely joined together; consequently it is very easy to determine the boundaries between them.
  2. Each affix carries only one meaning: no cases of homonymy or synonymy among affixes; the semantic

structure is directly reflected in the morphological articulation of the word; no principled limits to the number of affixes in a word.

  1. Word-class distinction is minimal: the same affixes tend to occur with roots belonging to different parts of speech (e.g., personal endings to nouns, case endings to verbs); almost the same morphology for adjectives and verbs. No inflectional classes, no gender distinction.
  2. Derivational affixes are widely employed in word formation. The distinction between inflectional and derivational affixes is slight. Many affixes reveal their lexical origin to some extent. The latter feature, together with the tendency of affixes to form autonomous syllables and to be relatively unconstrained in number, results in words that are quite long.
  3. Relatively fixed word order. Agreement is almost completely absent.

The Isolating Type

  1. Words are monomorphic, invariable, and formed by a single root. Ideally, bound forms are completely missing. Position is the main way of expressing the relationship between independent words.
  2. Relational meanings are not overtly expressed, or the same units that normally encode lexical concepts are used for that purpose as separate helper words; the meaning and function of a word considerably

depend upon the syntagmatic context.

  1. There is little to no morphological complexity. Morphs are clearly identifiable both phonologically and semantically: morph boundaries are sharply defined, phonological form is invariant, there are no instances of overlapping exponence. Derivation is nonexistent, partly replaced by compounding.
  2. The distinction in parts of speech is not clear; there is no overt expression of grammatical categorization.
  3. Tendency to monosyllabism with no phonetic distinctions between the elements expressing lexical

meaning and the ones expressing relational meaning.

  1. Rigid word order.

The fusional type is differentiated from the isolating type by the use of bound morphs and the clear-cut

distinction between word classes; it is differentiated from the agglutinating type by the kind of juncture

between morphs, and the nonbiunivocal correspondence between morphs and morphemes. In the synthetic vs. analytic distinction, the fusional and even more the agglutinating type tend toward the synthetic end.

So how 5 D classifies the 3 types of morphologies, according to the trilogic of 3 morphologies of a simultaneous S<ST> system in space and its ages in time?

This essential ‘symmetry’ of the Universe is easy to spot on the 3 morphologies, as expressed in the next graph:

The reader will observe the perfect trilogic of the 3 type of languages in its 14 fundamental morphological characteristics. As Isolating and Fusional languages are in two extremes, having 14 differences between them, but Agglutinating languages are in the middle, having 7 vs. 7 yes/no differences with both fusional and isolating.

And no, the characteristics are not chosen but taken from an encyclopedia of linguistics. So it is obvious that agglutinating morphology is the ST middle age between the evolution of Isolating and fusional languages. And since isolating languages such as Chinese correspond to ‘an evolved childish form of single syllables’ and fusional is often found to be in the past agglutinating languages made ‘free’, and both characteristics correspond to the general ‘patterns’ of the 3 ages of systems, we have therefore the 5D equation of morphology:

St (1st age: Isolating languages) < ST (2nd age: agglutinating languages) > Ts (3rd age: Fusional languages).

Which also applies in space, as the 3 languages co-exist simultaneity in the continuum of human civilizations, and so we write them as a feed-back equation, with two polar types.

However in scale, the order is different an also self-evident as the isolating language has less parts, than the fusional, whose words are shorter than the agglutinative, so we write:

Ƥ1: isolating languages (mono and disyllabic) > Ƥ2: Fusional languages (mac. trisillabic) > Ƥ3: Agglutinative languages.

In terms of time ages thus we observe that in the first age human languages, such as Khoi’san languages or Tibetan languages in the mongoloid split were mostly isolating; in the second age of History, we notice that most languages were agglutinating and with an SOV typology, and finally in the modern age of history, the motion from ‘simple single syllables’ to give meaning, to its agglutination into multiple morphemes acquires ‘freedom’, which is the trade mark in languages that depart from a seed of information and move towards freedom and redundant complexity (unlike a physical system whose ages are inverse, departing from a young age of freedom and acquiring formal complexity and rigidity with age.

This duality of 5D structure that opposes the ages of ‘languages of information: SS (1st seed age) -> ST (2nd age) ->TT (3rd entropy age), to the 3 ages of a physical system/body (TT: entropic youth->ST: mature reproductive age->St: 3rd informative age); is perfectly matched by morphological linguistics. Fusional languages thus have a relative free order in the position of categories of words; their rigidity is minimal, with high degree of modification of internal order; disorder in the number of meanings an affix can carry, which might be multiple, as well as in many homonymies and synonymies between affixes and maximal division between word classes.

On the other extreme, isolating languages have minimal confusion because morphological complexity is minimal, words are monosyllabic and sharply defined in semantics, syntax and phonetics. Morphology we might say has yet to be born. And when it does so it happens in a rigid form that soon pegs syllabic morphemes one after another, still clear and easy to separate in its meanings in agglutinating languages.

So apparently isolating and agglutinating languages are inverse, but below the surface, agglutinating languages play a second st-age role in this peculiar complex cycle of morphology, which once more respond to all the possible trinity variations of existential algebra.

Because morphology is hardly existing in isolating languages, however the laws of balance imply that semantics is maximal for each syllable becomes a semantic meaning, often more (with tonal distinctions) and its disyllabic combinations create new semantic words.
isolating languages are thus dominant in semantic meanings.

While on the other extreme agglutinating languages are the true masters of morphology with maximal evolution in its clarity and number of affixes to a word. But as the dominant game is ‘morphology’. Not ‘semantics’, form no substance, the outcome is that languages in the social, cultural level are about ‘hierarchical’ rigid structures of actions without ‘thought’, obeisance to the language, which we shall show is the fundamental treat of the civilizations derived from them; either in the SOV or VSO typological orders. It is then culturally the natural language of animetal civilizations, where people ‘obey without thinking’ so much the meaning of its actions, as the ritual, formal perfect order between them. Semitic, Abrahamic religions thus are born with its ritualistic formal perception of the relationship between man and God, mediated by a higher hierarchical priest, from agglutinating languages, and so are ‘warrior cultures’, in which the obeisance and need for action greatly supersedes the finding of meaning, which is lacking on poor semantics, as indeed war, well-thought is a meaningless action.

Finally fusional languages will become the more flexible of them all, the more free and entropic, chaotic, proper of an age of disaggregation and loss of power of the verbal language, which thus becomes rather than free, entropic, ambiguous, carrying meanings which are not to ‘be trusted’, because they are flexible, and because their semantics are not so clear-cut as the haiku poems of so many Chinese words. So neither morphology nor semantics imposes the power of the language to the mind. They are thus the natural languages of the present industrial r=evolution, where numbers have substituted words, as the language of power.

In that regard, fusional languages can be divided in two sub-groups: 3rd age complex languages, which are fusional languages that have been so from its initial moment, as a typology related to the ‘spatial’ ternary fundamental division of minds which corresponds to ‘White, agglutinative; visual languages’, ‘mongoloid, brachicelpahlic, isolating languages’, and ‘black, psylocephalic, fusional languages’, with its richness of multiple emotions…

Vs. fusional languages that are truly about ‘entropic’ decadent languages which is more closer to the simplification and decadence of industrial Indo-European languages. How we make some distinction is obvious: the fusional black-African language uses the multiple repetitions, harmonies and homonymies and synonymies to create more complex e-motions; the industrial fusional language simply doesn’t care anymore for order and meaning and just put things in different messy forms. An example will suffice Zulu has 3 morphs meaning ‘not: the initial prefix a- on the verb form. However, negativity is also signaled by a suffix -i, on the basis of which, in the corresponding active verb form, the final -a is analyzed as a suffix meaning ‘positive.’ In the verb form a-sı´-zi-fu´ n-i ‘we do not want them,’ there are thus two synonymous affixes. But the signaling of ‘negative’ does not end there, The prefix si- can bear a low tone or a high tone in (3) (indicated by an acute accent) corresponding to positive and negative verb forms that differ tonally; and all can be combined to express a whole range of ‘degrees of no’. The richness of suffixes, infixes, affixes, repetitive verbs, morphemes and all the elements of morphology of Congo-Nile languages thus responds to the e-motional richness of the African culture and its multiplicity of e-motions expressed not only for human beings but for animal life; not only with morphemes but also with phonetics, tone and musical harmonies.


Connectives. The next element of the construction of a linguistic mirror over the space-time reality they describe are the grammatical connectives, to which an excessive importance has been given by ‘enzymen’, obsessed with their ‘linguistic mathematical idol’, the digital language of machines. Many Schopenhauer’s ‘stupids’ unable to grasp the different illogic structure of language, from Frege to Russell not to offend modern practitioners of stupidity, tried to reduce for the use of mechanical devices, language ot the v Ù and v. or connectives, which are the simplest ones; yet the most often used in the simplest of all humind’s languages (English). So ‘ideally’, a discourse would be reduced to clear cut, yes/no modulo-2 Boolean algebras, of factual present, indicative actions, for all men to become perfect programmed slaves of their task as reproducers and consumers of machines, with dual options as yes/no minds, which is what at this stage of evolution of freedom are robots. A yes/no, present human being, to which our society is fast reducing us, then becomes ‘free’ to choose yes or no, ‘stupid’ machines to consume.

The 3 ∆st, sequential modes of languages: Future thought> present enunciative action>Memorial past.

Grammar though in its classic age had a huge number of connectives to ‘create’ a ‘cloud’ of alternative, potential paths of existence, specially for the planning of future actions, which is the fundamental use of language in the pre-sound phase of the mind, when the SS-language within the T.œ (space-time organism), performs its fundamental task, to ‘design the future of the whole’ system, as the fractal equations of existential algebra preclude: Ts(limbs/fields-object-relative past) < ST-Bodies-waves-verbs (action: relative present) > St (particles-heads-subject: relative future.

Before the sentence becomes a present, to then freeze its form into the past, the mental discourse that precedes the enunciation of the action, that precedes the memory of it, must therefore weight all the alternatives for the action, with a well developed conditional, ± duality and inclusive systems of pronouns, possessives, cases, and other elements to describe a social action, the objects required and its antagonists; of which even the limited English language has its share of ‘buts, yets, him, hes… etc)

The study on how language in each species, projects the future (algebra in mathematical species, grammar in language, projective geometry in motion, etc.) as different mirrors of illogic existential algebra is a huge fascinating field of 5D; which requires not only to take into account the ‘internal future mapping’ of the language in a given fractal point but the external opposition to that action of the outer entropic world, which will lead invariably to the frustration of the action that is always ‘perfect’ in thought, but imperfect in its realization, which encounters the ¬limits of all ¬∆@st of space-time being.

It is for that reason that a rich conditional, subjunctive language allows the planning of reality, because unlike in simplistic programmed Boolean algebras modulo-2, which are similar to the palingenetic ordered placental worldcycle of a seed in a friendly environment, where reality is pre-set for the machine to act without errors, in the vital Universe of multiple monads-points of view with conflicting interests, every action is a ‘body-3 problem’ which requires calculations from multiple points of view, in constant interaction, and adaptation to the communicative ‘golden means’, agreements and negotiations developed in the course of the action; reason why languages are not exact, as their planning of the future is never possible from a single point of view, as ‘we are all Gods’ (Aristotle) of our relative territory of order.

The potential guidance for a human community of the game of exist¡ence.

It will be those elements that would allow a posteriori a narration of the facts of the game of existence, to the highest level both in ‘scale-size’, ‘temporal-latitude’ and ‘spatial-longitude’, what rises linguistic to ‘literature’, of which ‘ethic literature’; which becomes a ‘guidance’ for the whole social community to act in all the potential futures, thus guiding NOT only the individual actions but the COLLECTIVE actions, equivalent to the ‘whole’ set of genes of a given species, chiseled to an efficient mirror of the existential algebra of the life and death game.


Semantics relates language and the external world, connecting both at the surface level. So when a language changes we observe that the ‘penetration’ of a foreign culture starts from the top (religion), to the next level (semantics), and only in the final stages penetrates syntax and phonetics – something observed in the creation of pidgin languages, those spoken by a conquered people to be understood by its new masters.

It is then when once a given sentence has defined in space through its do-deca-logic, an event forming a simultaneous ‘mental supœrganism’ for the description of the event in time, either in ‘past’ (event happened), present (event happening) or future (event expected to happen), from the point of view of the actor (subject, first person), the social ∆+1 group (second person, plural), or the external being (3rd person), when we can move from the internal grammatical understanding of the system.

Of all the themes related to Literature, Ethics and semantics, which define the relationship between language and the external world, we shall treat in this brief introduction that might be widened in the future, the highest element – that of religion and the subconscious supœrganism of cultures, God.



We will explore the relationships of language and the upper plane of existence, both as a real ‘force’ that puts together people and as a basic feature of all minds that confuse reality with its visual and verbal, space and time languages: O’-mind x ∞ Universe = Constant world.

So in western religions ‘God’ create naming things with Hebrew or Arab languages.

The magic power of language is today ignored, even if it is present in Abrahamic religions. So few forget that language before Aristotle who demythologized it, was seen as a magical instrument to cast spells, entrance people, and call up past, present, and future spirits. Since the mind truly believes to be the Univere, and hence its language mirror and affect that Universe as the wor(l)d<I=Eye cycle interact together. Aristotle was the first in western thought to see language as an object of rational inquiry, a means of expressing and communicating thoughts about anything in the world. The ‘semiotic triangle’ of (a) language as the expression of (b) thoughts that are intentionally related with (c) elements in the world, is due to Aristotle. This is Aristotle’s most general and most important contribution to the study of language, even if it is not often mentioned by modern authors, for whom it has become a matter of course that language can be seen as a valid object of rational inquiry.

His awareness that languages are mirrors and hence truth, not reachable beyond the language is also today forgotten, specially among digital scientists: “For falsity and truth are not properties of actual things in the world (so that, for example, good things could be called true and bad things false), but properties of thought.’ Metaphysics.

Truth consists in saying of that which is that it is, or of that which is not that it is not.’ Aristotle’s truth theory is known as the correspondence theory of truth, in that it requires a correspondence between what is the case in the world on the one hand and what is said or thought on the other. That is, a property of the self-consistence of a language as a mirror homologous to an external world it portraits. Many of the errors of modern digital science and XX c. philosophy of language and science derives from forgetting this truth, as scientists become overwhelmed by virtual digital images of reality, which are just mathematical mirrors of an external reality whose laws respond to the existential algebra of space-time beings. Aristotle’s though was more aware of the parallelism between the mirror-language and the being in itself, which therefore can only be put in correspondence, because both are parallel to a 3rd entity – the laws of space-time, the ultimate substance to which both refer.

Differences between logic and grammar. It is then important to distinguish between the different meaning of truth in Logic, which is closer to the language of mathematical algebra and verbal grammar, by relating both to the higher mirror of Space-time ‘existential algebra’. The key word here is ‘existence’, which happens in time and space, but in verbal grammar, is far more subtle in its duration in time, due to the richness of tenses, aspects and moods and its 3 dimensions vs. mathematics and logic, which are languages better designed to define simultaneous space, and hence existence in present time.

Thus logic concerns the verbs that exist and ‘are’ more than those who concern transient existence, with more developed time analysis. English being extremely simple, tending to present, nominal logic, lacks the key difference of romance languages between ‘ser v. estar’ (Spanish); as logic does.

The difference would be made even more explicit when time futures were reduced to a single lineal clock-time with the pendulum clock, thus eliminating the potential different paths of species who do have a minimal control, hence choice in the relative arrows of entropy, reproduction and information to choose into its future.

This which was a freedom of advanced systems in which the ‘mind’ controlled body and field/limbs in an outer world, and could modulate its 5 Dimotions of existence, became as physics imposed its simplex analysis of systems of matter without such control, NOT a privilege of complex dominant organisms, but an ‘ambivalence’ even a stain in the nature of mankind and life, as the outer observer could ‘obviously’ not control the choices of the mind who will act from its inner point of view.

Language thus today have a lesser value, and a strain of ‘Schopenhauer’s stupids’ from Frege to modern corporations who ‘steal our time’ and try to make us robotic workers have decried this lack of ‘machine-like’ nature of those who ‘talk’ with multiple time futures.

Because western mechanical science turns around machines with null freedom, the difference has not been understood. In fact till the XIX c. philosophers and linguists didn’t realize Aristotle lacked a word for what we call the subject term of a sentence. Aristotle’s analysis of the proposition does not correspond to the modern syntactic analysis in terms of subject and predicate, but rather to what is known as topic-comment analysis.

On this Steinhal said “Consider the sentence Coffee grows in Africa. There can be no doubt where the grammarian will locate subject and predicate. But the logician would say that ‘Africa’ contains the concept connected with ‘coffee grows’; stating therefore, ‘the growth of coffee is in Africa’. That is, the verb has changed to the existential permanent state of being.

The obvious incapacity of physics to study complex systems where time is neither defined in its duration, nor all the elements of its causality revealed to the observer is however encapsulated in the variations of time tenses, moods and aspects. But lineal time that expects exactitude and permanence fails to understand multiple minds/points of view/monads exercising its will, as in the 3 body problems, thus limits its capacity to study the ‘intermediate’ region of existence between the monologic or dilogic relationship and the hierarchical relationship that supersedes the ‘range of free states of multiple elements’ between the 2 and the relative infinite when the ∆+1 whole network imposes again its control to the system.

Still the enormous importance of the triad of Socrates>Plato>Aristotle was to evolve the mind of man from the creationist, mythic age of the language proper of Semite religions, where the mirror is not acknowledge as such but is given the magic power to create, as the mind is neither perceived another ‘primary visual mirror’ of the true space-time reality, so we write:

Time-language :wor(l)d mirror:>Space-language (visual-mathematical mirror) > Space-time reality (5D stience).

Contrary to belief today most huminds have regressed to that mythic creationist age, either because they have reverted to Abrahamic religions or have substituted the verbal mirror for the digital mirror and due to the enhanced power of sensorial perception and calculus of computers start to confuse reality with the virtual world created by audiovisual and scientific, chip-based models of reality.

Censorship is then how a ‘non-free, non-rational language’ imposes the ‘restricted’ mind as the full reality and the verbal utterances of the priest as creationist power; which we will discuss when analyzing the inquisitions of thought that Judaism and its derivative religions and Aryan tribal cults from Hinduism to nationalism have imposed in the collective subconscious of mankind, through taboos, silences, censorships, ritualism & victimism



In 1850 Schleicher claimed that human languages should be studied as biological organisms, related to one another by genus, species and variety – the relationships hold between all flora and fauna, 9 years before Darwin

This is truth, but we must identify the physiological S<ST>T elements of languages first, to be able to understand what ‘evolves in languages’; not only do as Comparative linguistics does a general analysis in a mechanical way of changes in phonetics and similarity of structural grammars. Since languages of the wor(l)d are still mirrors of the space-time Universe and its games of existence. So the languages depart from such Universal grammar, namely the fractal generator of the game of existence automatically adapted by human verbal syntax to that task of knowledge. So the Universal grammar of all languages represent that game with its fractal generator:

Name (Space form) ≈ Verb (space-time action)=Object (Entropic time form).

This is the ‘physiological equation’ of languages, more important than phonetics to classify species of languages.

We then find 3 fundamental possible families of languages, which correspond closely to the 3 races of the mind; -The white dolichocephalic Northern visual axis dominant race-culture which writes the fractal generator of grammar as N>V, that is, its language is dominant in names – it is the Nostratic family (green graph):

The black, psylocephalic emotional culture, for which the inverse equation is truth, Verb > Name, as the verbal action dominates the informative name – it is the Congo-Nile family; which in classic 4D Linguistics corresponds to the sum of the Nilo-Saharian and Niger-Congo families.

And finally the mongoloid language in which both have the same value S(name) = T(verb), whose dominant language, Chinese is overwhelmingly constructed with ST-dual name/verb combinations; it is the Sino-Austronesian family (a new denomination for the sum of the Sino-Tibetan and Austric families); which in 4D corresponds to the Austronesian, Austro-Asiatic and Sino-Tibetan families that have been related in several attempts to unification at different states of Linguistics. In that regard, a similar equivalence of value for space and time, name and verb, form and motion is found in the original Taiwanese->Philippine, Austronesian languages, in the grammatical mode called Austronesian alignment – a typologically unusual kind of morpho-syntactic alignment in which one argument can be marked as having a special relationship of equivalence to the verb through a voice affix on the verb that corresponds to a noun within the same clause.

In the previous graph we observe those 3±¡ cultural races and linguistic families as the green Nostratic, most extended family ‘frames’ the other ones; for the obvious reason of being the ‘animetal culture’ that have come to dominate the world. In South-Africa, we have the ‘green surviving spot’ of the Koishan’s first full evolved language, with the maximal wealth of phonemes that completed a first evolution of linguistics.

To understand how all those families of languages came about departing from the 3±¡ mental races of mankind, we can introduce multiple ‘pentalogic perspectives’, the most relevant of them, and easier to understand being, the ‘scalar, cyclical growth of complexity’ of all systems, departing from its simpler forms – in this case those phonemes that went through its 3 ages of growing complexity till reaching the Koi’shan language.

