2 paths of future: r=evolution or extinction


The singularity Age of Cosmic bombs, nano-bacteria and Robots means the Final evolution of machines and the extinction of life and history. Only politicians can avoid it, if they take control of the economic ecosystem, forbid robotics, create ¥€$ money to credit a sustainable economy, and widen the power of supranational institutions, creating a ‘World Union’.

Those 3 minimal measures to diminish the evolution and reproduction of ‘selfish metal-memes’ and its symbiotic ideologies, capitalism (the ideology of reproduction of money without limits), mechanism (the ideology of evolution of machines without limit) and nationalism (the ideology of evolution and reproduction of weapons without limit), could avert our demise as a species. But they imply a r=evolution of our present memetic social structure, with little probability. Still it is needed to dream. Because the future has only two paths:  It is either r=evolution or extinction, according to the two possible outcomes of the main law of Economic ecosystems, the Smith-Darwin-Marx Paradox.

It is possible to create the World Union?

Prohibition of robotics; a new global currency, ¥€$ money, and diplomatic integrations towards a ‘world union’, is the triad of receipts to avoid the last cold war and arms race, the destruction of the welfare state and the human goods needed for man to survive, and the creation of a global super-organisms.

In our posts, we create the ‘theoretical ideal’ – the world union, but lesser measures that limit the evolution of robotics and end the ‘war in terror’, which should be fought with police and Intelligence and diplomatic measures, not used as a excuse to build up Keynesian Militarism – are 3 musts to avoid our demise.

there is also a 3rd avenue towards r=evolution, if our politicians dont act: a r=evolution of the people, a 1 million march, which instead of creating a neo-fascist government, as it will likely do if business as usual proceeds in the 3rd Kondratieff crash, it creates a World Union, a true democracy. It is obvious that an armed march over Washington will happen in the future, if business as usual proceeds, as it happened in Europe during the 2nd Kondratieff crash (rome, berlin march). What would be an astonishing reversal of History is that the final outcome of all periods of massive speculation and ruin of the middle classes doesn’t destroy further the planet with an age of glbal war and fascism but brings a true scientific approach to the management of history and economics with a social r=evolution of the people and a true science of history.

Today humans do not control and regulate history for their own profit. Those who try to control history do so from a racial, tribal perspective that ends causing the cycles of action-reaction, of wars and holocausts, described in this book. But there is not a Global Policy created to improve the future of the human species as a whole. This happens also in the political arena, where all what the left/humanist parties make is erased by the right/ mechanist parties. Yet only a single organism, with a single party/ head is an efficient organism, able to survive and control theeconomic ecosystem of machines, the species rival of mankind in this planet.

If our leaders could evolve and understand the social laws of the Universe, we have proposed the theoretical solutions to the extinction of mankind during the Age of the singularityBut for that,they must change their chip, their frame of mind, their hidden agenda of personal greed and national tribalism, for a wider view of mankind as a single species and put the collective human organism not the individual, as the goal of their agenda.

They need to fusion governments and markets, within a world government, guided by the Human Constitution. National presidents should legislate to inforce that Constitution in the World Union, financial houses and stockrats, should manipulate Stock credit to foster Human Goods and armies should destroy machines to achieve the limits of the Human Constitution (Minimal metal goods).The concept is not to change so much the people in power, but the ideology that guides them, from a go(l)d religion that makes machines the center of the world to a Humanist one that makes life the measure of all things. This book is not a call to a war and holocaust against human beings but against mechanist ideologies carried by many of them.

Of course, without ‘actors’ able to transform society, those theoretical solutions remain an impossible dream. So we considered in this web also the 3 ‘scales’ of organic power that could change the world. On top, a refunded UNO, an Asimovian Foundation, a scholarship of scientists of history, of doctor-politicians and social scientists, converted into bio-historians, akin to the characters of the Foundation trilogy, which could manage scientifically history for the betterment of man.

Among which we have highlighted a ‘Foundational Mule’, a triad of world presidents, ‘Hoe’, (Hu Jintao+Obama+Mr. Europe).

Below them, our 3×1000 men, those who today have global power in the 3 networks of the planetary organism—the networks of cultural information (digital scientists and verbal celebrities & priests), the networks of economical reproduction (stockrats) and the networks of energetic action (politicians and military dictators). And in the bottom of the pyramid, the mass of human beings, which are already converted, ‘naturally’, to the drives of biological beings. This mass of human beings is, contrary to belief, the wisest of the 3 scales, since it has less exposure to the millennial myths of animetal castes and mechanist science of our leadership. One of those 3 classes should revolve or they will all die.

There is no alternative to such r=evolution. Since ‘business cycle as usual’ means our extinction in the next decades, either by the Energetic or the Reproductive singularity, born in the IV cycle of machines.  In a Free market, in the economic ecosystem – a jungle of machines – the laws of evolution will cast aside the human being, unless legal, urgent measures are taken by governments against the machines of the age of the singularity.

Because electronic money has multiplied ‘ad nauseam’ with the new advances of speculative computing, it has lost value, provoking a crash of the financial system. To avoid a self-similar crash of ¥€$ money the World Union must control, tax and limit the free reproduction of stock-money and financial Instruments. Because robotics and computer software provokes a massive wave of blue and white collar unemployment, we need to control the evolution of chips that fuels both sectors, limiting budgets in Universities and establishing a global alliance of chip-makers that, obliged by law, would halt the evolution and patents on new chips, before the arrival of the Nano-bacteria singularity. Because Nuclear energy is crossing the threshold of Cosmic Bombs, we need to cancel all experiments with quark matter.