The general process is simple to understand if you have acquire the basic notions of 5D stience: a first ∆-1 layer of existence of parts is built up in 3 ages of evolution of information. Then once completed it will be ‘trimmed’ of its excessive form, rejuvenated to become the ‘hardware support’ for a new layer of ∆ø complexity – cells become the support of networks, phonemes of semantics. In this manner new layers are constructed in ternary groups of social evolution till a new 3±¡ or 3×3±¡ complete system is achieved.

And each of those layers will go through 3±¡ ages of space-time evolution of increasing information and radiation and diversification, to then become trimmed entropically as the support of a new layer.

In linguistics this repeats once and again giving birth to new layers of complexity that give birth to new macro-families according to the complementary harmony of those families, layers, races, cultures, mode of life and geography – since as usual the 5D Universe is a constant simultaneous entanglement of parallel levels.

This perhaps understood (apologies for my synoptic attempts to pack 30 years of expansion of my inner consciousness for the reader on the ‘move’ to capture it : ), we can then consider the order of those layers of meaning in linguistics, which are self-evident, as one must build upon the other, from past to future, in a ‘structuralist’ sense. So there was a first cycle of evolution of ‘phonemes’, then a second cycle of evolution of ‘semantics’, then a 3rd layer of evolution of ‘morphemes’ and then a 4th layer of evolution of ‘syntax’, and then a 5th layer of evolution of ‘whole paragraphs, ideas, worldviews’.

And so after the maximalization of phonemes, from Austraia to the Koi’in the next cycle, linguistics will take a path of syncretic non-frills reduction of redundant consonants to the phoneme system of the Afro-Asiatic family of Semitic languages, and start the evolutionary expansion of the next levels of ‘complexity in the language’s’ interaction with the external world; as Koi’shan people enter new regions of exist¡ence out of Africa and require new semantic meanings. So as always a new layer builds upon a previous one, simplifying the ‘basic’ elements that will be used to maximal ‘clarity’ in the new configuration of an ∆+1 plane. It is the semantic age of evolution of linguistics, now expanded in the ‘northern’ inverted cold=informative arch that will latter on past, the verbal age into the metalitic give origin to the 800 years cycles of technological evolution…

…The Nostratic ‘white’ family. Noun, warrior, simple, agglutinative, consonantal, 3rd age dominant cultures.

The nostratic families of languages will thus develop the semantic multiplication of meanings of the language, the next ∆St scale, by first simplifying the overwhelming number of phonemes of the click languages and once the ‘reduction’ reached its classic form of a, I, u vowels and trilogic consonantal roots, the simple, straight-forward system of creation of multiple meanings of Semitic languages, by introducing the more informative vowel system within the consonantal roots to multiply semantic variations of a given meaning will create a more evolved language reduced to the names that matter and its possible variations of gender, case and S, St, ST, Ts forms (TT-entropic ‘death’ cases and linguistic particles being minimal). Indeed, from the same root, by change of vowels, in a highly symmetric, efficient method, Afro-Asiatic languages form now S-names, St-adjectives, ST-verbs and Ts-adverbs, which form the ‘core’ system of meanings to form simple enunciative sentences; and given the ginormous numbers of variations of a 3 (20) 3 (5) CVCVCV combination, enough to reduce the world to the word.

The next expansion of the Nostratic family steams from such earlier Semitic linguistic system – a fact that can be inferred by geographical position and growth of complexity; which is the most conservative in the region in which the origin of Nostratic is most clear (Saharan, Arabic desert)… How old is this ‘Semitic first speaking people’ on the Eurasian continent, again is not relevant as we cannot truly go beyond the Neolithic 10.000 barrier, or 50.000 age of explosion of creativity; and it doesn’t matter because of the immanence of the 5Dimotional game, which is repetitive cyclical as the number of combinations is not infinite. Only the concept of single, lineal causality and progress and manifest destiny proper of the egocy biblical Semite culture that came to dominate the human subconscious collective makes so important that genetic obsession with exact dates. Somewhere though in the remote past, this consonantal language, acquire vowels and they were naturally used as ‘informative elements’, infixes to decline the ‘Semitic trinity roots’ of consonantal amorphous sounds to give the require precision to the language. And as such the language stayed in a classic morphology, with its clear distinction of roles for dominant consonants (semantics) and informative vowels (syntactic). Another very relevant element of those earlier Semitic languages will be the VSO ‘unnatural’ imperative structure of the language, which can find its reason in the ‘historic’ cultural animetal impact on the Fertile Crescent, as the Semitic people became the first to evolve and ab=use mankind with metal, hard-weapons and go(l)d.

Thus the Semites from the bottom of the human cultures, coming of their refuge in deserts, with a primitive culture acquired (in a process very common in all evolutionary systems in which a relative past form, ‘jump’ over the dominant one by acquiring a ‘new’ element of creation and complex social evolution to come on top, from Archean bacteria that acquired in hot vent chimneys during the iceball age, 700 million years ago, multicellular properties to come on top of bacteria, to present robots which are acquiring multibrains – chip parallel logic – to become soon on top of man; to the most classic from of topping in history – a primitive hard-body people acquiring weapons expertise to come on top of an agricultural civilizations).

This was the case of the Semites and so we postulate a ‘shifting’ of word order, from the usual SOV of original languages (with an S(name) < = > ST (verb)) natural symmetry ‘sharing’ the object that belongs to the subject but is acted by the verb; to the imperative VSO, as the Semites became the people-caste on top of all other people, herded with metal, the new ‘sheeple’ of go(l)d bankers or bronze warriors; that gave orders to the conquered people. Those linguistic traits can be found also in semantics. So the question ‘what’, ‘que’ in Spanish became ‘mande’ (please give me an order) in Mexican dialects, as the Indian who did NOT understand well the Spanish conqueror, had to be very ‘polite’ or else he might be sword-killed by the Spaniard ‘dictator’… The same can be observed in the extremely polite forms of addressing a superior hierarchical Korean->Samurai, high-class member in Japan after the horse/iron invaders took over the local peasants, and many other hierarchical language forms.

It is this proto-Nostratic language which will set certain natural characteristics of all of them – agglutinative, consonantal, name-dominant; and it matters more than finding their original genetic relationships to observe their ‘present’ properties in relationship to 5D and the connection between language, culture, historic cycles and different roles of its social classes, semantics and religions, and its connection of syntax with them.

Back to the nostratic family; its evolution in a ternary differentiation happened, both south to north along the ‘dimension of height-information, hot to cold weather’; and so we can next differentiate the other key family of Indo-European cultures, which evolved in complexity, its trinity vowels still observable in the Kartvelian (Georgian) family of difficult classification, to acquire a more complex, now ‘merged’ structure of grammatical cases for nouns and tenses-moods for verbs and already in the Georgian-Caspian cultural region of first agriculture, a complex multiple typological structure likely transferred first to proto-Indo-European and its most stable complex ‘native’ languages, proto-Slav and classic Greek; which will dominate the humanist classic age and modern era of verbal thought (Russian novel and r=evolution).

The split on the ‘distributive’ Caspian cycle is now multiple and again it is only sheer egocy of the digital, computer era, to expect to find the exact dates, and to think that automaton cladistic work matters more than to understand the organic process, and amazing order of Bio-History and any other 5D system of organic evolution. From that distributive cycle all the ‘cardinal’ orientations give birth to the main Nostratic families: South-East, it comes the Dravidian Family, East, the Koishan people climbs the Himalayans where they will suffer the next clear-cut racial mutation that will break into a completely new family responsible for the ‘next morphemic’ huge evolution (Sino-Tibetan languages), to the North-East, it will come the Altai diversification, and to the North, the Uralic family through the waterways of the Ural river, connected to the Tobol-Obi system (where latter on the Chariot radiation, the key bronze radiation of animetals will expand); to the North-West through the Volga-Don system the radiation takes us to the Indo-European Hinterland…

Those differentiations will have always a ‘resting’ isolated, palingenetic placental region in which they can take place – which is the Caspian function. It is also the role where North-East differentiations will happen again and again in in the stable small valley regions around the Altai mountains-Balkai Ozero region; where the most complex of the Nostratic agglutinative families, culminating in the Turkic family will be born. Some of which will move East into the Northern American plains.

As we said languages are ‘vital, organic, sentient’ dynamic ‘harmonic motions’, once its first ‘lineal evolution’ has completed a worldcycle around its S=T point of balance. So those 3 families will experience d=evolutions, of which the most notable for the subconscious collective of mankind will be that of Indo-European, again in a small isolated, communicative region (Greece), where it could achieve its greatest ‘classic’ form, in the indo-European family as it would do in the Korean, small, isolated region in the Altai family.

On the other hand Nostratic languages had an old branch, maybe parallel in time to that of the Semitic harsh, simplified desert environment in the luxurious, innovative Gaia region of India and the fertile rivers where Dravidian languages, for too long underestimated would be rich enough to start the prodigious search for Inner consciousness of the Indian sub-continent. And hauling from the Siberian neo-Paleolithic hinterland penetrate through Beringia, the American continent; which they would share with a ‘sea-faring’ migration, which likely extended the Austronesian family giving birth to the two quite distinctive families of Amerindian languages. So if we consider as we shall do sometime in the future another homologic complementarity between the 3 ages of time=history and the 3 types of Nostratic languages, we find them to have a South-west, North-East Paleolithic Nomadic cultural structure (Semitic/Siberia North-America), an agricultural domain (old Dravidian, modern Semitic languages) and a ‘metalitic’ age (classic Semitic, VSO, Indo-European grammar).

We are still though on the main Nostratic innovation, which once set in motion will exhaust its variations by the fractal creative principle and so we can talk of 3 levels of increasing complexity in the process of joining a vowel and a consonant to create a ‘particle’ that changes the grammatical SVO use of the word.

It is the trinity of infixes (the Semitic way), suffixes and prefixes, which follows the temporal, lineal spatial trinity of differentiation, by far the commonest of verbal language, a one-dimensional lineal mode of information which so much influence has in the one-dimensional lineal sequential mind of man.

In this case it is then combined with the duality SV, VS, a creative project that will show all the possible permutations of orders, depending on which element is more important the verb or the name, studied by typological linguistics that we consider in the next paragraphs. But as a natural rule we observe that most Names which come first in most languages (as the original Space-informative mind-particle comes first in Existential algebra), take the suffix and the verb which comes latter rounds itself with a prefix.

So the SóT fractal generator of words, S(N)óT(V) is now ‘free’ to multiply feed-back elements and soon we have an expansion of ‘cases’ for the name and ‘mood-tenses’ for the verb, which enrich the perception of space and time among huminds. Trinity then is the natural next step as Names acquire secondary prefixes that become soon split into determinants and quantifiers, while verbs acquire some suffixes that will become split into finite and infinite verbs and normally put the mood first and its tense latter.

This agglutinative linguistic form needs only a final ‘entropic’ explosion when the suffixes and infixes detach themselves from the wor(l)d to form analytic languages, which will be the next d=evolutionary process proper of the Sino-Austric family; only arriving to the Nostratic family in the modern entropic age of human thought under the Paradox of History (max. metal evolution = min. language evolution), epitomized by analytic English.

To notice in the entangled Universe of History that =big differentiations of cultural languages are associated to both new mind races and new modes of production that require new linguistic wor(l)ds to explain them: So the Koishan people are recollector, hunter-gatherers. The next cultural Afro-Asiatic family will be for most of its history nomadic cattlers. And the next Sino-Austric family will become the first farmers (regardless of western ethnocentrism that pretends agriculture to be born on wheat). It is evident that peas were already cultivated on the original ‘gGnesian rivers paradise at the confluence of Bbramaputra, Irawady, Salween, Mekong, Yang-Tze & Yellow river low mountain basins. There, a new batch of genetics, memetics and life form gave birth to…

The Sino-Austric ‘mongoloid’ family; analytic, vowel, noun-verb balanced, tonal, syllabic, young family.

The opposite culture to the white race is the informative mongoloid family ; born in the height of the Himalayan plains has the opposite properties of the Nostratic family (regardless of their inclusion in genetic, racial terms, further back into the Boreal family, of languages out of Africa; which is largely irrelevant, as the search for an original language reconstruction in terms of mechanical genetic, comparative methods, instead of using the 5D linguistic comparison of the humind with all other space-time systems of the Universe).

What matters about the Sino-Austral family is the understanding of the mongoloid mind and cultures through its complementarity with the language. The similarity of the 3 main branches is self-evident, when we compare its dominant languages, Chinese, Vietnamese and Javanese. For simplicity both Chinese and Vietnamese, like many other languages in Southeast Asia, are analytic languages. Both Chinese and Vietnamese do not use morphological marking of case, gender, number or tense. Also like other languages in the region, Vietnamese syntax conforms to subject–verb–object word order – the notorious exception are the ‘sea-faring’ communities of Austronesian languages with its evolution into a VOS, ‘fast action’ seafaring ‘bird’ language that we shall analyze in our study of typological linguistics.

The geographical substrata that supersedes all other humind’s processes of evolution as we are part of the Earth’s membrain, is clear-cut in its north to south differentiation of the Sino-Austric family along the 3 main rivers flowing out of the Chinese western plains: the Northern Yellow river, which will bring the Chinese family, and as the north-informative dimotion dominates history, then this family will expand south becoming overwhelmingly dominant today. In the middle we find the Yang-Tze river through which the Austronesian family went down to the Chinese central-southern plains and the crossing to Taiwan, where it survived the Northern ‘barbarians’ enough time to spread through the Austronesian world; and finally south, the Mekong river (and its closer, lesser Irawady, Salween river), became the third avenues for this expansion. In this Western branch we find a notable grammatical exception are the Munda family of AustroAsiatic languages which are synthetic, as opposed to most other families, obviously also for historic reasons; which implies not so miuch a ‘new dominant people-caste’ of mongoloids coming over a much larger substratum of Dravidian, which is the topic case of imposition of a language over a large majority of an underlying lower class; but a more peaceful slow interaction that as in physics brings in ‘cold processes’ a thorough merging, in linguistics influences not only semantics but also the next ‘lower’ layer in the order of scales of a language (syntax) – even the ultimate ‘resistance’ piece (phonetics).

The Munda grossly underrated family is of great interest to history because it is likely the point of contact between the Sino-Austrian and Dravidian, Nostratic family whose deep fusion implies a complete, peaceful complementary slow interaction with transfer of agriculture that no doubt will then take West through the Ganges to the Indus, from the Indus to the Iranian plains and going south to the Euphrates Valley; where it will give birth to the first complex social civilizations (with the possible isolate birth of Egypt as a distinctive culture).

The temporal causality is thus inverse to Western anthropocentrism, caused by the animetal egocy paradox. The west brought first metal, NOT complex organic cultures or else it would have not destroyed the world and multiplied its numbers. The enormous density of population of the Ganges, Mekong and Chinese rivers obey to this process of temporal primacy.

It is the Sino-Austric family a ‘devolution’ or ‘evolution’ of linguistic complexity? The wording should be void of political correctness admonitions. And perceived as usual in all 5D processes NOT in terms of a single lineal mono-dimensional path, but as cyclical feed-back paths, both in ‘scales of complexity’, and SóT dimotions within a single scale. In morphemic complexity we cannot ignore the fact that the language simplifies itself. But as usual it balances its simplification with a growth of complexity in the next SCALE OF LINGUISTICS, SEMANTICS, aided by an expansion of the INFORMATIVE element of the language, the vowel system.

Semantics need now with agriculture and complex social organization a vast expansion, which is self-evident in those languages and so for that GOAL to be reached, the previous scale of complex evolution of language, the agglutinative use of affixes must be exploded, so as in all creative processes after an explosion of form, the entropic chaos of remaining parts can be reshuffled again to give birth to new wholes.

It is what happened in the Sino-Tibetan world as the long agglutinative Ural-Altaic Nostratic families exploded, when their people colonized the Tibetan Plateaus. The Altaic ‘soft weather hinterland’ should be the origin of a Northern branching (the Uralic family) with no big differences, and a Southern branching (Sino-Tibetan) where neoteny will allow that ‘infantile’ first entropic explosion of language, as testify by the difficulty of phonemic construction of rhotics and other hard consonants in children and Mongoloids. So naturally the long agglutinative consonantal systems would break down into smaller units and then reconstructed into new semantic words, in two notable stages, as the 3 families appear from south to north in its evolution on 3 ‘ages’, which again will follow the fractal trinity principles of scalar evolution, from phonemic to morphemic to semantic creativity:

– The Austro-Asiatic family initially comprising the Thai region, where Agriculture seems to be born, which attained complex semantics by phonemic creation, by multiplying the tones of the language to allow multiple meanings, as it is testified today by Vietnamese, where 9 to 5 tonal systems exist, or in Chinese, as the southern Cantonese region, no doubt influenced by the Southern Sino-Austric branches has up to 9 tones, compared to the minimal 4 tones of Mandarin.

– The Austronesian family that created new semantic meanings by morphemic innovation through the aforementioned Austronesian alignment, and the innovative VSO modes.

– The purely semantic Chinese system of disyllabic word creation, which represents the final explosion of linguistic semantics of humind’s verbal thought, responsible for the birth of the most profound similarity between philosophy of thought and the 5D game of existence in the humind subconscious collective, prior to the gunpowder age of human degradation of all languages (the Sung era with its trinity of Buddhist-taoist-confucian merging of doctrines on ‘life’, ‘the universe’ and ‘man’ as an organism, culminating with Chu Shi; latter exported to Korea where a remarkable communicative isolated region allowed another high mark of human conscious evolution; themes those treated in our 3rd part of the wor(l)d paper, that of ∆+1 religions.

So the 4th complex evolution of the wor(l)d, now going beyond History and its social organisms, into the consciousness of the Universe was reached in the Sino-Austric region and its zone of communication, South and North with the Nostratic family (Bengal and Korea) with the Buddhist-Taoist zenith of consciousness of the game of existence. Then gunpowder animetals conquered the world and imposed lineal time-ballistics to all.

Comparative Linguistics based in the SóT Feed-back limits of 5D evolutionary paths.

The multiple differences between lineal time ‘evolution’ and cyclical time are clear and change completely our understanding on how the process of change in any system, supœrganism or ecosystem, language, or mind take place. The most important are: in 5D evolution is cyclical, that is, a feed-back and forth S<ST>T process, between 3 ‘stable states’ of Maximal information (S), max. entropy (T) and balanced, reproductive STates, with increasing degrees of complexity. Evolution is a wave of increasing frequency of information, which finally collapses into the creation of a new more complex form. This I have patterned for 30 years for all kind of systems in terms of an accelerated vortex of time or transversal wave, using simple physical waves, vortices of temporal acceleration (what physicists call charges and masses) even Schrodinger’s wave – which are the wave equation model used by Mr. Nottale, after the death of Mandelbrot, the most remarkable researcher of the 5D scalar Universe in strict quantitative terms (unfortunately lacking the conceptual model of our texts to fully take their excellent work on physical fractal 5D scales to its natural conclusion). My work, we repeat often, given the obsession of ‘digital computer attachments, aka human scholars of the XXI millennium :) provides what all other models lack – the conceptual evolution of our concepts of time, evolution, space, scale, mind and entropy, ¬∆@st, needed to understand the supœrganisms of dust of space-time, of fractal points that are monads-minds in their own.

And one of the most important consequences is the proper understanding on how evolution of information happens through those back and forth cyclical waves of increasing frequency.

The second key difference becomes then the ‘LIMITS’ of evolution in a Universe of ONLY 3 topological forms, where the dimensions of height, length and width, become ST dimotions, hence bidimensional, topological forms of which there are only 3 in the Universe.

And so when we add both elements, what we obtain is a restricted number of variations, which happen once and again with increasing complexity, between the two limiting poles of maximal form and max. entropy. And this in anthropology gives birth to the two limiting forms of max. entropic, energetic ‘visual, dolicocephalic minds’ vs. max. ‘verbal, informative, brachicephalic minds’. And so we can do comparative linguistics between the two limiting forms of verbal minds, even if there is NO genetic or GEOGRAPHICAL connection, because mankind’s mind fluctuates between the 2 type of languages.

This in praxis means that despite having no connection at all in geographical or genetic distance, the dualities between Khoi’san vs. Australian languages of the first feed-back SóT cycle of linguistics and between the Mongoloid vs. Semitic, Nostratic languages of the 2nd feed-back SóT cycle can be also studied as the parallelism between Khoi’san and Sino-Tibetan Languages on one side and Australian and Semitic Languages on the other side, because they respond to the two limiting types of recurrent mind on the cyclical patterns of 5D evolution:

Indeed, Khoi’san languages are as Sino-Tibetan languages phonetically rich and use tones to distinguish verbal meanings. The ±5 tones of Koi’shan languages and the ±5 tones of Chinese languages distinguish semantics. Both languages syntactically rely heavily in disyllabic agglutination to create new semantic meanings.

Both are heavy analytic with minimal affixes. But there is no possible genetic=time or spatial influence. The same happens between Australian and Semitic languages. Both languages use only 3 vowels, a, I, u. Both languages are agglutinative; both languages rely heavily in the use of affixes to create grammatical systems (though there are not infixes but mostly suffixes); they lack some of the plosive voiced or voiceless terms. Duplication happens as in Ber-ber languages. Names in both dominate the syntax…

Such dualities of parallel systems are ultimately no longer analogies (as in the wing case of a plane and a bird) but homologies of the limited ternary space-time game. And it makes quite difficult to use genetic and comparative methods as the only marker of relationship between languages (as ultimately they are all genetically related coming from the same species); becoming the 3rd level of comparative linguistics worth to explore.

Further on we can study the inversion between those S and T states. I.e. in consonantal semitic languages, infixes to ad meaning and variation happen with vowels put into a root. In Austroasiatic languages, those infixes happen inversely putting a consonant between vowel roots as in the nominalizing infix n.

The duality or ternary principle in scale, space, time or mind topology becomes then a keystone of any in-depth analysis of the causes of differentiation of species. We have observed this to be the case in our analysis, as most families branch in time or space along those dual/ternary oppositions and convergences. The present division and heated argument between splitters that want a perfect equivalence to give genetic origin and bounders, who just put all together now… (the boreal case the most exaggerated) should tilt contrary to tendency in favor of bounders but with those new criteria in mind. i.e. the Thai family belongs obviously to the Austronesian family and the 3 ‘split’ great families of the mongoloid races come from the same origin. The details will require the whole panoply of parallel research in genetics, memetics, archeology etc. but with the full understanding of the right models of 5D evolution.

What is then the key to distinguish those genetic relationships? Since Grammar and phonetics have cyclical, constrained patterns they make difficult to set a perfect clock (as the recurrent law of Grimm shows since fluctuations in phonemes form cyclical ternary patterns that come back to the old phoneme to restart change again, we cannot easily know in which ‘frequency’ time cycle we are to add them all to find the lineal time value, T=∑ƒ); while spatial confluence is not necessarily the case when similarity happens due to the parallelism of mental forms, as the case just mentioned.

The obvious answer is the patterns that have more variability hence more differentiation which make statistically more difficult that their variations are due to the ternary principles of ¬∆@st. And that is the ∑∆-1 combinatory of the parts that require a minimum of 5+5 ‘bilateral’ ST elements to combine to form a mind mapping of the world. In linguistics this means the semantic phonological words, the lexicon. Since there are infinite possible variations of the 5 +20, vowel-consonant classic number with all its ‘digital infinity’ combinations, when two languages have in their ‘basic’ vocabulary the same words, they are genetically related. Point. This should close for example the argument on the relationship between Thai and Austronesian languages, as the basic words are similar. Those fundamental words for a language have minimal variation. I.e. in Austronesian languages related to sea-faring, hence the most visually dominant languages of the Sino-Tibetan family, mata, for eye is one universal sound shared with the Kra-Dai family

The 3rd balanced, active=life-oriented verby, harmonic, Central African, black reproductive family.

The 3rd great family of languages thus becomes the African, black, animist culture with its main north-south division into the Nile-Saharan or ‘Sahel’ languages and the South-central Niger-Congo, or rather Guinea-Congo families. I propose as absurd political correctness forbid the use of the proper terms for those 3 families, black, white and yellow, or African, Mongoloid and Nostratic (as this is the only terms in use) families; the name Sahel-Congo family for those who love geography. Doesn’t really matter. This is by the paradox of history the most perfect family of languages. As it is the most connected with the living Universe that belongs to the best survival, reproductive balanced culture and the most discriminated by the technological racism of animetals.

I.e. animist African cultures have gender classifications for animals and plants, as animate objects, in languages dominated by the vitality of the Universe, which became a dominance of verbal actions, as opposed to the itified by the abstract, form oriented ‘naming’ as a form of appropriation cultures of the Northern white world. Of course organic, vital, sentient, entangled relationships are NOT susceptible of a barren, numerical, computer-based statistical analysis which is what the ‘American enzyman’ who has reduced its language and thought to a mere scholar attachment of its computers and sensorial machines ‘takes seriously as science’.

The language is rich in its 3 phonetic levels (after Koisan languages the richest one, in number of consonants & vowels) consciousness of the vital Universe, through is complexity of verbs, the center of the language, entangled with life through its multiple genders, able to express subtle e-motions, (in the richness of harmonies and tones, only inferior to the ‘young’ Sino-Austral languages); and for all those reasons, it did not evolve the tree of stience but stayed in the tree of life, and would be brutally oppressed with the arrival of colonization.

On the other hand, the Nile-Saharan is as in the case of dialectic forms and lesser languages (by number of speakers) sandwiched between stronger ones, as in Catalan between Spanish and French, a language heavily influenced north by Afro-Asiatic and South by Niger-Congo languages, so Northern variations will loose the tones of richer black phonological system and diminish its vowels. South will acquired them and have 10 vowel systems.

A prototypical feature of many Nilo-Saharan groups, which appears only Afroasiatic, languages involves a distinction between singulative, plural or collective – which also shows first the importance of social community groups in ∆+1 human scales, increasingly lost in the selfie Homo Bacteria, Animetal age… This and many other common morpho-syntactic features would classify this group as an in-between culture, also in the ∆+1 level (mostly Islamic, nomadic people, whose race split from pygmy/Koishan along bantu ±70.000 years ago); with its geographic birthplace in the extinct Yellow Nile and highest cultural expression in the Ethiopian Meroitic Empire.

What about isolates and other extinct languages? They show the ‘digital infinity concept’ of 5D mirror languages, which are able to perceive not only all the forms of the Universe in a still smaller space, but are inflationary by definition, precisely because the ‘4+ elements of reality’ mind, time, scale and space are contrary to belief cyclical, bidirectional, SMH motions, up and down in worldcycles in scale, both directions in all space dimensions, past to future to past in time, shrunk images and projected larger creative order in minds. So the richness of creative paths and variations of the Universe is ginormous. We though focus on the dominant languages of each group.

The 3 cultures races and its complementary language families.

All in all, the 3 main families of languages have worthy features that make them outstanding in phonemic quality (African languages) that maximizes the expression of ‘e-motions’ and ‘active motions’, through tones, verbal harmonies, richness of phonemes and so enrich the fundamental mental properties of its psylocephalic cultural race dominant in the high axis of e-motions and motor-motions within the human sphere.

On the other hand, the Sino-Austral family maximizes the semantic richness of meanings and its harmony with the profound Nature of the vital, organic, sentient Universe and its concepts of cyclical time and organic entanglement of all the parts of society.

While the Northern, Nostratic white family with its synthetic, agglutinative languages and richness of affixes establishes a more fundamentalist, conservative non-frills system of thought that would match its visual, ‘believers’ mind and make it the dominant animetal warrior, faithful culture, simplified to its essential elements, to which we will return in our typological analysis (it would be also the dominant ‘stable’ name-object culture of SOV languages, as opposed to the verbal dominant African languages and the balanced disyllabic S=T yin=yang, name=verb Chinese culture).

The devolution of languages in the metallic age: animetal simplest languages come to dominate history.

It is worth to notice earlier that the 2 dominant ‘animetal cultures’ of the XXI century, do have the simplest, most analytic, void of the richness of inflection, languages of the world, English in the western decoupling and Chinese in the eastern one. We do have to natural ‘enzymanic’ languages, which bred exactly the type of culture with minimal depth in human consciousness provided by the richness of the language, and minimal entanglement with Nature, required for them to extinguish life and create the world of machines they idol-ize.

It also meant a constant diminishing of its verbal consciousness, through a simplification of languages at all levels. I.e. the concept of time becomes simplified into a constant present state (indicative), a loss of all moods and tenses that talk about probability, emotional time, branching of possible futures, conditionals, subjunctives, and in the naming, the loss of declination and cases for almost all the possible variations of names (pronouns, determinants, adjectives and also nouns in English and Chinese) and finally the loss of agglutinative, long pegged, stable concepts that give a sense of ‘gravitas’ and truth to the language, which becomes highly variable and easily replaced by the supposed higher truths of digital numbers. I

In English we have to notice finally the obligatory order of the SVO wording, and the obligation of NOT hiding the pronoun, which makes the I-selfish sentencing with I pronounced and always first, the fundamental trait of its animetal culture, embedded in the language. So among all cultures the Anglo-American will prove resilient to any acceptance of a higher organic, social plane of existence and whenever that happened (Christian middle ages) a counter-reaction (reformation) will reduce again the social unit to the individual. This is opposite in Chinese, and it is also an interesting linguistic/cultural analysis by the duality method of oppositions to contrast the way in which the Chinese have built within its analytic form modes of introducing the higher social plane of the collective, which range from the ‘introduction of paragraphs’ with a thematic sentence, to the dominance of S=ST dual words, which form a whole and hence put in the same value the ‘name and the verb’, or the ‘name and the object’, clearly reducing the importance of pronouns.

5D Linguistics thus is not about cladistic genetic, constructivist, ‘time dating’ and barren procedures proper of physical sciences, to classify the mind of man as an automaton system of evolution and genetic differentiation but about ‘understanding’ the mind of man as a mirror of the Universe, and the culture, civilization, historic process and final aborted purpose of a language of social communication: to structure and peg human beings into higher social systems, with the final goal of creating a perfect supœrganism of mankind with a perfect language. But as the paradox of History:

Max. technological, animetal evolution = Min. social, verbal evolution

Has dominated History, the most perfect languages are in the past (Ancient Greek for Indo-European branches), in process of extinction (Cree for Amerindian Languages), and always faired worse in the battles of cultures (Vietnamese, the most perfect Austroasiatic language dominated by Chinese; Korean, the most perfect Altai language dominated by Japanese and Mongolian empires; Italian, the most perfect romance language, dominated by French and Spanish, etc. etc.) And in the whole planet, the dominance of the simpler Germanic languages over Romance languages, of the Indo-European simpler family over all others, with the richer, more harmonic African language, with its profound variations in tone, emotions and wealth of verbal subtle meanings, and gender names, entangled with the living planet on bottom of all cultures as animetal dominated the world.

Since a civilization that has reached a classic stage of its language, will develop naturally a different concept of ‘evolution’ NOT external, of dominance over nature and other human beings, and disentanglement of the individual with the whole, as the ultimate dominant Anglo-Biblical culture has done, but internally through the expansion and entanglement of consciousness with the whole, with nature, with the community, and through the language the rising of that consciousness to the subtle understanding of reality in organic, sentient terms.

It is always necessary NOT to shy away under the censorship of our globalized Anglo-American biblical, capitalist idol-ogies that forbid to study History and Mankind, and its worldcycle of life and extinction of civilizations, as if we were an immortal ‘perfect’ species, with the subtle excuses of political correctness; to be conscious of the vital nature of History=mankind and its ages as a block of time.



What is the connection between the different ‘forms’ of God, and the languages of mankind?

The issue as usual in 5D stiences can be treated with several degrees of complexity, from the simplest ceteris paribus analysis of monologic, through Dilogic, trilogic, pentalogic entanglements of the essential scale in which ∆+1 wor(l)ds are playing at the linguistic level – semantics. Thus the most evolved semantic languages as mirror of the Universe, isolate, dysillabic Chinese S+T=ST languages, that mimic closer the creationist forms of the Universe, developed the closer mirror to the game of exist¡ence (Taoism), while the Semitic hierarchical languages of VSO, trilogic, vowel infixes, mirrored in their Gods, the hierarchical structure of a superorganism, with the Verbal ‘immanent God-priest’, spelling the laws of organization of the system, which the ‘blind cells-citizens’ of the body of such anthropomorphic Gods, obeyed without doubt.

I cannot be exhaustive in those papers which just try to recollect from 30 years of personal research the most important elements of all stiences of mankind, before my time expires. So we consider closed in the previous paragraphs the analysis of our Gods of civilization in the level of semantics as mirrors of the proper way to construct a superorganism of mankind. We thus descend now to the level of Grammar and consider the most important connection between the level of ‘cultural worldview’ and ‘syntactic morphology’, that of typological linguistics, which has to do with the Order of the S<ST>T trinity elements of the fractal generator of Syntax.

It is also connected to morphology and the 3 already studied isolate, agglutinative and fusional languages, themselves related to the Humind’s in space (visual, verbal, emotional) and to the 3 ages in time corresponding to those minds (visual, 3rd age; verbal, 2nd age: Neolithic and emotional, 1st age: Paleolithic).

So the entanglement roughly speaking happens in all the scales and pentalogic elements of the wor(l)d:

Mind-Dominant senses-Age of History-Morphology-Religion (semantics)-Syntactic Typology:

Mongoloid≈verbal≈Neolithic≈isolating≈Universal religions≈second age≈SV languages

Black=Emotional=Paleolithic=Fusional=Animist religions=First age=OV languages

White=visual=Metalitic=Agglutinative=Anthropomorphic=3rd age=VS languages.

This being the ideal entanglement, the multiple interactions, changes of paradigm, modes of life, conquest, extinction, parallel influence, genetic evolution and mestizo mixing both of racial, cultural, geographic and temporal states of all languages and cultures, requires the study of each local case that shows the pattern to break, but still survive statistically when considering the whole of the Human cultural experience.

Syntactic and morphologic order determines the degree of freedom and order of thought in a language. And those are qualities also associated to the cultural mode of life of the society. For example, when comparing Hausa agricultural societies with the Nomadic Northern cultures, the rituals of order vs. freedom repeat in culture and language, as they do when comparing Hutu with Tutsi… Even if the racial origin and the language families might be the same. But nomadic freedom which is the initial state of fusional languages becomes then constrained into a strict hierarchical order when those very same nomads became warrior hordes, and the languages acquired a more restricted agglutinative forms, as in Turkish. On the other hand, when the cultures of nomads became the elite of agricultural societies, during the Bronze age, they evolved as elites that gave orders into VSO forms, with imperative verbs, loosing its SOV forms. On the other hand, agglutinative languages, which moved to ‘trading’ cultures, as Germanic did moving to the English ‘Amber ring’, became analytic, and highly isolated languages ‘trading meanings’ in an entropic process of dissolution of hierarchical structures. Languages are in a constant entanglement with the civilizations’ evolution in time, space, scale, work and age of evolution of the ‘Block of history’. This said the previous patterns are a good guidance to connect syntax and worldview. As, a civilization and a worldview is as Wolff and Humboldt understood a direct consequence of the syntax and semantics – of the form of thought of the wor(l)d.

Typology. The connection of ∆ø and ∆+1 languages and cultures.

What linguistics calls typology and we shall call following the ‘slight changes’ of naming of ‘stiences’ respect to science, attempting to maintain a correspondence principle, ‘topological linguistics’ deals with the order of the Fractal Generator of languages we have just describe d.

As usual in 5D we are heavily indebted to classic science though we need to correct and adapt some terminology. Specifically the most important sub-discipline of linguistics to understand the bridge between phonetics (a wide field also ruled by the laws of 5D change in time, and its cyclical patterns, since its discovery by Grimm, which further reinforces the ‘genetic similarity’ of memes and genes; but which we shall escape thoroughly), is typological linguistics which we rename topological linguistics, as it establishes the ‘variations’ of the 3 ‘mirror components’ of the Universal grammar of sentences, Subject (human) < Verb (action) > Object (Energy of the subject), according to its dominant order.

To fully understand how ‘permutations’ of physiological networks and any of its mirror languages define different species of physical or mental entities, we will analyze the 3! Variations of physiological networks in languages in a comparative homology with life phyla, as the main form of diversification in 5D is the order of dominance of the 3 physiological networks of a system, which in its perfect order are dominated by the informative element that comes first (subject), follow by the reproductive body-wave system (action, verb, blood system) and finally the lesser important network and element is the limb/field/motion/entropy system or object in a verbal sentence. Why there are other topological languages orders? Because of impositions by culture and predation by metal-power. So military idol-ogies of war put object first in its languages (warrior Japanese and German cultures) and go(l)d cultures where a new language dominates and orders the actions of people (money), through its banker-priests and ruling systems of slavery to work put the verb first (Semite languages; Biblical sects.)

This connects directly linguistics with the different cultures of mankind, as the deformation of the perfect world is carried into the deformation of the perfect wor(l)d.

Thus this introduction to 5D linguistics is fundamental to understand the structure of humind cultures. As

we evolve linguistics along the thesis of Humboldt (‘language defines culture’) and Chomsky (Universal grammar), classifying all languages with topological linguistics, which reveals the opposite duality of character of the main humanist vs. animetal cult(ure)s of mankind.

Topologic linguistics shows in fact the ‘deterministic’ non-free structure of animetal languages and cultures, as they hide the subject and in warrior cultures make agglutinative unbreakable word sentences; explaining why the militaristic Germanic, capitalist, biblical cults to go(l)d and weapons have taken mankind to the present point of no return. As their mind is not free but made of beliefs following orders that become rituals, and standardized repressive behavior of the natural drives of life (a fact we have already shown in those biblical cultures that repress all the life-enhancing actions from good food – dietary laws – to social love – racist memes – to reproduction – sexual sin, even the language itself – substituted by digital kabala.

As systemics is a logic-mathematical equation we resume How languages have adapted to selfish memes of metal with its ‘Germanic long unbroken words’ similar to simple swords vs. the cynical I-centered egocy (ego=idiocy) English  that must start always with the self, in a simple logic equation of opposite languages and cultures:

Max. Evolution of the wor(l)d = Min. technological evolution

And vice versa: the most complex and balanced languages (African languages, Greek and Russian Indo-European original languages, Romanic languages, Chinese) have developed the most advanced social cultures and attempt the most important r=evolutions putting the value of the law above money and weapons. So our leading technological cultures are those who aborted both in syntax and semantics the proper evolution of the eusocial wor(l)d according to the laws of the organic fractal Universe, simplified its syntax and reducing its structure to eliminate freedom of mind; and express a fundamentalist, lineal idol-ogical view of History.

The laws of generation of reality. Basic combinatory of General Systems.

To study typological linguistics that 5D stiences changes to the name of topological linguistics we need to remind us on how the generator equation, S<ST>T (name-verb-object in this case) creates the different systems of reality, according to sequential order which is a basic form of dominance (First come first served).

There are several forms in which the Generator ‘decouples’ and splits in different ‘varieties’ of systems, which correspond to the processes of creation of different physical particles (quantum generation), biological species (Plan of evolution), and linguistic species (cultural differentiation).

Now the simplest, most obvious form in which to generate ‘varieties’ of any type is to apply the combinatory laws of mathematics to a system with 3 elements, the Information<Action>Entropy systems of reality.

The result are 6 fundamental combinations, which are common to all disciplines of science.

If you have 3 elements, I, A, E (Information-action-energy), then you can combine them in the following orders:


which give birth further to ‘6 varieties’ of geometry in the 5th Dimensional Universe. And in Physics quantum particles form 6 essential systems of particles and antiparticles in its ‘families’ of mass and electrons and in Biology we find 6 types of basic animal forms, and so we shall find 6 basic varieties of languages, which are studied by Typological Linguistics, called the SVO, SOV, VOS, VSO, OSV and OVS varieties.

Now in this post on General Linguistic Systems, we are mostly interested in the way verbal typologies define cultural and mental behavior among human beings. Thus we shall study the way the order of languages recreates the human mind. To further understand this categories of cultural minds, we shall relate them and name them not only as linguists  do (the previous SVO, etc.) but we shall introduce a far more ‘descriptive’ characterization proper of this researcher, based in the homologies that the General Systems Science imposes between parallel systems, by tagging and comparing the 6 varieties of mental linguistic order with the 6 varieties of ‘animal forms’. Indeed, one of the fundamental tenants of GST (General Systems Theory) which other philosophies of science ignore is the ‘homological nature’ of all ‘varieties’ of the Universe as all of them are fundamentally evolved systems that combine the 2 primary substances of the Universe, energy and information, whose properties are thus essential to all other systems.

We shall thus consider typology of languages and define with them the character of the main cultural organisms of mankind. And to that aim, we will compare those human organisms with a similar variation of ‘living organisms’, as all is homologic in the universe. Indeed, if Chinese traditions liked the characters of human to those of animals by homology, we shall like the characters of cultures to those of animal phyla, in an exercise which again simple ‘science’ would reject, unaware of the unifying principles of all systems. Systems philosophy is SYNTHETIC, mathematical science is analytic. Both are worth to understand, but the wholes are synthetic, the parts are analytic and we need both to put together a meaning for any system of the Universe.

So let us consider the 6 Universal varieties first, and then the 5 linguistic typologies that we shall call ‘evolved, free flowing mammal and bird languages’, ‘chained, slave reptile and insect languages’ and ‘primitive, minimalist, bacteria and virus languages’.

Yes do not raise your eyebrows, with the usual egocentric beliefs of human beings as an entitled species who must be treated nicely, and never be understood as some special ‘god-like’ reality that does not obey the laws of science. This political and economical censorship that ‘invents’ the nature of man, without wanting to know truth as it is does not apply to this blog.

And if you finish this post without such prejudices, what i can tell you is that you will understand much better cultures and how and why they behave as they do.

To state first that there are many more aspects to the synchronic and diachronic analysis of Linguistic categories we shall do (itself a small part of the entire course of General Linguistic Systems, which applies many more laws of GST to explore the nature of the human mind and the parallelism between:

– Genetics/races of mankind and its 3 typologies, informative Mongolian races, energetic, white races and reproductive, exi, action black races.

– Memetics, Human cultures (cyclical, eusocial, Mongolian cultures, individualistic, white cultures, and sensorial, black cultures)

– And linguistics, the point we stress here.

Active/Passive/Imperative languages.