Those types of measures and our idealized caste of global politicians, the Biohistorians, will be confronted by financial and electronic companies that might use its lobbies, scholar myths, ‘ad hominem’ campaigns and monetary power to destroy the r=evolution. For that reason it is also necessary to nationalize the main outlets of mass-media, its television networks. It is not a measure against Freedom of ‘speech’, which as the name indicates is Freedom of ‘verbal speech’ that should not be controlled, but a biological measure of control of the rival metal-mind that is erasing with ‘fiction’ our verbal mind.

So far politicians ‘completely ignore’ the tition between the human brain and the metal-brain (chips, TV-cameras) and believe the placebo lies of abstract economists, working for companies. Thus, they do nothing to control the future evolution of the ‘tree of science’ for the benefit of mankind. On the contrary, they are controlled by mass-media information and corrupted by the money of those companies, so they abandon the mass of human citizens and ally themselves with those companies.

The very same fact that the cause of unemployment, the robotic revolution, is today, one year into the crisis, totally ignored, as it has been for decades, except in the field of prophetic art (science-fiction films such as Terminator or Matrix), shows to which degree mankind has become dependant on their machines and lost all perspective about the biological relationships of symbiosis and tition that have always existed between both species. This is not new, nor has it happened naturally. It is due to a systematic repression by those who have financial and industrial power of any ‘Luddite’ criticism of machines. The first Luddites were hanged in the outskirts of Liverpool. Today this is no longer needed. We have come to internalize this dependence so much that essentially the issue more pressing today to save history—the tition between men and machines—is never mentioned. Since economists and scientists have built, since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, a ‘newspeak’ of capitalism and mechanism, an abstract language that hides the biological truths of machines.

The very essence of the process that destroys jobs and replaces them with machines, the increasing re=productivity of factories, is today the dogma that guides the policies of economists, politicians and companies alike. Yet nobody explains to the people that ‘re=productivity’ is synonymous of ‘unemployment’. Since it merely means to increase the proportion of capital and machines, diminishing the number of workers, which in turn produce more ‘per capita’ with those machines. Infinite re=productivity is almost reached in robotic factories in Japan.

So GM with more workers ‘per capital’ crashes, because it cannot compete with robotic, self-reproductive companies. The end of it, during the IV cycle of the singularity that now starts, is the end of blue collar and white collar labor, substituted by robots and chips. Obviously if people knew this, politicians would not approve productivity. Yet economists only consider productivity and labor from the perspective of profits. So companies, which know that better machines mean higher profits, as workers are costly, have paid for decades ‘scholars’, who churn ‘reports’ in ‘think tanks’, with the myopic view that profits for their companies and stock-holders, justify the extinction of labor. While citizens have bought the idea that to compete with machines is the best for mankind. This is absurd. Workers cannot compete with evolving robots.

The goal of the economic system is to improve the life of all humans. Yet we live in a technological civilization, where Fromm’s technological ethics that allows any machine to be constructed, even if it destroys us all, is the ethics of our world. We believe progress is no longer human progress but the evolution of machines. This attitude must change. We must return to the ethics of a human civilization or else, perish to the new race of machines.

If there were a will to survive, the world could be saved easily. It is not impossible. It is just a problem of a society that doesn’t reason but ‘believe’ in old memes from a primitive, anthropomorphic mythic age about the sciences of history and Economics.

In fact, it was more difficult to create a ‘New World Order’, the present dictatorship of financial markets and corporations, and the determination of the believers in capitalism, have achieved it.. Since, despite what people perceive, there is already a Wor(l)d Union of power. There is today, when Marxism has collapsed, a general World agreement among nations and leaders in all main matters, with constant meetings of military, stockrats and politicians. NATO is our World War Ministry; World-stock is our World Trade Ministry and Science is our World Educational Ministry. The problem is that they work for the wrong goals of metal-evolution, under the false postulates of capitalist economics and mechanist science, submissive, through lobbying and monetary information, to the power of company-mothers.

Thus, more than changing the people in power, we need to evolve their political and economical sciences, changing theiranimetal myths for human goals, even if we keep the same systems of World power and do not create the ‘perfect organism’ of the World Union, just described above. Today a few, roughly 1000 scientists/priests, stockrats and military/politicians control the world, misguided by such postulates. They could change their mind-frame if they were informed and become humble enough to reflect about the fragility of the Human condition and the equality of all races and cultures, submitted to the same laws of action-reaction of the Darwinian Universe. They do not need more money or more power.

They need to know the human truth and lower their arrogance and tribal, myopic goals, in order to survive beyond this generation. We could indeed say that if I belong to the X generation and the Y generation is now reaching their youth and asking ‘why we have destroyed the world’, the babies which are being born today are the last generation of mankind, the zed and zero generation, the one that will see the end of the human species, before giving birth to new children. Yet if our 3×1000 men (scientists/priests, stockrats and military/politicians), understood the laws of ‘God’, the social, organic mind of the Universe and the Human Wor(l)d and decide to save humanity, a World Union could be implemented within 100 days; and many generations could come after the zed, starting a new count from alpha to omega.

±2 years before the 1st rider of Apocalypse might appear at CERN: the black hole (2014, when the machine is fired at maximum potency over the 10 Tev barrier of formation of black holes). And if we survive it…

±5  years before the 2nd rider takes over Washington: Hyper-Inflation & neofascism. And if we survive it…

±36 years before the 3rd rider destroys the atmosphere of Gaia: nano-bacteria. And if we survive it…

±72 years before the 4th rider extinguishes life: the robotic r=evolution of true bodies of iron and minds of go(l)d. complex version: hierarchical i-scales

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