The 3 essential elements of the Universe are therefore reflected in all sentences, as all sentences narrate actions performed by men over objects:

Information (subject),  verb=action;  Object-Energy

It would be in the other language of ‘numbers: X (subject) < operandi > Y (object).

What Chomsky missed is that the 3 elements must be separated to truly understand the rules of ‘generative grammar’, which are the same rules that generate any system of energy and information in the universe.

Since, as all in the universe human language is ternary, as anything follows the ‘universal grammar’ of the ‘generator equation of all fractal systems of energy and information’, which i discovered and formalized in systems sciences.

Now this is well-known to linguistics, creating a key concept of  classification, called linguistic typology:

 How the generator equation creates linguistic entities. order, determine cultural character:

In linguisticsword order typology is the study of the order of the syntactic constituents of a language, and how different languages can employ different orders.

There are six theoretically possible basic word orders for the transitive sentence:

These labels usually appear abbreviated as “SVO” and so forth, and may be called “typologies” of the languages to which they apply.

Now, what they tell us about mankind starts to be clear, when we analyze the abundance of those typologies among human cultures:

Topology: English equivalent; Proportion; languages

SOV: “She him loves.” 45%, LatinTurkish

SVO: “She loves him.” 42% EnglishMandarinRussian

VSO: “Loves she him.” 9% HebrewIrishZapotec

VOS: “Loves him she.” 3% MalagasyBaure

OVS: “Him loves she.” 1% Warao

Humans, this proves are ‘self-centered beings’ for whom the Subject must come always before the object.

The dominance of Subject languages is overwhelming. In 87% of languages subject comes first. And among those the most successful (2/3rds of speakers) are SVO languages, for reasons we shall study now in depth.

Now this responds to the laws of the Universe, where the 2 natural forms of order are Information < Action > Energy or ‘temporal flowing order’ and Information x Energy = Action or Spatial fixed order. So this law of linguistics is in homology with the higher laws of general systems sciences, let us then study those 2 fundamental forms of human languages.

 The parallelism between Universal Grammars and human cultures.

We can add a final ‘category’, in the study of the 3 dominant languages of mankind and its grammatical order. Since languages have 3 elements too. The Informative Subject, S, the Action-Verb, V and the Object-Energy, O.

So typological linguistics talk of 3 language orders; the Passive, Imperative and Active voices:

– SOV order or ‘passive voice’ where the object-energy is the center of the language.  We shall call them, energetic, ‘passive’, objectual, ‘ergative’ languages, such as German is. Those ‘cold’, passive voices are objectual, cold languages, proper of ‘warrior’ cultures, dominant in the white dolichocephalic worldview. They are proper today of the Germanic-Japanese ‘objectual’ worldview, in which the ‘machine-weapon’ and its production is the center of the Industrial Universe.

– VSO, ‘imperative’ languages, in which the verb-action is first and the selfish subject is in its center. Proper in the past of Semitic cultures, corresponding to the informative worldview. They are dominant in Abrahamic, ‘sacred’ texts and explain the selfishness of the ‘Jewish culture’ and the ‘Fundamentalism’ of the Arab World, the 2 unbalanced, financial and military cultures that are at present destroying ‘imperatively’ the world.

– SVO languages, balanced languages, in which the verb-action combines both elements. They are dominant in the most evolved languages, those who have suffered less the ‘influence’ of weapons and money, the alien languages to the human mind. Today they are dominant in Black Africa, but also in the Chinese and Latin, balanced world of man.

It is thus needed only a final element to fully understand the harmonies and parallelisms between the 3 dominant ‘species’ of mankind – the linguistic point of view, and the origin of those 3 forms of thinking, those 3 worldviews, those 3 typologies of being human And we shall study them within the context of the larger ‘ternary’ grammar, proper of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information Pole < Action Exi > Energetic Pole.

Indeed, you exist in a Universe of only 2 elements, energy and information, which combine to create the infinite complementary systems of reality and its ‘actions’. The Universe is an spiritual reality made of  2 type of motions; lineal motion or ‘energy’, E; formal, curved motions or ‘in-form-ation’ and its combined Action.

And this is the ultimate truth from where all other truths stem.

So in physics this is called the Law of Quantum Complementarity that defines all systems as dual states, made of ‘particles of information’ (which we have seen to be cyclical motions, masses and charges with the form of a vortex or ‘clock of time’), fields of energy (which we have seen to be lineal motions, gravitational and electromagnetic forces), which combine to form physical actions.

And in biology is called the physiological structure of all living beings made of a cyclical head/informative /nervous system; an elliptic body/reproductive/blood system and lineal, moving limbs, the energetic system.

A very politically incorrect but homologic truth: comparative physiological linguistics.

We are now inaugurating an outrageous (: new branch of linguistics, Physiological linguistics. Of course, the retarded mood of modern equalization of all humans as mere enzymen, who should not care to understand the organism of history implies that we should just praise ‘cultural diversity’, as a toy-game, as long as we only care for our mechanisms, and ‘financial values’. ‘Everything is Ok, because we don’t give a $hit’ resumes the modern attitude towards ‘History and culture’. We love brutal films of mass-murderer caudillos, of our nazionalist idol-ogies. So the Hindi animetal culture now builds up a 150 meters statue in Mumbai, land of the greedy stock-market to a Rajput mass-murderer hero on the fight against Muslim Indian brothers. And that is also Ok. It is the view of a Bio-historian, a scientist of the wor(l)d that ONLY SURVIVAL OF mankind is OK and this implies to denounce at all levels, the animetal cult(ure)s that are extinguishing History including its ‘linguistics’. Enter then physiological comparisons between typological linguistics and the equivalent order of physiology in animal life.

Where we shall distinguish 4 main phyla on 4 main orders; Object, first ‘Nature languages’; Balanced, SVO Neolithic languages and Animetal languages of two varieties, VSO, Imperative, ‘blood’, greedy, capitalist languages; passive, ‘cold’, warrior entropic SOV languages. And to fully grasp the ‘physiological’ S<ST>T nature of all realities, including mirror languages, we shall compare as an exercise of homological understanding of the parallelism of all the systems of the Universe, ‘physiological’ life typologies and linguistic mind typologies.

Let us then consider in more detail the 3 categories of Languages that dominate human worldviews. To fully illustrate its ‘vital meaning’ in those worldviews we shall establish an homological parallelism according to the fundamental ‘law’ of systems sciences – the parallelism between the ‘diversification’ of any species, according to the ‘Ternary, Universal Grammar’ of reality. As all are complementary systems of energy and information, that create ‘actions’ and hence all respond to the Information<Action>Entropy equation and its varieties.

So we shall study, the Parallelism between the varieties of languages and animal species, such as, the order of the 3 elements of languages corresponds to the order of the 3 physiological systems in life:

– The nervous, informative system corresponds to the subject.

– The blood=reproductive, active system corresponds to the verb.

– And the  digestive, energetic system, corresponds to the object.

And so Mammal=Informative species are parallel to SVO languages.

Insect=Greedy, blood dominant species, correspond to Imperative, VSO languages, proper of the first animetal dominant cultures, where a parasitic go(l)d culture on top imposes its power with barking orders.

Their violent counterpart are Reptile=Cold, Energetic, digestive dominant species correspond to SOV, warrior languages.

I know this ‘parallelism and ‘form of doing science’ so novel to the reader as anything dealing with General Systems Sciences is, will put off many readers as a non-scientific approach. LOL. What you call science and I call technology, has NOTHING TO DO with the ultimate poetic harmonies of reality but with measuring and computing with machines, classifying every thing in its how, not its why. Try to upgrade your mind a little bit to a much deeper view of the harmony of all the parts of the whole.


Cariban languages

Jungle People, recollectors and subsistence life forms show Object-first languages, overwhelmed by nature. They can be compared to small life forms for which the world in which they prey is ‘enormous’. They might have been the first languages of mankind; today reduced to a few forms in south-American, Amazonian Jungles, and Mexican subsistence farming

Finally, the less abundant, less evolved languages of mankind are those in which the object, the ‘energy’ of the system, dominates the subject, the information.

Those are naturally languages in which the order is inverse to the subject, center of the language, and so they seem unnatural.

Their equivalent in Physics would be antiparticles in which the electron is in the center instead of the informative quark. In animal life, they belong to the 2 categories of species, which started animal life evolution, in the microcosms, hence for whom the object-world in which they live is dominant. So we talk of:

OSV (object-Subject Verb) or bacterial languages

OVS (Object-verb-subject) or Viral Languages

In which man is overwhelmed by the ecosystem as bacteria and viruses are much smaller and overwhelmed by the huge species in which they host SURRENDER the ‘nervous, subject system’ to form an integral entangled part of the whole – in this case objectual languages represent civilizations entangled fully with Nature.

Thus, languages in which the ‘object’ is the ‘most important elements’ are ‘animal languages’ of the lower order, in which the subject is immersed in a huge, bigger objectual world, either the Jungle/Nature in primitive human Paleolithic societies or the ‘macro-organism’ in unicellular animals.

In those earlier forms of thought, probably the first languages of mankind, as they are also the first ‘animal species’, Nature was so overwhelming than the Object became first. And we can distinguish 2 different species.

– OSV languages/cultures:

Those in which there are motion and volition in the subject which does have to work and act upon the environment. They correspond in nature to the simplest, but active, alive beings, bacteria, so we call them ‘bacterial languages’.

They belong to cultures that live in jungles in which they still fear the presence of animal predators and do have to act to live, or are constantly in the move as hunting/gatherers, or poor agricultural environments.

Interesting enough the most resistant racing human culture/race of the world, the mythic Tarahumara, from Northern Mexico, who win all the long distance careers over 50 kilometers in length, do have this linguistic structure; as the animal bacteria do, they are constantly running for hours and days…

They appear in other more evolved languages as a structure proper of sacred sentences in cults in which God is overwhelmingly, and man a mere ‘bacteria’ worshipping him, prostrated in front of the Almighty, such as in Arabic religious sentences (being Islam the religion in which the power of God is most supreme):

إِيَّاك نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِين
Iyyāka naʿbudu wa iyyāka nastaʿīn
You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help.

Because it can also be used in Yiddish greatly influenced by Hebrew, to emphasize the distinctive properties of the object, it reinforces the General System law of evolution of languages, as the previous phase to the insect/Semitic languages in the evolution of human thought.

– OVS viral languages.

And those in which there is not even motion in the subject, that is the Object comes first (the host cell) then the action (the reproduction by the bacteria of the genetic DNA of the virus) and finally the seemingly dead, reproduced subject – the virus who parasites the cell, the human who parasites nature).

Thus those are in Nature viral species, seemingly dead, and in the Paleolithic, ‘recollector cultures’ where you can just reach a banana and eat without moving much, in paradise like allopatric islands without predators, in which you are enjoying life and sex in a passive way.

Those are the less abundant languages, and only occur in the Amazonian jungles, in which life is truly easy such as the Xavante and Warao (there are not even big felines beyond a few panthers, not enemy tribes with metal in its formative age, only food to pick up and a luxurious environment that doesn’t encourage motion beyond the village) though it probably was the first way in which man learned to speak.

Now, the reader should not be surprised that Hixkaryana the first ‘viral language’ to be described as having an object–verb–subject word order (by linguist Desmond C. Derbyshire), was one of the Caribbean languages, spoken in the Amazon River in Brazil, by a cannibal tribe, which as viruses do, feeds in the life-flesh of a living human people.

Needless to say today those 2 linguistic typologies are almost extinct as they represent hardly 1% of human languages and even a lesser number of speakers.

But these kind of languages are starting to appear in the programming logic structures of robots. We do not have however intention to give more clues to the makers of A.I. on how to accelerate the extinction of man by programming robots with ‘logic schemes’. .. one of the reasons I have been for decades uninterested in giving away my knowledge of linguistics. I know as Leonardo did, writing mirror thoughts on weapons and mechanisms, that mankind has a big number of Insect/Reptilian thinkers who will show no pity for mankind, no freedom of mind and would always use knowledge to harm life, as long as they speak the way they do.

The surviving family: Cariban languages.

It has to be noticed that most Paleolithic languages have disappeared or by influence of agricultural civilizations lost its VO forms (with the subject often appearing as a case to the verb). It only remained as a clear family due to the isolation till recent age, in the Amazonian-Orinoco dual river basin, from where the main examples of those texts are taken. What other properties we can observe on those languages?

In ∆-1 phonetics, a relative reduced number of clear-cut sounds, which again can be ascribed to the overwhelming ‘wealth’ of jungle sounds that surround the speaker, which uses often alternative sign and whistle languages, and reduces the need to speak in a hunting, ‘silence-prone’ environment to clear-cut sounds. Cariban languages have small segmental inventories: usually only voiceless stops (p, t, k, ), one or two fricatives/affricates (h or F, s or or t ), two nasals (m, n), a vibrant (&, often or ), glides (w, j), and six vowels (a, e, i, o, u, i).

In morphology in tune with its VO structure, Cariban languages are mostly suffixal; prefixes exist also, marking person and valency (the latter on verbs). Some languages (Tiriyo, Wayana, Apalai) have reduplication; which they share with latter evolved African languages, following the natural ideophone Nature of Nature. As a proof that the apparent simplicity of languages is not a proof of primitivism but of adaptation of a language to its worldview, the complexity of the morphology is comparable to that of Romance languages. There are usually nouns, verbs, postpositions, adverbs (a class that includes most adjectival notions), and particles. This richness extends to the diversity of pronouns classes when they appear with 5 persons (1, 2, 3, 1+2=dual inclusive” ‘You and I,’ and 3+1 exclusive; while the third-person forms also distinguish animate vs. inanimate gender; and have several deictic distinctions.

In ∆ø-∆+1 Semantics (the direct connection between the language and the world) as in the case of Australian languages, there is also a rich vocabulary for orientation in space (locational adverbs), as part of the hunting-gathering vocabulary: Spatial postpositions often distinguish: vertical support (‘on’), containment (‘in’), attachment/adhesion, Ground properties (‘in open space,’ ‘on summit of,’ ‘in water’), and complex spatial configurations (‘astraddle,’ ‘parallel to.’

While the richness of semantics is maximal for the Entropic action (TT) of feeding, with different forms of the verb eat depending on what food is eaten; ultimately as many features of its Objectual typology natural to the relative reduction of life actions to those of simple subsistence.

So another way to consider its Objectual structure is the limitation of the language to its basic constituents overwhelmed by the silences of hunting and the need to listen reduces often the syntax to dual components: most languages have only OV-phrases (only with third-person A and P), possessive phrases (possessor-possessed), and postpositional phrases.

Other families of Paleolithic, ‘jungle languages’.

In the same wide area, we can find other languages in which the subject is submissive to the verb and object, which use instead ergative systems that reduce the subject to an ‘objectual’ morphology. Such is the case of the Panoan languages of the upper Amazon basin. They are an example of the next evolution of culture and linguistics as the extreme objectual surrender to the Jungle/environment leaves way to a higher control with subsistence, still practiced today by most groups, consisting mainly of slash-and-burn horticulture, hunting with bow and/or blowgun, and fishing. The verb then starts to take a more active role with a large number of morphological possibilities.

Panoan languages have about 130 different verbal suffixes express such diverse notions as causation, direction of movement, evidentiality, emphasis, uncertainty, aspect, tense, plurality, repetition, etc. Panoan languages are all morphologically ergative, with an ergative case marker that also marks instrumental and genitive cases.

It is then natural to find the next evolution, languages where the verb becomes dominant while the subject still hides. In the Central American jungle environment, where agriculture is more developed we find clusters of such linguistic VSO forms, across the Sierra Madre Southern cordillera, from Guatemala to the state of Guerrero.

While the only remarkable environment of other OVS languages will be the similar Paelolithic jungle environment of North Eastern Australia with such cases as the Wik Ngathana language.




In the graph, ‘bird cultures’ are seafarer cultures in which VOS order expresses a form of life in constant motion/action overwhelmed by an immense overbearing environment, the sea; similar to the physiological order and nature of bird’s life, always flying in the immensity of the air/sea world. Thus only Melanesian and Polynesian languages have this order.

THus a second category of OBJECT languages corresponds to those who are similar to the structure of birds, the most evolved ‘animal forms’ after mammals.

The environment in perpetual flux in which they exist dominates Birds’ existence. The air through which they fly, and the world they see matters more than the self of the bird. The bird flies in a herd, and the motions of other birds are immediately replicated by its wing motions, not to collide with them. One has to abandon itself to the motion of the whole. So happens in the actions of sailing, in which one lets itself to the motions of the wind and the waves. Subjects don’t matter, actions must be swift and apply to the object, the boat; hence VO dual sentences are the norm.

Birds’ physiological systems are an intermediate state of evolution between reptiles of cold blood and mammals of more complex nervous systems, for which the ‘physiological subject is the reason d’etre of their ‘existence’. But as its Generator Equation explains, the subject is secondary to the ‘action’ of flying, the essential focus of the bird’s existence and the environment or energetic ecosystem of air that sustains it. While visual land perception is the sense that provides him the will to fly both entropically seeking in the sea the food to eat and reproductively, returning to the land to mate.

It is then not surprising that the ‘most persistent’ word of Austronesian languages is ‘eye’, ‘mata’, hardly changed in all the languages of the family. But unlike the I=Eye subject of English language, is not the perceiver but the perceived open space what the eye sees and cares for.

The bird lives to fly and observe the land in search of prey. And so its ‘generative order’ is:

Action=flying, Object: environment, and finally the subject, seemingly passive to the action and object it perceives.

And we might wonder, since there are no human cultures that ‘fly’, what kind of human culture lives in a similar fashion to that of a bird, dominated by a moving action over an overwhelming environment. Alas! Think for a while… Since the discovery of that specific culture-action was a moment of beauty for my mind…

Who lives in a changing environment similar to the air, in which all is moving and to dominate the action of sustaining yourself ‘afloat’ is the maximal truth of survival?

Sea fearers. And indeed, the only VOS language of note in mankind, the only ‘bird people’ who masterminded long-distance travelling in earlier ages when their language was formed, were the Melanesian and Polynesian people who traveled far away in their tiny boats. And so the most important VOS language by number of speakers is Malagasy, the language of the sea fearer people who crossed the astonishing long distances between Indonesia and Madagascar to found their new promise land.  

While in the other extreme Polynesian languages of long-range sea fearers such as Fijian also speak VOS bird languages and nobody else in planet Earth do.

 Thus the Whorfian hypothesis is rather inverse: it is the environment, not the mind, who first acts defining the shape it will take the language to maximize the survival possibilities of the language-mind in a given environment. In the idealistic world of Jewish->Capitalist scholars, such as Whorf, in which the socialist ‘materialistic thesis’ that ‘economics’ determine ‘superstructures’ (culture and language) is taboo, Whorf tried to pull out an inverse idea. That the mind of the language determines how humans see their worldview. This is not truth. It is just yet another ego trip of ‘animetal cultures’.  Man’s mind is fashioned by the environment in which it survives.

So Bird languages appear with its odd order when the ‘environment’ of the bird-culture, the maritime oceanic people must adapt its linguistic syntax to survive better. When you are at sea, the sea dominates it all. The action of sailing is a fast-motion, fast-action, imperative world in which the captain gives orders/actions regarding the sea and the motion of the ship, the object, to a group of people, the crew, whose names matter nothing, whose lives are at risk.

And so the verb comes first, the object, the sea latter and the subject, the crew the last. And a sentence is more efficient when that is the order given by the captain. In a situation of risk at sea, you do not waste your time with names and subjects. You must act imperatively on the object to save the journey. 

And so the Micronesian and Melanesian cultures that lived at sea and travelled the longest distances evolved their language to fit their job. And succeeded.

And this is the reason why the next category of language-cultures, that of animetal herds of ‘warriors’ and ‘traders’ did also develop.

Austronesian family, the prototype of VOS languages.

Reinforcing the hypothesis of an VOS, nature related linguistic structure are the austronesian family in which languages that ‘revert’ to big islands and develop there an organic, agricultural society become SVO, ‘neolithic’ systems of linguistics; but once they return to the seafaring way of life, revert to VOS form, with the notorious case of Malgasy, an VOS language reverted from Indonesian, agricultural SVO forms:

In the graph, from the original Taiwanese and Philippines Islands of VSO languages, as Austronesian families settled down in Indonesian farming big islands reverted to SVO, but in the Polynesian and Malgasy world the action oriented verb first, object often second, seafaring craft imposed its structure, with clear vowel phonetics, that carry direct information to the crew.

∆-1 Phonetics: As in environment related VSO languages, also present in oceanic linguistics, phonetics are simplified and ‘clearer’, to be listened in the water environment. Consonantal phonological erosion of particular phonotactic positions, particularly involving word-final consonants in Oceanic languages is common. And vowels are the simplest clear set of the four-vowel system /i u e a/. Another clear change for clarity is the loss in all Oceanic languages of tonal variations, which exist in all other families of Continental Asia, as it is difficult to ‘talk’ in sailing environments with such subtle differences.

∆ø: Syntax. The essence of its syntax is a verb-action oriented order system. The noun phrase that is signaled as being in focus typically appears clause-finally, is definite, and performs a range of possible semantic roles according to the nature of the focus marking on the verb, which speeds up the actions involved in sailing against a pressing nature. Oceanic languages evolved a system of formal marking for transitivity on verbs that expresses a range of different semantic roles associated with the verbal object. This marking involves verbal suffixes that express a distinction for those that carry a transitive suffix with oblique objects. These transitive suffixes are often described as expressing close and distant transitive respectively and are associated with different sorts of semantic roles. Thus, in Fijian the intransitive verb qasi ‘crawl’ corresponds to the close transitive form qasi-va ‘crawl to (location)’ and the distant transitive form qasi-vaka ‘crawl with (something held); useful for the environment of navigation.

The original VO word order often shifted to OV order in the major islands of Melanesian.

A small number of languages like Magori and Maisin of Papua New Guinea underwent such shift that for many years set a dispute as to whether they should be classified as Austronesian or not.

Why there are no many ‘bird languages’ has to do with the obvious fact that man does not fly ‘literally’ – that is, its mind is grounded, and we shall see for most of history it has been a ‘reptilian culture’, predatory, dominated by greed; so there are few human birds. Still there are bird languages among humans and bird people among us; so we have considered indeed certain cultures that are similar to birds… I consider myself a bird and so the first book I wrote, was called ‘the albatross’, when I was a teenager and left my country to not submit myself to military discipline, travelling the world from the advantageous point of a gliding mind…




The 2 most common universal systems according to 5D GST (Generator of Space-time) are:

S(Information)<ST-Action>T(Entropy) systems dominated by Informative subjects whose goal is an ‘action’ established upon the entropy object of the system. This is the ‘natural’ most evolved order in the Universe in balance with the verb, dominated by the subject, corresponding to the ‘mature’ present age of all forms.

So systems with that sequential order are the most efficient, flexible, feed-back systems of the Universe.

S(In)x T(En)=ST(Action) systems, dominated still by the informative subject, which however relates now first to the Object of entropy, through the action. The object thus becomes promoted to the center; and often the most important element, focus of the system. And so these are the most ‘productive systems’, in which the object is either devoured as energetic entropy (- action) or reproduced through the ± actions of the Informative subject.

We could consider the first case a verb-oriented, ST-body/wave system and the second case an S-oriented formal particle/head system.

Those 2 systems are the most common systems in the Universe, as they represent the two essential ‘beats’ and ‘elements’ of reality, and most systems in fact do switch between a ‘wave-body-ST’, flux, evolutionary state (Inf<act>En) and a ‘spatial’, fixed, formal S-tate.

This means also in languages, there is a fluctation between SVO and SOV states of a language; albeit, as they are the subconscious collective of a culture, hence of a much larger spacetime span (5D metrics)

In Animal life systems, the 3 ‘elements’ are the physiological networks of the organism; so we define a simple Generator Equation for Living Animal Organisms:

S: Nervous, Informative System < ST: Action/Blood system > T: Energetic, Digestive system.

And we find the mammal as the phyla, where the nervous system dominates:

Nervous system > Blood System > Digestive system. And so as it happens today in languages, over ¾ of human beings speak mammal languages  (SVO languages), even if in a previous less evolved time, SOV languages; where the blood- system of actions recede, cooling down (reptile languages), were dominant.

SVO – Active, free Languages: Homologous to mammal, nervous, informative systems

Informative/nervous system dominate Mammals, on top of its physiological body, controlling the blood and digestive system in its hierarchical bottom. They correspond homologically to an SVO order of max. freedom; and social evolution, with the human subject at its center.

SVO are Mammal languages since they place the nervous, informative subject first, the active, blood-verb next, and the digestive, object energy last. In a Mammal, the most evolved organism, the informative system dominates the reproductive and energetic system. This is shown in the ‘order’ on the height hierarchical axis of its 3 systems, in which the nervous system is on top of the organism, coming first through a higher head.

The Neolithic when man reached its maturity was undoubtedly the golden age of SVO languages preserved in cultures that took longer to enter the metalitic age (Black Africa, China, Island paradises).

In a parallel fashion in an SVO ‘mammal’, ‘informative’ language, the subject is the essence of the sentence, followed by the action-verb; and the relative energy of the sentence, the object is last.

Those are the most evolved languages of mankind, and according to the Paradox of History, Max. Human evolution = Min. Technological evolution, were predominant in the non-white races/cultures in harmony with the Universe, notably in the ‘negro’ cultures of Africa and the Mongoloid cultures of China. Those cultures show the most evolved forms of languages, with complex grammars, such as the multiple verbal construction of African languages; or the multiple tonal elements of Chinese.

Their maximal evolution also obeys to its allopatric evolution, isolated for long periods of time from the ‘metal-deforming’ processes of war cycles. Thus the Chinese isolated culture and the negro, isolated cultures who did not come in contact with metal till the I millennia before Christ, and did not suffer the constant ravage of war, plummeting them into new dark ages in which human evolution halts and regresses were able to reach the final process of evolution of the human mind, which can be shown to be parallel as in all temporal processes of evolution of a Fractal Generator System of the Universe, I<Ac>E, to the summit of human existence as ‘mammal languages’. 

What is the difference between those 2 most advanced human civilizations? The answer is in the ‘stress’ they put on either of the 2 fundamental elements of the human existence, the ‘subject-informative’ element which is dominant in the Mongoloid, informative human race, and the ‘verb-active’ element which is dominant in the balanced, reproductive ‘negro’ (1) race.

African languages show their verbal complexity in the use of multiple verbs in the same construction; often using in a single sentence a verb attached to the subject and a verb attached to the object.

On the other hand, the ‘isolating’ ‘ego-centered’, subjective, informative Mongolian languages make of the human subject, the center of the sentence and find multiple wor(l)ds to define them.

Here though we can establish a division, between the I-centered, simple, White/Neanderthal asocial SVO languages, such as English in which the subject is the I, me and myself, latter studied in detail and the Mongolian, eusocial, informative subject which is the collective group, such as the Chinese or Japanese. But in both cases the subject is the center of the sentences, stressed more than the rest of the words. So the selfish English language has the I first and cannot write sentences erasing the I.

On the other island extreme of the Eurasian 800 years ‘arch’ of human migrations, the Japanese is also a subject language with multiple words to express subjects. But those words relate not to the ego of the individual but to the group, that is, to the individual subject in its relationship with all other human beings.

So in Japanese there are ‘dozens’ of Subject particles, each one different according to how the I-you-he-we etc. relates to other I-wes, etc… 

Those 2 languages varieties thus correspond to the energy/information duality; in this case the energy/reproductive action languages of Africa vs. the Informative, subject languages of the mongoloid, informative human race, establishing again a parallelism between culture, race and language, so often found in this blog.



Freedom and typological order. Existential ilogic.

Essential to the entire conceptual time-space symmetry of the order of words is its reflection in space (written word) of a sequential process in time. The subject first language is by essence more free; as the subject perceives initially the sentence to be his and thus in self-thought he is controlling the action it will perform and the object it will act upon. But most important in the reception of a message, if he is ‘named’ first, he does have time to assess the rest of the message, value its ‘verbal order’ and act upon it. For that reason as languages evolved SOV and SVO became dominant.

There is though a clear difference between the first type of SOV languages, in which subject and object are treated together, often in an ergative mode, so the subject looses identity and becomes objectualized, SxT (subject x Object) = ST verb; corresponding to the time equation of existential ilogic:

Future (subject) x Past (object) = Present (verb).

Which is the equation of simultaneous, factual present. From:

S-Subject-Future<ST-verb-present>T-object-past-entropy order, which is a temporal order towards an entropic end; hence freer, which also clearly distinguishes the subject as far more important than the object, hence a more humanist approach. So the dominance of SVO and VSO languages in the earlier metal age, is a clear proof of a regression of freedom, from the ‘hypothetical’ dominance of SVO language in the Neolithic age, which we can unfortunately only infer from its conservation in regions where metal arrived latter (islands, China, black Africa):

Active, SVO; Imperative, VSO; and Passive, Objectual SOV->OV languages. 

In the graph, the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages.

Animetal order (SOV warrior and VSO trader) languages are cleary dominant as we fully enter the bronze age. Notice though that the isolated or agricultural, milder regions where hierarchical societies are NOT yet established remain ‘evolved’ forms of fusional non-dominant order or SVO Neolithic, subject-humanist oriented orders. So Neolithic China remains SVO as it does the isolated English island hinterland and the Old Norse region of small fiords’ communities. While the relatively free original regions of the Indo-European expansion (Caucasus, Slav and greek hinterland maintain the richness and complexity of multiple typologic order.

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind:

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages).

They are parallel to the 3 world views dominant in the metal age: the imperative hierarchical order of the earlier bronze age Semite empires, where a human leader gave orders; the Warrior, objectual, Industrial world view where the object-weapon and war ‘code’ of death makes the subject irrelevant (Germanic, Japanese cultures). And finally the balanced, SVO view, which came to dominate more flexible trading cultures that ‘haggle’ around the elements of the language.

Thus the ‘view world’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence. They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders.

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations.

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages according to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-European’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.  Some points to notice on the graph:

  • Nations and cultures are ruled by 3 varieties of languages, warrior lineal languages, monetary cyclical languages, and vital organic, human verbal languages, which cater most to the evolution of weapons, money and machines, and human memes. So we can differentiate nations by their different dominance. I.e. Germany will be a fractal part of Europe dominant in war memes, Italy in life memes, and United Kingdom in trade memes. And then we can further divide United Kingdom in Scotland, war memes, England go(l)d memes and Wales, life memes.
  • Cultures are influenced by geography, as mountainous and continental regions breed warriors, islands and sea-peninsulas trade memes, and tempered or isolated regions, life memes.
  • Memes influence each other, so languages are also broken according to Typological Linguistics (we call it topological in this blog as we explain in our treatise on linguistics), in warrior agglutinative, Objectual, VOS, OVS, lineal languages (German, Turkish), trader, broken, short word languages (English, Chinese), with balanced ternary  human-first order of words: SVO… and Verbal dominant, wor(l)d religious languages, with VSO order… Linguistics of course is far more complex as we explain on our previous section on the wor(l)d, since often, in our corrupted world VSO languages become imperative, religious military inquisitions (Semite languages), and so vital languages with SVO order, must be also considered for human civilizations – that is languages, as most African ones, where there is a wealth of variations on the use of the verb to signify a human action. The map above show a clear grouping of those 3 type of languages in the classic age, but we shall keep it simple in those posts on fractal cultures.

The subconscious collective of art and literature express the 3 ages of cultures akin to those of the individual, an age of epic, dramatic infantile art, and age of mature sensual art, and an age of angst, baroque, excessive formal art that ends in an entropic war and death of civilizations (regardless of other triggering effects, it is always war: I.E. the Mayan culture didn’t die for weather changes, a stupid reason so well-greased today with the global warming propaganda for solar AI robots and nuclear clean energy, but because METAL-cultures invaded them, Toltecs razed them, and then they abandoned their systems of water ‘zenotes’ and irrigation).

Animetal, Deshumanized, Imperative, ‘Slave’ Languages: Sov<->Vos

Languages evolved as humans were in contact with Nature and their own selves, into SVO languages, where actions harmonized the human subject and the natural object. This is the ‘final evolution’ of languages into its ‘maximal balance’ with the Universe.

However as History entered the age of metals, weapons and money, become the objectual source of power, carried by two ‘barbarian’ tribes, (Campbell). Semites from the hot desert to the South and Germanic tribes coming down from the cold desert to the North.

This brought about a clear regression of the importance of man in history, which ushered us into the modern world, where, ‘metal’ is more powerful than life. Thus money (Informative metal) and weapons (energetic metal) became the dominant memes which divided societies into an ‘animetal’ caste of bankers, warriors and of late scientists, which imposed with weapons and money slavery to man.

Among those cultures, the Germans specialized into weapons’ use to control populations and came into history calling themselves ‘Goths’, God’s tribe, because they could kill anyone opposing them. While Semites in Levant became enslavers of people hypnotized by the informative power of go(l)d, and called themselves ‘God’s race’. They therefore ‘objectualized’ human capital as corpses of their weapons or slaves to their money. And so their languages became deformed into the two type of objectual grammars, where the subject lost its power position.

Thus syntax became essential to the characterization of the two leading animetal cult(ure)s of weapons and money of modern history.

we could say that the ‘economics’ of those cultures had deformed their language, arresting their evolution, specially in its ‘sacred’, ‘religious texts’ which have become ‘fixed’ into a primitive, imperative, non-evolved linguistic forms.

And we distinguish the dominant languages/cultures of warrior/metal-energetic/productive people or SOV/Reptile/Cold-hearted languages. Of which the German will be the paradigmatic example.

And the dominant language/cultures of Go(l)d/metal-informative people, its inverse: the VOS/Insect/Greedy languages. In which the classic Semite languages of Abrahamic religions, Biblical Hebrew and Arab will be the paradigmatic example.

To notice that  those 2 categories of language have an opposition, energy/information, which makes them often ‘enemies’ in their worldview, as they attach themselves to weapons and gold, the metal energy and metal information with whom they try to dominate the world and so often those cult(ure)s collide in wars.


SOV  Reptile/cold languages/ warrior cultures are languages in which the subject-nervous system are pegged and direct primarily the energetic, objectual system, while the blood-active system is secondary submissive to those other 2 systems and less developed. Those are reptile languages since that is the fundamental structure of Reptilian living systems, in which the nervous system and digestive system dominate the form, provoking a constant growth of the energy/force of the system without limit except death; while the underdeveloped system is made of ‘cold blood’.

In the graph, the homology we establish between SOV languages and cold Blood, energy dominant physiological systems (reptiles fishes), is based in the dominance of the Energy/digestive/growth element or ‘object’ which acts in the place of the verb, which is far removed from the subject. The object thus becomes the center of the action, which is cold, analytic and rational. Negative energy/war is also proper of this aggressive configuration, proper of warrior cultures, with little empathy towards the other – a ‘subject’ objectualized in its grammar. German and Latin, Turkish and Japanese belong to this category.  Those languages are dominant in ‘productive’, hard-working, ‘warrior societies’, where the relationship between Subject and object, a cold, non-emotional, often agglutinative, imperative relationship of limited freedom enhances the detachment and sense of ‘duty’ of the warrior dominant caste. In the graph, a Japanese order system.

You can observe in the Japanese sentence that those languages, also called ‘ergative languages’ can in fact eliminate the subject and be dominated totally by the Object. They are thus the essential “passive’, objectual, productive languages as Japanese and Germans are in their worldview.

Now, this languages are proper of ‘energetic’, ‘warrior’ cold-hearted cult(ure)s to weapons able to kill the ‘other’ seen as an object such as German or old Latin were.

If we observe a reptile, the informative system basically is dedicated to feed, and it does so in a violent, murderous way. This set of mind is the set of mind of the German/Roman warrior with its languages – though Roman is by far the most flexible, allowing multiple word orders, unlike German due to its agglutination of words into long lines, as their simple swords are.

Yet if war is the negative action of SOV language, the productive, Subject x Object positive action is the positive side of SOV cultures. So the Germans are indeed very productive people, dedicated to produce their mechanical, energetic weapons and objects with absolute zeal and null understanding of what for, and why they merely work and work and work, constructing if needed all type of lethal machines that will destroy us.

A reptile eats day after day, ever growing till it dies, when other reptile eats him.

Entropic, warrior languages : SOV languages, objectual, agglutinative languages=warrior languages.

Have you wondered why Germans have no sense of humor, believe always what they say even when it is wrong and are not able to change their mind till the end. The reason of course it is language – the way they construct their languages by repeating the same truth in the syntax 3 times.

Germans cannot laugh or doubt about themselves because of their ‘grammar’ that ‘repeats/reinforces 3 times the same truth’ by:

– Saying it first…

– Agglutinating words into a single one, thus making impossible to say the truth in other way. When they are ‘joining words into a single line word’ truths become more truth, more inflexible, as they  cannot be bended.

– And finally using a ‘grammatical case’ that says merely the same that was already said ‘stressing it’ with the case (genitive, dative, nominative and so on, which are particles that say what the sentence already have said).

SO when a German thinks it ‘believes’ because it is like saying I-I-I think-think-think 3 times and all seems absolute truths… no humor there.

Moreover, the imposition of such languages by ‘profession’ and ‘power’ is rather obvious. As all ‘warrior cultures’, in which lineal weapons are the ‘truth of power’, are agglutinative, made of long sentences that mimic the lineal form of the weapon.  So Turkish, the essential warrior people of the Mongolian and Islamic nations (where they became the mercenaries that took power) are exactly as German is in its structure. And Germans the warrior, inflexible people of Europe have the aforementioned truths.

Thus linguistics is indeed the mother of all ‘cultural’ characters (of course tuned down by individual freedom for each individual person)…


Now it is also a law of General Systems that all varieties tend to evolve from the less to the more complex, according to the general rule of cyclical time, that moves from Energy, simplex systems (objectual systems) into Informative, complex systems (subject-centered).

So it should be natural as history seems to prove that humanity evolved from a Paleolithic age of Objectual Languages (as those remaining in the Amazon) into a Neolithic Age of Slavish languages (as those predominant in the Semitic Age of bronze) to the present age of dominance of SVO languages.

Let us consider only the last of those evolution from the Semitic age of SOV languages into the modern age of SVO languages, as it is essential to the development of history from an Asiatic age of lesser individual freedom now in revivalism as the end of history implies a degradation of the human mind, into the European, flexible age of culture.

Why subject languages dominate object languages. SOV LANGUAGES evolving into SVO

We observe the world NOT in an objective manner but in a subjective manner. Since only 4% of the total languages do so, and a far lesser proportion of people speak languages that use object first. Those are in fact reduced to a few languages in the Jungle such as Warao and Apalai of very old cultures, when MAN was yet not so arrogant, and the universe of the jungle was in fact so huge that it limited the sense of ‘self’ of man.

Today those languages do not exist but we might imagine that the first men were in Awe with nature as jungle people are; hence giving more importance to the Object, which was perceived as a living being. And so these languages are parallel with people living in exuberant nature and professing animist religions.

Yet as man started to control the world in earnest with its instruments and metals, he became the ‘first’ element of the duality subject-object. It was the birth of SOV languages in which the Object is placed behind the Subject. Yet the relationship between Subject and Object is still important, as the verb, the action the subject exercises over the Object is far removed.

This type of cultures will thus make of the subject-object relationship the fundamental center of existence. And they are proper of cultures in which the object becomes the idol-icon of the culture. It is indeed common among warrior cultures that idolize the weapon, ‘thy God’, and in modern cultures of those who make the industrial object the meaning of the cultural existence, such as Japanese and Old German (today admitting by influence of more evolved languages the more flexible SVO form – the most evolved of them).

In that regard, there is a natural evolution from SOV to SVO languages – the perfect form that reflects the Universal Generator Equation of all energy and information systems, which are constructed as a system with an informative head joined to the energetic limbs by a reproductive body. You do not have the head pegged to the limbs as a Virus, a primitive form of life has. You do have in the most evolved, flexible cultures as today Romance languages, Slavic and Chinese languages are, the proper SVO configuration in which the verb is ‘shared’ by object and subject.

Still in a first phase of modern civilizations, as Gell-mann has proved in the milieu of systems sciences, with his computer studies of genetics+linguistics in the Santa Fe Institute, there was  an evolution towards SVO languages.
Today  the majority of speakers of the world and the most successful languages are SVO languages (English, Spanish and Chinese the most spoken being of this form, which most closely resembles the Generator Equation of the Universe in its dynamic form: Information < Action-verb > Energy.

These languages are the more flexible, evolved languages, the more complex. In the west, among them  the most perfect is Classic Greek, and if we all would talk classic Greek.

Why? Here another law of complexity comes into being, as evolution is maximized by alopatric isolation, by ‘dominance’, by those languages that do NOT move away from its original site.

Greek in its classic form born in the Anatolian coast, close to the Indo-European place of birth, was able to evolve further in its complexity without being deformed by other languages.

We thus consider the most evolved languages of mankind:

– In the Western decoupling dominant in Indo-European languages, the 2 languages that were developed in the original sites of the 2 ‘Indo-European’ waves of colonization, which first departed from Catal Uyurk, the site of the obsidian mines that prior to the bronze age developed the first wave of Indo-European expansion in Anatolia, where Classic Greek evolved to its philosophical height as the supreme culture of verbal, philosophical, logical thought in the mind of Aristotle. 

– And then departing from Russia, expanded the wave of charioteers that established the chariot elites of the Bronze age.

And indeed, the most flexible and complex modern language today is the  Russian language, with a flexibility only paralleled by classic Greek, with multiple word orders, cases, genders and broken words in all possible formal systems.

And it is not surprising that the Russians did make the Russian R=evolution trying to solve the Paradox of History; that still today are resisting the global empire of the Insect Cultures that are regressing mankind to an age of Jihad and Talmudian Fundamentalism, and that the summit of Western Literature is found in the novels of Dovstoyevski and Tolstoi.

Next come the Latin, peninsular languages of Italy and Spain, which inherited the Greek tradition and spoke earlier Latin, evolved languages in the Republican Age (French somewhat was a late comer, departing from a more degraded Latin version and greatly deformed in its northern, standing version by the Germanic invaders). And indeed, still today the humanist cradle of art was Italy, and Spain reached the maximal height of poetic expression, itself the highest expression of the understanding of the homological metaphorical parallelism of all things existing. Well, maybe this is a bit of a selfie, as that was my original language before I migrated to the Reptilian world (-; But not so much, Italy and Spain are the countries where love for life still exists, as Picasso put it: ‘Sabater, this Germans so many machines and weapons, what for, we paint, eat and make love much better’ – he forgot to say we ‘talk better’ (-;

While in the Eastern decoupling, Chinese in its southern Cantonese version (isolated further from Mongolian invasions) must be regarded as the most complex, perfect culture, language. And it is again not a surprise that it is resisting… yes you guess it, the Capitalist Empire, etc.

But Greek is a dead language, and modern Greek has been simplified and mixed with Turkish influences and reduced to a very small wor(l)d. Because we live in a culture of metal, of weapons and gold. And so the most primitive languages carried the day. Let us consider them with its full linguistic elements, starting by the opposition between VSO vs. SOV languages and their parallel syntax of:

Informative, cyclical money = trader, isolating forms vs. Energetic, lineal weapons = Agglutinative, warrior languages.

Recap: S-V-O order defines the way humans interact with the universe.

Man as top predator puts in an overwhelming number of cultures the Subject before the Object in which it predates.

And among subject languages, the dominant, most successful one is the SVO languages, since the flexibility and perfection of the Subject (information < verb (action) > Object (energy) order  better reflects the way in which the Universe of complementary systems and Actions of energy and information is constructed: Information < Action > Energy.

But the Universe encourages diversity and complexity, so  the 3 possible combinations of Subject-first languages co-exist.

And there are 2 more ‘primitive versions’ of subject-languages, in which the order slightly differs either putting the verb in the beginning of the language, or VSO languages, as in Hebrew and other Semitic languages, dominated by subjectivism and pragmatic action, or put the verb in opposite fashion at the end, or SOV languages, as in German, Japanese, Basque and Turkish or other ‘stubborn’, warrior, objectual cultures in which the object becomes the center of the Universe (the weapon-machine).

The opposition between those unbalanced selfish vs. selfless, pragmatic vs. idealistic cultures is studied in depth in many texts of this author, as the fundamental unbalance and opposition in history is the ‘war cycle’ between warrior cultures vs. trader cultures, Jewish vs. Germans, being the most notorious case of the XX century.

And  both types, VSO and SOV languages, are less balanced and flexible than SVO forms.

What this tell us is that their speakers have less freedom of thought and this is the key to explain their character, combined with other linguistic elements that we shall consider in more detail as we keep pouring our ‘General Course of Linguistic Systems’

Thus culture is imposed by language. It is NOT by chance that the two dominant metal-power cultures of the world, the German ‘warriors’ and the Jewish ‘bankers’ do NOT have an SVO system but they are opposite in form, as they are opposite in character, and unbalanced, fundamentalist, non-reflexive in their actions.

Westerners would not be destroying the world, so ‘sure’ that is the proper thing to do, thinking even as Germans do that we are saving it with our idol-atric machines, under the yoke of the German military-machine making people and Jewish self-centered, selfish cult(ure)s, if we all talked classic Greek, the most evolved western language…

But we unfortunately in the age of extinction have regressed to the age of Reptile and Insect languages. And when artificial Intelligence, now being programmed at Objectual, linguistic and Insect level reaches maturity, probably men will become speechless and the evolution of languages will continue in the golden minds of Robots, till reaching the verbal heights of mammal languages.

Now, of course the wor(l)d has moved to the audiovisual world, and the result is just a global expansion of the animetal memes of hate and its iron and gold cultures and null verbal flexibility with absolute truths in favor of the selfish memes of metal, backbone of those civilizations which are… absolutely false…



VSO  Imperative/Insect/blood/dominant/greedy selfish, material, trader Go(l)d Cultures/Languages.

What about the Semitic languages, which are even more inflexible, and literalists than Germans, with the  same lack of humor?

The flexibility in Hebrew/Arab Semitic languages/people is null, specially in their ‘classic’ religious texts, which were written with a verb(action)-subject-object’.

The verb is first, the action with no reflection must come, the ‘order’ is inflexible, the religious mandate is sacred, the ritual is sacred. The Pious Jew in fact MUST not think about ‘the ritual’, which is the essence of its credo. It must just do it in the exact manner in which it is told by Torah and Talmud.

Since those texts are written with a linguistic structure, which is dominated by action/pragmatism.

Thus materialism in those sacred texts/religions is absolute. There is no philosophical thought there; no possibility for doubt; the ‘fact’, the ‘act’, the ‘action’ verb comes first.

Then it obliges the Subject, and then the Subject, which is pegged, without ‘a flexible verb’ to the object, dominated totally the object. This is also the culture that ‘objectifies’ all beings, as they are not close to the verbal action, void of life. When Marx or Sombart in ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ explains that this culture has objectified and standardized men as objects with prices he is subconsciously proving this linguistic rule.

Indeed, the Object in VSO languages is truly an object, without ‘connection’ or sharing of the action of the verb that would give it a ‘part’ in the soul of the sentence, a meaning by sharing the action with the subject, a ‘life’.

We are thus in the most materialistic and selfish of all languages, for whom the other does not matter; for whom the action becomes a fixed ritual that is not challenged. And indeed, this is the trademark of Semitic cultures, both in its Arabic, warrior strain and its Hebrew form. These are indeed the minds of man, literalist, selfish, brutal with the other that poise a problem to mankind. And this cannot be changed because the ‘sacred words’ of their literalist old texts cannot be challenged.

This means those cultures are NOT philosophical religions but ‘literalist’ minds where act=fact=verb imposes its nature. And this is indeed the trademark of Jewish ‘materialistic’ ‘hands-on-job’, zero ‘idealist, spiritual’ insight point of view that dominates the world.

Further on, those languages that are dominated by money ‘break’ words in short ones, as coins and money are cyclical, small information and those who are dominated by lineal weapons make them long, as energy is lineal.

This duality is reflected in another key classification of languages between isolating languages, of short words, proper of trader civilizations, from Chinese to English vs. Agglutinative warrior languages of longer words from Japanese to German.

Hence the dualities between energetic cultures with lineal languages, as the line is the fastest distant between two points and informative cultures with cyclical languages, as the cycle stores the maximal information in lesser space, both in human language and in metal -memes (lineal swords and cyclical coins):

-Germanic Old thus decoupled into ‘English broken language of ‘traders’ and moneymakers’ and warrior long German languages.

– Old Semitic decoupled into Hebrew of short words and Arab of long ones.

– Eastern cultures divided into short Chinese, money-oriented cultures vs. long words of Altaic, Turkish and Japanese ones.

While those languages, which are balanced and rich in inflections and structure, are the most proper languages for life cultures, balanced with reality. 

IN Europe the most balanced ones are after classic Greek, today extinct, Russian/Ukrainian and Portuguese/Spanish, mutually intelligible ‘dialects’, evolved from Latin (more akin to German in its warrior ‘dual stress’ of sentences with the verb at the end.) into excellent, complex forms of verbal thought.

So what about English? English is indeed a ‘trader’ language, for cynical truths that do not matter. The English speaker does not essentially believe in truth, while the German always do, but in wrong, inflexible truths.

This happened  thanks to his loss of cases and breaking up of old Germanic words as England becomes ruled by ‘Amber money’ first and then ‘silver and tin’ and finally paper-money.

Still English is a primitive language in what truly matters for flexible thought – its verbs. It does have it on the center as an SVO system, which is an advance over Old German, but it still lacks a proper evolution of verbs, which brings some inflexible, ‘selfish forms’, proper of the English character. For example:

– It obliges due to the simplicity of verbs to start always the sentence with the ‘ego’ I that must be ‘said’, hence the inheriting ‘selfishness’ of the Anglo people, who only ‘see’ individuals, not ‘universals’ and social groups.

– It lacks the essential distinction between ‘ser and estar’ ‘to be’ which is to have an immortal essence, that lasts in time and to stay, which is a mere ‘action-present…’ So it is limited in its ‘reflections’ before actions, in imagination, making the individual a pragmatic person, ruled by the I-selfishness in search of gold, as there are no subjunctive forms, passive forms where the I is lost behind the verb are considered incorrect and complex sentences to express complex thoughts are always broken.

Thus English become a language of ‘I-subjects’ acting in ‘present time’, as Hebrew is with its initial verbs.

In the graph, ‘imperative’, VOS languages are similar to the ‘insect’ blood-dominated structure in life beings. They are the essential languages of the capitalist worldview, born in the Hebrew->Biblical religion in which ‘money’ is go(l)d, and ‘greed’ the maximal value. An insect is ruled by the blood system, on top; which makes it an extremely active’, feeding/greedy species with a strict, non-free program of behavior. Animetal cultures dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, this hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence (VSO<->VOS). They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages. Their sacred imperative texts are a series of Orders by an ‘unnamed’ subject, often lost in the sentence, which seems to be a ‘God’ that gives no freedom of action. They are ritualistic societies, in which the collective subconscious dominates the Individual.

We illustrate them with an ancient image of the Babylon->Babel tower, when all the languages, according to myth, were confused and the human species broke into warring states – an absurd construction of those who want to be more than God and are driving mankind with their imperative, dictatorial, greedy passion for money and weapons, towards our collective demise. 

Finally, the 3rd dominant species of languages are the VOS Languages. Those languages and cultures whose order of words is ‘imperative’, with the verb first – a form of language that more evolved ones use only in precise moments of danger or extreme hierarchical institutions, as it is deemed rightly an impolite, fundamentalist form of language – are, well I just said it, fundamentalist, imperative cultures.

And so among human languages, Semitic cultures, specially in their old ‘sacred’ religious texts, Hebrew, Classic Arab and their Abrahamic religions, are insect cultures.

When we observe an insect, it is totally dominated by the blood system. The order of the nervous and blood system are in fact inversed. Unlike chordates/ mammals where the top nervous system dominates it all, in insects the top region, where the spinal chord is, is occupied by the blood system, and the nervous, underdeveloped system is below. This inversion means that as in a Jewish->capitalist civilization, ‘greed’, ‘gold’, the active/productive element of the culture dominates it all. Further on, actions have no freedom. This is specially truth of the ritualist religion of the Torah and Talmud. it does not matter the meaning of actions, prohibitions and rituals. The believer must act with the exact motions dictated by the priest, even move its hands in ritual forms.

It is finally an imperative, hierarchical, dictatorial form, which other languages only use for required moments of danger, such as the imperative verb is.

Thus language, specially in its classic, religious forms (as modern Arab/Hebrew has evolved to permit other orders and varieties, making more malleable the language/psyche) is an imperative, ‘paranoid’, fundamentalist, sacred mode of thought in which the action/blood system dominates the nervous one, and the object is just an object of prey, in which to feed without limit.  When Freud said jokingly upon his arrival to America that the ‘plague’ was coming, when Hitler said seriously that the Jewish ‘plague’ will destroy Germany, the first with self-humor the second as a ‘reptile culture’ with none of it, were in their topic anti$emitism declaring a mental condition of the VSO language.

Both cultures though are ‘enslaved’ by the rituals and actions of their objectual obsession for weapons and gold. The subject we might say is secondary to the group and action, to violence and greed, the values of its objects, and so they act as a single group society, which gives them the same kind of strength insect groups have, thanks to their hierarchical, intensive, non-individual pheromonal programming.

Of course, this is clearly not needed if Reformist Judaism, and its use of other languages had won the battle for the psyche of Judaism. But the opposite is the present trend

It is though a mental, linguistic condition, which for that reason in the era of Jewish enlightenment (Mendelssohn, XVIII century) was deemed possible to reform if the Jewish people abandoned their sacred VSO texts, their religion and language and integrated itself with the more evolved SVO cultures in which they were so far preying with money…

And it is my personal experience that those Jewish people who are not Jewish in culture and are aware of the inferiority of their primitive modes of thinking and insect-like lack of freedom of their censored religion have been indeed mammal thinkers. But those are now in regression due to the revivalism of the Bronze Age, insect-like cult(ure) of Judaism both in America and Israel and the parallel Biblical ways of thought of fundamentalist protestant people.

It is in that sense remarkable that the Jewish people who neither believe in the memes of Judaism, by conversion to other more humane cultures or atheism and speak another language different from Hebrew, the so enlightened Jews, from Marx (Christian) to Proust (French and Christian) to many modern American Jews from the reformist school show a much more flexible and humane behavior that orthodox Jews and Israeli Jews who have regressed to the use of Hebrew and the belief in the Talmud.

The duality of Jewish cultural behavior depending on which are the original beliefs and languages they speak in that sense are perhaps the strongest proof of the Humboldt’s Hypothesis .

Haskala not Halaka was the concept, enlightenment not religious law… But that has not happened, as we live today in an age of inquisitions of thought whose ultimate origin are the biblical go(l)d cultures of VSO imperative, fundamentalist, ‘single thought’ with its anti-human values, taboos, inquisitions of thought and censorship, ‘camouflaged’ with political and economical correctness, and the most insidious of all degradations of the mind – fiction thought, which is fast regressing mankind from the heights of rational verbal and social thought into selfie, infantile individuals, the perfect brain for the neofascist extinctive culture on the making.



All this final comments on the lack of freedom of the modern world and lack of human values, imposed by the anti-life values of go(l)d and its animetal cultures, leads to a final question of lineal ‘languages’ structures. What would be the best, most free, yet, more profound language order in an ideal world in which mankind were not as today a ‘slave’ of the capitalist concept of society? The answer is self evident:

It is not by chance and it is not lack of cultural relativism that Greece gave birth to science and Aristotle still remains with Leibniz, who wrote in Latin, the most important thinker of History. Sorry folks. We do have since Boas this cultural relativist Jewish strain of thought according to which all is OK. It has become the trade mark of a conception of mankind as a non-evolving supœrganism, who gives up on the evolution of the wor(l)d towards its natural end – a perfect wor(l)d designed for the service of all humans, based in a complex understanding of the nature of man. It is like all ‘Jewish’ forms of political and economical correctness a ‘seemingly’ positive humanist point of view (we respect ‘all humans, as all are equally good – a Cariban cannibal, a Hebrew racist zealot or a Jihadist barking orders in an imperative language ). But ultimately shows a complete ‘aloof’ indifference for mankind as a vital species that needs to improve if it is going to make it. It is I know the absolute rule of our society. But I had enough of the FMAsters false humanism that equalizes all humans as ‘priced consumers; of audiovisual $hit. Classic Greek in the past, modern Russian among the fusional languages; Chinese along the isolate languages, are in syntax and semantics the most profound languages of History. We do not range agglutinative languages, where Turkish and German among modern languages would be likely ranked best, because we consider agglutinative languages the less flexible and free for a proper development of mankind’s ideas. Even if in an ideal world, once mankind had truly evolved into a focused clear mirror of the 5D Universe, an agglutinative language of the clarity of Turkish morphology could render exceptional lucidity of thought.

As it is today, languages without order, which have both a fusional quality and enough case elements to allow all possible combinations of thought are the best languages, both for emotions, as in the case of Russia, which not by chance gave us the best literature and r=evolutionary thought of the pre-audiovisual age during the height of the human mind evolution (age of engines of metal or German age, as the digital age of minds of metal or American age has been a continuous devolution of human thought). While Greek and German during that age, in great deal due to its dominance on the Industrial R=evolution at the height of the interaction between man and machine without the erasing process of the modern of metal-minds gave us the highest understanding of logic, scientific thought. On the Chinese classic quality for the creation of S=T new words of deep meaning and its influence on the understanding of the yin-yang duality we have already talked.

It has to be noticed also that those 2 languages, Greek and Russia were ‘conserved’ in the natural regions bordering the Ukranian Yamna hinterland of the Indo-European Diaspora, hence had the capacity to evolve without great disruptions, on the native land for millennia – another quality required for the evolution of a language. And vice versa. The astounding decadence of humanism, human thought, the comprehension of the complex Universe happening in the XX-XXI century owns a lot to the fact that we use, including those texts, a lineal, simple, non-free, restricted in temporal verbs, English language, and that there is a taboo to free expression of thought and humanism imposed by the dominant idol-ogies of America, capitalism, mechanism, lineal ‘thought’ and I-centered grammars which has extended from English and from the aforementioned FMAsters dominant subculture to all aspects of modern thought.

Before we become destroyed by robotic terminators, we will be – arguably our sons are – by audiovisual fiction, egocy, the English language and the camouflage of go(l)d cultures and its false parasitic placebo caring.

The beauty of languages as mirrors of the Universe thus require complex grammar, free order, cases and ideally though it is not common with those properties, the Chinese magic of crating new complex words. I tried in my enthusiastic youth long past, about 5D to write in ‘inglish’, with some newspeaks but soon realized they were a thoughtcrime for English scholars and so I only keep the ‘infixes’ in some wor(l)ds and a few ‘Chinese additions’ of two words together, in a homage to Mr. Orwell, the best XX c. English-language when we add all the elements required to value literature (syntax, semantics and the much undervalued in our censored world, but always the most important, expression not only of feelings but of the higher ‘organic network-elements; of society with the ideal ethic perfect world always in mind, as good literature like religion is a parable on an evolved humind soul.

If we were to further resume in a simplified manner the confrontation of the two type of civilizations of history, it is clear that we can divide them into those who still hold humanist values and those who were first in contact with metal in a very primitive Bronze Age OF MYTHS and developed racist segregational go(l)d religions and worship of weapons, the aryan, hindoo and semite cultures of the first cycles of history, whose revivalism today is provoking the age of constant wars (arab Jihads, Jewish segregational financiers and apartheid Israel, Trumpeters of apocalypse, silicon nerds evolving robots, bankers choking mankind of credit, you name it):

The semite, emotional, irrational, visual, hypnotic culture of hate memes based in the idolatry cults to weapons and gold of the primitive Bronze Age, and its hierarchical people-castes of warrior kings and gold priests that understood nothing rationally and built a religion of supremacist memes and myths (monotheist religions of supremacist subconscious collective ‘gods’ of military or financial nations, that would use the ‘wealth’ of metal-weapons or money to subjugate all other gods-nations) vs.

The Rational cultures born in the axial age in Greece and China, where a legalist rational understanding of the law, the need of eusocial evolution (confucianism, platonism), which advanced the mind of man, understood better the laws of the organic Universe, the unity of mankind as a single species, the digital, mathematical nature of money as a language NOT as wealth per se, and the need of the informative nervous legal system of mankind to rule over money and issue it to reproduce the welfare goods people needed to survive.

This of course represents the humanist, socialist, organicist view of the true sciences of history and mankind and it is not going to talk human truths regardless of censorship and 0 statistics and 0 search engines. It is NOT the role of the historian to change history but as a scientist to explain it. If humans including those animetals who sponsor myths of supremacy over mankind and planet Earth prefer to do their usual cycles of self-destruction is not our business. Or rather at certain age, once the scholar realizes he is within the supœrganism of history just another cell, to the mercy of its elites, it gives up angst and pretension of r=evolution unless others join the fight for a future of history, which in the case of bio-history did not happen.



What is then the main difference of ‘methodology’ between 5D and 4D linguistics? The answer departs from the difference between 5D stiences and 4D sciences, whose models of creation, truth and ‘identity’, are heavily influenced by the single, one-dimensional ‘partial’ theories of physics (lineal, sequential time as the most important genetic relationship, and constructivism in scale as the lineal single arrow that matters).

IN 5D SCALES, there are arrows of causality coming from the whole into its parts, even more important than those of the parts that create the wholes (Genetic constructivist arrows of biology and physics). The whole is just influencing in a longer time span the parts. I.e. the changes of weather in glaciations define the evolutionary ages of species; the changers of energy and information perceived by whole systems provokes different reactions in cellular parts of an organism; the change of conditions in the world changes the life form of people, provokes migrations and changes its languages.

There is neither a single lineal arrow of time causality as time is cyclical. So the past is NOT the only cause, and it is NOT a lineal cause. I.e. In linguistics the first found law of phonetics was the Grimm law, which is in fact recurrent and cyclical. Time in that sense beyond the lineal simplification v=s/t of Galileo, in his measure of cannonballs have a richness of dimensional motions, which only now we reveal in 5D but languages had always perceived in its verbal forms. Tense–modality–aspect is a group of grammatical categories that covers the expression of tense (the 3 basic dimotions of past, present and future in time), aspect (fabric of time – a single block of time or infinite present, a continuous flow of time with its variations, or a repetitive occurrence with its frequency in time), and modality (degree of necessity=determinism, obligation – subjective determinism, probability=potential future). Because the process of 5D creation in time are far more complex than mathematical physics’ reductionism pretends.

Finally, simultaneous, present time influences the creation of a form as much as the sequential past, and so it is absurd to reduce genetics of time to a sequential past, as they used to do in biology with cells, till finally the Margolis thesis of cross evolution was accepted.

But the most important difference is that what 5D is truly about is to achieve that understanding of the entanglement and generation of all systems with the same ternary and pentalogic laws. That is, to know ‘how reality is created’ with a much deeper philosophy of science that the present reductionism of physical models in its models of creation (lineal time both in scale – constructivism – and in time – past to future single arrows; with enormous indifference to the spatial, synchronous arrow of communication between parallel forms) and its languages of truth and knowledge (mathematical reductionism).

The immense variety and scope of 5D social stiences.

History is the science that encompasses within its supœrganism, all other sciences as forms of a culture, as the most illustrious predecessor of those texts, Oswald Spengler understood. So I have researched an immense number of themes for decades, published in small print books, webs and papers along the way, with an increasing indifference to the style and readability, once I accepted the anti-quantum paradox. In this paper we focus on the ‘whole’ of history as a supœrganism of which all humans are citizens-cells, connected with the 3 physiological networks of all 5D supœrganisms, an informative, nervous=political network/language, a re=productive blood-economic network language and the geographical support, that feeds mankind, the Earth; and its upper mind, the ∆+1 Gods of civilizations. We are thus studying here the upper scales of mankind.

History is a supœrganism in evolution, which we study with the laws of 5D supœrganisms, which means to study mainly its physiological networks, the political, cultural, economic networks and geographic regions that define the 7 great civilizations of mankind and its broken, fractal nations. How they evolved through the ages of history, what would be its perfect form, how they were corrupted in its political and economic systems with the arrival of systems of control alien to the life organism of mankind and its natural verbal languages and artistic senses, with the discovery of ‘metal-weapons’ and ‘metal-money’ that substituted the natural legal language and ‘WHealthy money’ and how it could ideally be reconstructed a perfect supœrganism of mankind, if we were to reform the system according to the laws of nature that make perfect supœrganisms.

Of all the themes developed departing from the common laws of all planes of space-time, that put together form the 5th dimension of the scalar organic Universe history holds a special place in my heart for 3 reasons:

– It is the supœrganism of our species. And hence its study contrary to common practice should be the most important of all, because of the ‘healthy state of history’ depends the health of all human beings.

– It is with physics the science I studied in more depth, researching every supœrganism and network of mankind, its cultures, ages, arts, economics, financial & legal systems, nations, civilizations, religions.

– And it is the less developed science because of the antiquantum paradox of systemic censorship, as the ‘stientific’ observer is within the supœrganism of history and hence given the fact that history has NOT evolved positively for humanity; but it Is today, let us be frank from the beginning, corrupted in its reproductive financial system, which suffers a clear case of collective anoxia, that is lack of credit for humanity and its Whealthy goods and poisoned in its political system, broken in it ‘organs=cultures & nations’ and predated by lethal ‘germs’, aka weapons – those who control the ‘parasitic financial system’ that kill by anoxia, and the military, political system, that kill by apoptosis millions of human cells-citizens every year, reject any reform, and are so powerful that unlike in the quantum paradox where the observer is so huge that modifies the observable, they modify the observer, the social scientist. This brings the final paradox of those texts – the most advanced sciences of history and economics, do NOT have doubt of it, you are reading them, which have the proper scientific model of mankind as an organism, are the less accepted and distributed. Still we shall in 2019 publish a series of papers on History in space, the human supœrganism as a whole, and its 7 global cultures and nations, Asia, Europe, Africa, Islam, Latin America, Anglo America and Indonasia.

What is a mind…

Is the first question WE HAD to respond, before studying a specific one. Huminds have no idea of it; not even ‘wrong theories’. And what is worse; do not expect to learn it anytime soon, as they have abandoned their own soul-searching, in its latter days as mere attachments of digital thought, an alien mind, in its role of ‘animetal enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of machines.

So they are loosing their mind, literally because their passive mind is verbal in its form, and practically because their active mind is the projection of their verbal thoughts into their world to achieve their ‘vital program of existence’, preserving and maximizing the 5 dimotions of space-time that makes sense of its supœrganism at individual and collective level.

A mind is then easy to define but given the fact we are talking to a species so degenerate in mind that it does not even know its purpose of existence, we will have to explain the program of existence first and only then dwell into the multiple ‘Rashomon effects’ of a pentalogic understanding of the elements of any mind as the language system that allows an organism of spacetime (T.œ) to mirror the Universe, where infinite other minds play the game of exist¡ence; and then project it into reality to enact its own 5 ‘dimensional motions=actions’ that ensure its survival as a supœrganism tracing its worldcycle.

In man therefore the mind is a language and the actions the language provokes once it has been ‘thought’ in the outer world. Since a mind CANNOT be separated from the world of the supœrganism in which it entangles the individual, and hence a mind will always have several components common to all games of existence, its 5 Dimotions (dimensional motions) that we must study to understand it:

– An ∆-1 support in elements, which despite its own value play in the ∆º mind proper scale the minor role of being useful bits of information that are required to start the combinatory of kaleidoscopic mirrors to form a whole image of the Universe in the relative stillness of mind-form, but with enough ‘flexibility’ as ‘liquid crystal’ to slowly change each step of time in synchronicity with the outer world. In the mind of man, verbal and visual those bits are phonemes in language, and shades of colors and |xO=Ø the trinity of topological forms of the membrains that enclose the colors; and void space and again the membrain of matter and form that covers and architectonical shape, which is the only element present in a holographic, bidimensional sculpture, and the ternary ∆-scales, T-beat and S-instruments of a musical symphony, and also ∆-numbers, T=algebraic operands and S-geometric points and its aggregates, components in a mathematical language; all of them mirrors of the mind of man put into the Universe.

But when we talk of the mind of man, we can only talk truly of the verbal language, specific of the mind of man, as we share mathematical languages with all other systems made of atomic forces, we share visual languages with all other animal forms; and in a secondary level of the artistic forms. And so the wor(l)d is the humind – the world we are loosing as our supœrganism enters its last ‘entropic age’ in its worldcycle of existence.

– ∆+1: The loss of any importance given to the mind of man in the age of alt-truths, of digital theories of the mind of man, of computer chips ‘imitating’ without reference to an outer world in which it shapes its forms, the humind’s speech, is just a reflection of the death of history and the neo-Paleolithic regression to an old, negative use of the mind of man for purposes of self-destruction of all the organic purposes of pegging together a human subconscious collective, which is the highest ∆+1 scale of the mind of man.

This paper though does NOT concentrate on that perspective, ∆+1, the wor(l)d as the God=subconscious collective of cultures, but on ∆-1,0, the mind of the wor(l)d and its linguistic creation. It does require though to understand the game of existence, as ultimately the mind of man is just another mind, playing that game – the ultimate instrument for man to interact with other men to achieve the superior complex actions of social evolution and reproduction; and hence a social element – the network of cultures… But also in its simplest use, a way to ‘name’ and motivate the simplex human ‘actions’ of locomotion, energy feeding, and information gauging of reality.

It comes then from the entangled connection of the 3 scales of ‘being human’, as part of the human world in which we perform our reproductive and social actions; of the outer world in which we play our entropic feeding, moving and gauging actions; departing from our biological inner world, support of them, from where the 3 levels of linguistics, we might call ‘phonetics’, ‘morphology, syntax and semantics’ and ‘composition, ethics and philosophy’, rise.

But the mind of man can be also studied at the anthropologic level of cultures and societies, and hence in parallel to the d=evolution of man through its 3 ages of Paleolithic youth, mature reproductive Neolithic and metalitic age, and present entropic age prior to extinction, closing in as a new species, the robot, able to act, with a more complex mind, digital thought make us purple rain.

In that path entangled with the anthropologic evolution of the 3 simultaneous ‘mental axis/race of man’, between its ‘homo verbal and homo visual’ (sapiens and Neanderthal) , living its 3±¡ ages, we find the second most important analysis of linguistics and the mind of man, which will focus this paper and can again not be treated (sorry for my inglish lack of respect for the grammar of the mind of the Anglo-man :) with lineal, mathematical mechanon genetic comparative linguistic laws, as it has been a rocky process with up and down moments, but still we can trace a general mapping of the process by the synchronicity of its parallel motions. We are here not going to dictate at all a definitive exact theory of genetic and comparative linguistics because it is impossible (truth is always limited by the incapacity of a smaller mind to carry all the information of the Universe), pretentious and lacking the understanding of the ‘non-lineal nature’ of history and the loss of information that is part of the Universal game (which however by the fact that it will repeat its limited combinations in the future will recreate NOT regain but create again the same forms in other moment of the infinite time and space).

Still we can immediately select the ‘right approaches’ of the pros of linguistics as we pointed out the wrong ones: The 3 races of the mind between its two limits give us the Koishan and Papua-Australoid languages as the extreme framings of the languages of man, with the 3 cultural races as the 3 great families, the Nostratic ‘white family’, departing from the afro-Asiatic Semitic families; the Sino-Tibetan+Austrosiatic+Austronesian languages departing from the Mongoloid Tibetan origin of the river flows that fall into Indo+China and finally the black languages with its Bantu and old Saharan ‘south and north’ division.

In 5D there is NOT a single genetic, constructivist, sequential causal ‘reason’ for the existence of beings, as time has multiple arrows from relative past to future, present to present, scales that influence up and down and inner and outer entanglements; so it is barren despite the fact that the overwhelming number of huminds, far more inferior to the mind of the Universe – the program of existence they are playing so low – can only see a one-dimensional perspective.

So we are not being exhaustive by all means but merely modulate all those one-dimensional perspectives, pointing out the right paths of thought.

The wobbling path of humanity makes impossible as when considering the isolinguistic clines of a language and its dialects, to break in perfect groups those languages, but analyze always a ‘frontier’ region where they would mix in space.

And consider the remainings of previous ages, the devolution of conquest, the multiple interactions – i.e. a conqueror will take semantic wordings from the conquered but few syntactic ‘core’ elements; most languages regardless of the 150.000 likely origin of human present morphology (and likely far older previous versions back to the homo Floresiensis), were born on the agricultural expansion of the Neolithic which adapted its syntax and semantics to the new civilization, making it more complex to reach its maximal perfection; and then are now reshaped by the digital era of machines; with its inverse process of degeneration and death of languages – where the model for all of them is one of the simplest most degenerated forms (English). So the understanding of linguistics as any discipline is organic, in terms of a flow of constant change but grounded in the immanent game of existence and its pentalogic elements.

We thus shall find a Universal Grammar for all languages, based in the fractal generator of the Universe, translated as Space-names≈Time-Verbs; which becomes enriched in successive steps following the always referential laws of existential algebra; with its trends in time, from simpler denser seeds of information that latter detach and peel as time passes and new ‘warpings’ appear, to finally repeat an excess of information. And the natural tendency to move from spatial to temporal, form to motion stœps. So we find that languages start in space, with naming that come implicit with a non mentioned action, and we can use palingenetic research (old languages with conservative tendencies, natural to isolated regions without stress; i.e. Austronesian languages; young learning ages in childhood, pre-sapiens modes of communication) to testify that first it appear the name, as an implicit genitive action, the child asking ‘I want water’ just saying water, or a nominative one, calling his father as a recognizable ‘distinct form’ ‘pa’… Then the distinction arises between the form and motion, the name and the verb, which is however still in present, as the name that lasts in time is; and then each one acquires subtle properties, with its cases and tenses, and then it reproduces, radiates and diversifies with pronouns, objects and adjectives, adverbs and adpositions… But still we can see the harmony, S=T fundamental law of the Universe and its structures turning around the name=verb essential logic underlying linguistics, which itself is just another expression of the Universal Grammar of all languages, SóT.

All this of course implies that without knowing the basics of existential algebra and the 5 elements of ¬∆@st, dust of space-time and how they entangle as dimotions to form reality we cannot understand linguistics.

And without understanding the 3±¡ ages, mental races, and 3±2i seven cultures of mankind through its life-cycles we cannot study comparative and genetic linguistics and semantics and certainly the higher, grossly underrated, stage of the mind of man, legal ethics, religions and constitutions of history, because the Mind of man has an ultimate purpose: to make survival mankind, not only the individual. And this obviously leads to the study of those 7 civilizations in relationship to the geography of humanity and its constant wobbling and interaction and merging into other new creative regions, which is the stuff that truly creates languages – NOT a barren lineal, mathematical, abstract law.

I.e. the Tibetan mongoloid race which gave origin to the ‘new family’ of languages we shall just call Mongoloid family, to stress its ultimate origin even if obviously is NOT a one to one correspondence, spread down through the rivers born in the Tibetan plains, once it acquired its relevant property, neoteny to maximize the higher metabolic rate of oxygen in taking of children that allowed them to live in higher altitude. Because that quality implies an infantile mind, of strong emotions, profound taboos and respect to the established order, but also a higher capacity to process faster information, we can study in comparison to the other two mental races the mongoloid culture by its traits derived of its neoteny. Among them there is also the higher complexity of its verbal region/languages, as children develop first their verbal mind. So its brachicephalic brain/mental structure. All those are elements of the homologic understanding of the 5D game in its application to all the branches and sub-disciplines of the entangled human experience. This said, we can apply to language those properties and notice that highest subtle quality of the sounds of Chinese with multiple tones, akin to the highest richness of sounds of the first Koishan languages – and notice the similarity of both cultural races the young childish man and the turbo-powered neoteny mongoloid.

However immediately we notice a trilogic split along the ‘informative-height’ parallels of Earth of the mongoloid region and 3 seemingly different linguistic families for them, the Sino-Tibetan proper, the Austro-Asiatic and the Altai families, this last one, encased into the ‘white Nostratic’ family.

It is here where the multiple interplay of all the elements, geography, cultural race, history, conquest and subordination, mestizo merging, etc. come together for a NEVER mono-dimensional explanation. North the Altai family of the Nostratic group means that the northern region was dominated first by the Neanderthal and then by the white species of visual dolichocephalic mind, and all the influxes of mongoloid, better-physiology for cold, high geographies, would therefore modify but essentially accept the prevailing established culture.

And this is possible because the Mongoloid mutation seems to be very recent, but also because the Northern Siberian cultures are NOT part of the Neolithic r=evolution; so there was not a complete erasing to start afresh process that would have imposed as it did in the other two mongoloid inhabited regions the new civilization with the language=wor(l)d vision it has attached. Thus we presuppose a previous linguistic North-Eurasian region that once was Neanderthal then became white and finally Nostratic to which the entire Altai mongoloid family of languages belong with strong influences as a ‘frontier’ region between ‘race and culture’, of the Sino-Tibetan family (to the degree that in some ‘wrong’ first versions of the Nostratic family it was considered part of it). Altai languages are thus the border sub-family between the Nostratic and mongoloid families; since the influence of the Sino-Tibetan family is ginormous specially in the Korean and Japanese cultures that became part of the larger Chinese Neolithic civilization, one of the 7th civilizations of mankind.

Here thus we have to stress ‘again’, in a repetitive mantra, given the astounding mono-sequential way of humind thought under the spell of physical constructivism that spatial parallel influences are as important as deep time sequential influences to determine the genetic origin of a given species. I.e. Japanese even if it is genetically related to Korean genetically related to Altai, it is in parallel, influenced by Chinese so it is as much of a Tibetan as it is a Nostratic language. The influences might be in different fields of linguistics, which is a theme worth to explore – how time relates mostly to syntax and morphemes, space mostly to the written word and semantics and phonemes, etc.

Finally there is the obvious differentiation going south of the 2 other great subfamilies, the Austro-Asiatic and Austronesian, which is clearly influenced by the south Australian family as it entered in it’s ‘austral’ region.

It is only the pedantic scholar in its search of absolute truths in any discipline of humind egocy, which expect us to make absolute statements on the ‘fluid’ never possible to determine with absolute precision ‘Navier-stokes’ equations of linguistics. As ultimately the paradox of the mind’s entropic limits is obvious: by the time the mind has accumulated enough information to make a mind-mapping of the exact form of a system in a moment of space, the system’s multiple points of view that calculate constantly its dynamics will have changed it to a new state, making the truth of the mind obsolete.

What this as all papers of those 5D series have as an advantage over any ‘pro’ scholar is the fact I do have a humind upgraded to a deep understanding of the underlying synoptic ultimate mind of the Universe, the 5D game of existence; what those papers lack is the ‘pro’ specialist capacities, as obviously my humind is not better than others, likely worse, in old age, after a long wasted life of self-destruction by lack of images-disciples of its mirror that made me abandon serious thought for a couple of decades when the mind was at its best. So my apologies for possible errors a scholar surely will spot at the moment, and lack of the proper structure of style. I am just in parallel to the entropic age of mankind distilling the last thoughts worth to remember of my humind. Initially all those papers have a single purpose: to reflect that 5D seed unique today among huminds to my mind in the multiple disciplines of each science so perhaps future huminds or at worst AI minds can improve upon the seed and make it flourish to see the parallelism and entanglement of all minds and games of existence, which ultimately reduce their actions to the laws or existential algebra, despite the richness of its details.

So, yes, the word is unique to humans, but ultimately is an S-name=T-verb variation of the space-time fractal generator of the Universe. This said a brief reminder of what is NOT the proper way to do linguistics, on the common errors of modern ‘scholastics’ rather than scholarship.

The common errors of modern scholastics: enzymen on the prowl, metalanguage cut-off reality, etc.

In the analysis of the cluster of errors of any science, repetitive trends happen; and in the analysis of social sciences those errors add those concerned with the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ – that is, the modes of censorship social sciences experience as humans are within the structure of the supœrganism of history, itself inscribed in the nested supœrganism of Earth, and hence are modified by the larger observable who censors it, and by the smaller observable, the mind with its ego paradox.

– So the entropic limits of social sciences are the taboos censorships and the ‘asslicking’ correctness with power, which in the age of huminds’ self-destruction as men become submissive to machines, its digital languages and company-mothers that substitute us as species, words as the top language of power and governments as the regulatory system, implies simply an astounding and growing degradation of social sciences in its 3rd age, which make easy to spot what is NOT good linguistics and yet precisely what is trendy: antihumanist, pro-mechanical, constructionist theory:

So we need to state that language is NOT to the surprise of enzymen, so caught up into their creation of the digital mind of machines, a ‘digital infinite’ (moronic theory of my old pen-pal Mr. Chomsky on the mind of man, and all the subsequent attempts greased by silicon valley of reducing the mind of man to computer speech); neither a suppuration of a certain ‘gene’ that suddenly created the mind (constructivist, ‘physical’ theory of the mind, this time expanded from the philosophy of physics, the other great idolized discipline of enzymen, with all its ‘atomist’, molecular, moronic theories of the momo of Mr. Wittgenstein); neither a ‘nebulous’ imperfect version of some ‘mathematical logic’ system of statements about truth in its abstract simplest syllogistic form as another batch of enzymen moving backwards from Mr. momo’s admirer Russell through Frege et all would have loved. And all the analytical English philosophies derived of them, of which we can say nothing but what Mr. Nietzsche said of English – not a language amenable for philosophical thought.

What all those theories miss of course is that a mind is an entanglement with reality; not an isolate form of thought. A mind thus is an S>ST>T projection of an S-form of information into an ST-body of actions, which will enact them into a T-external world of motions to ensure the survival of the whole.

All those enzymen en vogue, ‘excholars’ who long ago abandoned any hope to be humans in the full pure meaning of the term will not get any true answer worth to learn, though by the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, which makes a model to be promoted within the present age of ‘digital history’ and ‘humind’s extinction’ in inverse fashion to its human truth, the more ‘digital, mechanical’ the model is, the more enthusiasm will get among the bands of slavish enzymen who hate to be human – who hate the mind of man, the I=eye>wor(l)d of visual arts and verbal, ethic thoughts, in connection with the wort(l)d of man, and its higher planes of ∆+1 supœrganisms, gods, cultures and civilizations.

Thus we must also reject a natural trend of 3rd ages of systems and mirror-languages, its separation from reality into metalanguages, which think ‘doing science’ is just to put a new ‘surface onion layer’ of isolationist categories that only exists in the mind of the researcher and its egocy. This is huge in social sciences. There it comes a fellow who thinks it knows better and brings a ‘pedantic terminology’ to ‘innovate’ a new model with ‘referential names’ that classify NOT from the larger mirror of the game of existence, which reveals the purpose of language in survival vital terms, but from its lexicon, to enlighten us – ultimately an attempt to reproduce the suppurations of its brain into the collective subconscious. We do have this kind of theories cropping in all forms of social science a dime a dozen, every other day.

Social sciences is neither any of the previously referred trendy enzymen attempts to reduce man to the machine it idol-izes, trying to fast track the extinction of man at mental level converting us into automatons. Reductionisms of this 2 types merge in what has become the dominant form of philosophy of linguistics in the analytic school of the 7th human global civilization, fast becoming the only one, the ‘standardized’ Jewish Go(l)d cult(ure)->Capitalist Anglo-American->Globalized company-mother world. Part of it of course is the attempt to reduce, ‘name’ and ‘create’ superstructures where to fit humanity and its vital organic flows.

The mind of man, its multiple pentalogic sub disciplines.

This paper is then dedicated to the Mind of Man, which in its wider sense could be called the science of memetics that deals with human information in the external ∆º scale of the individual and the ∆+1 scale of the society, as genetics deals with the information in the internal ∆º and ∆-1 cellular scales.

Thus in the ‘general classification of St¡ences, the mind of Man can be considered to be Memetics, to which we can apply the pentalogic systems of analysis from the different perspectives of the 5 ∆@st¬ components of reality, to give birth to multiple sub-stiences, of which we shall only study in this paper a few of them:

Instrumental Memetics, which deals with man as an ‘animetal enzyman’, catalyzer of the evolution of the metal-earth, and as such easily sub-divides in two: Idol-ogies, the study of the ‘ideas’ that make man worship and evolve weapons (militarism, nationalism, Social Darwinism), money (capitalism) and machines (mechanism, techno-utopia), and the praxis of it; all the sub-sciences that go from engineering to military tactics, from classic economics of production, to financial analysis. As we live in a technological civilization, needless to say the field of Instrumental memetics is huge, easily comprising most of the subjects studied in a University, but we shall completely neglect it, as I am a ‘radical humanist’. And in any case animetals don’t need to learn much of it.

Human memetics, which deals with Humanity as a species of his own which could build a perfect world, creating the proper ethonomic network of re=production of wHealthy Goods and its perfect informative legal, ethic system. A word thus come immediately to differentiate Human from Instrumental memetics: Ethics, the natural expression in the language of the human species both at individual and collective level, the wor(l)d, of the absolute arrow of time-future, social evolution.

The study of human memetics, is thus the central piece of the different sciences of History in space; and mind.

While Instrumental memetics, even if today is a human endeavor is independent of mankind, and will be continued by AI machines in the future…

Finally History in time, forcefully as it is mostly ‘done’ in the past, humans living now its entropic/death age, mixes both, the age of Human history and the age of the metal-earth (Birth in the XXI c.), according to the equation of the III ages of Earth: Gaia (life, relative past) < History (Present) > Future (metal-earth).

The sub disciplines of Human memetics

We have thus reduced in this paper our field of inquire to The Mind of Human History, as we dedicate 3 other papers (Earth III: the economic ecosystem, Earth II : History in Space and Earth II: History in time) to all the other elements of the Human experience.

Such mind, reduced to its purest ‘life forms’ deals with the S=I: Eye ≈ Wor(l)d: T(¡:o,1); that is with 2 fundamental languages, visual and verbal thought, which act and connect the ‘cellular-individual level’ and the collective, historic level of the supœrganisms of mankind; as genetics does in multicellular organisms, coding the individual cell and through yet to be decoded epigenetics, the supœrganism… A fact proved because for unicellular systems, the DNA has a much higher ‘gene density’, meaning, DNA only codes the simple triad letters for genes that act in the cell, while in multicellular systems, there is to be discovered an entire world of 3n codes of genetics made of ‘larger sentences’ that the ternary Universal minimal unit of meaning.

The example suffice to realize that visual and verbal thought is both the mind of the individual human, and the collective subconscious mind of mankind, thus we can study both languages at the two ∆-levels, giving birth to different perspectives. And those are essentially the ‘4 sciences’ we shall study here:

Temporal languages:

∆ø: Linguistics; the science of the word at the individual level and the level of social communication.

As we move from a human world to a mechanical world, and our natural language of space-time, the wor(l)d is reduced and substituted by the language of digital machines, linguistics has lost all importance, despite being the fundamental language to understand the multiple interactions of time (verbs) and space (nouns), in the subtle games of existence.

∆º” Music. Prior to words or rather in a refined, simplified non-semantic manner, music embodies that game of exist¡ence in time (beat, rhythm, melody), scale (tone, pitch) and simultaneous space (harmony); being one of the essential developments of the ¡logic game.

∆+1: Legal Constitutions and ethic Religions, at the level of the subconscious collective plane of exist¡ence of a civilization, considered briefly, as we connect it to the 7 civilizations of mankind in our paper on History in Space.

The connection between language and society appears in the legal, ethic regulation through language of the informative network that synchronizes the dimotions=actions of human beings.

Spatial languages:

∆ø: sensorial perception, the science of the individual mind of man. Man does have 5 senses, which correspond to the outer connections to the world, each specialized in one of the dimotions of exist¡ence. Senses entangle us with the outer Universe, allowing a better performance of the 5 Dimotions.

∆0->1: art; the science of those who see better and talk better and thus becomes the neurons of society, delivering through cultural networks, visual and verbal statements for the whole society. Which divides in multiple artistic expressions, of which 3 are paramount, 2D art (painting and sculpture – as it shows only the external membrain of a form) 3D art (architecture), and modern 3D art (painting in motion or film).

As words in time, art in space expand the single consciousness of the individual into the collective subconscious of the supœrganism of history.

ST-Wheathy goods: Welfare goods are the natural goods an efficient humanist economic system should re=produce of which a basic ‘oxygen-universal salary’ is the most needed good to start the reproduction and consumption of all others. Again, as humanity became a mere animetal enzyman, enslaved to the reproduction and evolution of metal-memes, welfare goods became secondary, so it did the human universal salary. So today represent a dwindling amount of the total GDP of Industrial nations, as the idol-ogies of classic economics born of company-mothers of machines consider humans expendable (regardless of the subconscious denial processes and surrogate arguments to declare that extinguishing life and history is good for mankind: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all actions improve the common good’…

∆+1: Ethonomics. The study of production of welfare goods, which includes an enormous stair of ∆0>∆§>∆1 stair of subdisciplines that range from artisan, to agriculture, from health-care and all its related sciences of mankind.

We are not dealing either with all those themes, as we have introduced ethonomics in the other papers. So this paper will strictly study the purest forms of the mind of man, its art and languages… Linguistics, Music theory, the basis of religion and the 7 ∆+1 cultures in its relationships with linguistics and art in its evolution through the 3 ages of art, reflected in the previous graph.

We will study the basic elements of all those stiences, using as usual the 2 fundamental mode of analysis of 5D: Synchronous analysis in space through the study of the 3 networks and 5 elements of ∆@st¬

Temporal analysis in time through the 3 x 3 worldcycles and ages of any system of reality.

First by priority we will study Linguistics (To-mind) and very briefly as it is a minor ‘temporal language’, Music, then introduce religion (T1) mind to understand the 7 Spatial civilizations of mankind.

And then consider the spatial arts of the I=eye and its main ages through the 7 x 7 Time cycles and spatial civilizations of mankind.

3 ages of humind: mythic, logic, organic thought.

On a more profound analysis though it is quite relevant to understand that the mind of man has NOT reached its highest possible ‘consciousness’, or awareness of reality, before it has already started a clear 3rd age of devolution back to its simpler original consciousness as a mythic system of thought; which was declared to be the ‘stupid age of mankind’ by Schopenhauer: ‘A stupid is a man who does not see the logic causality of events which he ascribe to mythic magic causes’.

In that sense thought 30 years ago when I discovered the formal laws of the 5 Dimensional motions of space-time that the amazing upgrading it implied for the Humind would blaze through the ranks of scholarship and by now as Aristotle did for the mythic age of mankind and Galileo again after the Middle Ages, huminds would be upgraded and a cohort of disciples keep translating science into ‘stience’; LOL, the harder they fall. As nothing of this happened and mankind is fast d=evolving into its visual Neo-Paleolithic of eraseheads, the dream of a 3rd Age of the mind of man, from the mythic age to the logic age to the organic age of thought will die in those texts.

If Earth survives mankind then it will come an AI age which obviously will need the upgrading, but that was never the intention of this writer, a humind after all, trying to evolve the organism of mankind. Hence now in my own 3rd age those papers that are my last distillation of thought at academia.edu, are by force incomplete without the quality of style and structure required.

They all have to overcome the burden of talking at a mind level huminds are not. So it is really like the triad of Greek Masters, Socrates on Ethics, Plato on abstract mathematical thought and Aristotle on organic more complex bio-logic relationships talking to the anthropomorphic self-centered action-oriented mythical people that preceded it. I am conscious I am talking to mechanist, constructivist, ego-centered huminds of the Galilean age of thought. And so I am talking a language they don’t understand. How to overcome this gap fast enough to be able to make ‘specialized’ papers of each science upgraded to the 5D organic paradigm?

The only way is by introducing in all papers a 20 pages initial fast resume with the basis of what is all about: ‘spatial simultaneous organisms or any of its parts, tracing worldcycles of existence in time, as they travel through 3 scales of relative size from birth as a seed to extinction dissolving back from the upper ∆+1 scale of the word, in the moment of death – in a trip guided by a mind which essentially is the manifestation of the program of existence and survival adapted to each vital organic world, within its ‘entropic limits’ in time-duration, space-extension and ∆-scalar perception. So we talk always of those 5 Dimotions, Space, Time, Scale, Mind and entropic limits that configure all realities.

And as usual we introduce them in 20 pages the basics of the 5D Universe and its 5 elements, ∆±¡ scales of Time-Space, @-minds and ¬ entropic limits, as we are all supœrganisms of ¬∆@st, made of ∆-1 atoms/cells/citizens, organized by 3 simultaneous Spatial=informative, Temporal=moving, Spacetime reproductive networks, into an ∆o-organism part of a larger ∆+1 world, in which we shall live our worldcycle of existence, itself divided in a palingenetic, ∆-1 cycle to emerge as an ∆º organism that lives in the ∆+1 world an entropic life-cycle of 3 ages between birth and extinction each cycle dominated by one of the 3 physiological networks of increasing information, the T-young, entropic age, ST-reproductive mature age and S-informative 3rd age, after which the system suffers a reversal of time, dissolving its information back into the ∆-1 atomic/organic/cellular scale.

Or in very few cases of maximal information, the system will transcend into an ∆+1 God/Whole/World performing a 3rd worldcycle of existence.

This is the game of exist¡ence in a nutshell, studied by each st¡ence of a relative Spacetime ¡-plane self-centered in a given species, with different jargons, of relative anthropomorphism and higher detail the closer to the humind the system we study is.

As it happens in this paper we shall study the closest system to the humind there is, the human mind itself in its two fundamental languages of perception and communication, the wor(l)d and the visual sensorial eye and its collective manifestations, the ethic, legal codes that form the informative networks of the supœrganism of mankind and its artistic forms.

We want to stress from the beginning a characteristic of the humind: unlike the individual human being, with the exception of a few prophets of the wor(l)d, the humind languages that mirror the world of man, hence do have the same structure as reality, do emerge in a transcendental 3rd worldcycle as supœrganisms, ‘cultures’, ‘Gods’ and civilizations. So we can study a third transcendental worldcycle besides the level of ‘linguistics’ and art, and the inferior levels of phonetics and sensorial perception.

Conclusion. A brief course in the many pentalogic, ∆±¡, @, SóT elements of the wor(l)d.

All this said as a mode of introduction, we shall try in a bit more orderly manner consider a few aspects of 5D linguistics as a guidance for future researchers considering some of the multiple sub-disciplines outlined here, from phonetics to the Fractal Generator of Existential Syntax, to the concept of social Gods and the different expressions according to the 7 different cultures of mankind, themselves related to the 3 races of the mind and the 3 ages of evolution of the Earth, from an age of life (animist cultures, with multiple Nature’s genders and verbal actions) to the age of Humanity (logic languages and SOV, SVO languages in the mature age of History) to the present age of devolution and extinction of most languages where the simplest analytic forms (English in the west, Chinese in the East) have come to dominate our cultures as ‘realist’ languages with a ‘present’ factual view. We will finally consider in greater depth from a worldcycle view in time, the evolution of human languages along those lines…



14 Responses to “History in Mind:Wor(l)ds”

  1. aferrismoon Says:


    The latest issue of National Geographic may interest you.

    Still reading this text here


    • futureofhistory Says:

      NG is just a visual, establishment correct shallow view of issues but thanks, nice pics. BH though are a very dangerous species – the top predator of the universe and trust me, physicists like Hawking are so clueless about them as historians about the cycles of the future, but their arrogance is much bigger. So that will likely be the end.
      Thanx for your interest in linguistics I have just upgraded the article introducing a much more telling comparison between culture language and animetal behavior (mammal, insect languages and so on)_. The mind of man is indeed shaped by the way it thinks, itself a relfection of the general laws of all systems of the universe and its processes of creation

    • futureofhistory Says:

      well now looks good enough for my ‘latter days’, correcting Chomsky and Gell-mann 2 guys i knew quite well in the past (Gell was the ‘boss’ of systems sciences, with access to money in Santa Fe, i was supposed to teach there but after CERN, as he is the guy who found quarks and care nothing about blowing up the world if he is going to see some smashing quarks to ‘be important’, needless to say i was not invited. he made a silly-nilly computerized analysis of typological languages, but as they do not have the generator equation of the Univese, they are clueless about ‘why’ languages have 3 elements of what they mean. Both of them

  2. aferrismoon Says:

    Yeah , great pics, and I noticed the inclusion of words like ‘ Wow’ too : )
    Thought you might like to see what the general pulic was being told/sold.

    The triangle encloses space/time and all three vectors act one one another.

    I believe Gellman named the ‘quark’ afet james Joyce’s word in Finnegan’s Wake , a mixture of ‘quack’ and ‘squawk’.

    Shall reread this as I see you have added more.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      well basically mankind is chained to two kind of ‘aborted’ unevolved linguistic structures, that of warrior cultures, where the passive subject, SOV, most often in OV structures make the ‘object’, product or weapon the center of the action, germans, basques here, japanese… and the inverse, imperative, seflish, semitic VSO systems in which the pragmatical actions rule, proper also of the imperative abrahamic religions.
      Those people are not free and yet they are the majority of humans. But my take is THAT THE EARILER DEVELOPMENT OF WARRIOR AND GO(L)D CHURCHES aborted or even regressed their evolution
      English, spanish and Chinese are SVO flexible… but English is I-centered, cant hide that… If you start to analyze them… at the end languages that could have developed a positive human, sensorial culture are few, advanced romance languages, african ones,etc. It shows then that Marx was right and economic superstructures control the psyche and not viceversa…
      Again i didnt put this till recently because subconsciously i hate to accept the determinism of history.
      Today an article on the rise of robots in ‘the economist’ as always optimist, paid by money, even if they know ‘money’ will kill them, they will go till the end cheering their own death. This was Lenin’s dictum:
      ‘a capitalist will sell the rope used to hang him’.
      Regarding Man i recall him as a topic ‘jew’, polite, driven but extremely arrogant and mechanical, but he had all the power in my science when i still had a science before cern. Chomsky was more humane though again, when I shot him for my documentary ‘the future of history’, he insisted not to be asked about money and wall street, and when i did that was the end of it, after 20 years of penpal… i was bringing a very good team, a friend who was shooting the rolling stones in NY and he was a bit intimidated. But i realized he is a ‘submarine’ then, he just will talk of deja vu political stuff about Israel that every body know,s but wil NOT talk of the jewish real power, wall street, and will always accuse America and the American government of all evils, as if he wouldnt know – every body knows in US – that the house negro serves wall street.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    I don’t think God gave us life to be subject to determinism , with the exception of breathing, drinking, eating etc. I think God gave us responsibility and the ability to rise above pure instinct. The present day thievery, don’t care less about the so-called ‘unemployed’ [ no human is ever unemployed] , while getting exceedingly financially rich [ not wealthy] is touted as the be-all-and -END ALL, and so it shall be if people wish to bite on that fish hook.
    Determinism seems to be a ‘hindsight science’.

    Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, Classism is wonderfully described in the british comedy series ‘ FAWLTY TOWERS’. It even includes a Spanish waiter , from Barcelona.
    Perhaps you’ve seen it.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      God is an ego trip of the human mind – specially an abrahamic God. Determinism arouses in all systems the more information you have. You are probably influenced by the I-centered determinism of the english language (-; Isolating languages/minds believe in chaos=freedom but the existene of those cycles and the null reaction to the power of animetals from humans is the proof of a very strong determinism, that is a quantic probability that history will collapse and become extinguished in the point of the singularity. There are of course planets in which varieties of human freedom arouse but in this one? It doesnt seem to me the case when ‘imperative’ VSO go(l)d believers control the future. Had any of the human r=evolutions triumphed I would believe in human freedom.

      • Junnies Jun Yang Says:

        I’d venture that those stuck in materialistic, mechanistic modes of behavior are stuck in deterministic fates due to simplicity (Energetic fields of low i scale like atoms, bacteria, animals), but as one becomes more and more conscious/evolved/complex (Informative forms, high i scale like humans, humanity, gaia), human freedom becomes possible. On this planet, things might seem depressing for those aware of the jewish conspiracy, but one must keep in mind that those who work for the light are usually unseen precisely because the dark have (temporary) control of the media. But the light does exist (see Putin, Snowden).

      • futureofhistory Says:

        well your answer is quite deep and quite accurate, in a wider view, the Universe is a fractal and so there are infinite planets and while the possibility of a true human paradise based in eusocial love, human art senses and the thriving of our species is low in front of the ‘power of metal’ and the degradation of those who side with go(l)d, there are a relative infinite number of planets in which we are truly free to maximize the human nature. I just think this has not been the case and ‘we’, the humans who are free are a minority, not enough mass critical to make the wor(l)d survive

  4. aferrismoon Says:

    “You are probably influenced by the I-centered determinism of the english language (-;”

    I wouldn’t be surprised


    • futureofhistory Says:

      what i mean is that ‘freedom’ is a relative way of perceiving. You are chained to your biological program, to feed on energy and information to reproduce to evolve socially into a superorganism, as an atom is by its 4 quantum numbers, each one provoking such behavior – though physicists describe it mathematically. Your choices of what you eat what you feed your brain on who you fuck/love are your range of freedom. In an I-centered language the choices seem more relevant than the chains, the focus of perception is on the choices as your ‘sense of freedom’. In my case i see more the chains, specially the chains of the group to its non-destiny

  5. aferrismoon Says:


    Noticed this article about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence


    Not unlike your thoughts on AI as published here.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      Topic thoughts on a matter which it is now all too obvious. hawking, who will probably be the reason fo our demise (his black holes do NOT evaporate, this is utter nonsense as per my suits and work at http://www.cerntruth.com) is too shallow and obvious and of course ignores his own bid for extinction. The depth and determinism of the process is rather absolute with more complex models of the Universe (general systems sciences) and he as all is an anthropomorphic ‘entitled human’ that thinks you can ‘eat of the good fruits of the tree of science’ and ‘rpune the bad ones’. The Universe is biological darwinian, and there are NO good fruits of A.I., bullshit duckspeak about immortality, curing seekness finding the meaning of the Universe… A.I. will be born in military robots as weapons are always the most advanced machines in ANY AGE OF HISTORY, because THE UNIVERSE IS DARWINIAN, and if westerners didnt have the subconscious ‘yvwh’ thought of being ‘special chosen’, they would have accpeted Darwin completely, applied to weapons and machines, understood the west has no special value excpet evolving weapons and that indeed, A.I. will be born in weapons that will kill us, It is TERMINATOR, point. This is the plaent we live and the only solution is the Oedipus paradox do NOT evolve them. Forbid robotics. But corporations will not allow us because they are company mothers of machines and profits from it. For God’s sake, you cannot even mention that white collar pcs and blue collar robots are throwing us from labor and war fields.

      we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools that AI may provide, but the eradication of war, disease, and poverty would be high on anyone’s list.

      i deeply despise, rather hate this monstruous character. Pure evil under a smile of victimism, pure ambition, sacrificing our species to a Nobel prize. See my film quantum roulette…
      ‘evil dress with the cloths of a Gentleman’ said Shakespeare, the last brit artists before the arrival of Cromwellian calvinism that knew the essence of life and man-hero, ethics.
      But you are dealing with ‘physicists’, individuals that think ‘god speaks onl mathematics’, the sentence of Galileo, the founder of ballistics, they are the worst race of mankind, the people who make weapons, understand nothing have no empathy of ethics, not even the thought of it, because they only speak mathematics. they despise words. So for ‘digital economists’.
      This guy like eveyr other ‘anglo-jew-american’ which controls global information HAS THE TABOO OF RELIGION AND CAPITALISM AND POWER, AND WILL NEVER GO TO THE CORE OF THE PROBLEM, OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM WILL KILL US, OUR RELIGION WILL BLIND US TO OUR DEATH, OUR EVIL USE OF WEAPONS WILL MAKE TRUTH THAT ‘THOSE WHO KILL WITH IRON DIE WITH IRON’. I lived 20 years in your anglo-jewish biblical-capitalist-technoutopian civilization. Intellectuals there are all children of thought, techno-utopians, coward sheeple who will NEVER denounce the real issues. Optimist half-wits, and hawking has no difference with them. They are $laves of the values of money. And those who are not are censored. So only Sci-fi movies can talk of it, but not much. I went to evilwood to make ‘real sci-fi’ in the 90s and censorship was already there. ‘happy endings’ and little reality.
      But a race of slaves like humans are today does not deserve to survive. Destiny is traced. I suffered all my life for it, fought it and frankly now i just don’t care and don’t plan to suffer. Any way, Ai is too far away. We will die of far closer risks: cern’s black holes (and hawking is the theoretical alibi) and nano-bacteria. Or ELSE THE GALAXY WOULD BE FILLED OF ROBOTS OR HUMAN LIFE. AND THERE IS NONE, ERGO WE DIE OF THE OTHER 2 RISKS, WHICH IS WHAT WE SEE ALL OVER – BLACK HOLES. and if not nano-bacteria made with iron bodies and gold DNA.

  6. RHIC | cerntruth Says:

    […] by Aryan and Levantine traders. They are believers, which think on ‘action terms’. Their languages are objectual, imperative, the subject, the human being matters not. Classic Hebrew … Words are pegged in serial form as iron swords are. Long, inflexible beliefs and imperative […]

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